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Nelson Daily Miner Feb 23, 1900

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Array 'A,,
Daily Edition No. 659.
Nelson, British Columbia, Friday,  February 23,  igoo.
Tenth Year
Lord Kitchener's Response to Gen. Cronje's
Request for a Twenty -Four
Hour Armistice.
��� The Boer General Refuses to Surrender
and Prefers to Struggle to the
Bitter End.
iiiv tssncivri'-o PRESS.) ���
_,.������,. .   .   r,      ! nnil     Geiiernl     Knox    are     slightly
Union, Feb. 23.-(4   a.   ni-l-Geri- , wnnlldod. "     *
eral Oronje le seemingly  making  his 	
lant Bland.   He i�� dying hnrd, hemmed
in by British infantry with shells) London, Feb 38. ��� The Cape Town
from 50 guns falling into IiIh oamp. In i correspondent of The Dally Telegraph
lbe third day of the light the Boer I says: "General Cronje's request for nn
hii'f asked for an armistice to bnry I armlstloe  was a mere dodge to gain
time to mnke   trenches.    Lord  Kitch-
bi-dciul. 'Fight to a finish or sur-
niiilpi' unconditionally," was Lord
Riloliener's reply. General Cronje tm*
mi'diiilely Bent hack word Hint Ms re-
qui', t for a truce   had been   rnisunder.
ener refused,hut 1,'iive him half nn hour
to consider whether he wonld snrien-
der unconditioiinlly or tight tn a tlu-
iflh. The Boers having said that their
-t, ad. and thut his determinntioii I intention bnd been misunderstood
lion, a�� before, was to fight to the | and that they would light to the end,
death. the battle wan resumed.
Tlie battle went on. TbiH whs lhe The Times hns the following from
situation of (ienernl Oronje Tuesday Pnardoherg, dated February 21,���"We
evening, ns sketched by the scanty lei-   hnve expelled 600 Hoers from nn isolat-
egrame that havo emanated from the led kopje abont a mile south west of
Kmi-iilence of Bonth Africa.officially. Oeneral Cronje's laagei.'' The Times
I/iid Rulierta sa,.8 thn�� he bus scatter* says editorially.! "The fact that the
ed the advance command of the win. Boers started to reinfoce Genernl
foiTi'ini'iit. that were striving to reach Oronje from Natal some days ago is
OrODJe, It is i. !��� n,Imi as singular that an additional reason why Lord Hobeits
Lord Huberts wiring Wednesday should should finish wiih hi in as promptly
DO. mention the appeal for nn arm is- as possible. Small bodies of liners
tioenii the pievious day and also that such ns hnve already been broken up,
lhe War office shnnld withhold good are not very formidable hnt a lmge
news il it hnd any. body   with   guns   and   supplies wonld
Without trying lo reconcile even the! cnli for serious treatment, in which
scanty material at band it seems plain] sitnation, no doubt,   General French
would Und cougentni employment,
"Lord Roberta at present has the advantage of baipg nearer to his bade
than the Boots nre to theirs, but that
advantage will he reduced in proportion to bis enstwaril progress, and it is
lib. The engagement with Oronje's j important thnt bodies of the enemy
TiOli lo WKl entroncned men is likely to I shnnld not hover on his right Hank. "
become an Incident in a buttle be- i Commenting npon Lord Salisbury's
tween the masses. These fractions of J reply to l.nrd Teynhums question re-
the power are rapidly drawing togeth- ' gnrding tbe assertion tlmt (.rent Brit-
er to attack Lord Roberts. Will Gen-j lan wns bound by a secret treaty with
ftnl Crnnje be able to bold ont until i Germany which -wonld secure some
tbe Boer massus appear or if bo doe*, ' measure of independence for the Eoers.
will Ihey then ho able to succor him. The Times Hays: "There woold he uo
The British are facing Ihe Boers on precedent for any interference unless
gronuils where the aims, tactics and ��� the Hoers were crushed, even if any-
training of the British nre expected to body .'.-It bold enough ui- strong enough
give them the advantage. to tob the victors   under unctuous pre*
Oeneral Bnller, according lo a dis- i text of humanity and mercy to the
patch from Chieveley, dated Wednes-1 vanquished, Nobody, we imagine does
ilnv, limls the Boers in positions north feel stroug enough or bold enough tn
ol the Tugela largely reluforced.    This '. tiv, whn is   at   the same   lime hostile
enough to England to wish to try."
The Times then proceeds tn argue
that the British navy was never strong
than it is at present, adding: 'This
war bus given an immense experience
which will tend to make Great Britain
stronger than ever before in military
sense, while the Indian lumps an.l the
Colonists have evinced their loyalty >n
time of adversity which gives additional strength."
that Genera! Cronje is in n bnd mid
ev.n ilpsperute situation and thut the
British ate pressing their advantage.
While the attack on   General Cronje i
wr.vteila. thrre is a race tor eonoentrn-
Uon between   the   Boors and the Brit- |
seems strauge. Tho Wur Office for the
first time has given out nn official
compilation of the British losses. Tho
total in 11,208 up to Febrnnry 17. This
does not include, therefore, Lord Rob-
prti,' recent lessee nor the Wiltshire
prisoners. The Press Association
li'anis thnt tbe British losses at Koo-
iloosrauil wero TOO.
Three thousand fresh troops will
embark fnr South Africa today. Tho
relative position of the combatants is
likened to chess players, one of whom
Irom time to time ndds pieces to the
board whilo any loss to tho adveisary
i�� irreplaceable.
Tho morning papers allude to the
IhimRhtfuluesB of Lord Roberts in
Bonding a dispatoh to the Earl of
Minto, the Canadian Governor-Gon-
Cape Town, Feb. 32.-In roply to
General Ctoujo's rei|iiest for un armistice of 24 hours to allow him to bury
his (lead. lord Kitchener told the Boer
eouiiimniier that he must fight to a
mush or surrender unconditionally.
Jiencral Cronje's position is reported
hopeless. Tbe British have occupied
Berkley West.
tond-D, Feb. M.���The Daily News
litis the following dispatch from Mod-
'Ier Kiver, dated Wednesday afternoon,
Mi. ai.���The Boer forces under Gen-
WW ('rnnje ure estimated at H.tK'O men.
t IS o'clock  he   asked   un   armistice
"I 12 hours whfoh was refnsed.    Later
'  ��ent  a .messenger to   say that he
London, Fob. 28. ���Mr. Spencer Wilkinson, reviewing the military situation in the Morning Post says: "Lnnl
Hubert' who was once an artillery officer will take cure that the artillery fire
is properly concentrated. Prolonged
stelling will conipell tho lioers either
to hurl themselves at the British Infantry in the hope of forcing their
way ont, or to surrender, The best
ohanoe for General Cronje would be to
make a night attack, but the bayonet
will servo the British nt night as well
as by day. Tbere are, of oourse, in
wnr, all sorts of chances.
A party oi Hoers from the north or
the snnth might conceivably fall by
surprise on some point of the Investing
ring, and thus gain n chance to eso.pu
for tho beleaguered Hours, bnt the
probabilities Bie that General Oronje
will bo compelled to surrender, and
ihat Puurdehorg will be effective for
the destruction nf the tirst fraction of
tlie Boer army.''
chieveley Camp,   Wednesday,  Feb.
21. ���The   steady   progress nl the relief
-.column ia nninterinpfW.    Tbe Boers
���Minl'l surrender. Tbe British gonernl 0n Tuesday were forced from their
"'tit a reply telling him to oome into i l,IHt position south nf the Tngela, re-
ii""P ,(,n *his Gronje refnsed saying suiting in the evacuation nf Colenso,
lucre had been a misunderstanding which was promptly reooonpled by the
Juki in- would tight to the death. The Dublin Fusileeis nnd Thornyoroft's
ii'iiiiiiardiunnt waa then reopened and ; Horse A Transvaal ling was captured
"��r lyildito Hhells sot lire to tho Boer ' as was a handkerchief inscribed with
��ng��iiH ,\'��� continued shelling the i (.eiiernl Hnllm's inline. This is trims-
''UK'-r through the night and in thn j ...red as u great trophy. The Boers
���    resumed   with   Maxims   heavily   shelled   Hliingwnno   Hill and
'ii'iriiiiig   wi
.,'.,!_"' Pri"oipnlly from   tlio   north I Coiens'o  on   Wednesday.    The  British
"A.':, j ""day there wns  much   waste   infantry   advance   was subjected to  n
'jie iii attacking and Iho -Mine result I _ovcio nmskitiy lire, but they had   ox-
will M achieved   without   it.    Doting I oellfint cover   iiinl tin* casualties   were
few.    The Boots hud the  railroad running  from  Colenso  to  Blwan,    The
British continue    to discover   huge
I quantities of nmtrinnltion,   The Boers
are well supplied with food and a
quantity of provisions was left behind. It is expected that further re-
sistunco will be half-hearted and that
Lady smith will be relieved in a few
Moiiilav night seven Boers made an at
'"'Ot to break through oui lines, but
Li'i'i" .mr, '"P'nred and their leader
"it '��. l'01.r w,irfl MnyIng letters. It
�� 'I'lieved that there was onn oilier
"no (jot throngb.
"���her    prisoners   say   that  General
��< '"Jo Ulnbed   from   Magorsfontein
! ������.    , ont "ntspanning,  a distance
a ,i. miles,    Had he  succeeded In  es-
iin. .'" 1 won,u hnv�� ^n ��ne ol tho
u-,.rf I"'rf"rn"*noes in tlio annals of
Ih'iii T' Tho Onnndians mado a gnl-
'"" '*h��rgeatthe laager but were driv-
���" ��*)k with lou. General Maodouald
Idol  of the   Army Warmly
Praises  the  First
Warm Words  from London
for the  Canadian
Ottawa, Out., Feb. 22 - His Ex
cellency the Governor-General has
received the following telegram
from Field Marshal Lord Roberts I
''Pativdeberg, Oiange Tree State,
Feb. 22.���lhe Oatiadiini regiment
has doue admit able service siDce
arrivinr in South Africa. I deeply
regret the heavy loss it Buffered
during the fighting on the 18th
inst-, nnd be_ you will assure the
people how muoh we all hare
admired the conspicuous gallantry
displayed by our Canadian companies on I lmt occ.siou- (Signed)
MACDONALD |BRflVELy    nuj)    |_QN0
When   Boers  Hit  "Fighting
Mac"  They Wounded
All Britons.
