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Nelson Daily Miner Dec 12, 1901

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 Daily Edition No. 1214
Librnrv ��3100
Nelson,  British Columbia, Thuksday,   December 12, 1901
Eleventh Year
Chimes of Normandy" Produced In   Splendid
Nelson's   Operatic   Society
Scores Another Unqualified Success.
The essence of comic opera, and
particularly of French comic opera,
commonly known as opera bouffe, is
vivacity and gayety and those who
present it must do so with a happy
abandon and sprightliness whicb
would he out of place in almost any
other form of entertainment that it
staged. The music ot such operas,
while not classical and heavy, is still
tuneful and composed In harmony to
heat in unison with the pulres of
youth, when the heydey is still in the
blond. The grand opera usually represents some passionate action, while
in comic opera the Comedy element
predominates, mixed with enough of
that, which is serious to make it ac-
ceptable,but the action must be rapid,
ann those who produce it must enter
folly into its spirit and give themselves almost unrestrainedly to it.
This was the spirit with which the
members of the Nelson Operatic
society entered into the production of
'���The Clmiies of Normandy" at the
opera house laat evening and tho result was a performance which was far
above the ordinary. Besides tbe spirit
alluded to talents of a high order,
both vocally and histrionically, arc
necessary and these are possessed by
the members of the society, and did
their full share in making the production the unqualified success which It
was. It must be remembered, too,
that those who participated in the
production were daily engaged In
their usual avocations and could only
give fractions of their time to the
training necessary for so ambitions an
undertaking as producing a comio
opera. That Iheir training had been
conducted along the proper lines was
evidenced by the happy manner in
which every act was given with
scarcely a hitch from beginning to
The opera house wss filled, too, by
a large and most appreciative audience, who by their well timed and
appropriate applaue gave the members of the company just tne right
sort of encouragement. It was a rep-
rcnen'ative audience and Its verdict
was one which was highly complimentary to the members ot the oompany.
The orchestration under the leadership of llerr Steiner was one of the
features of the performance and must
havo even sitisfled the leader, who
will nut tolerate any trifling with the
score. The scenery was exceptiooaly
good. That of the chateau of Corue-
ville being particularly appropriate
us careful attention was given to detail in the armor in which Grencheux
was encased, in the armorial designs
on the wall and the stained glass
"inilov. The costumes were appropriate and neat for the churus and
minor character, while for the leading people they were simply mngnili
Tne   costume of Serpolecte  as
character   actor   in   the second act
heie he was encased in armor in
j order to watch for expected ghosts.
C. Ii Winter gave an excellent bit
of character acting as Gaspaid, the
miser, lie was strong and effective
in the second aot, during which be
held very properly for a considerable
time tbe rentre of the stage.
E. Oriddle, as the Bailie, C. Prosser. as the Registrar, I. Q. Nelson,
as the Assessor, OnslowJNewling as
the Notary, and Mrs. E. McLeod
as Gertrude, was effective and aided
in   rounding   eff a good performance.
The specialties given by the
Quakeress quartette evoked a storm ol
applause and a bouquet for eacb.
They rendered a song which greatly
pleased the audience and were compelled to. answer to encores. Two
stanzas of the song which took so
well are as follows:
Sisters, sisters, we've been thinking.
All about this electric light
Don't you think we sadly need it
On a dark and rainy night?
Sisters, sisters,  very truly,
Then it should be burning bright,
But   when our sweethearts   come   to
We don't use electric light,    [see us
The Quakeress Quartette was made
up of Mesdames Davys, Armstrong,
Qoepel and Heathoote.
The peasant dance, which was
given by Mesdames Appleivhaite and
Otis,, nnd Misses L. Kciley, Oatway,
B. Reiley and Pearson, was another
well appreciated feature and the
agile and graceful terpsioho-
rean artists were compelled to respond to an encore and to repeat
their dance Manager Parry is to be
Enthusiastic Convention of Manitoba
Liberals Held Yesterday,
Winnipeg, Dec. 11.���At the Provincial Liberal convention this afternoon
there was again a very large attendance, many being unable to gain entrance to the hall.
A resolution endorsing ex-Premier
Greenway as leader of the party In
Manitoba was spoken to by Senator
Watsou, T. C. Norris, Isaac Campbell
and other prominent Liberals. Mr.
Greenway replied at length and accepted the leadership but warned the
party that he was not as aotive as in
former years, having 6tood 22 years of
hard fighting In politics. Tbe announcement of Mr. Greenway's acceptance was received with loud ap-
planse. This evening the convention
was addressed by lion. Mr. Sifton, A.
C. Fraser and others.
Banquettud and Given Hearty Send off
by Militia and Citizens.
Rossland Deo. 11.���The ten volunteers trom Rossland for the Canadian
mounted infantry left tonight for
Montreal where thc corps will be
mobilized. They were accorded an
enthusiastic send off by tbe local
militia and a strong delegation of
citizens after being banquetted during
the afternoon.
Carrie Peterson, a Spokane woman,
took oarbolic acid with suicidal intent
here yesterday evening, but was revived by physicians after several hours
work.    The woman may live.
tlie marchioness, of the Marquis, and
Umiialne   were elegant and rich.
Mis Melville Parry, as Gerraalne.
the lost marchioness, never appeared
to belter advantage. She was in good
"uce and won new laurels by her
hnished vocalizations of the several
arias which are assigned to the
character she was cast for. She was
frequently applanded and was the
recipient of numerous floral tributes.
Mls- W. A. Macdonald as Serpolette,
shored the honors with Mrs. Parry.
Her vocalization and acting were
artistic and refined and she was
rewarded with loud applause and
encores, and a number of handsome
��. Thompson gave a manly rendition   of   the rele of Henri, the Mar-
uis of Corneville, and his strong
nnd musical voice was heard to great
"<Ivantag3. Mr. Thompson certainly
made a hit.
It. VV. Day as Gernicheux, the oow-
ar<Hy fisherman, has a fine voice and
��sed it to advantage last evening.   He
honed   himself to be considerable of
Montreal, Dee. II.���The Duke of
Newcastle, son of the duke who
accompanied the Prince of Wales to
Montreal in 1801, passed through the
city this afternoon enroute to the
Pacific ooast The Duke is in poor
health and will spend thiee weeks in
Banff and other parts of British Columbia, accompanied by his valet.
Senator Bacon Thinks Neutrality   Clause  Defective.
Senator Gullom Glad It Ab-
brogates Former the
Pekin, Dec. 11.���An edict has appeared bestowing honors on the late
Li Hung Chang and on Prince Ching
and other officials for participating in
the peace negotiations. The most
remarkable clause awards Tung Lu,
the two eyed peacock feather for protecting foreigners against the   Boxers.
New York, Deo. IL���Tho submarine torpedo boat Fulton whioh
sank at her dock at New Suffolk, L.
I., on Monday,was raised today. The
only damage done the boat was by
the water that poured in to
through the open forward hatch,
bottom was not damaged.
John Sullivan, engineer in charge
of construction on the Lardo railway,
passed through Nelson yesterday on
his way up to the road.
Washington, T)ec. 11.- Two speeches
on the Ilay-Pauncefote treaty were
made in the cxeontive session of the
senate today, one by Senator Bacon,
in opposition to the treaty and the
other by Senator Cullom, the prospective chairman of tlie committee on
toreign relations, in support of it.
Mr. Bacon replied to the speeoh
mado yesterday by Senator Lodge.
He suirmed up his objections in the
statement that he could not freely accept any treaty which does not place
the Isthmian canal entirely under
American auspices aud American control. This, he said, the pending treaty
does not do. It did not accomplish
what had been accepted by the senate
amendments made to the Hay-Pauncefote treaty at the last session of congress. The Davis amendment, ne
said, hnd abrogated all the objectionable provisions of the treaty as ne-
gotiitied and it did not matter what
provisions there were in the agreement so long as the United States
were authorized, as they were by the
principal Davis amendment, to secure
the safety and maintenance of the
[���anal by their own force.
����>ilHnrOnly,rjgflly, *' be said, "which
the advocates of the treaty make to
criticism 1s that the canal would be
under the fall control of the United
States in time of war; but thin is no
more true now than under the old
treaty.'' He contended that the only
power given to the United States
whioh was not given to Great Britain
was found in Ihe last sentence of regulation 2, providing that "the United
States shall be at liberty to maintain
such military police along the canal
as may be necessary to protect it
against lawlessness and disorder."
This, he said, was not sucttiieut to
make the canal an| American institution aud if the Daivs amendment had
been necessary to render the original
treaty acceptable it was equally
necessary in this instance.
In conclusion Mr. Bacon announced
that while he had no intention of voting for the treaty, he would do nothing to obstruct its ratification.
Senator Gullom was glad that there
are two things in the new treaty upon
which practically all are agreed.
One of these was the desirability of
the suppression of tbe Clayton-Bulwer
treaty and tne other that of the necessity for the construction of an Isthmian canal.
He contended that the new tieatv
practically changes the conditions
presented by tho flrst Hay-Pauncefote
treaty, clearly relieving it of the
necessity of suah an amendment as
that made to the old treaty upon the
suggestion of Senator Davis because
the treaty itself will permit the
United States, under international
law, to own, manage and defend the
canal in any way that It may choo6e.
In other words, he said, in a war
with Great Britain, or with any
other power, the treaty would be suspended under the law whieh governs
nations until the war should be concluded, when it would be revived and
again enfotced He admitted that the
new treaty retains the general principle of neutralization as did the
original Bay-i'auncefote treaty, but
he urged that It does not re-enaot, or
keep alive any of the provisions of the
treaty of 1H50. While it retains the
doctrines of neutralization the provision making that retention applies,
the senator contended, to al! nations
alike Dut to none of them for any
longer time than they observe the
regulations prescribed by the United
States. When they should fall in this
observance we could close the canal
under the terms of the treaty. All
nations would he treated on terms of
fairness and equality by allowing all
to use the canal in time of peace and
shutting out ail in time of war in
oat-e it should be desirable to do so.
Members of Nelson Lodge No. 23 A.
F. aud A. M. and sojourning
bretliern are requested to meet at the
lodge room at 1.30 p. ui. today (12th)
for the purpose of attending the
funeral uf the late Bro. W. P. Robin
There were no less than three births
yesterday afternoon in Nelson. A
daughter was born to the wife of John
Allen, Houston street, a son to the
wife of J. Johnson, Mill street, and a
son to the wife of Matthew Mul-
In the case of tbe Star Mining
company vs. Byron N. White com
pany at Rossland, an order was
made yesterday to allow the plaintiff
company the right to inspect the underground workings of the Slocan
Star mine to an extent agreed on
between tne parties.
The death occurred on Tuesday
night of W. P. Rooinson, formerly
sheriff of Kootenay, of pulmonary
troubles, aged 60 years. He was
among the early residents of the
Kootenays and had a wide circle ot
friends. The funeral, which will be
in charge of the Masonic order, will
take plaoe this afternoon.
The examination of Black, Rash-
dull, Sproat and Molnnis in the case
ot Marino vs. Sproat took place yesterday before the registrar as special
examiner. In this case an order had
been obtained for a new trial and for
the admission of oertian documents
discovered after the first trial. The
examination was with reference to
these doenments.
Owing to the continuance of the
sharp weather one sheet of ice will be
ready for eurling tonight, and the
curlers are getting ready to use it to
its fall limit. Club rinks will be
formed as soon aa possible and those
who wish to curl are requested to
purchase their tickets from either W.
