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Nelson Daily Miner Aug 27, 1901

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 Pi-ovine: ii Li_r��rv g31oo
Daily Edition No.  1125
Nelson,   British Columbia, Tuesday,   August 27,  1901
Eleventh  Year
owners Will Erect One If In
spectlon of Mine Is Satisfactory.
firanby Consolidated  Meet
Ing.���Trying to Reopen
the Le Roi.
Senator George Turner, .T. Jl. Armstrong, Col. W. M. liiilpath anil 10.Tl.
Sail nil ers, all of Spou���ne, and Ii. W.
Layton of Ohio, formed a party which
was registered at the Hume hotel
yesterday. Messrs, Turner, Rid path,
Armstrong and^Sanders were formerly
among the chief owners in the old
be Roi Mining company before they
sold their interests to the British
America Corporation, anil are now
tin- principal stockholders in the Sullivan (Iroup Mining Company, which
is operating the several claims in Kast
Kootenay. The party left last night
lor the Sullivan group. Senator Turner was seen before the party left anil
stated lhat tbe objeet of the visit was
to look into the condition of the propeity und that among the improvements to ho made, provided everything was found to be in a satisfactory condition, was the erection of n
smelter at which tbe ore could be reduced as fast as it was extracted from
the miue. The senator promised to
tell more on his return from tbe
Montreal, Aug. SO.���ThiB first general meeting of the Granby Consolidated Mining, Smelting & Power Co.,
took placo today in the head office of
tho coinpany, in the Canadian Life
Building.      Mr.    Miner occupied   the
; chair. The company's bylaws were
adopted, and the annual meeting was
fixed for October 2, 1003. The following directois and officers of the company were elected at the meeting: S.
H. C. Miner, president; .1. P. Graves,
vice president, aud general   manager;
[J. II. MeKeobnie, Fayette Brown,
directors; A. C. Flummerfelt, assistant general manager; W. II. Robinson, A. L. White, secretarys; X. H.
Galer, assistant to the manager ; R. R.
Macaulay, assistant secretary ; G. \V.
Wooster, treasurer; W. A. Matley aud
Gardner Stevens, auditors.
Rossland, Aug. 36.���Work will be
resumed at tbo Le Boi mine at once.
Albert Geiser the well known contractor and mine operator arrived in
the eity tonight to get work under
way. He recently obtained an important contract from tbe Le Roi company and comes prepared to fulfill his
contract When interviewed by a
representative of the Rossland Miner,
Geiser said he expected to enter on
tho contract work at once. lie hopes
to obtain a full crew iu this city at
an early date if not immediately, aB
large numbers of miners wbo loft
after tlie last payday, expected to return on learning of resumption, for
the reason that wages and genera'
conditions were much more favorable
here than at any camp in the northwest. M. Geiser states that wages
and hours will be; Machine men,
88.51), eight hours. Shovellers and
unskilled labor, underground, 82.lit),
eight hours. Common labor, surface,
$3.50; carpenters, 8:1,50, nine hours.
Machine blacksmiths, 84.00, ten
hours. Engineers. 88.50 and $4.00,
eight and ten hours. Geiser has
opened an office nt, thc corner of Spokane  street and Third avenue.
y on I'erry oreek, they emphasized  0uj      offers    {Q   ^^
i statement by showing samples of] '
Reasonable Sacrifices to
on the Follow Me group situated on
Perry creek, says the Fort Steele
Prospector, Early I a-it week Messis.
I mini- and Mum roe returned to Fort
Steele from Perry creek and reported
that they hail a very promising properly nn Perry cret>k, they emphasized
the stale m nl by showing
quartz containing free gold. On Wed-.
nesday of last ���veek, after securing
supplies, they returned to l'erry creek
to fuith.'l prospect and develop their
eialuis. Tuesday William Kidd returned from Perry creek bringing in
a report that Messrs. Flier and Munroe had Struok tlie richest vein of
gold ore ever found in South East
Kootenay. On returning to tlie. claim
Bller and Munroe commenced sinking
near the center of a big edge that is
from 40 to 50 feet in width. On Thursday Ihe Shalt had reached a depth of
t"n to twelve feel, the last shots tired
exposed quartz containing a large
nraount rf gold visible to tlie eye, as
Mr. Kidd, expressed it. "It is lousy
with gold." The shaft is 5x0 feet,
ar-d in the bottom gold can bo seen
sparkling all through the quartz.
Further development wiil determine
as to whether tbe strike will carry
high values across the vein. The
big ledge is lying between walls uf
slate and syenite.
At the record olliee yesterday the
following records were made: Locations, Sunrise, on Porcupine creek,
two miles from Salmon river, and
Porcupine, at head of Deer creek, by
J. II. Belli Pass, ut the head of west
fork of Kokanee creek by W. L. Potter; Iron Basin, at tlie head of Kokanee creek, by .lames Melly; Hemlock,
on tlie vvest fork of Kokanee creek.
Win nor, about one mile below the
head of west fork of Kokanee creek,
Spruce, adjoining Hemlock, \V. L.
Potter; Pine, on vest fork 2 1-3 miles
hciow head, G. Henderson. Certificates of work were issued to Mr.
Driscoll,on the M. Rosb; Ole Skatebo,
on the Schley and West Rover; Herbert Iva, on the Belfast and Armagh;
.lohn McDonald,on the Sydney; W. E.
Holragien, on the K. H. and to Hon.
A. Or. Blair on the Hiawatha and
Transfers: William Pugsley, St.
Jonn, N. B��� to Hon. A. G. lilair,
one-quarter interest in the M.nnehaha
and Hiawatha claims, consideration
1,1; E. II. Dun lop to E. Holmgren,
one-quarter interest ^n tbe White
Eagle, consideration ft; F.W.Dake to
C. V. Hake, his interest in the Wide
West mineral claim on the headwaters
of Champion creek, consideration   $1.
The syndicate operating the Iron
Horse group on Ten Mile creek secured this week a 20 day option to bond
the Gutineau, Simcoe and Orilla
claims also on Ten "Mile creek, belonging to Tom Reed and C. E. Smitheringale, says the Silverton Silverton-
ian of Aug. 34. The deal is being
made thiough Angus McLean of
Silvorton. The bond is a good one,
the terms being live per cent, in four
months, five per cent, in eight months
and the balance in a yoar, the figure
being a laige one. ff the option is
taken up a force of men will be put
to work at jnce to developo the property.
The last shipment of 88 tons of
Wonderful oro to the Hall Mines smelter averaged $!���() to the ton. says the
Mining Review, of Sandon,. One lot
of BSfi sacks of high grade ore gave
128.0 ounces in silver and 51 percent.
in lend. Total value was $3007.Hi),
Another lot of 383 sacks of lower
grade ore went '.18.7 ounces in silver
and 3D per cent. lead, lt gave a total
value of 8030.57. Mr. Warner received 82021.48 for the ear. An average of
10 tons of ore is taken out of the mine
every day. Another car is being
sacked for shipment.
A gang of ten men are nt work at
the Molly Gibson, at the head of
Kokanee creek, driving a cross cut
tunnel from the end of the tramway to
tap the main lead below tbe present
workings. The total distance will be
350 feet and it will be completed by
the end of September. The mine will
be in a position to ship as soon as this
tunnel is completed as all the ore
will come out through it. It will also
open some valuable stoping ground.
Tbe Molly Gibson will be a sieady
shipper all winter and with tbe
ecqnomical handing which tha crosscut will make possible the ore will
net more than it did with ils former
shipments. The ore is pure galena
carrying heavy values in silver.
Hank Eller and Dan Munroe
have made a rich strike of gold quart/
Both A. C. Flummerfelt, manager
of tho Granby smelter and 1). W.
Moore, ure buyer for the Trail smelter, who were in Revelstoke recently,
says the Revelstoke Herald, iuspeoted
the specimens of copper ore from the
Standard in the Prince Mining &
Development Company's otlice and
both pronounced very favorably on
tbe appearance of the ore and asked
for   trial shipments to their smelters,
which the companv intend to make at
Secure Peace.
Galls on Heaven, as Usual,
and Ylakes Goo-Goo Eyes
at America.
London, Aug. 37.���The Daily Telegraph publishes today a long interview with Mr. Kruger at Ililveisun on
Lord Kitchener's latest proclamation.
Tho correspondent says:
Mr. Kruger, who seemed greatly
improved in health, spoke vehemently
and with intense feeling, rejecting tlie
idea that anything had been changed
except thu attitude of the British.
He insisted that the tactics of the
Hoers were still as regular as at the
beginning of the war. Their forces,
lie said, were smaller and were
divided into small parties, because
the British had divided their forces
into innumerable small columns. He
declared that ever since the capture of
liloemi'ontein the liritisli had trampled
upon tbe code of international Jaw.
As for tho provisions, transports, and
cattle, which the British are continually seizing, Air. Kruger snid there
weie intended, not for the Boer commandos, which live from hand to
mouth, but for the women and
Uo contended that Lord Kitchener's
proclamation itself recognized tbat the
isocrs bad a regular administration
and army. The proclamation con Id
have but one effect, to embitter and
intensify resistance. lie said the
question whether any protest against
it could be issued, was siill under
consideration but this matter was of
little importance to the burghers who
did not look to Europe for approval,
hut America. Having characterized
the proclamation as tho blackest crime
committed against the Boers Mr.
Kruger closed the interview by calmy
calling Heaven to witness that the
story of a Dutch conspiracy against
the British was an "abominable He,"
���'the most mischievous and diabolical
lie ever coined sinoc man drst appeared in the world."
Ho said, however, that peace was
still possible on the basis of give and
take and that the Boers were ready to
make reasonable sacrifices and to give
satisfactory guarantees on the basis
of independence and for pardon to
colonial Africans.
There is practically no ohange in
the situation at the St. Eugene, The
shaft in the Long Shore tunnel is still
going down. It is rumored that operations will commence on the St.
Eugene about tlie middle of September. Some 70 to 80 men are still en
gaged in development work.
Funerals of Mrs. Ross and Capt. Foote
at Victoria on Sunday.
Victoria, B. C., Aug. 30,���Immense
crowds attended the funerals ot Mrs,
Ross and Captain Foote. The floral
tributes were superb. To Capt.
Foote's funeral Geo. Mo. L Brown sent
a large anchor; Captain Troup a beautiful wreath, wnile the C. P. N. Co.
sent a largo floral representation of
tho Union Jack, four by three feet,tlie
colors being worked on in red, white
and bluo ilowers. At Mrs. Ross'
funeral there were similar Horn
tributes. Tbe N.W.M I', officers sent
an immense wreath tied in the scarlet
and orange colors of the force. The
civil servants of the Yukon district
and 3t, merchants of Dawson,also sent
beautiful wreaths. Tbe pall bearers
were: Win. Henderson,of tho Dominion Public Works Department; D. II.
