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Nelson Daily Miner Apr 29, 1899

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��� Hi
Daily Edition No. 303.
Nelson, British Columbia. Saturday, April 29,   1899.
Ninth Year
One More Link in the Chain
of Good Fortune.
A Big Eastern Company   is  Considering
the Advisability of Starting a
Branch Here
Tlm readers of Tbo Miner this morning will fully expeot to hear of somo
ihiiiK new in the way of industries for
Nelson Evory Miner this week lias
told of cnpitnl that was anxious to so-
our* an opening hore and Ihe list does
not seem to be exhausted yet. The'lnl-
est is that a big foundry company of
Montreal is looking for an opening
here, und tho chances are that before
the summer is over it will add a large
industry to Nelson. Borne time ago
the company looked over the field, and
decidid that, Nelsou would It an advantageous location for a foundry that
would manufacture articles ill its line,
to supply all lhe Kootenays and the
points along the Crow's Nest line.
So couildeut were they that they would
erect works here, that they secur*. d an
option on a desirable corner prop
erty owned by the tl. P. R, and wore
given a certain time within which to
make up their minds. This time is
now drawing to a closo.and the 0, P.
R. has nolitied the company thut if
they do not decide quickly the properly will be otherwise disposed of.
The latest reports received from the
East are to the effect that the company
views wilh favor the Nelson proposition,and the nliances ure very much
in favor of the industry being started
here. A large staff of men wonld
necessarily be permanently employed
111 tho foundry whioh would be of
great, importance to Nelson. The doings of the past week hore should help
the eompauy to make up its mind that
Nelson presents one of the best openings iu Canada for that kind of industry, 't looks as if this would be n
most prosperous year for the City, and
the confidence shown in Nelson th s
week by capitalists of both England
and Canada should indicate to the
foundry company' that they cannot
do hotter than follow suit and got in
en the ground floor.
(iamble & O'Roilly Are   Withdrawing
Their Lots From Sale.
That the real estate boom shows no
sign of abatement is evident from the
fact that Gamble Sr, O'Reilly have
boeu instructed bv the Vancouver Syndicate that, owns a large amount of
property in "Addition A" to withdraw the lots from side on the first of
May. Gamble Si O'Rielly have for
sale many choice lots in that part ot
the City,and as this will ho tho last
day thev are offered for sale a large
number of them will probaly bo turned
over to peoplo anxious to lind sonio-
ihing gooil iu the way of real ostate
investment. The action of the syndicate at Vancouver is undoubtedly on
account of the negotiations no ��� pending to buy big blocks of City property
by those interested in tho street railway enterprise. It was known thai
thoy were attor Rognstown, and now
it appears that as they aro tn run a
lino up Stanloy stroet, an effort is to
be mado to secure as many "Addition
A" lots as possible, as the streot railway will make them much moro valuable than they are at present. The
oompany realize! that it will bo years
before a lino of stroet, cars would pay
in Nelson, and evidently looks to
make its Immediate profits by heartily
investing [in real ostate, that, oan be
made valuable by running the cars to
the portions of the Oity where tho
OOmpsny bus tho greatest holdings.
Residences Boiug   Put Up Hy tho Citizens of Nelson.
When a new brick block is being
contumplutfld tho public soon get to
hoar of it, iu fact thoy frequently seem
to know all about tlie building before
it has beon definitely decided to put
it up but it is other wiHo with private houses, and fow probably aro
aware of the number which are now
being built. The subjoined list does
not pretend to bo au exhaustive one,
hut il may give some idea of the number of new homes now in course of
erection iu our fair City of Nelson.
Mr. W. A. Maodonald will build a
house on the corner of Stanley and Carbonate streets. It will consist of two
stories and a basomont, and tho contract for its construction has boon
secured by W.   Park.
Mr. D. Mackay's houso on Vernon
str.'ot is now nearly oompletod. J.
M. Dougan has the contract.
Mr. Ashoioft is building an addition
to Ihh place on Hall street,and ,1 Toye,
tho contractor,has it ready for plaster*
ing. Tho Bnmo applies to Mr. W. W.
Beer's house   ou   Hondryx   street   on
; winch   W.    Qillett   has   tho contract,
; while A. W.Pfieffer is laving tho foundation for another   house Mr.  Beer  is
building on the  comer  of  Carbonate
j and   .losephino.    Tliese   two   nro   for
rent,and plans are being drawn for his
own   residence   which will   bo ou Iho
j eornor   of   Silica and Hendrvx street*.
|    Plans are   being   gotten   out   for  a
I house Mr. H.  Gondaeve   will   build on
Hast. Silica   Street,    Mr. J.    Dover   is
having extensive alterations and additions   mado   to   bis   bouse   on   Silica
slreet, which was formerly   the Methodist parsonage.
Mr. .1, Mathesoii is building on Victoria street east, between Hull and
Mr. A. H. Buchanan's new house
on Carbonate street will consist of
three stories and a basement, and
will bo frame will) a Btone foundation, Q, M. Farlauo bas the contract on this.
Mr. A. R, Barrow is erecting a cot-
tage on Gore Street.in "Addition A,"
nnd tho contract has boon let to R. A.
Ker. All of which goes to show that
Nelson is making .inst. as rapid strides
as a residential, as sho is as a mining,
railroad, and industrial centre.
The  City   Council   Will   Discuss   the
Kiilway and Gas Franchises.
lhe Oouncil was to have inst this
afternoon to consider -the stroot railway and mas franchises but, a change
has been mude and tlio special mooting will to called for Monday evening. Slreet railway negotiations are in
the sumo position as outlined in yesterday's Minor. The City will probably insist upon having an option of
miicbase. based on a valuation at the
end of ton years and it is understood
that the Company will agree to tbis.
Ibe preliminary work of the company
is still progressing and no time will
be lost in starting construction aftor
the voters aorrove of the by law.
The opportunity to secure a gas and
coke industry for Nelson is one that
Hives universal satisfaction. The full
statement of the company's intentions, as given exclusively i:i The
Miner yesterday, was largely rond und
lhe general feeling was that the Council should seize the opportunity to secure this important addition to the
industries that will make Nelson a
large Citv. The oompany asks for
nut hi nu, not even exemption from taxation on its $200,000 plant, but merely
wants permission to lay mains on the
City streets In grnuting this privil-
ego the Council will be hacked up by
the people   thoy were elected to  serve.
Coming as it did at tbe time
when one thing after another was
happening to indicate that Nelson is
nu the eve of uuparallaled prosperity
llio news of this latest stroke of good
luck was a very pleasant surprise. The
small extent to which gns for lighting
will compete with tho City's electric
light was last siizht of in tho fact that
ihe coke works would bo a most valuable thing to have. At the meeting
on Monday Dr. Do littlo who represents the gas oompany hore, will lie
present to lay his case beforo the
Council. As near as could bo gathered
yesterday all the Aldermen favor the
(���ruining of the franchise.
Ml Si
Bankers' Association Discuss Bravery   oi   the  American
the Question- Troops Complimented.
that he had admitted In the hearing
of Major Obinohilla being the notion-
of tho Bordereau,
The cabinet council this even
ing decided to open an investigation regarding the way in whioh
the Figaro obtained the evidenoe offer- ,
ed by M. Haleologue, one uf tin* prominent ollicials of the Foreign Office,
in his supplemental position before tho j
united chambers of Ibe court of cassa*
tion, where his testimony apparently
established a new forger.
Aguinaldo's Plans to Attain
His Ends.
They Tlrak Coinage of Gold Would Disturb Commercial aud Industrial Interests
The Paper is Got  Out  Exclusively by
Women.*���Some of Them Wear
Men's Clothes.
London, April 28���A dospitch from
Paris to tho Evening News gives a
report of u visit of tbo correspondent
of tho News to tbe offices of lln'
Fronde, a publication written, prlntod
and produced exclusively by women,
where he interviewed several of the
writers. Tho Fronde, a few days ago
published the statement that three
cases of bubonic plague' had dcvelope i
in n Paris shop, their origin being
traceable to orientals recently brought
out there. The women stick to tins
���statement  despite   tbe denials of t!-e
prefect of police and othor authorities, and doalaro that several
cases of plague h ivo occurred,
Tho Interviewer, Beoing a handsome youth in the office, roiniu-Kod
thnt bo  understood   that   the stair of
tlie paper was feminine, To his amazement the "youth" declared tbat, such
was the fact. It was a woman instead
of a young man, lie was addressing.
Sho explained that she had worn masculine habiliments for 10 years for tho
sake of convenience
Clinton, Ohio, April 28.���In the
now famous trial where Mrs. George
is being tried ou the charge of mur- i
deriii** George 1). Saxton, the jury
was out, 211 hours and fort.y-llvo minutes and (luring lhe time 22 ballots
wero cast, i'lie interval between the;
ballots was spent in reviewing the
ease and discussing its various phases.
Aftor the jury reported, it was said
that the preliminary ballot was taken
at 18*80  o'cltick  Thursday afternoon,
or half au hour after they had been
closeted in the jury room. Tho ballot,
showed   four   favoring   a    verdict   of
guilty of murder in   the  first degree
and eight jurymen Im- a verdict of 	
guilty or ' ncipiillal. The 22nd and
last ballot was taken at 10t20 o'clock
with a uuaniuiouB vote of  uot guilty, j
Monrteal, Que, April 28. ��� At a
meeting held yesterday of the couucil
of the Canadian Banker's Association,
the question ns to the establishment
of a mint iu Canada for the coinage ot
gold was discussed, and it was resolved that I lie council disapprove of
the proposal for the following r asons:
First���Becauso the operating of a
mint will result iu loss either to tbe
miner or to thu Government according as ono or other is made to
bear the expense of coinage.
