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Nelson Daily Miner Mar 22, 1899

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 Daily Edition No. 270.
Nelson, British .Columbia. Wednesday, March 22,  1899.
L.i  th Year
Sensible Amendment Before
the Board of Trade.
i General Peace, nine to one against
Knight    of   Thistle,   antl 100 lo  one
i against, Lord Edward II, General
Peace   took   the   lend nt half   the dis-
, tnnon. followed by Knight of Thistle
nnd Nminicnr, und won easily hy four
, lengths. The same distance separated
second and third lioruoH. Nuunioer
was fourth,
There was a tiresome delay ut the post
and a number of break-aways.    0.   M.
jlnglis'  Oourt   Hall  overpowered   his
j jockey and ran the   entire course.      A
! good start was finally effected and Mr.
M.   Rivers'   Little Eva showed to the
  front   followed   by    Lord   Beresford'a
Knight of Thistle, (ieneral  Peace and
^,%-r -r�� . mrAw oiipstone.   After the quarter mile post
HOT? RTN'S     APPLICATION I '������"��� b96n I)IIW'(- Oiipstone was in trouble
0     UUnDiH o    AJ.XAU.v-n.xAv*" and ot the half way  mark Little Eva
gave place to General Peace. Below
the distance Knight of Thistle challenged the leader but never looked like
getting on even terms and General
Peace won in a canter,
Tbe Board Asked to Reoonsider the Resolution   of Last Year, But  an
Amendment in Moved*
Viotoria, B. 0.. Maroh 21.���Tho
Hoard of Trade had a lengthy meeting
today to discuss the matter of the Oor-
liin application now before the Dominion Parliament for a oharter for a rail-
svity from Washington State to tap the
Boundary country just being opened
bv the construction of the Crow's Nest
Pirns line und western connections on
the Canadian aide. The proceeding
opened with a motion to resoind the
action of last year against granting
the Corbin charter. This was supported hy a lengthy address from E. V.
Bodvvell, oounsel for the Corbin In.
tei-.-sb An amendment was offered
declaring against the application, and
this was still under discussion, wheu
at tl o'clock the board adjourned until tomorrow, when tbe discussion will
be resumed. The amendment states
the facts of the ease as follows:
Whereas in the opinion of this board
it is the true policy of Canada to further snch measures as will bring
about the smelting and refining of Canadian ores within the Dominion,thereby building up Canadian towns, aud
furnishing markets for Canadian agricultural products and merchandise as
well as labor for our own people;
Aud, whereas, this board has already
affirmed this principle in collection
witli tho lead smelting industry ;
And, whereas, the evident object of
the proposed Kettle River Railway is
identical with thut of the Red Monn-
tiiiu Railwny, namely, the carrying nf
cues ont of the conntrj S he smelted
ill the United States;
And, whereas, such   exportation   of
ores  lends   to   a   corresponding     im
poitation of merchandise as  is  shown
hy the trade returns of Koolcnny ;
And, whereas, the necessity for safeguarding Canadian interests in respect
to smelting is emphasized by Ihe re-
eent formation of a smelter trust in
lhe United States with a capital of
And, whereas, the Canadian Pacific
Railway is now constructing a line of
railway from Robson to Peiitiction.
bounding all points proposed to be
reached hy tho proposed Kettle River
And, whoreas, tho Dominion Government has reserved the right to regulate and control freight rates and
tolls on all Canadian Pacific, lines
leased, owned or controlled, south of
the main line in British Columbia,
which power precludes all possibility
of excessive rates.
Therefore, be it resolved that this
board is of opinion that Parliament
should not sanction the construction < f
any railway from the United States
into the southern portion of British
Columbia until onr interior towns * nd
smelting and refining centres have
been firmly established and brought into close relation with the Canadian
agricultural and commercial centres
French War Department Laboratory is
the Latest.
Paris, March 21.���-The series of explosions in Government ammunition
depots which commenced with tl.e
terrible disaster at Lagoubran, near
Toulon, followed on Saturday with explosions ut Bourgos aud Marseilles, was
continued this evening, when an
alarming explosion occurred in a laboratory of explosives attached to the
War Department, where experiments
were being made with a uew kind of
gunpowder. Chief Engineer Veil,
Assistant Engineer Douvillo and a
third officer were injured. All the
windows in tho neighborhood were
smashed aud considerable other damage was done. Although it is not be-
lieved that the explosions was the re-
unit of foul play great excitement followed.
A Long Shot Won And Tod Sloaue Was
up on the  Seoond Horse.
Loudon, March 21.���At the Lincoln
Spring meeting, of which this was the
second day's racing, tbe Sudbrooke
plate was won hy Ludy Planet. Swirl,
with Tod Sloaue in the saddle, was
onplaoOQ. There were 19 horses in
this event and the betting was five tn
oue against Swirl. The Lincolnshire
handicap was won by General Penoe,
owned by Captain Bewicke. Lord
William Beresford's six-vear-old
Knight of Thistle, carrying DO
pounds, with Tod Sloane un, was
second, aud Mr. Long's three-year-
old colt Edward II, third. Twenty-
s'x horseB ran. The Lincolnshire
handicap is of 1,000 sovereigns added
tn a sweepstake of 15 sovereigns
��ach, io forfeit, for three-year-olds and
upwards. General Peace is a biown
������olt, by Gallinnle, out of Moira, live
years old and carried 101 pounds,
���ibe betting was 100 to seven against
New York, Maroh 21.���The Evening
Post Bays -. The purchase of oontrol
of the Buffalo and Niugura Falls Electric Railways iu the interests of the
International Traction Co., was consummated today. The syndicate paid
cash for the purchases and the sellers
accepted the offerod terms. The International Company was recently
formed by a number of capitalists interested in the development of electrio
energy from Niugura Falls, whioh is
already in considerable use in Buffalo
and adjacent territory 86 miles away.
The internalioual company will he
used to combine these companies and
will purchase power from the Niagara
Falls Power Co. The terms on whioh
minority stockholders may ooine in
will be   announced later  in the week.
"Whatever Was Done Was Done With all
Possible Considerations Of
London, March 21.���The despatch
ot Lord Cromer, British Diplomatic
Agent in Egypt, embodying the reply
of the Sirdar, (ieneral LdSH KRffftnar
*f Khartoum, to questions regarding
the alleged mutilation and useless
slaughter of Dervishes in the battle
of Omdnrmau, bus been laid befoie
Parliament. The Sirdar says that
the only wounded Dervishes killed by
his troops, wero those who feigned
death in order to obtain opportunities
for killing. "Whatever was done,"
he continues 'was done with all possible considerations of humanity."
The Sirdar justified the destruction
of the tomb of the Mahdi and tin
disposal of Iho prophet's remains on
lhe ground that if the mausoleum bad
been intact and unprofaned, it would
hive become the centre of fanatical pilgrimages causing endless tron
hie. He says he himself ordered tin
demolition. Lord Cromer endorsed tin
statements of General Kitchener.
Encouraging   Fruit  Trade
With Mother Country.
A   Heavy   Bronze   Statute Falls  and
Strikes Her.
San   Francisco,    Cnl.,   March 31.���
Madame Melba  had   a narrow  escap
from serious   injury   last  night while
attending   a   reception   given   in he
houor by M. H.   DeYoung.    She   was
hit on   the   head   by   a heavy  bronze
statue, which fell from u pedestal, an*
was unconscious for 15 minutes.    With
the other   singers   of the  Ellis  Opera
Oompany,   she attended the   reception
und after supper she was in  the draw
ing room.    She   took   a  seat in a coiner aud iu somo way   hit the   pedestal
overturning the  statue, which  fell on
her head.    Luckily she was seated   fur
forward in her chair   so   she  received
only a glancing blow on the back of the
head.    She was saved from serious injury by the heavy coils of her hair.   It
was   thought   she   oould   not sing   in
"The Huguenots'' tonight,   but  today
she declared   she   had fully   reoovored
and she was in gooil voice.
Rome, March 21.���The Pope's physicians, Dr. Lapponi and Professor
Mazzoui, visited His Holiness today
and found his general health good and
the seat of tho recent operation in excellent condition. Wheu conversing
with them the Pope expressed deep
grief at the false stories circulated
about his henlth, especially the reports
about the second operation, which had
so disturbed Catholics so deeply interested in his welfare. After the visits
the physicians declared that his condition of health, all things considered,
could not be better.
The Elaborate Meteorological Station Will
be Olossd and the  Instruments
Offered For Sale.
Kingston. Jamaica, Maroh 21.���The
Government of this Island has deoided
upon the extinction of the colonist
meteorological station hitherto entertained to a somewhat, elaborate and a
great cost which the retrenchment
Hellenic* contemplates reducing to a
small grant for statistics of the Island
rainfall. All the observatories will he
closed and the instruments disposed
of to the best advantage. The United
States* has recently established a
branch bureau near Kingston. The
officers in charge have been instructed
to furnish the Government und the
publio with all the information in
their line. Under suoh circumstances
the Government has conoluded that its
own servioe might very well be rti.uo
away with and that of the United
States availed of instead. The plan
to divert the main stream of the Jamaica fruit trade from the United
States to Great Britain bas now reached a definite development. In a short
time a direct line of specially equipped
10 knot steamers will oommenoS plying between this colony and the
Mother Country nnd arrangement** are
being made locally to secure the monopoly of the fruit produce of the island outside of that immediately and
directly already controlled by the Boston Fruit Company.
