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Nelson Daily Miner Feb 20, 1902

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Daily Edition No.  1271
Nelson,   British Columbia, Thursday,   February 20, 1902
Eleventh Year
With Preference to That Coming  From the Colonies.
Goal Shortage Serious.���Hog
Cholera In Central
Toronto, Feb. 19.���The Evening
Telegram's London cable says it is
rumored that the Chancellor of the
Exchequer bas decided to tax foreign
grain, imports from tlie colonies being
The Welshmen have adopted Chamberlain's proposal and have started a
subscription for the purpose of removing the Welsh colony in Patagonia to
Canada. The sum of 87,500 has
already been subscribed.
Tlie soft coal famine here is now
acute with no relief in sight. Soma
factories are able to use hard coal and
so have thus avoided closing down.
Collingwood, Feb. 19.���Hog cholera
has broken out  south   of   here.     The
hogs are being slaughtered   whenever
infection is supposed to exist.
Board of Trade Objects to Further
Expenditure in South Africa.
Montrea1, Feb. 19.���The Chanibre de
Commerce, or French board of trade,
today passed a resolution calling upon
the government not to meet tbe demand of tho Toronto Imperial League
that Canada should meet tha full expenditure of sending all contingents
to South Africa.
James Carruthers, the well known
grain man, has joined the board of
directors of tho Sovereign Bank of
Charles Savage, alias Charlie Soott,
alias Will West, a nergo, waa arrested
here thia afternoon charged with the
theft of a trunk full of jewelry,valued
at $10,000, from Portland hotel, Port-
laud, Ore., last November. Savage
waa employed by the hotel as a bell
boy aud tho trunk was the propertj of
a oommeorial traveller named F.
Towusall, of New York. Savage was
suspected but left the oity before he
could bo arrested. He was traced from
city to eity until arrested here today.
Frankie Thomas with whom he has
boon living tor some time, was arrested also. Savage admitted his identity
but declared his innocence of the robbery.
sentenced   to   be   banged at Fort Saskatchewan ou March 20th.
Tbo   Kelly   house,    Brandon,     was
damaged to the extent of 85U0   by   fire I
Some Interesting Games in the Big
Curling Event.
Winnipeg, Feb. 19.���Several finals
in tbe Winnipeg curling bonspiel will
be reached tcmorrow. Dunbar, of St.
Paul, was beaten in the Orand Challenge competition this afternoon by
Rochon, of Foit William, 15 to 10.
This puts Rochon in the finals against
Flower, of Birtlo, or Braden, of Winnipeg. Dunbar won two good games
in tne Gait competition from Mc-
Conegby and Cameron. J. D Flavelle, of Lindsay, won thiee games
today. He defeated Sutherland, of
Selkirk, 10 to 8, in the Dolge event,
and Whaten, of Fort William, 15 to
8, in the Gait competition. In the
Veterans' competition, Flavelle
skipped the Portage la Prairie
veterans against Tamblyn, of Nelson,
B.C., aud Won 22 to 1. Ilartstone, of
Winnipeg,is in the finals of the Royal
Caledonian, waiting for McLean, Holland, and Baker of the Winnipeg
Oranites, and Sutherland, of Selkirk,
to play their games. The Walkerville
competition is between Sutherland, of
Selkirk, Patton, ot Winnipeg, Town,
of Wawanesa, and McKillop, of Portage la Prairie.
Convention      in     Victuria   Declares
Against the Vancouver Gathering.
Victoria, Feb. 19.���A convention of
Libearls at which 300 were present,
met here last night and among other
business passed a resolution refusing to
recognize tbe Vancouver convention i
Martin was repudiated as tlio Liberal
leader and a vote ol confidence iu
Senator Templeman was carried. Only
four supporlen Martin with reference
to the leadership and but ten endorsed
the convention.
Terms   on   Which   Referendum
Carry in Manitoba.
Winnipeg, Feb. 19.���Attorney General Campbell announced in the house
this aiternoon that the referendum
vote would be taken on March 27th
next and tho prohibition aot will
come into force on June 1st If any of
tho three following conditions are
fulfilled: 1. If 45 per cent, ol those on
tne list vote iu favor of tho aot; or (2)
if 00 per cent, on the voters' list vote,
and 00 por cent, thereof vote in
favor, (il) il the vote falls below 00
per cent, then a percentage between 00
per cent, and 04 2-3 per cont. will bo
taken. No reference Is made in the
bill to compensation for the liquor
men. The bill consists of 25 clauses
and two ichedules, but apart from the
provisions outlined above there is
little or nothing which affects the
issue. The majority of the clauses ure
merely formal ia thoir nature and
provide for machinery and so forth.
The Manitoba I.O.O.F. grand lodge
is In session.
The local government intends to
Riant |75,000 to the C.P.R. to extend
its branoh lines in the province.
Mrs. Angelina Chnrbonneuu, of this
city, is seeking in St. Paul, a divorce
from her husband. Thoy wero married
here on June 13th. 1898.
Complete returns from Lisgar have
been received. The totals aro:
Stewart 3,395, Richardson 2,332,
Toombs 1,643. Stowart's majority
over Richardson is 1,002. Toombs,
Conservative, lost his deposit.
Charles Buller was found" guilty
tonight of murdering Leone Stainton,
at Battle River, In April last and waB
Publishers Agreement With Typo-
graphical.TJnion Was Responsible.
New York, Feb. 19.���The secend
day's session of the 10th annual meeting of the Amerioan Nowpaper Pub-
liliers' association was held hero
today. The session was devoted to
the report of tbe special standing committee which deals with labor matters. The report was made by Frederick Driscoll, tbe commissioner wbo
represents the committee in dealing
with the International Tyi'ogiupbical
union and the International Printing
Pressmen's union. Since the loima-
tion uf the committee in April. 1900,
it was stated there had been no
strikes. The present agreement
between the association and the union
Will expire on May 1st and negotiations are now under way to make a
five-year agreement.
Several Holdings in Roscommon Sold
hy Sheriff.
Dublin, Feb. 19.���Twenty farms on
Lord Defresne's estate in Roscommon
county, were sold by the sheriff today,
the tenants having refused to pay
rent. A largo number of other "clearance sales" aro ponding as a result of
the "no rent campaign" now being
oarried on by the United Irish league.
Franco and Venezuela Come to Terms
on Trade Matturs,
Paris, Feb. 19.���The minister of
Foreign affairs, M. Dulcasso, and the
Venezuelan plenipotentiary, Seuor
Maubourgauet, signed an arrangement today forming a basis for tbe
resumption of diplomatic relations between France and Venezuela and a
commercial convention |,roviding for
mutual most favoied nation treatment.
The arrangement must bo ratified before May 1st.
Monto Carlo, Feb. 19.���No rogular
round was played today in the chesB
tournament but thc commlttoe ordered
adjournod and drawn games of previous rounds to be concluded and replayed respectively. When tho first
adjournment took place, Pillsbury and
Teichmann hud drawn as also had
Tsohigorin and Maroczy.
In the afternoon sitting the following additional resulta were recorded :
Eisonberg beat Meises, and Tarrasch
and Albin drew. The IIth round will
he played tomorrow.
Official Reports Uphold Repu
tatlon of Army In Philippines.
Investigation Showed Foun-
datlonless Complaints
of Cruelty.
Washington, Feb. 19.���Responding
to an inquiry from Senator Lodge, the
Secretary of War sent to him a large
number of papors bearing upon thc
charge tbat cruelty is practiced by the
American troops on the natives of the
Philippines. Senator Lodge presented
the documents iu the Senate. Among
the dooumeuts forwarded are the
records of 13 investigations into suoh
charges and the secretary says that
every report or charge ol this discrip-
tion which has at any time been
brought to the notice of the war de-
partment,hns been made the subject of
prompt investigation. He adds that in
substantially every case inquired into
the report has proved to be unfounded
or grossly exaggerated.
He also says the department is now
engaged in conducting an investigation into tho chaige made in the
senate last week that tbe "water
cure" is the lavonte torture of the
American soldiers and especially of
the Macabebee scouts to force the
natives to give information, and that
a soldier who was with Goneral Funs-
ton hud stated that he bad helped to
administer the "water cure" to 100
natives, ail but 20 of whom had died.
He enclosed a copy of a letter received
from General Funstou dated February
2nd, 1902, in which he declares the
statement to be an "atrocious lie
without the slightest foundation in
fact," and also a letter from Lieut
Batson, the commander of the Maca-
babee scouts, to the same effeot.
