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Nelson Daily Miner Sep 22, 1900

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 Provincial Library ��31oo
Daily Edition No. 837
Nelson,   British Columbia, Saturday Evening,  September 22,  1900.
Eleventh Year
Allies Drive Chinamen from
Fortifications at Pel
Chinamen Succeed In Escaping -Very Little Loss of
Taku.Sept. 22.���Four thousand Russians, three thousand Germans, and
cue thousand Kronen troops, with a
detachment of Austrian Marines, began the attack upon the Pel Tang
forts at daylight, The attack was
answered briskly from the forts, the
bombardment continuing until noon,
but It was noticed that ihe forts did
not reply after ten o'clock. The Allies were soil forward at uoon to discover the reason of the  cessation of
firing from the forts, and found them
deserted, there being only lour dead
Chinamen without the walls. The Allies were much chagrined as they believed they had the place completely
/surrounded,making escape impossible
yet over three thousand men got away
in broad daylight. The Russiun artillery (Ire proved effective and the
forts were badly damaged. The Hritish and Italian commanders had decided to join in the attack but their
troops had not arrived in time.
Washington, D. ���., Sept. 22.���The
Navy Department has received the following cablegram from Admiral Re-
"Taku, Sept. 22.���A force of Russians, Germans and Austriuns advanced on Pei Tang forts lust night. Fire
was opened by the Chinese aud kept
up all night at intervals. Forts evacuated at nine this morning. Europeans hoisted their colors over the forts
at II a. in. Twenty-five Russians and
Germans reported blown up by a
mine. Information was obtained from
Commander Wise who followed the
troops into the forts. Only live Chinese killed.    Reniey."
Twenty-five Hundred Troops
In  the Anthracite
Only One Man Killed Outright
In the Shooting of
Politics and Other Matters of General
1 nterest.
New York, Sept.22.���Mr. I. N. Ford
cables the New York Tribune as follows: The press is rilled with election
intelligence, but the contest iu too
unequal to be interesting. A Uionist
victory is conceded even by tho Liberal political managers and tho only
question iu doubt is whether the government will have a larger or a smaller majority in the new than it haB in
the ,,ui Parliament,
There will he little political oratory and the details of the settlement in South Africa will not be explained though this is the issue upon
which thu Government iiskB for seven
years extension of its lease of power.
The electorates which have been artl-
lically restricted by the disfranchisement of an enormous body of voters
under the old registry will be culled
upon to arm the Government with a
mandate to convert Dutoh Africa into
Hritish Africa or scientifically that
the work can never bo   undone.
Public interest centers in the reconstruction of the cabinet rather than In
the result of the elections which is a
foregone conclusion. Lord Lansdowne
is marked out for slaughter, and Viscount Gross will also be forced to retire. It is also rumored that the Duke
of Devonshire will not be a member of
the ministry after the elections and
that Loid Lansdowne's resignation
from the War Office will be the signal
for the retirement of Mr. Goscben
from the admiralty. If these forecasts
are fulfilled Mr. Chamberlain will be
almost the only prominent Liberal-
Unionist in the cabinet and ought to
have a most conspicuous office in order to illustrate tho principle of the
survival of the Httest.
There are, however, a good many
supcruuuated Tories who would adorn
the privacy of retirement and their
fate has not yet been settled byjthe rumor mongers. One theory Is that Lord
Cromer will be brought into the Foreign Olliee and General Kitchener into
the War Olliee and that Mr. Ilalfour,
Mr. Chamberlain and Sir Michael
Hicks-Beach will be left where they
are. The "Aldersbot gang" which
planned the holiday promenade to
Pretoria a year ago, will find itself
"between the devil aud the deep sea"
when asked to choose between Mr.
Chamberlain and General   Kitchener.
Another mystery which fascinates
the rumor mongers is the probable
selection of the new lord chief justice. The Lord High Chancellor ordl-
narily makes all judicial appointments'^LL QUIET THIS MORNING
but the prime minister is responsible
for the choice of Lord Chief Justice,
Lord Salisbury and Lord Hnlbury are
tntlm&te personal friends and probably will talk tho matter over.but the
decision rests with the prime minister. Sir Edward Clarke would have
been Lord Russell's natural successor
if he had not gone wrong on South
Africa and been forced to abandon
public life, Sir Richard Webster has
excluded himself from the chief seut
on the bench by becoming master of
the rolls. Sir Robert Findlay has
been attorney-general only a few
months and Ills elevation to Lord Russell's place would be premature.
Some most astute lawyers and officials
are predicting the appointment of
Sir Francis Jeun, He has been president of one of the great divisions of
the bench and has great influence at
court and in political circles.
Some Unionist journals are seeking
to create the impression that Germany
and England are leading and controlling the vurions other powers
on the China question. Germany bus
taken, without doubt a line of her
own, but the British foreign office
Has made it clear that it preferred to
follow the other powers and was unwilling to lead the way. The German
Emperor's circular is now commended
by the English press as the wisest deliverance yet made on the Chinese
question, although it is not explained
how any black list of guilty mandarins can be provided which will omit
at the top the of the Empress Dowager
as the chief conspirator against the
foreign embassies aud mission stations.
The most candid English journals
tell the plain truth about the diplomatic situation, namely, thut Great
Britain by remaining in the background and waiting for other powers
to take the initiative, has lost the
great opportunity for justifying its
position as an Asiatic power and exerting moral influence in the world.
England has been adrift in China
without a definite policy. Now that
the elections are coming on the Foreign Office is stiffening its diplomacy
and receives credit from the Unionist
press for making strong demands at
A llarge Sunk In the Rapids at St.
Clair River.
Port Huron, Mieh., Sept. 22.���The
barge Martin, in tow of the steamer
Maurice T. Glover, was sunk in the
raotds at the entrance to the St. Clair
River last night by the straight back
steamer Yuma, and Captain James
Lawless, of Lolrn; Win. Ross, mate,
of Toledo; Mrs. llacon, of Toledo, and
one sailor, name unknown, are missing. Navigation through the channel
is completely blocked. Tugs are out
in Lake Huron notifying down bound
boats to anchor. The Bunken wreck
of the schooner Foutain and the Martin lie quite close together and one
or both of them will have to be blown
up in order to clean the channel.
Grain Warehouses and Elevators Arc
Being Consumed.
New York, Sept. 22.���The large
grain warehouses and the elevators of
the Atlantic dock, Brooklyn,arc burning and it is feared that a loss of at
least half a million dollars will ensue. Ney's stores adjoining, were al
so on lire.
Spokane, Wash., Sept. M,���Single'
handed, a masked robber held up the
westbound passenger train on the
Northern Pucllic at one o'clock this
morning and succeeded in getting
away with about 8M)0 In cash, several
watches anil u quantity of jewclcry.
Ha/.elton, Pa.. Sept. 22.���Calmness
prevailed throughout the Lehigh re
gion this morning. No disturbances
of any moment were reported in any
part of the district. There was still
a tension on the public mind, but the
sending of troops to Shenandoah, 4T,
miles from here,was generally regarded as bringing matters to a crisis,
and the situation here has been somewhat relieved. Armed deputies were
distributed among most collieries and
along several of the public roads,leading to the mining properties. There
was the usual number of strikers out
early this morning, trying to persuade workmen not to go into the
mines, but they did not meet with as
much sucess as on the previous days
of the week. The strikers were care
ful not to carry their persuasion to
the point of Intimidation, thus avoiding a conflict with the deputies. The
strike situation was practically unchanged   this morning.
Shenandoah, Pa., Sept. 22.���All was
quiet here up to 9 a. m. Troops
began arriving soon after daylight
and soon after daylight about 2,500
soldiers were on the ground. The saloons are all closed and martial law
prevails. Tho collieries were idle,
having been closed by the Reading
Company at the request of Sheriff
Toole in order to avert trouble. It developed this morning that only one
person, Mike Y'uckavaga, was killed
outright in last evening's Bhootiug
here. Annie Rogers recovered consciousness some hours after the bullet
struck her in the back of the neck
aud is In a fair way to ultimatly
get well. Following the scenes of turmoil and riot yesterday, everything
was quiet   today.
The town council appointed over 500
special policemen to serve during the
night and in consequence everything
passed off peacubly. No crowds were
permitted to congregate on any of the
streets. General,I. P. S. Gobln, Lieutenant-Governor of the statu and commander of the Third Brigade, Pennsylvania National Guard, In command of the troops which arrived here
early this morning, made the state
ment that he would distribute the
soldiers between Shenandoah, St. Nicholas, Mabony City and other points
after be bad looked over the field.
Edwin Clarke, who was shot below
the heart, had a remarkable escape,
the bullet having been extracted and
he is improving today, lie had gone
into tho street to take his children
out of the way when he received the
wound. All the collieries around
Shenandoah, Lost Creek and William
Pcnn were closed down. Not a mine
in the region was working today. The
deputies who were with Sheriff Toole
last evening and did the shooting,
were all selected from the best citizens of Shenandoah.
und lie and divers aud experts from
Hong Kong made an examination of
all the Spanish ships and decided that
these three were worth saving-three
out of a dozen. They ' were raised
and temporarily repaired at Cavite.
