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Nelson Daily Miner Jun 14, 1901

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Daily Edition No. 1063
' ���" !.
Nelson,   British  Columbia, Friday,  June 14.  1901
Eleventh   Year
Points of Interest Within
Day's Journey of the
Lake, Glacier, Waterfall and
Canyon. -Fishing and
With the opening tip of the summer
season, und the coining of the tourist,
mention of a few of the delightful re
sorts within easy reach of the city
Will be timely. Nelson in itself
possesses no mean list of attractions
for those in search of health or amusement. For boating there are a goodly
selection of boats for hiie, ranging
from tiny canoes to handsome sailing
bouts and gasoline or  steam launches.
Rilling on the electric cars here
possess many features which are lacking 111 U-ss favored towns and for a
person where time for amusement or
pleasure is limited to take the round
trip on n summer's morning, or else
at sunset, is a revelation of what a
variety of beautiful scenery can be
seen and enjoyed in so short a time.
While thc riding and driving facilities are not extra, yet there are a few
places of interest to visit thus, thnt
arc well worth taking in," among
them being the canyon nnd falls tf
Cottonwood creek, the grand view
from parts of the Hall Mines road,and
the reservoir.
Hy small boat, one of the best
place", to visit, especially during July,
arc the fulls of (Irohman creel;, near
Melons', point. These falls, though
comparatively unknown outside of the
few hundreds of people who have visited them, are a perfect gem of beauty
in the midst of as wild and awesome
a letting of rocks as one wonld wish
to see. There are ulso some pretty
falls on Five Mile creek, hut these are
rather ilillicult of access. Ily rail the
number of enjoyable outing spots to
be reached within a day's journey
nre almost limitless. Going westward from Nelson,8ve miles down the
river, the rapids at Kootenav Crossing are nt all seasons of the year
worthy of a day's inspection. Jnst
above the bridge, a short distance,
is a wide glassy stretch of water in
which usually there is hardly a ripple, anil on the surface even the current is barely perceptible. The suddenness with whicli the water breaks
into fierce roaring conl'usioi , mailing
the rocky shores reverberate with the
clamor is at first view apalling.
Where the main current sweeps
through between the arches of the
bridge, the water is very deep aud
takes a ten foot leap before a break is
made The rough rocks on either side
of the main channel, however, break
the water into fulls, cross and back
currents till the oye in attempting to
follow tho wild turmoil, makes the
head reel. Near the south shore, is
the "Colfee Pot'' an immense eddy
in .which logs, diiftwood and the various debiis of Hie river at high water
are whirled and ground together
round and round at u giddy speed.
From the Crossing to ltobson the river is n series '.of wild rapids, interspersed with smooth stretches, Bon-
nington Falls is the next plnce the
train stops at, and n splendid trip fur
good walkers is to take the early tialn
to Bonnington Fulls, walk from there
back to the Crossing nnd catch the
evening train for Nelson at Granite
siding, at the south end of the bridge.
so many places convenient to low.i
that it is bard to select. Nearly every
day good strings of trout aie brought
in, oaught within a mile or two of
town. At the Crossing It is generally
good, while Slocan Junction is obtaining a widespread- reputation Jfoi
thc number and high grade of. the
trout caught in the river there. Al
Cottonwood lake, five miles south of
Netlson, on the Nelson and Fort Sheppard railway occasionally some good
strings may be obtained, but for one
really fond of fishing it is better to
stay on the train till Hall Siding or
Ymir is reached, and the mangifieent
pools of Salmon river are available as
well as many good streams in that
Later in the season the marshes at
the month of Goat river afford appar
enlty inexhaustible flocks of wild
fowl. Grouse are fairly plentiful
quite close to town, also rabbits, but
need some one who knows the country to find them. An occasional deer
may be obtained in Grohman valley,
tbis probably being the best locality
for game close to town.
C. P. R. Employees Have Ar
rived at That  Decision.
English Journalists Are Com
ing to Find Out About
Jas, Wllks TalkB of  the Denver   Miners'  Convention.
Jas. A. Wilks, the secretary of the
Nelson Miners' Union, who. has been
absent from the city during the last
tluee weeks attending as delegate
tbe Miners' convention at Denver,
Col., has returned to the oity and report- having had an enjoyable time
and a very successful convention. Mr.
Wllks was elected vice-president of
the organizaiton and Mr. Jas. A. Baker of Slocan City, a member of the
executive committee of District No.
0, which comprises all territory north
of the Internationa' boundary. As
the board consists only of nine mem
bers, it .gives the Kcotenay district
practically twenty-five per cent.of the
One of the decisions of the convention wns to moke Denver the headquarters of the organization and the
executive board have the matter under advisement of erecting a convention hall in that eity.
The ('invention adopted a vigorous
policy ot organization for the joining
year especialy in tbe United States
districts, and a number of paid organ-
zeis will be put in the field for the
purpose of strengthening the cause of
organized labor. The result of the
convention revealed the fact that the
State Legislature of Montana, recently
adopted an eight hour day for mine
workers, which has been successfully
initiated, without friction, and tbe
State of Colorado will adopt the same
reform in the near future.
The Confederation of Miners is repotted to be stronger financially and
numerically than ever before in its
history, and the work of the gathering bas terminated under auspicious
conditions. Speaking of mining mat-j
ters generally Mr. Wllks states that
in the Portland mining district work
has been resumed with a large force
of men, which for a short time had
been suspended on account of differences between the companies and the
miners. The difficulties have been
happily adjusted, satisfactorily to all
The delegates who attended the con
vention from the Kootenay district
were A. Parr, Ymir; James Wilks,
Nelson; J. A. Bole, Slocan City; W.
M. Holllster, Moyie; John Riordan,
Phoenix; D.J. Quintan, Greenwood,
and Wm. O'Brien, Rossland. All thc
delegates except Mr. Quintan bave returned.
Appointn-.ent of an Assistant Postofiice
Inspeotor Recommended.
A meeting of the  Nelson   Boaid   of
The   distance,   by   track, is  but  six' Trade  was   held last evening  at   the
miles   and   is   replete   with   Interest  board   rooms.    Among  those   present
every step.
I ware the President G.   V. Holt, F. W
East of Nelson, first in point of in- j Swanncl, seoretary,and Messrs. Croas-
tercst for file general tourist is a trip j dalle, J. M. Lay, T. G. Pro.ter, J. 0.
by ono of the fine steamers to Kaslo, j T. Crofts, W. W. Peer, C. Hillyer,
thence across to Slocan lake and on ,6. Bell, H. J. Evans, Aid. Gillett and
down to   Slocan   Junction   and   thus  R. W. Day.
buck   to   Nelson.    In   this   trip some |    A resolution was passed recomuiend-
lakc, mountain nnd glacial scenery is  ing that the   Provincial   Government
passed that has   been   pronounced   by   appoint   an'ass'stant   post oflice   in-
many travellers   to   be   the  equal   of  spoctor for the Kootenays.
anything in Switzerland. .     Considerable   discission took   place
Another good tiip is by steamer to over tbe practical omission of Nelson
Kootenay Landing and then by rail from the pamphlet sent to the Glas-
to Goat River canyon, Here some gow exhibition for distribution, by
magnificent views arc obtained, and the local government. A -esolntion
the camera fiend will find ample was passed that the attention of the
employment In tho neighborhood, ul- proper parties be called to the omis-
though the falls antl Canyon are too slou.. Other cities are extensively ad-
deep and dark for photographing. | vertised in the pamphlet but Nelson Is
For those fon.l of   fishing there  aro  ignored.
<s_T.~t._~s to the niinick.)
Montreal, June 12.��� The grievance
committee representing the C. P. R.
trackmen tonight voted unanimously
in favor of a general strike ou the
Eastern system. The order to suspend
work at all points and place hand cars
'n sheds and turn over the keys to the
nearest station agents was mailed to
3,500 trackmen by Grand President
John P. Wilson, 11. R. T. The strike
is to take effeot on June 17. Mr.
Shaughnessy notified the committee
that the company had no answer to
make to their letter. It is reported
that thu engineers and conductors
have pledged their aid to the striking
trackmen. The strike may, therefore, assume very serious dimensions,
nnd shut up the whole eastern
Montreal, June 13.���A party of
English newspaper men and others are
here enrouta to western Canada. The
party consists of C. L. Hughes, London Daily Express; R. Murphy
Douglas, Isle of Man, and director of
the Manx Bank, and Ernest Tabernacle, London Daily Advertiser. The
party will be accompanied by M. S.
Congdon, Halifax. Mr. Hughes has
teen detall-d by the Daily Express
to visit leading agricultural and mining districts in Canada, including the
Yukon, and communicate regular letters to his paper. On their way home
they will give some attention to Ontario and Quebec after whioh they will
go to the Maritime provinces.
Thursday Afternoon Closing
Movement a Great
Laughable Attempts of a Few
Opponents to   De
feat It.
Toronto, June 13.���Two precedents
were mad" in Toronto yesterday of
considerable importance to the medical profession. Dr. McMnrchy, daugh
ter of ex-Principal McMurchy, was
appointed on the staff ot the general
hospital and Dr. Margaret McCalluin
was appointed onthe staff of the Sick
Children's hospital. These are the
first appointments of lady doctors to
official medical positions in Canada,
though in England aud the United
States such appointments are frequent.
Winnipeg, June 13.���Knox congregation, Portage la Prairie, has called
Rev. George Arnold, of Waubausbene,
Simcce county, Ontario, to succeed
Rev. Dr. Wright, now of Nelson, who
resigned last November. The new
pastor is a young Knox College graduate.
Ottawa, June 13.���Dr. Freeland will
be Ottawa's next collector of revenue
Wm. Arnold, another old   time   Liberal,    has been recommended   for   the
post of surveyor of customs.
Winnipeg, June 13.���Dr. Harvey
Smith, of this city, was married in
Montreal to Miss Annie Gait, daughter of the late Sir A. T. Gait.
Winnipeg, June 13.���A crop bulletin
issued today shows two million aores
in wheat alone. Conditions are almost Ideal foi a big harvest.
Belleville, Ont., June 13.-The
Belleville Sun Publishing company
has decided to go Into liquidation.