Presenting the other side of the
picture Seoretary Root says: The
war ou the part of the Filipinos bas
been oonducted with barbarous cruelty
common among uncivilized races and
with general disregard to tbe rules of
civilized warfare. They deliberately
adopted the policy of killing all
natives, however peaceful, who were
friendly to our government and in
thousunds of instances the poor creatures, wbo depended upon our soldiers
for protection, have been assassinated.
Tbe Filipino troops have frequently
fired upon our men from under protection of flags of truce, tortured them to
death when taken prisoners, buried
alive both Amercians and friendly
natives, and horribly mutilated the
bodies of the American dead. That
soldiers fighting against such an
enemy and with their own eyos witnessing suoh deods should occasionally
bo regardless of their order and retaliate by unjustifiable severity is not
incredible. Such things happen in
every war between two civilized
nations. That suob occurrences have
been sanctioned or permitted Is not
A constant and effective pressure of
prohibition, precept and discipline has
been maintained against them. That
tbere has heen any sucb practice is
not true. The cases have boen far and
few between, scattered infrequently
over a great area of country along the
course of threo years of active conflict
through thousands ot engagements and
among may thousands of troops. The
war in the Philippines has beon conducted by tho Amorioan army with
Bupulous regard for the rules of civilized warfare, with genuine considera
tion for thu prisoner and tbe non-
combatant, with self restraint and
with humanity never surpassed, if
over equalled in any conflict, worthy
only of praise und reflecting credit
upon tho American people.
Roosevelt's Caustic Review of
Famous Sampson-Schley
Thinks the Findings of Naval
Court of Inquiry Were
St. Petersburg, Fob. 19.���The local
university students, at a meeting held
today in spite of police orders to the
oontrary, rejected the government's
concessions respecting student organisations und meetings and proclaimed
that they would strike unless their
demands for completo autonomy aud
fieedom of speech aro granted. Disorders have already broken out at
Kieff. The assistant minister of education bas gone to tbat city.
Washington, Feb. 19.���President
Roosevelt's memorandum upon the
appeal of Admiral Schley was made
publio today. It says in part: "I
have received the appeal of Admiral
Sohley and the answer thereto from
the navy dopartmeut. I have examined both with tbe utmost care as well
as the preceding appeil to the secretary ofthe navy. I have read through
all the testimony taken before the
court and the statements of the
counsel for Admirals Sampson and
Schley. I have examined all the
official repor's of every kind in reference to tlio Santiago naval campaign,
copies of tbe log books and signal
books and tbe testimony before tbe
court of claims, and have also personally had before me tho four surviving
captains of the five ships aside from
those of the two admirals which were
actively engaged at Santiago.
it appears that tho court of inquiry
was unanimous in its findings of fact
and unanimous in its expressions of
opinion on most of its findings of
fact. No appeal is made to me from
iho verdict of the court on these
punts whore it was unanimuus. I
have, however,gone carefully over the
ovidence on these points also. I am
satisfied that on the whole, the court
did substantial justice. It should
have specifically condemned the failure to enforce an efficient night block-
ado at Santiago while Admiral Schloy
was in command. On the other hand,
1 feel that there ls reasonable doubt
whether he did not move his squadron
witn sufficient expodition from port to
port. The court is a unit in condemning Admiral Schley's action on the
point where it seems to me he most
gravely erred���his 'retrograde move
ment' when he abandoned the blockade and his disobedience of orders and
misstatement of facts in relation
thereto. lt should be remembered,
however, that the majority of these
actions which tbo court censures
occurred five weeks or more before the
fight itself and it certainly seems that
if Admiral Schley's actions were oen-
surablc he should not nave been left
as second in command, under Admiral
''Tho point raised in the appeal is
between Admiral Sampson and Admiral
Sohley as to which was in command
and as to which was entitled to the
oredit, if either of them was really
entitled to any unusual and pre-emi
uent credit by any special exhibition
of genius, skill aud courage. The
aourt oould have considered both of
these questions, but as a- matter of
fact,it unanimously excluded evidence
offered upon them, and through its
president announced Its refusal to
hear Admiral Sampson's sido at all,
and in view of such exclusion the
majority of the court aoted with en
tire propriety In not expressing any
opinion on these points. Thc mattor
has.however, boen raised by the president of the court. Moreover, it ia the
point upon which Admiral Schley, in
his appeal, lays most slross and which
he especially asks mo to consider. I
have therefore, carefully investigated
this matter also and have informed
myself upon it from the best sources
of information at my command."
Tho president then quotes statements given at various times by the
commanders of tho live ships (other
than the flagships of tho two admirals) which were actively engaged
in the fight. Summing up, he says:
"The question of command is in tbis
case nominal nnd teohnioal. Admiral
Sampson's ship, the New York, was
seen at the outsut of tho fight from all
other ships except tho Brooklyn. Four
of tbeM live captains havo testified
lhat they regarded him as present and
in oommand. He signalled, 'Close in'
to the licet as soon as tbe first Spanish
ship appeared, but his signal waB
uot seen bv any American vessel. He
was actually under fire from   tlie forts
pedo boats, in addition to signalling
the Indiana just at tbo close of the
action, but during the action not a
single order from him was received by
any of tho ships tbat were actively
"Admiral Sohley at the outset of
the action hoisted tho two signals of
'Clear ship' and 'Close in' which wus
simply carrying out the standing
orders of Admiral Sampson as to what
should be done if the enemy's shipb
attempted to break out of the harbor.
Until after the olose of the first portion of tho fight at the mouth of tho
harbor and until after ho had made
his loop and tbe Spanish ships were
fleeing to the westward, not another
Americau ship noticed a signal from
him. When tho western pursuit bad
begun, the Oregon only noticed tbat
ie repeated one of his signals of coin
mand. The captain of thc Oregon
then regarded him as in command, but
did not in any shape or way execute
any movement or any action of any
kind whatsoever in accordance with
any order from him.
"Io short, the question as to which
of the two men, Admiral Sampson or
Admiral Schley, was at the time in
command, is merely nominal in
charaoter. Technically Admiral Sampson commanded the fleet and Admiral
Schley,as usual, the western division ;
the actual fact, the important fact, is
that after the battle was commence!
not a helm was shifted, not a gun was
fired, not a pound of steam was put
on in the engine room aboard any
ship actively engaged in ooedience to
the order of either Sampson or Schley,
save on their owu two vessels.
"lt was a captain's fight. Therefore tbe credit to whioh each of the
two is entitled rests on matters apart
from the claim of nominal command
over the squadron, for so (ar as the
actual fight was concerned either one
or the other in fact exercised any command. Sampson was hardly more
than technically in the fight. His
real claim for credit rests upon his
work as uommandci in chief; upon the
excellence of the blockade; upon tho
preparedness of the squadron; upon
the arrangement of the ships head on
in a semi-circle around the baiborucd
tho standing ordeis in aocordaneo with
whioh they instantly moved to the
attaok of tbo Spaniards when the latter appeared. For all these things tho
credit is his.
"Admiral Schley is rightly entitled
���as is Captain Cook- to tbe ctedit of
what the Brooklyn did in tho fighting. On the whole she did well, but
I agree with tho unanimous finding of
the three admirals who composed the
court of inquiry as to tbo 'loop.' It
seriously marred the Brooklyn's otherwise excellent record, being in fact,
the one gravo mistake made by any
Amerioan ship that day.
"Under such circumstances, it
seems to me tbat the recommendations
of President McKinley were eminently
proper and, that so far as Admirals
Sampson and Schley wero concerned it
would have been unjust for him to
bave made otber recommendations.
Personally,I feel this in view of Capt
Clark's long voyage in the Oregon and
thc oondition in which bo brought her
to thi scene of service, us well as the
way in whicb he actually managud
her before and during the fight, it
would have heen well to havo given
bim the same advancmont that ��a>
given Wainwright. But waiving this,
it is evident that Wainwright was
entitled to receive moro than any of
the other commanders and that it wns
just to Admiral Sampson that he
should receive a greater advance in
numbers than Admiral Schloy���thoro
was nothing dono In the buttle that
warranted any unusual reward lor
eltber. In short, as regards Admirals
Sampson and Schley, I find that President McKinley did substantial justice
and thoro would be no warrant fur
rovcrslng his action,
"Both Admiral Sampson and Admiral Schley are now on thu retired
list. In concluding this report the
members of tho court of Inquiry, Admirals Dewey, Benhnm and Kamsny
unite in stating that they recommend
that no further action be taken lu the
matter. With this recommendation 1
most heartily concur. There is no
excuse whatovor from cither sido for
any fnrtnor agitation of this unhappy
controversy. To keep it alive would
merely do damage to the navy and to
tho country."
