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Nelson Daily Miner Sep 17, 1901

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Array Dyl..*'1'"'
._���   ��
Daily Edition ino.  1143
Nelson,   British  Columbia, Tuesday,   September 17,  1901
Eleventh   Year
Remains of William McKinley
Conveyed from Buffalo to
the White House.
Funeral Train Passes for 12
Hours Through Lanes of
Sorrowing People.
Washington, Sept. 10.���-Through a
living lane of people Btretching fiom
Buffalo up over the Allegbenics, down
onto the broad vail y nl Susquehanna
and on to tins mntble city on the
banks ol Hhinfng Potomac, tin
marly ied President today made his
last journey to this r;ty, over which
he presided for four ami one half
yeurs, The whole ci in try r-eeiued to
have sent its population to the sidei
of the track over which the funeral
train passed. The linos through the
mountains and the spnrs.'ly settled
districts, thickened nt the liltle hamlets, covered acres in towns suddenly
giown to tlie proportions of respectable cities and were congested into
vast ;n ti Hit lull's in the larger cities.
Work was suspended in Held, mine
and city. The schools were dismissed
and everywhere appeared the trappings and tokens of woe. A million
tlags al half mast dotted hillside and
vale and formed a thicket uf culm-
over the cities. And from almost
every banner streamed a bit of crepe
Thi stations were heavy with the
black symbols of mourning. At all
the larger towns anil cities afttr the
train got into Pennsylvania, militia-
nion drawn up at "Present Arms,1'
kept back the enormous crowds.
The silence with whicli the countless thousands viewed the 1 'mains ol
their hero and martyr was oppressive
and profound. Only the rumbling ol
train wheels, thc sobs from men and
women witn liar stained faces and
the doleful tolling of chinch and
other bells broke on the ear. At several places, Williaiuspui't, llarrisberg
and Baltimore, the chimes played
Cardinal Newman's gtand hymn.
Taken altogether the journey home
was the most rcmaikalile demonstration of universal personal sorrow
since Lincoln was borne to bis grave.
Every one of those who came to
pay their tribute to the dead had an
opportunity to catch a glimpse of the
Hag covered bier elevated to view on
the car at the rearof the train. There
was no othor bit of color to catch the
oye on this train of death. The locomotive was shrouded in black, the
curtains of cars in which sat the
lonely stricken widow, relatives,
cabinet ministers, and bearers, were
drawn. The whole black train was
liku a shuttered house, save only the
hindmost car in which the body lay
guarded by soldiers and sailors. Mrs.
McKinley stood the Uip bravely. ln
tlie morning soon ufter leaving
lluffalo, she pleaded su earnestly to
bo allowed to go into the car where
her dead one lay, that reluctant assent was'givun and she spcut half an
hour beside the collin.
All the wuy the train wus proceeded
about 15 minutes by a pilot engine
sent ahead to lest the hildgeound
Switches an I prevent tho possibility
of accident to tne precious burden it
carried. Thu train had the right of
way over everything. Nut a wheel
moved on the Pennsylvania road system thirty minutes before the pilot
engine was due, or for the same
length of time after the train bad
passed. Ueueral Superintendent ,1.
II. Hutchinson had sent uut explicit
instiuotions coveting overy detail.
The order concluded, "Kveiy Precaution must be taken by all employees
I-) make the movement absolutely
Tht train left UulTulo nt B.80 this
morniug anil arrived at Washington at
N.M p. m. tonight. In IS hours it is
estimated over half a million peoplo
saw the coffin which held ull that was
nioital or President McKinley.
The remains of President McKinley
tonight lie In the east 100111 of the
White House where fin mure than
four years he bad inailn his homo as
the chief magistrate of the great
American Republic.
The silence that marked the progress of fuiiciil party through tho
national oapltol was profound. The
people on a wholo   did not lalk,    even
in whispers, and the only sign of agitation in the great crowd was the
silent pressing and striving against
the ropes to sec the mournful cortege
Which swept slowly along. At the
Pennsylvania railroad station men in
bright uniforms gathered, a mixture
uf soldiers and sailors, and with
lowered voices talked in groups while
waiting to take up their parts in the
ceremony. Krom tho brigader general
and naval captain down to the humblest figure, every officer on duty in
the capital was there save a few of
high rank vrho composed the guard
of honor and waited at the White
Presently in dead silence the two
troops of cavaliy from Fort Meyers
swung from Pennsylvania avunue into
Sixth street. Then came Secretary
Hav, Secretary (luge and Acting Secretary Sanger aid Commissioner McFarland and a few subordinates
privelegcd to enter the space within
the station.
The traiu was due at 8.25 bnt tho
clock stood at S.ilil when the big loco*
motive rushed along the rails and the
cars swept quietly to a stop at the
gates. They wero met at the entrance
of Observatory street by leading
clllcinls while down tho pathway
stood a body of stalwart soldiers and
sailors and militia as the body
Meanwhile further down tho street
the party on the funoial train were
alighting. Secretaries Hay and Gage
had pressed forward and entered the
car where the mourners sat and assisted tbem to descent. Mrs. Mc
Kinley wuh aided by Abrer McKinley
and Dr. Rixey and was separately
placed in a carriage which drove olf
at once to the White House. Close
behind came the members of the family
of the late President who likewise
were drivon away immediately to tbe
executive mansion. Mrs. Kinley was
deeply veiled. She appeared to bear
up with fortitude but leaned heavily
on the arms of her supporters.
President Roosevelt came next.
Ilis arm was closely clasped by Capt.
Cowlcs of Now York his brother-in-
law who walked rather hastily along
between the files of olliccrs to the
carriage way next to the gates of
the station. Just beyond the entrance
to the station, President Roosevelt
with the members of the cabinet
paused and hud taken up a position bo
as to leavo a broad space for the
funeral cortege. They ranged themselves on the sidewalk in double rows
opposite each other snd stood with
larinl heads as the corpse was carried
to the hearse drawn up at the side of
tho gate. The bearse was an exquisitely carved affair and was drawn by
six black horses, each of which wan
led by u colored groom in black
Just as the body was being placed
in the hearse au incident ocurred that
caused a murmur of disapprobation.
A photographer from a nearby window suddenly flashed a light for the
purpose of obtaining a reproduction
of the scene. Tho flash light and accompanying noise made people shudder. President Roosevelt seemed to
be momentarily much disconcerted.
The hearse bearing the body of the
thiid martyred president moved away
and was followed at once ty President
Roosevelt and those accompanying
him. In the President's carriage,
beside Mr. Roosevelt were Secretaries
llay and Oage, Capt. Cowles. Secretaries Root and Hitchcock, Attorney-
General Knox ai.d Postmaster General
Smith followed in another carriage
while Secretary Wilson, Secretary
Coitelyou, Seeretary Long and Senators Hanna and Fairbanks drove behind in other carringcii. The citizens
committee from lluffalo, ofllcers of tbe
army and navy and friends followed.
The military already wero in line. A
platoon of mounted police ln command of Sergeant Matthews led tbo
way. Next came a delegation of G.
A. It. men from the department of the
Potomac, members of the, United
Veterans Association and the Spanish
war veterans and troops "I" and "L"
of the 11th Caavlry from Foit Meyers,
Va. Following Ihe CHvalry was the
hoarse tlankel on either side by the
body bearers. The carriages containing the distinguised ofllcers were next
in line, that of President Roosevelt
being immediately behind the signal
corpse. It was about 11.30 when tne
head of the procession reached tbe
White House grounds and tnrred into
the driveway. The body was imme
dialely placed in the place prepared
for it in tho White liouse.
Lewis,   and   Robert   C. Titn.. us your
prisoner,    t'/olgus/. was handcuffed to
the detectives  who  started oal of the
East Kootenay Fair Promises
to be a Successful
A Placer Mine Yielding $19
per   day   to   Each
John Hutchison, better known as
"Hutch," is In the city in the interest of the Kast Kootenay's first
mineral, agricultural and industrial exhibition. Ilo was seen yesterday by a Miner representative and
said: "The fair opens uu the 2.1tli
and closes on the 27th. The people of
East Kootenay are working as one
man to make the fair an unqualified
success. The mineral exhibit will be
one of the largest ever gathered together in the Kootenays nnd will include specimens from East and West
Kootenay and the Boundary, The
first day, the Mill, is exhibition day
and on the'.'(ilb and 2?*h there will
be a large programme ol sliced events.
In this connection Cranbrook claims
to have the best half mile track in the
province. It is level as a floor and it
is anticipated that good time will be
made upon it. There will be a show
of sume sort each evening. An interesting exhibition of lnonco busting
and lasso thiowing will be given by
cowboys and Indians from the North*
wett territories aud liritisli Columbia,
on the 25th. The rock drilling contest on the 25th promises to be an interesting feature. Tne C P. K has
made a cheap rate, the fare for the
round trip from Nelson being 84.80.
In speaking about tbe smelter Mr.
Hutchison said, All eyes are turned
on Marysville as a smelling point.
The effect of the construction of a
smeller at this place cannot fail to be
beneficial to tbe whole district, for
the reason tbat it cuts off the long
haul on the silver-'cad ores and further on we hope to have a gold-copper
"Some big placer strikes have
been recently made on Peny creek,
eight miles from Cranbrook Mr.
Thompson and associates are taking
out seme very rioh gravel from the
bottom of an 80 foot Bhaft There are
six men at work here and they average $10 a day each,
"Mr. Gebo and his associates have
20 men at work on the Hull liver from
properties which they recently
secured a bond un for .100,000.
"The coal property at Ulairmore,
owned by Messrs. A.I.eitcb and A \V.
McVittie, was bonded to eastern parties
the other day. The coal is an excellent coaking eoal and there is plenty
of it. Tho people ��1io bonded it
intend to push tbe work of developing
aud expect to be delivering coal and
coke before long.
"The Sullivan mine management
haa let a contract for 400 feet of work
The North Star made an important
strike of a new and large deposit of
galena of excellent quality. Tho new
ore shoot is said to be as important as
any jet uncovered in tbo mine. On
the whole the country is in a better
condition than it has ever been and
we look 'or a boom during thc next
few months."
Iu conclusion Mr. Hutchison said
tbat every eft'ori would he mado to
entertain those who attend tho exposition from this section, Mr. Hutchison left last evening for Rossland nnd
will return en route for home on
Toionto, Sept. 10.���The directors of
the Toronto Street Railway today in-
cieased thu quarterly dividend to 1~��
per cent, making it a five per cent
stock. The business has been ?ery
good this year.
Buda Pest, Sept.  10.���Twenty-three
persons   weie drowned today   by
William   McKinley's
First Degree.
