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Nelson Daily Miner Mar 29, 1902

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 Laily Edition No.  1303
Nelson,   British  Columbia, Saturday,   March 29, 1902
Eleventh   Yeai
in this   oity.
tee cur   line
Two Thousand Tons
tlie Hall Mines smelter
Pretty soon you will
delivering hundreds of tons of ore
mined in Washington to Canadian
smelters. Hitherto the shoe has been
on the other foot and thousands of
tons of ore mined iu the Kootenays
OlltpUt Of Granby MlP.eS tO Be I Das been sent to the States for treatment. These inequalities always right
themselves in time. We expect to
bring many thousands of dollars of
profit to the smelters from the other
side, as there are large reserves of ore
in tbe mines of Republic and vicinity,
which are waiting our arrival to be
shipped. We will have out opening
ceremonies and excursion from (Irand
Forks to Republic on April 12th."
In speaking about the V. V. and E.
injunction, Mr. Morris said: 'The
tracks of the V., V. and E. are built
up to the line of the Manly ranch and
��� he company is restrained by injunction from going any further. The
injunction of the lower court has been
confirmed by the Supremo cuurt and
expropriation proceedings have been
commenced and the trial under these
will come up at the coast sometime
in May."
Mr. Morris leaves for Spokane
Ore Already   Blocked   Out
for Twenty Years
Rhodes   Absorbent Thought
Was Industrial Education.
Giand Forks, March P8.��� Jay P.
Graves,general manager of the Granby
Co., left today for .Spokane- niter a|
week's stay in tho Boundary .luring
which he inspected the tJranby mines
at Phoenix and thc company's smelter
in this city.
Said he to your correspondent: We
are getting estimates of the cost of
installing a Irage compressor plant to
ba operated either by electricity or
bv steam. Tbe character of the motor
power will be determined as soon a?
various estimates are figured out. If
electricity 6hould bo utilized we will
buy power from the Cascade Power
Co., whose plant at Cascade is Hearing completion. After the order is
given six months will elapse before
the plant is delivered. Wo will then
he enabled to increase our output to
2,000 tons dally. The new equipme.it
will have sufficient capacity to operate not only the drills but also the
hoist, patnps, and subsidiary machines. Our policy is to plan a long
way ahead. We now have sufficient
ore blocked ont to occupy our smelter
continuously lor a period of between
fifteen and twenty years. Withal
development work will be prosecuted
aa vigorously in the fe'uie ns in tne
Jay P. Graves, vice-president and
general manager of the Granby Consolidated Mining,Smelting and Power
Co..arrived here last night from Grand
Forks and was seen at the Phair
shortly after by a Miner representative. Mr. Graves leavos or Spokane
today and after a day there starts (or
Montreal to attend a meeting of his
company, which is to be held there on
April 8th, A. C. Flimmerfelt, assistant general manager of the Granby,
came over as far as Robson with Mr.
Graves and took the boat there for the
main line. He will meet Mr. Graves
in Montreal at the meeting on tbe 8th
instant. Mr. Graves says lhe new
smelter is doing excellent. Un lliurs-
daj 1,185 tuns were smelted and on
Wednesday 1,185 ton�� of raw ore was
pnt through besides 120 ton e of outside matte and coverter slag, making
a total of 1,305 ton. The fourth furnace will be blown ic on Monday
when the capacity of tho plant will
be increased to l,rtli) too a day.
Boundary Camp Shipping nt 100,000
Ton a Year.
Pheenix, Marcli 28.--Uoundary mine
have established a new record agaiu
thiB week for ore shipments, the total
being 10,4011 tons as follow: Granby
mine 7741 tons, Mother.Lode 211(18 tons,
Golden Crown 00 tons, Jewel 210 tons,
total for 1002, 08,8110 tons. Uoundary
sme'.ters have treated for tho past week
8,0110 tons as follows: Granby smelter
8,050 tens, Mother Lode smelter 3,010
tons, total for 1002,07,5.11 tous.
It HaB Track Laid to Within Nine
Miles of Republic.
W. 0. Morris, assistant manager
and general counsel of the Republic
and Grand Forks railway, is a guest
at the Hume. In speaking abont his
road last evening he said: "Track is
now laid to within nine milos ot
Republic and will be completed
within the next week. In ten days
we will be delivering ore in Grand
Forks from whence It will hu taken
to the smelters of Trail, Nvlsun
Greenwood. Of course, considerable
will be handled in the smelters at
Grand Forks. Wo will transport ore
from Republlo to Grand Forks and the
mine owners can elect at what smelter
they will have it reduced. A few (liiya
since wc delivered u carload of ore
from   tho   Lucile   Dreyfus   mino
Russia Agrees to Withdraw From
Manchuria Unconditionally.
London, March 28.���The Pekin correspondent of the Times cables that
Paul Lessar, the Russian minister to
China and Prince Ching,   president of
he Chinese Foreign office,have agreed
ipon the main conditions of the Manchurian convention and tnat the early
signing of the agreement is expeoted.
The evacuation of three provinces is
to be carried out in three successive
periods of six months from the signing of the convention. Various vague
conditions such as "if the state of the
country permits" are to be excluded
from the agreement. It ia stipulated
that the convention be ratified within
three     months   from   the   day   it   is
The    Times    correspondent    says
urther that China is inclined to agree
to Germany's demand fur tbe extension of the railway Irom Tsi��n-Fu in
Shan-Tung province, across the grand
canal at Th-Ithn to Ching-Eing on the
Pekin Hankow lire.
Angeles  Club Bound to Have the
Jeffrics-Fitzsimmons Fight.
Los Angeles. Cai., March 28.���The
Century Athletic club is still in the
contest for tbe Jeffries-Fitzsimiuons
tight and will make a nen offei
which will raise the bid of thu
Charleston club. The prospects for
biinging the figbt here were considered very slim yesterday, but the
offer from South Carolina bas spurred
tho local promoters on to a new effort.
The forfeit money osted in San Frnn-
cisoo has been left there as a guarantee of good faith and the purse money
is still on deposit at the Citizens'
bank of tbis city.
Thomas McCarthy, president of tho
club, said. "The bid from Charleston
docs not bother us a bit. We do not
believe they can make good and we
have good reason to beiieve that the
offer is not bona tide."
His Scheme Was Intellectual
Betterment of British
London March 23.���The Diily Mail
says it is in position to assert that
Cecil Rhodes left the bulk of his
fortune outside of some personal and
family bequests, lo the promotion of
his vast Imperial plan of education.
This project embraces everv land
where tbe Union Jack ilios. Its purpose is tbe intellectual betterment of
the British trace throughout the
world and tho fostering of the Imperial seutiment.
The Daily Mail aids tbat this idea
of hotter fitting younger llritain to
cope successfully with rival nationalities was a dominant scheme with Ceoil
Rhoaes, hut that even bis closet
friends little imagined the absorbing
bold it obtained upon him until tbls
was^disclosed by tbe terms nf his will
Tbe detail of this plan of education
will be made public in a few days.
Rhodes Remains Will Be Borne on
Carriage of Long Cecil.
Capetown, Maroh 27.���The coffin
containing tbe body ol Cecil Rhodes
will be oonveyed to the parliament
buildings here during the morning
ol April 3 and will he in stato in
the vestibule till 3 o'clook iu tbat
afternoon,when it will he removed to
the Anglican Cathodal where the first
portion of the burial serivce will be
read. The funeral proeession will
afterwards traverse the principal
streets ol Capetown to the railway
station. Thence the coffin will be
taken by special train to Bulawayo,
stopping for a short timo at Kimberley. Only a few intimate friendb
will accompany the body to
The coffin, during the funeral profession at Capetown will be carried
on the gun carriage of "Long Cecil"
the famous gun used at the siogo of
Floods Interlere With Railway
Telegraphic Communication.
Meridden, Miss., March 28.���Eleven
inches of rain has fallen bere during
the past 48 hours. Many farms aiu
under water, bridges have been washed away and traffic in this vicinity is
nt a standstill. No trains have entered or departed from Meridden since
Thursday afternoon. Telegraph wiros
aru down and some points are entirely
cut off.
Yacht Meteor Will Be Given
Sail Tbis Morning.
New York, March 28.���At the office
of the builders ot tho Emperor's yacht
Meteor, it waa announced today that
the yacht will be ready to leave her
anchorage tomorrow. She will bt
taken outside by her captain nnd
designer for a ten mile thrush into
the wind to test her sailing qualities.
Owen Sound, Maroh   28.���John Lin-
try,   fnrmor, of   Maxwell, Ont,,   was
found dead in bed ut the Scldon Houjo
to here this morning.     He blew out  the
Murderer of Rice was to
- Married Mrs. Francis.
New York, Maroh 28.���The announcement today that Albert T. Pat-
riok,the lawyer convicted oi the murder of William M. Rice, Is engaged to
be married to Mrs. Adelaide M.
Francis, at whose house Patrick
boarded prior to his arrest, la not
denied tonight by either of tbe
principals. Mrs. Francis refused to receive callers at her house and sent
word she would have nothing to say
with regard to the reported engagement until after she had consulted
with I'artick. The lawyer himself
said in his cell in the Tombs that he
might have something to say on the
subject aitor hu had seen Mrs. Francis
"      v ��� _,
Unknown Man Crashes Woman 'n
Head With Axe.
Jellico, Tenn., March 28.���Mrs.
Green Older was murdered at hor
home at Saxton, Ky., eight miles
north of Jellioo, last night by an unknown man, who escaped. Mr. and
Mr��. Older returned from church services about II o'cook. Mrs. Older
entered the house while Mr Older
Went to the hen house in tho roar. A
moment later he heard hia wife
���cream, and running to the front door
saw an unknown man disappear.
Older ran into tho house and fouml
his wife dead on tho lloor in a pool of
blood. She had been brained by nn
axe whieh was lying by her Bide. Tho
citizens arc organising.
had been   out   gathering   mnplo   sap
when he   was shot   through the head.