Winona, Miss., Feb. 19. ���Tom
Brown, oolored, today shot and killed
Mert D. Williams, son of a Baptist
minister, as tho result of a quarrel.
Brown escaped witb n posse in pui-
sult. Oliver Bibb, a negro, who gavo
Brown tbe pistol with whicu Williams
was   killed,    was   routed   out  of   his
and himself fired a couple of shots  at  house   later   aim shot to death by un-
tho   close   of   the action with the tor-j known person*.
Committee of 36 Form By-
Laws to Procure Conciliation.
Senator Hanna Pleased Over
Probable Success of
New York, Fob. 19.���The first meeting of the legislative committee of 30
appointed through the national civic
federation to arbitrate labor troubles,
was held today with Senator Hanna
in the chair. The object of the gathering wns to receive a report on a working plan by means of which strikes,
lockouts and other lorins of disputes
between capitalists and tbe laboiing
class mny be settled.
This pisn was presented by a subcommittee in the form of a set of bylaws whioh provide that the chairman
of the legislative committee of the
federation shall appoint a committee
on conciliation to consist of nine
members, three of whom shall be
selected fiom each group of tbe legislative committee representing capital,
labor aud the general publio, whose
doty it shall be at thc request of the
chairman, on information ofthe strike
or lockout of more than ordinary
magnitude, to use its good offices In
restoring harmonious relations, reporting its aotiou tu the legislative committee. Should the efforts of the
conciliation coinmittoo prove ineffective and should both parties to the
dispute desire the service of the legislative committee it is directed that
they may be invited to select two employers and two wage earners from
tho legislative committee to serve as
an arbitration board. Should tho four
find it necessary to appoint an umpire
to finally decide the disputo, they may
select a fifth member from tbe divisions representing the public. Should
a controversy seem of sucn magnitude
ns to lustily such action, the officers
ot thc legislative oommittee shall be
authorized to call a meeting of the
onlire legislative committee to consider tho situation and take such
action as may in its judgment he required. Thc 'legislative committee
may nppoint an auxiliary committee
to deal with local disturbances, the
rules governing the same to be in
harmony with the general purpose of
thu industrial department.
At tho close of the meeting Senator
Hanna said : Tbe meeting was very
latiisfactory. Thirty out of the
tnirty-six mombers were present and
the spirit displayed wus splendid. We
feel delighted with the results of our
efforts towurds utter harmony
between capital and labor.
AichbUhop Ireland and Bishop
Potter were among those present.
Rossland, Feb. IS.���Rossland's fifth
annual winter carnival commences
tomorrow evening witb a masquerade
at tho skating rink. On Friday tne
championship skating racos will be
run off together with tho first two
games in tho senior hockey tournament.
Saturday's programme includes tho
provincial championship and four
other snow shoe races, ski running
championship nnd other ski competitions, thiee horse races, one dog race
and final matches tor senior and
junior hockey championships. Thu
ice at the rink hns been kept in good
condition and the weather conditions
generally are favorable. Advices to
hand from outsido points indicate
large attendance.
Victoria. Fob. 19.���The chronometer
picked up at Cape Beale and believed
to have been from the schooner which
was washed ashore there, but the
name oi identity of which was never
learned, wns ruiubered 473 and was
made by MeslIS, Parkinson and
I'rodhum, of London. Sonic rubber
hose marked bowers Rubber Co.,
Reliance, Sun Francisco, was also
picked up.
The navHl authorities are erecting a
signal tower at Esquimalt wbich will
command a view of the struits and
which will be connected by wire Willi
the ships and forts aronnd thia port
and Ksquin.alt.
^SsBfc Nelson Daily Miner, Thursday   February 20, iqo?
The Nelson Miner
I'ubltsbod   Evory  MorolnK  Exoept  MondaA
Daily por month, by carrier ���.    05c
Dully, por nonth, by mall     60c
tliiily, por year, hy carrier  .$ 7 00
l>��lly, por yes\r, __��� moil    fl 00
Daily, por yjar forolKti      9 00
Wookly.por half year  tl K
Weekly, por year    2 00
'Vookly, per year, foreign    3 00
HiibucriDtiouH iuvorlabiy ln advanoe.
115 Fleet Stroot, E. C.
Central  Ptohs Agency, Ltd., Spoclal Auontf
Aloxnnder Sc Co.. 521 First Avonno, Spokane
vVasih., koop this paper on lllo, and arc our
authorijod agouU for advertisements and suo-
The above Reward will be paid to
anyone giving evidence that will con
vlct persons of stealing The Miner from
our subscriber's doors.
Mr. Joseph Martin is meeting with
not a few rebuffs from tho members of
the Liberal party who refuse to
acknowledge bim as their leader, even
thongh he received the votes of about
one third of the Liberal convention,
which recently convened at Vancouver. Mr. Martin doubtless docs not
care much for this as it IS rule or ruin
with him and he would just as lief,
probably, bring about one oondition
as tbe other. A convention of 300
Liberals lepudiatcd Mr. .Martin as
leader on Tuesday evening at Viotoria.
Tbey also refused to recognize the
Vancouver convention, expressing
hearty confidence in Ilou Mr. Templeman.
Smith Curtis, legislative representative of the Rossland riding, says he
repudiates Mr. Martin as lender as lie
cannot trust him. Mr. Martin, he declares, deserted his party and his
principles last session. Mr. Martin
chose to keep in oflice a Conservative
premier and caine out straight for C.
P,R, monopoly. The convention, Mr.
Cnrtis says, was very niisrepresenta-
tive; it was'Wso packed. It cannot bind
as to tho leader whose election rends
an otherwise strong party.
Dr. A. C. Sinclair, of Rossland, one
of the wheel horses of the Liberal
party and a prominent candidate for
senator, is equally strong as Mr.
Curtis in his denunciation of Mr.
Martin and his methods. Ho was a
delegate to thc convention and in a
recent interview, published in the
Rossland Miner, he said :
"We repudiate the entire action ot
the alloyed Libeial convention, and
we announce that we are not bound
iu any respect by the proceedings
thereat or by any action that may be
taken in the future as a result of this
so-eallcd convention."
"It was plainly in evidence that the
dice had been loaded by tho hand of
Joseph Martin, who is endeavoring to
foist Martinlsm upon the province of
British Columbia under the guise of
Liberalism. Judging lrom what was
slated during and subsequent to the
proceedings at Vancouver 1 am satis'
fled that the province generally views
the incident as a huge faroe. Liberals
will absolutely refuse to acknowledge
Joseph Martin as their leader and will
light the battle to tne bitter end, It
goes without saying that tbe matter
will not bu permitted to rest where it
now stands and the plans which ths
real leaders of Liberalism in British
Columbia will decile upon with a
view to achieving the release ef the
party from the men who would act as
a millstone about its neck will bo
announced after the problem is given
due consideration,
"To support Joseph Martin would
be to increase the distrust already
prevailing in financial circles regarding the financial administration of the
province's affairs, and disastrous to
the future of the Liberal party in provincial politics,"
Large Quantities Of goods arc being
rocoived by residents of Nelson from
the department stores of ���he east. It
is well known that tho stores of
Nelson are not doing any too much
business, and yet, despite this fact,
Nome nro so unpatriotic as to send
thousands of miles away for goods
rather than to purchase them here.
Many of these are property owners
and as such are directly interested in
seeing Nelaon a large and prosperous
conimeroal place and should, therefore, do all thoy possibly can to make
it so; such a course would enhanee
the value of their holdings. Instead
of doing their share in the direction of swelling the business of the
city, tbey send money away fur goods
to eastern cities and so add to their
wealth and to tho value of property
there instead of heie. This is a short-'
sighted policy and once the money
goes out uf the community it Is hard
to bring it buck. Spend your money
at borne and it  may come back to youi
again. The merchants ol Nelson can
sell you goods just as cheaply and
quito as good, if not better,than those
you receive from the east. Then,
too, you can see what you are purchasing, which is not the case when
they are sent from Toronto or somo
other eastern eity. After all tbe
charges are paid goods obtained Irom
eastern stores often cost mora than if
purchased at home. Patronize home
stores and build up Nelson should be
the policy of every resident.
By means of tomist associations
New Brunswick attracts ouch year a
large number interested iu hunting,
fishing, boating and sight seeing.