, roc in with him.     The   crowds burged I
Slayer J after them, but found the ..h barred More Apparatus Will Be Pur-
*        �����   -j _   i_       by four strong policemen, Outside the , . ,     ..     , . _..
for Murder In   j _���������,,,., ,,������ pt*e _,.���,������,. _.��� ���lir. |   chased for the Local Fire
rounded by li policemen   with  clubi
drawn and under command of Captain |
Michael   Regan,   Jailor   Geo. N. Mit-
Stubbornly Refuses tc Ans-
werQuestlons Put to Him
by the Judge.
Montreal,   Sopt. 10.���Judge Ooll, of
the Superior oourl, died tonight.
wreck of a ferry boat which was
crossing the flooded Kulpar river neai
National.-Boston   3,    Now YnrltS;
second game, Boston   i. Now   York 4 ;
Riooklyj 2, Philadelphia 3.
second   gain'
5; IJaltimore 4, Philadelphia 10
Buffalo, N. Y., Sept. Hi.���Leon
Czolgosz, alias Fred Nieman, was indicted this morning by the county
court grand jury for the crime of
niiirdor in the first degreP, in fatally
shooting President William McKinley
at the Temple of Music, in the Pan-
American exposition grounds, at 4.15
o'clock on the afternoon of September
lith. When arraigned befoie Judge
Edward K. Emery in the county court
at 5 30 p. m. the prisoner stubbornly
refused to answer questions repeatedly
asked oi him by Distiict-Attorney
Penney as to whither he had counsel
or wanted counsel. The district attorney then suggested that inasmuch
as the defendant refused to answer,
counsel should be arranged. Judge
Emory assigned Hon. Leon L. LewiB
and Hon. Robert C. Titus, foimerly
supreme court justices of this city
whose names had been suggested by
the Erie county bar association.
Czolgosz will probably be arraigned
again in the morning to plead to the
District Attorney Penney presented
the evidenoe in the muider case to the
grand jury from 10 o'clock in the
morning until a few minutes past 4
o'clock in the afternoon. Aside from
the surgeons and physicians in the
case, no witnesses were sworn other
than those who were in the Temple
of Music and witnessed the shooting.
At 4.16 thi�� evening, just ten days
after the shooting, the grand jury
voted unanimously to indict Czolgosz
for murder in the first degree. At
4.45 a secret indictment was presented
to Judge Emery in the county court.
Then ensued a wait of an hour, but
tbe rumor that tho murderer was to
be arraigned spread and in a short
time the courtroom was crowded.
After the indictment was reported
the prisoner was driven from the penitentiary, a mile from the city hall, to
the jail across the Btreet from the
hall. Czolgosz was taken under a
strong guard from the jail, through
the tunnel under Delaware avenue to
the basement of the city hall nnd up
the stairs to the court room in tbe
second floor. When tbe prisoner was
taken before the bench the crowd in
the court room surged about hiin on
all sides. They were compelled to resume tbeir seats.
Czolgosz Ib of medium height, of
fairly good build and has light bair,
but a ten days' growth of heard on his
face gave bim an unkempt appearance
Apparently he feigned insanity, not
stupidity, and his glance roamed
about,but his eyes were always down
cast. Not once did be look the
county prosecutor or the judge in tbe
"Czolgosz, have you got a lawyer?
Ho you wish a lawyer? You have
been indicted for minder in the first
degree, do you want a lawyer to de-
lend you? Czolgosz, look at mc and
District Attorney Penney fired these
questions at the prisoner, his voice
rising with each succeeding question,
but Czolgosz stubbornly refused to
answer. The district, attorney re
apeetlully suggested that counsel bo
assigned to defend the prisoner, and
ascertain what he had better do as to
bis plea to the indictment before
arraignment. Judge Emery then
asked the prisoner before the bar if be
bad counsel but there wns no answer,
despite the fact that the judge was
speaking, and that ho must answer
the court, then said, "Czolgosz, you
have appeared for arraignment in the
court without counsel, the law makes
it the duty of court to assign counsel.
The association of our county has considered the matter and suggested the
names of certain gentlemen of good
character for such assignment. The
court has seriously considered the
question and after suoh consideration
has concluded to follow tbe suggestion
chell and several deputy slierill's. The
prisoner wtis huiried down stairs and
into the jail across tlin avenue.
Whether he was left thero for the
night or taken elsewhere the police
refused to say. District Attorney
Penney stated as he left the court
room that Justices Lewis and Tine.
would lie given an opportunity to
talk with tho prisoner and that ho
hoped to arraign Czolgosz tomorrow
to take his ['lea to the Indictment,
The district attorney will also set the
trial of the prisoner for next Mi inlay
at about ten o'clock.
Royal Couple Warmly Greeted in Historic old Quebec,
Quebec. Sent. 10.-���Historic old Quebec right royally welcomed   Britain's
future  King  today.   The   Duke  and
Duchess   of   York   were   greeted     by
housauds   of   people   as they   landed
from   the   Ophir.     The   procession to
tbe   eitidel, where   the   Royal conple
are guests, was a   grand   ovation   all
along the route.
After lunch at the cilidel the royal
party paid a visit to Laval University. Tbey were received in the large
hall of that institution, tlie galleries
being tilled by pupils, while the body
of the hall was filled with clergy and
distinguished guests. As the royal
party entered the students -truck up
the National anthem and all present
joined in singing it. Four beadles
headed the pioccssion. The Duke was
accompanied by tho Rev. Ret tor
Mathieu, and the Duchess was accompanied by Sir Wilfrid Laorier. Then
came the Governor General, Lieutenant-Governor, aud Human Catholic
bishops. The Duko was dressed iu
deep black mourning, and the lluclit.'.-,*
was also in black, and woro small
diamond eanngs and a lung gold
watch chain with diamonds at intervals around her neck. Archbishop
Reagie the rector of the University
advanced in turn and read the addiess
of the clergy of Laval University iu
French and English. The diploma of
doctor of Laval University _was then
handed by the rector to the Duke, who
was graoiousiy pleased to accept il.
A splendid bouquet was presented to
the Duchess by one of the pupils of
the seminary. The Duke then ad-
dieosed those present, dwelling particularly on the appreciation of the
loyalty of the Frencli-i.'auadiau students lo the crown.
A. Maichand uf the Three Rivers
seminary and T. Nadeau, of the College of Levis, who won the Prince uf
Wales prizes for philosophy and
rhetoric, were then presented by the
rector to thc Duke, who shook hands
with them and presented the prizes.
The faculty was then presented to the
Duke, after which the party were
escorted back to tlie Citadel by tile
Hussars, crowds cheering all the
A great state banquet was held al
the Citadel in the evening. The toast
or the King was the only oue honored.
The band of H. M. S. Orescent supplied the anisic and about sixty sat
down. During the night, the re was a
grand illumination of the city, all the
public buildings being resplendent
with lights. The Chateau Fruntenac
made the (litest display, Hh graceful lines being picked out h.v electric
lights while names and dales uf Canadian history added Interest to tie-
sight. The warships were illuminated
most effectively. A nig choir gave a
oonc.ert on the Terrace where there
was also a line display of fireworks.
The lirst day of Quebec's welcome was
a grand success.
Swll!. Gasoline. Water Pipes
and a Few Other Things
Iloston (I; j
Washington 7,   Iloston !m^�� b- �����*<- association
Montreal, Sept, in.--Mayor Prefon*
taine tonight received a telegram from
.Major Mamie, A. I) C. to tho Qovor-
noi-General, Baying that tbe Duke
and Duchess of Cornwall and YniW
would not Vjo able to attend the reception which he whh to hold in tho city
hall hore on Thursday nigbt out of
roapoct to the late President McKln*
Montreal,Sept. Hi.���A wind and rain
The   court I storm today did considerable   damage
therefore assigned to   linn.   Leon   L. I to the decorations for  the royal visit.
At lhe tne,.-ling of the city cuuncil
Mayot Fletcher and Aldermen Scion-*,
Irving, Madden,Patterson and (llllette
wen. present. Very little business
camo up fur consideration. After the
nailing of the minutes, the following
report of the Fire, Water and Light
committee was read by the city
1, Voin committee recommend that
.1 .1,Chambers be appointed Assistant
Chief of the Fiiu department at a
salary 'if S'.K) per month, and that the
services uf II. Stutter temporarily om-
ployed as paid fireman be dispensed
2. They also recommend that two
transformers be purchased from tho
Kootenay Electric Supply and Construction Co , viz., une transformer,
5000 vjlts, and mie transformer, 10,00.)
at a cost of 878.00 and sine respective.y, after proper test.
:i. Yinir committee also recommend
that the following appliances for tbe
use of the lire deptutment be purchased, viz,, two pompier ladders,one
Vajeii and Baden smoke protector,one
Eastman deluge set of nozzles, and
two sets of harness hangers,the whole
to cose about 8360.
Thc leport was dealt with clause by
clause. In the first the resignation of
Fireman Stutter was accepted, and J,
Cliambers appointed to the position,
to take efl'cct the beginning of next
month. The various appticaues for
tlie fire department were also ordered
purchased after a slight disucssion as
o their value.
A letter as read from E.T. II. Simp-
kins asking that thc water pipe leading to his house, which bad been exposed by the recent giading of the
street, should be sunk before the cold
weather set in, and also asking that
the grading of thu lane behind his
property bo levelled with that of the
street. The (hat of these requests bad
already been attended to and the
second was referred to tbo mayor.
An amendment tu the health by'law
was then put through the three readings. Hy it the practice of Chinamen
carrying swill in pails antl otber
vessels through the streets will be
dealt With.
It was reported that forty gallons of
gasoline had been fouiiii stored in tbe
basement nf a wholesale hardware
merchant, tlie amount allowud being
cnly live gallons. This was referred
to the iii u wardens.
The question of the payment of the
city's share of the high school building was thun dealt with. The mayor
said that on behalf of the city he bad
paid ovei half of tin* ctit) 's share tu
the trustees. The (Iovernment would
send theii share in the form of a
cheek lo the city, which would then
hand it over to the trustees.
It wil*- decided to have the city toller, ciuslier and steam drill placed so
lhat they wi i Id nut receive any damage during the winter months.
Alderman Irving asked for a month's
leavo uf abs'lice, which was granted,
and aftei a .-hurt informal :liscus-
siun nf various matters of city busi*
hobs on motion of Alderman Selou
seconded by Alderman Oilette", thu
council adjourned.
London, Sept. Hi. ���Marie .luM'phitie
Eastwiek of Philadelphia, who i��
charged with having forged a railroad
corticate to the value of ��100,000, was
again remanded at the (luildhall
pullet! court today. The evidence presented was not important. Miss East-
wick looked extremely ill ami was
evidently in pain. She probauly will
be committed lu appear for trial at
tho Old Hal ley, Sept. au. At the conclusion of today's proceedings the
magistrate noticed that the accused
was ill an allowed ber to be taken to
llnllnway piLson in a cab, instead of
the piison van. He also gave permission fur hor father to see hor. Mr.
