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Nelson Daily Miner Apr 1, 1902

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 irotinc-.ai Libmv ��31 ������
Daily Edition No. 1305
Nelson,   British  Columbia, Tuksday,  April i, 1902
Eleventh  Year
opportunity to show their skill. The
visitors had the best ol tbe flrst lew
, (minutes though Hodge,Na.se and Macrae made some clever attempts to get
across the goal lino but failed.      Play
  passed quickly from end to end ot the
field  and   before many minutes ileale  ,.,,,,   ... ,       ,       .,        ,,   ,,    ,
Thomas Kane, ol Erie. Meets got the ban, near centre new ana by Will Transfer to the United
Oswego   for   Duluth, under a   season
charier   to tbe VVolvin   syndicate   to
TTT"1T")T7   Tl   A   T) T     _T    "'"   '��   ""   '"'"    "'"'   f"""     "ninth  to
VJjIlI   LrillLl    yuehec.
His Death at Onion
He Was Killed Instantly and
Companion Severely
Northport,Wash., March 31,���About
3 o'clock today Ernest Lutz shot and
killed Tomas Kane und wounded John ,,
Lacaase. The difficulty occurred on
Union cre;k, about eight miles southwest of Northport Ernest Lutz and
John Lacasse are neighlioring
ranohors their lands adjoining.
Thomas Kane is a member of tho firm
of Kane Bros., who are running a
sawmill on Onion creek. John
Lacasso, Thomas Kane and C. Kelly
were engaged in surveying and staking the line marking the boundary
between tho ranches of Lacasse and
Lutz. While they wero thus engaged
L-ntz appeared and ordered them off
his ground, claiming tbat thoy were
driving their stakes more than 2nd
feet in on his property and warned
them that if they dia not leave he
would kill them. He then went to his
house and came out with his rifle and
again iniormcd them that he would
kill them it they did not quit driving
stakes on his land. They refused to
leave when Lutz oommenced firing
and the flrst shot struck Kane in the
breast killing him instantly. Another
shot struck Lacasse in the hip.
Lacasse mado his way to a nearby
uamp and Kelly came to Northport f _r
a physician.
The decease1! Thomas Kino was
four years ago a member of the firm of
Kane Bros., general dealers, at Erie
and Craigtown. About three years ago
they sold their business an.) since
have beeu engaged in "lumbering and
in the getting out of wood, and tbis
year hud the contract of supplying the
Northport smelter. They are well
known to the business men of Nelson
and were steady, enterprising young
the most brilliant run of the day got
almost over the lino but in passing it
a Nelson player struck it with his
hand and a penalty try was tallied
which Edwards made a goal. The
game thus endo.i with two ties and
one goal to a penalty goal.
Nelson was pressed harder during
the last part of the game though the
ball was in their opponent's territory
when time was called. Among tlic
visitors Beale at three-quarters,
Edwards and W. Taylor at half and
Elwell in tho forward line did excellent work while for th'- home team
Macrae, Nase and Seatle at three-
quarters, and Hodge at halt and
Thompson in the forward line distinguished themselves.
The Nelson players gave a hearty
welcome to the visitors who in the
faco of many discouragements and
with much difficulty got the team
together, and their players were
gathered   from   all parts   of the east.
Tbree were from Moyie, one from
Fort Steele, one Irom Tobacco Plains,
two from Fernie, two from Elko aud
one fiom Kimberley, while the home
team gave them thiee men to complete
tho required number. Cranbrook alone
contributed ro players, some of thoso
coming over saying it was because
there was a ping pong tournament on
for Wednesday night in that towD.
The attendance of spectators waB
large and they thoroughly enjoyed the
gaud game and perfect weather.
States Rights of Old
Pursuit of Criminals and Annual Rental Provided
Play  a
Kootonay and Nelson
Splendid Game.
Tho East Kootonay Rueby players
paid their annual visit as suoh tu
Nelson and yesterday gavo the people
here the pleasure of witnessing an
excellent exhibition of the game.
Their sportsmanlike conduct iu coming so far lor a match was muoh appreciated by the looal players and by
t he spectators.
The following nre the names of tho
teams: East Kootenay���Full back,
Pare; halves, EdwardB, W. Talyor;
three-quarters, lieule, Winter, Eden,
Alex Taylor; forwards, Elwell, Pollard, Wallace, Moffatt, Nation,
Peebles, Sparkes.
Nelson���Full back, Stewart; halves,
Hodge, Pollok; three .quarters, Seatle,
Macrae, Lay, Nase; forwards, McLennan, Wallace, Sti Dwell, Hindle,
Piclcnrd, E. Thomson, Mason.
.Nelson won tbe toss ard chose to
play into the western goal thus taking advantage ol the wind which
gave them considerable assistance.
Play for the first half was a succession of sorimniagoB and almost novor
did the visitors get tho oval past tho
centre lino. Aftor ten minutes play a
try waB obtained but Macrae failed to
improve it. On play resuming tne
ball waB again gradually worked
forward by a series of scrimmages
and in fifteen minutes Nnso by a
beautiful run secured a try in a position tbat gave evory advantage that
the wind had to give and :.:acrau this
tlmo sent the ball neatly betweon the
posts, scoring the llrst goal to Nelson.
On play resuming the Easterners were
again on the defensive till at Inst
Seatle by one of the most brilliant
cashes ot the day got behind lho goal
line, but this try Hodge failed to
Wilh thc wind in their favor the
Tisitors made a much better showing
in the second half, but tlieir goal had
several nnrrow escapes. Both teams
adopted   passing   tactics which  mnde
Gold   in   Paying   Quantities   Said
Have Been Found on Cooper Creek.
A correspondent from Kaslo' under
date of March 30, writes: Word has
been received hero from parties who
ean be relied upon, that gold exists in
Cooper creek, three milos from Lardo
city. Proulx, IT]v 1 n and others this
spring gave it a diligent search with
the result that thoy have come to the
eonclusio that geld does exist in paying quantities. Thoy ure now organizing a oompany and will give it a
practical test. Proulx ard Ulvin are
very reticent, but thoy are incorporating a company under tbe title of the
Cooper oreek gold mining oompany.
They have a forjo of men working on
the ground and have located nine
claims. They are building a dam,
and will carry all the waters of
Cooper creek in a flume past the
ground they intend working. A scow
load of lumber left Kaslo this morning, along with other supplies, for
the now company. This lumber waa
specially cut by the Kootenay Lake
The  gold   is   decidedly coarse  and
very often  a   pan   of  dirt from the ]
surface yields 25 cents.
There most be considerable truth
in the lumor of tbe rich atiike, as
prospectors are hying themselves to
the Lurdo. Cooper oreek, three miles
above Lardo, from the canyon to tne
railway traok, for half a milo haB
been staked. People around here are
awaiting patiently for tbe company to
finish the dura and make the test. If
everything turns out as first reported
the stampede tu Thunder mountain and
Cariboo will not bo in it. About 'JO
yoHrs ago Colonel Fry ot the mouth ol
Fry oresk panned out a largo 6um. A
slide onme aown and covered hiB
diggings, and work was suspended.
Washington, March 31.���Secor
Concha, the Colombian minister,today
delivered to Secretary Hay a definite
protocol between tbe United States
and Colombia embodying tne terms
under which Colombia will agree to
concede the rights of way for the construction of a Panama canal. It is
understood that Cjlooibia gives un-
equallHed consent to tbe sale of the
rights of tbe new Panama Canal company, to the United States government and the consummation of its offer
of $40,000,000. It is stated that the
protocol embodies adequate and satisfactory provision for tne completion,
maintenance, operation, control and
protection of a Panama canal by this
ln view of cetain allegations to the
effect that the Colombian government
was endeavoring to bargain with the
Panama Canal company for a portion
of the $40,0'I0,000 which it would receive from the United Stales It was
stated most positively today that
beyond the 500 0u0 francs in stock
which the Colombian government
holds in the oanal company, no portion of the $40,000,000 will revort to
It has been mado elcar that the
protoool delivered today withholds the
city of fanama from United States
sovereignty. Panama city is practically the state of PBnama, for there is
no other town of importance within
the state The administration of justice within the canal belt is provided
for in shape of mixed tribunals and
the right to pursue criminals charged
with crime committed within the
limits of the belt, to any part"of
Colombia,is bestowed. Compensation
for the oanal rights is deBired to bo in
the Bhape ot annual rental of $750,000.
Secretary Hay will give the protocol
his careful consideration and confer
with President Roosevelt in regard to
its provisions. If they ure found to be
sufficiently explicit and concrete the
convention will then be leferred to
Lord Strathcona Working Diligently fcr Fast Atlantic
Montreal   Wants    Bonuses
for  Shipping  and
Montreal, March 31.���The ice haa
all gone cut of the river and the
Richelieu and Ontario Navigation
company expect to open navigation on
Thursday or Friday. The first arrival
from the sea is not expected until
about May 1.
R. Marpole, general superintendent
of the C, P.R,, Pacific division, reached
Montreal today aftor an absence of
three months in Europe, lie leaves for
the Pacific coast on Thursday. He
saw Lord Stratchona in London and
found him in the best of healtn and
determined that Canada shull have b
fust Atlantic serviee in the near
The customs receipts of Montreal
for March wero $798,779 as against
$753,122 for the same month last year.
The council of the Montreal Board
of Trade hus drafted a petition for
presentation to the govermennt asking
that it subsidize railways which will
care for the increasing business north
of Lako Superior and tnroughout
Manitoba and the Northwest, and
also to bonus the construction of vessels on the following basis: Sl per
legistered ton pera annum for five
years on all vessels ot foreigu build
having a capacity of not leBB than
1,000 tons buulen that may already or
hereafter during said period of five
yrais be placed and kept in the Canadian marine trade in the Groat Lakes,
and a subsidy of $2 per ton on Canadian built vessels, so built and maintained on tho great lakes.
Canadian   Pacific to Build From Midway to Spence's Bridge.
Grand Forks, March 31.���According
to the civio consus just completed the
population of Grand Forks is 1,860,
exclusive ol Columbia. The assessment umounts to $1,037,710.
The Granby smelter sui?ponded operations for twelve hours yesterday in
order to permit of repairs to thc
water flume eonecting the dam with
the power house.
Judge Leamy has decided to establish his home in this city. He purchased four lots and will erect a
handsome residence on Third street
near the foot of Observation mountain.
