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Nelson Daily Miner Jun 29, 1901

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Daily Edition No. 1076
Nelson,   British  Columbia, Saturday,  June 29,  1901
Eleventh  Ye.-.r
A Ten Thousand Dollar Brick
Block to Be Built on Victoria Street,
tlio Uoulet Mining Co., of Wreck Bay
82,000 for two bars  of gold  fiom   the
~���;��    '  ���'' ���'('Ids  on the weBt coast of
Sydney, N. 8., .Inno 88,���.lohn Du-
gull was sentenced today to five years
in the penitentiary for the abduction
of a sixteen year old girl, named
Plans Approved Last Night.
Work to Be Started In
Four Weeks.
A private meeting was held last
evening in the Salvation Army barracks to discuss the erection of a new
barracks and as a result of the meeting u telegram was forwarded to
headquarters at Toronto to proceed
with the plans and specifications
whioh are expected to ariive in the
city in about ten days. Tenders for
the new building will be called for
at once and it is expected that work
will bo commenced some time during
Majoi Ilargraves of Spokane arrived
In the city the other evening from
Ferine. The object of his visit was
to confer with the local corps in regard to the work ot building the new
Salvation Army barracks iu this eity.
A sketch plan of the building had
been forwarded from Toronto, which
was submitted to the local officers
last evening. The building will be
of solid brick and the ground lloor
plan will bo 47x58 feet. It will be
two story high and contain a small
hall in the front 81x88 feet with officers quarters above. The hall will be
capable of holding 150 people. At the
rear will be an auditorium 34x4. feel
with :.'l foot ceiling with a seating
capacity .f 350. The officers quarters will be the same size as the small
hull and will contain four large rooms
in addition to all office und a bath
room. The front of the building will
be faced brick with stone facings and
will hnve an ornamental tower at
each corner. At the west end tower
will be the entianee, containing a
vestibule lOxfl and a lobby leading lo
each of the. halls 10x14. The building
will be heated throughout by hot air
and lighted by electricity. All the
mate'ial will be procured in the city
and it is the intention of the army to
let the contract to local contractors.
Immediately the plant and specifications are completed the work will be
proceeded with and it is the nim of
those in charge to have the work completed as soon as possible. It is tht
doi-ire of the loeal officers to have the
barracks ready for occupation before
the cold weather, if at all possible.
The old barracks will remain in the
position they now occupy and will
continue to be used while the new
building is being erected. The new
building will come to the street line
on Victoria street and when completed will add another handsome block
to the other valuable properties which
now adorn the city. It is expected
that the barracks will cost in the
neighborhood of SO.OOO. Of this
amount the sum of S3,000 has already
been subscribed and the balance of the
amount vyill be obtained from the
Army's reserve fund, ln addition to
this there will be the cost of seating,
lighting and heating.
Major Ilargraves leaven the oity today and will visit Rossland, before his
return to Spokane.
Toronto, Juno 28.��� Ex-Premier Sem-
lin, Hritish Columbia, is in the city
en route to the Pan-Ameiican exhibition.
Calgary, N. W. T, June 28.-A
terrible flood damaged the town of
Okotoks on the C. &. E. It wrecked
railway bridges, and put the tracks
in a bad state.
Toronto, June 28���Miss Seagref died
at the general hospital last night
from the effects of drinking a bottle
of laudanum the night before with
suicidal intent. This was the second
attempt in a week.
Victoria, Bv C., June 28.���The first
purchase of gold in this city at mint
value under the guarantee fund raised by the citizens for the purchase of
gold was made today when tbe Hank
of Commerce paid to the managers  of
llroughain. (Int., June 28.���Stephen
Westney. farmer, ate porridge at his
breakfast this morning which was
proved to contain poison. The whole
family ate nf it and all were Bick but
Westney died late in the day.
Didsbury, N. W. T., June 28.���Fred
Sutherland, a rancher, son of Deputy
Sheriff Sutherland. Toronto, has been
missing two days nnd is supposed
to have been drowned in Dog Pond
river west of here. His horse hus
been found.
Victoiia, June 28.���The news was
brought by the Ijueen City that the
schooner Annie Paint caught a big
blow in the straits os the 21st inst,
and but for a tow from the steamer
Clayoquet would have gone on the
rocks on Caimanah.
Owen Sound, June 28.���The body of
a well dressed man was found in the
river last night. In his pooket was
i>.'i:i in cash and a ticket to Thessalon
bearing the name of William Smith,
and purchased June 25. Nothing else
is known about him.
Toronto, June 28.���Thomas Swall-
well, aged 54, of this city, one of the
best known commercial men in Ontario, committed suicide at the Gladstone hotel here some time last night,
or this morning, by inhaling gas.
lie leaves a widow.
Montreal, June 28.���A fine demonstration took place today at Marie-
villo in honor of Mr.Brodeur, speaker
of tbe commons. Congratulatory
speeches were made by Senators Dau-
durand and Casgrain, Messrs. Bicker-
dike, M. P., V. Geoffrion, M. P., Ma-
doi,  M, P.,  and others.
Winnipeg, June S8.��� The first Imperial Limited to reach the city from
the Coast since Monday arrived tin"
morning. Tbe passengers were delayed at Banff but were made comfortable. Several pieces of road bed
west of Calgary were washed out, owing to the extremely heavy rains.
Toronto, June 38.���Today was not
quite as hot as yesterday, the thermometer only reaching 92 in the
shade. The hottest temperatures reported are 0C in Ottawa and 03 in
Among the drownings reported today is that ol twelve year-old Lawrence Patterson at Paisley, while bathing in the Saugeen river.
Sherbrooke, June 28.���The worst
storm in years struck Quebec Central
and Lake Megantio districts last
night. The Quebec Central and
Mainee Cntral railways and the .. P.
R. suffered severely. Bridges are
gone and tracks washed away. On
the C.P. B. nine miles of track east of
Cookshire are more or less damaged.
At Dudswell Centre, tbe sawmill owned by S. Willard was washed away
and this morning WillSrds body was
found badly mangled, in the meadow
below. The dam at East Angus was
washed out A million feet of lumber went down the St. FianCls.
Montreal, June 28.���The works of
the Montreal Pipe Foundry and Montreal Car Wheel Company, located at
Lachine were destroyed bv fire early
this morning. Tbe loss is estimated
at 8100,000, and covered by insurance.
Both concerns were controlled by
Drummond McCall A Co.
Steps have been inaugurated which
may result in arbitration being resorted to for the purpose of bringing
the C. P. R. ��� traekmens' strike to an
end. The trackmen, it is said, are
quite willing to place the matter in
such a way that abritration can be
Vigorous efforts are being made on
the part ot the participants in the
great match which will come off to
day at the reoreation grounds, to get
into form for the event. Jim McDonald is training down for the occasion
by a midnight promenade and baby
show, and intends to enter the game
with a landing net which ho will use
for catching. W. A. Macdonald is
practising hitting at the electric
stieet cars, and Mayor Fletcher is
practising catching in Hugh Cameron's office with the waste paper basket which he will use this   afternoon.
Pupils of Both the Public and St. Joseph's
Schools Dismissed Until Next
Promotions and Honor Roll���List of the
Prize Winners-Closing Exercises
Yesterday was a date looked forward
to for some time by all the scholars
of the Nelson schools. No matter
how fond a child may bo of school or
study, and some really nre, tho coming of the summer vacation is alwa\s
joyfully welcomed. To the teachers
it is also a joyful date, as teaching
is a  trying   and   arduous occupation.
There were no closing exerei.es at
the publio school this year, the pupils
being merely dismissed at noon. Following is the list of promotions, and
the honor roll:
Division I.���
Teacher. J Hoatley Soady���Promoted from Jr. V. to H". V:
Fred Perry, Violet Hurney, Edward
White, Robert Bell.
Uonor       Roll���Proficiency,       Fred
Perry;   regularity,   Annie    Fawcett;
deportment, Violet Hurney.
Division II.���
Kate Scanlan, teacher.���Sr. IV. to
Jr. V: Ernest Steele, Helen Macdonald, Henry Avery, Laurie McNeill,
John Ellis William Swannell. Recommended: Fied Stillwell.
Jr. IV. to Sr. IV: Wilfred Ebbs,
James McGregor, Trent. Uolmes, Roy
McGregor, David McAlmon, Jessie
Hipperson. Recommended: Lloyd
Jackson, Betty Johnstone, lima McKay, Els'e Parks, Neva McNeill,
Pearl McGregor, Reginald   Cummins.
Honor    Roll���Proficiency,      Ernest
Steele;   Regularity,   Henry   Harrison
Avery; 'deportment,   William   Swannell.
Division 111.���
G. W. Clarke, teacher.���Jr. III. to
Sr. Ill: Raymond Bard, Aggie Paterson, Amy Swannell. Conditioned:
Jessie Paterson, Flossie Fraser, Jane
McLauchlan, Edith Andevbnrg, Lena
Darrough, Lilian Foote.
Sr. III. to Jr. IV: Reuben Me-
Caudlish, Hugh Gallon and Kenneth
Weir, Victoria Hodson, Robert McLauchlan, Christina McKay, Charles
Motly, Ivan McKay, Roy Harris,
Nellie Annable. Conditioned: Violet Crebbin, Fred Loring, Andrey
Jackson, Milton MeCandlish, Winnie
Honor    Roll���Proficiency,     Reuben
MeCandlish; punctuality and regularity, Fred   Loring;   deportment,   Amy
Division IV.���
Annie MacLeod, teacher.���Promoted
from St. II. to Jr. Ill: Mary Svo-
boda, Johnnie Bell, Gordon Holling-
ton, Harry Ferguson, Eva McKay.