A meeting of the executive for the
Dominion Day celebration was held
yesterday afternoon to give a fefv
finishing touches to the preparations.
There was not much done beyond arranging the matter of prizes nnd making additional appropriations. The
laoroBSe clnb was voted nn a-ditional
amount of flOO for the purpose of assisting the local team in getting out-
Bide players to compete in the events
on the first of July. It was also decided to award prizes for the best decorated window in the drygoods
line, and a similar prize foi the best
decorated window in any other class.
A prize will also be offered for the
best exterior decorated hotel and another one for the best exterior decoration on any other building.
If any one had any tigering doubt
about the success of the Thursday hilf
holiday, inaugurated some weeks ago
by the retail houses of Nelson, a walk
down llaker street yesterday afternoon would have entirely dispelled
It. It would have shown the following list of closed and open stores:
Dry goods, etc.���Kerr A Co., Fred
Irvine A Co., Hudson's Bay Co.;
Martin O'Reilly 4 Co.
Boots and shoes���Lillie Bros., Nee-
lands Shoe Oo., H. McCauslantl.
Furniture dealers--J. G. Bunyan A
Co., D. McArthur <_, Co.
Tailors���E.. Rotie, H. M. Vincent,
E. U. Modre, Pierre Bros.
Millinery���Mrs. McLaughlin.
Groceis���Wm. Hunter Co., T. Scan-
Ian, Simpson A McEwen, S. L. Lester, McNeill Bros., Morrison A Caldwell, Lee A Burnett, Geo. Bell A Co,,
MePherson A McCammon, J. A. Irving A Co., Iludsons' Bay Co.
Clothing and mens' outfitter!���
Brown at Co., Wallace Miller Co., J.
A. Gilker, J. F. Weir, Tlieo Madson,
Emory A Walley.
Crockery and glassware���Brockmnn
at McFarland.
Hardware���Lawrence BarawareCo.,
Nelson Hardware Co., MoLachlan
Jewellers���J. Dover,   Brown   Bros.,
J. J. Walker,Patennude Bros.
H. Byers at Co., hardware; A. Ferland, dry goods; A. Frank, tinware;
J. Howell grocer.
One of the four which stayed open
will be closed next Thursday���J. Howell, grocer. Second hand dealers,
bootblack stands and a tew other
small dealers which are not consider,
ed regular merchants, were open.
Druggists and stationers remain open
by agr imenl, and the tobacconists
and confectioners were not asked, or
expected to close. The efforts of those
opposed to the movement, composed
largely of the editor and city editor
of The Tribune, to defeat the movement aie becoming laughable. Yesterday afternoon a man slipped into
one of the stores that had closed but
whose doors were oper. for a moment.
He said he wanted a $300 order filled but the clerk politely told him that
the store was closed and that much
as they regretted it, they could not
serve him. Tbe man with the large
order said that he conld not get into
town in the morning and that the
store would lose the order. Then,
without waiting a moment to impress
upon the clerk the noce.Hi.v of filling tbe order left the store, crossed
the street to where John Houston
stood, evidently waiting for him, and
the two entered into earnest conversation. That the whole affair was a
bluff to provide The Tribune wilh a
story about the violation of the agreement by one firm was very evident to
the clerk who saw the would-be customer leisurely having his boots polished at a street stand at 'J o'clock in
the morning. But still he said be
was not in town in the morning. The
elerk now regrets that he did not call
the bluff by offering to fill the 8300
order just for the fun of seeing bow
the man would get out of it.
On another Thursday afternoon a
Tribune reprcB-atative took a prospective purchaser all over town to find a
grooer who had closed. He was run
to earth finally and asked to fill a
small order bnt refused.notwithstanding the fact that It was a life and
death matter for the man to secure
some baking powder and rolled oats.
If it bad been any other day it is safe
to say that the newspaper man would
not have shown such a burning desire to bring business to that particular grocer.
On the day following the last half
day holiday a sensational story was
circulated through ihe city that a Mr.
Waldie, a large contractor, hud arrived In Ihe city for the purpose of securing supplies for hifl can.n and because the stores on Baker stroet were
closed he was compelled to make his
purchases at a store on the hill, which
was Ihe only store opened and doing
business. But the facts of the case,
as subsequently ascertained, are that
the parties making the purchases had
been inuflenced by certain parties interested, fo transfer their trade from
the firm with whom they have all
been dong business to the parties who
are said to have received the order.
But In order to have some show of an
excuse for transferring tin ir trade it
was arranged that by coming into the
oity on Thuisday afternoon, when it
was well known that the stores would
be closed, it would serve as an ready
made exense for the change without
the formality of having to manufacture one. It will thus be patent to all
unprejudiced people that the story
had no relation to the holiday movement whatever, and those who used it
as a catspaw to pull the chestnut ont
of the fire must not be surprised if the
chestnut burns their fingers when
they get It in their hands, and are to
be thanked for the very material,
though unintended, assistance they
have   rendered to   thc movement.
Until Then Cedar Logs Can
Be Exported to the
Election   Trial   of   Messrs.
Prior and Earle Is
Some of the Local   Cases   ta. Come Up
Next   Week.
The sitting of the Fnll Court commences at tha coast, next week when a
number of cases of local interest will
come up befoie the judges tor appeal.
R. S. Lennie left for the coast on
Wednesday where he will move for a
new trial in the case of Fawcelt vs
the C. P. R. He will also act as the
solicitor on the appeal eases of Brack-
man at Ker vs. Oppenheimer, and
Thurston vs. Weyl. S. S. Taylor, K.
0., leaves on Saturday to attend the
court where he has to appear on nine
different appeal cases, among them the
following. The case of Paikor vs.
Lawr is an appeal in reference to the
Rebecca mineral claim on Morning
Mountain, near the Venus mine.
Lawr located the claim but. by mistake crossed twenty feet out of line.
Also.in giving notice to apply for certificate of work on one claim to apply
on another his application to the Gold
Commissioner was a verbal one instead
of a written one. Judgment was given for Lawr by Mr. Justice Walkein.
Mr. Parker is appealing against the
judgment and his case will be argued
by E. P. Davis K. C. The ease of G.
0. Buchanan of Kaslo, vs. W. W.
West, is an appeal on the suit brought
against the former by West, claiming
as assignee, tbe amount of an account
for logs owed by Buchanan to one Mc-
Farlane. The mone" claimed by West
was for logs given to MeFarlane by
West which West claims Buchanan
knew about, and promised to protect
him. Buchanan now claims to off-set
the logging claim for damages which
he has against MeFarlane for non-ful 1-
fillment of contract. The trial judtre
held that Buchanan waived these
equities by allowing West to believe
that, he would be protected in any
event. E. P. Davis, K. C, will argue
the ease for Buchanan and S. S. Taylor, K. C, for West. Tlie case of
Brigs vs. Newswander is an appeal
arising out of the Cork and Dublin
mining claims near Kaslo and owned
by the Fleutot syndicate. Briggs sued
under an agreement for breach of
that agreement which was for thc sale
of the gronnd covered by the Cork and
Dublin mining claims to Newswander.
located by Briggs under two former
locations, Two Kids and Morauic.
Owing to the unsatisfactory nature of
the agreement, which was verbal,
judgmel t was given against Briggs
who appeals. S. S. Taylor, K. C,
will argue the case for the appellant
and E. P. Davis, K. C, for the defendant. In the case of Thurston
Slocan Co. vs. G. L. R. Weyl, late of
the Chapleau Mines, the former sues
the latter for K:i. .uiin on account of the
sale of some Rossland town lots, in
which be claims that Weyl, who holdB
tbe property in trust, is withholding
from him his proper share of commission and asks the cancellation of the
agreement. The defendant Weyl made
application to have the case thrown
out at Victoria. Owing to ei lain documents not arriving, on account of a
delay in the mails, the uuse was
thrown out, S. S. Taylor, K. C, will
appear for thc appti I Ian t and Charles
Wilson, K. C, and Et. S. Lennie, for
the respondent.
The appeal in the case of Florida
Mining Co., In winding up thu property in the Kaslo district, is au order
Vancouver, B. C, June 13.���It hus
been learned on the best authority
that the British Columbia Government
has decided not to enforce the law on
the statutes, prohibiting the export of
cedar logs to the States,until next season. This will give an opportunity to
all firms that have contracts to supply
logs to United States concerns to fulfil
their contracts to the letter. Tbe
loggers aie extremely disappointed at.
having a lucrative trade ta^en from
them. They state that a few saw
mill men,dissatisfied at the high price
of cedar,decided that if they could get
the loggers stopped from sending
cedar to the States they could bear
the price of logs themselves and insist
upon the logs being culled and the
knots removed. They succeeded in doing what they wished in spite of the
fact that the Government loses a
heavy roaylty, as the logs sent to the
States were not cnlled and the business was growing enormously. The
Government were inforwed that loggers would stunfl a royalty of 81 if
they allowed they to continue exporting, but. the sawmill men won ont.
The cedar or. the railway belts, however, is not controlled by the Government and from one property alone
on Vancouver Islnnd 7,000,(KM) feet of
logs has been shipped to Washington
state during last season.
Victorin,B.C., June 13.���This morning Judge Walkem granted the application for extension of the time for
the bearing of the election petition
against Messrs. Pnor nnd Earle, until
December 3. The judge said that an
important matter would be called up
und it was important that their constituents should know whether or nol
they were properly represented. There
has been no laxity in pushing the application and therefore there, would
be a shock to the community if he refused to extend the time of hearing.
A letter has been received here by
oannery owners from Archdeacon
Collison from Kincolith on Naas river, saying tbat there were only three
cases of measles or small-pox'and that
the family who nad it lived on a rock
above tlie village with litte danger of
infection. Little danger is therefore
apprehended through the spread of the
Continued on   Fourth i'age.
The Nelson Self-Denial Effort Reaches
the High Water Mark of Jl,004.