Second���Because a better market
for gold bullion is provided by banks
than can lit supplied hy a mint.
Third���Because tbe intrinsio value
of the metal is not enhanced by its
conversion into coin, bullion being preferable for the purpose of international
exchange aud settlement.
Fourth���Because experience has
demonstrated lhat paper is preferable
to gold coin as a circulation medium
and bullion mined in Canada will not
be retained iu the country.
Fifth���Because the coinage of gold
would introduce au element of uncertainty and disturbance in the system
prejudicial to the commercial aud in
dustrinl interestB of 'ho country.
The     Puoilic    Cable   Question���New
Zealand Offered Volunteers.
London, April 28.���Iu tho House of
Commons today, when questioned on
the subject of tbe proposed Pacific
cable, mentioned atj the semi-aunual
meeting on April 2(i, of the Eastern
Tel"graph Company, tho Secretary' foi
tbe Colonies, Mr. Joseph Chamberlain, said tbat tho Government had
made proposals to the Governments of
Canada and Australia ou tbe subject, but that no fiual agreement had
been made. Statements which had appeared in the press, Mr. Chamberlain
said, did not aoaurately represent tbo
proposals made. Wuh reference to
Che New Zealand offer to send volunteers to Samoa, the Parliamentary
Socretary for the Foreign Office, tho
right Hon. Wm. St. John Broderick
said ihat the offer had been declined
as the Government considered the naval force now at Samoa as sutliciunt. to
cope with Iho exigencies of the situ
a tion, The Government, however,
Mr. Broderiok said, expressed its high
appreciation of  Now   Zealand's oiler.
Manugors   and     Umpires   of  Eastern
Base Ball League   Hold a Meeting.
Hartford,    Conn.,    April     28,���The
managers and umpires of tho Eastern
Base Ball League held a meeting in
the United Slates today for the purpose
of discussing the rules   for the   season
of i8Ui). Ail the teams wore represented except Providence nnd Rochester,
President Powers assigned the umpires for ilm Saturday games, Sever,*1
of Iho rules were discussed. In some
rules where an umpire is vested with
tlm [lower to Impose lines, ohjoolions
wore taken aud it was voted to use
their judgment iu such cases. The
Subject Wllioh occupied the most I'liu*
was with regai(I to balkiurf. Rule
J2, Section 1, was chliiiuod to luad as
follows: "Any motion mado by the
pitcher to deliver tho ball to the baiter
OI to lirst base without delivering it,
shall be a balk. " Tho last clauso of
Iho rule originally rend: "Or to a
base without delivering it shall be
called a bulk." It wus also voted that
a pitcher should bo guilty of making u
balk when ho should motion to deliver
Hie ball to third base, should not deliver it and then should not throw it.
to either lirst or second base.
Processor Von   Stengel Reiterates  His
Anti Disarmament Viows.
Berlin, April 28.���Professor Von
Stengel, who recently issued a pamphlet defending war, has issued a soe-
30nd edition of tbo pamphlet, to
Whioh ho has added an article specially
dealing  with  the disarmament ponce
congress lo which ho is a delegate.
The following is an- extract'
"Instead of preaching everlasting
peace mid raving about tho Russian
proposals, it would be better to teach
iho (iermaii nation that   it must wear
its waiiike armament on sen and
land, iu the interest of tho national
honor and wolf uro. "
All are Against Autonomy,  but Suggest
Rath������!��� Different Solutions of
the Problem*
London, April 29.��� All the morning
papers contain editorials congratulating tlie Uuited Statos upon the prospect of peace in the Philippines, and
complimenting the bravery and endurance of the American troops who have
produced the l'.iucli desired result.
All-insist that the United Staffs cannot treat with the rehel government.
All approve the demand of General
Otis for an unconditional surrender,
nud urge that he should bo given full
power, nud not be hampered by in
Btruptions from Washington.
Tho Daily Mail says: "General
Otis has to deal with orientals and bis
policy must be used accordingly."
The Morniug Post,which emphasises
tho danger of treating with the rebels, snys: "Tho wny may bo long,
hut the adoption of a conciliatory polioy is not tho method best suited to
got to ihe end of it."
The Standard says: "The rebels
ire proper objects for clemency, but
iliey cannot bo dealt with as a politi-
��� al entity. No real friend of the is-
i Hitlers would wish to see them all at
��� uoe charged with the task of working
out their own destiny on liues of pure
The Daily Nows thinks that a naive administration under supreme
uneriean control, and even n native
irmy "fortified' by a compact Amer-
ian garrison, would be tho best solu-
England's    Trade    Relations     With
United   States  Improved by This.
Loudon, April 38.���Mr. Robert Porter, who wns the princind guest 01
the White Friars Club this evening,
responding to a toast to "The Anglo-
Saxon Brotherhood ' dwelt upon the
ever increasing commercial tics binding the United States to Great Britain,
tho cause of which, he said, would
be 'still further improved by the fact,
that the tarrifs for America's new dependencies would be patterned after
IEngland's "open door."
In the   course   of   his   remarks Mr.
I Porter   said   that   during   his   recent
I visit  to  Germany, he   bad   tried  to
1 make her understand   that   she   could
' profit, tne same   as Eueiaud, by making up   Amerioan   raw   material,   Iu
this   connection   he observed thnt de
spite recent  events the   United States
was "iu closest sympathy" with Germany.
Claims the  Spanish   Cession   was   Made
After Filipinos had  Driveu Out
the Spaniards*
i'HE     GERMAN     SIDE    OF     IT.
S'hey   Say    Von     Diederich      Called
Dewey's Bluff.
Berlin, April 28.���A dispatch from
Gel to the Vossische Zeituug says
hat naval officers there are smiling at
he statements made by Captain Jos-
ph B Ooghlan iu the course of his
peeoh at tbe Union League Club ban-
���uot. Tliese officers claim that Ad-
.liral Von Diedericb's answer to Admiral Dewey's threat was   simply:
"Clear for action and quietly steam
ll rough the Americau linos into the
* arbor. "
iritish Admiralty   Objects   to Systom
of  Submarine Boats.
London, April 28.-J. P. Holland,
he inventor of the Holland submarine
ioat sailed for New York yesterday
ni hoard tho S. ti. Etruria. His negotiations with tho Admiralty for tho
ale of his invention to the British
i.ivorninent fniled completely, the
iovornmeut objecting to the principle
*f submarine boats, not against Mr.
Holland's specific system.
Sharon, Mass., April 28,���John P.
ROBS of tlnr place was shot and killed
hy his wife Mary E. Ross, in the
course of a quarrel at their home nt
about 7 o'clock this morning. Mis.
lloss was taken into custody at onci.
-ihe admitted the shooting, claiming
ihal she acted iu self defence as ber
lldsbaud was ohoking her it the time.
Itoss was fifty years of ago and his I
wife ���!!), Thoy had heen married about
i year.
Tho   Defendants   Were   Acquitted   of
the Charge  of Conspiracy.
Greenville, S. G, April 88.��� The
trial of the famous conspiracy case
������rowing out of the Phoenix election
riot and lynching in Greenwood
County last November ended in the
Federal court hero today with a verdict, of "Not guilty. " The jury, composed entirely of while   men and   half
if them Greenwood county men, was
out less than !.**. minutes.
The defendants were prominent
Greenwood   County men, who at   the
ime of ihe Phoenix riot, served resolutions upon James W. Tolbert, the
Republican assistant postmaster at Me-
Uormiok, advising him to leave and
telling him they would not be rnponsi-
ble for his life, though they would
���notect him for ill!   hours.    Six   hours
iftor he left, a mob rode into Mo-
Cormick to kill him.
Toronto, April 28���The Conservatives
iinvo decided to cuter protests in West
Suron and Brockville, but in tho loiter town it is boastfully claimed there
s ground for oriminal action. Tho
Liberals ridicule any possibility of upsetting the elections.
Family  Preferred   to  Die by
Ohair of Their Aged aud Invalid Father
Berlin, April 28 ���Some of tbo Ber-
lin newspapers today condemn a speech
made recently by tho Unit.ul States
Consul ut Amsterdam, Mr. George J.
O'jrey. was in whiob it* was said that
from the year 18118 Prinoo Bismarck
had been constantly scheming to
seize Holland. The North German
GB*S6ttS commenting on this assertion,
says that tho United States seems to
nick out singular specimens of mankind for diplomatic posts.
Government   Want s   to   Know   How
Figaro Got the Information.
Paris, April 28.���The Figaro continues todny Ihe publication of tho ovl-
doiico bofoie tho court of cassation. I
The greater part of it is already
known, Captain Ouignet reiterated |
bis statement tbat in July 1890 ho
was protected hy the general staff.
