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Nelson Daily Miner Jun 19, 1901

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Daily Edition No. 1067 ',' LiV'rv M1
Nelson,   British  Columbia, Wednesday, June 19,  1901
Eleventh 'Year
Nelson's  Big  Time  on the
First and Second of
Water Carnival and Trades
Procession to Be Leading Events.
Every year the people of the Kootenays look forward to Nelson .celebration of Dominion Day. Eleven years
ago the pioneers of the Queen City of
the Kootenays fired off some fire
crackers, ran some races and otherwise observed the anniversary of Canada's Confederation as loyal Canadians should do. Ever since that more
fire crackers have been fired off and
more races run on the annual recurrence of tout day until now it has become to be recognized as the greatest
day in the year in Southern British
Columbia. It was commenced at a
time when there was practically no
other place than Nelson, survived a
period when there was every other
pla'le except Nelson,and now that Nelson is again the most important
point in Hritish Columbia outside the
Coast citieB tho celebration reaches a
magnitude in every may worthy of
this most Important and thriving city.
All the celebrations have been good
but as Nelson has progressed so has
the celebration and, as Is fit and properdins year will" eclipse all others in
thc matter of observance of Canada's
great national holiday. Other small
towns ��io celebrating the day but
they cannot detract from the importance of Nelson's celebration and thousands of Kootenaians, anxious to enjoy ihe best the land provides, will
journey to the Queen City on July
^tst, remain over for the second and
see such sports and goings on as they
nevoi dreamed of before. The cheap
rates of the railway und steamboat
lines will be good from Saturday June
2,!th until Wednesday July 3rd.
It doesn't make any difference
what particular line of sport any individual is interested in���it will be
here for hiin to enjoy. There will be
the running hop, step and jump, and
a fancy dress ball, a horse race and a
baby show, a girls' biiycle race and
a trades' procession, a regatta and a
drilling contest, a hundred yard dash
and a water carnival, a football, tase-
ball'aud a lacrosse match and a quoit
match and everything else, ami���as
the Mikado has it���"A grand display
of fireworks in the evening."
The committee in charge of the
celebration is doing its work well
and the various sub-committees are
equally industrious. A careful canvas haB made the financial success of
thc big undertaking assured and special prizes have been received from the
leading cities of both Canada and the
United States. Tho happy thought of
soliciting prizes from firms that enjoy Nelson's patronage has been attended with tangible results that
have greatly swelled the fund and
the list of prizes until no celebration
that has ever taken place in llritiBh
Columbia ha�� a better assortment of
awards for competing athletes than
Nels-on offers this year. From a
spectacular standpoint tbe two big
attractions will be the water carnivals and the trades'' procession. It is
hard to imagine a more beautiful
bight than a hundred boats of all
sorts aud sizes decorated with s.ores
of Chinese lanterns, sail'ng slowly on
the surface of the quiet lake, while
rockets rush upwards to distribute-
their showers of flame, red fire burns
brightly to give a tint of rouge to the
already highly colored scene, and
bands play their gay tunes to complete II judices.
the effect and to appeal to every artistic sense of the beholder. As in
every other line of the celebration
this year's water carnival will be
more gorgeous than any that has proceeded it. Two weeks ago every
available craft was bespoken and the
boatmen say that if they had two
dozen more steam launches they
would have been rented long ago.
Many heads aro now busily occupied
designing decorations for launches,
row boats and canoes, and the competition for the handsome and valuable prizes will be decidedly keen.
The water carnival alone,which takes
well repay the time and expense necessary in a visit to the city from any
town in the Kootenay.
Very lively Interest is being taken
in the trades' procession and something over thiity floats will be In it.
Of course the contestants lor tbe
handsome 8150 trophy will not divulge
theii plans of decorating their floats
but they have gone into itj earnestly
and some decidedly handsome productions will be the result. The unions,
too, are taking great interest in
the parade and will be out in full
The athletic games will engage
more competitors than ever assembled
in one place in thu Kootenays before. Football, baseball and lacrosse
teams from outside points will be
present and their expenses will be
paid by the celebration committee,
Thc miners are taking great interest
in the drilling contest and horsemen
are bringing out some dark horses to
go after the purses hung up. The
boat races will create a great deal of
local interest while the quoit games
will attract players from many Koo
tenay points.
A great deal of work yet remains
to be done hut tbe grand success ol
this year's celebration is already assured. Hugh Cameron, secretary of
the general committee, is working
overtime in his department and if
there is anything you don't Know
about what's going to happen ask
Charlottetown   Police After
Those Disregarding
the Law.
C. P. R. Strike Is Gradually
Several Severe Fires in the
East Yesterday���Military
Bev. Mr. Munroe Discusses the Chinese
Question From the Pulpit.
The Chinese question is an ever
present one and the more it is discuss
ed the more distant seems the solution.
On Sunday evening last tbe Bev,
Mr, Munroe, pastor of the Congregational church discussed the matter
from the words, "Let both grow together until the harvest." Beferrlng
to the Chinaman as an unfair competitor of working men he claimed that
to be consistent the working men
ought to throw out the linotype, sewing machine, street cars and self binders if they drove away the Chinaman
for that reason. Beplying to the ar-
gumenet that they were undesirable
because they sent all their money to
their own country, he stated tbat it
was not exactly true as they paid
their taxes whea rounded up by the
assessors which was not very different
to the white man being rounded up
by the sheriff. In' another way, men
showed their inconsistency because
what they admire as commendable
in the frugal German, Irish and
Scotch people who sent tbeir money
to their friends at home they condemned in the Chinamen.
They were accused of such severe
economy, a crime unhappily not attributable to British Columbia where
there was more extravagance than in
any o.her part of tbe world���and it
appeared to be.regarded as a sin for
the Chinamen to pay their debts and
lay up for a rainy day. He contrasted the sobriety of the Mongolians
with lhat of the white men in B.
C, and the former suffered not by the
comparisou. Referring to the atgu-
ment that the Chinese joints were
pest houses he claimed that every red-
curtained, brilliantly lighted habitation of the fallen women were manifoldly more a pest house than all the
Chinese joints in the city. He claimed
that ai we pro'esscd to be the champions of libeity and brotherhood we
were belieing the principles of
Democracy by the treatment dealt out
to the Mongolian citizens.
He claimed for the Chinese that
they were cither inferior, equal or
superior. If the former, we had no
cause to fear, as the flat skull never
dominated the high forehead. If the
second, there was no Injustice and
if the latter we could not afford to
treat them shabbily, for their chances
of revenge will come some day. There
is no gospel in brickbats or race  pre-
Frank Tamblyn, wbo had his second pair of spectacles stolen from his
liquor store thc other day, requests
the man who t'jok them to call
around and take the case also as he
has no use for the article, since the
instruments it is supposed to cover
are no  longer  in   bis possession.
A report came down from the Athabasca mine yesterday, but not officially, that the work on the mine
would resume at an early date. No
confirmation of the report has been
received and   it may only   be a street
place on the Dight of   July   1st,   will _ rumor.
Charlottetown, June 18.���Since the
Provincial prohibition law went into
force there has been something like
an unprecedented sale of liquor in
this oity. The majority of the people
in the Provincial bounds are not
prohibitionists. There i3 a doubt
about the constitutionality of the
law and thc City Council decided that
officials Bhould take no part in enforcing its enactments. The result
was something like a dead lock, which
has, hbwever, been broken at last.
Under threat of dismissal by the Sti
pendiary Magistiate the Chief of Police has agreed to move and summonses will be served on those who
have been selling liquor since the 5th
instant,when the prohibtion act nominally went into force.
Amherst, June 18.���Fire this morn
ii g    caused   94,000  damage    to  the
Rhodes   Curry   Co.'s     wooo working
Lanark, June 18. -The Aberdeen
Woollen mills here, owned by VV. C.
Caldwell, M. P. P., were considerably
damaged by fire early thiB morning.
The cause of the fire iB unknown, and
the loss iB about 93,000, covered by insurance.
Toronto, Juno 18.���Word was received here that a fire destroyed all
the lumber in the yard of. the Ontario
Lumber Co., at French Itivcr, on
Georgian Bay, amounting to twenty
million feet and valued at over 8200,���
Spreading Over the
Trackmen Claim There are
Four Thousand Men
With Them.
when   the   fight   is   confined   to   the
mainline, wonld not help the   eastern
men In enforcing   theii- demands   and ,
so   will   stay at work and draw  their |
wages with whicli   they   are perfectly
Ottawa, June 18.���The address to
Queen Alexandria, signed by the women of Canada, is now almost leacly
for presentation. It will be presented
to Her Majesty by the Countess of
Winnipeg, June 18.���The Winnipeg
rate of taxation will be the biggest
on record, 20.50 mills on an assessment of 822,000,000 and a business
tax of 20 mills on 84,050,000. The
amount to be raised is 8571,000.