C. P. R. officials who have been
here lately, have intimated that tho
C. P. R. will begin the construction
of a railway from Midway to Spence's
Bridge eaily next month. This means
the abandonment of the proposed route
over tile Hope mountains and of a
direct line to the coast. There is a
marked demand for acreage property
in the valley in this vicinity. Several
cf the leading ranchers aro subdividing their farms into ten and 20-
acres tracts, many of which have
already beon disposed of Tbe purchasers are going to engage in market
an' truck gardening,
The-city is enjoying a decided era
of activity iu building operations,
whieh have none of tho features of a
boom. Over thirty buildings, principally dwellings aro actually under
aonstruotiun just now.
The North Forks Good Roads association has sent a petition lo Victoria
asking the govurnment for an appropriation in aid of a bridge acro.-s the
east fork of tho north fork iu order
to facilitate  access to Franklin camp.
The Lucile Dreyfus mine, far
Nelson, Wash., bas shipped a carload
of ore to tbe Trail smelter.
The Kettle Valley lines have
entered into a contract to haul 500
tons of California ore to the Granby
smelter. Tbe California is a well
known reservation property situated
about nine miles from Republic.
Martin Will Defeat Government on Passage of Redistribution BUI.
Negotiating With   Dunsmuir
re Goast-Kootenay
IM-KIHI. TO TUB   lllM'll.l
Victoria, March 31.���At the Masonio
banquet at Vancouver on Suturday
night, Hon. Jos. Martin announced
that he would defeat tho gt verniuei.t
after the redstribution bill was passed
und at once appeal to the country.
McLean Hros. are carrying on
negotiations with tho government
looking to the construction of the
Coast-Kootcnay railway.
The Royal commission resumes tomorrow and will be sitting all week,
a large number of witnesses having
boen summoned.
Mcllardy, the Victoria diver, left
tonight for the scene of the wrecked
colliery Uristol to make an investigation with a view of raising tho wroek.
Tho contract for the subslrucluie of
tho Fraser river bridge: was today
awarded to Moirison, Armstrong and
Halfour, of Vancouver. Tho tender
was in thc iicigbborood of $250,0110.
C. P.
lie Has Offered to Take FitzslmmonB'
Place Against Jeffries.
Jamestown,N.Y., March 31.���James
J. Corbett dopaits from Washington
on the night ot Apiil 3 for San Francisco. Through Jule Delmar, his
theatrioal manager, it is learni-d that
Corbett will be at the ringside on tbe
night of the battle of Jeffries and
Fitzsminons and at the conclusion of
the fight will challenge the winner.
Tbis action will tako place providing
thnt Corbett's previous proposition Is
not acceptod whion Is to take the
place of Fitzsimmons if this pugilist
does not deslro to meet Jeffries.
Premature Blast Went Off Killing
One Man Instantly.
Rossland, March 31.���Harry llroad-
hurst, a miner, was instantly killed
at the LeRoi mine thiB morniug while
shooting a missel) hole. Tbe bolo wns
''hot" lrom the previous blasting and
exploded tho dynamite boforo Broad-
burst bad reached a point of safety.
I lying boulders broke his neck and
frnotured bis skull. A partner named
Wolls was alongside but escaped with
trilling injuries. Deceased was a
steady, industrious young mnrri d
man with ono child. The body will
oe taken to Joplin.Mo., for intermout.
Toronto,     March   31.���The    Union
carpenters and joiners have decided to
refuse tho ma��ters' offer of an increase
of 2 1-2  cents  por  hour.     If they do
the game much "faster' and   gave   the i not get B cents increase asked for they
excellent three-quarter   baqks greater] will strike.
Fifteen Men Killed and Many Others
Cnattanoogn, Tenn., March HI.���An
explosion oi gas generated by ooal
dust occurred in tho Nelson mino of
the Dayton Coal and Iron Co. at
Dayton, Tenn., today. Fourteen dead
bodies havo boon rocoverd. Two
miners are fatally injured and ten
are misBing. Seventy-five men were
in tho mine.
Later Reports From Eastern Sealing
Grounds Are Favorable.
St. Johns, Nfld., March 31.���The
steamers Aurora, Diana and Iceland,
having on board respectively 24,000,
22,000 and 20,000 seals, arrived here
tbis morning. They bring reports
from the sealing grounds similar to
those of tho sealers which had previously arrived, showing that JO out
of the 20 ships will have big catches.
It now seems that \ho aggregate
weight of this season's eatoh is likely
to approach that of last yoar, tho seals
now being caught are heavier tban
those caught last year.
The sealing steamer whioh arrived
bore today brings reports of tempestuous weather. They say they have not
Been or hoard anything of tlie misaiug
Allan line steairjr Buronian. It was
thought by somo persona lhat this
steamer might have drifted to the
north and become enmeshed among tbe
ice floes and tliat her crew might bave
been rescued by Bomo sealing steamer.
The abBence of news from the north
makes it certain that the Iluroniau is
is no longer afloat.
The British brig Gratia,Cupt. Giles,
reached here this afternoon lib days
from Oporto. This is the longest voyage boiT.een Oporto and St. John's on
reeoid. Tho Gratia sustained some
general damages. She saw nothing
of the llnronian.
Advance in Wages Make New England Operatives Happy.
Boston, March 31.���Tho posting o[
notico of the advanoe in wages made
Easter Monday a particularly pleasant day to tens of thousands of cotton
mills operatives in Southern Now
England. Some disagreements ovei
the amount of the increases have
arisen aod the yard mill operatives
who bave not been included, are disposed to bo restive but ou tbe whole
the mill situation is much better
than a week ago. Tbe chic I incident
today was tbe continuance at work
ol most of the 10,COO operatives in
the seven plants at Lowell who on
Friday last expected to be idle
through the vote of organized crafts
to strike.
Rat     Portage,      March   31.���Chas.
Frasor,  who until   about a month ago
conducted  a   livery   stable here, wus
arrested   tonight   charged   with     attempted arson.      Fraser's barns   weie
discovered on fire   several timo within
fonr months and   Provincial Detective
Rogers, of Toronto, has been nunciog
on   the   case   for   tbo past   week, re
suiting In Fraser's arrost tonight.
Manila, March 31.���Aguinaldo. with
General Chaffee's permission, was in
court today, in rnswer to a subpoena
culling upon him to testify in the suit
brought uguinst Senor Vnldez, thc
editor of a Spanish weekly paper
here, by two Filipino members ol tno
United States Philippine commission
but his ovidencu was uot allowed, on
the grounds that tiie truth of the
article complained of,was immaterial.
Yokahama, Marcli 31.���A fire at the
silk manufacturing town of Fu Kui
has destroyed 4,000 bouses.
Thc minister oi finance took advantage of the favorable state of the
money market on Saturday last to
issue two sets of bonds, one amounting to 6,000,000 yon for railviay construction, and another one for 500,000
von for publio works. All the bonds
were taken by the Bank of Japan.
The prico was 88-80.
R. Said to He Hastening Toward
Yellow head Pass.
Information was received in Nelson
yesteiday that the C. P. It. had let to
Stewart and Foley Bros, tho contract
for tho construction of 100 miles ol
railway from Moosomin, Man., in a
no,tbwesterly direction toward Piinco
Albert and Edmonton. Thero Is tbe
probability that 200 miles more of the
road will be let as soon ts the surveyors havo completed tneir notes.
It is understood that unprecedented
speed is to he nude in tho construction of this niece of line and those
acquainted with thu situation and
with the charters grunted attach more
than ordinary importance to tha letting of this contract. The surmise is
tbat the C. P. R. is looking toward
tbu Yellowhead pass and tbat between
tr.is oompany aud the Canada Northern there will be a race for that
coveted hrosk in the Rocky mountains. The Canada Northern is now
well lip to Prince Albert nnd is expected to be pressing farther tu the westward. Tbe country through whicb
these lines of railway would passj is
yet untested us to Hb capubilty for
grain production, but it is thought
that it will turn out as good a grain
producing section uh any in the northwest; the extent of it is enoimous,
and thu completion of one or both of
these lines will open for settlement a
country which promises to provo very
enticing for immigration. Several
people in Nelson will have interests
in ono way or othor with the work
that will he in progress in a very lew
Charlottesville,     Va.,   March 31.���
Univeraity ol Virginia 3,    Yale 2   (10
innings) bsseball.
Berlin,      March     31.���Dr.   Ernest
Leibci,    tie   Centrist   leader in   the
Reichstag Is dead.     He was   born in
Santiago de Cuba, March 31.���The
yacht Kanawha, in thu servioe of
Govornor Gonerul Wood, left hern
tuday fcr Havana, with tbe governor
of Jamaica, Sir Augustus Dimming
nnd Lady Hemming on board. Governor Hemming will visit General
Wood of Havana. He gocB to repay
thc olllclsl visit General Wood made
to tbe island ol Jnmuiea Inst
Ogdensburg, March 31.���Navigation
on   the   St.    Lawrence   river   opensd
today, lho   lake   steamer   Monteaglt,
Capt.lirifflth, clsaring to load coll at
Chicago, March 31.���The fight
hetwoen Martin Duffy, the Chicago
lightweight, and Tom Couhig, of
Dukirk, N.Y., scheduled ior tonight
was declared off.
Matiohester, l.ongchaiups and Kenipton
Park Meetings Yesterday.
London, March 31. ���At tbe Manchester Faster meeting today, the
Lancashire bundieaii steeplechase ul
2,000 sovereigns, three miles and a
half, was won by Knirland. Arnold
wat second and Inquisitor vus third.
New York, March 31.��� C use���Bai
silver S3 o ; Mexican dollars 43 1-4.
Copper  dull.    Lead  quiat.
Paris, March 31.���At the opening
day of the Longebainps race meeting
today the Prix do Mars was wm by
W. K. Vanderbilt'! Hat, with Jenkins
up. The i'nx do Sablons, wus won
by Godman.with Rigby in tin saddle.
The Prix do lleville was won liy
Clisiade ridden by Mclntyre. Besides
theso three out of six evouts were won
by American jockeys.
London,March 31,���At thn Kmnpton
park Easter meeting today tbo
Queen's prize, a handicap of 151)0
sovereigns [or three-year-olds and
upwards, ono mile und a quarter, wus
won hy Wabuu. Royal George was
second and BOatonllD was third. Ten
boMOl started.
