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Nelson Daily Miner Nov 9, 1900

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 Daily Edition No. 880
Nelson,   BritishQColumbia, Friday Evening,   November 9,  1900.
Eleventh  Year
How the Result of the Elections Is Ee-
garded Here-Latest Returns
From Manitoba.
Montreal, Nov, 9. -The
Star (Conservative) Says;
���Sir Charles  Tupper said
I adieu to political life this
I afternoon."	
Montreal,     Nov.     9.���Sir    Charles
Tupper left here today for Hritish Co-
luinhia, where  he  will address meetings in the interest of the Conservative candidates   in   Yale-Cariboo  and
Fllurrurd constituencies.  Prior to leav-
t ing for the CouBt, he declined   be   in-
t crviewed.
Montreal, Nov. 9.���The latest election returns are: Ontario West.Oould,
Lib., 400; Muskoka.McCorraick, Con.,
47; Ottawa City, Helcourt, Lib., 2D;
Jiierkett, Con. 338; Slmcoe South,
Lennox, Con., 800; Lotbiniere, For-
tler, Lib., 000; Quebec County, Fit.-
pntrick, Lib., 1500; Halifax, Roche,
Lib., 12, R. L. Borden. Con., 324;
l'ictou, C. II. Tupper, Con., 145; Bell,
Con., 104; Digby, Copp, Lib., 479;
Richmond, N. S., Mathies.n. Lib.,
357; Northumberland, N. R. Robinson
Con. 400.
Winnipeg, Nov. 9.���In I'rovencher,
Hertrand, Liberal,is elected by 13 majority ; Marquette is still in doubt,
but Roche, Conservative Is likely elected. Asslnaboia East is claimed by
Douglas, Liberal, by 50 majority. In
Selkirk, McCreary, Liberal, and llaslam, Conservative, area tie, with several places on Lake Winnipeg to hear
from which will likely give McCreary
a majority.
Toronto, Nov. 9.���The Mail and Em
pire's St. John, N. B., correspondent
says Sir Charles and Sir llibbert Tupper had a short conversation with
Hon. Mr. Foster yesterday, during
which the leader expressed a desire to
consult his friends before deciding his
future course, but said he would prefer to retire from active politics and
take a rest. Mr. Foster is also understood to have expressed a desire to retire and enjoy the freodom of private
life, if he cau be allowed to do it, but
expresses willingness to lend a hand
anywhere he can be of use.
Quebec, Que., Nov. 9.���Sir Wilfrid
Laurier remained here all day yesterday und was made the recipient of
many congratulations from all over
the Dominion. When asked lor an
interview regarding the result the
Premier declined to talk at present,
lle left for the west last night.
Kingston, Ont., Nov. 9.���A recount
will probably be asked for In Lennox
County by the Liberals. It has beon
found that somo 78 votes cast for Dr.
Leonard, Liberal candidate, were
thrown out because they were marked
opposite the line with the words:
"In the Elootoral District of Lennox," the votors evidently confounding the name of the county with that
of the candidate.
Bowmanvllle, Nov. 9.���The Liberals of WeBt Durham were somewhat
premature in colebrating the election
of It. Beith, on Wednesday night. The
corrected returns give Thornton, Independent Conservative^ majority.
New Westminster, Nov. 9.���Final
returns are Morrison, Liberal, 1,774;
Dewdney, Conservative, 1,033.
The political situation in the Yale-
Cariboo district at the present time
Is, to Hay the least, somewhat peculiar.    The friends of  Mr. W. A. dalli
ance, but incline to trie belief that
many Canadians who would otherwise
have supported Galliher will resent
the domination of the French-Canadians by coming out in support of McNeill. That many in Nelson will do
this there seems to be little doubt.
Wherever politics are talked this racial feeling seems to he uppermost in
the minds of all and it is a feeling
that will grow more intense as election day in this   district   approaches.
The talk of substituting either Sir
Charles Tupper or Hon. Geo. E. Foster, for Mr. MaeNeill in Yale-Cariboo
does not seem to meet with the approval of those who are conducting Mr,
MacNcill's campaign here. While
they have had no word directly from
Mr. MacNcill they expect their candidate to stay in the field and will redouble their efforts in his behalf. If
they found an inclination on his part
to withdraw there appears to be i
feeling among the Nelson Conservatives in favor of Mayor Goodeve, of
Kossland, rather than in favor of any
There has heen some talk���among
opponents of tho Conservative party���
of Mr. MacNcill dropping out entirely
and leaving the field to Messis. Foley nnd Gallihcr the people who advocate this believing that the Conservatives would then rally to the support
of Mr. Foley. There seems to be,
however, no foundation tor any statement of this kind.
if slight discomfort caused by the recent rains the Hoers claim that the
place is Bt only for cattlo. Colonel
Edwards, late of the Imperial Light
Horse, and now second in command
of the Transvaal police, has been given charge of the western district,
whieh includes Johannesburg, Pretoria, Krugersdorp and Rusteuburg.
the N. P. liner Duke of Fife, which
had to return from their voyages eastward, the former by damages received
in collision, aud tho other because of
having sprung a leak, expect to start
again for the Orient tomorrow. The
repair work on both vessels is .expected to De completed iu time to allow of
their departing.tomorrow night.
Mr. S. S. Taylor, Q. C, leaves to
morrow morning for the Crow's Nest
l'ass where, iu company with Mr. A.
1,. Sifton, M. L. A., of Calgary, a
brother of the lion. Clifford Sifton,
of Hrandon, he will hold a series of
political meetings in the interests of
Mr. Galliher. They will open with a
meeting at Fernie tomorrow night
and after that they will hold meetings at Cranbrook, Fort Steele and
Moyie. They.will then proceed to
the Boundary Country and will address meetings at Rossland, Trail,
Greenwood and Grand Forks. On
Thursday evening Nov. 15 they will
hold a mass meeting at the Opera
House in this city.
Mr. Galllher is now holding meet
ings in the north and is being assisted
hy Mr. Flank Oliver, M. I'., of Alberta, and other prominent politicians.    It is expected   that the date of
Queen nas Approved a Number of Appointments.
London, Nov. 9.���The Queen has
approved the appointment of Walter
Long, President of the Hoard of Agriculture, to be professor of the local
Government Hoard in succession to
Rt. lion. Henry Chaplin ; Gerald Hal
four, the Chief Secretary for Ireland,
to be president of the Hoard of Trade
in succession to the IU. Hon. C. T.
Richie, recently appointed Secretary
of State for homo affairs; George
Wyndham, Parliamentary Secretary of
the War Office, to be Chief Secretary
for Iroland, instead of Gerald Hal-
four ; Lord Cranbonc, eldest son of the
Marquis of Salisbury, to be Under
Secretary of State for the Foreign
Oflice in succession to the Hon. John
Broderick, recently appointed Secretary of State for War;.Joseph Austen Chamberlain, eldest son of John
Chamberlain, to be financial Secretary
to the Treasury Department; Lord
Stanley to tho financial Secretary of
the War Office, and Arnold Foster to
be Parliamentary Secretary of the Admiralty.
Body of a Young Woman Found Near
Leavenworth, Kan, Nov. 9.���The
dead body'of Pearl Forbes, aged 20
years, was found in a ravine near her
home in this city this morning.
Marks on her throat indicated she had
been murdered by strangulation. The
surroundings gave evidence of a terrible struggle. Miss Forbes, who was
of good family, had visited her married sister, a short distance from the
Forbes residence, yesterday afternoon,
starting for her home at li o'clock ill
the evening. As far as can bo learned
that was the last ever seen of her
alive. There is no clue to the murderer. Feeling over tlie affair is intense
and a lynching would doubtless result
If the murderer was captured soon.
Nome Mun Can Not Get Away From
the Officers.