Churchill  Tells  of   Bullers
Recent Advance on
Now York, Fob. M
-London is stirr-
Montreal, Feb. U3.��� The Star's London cable says: "The speeches of Sir
Wilfrid Laurier and Sir Charles Tupper in the Canadian House of Commons have awakened an universal nnd
sympathetic echo here as illustrating
the spirit ill which a brave nnd strong
nation should should   meet its trials.''
Tho Tunes suys: ''Canadians mourn
their dead and grieve ovor their
wounded hnt they mourn with the
spirit of Imperial people."
The Unily News says: "It is refreshing to turn from the faint heart
and nialadroitiicsK of Lord Salisbury
to this timely, courageous Cunadian
spirit." aim adds: "Canadians ouglir,
nu Lord bnllsbury's showing, to bo
trekking into the United States. As a
matter of fact they are clamoring In
lie sent to South Africa."
The Globe says: "Tbo spirit in
which a biuve, strong nation shonld
meet trials is admirably illustrated by
Uic temper displayed by Can.da, Tho
war, if it has done nothing else, bus
kilted political bitterness uml mere
party strife in ull tlio Colonies. The
Contrast between Uttuwa nnd Westminster is painful and   humiliating."
Detroit, Mich., Feb. 2-' -.The Canadian-American Club passed a resolution of sympathy with the families
ol the Canadians who fell at Modder
Toronto, Feb, _;).���At au entertainment in aid Of the Patriotic Fund next
week a mussed band will render- the
"Dead March in Saul" in honor of the
gallant Canadians who have fallen in
Sooth Allien.
Toronto, Feb. aa.���Ollicers of the
local regiments profess ignorance nf
anything new regarding the Fenian
invasion of Canada.
(Ittawa,   Feb.    _2.��� Th_    Canadian
Patriotic Fund to dale is $18(5,075.
The Militia Department has rfceived
no advises from the War OHioe regarding Canadian losses in South Africa.
The Imperial authorities have not
as yet nocepted Canada's offer to garrison Halifax and thus release the Lein-
seler heginicnt there for unlive service. Military authorities herd state
everything is in readiness for organizing the garrison jroinply when the
Offer is accepted.
- The Dominion Artillery Association
"ad Its annual   meeting this morning,
Lieutenant Colonel living, president,
presiding.    Severn! tributes   wero paid
tn the effli iont work done by the bead*
quarters i" getting Off the two contingents Whioh have In en   sent to   rront.
A icsiiliilii t   Sympathy   was passed
with those who have been bereaved
by the loss of loved ones in Sunday
night's lighting at Modder Hiver.
London, Fob-  38.���Tbere have   been
many eulogistio referennes to Sir Wil-
[rid Lauriei's and other Canadian's
.pooches on the subject of the losses ol
rue Canadians in South Africa, oon-
earning wbioh.oariously enough, there
is not a singl" word, olllcial or other*
IWise, known ti be published liere, ex-
cop! that tWO ollicers were wounded.
|    (iltawn, Feb, :.'���-'.-A cablegram from
I Lord Koberts   received   this   afternoon
announoes that W. K. Booleston, of
the Canadian Postal corrs in smith
Afrioa, has been appointed by Uora
Koberts to ii lleutenanoy In the imperial Artillery Postal Service corps.
ed to tlio depths by war rumors, ne-
cording to cables ro the morning na-
pors, and is anxiously awaiting details
from South Africa of the battles
which it is known General Roberts
has been engaged in. That tho light
ing has been serious all kuow from the
names of officers scut in who have
been killed or wounded. Of the seven wounding of General Macdonald.
The Herald correspondent says that
this news showed an effect which few
people outside of Bngland can fully
gunge, Hector Macdonald to the multitude is lhe man of the war. The
public have surrounded him with a
halo of heroism. Tbey consider bim
lion -hearted nml invincible, and
above nil, "in* of their own body, for
Macilonnlil is n self made man,    Wlieu
the Boers wounded "Fighting  Mac,"
they burt the Hritish public keenly.
Winston Churchill sends from Chieveley eiiinp a long dispatoh which is
printed iu The World, in which be
says: "The late successes should not
induce the Government to retain its
military preparations. The first object, before every one is to bring this
horrible war to an end and the shoit-
est way is to pour a continual stream
of nii-ii and guns and supplies into the
Cape. Meanwhile mere me many eu-
ooornging signs that the Boers are as
fearing ol Iho struggle with ever diminishing strength against ever in-
orenaing odds. The sky already brightens with pro.uisn of victorious peaoe.
Out losses in the light for Hupsar Hill
were about fifty in nil. The lighting
was cominui'il at long rillo range. At
last, for tbe lirst time during these
operations, we bnd found the Boer
flank and had placed a stroug force at
right angles to his main position. The
fruits of this were plucked on tbe isth
(Sunday) when General Hiiriyard begun u vigorous attack across the Nek
on Monte Christo. The guns nnd the
other brigades assisted. The Boers
now commenced a renr guard action,
which degenerated rapidly into flight.
The whole line of abandoned trendies,
two miles long, were captured with a
loss to the assaulting brigade of three
men. The Boers then lied across the
river at great speed with disorder, but
bravely covered their arrtillery. The
Hritish loss was comparatively small,
chiefly in General Hililvaro's Brigade,
vhich gallantly stormed the drift position. The Boer Hank has been completely turned, strong defensive positions have been captured aud valuable
positions for the future advance secured. The Boers have been put to
flight dr the lirst time in Natal since
lOliingslunglo. British soldiers slept
last night in Boer tents on tho top of
captured hills from wbicti they can see
right into Ladysmiih. All the ranks
are encouraged and now perhaps,
with God's help we shall all succeed."
London, Feb.'.':.'. ��� Mr. George Wynd-
ham, the Parliamentary Secretary of
the Wnr (Jltieo, in the House of Commons, todny announced that he din
not know the nature of lhe wound of
(Ienernl Maodonald, but it was described ns severe, but not serious.
London, Feb. -'-J. ��� In the House of
Lords today, the Premier declared
that the Government had no engagement whatever with any power iu
respect to the course to be timon in the
ultimate settlement with the Boer Republic, No power hnd asked or suggested entering into such arrangements. Lord Salisbury also said bo
knew nothing of Qeneml Cronje's proposed armistice.
London   Feb. 22 ���An additional list
of casualties sustained   liy   the British
troops during the retreat from Bens-
berg shows Hint 11 men wete killed
and that 188 members ol Wiltshire nini
Worcestershire regiments nre missing,
the latter fnot confirming the Bier
reports tbat a number ol prisoners had
been captured hy them.
London,'   Fob.  -22.-Artillery ollicers
received hurried   orders   loday  to pro-
Continued on Fourlh 1'sgo.
Toronto,   Feb.   __.-The Winnipeg
Victorias plnyed   a   lied  match   with
the Toronto's lust night.
London, Feh. 22���(1:17 p. m. I���The
wnr ollice bus received from Lord Koberts the following message, which was
delayed in transmission, dated Pain-
deberg, on Wedilesday: "Yesterday afternoon I was satisfied by a careful reconnaissance in force of the enemy's
position   tbal   I   i id not assault it
without very heavy loss, which   I was
most anxious to   avoid.   Accordingly
I decided lo bombard him With artillery and turn my attention to the enemy's reinforcements, The result wns
most satisfactory. The reinforcements
were driven back. Thr Boers were
driven off in all directions, losing a
good many killed and wounded nnd
about fifty prlSOUBTB, who say they arrived from Ladysmith two days ago by
railroad. They also say it wus our
artillery lire which caused them lo
abandon the kopje tbey were occupying. Our loss wns two ollicers, Captain Cunipbcll, of the Ninth liiineers
nnd Lieutenant Houston, of the artillery, and four men,all slightly wounded,"
Canadians Struggled at Modder River in
Sunday's Battle in Splendid
They Accompanied Smith-Dorien Across
the Modder-Brilliant Attack
on a Strong Position.
Paardoberg, Drift, Feb.  2.���(ienernl
Cronje's inugnilicont night inarch from
Magersfontein now  appears likely to
end in disaster. Tbe main body of the
Boers is enclosed in n terrible death
trap. The enemy are biding in the
bed of tin* Modder, commanded ly the
lliilish arlillery and enclosed on the
east and uest by the British Infantry.
Sunday witnessed a galliinl stand on
the part of lbs retreating foe. Tired.
harassed, tbey still maintained a bold
front. It is somewhat ilitlicnlt to ex
plain the Sunday action in which all
the British force was engaged nud iu
which General Cronje, under difficult
conditions, managed to hold bis own.
On Saturday night the British Mount
I Infantry came into touch with
Cronje's rearguard, driving tliem back
upon the main body. On Sunday
morning the action was renewed, hut
the Boers, who bnd entieiiched the
river bed during the night, prevented
a further advance of the Mounted Infantry in this direction.
Meanwhile   the   llighlund   Brigade,
consisting of the   Senforlh,   the Black
Watoh    and   the  Argvlles,   advanced
from the south   bank, and   the   Essex,
Welsh and Yorkshires  formed   a  loug
line on  tbe   left which rested  on  the
river,    the extreme   right   being    the
Welsh.    The whole line was ordered to
envelop   the   Boers   who   lired    both
banks   of   the river.    The firing   soon
be'iiine  heavy,   tbe   Boers  holding  a
splendid   position   covered   the left of
the Highland Brigade,which advanced
partly up the river  bed and pnrtly   in
tho open, while the rest of the brigade
with the other regiments swung round
the front  of the  Highland Brigade ou
the   level,   ooverless  ground,   exposed
to   a terrible  fire  whioh   obliged   the
men to lie   upon   the ground   us  they
did for the remainder of the day. This
begun at half past   seven iu   tbe morn-
ing, Through the drexilfnl beat nnd ter- .
rihle thunder storm oui   men hung   to
the position   answering   the   Boer lire;
and shooting   steadily,    Iu   the meantime the rest of   the infantry complet- :
ed   the  enveloping    movement,    the,
Welsh   regiment  having succeeded   in
seizing the   drift thus closing   iu   the
Beers who   f<in_��lit   throughout     with!
splendid   courage,    Oeneral     Cronje's!
laager, full of curls,   ammunition   and
stores could lie   plainly   seen   near tbe
north bank.    Smith-Dorriou   collected
a large   body   of   men.   including   the1
Canadians,   and   crossed   lhe   river by I
Paardelicrg   Drift,   iiiivnucing   toward I
the lunger which was being vigorously i
shelled.    This   force   made   a   gallant i
attempt to charge   into the laager  hut!
tailed.      Before   seizing   the   western
drifts, the Boers occupied   a kopje  on !
ibe south bank running down   the riv- '���
cr, therefor" the force is  cut   in   two. !
