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- \
iprovincT^i Libr ,rv gjlooj
Daily Edition No.   1137
Nelson,   British  Columbia. Tuesday,  September io,  1901
Eleventh  Year
City Council Will Do Something Towards Saftey ol
Long  Drawn   Out   Meeting
But Not A Great Deal
The meeting of the City Council last
ovening was long but not very fruitful of results. At tho opining of tha
session tho w���ter pipe in tbe toilet
room nil joining tbo council chamber
burnt and flooded tbe floors, and the
services of the City Engineer and
several of thc Aldermen were required
before the water was tinally turned oft'
in the basement. Tbe incident seemed
to have rather a di-itmbing effect on
the temper of His Worship who did
not recover bis usual equanimity during the session.
I'esiiles tbe Mayor the following
Aldermen were present : Irving, Paterson, (lilette, Selous, tbe citv Clerk
aud the city engineer. After the
minutes of the previous meeting had
been read nnd approved the city clerk
proceeded to read the report of the
finance committee for August, which
recommended the payment of numerous accounts.
After a little discussion of the clam e
relating to the payroll account of the
lire department, which the mayor was
not satisfied with, considering it as
too high compared with the amount
paid lust year, tbe report wns adopted
and that of the Hoard of Works taken
op, whioh read as follows:
First.���Your coo'iuiUee recommend
that the city wharf be repaired and
widened to is feet at an estimated
cost of $1,200.
Second.���Your committee also recommend that tho lane in Block 38,
between Mill and Latimer streets, be
made passable for teams.
This report was mad clause by
clause. After tbe reading of the first
clause Alderman Selous responded,
"J>'o funds."
Alderman Patterson was of tbe
opinion than an accident, which in
the present state of the city wharf nan
likely to occur at nny time, would be
considerably more costlv to tbe city
than repairing the wharf.
Alderman Selous���It is all right to
rcplatiK the wharf but I fail to see
any necessity for widening it.
The Mayor said that a square piece
of timber nt tbe side of wharf ns a
guard was much needed. He himself
had nearly walked off the wharf one
night com'ng off the Moyie, and was
surprised that more accidents had not
occurred there.
Alderman Selous suddenly warmed
up to the subject and said emphatically that bo held veiy strong viows
about tbe city wharf. It was mainly
used for tiie convenience of two steamship companies and some brick, lumber nnd stone ooople and as tbey wero
wearing it out be thought it was only
right thut they should help to pay
fur it,
Muyor FletOher said that before any
such action could be taken a bylaw
would be necessary, Tbo question
now was as to whether tho Council
were read; to tako care of the wharf
or elso keep tlio responsibility of having it In its present condition. He
did not think any great expenditure
would be necessary to put it in proper
shape and be also considered that tho
citizens of Nelson used the whurf a
great oeal. There was enough difficulties in tho way of tbe wholesale
merchants of Nelson now without the
city adding to tbem, as lt would bo
uut of their pockets any money raised
in the way suggested by Alderman
Selous would come.
After considerable further discussion tho clause was passed as also tlie
following oue.
The Fire, Water a#l Light com-
mittco then reported ns folows:
l''lrst���They rocommend tbat the
effer of Mr. M. Crow to pay $10 per
month for outaule elojtric light at his
store on Baker atreet, tim lights tt.
burn for two hours each evening, be
Second���Thnt the present hnlf Inch
water connection to the llartlett hotel
bo replaced by a throe-quarter inch
Third���Tbat new springs bo purchased for tho hoso and book und ladder truck.
Fourth���That tho residence of the
superintendent  of  the  eleotrio light
department be connected by telephone
with the eleotrio light power bouse.
Fifth���Your committee beg to refer
to council the question of the amount
of Salary to be paid Thomas Hnnkin,
lnechnnical engineer, employed temporarily at the electric light powor
sixth���Your committee beg also la
refer to council for consideration thu
question as to  the   udvisubility of re
pairing   the   Anderson   creek   Hume,
and submit suggestions   of   Alderman
Paterson on the  r-.u iject   for council's
I consideration.
Seventh���With reference to applica-
t'on of ltev. I,. W. Ferland, for a reduction in the rate charged lor electric light for the Catholic church,
your committee do not recommend
tbat any reduction be made.
Your committee also recommend
that an inspection of the water
licenses in the city be made and tne
charge of $ 1. n0 for garden hose be
In this report tbe salary of T. Rankin, who is temporarily taking the
placo of H. Sproat. was set at the
same rate as the lattei's.
Regarding the flume frum Anderson
creek, it was considered that the rebuilding of it would be too great an
exDense at the present time as plenty
of water could be obtained from the
steel pipe from Cottonwood creek.connecting with Whitewater and other
oreeks. so tbis clause was dropped
from   tbe report.
A letter was rend from the city
health officer relating to tho necessity
of putting in city water to some
houses In Addition A where typhoid
fever had been caused oy drinking surface water. A stand pipe was ordered
to be put in.
City Engineer McCullocb was granted
a month's leave of absence.
Aldermau Selous w:ib appointed to
act as eity treasurer pro tern, in the
absence of Mr. Wasson.
A letter was read from Dr. Arthur
asking that the city pay sufficient
of their giant towards thc high school
building to meet certain expenses now
due amounting to about $1,4(10. it
was decided to leave tlie matter in
the bands of the Mayor with power
to act. After the regular business ot
tbe meeting was completed tbe subject of getting a new tire horse was
disoussed and It was decided that a
horse must bo otaineri as soon as possible tbe present animal being anything
but suitable for the work.
President's Condition Yesterday Such as to
Give Attending Physicians Hopes of
His Speedy Convalescence.
McBri'.Ie May Contest   Election   With
Vancouver, H. C, Sept. '.).���It is reported tbat Hriggs will run against
Brown in New Westminster. Gilmour
says be sees no objection to Hrown
entering the cabinet. Mcllride says
he will not decide regarding his running against Brown till he knows
the wishes of his constituency and
New Westminster friends, and says
further. "Tlu feeling in Victoria is
tbat the lain move means the reinstatement of Martin. There Is no question about it, Martin is in control.
Tbe resignation of Prentice, Eberts,
and Wolls mny be looked for in n few
days. They are simply waiting to
put their house in order."
Mr. Wells hns been inteiviewed una
says be has no intention of resigning.
He docs not fear Martin and thinks
the government will be stronger now.
He says that too much attention is
being paid to Martin.
At a meeting held Saturday in Tat-
low's otlice, Charles Wilson, McBride,
Seymour, Buscombe, who are Conservatives of prominence, were present,
and decided informally not to attempt
to introduce party lines, but to aid in
defeating Hrown and opposing Pre
mier Dunsmuir.
Now York, Sept. 0.���The Canadian
and Irish ri lemon met todny on the
long ranges at Seagrit, N. J��� ��
special contest between teams of five
men each. They shot over tbo 800 and
900 nnd 1,000 ya'd ranges, the Canadians using English military rifle and
the Ulster representatives shooting
with Maiinliclicr guns. In conse*
qucnoo tho Canadians recieved an
allowance of eight points ench, 0'' 40
points for the team and the honors
wont to Canada by 18 points on the
gross score. The net scores were:
Canadians, 51)3. Ulstor Rifle Association, 020.
Washington, Srpt. tl.���Following is
the translation of a onblo received
from a confidential agent of Columbian Government: Jamaica, Sept.'.>.__
Colombian Legation, Washington: lt
is known officially tbat Ecuadorian
vessel Cotnuxi sailed with arms from
Ksraerolos. Ecuador. Tomaco is be
seiged by flllibusterers from Nicaragua. A considerable expedition was
about to start from Nicaragua, which
was expected to land near Panama on
the fifth.
Vancouver, B. C,   Sept.   11.��� D.   .1.
Miinn was the unanimous nominee of n
big Liberal  meeting   al   New   Westminster tonight.
If the Improvement Continues It Will Be a
Week Before He Can Be Pronounced
Out of All Danger.
Ood-rlcb, Ont.,Sept   0.-O. 0, Shannon   ono   of Uoderieh's  oldest physb
oians, is dead.
Milburn Bouse. Buffalo, Sept. 0.���
"God's contribution to the Americn
peple will be the sparing of the President's life" As the evening shadows
were falling tonight John O Milburn,
president of tbe Pan-American exposition reverently uttered these words as
he stood before tbe house in which
the nation's patient was fighting so
bravley with death. And all who
bave been at the Milburn residence
today reflect tbe view that the battle
will be won and the prayers of tbe
world will be answered. Since last
night not an unfavorable symptom
has appeared. Every hour has oeen a
victory. Faith in the outcome grows
stronger ana stronger and hope
mounts higher and higher until in
the mindi of some the danger of all
future complications is bruahed aside,
and hope has become conviction. Indeed many of the President's friends
seem possessed with a sort of supernatural confidence, in tbe President's
recovery, which nothing but an abso
lute change for the worse can shake,
and the basis for the confidence that is
expressed is solid.
There has been nothing but im-
provment, gradual and slow, but
steady improvement. Every bulletin,
every private and public word of tbe
physicians in attendance breathes
forth encouragement. Still, that the
President is by no means out of danger is a verdict of all. Not one of
them will risk his professional reputation with a statement that the President will live. All thoy will say is
that with every day the danger of
complications from peritonitis and
tlood poisoning decreases. Dr. Mc-
Burney, the most eminent of physicians in attendance, expresses the
opinion that if the improvement continues it will be a week before the
President can be pronounced out of
danger and convalescent. And some
of his colleagues like Dr. Mann,
place tho limit of danger still further
away, the fear of peritonitis, it can
bo said positively has nearly completely disappeared. At 4 o'clock this
afternoon danger from tbat source was
almost one.