Eastwiek entered the back and aecom-
panlod his daughter to prison. I!   I
Nelson  Daily Miner,   Tuesday.   September i7��  l9^'
The Nelson Miner
I llHtiivl   .Ivory  MornliiK   Kxccpt  Monday
11,ily, p*T liionlli, by currier      SSc
liitly, per month,by mail     Mo
11 [My, por your, hy ciirrior ���9 " 00
thiily, per yenr, tiy mail    a (111
Daily, per year forelKn   tt ou
Weekly, per half yoar  |1 2-*'
w.-ckly, por yoar      8 00
Weekly.per year, foreign    3 00
ubHcriptlons invariably in advunoo.
115 Fleet  Stroot. E. C,
ntral  ProsH Agoncy, Ltd., Hpoctul Agent*
llnxaiulnr 8c Co.. 521 First Avenue, Spokane,
vV.t-h., keep thin paper on Ale, and are out
an ,1'iri/od agonts for advortlHouiunlH una BUD-
_r, il'tinuH.
I he doctrines taught by the an
archist are of a moat dangerous and at
t ,h same tune most fallacious natiir
Tncy hold in effect that no privileged
class ever relinquished its tyranny, no
more, they say, can they take it for
granted that the capitalists of tho
present day will forego their privilege
and their authority without compulsion, They, therefore, hold Ibat the fight
of the proletariat against the upper
and the middle classes must bo of a
violent character and that wage con-
tlicts can never load to tbe goal wine!
they are striving to reach. They
further hold that all attempts that
hare been made in the past to do away
with the existing social conditions
through peaceful means, like the
ballot, have been useless aud that
tbey will be so in tbe future.
The anarchist would enueavor to
produce an impossible utophia by
menus of murder, but carry out hie
ideas to a logical conclusion aud what
would result���a condition of affairs
similar to that which attained in
France during the French revo'utinn
with such monsters as Danton, Marat
and Robespierre as the leading spirit
and directors of public atl'airs. In
that case the people changed the
tyranny of a king for thut of a mob,
it was a case of jumping out of the
frying pan into the fire with a vengeance; naturally there followed the
strong man in tho shapo of Napoleon
who seized the reins of power and became a dictator.
The governments of the world have
gradually grown better among the
civilized nations and with this desirable change comes an increase of individual freedom. (Ireat Hiitaln ami
its colonies and the United States
have probably thc most perfect forms
of government yet devised by man.
They are not quite perfect, however,
aa everything devised anu operated
by man sharos in his imperfections,
but under both the Britisli and American flags the individual enjoys the
largest share of liberty ever given in
any country and a majority of the
people are prosperous and happy. The
anarchists aro not satisfied even with
these governments,but could not givo,
if thoy had there own way, anything
that would be nearly as perfect nor
under which there would be as ma.13
happy, contented and prosperous
people. If their dangerous idea*
could be carried out to a logical conclusion thoy would simply result in a
repetition of the French revolution,
with perhaps slight modifications.
Their principal platform is force and
that was the same idea that brought
many thousands of the best people of
France to tne guillotine.
Tbo follow iug, said to bo the plat
form of the anarchists, shows how impossible tbeir ideas arc of mccution :
' 1, Destruction of existing class
domination through inexorable revolution in international activity.
"2. Tho building of a free society
011 communistic organizations or
' 1. Free exchange of equivalent
products through tho productive orgs /.atiou without jobbing and piulit
nn I   ng.
. Organization of the educational
s.i ui upon a nonrcligious, scientific
in... ciiual busis for both sexes
".",. Equal rights for all, witltuut
distinction of sex or religion.
"6, The regulation of public affairs
through agreement between the independent communes and confederacies."
The oxtent of the coal measutes of
Britiih Columbia are just commencing to be appreciated, and that they
arc a most valuable asset cannot successfully be contradicted. This is evi
dnnced by the output of 1900 which
reached the large aggregate of 1,430,-
5115 tons, valued at , I,.118,785, Resides
this there was 173,795 tons of coke
produced, valued at 1808,980. The
coal industry furnished employment
tu a small army of men besides bringing considerable money into tbe
province from other countries which
purchased both coke and coal.
It is gratifying, therefore, to note
that new coal measures are being
opened and that others are to be ex-
plotted. Recently about :i5,l)0O acres
of coal land was taken up principally
by the enterprising citizens of   Urand
A carload of this Famous Beer has just  been   received   and
we are selling it to the Family Trade at
. $2*50 per Dozen for Quarts.
$1.50 per Dozen for Pints.
Delivered to  Any  Part of the City.
Special and very favorable terms to the Trade.
TELEPHONE    NO.   13.
Hudson's Bay Company.
forks on thc west fork of the north
fork of the Kettle rivei. Analyses oi
the coal in these measures revealed
that it is of excellent quality, and
now the news comes that the Granby
Consolidated Mining .V. Smelting
company is about, to develop the deposits. In the Siinilakmeen there exists a coal basin of considerable extent and the land iu lliis basin was
all taken up seveial months since by
those who recognized its value.
Among the fortunate holders nf this
land is a Nelson syndicate which intends to Immediately begin lo open
the cnnl soama on ils holdings. Besides
the Nelson concern others have already commenced in a small way to
develop their Blmilkamoon coal holdings.
The Boundary and the Sniillkamoen
measures are in juxtaposition to vniu-
anle ore deposits and where oie, flux
and fuel aro close together there exists ideal conditions for cheap reduction by the smelting method. Under
the circumstances the production ot
conl in the two places mentioned is
certain to play a most important pait
in the development of the lnetalifer*
ous mines of the lioundary and Similkameen,
The Cleveland Leader says that the
development of sixty oases of typhoid
fever among the one huudred persons
who attended a banquet at Hiram,
several weeks ago, aud drank water
from a long unused well, is a startling confirmation of tiie well established theory that water is the very
best medium, if not thu only ono by
which the germs of this disease may
be introduced into the human system.
It should aiso serve as a warning to
the people against drinking water
that is not known tn be free from
disease _fcrins.
Labor saving machinery is being
introduced in the handling of ores in
this section as much as possible in
unlet' to swell profits. line of the devices much in lise for the cheap and
economical handling of ore is tin
wire ropo tramway. One of these
tramways, constructed by a Nelson
lirm, is i:: use at the Lu Roi mine and
transports the ore from the mouth nf
the main shaft tu tho ore hunker
locatod at the railway track. This
tramway handles in ten hours from
1,11110 to 1,000 tons of oro and the only
labor required is ono man who receives !fl per ilay. The machinery
works automatically and all the man
iu charge has to do is to see that there
are no hitches and that tbo buckets
are properly loaded. The Silver Ilill
mine near I'ilot llay has just ordered
the construct inn of a wire rope tramway tn be built on similar lines
fo the ono in operalion at the l.c
Uoi. The Silver King, Ymir, Tain-
arao, Mollio Uibson, Highland, Chapleau and other mines aiso have wire
rope trawmays. ,
nilation of the Heart. Heart-burn
Waterbrash, Gnawing and Uurnini
l'ains at lite l'it of the Stomach, Vol
low Skin, Coated Tongue and Disagreeable Taste in the Mouth Cumin),
up of Food niter Eating, Low Spirits
etc. (In to your Druggist and get a
bottle of August Flower for 75 cents
Two doses will relieve you. Try it
(lot Green's Prize Almanac.
Have you seen Perle's Rainooats
mado in' Serge. Worsted and Tweod.
Every garment guaranteed, IiEKB ,v
SriLfiO, Sept. 23 to Supt.   :I7.
On account nf Episcopal church
meeting at San Francisco the Canadian l'acilic Railway will sell round
trip tickets via Portland aud Shasla
mute at $51.50 good till November
n for return. Full particulars from
local agents.
,1. S. CARTER,
IJ. 1'. A.. Nolson.
Corpoiation of the City of
Tenders for Wharf Repairs.
The city cmncil invite tenders for
repairing and enlarging tho city
Specifications can he scon ami forms
of tedder obtained at the city ollices.
Scaled lenders marked outside ''Tender for wharf repairs'' accompanied
by a cash deposit or accepted check
for $300 aro required tu be scut by 4
o'clock on Thursday next, thc lllth
September instant The city council
does not hind itself to accept the
lowest or any tender which may bo
sent in.
Hy order,
J.  K. STUACIIAN,  City Clerk.
Nelson, II  ('., Septombei 14th, linn
For Stoves and
"I was troubled for suvcral years
with chronic Indigestion and irtvouh
debility,'' writes K. J. (.risen, of
Lancaster, N. H. ''No remedy helped ine until I bugan US.Dg Kleetiie
Hitters, which did me moio good than
nil tlie medicines I ever used. They
have also kept my wile in excellent
health for years. Sho says Electric
Hitters arc just splendid for female
troubles; they are a grand tonic and
inYitfora.or for weak, run down
women. No other medicine can tai.ti
its placo in our family." Try them. ]
Only 50c. Satisfaction guaranteed hy
Canada Drug & Kuok Co,
Delivered or on Traok
in any Quantity.
Leave Orders with
Chas. A.   Waterman
& Co.
14 and 15 K. W. C. Block
East Kootenay's 1st Annual
Mineral. Agricultural
and Industrial Exhibition
Three  Days   ol   Instruction,   Interest
ana Enjoyment.
Miner tl Exhibit, Bnokliig Contests,
Agricultural Exhibit, H-ranT-BoeS. The
Ih'.sl |>rn_*rtimevet* Hitnii iii thu country,
See posters ui.J circulars for furthei
particulars, Bpcciuljy low return rail*
rates from all points.
A. W. M'YITril., Hcc .*tary.
Tqq ui'iny tinii's tho orltfIn pf n lioadaAhq In
mlHcalculaloil, uml ono boglnii -Ionian tin- "torn
in-li for ii. whon nn application nf UrlfHthii
Menthol Liiiniii-nt would draw nut Hit' pain
uml fflvo iinini'iiiiili' relief. It will run* uny
boauaclia mi unit lor how lovoro,
for wilehyj. I' Vinmniii*  M-'-nn.n, <\
t_IL,Vi_K K1NU M1K1_
wot l'l
than a
pie iu
GOOD  AIiVICK. I will pay the highest cash price for all
most miserable hcinj,i in the j kinds of seoond hand gopds, Will liny
are those suffering from Dys-jor sell anything from an anchor to a
and Liver Complaint. Moie! needle. Forniture, stoves, oarpcrts,
ivi.iity-five per cent, of the pin- I -ookini? utensils, bought In household
the United .States ure afflicted quantities. Also oast off clothing,
these two disease! and their I Oall and sae roe or write. Address
; Huih as Hour Stomach, .Side f Silver King Mike, Bo* _fl��. HaM
.���he, Habitual  Costlveueas, I'al-7Street, Nelson. B  Q. I
1 ����� McArthur 8 C@��
Come and See Our
New Arrival of
Beautiful Framed
Art Productions.
