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Nelson Daily Miner Sep 19, 1901

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 Daily Edition NcProvinc
ai !,ibr ivv g33 vt
Nelson,   British  Columbia, Thursday,  September 19, 1901
Eleventh  Year
Duko and Duchess of York
Warmly Welcomed at Ganadlan Metropolis.
Great Outbursts of Fnthuslas
tic Loyalty Greet Them
Montreal, Sept. in.���The nuke and
Duchesfi of Cornwall journeyed from
Quebec to Montreal today and were
greeted with another affectionate
demonstration fiom the people of this
historic city, They departed from
Qnebeo at I)..10 o'clock in the morning
antl the last Hound that fell upon
their ears wart a cheer from the people
lianki'd around the C. P. R. depot.
They had spent the night aboard the
Royal yacht Ophir and came ashore
shortly after 9 o'clock The narrow
streets in the lower town were jammed with a crowd that extended from
wharf to depot and the appearance of
the young Duke and Duchess was a
sign that inspired the people to enthusiasm.
The sumptuous special train provided especially for their long journey to
tlie Pacific coast was in waiting and
as soon as they were aboard it went
speeding down the north shore of the
tit. Lawrence on the run to Montreal.
The special train was in charge ol
Lieut.-Col. A. P. Sherwood, of the
Dominion police, and Vi. It Baker of
the Canadian Railway,who will make
the entire tr'p with the party, and
I'rusiilent T. (1. Hhaughiiessy was also
aboard to sec it fairly st.irted on tlie
transeontineiital journey. The Royal
special was preceded by half an hour
by another special truln which
carried Lord Minto, the (lovernor-
(leneral, Premier Laurier and the
members of the Dominion cabinet and
almost in company tho two speeded
westward. Along the route the people
came for miles to ycli a cheer or wave
a flag at the lleeticg trains. The
royal train made but one stop of
length during the day and tbat at
Tluee Rivera.
There was a orowd of two thousand
persons at that point gathered about
tho llag draped depot and the city
offlolalfl presented themselves at thc
door of the special car Cornwall, the
Duke and Duchess appeared for a
brief greeting and as the train swept
through the railroad yard they waved
their haudB at tho crowd. The day
was perfect and the ride down the
valley of the St.Lawrence was greatly
enjoyed by the royal party.
The welcome at Montreal, which
was reached at 3 o'clock, was an ova
tion. Thousands of visitors had
crowded into the city to reinforce the
residents and they all seemed to bo
massed in the neighborhood of 1'lace
Vigor station and the streets designated for the course of the Royal
couple to the homo of Lord Strathcona
placed at their disposal. The Duchess
left tba train flrBt, behind her came
the Dnke attended by tho Duke of
llox borough aud Viscount Cereghton.
The Duke wore the full dress uniform
of a liritisli admiral and bis staff
woio the uniforms of their respective
commands. As tho party left the train
the battery thundered out a Royal
salute. Lord Minto nnd his staff,
Premier Lauri��r and the ministers
witn Mayor Prefontaino, garbed in
the robes of his olliee wero in waiting
and after the formal presentations the
party prooeeded to a beautifully
draped stand in front of the depot,and
under a banner inscribed "God
Prosper Our Unitod Umpire." Mayor
Prefoutaine then read an address of
weloome. The addiess expressed the
pleasure of thc people at the visit of
the Duke and pledged loyalty to the
ctown. Tho Duke in replying referred to his own two previous visits
to the oity and that of hll father King
Kdward in 18(10 and expressed his
thanks for tho kindly reception given
to him. At the conclusion of tho address 140 veterans of the South African
war wore called into the stand and
presented w'th service medals. As
the Duke handed each man his medal
he biielly thanked him for Mb patriotism and valor. The crowds behind
the lona: lines of troops cheered
wildly ilH the rewarded soldiers filed
from the stand.      At the conclusion of
party were escorted to their carriages,
and under guard of ni'litHiy detaoli-
mentn. As Ihey left lhe depot 7fi0
school children so costumed and
grouped as to form a living Union
Jack sang "God Save the King."
Militiamen lined the gaily decked
stioets and nt frequent intervals
graceful arches spanned tho wny.
Every bouse showed Its bunting, llag
or trophy. Colors and inollos of weloome in French and English were
everywhere displayed. The progress
of tho royal party through the
thronged streets was a prolonged ovation. The municipal reception plan-
nod for tonight in honor of the Duko
nnd Duchess was abandoned on account, of the death of President. Mil-
ICinley tint the city wns brilliantly
illuminated, and thero was a torch
light procession and display of fireworks.
Rain fell during the evening bnt
the city kept up its merry spiiit until
far into the night. As a further mark
of respect to the American people in
t.heir mourning, there wil! be no public functions tomorrow. Tlio Duko is
to receive a degree at the Mellill University and be and the Duchess will
make a number of private visits.
I circumstances I cannot acoounl fur
the fact that the miners employed in
j this mine and earning the wages paid
1 liy the Lo Uoi could justify theii po.-,i-
,tinn    in   connection    with   the   late
i si rille."
FATAL collision.
New Westminster Electors Defeat Brown as
a Blow to Martin and Dunsmnir, Electing Gifford by 52 of a Majority.
President of Ganadlan Pacific
Receives   Honors   From
King Edward,
Titles Conferred on Nine Canadians on Occasion of
Duke's Visit.
Montreal,Sept. IS.���On the occasion
of tlie visit of their Royal Highnesses,
the King has been graciously pleased
to confer the following honors:
To bo Knight Commanders of the
Order of St. Michael and St. Ilooige���
Sir John lloyd, Chancellor of Ontario;
Louis .lotto, Lieutenant-Governor of
To be Companions of the same
Ordor���Joseph Pope, under Secretary
of Stale i Dr. Peterson, principal of
Mellill University; the very Rev.
Ueorge (.rant, principal of Queen 's
University; Rev. Oliver Mathieu,principal of Laval Uuivesity; Oliver
I low laud, mayor of Toronto; Major
IT. S. Maude, Governor-General's
Knight Bachelor, Thos. G. Shaugh
nessy, president of the C. P. R. Co.
The Government Will Be Defeated When It
Meets the House if It Does Not Discount the Future by Resigning.
Six Passengers Were Rilled in a Railway Siuasbup.
Ilroi'l.'lon, Mass., Sept. Is.���A swith
Improperly   sot   brought   a passenger
train   and   a   freight   train   together
wit'u IIih lesnltant deaths   of   six pns-
|senger3on   the   passenger   trn'm   and
| injuries to 25 others this afrernoon oe
I the   main  line of the New Vork, New
j Haven and Hartford railway at Avon.
The  passenger   train   loft   lioston at
11.05 p.  in.,   and   ii   was   running   4(1
miles   an    hour   at   the    timo   ofthe
) aootdont.
Montroal, Sept. 18.���Montreal's welcome to tho Duko ami Duchess of Vork
left nothing to ho dosiied. Three
hundred thousand people lined the
streets through which the Royal pio-
cession passed nnd gave the Royal
couple a continuous ovation. Anything like it has never been seen here
before. The Royal train arrived at 3
o'clock amid the booming of cannon
nnd ringing of church bells. As the
Royal parly steeped from the Rcyal
train, followed by a Drllliant suite,
they were met by His Excellency the
Hovernor General, His Worship the
Mayor and chairmen of tbo reoeption
committees. After a sboit conference
the Royal party proceeded Lb rough thc
station and appeared at Hie entrance
fronting on Craig Btreet. This was
tlie signal for one   of tho   wildest and
most enthusiastic welcome that was
ever given any visitor lo the city.
Immediately the crowd shouted itself
hoarBo in a display of loyalty, The
bright, cool and clear day, it could
not have been more suitable for the
gathering of enormous crowds which
surrounded tho Place Vigor station
mil lined the route of the Royal procession, though there was a considerable downpour before   the   procession
nched its destination. The progress
of the Royal visitors from the entrance
of the station to the dais was nothing
short of a triumphal marcli. The enthusiasm of the people knew no
bounds. After reading of addresses of
welcome of tbo city and presentation
of medals to South African soldiers,
the Royal procession at once started.
Three miles of cheering peoplo convinced the heir to the throuo of the
loyalty of Canada.
Tonight Lord Strathcona gave n
dinner in honor of the Duke nnd
Duchess, l'-Ti sitting down. Tbeie
was a toic'u light parade in which
fi,nun people joined,   and   a   beautiful
Thos. (lilford (Opp.)  563
.I.C.  Hrown   (Gov't,)  fill
Spoiled Ha I lots  .15
ELECTION lilh JUNE, 1000.
Total votoR east     1,1
Majority for (lifVord, ft~.
Spoiled  liallot:;
Total votes cir*~
Majority for llr
the  ceremony at the depot the   Royal' illumination ot the city.     Tbe streets
New Westminster.Sept. 18.��� Thomas
llifford was elected to the Piovincial
Legislature today over Hon. .1. C.
Hrown, who wont hack to his constituency after his aeceptaneo of
portfolio of provincial Secretary. It
was an important election and the
result piactically amounted to a defeat of the (Iovernment. It was a
light between Martin and everybody
else. It U a well known fact that he
Iominates the premier and Brown wns
his nominee lor the vacant portfolio.
Mar tin throw Himself into the light
but was too much for Brown to
carry. Formerly Martin was strong
here but the electors have had enough
ot hiin. Without Martin as au issue
Hrown would have easily defeated
(lifford, who cannot be regarded as a
strong candidate in any sense of the
word. This makes the (Icvernmenl's
defeat tiie more crushing.
What will happen now it is impossible to state but when the House
meets the Uorornment will be
It is altogether probable, however,
that Dunsmuir will resign and to get
oven with the Province will probably advise tho Lieutenant-Governor
to ask Joe Martin to form a government. If tho premier attempts to
patch up his cabinet it is hard to
prophecy whom he will as to join it.
Hilly Molnnes will likely be a Martin
nominee and as the premier is
under tbe hypnotic influence of
"Fighting Joo," lie will probably do
as the latter advises, even to the extent of taking Martin himself into the
A poll of the House, made by prominent politicians here gives the opposition IB, the (Iovernment 14 and
doubtful 7, whicli, with the speaker,
makes up the .18 members.
In the cabinet itself Eberts will go
with   the   winning   party,   so   if   he
thinks the Government's jig is np he
will lino up wit'u tho opposition. It is
not thought pio'ialile that Wells will
manage to get along with the Martin
Influence and will likely step out.
Hoth these men have been Included in
the I the government list.