ITT A _t T/TT T T< l~\ i "'s ''''' 't,R'' a searching party  where
VY ilO  lA.lLiLiij U   the   body was   found     covered  with
Ibnis1!.      Robbery   is   thought to have
  been the motive for the crime.
A  Disastrous   Collision
Freight Trains Near
Henry Newcombe Accidentally Asphyxiated by
Jarvis.Ont.,March 28.���Two Wabash
freight train running over the Grand
Trunk tinek collided near here this
morning. Kngineor Charlton and McOill and Brakesman McDonald of St.
Thomas, Ont., were instantly killed.
The accident was caused by the engineer of the oastbound train not obeying orders to stop at fiis station.
Toronto, March 28. ���Henry Newcombe, aged 78, one of the partners
of Newcombe nnd Co., piano manufacturers, was found dead in his bod
his morning. He had been asphyxiated by gas. In turning it off last
night Mr. Newcombe accidentally
turned the ccek beside, when lighting
a t'ip used for connecting with a small
gas heater.
Respect to Northern Visitors at Military Tournament.
New York, Maroh 28.���This was
Canadian night at the military tournament and the troops were reviewed
by the Hon. F. VV. Borden, Canadian
minister of Militia and Defence.
When the minister airlved at Madison Square garden he walked down
the centre of the area accompanied by
his staff and preceded by a detachment of 48th Highlanders and their
pipers. The box of honor was decorated with British Hags. The house
rose en mnsae as the hand played
God Save the King." Tbe programme included the 48th Highlanders
exhibition drill, lough riding by
troops '"C" National Guaid of New
York, tbe landing drill and baitle
exercises by tbe first battalion of
naval militia,tbe music by thc Second
cavalry, drill and driving exhibition
by tho Fourth battery field artillery,
U.S.A. and the popular exhibition of
pontoon bridge building.
The exhibition musical drill of the
Canadian mil'tia men received great
applause. Before coming to tbe
garden, the legislative officers of the
Military Athletic league entertained
the Canadian visitors at the Lawyers'
club. The guests included Lord
Aimer, Adjutant General Maude, Col.
Pellnt, Col. Chas. E. Turner and
Major Robeitson. This laity, including Dr. Borden's wife and Gonernl
McLcor, Col, Karnes of the SBrd logi-
ment, and Lieut.-Col. Brady, of the
same regiment, sat iu the reviewing
box. The results of the athletic
events wero:
220 yard hurdle, military championship Final���won by II. Arnold, 22nd
Engineeis, time 28 1-5.
800-yard run, handicap���Final won
by a. Valentine, 23rd regiment by 45
yds., time 2.04 1-5.
One-mile bicycle race, handicap-
Final won by 0. N. Cranston, 47th
Regiment by 4U yds., time 2.50 3-5,
Tug of war���Won by First naval
battalion, N. ti. of N. Y.. from the
12th Regiment by six feet.
One-mile relay race, scratch���Won
by 22nd Regpuuiit team, time 3.35 1-5.
Two-mile bicycle race, military
championship���Final won by VV. G.
Frank, 22nd Engineers, time 0.25 3-5,
Obstacle race, tlnal 2 laps���Won hy
F. Fisher, 13th Regiment, time 2.08.
Grand Forka which was consigned
to  gaa,
London,    March   28.���Ceoil   Rhodes
loft   the   Dalham Hall estate at New-
maiket to his brother Col. Francis VV.
Rhodes.      This   estate was   pur'hliscd
I by Cecil Rhodea laat Dscembor.
D. R. Ker Speaus of the Grain Growing Resources of the West.
I). R. Ker, of Victoria, gcnPrnl
manager of the Brackman and Ker
Milling company- ha* been in the cily
fcr two days returning fr im a trip to
Edmonton, where the c impaoy has a
mill. He comes back more than ever
an enthusiast in the future ot the
Canadian northwest. Everywhere
along the line ol the Calgary and
Edmonton railway settlers effects are
on all the railway sidings and more
are coming in daily. Most of them
are from the western United States,
men accustomed to fanning and
exactly the kind who will malic a success of life in a new country. Though
most of them are American citizen*
they intend to make Canada their
home aud are ready to take the oath
of alleg'anee as socn as thoy can
qualify. The first large immigration
to that part of the country look place
last year and those who went in then
were so successful that they advised
their friends to come also. The cattle
country gives way to agricltura! about
75 miles north cf Calgary and from
there on tbe area being brought under
cultivation ie year by year increasing
and eventually there will be millions
of acres that will be brought undei
the plough. Somo years ago there
was occasionally the drawoaok ol
early frosts but with cultivation these
seem to disappear, but at no time
does anyone there remember a year in
which the crops were a total failure.
Mr.Ker predicts that within twelve or
fifteen years there will be enough
grain produced in the Canadian northwest and Manitoba to supply all that
is nee'ed (of Great Britain. As to
the area over which wheat can be
raised with profit tbat oan be spoken
of by tbe millions of acres. As an
evidence of tbis he inent'oned thnt
the Hudson's Bay company was this
winter hauling in on sleighs the machinery for a fifty-barrel Hour mill to
bo erected at Fort Vermilion, which
is 500 miles north of Calgary. This
would not be done by those familial
with the country unless there was
wheat there to   be ground.
Tbo capacity of the Brackman and
Ker mill for making rolled oatB at
Edmonton iB 50 tons a day. This
output is consumed chiefly in British
Columbia to as far west as Kamloops,
the Kootenays and in the North vest
as far east as Regina. Then was
more produced last year than was disposed of in that territory and the
coraoany Bent a few carloads to Montroal. This is the (list time that
rolled nats haB been sent to Eastern
Canada. The Imperial government
bought quite a laige quantity of oats
in the vicinity of Edmonton for South
Africa and paid a price of about 2s
oents a bushel tor them. This meiint
thu distribution of a largo amount of
money among the farmers.
Speaking of Ue tourist association
that has been formud in Nelson, Mr.
Ker said that in Vletoira quite a
large sum of money had neon subscribed, rooms were being opened In
tho city and a lecturer was to go on
the road. He would distribute literature and deliver lecturos illustrated bv
stsreopticon views. This tourist trade
was well worth cultivating and it was
surprising how much money the
travellers left behind them.
Senator llaiinn Disc--.-        j,v
* i i   C*?tVS'-
Tomah, Wis., .uiirch 88.���Striate*
Hanna has written a letter to C. VV,
Croley of this city saying that he is
in no sonic a candidate for the presidency in 1II0I und requesting his
friends to discourugo any movement
looking to that end.
Warren,     Ohio,    Maroh    28.���Wm
Hickok, a wealthy farmer living   near
Garrettsvillc was found murdered last
night in tbo woods near his home. He
Refused to Surrender Though
Death   Was   Inevitable.
A Brilliant Dash by Which
100 Boers Were Captured.
Pretoria. Marcli 28.���From the first
prisoners captnied.it was learned that
General Delarey blmsell was outside
the actual cordon in the engagement
of Mareti 84,when the British captured
over 100 prisoners and recovered threo
guns and two pcins poms. Delarey
had slept some distance westward, but
Llebenber?, Kemp and other Boer
commanders were inside the column
troops. Tiie first body, consisting of
about BOO Boots, sighted at 10 o'clock
iu thc morning of March 84, retreated
at full speed, making for a gap be-
ween the Uritish columns. A race
for the opening ensued. Tne British
mounted infantry which had already
ridden upwards of .",(] iniles. pressed
their tired horses until they gave out,
when the men jumped off and raced
forward on foot Some ot the mounted
men, however, were able lo gallrp
right into the gap just ahead of the
Boers, whom they met with a warm
fire. These troops also succeeded
in driving back another body of 300
Boers who were forced to desert lhe
guns thoy had captured, from the
Vonilonop convoy in February. The
Iloers tried tn ge through several openings, but on each occasion were forced
to uouble back until they ultimately
found a gap and passed out of the
Uritish lines within s|;lit ol Klerks-
dorp. Night fell befoie tbe pursuing
columns could overtske the doers.
F'ive Canadians who foil out of their
column and tried to woik their way
back were surrounded by a lluer foico
and made a splendid oe'ence, but
finally seeing their case wan hopeless,
foui of them surrendered, Thc fifth,
however, indignantly refused to thiow
down his arms, and continued a single
handed light until he was killed.
This was regarded as one oi the must
interesting incidents of the day.
An Instance of tbe resource!ilnesa of
tie Boers was given by Liebenberg
and several hundred men. Taking
advantage of the confusion of the drive
he and his followers assumed a formation similar to that of a British
iluinn and moving close to ore of the
numerous gaps in tbe llritish lines,
succeeded in reaching the opening
before llieir ruse was ileti cted and tbey
got safely away.
Tho gunn oaplursd from Vondonop's
convoy were biilliuutly recaptured by
the Scottish Hor.o, who charged up to
the muzzles of the artillery and lodu
the Boer gunners off their feet belore
the latter bud a chance to lire.
Chicago, March 28.���Fifty passengers were badly shaken up in a collision between trains of the South
sido and Metropolitan west side
elevated roads on the union Inop
today. The South sldo cars had
stopped at La Salle street station
when _ Metorpolitan train following
It became, unmanageable. The crash
sounded liko an explosion and was
beard fur several blocks. One cud of
tho rear coach of the Southsido train
was demolished nnd the passengers
were hurled from their seats nnd covered with flying debris. Many were
cut nnd bruised but none sci iously
Washington, March 2s.���Reprcsen-
tstivo James M. Orlggs (Georgia) was
unanimously ohoson chairman of the
Democratic Congressional committed
at a meeting tonight in lhe minority
cauons room at thc capitol.
Big Utnh Mines Consolidate Alter
Spending Millions on Lnw.
Salt Lake City, Marcli 28.���Tho
Daily West and t'uincy Mining companies, two of tlie laigcst properties
in the stato are to be consolidated.
The properties of the two compnnies
practically adjoin. Litigation involving millions of dollnrs between tho
companies is brought to an end ov tho
Two     Carmen   Killed     and   Sevcisl
Piissencers Injured.