The Boers hold the kopje and have one '
VickPi-Mnxim gnu   und   probably   oue
ur two other  guns.    Towards  evening
the battery ou the south   side   opened,
co operating   with   the battery on   the
south side.    A wonderful sight followed.    The shells  fell with amazing precision along   the   river   lied,   opposite
the laager,  which   was   shelled, thoroughly  damaging  everything   it con-1
rained.    One shell set on tiro   a   sninll
ammunition  wagon   which    burned
nearly all   day.    Many   other   wugons
weru set  on   lire  and   the  great glare I
wns visible nt u considerable   distance I
far Into   the night.    The infantry nlsol
maintained a terrible fire whioh was,
answered   vigorously,   The scene toward   nightfall   wns  terribly   pielni   j
es'iue with   the   biasing   wagons,   the
roaring   artillery   and   the    crackling
rifle lire.
act replica of Modder River. The
soldiers were under heavy tire all day.
All the fighting had no definite result,
as the Boeis laager was well barricaded and tbey remained therein. The
llrilish gnns shelled the laager vigorously nnd the Boers confessed lo a loss
of over s.'iti men. The terrific shelling
was resumed Monday, when Cronje
asked for nn armistice Shelling was
continued TncsdBy, over fifty guns
iinining lead into ihe Boer camp.
London, Feb. _S. ���(8:50 p. ni.i���The
war ollice is still without any infor-
million    in    regard   to   the   casualties
among tin- Canadian iionps, in south
Africa,referred to in Pmnier Lautier's
speech, and the officials do not know
from whnt source the lists cull be is*
soul. The Wnr Ollice depreciates any
prematura publication and is inoliu-d
tn doubt the   slim details   cabled   liere
from Canada,
London, Feb. 2:!. ���The Capo Town
correspondent of The Daily Chronicle
says: "It is reported that tbo Afrikander Bond Congress will uot be held
unless th�� military snthorities guarantee the safely of the delegutes, "
The military critic of The Times
urt.es the continuance of efforts to send
more troops to South Afrioa so as to
be ready for the muuy diftloolties that
must he surmounted even after Lord
Roberts has suoceeded against General
(,'ronje. He adds: "The splendid
spirit shown in Canada,whioh has just
received the first news of losses incurred in the service of the Empire, would
serve to impel us to  greater  efforts."
London, Feb. 32.���(1 :-l*i p. m..��� According to general expectations today
wonld surely bring a message from
Field Marshall Koberts explaining the
lighting of the past fow days and giving the eagerly uwaited stains of the
coiitiict with General Oronje. All the
War Office's information was said to
point to General Cronje's escape being
impis'ible and il ia now generally taken lor grantetd that 1-ord Roberts bas
him surrounded. Bnt th) continued
silence, broken only by a laconic list
of casualties, trios the nation's nerves.
All the critics if tbe afternoou papera
urge rushing reiuforoements to Lord
Koberts, so that he may be able to rink
much in endeavoring to inflict a decisive defeat before the Boor forces, gathering from every quarter, strengthen
Cronje's threatened force. General
Buller's apparent failure to prevent
the Boers from slipping round to assist General Cronje creates no little
comment. Tho relief of Ladysmith is
uow taken to be a matter of oourse,
aud as likely to be announced before
the end of the week, hut it is quite
within the probabilities that severe
lighting will occurr previous to tbe
relief, while the detnch'iiouts, to ho
senl by (tunoral Buller to reinlorce
Lord Koberts subsequent to the relief
are likely to meet with strenuous resistance in the pisses of the Drakes-
berg, in which fairly powerful burgher
forces remain. Boer reports any General .Imibert s nerves are unstrung and
that he no longer exercises tbe chief
A dispatch fiom Storksptnit, dated
Wednesday, Feb. 31, says: "The
prominent rebels iu this district intend
to surrender and the Btormberg rebels
will sh irlly lay down Iheir arms.''
Panrdesberg, Tuesday, via Modder
Kiver, Wednesday, Feb. 21.���One of
the costliest actious of the war occur-
led at Pniirdesberg drift on Sunday,
Kebriiiiiy in, in which the Canadians
were engaged, Oeneral Kelly-Kenny
iii his pursuit nf Cronje caught his
rearguard at Klip drift and followed
the Boers to Koodoiwrnnil. The drift
I action began at daybreak, Mounted
[ Infantry driving   the Boeis   rearguard
I up the river towards the main body,
wlille another body of mounted  in-
I lantrv   iiinnocuveind    on    the     right
front and flanked them. The llrilish
main body advanced to outflank the
I Boer lunger on the bank of the river.
Kelly-Kenny, having seized two
drifts, found Hie Boers strongly enclosed and ordered nn attack, with
the llighlund Brigade mi the left   and
1 Genernl Knox's Brigade on the   centre
and right, while Oeneral Smith-Dor
men's Brigade crossed  tbe  river and
'advanced along the north hank. On
both the north nnd south banks the
ground is level and the ndvnnco neross
this wns deadly, and the British losses
wore  heavy.   Tho   battle   wus au ex
London, Feb. M.��� .1 i-0 U. in.)-The
War Dtlice has issned the following
from    Lord    Roberts:     "Paaideberg.
Feb n.���Methnen reports from Kim-
brrley that supplies of food and forage
are being pushed on as fast as possible.
There will be enough corn to start
lbe De Beer's mills in in days. By
this means great misery will be alleviated. Hospitnl arrangements there reported iH'rfect. He ho|s*�� Friske und
the adjoining country will soon be
At the same time tho War Ofllce announced that not. ng further would
be issued, tonight.
London,    Teh.   22.���The    Morning
Pest's SOOOnd edition publishes a dispatch from Ladysmith. dated February
in, which -nys that the bombardment
oontlnnes with   nnntnal   persistaiicy
and activity from Bnlwaiia and Blaaw-
bnnl,, lint is doing small damage. Tbe
garrison Is in gissi spirits over General Koberts' success   and th"  advance
of Oeneral Bnller, which la now visible.
London, Feb. W.��� (lencral Buller reports that hi�� casualties Monday, Feb
rtinry III were, killed. Captain Thni-
burn, "f the Knyal Fusih-ers, wounded, two ollicers and II men. _^_, MM
JNeison Daily Miner
Published i mily excopt Monday.
II  J    nKATON, Kdltorund Manager.
Our excel lent news service, unsurpassed by that, of uny newspnper in
Ihe Province, has met with very genernl and lively appreciation. But it
wns left to yesterday's Miner to extort
praise even from ith enemies. The
contrast between it and its rival wns
so grout tbat it was impossible not
to remark on it. The occasion wus one
of supreme interest to every citizen of
Nelson who has patriotism enough to
experience     the   slightest    emotion
through ovents in South Africa. Onr
own soldiers wero for the first time
engaged in serious conflict : they had
boon brought face to laoo with war in
its grimmest aspect. Many of them
were killed and many more wounded.
This wus intelligence that stirred the
feeliugs and moved the hearts uf the
entire people. The Miner took pniu.s-
to procure all the information thnt was
obtainable with the result that it was
enabled to present to its readers the
name and company of every man killed and wounded in tho Canadian contingent. The rival paper thought so
lightly of the community in which it
is published that it made no effort to
procure intelligence of the event that
hus cnusen more profound excitement
tlnm any other in the course of a war
that has been marked by sensutious.
Citizens of Nelson who want the latest news uud all the news of the wnr
must go to The Miner.
much if Ihe Government could bo
Hindu to understand thut the people
aro not bothering their beads about a
redistribution of any sort or description. The Province can get along
very well with the present arrangement of constituencies, until a census
shall tell how u better one can be
made; but it cannot very well get
along wilb the present Government.
Tbo people ure more exercised about
tbe Governmeut itself than they are
about nny particular measure it may
hnve to propose. When they get a set
of cupable men at the head of affairs,
they will be ready to consider whatever legislation mny be thought to to
necessary That is the only question
thai is at present engaging their attention.        ______^__
If anyone shall presume to critioiso
Mr. John Houston, to take exception
to any thing hu does or to refer to him
in other than words of praise aud commendation, that person ia guilty of
abuse and slander. Such is the rule
laid down in Mr. Houston's paper.
We uro afraid that gentleman will be
the victim of much abuse and slander
before his year as Mayor is out, for
there are few things in this world
more certain than that The Miii6r shall
continue to criticise him with all the
freedom it mny consider to be necessary in the public interest.
50 Cases
New Drugs
and riedicines
Received this week,
fresh from the manufacturers.
relophono US.    P.O. Box286.    Baker Street.
Mail (li'ib'i's;l>roniptlv Attainted To.
Bank of
British  Columbia,
Is now prepared to issue
Drafts and Letters of Credit
on Skaguay, U.S., Atlin, B.
C.| and Dawson City, Yukon
A. R- BARROW, a. ....._._.
Provincial Land Surveyor,
Corner Victoria and Kootonay St��,
0. Box 559. Tolcphonc No. i>5
Wholesale Houses.
"(ienernl Hutton," says The Vancouver World, "will find in the Boors
an_onemv easier to deal witli than the
political soldiers and the military
politicians of Canada," Our friendship lor The World impels us to warn
it that it may Ret itself intD trouble if
it shall continue to suggest the
slightest reflection on tbe politicians
at Ottawa in regnid to their treatment
of General Huttou. The rule at Otta
wa is that if you are a Liberal at
all you must snppmt the Government
in everything that it-does. It is said
of Sir John Macdonald thnt he expected hie followers to support him once
when right anil twice when wrong.