San Francisco, Nov. 9.���Alexander
McKenzie, the receiver of many Cape
Nome mining properties in litigation
before Judge Noyes.was in the circuit
court of appeals yesterday on a charge
of contempt of court. The matter
came up on application to admit the
offending receiver to bail, pending a
hearing in his case. A large number
of attorneys representing Nome clients
were present in court. Judge Gilbert,
Morrow and De Haven heard the application. After some consideration
Judge Gilbert announced that the
court would admit the defendant to
bail in the cases that had not been appealed to the United States Supreme
Court. The Court of Appeals, however, could not act in the ease of Robert Chippes, which was before the Supreme Court of the United States, and
a stay of proceedings was granted. In
the other cases the bail was made $500
on the first and McKenzie released on
his own recognizance in the others.
He will remain in the custody of the
mBrshall, however, until an appeal
that he be released be made to the Supreme Court.
the    nomination
in a few days.
will   bo   announced
New York, Nov. 9.���According to a
special despatch from Washington to
The Tribune the operations to cruBh
the legal robelliou, which ure about
to be begun and prosecuted with extreme energy, are to bo of a thoroughly comprehensive character the plan
of campaign having been prepared by
General MacArthur lust month after a
council of officers. The plan has received the unqualified approval of the
War Department without material
modifications. It Involves extensive
naval co-operation, including all the
regular war -hips on lho station as
well as the numerous small gun boats
purchased from the Spaniards which
are to be distributed in flotillas, each
with a larger ship as Ilagshlp. Admiral Remey in the ilagshlp Brooklyn, has just returned from China to
Manila to assume personal charge of
the operations afloat which Admiral
Kemp in the Newark, already at Ca-
vlte,luu been mapping out in conjunction with General MacArthur.
Rome, Nov. 9. ���The re-election of
President McKinley is regarded here
as a victory for Imperialistic tendencies, but aB moro advantageous to
Europe than threatening. Somo of
the newspapers refer to Mr. McKinley's personally sympathetic attitude
toward Italy, but otheis are less appreciative. The Obseivatrio Romano
urges tho President to abandon Imperialism. The Avanti, n socialistic
organ, says it is satisfied with the result of the election, professing to believe that it will give impetus to socialism.
Scott McDonald Had Three Hundred
Thousand Dollars Here.
Spokane, Nov. B.���Thomas Argyle,
John A. Finch and J. L. Montgomery
have been appointed appraisers of the
estate of Scott McDonald. Tho estate
is valued at $383,, consisting of
real estate to the value of 920,500;
mining stock valued at 819,910, promissory notes to the amount of $8,925
and 8317,908.20 on deposit in the Bank
uf Montreal at Nelson, B. C., and
$140.95 on deposit in the Exchange National bank of Spokane.
United  States and Canada
Will Probably Talk Over
Several Important Questions
Still Remain to Be
SUverlte Group Taken Over
by the Queen Bess
Provincial Government's Notice to Mine Owners
and Managers.
New   York,   Nov.   9.���A special   to
The Herald from Washington says: As
result of the continuance in power
of President McKinley and Sir Wilfrid Laurier,it is expected that another attempt will shortly be made to
bring about a complete settlement of
the questions in dispute witll Canada.
Officials of the Administration say
that the President and Secretary Hay
would be glad to have the questions
disposed of, but it is felt here that
Canada should make the preliminary
move, looking to the reconsideration.
The Alaskan Boundary line has only
been temporarily determined, and the
President would prefer that it bo finally and forever fixed. Special Reciprocity Commissioner Kasson is extremely anxious to negotiate a reciprocity treaty witli Great Britain relating to Canada, because such a
treaty will settle many points affecting the products of the two countries
and will be mutually beneficial. The
fisheries question is also likely to bo a
source of trouble,and it is deemed important that it should be terminated
in a manner satisfactory to both na-
tioa.., Officials of the navy are especially desirous that the two countries
shall determine the size of the naval
force each will maintain on the Great
Several years ago Congress authoris-
ed the construction of a gunboat for
the lakes,which the Board of Construction prepared* for the design for the
vessel. Pending the modification of
the Rush-Bugot agreement of 1818, the
President designed that the contract
for the vessel be not uwurded.
Bothaville, Nov. 9.���There has been
heavy fighting since Nov. 0, resulting
in the defeat of the Boers who lost 23
killed, BO wounded and 199 taken prisoners. Seven of their guns were also
captured. The British lost three ollieers and four men killed.
Pretoria, Nov.   8.���During  the last
fow days only  a few slight skirmishes
have beon   roportod,    the   small   Boer
laagers west of huro are being  driven
her aro jubilant and profess the belief j about tho country owing to the move-
that there is now no chance of the do
feat of their candidate. The Labor men
Bay the big Liberal victory helps their
cause and they are working now with
renewed onthuslasin. The Conservatives admit that the landslide of Wednesday last will lose them some votes
that were before wavering in tho bnl-
ments of OeneralB Clements and
French. The road to Rustenbcrg is
almost clear of Boers. Tho prisoners,
officers and mon, who are now captured In this vicinity arc being lodgod
in tho bird cage which the Boers formerly used sb a plnce of detention for
tbe captured British ofl'ccrs.    Because
London, Nov. 9.���The Victoria Cross
has been eoufeired on Midshipman
Basil J. D. Guy,of the battleship Bar-
fluer, tho flagship of the second in
command of the Hritish China station,
for his heroism In attempting to save
Seaman McCarthy during the fighting
in Tion TbIii on July 13th. Midshipman Ouy entered the navy on July 16,
Toronto Nov. 9.���Tho Lord's Day
Alliance' in convention here have
agreed to the suggestion of the Mini
time Province boards that all Provincial boards unite in publication of
literature from tho central office in
order to further the ends of the Alliance over the whole Dominion.
Madrid, Nov. 9.���Newspapers here
of ull shades of opinion express regret
over the re-election of President McKinley. Their sympathies with Mr.
Bryan weie as emphatic as their pleasure when it was reported that the
United States was meeting with reverses and difficulties in tho Philippines. Several of the papers declare
that Mr. McKinley's triumph, following the victory of Imperialism iu
Great Britain,is a menace to weak nations.
New York, Nov. 9.���The German
Government has bought Count Zeppelin's airship for military purposos, at
a high price, says a Geneva despatch
to The World. The ship is to be removed to Berlin shortly and further
experiments will be carried on there.
The Kaiser is merely interested in tho
invention. It is mainly through his
influence that the purchase was
Bristol, "Nov. 9.��� The steamer
Vienna, Jfrom Dublin for Bristol,
foundered Wednesday night in Sl.
Georges channel. Only oue of the
crew, a fireman, was saved. He clung
to the keel of a life boat for 27 hours.
The Queen Bess Proprietary Company, which is now operating tho
Queen Bess property, about two miles
from Sandon, has bonded the SUverlte group of six claims which adjoins
its present property. The bonding
price, although a large sum, has not
been given out. The first payment on
the bond was made during the first of
tho week.
Mr. E. R. Woakes, consulting engineer of the Duncan MineB, Limited,
returned from the property last
evening and when asked as to the report stated that It was true. He said
that considerable development in the
form of tunnelling had been done upon
the SUverlte group aud that the property had shown up well. The property is situated on the same ridge as
the well known Payne mine property,
but is on the opposite slope. The
property is a silver-lead proposition
and the workings have opened up the
same leuds that have been followed in
the workings of the Payne. It iB not
likely that the company will do any
worn upon the Bilverite group this
year but early next spring its workings will again be opened up, and development work will be pushed vigorously.
The owners were J.Cory, John Eraser and A. C. Allen, all of Sandon.
Object to Germans and Italians Attacking Chinese Troops.
London, Nov. 9.���A special dispatch
from Tien Tsin, dated Nov. 7, says a
detachment of Italian troops returning to Pekin intercepted three battalions of Chinese near Kun An Helen.
The latter surrendered without tiring
a shot.
Rome, Nov. 9.���The Tribune's Pekin correspondent cables under date of
Nov. 4: "The French commanders
have protested against the Italians
and Germans attacking tlio Chinese
near Pao Ting Fu. The Chinese there
are under French protection. A French
seouva having killed an Italian Bailor
by mistake the Italian troops were
greatly excited but the oflicora succeeded In calming them."