Ottawa, June 18.���A private letter
received in the city from Hon. W.
Mulock says that the postmaster general had been very ill on his way to
Australia and after arriving there he
was suffering from nutritus and was
in a private hospital for some   weeks,
Niagara, June 18,���A general review of the troops in camp here took
place this morning before Major General O'Grady-Haley. The weather
was perfect and the spectacle presented was a very brilliant one. In all
about 4,000 men took part. The
minister of militia was on the grounds
this afternoon when the review was
Montreal, June 18.���The steamship
Lake Superior, which arrived yesterday from Liverpool, had 19 stowaways. They all declared they were
tempted to come to Canada by many
railway adverlsements, which said
there waa work for all who would
come. They also said they knew of
many 8uch as they who were looking
for a chance to stow themselves away
so aa to get to Canada.
Neil Cochrane, of Rossland,is at the
Phalr, and leaves tbis morning for
Ymir where he will take charge of
a mining contiact on the Big Four
abont one mile from the town of
Ymir. A contract has recently been
let for the sinking cf a shaft on tbe
property of which he will be the
engineer in charge. The group of
claims Is the property of the British
Lion Mining Co., Owen Sound, and
a large amount of development work
is likely to be underway   in   the near
 .        .1
Dr. Bentley of Slocan is in the city
and is stopping at tbe Phair.
Montreal, June 18.���The striking
trackmen, formerly in the employ of
the C, P. R., claim that 400 men
joined the ranks of the strikers today.
They say that only one man is working between Montreal and Toronto,
and that only a few men aie at >vork
all through Ontario. In the west,
they say, all men are out, as well as
in New Brunswick. Tbe total number of men out is estimated by the
strikers' committee at 4,000. Tbe
management of the C. P. R. on the
other hand, say they are having no
difficulty in securing men to take
the places of the strikers, and that
they bave no doubt about the outcome
of the strike so far as the company
is concerned. About the only devel
opment in the strike during the last
twenty four hours is the fact that
the brldgemen on the North Bay di
vision have declined to patrol the
track. Piesident Wilson of the Trackmen's Union, has assured thc bridge-
men that the Trackmen's Association
will stand by-them; The company is
doing their best to have the track
patrolled for which purpose many
clerks from the general offices and
workmen | from thc shops have been
sent ouW-
Montreal, June 18.���Later���There is
no change in the C. V. R. trackmen's
strike. Gereral Manager MeNicol'l
of the C. P. R. claims that they aie
gradually returning to woik and the
strike is fizzling out. President Wilson of thc traokmen's union on the
other hand, claims that the men are
solid and will stay out until their
demands are met. Wilson leaves in
the morning for Toronto, where he
will address a meeting tomorrow in
the interests of the strikers.
Toronto, Jnne 18.,���The reports
which the officials of the C. P. R.
gave out yesterday as to the progress
of the strike are in some instances
favorable to tbe company. On the
Owen Sound branch, where most of
the men had gone out, General Superintendent Tiinnierinaii said last night
that quite a number, probably one
half, had returned to work and they
had promises of more in the morning
There are about 800 men employed
on that branch. On tbe branch line
from Woodstock to St. Thomas all
the men, about 20, Timmerman says,
are out, but at Chatham, on the main
line, there are only two crews tbat
bave quit work.
Winnipeg, June 18.���Trackmen on
the western division went out in sjm-
pathy with the strikers, numbering
250, No trackmen are working iu the
shop yardi. Special contsables, about
80, were sent out to the Pacliic division. Superintendent Leonard has
given the men 48 hours to consider
their decision and if at the end of
that time they do not teturn their
places will be permanently filled.
Police Magistrate Dawson - wus busy
swearing in special constables today
as patrolmen.
Vancouver, B.C., June 18.���A report
made to your correspondent at Superintendent Marpolc's office this evening was that the men who had struck
were giving no troulbe, but their
places were being filled constantly
by competent men. There should be
no delay in traffic and . the public
wonld be put to no danger or inconvenience. A number more special policemen had been sent up the line, but
this move had no significance and no
trouble was anticipated.
There are no new developments here
in the Trackmen's strike. As yet not
a man has gone out on the Kootenay
divisions aod there seems no likelihood of any going out. They realize
that such   an  action   on    tbeir  part pleasure.
A Long Sitting Yesterday Before
Honor Judge Forin.
The county court held a long session yesterday. The first matter disposed of was a supreme court chamber summons in Adams vs. Hickey.
ThiB was an application to sign judgment summarily on a promissory note
for 81,300 with interest since 1 SOU at
12 per cent., on the ground tbat no defence could be shown. Mr. Wheallcr
supported the application and Mr. R.
W. Hannington opposed it for defendant. The application was dismissed, and the case will have to go
to trial as His Honor was of the opinion that the facts disclosed had butter
he threshed out in open court. The
regular county court list was then
taken up. Collins vs. De Nuys���ThiB
was an action to recover 825 by an
hotelkeeper at Erie for board and
lodging. Mr. A. M. Johnson appeared for plaintiff, but the defendant
conducted his own case in person and
set up the novel defence that the Jebt
was incurred for whiskey and not for
board. The weight of evidence, however, was against him and jugdment
was given for plaintiff.
John McLeod vs. Andrew Zedler,
Mr. P. E. Wilson for plaintiff, Mr.
Jas. O'Shea for defendant���In this
case tbe plaintiff claimed for plastering a house by contract. The defendant contended that he never gave a
contract for the work but hired the
plaintiff by the day. In tbis case
there was such a direct conflict in the
evidence of the parties that Judge
Forin directed that additional witnesses should be called before giving
his decision.
Zattoni vs. Western Canada Accident Association, Mr. It. M, Macdonald for plaintiff, Mr. Hannington for
defendant- -This was an action to recover 850 for injuries sustained while
a policy was alleged to be in ( force.
Some irregulaiities in the service
of the writ and pleadings having
been set up, the matter was adjourned to the next court for trial.
Radcliff vs. Provost, Mr. H. R. Jor
and of Slocan for plaintiff, antl Mr.
A. M. Johnson for defendant���This
was an action to recover 850 for wages
in doing development work on the
black Hussar group. The defendant
contended that he never hired plaintiff to work for him at all and that
the work he did cn the claim was
merely to assist his brother in doing
assessment, work.
The evidence was flatly c.ntiadic-
tory but as the preponderance was
on tbe side of the plaintiff, judgment
was given in bis favor.
Urquhart vs. New North Folk Mining Co.. Mr. Hannington for plaintiff,
Mr. A. M. Johnson for defendant���
The plaintiff sued the defendant company for 8107 for wages for sharpening tools, etc , at the defendant's
mine near Erie. The defence set up
was in the nature of a set off, the
plaintiff being a shareholder in tbe
company and being in arrears for assessments on his shares. After hearing the evidence of all parties the
court gave judgment for plaintiff for
the major portion of bis claim, but
allowed the set-off which would leave
only a small balance in his fa nn:
The court sat till 0 p. m. then adjourned to 10.30 today when it will
probably be able to finish the remainder of the lint.
Feared There Will Be Some
Over the Fishermen's
Work  on the  Crow's  Nest
Southern to Commence
at Once.
Half Holiday O'.scrvers May Enjoy
a Lake Ride.
The Thursday half holiday movement haB become such a recognized
institution that the 0, P. R. has decided to run an excursion to Procter
tomorrow. The boat will leave the
City wharf (It 2 p. m., and will return
at 6 p. m. This will allow the public to have a very enjoyable ride on
the lake away from thc heat of the
City. Marconi's system of wireless
telegraphy will be installed on the
boat to allow The Tribune to send
me.sages to the merchants on board
telling them how many hundred
men with thousands of dollars in
their pockets aie clamoring before
their closed doors for admittance.
The fare for the ti ip will be 50 cents.
A week from tomorrow thc retail
Clerka' Association will run an excursion up the lake. They will
have   a band on board to   add   to the
Vancouver, B. C, June 18.���There
Is every indication of trouble again
on the Fraser this ye:ir. Two thousand Japs are at Stcveston getting
ready to fish on the 1st of July but
not a white fisherman or an Indian
is in sight. The difference in the
pi ice of fish between the fishermen
and canneis is but 2}i cents but
neither will give in. A strike is in-
evitable with possible trouble.
Ottawa, June 18.���The Dominion
Government received a telegram today
from the British Columbia Government making an offer of a settlement
of the difficulty over the flsheiies.
Attorncy-Geneial Eberts wired that
the Biitisb Columbia Government
were willing to leave the question of
sea coast fisheries for the present in
abeyance. In regard to Provincial
fisheiieson Fraser, Seena, Nans and
other rivers, it was suggested to allow
the Dominion Government to go on
collecting license fees the same as
present, on the understanding that
the matter would be left to aibitra-
tio_ and that the Dominion would
refund to the Province the amount
of such money which might be held
to belong to the Province. The Provincial Government also agreed to
amend another portion of the Provincial act, passed last session, which
may be shown to intringe on Provincial lights. A reply was sent this
afternoon from the Dominion Government to the effect that this arrangement womd be satisfactory for the
Victoria, B. C, June 18.- G. (). S.