'f-    m- Nelson  Daily Miner,  Tuesday.  April i, 1902
Tlie Nelson Miner
Publinhed   Every   Morning   Kxoept   Morula'
Dully per mcnth.br carrier ���    65c
Daily, per month, by maU      50c
Daily, per year, by carrier   I J m
H��lly, per ye-wr, by mall    am
Daily, per smt forolun    am
Weekly,per half year IJ 25
vVoekly, per year     ' "JJ
'Veokly, per yea., tjrclgn    3 uo
X'lbHOriDtioiis invariably ln aiivanco.
Display Advertisement* $1 pur Inch per
month! Display Advertisements, 15 cents per
inch each insertion lean linn month; I/Knl*. 10
cants p t line each InierUon; Claialned Advertisements, 1 cent p:T word each Insertion;
Wholesale Cards, $2,511 per month; Society
(Tardl S-'.SO per month,
145 Fleet Street, E. C.
���Central Priws Agency, Ltd.. Special Agents
Alexander & Co.. 521 Vint Avenue, Spokane*
Wa-ih., keep this paper on rile, and are our
iiithorizod ageutH for advertisements and sub-
The above Reward will De paid to
anyone giving evidence that will con
vlct persons of stealing The Miner from
our subscriber's doors.
Alderman Webster Rogers in the
Phoenix Pioneer acknowldeges himself
to be the author of the resolution
parsed by the board of aldermen, of
Phoenix, requesting the government
to embark in the business of miniug
coal and making coke for the benefit
of the low grade gold and copper
mines and of the smelters of the
Boundary   country. Mr.    Webster,
among other thingB, criticises
the statement that $4 per ton just
about covers the ccst of production of
coke in a place like Fernie, where tne
cost of labor and supplies are higher
than they are in most any other place
on the continent. For instanoe, he
states that the Crow's Nest coal com
pany has paid a dividend of 10 per
cent, and says that this proves that
there is a profit in tho eoke sold by
theOo. lhe dividend was paid on
earnings made by the company before
tbe .1 rate went into effect and at a
time when coke was selling at a
higher figure than at present.
The Crow's Nest Pass Coal company
early in the present year, recognizing
that the profits of the miners had been
cut down by the low price of metals
lowered the price ui eoke to a figure
which just abont met the oost of
production. 'Ihe quantity of coke
turned ont is not large and it is
claimed wilh an increased output the
cost of making it could be lessened a
little undei the present figure, but as
conditions are at present, we reiterate
tbe assertioo that tbe present price
just about meets the cost of production. Mr. Rogers' argument in regard
to the dividend as will be seen, is
founded on conditions which did
exist, but which do not attain today,
because the company has voluntarily
cut off its profit on coke. So far as
coal is concerned the price is %2 per
ton at Fernie, and the profit is small
enough when the royalty, the cost of
miniug, cost of supplies, machinery
and everything is taken into consideration.
Mr. Rogers talks considerably about
monopoly in fuel in a country whioh
has been so magnificently dowered by
nature with coal measures as
British Columbia. A monopoly in fuel
in simply impossible. He talks as
though the Ciow's Nest Coal measures
held the only conl in tbe province
when there are others in almost every
portion of it. (In Vancouver Island
and along the coast of the mainland
there is many thousands of hoiob of
coal land. The mining of ooal and
the making of ooke is une of the lending industri-Js there. In the Similka-
raasn there are largo arcis of coal
lands, somo of wilic'i are now being
developed. Cn 0 le of the lorks of the
Kettle river about SO square miles of
coal lands bos lately been taken up.
This section is tributary to the
Bom dare country. In tho state of
Washington, which abuts against
Biit'H'i Columbia, there is coal in 14
counties, and ut some ot the mines
ooke is being made. It is certain thut
British Columbia has more coal than
any other like urea in tbe World, aud
besides thoso who iif,c fuel have the
Adjoining state of Washington to drnw
on, nnd tho monopoly of foel wliioh
Mr. Rogers nnd others talK so glibly
about is impossible.
Those establishments which are
producing fuel in tho Crow'g Nest
Pans are selling their output for less
than like prodnets oan bo bought
In any other portion of the Pacific slope. If this wore not true
how would it be possible for thorn to
hold the market ns tlio smelters of
thc section purchase their fuel where
tbey can prooure it the cheapest aud
they buy if nil from the Crow's Nest
Pass ('oal oompany, Another evidence
that tiny are telling iuel cheaply is
found in tho fact that in thc case of
thc Crow's Nest Pass Coal compnny
its  present   output  uf  coke   js tbree
times as such as a market can be
found for in Canada, and that thre��-
quarters ol it has to be disposed of in the states. Despite tbe
fact that an import duty is levied on
the coke in the United States still a
ready market ie found for it there,
even in the face of the competition of
the American product. The coal output of the same copmany is also in
excess of the lo^al demand.
Mr. Rogers says, "nnder a system
ot government ownership no dividends
would be paid to anyone, but the
wages of employes would be raised,
thu9 making business better. The
Bmelters would receive coke at lower
price, which would ooable them to
treat oro of a lower grade. Consequently,more mining propertioa would
be worked, thus increasing population
and giving stimulus to every branch of
business of tbe country. I leave it to
the judgment of the people of the
province which would be the better
Mr, Rogers is wrong for the government could not possibly sell coke
fjr less tban cost and as tbe actual
cost of production is about $4 per ton
how,could tbe government afford to
sell for less than tbis price. It would
not be just to sell for lesB than this
aud make the taxpayer pay the difference. If it would be good policy for
the government to take over the coal
mines why would it not be a wise
move to acquire all of the other inaus-
trieB, such as lumbering, farming,
eibpbuiding, the making of clothing,
flour? Why not alao have the government absorb all the groceries, drug
stores, meat markets, etc? The government might be able to carry them on
cheaper than private individuals could
and might be abie to sell cheaper
than any one else could. It wonld be
only carrying out Mr. Rogers' ideas
a little further than for tbe government to simply embark ln tbe fuel
business by mining coal and making
coke. If the theories ol Mr. Rogers
were carried out to a full and logical
conclusion the only ave-iue of preferment, cf distinction, would be by way
of the favor of the state, aa all individual effort would be stifled and of
no avail. There would be oreated
under such a system a great bureaucracy and under such a condition evils
ould grow whicb would be far
greater than at present exist. It
would be a reactionary and retrogressive movement and on tbe rock of
bureaucracy the government would
finally be shipwrecked.
We believe that there is too much of
a tendency in thiB provinpe in tbe
part of a few to call on the government for aid on every possible occasion. A good many act in this regard
as though they were helpless infants
and the government was made up of
their parents and bound to help them
whether they are right or wrong.
Parental government, liked that
seemingly desired by Mr. Rogers and
others, wbo mistakenly believe as be
doea, have been tried before and have
been found sadly wanting. Tbe
country wbich has the most self-
reliant citizens, who are able to meet
conditions as they exist and to grapple
successfully witb them, is always the
strongest and best. Happily a
majority of the people of Brtiish
Columbia aro of tbe self-reliant, self
respecting sort and are meeting the
condition which attain in a now
oountry like this in a manly and
vigorous manner and tbey do uot want
the government, either of the province
or tbe Dominion, to act as guardian
for them.
Mr. Rogers and those wbo share his
belief are fortunately hopelessly iu
the rainoriiy and that tbeir most
peculiai views regarding the functions
of government will probably never be
carried out as far as they would like
them   to   be, for  they   are   veritable
babes in the woodB" and probably
need the governmental help whicb
they often raise up their voices and
cry fur.
The people of the United States,like
tbOM of Canada and the British Isles,
are paying more attention than ever
to athletlol, Thia tendency is being
given additional momentum by the
publication of magu/ines devoted to
uihletics nnd besides the metropolitan
papers are devoting considerable
spaco to the same pnrpose. It is
pointed out in the publications that
drugs should be thrown to the dogs
nnd thnt the Health can be heat kept
and vigor longer retained by proper
exercise. President Roosevelt is b
believer In this method of keeping
himself strong and healthy, and takes
regular exercise Undei' tho direction
of u physical instructor, who visits
tho White House twice oach day. It
is said that tho president ims developed his muscles to such an extent
thnt bo ia able to occasionally put
both shoulders ot his tiainei on tho
mat when they ale indulging In a
little Graeeo-Romnn wrestling diversion. This haa brought about the adverse criticisms of somo of the older
members ol Washington political lifo,
who are stuight-luced and do not
belong to the class who fuvoi physical
culture. They consider tbat It is undignified   {or   toe   president   of    tbej
We wish to call your attention to our immense
stock of
Spring and Summer Staple Goods
and Novelties
In making our selections this season we have endeavored to choose a stock which will please the most delicate
tastes You will find the finest assortment of both Imported and Domestic goods in the country. New goods
arriving daily.
Hudson's Bay Co.
^ \*> i*> ii*> \*/ \*> \*/ Vl> it*/ \d> ii/ id> v��, S \4/ i*> *t�� \w v*> i*> \*i> i*/ \*/ \*> \*> \*> <fc
For the balance of this month
ws will give
������   __
3 ��� IN���
3 Fancy China, Lamps,   Toilet Sets,   Tea
�� Dinner Sets, Etc, Etc.
*�� Call and inspect.
1       S.  Y.   BROCKMAN.
Sets 6
To enable us to dispose of the stock of Tweeds and Woollens jnst purchased  at
a rate on the dollar from E. J.   ""obic,   Merchant Tailor we will for the next
.10 days give the largest discount ever given in ordered clothing.
Fine Vncllsh Worsted Trouserings, Mnrtr to order
Flue Seidell Tweed SiiIIIiirs Mnde lo Order
Flue Black English Worsted gulling* made to Order
HI 0.50
Satisfaction Guaranteed.   Union Hade.
H. M. VINCENT, Merchant Tailor, Baker St.
republic to train his muscles and to
wrestle even otitn a professor of
physical culture, and Mr. Roosevelt
bas lost caste with them. He, how
ever, exulting in the increasing size of
bis biceps and the growing expansion
of his chest, can afford to laugh
merrily at the fault-finding of those
who would saoriflce health for personal dignity. Should some crack-
brained imitator of Czolgosz attack
the president and should the president
by reason of his being a trained
athlete be able to prevent the assassin
from carrying out his design then the
laugh would be on the old fogies who
object to the president taking exercise
under the direction of a professor of
physical culture.