Ottawa, Nov. 9.���The Government
bus been asked to Bend representatives
and also a contingent of troops to attend the inauguiution ceremonies of
the new Commonwealth in Australia
next Bpring.
Pottsvllle, Pa., Nov.   9.���A   terrific
explosion  occurred   today    in    Buck
Mountain Colliery near Mahoney City.
Three men in mine wero killed.
Omaha, Neb., Nov. 9. ���Almost complete returns give McKinley a plurality In Nebraska of over (1,000. The
Republican State tickei Is apparently
elected by fiom 1,500 to 9,000.
Victoria, B. C, Nov.   9.���(Special).
���The R. M. S. Empress of Jupau and
Geo. W. Stolle, representing the
Quaker City Rubber Co., of Philadelphia, which furnish mining supplies,
is in Nelson. He has done a considerable business with the mining companies of Rossland and Trail and Is
now transacting business with the local companies.
Paris, Nov. 9.���The China Yclloiv
book, the contents of which are numerated by Tlie Figaro today, contains
an account of the events that occurred
from July 1899 to October 1900,including the diary of M. Plchon, French
Minister to China, of the siege of Pekln; a resume of negotiations, most
of the details of which however ure
already fully known, and a quantity
of correspondence showing that tho
revolution was fomoen by M. Pichon
at the beginning of the year.
J. K. llalton will give a lightning
exhibition of painting at the smoker
tonight at the Opera House, representing the surrender of Cronje.
New Orleans, La.,Nov. 9.���Upwards
of 75 houses has been destroyed by
Arc at Blloxick, a well known summer resort and business centre on the
Missisippi Sound, 80 miles from New
Orleans. The fire broke out shortly
before mindnight and a heavy gale
blew the flames from the Louisville
and Nashville depot to the beach.
The small fire department was power
less to stay the llames and many
houses were torn down to check the
spread of the conflagration. The Catholic Church, convent and schools.
news paper ofiices, many business
houses aud residences have been consumed. Hundreds have been rendered
homeless. The losses will probably exceed $200,0110.
The following notice to mine owners and managers has been issued by
the Department of Finance at Victoria :
The attention of mine owners and
managers is specially directed to the
following clauses of the "Assessment
"11. It shall be the duty of the
owner ur manager of every mine,
whether the same be a mineral claim,
placer claim, mining leasehold,or other mining property from which ore,
minerals, or mineral-bearing substances are being raised, gotten, gained, extracted, or produced at the date
of the passing of this Act, or are hereafter raised, gotten, gained, extracted
or produced, forthwith to notify the
Assessor of the District of that fact
that any such mine mentioned above
is in active production, und from time
to time to furnish the name and address of thej manager or person to
whom notices hereunder may be addressed, and thereafter all notice required hereby may be given by letter
directed to such address; and the
Assessor shall forthwith, from information received therefrom or from
oth��r sources, prepare a lied or roll
showing ull producing mines in his
"12. It shall be unlawful for any
person to ship, seud, take, or carry
away, or permit so to be shipped,
sent, taken, or carried away, from the
mining premises wherefrom the same
may have been gotten, raised, or
gained, any oro minerals, or mineral
bearing siibstunces raised, gotten, or
gained after the passing of this act,
until tlie preceding section has been
complied with."
It is earnestly requested that the
above sections be at once compiled
with, otherwise the penalties Imposed
by the Act will have to lie enforced.
Pekin, Nov. 0.���Via Shanghai,^Nov.
B.' Four of the leading officials of Pao
Ting l'u, including Ting Van, the
acting viceroy of Pe Chi LI, and General Kusi Hang, were executed November 5th under sentence Imposed by
the tribunal of the Allies. Renewed
reports of the, death of the Empress
Dowager arc in circulation, but thoy
lack verification   and are discredited.
This Is tho Prince of Wales' 59th
birthday and London is celebrating
the Lord Mayor's annual pugeuut.
London, Nov. 9.���A despatch to
The Standard from Constantinople
says that Turkish Intolerance went to
the length on Wednesday of forbidding Pure llyaclnthe Loyson from
holding a conference In the American
Girls' College at Scutari. The prohibition arrived only after a throng had
assembled to attend the conference. Nelson Daily Miner, Friday Evening, November 9, 1900
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Our good friends of London are a
wise lot, but they permit themselves
to become very stupid at times. The
Daily News is throwing up its hat in
delight at the triumph of the Dominion Oovernment. This is not so much
because the Government and the party
at its back are Liberal, as The Daily
News is, but because of Sir Wilfrid
Lauder's eloquent and impassioned
Imperialism. In this respect it is
not more gushing, or more foolish,
than many of its contemporaries. The
Westminster Gazette is even more extravagant in its rejoicing, and The
Times even has been patting our
Premier on the back and telling him
what a good fellow he is./These newspapers think they nave a complete
understanding of tho situation, but if
they suppose that Sir Wilfrid Laur-
ler's Imperialism is more than empty
sound they fail most miserably in
reading the man's character. There
is nothing earnest or sincere in him,
beyond the desire to cling to orlice
and thus feed his vanity. Mr. George
E. Foster understands him better, lie
says he "is a skin disease, and like
the measles must have its run."
When the London papers get to know
Laurier and Laurierism as they really
are, they will be willing to resign his
preferential tariff for the sake of seeing Canada restored to a condition of
political sanity.
Like the good traders that they are,
the Londoners are pleased with tho
man who gives them a preference in
the Canadian market. Hut that is not
necessarily Imperialism, and they
have no evidence that it was given
out of a genuine Imperial spirit. Sir
Wilfrid is theatrical; he is vain, and
he is ambitious. These are not deadly sins, but they are undersirable in
a person who sets up to rule a nation.
His greatest amhition is to glorify
himself and his race. We can see in
a word or to'o how little he deserves
the reputation of being a true Imperialist. Ho is full of beautiful words,
it is true, but words with him are
cheap. There was political discontent
in 189fl,and he came in on the wave of
it. He succeeded to power after eighteen years of unbroken Conservative
administration,not always of the wisest or best, but fairly satisfactory on
the whole. Throughout the whole of
that period there was domestic harmony. There was no suspicion of
British Canadians warring against
French Canadians, or the French Canadians fearing injustice at the hands
of the majority. The two races lived
together in mutual respect and confidence. Sir Wilfrid Laurier was the
first to introduce discord, which lie
did in connection with the Manitoba
sohool question. He excited racial
prejudices, and during his lirst term
these grew in intensity, lle and his
Heutenants did everything possible
to fan the flume. Mr. Tarte, a .Minister of the Crown, went sailing up and
down tho St. Lawrence, flying the
French flag on a (Jovernmciit vessel.
Ho took pains to declare that lie was
more French than Hritish. He was
sent to I'aris.and immediately became
more French than tho Parisians. He
played with all his strength and ingenuity to the French of Quebec,
while the Premier looked on applauding and encouraging, and as occasion
offered taking a French turn on his
own account. Between them they
worked the French Canadians into a
passion, and the other day they returned from the elections with almost
a solid support   from   that   Province.
Sir Wilfrid Laurier gave a preferential tariff which pleases the English
trader, but   he   has  also   arrayed the
Canadian people   Into   two   hostile
camps. We were at pence before; now
there, is strife, lie has raised a spirit
of evil which it will require years
of   patient,    forbearing,   conciliatory
management  to lay.   That  is what
Sir Wilfrid Laurier lias done for the
Empire; docs Tint Daily News think
It is Something that deserves such enthusiastic commendation?
in a fow days, to engnge in the political fight in Yale-Cariboo and Uur
rard." Sydney is on the Atlantic
Hritish Columbia is on the Pacific,
The spectacle of this aged statesman
flying across the continent to take
part in two elections, after a hard
campaign of some months in the
East, is bound to excite admiration
even in his opponents. Tho Hritish
love a good fighter, and at eighty
years of age Sir Charles is all that.