Ho refused to say anything regarding
his relations with Colonel Sandherr
and the foreign agents,   or   regarding
the authorship of the Bordereau, contending that the latter question had
already been settled by tho court martial   and   tbe    tribunals.    Ho  denied
Kirksville, Mo., April 28.���In tbo
border of the cyclone yesterday clouds
wore dun gray, but tho eoro was inky
black. Its roar and suction deafened
���ivorybody iu its path for tho minute,
and most of those who escaped unhurt, report having been rendered unconscious for a brief space. Tho cyclone llrst took effect, as far as
known h.-ire, two miles south of Kirksville. It blow a way through the
lown and wout on northeast for 10
miles. Tho storm soeue in some
places w.��s swept clean as a threshing floor, Along other, parts a tangle
nf umbers, trees and cricks knee deep
was left, lint the debris wus pulverized
as if it had gone through a stone
Tho stories of the victims are
nro heart-rending,    Dr.   Howells,   his
wife and three little boys crouched in
their house in u group when the storm
burst. Tbe bouse wns blown into
kindlings, the falhci was Icfi dead,
the mother ��liadly injured, and tho
children moro or less hurt. Mrs. W.
Green and daughtor, Miss liessie, a
student in the State normal school,
were crushed as their house fell und
their bodies were loiiud fur out among
the wrecknge, Their little son Audrey was found today with several injuries. The Weaver family of eight
saw iho coming death cloud, but stood
calmly by the chair of John 0, Weaver, the aged father, who was an invalid. 'J ho grown sous might have
run with their wives and babicB 1(10
yards out ot the storm's path. The
house flew into fragments. Thu old
man wus crushed in his chair, the
others wore knocked senseless. Miss
Ella Weaver's legs were both broken,
but, the aged mother was not hurt.
Joseph Weaver, his wife and baby and
brother Samuel were terribly crushed.
As a result of the tornado, 300 families aro homeless, and more than lib
dead bodies and 70 injured peoplo have
boon recovered from the rums. Although rescuers have been smirching
in the ruins ever since Ihe storm spent
its fury, many aie si ill missing. The
work of rescue continues, but, it may
bo days before the total number of
viotiuis is known.
Manila, April 28.-7:00 p. m.���
Aguinaldo is evidently selecting the
army as a cloak for his congress, hoping by a subterfuge to overcome General Otis' consistent policy of ignoring
the Filipino government The Filipinos' argument is that it is impossible to arrange   an   armistice   without
the sanctu*. of the Congress,   General
Otis punctured this assumption by remarking thut if Aguinaldo could inako
war without, tho congress, bo could
stop it without reference to that
body. One of his confreres afterwards
remarked that they were shrewder
than white men in diplomacy as the
Malays are credited with being.
While Iho insurgents are undoubtedly tired of war tbe leaders aro torn
with disseutiuus. There is a suspicion
that it was hoped hy means uf a conference to ascertain what terms thoy
could expect. If thoy saw that anything is to be gained by continuing
the war, an armistice would afford
ihem au opportunity for recuperating
iheir demoralized forces. It is au in-
icrestiug commentary upon Aguiualdo's scheme that only Uu of tho iiUU
meinbeis of tho Filipino congress havo
taken tbe oath of allegiance which
their constitution requires,
A Filipino ptooluuutUOU replying to
:he proclamation of American commissioners Ins appeared, it is signed by
Mudmi.for the President, uud is dated
at oaninsdro, April 10. it iB iu tho
usual grandiose strain and declares
ibut, President McKinley issued tho
proclamation in order to force tho
American congress to ratify the cession
of the lslunds, of the treaty of Paris
.t says: This contract of cession was
nude by the Spaniards after Spanish
Inclination had boon ended by tho
valor of our troops.
Tho proclamation complains that
he Filipinos wero uot represented at.
.'uiis during the negotiations of tbe
Maty, and that they nro without as-
urances of the fulfillment of Ameri-
ian promises. It dilutes upon the ni-
eged Anglo-Saxon hatred of blacks
mil asserts a desire to enslave them.
Deploring a lack of foreign aid in
proseouting tbe war, the proclamation
���(includes: "Wo stun' ;,lone but will
light to tho death. i��� *���*;;:���.��� generations will pray over ou; graved shed-
ling tears of gratitude fo�� thoir ireo*
Ho Thinks English Capital Will Conio
if Properties Not Held Too High.
Toronto, April 2.--T. G. Blaokstook
and Gooige Guodi'iham, Toronto capitalists and owners uf tho War Eaglo
and Center Star mines at Rosslaud,
have just returned from a trip to England. Discussing the ipiestion of British capital coming foi Investment in
Canadian mining enterprises, Mr.
Blaokstook says there will be plenty
of it. Tne feeling is good towards
Canada and the Improvement In Grand
Trunk stock bus Improved it.
But ono point which should bo impressed is, that Canadians are holding
their   properties   at   much   too nigh a
ligiiro to enable old  country   investors
. lo lako hold of them.    This refers par-
i licularly to partly developed properties.
Blaokstook   bids Canadians, however,
not to expect any such outpouring of
unlimited capital into Canada as has
occurred in the case of South Africa
and Australia. There will rather bo
steady development, which is better.
Large Increase of British Emigrants
During tho Prosont Yoar.
London, April 28. ���British Board of
Trade emigration returns for the first
three mouths of the current yuur aro
very flattering to Canada, The number of people leaving the United Kingdom's ports for Canada show an increase of 21 por cent over the corresponding period of 1898,While emigration to the U.S.shows a decrease of 10
per cent.Jand that of other British Colonies, including South Africa, has
practically remained stationary or
show a slight fulling off.
Ottawa, Out., April 28.���It is tho
present intention Sir Wilfrid and Lady
Laurier to pay a visit to tho Northwest
of considerable length shortly alter
the House rises. They will make an
extensive tour through the Territories,
and uuy go us fur as British Columbis.
Nelson Daih Miner
1'iihlidheil l.aily except Monday.
1). J    BEATON. Editor und Manager.
Sijuscription Rates,
Hilly pur in: nth by oarror t too
per half your * ���   *>IKi
por yea r  10 Oti
per yoar by mail    B 00
por yew foreign  10 00
Nkison  Wkekiy MlNEB.
Weekly, pot half year ? 12S
p^ryear    2 00
por yoar, 'nr-*'*"*:*",    %S0
Subscription i Invariably lo adviuioo.
Mining*development in British   Columbia has no closer observer than The
Colonial    Goldfields   Gazette,    It  devotes much attention   to   affairs here,
aud is doing much to   introduce   us to
the notice of mining   experts and capitalists throughout Great Britain.    Au
editorial   parnurnph   in   the   issue  of
April S, just to hand,    deals   with the
probable output of the Slocan region during the preseut year.    We quote n portion   of  it:   "1-Vbmary   shipments of
ore from the Slocan mines hnve brought
the total for the two mouths up to 8,600
tons.    If  this   rate     of   shipment   is
continued, ns   seems   likely   to be the
case, new importance will be given   to
the silver-lead   producers   of the   Slocan, and more wil)   be dono to stir up
the   already   awakening   capitalists to
the importance of these great dividend-
paying  properties than could be effected by the circulation   of  any quantity
of carefully   prepared   information   on
the merits of the Slocan   as   a money-
making district.    Iu     the   year   189S
the total  amount of ore shipped   from
the Slocan reached 17,000 tous,   but  if
the preseut rate of export is maintained the output for 1890 will amount   to
about  40,000   tons,   or   the  value   of
some   5,000,000   dollars.    The    mines
that were shippers last year are   heavier producers this year, and the promise is tbat   the output   from   many, if
not all of   them, will   greatly increase
instead of diminish. "   This  is a good
word for tbe Slocan, and coming from
a journal of  suoh   high   character   ns
Tbe Gazette it, will have its effect.
These increased shipments, it says,
will do more to stir up interest in the
region thau any amount of carefully
prepared literature. This is but another way of saying that results are a
better advertisemout than promises.
So thoy are. No oue will feel iu the
least inclined to doubt that. But how-
are we to arrive at the results without making known their possibility?
It will not do to decry advertising.
Wo first hav3 to tell tho world what we
havo, and tbis is done by the "circulation of carefully prepared iuforma
tion," based on such facts as may bo
ascertained. If we did not do tbis,
aud by persistently adhering to it persuade some persons with capital to
invest in the enterprise, there would
be very littlo development and perhaps
none at all. Those on tbe spot who
have investigated for themselves havo
known for several years that the Slooan was extremely rich in mineral
formations. They knew, because the
evidence of it was plainly before their
eyes. Before this wealth could be
developed it was necessary to procure
capital, and to procure capital it was
necessary to circulate information of
its existence That was quite regular
and proper. The results which The
Gazette is so pleased to observe are the
best evidence that any advertising
giveu to the Slocan was legitimate nnd
-warranted. Aud the fact should go
a long way towards vouching for the
circulation of information relating
to other regions iu British Columbia.
It should convince our contemporary
and its home leaders thnt mining stories from this Province are not necessarily fabrications.
opinion that a redistribution now
would not be in accordance with the
Act of Confederation, aud it is understood that on this ground they are pro
pared to defeat anv measure of the
kind sent up to them. But constitutional or not, there cau be no doubt
that it would bo irregular aud unusual,
and if pressed now would give riso to
tlie worst suspicions. The only excuse
offered for it is the pretended necessity
of remedying the wrong committed by
the gerrymander of 1882. That gerrymander was ooufiued to one Province,
Ontario. A subsequent ono interfered
with tho old arrangement of constituencies iu Quebec, but thore is no pretence of wrongdoing in any of the
live other Provinces. Therefore the
excuse in any case can only apply to
llioso two. To force its application to
tho others could only mean that tho
Government with their majority were
preparod to remedy one  gerrymander
by perpetrating another.