The President himself haB been
cheerful nil day and has oxprcssod
confidence in his recovery. Todny he
asked for a morning paper but this of
course bad to be denied him. It is
with somo difficulty thnt he can be
restrained from talking. Dr. Herrck
of Cleveland, is quoted as authority
for the statement that he has spoken
at intevnls of several things be
promises to do in the future, This
morning he asked to be allowed to
move bis position and when the permission wns granted before the attendants coald move him, he changed to
the position he desired to assume
without difficulty or pain. This
speaks much for his general strength
and spirits. Mr��. McKinley saw him
again today for a brief visit and Secretary Cortelyou was udmitteel for the
first time. No one else wus allowed
to see him though he inquired several
times who were below stuns. He
was given nourishment today In the
lorm ol eggs beaten in milk administered through the,rectum. The water
which has boen given heretofore did
not appear to agree with him and
eince last night very hot water has
been taken into the stomach through
the month with splendid results. His
bowels moved freely during the dny
and this also was considered an excellent symptom. If be continues to improve it will to gradually. If be
should grow worse the change in that
direction will also probably ho slow.
This is tlni opinion of Dr. Mann.
There will bu   no dims.     If he ar
rives at convalescence Dr. Parke expressed the opinion that it would be
three weeks before it would be safe to
move him. It is said that the niteror
wounds will heal first. The sutures
of the lacerated tissues wero made so
soon after the bullet passed that tbey
am probably healing rapidly. With
the exterior wound it is a slower
The extreme optimism of the Vice-
President and the members cf the cab-
net will be difficult to overstate. "I
am absolutely confident everything
will turn out all right " declared the
Vice-President, and be said he based
his confideuce on informatioin behind
the public expressions of physicians.
Secietary of State Hay is due to
arrive tonight and will remain with
the other members of tbe cabinet at
least for a day or two. Senator
Ilanna will also remain until tbe
physicians give absolute assurance
that Mr. McKinley will live. Comptroller Dawes and some other prominent gentlemen connected with tbe
administration expect to depart tomorrow or Wednesday if tho improvement continues. Vice-President
Roosevelt has occupied a peculiarly
delicate aud trying position since the
event which threatens the President's
life, but be has borne himself
thronghont the ordeal in such a manner ns to win the admiration and
respect of all. Not for a momerxt has
he permitted the idea to be entertained
that there was need for considering'
the constitutional disability of the
President, and the exercise of executive functions whicli this would impose on him. On tho oontrary Mr.
Roosevelt has been one of the most
hopeful and confident that the President would recover. Twice during
the day and again tbis afternoon
the Vice-President has called at tbe
Milburn residence to enquire ns to the
President's condition. During the
afternoon call he met several Cabinet
officers and Senator llonna and spent
a short time with them in informal
discussion. In tbe streets be bus been
the centre of respeotful attention, but
he has met this with dignity and
Emperor Nicholas gave happy expression to the world wide solicitude
over tho President in a message
which waB given ont during the day
It is addressed to the President and
after expressing his happiness at the
President's improvement ho adds thut
he 301ns with the universal^ world in
wishing a speedy recovery.
  I. __...'."I
Milburn House, Buffalo, N. Y'.,
Sopt. ��.���Dr. Maclluruey, the famous
New York surgeon, said to an Associated Press correspondent on the issue
of the 3 o'clock bulletin that all the
indications were favorable. ''No* bad
symptoms have appeared." said he.
"No one can say now that tho Prnsi-
dent is ont of dungei, and for a -week
Hill the possibility cf complic.a.lions
may exist. At the end of that time
if all goes well we may be able to say
thut he iH convalescent." ''Brut I
huve known cases,'' put in Dr. Mjmu,
who was with tbe noted surgOon��� "to
go well for ten days und then change
for tbe worse." "That is true," said
Dr. Maollnrney, somewhat depreciatingly, "but it is entirely ur.usual��� If
tbo President continues to improve
fo: a week," jiu continued, "we may
safely say that be is convalescent;. It
will probably be three weeks bdforo
it will be safe to move him. Wo
must wait until the outer wound i��
bellied anil strong. The inner woujlds
through tbe stomach nroper wi
strong before   the exterior   wound
Ho.v long it will be before he will be
abLc to sit np will depend upon the
rapidity of bin improvement, and 1
may say to you further that his improvement if it continues, promises to
be rapid."
Dr. MacBurney was asked to compare the Garfield wound and its treatment with that of President McKinley. He smiled as he replied tbat to
do bo wouldjae to give tbe whole history of the progress of surg-_*ry during
the past 2D years. "Besides." said
he "the cases are utterly difl'eren t
Garfield's wound was un extremely
unfortunate one in every way. It was
very difficult to handle, while the
wound of President McKinley is in
many respects a lucky oue. No com
parison is possible." Turning to the
Associated Press correspondent Dr.
MacBurnev said : "You can assure
your clientele that all goes well
The President's condition continues
Police cf the States Locking
Stable After the Horse
Is Gone.
Milburn House, Buffalo, Sept. 9.���
Dr. Herman Mynter, one of the consulting physicians of President McKinley, said tonight: "I have always
made it a point not to prognosticate
in serious cases for you know man
proposes and (Jod disposes. I consider
tbe President's case a serious one and
so I do not predict,but I may say that
at this stage of the occurrence, the
condition of the patient is quite remarkably favorable, and personally I
cannot anticipate anything but recovery."
Dr. Eugene Wasdin, who was with
Dr. Mynter, said: " I, too, am ad-
verso to making predictions, but 1
agree tbat tbe President's oondrtion is
one that strongly favors complete and
rapid recovery"
Dr. M. D. Mann, who bas Dr. Mc-
Hnrney as a guest, was sfen after the
last consultation tonight. He said: "I
am gratified at the excellent showing
made by tbe President nnd the remarkable mauner in which the case is progressing. 1 feel that although tbe
danger point is by no means past yet.
every day that goes by without any
unfavorable signs is a distinct and
decided gain towards recovery. I
prefer to wait a time before making
any positive declaration on the subject, although I expect the President
to get well unless unfavorable symptoms  develop."
Milburn House, Buffalo, Sept. !).���
Dr. P. M. Rixey,one of the physicians
attending the President and ulso tbe
private physician of tbe President and
Mrs. MoKinley, said tonight regarding the distinguished patient: "I am
not, a specialist in abdominal surgery,
but, from a general knowledge of gunshot wounds, I can say thnt the only
possibility of complications is by
blood poisoning or peritonitis, and
thut I consider both now a very remote
probability. Peritonitis might set in
as a result of two aperatures irr the
stomach but, up to Ibis lime, a time
beyond tbe usual standard record, not
tbe slightest, symptom is manifest.
Thero is nol tho slightest evidence of
blood poisoning. As to the bullet not
yet extracted, 1 don't bulievc we need
worry about that. The presumption
is that il is lodged somewhere in the
muscles of the back. Pursuing
natural courses it would now be encrusted and cut off from possible
Emma Goldman. Who Inspired
Gzolgosz. wm  Shortly
Be Arrested.
I Buffalo, Sept. !>.���CzolgoKz, the assailant of President McKinley, went
through a long examination today at
the hands of the police officials but
emerged from it without having given
anything material to tbeir knowledge
of the case. The chief effort of the
detectives was to draw from the prisoner some admission as to bis accomplices, but he persistently stuck to his
denial. Every possible device was resorted to in the effort to obtain this
infoimation but the prisoner maintained bis position and conld not bo
shaken. In answer to questions he
a*,*uin went over the occurrence of
Friday and told tbu same story as in
the original confession made to
Superintendent Bull and District Attorney Penny. Czolgosz carefully
weighed his answers and when conclusions that be did not approve weio
taken from his statements insisted
upon making explanations of bis
exact meaning.    Tbo police bave con-
luded that more effectve work on the
part of tbeir theory can be done on
tho outside allhough Czolgosz will
probably bave another experience
with the third degree of police craft
tomorrow. The genera) investigation
of the case progresses slowly because
the men on it must cover a lurge
amount ot preliminary wcrk before
they do effective work.
According to the local authorities
the police of the country know very
little anont tho anarchists
Czolgosz is strong and eats with a
will. Knowledge of the condition of
the President is kept from him. He
knew on Friday night that the President was still alive, but bas beeu
given no information since then.
Milburn House, Buffalo, N. Y.,
.Sent. 0.���The following bulletin was
issued by the president's physicians at
9,20 a. m: Tho president's condition
is becoming more and more satisfactory. Untoward incidents aro less
likely to occur. Pulse 112, temperature 11)0.8, respiration 2H.
!i.3() p. m.���"The President's condition continues favorable. Pulse 112,
temperature 101, respiration 11.
(Sgd). P. M. Rixey, M. D. Maun,
Roswcll Parke, II. Mynter, Eugene
Wasbiu, Chan. MacBurney. Geo. U
Cortelvou, secretary to the   President.
Milburn House, Buffalo, Sept. il.���
A U.llo bulletin has been issued from
the Milburn residence tonight announcing a continuance of the favorable conditions of the President,
Thme weie many indications that the
bulletins wero bnt meagre indications
of tbo real improvement of the distinguished patient.
At 0.48 o'clock, Miss McKinley, a
sister of tbe President, Dr. nud Mrs.
Herman Baer, the latter a niece of
tbe I'H'siilent,  and the Misses Barber,
oacnas ��� ���e|oeB 0j the President, left the house
ill    be 1 ���,	
nd is. r Continued ou   Fourth Page.
Buflalo, Sept. 0.���Many sensational
icports are being circulated about
Cabinet action looking to the wholesale apprehension and prosecution of
Emma Goldman antl other lenders of
anarchist organizations. Thc great
majority of these reports, in the
words of a cabinet officer, are "Made
ont uf whole cloth." The crime of
Czolgosz is by law a local offense
against a oHlzeo of the state and his
trial will tnke place in the local
Denver, Colo., Sept. 11.���A special
from Silver City, New Mexico, says:
~ntonio Maggio, the musician and
alleged anarchist who is said to have
predieted the assassination of President MoKinley before October, HlOl,
was arrested at Sun Bita, a minii.;-
camp near Silver Cily, N. M.. at rj.Dtl
this afternoon by Uniled^Slates Marshal Foraker on instructions from
Chicago, Hr.it. 11.���Chief of Police
O'Neil announced today that Emma
(ioldmun is miner surveillance not far
from Cliiciu"! although not in this
city. He insisted that she had been
located and Intimated thut she would
be uircBtod soon.