McDougall, M. P., for Saskatchewan ;
Joseph Martin, Senator Ternpleman,
Thomas Earl, J. Thompson, ,7. D.Mc-
Niven and Hon. W. 0. Wells. Guvei-
nor Ross will not go north again until
September 1th. He is obliged to re
turn then as there is a rush of business at Dawson which cannot longer
be delayed.
Nothing Outside of Regular
Routine Business Transacted by Council.
Improvements Made In  the
Water and Electric Light
Victoria, Aug. 20.���Ten Portuguese-
Brazilian gypsies asking entry to
Canada at tbis port, were refused
landing by Inspector Under,Provincial
immigration agent, who said that
they were a vanguard of several hundred others at nresent in Seattle, wbo
ere anxious to enter Canada, They
are a very undesirable class of settlers
and will not he allowed to enter Can-
j adian territory.
At the meeting of the city council
last evening nothing but routine business was transacted, iu the absence
of Mayor Fletcher, Alderman Hamilton was voted to the chair. After tbe
reading and acceptance of the minutes
the report of tlie finance committee
snowing the. following expenditures,
was lead :    i
Salaries payroll, 81,345.85 ; scavenger
department, $375; streets, t'31'3 ; electric light, machinery and construction, $337 50.
On motiun of Aid. Selous, seconded
by Aid, Irving, the report was
adopted and instructions given to the
city clerk to issue the cheeks.
An invitation from the Greenwood
city conncil to attend the Labor Day
celebration was read and filed.
A letter was received asking for a
road to the rear of block 31, as at
present it is impossible to get fuel
or wagons in, This matter was referred to the public works committee.
It was decided t.o extend the sewer
on Hall Mines road for a certain distance further.
Tlie health bylaw, relating to the
prevention of the spread of consump
tion was again held over, pending
some aotion o: the local legislature on
the same subject,
W. E. Wasson, employed in the city
Clark's department, was granted a
month's leave of absence.
A communication was read from a
Montreal firm quoting prices on electric transformers. As it was thought
by obtaining four of these a great
saving n power would be effected,four
machines were ordered on appro-
Aid. Hamilton stated that he had
interviewed Government Agent J. A.
Turner, regarding the way the Pro
vincial Government would pay its
sharte of the high sahool building ex-
pcnses.so ns to arrange the city's payments accordingly, Mr.Turner advised that tho school board communicate
direct with Victoria on the matter,
and the school trustees had been notified accordingly.
Engineer McCullooh repoited that
the dam at Whitewater creek bad been
linished early last week, but bush fires
had burned alcng part of it necessi-,
tating further repairs, which were
completed Friday. Another stream
had been noticed which could bo turned into the flume and evea at the
present time would furnish fifty
inches more of water. Woik on the
short branch flume for tbis was now
under way and would be completed by
Aid. Patterson called attention to
the condition of the dam at Anderson
creek, which,he said, allowed a large
quantity of water to escape, which
should come into the flume. He also
stated that a considerable amount of
water from the overflow of the Hume
at piesent ran into the city sewers,
which should he turned into the
electric light power dam.
Mr. McCulluch said the leakage
from the dam was not more than live
miners' Inches of water, some leakage
being unpreveiitahlc from the gravelly
formation of the bottom.
Tl.e advantages or an automatic cutoff for the water wheel at the electric
light power house, by whioh a large
amount of water waste would bo prevented, were urged by Mr. MeCulloeh,
and on motion of Alderman Patterson, seconded by Aid. Gillett,. it was
decided to procure one.
Tlie council then adjourned for two
weeks, September '.), as next, Monday,
being Labor  Day,  is a legal holiday.
a new and easy route up tlie valley
could lie made by keeping nn the high
ground instead of a*, lin- bottom.
This course was adopted and new trail
mado on July 30th, the party descended iuU_nn attractive valley oil the
main valley to the west. Tin- name
Upper Volio is suggested for this.
On the 31st two peaks were ascended
at the bead of the Upper Volm -alley
and two passes discovered, one a
glacier pass leading across tlio Emerald group to Field and the other
trending westward. On August 3,
Whymper     and     Klucker    walked
through from Upper Yoho valley to
Field in ten boms by tlie glacier pass,
returned to tbe camp on August 7th
and on 8th crossed tile pass from tlie
Upper Yoho valley Into an entirely
new valley for which tie- name Verdant valley is suggested, and got into
Field in 15 hours. On the 11th ascent
was made of mountain called Insulated peak to inspect the high mountains of Waputtchuk range. .Mountain
[label, some times called Hidden
Peak, was ascended on August 15.
Mount Collis on the 19th, and Trollti-
derto on the 21st. The whole of the
Emerald group hus been explored
and its principal points ascended
mainly by Rev. J. Outran), who has
been attached to the party fot the last
fortnight and has proved a valuable
coadjutator. On August 33, in company with the guides, he made a new
pass from Yoho valley by the Lower
Bow lake to Laggan in 12 hours. The
weather was bad until tlie end of the
journey but since then lias been fine.
Photography and instrumental observations were much impeded by smoke
and forest fires.
Influential Men to Act as Mediators in
the Strike.
Pittsburg, Pa., Aug. 30.���The reported peace negotiations for the settlement of the steel strike, through
the medium of disinterested parties,
officials and members of the National
Civic Federation, received a setback
when Eio-ddent Theo. J. Shaffer, of
the Amalgamated Association of Iron
and Steel Workers, tonight declared
absolutely that be had no knowledge
of such proceedings and that if such a
move had been started it did not have
the official sanction of tbe organization. Nevertheless the subject will
not down and tonight it. is said the
concilatory commitee of the civic
federation, already prominent in tlie
matter,, is fully prepared to carry on
negotiations and will if necessary endeavor to secure the good offices nf
Archbishop Ireland, Bishop Potter,
Daniel Hanna and Seth Low, members of ttieir organization, to give
such prominence to the committee
that, the proposal will bear witli the
steel company. In tbe meantime both
sides remain firm. Tlie steel people
point to the gains they have made all
along tbe line in the way of securing
men and starting plants, while the
Amalgamated officials say that instead of losing ground th- association
is gaining every day. While tho combination has succeeded in starting- a
few plants they are not turning out
mercantlble matter and are losing
money and breaking. valuable
machinery. The steel people ridicule
the claims of the association.
Work   of the Whymper   Party in   the
Hills Near Field.
Field, B.C.,   Aug. 2(1.���Mr.   Whyiu-
'per's partv returned here on the even-
I ing of the 23rd from a month's exploration of the Yoiio valley an contiguous
country.     The preliminary exatnlna-
Ition from Catlicral Mount showed tbat
Paris, Aug. 20.���Sultan Abdul
Humid's persistence in procrastinating methods continees to disturb tlie
Turkish relations with France. His
tirade giving satisfaction in the Quays
question was taken as in indication
that ho would accept the entire French
claims. But M. Constans telegraphed
yesterday that the Sultan was still
holding out against the payment of
the claims ol the Frenchmen, dating
back many years and amounting to
several million francs, for which M
Constans demanded a settlement, and
declared he would leave Constantinople today unless the matter was
settled. This action however, would
be only a manifestation of dissatisae-
tion, and not a rupture ot relaUons,
as the councillor of the French embassy will take over the affairs of
tlie embassy and continue tlie negotia
tions. No word has been received
from him regarding today's developments.
Shamrock Had a Spin���Columbia Dry-Docked for
Constitution Is Being Overhauled���Independence to
Be Destroyed.
Bristol, II. 1.. Aug. :.'',.���The Constitution came from Newport this
evening beating up under her main
sail, cluli top, and foresail, and jib
as tar as Sandy Hook Light, for tlie
purpose of enabling the di-signor, who
was on board, to roe what changfs
aloft are necessary before she entered
the fial races Saturday over the
Brenton's reef course. When abuast
of Sandy Point the craft was luffed up
into the wind and the "Mount
Morey" towed he over to her anchorage, a distance of four miles. Mr.
Duncan remained in Newport, but
will he here from day to day as the
work oT overhauling progresses, The
Constitution will be taken out in the
marine railway tomorrow at high
New York, Aug. 36.���-The Sham-
rook II, after a light weather sail
stretching spin of six hours, returned
to her moorings in Sandy Hook Bay
at 4.35 p.m. During tho day, live jib
topsails were tried. Tlie Shamrock,
accompanied by tlie steam yacht Erin,
sailed to a point about two miles east
of the Sandy Hook lightship and
then turned back. It was almost a
flat calm for three hours. Then a
light breeze from tlie south east came
which gave tlie yacht a chance to
raanoeuver. Sir Thomas Lipton, Geo.
L. Watson and J. J. Hilliard weie on
board during the trial.
Newport Aug. 36,���Tomorrow morning, tho Boston yacht Independence
will leave Newport for lioston. Mr.
Lawson, tlie owner, has reiterated liis
statement that after September 30,
the yacht will be broken up. lie is
to have her sailed on September 3 in
Boston harho.- to give Boston a chance
to sec her and then she will go to tho
junk shop.
New York, Aug. 30.���Tlie former
cup defender, the Columbia, was placed in dry dock in Brooklyn today for
cleaning and examination, preparatory to taking part, next Saturday off
Newport, in the first of the official
trials to seloct a defender to meet tho
Shamrock. She will probably be
taken to Newport Wednesday.
Washington, I). C, Aug. 30.���The
Navy Department has wlrtton a
letter to Capt. Forsyth asking foi an
explanation of the interview with
hiin bearing upon the approaching
inquiry into Admiral Schley's comhict
in tbe Spanisli war, published today.
Washington. I). ('.. Aug. 20. ���Advices which have just been received,
throw some light on the report from
Santiago to the effect that the committee of foreign affairs of the
Cnilian congress had declined to
recommend appropriations to defray
the expense of sending delegates from
Chili to tlie approaching International American Cougr ess at Mexico
City. These advices wi thout. questioning the accuracy of tlie original
statement, make it appear that the
committee of foreign atVairs does not
represent the party in control of tlie
executive brunch of the government.
It is said that in consequence, tlio
declarations of this coniiniltee are by
uo means final, and therefor., it does
not follow from its last action that
Chili will refuse to attend the congress.
London, Aug. 38.���Another dispatch
from Lord Kitchener says: "Since
August 10th, 33 Boers have been killed, 1711 have been made prisoners and
185 have surrendered. including
Kruger. a nephew of tin- ex-president.
The columns are meeting with no appreciable opposition in Cape Colony,
the rebels and armed bands hiding
and avoiding our columns with some
success. General Beatson alone having
been in contact with the command of
Soheeper, whom he is driving nortli."
Memphis, Tenn., Aug. 30.���Tipton-
ville, Tenn., the county seat of Lake
county, was almost entirely destroyed
byflre late yesterday. The loss is not
known. Nelson Daily Miner, Tuesday, August j;, i_jdi
:   '
The Nelson Miner
MUhud   Every  Morning Except  Monday
fiaily, por month, hy carrier      B5f
Daily, per month, by mail      fiOo
Dailyi per yeari by carrier itm
i lully, por yenr, by mail	
Dallyi por year foreign	
B (Mi
!. (JO
Weekly, pit half your	
Weekly, per year  	
Weekly, per year, foreign......	
ntaorlptlone Invariably In advance.