Call Early.  They are
Selling Fast.
Canada Drug and
Book. Co., Ltd.
J. Q. NELSON, Manager
Furniture Dealers,
Undertakers and Embalmers.
Oak Center Tables,
Oak Leather Seated Fancy Rockers
lilm Folding' Tables
11 i, 11 m ���
Cane Verandah Chairs
" "        Rockers
To make room for our Fall stock of Carpets and Rugs will go at
Cost.    To clear,  Baby Carriages and Go Carts, less than cost.
Worth $3.50 for 2.50
" $5.00 for 3.75
" $6.00 lor 4.50
" $4.50 for 3.75
". $5.00 for 3.75
" $(3.00 for 4 25
" $6.00 for 4.50
!' $6 50 for 4.75
West Kootenay Butcher Co.
Delivered to any point
on Kootenay Lake.
I have a complete stock on hand of
Rough and Dressed
Mouldings, Sash Doora.
Inside Finish,
Coast Flooring, and
Finished Lumber-
Mill at l'l LOT BAY. Yards, NELSON
andLARJ *0.
Fresh   and    Salted   Heats
Fisn and Poultry in Season
E.   O.   TRAVES.   Manager.
K.-W.-C   Block, Ward Street, Nflson.
Oiders by mail receive careful and prompt attention
Subscribers in Kaslo
Every morning inimeiliiiti'ly
on arrival of steaniur, ul. tho
rate of    	
75 Cents per Month
Subscriptions to lie left
with the agent,
D.  J.   YOUNG.
For domestic or steam use.
A full supply always on
Kates to all railway and
lake points
General Agent,
Tel. No. 265.
Office ��� Two doors west
C.F.R   offices.
Civil Engineers and Pro   octal Land
1'. O. Box 115
N    on, B.C.
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants
m\��Jm\s[' ��������������� T��������� "^a_*^-_P
Branch Markets iu Kossland, Trail, Nelson, Kaslo
Sandon, Tart* Forks, New Denvor and Slocan City,
Order* by mall to af_r branch will have careful a��d or-amst attention.
The Canadian Bank of Commerce
With Which Is Amalgumutt'd
The Bank of British Columbia.
Paid up  Capital,   88,000,00(1;   Reserve   Fund,   (12,000,000;
Aggregate  Resources Over 805,000,000.
HON. GEO. A. COX, President.      li. E; WALKEK, .leueral Manager.
London Office:  oil Lombard Street,  E. C.
New Vork Office; 16 Exchange Place.
And G8 brauchog la ('amid;; ami tho United tiUUib', including:
Atun Ohbbnwood Nklko*. Sandon
Ouanrrook        Kamloops Nkw Wkhtminbter   Vancouver
Fkrnib Nanaimo Rossland Victoria
UN1TBH STATES���Nbw York, San Francisco, Skattlk, Portland, Skaowav,
Savings Bank Department.
Deposits Received and Interest Allowed.   Present Kate ii Per Cent
Nelson Branch.
GRANGE V. HOLT, Manager,
>i>af i��>iiBo��i'��i'��"��M��.i'��ii��iittii��"_iii��iiBi����i>an����i��^i��#i��<ii*-����wi'*"i
Our stock is now. complete in the above lines.    Call and be
convinced that the most complete stock
is carried  by the
Tlio wi.so man who waits to liuy!
shares in the Siniilkaiiieen Valley
Coal Compuny, iilmltod until trans-
portatlon reaches tbe coal fields would
have to pay at least $6 per share for
what he can now buy for 25 cents in
four  equal   monthly   payments   from
['HONE 278
I        & CO.        I
Cigars __
Canada Permanent and Western Canada Mortgage
head office toronto,  ont.
Phone 117 X' . u��at>7 to loan on Straight Mortgage.
I' Apply to O. L. LSNNOX.  B_J_��  Ht
*************************X Nelion. *-��Hwy*. "->�������.  at.
J. 0. BUNYftN ~ 60.
headquarters for
We have the Largest and  Finest
Assortment in the city.
Brewers of Fine IjORer
Beer and Foi ter.
__ _1-ob R. O Nelson   Daily  Miner, Tuesday September 17,  .gci
The Estella mine si'uated on Tracy
riwli,fourteen miles fnnn ffort Steele,
has ail the ear marks of a big iiiino.
It is estimated that tliero are over
25,000 tons of coueeutratiiii' oro ready
for sloping, says the Fort Steele Pros*
pouto**. Also several thousand tons
0p the dump.
We learn that it is the intontion of
the owners to build a good wagon
road to the mine, providing that upon
completion tbe Provincial Government
���vill provide for tho return to the
owners of a certain proportion of the
The Kbtella has been devel oped to a
stuj.e tbat a certain amount of ma-
cliineiy is necessary to further develop
lhe property. A concentration plant
to be erected in the near future is a
development contemplated. Yet, before this iiiuchiiery can be Installed a
roail in uut be ccuistrueteu. Some $50, -
000 to 87.1, Wit) has alread been expended in developing the property which
consists of a group of six olaiins.
Nearly 8,000 feet nf tunnels, drifts
mid shafts have been driven and de*
veloptnont has reached a stage lhat
shipments can be made at ouce. Wc
trust that the Government will assist
the owners in building the road io the
livion C. Hiblet leaves at the end
of the week tor Crawford Hay to superintend the construction of the
tramway from the Silver Hill mine to
tho wagon road, a distance o! two
miles. The company operating tlie
mine is having the wagon road,which
is about eight miles in length, repaii*
ed, with the aid of a giant from the
government. The tramway which is
to be a patent Automatic aerial,
Hiblet system, will take about two
months in construction, and when
this is linished the mine will commence shipping to tlio Trail smelter,
theie already being a considerable
quantity of ore on the dump,
Al the record ollice yesterday the
following tiansactions weie recorded:
Locations, Golden Hole, situated
between Eagle und Forty-Nine creeks,
by August Johnson; King Edward,
on Stag Leap mountain, Lost creek,
by Mclntyre; Alka, on sooth folk of
Wild Horse creek, by C. E.Desrosiers.
Certificates of work were issued to A.
Johnson et al, ou Sierra; J. A. Taylor, on Iloston ; A. Parr, on Cora L.;
M. O'lirien, on Hlack Jack ;A. P. llay
on .Millenium; 0. I), Ugilvio, on
C. M. Keep, who came down from
the Windermere district last week,
says, "The Silver Kelt is taking out
some very high grade ore. A carload
will be shipped boforo the close of
navigation The ore is brittle silver
and assays run from 800 to 1,600
ounces in silver. This cal load of ore
will net the Silver Belt company
enough to pay for all the developments up to date, and leave a balance
for further development during the
coming winter."
The Paradise mine, which adjoins
the Silvei Belt, has about 25 men at
work and are fitting up lirst class
aocommodationB for ineu. lioth of
these properties have largo bodies ot
high grade silver-lead ores iu sight,
and with improved facilities of transportation, and price of lead will make
a lively camp this fall and winter.���
Fort Steele Prospector.
lo tap the vein   is   500 feet in   length
and is making good progress.
Wm, Hastie Adams was in tho city
from the Rambler-Cariboo mine yes-
teulay on a business visit and was a
guest at the Hume. He roports that
the water power plant of 250 horse
power and the concentrator of 100 tons
per day capacity which are being installed at the Rambler-Cariboo, aro
well along towards completion and it
is expected that they will bejin operation in 30 days.
���I. T. Livingstone has returned from
tlie Anaconda group of claims which
ho owns in partnership with R.
James. The claims are situated about
two and a half milosfrom Hall creek,
on Ymir mountain. This season thsy
have stripped tho ledge for a considerable distanco and traced it for twelve
hundred feet. The load iB three feet
wide, composed of peacock copper
ore.giving very good values.
ltossland, Sept. Hi.���The Le Boi
mine announces that it will open during the coming week,"and the company is advertising for seven hundred
men, four hundred miners at 8:t SU per
day, and 300 men to push ears and
shovel at $3.50 per day. The five
compartment shaft of this mine is
already down to a depth of 1,100 feet
and is under contract to be sr.uk t o
the 1,000 foot level.
Tho ore bodies are opened up by
levels from the surface to the '.mil foot
level aoil the output of the mino when
working will be 1,000 tons daily. Tbo
new machinery now ready to run is
of tbo most in idem type and the most
powerful in Hritish Columbia. The
other big mines in the camp aie also
preparing to start up immediately.
M. E. Purcell, M. E., of Rossland,
was in the oity yestorday en route for
Ymir whither he went to look after
some mining properties.
The Strike  in   the   Winnipeg Mine���
The Postofiice liuildiog, Etc.
Robert Hodge, barrister of Rossland, was in the city yesterday, looking after legal matters in connection
with the coming assize court, which
sits in Nelson and Rossland in
Oatober. He reports tbat iroin present
appearanoea it would seem tbat there
is nothing to interfere with the big
mines in Rossland being ull working
by the 1st of November. A cablegram
from the Le Roi Mining Company to
Mr. Bratnober, as reported on Saturday morning, would seem to him to
destroy the hope that has been buoying up the members of tbe union for
some time.
In speaking about tbo business
affairs of Rossland he said that in
professional matters business is good
and bas been throughout the time of
tho strike,although it is more difficult
to get payments on account. lie also
said that be gathers from conversatins
with several of the merchants of the
city tbat business with tbem has
beei, far beyond expectations, eonsid
cring the times, and tbey all lay stress
on the tact that since tho Btrike commenced they got cash for their goods.
Thoy "nave weathered the strike so far
a great deal better than they antici
patod when it commenoed.
In mining matters the latest to raise
excitement in the RoBsland camp is
the Winnipeg mine of which Richard
Plwman is the manager. This mine,
while located in tha Boundary
country, is operated from Rossland
and considerable of the stock is held
thero. Some five weeks ago a couple
of very important strikes were made
and the shipment of ore wero recommenced after a cessation of several
months. The results of these shipments, although not yet definitely
reported to the publio, have heen very
gratfying to the direotors. A week
since Winnipeg stock could have been
picked up at from three or four cents,
on Saturday lust it sold as high as
eight cents with 0!-; cents asked at
the close. If present appearances
hold out, and there is nothing to indicate that they will not, this will bo
one of the large properties of the
lioundary district. The shipments
last week were BOmewhat interfered
with on account of time being consumed in erecting platforms for the
more convenient handling   of the ore.
The high school, which opened some
two weeks ago in Rossland is reported
to be flourishing. Woik on the post-
office building at Rossland, said Mr.
