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Nelson Daily Miner Nov 13, 1901

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 Daily Edition No. 1190      Provincial librtry mi Nelson,   British  Columbia, Wednesday,   November 13, 1901
Eleventh  Year
Direct Steamship   Line   to
South Africa Is Advocated.
60   miles   along tbe telegraph trail to
Viotoria arrivi ng tonight.
Canadian Goods There Are
Looked Upon as American.
Toronto, Nov. 12.���J. C. Frascr, of
Tort liliaabetb, Cnpe Colony, 8onth
Africa, who lias been many years Id
thru country is here on his first visit
to Canada. He urges Canadian to
advertise themselves and their resources by having a direct line of
steamships between Ihe Dominion n.id
South Africa. Hoods (or South Afriea
now go via Now York and consequently nre not lmown as Canadian
goods when thoy roach   that country.
Alfred Walih lias been placed
under arrest in connection with tho
mysterious disapearanoe of gold from
the mistnni house. He is charged with
bavins received the greater part of
the gold alleged to have been stolen
liy Joe Larkin, who is also under
Qnelice, Nov. 13.���At the annual
meeting of Great Northern Rail way
of Canada, was held here today, Jos.
McKnight, W. Bull, New York; 11.
II, Melville, and John Joyce, Boston;
II. K. Mitchell, Philadelphia, and
Hon. I'. Garneau, V. Chateau vcr,
John T. Ross, Hon. J. Tossier, .1. II.
Haiti, Hon S. M. Parent, Queboc,
were elocted directors. The road was
slated to ho doing a good business
having loaded up too October lilst,
170 steamships at this port.
Pelerhoro, Nov. 12���The body of an
unknown man was found in a well
on the farm of Charles Long, Ovann-
beo township. The. body had evidently
been in the well a month. It is
thought to be that of an old man
named Hooper who had worked
aronnd the neighborhood and who has
been missed for some time.
The Province to He   Stumped   For an
.Early SeFsfion.
(SPECIAL TO 'rll.li; MINER.)
Victoria, Nov. 13.���The mass meeting last night expressed no confidence
in the government, urged the filling
of the vacancy in Victoria representation, filling tbe cabinet and holding
public meetings throughout the province in support of the same principle,
The speakers were McBnde, Hall,
Mi'l'lullips Hawyard, ilelinekcn, and
1). W. Biggins, Dr. Milne, Oordoh
Hunter, Ex-Mayor Rcdfren and Chns.
Lumsen, MoBride wrung from Hall
the admission that he would enter
the house as a supporter of the present llilmini.',trillion.
His Visit to Rossland Will Have No
Practical Hearing.
Rossland, Nov. 12.���Mackenzie
King, deputy minister of labor, who
is here investigating the strike situation, had a lengthy conference with
the union executive last night.
Mr. King will meet the union in a
day or so again for a further conference.
Ihe deputy minister left at noon
today for a short visit to Spokane.
He will return to Rossland either tomorrow or Thursday evening.
Pending hi3 further enquiry into
mutters here Mr. King hud nothing to
say today for publication. lloynnd
gelling nt the leal facts cf the strike
it is not likely that Mr. King's enquiry will have any practical bearing
on the situation at the present time.
South England Seas Swept
by Fierce Gales of Wind
Rain and Snow.
Shipping Is at a Standstill.
Launching Delayed at
Montreal, Nov. 12.���Thu semiannual report of the Bank of Montreal issued today indicates that business is still nourishing. The profits
for the half year were 8711,000 compared with ?li82,O00 for the same
U'iod last year. The note circulation
has increased hnlf a million.
Montreal, Nov. IS-Pirfl this afternoon did 8:.>o,0(i(l damage to tho factory and the stock of the Dominion
Tobacco Co. The less is fully covered by insurance,
sb .lohn, N. II., Nov. 12 ��� The common council of this city has deeided
to accept the offer of $.10,000 from
Andrew Carneige for a puhl.o
Halifax,   Nov.    12.���The     Fnrriess
'scr  Evangeline   arrived this morn-
"'k'  from   London   bringing about B0
"""'inns for Esquimau,
Kingston, Nov ID,���The postmaster-
r-'ni'ial   has   given   a   deeision   that
����.vor's typewritten briefs must pay
Victoria,  Nov.   12,-Oeo.   Alcock.
'I"1"1 "atoll, and Alex Hatch, of Van
"����vor, ��� trio of prospectors who   left
",,ri'  ou   Tuesday   last   to go up the.
won coast In a sonling boat  returned
'""mill     famished,     tired     out   and
'/'"ehed from herid to foot after hav-
>nK   narrowly   escaped   death     when
���>��  boat   was  wrocked    about  40
"es up  the island coast  during ihe
""".V storm of   Thursday   last.     Tbe
aves  rost.  to a ]mi���ht of meen fm,t
"rt "hen the unfortunate prospec-
"" "tempted to land, their boat was
W!"nped and broken up inthe beakers
����� they fought their   way   to   shore
""inning tor between 200 and 300
^Ns to the ,ooks.   They walked over
Rraneh of S. P. O. A. Organized at
Meeting Last Night.
At the meeting called by Mr.
South, secretary of the British Columbia Society for the Prevention of
Cruelty to Animals last evening only
about a dozen were present and no
ladies or any of the city clergymen.
Mayor Fletcher was appointed
chairman, and after a short speech
dealing with the objects of the society
called on Mr. South for an explanation df the best method to pursue in
the formation of a branch society.
Mr. South, in replying said that the
socioty   was   1111 eting with great suo-
eess in its work finding   a ready sympathy from all classes.      Many people
thought that there   was  little cruelty
practised on tne members of the dumb
creation in  the   city,   but   that  was
thought almost every where the society
had   been   formed,   but the   members
would   be   surprised   when they came
to look around to find how many evils
existed   in   this   way   that they had
never  noticed   before.     Among    the
most common forms was the abuses of
horses,     where    misfit   collars   weie
put on them and caused sore shoulders
turning tbem out to starve so  as  not
to have the   bother   of   shooting  and
disposing   ol   tbem   when   they   had
outlived their usefulness;   packing of
poultry in a cruel   manner   for   shipment and many other forms of ciuelty
that came principally   from   thoughtlessness.     He said to give an example
of how the object of the   society   was
prevention of cruelty and   rot   persecution   of individuals, he would state
that the list of cases   taken up by the
society   in   Victoria   in   tbe   last   12
months had   been aifl of which but 30
had been brought to court,in Vancouver in the same period 108,   of  which
20 had been brought   to court,  and in
Nanaimo   in   three   months 12(1 eases
with   none   in   court.      It had   been
found thnl in every instance tbe forming of a branch of the. society had had
a   powerful   deterrent    effect   where
cruelty to animals was concerned
On motion of Melville Parry,
seconded by E. C. Troves, it was
unanimously decided that a branch of
the S. P. G. A. should be formed in
tbe city to be known as the Nelson
district branch. On motion of J. A.
Turner, seconded by Sheriff Tuck,
Mayor Fletcher whs elected president
unanimously. The other nominations
for olllcors, all of whom were elected
by acclamation were: 1st Vico-Presi-
dent, Sheriff Tuck, 2nd Vice-President, E. 0, Tr-aves; secretary and
Counsel, A.M. Johnson; Treasurer,
J. A. Turrer; Executive committee.
KT II. Williams, M. Pairy, W. Irvine,
P. Stevens and R. Weir.
Among other names on the charter
roll are Judge Forin, Magististv
Crensc, and Dr. Armstrong.
London, Nov. 12.���Violent wind,
rain and snow storms are reported
from all the coasts of the United
Kingdom. A fierce gale is bluwing
in the channel and mountainous seas
are running. No less than hall a
dozen small vessels within sight of
Dover are Hying signals of distress
and the life boats are vainly attempting to go to their rescue. A rocket
apparatus has been sent to the South
Foreland where an Admiralty veRsel
is on the ronks with the crew clinging to the rigging. Several vessels
have been dismasted ano tugs are
rescuing craft which were driven
ashore. At other Channel ports there
have been similar exciting scenes.
Ships everywhere uie running for
The steamer Cato collided with the
British ship Loch \ennacher, Capt.
Bennett, at the mouth of the Thames.
The luttor foundered hut the crew
were saved. Mild weather prevails
over the lake district. The first snow
is falling on the Westmoreland hills.
The seas aro so high off the Tyne that
shippng has been slopped. Even river
traffic is partially suspended, and
hundreds of men are idle. There
have been a number of wrecks on the
Sunderlanl she re.
The armoured cruisor Monmouth
was to have been launched on the
Clyde today, but the storm obliged a
postponement of the ceremony. This
was the first time in history that the
launching nf a warship his been postponed on the Clyde.
Admits He Intended to De-
frand the Insurance
Intended to Keep His Victim
Drunk Then to Fix
Northport, Nov. 12.���Edward Kennedy, the man who was shot by Stark
on Saturday is somewhat easier this
afternoon. The result of tho X-ray
operation is not known yet as the
plate had to be sent to Spokane to be
Kennedy's lnngs have been drained
of the blood which nearly filled them
and he Is resting quietly this afternoon. He is still in a precarious condition and it will take two or three
days before he can possibly be out of
Two of the Missourians coLcerncd
in the assault who were in jail here
Were taken to Colville today and will
be detained there until the trial of
the oase.
Sheriff Ledgerwood bos gathered
in all the firearms he could find and
the town is quiet enough today.
Louisville, Ky, Nov 12���A thorough
investigation is being made into the
details of the alleged attempt of
Newell C. Rathbone to defraud the
Metropolitan Insurance Company.