Nanaimo, B. C, Sept. '.).���The
Miners' union by the advice of San
Francisco leaders will not go out on tt
sympathetic strike but will forward
linancinl assistance. Five hundred
dollars was voted at once, and a collection in addition, and aid will be
organized in neighboring camps.
A survey party of the Nanniino-
Alborni road report excellent progress. They, expect ultimate success
in finding 11 practicable route.
London, Ont.. Sept. B.���B.   B. Hun-
gerford, Grand Master of  the Grand
Lodge of Canada. A. I'. A A. M.,
died nt 0 o'clock this morning of
paralysis. N'bLsu*  DAILY Miner,   Tuesday.   September 10,  1901
The Nelson Miner
i Hubert   I'lv.rj-  Morning  Except   Monday
ii illy, per monlh, by carrier     660
lrally, per month*by mall     -*���
11 itly. per year, by carrier I 7 00
i rally, per yenr, by mail    fi 00
Ilally, per year foreign    HOC
iVcckly, per half year  V 25
'Veekiy, per year    �� 00
IVcckly, per year, foreign    3 00
ubHCriptions Invariably in advance.
115 Fleot Stroot, E. C.
ntral  Pron*i Agency, Ltd.. Special Agent*
Alcxnnilcr & Co.. 521 Fi~4 Avenue, Spokane.
*-Vit-h., keep thi- paper on Die, anil are our
authorised agents for advertisements and sub-
British Columbia should raise more
foodstuffs than it does in order to
prevent the drain which their purchase in foreign markets entails
upon it. According to tbe trade and
naivgation returns for last year the
foreign goods entered for consumption
in the province pmountetl to 810,800,-
000 and, of these $6,400,000 worth
came from the United States. In the
latter amount are included the following items: Breadstuff's, (169,000;
eggs, 850,000; bacon and hams, 822T,-
uilO; poultry, 510,000; canned meats,
840,000; potatoes, 823,000; tomatoes
and othor vegetables, 800,000; sheep,
8116,000 and so on all along tho lino of
meats, vegetables, and breadstuff,.
Altogether tho food products imported
from thu United States amounted in
value to nearly $1,000,000. With an
import duty of 15 cents per bushel on
potatoes, 25 per cent, ad valorem on
other vegetables, three cents a dozen
on eggs, 20 per cent, on oattlo and
shoep, la cents a barrel on Hour, 82
por ton on hay and a fair duty on t!~*
oiher articles raised by the farmer,
together with the railway haul,
which is sometimes a long one, id bis
favor, the British Columbia faimer
has considerable advantage, which
should be sufficient to make the call
ing a profitable one and to lead to the
utilization of all available areas of
arable land. There would be more
' farming in the province wore it not
that considerable of the best agricultural lands are held in largo tracts by
wealthy individuals who do not as a
rule cultivate them. Tbe seeker after
farming lands finds the big holders
disinclined to part with small parcels
und ufter spending al! the time that
he can affcrd in search of a suitable
tract becomes discouraged and goes
elsewhere and manes his purchase.
The Miner heard of a case of a British
subject who came from California for
the purpose of purchasing a farm of
about 250 acres ir, this province and
who travelled from Fernie to tbe
Similkameen, but could not get just
such a place a- he desired and finally
concluded to go to Alberta to see if
bo could not find there what he wanted. He stated that he found plenty
of land of a character suited to bis
purpose, but the holders of large
tracts did not care to part with a
farm of 250 acres and tho owners of
the smaller farms either did not enre
to sell or asked pricos that he considered too high.
'The boldois of large areas of land
slibuld manifest u diffore.it spirit
There is enough arable land
tij raise all tne breadstuff's, vegetables
ffnit consumed here nnd ranges
eribugh to raise cattle on,and it would
prove to the interest of the large-
landowners to sell portions of their
holdings, as the cultivation of tbe
portion which they sold would naturally enhance tbo value of tho part
vJlVrch thoy bold. There is a rcaoy
a'nff'profltuble market for all that can
befftlsed and it is nothing short of a
punic loss to allow so much arable
lurid to lie idle and unproductive.
A carload of this Famous Beer has just  been   received  and
we are selling it to the Family Trade at
$2*50 per Dozen for Quarts.
$1.50 per Dozen for Pints.
Delivered to Any  Part of the City.
Special and very favorable terms to the Trade.
TELEPHONE    NO.   13.
Hudson's Bay Company.
_���__" ���^^^^^���w����M ���������������� ������in        00000000000000000000000000000MMMMMMM������*����������������____--____-���       X3
Our Hardware
The bookkeeper takes
a trial balance; you
take a trial of onr
hardware, and you'll
stay with us the balance of your days and
the balance will always be in your favor
Hardware should be carefully selected, because it is
not bought every week in the
year, and once a good article
is purchased you are doubly
and towns which are tributary.   They   that the Canadian l'acilic railway has
aro in every way worthy of patronage 'offered to extend its   line to Ferguson
and thoso who send away for goods
have but littlo public spirit and but
little interest in tho place in which
tbey are making a living. We believe it to be the duty of every individual in the city, whether he owns
real estate, or is simply working for
wages, to purchase his goods from the
home merchants instead of sending
for them to Toronto or other large
eastern centers us tbe patronage so
diverted serves to build up other
plaies at the expense of the home
town. Simple self interest should
decide tbie queBtion in favor of the
home dealer. Tbe motto of all should
be "Patronize home merchants."
Five sacks, containing tbe catalogues of a Toronto department store,
which deals in almost every linagin.
nbUI article usually handled by a
number of retail stores, wero received
aiiflli* Nelson posuilllcc last week   ami
i.H'vt- been distributed  in   this city
Then!) catalogues will doubtless tempt
nijawlo send to the big store for certain classes of goods.
It is riot goud policy for the citizens
of this city to send to the oast for
their goods if they ever expect to
nii'ilpr Nelson a place of importance.
Xl.i*: fptnre of the place depends
e. rihilli|Tably on the volume of business
wlttpl) 1 the merchants aro ublo to
1 nuis'i.t. The stocks carried by the
wholesale and retail stores here would
ban credit to a place of three  times
the size, of Nelson. The merchants
nru,,,,<;j_-tcrpri.-ing, progressive anil
puhfUo ipplrlted. They givo employment .11 a number of travellers,clerks,
bookkeepers and others, pay licenses,
tuxes, rentals and are a most important ebjipont to the city. The future
of the. place depends largely on the
amount of patronage which they arc
accorded by the residents of the eity
nud by the trade which tnoy cun drum
An agitation is on in Great Britain
for a redistribution of parliamentary
representation by which Ireland will
loss thirty votes in the house. It is
contended by thoso who favor redistribution that ln tbe house of commons Ireland, which bus the smallest
population, hus lu.'l members, Scotland,
with a slightly larger population, lias
?,, while the county of London,
which has more people than Ireland
and Hcotlund combined, has only (iii
mem hers.
The London Times in speaking' in
favor of the redistribution plan and
ofthe preponderance of Irish members, in proportion to its population
wlien compared with that of England
and .Scotland, sajs: "This is a highly
anainalous and absurd condition of
atl'airs and cries aloud for a remedy.
The general conduct of the national*
ists during tbe recent session, not 10
mention the temptation their numerical strength offers to place-hunting
politicians, uinphas I zes the incongruity.
Irish representation is grossly out of
proportion on broad grounds of equity
and common sense, anil it Is made
several degrees more grotesque by the
fact that 111 Ireland there arc cases
where little groups of u few hundred
electors send a member to pallia-
if that camp will guarantee an ore
output of 100 tons per day. The Eagle
adds: "The- list will be kept standing, and the names added as they are
given in to us. How much ore will
you or your company guarantee to
ship if the railway is built to Ferguson V" In another editorial paragraph
the Eagle says, and it goes to show
thut tho Lardeau section is enjoying
an increased aotivity: ''There will
bo nearly as many men employed in
tbe district this winter as heretofore
employed in the summer season, but
there are plenty of men on deck. The
number of properties which will work
the year round hereafter murks a new
eru in the   progress  of tho Lardeau."
Twelve years ago J. W. Sullivan,
of Hartford, Conn., scratchod his leg
with a rusty wire. Inflammation and
blood poisoning Bet in. F'or two
years he suffered intensely." Then the
best doctor urged amputation, "but,"
ho "vrites, '���! used one bottlo of Electric Hitters and 1J_ boxes of Hncklen's
Arnica Salve aud my leg was sound
aud welt as ever." For Eruptions,
Eczema, Tetter, Salt Ithenin, Sores
and all blood disorders Electric Hitters bas nn rival on earth. Try them.
Canada Drug Sc Hook Co.,will guarantee satisfaction or refund money. Only
51) cents.
All Lipton's   Tens are grown In his
own gardens in Ceylon.
Come and See Our
New Arrival of
Beautiful Framed
Art Productions.
i D. McArthur 8 Co j
5                   J. Q. NELSON, Manager. -
���_2 v
g       Furniture Dealers, |
2        Undertakers and Embalmers. I
I           SPECIAL SALE I
Call Early.  They are
Selling Fast.
Canada Drug and
Book Co;i Ltd.
9    Oak Center Tables,
Delivered to any point
on Kootenay Lake.
I have a complete stock on hand al
Rough and Dressed
Mouldings, Sash Doors.
Inside Finish.
Coast Flooring, and
Finished Lumber-
Mill at PILOT BAY. Yards, NELSON
Worth $3.50 for 2.50 5
"      $5*��o for 3.75 J
"     $6.00 tor 4.50 gj;
"     $4.50 for 3.7 s I
'!     $5.00 for 3.75 *
"     $6.00 for 4 25 ?���
"     $6.00 for 4.50 *f.
