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Nelson Daily Miner Nov 3, 1901

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 Daily Edition No.  1182
Provinc: ji l.ibi"<i'V pi 00
Nelson,   British  Colombia, Sunday,   November 3, 1901
Eleventh  Year
Relations Between  German
and French Commanders
Not Cordial,
German Comment on Corruption In  New  York
Borlln, Nov. 2.-The puhlication in
Pari" litis ��"'l'k ot ttm'e lotters wr,t'
ten hv lien. Voyi-on, who commanded
t|��� French troops in China, to Field
Marshall fount Von Wtildersee   show
ing among
other tilings that the rela
tions between  the French goncral and
the Held marshal   were strained   dur-
1 the entire period of   foreign oocu-
ausotl   hut   llltln  excitement
lure. A government oflicini heie who
was Interviewed ou the subjuct said
absolutely no occasion arises for dei-
many to take official notice of the
affair adding Unit tho Matin, which
published the letlors, was not an
official organ. The French government would ovadc any diplomatic representations disclaiming any cjnnco-
tion with tho matter.
Furthermore, the expectation expressed in Paris that tho incident
will caiiMi the publication of tho Held
minimi's letters will not bo realized.
The KreiiKO Zeitung today admits the
skill ami politeness with which General Voyion sought to secure the
greatest possible degree of independence of the field marshal for the
trench commanders and says that
hence Von Wnldatsce deserves all
the great praise for discharging his
Difficult tasks. The National Zeliung
sarca.-tinally admits that the Matin
proves (l?n. Voyron's diplomatic.
talent by the publication of letters
The Bnrllner Neuesto Nacbrlohten discusses Hie loiters and the several
issues involved and assumes that their
publication was nn unfriendly net
against the field marshal, as other-
wile tbe mater is comprehensible, si nee
VonWaldersen treated the French witb
exceptional courtesy. Ketering to tho
Chauvinistic French newspaper eom-
ment on the letters, the Berliner
Nenesle Naoliriehten says: The more
the French papers discuss the letters,
the more deeply we are impressed
with tho fact that the temporary cessation of Chnuvinistio demonstrations
In France is duo rather to tactical
consideration than to a change in
the political sentiment of tbat nation.
The speech of tbe British oolonial
secretary, Mr. Chamberlain, at Edinburgh ou Oct. 2Cth, in which he said
the British could Bud precedents for
anything they do in South Afiioa in
the examples in Poland, in tho Caucasus, in Algeria, in Tonquln, in
Mosnin and in the Pranoo-Qenoan
war, which the British has never
"pptoaclied has, biought forth in the
press hero ac emphatic and rather
bitter repudiation of charges made
���gainst the (let-man conduct of the war
in 1870. Official circles say the German government does not intend to
notice Mr. Chamberlain's utterances,
tord Salisbury having repeatedly
disclaimed responsibility for the
colonial ministers
"tun of parliament.
The  return of  German troops from
hlna with the exception of the permanent garrison, has been completed.
A naval expert, in the National
������ng discussed Piesident Roose-
velts naval programme and he asserts
'"  H is impossible to carry it out.
���nee the American shipyards are
��D��hlc to buiH so many vessels sitn
���the newspapers are devoting much
>��"t.on to the New York niayorality
������.   The Viossiscbe   Zeitung des-
",' .M the Political oo.ruption in New
M Deing horrible and   the   New
save- COr,r.espom,en* ��f Kreuse Zeitung
'�����    K   Low tries to All the offices
Czmr\he win ,a,isince
York St   meu   in   New
tour through the crowded streets of
London. The ceremonies passed off
I excellently.
The king and his nnited family
bade farewell to Portsmouth to the
strains of 'he naval bands. All the
ships in the harDor were gaily decorated and the weather as in London
could not have been finer. When the
roynl train arrived at Viotoria railway station at 12.511 p, m. immense
crowds of people had gathered there
to welcome the royal party,
Iu connection with the change in
the programme of yesterday's xeocp-
tion a pretty inoident transpired. The
original plans provide for the sailing
of tbe Victoria and Albert from Portsmouth at 11 o'clock but one of the
children of the Dnke and Duchess of
York was so Imperatively insistent
upon being taken at onoe to "My
Mummy" that tbe King laughingly
yielded and the yachts started an
hour ahead of time with the Royal
children in a great state of gleeful
excitement, laughing and dragging
their grandmother about the deck in
order to get a better view of the
saluting ships.
Arriving in the vicinity of Yarmouth the king and bis grandsons
boarded a steam pinnnnce and put to
sea, but tbe weather as ho stormy that
it was found too dangerous to attempt
to board ihe Ophir and so tho party
was obligpd to retnrn to tbo Victoria
and Albert.
Attack On Benson the Forerunner of a
Vigorous Campaign.
Brussels,    Nov.   2.���Boors   here   in
close touch with South Africa declare
that   the   recent disaster to Col. Benson's column was the   forerunner of a
vigorous campaign, the  season   being
favorable   for  swift concentration   of
commandoes and severe blows against
snlated Uritlsh   columns.     Commandant Grobler, who, it is believed, par-
l ici pita toil in the Bethel fight, is con-
sideifld a second lielaney.
London, Nov. 2.���It Is officially
stated that lord Pauncefota carries
with niin to America the draft of a
treaty abrogating the Claytnn-Bulwor
treaty, and in a form satisfactory to
Lord Salisbury's cabinet. It is understood that Great Biitams will acquiesce in tho construction of the canal
under the control of the United
London, Nov. 2.���Lord Kitchener
reports that three additional officers
were killed and that two more were
wounded during tho attack recently
on the rear guard of Col. Benson's
column near Brakelaagate, Transvaal.
Pretoria, Nov. 2.���Commandant
Oencral Loo is Botha is reported to
have commanded in person the attack
upon Col. Benson's column. Botha's
force has effected a combination with
another commando whicb has been
hovering around Bether lately.
Grand Illuminations Turned
off to Strains of Martial
naut of considerable experience, and
Leon, a gymnast. The balloon hud
.1 lifting power of 4,000 pounds.
Financial Failure but Industrial Effects Were
expressions out-
nuk����ndDucllero7cornwall Arrive
Safe in London.
''Ondon,  Nov   n     rn.
"uke and n   L 8~0heeM fitted the
C It Duthee8  of   0��"w.ll  and
t-iuatni. ^   M the* P"88011  <"> their
***1 re"����   iron,   their  world
This   Offence   Ensign   Slolt    is
Severely Punished.
Washington, Nov.2.���To be confined
one year in such a place   as the secretary of navy may direct, to   do extra
police duty during   tbat time  to lose
all pay except $2 a   month for prison
expenses and  the  further sum of 820
to     e   paid   at   the expiration of bis
confinement  and to   be  dishonorably
discharged   from   tbe   serviae   of the
United States is the sentence imposed
by court marital upon John   W,   Stolt
a third class  ensign on   the   rcoiving
ship Columbia lying at the New York
navy yard for foul  abuse  of the  late
President MeKiney.     On   the day  of
President   McKinley's death Stolt in
company   with  a number of sailors is
charged with having deolaredwith an
obscene oath that the president should
have been shot long ago, adding other
foul   and   profane  expressions in the
same tenor. He was arrested promptly
nnd tried by court martial with the result above announced on   two obliges
first conduct to the prejudice of good
order and discipline; second   scandalous conduct tending  to   the   destruction of good morals,     Stolt  made  a
vehement plea of Innocence  declaring
that   his   language    referred   to th
piesident's   assassin but the evidence
of bystanders and the language   itself
was   regarded   bv  the coort as completely establishing his guilt. His loss
of pay will amount to 9.116.     He will
be confined on the prison ship Soutbey
at Norfolk Va.
Biffnlo, Nov. 2.���The Pan-Amorl-
oan exposition closed nt 12 o'clock
tonight. At midnight President J. G.
Milburn pressed an clcotrio button
nnd the lights in the now famous
electric tower grew dim for the last
time. Slowly, one by one, the lights
on post and pinnacle and tower faded
away. A cc-ps af buglers standing
in the tower sounded Damps and ono
of the gieatest glories of tho cxposi
tion, the electric illumination, passed
away aud tbo exposition was ended.
The exposition has not been a financial success out the benefits derived
from it will be of groat value to tho
commercial interests of the country.
The primary object of the exposition
was to advance the friendly relations
and commercial interest between the
United States and oilier countries of
tbe two Americas. In this respect it
has been a deoided success. The Republics of Central and South America,
Mexico and the Dominion of Canada
responded heartily to the suggestion
of an allied exposition and sent to
Buffalo a collection of exhibits seldom
if ever before equalled. Tho financial
loss will be in the neighborhood of
$3,000,000. The staioment to lo issued
by the officials of the exposition setting forth the expenditure* and receipts will be made public some time
thin month. Until then the company
will make no formal statements. The
loss will fall upon the holders of common stock, the holders of second
mortgage bonds and the contractors
who erected the buildings. Two hundred and ten thousand shares of common stock were sold at $10 a share.
The stock was subscribed for by the
citizens of Buffalo and Niagara frontier in small lots of from one share to
lOn, so that this loss of $2,11)1) 000 will
not be seriously felt by any one. No
complaint has been heard from the
holders of the common stock who appreciate the benefit the exposition has
been to the oity. There is also a feeling ot satisfaction tbat the enterprise
was carr.ol to a brilliant and successful end by the citizens of this city
without state or federal aid.
The first mortgage bonus amounting
to J2,500,000 will be paid in full. An
issue of $500,000 second mortgage
bonds is unprovided for but the reve
nue from salvage on the buildings
and from other sources will probably
oover a part of this idebtedoess. The
balance due to contractors is not definitely known but it is said that it
represents their profits from the work
done but not. one will be seriously
emoarrassed by the loss.
The total number of admissions
for tbe six months wbb close to 8,000,-
000. An average of 2,000,000 a month
wbb figured on by the exposition
Dunkirk, N. Y. Nov. 2.���A bottle
containing the following message was
found on the beach near hero todny :
"Drifting helplessly in a rowboat
near Port Stanley. Both oars are
gone. Good bye. Notify Baker, St.