At the pic social last evening,at tho
Salvation army barracks Adjutant McGill made the very gratifying announcement that ns the result of the
loeal self-denial effort, he had great
pleasure in informing tho friends assembled that their target to laise ono
thousand dollars hud been'exceeded as
the amount, now stood at SI.mil which
bad been collected and promised during the last four weeks. This has
been obtained in audition to any
amounts already collected for the
building fund and general work and
in these dull times speak volumes nut
only for the genorosity of the people
of Nelson but equally well for the
perseverance of the local ofllcers. Notwithstanding the inclemency of the
weather there was a full house and
when a Minor ieporter looked in
empty pie plates testified to tho
fact that the crowd bad enjoyed the
proceedings in every way. Mrs. Captain Beaumont of Rossland was present and add rested tho gathering.
Major Hargreaves of Spokane, who is
the consulting agent in the army's
building schemes,will be in the city it
is expected during the next ten days
and will confer with the local ofllcers
on their building piojcct und will ut
the same time submit sketches of their
projected new hurracks.
G. A. Carlson, mayor of Kaslo, wns
in the city yesterday and ireturned
on the Kokanee. Nb.sow Dai.* Min*.;,  P. ipav.  I��wb 14, igsa
The Nelson Miner
Publldhecl   Every Morning  Exrept   Monday
���BY THE���
Limited Li a hi lit v.
Dally, per month, by carrier     65c
Dally, per month, by mail      50c
Dully, por year, by carrier  ... I 7 (X)
Dally, per year, by mail    5 00
Daily, per year foreign    9 00
Weekly.per half year  91 2fi
Weekly, per year    2 00
Weekly, per year, foreign    3 00
ubeoriptionB invariably in advance.
<r_��~    .".___*_
115 Fleet Stroet. E. C.
Central Press Agonov, Ltd., Spoclal Agents
_,!! Checks should bo mado payable lo the
order ot Nelson Publishing Company,
Alexander A Co.. 521 First Avenue, Spokane,
Wash., keep this paper on file, and are our
authorized agonU for advertisements and subscriptions.
The total trade of Canada for the
fiscal year ending with this month,
export and import, is expected to
foot up tbe respectable sum of four
hundred millions of dollars. As a
commercial natio. w. are advancing
rapidly to a front rank, and soon the
countiies of Europe will be rubbing
their eyes and wondering what new
rival this is tbat is rising out of the
until the end of June.
From 20 to 35 per Cent off
Regular Prices.
Hudson's Bay Company.
There has been a noticeable im-
pro\ement in the postal service in this
part of the Province, but it is far
from perfect yet. Ccomplaiuts are
still made to this olliee that papers are
received with tegular irregularity at
points outside. The irregularities are
of such a nature that it is impossible
to attribute them to any other cause
than that of carelessness in transmission. The Inspector's work in that
region of bis district of which Nelson
is the centre is by no means com
It is thought that the Ottawa Uovernment will soon advertise for tenders for a fast
Atlantic service. One reason given
for taking this step at the present time, instead of longer continuing the policy of procrastination that
has been in practice for years, is that
the existing steamship lines are in a
conspiracy to divert European emigration to South America as against
Canada. That is certainly a good
reason; but au entirely sufficient one
is that given by Sir William Van
Home several years ago, when he said
that Canada had been doing business
on a back street long enough and it
was time she was moving up to the
The idea, or sentiment, which is behind a suggestion made by The Victoria Colonist, thnt the first issue of
postage stamps bearing the portrait of
the King, in both Mother Country and
colonies, should be distinctively imperial, iB perhaps a commendable one,
but it will hardly do yet to give it practical effect. The Canadian stamp, for
example, it ia said, may be of any design we choose, but it should bear the
words "Biitish Empire." It will be
better for a few years yet to stick to
our own name in a matter of that kind,
than to lose our identity by having it
hidden under the name of the Empire. We want the world to continue
to know that there is a country in it
called Canada, and for a purpose of
that kind a postage stamp is an excellent advertisement.
"British Columbia," says The
Toronto Globe, "bids fair to become
nn industrial and commercial rather
than an agricultural Province. It
is difficult for us to realize how very
important a part Britisli Column.u
is likely to play in tho future history
of Canada. When we tliink of foreign trade we think of the Atlantic
Ocean, as centuries ago men thought
of the Mediterranean. But it is likely that in the years to come the Pacific Ocean will be fully as important
a'commercial highway as the Atlan-
tl',. It washes the shores of the countries in which will take place the
greater development of the twentieth
century���China, Asiatic Hussia, Japan,
the United .States, Canada, Australia. We do not know but that in
the years to come as large' a part of
the products cf Canada and the United
States may be shipped westward as
After quoting with approval some
remarks on their School question that
appeared in this column,The World of
Vancouver adds that The Miner disparages freo education. The Miner
haB not done this. At the annual dinner of the alumni of Toronto University a few days ago, Sir William Meredith said that in its institutions
Canada was the best example of a
democracy in tbo world. lie added to
this that to make the development of
out democracy as  perfect   as  possible
it was necessary that education should
be general. And it is. The Miner
would see every boy aud girl in the
country given as thorough an ele
mentary education as the conditions
would allow. There is no way to do
this excepting through a system o1
free schools, therefore The Miner, instead of disparaging free education,
would encourage and uphold it. Hit.
it does not approve sf carrying this
principle of free schools to excess, and
wc submit that It is to excess when
it goes beyond the elementary stage.
Neither the duty of the State nor the
necessities of our perfect democracy
demand the free higher education
which our system is being strained to
supply, in many instances entailing a
burden of taxation tbat is not easily
The census was taken on the same
day in Great Britain, the Australian
colonies, and Canada It is several
weeks now since we learned many of
the particulars concerning tbe population of tbe United Kingdom. Cables
several days old inform us that the
increase cf the decade in the Australian colonies is less than eleven per
cent., and that tbeir population now
is about four and a half millions. The
most that we have been able to ascertain in regard to figures in Canada is
a "report" now and again that ths
population of a certain city is so and
so. Our methods are faulty, or they
are being clumsily carried out, when
we find ourselves so far behind the
Mother Country and our cousins in
Australia. It may be said that Canada is bo much larger than the United
Kingdom that it cannot be coveted sc
easily. For the purposes of taking a
census no country is larger than an
enumeration district, therefore in this
sense Canada is no larger than lireat
Britain. Some of our districts are ie
mote and difficult cf access, but these
are insignificant as to population,
and might easily be estimated in a
statement intended to appease a natural curiosity. We have no doubt
there were a number of estimates of
remote districts in Australia, which
the authorities hastened to make in
order to give the people the closest
possible approximation of the growth
of population. There is no such disposition to please apparent ut Ottawa.
For Women and Children
Store news of interest, to women
<vbose shopping list i. eludes a summer
dress for themselves or th- children.
Jur offering oomes jti.t at the moment
when hundreds of women are planning
Iheir summer dress wai ts, and it offers
economies that will h. l.eliful. While
diving those of modest means the opportunity to buy belter aod liner materials at the pric s tbey might otdiuari-
ly pay fur the commonplace, it also
gives an assortment of ever, thing that's
newest and prettiest in the way or
dress materials.
2()0 yards Bijou Organdie in Paialey
aud Scroll Patterns; Colors,
Black, Sky Blue, Pink, Mauve;
29 inches wi.le;   guaranteed fast
colors;  special, per yard  15c
Irish Dimity, Valence Organdie,
Lappet Muslins, Mercerized Salines, in scroll and fancy designs;
fast colors in Black, Green,Helio,
Cardinal,  Pink, Sky;  500 yards
to go at, per yard  20c
140 yards Wesserling Organdie, finest quality, special designs, in
oolors, Helio, Fawn, Grey, Sky
Bine; special value; per yard... 50c
4 pieces Silk Dimity, colors Helio,
Creani, Black, White, __S0 inches
wide, fast dyes. These are not
all silk, but have that bright,
silky finish which is just as rich
in appearance as thu pure silk,
and they wear much better.   Our
price, per yard  05c
For Trimmings���Valenciennes Laces,
Allover Laces, Allover Embroidery,
Allover Tucking,    See our stock.
Best Assortment
^> til/ il> i^> VI/ il>\A> i.-/iiA> \^> \l> \d> ii#>ii^ U> ii/ \0 i^/ il/ \4/%��/ U> \i/1(> ,^ 4^     i.
1D. McArthur 8 Co. 1
Furniture Dealers, |
Undertakers and Embalmers.      1
Gome Early and Get
Canada Drug and
Book Co., Ltd.
West Transfer Co.
Coal and  Wood.
Agents Imperial Oil 0o. Ltd.
Blairmore Coal,    ���   $6.75
Crow's   Nest   Coal,   $6.15
Anthracite,    -    -    $10.75
No order can be accepted unlest
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Office on   Baker Street Tel. 147
KERR & 60.
Ward and Baker Sts.
Buy   Only   Union - Made   Shoeu
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Windermere Mines.   Correal uiM;,.caSor.ajlla'ai
WINDEBMj_i.UI. -i. a
This signature is on every box of the genuine
Laxative Bromo-Quinine *��"<*��
the remedy that cn-rea ��� eoM la one <*�����
Delivered to any point
on Kootenay Lake.
I have a complete stock on hand of
Rough and Dressed
Mouldings, Sash Doors.
Inside Finish,
Coast Flooring, and
Finished Lumber-
Mill at PILOT BAY. Yards, NELSON
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nnd try a bol.tlo, a dozen, or a barrel ot
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.'adaption   113, Hiker 81   N-lion.B. .'
This stamp used by the JOBN Mc-
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Large House-Boat completely
furnished, for rent by the week or
month on most reasonable terms or
For Sale at a Bargain
This is a good investment for man
who could look after same, and personally take out tourists and fishing
parties.    Apply
T. G.   PROCTER,    Baker Street.
Notice is hereby given that the first
sittings of the Annual Court of Revision of the Municiality of the City of
Nelson will be held in the Council
Chamber at tlie City offices, Neloon,
on Wednesday the 10th day of July
next at 10 o'clock a. m., for the purpose of bearing complaints against
the assessment as made by the assessor, and for revising and correcting
the assessment roll.
City Clerk.
Nelson, II.C., May 38th, 11)01.