Such a man deserved something better than defeat in his own constituency. If he had thought less of the
seats of others and more of his own
he would uot have suffered this indignity, the first in a political life of uncommon length.
Tho word from Washington is that
there is to be another try at settling
the differences with Canada. The first
commission was a dismal failure, and
now there is to be a second one.
Among the matters that are to be negotiated is a reciprocity treaty. So
ardent a continental free trader as Sir
Wilfrid Laurier will naturally be in
sympathy with this, and to secure it
will not hesitate to sacrifice that British preferential that has appealed so
warmly to the trading instincts of
the Old Country people, .'or a reci
procity treaty with the United States
and a British preferential can scarcely
go hand in hand. It is to be hoped
that in the next effort at settlement
the Canadian Premier will not be as
indifferent to the mineral interests of
Hritish Columbia as he proved himself
on the first occasion. The lead industry, for instance, can stand a good
deal of settling, and if the Premier
will listen less to his own flowing periods and think more of the real interest of the country he miglu in time
get this fact into his very unbusinesslike head.
If the truth were known it would
probably be discovered tbot Sir Wilfrid Laurier and Mr. Tarte are now
regretting that they carried their
race cry as far as they did. English-
speaking Canadians, who are in the
majority and have no notion of allowing themselves to be trampled upon,
are not likely to submit to French-
Canadian dictation. If this country is
to remain British, the Hritish in it
are determined to have a hand in its
government. With the House as at
present constituted, they are at the
mercy of a race that we are assured on
the authority of Mr. Tarte himself is
an alien one, more French than Brit
ish, and yearning for the time when
they will be in the majority and able
to establish an independent nation after their own hearts. In the light of
theBe aspirations, the invasion of the
Quebec hordes has created a teeling of
alarm which bodes little good to the
Laurier Liberals of   the Dominion.
The dispatches suggest that either
Sir Charles Tnpper or Mr. Foster may
seek to retuin to the Commons
through one of the British Columbia
constituencies that are yet open. It is
doubtful if Sir Charles at his age will
care to take up the burden of leadership under present conditions, but If
the Conservatives of the House are uot
to let the Government side have it all
their own way in matters pertaining
to the financial or fiscal affairs of the
country it will be neccBsary to find a
place for Mr. Foster. Either Yale-
Cariboo or Burrard should consider itself honored in having as Its repre
sentative the ablest debater in Can
ada, a careful financier, and a man so
entirely honest that his namo hasnev
cr beon associated with even the suspicion of a scandal.
Mr. Galliher is anxious that the
electors of Yale Cariboo should Bend
him to Ottawa to help Sir Wilfrid
Laurier, Mr. Tarte, and their fifty-
five French-Canadian followers from
Quebec to rule Canada. What do the
electors think about it? Will there
not he enough of Laurierism at Ottawa the next five years without Mr.
Advortisomonta Inserted under thin hoad at
Ibe ralfl of one ounl a word par Insertion.   No
en 11 en i... leicici i cc i, ci, for low, than M cent..
FOR     RENT.��� Cellar.    Apply   Merchants' Hank of Halifax.
FOR KENT���Desirable   Residence  on
Josephine  St.,   between Silica  and
Carbonate.    Hoer Bros.
A Sydney dispatch published in our
yesterday's issue Baid: "Sir Charles
yupper  leaves for British Columbia
PHI VATE Board   and Room.    Heated
throughout. Hot and cold water and
hut lis.   Three   doors    south   of   Post-
office,  Ward Street.
SHORTHAND and Typewriting   done
at the office of B, 0,   Kiblet,   Front
Street, Ind door west of   Hall   Street.
Tel, HI.
Plant your Hyacinth
Bulbs in a glass. They
grow better and look
prettier in a glass than
in common clay pots.
Hyacinth Glasses 9
inches high, assorted
25 cents each.
Post-Office Store
Isn't It Sweet?
The delioate, refined scent we
constantly strive to secure iu our
perfumes has given us a lasting
reputation with refined ponple.
Tho true fragrance of the'blos-
soms from which the extracts
are 111 nde is so plainly distinguishable us to be delightful
to the discriminating buyer.
Baker Street, Nelson.     P. O. Box 220.
At Annable's office, Madden Block.
All delegates who would like to
protect their families by taking out
one of the popular policies in the
Mutual Life of Canada, and all
who cannot sleep soundly for fear
their property will be destroyed by
fire, can have the same covered by
insurance in the Anglo-American
Fire Co.; and any who are tired
paying rent can purchase a house
and lot on easy terms. Vacant
lots for sale; houses for rent; Baker
Street business property on my list
In fact, I have twenty-three different properties to dispose ot during
this Convention.
Office hours 9 to 12 and 2 to 5
until after the General Elections.
Credentials signed by the President of any Chartered Bank accepted.
A well established livery business,
known as Reynolds' Livery, oonsist-
ing of four horses and harnnoss,
two busses, two sets sleighs one spring
wagon, and building.
Lease of ground for three vcars and
four months nt 810 per month.
Part of purchase money can be arranged with the undersigned on
The Election Returns
Will soon be in and the excitement
will be over; then you can investigate the merits of our
Bring in your feet and tiy on a pair.
For wood or hard or soft coal.
The   largest   line  carried   by
any firm in Canada.
"Good   Cheer"   Ranges   and
Cook Stoves.    A complete line.
Call and be convinced that the only place to buy
Stoves  and   Ranges  at   the   right  prices   is   the
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants
_i    (T*     AillAAAi    ,"���_-.    _\
VJ0'I���r TTTTTTT?  ^_STV-_I
Branch Markets in Rossland, Trail, Nelson, Kaslo
Sandon, Three Forks, New Denver and Slocan City
Orders by malt to any branch will have careful umA prompt attention.
^Representing the Largest
European and American Manufacturers
Mills, Mines and Smelting Machinery
Apartodo No. 83      -       -       DURANQO,  MEXICO.
West Kootenay Butcher Co.
Fresh   and    Salted   Heats
Fish and Poultry in Season
E.   C.   TRAVE3.   Manager.
Baker Street, Nelson.
Orders by mail receive careful and prompt atftntion
Hugh R. Cameron
Baker .Street,   Nelson, B. C.
I'OK SA I.K.���Florence Park Hotel and
Robert!'   Himcli,   situated on lake
shore, i-'.'j   miles from Nelson.    Apply
II. It. Cameron.
WANT I'll).���Kveiy   woman in   Nelson
io  visit    Mrs. Enfield's    millinery
parlor!, nnd   lee   her  stock  of   lints.
The hest 111 the city.
SHORTHAND���A few pupils wanted
to complete class (evening) being
formed by an experienced teacher.
Pit man'��� system taught In f!u lessons.
Apply ut oiico "Stenographer," Miner
Gee Can Fit You.
He has  one of  the   hest  and   largest
Fall nnd Winter stocks in
the l'rovince.
A. GEE, Merchant Tailor
opposite Queen's Hotel,
linker Street
Merchants' Bank of Halifax
��� apltal   Pnlil-np,
Incorporated 1869.
��� MH.,070.00   |   Kent,
We Sell the
Highest Values
Lowest Price
Most Satisfactory
Absolutely Pure
In Nelson.
Corner Baker and Stanley StreeU
Brewers of Kino Lager
Deer and Poiter,
Kelson, B, 0,
._ of IMrrrinree i   Thomas K. Kenny,   President;   Thomas Ritchie. Vice-President
Wn��j -mil.-, H. Q. B_ul_, Hon. II. H. Fuller, M.L.O.. Hon. David MaoKeo_. r<��iuoiil.
Head Office, Halifax 1
General Manager, Kd.on Lc Pease, Montroal.
BnperlntendoDi of Branches, and Secretary, W. B. Torrance, Halifax.
Inspector, W. F. Urook, Halifax.
Inspector D. M. Stewart, Montroal.
_ ��� Branches!