'���'     $<-��� 5�� fen-4*75 ||
5 To make room for our Fall stock of Carpets and Rugs will go at ft
.3     Cost.    To clear,   Ilaby Carriages and Oo Carts, less than cost. *!
Oak Leather Seated Fancy Rockers
Elm Folding Tables
11 ii n
Cane Verandah Chairs
" "       Rockers
West Kootenay Butcher Co.
Fresh   and    Salted   Heats
Fisn and Poultry in Season
_=.   C.   TRAVES.   Manager.
K.-W.-C   Block, Ward Street, Nflson.
Otders by mail receive careful and prompt attention
The Delmonico has changed   hands
and in the future will be run strictly
up-to-date in every particulnr
Meals Served in First-Olass
Style at all Hours.
We will keep in stock a variety that
cannot be excelled in the Kootenay.
For domestic or steam use.
A full supply always on
Kates to all railway and
lake points
General Agent,
Tel. No. 265.
Office ��� Two doors wesi
C.P.R   offices.
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants
**** *f���w wm,W^mrm*fm*Tmrm%*ZSNB
Branch Markets in Rossland, Trail, Nelson, Easlo
Sandon, Three Forks, New Denver and Slocan City.
Ordel* by mall w bpv branch will have careful o*d orumnt attention.
The Canadian Bank of Commerce
With Which Is Amalgamated
The Bank of British Columbia.
Paid up  Capital,   $8,000,000;    Reserve   Fund,   82,000,000;
Aggregate  Resources Over 805,000,000.
HON. GEO. A. OOX, President.      B. S. WALKEK, ��enerul Mannger.
London Oflice: 60 Lombard Street, li. C.
New Vork Office; 16 Exchange Place.
And 08 branchoa in Canada and tlio Unitod Statos, including:
Atlin Gkeknwood Nklson Sandon
Cranbrook        Kamlooi*s Nkw Westminster  Vancou vkr
Fkiwie Nanaimo Uosslanu Victoria
YUKON DISTKICT-Dawson and White Hohsk.
UNITE!) STATES���Nkw York, San Francisco, Seattle, Portland, Skabway,
Savings Bank Department.
Deposits Boceivod and Interest Allowed.  Present Kate 3 Per Cent
Nelson Branch.
GRANGE V. HOLT, Manager.
According to tlio Geological Survey
of Canada, and by those actively engaged in tlio dovelOpment of the coal
mines, tlie aiea of workable coal is
330 Ki|U.'iro miles of a thickness of ono
hiinilri 11 and fort; feet of good senilis,
representing 153,480 long tons to the
acre, or a total of 22,503,000,000 long
tons. Thero is eoal enough in the
Crow'a Nest district to supply the
North American Continent for at least
35 years.
H. & M. BIRD
lair, lion llodgi's residence on .Mill
street with four lots; live rooms down
stairs, three bedrooms and large
bathroom upstairs. I''urnacc just put
in���A well built and comfortable
home.    Terms of payment   easy.
See also list of houses and lots for
sale and residences for rent at door of
our ollices next to MoArthur's on linker street.
nun" try a bottlo, a do-ion, or a barrol of
CALGARY BEER as it Is tho bom and
cheapo*-, on tho mnrkot. Also Iry our
WINES,    LIQUORS     and    CIGARS.
FRANK   A. TAMBLYN. M._..._.
Ti'lruho-o S3 ���>��W8t, Nelson
F. O. GKEKN        F. S. OL.EME_.T~!
Civil Engineers and 1'ro ' octal Land
P. O. Box 115 . N    on, B.C.
Tlio wise man who waits to buy
shares in the Similkameen Vnlley
Coal Company, Limited until transportation reaches the eoal fields would
have to pay at least $_ per share for
what he can now buy for 2,r> cents in
four  ei'iinl   monthly   payments   from
Our stock is now complete, in the above lines.    Call and be
convinced that the most complete stock
���s carried   by the
As an BfTeotJye healei of sprains, gaJis,
splints. so"��; throat. coin/Ii*., dwelling, BOfonem.
inlliuiifTiJiticm in hormjn nnd cuttle, Griffiths'
Liniment ha- proved a supremo spooess aa
good for Uu, hone ��* for hli master.
P, il. Illtohle & Co- ranchers, Vancouver,
II. 0. wiy: "Wu coii.i-Ier Griffiths' Menthol
Llnimrnl i-ti'-mu.ilwl for  horgflS.    Ont! of ours
hnd ii hud Hwelllngon tho left leg, which was
!wollen to an Immense stay, wo applied ton
IniliiciiL nnd In 1 wn d.13 is t tlO BWQlUng hnd left
& CO.
Under the caption of "Can Wn Call   him.   Wo Imvo trinl many Linlinonta mil Imv
, ,      * ,,     , ' rounrt nollilliRlorillliil II.
up by'   their   enterprise  ia tbe camps I This Offer?     lhe Lardeau Eagle says
UK Lorqll
Kor   .lie by J. II. Viuutlonc   Nnl _m. It. C.
Cigars _.
J. 0. BUNYAN ~ CO.
We have the Largest and  Finest
Assortment in the city.
l Phone 117
**********'t *iY******4i***y**X
Canada Permanent and Western Canada Mortgage
head office toronto,  ont.
Money to loan on Straight Mortgage.
Apply to.<_. L. UBNNOX, Baku st
Brewers of Fine Lager
Beer and Porter.
N .)_-�� I. a Nelson  Daily Minsk, Tubs&ay 5ki'...Miii--. w, ,901
isri.riAi. to this minuu.i
(irand Forks, 11. C, Sept. O.-Oliver
.Where.I, president of thc London &
li. C Uoldfields; A. J. Stoneham,London Eng.; 3. Roderick Robertson
general managor, and S. S. Fowler,
the company's engineer, aro making a
tour of the lioundary district. After
inspecting tho Granby plant they proceeded to l'hoenix and Greenwood.
Mr. Wethered and Mr. Ronertson arc
nlso ollicials of the subsidiary company developing b,000 horsepower from
Kettle river at Cascade, and the companies owning the Enterprise, Ymir
anil Whitewater minos. Mr. Robertson stated that the power plant at
Cascade will have 3,00(1 horsepower
developed before January 1st and this
will be doubled according to requirements. The power will be transmitted
to the various lioundary camps. The
concentrators at the Enterprise mine
will be completed within a fortnight.
Work on the I. X. L. group at the
head of Hrown creek is boing pushed
actively with a force of about tvvelve
men. This property was bonded
recently to eastern parties for $30,000
the payments to be made as follows:
Ten per cent, to be paid by the lirst of
December, l'.iUl Twenty per cent, by
lirst August, 1002, and the balance 70
per cent., or 821,000 on the first of
December, 1002, covering a period of
15 months. It has been stipulated
that the work is to be kept up as tbe
nature of the location of the property
will allow. No ore oan be moved
until after the fust payment. This
property which is owned by Messrs.
Jaoobson & Olson is a gold proposition running 8140 to tlio ton.���Trout
Lake Topic.
.7. .1. Cavanaugh, who has been
working the Lucky Jim in the Trout
Lake district is stopping at the Hume.
During lhe season a shaft has been
sunk 20 feet on the ledge, which is
three and a half feet wide, Tho ore
is composed of iron pyrities and
quaiU, and carries values in gold and
silver to the value of 850 per ton. A
deal is on at, present to effect the con
solidation ot the Lucky Jim and the
Mabel groups which adjoin each othor
on the same lead. On the latter group
there is 200 feet of tunnelling altogether, at throe different levels, connected by a fifty foot shaft. The
groups are situated on the Summit
mountain, one mile and a half from
tho Silver Cup.
elates some time since by Mr. Procter
on behalf of an English syndicate of
which he is the representative.
Victoria. I!. C, Sept. 0.���A French
syndicate has purchased a 40 per c-mt.
interest in the Atlin hydraulic mines
owned by the Lainaru syndicate.
This is one of the biggest hydraulic
properties in British Columbia.
Lipton's was the
put up.
first   package Tia
Annual     Meeting    at   Fort   Steele���
Olliecrs Elected.
At the meeting of the Kootenay Central Railway Company, held in
Eort Steele on September 2nd, the following directors *vere elected: R. L.
T. Qalbraith, 3. A. Harvey, James T.
Laidlaw, A. C. Nelson, Dt. J. H.
King, and Dr. Hugh Watt. The
directors elected thc following officers:
President, Dr. llegh Watt; Vice-
President, R. L. T. Oalbraith; Secretary, James T. Laidlaw; Treasurer,
A. C. Nelson; Solicitor, J. A.
Taking Fort Steele as a radiating
point, the first section of the road
will be carried through that town to
the Crow's Nest Southern line to tie*
south, the second will make the
famous mines of the Winderaere district, its primary objective point,
thence onward to Golden. Blanches
will run east and west connecting the
Capital of the district with the upper
Wild Horse and Dullriver region,with
the St. Mary's valley, Kimberley,
Skookutn Chuck and Tracy creek.
No other business beyond the election of a board of directors and
officers was transacted at the meeting.
Automobile   Coats on
day at KERR Sc CO.'S.
display Mon*
At the record office yesterday tbe
following transactions wore recorded:
Locations, Princess, on Stag Leap
Mountain, near Lost creek, by W. J.
llipperson ; Snow Flake, on Mineral
mountain, by W. Harbour,; Nelson,
by Edward Cole. Certificates of work
were issued to Robert Elliot on Ecco
and Mammoth; to Owen Uoyer on
North, Free Silver and Standard ; to
T. 11. Rotherhan on David Crockett
and Alamo; to Godfrey Ilirtch on
Stillwater Fractional; to Hector
Poirier on Rosebnd and Argo; to R.
A. Hutchison on Koystone and Sun-
dayson; to Eric Hnrkness on Gold
liar. Transfer, one third interest in
the Nelson from J. Duhamel to John
Paterson, consideration 81.
