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Nelson Daily Miner Mar 28, 1902

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 .tut**}*1 --
Daily Edition No.  1302
Nelson,  British  Columbia, Friday,  March 28, 1902
Eleventh  Year
Leyds reached Paris from Ilrussels last
Drive  Yet to  Be  Built
Rhodes' Last Resting
Successful Plaster Cast
Statesman's Features
London, March 2a.���Iu a despatch
from Capetown, tha correspondent lm-e
of the Daily Mail says that Cecil
Rhodes selected the spot where he
do3ired to be buried and instructed an
architect about the memorial to be
erected when he last visited Matopto
hills. The place of burial is boneath
a natural cairn of giant boulders, on
a kopje adjoining that on wnich
Major Wilson's liltic force made its
last stand. The memorial to be erected will be a prominent feature of tbe
striking landscape.
The Jute of the interment of the
body o! Mr. Rhodes is doubtful, says
the oorrrespondent, owing to the
necessity of tlie construction of a
special carriage load from Uuluwayo.
At pesent there is nothing more than
a bridle path. Work on this road has
already been begun, but its completion will require one month. The
correspondent says that a death mask
has heen successfully taken. The
features whieh were distorted as a
result of his malady, resumed their
reposeful dignity in death. Aftor the
autopsy which revealed au extensive
aneurism of the heart, tlie remains
were placed in a coilin and conveyed
this morning to Groote Sehuur.
The body has since b^ei; placed in
a shell. It was found impossible to
embalm it, owing to the operations
necessitated by the attacks of dropsy.
The body will lie in the hull at
Groote Sehuur until next Monday in
order to enable the public to viow it.
It will be brought to Capetown next
Th executors of thc late Mr. Rhoues
are Lord Rosebery, Earl (Jrey, Alfred
Ileit, a director of the llritish Chartered South Africa Co., Mr. Michel,
B. A. Haw, K. Sely, counsel lor the
Uritish Chartered South Africa Co.,
and Dr. Jameson. The original will
of Mr. Rhodes is in London and will
be published shortly.
Business Suspended and Mines Close
in Respect For Ceoil Rhodes.
Kimberley, March 27.���Probably no
other plaoe in the world shows more
genuine and more slncero signs of
mourning tor Mr. Rhodes than the
"diamond city," as Kimberley is
termed. The stores Bre closed, the
flags are half masted,the offices of tho
De Beers oompany are draped la black
nnd all the mines have cloEed down.
Arrangements have been made for
a memorial service on March 30 and
a Bpecial delegation of citizens oi
Kimberley will attend the funeral of
Mr. Rhodes at Capetown.
I Princess   Radziwill     Elaborated    an
I Extensive System of Fraud.
! Capetown, Marob 27.���The hearing
ot the charges against Princess Radziwill, who is accused of forgery in
connection with notes purporting to
have been signed by Cecil Rhodes was
resumed today. The princess, who
waa apparently in good health and
spirits testified in her own behalf.
Sho was committed for trial, Bail in
��2,500 was furnished by her ana two
The evidence submitted hy the prosecution showed that last August
Princess Radziwill received two
telegrams from Capetown to Kenil-
worth, Cape Colony, purporting to be
from B. A. Hawksley, counsel for the
British Chartered South African company. The princess subsequently
bribed a junior clerk in the telegraph
oflice at Kenilworth for 10s. to insert
"London" as the office of origin of
these telegrams. She then showed tbe
messages to a firm of attorneys as
cablegrams from the solciitor of Mr.
Rhodes. This was done with the
object of securing a low rate of discount on a bill for ��2,000.
Mr. Rhodes cabled advertisements
to South African papers in which he
repudiated his signatures to all bills
but Princess Radziwill afterwards
attempted to discount notes for ��3,000
and ��6,000. The indictment against
the prineess includes 17 counts for
forgery and fraud and a charge of
contravention of the Telegraph Act.
Civic Federation Bring Coal
Miners and Operators
! Remarkable Statement of Returned Russian Staff
Pekin university, (bung Chi Tung
will send a telegram tomorrow to Dr.
Martin at Vancouver, requesting him
| to return as president of the university at Wu Wong and foreign advisor
to all the Chinese high olllcials in the
provinco of ilupch aud Honau.
Goal Strike Postponed and
Settlement Not Improbable,
Kitchener Takes Many Prisoners and
Boer Munitions.
London, March 20.���In a despatch
dated from Pretoria at noon yesterday,
Lord Kitchener Bays:
At dusk on the evening of March 23
the combined movement against Delarey was undertaken by columns of
mounted men without guns or impediments of anv sort. The columns
started from Commando Drift, on the
Vaal river, and travelled rapidly all
night and at dawn March 24 occupied
positiuus along tbe line from Commando Drift to the idchtenburg block-
nouse line, with the object of driving
the enemy against the blocahouses or
forcing an action. The result has not
been fully reported.
Kekewich'a column, after the commencement of the action, captured
three fifteen-pounders, two pom-poms,
nine prisoners, and a hundred mules,
carts and wagons. General Kitchener's column captured 89 prisoners,
45 carts and wagons and a thousand
cattle. The troops covered 80 miles in
24 hours. The total number of prisoners is 135.
Delegates Have Been Conducted Blind
Folded Through llritish Lines.
Kronstadt, Orange River Colony,
March 25,���(Tuesday).���The members
of the Transvaal governmont, headed
by acting-President Schalkburger,
arrive hero on Sunday. On Monday
morning ono of tbeJBoer delegates was
esoorted through the llritish lines
blindfolded, on horseback and under
a white Hag to meet President Steyn.
The delegate has not yet returned.
The other membors of the party are
quartered in a private house where
they are allowed considerable liberty.
They will probably remalu several
Rhodesian Section of Colonial Exhibit
Draped in Black.
London, Marcli 27.���The Rhodesian
seotion of the colonial exhibition at
the Royal exchange is doing draped in
blaok. Numerous expressions of regret
and condolence have been cabled by
members of thu stock exchange. Tbe
tone of Kaffirs was distinctly firmer,
showing that Mr. Rhodes' death has
been discounted.
Figaro Says Thoy Are to See Leyds in
Paris, March 27.���The Figuto this
morning says that it hna strong reason
to believe tbat an interview is about
to tako place between Lord Hosebery,
Sir Henry Cauiphell-llann:rman, the
Duke of Devonshire nnd other Liberal
leaders,who aro now iu Paris, and Dr.
LeydB, the European representative of
[ha Transvaal
King and CJuoeu Turn Over Marlborough Bouse to Princo of Wales.
London, March 27.���It is understood
that thc doparture from Marlborough
house of King Edward today and of
Queen Alexandria yesterday, marks
tlieir final going away from the home
they havo so long ocoupied and tliat
on roturning to England after the
Easter holidays tho King and Queen
will taae up tlieir rosldence at Buckingham palaco and tbat the house
they have lived in for 40 years will
hereafter be Inhabited by the Prince
and Princess of Wales.
London, Maroh 27.���King Edward
VII., with thousands of other Easter
holiday makers,left London this aiternoon. Do will embark on the Royal
yacht Victoria and Albort, at Portsmouth, and spend a fow days at
Cowcs. Thence he will go on a woek'a
jruisu on the coast.
London, Maroh 27.���The Most   Rev.
Charles   Eyre,   the   Roman   Catholic
archbishop of Glasgow,   and   delegate
The  Figaro says Dr. J apostolic for Scotland,ls dead.
New York, March 27.���The mine
workers and mine owners of the
anthracite field debated their differences for four hours today in a conference arranged by the ccnciliation
committee of the National Civio Federation, but the meeting was without
result, save that the workers agreed
not to strike on April 1st, as decreed
by the Shamokin convention. There
is to be a further friendly discussion
between the two interests nnd Senator
Hanna, as chairman of the industrial
department of tho Federation, was empowered to call another conference at
any favorable time within tbe next 30
The workers asked for an increase
in pay, a shortening of the working
hours to eight hours a cay and the
adoption of a scale for the entire district. The operators refused to grant
the demands as to time and pay, and
declined to permit the complete
unionizing of their properties. The
operators offered   to   meet  employees
ith grievances at any time but insisted thut there be no dislincti on
between union and non-union men.
They also asserted that the present
market conditions did not warrant
any increase in wages or decrease iu
working time.
Senator Hanna, Oscar Straus and
Frank Duncan, sub-committee named
by the conciliators, arranged for the
conference which was hold at the
Church mission house. Tho operators
present wero Wm. 11. Truesdak, president of the D. L. and W. railway;
E. L. Thomas, chairman of the board
of the Erie railway; Geo. S. Baer, of
the Reading railway, and Robert Oli-
pbant, president of tbe D. and H.
railway, while lhe spokesmen for the
minors were John Mitchell, president
of Ihe United Mine workers of
America, and the three district presidents of that organization, Thos.
Nicholls, John Fahey and Thos.Duffy.
Tbe discussion covered the entire situ-
lion. When Senator Hanna oamo from
the conference room he said in the
course of a short interview: "An
agreement seems likely.-'
Conference at   Washington on Religious Questions in Philippines.
Washington, Marcli 27.���Archbishop
Sharretti and his secretary, Mgr.
Broderick, oalled at the Wai depart
ment todav and had a short con foi-
ence with Secretary Root. The prelates will remain in Washington for a
week for the purpose of affording the
officials here any information in tneir
power, touching the pending religious
questions in the Philippines.
A proposition is under consideration
at the White House, to have the proceedings conducted at the Vatican by
the religious superiors of Archbishop
Sharretti on tho ono hand and by a
legal representative of the United
States government on tho other. It has
been suggested that Governor Taft
might stop at Rome on his return to
the Philippines. This proposition is
understood to be strongly urged by
Archbishop Ireland and Archbishop
Governor Taft would bo the first
representative of the United Stntcs
government to visit thc Vatican In an
cjfllcinl capacity in this event. Mgr.
