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Nelson Daily Miner Sep 13, 1901

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Daily Edition No.   1140
Nelson,   British  Columbia,  Friday,   September 13,  1901
Eleventh   Year
Inflammatory Editorial Leads
to the Arrest of Herr Most
at New York.
Emma  Goldman Will Probably   Be   Released
New York, .Sept. 12.-��� Joliann Most,
one of the most widely known of New
York anarchists and editor of the
������ Fri-iheit, " lbs organ of anarchists,
was arrested tonight by Central ollice
detectives Krauoh and Prenelsen The
arrest was made in a saloon. Heir
Most objected volubly to the arrest.
but lu iiii purpose at.cl lie was loekod
up at police hcad(*uaiters as a "suspicious person.'' Captain Titus re-
fusod to allow him to soe any ono or
to make a statement, The captain
declared he would not allow tho prisoner to pose as a martyr. The coin-
plaint against him, which covers a':
typewritten pages, is tiased on and
quotes in full an editorial winch Most
printed ill his paper on September 7.
11 reads ill part: "The greatest of
all follies in the world is the belief
tbat there can be a crime of nny sort
against despots and their accomplices.
Such belief is in itself a ciime. Despots nre outlaws; thoy aro inhuman
shape what the tiger is among the
boasts; to spare them is a ciiinc. As
despots make use of everything,
treachery, poison, murder, so everything should be employed agninsl
them. Yes,the crime directed against
them is not merely a rig.it; it is also
a duty of everyone who bus the oppor
tnnity to cany it out arid will be his
glory if it is successful. Revolution
i-, nothing but defense, murder as an
instrument of defense is not merely
allowed it is a duly towards society
when it is directed against a profes*
sional. We know our eneini'.'s, wc
know thorn all and every where per*
sonally. There can bo no absolute
success if they are again spared.
Whatever stands on t ic other side of
the line which divides tho camp of
ruling, posses'ois of power from thai
uf the people has corse under the ban,
let the people carry out the sentence.
We say, murd/r and murder. Have
humanity by blood aud steel, poison
and dynamite."
After Most was locked up. Captain
Titus displayed the editorial and said .
'���There is a place on North Hrotbei
island for those suffering from contagious diseases and other places for
those who are insane and those mur-
derously inclined and wo believe we
can Und a place for men who publish such articles."
Most protested to tbo captain that
he had committed uo crime, and that
all that had appeared in his paper was
simply opinions in a new guise that
had been printed and voiced thousands
of times in the last iifty years. Herr
Most's residence is in Brooklyn The
police records show ho was arrested
in 1888 f���r making inflammatory
speeches in this city. Recorder
Smythe sentenced him   to   ono   year's
imprisonment and a flue of 8500, He
served his sentence at lllackwell's
Island. In 1887, he was again arrested and charged with the cause of an
unlawful assembly and inciting to
violence. lie was found guilty by
Judge Cowing aud sentenced to one
year's imprisonment,. Ilo appealed,
but was not successful and served his
lime. In 1801 he was again arrested
hut not convicted. Captain Titus
spent several hour-: at police head'
quarters today, which lseontraiy to
his usual custom. When asked if ho
expected more anarchists to be
brought in ho said he did not know.
lluffalo, Sept. 12.���The district attorney here announced this afternoon
that he had no evidence against Emma
"uldman and that unless something
turned up no requisition unen tno
State of Illinois would be made for
This does not mean that the bottom
has dropped out of thu conspiracy
theory as some arc disposed to hastily
assume, It simply means that no
evidence has yet boen secured to connect hor with Hie crime. if she is
released, she will be kept under lhe
closest  surveillance   and   it   will   he
Shortly After Two O'clock This Morning President McKinley Took a Turn for
the Worse and It Was Expected That He Would Drop Off at Any Moment.-Heart Trouble Gave Attending Physicians Gravest
Fears.-Scenes at the Bedside.
The following bulletins ware received by The Miner this morning:
2.1(1 a. iu., Sopt. ill.���Ilrs. Mynter
and Mann nave just come to the Mil-
burn House. 11 was stated that their
call had no special significance al-
tbuiwh it was known that they were
sent for. Tho summoning of tho
physicians at that hour wis regarded
as significant but uo statement as to
its purpose was obtainable.
2.4.1 a. in,���Abner McKinley, brother
of the President, was called to the
house at 2,40, Ilo came by carriage
and pressed into the house at once. A
messenger was dispatched at the same
time to summon two absent nurses.
The impression is created that the
President has taken a serious turn
for tho worse, but an expression from
those within the house was unobtainable.
2.58 a. m.��� President McKinley experienced a sinking spell shortly after
2 o'clock. Thc physicians are administering restoratives to him with the
hope ?t reviving bun.
A geneial call has gone out to the
physicians ami the members of the
cabinet now in the eity. Dr. Parke
reached tlie house at 2.Si) and shortly
alter him came Secretaries Hitchcock and Wilson.
The Associated    Press   has been authorized   to say   that   President   Mo
Kiuley is critically ill.
At :i o'clock all of the physicians
were gathered at the bedside of the
Piesident. It was stated tbat digitalis
was being administered to tho President.
Several messengers wero hurried
from the house and it was understood
that thoy carried dispatches to the
resident members of the cabinet and
the kin of the Piesident.
Additional lights burn in the Mil-
burn home and the househo'd is astir.
aside from digitalis no other   restoratives have been used.
3.25.���Thc following bulletin was
issued by the President's physicians
at 2.5(1 a. in.: The President's condition is very serious and gives rise
to the gravest apprehensions. His
bowels havo moved well, but his
heart doos not respond properly to
stimulation. lie Is conscious, Tlie
skin is warm and tho pulse small.
regular, easily compres'i.'lo and 120;
respiration 30,  tompoiatiu'0 100.
8,85 a. m.���Secretaries Wilson and
Hitchcock, Aimer McKinley, Ur. Haer
and Private Secretary Cortelyon weie
all assembled in tho main drawing
room and it was mule-stood that none
of Ihein had to that time been called
to the sick room. The gravest anxiety
was pictured on thoir face.
The President is so weak that he
does not apparently suffer much,
strychnine, digitalis and other powerful heart stimulants do not produce
effects and tho worst is feared. His
death might occur at any time from
heart exhaustion. Mrs. McKinley has
not yet been informed of the change
for the worse.
3.40 a. m.--T'he physicians have
come down stairs except Drs. Uixey,
Mann and Stockton and carnages arc
arriving at the residence at  a gallop.
8,10 a. in.���Beyond tho statement
that the President is critically ill no
further announcement has been authorized, but it is manifest that the
wounded President faces a grave and
menacing crisis. Alarm can be ready
in the actions of tbo.se to whose nursing and care be is committed. The
scene ahout the house is a dramatic
one. Attendants can be seen hurrying about behind the unshaded and
brightly lighted windows aud messengers come aud go hastily through the
guarded door, (lutside half a hundred
newspaper correspondents ure assembled awaiting u word that may carry
sorrow to a nation.
3.10 a.   iu.���It   is   understood   that
3.42 a. m.���Secretary Cortolyou says
he does not consider the President in
extremis but tbat the worst ia feared
from weakness of the heart.
3.55 a. ra.��� The physicians were still
assembled at the bedside of the Piesident. They were administering
digitalis and strychnine.
The physicians looked for a rally
but up to that time no word of hope
came from them to those who wero io
waiting. None of the President's
family or members of the Cabinet
have beenadmuted to   tho bedside.
4 a. m ���No word of encouragement
has come from tho Milburn house.
4.0?   a.   m.���Dr.     Mann   says   the
President has rallied somewhat.
4.03 a. m.���Drs. Mann and Mynter
left the house at 4 o'clock. The latter
Baid:"The President is in better condition than he was an bom ago. We
have not given up hope. He has
railliod somewhat and we are going
Ur. Mann also said that the President Had rallied but both declined to
go into details concerning the charac
ter of the heart stimulants administered or the cause of the collapse.
4.17 a. m.���Tiie rally at 4 o'clock
was very slight. At. 4.15 Secretary
Cortelyon and   Mr, Milburn  eineiged
liiim the house and walked up the sidewalk inside the roped enclosure. Secretary Curteyoi: '.lid the President was
resting,- that 1- nr physicians were in
the sick chanil er but lie offered little
in the way of ci couragement.
Milburn Hon e. Buffalo, Sopt. 12.���
The following bulletin was issued hy
the physicians at 12 Oclock (midnight): "All unfavorable symptoms
in the President's condition have
improved since lhe last bulletin.
Pulse, 120. Temperature, 100.8. (Sgd.)
P. M. Uixey, Eugene Wastlin, Chas.
(I. Stucktou. (ieo. ii. Cortelyon, Secretary to the Piesident"
Milburn House, Huff.ilo, Sept. 12.���
The slight alarm which was feit when
the afternoon bulletin appeared was
increased when tbo physicians assembled for their evening consultation.
The cheeriness of the morning was
succeeded by apprehension, and a
dreary lain which bcirau tn fall added
to Hip gloomy feeling which prevailed. Tho bulletin was personally delivered to the members of the press
by Secictary Cortelyou.iind tl.e fiank-
ness with whicli tho physicians announced to them that the President's
condition was not so good, disquieting as it was, was a relief. It was
explained to the Associated Press that
the trouble which existed is due to
the fact that the food taken this morning had not agreed with the President. It had not been disposed of,
and tbe rise in his pulse was attributed to that fact. It was stated
quite positively that the consulting
physicians did not believe that the
failure to digest the food was due to
tho condition of tlio wounds in the
sides of the stomach, which wero believed to be practically healed and so
pronounced by Dr. Mcllurnoy aud his
associates. The fact that the food
would not agree with tbe Piesident
could not have been anticipated, so it
was stated, but as soon as it was
found that it had not, the administration of food by the mouth was discontinued. The problem which now confronts the physicians is to dispose of
this undigested food in tlie stomach.
Dr. Mann, who is considered chief
surgeon in the absence of Dr. Mollur-
ney, is confident that the undigested
food will pass away during Hie night.