1 Neill, Clifford, Dickie,Smith (S. E.
Kootenuy,) Kidd and Hall of Vancouver, are classed as dimlit fe.ls, and all
may _fo government. Houston is also
marked aH doubtful, but in view of
his recent utterances it is conceded
Hint holins been trimming his sails
to get into whichever party shows
signs of coming out, on top. Including the two ministers, who perhaps
should also be classed as doubtful,
this list amounts to nine nnd granting each side half of it the (iovernment will certainly be defeated.
To the opposition sido the vacant
Victoria seat is conceded ns it will
certainly go that   way.
Tbo poll is as follows:
Opposition (10)���Monro (Chilliwack,) Oliver (Helta,) McBride,
(Dewdney,) Qaywaid (Esqulmalt,)
Smith Curtis (Rosnlnnd-Kootenay,)
Green (Slocan,) Huwthornothwalto
(Nanaimo City,) Garden and Tntlow
(Vancouver,) Holmelion, McPhillips
and vacant seat (Victoria City,)
Ellison (Yale East.) Pulton (Yale
North,) Murphy (Yale West ) Gilford
(New Westuiinstoi.)
Government (11) ���Hunter and Rogers
(Cariboo,) Stables (Cassair,) Mounoe
(Comox.) Pooley (Esqiilmnlt,) Wells
(North East Kootenay,) Taylor (Revelstoke,) Prentioe (Lillooet Last,)
Smith (Lillooet West,) Mclnnes
(Nanaimo North,) Dunsmuir (Nanaimo Soutli,) Martin and Giliuoiir
(Vancouver,) Eberts (Victoria.)
Doubtful (7)���Neill (Alberni,) Clifford t(Cassair,) Dickie (Cowlchan)
Smith (S. E. Koolonay,) Houston
(Nelson,) Kidd (Richmond,) Ball
(Victoria City.)
Speaker Ilooth.
were Jammed with   people until after
midnight,  the   street   lailway   being
treatment by the C. P. R.   officers and
the passengers on the Empress, and it
unable    to   handle jl i   vast  crowds  is hoped here Hint   tbis   will   be   tin
though every car in*the'oitv was   out.
A back could not be   had tor   love
Victoria Sept. 18.���Positive assurance lias been received that tho
Duchess will accompany the Duke uf
Cornwall and York on the westeia
pait  of the Royal tour.
permanent future route followed by
reliefs and expired men for and from
the east.      The   men have gone under
Transpoitlng nf Troops From the Far
East Via the C. P. E.
Victoria, II. 0., Sept. 18.���Tho arrival of ill men of the Maxim Pom-
Pom section of the Royal Horse Artillery, of the late China field force
under Capt. Orr, on tbo Empress last
night, marks a new departure by the
war olliee in tlio transporting of
troops. It is understood that Colonel
Collard, I). A. A G., at Hong Kong,
recently of Halifax, had some diili
culty with the P. and O. steamship
people aud opened negotiations with
the C. P. R. who promptly agreed to
take the men on the next steamer.
The men are highly  pleased   with tbe
canvas at Work   Point    narineks
where   thoy   roinnin   until   the
going   Enst   in   time   to   cntch
Sicilian   ol   tlio   Allan    Line   si
from Montreal on Oetobei 4th.
1'iaisrs the Equipment and Condition
of the Lc Roi Mine.
Rossland, U. C, Sept. 18.���Henry
Bratnober, the eminent mining engineer, spent tins afternoon in the Le
Roi mine. During the afternoon lie
said; "The equipment of the mine is
perfect, exceeding in efficiency that
ot any miue 1 have ever seen, The
property is thoroughly developed and
the working conditions on a par
with the equipment and development.
The Le Roi is dry and exceptionally
well ventilated throughout. These
conditions must commend themselves
to the working miner as assuring him
such comfi rtablo sin
at work ns are seldom found in any of
the mines, big or little, iu the   Rocky
New Vorli, Sept. 18.���Jimmy
Michel defeated Hobby Walthour in a
15-mile (single) motor paced race, the
first of a series for the indoor championship of the United Stales, Michel
covered the distance in 24 minutes 32
seconds, thereby establishing a new
record for ir, uiiles indoois.
Czar and Czarina Arrive at
Dunkirk and Are Guests
of France.
Special  Train Bears  Them
Through Miles of Watchful Soldiers.
Compiegne, Sept. is.���Tlio Czar's
first day on French Nnil passed without unto wnrd incident except the do-
lay of n couple of hour., in docking
the Standart tho Russian Imperial
yacht, at Dunk irk. The Proidontial
train conveying M. Loubet and tht-
Tzar and Czarina with their suit, h
arrived at Crmpngnie this evening.
The utmost vigilance was exeicised
along the railroad track, The train
dashed through a double row of
bayonets and drawn Bab res at. the infantry were reinforced by regimencs
of dragoons and hussars. In sonic
eases a double line of troops was on
each side of the track, the fiist being
foot soldiers and the seoond line cavalry. Any outrage'along the traek
was utterly impossible as no one was
allowed to apt)roach it.
There was a brilliant spectacle at
the landing place as the Standart approached. Ashore were drawn up
infantry and cavalry, while grouped
around President Loubet was a gathering of billiantly dressed officers and
state functionaries. Several Russian
officers scut in advance of the Cznr
were also there whilo on hoard the
Standart on the main deck were the
Czar and Czarina. (in either side
were superbly attired aides de camp
antl Cossack officers in scarlet robes.
Fore and aft were massed tho crew
and on the upper deck stationed the
ship's hand,' placing the " Marseillaise," to which tho massed bands
ashore responded Hist with a fanfare
.md then witn the Russian national
hymn. The Czarina appeared to be
not altogether at ease when she
stepped ashore. Probably she suffered from seasickness. The Czar, on
the contrary, was in Ihh happiest
mood, his good nfttured face beaming
with smiles. President Loubet, after
giving the Czarina his aim, and with
the Czar on the other side of her
majesty, passed through the covered
passage which was lined with French
officers to the Chamber of Commerce
amid deafening applause.
Paris, Sopt. is.--The arrival of Emperor Nicholas in France was celebrated in Paris tonight by a genernl
illumination of the eity. The Ely flee
Palace all pub tic buildings, all
theatres,many ehuroher. and numerous
business buildings were ablaze with
rows of llaring gas jets and other ornamental dovie.s wore to bo Beon
New Yoik, Sept. IH.���Tho committee of ih of the anti-Tammany organizations which has been holding
sessions   for several   days considering
undtngfl while (candidates foi* Mayor to be submitted
to the general conference of organizations took a final vote    tonight.      The
vote   stood     for   Seth    Low, gIT;   fur
Mountain region.  Iu view of all these j Ueorge It, Elver, 1.
Thc Home for Many Years of
Happy Life New Guards
Its Treasured Dead.
Sad Return of Slain  President to thc Famous Old
Canton,      Sept,.    ]n.���Tenderly    ami
reverently    those    who      had     known
William McKinley best received bis
martyred body into their city. They
had forgotten the illustrious career of
the statesman in the loss of a great
personal friend who liud grown dearer
to them with the passing of years.
They hardly noticed the President of
the United Stales and his cabinet, or
the generals or the admirals in their
resplendent uniforms, The beautifully
draped casket which contained the
body of their friend and fellow townsman had all theii thoughts. He had
left there two weeks ago this very
day iu full strength and glorious manhood, and the train brought him hack
The only liouse in all this sorrow
stuck en city, strange as it mav seem,
without a touch of mourning drapery,
was the old familiar McKinley cottage on North Market street to which
so many distinguished men in tire.
land have made pilgrimages in tlie
davs lhat are gone. The blinds were
drawn but thero was no outward
token of tho blow that had robbed it
ot its most precious possession The
Dowers bloomed on the lawn, as thoy
did two weeks ago. Then; was Dot
even a bow of crepe upon the door
when the stricken widow was carried
by Ahner McKinley and Dr. Uixey
into the darkened home from which
the light for her had flown forever.
The funeral services will tako place
tomorrow at 1,30 p. in. at the first
Methodist Episcopal church of which
the martyted President was a communicant and trustee. They will be
brief by tie expressed wish of the
The number and beauty of floral
tt ibud's which are arriving BUrpa&a
belief. (.'lowers are liteially coining
by the too, The hot houses of the
countries seem to have been emptied
to supply the demand
The fncilitlcH of tho little city of
Canton are simply Inndetjuato to care
for the thousand's who are here, much
less tbo otber thousands who aro on
tlio way. The population of Canton is
about 31,000 but it Is expected that
over 100,000 people \. ill be here tomorrow. Fortunately members of
the Senate and Mouse will not arrive
until tomoirow. President Roosevelt,
his naval aide, Capt.Cowles, Secretary
Root and Assistant Secretary Hill
aro   at tiie spacious ronidenee   of Mrs
(ieo. 0. Barter on Maiket Btreet, A
company of Ohio militia guards the
house. The other cabinet officers and
generals and admirals comprising tho
guatd of honor are also at private
lesidenoes. President Roosevelt and
the official party will start back on
the return journey to Washington at
7 o'clock toll i now night,
Victoria, 1!. 0., Sept. 18.���1108id68
tho memorial services arranged by
American citizens lesidont iu Victor!I
and which are to be held iu the
theatie tomorrow afternoon, a memorial service is to be held in Christ
church cathedral in the morning
which will be uo n duo tod hy the
Bishop of Columbia. All tlie public.
offices will be closed and the mayor
has requested the business   houses  to
recognize the day as one of general
Rossland, Sept. im.-The loyal Canadian city of Rossland will devote
tomorrow to public mourning as a
uiai-rf of respect for the memory of tbe
late President McKinley. At noon a
procession embracing the fraternal
labor  aud  other   organizations  will
m&rcll through thO principal streets to
Union Hall, w hero Ber vices wilt be
conducted. Stores will be Closed and
in other respects the event will closely resemble the public mourning on
the occanion of the death of the lute
[t^uoeu Victoria- Nelson  Daily Miner,   Thirsday.   September  19. '9G>
The Nelson Miner
1 lUhivl   Kvory  Morning  Except   Monday
1) illy, por n   ft~.l*y carrier     r<Oe
U illy, per month, bj mail     .vw
1�� ,ily, p..t year, by carrier I " 00
i�� lily, per year, by mail   5 0,1
Daily, per year forulKn    U 00
-'eekly.per half year  .1 2a
��\ i-ekly, per year...    :' 00
Weekly.per yuar, foreign     3 be
ubnoripLioii*, invariably ln advance
I. )M)i)N OFFICE ""
115 Fleet Htrcni. K. C.
ntral  l*rtt*H Ageoo.,  Ltd.. Snoclnl A��cnU
Alexander ft Co.. AS1 Flral Avenne.8pokane,
\V i_h., k**tiii thi, na|inr on  llli*. and an* our
authorised ageoti for advertleemeotfl and -ub
During thu present month a decision
will have to ho arrived at by the
Dominion .Iovernment which will he
fraught with the most important con-
M'o,ueneeH for the whole uf the North
West "nil more partieulalry for tin
people of Hritish Columbia, Hays the
l'ernie Free Press.