Jennie Currie, Sadie Hogan, Stanley
Fairweather, Willie Patterson, Pauline Qebert, Harold Ellis, Fred Emory, Edgar Ellis, Jack Millar, Mabel
Knudson, Pearl Crebbiu.llessio Davidson, Wilfred Gill, Orpha Maiihart, Willie Hardie.
Jr. II. to Sr. II: Leon MeCandlish,
Ralph Ellis, Arthur White. Arthur
Lackey, George White, Percy t.riz-
zelle, Bessie Scoley, Douglas Naglo,
Victor Davidson, Ernie Shaw, Nita
Smith, Charlie Connon, Willie Roberts, Clara Clunis, Evelyn Ewart,
Claude We'r, Harry Cunningham, Boy
Gill, Kenneth Fairweather.
Honor Roll���Proficiency, Mary Svo
boda;   punctuality   and     legularity,
Nita   Smith;    deportment,   Kenneth
Division V,���
Escotte Wickham, teacher.���Promoted from 2nd Primer to 1st Reader:
Ernest Bartlett, Beatrice Ebbs.George
Grant, Gladman Helinc, Flossie Johnstone, Rand Morgan, Theodore Morgan, Calvin Painter, Henry Svoboda,
Bernice Crebbin. Conditioned: Nora
Promoted from 1st Reader to 2nd
Reader: Florence Bedbury, Lola Bennett, Jessie Cullem, Brychnii Cummins, Bonnie Douglas, Austen "Elliott,
Ernest Ellis, Asahel Gray, Slnnley
Hosklng, Isobel Lillie, Edith Manson,
Clarence Mnnlsby, James MeCandlish,
Youlli McKay, Leo McKinnon, Frank
McNally, Fred Miller, Gwendoline
Mooro, Willie Riley, Mary Rutherford, Gladys Salter, Charles Swannell, Myrtle TraveB, Horace Van-
watt, Ella Wilde. Conditioned:
Helen Sloan.
Honor   Roll���Proficiency,     William
Riley;   deportmen',   Beatrice   Ebbs,;
rngiilaiity and   punctuality,   Clarence
Division VI,���
Mr*. Pearcy, teacher.���Promoted
2nd Primer to 1st Reader. Donnie
Currie, John Darrough, Nolie Fredei-
ick, Chrlstena McKay, Ernest Matthews, May McVlcar, Arthur Millar,
Lottie Nagorsen, Walter Scoley.
Promoted from 1st Primer to 2nd
Primer; 1'aul Bar, Allan Bell, Phil
Dlcrrenger, Alvin Davison, Cora Fisher. Louis Fieidman, Beatrice Fun noil,
Gladys Foote, Hugh Gunn, Willie
Gunn, Lottie Hall, Olive Hodge, Har-
rold Ilelme, David Hardie, Ralph
Hodson, Lilian Hinde, Esther Bergman, Willie Laughloii, Willie McNeill, Flossie McVicar, Helen Moore,
Robs Riley, Ruth Williams, Joe' Wilson, Ha/el Young. Conditioned
Frank Graham.
Honor     Roll���Proficiency,     Donnie
Currie;       deportment,      Allan    Hell;
punctuality   and   regularity,   Arthur
Division VII.���
Miss Rath, teacher.���Magnus En-
stead, Waldo Ferguson, Viola Gill,
Bruce MacKay, Idella McLauchlan,
Arthur Morgan, Edward Murphy,
Charles Victor Riley, Ernest Ritchie,
John Flenn Vance.
Honor Roll ��� Deportment, John
Flenn Vanie; punctuality and regularity, Roy Miller; proficiency, Edward Scoley.
The closing exercises of St. Joseph's
school weie conducted yesterday and
the summer vacation has now commenced for teachers and sehclars. A
considerable number of the parents of
the children atteadinfc the school were
present, and all enjoyed tho short and
well selected little entertainment consisting of songs, recitations, choruses,
and instrumental selections which
was rendered.
A few minutes before 2 p. m., tho
children marched into the large class
room, the little boys looking most of.
them aa if they veiy much wished the
ceremonies were over, and the little
girls, diessed chiefly in white, with
plenty of bright ribbons, appearing to
thoionghly enjoy themselves. The
following programme was ihen rendered :
Piano Solo���"Arcadia," Miss Cecelia Prosser.
Song���" Welcome."
Recitation���"The Captive Linnet,"
Miss Zlllah Emerson.
Piano Solo���"Warbllngs at Dawn,"
Miss Hazel Gore.
Babies' Song and Recitation���Kin-
deigarten Class.
Duet���"Sunshine on the Lea,"
Misses Prosser and (lore.
Chorus���"Like the  Lark,"   School.
Duet--"Come and Dance With Mc,"
Misses Sturgeon and Gore.
Vocal Solo���"I'm Ashamed to Look
My Dolly in tho Eye," Miss Q,
Recitation���"Don't," Miss Dorothy
Solo���-'Summer," Miss Annie Sturgeon.
Chorus���"Lincoln Guards," School.
Recitation���"School of Sorrow,"
Miss Lillian Garland.
I Canada Attractive to Ihe Hritish Farm
| Laborer.
j London, June '.'8.���While farmers
here complain nf the scarcity of labor
| the attractions of Canada are causing agriciiltmnl laborers to emigrate
lin large numbers to tlio Dominion,
There is inddeed a "boom" in emigration to Canada going on. Some time
ago the farmers of .Manitoba, finding themselves short of laborer., deputed Mr. Ailiimsou to visit this
country in search of men, and subscribed sufficient funds to advance BS
to fifty emigrant-, the money to be
repayable after a certain time.
So many applicants eanie forward.
to go out on these terms Unit the Canadian Government offered a further
advance on the same lines to 1IH)
mon, ��5 going a long way toward
paying the cost of the journey,
Mr. Colmer,secretary to the Dominion Agenoy in London, told a representative of the Express yesterday
that of late there has been an unprecedented demand for Information
from prospective emigrants.
"Within the past five months," snid
Mr. Colmer, "we bave received 8,000
letters of inquiry at th's office, apart
altogether from the Innumerable Inquiries addressed to tho agents invar-
ions parts of tho country."
Many of the inquiries came, curiously enough, fiom South Africa, nnd
this Mr. Colmer attributes to the Canadian contingents, the members of
which apparently have lost no opportunity "f singing the praises of the
land of then  birth.
The reason why agricultural laborers are so ready to emigrate lo Canada
is to be found in the fact that opportunities are open to them there whicli
do not exist al homo. Many men who
once worked as laborers here now
own profitable farms in the Dominion.
The Canadian Government is most
energetic in disseminating information respecting the resources of the
land of the maple leaf.
Its representatives on this side distribute broadcast among pupils at the
elementary schools text books, atlases
and copybooks, dealing with the Ho-
minio',,, and recently 1,000 schools took
part in a competition for the best essay on the Dominion. As a result I,-
0(10 medals were disti ibnted. and another competition is now being arranged.
The government ot the province of
New Brunswick is also making
efforts to attract population.
It has arranged for cheap fares for
people who are desirous of viewing
the land before definitely deciding to
settle. During their stay in New
Brunswick the visitors will be specially looked after by the   authorities.
Another   Fire���A  Blaze  In
the K.-W.-G. Block Last
(Continued on Third Page.)
The Dominion Day celebrations
commenced last evening \y the put
ting up of three paper balloons. Thev
were sent up in fiont of the Hume hotel and on account of the extremely
quiet evening they went up ns
straight as if they bad been shot out
of a gun, and after promenading the
skies returned to the earth in tho vicinity of the boat house.
A number .f tho merchants of the
city bad their front blinds all down
yesterday preparing their windows
for the Monday display and there
are a number of surprises iu store for
the citizens on Monday morning,
Some of tho stores have already completed their decorations and others
were busy Thursday afternoon nnd
apparently all day yesterday.
The Nelson Carpenters' Union arc
prcpaiing a Hoat for the trades' procession which will be of Ihe nature of
a house on wheels, and will be a correal representation of their craft. (1.
Thorpe bas under construction the
building of a Hoat for the lirm of
Brackman & Ker, on which their uoods
will be on exhibition, in the trades'
procession during tbe Dominion Dny
At Emmanuel church tomorrow
evening there will be a patriotic service. The choir has prepared special
music ns follows: Baritone solo,
"His Majesty the King," by Mr.
Steele; anthem, "The Glory of God,"
Leslie; anthen, "The Nations of
God," lilerly. Rev. Win. Munroe
will preach on "Canada My Country." The service will begin at S
o'clock. A cordial Invitation is extended to* everyone.
Unionism is on the Increase in tho
oity and lh�� latest, of Ihe movements
in this direction is the organization of
tbe musicians who have been doing
band service in the city'. The I'.. M.
R. band sent for a charter on Wednesday evening und on its arrival they
will form themselves into an oriigniz-
ation. This action hns been made
necessary, thev claim, owing to Hie
fact that they have been compelled to
undergo unfiii* competition, which
they hope by this combination lo n;
The Value of the Nelson Fire
Brigade Again Demonstrated.
The value of the Nelson fire brigade
was again demonstrated last evening.
About HI o'clock an alarm was rung
from the K. W. C. bloek. where Me-
I'hcrson & MeCumuion's store was
seen to be ablaze. The .fire biignde
was soon on the spot   nnd by  the   aid
if tbe chemical the fire was soon un-
dor control. The handsome plate
glass window was broken which will
lane in the neighborhood of J300 to
replace. The cause of the liie originated in the heat of the incandescent
light igniting tlie paper with which
the light was decorated. The proprL
ctors of the. store have been busily engaged during tlie last two days in
decorating the store for tho Dominion llay celebration nnd were just
pntting the finishing touches to their
display when the fire stalled. As
there was n large amount of decorative
tissue paper all around, it was only a
few seconds before the whole thing
was a blaze and although the proprietors attempted to an est the flames by
tearing down the work I hey were
just on the point   of completing,   the
re had too great a stait and tho material it was feeding upon was so iin-
allminable that it was found necessary
to ring up an alann with the result
already indicated. There was soon a
large crowd of people ou the spot and
willing hands rendered all the assistance it was in their poiver to ofl'er.