The superintendent of the Rooky
Mountain Park, Banff, Alberta, re
ports that the buffalo in the park continue to thrive, and the increase bas
been most satisfactory. The herd now
numbers thirty head, being an increase in three yoars to fifteen. In
the United States, too, only a few
buffalo are left. With the exception of
a score in Yellowstone I'ark, a few
Bmall scattered herds in Montana and
one or two other western states, the
buffalo In the United States have
passed anav. Where formerly thore
were millions of these lords of the
prairies now there are probably less
than five hundred on the enliio continent, lt seems a pity that moro of
them could have have been saved.
They were slaughtered iniscrimi-
natelv and the result is practical
Finest and Best Bar ln tr-." city.
The best Brands of Liquors
and Cigars.
$1.00 AND $1.50 PER DAY
We have the bent value in men's
and boys' boots and shoes in Ii. C.
Tins is an old fashioned, Hat-footed
statement, but we will bet our hoots
on it.���The Wallace-Miller Co., Ltd.
Porto Rico Lumber
Co., Limited.
Rough and
Dressed  Lumber,
Shingles, Mouldings.
A-1 White Pine Lumber Always In
Wo carry a comnlele nU>ok of Coast Flooring
i 'eillnH. Inside Klnlnh, Turned Work, Bash and
Doors. Bpoelal order work will rooolvo prompt
u.ieiiLlon-   Mall orders solicited.
Porto Rico Lumber Co.,
Head O/noe���Hondrvx and Vernon Ha, Nel on
Miller Co.
Ties���The       Wallace-
'���'All kinds of express work, coal and
wool. ���West Transfer Co. Telephone
The tonsorial establishment of ,1. Ti.
Matheson and the basement shop ot
McMahnn nnd (lardner have consolidated and are now doing business
next dunr to the Iii.deo,n saloon, where
they will be pleased tu meet old and
now customers.
Seeds, Trees, Plants,
Roses, Bulbs
Agricultural   Implements, Bee  Supplies, Fruit Baskets, Fertilizers.
Catalogue Free.
M.  J.   HENRY
3009 Westminster Road, Vancouver,B 0
Lawrence Hardware Go.
The Fishing season is now open and we invite our friends and patrons to
inspect our large and complete stock of
Rods, Reels, Casts, Flies, Fly Boobs, Lines, Fishing Baskets, Trolling Spoons
Guns and Ammunition
TEbelRosalBank of Canaoa
I'Hultall Authorised,
Incorporated 1869.
K3,OOU,000.0S I  Capllal  raid-up,
���      *��,se*,��m>.oo
���    ���  mi.iiiii.wju.im
Hoard or Director!     Thomas K. Kenny.  President;   Thomas Ritchie, Vloe-Preslilnnti
WUovdmlti, H. Q. Banld, Hon. David Maokeen. ""own
Head Olllee, Halirazt
Ueneral Manager, Edbon I- Pease, Montreal.
Superintendent of Branches,   W. H. lorianoe, Montreal
Branches t
Nova Scotia���Halliax Branch, Aatl?oni��h'
Brldgewater, Guysboro. Londonderry, Lu -
euburft. Maitland (Hams Co.), Piotou, Port
Hawkenbury, Sydney. Shubeuaoadie.Truro
New Bmnswlck ��� Bathurst, Dorchester
Ilalhousic Fredericton, Moncton, Now
oastle, Uoxtou (Kent Co.), Sackville St,
P. K. iHlr-nil���Charlottotown, Sumiuersldo.
auebee-Moutreal, (City lUmoei, Moutrjs
Weat End |Cor. Notre Damo and Holj-
neu-H Stroots); Westmount jCor. (ireon-
Avenue and Ht. CatharlneB Btreet,
NrwfonndllDd���St. John's.
luim. tvrni lodlr*���Havana.
tinned ��tatc�����Now York (16 MiohMgo Plans
Republic, Wash.
Grand   Forks, Nanaimo,   Nelson,   Rossland,   Vanconver,
Vanconver East End, Victoria.
Correspondents t
Canada -Merchants Rank of Canada.   Bosf ��u��� -Nations   Shawmut Bank.  Chicago��� Illinois
Trust and Savings Bank.   ��au Francisco���Nevada National Bank.   London, Eas.-Baiift   of
Scotland.   Paris, franco -Credit Lyouuals.   Bermuda��� Bank ot Bermuda.   China anil Japan���Hong Koug aud Shanghai Banking Corporation.    Spokane���Old National Bank.
Ueneral Banking Business Transacted; Sterling Bills of Exchange  Bough
and Sold, Liters ol Credit, Etc., Negotiated.
Accounts received on the most favorable terms.   Interest allowed on epecia
deposits and on Saving Bank accounts,
Geo. Kydd. Manager, Nelson, B.C.
tr Be Sure and Get the Genuine. 3
| Lawrence Hardware Company 1
B Scle Agents, Nelson, B. C. 2
has been discovered on the
Similkameen   Valley   Coal    Company's
On the 15th instant I will offer for sale tlie Company's stock at $1.10
PER SHARE, payable $10 monthly per ioo shares, A further advance
will take place on April ist.    Rush in your orders.
Nelson, B. C. Official Broker
Atlantic S.S. Sailings
From Bt.John, N. fi.
Allan 1-tno Pai Ulan.. March 29
Allnn Lino Corinthian April  5
Beavor Lino Lake Superior April U
Beaver Une Garth Cue-tie April 25
Allan,Line steamors call at Halifax two days
From Portland.
Dominion Lino Califomlan April 12
Dominion Lino Colonial.    April 26
From New York
Cunard Lino Campania March 29
Cunard Line Umbria April u
White titnr LlnoTomonio Maroh 38
Whito Htar Lino Oceanic...., April  2
American Lino Philadelphia Marnn2fl
American Line Bt Paul, April 8
Kod Star Lino Merlon Marcli 29
Hud Star Lino Haverford April 19
Continental t-alliugH of French. North German Lloyd, il. A. P. and Italian Llnou on application.
RA.TB8���BftlOpn fares 512.50, and upwards
Pooond 385 and upward** according lo steamer
a- fl location of horth. Htocage quoted on up
plication. Prepaid \m.-u>��������������� from Kngland aud
Lhe continent at lowest rates.
H. L. BROWN,      W. P. F.CUMMING9,
City Af(t. Nolson.      Gon. A��tmt, Winnipeg
Spokane Falls Sl
Northern R'v.
Nelson Sl  Fort
Sheppard R'v.
Red Mountain R'v.
Between NelsoD and Spokane
Nelson to Seattle - 21 hours
Nelson to Vancouver - 26 hours
Nelson to Victoria       -      26 hours
 ONI.* Hi:,1 IKE IN nn
About that second-band article 0
$_*__ You'll sell it If you'll adver
Use It io The Miner want eoi>nu��
...Spokane 7:18 p.m
... KhshI und 4 ::ii) p. in
.Mountain 5'M p. in.
...Nelson 0:45 p.m.
Spokane  Warti
Agent, Nelson, B.
u ::.'!> a.m..
12:25 p.m..
10:30 a.m..
0:40 a.m..
II. A.
Civil Engineers and Provincial Land
Cor. Kootonay _ Victoria Sts. Nelson
P. O. Box 145 Telephone 861
Canada Permanent and Western Canada Mortgage
head oppiob toronto,  ont.
Money to loan on Straight Mortgage.
Apply to G. I.. UCNNOi, B*k*r ��>.
* -v-��� 151
Nelson   Daily Miner, Tuesday, April i, 1902
l     MINING NEWS.     |
The Ymir Mirror says the London
and B. C. Goldfields has bonded thc
Ore Hill claim, near i<almo, and will,
it is said, work the property this
Late reports from the Ymir mine
state that the ledge encountered in
the long tunnel at a vertical depth of
1,000 feet, Hi feet wide and richer
than expeoted.
Work is proceeding on the Queen
mine, near whioh is located the
Yellowstone. The fonr carloads of ore
recently treated in the Nolson smelter
pave returns ol $r>0 lo the ton. The
tunnel on the second level has besn
driven in about Oil feet, and the showing of ore is improving.
Jay P. Graves, vice-president and
general manager of the Granby Consolidated, during his recent visit to
this city reported that by April 1st,
400 men would be employed at tho
mine and 2fi0 at the smelter, making
the total of 060, At present Very
nearly that number are employed.
On Lost creek,the leading properties
so far are the Wilson group and the
Crown, says tha Ymir Mirror. On
the former a tunnel has been run by
Charles Wilson a distance of 76 feet
on a four foot ledge of galena ore.
The Crown is a copper and silver
property, owned by Messrs. Devlin
and Ncelands of Nelaon. The vein
had been cut at 100 ieet by tunneling
ano shows sevrn per cent copper
besides high values in silver.
It looks as if there will be considerable activity in tbe vicinity of Salmo
this season, says the Ymir Mirror.
The Sagonne group recentlv bonded
by Finch and Campbell for $100,000,
will, it is rnmcred be actively worked
at once, as will also the adjoining
claims bonded by C. P. Hill for
$50,000. To work these properties suc-
essful'y a trail will have to be cut a
short distance Irom the Yellowstone
wagon road.
Supt. Harbotte has ceased operation
on the May BloBsom for the present
owing to an accumulation of snow
which renders work difficult, and has
turned his attention to the adjoining
claim���the Mav Day���which he declares to be the richer of the two.
There are two tunnels on the May
Day; one is in 40 feet and the other ;i"
feet, all is good rich ore, "rock as
rich and as green," to use ihe superintendent's own words "as if the
claim bad been located by St. Patrick
himself."���Ymir Miiror.
to ciikp. A rom in one oil
Take Laxative- Promo Quinine Tablets. Al
druvraists refund tho money tf it falls to cure
B, W. Grove's signature is on each box.  25o.
Frederiok Warde, whose appearan ee
at the Nelson Opera House is hearlded
for April 16 next, is an Englishman,
lie was born at Wardington in Oxfordshire, educated at Sboreham, and
the City of London school and afterwards articled to a firm of solicitors
in that city. He ran away from his
articles and made bis first appearanoe
on the stage at the Lyceum Theatre,
Sunderland, Sept. 4, 1807, appearing
subsequently at Slasgow, Edinboro,
Leeds, Manchester, Brighton and
Liverpool; in tbe stock companies of
those cities. He came to the United
States in 1874 making his first appearance as leading man at Booth's
Theatre, New York, August 18th in
that year. He aftorwards toured the
country as leading support to tho late
Edwin Booth and John MoCitllougb
nnd made his debut ns a star at St.