Rathbone admits that he proposed
to secure the body of a dead man,
dress it in is own clothes, place it in
a Jeffersonvile Indiana hotel and then
burn the hotel in the belief that the
body wonld be ldentiod as his and the
insurance money paid.
The police believe that, the body of
the man found was that of a murdered
roan. Having, as they believe, established the idenl.'ty of the supposed
murdered man the detectives are now
busy developing the case against
Rathbone has confessed that he
planned to defraud an insurance company, and today admitted according
to the autborities, that the man who
accompanied him to the hotel in
Jefforsonrille, Ind, and was found
dead the next day, was Chas. Good-
man who is said to have come from
Evansvillo, Ind.
Chief of Detectives Sullivan and
Chief Applegate and Coroner Coots of
Jeffersonville, interviewed Rathbone
today. Rathbone listeoed as one by
one the circumstances which tbe
police regard as proofs of his guilt
were laid before him bv Chief Sulli
van. According to the officers, Rath
bone suddenly sprang up and walking
hastily to a window looked out for a
few minutes. Then turning like an
animal at bay he faced the crowd of
men in the room and asking in a
shaking voice: "WhBt is the punish
ment for an offence of this kind in
Indiana? Docs the death penalty exist
"Never mind about the penalty
Rathbone," said Capt. Sulliavn.
"What we are interested in is the
name of the dead man. '
For a moment Rathbone looked at
the group of faces before him and
then said. "You arc on the right
track. Goodman is the name of the
dead man. I met him in front of tho
hotel and determined to keep him
drunk for several days and then fix
When questioned further Rathbone
denied having given the dead man
laudanum, and said he would have
made use of chloroform. He then
refused to go back to Indiana without
requisition papers.
the Czar and an extraordinary  assemblage of other sovereigns   were   present at the wedding which   took   place
at Cobourg, April   10th,,    1804.     The
Orand Duchess is regarded as one   of
the     most     beautiful      princess    of
Europe.     She   and   the   Orand Duke,
were estranged during the   first  year I RlMS   DOWn   DOVOr   Lightship
of  their married life.      She left   him.
and   went   to   stay   with   her   older
sister, the   Crown   Princess   of   Ron-1
mania.     Queen   Victoria   invited her
and her husband to visit England and
managed to  restore   a   semblance  of
peace hut that Boon disappeared.   The
Orand   Duke  is   reported to be a man
of sullen, querulous temper   while the
Duchess is hihg spirited.
London. Nov.12.���Referring to Lord
Salisbury's speech last Saturday night
at the Guildhall, Truth says: "The
careless composition of the speech of
the premier which contained some
singularly obscure sentences has re-
vvc the talk of his impending retirement and given cause at least for
believing that he no longer takes an
earnest interest iu political life. "
Twelves Lives  Are
Tremendous  Storms Sweep
North  Britain   and
Kingston, .la., Nov. 12.���The northern and eastern portions of the island
ore ent olt from Kingstou by lieuvy
weather, Rivcis have overflowed their
hanks and nre doing considerable
damage to the railway line to Port
Antonio and the northside towns. The
extent of the damage is not known
owing to the iuteiriiptior. of tolc-
grapb communication. No loss of life
is reported. The American mails
which arrived by the steamer Admiral
Dewey remain at Port, Antonio.
A public meeting has been held in
Northport at which the matter of bo
many persons carrying firearms was
discussed. The meeting resolved to
Suppott the action of Sheriff Ledger-
wood in disarming the members of
the union nnd tho non-union men at
the smelter. In the present state of
excitement in the city this step was
considered a wise one to prevent
further such unfortunate occurrences
as that of Saturday. It is now claimed that there is good evidence that
the wounded man, Konnody, fired the
first shot.
A rally' of the. local union of the
Christian Endeavor Societies of the
citv was held in the Methodist obuich
last evening when there was a largo
attendance. E. J. Flatt, president of
the Epworth League of the Methodist
church, presided. The important part
of the proceedings was an address by
Rev. J. llurtt Morgan, of the Baptist
church, on consecration for service.
The address was short and practical
and the points of it were well brought
out. A resolutionwas passed expressing regret at the departure of Thomas
Parkinson, the former president of
the union, The quartette of the
Methodist uhurcli composed of Mrs.
Flint, Mrs. Bell, and Messrs. Wadds
and Embury contributed
Eminent Counsel Will Endeavor to
Quash Indictment.
New York, Nov. 12.���David Bennett
Hill will appear on behalf of the district attorney on Thursday morning
before Judge Neburgtr in part 1 of
I im general sessions when the argument over tho motion to quash the
indictment against Roland B. Mol-
uioniix takes place. Ex-Oovcrnor
Black will appear for Moltncaux. The
recent decision of the court of appeals
ruling out the Harnett evidence in
thro case will be tbe basis of the
motion to be argued. It is alleged
that the Burnett evidence as laid before the grand jury that founl the indictment against Molincaux and that
an this evidence bus been declared
illegal and incompetent it invalidates
the indictment. Since the decision
by the court of appeals, Molincaux has
linen in the Tombs prison.
a     vocal
Incompatibility ot Temper Drive the
Duke and Duchess of House Apait.
Berlin, Nov. 12.���There appears to
be foundation for the renewed report
that the divorce of the Grand Duke
and Grand Duchess of Ilessc is impending. Ircompatiiblity of temper,
long existing, appears to have reached
the point where a separation is inevitable. They are both grand chlldieu
of the late Queen Victoria,   wbo witb
Paris, Nov. 12.--Next Saturday has
been fixed for the hearing for the
charge against the American woman
giving her name ns Falconer and
describing berseit as the wife of a
wealthv Florida planter, wbo was
arrested Saturday last at Cherbourg
as the American liner St. Paul was
about to sail owing to her attempt to
leave France with baggage which had
been legally attached in action
brought hy a vtell known Paris dressmaker to recover, for dresses purchased by her. The amnion of the
claim is 1,700 francs. "Mrs. Falconer" is liable to a long term of
imprisonment but the dressmaker continues indisposed to press the case
against her.
Vienna, Nov. 12.���At. a mass meeting of Austrian Rboemaiiers held last
night ot the People's Hall, the burgomaster, Dr. Lucgcr. spoke ngaiuHt the
estalishment of American shoe shops
In Vienna. Several delegates after
referring to the distress that exists
among shoemakers declared themselves vigorously against Americun
competition. A resolution in accordance with the views of the speakers
was adopted. Alter the meeting most
of those who al tended proceeded to
the Reicbratu but were scattered hy
the police.
Bloomfleld, W. Va., Nov. 12.-
'i'hos. A. Slkes, Sam Davis and Wm.
Woodson met a terrible death Inthe
ooal field near here today. The men
Were engaged in opening a keg of
powder when a spark from a miners
lamp worn hy one of the men fell in
to the powder and the Jmen were
blown lo atoms. The explosion was
felt for miles.
Sydney, 0. B��� Nov. 12.-11. P.
Mndeougnl ox-M.P. was today awarded $ 1000 damages in his action against
the Dominion Iron &, Steel company
for beach of contrract.
Kansas City, Nov.    12.���Three   convicts   who escaped from Fort Leavenworth prl'on last week were captured
by the prison   guards at   Cottonwood, ,
Kas., today.
A recent Issue of the Dundas True
Hnnner has tbe following regarding
it. T. Laing, who has come to live iu
Nelson: 11. T. Laing, W. M., of 8t.
John lodge, A. F. & A. M. of Cayugn.
was presented with a handsome past
masters' apron, tbo occasion lining
his leaving Cayuga to go to Nelson,
II. 0. The presentation was followed
by several complimentary speeches in
which Mr. Laing's services to the
order were extrolied and appreciated,
after which Mr. Laing replied. He
is 11 son of Rev. Dr. Lniug of Iliiiiiliis,
nnd In going out to Nelson, where h's
brother Kred Uvea
London, Nov. 12. ���A tremendous
storm with torrents of rain is sweeping the north of Britain and Ireland,
i There has been serious Hoods in
Yorkshire, iu Ireland great damage
b&S been done oy Hoods. Several
fatal accidents have been reported.
In some part of Ihe country the rain
bas continued for :iil hours. The gale
is still raging unauutcd tonight
along the const. Reports continually
arrive of shipping casualties, Altogether nine persons were drowned in
these disasters, B'ivo vessels have
been wrecked in Kingston harbor
which is strewn with wreckage. Tho
mail boat Nord which started from
Dover for Calais at 11.80 last night
ran down the lightship and works of
Dover pier. The crew of the lightship were drowned.
1.15 a, m.���If is reported in Dover
that 10 pers'ins went down with the
lightship. The Ned bas gone ashore
at the Foreland blither pnssengeis
are said to be safe.
Emperor   Bestows   the   Decoration of
the ( r.'er of Merit.
Berlin, Nov. 12.���Emperor William
has acceded to the oft repeated request
of Count Puul Von llutzfeldt-Wilden-
blll'g, the German aiunhssadur to
Great Britain, that ho be allowed to
retire from the diplomatic service on
the grounds of ill health. Emperor
William, iu un autograph letter expressed his deep regret at Ihe necessity of ambassador's retirement. I
feel impelled, says the emperor to
express my imperial thanks for tho
excellent services which during the
���II years of your ollicinl life von have
rendered to my predecessors on the
throne, to myself, ami to the whole
Accompanying the letter, Emperor
William sent the insignia of the
Order of Merit of the Prussian crown,
bestowed on the retiring ambassador
as "a token of my good will."
Count Wolff Von Metternicb will
succeed Count Von Hatzfeidt-Wilden-
The financial council has approved
the bill appoving the proposed now
tariff wilh the exception of slight
modifications. The bill is Identical
with the one originally published.