Brewers of Fine Lager
Beer and Porter,
An extraordinary general meeting
of the shareholders of the Company
will be held at the offices of the Company, Baker street. Nelson, B. C, on
Saturday the inth day of June. 1901,
at the hour of 2 o'clock in the afternoon, for the following purposes:
To authorize tbe Directors of the
Company to enter into any negotiations for the lease, sale, or other disposition of tbe property,assets, rights
and franchise of the Company; and
such lease, agreement or agreements
to alter, vary or rescind; to sell anil
absolutely dispose of the said property, rights, assets and franchise of
tbe Company upon such teims and
conditions, as to price or otherwise,
aod at such time or times ns they
may see fit.
Bated at Nelson, B. C, this 7th dav
ot June. 1901.
By order of the Board of   Directors.
From $10.00 up ��
From $2.50 up 5
From $13.50 up |!
Reception, Easy and  Large  Rockers ^
Have just opened up a carload in Tapestry, W
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in 4 yds wide material, neat and pretty patterns. ^
Reception Chairs, Couches, Lounges, Divans. 5
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West Kootenay Butcher Co.
Fresh   and    5alted   Heats
FLsu nnd Poultry in Season
E.   C.   TRAVES.   Manager.
W.-W.-C.  Block. Ward Stleet, Nflson.
Otders by mill receive careful and prompt attention
Ladies' and Gents' Merchant Tailors and Dyers,
Suit! Made to Order, .leaned, Dyed, Altered and Repaired.
Josephine St., Opposite Clarke Hotel.
Mail Orders Solicited.
P. 0. Box 634
Reynolds' Livery   Stable
Will Be Sold Cheap
Three years lease on  ground
property   at $10.00
per month.
Apply to
fl. fl. CAMERON, Apt
Baker Street.
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants
���Vgi ���������'��������������� -Sfr-S
Branch Markets in Rossland, Trail, Nek.on, Kaslo
Sandon, Three Forks, New Denver and Slocan City.
Order* by mall 10 a��v branch will have careful ����4 prompt attention.
Delinp. B. O.
Atlantic S.S. Sailings
From Montreal
Allan Line Corinthian Juno 15
Allan Line Tunisian June 22
Allan Line Numidinn .Tune 29
Beavor Line Lako Megan tic ,.. June 14
Boaver Line Lako .Superior June 21
Beavor Lino Lake Ontario Juno 28
From Portland, Mo.
Dominion Line Vancouver June 23
Dominion Line Dominion July G
From Boston
Dominion Lino New England  June 19
Dominion Lino Common wealth  July 3
From New York
Cunard Line Campania June 15
Cunard   Lino Umbria June 22
Cunard Line Lucania June 29
White Star Lino Oceinic  June 19
White Star Line Teutonic Juno _.>
White Star Line Germanic July 3
American Lino St, Paul June 19
American Line St. Louis Juno 26
Anchor Lino Fumessta June 15
Anchor Line Kthiopia  lime 22
French Line L'Aquituine June 20
French Lino La Bretftgno June 27
N, G. L. Kaiser Wilhelm der Grosso... Juno 25
For further particulars apply to
City Passenger Agent, Kelson, B. C.
General S.S. \-eili. C.P.n, Offl-es. Winnlo'-g.
Our stock is now complete in the above lines.    CaH and be
convinced that the most complete stock
is carried   by the
Home oriice Minneapolis, Minn.
In AuKiiHt, 1S07 this Association introduced a special feature in the form
or the sBle of Diamonds on the install-
iiient. plan, under the Tontine principle
aud have received and disbursed in sat-
ist'aet ion of Diamond Oontracts
OVER $572,778-00.
On signing an application for n Diamond Contract you pay tbe agent of
the Association $f>,ou, when an explicit
contract is delivered to you by the Association. The oontraot calls for tbe
payment of $1.25. for 00 consecutive
weeks, making the total payment $80,
Then when your contract is reached in
the order of performance Ihe Association will deliver to you a two carat clear,
white and flawless Diamond, worth
$200 or will give you $100 for the diamond.
For further information apply to
JOHNT. PIERRE, sub agent, Nelson,
Pierre BroO'iiiler ~hod, Josephine St.
FRED OARNE, Jr., General Agent
B. C, Viotoria, B. O.
For domestic or steam use.
A full supply always on
Rates to all railway and
lake points.
General Agent.
Tel. No. 265.
Office ��� Two doors west
C.P.R   offices.
Caveats, Designs, Oopyrigbts and
Trade Marks obtained in Canada
and all foreign countries.
Room 3, Bank of British North
America, Hastings Str**1- Vancouver.
About tbat second hand article of
yours. v(,���'|] sen jt jf y0U>n advertise it in The Miner want oo!-iiiiii
* iViLEON Dau.v Mm~., Fri-jvv.1 Junk 14, .991
'-iw.  '.
Bentlniseonces of tbe  First Theatr'cul
j   . Performance Here.
Louis Belmour, of the Verner Comedy Co , who closed their three nigbt
engagement at the opera house, lays
claim to the merit o* bringing the
first opera company that ever trod the
boards in this eity.
Mr. llelmuur accorded a Miner re-
po ter an Interesting interview at the
Waverley Hotel while here, and although lie generally chooses the vll-
lian as the strong part on the stage he
by no means strikes an interviewer as
being anything of that stamp nf a
1 num. Hpeaking of the occasion of his
only visit to Nelson prior to their
priiM'iit, engagement, he is full of
pleiiHiint reminiscences. It was in the
Bummer ol 18111, just ten years ago
���when they landed in Nelson. They
bad just completed a long engagement
In Winnipeg, when the rush to Nelson
began. They heard fabulous stories of
3,0(iu people waiting at Revelltoke and
2.r>,Odd at Spokunu anxious to get Into
the mining ciinip of Nelson. They arrived in Hevelstoko, and were compelled to wait there three weeks while
the first steamer of the season was
waiting for the breaking up of the
lee, before they were able to get
through to Nelson, When they arrived they found SOU people here instead
of the densely populated district they
anticipated. The company met B.
Lemon in Revelstoke, who travelled
with them to Nelson. The first opera
house which Nelson had was only of a
temporary character, aud is now the
building opposite the Waverley hotel,
and formerly occupied by Tlie Miner.
The building wis not completed at the
time hut by the assistance of "many
hands which make light work" it
was soon improvised into an opera
house. They charged 81 per head for
everybody, babies and all, and were
well patronized, although some old
timers ate prepared to swear there
were no babies in tlie camp at that
time, but as thai is ouly a matter of
opinion, it makes no difference. The
leading lady of the company was Katie Dalgleish who is nt the present
time one of the leading actresses of
America, and is supporting the celebrated Modjeska in her successful career. The lirst play put on was
['Queen's Evidence, or Solomon
1-aaus." Other plays given during
their engagement were "East Lynne,"
"Lady of Lyons,'' etc., and" the trip
cost the proprietor the sum of 81,200,
which wns hardly made up by their
receipts here.
Mr. Helraour relates an unique experience which happened on the same
trip at what is now known as Kwift
Current. The Swift Current people
were apparently swift in seizing opportunities, and induced the coinpany
to piny on their way out. They had
no opera liouse and only 104 people,
including babies. The manager of the
company naturally objected, but no
refusal would be accepted. The dining
room was emptied of everything necessary and a temporary stage erected
and the C.P.K. train was detained for
the benefit of tlie, company until tbe
play was over. Out of the 104 inhabitants, iu:; paid their admission* and
the two not there Were two children,
one of whom had diphtheria and the
other tbe whooping cough. At the
close of the performance, the show
amoved on, no charge having been
made for tbe use of the opera house
or for the meals of the company, and
the 8102 as the best clean up they ever
made at any place they visited.
Ferry on the Lardo River Breaks
Loose and is Destroyed.
A visitor from the Lardo yesterday
gave an account of a lively ride on the
Lardo river that happened last week
during the high water in which seven
of the C. I'. H. engineers had a most
exciting and dangerous experience.
At the Upper Crossing of the Lardo,
there is, or lather was, a barge ferry.
In this style of ferry motive power
is gained by keeping the craft pointing at an angle up stream by a strong
wire cable overhead, to winch the
ferry is attached by wire ropes running through travelling wheels on
the cross cable. When the desired
bank is reached the stern rope is
tightened up, bringing the barge
broadside to the _2uirent, thus stopping it up. The ferry in question
bad been tied up for the winter in a
sheltered eddy, and the engineering
party decided to open up the 6eason
by making the first trip. The current
was bo wild that soto who were present tried to dissuade them .from attempting the crossing, but as tbey
were anxious to get across the mooring ropes were loosened and the barge
poled out nntil the current caught it.
What happened then took place so
quickly that the spectators on the
bank had not time to do anything to
save the ferry before it was too la*e.
When the full force of the current
struck the barge had been nearly under the cable,thus leaving some slack,
and when the end of this was reached
there came a jerk tbat sent one man
off at the upper side of the barge and
another at the   lower.   At   the  same
time the force of the shock caused the
water to rush up over the barge.whion
canted perilously for a moment with
down stream side up in the air, and
the reverae side deep down in the
whirling water. Then the tackle was
torn out of the barge and it went careening madly down stienm, which
was a very fortunate thing foi the
two men in the water, who both had
obtained a hand hold, which would
not have been tenable for more than
a few Bcconds. Ab it was they were
hauled on board safely. A little
farther down the barge went smash
ou a reef of rock fortunately cIobo to
the shore, and all were enabled to get
off.    The feiry was utterly destioyed.
Rev. H. _. Akehurst who has been
preaching in the Boundary country
for a few weeks has returned to the
city to attend the synod meeting
which will be held in the city on
Wednesday and Thursday the ltltb
and 20th. The gathering wljl be the
second session of the diocese uf East
Kootenay and will be held in the Mission room near St. Saviour's church.
It will be attended by all the clergymen in the diocese as well as by duly
appointed lay delegates. Tbe laymen
appointed by the Nelson congregation are E. A Crease, Geo. Johnstone
and Fred Irvirie.
. B. J. Wordhousc of the Ideal
Art Co., Rossland, is a gnest at the
S. A. Fleming of tbis city left last
evening for Owen Sound, Ont., where
he expects in future to reside.