Hundreds from the provinces and not
a few from the States spend their
outings there. The visitors leave considerable money in the country tor
licenses, guides, board ani other
accommodation. Besides this they
make investments and assist in the
upbuilding of the country. Nov
Brunswick has many charms for those
who delight in outdoor sports, but
cannot excel British Columbia and
particularly the vicinity of Nelson in
this respect. Whore can more mountain
trout be caught than in the creeks
llowing into the arm of Kootenay lake
or in the vicinity of Bonnington
Falls? Where can tho lover ul aquatic
pastimes enjoy himself to better advantage than on the arm uf Kootenny
lake in front of this city? Along thc
Arrow, Kootenay and Sioean lakes the
hunting is splendid and deer, elk, and
caribou as well as the lordly and
dangerous grizzly, oan be found. As
for mountain scenery tbat is giand
and awe inspiring, it can be found on
all sides. The sight-seer could scarcely
find a more picturesque thirty miles
on tbis continent than that between
Nelson and Robson. The railway runs
along the banks of thc Kootenay river
with its foaming waterfalls, rapids,
pools and swirling waters. On either
side are high mountains covered with
a woelth of evergreen trees. Every
moment during the journey somo new
and interesting scene is viewed which
makes the trip delightful to those
who love to view the beauties of
nature. With so many attractions lor
the tourist an effort should be made to
induce them to come Lere and enjoy
themsclveB, Like the people of New
Brunswick wc must let the outside
world know what there is to shuw
I hem aud what a splendid section this
is. In order to do this pamphlets must
be gotten up describing the fishing,
lMnting and boating with views of
the scenery. If this Is dono tourists
will soon come here in large nambers
to spend their time and their money.
The work must be systematically done
and it takes some time aftor the seed
is planted before the crop will be
The best results are accomplished by
organizing a local tourists association
to look after tbe advertising and other
details. Such an association should
at once he formed and in a year or
two each summer will see Nelson
visited by hundreds seeking pleasure
in the hunting, fishing, boating and
It is announced that Charles H.
Lugrin has resigned tho editorship of
tho Colonist. As a reason for the
action he states that although he was
editor of the government organ ho
could not defend the government in
refusing to order the election for the
Victoria Beat, and henco he could not
give the government sufficiently strong
support to satisy the members. This
incident shows how weak tbe government is, and that it is tottering for _
fall there can be but little doubt
Mr. Lugrin haB been the editor of the
Colonist for a good many years and in
that capacity has done excellent
Cver capitalization is the crying sin
of too many of our stjck propositions
in British Coluiuiba, says the Trout
Lake Topic, It is not because these
companies have not good properties
for iu the great majority of oases
theii holdings are as promising as any
obtainable in the province. The
trouble is that they place a value on
them through their capitalization
which is neither justified by the plico
they paid for tbem nor yet by tho result of subsequent development. The
fault lies with our laws which nre too
leniont in this respect. The remedy
lies with the government and consists
in placing a tax, on an ascending
scale, on every 1,000 shares over $100,-
000. Tbis would prevent over-stocking and consequently the results
which are sure to fallow the collapse
of eompanes which have been smothered under a deluge uf surplus   stock.
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This will be the first audience ever
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special missions,
Chang Chili Yung and Liu Kun Yi,
the reform leaders are coming to Pekin
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Yuan Sib Kai, the governor of Chi til,
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Bridgewater, Guysboro. Londonderry, Lu -
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About tbat second-hum] article of
yours. Vou'll sell it if you'll adv��r>
lise it in The Miner want i-sluum Nelson   Daily Miner, Ihursjay February ,20 1902
An Association to Be Formed
With That Purpose In
Will  Result In   Financially Benefitting the
Tbe growth of tho tourist association
movement in the past and the great
value of it as a means of bringing
money into the community and making  capitalists
acquainted with the
rosouccs of tho district, has eausod inquiry to be made by some of the business mon of this city ard the following lotter received from tlie president
���A the Fredericton, New Brunswick,
association, is useful as giving somo
idea of its scope.
Fredericton, N. B., Feb. 7���1 havo
yours of the 25th ult., and in reply
would say that our Tourist association
is practically a committee of our looal
board of trade. We havo not yot felt
the need of constitntion, bylaws or
rules and aro entirely without any
such machinery. Onr theory is that
to secure 'ourist trade you bave to
advertise the attractions of your see-
lion just as persistently as a business
man advertises bis bargains and following up 'his idea we get in a oraok
for Fredericton in particular and Ne?;
Brunswick in general, on evory possible occasion. We never had any doubt
about the success of tho movement but
it took ns several years to get our
people thoroughly awake to the fact
that it meant money and would
directly or indirectly benefit us all.
To illustrate the growth of the idea I
may say tbat since our association
organized iu January, 1800, two others
have been tormed in New Brunswick
nnd several in Nova Scotia, Quebec,
Otlawa, Montreal, Toronto, and some
of the western Ontario cities have also
come into line and I understand that
the matter has been taken up
I could mention many indications of
the growth of the tourist   trade to our
city   bad   I   the   time, but perhaps it
will cover   the ground   fairly well   to
state   the   following   facts:     In   18(10
from   May   to   November,   400 or   SOO
persons visited onr parliament   buildings   while   during   the   past  season
over    4,000   strangers    were    shown
through the same buildings.     In 1800
the Crown lands department   teceived
from the sale of   game licenses several
hundred dollars.   The receipts  for tbe
season closing on the   31st   December
last are in excess of 89,000.     Our   income   was  at first derived from a few
of our merchants who believed   in the
scheme, but for the past few years the
provincial   government,    recognizing
the    importance   of    the   woik   bus
divided a substantial grant among the
New   Brunswick  associations  in  addition tu which we usually   receive  a
grant from our city council.     In   this
connection I may add that  the   members of   our   association   have   never
asked for any remuneration  for  their
services.    Under separate covers  I am
sending   you some literature  bearing
on the question including   a   copy  ot
tho latest edition of our tourist   book.
Our experience bas been that a   small
number of good attrative   books  will
prove to be a better Investment than a
large number of cheap ones.
The principal tourist book spoken
of is a very attractively got up booklet
of i;i) pages, containing no advertising
matter, and full of most artistic
photogravures depicting the scenery,
camp life, bunting and fishing scones,
boating, and a sportsman's nap of
the district contiguuouB to Fredericton.
This booklet is one tbat would be
an ornament anywhere and is sent out
by the secretary of tho association to
a carefully prepared list of people.and
also to hotels, sportsmen's clubs,reading rooms, etc., in the largest cities
of the states and to places where it is
most, likely to he seen by the class
who it is desirable to reach. The
reading matter is bright and attractive nnd is composed of an essay written in a competition that was held by
the association in starting, for the
best nrticle on the resources of tho
o istriot from a tourist's standpoint.
A prize of 8100 was offered to the
successful writer and the list of
entries was a large ono. Besides the
straight reading mat'ei is a list of
guides: for each village and settle
rtiont, cost of hire, hotels at nearest
stnrting place, ete. The game laws of
the province are also included, as well
as an interesting account of the various kinds of game to be found.
Supplementing this is a larger book
issued by the Crown lands department
of the provinoe entitled "Gun and
Rod in New Brunswick, where moose,
caribou, deer, wild birds, snlmon and
trout are lound,   and   how the sports
men can easily reach them." This
goes more it on detail than the former
mentioned publication but contains
no illustrations and is not ns attractively gotten up. It is sent out in
response to inquiries for further particulars. This association has been
the means of bringing thousands of
dollars of cash into many of the
smaller settlements ouch summer and
as the amonnt paid fur shooting
licenses alone last year, principally
by non-residonts, was $0,000, comparing with a few hundred dollars before
the formation of the association it is a
safe thing to say that it must bring
about the spending of $:120,000 or moro
in the cily of Fredericton nlono by the
summer visitor, who if it had not
been for the association would never
hnve heard of tbe place. Besides this a
number of manufacturing and other
enterprises have been started directly
through tho coming of visitors who
while enjoying a holiday have also
had an eye to business.
Tako  Laxative Promo Qulnlno Tablets.   All
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W. Qrovo's signature is on eucli box.  25c.
Advertisements lnMortod nnder thin head at
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advertisement) taken for less than 36 oents.
Situation Wanted advertisements Inserted
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best   location,     85    nicely   furnished!	
rooms in connection.      The best bnsi-j"J^KLSON .BODA   WAT-UK   FACTORY-
noss proposition in tbo district today
for full particulars writo Nelson Cale,
Hox 225, Nelson li.C.