Thomas, Ontario. (Sgd.) Henry
Baker." The authorities have communicated with tbe mayor of .St
Thomas to see if he oan throw any
light on the  subjeot.
A resolution of want of confidence
in the Australian governmont on the
tariff question was defeated yesterday
by H'J to 25.
Six people were killed and 13 injured in a Pennsylvania railroad
wreck at Donaldson,   Pa.,  last night.
Declare the Isthmian Ganal
Project to be Impracticable.
Good Double Track Railway
Would be Cheaper and
Much Better.
Carrlos Nino Peoplo 30 Miles But None
, ii Hurt.
San Francisco, Nov. 2.���A captive
balloon containing nine people, one
woman and eight men, broke from
its fastenings at Hth and Folsom
streets this evening and floated to the
neighborhood of Redwood Oity about
80 miles distant. The ocoupunts of
the balloon are reported to hove landed unhurt. The balloon had been sent
up several times during the afternoon
with pusssengers. It was fastoned to
the groud by a 1,000 foot rope cable
one and a quarter inches in diameter.
While descending on the fifth trip and
about 500 foet tram the bottom the
rope broke 50 feet from the baloon.
To the horror cf the spectators the
balloon rapidly shot up in the air to a
height of 2,00) feet or more and floated away in a southerly direction. It
landed in the hills near Redwood City
and a report from that place says
none of the passengers was hurt.
Among those in the balloon were
Mrs. J. Dunscll of this city; Edward
O. Dudley, who is said to be an aero-
New York, Nov. 2.���Mr. and Mrs.
Andiew Cnrnegie wore pa-sengors on
the St. i.otiih, the vessel reacting iter
dock late this evening. Mr. Carnegie
refused to dli-cuss New York politics,
saying ne was non partisan. He was
questioned wilh regard to tbe proposed technical school at Pittsburg
and said he has received a report on
the subiect and when asked if it was
true tbat the company had asked for
$5,000,000, his reply was: The company is incapable of asking for
money. The report wos truly American and worthy of Pittsburg.
Questioned concerning the steel Hit-
nation. Mr. Carnegie laughed, saying, I am out of business; I bave reformed. Then he added ' I have heard
something of forming an English
steel trust. The Englishman is an
island by himself.''
"Have yon any views on tbe subject
of isthmian canal" was the next
question put to him.
"I doo't believe in tho catmint all. I
don't believe a canal will render the
service for tbe transportation of goods
that a first class two tracked railway
would. Freight could be unloaded
into a 50 ton oar and loaded on one
side at far less cost than running
even 10,000 ton ships even if you had
to pay no tolls."
"Would you therefore favor a
Tehuantepec ship railway suob as has
been prcposed?"
"They are building a railway there
now out not of that kind. 1 don't believe the Nicaragua canal oan bo
built. I don't believe tbat that canal
oan be worked even if it is built. The
Panama canal can be made workable.
There is more sentiment behind the
canal than good sense."
The subject of reciprocity was mentioned and Mr. Carnegie said: "Reciprocity is a very fine work to speak
of, but when you come to arrange lie
details it is a most difficult policy."
' Do you wish to say anything about
tbe large gifts made by you to tbis
city and tbe methods ol its expenditure?" was asked.
'The necessary papers have been
executed properly and prompt attention has been given tbis subjeot. The
manner in which the proposition has
been accepted leaves nothing whatever to be ceoided."
a   basis   of   $225,000   for   the  entire
mine.    A. Klockman of Rossland, was
CntlTTIT rPTTD   TJTTTVT '^ne former owner   and be still retains
OMijij 1 Jjlt  it UJN j a half interest   in   the   property.      A
new company, composed of the Duluth
peoplo aud Mr. Klockmnn, bas been
formed    and   thev   will   operate   the _        .     _,        . .  ..
One'Granby Smelter Furnace jmme. The company .s incorporated |Great Britain considers istn-
with a capital of 8500.U00.
Treats 475 Tons In
24 Hours.
Gamblers Must Quit Grand
Forks.���Nelson. Wash.
Wants Them.
Grand Forks, Nov. 2.���During the
week ending todny the Granby smelter
treated 4,122 tons of ore. Th's is a
slight falling off compared wilh the
weekly aveiage because one of the
furnaces was closed down for threo
days undergoing annual repairs. On
October lilst No. I furnace treated 475
tons ot ore, thus establising a new
world's record for a 24 hours run.
Total treated to date is 247,107 tons.
Grand Forks, Nov. 2.���The city
oouncil last night doeided to suppress
all gambling games Including
roulette, black jack, stud poker, and
slot machines. Grand Forks has
hitherto been tbo most wideopen
town in liiitish Columbia. Tho ordor
was supposed to go into effect tooav
tint games tonight are running full
nlnst with a larger number of patrons
than ever. In this connection it is
supposed that strong pressure has
been oi ought to b^-ar with the object
of getting a respite and it is hinted
by several of the gamblers that there
will he unpleasant exposures if they
are molested. Chief of Police McMillan stated that tie bas not yet re
ceived instructions from the Mayor
respecting gambling. Nelson, Wash.,
nu ambitious sporting town across
the lino fonr miles from here celebrated the news of tbe action of the
Grand Forks uuthoiities and hopes to
attract patrons from its neighbors. It
is stated that there are 30 professional
gamblers and boosters iu Grand
Forks. Several of them have already
left for Nelson, where the erection cf
a dance ball was begun today.
Bitter ''action Foud in   Cumberland's
Chinatown Threatens Murder.
Nanaimo, Nov. 2. ���Hon. James
Dunsmuir, according to a member of
a deputation from the miners, has
refusd to countenance an amalgamation scheme. He will treat only with
his own miners who may otgam/.o
among themselves. The company is
considering a a plan of insurance on
tbe lives of those employeu in the
Serious trouble is feared in Chinatown, Cumhorland. The Chinese are
divided into factions and one lot
Hwore out an information against the
chief gambling joints. The proprietor
is now in jail awaiting the assizes.
Tbo feeling is very bitter and murder
may be done.
mlan Ganal ol World
Wide Benefit.
No  Demand for Compensation for Rights Relinquished.
Li Hung Chang's Interpreter May Get
the Appointment.
Pokin, Nov. 2���Yesterday the recall
of Wu Ting Fang, the Chinese minis
ter at Washington was decided upon.
He will be offered, it is announced,
a suboidlnaie position in the foreign
olrlco beneath his abilities which it is
believed he will decline, LI Hung
Chang's interpreter Tseng, a son of
Marquis Tseng, is a prominent candidate for the Washington position. He
is 30 years of ago and was educated in
England. Chang Ta YI has been appointed minister iu L-union. He is 55
years of ago and was formerly interpreter at tbe Chinese legations in
London nnd Berlin. He is a pro-
Final Payment For the Property Made
by Mackintosh Syndicate.
Rossland, Nov. 2.���The affairs of
tbe new Giant Mining company arc
rapidly getting into shape for the
active resumption of work at the
mine. Tbe final payment on the
property was made a day or two ago
by tbe directors resident In London
to the vendors represented by Hon. C.
II. Mackintosh. Tbe figures are not
known but it is understood that the j
old shareholders will receive stock in ,
the new ooncern on a basis of from B
to 1% cents per share on their holdings. This represents an investment
of about $150,000 and it is presumed
that the vendors received a consideration as promoters of tbe new company.
The new company is fully organized,
tbe shares being privately subscribed
for some woelis ago. The shares are
being traded in to some extent on the
London stock exchange.
Work has already stated In a preliminary manner ut the mines Arrangements have been made for tho
use of the California workings and
plant and a small force Is at work
uiidet the direction of D. J. Mac-
Donald pieparing the California main
tunnel, which will be extended into
Giant ground and used as a main
working adit fir the present. It is
understood by the men in charge that
tho crew will be enlarged next week.
The California has a 10-drill compressor, all of which can be utilized
by the Giant if desired.
Washington, Nov. 2, ���Tho Chinese
legation is without advice bearing cul
the I'ekin report of the deciblon to
iccnll Minister Wu. At the same time
there is no disinclination at the legation to accept the report as truo for
the two reasons first, tbe official despatch in such matters almost invariably is a day or two later than the
press despatch as occurred in the
case of recall of Minister Yang Ye,
Wit's predecessor, and, second, the
prescribed term of three years for Mr.
SVu expired some months ago.
Mr. Wu Is at Ann Arbor, Mich.,
and is not oxpected back before tomorrow night or Monday. There
bave been rumors for sonic, time that
Mr. Wu would be recullod, so far the
gossip from the Chinese court lias
mentioned but to names as possible
st o.'Cssors. These are Tseng, and Li
Cheng Feng, a son of the viceroy.
Tbe latter is about 50 years old.
Kansas City, Nov. 2.���Dr. J. Mo-
Guirc, aged 40, was fonnd in his office
today suffering from the effeots of
morphine poisoning and was removed
to the police station where he died.
He had hurriedly scribbled a note giving his jewelry to a clerk in his office.
Dr. MoGuIre came from Detroit six
months ago. His home Is believed to
have been at Tienton, Ont.
J, I). Orr, principal of the Central
school here,wan burned to death today
while building a fire iu the kitchen
range by the use of coal oil. Tbe oan
exploded, setting fire to his clothing.
Mr. Orr was one of tbe best known
educators in Kansas.
Washington, Nov. .'.���In view of
tbo expected return today to the
United States of Lord Puunoiote and
the immediate resumption of negotiations which in tins case aie to be rrat
into the concrete foi in of a treaty, the
prepositions agreed upon by tho governments ot tho United States and
Great Britain as a convention to replace the Panncefute-IIay treaty of
lust year, it may be proper to statu
upon tbe highest ollicial authority
Hint there is absolutely no other ques-
ion than that of islhmiisian canal involved in the negotiations. Further it
is stated, that no demand has been
made Dy the Iliitish governmont for
any compensation whatever foi the
relinquishment of its joint rights in
the control of such a canal. The construction of the canal was considered
"y both nations a desirable thing for
tho world at largo, and that thought
was at the bottom of the negotiations.