Sharretti culled on the president today
to puy his respects.
Baltimore, Md.,Marcli 27.���Joe (Jans
knocked out Jack Dennett of McKoes-
port, Pa., tonight in the fifth round
of what was to have been a 20-round
bout'before the Eureka Athletic club.
Bennett hud considerable tho best of
it in weight, but Gans out-generallod
him. When tho fifth round wns half
over Gans lauded a right hook to the
jaw, wbich knocked Bennett senseless. Charlio White, of New York,
aoted as referee and one of the biggest
crowds of ths season saw the fight.
Russia  Will   Find   Pretexts
for Keeping Soldiers
London, March 27.���In a despatch
from Mosaow.the correspondent of the
Daily Graphic gives an interivew
with a Russian staff officer who has
returned from Amur, Sibciia. The
correspondent quotes this officer as
saying that the Anglo Japanese alliance has r-ealed the political destiny
of Manchuria, which, says tne officer,
will never pass out of Russia's possession. The brigandage rampant
there will be used as justification for
the retentiou of a poworful Russian
army. After the brigands have been
suppressed the Russians will remain
in Manchuria to protect tbeir railway
and secure peace in northorn China.
Tbe correspondent of the Daily
Graphic snys that this htaff officer
declared that to his ccituin knowledge
a fully detailed plan for tbe civil and
military administration of Manchuiia
has already bean eUDorated and will
receive the ozai's sign manuel in due
Get many Stands For Open Door in
China With Reservation.
Berlin, March 27.���The Associated
Press has high auttioriiy for saying
that the government of the United
States has been sounding Germany as
to bow far the latter country would
go toward maintaining tbe "open
dour" in China. This inquiry wbioh
was initiated prior to the trip of
Admiral Prince Henry ol Prussia to
the United States was to learn, for
the guidance of Washington, whethei
in any event Germany would take a
resolute stand foe equal trade oppor
tunities. This inquiry resulted in
obtaining from the very head of the
German empire, the impression that
Germany while willing to take an
identioal attitude with the otber
powers for lhe open door,would not in
a final instance oppose something
that Russia really desired. This is
the first principle of Germany's exterior polioy and it applies fully to
the east Asiatic question.
Reported   Government   Victory���Bolivar Without a Coaling Port.
Willemstadt, Island of Curacoa,
March 27.���It was learned hero today
that the Venezuelan government has
received a roport to the effect that
General Vareta defeated tbo revolutionists under Montilla in the stale of
Coro, who have beeu trying to effect a
junction with General Riera. General
Riera is said to have suffered heavy
losses at the hands of the governmont
forces. News reached here that thc
British legation in Caracas has notified tho government of Venozuola that
the governor of tho British island of
Trinidad has been instructed not to
permit the presence of the revolutionary steamer Bolivar at Port of Spain,
or in the llritish West Indies in tbe
Under these instructions tho Bullvar
will not be allowed to coal ut Port ol
Spain. She will probably leavo
Venezuelan waters immediately. She
may proceed to tho French island of
Martinique, The execution of these
orders will piuce tho revolutionary
steamor in a critioul situation. Venezuelan officials consider thut the ose-
fulucss of tbo Bolivar to the revolu
tlonists ia greatly hampered because
of the presence ai Port of Spain of tbu
Venezuelan gunbout Miranda, Bolivar
and Zumbador. These vessels are
under steam day and night, und ure
ready to attack tho revolutionary ship
outside of British waters.
Chamberlain Desirous of Visiting All
British Colonies.
New York, March 27.���Parliament
has adjourned for ten days, and tbe
rumor mongers, chilled by the eist
wind have little to chatter ubout, says
the Tribune's London ooriespondeot,
Talk about cabinet reconstrm tion has
died out. No cabiuet changes are
probable this year.
Joseph Chamberlain, colonial secretary, and A. J. Balfour, government
leader in the house of commons, are
intimate frionds and loyal friends and
neither is disposed to supplant or
stand in the way of the other. The
understanding among Mr. Chamberlain's friends is that he is not anxious
to succeed Lord Salisbury or lead the
commons, but expects to roraain_in the
Colonial oflice and work out the settlement of the South African question
after the war.
His friends assert that he has no
ambiiion at p^ent except to make a
tour of the British colonies when be
can leave the colonial office for a
period of eight or t;u mouths and
visit Canada, Australia, New Zealand
and Suuth Alrica.
Fruitless Conference Held and Now
25,000 Men Are Out.
Woonsocket. R.I., M��roh 27.���The
weavers of tho Saranac mills of the
American Woollen Co., at Blakescn,
Mass., left tbeir looms today, a conference with Supt.Morriin on the two-
loom question having been held without satisfactory result. Tne action
gives the Olneyville strikers of the
company who went out several weekB
ago the co-operation, which thoy have
been endeavoring to obtain, and
brings the total number of strikers in
the Rhode Island mills of the company up to 25,000.
His Comment on Hearing of Death of
New York, March 27.���The Amsterdam correspondent of the Daily Express telegraphs, says a London dispatch to thu Herald, that on tho news
of Cecil RhodeB' death bring conveyed
to him, Paul Kruger snid : "The Lord
giveth, the Loro taketb uway. Mossed
be the namo of tbe Lord."
Hunters Come to Grief Off Coast of
New Bedford, Mass., March 27.���
Word was received today by the
agents of thu whaling burk Kathleen
tbat she was sunk at sea by a whale.
Capt. Thos. J. J en Us cables from
Pernambuco, Brazil, that threo out
of tho four boats have arrived at tbat
Opposition Inquiring Into Exemptions on E, & N.
Greenshlelds   Gives   Testimony  Before Royal
Victoria, March 27���The House
adjourned tbis ul'ternoon until a woek
from Monday. The redistribution bill
was considered ou report and a i hange
made by incorporating tbe Squatniah-
I'emberton meadows, now i i I,ilionet,
with Richmond, The estimates are
expected to be taken up at night
sittings to be commenced immediately
on tbo resumption after recess.
The opposition bas given notice of
two motions in which tbe E. and N.
is concerned. A select committee of
the houso lias beeu asked to inquire if
there is a provision in the Dominion
statutes wnich provided thut coal on
the lands granted to lhe E. anc N.
railway by the Dominion should be
supplied to tbe Imperial, tue Provincial and tbe Dominion governments
aud to a Canadian railway with a ter-
ininus on tho Pacific coast at the same
price as it is to American lailways
und coroorations. Tbe other motiou
asks for a test case to seo if the government cannot exact royalties on E
and N   railway land grant.
The Royal commission sat today,
J.N. Greenshlelds being on the stand,
lie denied tliat he acted in a duel
capacity and s.iicl be was only acting
for tlie government in tbe matter of
better terms, and suid that Hon. Jas.
Dunsmuir was to have got $3,000,000
(or his railway.
Newfoundland Sealers Operating
Under Many Adverse Conditions.
St. John's, Nlld., March 27.���The
sealing steamer Hurley arrived iu the
channel last night with 18,000 seals
aboard. A furious northeast gale hns
been raging for tbe last 31) hours and
it is feared that it will cause disaster
among tbe sculing fleet enclosed in
tbe ice Hoes. Tbe steamer Algerino
having on board .1,(100 seals was
forced to seek shelter at Little Sund.
The sealing steamer Leopard which
bus just nrrived here reports bad
���leather along the coast. Tbe sealer
Newfoundland bus reached Placcntia.
She had no seals on board.
Steamers which huve arrived from
Europe with cargoes of salt, report
vast icu iloes off the Virgin rocks and
Grand Bunks and directly io the tiack
ofthe Atlantic shipping. 'Ihe presence of ice in the locality ls regarded
us confirmation of tbe belief that tbu
missing Allan liner lliironian was
lost there.
Recent Cholera Cases Have Been of
Milder Form.
Manila, March 27.���It is believed
that the cholera heie has abated. The
cases recorded today are ol a milder
form and Amoricans hero have ceased
to bo alarmed concerning thu out-
binak. The disease has boen confined
to natives und Chinamen.
Paris, March 27.���Replying to an
enquiry,Lord Rosebery wrote a note to
tho effect that he hud not soon u
reporter of the Putrie or of uny other
paper in regard to the interview
alleged to have beeu given by him.
London, March 27.���Cabling irom
shanghai, the correspondent of the
Stadard says that Dr. W. A. P. Martin, former president of the Imperial
university ut Pekin, having left
China after   his   dismissal   Irom   th*
Brandon,Marjh 27.���The grand jury
yesterday afternoon returned tiue bills
against Walter Gordon, charged witb
the murder of Charles Daw and Jacob
Halifax, March 17.���Attorney Long-
ley announced in   the   assembly   Unit
tbo government will nut introduce the
prohibitory liquor law this session.
London, March ST. ���Lend ill 7s, 6d.
New York, March 27.���Close���llai
silver SB7-80| Mexican dollars 43 1-4.
Copper   easy,   Lead ejulst.
Charges of Brlbeiy and Corruption
Made ou Biphardson'a Behalf,
Winnipeg, March 27.���'lhe Liberals
of the new Ontario constituency of
Kurt William nnil Lake of the Woods
met ln convention at Rut Portage
today and nominated D. 0, Cameron,
of Rat Portage, as candidate for the
Ontario legislature,
A protest was filed today in the
courts against the election of D, A.
Stewart, the Liberal member for
Lisgar. The petition is lllud on behalf
ol Richaidson, cue ol tbe defeated
candidates, and makes cl.urges of
bribery und corruption.
Capt. Butcmnn Gets Damages Against
Tlu Mail and Empire.
Toronto, Mnrch 27.- The Toronto
lacrosse team bound for England will
leave tomorrow morning, nailing frnin
St. John on Saturday by the Allan
liner Parisian,
The Mail and Empire tome time
ago snid ('apt. Butcman hnd beon
cashiered lrom tbe iiimy. Tbo paper
ifteiwards apologized but tbe captain
refused lo accept it. Today u jury
gave him |80fl ilumiiges.