The present Liberal leaders have so
improved on this that they expect to
be supported at least ten times when
wrong, otherwise the rebellions follower is promptly read ont of the
party. In its Federal politics The
World professes to he Liberal. General
Hut*on has pretty plainly given it to
ho understood that he was ho hampered by the politicians that it became
exceedingly difficult to discharge his
duty as the commanding officer of the
Canadian militia; indeed, the imp,,
sion is already very strong, aud growing vigorously, that thn meddling interference and harassmonts of Ministers are chiefly responsible for his resignation and departure from tho country. This impression is confirmed by
the haste nud violence nf Ministers in
protesting their innocence. In fact,
they manifest a soreness on the faint-
eat reference to the matter that is irresistibly suggestive. The World,
therefore, is warned to bo cureful
whnt it nays, for there iB dangei it
may Imi notified from headquarters
that it is no longer ingarded as a faithful organ of the party.
Unfortunately, the suggestion eon-
���'ini'-il in tli* paragraph ij accepted ns
the explanation of General Helton's
sudden departure. He hns been a goml
officer, and has done uineli lu improve
the service in I'anadn. He was pupil-
lai with the men. It was desirable
that au officer who was doing so much
gmsl should be retained) and the Militia Department should have taken the
greatest puins to strengthen his hands.
l.istead of this, however, Dr. Borden
conceived It to be in tho interest nf
tin servioo to disjmte authority with
him. The Minister can probably distinguish between a volunteer company
nud   the  side   of   a  barn, and flushed
witb this superior knowledge he in- Icr-in fre-li and carol ineiii
listed on a full share of the direction
and control of the Canadian militia.
It is understood, too, that Genernl
Hntton became C|iilte too Hritish for
Mr. Tarte. Accordingly matters were
made unpleasant for him, and as the
pollttclani are not to be gninsnyed the
country is surprised by the iiniiiuince-
ment that he bus  nccepted   serviee   iu
Smith Africa   it i�� suid that a Canadian will take his  place,   A  Canadian
is much morn liable to submit to pi.lit-
Ion] Interference, and it is the one sit
vice in the country in which political
Interference should on no account be
Parson Kelly;
By Andrew Lang
Mr. Jack   Hamlin's Media-
Bret Harte
Louis Creswicke
The Bitter Vintage;
K. Douglas King
An African Treasure;
J. MacLaren Cobban
Prospecting,  Locating and
Valuing Mines;
Engineers' Examinations;
New Catechism of the Steam
Maximsand Instructions for
the Boiler Room;
The Mineral Industry;
Life of Napoleon III.;
By Archibald Forbes!
We are showing a
P'irst-Class Line ol
Gookina Stoves & Ranees
Which we are offering'at
incorporate'-, .era.
Shelf & Heavy Hardware,
Etc., Etc., Etc.
C/lNADA drug &
���nine Meant.   Nun riwii-r.
Windermere Mines.   Corronp  ��� once Solicited
A Boarding anil Pay School conducted by
the Si.stcr.4 of Ht, Joseph of 1-Vace.   It is situ-
, alcd aL the cornor of Mill anil Josephine street*.,
Mn ono of tho best residential portion*, of Nel-
1 son. and is easily  accessible  from  all parts
of the city.
Thi'course of study includes the fnndamen-
j lui and higher branches of a thorough Kngli. h
education.     Business   course��� Bookkeeping,
Stenography and Typewriting.   Science courne
Music, Vocul  and  Instrumental;  Drawing,
etc.���Plain and Art Needlework; Calisthenics,
For terms and particulars apply to tho Sister
We hftVO'just received
a* carload ot chol"**       ������    ���
...L. POGUE...
Harness and  Saddlery
The leading shop. Largo
.-lock. Best ��� -i.i i .-ii ���!.:.'!.
on hand. Harness, Col-
lflrs ot bost nmkes.Sad-
dies, Blankets, Bells
Whips, Brashes, Combs
Prices satisfactory.
Call and fee.
Cor. Ward and Laker
Hudson's Bay Stores
West Baker St., Nelnon.
Telephone 18.
Dress Goods Now On Display,
You've probably high expectations, knowing our reputation for carrying a complete sfock of the most
stylish and reliable fabrics manufactured. You won't be disappointed, for we have an almost endless variety
of fashionable materials, and many exclusive novelties not to be seen elsewhere���all guaranteed to be perfect
in dye, weave, and finish :
New Black French Poplins nt 76c .1.00, *1.25 pel- ynid.
New Black Homespun Buttings, 76o, .1.(10, 11.40, $2 00 per yard.
New Blnck French Venetians, .1 00, fl.60, *2.00 per yard.
New Black Henriettas, 00c, 75c, IKIc, #1.25 per- yard.
New'Bl.-i-k French and English Crepons, 11.00,  .1.50,12.00, ,2.50,
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New Fm oj Mixture Homespuns, fl.60, f2.00. >52.75, *}.'!.50 per yard.
New Scotch Check Homespuns, .1.76, .2 26, .2.75 per yard
New In ii i I's Hair llnu espuus, ,2.(i0, fn.5(i, .8.00, {3.60 per yard.
New bench Tiik boltings, H 75 up to 11150 per .Mini.
New English Coverts, 75c, .1.00, .1.55. .2.0l_i per yard.
New English Whipcord-, fl.IKi, fl.60, .2.00 per yard,
THORPE & CO., I.-'MiTKii.-Corner Vor
nun innl ueaar HirooK Nelson, manufacture��� of unit wholesale dealers In aerated
waters and fruit syrups. Sole aiiml ���- for Bai*
ryon SpringI mineral water.   Tel Ik)
V .il. laitiiiiuins, Lessee, Every known
variety of soft drinks. I*. II. Hox 88. Telephone No. ai. HooverBtreot Nelson. BotUers
of the Famous St. Leon Hot Springs Mineral
HJ. EVANS &. CO. llaKer Street, Nol
��� son, wholesale dealers in liquors, cigara
eeinelil, lire brick nnd tiro clay, water pipe and
steel rails and Keneral commission merchants.
I.i mi i kl.  Front Street, Nelson, wholesale dealers iu   linur.   meals,   etc, and   liny
and grail),   Mills ai   Kiln Ion, Victoria uud
New Woatmlnitor,   Elevators on Calgarj k
A MACDONALD & CO. Coiner Vor-
��� nun and Juseplllno Streets, wholesale
..moors ami Jobbers in hlnnkots, kIovoh, inlttH,
IkkiIs, rubbers, iiiaekiniiw. and miners' sun-
P BURNS 4 CO   'hiker Street,  NoIhoii,
���   wholesale  deiders in fresh anil cured
moats.   I 'old slorajro.
Hater Street. Nelson.   H hulesaledeal
l.i-Mi'i'Kii linker Street, Nolson, vvholc-
[salo dealers lu hardware and nilnlnu mipplics,
J plumbers'and tinsmith's supplies.
NELSON   HARDWARE   OO.-Wholesale painis and oils.
TURNER,   BEETON   &   OO.   Corner
liealeis in Illinois  clears  and  dry
ontiforPabst Brewing Co, of Mil-
I Calgary Brewing Co. or Calgary.
UDSON'S BAY CO.   Wholesale Kro-
's anil llquora,Oto., Maker St., Nelson.
GRIFFIN   d.   CO    Cornor   Vernon
fid JOsepnlnO Streets. Nelson, wholesale
A Oiiveriiiiiiiiit contention ih to tlie
effix.t thnt au unfair redistribution
would be   quickly   rrijiiKnlsed   by   Iho
people, whn would ngeot it and its author.,   It would simplify matters very
bailors in provisions, cured meats
butter and
MILLS, la.MiiKii-lonior lYont and
Hall Streets, Nelson. inanufaelnrerH of and
w holesale dealers In sash aid doors; all kinds;
of factory work mado to order
We invite you to call, inspect these lines, and compare values.
Martin  O'Reilly  & Co
Special attention given to Mail Orders. HOUStOfl BlOCk. Baker Street.
^.S^��� .5*.5'* "J^���00''00'00i*._&���,__>��� .__*������ ,5^^:00-'00^00^0%^^00^00^^f)*'15*>_5��� .5 00���^5*'5-^5*^5-99 ^"
Mining Stocks
Bought and Sold.
Silver    Star    Mining   Stock   of
Sumpter, Ore.   Call for Prospectus.
5000 Big Horn Treasury. A snap
1000 Noonday    600 Richelieu
Here's a good buy :
Referendum Treasury Stock,   Sold
on installments T'^o., l���*<_o per mnutli.
Heated by Hot Air
Finest   Dining   Room
in the City.
House  and  Lot
tion of town, $3500,
m business por-
Fraternity Hall
I'or Hall. I A Kn,ill mil Hm,
oon be rented for Concerts,   Lecturei
Dunnes, Buuiinetb nml every kind of en-
tortitiniuent,. Oood dnte-rooms, clonk
rooinH, Kitchen mid dining room I'm-
nlshed,   For- ternipply
DR. E. 0. AI.THUI*** "Ity.
Nelson Employment Agencv
Waitress.   Girl for Housework,
Hell Boy.
J. H. LOVE, Ag't     Baker V
Temperance Hotel.
The Family Resort of the
The Waverly Hotel
I'.uilili-i ��� v. ill (1ml it lo  thoir adVMtafft to
11.:'ii-i- with Hradlev & Vo. on I'f.fntJnff.
Board and  Room.
First Class Board and Room;
Todd's old stand, in rear English
Church. Table Board, $.1; Board
and Room, $5 and $5.50.
Delivered to an any point on
Kootenay Lake.
I have a complete stock
on hand of
Mill at PILOT BAY.
J.   A.   SAYWARD.
3 Good Companies 3
London & Lancashire Life Ass. Oo.
Ocean Accident k Guarantee Corporation.
Phoenix fire Insurance Oo-
Have you seen the nev three dollar yearly Accident and Disease policy issued by the Ocean Corporation? Includes $1500 travelling
railway policy and weekly payments for illness caused by Small
I'ox and twelve other common
Oeneral Agt.        0pp. Oddfellows' Block-
Baker 8t., Nelson.
Houses lor sale and rent.
Nelson Cleaning and Dyeinp
S. 1). PIRttKE Prop.
Ladies' and Gents' Clofhitif, cleans 1
dyed, altered and repaired.