The vessels proceeded under their own
steam to Hong Kong and had been
there tor some time undergoing repairs before Ilobson saw them. As a
matter of fact, I never claimed that
we sunk these ships. I reported that
we destroyed them, I did see with
my own eyes an eight-inch shell strike
the stern of the Keina 'Maria Christina. Admiral Montojo's flagship, and
that destroyed her. The statement
that the vessels were not much injured below the water line was probably
true. Evereyone knows that it is impossible for shells to do much execution below the water line or anything
but torpedoes to do much damage
there. A few inches of water is a
great protection. Armored ships are
not armored much below the water
line, tho water being protection
enough from a shell. 1 hardly think
it worth our while to pay much attention to this. Y'ou know it is human
naturo to depreciate what others have
done. Mr. Ilobson may not have been
quoted correctly or in full."
The Wreck of the Steamer
Nelson Caused Much
Damaged Boat Now Ready to
Go On the Beach for
up and could not be obtained, but the
legal advisers maintain that Nebe-
ker's action was valid anyway- The
appointment was drawn carefully in a
legal form, signed und witnessed. A
formal acceptance will bellied with
the Secretary of State.
Ottawa, Sept. it,���The Trades Congress yesterday afternoon re-elected
Ralph Smith. M. P. P. for Nanaimo,
B. C, as president. The following
were elected British Columbia's executive committee of tlie congress:
Vice-Presidents, .lames Wilks, Nelson. T. N.McLaren, Rossland; George
Hartley, Vancouver, and Thomas
Twlgg, Victoria.
General Methuen Strikes a Hard Blow
at the Boers.
London, Sept. 22.���The following
despatch has been received from Lord
"Pretoria, Friday, Sept. 91.���Methuen completely routed a lioer convoy at Hart River, west of Kloekdorp,
and recaptured a fifteen pounder lost
at Colenso. He also captured 20 wagons, 8,000 cattle, 4,000 sheep, 20.000
rounds of ammunition and 28 prisoners. Hildyard occupied Vryheidspruit,
September 19, turning out the Boers
from a strong position. The British
casualties were few. Clery has cap
tured a Hollander-American belonging to Theron's scouts who confirms
the reports of the Rona death."
The intermediate baseball team of
this eity will play a match with the
Rossland Stars at II o'clock tomorrow
afternoon at the recreation grounds.
Replies to Mr. Ilobson Re the Sunken
Spanish Ships.
New York, Sept. 22.���Admiral Dewey who Is stopping at Sayville, L. I.,
tulked yesterday of the Ilobson interview, saying:
"1 hardly think the young man
meant to say anything unkind, and
perhaps he did not say what is said
there. The three vessels he referred
to are the Isla dc Cuba, Isla de Luzon
adn Don ,Iaun dc Austria. They were
the least injured of the 10 or 12 ships
sunk at Manila. Naval Constructor
Capp", �� wy nMe mttn> WM with wo'
Articles of Incorporation Are Filed in
Ferry  County.
Republic, Wash., Sept. 22.���Yesterday urticles of incorporation were prepared and signed for the Republic and
tirund Forks Railroad Company and
a copy filed In the auditor's office and
the original sent to the secretary of
state at Olympia. The object of the
Company, as stated in the articles of
incorporation is to construct,maintain
and operate a railroad of standard
gauge fronia point on the international boundary, near the intersection of
Kettle River, with the boundary line
between the United Slates and Dominion of Canada, near the town of Nelson, in Ferry County, Washington, by
the most feasible route to the city of
Republic in said county and state, to
gethur with BUch sidings, spurs and
The objects are also to construct
such extensions us may be necessary
to carry passengers and freight and do
a general railroad business and to be
a post road of the United States and
to charge and collect freight charges
and fares therefore. To construct and
maintain nnd operate a telegraph and
telephone Hue along and in connection with said railroad and to collect
tolls for the use thereof; to acquire
real estate and to own und leaso rcul
estate and to own townsitses and
town plats; to sell,mortgage otherwise
encumber or dispose of the saute.
The capital stock of the company is
placed at 81.000,000 divided into 10,-
ooo shares of the par value of $1,000
each. The principal olliee and place of
business is to be Republic, Ferry
County, Wasing'on. Tin' time of the
existence of the corporation shall be
50 years from the dale of the tiling of
the incorporation with the secretary
of state. The number of trustees is
fixed at seven.
The names and addresses of those
who shall manage the affairs of the
company for the first six months are:
James Robert Stratum of Toronto,
Camilla; Thomas Patrick Coffee.of Toronto, Canada; Traccy William llol-
and of Grand Forks, B.C. ; Wyle Cooper Morris of Republic. Wash; Henry
V. Gardiner of Seattle, Wash. ; Thomas M. Hammond of Republic, Wash.;
and Eber C. Smith of Republic.
The general route of the road will
be from a point on Kettle River, opposite the city of Grand Forks, and
continue down Kettle River until near
Curlew, where It will cross the river,
pass up Curlew Creek to Curlew Lake,
and along the west bank of the lake;
thence through the valley to the San
Poil Creek, thence down that creek to
a point near Republic, thence to the
city of Republic. The surveying party
that started from the international
boundary-reached Republic this evening. The' route is remarkably free
from engineering obstacles and the
grade a remarkably light one. This
is the same company which secured a
fianchise from the Provincial Parliament at Victoria.
Owing to the wrecking of the
steamer Nelson, early yesterday morning near Midge Creek, the Canadian
Pacific is forced to change its regular
service on the Lake. The following
notice was issued'yesterday by W. F.
Anderson, travelling passenger agent
of the C. P.R. at Nelson: Commencing
with tomorrow the Canadian Pacific,
Nelson-Kaslo service will be temporarily withdrawn until further advised, and the public will please be governed accordingly. There will be no
boat leave Nelson for Kaslo at I
o'clock each afternoon until the Nelson is repaired.
Captain Gore and tlie wrecking
crew who went to the assistance of
the Nelson yesterday morning, returned to Nelsou at 7 o'clock this morning. The lowei part of the bow was
stove in and it is expected that it will
lie a week before the boat is ready for
service. Arrangements were being
made today to place the steamer on
the ways, so as to beach her at the local ship .yards. It is expected that
she will be hauled out tomorrow.
The amount of damage done is not
known but it will require an entire
new bow.
In temporarily repairing the steamer so i*s to bring her to Nelson,a bulk
head, or strong petition, was put in
just back of the damaged part, which
made the steamer quite safe to be
brought to Nelson by its own steam.
The crew arrived on the scene about
12:110 p. in. and worked continuously
until 8:1.1 last evening before the repairing was completed.
In speaking of the accident this
morning Captain Gore said that the
night was very dark and it would be
of little difficulty on such a night for
an accident to happen. When the
ship struck, many of the passengers
were thrown into a panic, and much
excitement prevailed for sometime.
Nearly all the passengers were
asleep, and when they were awakened
by the heavy jarr they rushed aboul
Ihe upper deok in thier sleeping attire. As quickly as the captain could
ascertain the situation of affairs and
learn that there was no danger, he
succeeded iu quieting tlie excited people   aboard.
Local Celestials  Refuse  to
Pay the City Revenue
Montreal, Sept. 22.���The Conservatives of La Prairie aud Napiervillo
Counties have nominated Mr. M. Cou-
pel, Notary, to oppose Mr. Monet, the
Liberal M. P., at the general elections.
Toronto, Sept. 22. ���Counsel for the
defence iu the Sifton murder trial,
which was to have opened in London,
on September 24. says the trial will
have to be put back to the next assizes owing to the failure of the defence to get required medical witnesses. The case it is said will likely
excite even greater interest among
medical men than the famous If, u
dershott trial at St. Thomas a few
years ago.
Montreal,   Sept.     33.���Considerable
damage to farm property by lightning
is reported from Newmarket, Co-
bourg, Port Hope and   Lindsay,    Out.
Toronto, Sept. 22.���Fire at an early
hour this morning did considerable
damage to the basement of Gowans,
Kent & Co.'B, large crockery warehouse,
Quebec, Sept. *22.���The Allan liner
Buenos Ayrean from Glasgow to Montreal,is detained at Grose Isle quarantine station, undergoing inspection
on account of the prevaleuee of bubonic plague at the former port and u
desire of the authorities to prevent
the liklihood of the disease spreading
to Canada.
How Utah    Democrats Fooled the'Republicans.
Chicago, Sept. 22.���A special to The
Tribune from   Salt    Lake, Utah, says:
While Governor Wells and Secretary
of Stale Hammond were In Idaho
Thursday ulght to meet Governor
Roosevelt and escort him to this city,
Judge O. W. Powers, of Salt Lake, a
Democrat.was appointed United States
Senator. The appointment was made
by Aquila Nebeker, president of the
Senate, who Is acting Governor, according to the constitution.
It was signed a little while before
midnight, at which time the train
bearing Governor Wells was expected
to cross the line into Utah.
The last legislature was Democratic.
although the state ollieers are Republican. There was a bitter fight for the
Senatorship between A. W. McCune
of Salt Lake and Congressman W, II.
King. An adjournment was taken
without breaking the deadlock. The
seat has remained vacant.