The Government can have no right
or title, excepting that of might, to
extend their redistribution to British
Columbia. Since tho census of 181)1
ur population is believed to have
largely increased, but how much and
where aud how distributed they do
not know. Tho sole object of tho census provided for in the constitution is
to furnish them with this information, and haviug obtained it in the
regular way and at the regular period
they are then required to make nny
redistribution the figures may render
ueoossary. They have no equitable
warrant to anticipate this, as was
proposed in the Speech from the
Throne. This Province mav be entitled to additional representatives,
but if so it cau wait until the time
provided by the fundamental law of
the Dominion, which it has no desire
to violate either in letter or spirit.
Wall Papers
We have received
our Spring Stock of
Wall Papers . .
i and Decorations,
Comprising the newest Designs and Colorings	
120   Patterns
To Select From.
Sample Books sent
on application.     .   .
Aid. Hillyer, who is an active aud
Z'alous representative, aud withal a
very good one, has an excellent opportunity to exhibit that huniedness he
was so anxious to display a few days
ago. There is au application for permission to instal a gas plant, aud as
there can be no reasonable objection
to it, there being no details to cavil
over, tbe Council will be excused if
they carry it with a hurrah. It may
be objected that it would be inviting competition with themselves as
owners of the electric light plant. But
this will uot do, for any benefit would
be to the citizens and thay are there
to serve the citizens as well as they
can. If there should be uo benefit, the
eleotrio light plant will not want
protection. But in any oase it would
be idiotic to try to protect tbo citi-
eu-i against themselves.
Ono of the most curious revelations
of the day is that rtceutly made by
Col. Mathias, who commanded tho
Gordon Highlanders at tbe ever memorable charge of Dargai Heights. He
is a Welshman, as is well known, and
a short time ago on the occasion of
the presentation of a sword hy the
Pembrokeshire County Club, he said
many of them might wonder that
he, a Welshman, should be iu command of a Highland regiment. He explained that it was through a mistake
���a slip of the pen. The intention
wus to gazette him to tbe Doth, but in
the commission it was written ?5th,
ami although 30 years ago it has so
remained ever siuce.
General Broker.
for Building Purposes. Definite contract given. Fire,
Life and Accident Iusuranoe.
Real Estate for sale aud to let.
Many Suits oi Clothes.
I have marie many suits of clothes txaii I want
to iimkeniiuiy more, and hiyve concluded to reduce the price for 30 d -vs.
Si oteh and English Tweeds���from ��32 to $2->
li ue and Blaok Hell Wharp Serge
Suits from $30 to $24
Bliek Heavy Serges  $20
Hiavy Scotch Tweeds, nice pattern
for Business Suits $20
I will teach I-adies the art of cutting their
own garmei Is. Van Dune World's Fair
Piemium System of Dress Cutting taught in a
few hours so that any lady can cut her own
garments.   Ladies' Tailoring a specially.
Stevens Zor
5 & Q Clement Block.
It may be worth while to suggest
to the Council that one day's voting
will suffice for money by-laws and
tramway and gas franchises. Separate elections would he needlessly ex
pensive, and besides it is not good for
business to keep tbe eitv in a turmoil
of excitement longer than cau be
i An Ottawa dispatch to The Victoria
Colonist says: "There is an interesting report in circulation tonight that
the Government will not press the
Redistribution Bill this year. Should
the report prove true the fact will materially shorten the duration of'he session. It is said that several Ministers
incline to the belief that a Redistribution Bill passed before the taking nf
the decennial census, which is not due
until 1001, would be constitutionally
inoperative, aud that if it were passed
it would he quashed by the Courts
with the result that far greater harm
would be done to the Government's
prestige than if the matter were allowed to stand over for a year or two. The
report is nivon for what it is worth,
but whether the Government decided
to press its measure or not, doubt
about the constitutionality of a redistribution measure pressed this session
or next will still remain. *'
This is probably a mere gossip's
story, so common at the Capital, and
in the classical language of a late
Minister it would be safe to say
"there ain't notliin' to it. " Thero
is grave doubt, however, as to the
constitutionality of a redistribution
measure ou the eve of a regular census. The leaders of tbo majority in
the   Seuate   aro   known   to   hold   the
New York, April 'JM.���Justice Stover
in the Supreme Court today granted a
deoreee which established a divorce
between Henry T. Sloaue nnd his wife.
Kcmors that this wealthy and well
known society couple were about to
dissolve their marriage by means of
law have been frequently circulated
an 1 denied of late.
All Contractors figuring on   buildings that
will require
Should consult
J.   W.  MELLOR,
Who carries the largest stock of Plate Glass
in the Province.
House Cleaning Time
We can assist you in the annual
overhauling hy Painting, Paper-
Hanging, Kalsominiug and Interior Decorating Estimates
cheerfully given.
Josephine St. Opp. Clarke Hotel
The Bon Ton Restaurant, a well
known and popular place, will be
sold at reasonable terms ii taken
soon.    Apply, P. O. Box 127.
Do you know that you can save money, and, what is doubtless'of much more moment to you, have greater satisfaction
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personally X sonallv selecting your Wall Papers.
select your I Many things require consideration, the
. WALL PAPER. X lighting of the room, the furniture that
T'+��+��4 ���)��������-����������������������������� is in it, the woodwork. The paper on
your wall has more to do with the harmonious blending 01
all these than has perhaps anything else. See all that are
to be seen, but SEE OURS before buying.
Thomson Stationery Co. t't'd,
B. C.
Groceries, Provisions, Mining Sup
plies, Mining Drill Steel.
Mail Orders
A Speciality.
P. O. Box 214.   Vernon street, Nelson, B. C.
It does not matter which Order you may
belong to I can Supply you with a Pin
or Charm for the Dedication Ceremony
on Tuesday Evening.
Baker St.
Metropolitan   Opera   Co.
Same identical company that made such
a big success before.
Two Nights and Matinee, Commence
ing Friday, April 28.
including Sydney Roherer,   Baritone.    Introducing the latest .\ovelty "Edison's Dream Realized.
Friday, "Mikado" Saturday, "Bohemian Girl"
Matinee, "Olivette."
Prices, 75 cents and $1.00.    On sale at usual place.
canadian a
^Pacific Ky.
j Nelson Employment Agency
From lhe Eleetrical Standardising Testing and
aiui Train** Institute, London. Late of lhe City
&Souih London Kleetricltailway; with Messrs.
Scott Uroe., Kensington, Chief electrician to
Messrs. Watkin Bros., Northampton, Kugland.
Atlantic S. S. Lines
puss Revelstoke every day
to St. Paul; Tuesdays mul Saturdays
for Toronto; Thursdays for Montreal
and Boston.
Baker Slreet.
J. II. inn. Prop.
Girl for private family.
(ilai'k-ini! li wantti (situation.
Carpenter wants situation.
From .Montreal
Allan Line���Numldlan vpnl  38
Allan Line.. California!] .May u-
Dominion Line���Ilomlnion April 29
Dominion Line���Scotsman May 13
Beaver Line���Lako Huron May 3
From New York
Whlto Star  Lino- Majestic May 3
Uunard   Line���Ltieania Mny  fi
American Line���SI, LouIh May 3
Anchor Line���. .Anchorla .May (i
Allan State Line -State of Nebraska ..May 3
From Boston
Dominion Line���New Kngland  May  3
Pannages arranged to and from all European
points. For rate*., ticket* and full information
apply to C, P. It, depot agent or (J. K. Beasley
City Ticket Agent, Nelson, B  P,
viol   General Agont. C . .R, Offloes Winnipeg
Kossland, Trail,  Kobsou and main line.
6.IUp.m.-Leaves���NELSON-Arrives-10.HJ p m
Koolrnay Lake���Kaslo ltomr.
Stk. Kokankk
Except Sunday. Except Sundiv
I   p.m.���Leaves���NELSON���Arrives���11   a.m
Kooli-uny Kiver lioiili*.
Stk. Movik.
Mon., Wed., Fri. Tues. Thurs. Sat.
8a.m.���Leaves���NKLSON-Arnves--6.o(l p n*..
Makes connection al Pilol Muy wilh Str. Ko
kanee in both directions and nl Kootenay
Landing with trains to and from Crow's NeRt
lino points.
Sunilon and Blocan Lake   Points
Ex. Sunday Ex. Sunday
11.01* a. m.-Leavea���NELSON���Arrlvcs-2.20 p. m.
Ascertain Hates
and full information   liy  addressing nearest
local agent, P.. E. Beasley City Ticket Ag't, or
It, W. DREW, Agont, Noh*o
I will state for the benefit of any
one contemplating purchasing* the
Bon Ton Restaurant, that it is some
of the fixtures and not the business
that should be advertised for sale
by the party I have leased said place
from, as I have no intention whatever of going out of business. On
the contrary 1 have leased the building from lhe owners and will furnish it newly throughout as soon as
my present ease expires with Miss
M. Duffy, which will be June ist,
1899. D.  E, RIORDAN.
Trav. Pass. Agent,
DlsL. rasa. Agent,
Is now prepared to HII orders
for Luncheons, Dinners or
Evening Parties.