New York, Nov. 2.���Sir Julian
I'auncefote, tho British ambassador,
after an abbenee of two mouths, returned on the St. Louis. With iiim
were the Hon. Maud Pauncefote nnd
the Hon. Aubrey Pauncefote. Sir
Julian is hastening to Washington
and it is said Iih will ut once confer
with Secretary Hay -cgnrding Jibe
isthmian jnn.il. He refuted to discuss the matter or to say anything
for publication.
Washington, Nov. 2.���Nicaragun
has given notice of termination of the
treaty of 1870, and also of 1807, granting the United States authority to
build a canal across that country.
President Roosevelt has issued his
proclamation fixing Thursday, Noveni'
ber 28th as Tbanksigving Day.
Rossland, Nov. 2 ���The ore ship-
mentss from the Rossland camp for
the week ending last night were: Le
Roi 4.410 tons; Le Roi No. 2, 95 tons
Total, 5,300 tons. The total tonnage
for the year to date is 247,738 ^ons
and since the mines resumed work
39,430 tons.
The big deal on the Continental
group which has been pending for
sometime, was nompl-ted recently in
Spokane, and h number of Dulutb
capitalists have secured a third Interest in the northern Idaho property no
Provision Made For Inspecting Those
Passing Through Canada.
Washington, Nov. 2.���T.V. Powder-
ley Commissioner General of the Immigration bureau has entered into an
agreement with the principal steamship and railway lines of the country
for she regulation of immigration to
tbe United States through Canada.
This agreement which takes the place
of the former arrangement which
expired three days ago is regarded as
much more favorable to the United
States than the Inst and will be more
effective in keoping out the prohibited classes of immigrants. It provides
that aliens arriving In Canada destined to the Unitod States shall be
inspected at Halifax, N. S., Quebec,
Point Levis, Vancouver, St. John. N.
1). and Victoria B.C. by United States
comnnssioneis wbo shall issue certificates to such as arc entitled to
enter the United States at any of tbe
above places without further examination.
New York, Nov. 2.���Edwaid Stiles
Stokes died at 3 o'clock this afternoon. He was a conspicuous figure
in the life of Now York city for 40
years. Ills name was inseparably
conncetod witb the tragic killing of
James Fisk, Jr., who was shot by
bim in 1872 after a famous quaii-cl
involving large financial interests and
tho favor of Josio Mansfield, a beautiful 'Jalifornian. In 1871 he quarrelled with bis former partner, James
Fisk. They met on the stairway of
the obi Grnnd Central hotel on January 5th 1872, and Stokes shot Fisk.
Fisk lived until the next morning and
Stokes gave nimsclf up a few minute-.
nfter the shooing. Me was eventually
sentenced to four year's imprisonment
for manslaughter. Stokej served tho
four years, 1873-1877, and then embarked in business and became interested among othc enterprises in the
Hoffman house. In the last few years
of his life he was not actively in business.
Bellows Falls, Vt., Nov. 2.���After
a quarrel between Cleveland Jones. 15
years old, and George H. Hriggs a
noighbor In Tandon, young Jones'
mother, Mrs. Chauncey Jones was
shot and lulled, this morning by
Hriggs gnve himself np later   In the
day and was taken to N��wport,  N. H
tonight. His case will come up before
the grand jury next Tuesday.
Passengers over the Crow's Nest report that the present co'd spell came
from the prairies. On Friday it mined very cold, blowing heavily with
snow from tbo east at Calgary and
Maclcod, Tbe snow extends as far
west bb Crow's Nest, lliino being none
in Michel or Elk valley. Between
Nelson and Ymir, there is a little
snow on tbe ground at the summit
that   befell yesterday iinyming.
Owing to the bad condition of the
roads caused by the first heavy frost
of the season, ou Friday night, two
largo oro cors tor the Silver King
mine which were to have been shipped
yesterday will be delayed jn Nelson
until another ehange of weather. The
frost was strong enough to stiffen the
mud but not strong enough to freeze
it solid and as a consequence considerable quantity of supplies for the various properties on Toad mountain aw
held as the learning is too heavy on
the hill toads for any largo sized loads
to bo hauled.
���    I       ���
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A - - ���
f ass
Nelson   Daily Minrr,  mjnoay   Novembkr 3, 1901
Tlie Nelson Miner
Publl .li.Ht   K.vory  Morning   Except   Mon.iuy
flillr por mcnth, liy earrfor     BUo
Daily, per month, by mall     Mi."
Dally, DOT year, by carrier f 7 mi
Holly, pur yo-\r, by imill    fi 00
Daily, per y��ar foreign...   H tn
iWokly, per half year  JIM
Weekly, per year    Ill"1
���Veckly. per year, foreign  ������   BOO
8'lbcuiriptioiiK invariably In H.lvanee.
145 Fleet Street. HL'O.
Oon'ral I'rcns Agoncy. Ltd., Special Acentu
Alexander & Co..SSI Imi i Avenue, Spokane
��Vu*li.. keep this paper on Hie, ami are cur
authorised agents tor advertlsemonla and ���no-
The Miner in ooromontisg npon
the effect of the speeches nf th" Duke
of Cornwall and York while in thin
. country a day or two Blnce among
other things stated Unit one wonld
he to start a new tclinol in Canada. A
subscriber writes objecting to the
statement about founding a new
school iu this country, Baying Unit lie
had listened to one of the speeches delivered bv tho heir apparent while ho
was in this province nnd that he
talked much the same as the average
educated Canadian. What was meant
when the statement was made about
the new Bobool, although it w.'ls perhaps clumsily oxpresed, was that a
few in this country had been worshipping false lingual ideals by following
tho methods ot a few of the alleged
smart set, who affect what they consider to he an aristocratic method of
talking, but which, in reality, is simply a form of affectation. The unaffected, natural manner adopted by
the prince when speaking in public
and in private conversation ban i.pen-
eil the eyes of those who were following imported method and they will
now form a new school and endeavor
to adopt tbr.se used by educated
Canadians instead of the Bpnrlous imported wajs. We believe that the
majority of Canadians speak the
lariinaue better than do the
people in the Mother country. For
Instance, we have no class who talk
as does the London Cockney, none of
our native born perpetually drop the
II in certain words and add it to
Others, we have no class who have the
mannerisms of speech of the people of
Lancashire. Tho Welsh, tbe Scotch
anil the Irish, too, have mannerisms
which their children do not have in
this country, and on the whole the
Ring's English* is much better spoken
here than it is in the Mother Country,
The unlive born dues not copy the
provincialisms in speech of his progenitor! from the Old Country, With
the latter these oddities of speech are
the results of isolation, lack of nei\F-
papeis, lank of travel and ol not linv<
ing Intercourse with the people of
other communities and were fixed before newspapers became general and
before the railway had taken the
place of the stage couch. In Canada
the conditions weie dissimilar aud
among the English Bpeaking people
there are few provincialisms in speei"
We have, of course, the dialect of the
French-Canadian. Tne result is tiiHt
the descendants of English, Scototl,
Irish and Welch speak vciy much
alike. When naiive born Canadians
of Urittsh descent emigrate to the
United States then- is noising in
their speech to distinguish tiiein from
thn average native born of the United
.states. If we except some of Unpeople of the South and some of the
New J3nglaBd stales, who have decided
mannerisms of speech, the average
Canadian talks in much tbe same
manner as the average American.
The average American is tbe product
or nearly so of the same Common
ancestry as the average Canadian and
liaving Leeu raised and educated iu
much the same way it, is no wonder
that they are so much alike in Speech
that it is impossible to tell Where
either is   horn  (rum  his conversation,
When ten or twelve years nrro some
Vancouver men organised a company
to construct a line of railway to run
from Vancouver to Alaska, tbe scheme
was set down as chimerical. Time
has demonstrated that such was not
the case. Since then several railway
promoters have deoided that railways
in the northern part of the province
would eventually be constructed and
they must have found men of llnaricial
means to hold similar opinions else
they never would have wasted ttieii
time-even tho time of a company
promoter bus value���to seek charters
for railway companies to operate in
those parts. Tbis has been done, ami
now notice has been given of application for the charter for an all.Canadian rauwny'to run to tno northern
boundary of the province.
Consideration of the productive
capabilities of that part of the province and comparison with other parts
of the world will show that the
scheme Is not so chimerical after all.
Some years ago Ihe provincial govern
ment sent exploratoiy survey parties
into the northern parts of the province aud they reported qnite large
areai of open park country mofltlj
well watered. That section is of such
great expan.o that the aggregate of
park country is very large Oold has
been found in Cariboo, in Ominecn.in
Cassiar in Atlin and .farther up, in
Klondyke. In parts, tbe yield has not
been large hut who can say, with the
cheaper cost of supplies,and labor and
with the improved appliances of tke
pieseut day what may not be accomplished?
Then, too, when it is remembered
that the northern boundary of the
province of British Columbia is in the
same latitude as St. l'oteiburg and
that a large portion of the territory
through which tho famous trans
Slbeiiun railway runs Is north of
Uarkerville it will ho seen that the
possibilities of that vast northern
country aie not to ho oveilooked.
That section of which we now scarcely
ever hear, which is considered but the
resort of Hudson's Hay traders, of
trappers, of Indians and of B few
Chinese placer miners may yet within
the lifetime of men, no longer youths,
be the hoinos of thousands, it may be
hundreds uf thousands, of prosperous
The Toronto Telegram says that
power can bo produced from peat gas
and sold profitably at trie rate of SO
per year pjr horse power. Tbis is
considerably lo-vor than Ihe ,fiO per
year per horse power asked frutu the
city by the West Kootenay Power A
Light company.
The September Cosmopolite is devoted largely to tho lluttalo Exhibition. Mr. Wulker, the editor, summarizes the nine great inventions
wheh have come to the front cinco the
Chicago fair as follows: Tho submarine boat, wireless telegraphy, telephoning under the sea, the X-Kay,
the high pressure, twenty-mile gun,
the small bore rifle, the baby incubator,  tbe automobile, acetylene gas.