Rmr or 1 lurhr NM.I
whimi you run  dupunil on  (rotting  the bom        ,\ i,mv
nranrliiin thn iiiiLi-k.il nml nnj quantity from   .,    .,. I'miiiK   Ilnirv   Iiuniiu'rh   In
10c U|i,   I'rluon iiaiinot bi-iliKputAiil, ""' town nt   l'Vrhip,  |i. O       will   wil
���photoM, ","'.",' " '."I*'''''-   Seven oowi.  borae,
JJelgn, nn Ik wngon, ouns,  sari everv
Frank A. TAMBLYN, Mer.,       I |]""K oolonginii tn n Oral ,-ia^
frame Home mui ���table
lot, Fernie, n. <\
Hakek Street,
Unity. I
Apply   Box
When the Men are All
Gone   to War
Business Women
win Be Needed
The Nclsnn BoRineM OulleRp in ��
TrolntnR Behool for ymm_ wniiirii M
well ni. yonng mem The Bn<t��e4 Hy*
tern nnkoa binlnosa en��y.   Try it.
There is a Clearing Out Sale in Gents'
Furnishings on at O'REILLY'S.
ABOUT TOWN -rassJ. 0Jn SX��
f\U\S v/ I Andrew E. Bron*..., .lulm
Hiiddo Fraction, all   in   the   Bir__ey_  ���*_VVVA/</v>A<*V^*��VV��^��*>/��^'*<V*v*Vi-^ .VWV-��vvvv��*w��V*<yv*��v->��vvvvvvvv ���
mens cliiim to
A.   M.liue
nil AniliiH Q, Shaw
tin the  Birdseye claim n certificate
and Ainziis Q, Bhaw.
On the Birdseye claim �� certtfloote
mm grauted to  John A. MoHao,   An-
nnmeany Objects to Allowing tne nrew jjbrookett nnd  Angtia  Q, Bhaw,
0����uo"" .���������,��� A   rrrtitleatn   on   tlm Aim   claim to
Tramway company to suppiy        R j   w-|SW)i .������* ,,������ ou lh6 prjn08,
.m M_Knn ton Kr-iK-li.il> tn Jiihn Mt-lttie.
Power in Nelson. ^ ^ RwA ^^ ^ trn,)sf(Jrrofl
for a  nominal   cmisitlHriilinii   frum C.
- I   U       Tvunii    +11     Inliti     I   nvii 'I'll 1 o   olaim    in
Ma���agcr Burnett Believes His company
is Entitled to Service the City
Cannot Fill.
j*^ 8&w 00. stag..
neiipli) beliav
;;S,.r.h..."t   '������'
with the miiiiy 0OOC6F
ering tl
���h" Tlg-��a- and power tailm. may
Kiwi in Nelson over and above
S "whioh oan he wppliecl i.y toe
nir   They bo stuted in a letter in the
Ooin.il last nl-h'. wh,nl! WR' .""'**
..te   the following  report  had been
preMDied by �� <*!"*������<������ Co,,uo,1 com'
""Vour special committee appointed
ai interview the Tramwny Co. re Hup-
3,|m P Hu"'8 & Oo ' with electric
Mwar Mg to report as follows, for the
Jouridoration of the Council: ,
'We waited on the Tramway Co. in
connection with the matter above ro-
furred to uuil they have iiRreed to fnr-
iiiHh the Citv with what power P.
Burn" & Co. requires, said power to
be furnished at the sub station of the
compnnv and that the* City take over
the power at Raid sub-station nml
moke the required connection with P.
Horns & Co. The Tramway Co. link
the privil-ge to make tho rnto of
chaises bet veen themselves ond P.
Horns & Oo, for the power. They nlsn
ink that similar peimissinn be granted
in the event of future npplicntioue for
uower from other parties. In oouneo-
tinn with the cost of conetrnoting n
primnry wire for the convoyanoe of
their power which woold be necessary,
the Tramway Co agree to include in
their prices for the power nohl nu
amonut equivalent to usual rates of interest on the expenditures necessary for
constrnotinK B*id line, so that the City
woold derive interest ou such outlay,
Tbey slso ask that snirt hue be constructed according to spec'lications nf
their electrical engineer, no that |t
woold be suitable for their connection
with their plant to guard ngainst
accidents, etc. The consumers will
���Assoine the cost of necessary transformer!! and motors.
The report was without, recommend-
ation nnd was sinned by A. L, McKillop, chairman, 0. A. Morrison nnd
Dr. E. 0. Arthur.
Following the reading of this report
the gas coiupnuy's claims were lain
before the Cumuli in a ciiiiiniuiiiiiitinii
from Manager Fred J. Burnett. Mr.
Burnett'�� letter had the effeot of influencing tbe Com oil to tho extent that
the matter of the committee report
was laid over for consideration at the
next meeting of the Council. Two or
three minor matters were before the
Ootwoll, By-law till was taken up and
the-Council Bpent ihe greater part of
the evening over it.
Throw present at the meeting were
Mayor Houston, and Aid. Hall, Arthur, McKillop nud Morrison,
a,   wur, 11 iinsfcrreO
nominal   consideration   from t
R. Tryon to .lohn _QV8.    This claim is
near the Pcorninn   on Hover '"*reok.
The (loid lienf and Gold Hill claims
on Kover On ok were transferred from
C. R. Tryon to .loliu Love for- a noini-
mil consideration.
A quarter interest in the Montacalo
claim on Wild Horse Clreok, near
Ymir, was transferred from Samuel
Biishois to Charles M. Mourn and another quarter interest in the same
mine from Hiishois to Janice Balding,
Hntli transfers fnr a nominal consideration.
When passing the Palace Confection
orv Store look at the handsome display
nt Ganoug's ohooolateB,
At Liilie Bros.' Shoe Store
Don't go out on the line without a good pair of WORKING* SHOES,
for you won't be able to get them there at the prices you
can here.  Call and see ours before going.
Bring Your Repairing. i_-.lL-.Lib  BROS.
��WAl^^WW�� 000r> MW8*^**Sl*W**'i*<ftAWMi**'r*-<*W
The Palace Confectionery Htore bus
received ],son pounds of Ganong
Bros.' chocolates, Finest assoitnicnt
ever seen in Nelsou.
A Big House Will Greet Them Tomorrow Evening.
At 8:30 tomorrow night when the
enrtaiu will ring np ur tho Opera
Honse every seat in front will he filled
an the interest shown in tho visit of
the "fiwsland Diiudy Coons" has been
(treat, aud the Bale of seats large.
The fame of the miustrel troupe has
pieeeeded them to Nelson and their
ability to give a first class entertain
ment is generally recounijied. Tho faot
that the proceeds ot the entertainment
ore to swell the Canadian Patriotic
rnnd as Nelson's coutribntion should
alone assure a full houBe. It is very
kind of the leading citi/.eus of Ross-
tond, ns represented by the "Dandy
Coons," to give Nelson people tit ono
and the same time nn opportunity to
attend a highly meritorious entertainment nnd to show their patiiotisni in
a tangible form. Nelsou has some
Absent Minded Beggars" at the tront
and other on the wny there and Nelson
MtlMW will not be slow to show thoir
loterest in them, espeulally when it
can be done iii such a pleasant way.
lhe Nelson Rifl��� Company will assist
i" a pat.lo.lo tableau. Several yonug
men have volunteered as ushers and
tne expense is being kept down to the
ajwesl -gore m order that as much
money si possible can bo sent ns Nel-
���MScontribution to a fund that hus
already reached dimensions creditable
W Uundn. Mi. Melvillo Parry, who
was principally responsible loi the
M��i nf the troupe, bos been inrtnfnti-
[���able n lus efforts to make it  a  TOO-
Tbe Rentl.men who  belong  to the
irnnpi, are: Interlocutor, W. J. Nel-
E^tones, L. H. Webber, H. P. A.
Montgomery, J. D. Deu, Reynolds
'"ruer; tainhoes, Julens Kendall, .1.
vi,���V!TAy' �� A- ��'*ynnnrt ; circle,
tinik Oliver, W. Wylie Johnson, W.
'.'V- leMn.stre, K. P. M. Allen, E.
.,',1, u    ���*"0Bh' 01��***l<'�� Dempster, Jos-
Art5.1*��'n*0**   A-  M��*ntyre,  Robert
(ward  .Ioiiph, Q B. de  Vuhre, T. B
l',.,"ti' 3' P* IJ<��^erill, 0. H.
*..., ,,'    'Vl*,**"��, Tli.mins   Ciuhiiu,
_v . T l"l]m' A' A- ��<"8i A- W!
".*, Wm. Harris and John Mnthewe;
V..iV ��� m,''''r ���*���" direction of W.II.
���tupr,  second violin,   Mr.   Rov   II.
K lV,',���",',""t' (J'V""��". tint". W. H.
J.a'(j*n-i -larlonette,   E, .1.  MoOftrt.
. ' ������"'Olio The,,. Winiuus ; pffl
1 Wfessoi .losi.pi, p. u-nskc.
Mr. J, F. 0. AholspicH, wbo pnt
tluiingh tlio Whitewater deal, left last
night for Loudon.
Mr. Vi. A. Macdonald, Q. C, loft
for Rossland hist night to look after
some legal iiI'iuih in that city. He
will return to Nelson with the "Rosslnud Dandy Coons."
Lot. No. 1 and one-half of lot No. 3
iu block 81, with the residence thereon
was transferred yesterday from tbe
owner Mr. Clayton to A.   Booth.
The Rooky Mountain Hungers bnd a
drill lust night at iheir drill hall. The
men wore their new leggins for tho
first time Tho three members wbo
went away with Hlrntboona's Hcrso
wore transferred from the company
Tho Mayor remarked last night at
tbo Council meeting that tho Oity
escaped a largo hill liy the fact that
the steamer Moyie remained tied up at
her dook after the passengers left hot
last Thursday night. Had she pulleo
away and deolined to take thoni
aboard tho City would have boon compel led lo take care of them.
Mr. N. C. Kendall, tne secretary of
tho Kossland Coons, will De here today
to make arrangements for their arrival
nnd seome accommodations for them
at thn I'hair. Tbo members of the company will arrive here Saturday morning, and stay until Smiday, when they
will leave for Spokane where they give
a performance on Monday night.