We refer tu the selection of 60,000
acres of coal lands reserved to the
1 iovernment in the charter of the
Crow's NePt 1'ass Railway. There is
11,1 reason to doubt that tin* selection
will he fairly and judiciously made.
And this is certain to he the case if it
is left mainly to the director of surveys, Mr. W. Peatce, who is upon the
(.'round for that purpose and whi
from many years experience and resi
dunce in the district is probalby better acquainted with the coal areas In
question than alraoU any other man
now that the services of the late
lamented Dr. Dawson are no longer
available. I'or some reason best
known to himself tho Minister of the
Interior has seen lit to take the conduct of this important and delicate
matter out of the hundfl of the Geo-
logical Department to which it
properly belongs and in so doing has
witli his usual courtesy ignored the
nomination of a well-known Canadian
expert conversant with the areas to
assist 111 the seletionc and has brought
in two Amuriaiis from Pennsylvania
Having regard to the enormous ex-
tent of tlie coal field and its man.*,
geological peculiarities we are satis-
lied that it will he as impossible for
tin* gentlemen to make themselves
sufficiently acquainted with the sub
ject In the few days at their disposal
11s it will be for tbem to influ.noe the
decision of men who have be.n for
years studying the situation. There
are three parties who have to be
eorihidered and to whom justice must
be done in connection witli this matter: The (iovernment, The Crow's
Nest Coal Co., and the Canadian
l'acilic Railway Co, It should be easy
to satisfy the last uamed since they
are only entitled to 3,480 acres. And
as they have already located upon the
south side of Morrissey Creek there
seems rio reason why they should be
distuilied as the location does not con
llict with either of tun other interests. The Government are to get 50.���
oiio acres of coal lauds which in the
wording of the statute must be "ol
equal value to tho other coal lands"
wo hardly need say that the whole
"crux" of thu question lies in tlie
words "equal value." It has been
��� cry properly pointed ont that this
involves accessibility for it is obvious
that If such were not the case the re
serve would be ineffective for the pur-
pone for which it waB designed. All
competent authorities agree that tote
i-cessiblo the Qovenrment areas muBt
be intersected by one or other of the
creeks Mowing into Elk river ,'roiu the
east and it only remains for the Coal
company who havo had four years to
prospect tho property to arrange with
tlie advisers of the late Government
tor snch a location upon Michel, Coal
or Morrissey creek as will comply
both with the latter and the spirit of
their charter and this we feel sure
they will do after the repeated assurances of their vice-president and managing director both in the public press
and before tho committee of the
House of Commons thut such was their
The North Star Mining Company,
Limited, operating the Nortli Star
mine in Kast Kootenay, has declared
another dividend of three cents per-
share, whioh was payable on Monday
last, on its issuod shares numbering
1,800,000, The dividend is equal to
830,000 and makes a total of 8117,000
paid this year by the company, and
makes tlie total dividends aggregate
8387,000, The outlook for keeping up
dividends is bright, us the management declares that there is enough
ore in sight in the mine to pay a
number of them. Kast Kootenav
seems to be fortunate in the mines
which have so far been developed
there. Tin* St. Eugene Consolidated,
which ownH a group of cairns at
Moyie, has paid 8210,000 in dividends
and is saitl lo be capable of producing
the largest quantity of sivur lead nre
in a given timo of any mine producing a like q lality of oro i~  ihe world.
We offer many lines of
Ladies' Wear,     Boots and Shoes,
Gents' Furnishings
At Greatly  Reduced Prices
We wish to clear out our present stock
as much as possible before our new
goods arrive.
" D. McArthur 8 Co. I
J. G. NELSON, Manager f
Furniture Dealers,
Undertakers and Embalmers.
Watch Our Window Display and Note the
Terms on the Goods.
TELEPHONE    NO.    13.
Hudson's Bay Company.
This mine is not shipping at present
owing to the low price of lead, hut a
good sized force is being kept at work
on development, The Sullivan Group
Mining Company has a group of three
well developed claims from which
considerable ore has been shipped. It
has a lead which carries 25 feet of
solid galena which runs about 47
mnees in silver and from 0u to 75 p*r
cent load. This company is now
������routing a smelter at Marysville near
its mine for tho purpose of reducing
its own ore and silver lead ore from
adjoining mines, Whan this smelter
begins operations it should be quite
an important factor in the development of the mining industry in East
Kootenay. as it will give the mine
.wneri a chance of having their ore
treated at a plant close at band, thus
making a reduction in the ejst of
transportation, Tne smelter will be
comparatively closo to a cheap and
ibundant supply of coke aud this is
in advantage of considerable importance.
In the rush of the boom days when
every investor seemed to confine liis
operations to one or two camps, which
were being industriously boomed, Kast
Kootenay was passed over and neglected to a considerable extent; now.
However, that it has been demonstrated that it is a region of large ledges of
rich oie. which haa been proved beyond tlie peradventure ot a doubt by
the St. Eugene, North Slur and Sullivan Mining companies, it should succeed in attracting the attention of
capital, which is all that is needed to
nake it take_a high rank among the
producing sections of britisli Columbia. Wilh the results already attained before them capital need have no
fear of the future of the section and
from dow on it should have a sure
and steady gro vth.
What is said lo be "the highest llag
in Canada1'���that which lloats from
Mount Roberts, 2,500 feet above [toss-
land, 11. C,���was lowered to half mast
when the death of William MoKinley
was made known. Much acts of sympathy and courtesy, says the Spokane
Chronicle, help to blot out tbo long
boundary line between the two
countries. May the time come when it
will elisiippeai forever.
tin Wednesday of next week East
Kootenay's lirst mineral, agrieultuial
aud industrial exhibition opens at
I'lauhronk and it promises to furnish
considerable entertainment to tno"e
who attend,as besides thc mineral and
agricultural exhibition there will be
peed events and other features. The
C. 1'. Ii.has granted a low rate fcr the
round trip and as many resident! of
Nelson should attend as possible.
It Ib a singular coincidence that
contemporaneously with the erection
the line to the northeruiost portion
the Amur-man continent that Africa
as a similar electrical enterprise
aring completion whioh will ooncct
northern and southern ends ot the
continent. Seven years have been
spent in building tho African line.
ireo thousand miles of wire aro in
isi tion and 1800 more will be necessary to carry the line to its northern
terminus in Egypt. The cost of the
lino so far has been 85,000,000 and it
will cost M,000,000���more to finish it.
The Work has beon as difficult as that
experienced iu finishing the line to
Dawuou as swamps havo been bridged,
mountain chasms crossed, Hoods waded,
the lion and the barbarian faced frequently to tlie pci.it of death, and the
miseries of an almost uneuduiable
climate endured, When tho line is
finished and Cape Town connected
with Port Said, it is natural to presume that a railway will follow.
Then   the   real reclamation of Africa
from the   barbarian   will   hnve   boon
' 'I wonld cough nearly all night
long, " writes Mrs. Charles Applegate,
of Alexandria, Ind., ''and could hardly get any sleep. I had consumption
so had that if I walked a block I
would cough frlgh'fullv and spit
blood, but, when all other medicines
failed, three 81.OU bottles ot llr. King's
New Discovery wholly cuted me and
I gained 58 pounds." It's absolutely
guaranteed to euro Coughs, Colds, La
Grippe, Bronchitis, and all Throat
and Lung Troubles, Price 50c and
$1.00. Trial bottles free at Canada
Drug tic Hook Co.
The most miserable beings in the
woi id aro those suffering from Dyspepsia and Diver Complaint. Moie
than seventy-five per cent, ol the people in tlie United States ure afflioted
with these two diseases aud their
effects; such as Sour Stomach, Hick
Headache, Habitual Costiveness, Palpitation of the Heart, Heart-burn,
Watei'brash, Gnawing and Burning
l'aius at the Pit of tlie Stomach, Yellow Skin, Coated Tongue and Disagreeable Taste in the Mouth Coining
up of Food aftm1 Bating, Dow Spirits,
etc. (io to your Druggist and get a
bottle of August Flower for ia cents.
Two doses will relieve you. Try it.
Dot Dreen's Prize Almanac.
Come and See Our
New Arrival of
Beautiful Framed
Art Productions.
They are
Call Early.
Selling Fast.
Canada Drug and
Book Co., Ltd.
Delivered to any point
on Kootenay Lake.
.51.50, Sopt. S3 lo Sept.  :.'7.
On account of Episcopal church
meeting at Sari Francisco the Canadian l'acilic Railway will sell round
trip tickets via Portland   and   Shasta
route   at   $51.
a for   return,
local agents.
���ood till   November
Full par ticulars   from
.1. S. CARTEK,
D. P. A., Nelson.
Notice is hereby ffiven that an extra-
ordinary general roeetiDg or tlie aliove
nanu'tl company will be held at tlie
registered office of the Company on
Baker street in the City of Nelson.
Hritish Columbia, on .Monday,the .'_~.r_i
day of September, A. I)., 1901, at the
hour of eleven o'eloek in the forenoon for tin. purpose of considering,
and if thought iU,parisii!f,f a rehoiiuion
authorizing the diiectors to raise the
hum of one hundred thousand pounds
(JBlOO.OOO) by thu issue of mortgage
bc-ndn. or debentures, ur otherwise, to
such person or persons, company or
corporation, and upon such terms and
conditions as tn tlie directors may
seem meet.    lSy order,
Nelson, (ith September, 1901.
Between Henry Bey, pliiinlifTJnilg-
raent creditor, and John Harold ilnley
and Uany i.ockwood, defendants]
judgment debtors.
Notice is hereby g.ven that pursuant
to an order of this court dated the
liith day of September, 1001, under and
by virtue of the" Judgment Act' and
Amending acts, sealed tenders for the
purciiase of Lot Hill (Four thousand
and three hundred and tleven) (Iroup
Ono (t|, Kootenay Ilistrict Hritish
Columbia according to theoliirial plan
or survey of .said district, beinj, the
property of thc above named judgment
debtors,will be received hy me at my
ollice at the Court House , Nelson,
Hritish Columbia, up to and until the
second day of October, A. 1)., 1001,
at Hi o'clock noon to satisfy the judgment obtained in this action by the
above named plaintiff judgment
cretlitoi against the above named defendants, judgment debtors, on the
20th day of Juno, 1001, for the sum of
8808.90 for debt and taxed costs to
getlier with interest thereon from the
said 20th day of Juue, 1901, at the
rate of 5 per cent (live per centum)
per annum, and also together with
tlie costs of sale and all other costs
incidental thereto incurred subsequent
to said date. The charges appearing
ou the Register against said lands
arc as follows:
1001���20th   June,    1001,    2.46   p.    in
Registration of judgment Henry Hey,
plaintiff,    versus John   Harold   lleley
and Harry Lock wood for (308.90,
Dated this 17th   day   of   September,
A. .1), 1001. I
I have a complete stock on hand o'
Rough and Dressed
Mouldings, Sash Doors.