Fllts'l I'KOM QTJBBE0.
Quebec,  March 27.���The government
steamer Constance  left this morning
[or bur first cruise nn und the gulf. f
Nblson  Daily Miner,   Friday,   March 28, 1902
The Nelson Miner
Pabllnhed  Every Morning Except   Mondai
DailT per nicoth, by carrier ���    65c
Dally, per month, by DiaU        50c
Daily, per year, by earner 9 7 00
ftally, per yenr. by mail     5 00
Daily, per ytiar foreign.    9 00
Weekly,per half year fl 2S
Weekly, per year    * po
Weekly, por yea., l^TClgn    SOO
<tatlacril)Uon�� invariibly In advance,
Display Advertisements, ti per Inch per
rnonlli; Display Advc-rtl-eincnts. 25 cents per
Inch each Insertion bas than month: Locals. 10
cent* per Una each in-tnioi,; t'la-si tK-d Advertisements, 1 cent per word eaeh insertion:
Wholesale I'anls. 85.50 per month; Society
Cards 85.JO per mouth,
115 Fleet Htreet. E. C.
Central Press Agency. Ltd., Special Agent*
Alexander Sc Co.. 551 First Avenne, Spokane*
Wash., keep this paper on file, and are our
authorized agents for advertisements and sub-
The above Reward will be paid to
anyone giving eUdencc that will con
vlct persons of stealing The Miner from
our subscriber's doors.
In the death of Cecil Rhodes the
world loses one of her greatest men
and the British empire a citizen whose
place it will he hard to nil. Mr.
Khodes was gilted with the rare
faculty of Eeeir.g the prospects and
possibilities of '.he section in wnich
he was incst interested, Soutb Africa,
aDd did more than any other man to
enlarge British territory and to increase its inUuenoe in tvat portion of
the world. Already the territory over
which the Union Jack floats in South
A'riua is larger than the llritish
po-sessions in Asia, when the empire's
holdings in Southern Africa, Eastern
Africa and Western Africa are added
together. If bH comprehensive and
gigantic plans are carried into effect,
including the construction of the Cape
to Cairo railway, the empire will
secure the lion's share of the continent. The chief aim of his life was
to establish Uritish dominance in
Africa, and be haB accomplished much
in that direction. He was the chief
factor in obtaining mining rights in
Matabeland and Mashoualaod aod
among the actions that may be put
down to his ciedit is the acquisition
of the immense tract of country which
is known as Rhodesia. Up to lSflfi he
was resident director of the British
.South African company which played
an important part in the development
of the resource* of South Africa, aud
whicn also did much in the interest of
obtaining British dominance there.
The question is who is there large
enough, who bas the same knowledge
of the conditions, the same intimate
acquaintance with the sentiments of
tho people of the several oolor.ies, to
take up the important woik wbich he
has carried on now that lie bas laid it
down. It is true, as ne baa given an
outline of his plans, blazed the
way and told of the territorial and
other gains that can he made,that men
of smaller 3alihor aud less discernment can carry them out. His life
work may be compared to that of a
architect. He prepared the plans nnd
specifications and partly built the
structure of British supremacy in
Africa, and provided with these men
ess gifted can complete tho work,
which would he a mero question of
carrying out thc details fnrnishod by
Like other great, men he had foibles
and one of those was that he sometimes underrated the strength of his
oppponents. This was shown by the
fiasco of the Jameson raid in which
he tojk a prominent part. It is claimed, too, that he was nnder the impression that tho resistance of the Boers,
once hostilities against them were
begun, would be short lived Tbis
characteristic) of Mr. Rhodes,however,
is one .that is sharud hy nearly evory
brave and sueeushful man, and is
always one of the attributes' of lenders
of mon of the type of which he was so
pronounce! an example, Thoy are the
sort who win great victories whether
on the   balltk-Nold,   in diplo mucy  or
in   large   Industrial   and  mercantile
enterprise!, On the other hand, other
critics, and   among them Lord   Grey,
hold that Mr. Rhodes fully undeistund
tho btrengtli of the Boers aud was certain that they wold make a stubborn
resistance, but he also wan determined
tliat South Africa must como nnder
the British Hag, no ruiittcc what was
the cost.
Witli the  boldinga    whioh    Great
Britain has acquired in Africa, partially through tho help of Mr.    Rhodes,
with tho natural   adaptability of. th��
Anglo-Saxon us. a colonizer and wit!)
the well known ability of the nation
to hold what they aro onco in pns'cs-
sion of, there Is no reason to doubt
that the ''dream of empire" on thai
continent, which ho so often spoke of
that the red spots whieh mark imperial territory on tho map will he
enlarged   until   it   covers the  larger
portion of the continent, which will
result in increased prosperity to the
people of which be was a member.
When tbat time comes history will
give even more credit tban is
accorded at present t Mr. Rhodes,
acd many will then agree with Bud-
yard Kipling's estimate of him during
his life time as tbe "greaiest living
For several days there bave been
rumors to the effect that the Silver
King mine bac closed down and the
Rossland Miner published a story to
that effect. The management of tbe
Silver King stated yesterday that there
is no truth in the s'.ory. The mine is
shipping its daily quota of 50 tons of
ore and has been doing so for some
time past The story of the shut down
arose over the fact that a few men
who were employed in the lower
levels were dismissed, pending the results of diamond drill explorations
that are in progress.
The Associated boaras of trade did
not add to their power or reputation
for wisdom or fairness |when they
advocated to increase tbe recording
fees to $12.00, says the Cranbrook
Herald. It was a straight drive at tbe
prospector, and would be an additional burden upon him. The Herald
would preler to seo the prospector
encouraged. Were it not for the
bravery and zeal of the prospector,
British Columbia today would consist
of one or two small fishing villages
on the coast aud an unknown wiluer-
oess in the interior. The delegates
who voted in favor oi Increasing the
tax on the prospector should nang their
heads in shame. They bave been and
wiil be the salvation of British
One hundred and fifty lumbermen,
representing practically all the large
mills and lumbering interests of the
Central Western States, will ou June
3rd leave Minneapolis for a tour of the
Pacific ooast and will visit tbe coast
cities of British Columbia. The itinerary will embrace a visit to the
grand gorge of the Colorado, Los
Angeles, .San Francisco, Portland,
Tacoma, Seattle, Viotoria and Vancouver, and otner points before starting homeward over the CanadiaL
Pacific. A stopover is provided for at
Banff. The local Tourist association
should at once open up correspondence
witb the Mississippi Valley Lumberman, through whicb the excursion is
being promoted,with a view to inducing the party to visit Nelson and
otner points in the Kootenay while on
the way east. By doing this the
party would learn something about
tbe mining interests of the province.
R. Marpole, general superintendent
of the Pacific division of the Canadian
Pacific railway, who haB been in the
south of France for tne benefit of his
health, is now on his way across tbe
Atlantio enroute for Vancouver.
While in London he was interviewed
by the representatives of the different
Journals there. He stated tbat interesting developments may be expected
from the Lardeau division this year,
as the branch line,whioh his company
is constructing into that camp will be
completed by June, and will greatlv
assist in opening up of large ore
bodies which have been exposed. In
discussing the future of he Rossland
camp, Mr. Marpole toon a far more
optimistic view than ihose who have
a less intimate knowledge of the situation. He referred to the building of
a branoh from Spence'a Bridge to
Midway, wbich will open valuable
mineral deposits, and be expressed his
doubt as to tbe existence of a railway
fouto over the Hopo mountains which
would not bo ruinously exponsive to
Lionel II. VVi'bber bas beeu appointed governmont inspector of mines for
the Transvaal. Mr. Webber while a
resident of British Columbia was the
promoter and manager of thc British Columbia Bullion Extracting Co.,
which built a laigo cyanding plant at
Silica, a short distance irom Rossland. The works would prcbably have
been a commercial success were It not
that the Northport smelter out down
lln rate for transpor nnd treatment
of Rossland ores to 14,SO per ton. Thc
plant at Silica was built express y for
the purpose of reducing the lo <    nolo
silicious ore of   the   Rossland    n.li	
The plant has been lying idle OS ol
the time since it was built and u uoi
ho called a commeicial incces . Mt.
Webber, although he did not pre.eid
tu fully understand metallurgy, hired
competent men for the positions in the
Silica works requiring technical
knowledge, and did everything that
was possible to maae the plant a
financial ���uccss, but was unable to
do so Just why his experience in
tills country has made him competent
to 1111 the responsible duties of inspector of mines for tho Transvaal it is
dilliciilt to understanl.
We wish to call your attention to our immense
stock of
Spring and Summer Staple Goods
and Novelties
In making our selections this season we have endeavored to choose a stock which will please the most delicate
tastes. You will find the finest assortment of both Imported and Domestic goods in the country. New goods
arriving daily.
Hudson's Bay Co.
Our New Stock is now open,
A Ferr Fine imp of
Nn Desips and
The Prices Will Suit the
Canada Drug and
Book Co., Ltd.
Estate of A. B. Gray, Deceased,
Take Notice that probate of the will
of the late Alexander lllair dray haB
been granted to Edward Albert Crease,
sole executor. Creditors are required
to send particulars of their claims
duly verified to the undersigned on or
before the 15th April, 1(102. After that
date the executor will proceed to distribute the estate having regard only
o tboso claims of which he sball tnen
have received notice.
Dated 18th March, 1(102.
17 Fort Street, Victoria, B. C, Solicitors foi the Executor.
Real Estate, Fire and Lite insurant*
Money to Loan.
Three Cottages across the lake
opposite Nelson full particulars on
Houses for rent and sale in all
parts of the City.
Will pay the highest onsb price for all
kinds of seoond band goods. Will bny
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Silver King Mike, Boi 900, IU1I
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Delivered to any point
on Kootenay Lake.