Tbe Indies and gentlemen interested
in Ihe production of the opera'Pinafore" met lust night at St. Saviour's
sihool room Mid elected a committee
ciinipuseil of Messrs. ,1. H. Bowes, I..
B, Hodges, .1. M. Lay, W. William
son, H. li. Haines, Trens.. nnd Melville P'irrv, Secretary, nnd Herr Steiu-
er, conductor. The chorus rehearsals
will he held on Mondays and Wednesdays. It is the intention tughe the
opera shortly after Lent.
Tlie Miner has received the following letter fioni Dr. J. F. B. Rogers,
of Kaslo: "Kindly odiise yonr people that passengers on bouts from Ne'
son to Kaslo will require certificates of
vaccination nnd of not having been
residents in infeoted dwellings. For
the information of the people ol Kaslo
and elsewhere it. mny he staled tbut
there aie no infected dwellings in Nelson from which the inmates are allowed to mingle with the public.
Dr. La Bali yesterday received the
following; letter from- K. L. T. (. il-
hrailli, Indian Agent of tho Kootenny
District: "I see by The Nelsou Minor
that there is a feeling of Uncertainty
as to the lower Kootenay Indians having been '-nccinated. For the information of the residents of tho ('itv of
Nelson und the surrounding district I
mny say that these Indians wore caro-
ti.lly and successfully vaccinated by
the Rev. 0. Coccoln and myself last
The executive committee of the Nelson Lihernl-Couservative Association
met last evening and decided to hold
its animal meeting next Wednesday
evening at 8 o'clock At this meeting
Officers will be elected and delegates
appointed to attend a convention to
be held for tho purpose of nominating
candidate for the next Provincial election. A Conservative will probably he
nominated iu every constituency as
that party will probably stick to its
decision to endeavor to win tho next
election on party lines.
r. r. UUKF.N
r. s. < iiuiM s
Civil   Engineers   and Provincial
Land Surveyors.
P, O. Box 145 Nolson, R C
There is a Clearing Out Sale of Gents'
Furnishings on at O'REILLY'S.
��*��� �����*>�����*.���������
We have opened an electrical branch in connection
with our hardware business, and we are in a position
to do Electrical Repairing, Contracting- (for mines,
steamers or dwelling houses), or to supply Electrical
Another fresh conslgninont of our
Brand of Mocha i.n.1 Java Cbff-OO, rdpllt-od by the bosl judgOft-of then hove nrlloh
puHsoshod of the bighosl quality una Itcivor.
As it in mire to plense even the most fastidious.   Kor nUo only by the
I The Western Mercantile Co., Ltd.
Successors to M. DesBrISAY & Co.
777777777777777777777t\ j *fc">"��"��ii��o��.i>.i��n#.i��ii'*..i'**. ii<*��.i-��.i
Hume��� A. II. Breuer, London ; B. A.
Stewart, Beattlai K. W Oborles,
Montreal; J. R, (iill'oril anil wife. Silver Kiiiu mine; W. Waterlinul,
Greenwood; W. F. DoBoit, Blooan;
V. Vi. Weatren, Toronto; 11.   M.   Unr-
ritt, Vanoon.or; W. B, Croy, John A.
MoKenzio, Hamilton; ,1. V. Rental]
anil wile, Bat Fortune; B. Mnyiill,
Boundary ; James T.Gates. Nolaon ; W.
0. Adams, Blocnn; J. H. Lawrenoe,
HnliHon ; Frank Mel.ooil, NoIhoii.
Groceries,     Crockery,
Dried Fruits
III  i, Ilia m.il-,
Canned^ Fruits
Green Fruits
Pkaciikh Piiahh
I'.i i< ii 111:111:11 :-    Hki, curkmitc
BAKER   STREET,   NO.   186-
For that house you have erected:
Sideboards, Cheffonier*. and Dressing Tables.
Combination Bookcases and Desks and Ladies'
Toilet Tables.
Have just unloaded a carload ot the finest and best
finished Furniture ever received in the Kootenays.
Baker and Ward Streets, Nelson, B, C.
j Ross, Lee St Taylor
Victoria Street, Nelson,
(Opposite the l'osto'lice); .
 DEALERS IN������ ���
Correspondence Solicited. t
l+++++++++++++++++4^++++++^^'*'*+++++++4-+44>4. �����������.���������
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants
���>    ____���     _ii_kA_k_k_k___3____t.'
Branch Markets in Rotisland, Trail, Nelson, Kaslo
Sandon, Three Forks, New Denver and Slocan City.
Orders by mall to any branch will have careful and prompt attention.
Phuir.���M. H   Mrl.i'otl,   Cranbrook:
VV. II   Arliitim,   KiikIii ;   O.    It.    Hoillli'
_n_ wife, NolioDi w, u. MaEensle,
Viincoiivi-i-; II. II. AlMBtirler, Bandan;
W. A. Ilnrvi'.v tirid Wife, Toronto; \V.
15. Wllllatn��on, Hun Frnnoisoo.
Atlantic S. S. Lines! BETTER THAN
I��.ivC',!'''*r**,f   nf   '"lorovcnniitH   011
Inii,   __bM.dMn ''���'���''". MoralBJ Monii-
"."Il.""'I Miilnolm Herlrllp.
J.IWii*!  .i*"*0'  ������"Proveraeut on  tho
''".*��� frsotinn,   Minto   Fraotion,   and
Clocks ��'j
Fine Watch,   Clock   and  Jewelry
repairing.   Work  and  goods
guaranteed positively.
Patenaude Bros.
NEL30N,  B.C.
From Portland, Me.
Allnn l,iiia'-l''ililoi-iiliili" I'M1'-!!
.-.inn  lllllilux      ...Ml -.'-J
Allnn l.ino -Moiik'nllnn"..... .IIHrci't. Slnrc 1 ,
Dominion  Lino "Dominion Mown A
Imiiiii    lllllifax   Miir-li I
Doiiiinioii l,ttio"('.inil>riininn"!|iiivcll M.,:   1  10
Krom .-".t. .lulm, N. II.
Doavor Uno "Xola" |Wb a
irromHnllt." ������. .t''1',*1
lloari-r l.ino "l.nko Ontario' llnn-li ,
Krom llilif.ii ,  ������ Mnnl, x
1-rum Ho^loii
Dominion Uno "Canada".. ���    Ki-|>,M
Krom Now Vorh
(ainiinl l.lni' "I 'amiinnla" - I'Vn '.'I
Cnniil-il  Uno "I mlivl'i        |,   l"','1',
Wlillo Hl.nr Uno "'I i-lllonli* ^FOD. M
Wlilto Still' I'll"' "tiinniuilo     Man-1,
Anchor  Uno   ''KthJopU".... Maroll 9
vmorlnon Uno ''Now ���York    >tiin-h .
Hull  Slur l.ino "I.i-in-lninl ;'''''.-,",
Norlli Uonniii l.loyil "diialo   .. ..... Maroha
Allnn Sluto Uno -Slain of Nobm��k�� . Mnr.li I
PftHnaKOH arranged to anil from all Kllropcnii
liolntu    Kor raion, tlckola anil full liifcnimllon
umilyioC. P. It, rtopot i\K*nt or I*  K. Hoanloy,
Oonnral A_imt.fl P. It. lllllonu  U'lnnlr-i-K
At the present time would be
one of those Policies which
will secure yon $15 per week
if you are so unfortunate as
to catch SMALLPOX
or   fever.
NKLSON LODQB,   No. 88, A. K. ft A
M. uiootn noconil WodnurtOa)- In oaoh
month.   Visiting brotliorn wolconio.
Brewer* ot Fine Lnger
Beor nml Porter.
Drop in mid see us.
Baker Sr.
PRICE8   S3   AND   $4.
Aflor Monilny nest,  thn hoiim nt tlin
SkntitiK Kink will lin rlintiReri.    Horn-
after  tlm ifterpooo  m>KHion -will he
fr :t lull p. 111., nnd in tin*  nvenltiK
j from H to 10:1)0 p. tn. The 1111tm1.it'
o n . t.1.-111 think tli.".. liimrK will salt tbe
D< u' I iiubllo better tbau tbe old Kbedale,
Tliey nre made^in your midsl, oi tlio linest Havana Tobacco.
Where (,'ood Cigars are sold they can  be bought.
The  Royal  Seal and  Kootenny Belle.
Union  made.
��������������� ������������
Kootenay Cigar Mfg. Co.
TheNelson Electric Tram way Go.Ltd.
Larpe number Choice Building Lots adjacent to the
line of their Tramway. For price and terms of sale apply
at the office of the Company, Macdonald Block, Corner ot
Josephine  and Vernon Streets.
T. C. DUNCAN, Secretary
Illi'li hurt nnil Hitlllilli* Xj-Mim-.
HullCiH'lt llllil \\'llrn\. cli���.
flexible METALLIO TUBING, rt'.  Glazier,    Painter,    Etc*
,A^to J.C.T. CROFTS, m.i.mk.! _ ���
'HK���\v.vYs,,?,:,l'.K nelson. B.c. Chimney Sweeping.
Ill to I-'KIKIIHSIIN AOHlll-TK.VllllCllUVei 	
KNOINKK118 AND A0KNT8. q��       n��     , a.   0D���, QDert* House
I ��tTlMATM.    PLANS.   RITORT8.  u"""e* UHru au   PI      pe "
Paper Hanger,
t Hi-
Doings in the Provinci.il and
Dominion   Parliaments.
It Was Very Like the French
Chamber at Victoria
Viot-irin, B. C. Feb, _-.���A scoim
was menti'il in the House tlii-- alter
noun in tin* Legislature, the oliarge be*
ing niuile liv Neill, ol Albarni, that
ex-Attoriiey-Uenernl Eberta hail been
Kuilty of corruption in eleotlons, while
Kiieitfl retorted thnt Neill was guilty
of dieloylty.
Tlie whole discussion .trose out of a
motion to Introduce the voting ma*
eliiiie into Provincial elections.