The fire was confined to the window
and although the store was soon
with smoke the tire hose .vas not
culled into action. McPherson A Me-
('amnion had been at great pains to
arrange a handsome display and the
whole of their work Ib entirely destroyed.    The decorations   must  havo
ost them a large amount of money in
addition lo the time they have spent,
all of which has gone up in smoke.
Two laige plate glass windows are
broken and the total loss will probably be iu the neighborhood of (300
which is all covered by Insurance.
The proprietors wish it to be distinctly understood that no blame is   to  be
ttaehed to the electricians who laid
the wires, as everything was tested in
their presence the evening befoie
when everything was all right and no
other reason than the one given above
to been found. Thc action of the
lire brigade in responding so promptly
to the call and the rapidity with
which the Haines were under control
worthy of praise, us without the
assistance of the brigade at that particular time the losses would have
been considerable,
Mnny Entiles For riext Tuesday's
Baby   Show.
The prizes for the great baby show,
which is to he held on Tuesday afternoon, have received two handsome
additions, consisting of a baby carriage, donated by J. 0, Bunyan A
Co., and a prize for the best pair of
twins, of two silver mugs, to be pie-
scntcd by Mr. W. A. Macdonald. The
list now stands: l_t prize, gold medal; 2nd prize, silver cup; 3rd prize,
one case of St. Charles Cream; 4th
prize, live pounds of best 81 per pound
tea; 5th prize, a baby carriage, with
the separate prize of two silver mugs
for the best pair 0* twins.
Tlie shoe will be held at 2.30 In the
nfternon in .1. Q, Bunyan .1 Co.'s fur-
nitiiio establishment, corner of Baker
and Kootenay All entries must bo
In by li o'clock Monday evening to
cither Mrs. W. A. Macdonald, or Dr,
In iho premises thnt have been
kindly famished there will he plenty
of room for carriages,so that mothers,
if tbey wish, can keep the youngsters in their carriages,
Srvieos will In held nt the Methodist church tomorrow at 11 a. m. and
7.:m p. in. The pastor's subject for
the evening will he "Our National
Holiday, nnd What it Means, and
How to Observe It."
vp:.-   '   '������ ; f
NB-flOM  D*"-v m,nrr��  Saturoav    .��<N.   -0, '900
l.'.Ll~.--r.aA'--LJ.JW-'!'��-'"''"""     ""���
The Nelson Miner
Publi-ihoa   Kvory  Mornlnsf  Except   Monday
���BV THK���
Dally, per month, by carrier     860
linllv. pur month, by mall     "jo
Ilally, per yoar, by carrier   I J W
Ilally, por your, by mall    0 ���>
Dally, por yoar forolicn    I��
Wookly,por half yoar  |1 ��jj
Weekly, per yoar    ��B
Wookly, por yoa-, fnrolun    3W
ulworlptioiiH Invariably In advanco.
116 Flool Street, E. 0,
Central  Proas Agonoy, Ltd., Bpoclal Agonta
Al! Chocks should bo mado payable to tho
order of Nklson Publuhino Uomcanv,
Aloxandor A Co.. 621 First Avouuo, Spokane,
VVanli., keep this paper on Ale, nnd aro our
authorize- ug.nt~ for advortisomontu and subscription!!.
We beg to announce that we have made arrangements
with Mr. H. Moses, who comes highly recommended by
his late employers, the Spokane Dry Goods Co., at
spokane, to
Make Up Fur Garments,
Repair Fur Garments,
Remodel Fur Garments, and to
Renovate Fur Garments generally.
This is a rare opportunity for the people of Nelson and vicinity to
have their Fur Coats, Capes, Muffs, Collars, Caps, Cuffs, etc., thoroughly repaired and made to look new and fashionable.
If so desired, Mr. Moses will be glad to call at your residence,
inspect the garment., submit patterns of latest styles, and give estimates of the cost ol the work required.
TELEPHONE    NO.    13.
Best Assortment
o^s \^> \l> \*> \*i i*/ \l/ \*> ifc i*> \*i \*i U/i\i> \i> i*> \*> \*> vi> \*. \#> \*> i*> i*> ifc ^
i D. McArthur U Go. I
J. Q. NELSON, Manager.
Furniture Dealers,
Undertakers and Embalmers.
The Miner would be glad to know
who oi what the "disgruntled element" of Nelson consists of. It has
been accused of being the organ of
that "element," and so often that
it has the curiostity at last to Inquire. We recognise that It is always better that an organ should
know what it is an organ of. When
it was accused cf being the organ of
the Liberals, and then of the Con-
Bdrvatives, and then of.Turneri6in,and
then of the C. l\ E., and the Great
Northern, and the Crow's Nest, and
of the Mine Owners, nnd of one or two
dozen other corporations or interests,
it always kne~> where it was supposed to stand; but il is wholly nt a
loss in its effort to looate the "disgruntled element" of Nelson. Would
The Tribune please tell us? It must
know, for it is it that says The Miner
is its organ. Are the "disgruntled"
people of the city those unfortunates
who cannot approve of the manners
and methods of that distinguished
person wbo is known as editor of The
Tribune'.' To disagree with him io to
be "disgruntled" indeed, no doubt,
but wc did Dot know they had been
bunched into an "element" and that
the ;)clenient" had marie The Miner
its organ. We think the matter will
bear explanation. Who or what is
this "disgruntled element " 1
Pending a reply, we pass on to the
other statement that this "element"
���t'-'s "disgruntled-eleuient" ��� is will-
pa"!' t tho electric light franchise
u_���t s_. be sold to a monopoly company.
Of course, Dot knowing of whom or
what the "element" consists, The
Miner cannot say what H is willing
or unwilling to do. Thc statement
bears the stamp of absurdity on the
face of it; in fact,under ordinary conditions it is a kind of statement which
only an absurd person could make.
Hut it is possible it is the "element" that is absurd, and to resolve
the doubt we beg The Tribune will
hurry with Its explanation. Speaking for itself, however, The Miner
would say that it would not willingly
have the City make anv disposition of
its e'ectric franchise that was not to
the undoubted advantage of the people
in general. The Miner, unlike 'the
Tribune and its editor, has no personal schemes to advance, no jobs to
put through, in connection with this
or any other municipal matter of any
kind whatever.
We look forward to the time when
Nelson will be a much larger town
than it is today. The electric sen ice
we have now is not sullicient for present requirements. It cannot even
light the City of today, to say nothing
of motive power. If we had cheap
motive power, it would help the
growth of Nelson, and the growth of
Nelson is what every man of us should
work for. If the City can supply
itself with ample light, aud also furnish power as required, at an expense
as low as can be supplied otherwise,
by all means let it do so. Hut we hope
it is not fool enough to hang on to
an antiquated and imperfect system
merely because it happens to te a
child of Jchn Houston's. Nelson requires the best electric service it can
obtain, whether as the result of its
own efforts or at the hands of others.
That, in a word, is the position of
The Miner. It has ' nothing to do
with, and knows nothing of, companies that are endeavoring to obtain a
monopoly of electric light, or electric power, or electric anything else.
It leaves to the lion, member for
Nelson the distinction of associating
with, and embracing, and being embraced bj, companies that are on the
run   for monopolies.
Hudson's Bay Company.
the sporting element, thc v.ry advanced element that thinks everybody
is at liberty to do as he pleases. Seattle is a. immoral city, because it Is
a wide open city; it is a wide open
eity, because the bums, loafers, blackguards, and criminals have for the
time got the upper hand in its govern ment; and the hums, loafers, blackguards, and criminals have got the
upper hand,because they were encouraged by municipal leaders who will
do anything for votes���leaders who,
having none themselves, cannot conceive that a city has any need of a
Come Early and Get
Canada Drug and
Book Co., Ltd.
Four rivers in Alaska that a few
years ago were alive with salmon are
now said to be completely depleted,
Thc Americans never did take care
nf their fish; from the first they
adopted the catch-as-calch-can principle nnd acted upon it with vigor, disregarding such simple regulations as
the Government were moved to proclaim. We do these things better in
Canada, but even with us there is
recklessness that bids in time to
leave its mark. This is especially
tiue of brook and lake trout, which
at the present rate of destruction
will be exhausted in a tew yeais.
This leafy month of June will start an
increased demand for
Our Summer Clothing was selected
with the most painstaking care. No
other store that we know of is so particular about the character of its light
weight garments. They combine coolness and dressy style, comfort and
Made plain, made with flare, made
with flounce, or made with embroidery insertion. We have all styles
that can be culled now and winning,
at .1.00, .1.25, 81.60, 82.00, 82,25,
82.75, 83.00, and up to 86.01).
Made of While Wachuset Net with
cane nnd steel fillings; long or
short waist, at 50c, 75c, 81.00 and
Newness in Blouses���We liave received another shipment of White
Blouses. The latest in bolero
effects, tucked effects, and lace
trimmed; 81.50, 82.00, 82.25, 82.75,
83oo, 811.75, and |4.00.
Agents for Standard Patterns.
From $10.00 up ^
From $2.50 up m
From $13-50 up jj
Reception, Easy and  Large  Rockers fr
5 Reception Chairs, Couches, Lounges, Divans. fc
I &
Mr. Leamy's appointment as Junior
Judge for the distiict of Kootenay
was gazetted last Satu.day. We give
this little bit of information for the
benefit of-some readers of our local
eontemporary, who have been trying
in vain to have their curiosity in respect to the matter gratified. It may
be added that the appointment wns
made on merits, backed by influences
of an entirely legitimate character.
KERR & 60.
Baker and Ward Sts.
NELSON,      -     -     B.C.
West Transfer Co.