The   Admiral   ia   Vory   Pleased Willi
Great Britain's   Friendliness.
London, March 22 ���The Times pub
lishes this morning   a   letter   from   a
correspondent   in   Bermuda  who   de
scribes Rear-Admiral  Sampson's vis
there last mouth aud   gives   an   "authorized" interview with the Admiral
According to the   correspondent,    Ad-
mial   Sampson, remarking   upon    the
"Marvelous change in American opinion, "said : "Formerly England was regarded   as   the only   Europeau  power
with which   the   Unite*!   States   was
likely to  have  differences.    Now   w-
regard England as onr   best,   perhaps,
our   only   friend.      I     cannot     say
whether   this   feeling   will prove permanent   but I  hope it may.    Possibly
we   could   not   hopo   for more   than
England's  moral support, in  the firs
instance, in   any   conflict with a continental   power   but   in times of  reni
difficulty it would ripen sooner or later
into a defensive alliance. I say fiankly
in my   opinion the Uuited   Stales has
more   to  gain from such   an   alliance
than   England   has,   therefore.   I  re
,oice  uufeignedly   ut   the   change  ol
sentiment in the United States.    I am
not less gratified   that no such chang*
is not seeded  in Great Britain and  if
any   words   of   mine   can   cement   a
friendship   calculated   to   benefit  tho
whole    world   it   is   a    pleasure   to
myself nnd a duty to   my   country    to
utter them."
Santiago, March 31.���7 P- in.-There
is no truth in the statements published
iu the United Statos and cabled back
here represeutiug that the Hon. John
Sherman is dead. It is incomprehensible how these reports originated.
The American line steamer Paris,
Captain Frederick Watkina, arrived
here tbis evening before dark and it
was immediately reported that Mr.
Sherman was not ouly alive but better, resting easily and expected to recover. He will be transferred, if all
goes favorably to the United States
oruiser Chicago, ou Thursday. The
cruiser is now coaling at Kingston, i
Jaiuaiu*. I
Berlin. March 21.���In the Reichstag
today Herr Reichter, the German
radical leader, asked the ' Government
for information on the subject of the
negotiations now progressing with
Cecil Rhodes. The Minister of Foreign Affairs in reply stated the negotiations for a railroad through German-African were still in progress,
but an agreement has been reached regarding tho laying of n telegraph line
though the Eust African protectorate,
ill which the rights aud supremacy
of German interests were fully safeguarded. The line would be construct
ed nt the telegraph company's expense,
aud would be   oompleted   within   five
London, Mareh 21. ���The Madrid
correspondent of the Standard in a despatch dealing elaborately with the
plans of the Spanish Goverumeut to
ro organize the finances of tho country, says: "Even with all the contemplated reductions and a statement
of the colonial and imperial debts,
Spain will require about thirtv-five
million pounds for her future annual
expenditure and her taxation has never
yet produced more than thirty one
million pounds."
Rome, March 21.���The Opinion revives the story thnt Don Carlos, the
Spanish pretender, has secured advances of several millions from the
English and French bankers and will
soon enter Spain. The preoise date is
deferred until the ratifications of the
treaty of peace between Spain and
the United States, have been exchanged, but, according to the Opinion, the Carlists aud Spanish Republicans will start a revolution immediately after the exchange has been
Philippine Commission Has
Its Work in Hand.
Members Expeot to Have a Large Share
ll Bringing the  Trouble
to an End.
Austria is Warned   to  Look Out  For
American Competition,
London, Maroh 21 ���Tho Vienna correspondent of tho Times says: The
Deutaoh Zeitung publishes a long nr-
tiole showing how the United States
are slowly obtaining a commercial
footing in Turkey and the East.
The writer warns Austria nnd
other states of the danger with which
they are threatened. America is do-
���oribed as a serious trade rival.
The article goes on to point out that
the United States havo carefully prepared the ground hy extensive missionary enterprise, have raised their
minister at Constantinople to the rank
offambnssudor, have organized a direct
line of steamers between Now York
and Constantinople and appointed commercial ageucies in Southern and Central Russia. The article gives statistics as to the growth of Amcrioan
He  Says   Canadians Will
Have to Fight
Washington, Maroh 21.���Chairman
Sohumran, of the Philippines Commission, telegraphed the Seoretary of
State from Manila today tbat tbe
Commission had organized without
Colonel Denby.the third civilian member who will reaoh Manila very soon.
It oame out today with more emphasis thau heretofore that the Commission expects to play a prominent
part in bringing the Filipino insurrection to a close. Iu a despatch received
a few days ago General Otis had something to say about tbe importance of
the Commission's work nnd it ii understood that he indicated very plainly
that it would have dealings with the
Filipino lenders, which wonld put an
end to hostilities in a short time.
General Otis said that he believed the
opposition to Araerioan authority
would cease in abont three weoks and
as he is a conservative man, the Administration officers areplooking forward to important developments.
That tho Philipines Commission may
have a large share in bringing about a
speedy conclusion of hostilities, is
acknowledged in official ciroles. Tbe
important admission was made today
that the Commission had full power to
deal with the insurgents nnd the impression was conveyed that that was
its special object.
Iloilo, March 21.- A battalion of
'be 18th Infantry, a rlatoon of the dth
\rtillery, and a machine gun battery
made a reconnaisnn"fl in the direction
of Mandurriao nod Senta Barbara on
i'hursday. While they were returning
the insurgents ������.Hacked the outposts
on the right and a fight followed. (Jen-
oral Miller was on the scene early aud
directed the operations from immediately behind the fighting line. He
had several narrow escapes. The
line advanced by rushes of 8000 yards
under a hot fire, pouring in deliberate volleys upon the enemy's position,
the artillery making good practice.
Hy the time the forces were within
300 yards of the enemy's final position darkness fell preventing the
charge, for which the Tennessee men
and companies of the 18th on the right
had already prepared by fixing bayonets. The retirement upon Jaro was
accomplished in good order. The engagement was brought on by the ene
my's persistent attacks upon the outpost, at Jaro bridge. Nothing oonld be
gained by forcing the enemy back further, as "it was impossible with the
limited number of troops to hold the
position. The Amerioan troops were
exhausted by fighting and having to
wade knee deep through rice fields and
sugar cane. Thers were several cases
of prostration by the heat. The only
man killed was Private Louis Biehl
of the 18th Infantry. The wounded
number '5. A bullet passed through
Private William Rovenberger'e wrist
and entered his mouth, bet-ween the
gum and tho cheek, without injuring
his head. There were other miraculous escapes as the men advanced
amid a perfect, hail of bullets. The
severity of the engagement may be
judged by the fact that the 18th regiment alone fired 02,800 rounds. It is
estimated that the insurgents with
their more than two thousand rifles
fired more than double onr total of
Private Biehl brought in Private
Daly wounded and gave warning to
hurry up some ammunition, as most
of the man were short. He then returned to the fighting line and was
struck in the chest. He fell saying
"I'm done for," and died in 10 minutes.
It is impossible to accurately estimate the inurgent losses, as the American troops converged at a given point
without, traversing the ground shot
over, but the day after the battle the
enemy could bo seen from the belfry
of the Faro chnrch carrying away their
dead. The minimum estimate of
their losses is 200 killed and 300
Instructions printed on the captured
cases of ammunition were in Ger
man, and showed tbat the cartridges
came from tho artillery depot at May-
ence. It is suspected the ammunition
and arms have been supplied to the
insurgents from German and Japanese
sources aud from the French colonies.
Iloilo is quiet and busiuess is reviving.
New York, March 21.���A Manila
despatch published in tbe Journal says
the Filipino commanding general has
been deposed for the position he took
in trying to induce Aguinaldo to
cease further resistance to the American foroes. The cable yesterday told
of the beheading of General Lagarda
for tbe same reason.
St. Johns, Nfld.. March 21.���Special
significance attaches to the appointment of Commodore Clifford to command the British squadron in Newfoundland wntors during the ooming
fishing season. No officer so far advanced in the British nnvv list was
ever before appointed to its command,
he being the senior of every offloer
on the British North Americau fleet,
except Admirul Fisher. His selection is regnrded as indicating n determination on the pnrt of Great Britain to euforoe a settlement of disputed
questions in this quarter by strengthening tbe squadron.
A Ooivention Fixes the Exaot Territory
of Eaoh Government Along
the   Nile.
London, March 21.���The convention
between Great Britain aud France de-
liminatiug their respective frontiers in
the valley Of tbe Nile, was signed tonight, by the Marquis of Salisbury aud
tlu -rrench sm^assador, M Pan' (Saw*
bon, respectively.
Broadly.stated the terms of the convention are as follows: The exact
frontier from the northern side of the
Belgian Congo to latitude 15 is to he
determined by a mixed commission, it
being agreed that Great Britain shall
retains Bahr el Chazal with Durfur,
France keeping Wadai (or Waday)
west of Darfur, Zirmi, south of Lae
Chad, Kaiiein, north of Lae Chad, and
geuernlly speaking, the territory east
and north of Lae Chad lyiug north of
the 15th parallel. The French sphere
will extend south of the tropic of
Cancer to the western limit of the
Libyan desert.