The Democrats discovered Thursday
night they had tlie acting Governor
Mr. Nebeker���who consulted a lawyer
and was told he had He power to
make the appointment He accordingly did bo,    The state seal  was  locked
Nineteen of them are Fined
Five Dollars or Ten
New Orleans, La.���In "Bloody"
Tangipoach parish last night four
uegroes were hanged after the jail iu
the village of Poutichatoula had been
broken open and the prisoucra, accused of robbing the family of Henry
llelfelter, hail been taken from their
Tien 'I'sin. via Shanghai. ��� Li Hung
Chang lias arrived here and is domiciled in his own Yamcii. under a Cos-
Back guard. His reception here was a
repetition of his reception at Tong
Kc, only the Russian anil Japanese
ollieers calling on him, those of the
other nations not taking part in it.
Shenandoah, Pa. A sheriff's possee
fired on a crowd t��f riotous men near
here yesterday afternoon, killing two
persons ami wounding seven others.
A shot was lin-il from a crowd yesterday afternoon as the sheriff of
Schuylkill County and his deputies
wen.- escorting working miners to
their homes, The sheriff then gave
the order to lire and as a result one
Hungarian man and a little girl were
killed and six others wounded by
New York.���Dr. Lewis Albert Sayre.
one uf tin- famous surgeons of this
country, died at his home iu this city
yesterday, aged 81.
London.���The Spectator commenting upon the cotton prices says:
"With all the talk about corners there
seems no doubt whatever that the
cause is quite real, a deficiency lu the
supply of raw   material."
New York. - Rumors iu connection
with the proposed consolidation of
the big telegraph ami telephone companies were discussed yesterday by
ttuBSel Sage, the second largest share
holder in the Western Union Company, who said that reports of such a
combine bad been in circulation a
long time but up to the present time
there had been no definite or written
proposition presented by either side.
London. -The War Office gave out
the following dispatch from Lord Roberts last evening: "Waterval Have,
Thursday,Sept.20. ��� Pole-Carew reached Koopmuiilcn yesterday. Practically there was no road anil the way
hail to be cut through jungles Inter-
sllced by ravines, lie captured 3s
cars of Hour, one ear of coffee and 111
damaged engines at Watervalcnder.
Yesterday evening Lieutenant U. V.
Clark was shot but not fatally by a
sentry while making the rounds.
Sentry did not get his reply."
Considerable trouble has been caused by the refusal of the resident
Chinamen of Nelson to pay the city
revenue tax. Twenty-one Chinamen
were arraigned before Magistrate
Crease this morning, aud all were
found guilty of the charge. Two out
of the number paid, the required .
amount, but the rest, IU in number,
are now locked up at the city jail.
They were each fined 3.", or lo days imprisonment. It is thought that the
fines of many will be paid at once by
their friends. Although they may
serve their time, if their tax is Lot
paid they will be liable to another
The collector, F. R, 0, Beer, accompanied by Chief Thompson, visited
Chinatown at tl o'clock last evening,
to collect the revenue, but they met
with refusals. Twenty-five of them
were at once marched to the eity jail
where they were kept until they were
brought before Magistrate Crease this
morning. The trouble was evidently
caused by an attempt to collect the
Provincial revenue and the city tax.
at the same time. Hut a day before
the Provincial collector was after
them for the Provincial tax.nnd when
the eity tax was demanded the China
men evidently thought that they were
being imposed upon, They also claim
that Chinatown is suffering from hard
times and that few of them have any
Private   Gamble    Home   from    South
isi'inni. TO Tin: MINER.)
Victoria,   11. ('.,   Sopt. l*r fate
Clark Gamble, one of Victoria's quota
to the first Canadian contingent for
the Transvaal, returned home last
evening. He received a royal welcome, the city being Illuminated in
honor of his return. The baud turn
ed out, and a reception wus held
which was largely attended, lie is a
son of F. C. Gamble, C.    E.. Victoria.
Thu morning papers published a
column article containing charges
against the condition of the quarantine station. It was alleged that tho
Walla Walla's captain, some officers
and passengers stated that the station
wus ill managed, poorly equipped und
in other ways not up to the required
standard. Interviewed later in the
day Captain Gall and ollieers of tho
Walla Walla denied the statement! attributed to them nnd spoke In tho
highest terms of the condition of tho
quarantine station and the ability of
the officials there. , larantine Officer
Dr. Watt also refuted the story published in the morning paper.
The funeral of the late Joseph Wilson, who died here Thursday, taken
place tomorrow afternoon. His brother William Wilson is expected from
the eust tonight.
Chief of Provincial Police C. W.
Young, who is acting lu the absence
"f Mr. Mullock-Webster, left this afternoon for Greenwood, with Doc Kl-
well, who will be given a speedy trial
there on Monday uu two charges,
The Slocan Drill says: "This sheet
has no kick coming against the Nelson
dallies and other Provincial literary
efforts religiously, systematically ami
regularly appopriating its mining
items, heads and all. but it would
venture to mildly suggest to the aforesaid   literary   luminaries    that    they
might occasionally  mention the name
of the camp and town from which tho
saiil items emanate. Surely Nelson
has a fool to stand on without purloining the props from    Slocan." The
Drill should be more spccitie.   There
are two dailies in Nelsou,    Which one
docs the stealing? Nelson  Daily  Miner,   Saturday  EvEwmo,  September 22, iqoq.
The Nelson Miner
Published Every Afternoon  Except Sunday
��� MY 'INK���
Limited Liability,
President and Managing Mil tor
Buslne&B Manager.
US Fleet Stint. K. G.
Press Agency, Ltd., Sprcial Agents
Dally, pt
Dally, p.
Dally, p<
Dally, pi
r month, by currier	
r month, by mall	
r j ear, by oarrlor	
1- j oar, by mall	
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$ r no
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per year.......	
por yoar, fnri-iKli 	
jiiions Invariably in advanoe,
?1 2.1
.   2 mi
.  ;i no
All CI
order  o
ooks Bhould  lie made puyablo t.o the
Nelson   Publishing   Comca.nv,
The question of Oriental immigration is an old one in Hritish Columbia. Many years ago the white people of the Province became alarmed at
the prospect of being over-run by Chinese.and Governments at oitawa were
Importuned to adopt measures that
would cheek their invasion. It was
thought that a poll tax of lifty
dollars would have the effect of keeping the Immigration within bounds,
and no doubt it has had a vrry considerable Influence; but events have
shown that it has not served the purpose as fully as was desired, as fresh
batches of Chinese are continually arriving, and the situation has been
made more alarming by the addition
of shoals of Japanese. Whether the
danger is as great as apprehended is
al least doubtful enough to make the
question a debatable one; but there
has never been any doubt of the profound and general discontent with
which tlie invasion of these people
has been regarded by nearly all classes
in the Province, and this feeling has
found frequent expression in demands
for inure exclusive measures. At the
last general eleotion for the Dominion the leader of the Liberals was desired to declare how far he was prepared to go to keep out the Chinese
lie was then making a hot fight fo
lirst place In the political panic, and
anxious, of course, to gain as many
voles us possible, lie replied that the
question was not a live one in the
Fast, and that he would be entirely
governed in the matter by the wishes
of his supporters in Hritish Columbia. This was taken as an assurance
that if the Province sent down some
Liberal members and Sir Wilfrid
Laurier should emerge from tlie elections with a majority, the new Gov
eminent could be depended upon to
adopt whatever measures might berec
ommended by their Hritish Columbia
supporters. Ill this belief several con
Stltuencles returned Liberals, who did
not fail to represent the wishes of the
people here in regard to the exclusion
of the Chinese.
Session after session passed, how
ever, and Sir Wilfrid Laurier and
his Government did nothing. In the
meantime Chinese anil Japanese came
pouring in. and white labor became
more alarmed than ever. It was not
until another election loomed in the
distance that the Premier remembered
bis promise. The lime was coming to
Ash for more votes, lie did not Intend
to Implement the pledge to be governed by his Hritish Columbia supporters:
but it was necessary to make a show
of Interest, and accordingly a measure
was passed to raise the poll tax from
lifty tu one hundred dollars. This
was absurdly Insufficient to cope with
tlie situation, but nothing more could
be obtained, .Meanwhile the campaign
has been in progress, and Ihe Premier
has made the rather  alarming discov
cry thai,    his need   of   votes is greater
than he   had at   lirst supposed.     It   is
necessary if possible to hold   his su]
port in Ibis Province, and to Ibis end
lie hastens to announce   that   a   Commission has been appointed to invesli
gate anil report on the whole question
of Chinese   immigration,    It is hoped
that this will tickle  the   people here
that il will conciliate ihe disaffected,
and win votes enough to bold the advantage be pained last election,
What the   ComlmSBlon  has to inves
tigate wc do not know, There is noth
ing doubtful   or   concealed   about the
question, so far as any one iu   llritisl
Columbia is  aware,   The Chinese an
coming in. and the   people   here want
them kept out.    If we   Investigate fo
a hundred years it   will  be ImpoBslbl
to discover more   than   this,   and it is
the skin and llesh and  bone   and marrow nf  Ihe    whole   question,     The lip-
jiiiintmenl of a Commission is u mere
trick, and the purpose of it is to make
votes. The Government arc no more
earnest in their intention to take
effective measures to abate the evil
than they have been any time these
four years past; but an election is on.
in.l tie- need rotes, and it is thought
that a Commission may fool the people here.     Perhaps it will.