?1 25 1
. 2 III)
.   3 011
115 Kloot street, K. 0.
atral  Prem. Agency, Ltd.. special Agent.
Aloxnn_orfeCo*._8l First Avenue, Spokan
Wash., keep this paper oo inn. and arc ���
oiiiiiiri/.ril agontH fur advortUemonbi am
1'he eighth annual reunion of the
Cbrltslnn Endeavor liocloty will t"'
held in this city next week. It is the
first time in the history of the organization that an interior town lias been
made the meeting place of the annual
reunion and Nelson should be proud
of the fact that it has been so
In the Christian Endeavor Sooiety
is embodied one of the greatest religious movements of tbo last century,
tbe only other ol Importance being
the   establishment  and growth of the
Salvation Army.      Previous to tl ������
ganlzetlon of the Endeavor Society by
Francis 10. Clarke thc work done in
the cburobes by the young people wus
small and confined to a few sporadic
cases where entlmstiasts took up
church woik early in life, It was Mr.
Clarke's mission to organize the
young Christians into a concrete force,
to show the possibilities for Uhrist-
iau work which existed in the
young communicants ami tin- good
which they have accomplished lias
iieen simply phenomenal. The members work for a higher Christian life
and the upbuilding of the church.
Formerly the young were given litt'e
or no voice in the conduct of the
churches, or their work, as thev were
supposed to acquire genuine piety
oniy with age, but now they are the
very pillars of the churches take Unload in all of tbeir work.and the pastors find their hands strongly sustained by a new, a bright, a progressive element. Then they, in addition
to being foremost in advancing the
churches and increasing thcr usefulness, bave also strengthened them
socially until they wield a great Influence and power in this direction.
The Christian Endeavorers have
grown from a small beginning to a
great power and are an important
factor in modern ciivlization. In IHStl
there was but a sigle society with a
membership of r>7, and now there are
60,750 societies with a membership of
.'1.500,0110. When it was first started
it was in tire extreme corner of one
country and now societies exist in
eountrios on the lace of the earth. At
lirst it existed iu a single denomination and now it permeates forty
The Christian Endeavor Work, one
of thc organs of thc society, mentions
among other things, the following to
show how the society has grown :
In IHUl, only tho Young People's
Society. In lilOl, tbo Juniors, Intermediates Seniors, Floating societies, Mothers' societies, Prison
societies, Travellers'sneictics,societies
in factories, schools, colleges, almshouses, and asylums.
In 1881, a single newspaper article.
In 1901, scores of books, hundreds of
pamphlets, and Christian Endeavor
articles by the thousand every week
in the leading secular and religious
journals of the world.
In tssi, no young people's religious
convention even guessed at. In HUH,
a perspective of New York. Boston,
San Krancisco, Washington, Detroit,
London, and many others, ranking
among the greatest conventions of the
world's history.
In 1881, no Christian Endeavor
Unions, In 1001, Important unions in
practicnlly all cities, counties, Stales,
and Provinces of the English-speaking
world and in many ofhei lands, to
gethnr    with    the    denominational
Christian Kdoavnr federations.
in lssi, three Christian Endeavor
comiuittes. Iu 1001, tho lookout,
prayer-meeting, social, missionary,
temperance, tlower, music, good*
literature, Sunday-school, Christian-'
citizenship, information, cxee.itive,
Junior press, calling, relief, and���
whatsoever committees, with all that
tbey imply of -.'utreaching, practical
In lssi, the young people noglcoted
in church life. In Hull, the religious
training of the young among the foremost purposes of every cbuicb.
A carload of this Famous Beer has jus)   been   received  nnd
we are selling it to the Family Trade al
$2.50 per Dozen for Quarts.
$1.50 per Dozen for Pints.
Delivered to Any  Part of the City.
and very favorable terms to the Trade.
TELEPHONE    NO.    13.
Hudson's Bay Company.
Come and See Our
New Arrival of
Beautiful Framed
Art Productions.
Call Early.  They are
Selling Fast.
-s>\i/v*/U/\*/ii/\*/v<> .I. vd>v*/\*/\*/i.iiid/i*>Vd/i*Ad/\*/\l>\*>i_>,<.>'. ���'r
i D. McArthur 8 Go. I
-5 J. Q. NELSON, Manager.
3       Furniture Dealers, |
if        Undertakers and Embalmers.
I SPECIAL SALE      """ |
���00    Oak Center Tables,
Worth S3.50 for 2,50 ��
"     $5.00 for 3,75 t-
"     $6.00 lor 4.50 ��!
"     $4.50 for 3.75 ��
".      $5.00 for 3,7; j
"     $6.00 for .��� 25 ^
"     $6.00 for 4.50 {���
���'    $6.50for4.75 J
r5 To miihe room for our Fall stock of Carpets nnil Hugs will go n J
-i    Cost.   To clc-n Baby Carriages ftnd Oo Ourts, less than cost. 0,
Oak Leather Seated Fancy Rockers
Kim Folding Tables
11 11 ii
Cane Verandah Chairs
" "        Rockers
ores ;
ol' it is soliil giilona that runs about
���17 ounces in silver anil from fio to 75
per ceut. lend to tho ton nnd the. remaining 30 feet ofthe ledge of galena,
iron, etc. Notwithstanding the great,
size of the ledge and the good grade
of the ore the management found by
experience that the proUts after the
ore. had been shipped and treated by
the smelters of the United States
were not large, and came to the eon-
clnsion that if the output was treated
in a smelter close to tho mine that it
would be far more advantageous to tho
company,and lu-nce it lias been decided to erect and maintain a company
The gold-copper miners long since
ui/,ed that it would be more
able for tbem to reduce their
it home instead of sending them
abroad for treatment. When they exported their output they were compelled to ship gnly that which was of
a high grade, as the oro bad to carry
considerable value to pay the railways
for its carriage and the smelters for
reduction. Now, however, usually
all the ore between hanging and foot-
wall is sent to the smelter without
sorting. Tins is because the smelters are close to the mines and the
cost of haulage small and thc price of
smelting is much lower than wbat
they used to pay to the American
concerns for the operation,
The silver-lead miners are beginning to realize that in order to make
as much profit as possible on their
output that they must adopt a similar
plan and havo their ores reduced at
homo, and wherever possible in plants
owned by themselves. -Tile Sullivan
has definitely decided to adopt this
plan and the London Consolidated and
the Richelieu mining companies and
others have the same idea under contemplation, and tho time is rapidly
upproachiii when all of the ore produced in the mines of Hritish Columbia
will be treated at home. As a matter
of simple public economy this is the
best method, too, for the general good
of thc common wealth, because as the
ore is produced hen- it should be reduced here and work given tn the
home people, instead of being
sent away to aid in the upbuilding ot
other Communities at tlie expense of
id directly to use on the drills. In n
section like this whore there is so
much water power, which can lie
turned into electric energy, electrical
power Bhould he very much ehenpet
than that generated by steam. Kleet-
rio drills could he used to advantage
in the initial work on mining properties, aud the development would
proceed faster as most of ihis earlier
work class of work is usually done by
hand. Tb- outcome of tne experiment
of the Payne will thereore be watched
with considerable interest.
Several days since the salmon pack
on the Eraser river hnd reached 840,-
0(10 oases and as there is still plenty
nf lish in the river, it is thought
that a million cases will be put up
before the season closes. Tlie canners
this season will be able to make up
for some of the years when the run
WHS small and their prolits nil.
Canada Drug and
Book Co., Ltd.
Reynolds1 Livery   Stable
Will Be Sold Cheap
Three years lease on  ground
property   at  $10.00
per month.
Apply to
fl. II. CAMERON, Apit
Baker Street.
West Kootenay Butcher Co.
Fresh   and   Salted   Heats
Fisn and Poultry in Season
E.   C.   TRAVES.   Manager.
K.-W.-C   Block. Ward Street,  Nflson.
Oiders by mill receive careful and prompt attention
P. BURNS & CO.       j
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants
The London Daily Mail, in a very
elaborate review ol the progress of the
South African war.cstimatcs tlie present actual strength of the liners at
abontM:i,0lll) made up of 4,00(1 TranBvaal-
lers, :;,(KIII l-'rce Staters, 1,000 Hoer invaders in Cape Coluny.and 11.000 rebels
in (.'ape Colony. According to tbis estimate ncailyhair the active Hoer
force consists of Cape Colony men who
actually rebel against the Hiritish
crewn, since the cape is a crown
colony. Tbe Hoer forces outside Cape
Colony are spread over a vast territory, and are probably divided into
very small commandoes.
ANOTHER ~Ml.l.T~l..
And now East Kootenay iH to have
a smelter, which is tn be erected by
the Sulliavn (Jroiip Mining Compuny.
Tbe capital stock of the Sulliavn coin,
pany is to be increased from 82,600,000
to $8,000,000 to provide the funds for
the purpose. The ledge in the Sullivan group   is wide, and   about '.'(i feet
For a long time inventors have been
endeavoring to produce an electrical
drill foi use in mining that would ilo
satisfactory work underground. This
foi in of drill has oeeti in use for some
time past for surface worlt and has
done efficient service in hydraulic
mines in breaking cement su that
watei could afterwards handle it. It
is now claimed that electrical drills
tbat will perform good work underground have been made. A well informed Kootenav mining machinery
agent, in talking about olegtrlcal
drills a few days since, staled i.hat he
had spent considerable time iu inves-
tgating tlimn and that he was full;.'
satisfied that they were quite as ellicient as ihe drills driven by compressed
air and steam. Ilo was certain, lie
said, that they were destined to cut
quite au Important figure in mining,
and he thought that they would iu
time drive other di illy out of the field
necause they can bo operated cheaper.
The Payne company has ordered a
shipment if electrical drills for use in
its mine and the result of what, is in
the nature of an experiment in this
part of Hritish Columbia will be
awaited witli consiileralhe interest.
If the claim that thin type of drill
will do good and efficient work underground is borne out it would be con-
siderabloofa factor ln tlio economical
operation of mines, because it would
do away with the necessity nf the expensive plants for compressing air, as
the electric energy could he conducted
from where it ia  generated and appli-
The British Columbia Trade Budget
has the following concerning the
Kitchener iron and steel project: Tho
Kitchener iron claims, a group of
tifteen claims on Hoat river, East
Kootenay, were staked in 1803 by C.