-���ra Stella-Halifax Branch, AntiKonish, Bridgwater. Quysboro. Londonderry, -.iionburg.
Maltland (Hanta Co.), Plotou, Port Hawkosbury, Sydney. Hhulionacadlc, Truro. Weymouth
Mow HranswlruBatburBt, I)orcheat.r, FredoHoton, Kingston (Kent Co.). Monoton, Newcastle, Saekville, Wsodstoek. I", v.. Inland-Charlottetown, .Sumiiiorsido. Quebec��� Montreal
(City Offlool. Montreal, West Kind (Cor. Notro Dnmo and Selgneura Streets); Wostmount (Cor.
Groono Avenue and St Catharines Btreol. Ontario��� Ottawa. >.��� i..i:n.i l���e..l81. John's
tnba, Weil Indies���Havana. United *littcs-Now York (10 KichaiiKo Place) Republic, Wash
Atlin, Bennett, Grand Forks, Nanaimo, Nelson, Rossland, Vancouver, Vancouver East End, Victoria.
('orrespondciits t
Canada���Merchants Bank of Canada.   Boston-National Bhawmnt Bnnk.   Chleafo���Amorfoa
National Bank.   San Francisco���First National Bnnk.   London, Knit. -Bank of  Scotland.
Paris, Pranccc���Credit Lyonnals.   Hermuda-Bank of Bermuda.   China and Japan���Home
Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation.
(ieneial Banking Business Transacted; Sterling Bills of Exchange  Bought
and Sold, Letters of Credit, Etc., Negotiated.
Accounts received on the most favorable terms.   Interest allowed on special
deposits and on Saving Bank accounts.
Geo. Kydd, Manager, Nelson, B.C.
Put Us On
Your List...
We will see that you
are not disappointed
in superioiity of groceries, promptness of
delivery, or reasonableness of price.
From tempting breakfast foods to richest
materials for dainty
desserts, we will fill
your   wants  perfectly-
Klrkpatrkk & Wilson
^ooijis ai)d  Offices to Ifeijii;.
Apply   io
Nelsoij Electric Train Way Co.
Corqar Josephine ar)<_  Veri,or) Streets.
Coal and  Wood.
Agents Imperial Oil Oo. Ltd-
Crow's   Nest  Coal,   $6.15
Anthracite,     -    -    $9.65
No 'order can be accepted unleW
accompanied by cash.
Ofllco Corner Hall nnd Baker Slroots.
TK-KI'HONK �������
OR-01B-E 0A��f STEEL
7-8 Inch di.mi. $19.50 per Wf"%J___
immediate delivery in ����*���
apply- Nelson  Daily Miner,   Friday   Evening,  November 9. '9��<>
Most girls have a horror of becoming old maids, but the fear of this
dreadful fate is nowhere so intense as
in the French Province of llrctagne,
the Annonia of the ancients.
From all parts of this picturesque
and peculiar land heartfelt petitions
are constantly arising to heaven in
the hope of warding off this dire calamity.
The pure and spotless St. Catherine
has the matter in her especial charge,
but a local saint, Guirec by name, is
believed to posseSB great influence
with St. Catherine,and therefore ho is
pressed into service as an intercessor.
On St. Ouireu's day, the 23rd of November, every unmarried woman in
liretagne who sees her 2!ith year approaching and bringing no husband
with it, addresses an earnest prayer to
this canonized matrlmoniul agent.
A favorite method of attracting the
old man's attention is, to say the
least, peculiar. In the middle of the
great moor of l'iouraanac there is a
little  chapel,   containing  a    wooden
(image of St. Ouirco. According to
lireton belief a girl who sticltB a needle into the nose of this figure on St.
Guirec's day is sure to be married before, the end of the year. The girls
of the sea coast, however, make their
pilgrimage to the shrine on St. Catherine's day, April 30. Arrived at the
little chapel, they address not a word
of supplication, but clamber up to thu
pedestal of the Btatute and stick their
needles in his nose, which in a few
days assumes the appearance of a pop
ulous and thrifty pincushion, and so
it remains until the annual cleaning
A German atlas recently published
It Gotha contains  an   interesting list
fof the largest German cities of the
world���that is, the cities that have
the largest numbers of German inliab
Hants. The list embraces .3 cities,
and gives not only the German population of each, but tho proportion
which this bears to each.
Of the 17 cities with over 2(10,000 inhabitants, the first is, of course, Iierlin, with a German population of 1,-
050,000. Then come Vienna, 1,140,000;
Hamburg, 02(>,000; New York, 583,
000; Amsterdam, 513,000; Brussels,
458,000; Munich, 411,000; Chicago,
407,000; Leipzig, 400,000;Hr.slau, 370,-
000; Dresden, 333,000; Cologne, 310,-
000; Rotterdam, 300,000; Antwerp
242,000; Frankfort on-the-Main, 225,-
000; Magdeburg 212.0(H), and Hanover,
Of the 523 cities In the whole list,
only 30 are in tho German empire.
Three are in Austria-Hungary, seven
in the Netherlands,two.in Russia, and
nine in the United States.
A Russian paper gives an interesting insight into the way they do
things on the now Siberian   Railway.
A merchant recently sent a carload
of fruit from Irkutsk to Chita. The
railway charges were 170 rubles but
the tips to railways ofllcials amounted
to 120 rubles more
Tipping,or "greasing" as it is call-
Ied in Siberia, is a  tax from which no
patron of tho railroad is exempt.
In the case mentioned the first
station master told the morchant that
the loaded car was "sick," or disabled, and would havo to bo side
tracked for repairs.
"How long will it take to make the
repairs'.'" the merchant asked.
"On, a week, at least," was the
The merchant started, for a week's
^^J delay meant the spoiling of his cargo,
and, besides It was ordered for immediate delivery. Hut when tho fruit
dealer had slipped 10 or 15 rubles Into
tho official's hand the latter found
that the car was well enough to
At the next station the car fell 111
again and had to be rostorcd to health
In the same manner, nnd this process
was repeated every tiiuo the train
Loeal merchants have become used
to this "greasing" business, and simply add tho amount to the price of
their waren.so that tho consumer pays
thu froight and thu tips us well.
Is the highest priced Champagne on the English
and French  markets.
bloody walrus flesh, did not become
inflamed in fair weather, but they
did not heal. They remained raw,
open wounds. The surface gradually
died but showed no tendency to form
a scab. Hut it was very different in
damp, cloudy weather.
Then fish, though already almost
dry, soon became mol:lly and putrescent. Tho walrus meat also soon became  offensive.
Shoes had to be kept well oiled to
prevent molding. Tho slightest
wounds festered at once. In some
cases the pain was so intense as to
make the hardy Hnilors writhe in
agony. But after lancing these
wounds healed rapidly sometimes in
one night.
In dry and germ-free air, therefore, there was neither inflammation
nor n tendency to heal, while in moist
germ-laden air intense Inflammation
and profuse supperation were quickly
followed by complete healing. It
would seem as if the system made no
offort to heal wounds except when the
presenco of bacteria makes them especially dangerous.
This wonderful spring is situated in
the l'rovince of ltadajoz, Spain, not
far from the Guadiana River, and has
long been in high repute as a curative of the ordinary ills that flesh is
heir to. Quite recently it has been
discovered that the waters have a peculiar potency in those affections of
tlie heart and nervous system, whieli
commonly attend disappointments in
love, and whieh hitherto have been
regarded as especially obstinate.
, So the Alanje spring is now visited
by throngs of love-sick maidens, ^and
the cures are numerous. In one case,
n black-eyed beauty of Leville, 17
years of age, of nervous temperament,
had developed so violent a hatred
of her lover, after a quarrel, that the
mero sight of hiin always threw her
into a condition bordering on mania.
She talked wildly and incoherently,
refused food, and after a period of insomnia fell into deep melancholy. She
was sont to Alanje, where she took
daily a full plunge bath and two
needle baths over the spine. An improvement in her condition was apparent within a wcok. Sluep and appetite returned, she talked rationally,
became reconciled to her lover, and
at the end of the second week was discharged as cured.