Between Sir Wilfrid banner's policy of Parliamentary Federation and
Sir Charles Tupper'S of Imperial preferential trade there is a vast difference. Sir Charles made the following
reference In tlie subject iii accent
speech:  "Sir   Wilfrid    l.auricr's   pol-
oy was tn obtain representation in
the Imperial Parliament, This meant
ill the work of a national character
now done for Canada at Ottawa would
be transacted at Westminster; in other
words, Canada would abandon its
rights as a great self-governing Colony in roturn   for the privilege of be-
np taxed by the Imperial Parliament
to what the latter thought our popula-
111 ami resources would admit of.
No man will go further in Buppport-
{ British Interests than I will myself, but it urns! be done as a free act
of a free ami Independent people, Canada having received from the Crown
the concession of absolute right of
self-government, and Britain having
been deprived by legislation of the
power to levy a farthing of taxation
upon any BClfigoveming colony, I
would be a traitor to Canada; aye. 1
would be woise. I would be a traitor
to Britain and the dearest interests of
Britain, if I ever for a Single moment
would tolerate such an invasion of the
free government that Canada possesses, as Sir Wilfrid  Laurier   proposes."
Books You May Need
Mr. Edward Make i^ in Canada���
ur was when last heard of���anil the
general elections are on in Great
Britain. I* the gentleman absenting
himself in the hope that his Longford constituents may select .some
other person? It would not be surprising to learn that the able, scrupulous, finely constituted Canadian had
grown tired of Irish politics as dished
up by Ihe Redmonds, tleulys, and
O'Briens of the National party, and
would welcome an escape that would
give him quiet enjoyment of his
briefs. Bui he voluntarily put his
hand to the plough, and if his constituents want him another term he
will cable his consent.
There is an every-day passenger service by the ('row's Nest route, but in
recently establishing a postal-car service it was arranged for six days only,
mail matter for the East being sent
on the seventh via Spokane. It would
not be characteristic of the Post olliee
Department if the service did not fall
short in some respect. It was. jUNt ;i>
easy to make it complete as to do
what has been done, but Mr. Mulock
evidently acts on the belief that completeness in Southern Iiritish Columbia would bo the joy that killed.
In respect to Some of tlie Manitoba
constituencies it is discovered that the
voters' list.-- as printed at Ottawa do
not correspond with the boundaries
as established by law. This may be
as innocent a discrepancy as the
Queen's Printer declares it to be in a
letter published he TOW 1 th I but it is
one that will bear watching, and as it
extends to constituencies in Hritish
Columbia it will be well if an eye be
kept on the preparation of the lists
for use in this Province.
If there were anything to invesi-
gate, and if the Premier were as sincere as he professes to be. that. Com-
mlssion t.i Inquire into the question
of Chinese immigration would have
been appointed four years ago. That
it was not was owing to the one simple fact that there was no immediate
need of votes.
W.    REINHARD,   M. D.
Specialty:   Eye. Ear and Nose.
Olliee:    linker Sheet, near Prnlernitv
Hall.   Telepl ��� No. O,
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ami Valuing   .Mines	
Lang's  Matte   Smelting	
Miller's   Qualitative   Analysis..
Kemp's llandliook'of   Rocks....
Thaiiiwinc's Engineer's Handbook	
Hawkins' New Catechism for
the Steam   Engine	
Hawkins' Maxims and Instructions for   lloilcr Room	
Hawkins' New Catechism of
Hawkins' Handbook of Calculations  for  Engineers	
.Machinists' and Engineers'
Pocket Manual	
Stevenson's Practical Test	
Canada's  Metals	
A. R. BARROW, am ice
Provincial   I.ami   Surveyor.
Coruor Viotoria and Kootenay Sis.
P, 0. Box Coy. Telephone No, 0:,
Soo Line
fniperial    Limited
East   and   West
First Gloss Sleepers on all trains from
Arrowhead and Kootenay Landtng
Tourist   Onrs    pass    Medicine    Hut
daily lor St,. Paul; Saturdays for
Montreal and Boston; Mondays and
Thursdays for Toronto, Same curs
pass Revelstoke one day oarlier,
7:10 Lv Nelson Ar 10:86
16:80 I.v Nelson Ar 18t45
Morning train daily for and from
Rossland, ami for Revelstoke, main
Hue and I'aeilie ('nasi.
Afternoon train daily for and from
KoHsliind. ami from Revelstoke, main
line nnd I'aeilie Coast, ami daily
(except Sunday) for and from Boun-
| clary points,
7:80 I.v . ) XT.,,   ( Ar 10:80
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class land under cultivation, r>H<) fruit
trees, a targe proportion bearing
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Electric Tramway.
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Hugh R. Cameron
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A mill 111:111 u -.0111 111 n.
Hai.khuimimh ;
Nelson,      -      o. c.
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WANTED- flood building lota down
town for client.   Also land Adjoining
city for gardening,
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Saturday to Argenta null return,
leaving Kaslo at 20:00k,
Kootknay BlVEB RoCTB.
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Crow's Nest Line trains.
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apply for a  license to sell  intoxicating
liquors ai the Itossland Hotel, Vernon
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Special Line of Tweed Suitings at $25.
Successor to Fred J. Squire-
IT. O. GRERN        F, 8. OUCMKNTS
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Corner Baker nnd Stanley StreeU
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Sheppard R'v.
Red iftfountain R'v.
The only all rail route between
all points east, west and south tu
Rossland, Nelson and intermediate
points; connecting at Spokane with
Great Northern, Northern Pacific,
and O. R. & N. Co.
Connects at Nelson v ith steamer
for Kaslo and all Kootenay lake
Connects at  Meyer's  Falls  with
stage daily for Republic,   and  connects at Bossburg with stage  daily
for Grand Forks and Greenwood.
LOAV& Day Train. Abrivk.
10.811 n.m Bpoknne 7:10 p.m,
13:05 p. m linaalnnd G:30 p.m.
(J:30 n, in Nelaon 8:00 p.m.
Night Traiii.
9:45 p.m Spoknne 7:05 a.m:
11 :(I0 p.m Kosaland 0:30 a.m.
H. A. JACKSON, G. P. ft T.A.
Spokane Waab
Aeent. Nelaon. R.O
Atlantic S. S. Lines.
_ From Monlrenl
Allan Lino TonUInn  0��t 1*
Dominion Lino Ciuubronum Ocl6
BoavoT I.lno l.ako i ini.ii ii,
Beavei Uno LudtanU...
WhltoStar I.lno Ocimnlo
WhlioHliir I.lno ToUtOnlo,
Ousard i.lno Campania...,
Cuminl I.lno Mi mm	
Aiiioi-lcan I.lno til,. LoiiIh
Oot J
From Now York
  Oct IS
American u��� Now fork,    .. '     ocuo
Anchor Lino   Kllilopin Oct II
Aiii-lior Lino Oily uf Homo Oct 13
N. B, L. LlnoKalHor Wllholm dor Uoano.. .Oct 1
N. a, L. Lino Lahn   Oct K
I'H'iii'h Lin,, ij, Oawsegne Oot 4
French Lino LoTouralne Ootll
AJiancJtate Liuo Oalflornlau Oot I
���        ...     .                             From BoHlon.
Uinuril Linn Ivornln Oct 13
Dominion Line Now SaglaiMI Oct to
1'iiHMiKOH anaogod to nml from nil Knroponn
point*, *or rntort, llcko.H nnd full Information
npplT lo ('. P. I>. doiwt ngont or H. L. Brown
Olty l'uwoiiKor AKont, Nolnon, B. 0,
,      W. V. F.CUMMINOS,
Oonnrnl A mint, up.lt, oiiIcob. Wlnnlpoir
MHS. BBILLT, who has taken over
the house on Ward Street just
above the Post Olliee, will give board
and rooms. Several eboice rooms still
unoccupied.  Terms reasonable
���Sinehdlam. $l.'l.50perlOO feet.   For
Immediate  delivery    in   Nelaoa
J. 0. T. CROFTS,
P. 0. Box     , Nelson, RO Nelson  Dailv Miner,  Saturday   Evening,  September a, 1900
London, Sept. IS.���The Londoner Is I
, ,[\ 11 died quietly and without
!'; apparent agony. One day, when
1,1 have been on the newatands,
who Inquired for it found
a not. It was by no means |
lint   the   attempt of the
it slum
the peopi
that it win
.a papi
**��'.���;,;, i,���i,ioe the public to buy
Er twopenoe what It has been sMeua-
ledtoSuytorBlxpenoewas a fall-
iiiv.    I'll
made 111
were I h
hritish    nubile    long   ago
s   mind   that H wanted   to
vnoneefor  its  weekly   literary
'.,,,,1 1 have  little  doubt that
, Spectator to reduce its price
,0 twopence, three-fourths of its read-
,.s would abandon  t.     1 am no for-
TCttlngthat one of the brightest and
goat uf   the ; literary  weeklies-The
for threepence  Instead
I from a financial point
,,s to lie doing well.    Also
is n successful   three-
Itul both of these have
iiiii-cs.  They are not mere-
nl"I'lie Spectator and 't'lie
is  the   attempt to  fur-
nenoe  and
of alxpc
,if view Si"
The Acad
penny paper
original fen'
lv Imitations
Saturday   It
nlah   Spectators  for  two
' penoe   wilicli   invariably   falls.