Hodge, is making far. better progress
thar is the one in Nelson. The Rossland contractor expects to have tbe
roof on the structure before the snow
Hies and this will enable him to continue his work during the winter. It
will be a handsome structure when
Mr. Hodge lefi on the afternoon
train for Rossland.
tember 25th. Those v ho desire to
parade but cannot conveniently come
and sign the declaration,must forward
written applications, addressed to
Lieut.'Col. Saunders, the llairaeke,
Calgary. No written application
must arrive latter than 0 p. iu. Wodnosday, September 20th. Claimants
for the modal must understand that
if theii names are not ou lhe lists in
time, it will be Impossible for them to
receive tbeir medals from His Royal
Highness* Claimants who after noti-
fyiig tlie:r Intention of parading, on
finding that they lire prevented from
doing so. should notify Lu'iileiiant-
Colonel Saunders at once.
Those parading .'or medals must be
in the place whore lhe presentation is
to take placo not Inter than 8 a. in. of
September 'JSlh and in readiness to
receive their medals in tlie exact order
in which their names are on the
nominal rolls.
H. L. Mauley, M. E., who has been
working as engineer in the coal mines
of Washington for four or five years
past, arrived bere from Seattle on
Sunday night and spent yesterday at
^wii, looking over the S0-stamp mill
and miuu of the Ymir oompany. He
left last oven ing for Fernie, where he
has accepted a nosition us engineer
with the Crow's Nest Coal company.
The steamer Kaslo on Saturday
brought in three cars of Slocan Star
ore, and four cars of Whitewater. On
Sunday it brought iu two cars of
Ramblor and one eaoh of American
Hoy ��� nd Last Chance, and yesterday
one car from the Surprise mine.
Spokane Falls &.
Northern R'v.
Nelson A  Fort
Sheppard R'v.
Red Mountain R'v.
Spokane Interstate
Spokane and Return $9.50
Sept. 9 to 20, Inclusive
Buffalo and Eeturn
Good for sixty days, first
and third Tuesday, August,
September and October.
Through passenger trains between Spokane and Nelson. Mullet
service between Spokane and
Leave DAY TRAIN Atrivt
9:00 a.m Spokane 7 :36 p.m
12:35 p.m Kossland 4 :10 p.Uj
10:10 a. m Nelson (i.uj p. tn
H. A. JAOKSON, G. P. & T.A.
Spokane   Wast
Agent. Nelson. P.O
Kootenay Railway and Nav.
Company, Ltd.
Shortest anil (|iiicke*tl. route to thc enst anil all
pulntHOnlliuO.lt. tc N. and Northern Pa*
olfio Railways In Washington, Oregon and
SUUtllCI'll SUtCH.
Time Card Effective August I. 1901
Kaslo & Slocan By*
8:30 a. m. I.v.
lli::Vi p.m. Ar.
Ar. 4:00 p.
Lv. lUfi p.
ading Co-
Int Nav* & Tr
5:20 p. ra. Lv.
'J:l(i p. in. Ar,
Ar. 11:00 ft.
Lv. 7:00 a.
Connecting at F
& Fort ^hoppard
ItUS,-UUltl, otc.
vo Milo
Hull wuy
��oint with Nol
bull) to and ft
Tickota sold to all parts in Unitud State- and
Canada via Gruat Northern and O. lt. Sc H.
Co.'h lino*'.
Ocuu.il HtoaniHhip fekcL-i ivd rato-: via all
linen will beiurntshod on applU-ation.
For further particulars call oa or uddi'o&a
"<.mit*!,r. KflHln.B, I
Q. K Tackabuky AkuuI. NoIhou, B. O.
NKLSON LODOK    No. 23, A. F. &
M. ineotH seoond Wednesday  in
month,   Visiting brethorn wolcomo
I. O. O. F. Kootenay Lodgo
No. 16, moota ovory Monday night.
at thoir Hall, Kootenay Btreet
Sojourning Odd Follows cordially Invited.
John A. McRac, N.O.   II. W. ltuthorlord, V.O
Fred J. Squiro, Per. Sec.
jl ib :
M. S. Logan was hero from Kossland yesterday and visited the Juno
_ioup.     The   tunnel      being  driven
The latest styles and , newest ma-
teiials in Children's Keady-to-Wear
Coats for fall aud winter at KEKB &
They Will Be   Presented by the Duke
of York at Calgary.
Lieutenant ThomaB Brown, late
second O. M. R., has received the folr
lowing- from i Lieutenant Colonel
Saunders of the Noithwest Mounted
Police at Calgary: I have the honor
to inform you that His Royal Highness, the Duke of York, will present
medals to all members of tlio c M. R.
who parade before him on the 28th
instant. Will you kindly let any
member of tha C. M. B. know the
provisions of same."
Following are the instructions foi.
warded by Lieut.-Col. Saunders: The
officer deatiled to make the necessary
preparations for tbe presentation of
medals by the Duke of York has
asked Lieutenant-Colonel Saunders ot
Calgary to assist him. All individuals who defrire to parade before
his Royal Highness at Calgary, to receive their medals must sign an application with a declaration attached,at
the police   barracks on or before Hop-
Nclson Royal Arch Chapter No. 183, O. lt. 0.
Moot* third Wednesday. .Sojourning cuinpan
ions invited. George Johnstone, /. K. W.
Matthows, S. E.
Patenaude Bros.
N. E. T. CO.
20  Minute   Service
Cars leave top ol Stanley street and
the Park at the hour, twenty past
and twenty to.
Late Car 10:40 each End.
The Company bave many good
building lots for sale.
Apply at I lie Ollice; on Vernon
Atlantic S.S. Sailings
From Mom rt.iil
Allan Lino Tunisian  Aug. 30
Allan  i.ii.n Numidlan , Supt. 7
Heaver Lino LukO Superior Am. 3d
J.eavor Line Lake Stmcoo.- Sopt. <>
P'ranoO'Cunadian Lltw Garth Oustlo���Auk. ������<���
Franco-Canadian Line  VVas-iau Sept. IJ
From Portland, Mo.
Dominion Lino Vancouver Supt.  7
Doiulnlou Lino Dominion Sept. H
From New York
Whito Stnr Lino Teutoni 3.	
While star Line Gormanta	
Cunard Lino 1.1 mriu ���*.
Cunard Lino  servia	
American Lino St. Paul	
American Lino St. LoUlfi	
Krench Lino L'Aquitainc	
French Lino La Champagne	
N. U. L. Kai erin Maria Thoi esla...
Anchor Line City of Home	
iliuuiiuri; Amorlcau Deulsoniand..
For further particular*, apply to
Aug. 28
..Sopt, 4
...Aug 31
...Sept. 3
..Au_c. 28
..Sept. 1
.. Aug. 211
..Sept. 5
..Sept. 10
..Sept. 7
. .Sept.   6
City Passenger Agent, Notoon, B. C.
OenoralS.S. *._. il.. C.PK. OIH'-m. Wlnnin** g
lie   sure and get tiie genuine   BEN
.something that looks   like   it.       aw
rence Hardware Co., Agents.
NKLSON U111UK   No.25, K. ot P,
.ViiootH In K. of P. hall, OddfullowH block
JHlirst and Hiiro Tuesday ovonlng of o ich
Tmonthat 8 o'oloek.
'All visiting knights cordially   Invite
Wm. Ikvini*, CC.
A. T. Pabk, K. of B. and H.
AdvertlrioinontH InMTted under this head al
tlio rate of ono ooni* a word pur Insertion*! Vo
advertisement taken for Itott than 86 oent*
Situation W'un'rd ndveriinemniitH Inserted
threa tiiiio�� tree of ohargo-
VOIX   HAI.K ���Hotel     cofitain��� n^     :i_
lm rooms,    fully    fviruh.h�� _.,    and    Dow
paying well as u puvato
house, tn tho Uourisliiny
Calgary, Kor partloulai
etc., address Mrs. li.. Kul.tj
Arc you ill want'.' If you are, tell
tbe people, through The Miner want
column, what you are Ib want ol
Ynii'll get it.
boai il Ing
town  nf
.,      tl'HIIS.
I'll Inn ry.
BOOMS To BENT.���K. VV. C. Hlook*
Two riioiuH cn suite, on Ward Bt,,
iiIho roniiiH facing t|,_ west, (lu September 1, two single rooms ami two
or tlirue en suitn facing Baker st.
Furnished or unfurnished. Mrs. V.
3. Squire, Boom 41, li.   \V. c. Uloult.
KOOM anil board in   private   family.
Apply ou .Silica  street, second   door
west of Ward.
FURNIHUED   Boom   with   hath    at
southeast corner   of   Josephine   and
Carbonate   street,  Nelson.
FOU saIjK���New, hammer less, double-
barrelled shot, gun,   12-bore,   never
been   used.      On   exhibition at I'nlin
Fruit stole.
NKWI.V Furnished Rooms   tor
parlor   and    sleeping.       313
WANTED.���Young     man     to     drive
grocery     wagon.       Must   he   well
acquainted with city.      Mime but lirst
class men need apply.     Box l!)7   city.
NKLSON Employment Agency. Baker
street.    Phone 378.   .1. II. l.ovc.
WANTED.���Men for crib and bench
work..     Second     Cook,       Laundress
Laborers.       Waitresses,       Ulrls   for
housework.   Woman Cook.
Contracts taken   for   Diamond   Core
WANTED.- Waitress,GlrlS for Uouse-
wora.      Men for liuilroad construction work,   H'3.2a aud J3.50   per   day.
deck hands, cook, sawmill man,
Western Employment tlllicc, II. A.
Prosser,  Phono _7U.
Storage���1 have a large warehouse
for storiug liuusohoid or oilier
lltl-l-   Mining   Uold    rr��|M'il|<�� - MY   air
auxlouN io secure a few free milling gohi
i_n.|M'rii<*. atonoe* 'riie Prof.peotoi"0 Kx>
Chuuge, Nill_M.ll, it. c, kioom 4, li.-iv.--r.
..oi,i>mi,\i it�� oi-i-i it ii in   in,., h   nuil
proHpccU wanlril.  Acini report aud mm-
iiU-m (<�� Un. FrohpiTior'r. KxeUauge. Atelsou.
U,r,   Koom i K. W.f. liiork.
Has Money to Loan at 8 per cent,
On improved Heal Estate In
amounts of .1,000 and upwards.
Loans quick ly ai ranged.
Threo, four, five and six roomed
houses for rent.
5-Roomeil Cottage for milo. If 1,700.
Two 'IS-foot building lots , .500.
Insurance, Heal Estate,  Rentals.
obtained in all countries
Registered Patent Attorney, Mechanical Engineer and Draughts-
mat). Bank of 13. N A. building,
Hastings St., Vancouver, B C.
Write for full particulars.
NKLSON. 11. C.