Louis in 1881, This is his twenty-
first season in America, where he is
generally recognized as the leading
SbBKcspearean actor in this country
His repertoire includes almost the
entiro range of the classic nnd "The
Mountebank," "Julius Caesar,"
The Hell Trading Co., Ltd., having
bought out the grocery business of
Geo. Hull mid Co., intend to retain
the liberal trade theii predecessors
have enjoyed and by kooping a com
pleto stock of fresh groceries and sell
ing them at the right price, and by
honest and courteous dealings,to maku
many now friends. Call and seo us.
llell'Trading Co.
feasible route to Seymour Narrows,
and for puwei to construct, operate
and maintain a ferry steamship service for tho purpose of transferring
freight and passengers across the narrows between the mainland and tbe
island of Vancouver.
McLachlan Bros, have just opened
up a large shipment oi fishing tackle.
All the latest specialties, automatic
reels, Tacoma Baits, etc.
Men's and Boys' spring suits about
*',0��U to choose from, vVe may be asking too much money for them. (Jual-
ity considered they "look good to
us." You'd better see them anvway.
���The Wallace-Miller Co., Ltd.
Painted His Face to Scare Ghosts Who
Might Como For Ilia Soul.
Yestorday word was received by tho
police that a Chinaman named Chong
had committed suicide the day pre-
vous by hanging himseli in his shaok
un Cottonwood valloy. Provincial
Constable Young, accompanied by Dr.
Arthur, visited the scene of the occurrence and found the body laid out on
a bunk while a number of Chinamen
outside the door were burning paper
prayers and going through various
ceremonies doomed proper by them on
such occasions. Tbe suicide was an
elderly Chinaman, about 50 years olu,
who had been subject tr hallucinations for some time. He had a little
gaiden around the shack,but had been
driven away from his louely cabin by
three ghosts who, he said, were
haunting bim and used to come and
sit with hiin. To escapo them he came
down town and had been living in a
room in Chinatown. On Saturday
night ho was missed and on Sunday a
party of his countrymen went up to
the shack to look him up as he
frequently had threatened to make
away with himself. The cabin was a
low one, the highest part of tho ceiling being less than six ieet from tbe
tloor, with a heavy beam crossing the
centre. Apparently he had knelt on
the bunk and tied himself by the neck
tightly to this beam with a cotton
clothesline doubled. Then he had
slipped off ths bunk.
He had painted his face flrst with
a brilliant red pigment evidently
with the object of soaring the ghosts
away if they came to take his soul
away. A collection was taken up by
the Chinamen to pay for his burial.
His personal belongings outside of the
Squatter's right to the garden and
shack coiibitted of his clothes and a
couple of   packets of opium.
As I am retiring today from the
grocery business, I hereby notify all
parties owing accounts to call at the
old stand and ''cash up." I also wish
to thank my many friends for past
favors, and ask for a continuance of
same for my successors,"llell Trading
Co., Ltd."���H. Ames, Geo.W. Taylor,
and A. Poole are stockholders oi the
company, and judging from my intimate acquaintance with these gentlemen I have no hesitation in stying
to the public that you .vill be honorably treated by the above named
gentlemen.   George Hell.
Home-grown shade trees, shrubs,
and fruit trees at Riverside Nurseries,
Grand Forks.
Madden���Frank    Slater, h-dmonton ;
Jacob Macike,  Uobson.
Queon's���Mrs. A. J. Dill, Kaslo;
Rev.M. J. Leith and wife, Kaslo; W.
C. Martin, Rossland; John McLeod,
Crawford Hay; F. Conroy, Nelson;
,1. S. Cote, Sandon; Y. Armstrong,
The Provincial Gazette contains the
announcement that application will
be made to tbe legislative assembly,
at its present session, for an net confirming the powers of the Phoenix
Water Supply Company, limited, ns
the same appears in its memorandum
of association. The capital st ick is
to be increased to $50,000 and the
company asks that the further power
be couferred upon it ��f constructing
operating and maintaining nu electric
light system in Phoenix and vicinity,
In connection with its water works
Notice is given that application
wi'.l bo mnde to thi legislature to construct a tailway from the eity of
Victoria, thence northerly by tho moot
Orand Central���L. P. Hunter,
Republic; Wm. Moore, Wisconsin;
Annio Uyrne, Fernie; Neil McMillan,
Molly Gibson Landing; G. L. Pedlar,
New Denver; H. D. Lea,Sioean City;
J. Hoover, Silverton; J. Ross, Marcus; Miss Birr, Miss 0. H. Newer,
Billings,  Moot,
Hume���Maxwell Stevenson, Jr.,
Ainsworth; W. E. Uoie, Slocan ; W.
Hunter, Miss Shanon, Siivorton; S. B
Clement, Slooan Citv; M.Grady, St.
Leon Hot Springs', James II. Dawson,
James P. Dill, Fernie; Geo. E. Ellis,
Toronto; C. It. Thompson, Portland;
T. G. Breen, Winnip"g; Miss Butler,
Movie; George D. Lcacock, Mackay,
Idaho; II. W. Barnes, W. M, Keogli,
Slocan; T. Graham, Boston; F.
Elwell, Bonnington; Edward Blwell,
Kimberley, W. E. Smith, Spokane;
E|, Strath, Winnipeg; R.C, Manning,
Toronto; Agnes Ruckle,Cascade; Cluv
S.  Borrymau, Spokane,
Phair���A. R. llovland, Kaslo; A.
J. Dewry, Rossland; W. It. Newport, Spokane; G, II. MncFarlane.
Toronto W. R. Dohlin.Pinchor creek;
G. C. Coster and wife, Montreal; Mr.
andJMrs. Elwell, Kimberley, B, C.;
J. Ci McSweauey, Fernie, M. N.
Hale, G, O. Moffat, Moyie; Grant
Hall, Revelstoke; John Sinclair,
Spuknne; I). N. McTavish, Rossland;
James S. Brandon, Trail; H. A.
MaTaggart, Lester Biuce, Rossland;
Fred Strntton and Mrs. Stratton,
Portland; _. 8. Tait, R. D.McTavish,
Rossland ; S, Hewton, New Denver;
C. S. Batohelder, Spokane; I. T.
Thomilsou, Silverton; Sam L Long,
Kossiand; Miss Grifllths, Albert
Canyon; Miss Brown, Illooillewaet;
Miss Grace, Grand Forks; Miss Gib'.
son, Miss Laird, Miss Preston, D. M
O. Hunter, Greenwood.
Advertisements inserted uudor tbis head al
the rate of one cent a word per insertion. No
advertisement taken for less than 25 oents.
Situation Wanted advertisements inserted
throe times free of ohargo.
FOR SALE.���Eggs for hatching,Black
Miorca,       Brown       Leghorn,     and
Plymouth Rocks.      P. O. Box 008,   or
Miss Edwards, Fairview.
STORE    TO    LET���Second door from
corner Josephine on Baker. Enquire
at Vanstone's Drug store.
TWO Gentlemen can   get   comfortable
room, breakfast and   dinner for  8-15
per   mouth,    within   two   blocks    ot
hospital.    Apply \. B., Miner office.
PIANO FOR SALE���Taken in exchange, new, only one month in
use. Cost $100. Will sell at a
bargain. See it at E. Ferguson and
Co.'s warerooms, Vernon street, cily.
FOR SA LE���Eggs for hatching from
Barred Plymouth Rocks and Pekin
Ducks; choice stock. Strawberry
plants. John Hougnton, Crawford
FOR SAi.E���The Nelson Cafe, the
finest restauiant in the Kootenays,
best location, 25 nicely furnished
rooms in connection. The best bnsi-
ness proposition in the district today,
lor full particulars write Nelson Cale,
Box 2'15, Nelson B.C.
FURNISHED rooms with   or without
hoard.     Apply     ou   Silioa   street,
second door west of Ward.
Appiy   to   Mrs F. J. Sqnires, Room
40, K. W. C. block.
3. H. LOVE,
Nelson Employment Agency,
P. O. Box 405. Phone 278.
Wanted���Hotel Porter.
MEN AMD Women wanted to work at
home.   Good wages   Write Glasgow
Woollen   Company,    Department    C.
WANTED���A     nurse   girl   about   14
years.     Apply Mrs. R.    N.    Riolet,
second     door   from     Fall   street   on
Victoria street,
Foster Crafts.of Charlcfl'own, Mass.
write home as soon as you can as
financial interest await you there.
Very important.   I. F. Crafts.
HELP of all kinds wanted and
furnished. Western Canadian Em
ployment Agency. Large warehouse
for storage; call at Prosser's Second
Hand store, Ward steet.
MEN WANTED���On     Crow's      Nest
Southern   Ry.     Good   wages,   long
job   Headquarters, Elko,   B.   C.      A.
Guthrie Sc Co.
Parties wishing Golf or any stockings
knitted or footed oan have them done by
applying   on    coiner   of     Ward   an
Victoiia street, opposite postoflice.
Our New Stock is now open,
i Yen Fiu
The Prices Will Suit the
Now Bliirts, stylish, natty, some
very cheap, some more costly, some
mav be too dear. Come and see about
it���Tho Wallace-Miller Co.
Canada Drug and
Book Co., Ltd.
Will pay the highest oash price for all
kinds of seoond band goods. Will buy
or sell anything from an anchor to s
needle. Fnrnitnre, stoves, oarperts,
cooking utensils, bonght in honsebold
quantities. Also oast ou* clothing.
Oa.ll and see me or write. Address
Silver King Mike, Box 800. Hall
Street, Nelson,  B, 0.
N. M. CuiiuniiiH, Lessee��� Kvory knowi
variety of aoft drinks. P O box 88. Telephou
No. 111. Hoover Street, Nolson. JJuLllurs of th
famous Su Loon Hot Springs Mineral Wator
A MACDONALD Sc Co.-Cornor Fron
��� and Hall Streols���W holusalo grocer
and jobbers in blankets, gloves, mitts, boots
rubbers, luuckinaws and minors' sundries.
P   BURNS Sc Co.-Baker Stroot, Nolsou-
���   Wholesale dealers ln fresh a      curod
meat*,.   Cold Storage.
Baker Stroot, Nelson���Wholesalo doa
ers in fresh and oured moats.