Melton     Mowbray     Pies.     Chickeu,
Veal, and Pork Pies,   All orders
promptly   attended   to.
Ward St..   -  Opposite Hnme Hotel.
Nelson Gleaning and Dyeing
S. D. PIERRE Prop.
if so,   come  and  see  our
assortm 'nt of
Hudson's Bay Stores,
West Baker St..  Kelson.
Telephone 13.
We have purchased the express
and drayage business of Mr. J. W.
Cowan and bespeak as large a patronage at the hands of Nelson citizens as was accorded Mr. Cowan.
Leave orders at D. McArthur's or
telephone No. 8s,.
General Teamsters.
for B, C. Oil ft-
(Standard Oil Co.)
Anthracite Coal.
First Class Fir
Cut any lengt1
to order.    One car  of Fres *
Spokane Lime just arrived.
Office Cor. Baker & Hall Sts
Telephone   88.
Are You Going
To Atlin or Dawson City
If you are call and get posted on
the White Pass & Yukon Route.
The best, safest and ch eapest route
West Baker Street
NOTIcti Is hereby given that lhe Bill
I inn of the Court of Revision appointed hy
Counoil of the City of Nelnon for hearing
���-oniplaintH ng.inet, the assessment, for the
i-enl year, as mado hy the as-cssorof lhe
Cily, will bo held In Ihe Counoil Clinmhi
Nelnon on Thursday, the AMI day of June,
*il lOo'cloek a. 111. ,,
Nelson, H. C, April Uth. WW.
Liu r-
r al
1.ano.oi 0
Ladies' and Gents' Clothing cleaned
dyed, altered and repaired.
MIMIi; liltOkl'K
Windermere Mine-.  CorreepondeneeSollolted
WINDEKMEKE, B. C. i ��,��� ���r CUrk. ���.���,.
Capital Paid  up
H. S. Howland, Proa.   T. H.Mcrritt, *. IMC���'
Wm. Ramsay,      Hugh Ryan,      Kobt..latino
T. Sutherland Stnynor,      Ellas RoKom.
Head Oflice, Toronto.
D. R. WILKIE, General Malinger.
E. HAY, Inspector.
���tranche! In all principal elites and t<>�� ��"
In    Ontario   anil  Quebec
Branches    In      Multiloba,     North" f��l
Territories anil Brlllsh Columbia.
""n.   Calgary, Pkinck Albkrt. M)MO!�� roj
ih Kdmonton, N. W.   T.     Vanuoum****
LSON. K j;\ i-.i-si oi.k, 11. C.
Agents in Groat Hrltulii-Lloyd's B.mk. Ltd-.
72 lxjnibard stroot, London, with whom money
may be deposited for transfer by letter or caoi*.
to any part of Canada.
NKLSON   URANCII. ���,���,...
Lottoi-H of Credit Issuod on Alaska Comnir
eialCo. payablo at St. Michaels, Aloska, aim
Dawson City. ,,     , .   .��� /���.-���.
Drafts Sold, available al all point" in **"
da, united Slates and Europe. .        .,
Letters of oredit issued, available in aw
part of the world. _       ������ .. it
Savings bank Department -Dopo-jit*- o* ��
and upwards recoived and Interest allo��ea-
Doborturos-Municipal and other ucuu*
lures purchased, .,    .     ,_ ,,.,nk
Money Orders Issued payable at an) ��"" .
Itatos-Uiidor $10, 8c; *10 to t2ti, "*���������
��20 to PO, 12c; ��:��l to tbo, Ue.
The Metropolitan Opera Company  Gave
Universal Satisfaction.���The Bill
For Toilay.
Tin* Mikado of .Inpan Mauriee Hngemail
NunUi-l-oo. his son Will S ltl*-ing
lCo-Ko, Lord High Executioner Ed Smith
Pooh Bab, Lord High Everything Else I
, .   A, ft, Rhorer
pish i n-ii, a Noble Lord;  c, ti. Walton
Viiiii-Vuni 1 Three ftlntore   i Munch-* Aldraoh
PUU-Slng 1      Wards of   < Alloe Jarnen
Peep-Bo   J Ko Ko   Lillian Salable
Kallshn, 1111 elderly  lady loanuotle Lincoln
Chorus of School (In-ls and Nobles,
It was on the whole a very pleasing
nnd ort'ditublii performance of Gilbert
nml Sullivan's time honored "Mi-
kudo" that the Metropolitan Opera
Oompany gave nt tlm Opera House last
evening, The return of tliin oompany
at reasonable prices was greeted liy a
well iilliul hotlBe that wont away per-
feotly satisfied with tbe evening 's
bill of faro. The perforniande drugged
tediously at the first, the principals appearing to tnke lmt little interest in
proceedings nud the uliorna being palpably astray several times, lint towards the ond of the first act thingB
brightened up and the  remainder  of
Hie opera went along with a swing
that ni'idi! it most enjoyable, 'I'lie
lank of an orchestra, of course, was
severely fnH although the conduclor
drummed very industriously on the inoffensive piano and made the most ot
it. The addition of Mr. Rhorer���who,
by the way, iN not nearly so ferocious
looking as the lithographs of him in
the store windows would indicate���
greatly strengthened the company.
He his a strong baritone voice of some
richness and ns Pooh Bah wus a decided success. Another addition.
Miss Lincoln, made ��� very favorable
impression in the oharaoter part of
Kntisha. Bhe has n sweet voice thai
showed to best advantage iu "Tha H ur
of Sadness, " whioh,**��owever, was loo
short for those who appreciated her
Singing, Miss Aldrich as Ymu-Ynm
was very good. Her "The Moon an I
I" was very pleasingly sung und was
one of the aenis of the evening and
was her best piece of work in Nelson.
She did not run wild with her purt as
she did in others on the former engagement here. The low coniedv part of
Ko Ko wns in the hands nf Mv. Smith
who succeeded in creating roars of
laughter although he essayed the difficult task of improving on Gilbert's
libretto in many instances, nil of
which were failures. He is a natural
bom comedian and the best ever seen
ou a Nelson stage. Mr. Hageman bad
very little to do us the "Mikado," hut
he did that little von* well. Miss
James and Miss Ktmble were very
charming ns Pitti Sing and Peep Ho
respectively. Mr. Rising was in
wretched voice and very effectually
ruined the part of Ts'anki Poo. die
trembles to think of him as Thaddous
lonigbt. The chorus produced a good
volume of sound and did really creditable work in the second half. The
moving pictures with M, Hborer singing suitable ballads wore splendid,and
should be seen.
This afternoon Audran's tuneful
"Olivette ' will be presented. It is n
very good matinee piece and will no
doubt draw a good house. Tho cur
tain rises at 2 ;80,and the prices have
been fixed at the reasonable figure of
fill and 25 cents aud 15 cents for children. Tonight Ralfe's sterling rowan-
tic opera "Bohemian Girl" will bo
giveu. On tho occasion of the former engagement of tbe company this
opera was their b st piece of work,
and with the addition of Mr. Hborer
as Count Aiuheiin and Miss Lincoln as
Queen of the Gypsies they should make
it, an even better performance. The
whole caste is u stroug one and should
merit a largo attendance. The curtain rises at 8 :iiO.
A Chinaman, named Jo
1 died, and his compatriots
were burying him according to the
rites of tb* h- own mysterious religion.
The body was taken ii|i to lhe cemetery on a Wagon, surrounded hy burning joss slicks, with a number of
Chinamen following on foot behind.
On reaching the grave tlie body was
lowered down, the earth tilled in and
it looked as if there was to lie no ceremony ut all. But nn, it had vet to
come. More joss sticks were lit, and
then an Impassible Mongolian produced
a large and mysterious looking bundle.
This was unrolled, and tonnd to
Contain the clothes, bedding and other
belongings of Un* defunct, which a
nice sense of decency ami oomfort suggested that ho would need in the next
world. Those were, oui by one, solemnly burnt, n wrinkled Individual
who appeared to be officiating as High
Priest muttering weird and incomprehensible syllables the while.
The dear departed being thus provided with raiment and bedding,on bis
long journey to the "never, never,"
his thoughtful friends proceeded to
supply him with tlm necessaiy susten-
| mice. Accordingly a small but sulllci-
out store of chicken, rico und fruit
was placed handy at the foot of lhe
grave, their duty to their neighbor
being thus fulfilled, tbe mourncs bo-
took themselves to their respective
wash houses,
The deail man, however, cannot yet
rest nlthogetber in peace. 'I'lie Chinaman may not obtain full celeslial bliss
until liis bones repose in his native
soil. So later on, he will he dug ml,
and his skeleton shipped home to
Ohina, when all will be well. There
nre today several Chinese commissioners in the United States whose business it is lo send home tho bodies of
poor Chinamen buried on this continent, and who have been interred for
a sufficient length of lime. The skeletons are shipped homo at the expense
ot the Chinese Government,
IT     WAS      A       FALSIC      ALARM.
'1 be
There   Has   Been Another   Large Inorease During the Month of March.
In Bpite of the fact that this month
is a vei-y short one, being throe duvs
less of school thau last month the totals are almost ns largo as for March.