FOR   HALE���Cheap,     a    semi ���grand
piano.    Apply box 70 Nelson, B. O
FURNISHED rooms with or without
��� board. Apply on Silica street,
second door west of Ward.
Apply   to   Mrs F. J. Squires, Room
40, K. W. O. block.
Substantial Growth Reported Throughout tho Province.
The session of tbe Grand Orange
Lodge opened yesterday morning in
Fraternity hall with Right Worshipful Grand Master D. Donaldson, of
Vancouter, presiding. The grind
secretary is R. Boll, of Kamloops, and
Grand Treasurer, Thomas Duke. The
time of the morning meeting was
taken up in receiving reports of the
various standing committees. The reports of the secretary and treasurer
showed a most satisfactory condition
of things the increase during the year
of the order in the province having
been 25 per cent. There were no serious difficulties to be adjudicated, but
one appeal having beon received and
it on a trivial matter. This was dealt
with at the afternoon session and
settled to tlie satisfaction of all
T. Cunningham, past provincial
grand master, who was seen by a
Miner reporter, stated that the growth
of the order through nil English
sneaking countries had been very
great and that all the officers were
highly pleased at the condition of
The delegates had greatly enjoyed
tne beautiful Bcenery encountered on
their trip to Nelson from the coast.
They were especially pleasod with thj
appearance of Nelson an d were astonished at the solid character of the
buildings many of whicb would be a
credit to a city troble the Bize. The
railway company had treated them
very well and they had met with most
hospitable treatment by the members
of the looal lodge who had ministered
ot their comfort in every way, There
were fifty delegates in attendance and
more are expected to arrive today. He
considered the increase ot members in
the order was due the bettei understanding of the principles un which
the order was built, which include
religious freedom to all. Tbe eleotion
of officers and other business will be
proceeded with today.
In the evening there was a banquet
tendered to the visiting delegates by
the local lodge at which 120 sat down.
Tne decorations were very pretty and
the dinner a first class one. District
Master J. Tye and Rev. J. Burtt Mor
gan acted as chairman and vice-
chairman respectively.
Alter an address of welcome by Rev
Mr. Morgan, toasts were drunk to Our
Country responded to by Rev. J. H.
White ; The Grand Orange Lodge of
B. 0., by Past Grand Master Thrift
and Cunningham ; Visiting Members,
Kev. J. Reid and D. Moflatt; Nelson
Lodge, W.W. Bradley and J. Knauft;
City of Nelson, Mayor Fletcher and
Aid. Irving. Toasts to the Press and
the Ladies, brought a very enjoyable
function to a close.
In the speech of Mayor Fletcher, in
welcoming the delegates, he alluded
to the fact of its being tbe first session
of the Grand Lodge which bad been
held in the interior of the province,
and expressed the hope that it would
not be the last.
Many complimentary references to
tbe oity were made in the speeches of
the visitors, all of whom expresseii
tnemselves dolighted with the appearance of it and the way they had been
New spring hats, just arrived, at
The Wallace-Miller Co.
3. H. LOVE,
Nelson Employment Agency,
P. O. Box 4(15. Phone 278.
Wanted���Railroadmen for Lardo.
WANTED by a   middle-aged   lady   of
experience,   the   lease,   or management of   boarding or   lodging   house.
Address P..0 Box 118, Nelson, B.C.
WANTED���Iosition    by   experienced
men in restaurant kitchen.   Address
F. S. this olliee.
WANTED.���A   waitress at the   Phair
WANTED.���Ladies and Gentlemen
enjoy yonr evening at homo by making $12 per week. Send your address
and two cent stamp to box 2G5, London, Ont.
WANTED���Pupils for Piano or Organ
by   Mrs.   Starmer   Smith,    address
residence or P.O.Box 137.
WANTED.���Men and  women   wanted
to work   at   homo.       Good   wages.
Write   Glasgow     Woollen    company,
Dept. C, Toronto
HELP     of   all   kinds     wanted    and
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ployment Agency.      Large warehouse
lor   storage; call   at Piosser's Second
Hand store, Ward steet.
MEN WANTED���On     Crow's      Nest
Southern   Ry.     Good   wages,   long
job.  Headquarters, Elko,    B.   C.     A.
Guthrie Sc Co.
ENGINEERS, Firemen, Machinists
and Electricians send for 40-page
psruphlet containing Questions asked
by examining buard of engineers to
obtain engineer's licence. Address
Geo. Zeller, publishor, 18 S 4th St.,
St. Louis, Mo.,   U.S.A.
N. M. Cummins, Losaoo��� Kvery knowr
variety of soft drinks. I' O _o_ 88. Tolouhou
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rubbers, mackinaws and minors' sundries*
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munt, tire clay and Scotch tire brick. Agents
for Wilkinsand Co.'s celebrated Hteol wire ropo
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Agents foi Ontario Powder Works; dynamite
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Agonts for Pabst Browing Co. of Milwaukot
and Calgary Browing Co of Calgary.
UDSON'S BAY Co.-Wholesale grocerie
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J__S Olllee comer Hall and Front Streets
Nelson���Lumber, celling, flooring, and overy
thing In wood for building purposes. Get out
prices.   Correspondence solicited.
A.   M'DONALD,      Agent   Hazolwood
Dairy Co. Ice Cream.
J. 0. GWILLIM, B.,  Sc,
Late of Geological Survey of Canada.    Siv years experience in B. C
mining districts.
Baker Stre�� Nelson. B. C
Dominion and
Land Surveyor.
In accordance with the By-Lawn of the Society, the Annual General Meoting will bo held
In tho Board of Trado Poo'mB on Tuesday,
March 11th at 3 p. m.
Finest and Best Bar In the City.
The best Brands ol Liquors
and Cigars.
$1.00 AND $1.50 PER DAY
West Kootenay Butcher Co.
Fresh   and   Salted   Heats
Fisn and Poultry in Season
E.   C.   TRAVES,   Man aver.
K.-W.-C   Block, Ward Street, Nklson.
Oiders by mail receive careful and prompt attention
Wholesale aod Retail Meat Merchants
Branch Markets in Rossland, Trail, Nelaon, Kasl��
Sandon, Three Forks, New Denver and Slocan Cit>
Order* by <n��ll to ��pv branch will have careful and nromot attention.
GABS.-     ALB a la 0ARTE.
Spokane  Falls Sl
Northern R'v.
Nelson  Sl  Fort
Sheppard R'v.
Red tViountain R'v.
Close connection East and Westbound at Spokane with trains of the
Spokane Falls and Northern Railway,
D reet connection at St. Paul without change of depot with all trains foi
Ohioago, Toronto. Montieal, New Yorlf
and aUpoints West and South.
Leaves Spokane daily for East at 9:40 i.'m
Leaves Spokane daily tor West at 7:20 a.m
Leaves Spokane daily lor Wont at 8:00 p.m.
WeBt-bound trains make direct connection for Victoria and Vancouver,
Portland, San Francisco, and all points
on the Sound.
During the season of navigation East
bound trains connect at Duluth with
themagniflcentBteainships North West
and North-Lsand of fcheNorthem Steamship Oompany Line, uperated in connection with the Great Northern Hail-
For further informatiou, aps, fold
ers, etc., apply to any agent of Spokane
Falls Sc Northern Hy., Kaslo Sc Slocan
By., Kootei ai Railway Sc Navigation
Or-, or to
Oity Pass, and Tkt   Agt,  W  701  W,
Riverside Ave,, Spokane, Wash.
G. K, TAOKABURY, Local Agent,
Nel bod.B O
For the comfort of the number ol
people who are now using this
popular line, a direct daily BufTe*
Car service has been inaugurated
thereby giving passengers every
comfort obtainable on any of the
larger railways in Canada or th
U. S.
Close connections made  at  Spo
kane for the south, east  and   west.
Only io hours to Seattle  and   18
to Vancouver and Victoria.
Passengers booked direct through
to all European points,
All annual BiibBcriberR to tho sum cl Ten Dol
lars are mombors of the Society, eligible to
take part ln the eloction of dlroctors for the ensuing term and in oaso of illness are entitled to
freo treatment ln tho hospital.
Suggestions Made For Improving Its
Scope and Utility.
The annual meeting of the library
association was held InBt night in the
library rooms, E. A. Crease, president
oi tbe board, in the chair.
The librarian's report showod that
during the year there had been 139
subscribers who had taken out 3,84!)
books, an avearge of 321 a month, ana
an increase of 158 cver the previous
year. The number ot visitors was
23,005, an increase of 2,702.