Jolidt, III., Maroh IS.���Jobn C.
Mam, inolorman, nnd (Jeorge Barrett,
lineman, were lulled and several
people were injured in a head.on
collision at Sag blidgo today between two cars of the Juliet and
Chicago Eluc'.rio railway.
Chicago, March 28.���Services In thc
Catholic churches nnd in many I'nHes-
tant churi lies and the closing of
banks, the Hoard of Trade and Stock
Bxobange marked tho observance of
Good Friday in Chicago. The produce
market alone continued as usual. The
board of trade will resunio business
tomoirow but tin stock exchange will
 ,iin closed until Monday. Nklson  Daily Miner.   Saturday.   March 29,  190?
Tlie Nelson Miner
Published  Kvory  Morning Exnept  Monda*.
Daily per month, by carrier ���    Wo
Dally, per month, by mail     Wc
Dally, per year, by carrier   ...�� 7 00
(>��lly, per ye*\r, by nuiil    5 00
Daily, per roar (oroi��n    8 0(1
Weekly,per half yoar *J 25
Weekly, por year    s 00
Woosly, per yeas'. 1 ..reign    3 00
wnbHcriptions Invariably ln advance.
Display Advertisements, ?t per inch por
month; Display Adv. rtisements, 23 conls per
inch each insertion Ins- III in month] Locals, 1(1
cents p*r line eaeli Insertion; Classified Adver
Uaementa, i cent per word eaoh Insertion;
Wholesale Cards, 82.(0 per month; Society
Cards. $2.50 per month,
IU Fleet Btreet. E. C.
Central Preaa Agonoy, Ltd., Special Agent*
Alexander Sc Co.. 521 First Avenue, Spokano"
Wash., keep this paper on flle, and nre our
authorized agents for advertisements and buo-
The above Reward will he paid to
anyone giving evidence that will con
vlct persons of stealing The Miner from
our subscriber's doors.
Premier Dunfmuir has signed the
agreement with Mackenzie and M��nn
for the construction of the railway
across British Columbia, Under this
agieeraent the railway is to recoive a
large subsidy in money and land ior
each milo of road ouslructcd.
The agreement will uojv be submitted to the legislature for ratification. It is hoped that thu members
will amend it so us to cut down, at
least,the land subsidy. The system of
giving away tlio public laud by the
wholesale ns has beeu the practice is
vicious in the extreme and is calculated to retard the development of the
country. There was a timo whon subsidies were necessary to seenre the
construction of railways, but that day
is past. Hereafter such railways as
are constructed should bo built without subsidies. Railways are no more
outitled to bonuses than any other
form of enterprise. In this connection
the following decision of Mr. Justice
Miller of the United States Supreme
court is interesting:
"Ol all the powers conferred upon
government that of taxation is most
liable to abuse. . . To lay with one
hand the power of government on the
property of citizens and witli the
other to bestow it upon favored individuals to aid private enterprises and
build up private fortunes is none tht
less robbery because it is done under
the ionus of law und is called taxation. This is not legislation. It is a
decree under legislative forms. Nor
is it taxation. 'A tax' says Webster's
Dictionary 'is a rate oi snm of money
assessed on tbe person or property of a
citizen by the governmont for the use
of the nation or state. Taxes are burdens or charges imposed by the legislature upon persons or property to
raise money fur public purposes.' . .
. . We have established, no think,
beyond cavil that there can be no lawful tax which is not laid for a public
purpose. . . But in the case before
ub, in which towns ure authorized to
contribute aid by way of taxation to
any clasvs of manufacture, there is do
difficulty in holding that this is not
Buch a public purpose as we have heen
considering. If it be said that a
benefit lesults to the local public of a
town by establishing manufactures,
tne same muy bo said ol any other
business or pursuit which employs
capital or labor. Thc merchant tlie
mechanic, thu inn-kcepe, the hanker,
the builder, the steamboat-owner, are
equally promoters of the public good,
and equally deserving if the aid of
tho citizens by forced contribution
No line can be ilruwn in favor of tlie
manufacturer which would not open
tho eofl'ors' of the publio tiensury to
the Importunities of two-thirds of tlm
business men ol the city or town."
News comes from London of a cheering character to tbo people of Rossland nnd of the district. It is reported
from there that Hon. C.II. Mackintosh
has succeeded even better with the
Giant and other properties which be
took there to plnce than he did
with the British America corporation.
Governor Mackintosh induced the
llritish America corporation to invest
about (8,000,000 in the puicliaee of
mines and mining properties in the
Rosslnnd oamp, nud probably a rail-
lion nud n half additional in their
development and equipment. Had it
not been for these investments the
Rossland   camp  would  not be nearly
ill the same advanced condition as lt
Is at present. Should it be truo that
Mr. Mackintosh Has succeeded in promoting another company like the
British America corporation and if it
hs�� anything like the resources which
the B. A. C. possessed when it started then Rossland will take another
long  step forward,   Mr.   Mackintosh
Bhould not, however, put his eggs all
in one basket; in other wordB, he
should try some of the other camps as
well as Rossland when it comes to
making purchases of the raining properties for the new   corporation.
The section around Ymir has probably a number of properties which if
developed would be as good aB the
Ymir, which today is probably the
most profitable mine in tbe Kootenays. If he wishes gold-copper prop
erties on the noith hauk of the Kootenay there are some fine showings
which are quite as wide and as rich
looking as tbe surface croppings of
the larger mines of the Rossland
camp. These when opened should
oiove quite as profitable as any of the
gold copper mines of Kootonay and
Valo. Besides there is tbe Slocan,
East Kootenay, Ainsworth and other
places, and ho can place a portion
of the lands with wbich he is to be
entrusted in any one of these districts
to advantage to his principals and to
the benefit of his own credit and repu
tation. Thu governor should show
more broadness of spirit in his
There is something sublime in tlie
with of Cecil Rhodes to have his eter
nal resting place in the Matoppo hills
in Rhodesia. It reveals that there
was more sentiment in tbe uncrowned
king of South Africa than those who
had business transactions with him,
and who knew what a firm grasp and
what a close knowledge he had of
things material, would suspect. The
tnasoleum in which his mortal remains will sleep will he located in tho
beautifful section which he aided
materially in bringing under British
control aud it is fitting that he should
tako his long rest suiid the scene
of his most patriotic und unselfish
achievements. Could one wish, as
William Cullen Bryant put? it,"cooch
more maguicfieut." Aroond him will
grow up in time one of the most
prosperous) of the British Colonies,
filled witb brave men and fait
women, wbo will deem it a loving
duty to honor the name and the resting plaoe of the departed statesman
and patriot, who thought more of the
interest ot his country than he did
of his own affairs.
There is something of a parallel to
Mr. Rhodes design in the burial placj
selected by Alaric.conquerer of Roma,
and king ot tho Visigoths, though the
latter's idea is more barbaric. Alaric,
it will.be remembered,directed that hiB
followers turn a mountain stream
from its course and in the center of
the channel dig a'grave and to place
bis body therein. Then tbey were
told to turn the toirential waters back
Into thejoriginal channel sc tbat they
would flow forever over bis grave.
His directions were carried out and
the conqueror has slept all tne centuries sinoe the year 410 amid the
wild music of the torrent as it sweeps
down the steep mountain sides on its
wav to the sea.
At Loganspori, Ind., the city charge
for lighting dwellings with eleotricity
is in no instance twenty cents per
ligbt per month,and when sixty-seven
lights are used in one house, the
oharge is only 81.20 a month���or less
than two cents per light per montn
foi all night service! And that pays
enough profit to enable the city to
have 123 arc lights without costing
the town a cent 1
Ticket scalpers, although there is no
brotherly love for them on the part of
the railway corporations, will con
tinuo to be a necessary evil in the
United States. According to a recont
decision by Judge Chytraus, of the
Supreme court of Illinois, ''howevor
reprehensible and udius to a railroad
a ticket scalper may bo there is no law
that invalidates a ticket, which other
wise is valid.because it passes through
his hands." The decision was
given in the case of Moritz llorrowitz,
who bought tickets from a scalper for
himsulf nnd wife over the Chicago
and Northern Paoific railroad.
Thoy wire not permitted to
ride on the tickets and sued for damages and the trial resulteo in thoir
Hire redistribution bill brought in
by the Dunsmuir government mav be
classed as a success, so little real
objection having been found with it.
It is a fair measure and the people
realize that the government has
striven to justly treat nil paits of the
country, says tho Slocan Drill. A
little too much weight iH perhaps
given to tho north end of the province, but there is every likelihood of
that section gaining rapidly in population in the next year or bj, I'l
tho Kooterays and Yale the situation
has been fairly canvassed and general
satisfaction given. Local objections
will arise, but in the main tbe bill is
favorably received. One gratifying
feature of the measure i-a that the
claims of the Mainland have beon
acknowledged and it given the preponderance of representation. To do
this and, at the same  time,   diminish
We wish to call your attention to our immense
stock of
Spring and Summer Staple Goods
and Novelties
In making our selections this season we have endeavored to choose a stock which will please the most delicate
tastes. Vou will find the finest assortment of both Imported and Domestic goods in the country. New goods
arriving daily.
Hudson's Bay Co.
Lawrence Hardware Go.
The Fishing season is now open and we invite our ffiends and potions to
inspect our large aud complete stock of
Roils, Keels, Casts, Flies, Fly Books, Lines, Fishing Baskets,Trolling Spoons
Guns and Ammunition
���IbelRo^alBank of Canaba
Capital! Anthoruted,
Incorporated 1869.
Oa,ooo,aoo.vo | capital Paid-op,
Best,      .      .    .
Board of Directors     Thomas K. Konny,  President;   Thomaa Kltohle, Vice-President]
Wile* Smith, H.G. Dauld, Hon. David MooKoon.