Coal and Wood.
Agents Imperial Oil Oo. Ltd.
Blairmore Coal,    ���    $6.T5
Crow's   Nest   Coal,   $6.15
Anthracite,    -    -    $10.75
No order can be accepted unlesi
accompanied by cash.
Office on   Baker Street, Tel. 1*7
West Kootenay Butcher Co.
AM.   KIND-   OV
Fresh   and    Salted   Heats
Buy   Only   Union - Made   Shoes.
LractoryN? 68
This stamp used by the JOHN Me-
PHERSON CO., Limited, of Hamilton,
the   only Union Factory in Canada, -
Gamble &   O'Reilly
Civil   Engineer*., Provincial   Laud
Murvcyor��, Real K .lute nnd In*
snrancc  Ag��nU.
The Seattle Times says there can be
no manner qt doubt, that the murder
of the chief of police was the direct
outcome of the wide open policy
which was inaugurated with -the election of the present mayor. That election meant the ascendancy of the lawless element, tht   gambling   clement,
Furnished house and two lots on Rob
son   Street, near Kootenay Street
Hath   room;    wash   house.     Laid
out in garden and fruit trees.
li lots, northwest corner Houston   and
Ward streets 8850
Lots 1 and 2, block 23, lot lo.block 39
Lot 11, block 14, city of Nelson.
L Mi ber..
Delivered to any point
on Kootenay Lake.
I have a complete stock on hand ol
Rough and Dressed
Mouldings, Sash Doors.
Inside Finish,
Coast Flooring, and
Finished Lumber-
Mill at PILOT BAY. tarda, NELSON
and LABI <0,
Is    lame    or    intei feres
bring him   to  the   City
Horseshoeing Shop, Jo
sephine Street
Reynolds' Livery   Stable
Will Be Sold Cheap
Three years lease on  ground
property   at  $10.00
per month.
Apply to
11 CAMERON, till
Baker Street.
Atlantic S.S. Sailings
Froth Montreal
Allan Line Parisian July 0
Allan Line Au8tratnninn luly 13
Allan Lino Corinthian July 20
Beaver Lino Wassiin July ft
Heaver Line Lake Champlain July 1.'
BoavorLino Lake Mor antic July li
From Portland, Mr-
Dominion Lino Dominion July (
Dominion Lino Cainbronmn Inly i:
From Boatoii
Dominion Lino Commonwealth  July '
Dominion Lino New England  July 17
Cunard Line Ivernia July*
Cunard Line Saxonia July 21
From New Yor:
White Star Line Germanic July :
WhiteStar Lino Cymric Julyil
White Star Lino  M ijcstic July V
Cunard Line Ktruria ��� Jwyl
Cunard Line Servia  Jtily!
Cunard Line  Campania July l:
American Lino  St. Paul July H
American Lino St. Louis July i:
Anchor Line Antoria Ji.li fi
Anchor Line Anchoria Ji ly 13
French Line La Champagne         t_iy4
French Line La GHncogne    Julyil
N. G. L. Kaiserin Maria The. cain  .�� July 9
Hamburs.--_n.erir.in 1>' utechland..,_,..July 11
For further particulars apply to
City Passenger Agont, Nelson, B. C.
General S.S. Atrrnk C.P.R. Offl-es. Winnlong.
Royal Bate! hi Grocer?
Subscribers in Kaslo
Every morning immediately
on arrival ot steamer, ut the
rate of ,
75 Cents per Month
Subscriptions to be left
with the agent,
D.  J.  YOUNG.
Take notice that I intend to apply
30 days after date tb the Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works at Victoria, B.C., to [jnrchase the following
described vacant Crown Lands in the
District of West Kootenay, B. C.:
Commencing at a post planted on
the west line of Lot 862; group 1, West
Kootenay District and about 200 ft.
from North West Corner of the said
lot, and which post is marked "JameB
Cronin's North-West Corner," thence
west 80 chains, thence south 80
chains, thence east 80 chains, thence
north 80 chains to place of beginning,
conttiiuing 640 acres more or less.
Dated,  the llith day of June, 1001.
Will pay the highest cash price for all
kinds of second band goods. Will buy
or sell anything from an anchor to a
needle. Furniture, stoves, oarperta,
-ookiiig utensils, bought in household
,]nniitities. Also oast off clothing.
Oall and see me or write. Address
Silver King Mike, Box SUM. Hall
Street, Nelson, B  t).
A new stock of Groceries, Fruit,
Home-made Bread, Pies, Cakes
and Rolls delivered fresh every day
to any part of the city.
S. D. HOWELL, Prop.
Notice is hereby given that the first
sittings of the Annual Court of Revia.
ion of the Municiality of the City oi
Nelson will be held in the Council
Chamber at tlie City offices, Nel.ou.
on Wednesday tbe 10th duy of July
next at 10 o'clock a. in., for the purpose of hearing complaints against
the assessment as made by tlio assessor, and for revising and correcting
the assessment roll.
City Clerk.
Nelson, B.C., May 28th, 11)01.
Wln.srmere Mines.  Cnrresionde_.eSol',elted
Fisn nnd Poultry in Season
E.   C.   TRAVES.   Manager.
W.-W.-C. Block. Ward Stf.eet, Nelson.
Orders by m��il receive careful and prompt attention
Ladies' and Gents' Merchant Tailors and Dyere,
Suits Made to Order, Cleaned, Dyed, Altered and Eepaired.
Josephine St., Opposite Clarke Hotel.
Mail Ordeta Solicited. P. O. Box 634
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants
*_z> *****
Branch Markets in Rossland, Trail, Nelson, Kaslo
Sandon, Three Forks, New Denver and Slocan City.
Orders by mail to ai��v branch will have careful a*4 oramst attention.
Our stock is now complete in the above lines.    Call and be
convinced that the most complete stock
is carried  by the
Home Ollice Minneapolis, Minn.
Victoria, B. C, May 20tb, 1901.
Sir. Jno. T, Pierre, Nslson :
Dear Friend John,���Your favor from
Kaslo duly received with 85.00 en-
closed and herewith please fiud
receipt for same, also herewith
please find four contracts for Sam and
nne for Malone. Business, I am pleased to say, is just booming here and
I tell yon thoy are talking Tontine
sjood now. This is the list of payments I have made this week:
P. Crombie. ..8100 Dr. Lewis Hall.8320
A.WcLaggnn.. 480 Harry Maynatd 32o
Tom Sarantis.  100 A.   Bancroft... !)00
Jos.P Stiewart 100 D. T. Scott lfio
Jos. Mayer 100 H. I.lebenbanm 1.0
H. J. Case  100 N. Shakespeare 320
81280 $2240
83,520 is pretty nice I tell vou and
always looking for more. So just tell
your friends to get aboard. I have
now myself 30 and hope to get it to
50 before long. With best wishes to
you, I remain yours verv truly,
Oeneral Agent B.C.
For  fuither  information   apply   to
JOHN T. PIEBRE, sub agent, Nelson.
For domestic or steam use.
' A  full   supply always on
Rates to   all  railway  and
lake points.
General Agent.
Tel. No. 265.
Office ��� Two  doors   west
C.P.R. offices.
Caveats, Designs, Copyrights and
Trade Marks obtained in Canada
and all foreign countries.
Room 3, Bank of British North
America, Hastings Str����*. Vancouver
About that second hand article of
yours. Vou'll sell it if you'U advertise it in The Miner want column
_> Muon Dailv Mike.. SATimJiv, Jun* ��<., r_iai
I hru���� -n��r. _n��-M o�� TlMr-n r��v��-����
(Continued from First Page)
Dewdrops,"     Miss
Mabel le Larson.
Hymn���"Sacred Heart," School.
After thu programme Rev. Father
Ferland and tliu Sister Superior dis-
ti United tne prizes, which consisted
of medals, nooks, a number of gold
and pearl penholders, and a 85 gold
piece. The books were presented for
good progress in the kindergarten
class; tbe gold medal as first prize for
k't"leniLsprollciency, and the $5 gold
t>U'i\, ||k second prize for the same.
Silver dVedals wore presented lo the
"1'ier wfoncrs.
They following children were tlio
primer winners, the percentages of
luarkps taken t y many of the loading
1>UPI1�� bfliii", exceptionally high:
Wtjlratory t'lasH. ��� IhI, May   Sims;
|d, Marion Maulsbv.
'Grade   1. ���1st,    Leilhe (igiWio; 2ud
Peroy Fanner.
Grade 11. ��� 1st, Helen McLoughlin;
Snd, Harold Kinahan,
Grade III.- 1st, Norman McLeod;
Snd, Albert Poupore.
Grade IV.���1st, Gladys Gray; 2nd,
Joseph Moinn.
Gradu V.-lst, Katie Kilcline; 2nd,
Myrtle McLean.
Grade VI.���1st, Louise Allison; 2nd,
Dortliy McLeod.
Grade VII.���1st, Grace Allison; Snd
Vina Luse,
Grade VIII. ���1st, Lily Garland;
Snd, John McAstocker.
Good Progress. ��� Lillian Ruesel,
Sadlu Madden, liable Lapolnte, Lily
Manson, Ella McDonald, Bert Cameron, Conrad Sinclair, Willie Demers,
Charles Archaiubault, Eldridge
Hrown, Kenneth Mclleth.
Spelling ��� Helen Gigot,
O'Lo'ighlin, Margt, tlarwood,
History���John   McAstocktr,
Emersou.   Mary     llaiwood,
Merit���Alf,     O'Loughlin,
Emerson, Winefride Kinahan,
Good Onnduet���Florence Ferland,
Lily MaMtthon, May Ferland, Gertie
Lapolnte, Georgie Pesanlnierj Ella
Madden, Josephine Ferland.