XI .V .vi. i lunulas, Lenta-���JCvan known
variety or soft drink*.   PUjJoxw.  1 uieiiiiuu
.Nu. .11. HoOVer Sweet, Nelhou.    HoLLIum ol   Ull
muoQH su Loon Hot Springs Mluorul Water
ClAMi & AtACIlONAUl |lt. Cuue, Jums
J A. Udeauuaktl���Areaiuiou uud miuonu
UlliaoniM, Hi'okcii Hill lilouK., eoi-iiur linker tuii
VV nnl _wuol~, .Nelson
HJ. llVA.NS (_. I'll.-llaker Stieet, Nel
��� soa��� VVIioIlwui! ilyiilcrs In luitiur-i, ei-
l,r'u., oeniaat, lli-o brioa and lire eiu*, vvaiwr
ineu nod nu-oi ruiis, and _oaoral aouiiulssl0n
Uldl'l li.illLS.
A MACDONALD 4c i;o.-Corner Kron
��� ana llau owoou���VV liolurtulo i*rocur
Him jobber*! In btanltot*, uiovoo, miLU, ooou
ruoooi'rf, niuckiiiuw-, aud inuiorH' Hiinarieh.
|_> UUBNS tc Co.���Baker sweet, Noiion-
X. , VV iioleoulo ue.ilerri in Ironli una curo'l
iiieiiu.   Uold SwrttKe,
\1/M   l-OOTKNAV    bUTOIlKll   i;o.-
TT     Baker SU'eeL. Nelsou��� VVaolosaia ilea
urs in fro-ii aud eurud lumttu,
Street, Nelsou ��� WliolosulQ iIjuIhih ip
tiurdwiu'u, uiiiiurri' BUppUos, sporting koiwIh
\/}'I.Ai lll.AN liltlj.-i. (Soece-wora to Vun
XtX douvor Hardware Co, i.ui.j llaker swuut.
Nelson���Wholesale dealors m hardware and
lalalug Bappllos, iinuuoorn' mid i ���,,, uut t,;. nup
V KLSON HAItllWAKK CO.-Wliolesulo
_L .     palUISi olln  und Kli.rf'l; Iliet'llaniuri'  looln
AKuaui loi Ontario Powdor VV urn...; iruuunte
i jlCltNKR, JlKK'l'ON tc Co.-Oornor Viirnoi.
A. und Jo^eniiimi rttruo'... NoUOa���Whole
~uo duulei'ti iu liquors, olCur_. uud ory Koods.
Agouts lor I'ulist BrewlugOo.ot Milwaukee
una Uaig&r; Brewing Oo or Ciiiuivri'.
_[ UD-iON'B UAY Oo.-Wbol_��ale grooerte*
andllquocaoto,, Lfakur r>t,ruot., NdIhou.
Olltco corner Hull und Kront StreeU
.Nelson��� LAtmbecj oeUioBj QooiiAgj and uvory
LhniK in wood for building jiurpadOH. Got oui
prices.   Cbrre8p0ndfK_cfl solicited.
rn GALLON tr. CO.1��� DeiloK in oro KackH
i. ��� ttnd twini-H. Alwa>H a large slock on
Laud, Telephone295.  Koom H, IC.-w.-U Block
Nolson Enca   pruent No. 7.   MootH overy 2nd
and 4th Friday of each month, in Odd KoIIowh
Hall,  cornor   Bakor  and
Nelsou.   A. H. Clements, O. P.;   U. MeArthu
B. S.   Vinitln~ brotherH alwayii welem
Kootenay   Htruotn,
I). Me.
NKLSON L. O. L. No. 1B92 moDta in Kra-
ternity Hall on first nnd third Friday cvonlngR
ot cacti month at 8 o'clock. Vlnlting member
oordlally Invited. W. W. Bradley, W. K.
A, Mloty, It. S.	
NKLSON AERIK No. 22, F. O. K��� meotH
every seoond antl fourth WodnoHdays of each
mouth. VlsltlDR members cordially luvlt
CharleH Protmer. flnorntary.
Kootenny Tent No. 7, K. O. T. M��� hold their
regular meeting-i in Fraternity Hall, I. O. O. F.
block, on the 1st and :ird Thursday* of each
month. Visiting brothron cordially Invitod to
attend. O. A.Brown, K. K.; A. P, I'urdy, Com.
K. J.Steel, 1). S. C.
BONS OF KN01.AND, moeti-
lst and 3nl W'odncwday evenings of
eaeh month at Fiatornlty nail,
corner of Baker and Kootenay
streets. Visiting brethorn cordially lnvltod.
KliwAlin Maci.koii. Secretary.
Meetings 4th Thursday of month. Fraternal
hall, J A Irvlmt C I-   P. H. FlBming. K.B
Nolson Court SUr of Kootenay, A. O. F.
Mr*-!-' 2nd and llli WednesilayH in every
month. Visiting brethren welcome. W. Mac-
Mlllan. C.lt    1-obort Mclxod gee
OABS.-M-tiALS a la 0AETE.
Close connection East and Westbound at Spokane with trains of the
Spokane Falls and Northern Railway,
aud at Bonner's Ferry witn Kootenay
Railway & Navigation Od.
Direct connection at St. Paul without change of depot with all trains for
Chicago, Toronto. Montreal, New Yorlf
and all points West and Smith.
Leaves Spokane daily forjEast at��9:15 am
Leaves Spokane daily tor West at 7:15 a-m
Leaves Spokane daily lor West at 8*00 p.m.
West-bound trains make direct connection for Victoria and Vancouver(
Portland, San JTrancisco, and all points
on the Sound.
During the Benson of navigation East
bound trains connect at Duluth with
the magnificent, steamships North West
and North-Land of theNortheru Steamship Company Line, operated in connection with the Great Northern Railway.
For further information, maps, folders, etc., apply to any agentof Spokane
Kails Sc Northern Ry., Kaslo & Slocan
Ry., Kootei ai Railway & Navigation
Cr , or to
H. A. JACKSON. Com'l Agent,
Spokane, Wash.
G. K. TAOKAUURY, Local Agent,
Nelson. R '���
nnd try a bottle, a dozen, or a barrol of
CALGARY BEER aa It Is the best and
cheapest, on tho market. Also try our
WINES,    LIQUORS     and    CIGARS.
Telephone 01 HnVor SL, Nelson
Notice is hereby given thnt an extraordinary general meeting of the above
named company will be licit! at the
registered ollice of the Company on
llaker street in the City ol NelBon,
Hritish Colombia, on Monday,the _:ird
day of September, A. I)., 11)01, at the
hour of eleven o'clock in the forenoon for tin* purpose of considering,
and if thought fit,passing a resolution
authorizing the diiectors toralse the
sum of one hundred thousand pounds
(��100,00(1) by the issue of mortgage
bonds, or debentures, or otherwise, to
such porson or parsons, company or
corporation, and upon such terms and
conditions as to the directors may
soeui meet.    Ily order,
Nolson, fith September, 1001.
Dominion and
Land Surveyor.
���.69 nelson b c
rica's Greatest
To All Eastern Points via
Lake Route, All-Rail or Soo
Line, via  St.   Paul   or  Chi
��� is the ������
Leading Scotch   Whisky
BUFFALO. $76.00.
Sixty    Days'    Limit.
Good going Sept. ..rd, 17th
Through Sleeping Cars Kootenay Ldg. to Toronto. Arrowhead to Vancouver.
It. P* Rithet & Go*, Limited
P. O.  Box 021
For pamphlets descriptive ot Oan
adiiin l'acilic lours and for Time Tab s
hates, Tickets, apply
II. L. Brown,
City P_a_OD_er Ageut
J. H. Oabtbb,
Dis. Pass. Agt.
A. (1. P. A.
Wludermoro Miiiu.i.   CorroirpoiiilentjoS-ltollB
WINOBBMBfit:, B, U Nelson Daily Miner Tuesjw, September 17,   1901
We have on wilo for
a few days a line of
Kciiiiianl-*    of
Tho    enormou. bale
of our well known
"] Han left u. with a
few odds und eniU
Umt we wi,-h 10 cloar
An order fcr probate in the estate of
David Strachan, of Revelstoke, was
gianted in chambers yesterday.
The tug Ilalys brought in a barge
from Bonners Ferry ranches jester-
day loaded with firewood and baled
Milk vendors are asked kindly to
n.ili' that the Miner prints milk-bill
blanks on appropriate cream-laid
Tlie guests ot the II111110 hotel now
warm their shins in front of a serviceable coal Hie plaee put in by Mc-
l.aclilan Urns,
A shipment of poultry and pigs consigned to local merchants arrived yes*
tenlay from the reclamation farm at
Kootenay Landing.
An order was issued yesterday by
Judge Forin In the suit of Henry liny
vs. llealey >fc Lockport for a sale of
lands t'j satisfy judgment.
(���ii Saturday the Kokanee  took   up
11 large shipment of material to Lardo
for use in the construction of the
Lardo railway Saturday.
A party of Nolson young men are
cruising in the steam launch Vedette
.-*mnml the marshes roar Kootenay
I,'iniling on the lookout for ducks.
The first heavy frost of the season,
which occurred Sunday nigbt did cr.n-
slderable damage to some of the flower
gardens in Nelson, while   others were
comparatively unharmed.
In chambers yesterday before Judge
Forin an order was made for the discovery of documents in the case of
1 "t vs. Dickenson, et al, a dispute
over transactions involving the sine
ol certain mineral claims In the
A meeting of the Nelson Ui Ilo Asso
cialion to pick a team to go to Rossland aud to discuss matters in connection with tbe annual prize meeting
will take place Tuesday evening September 17th at the West Transfer
office at 8 o'clock.
A letter was received yesterday from
William Henderson, Dominion clerk
of works for II. C, by the superintending architeot of tbe post ollice
building, stating that the time of his
visit to Nelson in connection with the
difficulty in regard to the stone used
in the new building was somewhat
indefinite, owing to his being engaged
at piesent with the decorations for the
visit of the Duke and Duchess of York
at Vancouver.
On Saturday two Chinese cooks, Jim
and Sing Lee engaged in a fight at
the corner of Josephine ami Front,for
whioh they were arrested, but. later
released on bail. Yesterday morning
they appeared before Magistrate
Crease. They were represented by
counsel, but as both Chinamen were
unfamiliar with English the eases
were remanded till today to allow
lime to secure a suitable   interpreter.
A general meeting of the Nelson
Hoat elub will be held in Fraternity
Hall on Thursday, 10th inst at M.:i0 p.
in. Several matters of importance
will come uu for discussion including
the purchase of a racing shell and the
erection of new elub premises. No
piloted circulars will be sent uut. but
lt is requested tbat all those In any
way interested in aquatics or the
success of the club will accept this as
authentic and attend.