The signatories agree to equality of
commercial treatment from the Nile
to Lae Chad aud between tho fifth nml
15th parallels of lattitude. The latter
clause permits France to establish
commercial houses on the Nile and its
affluents. Tbe signatories undertake
to refrain from exercising political or
territorial rights outside the frontiers
fixed by the   convention.
New York, March 21.���Baron Bis-
'.hoffshansen reported missing in the
Windsor Hotel fire, was seen 20 minutes after the fire by Henry Winter-
felt, a guest and a frii nd. Thomas
Clifton, the porter of the hotel, thinks
that the body kuown as body No. 8, is
that of Mrs. Auze, a guest of the hotel.
He formed this opinion from the
beaded clotheB that were on the body.
Clifton also thinks body No 4 is thnt
of a chambermaid, named Annie, who
worked ou the floor where Miss Dora
Hoffman, of Baltimore, aud Mrs. Auze
Chicago, March SI.���John F.
Shavne, the millionaire furrier, of this
city, was shot three times today by
H. H. Hammond, a merchant-tailor,
while the two wore dining together
at the Auditorium Anex. One of the
bullets lodged in Mr. Shayne's left
shoulder,one in bis thigh and the other
in his hip. Nono of them, it is
thought, will prove fatal. Hammond
was arrested but he refused to talk.
Domestic troubles are said to have
been tbe cause of the  shooting.
Omaha, Neb., March 21.���Fire broke
out on the third floor of the Patterson
Block this afternoon and spread so rapidly that the occupants were oompolled
to jump for their livos. The lalest
figures of the causualties is ono dead,
Ihreo fatally and 20 more or loss seriously injured. The dead aud injured
were all members of Indies branch of
the Macabees who were holding a
meeting in the building.
London, March 22.���The Pekin oor-
, respondent of the Times says: France
has withdrawn her objections to the
extensions of the Cosmopolitan settlement at Shanghai on conditions that
have been accepted by the foreign
consuls and it now devolves upou British Amerioan aud German Ministers to
insist upon tbe Immediate granting
Of estensions,
Twenty Thousand Aimed Ainerioane Will
Not Allow the Oannuoks to do
Just as They Please.
Seattle, Wash., March 21.���Governor John D. Brady of Alaska, arrived
hero today from Washington where
he has boon since January looking nf-
ter Alaskan legislation. Concerning
the Alaska boundary, Governor Brady
said: "Tho Canadians will surely
have a fight ou their hands if they try
timove the boundury ou the Poron-
piue as they have on Stickeen and
the Lynn Canal paRs. Do you think
that 20,000 Amerioans, every one of
them woll armed, who have gone into
a oountry and tal.cn up claims on what
has always been considered Americau
soil,will let a haudful of ' 'median police move the bouudary line at will?
This bouudary question is a serious
oue and uo one can tell how. it is going to come out. Every member of
the Commission should make a trip to
Alaska or. at least, as far west as the
mountains, for I understand that there
are members of tho Commission who
have never been that far west, "
Victoria, March 21.���The steamer
Danube from the north brings news
of an alleged disenverv of a Russian
boundary mound about a hundred
miles east of Dawson, Tho discovery
was reported by threo Russian Finns,
and Oomimssiouer Ogilvie and United
Statos Consul McCook have sent a
commission to iuvestigate. There is
great exoitement at. Dawson over the
belief that the find means that Daw-
M<a woulu be dr* Wred in Uuited States
Dr. Floras Says the Bolivia   Rebellion
Will End in Favor of Insurgents.
Lima, Peru, March 21.���Dr. Zeilo
Flores, who has just arrived here from
Bolivia, said in the course of an interview today thnt Senor Oovero Alonzo,
President of Bolivia, who with the
Governmeut troops, is now within the
walls of Oturo hosoiged bv the Federalists, or insurgents, cannot much
longer maintain the position. Deprived of supplies, he must either
tight or withdraw from Oruro if, indeed, he will not bo compelled to disperse iiis troops. The insurgents
army, in the opinion of Dr. Flores, is
iu every way superior and existing
obnditioni cannot be prolonged beyond
lhe first fortnight in April. Dr.
Klores helievos implicitly in tbe triumph of revolutionary movement.
Kamloops, March 21.���The court in
the Deane election case adjourued at
11 ;45 a. in.. Deane then having a majority of four over Martin. Judge
Walkem decided that tho votes rejected by the returning officer, ou account of being marked on both back
and front, were good, inasmuch as
they dearly indicated the intention of
tiie voter, notwithstanding the mark
on the back wus in direct variance
with the rules laid dowu m the statute.
This brought Deane's majority up to
the old mark of four ahead of his opponent. This ends this branoh ot the
case. Next ou the programme will be
the bribery and corruption charges.
Philadelphia, Pa., March 21.���William Thomas .Taggers, the Loudon
messenger boy, arrived in the oity today from Chicago over the Pennsylvania railroad and finished his errand
from Richard Harding Davis to the
hitter's sister. Mr. Davis wine his
wager with one day to spare, daggers
had the assistance here of a local messenger who piloted him to his destination anil then saw him safely aboard
a train for New York from which city
lie will depart for home on the St.
Louis tomorrow.
New York, March 21.���Commissioner Scannoll, of the fire board, hae
had a gold fire badge made which
will admit Miss Heleu Gould inside
the die limits at any time. It is the
official emblem of tho department
and her name has been engraved on it.
Another badge will be presented to
Frank Gould, who aided his sister in
caring foi the injured victims of the
Windsor Hotel fire. Miss Gould has
had some trouble getting through the
fire lines to her house.
St. Johu, N. B., Maroh 21.���Rev.
J. A. Gordon has been extended a call
to the Calvary Baptist church at Vic-
tori u to fill a vacancy caused by the
resignation of the Rev, Ralph W,
V   I
Nelson Daih  Mher
Put)U*tieJ Pally except!'. rrtay.
11 .1. BEATON, Managing Dlreotor und
Kdilor-lu Chief
Would lave been an extremely liberal
allowance, estimating on the basis uf
th�� interest ot importance attached to
it iii Br1tn-.I1 Columbia.
li is OOt In the   Porcupine River re
gion, but   al   Porcupine   Crock,   near
the Atliu   country, whore   tho
between Am��rican and Hamuli
Al.l. COMMUNICATIONS lolhe Kdltor niu*.!
be -icconnvuded by th. name umi ad.ln*-  BW is alleged to have taken pin
of the wilier, not nmnnrllT (or publlua-   boundary   in   that
lion, bul iu evidence of good fuilh.
.'���.liy par month by can'or S ��� 0t>
l*t*i* month by met    1 CO
per half yer  by mall      5 00
per year        IS S
por year Ensign.      IS00
Nkuson Wkkkiy Minkk.
A'eekly, pel hull your    $ 11>
per vear    ""
por j<*��r. foreign    100
-tlubscripilon* Invariably In -ulvanoe.
Notices  of  Births,   lljuth-. and  Marriages
Insert-wl for So roots eaoh.
\dvorn-** k'i. !.* 'ii.i'li known on Hiipllc*ilnn
Sel.ion Miner Print; ��g4 PubllshlngCo
ropy for (im������!:>'- nf tdvertlie ai  iiiu��i
i..- In in*  ouii-i    i.j   4  ii'rliiik  p.m.   >������
li.-nr.- rhange.
Perfeot   harmony   is uot the   happy
condition of the Liberal camp ill Winnipeg just at present. Thut has not
been its condition for many years past,
siuce the late years of the eighties in
fuct, when ihe practices of the Local
Government, professing to be Liberal,
alienated a number of the best members of the party. There have been
friction and animosities and un-
pleasantness ever since. But the latest disturbance is quite a fresh affair.
A few weeks ago the Minister of tin*
Interior, who 18 Manitoba's representative m the Cabinet, made a -speech at
Perth, an Ontario town, in which he
declared that the tariff is a dean issue.
At least so he is reported by a local
Liberal paper, und by the chief organ
of the party, The Torouto Globe. A
leader among the old fashioned Liberals of Winnipeg, Mr. A. B, Bel hum*,
who believes that a pledge is a pledgi
and thut priuciple is higher even thai,
party, takes exception tu this statement. At a meeting of the Liberal
Association u few nights ago he made
himself responsible for a resolution declaring in effect that the tariff ia not
a dead issue, and that Mr. Sifton vtnr
uot true to Liberal principles iu saying
that it was. Uu the pretext tbat lit
may bave been misreported. the mover
of the resolution consented to bold ii
uver until the next meeting. And in
tbe ineautime there is violent Buttering iu the dovecote.
The Free Press, au able and enterprising newspaper, but under its new
management as blindly and recklessly
partisan as auy iu the Dominion,
comes to the rescue of its favorite
Minister. Mr. Bethuue is of good
fighting stock, and not without traces
of the Coveuauter of the old stirring
days; he is the last to permit himselt
to be put down by The Free Press.
And so it eon.es that there have been
Tigorous passes between them, with,
as impartial judgment is bound to decide, the advantage distinctly on tin.
side of Mr. Bethuue. Uu such au is
sue it could not be otherwise. A child
even, by quotiug the Liberal platform
of 1HU-1, promulgated at that celebrated
t'ttawa Convention, would present a
nut which neither The Free Press
nor Mr. Sifton could crack. But Mr.
Bethuue is not a child, aud he not ouly
quotes but drives home. The platform declares "that the existing tar-
ilf, fouuded upou an unsound priuci
pie, * * * has developed monopolies, trusts, and combinations," aud
further that "any tariff changes based
upou that priuciple (protection) must
fail to afford any substantial relief
from the burdeus under which tin-
country labors."