General Dewet Collooted a Force in
Orange River Colony,
London, Nov. 12. ���Lord Kitoherer
in a despatch from Pretoria dated
Monday, Nov. 11 prci-enls bis weeitly
report and Incidentally locatesOeneiul
Dewet in tbe northeastern part of
Grange River Colony. Da sayi the
Boors have recently been oollecting
under his leadership and lhat the
British arc now moving to disperse
them, Loid Kitchener gives the Boer
casualties since Nov. 4th, as n;t lulled,
lu.'i wounded, 104 captured and 45
New York, Nov. 12.���Bishop Shar-
rctti, of Ilnvnua, who has bcen'ap-
polntod special apostolic delegate lo
iho I'bilippiiiis arrives beru today on
the Ward liner Mexico. It was expected that Shorreltl would go to
Manila via San Francisco hut the
plan has been changed nnd the bishop
is going to Rome before proceeding to
the Philippines. ;
Paris, Nov. 12.���President Loiibct
presided at the cabinet cruncll today.
The foreign minister, M. DcIoosho,
announced that he ba I notified the
porta that diplomatic relations between France nnd Turkey had been
resnmed and Unit Ailm'r'il Calllard's
nquiidri 11 had left the island of
4*j&H ��� Nelson  Daily Miner,  Wednesuay.   November 13. ��9��i
The Nelson Miner
I'nl.li bod   Every   .Murninir.   Except   Monday
Daily per month, by carrier     65o
Dally, per mouth, by mall     50c
Daily, por year, by carrier 9 7 00
Daily, por ye-\r, by mall    5 00
Daily, per yoar foreign    9 00
Weekly,por half year  tl 25
Weekly, per year    2 00
Weekly, per year, foreign....    8 00
Subscriptions invariably in advanoe.
145 Kleot Street,  K. C.
Central Press Agency. Ltd., Hpoclal Agent*
Aloxnndor ft Co.. 521 Flrtit Avenne, 8po_ano
Wash., keep thin papor Qn (He, and are our
anthorlKod agent* for advertisements and hud-
From the statistics of tho metal imports and exports of Canada for
August, 1(101, appearing in yesterday's
issue, an interesting collation of facts
may he made which will throw considerable light en the lead sitnation
with the possibilities open to Canadian enterprise. The month of
August may reasonably he taken aB an
average ot the year, if anything the
imports of lead paints are apt to be
rather less than the average, owing to
stocks being laid in early in tbe year
for summer business.
The imports of lead in all its forms
in August amounted to 2,055,845 lbs.,
nnd the exports 3,111,874 lbs., show
ing a surpus ot 1,050,529 lhs.or a consumption of about two-thirds of the
The lowest valuation put on any
of the lead imported���pigs, blocks,
and scrap���Is a little more than three
cents a pound. The quantitv of crude
lead entering into the lead products
would be at least as heavy as that
product. Canada therefore paid for
crude lead in August 8ol,G00.35. Had
the Canadian mines supplied that
they would have received this sum
and have had a surplus of l,O!i0,52U
pounds to sell. This would have
netted on an average one and one half
cents a pound or (15,847.93, making a
total of $77,508.?8. What they actu
ally received was one and one half
cents a pound on 3,111,874 pounds or
SUi.iiils.il. Therefore had Canada
supplied its own market with lead
and exported the balance the mine
owners, smelters and refiners would
have had to distribute among them
$14,904.24 more than they had or
J179,90fl.H8 on the year's business���
and this without the finished product
costing the consumer any more.
Considering tbe aggregate of business possible in the manufacturing
departments the amount paid for the
lead goods imported was 981,010, the
duty pain amounted to 80,191,or a to
tal of $87,810. The crude lead ore for
this cost 801.000.25, leaving a uianu<
factoring business to be done of 825,
149.7S a month or 8301,797.00 a year,
and this also without the finished
product oostinrg the oonsumar more
than at present. This does not take
into account 80,557 worth under the
heading "not elsewhere provided for"
on which $2,200.10 duty was paid
making a total for August of $7,823.10
or $93 877.92 for the year and very
probably pait of this could be manufactured in Canada. This will make
a grand aggregate of the amount of
business possible for the manufacturer
of $95,074.92.
These figures do not take Into
account the export business in lead
manufactures that it is possible to
carry on in Canada. The price of lead
we nave calculated in Canada on tin
basis of three cents a pound. This is
lower than the London price whlcli
usually runs to the equivalent of
from $02.50 to 805 per ton. The cost
of labor and operating expenses in
parts of Canada are very favorable anil
there seems no obstacle in the way of
entering upon the world's market
with lend manufactures. Considering
the ratio   of   consumption   to produo
tion, of evmy three pounds produced
two pounds vnuld go to supply the
Inline market anil one pound for ex-
poll, this would make the average
price of the lead ponliieed 2J��� ;ents a
pound. Could thu desirable conditions
be realised that the home mines would
supply the home market the obtaining ol suoh a price would immediately
give impetus to the mining industry.
Should the total production reach
4 000|U00 pounds a month the average
price would be brought down to 2}��
cents or if still further increased to
6,001),000 pounds a month, the price
realised would lie 2 1-111 cents a pound
which would make the difference
between profit Bnil loss on a great
many mines of Kootenay.
The had production for August was
in round numbers equal to 50 tons per
Since tho abolition of Canada's
reciprocity treaty with the United
States in lHflfl, tho Dominion has sent
delegation after delegation to Washington to obtain a new reciprocity
treaty. The apostles of a high protective tariff have been In Ihe ascendency
in the republic during all the years
that have elapsed since i860, and the
result was failure alter failure and.
none more so than that made by the
present administration a few years
since, which was rendered conspicuous beoause so much was expected
from it. Sir Wilfrid Laurier at the
recent banquet of the Canadian Manufacturers' association in Montreal,
must have had the recollection of the
last rejection of the overtures of Canada in his mind when he made the
speech, for ho said that Canada was
not sending any more delegations to
Washington, but thai he would not be
surprised, even within a few years, if
delegations were Sent from Washington to Ottawa seeking for reciprocity.
Having learned the lesson from our
friends to the south, ihe premier continued, we will receive them in the
proper way with every possible
In theso few words Sir Wilfrid
struck the keynote and Voiced the in-
lependent spirit of Canada, wh'ch has
learned the lesson of self reliance and
is now able, thanks to the energy of
her people.to stand alone. Within the
past few years, owing to a beneficient
nnd well adjusted tariff, her manufacturing industries have grown to
large proportions. Take mining
machinery, for instance: A few years
since all the machnery of this kind
used in Canada was manufactured in
the United States. A tariff on tlm
class Of machinery forced two of the
largeBt manufacturers of mining
machinery in the United States to es
tabliBh branch maunufaetories on this
side of the line. Last year British
Columbia purchased about a million
dollars worth of mining machinery
and fully 90 per cent of it was made
in Canada, One plant came from
London, England, and a few
from the United States It is tbe
same with a number of other inniis
tries, ns they have been built up by a
proper system of protection.
Canada is in a peculiar condition
With a growing home market there
are a number of manufacturing Indus
tries which can and will be built up
by n wise syBtem of protection, and
protection is the policy which will in
time make her a great manufacturing
This condition will te desirable
until the time arrlvos when her factories are turning out more than the
home markets can consume. At pres
ent this is not the case.
In the United States the manu
facturing industries have been pio
tcctcd during about forty years
Under the protective syBtem the indus
tries have prospered to a a wonderful
degree and are one of the principal
elements of the well boing of the
country. The prosperity is due main
ly to a large home market. Within
tbe past few years the products of the
factories have outgrown tke capacity
of the home market to absorb them
and the manufacturers are seeking for
markets outside of the ltepublic,
Through their high protective tariff
they have estranged Germany aud
some of tho other nations and because
of racial diffeicnces they have never
been able to obtain much of a foot
hold among the South American
republics. Tho manufacturers see
that they must hava an enlarged ma -
ket for trieir goods nnd some of the
erstwhile hide-bjund protectionists
are not shouting loudly for reoiproc
ity. Among the countries the Araeri
cans would liko to market their wares
in is Canada. It is not to tbe present
interest of Canada to give them suoh
a free hand as they would like to have
in this country. As Sir Wilfrid Laurier said they dcubtleaa will in time
send a delgation from Washington to
Ottawa, seeking reciprocity, but like
the (Jrecks bearing gifts wc should
beware of them. If a reciprocity
treaty is finally arranged it should be
one under which tho advantages to
this oountry should be equal to those
which we accord to the United States.
Such a treaty would require time and
the thoughtful attention of our wisest
statesmen to formulaic.
The tariff question is one that is
nhove and beyond mere partisan
politics, nnil Hon. William I'atnrson,
speaking nt the same dinner nt which
the premier spoke, said he, In common
with others, wanted the tariff to be
out of politics. He further said the
tariff Is largely out of politics today,
and that if you will take the trouble
to read the discussions at Ottawa you
will come to the conclusion that there
Is not much difference of opinion between the two great political parties
in Canada on this great question.
Iloth parties have beon made to yield
up something and as a result we have
today a tariff policy which may not
be perfect, bill which, in the main,
today is helping out tlio prosperity of
the Dominion as well as the many
factoring interests.
 -1 *
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HON. GKO. A. COX, President.      B. E. WALKER, Beneral Manager.
London Olllee: 60 Lombard Street,  B. C.
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Gold, Silver-Lead  and  Copper Mines wanted at the EXCHANGE.   J
FREE MILLING GOLD properties wanted at once for Eastern
Parties having mining property for sale are requested to send
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We desire to hear from prospectors who have promising mineral
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Prospectors and mining' ir.en are requested to make the EXCHANGE their headquarters when in Nelson.