Coal company, has returned from n
visit to the cuas*.
George I'lli11ip*-. leaves tomorrow for
the Similkameen lo help in the surveying of the townsite of Ashnola,
N. T. McLeod and family, who have
been camping across tlie lake foi sonic
tiine, moved back to the city yesterday*
s. s. Taylor, K. ('.. left Monday fur
liossland, having been retained by '.be
Western federation nl' Miners in the
l.e Uoi antl War Eagle eases.
.1. Watson, bookkeeper fm the Lawrence Hardware Co., returned after n
week's duck hunting at Knnttoiay
I.,'willing yesterday with astiingof
twenty line ducks
W. N. Poole, Iii iv clerk in th" oflloe
of Taylor ,v Hannington returned on
Saturday 'nun his vacation in New
Brunswick, lie states that lhe forest
lift's were   vety llGftl'   1" tin' weat   end
of St. John, causing considerable un-
easinisB in the city.
Mr. W. K.   Hns-, of Fort Steele was
in the city yesterday.   I nversatlon
with a Minei reporter hi* Raid that
conditions in Hie Fort Steele mining
division weie constantly improving
an'' thai the outlook was very rosy.
The building of lhe mileou from
Jennings was proving nf great heiit'lit
I to the portion of the division through
which it passed.
Ivan   A. Edson   is  now nianngor of
the    Bunts   hotel   in   su ssion    to
Horace Hume, who leaves this morn-
lug to spend the winter in California.
''Van" is a vtoy popular lintel man
ami under bis management tin' lltimo
Bhould keep up to the high standard
that has characterized it in I lie past.
Frank I'. Walsh is the new head
It. H. Hainbrldgo, who takes the
place of resident engineer under Superintendent Downie made vacant by
the transfer nf I'. V. tlutelius to Winnipeg, ami family arrived here on
Sunday evening anil is a guest :il the
I'hnir. Mr. llaiiiliriilge is a pleasant
gentleman and has been assistant to
the late 10. .I. 1 lut'li isney for about
ten years. In luiln-1 be was in Miis
section during the time nf thu nntl-
-.truction of tIn* C. .*. IC. roit.l nnd tines
not. tbercforo, come as nn entire
Mr. and Mrs. Horace flume and
their fainiy icnvtt this morning fcr
Vancouver where they will spend two
weeks and sail for California to spend
the winter. Mr. Hume bus disposed
of bis interst in tbe Hnrac hotel hot
that tines not mean the si'veiing of his
connection with the conntry as bo
expects to return in the spiing ami
once more sottlo down in lhe hills.
Last evening tin* hotel slull' presented
Mr. Hume with a very handsome opnl
and diamond scarf pin. Mrs. Hume
was also made the recipient nf a valuable silver and mother of pearl
handled parasol,
AUCTION SALE.-A. Ferland, who
is having a sale every evening tn
clear out his stock will have a special
sale for the ladies on Wednesday
afternoon at '3 o'clock. lireat liar-
gains may be expected io all lines of
dry goods.
T Q. Holt of VanCCU vor is a gnest
at the Phair.
John Cholditeh visited tbe Arling
tun mine on Sunday.
J. I'. Hyers, of Trail, was in Nelson
on im ones', yesterday.
Dr. and Mrs. Rose are expected to
arrive in Nelson today or tomorrow.
A daughter was bom lo Mrs. Hugh
Koss. of Hull Mined road, early Sunday morning.
Jeo Thompson left yesterday even-
nig for Ingersoll. Ontario, for a
mouth's visit.
ii. If.   Young   of   the   Similkameen
through. The syndicate referred to
now controls all the mills on tbe
Sound and if the present den] _roes
through all tlie timber limits and saw*
iiiiIIb of Puget Sound and Hritish
Columbia will lu- in the bands of the
Hill interests.
Flildlll'I'TL DISASTEll.
Roporedt Tint  One   Hundred   Miners
Are Killed.
Colorado Springs, Colo,, Sept. i'i.--
A special to the Oazotte from (lien-
wood Springs, Colo., says: A frightful gas explosion occurred nt 6.30
o'clock this ovening in the coal mine
of tbe Colorado Fuel ami iron Co,, nf
Spring liulcli, probably resulting in
the Instant death of all the minors at
the time engaged In woik, nu estimate uf Iml men. The concussion nf
tl*eexplosion was torrifla andthc main
entry was badly caved in. Five men
'.vere resetted from neai the entry sunn
after the explosion but tbey were su
(rightfully mangled as tn be unrecognizable I'lie telephone line lu Spring
Gulch is uut uf existence nnd a message was despatched lu the oflice uf tbo
l'i ion ha nt as mint', eight miles away I"
where telephone connection was obtained tn Ocnwood,
.Montreal, Sept, It;. Thu Provincial
synod of I'tf Church uf England in
Canada iu session here today decided
to hold a memorial serivee in Christ
church Cathedral at noon on Wednesday fo*' President McK inley,
Certificates of Improvements
"Iron Silver and Silver Queen" Min*.
eral Olaim, situate Id the Nelson Mining Division of West Kootenay Distriot.
Where looated : Ou Craig Mountain,
uenr Cl'uigtowOi
Take notioe tbat i, .1. D, Anderson,
I'. I,. S., uf Trail, B. 0., ageul for
George Davis, Free Miner's Certificate
No. B88440, and John II. Nolan, Free
Miuei's Certilicate No, BfiOOll, intend,
sixly days from the date hereof, to
apply tu the Mining Eteoordei fur a Certificate of Improvements, tor tbe purpose uf obtaining a Orown Grant uf the
above claim.
And further lake notioe that aotion,
under seotion 87, must be commenced
lii'ini'c ihe issuance of such Certificate
uf linpi'iivi'iiienes.
Dated this Ihth dny nf .Inly. A. I>.
l.SUI. I    ".   ANDEKSON.
* NO. 4 K.-W.-C. BLOCK, NELSON. B. C, >
Bold, Silver-Lead  and  Copper Mines wanted at the BXCDANQB    i
FREE   MILLING   UOLD   properties   wanted at once for Eastern   J
investors. *
Parties  having   mining   property for   sale are   requested to send
samples of their ore to the EXCHANGE for exhibition,
We   desire   to   hear from prospectors who have promising mineral
claims in Hritish Columbia.
Prospectors  and   mining   men   are  requested   to  make  the  EXCHANGE their headquarters when in Nelson.
All samples should be sent by express,  PREPAID.
Correspondence solicited.    Address all communications to
Phono No. 104.   P. O. Box 700. NELSON, II C
Certificates oi Improvements
Venus and Saturn Fraction Mineral
Claims, sil unit' in lhe Nelson Mining
Division ni Wost Kootenay District.
Where looated On Morning Mountain,
TAKE NOTICE that I, P.O. Groan,
acting ns agent for the Yciiiih Gold
Mining Company, Limited, Free Miuei's Certificate No.BBO, His, intend sixly
days from the date hereof, lo npply to
the Mining Rooorder for Certificates of
Improvements, fur the purpose nf obtaining Crown Grunts uf Iho above
And further lake notice Hint action,
under section 117, must be commenced
In fine the issuance of such Certificates
ul' Improvements.
Dated Ibis 20Ui dny of Julv, A. D.
11)111, 1*'. 0, GREEN.
Chicago. Sepl ID.���Efforts lo connoel
the Chicago anarchists with n plot to
inn id or President MoKinley will be
abandoned nno lhe pi isoners n ill
probably be released tomorrow,
Toronto, Sept. H1.--A wind storm
un Lake Ontario sent several bunts
into port in distress, Stenuioi Garden
City bad ii particularly rough timo of
London,Sapt.10.���The Loudon Slock
Exchange will bo  olllcinl ly  olosod on
Thursday out of  tespoct for   the   bile
Pru-iilfiit MoKinley,
Certificate of Improvements
Gold Standard Mineral Claim situate
in the Nelsnii Mining Division ol West
' Ktinli'ii.'iy Distriot
Where locatod Ou Toad Mountain,
I north cist nfHilvnr King Mine.
TAKE NOTICE that I, V. C, Oreoii,
net ing as agent for A. II. Kelly, Fine
Miner's Certificate Nn, 1150151, intend,
sixly duys from lb'.*dote hereof, to apply to tlio Mining Recorder foi II Oor-
titicate of Improvements, for lhe purposo of nbtalniug a Crown Grunt of tbe
above claim.
And further tako notion flint action,
under seotion 97, must be commenced
before the issuance of sueli Certilicate
uf Inipi'ovcinciiiH.
Ibiled tin's _!l|,li day of Jltlv, A. I).
Perle's Waterproofs     n    display   at
KERB ~. CO.'S.
Fifty Members nf N,  W. M.  P. to Act
as Hoard to Royalty.
Victoria, H. C. Sept. 10. ��� Major
Perry of N. W. M. P., is in the city
today, mailing provision for (lie accommodation of Iifty iron of tbat
body and their horses. These will
act as an escort to the royal visitors,
preceding tbeir train from tlio Terri-
toiies, and guarding their carriage
during its progress through this city.
The city is also engaging thirty or
forty specials to guard against plots
on tbe Duke's life.
Chester Massey, head of Iho big
Toronto firm, has given live hundred
dollars to the soldiers and sailors'
home being erected at Esqltnalt by
Eighty mon and one warrant officer
of B battery, ltoyal Horse Artillery
and belonging to the Chinese Held
force, arrive by Kmpiess of India tomorrow. The 5th Kgimcnt band will
play tbem through the streets to Work
Point, where tbey will hi in quarters
Jor three days, thence proceeding
2 A new draft of royal enginerrs loave
England shortly under command ol
Second Lieut. Hon. F. C. Iloood for
this station.
The coroner's jury this evening decided that Eugene Brooks, eldci of
the Christian Catholic Church of /.ion,
which teaches that doctors and nutli*
cine are not necessary in cases of illness, and .lohn lingers, one of his followers, were responsible for the death
of an infant child of Sogers, who
died from diphtheria and wl.o bad no
medical treatment. This is the second
child of lingers who died of disease
anil in both eases the cornet's jury
found Brooks and lingers responsible.
Tbey wero arraigned in the police
court this morning on lirst charge but
the case was remanded for throe days
at the request uf thi' crown. The
defendants have dismissed tbeir
Stated That Jim Hill   Will   Purchase
11. 0. Mills.
(SI'KCIAI. TO Till!'.  MINER.)