As the avorago attendance has been
about 345, this means that for a month
ns long as March the aggregates would
have been incroasod to the extent of
about 750. The aggregates being
large it follows that tlio averages have
been correspondingly so. Indeed the
actual increase in average attendance
as seen from following tables is so
largo that it demands another teacher
in itself,to say nothing of tho constant
increase for the past six months for
which no relief has been made. Con
sulfation of tables show that tho average inorease was 8.88 pupils.
Total Daily attendance 4,(1-14
Total actual attendance  4,544
Average   daily   attendance.... 244.41
Iucrouse over March  iil.SIT
Average actual attendance;. .. . aiSII.OK
Increase over March  81.113
Pupils actually attending  287
Increase ovor March  12
Highest enrollment   877
Iucr ase over March  18
Division I���
Class V���Anna McDonald.
Class IV.���William Bard.
Division II.���
Class III. Sr.���Hannah Knudson,
Class III. Jr. ���Henry Avery,
Division III.���
Class II.-Mabel McCandlish.
OlasB I.���Clara Murphy.
Division IV.���
Class I���Mildred Week.
Primer I, Sr. ��� Pauline Tosca.
Primer I.   Jr.���Raymond Bard.
Division v.���
Primer A���Howard Aldous.
Primer B.���Edith Gilchrist.
Primer 0.���Charlie Swannell.
Brigade   Had   an   Exciting
Yesterday for no Ouuse.
There was 'great exoitement on Josephine street at 2 o'clock yesterday.
Some, one discovered smoke rising
from the rear of the Hon Ton restaurant and immediately made haste to
the Fire Hall, The tocsin of alarm
soon rang out and tbe members of the
brigade responded to thi call with most
commendable promptness. The hose
reel was out in a jiffy and started down
the hill like a whirlwind. So fast did
it go thin His Worship Mayor Neelands
who -was on hand at the time the
alarm rang, had the greatest difficulty
in retaining his hold on the rear.
However be stuck to it, being greatly
encouraged by the plaudits of Aid.
Thomson who was a spectator to the
proceedings. Around the corner the
apparatus flew and a connection was
immediately mado with the hydrant
ar Baker and Josephine streets, The
band was new,and a scrupulously clean
hose wns stretched out, the nozzle adjusted and a search made for tbe   fire.
Meanwhile Mr. Riordan, proprietor
of tlie Bon Ton, was superintending
the cooking of some choice joints entirely unconscious of tbo fact that his
pi lice was supposed to bo burning, He
was not the least hit worried and it
turned out that nothing whatever was
the matter. However tbo excited man
who rang the alarm gave a good practice run to the fire brigade laddies.
They showed groat speed and were
ready to pour a stream on nny flames
within a verv short, time after the
alarm was given. It, was also a good
al for the Bon Ton.
How John Chinaman   is   Laid   to His
Long Last Rest.
Anyone up at the cemeterv hotwoen
4 and 5 o'clock yesiordny afternoon
would have witnessod a funny und,
iu this part of the   world, an   unusual
There was a clean record yesterday
at the Cily Police Court.
Goorgo Keefer is erecting three cottages ou his property in tho Hume
Mrs. Brougham has requested The
Miner to state that fancy dress is only
optional at hor dance on Monday.
May 8.
Tho arrivals at tho Phair yesterday
wero: Wm. Hargreuves, Winnipeg;
F. A. Heap, Ainsworth, J. S. Des-
champ, Rossland.
The second carload of waterpipes for
tho City hns arrived. Work will be
commenced today laving the new main
on Victoria street.
The Ladies Hospital Aid meets in
rhe leoture room of St. Paul's eburoh
at !! :II0 Monday afternoon. There is
considerable business to be transacted.
Dealers in fishing tackle report the
trade brisk. Tho Nelson Hardware
Co., hns been tui'iiiir* ont a great doal
and has a most attractive window of
anglers'   requisites.
Cards displayed conspicuously in
the shop windows announce the fact
that, commencing May 1, tin stores
will close at 7 p. m. The hardware
stores will close at (I:!'().
Oity Clerk Straohan has sent out assessment notices to property owners.
Ten days are given in which protests
may be filed. The first sitting of the
court1 of revision Will be on June 1.
The funeral of the late Mrs.    Graham
took place yesterday  afternoon.   Ohief
of Police McKinnon collected a Bum
of money that contributed largely towards meeting tho   funeral   expenses.
Mr. J. H. Love has accepted an
agency for a diamond drill, and is in
a position to make contracts with
anyoii'i who wishes to develop his
property by nipuns of this useful invention.
Mr. E. W. Matthews, agent for R. G.
Dunn & Co., met with u painful accident yesterday afternoon. While superintending Ihe moving of some furniture he slipped oil tne wagon nnd
fell, breaking a rib.
The refreshment oommittee of the
Library Ball meets m the Board of
Trade room on Monday evening at 8
o'clock. Arrangements for the ball nro
progressing well and the affair promises to be a great success.
Tho eightieth anniversary of tho
Organization of the Odd fellows order
falls tomorrow, and will be celebrated
by Divine Servieo in the Baptist
Church nt !1 p.m. The Rev. C. W.
Rose will preach .and his subject will
be "What is a man?''
Thero is n considerable amount of
work going on iu towu just   now, aud
Mr. Love finds it hard to get the men
required for tho railway construction
winch is going on, both tho Lardo,
Nelson-Bedlington, and the road from
here lo Hobson requiring men.
There will be a Rugby Football
practice game this afternoon nn the
recreation ground. The mutch against
Rossluud will be played tins day week
so there is not much time left for
practice, and it is hoped that all football plavyers will put,   in   an   appear
The presence of a large number of
leading Kaslo citizens in Nelson yesterday had nothing to do villi Ihe
fact that the Opera company came
down from Kaslo yesterday,as some of
lhe prominent citizens informed The
Miner that they were coming to Nelson anyway.
Messrs. Fife St Hay ward have accepted the agenoy of Doering & Mnrston's
lugor beer. Two dozen bodies of the
beer will bo given away free with Ibe
compliments of the linn at lhe Suiulay
dinner at oach of the following hotels:
The Phair, The Hume, The Queens,
and The Grand Central.
The excellence of the local news service of The Minor this week has been
generally commented on. The important amiounoemt ills of immediite interest, to Nelson citizens which have
appeared exclusively in Tbe Miner for
tho past few days wonld alone make
up a good sized newspaper, Thero is
moro news on tlie first page of Tne
Miner each morning than there is in
tlio whole four pages   of The Tribune.
The arrivals at lhe Hume yesterday
were: John Oort, Maurice Hageman
and wife A. Bnrrenlha. Metropolitan
Opera Co.; G. ,\, Oailsou, Kaslo;
Julia Marshall. St. Paul; J. E. Hal-
llngsworth, Butte City, Mont. ; li.
McGuire, Molly Gibson mine; K
Raiiuneliiieyer, Silverton; Theo.
Scbweilzer, Northport; J, J. McMnl-
len, Porto Rico mine ; J. H. Cramer,
St. Paul; T. J. Stephens. 0. B. Allen, Vancouver; J. F. Mcintosh, Kaslo.
The mnp of Nelson nud vicinity
that is being prepared by tho South
Kootonay Board of Trade will be completed by Monday and will be seut to
liulmnn Bros., Winnipeg, to be printed. Ono thousand copies have been ordered nnd these will be distributed
where they will be calculated to advertise Nelson to the best advantage. The
map, which has been compiled by Mv
Tyler, shows Nelson the chief distributing point in the territory extending
from Penticton to. the Crow's Nest
Pass, nnd from Revelstoke to tbe
Meteorological itt'imri,
{Observations taken by A. 11, Holdich.
Apr 22
30 0
28 80
Apr 23
Apr 21
112 5
Apr 25
Apr 88
4ti r.
Apr 27
97 W
Apr 28
F, idav
and those about to build
sbould enquire of us for
estimates on
Roofing b
We make a Specialty of
Hot Air,  Hot Water   ami
Steam Heating.
Vancouver Hardware Co., Ltd.
Importer.-*-' of
Shelf ami Heavy Hardware,
For Ladies
Extra Special
and Gents
Don'l stop In think of where tn liny your sli*ii-s when iu need of a pair,
come direct to Ijillie'a Shoe store and we are quite sure
you will go away satisfied
Aberdeen Block.
at   $;
Watered Moreen all Colors
at $3.00 each.
Striped Silver
good wearers, $1
Silks,   extra
.50 each.
ide, with
Large Fril
Will soon bring up the big Trout. We
will outfit you with the best of everything in the Fishing Tackle line. Our
stock speaks for itself.
Neison Hardware Co.
Satana Underskirts, nice
as silk and belter to wear, at
$5.50 each.
Martin O'Reilly & Co.
Suits to Suit Everybody
At Prices to Suit Your Pocket.
A large consignment of the newest designs in Ready-to-wear
Clothing jUBt received.    Our  goods  are  nil   new  and  fiesli.
No old Btook or shoddy suits at Kmory St Walleye.   We have
nl>*o just opened a full Hue of John  B. Stetson Hatb.
The Hub Furnishing House.
Emory &  Walley
The Canadian Mutual Loan & Investment Company advance money
on easy terms. Low interest. No
shares required.
Mining  a"1  Heal   Estate   Broker,
Tui'iiei-Hoeckli Mock, Nelson.