All samples should be sent by express, PREPAID.
Correspondence solicited.    Address all communications to
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the hour, 20 past and 20 to
lloKumon 11 Hlmilry HI
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10.40  last rais. 10 20
The lo p. m. oar from Stanley street
meets the Kl.lo p. m. train at the depot,
goes up Stanley street and then to llo-
Good lots for sale in Addition "A"
close to Tramlines. For all information apply at the Company's olllee,
Vernon street.
Kootenay Railway and NaT.
Company, Ltd.
Opo rating
HIinrtOHt anil imiIorohI, roulo to tho out avA ��['
points on ..Im O. U. ft N. and Northern
dilu RiillwuyH in Wa-hlngwa, Oregon mi"
Sum hern SlalCH.
Time Card effective August 1.190'
Kaslo & Slocan Ry
8:30 a. ID, Lv.
10:86 p.m. Ar.
Ar. 1:00 p.m
Lv. Ml P. '"���
F. O. QUERN        Y, 8. OLEMENTP
Civil Engineer, �����_ Provincial Land
P. 0. Boi lu .Nelson, tU>
Int Nav- & Trading Co-
6:20 p. m. Lv. Nolson Ar. 11:00 a. m.
0:111 p, m. Ar. Kaslo Lv.7:00��. m,
ConnootlngatFlvoMllo Point trttbWjS
& Fort 'honpard Railway both lo ami ��""
Rossland. otc ________
Tlckols sold to all parts In Unltod Btato. an'1
Camilla, via Ureal Northorn and O. H. �� "���
Co.'s linos, ,      .   , ,.,,. nil
(Jooan sloamHhln tickets ami rales W"1"
Ilium will bo furnished on application.
For further particulars call oa or MJoi o-��
ROBERT IRVINU        ��� ���
Manurer. BMMJ.O' ��
Q. K TuOKAnunv Agont. Nolson H. O.
Brewers of Fino Lager
Beer and Foiter.
JMaoe A 0
lilt  JdB*t."Wr����- Nelson   Daily Miner, Wednesday November 13, 1901
^���vHrvH MMMH| |
_    MfNING NEWS.     ||
���,���������*-���������< ������������������~~~~ i
At tlic record   office   yesterday   the
|u__ ions were:   Sunshine, on Boulder
Tl  one mile east of the N. & F. S.
1      , "      by M. K   Driscoll; Lookout,
'  '  llouldcr   creek,   adjoining   the
. mineral claim on the north,
Driscoll.     A certificate of
,k K8s is����e(' t0 M- R-   DriSCo11 ��D
feafortb.     Tbe   Ella   mineral  claim
nsferred from Rcbert   Spencer
arlmttle, the   consideration
bv J- ������'���
was I rim
being nominal.
I0AL that failed.
fbe st.
Eugene   Came   Near
Sold For $5,000,IIUO.
Rather a good   story   is  going
.minus   which is given for what It is
orlli. H ��'mri8 lhat a rainlne l,ro-
motor with an iiiternatioual reputation recently worked up a deal with
,.(,18 people" In London by which
,1,,., were to secure what is known as
the largest silver-lead mine in the
wm.|,i for five millions of dollars.
Ihe nentleman who represented the
BtookhoMerfi and the promoter were to
m0ot in New York for the purpose of
crossing the Atlantic together on the
name Bteamcr. The icpresentntlve of
the I'ompany took the right steamer
lint Ibe promoter did not arrive in
(lotliam till five days afterwards
ami this failure to keep the appointment led ultimately to serious conse-
nees. It is said that the St.
Eugene innn when he reached London
found that he would have five days
���pare time and concluded to run over
to Ireland and have a look at the
oaslle of his ancestors. The scenery
around the ancestral home must have
boen iilliuing for when the promoter
arrived in London the St. Eugene man
was nowhere to be seen. The promoter Interviewed his people how-
ever, and as his reports were to the
elfeet that the mine was a wonderful
one tl ey were prepared to give five
millions for the property. Finally
tbe St. Eugene rcpiesentative was
located anil a lelegiam sent to him
offering the (6,000,000. The scenery
in the neighborhood of the home of
Ins forefathers evidently bad a stimulating effect, and, so the story goes nt
least, for his ideas had undergone a
change and he telegraphed back that
instead of live millions he wanted
five million and fifty thousand dollars.
The London syndicato refused to
listen to the proposition and so the
ileal fell through. Had it been consummated, however, it would have
been the largest price ever paid Ior
any single group of m:nes in the history of Iliitish Columbia. Shortly
after the St. Eugene man received
advices that the deal had been declared off he lost his interest in the
sconle beauties of the Green Isle and
returned to llritish Columbia, doubt
less sadly thinking ol what might
have been had he not asked for that
additional fr>0,000.
-O��01 ��So������-
k"    ���' *r*_?_^i(^?S_rj-	
Superior to Alum Baking
Powders.   Equal to any
other Anti Alum Baking.
Powder and costs but
��'.jjalF the price.      ' ������/
been Issued   to the   Cascade
oompany,   limited,   with   a
stock of $20,000.
A certificate of incorporation has
been issued to the BobioBou-MoKenzle
Lumber company, limited, with a
capital stock of 150,000. The object is
to acquire the sawmill anil planing
business now carried on at Canbrook
by Jam^s W, Robinson and William
McKenzic and to carry on a general
lu inhering business.
An order has been issued by M.
Justice Irving directing the winding
up of the allnirs of the British Columbia Wholesalo Liquor company,
limited, and appointing W. .1. Robinson, dep ity sheriff of Rossland, provisional liquidator
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planted with fruit trees
% 8S0 House and lot on Observatory
street, west of Josephine, cash
$250, balance easy terms
$2800 Eight room house and two oorner lots, plumbing complete,electric light, $000 cish, S00O In 12
months and assume $1:11)0 loan
Seven   room   house,    modern   improvements, corner Stanley Streot
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Cigars,., *
t Phone 117
Kootenay Street, Next Oddlollows' Ha
P. O. Box 633.
To be had wholesale in bulk,
2, 4 and 7 years old,   In cases
'83 and STAR
from the warehouse in Nelson
B,. P- Rithet & Co-, Limited
A*  13-   CxllA. X    Itoprosoiiu"tlvo
P. O. Box 521
Wishes to inform the public that
he has started in business as a
Chimney Sweep. Work carefully
and promptly attended to. Orders left at Prosser's second-hand
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For domestic or steam use.
A full supply always on
Kates to all railway and
lake points
General Agent.
Tel. No. 265.
Office ��� Two doors wesi
C.P.R. offices.
The Rossland of the Lardeau
Advertisement* Inserted nnder thin head at
the rate of one cent a word per lnnortion. No
advertisement) taken for less than 25 rants.
Situation Wanted advertisements inserted
three times freo of charge.
FOB RENT.���Comfortable   warm furnished     rooms,   cheap.      Apply   X
Minor Office.
NliLSON, b. c.
UOUSK   to rent   on Vernon     street,
Apply Captain T. .1. Duncan,
D.I. ROBERTSON & OO.���Next dour lo
���  iho now Post Omoe iiiiiiiiin,;, Vernon
Si., Nulsun.   Day'phono 292, NiKlit 'piionu 211;.
PUHNISBD       BOOMS.���Apply      on
Silica,     souond   door   west     Ward
ROOMS and BOARD.���Every convenience ;   south cast   corner of   Carbonate and Josephine street.
BOOMS TO HENT.���K. W. C. Block-
Two rooms en suite on Ward st.,
also rooms facing the west. Ou September 1, two sir^io rooms and two
or three en tu.to facing Baker st.
Furnish?', or unfurnished. Mrs. If,
J. Sqti.re,  Room 11,  IC.    VV. C.  Block.
WANTED.���To rent,   small famished
house;   state   price     and   locution,
addtess box 05:1
EMPLOYMENT.--A1I   kinds  of  help
wanted ��� Orders     for   help     receive
prompt attention.    It.  I'lirtly, Employment agent.     Phono  44.    i'   O.   Box,
MEN WANTED���On     Crow's       Neat
Southern    Ry.      Good    wages,    long
job   Headquarters, Elko,    II.   C.      A.
Uuthrle & Co.
NELSON Employment Agency, linker
street.    Phone 278.   J. II. Love.
WANTED���Cook,   2nd   Cook,  Dishwasher, Laundress
I'BKK   IHIllllir   Uolal    rr��|iirllr,    llr   urn
nnxlouN lo secure a row free nillllnij; kiiIiI
propertlcN at once. The Prospector's K*
change, NelHOll, K. ���'. Hooui 4, K.-W.-C.
Full particulars of
Windermere Mines.  ConwvondenceSolIolt
Slops Ihe Cough
anil Works off Iho Cold.
Lax 'tin1 nionio (.iniuiiu: Tuliltii,. core a cold
Inoi.o day.   No Cure, No Pay.   Price 86 contu
Editor   Miner,���The   Tribune  continues to assert that we are   indebted
to the Hon. A. Q. Blair for tho saving
clauses that were inserted in tho Aot
ol Incorporation of the B. C. Southern
railway   company,    (the   ooal   mines
brunch).    The editor of The Tribune,
rit'iluips thinks that he and Mr. Blair,
were   tbe only people  in the   country
nlio thought of   inserting   such   provisions.     As the Associated Boards of
Trade of E. B. C. had asked for them,
as there  was a   largo   delegation   of
Vain nnd Kootenay people  there  ask-
'���'t?  for   them, and as they weie snp
ported hy the member for the district,
in whose name the   hill   stood,   there
was not much danger that they would
have been forgotten.    What happened
in tlio lailway   committee,   however,
wasthlH:   Mr. Illair who,   of   course,
in tlio railway  committee   represents
the government,   suggested   that the
committee pass the bill as it stuod, he
imil,.i'tal<ln_   that  clauses   protecting
home   industries   would   be   inserted
W"ro tho    bill   finally   passed   tho
linn so.