Lindsey, K. 0.,, solicitor for the
Crow's Nest Southern railway, and
Auditor Wilsley of the Crow's Nest
Coal Co., lue here Elias Rogers managing director will be here tonight.
Mr. Lindsey says the surveys arc being made and that construction will
be commenced almost immediately,
They hope to have the 150 miles from
Michel to Jennings on the U. S, side
completed this fall. Tne road is
bing built under a Provincial charter.
Colonel Hayes today gave a diBtinet
denial to the report sent out from
Vancouver that his mine on tho west
coast had been sold to Macenzie at
Mann for 8000,000. lie says he will
start shipping in October as soon as
the new compressor plant is installed.
The steamer Amur, on arrival this
morning, went out of commission and
was tied up.
Glove Contest in Rossland Last
ing Lasted 15' Hounds.
Rossland, June 18,���A large number
of spectators were present this evening to witness the glove contest between the two lightweights, Dal
Hawkins, who has a continental reputation, and Billy Armstrong, well
known in this country. Il was to bo
a twenty round go but Hawkins proved loo lively for his opponent and won
in Ihe l5lh round. It was a very
lively bout and the men did a great
deal of pretty work and were loudly
cheered. Betting waa all in favor of
Hawkins and considerable money was
wagered that Armstrong would not
last  ten rounds.
There was a meoting of the Nelson
football club at the Hume hotel last
evening to consider the matter of
playing at Slocan City next week.
After some discussion it was finally
decided that the local team would
not enter in the tournament. Tho
question of inviting outside teams to
play iu Nelson on Dominion Day was
also discussed and it was unanimously
agreed that thc secretary bo instructed to communicate with the Kaslo
Football club and invito them to come
to thc city on that day.
. ' Nelson Daily Miner,  Wednesday,   Jvke 19, iqco
The Nelson Miner
rubllahod   Kvery Morniuij  Kxcopt   Monday
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Forget  your  wife's  name;
Forget how many children you have;
that the
Hudson's Bay Stores
The Largest Stock to Select From,
The Best Values,
And Very Best Quality.
Everything Obtainable
To Eat, Drink, Wear, or Use
A Government print, defending its
masters for their Baer I floe of public
interests in dealing with railway matters, says "any one with sufficient capital to build an independent and
OOmpetitltve railway from the Coast
to Kootenay can start the work at
once. . . . The country through
winch the road would run is liot
fenced in.'' This is childish treatment of a very grave subject, it is
true, but we have seen little if anything better to excuse the Government's course. The road would be alio
miles long, and would cost about 830.-
000 a mile. Any one, first taking
the precaution to procure a charter,
having (10,000,000 in his pockets, can
go on and build it; the country is
not fenced in. It is not brilliant,
either as a discovery or as a bald
statement !\o me ever contemplated
tbat the road would be built withont
public aid. The British Columbia
Legislature realised this as long ago
as li'jl, when it adopted _ policy of
general railway development in which
aid to this very road was indicated in
express words. The policy was re-
itciated and re-endorsed in the session of 1S08, when the Province was
pledged to a subsidy of 84.000 a mile,
and practical effect was gWen to it by
the making of a contract with Mackenzie a. Mann. This contract recognised that Dominion aid as well
as Provincial aid was necessary to its
successful construction, as the Government piovided in the written security taken for the building of the
road that the contractors should not
be compelled to proceed with the
work until Dominion aid was obtained. We therefore sec it was never
contemplated that any person, or
any company should furnish out of
their own pockets every dollar of the
money required for the construction
of a Coast-Kootenay railway. It was
an enterprise requiring and demanding public aid, and that aid stands
pledged on the faith of more than one
Legislature since 1897.
The story of the repudiation of the
Turner Government's contract with
Mackenzie A Mann by the Semlin
Government, at the Instigation of the
professional repudiator. Mr. Joseph
Martin, is comparatively fresh in the
public mind. Last year, when the
Dunsmuir Government came in, the
country was promised a vigorous railway policy, one that embraced this
Coast-Kootenay road. The V. V. and
E. charter in the meantime had gone
into the control of the Cleat Northern and Mackenzie at Mann, and .the
country looked hopefully to an independent and competitive railway. It
was only under such powerful influences that an independent road could
be assured. The Greut Northern and
Mackenzie ~: Mann weie prepared to
build it, but when time came for action Mr. Dunsniuii' balked. People
wondered, no: being ~ble to understand what-it meant, The meaning
disclosed itself In time, however. Mr.
Dunsmuir had thrown himself into tho
arms of the Canadian Pacific Company, and when it became necessary
to declare tbe terms of a contract it
was seen that they were designed
to shut out the Greut Northern; the
conditions were purposely framed to
render their acceptance impossible.
Hard as the terms were, however, the
Great Northern accepted them with
the alight modi illations thc Legislature wus shamed iuto making, witli
the singlo exception of a provision
which, if embodied in the agreement,
would have forced the contracting
company into the position of disregarding the statutory law and of
abandoning all claim to a Dominion
subsidy. -Mr. Dunsmuir and his colleagues adhered to this provision,
knowing that nothing less could save
the Canadian Pacific from competition, and the contract of course was
not made.
The intcnti.n is to throw the Coast-
Hudson's Bay Company.
KooteDay road to the Canadian Pacific. There is to be no independent,
competitive railway from the interior
to the Coast. The nature of the country and tbe general conditions make
it reasonably certain that there wi!'
never be a third trunk line, and the
course of th6 Government, therefoie
is calculated and doubtless designed to
put the whole of Southern British
Columbia absolutely at the mercy of
the Canadian Pacific That is the
policy of the "business men's Govern-
ment" that is now in power at Victoria. A Royal Commission appointed to inquire into railway conditions
in South Africa have reported that
"it is injurious that all the trunk
railway lines should be in the monopoly of one company." In British Columbia it is thought to be beneficial���
at least to tbe monopoly company and
thc politicians, and especially to the
starving rats of private members who
went up to make all they could out of
their votes.
There are newspapers in Ontario
tbat know more of the intentions of
the Ross Government than The Toronto Mail; but Tbe Mail is as likely as
any to pick up current political gossip, and it says tbat a reconstruction
of the Cabinet is freely spoken of.
This, as far as it goes, tende to confirm the significance which The
Miner read into the announcement
that Mr. Samuel Casey Wood is about
to return to political life. Tbe success of the Dominion Opposition in
Ontario last November bas evidently
produced a feeling of alarm inside the
fortifications at Toronto, which the
Provincial Liberals have held continuously for twenty-eight years.
Mr. Arthur Chamberlain, in a recent address, said American competition was a bogey of politicians and
journalists; what British manufacturers had most to fear were the worries of modern legislation. "They
were inspected to death, and hampered at every step." The wise men at
Victoria who take into their Hands
the fortunes of the mining industry
of tbe Province might do worse than
consider this. If blessed with only a
one-eyed power of observation, they
may be able to discern tbat mine
owners and operators in British Columbia are being inspected to death
and hampered at every step. Very often a good working policy is to
leave things alone.
"Will wonders ever cease?" inquire
the friends of Mrs. L. Pease, of Lawrence, Kan. They knew she bad
beeen unable to leave her bed in seven
years on account of kidney and liver
troubles, nervous prostration and general debility ; but "Three bottles of
Electric Hitters enables me to walk,"
she writes, "and in three months 1
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J". C. GWILLIM, B-,  Sc,
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ada.    Six years experience in B. C.
mining districts.
Baker Street Nelson, B. C.
A. R. BARROW, a. ml oe
Provincial  Land Surveyor
Oorner Viotoria aod Kootenay Sts.
P. O. Box A T.Usphone No.
Nelson Opera House
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Friday and Saturday
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Atlantic S.S. Sailings
From Mom real
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Allan Line Nuinidinn June 29
Heaver Line Lake Megan tic June 14
Beaver Line Lake Superior June 21
Beaver Line Lake Ontarie  June 28
From Portland, M*>.
Dominion Lino Vancouver June 29
Dominion Line Dominion July ti
From Boston
Dominion Line New England  June 19
Dominion Line Common wealth  July 3
From New York
Cunard Line Campania Jur.eJ.i
Cunard   Line Umbria June 22
Cunard Line Lucania June 29
White Star Lino Oceanic  June 19
White Star Line Teutonic June 2.;
White Star Line Germanic July 3
American Line St. Paul June 19
American Line ft. Louis June 26
Anchor Line Fumessta Jnne 15
Anchor Line Ethiopia June 22
French Line L'Aquitaine June-20
French Line I_a BretRgne J une 27
N.G. L. Kaiser Wilhelm derGrosso... June 25
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Notice is hereby given thnt the first
sittings of the Annual Court of Revision of the Munieialit.v of the City of
Nelson will be held in the Council
Chaimber at the City offices, Nelson,
on Wednesday the 10th day of July
next at 10 o'clock a. in., for the purpose of hearing complaints against
the assessment as made hy the assessor, and for revising and collecting
the assessment roll.