Colon,Sept.O.via Oalveaton.���On the
publication of report in Panama yesterday afternoon tbat a Venezulan
squadron consisting of four ships was
bombrading Rio Hacha, on the Cari-
bean Sea, a mob proceeded to tho residence of Sono Cardozo, the Venezuelan
consul at Panama, shouting, "Down
with the government." Cardozo, who
is a Danish subject and a native of St.
Thomas, immediately took refuge in
the palace of the governor of Panama,
where ho was well iei>eived. The
looal officials deplore the regrettable
incident. The mob was oventuaally
Reynolds' Livery   Stable
Will Be Sold Cheap
Three years lease on  ground
property   at  $10.00
per month.
Apply to
Baker Street.
The late storm has driven the
ducks into the Kootenay Flats.
The House-Boat is lor rent to parties wishing to go duck shooting.
Man and canoes in charge.
For terms apply to
Or to The Miner Office.
Kootenay Railway and Nav.
Company, Ltd.
Shortest and quickoHt route to the oast and nil
pointH on tho O. K. & N. and Northern l'a-
eili<: Hail way h in Washington, Oregon and
Southern States.
Time Card Effective August I. 1901
Kaslo & Slocan Ry*
8:30 a. >il. Lv.
10:55 p.m. Ar.
Ar. 4:00 p. m.
Lv, 1:45 p, in.
Linton's   Tea has tht largest sale in
the world.
The steamer Alberta on Saturday
brought from Kaslo to Five-Mile
i'oiut three carloads of ore from the
Slocan Star mine, which was shipped
over the Nelson & Fort Sheppard railway, and tho International brought in
one carload of ore from the Rambler-
Cariboo both for the Selby smelter at
San Francisco, and one carload from
the Sunset for tho 0. V, R. smelter at
Trail. YcBtorday the Alberta brought
in three carloads of ore from the
Slocan Star and ono from tbe Rambler-Cariboo for the Selby smelter,
while the International had one carload from the Surprise for tne Everett
At the Lade group near Ferguson a
force of eight men are at work ana
since the now company took ovei the
property two tlfty foot tunnels have
boon drivon to crosscut the vein which
has just beon struck on the lower
level, and the owners are at present
getting a shipment ready to forward
to the smelter. On tho other properties In the vicinity the present great
difficulty is the laok cf transportation.
Tho Triune group, for Instaneo.has to
ship its ore for eight miles down the
mountain along a rough raw hide
trail, to the wagon road, mil tben 20
miles more to Thompson's Landing.
New York, Sept.!).���After a successful trial spin today of _>,; hours the
Sham o k returned to her moorings in
tho bay. There was a good breeze
from the southeast, when she started.
It shifted to the southward and finally to the southwest. The yacht
sailed on one tack out through Gegney
channel to Sandy Hook lightship,
thence to the southward about three
miles keeping off for home at 4.20.
Her speed on the beam reach coming
in from the lightship was undoubtedly
between 14 and 18 knots. She covered
all told about 30 miles while she was
out. She made fast for tho night at
5.30 p. m.
��� . ��.. i.
Toronto, Sept. 0.-The Evening
Telegram's London cable says the
Times publishes a letter from Premier
Ross, of Ontario, in which he displayB
a keen desire to swell Canada's population with the people of British
origin. He suggests concerted action
on the part of the British authorities
in an endeavor to turn emigration and
suiplus population of the United
Kingdom to Canada.
Int Nav* & Trading Co*
NnlRon Ar. 11:00 a. m,
Kuslo Lv. 7:00 a. m.
5:20 p. m. Lv.
9:10 p. m. Ar.'
Connection at Five MUo Point with Nolson
& Koi't -Mioppurd Hallway bolh to and from
Rossland, etc.      p	
Stoanior from Nelson leaves K. R. & N.
wharf, K;i.-lo, H. 0., Kt. for Lardo on Mondays,
Wodnoadnyaiuid KridnyH at 9:30 p. m. return-
inK the same evening.
'I'lokots sold to all parts In Unitod State,: and
Canada vta Great Northern and O. 11. tc N.
Co.'ri UllCH,
Ocean wtoaniship t'okets and  rates via all
lines will be furnished on application.
For further particulars cali on or address
-aniuw, ff*._l**..B, C
Q. K T4CKAHUBY A���imt. Nolnon, B. C.
East Kootenay's 1st Annual
Mineral, Agricultural
and Industrial Exhibition
Throe Days  or  instruction.  Interest
and Enjoyment.
Miner il Exhibit, Backing Contests,
Agricultural Exhibit, Horse Raoes. The
best progrnm ever seen in the oountry,
See posters and circulars t'or furthei
particulars. Specially low return rail-
rates from all points.
A. W. M'VITTIE, Sec otary.
The   crossout   tunnel on  tbe Ophir
Lade group, recently bonded for 8100,
000 by Wm.   Pool   of Nettie L.   fame
has encountered   tbe   ore   body   at   i
distanco of 35 feet.     Ttie   lead whero
cnt fulfils  tho   surfauo   promises  and
everywhere   throughout the vein  just
cut   Bpecks  of   gold   can   be   seen.���
Trout Lake Topic.
Every year a large number of poor
sufferers whose lungs are soro and
racked with coughs arc urged to go to
another climate. Hut this is oostlv
and not always sum. Don't be an
exile when Dr. King's New Discovery
for Consumption will cure you at
home. It's the most infallible medicine for Coughs, CoIiIh, nnd ull Throat
and Lung diseases on earth. Tho tirflt
dese brings relief. Astounding cures
result from persistent use. Trial bottles free at Canada Drug Sc Book Co.
Price 50c and Si.DO. Every bottle
guaranteed. �����
Patenaude Bros.
N. E. T. CO.
20  Minute   Service
Cars leave top of Stanley street and
the Park at the hour, twenty past
and twenty to.
Late Car 10:40 each End.
The Coinpany have many good
building lots for sale.
Apply at the OfTice; on Vernon
Atlantic S.S. Sailings
From Montreal
Allan Lino Tunisian  Aug. 30
Allan   Line Nuilliiliun tii'Pl.  7
Beaver Lino Lake Superior Atu. 30
Beaver Linn ljiko ttiiucue Supt. li
Franeo-Ciuuuliull -iiii liartli Civile.... An*. 30
Fruiico-Ciuiudiiiii Linu VVas~m .Supl. 17
From Portland, Mo.
Dominion Lino Vancouver Supt. 7
Dominion Lino lloniiiilun  bopt. 11
From Now York
Whito Star Lino Toulonh Aug. 28
Whitobuir LineQortnanio Hupi, I
I Junard Lino Elruria Aug. 31
Ounard Lino oor'.'ui Hopt. 3
Aniorlonn Lino St. Haul Aug. 28
American Lino St, Louis Son. ��
French Line L'Aquitaiuo Aug. 211
Kroncli Liny La Cliiunpagno  Sopt. 5
N. li. L. Kal orln Maria'i'liorosia Supt. 10
Anchor Lino City of Konio Sept. 7
Hamburg American Doulschland Sept.  5
For further particulars apply to
City Passenger Agont, Nolson, B. C.
GonoralS.S. *t*~��i . C.P.K. Offl-m. Wlnnln�� g
lie  sure and get the genuine   BENNETT'S GUTTA PERCHA FUSE, not
something that looks   like   it.      a
rence Hardware Co., Agents.
I AdverliHemonlH Inserted under ml- head at
the rate of ono cent a word per liiHortlon. No
advertisement taken for low* than 25 conln.
Situation Wanted advertisements inserted
threo times free of charge.
FOR    SALE.���Corner   Hall   and   (lli-
servatory   streets,    threo   iota   and |
Bungalow,     erected less   than a year
ago.    House has   drawing   room, din-'
ing room, nail, two   brick lire places,
three   bedrooms,   a   large   bathroom,
kitchen,    cellar,    outhouse,   wide verandah     two   sides   of   house,   watut,
sewer and electric   light,    very   complete,  view unexcelled,    very   comfortable home for small family.      To   be
sold   with   or   without   furniture   at
onee.    Owner leaving Nelson.     Apply
on    promises   or   to Messrs. II. Sc   M
Bird, Haker street.
Are you in want? If
the people, through The
column, wbat you are
You'll get it.
yuu are, tell
Miner waul
WilUt    uf.
I Two rooms en suite, on Ward st.,
also rooms facing the west. Ou September 1, two single rooms and two
or three en suite facing Haker st.
Furnished or unfurnished. Mrs. F.
3. Squire, Itoom 41,  K.    W. C. Illock.
ROOM and board in   private   family.
Apply on Silica  street, seeond   door
west of Ward.
PRIVATE SALE of contents of
drawing room and two bed rooms,
property of Mrs. Horace Hume, Hume
Hotel, will be sold by private sale
this week. Articles may be seen at
any time.
WANTED. ���Assaver with smelter and
mine experience  requires situation.
Keep booksetc.     Adoress"W,"   Box
578, Nelson.
WANTED,���A comfortably   furnished
liouse of four   or   live   roomB.    Address P. O. box 533.
WANTED.���Young     man     to     drive
grocery      wagon.        Must   be   well
acquainted witli city.      None but lirst
class men need apply.    Box 107   city.
NELSON Employment Agency. Baker
street.    Phone -78.   J. II. Love.
WANTED.���Cook.      Laborers.    Railroad men.    Men for   station   woik.
Bell   boy.       Waitresses.     Oirls    for
Contracts taken   for   Diamond   Core
WANTED���Waitress, for of town, $35
a mouth; girl for housework, if'JO a
month; three men for cutting roads,
,,.50 a day; oue man for buying;
dishwasher. Western Canadian Employment Oflice. U. A. Prosher.
Phone 270.
Storage���I have a large warehouse
for storing household or other
OARS.-M-tlALS a la 0ARTE*
Is lame or interferes
bring him to the City
Horseshoeing Shop, Jo
sephine Street
STOLEN from tent across lake, a
dressing case, (box shaped,) covered
crocodile skin with fittings. Infor
inatioii lending to discovery will be
rewarded.    Leave at this oflice.