W. Beer or Frank Tumblyn ano: at
once so they will.be assigned a place
ou one or other of the rinks.
The quarterly meeting of the board
of license commissioners was held in
the-city offices yesterday at 2.30 p. m.
The only business that came up was
the matter of the transfer of the
license of the Glue Pot saloon from
Walmsley and Bowes to William Con
nell. The transfer was duly authorized. The commissioners adjourned
till Monday, January 13th, at 11.ill)
a. m, when the saloon and hotel
licenses will be dealt with.
Tuesday afternoon an accident occurred on the Lardo railway that nearly caused several deaths. As it was one
of those affected by it suffered severe
injuries and Is now at the hospital at
Kaslo. Five men were oomiug down
the track on a handcar whioh they
were making go as fast as a favorable
grade and their strength could make
it. Just after thc-y bad passed the
second crossing of the Lardo river,
they came around a curve to see an
empty flat car standing on the track
immediately ahead. There was no
time to put on brakes and tbe handcar
crashed into tbe flat car, and was
badly smashed. Alfred Anderson, a
foreman on the construction had his
head badly cut and sustained Internal
injuries, while the other men were
severely bruised. Dr. Harkins went
up on the steamer Nelson and brought
the injured man down to Kaslo for
treatment at the hospital. The car
had been left standing to be loaded
with ballasting but a short time
Ciioulars wore received yesterday
by several Nelson business men from
a ''green goods" dealer, giving his
address at a small town in South Carolina. The circular stated that the
writer had been superintendent of a
section of the government engraving
department at Washington for a number of years and manufactured bank
notes that weie exactly indentieal
witb the genuine. All kinds of pre
cautions were prescribed In answering
the communication, the writer trusting in the recipient's '-honor" that
he would not give the scheme away.
Tne receivers of the letters were not to
hestitate at any sacrifice in order to
raise the $500 necessary to buy the
bundle of greenbacks that would be
given in exchange. They were advised to pay any rate of interest tbat
would be asked, as in a short time
they would be able to pay it back
with ease, besides making an enormous
profit. The author did not explain
why if his notes were absolutly perfect tbat he should take snch risks in
taking a large number of strangers
into his confidence, when he could so
easily pass them himself at their full
v lue.        _
This Will Be One Task   of
the Labor   Federation.
Different    Associations
Same Trade to Amalgamate.
Scranton, Pa., Dec. 11.���Business
closely relating to tbe organization
of labor in these fields where there is
no union and the strengthening of the
hands of those who have embraced
unionism, took up most of the time
of today's session of the American
federation of Labor.
Thirty odd resolutions were considered upon eight of which final action
was taken. All tbe other pronositionB
were elthe sent back to committees
or referred to the incoming exeuntive
council with the question of trade
autonomy now in the hands of the
special committee appointed to consider the subject. The committee was
named at the morning session and all
resolutions and other documents relating to trade or industrial autonomy
were referred to it. The committee
will make a report probably Friday or
Saturday. Among the resolutions
adopted weie these: "Requesting the
Terra Cotta Pressers and Finishers
Union to affiliate with the International Brick Tile and Terra Cotta
Workers alliance or have their charters ievoked by the federation; recommending that the federation make an
effort during the coming year to organize the school teachers of this
country; authorizing the federation
to send deputies to national and international organizations, particularly
those of rail vny employees endorsing
the label of the International Wood
Carvers' association and instructing
the executive council to nse every
effort to secure the passage of a
national law protecting and legalizing itself.
The reading of the papers uf the
executive council took up more than
an hour of the convention's time.
The report was sent to committee for
consideration. An adjournment had
to be taken early in the afternoon
session to enable the committee to
ro.isider business which will come before ��.he convention later.
Nn Closed Season For Game Along the
Arrow Lakes.
Editor Miner.���Kindly grant me
space in your valuable publication to
ask why���put why Is large type
please���are the game laws enacted,
and why from Hobson to Revelstoke,
a gang of drift from across the line
is permitted,year after year, and every
mouth in the year, to harry and ravish
the country of everything that crawls,
runs, flies or swims, until the section
along the Arrow lakes has become, so
far as game ia concerned, a howling
wilderness? Tbe opinion, freely expressed along the lakes, is that the
provincial police are afraid of this
pestiferous gang; surely tbis is not
the case. I am assured again, that
the Justices of tbe Peace will not act.
If this is true it is creditable, indeed.
Is thc game warden, poor dear mnn,
appointed solely for tho puroose of
drawing his salary? j These opinions
may, or may not, be correct, bnt the
fact still exists that there is no closed
season along the Arrow lakes. I do
not speak by hearsay, but of my own
knowledge. Game is being slaughtered in the most disgraceful] manner
and without let or hindrance from
any legal authority. Thus'the game
is being killed oo tbe only winter
range which they have ln that section
between Fire valley and Deer Park,
along this range. The wolves congregate during tbe first heavy snow,when
the deer are driven from tbe bills.
There are no police oi game wardens
within many miles to protect them
from the unlawful hunters, who so
mercilessly slay their quarry in season and out of season. Just listen to
the boom of the guns and the howl of
tbeir mongrel ours driving what game
is not killed out of the country.
Let me qnote one or two instances
of which I bave personal cognisance.
Some twelve months ago a colored
nan   from   Idaho   In two days  in the
vicinity of the Hot Springs killed 18
caribon, nine of which were cows.
He sold what he could pack out of
the hind quarters, or hams, dried
about 150 pounds of the meat for consumption, secured the pelts and left
the remainder for his relations, the
wolves. Another gang of three, bunting on McDonald creek, killed three
caribou packed out most of the csreass
of one and left the remainder to rot or
for food for thc woives. I could fill a
page of The Miner with incidents
like these. Three years since deer
were numerous, but now there is
scarcely a hoof print to be seen and
under the present system these animals will soon be things of the past.
The game laws should be enforced
and the game protected tor the benefit
of the settler, the prospector and tho
citizens, who may wish to spend a
week or two in the hills for the sake
of legitimate sport and i,ut solely for
the beuefit of a gang who arc too
honest apparently to work and a trifle
too lazy to steal If any doubts exist
as to the truth of these statements let
inquiries be made of Messrs. Mathie-
son. Funk, Johnston, Christie, Andrews, Reveller, Sapandusky, Burton,
or any other person competent to give
an opinion, who resides on the lakes.
As I write there are three boats passing en rouie for the pot hunters rendezvous to the south of Cape Horn.
Yours truly, FOR THE GAME
Prospects Bright for Canadian Iron and Steel
Canadians In  Control Who
Will   Push   Operations.
Lt. Brown Offers to Raise a Troop  of
Experienced Packers.
The ten men selected for the South
African contingent left on the Moyie
this morning. None of them belong
to the local militia company bnt two
of them were in South Africa before,
Simms, who was with the C. M. R.,
and Dunn, who was with the Stratb-
Capt. Leckie, before leaving Nelson
had received instructions by wire to
proceed without delny to Halifax.
He therefore finished his duties as recruiting officer at Fort Steele yesterday and left at once fur the east.
At the Suggestion of Lt. Brown,
Capt. Macdonnell on Saturday wired
to Lt.-Col. Holmes the offer to raise
a troop of men who would oe experts
in packing and the care of horses.
These would make a valuable adjunct
to a corps ot mounted rifles. These
men would be able to take charge of
all the light transpoit of the regiment
giving mobility at a greater aisiance
from the base of supply than where
wagons are relied on. Lt. Brown is
of opinion that with 25 men as a
nucleus, who oould instruct others
now in 'the contingent who have already some knowledge of the art,
detachments could be formed that
could beat tbe Boers at their own
game Without wheeled transport
these men could make rapid progress
away from beaten lines of travel, on
tours that might take a week or ten
days. Tbe mobility of such a detachment would make it of the greatest
service, could follow the enemy at
equal speed into as rough country, nr
if thought best could lie in wait
among the bills as tbe Boers r~o, till
the advantageous moment to strike
the blow: The effectiveness of such
a body can be judged when it is
realised that one hurso laden with
two boxes cf biscuits and a case of
beef carries sustenance for one and a
half days for a troop of forty men.
A knowledge of the diamond bitch,
which these men would have, enables
a man to paok.in a pinch,on any style
of saddle, western stock saddle, inili
tary saddle or pack saddle, In fact
anything that will protect a horse's
baok, a load that will carry safely ln
any country over which a hcrse can
walk. A corps of men of this class
and otherwise fit as soldiers could be
recruited in British Columbia and
would be nf incalculable utility on
such an expedition as this contingent
is undertaking. The ponies and ruu
down hordes of tho conntry, which
can be obtained in abundance, can be
utilized for this purpose.
So far no answer to the suggestion
has been reoeived from Ottawa but
Lt. Brown has confidence tbat when
Capt. Leckie confers with Col. Evans
on the subject that the idea will likely be adopted as Col, Evans has had
experience with such a detachment
when be took a party cf Canadian
troops into tbe Yukon.
St. John, Dec. II.���Rev. John Slcn-
ton, paitor of Fairvillc Methodist
church, dropped dead today, ai he sat
at the dinner tanle with his wife.
Heart failure was thc cause.
1 Montreal, Dee. 11.���An Important
meeting of Dominion Iron and Steel
company's direotors was held here today. At the close it was announced
that James Ross, hereafter would
tako a more active part in the management of the company practically
replacing H. M. Wh^ney in the
financial management as he did a
short time ago in the management of
the Dominion Coal company. Mr.
Ross announced that he nad just returned from a trip to the leading
steel manufacturing centres in the
ULlted States and felt that nothing
could prevent the Dominion Steel
company from commanding the situation, both in tbe pig iron and steel on
the American continent.
It was also announced that tho
manufacture of steel would be begun
early next month and that the output
had been sold in advance at remunerative prices. Ross,Cox and other Canadian shareholders have largely increased their holdings recently and
the company is becoming Canadian in
ownership as well as in local situation.
Damages Sought Becnnse   White Pass-
Yukon Rates Not Approved.
Victoria, Dec. II.���Two writs were
today served on the Victoria representative of tbe British-Yukon Co .otherwise the White Pass and Yukon route,
each claiming (20,000 from the company on the grounds that the rates
on their railway had not been approved by tbe Dominion government
as required by the Dominion Railway
act. These are thc actions which it
was said in these despatches a few
days ago would be brought. Tne
claimants are the Upper Yukon Consolidated company and John Cleari-
hue, both were targe shippers to
points in the Yukon.
They ask the return of freight rates
and passenger fares paid the com puny
and damages, relying ou the claim
that thc rates cf the compauy were
not approved an j on section 200 of the
Canadian Railway act which reads,
"every persou from whom any company exacts any unjust or extortionate toll, rate or charge, shall in addition to tbe amount so unjustly exacted, be entitled to recover from tho
company as damages an amount equal
to thiee times the amount so unjustly
These are Out test cases and if the
claimants are successful actions involving millions of dollars will be
commenced against thc company, the
representatives of which are in Ottawa al present in connection with
'he refusal of the Dominion government to approve the tariff submitted
by the company. Messrs. Hlggins and
Elliott arc acting for both claimants.
As stated the ether day, they will
contend tbat the .rates wers exorbitant, avoraging about 20 cents per
mile and that those taking the autluns
incurred serious loss through the conii
pany allowing secret rebates to competitors.
Amalgamated   Scheme   Voted Down-
Alexandra to Reopen.