Another case was that of a young
peasant girl whose constancy to her
betrothed was suddenly disturbed by
the appearance on the scene of a dashing young cousiu, who sported a uniform. She suffered repeated attacks
of insanity, and had to be kept in restraint for months at a time. After
she had been brought to Alunjo it
took the combined efforts of live persons to give her tho first hath but iu
two weeks she wont home cured.
"Dr. Itawltz, tho physician for the
German Fisheries Societies, who spent
four months In the Artie last year,
has made some interesting discoveries
concerning putrefactive processes and
the healing of woundB in that oil
IDs steamer arrived at Hear Island
In the beginning of dune. Fish
caught on the voyage and dried in.the
Norwegian fashion showed not a trace
of putrefaction as long as the air remained clear and dry. Even the nnt-
ural lishy smell disappeared. Walrus
meat caught on the island and left exposed on the rocks kept perfectly fresh
and sweet. It tasted, by. tho way
much like beefsteak.
Wounds on the hands, though exposed to the contact of Iron   chains   nnd
All persons arc horeby warned
against dealing with or negotiating
Share Ortltlcut. No. H34 of the Molly
Gibson Mining Company, Limited,
for Oue Thousand (1,0001 slinres of
the riipitnl stock of said company.
Said Share Certificate was Issued In
the name of George Kydd,and was endorsed In blank, and was lost or stolen in Nolson, II. ('., ubout tho month
of October,  1000,
Dated this 7lh day of November, A.
I)., 1000.
Merchants' Hank of Halifax,Nelson.
Thin ilgnature I" on every box of the genuine
Laxative Bromo-Quinine w*
the rcmoejj that cure* n oeM ll **** ***
F. O. GREKH        F. 8. U-EMENTH
Civil Engineers and Provincial Land
P. O. Br* Ml Valson, B. fl
Delivered to any point
on Kootenay Lake.
I have a complete stock on hand of
Hough and Dressed
Mouldings, Sash Doors.
Inside Finish,
Coast Flooring, and
Finished Lumber-
Mill at PILOT BAY. Turds, NELSON
the; best
St. Loliis
To be had wholesale at Nelsou. j
Wholesale Houses
ri.HOKPfll & CO. Limited���Cornor Vornon
J_. und Cudar dtroula, NdIkou���M.inufaclur-
uro of aud wholonulo doa_oru in uurulod waUiru
aud fruit riyrupu. Solo aguuls Cor Halcyon Hoi
bpnngri minora! water,   loicpiiouo tiu.
Jl^I N. M. Cummins, JjOteOO���Evory known
variety o_ so., drinks. 1* O Hox 66. Telephone
No. 31. Huovor btroet, Nelnon. Hottleru of tho
i MHt.fi . til, Leon Hoi HpringB Mineral Water.
C^lANE _t MACDONALD UL Cane, James
J A. Maedonald)���ArcliiLculu and bupoiin-
londcuu, \uukt'n mil Hlock, corner Hakor aud
\\ ard Sireou-i, .sole-on.
CO.���Alanuiuctururi. of the Royal Seal
ana Koolonay Hulie Cigars. Factory aud
olliee, Hakor tilt cot, Nolson.
J. EVANS & CO.���Baker Street, Nolson--VV iiuio.Mtle dealers in liquors, ui-
Kai'e, cement, lire brick ami lire clay, water
pine ami sluel rails, aud K-iuci-tl commission
Bit ACOlAN-KJ-.lt MILLING CO., Ltu.-
Wholt .sir aud retail dualem in grain,
titty, Hour, food. Mills ul Vicloria, Now Westminster; EtiinontoD, .win. Elevators on Calgary and iuliuouion luulway. Mauufaclurors
of lho coJebrutod H. N K. brund cerouls.
A MACDONALD & Co.-Cornor Fron
��� and Hall Streets���Y\ holotwilo grocers
uuu jobbers in blankets, gloves, mitts, boots,
rubbers, inuckinaws and minors' sundries-
lfc.   P.   IgitHet    &
Co., Ltd-
A. B. GRAY, ,takCT st- Nelson
Kooteimy Agont.
_i_> Oillee oorner Hall and Front Streets,
iNoison���Lumber, coiling, flooring, and every
thing iu wood for building uurposus. Got our
pricus.   CorrcHpondunee oulieitud.
A. R. BARROW, a. m. l o.b
Provincial Land Surveyor.
Corner Viotorla��an_ Kootonay 8W.
P. O. Box MB. Telephone Nn. Or,
1y   BUUN- & .o.-Bukor Street, Kelson���
.  ���   Whulcsalo (lottlorn lu [rush und cured
moiii-.   t;uld SuiruKi���	
lillkur   .ll.Ut,   \. 1   ecle      \c  Icccl.     ,c!ec   cl.l'l
orH lu frc.li and cured moatH.
H. & M. BIRD
Agents fur Eureka ninc-ml Wool and
Asbestos Co.
Insurance Go. of North America, Mutual ILIfe
Insurance Co., or New York, Quebec
Fire Assurance (lo.
Sixteen lota in BojtUBtowu huvelieen
plueetl  in our  IuukIh for  immediate
Hale at prices varying from 8m"> to 8126
each.    These lot6 Me ull in good position Bad'arc flrst-olasi building sites.
(1-Roomeil house, corner of Ward
and Kobson, ull   modem  conveniences 82.1 00
8-Uoomed house, llnme Addition 'JO ���oo
New house on Water Street   is 00
Cottage on Water street  15 oo
7-Koomcd house on ltohson St.,
between Kootenuy and Stanley, nil conveniences  ss oo
Bank of
British Columbia,
Is now prepared to issue
Drafts and Letters of Credit
on Skaguay, U.S., Atlin, B.
C, and Dawson City, Yukon
cee , ec l    AND  REtlOlHOX.
i*t��/*��*ONI    NO.   120.
Turn.r-Boeekti Block Baker Street
300 Athabasca tn.'MH
1000 London Consolidated       :iI'.
5000 Ulchelien      HI
600 Referendum        7 M
2000 Noble Klve       !i
A copper properly foi    liritisli company.   l''ull payment! an p��r oeni In
slinres of capitalized sum in sterling,
Adequate treasury provided,   Send report of certified mining engineer,
LAWltlCN.K   HAKDWAKK   CO - Hukor
street, NoImou ��� Wholesale deaJatg in
luuUwure, uiinui.'    ,ci��� j,Ji,   .  wpurUn.  soodc,
M'LACHLAN MHOS. (Succoecj.ru to Vancouver HardwareOo, i.ul.i linker struot,
MclHun-Y\ holcie_le diculum tn hardware und
mining HupplicH, plumbum' und tiliHniitbt,' _up-
JJl     pulntH, 'eel . und RlsMl mcchaaictf tooln.
, i;e hi   (oi Onturlu l-vvilcr Works; dynuinite
rpURNKR, HE1CTON ft Co.-Cornor Vornos
X und Jobuuhluc Streets, NoIhoii��� Whclo-
icuto doalcrH In liquor-, clgaro, und dry kooiIk.
AkoiiU (or I'.cl, , Brewing Co. of Milwaukee
and Oalgary Brewing Co uf Calvary.
Soo Line
Also TOURIST CARS pussiDg Dun-
more Junction Daily lor St. Paul, Sut-
urdayo foe Montreal and Boston, Mon-
dnys and Thursdays for Toronto,
Same curs pass ltevelstoke one day
for  your  enutein  trip ia to  see  that
your ticket reiids via Canadian Paclflo,
Trains and Steamers Depart
Ex Sun
Ex Sun
Ex Sun
Steamer for Kootenay Laml-
uiK   and   eastern   poinlB   via
Crow's Nest Route.
Train fur   RoBaland, Grand
Forks, Greenwood,Midway ,eto
) Train for Sloean City,  Slocan
) points, und Snudon.
I Steamer for Knalo und  inter-
) mediate points.