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M,��mj,ooo.(K) I Capital Pald-ap,     ,   .    .     -M.imhi.om, no
Best,      .      ..... 81,iimi,uwi!gi
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WUov Smito, H. O. Bauld. Hon. David Macfceen. " 'am
nead Offlri, Hallran
Ueneral Manager. Kdbon L Posse, Montreal.
Superintendent of Branches,   W. H. Torrance, Montreal
Branches I
Nova Scotia��� Hilllax Branch, AnuVoni-*
Bridgewater, Guysboro. Londonderry, Lu -
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t'.'nba. Vf est Indies���Havana,
I'nitcil Slates���Now York (18 Kicharjra Plans
Republic Wa^h. ����<-iaoB
Grand   For Its, Nanaimo,   Nelson,   Rossland,   Vanconver,
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Geo. Kydd. Manager, Nelson, B.C.
li YOU USE 3
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has been discovered on the
Similkameen   Valley   Coal    Company's
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Nelson, B. C.
Official Broker
Notion is hereby given that I intend
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board of license commissioners lor tlio
City of Nelson to be held after the expiration of thirty days from the dato
hereof, for a trunsfor of tha retail
liquor license now held by mo lor the
Royal hotel, situate on Stanley street
in the City of Nelson, on lots i and 4,
block 2H, subdivision of lot 96, group
1, West Kootonay district to Sol Jolms..
nf n,e City of Nelson,
Witness: I). A. McFarland.
Dated this 27lh day of February,
Atlantic S.S. Sailings
From Mi. John, N. B.
Allini Lino I'in Mini.. Mnrch 211
Allan 1 .im* ( 01 In I hifin April 6
Moiivur Lino I-Jiku Htiiiorlor April 11
lluuvur Lino (luri 11 n.i.t.lc April 25
Allan.Lino uUiamorH cull .ut Halifax two .lay--
la lor
Kroin Port land.
itoii i in inn Lino I'allfurnian , April 12
lioiniiilun Lino Culunian April .,'11
From Now York
('tiniml Line Campania Mnrch 2U
pUD&rd Lino Uml-rfa April fl
Whito Star Lino Teutonic , Marcli U
Whito BtM Lino Oceanic April  2
Amorlnin Lino Philadelphia March -Jii
American Line Bt Paul April  2
Rod Htar Line Merlon March fl)
Red Btar Lino Haverford April iu
Continental hbIIIiikh of Kronen, North Gorman Lloyd. II. A. P. and Italian Linen on application.
RATES��� Balopn faros $12.50, and upwards
Popond $35 and upwards according to Steamer
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H. L. BROWN,     W. P, F. GUMMING?,
City Awl. NuIkou.      Gen. AkbdI. WlnuipeK
Spokane Falls Sl
Northern R'v.
Nelson *% Fort
8heppard R'v*
Red Mountain R'v.
Between Nelson and Spokane
Nelson to Seattle - 21 hours
Nelson to Vancouver - -0 hours
Nelson to Victoria       -      26 hourt
Brewers of Fine Lager
Beer and Porter.
i Hrkoa fi, 0,
Lenve           DAY TRAIN Anivf
U:''()n.m Spoltnne   7:15 p.m
U -.2. p.m Elouland * M p"1
io:3o a.m Mountain iw>!i p, m.
u :io a. m Nelaon B :46 p.m<
Hpokane, War*
Airent, Nelaon, B.
Y. O. QREKN        V. 8. OLiKMKNTri
Civil Urn-lncer* and Provincial Land
oor. Kootenay & Victoria Sts. Nelson
P. O. Box 145 Telephone 861
Canada Permanent and Western Canada Mortgage
head office toronto, ont.
Money to loan on Straight Mortgage.
Apply to (i. I. LENNOX, B��k�� St,
Bt. Nelson   Daily Miner, Friday, March 28, 1902
I     MINING NEWS.     J
A carload of ore from the Molly
Gibson came in on the Koaknce yesterday. The mine is now shipping a
car a day. Five four-horse teams aro
engaged in hauliug the ore from the
end of the tramway to the Molly Gibson landing. Tho roud is still a little
soft. Shipments will be kept up
indefinitely as there are large reserves
of ore in the mine. Tbe ore, nine is
being shipped, comes principally from
above No. 5 level at u vertical depth
of 500 feet.
This paper announced last week,says
the Midway Advance, that a deal bad
been made whereby tho Riversido
group had been bonded. Full particulars since received show that a deal
involving the sale ol two groups of
mineral claims, situate near Gieen-
wood and Rock Cicek respectively,
had been closed. The price lias not
been made publio, but it is generally
understood to be about $50,000 in all
and that a large cash payment has
already been made. The purchasers
are Stephen H. .lonos and S. Ely of
Duluth, Minnesota, for themselves
and other capitalists with whom they
are associated in tbis enterprise. The
properties they havo purchased aro tho
Arlington-Bums group, iu the Dead-
wood camp, about two miles Irom
Greenwood, and tbe Riverside group,
on the main Kettle river, a*-out four
miles above the confluence of Rock
creek with that stream.
Miller Co.
Ties���The       Wallace-
The tonsorial establishment of J. H.
Matheson and the basement shop of
McMahon aud Gardner have consolidated and are now doing business
next door to the Bodega saloon, where
tbey will be pleased to meet old nud
new customers. ,
tically no particulats uf the accident
bad reached Elko when he left. On
the ovening of Wednesday a messenger came in from Twohey's camp,
about fourteen miles south from Elko,
bringing tbe information that ln an
explosion two men bad been killed
aud that a third was missing. Be had
been dispatched immediately to take
tbat information to Elko and to notify
the coroner. One of tne men was Mr.
Fawcett and the name of the other
was Brown, but nothing further re-
garding him was known. Cluis
O'Donnel, agent tor Twohey Bros, at
Elko, had sent the news to Nelson.
When Mr. McLean left they were
hourly expecting the remains to arrive
at the town.
Mr. McLean stated that Mr.Fawcett
had gone to Elko to be paid for a
team of horses that he bud sold to the
contractors- and had been required to
wait there for a few days to get matters settled. It was probable that he
had found it necessary to go out to the
camp and while thore baa decided to
go to work lor a few days. The work
a being carried on night and day and
where the accident occurred he understood it to be a big earth cut.
At a sawmill near the Elk river
crossing a man bad been killed on
Tuesday and an inquest was being
held when the messenger arrived with
the news of the disaster at Twohey's
Work on the Smelter  and   Mine���The
Lead Refinery.
George W. Hull, president and general manager of the Sullivan Group
Mining Co., was ai, the 1 hair last
evening en route from Spokane to
Marysville, East Kootenay Mr. Hull
has been a successful business man in
other lines and ahuut a year since he
became connected with the Sullivan
Mining Co. When it wns decided to
construct the smelter he assisted
materially in inducing eastern capital
to provide the funds ne'ded. In order
to fit himself for taking an active purt
in the conduct of tbe affairs of the
company he travelled for six months,
visiting the mines and reduction
plants of the United Stales in order to
learn how they wero operated.
Finally he was elected president and
business manager of the Sullivan Co.
In speaking about the Sullivan mine
yesterday he stated that a small force
is engaged in preliminary work at
present and that it was the intention
on May 1st to put a good sized force
to work for the purpose of taking out
ore, developing, etc. Woik is also to
be pushed on the smelter plant of thc
company at Marysville Thoro was a
temporary suspension of operations
owing to inferior brick. lt, will bo
July 1st he said before the plant will
be ready to bo blown in. Tbe smelter
structure 18 roofed and from now on
tho progress of the work should be
lapid. In relation to the lead refinery Mr. Hull stated that tho plans
for the refinery are now being pro-
pared and the task of building it will
be oommenced just as soon as the
smelter plant begins operation. Tho
load reflnery will be ready for operation by the timo a sufficient stock of
bullion is on hand to keep it in operation. Later on tho intention is to
put up load corroding works to manufacture whito lead,
Mr. Hull says that tho Sullivan, St,
Eugene And North Star mines aro a
trio of groat load producers and If
they aro each operated up to anywhere
near thc limit of their capacity tbey
should bo able to produce more than
Bullloiont oro to keep thu Sullivan
smeltor and tho Sullivan lead rollnery
in operation the year round.
We have just roceived out new
spring stock of Wall Paper, F. J.
Bradley and Co.
Committee Declare Favorably on City
Park Allowance on Cottonwood.
On Wednesday afternoon Aid. Irving
and Solous, City Engineer MeCulloch,
and E. C. Davison, visited the site of
tbe city's park allowance up the valley of Cottonwood creek with a view
of deciding on its adaptability as a
raoo track. All were most favorably
impressed and it ia likely that the
project will be pushed ahead at onco.
There are several Chinamen now
squatting there who have a considerable portion of tho land cleared up
and much of it is level and with very
little work it is thuught that enough
could be fixed up for a race track and
recreation ground.
If tho matter is taken is hand at
onoe, as is likely, the track oould be
ready by the time tho regatta will
come off, and if the two oould be run
consecutively there is nc doub t hut
that with the advertising which will
be done by the Tourist association
that large crowds would be attracted
here for a woek. The celebrations of
tbe first of July thero has always
been in competition with the attractions at a number of other points,
besides Dominion Day comes so near
tho Fourth of July that it is almost
Impossible to get Amerioan visitors.
With tbe regatta coming, as it does,
near the end of July when there will
be nothing special going on at any of
the surrounding townB it should be
nossible with horse races and athletic
games as well, to give a list of attractions that would draw all classes.
A number of responsible parties
have expressed their willingness to
baok up the race track proposition,
and it should prove a very good thing
for the city. The grounds would also
be much more suitable for athletic
purposes than the present location.