Just reverse this word and you  have  before  your  notice   three  of
greatest words in connection wilh the Three-Star-Flour problem
large  and line   stock   of  Sailor
Hats and Children's   Bonnets just arrived at
Mrs. McLaughlin
Any Lady or Gentleman Cook
who has the   use   of both hands,   ai
of common sense, cannot help tu
d is endowed with an ordinary
ning out good bread if they use
Gilt Edge Soap is cheapest and best.     If you
haven't got the Dough to buy the Soap,   you
can't make bread iefore you knead it.
M. DesBrisay & Co.
General Broker-
Motel for Bhle|0,000, ientin|< for $100
per mouth.
Baker street property fur sale at $8,-
000, rentiug for 81,11 per month, leiistd
for 5 years.
Twelve Lots iu Hume Addition, cheap.
A 12-roomed House for rent, conveni-
tut to Baker street.
Money t*. loan at 8 percent. Fire and
Lile Assurance.
The Brackman & Ker
Milling Co., Ltd.
Wholesale and Retail.   Grain, Hay, Feed, etc.
Write tor Quotations On Car Lots Nelson, B. C.
Procrastination is
the Thief of Time
and Sometimes of
of Happiness . . .
Your headache may be caused by
some defect in the Eyes, No charge
for Testing. Ws charge only for
the Classes.
If so read all the "Fishing Tackle" advertisements and then come and buy
your  outfit from
The Lawrence Hardware Col:
who carry the most complete stock in Nelson.    All our
goods imported  direct  from   English,   American   and
Canadian Manufacturers.
Spokane Palls A
Northern R'y.
fie I son  &  Fori
Shopped R^y.
Red Mountain K'y.
The only all rail route without ohang
of cars between Kelson and Rossland an J
Spokane and Bossland.
'���eave 9.40 a.m. NELSON Arriva 5.30 p*ni
"    11:55 "   EOSSL'D    "      3:10
"    8*30 a*m. SPOKANE   "   6-30 p.m
Train Unit  leaves  Nelson at II .40 a.m
makes  close  connections at Spokuue foi
ill Paoifio Coast Points,
Passengers for Kettle River aud Houiid-
1 ury Creek, connect at Marons with Stage
C. G. U1XON, G. P. St T.A.
Spokane   Wash
Lawrence Hardware Co.
Shelf and Heavy Hardware, Nelson, B- C.
Agent*.Nelson, B.
* Furnished House For Sale
When You Ask
For a.
jH Wo huve u 00*1001
JL tor mile    One of o
j, tin: City.
Wo have a. 50-foot hot on linker street
f I he best snaps In
'lilMl   l<> low
ami  CtisuniiH   Broken,
Ki'iil Ksluto and
Insurance Agents.
see that is made
by the
Kootenay   Cigar   M'f'g  Co.
and avoid taking a cheap imitation
which is now on the market.
Bltuatod on Ui IS, Blook .7, In tho Olty of
Vi'Nnn, in alleyway between linker and  Victoria streets.   Kor part Ionian apply
110SA KOMONA, Nelson, B. C,
MUSIC  LESSON'S. - On  piano   organ   or
ley. llobi*
(wo doors wost of Stanley.
guitar, by Mrs. W. J. Antler, ltobson'strec'
���   '.   P. O. Box 180.
There are some very fine ones in stock that will
be disposed of at cheapest prices. We are receiving new shipments of Plants and Cut Flowers
MU8I0 LESSONS-Staging and Piano, by
Mrs. Sydney Oliver. Observatory street, two
doors wost of Stanley.
OFFICES nnd Koomi** to rent, newly deooi
uted und painted. Apply Thomson Stationer
Co., Ltd.
FOR BAUD���Old newspapers at, 85 conts per
KKI. Just the thin*- to put under curpuu
.Miner olliee,
WANTKI) A lKiy not younger than 15 to do
light work and learn u trade. Apply Mine*
WANTED���Small cottage   and lot.   Must
be cheap for 0Mb.   Apply post olliee box 105,
Frank A. Tamblyn
Baker Street
A KINK. OPENING��� In buslneis for a person
with modem***) capital. Proprietor wants to
<*ell out on aeoountof leaving fur tbo old couu-
I ry.   Addrous "A. S.," this once. D
A Large Deposit  of Pure
Alum Fouud.
offenses against tho security ot the
state, and iucitiiiR the ariny to mutiny. Convictions involve from one to
five yeiiis Imprisonment ami line
All ttorene lei
The Deposit iu Question Oan be  Mo: t
Easily Prepared for Needs of
A discovery which promises to be
valuable, and is most oertainlv interesting from 11 scientific point of view,
has recently heen mndo in Kast Kooto
uay, not fur trom Windermere, A
peculiar sofl while earthy mineral wns
sent from that district lately hy the
finder, who thought it might be meerschaum, to Mr. Holdich of this city,
hut a short examination proved it to
he nothing more or less than alum,
though not crystallized.
The import-met- of the discovery lies
in the fact that this deposit (said to he
of great thickness) is remarkably free
from those impurities which are so
detrimental in the commercial article,
aud occasionally render it quite useless
for some of the purposes 'o which it
is applied in the arts and manufactures.
As is well known, alum is most extensively used in dyeing and calico
printing, also in leather dressing,
and in rendering fabrics more or less
fire proof. It has also beeu successfully used in lining lire proof safes and
iu numberless other ways. The method
of preparing commercial alum from
tbis lately discovered deposit will be
extremely simple.as it is merely uecessary to dissolve it in water, filter it
from auy sand or other insoluble matter, and evapornte the clear solution till
it crystallizes. In the neighborhood of
this alum, is fouud a lar**o amount of
epsom salt nnd also certain forms of
gypsum, all of which have been undoubtedly derived from water which
has taken up the salts from the roclcs
through which it passed aud in course
of time re-deposited them where they
are now fouud.
It is hardly necessary to say that
very powerful mineral spriugs arc
knowu to exist, iu that viciity. some of
which are said to be as highly charged
with gas as obampage, though it may
well be doubted if the taste or effect
would be as pleasant to the human system.
Evidently there are many substances
in the earth besides the metals, which
may easily prove more valuable than
a silver or eveu a gold mine ; but uutil
the untiring prospector hns the chance
to learn something about these other
substances, either through science
classes or otherwise, they will he left
uu noticed, uncared for, and their
value consequently lost.
*    *   *
Mr. R. E, Kiimnielmeyer, manager
of the Emily Edith mine on Four Mile
Creek near riilverton, is paying a visit
to Nelson. He reports that the miue
is lookiug very well. Four car loads
of ore were shipped this winter, and
it is inteuded to make regular shipments right along. It is the intention of the management to erect a
conceutrator on this property this
summer. The Emily Edith is a galena proposiion, but the ore also contains gold and in snme places zinc,
Mr. Kaniiiiplineyer says that suow-
slides that were down iu February last
year, have not moved yet, owing to
the late spring. When these are ont
of the way, great activity is expected
in the Slocan in tbe way of mining
The Toronto World goes into hysterics over the news that the Corbin
charter will not b��� applied for this session. Tho World thinks that the C.
P. K. and the Grand 'lrunk Railwav
companies have entered into a com-
pact which has for its purpose some
evil design on Canada, ami says that
only a bloody revolution can save
Canada from utter extinction at the
hands of the two big corporations.
The Toronto World must have some
speoial information on this subject of
wbioh'the maturity of the people of
Canada are in  Ignorance.   Business is
flourishing, tho people are prosperous.
happy and contented. Vet the World
waves the red Sag nnd shouts " Kevn
lotion!" The World's ravings will
only ci-eate amusement. ��� Viotoria
A Delighted Kdltor
I am delighted to learn that tbe
British   Columbian  Government  has
decided not to enforce the new eight
hours law for gold miners, in consequence of threatened trouble in the
mining industry. Such restrictions
could only retard the development of
an industry which promises to become
ihe principal element of British Columbian prosperity. Loudon  Empire.
A 1.1,ml w.ii-,:  .1 bread.
tu proportion to its population, Canada is probably   as well   served as any
country in the world   in the mutter of
both  railways   and   waterways,    The
railways   join   tbe   Atlantic   to     the
Pacific, tbey   connect   the coal   mines
with the   manufacturing   and   Indus
trial   centres,   and   they   enable    the
products of   tbe   country to be  easily
conveyed from one part of the   Dominion to   another,   and   to the   ports  of
I shipment both on   the Atlantic and ou
j the Paoiflj.    It has  been   the practise
; for railways   to   be constructed iu advance   of   settlement,   which   has,  no
doubt, contributed   in   a liirue   degree
I fo   the   great,     progress   the   country
; has  witnessed   in   recent   years.    Of
I a total ot over   17,000   miles the Government   only   own 8,851   miles,   the
balance being in   the   hands of   public
companies.    Many   of them have beeu
aided by subsidies  from the Dominion
Parliament, from   the   Provinces, and
; from the municipalities, but   this   assistance,    as   A   rule,   has not been iu
the nature of   a loan, but  of   a   gift.
The country may   uot   bave   bad   any
direot  return   for   its   large   expend-
'��� ituie upon railways, which iu the case
nf the Dominion,has amounted to ��80,���
000,000. exclusive  of land   grants, but*
rhe indirect   effects of the policy have
beeu numerous and   important.���London Citizeu.
I Clear i i.iil.
New York, April 88. ��� Bar silver
63tB ; Mexican dollars, 40.