City Clerk.
Nelson, B.C., May r.'8th, 1901.
-HlUl-B BROKER, IVOTAB.  - I lll,��
Windermere Miaou.   CnrreepondenoeSoHcIlRii
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PAT. SEPT., 1800.
West Kootenay Butcher Co.
Fresh   and    Salted   Heats
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W.-W.-C. Block. Ward Street, Nklson.
Orders by moil receive careful and prompt attention
Ladies' and Gents' Merchant Tailors and Dyers,
Snits Hade to Order. Oleaned, Dyed, Altered and Repaired.
Josephine St., Opposite Clarke Llotel.
Mail Orders Solicited. p. o. Bolt 634
I holesale and Retail Meat Merchants
-******** <SN_)
Branch Markets in Rossland, Trail, Neleon, Kaslo
Sandon. Tart* Porks, New Denver and Slocan City.
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For further information apply to
JOHNT. PIERRE, s.ibngent, Nelsou,
1 ���"'���o Broa'.rnilor Shod, Josephine St.
FRED OARNE, Jr., General Agent
B. C, Victoria, B. 0.
For domestic or steam use.
A full supply always on
Kates to all railway and
lake points.
General Agent-
Tel. No. 265.
Office ��� Two doors west
C.P.R   offices.
Caveats, Designs, Copyrights and
Trade Marks obtained in Canada
and all foreign oountries.
Room 3, Bank of British North
America, Hastings 8tri><>"\ Vancouver
About that second hand article of1
yours. Vou'll sell it if you'll advertise it in The Miner want column
mKBmmmma .\elson Daily Minei. Wednesjxy, June ig,  xgoi
}| I
��� !.
up I
Up   5.;
Up   tf.
*���   *
s 2
Last Evening's   Missionary
Meeting at St. Saviour's
Gathering of the Clergy of
the  Kootenays at
The Diocesan Synod of the Episcopal church Wiih npenod last evening by
a missionary meeting at St. Saviour's
Sunday School. All the clergy who
have yet arrived to attend the synod
were present and a few of the lay
members. The meeting wua opened
by a prayer and hymn, followed by
nn address by llisliop Dart, of New
Westminster, lie dealt in an earnest
manner of the work of the Society
for the I-opngiitloi: of the Uospel in
the 200 years of its existence, and
narrated it numbei of interesting incidents of the missionary tield. He also
stated that despite the fact that
the demands upon the finances of the
Boolcty had been gieatly increased
during the past twelve months by
the eomse of events in Soutli Afiica
and China, yet the society had decided to give an indented grant, to Kootenay for the next 'three years.
Rev. Mr. Robins, of Greenwood,
was then called upon. He delivered
an Interesting address dealing principally with the work of the Junior
Clergy's Missionary Society, a brunch
of tbo paient society, wliich had done
great work in arousing enthusiasm
in missionary effort among the junior
Archdeacon I'entreath, one of the
best known clergymen iu liritisli Columbiu, and particularly in the Kootenays, then lucidly explained in a
few words what some of the things
that the Society for the |l'ropogatiun
of the (lospel was doing at tho present
time. There were 770 missionaries
supported by it throughout the world,
and of these Canada had l'ID. In the
schools of the society in Asia and Africa M,Olio children at the present
time were receiving a Christian education. In BritishjiColuinbia tne sc ���
uiety hud been most liberal in its aid,
and despite as the bishop had said,
tbe greatly increased demands upon
it,, had yet added to its yearly grant
the sum of ��110 for the Kootenay,
Archdeacon 1'entreuth spoke highly
of the parish of Cranbrook, .which,
although it had only hud a resident
clergyman appointed last April,
had already become self-supporting.
He also mentioned aeveral other parishes aud the good wor1* they had
done towards attaining the same end.
Another favorable feature in church
���work in the Kootenays was the fact
tha*. during the past year nearly every
parish in the diocese had contributed
towards the funds of the society.
llisliop Dart then touched on what
the 300 years effort nf the S. P. G.
had done to better tho condition of
the world, and how the Christian religion wns so different from any other
system of religion in that not satisfied with enjoving its blessing alone,
Its adherents tried, and were, spreading it to the uttermost parts of the
After another prayer and hymn the
meeting then dispersed with the Benediction.
|ll��fore the members dispersed Rev.
II. S. Akehurst announced that
through the courtesy of the officers of
tho Nelson Club the privileges had
been extended to all the clergy during
the sitting of the Synod.
A meeting of the Sunday School
committee of the Diocese was held ut
the close of the Missionary gathering.
Today there will be a celebration
of the Holy Communion ut 0.15 a. m.,
when all the clergy and lay delegates attending the synud arc expected to be present. At 10 o'clock the
members of the Synod will attend for
organization and business. There
will be an afternoon session, and a
choral evensong Service at 8 p. m.,
with special sermon by Rev. J. H.
Lambers, of Vernon.
The names of clergy and delegates
expected tp be in attendance are:
From Golden--Uev. C. I. Yates,
and Messrs. O. II, Parson, J. E.
Cranbrook���Rev. II. Iicachnra,
Messrs. V. Hyde Haker, G. Gill and
A. D.  Parker.
Fort Steele���Messrs. .T. F. Arm-
etrong, R. T. C.altiraith nnd T. Mc-
Kelowna���Rov. T. Greene, Messrs.
G. N. Barclay, T. W. Stirling and
Alan H. Crickton.
Vernon���Rev. J. H. Lambert,
Messrs. G. Alers-Hawkey, J, Stod-
ders, and C. F. Oosterton.
Revelstoke���Rev. C. A. Procumer.
Messrs. R. Gordon, E. Humphieys and
C. H. Temple.
Grand Forks���Rev. H.Steele, Messrs.
A. 6. Flummerfelt, H. C. Haaning-
tou, and \V. II.   Cooper.
Greenwood���Rev. W. A. Robins,
Messrs. Rout. Wood and J. I*. Myert-
Uray.   .
Trail���Rev. VV. II. Hedley, Messrs.
.1. D. Veito and .1. W. Coleman.
Kaslo���Rev. H. Beer, Messrs. Geo.
Martin and T. C. Howard.
Slocun District���Rov. C. A. Mount,
Messrs. R. E. Ilentley, D. R. Jorand,
und L. J. Edwards.
Rossland���Rev. C. W. Hedley,
Messrs. R. D. Morklll, and C. S.
Nelson Missionary District���C. W.
Busk, of Kokanee, J. F. llurne, of
Ymir, and E. Mallandaine, of Creston.
In addiiton to the above the following aro members of the Synod:
The Lord Bishop of the Diocese,
who is the guest of Mr. Phair at the
Phalr hotel; Archdeacon Pentreath,
guest of Mayor Fletcher und Mrs.
Fletcher; the Revs. H. S. Akehurst,
li. P. Flcwelliug; Messrs. E. A.
Crease, Geo. Johnstone, Fred Irvine,
.1. M. Lay, and W. H Bullock-
Nelson Men Undertake a Promising
Business ln Fire Valley.
Mr. A. R. Sherwood returned Monday from a trip to Fire Valley,where
the model dairy farm, The Edgewood,
of which he is agent, is located. Mr.
Fauquier, government agent, met the
representatives of the coinpany and
some local settlers und aiter a conference piomi6ed that the Government
would give 8500 towards completing
tho wagon road past the farm to the
landing. The settlers also agreed to
givo 92ail worth of work for the same
purpose free. The company whicli
will operate the farm Is an incorporated one, composed of Nelson men,
and intends to carry on a whobnalo
milk business. The farm is located
in one of the prettiest spot* in ths
Kootenuys, and will ��� be equipped
with all the latest and most approved
appliances for handling milk. They
aro building a wharf at t_e point
where the wagon road leaves the
lake. The piling in connection with
it is nearly completed, and when this
is done it will be one of the best
wharves in the Arrow Lakes. Alto
gether the company have 040 acres of
land, practically all of which can be
Greenwood; A. McCullock. Trail;
Archdeacon Pentreath; .1. L. Vogler.
Erie; J. P. . Ellegate Gray, Greenwood ; C. II. Parsons, Golden; l.obti
Wood, Greenwood; E. Sundilands,
Spokane; R. .1. Ilentley, M. D., Slocan; G. McGregor and family, San
Francisco; Neil   Cochrane.   Kossland.
Washed down a telegraph line which
Chas. C. Ellis, of Lisbon, la., had to
repair. "Standing waist deep in icy
water," he -vrites. "gave me a terrible cold and cough. It grew worse
daily. Finally the best doctors in
Oakland, Neb., Sioux City and Omiiiiu
said I had Consumption and could
not live. Then I began nBing Dr.