. the Papal Legate who bad seen
"tour nnd twenty leaders of revolts,"
1 have seen very nearly four and
twenty lintnitattons of The Spectator
riaeand fall, And yet there are always and probably always will be,
neopl'e with money to lose, who fancy
Sat they can establish a new Spectator Suell people will never learn by
experience. Vears ago It was the
conviction of successive optimists that
an Imitation Punoh eould be made to
live in New Vork.nml thereupon vanity Fair, and Mrs. (Iruiuly.and Punchinello nnd their like, came and went
���,���l bankrupted their owners. It was
not until the founder of Puck Invented an entlrey new style of humorous
paper that humorous journalism flourished in America,
��� ��� ���
A quantity of now novels have ap-
peared during tho last week, but with
the solitary exception of Mr. Hop-
kin's ������Silent Hate" they are hopeless! v bad. Apparently the publishers, during a season like the present,
when hartlly any novel has a chance
of success, gloomily decide to put upon the market the very worst trash
that they have iu their possession.
The idea is not n had one. By publishing their worst Looks in the
worst season they can content themselves with Issuing a very small edition of each,knowing that the chances
of selling: more than a hundred or so
copies are practically nothing. Then
when the author receives hid lirst accounts of sales he can console himself
liy saying that the failure of the book
was due lo tlie season during which it
was published, Thus both publisher
and authors can find some grains of
comfort in the situation. If this is
the true explanation of the sudden
shower of wretched nnd unreaduble
novels which has descended upon us
tala week it shows Hint gleams of Intelligence can lie found even among-
continued and habitual pulbi&htrs,
��� ���  ���
The person calling herself "Ouida"
ought lu he pleased with the seriousness with which her book of so-called
critical studies has been received. The
press as a rule has treated it as if It
had been written by some one who by
temperament and accomplishments
vim capable of writing criticism.
There is a great deal of sharp, shrew-
llnabuse of various persona In the
boos but of real, intelligent, temperate crilicism I have not found a trace,
locall the hook "Critical Studies" is
as mil of place as it would lie to call
Mr. Bryan's speeches "statesmanship. ''
��� ���   ���
Mr. Tighe Hopkins has bit upon a
sew idea In his "Silent Gate." Nobody, ao far as I remember, has written an entire booh of prison stories.
Certainly no one 1ms given us such an
entirely fresh Incarnation of criminal
life as has Mr. Hopkins in his "Turkey"   the boy   who   is will make the
forti  of the "Silent Gate."   The
Btoi'us contained In the volume are
'cry unequal. Some of them, like the
one in which the delightful Turkey
appears, arc to iny mind among the
best ,,f recent short stories, others
���train, like the story of the prisoner
Who hypnotized every one around him
Me woefully bud. That anyone should
in the year I'.illl] venture "to write a
story based ,m ihe ui,s,mi theory that
hypnotism is the result of the use of
Will power,'" and that the possessor
of this power can hypnotise people
"le'imsi their will by "merely   looking
��t them,Is certainly strange, lie might
M well export to'llml Mr. Hopkins
writing a new story after the model
M 'Sylvester Sound," in which���If
jay ono still recalls the book���it will
remembered  that  the    hero
JJ*Utly accomplished thut purely   my
1   feat of "throwing his voice..'
However, Mr. Hopkins' 1m>oU Is so
K'��i'l in the main that It   will be read
in spue ,,r its i,.���s commendable parts.
11 l�� fresh and   bright,   and   its   sue-
ocas is a foregone conclusion,
���  ��  ���
' see that old General Cluseret Is
oeaa, Some time ago be published his
''' 'S, and in view   of   the   varied
""" peculiar expeirenoea of his life
��l��le Memoirs ought to be worth
"���"���'atng, especially lu America,
"in re ( luaeret fought and wroto. He
"ai certainly a gallant lighter,though
jae tommunlita, who appointed  him
"""Miiiiand Inward the end of the in-
''"���'cctlon, found   him    too much   In
''"n/'d to acl like a soldier Instead of a
'""hroat, and   therefore  decided that
no was either a traitor or an Inoompe-
wnt bungler.   Cluseret was. as I have
sways understood  cashiered from the
lifnrli   Army for certain llnancial ir-
k'nlui iti.-M.     |i,, afterwards obtained
commission  in the  Eederal  Army
uunng our Civil   war,   nnd   after   the
ar was over he established a Radical
�����Kly In New York   culled The New
������in.ni     It was as the   editor   of this
''I"'1' thai I k���eW him. lie wrote
��'"�� BOOd lenders, which   his   seere-
���' y translated into lOngUsh, and ho
Proved himself to be skillful in tho
���not Duying type Ud paper without,
wjing any money f,���- them. Then he
��"��  selected by the Kenlans   to head
i' ',';;'m'''1  In Ireland, but  after
������,, ,"K, ��*��nilned the ground nml
����<   himself    Mqnalntft   with   the
diolli,\'.'"?'���*'" lle contemptuously
Uullnrd to have anything to 'do with
In Use the most Economical
Greater in leavening strength, a
spoonful raises more dough, or goes
Working uniformly and perfectly,
it makes the bread and cake always
light and beautiful, and there is never
a waste of good flour, sugar, butter
and eggs.
With finer food and a saving of
money comes the saving of the health
of the family, and that is the greatest
economy of all.
Note.���Many mixtures, made In Imitation ol baking
powders, are upon the market. They ar.
sold cheap, hul are dear at any price, because ihey contain alum, a corrosive poison.
the movement. After returning from
exile, where he went after the collapse
of the Commune, he became a Deputy,
but never made himself prominent in
that capacity. The only measure with
which his name was associated us a
legislator wus an attempt to put down
dueling, in which he showed a degree
of common sense which one would
hardly have expected from a French
Soldier anil a Communist. I have never seen Cluaeret's Memoirs, but, as 1
have said, they ought to be interesting, and the fact that they exasperated Cluaeret's old Radical friends suggests that he must have told some un-
pleasaut truths about them.���W.L.A1-
den. in New York Times Saturday
"Our polioy is the policy that in
IS71I we put upon the statute book, a
policy declaring that we would afford
tilting protection to every Canadian
industry, and to Canadian labor. (Applause.) We stand by that policy today, in all its integrity, as we stood
by It then.
'������We consider it the bounden duty
of men charged with the administration of public affairs ill Canada to
look above all at that which will
make our country great and prosperous, and to steadily carry it out in a
way that will achieve for the country
that which this policy has done In
the past.     (Applause.)
���We are ready to give fair and
scjuare terms of 'mutual preference to
England, as a means of binding this
Empire together, and uniting its outlying portions to the Mother Land, as
nothing else can do; but standing in
the position of the Government of the
country, charged with the important
duty of protecting that which Is the
very foundation of a country's greatness, the labor of the country, I say
that we are bound to protect it, and
to furnish means for carrying out and
developing   the   great   industries    of
������When people talk to me of what
Sir Wilfrid l.nuriei's preferential
trade has done to obtain the favor of
England,   I say   that     In   one   hour,
when this Government was compelled
to dleharge its duty In sending a contingent to South Africa, more was
done for the unity of the Empire and
to raise Canada in the estimation nol
only of the Empire but of the eiivll/,-
nd world, than In any amount of Sir
Wilfrid l.ntirier's   preferential   trade.
���'1 say that I shall take up tins
question ami negotiate n mutual preference that will promote the progress
and development of Canada, and at
the same time Strengthen the ties Hint
bind the colonics to the great cuntro
of the Empire.
"Hut I do not hesitate to say that
wc are not willing to take the bread
out of the mouths of our own children
to feed those of any other country In
the world." (t)reat cheering.)���Sir
Charles Tupper at Montreal.
William I). Benson, of Montana, is
another man who calls Cape Nome a
snare and delusion says the Spokesman-Review, He went up to Nome in
June,and no more disgusted man than
he returned at the end of August.
lie was in town yesterday, and stated
that on tlie day he left there were fi, -
Olio idle men at Nome, and the beach
was worked out. He went north on
the Qarronne, with 800 other people,
nnd he relates that the people nealy
went crazy when they landed, lie
saw one old couple commence to
Bcratch witli their hands in the beach
directly they landed. He asked the
old lady���she was 111)���wtiat she was
looking for.and she answered that she
intended to have her share of the
nuggets which the Seattle papers talked such a lot about. Several men were
killed during his stay north, lie
wtnessed a very sad natural death.
lle was out prospecting with a party
in the hills. As they were passing a
tent a man asked them for brandy.
They entered the tent and saw a dying
man lying on the bunk'. He asked one
of them to get a letter from bis vest
pocket and to read it aloud. It ran
somewhat as follows: "My Hoy Jim-
niie: Let the past be forgotten. 1
know you have suffered up there thousands iif miles away from home and
those you love and love you. You
have been freely forgiven and all is
forgotten. Aud, .liinmle, we want
you home. Hemember when you do
eoine that the gate will be open and
your gray-haired old mother will be
only too glad to take her boy in her
arms once more. We wait for you
.Ihnmie ' Uttering the wordB "forgiven, forgotten, oh! my mother!"
Jimmie passed to the great beyond.