H. Bird, the treasurer, presented the
audited     financial    statument  which
showed that the expenses of the
library had been fl,113.90. The city
of Nelson had granted $500, whioh left
$613.90 to be raised by the directors.
There had been a balance of $337 from
the previous year and tbe receipts
from all other sources and outside of
subscribers' fees, chiefly from entertainments under the direction of the
ladies' committee, were $464,82, which
leaves a balance on hand at the end of
tho year of 877.92.
Mr. Crease, In his report mentioned
the fact that tho library bad been
maintained by a comparatively few
for the several years it had existed,
and he made two suggestions as to
what he woula like to see done as to
the future. There was the alternative
of persuading the eity council to take
it over,as it bad authority to do under
the Municipal Clauses aot, or the possibility of amalgamating in some
way with the Y.M.C.A., which would
likely build.
Rev. H. F. Oraham spoke strongly
along tho lines of carrying out the
second suggestion,
The following directors were elected
for the current year: H. Bird,
Fred Irvine, R. W. Uav, R. K. Hedley, E, A. Crease, Mrs. Arthur and
Mrs. Hannirgton, and Mayor Fletcher
and G. V. Holt, ex-offioio. Ladies
committee: Mrs. Day, Mrs. Lamont,
Mrs.Taylor, Mrs. MeCulloch and Mrs.
B. Bird. These met afterwards and
chose as officers: Fred Irvine, president; Mrs. Day, vice-president; H.
Ilird, tieasurer, and Mrs. MeCulloch,
and try a bottlo, a dosen, or a barrel of
CALGARY BEER as lt is the best and
cheapest on the markot. Also try out
WINES,    LIQUORS     and    CIGARS.
Telephone S3 Baker  t. Ne
Kootenay Railway and Na?
Company, Ltd.
Shortest and quickest route to the oast and al
points on the O. H. Sc N. nnd Northorn I ������'
oiflo Railways In WashlnKiAin, Oregon and
Southern States.
Time Card effective August 1. 1901
Kaslo & Slocan Ry-
...Spokane   7:15 p.m.
.. .Kossiand 4:30 p.m
.Mountain 5'59 p. in.
 Nelson il :45 p.m.
Spokane, Wash
Ageut, Nelson, B.
11:20 a.m.
12:25 p.m.
10:30 a.m.
9:40 a.m.
H. A.
8:30 a. rn. Lv.
10:55 p.m. Ar.
Ar. 4:00 p. m
I.v. 1:15 p. m
Int. Nav- & Trading Oo
The Comeby Drama
Georgia Harper
and her refined Dramatic and Specialty Company.
between Acts.
5:20 p. m. Lv.
:10 p. m. Ar.
Ar. 11:00 a.
Lv. 7:00 a.
Connecting at Five Mile Point with Nolson
& Fort Hhoppard Railway both to and (rom
Rossiand, eto.
Atlantic S.S. Sailings
From St. John, N. B.
Rciivor Lino I*'iko Superior,i Fob. 38
Beaver Im.q OnrlhCiwllu March 11
Allan Line Ionian Feb, Li
Allan I 'roloriin  ... Feb. ffl
Allan.Line slcamorn call at Halifax two days
Frcm U oh ton.
Dominion lino Cnmbroman. Feb, 2fi
Dominion Lino New Kiw;l.unl March S
From Now York
Ounard Line KlruHa  Fob. 22
Cunard Line (Janipnnta Maroh  1
Whit* Star Lino Teutonic Feb, 20
Whito Star Line Oceanic March   5
American Lino St. Louiw Feb. 26
American Line Philadelphia  March 6
Red Star Line Fricnlnnd Fob. 2*1
Red Star Lino ijouthwark March 6
Continental eallinKH of French, North German Lloyd, ii. A. I*. and Italian Linen on application.
RATES���BaJoon fares $42.50, and upwards
Second $35 and upwaidn according to steamer
a"d location of berth. Stoorago quoted on application. Prepaid putPOKCH from England and
t he continent at lowest raUw.
tt L. BROWN,      W. P. F. CUMMINGS.
City A��t. Nelaon.      Gen. Air en t. Winnipeg
Tickets sold to all part* In United Stater, and
Canada via Great Northern and O. R. fie N
Co/a line*.
Ocean Hteamnliip  tlckoU  and  ratoa vi   a
llnee will be furnished on application.
For further particular call on or addroos
Vftnairer. Kasln.B, C
Taokabury Agent. Nelaon Ii. C,
Afternoon 3 to   5.30
Evening 8 to 10.00
Admission 25c.
Harpers'     Wardrobe     Is
POPULAR PRICES, 25, 50 A 75c.
Seats at McDonald's.
Canada Permanent and Wes
tern Canada Mortgage
head  offiob toronto,   ont.
Honey to loan on Straight Mortgage.
Apply to Q. Ii. LKNNOi, Bak%t St.
P. L. S.
KASLO.   B.  C.
Mineral -laiws and mines suiveyed
Be   sure and get tbe genuine   BENNETT'S GOTTA PERCHA FUSE.not
something that looks   like   it.
obtained in all oountries
Registered Patent Attorney, Mechanical Engineer and Draughtsman. Hank of B. N. A. building,
Hastings St., Vancouver, B C.
Write for full particulars.
Will pay the higheBt oash prioe for all
kinds ol seoond band goods. Will bny
or sell anything (rom an anchor to a
needle. Fnrnitnre, stoves, oaiperts,
cooking utensils, bought in household
quantities. Also oast off clothing.
Oall and see me or write. Address
Silver King Mike. Boi_300. Hall
Street, Nelson, B. C.
The Waverley Hotel
Rates $1,00 to $1.80 per day. First
class Meals, 25c. Next door to Opera
House. P. O. Hox 210. Telephone 147.
Victoria St.. NelsoD.
Kootenny Street.
P. O.
Next Oddfellows' Ha
Box 633.
If there is anything you require, wk
for  it  In    h-> ���elmoD  et the Miner,
1&* �����* ii    !
Nelson Daily Miner Thursdyy, February 20,   igot
Trunks and   Yo" can 8ee iD
our store   a   very
Valises complete  line   of
TRUNKS from the very cheap make
to tho solid oak travelling Trunk con-
vas covered with brans llttiugs, a regular globe trotter. We can supply you
witli tilill'S at pries' racking from H5c
to $80i also SUIT CASES from $2.50
to 315 each.
Booksellers. Stationers
Show Room for Mason St Risch pianos
Yesteiday Mrs. A. Q, Gamble received the sad intelligence of thu
death of her father, Horace Horton, In
Godorlch, Ont.
Joseph Morris, oi I'row and Morris,
came over from Rossland yesterday
and will remain for a day ot two on a
business visit.
The lake is now clear of Ice from
Nelson to tbo outlet, except in a few
patches along the shores. The water
has not started to rise any yet.
Some of tho early spring bulbs are
already above ground in the gardens
of the city, the mild weather of the
past week, having started thorn
Two carloads of vegetables were
shipped to points along the Crow's
Nest by 3. Y. Onllln a ml Co. yesterday, part of the consignment coming
irom local ranches.
Tbe wholesalers of thc city generally report a decided and steady improvement this week in business. It
is expected that operations Will be resumed shortly in tho Lardo, and this
will also help in improving conditions.
li. R. Purdy, resident agent for
Itrndstrcets, returned yesterday from a
visit to Rossiand. Mr. Purdy reports
that business ia improving and merchants say that thc outlook is that
the year will be a good oue. Businessmen came out of the depression cauBed
by the strike in very creditable shape
Expenses wero kept down, credits
were restricted aud in tbis way the
emergency was tided over.
Explanation by Physician
The high   grade   physician   always
stands ready to guide one's habits and
prevent disease,even if by that means,
ho loses many a fee.
Food and drink are important
factors relating to health.
Dr. Wm. R. Blackwood, 852 N 23rd
St., Priladclphia, Pa., writes on the
subject and remarks about the need of
Bome warm drink for breakfast but
deprecates tho use of coffeo because of
its effect on tho health. He refers to
the tact that the heat of a warm
oreakfaat beverage is important in
causing the necessary alvine evacuation whieh should invariable follow
"Personally, I had been quite nervous from overwork for a time nnd
neither coffee nor tea scorned to agroe
with me, consequently 1 looked
around foi some other pleasant
breakfast beverage, for a long time
without success, until I got hold of
the article under consideration
This proved pleasing to tho taste
and wus also very strengthening. Its
flavor is so nearly tliHt of a really
good coffee as to completely take its
place after beginning its habitual
use, I attach much Importance to that
word 'habitual,' for if you desire to
have all of tho benefits centered in
this article you must stick to it right
along. I have proved to my own
satisfaction that Postum is all right
if persevered in.