Head Offlce, llaltruxi
Ueneral Manager, Kd -un L. Pease., Montreal,
Suuerintondont of Branches.   W. B, Turrsnoo, Montreal
Brandies t
Nova Scotia��� HaliUx Branch, Anltaoiil-r
lirldgowater, Guysboro. iiondonfierry, Lu -
enburg. Maitland (Hauls Co.), Plctou, Port
Hawkoshury, Sydney. Shubenacarlle, Truro
Htv Brunswick ��� Bathuret, Dorchester
Dalhouslo Fredoricton, Moncton, Now
castle, ttexton (limit, Co.), Sookville. St,
John, Woodstock,
^4�� v*>\*j> Vl> \*> \fe vi/ Vl/ i6 i*,v ii)/ U/ W- 0 i*> iv> ^y \��> ^i iii id/ ii> \^> ii/ vi> v*>^
!..   CHINA   HALL   ..I
Kor thc balance of this month
wa will give
*$ Fancy China, Lamps,  Toilet Sets,   Tea  Sets g
Dinner Sets, Etc., Etc. (j
-** c
ff Call and  inspect. J��'.
I       S.  Y.   BROCKMAN. |
i��. v.. inii.nrt���charlotutown, Butmneielde.
���Unnbre���Montreal. (City lOMouj, Munirea
Wont Bnd (Cor. Notre Dame and 80.11:-
I.SU--H streets); Wesumotmt (Cor. Greene
Avenue ami tit. Catharines Streeti,
N'".l fiJU 'Ml.illid -St, .Tohtl'R.
4'uhn. VfMfl l��dl��5$���Havana.
, mi�� ii Stales���New York (16 Kicharge Place
Republic, Wash.
Grand   Furfcs, Nanaimo,   Nelson,   Rossland,   Vancouver,
Vancouver East End, Victoria.
Correspondents i
Canada���Merohanta Bank of Canada. Bosiou-NaUoM Bhawmut Bank. Chicago-Illinois
Trust and Saviniss Bank. San Francisco���Nevada National Bank. London, Rag,-Bank ol
Scotland. Purls. France���Credit Lyonnain. IScrniiida--Hank of Bermuda. China and Japan���Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation.    HpoKane���Old National Bank.
Ueneral Banking Business Transacted; Sterling Bills of Exchange  (tough
and Sold, Latter* of  Credit, Etc., Negotiated.
Accounts receiver on the most favorable terms.   Interest allowed on epecia
deposits and on Saving Bank accounts.
Geo. Kydd. Manager, Nelson, B.C.
To enable ns to dispose of the stock of Tweeds and Woollens just purchased   at
a rate on tho dollar from B. J.  Hobie,   Merchant Tailor we will for lhe next
30 days give tho largest discount ever given in ordered clothing.
Fine Fngllsll Worsted Trouserings. Made to Order
Fine Sriiieli Tweed Sulilrc, Made l�� order
Flue llluek 1'ngllsli Worsted 8iiIIIiikh made to Order
W O..111
Satisfaction Guaranteed.   Union Hade.
H. M. VINCENT, Merchant  Tailor, Baker St.
I Millinery Opening |
JJ The ladies of Nelson are cordially invited to attend my Spring
Jsi Millinery Opening on
I      Tuesday, March 25th
V and following days of the week, when I will exhibit the lat-
\$ est styles in Spring Millinery Novelties in Dress and Ready-toft Wear Hats,  Misses' and Children's Hats and Bonnets specially
ft Opera House Block, Victoria St., Nelson    !*
the number of pocket boroughs on the
island must have caused some of the
government adherents a pang, but
they have accepted the inevitable nnd
endeavored to mete out justise. That
tne bill will pass almost initscn-
irety is without doubt, ns even the opposition have found only minor objections. The redistribution bill is one
measure tho Dunfinuir government
may be commended '��r-
The tonsorial establishment of J. II.
Matheson nnd the basement shop of
McMabou aud Gardner have consolidated and are now doing business
next dunr to the Ih.desia saloon, where
thoy will be pleased tu meet old and
new customers.
]    NEW GOODS    j
��� A shipment just "arrived and we ���
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2 tion  of  everything   known  as J
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���   ���
We can please you in choosing a
a Wedding Present,
a Fine W'ltch Repairing a Specialty *
��� _____ ���
\ J. J. WALKER |
Finest and Best Bar In th* City.
The best Brands ot Liquors
and Cigars.
$1.00 AND $1.50 PER DAY
JOSEPH harwood.   -   Proprietor
Will pay the highest oasb prioe for nil
kinds of seoond band goods. Will bny
or sell anything from an anchor to a
needle. Furniture, stoves, oarperts,
���cooking utensils, bought in household
quantities. Also oast off clothing.
��� tall and see me or write. Address
Silver King Mike, Boi 800. H��'l
Street, Nelson,  H. C.
Be Sure and Get the Genuine.
| Lawrence Hardware Company |
B Sole Agents, Nelson, B. C. 2
has been discovered on the
Similkameen   Valley   Coal    Company's
On the 1 -;th instant I will offer for sale the Company's stock at $1.10
PER SHARE, payable $io monthly per iou shares, A further advance
will take place on April 1st.    Rush in your orders.
Nelson, B. C.
Official Broker
Atlantic S.S. Sailings
From Si.. John, N. H.
Allan Line Parisian Marcli 29
Allan Line Corinthian April o
Beaver Line Lake Superior  April 11
Beaver Liuu Garth Castle April _5
AIlan.Lino steamers call .at Halifax two days
From Portland.
Dominion Line Calif ornian April 12
Dominion Lino Coloniau April 2ii
From Now York
Cunard Lino Campania March 20
Cunard Line Umbria April *��
White Btar Line Teutonic March 2I\
White Star Line Oceania, ��� ��� April  3
American Lino Philadelphia .Moron 20
American Lino Al Paul, April  2
Hod Star Line Merlon March 2��
Ked Star Line Hnvcrford April 11)
Contincn'al HnilinjjH of French. North German Lloyd. II. A. P. and Italian Lines on application.
RATES��� Saloon fares J12.TO, and upwards
Second $3.5 and upwards according Lo steamer
a*d location of berth. Steerage quoted on ap*
plication. Prepaid passages from Kngland and
t ho cuntlnent at lowest rates.
H. L. BROWN,      W. P. F. CUMMINGH,
City Agt. Nelson.      Gou. At<ont, Winnipeg
Subscriptions taken for the Nelson Daily and Weekly Miner at
publisher's prices by J. F. DEL-
ANEY, New Denver, B. C.
About tbat second-hand article o
yours. You'll sell it If you'll adver
tise it in Th( Ulnar want colurap
Spokane Falls Sl
Northern R'v.
Nelson  &  Fort
Sheppard R'v.
Red Mountain R'v.
Between Nelson and Spokane
Nelson to Seattle - 21 hours
Nelson to Vancouver - 26 hours
Nelson to Victoria       -      26 houu
Leave DAT TRAIN Anive
9 3s.ni Spokane  7:15 p.m
12:25 p. m KoBsliind 4 :3I) p. w
10:30 a.in Mountain 5-r,0 p. in.
0:40 a. m Nelson 6:45 p. m,
H. A. JAOK.80N, G. P. St T.A.
Spokane, Wasii
Agent, Nolaon, B.
Y. O. GREEN        Y. B, OliEMKNTrf
Civil Engineers and Provincial Land
Cor. Kootenay a Victoria Sts. Nelson
P. O. Box 145 Telephone ?1H
Canada Permanent and Western Canada Mortgage
head offiok toronto,  ont.
Money to loan on Straight Mortgage,
Apply to G. I/. LENNOX, B��k�� Sl,
Naiion, Nelson   Daily  Minhr, Saturday, March 29, 1902
Last summer a numbtr of likely
prospects were located on Twelve Mile
creek, and all had good exposures of
ore, says the Slocan Drill. Some have
been sold, some are under optioo, and
others have been worked by their
owners. Of tbe latter the Uappv
Medium and International claims,
owned by Fred Benson and W.llineh-
lifT, are about the most encouraging. They have sunk an inclino shaft
on the vein for 50 feet and carried ore
down from the surface, and they have
the property in fair :.l ipe for stoping
An ore bouse has been built at the
thaft and in it is slored considerable
mineral taken from the incline. Io
addition to the shaft a crosscut tunnel bas been driven 50 feet. The lead
cuts across towards Ten Milo und
wonid break over in the vicinity of
the Kalispel.
Lemon oreek made its first shipment
for the year on Saturday, when tho
Duplex, situated on tho flrst north
fork, sent out 7 tons, the oro going to
the Nelson smelter, says the Slooan
Drill. It was shipped by J. Cross aud
J. .Nathan, they having been working
the claim all winter under a lease.
The ore will run woll in gold and is
expected to net the lessees 875 per
ton. The mine is left in much better
sbope than when work commenced.
Were a wagon road built up tho first
roith fork of Lemon creek half a
dozen properties would bo enabled to
make shipments of ore.
The force on the Ottawa has been
increased. The shipments from Slocan City during the week were 127
tons. The Duplex on Lemon creek
sent 7 tons; the Arlington on Springer
creek, SO tons, and the Enterprise on
Ten Mile, 40 tons. The total shipments from Slooan City for tbe year
aggregate 1,255 tons.
Tbe Rambler-Cariboo will distribute
a aividend of one cent per share
among its stock holdors on Monday
next. Ou iho "Oth the Sunset distributed $0,000 among its shareholders,
making a total of S3C,000 up to date.
The North Star lus declared its
eighth dividend. This time it is 1 1-8
cents per share. Tbe tolnl dividends
to date aggregate $373,00(1 and there is
abont $200,000 is in the treasury of the
Returns from tho shipment sent out
a month ago from tho May, un Twelve
mile, netted the owners about $75 a
ton. The ore gave 130 ozs. in silver
and $20 in gold.
Oood Friday shoot was a great success, and although thc scores were not
np to the average, a very enjoyable
time waa spent. Nine shooters took
part.and shot the programme through.
Alter the regular programme was
shot several sweeps were indulged in,
and it was quite late in the. afternoon
before the shooting ceased.
Event No. 1.���10 singles���Pollock,
0; Steele, 3 ; Goepel, 5; Tierney, 6;
Ward, 3.