Thomas Billiard, Rossland, of the
Canadian Electric company, is in the
city and iegistered at the Phair.
A. J. Course- of Denver Col., representing tbe Pittsburg Steel Co., 1b
in the city and is registered at the
W. J. Bill and Harry Mills left this
morning for the Lardo-Duncan country, wfiere they will spend about two
months doing development work on
their mining properties.
D. J Dyson, ex-alderman of Winnipeg, and of the Dyson Gibson Co.,
bas been in the city during the last
lew days and leaves this morning for
Kossland nnd the   Boundary   country.
Chas. E. .Sleeper, of Spokane, and J.
II. Bender of Flat Creek, Wash., are
in the city and registered at the
Queen's. They are on their way out to
their claims near Ball Siding where
they are going to commence development work.
A. U. Hepinstnl, who has been tn
the employ of J. Dover, leaves this
week for the east where iu future he
expects to reside. He will be accompanied by his wife and family and
will stop off at Winnipeg, and remain over for the exhibition. From
thence they expect to visit the Buffalo
T. B. May, the well known barber,
who recently sold out his residence
and business to John Blomberg, at u
bargain, left yesterday for the coast,
where he hopes to meet Mrs. May,
who preceded him by two or three
days. Mr. May expects to spend some
time in travelling before settling
down into business.
Hume���B. H. Stevens. Port Elgin;
J. C Byler, San Francisco; Geo.
Campbell, Victoria; R. McGuire,
Molly Gibson Ltd. ; David Dyson, Winnipeg; G. A Carlson, Kaslo; J. B,
Gifford, Ball Mines; J. A. Magee,
Comapiix; S. C Matthews, Montreal:
Mr. and Mrs. A. D. Wood, Slocan
City; C. Wells, Spokane; H. E. Haultain, Arlington mine; J. A. McKin-
non, Silverton ; W. S. Hayler, Bridge
River; W.  A. Small, Vancouver.  ���
Phair���R. F. Tolmie, Victoria; J.
M. Young, Toronto; Thos. Billiard,
Kossland; R. Johnston, Greenwood;
A. B. Lambe, Toronto; 0. F. Gnnter
and wife, Grand Forks; R. L. Ford,
Spokane; Jas. M. Andrews, Jubilee
Grand Central���W. Connolly, J. E.
Clark, Rossland; H. J. McDonald,
Sandon; Mrs. Vera Johnson, Calgary;
Peter McGuire, Kaslo.
Madden���P. J. Nichols, Rossland;
M, C. Monoghan, 49 Creek; M.
O' llrien, Bird creek.
Royal���S. Osborne, Spokane; J.
Piers Wilson, Hamilton; S. E. McKay, Jno. Armstrong, Mrs. McKer-
nou, Trail; Russell Hal), Gladstone,
U. C. -r.
(Jueons���Mr. and Mrs. J. McDevitt
Bonnington Falls; A. J. Coursen,
Denver, Colo; H. J. Wordhouse, Rossland; J.F. Choate, North Bend; Chas.
T, Sleeper, Spokane; J. H. Bender,
Flat Creek.
"One night my brother's baby was
taken with Croup," writes Mrs. J. C.
Snider, of Crittender. Ky., "it seemed it would strangle before we could
get a doctor, so we gave it Dr. King's
New Discovery, which gave quick relief and permanently oured it. We always keep it In the house to protect
our children from Croup and Whooping Cough. It cured me of a chronic
bronchial trouble that no other remedy would relieve." Infallible for
Coughs, Colds, Throat and Lung troubles, niks and SI 00. Trial bottles free
at Canada Drug & Book Co.
What proved to be a more profitable find than gold happened the other day to a traveller from San Francisco, while at lunch in one of the
leading restaurants in Nelson. He
ordered a portion of Pumpkin pie,
when to his astonishment his appe-
titie, which he bad lost fifteen years
ago in Arizona, suddenly returned to
him, with renewed vigor. The pie
had a very solid texture and a rich
mellow flavor. The cook informs us
that it was made from "The Morse
Pumpkin Flour." None other just as
good.   Insist on "The Morse Brand."
The most mlserabl beings in the
world are those sufle ng from Dyspepsia and Liver mplaint. More
than seventy-five per ent. of Ihe people in the United States are afflicted
with these two diseases and their
effects; such as Sour Stomach Sick
Headache Habitual Costiveness palpi-
taton of the Heait, lleartburn.Water-
brash. Gnawing and Burning pains at
the Pit of the Stomach, Y'ellow Skin,
Coated Tongue and Disagreeable
Xaste in the Mouth, coming up of
Food after Eating, Low Spirits, otc.
Go to your Druggist and get a bottle
of Angnst Flower for Tr, cents. Two
doses will relieve you. Try it. Get
(Ireens'Prize Almanac. Por sale by W.
IT. Teetzel A Co.Get Greens' Prize Almanac.
If yon don't like Blue Bibbou Teati. .
because you never tasted it.
There's no rest for those tireless little workers���Dr. King's New Life
Pills. Millions are always busy, curing Torpid Liver, Jaundice, Billious-
ness, Fever and Ague. They banish
Sick Headache, drive out Malaria.
Never gripe or weaken. Small, taste
nice, work wonders. Try them. 25o at
Canada Drug at Book _d.
"I suffered such pain from corns I
could hardly walk," writes II. Robinson, Hillsborough, Ills, "hut Itiick-
len's Arnica Salve completely cured
them." Acts like magic on sprains,
bruises, cuts, sores, S'salds, burns,
boils, ulcers. Perfect healer of skin
diseases and piles. Cure guaranteed
by Canada Drug at Book Co.
Wife (in despair)���I don't know,
Jack, dear, what we should have for
desert today, it is so exceedinlgy hot.
Husband���Emma, why do you not
g?t a package of the "Morse Pumpkin
Flour." It will make three or four
pies at d with such a delicate flavor,
a great labor saver, and no perspiring
over a hot stove. Remember The
Morse Brand, Emma.
lO.ifi.pm |
Daily j
8:80p.m |
Kx tiuii
Kx Hun/
i.m |
-Ul) \
Daily   j
4 p.m.
Kx Sun
Koolonay Landing steamer/ 1 a,in.
Imperial Limited KOHL      I    Dully
Rossland und Boundary     i ���i.l.ip.m
Greek Suction, Sunday train ! Kx Hun
to aud from Hossland only I
Slocan City, Slooan Lako  IJ:30p.m
Point*, and Sandon        \ Kx Sun
Ho-slund,   Columbia   Hi ver (aUm,. ,���
PointH. connecting ReveM 0,Yk?hS
Htoko with imperial Ltd,   I  UttUy
s.   3,  Kokanee for   -Casio1
and lii.rniin.t!.li! Points      t  11 a.m.
TllOfl,, Thm...,, and Saturday {KxSun
through to Lardo J
Take Laxative Rromo Quinine Tablets.   Al]
druggists refund the money if it fails to cure-
���Wo.    K. W. ftr<w*v> Hl_rna*-'ir�� lo r,���   nanh box
H. & M. BIRD
These lots are opposite to Block 4fl
���eserved by Government and on which
a school will probab'y be erected.
Lots 1 and 2, price 9aia for the two.
Lots 6, 7, and 8, price JSI30 each
Several   bouses   furnished   and   unfurnished for rent.
Porto Rico Lumber
Co., Limited,
Rough and
Dressed  Lumber,
Shingles, Mouldings.
A-l White Pine Lumber Always In
We carry a complete slock of Const Flooring
Celling. Inside Finish, Turned Work, Sash and
Doors. Special order work will reoelve prompt
attention*  Mail orders solicited.
Porto Rico Lumber Co.,
Head Office���Pe^rvY and Veinon *_,   Nelson
Gamble &   O'Reilly
Civil   Engineer .   . rovlnelal   l.itiul
~ur vey or��, Knil labile aud In.
durance Aft-iiU.
That desirable property of Mr. C. W.
West's, consisting of acre lot, '.
story dwelling liouse, chicken
houses and market garden, good
water, cheap ��2()00
3 lots, northwest corner Houston and
Ward streets S350
Lots 1 and 2, bloek 23, lot lo.block 2U,
Lot 11, block 14, city of Nelson.
Will pay tbe highest cash price for all
kinds of seoond band goods. Will bay
or sell anything from an anchor to a
needle. Furniture, stoves, oarperta,
-ookiug utensils, bongbt in household
quantities. Also oast off clothing.
Call and tee me or write. Address
Silver King Mike, Box 200. Hall
8*re~t. Neb an. V ��
Canada Permanent and Western Canada Mortgage
head  office toronto,   ont.
Money to loan on Straight Mortgage.
Apply to Q. I.. LKNNOX
Bakv.   St
Is   lame    or    interferes
bring  him' to  the   City
Horseshoeing Shop, Jo
sephine Street
JUNE 4.   18,
JULY 2, 16.
AUGUST 6, 20.
For   Time  Tables,    Rates,  Tickets,
apply II. L. Brown,
Oity Passenger Agent.
J. S. Carter,
Dis. Pass. Agt.
E. J. Coyle,
A. G. P. A.
Spokane Fails <&.
Northern R'v.
Nelson  de. Fort
Sheppard RY
Red Mountain R'v.
The only all rail route between
all points east, west and south to
Rossland, Nelson and intermediate
points; connecting at Spokane with
Great Northern, Northern Pacific,
and O. R. & N. Co.
Connects at Nelson v* ith steamer
for Kaslo and all Kootenay lake
Connects at Meyer's Falls with
stage daily for Republic, and connects at Bossburg with stage daily
for Grand Forks and Greenwood.
Buffet Sleeper run  on  passengei
trains between Spokane and North
���Leave DAY TRAIN Arrlvi
9:00 a.m Spokane 7:35 p.n;
12:50 p.m Rossland 4 :0() p.nj
<l 15 a.m Nelson 7:15 p.Ui
32 hours to Seattle.
27 hours to VictoriR.
80 bonrs to Vauconter.
Spokane  Warn
Asrent. Nelson. R C.
0Afi8.-MEAL8 a la PASTE.