Inside Finish.
Coast Flooring, and
Finished Lumber*
Mill at PILOT BAY. Yards, NELSON
Subscribers in Kaslo
Every morning iniutindifltnly
ou arrival of steamer, at. the
rate of    	
75 Cents per Month
Subscriptions to be left
with tlie 14,'ent,
D.   J.  YOUNG.
For domestic or steam use.
A full supply always on
Rates to all railway and
lake points
General Agent,
Tel. No. 265.
Office ��� Two doors west
C.F.R. offices.
Oak Center Tables,            *            - Worth $3.50 for 2.50 ��
"                              -            - "     $5.00 for 3.75 2.
"        "        "                   -            - "     $6.00 lor 4.5,1 x.
Oak Leather Seated Taney  Rockers "     $4.50 for 3.7s ^
'.X,    Elm Folding; Tables
^^      11 ii it
Cane Verandah Chairs
" "        Rockers
$5.00 for 3.75 5
$6.00 for 4 2i ^
$6.00 for 4.50 S
$6 50 for 4.75 J
To make room'for our Fall stoelt of Carpets anil Rugs will go at
CoBt.   To clear,   Haliy Carriages and (lo Carts,  less than cost.
West Kootenay Butcher Co.
Fresh   and   Salted   Heats
Fisn and Poultry in Season
E.   C.   TRAVES.   Manager.
K.-W.-C   Block, Ward Street, Nflson.
Otders by m^il receive careful and prompt attention
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants
*yr<Zr******* * -S-vg
Branch Markets in Kossland, Trail, Nelson, Easlo
Sandon, Throe Forks, New Denver and Slooan City.
orders by malt to arv branch will have careful **d oramvt attention.
fc*l*^fcai__fc>l__Ml__k*ii^fc<f^fc_il.^fc4*t ^fc4*^fc<i^h<*^fc4> ��^41 flfc4lfl H ^i>l f^4tf%"lf
The Canadian Bank of Commerce \
Civil Engineers and Pro   uclal Land
T. O. Box 145   a' N    on, B.C.
 Br I ^^^^_^^'^^��
The wise man who waits to liny
shares in tho Similkameen Valley
Coal Company, Limited until transportation reaches the eoal fields woulil
have to pay at. least $."1 per share for
what he ean now buy for 25 cents in
four  equal   monthly   payments   from
With Which Is Amalgamated
The Bank of British Columbia.
Paid up   Capital,   88,0(10,000;   Reserve   Fund,   82,000,000;
Aggregate Resources Over 865.000,000.
HON. GEO. A. COX, President.      B. E. WALKER, t-eueral Manager.
London Office: 6a Lombard Street, !:. C.
New York Ufllce; io Rxchangc Place.
And G8 branchoa in Canada and tlie iJnilud Suite*, luoludlng:
dhitish columbia
ati.ii. Ohkenwood Nklson sanhon
(KANllHOO- KaMI~101*B NKW WKSTMlNflTKIt   Vancouvkh
Fkiinik ' Nanaimo Kosslani* Victoiua
YUKON DISTRICT���Dawkon and Wihtk House.
UNITWl) STATKB���Nkw Yukk, San Kkancikco, Skatti.k, Portlanii, Skagway,
Savings Bank Department.
ttcpotlts Received and Interest Allowed.   Present Kate 3 Per Cent
Nelson Branch. GRANGE V. HOLT, Manager.
i uJtuJI u__k<____*> l__M_____l uA ___________________________M-_-_Uh-_l
fOmWm^OMfw**W*~*w���T*9~**O0*9TZOr t*y***m*^*\9*^*\wy**rmW9^momrwmWT^**'
Our stock is now complete in the above lines.    Call and be
convinced that the most complete stock
is carried  by the
& CO.        j
MADDEN    BLOCK       f
J. G. BUNYAN ~ 60.
We have the Largest and  Finest
Assortment in the city.
���   Tobacco i
X Phone 117 I
Canada Permanent and Western Canada Mortgage
head office toronto,  ont.
Money to loan on Straight Mortgage.
Apply to U. Ii. LSNNOX B��k��. St.
Brewers of Pine Lager
Beer and Porter.
__���_)��.�� I. O Nelson   Daily  Miner, Thursday September 19,  .cici
D. U. Young, tl. II. Pitts, and
George M. Phillips, oflicials of the
Similkameen Valley Coul Company,
limited, left yesterday for Aslinola.
Their mission is to begin the aetual
work of development on the coal
m ines and the grading of streets and
construction of buildings in the town
of Ashnola. This work will be continued from now on during tho coming year. It ia expected that fiom 100
to 150 men will he put to work at
once hnt by the first of the year it is
expected that a larger number will
be employed.
.1. II. Magnier, who was anosted at
Vancouver, charged with absconding
fniiii Waneta with funds belonging to
tiie Second Relief mine at Erie, was
committed   for   trial    by   Stipendiary
Magistrate Crease yesterday, and wl'l
cuine before .Indge Forin on Monday
nnit to elect as to how he will bo
tried. A. H. McNeill, K. C, of Boss-
land, appoarcj for tho prosecution,
and S. H. Taylor, K. C., for tbe defence. The evidence of J. Coulter,
superintendent of tho mine, antl
others was taken, on whioh the coui-
nnttiiiont was based. Tho young son
of the prisoner arrived from tlio coast
lust evening and will remain hero
liming the trial.
Vi. 3. Walker, editor of the Freeman's Labor Journal of Spokane, is
In the city, representing1 bis paper as
well as looking after tlie interest of
the .Sinclternien's Union of Noithport.
Mr. Walker expressed himself as he-
lug very well pleased with the outlook at Northport nnil suid lie was
confident that the union men would
ultiauitely win there. It was his opinion that the union element had scored
a big point in their favor in the con
viction and lining of Albert (Jeiser at
Rossland on Tuesday as it would put
a stop to the bringing in of nonunion men from thc United States to
work in tlie mines there. lie suys so
far thc union at Northport lias been
playing a wailing game, pending the
decision of Judge llanford of the
United States Distriot court on the
permanent injunction asked for by
the management of tho smelter. This
decision will nave a great bearing,
lie says, on tbe plan of campaign of
the union. After remaining for a few
days in Nelson Mr. Walker will go to
Ainsworth to look after somo mining
interests which he hns there.
the expressions on the faces of the
crowd of Chinamen who were present
in tlie court room, seemed to give
general satisfaction.
Ladies ready-to-wear Hats. The
intent New Yoik styles at KKltK &
The Canadian Itand Ihill Company
has just sold two compressor plants.
One of these goes to the Duncan
Mines, limited,and is a l_xl9xlfi compound air compressor whicli is to he
belt driven. Its capacity will be
sufficient to furnish power for eight
throe inch drills. It is to be established at the tlranite mill nnd will
furnish power for the Poorman mine.
It is anticipated tnat it will be in
opeiation ii 111) days, Tlie otber plant
was puiehnsed by the Rambler-Cariboo
Mining Company, and is a 11x22
duplex, belt driven air compressor of
a capacity of 1(1 three-inch drills. The
same company purchased a hoisting
engine. This plant will be installed
and ready for operation in two
At the record ollico yesterday certificates of work were issued to Eugene
Croteau on the ltelmont and St. Lawrence; to Sadie Silverton on the Rainy
Day Fractional; W. P. llecker on the
Iron Horse; William Dennett on the
North Star; and John Rowel 1 on the
Cashup. CertU'liates of improvements
were issued to the Dunoao Mines on
the Alice; H. It. Needhani on the Condor nnd C. K. Milbourne on the
A pack train of goncral snpplieH wns
sent up to tho J.ino mine yesterday
Corpoiation of the City of
Tenders for Whwf Repairs.
The oity council invite tenders for
repairing and enlarging the city
Specifications can be seen and forms
of tender obtained at the city otlices.
Sealed lenders marked outside "Tender for wharf repairs'' accompanied
by a cash deposit or accepted check
for $200 are required to be sent by 4
o'clock on Thursday next, the 19th
September instant Tlie city couneil
does not bind itself to accept tbo
lowest or any tender which may be
sent in.
Ily order,
J. K. STRACHAN, City Clerk.
No.son, li   C, Septombei  lltb, 1 nol.
Spokane Falls *%
Northern R'v.
Nelson  *% Fort
Sheppard R'v
Red Mountain R'v.
To San Francisco and Return
$51.50 ALL RAIL
$46.50 BY STEAMER.
This especially low rate is made
on account ofthe Episcopal Convention to be   held  in   San  Francisco.
Dates of sale, Sept. 23rd to 27th
inclusive. Good to return until
Nov. 13th.
Newness in French Flannel Hlouses
at KEliR & CO.'S.
He Got a "Whack" on tho Head Krom
a"llloom Sliok'' Hut Not Fined.
At the   opening of  the police oourt
��� yesterday morning   the   case   of   Jim
and Sing Lee, accused of lighting and
disorderly enndnct again came up.
Jim's case hau been heard at the previous day's session and a fine of $20
aud costs o*. two month's imprisonment was imposed, A. M. Johnson,
counsel for the prisoner asked for
twenty-four hours f jr his client to
decide as to whether he would appeal,
whicli was granted.
Before Sing Lee's case was started
an interesting ceremony took place in
the swearing in of the Chinese interpreter and witnesses. Each wrote his
name on a s|ip of white paper, which
was then set on fire by a policeman,
the signer holding the paper till bis
name had heen utterly buined, the
burning being symbolical of what
would happen to bim if he gave false
witness. Tbe interpreter in addition
had to certify to the correctness of the
signature, a favorite trick being to
sign somo one else's name. In a verv
important case in addition to this a
chioken is killed and fnthor proceedings take place over the body to
assist in getting the truth of a case.
Jim was asked to tell his story. He
started in English but his feelings
getting too strong to express iu
English he lapsed into Chineso, when
the interpreter's services were called
into requisition. By his story it appealed that there had been bad blood
between Sing Leo and himself, tho
culmination being a sciies of quarrels. He stated that he had been
coming down Josephine stroot when
he met the other man who made a
face at him and audibly cast, reflections on bis ancestry. "Then I glah
pliece tloom slick and hit him on
When Sing was called to give witness he stated that he had been very
sick for throe days and had just got
up and noma down town. The regatta
was in progress at the timo and he
and a number of other Chinamen
climbed upon a fence whero thoy sat
watching the races from a distanc**.