Vancouver, II. ('., Sept. 10,��� lt is
staletl on the best authority tonight
that a syndicate headed by .1. .1. Ilill
was negotiating fur all the lumber
sawmills in liritisli Columbia, The
mills are willing tu dispose uf their
propel ties   at    the  lowest rticll bottom
prices and according to one prominent
mill owner, who gave the information, the dual, which invlnvcH several
million 'l"l uu.". is   almost   ?ertain   to
Liverpool, Sept. Hi.���'lhe Provision
Excbango hore will be closed mi
Thursday, tbe day nf the funeral nf
President McKinley,
No Discovery io mod initio has ever
created one quarter of ihe excitement
tbat has been caused by Dr. King's
New Discovei'v for Consumption It's
severest tests have been on hopeless
victims of Consumption, Pneumonia,
Hemorrhage, I .enrlsv and bronchi lis.
thousands of whom it has restored to
perfect health. For Coughs, Colds,
Atsbma, Cronp, Hnv Fever, Hoarseness and Whooping Cough, it is the
quickest, sure-.', cure in tho wt i Id. It
is sold by CiinndH Drug A Hook Co.,
wbo guarantee satisfaction or refund
money. Large hot ties r.un and ifi ou.
Trial' bottles free.
Ijiplnn's Tea is ;i winner. Pure,
finest ftavor, anil first package lea put
Fur bonalitle students enroute to
college the Canadian l'acilic railway
will issue tickets to Toronto at $21),4(1,
to Montreal at 833.10. Ticltets on
salo Sent. 11 to So. Full particulars
al. City ticket olliee'or station,
J. S. CART Mil,
I). P. A., Nolson.
If you don't like Blue Kibbou Tea it's
because you   ever tasted it.
Children's Reefers   anil Fall Listers
at KERR & CD'S.
Certificates of Improvements
Illne Bird, Mii'liigiui, Lo'iin Donne,
Randolph Mid Trout Mtucrul Clniins,
situate in the Nelson Mining Division
uf West Kootenny District.
Where located West nf Deer Creek
nud about two and one bull' miles from
Hie Lower Arrow l.nki s
Take notice that I, Kenneth L. Burnet agent for the Montaua'Gold Mining Company, Free Miner's certilicate No. li 88700, intend lio days
from the date hereof, lo apply to the
Mining Recorder for a certificate of
improvements, for the purpose of obtaining a Crown Grant ot the above
And further tnke notice that nel ion,
under section '.11 must bo commenced
before the issuance of such Certificate
of Improvements.
Dated this 121b day nf September
A. D.   11)01.
It is just like throwing away money,
when you throw ,uvuy lhe SNOW
BHOE TAGS which are on every plug
of Bobs, Pay Roll and Old Pox
Chewing Tobacco. Have them [and
you can have your choice uf 151)
handsome presents.
Ask your d'��lar for our new illustrated catalogue.
You slioulil'nt send out of town for
cards for yourself or your litisbnnd
until you see what The Miner can do
for you.
Certificate of Improvements
Hid Srul Mineral Claim, situate in
the Nelson Mining Division oi Wesl
Kootonay District.
Wheuf located On the west side nnd
oleveil miles up Wild HorB" Crock,
east uf ami adjoining Auncouda mineral
TAKE NoTIGE Hint f, P. 0. Green,
acting ns agent fur Kmiiiii A. Rand,
freo miner's certificate No. B02250, intend sixty days fiom tbe dole hereof to
npply In the Alining Recorder for a certificate of improvements for tbe purpose of obtaining a Orown Uraul, of tbe
above claim.
And further Like nolice Hint action,
under section '31, musl 1 o oommoneed
before lhe issuance ot Biich c< ii 11 :a'.e of
Dated this 18th duy uf August, A. D.
11)01. F   O   (ll.l'.EN.
Certificate of Improvements
Gold Tip Mineral cluim, situate ill
Iho Nelson Mining Division of Wost
Kootenay District.
Where located���On Toad Mountain,
north of Silver King mine.
TAKE NOTICE Ibid I, F. 0. Green,
acting as agent fur A. 11. Kelly, KM O.
li.-.n-IM and A. H. Buchanan, F. M. 0.
No. 1150621, intend, sixtydnys from the
date hereof, to npply to the Mining Recorder for a Certillnate of Improvements, for tbe purpose nf obtaining a
Crown Grant ofthe above claim,
And further take notice that action,
under section S7, must be commenced
before ���������ho issuance of such Certificate
of Improvements.
Doted this 29th day of July, A. II.
Will. F. C. Green.
Certificate of Improvements
Mnrthn Washington Minora! Claim
fiiliiute in the Nelson Mining Division of
West Kooleiiiiy Distriot.
Whore located���-Oo Copper creek on
North Fork of Salmon River, about L'l
miles north of N. & F. H. railway.
TAKE NOTIOE that I, Theodore
Beauchitmp, aoting as agent for 0. A.
Owen, free minor's certificate Bfi5G29,
intend sixty days from the dale hereof
tn apply io the Mining Recorder for a
certificate of imprivements for the purpose of obtaining a Crown Grant of the
above olaim.
Ami further tnke notico that aclion
iintler seel ion :��7, must be commonced
before the issuance of such certificate of
Dated this 21st day of Aiignst, A. n..
Certificates of Improvements
Bunker Ilill, Sullivan, and Fidelity
Mineral Clniins situate in the Nelson
Mining Division of West Kootenuy district.
Where located���On the West North
Kink of Salmon Hiver, about live miles
From Red Mountain.
TAKE NOTICE that I, R. Smith, F.
M. O. 5570213, acting ns agent for S, A.
Cameron, F. M. O. 56080B and Wm.
Griflllll, F. M. C, 5..S32B. intend sixty
duys from tlie dole hereof, to apply to
the Mining Recorder for Certificates of
Improvements, for Ihe purpose of obtaining Crowu Grants of the above
And farther tnke notice flint net ion,
under section '.ll, must be commenoed
before the issuance of such Certificates
of Improvements.
Dal ed this 1st day of August. A. I)
. wvww*
~u. t._    r. v. uu. /vv. rU'.l-SUN, II   C      \
���V��^VV��^^^^^^>>A^^VV<AA^*V*-VVV*��i��SA/Vi*vvv\ MH <~vU.
Zhc IRosal Bank of Canafca"
(u pi Inl   Aiillii>rl;ml,
Incorporated 1869.
#:I,OOO,IKMI.Oil I    . ui.tlal   l*lll*_l��ui��,
lt< si,       ,       .     .
iWiloy an
#'<-,��. t.MHHI.01
I or iHrrrion.      rhonian K. Kenny,   l'rehldonb;   Thoman Uit-chio,  Vice Hriwidom
ulLh, 11. G. IJauld, Son. IWvid MaoKeun. vuv
ll.ii.l Office, llulirnxi
Ooi.or._l MawiKor, EdhOn U Pcivmo, Montreal.
H_-por___U.nd_.i_t of Hmnchur-s. and Bcerulary, W. II. Torranco. II UK.it,
lira a    cn I
vn    we .ttlii
Halifax   Branch,   Antlnoni-t
Itfowalor, tlnjKhnro. l_oiidoi.-_ur.'y, lai
on burg. Maitland m.u.i-; Co.), Pictou, I'orl
Na wk-Utbary, Hydnoy. tihubonueadic.Truro,
New     ItruitHWlcIf ��� Bftfchuwt,     DorohoHler,
FrodorioLoUt IUmkk'o-. iKont Co.), Mono
ton. Nowcoatlo,BookVillt., HI, John, Wood., lock'
I*. 11. Inland    ('li.irlol letuw n. Summon itlc.
;*bee-Montrea_, |Ci_y qffloo), Montroal
wont Snd [Cor. Notre Damo nud SqIk
ndurs BLroeu); VroBtmount (por. Urbciiu
Avenue and st. Oatharlnea Btreeb
Ontario    Ol t-awa.
���."uim, WeNl Iih1I< h
united HiaicHi-Now York no Mxchaofte Plam
Repubuo. Wash,
Grand   Forks, Nanaimo,   Nelson,   Rossland,
Vancouver East End, Victoria.
a ii con ver,
tiorrcHfiontli'iitN t
I'liini.In -Merehiiiitit Bunk of Canada.   Bolton -National Hlmwnmi Hunk,   f lilrniro  nilrnil.
Trust and Savings Ilank,  Han Pmnclico-First National Hoik.   I <iuu,  Une.-Bank:*3
Bootland.   Paris, France���Credit Lronnals,   Bermuda-Bank of Bormndo,   t'UIan anil J.
pan���Hour Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation.   Spokane���Old National Hunk.
Oeneial Banking Business Transacted; Sterling Bills of Kxclianjje  llourli
and Sold, Letters ot  Credit, Etc., Negotiated.
Accounts received on the most favorable terms.   Interest allowed on special
deposits and on Having Bunk accounts,
Geo. Kydd, Manager, Nelson. B.C.
Our Hardware
The bookkeeper takes
a  trinl   balance: you
take a trial of our
hardware, ami you'll
stay �� ith us the 1>il-
ance <*f your days and
tho l>:i lance will ;.l-
ways bo iu your favor
Hard'.varo should ht1 carefully selected, because it 'a-
Hot bought every week in tlio
year, and once a gfood article
is purchased you ore doubly
*jf >%riv AiHsiA/ *tv 4*U<>-u, A; &lA/
H. & M. BIRD
S:.',lr,(i nero, seven-roomed houso on
Hoover struct, thoroughly up to date,
first class plumbing.    Easy terms.
Eight roomed hoose on Mill street
uml Four lots. Plumbing complete.
New furnace. Terms to suit purchaser,
Seven roomed cottage and three lots
on Ohsi'ivatry street. Plumbing complete.    Kasy terms.
125.00���Seven roomed bouse on Car-
lionnte stieet very hand to
town. Heated hy furnace. Wired
fur   electric light.
SIS.(in���Cottage on Hobson street.
$16.01)���Cottage on Ward street.
Is lame or intei feres
bring him to the City
Horseshoeing Shop. J*--
sephine Street
West Transfer Co.
Coal ss wood
Rest  Fir and  Tamarac   Al
ways on hand.
All Kinds of Teaming and
Commission Work*
OITIce on   Bat .r Street Tel. XI
can be ent,.u.ed for Private Parties,
Socials. Receptions, Halls, etc. For
particulars apply to J. B. POL-
LARD, E. J. Robie's Tailoring
Establishment, Baker Street.
J- 0. GWILLIM, B-, Sc,
Late of Geological  Survey of Canada.    Six years experience in B. v
mining districts.
Baker Street Nelson. B. ��*.
Porto Rico Lumber
Co., Limited.
Rough and
Dressed  Lumber.
Shingles, Mouldings.
A-l White Pine Lumber Always M
Wo enrry n raiinplctt' stock ofCoaat J1"".!"!!
t'oillni,. InaitJo Kini.li, Tlll'.ii'il Work. -W> '���' ,
Iloom. Bpoolal order work wiUI receive pro"""
attention*   Mail orders solicited.
Porto RicoLumberCo,
Ilond 0_lco-F~*'*1r5T and Vomou fl- N-****


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