Mr. Benson Bays there is some rich
ground in the district, such as that on
Anvill, Qlaolr and Dexter Creeks, but
four-fifths of the best claims are tied
up by litigation, being claimed by
different parties. The law is unjust,
he claims, in that it allows a man to
stake claims for himself, friends and
his relatives.. Morever, these claims
can be held for a year without any
work being done upon them, and If
the man Is first on the ground next
year he can relocate.
Wholesale Houses
rpHOHTK & CO. Ijtmitutl���(lormir  Vernon
X. and Cedar dtrouU, Ntilnon���Munufaulur-
ci'ri of and whulusnlu dwdurs in iiernUsd wnturw
and i'i'iiii syrups, Bole agentti for Halcyon Hot
SpriiiK-' mineral water.   Telephone ftO.
A Tempting Table
X^l N. M. Cummins, Lessee���Every known
variety of soft, drinks, I' <> Box <ss. Telephone
No. 81, Huover Street, Nelson,   bottlers of the
famous ui. Leon Hol8priiiKn Mineral Wtiler.
CANK & MAODONALD (H, Cane, James
A. Maedonaldl���ArclutuclH aud Hupurin-
tundoiiLx, lirukun Hill Hlouk, corner Maker and
Ward Streets, Nelson.
00,���Manufacturers of the Royal Seal
and Kootenay Belle Cigars. Factory and
Office, Baker Street, Nelson,
HJ. KVANS & CO.-Bakor Struct, Nol-
���   son���Wholesale dealers iii liquors, el-
Kiii'd, cement, lire hrick and lire clay, water
pipe and htuol rails, and general commission
J   A. M'DONALD-Madden block. Nelson-
���   Frujts, ico cream, "U. U." chocolates.
high class confectionery.   Ico Cream Parlors,
Wholesale aud retail dealers in Kiaii
hay, (lour, feed.   Mills at Victoria, New west*
minster; KdmonLon, Atta. Elevators on Cal
gary and Edmonton Railway. Manufacturers
of tho celebrated 13. & K. brand cereals.
A MAODONALD & Co.-Cornor Front
��� and Hall Streets���Wholesale grocers
and jobbers in blankets, gloves, mitts, boots,
rubbers, mackinaws and minors' sundries.
nillti corner Hall and Kront Streets,
Nelson���Lumber, ceiling, flooring, and every
thing in wood for building purposos. Got our
prices.   Correspondence solicited.
P   BURNS & Co.���Baker Street, Kelion-
���   Wholesale dealers in fresh und cured
moatfc.   Cold Storage.
Baker Street, Nelson���Wholesale dealers in fresh and cured meats.
Street,  Nelson ��� Wholesale  denials in
hardware,  miners'  supplies,  sporting  goods,
M'LACHLAN BROS. (Successors to Vancouver Hardware Co, Ltd.) Baker Street,
Nelson���'Wholesale dealers in hardware and
miniug supplies, plumbers' and tinsmiths' supplies.
.��y    paints, oils and gli>ss; mechanics' tools.
Agents foi Ontario Powder Works; dynamite
TURNER, BEETON & Co.-Cornor Vornon
and Josephine Streets, Nelson���Whole-
sale dealers In liquors, cigars, and dry goods.
Agents for Pabst Brewing Go, of Milwaukee
und Calgary Brewing Co of Calgary.
UHSONS BAY Co. -Wliolomilo ({rooerios
und liquor* etc., Itakor Strout, NcIhoii.
���^**��v��>^^w��*>^*^>*>^��v^��^^^,^^,^��vv%vv��vvvvwvv��^**ww*^ >
The End of
The Season
If you have difficulty in making a
pleasing variety in your lull uf fare
from day tu day,
Come to Our Grocery
and learn how easily and economically
it ean be done,
Here are a few things that will lu'lp
you :
Breakfast Cereals of all descriptions
Fresh Fruits arriving daily
Choice Butter and Eggs
A full line of Cured Meats
Also our Teas and Coffee that
cannot be excelled.
Klrkpatrlck 8  Wilson
Delivered to any point
on Kootenay Lake.
I have a complete stock on hand of
Rough and Dressed
Mouldings, Sash Doors.
Inside Finish,
Coast Flooring, and
Finished Lumber-
Mill at PILOT HAY. Yards, NELSOU
and LABDO,
J Front i,mi Hall Streets, Nelnon���Wholesale dealern In wlneu Icane and bulk), and
domestic and Imported cigars.
JY. GRIFFIN i. CO.-Corner Vornon and
��� Josephine Streets, Nelson ��� Wholesalo
dealors In provisions, cured moats, butter and
Timely information Riven Mr��.
George Long of Nhw HtraitnvillH,01iip,
prevented a draadfnl tiagndy aud mived
two liven. A frightfnl ooueh had lung
kept her awake every night. She bad
tried many remedies and doctor,, but
steadily grew worse until urged to try
Dr. King's New Discotery. One bottle
wholly onrod her, and she writes this
marvelous mediidue also i-urod Mr.
Long of a sevetu attack of pneumonia.
Snob cures are positive proof of the
luatohless merit of this grand remedy
I (or curing all throat, cbeit and lung
trouble". Only fiOo and $1. Every
bottle guaranteed. Trial bottles free at
Canada Drug & Rook Store.
Thli ilimatun is on every boi of th* (enulnt
Laxative Bromo-Quinioe **"""���
the remedy that coras a coM k) ���<*��� �������
Thorough English, Calisthenics,
Music I'Vench, and German if re-
iMiin'il '''all term commences ,'inl
Hepteniber,   For particulars apply to
Josophiliv it,
Commencing Monday
Sept. 17th
Russell 6 Drew's
Theatre Co.
Change of Play Each Night
li-lt   '  ' 	
A cheerful
Brewers of Fine Lager
Hi'it nml Potter,
Kelson, B. 0.
St. Joseph's
Next, term commences :ir<l
September. For particulars apply to the
Finds   us   with  a   few   pairs   of    Men's
and Women's Summer Shoes
on hand, and these we have marked down
very low. Yon may find your size in the
lot if you call early.
The Sboeists
�� A Wise Investment
A furnace will prove ono
of tliu iK'ft thing! you havo
ever bought. Not. only will
you bo sure of greater ooro*
fori, hui also uf greater
We'll put In a funmee that
won't cost much, and wo can
Insure you full benefit from
11. Much heat from a littlo
fuel Is the great oh t accomplishment of the manufacturer*.
Now Is the bent time to
have uno put iu.
Baker Street, Nelson.
Merchants' Bank of Halifax
Incorporated 1869.
(uphill   Pnlll-up.      ,     .     .      *)S,9HS,0!��.OO   I   Ki��l, Wl,700,000.0
Bnnril ��r islrrriora 1   Thomas K. Konny,   President;   Thomas  RltObiS,  Vico-I'rosidonl.
Wiley Smilh, H. O. Bauld, Hon. H. It. Fuller, M.L.C., Hon. Dtvld MacKoen.
Hrail "in,,, Hull in, :
Genera] MiitmKor, Kdson I.. Pease, Montroal.
Superintendent o( Hranchns. and Boeretary, W. It. Torrance, Halifax,
lnspeetar, W. K. Itrock, Halifax.
Inspector 1J. M. Stewart, Montreal.
Nova Siiills   Halifax 11 iiiiuli. AntlKonlsh, llriili.-owaler. (iuv-liiuii. lyondonderry, l.nnrnbnra.
Maltlaml (Hants OoJ, Ptotou,  Port Hawkosbury, Hydney, Hhubonaoadle, Truro   Weymouth
Mew Brunswick-Halhursi.   Dorehesltr,  Frederleton, KliiKston iKenl  Co.l, Moncton,  New
castle Haekvllle, Woodstock.   P. K. l��s��Mil-UharlotU'town,"hiimmerBldo.   Qstrbrr-Mont real
Olliee), Montreal. West BnafOor. Notre Dame and SeiKiicurs Streets); Weslmount (Cor.
(City l
If You Smoke
Smoke  the
Royal Seal
Kootenay Belle,
Greene Avenue and St. Catharines  Street,   SSnlarlo-Oltawa.   *<����� n>undlnnil~st. John's
Culm, West Snallrs-Havana. I mini Hl��l����-No�� York 111! Kzohanga Place) Republic, Wash
Atlin, Bennett, Grand Forks, Nanalmo, Nelson, Rossland, Vancouver, Vancouver East End, Victoria.
< inres|Mtmlrnts t
Canada���Merchant* Bank of Canada.   Boslon-NallonnlHhawmul Hank.   < lilraiio   Amorlea
National Hank.   Kmu Irmrlwo   l-'n-i   National Hank.   London, Kna. - Hank of  Siolland.
S"urls, Frnurr- Credit I.vonnais.   Bermuda.- Hank of Bermuda.   < him, ami Japan   Houk
Koiik and Shanghai HaukliiK Corporation.
(ieneial Banking Business Transacted; Sterling Bills of Exchange  Bought
and Sold, tatters of Credit, Etc., Negotiated.
Accounts received on the most favorable terms.    Interest allowed  on special
deposits and on Savin); Bunk accounts.
Geo. Kydd, Manager, Nelson, B.C.
The Leaflinn Scotcii WMsky
R. P. Rithet & Co-, Ltd.,
Agent*   fur Hritish   Columbia.
A. II. OKAY, Hiix s -l . Nelson, Kootenay
Bank of
British Columbia,
Is now prepared to issue
Drafts and Letters of Credit
on Skaguay, U.S., Atlin, B.