J Stroot, Nelson ��� Wholesalo daalars ir
hardware, minerd' supplies, sporting goods
YI'LACHLAN BROS. Bakor Stroot Nelson,
ivlL B. C���Doners In goncral harhwaro,
mining supplies, glass, pai its, Portland Conn nt, lire clay and Scotch lire brick. Agonts
for \V ilkins und Co.'s celebrated steel wire rope
a KLSON   HARDWARE   CO.- Wholesali
paints, oils and glass; mechanics   tools
ir:g Tackle and Spoiling Goods a specialty
rpURNKR, BEETON & Co.-Corner Vernoi
X and Josephine Strooh*, Nolsou���Whole
sale dealers in liquors, cigars, aud dry goods
Agents for Pabst Brewing Co. of Milvmukoi
and Calgary Brewing Co of Calgary.
DDSON'8 HAY Co.-Wholesalo grooerie
aud liquora olc., linker Sti'eot, Nelson.
Offlce corner Hall and front Street*
Nelson���Lumber, coiling, flooring, and every
thing in wood for building purposes, Got oui
pricort.   Correupondence nohcited.
T     A. _ MCDONALD,      Agent   Hazolwood
Dairy Co. Ico Crenrifi
100.000 SHARES OF  C.   & C.  MINING
CO., Limited Liability.
Between   neurv   B.   Huie,    Plaintiff,
and Timothy   O'Leary,   Administrator of the Estate and   Effects ol
John H.   O'Leary,   deceased,   aud
Timothy     O'Leary     an 3     Daniel
O'Leary, Defendants.
SEALED TENDERS,   addressed   to
Richard W. Day, receiver, Nelson, B
C ,   and   marked    "Tender"   on   the
envelope,    will   be   received   by    the
undersigned   up to 12   o'clock noon of
the and dny of April, A. D., 1902,   for
the purchase of one or   more blocks of
shares in the (J. and 0.   Mining   company,limited liability.    100,000 shares
will be sold in blocks ol 10,000 each.
Tne highest tenderer will receive
one block and have Hist choice, at
same price, of as many other blocks
as he desires. The tenderers next
highest In order will eactt according
to the amount of the tender be given
the opportunity of taking ono or more
blocks at tbe highest tenderer's bid
and this plan will be lollowed down
the list of tenderers until all blocks
are disposed of.
All tenders must be for at least one
bluet- at an amount per share and not
per block, and the highest or any
tender will not neccessanlj be
A marked cheque payablo to tho receiver fur at least 80 per cent of the
tender for one ''look must accompany
each tendor and should the tenderer
not pay the balance within two days
after his or her Lender is accepted and
telegraphic notice sent to the address
given in the tender this amount will
he forfeited to the receiver and the
shines will be resold. All clier|nes
accompanying tenders not accepted
will be promptly returned to the
respective unsuccessful tenderers.
Thc nominal par value of each share
is ifi.'ni ami the authorized capitalization of the company in USUI),000.00.
The company was incorporated in
Hi itish Columbia In 1806 under the
Companies Act, IH'.iO and Amending
Acts. Tho company Is said to own
the C. and 0. mineral claim within
the Immediate vicinity of RosaUud,
U. 0.
For further particulars applv to
Nelson,    B,   0.,     Solicitors   ior   the
Receiver or to
Receiver, Nelson, H.C.
Dated nt Nelsou, R..C,   loth March,
A.D.,  1008
Subscriptions taken for the Nelson Daily and Weekly Miner at
publisher's prices by J. F. DliL-
ANKY, New Denver, B. C.
Kor   artistic   jib   work place   vour
ordera with Ihe Miner. Union Label.
West Kootenay Butcher Co,
Fresh   and   Salted   Heats
Fisn and Poultry in Season
E.   C.   TRAVES.   Man aver.
K.-W.-C   Block, Ward Street, Nklson
Otders by mail receive careful  and prompt attention
The Canadian Bank of Commerce
With Which I. Amalgamated
The Bank of British Columbia.
Paid up   Capital,   88,0(10,000;    Reserve   Fund,   S3,000,0o0j
Aggregate  Resources Over 105,000(000,
HON. GEO. A. (JOX, President.      B. B. WALKER, ('eueral Mnua*ei
London Olllee: 60 Lombard Street, E. C.
New York Oftlcc: 16 Bichanifc Place.
And 68 branches in Canada untl the u'nitud dl&to-i, Including
Atlin Qkkknwoou Nauoit Hamdon
Ckanhhook        Kamlooi'B Nkw W'khtminbtkr  Vancuuvkh
Fkhnik Nanaimo ___j__ Victoria
YUKON DISTKICT-Dawhon ANn White Hoksk.
UNITKI) STATES���New Yokk, SanKhancisco, .Seattle, Portland, hkaowat.
Savings Bank Department.
.Deposits Received and Interest Allowed.   Present Rate -'t IVi Cent
GRANGE V. HOLT, Manager.
Nelson Branch.
Manufacturers of BEST STEEL WIRE ROPE.
Tramway, Hoisting, Mining Wire Rope.
Lang's Lay for Tramways and Underground Haulage
Local Stock carried, estimates lurnished.
H. E- CROASDAILE Agent Nelson.
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants
"a-    *������      AAA*  -AjA     *W    -a
Branoh Markets in Rossland, Trail, Nelson, Sasl,
Sandon, Throe Forks, New Denver and Slocan City
Order* tvv mall to ai"�� branch will have careful and oramnt attention.
and try_ a_botilel_a
dozen,  or a barrel  of
at*  lb la  the bosb and
CALGARY  BEER     __ _      ..
cheapest   on   tho   market.    Also  try  out
WINES,    LIQUORS     and    OIQARS.
PRANK  A. TAMBLYN. M........
Tnletihono 93 Bakor 81. Nelson
For domestic or steam use.
A  full   supply always  on
Kates to   all  railway  and
lake points
General Agent.
Tel. No. 265.
Office - Two doors   wesl
C.P.R. offices.
OAftB - -MEALS a la 0 AETE.
Close connection East and We"t-
bonnd nt Spokane with trains of the
Spokane Falls and Northern Railway,
O rect connection at St. Paul without change of depot with all trains for
Chicago, Toronto. Montreal, New York
and all points   East and Ninth.
Leaves Spokane daily for East at 9:40 i'w
LoaviiB Spokane daily ior West at 7:20 i-ui
Leaves Spokane daily lor Wuut at 8*30 p in.
West-hound trains make direct connection for Victoria and Vancouver,
Portland, San Francisco, and all point i-
on the Sound,
During the season of navigation East
hound trains connect at Duluth with
the magnificent steamships North-Wed
and North-Land of theNorthern Steamship Company Line, operated in connection with the (heat Northern Railway.
For further information, aps, fold
ers, etc., apply to any agent of Spokane
FrIIb A Northern Ity., Kaslo Sc Slocar
Ky., Kootei ni Railway Sc Navigation
Or ,or to
City Pass, and Tkt. Agt, W 7ol  W,
Riverside Ave,, Spokane, Wash.
G. K. TAOKABURY. local Agent,
N-Iktvi.B (1
The Waverley Hotel
Delivered to any point
on Kootenay Lake.
I have a complete stock on hand oi
Rough and Dressed
Mouldings. Sash Doors,
Inside Finish,
Ooast Flooring, and
Finished Lumber-
and LARDO.
Under and by virtue ol the powers
contained in a certain mortgage wliicii
will lie produced at the time of sale,
tliete will be offered fur Mile by public
auction, by S. P, Tuck, Auctioneer,
at his nllices, Wnrd street, Nelson, li.
C, on Monday tli,! ?th day of April,
lliUS. at tbe hour of eleven o'clock lu
the forenoon, the tollonlng   property:
Lot numbered twenty-two (88), in
Block numbered sixty-eight (lis), of
tbe city of Nelson, British (,'oluinbia,
siib-ilivinioii lot ninety-live (BB),group
one (1), Kootenay District, according
to tlie offioial plan or survey.
The property  is iltnate on  Vernon
Street, anil known as tbo "Occidental
For terms and conditions of sale
apply to,
Hums   Bloek,    linker Street,   Nelson,
It. c, Solicitors fur the Mortgagees.
Rates $1.00 to $1.50 per day. First
class Meals, ISO. Ne.xt door to Opera
House. P. O. Hox 810. Telephone 147.
Victoria St.. Nelson.
obtained in all countries
Registered. Patent Attorney, Mechanical Engineer and Draughtsman. Bank of B. N A. building,
Hastings St., Vancouver, B C.
Write for full particulars.
Dominion and
Land Surveyor.
Real iMiito. Fire and LHe Insurerrr
Money to Loan.
Three CottagiS  across  the lake
opposite Nelson full particulars  on
Houses for rent  and  sale  in  all
parts oi thc City.
,*���?- -^~  memm*~.-,   _ Nelson Dailn Miner Tuesdw, April i, 190*1
_ ������
ii Cents per   '������� P"r "A\ is,��
..   ���   r very low price  tc
KOll pay   ior   a   Wall
Paper that a lady might put on thc
walls of her bonae and be pleased
witn it; yet if is all we ask for ���
dainty ligM-gronnd paper of neal
design, delicately shaded and with s
very pietty ceiling and border to
match". <3f course we have better
papers. A glance at our nbow windows will prove that. During the
next week we shall bave some speciak
bargains to otTei in Wall Papers.
Booksellers. Stationers
Show Room for Mason .t Riseh pianos-
��� ��MViV*WWW*AVMVWI ���
{ \
The .steamer Kokanee brought down
one car oi Molly Gibson ore yesterday.
A daughter was born Sunday afternoon to the wife of George A.
A daughter was born on Sunday
morning lo tbe wife oi Thomas
Lu scomb.
Ihe adjourned meeting of the oity
council will be held on Wednesday
evening next.
The amount of duties collected during tbe month of March till noon yesterday at the Nelson custom house
amounted to $14,609.22.
oflice Supplies.���Morley Sc Laing
Chailes Love. *ho bad part oi bis
skull crushed and a poition of bis
brains dislodged by thc chain of a
steam shovel in the railway yards
eome weeks ago is now able to walk
around the hjspiul ward and can
converse rationally. He will soon be
all rignt again, although a large section of one lobe of the brain is gune.
Although the life of a railway man
is jonsideiei to be extremely hazardous yet the record of th men employed
by the C P.R. between Nelson and the
Columbia bas b-en very good. Of tbe
largo number employed on repair
work, bridge building and other
works as well as the regular trainmen, in two years ooly one death has
occurred and that from pneumonia
abont a year ago. The record is remarkably good.
All the newest books in our lending
lib.ary ���Morley aud Laing.