Instrumental Music.���Seniors: 1st
prize, Miss Hazel Goie; Snd, Miss
Cella Prosser. Merit: Miss Annie
Sturgeon, Miss Gladys Gray.
Drawing���Senior class: 1st prize,
George (lore; Snd, Ernest Kinahan.
Junior class: 1st prize, Willie Sturgeon; 2nd, Louis Madson. Merit:
Excellence, Willie Poupore,
Gold     Medal.���General   proficiency
and highest per   cctitage, L, Garland.
Five   Dollars.���General   proficiency
and   second   highest    percentage,   J.
Arithmetic���Floyd Hyndman, Gertie Burr, Alma Demers, Nels Nelson,
Pain Howell, W. Archambault.
When the prizes had been distributed- Father Ferland spoke a few
closing words, touching on tho good
work that had been done by teachers
and scholars during the past year,
and drawing attention to the truly remarkable progress that had been made
by the school, especially considering
the short time that had elapsed sinco
its founding. He concluded by hop-
i'ng that all would have a good time
during the holiday and come back at
the beginning of the next session refreshed both in mind and body.
Tlie children then sang a final
chorus and w;re dismissed.
Highest Honors, World's Fair
(lold Medal, Midwinter Pair
Avoid llii-lutf Vowilern   -ontlllnlii-
alum.   They uro Injurious tu liuulth
To the It, M, It. Hand:
Gentlemen,��� We intend to give a lacrosse match on Saturday afternoon
for the benefit of Kootenay Lake hospital. We would like to secure the
services of a band. We have asked the
other hand to donate their services,
but they have not come forward.
Wonld thc R. M. R. Band come out
once more to help along a noble cause?
Yours respectfully,
(Sgd.)       FRANK A. TAMBLYN.
Nelson, June :;n.
Frank A.    Tamblyn,   Esq.,   Manager
Lacrcsse Team:
Sir,���Whenever the city haa a few
dollais to spend on band music, it
generally goes to other bands, not
to ours. However, to hflp along such
a good work we will donate our sei-
vices.as we have done in the past, and
do what we can to help you at your
lacrosse match on Saturday for the
benefit of the hospital.
(Sgd.) R. M. R. HAND,
J. II, Pollard,  Secretary.
Nelson, June 38.
M. M. Austin, a civil war veteran,
of Winchester, Ind., writes: "My
wife was sick a long time in spite of
goid doctors' treatment, but was
wholly cured by Dr. King's New Life
Pills, which worked wonders for her
health." They always do. Try
them. Only 25c at Canada Drug &
Hook Co. /
General laborers, gardeners, rock
men, etc., will be furnished free of
charge to all persons requiring help
of this ��ind by applying to the Secretary, Nelson Laboiers' Protective Un-
ion, Hox 237, Nelson. H. C.
& CO.        \
Cigars,,. *
I Phone 117
Hut her beauty was completely hidden by sores.blo'tcber, and pimples till
she used llucklen's Arnica Salve.
Then they vanished as will all Eruptions, Fever Sores, Roils, Ulecrs.Car-
huncles and Felons from its use. Infallible for Cuts, Corns, Hums, Scalds
and Piles. Cure guaranteed. 25c at
Canada Drug & Hook Co.
If youldon't like Blue Ribbou Tea it's
beoauae you never tasted it.
Tho most uiiserabl beings in the
world are those sniTe ng from Dyspepsia and Liver mplaint. More
than seventy-five per cnt. of thc people in the United States are alllicted
with these two diseases and their
effects; such as Sour Stomach Sick
Headache Habitual Costiveness palpi-
taton of the Ilealt, Heartburn Water-
brash, Gnawing and limning pains at
the Pit of the Stomach, Yellow Skin,
Coated Tongue and Disagreeable
j.aste iu the Month, coming up of
Food after Eating, Low Spirits, etc.
Go to your Druggist and get a bottle
of August Flower for 75 cents. Two
closes will relieve you. Try it. Get
Greens'Priz.e Almanac. For sale by W.
F. Teetzel & Co.Get Greens' Piize Almanac. 	
Our Fresh Roasted Coffee Best of
Quality, as follows :
Java and Arabian Mocha, per pound 1  40
Java and Mooha Blond, 3 pounds  1 00
Fine Santos, 4 pounds  1 00
Santos Blond, 5 pounds  1 00
Our SpeolalBlond, (i pounds  1 OO
Our Rio Roast, .pounds  1 OO
A TBtAL OKIIf.ll _0_ICI-F.l>.
H. & M. BIRD
Pine China, Crockery, Glassware, House FunilshliiRS and
B.r Supplies.
A large ami well ic.ected stock to choose from.
We carry the largest lino of V/hlte Ware suitable for hotol use
this aide of   Vancouver,
Prices right.
linker Htrrnl
Telephone 201
Spokane Falls A
Northern R'v.
Nelson & Fort
Sheppard R'v.
Red Mountain R'v.
Cincinnati, 0., and Return
July ist, 2d and 3d.
Detroit, Mich,, and Return
July 2d and 3d.
San Francisco and Return
July 13th, 14th and 15th.
Buffalo and Return
July 2d, 16th, and every first
and third Tuesday, August,
September and October.
Buffet service  on  I rains between
Spokane and Northport.
Leave          DAY TRAIN Arriv*
!) :00 n.m Spokane 7:88 p.m
12:50 p.m RoBsliind 4:10 p.n?
0:16 a.m Nelson 7:15 p.n..
H. A. JACKSON, O. P. & T.A.
Spokane  Wasi
Aeent, Nelson. B.O,
8800     Four roomed house on Victoria
street, close to Cedai street.
8285    Two   lots   on   Robson   street,
close to Hendryx.
8000     House    and    lot   on   Victoria
street; house 22x14.
92,300 New   li roomed   house   on Victoria street, close to city otlices;
cash 81.000, terms for balance.
81B Five-roomed cottage on Ward st.
$30 Furnished liouse on Victoria street
828 Furnished   liouse   on    Carbonate
820 House   on   Mill   street,   all   improvements.
$20 liouse on Kobson street,   close   to
Stanley; all improvements.
Porto Rico Lumber
Co,, Limited.
Rough and
Dressed  Lumber,
Shingles, Mouldings.
A-l White Pine Lumber Always In
We carry a complete slock of Coast Flooring
Coiling, InHido Finish, Turned Work. Sash ana
Doora. Special ordor work will roceivo prompt
attention'  Mall orders solicited.
0AB8;-MEAL3 a la 0ARTE.
Close connection East and Westbound at Spokane with trains of tlie
Spokane Falls and Northern Railway,
aud at Bonner's Ferry witn Kootenay
Railway k Navigation Oo.
Direct connection at St. Paul without Change of depot with all trains for
Chicago, Toronto. Montreal, New York
and all points West and South.
Leaves Spokane daily for East at 9:1b a.m
Leaves Spokane daily lor West at 7:15 a.m
Leaves Spokane daily tor WeBt at 800 y>m.
West-bound trains make direct connection for Victoria and Vancouver,
Portland, San Francisco, and all points
on the Sound.
During the season nf navigation East
bound trains connect at Duhith with
the magnificent steamships North West
and North-Land of UicNoi .hern Steamship Company Line, operated in connection with the Great Northern Rail-
For further information, maps, folders, etc., apply to any agent of Spokane
Falls & Northern Ry., Kaslo A Slocan
Ry., Knotei ai Railway & Navigation
Co,, or to
H. A. JACKSON. Com'1 Agent.
Spokane, Wash.
G. K. TAOKABURY, Local Agent,
Nelson, n O
trom Kootenay Common
BUFFALO. $76.00.
June 18, July 2, 16, Aug. 6, 20
Eporti Lean Mil
July 13, 14, 15.
is to Emtaor coin
July 2, 3.
mil EiocalMl As.
DETROIT. $71.25.
July 2, 3.
For   Time Tables,    Rates,  Ticket*,
apply H. L. Bkown,  ���
City Passenger Ageut.
.1. S. Carter, E. J. Coyle.
DiB. Pass. Agt. A. O. P. A.
Nelson. Vancouver
Kootenay Railway and NaT.
Company, Ltd.
Daily        STKAM KR ALHKRTA Dally
Ml. a.m. Lv Nelson Ar. 10:00p.m.
0:55 a.m. Ar, Kaslo Lv. 5:~) p. in.
Bulletin No. !l~ Until further notice tlio
steamer Alborla will lonvo Kaslo City Wharf,
fool, of Third Street for Lardo on Mondays,
Wednesdays and Fridays, at 10,31) a. ni.
10:10 a. ni. Lv. Knslo Ar. 4:50 p.m.
12:38p.m. Ar. Hnndon Lv.2:88p.m.
And all points Knsl and Wost via 8tr. Alberta,
Ptr, Kaslo. B. &N. and K. V. Rys.
and O, N. Ry.
5:00 a. m. Lv. Nolson Ar 10:00 p. m.
2:00 p. m. Lv.    Bonner's Ferry    Ar  1:15 p.m.
0:10 p. in, Ar Spokane Lv 8:00 a. m.
ConnocUne at. Bonner's Ferry with Great
Northern "Flyer? east-bound nnd at Spokano
wilh Groat. Northern for Pacific Coast points,
leaving Spokano at S:00 p.m.
Daily tl'Olghl service between Sandon and
Nelson. ...
Steamer Alborta loaves Knslo for Ijirdo and
Argenta, Mondays, Wednesdays aud Fridays
To ascertain rates and fall Information address I
"unii.or, Kaalo.B, C
G. K TAOKAnunY Local Agent.
AdverLlHomontH ItiHortod under thi- hood ut
thu rato of one cont a word tior iii-iorUon. No
advort.Ronmnl taken for leM than 80 r.onl*
Situation Wan; od   uTorUfomunti  Uuertod
Hire,'  tilllCH frOO Of rhiLi'Ke.
tfOB   HAU_.���liood   K'comlliand    bi-
Oyole, SKi, or will trade for (food guitar.   MHllceM Mioer offlje,
Are yon in want'.' If you are, tell
tlie people, through The Miner want
column, what   you are   Im   wa��t   of.