Nanaimo, Dec. 11.���Dunmuir has
been successful in breaking the amal
gamation. Last night the Alexandra
union tecided to cancel the application made on Saturday after a lung
and bitter debate in the local union
lhe Alexandra will later be reopened
as owing to the failure at No. 3
Extension, now being flooded, the
company must get coal from tbe Alexandra. The mine is to be started with
non-unionists from Ladysmlth. probably early in the new year. The company's tactics will probably prove
successful owing to the dissensions
among the men.
��� Nelson  Daily Miner,  Thursday    December 12,  1901
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Hubricriut.ioiiK invariably ln advanoe.
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vVa-li., keep thiri paper on flic, and are our
authorized ageutu for advertisementa and nub
The above Reward will be paid to
anyone giving evidence that will convict persons of stealing The Miner lrom
our subscriber's doors.
The Ontario government assay office
located at Belleville, and conducted
by the bureau of mines 'or the assistance of prospectors and the development of the mineral resources of
Ontario, 6hows a total receipt of l!l!i
samples during the month of October.
The assays and analytical determinations aggregated 31, each cheeked oiT
by a duplicate in order to avoid errors
before issuing certificates Of these
411 were for gold, 31 silver, 7 nickel,
10 copper, etc. Hixteeen samples of
iron ores from dlfTersflt parts of
Ontario were receiver1 for partial or
complete examination as to smeltug
quality. Sixty-one samples of raw
and briquetied peat were received foi
analysis as to quality for fuel purposes. The Ontario liureau of Mines
nquired 251 determinations on which
no fees were collected, 130 being done
for private parties. The custom work
for thc public is done nt actual cost,
the fees collected from this source
amounting to fllS.SS. .Seventy-three
samples for Identification or report as
to probablp value, as well as qualitative examinations were received, on
which fees amounting to $1.1.20 were
collected. No change is made for
such examinations on samples brought
personally to the lubratory.
Resides this tbe otlice answers inquiries ami issues bulletins when inquiries are made ns to a certain metal,
like nickel, platinum, molybdenum,
etc., and answer other queries which
tome up from time to time, which are
important to thole engaged in pros
pecting and mining to know and to
know Immediately. In this respect
the assay ofliee is up-to-date, as any
information wanted is immediately
The British Columbia department of
mine!', while a comparatively useful
institution, is entirely too slow. The
report tor any given year is usually
issued several months 'after the year
Is ended and is, therefore, ancient history by the time it reaches the p-jlilie,
which sustains the department. It
could materially increase its usefulness uy adopting tho milletin system
like the Ontario office. It could also
duplicate the Ontario system of making assa)s and analyses at coat. This
would be of great help to the pros
peetor, as the price of an assay or
qusntitative analysis is ofi.cn an important consideration to him after he
comes in from the hills. This would
interfere with tlie regularly licensed
aaseayerB, it will be said. We do not
believe that tins would be the case to
any great extent as the use of the
government assay and analysis privilege could be restricted lo tlioie who
could not Bffoid to pay tho higher
charges of the regular assayer and
analytical chemist.
As at present conducted the provincial department of mining is far behind tbe times and entirely too deliberate for a young country like t li in is.
A complete change in methods should
b�� adopted. Bulletins regarding the
ouptut should be published at least
onee a month and oftener, if the occasion should arise, and in these could
be embodied tlie latest authentic information regarding mining.
Take the recent reported discovery
of rich placers on the llorseily as an
instance. If the department wns
alive to its real mission it would long
since have secured information as to
" *��� placers, und iBmed a bulletin
concerning them. Coming from an
officio,! source like the department of
mines would give the information
so disseminated the stump ol reliability. Ihire have been Home llnds of
molybdenum in the Nelson division
and near the coast. A bulletin on the
value of molybdenum and where II
could be marketed would be acceptable and would perhaps result in the
divclopment of these deposits. The
deparment of mines has facilities for
securing information of thi* character
whieh are better than those of individuals engaged in prospecting or
mining. The department could thus
make itn-lf useful in a number of
ways,   whicb   it fails   to take advan
tage of, as it seems to bi permeated
by a system of dry rot. It is evidently in need of some new and yourg
blood to give it more energy, and to
make it of greater benefit to the min-
ir.g public than it is. The idea in
establishing it was to foster the mining industry, but it is performing the
task as though it thought the present
generation had a life time that wil
extend over a couple of centuries.
Mops the Cough
and Kiirti on" Ihe (old.
Laxative Ilionio-Qninine Tablet!'  cure a oold
In olo day.   No Cure, No Par.   Price 25 cent*
A correspnnent in another column
in this Issue calls attention to the violation of the game laws along the
Arrow lakes. Ihere are a number of
points along these lakes where there
is good winter feed for game and
they congregate there at ce tun times
in large numbers. Sportsmen declare
that this section used to be one of
the nest localities for hunting in tlie
province According to the story told
hy our correspondent Ihere is no
close season there now nnd owing to
lhe wanton and caseless destruction of
deer, caribou etc., and now they are
extremely scarce. Owing to the ease
with which Ibis section is reached by
water it has been overrun with hunt
ers, many of whom came from south of
the international boundary line, whose
only ambition seems to he to kill the
deer and caribou for their hides as
they save only a small poition ofthe
meat. Tlie section along the lakes is
sparsely inhabited and has probably
been overlooked by those who have in
charge the enforcement of the game
laws. It is improbable that the officers
of the law are afraid tc do their duty
as hinted by oui correspondent. We
are certain that if he, or any of the
parties he mentions, will but take the
ttoubie to lodge a formal complaint
against the violators of the law and
are willing to testify against them,
that a sudden halt will be called tu
the illegal killing of game. Now that
the matter has been brought to public
attention the efflcers will take the
initiative and put a stop to practices
which are nothing short of shameful.
The sportsmen of Nelson should co
operate with the officers of the law in
this matter.
At the same time as the new city
council will be elected there will
also require to be chosen two additional membeis for the school
board. Next year, accenting to tbe
amendment to the School act passed
at last session of the legislature, the
eity will have full charge of the schools
both high and public. The board
will then consist of five members but
as those now in office continue for the
remainder of their unexpired terms
there will be but two new men required. The term of one of these ends
on June Doth next and the Education
department may decide that his successor should be elected in January to
enter on his duties on July 1st.
The set provides that the provincial
treasurer (.hall pay to the corporation
the sum of SIS for each one of average actual attendance at the schools
with nn additional 81)00 on account of
the High school. All the money re
quired beyond this the city will have
to furnish, a sum which is expected to
be about $4,000.
Nelson seems naturally destined to
become the educational centre of
inland British Columbia. Already
there are pupils in attendance at Ihe
High school from outside the eity, and
with so many small places not far
distant, which for many years cannot
have sufficient pupils to obtain a High
school of their own, the number of
outsiders will inevitably increaso so
that the High school will become the
means of bringing money into the eity.
Tbe importance of tlie office of member ot the school board is scarcely less
than that of alderman as it is very
desirable that the ideal of the very
best schools, both public and high,
should be steadily worked toward.
The general diskcminatlon of the
knowledge that consumption is contagions is making the lot of those
alllieted with the dread disease a most
uncomfortable and unhappy one. Thc
knowedge that oao Is a victim of
tuberculosis causes him to be avoided
as though striken with leprosy. As
this is the ease every community
should have sanitaria where those
allliiteil wilh the disease could be
isolated and where they could be
givn i-cientlfie troatmrnt, as it is
claimed that recent experiments in
Enrope and elsewhere have shown that
a ceitain proportion oi those in Ihe
first stages of the disease ran be cured
when properly trented. The Albertan
of December 7th tc11h the following
incident which reveals how those
affiieted with consumption are sometimes treated, but in ihis Instance
the sufferer fortunately fell into the
hands   of a good Samaritan:
On Wednesday evening on entering
one of the prominent public lioufes in
We have lately received a large consignment of all the
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Jennes-Miller Hygienic Shoe
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school wear to choose from.
Asthmalene Brings Instant Relief and Permanent Cure in all Cases.
There is nothing like Asthmalene. It
brings instant relief, even in tbe worst
cases.    It cures when all else fails.
The Rev. O F. WELLS, of Villa Ridge,
111., says: "Yonr trial bottle of Asthmalene received in good condition. [ cannot
tell you bow thankful I feel for the good
derived from it. I was a slave, chained
with putrid sore throat and asthma for tep
years. I despaired of ever being cured. 1
suw your advertisement for the cure of
this dreadful and tormenting disease, Asthma, and thought you had overepoken
yourselves, but resolved to give it a trial.
To my astonishment the trial noted like a
charm.   Send me a full size bottle.
lev. Dr. Horrla Wr< u��ler,
Rabbi of tha Cong. Bnai Israel,
Nbw York, Jan, 3,1901
Dn. Taft Bros. Medicine Co.,
Gentlemen: Your Asthmalene is an
excellent remedy for Asthma and Hay
Fever, and its composition alleviates all
troubles which combine with Asthma.
Its success is astonishing and wonderful.
After having it carefully analyzed, we oan Btate that Asthmalene contains
no opium, morphine, chloroform or ether.    Very truly yonrs,
1       '       F       ' REV. DB. MORRIS WEOHSLER.
Avon Springs, N. Y, Feb. 1, 1901.
Dns. Tait Bros. Medicine On.
Gentlemen : I write this testimonial from a sense of duty, having tested the
wonderful effect of yonr Asthmalene, for the cure of Asthma. My wife -has
been afflcted with spasmodic asthma for the past \f years. Having exhausted
my own skill as well as many others, 1 chanced to see your sign upon your
windows on 130 th Btreet, New York, I at onoe obtained a bottle of ABtbmalenn.
My wife commenced takiog it about the first of November. I very soon noticed
a radical improvement. After using one bottle her ABthma has disappeared
and she is entirely free from all symptoms. I feel that I can consistently recommend the medicine to all who are afflicted with this distressing disease.
Yours respectfully, O. D. PHBLPb, M. D.
Dr. Taft Bros, Mbdicinb Co, Feb. 5,1901.
Gentlemen : I was troubled with Asthma for 22 years. I have tried numerous remedies, but they have all failed. I ran aomss yonr advertisement and
started with a trial bottle. I found relief at once. I have since purchased your
full sized bottle, and I am ever grateful. I have a family of four ohildren, and
for six years was unable to work. I am now in the best'of health and am doing
business every day.   This testimony you can make such use of as you see fit.
Home address, 235 Rivington street. S. RAPHAEL,
67 East 129th St,, New York Oity.
Do not delay.   Write at once, addressing DR.  TAFT BROS, MEDICINE
OO., 79 East 130th St., N. Y. City.
Sold by All Druggists.
the city, everyone was sympathy
strieiien for a man sitting off to one
side in a chair. After making a few
inquiries, we were told that he wns
suffering from consumption and that
he was sent out of tbe hospital. Of
couise, under such circumstances
naturally the poor man was evaded
by everyone in sight, and was not
even allowed to sit at a table whine
meals were for sale. One of our good
hearted merchants, T A. Hatfield,
who felt passionately for the unfortunate man when he noticed him,
asked him if there was anything he
could do for him. Mi. Hatfield waB
then spen iidrninisteiing whiskey nnd
milk to thc almost dead and famished
man, and afterward, at the request of
the hotel proprietor (who pleaded for
God's sake to get him removed) was
seen escorting bim to more comfortable quarters, where be remained
until next morning, when he left on
the north trair, pro!ably to ponder
over a last few days among his nearest and dearest friends.