Close connection East and Westbound at Spokane with trains of the
Spokane Falls and Northern Railway,
aud at Bonner's Ferry witn Kootenay
Railway & Navigation Co.
Direct connection at St. Paul without change of depot with all trains for
Chicago, Toronto. Montreal, New York
and all points West and South.
Leaves Spokane daily for East at 9:15 a m
Leaves Spokane daily tor West at 7:15 a.m
Lea ves Spokane daily lor West at 800 p.m.
West-bound trains make direct connection for Victoria nnd Vancouver,
Portland, San Francisco, and all points
on the Sound.
During the season of navigation East
bound trains connect at Duluth with
the magnificent steamships North West
and North-Land of theNorthern Steamship Company Line, operated in con-'
nection with the Great Northern Kail-
For further information, maps, folders, etc., apply to any agent of Spokane
Falls & Northern Ky., Kaslo A Slocan
By., Kootei ai Railway A Navigation
Co., or to
H. A. JACKSON. Com'l Agent.
Spokane, Wash.
G. K. TAOKABURY, Local Ag. it,
Nelson. R fl
Our Fresh Roasted Coffee Beat of
Quality, as followB:
Java and Arabian Mocha, .or pound $  10
Java and Mooha Blond, 3 pounds I *. 1 0C
Fine Santos, t pounds  1 00
-anion Blend, o pounds  1 00
Our -penlalBlend, 6 poundH  1 00
Our Klo Roast, epounds  1 on
NELSON -        B. C
Advertisement- inserted under ihIn head at
the rate of ono cent a word per ln-ortion. No
ajivertlnninnnt) tAken for lews than 2.1 ei*nu
Situation Wanted advertisements inserted
three Mines free of charge.
TO REN I'.���Rooms and oHlce  in   Clement,   llilljcr block.    Apply to   the
Nelson Electric Tramway otlices.
KOOM and board in   private |family.
Apply ou Siliea  street, second   door
west of Ward.
-OR 8ALB���Four-horse team, harness
nnd   wagon.    Appy   II. 8.   Sawyer,
behind Grand Central hotel.
ROOM for   rent at   Mrs.   McBeath's,
Silica street.
FOR SALE.���Tug Hoat 'Red Star."
and Barge���At reasonable figures to
cash purchaser or time with good
security. Apply to Ontario l'owder
Works, Nelson, 1!. C.
BOUSE to   Rent.���Furnished   or nv
furnished, apply T, Miner oflice.
FOR   KENT.���One   room   on     Ward
street; one inside room in the K. VV.
C. block,   furnished   or   unfurnished.
Mrs. F. J. Squire.
FOR SALE.���Well established dry
goods business stock, new. Rest
business city on coast. Low expense,
good stand, slock $10,000. Al chance
for hustler. Uood reason foi Belling.
D. O., care Miner.
WANTED���By married woman (one
child) position as housekeeper.
Salary $25. Good references. Address Mrs. A. care ISurch A Co., Red
Deer, Alta.
WANTED���Competent and experienced bookkeeper to take charge of
mining books, a married man preferred. Hood salary t ��� the right man. Address R, Miner Office.
WANTED���First   class  machinist   to
take charge   of   mine   plant.    None
but   competent,   practical   men   need
apply.    Address E, Miner Office.
WANTED.���For a museum collection
for Lever Bros, Port Sunlight,Eng.,
ancient buckets, troughs, washing
boards, or ironing utensils obtained
from Indians or Imported from foreign
countries. Liberal value paid.
Write us with explanations. Watch-
orn A Mclntyre, K. W: C. block, P.
O. Hox 707.
WANTED.���Trustworthy men and
women to travel and advertise for
old established house of solid (inaneial
standing. Salary $780 a year and expenses, all payable in cash. No canvassing required. Give reforence and
enclose self-addressed stamped envelope. Address Manager, 305 Caxtou
NELSON Employment Agency. Raker
street.    Phone 218.   J. II. Love,
WANIED.���Waitress.ont of town,$30.
Woman Cook, $35.    Night Porter.
Situations wanted   by Cooks, Miners,
Laborers, Blacksmiths, Carpenters.    |
WANTED.���First   class     hotel cook.
young girl to care for children.
Situations wanted by Waitresses,
Cooks, Miners, Blacksmiths, Carpenters, Laborers. Western Canadian
Employment Office,Ward street, Phone
AGENTS WANTED���For our Boer-
British Wai, Family Records, Marriage Certificates, Religious ano
Landscape Pictures. Bright and hustling men, women, boys and girls, can
clear from $3 to $10 per duy. Send
50 cents for sample. Descriptive circulars free. Write today. Home
Novelty Mfg. Co., P.O.Box 518 (Dept.
381) Chicago, 111.
ALL KINDS   of   goods bought    sold
or exchanged   at   Prosser's   Second
Hand Store,   Ward street,   Phone   270.
LOST���Between Great Northern Telegraph Co., and Telephone office,
the Bum of $17 in bills. The finder
will be rewarded by leaving at Miner
IT WILL PAY you to read  our ad. in
another column. Our blend of tea at
Thirty cents   per pound will suit you-
Kootenay Coffee Co.
JAPAN TEAS���"Spider Leg," "Pan-
fired,' "Sun Cured,"���have a place in
our stock. The new "Ceylon Green"
is fine flavored and economical. Kootenay Coffee Co.
rur.r HililnK <-���>��������� Propertlei-W�� arc
alt-laws lo ��--ilre a ten- Tree milling aold
properties al once. Thc Frospcclor's Ex.
change, Nelson, B. O, Boom 4, K.-W.-C.
WE BAVE   in stock choice teas from
India, Ceylon, China, and Japan.  We
blend them to your taste.    All   prices
nnd qualities.    Kootenay   Coffee Co.
LOST���Monday evening, old fashioned
bar pin, with carved face of green
lava, surmounted with pearls. Finder will be rewarded for leaving it at
C. P. R. city ticket office.
l.ol.li silk Kit cill'l'lll.LEAD   Mli�����   anil
prospects ~ auteil.  -end report anil snin-
pics lo Ihe Prospector's Exchange. Kelson.
B. <!.   Boom 4 K.-W.-C. b'ork.
PIANO.--Miss   Tyers   is prepared   to
give piano   lessons at her "residence
on Sill2a   street   four   doors west  of
Hendryx.    Terms moderate.
FOUND.���On May   24th an amethyst
ring.    Owner   may   have same   by
proving and paying for this ad. Miner ollice.
Are you in want? If you are, tell
thc people, through The Miner want
column, what you are in wart of.
You'll Set it.
From date until October 1 the dental
offices of Nelson will he closed at 1
o'clock, p. ir., on all Saturdays, remaining closed during tlio balance of
tlie day,
W. J. (JI1INLAN,   D. D. S.
F. E.   MORRISON.   D. I). S
T   II. STODDAI.T,   D.   I). S.
I have this day rented ray boot
blacking stand on the corner of Ward
and Baker streets to .lain.s Hughes
fajr two weeks. I am going into the
business of cleaning carpets by a new
process of my own. Carpels ilo not
have to be taken np. Please leave
orders at boot black stand. Give me a
trial.    Work  guaranteed.
Mr. Maohin, general agent Bennett
Fuse Co., headquarters at. Victoria,
It. C., begs to say that in conseriuenc-
of attempts to Impose spurious and
cheap imitations of their white coun
tiered, potent safety Fuse, frown
Brand, he feels it necessary to ask
consumers to be sure that they gel
the genuine Bennett's Fuse. The sole
agents in Nelson is the Lawrence
Hardware Co.
Mr. J. II. Gray having resigned
his position as Land Commissioner of this Company, all communications in reference to Kaslo .-Slocan
Kailway Company's lands slioiild be
addressed to ROUT. IRVING,
Kaslo, B. C, May 31st., 1901.
Mines Examined and Kepotted On-
-lining Engineer.
Room 4. K.-W. G.  Block,
Nelson, B. C.
HOUPJS & CO. Limited- Cornor  Vernon
and Cedar tflrevtS, -NuIhou���-YLanufouLur
i.i'n of aud vv.iolut.-Liu dualcr*. iu ut.i.uui w.it.1.1 .,
aud fnu! syrui'ti. bole agunrH for Halcyou Uu
apringK milium, walor.   Tolophonu 00.
_13| N. Al. Cummins, Le-woe��� Kvery known
vurioly ul ..uii, liriiik-i. 1' U llox ~~5. iulophoue
No. 31. Hoover hi.rr��'~, NoIkoii. Hut i.U.rs. of the
(..mons hi. Ceun liui. hiiriiiKi. Miiieiui Wuter
CANE & MACDONALD .11. Cano, Jumo
A. Macdonald) -ArohjlocU und uuperin
LuudoniH, Hi -on un UiU lilock, corner liakur aud
Ward atrueiH, isuImou
HJ. KVA.N8 & CO.-Bakur Street, Nui
��� bod- VV holosalQ il.til. ii. iii liquoru, ui-
RAtt-i cement, lire brick audfiro clay, watur
pipe aud btcel rails, und uoncral cotumitujiuu
I > KACKMAN-K.ii.it M1LL1.NU CO., L.TD.-
_!_> WholeKalu and retail ueaiert. in grain,
hay, Hour, iuud. Mills at Victoria, New Wuut-
min.-iur; Kumonlou, Alta. Eluvators ou Cul-
Kary and Kdinunton Kailway. Mauufacturerc.
of the culuhraiud 13. & K. brand cureals.
A MACDONALD Sc Co.-Corner Frou
��� and Hall btreets���Wholesale woccr
uud jobbers in blaukuts, gloves, mitts, boots,
rubburs, inackinawh uud miners' suudrius.
PDUliNa & Co.���Baker Street, Nelson���
���   W'holottulu dealers in fresh and cured
meat.,.   Cold Storage. ^^^
Bakur Struct, Nelson��� Wholesale dea
ers iu fresh and curud moats.
Struct, NcIhoii ��� Wholcsule d-ulms in
hardware, miners' supplies, sporting goods
M'LACHLAN* BROS. {Successors to Vau
couver Hardware Co. Ltd.l Baker Stroot,
Nelson��� Whole-Sale dealers in hardware and
mining supplies, plumbers' aud tinsmiths' sup
plies. ^_���
_13| paints, oils und gliiss; inuehanics' ux>1m.