Event No. 2���15 singles���Steele, 10;
Wallace, 2; Goepel, 0; Tierney, 7; J.
Ward, 4; Hunter, 5; Pullok, 5, Phair,
5 ; S   Nelson, 5.
Event No. 8���10 single".���Goepel, 5;
Pollock, 5; J. II. Ward, 5; Tierney, 7;
Nelson, 5; J. R. Hunter, 5; Kurtz, 4;
O. Steele, 7; Phair, 0.
Event No. 4���25 singles, Patenaude
Handicap Cup���Steele, scratch, 14',
Goepel, scratch, 101 Tieiney, handicap
4, 14; Pollock, handicap 4, 11;
l'hair, scratch, 12; Kurtz, handicap li,
13; Hunter, handcap 8, 18; Ward,
handicap 8, 18; Wallace, haudicap 4,
14. J. H. Ward won the eup on shoot
off with J   R. Hunter.
Event No. 5���10 singles���Phair, (i;
Pollock, 4; Steel, 0; Goepel, 5; Wallace, 5; Kurtz, 4; Nelson, 5; Tierney,
5; J. Ward, 5.
The extra events wera won hy
sti-elo and Nelson and Phair.
McLachlan Bros, have   just   opened
up a large ahipuient of fishing tackle.
All the   latest   specialties,
reels, Tacuma Haits, etc.
Men's and Hoys' spring suits about
2,0"U to choose from. We may be asking too much money for tbem. Quality considered they "look good to
us." You'd better see them anyway.
���The Wallace-Miller Co., Ltd.
Nelson Cook and Waiters' union has
sleeted its delegates to the convention
to be held in Kamloops on April 14.
All unions please noto.
Miller Co.
Ties���The       Wallace-
All kinds  uf express work, coal and
wood.���West Transfer Co.    Telephone
Slops Hie Cough
and Worhson* lhe Cold.
Laxative Bromo-Qulninc Tablets curo   acold
n one day.   NoCuro, nol'ay.   Prico 25 cents.
In tho neighborhood of 70 men are
on the payroll of tho Enterprise, at
the mine and mill.
The   lollowing   additional subscriptions have been made to   the   fund   of
tbe Tourist Association:
Brackman and Ker $10 nO
F. J. Weir     2 00
J. II   Matheson     2 00
Artbur Booth m.     5 00
Kirkpatrick and Vtfnon     5
$24 00
Mr. Booth, who was in Greenwood
when he learned that a subsciiption
was being taken up, immediately forwarded his cheque for $1 with names
of porsons to whom he desiied printed
matter to be sent. Tbis brings the
total subscribed to $725.
West Kootenay Butcher Co.
AdvertlHementa umertod under ttalH head at
the rate of one cu.it a word per Insertion. No
advortlHementi taken for terra than 26 oente.
Hiiuation Wanted advertisements inaertod
three times free of chance.
STORE   TO    LET���Seoond door from
cornor Josephine on Baker. Enquire
at Vans-tone's Drug store.
TWO Oentlemen can   get   comfortable
room, breakfast and   dinner for   S3"j
por   month,    within   tivo   blocks    of
hospital.    Apply \.   I!.,  Miner olliee.
PIANO FOR HA LE���Taken iu exchange, new, only one inontb in
use. Coat $400. Will sell at a
bargnin. See it at E. Ferguson and
Co.'s warerooms, Vernon street, cily.
NICELY    Furnished    room,  lino location,   terms   reasonable, address C.
D., this otlice.
FOR SALE. ���Eggs for hatching,Rlnck
Minorca,       Iliowu   Leghorn,     and
Plymouth   Rocks     P.O: ^HoxluTO, ;or
Miss Edwards, Fairview.
FOR   SALE   or   Rent���[louse, Silica
street, will sell   or rent,   furnished;
all conveniences.    C.  E. Miller.
FOU SALE���Eggs for hatching from
Harred Plymouth Rocks and Pekin
Ducks; choice stock. Strawberry
plants. John Houghton. Crawford
FOR SAi.E���The Nelson Cafe, the
finest rcstauiant in the Kootenays,
best location, 25 nicely furnished
roams in connection. The best business proposition in tbe district today,
for full particulars write Nelson Cate,
Hox 225, Nelson H.C.
FURNISUED rooms with   or without
hoard.      Apply     on   silica    street,
second door west of Ward,
Applv   to   Mrs F. 3. Sqnires, Room
40, K. W. 0. block.
3. H. LOVE,
Nelson Employment Agency,
P. O. Iiox 405. Phone 278.
Wanted���Woman Cook.    Waitresses.
Oirl for Housework,
Foster Crafts,of Obarles'own, Mass.
write home a.s soon as you can as
financial interest await you there.
Very important.   I. F. Crafts.
WANTED.���Position as  housekeeper,
cook   or   housemaid for respectable
party.      Address.    Mary    Sparks,    52,
Southern Ave., Cleveland, O.
We have the best value io men's
and boys' boots and shoes in II. C.
This is an old fashioned, fiat-footed
statement, hut we will bet our boots
on it.���The Wallace-Miller Co., Ltd.
Don't Blame The Dootor
The most dangerous false friend is
the one that under the guise of friendship, day by day insinuates himself
into your good graces and takes ad
vantage of the association to do you
harm; that is exactly the position of
coffee. It enters your sanctum under
the guise of a waim, close friend and
slowly, day by day, works away at
your destruction.
Why this should ho no one con say,
but it ia a fact nevertheless. Hundreds of thousands aro testifying of
the terrible straits tliat coil'eo drinking has led tbem into.
In our clearer moments we know
that health, bounding, perfect Health,
brings with it the poise of nerve and
clearness of mind that makes us kings
instead of slaves, and brings a heaven
on earth to us.
Through the very perversity of mankind,showing the elements of a tangible demon, we porsist in taking into
mouth and stomach the false friend
even after wo know it is working to
throw us out of the peaceful heavou of
health, and set up within us that con
citlon of disease that tho nerve show
variously in dyspepsia, heart trouble,
kidney trouble, etc., eto,
The patient physician wbo hns, for
years, been explaining to different
people under his ouro the powerful
effects of ooffee on highly organized
persons, finally becomes a bit careless
and feels that ho can only point cut
thc facts and then let patients go
their own path. Their very perversity will make of them slaveR, and
they follow the habit with the blind,
dogged fatalism that cannot be understood.
Coffee "soaks" them certnii and
Bure, and whon they aro hit hard
enough they finally come around to
the point where they are forced to
give it np, then Postum Food Coffee
comes as a reliof in the timo nf desperate trouble. ft requires no effort
to slip off coffee drinking for well
mado Postum, aud the change in
health is something miraculous in
many cases.
We have just
spring stock of
llradley and Co.
received   out
Wall   Paper,
F.  J.
The president  and   vice-president's
teams ot the Quoit club played yesterday and the   result was a   victory fo
the   former by a Bcore of   178   to   148.
Following is the score made:
W. W. Beor  31
J. H. Wallace  31
E,Irwin   18
O. H. Becker  31
Chief Lillie   31
W. J. Watchorn  31
Total 173
Ooorge Nunn  27
E. (i. Smyth  20
George Bell  31
John Watson  24
Rev.W. Munroe  IH
W. O. Gillette  23
HELP     of   all   kinds     wanted    and
furnished.     Western   Canadian Em
ployraent Agency.      Large warehouse
for   storage; call   at Prosser's Second
Hand store, Ward steet.
MEN WANTED-On     Crow's       Nest
Southern   Ry.     Oood   wages,   long
job   Headquarters, Elko,    B.   C.     A.
Guthrie St Co.
_i. M. Cuinmitis, IjOHhOO���Kvery keuwi
variety of soft drinks. P O Hox 88. Tolophoii
No. '11. Hoovor Street, Nolnon. Hottlers of th
famous tiu Loon Hot Springs Mineral VVutor
AMAUDONALD & Oo���Corner Fron
��� anil Hall Strunls���Wholosale irrocur
and jobbtirri in blanket^, gloves, mitts, boot*
rubbers, mackinaws and miners' .mtidriBH.
PBUKNd & Uo.-Hakcr dtroot,
���   Wholesalo dealers lu  fret.li a
meals.   Cold blorairu.
Baker Su-uut, Nelson���Wholesalo duu
ore In frosh and cured meats.
J Stroet, NelHOli ��� Wholesale (lsalarH lr
hardware, miners' supplier, spurtinK good*
M'LACHLAN BROS. Baker Street Nelson,
B. C���lienors in general harhware,
mining supplies, glass, pants, Portland L'o-
nunt, tiro clay and Scotch lire brick. Agents
for Wilkinsand Co.'s celebrated stool wire rope
N ,
KLSON HAKinVAUti CO.- Wholonah
painty, oils awl ffl&Sftj mechanic*? tooln
ag Ttftskie and Spotting Uoods a specialty
mURNKR, BEETON & Co.-Corner Vornoi
X and Jowephiuo 8treetn, NhIhoii��� Whole
Hale dealers in li-��� nor.--, cigarn, and dry goods
Agonts for Pabat Brewing Oo. of Milwauko*
and Calgary Brewing Co of Calgary.
UDSON'S BAY Co.-Wholtwalo grocerie
and liquors etc., Bakor Stroet, Nolson
.lo gri
it, No
Oflloo oorner Hall and Front Streets'
Nelson���Lumber, coiling, Mooring, and every
thing in wood for building purposes. Get our
prices.   Correspondence solicited.
A.    MIIONALD,      Agent
Hairy Co. Ico Cream.
100,000 SHARES OF  C.   & C.   MINING
CO., Limited Liability.
Fresh   and    5alted   Heats
Fisn and Poultry in Season
E.   C.   TRAVES.   Ma tn aver.
K.-W.-C   Block, Ward Street, Nklson.
Olders by mail receive careful and rrompt attertirn
The Canadian Bank of Commerce
With Which Is Atimlirnniul, il
Bank of British Columbia.