The fatigue of tho paliunt during the
aitlernoon continued during the liven
ing and several   times   the   President
murmured, "I'm so tired,"
Dr. Charles Stockton,who has a fine
reputation as a general practitioner
here, was called in at thc evening conference. The problem now is one for
the physicians rather than tho surgeons. After the bulletin was issued
two of the physicians slipped away
through the side entrance, thus escaping the newspaper mon. It was understood that Dr. Mann and Dr Stockton remained at the Milburn liouse.
Milburn House, Buffalo, Sept. 12.���
The president's eondition continues
unfavorable and the alarm is increasing ratbei than diminishing. A bulletin is expected shortly.
Milburn House, lluffalo, Sept. 12.���
The following bulletin was issued by
the physicians of the President at 9.30
a. m. : The President has spent u
quiet and restful night and hns taken
muoh nourishment. He fcela betior
this morning than at any time. He
has taken a little solid food this
morning and relished it. Pulse, 12(1.
Temperature, 100. 2 degree*.
Milburn House. Buffalo, Sept. 12.���
The following bulletin was issued by
the President's physicians al 0 3(1 p.
m.: "The President's condition this
evening is not quite so good, hiB food
not agreeing with him and has been
stopped. Excretion has not yet been
pioperlv established. The kidneys are
acting well. His pnlse is not satisfactory, but has improved in the last
two houis. The wound is doing well.
He is resting quietly. Temperature
1UU.2. Pule, 128. (Sgd.) D. M Rixey,
M. D. Mann, liosewell Parke, Herman
Mynter, Eugene Wasdin, Chas G.
Stockton, Oeo. Ii. Cortelyon, Secretary to the President.
It was half past twelve this morning when the first alarming bulletin
was brought to The Miner otlice bj
Charley Milward. Immediatey after
"30 on A. P.,'' which means the lasi
of the roguar news service, came in
and Vancouver tioked "Good night,''
to the night operator, O. T. Skerratt
of the C. P. it. But before the tele-
gragraph office was closed more
alarming bulletins commenced to
come in so Tho Minor immediately
made arrangements to have the Vancouver wire kept open all night. The
Minor's night mon wore kept at their
posts to put into type the latest news
from the bedside that holds a nation's
The Miner will post the latest news
at the otlico today and If the President should pass away an extra will
immediately   be Unwed announcing it.
j Nearly Collides Willi a Steam
Yacht and Narrowly Escapes Injury.
Continue I on  Fourth Page.
Pittsburg, Pa., Sept. 12 ���The air
is again full of rumors today that the
strike had been settle;!. The absence
uf Preuidsnt Shaffer from the Amalgamated headquarters all day up to 4 p.
m. lent colo* to tho report. Ily many
Mr. Shaffer was supposed to bo in
New York in conference with President Schwab and others coneeod that
ho was in conference with the American Tin Plate olllcials discussing a
proposition to call the strike off so
far as that company was concerned.
When Piesident Shaffer finally appeared he dispelled all hopes by saying there was nc change in the situation. Immediately after arriving at
the ollice Mr. Shaffer called thc
National officers to his room for a conference whioh lasted 1(1 minutes It
was impossible, to learn what the
talk was about. It was snid at Amalgamated headquarters today that the
steel combine has refused tu entertain
any further propositions of settlement
fiom the Amalgamated Association.
Montreal, Sept. 12.���H. A. Allan
was today elected President of tho
Montreal Telegraph Co., succeeding
his lato father, Andrew Allan.
Miss Laplanlu, a trained nurse, shot
herself at her boarding house on St.
Catherine stroet this afternoon. The
bullot entered tlio left sido aud so far
the doctors are unable to extract it.
She will probably die. No cause is
Father Point, Sept, 12.-The S. S.
Lake Chnmplain, Captain Stewart,
Liverpool for Montreal, arrived, and
reports the death of thu lighthouse
keeper at Hollo lslo last Sunday.
Hamilton, Sept. 12. ���Members of C
battery held a mcetingjlast, nielli and
decided to refuse to go to Hamilton to
receive medals from the Duko of Yoik
unless the Government grants them
their   back pay.
Mafeking, Cape Colony, Sept. 12.���
The Hitish casualties in tho Greul
Maries valley, September 8 and 8,
when Geneial Mcthuon was engaged
~ ith Vantander and Delarey, driving
the Iloers fiom a strong position was
25 killed and SO wounded, Including
Captain Croft.
New York, Sept. l'i.���Three explosions occurred in tin works of the
American Schultz Powder company in
Oakland, N. .1., todny. Five men
were killed and three finally injured.
One man had his bead completely
blown off.
Grand Forks, II. ('., Sept. 18.���A C,
P. 1.. wustbound freight last night
ran ovur and killed an unknown man
between here and Cascade. The victim had evidently fallen asleep on the
Montreal, Sept. 12.���The police here
arc taking extraordinary precaution to
piotect the Duke and Duchess of York
on the occasion of the approaching
visit. Tonight seventy-five warrants
were issued in blauk on which the
police will arrest overy suspoot they
come across. A remand of ten days
will follow their appoaranoo in court
so that they will be kept entirely out
of tho way.
Then Runs Into a Big Squall
ButSuccessfully Outrides
the Storm.
New York, Sept. 12.���Thc Shamrock
went out for a trial spin today and
got into two ticklish positions beforo
returning to her anchorage, The first
wns a narrow escape fiom collision
with the steam yacht Giralda, anil
the second was a ten minutes experience with a forty-mile squall. Tin*
challenger had gone out past Sandy
Hook at a 12-knot clip,striking several
small squalls whicli put her Ice rail
under water. SIih had eased sheds to
starboard for a reach home when tin,
Giraida's captain, evidently not realizing her great speed, attempted lo
cross her how. Captain Sycamore of
the Shamrock was unable to keep the
yacht off because of tbe Press tug
Unity under her lee. After he eliiared
the Inttei the Giralda was right under
his Ieo starboard bow. To clear hor
he almost bad to gibe thc yacht. Tbe
men jumped for tin' preventer hack-
stays to slacken them, the main boom
was already swinging over, when
the Giranda under full speed fairly
crossed the Shamrock's bow and tin:
danger was over. Not more than
iifty feet separated tbem and if iho
Shamrock had bit ber she would undoubtedly have sank her. The new
jib was the broken out and tbe Shamrock headed seaward again. On hor
way back a heavy squall struck the
Shamrock off tho Hook. For ten
minutes tho wind blew a fortyniilo
gait and the yacht heeled over to it in
an alarming manner. 'The stay sail
was quickly lowered and thu yacht
heaving to, outrode the blow in
safety, tho big mast standing tho
strain wonderfully well. Ilefore she
was really safe, however, she camo
dangerously near running aground inside buoy No. (I. Sir Thomas Lipton
was an anxious observer of this affair.
The yacht was taken in tow Immediately afterwards and hauled back to
her anchorage in Sandy Hook liny.
Vancouver , II. C, Sept. 12 ���Mr.
Holey who owns properties near tin:
Fire .Mountain Mines in Harrison district has never lost faith in tho
country I hough thousands of dollars
have been dropped in tho vicinity bv
capitalists who have vainly attempted
to lind gold in paying quantities.
Mr. Holey says lhat be bas been
quietly working away on his propeity
since the F'ire Mountain claims wero
temporarily abandoned and has got a
depth of 200 feel, on his live foot vein
and every foot of the wav he has
found visible free gold across thc faeo
of the ledge.
A 111(1 BOAT.
Colliugwood, Out., Sept. 12.���Sevon
thousand people witnessed thc launching of the lloronio. the lurgest bout
on Lake Huron, and tho largest Cana*
11 ian built boat ever launched. It is
owned by the Northwest Transportation Co., of Surnia. It is 335 feet
ovur ull and has a capacity of 3,10(1
RoHslano, Ii. ('.. Sept. 12,���Vice-
President Maiilonnld of the Rossland
Miner.-,' Union, has made an allidavit
that at no timo did he make any statement that might be construed that
be believed the union was in danger
of losing the strike under way here.
To t lis tl.e morning Miner retorts
with two affidavits to the effect thut
Mr. Macdonald told Frank Vaughan,
chief of police, that the game was up
so far as the union was concerned but
that he did not want tho boys to go
back tu work al once.
Sydney.    N.    S.,     Sept.     12. -Win.
Wood hill   thc   oldest   inhabitant    in
Sydney is dead, agod (III years.
Halifax, N. 8., Sept. 12 -Hull. W.
S. Fielding in an interview hero today
gives the impression that lhe Ho.
minion Guveriiiiieiil is Inclined to
assist in steel ship building in Canada
and iiit.i"*nlos the dealte of the Gov*
eminent to have last Atlantic liners
built in Canada should the project become an accomplished (art which he
thinks is within the possibilities of
the near future, He would, h iwcver,
not disclose the secrets of the Government in this connection, any more
than by saying thai the Canadian
public would have no reason to feel
ashamed of tl j service should it bo
inaugurated. Nelson  Daily Miner,  Fkiday.  September 13, 190_
Ttie Nelson Miner
I Jinhnt-    Kvery   Mornin��  Kxoopt   Monday
J)illy, por month, by carrier      B5<-
1 tally, per month, by mull.      fiOc
luily, por year, by carrier f * J*'
iiaily, per your, hy mail    5 Or
I fatly, per year foroiun    B OU
vS'eokly, per half yoar  t* 25
vS'eokly, per year.    2 00
Weekly, per year, ford un    3 00
iibacriptiouB in variably in advance.
115 Kleot Stroet, E. C.
ntrai  Preen Agency, Ltd.. Special Agent*
Alexander _k Co.. 521 Kirnt Avenue, Spokane.