It is as easy to jump over the moon
as to get over that, and notwithstanding that ancient tradition of the cow
we doubt if any earthly thine has ever
yet jumped over the moon. At the
time the platform wus laid down the
Conservatives were tinkering with the
tariff, adjustiug here, lopping off dead
branches there, aud sealiug dowu
neuerally. This did not satisfy the
Convention, which declared that as
long as the principle of protection was
recognised the thing was evil. The
Liberals have siuce come in and they,
too, have tinkered and adjusted aud
scaled dowu, but the foundation priuciple of protection has been preserved. To say uuw that the tariff is
a dead issue : that it has beeu reformed
as much as it will be or as much as is
necessary is to repudiate the Liberal
principle of lsnt and to commit the
entire Liberal party to an act of rank
stultification. There are members of
the party whose political consciences
impel them to protest against this.
But alas and alack, what a minority
t hey are I
vicinity is not a
nieridaii, hut is largely a matter of
Imagination, pending agreement under treaty. The American Secretary
of State,lately returned a�� Ambassador
at St. James's, is not disturbed by the j
dispatch sent in by the Alaska Governor, and there is not the leust probability of mlsuderstanding or frictiou
between the two Governments.
H,     lietu     mm
"What does it matter," asks The
Toronto Globe, jeferring to the Seuate
resolution in the Ontario Legislature.
"whether Mr. Hardy's motion was
suggested by someone else or not?" It
matters a great deal, if the spontaneous act of Mr. Hardy, it might be
taken to mean thnt there is profound
dissatisfaction with the Senate
throughout that Proviuce. But wheu
suggested by someone else, as no doubt
it was, it means that Mr. Hardy
willing to use the Ontario Legis
to promote the political schemes
men at Ottawa. Between these two
there is surely matter enough.
Cheap Cash Store
We are now open and ready for business,  stoek fully
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LADIES' BLOUSES in Print, Muslin, Pique. Prices
from 50c up,
FANCY WAIST SILKS.   Prices from 50c per yard
to $1.50 per yard, all the very latest patterns.
FANCY   DRESS GOODS, All the  newest shades
and styles.
Martin O'Reilly & Co.
Hritous everywhere hnve forgiven
and almost forgotten the rudeness and
oradeness of ex-Secretary Sherman nnd
his shirt-sleeve diplomacy. They
forguve it as soon ns it became known
that his intellect was impaired, and
that he was continued in office, out of
consideration for his distinguished
services, long   after   be  ought to have
I'lir-iiuul Kl III,   1 r. ,111**1 - Trii-t II. ��� il Aela
1111.1   liiiiiiili'il Arts.
I    NOTICE  IS   hereby given that Samuel J.
Mlghton, of N**1, -un, B. Om heretofore carrying
I on business as Tobacco Merchant at Nelson, li
I 0>, ha* by deed dated lhe 10th  day ot March,
.   A.D.i Un, aniseed  all  his  personal estate,
beeu   retired.     Iliev   tnererore   regret  credit-and effecti, which may be seized and
in   I'liiini,*n    nn    ill     ****id under execution, and all his real e*-tate, to
Hugh II. Cameron, of Nelson. B.C..  Agent, in
his serious illness
in-ss that may have a fatal termination
before these words see the light He
has been a preat man in his day. typi-
 1- ilSi
caily American in character,   but wuh ; Mlghton are lequired.on or before the 10th da;
fenl, in
tie *-aid
���teed was executed bv tne said Samuel J.
Mighton and by the said Hugh K. Cameron, on
the 10th day of March, A. D., 18119. and all per-
ions having claims agaf'.-st the said Samuel J
ihe narrowness of oue who hns never
been able to see beyond the boundaries of his own country.
of April. A. 1), 181W, to send to the Trustee full
lars of the same, duly verified, together
i Ann
with the particulars of the  security  (It  anyi
t* Id by them.
HelrrntofUtal ttepoM,
(Observations taken by A. II. Holdich
Maris W.-d'day
Mnr 16 Thursda]
Mnr 17   Ffida-i
Mart.-' Saturday
Alar ID   Sunday
Mar to   Monday
Mur 21  Tuesday
is I
IS 5
KST      FA1.1.
SO tl
37 5
���it) 5
21 0
��� MUM*
27 *>i
:���; *.��i
*J7 M
27 III
Where is.
It is on the South Side
of Baker Street and
.Minco U herebv fnrtht-r given that
I wild lOthdayof .April, \. f> . 1888, the trustee
will proceed to. distribute the asset*; of the
' tru-t i-t.tte uniongsf thoe creditors who are
I entitled thereto, and whose claims have then
; bi-cn lodged with him, having regard only to
llhecl im-of which he then has notice, and
that he will not jjc responsible after said date
fuvtheOtisctff '>f^the said trust estate, ur any
! pan Ibuieot -u di-tributed to any person or
1 in-r-on-. Arm or corporation of whose claim he
hud no* notice at the time of distribution.
[    Notice j- hereby p\at that a m-peting of the
1 creditors of iba said gaiuue) J. Mighton will be
he d nt the law office of Miudonald k Johnson
on Baker etlcot, Id iho City ot Nelson, on Mon-
I day tbe 20th day ot Marob, A 1��..  1889.  at the
hnu-of tw ��� (/clock in tlie afternoon.
..t'd :������    \-! on.  It.  ('.,   this   li'th  day of
| H . ph. A. U.   ��� ���:.
Solicitor* for the said Trustee
Havana Direct.
Groceries, Provisions, Mining Sup
plies, Mining Drill Steel.
P. O. Box 214.   Vernon street, Nelson, B. C
Mail Orders
A Speciality.
Sewing Machine Sale.
As we are short of floor space, we are selling the
balance of our New Williams' Sewing Machines at
the following prices: 3-Drawer Improved, $28; 5-
Drawer Improved, $30; 5-Drawer Improved, Drop
Head, $35. There are only a few machines left.
Drop in and get a bargain before it is too late.
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A shipment of choice assorted Cigars. They are
the best value for the
money In the city.
Prices 2 for 25c.
and 3 for 50c.
Also best brands of Clear
Havana and Domestic Cigars. Tobaccos to suit all
Hotel Hume
Cigar Stand;
Boarding School
For Girls	
Gypposwyk, Moss street,
Victoria, B.C. Senior, Primary Classes and Kindergarten, oonduoted by
Miss   Green  and
Miss   Dawson.   .   .
Boarding and Domestic nr-
rrtligenients under the man-
ageuiont of Mrs. Green.
Ladies or girls \v shintf lo attend   any   school    received.
Highest  references.     Terms
on application,
Who hii*. -een in}* Clutli- **i.d
Sample*, of Ovtreoul Suiting*..
Trousers and Kancy Vesting!
s.j -they are elflgant. Tha priooa
arc riirht. Kit and Finish can
not be excelled in Canada.
Ijidie-    Tailor-made ,-uit- a
Tourist Cars pass Reve'stoka dailj
tn   St.   Paul;   Mondays   for   Toronl, ���
Thursdays for Montreal and Bostt n.
Few Pianos are   sweet  in   tone,
in touch and chaste in design.
Listen to a Mason & Risch Piano,
Play upon a Mason & Risch Piano,
Examine even the case of a Mason  & Risch Piano,
And in it you will find all the requisites of
a perfect instrument.
f nspectior-* h-jVsteel.    Correspondence Solicited.
Kirst-'ilass hoard and room, Todd's
old stand, corner Ward and Carbonate, in rear of English church, heated
hy steam. Table hoard |4; room and
hoard |S and *.i..")0.
A collection of fine Belgium Cm aries
for sale.
5 & o Clement Block*
To  Kossland, Trail,   Bobsoa.
fi.Hip rn.-Leavcs-SKLSON'-Arrlves-lOJ *: *n
iti-oie-ia*. Leke���Kaele it.ni.**..
Str. Koka.nek
Kxccpt Sunday Except *-'ll*-.d .*
1   p.m.���Leave<-~N*KL-?ON���Arrive*���11   o.*.
ItmiirHay Klvrr i:..iii. .
.-���th. Movik.
Mon.. Wed., Kri. Tue*. Thut*-. Sal
8 a.m. ���Leave*���NELSON--Arrives -6.5U   v ft:.
Make- connection at Pilot Uay with sir. Ki
kanec in both directions.
Steamer--, on their respective routes cal   i
principal landings in botli direction? an
ottiet* points when signalled.
Mnlu   Line  and   Inli-riiM-illale rolnl-.  vin
Miiraii (My   Ilaily.
111.3(1 a. ni.-Leaven���NKUSOX���Arrives-��311 p.n.
and full Information   by  eddrenlnK nearv   I *
I local agent, C. B. H. a-k-y, (itj  '1 iekel Au';. r.t I
II. W. IjUKW, Agent, Nel.-n
Thomson Stationery Co. Ltd, Tc* ***** * K��Mk-
Bird Cages   Bird Cages
We have just received a con=
sign ment of Brass and Japan=
ned Cages, which we are sell=
Ing At Exceptionally Low
, Fresh Fruits. Candies,  and all  kinds
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Evening Parties,
Mellon    Mowbray    l'ies.     Chicken,
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promptly  attended   to.
Ward St..   -  Opposite Hume Hotel.