Deputy U. S. Vice Consul Hanauer,
of Frankfort, piedicts a large Influx
of German emigrants to tho United
States next year, owing to the increased severity ot the induelrial
crisis in Germany, Would it not he a
good idea for the Dominion immigration authorities to endeavor to divert
a portion of this outllow into Canada.
The (jermnn makes on industrious
peaceful citizen in any community in
which he takes up his residence.
It is somewhat strange that Rhodes,
tho leading emplie   builder; Spencer,
the   great   thinker   and   philosopher;
llalfour. tho head of tbo bouse of com
raons; Kitchener,   tho   successful gen
etal;    Lip ton,    the   big     commercial
king; Leighton, Ihe great aitist; Sul
livan, the great   composer, and   many
other modern    leading    lights   should
have eschewed tbe   matrimonial   state
I:at so   it   is,   and   tbo  circumstances
must   without   doubt   be   classed   as
among   thuso things whiheh are inex
plicable. --Brantford Courier,
The latest penny in tbe slot device
contains novel features. It is a combination lung tester and beer dispensing arrangement, The player against
the game having inserted bis penny in
the slot blows through a tube with
all the power that there is in him
The foreo cf the brent Ii is registered
upon n dial, while at the same time
the valve of a beer barrel is opened
The longer and the harder ho blows
the larger the drink received. Tbe
lendencv of ti is apparatus will, it is
feared, make those who patron i '.a it
blow hards.
The Lardeau Eagle a few days since
said there was a lirst-class opening in
Ferguson foi a physician, and in its
last issue it declares tbat Ferguson is
in need ot a butcher shop. There are
it says live hotels a number of residences, besides the Nettie I,, and a
dozen other mines to snpply and yet
Ferguson people have to go out of
town for fresh meat. The Eagle serves
notice on Mr. 1*. Burns, the meat
k<ng. tbat if he does not put a butcher
shop in Ferguson during tliu next an
days there are some others who are
quitn willing ta do so, and what is
more the suppoit of the entire populace and the mines is assured the one
who undertakes the supplying the
peopie tneic meats. Tbis is a chance
which some butcher should hasten to
take advantage of.
Tho asssyer's cupel and the oupol
used in leduing silver-load act in entirely different ways says tho Mining
Reporter. Ihe assay cupel is made of
compressed bone ash which possesses
tho property of absorbing moltsn
metallic oxides bnt not molten metal.
Litharge (oxide of lead) possesses the
power of dissolving the oxides of
other metals such as iron,copper, etc.,
and thus all these oxides are leadily
absorbed. Tho final result is that a
pure silver-gold button remains behind, with of course any other unuxi-
disab e metals such as nlatlnum,
osmium, etc. In the refiner's cupel
only   a  poition   of   tbe   litharge    is
In View of Coming
.. Events ..
we are paying special attention to the requirements of
The Ball Room
We cannot go into details but we would  ask  you   to  have
A Look at Our Windows
We have the choicest, newest and daintiest goods procurable in the best markets of the world, and at prices which
will agreeably surprise you.
TELEPHONE    NO.    13.
Asthmalene Brings Instant Relief and Permanent Cure in all Cases.
There is nothing like Asthmnleup. It
bring9 instant relief, even in tbe worst
cases.   It cures when lilt else fails.
The Rev. 0 F. WELLS, of Villa Ridge,
111 , says: "Your trial bottle of Asthmalene received in good condition. I cannot
toll you how thankful 1 feel for the good
derived from it. I wns a slave, chained
with putrid sore throat and usthma for ten
years. I despaired of ever being cured. 1
saw your advertisement for the cure of
this dreadful and tormenting disease, Asthma, ami thought you had overspoken
yourselves, but resolved to give it a trial.
To my nstonishment the trial aoted like a
charm.    Send me a full size bottle.
.��������������������� ���������������������������������������������������i
& CO.       J
t       MADDEN    BLOCK       \
\  Cigars...
i  Tobacco
��� Phone 117
Forty minute service until 11 a. ni.
and after 7.40 p. tn., 20 minutes between.   Leaving tit
KokusIow* Manlry HI.
7,00 a   m 6-45 a- nl-
740 7-2��
8,20 800
9.00 ^ 4��
9.40 9-2��
10.20 10.00
11.00 1 o-4��
Twenty minutes until 7.40 p. ni.   at
the hour, 20 past and 20 to
ISoruhIipvi HUlilrj Kl
7.40 p  m H.00 p. m.
8.20 8.40
9.00 920
9 4��
last rat.
Tbe Id p. in. oar from Stanley street
meets the 10.10 p. m. train at Ihe depot,
goes up Stanley street aud then to Ro-
Good lots for sain in Addition "A"
close to Tramlines. For all information apply at Ibe Company's olllee,
Vernon street.
Managing Secretary,
Our Pall Stock of
Furniture and Carpets
is now complete.
We buy of the Largest Manufacturers and Importers,
J. 0. BUNyflN & 60.
The Complete House Furnishers-
"Zbe IRoval Bank of Canaoa"
10 20
usr car
Incorporated 1869.
��� 1,000 IKW.'Ml I   I Roltal   I'lil.lm>,
it.mr.l of nlrftfUim     rhoinaw B. Koonr,   Prasldout
Wiluy Smith   H. U. Bauld, Hon. David MacKoon.
Capital   Ailllnirl/i.l.
���    ���     *��,S(Hi,oon m
 *l.7lMI,u,in |Hj
Thomas Kltohlo. Vloo Proalilant
II, 10I oillrr, Haliraxi
Genoral Manafjor. K.lson L. Pease, Montreal,
Suvorlauindont ot Branohes, and Suerntary, w. B. Tornnoo, HalUm,
<(������ i-i><���<���   Moil' 11:11]    (Oity   Ofllcpl,   Moiilm
Wont Wild (Cor. Notro   Dame nnil Snlii
nourn Streets)!  WoHl.iiiount, (Cor. (ln��B
Avunuo and St. CatharlnoH Stnieti.
Ontario -Ottawa.
Newfoundland    St. John's.
Culm. Weal l��dt'-A -Havann.
Suva   Hrolla-Ilalllaic   Branoh,   AntlgonH
llrldguwotor, tluynboro. bondoodorry, uu
oubiirK- Malt-land (Hants Co.), 1'lct.oil, Port.
Hawkesbury, Sydney. SliuborjiLaadie.'rriiru,
New    urunMwlck ��� Bathuret,     Domhneter,
Frodorlctoii, KlnaHtoii (Kent Co.), Mono
ton, Newoastlo, Saokvule, St, John,Woodcock-
r. E. inland���Charlottelown, Suniinorvido.
United *latei*-Mow York lift ICYr-liv>ro PIam
Republic, Wash.
Grand   Furies, Nanaimo,   Nelson,   Rossland,
Vancouver East End, Victoria.
Kev, Dr. Hurrls Wechslrr,
Rabbi of th�� Cong. Ilnni Israel,
New York, Jim, 3,1901
Db Taft Bros. Medicine Co.,
Gentlemen: Your Asthmalene is an
excellent remedy for Asthma nnd Hay
Fever, and its composition alleviates all
troubles which combine with Asthma.
Its success is astonishing and wonderful.
After Imvinp it carolully analyzed, we can Btnte flint Astbmaleno contains
no opium, morphine, chloroform or ether.    Very truly yours,
Avon Situnos, N. Y, Feb. 1, 1001.
Ors. Tait IIisos. Mbdicinb <>>.
Oeiitlemeii : I write this testimonial from a, sense of doty, having tested the
wonderful effect of your Asthmalene, for the cure of Asthma. My wife has
been utllcted witb spasmodic asthma for tbo past 12 years. Having exhausted
ray own skill as well as many others, 1 chanced to boc your sign upon your
windows on 130 th street, New York, I at onoe obtained a bottle of Asthmideno.
My wife commenced taking it about Hie first of November. I very soon noticed
a radical improvement. After using one bottle her Asthma has disappeared
and she ii entirely free from all symptoms. I feel that I can consistently re-
oommend the medicine to nil who are alllioted with this distressing disease.
Yours respectfully, O. O. PIIKLPh, M. D.
On. Tait linos, Medicine Co, Fob. 5, 1901.
Qentlemen: I was troubled with Asthma for 22 years. I havo tried numerous remedies, hut they have all failed. I ran across your advertisement and
started witb 11 trial bottle. I found relief at once. I have since purchased your
full sized bottle, and I nra ever grateful. 1 have a family of four ohildreu, and
lor six veins was unable to work. I am now in tho best ot health and am doing
business every day.   This testimony you can make such use of as you seo fit.
Home address, it") Hiviugton street, S. RAPHAEL,
(17 East 12SI.li St,,New York City.
Do not delay.   Write at once, addressing  014.  TAFT BROS, MEDICINE
CO., 79 East 130th St., N   Y. City.
Sold by All Druggists.
absorbed by tho cupel and most,
nearly all in fact, is removed through
n tap hole. The refining cupel is
formed of marl, or a inixtuie of lime
stone and lire clay. Whatever mixture
or niuteiial is used it must lie unat-
tacked by litharge and sufficiently
porous to absrob some lithaige.
Jewels, candy, flowers, man- that is
the order of a woman's preferences,
.levels form a magnet of mighty
powei to the average woman. lOven
that greatest of all jewels, health, is
often ruineu in the strenuous efforts
to make or save the money to purchase tbem, If u woman will risk her
health to get a coveted gem. then let
her fortify herself attain at the insidious eooseqnences of coughs,  eolds and
bronchial affejniona by the regular
use of Dr. BoSBBSe's Merman Syrup,
It will prompt!) arrest consumption
its early stages nnd heal the affected
lungs and bronchial tubes and drive
the dread disease from the system. It
is not a cum nil, out it is a certain
sure for coughs, colds and all bronchial* troubles. You mil get Dl. <).
I), llri'on s reliable remedies nt W
F. Teetzel .t to. (let Green's Special
A. R. BARROW, a. m. l o.B
Provincial   Land Surveyor
Corner Victoria nnd Kootenay Sts.
d O.  Box 500 Telephone   No. ��
Spokane Falls &
Northern RY
Nelson  &l  Fort
Sheppard R'v.