P. Ilill. Mr. Hill disposed of some
claims outright and interests In all of
them, lie was able, however lately
to secure options on every interest
and acted as vendor in the sale just
made of the claims for $80,000 to an
Eastern syndicate. It is likely that
the conaumation of this ttansaction is
tlie beginning of a new epoch in British Columbia iron industry. With
unlimited coke supply close hy, a
liltnted market it is true in BOine
respects, yet a growing trade with
no competitors and Illimitable possi
bllities of markets in the orient, it is
easy to prognosticate that the iron
industry will soon take its plaee
amongst the principal activities of our
[lerman Hyrnp is the special pro
sorlptton of,, li. A. Hosehec, a celo
brated German Physician, and is nc
know lodged to lie one of the most fortunate discoveries iu Medicine. It
quickly cuies Coughs, Colds and all
I,ung troublcB of tile severest nature,
removing, as it does, tlie cause cf the
affection and leaving the parts in a
strong and healthy condition It is not
an experimental medicine, lint has
Stood the test of yea's, giving satisfaction in every case, whi-ih its rap
Idly increasing sale every season eon
tirms,- Two million bottles sold annually. Boschee's German Syrup was
Introduced in the United States in
1808, and is now sold in every town
and village in the civilized world.
Three doses will relieve any ordinary
cough Price ";'> cts. Wet Urecn's
I'ri/.e Almanac.
The newest and best summer drink-
Iron brew.
obtained in all countries
Registered   Patent   Attorney,   M
chnnical Engineer and Draughtsman,    Hank of B, N. A. building
Hastings St., Vancouver,
Write for full particulars.
13.   (J.
For domestic or steam use.
A full supply always on
Kates to all railway and
lake points.
General Agent
Tel. No. 265.
Office ��� Two doors wesi
C.P.R. offices.
m   f "r-     A A A A A A *i A-    ,"^.V   ttt
Branch Markets in Rossland, Trail, Nelson, Kaslo
Sandon, Thrue Forks, New Denver and Slocan City,
Orders by mart 10 n.�� branch will have careful 0*4 oramot attention.
West Transier Co.
Goal and Wood
Best   Fir  and  Tamarac   Al
ways on hand.
All Kinds of Teaming and
Commission Work*
Ollice on   Bo. ��r Street. Tel. 83
unci try a hol.t.lo, a rioi-on, nr a bmrrol of
CALGARY BEER >w H Ih tho he-* und
i'.|'t','i|).i-;i on tho markot. Alno try our
WINES,    LIQUORS     nud    CIGARS.
FRANK   A. TAMBLYN. M______.
Telephone 03 ����v<ir St.. Neluon
Kootenay Railway and Nav.
Company, Ltd.
Short .wt, uml qutoko_)t routo to tlio l.-hL and nil
points on iho O. K. nc N. and Nortlmrn Pacific Railways in Wi_-lihiKLoii, Onskoii untl
Southern Stales.
Time Card effective August I. 1901
Kaslo & Slocan Ry*
8-30H. ni. l.v. flCiiKlo Ar. 4:00 p. m.
10:,r~ p.in. Ar. -utulun Lv.lllop.nli
Iut Nav- & Trading Co-
5:80 11. m. Lv. Nolson Ar. 11:00 a. m.
0:10 p, tn. Ar. KilkIo Lv. 7:00a. in.
OonnootingatFtvo Mite Point with NoIhod
<_���. Kurt Hhi*|.|i.nil Railway hoth to und from
KoHsuind, ott;. 	
Steamer from Nolson leaves K. H. .. N.
wharf) ICafllu, b.CX.HU tor Lardo on Monday-.,
Wod' <oRdaya and Fridays'at 9:80 p. in. returning the same evening,
Tickets Hold LO ull parts in Unitod State, ami
Canada via Grebe Noi._ln.rii and O. K. -V  N.
Co.'h Hlir--,
Oooaii steamship tickets and ratns via all
linos will hofnrnishod on application.
Kor farther purLicul. irn cull on or uddrohS
w t_LtKi__.ni-.  Kin-tin. M,  C
O. K TACKAmJKY Agont. NoIhou. H. C.
If there _n anything you reqii.r3,ae}j
for   it   in   tit* <u_.__._i_.ii   of tlu: Miner.
Our stock is now complete in the above lines.    Call and be
convinced that the most complete stock
is carried  by the
J. G. BUNYAN ~ 60.
We have the Largest  and  Finest
Assortment in the city.
The Canadian Bank of Commerce
With Which Is Amalgamated
The Bank of British Columbia.
Paid-up   Capital,   Sa,000,000*    ReHorvc   Fund,   82,000,000;
Aggregate Resonroes Over sor>,oon,ooo.
HON. GEO. A. COX, President.      B. 8. WALKER, Mi.u_.iil MaDnger.
London Office: 6|> Lomhurd Street. B. C.
New Vork Office; 16 Exchange Place.
And 68 brancho. tn Canada nud thu Uiiitud Statou, including:
Ati.in Ohkbhwomd Nkij-o.v Sandon
ciiANinioiii.        Kami.001 _ Nkw VVkstminster  Vancouvkr
Ficknik Nanaimo Kohsland Victohia
UNITKl) STATES���New York, San FranoiSoo, skattmc, Portland, Skaowav,
Savings Bank Department.
I)i!.oRitii Hcccivod unl Iiiti-n-st Allowed,   l'rcsi-iit Kate ;i Per Cent
Nelson Branch.
GRANGE V. HOLT, Manager*
Canada Permanent and Western Canada Mortgage
head office toronto,   ont.
Money to loan on Straight Mortgage,
Apply to Q. L_ l_J-NNOX B��k*-c Ht.
Brewers of Fine Lager
Beer and Porter.
Nolson R O.
1 Nelson   Daily Miner, Tuesday August 27, 1901
They Are to Meet in Nelson
on  September   5th
to 8th.
A Very Interesting Program
Prepared for the Occasion.
Tlie eighth animal reunion of the
cln-iBtian Endeavor Boolety will Im
held in Nelson, commencing on
'I'huradav, September 6th and continuing until September nth. This
will be the first, time in the history of
ihe such ty in this province that it has
held its annual reunion in an interior
town, 11* hitherto all of the meetings
hnve been in some one of thc const
towns. Ahout .ill societies will he
represented made up largely of the
Straight Christian Endeavor Societies.
but the '���.pw(nth League of the Motno-
diM church, ami the B. V. P. U., ol
the Baptist church will also be rep-
re.eiuecl. bes!d6B other organizations
of cither churches. A large delegation
is expected from the ooast and it
le certain that Grand Forltn,
Plioenix, (ireenwood, Rossland, Trail,
Fernie, Crnnhrool., Sandon, Kaslo
nnd oilier towns in the Kootenays and
Yale will be well represented
The local Christian Endeavor t'nion
is arranging to billet all of the dole-
(,'ntes free of cost.
A half fare tor tlio round trip from
all points in British Columbia bus
heen arranged for with the railways,
provided r.O delegates attend. The
members of the loeal union have been
working energetically for several
weeks past, to make tho reunion a success, and have gotten up an excellent
programme. One feature of the programme iH that special music hns been
provided for Wie occasion. Besides
this a chorus choir, made up of the
best vocalists in tho eity, has been
made up. The excursion committee
hns planned an excursion for the delegates on Saturday afternoon to some
scenic point near tlie oity.
Among the, speakers wil be Dr. E.
I). McLaren of Vancouver, who will
deliver au address, and Rev. R, ti.
Mclietli, well known on the coast,will
le thc principal speaker. He will
deliver an address. preach a sermon
and be present at all of the meetings.
Uev. W. A. Wilson and Miss A. Bask*
eiville, missionaries of India, will be
present and nddt-oss the convention
on mission work in India. The members of the t-ociety in the Kootenays
will deliver addresses and read papers
on the various,branches of the work
undertaken by the society. Ono of
the features of the convention, characteristic of the linger conventions in
the east and elsewhere, will be that
particular attention will be paid to
evangelistic work and this will bo
under tbe leadership of Kev. S .1.
Thompson of Kaslo.
The Congregational church has been
selected an the headquarters of the
convention, because it is centrally
located and in every way suitable for
the purpose. The church will be
beautifully decorated for the occasion.
Home of the meetings will be held in
the other churches and the opera house
has been secured for a grand overtlow
meeting on Sunday afternoon.
A speci'il effort has beeu made to
hnve every minute of the several sessions to be lield full of interest. There
will be uo long, dry statistical ail-
drosse.; on he contrary, the speeches
will be short and interesting. The
meetings will be varied by music and
altogether will bo of such character
as to prove attractive  to tho public.
Made hy Thorpe ,t Co.���Ironbrew.
~Vuim. un,,,!. cr.KAi, or Y-MW-.fl r.wDi,
Highest Honors, World's Fal?
Gold  Medal, Midwinter Fair
Avoid   llJillilit;   l'owdern   cotiti.lnltig
lilcitii.   They uro lujurfoi-* lo hi-alth
they at once Bald,   "Gays  Is the man
for ns." and he hft the Canadian
rood tor th,  sunny south.
It was with surprise that his many
friends learned of liis resignation as
lie was doing good woik and enjoyed
the confidence nf his employers and
associates hut tlie news of his appointment ns manager of the great N.
Y. C. lines explains the move.
That lie will prove successful in
his new field of work goes' without
saying and having now reached what
is the summit nf an American railway
man's ambition lie will no doub,. like
Alexander, sigh for more world's to
A long list of cases was disposed of
yesteroay morning before the magistrate. Matthew Garrety who was ar-
tested by the police lust Friday night,
was the lirst to come before Police
Magistrate Crease yesterday morning.
As it wns not his lirst appearance at
the l,;u- of justice a tine of $10 and costs
was imposed for disturbing the pence.
Ou tlie 33rd inst. information was
laid aiainst Harry Ashcroft by Herman Lir.denwnld, charging the former
with nssault. Yesterday morning
when Ihe ense came up, Ashcroft
pleaded guilty, but stated that he
had lent $10 to the complainant some
time ago, ai d nol receiving payment
within a reasonable time, told
l.iiideuwiild tlie next time he J was
blowing in money around town without paying- him there would be
trouble. On Friday this condition of
affairs occurred, and alter some talk
between the two men Ashcroft struck
l.indenivald nnd knocked him around
generally,but in doing so severely injured one of liis own bauds. A fine
of $lo and costs was the sentence.
K. Cosgrove wns brought up on the
charge of swearing nnd disturbing the
peace ou Vernon street on Sonday. lie
was asked to contribute $10 and costs
to the civic finances, the request being at once complied with.
Two disorderly characters, charged
with screaming anil raising a row
generally on the public streets Saturday night were each lined $10 and
Four, cases arising ont of tlie dog
tax bylaw, completed tlie business of
tho sessiou. Of these, one was discharged, auotber lined $.". and costs,
and the other two held over. Several
other patties against whom proceedings were to have been taken yesterday, had paid Uieir licenses Saturday
aud so escaped the extra expense. A
number of other similar cases are to
be proceeded Willi shortly.
llnvo Control of the World's
Greatest liailwny System.