W.F. ANpBR80N,
Trav. Pass. Anent,
Dtet*. Pa**a. Akci.i
Uur dispatches get loadkd down with
���ome sad stuff at times, thanks to
some Associated I'rcsi editor at tho fur
end. Yesterduy wo hat! nearly two
columns about the hanging of a worn n a lo :;*.w York Btate, and two Hues
Dealer in   BOOTS &
SHOES.     Repairing
work a Specialty.  The
Cheapest     Place
Deal in Town.
Hali Street,
S polka n e F a 11 s&.
Northern R'y.
Sheppard R'y,
Red Mountain R'y.
The only all rail route without chaug
of care between Nelson and Rosslaud and
Spokane and Bossland.
Leave 9.40 a.m. NELSON Arrive 5-30 p.m
���'    11:55 "   ROSSLT)    "     3:10
"    8-30 a-m. SPOKANE   "    6.30 p.m
Train  that  leaves   Nelson at 0:4(Jhu,
makes  close connections at Spokitne fol
to   all Pacific Coast Points.
Passengers for Kettle Kiverand Boundary Creek, connect at Marcus with Stag*-
C. G. DIXON, G. P. k T.A.
Spokane   Wash
West Kootonay Butcher Co.
.. FRESH . .
Crimps supplied on shortest notice and Lowes Prieeo
Mail Orders leceive Careful attention.
Nothing but fresh and wholesome n,.-,us and supplies
kept in stock.
Markets at Nelson and Ymir.
Steamship Lines
From St. John
Allan Lino���OalifornUn  ....April   -
Dominion Line���Scotsman April U
; From Portland
Allan Line-t'nstiliiin April   B
From New York
White Star line���Britannic Mnrcli 29
Cuiiard  Line��� L'nilirln,  April   I
American Line-Paris Mareh-":'
Anchor Line-Anchoria March '>
From Bom on
Dominion Line -New England March '2ti
Passages Hrmnyed to and front all European
points. For rates, tickets and fall information
imply to (.'.I'. It. depot agent or C. E. Bcusley,
City Ticket Agent, Nelson, B, C.
Mo)   General AKimt. C.RH. Offlooa Winnipeg.
t! ^v*J?.Ql-E*3ROOK,
P.m nnn���B d��i��... d.i...   ��- K* TACKABURV,
Few Doors Below Baker.       Agent,N��uon, b. c
Boarding and Day School.       Present   Numbers 44.     Preparatory
under Lady.   Highest references to   Parents, etc.
I For Terms apply to Pnnsipali, ��� n7I Geo.-jria St., VancouvM.
We have purchased the express
and drayage business of Mr. J. W.
Cowan and bespeak as large a patronage at the hands of Nelson citizens as was accorded Mr. Cowan.
Leave orders at D. McArthur's or
telephone No. 8-*;.
Improved  Property
House an J lot on Victoria streot,  near
Presbyterian church HS
House and Lot on Victoria street  ���J���
House and Lot on Victoria streot  JS9J!
House and Lot ou Victoria streot  Jj"
House and two lots on Carbonate street.. UW
Business Corner ou Vernon street.. ... .   4lAW
Dairy Itanch near city���Offers wanted.
Houso lo let on Stanloy street- _   ,,���,
Money   to  Loan-Real   Estate   and   Chattel
Mortgages. _   ,     , .
Wtiuted-MlninK Shares, Nelson, \mir ami
Oonfara Willi the Bieoutive OommitUe
of tlm South Kootenay Board
of Trade.
W. I). Scott, oue of Mm Canadian
CoinniiHHionH to tlm Paris Exposition
next year, iy��h In Nelson yoHtcrihiy
umi met ilm exeontive Counoil of ilm
Board of Trade. Mr. Scott ih work.
ilia at present iu the inton-Hta ot the
Prov|llolal Government. He is ontleay-
iiiiiiK lo ieOltre the aid of the various
Boards of Trade In arrnnRlng for <>x-
hihils from the different purls of Ilm
Provinoe. Ho explaiimd thut ICnnnda
would have 89*100 of the 860,000 foot
allotted to Gnat Britain nnd that
while there would be no individual
Proviuoial exhibits ouoh Province
would be cured for. Mr. Soott huk-
uoated that British Columbia oonflue
iisnlf to lnlnluBi UshiiiK ond timber ex-
ilibltl, us Miinitolin would malic
ouly an auric.ulturiil display. He bad
already arranged, ho said, with the
nutborltes ��t -Victoria to secure everything ncccsHury and was UHHiiri-od that
wilh the assistance of the Hoards of
Trade nothing wonld be lanking.
Mr. Boott i\1ho endeiivoi-ol to induce
Mr, Hedley of the Hull Mines Smelter
to malm an exhibition of ores and of the
prooesa of smelting. Whether this will
be (lone or not is not yet known.
Mr. Boott informed The Miner reporter
that Mr. Hnnio, with whom lie spoke
ar. Vittoria. expressed u wish Unit lhe
British Columbia exhililt should he
removed to the Exposition to be held
iii Glasgow in I90f, and in addition,
thut the British Colonial building at
Paris should he finished to BOine extent with Hritish Columbia cedar.
Hoi li of these requests may he granted.
Hns recilal   In (bu Cbtirch of Rtoglaild
on  Tuesday evening,   the 88tli  inst,,
at B:1B p. in
The annual onnoort is definitely
fixed for Wednesday, \m-ii .-*. ihore
will in* fun rehearsals (for both choir
and oruhvstra) on Monday, M.roh atl
and Saturday, April i, in' the Nelson
Opera House, each evening nt s p   in.
Thn manager of the Opera   House   has
Kindly placed the house al the services
of   the Society for   tliese rehearsals for
the bare uosi of lightlug ami heating,
It is earnestly hoped that all members will make It a point of attending
tlmmi practices, li is only by lhe regular attendance of evory member thai
really -mod results cun be obtained,
Ou Saturday evening, Maroh 2b, at
8i80p, in., there will be a practice
for men only at Ihn residence of Mr.
K. Day, who has kindly lent his houso
for that purpose. This speoial practice is for a rehearsal of the scene
from Tannhauser, which was ho well
reoeived at the concert given in the
Presbyterian Ohuroh last Deoember,
Arrangement   Completed   For    Work
ou The Hudson's Bay Blook.
Mr. 0. C. Ohipmnn, Commissioner
of the Hudson's Bay Company, leaves
for lln* East hy the Crow's Nest l'nss
Railway this morning, To The
Miner the Commissioner said in reply
to enquiries that the Hudson's Bay
Company would shortly build on their
lots ou the corner of Baker aud Stanloy streets. Arrangements are now
praotioally completed and advantage
will be taken of the best building season to put* the work in hand. The
company has always thought well ot
Nelson ami the steady growth and sub-
staiilul progress of tho town seem to
leave no doubt as to its future.
"There has heen great improvement
since I lust had the pleasure of visit-
iiiK Nelson anil I look for this to continue." the Commissioner remarked as
he said good bye.
Both   Miners and   Domestic   Servants
Hnve Their Eves on the Ronton i>��
In a letter  to  Mr.   George    John
stone, Collector of Customs here. \V.
L. Griffith, Onundiaii Goverumeut
tit/out at Cardiff, Wales, says: "1
find that enquiry from both moneyed
men ami working men as toyonrcountry very large. There are hundreds
of competent hard r**ck miners here
anxious to fio out if only u reasonable
probability ot finding work can be
shown. If von should know ot nny
likely employment for 10. Ul). fil). or a
few hundreds of such num. steady,
hardy and reliable fellows, you wolild
confer a favor by lotting me know.
Then as to female domestic servants:
thoy are paid from lfis. to ,-El per
mouth here. Last month I bad applications from seven girls of good reference who wanted to 1:0 to Canada
The trouble is they are lacking passage
mouey hut they nre willing to sign an
understanding, us see Chap 65 of the
"Revised Statutes of Canada. " Any
information ou the above lines 'will
be much appreciated."
Mr. Johnstone replied that.the Hi -Id
for capital was unlimited but that
miners should bo sure of work before
coming to the Kootenay If there are
any who can place the Welshmen or
the female domestics they would do
well to ".let, Mr. Johnstone know or
write to Mr. Griffith direct. There
should bn a good field for good domestic servants but positions should be
assured for them before thoy are encouraged to come to the Province.
Tho Bank of  Montreal  vs. the   Gisnt
Powder 06.. aud Others.
A case that has long hung fire, that
of the Bank of Montreal vs. The
Giant Powder Company and others.
has at lust been disposed of. The
case wns an interpleader issue to decide, among a large number of claimants, who wore entitled to a fund,
being the balance of the contract price
for construction of the Trail Crock
Tramway line. The Bank of Montreal
had cashed a laige number of time
cheques of the workmen engaged on
the construction and claimed a first
charge ou that contract moneys or the
amount so advanced. Other claimants
had done work and furnished supplies
iu respect of the contract and also
claimed equitable charges on the fund
for the amouts of their debts. Twelve
counsel representing over twenty
clniiuB were heard on the case. The judgment which has beon given awarded
Messrs. Burns and Jordan the lirst
charge ; Hunter Bros, the second and
the Bank of Montreal third. Tliese
claims will exhaust the fund so that
the other claimants will receive nothing. Mr. R. M. Macdonald of the
firm of Macdonald & Brougham acted
for Burns & Jordan. Mr. A. H. McNeill, of Rossland, for Hunter Bros
Mr. Bodwell for the Bank.