As was mentioned in The Miner
before, the putting in of a race traca
hero would complete a racing circuit
aud this would be the means of bringing far better horses into the country
than anyone of the towns ouuld obtain
while acting separately in the matter.
l_ East Kootenay Bnd the Boundary
country especially, the interest in this
line of amusement Is very koen and
Nelson would soon become a centre
from its ounvonient position and equal
distance from both districts. To the
south alsu thore are a number of good
horses available tor races and the race
truck would be well patronised.
Atiwmi-tomuiii-i niMortoii under this head ul
Lhe rate of ono cent a word per insertion. No
advertisement taken for lean than 25 oentH.
Situation Wanted advertisementa inserted
three times frou of charge.
STORE   TO   LET���Second door from
corner Josephine on Baker. Enquire
at Vanfstone'h Drutf store.
TWO Gontlemon can   get  corafortahle
room, breakfast and   dinner for
per   month,   within   two   blocuB
i .*.* ~N* M. Cuiuiuhlrf, Lossuo���Kvery kiiuwr
Variety 'it soft drinks. P (J Hox 88. 'I'duplion
No. 31. Iloovor dU'uut, Nelson. Bottlers of th
t.iuious 81. Loon Hot Springs Mineral Water
hospital.    Apply V  B,, Miner otlice.
PIANO FOR SALE���Taken in exchange, new, only one month in
use. Cost lf-100. Will sell at a
bargain. See it at E, Eerguson and
(Jo's wurerooms, Vernon street, city.
NICELY   Furnished   room, fine location,   terms   reasonable, address C.
D., this offlce.
FOR SALE.���Eggs for hatching,Black
Minorca,       Brown   Leghorn,     and
Plvmouth   Rocks     P.Cv   Boxl(i03, >���
Miss Edwards, Fairview.
COTTAGE to Reut���Newly fitted, and
with all conveniences, near business
centre.    Apply to J. II. Walla, e. ^X__
FOR   SALE   or   Rent���House, Silica
street, will sell   or rent,   furnished;
all conveniences.    C. E. Miller.
FOR SALE���Eggs for hutching from
Burred Plymouth Rocks and Pekin
Ducks; choice stock. Strawberry
plants. John Hougnton, Crawford
FOR SAi.E���The Nelson Cafe, the
finest restauiant in the Kootenays,
best locution, 25 nicely furnished
rooms in connection. The best business proposition in tbo district today,
for full particulars write Nelson Gate,
Box 23!i, Nelson B.O.
FURNISHED rooms with   or without
board.     Apply     on   Silica   street,
socond door west of Ward.
Appiv   to   Mrs F. J. Squires, Room
40, K. "W. C. block.
3. H. LOVE,
Nolson Employment Agency,
P. O. Box 4(15. Phone 378.
Wanted���Woman Cook.    Waitresses.
Girl for Housework.
WANTED.���At    Hotel     Phair,    two
dining room girls.
WANTED���Good smart boy, apply W.
F. Teetzel aud Co,
Foster Crafts,of Ohurlesown, Muss,
write home as soon as you ean as
financial interest await you thore.
Very important.   I. F. Crafts.
MeLitehlan BroB. have Just opened
up u large shipment of fishing tackle.
AH the latest specialties, uutumatic
reels, Tucoma Baits, etc.
Mon'sand Hoys' spring suits about
2,0n() to choose from. We mny be asking too much money for them, Quality considered thoy "look good to
us." You'd better see them anyway.
���The Wallace-Millsr Co., Ltd.
Li fe
A Man Named Brown Lost His
With Fawcett.
The accident in which D. II. Fawcett lost his life was a serious one, as
two mon were killed nnd probably
three, though faw details had roughed
Elko at the tlmo whon the train from
whioh the passengers arrived last
light passed that station. Among
those who camo in were .T.G. McLean,
contractor, I). P. Ilardeastlo and F.
Xlffary, Mr,McLean stated that prac-
Nolson Cook and Waiters' union has
sleeted its delegates to the convention
to be bold in Kamloops on Apiil 14.
All unions please note.
J. G. McLean, of Nelson, who has a
contract onjthe B.C.Southern railway,
enme in from Elko last night. lie
states there ls no intercession in grading operations. Work is being carried
on night nnd cloy and practically for
the whole length of the work ono can
drive along aB well at night as in
daylight.so many lights aro scattered
along tne way. Thu rails will by tho
1st of April be laid to the Elk river
crossing about twelve miles from the
Crow's Nest railway. Grading is also
going on from Elko to Morrissey and
in every department tbe railway is
making unusually rapid progress. The
weather has boen remarkably favorable all winter for railway construction. Mr, McLean has a oontract
about tbree miles from Elko.
WANTED.���Position as  housekeeper,
cook   or   housemaid for respectable
party.      Address,   Mary   Sparks,   53,
Southern Ave., Clovelund, O.
WANTED���Good   ruun   used   to   ma-
chineiy   to   learn   shingle   sawing.
Can make good pay from start.    Apply
J. A. Sawyard.
HELP of all kinds wanted and
furnished. Western Canadian Em
ploytuent Agency. Large warehouse
for storage; call at Prosser's Second
Hand store, Ward steet.
MEN WANTED���On     Crow's      Nest
Southern   Ry.     Good   wages,   long
job   Headquarters, Elko,    B.   C.     A.
Guthrie St Co.
LOST���A lino Brahma rooster, with
ring of feathers around nook.
Answers to the name of Billy. A
suitable reward will be paid for its
roturn by T. B. Ward.
KID Gloves nicoly cleaned at the City
Cleuning and Repairing Parlors.
ENGINEERS, Firemen, Machinists
and Elcctticinns send for 40-puge
pamphlet containing Questions asked
by examining 'hoard of engineers to
obtain engineer's lieonee. Address
Geo. Zeller, publisher, 18 S 4th St.,
St. Louis, Mo.,  U.S.A.
Parlies wishing Golf or any stockings
knitted or footed oan have them done by
applying   on   corner   of     Ward   an
Victoria streut, opposite postolllce.
Seeds, Trees, Plants,
Roses, Bulbs
A MACDONALD Be Uo.-Corner Kron
��� and HaU titruets���Wholesale Krocur
und jobbers in blankets, Klovurt, mitts, boot*
rubbern. luuckinawr. and itiinorw' .mndriuH.
P   BURNS & Co.-Baker atreot, Nelaon-
���   Wholesale dealers iu frebh a      cured
nieato.   Cold StoraKO.
Baker Street, Nelnon��� Wholesalo dea
ers in frorih and cured meats.
J Street, Nelnon ��� Wholesale dtjalarn ir
hardware, miners' supplier), sporting goods
M'LACHLAN BUOS. Baker Streot Nelnon,
B. C������Dealers in gcnoral harhware,
mining supplies, glass, pants, Portland Cu-
ni'nt, nre clay and Scotch lire brick. Agontn
for Wilkinnaiid Co.'s celebrated steel wire rope
NELSON   HARDWARE   CO.���Wholesale
paints, oils and glims; mechanics   tools
Fishing Tackle and Spotting Goadn a specially
rpURNKR, BEETON Sc Co.-Corner Vernon
X and Josephine Strootn, Nelnon���Whcle
sale doalern iu liquors, cigars, and dry goodr'
Agents for Pabat Browing Co. of Milwaukee
and Calgury Brewing Co of Calgary.
UDSON'S BAY Co.-Wholesalo groenrie:
and liquors etc., Baker Street, Nelson.
OiHco corner Hall and Front Streets
Nelson���Lumber, coiling, flooring, and every
thing in wood for building purposes. Get oui
prices.   Corronpondence solicited.
T     A.   MCDONALD,      Agent   Hazolwood
Dairy Co. Ice Cream.
100.000 SHARES OF  C.  & C.  MINING
CO., Limited Liability.
West Kootenay Butcher Cg.
Fresh   and    Salted   Heats
Fisn and Poultry in Season
E.   C.   TRAVES.   Man aver.
K.-W.-C   Block, Ward Street, Nklson.
Orders by mail receive careful and prompt atttuticn
The Canadian Bank of Commerce
With Which Is Amalgamated
The Bank of British Columbia.
Paid-up   Capital,   88,000,000;    ReBerve   Fund,   J2,000,0<JO;
Aggregate   Resources Over 188,000,000.
HON. GEO. A. COX, President.      B. E. WALKEK, General Mana*ei
London Office:  (hi Lombard Street,  E. C.
New York Office; 10 liichsngt Place.
And 08 bronchi).! ln Canada and thu United au*i e -, Including
Atlin Ghkknwuud __,xo_ Hando.n
Ckanbhook        Kamloops New Wksthiinbtkh   Vancouver
Feiinik Nanaimo Kosslani, Victokia
YUKON DISTRICT-Ma whon and Wiiitk Hohhe.
UN1TKD STATES���New Yokk, San Khancihco, Seattle, Portland, Sbaowav.
Savings Bank Department.
Deposits Roceived and Interest Allowed.   Present Bate I Per Cent
Nelson Branch.
Manufacturers of BEST STEEL WIRE ROPE.
Tramway, Hoisting;, Mining Wire Rope.
Lang's Lay for Tramways and Unde-ground Haulage
Local Stock carried, estimates furnished.
H, E. CROASDAILE Agent Nelson.
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants
m.^-******* *~___o
Branch Markets in Rossland, Trail, Nelson, Kasl.
Bandon. Three Forks, New Denver and Slocan Citjr
ordern by mall to ��������� branch will hava caretitl and nromnt attention.
if you nre nt all ncopttcnl About try Ink Griffith* Monl.hol Liniment yonr druggist will Hell
11 willi I ho understanding that If not ontlrely
latlMsOtorj your money back. Uno It for
rhiminallsni, neurtdula. siiialns, brulHeH, mux*
cular soreness nnil nit fornmof dwelling and Inflammation.   Price 'It, conts.
V or >a,lo bv J. 11. Vnotion*, Nelson, a Cl
Agricultural  Implements, Bee Supplies, Fruit Baskets, Fertilizers.