Aguuts foi Ontario Powder Works; lrnatnitc
rpUHNKIt, BKKTON Sc Co.-Cornor Vernon
.JL and Josephine Streets, Nelson���Whcle
salo dealers iu liquors, cigars, and dry goods.
Agents for Pabst Brewing Co. of Mliwuukee
und Calgary Brewing Co of Calgary.
UDSONS BAY Co.-Wholesale groceries
and liquors etc., Bakor Street, Nelson.
Front and Hall Streets, Nelson���Wholesale dealers n wines (case and bulk), uud
domestic und importud cigars.
Ollice corner Hull und Kront Streets,
Nolson���Lumbur, ceiling, flooring, und everything in wood for building purposes.   Out our
prices.   Correspondence solicited.
rp   GALLON ��r. (!0.-D(,alcr�� In  oro merit
X. *   ami IwlnoK.   Alwayn a lar^o Hlock ou
liiuiii. Telephonons. Room u. K.-W.-0. Blook
Civil Engineer, and Provincial  Land
P. O. Bio Wi M��l��~-  B.0 Nbuon   DAJtV  MlNKR,   pKIOAVi   Jl'VK   14,  igOl
J.aa-i I l.~-_Jr<-_CTJ.Mj;
a',, ...        1 .,-��,,, 1 1   ...,��_��_--
Thb     Crisis,     by
Newest    ���      Winston Churchill,
Books       whose   success   as
an autfior has been
established by his Richard Carvel,
is a story of the same period, the
beginning of United States history,
and equally good; Pro Patria, by
Max I'emberton; Work, by Zola;
Mistress Nell, a merry tale of a
merry time; The Helmet of Navarre,
by Runkle; The Observations of
Henry, by Jerome; Sirus, by Helen
Fowler; Her Mountain Lover, by
Hamlin Garland. All 75c, or in
our Lending Library.
Agents for Empire Typewriter.
***** WW***. WW WW WW*
The funeral of the late Mrs. George
W. Gray will take place at 3.3IJ, this
afternoon fa'om the family residence
io Fairview.
A large quantity ot rough stone for
the foundation woik on the new post-
office and custom house building
was yesterday deposited at the corner
of Ward and Vernon street.
In the tank in the llaker street
window of the Athabasca salcon, six
handsome trout have been placed,
and seein perfectly at home, attracting a good deal cf attention from
passers by.
The change in railway time that
c_me into effect on Monday U not the
happiest possible for the Post Office
people. Two of the heaviest mails,
from the north and south, come in
about the same time in the evening,
making an extremely busy hour or so
for the clerks.
On account of the Epworth League
convnenion to be held in San Francisco
in July the C.P.R. will sell round ti ip
tickets. Nelson to San Francisco, lor
850, good to go on July 13, 14 and 15
and to return up to August 3rd.
They will be good over eitlici railway
-r steamboat line.
Every kind of merchandise, like
groceries, provisions, hardware, mining supplies, dry goods, clothing,
boots and shoes, hats, drugs, assayers
supplies, books, stationery, cigars,
tobacco, bur, whiskey, wine, aud
good intentions, can not be purchased
in Nelson on Thursday afternoon.
A very pretty marriage was performed by the Eev. Dr, Wright last
evening at the lesidence of A. Mc-
Cuaig, Houston street, when Philip
John Clarke, and May Uodgeis. formally of Glengarry, were united in
marriage, tbe bride being assisted by
Miss Ella M. Stewart, while the
groom as attended by J, White.
The Kokanee resumed her regular
run yesterday after being laid up for
repairs. A few days ago, while helping to move a barge up the narrows,
she got into trouble and was for the
time disabled. The baige she was as
���listing swung around, and injured her
bow and stem which had the effect of
not only spoiling her form but laying
her off duty. Since she has been repaired she is as hand.ome a creature as
The funeral of little "Jiinmi"
Lacey took place yesterday afternoon.
Great sympathy has been expressed
for the parents in their nfHiction.
"Jimmy" was a very popular little
lad with the adults who knew him as
well as -with his playmates, all of
whom regret his death. Mr. and
Mrs. Win. Lacey haze asked The Miner to thank for them the friends who
have beeu so kind.since their bereavement.
Mining Records for yesterday were:
Transfers���Alma N, from (ins Nelson
to John Blomberg, Certificates ol
work���Silver Queon, to lleo. Davies;
Poor Richard, A. Knight, et al; Sy-
reen, R. B. Esnouf. Locations���Washington, on the north side of Pen
d'Oreille river, one quarter mile, cast
of Seven Mile creek, by Chester CJlass;
Clinton, one mile east of Erie, and
adjoining the Schley on the north, located by M. Collins;.Brie No. :.>, about
one mile cast of town of. Erie, and
being relocation of the Colville, located by W. P. Uunnip.
Joe Uowson.who runs a hotel at the
second crossing of the Lardo, leaves
Nelson this morning for his home, he
having been here for a while getting
supplies for the season. He reports
the snow as still being veiy deep on
the mountains in the Lardo, a large
number of prospectors still oeing unable to get in at their claims. Where
the hills at this time last year were
perfectly bare the snow now lieiT.four
and five feet deep. Things are lively
in the Lardo and a good deal of building isgoing on, Mr. Ilowson sayB.and
everything points to a good season
The fite laddies have, like wise
people, changed their minds in regard
to their statement yesterday that
tbey had decided not to   enter iu   the
hosu leel competition on Dominion
Day, After mature oonalderation they
are opposed to the idea of allowin.
the prize money on that event to g(
begging. They have decided to place
two teams in the field to contest for
Ihe prizes. In the event of tbeir being opposed by aty outside contestants one of the teams will be withdrawn ind the best of the crowd v.iii
be taken and will enter as the Nelson
team. At present, however, there are
two teams of the Nelson fire department in training for the evert under
the captaincy of J. J. Chambers and
John Campbell.
Between   SO   and 00 Miners   L_id   off
on Account of a Break.
An accident of a somewhat serious
nature occurred at the Poorman mine
on W��dnesay which will ultimately
result in the throwing out of work
about 70 men fur an indefinite period.
The air compressor collapsed iu some
of its parts and has so thoroughly
disorganized the operations tbat it has
been found necessaiy to lay off practically the whole force. There are
only seven or eight men at work at
the present time and they will also
have to take their time in tbe course
of a few days. The compressor is broken in some manner as to be unworkable and will take some weeks to repair. It is thought possible that the
necessary parts can be procured at
Rossland but it is more than likely
that the repairs will have to be obtained at the manufactory whose headquarters are ajt Sherbrooke. Que. In
the event of tbe machinery having to
be sent for fiom tbe latter place the
men will be laid off according to the
estimate of the men for six weeks at
the   very lea.'.t.
Suggestion to   Light   Cp the    Wheels
on the Evening of   July 2.
The trades' procession committee uf
the Dominion Day celebration met
last evening for the purpose of ai-
langing the prizes for the various
events and to advance the work of the
committee a step fuither. The
amount of the various prizes were
arra> ged. The details of the programme require some slight readjustments, the particulars of whicli will
be pulbished in the next issue of The
Miner. Iu addition to the mutter
already referred to, another suggestion was heartily approved of which
will be an additional attraction to
tbe already long list of events which
part of the two day's
It was suggeted that an
bicycle parade take place
on the second night. Bakei Btreet
will be brilliantly illuminated and
this ought to prove a most attractive
apectatcle. Those favoring the idea
and wishing to take part would assist
the committee by notifying P. Chapman either personally or by ptst card
addressed to box 543. and on bis receiving sufficient favorable replies he
will call a meeting of .tbe committee
for the purpose of completing the arrangements. Replies should be sent
in at once in order that the parade
might be included on the printed programme.
will form a
List of   Attractions Arranged for Do-,
minion Day Sports.
Thc following programme has been
arranged by the .Nelson Quoit club
tonrnament during the Dominion Day
celebration. Championship of Kootenay for teams of four, only one entry
from each club, prize, silver cup and
four individual prizes for winning
team, cup to be held for one year,
prize value $95.
Nelson Quoit Club championship
for teams of four; four individual
prizes for winning team, prize value
Championship of Kootenay for individual players; three prizes. First
prize value, 8��; 2nd prize value 84;
3rd prlzo value, 83.
American quolting   rules to govern.
The following players have been
chosen to play test games for a place
on the team representing the Nelson
Quoit club for the championship of
Kootenay: Chief Lillie, Geo. Nunn,
A. Purdy, Geo. Beli; W. W. Beer, W.
J. Watchorn, Fred L. Irwin, J, F.
Weir, Capt. McMorris. The two making best averages will obtain a position on the club team with 3. II. Wal
lace and W. Telford whe were chosen
The draw forthc club championship
tube decided duiing the Dominion
Day celebration is as follows:
Geo. Nunn, (capt.), Hell, Miller,
Christie vs. W. W. Beer, (capt.),
Irwin. O'Shea, Christie.
Capt. McMorris, (capt.), J. Thompson, Elliot, Morrison vs Chief Lillie,
(capt.), Smyth,  living, Hardie.
J. H, Wallace, (capt.), Watchorn,
Rev. Mr. Munroe, Archibald vs.
I'uidy, (capt), Bradley, Hedley. R.
J. F. Weir, (capt.) Turner. Watson, Gillet vs. Telford, (capt.), Sken-
att, J. W. Nunn, Brown.
1901 1901
The Store With
Right Prices
New Goods Arriving Every Day
When our new stock is complete we will have by far the FINEST DIS- S~r.
ever shown to the public of Nelson.
Call and see our Rattan Chairs, Baby Carriages, Go  Carts,   Morris
Chairs, Verandah Chairs, etc.
���   J. G. BUNYAN & CO.
Prospectors' Supplies.
Everything That Is Needed in
the Hills.