Suddenly something hit bim
"whlack" on the head and knocked
him off the fence. He got up and
getting over the fenco struggled to get
possession of the stick, the other
Chinamen wildly exoited dancing
around, when the policeman came up
and arrested them.
The evidence showed that this was
practically how the affair had happened, and as a previous fight the
week before, in which Jim alleged
that Sing was the aggressor, vias not
taken Into account Sing was dis
charged.     The   decision, judging   by
A largo number of members attended the meeting of Nelson t_ueen
Lodge, Sons of England, last evening, a presentation being made to
Bro, Morley of a valuable past president jewel, The presentation was
made by the District Deputy Bro.
Starkey in an appropriate speech. The
recipient replying in a feeling speech.
After the presentation several of the
members present enlivened thy proceedings with songs and recitations,
among these being Messrs. E. Sut-
cliffe, Wilkinson, Davidson, MeUuire
and lllaney. The members forwarded
a telegram of condolence ou the
death of President MoKinley to President Roosevelt. A committee was appointed to arrange f rr a local gathering on October 17th to bid farewell to
their worthy Brother, the Hev. II.
S. Akehurst. Following is a copy of
the telegram sent to President
To   President P.ooscvelt, Washington,
D. C.:
The Sons of England Lodgo of Nelson, B. C, coin'ey deep sympathy
with people of Unitod States and Mrs.
McKinley iu sad death of late President. W. MA.-1-I1.1_,
Golf and Rainy-day Skirts.   Special
values at KEtU. .t C.O'S.
F. 0. Fauquier Given That Time to
Consider His Crime.
Revelstoke, B, C, Sept. 18.���F. O.
Fauquier, government agent, was
tried bore today by Speedy Trials Act,
for misappropriation of monies received by him anj pleaded guilty and
was aentencod to two years' imprison-
in ont.
Toronto, Sept. IT.--Thomas A.
Edison has now twelve prospectors at
work 111 the Sudbury district aud intends putting on twenty-four more
next summer
"I stuck to my engine, although
every joint aobod and every nerve was
rucked with pain," writes C. W. Uel*
lamy, a locomotive fireman, of llur*
lingtun, la., ''I was weuk nnd pale,
without any appetite and all run
down. As 1 was about to give up, I
got a bottle of Electric llitteis and,
ufter tailing it, I felt as well as 1
ever did in my life." Weak, sickly,
run down people always gain new
life, strength and vigor from their
use. Try them. Satisfaction guaranteed by Canada Drug Sc Book Co.
Price lit) contB.
Buffalo and Return
Good for sixty days, first
and third Tuesday, August,
September and October.
Through passenger trains between Spokane and N1W011. Bullet
service between Spokane and
Leave DAY TRAIN Arrive
ii:(~) a.m Spokane 7:35 p.m
18 ::;,"> p.m Kossland 4:10 p.re
10:10 a. in Nelson 6:05 p.m
H. A. JACKSON, G. P. __ T.A.
Spokane   Wast,
Ai/nnt,, Nelson. B.O
Kootenay Railway and Nav.
Company, Ltd.
Shortest uml quickest route to the oast and nil
points on tho O. it. Sc N. nnd Northern i'u
ci tit; Ki.i_u.iyn in Washington, Oregon und
Southorn States.
Time Card Effective August 1. 1901
Kaslo & Slocan Ry.
3:30 n. >ii. Lv.
10:55 p.m. Ar.
Ar. 4:00 p. m.
Lv. 1:45 p. in.
Int Nav- & Trading Co-
Ni:i-SoN--K.IHI-o koi: ri:.
5:20 p. m. Lv. Nelson Ar. 11:00 n. in.
Lv. 7:00 a. in,
IMU p. m. Ar.
Connecting at Five Mile Point with Nelson
& Korl ""heppurd U_.il-A._y both to aud from
Hossiand, etc.
Tickets sold to nil parts in United Stat0.1 ami
Canada via Great Northern and O. it. ic N.
..o.'h IIiioh,
Ouean steam .hip t'ekets and nil es via all
lines will be furnished on application.
For further piirticulnrs call on or addrcns
Uj.nn_.nr.  Krr.O.B, 0
Q.K Tackabuby Aftdnt. Nelson, B_ C.
NELSON LODGE    No. 23, A. K. &
���M. moets second Wednesday ln
inonl.li.   Vi.,lt.iii|* brethern wolcomo
I. O. O. F. Kootenay Lodge
No. 16, inool k ovory Monday night,,
at  their Hall, Kootonay stroot
SojourniiiK Odd Follows oordlally Invited.
John A. SfcKoo. N.G.   1). VV. Kutherford, V.G
Frod J. Squire, Per. Sec.
Nolson Royal Arch Clmptor.No. 123, O. H. O.
Meets third Wednesday, _ojournintr ci*ni|ian
ions Invited. George Johnstone, ~. K.AV.
Matthews, s. E.
NKLSON LODGE 1.0.26, K.of P.
.moots in K. of P. hall, Oddfellows'block
Iir.it,and i hire Tuesday evoning of e .ch
'mouth at 8 o'olook.
All visiting knights cordially  invite
Wm. Ikvi.sk, 0.0.
A. T. Pa i(K, K. of K. and a
Lipton's Tea is a winner. Pure,
linest flavor, ami first package tea put
Previous lo thc introduotion of , Grillllln!
Mcnllinl Llninieut, bolliidoliiin. Menthol nnd
norous plasters were extensively usoa, hoi
wins ill my purt of the body Uriflllhs Menthol
i.iniinciit is superior to plasters of any kind. It
Immediately penetrates to the painful parts,
relieving in a few minutes; l*rlco 25 cents.
Kor sale by J. F pUM_m" N��moiuH, u.
Will pay the highest oash prioe for all
kinds of seoond hand goods. Will buy
or soil anything from an anchor to a
needle. Furniture, stoves, oaiperU,
-unking utensils, bought in household
quantities. Also oast off clothing.
Oall and see we or write. Address
Silver King Hike, Box DM. Hall
Street, Nolnon.  V  U
Nelson Knca pnient Mo. 7. Meets every 2nd
and tl.h Friday of each month, iu Odd Fellows
Hall, coiner linker and Kootenuy streoti.
Nelson. A. II. Clements, O. P.; 1). MoArthu.'
it. S.   Visiting brothers always welcoum.
Advert!..omentn Inserted under thin head at
I tho rate of ono cont a word por Insertion. No
' advertlHimumti  takon for Iomn than 'lit  oont-H.
munition   Wanted   advertiwomentd   intforted
threo times free of chnruo.
Patenaude Bros.
N. E. T. CO.
20   Minute   Service
Cars leave top ol Stanley street and
the Park at the hour, twenty past
antl twenty to.
Late Car 10:40 each Hnd.
The Company have many j^oo.
buildiiif, lots for sale.
Apply at lhe Ollice; on Vernon
Atlantic S.S. Sailings
Allan Lino Tunisian	
Allan  Lino N timid ian	
Heuvi.r Linn l.ikn Supi-rior	
Beaver Line Luke Ulmeoe	
Ki.incn*{'miiniiiiii LtuoUni'tli ('.it'll1
Fninuu-L'uiii-ili.in Lino  VVus**:_u ���
From Montreal
  Auk .to
 Sopt.   7
 Au... ;io
Bept. (i
Aug. A3
BOpL 1
Dominion Uno Vnncouvc
Dominion Linti   Dummiuii
Whito Star Une Teuloni
VVhiU-* rit-ar Line Uoriimuic	
I.unard Lino Ktrurliv.	
Uunanl Line  aoi'VJa.,	
Aniorican Line bt. I'mil	
American Lino  St. Louis	
Kruno) 1  Line I/Aqultniiu- ���
Krent-h Lino La OhamptiKiio .....
N. (i. Ji. Kui Grill M<ir-a The.esni.
Anohor Lino City of Homo	
Hamburg Aim.rieau __.uuU-.ihland
Kor further particulars apply to
City i'assciiKor Agent, Nelsun, B, C.
General S.3. *V*��**>ti C.I-It. O'H ���*].. Wlnnln_ r
Fniiii Portland, Me.
 Bopt.  7
From Now Vorh
 ......Sollt,   4
 An,* :n
 .Sept.   :t
 HoU.  *
 Aug. 29
 Sept. a
.Sopl. Ill
~i*pl. 7
.UOpt.   5
lil._.N'l'.TT'~ li'USl-.
Ilo   sure anil get tin) genuine   BENNETT'S tlUTTA PEI.CHA FUNK,nut
something that looks   like   it.      itw-
renee llarilwart* Co., Agents.
NKLSON L. O. L. No. MSB mootH ln Fra
ternity Hall on 0r*tt anil third Friday evening-:
of caeli month at 8 o'clock. Vitiitiiig member
cordially invitod. VV. W. Bradley. W. K.
A, Mlnty.Jt^	
NELSON AEKIK No. 28, F. O. K��� ineoU.
every uocond and fourth Wodnoadayn of oaoh
ui onth. ViKltinR memberu cordially Invlt
ChurlUH Prwmor, f*t*v.rrttanr.
Kootonay Tent No. 7, K. O. T. M��� hold their
regular meeting* in Fraternity Hall, I. O, O. F.
block.on tho 1 tl, and 3rd Thui_dayri of uaeh
it.onth. Visiting brothron cordially Invited to
attend. G. A.Brown, H. li.; A, P. Punly, Com.'
K. J.Steel, U.S. C.
M'nx        terrier
pups       fur       suit*.
Apply Miner Oflice.
Are you in want? If you are, tell
tho people, through Tlie Miner want
column, what you are in wuut of.
You'll get it*
DltES.yMAKlNO    ^tabllBhrneut    ....
Buker street, for sale, been running]
for   four   years.     Selling   out on account of ill health.     Apply   at Mluet'
(���tilCO, or at Mrs.  KompJing.
POR BALE.���Upright Piano,     Bird's
Eye   Maple    ease.    (Decker   Bros,,
New Yoik.)    Apply Box '.is, Nelson,
UOOMH TO UtiNT,���K, VV. C. Blocl.-
Twn rooms en suite, on Ward st..
also I'poinfl faoi.JIg the west. On September l, two single rootpos ami two
or three en suite facing Baker st.
h'urnisheil or unfurnished, Mrs. K.
J. Squire, Kopro 11, K.    VV. C. Block.
RooM and board in   private   family.
Apply on Siliea  street, second   door
west of Ward.
southeast ei
Carbonate  street
Koom    with    bath      at
ner   of  Josephine  and
DININU Room Uirl Wanted, to   go to
Ferguson) a respectable dining room
girl      Wages  830; a  good   position.