Ed Morean,   a young man who   nad
formerly been employed os   eookee   at
tbe   Shernrooke,    returned   to Nelson
two   weeks   ago   after an absence   of
some weeks, having been employed in
another town.      He went to the Sherbrooke   hotel   and   the   day after his
arrival went up town expecting   to be
back for dinner.      Since then.   March
20,    no   word has been received as   to
his whereabouts,  although   he left   a
trunk   lull   of   clothes   and other belongings at tbe hotel.
Fountain Pens.���Morley & Laing.
Martin   Grady, of   St,     Leon     Hot
Springs, is at tte Hume.    He   reports
that a hotel cababie   of   accommodating   40   guests   was completed at the
springs in January and is   now   ready
for   the   season's   business.    For   the
pn-t   eight   years   the   springs    have
been visited by a number,but hitherto
the accommodations have not beeu   as
gold   as   tbey   should   be, but   now,
however,   they   are   much   improved
The waters are noted for their medicinal qualities, being good for   rheuma
tism and affections of the blood.    Mr.
Grady leaves lor home tomoirow.
Robbed the Doctor of His Cunning.
"I was compelled to drink some
���lava coffee yesterday morning and
snffered so much lrom its effects that
I feel l!ke writing you at once.
I am HI years old and for a great
manv year* have been a coffee
drinker. My nerves finally got into
terrible condition and fnr ahout two
yeais I suffered with sinking sp-lli
and was so nervous tbat it seemed as
though I could hardly live. I suffered
untold agonies, My heart would stop
and my kidneys gave mc no end of
Abont six months ago I gave up
cctlee tor good and began u-ing
Postum. I insisted on knowing that
it was properly made by being
sufficiently boiled, ami I perfer a cup
of rid I'ostum to Java, Mucha, or
any other Coffee, My sinking spells
have left mc, my head gives me no
trouble new. the kidneys are greatly
Improved, and. in fait. I feel a great
change in my whole body. It is such
a comfort to be well r.gain.
I know a physician in San Antonio
who had become so nervous from the
use of coffee that his hand tierobled
so badly tbat he could not hold a
larct.or even take a splinter out, and
ennld scarcely hold anything in his
hand. Finally he quit coffee and
began using Postum. Now the
dor-tor's nervousness is gene and he is
in good health." Name given by
Postum Co., llattle Creek, Mich.
without a thick,
luxuriant head of
soft, glossy hair,
which is iu truth
" woman's crown-
ins  glory."    The
!   I I ��� I: f I- 1    USe    Of
never fails to produce hair of this
character, for, by
destroying the
deadly germs that
feed upon the oil of
the hair root, lt
makes dandruff,
falling hair and all
t-calp diseases im-
pofcible. It tbtn
promotes anew
and thick growth
to replace the old
thin, brittle hair.
One bottle will verify ttiefte siatemeoLg.
for Sale fit all firit-
CUM Drug Store*.
ing was over .T. Fred Hume, the preside!" t, pave out tfcat ihe committee
found that the statements made by C.
Morrison, in dis letter are unwarranted so far i\>. tbey relate to \h_
Tourist ibSO0>ation o) its secretary.
Why Should You Wait
1   hereby aesire to tender my heartfelt thanks to   the many warm friends
who   sympathized   witb me and mine
in our sad bereavement.
Nelson. March 3!, 1902.
Constabln liarnes came in from
Fernie yesterday bringing with Dim
two prisoners to serve short sentences
lor tbeft in the provincial jail bere.
A. A. Sparks, manager in Kritish
Columbia for the (iiant Powder com-
panv. has beeu spending a few cays
in Nelson on a tour of the Kootenays.
Almost all tbe teachers of the Kootenay inspectoiate arrived in Nelson
yesterday to attend the annual convention. Proceedings begin this
morning in tbe public ccbool at 10
Mrs. (has. Wickham.of Kincardine,
Ont., who has been iD Uritish Columbia, visiting her daughters, Mrs.
Pearoy, of the public school staff,
and Mrs. Casselman, of Uoundary
creek, left yesterday morning for her
home via the Crow's Nest route.
Although there weie a large number
of intending fishermen out during the
last three days apparently none of
tbem made catches of auy importance.
any of thein report having seen
shoals of big ones. The fish have
apparently not started to bite yet.
W. 0. Martin, of Martin liros.,
Rossland, is iD the city for tbe purpose of meeting bis sister Mrs. Van
Freer, of Toronto, who will visit her
brothers for several weeks. Mr. Martin reports tbat in Rossland business
ia becter than it has been for a long
At tlie Queen's hotel last evening a
very successful dance was given by
the Ladies Progressive Whist club.
About seventy-five couples were
present and greatly eDjoyed tha good
tloor and the music given by Mill-
ward's orchestra. Supper was servea
at midnight.
At the annual vestry meetiug of the
members of St. Saviour's church last
evening there was a good attendance.
Irvine was appointed rector's
warden and George Johnstone
people's warden, again, unanimously.
The geoeral church committee for the
eosuiug year elected : were Messrs. J.
H. Lay, W. Downie, H. liird and E.
A. Crease. The auditors are R. \V,
Day, and R. M. liird The report for
the past year wa�� read which showed
the church to be in good shape.
The chemical laboratory which is
very complete, was put in shape on
Saturday at the High school and the
new furniture was put in. All the
chemical supplies were purchased
from stock from the druggists of
Nelson, lt is doubtful whether druggists of any other city iu tbe province
could have filled the same order for
apparatus and supplies from stock.
All tho tickets for the raffle of the
caribou nead now at the Hume hotel
bave been sold ano the drawing will
take place at that hotel on Weduesday
night. This ratlie has been for the
Benefit of P. Larsen, who baa been a
patient at the Kootenay Lake Ueneral
hospital for some time, and the ready
response tnat has been made to the
offer of the tickets has been gratifying to thoso whu have bad the matter
in charge.
Editor Miner, ���Your issue ot Sunday contains a most unwarranted
attack npon me, a gross libel in fact,
made by tbe ('rocers' association
through tbcii secretary, C. Morirson.
I may say tbat I never said one word
to any person in Ross'and about prices
of groceries in Nelsou. and never even
thought about Nelson grocets until I
saw tne article complained oi in the
Rossland Miner. When I wish to
discuss my views in the press in matters of this kind I will do it over uiy
own signature.    Yours,
W.  A    JOWETT,
Nelsun, Marcli  31,  1902.
The executive of the Tourist Asso-
iation held a meeting yesterday
morning to consider all the matters
that led up to the article that appeared in The Miner of Sunday morning
part of which was a letter from C.
Morrison, the secretary of the Retail
Grocers' asociation.     When the meet-
Until you are old to wear glasses ? j
If your eyes are defective why!
not have them attended to at
once and preserve what you !
have for later
A  Subject  for  Remarks.
The new Wall Papers attract favorable attention. They reflect good
taste in colors as well as in pattern,
and people of taste ccromend them.
The have an air of elegance and are
most durable in quality. Investment
in such Wall Paper is a paying investment, before placing your order, it
will pay you to jee our new designs,
nnd get our prices.
F. J. Bradley & CO.
I'ainters     and     Decoratois.      Picture
Framing a Specialty.
Patenaude Bros.!
Baker St. Nelson. B. C.
Mr. Mack Whito. well known trainer of the
TorontoLacro^e Club and Osgoodo Football
Olubsays: ''Griffiths' Liniment in unequalled
for athletes or tboee training* I have used It
with the beet of success for .--ore back, stiffness,
soreness, sprain* and all forms of swelling and
it flam mat ion.
_ or rialQ bv J. H. Van-none, N'eison. B. Cl
A shipment, just "arrived" aud we ���
can now offer you ajchoice selec- ���
tion   of   everything    known   as a
Jewelry ���
Watches,     Clocks,    Jewels, J
Souvenir Goods, Etc.        5
a Wedding Present,
Fine Witch Repairing a Specialty 2
For first-clasH leather write
B. C Leather Co.
Vancouver. B, C.
British Columbia Agents for the celebrated
������ PFNETANi. m Sole Leather, Cut Soles and
Heel Pieces.
Harness Leathers, Bridle, Saddle and Skirting I eoiher , I-^tce and Latigo Leathers, Upper Leathers of ail kinds
Manufacturers of Clospd Uppers of all
Shoemakers' Tools and Findings, Saddlery
Hardware, Hide-* aud Oils.
eataiogucs and price lists on application.
Certificate of Improvements
Catherire Mineral Olaim, sitnate in
the Nelsou Mining Division of West
Kootenny District
Where located���One mile east of N.
.t F. S. Railway, adjoiuing the Kob;n
Hood mineral clr.im.
TAKE NOTIOE that I, Francis J.
O'Reilly, Bgent for It, R Hedley, Free
Miner's Certilicate No. B60378, the Dun-
Duncan Mines, Limited, (Foreign)
Free miner's Certilicate No. Bf>()i-13
intend, sixty days from tbe
date hereof, to apply lo the Mining Recorder for a certificate nf improvements,
fur the purjose of obtaining a Crown
Giant of the above claim.
And further tnke notice that action,
under lection '11, must be commenced
before the issuance of such certificate of
Dated tbis 12ih day of  February, A
D.. lOO'l.
Certificates of Improvements
Qneeu, Niagara, Lewiston, and Pmr-
lingtou I Fractional), mineral claims
situate in'he * elson Mining Division of
West Kootenay District.
Where located���On Wolf '""reek, b
hrauch of Sheep Creek, which is a tributary of Salmon River.
Take Notice that I, William Wnldie,
F. M. C, B50B26, for myself and as ag int
for John A. Turner. F. M. O. BB0156.
and Michael Scully, Free Miner's Certificate No. K50000, intend CO days
from the date hereof, to apply to the
Miuing Recorder for certificates of
Improvements, for the purpose of obtaining Crown Grants of the abov��
And further take notice that action,
under section 87 most be commenced
before tne issuance of^snch Certificates
of Improvement*.
Dated this 18th day of February,
A D  190��
SILK WAISTS���With fimany styles
on display you piobatily have an indefinite idea what make to  select.
We'll help you decide the question.
Our suggestion:
The Gibson   Waist���Made of good
quality    Taffeta,    neat    side    effect,
trimmed with Pearl Bnttous, graduated
tiiiks on front also tucking on sleeves
and   back,   fancy   collar,   new   bishop
sleeves    with    deep    bias cuff,    lined
thron2hout, colors cardinal, sky, pink.