Eberts sportively asked who was to
leail eleotora up to the maohine. Neill
rose iiiiii snirl In* vVits pleased to see the
member for South Viotoria anxious to
havo purity in elections, or o*iil he
want to see dead men voting as wns
the ca.-e last vear, an net of strategy,
he added,hy wbioh Eberta hnd directly
lienefittBd. Eberta rose and referred
to Neill as the oynic fnnn Alberni
who nevei missed an opportunity to
show his teeth ; yet, lie said, this is
the same man wiio, when told in the
lobbies yesterday, that 10 Canadians
had been slain in Sunday'-, Iielit,
lauuhed sneerinRly and sold: "Well,
that will teai'h them a lesanu anil
probably take a loi of heady patriotism
our of them.'' At this there wns
K-rent uproar in the Chamber, Eberts
repeating his statement and Neil] pro-
testing when able l" mnke himself
heard, that he eounblu't hear Eberts,
Imi that whatever lie had said, was
probably incorreot. Eberta rose in a
towering passion anil charged his opponent with oowardioe "His statement," lie shouted, "is a lie, and tinman who made it is a liar, and the
iiiiiii who circulated it is a liar, and I
Will tell him so to his face."
Attorney-General Henderson: "Oh
keep your coat on nud keep it but-
Neill demanded a withdrawal of
the Offensive epithet. The House was
in committee and the chairman nskeil
Eberts to withdraw, the Pteroier adding that if Eberts were a gentleman,
he would certainly do so Eberts in a
rage shunted across the chamliei, that
if he had not called Neill n liar, after
tin. statement he had made, he would
be no gentleman. Neither would he
withdraw and the incident was allowed to close, thus th - Speaker refusing
to allow Neill to correct Eberts statement of what be had said about the
soldiers, saying that it would injure
him in the country.
Ottawa, Pel). 82.���Tbe greater part
of the al'toruoou was wasted m the
Commons, as far as practical results
were concerned. Solid tor-Genernl
l-'itzpatrick, replying to McMulleii,
snid Hint it was the intention of the
Government to allow tarineis lo purchase binder twine manufactured in
Kingston  penitentiary up to March 11.
Public notice was given to that
effeot. it lms been the praotioe of the
Government, to sell to farmers until
the new contract is entered into.
George Taylor, Conservative whip,
asked if a certain Order-in-Council,
dated February 95, 1892, in regard to
franking, was still in force. This Or-
der-in-Couiu'il provided n regulation
under which the frank could be issued. Ho aiso wanted to know if sealed envelopes containing speeches of
Sir Richard OartWright were sent
through the mails, lion. Mr. Mullock in reply snid: "The Order-in-
Council is still in effeot. The Department has no knowledge of contents of
sealed envelopes passing through the
mails, and is therefore not in a position to express au opinion as lo
whether or not sncbtenvelopfis and contents were, or were not, property entitled to pass free. The following is,
however, a ense of illegal franking:
During the general election of 1896 a
very large quantity of mail matter In
the interest of tlio late Conservative
Government was sent free from Ottawa through the mails to electors of
Canada containing campaign literature
which was printed on sheets which ii.-
I'luded other literature devoted to the
advocacy of merits of a certain patent
iiieilioine known as "Kootenay (Jure."
This matter was franked hy various
members of the late Conservative Administration, there being nothing m
law to entitle Ministers to frank patent
medicine advertisements even when
t'onibinud with political literature.
The granting of free transmission in
the case was clearly illegal.'' Sir
Chailes   11iho to a poiut of order.
Cartwright : "The lion, gentleman
la distinctly out uf order in his remarks lmt ns he nlluiled to me, I may
say that 1 am disposed on the whole
to agree with him, that nny reference
tu the practice and ikIs of the late
(Ioveiument is likely to distinctly
lower the dignity of the House. "
Laurier: "The leader of the Opposition should remember thnt the answer which he complains of are always made to questions which are
equally offensive,"
Sir Charles Tupper held thai there
was nothing offensive in the question.
Speaker rJiiin quoted from Bouiiimt
to show that Mullock was accurate and
perfectly in order, io the answer he
made. The Speaker also declared that
the whole discussion wns nut of order
and in future he would ask lint It sides
to prevent debate springing up aa there
Laurier read a telegram from Lord
Roberts,    which    was   received     Willi
general cheering. The debate on transportation was resumed by Haggnrt,
Poupore and MoDonald (Huron] followed and Layton MoCartby moved
the adjournment of the debate,
Lord Minto received a cnble this
evening from sir Alfred Milner, stating that Private French, nf London
Company, K. 0. I., Is seriously ill.
The Miltia Department has made all
arrangements for militia doing garri-
hui dutv nt Halifax.
Mr. Sifton leaven   for  Winnipeg  on
day or Wclmsilny next before going in Engluil I. Be expects lo start
foi England tibout   the loth of March.
Orders have linen given hy the Interior Di'.aitmi'Ut todipsose ot hyatiction
hi Dawson City, of all Government
fractious anil i>serve claims. The sale
will take place on January I, The
policy of reserving plaoer claims hereafter'will not be enforced.
Montreal, l-'eb. 92. ���The paper manufacturers ol the Dominion formed nu
association today for the control of
prices. In common with other manufacturers they felt the general increase
in prices nf articles entering into the
cost nf podnotion, but they weie unable to ndvanoe their own prices here-
lol'iue. owing tu the absence of a union. This difficulty was overcome todny. Eighteen, oui of :.*�� paper manufacturers of the Dominion, were represented nl a meeting at the Windsor
Hotel nnd they agreed upon a basis of
association. Four lirniH were unrepresented whn, however, are small, anil
will, il is expected, join. The lirst
step of the new association was to order an increase of 190 per cent, on all
lines of newspapers, wrapping, note
nnd every other kind of paper. In
tinier to provide against the cutting of
price cr tbe evasion of the agreement,
the h'riu of Jenkins & Hardy, Torouto,
wen* appointed seoretary-treasurer,
and disputes will be referred to them
and they will have power to impose a
line upon any member of the associn
tion breaking the agreement, The for
nullity occupied a similar position
with regard to associations which have
worked satisfactorily. It is therefore
expeoted the papw maker's combine
will be of Ihe ironclad variety.
Hamilton, Feb. i'i.��� The wealth of
late ex-Mnvor Tuokett is estimated at
about * I,oi>0,00(1.
Toronto. Feb. -...���The Globe Na
tiomil Partlotic Fund amounts t > .411,
860.07. Today's subscription includes
$'ioo irom the North American Bent
Chair Co., and employees, J'Jti'.' from
the citizens of Listowel and vicinity,
and _2'_0 from the town ot lirussels.
Montreal, Feb.   22.���Omer  Heroux,
editor of Trilluvicn, Conservative or
gun in Three Rivers, has been appoint
ed editor of the new French Conserva
tive morning paper here.
ToronlO, Feb. _-.'.--An interesting
lianqnel was held this evening under
the auspices of the Anglo-Saxon Union. W. A, Sherwood presided, and
numerous prominent citizens were
present. The leading speaker of the
evening was ex-U,S. Senator Breckon-
ridge, of Kentucky. Hiockenridgc
made three points in his speech. "He
evolved the iden of people of Republics
in which Canada and United Stntes
wonld be nu eqnnl footing and other
English speaking communities would
be   with   them.    Three wonld be soini
central cooneil in which nil would bi
represented anil endowed with certain
powers. Another point was tbat twi
Anglo Saxon communities should taki
to tlietnso)*-c8 the task of the settlement of Africa and the third point was
ihat thev should do the same with re
gard to China. No othei nations wero
so fit to nnileitake the work of introducing western civilization and they
should go hand in band,
Winnipeg, Mnn. Fob. 22.���Mr. C.
O, Obipmnn, Commissioner for the
Hudson s Hay Co., left for the east today, an route to England, on official
business. The great annual fur sales
of the Hudson's Bay Co. will be held
in the beginning of March, and the
Commissioner expects to reach England in time for them. He will probably he back hern early iu April.
Hon. D. H. McFaildeii, Provinoial
Seoretary, lias heen elected Grand
Master of the Orange Grand Lodge for
Fredericton, N.B., Feb. 2b,���Edward
Lawrence, of Lakeville,wife and three
children, were burned to death early
tnis morning, tbe roof of their burning dwelling fulling in while thev
Closing Down of Mines Has Disastrous
Effeot on Business.
Rossland, B. C, Feb. .-..���There
are tnutteringa of trouble over the labor question which it is alleged may
result in n lock-out in the War Eagle,
Centre Star nnd Le Roi, and other
mines of tbe B. A. 0. It is nllegeil
by some of the mine owners thnl the
miners nre scamping their work nud
that the mines nie run by the union
instead of by the management. The
War Eagle, for instance, points to a
tabulated statement of the cost of the
work in their mine and thinks that
its cost of work done is higher than it
should he. The minors deny that this
is true and allege if there is any fault
it does not lie nt their doors. Tho sitn-
ntion is thought to he so critical thnt
some 00 odd of the principal nierchniits
issueii the following announcement to*
d ay:
"We,    the   undersigned     iiierchiints
and others doing business in the City
of Rossland,in view ol the partial close
down of tbe mines nud reulizing that
in the event of n general strike or
lock-out of the mincis in the itnsslnud
camp, wo should not be able to continue the system of credit now in
vogue, hnve agreed, nnd do hereby
give notice, that shnnld such a cnlam-
Ity as foreshadowed occur, we shall
entirely discontinue giving credit to
any one whomsoever and shall sell
imtliing but for spot cash. Wo ure
impelled In this net inn solely with a
view to self protection���we might nlsn
sny self preservation���and because we
have beeu advised by the banks doing
business iu Rossland and by the wholesalers, that we Would not receive frum
them such oicilit and iiccoininndatioti
ns would enable us to carry on our business on the same lines as at present.
We shall regret if the nooessity arises
for us to take this slop, but we fee!
thai it is better lor ns to make this
intimation now. rathei than after the
poisible event."
London, Feb. 98.���A dispatoh to The
Daily Mail from Sydney, N. S., snys
the British wniships dressed wiih
hunting here today (Thursday) in
honor of Washington, which was
greatly   gratifying   to   the   American
Continued Frum First Page.
oeed to South Ariou with BO one-pound
Mnxim-Nordenfeldt gnns.