Catalogue Yvcu.
M.  J.   HENRY
3000 WostmiiiBtfir Uoml, Vancouver, B. 0
Between   Ileurv   B.   lluie,    Plaintiff,
and Timothy  O'Leary,   Administrator of the Estate and   li'lTeets of
John II.   O'Leary,   deceased,  and
Timorby     O'Leary     au'i     linuU'l
O'Learv, Defendants.
SEALED TENllhiHS,   addressed   to
Richard VV. Hay, rec< iver, Nelson, B
C ,   and   marked    "Tender"   on   tbo
envelope,    will   bo   received   by   tlie
undersigned   up to 1:.'   o'clock noon of
the 2nd dny of April, A. D., 1908,   for
the purchase of one or   more blocks of
shares in the C. and IJ.    Mining   company, limited liability.    HlU.tiUU shares
will be sold in blocks of 10.000 each.
The highest tenderer ��ill receive
one block and have first choice, at
same price, of as many other blocks
as he desires. Tbe tenderers next
highest In order will eacii according
to the amount of the tender be giveu
the opportunity of taking one or more
blocks at the Highest tenderer's bid
and this plan will be lollowcd down
tho list of tenderers until all blocks
ure disposed of.
All teuders must be for at least one
bind' at un amount por share and not
per blocK, and the highest or any
tender will not neceossarilv bu
A marked cheque payablo to tho receiver for at least HO per cent of thc
tender for one block must accompany
eaoh tender and should tho tenderer
not pay the balance within two days
after his or ker tender is accepted and
telegraphic notice sent to the address
giveu in the tender this amount will
lie forfeited to the receiver and tho
shares will bo re-sold. All cheques
aeeompuiiying tenders nut aeceptod
will bu promptly returned to the
respective unsuccessful tenderers.
Tht nominal par valuo of each share
Is if l.on and the authorized capitalization uf thu company   in  8.100,000.00.
The company   was    Incorporated   III
Hi ith.h   Columbia   '" |M''"I   under   the
Companies   Act,    IHllOand   Amending
Acts.      Tho   company Is suid to  own
the   C, and   C. mineral claim   within
the immediate   vicinity ol   liussluud,
II. 0.
Kor further particulars apply to
Nolson,    II,   0.|     Solicitors   for   the
Receiver or to
Receiver, Nelson, H.C.
Dated at Nelson, II..0,   loth March,
A.D., i��02
and trr ft bottle, a lioeon, or a barrel of
CALGARY BEER aa it la Lho beet ana
uhuapoHt on tho markot. Alao try our
WINES,    LIQUORS     aud    CIGARS,
Tolerbonn m B&kfirSU N'Uon
Kor flrHt-cliiHH leather write
B. C Leather Co.
Vancouver, B, C.
HHtl'.h Columbia .Aenntn for the colebralntl
*'PRNOTANUHSolQ%oMber, Cut BoIoh und
IIool I'ii'f'i ���.
Iliinu'K-' l.o.lhcr , Undln, HifMIn and Hltht-
I11K I oatherf, LaOO find Ultimo Leathern, l ji
por Left, hern of all kind*
Manufaulurora   of   Clonod   UpporK   of   all
HhoomukorV TooIm and Findings, Saddlorr
Hurdwaro, Hide* aud OIIh,
Catalogue aud prion U-U on application.
For domestic or steam use.
A  full   supply  always  on
Rates to   all   railway  and
lake points
General Agent.
Tel. No. 265.
Office  - Two doors   west
C.P.R. offices.
Close connection Kast and West-
hound at Spokane with trains of the
Sp ikane Falls und Northern Hailway,
I) rect connection at Ht. Paul without ohatlge of depot with all trains for
Ohiciuro, Toronto. Montreal, New Yorli
and all points   Kind, and South.
Leaves Spokane daily for East at 9:40 Ou
Leaves Spokane daily tor West at 7:20 n.ui
Leaves Spokane daily tor West at 840 p in.
West-hound trains make direct connection for Victoria and Vancouver,
Portland, Han Francisco, Bnd all point"
on the Hound,
During the season of navigation Kasl
hound trains connect at Duluth with
tlieiiiagnificentstuaiiiHhips North West
and Noi'th-I^tiid of IheNorthem Steamship (Jompany Line, operated In connection witb the Ureal Northern Bail-
For further information, aps, fold
ers, etc., apply to any agent of Spokane
Falls & Northern Ky., Kaslo St Hloean
Ky., Kootei ai Hallway Sc Navigation
Co.. or to
Uity Pass, and Tkt. Agt,  W 7ol  VV,
Kirerside Ave,, Hpokane, Wash.
(J. K. TAOKAHUHY. I/icnl Agent,
NnUnn.B 0
The Waverley Hotel
Rates $1.00 to $1.(0 per day. First
class Meals, 25c. Next door to Opera
House. P. O. Hox 210. Telephone 147.
Victoria Ht.. Nelson.
Iu the Matter of the "Winding Up
Act" and Amending Ac t:-, and in
���he Matter ofthe "'Tribune As-
sool&tloD, l.iiuiied."
NOTIOE! is hereby gWen that by an
order of the Hun. Mr. .Iiihtice Drake,
mnde herein ou the Mlh dav of .March,
1903, it was ordernd lhat Friday, tlie
���Ith day of April, 1IMI2, at tlie hour of
eleven in tlie lorenoon, and tbe olllee
of the Distriot Magistral of thu
Supremo Court of Hriii.sh Columbia at
Nelson, he appointed an the tine, and
place, for tlio meeting of the creditors
and oontrlbntorles of the said oompany lor thu purpose oi the receiving
proposals hy the said District
UegiBtrar for the appointment ol a
proper person to he tiie official liquidator of the company aud that the
said District Beglltrai do forthwith
report tile result of sir li meeting to
the cuurt at Victoria and that Friday,_
the llth day of April, 1908, at tho
hour of lU.ilO in the forenoon and the
court house, llitstion Nquuic, Victoria,
before the Judge in (Jliamheis, ho
appointed the time and place for thu
consideration of the report uf the result of such meeting and for such
appointment and order to he made
thereon as may he deemed expedient,]
ami it was ordered that notice of the
said meeting be advertised seven consecutive times in "The Miner," a
daily newspaper published In Nelson,
and twice in tin British Columbia
Dated the 17th dav of March, 1002.
80 Dangley Htieet,  Victoria,  II.C.
Solicitors    for   John   Bouiton,     the
petitioner herein.
obtained in all onuntrieB
Registered Patent Attorney, Mechanical Engineer and Draughtsman. Bank of B. N. A. building,
Hastings St., Vancouver, B C.
Writ* for full particulars.
Under and hy virtue of tlm powers
contained in a certain mortgage whicii
will lie pi oil need at   the lime   of sale,
there will tie offend for sale by pnblla
auction, by M. P. Tuck, Auctioneer,
at his ulllces, Ward street, Nelson, II.
()., on Monday the 7ih day ol April,
MIlK'. at the hour of eleven   o'clock   in
the forenoon, the following property:
Lot niiinberid twenty-two ('.".'), in
Block numbered sixty-eight (08), of
the eity of Nelson,  rtiitish   Columbia,
nub-division lot ninety-five (98),group
one (I), Kootenay District, according
tj the offlolal plan or survey.
The property   in   situate on   Vernon
Street, and known as the "Occidental
1 Motel."
For terms and conditions of sale
apply to,
Hums   Block,    liaker Street,   Nelson,
II. C, Salteitf.rs for the Mortgagees.
Dominion and
Land Surveyor.
t6v NELSON BC Nelson Dail, Minerr Frid .y, March 28, 1902
During Holy
We are making a very laige show ol
English and Roman Catholic Prayer
Books; also Ornaments, Rosalies,
Missals and Devotional Books,
We have the new "(Joorge.Princc of
Wales" Edition of Prayer Book.
Booksellers, Stationers
Show Room for Mason Sc Risch pianos
The general delivery of the post-
olliee will he open from 10 to 11
today, Oood Friday.
C. Monroe left yesterday to do somo
development work on his group of
claims on Sproule creek.
Mrs. W. J. Holmes, who bas heen
confined to her home hy illness for the
past week is convalescent.
The steamer Kokanee yesterday
brought in a car of Molly Gibson ore
lor the Hall Mines smelter.
P. Lamont, of tho Canada Drug Bnd
Hook Co., limited, left last night to
spend Easter at Revelstoke.
The city butcher fchop closes this
morning at 'J o'clock and remain
closed for the remainder of the day.
Tho Nelson Oun club will hold a
shot today for "thich a good list of
events have been prepared. 0. W.
Steele will act as referee.
The Rov. A. W. McLeod. of Kamloops, will occupy the pulpit of the
Baptist church, both morning and
evening on Sunday "March ?0th.
All tlic newest books'!n our lending
libiary ���Morley and L'ling.
J. Champion,who has been with the
Nelson Tramway company, till
recently, left yesterday for Ashcroft
where he is engaging in business for
All kinds of oxprcss work, coal and
wood.���West Transfer Co. Telephone
J Mr. and Mrs. L, Scott and family
left last evening for Dcwdney where
they aro going ranching. A number
of friends were at the station to see
them off.
Fred Williams, a mining man of
Sioean City, is in Nelson ou business.
Mr. Williams stated that the prospects are good in tlie Slooan lor a
lively season.
Office Supplies.���Morley Sc Laing.
In bonor of tho approaching wedding of Dr. Stoddart a banquet was
tendered to him last evening by the
N. Ii. and 0. club at their rooms on
Silica street.
A. L. Drewry, of Rossland, passed
through Nolson yesterday ou his way
to Kaslo to attend the annual meeting
of the True Blue Mining company, of
which he is director.