King's New Discovery and was wholly
cured by six bottles." Postively guaranteed for Coughs, Colds and all
Throat and Lung troubles by Canada
Drug ._ Hook Co.    Price 50c.
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..ack, dear, what we should have for
desert today, it is so exceedinlgy hot.
Husband���Einina, why do you not
gn a package of the "Morse Pumpkin
Flour." It will make three or four
pies aid with such a delicate flavor,
a great labor savor, and no perspiring
over a hot stove. Remember The
Morse llrand, Emma.
If you don't like Blue Ribbon Tea it's
beoauso j ou never tasted it.
German   Syrup   is   the special pre-
Saiription of   Dr.   A. Boschiee, a cele-
Ibrated German Physician, and Is ack-
I nowledged to be one   nf   the most for-
jtunnte   discoveries     in   Medicine.    It
quickly cures   Coughs,   Colds   nnd all
Lung troubles of the severest   nature,
removing ns   it does   the cause of   the
| affection and   leaving the parts   in   a
'strong and healthy condition.   It is not.
, un   experimental   medicine,   but   has
stood the test of years,   giving   satis-
'faction    in   every    ease,     which    its
j rapidly increasing   sale   every   senson
(Confirms.    Two   million   bottles   sold
annually.    Boschree's  German   Syrup
wns introduced in the United States in
18(18, and is now   sold in   every   town
and   village   in the   civilized   world.
Three doses   will relieve any ordinary
caugh.    Price 75 cts.    For sale by W.:
F. Teet.el A Co.    Get   Green's   Prize
P. F. Schultz. of Trail, Is a guest
al the Royal hotel.
Wm. Maddaugh of Ymir, is in the
citv and is located at thc Tremont
J. G. McCallum, a Slocan hardware
merchant,is in the city and registered
at the Queens hotel.
C. H. Parsons, a prominent merchant from Golden, is in the city and
is a gueBt at the Phair.
li. Sundilands of .Sandon, is a guest
at the Phair hotel. He is en route
home from a   trip to Spokane.
Archdeacon Pentreath. who is in
the city attending the Synod meeting is registered at the Phair hotel.
A. B. Buckworth of Ymir, is on a
business trip to the city and is making
the Grand Central hotel his stopping
Miss Mabel Caldwell, daughter of
Mr. O. Caldwell, Silica street, is dnn-
gerously ill and is not expected to
Baron Amhroy and Harold de Bildt
of Washington, are visiting their
Canadian cousins and are being entertained at the Hume.
Born on Tuesday, 18th inst., to the
wife of H. A. Stewart, Robson street,
a daughter. Both Mrs. Stewart and
the little one are doing well.
Mrs. George Biemner, of Cranbrook,
who has been visiting Mr. and Mrs.
James Lawrence for the past three
weeks left for home last evening,
A. H. Gracey and Geo. Kydd returned from the Boundary country yesterday where they have been on a business trip during the last few days.
A. G. Epenstall, who has until recently been in the employ of J.Dovei,
accompanied by his wife and family,
left on the Crow's Nest boat last evening for the east where in future they
will reside.
The following guests arc registered
at the Queen's hotel: Ed Nelson,
Kaslo; Samuel and Mrs. Benzie, Pilot
llay; Fred Hamlin, Phoenix; J.- W.
Austin, Greenwood; A. fi. Buckworth,
Ymir; A. Jones, Erie; Tony Ruski,
M. Cole, Grand Forks.   ,
Mr. W. H. Adams, manager of the
Rambler-Cariboo mine in McGuigan
basin, wus in town yesterday for a
few hours. He reports that everything is looking well at the mine, but
declined to give any information regarding the work at present being
Mrs. John Furst and daughter from
the Athabasca mill are registered at
the Royal hotel, and leave this morning on the Spokane train for Salt Lake
City, where they will spend a few
weeks visiting with the brother of
Mrs. Furst, who is in business in that
The following guests arc registered
at the Hume hotel: A. Fin;.], Vancouver; R. J. Walker, Toronto; E.
J. P. Smith, Montreal; Baron Am-
brozv, Harold de Bildt, Washington ;
W. H. Hedley, J. D. Victs, Trail;
T. O. .ollo.k, Three Forks; J. II.
McGill, Vancouver.
The following are registered at the
Phair hotel:   F. M. Elkins and wife,
What proved to be a more profitable find than gold happened the other day to a traveller from San Francisco, while nt lunch in one of the
leading restaurants in Nelson, tie
ordered a portion of Pumpkin pie,
when to his nstonishment his nppe-
titie, which he hnd lost fifteen years
ago in Arizona, suddenly returned to
hiin, with renewed vigor. The pie
had. a very solid texture and a rich
mellow flavor. The cook informs us
that it was made from "The Morse
Pumpkin Flour." None other just as
good.    Insist on "The Morse Brand."
Take Laxativo Bromo Quinine Tablets. All
druggists refund tho money if it fails to eurr.
2fo.   E. W. Grova\=a Hi. na* ui-t) 1h nn eaoh box
Our Fresh Roasted Coffee Best of
Quality, ns follows :
Java and Arabian Mocha, per pound 9  tl'
Java and Mocha Blend, 3 poundn  1 Oi
Fine Santos, 4 pounds  1 00
Santos Blond, 6 pounds  100
Our SpeoialBlond, 6 pounds .'. 100
Our Rio Roast, li poundn  1 V
a tkial odder solicited.
iVELSON.        -        B-C-
Dominion and
Land Surveyor.
469 NELSON b c
Is   lame    or    intei feres
bring  him   to  the   City
Horseshoeing Shop, Jo
sephine Street
and try a bottlo, a dozen, or a barrel ot
CALQARY BEER as it in the best and
cheapest on tho mnrket. Also try our
WINES,    LIQUORS     and    CIGARS.
Toloohon    IB. Uniterm,   Nelson, R. C
Will pay ths highest cash price for all
kinds of seoond hand goods. Will buy
or sell anything from an anchor to a
needle. Furniture, stoves, ourperta,
"ooking utensils, bought in household
quantities. Also oast off clothing.
Call and see me or write. Address
Silver King Mike, Box aoo. Hull
8*'eet. Nnlwu.  F   r>
By the week from $5 to $6.
By the day 81.00.
J. V. O'LAUGHLTW.  Proi).
Ib a Pure Egyptian Cigarette. "Its
quality tells tlie tale." Try a boi -
no Binoker ever stops at a box. For
sale everywhere. Fifteen (15) cents
per box.
From Kootenay Common
Pan-American Exlition
BUFFALO. $76.00.
June iS, July 2, 16, Aug. 6, 20
July 13, 14, 15.
Christian Enfleavor Court
July 2, 3.
National Educational Ass'n
DETROIT. $71.25.
J��iy 2�� 3-
For   Time  Tables,    Kates,  Tickets,
apply H. L. BROWN,
City Passenger Agent.
J". S. Carter, ' E. J. Coyle.
Dis. Psbs. Agt. A. G. P. A.
Nelson. Vancouver
FABES-Cash, 10 cents.
Tickets, 10 for 50 cents.
SEHVICE���Every 20 minutes, leaving
park and up-town terminus at 7
a. iu. 10 10.411 p.m. Early car leaves
H. B. Stores 0:15 a. m.
TBAIN~-0~tb meet 10.85 a.m. and
IS. 15 p m., and outgoing only on
SPECIAL���The public are requested
to stop ours only on the 1'iir side of
cross street?; not to ride on, enter
or leave by front platform; also to
motion by hand if they intend to
bhard the car, and lo notify conductor n short distance before they
wish to leave.
OOMPLAISTS-Will receive prompt
nttention at the Company's oftioe,
Vernon Street, Oity.
A large number of good residential
building sites adjacent to the lines of
thoir tramway, chiefly in the southern portion of the city to be sold on
easy terms.
Apply Tramway Office, Vernon
Managing Secretary.
Delivered to any point
on Kootenay Lake.
I have a complete stock on hand ol
Rough and Dressed
Mouldings, Sash Boors,
Inside Finish,
Coast Flooring, and
Finished Lumber-
Mill at PILOT BAY. Yards, NELSOU
and LARJ.O.
Gamble &   O'Reilly
Civil   Engineer.,  ProvlnelHl   Land
Niirva-ynr . Ki-al ~slnlc unil In*
snrnnce Agents.
That desirable property of Mr. C. W.
West's, consisting of acre lot. '.'
story dwelling liouse, chicken
houses and market garden, good
water, cheap 88000
3 lots, northwest corner Houston and
Ward-streets J350
Lots 1 nnd ., block 88, lot 10,block 29,
Lot 11, block 14, city of Nelson.