Paid-up   Capital,   8S,onO,W(i;    Reserve   Fund,   |3,000,0o0|
Aggregate   Resources Over 8115,000,0111).
HON. GEO. A. (JOX, President,     B. E. WALKER, General Mima**.
London OMice: oo Lnmhurd Street,  E. C.
New York Olllee; 16 lixcltsnge finer.
And G8 branched in Canada and tne United suites. Including
Atlin Ghkknwoou Nki-hon Handon
CttANimonK        Kamloops Nkw Wkrtminbtbh   Vancouver
Fkknik Nanaimo Hokhia.no Viotokia
YUKON DISTRIOT���DaWBOS and Wiiitk House.
UNITK1) STATES���New Yoke, San FrUNOISoo, Seattle, 1'ohtlanu, Headway.
Savings Bank Department.
Deposit! Received and Interest Allowed.   Present Bate ���'. Per Cent
Nelsou Branch. GRANGE V. HOLT, Manager.
Manufacturers of BEST STEEL WIEE HOPE.
Tramway, Hoisting', Mining Wire Rope.
Lang's Lay for Tramways and Untie-ground Haulage
Local Stock carried, estimates furnished.
H. E. CROASDAILE Agent Kelson.
ffholesale and Retail Meat Merchants
*.<__. ********-___>
Branch Markets in Rossland, Trail, Nolson, Kasl.
Sandon, Three Forks, New Denver and Slocan Cit*y
Orders by mall to ��u>w branch will have c*retul and nrxmot attention.
Parties wishing Oolf or any stockings
knitted or footed oan have them done hy
applying   on    corner   of     Ward   an
Victoiia street, opposite po.storlice.
A    GOOD,   practical   gardener   wants
lawns aud gardens to attend   to   for
the soason.���George Shaw, Club hotel.
Seeds, Trees, Plants,
Roses, Bulbs
Ilume���W. E. Hoie, W. N. Hrayton,
and wife, Kaslo; A. A. Varks, Victoria; T. G. Drown, Toronto; D. W.
Moore, Trail; VV C. Mortis, Grand
I<"rrks; C. G. Fleming, Spokane; II.(I.
Thomson, Han FranciBCo; H. J.Clarrv,
Toronto; E. Doberer, Grand Forks?
R.J. Smardon, Vancouver; W. H.
alilliuan, Toronto.
(Irand Central��� W.II. Harrison,.Sandon ; MiiH. F. Peterson, New Denver;
A. llreraner, W. A. Rollins, Mollie.
Gibsun Landing; 1'. I.. McDonald and
wife, Spokane; A. G. McDonald nnd
daughter, Anaconda ; D. McLean and
wife, Addy, Wash.; U. Marks,
Phair���R. L. Pattersju, Toronto;
Win. Hell, Montreal; H. .1. Collins,
Chicago; A. A. Stowart, Woodstock;
F. F.Ilustcod,Vancouver; C.JA. Hatch-
elder, Spokano; E.J. Twiss.Kaslo; Q,
T. Fell, Jay P. Graves, Spokane.
Agricultural  Implements, Bee Supplies, Fruit Baskets, Fertilizers.
Catalogue Free.
M.   J-   HENRY
3009 Westminster Road, Vanconver, B. O
Queon's���R. Ilamill,
GillHllan, Ymir; F.
Rossland;   A.
A.   Thomson,
Maddon���W.   Uewick,    A.   Bewick,
Edmonton; 9. Levasseur.Calgary.
Bartlett���A.   S. Hamilton, Windermere; C. Fiench, Sandon.
___���__. '
Tramont���T. Manson, Cody
Our New Stock is now open,
A Very
In Designs
Between   Ileur"   B.   Itoie,    Plaintiff,
and Timothy   O'Leary,    Administrator of the Estate and   Effects of
John II.   O'Leary,   deceased,   and
Timothy     O'Leary     an i     Daniel
O'Leary, Defendants.
SEALED' TENDERS,    addressed   to
Richard W, Day, reoiver, Nelson, B
C ,   and   marked     *'Tender"   on   the
envelope,    will   be   received   by   the
undersigned   up to 19   o'clock noon of
the Snd day of April, A. D��� 1902,   for
the purchase of one or   more blocks of
shares in the C. and 0.   Mining   company,limited liability.    Inn,mi" shares
mill be sold in blocks of 10,000 each.
Tbe highest tenderer will receive
one bh;ek and have Hist choice, at
same price, of as many other blocks
as he desires. The tenderers next
highest in order will each according
to tho amount of the tender be given
the opportunity of taking one or more
blocks at the highest tenderer's biri
and this plan will be lollowcd down
the list of tenderers until all blocks
are disposed of.
All tenders must be for at least ono
iiloci- at an amount, per share and not
per block, and thu highest or any
tender will not neccussarily be
A marked cheque payablo to tho re
eeiver for at least !I0 per tent of the
tender for one Woek must aoeomnany
eaoh tender and should the tendoier
not pay the balance within two days
after his or her tender is accepted and
telegraphic notice sent to the address
given in the tender this amount will
he forfeited to the receiver and the
shiireH nil! be re-sold. All cheques
accompanying tenders not accepted
will bo promptly returned to the
respective unsuccessful tenderers.
Tht nominal par value of each share
is $i.'io ana the authorized capitalization of the   compnny   in   851)0,000.00.
The   company   was    incorporated   iu
British   Columbia   in ls'.lli   under   the
Companies   Act,   muu ami  Amending
ActB.      Tho   company is said to   own
the   C. anil   0. mineral olaim   within
thu Immediate   vicinity of   Ilossland,
H. 0.
For further parlieulais apply to
Nelson,    11,    C,      Solicitors   for    the
Receiver or to
Receiver, Nelson, H.C.
Uatcd at Nelson, H..C,   luth March,
A.D., 1001
nnd try a bottle, a dozen,  or a barrel of
eapost    on _ tho _markeb.   _AlHO_try_
CALGARY BEER as lt is the bust anrl
I'.heapost. on tho market. Also try oui
WINES,    LIQUORS     and     CIQARS
Tnlenhonp IW
A. TAMBLYN. Mum��*.
lUknrRt..  Kelson
Delivered to any point
on Kootenay Lake.
I have a complete stock ou hand of
Rough and Dressed
Mouldings, Sash Doors,
Inside Finish,
Ooast Flooring, and
Finished Lumber-
Mill at PILOT HAY. Yardo, NKL80N
The Prices Will
Suit the
Close connection East and West-
hound at Spokane with trains of the
Spjknne Falls and Northern Railway,
D rect connection at St, Paul without change of depot with all trains for
Chicago, Toronto. Montreal, New York
and all points   Kast and Houth.
Leaves Spokane daily for Hast at 9:40 i.'iu
Leaves Spokane daily lor West at 7:20 a.m
Leaves Spokane daily lor West at 8-00 p m.
West-bound trains make direct connection for Victoria and Vancouver,
Portland, Han Francisco, and all point,
on the Sound.
During the season of navigation Easl
hound trains connect at Duluth with
theinagniflcentsteainships North W..t
and North-Land of the Northern Steamship Company Line, uparatod in connection with the Great Northern Balh
For further information, apt, fold
ere, etc., apply to any Mentof Bpokane
Kails & Northern Ky., Kaslo Sc Slocan
Ky., Kootei al Kailway & Navigation
Co , or to
City Pass, and Tkt.  Agt,  W  7ol   W,
Riverside Ave,, Spokane, Wash.
G. K, TAOKALURY. Local Agent,
Nelson.B ('
Under and by virtue of tho powers
contained in a certain mortgage which
will lie produced at the time of sale,
theio will ho offered for sale by public
auction, by S. I'. Tuck, Auctioneer,
at Mh nllices, Ward street, Nelson, 11.
tl.. on Monday the ?th nay of April,
IHO'.'. st the hour of eleven o'clock in
the forenoon, the following property:
Lot numbered twenty*two (82), in
Block numbered sixty-eight (usj, of
the cily of Nelson, iiiitish Columbia,
Rub-division l"t ninety-live (0fi),group
one (1). Kootenay District, accord inif
t.i the offloiel plan or survey.
'J lie properly is situate on Vernon
Btreet, and known us the "Occidental
Kor terms and conditions of sale
apply to,
Hums   Blook,    Biker H tree I,   Nelson.
n. c, [Solicitors for the Mortgagees,
Canada Drug and
Book Co.! Ltd.
For domestic or steam use.
A  full   supply  always  on
Rates to   all  railway  and
lake points
General Agent.
Tel. No. 265.
Office  ��� Two  doors   west
C.P.R. offices.
The Waverley Hotel
Rates $1.00 to $1.fill per day. Kirsl
class Meals, 8.1c. Next door io Opera
House. I'. O, Hox 210. Telephone 147.
Victoria Ht.. Nelson.
obtained in all countries
Registered Patent Attorney, Mechanical Engineer and Draughtsman. Bank of B, N A. building,
Hastings St., Vancouver, B C.
Write for full particulars,
Dominion and
Land Surveyor.
���r,q NELSON BC
"H, & M. BiRBT
Real 1.stole. 1 lie and ill" Insurant?
Monoy to Loan.
Three CottaglS   across   thc
opposite Nelson
j application.
Houses for ten
parts ot the Cit;.'.
across   the lake
full particulars  on
and   sale   in   all
_mr   ?#-   ***?_�� -
Nelson Dail. Miner Saturdw, March 29, 1902
During Holy-
We are making a very laifre show ol
English and Roman Catholic 1'ri.yer
Books; also Ornaments, Rosaries,
Missals and Devotional Hooks,
We have the new ''(leorpe,Prince ol
Wales" Edition of Prayer Hooli.
Booksellers. Stationers
Show Room for Mason Sc Risch pianos
��� wwwws-vw ws*vwvww-*-��
F. W. Warren, cl Trail, was in the
city on business yesterday.
Fountain Tens.���Morley & Laing.
E. T. Smith wishes to state that he
will not be responsible for any debts-
contracted by his wife, without bit
written order.