Thorpe & Uo., Ltd.
oooi) hard-working   hoy,   aged    it,
wants   a   position   of     any     kind.
Apply Miner OJllCC.
WANTED.--Young     man    to     drive
grocery     wagon.       Must   he   well
acquainted with city.     None but first
class men nei-d apply.      iiox 107   city.
NKI-SON Employment Agency. Maker
street.    1'hoiio 378.    .1. if. Love,
I2WANTI.I).- Stone   Masons.     Waiter
fur   mine.     Edger for sawmill,    i.a-
l)oi ers.        Deckhands.       Waitresses.
Oirls for housework.
Contracts taken   for   Oiamond   Core
WANTED.-   WaitresH.Oirls for Housework.      Men for Railroad  joustrue-
tion work,    .f~J.-fi aud SS.fiO   per   day.
deck hands, cook, sawmill man.
Western   Employment  Olliee, II. A.
Prosser, Phone :.7o.
Storage���1 have a   large   warehouse
for     storing       household    or   other
rim: MIIIIiik Uold Prnpertl..���We are
niixliHu in Mecure it few tree luililnie i*uid
|ir,��|M'i'llrs at OHCe. The Pr,i*i|ii*irliir'N fix-
change, Neluon, K. ��', Koitm I. k ~.<.
OOLD MI.VKIt < OP 1*1 It IK tit -Min.*,   nnil
|irii*t|M't'tM .Vltntcil.   M'lul re'itirt nnil mini,
pies in ilu* rri>**iH>**li��t*'*t Kxeluingc. Kclnoii.
III.    It Ilk. n.i. mock.
Has Money to Loan  at 8  per Cent.
On     improved     Real      Estate    in
aiiiuiiiits of SI.Hull and upwards.
Loans cpiiolily arranged.
Three,   four,   livo   and six   roomed
houBea for rent.
5-Hoomed Cottage for sale, , 1,700,
Two 25-foot building lotw , $.10(1.
Insurance, Real Estate, Rentals.
_1_1 .N. Al, (JUUItUiUt-i LtHUWO��� Kvury kuuwo
v tu iui,j ui muI'l tlritih.-.. 1' ij iiux b6. 1 cloinion
Nu. ji. liuuvcr dtrtibt. Neluou,   BubUumul ljio
k-inutin ai. ia;oh  Hoi Cfpl iuk* Alinora) W.itur
ClANh.  Sc A-A.T>ONAl.l>  (Jl. C.uic, Juuiu
/   a. Aiooduualaj ���Arclutuold und nupuria
li initilii ���*.  Jil'iit_i*U Hill  lilurh, CUl'IlUr Hiikct  uml
Wwti titrotlUti iNubun
HJ.   KVANti AC  CO.���linker Strut)!,,   N��t
#   duii��� VVUolboUit) UUtUoru in iK.uurn, ci-
Kni.*., couieiiL, iiru Ijiick nii.l 1110 cluy,  wnLur
pipU  .tntl  rtLcol   I'nil.., lilid   t_-ii_i~i.il Ui)UK_IUtolUU
A   MACDONALD   Sc Oo.-Ournor   Pron
���   und  iinn  stivoi h ��� \\ iiuichiiiu K-vouer
unit jobpurd Hi   ijkiukel.-, Klovu,., imLUn,   UuuU
lUllliUl'M, IllilcklllilWn ituil lliiilurn  Hiiiitll'Uir..
A>   UUHNd 6c Co.���Baker riireut, NuIhou���
���    VVliuluHulu (luiilcih in Irurtii untl cuj_.i1
uiunlo,   Cuiil dtoraxe.
WBdT   K.OUTKNAV    BUTOHJfiK   t'u.-
Balrur titruut, NoIhou��� WbuituRile U_m
uih in fron uii'i uurud lUtirttd.
street,   NolritJii - VVlioifrtuIt
CO - Jiiikoi
ll) tUllllllM ID
u.iidwnru, lnnier.-' Dappiltidj BpurtUlK ku-^I"
tu   Vun
in  ii.tru WiH'o iLit.j
111(1   IlllnlUlLlln' ttip
M'La.OHLAN liuori. .HuucosHora
oouver HardwUroCo, i.t.i.iiuK
Nelnuii  - .\ lieltWtllti   duultil
luinlug BUppUiMi plauiburd
VT KLSON UALtDVV AllK CO.- Wiiuie ..-.c
_i3( pnniLri, uus nun ki.iss meohaulos' Looi��
AKuotH foi Outario Powder Worka; lyaauutrQ
iiUKNJ_.lt, BUKTON Sc Co.���Oornor Veruu..
und Ju,.t.pluin! ftLreuin, NoUtOQ���VVUCn.
tmie deniei-H tu iiqmiin, ui_.ar_J, una dry kou.1^
Agoatd for Frtbot lirowma Co, 01 Alii.vuUa.ee
nud cSaigury Browing Co oi Calgary.
il UDtJUN'S HA_.  Co.��� U luie.sultj gruLUiid.
Jl.   aud liquor* out., Bakor o_i.- ., ..einp.i
J^|    OiHoo coiner Hall and  truni btrubtfl
.olaou���Lumber, oolltog, flooring, and ovory
thing in wood for building purponeti. Get oui
prlooti.   CorroBpondonoe bolioited.
il   GALLON w. CO.���Doalera in ore ftaoku
���   i.inl uvinuH.   Always  i largu Btook on
luui.l. Teie|iiiuiic.D.i.   Itouiu 11, K.-W.-C   liiuek
int and 3rd Wednenday ovenlnuHOf
each month at Kiai-crnhy hall,
cornor of Bakor and Kbotohay
HtrooU. VlHltlng brethorn cordially invited.
Kdwakd Maclrou. SecretajT.
COURT KOOTKNAY,  I. O.   K., No.   8188.
MeetlngH 4th Thursday of month.   Fniterttal
hall, J A Irving 0 K.   K H. Klomlng. K.H
OAfiS.-MiiALS a la OARTE.
Close connection East .and Westbound at Spokane with trains of the
Hpoknne Fulls and Northern Hnilwiiy,
nud nt Bonner's Perry witn Kootenay
Railway & Navigation <'n.
Direct connecLiiin at St. l*aul without change of depot with all trains tor
Chicago, Toronto. Montreal, New Yuri:
and all points West und Soutli.
Leavos Spokane daily fovjEast at'9:lb a in
Leaves Spokane daily tor West at 7:15 a-in
Loaves Spokane daily lor West at 8 ,0 p*m.
West-bound trains make direct connection for Victoria and Vancouver,
Portland, Han Francisco, and all points
on the Sound,
During the season of navigation East
bound trains connect at lliilutli with
themogntficontstc&inshtps North West
and North-Land of theNortheru Steamship Company Line, operated in connection with the Great Northern Railway.
For fuither information, maps, folders, etc., apply to any agent of Spokane
Falls Sc Northern Ky., Kaslo Si Sluean
Ky., Kootei ai Kaihvuy & Navigation
Oi* , or to
H. A. JACKSON. Ootn'l Agent,
Spokane, Wash.
G. K. TAOKAHURY, Local Agent,
-.fllsoil. It "
For Stoves and
Delivered or on Traok
in any Quantity.
Leave orders with
Chas. A.  Waterman
& Co.
14 and 15 K. W. C. Block.
Dominion and
Laud Surveyor.
*.6g NELSON �� C
NolHon Court Star of Kootcna*/, A. O. P.
McoW 2nd mid 4th WcdnoHilayn In cvory
month. ViuitiiiK brothron welcomo. W. Mm*.-
Mlllan. C.H     HolMirL McLood. 8or.
You shouldn't send out of   town for
cards for   yourself  or   your   husband
. until you nee -vliat Thu   Miner can do
I for you.
nnd try a bottlo, a dozon, nr n barrel of
CALQARY BEER ���*������ il. I�� tlio born, and
cnoauoril. on Lho iieirknt. AI*o try our
WINES,    LIQUORS     and    CIGARS.
FRANK   A. TAMDLYN. M.......
TolcphoiioSC naVerSL, Neluon
��� IS   THE ���
Leading Scotch   Whisky
R. P* Rithet & Co*. Limited
VIOTOtt-A, K. (!,
To  All   Eastern   Points   vi.i
Lake Route, All-Rail  or Soo
Line, via  St.   Paul   or   Chi
A-   ])��� (j.ltA.X   RepraMiita-i.e
hi-kwm BxDOSition
BUFFALO. $76.00.
Sixty    Lf.'iys'    Limit.
Good going Sept. 3rd, 17th
Through Sleeping Cars Kootenay Ldg. to Toronto. Arrowhead to Vancouver.
For  pamphlet* di-siiriptive of Can
ailiaii INinilic. loins nnd fnrT'luioTiib   t.
Rates, Tinki'tH, apply
11.1.. Brown,
Oity Passenger Agent
J. S. Oaktkk,
Did. 1'iihb. Agt.
K. J. (.'OYl.K
A. <1. P. A.
P. O.  Ho_ 521
HI-.IM.  I1_.II.IH, M.HIIV   1*1 HI II
Wlndermoro Mlnen.   ~_n*enuondinoal~>l'.clLQ
Nelson Daily Minkr Thursjw, September 19,   1901
We have on Bale for
n low days a line of
Remnant.*-    of
lin;    ctiounou-i Bale
of our well known
fflfl      hM loft   ua   wilh   a
I ri      few   odds   and   end*.
Uiitl we wU>h to clear
��� vvv*w-wv***w wwvwwwv*
Tho cOBts of tin* case in the action
of Vine vs. llryilpcs, wliieli was ap-
p lalerl, were taxed yesterday,
. The verandah in 'runt of the Mml-
ilun House on Bilker steet, tlio lust
one left on the street, was yesterday
removed, malting a considerable im*
poveraent in the appearance of Ealier
There will be a rally of tlie local
branches of the society of Christian
Endeavor on Tuesday evening next at
tiie Presbyterian oburob, when it is
expected that Miss Baskerville, of
Madras, India, will be oue of the
Sandy Stewart, an old-timer of Nelson, was yesterday brought before
1'olicu Magistrate Crease, charged
with the theft of sundry articles fro*n
the bach yard of Chief Jarvis, who
had engaged bim to do ao'ne work It
was not the first timo Stewart hud
been arrested on a similar charge,
and the magistrate icnteneed him to
Hix months with hard labor at tbe
Provincial jail.
A letter was received in Nelson
from W. Lillie yesterday, stating
thai be bad arrived at Dawson after
an interesting trip.
All those interested In acquatiCB are
expected to be present al the meeting
of tbe Koat club at Fraternity Hall
tonight. It will be a most important
meeting and will nut be limited to
members of the club.