This was stronously opposed by Mr.
Tuito who insisted that the amend
ments should be inserted In com-
���nittiio. Alter an animated quarter of
Ml hour the committee adjourned
without further progress, and the opposition press commented upon the
breach in the cabinet. When the
committee again met, Mr. Blair waa
absent, having gone to Atlantic njitj
,("' his health. Mr. Slfton led the
committee, and presented the clauses
"" 'bey stnnd in the bill, everyone
accepting them as affording nn ample
"nil ingenious solution of a difficult
Delivered to any point
on Kootenay Lake.
I have a complete stock on hand of
Rough and Dressed
Mouldings. Sash Doors.
Inside Finish.
Coast Flooring, and
Finished Lumber*
Mill at PILOT BAY. Yards, NELSOU
rt   and LABI-O.
<;oiJ>HiivKit��orri;it i,i;hs   niiMH   and
proftpcctM wanted,   ttrud report and sain
pie* to the TroHpector*H Kxelinnge. NelNon.
HA'.   Room 4 K.-W.-C, block.
Offices now occupied by K. M. Macdonald ; possession lie. 1st.
7-room     house,      modern    convenience, $22.
fi-room      house,    modern     conveniences. 813.Ml.
4-rooni house, water only, til.
Two lots, Observatory st, 9450.
S-rooro house, Uiirlionnto st.    $1.0110
7 room house, Carbonate st,    if:.', loo.
N. M. CuiiuuiiiH, Ijohmiio���Kvory known
Vlirioly nf Hofl. drink-.    1' U Box 88.   'i'oloplion
No. 31. Hoovor Street, Nelnon.   Mottloia of the
I .omul,, m.. Loon Hot Si>riii_n Minora! Water
J A. Macdonald)���Architects aud HUporiu
I ciidiniLx, lirokon Hill liluek. oornor linker and
Ward Street*, Nelnon
A MACDONALD & Co.-Corncr Kron
��� and Hall Streets��� Wholesale xrucor
and jobber* In blankotu, ���lovo��, mitu, IiooLh
rubbem, ruackinaWH aud uiinortT tmndriOH.
PUUHNS & Co.-Bakor Strool, Nelson-
���   WholcHalo doalorH In frctrh a d cured
iuual*.   Cold Storage.
Hakor Street, Nelnon���Wholesale dea
oi-h in fresh and cured meats.
J Street, Nolson ��� Wholesale dealais lo
hardware, miners' supplies, sporting goods
M'LAOHLAN BROS. (Successors to Van
oouver Hani ware Co. Ltd.) linker Street.
Nelson���Wholesale dealers In hardware and
mining supplies, plumbers' and tliimnithn' nup
NKLSON   HAItUWAUK   CO.- Wholesalo
paints, oils and glnnn; inochanicn'  tools
Agunts foi Ontario Powder Works; lrnamito
rilUHNKIt, UKKTON & Co.-Coruor Vernon
1 and Jonophlno Stroots, Nelson���Whole
sale dealers in liquors, cigars, aud dry goods,
Agents for Pabnt Brewing Co. of Milwaukee
and Calgary Brewing Co of Calgary.
HUDSON'S HAY Co.-Wholesalc groceries
and liquors etc., Baker Street, Nelsou.
P. L. S.
KASLO.  B.  C.
Mineral *l">����r����i and mines suiveyed.
You can put in your coal and then light the fire
from the top. It has a large ash pan so ,the ashes
can be removed without trouble. It has a draw
grate so the clinkers will go down in the ash pan.
Ask for the
Ox Air Blast
Notice is hereby Riven that the
laundry busiiifHH of With Kee has
boen Hold to Mar Viek. All account* duo Wah Kea are to bo
paid to him only.
The British Columbia Gazette of
November 7th contains the following
""nomicoments. *
Notice is piven that the mining re-
''order's olllee for the Goat River mining division has boen transferred
'mm Kuskanook to Creston.
A  certificate  of incorporation  has
West Kootenay Butcher Co.
Fresh   and   Salted   Heats
Will pay the highest oash prioe for all
kiuils of second hand goods. Will boy
or sell anything from an anchor to a
needle. Fnrnitnre, stoves, oarperta,
looking utensils, bought in household
quantities. Also oast off clothing.
Call and see me or write. Address
Bilver King Mike, Box m. Hall
Street, Nelson, 11. C.
Spokane Falls A
OlHco cornor Hall and From. HirueU*
Nelnon���Lumbor, coiling, flooring, and ovury
thing In wood for building piirpoHOH, Uel out
prieoH.   (.'orroHpondtmoo BOUotted.
rp GALLON fc CO.-De��ler0 in oro sacks
'X ��� and twines. Always <t largo ntock on
hand. Tolophotio2l)5.  Room II. K.-tt . i: JJlock
Dominion and
Land Surveyor.
Take Notice that I, Mar Kim,
have piirchasi'il the laundry busi-
ni'HK of Kim Chung and that I will
not be respouNible for any debts
contracted by Kim Chung.
Nov. 7, 1901. MAR KIM.
Northern R'v.
Nelson & Fort
Sheppard R'v
Red Mountain R'v.
Fisn and Poultry in Season
E.  C.   TRAVES,  Manager.
K.-W.-C   Block, Ward Street, Nelson.
diders by moil receive careful and prompt attention	
If vnn aro at all SOOpUoal iiboilt. tryhm Or'f:
HlhVKtho Unlni. at. your ilnii��l��t will soil
nunimatlon. PrjeeMoenta.
For nalo by J. I'. VansUme ncnon. u. v.
Stoves and
Ranges . .
We nre showing this season a full
lino of these goods and solicit your
eateomed patronage.
Lawrence Hardware
For the comfort of the number of
people who are now using- this
popular line, a direct daily BuHut
Car service has been inaugurated)
thereby giving passengers every
comfort obtainable on any of the
larger railways in Canada or th
U. S.
Close connections made at Spokane for the south, east   and   west.
Only io hours to Seattle and iH
to Vancouver and Victoria.
l'assengcrs booked direct through
to all European points.
OARS : : :
Leave DAY TKAIN Arrive
��:S0 a.m Hpokane 7:1!> p.m
18 IDS p. m I toss I ami 4 180 p.m
10t80 a.m... .Mountain r, 'Ml p. m.
;i: in a. m Nelson 6:4S p. m.
H. A. JAOK80N, G. P. & T.A.
Spokane   Waai.
Agent. Nelson. B.(l
nnd try a hoUlo, a rlomn. or a bnrrol of
CALGARY BEER an lt in tho IkimI. anil
chofipunt on tho mnrkot. Al,.n try our
WINES,    LIQUORS     and     CIGARS
PRANK   A. TAMBLYN. M.......
Tilephono 03 linker HI... Nolnon
addition   to
Crows' Nest Section-
Leave  Kootenay  Landing
Tuesday and Friday  for  St
Paul via Soo Line.
Friday only for Toronto,
Montreal and Boston and intermediate points on direct
Are yon In want? If yon arc, tela
the people, through The Miner want
column, what you are ^In want ofL
i Yon'll ��et It.   ___,
I'm- lii'rtliii, t.iiiii't aliIuh, rates and full
information apply to.
H. L. Bwiwn,
(Jity 1'assenger Agent
J. H. Oamtkr, E. J. (JOYI.R
His. Pass. Agt A. (i. P. A.
Nelson Vancoii"or
J- 0. GWILLIM, B-,  Sc,
Late of Geological  Survey of Canada.    Six years experience in II. C
mining districts,
Baker Street Nelsoi. I C. Nelson Daily Miner Wednesjvy. November 13,  ��90��
Letter Do yon waut a good
Files Lotier File, one that is
honestly made in every
particular, the best cheap File ever
made? If so, Tie recommend our
"Accountant," with double arch,
ihdex and cover.    Price 50c.
For a better File, io fact, the best
File made we recommend the "Shannon, " with index and cover. Price,
letter size 90c, Cap size $1.00.
For Ofilee Sundries of all kinds we
know no better place than the
The lake is now down to within
two inches of the lowest winter level
of last year.
The Kaslo brought down two cars
of Sloeon Star ore yesterday, consigned to the Trail smc'ter.
The Terpsichorcan Club has been
regularly organized for the winter
and will hold their assembly dances
every Thursday evening at Fraternity
The freight traffic through Nelson
at, the present time is unusually heavy
and in tho yards the train crews are
kept busy night and day to prevent
an accumulation. Yesterday the incoming freight billed to Nelson in
eluded 18 cars of groceries consigned
to city dealers, consisting chiefly of
canned goods from Ontario.
At the city cemetery Shackleton &
Simpson have had a force of men at
work for the past week preparing the
foundations for eleven monuments
which will be erected in the course of
the winter, it being necessary to have
the foundation work done before the
frost sets in. This firm have also on
hand orders for sixteen monuments
for other parts of the province.
A shipment of dynamite was
brought down from Powdci Point yesterday and left on the float adjoining
the city wharf over night. A great
deal of dynamite is handled through
Nelson at present and it is seldom
that there is not some piled on this
float or else on the wharf. With so
much traffic over the wharf it would
seem that another location might be
selected for storing this dangerous
J There will be a full rehearsal of
principals and chorus for "The
Chimes of Normandy" at the school
house, tonight (Wednesday)."at 7.45,
A full attendance ;s requested.