Mr. Machln, general agent Bennett
Fuse Co., headquarters at. Victoria,
U. C., begs to say that in consequence
of attempts to impose spurious and
cheap imitations of their white coun
tered, putent safety Fuse, Crown
Brand, he feels it necessary to ask
consumers to be sure that they get
the genuine Bennett's Fuse. The sole
ugents in Nelson is the Lawrence
Hardware Co.
Oeneral laborers, gardeners, rock
men, etc., will be furnished free of
charge to all persons requiring help
of this aind by applying to the Secretary, Nelson Laborers' Protective Union, Box 2,17, Nelson,  It. C.
Advertisements Inserted under this hoad at
tho rate of ono cent a word per lnsorLion. No
advertisement taken for Ibrs than 25 cents.
Situation Wanted advertisements inserted
three Union froo of oharRO.
SALE.��� G. Frank Beer offers for
sale his residence, comer uf Hull und
Josephine streets. Recently completed, supplied with every convenience,
ample grounds nnd desirable locution.
This offers un excellent opportunity
for any one desiring a comfoi table
home. For further particulars apply
at the ollice of Ueer Bros.
UANCII FOR SALE-About two miles
from Nelson, on the sunny side of
Kootenay river, comprising ubuut ;in
acres of good land, a comfortable
dwelling house and out buildings.
Three are about SO fruit trees, viz:
Cherry, l'liiin, Apple, Pear and Peach,
besides several hundred smaller fruits
ulso a profitable strawberry crop.
Will be sold cheap to an Immediate
purchaser. Clear title. Apply T.
Morley, Nelson, B. C.
G.   Frank   Ueer   offers   for   rent   his
furnished liouse,    including   piano,
situated corner of  Hall and Carbonate
streets.    Apply at Ueer Bros,   office.
TO RENT.���Rooms nnd office in   Clement,   Hillyer block.    Apply to   the
Nelson Electric Tramway offices.
ROOM and board in   privnte [family.
Apply ou Silica  street, second   door
west of Ward.
ROOM for   rent at   Mrs.   MoBeath's,
Silica street.
FOR SALE.���Tug Boat "Red Star."
and Barge���At reasonable figures to
cash purchaser or timo with good
security. Apply to Ontario Powder
Works, Nelson, B. C.
HOUSE to   Rent.���Furnished   or unfurnished, apply T,  Minor office.
FOR   RENT.���One    room   on     Ward
street; one inside room in the K.W.
C. block,   furnished   or   unfurnished.
Mrs. F. J. Squire.
Englishman,    well    educated,     any
capacity.    Address U.H. Miner Office,
WANTED���Situation   by experienced
nookkeeper.    Address II, IC,   Minei
WANTED.���For a museum collection
for Lever Bros, Port Sunlight,Eng.,
ancient buckets, troughs, washing
boards, or ironirg utensils obtained
from Indians or imported from foreign
countries. Liberal value paid.
Write us with explanations. Watchorn at Mclntyre, K. W. C. block, 1'.
O. Box .07.
WANTED.���Trustworthy men and
women to travel and advertise for
old established liouse of solid financial
standing. Salary $780 a year and expenses, all payable in cash. No canvassing required. (Jive reference und
enclose self-addressed stamped envelope. Address Manager, 3115 Caxton
Bldg,, Chicago.
NELSON Employment Agency. Baker
street.    Phone 278.   .1. II. Love.
WANTED���Teamsters.        Waitresses
Girls for housework.    Nurse Girl.
Situations wanted by Cooks, Laborers, Blacksmith, Carpenters, otc.
WANTED.���First   class     hotel  cook.
Two sawmill men : planer.
Situations wanted by Waitresses,
Cooks, Miners, Blacksmiths, Carpenters, Laborers. Western Canadian
Employment Office,Ward street, Phone
AGENTS WANTED���For our Boer-
British Wai, Family Records, Marriage Certificates, Religious unci
Landscape Pictures. Bright and hustling men, women, boys and girls, can
clear from 8.1 to SHI per day. Send
50 cents for sample. Descriptive circulars free. Write today. Dome
Novelty Mfg. Co., P.O.Box 518 (Dept.
381) Chicago, 111.
ALU KINDS   of   goods bought    sold
or exchanged   at   Prosser's   Second
Hand Store,  Ward street.   Phone   270.
LOST���Between Great Northern Telegraph Co., and Telephone office,
the sum of 817 in bills. The Under
will be rewarded by leaving at Miner
IT WILL PAY you to read  our ad. in
another column. Our blend of tea at
Thirty cents   per pound will suit you-
Kootenay Coffee Co.
JAPAN TEAS���"Spider Leg," "Pan-
fired,' "Sun Cured,"���have a place in
our stock. The new "Ceylon Green"
is fine flavored and economical. Kootenay Coffee Co,
rati: Milling Void Hnnicrli��� Wc nrr
nnxl.u. lo secure a I. ~ tree milling; Kohl
properllrH al once. Tbe Fronpcclor's Kx-
c.hnnac, Nelson, B. -, Room 4, K . W, -C.
WE HAVE   In stock choice tens from
India, Ceylon, China, and Japan.   We
blend tbem to your taste.    All   prices
and qualities.    Kootenay   Coffee Co.
PIANO.--Miss   Tvers    is prepared   to
give piano   lessons at her   residence
on Sili;a   street   four   doors west   of
llendryx.    Terms moderate.
FOl'ND.���tin Muy   211I1 an amethyst
ring.    (I'vner   muy   have same "by
proving nnd paying for this ud.  Miner ollice.
Are you in want.' If you are, tell
tbe people, through The Miner want
column,  what   you are   i��    wunt   of.
You'll   gel.   il
From date until October 1 the denial
ulliees of Nelson will be closed at 1
o'clock, p. nc,, on all .Saturdays, remaining closed during the balance 0/
the day,
W. .1. QDINLAN,   D. I), s.
F. E.   MORRISON,   IJ. 11  S
T   II. STUI1HART,   I).   I). B,
Mr.   J.   11.   Gray   having resigned
his position us Land Commissioner of this Company, nil communications in reference to Kuslo A Slocan
Railway Company's lands should be
addressed to ROUT. IRVING,
Kaslo. II. C, May Dint., 1001.
Mines _!x__uned and Keported On-
Mining Engineer.
Room -I. K.-W. C.  Block,
Nblsom, B. C.
riMlUKl'K Sc CO. Limited���Conier Vernon
X aud Cedar Streets, Ne.Hou���AlanufaeLur
era of and wholesale dealers in aerated waterh
and fruit syrups, Sole agents fur Halcyon Ho
Springs mineral water.   Telephone W.
__Ji N. M. Cummins, J_uKt.ee���Every known
variety of soft drinks. POBox8& Telephone
No. 31. Hoover street, Nelson, liotdera of the
Campus st. Leon Hot Springs Mineral Water
J A. Macdonald)���Architects and wuporin
LendentH, broken Hill Jiloek, comer Haker and
Ward Streets, Nelson
HJ. EVANS & CO.-Baker Street, Nol
��� Hon���Wholesale dealers iu liquors, cigars, cement, lire hnek uud lire cluy, water
pipe and steel rails, and K��ueral commission
Wholesale and retail dealers in Krain,
hay, Hour, feed. Mills at VicLoriti, New West-
minsLer; Edmonton, Alta. Elevators on Calgary and Edmonton Itailway. Manufacturers
of the celebrated B. Sc K. brand cereals.
AMACDONALD & Co.-Corner Fron
��� and Hull Streets���W holesale grocer
and jobbers in blankets, gloves, mills, boots,
rubbers, mackinaws and miners' sundries.
P  BURNS Sc Co.-Baker street, Nelson���
���   Wholesale dealers in  fresh and cured
meats.   Cold Storage.
Baker Street, Nelson���Wholesale dea ���
ers in fresh and cured meats.
Streel, Nelson ��� Wholesale dealais in
hardware, miners' supplies, sporting goods
M'LACHLAN BROS. (Successors  to Van
coii ver Hardware Co, Ltd.) baker Stroet,
Nelson���Wholesale dealers In hardware and
mining supplies, plumbers' aud tinsmiths' sup
NELSON    HARDWARE   CO.��� Wholesalo
paints, oils and gloss; mechanics' tools.
Agents for Ontario Powder Works; Ifnamite
rpURNEIt, BEET0N & Co.-Corner Vernon
X and Jo-.i.phnii; Streets, Nelson���Whcle
sule dealers In liquors, cigars, ami dry goods,
Agents for Pabst Brewing Co. of Milwaukee
and Calgary Brewing Co of Calgary.
LOST���Monday evening, old fashioned
.bar pin, with carved face of (jreen
lava, surmounted with penrls. Kinder will bo rewarded for leaving it nt
C. P. K. city ticket ollice.
UDSON'S HAY Co.-Wholesale _rocerlm
and liquors etc., liakur -trout, Ni-Ihoii.