It is reported on excellent authority
that Chas. M. Hays has heen elected
to the biggest railway position in Ihe
world, that of general manager of tlie
great New York Central Railroad and
all its many connections, Mr. Hays
lirst came into prominence as manager
of tht Wabash system where his remarkable executive ability wns demonstrated. He was then offered, and
accepted, tho management of tho
��� 'mind Trunk system which was in
very bad condition at the time owing
to the large numbor of fossils on the
stuff nnd a general lack of energy in
many departments He soon infused
life into the management and by judicious pruning and cutting soon had a
live staff and a rapidly increasing
business and pulled the company out of
the hole thoy had   drifted tnto,
.Mr. Hays made a world wide reputation by his success with tlie Grand
Trunk and when the great Southern
Pacific railway system needed a Brat
class    np-to-datc   railway     manager
The Provincial Gazette contains the
following announcements:
,lames II. Currie of Trout Lake, and
Cecil Smith of Agaasiz, have been appointed justices of tlie peace.
Tenders will ho received up to
Wednesday by the Chief Commissioner
of lands and woilc; for the erection
of au additional room to the Moyie
school house .
The h'cavi-rdell Towusite Company,
Limited, hns seen incorporated witli
u capital of 850,000, A certificate of
incorporation has been issued to the
(iulf Steamship * Trading Company,
with a capital of 860,000.
Tlie Societe Miniere ilo la Colorable
!lritantii<|tio has been registered as un
extra-Provincial company, with a
capital of 600,001 francs. Its head
olliee is in I'm is, and its Provincial
headquarters iu Atlin, and E. L. do
Luti'.u.e, explorer, is attorney.
Patenaude Bros.
i      & co.      i
X      Manr^jafy.    ri (-___�����      t
I  Cigars���. I
!  Tobacco
X Phone 117 |
*********** ***************
For Rainbow Trout
T. G. Procter's houseboat is now for
rent by the day or week. Special rales
for family parties. First-class cook
and attendant iu oharge. Hates $2. JU.
per day. Parties can get off boats
either going or returning from Nelson.
Tbe boat for the next two weeks will
be stationed below the Brickyard,
nearly opposite Procter.
Pirstclass flshing.swlmralngandboating, Apply to T. O, Procter, Baker
stieet, for further information.
Minos Examines and Ueported On.
Mining Engineer.
Boom 4. K.-VV. C. Block,
Nelson, B, C.
W. H. BROWN & CO.,    .     NELSON
Construction Work
.HNl-O.. l_l-.OK.KR. NOTABV I'll-tlll
Wlndormero Minos.   Corroeponrlei__8Sor.oil.ei!
Twelve years ago ,T. W. Sullivan, of
Hartford,' Coun,, scratched his leg
with a rusty wire. Inflammation nnd
blood poisoning set m. F'or two years
ho suffered Intensely, Then the best
doctors urged amputation, ''but," lie
writes, "I used one bottlo of Electiic
Hitters and 1 1 2 boxs of Hucklens'
Arnica Salve and my leg was sound
nnd well ns ever." For Eruptions.
Eczema, Tetter, Suit Khenni, Soros
and all blood disorders Electric Bitters hu.: no rival or, earth Try them.
Canada Drug .V Book Co. will guarantee satisfaction or refund money.
Only ful cents.
Will pay the highest oash prioe for all
kinds of seoond hand goods. Will buy
or sell anything from an anchor to a
needle. Furniture, stoves, oarperte,
-uniting utensils, bought in household
quantities. Also oast off clothing.
Call and see me or write. Address
Silver King Mike, Box _-& Hull
8*~~et;. Nelson, P  T~
Civil Engineers and Provincial La/a*
P. O. Box 145 .Nelson, B.C.
East Kootenay's 1st Annual
Mineral. Agricultural
and Industrial Exhibition
Three Days  ol  instruction,   interest
and Enjoyment.
1 Miuer-vl Exhibit, Bucking Contests,
Agricultural Exhibit, Horse Knot's. The
best program ever seen in the country,
Hoe posters and circulars t'or further
particulars. Bpeoially low return rail-
rates from all points.
A. W. M'VirTIK, Secretary.
lie   sure and get the genuine   BENNETT'S tiUTTA PEBCHA FUSE, not
something that looks   like   it.    Lawrence Hardware Co., Agents.
Is    lame    or    interferes
bring   him   to   the   City
Horseshoeing Shop,  Jo
sephine Street
Atlantic S.S. Sailings
Allan Line Tunisian	
AU.ui   Une .Niiiiiicliuu	
Beaver Une Lake Superior	
Beavor Lluo Luke tiimoou*.	
Franco Canadian UneGartt) Cant!
Franco-Canadian Uno \Va__i_ui   .
Dominion Line Vancouver
Dominion Lino   Duiiiiniui-
While Slav Linn Teuton) t. ���
While aiar i.i.u. Gorman lo
l..in.wil Une Klrurlu	
Cmmrii Line  borvia..
American Line Bt, Louie..
French Lino L'Aqultalpe	
French Line LaOlmmpaKi.e .......
N, G. Ij. Kai- oi in Maria Theresia..
Anchor Line Uity of Home	
Hamburg American Deutsohlaud
From Mon-Tcid
 Aug. 'M
 Bept.  7
 Au-f. ;to
.supt. a
A un.BO
���Sopt. 17
From Portland! Mo.
 BopU   7
 Bept. H
Front Now York
 Aug. 38
   Supt,   1
 Auk a>
Lino ot. Html Aug. 28
.Bop!. .
.Aur. '%i
Sept. 0
.Sept. 10
BcpU 7
,8epU  5
For further particulars apply to
City i'aflHcnuor Agent, Nclaon, li. C,
General8.8. Vtr*,,��r, O.P.R. orfi ������)-.. Winnlncg
Spokane Fails &
-Northern R'v.
Nelson A Fort
Sheppard R'v.
Red -Mloyntain R'v.
Spokane Interstate
Spokane and Return $9.50
Sept. 9 to 20, Inclusive
Buffalo and Return
Good for sixty days, first
and third Tuesday, August,
September and October.
Through passenger trains between Spokane antl Nelson. Bullet
service between Spokane and
Leave DAY TRAIN Arrive
u :U0 a.m Spokane 7 .aa p.m
18:26 p.m Kossland 4 :10 p. nj
10:10 a,m Nelson (i .05 p.m.
H. A. JACKSON, G. P. & T.A.
Spokane   Vfaeb
Atfacit., Nelson, R.O
Advertisement-. Innortod umior UUeheodai
tho rate of ono com ti word por int-.url.ion. No
advert in ���nu'tit   Lakou for  le-  iluui 25  Bents.
Situation Wanted   advertisements  Inserted
three times free of Charge.
Are you in want? If you are, tell
tlie people, through The Miner want
column, wliat you are _�� wan', uf.
Vou'll get it
FOB   BALE.���Corner   Hall   and   Ob*   ...,,__,,
serviitory   streets,    three   lots   :iml{WHOLESALE
Bungalow,     erected less   than a yc
ago.    Iloime has  drawing  room, tl
ing room, nail, two   brick Are places,
three   bedrooms,   a   large   hath room.
kitchen,   cellar,    outhouse,   wide verandah    two   sides  eif   hou .-.   water,
sewer and electric   light,   verv   complete, view unexcelled,   very   comfortable home for small family.      I'o   In-
sold   with   or   without   ftn-uiliiru   at
once,    (hvnei leaving Neluon.     Apply
on   premises  or   to Messrs. Q. Sc  M
Bird, linker street.
BOOMS 'I'll BBNT.���K. W. C. Block-
Two rooms en suite, on Ward st.,
also rooms faciJ'g the west. Uu September 1, two single rooms and two
or three en suite facing Baker Bt.
Furnished or unfurnished. Mrs. -I;'.
.1. Sijuirc, l.oom 11,   K.    W. C.   Illock.
TO KEN1.. ��� Rooms and office in   Clement,   llillyer block.   Apply to   the
Nelson Electric Tram\\ay olliceR.
KOOM and hoard in   pry-ate (family,
Apply ou Silica  street, second   door
west of Ward.
KOOM for   rent at   Mrs.   Mclleiith's,
Silica street.
TO LET.���Four roomed cottage across
the lake. Furnished. Applv P. O.
Box SS.
NELSON Employ ment Agency. Hukor
street.    IMiunc ~!78.   J. H. Love.
WANT 101).���Carpenter,   Two fraraers.
Waitresses.      Woman Cook.      Rail-
rpar)men for Lardo.    Dishwasher.
ContractH taken   t'or   Diamonil   Core
write, telephone or telegrapi. Western Canadian Employment Ollice,
Flioiio 270,   11. A. Prosser.
Storage���] ha\i' a   la rye   warehouse
for     storing
je���1 ha^A,' a  large   warehouse
irlng     household    or   other
riti.i. MllilHK *���".��! I'roperUoi���We un'
aiixinuH t�� i��curea f��M freumillingk<>i<i
propertlt'H ul once* Th*' Pro.-.|M'<.lur's Kx-
cliHiiitc, NeUon, u. *, Komtt i, K.-W.-4.
Y'ou shouldn't Bend out of town for
cards for yourself or your husband
until you see "dint Tlie Miner can do
for vou.
(.OLUSIi-VKIt <OITt.lt -KAH   nine,   uml
pruHpeclN -.vuiiti-d. semi r<-|*ort ami miiiii-
PIcm to I In- Prof.** cclor'n i:\fiiicunc. Neluon*
lie.   Uooiii4 K. ~. <:. lilock.
NKLSON I_OI)GR-   No. 28, A. K. Sc
M. meets hqcoikI Wodnosday in
mouth.   Viaitii-K brothern wolcomo
I. O. O. F. Kootenay IjOcIk"
No. 16, meets ovory Monday night,
at  their   4all,  Kootonay HLroot
Sojourning Odd FqIIowh cordially invited.
John A. MoRae, N.G.   1>. W, lluthortonl, V.O
Fred J. Squire, Per. See.
.  Ulilllllli-
WATKR   KA(J'1'01CV~
yu,vuiui .mi.-., J^e.-hoe- Kvery kuuwu
-.uiutjrfjf r.ufuiruiKM.   i' o UojcttaJTrolaiihon
.No. .11. Huuvu r Hlrui.L, Nel.uu.    UoTOorfBi   Llli.'
f-uj.oii.. bVLoon Uot BprlnieB -Ajjaci
ClANK 6c MA-'UO.NaCD'iH. Canu. Juuiu
/ A. Uaodoualdi���Arohiieute ana BUperiii
wiideuw, jJioKun liUi liiu^u, ooriier jiuKt;r aud
Ward ULreoiis, .\ut.ua
HJ. KVAX-s ;c CO.-Baker Btroet, Nel
��� Hui-���Wholesale dualbrt. in Uquors, ei*
Kara, oeinenl, are brink and tiro olay, wator
pipe and nLeel raiia, and ^uural oouinustaon
> \> holouale and reuiii dealers tn grain,
n.ij, tlodr, toed, Mills at VlotoMa, New \\er,L
uiuister; .Uduionton, Alta. hiuvi_ioiH on Uai-
gary und ltdinuutun Railway, Mauulaeturertf
of Lhe eoiubraied li, _c lv. brand eurealn.
AMAOUONALD & Oo.-Oorner Frou
��� and Rail ou ..iein���V\ holosalo grocer
mm jobbers In blankote, gloves, uttts, uoulh
ruuoei-H, luaoklnaWH aud uunora ButidrlOB.