Tho Imperial Development Syndicate held a meeting yesterday afternoon to arrange certain matters in
connection with the development of
he properties held by them.
At the usual monthly meeting of the
hospital board yesterday afternoon Dr.
Doherty was re-engaged to fiU the
posit'on of medical superintendent of
the Kootenay Lake   General hospital.
The teachers and members of the
Methodist Sun lay school have already
commenced to make arrangements for
their Christmas tree entertainment
Which is to be held on Christmas
Anout a week ago the police of Nelson ordered out of town a colored
man who goes by the name of John
Thompson, a generally bad character
and prize tighter. Be returned to
Nelson last evening and expects to
stay six months. Constable MeMul-
len. of Greenwood came along with
him. He had been convicted of
vagrancy at Greenwood and sent up
for that period at hard labor.
The Boys' brigade of the Congregational church held their last drill for
tho winter lust evening. The brigade
grew to such proportions that it was
impossible to handle them in the
limited room at their disposal in the
basement of the church, and as the
weather is now too inclement for
drilling out of doors it was decided to
discontinue the drills until next
On Saturday evening last George
Day, steward on the Kaslo, purchased
some liniment for his cheat as
he was suffering from a cold. He
ponred some tn a saucer and as it
felt cold he held the saucer near an
open fire The linament suddenly
flamed up and exploded,severely burning his hands, face and neck, the
sight of one eye being in danger. He
is confined to his home in Kaslo by
his injuries.
Unwise Feeding Makes Them.
Some people thought he was a
funny old man when he spoke at
cump meeting on the subject of " Lord
Give Us Sense." One of the first
requisites for living a peaceful, upright, hooest, and religious life is
food of the kind that can bo easily
digested and that furnishes the rebuilding material for good healthy
brain and nerve centers.
It is absolutely out of the question
for a person to be peaceful, capable
and right minded when the brain is
Underfed, and the nerves wrecked
from lack of rebuilding elements they
have a right to oxpeet from good food.
A person fed on meat, bacon, ham,
fired cakes, hot blscnits, sticky and
poorly cooked starchy oat meal and
wheat, may possibly have strong
digestion enough to handle these
things and be a happy, healthy individual ; but IK) people in mo have
not, and the result is irritable, poorly
nourished, nervous bodies, foul
breath, and a general condition that
prevents ono from being happy and
contented. It Is practically impossible
for such persons to be good
The religion of common sense and
good food is tbo first religion that n
man or wuiiian should cultivate for
that coildili'in mnkes possible thoughts
of a higher nature und a bettor grade.
There is a world of wisdom in the
saving of Buskin, "We may lie sure
we are not serving the Lord if we are
not happy ourselves." All should
try to build np a steady set of nerves
and get rid of dyspepsia, constipation, lluttcrintj heart, weak nervous
condition, and a train of terrors that
come from bad digestion and poor
food. They Hliould quit coffee absolutely. Take for breakfast a little
cooked or raw fruit, a saucer of
Grapc-NlltH Pood uud a cup of l'oHtulll
Coffee, No meat or grease. You will
have a clean, healthy stomach fur dinner and at that meal have some in .sit
and vegetables lhat yon can digest.
Let your supper be the same an your
You probably don t need medicine
but you need the kind of food that
contains elements that rebuild thu
soft gray matter in the bruin and
nerve centers throughout the body.
It is "Up to you" reader, to put
yourself right and make of yourself h
happy, cheerful individual, capable.
and showing forth tbe charm of life
rather than its teirors and distresses.
Jewels, candy, flowers, man���that is
the order of a woman's preferences,
Jewels form a magnet of mighty
powei to the average woman. Even
that greatest of all jewels, health, is
often ruinea in the strenuous efforts
to make or save the money to purchase them. If a woman will risk her
health to get a coveted gem, then let
her fortify herself against the insidious consequences of coughs, colds and
bronchial affections by the regular
use of Dr. Boschee's Gorman Syrup.
It will promptly arrest consumption
its early stages and heal the affected
lungs aud bronchial tubes and drive
thu dread disease from the system. It
is not a ouie all, but it is a certain
sure for coughs, colds and uli bronchial troubles. You can get Di. U.
1). Green's reliable remedies at W
F. Tcetzel & Co. Get Greeu's Special
Auditorium Stock Co.
"La Belle Marie-"
Atlantic S.S. Sailings
From St. John, N. B.
Allan Line ParlHlon Nov. 23
Allan Lino Numldian Nov. 30
TIicro wteiunorH Bail from Halifax ono day
From Portland, Mo.
Domtilon Line Dominion Nov.23
Dominion  Line Uainbromun ...Nov. 30
From New York
White Star Line Celtic.  Nov. 86
Whit* Star Lino Ucrmanla Nov..27
Whit* Star Line Majestic Dec   4
Cunard Lino Ktruria Nov. 23
Cunard Line Campania Nov. 30
Cunard Line   Umbria, Dec.   7
American Line Haverford. Nov. 27
American Line Philadelphia  .Dec.   4
Anchor Lino Awtoria Nov. 30
French Lino L'Aquitalne Nov. 28
Fiom Boston
Cunard LlneSaxonia. Dec. 7
Dominion Lino New England Dec. 4
For further information regarding N. G.
Lloyd Hamburg-American, Holland-Am or lean
liner! and for rateti, reservation of berths, etc.
Apply to
Gen. Agent, Winnipeg, Man.
J. S. CARTER. D. P. A.. Nelson
The   Queen   Studio   is giving away
picture frames.
G. B. Lyons and family havo moved
from the Athabasca mine to Nelson.
George Clark, of the Kootenay Wire
Works, is spending a week's vacation
at Trail.
The Misses Olmstead, of Vernon
street, left for a trip to the coast last
Mrs. J. Bnrtt Morgan, who has
been ill for some days is able to get
out again.
Mrs. W G. Graves, of Spokane, who
has been visiting her sister Mrs T.
O. Gray, Silica street, left yesterday
morning for home.
The family of J. Nelson, of the C.
P. H., arrived Monday evening from
St Thomas, Out., and have taken np
their residence in the city.
James Cronin, manager of the St,
Eugene mine, and wife are at the
I'bair. They have been in Spokane
and will return to Moyie tomorrow,
Rev. James Turner left yesterday on
the steamer for Kaslo. lie will visit
old friends in that place and the
Slocan before returning to Aslicorft.
Mrs. J. VV. Jameson, who has been
ill at tho Kootenay Lnke General
hospital for the last three weeks is
convalescent and was removed to her
home yesterday.
It. W. Honnington is at Rossland
this week attending the examinations
for discovery in the injunction proceedings between the l.e Hoi Mining
company and the Rossland Miners'
II. A. C. MeNally, of the James
Cooper Manufacturing company, is at
the Phair. lie reports that he has
just, sold a live drill compressor plant
and drills to the Crow's Nest Coal
Oompany, The plant was shipped
from Rossland a few davs since.
llnine. -J. C. Ryan. Kaslo; 0. K.
P, Hughes. Kiilileniicre, Bug, I R.
Redmond, Montreal; A, Gillis, .1. A.
Gillis, Kaslo I W. Hockley, Toronto;
I), fa), Ousaok, Sandont A. McAllister,
Winnipeg; A.J. Linden, Spokanu; W.
II. Walph. Kaslo I I''. W. Cleines, W.
C.    Cunningham,    Hamilton;   H.     T.
Tillcv.  Toronto) A. g. Thomson. San
I'raiiriscii; .!. (1. lade, W. B, Pool,
Ferguson; R. M. Smith, Montreal;
Mrs. F. C. Pink, Kamlonps.
Phair. ��� B. 0. Davis, Quebec| J. N.
Murphy. Trull; II. A. I). MeNally,
Rossland; .1. 0, llriiwry, Itossland;
I'.. G. Mathews and ion, Philadelphia:
J. A. Grove, Montreal) A. T. Garland, Kaslo; II. hoy, Rossland; II.
Chapman,    Victoria;'   V.    W.    Smith,
Port Francis; VV. v. Bunt, lionning-
t'ui;   R.    II.   Porter,   .1.   Oronm  and
wife. Miss M. O'Rourkc, Spokane; T.
F.   Forrest, Greenwood)   A.   .1.   Me
Millan, Rossland; G. Hopkins.
Grand Central. ���L. Monro, Silver
King mine; I.. M. Raymond, Mrs. J.
Knapp, Fleming, N.' VV. T. ; J. R.
Tastro, Kamloops; (I. A. Page,
OrestonjA, Coyt, Ymir; K. Allen,
Minneapolis: J. Anderson, Denver; F.
Peursall, Mllltown; 10. I'icord, Stockholm, Sweden ; Sam Robinson, Portage la Prairie.
Queens,���A.     York,     T.   MeNelsh,
Blocs0! J. R.   Wright.   Columbia;   .1.
A. l'.r.iwne,  Hpnl,line
Canada Permanent and Western Canada Mortgage
head office toronto,  ont.
Money to loan on Straight Mortgage.
Apply to G. L. LENNOX. Bak.r Si.
Porto Rico Lumber
Co., Limited.
Rough and
Dressed  Lumber,
Shingles, Mouldings.
A-l White Pine Lumber Always Id
Wo carry a complete slock of Coast Flooring
Celling, inside Finish, Turned Work, Soon and
Doors. Spoctal order work will receive prompt
attention'   Mall orders solicited.
Porto Rico Lumber Co.,
Head Olflce-Hiuidrvx ��nd Vernon HU. Nelno
West Transfer Co.