Recital   of   Music in  the   Church  of i
England Postponed a Few Du.vs.
Owing to illness in   thn   households
of somo of the members, the  recital of |
music by The NelBou Mnsioal Society. '
iu  the Church of  Eugland  has  boon
postponed to the 89th  inst., (Wednos-
Thin will be a ip��sUl praetiat for
Henry Bernard leaves today for Bonner's Perry, Idaho,
Editor Clill'e of the Mining Record,
Sundiin, was It Nelson yesterday, tin
guest of Kev. Robert Frew.
Mrs. j. Riderick Robertson leaves
this morning for Victoria when she
will spend u nionlli or more.
J. Mitchell, of tlm Cliiirlcstown
property, adjoining the Whitewater
on the north, was in Nelson yesterday.
Mi. J nines Lawrence bus so far 1*0-
covered from his illness that he was
able to leave on u short business trip
yesterday morniug.
The ieo at the Crystal Rink ia in
good condition and- the rink will tie
open to the publio while the cold
weather ooutiuuea.
Tbe Epworth League of the Methodist Church hold a very pleasant aoouil
at the Methodist church last night.
About 60 persons weie present.
Herbert Wylio, who was iu Nelson
with the Harry Lindley Company, arrived in the City last evening and
will probably reside here to establish
violin and mandolin classes.
Mr. Fred O. Moffutt, President <>f
the Kossland Miner Printing and Publishing Oompany. is in Nelson at Iho
Phair. Mr. Moffatt is hero in lhe
interests of the Rossluud Miner.
The regular meeting of the Sous of
England Benefit Society, will be post-
doiied until the lirst Wednesday in
April. The members will not nuet
as usual on Wednesday, March 22.
There were received in Nelson yo��-
terilny for tho Hall Mines Smeller
Laud a baritone and a tenor trombone a"B" flat bass ami a piroolo.
Tbis will make the band consist of 18
The South Kootenay Rifles had a
regular practice lust evening. Tin rr
was a good attendance nnd the eompauy continued to show improvement.
There are si ill three vrteunoir**,   iu   the
Frank Tamblyn of the Nelson Wi'ie
Co., has received n shipment of camellias and palms whioh be is advertising
for sale. There nre direct from Japan
and aro decidedly beautiful. Mr.
Tamblyn will receive like shipments
throughout the summer.
The West Koolenay Brick and Lime
Company is gradually branching out,
having purohased the old Walters brickyard near the N. St F. S. depot. Tins
gives the company two brick yards in
Nelsou and one in Balfour in addition
to the lime kilns at Kaslo.
The Department of Customs at ( t-
tawa has given instructions to he
office at Cranbrook to go to Fernie to
clear goods when needed. About fie
1st of July it will be decided at which
point on the Crow's Nest lino an ntll-
cer will be   stationed permanently.
The body of John Evans, who was
drowned at Rosebery in January aud
Whioh was found on Monday was
brought to the City last evening and
is now in MoArthur's Undertaking
establishment. Tho remains will be
interred in Nelson Deceased's home
wns in Portland. Maine.
Mr. A. Maodonald, head of the firm
of A. Macdonald & Co, arrived in
Nelson last night. Mr. Maodonald
has been ou a trip of inspection of the
various branches of his conipin y
throughout British Columbia and the
North West Territories Ho will remain in Nelsou for two or three days.
The local C PR., ticket office
hns received a large photograph
of the interior of oue of tho lntest
tourist sleeping cars on the road. It
is upholstered in corduroy ami is to all
appearances almost ns elegant as a first
olnss sleeper. The cars are run between Seattle, nnd Boston, Toronto
and Montreal and are all in charge of
colored porters.
"Nelson is likely to hnve au armory
or drill shed before next winter. Capt.
HodginS, of the South Kootenay
Rifles, has secured two lots on Victoria
street, half way between Stanley and
Kootenay streets aud the Dominion
Government will be asked for an ap
prnpriation to aid in building the hall.
The lots have been secured from the
local Government and as thn Dominion Government ia pledged to donate
$251) to the building of an armory there
is little doubt tbat the Kootenay Rifles
will have a homo next fall. Capt.
Hodgins is working hard in the interests of the Oompany aud is confident he Will get what bo is after.
The directors of tho Nelson Public
Library met at the residence of Mrs.
J. Roderick Robertson Monday night
aud deoided to give a public ball some
time during the month of April or
May to raise funds for the support of
the library. It was reported by the
treasurer of the National Council of
Women that |108 had been paid over
to the treasurer of the library, the
amount being the profits of tha recent
cooking classes. The report of the
treasurer was also n reived, showing
total receipts of ?inil.75, total expenditures of $806.25, leaving a balance of |808,50. E. A. Crease informed tbo board that the incorporation pa
pers of the Nelson Public Library Association would soon be completed and
that a meeting of all shareholders
���would then be sailed.
To The Editor of The Nelson Miller:
Sir���Will you allow mo space to
thank "Citizen of the World" for his
Tory able and sensible letter in to
day's Miner. I would point out that
when East Baker stroet was tlrat occupied by the individuals whose presence is so offensive to some of the ox
tra pious, it was not in the "Heart of
the City" but quite out of the way;
whence it appears that whatever
point the houses may lie removed to,
is likely in a vury few years to become the "Heart (if the City" again,
when all this trouble will be repeated.
P. S. ��� Dots Citizen 8 know View
street, Victoria, B. O., or Dupont
stroet, Vancouver. B. O. ?
Nelson, March 21, 18119.
Humo���E. H. Smith, Montrenl;
George C. Rowan, Omaha ; A. Maodon-
nld, Winnipeg ��� R. (.>. Bedlington,
Toronto; H. M. Fullorton, Brantford;
J. L. Parker, Rossland; E. Luitugne,
Phair.���G. E. Jackson. Spokane ; J.
E. Mitchell, Whitewater; 1). O. John-
sou, Everett; J, H. Grav, Kaslo; L.
O. Bnuniaun, H. C. Wilson nnd J.
Johnsou, Spokane; R. 0. Duvis, Que-
bfo: W. Oaraa, Orillia, Ont.; G. H.
Kirkpatrick and J. J. Taylor, Rossland ; Percy 0. Tarbrott, A. H. Hai-
rison, E. E. Barohaud, Loudon; A.
H. Wnllbridgo, Trail; L. A. Campbell, Rossland; Thomas H. Allico,
Victoria; S. (1. Campbell, Sydney;
Jns. Wright, Kuskanook ; F. W. Ford
and H. A. Jansen, Winnipeg; Frank
Patterson and A. Y. Sums.   Rossluud.
Straight as a Die
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one must use the best means and
materials athis disposal.
Carpenters, Joiners ami Builders
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Jeweler.  Baker St.
The West Kootenay Brick
& Lime Company, Ltd.
Capital $50,000.00,   divided  into 50,000
shares of $1.00 each.
DIRl-XTORS���W. W. Beer Esq., W. H. Dowsing Esq.,
W. A. Macdonald Esq., H. G. Neelands Esq., T.
G. Proctor Esq., all of Nelson.
liANKERS���The Bank of British Columbia, Nelson,
B.   C.
SOLICITORS���Messrs. Macdonald & Brougham, Nelson,   B. C.
OFFICE���Proctor's Building, Baker street (west), Nelson,   B. C.
Issue of 5,000 (10 per cent, guaranteed) Preference
Shares. Also 7,500 ordinary shares of $1.00 each, payable as follows: 25 cents on application, 25 cents on allotment, and the balance when called for, no call to be made
until three monlhs after 22nd February, 1899.
The subscription list for this issue will open at 10 a. m.
on Monday, March 13th, and close at 3 p. m. on Friday,
March 31.1t, 1899. Applications for shares, accompanied
with the amount payable on application, should be made to
the bankers of the company (where prospectuses and forms
of application can be obtained) or at the office of the company. Copies of the memorandum and articles of Association of the company may be inspected at the office of the
company's solicitors.
Paints,   Oils,   and
We ask the Painters to test the quality of
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Nelson Hardware Co.
,!. I, VANSTONE, Mining Broker.   ��
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Head - orrices - Winnipeg
Biusviikh Vancjolvkk, VtOTOBU
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Taoism I.akk, Ohkknwood. B.C.,
and IIaw-hon Citv, N. IV. T.    ,
Nl=LSON,  B, C.
Patronize 1 lorn*.* Industry, ami Smoke the
Royal Seal
And   other   Union
Made Cigars  of the
Kootenay Cigar Mfg. Co.,
Brewers of'Pine Ijjvkm-
Beer and Porter.
Drop  in   and see   ui.
B. C.
To Loan^>
Great West Life Assurance Company.
At 8 per cent, on
Improved Property.
Agent, Baker Street.
General Teamsters.
i T c. i co.
(Standard Oil Co.)
Anthracite Coal.
First Class Fir
Cut any length
to order. One car of Fresh
Spokane Lime just arrived.
Office Oor. Baker & Hall Sts.
Telephone   88.
Did You Get That Hat?
If not at Emory & Walley's you need a new
one. We have all the latest Styles and Shapes.
Get one while they last.