Beforo plreing yonr order for wall
paper it will pay you to see our new
designs,F. J. Bradley and Co.
Tne level of the lake has sunk
several inches during the past week
and is now atfain below the lowest
mark reached the previous year.
J. E. Wallace and C. I). Tario,
lately from the East, are about to
open a watchmaking and repairing
shop in the premises lately occupied
by E. J. Robie, the tailor.
A calico ball will be held at tin
Queens hotel on the evening of March
81, Easter Monday, under the ausnices-
of the Ladies' Progressive Whist Club,
II. Ferland, who has been at thi
Kootenay Lane General hospital foi
some time while Buffering from appendicitis, is convalescent and wil
leave thai institution tod..y.
Tbe lisbing yesterday was not extifc
good although huge numbers spent
tho day trying their luck. A few fair
sized catches were made but as far as
known no large lish were caught.
Oiliee Supplies.���Morley & Laing.
The two dead horses that huve been
floating around iu the lake in the
ueighb irbood of the city wharf for the
past week disappeared on Thursday
night to the great relief of the crews
of the steamers and others who use
the wharf.
Yesterday being Hood Friday,passed
off very quietly in the eity tho stroots
being nearly deserted most of the
day. Practically all the business
houses wero closed,and large numbers
took advantage of the opportunity to
enjoy a day's sport with fishing rod
or camera. There was a good deal of
boating done and various athletic
sports were well patronised. At the
Anglican and Roman Catholic
churcheB services weie held.
C. S. RatcbeMer, mining man of
Spokane, is at the l'hair, en route for
the Sioean whether he goes for the
purpose of oxaminlng a mine.
The lacrosse p'.ayors were out in
force yesterday and put in a good
practice at the recreation grounds. A
number of last season's players are
not in the oity this year, but there are
enough left to form a team.
All the newest books in our lending
libiary ���Morley and 1,'iing.
At Ihe morning service in the Methodist church tomorrow, the ordinance
of baptism will he administered and
tho pastor will give a fifteen minute
talk to children. Subject, What Does
Resurrection Mean. Ovening topic,
Tho Central Fact ot Christian!tv. The
choir will render special Easter miisic
at both services.
At the football practise yesterday
thero were two accidents, Cochrane,
of the Kootenay Supply Co., getting
his knee duloosted, ano Wetmore, of
the Imperial bauk, receiving a severe
knee sprain. The team is in good
shape, with the exception of these
players aud expects to give a good
account of itselt in the match
witb the East Koutenay team,
T. G. Procter leaves this morning
for Montreal and other eastern points
on business connected with the Portland Pacific Cement Co. and some iron
properties which he and his associates
have secured near Kitchener. Mr.
Procter, it ia learned, expects to be
away for about three weeks and will
probably visit in addition to Montreal, Chicago and New York before
he returns.
Rev. A. W. McLeod, of Kamloops,
wili conduct both services in the
Itaptist church on Sunday. Thc subject for the morning service will be
The Significance of tbe Resurrection ;
���intbem, The True Easter (Excell) ;
and subject of the evening sermon,
vVhat do you Wait for?; anthem, That
lieautiful Golden (late (Leslie); trio,
Counted iu, (J. M. White), by Paterson, Stocks and Robertson.
Arrangements have boen completed
for the ball to he given on Monday
ivening next, March 31 at the Queen's
hotel under the auspices of the
Ladies' Progressive Whist club.
Muaio will be furnished by Mill-
ward's orchestra and the committee
having the affair in charge are looking forward to making it a success.
Tickets are for sale at the Queen's
Charles R. Thompson, cf Portland,
Oregon, speeiil ageut of the Phoenix
Insurance company of Hartford, is in
the eity at present on business of the
compauy. Mr. Thompson stated that
Nelson was considered the best built
town fiom a fire insurance standpoint
of any place in the interior of llritish
Columbia. He said that in Portland at
present great interest is being taken
in Ibe Worlds' Fair which it is proposed to hold thero is i905. It is the
intention to give a very prominent
place at this exposition to tbe mining
and lumber industries ol Ihe laciiic
Northwest and also to make the
Oriental exhibit a very large one.
The Latest
is based on the principle,
"Destroy the cause, you
remove the effect."
Herpicide kills the
germs that cause dandruff by digging up tlio
scalp as  they burrow
their pestiferous way to
the hair root, where they
finally destroy tho hair.
Without dandruff your
hair will grow luxuriantly,
stops dandruff and falling hair, and starts hair
growingwithin 10 days,
One bottle will convince
you of this.
Por Sale at all Pint-Class
Drug Stores.        vt
More Home Knitters Want
n __% r****fl
Spent Himlreds of Dollars io Obtain Freedom
From Asthma���Was Perfectly Cured by
Olarke'8 Kola Compound.
Mr. Alborl IMxon, contactor, Nanaimo, B.
C, wrl es:��� For nearly nin��- years I have
been n contain r-uH'erer from brent hia! asthma, night aft er ni ht. having to i-ieep sitting up
Inaobslr. 1 spent hundreds of clolla b witb
doctors and remedies, but got only temporary
relief. My druggist* Mr. stearman, recom-
inundoi Clarke's Kola Compound. I took ln
all five bottles nflliisgratid iHolieine, and am
to lay eonipleldy cured, lean now sleep well
every night-, ana now piny my Instrument In
the eity band ones more" This remarkable
Btory is also certified by Mr. F. C. Stearman'
Phm.B.i one of Nanuiino's leading druggists,
Bold by all druggists or by tho _l. -fe M. Co..
Limit'd, 121 Church street, Toronto..
For ��alo bv J. H. Van-shone. Nelson, B. Cl
Eating a Question.
Pleasurable Anticipation,
When Proper Food is
Used  in  Moderation.
II you aro one of those who havo eat
en too freely of Grape-Nuts and havo
been satiated, we have a word of help
and advice for you.      It is   a con sen-
trnted food, and the system requires a
nd can handle only a small amount at
a time.
If loo much Is taltun naturo   revolts
gainst thc overloading, llo modern-
��� te and enjoy the food day by day. It
is too valuable to jour system aud to
yonr sturdy health to (five ovor. It is
a common lault for people to over eat
candy or any othor delicacy at some
time iii life, and from an excess be
driven to abstinence. Hut with dilipe
Nuts it will richly repuy   you to stmt
gain on the fixed allowance of not m
tire   than   three heaping teaspoons lor
the cereal part of tho meal,and so long
as you use tho food in moderation,
you will stick to it, and look forward
to tho meal with pleasurable anticipation. Hemembei Orapo-Nuts furnishes the most delicious tasting cereal
food known, and contains the certain
elements nature uses for repairing
and rebuilding the brain and gray
matter in the nerve conters. Tho
steady and moderate user of Grape-
Nuts oan depend upon daily nourishment of the kind that gives one tbat
feeling of reserve strength, so essential to a successful, active brain
worker. Do not try to cook this food,
It is thoroughly and completely cooked at factory, and is ready for inttaut
A sou was born to the wifo of W. J
McNabb,   locomotive   engineer,     last
Members of Nelson h. 0. L. No. 1092
are requested to inoet iu the lodge
room for tbe purpose of attending the
funeral of the late D, H. Fawcett on
Sunday, March DO, at 1 o'clock p.m.
Visiting members aie requested to
Kast��r serviecs at Emmanuel Congregational church tomorrow will be
of especially attractive nature. In
tbe morning Hev. Wm. Munioe will
preach on the Resurrection of Christ,
the basis of our Faith. Anthem lor
tbis service-, Christ, tbe Lord, is Hisen
Today. In the evening the subject of
the sermon will bii Social Itessurree-
tion. Anthems, Our Mighty Lord is
Hisen (Warren), and The Lord is
Risen (Leslie), duet Dy Cenrge Hrown
and Miss Ida Hanson (tenor and
soprano), My Faith Looks up to Thee.
A cordial invitation is extended to
Passing through the city yesterday
was K. J. Collins, of Chicago, an engineer of continental reputation on railway construction. Ho was accompanied by Wm. Hell, inspector of dining and sleeping cars on the C. 1'. K.
Mr. Collins is an old friend of T. G.
Sbaughnessy, tbe president of the
line, and he is going over Ihe system
at tho request of the president. He
went to Vancouver over the main line
aud is returning over the Crow 's Nest
line, ne was shown about the oity
and through the C. P.R. yards yesterday by W, Downie, superintendent,
and F. F, Husteed, of tho construction
The remains of D. H Fawcett who
was killed south of Elko on Wednesday, were brought to the city yesterday for burial. Findley McQuaig,
bro'.ber-in-iaw ol the deceased,accompanied them.
Mr. McQuaig states that he was
working about three miles away at
the time of the accident iu which Mr.
Fawcett was killed and hence does
not know full particulars of the accident. No one who was present at the
time of the accident, escaped consequently none can tell how it happened, but it is thought thut a charge
of powder was discharged premut-
urely. The remains of two men weie
found but no trace was got of a third
roan who was known to have been
working there at the time, a brother
of the deceasod arrived last night from"
Vancouver. The f moral will take
place on Sunday afternoon at 1 o'clock
and will bo under the diroctiou of the
Orange order.
Trenton, N. .1., March 28.���Among
the incorporations hero today was that
of the American Coal and Coke Co.,
with a capital stock of 610,000,000, of
which 1(15,000,000 is preferred with 5
per ceut. cumulative dividends. The
incorporators are Chas. h). Wellborn,
Weston, N.J.; Charles II. Hall, Cedar-
hurst, L. I., and Richard Schemm,
To Work at Their Homes
Under trie Direction of
A Pair In 30 Minutes
To Fill Large Contracts   Good Wages
Easily Earned.
Maohlne weighs 17 pounds. It la moro won
dertul than a sewing machlno, fuet
aa durable, and higher apeod.
We want a few more workers In this
locality, at once, and in order to secure
your co-operation without the delay of
correspondence, we herewith explain
our full plan In this advertisement.