Grout relief bus been caused here by
the retelpt of the nows from Paardes
berg, showing that Geneial Roberts is
personally superintending operations,
and though it is difficult to grasp the
real situation, it is thought that Robert-! is gradually tightening bis grip
on Cronje's forces. Tn spite of tho an
parent failure of Sunday's attempt to
Storm the Boor position, it is evident
that Cronje is not merely laagered iu
the ordinary acceptation of the term,
but that he occupies ii cai-elnlly prepai-
ed and strongly entrenched position,
previously made ready witb the oh
ject of checking the prospective British invasion of the Free State,
The fact that the Boers from Ladysmith have already arrived in the
neighborhood of Paardesherg caused
some apprehension, but reinfoice
mentes of guns, and men lire ulso
coining to Koberts, and it is not
thought the Trans/unl nnd Free Staters will be able to transport hurriedly
it grent number of men and horses.
All the Wnr Cilice's information is
suid to poiut to General Cronje's os-
cape boiug impossible, and it is now
generally tnken for granted that Hoh-
erts has him surrounded.
Paardesherg, Wednesday. ��� (0:20 p.
m.)���A Boer kopjo has been captured
with BO prisoners. Cronje's position
is unchanged. Commandant Botha
has been attempting to relieve Geneial
Cronje, and there has been severe
lighting, but Botha's force is scattered
with heavy losses,
Timely information given Mrs.
George Long, of Struitsvillo, Ohio,
prevented a dreadful tragedy and saved two lives. A frightful cough had
long kept her awuke every night. She
had tried many remedies and doctors
hnt sternly grew worse until urged to
try Dr. King's New Discovery. One
bottle wholly cured her, nnd she
writes this marvelous nieidcine alsa
cured Mr. Long of n severe attnek
Pneumonia. Such cures arc positive
proof of the mntchless merit of Ihis
gaud remedy for curing all throat
chest and lung troubles. Only 50 cents
nnd |1, Every bottle guaranteed.
Trial bottles free at Canada Drug Ai
Book Store.
Advertisements Inserted tinder this hood al
the rate of onu cunt n word por Insertion.  No
advertisement tnken for loss than 25 cunts.
WANTED���For    three    people,   two
rooms with board in central  part of
town.    With bath   preferred.    Address
fi, Miner Ollice.
WANTED.-Boys   and girls to   strip
tobacco.    Fifty cents a day, and  as
much more ns they  can earn.    Konte-
nny cigar Company.
In the matter of an application for a
Duplicate of a certificate of title to lots
eleven (ll) and twelve (19), block
twenty-seven (271, Citv of Nelson, B,
Notice is hereby given that it is my
intention at the expiration of one
month Irom the publication hereof, to
issue a duplicate of the certificate of
title to the abo\-o lands, issued to
George A. B. Hall, on the 20th day of
December, 1808, and numbered 1588 K.
Land Registry Office, Victoria, B.
('., Illth February. BlOt.
; The Rossland Dandy Coons 1
> ���*-'       ���****��� '*���_������ ..���*!
The direct route from
to all points
EAST   and   WEST.
First-Class Sleepers ou nil trains horn
TOURIST CARS pnsn Medicine Hat
dolly lor St. Paul, Sundays nnd Wednesdays for Toronto, ' Fridays for
Montreal and Boston.
Same cats pass Kevelsluke one dav
To-iud from Robson, Rosslnud.
Ex. Sun. kXi sun.
8.(10 l.v.        NELSON Ait.11.Iii
IS. 10 Lv.dnily NELSON daily An-.i__.lll
Morning Irnin connects for nil points
Evening train connects to and from
Main Line and points north, find (ex.
Sun. i from all points In BOUNDARY
Daily. Str. Moyie Dnily.
SH.OO l.v. NELSON Art. 1.7._0
Connects Kootenay Landing with
Crow's Nest Ibanch trains both ways.
KOOTI-**. A YI_.Yl.K-l_ASI.il ROUTE.
Ex. Sun. Str. Kokanee. Ex, Sun
KI.IKI Lv. NELSON Arr. 11.0(1
Saturday to Aigenta nnd return
leaving Knslo ut 20k.
Ex, Sun. |.-x. Sun.
-.00 Lv. NELSON Ai. 14.40
4 bis NELSON to ROSSLAND lira 4
for rotes and full Information address-near
est lucid agent, or
c B, iikahlky City Passenger Agent
It. W. DREW, Agon., Nolson
Trav. Pans. Agoot        A (1. P, ARor.t,
NSlfffD Vimronvrr
Grand l^egro Miijsfcrel
i Patriotic Entertainment I
Musical Melange
The  Latest Coon
The Newest Melodies;
The Sweetest Music;
The   Grandest Choruses;
The Wittiest Sayings;
The Freshest Jokes;
The Gayest Gags;
The   Jolliest   Conundrums;
The Cooniesl Cootis.
The Up-to-Date
Performance of
Banjos, unci
All the Talent
Both   Vocal
and   I ii-
into  one programme.
Clog and Step
Saturday, Feb. 24
Grand Clog
ment and iln
Tin* whole to conclude 5
with ihe martial song, 5
specially   written   for 5
the occasion, j
" While There's a \
Thread Left in \
the Oltl British \
Flag" I
Patriotic Song, 0
"Soldiers of the |
Queen" <
�� VV^.***VVS-*AA<.**v\*V.SrVv.>VVV
fs The Absent-Minded Beggars ��
55 Admission 75 Cents and 50 Gents.'
JJ The Plan Opens Today at Usual Place.
��� ��_
There   is   a   Clearing   Oui   Bale  ii>  Gei)ls��
FUri)ishii)gs oi) ai 0JIJElLLYJS-
Jf -few AWAjM <L4,0
Real Estate,
Fire Insurance,
Life Insurance
Merchants' BanSc of Halifax.
inning  lliU'lili*.   , uiei ii'-i"
, M.L.O., lion. Hm ail MnoKi
Small   House..
Small  Cottage.
.$ 8.00
Incorporated 1869.
Capital rniiiiii $i,dm,o.o.m i k,si kh.mii.in""
Vi-rVT!1!,,'"' "",.!'���','""*/!! - 'i'1",".""- ''v J**���'"-'. Proaldonti  Thomas Ritclilo. Vinc-Ti-e-i,!. "
Mii'lmi'l llwynr, Wiley Sinitli,   II. u. Huulil,  Hon. II. II. Klilln
Hi ail Olliii', IIiiIII'iiv:
ttpiii'i'iil Majiagor. K1I.-0111,. Pcnso, Montreal.
Superintendent ot bronchos. W. 11. 't'orrnnco
Ineportor, W, K. Broolt, llollfnx.
secretary, D. .11. Stowart, Montroal,
'.|,ai!VaMm',,M'll\''fn,\!!���m'l,-,Anli';nlli*'11' ,;'-i'':-.-��"t��� r. ii.iyo, ,���,. [.ondonflorry, LiiiwiiIiii*!
H,,, ii",., ___.*V_.i_( ��.-.l',li "'"'"' ,,nrl Hawkn.l������'.v, Sydney, iflinbonaoiidlo, Truro, Woymoui
,,  il��� ft   -.ii     vv'" '""'*,'���   SppchgHtur,  LV. !i,i,.ii. ftlnfprton ilCni.i Oo.l, Monotoo, Nf
nivil.   eh   M*,,U,'','l..'.'''k-,.,-,K*'"'",,,|-(' ttHl.tOMII. -Ill,,,, Ula-i.le.    <I_.IN'C    Ma.lM
V, .one   \. ��� .'nn,      al'-i^r', ':*"' ll'"l'-N"1"-  Ul"IW aiel Sei_���, ,,,, HlieeW; We-linoinil   Co
rnl,   ��',.V, !...,,    ' i,'- < 'HliiiiiiM- iMi.'.'i.    ,���-i���   Ottawa.   *..-..���.������������kIIiiikI   BJ.J0I111
'  ""���' "'"'<-- Hnvaiia. I , ,1 Slnle-   _.ow YinU (10 ISxuhailge I'laeel Republic, Wm
C OA L!    COAL!!At,In'Bennelt. ^*x& Forks, Nanaimo, Nelson, Rossland, Vaa
Great Reduction!     I couver, Vancouver East End, Victoria
'HARD ('HAI,    (frft ��e    .      t*
(ANTiiitAiiTKi ._>_..OO per lon
_ROW*8 MKBT fl��_5 <c   ���-,   T��r.
t < i.v i.       Cpo.lo I"1   ion
Promptly and neatly done.    Special
attention given to children's clothes.
Third door Ijnek of odd  Follows'  Building
ICootouay Htroot.
CorrriqioiHlritU i
\TiVni!!,'rn!!',a''''llLH'i;''k ?,.Cl"1a*i,S*  ���������������n-Nallonnl Bhawmtil Hank.   Wilcagn-Airtcrlen
I' ri.   Fp ne'  (,,l'|',--""-l��'-'>-l'll��l  l-atlo    Hank.    I.,��� ���, Una.    Hank nf  Hootlltnil.
^���__B__i_&_l_.te8_r^^     1"l"kor l!"1'"""1"* ��"""*""" ���"",:"' U0M
Oeneial Banking Business Transacted; Sterling Bills of Exchange  UourM
and Sold, Letters of  Credit, Etc., Negotiated.
Accounts reoeived on the most favorable terms,   tnterest allowed un epecia
deposits and on Saving Bank accounts.
Geo. Kydd, Manager, Nelson, B.C.
K00TENAYC0FFEE coIWest Kootenay Butcher Co.
Our Freeh Boasted Coffee Best of
Quality, oe follows i
Java and Arnhliin Moeha. per piiiind a   p,
Java and Mooha Blond, 3 pounds.. ...      ��� no
Kino SiuiUik, 1 poundH          , rt|
SitntOH Hlend, S pounds ,,' j (kj I
Our   Hiinelulllleiiil, li pniindn.             i   .
Our Kin Rout, ll poiiihIh  | m, (
A   I 111 ll   ,,111.1 11 Mil II I I I |,.
Sai.khiuiomh :
rVELSOiM, m O.  C.
Al.l.   KINDS  Ot'
Fresh   and    Salted   Heats
Fish and Poultry in Season
E.   C.   TRAVES.   Manager.
Baker Street, Nelson.
Orders bv mail receive careful antl prompt attention.


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