Red Mountain R'v.
For the comfort of the number of
people who are now using this
popular line, a direct daily Buffet
Car service has been inaugurated,
thereby giving passengers every
comfort obtainable 011 any of the
larger railways in Canada or the
U. S.
Close connections made at Spokane for the south, east  and  west.
Only 10 hours to Seattle and 18
to Vancouver and Victoria.
Passengers booked direct through
to all European points.
Leave DAY TRAIN Arrivt
11100 a.m Spokane 7:35 p.m
12:25 p.m Rossland 4:10 p.m
10:10a.m Nelson 0:05 p.m
H. A. JACKSON, G. P. & T.A.
_ Spokane  Wast.
Agent, Nelson. B.I!
Delivered to any point
on Kootenay Lake.
I have a complete stock on hand ol
Rough and Dressed
Mouldings, Sash Doors.
Inside Finish,
Coast Flooring, and
Finished Lumber-
Mill at PILOT BAY. Tnrds, NELSON
and LAR1.0.
0AE8.-MEALS a la 0AETE.
Close connection East and West-
hound at Spokane with trains of the
Spokane Falls and Northern Railway,
Direct connection at St. Paul without change of depot with all trains for
Chicago, Toronto. Montreal, New York
and all points West and South,
Leaves Spokane daily for East at 9:15 a m
Leaves Spokane daily for West at 7:15 a.m
Leaves Spokane daily lor West at 8.00 p m.
West-hound trains make direct connection for Victoria and Vancouver,
Portland, San Francisco, and all points
on the Sound.
During the season of navigation East
bound trains connect at Duluth with
the magnificent steamships North West
and North-Land of theNorthern Steam-
ship Company Line, operated in connection with the Great Northern Railway.
For further information, aps, folders, etc., apply to any agent of Spokane
Falls k Northern Ry., Kaslo & Slocan
Ry, Kootei at Railway & Navigation
Co, or to
City Pubs, and Tkt   Agt,  W  701   W,
Kiverside Ave., Spokane, Wash.
G. K. TAOJtAUURY, Local Agent,
Nelson. B 0
J. 0. GWILLIM, B-,  8c,
Late of Geological  Survey of Canada.    Six ypnrs experience in B. C
mining districts.
Correspondents 1
������aniMla-Morchants Hank of Canada.   Boston -National Shawmiit Rink.  OalesM-IUInoti
Trust and Bavugs Bank, Man Praaelwo-Plrst National Hank.   i...  Kaj^-Bsnli nt
Scotland.   1'arln, France���Orodit Lroanaln.   Bermuda-Rank ot BarnmAa.  (Ulna ami j>.
pan���Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation.   ��i>oknn��-01il National Bank
(leneral Banking Business Transacted; Sterling Bills ol Exchange  Bourn
and Sold, L.tiers of  Credit, Etc., Negotiated.
Accounts received ou the most favorable terms.   Interest allowed on fpecinl
deposits and on Saving, Bank accounts,
Geo. Kydd, Manager, Nelson, B.C.
The Canadian Bank of Commerce!
With Which Is Amalgamated
The Bank of British Columbia.
Paid-up   Capital,   (8,000,000;    Reserve   Fund,   ��2,000,000;
Aggregate  Resources Over 865,000,000.
HON, GKO, A. COX, President.      B. E. WALKER, Heneral Msunfror.
London Olllee: 60 Lombard Street, B. C.
New York Olllee; 16 Exchange Place.
And 68 branched In Panada and tho United States, lnolndlngi
Atlin Obrknwooo Nblbon Sanoon
Chaniihoor        Kamloopb Nkw Wkbtminbtkh   Vancouver
Frhnik Nanaimo Rossland Victoria
YUKON DISTRICT-Dawbon and Whitb Hohsr.
UNITKI) STATES���Naw Your, Ban Kiiancisco, Seattle, Portland, Skagwav,
Savings Bank Department.
Deposits Roccivod and Interest Allowed.  Present Kate :i Per Cent
Nelson Branch. GRANGE V. HOLT, ManaRer.
_\M___\_______\__________\_\ __n _______ __,, _%,, __ ______t____j
WTr_f*r^k'*r_\/r'~W I ��� _t*^_t**^B1*_W*^_f**^B���^l'**-��**_)���_t**9**% I
The new Coal City is owr.ed hy the Similkameen Valley Conl Company,
Limited; who have placed one Ihonsnnd lots on the market nt tho following
prices: from $60 to 8225, one fourth cash, Imlnuce three, six and nine niontlin,
without interest
There is also a small hlock of tho first one hundred thonsnnd shares leniniii-
tn he sold at 35c, 5c. a share down, balance in six monthly payments, When
these nre sold the Bbares will be ndvanoed to $1 eneli by the Company.
The Company's land, including the townsite of Ashuol.i, is underlaid withal
least threo Hue sesms of ciiking, steam and furnace coal. The Company also
own Ihe water rights and at luast 25,000,000 feet of fine timber. All the above
is owned by the one Company, and every shareholder will participate in the
profits acomiug from the sule of any of tbe above mentioned property.
A full force of men nre now ot work and will be kept on continually ilnring
the year.   For further information apply to.
R. J. STEEL, Official Broker, Nelson, B- C
Or Vedder & Cunningam, Oreenwood, B.O.; J. E. Ohnroh, Viotorin, B. 0.1 W
VV. Fellows, Sandon, 1!. 0.; 0. E. Douglas, Vancouver, R C.
Parties  having  in
samples of their ore to
Silver-Lead  and  Copper Mines wanted at the EXCIIANGB.
properties  wanted at once for Eastern
ininfr  property for  sale are   reqnested to send
< the EXCHANGE for exhibition.
We desire to hear from prospectors who have promising mineral
claims in British Columbia.
nnA1^,Ti?';<lto.r8,'ind  m'"""g  nr.en   are requested   to make  the  EX-
A.i headquarters when in Nelson.
All samples should be sent by express, PREPAID.
Correspondence solicited.    Address all communications to
Tn,���nh������ ���   ,n. ANDREW   F.   ROSENBERGER.
TolonhonoNo. 104.   P. O. Box 700. NELSON. B.C.
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants
������<s ��������������������� <a*fl
Branch Markets in Rossland, Trail, Nelson, Kaslo
Sandon, Three Porks, New Denver and Slocan City.
0rd,r* by mM *�� ������� *>runeh will have careful and oromot attention.
1 Baker Street
You shouldn't send out of   town for
f,nHWnr   y��UrH,elf  or   y��ur   '"""and
Nelson. B C. ZyoT * "*" ** *""* ��� d��
You should'nt send out of town for
cards for yourself or your husbanil
until you see what The Miner can do
for you.
'i^mmBP' Nhlson   Daily Minkr, Sunday November 3, 1901
I    MINING NEWS.     |
,., ,. prooter. manager of the York
aud' Lancaster abdicate,  ���** John
, npson, foreman of  the Alice mine,
Ibv the syndicate, leave on   the
^ornTng'toat for Crenton *o bt, gone a
rJdaye.   The government a eomplet-
!! a wagon road  to the Alice mine
. which  "<��k was oramcnce(1 lnht
nr     The   company   h��s  expended
r,Ds  the  last   18  months  on   the
iHenilneandonother  properties in
illtrict   the sum of   $50 000.    On
saAliue nlone drifting ��nd tunneling
0 th* extent  of   1100   -Vet ha. > been
Le Considerable ore is on the
aB;8 ������e the Intention Is to develop
2 Ler or MO-foot level  during the
Ling ��i"t��f- BcBi'1es ��BS,8t,I>K t,,e
���Hce mine and other mines on Goat
Mountain the wRjc-n road will be of
benefit tu a number of ranchers nt the
(not of tho mountain. The aotion of
th, government In toil matter is ap-
prtolated t'�� ���� interested. The
Alice is a silver-lead proposition
but oning to market enndlticns the
nrniajeoisnt is somewhat hampered as
to Immediate nbipplng. If tbo development of the lower level this winter
prove! as satisfactory as expected the
MBtpnnj Intends to put in   a  conoeu-
trnting plant '" tha Rpri"B if the
markets have improved enou Ii to
narranl the shipping of the clean
On the Porter-flpmestake group
owned hj J. 0 l'orter and I) G.
Porter, tlic ernsseut tiitiiiel on which
the owners have been woiking this
inramei finally reached the lead thin
week sod has penetrated it 19 feet,
without enennnterlug the foot wall,
(lo ibis property about iltlO ftot of
worii has been done consisting of tunnel, ami hl.nftH. Tho group is situ-
nteil tliri'i'-qnartors of a mile nhovo
the workings on the May and Jennie
inini'.iinil is connected with the wagon
rond to thai mine by a trail. A considerable shipment of supplies is
being tnlton out todny, and it is the
intention of the owners to inorease
their force ol men and continue opern-
tioiiH through the winter.
Tie Sullivan Group Mining company nt n special meeting on Friday
lalilietl the act of the trustees in
appropriation (100,000 for lite purpose
of building a smelter at Mnrysville In
Knst KiiiU'iiay. The company was
originally Incorporated for 88. BOO,000
but when tlio .smeller was undertaken
that was Increased to 83,0(10,000. of
the total) capitalization only 1,670,210
shares have been issued.
-<><=��) I (35ao���
Syperiorto Alum Baking
jpovvders. Equal to any
iotlrjsr Anti-Alum Baking
lljpder and costs but
while he was Changing his position,
throwing him into the water and,
as he eould not swim,he was drowned.
Tho body has not yet been reoove.ej.
Hloim Un. I'mifili
nnil Wort a on* Hie lold.