. Front and Hall atructH, .Wlnori- Whole-
Kiile denier* n unit-. loaBO anil hulk), and
domoHtio and impurlcd olgftra.
Ollico cornor Hall ami Front StrcctH,
NelBOn���Lumber, coiling, Moorlnx, and every-
thing in wood for huildiiiK jmrp-,.,���:.. Get our
pricm*.   Correspoiidcnce sulicitcd.
rn   GALLON ir. CO
_L *   and twines.   Always a large si
hand. Telephone205,  Room tl. K. \V'.-(
Doalera in ure sacks
and twines.   Always a large stoek on
���   Bloek
Brewere of Fine Lager
Beer and Porter.
Hellion, li. a.
I.OI.H MII.VKIt Clll'l'l.l! I.F.AII -Ml_ei    and
pro._ eeln ~milr.l.  Henri report anil "mm
pie. lo Ihe Pro.peet.r'H Kxe_n_Ke. NelHon.
II. <'.   Boom 4 lt.-W.-C. Work.
Civil Engineers and Provincial Laud
P. O. BxoMi KeUon  B.v Nelson   Daily Miner,   Wednesday,   JVNB  rg, 1901
The   paper  on   your
Wall walls     echoes     the
-j tastes and habits of
"flpCr every member of the
family. We have
made a study of deiorative designs
for the wall and have given especial
care to our buying. We know tbat
we are within the mark when we
claim to have the most up-to-date
stock of Papers in the Province. Not
necessarily expensive, for prices
range from T to 80 cents, and in every
case represent value, for our Papers
are sc priced as to allow ol no dis
courts to the paper hanger. Buy
your paper personally, you will be
be tier suited and will get full value
for what you   pay.
A consignment of locally pr.>duced
fruit will be shipped to Nelson toduy
when a Shipment of strawberries will
be made from C. W. Busk's ranch
to Mr. (leo. Hell. The nautral productiveness of the land in the immediate neighborhood of the city has been
again and again demonstrated and
the above statement will veiify the
fact that this part of the Kootenays
is not all barren rock and dead sea
The meeting of the Imperial Development Syndicate which was expected
to take place this week has been postponed until the 4th of July when it is
expected that important business will
come up for consideration The company are about lo dispose ot their
property to a wealthy company who
have made them an offer. It is understood that tlie contract only awaits
the endorsation of the shareholders
to make the deal complete, and the
amount of money in the deal is said
to be in the .neighborhood of a quarter of a million dollars.
A Goddess That Would Not Be Won.
The Creator, in making so many
kinds of people naturally made some
that have immense ambition and desire for work, physical and mental.
Authors, writers and brain-workers
are generally hard working poeple,
frequently they exhaust vitality so
fast that they cannot rebuild.
Food experts have perfected a special food called Grape-Nuts for brain
workers. The makers selected from
field grains the proper elements which
naturally enter into rebuilding brain
and nerve cent.rs.
A famous woman of West Baven,
Conn., whom perhaps you will rec
ogoize because of the location, but
who requests that her name be kept
from print in this connection writes:
Perhaps you would like to know
of my expjrience with the restoring
power of your wonderful Grape-Nuts
Food. 1 bave been a tireless worker.
Life was full of possibilities. I had
a constitution of iron and why not
work'.' I lived to the fullest limit of
my power, following every pursuit
with ardor, painting, poetry, writing
of books, journalism and lecturing.
The days wre passed iu literary
work and the nights at concerts, theaters and receptions. I suddenly
dropped out, a mental and physical
wreck. Ambition died and hope went
with it. Religion became odious.
The world grew dark. It became a
'Charnel House full of unclean bones,
not Godlike and our Father's.'
I bad no desire for food. I could
not woo the 'Goddess .Sleep that knits
up the raveled sleeve of care.' I contemplated a weak solution, a leap into the Unknown, when one day a
friend in Vale who knew my deplorable condition said. 'Do you know,
that Grape-Nuts Food has done a
great deal for me,' and told the details. I finally followed his suggestion and began using it. That was
one year ago. I wish you could see
me now. The neighbors say I do the
work of ten women. I go to bed with
the hens and sleep like a top.
I hear 'the breeze call of incense
breathing more,' my muscles are like
Iron, and my baCk of steel. 1 am as
alert as tbe sparrow witli whom 1
converse e~ery morning us he seeks
his matitutiii.il worm.
I ascribe all of this change, and
justly, to Grape Nuts Food and
wisdom in the economy of force."
Theru Is a good sound reason for
such a change as described above.
Grapo-Nuts Food is made of the selected elements of wheat and bailey
that aro intended by Nature to le-
build the soft gray matter in the
brain and nerve cells throughout the
body. This food is so prepared that
it presents these elements in perfect
condition for immediate assimilation.
The food is thoroughly cooked ut the
factory, and should always be served
just as it comes from Iho package
with a little cream. Do not attempt
to stew it but seive it without cooking except when combined with certain puddings and desserts, and oven
then the cooking is not necessary,
except to prepare other ingredients
aside from tlie Qiape-Nuts,
Send a one cent stamp to the Postum Cereal Co.,- Ltd., llattle Creek,
Mich., for a free receipt book.
A new side walk is being laid cn
Latimer street.
A carload of ri .���_ billed to the local
Chinese merchants arrived in Nelson
The line men are stringing the telephone lines on the new poles along
Josephine street.
Very few prospectors are left in
town, tbe fine weather causing them
to depart in every direction for the
A gang of men are busily at work
putting a sewer on the lower end of
llaker street and the cast end of Vernon street.
The water nf the lake is still slowly
fulling, but will probably begin to
show the effect of the present warm
weather by tonight.
Teams were engaged yesterday hauling away the driftwood accumulated
on the C. P. R. tracks by Cottcnwood
Creek during the recent freshet.
Tom Doyle has rented the Home
Teraferance hotel and will run it as a
boarding bouse. He entered into
possession of the premises yesterday.
The City lawns and flower beds are
showing the effects of Ibe improvement in the weather. June is mw
very agreeably making us acquainted
with its better half.
The proprietor of the shooting gallery containing moving animals,
birds, etc., next to Patenaude's store,
was packing up his outfit yesterday
preparatory to moving.
Fishing is steadily improving in the
lake and since Saturday there have
been an average of about fifty fishermen daily trying their luck between
Nelson and the   bridge.
Although there has only been four
days of warm weather people are already grumbling about the heat.
What these same individuals will do
when they leave this world for their
next home it is hard to say.
Mr. Geo. H. Herron, who is stopping at the Hume at present, arrived
Monday from the Hazel May group
near Crawford Bay. It is a copper-
gold property and the results so far
have been most promising. A force
of four men have been at work on it
for the last two months and have several tons of choice ore ready for shipment.
The Nelson Hardware Co. have cn
hand an interesting and valuable
article for the disciples of Issac Walton in the form of a new and attractive bait for fishing. It is in tbe
form of perserved minnows which arc
securely preserved in brine and sold
in glass jars. They are said to be one
of the most valuable baits in use for
trout fishing.
The following are mining reco.ds
of June 18 Transfers���Klondike,
Reciprocity, Spurgeon and Alamo,
from Charles Anderson of Nelson, to
Alex McPhadden of Sandon. Certificates���Emerald to P. H. Peterson, et
al; Emma, to C. C. Lada ; Sanitago,[U>
Frank de Mieux; Gold Leaf, to A. E.
Crossett; Big Patch, Little Patch,
Sunny Boy and Cloudy Day, to Chas.
A cheque for 813,000 was paid yesterday to Angus Lamont and James
Pollock of Princeton, B. C, by the
Similkameen Valley Co., Ltd., for
1,280 acres of coal land. It is understood that this company now own
7,680 acres of coal land in the Similkameen Valley, ��� on which development
work is to be commenced in the near
future to determine the quality of the
coal with deptb.
One of the lady denizens of the red
parlors was arrested the other even
ing for tbe too liberal and eloquent
use uf quotations of unclassical literature, which are not to be found in
the Bible or the standard authors.
Yesterday she was made to appear before the Police Magistrate to give an
account of her conduct. Dnring the
nigbt her eloquence appeared to have
evaporated for when given an opportunity to defend her conduct sho
was speechless. Consequently she
was fined 810 and costs which were
promptly paid.
The Provincial Grand Lodge of the
Free and Accepted Masons will convene in Fraternity hall tomorrow for
the purpose of holding the annual
convention. There will be about seventy delegates in attendance from the
various parts of the Province and the
convention will last about three
days. Tho meeting was held last
year in Vancouver and one of the matters to come up before the present session will be the selection of a place
for the next meeting. Delegates ap
pointed to attend the convention are
expected to commence arriving tonight and the convention will com-
Eenec on the following morning.