I Itii: .Ullllm- ~"UI I'rolii'l'lli'*, .Ve are
aiixl'nis tu secure a tew tree uiIIIIiir gold
properties at once. The Frospeelor's fc\-
chiiugc, Kelson, 11. tl. Boom 4, R W.��.
Bloek. ,
NELSON, li. C.
��. -Vi. Cumuiiiit., i_~j,..uu���iiiVury auuwu
V-inuLy uf dofi unuit*.   l* u uux 8&   i'uleuliuu
No. UU Hoover a-rum. Nt.l-.uu.   _J_.m_.r-. ut uiu
UliiuUri  OU LiUOU  iiuL ttpmiifB MtlK-hU YV.iU.11
/ A. Altt_.-iuu*l_i.--ArciiiLucU <.u_i tiUpertu
UJiiduntti, Uroneu liiil biuuK., uuriiur iiukur aud
-\ urd rtiruoui, iMilr-njn
HJ. KVANc. & CO.���Bakor aLrcuL, Nui
���    riOit���\Vlioi_,t.UU   Uuaicl'H   in   liquor., W
Kiiia, cufiiuiiL. Un; unck and uro Ol*y, wuxur
inpu una oLcul t.til~, uud ^-.uurul uouiuiihoiou
u lurch.wi U.
���   uud   ii in J   sLruuu-
Co.���Corner   Krou
��� v\ Uuiut-tiie   K-TOOOf
ud jobbers iu bl&uitett-, gloveh, lutthf. tiuuu
ruUUtU'r., ilinckillUWri ttlld UllUUl'ri' HUiidriUu.
l> JJUUNd & Co.���Bukor tit-root, Nel.ou���
XT ��� WuoleHuio dealers m truttfi aud cured
luuiiin.   Colu oiuruKe.
ei-b iu i'i.:..ii aud cured moult*.
Bukor Street, Neluon��� Wholesale doa
tflreul,   Nelson ��� VV'IioiumiIo   d_uiliu_i  u.
muii:r;,'   HUppllet.,    .porUllif   K-HXiti
M'LACHLAN BUOtf. (faucct-ason.  to Vim
cuuvor Hardware Co, i_td.j ilakor atreet.
_Nui_tun��� H boIOSale   dealers  in   Hardware uud
mining -ll|J��iil.:-, ij.tn.ilji;!.,   und   LinnlUltlld' dUp
EL8QN   HARDWARE   CO.-Wholesalo
paitiLd, oil*, aud gi(>sh; uiooIiuuich' toolr.
ideate toi Ontario Powder VVorHaj lynamtte
mUH-KKUj BEJ.TON & Co.-Uorner Veruou
X aud Jo.eetiino circuit., Nolson���Wucio
���*.uo dealers in liquors, oigar_i, aud ary good*.
Agonts tor Pabst Brewing Co. of Milwuukue
aud Calgary Browing Co of Calgary.
HUDSONB BAY Oo.-Wholesalo grooeno^
and liquors otc., Buker atreet, Nelsou.
Oltlce curnur Hall aud Kront StreeU
.Nul.-'on -i,umi)i.r, ceiling, llooring, uud ovory
thing in wood lor building purposes. Got oui
prices.   Corresponduncu soliciiod.
rp GALLON Ht CO.-Dcalern ln ore Hack.
X ��� and twiues. Always a lurgo stock on
hand. Telephone2.1,3,  Koom 14, K.-vV.-C Block
._-��M- -sn.iMt . orri-is m;ai>- -miiu-h  ami
pros|MTis wanted.   Hend report and sum*
plCN to the rru.perior'M Exchange. Nel .on.
It..'.   mourn 4 K. W.-���. block.
J. 0. GWILLIM, B-,  Sc,
Late of Geological  Survey of Canada.    Six years experience in B. C.
mining' districts.
Baker Street
N.lson. B. t.
Will pay the highest oanh prioe for all
kiwlH oi seoond band goods. Will boy
Or sell anything from an anchor to a
needle. Furnituri*, stoves, oarperU).
-ooking utiiiisilH, booght in honsebold
.jniintltioH. Also oast off clothing.
Oall and see me or write. Addrese
Silver Sing Mike, Box _oo. Hal)
S*w*eet, Neluon. B  "���
obtained in all countries
Registered Patent Attorney, Mechanical Engineer and Draughtsman. Bank of B. N A. building,
Hastings St., Vancouver, B C.
Write for full particulars.
COMPANY, Limited.
T. (I. Procter left yestorday for Sandon. lieforc lie departed lie Atated that
tbe final payment of .lo.iioQ on the
bond of the Aline group would be paid
today. This property was bonded
jtionj Oeorgo A. Alexander   und   asso-
Close  connection  East  and Westbound tit Spokano with trains of the
Spokane Falls und Northern Railway,
aud at Bonner's Ferry witn Kootenay
Railway & Navigation Co,
Direct connection at St.  Paul with-
.    out chance of depot with all trains for
KERR & CO. are sole sell ng "gents Chicago,'.Toronto. Montreal, NewYorif
���l Kiiittnlii. liiiilei-wiiiir in NelHoii.        | and niipoints West and South.
Leaves Spokane daily forjEast at!9:15 a.m
Leavus Spokane daily lor West at 7:15 a-m
Leaves Spokane daily tor WeBt at 8-00 p*m.
West-bound trains make direct connection for Victoria and Vancouver,
Portland, San Francisco, and all points
on the Sound.
During the season of navigation East
bound trains connect at Duluth with
themagniticent steamships North-West
and Nortb-Land of theNorthern Steamship Coinpany Line, operated in connection with the Great Northern Railway.
For further information, maps, folders, etc., apply to any agent of Spokane
Falls & Northern Ry., Kaslo & Slocan
Ry., Kooterat Railway & Navigation
Or* , or to
H. A. JACKSON. Com'l Agont,
Spokane, wasb.
Q. K. TAOKABURY, Local Agent,
Kelson. 1! (i
The most miserable beings In tbe
world are those suffering from Dyspepsia and Liver Complaint. Mote
than seventy-five per cent, of the people in the United Stales are alllicted
with these two disease* and their
effects; such as Sour Stomach, Sick
Headache, Habitual Costlveness, Palpitation of the Heart, Heart-burn.
Waterbrash, Gnawing and Burning
Pains at the Pit of the Stomach, Yellow Skin, Coated Tongue aud Disagreeable Taste in thc Mouth Cuming
up of Food aftor Eating. Low Spirits,
eto. Ho to your Urnggist and get a
bottle of August Flower for 75 cents.
Two doses will relieve you. Try it.
Get lireen's Prize Almanac.
Liouor Detail
A very full line of these, including several reserved brands on
hand- Shipments for Kootenay
are made from Victoria.
Additions to our stocks are being
continuously received by sailing vessels via Cape Horn.
Notice is hereby given thBt nn extra
ordinary general meeting of the above
named company will be held at the
registered office nf the Company on
Baker street in the City of Nelson.
British Columbia, on Monday,the :':iril
day of September, A. I)., l'.ltll, at the
hour of eleven o'clock in the forenoon for the Dtirpnsi* of considering,
and if thought tit,passing a resolution
authorizing the directors to raise the
hum of one hundred thousand pounds
(.��100,0011) by tho issue of mortgage
bonds, or debentures, or otherwise, to
such person or persons, company or
corporation, and upon such terms nnd
conditions as to the direotors may
sneni meet.    By order,
Nelson, 8th September, 1001.
Dominion and
Land Surveyor.
169 nelson b c
If yon don't like Blue Ribbon Tea it's
because vou ever tasted it
A stock of these embracing the leading brands, is carried at Nelson,
thereby enabling quick delivery to
Kootenay buyers.
Carried io stock in Nelson.
To All Eastern Points via
Lake Route, All-Rail or Soo
Line, via St. Paul or Chicago.
BUFFALO, $76.00.
xty   Days'
West Transfer Co.
R. P* Rithet & Co*, Limited
V. O. Box 5__l       -       Nelson.
Fir  and  Tamarac
ways on hand.,
All Kinds of Teaming and
Commission Work*
Oftiee on   Baker Street Tel. XI
About tbat second hand article of
yours. Vou'll sell it if you'll adver
Use it in The Uiuur want coiuma
Good going Sept. 3rd, 17th
Through Sleeping Cars Kootenay Ldg. to Toronto. Arrowhead to Vancouver.
For pamphlets descriptive of Oan
ailiim I'licilic tours mid I'm Time Tab h
Rates,  Tickets,  apply
ii. L, Brown,
City I .iHsetiger Agont
J, H. Uahtkii, E. J. CoYLK
Dis. Pass. Agt. A. (1, P. A.
Nelson. Vancouver
e. j. soo vi L
Wludoruioro Miaou.   Oi~r_nton<liiiioeHollclti*
V-INI.KlfM_.l_l.. II. 0.
u i.BL30N Daily Miner 1uK_bt1r. September io,  igoi
Tliis cut il
lust r ;i i t n
the sin), le
way which
iliin popular
p.'ii la Hlled
with Inh :
do unscrewing of the
pen Beet I id.
no inky fingers, and alwavfl an even,
regular Bow cf Ink, Mnde i:i all
grades of point!���fine, medium,broad,
nuarse. Absolutely (fuarauteed, 8.1 to
,���... Money ���'������ ���' I Dot natlsflo I.
Hi rangers are welvo.r to look th roi
our store, ami yeur welcome is not
dependent on a purchase.
Pianos lo Bent at 87 per month.
a �����'t\%\%i'VW.',i/vw..^v.^ ww��
i i
���:. THE CITY j
< ���_
S WWVfAVt ���v/'-.A. ~ AWZ-JVA. �� .i>
A disorderly character was fineil *..?���">
nnd costs at the police court yesterday
1'be B. M, R. band have sent fur
quotations ior a complete set of silver
Imr.d instruments.