Goal m Wood
Best  Fir and  Tamarac   Al
ways on hand.
All Kinds of Teaming and
Commission Work-
Office on   Ba>ar Street
I'urn Egyptian Cigarettcb ore fully Bp
predated by Cigarette smokers. The
enormous sale of this brand proves it.
Sold everywhere,    15o. per package.
To A. II. Fisher or to any   person   or
persons  to   whom   lie   may   luive
Iranhferied   liis   interest   in    the
"Cougar Minallu"   group of mineral eluims situated on   the   heed
Miilpe Creek, Euskanook  Mining
District,  West Kootenay:
Von,   ami each   of you   aro   hereby
in it i lied   that   1   have   expended   cne
hundred and   thirty-throe  dollars  in
labor   und   improvements   upon     llin
above   mentioned   mineral   claim   In
order   to   bold   said     mineral   claim
under the provisions   of   tbe   Mineral
Act, and if wl bin ninety   days of the
dale of this notice  you fail or   refuse
lo contribute   you portion of such expenditures   together   with   all    costs
of advertising   your interest   In   said
eluims   will   become  the property   of
the subscriber under   section 4   of   an
act entitled "An Act   to   Amend   tbe
Mineral Act,  MUM."
.1. I'. CLIJBM.
Dated at N��luon   this   20th   day   o'
August, linn
Save Your Snowsboe Tags
The most popular brand of allowing
Tobacco in Canada today ie "Pay
Roll." Every Ping of "Pay Rollf'
bears a ' ���.Snowsboe" Tag. Consumers
should save these tags, as valuuhlo pres-
sents are given for Ihom. When you
buy "Pay Roll" ChewlngTobooco, ask
your dealer for our new illustrated premium oatalogne. Tags are good up to
January 1st, 1P03,
Manufacturers of BEST STEEL WIRE ROPE.
Tramway, Hoisting:, Mining- Wire Rope.
Lang's Lay for Tarmways and Underground Haulage
Local Stock carried, estimates furnished.
H. E- CROASDAILE Agent Nelson-
"Zbe 1Rov>al Banh of Canaoa"
Incorporated it&o.
Capital   Authorized,
Ht't.lHMI IHMI.d'J I   t'unllill   1'alil-up,
Bent,        .        .     .
Board of  Mrerlon     Thomas K. Kenny,   I>re��ident;
��� I MacKoeD.
MISS RUBY MIGUEL,   Leading  Lady
Auditorium Stock  Co,
The well known company comes to
Nelson for one week. This oorapnny
is well known to theatre goers of the
west being formerly tbo llittner
Company who has always been prime
favorites of the west having just
closed a 25 weeks engagement In Spokane anil are tbe best repertorie company ever travelling in the northwest
having the most extensive reportorie
of plays of any company traveling and
it is a well known fact that Hilling,
manager of the company, wbo is one
of tha oldest and best repertoric
manager in the west is employing
none but the best ol talent piesenting
the most p ogressive ideas of the most
modern and up to date plays, equipment���in fact o combination of all
that is necessary to produce the best
results is one thn*. is most eminently
successful in pleasing its people with
the object in view of providing just
tne kind of entertainment demanded
by theatre goers of the present day.
The management of Auditorium Stock
Co. have this season excelled all previous efforts not only In personnel of
the company but also of entirely new
plays and new wardrobe.
La Belle Marie is a beautiful five-
aot comedy drama in which the Bitt-
ner's made their gre.it hit in Spokane
and have repeated this bill many
times ny request. Miss Ruby Miguel
who headed this farauus company all
through Hittuers' success in Spokane
still remains at the bead. Mr.
O'Connor who has been Bittner's leading roan for a number of years and
who lead some of the most noted
actors of the west still remains as
leading man and on the whole the
company, has no equal giving new
plays each night and a continuous
performance. This company wherever
opening are prononncod by press and
pulilic as one Of the best companies
ever visiting any citv and come to
Nelson in Iho hope of maintaining
the large and liberal patronage that
the excellence of their performances
merit and those who miss their open
ing hill wiii miss a rare treat. Don't
fail to hear their great song and dance
oomediun in the person of W. H.
MoBride, the best the west has ever
PRICES :   25 & 50 GENTS,
Saturday Matinee.    Seats  on  sale
at McDonald's, Nov. 13th.
Corpoiation of the Oity of
BY-LAW   NO.   101
A By-Law in t_rm.nl io PartttHfllMg Certain
I'ovM'f.' from iim  Weal Kuotriiuy rower
aud Light r.nn.iiii.v.
Tho Municipal Counoil of tho Corporation of
thu Oity of Nelson in Counoil osMmblod onaots
IIH fnlhiwi.;
1. Buujool tn tl)0 lorniH, Conditions and pro-
v hIouk horolnoftoroontatnod 11 tn ngrood Quit
tin- (Jnrporatlti 1 ��� ii ill toko unit Lhn Company
Hhall Hiipply oieetrla power nt 1 ho nub m it ion i>r
tho ('din|.in.> In thu City of NoIhoii for tho
power and lighting purpotORof the Corporation,
2 Tho quantity of power lo bo t >kon by the
Corpor itbii from tho Company will ��� ot BoIhim
than nit horso power, suoh harm* powor to bo
d'-in Trr 1 ai, a preiwure of 2200 vottH.
8. The Oompiny will nupply all tho rognlnt-
InKuppural 11 ��� in Un ir -'il. i.i.'ii inn i'lirn-t'iimliiiK
thn Power neooAsory for properly operating in-
cmiiluHOonl lltflil   .
i. Tho Companyeliall supply power from iihi
hone powor to UO horso powor if roquirod hy
tho Corporation at the samo rata a* hcrotnaftor
agrocd ilium, without further notioo. Tho ox-
(��!hh of Dowor over iihi horso power to bo
fiiuKi'ii For according to tha horn; powor used,
In ease of tho Corporation requiring farther
power tho Oompany wilt agroe to supply iho
same upon 81) daj - notico upon Iho following
bantu: in case 100 toflOOnorea power la roqulrea
by tho*'orp ration, tho company will agree To
Hiipply tho Baina up to itoo im-r powoc ��h 10-
quireaoharglnff for a minimum of 15.. horn
power and for Die oxooss of hor*** powor ovor
u>(>according to Iho hoivopower tlSM, In 0080
900 to 260 horso power Is required liy tho corporation the Oomnany win agree to supply the
Mimo, HmrKiiiK for a minimum of AH) horrio
poworand from that up tOWQUhOTSC powur according to thu 111 >r.r powor used In rami ItOU 1.1 ;i,vi
horse powor i-i roquirod bv the Cot poration the
Company will agree W supply tho huuio ehary-
Inj! for a minim n of ;��m huu.c poworand from
that up to ;W) horse powor according to tho
hone power osod In ooee 8fl0 to -too horse
power ih roquir u by Iho Corporation the Com-
Jinny will BgTOetO supply tho nimo charging
or a minimum of ,'iouhor e power nnd from lhat
up to 400 hone power according to the none
poweruspd, InoasoloOtoiW homo power 1.
roquirod hy Iho Corporation, tho Company will
agree to supply tho tuimo Charging for a minimum of 400 home power and from that up iu
UObone power aooorop g to tho bone power
lined. Incnnc 450 to OOQ hor.-o power Ih roquirod by tho Corporation, tho Company will
agroe to supply tho tamo, charging for a lubii
 Wl.lWl.lHJli |H)
Thomas Kltohie, View Preside"1
Wiley Smith   H.6. Bauld, Hon. David "**"'
llcml Office* Halifax!:
Gonoral Manager. DdbOn I-.. Pease. Montreal.
Superintendent of llranches. and Socretary, W. a Torrance, Hallfay.
Krnurlieft t
��ova   Rrotla-Halifax   Branch,   AotlgouM
Bridgowater, UujHlioro. J_ondoniierry, LU
cnlmrg. Maltland (Hunt.- Co.), PlotOQ, Port
Jlawkohbury, Sydney. Hhubonacadie.Truro,
St w     BrunHWlck ��� BathurKt.     DorctuiKtcr,
Frederic ton, Kingston  (Kent Co.), Mono
ton, Newoantlo, Hackvillo, St, John,Woodstock*
P. K. Inland���Chariottetowii.duiiiuieivido.
Quebec���Montreal, (City Office), Montm
west Bod (Cor. Notre Dame and a__Z
nours Streets)] westraount (Cor Green*
Avenue and Ht. CatharlnuH Btroet
New Found la nil -Ht, John'*,
���riiim. Went ladles��� Havana.
limed aules���New York (IC ^change I'lorn
Kopubltc, Wash.
Srand   Forks, Nanaimo,   Nelson,   Rossiard,   Vancouver
Vancouver East End, Victoria
CorreHpondenlfi t
Canada���Merchants Bank of Canada.   Boston -National Sli iwnnit, Bank.   riilraKo-IHfnota
Trust and Saviugs Bnuk.   Han  FraaelSCO���First National  Bank.   Lomlon,   Bag. -Bank  of
Hcotland.   ParlH. France���Credit Lvonuais,   Itermudtt-IUuk of Bermuda.   (Huns and Jn-
pan���Hong Kong and {Shanghai Banking Corporation,    rtumkaue���Old National Bank.
General Banking Business TrariAacted; SterlHg Bills of Exchange   iioutrh
aiid Sold, Letters of  Credit, Etc., Negotiated.
Accounts received on the most favorable terms.   Interest allowed ou tpeofal
deposite and on Saving Bank accounts.