The fame of lliuklen's Arnica Halve,
as thc best in the world, extends
round tbe earth. Its the one perfect
healer of Cuts, Corns, KruiseB, Sores,
Scalds, Roils, Ulcers, Felons. Aches,
Fains, and all .Skin Eruptions.     Only
infallible  pile   cure.     25c   a   box at
Canada Drug and Book Co.
Oonfectioners toys for tbe little ones
at McDonald's.
H. & M. BIRD
Money to Loan On Improved Beat Enisle
1st Mortgage* at 8 per eciii.
JS50.- House and lot on Observatory
street west uf Josecbine. Cash
$250, balance easy terms.
$3,100.���Eight roomed house and three
lots in good position, close to
the tram line. Terms oash
81,000, balance straight mortgage at 8 per cent.
$2,100.���Nix roomed house and lot on
Victoria street west. Complete
plumbing. Terms $700 cash,
balance 1st mortgage at 7 per
$17.���Five   roomed   house,     all   conveniences.
$20.���Seven roomed house on Chatham
stieet, Hume addition,flrst story
of oriek.
$22.���Seven roomed honse, modern im-
piovements,    corner   of Stanley
and   Mines road.
$20.50. -Furnished cottage on Victoria
street west.
Delivered to any point
on Kootenay Lake.
I have a complete stock on hand o>
Rough and Dressed
Mouldings, Sash Doors.
Inside Finish.
Coast Flooring, and
Finished Lumber*
Mill at PILOT BAY. Yards, NELSON
and LARl-O.
N. E. T. CO.
Stanley St. Boguatowj
6.45 a  m 7>00 a- m-
Eviry 30 minutes until 11 a. m.
11.00 11.00 a. m.
Every 20 minutes until 7:20 p. m,
8.00 p. m. 7 4�� P- m-
Every 30 minutes until 10 p.   m.
10 p.   m.   meets   10.10  train  at
the depot,"
o 20 last cats.       10.40
Time not guaranteed but kept as ac-
culately as possible.
We have received a consignment  of Linens  manufactured
specially for Christmas Trade
Table Cloths, with Napkins to . match,  extra  fine  Patterns and  finish
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Linen Doylies and Centres, Hemstitched and   Prawn  Work.    See
assortment at 75c, $1, $1.50, $2.00 to $3.00,
Cor. Baker & Ward Sts.
Nelson, B. C.
Good lots suitable for residences
to be sold on easy terms. Apply at
the Company's office for full infor-
ma}ion, Vernon Street.
For domestic or steam use.
A  full   supply always or
Kates to   all  railway  and
lake points
General Agent
Tel. No. 265.
Office ��� Two doors   wesi
C.P.R   offices.
obtained in all countries
Registered Patent Attorney, Mechanical Engineer and Draughtsman. Bank of B. N. A. building,
Hastings St., Vancouver, B C.
Write for full particulars.
The Waverley Hotel
Rates $ 1.00 to $1.50 per day. First
class Meals, 25c. Next door to Opera
House. P. O. Hox 210. Telephone 147.
Victoria St., Nelson.
OAfiS.-MEALS a la 0ABTE.
Close connection East and Westbound at Spokane with trains of the
Spokane Falls and Northern Railway,
Direct connection at St. Paul without change of depot with all trains for
Chicago, Toronto. Montreal, New Yori
and all points West and South.
Leaves Spokaae daily for East at 9:15 a.m
Leaves Spokane daily for West at 7:15 a.m
Leaves Spokane daily lor West at 840 p m.
West-bound trains make direct connection for Victoria and Vancouver,
Portland, San Francisco, and all point*
on the Sound,
During the season of navigation East
bound trninB connect at Diilulh with
themagniflcontsteamships North Wee!
and North Land of theNorthem Steamship Company Line, operated in con.
miction witb the Great Northern Bail
For further information, aps, fold
ers, etc., apply to any agentof Spokane
Falls & Northern By., Kaslo Sc Slocai
By., Kootei ai Railway Sc Navigatior
Co , or to
City Pass, and Tkt, Agt,  W 7ol  W,
Riverside Ave., Spokane, Wash.
8. K. TAOKABURY, Local Agent,
Nelson B ('.
Our Pall Stock of
Furniture and Carpets
is now complete.
We bny of the Largest Manufacturers and Importers.
J. 6. BUNYflN & 60.
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The Canadian Bank of Commerce!
With Which I* Amalgamated
The Bank of British Columbia.
Paid-up  Capital,   ��8,000,000;   Reserve   Fund,   82,000,000;
38 Over 865,000,000.
B. E. WALKER, Oeneral Manager.
Aggregate  Resources Over 865,000,000.
HON. GEO. A. COX, President	
London Office: 60 Lombard Street, B. C.
New York Office; 16 Exchange Place.
And 68 branches ln Canada and the i/nitea States, including!
Atmn Greenwood Nelbon Sandon
Cranbrook.       Kamloops New Westminster Vancouver
Fehnir Nanaimo Rossland Victoria
YUKON DISTRICT���Dawson and White Horse.
UNIT BID STATES���New York, San Francisco, Seattle, Portland, Skaowav,
Savings Bank Department.
Deposits Reoeived and Interest Allowed.  Present Rate 8 Per Cent
Nelson Branch.
GRANGE Y. HOLT, Manager.
West Kootenay Butcher Co.
Fresh   and   Salted   Heats
Fisn nnd Poultry in Season
E.  C.   TRAVES.  Manager.
K.-W.-C   Block, Ward Street, Nklson.
Oiders by mail receive careful and prompt attentic n
"Gbe IRoyal Bank of Canaba"
Capital AnthorUed,
Incorporated 1869.
.   imooo.ooo.oo I capital rald-ap.    .   .   ���    ������������JJ^S
Belt.        ���       .     ���       ...   fl".*""*
Hoard or Director*     rnomaa B. Kenny,  President;   Thomas Rltohle. Vtoe Prwlclent,
Wiley Smith   H. Q. Bauld, Hon. David Maofceen.
Head Office, Halifax!
General Manager, Edhon L. Pease, Montreal.	
Superintendent of Branohes. and Secretary, W. B. Torranoe, Halifax.
Branches >
Nova   Scotia- Halifax   Branch,   AntlironM'
Bridgewater, uuvsboro. Londonderry, Ln
enburg. Maitland (Hants Co.), Plotou, Purt
Ilawkeabury, Sydney. Shubonaoadie, Truro,
- Bathurat,     Dorchester,
Fredericton, Kingston (Kent. (Jo.!, Mono-
ton, Newcastle, Saokville, St, John, Woodstook'
P. B. Island���('harlottotown, Sumiiiortcido.
Huebee-Montreal, (City Offloe), Mont ���
West End (Cor.Notre Dame ����
neure Streets); Westmount lg0R����*"
Avenue and St. Catharines Street.
Newfoaadlaad-St. John's.
Cuba, West ladles���Havana.
Halted Mates-New York (10 Wichanlte Pl��"��
Republic, Wash.
Grand   Forks, Nanaimo,   Nelson,   Rossland,   Vancouver,
Vancouver Bast End, Victoria.
Correspondents 1
Canada���Merchants Rank of Canada.   Boston- National Shawmut Bank.
Trust and Savings Rank.  San Francisco���First National Bank.   London.
Scotland.   Paris, France-Credit Lyonnals.   Bcrmeda���Bank of Bermuda,   M��M�� J
paa-Houg Kong and Shanghai Banklug Corporation.   apokaue-Old National Hank.
Qeneiml Banking Business Transacted; Sterling Bills of Exchange  0"��f,��
and Sold, Latter* of Credit, Etc., Negotiated.
Accounts received ou the most favorable terms.   Interest allowed on fPecm
deposits and on Saving Bank accounts.
Geo. Kydd, Manager, Nelson. B.C.
' aSrSB
Come and see bur
lurge btoek of
Fine Furniture, Carpets, Linoleums, Pictures.
nnd everything to make a home ��"*J;
jortsblfl.    Our prices nre right. Wins
mas goods arriving daily.
St CO.
ft    **** Nelson   Daily  Miner, Thursday December 12, 1901
Corpoiation of the City of
Y       Nelson.
BY-LAW  NO    102
i nv law lo ral��o flM.m to extend the City's
A bj ia��    ;,,1(j(.uric ugnt 8y(ltom
�� ���HKHBA8 apetitlnn signed by the owners
x   ,, __ u__ (HO) of the value of the
"'SSiSoitJol Nelson, as shown
dpal Council of the Corpor-
;     " "-""ihe""dtr of    Nelson,    requested    Counoil     to     introduce)
uhe   sum    of    one
liy 1.
''"!., "m'so ""t'hei'surn    of    ono    hun-
_,   mythousand dollars <��150,0W)i for lm-
,,n 1 adding to tho elictrio lighting sys-
u. ���, ____>at lhe said City) by enlarging
'   ulZ to Uio P'aotof lhe said system, by
ffiainoro water to operate said plant dud
' ! ,K."m water rlghUi and laud necessary
''..ill. ,,iiho said water rights and power
"'     "folly operating said elootrio lighting
"iYii u ilKHKASitlH deemed oxpedlent to
, A ���11., 'said sum of one hundred and fifty
!C"L.l dollars (J15ci,U00>for the purpose afore-
"".'vinini'llKAStho wholo amount of tho
, __ 1 , ���.    PSpertf of the said City of Nel.
^XXgto tl>o ��"t revised nssossmout
rul! !iifi'i'i'i'KKK AS lt will bo necoisary to raiso
'_l 11, 1 vr lathe sum of SI2.637.3) for pay-
!"';',': ild dobtand Intormt theroon,
"%!\\ I'll KKKITORK, the Municipal Council
���Mlo ulrjoratloj of Uio City of Nolson, In
Couiioil assornbiod onacts.as fo lows:
1.  Itdiall-
cl may bo lawful for tlio mayor
orailou of tho Cily of Nelson to bor-
,,, ,,,,,10 crodlt of tho said Corporation by
.��� ni 1 lie ilebiimures liorcinafter monllonod,
fro 111 any person or porsons, body or bodies coi-
,m< ������ wuo may bo willing lo advance the
Sum m ��loan, ����� sum of monoy not exceeding
nnahiindrod and fifty tnousand dollars (|150,
irii1 "11110 cause all such sums- o ra sod or ro-
',,_ iu be paid into tho lumds of Uio trcasur-
, r, 11 lii's, ni I'orppral ion for tho purpose and
wilh 1 he object h.jiclnbcforo recited.
i Itsliall b�� lawful for the Mayor of the
mid Corporation to cause any numbor of de-
tauaro/toboniado, oxecutcd and Issued for
__ sum or sums as may be roquirod for tho
niiraweand object afonsald, not exceeding,
Liiarvr the sum of one hundred and fifty
thousanti dollars SiUO,uO0); eaoh of the said do-
riilnivs lii-ing of iii' denomination of one
thousand dollars 111,0001. and all such deben-
iiiitsi.Ii ill bo sealed with tbe seal nf the Cor-
iier.il inn uml signed by tho Mayor thereof.