Jacob M. Ludwig, the Hall street
harness maker and Miss Mary Mar-
garet Kee, formerly of the l'hair
notel, were married at Spokane last
nigbt, Tbey will return to the city
after a brief honeymoon.
There is wvery likelihood that the
collection of ore specimens owned by
the Hoard of Trade Will be sent to the
Cranbrook fair which takes place
shortly All the camps are making
suitable   exhibits   and    it is   thought
I ibat Nelson should be represented.
Yesterday tbe body of VV. II.
Hamill, late foreman of the Arlington
Inline, was taken frjm the undertaking establishment ol J. II. llunyan   to
'the depot in a hearse, followed by the
I officers and miners of the Arlington
mine. The body was shipped to Vancouver, where the funeral will take
place and was accompanied by the two
brothers of the deceased.
Aud Many Greenbacks,
To secure additional information
directly from the people, it is pio-
posed to send little boxes of gold and
���,1'oonbat'ks to persons who write tho
most interesting, detailed, and truthful descriptions of their jxpmience on
tbo following topics.
1. How have you been affected by
coffee drinking and by changing from
coffee to Postum.
2. Do you know any one who hns
been driven away from I'ostum be
oause it came to the table weak and
aiuiractoi liss at tho Hist trial?
t. Did yon sot such a parson right
regarding the easy way to niako I'ostum clear, black, and with a orip,
rich taste?
4. Have you ever Inurid a better way
to make it than to use (our heaping
teaspoonful to the pint of water, let.
stand on Htove until veal boiling begins, then note the clock and allow it
to continue easy boiling full 15 minutes from that time stirring down
occasionally? IA piece of butter
about the size of a navy bean placed
in th*l pot will prevent boiling over.)
a. (live names and account of those
you know to have been cured or
helped in health by tho dismissal of
coffee and tho daily use of Postum
Food Coffee in Its place.
ii. Write names and addresses of 20
friends whom you believe would be
benefitted by leaving off entree.
I Your name will not be divulged to
Address your letter to the Postum
Cereal Co., Ltd., Battle Creek, Midi.,
writing your own name and address
He honest and truthful, don't write
poetry or fanciful letters, just plain,
trut'nfu 1 statements,
Decision will le made between
October 3Ut li and November loth, I '.I'll
by three judges, not members of the
1'osuui Cereal Co.. nnil a neat little
box containing a (10 gold piece Bent
to each of the live host writers,a box
containing a SS gold pieco to each of
the JO next host writers, a $'' greenback to ench of the 10() next best, and
SI greenback to each of the 200 next
best writers, making cash pri. es distributed to 325 persons.
Almost every one interested in pure
food and drink is willing to huve
their name and letter appear in the
papers, for such help as it may offer
t i the human lace. However, a request to omit name will be respected.
Every friend of Postum is urged to
write and each letter will be held in
high esteem by the company, as an
evidenoo of such friendship, while the
little boxes of gold and envelopes of
money will reach many modest
writers whose plain anil sensible letters contain the facts desiieil. although the sender may have but small
faith in winning at the timo of
Talk this subject over with youi
frienofl und seo bow tunny nmong vou
can win prizes. It is a good, boiie-t
ciimpetitiiin and iu the best kind of a
cause. Cut this statement out for it
will nut appeal again.
age more forcible than polite. Mr.
Maodonalil then went to a magistrate
and swore out a summons against thc
'oi'i'inan, which shortly afterwards
was served by Chief  of 1'olice Jarvis.
The case will come up for trial at
the police court this morning when
tho matter will bo thoroughly gone
Mr. Macdonald was seen by a representative of The Miner hut declined
to have anything to say about the
trouble, saying that it would no
doubt be thoroughly ventilat*-il in
Queen   Studio   photos   can    almost
II. M. Wambold returned  yesteidny |
from   Spokano   after   a   two   weeks'
visit. i
II. Bradford,  of   Lardo,   arrived   in j
Nelson on a visit to bis family vester-
day. {
\V. tlcdfry, raanag3r of the   Bank of
Hritish North America   at   Vancouver I
is at tlie Hume.
II. L. B. (iilmour, M. P. P., for
Vancouver,arrived in Nelson yesterday
aud is stopping at the Hume.
Charles Sangster, of the Canadian
Kami Drill Company,arrived here yes-
tenlay from Kossland, and is iegis-
tercd at the l'hair.
L. E Heck and wife leave today
or .Spokane for the purpose of vsiting
the fruit fair for a few days. They
will return early next week.
J   T. Vogler left   for  Salmon   City,
Idaho,   yesterday    morning   to   take
charge of   a frcemilling gold property j
recently   sold   by     the     Prospectors'
Exchange, I
(leialil   V. Hopkins, manager of the ,
Yellowstone mine, aud Mrs. Hopkins,
are   in  the   city.      Tbey   came   from
Rosslaud yesterday   nnd   aie   onroute
for tbe mine.
Melville Parry, general agent of the
Coufedoitition Life, leaves this morning for the coast, the Cariboo country
and all the agencies in hlH district.
He will be absent a month.
II. G. Ritchie, of Cascade City, secured a marriage license in Nelson
yesterday, and returned to the lioundary by afternoon train. Apparently
he was very much elated over his
errand, as he left n valuable overcoat
behind at the city hotel at which he
bad been stopping and had to wire
to havo it forward by expiess.
S. A. Hartman, vice-president and
manager of the Vancouver Mercantile
Company, of Grand Folks, is in the
city on a business visit. He is here
for the purpose of arranging with the
wholesale houses to supply hiB store
ivitli eggs, butter, hams, bacon, and
fruits. Mr. lliirtmau reports that
llrand Forks is prospering and he
thinks it will be the business metropolis uf the Boundary country.
William II. Covert, tbo well known
and wealthy ranch owner is the president of tiie Vancouver Mercantile
Hume.���R. E. Lyons, Ottawa, H.
M. Hurritl, Vancouver; W. M. Cuii-
liiro, Rossland; VV. Godfrey, Vancouver; Hugh B. Oilmoro, Vancouver; S.
\V. Stevenson, Montreal; D. W.
Moore, Traili W. C. Cole, Silverton;
L,  VV. Magor,   Spokano
Phair.���Wm. Davies, Erie; C.
Sangster, Kossland; il. Hopkins,
Salmo; T. K. Ella, Vancouver; John
Peck, New Westminster; Q. Modi*
gan. Vancouver; H. Roy, Rossland.
Queens.���-A, Mcl'hail, Camp; Martin
Welch, Spokane; A. McDonald, Slocan
City; (I. VV, Carothers, Trout Lake;
.1. McVeigh and wife, Frisco: W. N.
liennctt,  Sandon.
Trouble at Post Ollice Building Lands
Foreman in Pol ieo Court.
The trouOle at the new postollicn
bnilding reached an acute stage yes-
tiirdiiy when a summons wns sworn
out by the architect charging the fore-
man, Louis Davinux, with using insulting and obscene language towards
For some time there has been up-
parent calm over the building operations, work on the side of Ihe building nearest to Ward street, wheie no
fault liud been found hy the architect,
having been proceeded with. The
side where the stones about which
Complaint liud been mado had been
left severity alone until yesterday,
when the foreman again ordered the
men to ooramenoe operations. As soon
as the architect noticed this it is reported that ho went to the foreman
and ordered hiin to have the work
stopped. [Ils order was unheeded, so
lie told the foreman to consider himself discharged, un this, it is alleged,
'.lie foreman   answered back in langu*
Vancouver Taken   Full   I'ercautions���
A New c._P. R. Branch.
isi*i:i i.ii. to Tin-: Kii.Mjn.i
Vancouver, Sept. IS. ���Mayor Town-
ley has stated tbat besides the police,
a corps of secret service men are
guarding the approaches to the City
of Vancouver to prevent any known
anarchist or socialists visiting the
city until af;er the departure of the
Royal party.
The Lulu Island railway, a projected branch of thc Canadian Pacific
railway, running from Vancouver to
tho fishing town of Stevcston, a distance of 20 'vilea, is being pushed to
completion. The entire route is
graded icaily for the rails, and a
tressle across tbe Fraser river about
half a mile long is being built, oi;
The Chinese Empire Reform Association aie building a home in Vancouver to cost about 820,000. White men
havo been invited to join the society
aid aid the mombers in the direction
of improving their knowledge regarding the American and Hritish constitutions and tlie trade relations of the
countries of thc world, etc. Un the
occasion of tbe Duke of York's visit
the Chinese are to erect an Oriental
arch of handsome design and artistic
Tbo public was somewhat startled
this wec-k hy the announcement ill a
local paper tbat the remains oi an Indian had been found doubled up
inside a locked trunk in a lonely spot
near Stevcston. A reporter of the
paper was sent to investigate the case
and in his search stumbled across
eight moru trunks containing dead
Indians. A big sensational piece of
news was spoilt, however, by the
explanation nf several Indian fishermen thnt for some score of years it
had been the custom of the Indian
people to bury their dead in that way
in tbe deserted stretches of country
near the lisbing town They simply
placed the deceased iu his own trunk,
locked him in and left the "departed." trunk and all, in some deserted
section of the country.
An Italian Forcibly Learns That Ignorance is by no Means Hliss.
Canton, Ohio, Sept. IS. - Considerable excitement was caused on the
public square today while the people
weio assembled there to view the re
mains. Someone aecussed nn Italian,
wbo afterwards gave bis name us Carmine, of saying bo would kill President Roosevelt. The man, who could
speak hardly a word of English, became frightened and answered, " Yos''
and "No" at random, to the questions that wore volleyed at him, invariably giving the wrong answer and
in a moment a crowd had surrounded
him and the cry of "Lynch him" was
raised. Major Marquis with p. company of Ohio military formed a hollo'.,
square and rescued tb) man wlm was
taken to police headquarters for his
own protection. The police do not
believe thc man intended to do any
Cork, Sept. l.f.���At todays meeting
of the common council Alderman
Cave handsomely apologized for the
references be made to the late President McKinley last Friday when he
opposed a resolution of sympathy proposed by Sir John Scott, declaring
that McKinley was no friend of Hreut
llritain. lie expressed regret at having taken the attitude, The common
council then adopted a resolution expressing abhorrence of tho crime and
sympathy with Mrs. McKinley and the
American people.
New York, Sept. 18.���Charles F.
Jones, the valut secretary of Woi.
Marsh Rice, who Jones said be killed
by administering chloroform, made
the following attempts last nlghl to
commit suicide. Jones lirst tried to
cnt his throat with tbe jugged neck of
a large bottle which bo had shuttered
for tbe purpose. Then bo fastened bis
bead between the uprights of his iron
bedstead and tried to throw his body
ofT the bed and thus break bis neck.
Both these attempts weie frustrated
by the police watching bim.