\Vhh._., keep tills paper on file, and are 0111
authorized agent* for (ulvorl-Uumenti. and nub
President MKinley has ever been
lhe strong advocate of a high protective tariff and the bill which be introduced when he was in Congress in
H90, whioh was framed in the interest
of the proteotioninsts, and which bore
his name, did more than any other
measure which he advocated to make
him twice president of thc United
States. The Republican party, too,
owes its success at the polls to its advocacy of a high protective tariff and
the tariff cry bas served to rally the
electors to its standard otten when
othfr issues failed so to do. It is
notable that there is a change in the
polioy of the republican party in regard to the tariff, and now its mem-
oorsjare in favor of reciprocity. This
was plainly shown in tho speech
which Mr. McKinley delivered at the
Pan-American Exposition on September 4th the dominant note of which
was in favor of the adoption of reciprocity as a policy. ilo stated that
isolation on the part of the United
States was uo longer possible or desirable and that no nation can longer
be Indifferent to any other. So far as
tho United States was concerned the
period of exclusion was past. A
policy of good will and friendly trade
relations would have tho effect, he
thought, of preventing reprisals. It
wus his opinion that measures of reprisal are not in harmony with the
spirit of the times and that reciprocal
treaties aro. He held that some of the
tariffs of tbe United States are no
longer needed foi revenue nor to protect and foster Americn industries.
Erom now on the policy wtih foreign
countries should be more of the give
and take order with advantages on
both sides.
The American people, he said, must
not think tbat they could forever sell
everything and buy nut little in return. "We should take," said Mr.
MoKiuley, "from our customers suoh
of their products as we can consume
with out harm to our indnstrics and
labor. What we produce beyond oui
domestic consumption must have a
vent abroad. Tbe excess must bo relieved through a foreign outlet and
we should sell eveiywhere that we
can, and buy wherever the buying will
enlarge our sales and thereby make a
greater demand for home labor."
This change in the policy of tho republican party should be one of great
benefit to Canada. We buy considerably more fiom the Unitod States
than they purchase from us and their
tariffs have discriminated against this
country. If a recirpocal policy is put
into effect by tho dominant party in
Ihe United States, as foreshadowed in
the speech of Mr. MoKinley, Canada
oould meet tho United States half
way, . provided the advantage whicli
tlie Dominion would gain would be
ei'iial to the concessions mado to the
A met loans.
An equitable laiiff arrangement, we
bejieye, would work to the advantage
of both countries, and would bo of
more benefit to liritisli Columbia,
Manitoba and the Northwest terri-
torie*) than It would he to tho oast.
Canada heretofoio has made all the
advances in the direction of recipro
cal overtures, but they wote nut received iu the pioper spirit by tho protectionists In tbe Republic, Now,
however, that the high tariff shoe ih
pinching tlie American foot the advances should come from the South of
the line and when tbey do we wiil
meet thorn half way.
Considerable curiosity has been
inaifesled of Into as to who tho Henry
Kratnober is, who has been so frequently  mentioned   in the dispatches
from liossland, as being the ropro*
sentallve of tho London syndicate
which recently secured control of the
l.e Koi.
Mr. Bratnober is a native of Germany, aged about 53 yenrs. His
parents emigrated from Germany to
tbe United States whon he was a
child and settled in Galena, Wis.
Whon a lad of Ul years he entered the
union army and served through tho
war of tho rebellion. When peace was
declared and be was mustered out be
came wost and followed mining In
Montana and Idaho and elsewhere,
working both in placer and lode
mines, where ho   gained   lunch    valu-
Itble experience,    in 1882 be went  to
A carload of this Famous Beer has just   been  received   and
we are selling it to the Family Trade at
$2.50 per Dozen for Quarts.
$1.50 per Dozen for Pints.
Delivered to Any  Part of the City.
Special and very favorable terms to the Trade.
^ \*/ \l/ V*/ \*/ \��i vl/ i*> \i> i*/ ii*/ \*/ i*/ i\i/ \i> i*> v*/ vd/. i/ v*/ \*_ v#> v * / _* / v;, <_
I D. McArthur 8 Co.
�� J. G. NELSON, Manager.
|       Furniture Dealers,
If        Undertakers and Embalmers,
TELEPHONE    NO.    13.
Hudson's Bay Company.
London in connection w'th the sale of
the Drum Lummon mine of Marys-
ville, Mont., to an English syndicate.
It was hore that ho formed acqnaint-
onces which subsequently proved valuable to him. Two or three years
afterwards when tho Drum Lnmmou
was in bad shape through mismanagement he was made its superintendent. This was the first good opportunity which camo to him to show his
.���apaeity, and he took full advantage
of it and soon had the property, for
tho first time, on a dividend-paying
basis. For four or five years he held
the position of superintendent of the
Ilrum Lummon. In 1H90 he formed
the Mines Company, Limitsd, in London, for the purpose of handling mining properties and was tho leading
spirit in the enterprise. The Mines
Company lloated several companies
and the most important of these were
the Elkhorn of Montana, which paid
a numbor of dividends, and the De
I.nuiar of De Lamar, Idaho, which
proved a very profitable venture.
Subsequently Mi. Bratnober became
the confidential agent and mining ex
pert of the Exploration Company of
London, whicli is controlled by the
Rothschilds und is said to ho the
strongest mining syndicate in tho
world. Sinne 189.. ho bin made his
headquarters principally in San Francisco and has travelled in every quarter of the globe examining mining
properties and making investments for
his company. Mr. Bratnober is a
good judge of a mine, is considered
pne of the moBt level headed promoters ami enjoys the full confidence of
the management of the Exploration
Syndicate. Ily fortunate mining investments he bas accumulated a
fortune of between 83,000,000 and
14,000,000, Although he began life at
the foot of the ladder ho has forced
his way to the top of a difficult profession by the sheer force of Ilis native ability. It would be fortunate
[or the mining interests of Hritish
Columblia if Mr. Bratnober could be
induced to favor investments here as
it would result in a laige influx of
liritisli capital, as he has behind him
not only the Exploration Syndicate
but also enjoys the confidence of a
number of the larger London mining
promoters. Iu short the better element of mining Investors in London
will follow whorevet ho will lead.
blue with a leather stiap in the Hritish hospital at Johannesburg. When
educated men like this lefugeo pastor
can mistake their imaginings for
truth,how can the unlettered burgbcis
escape from falling into the ditch at
the heels of such blind leaders of the
' When a child I burned my foot
frightfully," writes W. II. Eads, of
Jonesville, Va., "which caused horri
ble leg sores for 30 years, but Buck*
len's Arnica Salve wholly curod me
after everything else failed." Infallible for Burns, Scalds, Cuts, Sores,
Bruises and Piles. Sold by Canada
Drug A Book ilo.   250. _
Oerman   Syrup   is   the special   pre
seription   of, D. A.   Boschee,    a celebrated German Physician, and is   acknowledged to be one of the most foi
tunate   discoveries   in     Medicine.    It
quickly   cures   Coughs, Colds   and all
Lung troubles of tho   severest nature,
removing, as it does, the   cause cf the
affection   and   leaving   the parts ill a
strong and healthy condition It is not
an  experimental   medicine,    but   has
stood the test   of years, giving   satisfaction in every case,    whnh   its rap
idly increasing sale every season  con
firms.'    Two   million bottles sold an
nnally.    Boscbee's German Syrup was
introduced in   the   United   States
1868, and is   now sold in  every   town
and village   in   the   civilized   world.
Three doses will relieve any   ordinary
cough     Price   T5   cts.   Get     Green s
Prize Almanac.
851.50, Sept. S3 to Sept. 87.
On account of Episcopal church
meeting at San Francisco the Canadian Pacific Railway will sell round
trip tickets via Portland and Shasta
route at $51.150 good till November
5 for return. Full particulars from
local agents.
.1. S. CARTER.
D. P   A., Nelson.
and try a bottlo, a dozen, or a barrel of
CALGARY BEER aa it Is tho host and
cheatiest on tho mnrkot. AIho try our
WINES,    LIQUORS     and     CIGARS.
Telephone* IH ��a-nr St.. NelHon
The Slocan seems to bo recovering
from the muny blows it has sustained
In the past, and having had all the
complaints a mining suction is heir to
it should now blossom into an era of
prosperity that will givo many of us
an opportunity once more to feaBt our
eyes upon u bank account before wo
hand our tickets to S*. "etei, says the
New Denver Ledge.
The peoplo of Washington are displeased with tho wanton waste of
Nalmoi by tho individuals and companies owning the fish trnpa and their
disregard of tho rights of others. The
papers there declare that the fish traps
will receive some needed attention nt
the hands of thu next Washington
legislature In British Columbia some
of the canners aie agitating in favor
of traps, but it is not believed that
the legislature will allow devices,
which arc so destructive of lish.
East Kootenay's 1st Annual
Mineral, Agricultural
and Industrial Exhibition
Three Days  of  instruction,   interest
and Enjoyment.
Miner il Exhibit, Bucking Contests,
Agricultural Exhibit, Horse Raoes. The
h. st program ever seen in tlio country,
See posters iiiul circulars lor furthei
particulars, .Specially low return rail-
rates from all points,
A. \V. M'VITTIK, Hec otary.
A Hoer pastor writing ovei Ins own
signature from Holland, Mich., to the'
New York Sun, Illustrates the unconquerable ignoruneo of his people,
says the Toronto Evening Telegram.
The pastor arouses United States
hatred of Britain with a few references to the employment of Indians tn
scalp American pntiiuts in 1770,    One
falsehood is piled on   top  of another
until    the edifice of errors   Is ciowucil
with   the   deliberate    assertion   that^
Boer   patients are   boaten   black   aud   Use it in The Miner want col'ima
Reynolds' Livery   Stable
Will Be Sold Cheap
r   bi
Three years lease on  ground
property   at  $10.00
per month.
r   i   ) li .    .   ::.   ..-..
Apply to
H. 1. CA1E0N, Awl
Baker Slrcet.
AIk.iiL   that second hand   article of
youre.     You'll sell it if you'll   adver
Come and See Our
New Arrival of
Beautiful Framed
Art Productions.
Call Early.  They are
Selling Fast.
Canada Drug and
Book Co., Ltd.