C, and Dawson City, Yukon
g The Celebrated
��   Ganong's G. B. Chocolates
Having been wanted the SOLE AGENCY in Nelson by Messrs.
Knowlcr �� Macauioy, General Agent* for it. C
We have just received jimmi lbs. of those famous goods, and can
guarantee them us the finest In nil Canada,
Also just  in  today, a fresh consignment from  Chicago of
Lowney's Chocolates and Bonbons.
yK ������������������
$       J. A. MAODONALD
West Kootenay Butcher Co,
Fresh   and    Salted   Heats
Fish and Poultry in Season
E.   O.   TRAVES.   Manager.
Baker Street, Nelson.
Orders by mull receive careful and prompt attention
Players   NaVy   Cut
All Tobacconists Keep It.
Wholesale Agents:
Turner Beeton& Ca
Nelson, B. C. Nhlson  Daily  Miner,  Saturday  EveniHg,  September 22, iqqo.
Judge Forln wants  to   Arrange an
intinnatlonal   Contest.
Is In CO
nmunloatlon With Management
id Spokane Fair.
.lu'U' Forln   wants   to   arrange an
International golf 1 lesi to   be play-
nl in Spokane during the fair. The
following from the Spokane Chronicle
i-, self-explanatory:
The following letter lias just been
received by P. YV. Bobbett, which explains itself. Tho wording of the
communication is practically a challenge to the v'"lf lovers of ibis city to
arrange for a meeting of those of I his
state anil the golfers across thu line.
It is  Intended that   this   lie done   so
thai they will be able i me to  the
fair and en joy their tournament at the
slime timo :
"Nelson, Sept. IT. -F, W. liolili.il.
Esq., Spokane; Wash.���Dear sir: I
have heen lulluiitf j^olf with :i number
of friends. How does the Idea of an
International match during the Spokane exposition Btrlke vou.' Talk It
over with your golf enthusiasts, put
up any Wind of a trophy and I will
try nnd get up a train of Britishers
that will either pluck the feathers
from your bald headed eagle or you
can twist their lion's tail, or il may
be a little of both. Say the see.mil
week in October, when I think we can
gel a train of live or six players, who
have only past experience,for practice
in the mountain is out of the ques-
tion.    Yours truly, .1. A.   l-'orin."
When Mr. Ilawley, the manager of
the exposition, was asked what would
In- done toward having a tournament
unilei the fair attractions he said he
would do anything in his power to advertise tlie affair in connection with
theexposil ion.
Henry lloyt, who is one of the enthusiastic golfers of this eity, said
thai he did not know just what the
others thought concerning the proposition, hut he believed thai arrangements could bo made to put up a suitable cup or Bomething of that kind
which could be taken by tlie victorious party ami held until the other
club won it back. It is probable that
the golfers will decide upon this before tomorrow evening.
The Athabasca Will Pay a Shilling a
Share Next Month.
Tlie Athabasca Hold Mine, Limited,
yesterday issued a notice to the effect
that tin mpany had declared a dividend   "f    five    per   eenl.     Tile    notice
was  iBsucd   by   Manager   lv    Nelson
Fell, and is as follows:
Tho directors of   tins company bave
declared a dividend of one Bhillllng
per sharr. or five per cent on the capital stock of the company, payable on
the firBt of  October  proxii     Under
tin- scheme of reconstruction lately
carried out. the second call of one
shilling per share (originally fixed
for the lstli September and subsequently  postponed) Is due on October
[������th proximo. In the cast- of the
Canadian'shareholders, and iu order
to save them unnecessary trouble, the
following plan will be adopted: (in
all shares on which only the lirst call
has been paid tlie receipt for Becond
eall will be sent to the owners of the
shares as registered in the company's
books as soon after the firsl of October oa possible, on all shares on which
two (or three) callB have been paid
the dividend will !����� paid by bank
check to the registered owners of
such shares.
Adding the Athabasca to tlie list of
Hritish Columbia dividend paying
properties in a matter of great Importance In N'.'lson.aiid will give one more
reason why Investors should direel
their attention towards the Nelson
mining district. There are excellent
prospects of the mine continuing to
pay dividends as the development
work has been very encouraging.
'ihe demand for Athabasca stock is
very Btrong, but the holders are not
Inclined to sell. The Nelson mining
brokers air receiving Inquiries for
Block every day. but it seems that
none can bo had. Then' is every Indication  of a  rapid   advance in  the
price of the
Tomorrow morning Rev, Wm. Mun-
roe will spctik on u Watch fullness.n
In the evening his subject will be
"The MiUcing of a Man.** At the
evening service the choir will Bing
������Lin up Yum- Heads." A cordial in-
vital Ion is extended to all.
W, II. Dowsing has written Mr, T.
d. I limit a in concerning tho Nelson
mineral exhibil nl Spokane, The
letter stated thai Mr. Dowsing had
been allotted the finest position in the
mineral tent for Lho Nelson exhibit.
Il is in such a position Unit all who
pass into tin' fair will Ik- obliged to
pass llic exhibit.
W. A. 1'iastT nf Woodstock, Ont.,
arrived in Nelson this morning, nnd
will at once take charge nf the work
of tho olliee of Mr. n. R, Cameron.
Mr. Fraser has been connected with
insurance companies at Woodstock
for tin' past few years. Mr. Fraser
said this morning that it was intended to establish    in   Nelson a branch uf
the imperial Registry Company.
Miss Edith .1. Miller ami company
scored another decided triumph last,
night. Rvery selection on thu well
selected programme was encored and
none but words of warmest praise
were expressed by those who attended
the concerts. No vocalists appear lag
together in Nelson have given more.
satisfaction than Miss Miller, Mr.
Adams and Mr. Campbell. The company left last night for Fort Steele
where they nititf tonight.
The following mining transactions
were recorded today: Transfers���
Prom P. C. Oreen to A. II. Kelly, entire interest in North Star, on Toad
Mountain, for nominal consideration;
1*\ C, Clements to A. 11. Kelly, entire
interest in the Great Eastern and
Great Western Fractional claims, for
a nominal consideration; M. s. Logan
to the Juno Gold Mining Company,
entire interest in Juno, Kirkwell
and King of the Forest claims, for a
consideration of 830,000. Locations���
Grape Vine, on Hall Creek, by A. (J.
Lambert: Edith IE, on Sheep Creek,by
William Wilde.
A full rehearsal of "Mikado" principals and chorus will be held tonight
in St. Saviour's school room and
everyone taking part is earnestly requested to attend as the first performance will be given three weeks from
Monday. Rehearsals for next week
have been decided upon as follows:
Monday, I p. tn., ladies for tlie fan
dance. Opera Bouse; 8 p, m., full re.
nearsal Tuesday, B p. in., principals
only, for dialogue and situations,
opera House; H p. in.. orchestra, school
room Wednesday. 8 p. ni.. last rehearsal of chorus witli music,school room;
Thursday, f p. in., ladies for dance,
opera Ibnise: S p. m.. full rehearsal;
Friday. 8 p. in., orchestra, school
room; Saturday, 8 p. in., chorus only,
Opera [louse,  tor situations! entrances
nd business It will thus he seen
that the amateurs are working hard to
achieve SUCCeSS,
The rapid progress in the construction of Ihe K'irU pat rick-Wilson-Clement building, has brought the brick
walls abovo the second story and a de-
ided Improvement is already visible
at tie' corner of Ward and linker
Street. It is expected that the brick
work of the third story, and the placing of the roof will he completed in
two weeks. The owners of the building had made arrangements with the
local gas company to construct a tar
and gravel roof but a few days ago the
directors decided that they could not
take the contract. Arrangements are
now being made to have a tin roof.
This will probably retard the completion of the building somewhat. It is
expected that the building will 1
ready to occupy shortly after November I. The corner store will be occupied
by the Canada Drug and Book Company, while there former store will
he occupied by Mr. .1. .1. Walker, jeweller, The other front store will be
occupied by the Kirk pa trick- Wilson
Company and one rear store will be
USCd by the West kootenay Itutcher
Company. It is not known who will
occupy the other rear store. It has
been suggested that the block be called the K. W, A C. Ulock, the name t<
be placed in large bronze letters in th
upper port ion of the tower.
Circular Issued   by Queen's Printer at
Miss |,;(y. sister ol Mr. .1, M. Lay,
manager of  the imperial   Hank,   will
have tomorrow evening for Mverj 1,
Mr, and Mrs, Itullock-Webster arc
ex pee ted to arrive In Nelson this evening from Seattle, where they havt
been on their Wedding tour.
A cripple by the name of llert Conl
ton was arrested yesterday for Impos
Ing upon the public,    lie was hroughl
before MalgStrate Crease this morning
nnd   was given one hour to get out of
Another large real estate deal ha:
just been    put, through,     V,   II.   Hake]
has purchased   from   Mrs.  Jennie   K
Stutter, the properly at the corner of
Lake and Park streets. The purchase
price was 8'-\'��*)0 cash.
Nothing new has developed In the
matter of the wrecking of Evon De-
lour's house on Lake Street on Thursday night.    The   police  officers   have
been Working on the case, bill no clue
as to the perpetrators has been obtained.