(Train lor Hossland, Nakusp,
ltevelstoke, main line and
Pacifllo Const 1'oints.
For Time Tables, Rates and full ill'
formation cull ou or address nearooC Local Agent, or,
R. W. Drew, Depot Aircnt 1 Nelson, B.C.
H.L. Drown. City Agent. /
Trav. Pass. AkodIi        A. (��. V. Ako_i ,
Vol, on Vk���,,. . vct
UDSON'S HAY Co.-WholoHalo Kroeeriin
and lii|iiin'.'i ci'-.. Hukor t_iroot, NuIkoii.
C"1 ALIKOUNIA WINK CO., Uniltod-Cornor
J Frunl and Hall HtroolH, NuIhoii���Whole-
hiuu duuluiti n wincH Icuhu and bulk), and
domuriLic aud Imported -- l ... _��
y   Y.GIUFFIN & (^O.
(loruor Vornon and
_   JoHophtno  HtroutH,   NoIhoii ��� Wholonatit
I'.ti. i . in nrovlnlouH, curo^l nioutcH, bultor und
Wtn-ermere M ine*.   Corromioni! inoB Boltolt eel
Atlantic S. S. Lines.
From Montreal
BeaVBT Lino  Montfort Nov IB
Denver Lino I .like Clmliiplulll Nov 'ti
Allan Lluu 'I'niilsliin Nov 11
Iluinlnlon  Line Cainfiroumn Nov lu
From Dnrtluutl, Mo.
Allan Lino Numlellun  Nov 2S
Dominion Line Vuneonvor Nov 24
From Halifax
Duniiiifon Line Vanoouvor Novai
From Now York
Ourard   Lino Lucnnla Nov 17
Ciiiiarcl l.lne Unibriu  Nov 24
WhlloStnr Line Uormnnlc  Nov II
White Star Linn Ma.leslfo Nov 21
\ cc.c-i Irene Lino Now York  .Nov 21
Ivieel  Huir I.lno WuHlurnlu.d Nov 21
N.U. ULtno Travo Nov 20
Anolior Line Auehorla Nov 21
Ki i-ii' h Line, I.n 1 -en i i me ,  Nov 22
Allan utato Lino titato of NubraHkn....Nov 17
From HoHton
Ilmnlulnn Lino  Comnionwcnlfli  Nov II
Uuicartl Linn Ivornla Nov 17
I'.e1 '���ickc'C hi iiiiiKiil to nml from all Kuropoan
polnU. For ratos, tlcko.H anil full Information
apply in C. I*. R, clecp-ei aKont or IL L, Drown
(:it,y nUHOSIE AKont, Nelcon, B. O.
W. I>, F. IUMMIN08,
Oonoral Aront. C.l'.K. Offloea, Wlnnlpfg
Spokane Falls Sc
Northern R'v
Nelson Sl Fort
Sheppard R v
Red Mountain R'v.
The only all rail route between
all points east, west and south to
Rossland, Nelson and intermed iat
points; connecting at Spokane with
Great Northern, Northern Pacific,
and O. R. & N. Co.
Connects at Nelson with steamer
for Kaslo and all Kootenay lake
Connects at Meyer's Falls with
stage daily for Republic, and connects at Bossburg with stage daily
for Grand Forks and Greenwood.
Effective  Sunday, October  21st, 1000.
Train No. _:t (Night Train).
Leave Spokane    101.5 p.m.
Leave Northport      ,1 ISO a.m.
Arrive Hossland      7 ::i(l a.in.
Train No. Ill (Night Train).
Leave Kossland     11 Mill p.m.
Leave Northport    18:48 a.m.
Arrive Spokane      7:0.', ii.ni.
H. A. JAOKBON, G. P. & T.A.
Spokane    Wu. t>
Aifi'iit. Ni'lfion. B O
0AR8.-MEAL8 a la OARTE.
The Macoy
Comedy Co.
Three Nights,
Commencing   Monday,
Nov. 12.
Canada Permanent and Wes-
tkkn Canada Moktciage
hkad office toronto,  ont.
Money to loan ou Straight Mortgage.
Apply to li. U LENNOX, Baker  Ht
Close COnnOOtlon Ku��t nnd Weat-
In.unci ut Spokune witlil i niiis of the
IrniiiN of the BpokftllO Kulls and Northern Hallway. >
Ilireit eniiiieetion at St. I'unl wil limit change of depot witli all tiaiiiH fo,
Chiengo, Toronto, MoDtNB), New York
and u'l points Went und Smith,
Leaves Bpokano daily for Eaat at!10:15 a-m
Leaves Spokane daily tor West at 7:_5 \<m
WcHi-liound train, make direct ion"
nection for Victoria and Vaneouver
Portland, Sun KnuiciHco, and nil point!
on the Hound.
During the Hpunon of navigation Kant
bound trains connect at Diiliilh wilh
thcinngnillccnl HtcaiiiHhipK Noilh Went
and N'eiH h-Liml of theN oil hern Htcain-
���Up Company Una, opeiali<l iu COB"
nection with the Great Northei n Rail-
tot further Information, niupM, folder., etc., apply fo any ngeiil of Spokune
FkIIh ft Northern lty��� Kaalo ft Sloean
Ky., Kootei ui Kailwny ft Navigation
Co., or to
F. 1. WHITNKY.   II. A. JA0RB0N,
Gcnl. Pail, ft Tkt. Agt.   Oom'cl Agl.
St. Paul, Min       Spokane, WiinIj
By the week from $5 to W.
By the day *i.oo.
J. V. O'UUGHLIN, Prop-
Change of Bill Each Night.
A Circus Girl
Scuta on sale at uuuul place.
Prices fill and 75 centB.
Collegiate School
Victoria, B.C.
The Lord Bishop of Columbia
,1. W, Lning. Baq., M. A., Oxon.,
Headmaitar. ltev. C. F.n.or Sharp,
M.   A.,   Cantab.   II.   J.  s. Mu.Uett,
Esq.., St.   Peter's t'ollege, I'amhrldge.
Moderate terms for bourdon and day
scholar.. Hoys received from eight
years of age and upwards. Military
drill. Technical art Including mechan-
ieal drawing. Hoarders may, hy their
parents wish attend any place of worship to which they are accustomed.
Present numbers 54.
Our Fresh Roasted Coffee Best of
Quality. a_ follows :
Java nnd Arnblnn Mocha, put pound I   40
���In th lend Mocha Hlenil, 3 pounds  1 00
1 ine- BanloH, 4 pounds  1 00
Hiumice Hlc-nit, 6 pounds  1 00
Our c-ponli-lJInnd, ll pounds  1 Ob
Uur Km lOui-i, 0|��und.  1 tn
A Tltl II. OH��r.M Mil 11 IT-I��.
S.\ I  I -cki 11IMH ;
Velson,       ���       B. C_
null 1 iv a iKiltle. a cloxou, or a barrol of
OALGARY BEER ���" " I" thn best and
i'lii.>api>>.l on the itmrkot. Also Irj our
WINES,    LIQUORS,    and     OIQARS.
Tnlnphnno IB. n��_��rfw    Nnlann. B. C.
Room I, Turner-Hoeokb Blook.
Housos und Building Lots in All Parti
of th" Oity.
Five, nix. tmvon nne! light room bousaa for
mils, twenty per cent ImiIow cost
Will pay thu hiifhest oash prioe for all
kinds ul second hand goods. Will bur
or sell unything from an anchor to ���
needle. Furniture, stoves, oaiperta,
oooking ntensils, lionght In household
qnsntitias. Also out oil' clothing.
(lull and sue m* or write. Addnw
Silver King Mike, Box 200. _UU
Htrnot. Nelson.  B. O.
Real Estate ond Insurance
Loans 1 iii-i.tni at   KoasonaDIo  Rates.
linker Street, Nelwin.