Geo. Kydd, Manager, Nelson, B.C.
mum of 450 horso power and from that up to
500 horse power according to tho horso powor
used, lt being the Intention th >t the Company
will always keep in reserve 60 horso p wcr
over and abovo tho minimum stated bv the
Corporation to bo required, and Hhall onargo
for tho H-ild 50 horso power according only to
the horso powor used,
And it is understood that the highest minimum load for any 111011.h during ihe contract
hereunder shall be tbo minimum load for eaoh
of tho ensuing months during (ho 1 ontraot. uu-
\cm tho minimum in increased by the Corporation.
5. Calculations of the quantity of powor used
by thoCorporation are to be baseo upon the daily
average peak Io d, such peak load to be arrived at by takl g volt-am pore readings, and
tho ca'culaiions made from such readings.
such readings shall be taken aftur the power
has passed through the regulators.   ,
6. Tho Corporation will pay to the Company monthly on the 20th day of oaeh month
for the powor usod (not boing less than It 0
horso powor) during tho preceding month at
tbe following rate: For all horsepower up to
300 h^rso powor at ho r-do of fSJAper hese
powor per ni'uth; and for all horso power i
excess of SOU hon-o power at the rate of $3,33.
per horso powor per mo th.
7. Tho power supplied by tho Company shall
bo continuous as required during tbo whole
twenty-four hours of eaoh day.
8. If by reason t f any accident or any rauso
whatsoever over which tho Company shall bave
no control, a stoppago In tho mipp y of power
shall at any time occur, tho ('orporation shall
bo allowed a rebate from the prlco In the
agreement providod, proportionate to tho actual time of tho said stoppage.
9. The duration of tho agreement hereunder
shall be for tho period of ono yea" from t he
date tho Company shall commence thodi-livorv
of power to thoCorporation. which dato shall
not be later than December 1st, 1901.
10. In the event of auy dispute or difference
ari-ing between the Company and the Corporation in regard to tho construction to be placed
on this by-law or the contract to bo oxucuied
embodying the provisions hereof, or the administration thereof, or any details of business
botwoon tho Corp ration and tho Company in
rospect thereof, iho same idiall bo referred to
tho arbl ration of three arbitrators, o o to
bo chosen by the Company and 01.0 by the Corporation and these two arbitrators so solonted
shall select a third, and any decision upon the
point or pninl* armed at by the majority of
such arbitrators shall bcltnaland binding upon boLh thoCorporation and company. Such
abrltration otherwise shall be govei nod by the
provisions of tho Arbitration Act. being Chapter 9 of the KovisedS'latutosof British Columbia, ani auy amendment tnoroti now or hereafter mnde.
11. A contract embodying tho provisions
hereof and covenants on tho pa-t of the Company to conform to and ^ullil all nutters and
provisions hereby rf quired of it, shall bn
drawn and shall ho executed hy Iho Corporation and tho Company within ono mouth after
the dato on which this by-law shall take effect.
12. lt Is understood that nothing in this by.
law contained shall be construed as conferring
upon tho Company any right nr privilege to
generate or distribute or dispose of electric
light or electric power within tho limits of tbo
City of Nolson except, to the Corporation.
13. In tbis by-law tho expression " Tho Corporation " wherovor us d shall refer to and
mean tho Corpotatlon of the 1 ity of Nelson,
aud tho expression "The Company" wherever
used shall refer lo and mean the West Kootenay Power & Light Company, Limited, its sue
censors and assigns.
14. Tbls by-law shall lake effect nnd he in
force on and after the 26th day of Novemuer,
15. Th's by-law may be ciled as " The Power
By-Law No. Ml.
Done and passed In Council assembled this
day of 1001.
TA KK NOTICK that the above is a t rue copy
Of the proposed by-law upon which Ihe vote of
tho Municipality will be taken on Tuesday the
10th day of November Inslant between the
hours of eight o'clock A.M. and 4 o'olook P.M.,
for the Kast Ward at the City Police Court on
tho east side of Josephine Street and for (lie
west Ward at the office of Want Brothers on
the north hide of Baker street between Mauley
ami Kootenay stroots in the city of Solsou
w ,       ., n Clerk of the Council.
Nolson, B.C.,
November .11.1), IDOL
Corporation of the Oity of
NKLSON LODGE    No. 23, A. K. &
M. moots second Wednesday in
month.   Visiting brothern welcome
I. O. O. F. Kootenay Lodge
$ No. 10, meets evory Monday night,
at their Hall, Kootenay streot
Sojourning Odd Follows oordlally invited.
John A, MoRao.N.G. I). W. Rutherford, V.G
Fred J. Squire. Per. See.
Nelson Royal Arch Chapter No. 123, (J. It. ('.
Meets third Wednesday. Sojourning compnn
ions Invited.    Uoorgc Johnstone, Z,   K. VV.
Matthews, S. K.
NKLSON  I.01X1 K   No.25, IC. of I',
.VancetH in K. of P. hall, Oddfellows block
' jijovoryTuesday ovcnliig at 8 o'clock,
J/All visiting knighU cordially invito
Wm. Ikvink, C.C.
A. T. Park, K. of K. and S.
Nelson Knca pinunt No. 7. Meets every 2nd
and 1th Friday of each month, in odd Fellows
Hall, coiner Bakor and Kootonay strents,
Nolson. A. H. Clements, O. P.; 1>. McArthw
It. S.   Visiting brothers always welnnma,
NKLSON L. O. L. No. 1(192 meets m Fraternity Uall on Mrsl and third Friday evening
of each mouth at 8 o'clock. Vibiting memlwr
cordially inviUid. W. W. Bradley. W. K.
A.Mtuty, B.S.	
NKLSON AKHIK No. 22, F. O. K��� moots
overy second and fourth Wednesdays of oach
ui onth. Visiting meuibors cordially invlt
Charles Prossor, Hnernfjiry.
Kootonay Tent No. 7. K. t). T. M��� hold tlicir
regular meetings In Fraternity Hall, I. 0, U. K.
block, on tho 1st, and 3rd. Thursdays of enoh
month. Visiting brethren cordially invited lo
attend. G. A.Browu, U. K.; A. P. Purdy, Com.
It. J. Steel, U.S. C.
1st and 3rd Wednesday ovenlngsbf
each month at Fiaterniiy hall
corner of Baker and Kootenay
strocts. Visiting brethorn cord-
iall) invited.
Kmv Ann Maolhod, Boorntarr.
Meetings tt,h Thursday ef month. Fralenml
ball, J A Irving C K.   P. 't. Flnniing. ll>_
No^SOli Court Star of   Kool^nny, A, "��� F'
Meets 2nd and   >lth   Wodnosdays In overy
month.  Visiting brethren welcome, W. Moo*
Mlllae  C.K     Pnhert McLeod  Sir.
OAfiS.-MBALS a la 0AKTE.
Pnbllo Notioo la hereby Blvon thai Mid voln
oflliuoluetoriiiif UmiiiiiiilTiliiiillty Of tho City
of Nukoil will bu lakoii on II) Law Nu. nil "i
lly-ljiw In niKiinl lo purohaalng oortaln nowar
from the Wo��1 Kootenay Powor S l ��i i.'"Z ,.
ptuiy on   uosiliij, 1.1,0 10th day or November
I oVl'oi'k"i W"U" " ��f" ��''""':k "���"' u"'1
Kor iho kiwi. Ward iii.Wio oity Polloo Court
on.loeeplilneStrootiind for tho WobS w.vr,
Si ",,!,":"i,of X"nl BroUiore, on thn north
|ldo of Baker Streot, botwoon Btnnfoy and
kootonivy 8treoln In tho City of Nol80n '
Atiy mule or female boing of tho full asoof
twonty onelyoara who Ik tho nwdwiod ownor of
land or of roul proporty within tho mo
1.lolprfDty Hhall have a v��i,o ol he no ,,", ���
or iiiikiiMvIiik the aald By-law In eaoh ward In
real propo?(l���"" ""'"      '""'"*ml fur '""" "r
vnVnhor,'l!w.;'lHO,,'B- C-'U"K 8tU 'hly of  Nu-
J. K. 8TRA.0HAN,
____________ llnlurnlim (llllcnr
Ho  sure and get the genuine   BENNETT'S UUTTA PEKCHA FUSE,not
something that looks   like   It.    Lawrence Hardware Co., Agents.
Close conneotlon Bast and \)>'d-
bound at H|-okiiii(i with trains ol Uie
Hpnkuiio FhIIu mill Northern Ifjulway,
Dlrfiot connection at Sti Paul without chnng�� of depot with nil trairw ror
Ohicntro, Toronto. Montreal, New i onr.
nnd nil points West nnd Hoiith.
Leaves Spokane daily for East at 9:15 a m
Leaves Spokane daily lor West at 7:15 nn
Leaves Spokane daily lor West at 8.00 pm-
West-bound trains mnke dircnt connection lor Viotoria nnd Vancouver,
Portland, Hun Francisco, nnd nil poWW
on the Sound. .      ,   .
DiuiiiK the senson of navigation BOM
hound trains connect at Uuluth Wita
themagnlfioontsteflinships North Wbm
and North Land of UieNortlinrn btmu"-
Bhip Oompany Line, operated '�� "'!!'
nectiou with l,ho Great Northern ��a��"
way. r ,,
li"or further information, aps, H""'
era, etc., apply to any agent of Spokane
Fulls & Northorn Ity., Knslo & 81������
Ity., Eootei al linilwny & Navigation
Oo , or to
II. BRANDT. . ,  ..,
Oity I'iish. and Tkt Agt, W 7ol ^v,
Itiveraiilu Ave,, Hpoknne, Wash.
��. K. TAOKAliUBY. Local Anent,
Neliou. P.V


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