I Tliesild irebenlurcs shall bear date tho
Unit day of February A. 1)., 1IW2, and shall bo
made pal able in twenty years from said dato,
in lawful money of Canada, at tho ofllco of tho
lhnknlMonlr.nl in Nelson aforesaid, whioh
Bilil pl .coof payment shall bo doslgnatcd by
tlie said dobonturos, nnd shall havo attached
to ttism coupons for the payment of interest
iukI the pignatures to the interest coupons may
lii'eiilier written, ttainped, p.lntod or lltho-
il The said debentures shall boat ii.torest at
the ra'e or live por centum por annum from tho
Uat i thereof, which interest shall bo payable
ranii-iuimiiillv at. said oflice of of the Hank of
Montreal III .\elsnn aforesaid, in lawf 1 money
of t'ltniuln, ,,n the first day of Augu-t and the
first day ef February r sportively, in each yonr
during the curronoy thereof, and it Bhall be ex-
lire.serl lu said dobontiires and couponB lo bo so
j' li snail be lawful for the Mayor of tho said
Corporation to negotiate and soil tho said de-
boniuros or any Of them for not less than par;
Including Iho co��l of nogotlatli'g and sale, bro-
kerage ami all other inoiduntal expenses.
ii There shall ho ralsod and loviod in each
renrdurlng tho current!? of 8'id debentures
the snni of��7,600 for tho payment of interest
nnd the sum of to,037.30 for tho payment of said
dobenturos by a rate sufBolont therefor on all
the rateable real proporty In the said Munlcl-
7 li shall bo lawful for tbo said Munlolpal
Council to re-purohase any Of tho said debon-
lure- njimi suoh terms as may ho agreed upon
Willi I bo legal holder or holders thereof, or any
part thereof, either at tho tlmo of sale or any
sahsoq'io I time or times, and all dobonturcs
to re-piii'iha-ed shall forthwith be cancollcd
and octroyed and no ro-issuo of debentures so
le-iiui'oliased shull be made in conBequcnoo of
siioli ro-purohase , .
8 Thi< bylaw shall tako CIToct on tho 21th
diyef llooenibcrA. U.,1901,'
(I This bylaw may be citod for all purposes
ns lhe "City of Nelson Kloctrlc Light Kxtonsion
Bylaw No. 102." , .  ' ,
Dono ami passod ln Council assornbiod this
day of A li., 1001.
with the legal holder or holders thereof or any
part thereof, either at the time of sale or any
subsequent lime or tunes, anil all debentures
so npn.roh.Bed shall forth with be cat celled and
destroyed, and no reissue of ilebcnui'os so repurchased shall be made in conscqucnco of
such repurchase,
8 This bylaw shall take client on or after
tho 2tth day of December, io u,
0 This bylaw may bo cited for all purposes
as the "High Hnhool Loan Bylaw liril,"
Done and passol iu Council a-sembled this
day of 10JI
TAKK NOTICE that tho abovo Is a truo
copy of tho proposed bylaw upon whioh Iho
vote of the Municipality will be liken on Friday, the 20th dny if December instant between
the hours of 8 o'clock a. M. ami 4 o'ciock P. M.
for lhe K ist ward at the City 1'olico Court on
tho east sido os Josephine btreet and for tho
West Ward at the oflice of Ward Brothers on
tho north aldu of Baker street between Stanley
and Kootonay Btreots in the Ci'y of Nelson.
Clerk of the Oouncil
Nelson, B. C. Dccoraher fiih. 1001
TAK I'. NOTICK that thc abovo is a trno copy
of the proposed by-law upon which tho vote of
tlio Municipality will bo lakon on Kriday tho
ffltli day nf liecombor instant between tho
hours of 8 o'clock A. M.and! o'clock P.M..
for tho Kast Ward at tho City Polioe Court on
Iho east side of Josephine Street and for tho
West Ward at the office of Ward Brothers on
lhe north side of Baker stroot betwoen Stanloy
and Kootonay streets in tho City of .Nelson.
Clerk of the Counoil.
Nolson, B.C.,
December Oth, 1901. j
Corporation of the City of
BYLAW NO.   103
A Bylaw lo raise $10,000 to Build, Equip and
1 Ornish a High Rchool Building.
Whereas a potttlon signed by tho owners of
at least one tenth U-10) of tho value of tho real
property of the City of Nelson as shown by the
aist re\ isetl assossmont roll, haa boen presented
t" Mir fUutiiclpal Council of tho Cortoratlon of
the (lit y ���f Nelson, retiuesting tho said Council
lo Introduoa a bylaw to raise the sum nf $10,-
WU for Uio purpose of building, equipping and
furnishing a high school building in the said
Uly of Nelson.
AND W11K11EAS it ia deemed expedient to
borrow tho said sum of $10,000 for the pur-
peso aforesaid.
AND w boreas thi whole amount of the rate-
able real property of the Bold City Of Nelson nc-
oordingtotho laBt revised assessment roll Is
AND WIIKHKAS it will bo necessary to
raise atiiiually by rate tbo sum of 1835.82 for
paying lhe said do tand intorost,
Ml-.vTIlKtiKFOKKtbo Municipal Counoil
oi tho Corporation of tho O ty of Nelson eoaow
as follows:
1 It shall and may be lawful for tho Mayor
ol Ihe Ctii'ii, ration of lhe City of Nolson to borrow, up ii iho creditof the said Corporation by
waf of the dobenturos horoiuafter meiitioneu,
lrom any porson or porsons, body or bodies
ioi'|iuniie. who may bo willing to advance the
Hiinie as a loan, a sum of money not exceeding
"'loo whole. I bo sum of 110.000 and.to cause
nu such BumB so/ataed OV rece vod to bo paid
into ihu liiiiuui of tho Treasurer of the said Cor-
'oral ion. for tho p.rposo and with tho object
norolnbefore recltod.
�� ��shall be lawfnl for the Mayor of Iho
sairi.Corporation tocuuse any number of de-
iio' lures to be mado, oxecutcd and issued for
Hieiisiiiu or sums as may bo roquir.d for tho
Hii'|ios|. mi(i objeot; nforosuld, uot exceeding.
"owivei-, me sum if flO.OOO; each of the Bafii
uenoiiiures being of the denomination of one
1 iioiistiiiii "ollnrslHOOO, and all suoh dobonturos
���nail bo sealed with the seal of tho Corpora-
uoii and signod by tho Mayor thereof,
_���' Ihu-aid itebciiiiires shall bear dato tho
aratday of February, A. D. 1002, and ehall bo
alei payable I ��� twenty years from the eald
���aie| in lawful money of Canada, at tlio ofllco of
���no Hank of Montroal 111 Nolsonafores ild.whlch
__a, |M> l"cllt Hha" bo designated by th ��� sild
J inticbjiiiures and shall have attached to
mom coupons for the paymont of lntora.t and
me sikii tturos to tho lntorest coupons may bo
graphed 8B| 8tolnDod- Printed or lltho-
II* 'ho said dcbenturi'B Bhall boar Intorost at
aii ,tC "vo lHr centum po annum from the
u.i clhti'tjif, which interest shall bo p.yablo
���un -annually at the said ofllco of tho Dank
"Montreal, in Nelson aforesaid, ln lawful
nioioyofCanadjon iho flrst day of August
a u uio ih st day of Pooruary respectively, in
. I !��"r "'"'Ing tho ourronoy thoroof, and lt
__.,"C.0XP osscd InsalddoboutureBai.d coupons to be s0 pnyabio.     .
���j |t M nil be iiwlul for tho Mayv of tho
,t .1, ."'''' "atlon to nogotlaio and sell tho said
O'lioiilmvioi any of them for not loss than
'i f' mcluili' >g iho cost of negotiating and sale,
" okerago and all othor Incldontal oxponeos.
nui.ii"e.e'hailberJserl aid levied In each
|'ai uurlng tho currency of aaid dobonturos
no sum of kski for tho paymont of intorost and
, ���, '"' ��MO'K2 for the paymont of said do-
_,,._'" b' " nlU! suflielont therefor on all tho
raitahlo real proporty ln tho said municipality.
fl,^'shall be lawful for tho said munlolpal
j mini ti to repurchase any of tlie said dcoen-
"I'tnisueb terms as may be agreed upon
Corporation or the Oity of
BYLAW   NO.   104
bylaw to raise 10,000.09 for an Isolation
WHKRKASn petition signod by tho owners
of at loast ono tenth U-10) of tho value of tho
real property of tbe City of Nelson as shown
hy tho last revise 1 assessmoot roll has been
presented lo the Miinicip.il Council ot tbo Corpora Ion of the City of Nolson, requesting the
aaid Council to introduce a bylaw to raise the
sum of fd.000.00 for the purpose of building,
equipping and furnishing an isolation hospital
ln tho said City of Nolson.
AND WHKItKAS it is denmod expedient to
borrow the said sum of go.OiKl.OO for the purpose
AND WHKUKaS tho wholo amount ofthe
rateable real property of thu said City of Nolson according to thc last revised assessment
AND WHKHKAS It will he necessary to
raise annually by rate thn sum of $117.01 for
paying tho said debt and intorost,
NOW THKilKOItK the Municipal Council of
the Corporation of the City of Nelson .snare as
1. Il shall anil may bo lawful for Iho mayor
of the Corporation of tho City of Nelson to
bori ow upon tho credit of thc said Corpo- ation
by way of the debentures hereinafter mentioned from any person or pors uis. body or
bodies corporate, who may bo willing to
advance tbe sanio as a loan, a sum of money
not exceeding in tlio whole the sum of (5,000.00
and to cause all such sums so rnisedor recoivod
to be paid into the hands of the trensurorof the
said corporation, for tho purposo and with the
object hereinbefore recltod.
2. It shall be lawful for the mayor of tho said
Corporation to cause any number of dobontuics
to be made, oxoeuted and issued for such sum
or sums ns may bo required for tho purpose
and objoct aforesaid, not excooding, however,
the sum of live thousand dollars (s.t.tiun IMJI oaoh
of tho said doboiilures being of tho
denomination of ono thousand dollars ($1,0001 and all such dobenturos shall bo
scaled with the seal ofthe Corporation and
signed by Iho mayor thereof.
3. The said debentures shall boar dato Iho
flint day of February. A.D., 1002 and shall be
mado payablo In twenty years from thu said
dato in lawful money of Canada nt the Bank
of Montreal in Nelson aforesaid, which said
plnco of payment shall be designated by tlio
snid dobonturos and Bhall havo attached to
them coupons for the paymo ,t of interest, and
the signal ure to the intorost coupons may bo
olthorwrittcn, stamped, printed or lithographed.
4. Tho said debontui es shall bear interest at
th* rato of live por cent, por annum from tho
date thororf, which intorest shall bo payable
senii-annnallv nt said oflico of tho Bank of
Montroal in Nolson aforasaid, In lawful monoy
of Canada, on tho ftrst day of A.ugust and the
flrst day of February respectively in oach your
during tho currency thoreof. and it shall bo
exprossed in said dobontnres and coupons to be
ao payablo. ...        , ���
5. It shall bo lawful for tho mayor of tho said
Corporation to negotiate and soil tho said
dobontiires or any of thorn for not loss than
ar; including tho cost of negotiating and sale
rokomgo and  all othor incidental expenses.
6. There sh.ll bo raised and levied in each
year during tho currency of said dobenturos
the sum of $260 for thc payment of interest and
the sum of 1167.91 for the payment of tho said
dobentureB by a rate sufflolent thorefor on all
the rateable real property In tho said miinloi-
""V Jt'shnllbe lawful for tho 'aid munlolpal
council to repurchase any of tho said dobonturcs upon such terms as may bo agrood upon
with tho legal h ddor or holdors thereof or any
part thereof either ot the lime of sale or any
subsequent tune or times; and all dobenturos
so repurchased shall forthwith bo cancelled
and destroyod and no ro issue of debonturo- so
ro-purchnsod shall bo made in consoquonco ot
such ro purchaso. ,       _,   .       ..    ���.,.