Emory & Walley,
Capital Paid   np - ��&(KK),000
Ileal 1,200,000
II. S. How land, Pre**.   T. It.Merritt, Vice Proa.
win. Ramsay,     Hugh Ryan,     Kobt.Jaffray,
T. Hutherland Htayner,      Kllaa Kogeru.
lload Oftlce, Toronto.
I). K. WII.KIK, General Manager.
IC. HAY, Inspector.
KraiM-lie*. hi all prlnrlpal rlllr. and town.
In    Ontario   anil   Qoebet
lEraiiebrK    In      Manitoba.     K-��rthw*r.l
l. 11 it..ih*. and ltilil-.li 4'olnmbUt.
Winnipeg, poktaok La Pkaiuik. Hkandon,
Man. CAUiAiiv, I'kinck Ai.iikht, Kdmonton,
South Kdmonton, N. W.   T.    Vancouvkr,
NKI.HON,   l,l-*\ KI.HTOKK, B. C.
Anon**- in Great Britain- Lloyd'a Bank, Ltd.,
72 Lombard Btreot London, wltn whom money
may be deposited for trannfer by letter or cable
to any pari of Canada.
IxslterH of Credit i -m *i on Alaska Commercial Co. payablo at tit. Mlchael'M, Alaaka, and
Dawson city.
Drafts Sold, available at all polnta in Can-
da, Uniled-*S&ate**and Kurope.
Lottertof credit iasueo, available In any
part of the world.
SavlnK*. Imnk De-partmont-DepONltH of $1
and upwards received and interest allowod.
DeberturcH���Municipal and other debentures purohased.
Money Ordert* i��� *n-. 1 payable at any Bank
HatcH-Undor ��10, 8c; |10 to $��, 10c;
$2U to f30, 12c; $30 to |S0, Uo.
J.   M-   LAY.   MANAGER.
Geo.   Holbrook,
City Scavenger.
All kindu of day and night Scavengering *
Work promptly done. Chimney dweeplnc
Bos MJ. U��t�� orders ����U. DtsMMfs.
Charges of Unfair Treatment
Prove Unfounded.
The Smelter Has Been Keoeiving its Fair
Share of  Ore���General Mining News.
Se-venil Kootenay papers lmvn, of
lulu been nreusiiiK the OttnadlfU) l'a-
eiiin Railway of doing nil it oan to injure the Hull Mines Smeller nod building up the bnaineHB of the Trull Smelter ul the expense of the NeNon enterprise. A sample of the remarks of tin
puuers is the following from a recent
number of the Rossland Miner; "It
was feared by niiiny. when the 0 P.
K.   embarked in the smelting business
tbat the outcome would   he tlie   estuli-
lisbment of a monopoly on its pnrt,
and it now seems certain that tbis apprehension was well grounded, It is
uow more than probable that the Hall
Mines smelter will be bairassed aud
persecuted and its efforts to secure ore
so blocked thnt it will ultimately be
compelled to shut I'lWii. Its only hope
is evidently to secuie what ores it
oan from its own mines, aud be content to be operated to that limited extent."
In order to ascertain tbe true stale
of affairs The Miner has looked thoroughly into the matter. The best
proof that the Hall Mines Smelter is
not beiug uufairly treated is the fact
that it is gettiug its full shure of the
output of the miues of the distiict.
The company itself makes uo complaint aud until it does the papers of
the country should uot be so ready tn
tnke up the cudgels in its behalf. The
smelter situation may he taken as an
excuse for abusing the C. V. K. but
such abuse does tlie Hall Mines Smelter a great deal of harm by spreading
the impresssion iu the country thut
there is uo use in endeavoring to make
rates with it as the C, P. R. has the
upper baud. As far as can be ascertained the Canadian Pacific has ns yet
made nn discrimination in favor of the
Trail Smelter to the detriment of
the smelter here. If it hns the Hall
Mines has suffered to no appreciable
extent as the shipment of ores lo Nelson has been all the company has ux-
Regarding Rosslaud ores, it is well
known that the mines.at present shipping, situated near that town either
have their smelter at Northport or are
controlled by capitalists who are
closely allied with the 0. P. R. in the
East. Siuce the Trail smelter has been
in operation, however, the Hall Mines
Smelter received regular shipments
from the War Eagle and Velvet, near
Rossland, for a considerable period
and when these mines rosume ship
mentH, and others there become
shippers, the Hall Mines confidently expects to secure some
of the business. And as for
the Slocan ores both smelters meet on
an equal basis, and while, of course,
there is rivalry in endeavoring to se
cure tho shipments, uo undue pressure
is brought to bear bv the C. P. R. and
the Hall Mines secures shipments in
competition with the Trail Smelter
Only a few weeks ago there was
some lively bidding tor the output of
oue miue which the Trail smelter was
most anxious to secure but the Hall
Mines Smelter procured the shipments. This fact should dispose of all
talk of the C. P. K. endeavoring to
drive the Hall Mines Smelter out of
As to the St. Eugene ore from East
Kootenay, which is being hauled
through Nelsou to Trail, and about
which some papers made so much.
The Miner has been informed hy the
mauagemeut of the Hall Mines thai
they put iu no bid for the ore aud did
not *Wish to secure it. There are only
certain kinds of oie which the Hall
Mines Smelter wants and no effort is
mails to secure any other kiud.
It is self-evident that the C. P. R. i
very much interested in the success of
the Hall Mines Smelter as the greater
the business of the smelter hero the
greater will be the freight business of
tbe railway oompany. Newspaper ar-
tcles bemoaning the fact that the Hall
Mines smelter is olostug down owinj:
to the oppression of the 0. P. R. have
already doue Nelson considerable
harm. The contrary is the case and if
the Hall Mines management has any
complaint to make it will be taken up
iu the proper way and not aired iu the
columns of misinformed papers.
At present no ore is being smelted
in Nelson lint this does not interfere
w ith tlie operations of the company
which continues to receive ore every
day. The sampling woiks are running
and the company is prepared to receive
ore now just as it does when the
suielter is running full blast. Five
carloads of ore from the Blooan country were received yesterday and considerable oro ia being sent to the Hinder, the principal part of it from the
Queen Hess mine near Sandon. The
water jackets will be recoived here
shortly and will he put in place during
the flrHt week, in April when No. 1
furnace on lead will be blown iu aud
tbe large stock of lend ore now on
huud will keep the furnace busy for a
long time. About the middle of May
they expect to blow in the big blast
furnace on copper. Copper oro is he-
ing accummulated nt the Silver KiiiK
mine while the company is bringing
down some ore of a class suitable to be
smelted with load ore. The refinery
furnaces aro being repaired and will
uot he started until after the big blast
furnace is blown in. When the smel
ter is again in fnll blast it will run for
a considerable period. The Hall
Miues is in tho market at all timos
for copper ore.
*   *   *
J. J. Flcutot,   a   mining   engineer,
is on his way from London, Eng.,    to
Nelson aud will arrive   here tomorrow <
evening.   He-will be  oouuected   with1
the Joker group of claims iu the capacity of manager, relieving Mr. W. 0.
White, the chairman of the board of
directors of the company. owniiiK the
property, who has been in Nelsou a
cmiple of mouths. Hnfore Mr. White
leaves for England, however, he will
accompany Mr. Fleutot to tho mine
which is situated away up near the
Kokaneo Peaks, beyond the Molly Gibson when appioached from the Nelsou
side. When Mi. White visited the
camp last month he wus held prisoner
at the miue by storms raging on the
glaciers aud his friends here had almost given up hope of his safe return
as it was feared he had been lost in one
of the innumerable crevices that be
set the way to the property. The shaft
of the Joker is down ?0 foot, aud a
tunnel has beeu run 70 feet into the
ledge. Assays of tho ore taken by
Mr. White from the bottom of the
���haft and assuyed by A. L. MoKillop
show four ounces of gold to tho ton.
A ten stamp mill will be erected ut
the mine us soon as the roads aro good
enough to allow the machinery to be
takou up.
New York,   March 21.���Bar
50; Mexican dollars, 47.
Copper    dull;   brokers
ohange, 16W to 17. W
Lead,   qmet;  brokers'
ohange, f-i to $4.45.
Tin,     quiet;   Straits,
988.75.    Plates steady.
,    17)41   Ex-
14.^0;   ex
t'lo. 6SH     to
Silverton, March 21.���Sixty tous of
coventrates were today shipped from
this place which came from the Com-
stock mine. In the shipment there
were 1)7 sacks of clour ore, Total shipments from 1st January '9H from Silverton wore 1048 tous.
This euds the shipments from this
point for the present. The next matter
will be the repair of the Four Mile
Creek road. It is now in a bid condition and it will soon be impasBable unless it is repaired. It is hoped that the
Government will without delay see
after this work. It must tbis winter
have brought into the coders of the
Governmeut a considerable amount of
money, as since the early part of of
Lecember lost there have been brought
down it for shipment not less than
ISO!) tons of high grade ore,from all of
which the Government have levied or
doubtless will collect toll.
Messrs. Beimodmn and Aheroombe
are nt work on the A. E , oue of the
Red Mountain gold properties. Tbe
former was down recently, nssaving
the ore In which thoy ar* working,
and found that it curried gold to tbe
extent of al least fib per ton. Silvir-
ton bids fair tn be a gold-copper as
well as a silver lend  producing   camp.