' The condition of the city vrhrirf continues to grow rupidly worse, and the
~:ift spots and half jotten plunks in
tim structure "ill soon have a large
portion of the wli:ir/ utterly unsafe
for traffic.
The regular ineeti.g ofthe Kpworth
League will be held this evening nt
the Methodist church, when Mr. <!.
1.. Lennox wi'l give a short address
on tho recent Christian Endeavor convention.
"Work was again Htopped at the post-
ollice building yesterday, but ���whether
it was because of the tolegtam from
Ottawa, the orders of the superintending architec*,or simply because of the
lad weather,   is unknown.
There will bo a meeting of the
license commissioners of tbe Kelson
license district on Thursday morning
nt the court house for the purpose of
considering the application of Jamefc
Anderson for a hotel liconso at Erie.
Dennis Mahoney was arrested Saturday ovening charged with the theft of
ii roll of blankets from the Grand Central hotel the s-anie evening. He wns
brought before Magistate Create yesterday morning nnd sontenced to six
months in the 1'oviucial jail, with
hard labor.
The enumerators who took the census have been waiting patiently for
their compensation till patience al
most coasod to bo a virtue. They will
he pleased to lonrn that the chief census commissioner at Ottawa Inst week
mailed the chucks for thu British Coliuuliia oii'jiiierators.
At :i p. m. today Dr. Agnes Haviland will lecture in Fraternity Hull
on ''The Higher Physical Life of
Women." This will be the only opportunity of hearing Dr, Haviland
who coir.es highly recommended, and
the discourse will he a treat which
none should miss. The leoture is free.
The change in the weather last week
which seemed to suddenly switch from
summer to fnll was anything but
welcome to the majority of the citizens of Nelson, und iiuiu v clerks and
businessmen who deferred their holidays until September"boonino it i> ul
ways so nice and cool then," tin1 now
ruefully wishing that Ihey hnd enjoyed the Hummer while it lasted,
The French company, a popular ont
in Nolson,apsared In the Opera liouse
last night nnd prenenled "Roanok
to n large untlloi e ��� 'I he p.ctty play
was well staged and the perform . ���
thoroughly enjoyable, 'J he leading
part wns taken by M'">s Oar ter, who.
was hers some lime ogo with Chariot
Iliin Verner.      The hit uf th" eveniiij,'
was mnde by Miss Iva  Uonnottc, who
was excellent ns ''Aunt Dinah," I
colored wouiun.
taken cbatge of   th8  Spokane   Northern telegraph office during tbe absence i
|on vacation of Joseph   l'aquette,    who I
""ill    Ue   o<f   duty    for     about   three |
S. II. Houston, representative of
Wilkins & Co, win' rope manufac
turers, ot Wuppinir. London, who has
been visiting the mines of the Nelson,
Boundary and Trail creek divisions,
iinring tin* i.a-t week, left lust even-
ing for East Kootenay, He is much
impressed with tiie raining possibilities ot tbe Kootenays and Vale nnd
tbiukg that tie4 nest year or two will
witness li greut iuereu-e in their
IJ.  A.  I.uiiitii I,!;;.-, who for   a   num-
ner of years hat"   bi   ti associated witn
tbe late   Assistant    Oeneral   Superintendent E.J, Dnchosnay,   bb assistant
engineer, and lately In oharge of construction in the Cai -a*ti-   and   Thonip-
lon sections of   the   Canadian   Pacific
vay, i, ��� spected heie this week to
ih/ position of resident engineer,
under   Superintendent   Downie, made
J vacuo t   by   the   promotion   of   F.   I.
',. ��� ilius,
H. E French is Mem wilh the Ro*
nn, ike company, II" is manager for
Drew, I:t-:���.���**I ,'. French's attractions
and besides the "Roanoke" company,
they bave an "East Iiynne," a "Quo
Vadis.'' uml one or two others on the
toad. The theatrical season this year,
he says, has been vdry successful in
the i* est und the Several companies
are doing well.    This he attributes to
lu :   ��� erolly goc I times that prevail.
i .. ��� '' 1!'M!,,. ..'''-'.iiup inv plays Kossland, Butte, Denvei and other middle
west points ufter leaving hore,
Continued from First Page.
and taking caniages announced   their i
intention of returning to their   homes I
tonight.     Abner   McKinley*   accompanied them to the station and   to thei
Associated frees said:    "The nearest
relatives of the l'resident are so confident of his recovery thut they huve no ,
hesitation iu leaving/'
The last issue of tbe British Colum
hia Ga/.ette couttiins the followin;
announcement i
Healed    tenders for   the   erection of
tlie   Government     house   at   Victorin
will   be   received   at the office of the
timber    inspector,    court house, Van
.couver, on and after September 12th.
i    Certificates   of   incorporation   have
I been issued as follows:    To tho Grand
Forks   Driving   and Athletic Association,  with a capital of $10,01.0,divided
iinto;iO(l  shares   of   .100   each.     Tho
j Great   Dune Minos,    Limited, with   a
capital ufJJ.'.'Ou.oGO,   divided   into  ten
cent Shares,     Object   to   carry   on   a
general     mining     business   and     to
acquire tho Greut   Dano,   White   Star
and Fisher   mineral   claims  situated
on Morris criwk, a branch of   the   St.
Mary's river, in the Fort   Steele mining division.      Tho   Ophir-Lude Min
in/. Syndicate. Limited,   with   a capital of SI'-'(),000 divided into  COO shares
of 8200 each,   Too   Victoria   Loan  &
Security Company,    Limited,    with   a
capital of $10,1:00.
Thc Pacific Improvement Coinpany
hns been registered as an extra
Provincial corporation. The enpitnl
stock is ifn.OOO.oon, dm nend oflice in
In San Francisco, nnd the Provincial
office is in Victoria, and Charley E.
Pooloy Is attorney.
Bernard Macdonald of Rossland,
has been apointed attorney for the Le
Roi Mining Compuny, in plaoe of
Edwin Uiirunt.
Knitloflt������ Son otlilng new in onih : ���
wear.    Call   at   If E Kit ...   L'i  n ui
see it.
No End  tu   tho   Steel   Strike   Yet   in
Pittsburg, Pa., Sept. 9.-The last
effort to settle the strike hus failed.
Tho peroral executive hoard of the
Amalgamated Association adjourned
without date this afternoon an
won't report any progress with peace
negotiations, and without making
any counter propositions.
Tho seiiii-otlieiiil report is that the
proposition proposed for the Amalgn*
mated Association through the inter
volition of a representative of tin,
National civic Federation was unsatisfactory nnd that the entire matter of
arranging for a settlement was left
with President E. J. 8*iaffer. Th
board In lis session of tine,* duys bus
been ulamorlng for a settlement, bul
satisfactory terms and means were
not nt hand nnd thc sessions resolved
themselves   Into   the Informal discus-
,i,,ll   Of  I  16 sil ,���;,' i,,|l.
At tho close of the meeting of the
national executive board this afternoon President Shaffer declared thnt
he hud i.'i statement to makfi but subsequently said: "lhe bourd bus nil-
louriied and thc out ol town members
will probably leave   for   their  homes
i  ow       Nn peace proposals  have
i  ii received ami none made.''
VV. ,1. Twiss of Knslo, Is ut the
A daughter W01 horn to Mrs. W. A,
Telio Sunday morning.
Maxey Crow leaves today for Spokane fur the purpose of taking in the
Fruit Kuir.
.1. 0. Drewery came i" fiom Rons*
bind yesterday uml left fur up-the*
lake points
Miss M, T\t"-. '>f Nelson, who !"''���
been   visiting   [il v.    If.  D,    Cr.'iw.   , (
Columbia,   fur   the   nasi    oauple of
weeks,returned to Nelson last evening,
II. ,1. Mntheson, editor'of ii" Stlvt r*
tor.lnn,   passed   through the eily In t
livening en   route for Frank, the   in i
town just ovei the   Urltlsh Columbia
line In Alberta.
M,   M.   Slovens,   of Rossland,   has
Pekin, Sopt. 0. ��� The Imperial edict
i.*i,in recently   providing fur  reform
of the examination,   seems to l-.dicnte
thnt th'.- liberals nn' in  coutrol ofthe
court, and Its importance   is  difficult
to oven stimato      It provides thnt the
11 atlous   mint   Int lude  western
history,   western   science, nnd Indus-
trinl   method!,    It   abolishes the traditional eight pari claasioal essays and
rerbatitn    reproductions  cf  classics,
proflfllenoy   in   which   hns   been  the
chief qualification for   office holding,
It relegates tbe classics to the back
ground requiring, only expositions oi
their meanings. Oeneral Yiun Chi
Kni'h troops inn entering 1Jul<in todny
and tiri assuming tbe work of policing
the city.
Disastrous  Rntlwaj   WrOok in   Ninth
Jamestown,   N.    I'.,   Sept.    !>.���A
\i i llierri I'neili. train   nf   nine   ears,
���even   frolght    nnd   two    passenger
ooaobi s. ''��� .lliced with .'in engine ill
the Jamestown yard today, killing
tivo persons.
Victoria, II. C., Sept. o,���Sir Henry
.luli, Lieutenant-Governor of Hritish
Columbia, said: 'lam horrified nt
the attenipled murder of so noble and
goon a man as President McKinley.
His death would be a loss to the
world as well as to tho great republic
of which he is the honored bead. 1
pray to God he mny recover, and am
greatly rejoiced as the favorable bulletins received this morning. I am sure
that I express the sentiment of all the
people of British Columbia."
Abraham E Smith, diked States
Consul, hardespatohed tho following
telegram io the department of State,
Washington : "Greatest horror ut the
crime, and deepest sorrow and ngret
at the ultempted assassination of
President McKinley was felt among
all classes here."
Prayers were offered in all the
chnrohes in Victoria yesterday for the
President's recovery.