Vou'll t'et ii
KOOM To BENT in K. W. 0, Block,
od July lat, eorner room faqlJlg
Baiter ami War- atreet. Two roomi
en anile on Waril Ht., ami two iiish'e
riioiiib. Kun la ied ur unfurnished,
Mrs. V. .1. Squire.
li. .HANK HKKU'S UKSllllCNl'K- I'Olt
SAIjK.���ti. 1' runic Ueer oilers for
sale liis resilience, eorner of Hull anil
Carbonate streetH. Recently completed, supplied with   every   convenience,
ample grounds and desirable location.
This offers an excellent opportunity
for any one desiring a comfortable
home. For further particulars apply
at the office of Beer llros.
11.   Frank   Ueer   offers   for   rent   bis
fur. ihihed house,    including   piano,
situated corner of Hall and Car Donate
streets.    Apply at Deer litos.   ollice.
TO UKNl".���Rooms and office in  Clement,   Hillyer hlocli.   Apply to  the
Nelson Electric Tramway otlices.
KOOM and board in   private , family.
Apply ou Silica  street, second   door
west of Ward.
KOOM for   rent at   Mrs.   Melleath's,
Silica street.
FOR .ALE.���Tug Hoat 'Red Stur."
and Barge���At reasonable BgureB to
cash purchaser or time witli good
security. Apply to Ontario Powder
Works, Nelson,  II. C.
I10UMK to   Kent.���Furnished  or unfurnished, apply T, Miner ollice.
WANTED.���For a museum collection
for Lever llros, Port Sunlight,E.g.,
ancient buckets, troughs, washing
boards, ur Ironing utensils obtained
from Indians or imported from foreign
countries. Liberal value paid.
Write us with explanations. Watchorn & Mclntyre, I_, W, C, bloek, P.
O. Hox "(17.
WANTED.��� Trustworthy men and
women to travel and advertise for
old established liouse of solid financial
standing. Salary $780 a year and expenses, all payable in cash. Mo canvassing required. (live, reference and
enclose self-addressed stamped envelope. Address Manager, ;i(if> Caxton
NELSON Employment Agency,  linker
street.    Phone 278.   .1. II. Love.
WANTED���Teamsters.        Waitresses
Oirls for housework.    Nurse Girl.
Situations wanted by Cooks, Laborers. Klacksmiih, Carpenters, etc.
POSITION   WANTED���Ily   n   woman
as housekeeper.
WANTED ��� Woman   for   housework.
out of town; girl to care for
children; laborers and teamsters.
Western Canadian Employment Ollice.
Ward street.    Phone :.'7U.
LOST. ���A blank   silk   umbrella,
mounted, .1. M. W.   on   bandli
10. Annable.
;.    3.
ALU KINDS   of   goods bought    sold
or  exchanged   al    Prosser's   Secnd
Hand Store,  Ward street,   Phone   870,
IT WILL PAY yon to read  our ad. in
another column. Our blend of tea nt
Thirty cents   per pound will suit you
Kootenay Coffee Co.
luom date until October I the dental
offices of Nelson will be closed at I
o'clock, p. n., on all Saturdays, remaining closed during the balance uf
ibe day.
W. .1. qi'INLAN,   D. II. S.
!���'. E.   MORRISON,   IJ. P. S.
T   II. STODDAKT.  I).   1). ,s.
TIO.N   CO.,  LTD.
Mr. J, II, (Lay having resigned
his position as Laud Commissioner of this Company, all comaiuai-
cations iu reference to Kaslu A Slocan
Railway Company's   lands   sliuuld   ho
addressed to Hour. IRVING,
Kaslo. 11, C, May lllst., 1IKI1.
Milieu Examined ami Reported On.
Mining Engineer.
Hn.iii I, K.-W.-C. Illock,
Nki.hon, B. C.
rpHOHPK Sc CO. Limited-Comer Vnrnoii
X mnl (.'win. dlroutH, NeliOti���Manutuctur
urn of and w holenalo dualcrti in aoraU.d waLurn
and fiua ���-> ruiiH. Sol.: aijonlH for Malcyon Ho
tipriiiKH mineral water,   'ielunlionu W).
_1_\ N, ML Cuiiiiniiiri, .-ewhoo��� Kvory known
viirioly uf r.ufL drinkn, 1' O llox 88. Tuliipliono
No. 'M. Hoover SU-col, NeUotU Uollluruuf Hie
fainouH hi. boon HoL fcipriiiKH Mineral Walor
C1ANK & MACDONALD (li. Cane, Jumu
J A. Macdonald)���Architects and tiupurin
lendonu, HroKeu Hill Hloek, oornor Uukoi and
Ward -JirooiH, XvolHon
HJ. BVANS Sc CO.-Baker Btroot, Nol
��� son���W lioltHnlo dualent In liquoro, ci-
Kant, eeinont, tiro brlok and lire clay, Wator
pipe and Hleol mil:., aod Kunoral coimnihMion
1> Wliolesulo and retail dealerH In graiu,
Iwiy, llonr, feud. MillH at Victoria, Now \V out-
iniiiHier; Kdmonton, Alio. Klovalor* oti Calvary nnil lulinonion Hallway. Manufacturorp
uf tlio celebrated ii. Sc K. brand corualK.
A MACDONALD Sc Co.-Cornor k'ron
��� and Hall BtroetB��� Wholenalo Krocer
and jobliui-H in blankets, gloveH, milU, boots
i nbbei-h, iniK'l. innwh and uilnerH' Huudriort.
1>   BURNS Sc tlo.-Iiaker Street, Nolson-
.  ���   \\ ittilf-aiii doalcrn in fretd. and cured
moftte.  Cold Storage.	
liakcr Street, Nelwon��� Whulewlo doa
ons in frenh and cured nieaU.
Porto Rico Lumber Co.,
HeadO    fi���Ha-"i1-,rr anil Vei Pin .t. Nolson
Mr. Macliin, general agent Bennett
Fuse Co., headquarters at Victoria,
U. C., begs to say that in consequence
of attempts to impose spurious and
cheap imitations of their white coun
tered, patent safety Fuse, Crown
Brand, he feels it necessary to ask
consumers to be sure that they get
the genuine Bennett's Fuse. The sole
agents in Nelson is the Lawrence
Hardware Co.
Large semi-detached house
owned" by F. P. Gutilius is
offered for sale at less than
Has all conveniences and
rents for $50 per month.
Canada Permanent and Western Canada Mortgage
head office toronto,   ont.
Mouey to loan on Straight Mortgage.
Apply to G. h. UCNN(~X. B��kn St.
FARES-Oasli, 10 cents.
Tickets, 10 for SO emits.
SERVICE���Every 20 minutes, leaving
park and up-towu terminus at 7
a. in. to 10. In p.m. Early car leaves
H. 15. Stores (1:15 a. in.
TRAINK-Oara meet 10.8B a.m. and
6,45 p in., and outgoing only on
request ���
SPEOIAIr-Ttae publio are requested
to stop cars only ou the far side of
cross streets; not to ride on, inter
orleavoby front platform; also to
motion by hand if tbey intend to
board the car, and to notify conductor a short distance before they
wish to leave.
COMPLAINTS-Will receive prompt
attention at the Company's oflice
Vernon Stieet, Oity.
A large number of good residential
building sites adjacent to the lines of
their tramway, cliicily in the southern portion of the city to be sold on
easy teims.
Apply   Tramway      Office,    Vernon
Managing Secretary.
���lAl'AN TEAS���"Spider Leg," "Pan-
flrod,' "Sun Cured,"��� have a place in
our stock. The new "Ceylon Green"
is line tlavored and economical. Kootenay Coffee Co.
I'ltKi: MIIIIiik t.iilil rn.|>irlliH ��i- arc
anxl.uH lo ��eenr< a rex tree nilllliiu: italil
|ir��|irrllrs ill olK'e. The Hm��|n'��liir's Kx
rhiiuac NellOD, B. ��', Hm.ui I. It.-W.-C.
WE IIAVI.   in stock choice teas from
India, Ceylon, China, and Japan.  We
blend them to your taste.    All   prices
and qualities.    Kootenay  Coffee Co.
I'lANO.--Miss   Tjers   is prepared   to
give piano   lessons at her   residence
on Silba   street   four   doors west  of
llendryx.    Terms moderate.
l.OlllMMIIt i 'Ill Mill   Nlun   anil
.rnaprrlH waiilrll. Soul report ami sain
pie-. I�� tlie rrottiMTlor'H i:\cliuii;. ���. NCUou.
B.C.   Kimi III 4 R. ~ . ('. Il'uek.
atrcel, Molson ��� Wholewlfi deulaiH ie
lianlwar., minors' .siiiiplict., HporliiiK koimIh
M'LACHLAN lilto~. (Buooossora lo Vuu
couvcr Hiirdwani CO, Ltd.) linker -ireut,
NcIhoii ���\v'holesale dmtlem ill linruwaro Hint
miningsupplios, .lumber.' mat tiiiKiuilliM' hup
pilCH,     ^ ____
\TK_80N   HARDWARE CO.���Wholesale
-~\    puinU, oil., anil kI'<hk; luuchanioH' UioIm.
Agents I'm Ontario t'uwiler WurkH; lfnamiui
rilUUNKR, BKETON A Co.-Corner Vernon
X ami .hi liiliiiu: -trcutH, Nt:!MMi Wlulii
���ali' (lculum tn Uqnors, olgora, and dry goodB,
A_enta for l'absl IlruwiiiK Oo, of Mllwuukeo
.mil l 'als^iry I'.l'I'WillK Co Of I'alsary.	