Laxative Btomo-Qnlnlno Tablets euro a oold
i n (,i c ,!nv.   NoCurn, No Pay.   I'rlco 25 oonta
Manager Annahle has some promising nttraotions booked for the opera
house. The Hist of these will be Leon
M, Ilattenbaeh's dramatization of
"Under Two Klags," with a strong
company and Louisa McC'iillnm as
Clgatette, This company will appear
on November 10th, On Noveinhor 2���th
and 28th the Coon Hollow company,
will produce "Coon Hollow" nnil
''Fogg's Ferrj." This company is
said to be a meritorious ono On
December !>tb Carpenter's "IJno
Vadls" will be put on with fine scenic
effects und a well balanced cast.
A force of fifteen men started to
work yesterday on tho May and
Jennie wti on road to put it in good
condition between the mine and its
junction with the government wagon
road to Nelson. It 18 said the road is
to bo put in Srst class shape immediately, which would indicate that it
will bo put to considerable use before
On tlin Star group ill Hast Kootenay
the tunnel has been diiven for a rtis-
tance of 60 feet following a pay shoot
eight feet Wide. A crosscut has teen
made and the ledge found to be 02
feel wiilo. The pay shoot will average
JS3.4H to the ton and the rest of the
ledge tin..',8. Tho principal value in
Hie ore is copper.
Tim Mining Review says that eight
'eet of gnlonn has bieu struck on the
Side I.inc. adjoining the Mile I'oint,
at Aius-.voi th.
The North Star in East. Kootonay
continues to make shipments of 40
tins per day.
The  shipments   from   Sandon
week were 387 tons.
Hut her beauty was completely bidden by sores, otches nnd pimples till
slio used Bueken's Arnica aSlve. Then
they vanished as will all Eruptions,
fever Sores, lloils, Ulcers, Carbuncles
nnd Felons from its use. Infallible
for Cuts, Corns, Hums, Scalds and
Piles. Cure guaranteed. 2.1c at Oan-
aita Drug & Hook Co.
H. & M. BIRD
$2250���Six roomed house on Victoria
stieet, close to the city hall all
improvements. Cash $10.10, balance easy terms.
1500���Three roomed furnished honse
anil 50-foot lot on Hoover   street
8110D���Two story bouse and corner lot
close to depot. Cash $500, balance easy terms.
Conper-London, *6li.j,6s. up 5s.
spot; ��04, 7s. (id futures; New York
tlll.H.1 to S17 for lake, J10.37X to 810.
"*>i for ensting.
Lead-London, ��u. 8s. 9d.: New
Yorh, $4.37),".
Silver-London, 20��d ; New York
At Movie on Wednesday afternoon
nomas Johnson, who had a oontract
"���sinking a shaft on Lamb oicek,
n'b' attempting to cross Moyie lake
''���Ieterboro canoe was drowned.
8 bout  oaps|ZB(|,    it  is presumed,
815.00-Fnur roomed   cottago on Ward
$18.00���Six room house on Kobson St.,
close to Stanley street.
10,000   Royston   Gold    Mining   Co.
shares for sale at 5 cents.
- SEE ���
West Block.
East Baker St.
The Finest Jewelry Store
in the Kootenays
Cor. Baker and Stanley Sts.
Overflows with the best and most artistic goods our experience coukl choose.    Everything
Chaste, Beautiful, Rich, exactly suited to its purpose.
Rare and Precious Stones, Jewelry and Jewelled Wares,
Toilet Articles,    Sterling Silver Wares,
Watches, Innumerable Varieties; Clocks, Fancy Lamps in Onyx
Marble, Bronze. China, Gilt; Cut Glass, etc., etc.
These goods are bought to advantage and we give you  the benefit.    'I he   prices are  astonishingly low.    We invite you to see them.    You will be delighted and instructed.
Watch Repairing a Specialty.
Adverl i.-oim'ii!������> tnriorted under tnln bead nt
tho rate of one com a word per inHortion, No
\dvortfH6mouti taken for \<->-<- than 25 nont>\
Situation Wanted odvortlricmonta Inserted
t.hroe Milieu freo of chance.
FOB BENT.���On Josephine street,
between Kilioa and ("Uirbonnte street
i   eleven   roomed house  excellently
adapted for a private boarding house.
Contains all conveniences. Thoroughly
renovated recently.    Beer Hros.
nelson, b. c.
DJ. HOUKRTSO.N k CO.   Next door to
.   llionuw Post Ollloo UulldlUK, V union
at., Nolson,  Day 'phoue 'SH. Night, 'phone iu7.
IOUSK   tu rent   on Vernon     streut.
Apply cupum T. .1. Duncan,
trOBNIBED      BOOMS. -Apply      on
Mi lieu,     seiiond   door   west     Ward
BOOMS and HOARD.���Every convenience;   Kiintli oaat   corner of   Carbonate and Josephine street.
BOOMS TO BENT.���K. W. c. Block-
Two roniiiH en anile on Ward st.,
also rnoins faeit ff the west. On September 1, two sir^io rooniH and two
or throe en cii to facing Baker st.
Furnished or unfurnished. Mrs. B\
,1. So.ii.re, Room II,  K,    W. O.  Block,
WANTED ���At o..co unfurnished rooir,
IU). Hon 07.
wanted���A    position    as    housekeeper foi family or   mess,   or  any
place   ol    trust   by    an     experienced
woman.    Apply 0, Miner Ofliee.
EMPLOYMENT.���All   kinds of help
wanted���Orders    for   help    receive
prompt, attention.   R. Purdy, Employ-
nent iigont.     I'huuu   44,    i'   O.    llux,
WANTED.���By a woman work of any
kind.      Would  peter   looking   after
offices.    Enquire at Nelson (Jafe.
WANTED���Ily young   English    lady,
certificated*   position   as governess,
II. B. 11., Y. W. (!. A.,  Vancouver.
WANTED���A   good tinsmith apply to
O. 1'". Comer .t Co. Calgary Alia.
MEN WANTED���On     Crow's Nest
Southern   Ry.     Good   wages, long
job   Headquarters, Elko,   H.   c. A.
(iutlirie & Co.
NELSON Employment Agency. Baker
street. Phone 278. .1. II. Love.
WANTED-liailroaii laborers, |:J.-'.rp
per day, hoard SB.80; Free Transportation. Tie cutters. Bridgeman
8.1.M. Woodcutters. Laundress. Oirls
for   housework.
llthi: Mlllluir liolll I'mlirrtlrs H> arc
hiixHiih lii Kccurc a IV.. free iiiIHIiik ��<��lil
propcrllcH ul niicc. Tbe PHMpcrlor'* K.\-
cIihiikc, Nclitou, R. i\ Room 4, K.-W.4:.
��oi.u sil.t lilt i orrmt i.k lit   Him",   ami
primiicclN iviiiilcil.   hrml rrporl uii.l MM'
pIch lo (lie l*ro4prctor*M KxcIiiihkc SicUoB.
OX.    It.MMIl I K.VT..C.  I.I.Mll.
XI     N. M. C'uiiiiiiiiiK,  l^;-^,!u    Kvury known
variety of lofldriula.  POIioxai lolophon
No. 31. Hoover Btroot, Nelaon,   UotUonol the
t.imour. su Leon Hot Uprlogs Ulueral Wuiur
C1ANK ��c MACDONALD ill. Cmio, Junto
j   A. uaodonaktl���ArobiUHite uud Huuerln
lelidoiiw, lliuucii Hill HiuoK, ooruor llukci uud
Ward HLrout:,, :-,ijlsuii
HJ. WVAN'd tc OO.���Dakar BUeeb, Noi
��� hod���Wkoleaale dealura iu luiuum, ol
Kurri, oemeat, Uro brick unil lire cluy, wuLer
pipe und hUjo! ruli^, unit gouerul coiuuiistiion
AMAGUONALD tt. (Jo.-Corner Frun
t ami Hull streets��� Wtwluaalo grocer
uud jobbuin in bluuketH, gloves, lulttA tiooUi
i ubbors, mitckiiiuwM uud iiniu:rb' suauries,
Ii   HUKNrf & Co.���Baker rtU'oul, Nelson-
.   VVtioloHulo doultrri in fiutdi u d cured
muni.,.   Cold .SuiruKu.
liukiu- biiuuL. Nekton���Wholesale dou
cm lu frunh uud ouroa incuu.
JAWIIKNOK   HAItllU Al'.r.   Cll-   Hul.u
J   hLrooL,   Nelspu - Wholrsalo  dsalara  lo
aurawaro, miiuiTT sappiios, Bportlng soodd
YI'l.ACllLAN BROS, (Saooewora to Van
jLVJL ouuvor HardwaroCo, l.td.iBakerStroee,
Nelson���\\ boleBale doalom in  baroware und
iniiuni; Mii.pn, . pliilubui-H' Ulld LlllslllltllB'.up
\j KlJiON HARDWAKK CO.-Wholesale
_\ paliiu, olid und Klsss: meobaalos1 tools
AKuaiH foi Oiiiuiio PowdorWorka; ijmamlte
rliUHNKIt,BOSTON (cOo,-Ooruer Vornou
X and Jodcphino BtreoLH, Nelson���Whcio
sulo douloni ia liquors, olgars, und dry goods,
akoiiu for Pabst BrewingOo. of .Milwuukoe
and Oajgary Brewing Co oi CulKury.
UDSON'S BAY Co.-WlinluHulu urocoriod
undihiuordolo., linker Wtrool, Noldon.
Oitlco corner Ji.tti and Kront SLroeta
Nelson���Lumber, oeiltng, floorlntfi aud evory
Llilug in wootl for builihu^ purpoeoe�� Uot out
pricoH.   Corruripotidisiictj BOUoltW.
TI  GALLON *���, OO.-DoAlera in oro naokn
1 ���   anil bwinea   Always A large Ht��
_   ami bwinea  Al' __.
band. Telephone991 Room IL IwyV.-o hi
The Jeweler
Canada Permanent and Western Canada Mortgage
will be Given Away with
one pound of No.   i   Coffee
for 50 cents cash.
Hair Brushes
Nail Brushes
Tooth Brushes
Clothes Brushes
West Kootenay Butcher Co.
Fresh   and   Salted   Heats
We are showing a
splendid new lot at
Very Low Prices.
Hair Brushes 50c. to $3 50-
Watch Our Adv't next week.