0,  ^.^.^.^^^^^^^���it^^^!^___*^-_g_*/����'.^��'.^r.-_,
| A Genuine Clearing Sale J
yh   ���^^���^^ ffi
Ottawa, Sept. 7 --To Depnrtmest of
State, Washington: "The prime
minister of Canada, commanded bv
tho governor-general, desires me to
convey to you his expression of the
sense of horror with which the government and the people ol Canada
have learned of the fiendish attempt
upon tho life ot the President and the
deep sympathy they feel in tho distress of the Amei loan nation and the
President's family. Thry fervently
hope and pray that it may please
providence to foil the hand of the
assassin and to preserve a life held in
such high reverence, not only by the
people of tho United States, but ull
othor nations and particularly tbe
people ot Canada.    Lowther."
The following was received from
King George of Greece at Fredens*
borg: "1 rejoice to hear that you so
happily escaped the terrible attempt
on your precious life, which has hur-
rified the civilized world, hut hope to
God that you muy recovor for the good
and glory of the American people."
The following has boen received
from the Czar of Russia: "Fredens-
borg, Sept. 0.���President McKinley,
liuffalo. N. Y.���I nm happy to hear
you are feeling better after the
ignominos uttempt ou your life. 1
join with the American people, and
the universal world for your speedy
recovery.    (Sgd.)   Nicholas."
At all the churches io Neftun on
Sunday last reference wus mnde ti)
the calamity which over-shadowed
tiie American nation through the attempt to assassinate Piesident McKinley and. heartfelt prayers were
offered tor his reeoverv.
Have   you   tried   Hygenlo     linking
Milburn Douse, llull'alo, N. Y.
Sept. 0.���Secretary Huge ot the Irons
ury, hns been appealed to by some of
New York'sliniiiicinl institutions to ri
trievo the money market by Increasing Government deposits in the National bauks, Representation! nre
being made tu the effeot Hint while
the interior la demanding money to
move tbo crops, public funds are
piling up in tie treasury to the detriment of the commercial Interests of
the country.    Secretary (luge declined
to sttite whnt, if anything, would be
done. lie will be in Washington
soon, and cnu there consider the mutter at close range.
Vents, Drawers nnd Comblnatioi
Suits for Ladles, Misses and CMldrei
lu the Knjttollt.    KERR St c.o'S.
Montreal, Sept.O.���At today's meeting of the city council, Alder Clerihue
moved for an investigation Into the
,Kempt to bribo him iuio supporting
the Royal Electric Company's contract
foi supplying streeet liglitH. Ije de*
elurcs he wus offered 88,000 to vote
for tho company, which finally obtained the contract lifter reducing its
price ifHj per yenr per light, ClerihueV
motion win taken us u notice of motion. Thirty dny�� must ellipse before
it^can be voted upon. ___3__,,",
Lipton's Tea Is a   winner.
lierlin,   svpt.    0,'���Interest   in  the
condition of President McKinley continues very keen. The pupeis print a
viiht amount of matter on  the  subject
Here is your chance to gel all kinds of Winter Clothing and
Gents' Furnishings at your own prices. During the past two months
I have made a special drive in Summer Goods and have succeeded in
clearing out the bulk of my stock. For the next Thirty Days I will
endeavor to run off my large stock of Winter Goods.    This sale will mean
AT LESS THAN WHOLESALE COST. This may not sound like
business but it is a drive to clear out my stock, as I am retiring from
Men's Scotch Tweed Suits, $15, reduced to  $10.
MenVScotch Tweed Suits, ^13,  reduced lo $S.
Men's Blue Serge Suils, reduced   to $7,  $S,  $9
and $10.
Double and  Single Breasted, sold  formerly at
$15 and $20.
Men's Worsted Suits, $15, reduced to $8,
Men's Heavy Woolen Socks, G pairs for$i.
Boots and Shoes below cost.
ioo pairs of Blankets, from $1.50 per pair up.
Men's Blue Woolen Shirts, reduced from if.r.7-;
Men's Heavy Kersey anil Tweed Shirts, reduced
from $2 and $1.75 to $1.25 and $1,
Fine Grey Underwear, reduced   from  $1   to 60
cents each.
Men's Hats, all shapes, below cost.
Fine Natural Wool Underwear, reduced from $7
to $5 a suit. m
il litis is a Genuine Clearing Out Sale, j
Baker Street, Nelson, e, C
-<-__s!__S,__-'1_3S; ___>���__!> *_^*J_S>* ^���'***^*ii**.. *_���_. **i**_. *^k . -_���*.-�����..-_*.*���.. �������_.>��..--_ '
.^"���"������a* -*-��5-***�� -*>��-*o-4��^--w-��-��oo-v-*-��-��-��'��-��S^^-_:^'
m0-00-00 00-00-00-oo*-00"00-00-00%%'a9'a9'^>a9*aW'^'W'W'09*001
which ia the chief topic of conversation. Expression of sypmathy on the
part of the people are hoard on all
O'Hricn   the Infamous* Murderer   Attempts to Kill Ilis Best Friend.
Victoria, Sept. !).���Jlail advices say
that   O'Hrieu   executed     in    Dawson
recently   for   the   triple murder,   attempted to   kill his spiritual  adviser,
Kev.   Father   Gonnrau, while tbe later   was   in   liis cell trying to induce
him   to   tiilie    tne     last    sacrament.
O'lli-k'ii refused to take Ibc sacrament
hut would give no leasona.
The latest   in   American   lioadv-to-
Wear Hats at KERR ... CO.
Washington, Sept. B.���The following
cablegram   was received   at the  state
department today.    Pekin, Sept. 0.���
Protocol signed   September   7,   Rock
hill left for home on the 8th.
Montreal, Kept. 0.���The Star's London coble says Sergeant Blaek of Canadian SOOUts, (No. 105,) (lied at Kroonstadt,  September nth. of wounds.
A. R. BARROW, a. m. i a*
Provincial  Land  Surveyor
Oorner Viotoria and Koolnnny Sts.
P.O. Box 100 Toleohone No. na
J Gold, Silver-Lead  and  Copper Mines wanted at thc EXCHANGE.
�� FREE   MILLING   GOLD  properties  wanted at once for Eastern
���    investors.
j; Parties  having  mining   property for  sale arc   requested to send
samples of their ore to the EXCHANGE for exhibition.
We  desire  to  hear from prospectors who have promisins mineral   _
claims in British Columbia. ' J
���, 11'���srPeetors   and   mining  men   are requested   to make  the  EX-   _
CHANGE the11* headquarters when in Nelson. J
All samples should be sent by express, PREPAID. i
Correspondence solicited.    Address all communications to 1
0     Totephono No. 104.   P.O. Box 700. NELSON. B 0.   )
Anifl/ <r0
^f w<^$MjwMm^^
Porto Rico Lumber
Co., Limited,
Rough and
Dressed  Lumber,
Shingles, Mouldings.
A-l White Pin-? Lumber Always In
Wn enrrj* a comnloU! nlook of OoaatFlooring
Celling, Inaldo KiniKii, Turned work, Hush ami
Doors,  epoolalorder work will receive prompt
nttention'   Mail unlorH solicited,
"Zbe 1Roy>al Bank of Canaba"
Incorporated 1869.
Capital  Aiilhurlrril,    .     .    $S,OMMMM.OO I Capital rald*up,     ,   .    .     JW,000.00��.<*
m*���"1 "' "iwin     ThomaH K. Konny,  ProHidcnti   Thomas Rltohlo, VioB-HroHidonl.
(Wlloy Smith, H.G. Uiiuld, Hon. Duvld MacKoon.
_ Head Oilier, Halifax*
Gonoral Managor, Edhon L. Pease, Montroal.
Su. OnntendonI of llranohoH. and Socrotary, W. B. Torrance Halifax.
Bt-aii     en t
���ova   Uroda-IIalilaj-   Hranch,   Antlgonl-l-
Hr dgowutor, O(l)��l>oro. Londondorry, Lu
uniMirg. Maltliiiid (llar.l~ Co.), Piotou, Port
ijawkoKbury, Sydney. Bhubonacadlo.Tfruro,
Be1w_ RSffl"*1.. ~ "athurKt, DorolicHlor,
t����� �� "r'''.l,""',Kln��"1<,n iKinit Co.], Mono-
ton.NowoastlojSank villo. Ht, John,WoodKtook*
���. K. iHlaiul-Lliarlottotowu, Munmieiiildo.
Porto Eico Lumber Co.,
Tload Olllco���I'i".*lrTr nnd Teiaoo KU, Nelson ���
; elicc-Mnntroal, (City Offloo), Montreal
Wost Knd (Cor. Not.ro Dame and SolB-
nours Streot*); Wostmonnt (Cor. Greeeo
Avonuo and St, Catharinos Streot,
\e'vl���iia,ll/ii,,l   Ht,. John's.
I'nim, West ladles��� Havana.
United Htates-Now York (1(1 *iitcha*igo Plaet
Hepublic, Wasli.
Grand   Forts, Nanaimo,   Nelson,   Rossland,     anconver,
Vancouver East End, Victoria,
SSStlSd rJJ~JS? n5~_* 2f c"i",','>' l-wVon-'-Nal'lonnl Shawmut Rank. eble����o-IIIInol;
Scotia 1 ,'.11'KMJ1|L"I<' .���," ,,*-��nelHei>-l-rHl National Hank. London, Kng.-llank of
�� ~ tl. I Iraiiee-Crod I, Lyonnais. Ileriniuln-Hank of Jlonmida. .ililiin and Jn-
imiii-iiom'* Kong and Shanghai Hanking Corporation.   Hpokane-Old National Hank.
ueneial Banking Business Transacted; Sterling Bills of Exchange  tout*
and Sold, Letters of  Credit, Etc., Negotiated.
Accounts rcceiv.)tl on tho most favorable terms.   Interest allowed on special
deposite nnd on Having Bunk accounts.
Geo. Kydd, Manager, Nelson, B.C.


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