Some of my acquaintances and
patients have taken up Postum and
after a first trial abandoned its use,
then some have afterward formed the
habit of ill inking it when shown bow
really simple the preparation is wnich
results in a fine cup of Postum containing nutritive elements."
The Doctor mentions, in confidence,
two eases of severe prostration from
alcoholism wbich weie ultimately
cured nnd the patients restored to
health through his treatment and taking away all whiskey, coffee and tea
and giving them in place Postum Food
Tlie Doctor concludes his letter
witli this statement, "Believing that
a lei ter from a physician, wbo has
studied dietetics many years in different climates and among different
races, woulu ho of some value,I write
to do what 1 can to further tho use of
this efficient product, which surely
must be of great advantage to invalids
as well as to the general comtnuutiy."
Joshua Davies, of Victoria, is a
guest at the l'hair.
B, Machin, of Bennett fuse fame, is
a guest ul tin! Phnir.
S. F. Parrish, manager of tho II. 0,
mine, near Eholt, is u guest at the
James Pnuporc, who hns n contract
on the Crow's Nest Southern railway,
is a gU'.St nt the tjueen's.
B, W. Ruff, agent for the Sullivnn
Drill, arrived in town yesterday from
Rossland and is registered at the
At the record oflice yesterday Charles
Monroe transferred to William Moore
the Fractional Star claim, consideration nominal, and Harry Ripper tians-
ferred tlie Lens mineral claim to Wi]
liam Moore, tbe consideration also
being nomi nal.
Trains aro now running on the
Knslo and Slocan railway l>ot h blides
having been cleared away. The
steamer International came into Nelson yesterday on hor liret regular trip
since the ice blockade bringing with
her one ear of Rambler-Cariboo ore
for the Everett smelter and one of
Sunset for tho Trail smelter.
Today the steamers Kokanee and
Moyie will resume thoir rune to tbe
city wharf, instead of to Procters
which has been their landing place
since Mic ice formed on the lake. The
Kokanee will arrive at 11 o'clock a,
m.and depart at 4 p.m. and the Moyie
will arrive about 4 p.m. today for the
first time aud depart at 5 a.m. on
Friday, These hours will be their
regular times of arrival and departure
Our windows aro small. If you
don't see what you want in our window, ask fur it.'���The Wallace-Miller
Co. Ltd.
At tho meeting of the Presbytery
now in session attention wa�� called
yesterday by the Rev. E. W. McColl to
the different attitude maintained
towards card playing by church mem
hers in the west as compaied with
that in the east. It was deplored by
the clergy that such was tho case but
the sentiment in favor of card playing
oven at church entertainments was a
vory sf rious factor that they had to
encounter. Ho considered thnt it in
terfered greatly with tbe spirituality
of the members to sanction it at a
church entertainment,
The case of Bremner vs. Arlington
was concluded in tbe Supreme court
yesterday, the argument being com
pleted at 3.30 o'clock. His lordship
snid ho would deliver judgment on
Friday. The trial of Paulson vs.
Buemaii was then entered npon. This
case isjin adverse to the Pearl mineral
claim. The plaintiffs in 1 BU8 located
the Iron Chief mineral olaim aB an
extension of the Iron Hand. In May
of tho next year the defendants locat
ed tne Pearl mineral claim covering
most of the same ground, and upon
their applying for a crown grant this
action was commenced. The defendants
contend tbat at the time the Iron
Chief was located, the Ophir, which
covered the same ground, was a valid
location aud hence tho Iron Chief
never had a legal existence. When
court adjourned tho documentary evidence was boing put in. Taylor and
O'Shea for plaintiffs, and C.W. Mc
Ann, of Kaslo, and R. M. Macdonald,
of Nelson, for defendants.
Police Officer Hebner thou ght that
he had a sensation to investigate yes
erday that would vary the monotony
of keeping crooks out of the city. A
man repotted to bim that ho had been
requested to visit a house on Front
street in which a woman aud five
children lav dead and that blood bad
been seen oozing lrom below the dour,
but tbat he had thought it wiser to
have a policman along in going to the
place. Officer Hebner went with his
informant and when they leached the
scene ot the supposed tragedy they
found the houso empty. Without
difficulty a key was got which opened
the dojr and when thoy got in they
found the house empty, the former
occupants having removed from it.
The story was then traced up when it
was found that a boy thought it would
be a good joke to tell his mother the
gruesume tale, aud that his mother
had asked her neighbor to get her
husbaud to investigate, and it was he
who had gone to the police. The boy
waB not at home when tbo officer
visited the mother's house but she
immediately started out determined to
find him.
Yesterday morning the first session
of the Presbytery was takon up with
the reading ot committee reports.
That on Sunday Scbouls was read by
Rev. M. D, McKee, and on Christian
Endeavor work by Rev. J. M. Miller.
The Presbytery decided to petition thc
General Assembly for permission to
ordain R. Taggart, student, of Win-
deremere. Rev. Dr. Wright wns unpointed to support the petition on the
floor of the assembly. The report of
the Manitoba College wns read by
Rev. J. R. Robertson. In the afternoon tho Prosbyteiy approved of the
remits sent down by tho General
Assembly to reduce representation to
tlie ussembly from ono   for ^eaob   four
���hould look
like thi.,
but If you hive
the GERM
destroy) and with.
en It like this.
"Destroy the mum
you remove the
No Dandruff, no
Filling tiilr, no
Baldness, If you
For salt by all druggists. Price $1.   ai
members of Presbytery to ono in six.
Thoy also approved of the proposal to
have a common travelling expense
fund for all commissioners to the
In the afternoon the subject of How
to Maintain Spiritual Life Among
Ministers was discussed. Rev.Messrs.
R. W. Crow, McKee, Young, Robin-
Bon, and MoRae participating. In
the evening a public meeting was
held. Addresses were given by Rev.
Messrs. MeRea and Fortune on The
Relation of tbo Church to Fraternal
Societties, and Western Missions,
The best shoe value in B.  0, at The
Wallace-Miller Co.
Wanted.���Immediately, -0 bridge
carpenters, to work oo tramway.
Seven months job, $4 per day. Apply
to B. C. Riblet, Front street,   Nelson.
An Excellent Rendition of it Given
Last Evening.
The Georgia Harper company gave a
very strong presentation of "East
Lynne" at the opera house last evening. This emotional drama has been
put on the boards so often that many
theatre-goers have witnessed it scores
of time,and people sometimes consider
that companies which produce it are
uot of a very high standard. Last
night, however, many who went to
scoff, remained to pray, so to speak,
for "East Lynne" was given a most
interesting and meritorious presentation. Georgia Harper in the dual role
of Lady Isabel and Madame Vine
showed herself to be an emotional
actress of more than ordinary ability.
She was effective as the jealous wife,
was strong as thc injured woman in
the parting scene with Sir Francos
Leivson, and so pathtic iu the last act
to affect many of her auditors to tears.
J. S. Harper gave a polished enaction
to the role of the villainous Sir
Frances Levison aud pleased the audience in the duels of wit had with the
old maid Coruelia. Anna Brady was
at homo in the role of Barbara Hare,
and the balance of the cast was effective. Tlie specialises, including the
illustrated songs, wero so good as to
evoke vociferous applause. Tonight
"My Wise Uncle" a musical
comedy of known merit will be presented. The specialties given this
eveninj will be new.
Until further notice tho steamer
Kokanee will only make a trip to
Lardo onue a week on Thursdays.
St. John's, Nfld., Feb. 19.���The
colonial legislature will assemble
tomorrow. The foreshore modus
vivendi bill will be first introduced
and will probably pass all its stages
immediately. Opposition to the measure is unlikely as the loaders of both
parties are pledged to its support.
The legislative session will probably
be brief, owing to Premier Bond having to attund the coronation ceremony
in London.
Commencing Wednesday morning,
19th inct., the K. R. and N. Co,, will
resume their regular schedule. Leaving Nelson City wharf daily at (i p.m.
for Kaslo and way landings, and arriving at 10.30 n.iu.
Birmingham Post Says Canada Will
Lay Another Cable.