Canada Drug and
Book Co., Ltd.
obtained in all countries
Registered Patent Attorney, Me
Ohanlcal Engineer and Draughtsman. Bank of B.N A. buila.ng,
Hastings St., Vancouver, B C.
Write for full particulars.
Fisn and Poultry in Season
E.   C.   TRAVES.   Manager.
K.-W.-C   Block, Ward Street, Nklson.
Orders by nr��i1 receive careful and prompt attention
Money lo Loan at 8  per  Cent.
OHices now ocuupieil by R. M. Mac-
noiiald ; pos&HKsion Oc. 1st.
7-room bouse, modern convenience, f-2.
fi-room house, tnodorn conveniences. 813.00.
4-rooni bouse, water only, 811.
Two lots, Observatory St. $450.
r>-room bouse, carbonate si.   SI.000
7 room huusc. Carbonate Bt,    f2,100.
Dominion and
land Surveyor.
l6g N IiLSON B C
Stoves and
Ranges . .
Wo arc showing tbis seasoD a full
line of these goods  and solicit your
esteemed patronBge.
Lawrence Hardware
For domestic or steam use.
A full supply always op
Kates to all railway and
lake poinls
General Agent,
Tel. No. 265.
Office ��� Two doors west
C.P.R   offices.
nlMNG llltOKIK, *OI 4KY
vVludermero Mines.  CorreapondenoeSollolb
P.   La  S.
KASLO.  B.  C.
Mineral   !������������� ���jnrl mines sutveyed.
Manufacturers of BEST STEEL WIRE ROPE.
Tramway, Hoisting, Mining Wire Rope.
Lang's Lay for Tarmways and Underground Haulage
Local Stock carried, estimates furnished.
H. E- CROASDAILE Agent Nelson-
Will pay the highest cash prioe for all
kinds ol second band goods. Will bay
or sell anything from an anchor to ���
needle. Furniture, stoves, oaiperts,
ooking utensils, bought In household
quantities. Also oast off clothing
Oall and see me or write. Addre��
Silver King Mike, Box MM. H����
Street, Nelson,  R. C.
CARS : : :
addition   to
usual   equip-
and try a boMle, a dozon, or a tmn-ol of
QALGARY BEER as It Is tho bout and
beapost on tho market. Also try our
NES,    LIQUORS     and    CIGARS.
PRANK  A. TAMBLYN. M........
TrleDhonG 03 linker 3k.. Nelso*
Civil Engineer* aod Provincial Land
P. O. Box 145 .Nelson, B.C.
J. H. Oahtkb,
l)is. Pass. Agt.
i   A
Crows' Nest Section-
Leave Kootenay Landing
Tuesday and Friday for St
Paul via Soo Line.
Friday only for Toronto,
Montreal and Boston and intermediate points on direct
J }
For berths, timetables,rates and full
infill in.it icui ripply to.
H. L. Biiown,
Oity Passenger Agent j
E. J. Ooylk
A. G. P. A.
If there is anything you require.ask
(or it In    b- aolaaui  of the Miner.
��� ������ i
-     ��� u
��� ___%
..��� If
i Nelson Dailv Miner Sunday, November 3,  1901
LettCT Do   yon   waut   a   good
Files Letter File, one that Is
honestly made in every
particular, the best cheap File ever
made? If so, v.o recommend our
"Accountant," with double arch,
ibriex and cover.    Price 50c.
F'or a better File, in faot, tho best
File made we recommend the "Shannon," with index and cover. Price,
letter size 00c, Cap size $1.00.
For Office Sundrios of all kinds we
know no better place than the
i The family of L. A. Qoodbolt moved
to Nelson from Montreal this week
ami will take up thoir residence bore.
At St. Paul's Presbyterian chinch
Rov. Dr. Wright will today conduct
services both morning and evening
Jesse Graham disposed of his residence on Mill street yesterday to J.
Porter, and left with bis family for
Grand Forks,
The Rt. Rev?rend John Dnrt, D. C.
L., bishop of New Westminster and
Koo'cuay, will conduct both the services at St. Saviour'r. church today.
The subject of the morning sermon
in the Baptist church today will be
Drifting, and in the evening, Hard
Times. Strangers aie cordially
Another lot of laborers from Lardo
came down on tho Nelson Friday.
Mojt of them are from tho harvest
fields of Manitoba and express their
Intention of remaining in the Kootenays.
A company match will be held by
the NeUon company of 'lie Rocky
Mountain Rangers next Saturday,
when a cup and M prizes will be competed for by the members of the company.
A nioeting of tho ohtiteh Committee
of St.Saviour's church will be held on
Mi lid v evening to arrange for various mutters of importance In connection with tho church. Bishop Hurt
will preside.
II. A. Pressor left yesterday for St.
Louis, where he will embark in tho
restaurant business. His second-hand
store ami business on Ward street hm
been purchased bj L, K. I.arsjn, of
the Old Curiosity shop.
James Anderson,of Krie, anil George
Monro, ofCioston, who received hotel
lienses for their respective towns on
Friday, yesterday pill chased thcit
hotel outfits of furnishings fiom n
Nelson furniture dealer.
Men are still employed working en
the l''orty-Nine wagon road, widening
portions and removing rock that
shojrtd np as tho road bed settled.
Contractor McLean is evidently determined that Nelson is to have a first
class driveway.
At Powder Point considerable work
is being done by the ranchers wbo
have taken up land in the vicinity.
A. Walley, of Emory & Walley, this
. week planted 300 fruit trees on the
section owned by him there, and tho
other ranchers have also been very
. busy with the fruit trees, which have
been arriving from the nurseries all
The cost of the hear1 protector for
the fire brigade was |I28, not as
stated in yesterdays' issue.
Joe Thompson, of Thompson &
Douglas,wbo has been ou an extended
visit to the east, returned to Nelson
this week.
The Ladles' Hospital Aid Bociety
will bold its tegular meeting in the
ves'.ry room of the Presbyterian
church on Monday at 3 p.  in.
Roy Moo, of the C. P. R staff at
Nelson, has been promoted to a better
position In the construction department of the head olllee at Montreal,
and leaves in a few days for the latter
Since tho oold weather set iu the
boating on the lake has almost ceased
although a few adventurous fasten
still take advantage of the stiff winds
which blow every day to enjoy tbe
sailing that they could not be certain
of In tho summer.
At the ritio butts ycslerday there
was bnt a slim attendance, no regular
shooting being done. It is intenJed
tc take the Maxim gun out to the
range soma day this week, in order to
give the members of the R. M. R. a
chance to become familiar with the
workings ol the weapon.
This evening at Emmanuel church
the subject of Rev, Wm. Monroe's
sermon will bo Worry. The music
for the service will be as follows.
Aulbnm, Seek Ye the Lord, by
BobertSj anthem, Depth of Mercy, by
Voss Allen; solo,by Miss Ida Hanson,
Only Tired. A cordial invltiation is
extended to everyone.
Word comes fiom Jennings that
track laying on the railway from
Jennings to tbe Canadian boundary is
exoected to begin about December 1st
on the Montana & Great Northern
railway. Good progress iB being
made with the grading. Thoro has
been no difficulty in procuring men
from the Inn vest fields,
Andrew V. Roseuberger and Miss
Marv Amelia DyoeB were united In
the bonds of matrimony last evening.
Tho ceremony was performed by Rev.
Dr. Wright of St. Paul's Presbyterian
church. Mr. Rosenberger is the well
known mining promoter and bend of
the Prospector's exebonge, while bis
bride is a popular, accomplished and
handsome young lady of Hub city.
On Wednesday, November 6, there
is to bo a wedding at the residence of
J. W. Holmes, Mill street, when
George Phillips will bo united in marriage to Miss Alice Sccffin, by the
Uev. Jas. H. White. The happy
couple will remain in Nelson for a
few days before leaving for their
future home at Ashnola.in theSlinilka-
meon. Mr. Phillips is well known in
Nelson, and ncld a commission in the
Rocky Mountain Rangers before taking up woik at Ashnola in connection wilh the townsite company and
the coal fields tbat adjoin the town.
Tho platform oti the south sloe of
Byer's warehouse was removed by
wcikmon jetcrdny in order to make
room for the new side track the Canadian Pacific is putting in along tbe
water front to handle tbe increasing
freight business. The crossing to the
city wharf fiom Hall stroot is anything but a safe one for pedestrians,
and with the increase in the number
of tracks to be traversed In going or
coining to tho wharf a gate is luces-
sary, or otherwise there will bo an accident sooner or latei, as already
there have been a number of narrow
Heavy Wool Hose for Women and
Children.      See KERB'S values.
Arrival and Closing of Malls,
(   UiiUod State** and
9.30a.m.  ��� Eastern  Canada via
I        8. F. A N.
12.00 p   in.
0.00 p. m.
9.30 a. in.
0,00 p. in.
7.30 a. m,
9.30 a. in.
{Crow'n N��st points
and" K;i inii
(    Ucvelrttoko    and
! Main  Lino  O. P.
\ went and (lant
{'���i.-- land
lit)      lilllll
Boundary Points
Slocun Twice Point*
3.20 p. m.
1.00 p, m.
10.30 p. III.
5.20 p. m.
lu.30 p. lu.
10.30 p. m.
3.30 p. HI,
1.50 p. in
I..vi p. ni.
fKnslo. Pilot Bay anill
t       Kootenay   Like       }  11.00 a. IU.
t. 1'olllln ���  J
Itidfour Tuesday.    1
Thursday,   Saturday j
Except Sunday.
M. M. Austin, a civil war veteran
of Winchester, Iud., writes: "My
wife was sick a long time in spite of
good doctor's treatment, but was
wholly cured by Dr. King's New Life
Pills which worked wonders for her
health. Tbo jalways do. Try tbem.
Only ^5c at Canada Drug & Hook   Co.
Rainydav   skirts.      New   styles   at
Leading  Scotch   Whisky
'��� Or Fied Them oo Foot! Tiny Oan Study on
When a student begins to break
down from lack of the right kind of
-focd there are only two things to do;
either take him out of school or feed
him proper)- on food that will rebuild
the brain and nerve cells. That food
is Grape Nuts.