13  BURN a Sc Co.���Baker Street, Nelsou���
���   VVbolesalo dealers m freatl and cured
Goiu Storage,
WEST    KoO'iiuNAV    IILTCRKR    CO.-
Rulfur Stroot, Nelsou���Wholosale dua
oi'ri in fresh and OUrOd tneaLn.
Street,  Netnon - WholeMaie dsalacs in
hardware, mlhers' supplier*,   ���;,uriiii;; ^oodn
M'iiACHLAJV BROS, (SuooesBOn to Vim
oOuvor Hardware Co, Ltd.) Rako^ Stroot*
N_.inon��� Vv holosalo dealers m hardware and
tululug BUppUes, plumbers'and UnsuntibH' sup
\T KLSON HAi;iii\ AUK CO.- V\ holouale
X^t paints,olln unt[ ginsb; moohanlos' tool.
Agents foi Ontario Powder Works; Ofnftuilte
rpUKNKR, HKKTUN &Co.-Corner Veinon
i und Jot-epUine StTOOU), NolSOU-rWholO
sale dealers in Iiquora, algars, aud dry gOOilSi
Agonts fur Pabet Browing Co. ol Milwaukee
and Calgary Browing Co oi Calgary.
HUBSOM'S RAY Co.-Wliolesulo grocunu-
and Uquors eto., Luker M.reei, Nolson.
Nelson Royal Areli Chapter No. l&l, G. R. C.
[oots third Wot
ms iimu.il.     *
MatthoWH, B, K.
Moots third Wodnosday.   aojonxniiiK OOmpan
ions Invited,   George JohnstoBe, A.   m. w,
NELSON LOOGF   No.V_5, K.of 1*.
anicots in K. of I*, hall, OddfollOWB blook
Jfifirstand t.hlre Tuesday evoning of e oh
niuonlh at 8 o'clock.
*^A11 visiting knights cordially  Invito
Wm. Ikvi.nk, CC.
A. T. Pahk, k. of it. and a.
Nelson Bnoa nment No. 7. Meets every 2nd
and 4th Friday of oaeh month, in Odd Follows
Hall, corner Raker nnd Koolonay street..
Nelson. A. 11. Clements, O. l\; 1). moArthuJ
R. s.  Visiting brothera always wi-w-nuio.
N. E. T. CO.
A delin'1-tfnl tonic���Ironbrew.
If you don't like Blue Ribbon T_a it's
beoMBu you naver tasted it.
Have you Iried���Iroutii'B'v.
By kind permission of C.'ipt.
if fine.
Band Car and extra leave
Stanley street corner at 7:40
p. m.
Close connection Kast and Westbound at Spokane'with train* of the
Spokane Falls and Northern Railway,
aud at Bonner's Kerry witn Kootenay
Railway & Navigation do.
Direct connection at Ht. Paul without change of depot with all trains for
Chicago, Toronto. Montreal) New Vork
and all points West and South.
Le_veu Spokane dailyfor,East at'.9:lbam
Leaves Syoka-io daily lor Went at 7:15 a.m
Leaves Spokane daily lor West at 8.00 p.m.
West-bound brain, make direct connection for Victoria and Vancouver,
1'ortland, San Francisco, and all point,
on the Sound.
During the season of navigation East
hound trains connect at Duluth with
themagnlflceDtsteamships North-West
andNci'th-Land id' theNortbern Steamship Company Lim-, operated in connection with the Great Northern Railway.
For further inloiniiifiou, maps, folders, etc., apply to any agent of Spokane
Kails Sc Northern Ry., Kaslo & Slocan
Ry., Kootei ui Railway & Navigation
Co , or to
H. A. JACKSON. Com'l Agent.
.Spokane, Wash.
G. K. TAOKABURY. Local AKent,
-JeUon. B O
NKLSON L. O. L. No. HUB moota in Ki-u-
t-i-nlly Hull on lirst nnil lliinl Krliluy uvuniiiKH
of uucli inoillh aLSi'clock. Vtsil.iaii muinbui-
conlially Invitod. W. W. Bradley, W. K.
A, Mliity, lt. S^	
Ofllco oqruer Hall and Krom. su-ucih
Nelson���Lainber, aoUliiB. ftoOrlng. and evury
thins in wood for budding purponea, Got oiu
pricori.   t un-iiHiioiidcinoi; .olicilod.
ri-i   GALLON *. CO.-Doalor. in ore ��m-k���
band. Telophoiiu-94, Hooinll.lv. vv.i; lilock
Dominion and
Land Surveyor.
^     PACtFIC
NELSON AKIUK No. 23, V. 0, B��� mootfl
every Hocond fwui fourth Wednesdays of each
m onth. VlHlLinic membotl cordially invil,
CharloH Proemt, ftnr.n)tiiry.
Kootenay Tent No. 7, K. O, T. M��� hold Lheir
regular meeting-- in l-'mLumiiy Hull, 1.0,0. I-.
block, on tho Ni uud Brd Thuitidayx of each
n.outii. VihiuuK brethren oordlally Invited to
attend. O. A. Hrown, U.K.; A. !*. 1'urdy, Com.
it. J .steel,T>. a. 0.
MootinKH 4th ThtUBdayot month. Fratorna]
hall. J Alrvinu (*' K.   P. 't. KluiuinK. 11.8
Neluon Couu 8t nr ol Coobenay. A. O- K.
Mueu* and ailB Ith Wodneedaya In ovory
mouth, vulting brethren weloome, w, Mao-
Milluii, O.K.   Robert MoLeod.aoc,
N_.,__8t)N'rt QUJCBN NO, '.in
BON8 OK KNGLAND, inoetfl
int ami 3rd Wodneedayoventnatiof
otich   monlh   at   Kiuieruhy  hull,
corner of  Itaker   aud   Koolunuj
Htroet^.   Vihiting brcLhurn  coi-d-
iall) Invited.
i-.hu m'.ii Maolbodi BooretarT.
H. &. M. BIRD
To All Eastern Points via
Lake Route, All-1 .ail or Soo
Line, via  St.   Paul   or  Chi-
J. 0. GWILLIM, B*.  Sc,
Late of Geological  Survey of Canada.    Six years experience in 13. C
mining districts.
Baker Street N��. I son. B. C
JMi-. Hen lloil|.**'s riislilnnco nn Mill
sti'��i_t with four lfrts; five roouoa ilmvn
Htalr-i, tlii-uu bedl'OOniB and \mge
bathroom npHtairi.. i-'iirnact' just pul
lu���A well built and uomforlablr
home.    Terms of payment   easy.
See also list of bouses anil lots for
sale and residences for rent at iloor of
our otlices next to McArtliur's on Buker street.
About that second hand nit'icle of
yours. You'll sell It if you'll adver
tise It in The Miner wunt i-ol-nuu
Pan-American Exposition
BUFFALO, $76.00.
Sixty    bays'    Limit.
Good going Sept. 3rd, 17th
Through Sleeping Cars Kootenay Ldg. to Toronto. Arrowhead to Vancouver.
For potnphleU descriptive of Oan-
n<l.!-ii l'acilic iiiiii-snnil for Time Tab s,
Bates, 'tickets, apply
II.  I.. llltdWN,
City russeniter A~ent
,1. H. 0/VBTKR,
Dis. Taps. Agt.
E, .1. I'l'VI.K
A. 0. P. A.
Vancouviir Nelson Daily Miner, Tuesj.y, August i"t   1901
This cut j 1-
liint r ;i t e s
the simple
way wh i'li
this popular
pen i^ lilled
with ink :
do unscrewing ��'f lilt:
pen (section,
do \aUy flpgi'rs, and always nn oven,
regular flow rf Ink, luario in all
grades of points��� fine, medium,broad,
coarse, Abaolntely ffnarauleed, 83 to
85, M.nii" i-ut'iv If not satisfied.
Strangers nre welcome to look through
our store, und your weloome Is uut
dependent on a purchase,
Pianos to Root at $7 per month.
IJTlic rains of yesterday have already   -Van Bhapmtin   Victoria! [-grain importation   from   Baasia  and
hSd the welcome effect of extinguish-i^-   s Ros-lan*;    VV.   8. 'fr0In   tlle   United   States,      In   1897
Ing tho bush Bres.some of which �� sio-an*       I Bussia sol<l Germany 827,302, 111 wortli
j more grain than did the United State,'.
getting within :i fan ju i I��-. of Nelson.
The regular monthly meet'ng of the      Qm
. aneuu for; 1*. Ben I ley,  Klocii ���,
Thos.       Fletoher,
ihut in   KKill  the   United   Suites   -as
The regular monthly roeet'ng of the Queens.-Thou,      Fletoher,       Arm* um ,n   ������"'"  lnu   u*����a   DUUBa  waB
Nelson TvpographiCttl Union whs held strong: (ieo     IV. Coleleugb,      Vi,   R. only   M.470,250   behind her European
~      , _       ,.                       ,,        ,,;  ��� Koulds,   Vancouver; A. A. Gage,  West rival
Sunday     afternoon   in   the     Miner ,,,,,,_,.,,.    A     w     .,,,,���   M,..     ,,    ,, '"���"���          	
i........    .... 11     _��� t'..,.i;.,,, in  ; ���..._.-   . .ii  i- .��� i         -..                         . i.         ..     .                                                      ...__.     . - _,
i$ .Mtifi..
Union   hall.  < Routine business  o"ly I Allen, Miss (Jneenie Allen. Kaslo;  -I.
was transacted. i lie, ���      D. McMillan. Urand
....    ,    n        ���        ���   ,,   ,,   ~r ���.    Forks; Mrs. J. Davis    Slocan; VV.   J.      Washington, Aug.   26.���llussla  bad
I be trolley .\ ire   on    rront   street-
west   of   Willow   streel broke jestei
day morning at   7  o'cluclc,   and   ii"-
power   bad   to   be   stun,   off foi two
.il,'    i.i 10.
Iioui-H while repairs were being madi
The steamer International '"'at   thu
Kokanee   in   yesterday      by    Bftc i
paced,   HHginsI     Johnny    Nelson     ul
Chic igo   tl 'fenI id   he   Inl ter   tonight,
n)inules     In   tbo   trip   from   Kaslo,   , .., lfl ,..,....,   B,���Mshad .,,, prevlons
There was a heavy wine blowing trom   ,, ,���,,,. pn  ....,.,��� .,.,.,,|o> )|ti||. ___
tbo south on Ihe main   lake, but good  ta      ,      m��� ���, ,,. ., .       Wa]tbour
t,me wa8 " ��� jumped ...... tbe lead  a I the  si,,, and
Tbe Simill.ai m Coul uompimy havi ,  . .  ...     around   the   pluekv   little
plncod their sUiek on the market bare, chioa.  s had   the   misfortune
particulars   of   whioh   will   be   Keen to lose his pace frequently and one of
elsewhere In The Miner.    I.'.  I. Steele his mnto - broke down.     In the forth
Now   Vo   .. .','���'/. 20.���Bobby   Walt-
bi ur ol Atlin ta.in n match raco motor   tu u report lo the siato department hy
;c spiinf, tbis year, an unusual occur
ronce in that conntry, and as a result
ber hurvest of cereal- will be the
largest for many years past, according
Tin- Infant child of Mr. Thomas
Kinnehan was buried yesterday afternoon at the Mountain cemetery.