8. This bylaw shall tako effect on tho 21lb
day of December, A.O., 1001.
0 This bylaw may bo citod for all purposes
as "Isolation Hospital Bylaw."
Dono and passed in council assumblod tins
day of A.D., 1001.
TAKE NOTICK that tho abovo is a true
copy of tho proposed bylaw upon which tho
voto of thc municipality will be taken cm
Friday the 20th day of Dooombor instant botwoon tho hours of 8j,o'clock A. M. and 4
o'oloek P. M., for tho Kast Ward at tho City
Police Court on tho cast side of Josephine
street aud for the West Ward at the ofllco of
Ward Hrothors on the north sido of Bakor
streot, between Stanley nnd Kootenay streets
Clork of tho Council
Ne'son.B. C,
December lilh, 10.11.
$16.SO   to   817;
3   to   $1(1.63 1-2;
Corporation of the City of
BYLAW  NO.  105
London market shows signs of recovery and copper has irone up 2s. (id.
being quoted ��55 3s (id. for*spot and
��55 for futures. New York prices are
unsettled and are only nominal.
Lake is quoted at
electrolytic, $10.32 1-3
casting $17.
Lead���London,     ��10
Silver-London 35 l-4d.; New York,
54 3-4o.
From Boston it is reported that
Thomas W. Lawson and the Daly
estate have sold all their holdings in
the United States Metal Selling company to the Amalgamated Copper
company. The Metal Selling com
pany had sold its control to the
Amalgamated, the Rothchllds and the
Calumet and Uecla juiotly. The Metal
Selling company had contracted for
the output of the Amalgamated, the
Calumet and Hecla and the Rio Tinto
for five years from Junuary 1st
The Christmas trade with the retailers has not yet commenced, but all
the leading stores have in their full
stock of Christmas goods, and by the
middle of next week the retail holiday trade will probably be in full
swing. Several dealers yesterday
stated that trade this year compared
in volume very favorably with that
of last year at the same time.
The largest and finest stock
Xmas confectionery in Nelson
McDonald's, Baker street.
Bylaw to  raise the Sum  of
for Fire Department 1'urpoi
a   petition   signed   by
WHEREAS,   -    . ,     , ,
tbe owners of at least one-tenth (l-iuj
of the valoe of the real property in
the City ol Nelson as shown liy the
last revised assessment roll has been
presented to the Municipal Council of
tne Corporation of the City of Nelson
requesting the said Council to introduce a bylaw to raise the sum ol
$5,000.00; for the purpose or the more
fully equipping the lire department of
the City of Nelson and installing a
fire alarm system for snch purpose.
AND WHEREAS, it is deemed expedient to borrow the said sum of
15,000.09 for the purpose aforesaid.
AND WdEREAS, the whole amount
of the rateable real property of the
said City of Nelson according to the
last revised assessment roll is
*2,330,370.00 ,
AND WIlEREASit will bo necessary
to raise annually by rate tne sum of
|U7.��1   Ior   paying the said debt and
1 "NOW THEREFORE, tho Municipal
Counoil of the Corporation of tne Oity
of Nelson enacts as follows:
1 it shall and may tie lawful for
the'mayor of the corporation nf the
Citv of Nelson to borrow upon the
credit of the said corporation, Dy way
of the debentures hereinafter mentioned, from any person or persons,
body or bodies corporate, who may be
willing to advance the same as a loan
��� sum of money not exceeding in the
whole the sum of $5,000.00 and to
cause all such sums so raised or re-
celved to be paid into the hands of the
treasurer of the said corporation for
the purpose and with t..e object   here-
^IrZlfbe lawful for the mayor
of 'the said corporation to cause any
number of debentures to be made, ex-
Canada DntS Book THE   MINER'S
Among our Christmas Perfumes we have a handsome line of
florocco    Watch    Cases   also   Handkerchief  and
Glove  Cases
Each box now contains a Cut Glass Bottle of elegant   perfume.    When
perlume is removed you have the beautiful Satin Lined Case  for  gloves,
etc.    Our stock of assorted perfumes of the   best   English,   French   and
American makes is also complete.
ecuted and issued for such sura or sums
as may be required for the purpose and
object aforesaid, not exeeding, however, the sum of *5 000; eaih of the
snid debentures being of the denomination of cne tnousand dollars
(31,000) and all such debentures shall
be BOaled with the seal of tbe corporation and signed by the mayor thereof.
3. The said debentures shall bear
date the first day of February, A. D.,
1003, aud shall lie made payable in
twenty years from the said date, in
lawful money of Canada, at *he office
of the Rank of Montreal in Nelson
aforesaid, which said place of payment ahall be designated by tlie saia
debentures, and shall have attached to
them coupons for the payment of interest and the signatures to the interest coupons may be either written,
stumped, printed or lithographed.
4. The said debentures shall bear
interest at the rate of five per cent,
per annum from the date thereof,
which interest shall be payable semiannually nt said oflice of the Hank of
Montreal in Nelson aforesaid, in lawful money of Canada on the first day
of August, and the first day of Febru-
ay, respectively in each year during
the oarrenoy thereof, aod It shull be
expressed in said debentures and coupons to be so payable.
5. It shall be lawful for the mayor
of   the   said   corporation to negotiate
nd sell the said debentures or any of
thorn for not less than par; including
the cost of negotiating aud sale,
brokerage and all other incidental
0. There shall he raised and levied
in each year during the currency of
said debentures the turn of 8350.00 for
the payment of interest, and the sum
of $107.01 for the payment of the said
debentures by a rate sufficient therefor on all the rateable real property
in the said municipality.
7. It shall be lawful for thc said
municipal Council to repurchase any
of the said debentures upon such
terms as may be agreed upon with the
legal holder or holders thereof, or any
part thoroof, either at the time of salo
or any subsequent timo or times; and
all debentures so repurchased shall
forthwith be caueelled and destroyed
and no re-issue of debentures so repurchased shall be made in consequence of such re-purohase.
B. This Bylaw shall take effect on
or after the 34th day of December,
0. This Bylaw may be cited for
all purposes as the "i'ire Department
Equipment Bylaw."
Done and passed in Council assembled this day of A,. D.,
TAKE NOTICE that the above is a
true copy of the proposed bylaw upon
which tne voto of the Municipality
will be taken on Friday the 30th day
of December instant, between the
honrs of eight o'clock A. M. and four
o'clock P. M.,for the East Ward at the
Citv Police Court on the east side of
,Ios"epliine street and for the West
Ward at the office of VVard Brothers
on the north side of Baker street between Stanley and Kootenay streets
in the City of Nelson.
Clerk of the Council.
Nelson, B C, December llth, 1901.
Moroo.'o Glove Case, Satin Lined
Out Glass Bottle Perfume 14.50
Morocco Handkerchief Case Satin Lined Cat Glass Bottle Perfume   3.60
Morrocco Watch Case Satin Lined
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1 bottle English or American Perfume in box  1.00
1 bottle Killarney Violets, in Sain L-'ued box, the latest  1.00
1 bottle English or French Perfume, in box  1.25
1 liottle English or French Perfume, in box  1,50
1 large bottle Arrerican Perfume,
in box  2.00
1 bottle American Perfume, Cut
Glass Bottle, in box  2.60
1 large bottle American P,ifume
Oat Glass bottle, in  hox  5.0(1
1 large bot'le Canadian Perfume,
Cat Glass bottle, in box  3.50
1 bottle Canadian Perfume  4. Oo
English Perfume, 2 Out (Mass bottles in box  3.50
English Perfnme, 2 Out Glass bottles, tbe latest, in  box  0.00
Perfume Atoin'zor, beanties 1 50 & 2.00
Sachet  Powders,   17  different odors
five different makers
Canada Drug h Book Co.
nelson, b. c.
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants
Branch Markets in Rossland, Trail, Nelson, Kaslo
Sandon, Tnrue Forks, New Denver and Slocan City.
Orders by mall to a��v branch will have careful and oramot attention.
Stoves and
Ranges . .
W'e are showing this season a fnll
line of these goods and solicit your
esteemed patronage.
Lawrence Hardware
Manufacturers of BEST STEEL WIRE ROPE.
Tramway, Hoisting-, Mining Wire Rope.
Lang's Lay for Tramways and Underground Haulaer
Local Stock carried, estimates furnished.
H. E- CROASDAILE Agent Nelson-
Corporation of the Oity of
Public Notico In lioroby given lhat tho voto
of ihe doctors of tho municipality of tho City
of NoUon will ho taken on Hv-Ijiwh Nii.102, IM,
ioi nnil no, iiointr raspeptlvelri No IM, "A Hy
law lo raise *15u,ti!0 oxlonil Iho City's Electric
liKht 8) stem;" No. 1011. ������ a Bylaw to raise
ifo.OOQ 10 hulM, equip and furnish a, Hiirh
School hulldinir;" Bylaw II "A Bylaw to
raise IS0O0 for an Isolation Hospital; liylaw
Nn 10J "A Bylaw to raise tho sum of %VJW tor
Pin Do-artmcnt, purposes," on Friday, tho 20th
dny of Docomhor instant between the hours of
8o'ciock n.in. and) o'clock p. ni.
Kor the Kast Ward at, Iho Cily Police Court
on Josephine street and for tho West Ward
nt tlio olllee of Wnrd Brothers, on tho north
sido of Bakor Street, between Stanley and
Kootonny Streets In tho City of Nolson
'���Any main or female being of the full ago of
twenty one yenrs who Is tlio assessed owner of
and or of Ma] properly within Iho municipality shall have n voUi olthor opnn-ming
or negativing the said By-laws to eaoh ward in
Which lie orsho may bo assessed for land or
"finffl'oYrlolson. B. C.thls 10th day of Do;
! MTarland&Brockman i
g We have just opened a line of 5
Very unique in design. ^:
Baker Street 5
J  China Hall
We have just opened up a fine assortment. Secure a pair and be
ready for tonight.
Advertisements lnnortod under this bond at
the rate of one oont a word per insertion. No
advertlsemont takon for leas than 26 oents.
Situation Wanted advertisement* Inserted
thi-ee times freo of ohnrtte.
FOK RENT.-The     dwelling    latsl.v
vacated by I). ,1. Dewar,   four elisors,
west of pobtofiieo.    J.  B.  Annable.
FOB     SALE.���One     heavy    draught
team, apply to .1. A. Hayward
UOUSE   to rent   on Vernon     street.
Apply Captain T. .1.  Duncan.
KUKNISEl)        ROOMS.-
Silica,     second   door
-Apply       on
west     Ward
BOOMS and HOARD. ��� Every convenience ;   south east   corner of   Carbonate and Josephine street.
Appiy    to   Mrs K. ,1.  Sqnires, Boom
40, K. VV. C. block.
WANTED.���A (food general servant at
once.    Apply to Mrs.   VV. A.   Thur-
inan, Silica strict.
WANTED. ���A piano to rent.    Adilre s
slating terms,Clarence Washington
postollice, Nelson.
WANTED.���Men and  women   wanted
to work   at   home.        (lood    wages.