Brown. Price $10.00
The Bedford Waist���Made of good
(|iinlity Silk Luxon, tucked and hemstitched front and back, trimmed with
Pearl Buttons, fancy collars, new bishop sleeves tacked and new style culfs.
lined throughout, colors, turquoise,
sky, pink, cardinal, Black.    Price (060
Neckwear and Pelts���Specials for
Easter Trade���Belts in Bnrnt Leather
effects,   Patent Leather belts, tucked
Tatfeta belts, Elastic belts. Crush Silk
collars, Featherbone Stock collars in
fancy effects, Crepe de China Ties with
Point Lace tiiinmings, Embroidery
collars, Sailor collars in Lace effects.
Kid Gloves���Just in, the new tints
Modes, Tans, Browns, Straw, in Dress
Kid or Suede. Perriu's make, every
pair guaranteed.    Price 11.28 to $_.0<t
We believe this 1909 collection to be
the choice.it we've ever gathered. But
we're prejudiced���Perhaps it's not-
Better leave that to yonr judgment.
This, however, may be confidently
claimed, that it reflects the latest London and Parisian fashions as a polished
prism reflects light. It holds up the
mirror to the mnde.
Bigger stocks may be seen but none
choicer and what's more no fancy
Cor. Baker & Ward Sts.
Nelson, B. C.
Household Furniture
Acting under instructions   from   C.
D.J. Christie, Esq., \ve  will   offer
for sale at his residenc ��� on the corner of Hendryx and Silica Sts. on
Wednesday, April 2nd
The   whole   of   his    elegant   and
Household Furniture, Rugs. Carpets,
Newcombe Uprlgnt Piano. Handsomely Bound Books, Easy Chairs.
Drawlngroom. Dlnlngroom and
Bedroom Furniture. Kitchen Utensils,  Etc.
Kootenay Railway  and   Na
Company, Ltd.
Shorten! and qnicKct-t route to the east and ai
points on .he O. H. Sc S. and Northern 1'*
rifle Railways in Waehiiitfi-oa, Oregon ana
Southern States.
Time Card Effective Nov. 10. 1901
Kaslo & Slocan Ry
8:30 a. m. Lv.
10:55 p.m. Ar.
Ar. 4:1V) p. m
I.v. 1:15 p. rn
Int Nav- & Trading Oo
6:00 p. m. Lv.
9:10 p. m. Ar;
Ar. 10:30 a. m.
Lv. 7:00 a. m.
Connecting at Five Milo Point witb Nelson
4 Fort "heppard Railway both to and from
Ko^-iand, eto.
Goods  on   view   morning   of sale.
Chas. A.  Waterman
To SILAS H OROSS, or to  nny per-
sou or persons to win mi lie may huve
transferred Ins interest in tlie llarvy
Joy Mineral Claim, situate on Morning Mountain, about 1 1-2 miles westerly from  lhe Silver  King  Mine,  in
the Nelson Mining Division of West
Kootenny District, B. C.
YOU or any of you are hereby notified that I have expended one hundred
and two dollars and fifty  cents in  labor aud improvements upon the above
mineral claim, under the provision of
the Mineral Act, and if within ninety j
days from the dnte of   this  notice yon !
fail or refuse lo contribute yonr pro-
portion of such expenditure together
wilh all costs of advertising, your in-,
terest in said claim   will   become the j
property of the subscriber  under section -l of an Act entitled An  Act   to
Amend the Mineral Act 1!*00,
Dated this 14th day of March. 19u2.
J. B. 0BAB8T0N.
Tickets sold to all parts ln United State,, and
Canada via Great Northern and O. H- tc >i
Co.'s lines.
Ocean steamship tlckots and rates vl   a
lines will bu furninhed on application.
For further particulars call on or address
Uar.&xar, Kaslo.B, C
G. K. Taokabury Ancnt. Nelsou B. C.
Ceitiicite of Improvements
Alleu Mineral Olaim Bitunte in the
Nelson Mining Division of West Kootenay District.
Where   looated���On  the divide he
tween Sheep and Lost Creeks, 10 miles
from Salmon Siding.
TAKE NOTIOE lhat I, N. F. Towus-
end, acting as ageut for J. W, Thompson, Free Miner's Certificate No. B4201I7.
intend sixty days from the date hereof
to apply to the Mining Kecorder for a
certificate of imprtvemeuts tor the purpose of obtaining a Crown Grant of tbe
above olaim.
And further take notice that action
under section 117, must be commenced
before the issuance of suoh certificate of
Dated this 2nd day of November, A.
D.. 1001 N. F. TOWNSEND.
J. 0. GWILLIM, B-,  Sc-,
Late of Geological  Survey of Canada.    Six years experience in B. C
mining districts.
Baker Stre1" Nelson. B. c
Brewers of Fine Lager
Beer and Porter.
B��taoa a O
Certificates of Improvements
King Alfred and King Solomon
Mineral Olaims, sitnate in the Nelson
Mining Division of West Kootenay District.
Where located���On Iron Mountain,
about f> mil��s from the mouth of the
South Fork ot the Salmon Kiver.
TAKE NOTICE that I, Francis J.
O'Reilly, of Nelson, B. C, as agent for
F. W. Lewis, of Indianapolis Ind.,
U. S; A.: Free M nei-'s Certificate
No. 2510, intend, sixty days from ihe
date hereof, to apply to the Miuing Recorder foT certificates of improvements,
for the purpose of obtaining a Crown
Grants of the above claims.
And further take notice that action,
urdev Biction 37, must be commenced
before the issuance of such certiticatfs of
Dated this 10th dny of November.
For Stylish Up-to-Date Hats
Opera House Block
Fare and One-Third
On sale Mar. 27th, 28th,29th
good to return till April 2nd.
For berths, time tables, rates and full
information   apply to    Local    Agents
City Agent.   Nelson
J. 8. Darter, K. 3. Ooylk
Dis. Pbsb. Agt. A. G. P. A.
Nelson Vancrim
NKL30N LODGE    No. 23, A. F. &
M. meote second WfldoOMtay in
month.   Visiting brcLhcrn welcome
L O. O. F% Kooumay LodBO
No. 16, mcota every Monday night,
at   their  Hall.  Kootenay street
Sojournine- Odd Fellows cordially invitod.
W. H. Smith. K. U.;  G. F. Motion, V. ti.; A
L-o:ighuT>L. Kee. Se^,
Nelson Royal Arch Chapter No. 123, G. It, C.
Meets third Wednesday, ^ojourninK oompan
ions invitod. George Johnstone, '/.. '_', J.
Slma,   8. K.	
ameetB in K. of K hall, Oddfellows block
?Se very Tuesday evening at 8 o'clock.
All visiting knighU cordially   invito
Wm.1uvi.ve, 0.0.
Hugh Btbvcmb, k. of EL and a.
Nelson, vIikm pmont No. 7. Meet*- every 2nd
and Ith Friday of each month, in Odd FoDowb
Hall, coiner Baker end Koote nay streets,
Nelson. A. H. Cleinentd, C. P.; D. McArthur
K. S.   Visiting brothers always welrnn-n.
NELSON L. O. L. No. 1692 meets in Fraternity Hall ou first and third Friday evenings
of each month at 8 o'clock. Visiting cieniber
cordially invited. W. W. Bradley. W. K.
A, Minty, K. &
NELSON AERIE No, 22, F. O. E.. meets
evory second and fourth Wedn&Hdays of each
m onth. Visiting membere cordially iuvir.
Charlofi Prosser. R��rretary.
Kootenay Tent No. 7, K. O. T. M��� hold their
regular meetings in Fraternity Hall, 1. O. O. r\
block, on the 1st and 3rd Thursdays of each
month. Visiting brethren cordially inviteti ic
attend. G.A. Brown R* K.; Dr. ItoiC, Com
R. J .Steel. D. 8. C.
1st aud 3rd Wednesday evening-* of
each mouth at Fraternity hall
corner of Baker and Kootenay
street*. Visiting brethern cordially invited.
Edward Macleod. Secretary.
Nelson Court Star of Kootenay, A. O. F
Meets 2nd and 4th Wednesdays in every
Month. Visiting brethren welcome. V* M.*e
Milllan, C. P.; Herbert MoLeod. Sec
COURT KOOTENAY, I. O. F., No. 3138-
Meetings 4th Thursday cf month. Fraternal
hall, J A Irving C R.   P. H, Fleming. It.
sold by All Newsdealers
Furnishes Monthly to all lovers of Song
and Music a ran volume of New, Choice
Copyright Composition, by the most pip
ulnr authors. 64 Pages of Piano Music,
half Vocal, half Instrumental-at Complete
Plecea for Plana���Once a Month for as
Cents. Yearly subscription, Sa.oo. if you
will send us the name and address ol Five
performer! on the Piano or Organ, we will send
you a copy of the Magazine Free.
���    J. W. PEPPIR, Publisher,
Elfhtn a Locust Sts., Philadelphia, Pa-
To A. II. Fischer or to any
person or tiei'sins to whom be may
huve transferred his interest iu the M11-
nilit aud Silver Queen Mineral ('lainis,
situated at the head of Midge Creek,
Kuskanook Mining Dislrict.West Kootenay.
You and each of yon arc hereby notified thnt I hnve expended one hundred
and thirty-three dollars in lahor and
improvements upon the above mentioned mineial'clftltaa in ordnr to hold
said mineral claims nnder the "provisions of the Mineral Act, und if within
ninety days of the dli-0 of this notioe
you fall or refuse to contribute your portion of such expenditure together with
all costs of advertising, your intereat in
said claims will become the property 0*
tbe subscriber under section 4 of an Act
entitled "An Act to Amend tne Mineral
Act, liKJO.
Dated this 10th day of Febn.ury, 1802
Certilicate of Improvements
Drum Lommon Mineral Claim, situate in the Nelson Mining Dki6ion of
West Kootenay District.
"Where located : On  Craig Mountain,
Take notice that 1, J. D. Anderson,
P. L. S., of Trail, B. O.. agent for
P. Bums, Free Minei's Certilicate No. B505l'2, intend, sixty
days from the date hereof, to apply
to the Miuing Recorder for a Certilicate of Improvements, for the purpose of obtaining a Orown Giant of tne
above claim.
Aud further take notice that nction,
under section 117, must be oommenced
before the issuance of such Certificate
of Improvements. .
Dated this 14th day of Ma-t'Oli
A  D. 1902. J. D. ANDEKSON


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