The tug Surprise brought down
three barges loaded with lumber from
Pilot May yesterday for the Sayward
Lumber Co.
On Saturday morning work was
resinned nt tne Nelson Saw & Planing
mills, and everytbing is now running
smoothly again.
Chief of Police McMillan of Grand
Forks, came over last evening with a
man named Biley who is sentenced
to undergo eighteen months Imprisonment at the jail here,
Kev. Wm. Munroe has consented lo
give an address at the regular meeting
of the Kpwjrii, League iu the Methodist church tbis evening. The meeting is under tbe oharge of tbe literary committee
The sidewalk In front of ihe Phair
hotel, completing tbe walk Jrora Stanley to Kootenay on the south side of
Victoria, will probably be linished
today, making a much needed improvement for pedestrians in thai
A handsome pair of brass quoit.
are on exhibition iu tbe window of
the Wallace-Miller store. Thoy were
presented last week to the Nelson
Quoit Club for Competition among the
members, by Mr. .1. A. Flonoyraan of
the Nelson foundry, and are a good
sainplo of what can bo turned out in
Nelson in the way of brass work.
A meeting was held Sunday evening
at the residence of F. VV. Petit on
South ^Kootenny street, to bear theos*
opby discussed ny A. V. Knudsen, of
the Thoosophlonl Society. A pleasant
and interesting evening was spout by
those who attended, Mr. KmidsHii being a gentleman of considerable intellectual attainments, and widely-
travelled experiences.
A large number nr lisbing parlies
were out on .Sunday and as a rule
good catches were reported. Over a
dozen rods were whipping Kokanee-
creek and the average was about, fifty
trout to the rod, Blue bottles did
good e.xeeution and other Hies with
white wings anitjldarl. bodies_Heene! to
appeal to the toothsome little follows.
The II, M. If. Hand has completed
the .six concerts which were subscribed for by the public-spirited business
men of the city, ami at a meeting last
night the hand passed it vote of thanks
to tbem. The corporation of Nelson
has not been out of pocket one dollar
fco- these concerts, tho false report in
the Tribune notwithstanding. Last
night thu members ol tin- band pro*
Bentod a bandBume silver mountod
eiine, suitably engraved, to their
loader, Mr, J. B. Pollard. Tha bund
will now procood to p.aetici their
new seleelioni for ll.e coming winter
Cn Saturday a parly of live of tin-
city firemen went up to Summit lakes
on Six-Mile ereek to enjoy the good
lisbing '.here and bad splendid sport,
getting line baskets of liout. Tbey
Camped out "'-'er night and next morning on tbeir way back to Kootenay
lako came across a porcupine on the
rond. It was- suggested by some ,.f
the party that it would matte n
splendid addition to thc pets at tl.e
lire lull. Joe Thompson tVaB the victim
elected to capture it. He stooped over
the apparently quiescent animal and
attempted to strike it on the nose
with tbe butt of bis rille in order to
stun it. As tbe rille came down, the
tliii of the porcupine enlne   up,    quick
as n flash,filing Thompson's fore linger and thumb of the rlghl band with
qiiilln ii ii I i I tlie hand looked like a
well-filled plnouahlon, Many of tho
,|Uills were driven completely tl.rough
the finger and projected an inch on
thc other side. It was felt by all tbat
;ih a pet I be poi eup. in- had a VM'J
large number of drawbacks and lt waa
left behind. Joe is no v said to be
studying natural history and nursing
a very sore band. ]
has   been   appointed   broke:   for  the
company here.
The Odd Fellows of Nelson Encampment No. 7. and Kootonay Lodge No,
IB, are gone.' to hold a picnic at
Squire ranch on Thursday, BDth inst.
Hale's laUOOb will make several trip .
starting ai I p. in., from lillie's boat
liouse, fur the accommodation of those
not hiring bunts.
mile Nelsou i hanged puce for the first
1 ime and In, r. rli trace in doing so.
After thnt point he never hod a chance
Consul Hoetnan at Odessa,
Colon, Colombia, Aug. 30.���A report
is circulated here today to the effect
��� It.-it tl..-rebels which now threaten
thc town of Boca De Torre, bail from
lilueticlds, Nicaragua. The 0. S.
gunboat Mat-bias anchored today in
( olon harbor.
l-'I.OM   PERU
and was    riding   without pace   at (be
finish.    Walthour o on bv 1 i lans.
Now York-. Aug. 26.���On thi
ship Ethiopia, which arrived tonight,
came l:|j.iMis!; workmen who have f
This week tbe steamer Internationa] [teen sen: by an English paper to torn
will probably he tanen off the rim the country and study itt, trades. The
between NeMon and Kaslo nud the men were selected by popular vote.
Kaslo substituted, nnd by tins ar- A. Nlcol Smithson, who will not ns
rangement It Is expected thnt botttr conductor for ll.e expedition, says:
time will he made. Tho crow of the " We shall visit Washington, Pitts-
Iiiternai.ioiinl will   be   tiansfurred   to burg,    Ontario,    Philadelphia,   Cleve-
l.iiini. Pern, Aug. 2(1.���Via Galveston, l'ex.���In the senate today u resolution was Introduced upon the minister of interior to answer certain ae-
custnions brought against bim, It
'"" ' was rejected by a vote of 20 lu 1-1.
Washington, 'Aug. 20.���Tbe gunboat
Ranger, which left   San   Diego,   Cal.,
August   17   for Panama,   arrived at
Acupulco, Madeira, today.
Can be engaged for summer months for Excursions, Picnics, Lawn Socials or anything that requires music.
Wambold's Orchestra
For Kalis, Parties, Receptions, Banquets, etc. Regular
prices.    Allure members of Local No ill, A.   F. of   M.
Musioal Protective Association.   Apply to J,  P>.  POL-
LARD, at E, ,T. Boble's Tailor Shop, linker Street.
Zbc iRoval Bank of Canada"
CnpUl.l    Aiilliiirl/.ril.
Incorporated 1869.
DM.IKIII 000.00 I   < HI'Hal   Paid-up,
.     9_._oo.ihki.ii.
Kent, *l.~,i ,111111.11.
itonnl or Directum     rhomas K. Kenny,  President|  Thomas Kltohle, Vloo-Priwldoot,
V-lloy Sml-h,  H.G. lii-ulil, Hon. Dnviil MwiKoon.
Ill-nil Hill.-,-, linlIfux:
Genoral Managor. Kilson I,. Pease, Montroal. ��...
Supori-ltendenl of Branol_.es, and Secretary, w. B. Torrance, Hainan,
Brim    en!
ebrc���Montroal, (City Office), Montreal
Wost Knil (t'or. Notro Damo and s,-iw_
neurs streots); Wostmount (Cor. Greuue
Avcnuo and St, Catharinos  -jtront.
'ova   ftcolla���Ibilltax   Branoh,   AntlKoniul
Bridgewater, Quysboro. l.on'ioiiilorry, i.u
Qllburg, Mail.liiud lllnr.ts Co.l, Plclou, Port
HawkoHbury, Sydney. -jhubonaoadic,Truro,
New    iiriiiiHwich ��� Batburst,    Iloi Chester,
Krederiel-ii, Kingston (Kent Co.), Mono-
ton, Newcastle, Sack villi:, St, John,Woodstock-
P. v.. IhIiiuiI���Charlottetown, Sununoi-side,
the Knslo, and the   formor   vessel   j_u
ont of commission.
It has heen definitely decided t'#a,
the Nelson lire brigade will not send
a team to Greenwood on Labor Day,
so many members of the team having
made other arrangements tor the day
that 11 strong enough team wonld not]
be available. Several of tbe firemen,
however, will be present and tube
part in some of tin- athletic   coulosts.
A Pompier hell and life lines were
received by the Nelson firo brigade
Saturday last, The belt is strongly
made of heavy duck canvas, reinforced
by leather. In tbe front is a [urge
hook ring which can be used by the
wearer for sliding down
hooked on the rung of a ladder, leaving both hands free to ha ndle axe 0r
A public service was held Sunday
evening for Chinamen by tlie new
Chinese missionary Ng Chang, on ll.e
vacant land between Ilrnckmnn ,\
[tor's warehouse nnd tlie jail, m.
Front'street, There was a large attendance of Celestials, curious to hear
tbo doctrines expounded. Tl.e ladies
of tbe Presbyterian church bave
kindly furnished tho dwelling which
hns been secured by the missionary
on Victoria si reel.
land, Fast Li-eipool, Ohio, Buffalo.
Ottawa and Mortreal. The delegates
come over here to study questions in
which the Britisli artisan is vitally
interested. We will inquire Into the
conditions of the American wage
earner, bow tbey are house,!, nnd
live, their hours, unions, and other
things of interest lo ns on tbe other
side.' '
ope   or j ���'-''''
Net. Mri tail), Conn., Aug. 2(1.-
Jimmy Handler of Newark, N. -I..
made easy wo .. ot Patsy Corrlgan of
S.m Pruncisco, befoie 11,1* Noctor,
winning on a cleau knockout in the
round. The men entered the
ring al I5S pounds tu go ]���", rounds,
nnd Handler, .vie. nud tbe better of
Corrlgan, i-usherl matters fr nn llie
start, at the end of the lirst round.
Corrigan was' groggy and early in the
sec,in,1 dandle) landed one on the jaw
which settled matters.
Kvcry year'a largo number of pooi
sufferers whose lungs are soro and
racked wilh coughs are urged to go to
another climate, But this is costly
and not always sure. Don't be an
exile when Dr. King's New Discovery
for Consumption will cure you at.
home, It's the most infallabie medicine for Coughs, Colds, uml all 'Throat
and Lung diseases oil oai-th. The first
dose brings relief. .1 Astounding cures
result from persistent use. Trial bottle free at Canada Drug ,<- Book Co.
Price .".lie and $1,011. Every bottle
The    lalest:    si ores lu-lde nt the
ranges   were as (ollows:
" :.o.'      500     000
J. 11. Tini   _s
A   Grant	
-   '
20       211       82
HI       28       80
D00    1000   Tot'l
Cooling and   refreshing���-Ironbrew.
Cun. W. ColcblH*ll and W. R.
Foul.Is. <jf the C, P. U. stall', Van-
couvect . are in tlio oity.
Uev. 1*. II. MaBwon of Now Westminster, BT-tporintenrlent *>r Haptsi
missions Cur Ii. C. passed through the
uity yesterday enroute to Cranbrool-
iiml Lferme,
J, VV, VV, Stewart, Provlneia] man-
agor of tho Imperial Lite, who was in
Nelsou payluft his dint .i<:. agent, H.