Write   Olisgow     Woollen    company,
Dept. C, Toronto
MEN WANTED-On     Crow's      Nest
Southern    Ry,      (lood    wnues,    long
job   Headqnarters, Elko,    II.   C.      A.
(Juthrle St Co.
Money to Loan at 8 per cent.
Insurance Real Estate
FOR RENT.���Two offlces over Queen
Cigar store, $15; 7-rootncd house, bath
and sewer, *'i'i; 4-roomed house, water
only, Si I.
FOR SALE.���Two lots, Obtervatnr.v
st., on car line, $45(1; 5-room house,
Cat Don ate St., 81,0001 7-roomed hutise,
Carbonate st, Sii.lUO.
Spokane Fails A
Northern R'v.
Kelson  & Fort
Sheppard R'v
Red Mountain R'v.
oombor, l'.Ktl.
Returning Officer.
1   Similkameen Valley Coal |
I Co., Ltd. 3
B . __\
B Shares are 35 Cents   now-    1 ney will  be 50 3
B Cents V&c. 15.    Rush in your orders. __\
*~- ~**
li R. J. STEEL, Official Broker, Nelson,  B- C %
P. O. BOX 158
Phone 278,
For the comfort of the number ol
people who are now using this
popular line, a direct daily Buffet
Car service has been inaugurated,
thereby giving passengers every
comfort obtainable on any of the
larger railways in Canada or the
Close connections made at Spokane for the south, east  and   west.
Only 10 hours to Seattle and 18
to Vancouver and Victoria.
Passengers booked direct through
to all European points.
Leave DAT TRAIN Arrivt
0:110 a.m Spokane 7:15 p.a
12:25p.m Kossland 4:30 p.a
10:30 a.m Mountain 5-50 p. m
'.1:10 h. m Nelson 6:45 p. n
U. A. JACKSON, G. P. _ T.A,
Spokane  Wui
Agent, Nelson, P.C
DJ. ROBERTSON Sc OO���Next door io
���   lhe new Pott Olllee UilildinK, Vernou
oi., N'elMin.  Day'phono 8& Ninht 'pnona M.
J* N. Al. l iimmiii-, Lbmm��� Kvery known
variety ot iioft driiikn. P u Box 88. Telophou
No. 31. Hoover Street, Nelaon. Boltleniuf th
r.iiuuiii. SU Leon Hot SpriniCK Mlueral Water
J A. Macdonaldl���Arohitecte and nuperlu
Umdonu, Broken Hill Block, cornor Bakor and
Ward Street*, >elnon
A MACDONALD Sc Ca-Corner Kron
��� and Hall streets���Wholesale irrocer
and jobberti in blanket**, gloveti, milts., boote
rubbers, luackinawti and miners' sundries.
P   BURNS it Co.-Bakor Street, Nelson-
���   Wholesale dealers lu fresh a d cured
nioau,.   Cold Storage.
Baker Street, Nelson���Wholesale dea
ers ln fresh and cured meal*.
_ Street, Nelson ��� Wholesale dealars In
hardware, miners' supplies, sporting goods
M'LACHLAN BROS. (Successors to Van
eouver Hardware'Co. Ltd.) I inker Streot.
Nelson���Wholesale dealers In hardware and
mining supplies, plumbers' and tinsmiths' sup
paints, oils and glass: mechanics   tools.
Agents foi Ontario Powder Works; if iininiiu
riiURNKR, HEETON Sc Co.-Corner Vornon
A and Josophiue Streots. Nelson���Wncle
salo dealers in Uquors, cigars, and dry goods
Agents for Pabst Brewing Co. of Mllwaukoc
and Calgary Brewing Co of Calvary.
UUaON'S BAY Co.-Wholcsalo grooerie;
and liquora oi\c, Baker tiireet, Nolson.
Olllc) comer Hull and Front Streets
Nelson���Lumber, celllnK, Hooting, and every
thing In wood for building puruoHea, Oet oui
prioeH.   CorreHpondence Holicitod.
rp  GALLON *. CO.���Deal
X ���   and twlneR.   Always u large
band. Tolophone 296. Itocm 14. K.-W.-C Block
in   ore sacks
loci;   on
Dominion and
Land Surveyor.
Perfect   Passenger   Service
New York
Snn Francisco
Atlantic S.S. Sailings
From St. John. N. B.
Allan Line Ionian  l)cc.  7
Allan Line Tunisian Dec. 14
Beaver Line  Lake Superior  ..Doc. 6
Hoaver Line Oratli ('usi.tr     . Doc. 20
TheKC steamorH sail from Hallfux ono day
From Portland, Me.
Dominion Line Vancouver ...Dec. 14
Domliton Lino Domiulon  .Dec. 28
From Now York
White Star Line Miijestio Dec.   4
WhitoSUr Line Cymlrlo Dec. 10
Whito Star Line Ocoinij Dea 11
Juiianl  Lino   I'mbrbv, Dec.   7
(uinard Line Lucanla.. , Dec. 14
American Line l'hiuulolnhla Dec.   4
Amorlcan Line St. rail Deo. 11
Anohor Uno  Anchoria Dec. 14
Anchor Lino Furnessla  Dec 28
Fiom Boston
Cunard Line Hiixonla,  Doc.  7
Cunard Line Cltonla Dec. 31
Dominion Line New Kn<)and Deo,  4
For further information rcgirdtng N. G.
Lloyd Hamburg-American, Holland-Amerioan
tines and for rates, reservation of berths, otc.
Apu1   '*>
tion. Agonl, Winnipeg, Man.
J. 8. CAPTKIL D. V. A.. Nolson
Brewen ot Fine Lagn
Beer and Porter.
V.l.,oo    R O
Are yoa In want? If you are, tel.
lhe people, through The Miner want
column, vrhat you are ln wast of
Yon'll get it
Soo Pacific Line
To St. Paul and Chicago and all
points beyond, High Back Coaches,
Superb Dining Cars. Kirst-class
Sleepers on all trains,
Revelstoke  to  Coast   Daily.
Monday and Friday, Kootenay Landing to bt. Paul.
Friday    orly,       Toronto,
Montreal. Boston, e*c.
For berthi, timetables, raten and full
Information apply to.
H. L. Biiown.
Oity Passnnger Agcut
J. 8. Oarteh,
DU. Para. Agt.
A. G. P. A.
West Transfer Co.
Coal a wood
Best  Fir and Tamarac   Al
ways on hand.
All Kinds of Teaming and
Commission Work-
Office on   Baker Street Tel Nelson Daily Miner Thursjw, December 12,   1901
Pool Table
The new Portable Billiard Table
can be used on any house table in
any room or on lawn or verandah.
See Our Windows
Mbow Room for Mason, .t Iliscli pianos
The Tcrpischoreiin club holds its
regular dance in Fraternity hall this
Ihe Independent Labor Party will
bold a meeting at tbe Miners' Union
hall on Monday evening  at 8 o'clock.
The steamer Kaslo yesterday
bruught down one car of American
Hoy ore and two of Klican Star, both
for the Trail smelter, and two cars of
Ifamhkr-Cariboo for the Selby smelter
at San Francisco.
The secretary of the N.lson brunch
of the Canadian Military Rifle league
yesterduy received word that lhe prize
won by the Nelson team in thu league
competition last summer would arrive
in the course of tbe next lew days.
The box plan for the Friday night
performance of the Chimes of Normandy will he open at Mcdonald's
frnlt stoic on Friday morning at 10
In a birth that occurred two weeks
ago in Nelson an interesting instance
was given of a family in which members of five generations are alive and
in good health. This occurred in the
family of A. K. Short, to whom a
daughter was bom. Tbo mother's
age is 2(1 years, the grandmother who
lives with them is 54, the great grandmother who resides in Southern
Michigan is 74, and the great-great
grandmother who also lives in Michigan is 08.
The Rubens Vest is the BEST
undershirt ever devised for infaius. No
required. No pulling over tlio bead to
worry small children. Its use is recommended by the most eminent physiciana
for its efiicicnt protection of lungs and
ai 1.1, im.-i i. For sale by all leading Dry
Goods stores.
All members of Kootenay Lodge
No. 16, I.O.O.F., are hereby requested
to assemble at the lodge room at 1.80
o'clock p. m.,today for the purpose of
attending the funeral of the lale Mrs.
Peter Emerson, beloved wife of Ilro.
l'eter Emerson. Sojourning brethern
are cordially invited to attend. By
order of the Noble (Irand. Q, II.
Ki lira id.
Tne dealh of Mrs. P, F. Emerson
jccmred yesterday afternoon at the
Kootenay Lake General Hospital from
congestion of tlie brain. The death is
a peculiarly sad one in the fact that
four young children, the youngest of
whom is a baby of two months, are
left motherless. Much sympathy is
felt for Mr. Emerson, who has been
seriously ill for some days himself.
Flave you used healthful Hygenic
Baking Powder, tte latest discovery
in chemistry 1
Athougli the coasting nuisance has
been considemby mitigated there is
still a good de.il ol it being done on
the sidewalks on various streets, and
a number o? pedestrians have had
nasty falls in consequence One hill
which is beiag used at piesent and is
a most dangcinus one, that on Cedar
street from Vernon to the Hut below
Water street, crossing the car tracks
un tbe way.
Nelson's Most Popular
Chimes of Normandy
65    PEOPLE    65
Big Chorus,    Big Orchestra,
Big Show
Beautiful Costumes,
Special Scenery.
December 11,12, & 13
PRICES $1. 75 & 50 CENTS
Plan open at McDcnald's Confectionery Store io a. m., Monday,
December 9th.
The old idea that the body sometimes nefds a power drastic purgative
pill his been exploded, for Dr. King's
New Life Pills, gently stimulate
liver and bowels, to expel poisonous
matter, cleanse the Bystem and absolutely cure Constipation and Sick
Headache. Only 280 at Canada Drug
anti Hook Co.
A Utah Woman's Management.
"The first misunderstanding thn
Katie and I ever had was on account
of coffee. She would not give it to
me because she was sure it was the
cause of my nervousness and sick
spells, so 1 regularly dropped into my
Aunt's house on the way from school
(I am a school teachei you see) anri
stealthily put down n good strong cup
of coffee each day
One of my sleepless nights I lay
wondering what ailed me and how
long my money would last if I got
sick suddenly. I went to school the
next day as I had often done before,
with nerves very tremulous and a distressing headache creeping over every
cubic inch of my brain. When I
reached thc dinner table at night,
shaved and in my right mind, but
very tired and faint, I gave a little
start of surprise and delight, followed
instantly with a feeling of shame.
Lad my sharp, though ralld-eyed
little wife discovered the extent of
my recent prefidy? Did she know I
had been takiDg coffee each day eon
trHry to agreeim nt? Beside my plate, in
mj own beautiful silver Xinas present
cup, smoked and fairly smiled the
beverage, inviting, delicious liquid.
I hastened to pour in a geiierout'
supply of cream with lhe usual ration
of sugar Then I sipped the treasure
with delight.
It tasted a good deal better than
usual, someway, but not exactly
natural. When my cup was about
half empty, 1 began to wonder if it
would be replenished, so I Mole a
glance lit lhe little woman. Hbe hud
a far away look in her eyes and alittle
victorious curl on tier lips.
All at once I understood, 'Now
Kane,' I said amazedly, 'you don't
mean to tell me this is Postum? Her
pretty little laugh rang out at once,
and she asked through the folds of
her n.-ij kin." I) n you think now there
is such a thing as a good food coffee?'