9    Oak Center Tables,
Oak Leather Seated Fancy Rockers
Elm Folding Tables
it tt tt _
Cane Verandah Chairs
" "       Rockers    -
Worth 83.50 for
" $5,00 for
" $11.00 lor
"     S4.50 for
$5.00 for
$6.00 for
S6.00 for
$6 50 for 4.7;   fii
To make room for our Fall stock of Carpets and Rugs will
Cost.   To clear,  llaby Carriages and (lo Carts,  less than cost.
4 2.S
go at
West Kootenay Butcher Co.
Fresh   and   Salted   Heats
Delivered to any point
on Kootenay Lake.
I have a complete stock on hand of
Rough and Dressed
Mouldings, Sash Doors,
Inside Finish.
Coast Flooring, and
Finished Lumber-
and LAItJ'O.
Fisn and Poultry in Season
E.   C.   TRAVES.   Manager.
K.-W.-C   Block, Ward Street, Nfi-son.
Oiders by m*��il receive careful and prompt attention
Subscribers in Kaslo
Every morning immediately
on arrival of steamer, at the
rate of   	
75 Cents per Month
Subscriptions  to he loft
with the af.ent,
D.   J.   YOUNG.
For domestic or steam use.
A full supply always on
Kates to all railway and
lake points
General Agent,
Tel. No. 265.
Office ��� Two doors wesi
C.P.R. offices.
Civil Engineer* and Pro   Qelal Load
1\ O. llox 141 N    on, B.O,
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants
���"���'^-.-^������'.���'������'F .TT *CV��_9
Branch Markets in Rossland, Trail, Nelson, Kaslo
Sandon, Throe Forks, New Denver and Slocan City,
orden by mail to apv branch will have careful �����d prompt attention.
The Canadian Bank of Commerce i
With Which la Amalgamated
The Bank of British Columbia.
Paid up  Capital,   88,000,000;   Reserve   Fund,   82,000,000;
Aggregate  Resources Over $0.1,111111,1)00.
HON. OEO. A. COX, President.      B. E. WALKER, <*eiieriil Manager.
London Ollice: 60 Lombard Street, R. C,
New Vork ollice; 16 Exchange pluce.
And 08 branches ln Canada and tho United States, including:
Atlin Greenwood Nkij-o*. Sandon
Fehnie Nanaimo Hobklano Victoria
YUKON MSTRIOT-Dawson and Wiiitk Norsk.
UNITK1) STATKS-New York, San Francisco, Seattle, 1'ohtland, Skaowav,
Savings Bank Department.
Deposits Received and Interest Allowed.   Present Bate 3 Per Cent
Nelson Branch.
GRANGE V. HOLT, Manager.
I ^������"���"���"���'l��l'��>��"��)lW)l��ll��l��ll��l.��l,��l,��.������!�����,,��l.^,����������,.��!.PI,#,,< |
Our stock is now complete in the above lines.    Call and be
convinced that the most complete stock
is carried  by the
Tlio wise man who waits to liny
shares in tlie Kiinill.anioen Valley
Coal Company, Limited until transportation reaches the coal fields would
have to pay al, least .", per share for
what he can now huy for ,:, cents in
four equal   monthly  payments  from
^ H. H. PIAYF0RD f
& CO.        _
J. G. BUNYAN ~ 60.
We have the Largest and  Finest
Assortment in the city.
��   Cigars a���_ ���.
j, Canada Permanent and Wes-
|     tern Canada Mortgage
Phone 117 i I . M?ne-f t0 loan on Straight Mortgage.
*******+*****************X HeUon. ���"*������*. ��-���"���* ***
Brewers of Fine Lo|?et
Beer and Porter.
J.-.lent.  i>. O Nelson   Daily  Miner,  Friday'Sei'TE.i~ki. 13,  ;gci
flevelopment work at the Queen Hess
has placed that piopevty in a most
flattering condition, and there is
averj indication that within the next
few months it will assume a position
as ooe of the most extensive and
richest producers in tho Slocan, aays
,l���, New Denver Ledge. Situated In
the heat t of this distriot, the Queen
���loss has the distinction of being
worked by English capital. The
property was opened up some three
veins ago, when it was operated bj
the Dominion Development A Agency
company. Since then the Duncan
Mines, Limited, have assumed control, an- the Queen Bess Proprietary
_0, is a subsidiary to that undertaking.
Tho mino paid several dividends
until it was decided to expend the
whole proceeds in development, with
a view lo reaping enhanced benelits
later. A deep tunnel was commenced
in Keptembei last.and since then only
enough ore has been taken from the
upper levels to defray the cost of exploration woik. A three drill compressor plant has beon put in to facilitate driving, together with a large
ventilating plant operated by water
power, 'i-'his main tunnel is now in
1,Tim feet, and is seven feet hy nine
feet in the clear. A shaft was also
started from the lowest of the previous tunnels, and ibis has been sunk
��2 foot on the vein. The lode has
been opened up at two stations below
No. 5 that is Nos. 0 and T, 100 aid
200 feet respectively below No. 5. A
raise has now been started from thc
tniiin tunnel to connect with No. 7.
This will be 185 feet long, and No. s
station will be lociltod half way up
tbo raise. The lode has been proved
at Nos. 0 nnd 7, and oih is being extracted at the present time. The lode
at the level of the main tunnel has
not yet been completed, and thc vein
in the loner level will then be ex-
ploied. All ore from the upper levels
will ho handled through the main
tunnel, thus expediting the work aud
rocuelng the cost of mining.
At the reconl ollice yesterday the
following transactions worn recorded :
Locations, Forrest, about half a mile
from the mouth of Porcupine oreek,bj
I), E. Orobe; Summit, near the Forrest claim, by Ovid Poulin; Oregon,
on Porcupine crock, by Ovid Poiilin ,
Mayflower, on right font of Sheep
creek, by Ada Sebwinkc; Ida S., of
right fork of Sheep creek, by \V.
Daniolson ; Lost Mine, on right fork
nf sheep cieeli, by J. H, Benson;
Vetta Tyler Fractional, near Craigtown, on nortli fork of Salmon river,
by Paul Ilonnett; Napoleon Hona-
piirto, near Craigtown, by Paul Ilonnett; Duncan, at Ciaigtown, by Alexander McD maid ; Myrtle, near Craigtown, by V. Coryell. Certificates ot
work wore granted to Louis Ti'llifci
on Joint Fractional and Champlain;
to J. II. Taylor, on Albambra. Mar
guerite; to ,1. F. Macfarlane on
Auioia Fractional; to N. F. Town
send on Ino; to .1. Love on Rainbow:
to A. McDonald on Promise. The
following declaration was recorded by
W, 11. Townsend, acting as agent for
J, \V. Thompson stating that une
John Allen has no F. M. C. for the
current yoar and has foifeited his Interests in all mineial claims, and requesting that the interest held by him
in the Allen mineral claim be recorded in the name of the co-owner J. Vi.
Recommended for its lieal'ilful   finalities.    Sold by all  grociis.
35 Ceut Tin 12 Ounces*
" Can be bad from any Wholesale Oro*
cers in liritisli Columbia.
shipments Immediately. T. Cuny,
who will remain with the company to
attend to tlie development of the property loft for lleaverton yesterday, near
which point the group is situated.
The oio will bo teemed forty-five
miles to Midway and then sent to the
tlriinby smelter at. (Il'ard Folks. It is
i dry ore, carrying values in gold and
Tho steamer Roltanes yesterday
brought down a carload of ore fun,,
the Little May group of claims neai
Ainsworth, the property of McLean
Bros, of Ainsworth. Tbo property
was worked some years ago by tlie
Lade brothers, who bad it under bond
forja time, when a shipment of five
tons was made to the smeller at Pilot
Hay, with which the Lades were then
connected. With the closing of the
smelter the bond on the group was
thrown up, and the property has been
idle until the former owners took
hold of it again at the opening of the
present season. The ore is dry, carrying good values in silver. The present
shipment was sent to tho Trail smelter
over the C. P. K. fiom Nelson.
In the latest Orand Forks Gazette
a notice is insetted that Ernest Mans
Held and two business men of Nel6on
havo located sixty-live square miles of
eoal lands north o.' Grand Forks. The
reports from expeits who have ex*
aininod tbo propeity are of the most
promising nature. With the taking
np of this section practically all the
coal lands in that district are now
located. The portion taken adjoins
twenty-five miles of lands belonging
to the Granby smelter.
The mine manager of the Hall
Mines cabled to London in the
latter part of August as follows:
"On No. 7 level Pir.nh vein, oast drift
from the raise, six feet of rich ore has
been struck,''
The International yesterday hruugct
down two carloads of ore from tlio
Rambler CatIboo mine, which were
shipped from Five Mile Point to the
Selby -inciter at San Francisco.
of the industry is already assured as
largo orders have been placed from
samples in Scotland aud England.
(SI'KCIAI. TO   I'1110  MIM0II.)
Vancover, B. C, Sept. 12.���Colonel
White of the U. S. Immigration department staled that Japs and Chinese
returning to tho States presumably
fiom their labors on the Fraser are
making things lively for him on the
border. No arrests of Importance have
been made however. Opium smug
gling still continues, but it is believed, on a small scale. The Chinese
who carry on this ttade make very
little out of it, but seem to prefer to
run the risks in connection with the
llligitimate trade in the hope of making a trifle more than by conducting
their business legitimately.
Lately starved in London because
he could not digest bis food. Early
use of Dr. King's New Life Pills
would have saved him. They
strengthen the stomach, aid digestion,
promote assimilation, improve appetite. Price 26j, Money back if not
satisfied. Sold by Cauada Drug &
Book Co.
Perle's Waterproofs   on   display   at
For bonalide students enroute to
collego the Canadian Pacific railway
will issue tickets to Toronto at $30,40,
to Montreal at S33.10, Tickets on
sale Sppt. 11 to 30. Full particulars
at City ticket otlice or station.
���I. S. CARTER,
D.  P. A., Nelson.
If you don't like Blue Ribbon Tta it's
because you   ever tasted it.