Gibraltar, Sept. 18,���-From noon
tomorrow salutes of :.'! minute-guns
will be fired Ironi tbe garrison battery, the Hritish Mediterranean
squadron, the United States  training
ship Alliance, and the German sohool
ship Charlotte, on board which is
Prince Adclbert, third sou of Emperor
Norfolk, Va., Sept. is.���The city o
Norfolk is in tlio grasp rf one of tin
fiercest southeast gnles that it has ex
pei ionced for some time. Tonigh
the wind has readied a high velocit;
and the rail fall in the past :-'i hour
is over four inches.
Paris, Sept. 18. ���Mgr. Orandinicr,
of tlie anarchist journal, Libcrtaire,
bas been arrested for the publication
of articles tending to excite feeling
against tbo Czar. It is probable that
Laurent Talhude, who signed one of
the articles, will also bo arrested and
charged with inciting lnurde.*.
Kansas City, Mo., Sept. is.���There
was a killing frost in Western Missouri and Eastern Kansas last night,
an earlier date for the first frost thfln
for many years. Vegetables planted
after the breaking of the drought in
thc hope of raising a crop hi fore the
frost camo, wero damaged.
Brussels, Sept, is.���A preliminary
agreement was reached hero today
giving the American glass men a foui
months' option to absorb all the saleable glass factories in Belgium on the
basis of a deposit guaranteeing
against non-fulfillment.
Peoria, 111., Sept. 18.���A boiler explosion ln an electric light plant at
Sheldon, Ills, a .town east of this
city, this evoning killed one man
and futnlly injured another.
Laporte, Ind., Sept. is.���Snow fell
here at an early hour this morning
and tbo temperature broke all September records.
For bounlide students enroute to
college the Canadian Pacific railway
will issue tickets to Toronto at $20.40,
to Montreal at 833.10. Tickets on
sale Sept. 11 to 20. Full particulars
at City ticket otHce.oi' station.
D. P. A., Nelson,
If you don't like Blue Ribbon Tia it's
because you  ever taatcd it
Ladies   Tailor   made   suilH.
styles at KERR & CO.'S.
obtained in nil countries
Registered   Patent   Attorney,   Me
chanical Engineer and  Draughts
man.    Bank of B.N A. building,
Hastings St., Vancouver,   B    C
Write lor full particulars.
East Kootenay's 1st Annual
Mineral, Agricultural
and Industrial Exhibition
Three Days  of  instruction.  Interest
and Enjoyment.
Miner il Exhibit, Rucking Contests,
Agricultural Exhibit, Horse Races. The
bi-st program ever seen in the country,
See posters and circulars for furthei
particulars. Specially low retuin rail*
rates from all points.
A. W. M'VITTIE, Secotary.
Certificate of Improvements
Martho Washington Mineral Claim
situnte in the Nelson Mining Division of
West Kootenay District.
Where located���Ou Copper creek on
North Foi'k of Salmon ltiver, about 18
miles north of N. it P. 8. railway.
TAKE NOTIOE that I, Theodore
Beauohainp, acting us agent for C. A.
Owen, free miner's cerlilioate B55C29,
intend sixly days from the dBte hereof
to apply to Iho Alining Recorder for a
certificate of improvements for the purposo of obtaining a Crown Gruut or thc
above olaim.
And further take notice that action
nnder section '31, must he commenced
hi-lore the issuance of such certificate, of
Dated this 21st day of August, A. D.,
1��01. T. REAUCHAMP.
_ NO. 4 K.-W.C. BLOCK, NELSON. B. C, _���
Oold, Silver Lead   and   Copper Mines wanted at the EXCHANGE    t
FREE   M1LLINU   UOLD   properties   wanted at once for Eastern   i
investors. 5
Parties  having   mining   property for   sale are   requested to send
samples of their ore to the EXCHANGE for exhibition.
We  desire  to  hear from prospectors who have promising mineral
claims in Hritish Columbia.
Prospectors   and   mining   iron   are requested   to make  the  EX-
C1IANOE their headquarters when in Nelson.
All samples should be sent by express,  PREPAID.
Correspondence solicited.    Address all communications to
Tclo-tiono No. 10*.
P. O. Box 700.
"Zbc l-Ro^a. Bank of Canaba
(fi pi Lit I   Autli orlxcd-
Incorporated 1869.
.ju.wm -mmuio I ri-._-.i-i rutd-up,
1E.M, . .       .
���       8'-.,-H>tt, IHlO.M
���   Wl,..MMHH>.U��
is-mrii of n-ir-firi-iM     Fbomaa K. Kenny,  Presldonti  Tbe mas tlitohio* Vloe*Pr__il__niii
[Wiley Smith, II. a. liauld, Hon. David MaoKoeo. ,wuul'
Hrnil om.c HitUfluci
Goncral Manager, BdbOO Ij. 1j��"j\ho, Montreal.
Bapeiinbeadonl of llraiiohes, and Secretary, W. B. Torranoe, Hallfat,
It ran    en I
'ova   Hfolla-IIiillfux    Hranch,   Anil^-mM
Brldgewater. Quyaboro, Londonderry, Lu
enburg< MuiLlund (HniltS V.a,), l'ielou, l'orl
jlawkohlmry, Sydney. Sluibunacadie.Truru,
New    HrunHwIeb - Bathurat.    Dorohoiter,
Fredortoton. KtnfMUH (Kent Oo,(, Mono-
ton, Newcastle, paokville, ���?[, John,Woodstock*
I*. I.. I~Ijsih_    l 'li;irl<>: lr!*r.\ \\, Summon ulc.
..fhpc-Montreal, (City Offloe), Montroal
west End ((or. Notre Dame aud HoU_-
nimrs Btreetalt wostmount (for. Qreeua
Avenue and Ht, Oatharinofl stroot
Ontario    ��� M I .iwa.
:.'--uroundi:i 11.t   si, John's,
Culm, W.��l Iu<11.'k���Havana.
United -Hates���Now York (10 Uxchaiiffe Plans
Ki'|niiiiir, \vash,
Grand   Forte, Nanaimo,   Nelson,   Rossland,   Vancouver
Vancouver East End, Victoria,
��� ,,..,���>,..,,,,,,���,,, s ;
Canada���Msrahann flank of Canada, Bulon���National Sbawmut Bank, iiiir
Triirti and Bavlnga Hunk, nan Franelwo���First National Bank, London, lin
Scotland. Parti, Franca-Credit Lronnala. iicrmiiiin Bank of Hariund~, 11,
pan���lion** Kons and shanghai BanklnR Corporatloi
I i��rn-s,1,tnili'iils :
"nil.-Hank  ol
It I na ami JH
Ipnkann- Old National Hunk
General Banking Buslneas Transact..!* Sterling Bills of Exchange   B, u_h
and Sold, Letters of  Credit, lite, Negotiated.
Accouuts received on the most favorable terms,   Interest allowed oa _p_ol_,|
deposile and on Saving Hank aoeounts,
Geo. Kydd, Managei% Nelson. B.C.
Special Features of the
Florence   Hot   Blast
Our New Idea Dellector Kire Pot greatly increases thc heating capacity of the stove, nnd in connection with the deflector rinj,- forces the
heat to the lloor. The base is hot, the door lieinj,*- warmer than W'tll a
base burner.
The Hot "last Attachment takes in the cold air through a duel al the
rear of the fire pot, the healed air being discharged in a circle at the top
of lire pot, over fire, thus consuming ail the gases and products of combustion. It can he operated in connection with the front draft door, or
independently, by a screw register in the rear of base, insuring complete
control ofthe st. ve with nearly perfect combustion,
The large Hot Air Circulating Flue on the hack takes the cold air from
the lloor and ejects il intensely healed, through the top ad. ing greatly
to the heating capacity.
Where the stove is operated according to directions we guarantee it to
consume all the gas contained in soft coal, thus deriving the benefit of
all the heat in the fuel consumed, causing a truly remarkab'e saving of
fuel over any other stove on the market. The stove will hold Cue from
24 to 48 hours without attention.
rf /haJ>Uj.   tUXUsCtr-iAj /��t/       j
Certificates of Improvements
Bunker Hill, Sullivan, nod Fidelity
Mineral Claims Htunte in the Nelson
.MinniK Division of West Kootenay district,.
Where located���Oa tin* West North
Pork of Salmon River, about live miles
lioiii linl Mountain.
TAKE NOTICE that I, H. Smith, F.
M. O. 55702B, acting us agent for S, A.
Cameron, P.M. O. 5S680B and Win.
Griffith, F. M. O, 55882B. Intend sixty
days from the c.ti* hereof, to apply to
tim Mining Recorder forOertific-ites of
Improvements, for the purpose of oh-
taiiiinj. Grown (jmuts of the above
Aud farther take notiee that action.
under section H7, must be commenoed
before the issuanoe of such Certificates
uf Improvement-.
Dated this 1st, day of Aueusl, A. li
tt. SMITH,
H. & M. BIRD
82,450 new, seven-roomed house on
Hoover street, thoroughly up to date,
lirst class plumbing.    Easy terms.
Eight roomed honse on Mill streot
nnd four lots. Plumbing complete.
New furniien. Terms to suit purchaser.
Seven roomed cottage ami three lots
on Observatry street. Plumbing complete.    Easy terms.
825.00���Seven roomed honso on Carbonate stieet very hand to
town. Heated by furnace. Wired
(or  electric light.
812.00���Cottage on ltobson street.
. 15.00���Cottage on Ward street.
can be engaged for Private Tarties,
Socials. Receptions, Balls, etc. For
particulars apply to J. B. POLLARD, E. J. Robie's Tailoring
Establishment, Baker Stieet.
Is lame or intci feres
bring him to lhe City
Horseshoeing' Shop, Josephine Street
J- C. GW1LLIM, B-,  Sc*,.
Late of Geological Survey of Canada,    Six years experience in B. C
mining districts.
Baker Street Nelson. B.��'
Porto Rico Lumber
Co., Limited.
West Transfer Co.
Goal sWood
Best  Fir and  Tamarac   Al
ways on hand.
All Kinds of Teaming and
Commission Work*
Office on  Balrer Street Tel. 33
Rough and
Dressed  Lumber,
Shingles, Mouldings.
A-1 White Pine Lumber Always W
Wo carry a oomnlote -Lock of Const K-IooriiiK
Colling, IiiKiilu Finish, Tarnotl Work, ni~Ii ������
llouiu   Spoolalorder workMillrowiivuin*"1""
attollttoa*   Mail ui'tlorn Boliottod.
Porto RicoLumber Co.,
Bead Offloo-1***-*!*" .- ami Vot. nn "I... Nnl^1
If thert is anvtliin��� .'ou rN*��*_* _*
tor it  in    li- oaloova  oi the Miner.


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