The work Is simple, and the Machine
is easily operated, and with the Guide,
requires no teacher.   If you wish to
join our staff of Workers let us hear .
promptly with the Contract, order form,_.
mittance, as a guarantee, and we wiil
maohine and outfit to begin work at once
.Mill      lllj^llUI       OJH.UM. 	
Jackson, Miss.,March 2S.���The flood
situation is somewhat improved today
so far as trains are concerned but
trade bas not yot been resumed from
New Orleans, Vicksburg or Meriden.
Tho flood from the upper Country is
being felt and Peril river has already
backed up to within ono hundred feet
of the old capitol. Scores of families
moved to high ground today, but so
far tber bas been no loss of life.
Wo wish to secure the services of families to do knltt ng
for us ln their homes. Our method is thei same_u adopted
In England. We are the Introducers ot this plan and the
lamest   knitting   concern  in  Canada.
iflor long experience, wo have been able to produce an
Automatic Machine by which all kinds of seamless knitting is now done by our Family Machine, thereby enabling
anyone of ordinary Intelligence to Quickly learn to do the
work from the Instruction Guide. AU wo require da that
you use the machine according to directions. The Machine
being made expressly for this purpose and the operation
so   simple,   lt  cannot possibly make a mistake In Its woik.
The gnat demand now is for Ulcycle Stockings. Woodmen's Socks, and Motormen's Mittens, and as we are unable to supply the demand,  have taken this method ot a<i-
V_baM__\x^_ tVaft to the North-west Territories.
British Columbia, and the British Colonies, furnishes an unlimited demand for our goods, and, with the combined cooperation of the many families we are employing, together
wilh the large amount of knitting we are able to turn out,
by which we save rents, Insurance, Interest on capital, etc..
enables us to undersell any manufacturers of this class of
goods, and wo have sale for all the knitting we can have
The price we pay for finished bicycle stockings Is $10.00
per hundred, or at the rato of 10c per pair; woodmen's
peeks. 5c, and motormen's mittens, 12c a pair. All other
work   ln   proportion  to size. ...
The machine cau be operated by any one or a family,
and at our prices any energetic family should be aide to
sustain themselves comfortably, and in time bo a source of
Independent   comfort.
Our plan Is to send out each machine to beginners with
a sock or stocking partially knitted, and remaining In the
machine ready to be continued, and also enough yarn to
knit one pair of sample socks or stockings and a simple
nnd complete Instruction Guide, showing how the work is
to be done. When the samples have been finished nnd
returned to us satisfactory, we send a quantity of ��-arn,
which yon knit and return likewise when finished We
prepnj charges on all work one wny, and our workers pay
return charges. The work, as we have stated, ls simple and
rapidlv done, the machine having a capacity of ten thousand stitches a minute. We have many persons now in our
employ who can knit from twenty-five to thirty pairs of
socks or stockings a day, and where the time of a family
Is devoted to the work, you can readily see that $15.00 or
$20.00 per week can be easily earned.
We furnish our workers all the materials, yarn, etc.,
free, and everything that is necessary for the work. We
are furnishing the machines only for the exclusive use of
those desiring to take employment with us, who must, ln
order to become a member, send us this Contract Order
Form, properly signed by Ihem, and at least one good reference, and remittance accordingly, to give us tbe necessary
assurance that the quantities of valuable yarn wo may send
from time to time will not be wasted or misappropriated.
Our Interests are mutual, and this confidence must be established if we are to succeed. We gunrantee fair dealing
and prompt payment for work, so do not ask us to deviate
from our terms, as we cannot make a distinction with one
and not another; besides, we are doing an extensive business, and must be governed by business principles.
The manufactured price of the machine Is $15, and positively will not be sold to any others than those who will
agree to do knitting for us.
If at any time after you commence, and have done an
amount of work enual to the purchase price, and wish to
discontinue, w�� will take back machine and refund the
amount paid for same, after deducting cost of our expense only.
There ls a large Demand by the Trade for this class
ef work. Our workers can depend upon It year after year,
and If you engage with us (whole or spare time) we will
keep you supplied with work as long aa you do It satisfactorily for us and return It promptly. We entrust our workers with large quantities of valuable yarn,  and as we give
references as to our honesty and Integrity, -we m< ��� .,,>,
you to do the same, in order that we raaj know with whom
we  are dealing. wnora
We have, in as brief a manner as possible, endeavors*
to show vou what our work ls, and we simply sav us t, thi
machine, it Is lust what we represent It to be, and will noil!
Uvely do everything we claim lor It, or refund the lionev
Bach machine securely packed with an outfit, Is set u f,'
work, thoroughly tested, and a sock or stocking nartlsllv
knitted before boxing and shipping. Should youidecu�� to
';....,rV'h^s' " W,U .e noooS_ry to send us Cash Con"
tract Order Form, properly signed hy you, and at least ona
good reference, together with the remittance, accordlnilv
upon receipt of which we will forward maohlne and outfit
ready  to commence. Respectfully yours, '
6LASG0W WOOLLEN CO., 37 Melinda Street, Toronto
Our  itrft-ri'iiri-s -Express Companies, Banks, or Toronto Uml,
nrsB Houses.
If you wish to examine tho machine and see the ma.
terlnl before undertaking the work, you can do so bv
sending $3.00 as a guarantee of good faith, and to deter
expense of shipping, and we will send everything to vour
nearest express company, leaving a balance of twelve
dollars to pay the agent and 2u cents for the return Ghana!
on the money to us. e
We are so frequently and  unnecessarily asked If one can
learn to knit without a teacher.     Wo sav,  Yes' it rwiulrVs
no teacher: any person   o��   ordinary    Intelligence   who  can
read' the Instruction Guide ��an learn to  knit at once
 ORDER   FORM       '
SI5.00 Cash Contract Order Form.
To  tho Glasgow Woolen Co., 37 Melinda St., Toronto.
Gentlemen.��� T desire to do the work as described In this
advertisement, nnd enclose $15 to pay for one Automattn
Knitting Machine, together with material, Instructions
and everything necessary for the work, the same to be sent
to   mo  by   Express, CHARGES   PREPAID. l
It ls understood and agreed that any time after I hava
done an amount of work equal to the purchase price JJ3.
and wish to discontinue, that the Glasgow Woolen Co' will
take back the machine and outfit, ond after deducting'their
expense,   refund me the amount paid for same.
Sender or head of family (If possible)  must sign here:
Full name  ��� 	
P- O    .,	
Nearest  Express  Office is at 	
For  reference   I   name   the   following  person:
,   Trov..
Be sure to use this form when spending your remit.
tance for tho machine and outfit, which vou must till
ln and havo signed by at least one good roferenco In the
proper place. Tear off and return to us, and also slam
here how much time you can devote to tho work' also
how you wish to be paid, weekly, monthly, or as you srail
In   tho   work.
Send your remittance by Express, Money Order, Registered Letter, or Post-Office Money Order, and we will
promptry forward machine, outfit, and simple guide for
doing tho work. This ls tho best offer ever made for tha
benefit of Canadians who want to work and make money U
home-        ,# N 3 LSI IN  MINER
Why Should You Wait
Until you are old to wear glasses ?
If your eyes are defective why
not have them attended to at
once and preserve what you
have for later
Patenaude Bros.
Baker St. Nelson. B. G.
SILK WAISTS���With so many stylos
on display you probably have an indefinite idea, what make to select.
We'll help you decide the question.
Our biikrcsUou :
The (iibson Waist���Made of good
quality Talfeta, neat side effeot,
trimmed with Pearl Buttons, graduated
tuckB on front also tucking ou sleeves
and buck, fancy collar, new bishop
sleeves with deep bias cull', lined
throughout, colors cardinal, sky, pink.
Drown. l'ncoflO.llO
The Bedford Waist���Made of good
(pinlity Silk Ltixnii, tucked nnd hemstitched front aud buck, trimmed with
Pearl Buttons, fanoy collars, new bishop sleeves tucked and new style cults,
lined throughout, colors, turquoise,
sky, piuk, cardinal, Muck.    Price 81150
Neckwear and Pelts���Specials for
Eiister Trade���Belts in fluent Leather
effects,   Patent Leather beltB, tuoked
Taffeta belts, Elastic belts. Crush Silk
collatB, Fentherbone Stock collars in
fancy effects, (Jrepe do (Jbine Ties with
Point Lace trimmings, Embroidery
collars, Sailor collars in Lace effects.
Kid (Jloves���Just in, Ihe now tints
Modes, Tans, Browns, Straw, in Dress
Kid or Suede. Pmriu's make, overy
pair guaranteed.   Price $1.20 to 82.C0.
Wo believe this 1009 collection to he
the choicest we've ever gathered. But
we're prejudiced���PerhnpB it's not-
Better leave that to your judgment.
This, however, may be confidently
claimed, that it reflects the latest London and Parisian fashions as a polished
prism rellccts light. It holds up the
minor to the modo.
Bigger BtookB may be seen hut none
choicer and what's more no fancy
Fare and One-Third
On sale Mar. 27th, 28th,29th
good to return till April 2nd.
For berths, time tables, rates and full
information  apply to   Local   Agrnu
City Agent. Nelson
J. S. Carter, K. 3. Coylk
Dis. Pass. Agt. A. G. P. *���
Nelson V anoint*
Cor. Baker & Ward Sts.
Nelson, B. C.
Brewers of Pine Lagor
Boer and Porter.
Nelion   B   0
J. 0. GWILIIM, B-,  Sc,
Late of Geological Survey of Canada.    Six years experience in B. C
mining districts.
Baker stre��: Nelson. B. C
Porto Rico Lumber
Co., Limited.
Rough and
Dressed  Lumber,
Shingles, Mouldings.
A-1 White Pine Lumber Always l��
Wo carry a ooinplol.o "look ��fCoa��t*"loorln|-
CoillriK, ItiHldo Finish, Turnod Work ��"!
Doors. Special ordor. work will rocolve prompt
attention:   Mall orders solicited.
Porto BicoLumberCo.,
Head Offloe-Hendrrx and Vernon ttc, NeW>��


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