Copper,    sternly;   brokers'   |19J
$1H : exchange, $1 o. 2b.
Lead, firmer; brokers', *f4.10;ex
change, f4.86)*�� to $4.3b. Tin, quiet
Plates,  quiet.
Buffalo, April 38.���Rival factions in
the grain shovellers union have heen
wagiug war on each other for some
days and tonight matters assumed
such a serious aspect that the 5th regiment was ordered to assemble at its
armory tomorrow morning ready for
duty. The first of the fleet of grain
carriers from up the lakes is expeeteo
tomorrow aud serious trouble is looked
Ottawa, April 2ti. ��� It is not improbable that united aotion may be taken
by western Liberal members fi press
on the Government the desirability
of doing something on tbe coal oil
duty. The Government realizes that a
very strong element in its own party
is strongly oppossed to a continuance
of the duty on oil, aud the question is
sure to come npisevoral times before
the   House rises.
Winnipeg, April 27. ��� Senator John
Sutherland, of Kildenan, passed peacefully away about !l o'clock yesterda.-
after a lingering illness in the 7Wh
year of his age. Senator Sutherland
was a prominent figure in the Selkirk
settlement, nnd had been in public life
almost continuously since about 1808.
Paris, April 88. ��� M. M. Paul Deroulede and Marcel-Habart, were today
committed for trial before the court of
assizes on   the   charge   of  provoking
The C. P. R. is now in a position
ro carry out its avowed plans iu Southern British Columbia, It has a free
field, and it will doubtless display
good business judgment in dtaling
with the important problem in hand.
Good business principles joined to
the control of freight rates vested in
the government will certainly prevent
the mine owners and busiuess men
of the country generally from being
placed at a disadvantage. It is more
tlie interest of the C. P. R. that
Southern Kootenay should be developed than it is any one else. We look
forward to the early inauguration of
a wise policy in regard to the carrying and treatment ot ores, which will
give the lie to the prophecies of grinding monopoly in which the supporters
of Mr. Corbin's plans have indulged
and the fears which others have entertained. The O, P. R. hns a wonderful
opportunity at hand, aud we are confident will know how to employ it to
the best advantage of themselves and
the public.���Yictoria Colonist.
We, the undersigned retail merchants
of the City of Nelson, hereby agree to
close "i'.r respective places of business
at seven o'clook eaoh evening, except
Saturday nights nnd the ni*_dits preoed
ng Statutory nnd Civic holidays, and nl-
<o Iii keep our places of business closed
ni Sundays ami all legal holidays.
This agreement to tnke effect Mny 1st,
P. Burns & Co.. West Kootenay But
Co., .1. A. Gilker, G. O. Ross, H. N.
Heiidnckson, ,1. F. Weir, D McArlliiu*.
L J. Walker, Fred J. Squire, A. Fer-
laud, Nelson Fnruitiii-e Oo, Geo, F.
Motion, F II. Luring, Paleuiunle Bros.,
\. ('. Show, Hyde St Titsworth On.,
I'lie**. Madson, Fred Irvine A- Co.. Mar
in O'Reilly & Oo., Emory ft Walley,
Wallace ft Miller, H. M. Vincent, J. A.
[rvingftOo., Kirkrntrick St Wilson, M,
DesBrisay & Co., Morrison St Caldwell,
Lillie Bros., Thomson Stationery Co.,
Ll., Neelnud Shoo Emporium, J B
Wrnv, T. J. Scanlati, Hudsou Bay Co.,
.Incoh Dover.
Time Card in effect January  3rd, 1808
South b'nil. North b'n*l
Read liown Head up
Hotit I.vs. 6.30 ii.ni. Kaslo    8.30 p.m.  Boat Ar
"     7.:lo   " Ainswurlli 7.1(1    	
"    8 00   " Pilot. Hay 6.80	
"    8.15   "   Balfour   (i.i	
'���     Ar   IUS   " oMilol't. 6.10    " '    "
"   10.30   "    Nelson    4.30    " "   Lv
Connect.- with N. & K. 8. Railway train for
Bpokano. leaving Five Mile Point al 10*09 a.in.
Bleaiuen leave Kaslo city wharf at foot of 3nl
street.   Subject to change without notice*.
kobekt iltviNU. Manager
We have a fine assortment of woolens always
on hand. Goods made up at the shortest possible notice. As everything is kept and made
on the premises satisfaction is assured.
H. n. Vincent,
Merchant Tailor.
We want to tell you about our Spring Styles   this
week of which we have a
Large and Well Assorted Stock
Come and see our Styles and Prices before
yon buy,as our Stock is second to none in
the Kootenay District. You will always
find our lines up-to-date   and   at   popular
J. J1 ICC****.
Special   Dress   Goods   Sale j   a   (ill KER
To clear a few lines at half lhe usual
price.    All in I ress Lengths  oi   7
yards each and no two alU'e.
8 l'ieees Figured Dress Goods nt 411c.  legllll 1* 1'iice Ibe.
1 Pieoes Figured Dress Guods si 65e. regular prioe $1.25*
10 Pieces Figured  DressQoodi   ,���>!>>   '_rii* ������ri-i.)|!,7 5
The balance of our Spring Capes and
Jackets at wholesale Cost Price.
A.  FEHLAK'p   & CO.
West Kootenay Butcher Co.
. . FRESH . .
Dumps supplied on shortest notice and Lowes  Prieeo
Mail Orders receive Careful attention.
Nothing but fresh and wholesome meats and supplies
kept in stock.
Markets at Nelson und Ymir,
h. byers & CO
Heavy ami Shelf  Kardware,   Paints,   Oils, Etc.
Hose, S*teai*n Packing <& Wire  Rope.
Agents: Giant   Powder  Co.,   Truax
Ore Cars, Canton   Drill  Steel,   Gur-
ney, Tilden Stoves and Ranges.
S= Real Estate and Insurance Agent. f��
| The Birkbeck Investment,  Security 3
| and Savings Co. 1
*���**��- FOR   SALE���Corner,   50x120  on   Mill   St.; 5   lots   in -^i
EZ Block 44; Corner Block of 6 lots on Observatory St. 13
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants
a^g. ������������������������--s***-��
Branch Markets in Rossland, Trail, Nelson, Kaslo,
Sandon. Three Forks, New Denver and Slocan City-
orders by mall to any branch will have careful and prompt attention.
All Syndicate Lotsin Addition"A"
will be withdrawn
Get in now and buy.
Brewers of Fine La^ei-
Beer and Porter.
Drop  in   nnd  see   un,
West Kootenaj Valley, B. C, on  line
of C. N. P. Ry., and
Nelson & Bedlington By., now  under j NELSON.
b. r
Information regarding Creston may
be had of GEO. M'FARLAND, Agent
Nelson, or from
Creston Townsite Co.,
A pood Copper or  Gold Property
partially developed.   Apply
Mining Broker,
Nelson, B. C.
Special Sales This Week
in Jardiniersand Pedestals, Onyx
Tables and Cut Glass at ���
rkpatrick & Wilson,
China Hall
Groceries  and   Crockery.
All   Communications  relating to British Columbia business
to be addressed to P. O. Drawer 505, Nelson, B.C.
J. Roderick Robertson,
General Manager
S. S.  Fowler, E. M.,
Mining Engineer
Wholesale Merchants.
Liquors and Groceries.
M| LLS,   Enderby and Vernon	
A.   B.   GRAY.   'P. o. box 6i> nelson, b. c,
Merchants' Bank of Halifax.
Incorporated 1869.
Capital Authorized   -   -   -   -   $2,000,000
Capital Paid Up, $1,500,000, Reserve, $l,25o,ooo.
Head Office: Halifax, Nova Scotia.
Comparative Statement, showing   the progress made by this Hank in the
past ten  years: .     1888 1S98
Oapital Paid  Up  $1,000,000 f 1,600,000
Rest     200.IMH) 1,250.0011
'Deposits  -2.862,000 S.17.).I)!K|
Circulation  998,000 l,:tS7.(XHi
Loans  8,835,000 8,554.000
Liabilities to Public  4.088,000 9900,000
Total Assets  5 280.000 12,737,000
(ieneral Banking Business Transacted; Sterling Bills of Exchange. Bought
and Sold, Litters of  Credit, Etc., Negotiated.
Accounts received on the in    t favorable terms.    Interest allowed on special
deposits   nd on Saving Hank accounts.
Atlin, Grand Forks, Nanaimo, Kelson, Rossland, Vancouver
Vancouver East End, Victoria, Tmir.
A Savings Bank department has been established in connection with the Nelson branch Ot
this bank. Deposit* of ono dollar aud upwar-ls received, and current, rate of interest allowed,
at present 8 per cent, per annum.
Geo. Kydd, Manager, Nelson, B.C.
Another carload direct from
Pabst Brewing Co'y, Milwaukee
Capacity 2,000,00 barrels
per annum.
Turner Beeton& Co.
Complete Electric Equipments for Electric Power Transmission and lighting for mines,   towns,   etc.    Electric   Fixtures, Lamps, Bells, Telephones, Annunciators, etc.
Josephine St NELSON, B. C.
$6.75   PER   TON,   DELIVERED
All orders must be accompanied by cash and should  be   forwarded
either personally or by mail to the office of
j General Agent Cor. Kootenay & Baker Sts.


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