During lust month the SO stamps at
tho Ymir mill ran 72'.i hours. Estimated profit on operating is $30,000,
Have you seen Perle's Raincoats
made in Serge. Worsted and Tweed.
Every garment guaranteed. KERR &
D. Wolsey returned this week frcm
doing assessments on the claims in
which F. McCarty is interested In
Ground Hog Ilnsin and on Camp and
Graham creek slopes, snys the Koott
Hay Mail of Revelstoke, He brought
down some of the finest sample!' of ore
that have been taken frnm tbe llig
'lend. These show free gold, siivei
ores, galena and pyirbile. This is
the first occasion we believe in which
silver lead ores havo been found in
Place in that locality, but tho diseov
dry Is the more important in that it
reveals a body of pyrtbito ore in
place. For some years boulders of
tins ore have been found in the wash
on Raymond Allen's placer claim on
the Columbia river, and Mr. Allen
claims this to be the wash of the old
Channel of Camp creek. The country
lias been explored to endeavor to
���ocate tbe ledge from which tiiis ore
lias boen derived but so far without
success. The discovery made on Mr.
McCarty's claims may prove the solution, as it was on a claim on the
Camp creek slope that the ore was
Yesterday the first payment was
made on a bond of tho Iron Horse,
Yellow Pine, Atlantic Cable, Corn-
stock and Mayflower in the Osoyoon
district, from Thomas Curry and associates of Beaver ton, B. C��� to J. is.
Tierney Sc Co., of Nelson. The
amount paid vesterday was 81,000, tho
ba 1 an oe of 84(1,000 to bo paid in Installments ciieh three months for  two
Phoenix, Sept. 11.���At the last regular mooting of tho Phoenix Miners'
Union, tbo following ofllcers were
elected: President, Henry Heidinan ;
Vice-Piesident. James Caison; Finan-
oial Secretary, John Riordan ; Treasurer, John Swanson ; Recording Secretary,Robert Carson; Assistant Recording Secretary, Ed O' Brien ; Conductor,
F. lnglis; Warden, Neil Melieath.
Have vou used healthful Hygenic
linking Powder, the latest discovery
in chemistry '.'
Victoria, B. C, Sept. 13.���The
coronet's jury this morning found
Eugene Brooks, a Zionite elder, and
John Rogers, a clerk in The Hudson's
Bay fur department, guilt of man
slaughter, because they did not provide Roger's child, who was Buffering
with dlptheria, with medical treatment, the child dying. Biooks olTcrod
prayers for tbo child's recovery. A
second child also died and an Inquest
on it will also beheld. This is the
seoond time that Brooks has beon
committed for manslaughter, lbs previous case being exactly similar , bnt
the Supreme Court judge let him oil
on a technicality. The Attorney*
general's depaitment bas taknn the
matter up.
OAfiS.-M-tiALS a la 0AETE.
Close connection East and Westbound at Spokane with trains of the
Spokane Falls and Northern Railway,
nud nt Bonner's Ferry witn Kootenny
Railway Sc Navigation Co.
Direct connection at St. Paul without change of depot with all trains for
Chicago, Toronto. Montreal, New York
and all points West and South.
Leaves Spokano daily forjEast at'9:lb a in
Leaves Spokane daily for West at 7:15 a*m
LeaveB Spokane daily lor West at 8:00 p*m.
West-bound trains make direct connection for Victoria and Vancouver,
Portland, San Francisco, and all pointr
on the Sound.
During the season of navigation East
bound trains connect at Duluth with
the magnificent steamships North West
and North-Land of theNortheru Steam
ship Company Line, operated in connection with the Great Northern Railway.
For further information, maps, folders, etc., apply to any agent of Spokane
Falls & Northern Ry., Kaslo & Slocur
Ry., Kootei ai Railway & Navigation
Cr* , or to
H. A. JACKSON. Com'l Agent,
Spokane, Wasb.
G. K. TAOKABURY, Local Agent,
Nelson. B < ���
N. E. T. CO.
20  Minute   Service
Cars leave top of Stanley street and
the Park at the hour, twenty past
and twenty to.
Late Car 10:40 each End.
The Company have many good
building lots for sale.
Apply at the Ollice; on Vernon
Atlantic ^S^Sailings
From Montreal
Allan Line Tunisian  Aug. 30
Allan  Uno Numidlan BopU 7
Beaver Line Lako Bu.p_.rlor .Aiu.au
Beavpr Lino Lako tilllldoo Sopt.  li
Krancu-.'iuiiuliiit- Lin i Garth OafltlO ��� A UK. 30
Franco -Canadian Lino Wa8_.au Bopt. 17
From Portland, Mo,
Dominion Line Vancouver Bept. 7
Dominion Lino Dominion  Bept. U
From New York
While Si ar Line Teuton! :*...
White tiuir Line (iermanic	
( .unard Lino Kl ru ria	
(Juimrd Line   Bervia	
Amorlcan Lino Bt. Paul	
American Lino  St. Loult-	
French Line L'AquitaltiO	
French Lino La Champagne 	
N. u. L. ICai drill Mar.aThe.ostft..
Anchor Line Oily of Home	
Hamburg Alnerlcan Douteohland,
Aug. 28
...Sopt, i
...Aug ai
. ..Sept.  a
...Auk. 28
...801,1 4
... A ug. 211
...H(.]it. 5
...Sept. 10
.. Bept.  7
...Bept. 5
For further particulars apply to
City PunHCUKor Agunt, NcIhoii, B. C.
GonoralS.S. KW\K O.P.B. OflJ-iaj. Wlnnln*,**
lie  sure and get the genuine   BEN
something that looks   like   it.       a\v-
rence Hardware Co., Airents,
Advertisement* Inserted nnder this bead at
the rale ot one ceut a word por Insertion. No
advertisement taken for lens than 25 emu
Situation Wanlod advertisements inserted
threo Union freo of chance.
Are you in wunt? If yon uro, tell
tlio peoplo, through The Minor want
column, what you are i�� waut of.
Ynu'll  gat it
FOB    SALIC.-Corner   Hall   antl   Ul>*
servatory   streets,    three   lot*,   and
Bungalow,     erected loss   than a year I
ago.    House has   drawing   room, din- .'
ing room, nail, two   brick Ure places,
three   bedrooms,   a   large   bathroom,
kitchen,   oellar,   outhouse,   wide verandah     two   sides   of   house,   water,
sewer and electric   light,    voiy   complete, view unexcelled,    very   comfortable home for small family.      To   be
sold   with   or   without   furniture   at
once.    Owner leaving Nelson.     Apply
on   premises   or   to Messrs. U. Sc   M
Bird,  Baker street.
Two rooms en suite, on Ward st.,
also rooms facing the west. On September 1, two single rooms and two
or three en suite facing Baker st.
Furnished or unfurnished. Mrs. F.
J. .Squire, Boom 41,  K.    VV. C.  Block.
KOOM and board in   private   family.
Apply ou Silica street, second  door
west of Ward.
PRIVATE SALE of contents of
drawing room and two bed rooms,
property of Mrs. Horace Hume, Hume
Hotel, will be sold by private salo
tbis week. Articles may be seen at
any time.
FURNISHED   Room   with   bath    at
southeast corner   of  .Josephine  and
Carbonate   street,  Nelson.
WANTED.���Assayer with smelter and
mine experience  requires .situation.
Keep books etc.     Address "W,"   Box
r,78, Nelson.
WANTED.���A comfortably   furnished
house of four   or   five   rooms.    Address B. O. box 533.
grocery     wagon,
acquainted with city,
class men need apply.
man    to    drive
Must   be   well
None but first
Box l'J7   oity.
NELSON Employment Agency. Baker
street.    Phone 278.   J, II. Love.
WANTED��� Deckhands.     Railroad laborers.  Woman Cook.    Second Cook.
Girll   for llousowork.    Mcu   for  Station work.   Waitresses.    Laundress.
Contracts taken   for   Diamond   Core
WANTED.- Waitress,(Jirls for Housework.      Mon for Railroad jonstrue-
tion work,   82.SS and 82.SO   por   day.
Threo men for farm work.
Western   Employment  Office,  U. A.
Prosser, Phono 27U.
Storage���I have a   large   warehouse
for     storing      household    or   other
I Iiii; Mllliuic l.iilil rro-irrlli-i -We nrr
h*ixI*'un to Her.ii.rc a few free lullllug gold
-imperii,*!, ul oiire. The Prospector's Exchange, Nelson, B. ���, Boom 4, li.-W.-_.
_Ul     N. M. Cum mm.., Ltwoue��� Kvury known
variety ot .otbdriuKt..  y u iiux m. lolephou
.No. 31. Hoover Btreet, NeUou.   bottlera oi  Lhe
uiupua bt, beon iioLspiin*... Mineral Water
C1ANK &. -M.ACl-iONALl.> (11. Oane, Janie
J   A. Mucuouiii-lf��� Arcnuecl. una niipuriu
.ciiiiiiiiir*. iiruM/n iii.1 i.Mti'u, coruur lit_J__.r and
Wnrd bLroeih, ftelttOU
HJ. KVANd & CO.���Baker atreet, Noi
��� i.on~WUolCdUle tloaiura in liquor.., ci-
Ktti'o, cement, Ure brick and Uro way, Water
pipu uud H-uul railu, and goueiul euuiiulettlon
A MACDONALD & Co.���Cornor Fron
��� and Hail btreetB��� Wholesale wooer
anu jobbuin in bi*i_Kt_Ln, gloved, imtte, bifOta
rubbers, (uacklnaws ami tuittc.n.' sundries.
PBUHNd & Co.���Bakor tiLrma, NoIhou���
���   Wholosale dealors in
mcaLh,   UolU outrage,
iu fron and cured
Hakur Btreett Nelson���Wnuiusale dca
tin- in fn- li and cured meats,
titreet, Nelson ��� Whoieoulc daalaia in
liardwaru, minors' supplies, spurting Koodn
M'LACHLAN BROS, (riueci-sM-rr. Lo Vun
oouvpr Hard ware Co, i.Ld.j Baker Street-
Nelson���Wholesalo dealers in hardware und
mining supplier., plumberh' and uunmithci' uup
J31 paints, oiin and glass; moonaulus' tool..