The bills are out announcing the
Labor demonstration which is to be
held in Slocan City on the 25th and
88th of this month. The committee
are offering 8350 in prizes and olabor-
1901 1901
The Store With
Right Prices
New Goods Arriving Every Day
When our new stock is complete we will have by far the FINEST DISPLAY OF FIRST-CLASS FURNITURE and HOUSE FURNISHINGS
ever shown to the public of Nelson.
Call and see our Rattan Chairs, Baby Carriages, Go  Carts,   Morris
Chairs, Verandah Chairs, etc.
We wish to call the attention of the several "Celebration Committees" and the
public in general to the fact
that we are prepared to turn
out anything in the way of
artistic jewelry. New designs
in medals, trophies, etc. We
can do it on short notice and
at reasonable prices.
fy"* _^  _^
___H "*h -*
*��_ __��
Prospectors' Supplies.
Everything That Is Needed in
the Hills.
Manufacturing-Jewelers and Watchmakers.
Fine China, Crockery, Glassware, House Furnishings and
B.r Supplies.
A large and well ie ected stock to choose from.
We carry the largest line of White Ware suitable for hotel use
this ��i_e of   Vancouver.
Prices right.
Telephone -ill
linker Hire. I
i()��tw nMrn/'/Mu/t/ 3^t^
.id "Mes 47L0#�� cU&ci0-iv6 *��4f
in/ 'foe tWirt&Lc,
ate preparations have been made for a
big time. The chief event of the
proceedings will be the public meeting which will be held on the morning of the first day, when addresses
will be delivered by Edward Boyce of
Denvei, Colorado, president of the
Western Federation of Miners. Mr.
Wilks, vice-president of the Federation and a resident of this city will
also address the gathering, as well as
other prominent members of the Federation. There will be a special train
and boat rates from all points in the
Slocan and Nelson districts.
Prospects For the Flour Mill For
Nelson Very Good.
Mr. Joseph Jackson, who has been
in the eity for some time in connection with the locating of a flour mill
here, receivwd a letter yesterday from
Mr. B. Friel of Regina, for whom he
is acting.statmg that th3 lat.er would
be in Nelson abont the end of the
month. Mr. Jackson said tbat he was
fully satisfied with the site, if all arrangements could be made satisfactorily, and believed that Nelson was admirably situated for a mill of the
nature it was intended to put up. In
the course of a conversation he stated that at present only the cheaper
grades cf flour could he handled here,
as owing to freight rates it did not
pay to handle any others, in competition with the cheap American
Hours. With, a mill-here, Nelsou and
Kootenay firms wonld be able to handle .lour made from the best Manitoba
hard wheat, at the same prices as
now charged for a greatly inferior
product. He said that at present
wheat, from Regina was shipped east
to Hat l'ortiige for milling and then
shipped here from the mill at a cost
of 55 cents p��r hundred weight. With
wheat shipped direct here at the
same cost that it would take to send J
it to the mill in the east, that 55 cents
per hundred would he saved. As to
the cost of milling here it would be
less than in Regina, as there was!
cheaper fuel, water power instead   of!
steam, a first class local market and
excellent shipping facilities.
When asked if he thought there
would be sufficient water for power
at the site mentioned he said that
there was ample, that the waste water
from the electric light flume alone
would be enough. If there was a
shortage in tbe water at any time
with electric, power hut a stone's
throw away it would be an easy matter to connect.
Mr. Friel. the principal in the business, is a practical millwright of 35
yeais experience, and has thoroughly
investigated the" prospects here, and
feels fully satisfied tbat a large aud
profitable business can quickly be
worked up in flour.
Permanent stock of the II. C. Permanent Loan and Saving Co., has advanced within the last week from 8118
to 81-'0 per share, making a total advance within the last three months of
six dollars. E. J. Flatt, agent, Nelson.
H. & M. BIRD
These lots are opposite to Block 49
reserved by Government ard on which
a school will probably be erected.
Lots 1 and 2, price 8575 for the two,
Lois 0, 7, and S, price $330 each
Several   houses   furnished   and   un-
furnished for rent.
Canada Permanent and Western Canada Mortgage
head office toronto,   ont.
Money to loan on Straight Mortgage
Apply to G. U WKKOi.  IJ. kn   St.
"Zhe TRo^al Bank of Canaba"
In pi. a I   Authorized,
Incorporated 1869,
Capital Paid-up,
Hoard of  Director*      Fhomae K. Kenny,   President;
Wiley Smith   H. O. Bauld, Hon. David MacKeon.
Head Oflice, Halifax,
General Manager, Kdbcm L. IV,im-, Montreal.
Superintendent of BrancheK, And Secretary,
It ran    es!
'ova   Scotlii-Ha) 11 ax   Branch,   Apt-Roni".
Bridge water, Guy~iboro. Londonderry, Lu
en burg. Maitland (Hants Co.), Pictou, Port
Hftwkesbury, Sydney. Shubenacadiu, Truro.
Wew    Brunswick ��� Bathurst.     Doiflicster,
Frederlcton, Kingston iKorit Co.!, Moncton, Newcastle, Sack ville, St, John,Woodstock-
I*. E. Inland���Charlottetown, Sumiuenddo.
���    ���     92.000. noo.M
Thomas Ritchie. Viia.prei.denl
W. B. Torrance. Halifax,
ebec-Montroal.   (City   Oflice),   Montreal
west End (Cor. Notre   Dame and Bolg-
naurs Streets); Westmount (Cor. Greene
Avenue aid St. Catharines  Street.
Newfoundland���St. .lohn V.
Culm, Went iDdlen���Havana.
I'uited Kiaira���New York (16 Jtixehangn Place
Republic, waab,
Grand   Forks, Nanaimo,   Nelson,   Rosslard,   Vanconver,
Vancouver East End, Victoria,
..      j     ��     ..    .   ���    ,    . _ lorrfnpondnilHi
tanadd-Mcrchaiitj Pankof Cannda, Bimiim-NatiotiRl Bbawnlllt Ilnnk. ��ilf��_o-Illiriol<
trjutand Barings Bank. Ban **._elte��-FU_t National Hank. London, �������.-nai k of
_2F*~___.I_V__} Fr~"a!f*~<lrC. Ll %M*#l ��<-���<"l��-Uankof H,r,���,,da. China am. j"
pan-Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation.   Spokane-Old National Bank.
General Banking Business Transacted; Sterling Bills ol Exchange  B��u_ht
and Sold, Litters of  Credit, Etc., Negotiated.
Accounts received ou the most favorable terras.    Interest allowed on .pedal
deposits and on Saving Bank accounts.
Geo. Kydd, Manager, Nelson. B.C.
" W**w** W**w** w**w** *9**9** 1
The Canadian Bank of Commerce
With Which 15 Amalgamated
The Bank of^British Columbia.
Paid up   Capital,   (8,000,000;    Reserve   Fund,   12,000,000;
rr.>_, ,, ��� Aggregate   Resources Over 166.000,000.
HON. GEO. A. COX, President.       B. 8. WALKER, Oe_e.nl Manager.
London Office: 6o Lombard Street, E. C.
.New Vork Office; 16 Exchange Place.
And 08 branches in Canada and thc United Status, including:
Atlin Qhkkxwood   , Nklson Sandon
Cranbrook        Kamloops Nkw Westminster   Vancouver
Fernie Nanaimo Rossland Victohia
&_~��~~~ I'IHTHICT-Dawbon and White Hoksk.
UNITED STATES���New York, San Francisco, Seattle, Portland, Skaowav,
Savings Bank Department.
Deposits Received and Interest Allowed.   Present Rate ii Per Cent
Nelson Branch.
GRANGE V. HOLT, Manager.
Why we are enabled to manufacture Tailor-
made garments ready-to-wear.
Because we have the Experience 1
The Proprietors ofthe "Royal Brand" have been engaged
!n the development of tailor-made garments for many years and
only after perfection had been attained were the public given an
opportunity to purchase this clothing.
Because we have the Foreman and Designer I
Who must necessarily possess experience and taste. Needless to say the head of this department in the manufacture of
"Royal Brand" clothing possesses both.
Because we have the Makers 1
Those engaged in putting together "Royal Brand" clothing
are master hands. Much depends on the making and ordinary
tailoring would not hold its shapliness nor give the wear which
is demanded from these garments.
.   In future this label will be attached to all garments and
will be found in the left hand pocket of the coat.
Registered Brands "Royal" and "Fit-Reform,"
Gold, .Silver-Lead   and   Copper Minos wanted at tlie EXCHANGE.
FREE MILLING GOLD properties wanted at once for Eastern
Parties having mining property for sale are requested to send
samples of their ore to the EXCHANGE for exhibition.
We desire to hear from prospectors who have promising' mineral
claims in Hritish Columbia.
. .it ��'��ro1?ectors  and  mi"',Jg'  n-.en   are requested   to make  the  EXCHANGE their headquarters when in Nelson.
All samples should be sent by express, PREPAID.
Correspondence solicited.    Address all communications to
1 nlo|ihono No. 104.
P. O. Box 700.


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