I roared (with m.v late experience
Iresh in my mind) Don't ever say
coffee to me again; I am R saved roan
tonight.' I then and there hugged m>
guardian angel and swore off on
coffee, for keeps.
My health and spirits have been
gaining   steadily,   until    now I sleep
like   a   babe   and   cat like a ,
well, like a man who   knows his food
is going to agree with him.
It was a happy day for wife and I
(and for numbers of our friends),
when the real danger of coffee drink
ing vvas discovered and a beverage
that would take its pluce was put on
our table. I have been saved from a
spell of nervous prostration, tbe oat-
come of which no one can ever foretell." Ron House, Boblnson, Utah.
At the record ou"ire yesterday the
transfer of an eighth interest in the
(lalena claim from T. Ucnnett to G.
A. Hunter was entered, eousideiation
nominal; and an undivided interest
in the Moline claim from G. D. Kurt
to F. Ii Ulockberger and U. W.
Keceb, consideration nominal. Certificates of work were issued to .lames
Hickey on the Glad Hand and Black
Bird claims.
For Christmas presents give your
best girl a box of confectionery from
McDonald's, Nelson's up-to-date confectionery store.
The first skatiDg of the season was
enjoyed by mauy of the boys of Nelson
yesterday afternoon on the ponds
along the flats to lhe westward of
the ice honse wharf. The ice on these
shallow ponds whs quite firm,although
none but the youngsters seemed disposed to test it, but with the continuance of the sharp frost large numbers
of the elders will soon be taking advantage of the opportunity. The
finance committee of the city counoil
holds its regular monthly meeting tomorrow evening at the city hall.
Call and see our fine line of skates
just opened up; all sizes and makes,
at McLachlau Bros,
Hume.���D W Moore, Trail; Mrs A
.1. Brown, New Denver; J Howes, Silverton; K .1 Kirk wood, Slocan; W E
Bradwin, II L Cooper, Vancouver; W
A Blair, Medicine Hat; A W Myers,
Montreal; J Dawbcr, Winnipeg.
Queens.���W S Swain, Rossland ; O B
Appleton, Eight Mile point; I) It
Barbriek, Salmo; Chas E Marten,
Spokane; II B Campbell, L A Benson,
Salmo; A W Winliiw, Slocan; ,1 Martin, Winnipeg.
Phair.���J Sullivan, Trail; T Slern-
fleld. New York; C Derapsler, II J
Pratt. Bossland; 11 Martin, Prince
Edward Island; W A Beebe, Blair-
more; II G Sorand, Slnoan ; I) C Johnson, liver-It, Wasli; A (I Klinsmith,
Quebec; .1 S Knapp, St Paul ; JM
Harris,  ltossland.
Grand Central ���W Nahtil, Kaslo; N
McMillan, Molly Gibson Landing; I.
Miimoe, Fernie; T W Leask, Cranbrook; II (1 Donston, Silver King
mine; .1 H McKelvey. I. A McLean,
Nakusp; It Foster, Vancouver; T G
McNaiuai'H, H u liy Creek; T Maclean,
Copenhagen ; W .1 Meagher, Toronto ;
.1 Watson, Spokane; .1 McCoiiigill,
lireenwood; .! W Falls, Ymir; Mr
Tatham,  Phoenix,
Maurice Hewlett, the author of
Richard Yea-and-Nay, popularly admitted to be the best book of 190(1,
has scored another triumph in the
New Canterbury Tales, just issued by
The Copp, Clark Company, of Toronto. The admirably told stories are
strung together ofler the fashion of
those in the original Tales and hence
the name. The literary style has the
peculiar and strong individuality of
Mr. Hewlett, full of nervous energy,
tense and thrilling. The book Is a
masterpiece us to literary art and
happily is without a moral or a lesson. It is a thoroughly enjoyable
one from beginning to end, without
a jarring note.
Between Robert Shiell, judgment
creditor, and Thomas Henderson,
judgment debtor.
NOTICE is hereby given, that pursuant to an order of court made the
18th November, 1901. sealed tenders
for the purchase of the interest of
Thomas Henderson in lots four (4)
and five (5) in block six (0), Addition
A. to City 01 Nelson, will be received
by me at my office, Court House, Nelson, until Wednesday the 18th day
of December instant,at the hours of 1?
noon, to satisfy a judgment for 1310.00
und costs.
Prior incumbrances: Mortgage to
Provincial Building and Loan Association. >
Dated at Nelson the 7th day of
December, 1901.
B. M.Macdonald, Solioitor lor Judgment Creditor.
.^.- ^ ^s^i^a- a ^S'^2 '-��'.-2'~*2^a��^"-J*'-S'eS :<*������'^ ^-��2^'-a��5'-S'S'-5 ^35^B^'-^S'-2^2' *�������� *�� ^
in ftto
Closing Out Announcement.
Martin O'Reilly & Co. in making their Closing- Out Announcement, beg to tender their thanks to
their many friends and customers for past patronage during the time they have been in business in Nelson.
We propose giving the public generally, a life's opportunity of buying Dry Goods at prices never befoie
approached in the Kootenays or elsewhere. During the past week our store has daily presented a lively appearance, and we feel satisfied that our many customers went away highly pleased with their bargains. The
startling reductions in every department has been the means of greatly reducing our stock; but we still have
an enormous Stock of Goods to sell, and if Price Breaking can do it,another week will see our fixtures with
less goods on them. _____________________________
The Independent Lahor Party will
bold a meeting Monday evening at 8
p m. in the Miners' Union Hall at 8
p. m. J. MATUESON,
Notice is hereby given that I intend
to apply at the next sittings of the
Board of License Commissioners for
the City of Nelson for the transfer of
the retail liquor .'icense now held by
me Ior the premises known as the Imperial Hotel formerlv known as the
Silver King Hotel, situate on lots 7
and 8 in block 111, sub division of Lot
fls, (iroup 1, West Kootenoy District,
Baker street in the said City of Nelson to Joseph Harwood.
Witness:   P. McColl.
J. 0. GWILLIM, B-��  Sc,
Late of Geological Survey of Canada.    Six years experience in B. C
mining districts.
Baker Stre* Nelson. B C
Will :il\v;iy;i ll[H-f.;i   Willi   11 it'll   iW(l  reliable
rciuo'ly in tht) limine for scaMh and burnc us
KOOldents nre liable to iktiii- .it any time wit lion I wiiniiiiK. UriflUhV Menthol Liniim>nl
hIojw 'be burning neuHaLion in~lii' tly and pro
dticoHthat rioi tfilns hih) cooling aenwilion, a
virtue noKHDHNod only hy this remedy. No homo
should Ik:  without it.    I'r ceM fonts.
for wile by J. J1   Viu.hUuio  Nol-ion. B.C
P. L. S.
KASLO.  B.  C.
Mineral ��M">����i and mines suiveyed.
Almost new.    Apply
Miner Office.
Hosiery and Knit Underwear
17 dozen Women's Black Wool Hose in
sizes 8}_, 9, g1/.; were 35c, now per pair... .$      25
Several dozen Boys' Ribbed Wool Hose,
just the thing for school wear, we will sell
them at, per pair 20c and        25
Children's Knit Vests and Drawers (all
sizes), in white and grey, from 25c up
A special line in Women's White Vests,
long sleeves and well finished garment, were
85c, now.         50
Another line in White and Grey, were
90c now         65
A limited number of Ladies' Combinations, are out for this sale at, each         75
Gloves! Gloves!
We still have a fairly full assortment of
"Perrin's" famous Gloves, those that always
sell at $1.25 are now per pair $     90
The best grade, $1.50 are now per pair.     1   10
Corsets, Girdles and Corset Waists
The 75c Corset is marked to $     40
"    $1.00   " "        "         60
"     1.25   " "       " :.-.       85
i"   .  1.50   " "       '"      1  10
Higher grades are marked on the same
basis���The D. & A. Corset in all grades.
Children's Corset waists that were 90c
and 75c are now all one price         50
Ribbons, Laces and Embroideries
Have come in for a share of the price cutting, and
all kinds of Trimmings and Smallwares will be given
Special Attention.
A Snap
Several dozen of Men's Boiled Shirts
in sizes 16, i6}4 and 17, worth from $1.00
to $1.50; all out for, each         25
Another Snap
15 or 18 Children's Coats in plain Navy
and Navy trimmed in Cardinal or White,
sizes from 4 to 8 years, were $5.50, now $ 2 00
Also 3 or 4 that were $3.50, now     1 50
Dress Skirts, Black and Navy
Just a very few of these Dressy Skirts that
were $7.50, they are selling at $ a 75
Our $5.50 and $6.50 Creponne Skirts are
now marked $4.50 and    3 75
Tailor Made Suits
There are quite a few of our Tailor Made Suits
left, and as we have no intention of taking them wilh
us, we have re-marked them all and go they  must.
$10.00 Suits for $ 5 00
15.00 Suits for     8 00
The better grade Suits are marked away down.
Women's Raincoats Women's Raincoats
Coats that were $7.00 now $ 4 90
Coats that were 12.00 now     7 00
Dress Department
We have several Dress Patterns that
were $4.50 for 6 yard lengths, they are now..$ 2 25
Every piece of Dress Goods is marked
to sell. A lot of fancy Dress Goods that were
75c per yard now ���        40
Domestic Department
Towels, Quilts, Prints, Sheetings, Pillow Cottons, Comforters. These goods when they are
cheap always appeal to the thrifty housewife, and
we have marked them down to sell.
Women's Cotton Underwear
Night Gowns that were $1.00 now $     60
"    "       1.75    ��       1  .0
" " "    "       2.00    "       1 25
White Embroidered Skirts
Were $1.25 now $ go
"      1.60    " ....     1  10
"     2.50    "   1 50
Martin O'Reilly & Cos.
NOW completIT.
We have on hand some very good
values in
Our stock having been bought before the rise, anyone who contemplates purchasing in that line will
do well to call on us.
Patenaude Bros.
Will pay the highest cash prloe for all
kinds of second hand goods. Will bny
or sell anything from an anchor to a,
needle. Furniture, Btoves, oar pert*,
cooking ntenails, bought in household
quantities. Also oast off clothing.
Ob.11 and see me or write. Address
Silver King Mike. Box 800 Hall
Street, Nelson, B. C.
and try a bottle, a doisou, Dr a barrel ol
QALQARY BEER aa it In Iho bent und
enmpoat on the market. Alao try our
WINES,    LIQUORS     and    CIGARS.
Telephone 113 Baker BU.. Ne
Canada Permanent and Western Canada Mortgage
head office toronto,  ont.
Money to loan on Straight Mortgage
Apply to Q. li. LENNOX.  Bak��r  8>,
Kootenay Street. Next Oddfellows' Ha
P. O. BOX 633.
A magnificent array of
Jewelry, Watches,  Sterling  and Plated
Ware, Clocks, Fancy Lamps, etc.
You will be sure to find just what you wish for a fhristmas
reminder. A cordial invitation is extended to all io inspect
our splendid display.
Cor. Baker & Stanley Sta.
The Jeweler
Be sure and get the genuine  BENNETT'S QUTTA PEfiCHA FUSE, not
something that looks   like   lt.   Lawrence Bard ware Co., Agents.
Y. O. GREEN        F. B. OLEMENTri
Civil Bntfneers and Provincial U>"
Cor. Kootenay a Victoria Sts. Nelson
P.O. Box 1�� Telephoned
ft fj    ��


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