AkouU toi Ontario 1'owuer VVorKr*; lynamiU'
rpUHNKli, BEETON & Co.���Oornor Vernon
X and Josephine btreets, Nelaon���Wnolo
naio dealers in liquor.. cigars, and drj k-J'-"!'*-
Agents for l'abst Brewing Co, of Milwaukee
and Calgary Brewing Co 01 Calgary.
HUDSON'S HAY Co.���Wholesalo grocorhi
and liquors eto., Haker tit-root, Sulson,
J_l Ollice corner Hall and Front Streets
Nelson���Lumber, ceiling, flooring, and every
thing in wood for building purposes, OeL oui
pricoH.   Correspondence Boliolted.
m   GAWjON ��r. CO.���Doalor<
hand. Telephone205,   Koom U, K.
in ore sacks
HlO(^k on
C Block
Is    lame    or    interferes
bring  him   to  the   City
Horseshoeing Shop.  Jo
sephine Street
Spokane Falls A
Northern R'v.
Nelson  A  Fort
Sheppard R'v
Red Mountain R'v.
Vancouvei', Sept. 12.���A new industry is being established hero by the
II. C. Fish company, .lolm Martin of
the wholesale Hr'-Mry firm of Martin
& Robertson being president. They
propose lo pielile nalmon aud other
fish wholo by special piocens whicli
enables them to put a lish on the market six months old in appearance and
feel   almost   tbe   same as a fresh fish
yearn. The property comprised four just caught. They are BreotlOg large
claims, throngn which a 110-foot ledge [establishments on 1'ortier's Island
has been traced by open ciiIh. (In the and on the Skeena Kivor. Tho fish
'lump at present arc four carloads of .will be pickled in bottles ami jars as
ore  and it  is   iutendvd   to commence j well   an pickled   whole.     The IIUCCBBS
Spokane Interstate
Spokane and Return $9.50
Sept. 9 to 20, Inclusive
Buffalo and Return
Good for sixty days, first
and third Tuesday, August,
September and October.
Throiif,rh passenger trains between Spokane and Nelson. IinfTet
service between Spokane and
Umve PAY TRAIN Arrivr
H :IM) a.m Spokane 7:3!i p.iu
12 :'.'.', p.m Kossland lilO p.m
1 o: 111 a. iu Nelson B .05 p. ni
H. A. JACKSON, G. P. Sc T.A.
Spokane   Waar.
Agent, Ni'lrior., B.O
J* 0. GWILLIM, B*.  Sc,
Late of Geological  Survey of Canada.    Six years experience in B. C
mining districts.
Baker Street Nelson. B. c
Will pay the highest cash prioe for all
kindH of second bund goods. Will buy
or sell anything from an anohor to a
needle. 1'orniture, stoves, carports,
-oolting utensils, bought in household
onautities. Also oast oil clothing.
Oall and sue me or write. Addrusi
Silver King Mike, Box _oa H��ll
H"reet, NhIwu.  B   i\
<;oi.i> sn.n;|[ <oi*i*Klt I.E*I>   niiiiH   uml
|ir���H|,crtH wanted.   Mend report and nhiii-
1,1,'h lo the ������riMiiei'lor'H   Exi'liilllK)'. Nrlhoii.
B.C.   icmiiii ��� k. VI. V. h'oek.
obtained in all countries
Registered Patent Attorney, Mechanical Engineer and Draughtsman. Bank of B. N A. building,
Hastings St., Vancouver, B C.
Write for full particulars.
A very full line of these, including several reserved brands on
hand- Shipments for Kootenay
are made Ironi Victoria.
Additions to our stocks are being
continuously received by sailing vessels via i:ape Horn.
A stock of these embracing tin* loading brands, is carried at Nelson,
thereby enabling quick delivery to
Kootenay buyers,
Carried in stock In Nelson.
Notiee is hereby given that an extraordinary genoral meeting of tbe above
named company will he held at the
registered offlco of tbo Company on
llaker street in the City of Nelson,
Hritish Columbia, on Monday,tho iiilrd
day of September, A. I)., 1001, at the
hour of oleven o'clock in the forenoon for the purpose of considering,
and if thpught lit,passing a resolution
authorizing the diieetors to raise the
sum of oue hundred thousand pounds
(��100,000) hy the issue of mortgage
bonds, or debentures, or otherwise, to
such person or persons, company or
Corporation, and upon such terms and
eouditions as to the directors may
seem meet.    Hy order,
Nidson, (Ith September, 1V01,
Dominion and
Land Surveyor.
To All   Eastern  Points via
Lake Route, All-Kail  or Soo
Line, via St.   Paul   or  Chi
West Transfer Co.
Goal -��Wood
Best Fir and Tamarac   AlJ
ways on hand.
All Kinds of Teaming and
Commission Work*
Office on   Rakor Street Tel. IS)
BUFFALO, $76.(X).
Sixty    Days'    Limit.
Good going Sept. 3rd, 17th
Through Sleeping Cars Kootenay Ldg. to Toronto, Ar*
rowhead to Vancouver.
R. P* Rithet & Co*, Limited
VICTORIA,  B.  <',
A-  1.5-  (jrltA. J.   RoproeentaUvfl
1*.  O.  Hox ,.21
VI ion.
can be engaged for Private Parties,
Socials. Receptions, Halls, etc. Kor
particulars apply to J. B, POLLARD, E. J. Robie's Tailoring
Establishment, Baker Street.
For pamphlets descriptive of Can
adiiui I .icillo tours and for Time Tab a
Rates,  Tickets,  apply
li. L. Brown,
C.ty Passenger Agout
J. H. Oartkk,
lbs. Pass. Agt.
A. ti. P, A.
Wlndorruere Mtoos.  OorrMPondonoa8o|laltfl
WINUKK -.-.UK, H   0.
J Nklson Daily Minhr Frij.y, September 13,  1901
Wall Paper   .S'J���?���?.��',��
rtemn anti of Wail
r)a*rMti nnto ''uporH.    Tho    onor-
t^ClTIIlcttlLS mour-hale of our well
known WALL IM.
PEH8 haft lcfl ui with a tow odd., and ends
that wo wi-li to dear out, The IcuKthi. vary
from 2 lofl Ltoublu Rolls, qnlte BUffloIont for a
lurgi. a. will a* a sinad room. Tho prices
raugefrom l*v. p^r bundle up, but whilo tho
!trices are Inw th ��� i-rade of our WALL PA-
���Kit RKMNANTr. 1. a. good as ever,
Pianos to Kent at 87 per mouth.
��� v**VWW%.VWWWVWWkW-V*V��
The committee of the Nelson
Operatic Society will meet at thc
ollice of Dr. f.allau at s o'clock this
There was no session of chambers
yesterday owing to the absence of
Judge Form, who has heen out of the
eity for the last fen days.
Tbe Salvation Army hand, fourteen
strong, leaves for Spokane this morning, and will play at the fair at
Spokane for the next four days.
Since last Sunday there has been a
foot of snow on tlie prairies and foothills between I'incher creek and McLeod, immediately east of the Crow's
Nest Pass.
The tug Ymir has heen thoroughly
overhauled and refitted at the Nelson
yards, and will commence towing
freight baigen again from Kootenay
Landing to Nelson.
Despite the bad weather of the past
few days several good strings of trout
ba;o been lauded lately near Nelson.
Vestetday a handsome pound and a
half trout besides several smaller fish
were caught hy a man fishing at the
end of the eity wharf, raw beef being
the bait 'lsed.
The alterations and repairs on
Barge 10, which nas beon up on the
ways at the shipyards for the last six
weeks are nearly completed, and it
will be ready for commission by the
end of the week. lleeidcB repainting
and caulking, tbo sides of the barge
have bojn heavily ironed, to guard
against ieo on tne lake next winter
On Tuesday evening next there will
be an exhibition of Tissot's "Life of
Christ," pictures at the Opera House,
together with somo good singing by
the lOmerahl Duet. These pictures are
said by all who nave had the privilege
of seeing tbem to be exceptionally
line as reproduced by the powerful
limelight which is used. Tbe enter
tainment is under the auspices of the
I'.pworth League of the Methodist
F. S. Forrest, aB superintendent   o
the Nelson   Sc Fort Sheppard, Spokane
Falls Sc Northern and   P.ed   Mountain
railways, is iu the city looking   nfte
railway affairs.    lie statid   last even
ing that a buffet car had heen sent for
and was now on its way from the east,
.lust   as   soon as it arrives it  will be
placed in service between Nelson   and
Spokane.      One buffet   car is now run
between Spokane and Northport.   The
company,  he says,  intends to   replace
the   light   at)   pound   rails    with   UO
pound rails for a   distance of 17 miles
between Northport and Kossland.  The
ore is carried over   this portion of the
road   from   the Kossland mines to tht
smelter   at Northport   and tho lighter
steel    is   not   heavy    enough for   th
strain of suoh heavy traffic    Mr. For
rest leaves today for Spokane.
Too Ooinuiouly Used.
A concert and ice cream social in
aid of the band was given last evening by tho Salvation Army at the
The bodega saloon yesterday changed bands being sold to Messrs. Davison and Walmsley by \V. Q, Robinson. Tho consideration was 86,000,
Mr. Davison was formerly of the California Wine Company and Mr. Walmsley is part proprietor of tho (iluepot
Five small boys have been summoned to appear at this morning's
session of the police court to answer
to the charge of having stolen piop-
erty in their pos'ession. A large
number of sacks had heen stolen from
W Colbriok, of the Hume Addition,
and the police traced thmn to the boys
from whom Ihey were all recovered.
A deal was closed yesterday whereby
K. H. Williams, of the Nelson Transfer Company, purchased tho business,
goodwill and fixtures of the I'acific
Transfer Co., from George Ferguson,
for a consideration of 8H,5(JO. Tbo
stock comprises twelve head of horses
and a number of wagons, busses and
cabs, which will be removed to the
premises of the Nelson Transfer Co.