The curlers who went to Winnipeg
as representatives of Nolson at the
bonspiel are requested to call at Frnnk
Tamblyn's store before Tuesday next
for the purpose of receiving modals,
There were sales of Similkameen
Valley Coal company stock to the
amount of 0,656 shares yesterday io
the oflice of H. .1. Steel. These transactions do not include sales made by
the company.
W. H. Baillie, accountant of the
Continental Mining Co., which is
operating properties near Port Hill
Idaho, arrived hero last evening, via
tho Crow's Nest boat, and leaves
today for ltoflsluncl.
The Quoit club will hold its opening event of the Mininier this after-
neon in the match between the presi
dent's vs. vice-president's sides. Oood
grounds have been prepared on the
continuation of Kootenay strutt north
of linker street.
Fountain Pens.--Morley St Laing.
Sam Bangle, an employe "I Sayward
nnd Co., at Pilot Hay, ycslcnliiy had
thu misfortune to have his hand
caught in some machinery and as a
result had to have the thumb and
two lingers amputated. Ho was removed to the Kootonny I.like Ocneral
hospital after thc accident.
Yesterday the owner of a petroleum
launch thought It would be a good
(lay to try the cra't after Its winter
rest. He accordingly with a party of
friends left the boathouse and went
down the lake. They neglected to
tako BUffioient fuel with tlinin, however, and the motive power criming to
nn end, the boat diifleil up against
the logs of the Nelson Saw and Pinning Mills, where the occupants of the
launch had a very uncomfortable time
for hall an hour until they were
towed out, as the heavy wind ill nit
was blowing made tbe water rough
and rooked the boat in anything but a
pleasant uiauuer against the logs.
D. Wilson,school inspector, is at the
P. Welch, railway constractor,
arrived in town last evening from the
Grand Forks. He is quartered at tbe
W. B. Tierney waa credited yesterday with contributing only *>2 to the
fund of the tourist association. What
he really did contribute was tlO.
James II. Kennedy, chief engineer
of the V. V. and E. railway, arrived
at the Phair last evening from the
Uoundary, and leaves today for
A practice run of the Are brigde was
held yestroday afternoon to tho Lake-
view hotel, where the ladder was
raised and some drills piactlsed,
Oood time was made in the turn out.
Rugby football players are expecting to have a good practice this afternoon on the athletic grounds in prepa-
aration for the game with Cranbrook
on Monday. All who have played the
game are invited to take part in the
The need of a little judicious advertising of the province was illustrated
yesterday in a letter received by a
mining broker from a leading Norwegian Banking company which wus
addressed to Nelson, British Colombia, U. S, A. The address was botb
on the euvelope and in the letter,
Although there is not so much
building going on tbis spring as
there was last.there is still quite a lot
of carpentering work in progress.
Among the work ln hand at present
the Houston block audition is probably the largest contract, although
work will be recommenced on the
postoffice building again shoitly.
Oood progress n being made on tho
addition to tbe city hall whioh will
be found a great convenience when
Captain oilford was seen yesterday
as to the statement appearing in yesterday's Rossland Miner to the effect
that the Silver King had suspended
shipping again. The captain said that
thore was not the slightest truth in
the article, the situation being exactly
as stated in the Nelson Miner a few
days ago. Work is progressing favorably and the mine is in good shape.
The statement that there were only
four men left at work in the mino was
utterly false.
Before placing your order for wall
paper it will pay you to see our now
designs,!'. J. Bradley and Co.
A rather unique christening took
place yesterday morning on board the
steamer Eokanoe, Among tne passengers were Mr. and Mrs. A. Mellor,
of Pilot Bay, who wore removing to
Marysville, East Kootenay. They had
with them their infant son ana the
Rev. Mr. Thompson being on board
they decided to have the child christened there and tttcn, which was accordingly done. Captain Gifford who
was on board, much appreciated the
honor of acting as godfather.
A calico ball will be held at the
Queens hotel on the evening of March
31, Easter Monday, under tho ausnices
of the LadieB' Progressive Whist Club.
John 0. Sullivan, divisional engi
neer for the C. P. R. returned
last evening from Winnipeg, whitner
he went several days sinco for the
purpose of establishing himself as
engineer for the C. P. R. in Manitoba
and the NortbweBt Territories. Mr.
Sullivan still has jurisdiction as engineer over the C. P. R. in this section
and bis dutios will call him out here
frequently. In speaking about the
Lardeau extension ho said that a
tracklaying and ballasting train
would be. started today from the ond
of the 23 miles on which the track has
heen laid. The bridges will also be
finished, Throe steel spans intended
for the bridges at tho first and second
crossing cf the Lardeau river were
sent up yesterday and will soon be in
position. The intention,he says, is to
endeavor to complute the road by June
1st, so as to be in condition to handle
the Minim cr's business.
Phair���W. II. Evans, Kamloops G,
W. Hull nnd wife, Marysville; A. ,I.
Drewry, Samuel fj. Long, Hosslnnd;
Miss Ameraux, Miss Twedio,Trail; S.
,1. Towgoo.f, Sandon; J. A. Herron,
Spokane; J. N. Murphy, Trail; Jluf
Olsen, Tho Loop; John 0. Sullivan,
Trail; MIhn Jones, Spokane; Chits. R.
Thompson, Portland; Thomas H.
Aliicp, Victoria; I). Wilson, Nelson;
P. Welch, Spokane; Jus. 11. Kennedy,
Orand Forks; F, F Buhteert, Vancouver; Wm. V. Huut, Bonnington,
Hume���.1. R. Gifford, Silver King;
J F. McNnnght, Silverton; W. fi),
Smith, Spokane; 10. Baillie, llosslatiil;
H. Suell, Vancouver; A. F.McMillan,
Phoenix; Mrs. D, L. Ilradsbaw, Cra-i-
brook; VV Viliert, Montreal; D. R.
I'otlinger, Victoria.
Queens���Mrs R. Boyle, Sandon; a.
I''. McLean,   Slocan; 3. ti. MoVay, T.
Mc";urruy, Spokane; Mrs. J. _, Tat-
tersnll, Slocan; J. Q, McLean, Elko;
Mr. and Mrs. R. F. Elton, Alberni;
R. M. Halpenny, Kliolt.
Orand Central���0. .1, Saron, .1. Hanson, Cody ; II. P. Ilardcastle, F. Tipping, Eliio; E. .1. Mult, Calgary,
Tremont -A. Minimis, West
Superior; T. Livingstone,Hall Siding;
P. Wade, Rouson.
In London, the market
of the world for fine wines.
Pommery-1892" sells at
$5.00 per case more than
any other Champagne.
Pommery "1893" sells at
$8.50 per case more than
any other Champagne.
Wherever Champagne Is
sold according to quality
the highest prices are
paid for
V. V. and E. Must Stop Construction
Near Orand Forks For Present.
Victrria, Marob 27.���The argument
on the appeal of the V. V. and E.
against the injunctions made against
tbat company in the suit of the Yale
Hotel company, limited, of Orand
Forks, was concluded yesterday afternoon, the appeal being dismissed.
The case for the plaintiffs, who were
tbe respondents in the appeal, was
argued by H. P. W. Clement, who
addressed their Lordships for nearly a
day and a half and was followed in
reply by A. II. MaoNeill after lunch
yesterday. The full court were not
long in reaching a decision on the
points argued. This was given by
Mr. Justice Drake, and was to the
effect that the questions at issue,
both in law ar.d in fact, viere so important that the whole matter could
not well be decided without completing the action in the usual way, and
that pending this trial the matters
remain in statu quo. The effect ot
this is that the appeal agaibst the injunctions is dismissed and the matter
still stands to restrain the V. V, and
E. from pushing their construction
acioes thc plaintiff's lands.
Terrible Terry Has a Bank Account
of $80,000.
New York, March 27.���"I have no
hesitancy in saying," said McGovern
in an interview, "that I have saved
my money, and I have it safely invested where it is bringing me good
"Would you consider it a porsonal
question were I to ask you how much
you have laid asido for the rainy
days since you entered the ring.?"
"Over 880,000," replied Mc'Iovorn ;
"that much I have today In my
own name. Tbis does not includo
what I have given my mother and
wile outright. I bought my mother
a snug little hume, and stocked the
barnyard, and put enough ready
money into hiji possession to Beep
her frcm wnnt as long as she lives;
to my wife I gave a house in
Brooklyn that cost me $7,500. I don't
usually liko to pibiicly discussed
those matiers, but I havo answered
you honestly."
Boys' Home Goes But Inmates Escape
Toronto, March 27.���Fire broke out
in tho Hoys' house on George streot at
7 o'clock this evening. There are 84
boys in the institution, and 26 of the
smallest were boing undressed for bed
when tho tire started. The boys were
hastily marshalled, and takon out ot
tho builuing, net without some difficulty, as thc corridors were already
full of smoke and many of tho boys
only half dressed. Tho damage is
A second fire occurred at fi o'clock
at trie Poison Iron Works at which
damage tof $111,000 was done in the
planing mill and pattern shop.
Rossland, March 27.���Dr. Sinclair,
Dominion health officer, has received
a letter lrom t*'o stato health officer at
Spokane who says that tho smullpox
epidemic is not abating in tho State
of Washington, but on the contrary
was en the increase during tho month
of I'ebutMiy. The chief centres of
contngoiu aro Seattle and Spokane.
Bartlett���J, Foley, Spokane.
Thme   is as  Sure Prevention of Uald-
ness'as Fhcre'is of Smallpox,
It is now accepted that vaccination
renders the vaccinated person exempt
from smallpox; or Bt worst, he never
has anything but the lightest kind of
a case, Now as sure a preventive and
euro for dandruff, which causes falling hair and baldness, has been discovered ��� Newbro's Herpicide. It
kills Ibe dandruff germ. C, II. Reed,
Victor,Idaho, says: "Myself and wife
have been troubled Tilth dandruff and
fulling hair for several years, Wc
tiled remedies without effect until we
used Newbro's Herpicide, two bottles
of which cured us." Hundreds of
siu.ilar testimonials.