UH80NH HAY Co.-Wholonalo groceriei
anil liiiuorn i'W:., IJuki'i' Htruul, N.-lf-on.
CUUKOKNIA WINK .;0.,liiiniU>d-(:orncr
/   Pront and HftU SlrttuU, NulHon-Wholo-
sulo ih .ill'.*    n   which (cusu and  Imlk), uud
dotuuHt.ic and imporlud cinurs.
Dominion and
land Surveyor.
��� Notice is hereby given thnt I have
made application to the Chief Com-
missioncr of Land- and Works al Victoiia,    II. Ci for a  special li se   to
cut and carry away Umber on anil
from the following dewrilied Crown
Lands in tlie Ooal River section of
West Kootcnny district,  II. C, :
Commencing at a post placed on the
South baiilf of Meadow Ctcelf and
marked "Soutli Kast Corner," said
Meadow Crech being a tributary of
Goat River and above point >B siluiit-
ed about four miles east of tlie station lmown as Kitchenei on the
Ciow's   Nest   branch   of     Hie   B.    ���'.
s. Rail Way, Commencing at snid
southeast corner and running west
160 chains. North 4(1 chains, Kast Kill
chains and soutli W chains to plnce
of beginning, containing about 840
Dated at Moyie, 11.(' . .lune 10,  1901,
Oltlcu corner Hall ami Front HtrucU,
Nrl-on Luiiilii-r, coilinK. llooriliK. anil overy-
Oiinx in wood for bailiiuiK lnirponoH. Uut our
prions. Correspondence Hollciuid.
rp   GALLON fe CO.- Dealer, in ore simI-h
1 ���   ami twines.   Always a lurue stisik on
Imnil. Telephoned. Room U, K.-W.-C. Block
Brewers of Fine I.ager
Beer and Poi ter,
Ni'lln. . B. O.
F. O. GUEBN        V. S. CLEMENT-
Civil Engineers and Provincial Land
P. O. Bio Wf Velmn   B.l'
A. R. BARROW, a. h. i. o.b
Provincial Land Surveyor
Oorner Viotoria and Kootenay Sts.
P. O. Box b Talephone No.
By the week from $5 to .6.
By the day 81.00.
J. V. O'LiUGHUN, Prop.
* ��� N.iaoN  Daj.v MlNRKi BMWViAV, JPJW ag,  1901
Can  he  used   In
overy    ooueelva
bio    shape    for
decorating    and
entwining   upon
the    inside   and
outside   of   win-
buildings, clubs,   Hunt.'-,  boats,
made   in  all national, society,
club  colors���attractive and brill-
It   in  5U  per   cent   less in cost
nuv   other   kind  of  decorating
material.    Besides   the   festoons  wc
have wreaths, stars, shields, Maltese
crosses, and parade ami horse plumes.
See them.
Pianos to Kent.
It   is
��� ���v*-WWWVVWVWVVW%.WV*��
The Nelson (Jim club will have its
regular shoot this evening at 0.80
The decorations committee will give
a prise of JIB for the best decorated
grooery window.
Indians have boen coining to the
city in small numbers during the last
day or two to stay over foi the cele-"
The old shipyards are proving a
good camping place foi itinerary tourists,there being a party of them there
every night.
There will he a Swedish gospel
meeting in Miners' Union hall tcmoi-
row at 10.Hi) a. m. and 8 p. m. All
Scandinavians are invited.
A number of ladies who are interested in the children spent yesterday
in fixing up the children's float for
the trades' procession. It will be a
decidedly handsome production.
The merchants of the city nre taking such a great interest in tbe contest for the best decorated window
tbat the committee has decided to
supplement tbe prize list and will
offer a handsome prize to the grocery
store that bas the best decorated window.
There was only one case before the
police court yesterday which was
that of a solitary drunk, win waB lined the usual fee of *s aud costs. During the last few days the boys have
been on their good behavior and are
probably saving up for a grand celebration on on the first.
The Nelson hotel is being renovated externally at the hand of the
knight of tho paint brush. The interior has been completed and is
paimolled above the wainseotting
wiith mirrors and cedar panel work.
When completed it will be more up
to date and attraeti ;e than ever.
The carpenters were busy at work
yesterday making changes at the
Hume hotel made necessary by the
alteration of the sidewalk in front of
the hotel. The windows have been
barred and protected from the feet of
the passers by, aud othei changes
made in the Ward street entrance.
There were apparently several promotions and dismissals yesterday in
the gang of amateur sectionmcii who
are repairing the switch at the west
end of the C. P, It. yards. As at
present constituted it consists of
Trainmaster Hamilton, Headmaster
Lewis, and a mechanic from the
shops' Whether the ones who are
missing have joined the strikers in
asking for more pay, or were sent
back to tho otlices to handle pen and
ruler instead of crowbar and "mallet" is not known. Their tools wero
abandoned in a very unworkmanlike
manner, and lie beside the track
mutely pleading for their late handlers to come back and wipe the rust
 'M  BI
Woman's Fight With a Demon.
It is remarkable, tbe curious and
different ways coffee will affect the
human body. A little lady in Ileiki-
mer, N. Y., hud an experience that
may happen to others, but it is not
She says, "I am impressed with the
desire, not only to thank you personally for relief, but realize that others
may have tbe same distressing symptoms without thinking of tlie cause.
When I would drop asleep I would
seem to receive a perfect electric
Bliock from feet to head through every
nerve of my body. It was dreadful.
I would finally become so feverish
and exhausted with this horror repeated over aud over each time I fell
asleep, that I was obliged to force
myself to stay awake, actually not
daring to think of rest.
After one such horrible night,
which I shall never forget, I arose
completely worn out with ray night's
battle, but with a firm res dve to set
aside my morning cup of coffee, as
I hegan to believe that was the cause
of my trouble,
I had some Postum Food Coffee
made according to directions, I took
another cup at teatime. At night, to
my groat surprise,] fell quietly usleep
and rested well all night. It seems incredible after only one day's use, but
it is positively a   truthful  statement.
1 have persisted in tlie use of Postum until now my nervous system is
in perfect condition.
Husband showed some signs of coffee
poisoning, sum as stomach trouble
and other symptoms, so he left off the
coffee and drinks Postum with me.
This has improved his health, nnd
he says he likes Postum better than be
did the old fashioned coffee.
We might bave been saved our tron
ble if we had known the truth about
coffee, but wo were ignorant as are
thousands of others, and had to learn
by experience.
Please do not use inv name in. pub
He." Name can be given, upou nppli
cation, by the Postum Cereal Co
Ltd., Battle Creek.Mich,
It, J, Steele, real estate agent, pu'
through a deal yesterday of a 100 acre
ranch in the neighbohoo.l of Nelson at
a good figure.
Contractor Hepburn has a gang of
men at work fitting up the 0. P. R.
barge No. 17 for tlie Dominion Day
celebrations. A new floor is being
laid for the dance in the evening and
scats erected ^around the barge for the
convenience of th. Indies. When the
carpenter work is eoinp'eted tbo binge
will be tastefully decorated aud other
accommodation for the convenience
of tbe judges and committee who will
occupy the barge on tbe day of the
water carnival.
What might have been a serious accident occurred to a young lady of
this city last evening. .She was out
horseback riding in coinpany with
Mr. Hrown, of llycrs A. Co., nnd
whim opposite the Urand Central
hotel siie fell from tho horse she was
ridiug. Her gentleman friend at once
dismounted and assisted the lady to
her feet. It was soon ascertained
ihat'tbe fright wus the only damage
done und the lady was able to resume
her si at in the saddle iu continuation
of her journey.
The following are the mining records of yesterday : Locations���Tiger
Fractional, ou west side of north fork
of Salmon river, in district of West
Kootenay, located by Joseph llcrnnid
and Herbert Porter; Eureka, on the
south slope of Iron Mountain and
adjacent to the Josie. about nine
miles from Salmo located by Kobert
11. Bell. Certificates of wurk��� Black
Star, to Susie Ford; Suters, to P..
MeCormick; Heno Fractional, to
James Coxhead ; Zulu King, to Wil-J
Ham Allen and Dollio Virden.
Bradley Pros., painters and decorators nre preparing a number of banners and emblems for the Dominion
Day decorations. Among the number
ar~ two thirty foot streamers for
the city, one bearing the words, "The
Maple Leaf Forever.' The other
streamers will contaiu the words,
"(jod Save the King." ln addition
to the above the Trades A Labor
Council are having a banner painted
in the form of a triangle, with nine
foot sides. The Miner's Union, the
Hrieklayers' Union, and the Typographical Union are each having banners prepared representing their individual crafts.
The most wonderful lacrosee match
that has ever taken place in Nelson
will be plavcd this afternoon at 4
o'clock when Tamblyn's Tameless
and Terrible Tigers will meet McFarland's Merry but Merciless Muffers.
The teams will be as follows: Dr.
Quinlau.goal; Dr. Arthur, Geo. Johnstone, W, McLean, F. Irvine, D. Me-
Farland, Geo. Kydd, F. A. Tamblyn,
J. A. Turner, 0. A. Hunter, J. fl.
Wallace, J. E. Annable, A. (I. Gamble, Jas, McDoriald, W. A. Macdon
aid, W. Lawr, R. J. Hamilton, Judge
Ii'oriu, John Toye, Frank Fletcher,
J. A. Gibson, W, W. Beer, Geo. Bell,
H. H. Playford, E. W. Fisbburn.
Sparemen, Melville Parry, Captain
Gore, It. Thompson, W. liyde Haker.
Umpires, T. G. Procter, J. S. Lawrence.   Timekeeper, Jacob Dover.
It was reported yesterday that the
bridgemen from Fort William to
Moosejaw bad gone out, and chat two
train crews and conductors stopped ut
Winnipeg, refusing to take ; trains
over the track between Brandon and
Winnipeg in its present condition.