Mr. Ferguson will take a position
with the purchasing company,
At the meeting of the license commissioners for Nelson district yesterday the application of James Anderson
for a hotel license at Brie was refus'
ed, owing lo the building not having
been erected according to rules Anderson had not been aware of tbe requirements necessary and had gone
back to have his building altered to
meet them, and has also entered
another application for a licenso
which will come up at the next meeting of tho board.
There will bo a meeting of the
Kooky Mountain Rangers and the
Rille association this evening in the
armory. The subject to be brought
befoie the rangers will be the piopos-
ed visit to Victoria for the purpose of
participating in the eeremouies attendant upon the visit there of the Duko
and Duchess of York. The monihers
of the Rille Association will discuss
matters pertinent to their organization, including the airapgemeut of
the dates for future target practise.
Capt. Macdonald requests a full attendance of the members of the Rocky
Mountain Rangers.
The dog poisoner, after a short
period of rest, has started his work
again. Yesterday morning abont U
o'clock a beautiful Knglish setter dog
was playing with a number of children on Silica St.,near Stanley, when
the animal was taken with convulsions
and died, llefore this poisoning is
linished there is every probability
that some dog in ils death struggles
will badly injure children wilh
which it may be at the time. It is to
be hoped that before this occurs the
one responsible for tbe death of the
large numhor of valuable canines
that have been poisoned this season in
Nelson will be caught and fat 1 justice
dealt uut tu him.
Allan.    Macleod;   T. Benton,  O. Fin*
kle, Slocan City.
Children's Reefer-,   and Fall Ulsters
at KERR & CO'S.
A meeting of representatives of the
press for tho pin pose of forming a
press asociatiou will be held at Halcyon Hot Springs on Monday, September 30. The congress, the announcement stajes, will last from Saturday,
September 28tb till Tuesday, October
1st. The invitations lo attend the
meeting are being sent out by Thomas
The latest styles and newest ma*
teiials in Children's Ready-to-Wear
Coals for fall and winter at KERB &
Tbo use of pasty cereals is not advisable. A physician says, "Pasty
cereals are very indigestible and a
bad thing for the stomach, causing a
depressed feeling and quite a train uf
disordors, particularly of Ihe intestines and nerves,
Cereals, snch as wheat and outs,can
he oooked long enough and well
enough to lit them for human use hut
tbe Ordinary way of cooking leaves
thorn in a pasty eondition."
A gentleman fiomjl'lvansvi I le, Ind ,
whose name can be secured upon ap
plication to the Postum Cereal Co ,
Ltd., Rattle Creek, Mich., says: "My
uhysicialis prohibited the use jf oats
and wheat for 1 was in a bad condition physically, wilh pronounced
dyspepsia. lie said the heavy paste
was indigestahle but that Orape-Nuts,
being a thoroughly cooked food and
OOnked in such a manner as to change
the starch into grape-sugar, could be
easily digested. 1 have become very
fond indeed of (.rape-Nuts and all the
uncomfortable feelings have disappeared. I have gained nearly twelve
pounds in weight and none of tin
distressed, full feeling after my meall
that I had formerly. Grape-Nut.'
Food has done the work."
Absconding Waneta Express Agent
Capturod at Vancouver.
Vancouver, 11. C, Sept. 18. ��� W.J.G.
Magnier, Nelson Sc Foit Sheppard
railroad agent at Waneta, has beon
placed under arrest at Vancouver and
will be brought to Nelson, B. 0., for
tiial. Ho is charged with the offence
of stealing $000, the amount of a payment by Jesse Coulter, manager ot
the Second Relief mine, on account, of
import duties on machinery brought
ill from Spokane. Magnier decamped
from Waneta on Sunday last and was
arrested tbis morning.
| Loose  photos   get damaged;   Queen
Studio will frame them.
Mis. J. M. Bulger left for Spokane
yesterday for a week's visit.
Captain Fitzstubbs loaves this morning for Vancouver and Victoria.
Kirby Douglas who has been east
visiting his relatives at Hamilton,
Ont., returned to Nelson yesterday,
L. E. Reck, foreman of tbe Eva
mine, in the Lardeau, and Mrs. Reek
aro in the city ou a visit and will remain here for several days.
Mr. Thomas Curry, of Reaverton, II
C., who has been iu the city lor a
couple of days attending to a mining
deal,  left yesterday for the lioundary.
J. 0. Eaton and wife of San Francisco, are guests at the l'hair. Mr.
Eaton was one of the original locators
of tho Whitewater mine out of which
ho made a large sum of money.
(I. Ferguson who yesterday sold out
his interest in thc I'acilio Translei
Co. had in the year and a half he wus
running  the business  worked   up a
good   steady   trade   and   made   many
friends in town,
William Gill, inspector of Inland
revenue for thu province, and J. O
Miller, inland revenue inspector at
Vancouver, ure at thc l'hair. They
are making u tonr of inspection of the
inland revenue distiicts of the
llunie. ��� W. R. Fusdick, Toronto;
I'.. Daferer, II. c. Macdonald, Grand
Folks; R. 10. Allen and wife, A. T.
Cavao, Slocun ; 0. S. Berryman,
Magnier, besides being ticket agent
for the Nelson Sc Fort Sheppard tall-
way, was also express agent and customs broker. On Sunday as express
agent ho received and signed for the
parcel of money addressed to"W. J.
G. Magnier,customs broker, "and then
signed for it a second timo in h<i
capacity as broker. The money thu
was stolon from tht Second Relief
Mining Co., and not from the express
company, whicli would give him a
longer time in whicli to escupe, us it
would not bo discovered as quickly ns
had it been taken us express ngent.
It is not known as yet how his other
accounts stand, but the railway company immediately on receipt of the
news sent up another man from Spo-
akne to replace him and examine tlie
books. He is the third agent to be
situated at Wanela since December
last, both his predecessors resigning
thoir positions after a few month's
work the post not being regarded as a
very desirable one.
When Magnier was in Nelson he
wus asked as to how he iiked his position which he had then only held a
few weeks, and he replied that he
did uot care for it and did not expect
to stay long. As he took the next
train for the coast he evidently knew
whereof he spoke. His case will
probably come up for trial at the
assizes htre next month.
(Continued from First Page)
easy for them to put their hands on
her if siie is warned. There is a hope
heie, however Ibat some way will be
found to hold her, until investigations now in progress by the seciet
service in Illinois and all the principal cities where anarchists organizations aie, are completed, She was
arrested wholly upon the responsibility of the Chicago police uuder the
geneial order Bent out hy General Hall
to apprehend all persons who might
have knowledge of the attempted assassination. While no evidence has
been found against the Goldman
woman, the Government is satisfied
that Czolgosz crossed her path and in
duo time it is believed whatever connection If any there was between them
will be disclosed. The secret service
will trace Czolgosz whereabouts back,
One of the things desired is a complete
report of the lecture the President's
assailant said inspired him to commit
the deed.
Gold, Silver-Lead  and  Copper Mines wanted at the EXCHANGE    i
FREE   MILLINU   GOLD  properties   wanted ut once for Eastern   5
Parties  having   mining  property for  sale nre   requested to send
samples of their ore to the EXCHANGE for exhibition.
We  desire  to  hear from prospectors who have promising mineral
claims in Hritish Columbia.
Prospectors  and   mining  men   are requested   to  make  the  EXCHANGE their headquarters when in Nelson.
All samples should be sent by express, PREPAID. J
Correspondence solicited.    Address all communications to j
,    Telephono NO. 104.   P. O. Box 700. NELSON, B r,    \
"Zbe 1Rov?al Bank of Canaba"
Incorporated 1869.
f'upUnl   Authorized,
m:i,<HMi,(MHi.ini I <a|,Hal  I'aiil-up,
���text,       .       .    .
Toronto, Sept. 12.���The city and
Provincial Government are at loggerheads over the site for the statue to
Queen Victoria which tho Province
will erect. The oily refuses the site
the government desires,
Tlie Government threatens now to
erect thc statue in Guelph or
l'hair.-J. C. Eaton and wife, San
Francisco; C R. Gilbert, Vancouvei ;
Wm. Gill, Victoria; J. E. W. Gilbert,
Vancouver; Mr. and Mis. E. P. McNeill, Macleod j Max T. Williams, A.
G. (liILoit, Montreal; E. F. Evorett
and wife, Sil vol ton.
Grand Central���Ed C'lnrk, Athabasca mine; Thomas Park, Waterloo;
E. Pollard, Cornwall, Eng.; .1. W.
Sinclair, Buffalo; A. Macdonald, Lardeau; Mrs.  Larson,  Phoenix.
Queens--E. S. L. Beddy, Kaslo; E.
Liud and wife, Ymir; It. A. Hihotsuii,
Mrs. R. A. lbbotson, Hull Mines; W.
II   SUvenson,   111 uml   Forks;   VV.   lt. j
Vancouver, Sept. 12.���Messrs. Stone
and Jackson of Boston are sending
their representative to Vancouver to
instnll the hnlf million dollar plant of
tbe Stave Lake Power company, 38
miles from Vancouver, which is to
supply thc city of Vancouvei nnd
Westminster will; power. In this
connection the II. C. Electric Railway
who arc the only people adversely
affected by the Stave Lnko p-oposition
announce that as soon as they get tbe
Ooqultlam Lake water franchises
from the Government thoy wi'l at
once install machinery to utilize 5,000
horse power. There will be much
difficulty in getting this water, however, which is but,15 miios from Vancouver, ns it supplies the City of New
Westminster with drinking water and
Anlay Morrison the member of pnilin-
menl for Westminster is moving
beavHn nnd enrth to prevent tbe power
being given up hy the Government,
nnd is applying for all the Government lands adjoining the lake for the
purpose of fencing them in aod preventing the pollution of the water.