Following aro the Slooan shipments
for the months of January and February. They would hnve Veen larger
but for the temporary suspension ol
work on the Star and Ruth:
From Sandon���
Paine. ISO!) tons; Last* Chnnce. S4II;
Reco, 100; Ajnx, 40; Ivanhoe, 40;
Treasure Vault, 114; Sovereign, 20:
Trade Dollar. 18; Saphire, 18; Coin,
12. Total, 8042.
From Three Forks-
Idaho, 640W ; Queen Bess, 444 H ;
Mouitor, 20; Wild Goose, 15. Total.
1119 s-,.
From Whitewater-
Whitewater,    582;     Jackson,    104)*. ;
Bell, 30.    Total, 77lii2.
From M'l'uigan���
Rambler. 185; Dardanelles, 80; Great
Western, 48; Antoiue,   45.    Total, 808.
lake Points, 1,000.
All   told   then thero   were   shipped
from the Slocan   proper,   (1,2411;^   tons
representing a gross  value of $634,650.
* *   *
The law receutly passed by the B C.
Legislature making eight-hour shifts
compulsory in metal mines will not
work to advantage in all parts of the
Proviuce. It might, be all right in
Kossland where the wages are $8 a
day. In that pamp the rock is hard
aud shaft work piedominates. The
���nines are bothered with bad air and
water which makes a short shift desirable. Iu the Slocan men work 10
hours a shift for $8.50. There has
never been any trouble between men
aud owners. The meu are willing to
work 10 hours for $8.50 and the employers are willing to pay it. There
is not much trouble with air or water
and most of tho work is iu tunnels
where ouly a certain number of mon
can work at a time no matter what is
the duration of the shift. If the law
changes this in lhe Slocan it will not
be satisfactory to either capital or labor. Everybody is satisfied now aud
if our Local Legislature would ouly
leave us alone there would be no cause
for complaint. Our legislators should
learn that a law may be good for one
locality and not for another.���Sandon
* *   *
Tho Relief Gold Mining Company
has shipped to the Le Roi Smelter at
Northport 168,000 pounds of gold ore
valued ar $8,400. The ore wus from
the Second Relief mine aud the shipment was recorded in the ('ustums
office here.
Republic, March 21.��� -^uperiutendent
Crounso of tho Gold Creek Mining
Company has returned to Republic
fiom the company's property 15 miles
south of here, and confirms the news
of the rich gold strike. He says the
crosscut tunnel encountered the ledge
at a denth of oighty feet, win re it lihs
been proved to be 20 feet wide aud
carries ore that assays from $200 to
$550 to the ton.
Ottawa, March 21.���So far ai tbe
Crow's Nest investigation concerned
the alleged hardships imposed upon
the men employed ou the work it resulted iu nothing. In answer to an
Inquiry from tho Trades aud Labor
Council of Montreal. Premier Laurier
has stated that ho finds in the report
of Judge Dugas no reconinieudntioiis
that might apply to tho laborers who
had beon employed on the work.
Recommendations were made with
respect to the future but nothing in
the way of a recommendation as to alleged grievances.
Washington, March 21.���Secretary
of State Hay has received a cablegram
from the United States Consul nt
Kingston, Jamaica, saying that ex-
Secretary Sherman' was low when the
PariB left Kingston. Nothing has
beeu heard by the State Department
further than this dispateh.
Easter is Almost Here.       HATS! HATS! HATS!
The ladies of Nelson will all have their new
Spring bonnets and your old suit will look
shabby. Call around and let us make you
look new in a new Spring Suit. A full line of
spring and summer goods just received.   .
H. fl. Vincent,
Merchant Tailor.
J   Y.  QRIFFIN   &  CO.
Dairy Fed, Mild Cured Meats, "ORIPFIN BRAND" out Specialty.
Choice Creamery and Dairy Butter, Cheese, Kggs
     Write us for Prices	
Nelson Branch.
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants
Branch Markets in Hossland, Trail, Nelson, Kaslo,
Sandon, Three Forks, New Denver and Slocan City.
Orders by mall to any branch will have careful and prompt attention.
The Brackman & Ker
Milling Co., Ltd.
Wholesale and Retail.   Grain, Hay, Feed, etc.
Write for Quotations on Car Lots,        -        Nelson, B. C.
Nelson   Teijl  and   AWning   Factory
Canvas Goods, Tents, Awning, and
Fancy Striped Curtains for Verandahs and Windows.
Theo. Madson,
���Ei Real Estate and Insurance Agent.                      Eqj
���E The Birkbeck Investment,  Security g
g and Savings Co.                1
^ advance money on Improved Real Estate.     Repayable in 5 and   ^
B 8 years by monthly instalments.                               SS
All Kinds Of Smoke.
T. k B. PLUG
As we keep our Tobaccos In both our Excise and  Customs Bonds  ne tw
able to carry 11 lurge ami assorted slock.
FOR SALE.   Prank A. Tamblyn
Two Loin and House wilh 14 rooniH ou  Silica
streot between Josephine and Hall s reetn,
beautifully    situnted.      I'ricu   $3,500.
Terms $1,508  eifh,   balance to
be   arranged,
Lot and Houne Latimur street, near Josephine,
street, Price $1,000.    Terms $500 rush,
balance on iiiorltfa^e.
Lot and .Store on Haker streei, tfood location,
Price $8,000.
Lot on linker -street, near the corner of Cedar
street, $800.
Alsoa laixe list of the best Residential Property In the city.
Agents for Addition"A"and"Hunie"Addition.
BakerSlreei, will have, through-mil
lhe suimm r, au assortment of the
Choicest House plants ever recoived
in Nelson. Now shipments every
The BritUh Co' umbia Permanent Loan and
Savings Company, who give the mont reasonable tonus to borrowers, allowing Principal lo
be paid otr at any time without Charging any
Gamble & O'Reilly,
TENUKU-S arc* invited for building CORK
ovkns. fpeelflcatloDBRt my offloo. Tondcrs
iniHi be received nol Inter than 1 p. ni. on
Wednesday, 23rd March, 1810, No tender
necessarily accepted.
New Spring hats of All Descriptions  to Suit
All Tastes	
Stitson's, of  Philadelphia,   and  Christy's,   of
London, are Our Leaders. .... 	
J. A, eiLKER, - P. 0. Store
Kirkpatrick & Wilson,
Groceries  and Crockery.
We have just received a large assortment of
Direct from  the  Factory.      Prices 25  per
cent,   cheaper  than   in  the  past.
Kirkpatrick  & Wilson,
China Hall.
All  Communications relating to British Columbia business
to be addressed to P. O. Drawer 505, Nelson, B.C.
<%**%* ���%^-W��.'V%.-%^-%%.*%**
J. Roderick. Robertson,
General Manager
S. S. Fowler, E. M.,
Mining Engineer
All orders must be accompanied by cash and should   be   forwarded
either personally or by mail to the office of
General Ag*ent Cor. Kootenay & Baker Sts.
Wholesale Merchants.
Liquors and Groceries.
MILLS,   Enderby and Vernon	
A.   B.  GRAY,   ip. o. box en nelson, b. c,
Merchants' Bank of Halifax.
Incorporated 1869.
Capital Authorized   -   -   -   -   ��2,000,000
Capital Paid Up, $1,500,000, Reserve, $l,25o,ooo.
Head Office:  Halifax, Nova Scotia.
Comparative  Statement,  -.'turning   lhe  progress nmde liy this Bank in the
past ten  years: 1888
C*-pit**l  Paid   T'p        $1,01)0,0(10
imi  3X).ooo
Liabilities to  Public*.
Total Ass* I-	
$ 1,500,1X10
2.802,000 8,175.000
D98,(XK) 1.387,000
.'i,83o,000 8,55f,000
4.088,000 1)000,000
5280.000        12,737,000
(ieneral Banking Business transacted; Sterling Bills of Exchange  Bought
and Sold, Letters of Credit, Etc., Negotiated.
Accounts reoeived on the m    t favorable terms.   Interest allowed on special
deposit!   nd on Saving Bank accounts.
Atlin, Grand Forks, Nanaimo, Nelson, Rossland, Vancouver
Vancouver East End, Victoria, Ymir.
ihiArX'"?;,.!?".!!!1 ���������crrl'TV,1 ha" ,!oeI' Mfebltthe-a in connection wilh tho Nolson branch ot
ni p&Snt 3 pe?2cnt pKJjS?        ""        " "'"^ """ Cl"���'1 mt�� ��f lnt6re61 "^"^
Geo. Kydd, Manager, Nelson, B.C.
CRESTON, B. C. cRow��nnets^.ne
Dealers in all kinds of Lumber.   Can be delivered at any
time in any Quantity.
C. A. BICELOW. - Manager.
For n four-storoj- brick block In Hroonwood,
B, C. Plnim nnd spccllMallonx at Wallace St
Miller's Rlore, Nolson. Proposals will !m> re-
eclvod for the whole of tho work and mntcrlals
or for tho dilfcrent parts of same Up to Monday
al noon, April Hnl. In'.rj. Tho lowest or any
t��nd��r net nwtaMtilr (.coupled.
General Broker.
Real Estate in all Parts of the
Fire, Like, Accident
and Sickness   Assurance.
Aberdeen Blook.    ,    ,
West Kootenav Valley, B. 0��� on line
of G. N. P. Ry., and
Nelson & Bedlington Ry., now under
Information regarding Oreston may
be had of GEO. M-FARLAND, Agent
Nelson, or from
Creston Townsite Co.,
OHK8TON,  B. 0.


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