On tbe Okanagan branch the bridge-
men have also gone out and trains
now travel very slowly between Sic-
aroous and Okanagon, making sonie-
of the track ahead before running on
it. The strain becomes more acute
every day,and the men say that it will
be impossible for the company to run
trains over some sections of the iine
any longer as the continued wet
weather, no repairing done to many
plaees where a little work _at first
would have made all secure, has left
many soft places everywhere.
-    B33S "><
The Canadian Bank of Commerce
With Whicli Is Amalgamated
The Bank of British Columbia.
Paid-up  Capital,   18,000,0001   Keserve   Fund,   12,000,000;
Aggregate  Resources Over 8(15,000,000.
HON. GEO. A. COX, President.      B. H. WALKEK, General Manager.
London Oflice: 60 Lombard Street, E. C.
New Vork Oillce; 16 Exchange Place.
And 08 brunches ln Canada and tho Uniluil Slates, including:
Atmn Gkkknwood Nklson Sandon
Ciuniiiiook        Kamlooi. Nkw Wkstminstkr   Vancouvkb
Kkknik Nanaimo Kossland    ��� Victiihia
\ukon DISTRICT���Dawson and Wbitk Horse.
UNITKD STATES���NEW Youk, San Khancihco, Seattle, Poutland, Skaoway,
Savings Bank Department.
Deposits Itoccivod ind Interest Allowed.  Present Rato 8 Per Cent
Nelson Branch.
GRANGE V. HOLT, Manager.
in m
We sell watches that are
reliable and that wc can guarantee. Learn our prices before purchasing elsewhere.
Watch repairing our specialty. This department is
second to none in the country. All work guaranteed
satisfactory or money refunded. Get a price on the work
before leaving it.
Extra! Extra!
|Norris# Rowe's
Bio Trained Animal snows
The Oldest, Largest, Richest aDd Best Institution of its
Kind in the World, Will Exhibit in Nelson   -
Monday, July 1st
Performances at 2 and 7 p. rn. ]
Watchmakeis and Manufacturing-Jewelers.
1901 1901
The Store With
Right Prices
New Goods Arriving Every Day
When our new stock is complete we will have by far the FINEST DISPLAY OF FIRST-CLASS FURNITURE and HOUSE FURNISHINGS
ever shown to the public of Nelson.
Call and see our Rattan Chairs, Baby Carriages, Go  Carts,   Morris
Chairs, Verandah Chairs, etc.
1.-3-   ���
Trained   Elephants,   Trained   Monkeys,   Trained   Zebras,
Trained Ponies, Trained Seals.  Trained Goats,
Trained Elks, Trained Zebus.
20 fOllllll CMS 20
Don't Miss the Big Free Street Parade Monday Morning-!
More New and Special Features '1 han Any Other
Show in  the World !
William Hanarnan, Owen Holmes,
Alice 'nine, Creston, and M. Croteau,
Montreal, are guests at the Clarke
Mr. J. 0. Egan, of the Kossland
.Miner, after spending * couple of
days in tlie oity, left last evening for
East Kootenay.
F. W. Laing of the gold commissioner's office, who has been employed
during the last few days at the Kaslo
office has returned to the city and is
again at his dusk in the local government office.
Mrs. H. Bellamy will give an at
home at her residence on West Bakei
stieet on Tuesday afternoon and a
hearty invitation is extended to her
friends to aviil themselves of the opportunity of witnessing the procession
at that point of vantage.
Yesterday's arrivals at the Phair
hotel are: R. A. C. McNally, J. O.
Abbott, Kossland; Win. F. Newel],
San Francisco; W. II. Aldiidge,
Trail; W. Anderson, St. Charles; D. I
L, Sterling, St. Charles; P. J. Finui-1
cane, Greenwood; A. A. Smith ana
wife, Portland.
The arrivals at the Queens hotel
yesterday were: Mrs, R. F. Chapman, Cranbrook; A. D. Westley,
Minneapolis; A. G. .1. Punder, South
Africa; Kobert Like, Portland; S. F.
Strobeck, Spokane; A. II. Prest, San
Francisco: V. E. Shook, New Denver;
Wm.  Harris, Slocan.
Mr, Ernest Mansfield and Count
Frederic de Iiaillieneourt have returned from a visit to Camp Mansfield
and will remain in Nelson to attend
the celebration next week. Mr.
Mansfield has engaged tho C. P. H.
houseboat which be will decorate for
the regatta and carnival.
The following registered at the
Hume bote) yesterday: Samuel Vild,
Hamilton; (leo. A. Kelson, Lindsny,
Ont;; W, J, Davidson. Lardo; W. N.
Brayton, Kaslo; H. A. Sinnll, Vancouver;.!. W. Fabey, Toronto;,!. H.
Glass, London; A. H. Glass, London;
C. K. Gregg and wife, Kossland; R.
T. Lowery, New Denver; II. Wilson,
Vancouver; John Love. Winnipeg;
A. L. MiEwen, Kaslo; T. 0. Rutley,
A. .1. Brook, W. Robblns, and Thos.
I VVillmair, Cranbrook.
A Call to Arms
Canada responded nobly to
the Motherland and is always
willing to give the aid in building op her industries which
they justly deserve���"Loyal
and Royal" go hand in hand, thus it is we offer;
In future this label will be attached to all garments and
will be found in the left hand pocket of the coat.
Remember we are founders in the Dominion of Tailor-
made garments ready-to-wear.
Accept no other as the genuine. "Imitation is the
sincerest flattery" of which we are justly proud.
Our registered Brands are
the "Royal," the "Fit-Reform."
J. 0. GWILLIM, fi.,  Sc,
Late of Geological  Survey of Canada.    Six years experience in B. C.
mining districts.
Baker Street Nelson, B. C.
and try a bottle, a
choapent    "
dozen,  or a barrel, of
._���  as it is the bout and
on    the   market.    Also  try our
ES,    LIQUORS     and    CIGARS.
Tolophon   OB.
iB_M_. c-^swK IF\\ '���     it _P__f
There is a great ad
^fi_Mvr"^<^\ lw/1 If??' LUW^
vantage   iu   painting if
you   have   good   paint.
���^^���^TTJ] :
The paint  we sell goes
���dm V^sitV
on easier and more rapidly.    Saves the time of
the painter   aud   looks
well   with    lens   paint.
The real cost Isn't any
I       ."'',/___��                  !iB__'"-0y
greater, so the advantage
is plain.
___r  x^r/ /rrsA    i~i"1Bi-^
Ask for Ramsay's
A   ��^P^A
Unicorn Brand.
I  w
"Zhe TRo^al Bank of Canaba
Incorporated 1869.
(iii.itul  Authorized,    .    ,    $:i,ooo,ooo.oo | Capital Paid-up,     ,   .    .     $2,000,000.00
*������* ��l,700,0OO..0
Hoard of Directors     .homaa E. Kenny.  President;   Thomas Kitchle, Vice-President
Wiley Smith   H.Q.BauId, Hon. David MacKeon. mranimn,
Head Office, Halifax s
Oeneral Manager, Kdsou L. Pease, Montreal.
Superintendent of Branches, and Secretary, W. B. Torrance, Halifax,
Bran    en I
ova   K.oilii -Halifax   Branch,   Antlgoni-
Iiiid~c\v;tUT, Lin&boro. Londonderry, Lu
enhiirg. Mnllland (Hants Co.), Pictou, Port
Hawkosbui j, Sydney, tfhubonacadie.Truro,
New     llriin.H ~ loll ��� Bathurst,      Dorchester,
Krodoricton, Kingston (Kont Co,), Mono-
ton, New uasUo, Sackvllle, St, John,Woodstock*
P. _. iHliiml���Charlottetown, Suuiuicrside.
��� ejww���Montreal, (City OHlce), Montroal
Wost End (Cor. Not.ro Dame and Seigneurs Streote); West.mount (Cor. Greene
Avcnuo and St. Catharinos  Street,
Newfoundland���St. John's.
. uliit, West Indies���Havana.
Pmted si����c8-Now York (IC Exchange Place
Kopublic, Wash.
Grand   Forks, Nanaimo,   Nelson,   Rosslard,   Vanwover.
Vancouver East End, Victoria.
Canada-Merchants Bank of Canada.   Iloslnii-National Shawmut Bank    11.1..-.,..   rm .~
Trust and Savings Hank.   Han .'raurlwi-.'irsl NationnI Bank    I _____    _._.* iT,lli,no1.
Scotland,   Paris, friinee-Crcdit Lyonnais.   B.~S_da-Ban1__f B_r_~S~_  S_f__%?Jf_0'
���mi-Honet Kong and Shanghai Ban_l���g ^rpoiffi.a%p^A_L^_a^^�� gM J��-
Oeneial Banking Business Transacted; Sterling Bills of Exchange  B-. light
���nd Sold, Letters of Credit, Etc., Negotiated. *"�����"'
Accounts received on the most favorable terms.   Interest allowed on special
deposite and on Saving Bank accounts.
Geo. Kydd, Manager, Nelson. B.C.
Baker Sti   Nelson, B.C
FREESMlTTml  Srtr n��PPer M."eS "'aDtct] at tlle EXCHANGE,
investors     MILUNU   b0LD  I'raP��'t'es  wanted at once for Eastern
Parties  having  mining   property for  sale are  requested to send
samples of their ore to the EXCHANGE for exhibition
el_4ein5^w5_.$i_? Pr��8PeCt0,S Wh�� hUVC pwm,'jD��f fflineral
CUA^^T^r^i^i^^JZ^  t0 makE the EX/
All samples should be sent by express   PREPAID
Correspondence solicited..  Address all communications to
,    Tele, hone No. 104.  P. O. Box 700. npT��~.  n ~    t
.' Tl ft'i.1- ���^ifrTTrw1fnfl**M


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