Why Should You Wait
Until you are old to wear glasses ?
If your eyes are defective why
not have them attended to at
once and preserve what you
have for later
Patenaude Bros.
Baker St,
Nelson, B. C.
SILK WMSTS-With so many styles
on display you probably have an indefinite idea what make to select.
We'll help you decide the question.
Our suggestion;
The Qibson  Waist���Made of good
quality    Taffeta,    neat    Bide    effect,
trimmed with Pearl Buttons, graduated
tucks on front also tucking on sleeves
and  back,   fancy  collar,   new  bishop
sleeves   with   deep    bias cuff,   lined
thronghout, colorB cardinal, sky, pink.
Brown. Price 110.00
The Bedford Waist���Made of good
quality Silk Loxon, tucked and hemstitched front and buck, trimmed with
Pearl Buttons, fancy collars, new bis
hop sleeves tucked and new style cull's,
lined throughout, color?, turquoise,
sky, pink, cardinal, Black.    Price $(i 50
Neckwear and Pelts���Specials for
Enster Trade���Belts in Burnt Leather
effects,   Patent Leather belts, tucked
Taffeta belts, Elastic belts. Crush Silk
collars, Feothetbone Stock collars in
fanoy effects. Crepe de Chine Ties with
Point Lace trimmings, Embroidery
collars, Sailor collars in Lice effects.
Kid Gloves���Just in, the new tints
Modes, Tans, Browns, Straw, in Dress
Kid or Suede. Peirin's make, overy
pair guaranteed.    Prico $1.25 to $2.00.
We believe this IDOL1 collection to be
the choicest we've ever gathered. But
we're prejudiced���Perhaps it's not-
Better leave thnt to your judgment.
This, however, mny be confidently
claimed, lhat it reflects the latest London and Parisian fashions as n polished
prism reflects light. It holds up the
mirror to the mode.
Bigger stocks may be seen but none
choicer and what's more no fancy
Cor. Baker & Ward Sts.
Nelson, B. C.
1..   CHINA   HALL   A
_*__t \_\_*
For the balance of this month
we will give
9 Fancy China, Lamps,   Toilet Sets,   Tea  Sets ��s
% Dinner Sets, Etc., Etc. st
Cull and inspect.
>\f-\ wi^
To enable us to dispose of the stock of Tweeds and Woollens just purchased   at
it rate on the dollar from E. J.  Bobie,   Merchant Tailor we will for the next
30 days give the largest discount ever giveu in ordered clothing.
Fine Fnirllsli Worsted Trouserings. Miuto to Order
Flue Scoicli Tw<ed HnllluK* MiKlr lu Order
Fine liluck rliigllsii Worsted Bulling* made to Order
Hi o.r>��
Satisfaction Guaranteed.   Union Hade.
H. M. VINCENT, Merchant Tailor, Baker St.
Millinery Opening
The ladies of Nelson are cordially invited to attend my   Spring
Millinery Opening on
Tuesday, March 25th
and following days of the week, when I will exhibit the latest stylos in Spring Millinery Novelties in Dress and Ready-to-
Wear Hats.  Misses' and Children's Hats and Bonnets specially
Opera House Block, Victoria St., Nelson   j*
Victoria Impersonator (lets a Lesson
on Election Law.
Victoria, Marcli 27.���Alter many
delays and hearing the evidence of the
rroseeution twice, the case of .lolm
���lumcs, charged with impersonating
an elector at the recent by election,
was concndori yesterday afternoun.and
the prisoner vvas ordered to pay a fine
of $1 or in default one day iu jail,
and was also sentenced to six months
with hard labor. Tills double sentence is made necessary under the act,
Whioh says that both fine and imprisonment inunt be imposed,
Ottawa, March 57.-Sir Wilfrid and
Lady Luurier   will go to England   on
the Etiurla irom   New York,   Bailing
Saturday, Juno 14th.
To SILAS H OEOSS, or to any person or persona to whom he may huve
transferred hisiulerfst in the   llnrvy
Joy Mineral Claim, situate on Morning Mountain, about 1 1-2 miles westerly from the Silver  King Mine,  in
the Nelson Mining Divisiou of West
Kootenny Distriot, 1). 0.
YOU or any of you are hereby notified that I have expended oue hundred
and two dollars and  fifty  cents in  labor and Improvements upon the above
mineral olaim, under the provision of
the Mineral Act, and if within ninety
days from the date of   this notioe yon
fail or refuse to contribute your proportion of such expenditure  together
with all costs of advertising,  your interest in snid claim  will  become  the
property of the subscriber under section I of nn Act entitled An  Act   to
Amend the Mineral Aot 1IMI0,
Dated this 14th day of March. 1��(>2.
Fare  and One-Third
On sale Mar. 27th, 28th,2o,th
good to return till April 2ml,
For berths, time tables. ratps and full
information  apply to    Local   Agents
City Agent. Nelson
J. S. Carter, E. J. Coyj.k
Dis. Pass. Agt. a. U. P, a.
Nelson Vaiiertits.
Kootenay Railway __i   Na
Company, Ltd.
Shortest and quickest rout 0 to the criht and al
points on uluiO. K. ne N. nnd Northern J'-*
otflo RallwayB in Wa-JhiogUjn, Orotfon and
Southern HtuU-s.
Time Card Effective Nov. 10.1901
Kaslo & Slocan Ry.
8:30 a. m. Lv.
IU.&5p..i., Ar.
'Kaslo Ar. i'.QO p. m
Haudon Lv. 1:15 n. m
Int Nav- & Trading Co
m;i..-.<.y- ea ittio uoi it:.
fi:00 p. in. IiV.
y:lU i), m. Ar.
Nolson Av. 10:30 n. m.
I(,l hi Lv. 7:<iUa. in.
ConneetinK at Five Mile Point with Nelnon
4 Fort Hhoppard Rftttwaj both to and from
Kosmaud, oto.
Tickets sold to all pnvtK in United State.- and
Canada via Ureal Northern anil O. H. K N
Co.'s liner-,
Ocean steamship  ticket**  and  ratos vi  a
lines will befurnlsnod on application.
For fui'Lhor particulars cull oa or nddret*
noHEUT inviNu
'sUnKO-pr    l{*ain,B, 0
O. K. T\CKAnuuY Agent, Nol��on B.O,
Subscriptions taken for the kelson Daily and Weekly Miner id
publisher's prices by J. F. DEL-
ANEY, New Denver,  B. C.
NlflLSON LODGE    No. 23, A. K. &
M. moots second Wednesday in
month,   Visiting brothorn wolcomo
I. O. O. P. Kootonny I/i'lso
No. ni, meets every Monday night,
at thoir Hull, Kootonny stroot
Sojourning Odd Follows oordially Invited,
vv. H, Smith. N, u ; G, v. Motion, v. ti.i A
liOiighurst, lloo. Soj.	
Nolson Royal Aroh Chapter No. 183, II. K. U.
Moots third Wodnosday. Sojourning coiuimn
Ions  invited,    Uoorgo Johnstone, _.    % J.
S img,   S3. K. _________
jgm_       NELSON LOIIUE  No.au, K.otl'.
fameets in __ oi P. hull, Oddfollows block
j^ovoryTuosday evening at 8 o'clock.
7AU visiting knights cordially invito
Wm. Ikvink, 0.0,
Hugh BTKVBKS, It. of It. and 8.
Nolson Kuca pment No. 7. Moots every 2ml
and 1th Friday of oach month, in Odd Fellows
Hull, comer liaker unit Koote.ay stroots,
Nolson. A. 11. Olements, 0. P.; 1). AlcArthui
It. S.   Visiting brothers always wotnnniA,
NELSON L. O. L. No. 1IM moots ln Fraternity Hall on Uml and third Friday ovouiw
of each month at 8 o'clock. Visiting member
cordially Invited. W. W. Bradley, W.K.
A, Aliuty, ii. S.
NELSON AKKIl: No. S3, P. O. E., mod'
ovory second and fourth Wednesdays of eacp
month. Visiting membors cordially in���
Charles Prosser, Hoerotary.
Kootonay Tent No. 7, K. O. T. M��� hold Uiott
regular meetings in Fraternity Hall, 1.11. 0. r.
block, on lho 1st and Urd Thursdays of onra
month. Visiting brethren cordially Invited lo
attend. O. A. Hrown It. IC; Dr. Hose, Com'
It. J.Steel, 1). 8. C.
,0S__S&. SONS OF ENULA.NI). mooW
Iff       ^   IhI and 3rd Wednesday ovening/"
oaoh month at Fiulernlly nail
oornor of llakor and KooloiiftJ
stroot*. Visiting brethorn cordially Invltod.
Edward Maolbod. Socrotnrv.
Nolson Court Star of Kootenay, A. 0. t
Moots 2nd and Jth Wednesdays In ��"'[
Monlh. Visiting brethren welcomo. V MW
Mlltlan, 0,1'.; Herbert MoLeod. Seo
Mooting* Ith Thursday of mon 111. ttateml)
hall. J A Irvlug 0 it.   P. H. Fleming. 11.
Sold by All Newsdealers
Wall.!i Monthly to all lover. Wm
and Music �� va��t volumo of New, c����   .
_id Mimic a net voiumo pi n����. -������- p.
Copyright CompomltloneW-'ho ����� i|i
ular auOiors.   ��4 fan" jf. r","r__Zl.il
hull Vocal, half Instnimenlnl-si Compi.
Plccr. for PUnp-OneoBMonth Ior ������
jou b copy of tho MagaHne Frae.
��      I   W   PEPPER. Publisher
light!. J�� LOOU.I"su..' Phll.d.lphf. p>
About that seeond.band article0
vours. You'll Mil it H you ' ����w
tin It in The Miner want co'uWi /
�����*���   _t_m
' --JMi-ft**-


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