The Stave Lake people claim that, the
B. C. railway people are simply making a blnlV to prevent them getting
Certain franchises they ure after nnd
to delay their work. They further
claim thut next month they will stnrt
work nnd spend (100,000 by the 15th
of November ns they   must do to hold
their Franchises trom the city.
Toronto, Sept. 12.���The civio reception committee invited the citizens
committee to nnme seven citizens to
co-operate in tho welcome of the Duke
and Duchess of York. The citizens
committee failed to raise nny money
foi decorations, their timo being
occupied in squabbling over seven
members to be added to the civic committee. Todny Ihe civic committee
refused lhe invitation and in eonse-
quunce there is much agitation iu
society circles. The eily will spend
$1.1,110(1 on the lirst day's welcome.
Toronto, Sept. 12.���The Evening
Telegram's London cubic quotes Sir
Charles Tupper ns saying in nu iuler-
vi_.'vv that England treats Canada as if
Ih,- Dominion were Russia or some
oilier fore:  n country.
Wiarton, Ont., Sept. 12.���The Colonial Construction Co. of Montreal,
has been awarded the contract for the
erection of the buildings and plant
for the first beet root sugar factory in
Ontario. Thu capacity will he seven
hundred tons per' day. Tho contract
price was at ,350,000.
Philadelphia ,'i, Baltimore -1; Detroit
s, Cleveland 4; Chicago l, Milwaukee
3: Cincinnatti a, New York 3;
Chicago-Boston no game, rain; St.
Louis 1, Philadelphia 9; Chicago 'I,
Milaukee 0| Cleveland II, Detroit 4.
St. Johns, Nfld., Sept. 12.���Tl
lire which luokc out hero yesterday resulting in a loss of about 1(5(10,0011 was
extinguished last night. The buildings destroyed wero a coperage, live
fish stores, eight houses and throe oil
New York, Sept. 12.���A
from Paterson, N. J., su3's
explosion occiiired in the
works at Pomp ton, N. J.,
seven men were killed.
lhat   an
and that
���      ���       #-.(KM),0_0.(K
���  mi,jimp.itoi.ii,
Hoard nf ��ir<-. inn     Thomas K. Konnj',  President;   Thomas Hitchlo, Vloe-Pttuldnni
IWiloy Smith. H. G. Bauld, Hon. Illvld MacKeon. """���'���
H1-111I oilier, Halifax:
Goooral Manager, Kdnon L. I-nse, Montroal.
Superintendent of BrancliuH, and Secretary, W. B. Torrinco, llallfni,
Bran    cn!
'ova   Bcotla��� Halifax   Branch,   Antl_onlul'
llridirowator, (Juysboro. Londonderry, Lu
unhurt*. Maitland (llnnta Co.), Pictou, Port
llawkenbury, Sydney. Stiubenacadie.Truro,
.Mew    ItruiiMWlr.b ��� Bathurst,     IlorohoBter,
Prederloton. Kln_sl~n (Kont Co.l, Mono-
ma, Newcastle, Backvillo, St, John,Woodstock'
I*. 1;. Island��� Charlottotown, Summorsido.
:��bcc���Montreal,   (Oity   Offloo),  Montrmi
West Bud (('or. Nol.ro   Hnino and Mb
nours Streets);  Wimtiiiounl (Cor. Grim,.
Avonuo aid St. Catharines Stiwt
Newfoundland���St. John's.
t'uhn. West Indies���Havana.
���lulled Slate-New York (Hi Wxohango I'luc*,
Republic, Wash.
Forks, Nanaimo,   Nelson,   Rosslaml,
Vancouver East End, Victoria,
General Banking Business Transacted; Sterling Bills of Exchange   tiou.h
and Sold, Letters of Credit, Etc., Negotiated.
Accounts received ou the most favorable terms.    Interest allowed on apodal
deposits and on Saving Bunk accounts.
Geo. Kydd, Manager, Nelson, B.C.
Our Hardware
Tbo bookkeeper takes;
a trial bu Int ice ; you
tnke a trio] of our
hardware, ami you'll
stay witli us iho 1' il-
Riice of yonr ilnys and
tin1 balmier will always bu in your favor
Hardware should be carefully selected, beeutiso it is
not bought every week in the
year, and once a good article
is purchased you are doubly
Quebec, Kept. 12.���The  French warship I.t-strees lias arrived   here to join
in   the   welcome   to   the   Duke    and
Duchess of Cornwall.
Will always have a woll tried and reliable
remedy in tlio hauso for Bcalda and burns-, as
accidentia are liable to oecur at any lime* without warning. Qriflltha' Montho. Liniment
stops '.lu- burning Bousabion instantly and produces that HOOtl-iDR and cooling ^onsutioti, u
virtue posso-OTod only by thia remedy. Nohome
should bo without it.   Pr-co26 cents,
Kor salo by J . I'. Viu_nMm��   Nolson,B. 0.
NELSON LODGE'   No. 23, A. F. tc
M. meoiH seoond Wednesday in
monlh.   Visiting brethorn wolcomo
I. O. O. F. Kooleimy Ixxlge
No. Ni, mools every Monday night
nt   their   Mull,  Koolenny street
Sojournini* Odd Fellows cordially invitod.
Join, A. MoRae, N.u.   I). V.. Rutherford, v.Q
.rod J. Squiro, Por, See.
*U- t%rio SiHtAs ��� -tnfru, A/ cuJ/
rf /HjMaj,   ddUj^tiJ ft*/
Nelson Royal Aroh Chapter No. 123, Q-. ft, ('.
Meets i bird Wednesday, e^Jouralug com pan
Ioiih invited. (_i.urK<. Jonnstono, Z. K. \V.
Matthews, 8. K.
NICI_MON  LODMK   No.i.3, K.of V
;. oi K hall. Oddfellows block
.lire Tuesday ovunlnn uf i. -eh
rfinonth at  H  o'clock.
'All vi-itinn knigbU cordially  inviu.
Wm. Iuvink, c.c.
A. T. PARR, K.of Jt. and rf.
Nelson Bnoa jinient No. 7. Meets every 2nd
and aii Friday of each month, in mui Keilowa
Hall, comer linker uml Koolei.uy -.(runt.
Nelson. A. II. Cleinonlfl, ('. i\; l>. McArthur
H. rf.   Visitini- brothers always wolmmn,
NKLSON 1_. 0. I.. No. 1008 moots in Kra-
lerniLy Hall on first and third Friday evening.-.
of each inuntli al. S'I'eloLk. Visiting member
conlially lnvltod. W. W, llradluy. VV. K.
A.Minly. It.rf.
NKl_HON AKRIB No. 23, F. i\ K., moot*
every second and fourl h W'udneHdays of each
m until. Visiting member, cordially luvit
Oharlefl ProsstM. Hnrrntarv.
Kootonay Tont No. 7, K.O. T. M.. hold tbeir
regular meetings in Fraternity Hall, 1. O. U, K.
block, on the 1st and Urd Thursdays of each
n.onth. Visiting brethren cordially Invited to
attend. G.A.Brown, it. K.j A.J?,Purdy,Com.
H. J.Steel. I). B.C.
1st and 3rd Wednesday evonings of
each month at Ki.ucrnity hall,
cumor of Bakor and Koolenaj
streets. Visiting brothern cord-
i.il'i Invited
BbWAHD M_~.o~.eod, BocretaiT.
COURT KOOTENAY, I. (). K., No, 818K,
Meetings Ith Thursday of month, (fraternal
ball, j A Irving c ft.   I*, n. Fleming. K.s
Nelson Court   Star of   Kootenay, A. O. V,
Moots 2nd and   ith   Wednesdays In ovory
���nonth.  Visiting brethren welcome. VV, Moo-
Millau, O.K.   Robert McLeod See.
You should'nt semi out uf town for
cards fur yourself or your husband
until you see what The Miner can do
for you.
Manufacturers of BEST STEEL WIRE EOPE.
Tramway, Hoisting, Mining Wire Rope.
Lang's Lay for Tarmways and Underground Haulage
Loca! Slock tarried, estimates furnished,
H, E* CROASDAILE Nelson Agent*
H. & M. BIRD
;i_r. Hon I1o(Ik��'s resilience on Mill
street with four lots; live rooms clown
stairs, three heilrooius and lnrge
hathruom upBtairs. Furnace jnst put
in���A well built and comfortable
home.    Terms of payment   easy.
See also list of houses and lots for
sale and residences for rent at door of
our ollices next to MoArthnr's on Bu
lier street.
The late storm has driven the
ducks into the Kootenay Flats.
The I louse-Boat is lor rent' to parties wishing to go duck shooting.
Man and canoes in charge.
l''or terms apply to
Or to The Miner Oflice.
Kootenay Railway and Nav.
Company, Ltd.
Shortest and qulokost routo to tho otisl and ��"
���joints on tho O. it. s N. uml Northorn I "
ciik Railways in Washington, Oregon ami
Soul hern States.
Time Card Effective August I. 1901
Kaslo & Slocan Ry*
8:30 a. >d. Lv. [Knirio Ar. l.*M p. ��'���
10'SSp.m. Ar.        Sunriou Lv. 1***�� P* ���*���*
Int Nav* & Trading Co*
lVKI.SO\~KASI,<>  Ilill TK.
5:2(1 p. m. Lv. Nolson Ar. lllOO �� '"���
0:10 p. in. Ar. Kaslo Lv, 7:00 a. >''���
Connootlng at Five Milo Point with Nel""'1
lc Foil r-huppard Railway both to alio fi'"111
itOKsiand, otc.
Stoamor from Nelson lcavos K. R. _ ���*"
wlmrf, I ~if lo, 11. V��� Ml. for Lardo on Monjlal B,
Wodnosdays and Fridays at 0!30 p, in. returning the satno evoning. 	
Tlokotssold loan parts in Unitod suic-an"
Canada via Groat Northern andu. It. �� -*���
Co.'h lines, .,
(loom steamship t'okots and ratosviatm
linos will befumisliod on application,
For furihor particulars oall on or address
Mnnnernr. K������*'n.'>. u


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