The fallowing circular, referring to
the matter of voters' lists, has heen
issued by the Queen's Printer at Ottawa :
Queen's Printer's Ottice,
Ottawa, Sept. 6, 1900.
Sir,���As there appears to be in some
place a, misconception concerning the
voter's lists in their relation to territorial electoral divisions, I forwarded
today 90 copies of tlie map of your
electoral district, showing is boundaries under the existing Dominion law.
The lists which have been printed are
the Provincial lists as last revised.
There is no authority existing to
change those lists in case of doubt, or
alter them in any way, so that while
the territorial electoral divisions remain the same as under the old aet,
polling subdivisions within those Units and the voters who vote in them
are those appearing on tlie Provincial
lists. It happens that in many instances, more especially in Manitoba
and British Columbia (where changes
are rapid) that the territorial electoral divisions of the Province do not
coincide with those for tlie Dominion, and nothing but exact local
knowledge could disentangle them.
There is no officer, however, who is
authorized to disentangle the lists in
such cases; even if he could have
sufficient local knowldegeto do it cor-
eetly. It would pactically amount to
a revision of the district affected, and
might lead to serious complications at
the time of an election.
Under these cicrumstanees, the only
way open was to print the lists as
they were received ; leaving to the returning officer the duty of obtaining
from the clerk of the munieipalty or
the legal custodian of the Provincial
voters' lists a corrected list iu those
few cases where a Provincial polling
division embraces parts of two or
three electoral districts.
The chief difficulties in this respect
have arisen in Manitoba and Hritish
Columbia. the newer territories.
There are constituencies also in Ontario where municipalities are divided and are to a smaller extent in the
same position. In Quebec there are
very few discrepancies and there are
none in the Maritime Provinces. 1
send you a copy of the Franchise and
Election Acts for the purpose of calling your attention to certain provisions of the law,  viz:
1. That the polling subdivisions are
to be the Provincial polling subdivisions.
3, That lists are to be the Provincial lists.
:i. These lists are sent by the Provincial officers to thu clerk of the
Crown in chancery.
1. Tlie clerk of the Crown in chancery is to send them to the Queen's
printer to be printed.
5. There is no officer at Ottawa
authorized to make changes in these.
When whole municipalities pass from
one to another it is possible in the
older Provinces, but not when the
units are divided.
<*>. That under Section 8 (Franchise
Act) the duty of dividing the lists
when necessary and of procuring such
other lists as are requisite to cover
the territory specified by the Dominion law is imposed on the returning
officer; and Section 2'J of the Dominion Election Act directs the returning
officer forthwith after the receipt of
the writ to obtain such Provincial
voters' lists, certified copies thereof
or extracts therefrom as he requires
in addition to the lists supplied by
the clerk of the Crown in chancery.
I beg also to call your attention to
the fact that these lists have not the
absolute finality of the lists under
the old law. which were compiled by
local Dominion officers specially commissioned foi that purpose. The voters' lists now to be used are those that
may be in force under the law of the
Province for Provincial elections tit)
days before the nomination day. They
can, if necessary, be had from tlie
proper local custodian and reference
can always be made to them in each
locality. ' S. E, DAWSON.
Queen's Prinstcr.
It.  B.
Company   at  the opera
ouse Tonight,
"The Count of Monte Cristo." play*
ed by the K. L. Trench Company at
the Opera House last night attracted
a largo audlnce every member o
which went away thoroughly pleas
eil. Mr. R, K. French was in Iiu
title role ami was good. The support
was also all that    could he desired.
Tonight the French Company closes
its engagement here with "The
Cheerful Liar." a comedy which is
guaranteed to keep every auditor in a
roar of laughter from start to lini.sh.
The French company is specially
adapted to plays nf this class and tonight's card should draw a full house.
to 41 iti; a t'OLU n OMR imi
Tako Laxative Bromo Quinine Tablet* All
draggiit* refund tho money if it fallH to euro.
i5c.   JO) W. Urovc'r- tiltfiiulureii on uucli bux.
Action in an important mining lawsuit was started today. The suit is
brought by Benjamin S. Davies of
San Donnas, Cal., against .lames M.
Dunn, an attorney of Minneapolis,
and the Sunset Gold and Silver Mining Company. The company has a
brandi office in Nelson with H. E.
Lemon as manager. Mr. Davies charges
Mr. Dunn, who is secretary of the
company representing the Sunset
group situated in Whitewater Kasin,
with inducing him (Davies) to purchase 11,000 shares of stock, upon the
representation that the Sunset mineral claim wjib owned by the Sunset
Gold and Silver Mining Co. The claim
was owned by Mr. Dunn at the time
of the above transaction, and the
plaintiff claims that Dunn is now try-
Ing to deal with it as his own property, whereas it has been since transferred to the company. Plaintiff also
asks for an injunction to restrain
Dunn from dealing witii the title of
the property. Taylor and Hannington
are bringing the action for Plaintiff
F, ,1.  Bradley   &   Co,   have received
their   full   stock   of wall   papers and
wall mouldings.    See them.
That pretty picture should lie framed.    Call ami see tlie   mouldings at F.
.1. Bradley & Co.'s.
Spring chicken and all the deiieanins
nf the season served to yoo when you
visit Florence Park Hotel at Roberts'
Hanoh, two and a half miles up the
river.    W. M. Roberts, proprietor
The finest line of picture mouldings
in the Kooteliays can be found at the
store of F. .1. Bradley & Co., Josephine Street.
Are You Right?
You can be sure of your minutes
if you provide yourself with one
of   our   accurate    and    reliable
Don't run���-get a good watch to
run for you.
Manufacturing Jeweler.*.
Advcrtinemontn InKertod under thin head at,
tho ruLo of ono cont a word por insertion. No
udvortiBQinonl Ltikon /or Iohh than 25 oont��.
FOB    SAI.K.���florae     and    Express
Wagon,   Splendid  chance  for man
with a littlu money,   Apply J. 15. M.,
Miner Office.
WANTED���A situation ��s lady help-
domesticated, ^ooil  needle woman���
Address Miss Pearson, care ,1. It. Rob
ertson, Drawer 505,
ALL KINDS of House Cleaning, general olliee work, window cleaning,
etc.. done. Enquire at K. T. Smith's
shoe stand at corner of Ward and Baker.
KOR SALE. ��� Furniture of   five-rooms
complete.     House     to   rent.    Apply
P,    Steiner,    Victoria   Street,    corner
WANTED���First Class confeotlonery
clerk,    (lood   wages to capable person.    Address   W, P., Miner Office.
FOR    SALE.���Mendelssohn     Piano,
nearly   new.   cheap,      Apply    Geo.
(iurd, Koom   l, Turner-Boeekh Block.
FOR BENT���Furnished rooms.  Good
attendance,   riccoml  door  east of
City Hall.
FIRST  CLASS   room   ami   hoard  in
private family, !?:>.">(> and |(i.   Table
board $l.   Carbonate Street,   second
house east of Josephine,
R. W. DAY,
Commission and
Manufacturers' Agent.
Have just received the first  lot  of
samples of
From the factory of Messrs.   Booth
and Fox, Cork.
Now on View at My Office
over Merchants Bank of
-ON    THE-
For   terms   and   particulars   enquire
Art Music Co., or at L'ss Silica Street.
Phone 13a.
Of Writing Paper won't last
long- You'd better iilacu on-
otlier "hurry up' oroer with
Is.   Per   Share    Dividend,
Nelson, B. C, Sept. 20, 1900.
The Directors of this Company have declared a
dividend of one shilling per share, or five per cent, on the
Capital Stock of the Company, payable on the first October, proximo, under the scheme of reconstruction lately
carried out; the second call of one shilling per share
(originally fixed for the 18th September and subsequent!)' postponed), is due on October 18th, proximo).
In the case of the Canadian shareholders, and in order
to save them unnecessary trouble the following plan will
be adopted: On all shares on which only the first call
has been paid, the receipt for the second call will be sent
to the owners of the shares as registered in the Company's books, as soon after the first of October as possible; on all shares on which two (or three) calls have been
paid the dividend will be paid by bank check to the
registered owners of such shares.
* ROBIE The Tailor
To get the  Latest and  Best
Styles you must see my
Fall ft Winter
The  line is complete and the
prices satisfactory.
ROBIE The Tailor
New Dry Goods
Millinery Store.
In camels' hair effects placed  in stock today.    Altogether
out of the common.    See them and have first selec
NEW   German   Mantles,   the   nobbiest  ever   shown   In
Nelson, and at the lowest prices.
NEW   Si,k   Blouses,   in   Black  and   Colors.
Felt Ready-to-Wear Hats,  the very latest.
Everything   NEW   in   our  store,   and   prices the
very lowest.
�� If you have been accustomed to
* $
I   English Styles  i
H In Shoes you will not care to wear any other. 8
We Have Them I
For Ladies and Gentlemen.
Neelands Shoe Co.
PRICES $1.25 TO $4.00.
Lawrence Hardware 60.
 Nelson,   B. C.	
Comforts for Cool Nights
Are You Warm
Frosty nights call for warm covering, and you should be
Our COMFORTS are Ml of warmth, and yet not
oppressive in weight.
We have them at all prices, from the Cotton Filled ones at
They are all large, generous sizes, and the patterns are
most attractive, in good fast colors. Many of them are
Sateen covered.
Houston Block.


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