A buy writes from Jamestown, N,
"Y., saying, "A short time ago 1 got
into a bad condition from ovcistudy
but Mother having heard about Or ape
Nuts Food began to Iced me on it. It
satisfied my hunger better than any-
other food, and the results wore roar-
velons. I got fleshy like a goodfelln
My usual morning headache:, disappeared, and found I could study for a
long period without fee,ing the
effects of it.
After i bad beer using Grape-Nuts
Food for about two months I felt like
n new boy altogether. My face had
been pale and thin, bnt it is now
round and has considerable color, I
have gained greatly in strength as
well B-i llesh and it Is a pleasure
to study now that I am not bothered
with my head. I passed all of my ex
aminations with a reasonably good
percentage, extra guod in some of
them, and it was Grape Nuts that
saved me fiom a year's delay in entering college.
Father ami Mother have both been
Improved by the use of Grape Nuts
Food, Mother was troubled with
sleepless nights,and got very thin and
looked careworn, She nas gained her
normal strength and looks, and sleeps
well .tights."    Don li. Cooper.
Extra values in Fleeno-lined undei
wear lor Boys at KERB & CO'S.
Queens--II Buchanan, Qnesnelle;0
II Apploton, Eight Mile ; K Baker,
Toronto) E Logan, Elko; D MccLan,
Moosejaw I A 0 Kelly and wife.
Moyie; A Forrester, Robson.
Phair���A Champan, Victoria; F t*
Mclnlyra, Winnipeg; Mi and Mrs Pet-
leisen, Winnipeg; Mrs B L Rosi,
Phoenix; A E Rami, New Westminster; R VV Bi.ek, Ottawa; G H Winter,
Rossland; M P Thomson,    Vancouver.
Hume���R G Whttlock, Louisville: G
linsconibc, II EUillis, Vancouver; E
E Vincent, Calgary; .lames H (linnis,
Sydenham, England; W C Hepburn,
Croydon,  England.
Grand Central���W Kerr, F Kerr,
Slocan; If T Clark, Spokane; E B
Hope, J E Hope, Whitcwood, Assa; A
l.nugdiiii,  II A Langdon,   llarlin-y.
Mrs. L. VV. Ackley leaves for a two
month's visit in tils east todsy.
M. P. Thomson, of Thomson Bros.,
Vancouver and Nolson, came in last
Itev. Mr. Knox will preach ot the
Methodist church today morning and
A. E Rand, a well known New
Westminster renl estate man, is at
the Phair.
.lames Wilks left yeateiday for Denver to attend a meeting of tbe executive of the Western Federation of
R. P- Rithet & Co-, Limited
A.-  J3-   OR A X    ItoproseXtlvo
P. O. Box 521
West Transfer Co.
Goal aw wood
Best  Fir and  Tamarac  Al
ways on hand.
All Kinds of Teaming and
Commission Work-
Oflice on   Baker Street.
Tel. S3
Brewers of Fine Lr.ger
Beer and Poi ter.
V.lonr.   R.  0
Kootenay Railway and Nav.
Company, Ltd.
ShorUwt nnd quickest, route to the oast and all
pofntaoDUieO.K. & N. and Northern IV
elite Railways in Wu-hiiiKuuii, Oregon and
Southern Sttttes*
Time Card effective August 1. 1901
Kaslo & Slocan Ry-
3:3(1 a.'n. Lv. [Kaslo Ar. 4:00 p.m
10:55 p.m. Ar. Uatnlon Lv. 1:45 p. in.
Int Nav- & Trading Co-
5:20p.m. Lv. Nelnon Ar. 11:00n. ni.
0:10 p, ni. Ar. Kiwlo Lv. 7:00 a. in.
Connecting at Five Mite Point with Neiuoo
& Fort ^hoppard Kail way bolh to and from
HoHHiand, etc       	
Ticket* sold to all part* in United Stato.- and
Canada via Great Northern and O. It. fie N.
Co.'h line*.
Ocean steamship t.'ckotw and rate? vti* all
lim-r- will he furnished on application.
For further particular!* call ou or addrens
u����>A.epr. Kanln.B, C
O.K Tackahuuy Agent, Nelfon R'V
Atlantic S.S. Sailings
From Moncrcal
Allan Lino Tunisian  Nov.  7
Allan Lino Corinthian Nov. to
Heaver Lino Lake EttmoOfl Nov.  8
Uonvcr Lino Loko Manitoba Nov. lfi
From Portland, Me.
Dominion   Lino   Vancouver Nov. lfi
Domi lion Line Dominion Nov. 23
From Now York
Cunard Lino   I'mbria, Nov.  1)
l'iiii>iit Line Luciinia Nov. Hi
White Btar Lino Mftjefltfo Nov.  II
white Star Line Oooanlo ...Nov. 18
American Line Philadelphia Nov. Ill
Aiuorican Lino Hi.   ^aul , Nov. 30
N. G. L. Kaist-r Wilhelm cterOrosse No,.. 10
Hum burg-American Kurxt Hi-nrurk...Nov. 83
French Lino La G&BODgQC Nov,  7
Fiom DoHton
Cunard Lino Ultonta Nov.   Ifi
Dominion Line Commonwealth Nov. 27
Gen. Agent) Winnipeg. Man.
j. a. cartku, D. P. a.. Nelaon
Buff red 8blO0 His Birth nnd Found Help Only
ThroiiL'h Clarke's Kola Compound,   Now
Free From Asthma*
Mr. Robert S. Taylor, New Westminster, B.
O., writes: '1 have been a constant sufferer
from bronohlalnsthnm since my birth,��>yoar*
W?o. I havo tried every remedy over heard of
for Ibis trouble und sp-jut hundreds of dollars
with doctora. bnt to no purpose. Clarke's Kola
Compound L the only remedy that ever gave
mo any pernmnent relief. I hive also gained
much in weight since being cured. 1 oan honestly recommend It to any unfortunate niflbror
from asthma." All druggists 'till Clarke's Kola
Compound, or write the Grilllthsaml Maepher-
son Co., Limited Toronto.
For Hale by J. H Vanstooe Nolson. D, C.
of the most Successful Sale we have ever held |
Down goes the prices just in the nick of time for those who want to buy Wfotef Dry GOOdS, Jackets Of    ^
RainCOatS.    This is no catch sale, we just mean what we say.
A Few Rain Coat Snaps
for this wet weather.
Women's Rain coats in   Black'  Navy,   Fawn.
All new goods.
Our $5.00 Rain Coat, sale price $3-75
"      7.00    "        "     now  4.90
"      9.00    "        "       "     6.00
"    10.00    "        "       "     7-00
"    12.50 leaders, now  8.50
A Limited Lot of Children's Coats with Capes at
Less than Half Price.
Children's Black English   Paramattas in  sizes
32,36,40,44,48.    Were sold from $4.25    ^ SE?
to $6.60.
Were sold from $4.25
This sale will see them go for.
Also a limited number of Children's Fawn Rain
Coats in sizes only 34, 38, 42, 46, 48. these Misses
Coats were formerly $5.00 and .^b.oo. f\ (ftA
This 6 day sale will see them out at <Cl _f V
The next thing of interest during this sale will
be the marked down prices on our
Tailor Made Suits.
Every Suit has been treated to a price cutting operation, for example.
Suits that were $10.00 for $ 6.90
This is no fairy tale.
Flannelette Wrappers from $1.00 up.
Flannelette and Flannel Blouses, prices right.
Corsets and Underwear are 0. H. Values.
We have sorted out two Lots of Jackets,   comprising our entire stock.
Lot 1.
Nobby Coats, they arc yours at Half Price.
$12.00 Jackets are marked $6.25
9.00       "      "        "         4-5"
The same prices in this lot prevails all the way
Lot 2.
Some of the swellest productions ever shown in
Nelson.    Every garment correct in fit,    OCper
style and material. They are marked downtCtfcent
Domestic Department.
In the Domestic Department we intend making
things lively.
Blankets, White and Grey all sizes. Every
pair substantially reduced.
Large Size Honey-comb Quilts that were
$1.50.    Sale price $ 1 00
Heavier weight, worth $1.75.    Saleprice    1 40
Marcellas Quilts all sizes and prices.
Towels galore, Bleached and Unbleached,
Honey Combe and Damask. Now is the time to
replenish your stock of towels.
Dress Departmtnt.
Terms Positively Cash During this Sale.
We call   special  attention  to a  heavy  line of .(4.
Cheviots worth 50 cts. for20cts. per yard.    Just the _V
thing for children's school wear.    Only three   pieces ^
of them. .(��.
We cannot review all the  Bargains,  but see    ��!��.
them and you will be a sure buyer. j^
Gloves and Hosiery Away Down. %.
     , ���   'f
Every Article in the Store has been Subject to the Knife.    Visit
__ "~TZ_���____^~~I--"-~^~"
You can put in your cOal and then light the fire
from the top. It has a large ash pan so the ashes
can be removed without trouble. It has a draw
grate so the clinkers will go down in the ash pan.
Ask for the
Ox Air Blast
Ho   sure sod get the gennintt   BENNETT'S HOTTA PERCHA FOSE.not
something that looks   like   it.    Lawrence Hardware Co., Agents.
Koctenay Street. Next Oddfellows' Hall
P. O. Box 633.
incorporated under the laws of British Columbia,
capital S1,000.000 In 1.000,000 Shares. Par Value S1.00 Each.
All Trmsiiry gioch.  No ProiuoterV and No rrefvrred Stork.
Cambourne Oroup, 9 Claims Oyster droup, 6 Claims
Located in the Free Gold Fish River Camp,   Lardeau Mining Division, British Columbia.
Large Veins. Free Hilling Gold Ore
In view of the splendid showings of both high and low
grade ore and the unrivalled facilities for the economical
developing and working of the properties, it is confidently expected that, not only will the present issue of stock be sold
quickly, but th:��t no more will be offered at less than par.
Address all inquiries for information, or applications for
stock to
P. O. Box 556, Nelson, B. C.
Official Broker.


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