London, Feb. 19,���Rumor is again
current Unit the Chancellor of the
Exchequer bas been tempted into contemplating countervailing duties ou
bounty fed sugar. Officials, however,
keep the closest Bcerecy ns to that and
also as to suggested preferences for
colonial grain and timber, The Westminster Gazette's oartoon today de-
picits Chamberlain aud Sir Michael
Hicks-Beach swating together. Chamberlain is gnily smoking n cigar; Sir
Michael Hicks-Beach is trembling.
Ilicks-Beuch says: "Take care, Joe.
Isn't thnt a danger  notice?"     Chum-
2 Why Man You Can't See!
and what are you  waiting
for ?    It is a  matter  that
shouldreceiveur prjn  pt
attention.    Consult
Patenaude Bros.
It won't cost anything to  find  out.
:  IN A I ivjimal   :
:             :
in China,   with  beautiful  Enamelled   Canadian   Emblems,
Only a few left.
The Canadian Bank of Commerce
With Which li Amalgamated
The Bank of British Columbia.
Paid-up Capital,   J8,0O0,O00;   Reserve   Fund,   82,00(1,000;
Aggregate  Resources Over 805,000,000.
HON, GEO. A. OOX, President.      B. E. WALKER, Ueneral Manager.
London Office: 60 Lombard Street, fi. C.
New York Olfice; 16 Exchange Place.
And 68 branched in Canada and the United Statos, Including!
Atlin Greenwooo Nklson Sandon
Ckanbrook        Kamloopb New Wkbtminstek   Vancouver
Fbhnuc Nanaimo Hohsland Viotohia
YUKON DISTRICT���Dawbon and Wiiite Horse.
UNITED STATES���New York, Han Francisco, Seattle, Portland, Skaqway,
Savings Bank Department.
Depoalts Received and Interest Allowed.  Present Rate 3 Per Cent
Nelson Branch.
GRANGE V. HOLT, Manager.
Manufacturers of BEST STEEL WIRE HOPE.
Tramway, Hoisting-, Mining Wire Rope.
Lang's Lay for Tramways and Underground Haulage
Local Stock carried, estimates iurnished.
H. E- CROASDAILE Agent Nelson-
Call and see us and we will use you right and charge
no exorbitant prices.
D. J. Robertson & Co.
Vernon St., Next New P. O. Building.
Similkameen   Coal   Stock
For   full   particulars   apply   to
R. J. STEEL, Broker, Nelson, B. C.
berlain replies, "No, it's all right,
it's labelled 'protection.' "
The Birmingham Post, commonly
called Chamberlain's organ,repeats on
what it calls "bigh authority" the
assertion tliat the Canadian government has decided to lay a cable across
tlio Atlantic to iacilitate the transmission oi Anglo-Canadian news and to
promote commerce. The cable companies say that anything less than
tv o cables would be useless.
A despatch from Seres, European,
Turkey, dated Feb. 18th, to the Daily
Graphic says tliat W. W. l'cet, tres-
urer of the American mission at Constantinople has gone to that oity and
tbat M. Gargiulo, dragoman of the
American legation at Constantinople,
and D, House, the missionary, who
are still at Seres, are growing very
anxious at the delay in the release of
Miss Stone which was expected a week
ano. The Turkith government declines
responsibility in the matter, says the
despatch from .Soros,as the transaction
with tho brigands was carried on
without it�� knowledge.
Washington, Feb. 19.���The treasury
department lias decided a case involving the right of a citizen of the
United Statos.to import whiskey from
Canada in certain sized packages.
Canada prohibits the importation of
whiskey into that country in casks of
u less capacity than IM) gallons. The
tariff act of the United States, ap.-
proved July 24th, 1S97, provides than
any spirituous liquors imported into
the United States in any sized pack-
ago, or from any country under whose
laws similar sized packages are
denied entrance into this country,
shall be forfeited to tbe United States.
Queens���P. B. Conger, Erie;   A.   L.
McLean, SJocan;   A.   M. Ross,   Camp
MeKinney ; J. Poupore, Elko.
Trcmont-Mr. J. Lamont, Roland;
Pat Owen, Elko; T.Charlwood, Ymir;
J. H. Ganett, Grand Forks.
Phair���Sidney Norman,H.Williams,
Spokane; J. D. Kendald, London,
Eng.; Joshua Davies, Victoria; K.
Machin, Fred Stoddart and wife, Victoria.
Madden���Wm.Cantrell, Silver King:
A. id ill, Rosebery; Mrs. Sample and
family, F. T. Morrison, and wile,
Clagary; Joe Strong, Sandon; J. Flan-
igau, J.Anderson, Marcus.
Grand Central���Chas. Bradley, Spokane; 0, F. Spicer, Chas, Murray,
Ymir; I'. L. Huffman, Fred Euer-
cboff, SnoKane; A. A. Kreinen. 0. F.
Kroinek, Ellesboro, N.W.T.; M. C.
Uewett, Marcus.
Iluiue-E. C. Taylor, J. Jukes, Vancouver ; E. Hooper, London,   Eng.; J
McDonald.     Jos     Morris,   Rossland;
Capt.   ���___   Mrs.   J. R. Gifford,   Hall
Mines;   W. E. Worden,   R.E.Allen
Slocau;   D.   W.   Moore, Trail;  Chas.
Uayles, J. Cliaycr,   Montreal;   H.   VV
Barnes, Mrs. May StevensoL, William
Stevenson,     Fornie;    it.   J.    Clark
Chicago;   W. U. Coffin, Seattle; J   c'
Stuart,   Toronto;   Chas.   J. and   Mrs
Aman, C. D. Taylor, Revelstoke.
Fine Watch Repairing a Specialty
I J. J. WALKER ���
��� ���
��� ���
2 Cor. Baker & Stanley SU., Nelson *
��� ���
��� ._���.    ���
Y. O. GREEN        F. S. OLEMENT4
Civil engineers and Provincial Land
Cor. Kootenay & Victoria Sts. Nelson
P. O. Box 145 Telephono 2
J. G. Bunyan aud S. G. Campbell,
trading and carryiug on business
together as partners, under the firm
name and style of J. G. Bunyan uml
Co., of Nelson, British Columbia,
Furniture Dealers, have by deed of
assignment, bearing date the 0th day
of Feburary, A. D., 11102, assigned all
tbeir personal property, teat estate,
credits and effects, whicb may be
seized and sold under execution to
Norman T. Maeleod of the said City
of Nelson, accountant in tru6t, for the
purpose of paying and satisfying rate-
ably and proportionately without
preference or priority all the creditors
of tbe assignors, tlieir just debts ac
cording to law.
Notice is also hereby given that a
meeting of the creditors of the said J.
li. Bunyan and S. G. Campbell, is
called for Monday, the 24th day of
February, A. D., 11102, at tho office of
Elliot and Lennie, solicitors, Baker
St., Nelson, British Columbia, at tho
hour of tbree o'clock in tlie afternoon,
in pursuance oi said act, for thc giving of directions with reference to the
disposal of the said estate.
Dated at Nelson, li. 0��� this 7th day
of February, A. D. 1902.
Elliot and Lennie,
Solicitors for the Assignee.
As a going concern the business carried, on by the
under the management  of the late
A. B. Gray,
will be received by the undersigned
up to 12 o'clock noon, Monday,
February 24th, for the stock in
trade and fixtures ofthe above company,   made up as follows ;
Cigars, Domestic     -      $3262.94
Clgirs, Imported     - 434-53
Cigars, Imported, In bond 367-80
Scotch Whiskey, In bond 316.69
Fixtures 6 Office Furniture 480-25
Separate Tenders will be received
for the Cigars, Liquor and Fixtures.
During   the   last   30  days 108  men
bought   108   suits  and   there has not
Brewers of Pine Lager
Beer ana Por. ter.
*Mtaon B, 0,
2s per cent cash, balance in 2, 4
and 6 months, with approved security with interest.
This is an excellent opportunity
to secure a good paying business.'
The stock, books of the Company,
and stock sheets may be inspected
on application to  the  undersigned.
The highest or any tender not necessarily accepted.
Clcmonts-Hillyer Block       Liquidator
Sealed Tenders for the erection of a
Floating Boat House for the Nelson
Boat CIud will be received by the
undersigned up to Saturday the 22nd
day of February, 1(102, at 12 o'olock
noon. Plans and specifications can be
seen at the ofllco of Architect George
D. Curtis.
The lowest or any tender not necessarily accepted,
Secretary the Nelson Boat Club.
Nelson, B. C, Fob. 13th, 1902.


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