VV, Day, a visit, luft Sunday morning
for tho coast.
C, B, Hunting:, cbiof clorl. of the C,
P. IJ. passenger department at V an*
couver and II. VV. Brodio, chief olurlt
of tin' passenper department al
Winnipeg, aro touring the Kootenays.
Hov. F,G,Harrington,who has tpent
touiteen yeurs in Vokohama, Japan,
uh missionary undpv the American
Baptist K. M, board, passed throngh
Nelson last night, with his wll'e and
two children enroute tor Nova Scotia.
Judgo Oregory of the Supreme Court
of New UrunawJolt, is a guasl at the
lin mc. Ilt< Ih on a tiip throagh tlio
WOnLnuw being onroute easl aft^r tlie
trip in the nonst. At, Victoria lie was
the guest of his son, Col. Grogory.
Judge (iregory was formerly a partner
of tne Hun, A. (J. Blair in tlie practice of law at Prcderlcton, N. I!.
Mr, lit'n Bodge, who has been on
the engineering staff <��f the London .v
B.U, UoldHelds, l.imiird for over two
and a half years, left for tli" United
States yesterday niort-tiig, when1 he
bas accepted a similar position with
Amerionn capitalists. For the presc'ni
his headquarters will lie in st. Paul,
Minn. During Mr, Hodge's real-
denoe in Nelson his many attractive
[qualities made him deservedly popular
I with all with whom he CUU10 in eon-
tnet,*aud he loaves fo-- his new sphere
of usefulness accompanied by the i��i--t
wishes of hia many friendfl in this
J, D, '1 inVtiss, .. .28 2'.i :.'.. 82
A. Cirant   , * * ,..d       S(l       39       SI
There were more than tbe twd
named above v\] a wore at the ranges
and : bui nd Xinkiss were
the onlj ��� ol at eaoh target,
Wi i . - , -' ���' ���. -In n report
to the Si ii-i.ii ent recording the
m ui the l.i'a'i_iiiuu   '' Kundiug
'i ian -*1   rai    ���-:  nttt, " Minii ter Bryan
Vetei i   uys   i Hi ial   ��� utemente  show
! liiut thi    in  i   ps cf this   country   ar
(upon a more ��io I id foundation than for
years past.     Q ��� Baj ; that i pouie payments of foreign gold ob igationi have
1 bo ii I,      I',,-    lian  securities
have risi ������ from Ifi iu ;.'i por cent, of
par nn I tbe volume of money has
No   harmful   Ingredients  in���Ironbrew.
I. 0. 0. F. PICNIC
The Oddfellows  of  Nelson   Encamp*
ment No. 7 and Kootenay   Lodge   No.
iii, are going to hold a Picnic at
Hale's launch will mane several trips,
starting at i p. ta,* from Bale's boat-
liotfte, for the accommodation of those
bOt htflng boats. All oddfellows
their wives and lady friends invited
to come and bring their baskets and
enjoy themselves.
Committee���<leo.    Hale,    (Ieo,   Kin-
rade and P. J. Squires.
LEY COAL CO.. Limited.
Having beon appointed official
broker for tho iiliovo Company I will
offer sliareB for tbe next lii'te.u .uys.
TliuHe will undoubtedly advance as
rapidly us did tlm Crow's Most l'nss
I'oul Company.
For fiii-Uier particulars and prospectus
apply   to
London, Aug, 21.���Tbe  Jibuti mail
br a ��� tidings I lull ,... I nlted !.tales
ma tult. ��� 11 ii     .. ibuti a stop
ping placo and n vii tiiulling xtatlon
im flieir flcei n preference to I'erlm
or Aden, ���: ! i lin illi - .v. tr..
pun,; ..; ,,''.!, i ... '��� ill ii - roup of
,���:...��� aro oigan King1 n coul dopot
foi suppl  ing Jibuti    i.  ill   American
oo .1 '���        II ���   n pete   w-1 tli
i;   :     ���    i ���        ., ��� , company   is
nogol iuti   ; to i   nl lli     ian   vi_sai.li.,
Porto Rico Lumber
Co., Limited.
Rough and
Dressed   Lumber,
Shingles, Mouldings.
A-l White Pine  Lumber Always In
Wo carry n oomnlotc Ktook orOoustFloorlng
('fillriK. Indlila l''ini--li, Turned World Siu.hana
Ihicirs. Bpuuiul order work will rooolvo prompt
al.Loutioir   Mail ordora Holtotl^d,
Newf-mmlliiiMl���St. John's.
<u����ii, Wc Ht Indies��� Havana.
S iiili'il xtntv* -New York UU JH_7CchanK0 I'lurf.
Ropubllo, Wasb.
Grand   Forks, Manatoo,   Nelson,   Rosslan fl,     sneonver,
Vancouver East End, Victoria,
OnrreBponilenu I
Canada���Mojohantn Bank of Canada.   lt<>_n,n-Nationnl Shawmut Bank.   Obleago���Illinois
Trusl, and Savings Hunk.   Snn Frnnu��c�����First National Hank.   I,<iiiili>ii,  Kng.��� Bank ol
Scotland.  Parte. Franco���Credit Lyonnais.   Bermuda���Bank o( Bernmda,  rim,a ami j��.
pan���Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation.   dpoknnii-OW National Bank.
Oeneial Banking Business Transacted; Sterling Bills of Exchange   tUvugh
and Sold, Letters of  Credit, Etc., Negotiated.
Accounts received on the most favorable terms.   Interest, allowed oa special
deposits aud on Saving Bank accounts,
Geo. Kydd, Manager, Nelson. B.C.
5 NO. 4 K.-W.-C. BLOCK, NELSON. B. C.
�� Gold, Silver-Lead  and  Copper Mines wanted at tlie EXCHANGE.
> FREE   MILLING   UULIJ  properties  wanted at once for Eastern
> investors.
J Parties  having   mining  property for  sale nre   requested to send
i samples of their ore to the EXCHANGE for exhibition.
C Vie  desire  to  hear fi-um prospectors who have promising mineral
j> claims in British Columbia.
* Prospectors   and   mining  men   are requested   to make  the  EX-
C CHANGE their headquarters when in Nelson.
J All samples should be sent by express, PREPAID.
0 Correspondence solicited.    Address all communications to
0 Telephone No. 104. P. O. Box 700. NELSON, B. 0. J
������ vv_/vvx-v-v��_%^vv./��-vvvvw*Vv\v-^^
ty sVino JtHd4/ *rv <��*U<n/  A/ acA/
Ilium-.-.1. N. Henderson, Vancouver, II. iiirj-'i-ricli, W, li. Adams,
Kaslu: Geo, 'I'min*,-. Spokane; IJ, ,N.
Lavton, Ohio; J, Armstrong, VV, \v.
Hldpnth, l~ li. Sunders, Spoltnnoi
Mii-. C. \V. Harrington, Mis>. biielln
.'link. Suattloi V. I-. Jeffrey, Toronto;
C.W. Harrington, Slocan ;\V, li, I rov,
Hamilton; A.Uartraan^UoBaland ; A I.
Clements, (hand forks; II. W, Harbour, Sandon; 0, D, Gradoc.k, Rose-
C. P. 1 IONS,
.Moni:. .i    An        .     it I lie   annual
in,'' ting of tin ts   of the C.
P,  It, which      II b. It)   2nd,
ii,,-    tockh   di      will   uc  iiMii-ii   tu
ml,.I I   ..    rf ���    .    anihori zing   lin-
iHMit.    ol   bonds   to     ihe   extent  of|
E-lrSO.O Thi   .-. .i ��� ii. provided   for
n.i"' i     ip authority of I lie   1'". Ion i
Ac ,   ���.       ...    .     and   the loan
will be   utl liy.iid   .'I al<l in   the inqu-1
l_il     i.    , !    si, am    , >    , , -   and   tbeir
,���'.',���    ..
Porto Rico Lumber Co.,
llnail Ollli.ii-l'o*"l--*-�� and Voinon fl��� Nolson
RAI)  n. '��� ������   l'l ���'��� l_> PLOSION.
Ott. is   explo
Bio a, Inry !
at Gi     ��� live mil      I'r itn hers
todny '��� ���   on,   tho  manager,
wh reed ta   ph       and   two ol the
umplo. i'li- weti  ; in       .   un d,
Brulsos, SoieBaek, Burns, Scolds, N'L-unil-
tfla, lliiiul'-i'li,'-. Lumbago, soro Throal ami
ovory olhor i-tmenl whurc outward applioa*
i inn i-i wiuik'it lo ni\ '��� 'iiiii'li rulirl.
Mr. Mack Wtiti,., tin-wti'i known trainer of
tho Tm-i'iiio Lacromio Tnam and ii.j;.ii>il Hull
football Club writes i "I oonsldor iiiiiliih-
.'.I,-nllinl Liniment Itnoqu. Ufld I'm- a-llioUw or
thoso training. Ihava u.soil ii with tho liest,
...ii.'iicss uml can heartily rocommond it For still'*
i,,.--, soreness, _praiusmid all formRof swolllng
and itiilaiiuii. nun.   Prioe 2Aoonts.
ForHaiebyJ, II. .anstone, Ni'l.oti, B, 0,
1'bair. CI. W, Hughes, Alamo; S,
Niiriiinii. Spokane; Mrs. Htone nnd
children. Lew Iston, Mont, i ,1. D,
S'*'iii-,l, Greenwood; A. G. McMan*
naud wife, T. ('. Paul   and   Wife, San
r.A      H1SG UP.
Washington,    Aw '..       ,    1 he   State
Ili-pai! i ni I   (r	
Consular Agenl  II. > i. ut   Eibenstock, j
snowing   tin-   extent    of  Germany's]
II. is just, like throwing awuy money,
when you throw away tlie snow
8UO_. TAGS which are on every plug
ni   Bobs.   Pay Roll and   Currency
Chewing   Tobacco.     Hnve   tbem anil
you can.have your choice of 160 handsome presents,
Ask your di-^ui for a Catalogue.
Every housewife wha
lakes delight In a
spick nno span kitchen will li nil what she
wants in oat stock of
Tho sinning quality
of tho surface is indicative of the superior merit of the
goods tl, rough and
Delivered to any point
on Kootenay Lake.
I have a complete stock on hand of
Rough and Dressed
Mouldings, Sash Doors.
Inside Finish,
Coast Flooring, and
Finished Lumber-
Mill atriLOTBAY. Ynrds, NKLSON
A. R. BARROW, a. rt. i. 0.1.
Provincial  Land Surveyor
Oorner Viotoria and Kootenay Sts.
P.O. Hox BOO Telephone No. W
11   PUKDY
Custom HmiHe Broker and Employment
Ollice. Telephone It. 1'. 0. Box 582
Stanley .Street, Nelson. B. 0.
Subscribers in Kaslo
Every morning Immediately
on arrival of steamer, at the
rate of        ,
75 Cents per Month
Subscriptions to bo left
Willi the agent,
D.  J.   YOUNG.


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