We wish to call the atten- _��:
tion of the several " Celebra- g_
tion   Committees"   and   the 8��
public in  general to the fa., ^iiiiiiiiiiiiiiUiiliiiiiiiaiiliiiiiiiiiiiiililiiiUliaUiiiiiiiniUU^
lhat we are prepared to turn
out anything in  the way of
artistic jewelry.   New designs
in medals, trophies, etc.    We
can do it on short notice and
at reasonable prices.
Manufacturing Jewelers and Watchmakeis.
Continued from First Page.
refusing to fix the eo��t6 of appeal
against tbose who set aside the order
to wind up. S. S. Taylor will represent the company and E. P. Davis tbe
respondents, who are some of tbe
The ease of Oppenhetraer vs. Brack-
man at Ker which *ase is vet fresh in
tbe minds of the interested public,
refers to the alleged non-delivery of
37 cars of baled hay. The case first
came up before Mr. Justice Martin,
who dismissed the defendant's counter claim. The matter was appealed
to the Supreme court at Vancouver
when Mr. Justice Martin granted a
new trial. The matter came back
for trial to the Fall assize, before Mr.
Justice Irving, aid the jury brought
in a verdict of 812,075 damages in favor of Brackman & Ker. Oppenheim-
er immediately moved to appeal before
the Supreme Court of Canada, but the
application was dismissed with costs.
They now appeal to the supreme
court of Hritish Columbia, when S. S.
Taylor will defend tbe case of Brack-
man ,. Ker
A Russian Lady Looking For Her
Missing Mate.
A Russian lady arrived in the city
yesterday on the still hunt for her
missing husband. She came from
South Edmonton, where she has been
residing, to join her lord and master
at Robson. He has been in the employ of Contractor Gunn. and had forwarded her a ticket to Robson, but on
arrival at that point he was not to be
found. She then returned to Nelson
and interviewed the city fathers and
tbe Chief of Police. As she could not
speak a word of English an Interpreter had to be found with the result
that she suspected that the police were
aware of his whereabouts and were
acting in a kind of a Russian manner
towards her. The city have taken
charge of the woman and are providing for her physical wants until the
police have had time to attempt his
location. The lady's name is so difficult to write and to avoid the risk of
breaking the press in printing or dislocating a jaw in pronnoucing It, It
is not given.
"Zhe IRo^al Bank of Canaba"
Capital  Auiliorl-ral,
Incorporated 1869.
.    tIMMHH I Capital Pald-np.     ,    .    ,     ��I,000,0-O.M
���*e* - mi..'i'miimi,i,ii
Board of Itlr-rfora     riioman E. Kenny,  Prt'Hldont;   Thomas Hltchlr. VIoe-Prnolrf	
Wiley Smith   H. G. Bauld, Hon. David Macfceen. ",uit
Head Once, Halifax:
General Manager, Ed-OD L. Pease, Montreal.
Superiatondeur of Branched, and Secretary, W. B. Torrance Halifa.v
'ova   Hroila-Halifax   Branch,   Aatlgonl .
Brldgewater. GuyHboro. L/ODdo-derry, Lu
enburg. Maltluud (Hants Co.l, Pictou, Port
Ha wkesbury, Sydney, Shub-nucadle.Ti-ro.
Mew    Brunswick ��� Bathumt.     Dorchester,
Fredorictoii, Kingston (Kent Co.l, Mono
ton. Newcastle, Packvillo, St, John,Woodstock'
l��. 1.. Inland���ChorlottetoH n, ~unimcn>ide.
ebrc-Monlrc.il ,ci"' Office), .Montr���]
West End (( or. Noire   Dame and -elu
n-ur.H Street*);   Wesunoiuit  (Cor. (in	
Avenue aril St. ('alharincH  Slrf't"
\<'~~>uiidlan<l   St. John's.
Cuba, wen! milieu���Havana.
I niicil Ktalef���New Vork (iii Kxcha' gn Place
FARES-Cosh, 10 cents.
Tickets, 10 for 50 ceDts.
SEKVICE���Every 20 minutes, leaving
park and up-town teimiuns at 7
a in. 10 lo.4�� p.m. Ba.lv car leaves
H. B. Stores 0:45 a. m.
TBAINS-Oars meet 10.86 a.m. and
0.45 pro.., and outgoing only on
SPECIAI.���The public are requested
to stop cms only 011 the fur side of
cross streetf, not to ride ou, inter
or leave by front pla'fni'in; also to
motion by hand if th.y intend to
board the car. p~ . to notify conductor a short _._..,uce before tbey
wish to leave.
OOMPLAISTS-Will icceive prompt
attention at the Oompony's office,
Vernon Stieef, Oily.
Republic, Wash.
Grand   Forks, Nanafcco,   Nelson,   Rossland,
Vancouver East End, Victoria.
..       .     *,     ___L__._i.__. f orrenpond. nt�� 1
���in,','i  1 . *7?    r _Pa^k_f Canada.   _.,��fciii-.Vat,ional Shawmut Bank.   Clilraso������ lllitm.
Ini-luidhawngH Bank.   8an  Fr-n.l-.o-Elrst National Bank.   London.   Ejmko
N.ll_ii,l.   H��rl��, F rancr-Cred I. Ly oinmi-.   Bermuda- Hank of K.iir.mla    C.T~�� and J.
pan-lions Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation.    Spokane-Old Nailonnl Bank
(lencial Banking Business Transacted; Sterling Bills of Exchange  It. ukI it
and Sold, Inters of  Credit, Eto., Negotiated.
Accounts received on the most favorable terms.    Interest allowed 0. special
deposits and on Saving Bank accounts.
Oeo. Kydd, Manager, Nelson. B.C.
A large number of good residential
building sites adjacent to the lines of
their tramway, chiefly in the southern portion of the city to be sold on
easy terms.
Apply   Tramway       Oflice,    Vernon
Managing Secretary.
13. J. DEWAE, J. P.
Notary Public,  Oonvejiwcer
Two nice lots on Victoria street,
convenient to llaker street, .100(1.
Seven room house, Victoria street,
all conveniences, lot 30_ 120, 82.50(1.
Five room cottage, _ew. all conveniences, lot 45x120, only .1,275.
Best hotel site in the c'ty cheap nt
83,5 0. 	
Houses in all parts of the city.
Loans      on     improved      property,
straight or monthly payments.
No commissions. No forfeitures.
"��"��"_,l'_.ii_.i.��..��ii��,._..._K. *..*,. -a
The Canadian Bank of Commerce
Willi Which is Amalgamated
The Bank of J. ritish Columbia.
Paid up   Capita],   J8,000,W)(|;    Keserve   Fund.   .8,000,000;
Aggregate   Kesouiees Over W5.000.000,
GEO. A. OOX, President.      B. .S. WALKER, Ocneral Manager.
London Office: 60 Lombard Street, E. C.
.   _.��v   New York ��"'��i '6 Exchange Plnce.
And 63 branches in Canada and tho United States, including-
bhitisii coiiumbia
Atun Gkkenwooi) Nklson hanhon
Fkhnik Nanaimo Rossland Victoria
^i_,..<-.?,L)il,R.T,1,,J!vTr,nAWS0N *���� wwtk Hoss*.
UNllhl) siATfcs���Nkw Yokk, San Khaxcipco, S_attl_, Portland, Skaowav,
Savings Bank Department.
Deposits Received and Interest Allowed.   -.(Went Kate a Per Cent
Nelson Branch. GRANGE V. HOLT, Manager. !
It Is a mystery why women endure
IlacKache, Headache, Nervousness,
Sleeplessness, Melanchnly, Fainting
and Dizzy Spells when thousands have
proved that Electric f Bitters will
quickly cure such trouble. "I suffered
for yenrs with kidney trouble."
writes Mrs. Phebe Cherley, of Peterson, la., "and a lame back puined me
so I could not dress myself, but Electric Bitters wholly cured me, and although 73 yearB old, I now am able to
do all my housework." It overcomes
Constipation,improves Appe.ite. gives
perfect health. Onlv 80c at Canada
Drug at Hook Co.
By the week from $5 to *6.
By the day 81,00.
J. V. O'IlATTGHTJI., Ptod.
Oeneral laborers, gardeners, rock
men. etc., will be furnished free of
oharge to all persons requiring help
of this Kind by applying to the Secretary, Nelson Laborers' Protective Union, Box 237, Nelson, 11. C.
Royal Bakery aim Grocery
A new stock of Groceries, Fruit,
Home-made Bread, Pies, Cakes
and Rolls delivered fresh every day
to any part of the city.
S. D. HOWELL, Prop.
Championship  Quoit
will close at the CLUB HOTEL at
8 o'clock p. m.,
Saturday, June 29th, 1901
Game wilL start at io o'clock a.   m.,
July ist,   1901.
Pine CbJna, Crockery, Glassware, House Furnishings and
Bir Supplies.
A large and well nc eeted stock to choose from.
We carry the largest line of White Ware suitable for hotel use
this aide of   Vancouver.
Prices right.
Tclrphene Ml
Itnlirr siri'i'l
J"- 0. GWILLIM, B-,  Sc,
Late of Geological  Survey of Canada.    Six years experience in B. C.
mining districts.
Baker Street Nelson, B. C.
���__��� ���! ���-11   ������ 1 ������   wmw m ���__-������1 ������   ������ ������ __W__P
in/ -nUt 0iu/^-r��cU^
A. R. BARROW, a. _. 1.oa
Provincial  Land Surveyor.
Corner Viotoria and Kootenay His.
IP. O. Box 6 T-lephone Na
NO. 4 K.-W.-C. BLOCK. NELSON. B. C, <
Gold. Silver-Lead  and   Copper Mines wanted nt the EXCHANOE.    i
FREE   MILLING   GOLD   properties  wanted at once for Eastern    C
Parties   having   mining  property for   sule arc   requested to send
samples of their ore to the EXCHANGE for exhibition.
We  desire  to  hear from prospectors who have promising mineral
claims in Hritish Columbia.
Prospectors   and   mining   ir.en   are requested   to make   thc   EXCHANGE their headquarters when in Nelson.
All samples should be sent by ex-prem, PREPAID.
Correspondence solicited.    Address all communications to
-otophone NO. 104.   P. O. Box 700. NELSON. B. C.    J


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