H.   Havioijiih IKnuuhiiI   Chuhcii���Q__f___t
Wnnl nnd Hlllra* MU. Mundnyn: llol/ Conv
iiiuiilon H n. in.: ami on t hn Iwt nnd -Ird mindiiyit
In thnmnnlli nMvr MhMIip . Mm I In- At 11 ft.m.;
-mti-u. -. IumiI :_,:iii ji.tu ; Kv.'ii-MHK "������'���". Inilli-
MftUiMatttn u. in. 'Ilnu 'Iii)h ��nd Halntv
li.---' . llol/ i niniiiiihii.il 10 ft. in. KriiU)��:
KvuiiriniiK 7,3>l y. in., followod hy choir prno-
i\<v. II. H. Aki-i.ut-t. n.'.uii. Fred Irvine,
lini. .Inlm .lone. Wtinlimst.
('ATimi.K   CmiiiCH ~<'onier Ward and Mill
Mivhm rvi'iy Mmidny at H and lo.mi a.m
Bonedfoltai nL 7.S0 ii.ni.   mtm ovory wm)k day
ut 7.1-ta.tn.   Hov.   rathnr Korland IliMMor.
PMOUfTSMAM CnriK n H<(irvlco*iat 11 a.m.
nnd '>���'���>' p.m. Hunday Hchool al 8.S0 p.m.
I'rnyor in<Mitlii(( Thurnday fvaolng at m ji.tn.,
i'Iit j'i urn Kndoavor Horlnlv moou every Tuex-
dny evening ��* ��� o'clock, ltev. It. Prow,
Mkthodiht Cnimcii���(Tomer Hlllna and
JoNephlne BtmU, MraH at 11 a.m. and 7,30
p. in. ; Hahhalh Hchool, %7K) p.m.; l*rayor moot
Iiik on Hin i >U\) uvnitlnic at Ko'olock- Kpwortll
l,..t��ui'( , V. . lui-dfty nt Ha.rn. ltev. J. II,
Whilo, Pimior. IN-Mi.ii.ni <���. JoMcphltto Hlrool,
rear <>f church.
Haitiht Chuhcii ��� Herrlr** morning and
cvfriliiKfii 11 a.m. and 7..Hi p.m.: I'imyer meet.
Ing 'I iiiirwliiy svooing at K p.m. [he H. Y
l\U, Tiii't-day ovonlntj at H o'clock. Htrangen
��� nrllally weloo������od. Itnv. (I. J.Ooultar White,
I 'a*>l/>r.
Hai.vathin Ahmv H(Trvlc �� every evenlnc
nt H n'c|(H h In harranltM on V otorl ilrttl
AdJudMl fcdtfrooiu.* In c_v__rfv, __-_������_
Nelson Daily Miner,  Fridav Evbkwo,  Novbmber 9   1900
(ireenwood, 11. C, Nov. (I.���The an-
nouncoinent made by Hon. J. A. Turner, Minister of Finance, that the
Provincial tlovernment had in view
the construction of a line from the
Boundary district to Pentioton, at the
foot of Okanogan Lake, so as to connect with the Canadian Pacific railway service on that lake and its
branch from the north end to Sicain-
ous, on the main line, has again directed attention to the possibilities of
the mineral resources of that section
of the Yale district known as the Sl-
niilkaincen. due of the most enthusiastic believers in the richness of the
many camps of that district is Frank
Hailey of Siniilakmeeu City. With a
view to directing attention to this
section, Mr. Hailey has published an
accurate map of a part of the Slmtlkameen, embraoing a dozen or more of
the hest known camps.
Speaking of the district he said:
"1 anticipate much travel next year
into the Similkameen, This past season many claims have been partly developed, and an effort has been made
to attract capital our way. Already a
number of townsites have been placed
on the market, among thom Here-
meos, Olalla, Princeton and Silmilka-
mcen City, and with the opening up
of the country they are bound to forge
"Oue of the best-known camps,
situated as it is in the heart of the
district, is Camp lledley. Tho most
important property in this camp and
on which steady development has been
in progress for many months is the
Nickel Plate, which is shortly to have
a thoroughly equipped mining plant
in operation. It was located late in
the fall of 18118. Shortly after, it was
examined by J. O'Toolc, Marcus
Daly's expert, who secured a 12
months' bond on a binds of $110,000.
K. M. Rogers is in charge of the development, and before the bond had
expired showed up over ��100,000 worth
of ore. Thero are three veins on the
claim, one of which is said to average
800 per ton,principally in gold.
l'ln Camp lledley most of the properties are surveyed and a great many
nre Crown tJranted. Among the most
itnportant groups besides the Nickel
Plate are the Climax, Kollo,Ironsides,
Draw, Ked Mountain, Wellington,
Florence and Oro Plata,all on the east
side of Twenty Mile creok.
The Beady Cash, Roadsides, lied
Cliff, Copper King, Jubilee and Mana
V., and many others are on the west
side of the Indian reserve and and
Twent)-Milo Creek.
"This camp is easily reached from
Silmilkameeu City, which is situated
on the main wagon road 33 miles
southeast of Princeton and 83 miles
northwest of Kereineos. Its location
comprises several large Hats, which
extend from the base of the mountains in the fan-shaped area on a gentle slope to the Siiiiilkaineeu River.
There is also an abundance of pure
creek water for domestic purposes.
The townsite company is installing
a sawmill plant and making extensive
preparations to build up the   place.
"The adjacent mining belt is about
80 miles wide, running for over -10
miles in a northwest and southeast direction from Copper Mountain to Hul-
lion Mountain. It includes Camp lledley, Stirling Creek camp, Pearson's
camp and Twenty, Kighteou, Sixteen
and Fifteen-Mile creeks. All these
have a number of lirst class mining
properties and a large extent of high-
grade ore iu sight. The ores of Ihe
district aro chiefly arsenical iron,
which in Camp lledley runs nigh in
gold aud silver,but in tlie other camps
the ores are ehielly chalcopyrite, carrying good gold  values.
"Sterling Creek, Pearson's and
Stray Horse camps are principally copper camps, whereas Camp Yuniinan is
nearly all quarts, carrying free gold
In paying quantities, The Copper ores
are usually combined with sufficient
lime, siliea and iron to make them
self-fluxing, There are several good
smelter sites in Camp lledley, and as
thu mountain sides an steep, being on
a 00 per cent slope on Twenty-Mile
Creek,all the ores will probably eventually bo treated in the valley below
Similkameen City, which adjoins tho
Indian reservation. "
Wells, Annie Mitchell, Irene Van, and
a full supporting company.
Private A. S. Dee of the Nelson Rifles
Returned From   South Africa.
Alexander S. Dee, one of Nelson's
representative in the First Canadian
Contingent to South Africa, returned
from the scene of war yesterday after
a year's service. Owing to the unexpectedly early arrival of the steamer
the formal reception had to bo abandoned but the tooting of numerous
whistles along the lake front and the
enthiisiatic eheers of hundreds of citizens gathered on the wharf bespoke
tho pleasure it gave Nelson to have
its hero back. The loclal militia entertained the warrior in the   armory.
Mr. Lee is in the best of health and
had the somewhat remarkable record
of not being off duty one day through
wounds or sickness, although he was
under very heavy   fire scores of times.
There will be a rousing reception to
Lee tonight in the form of a smoking
concert in the Opera House. The
local militia aBsisted by the members
of tne tiro department have charge of
the affair and it is expected that there
will be a large attendance. A suitable programme is being arranged.
New Y'ork, Nov. 0.���A severe storm
began last night all over New Y'ork
State and continues today with the
wind rising to a gale. It Is also much
colder than yesterday and in Northern
New Y'ork snow storms are reported.
On tho coast the wind became bo high
that the marine observer in the Sandy
Hook tower was forced to leave his
post because the building swayed so
much that he feared that it would collapse. Just before he left he reported
It was blowing a hurricane and that
there was tremendously high waves at
sea. Some time earlier in the day an
unknown sloop lying is the Horse
Shoe inside Sandy Hook dragged her
anchor and was driven upon the
beach. All telegraphic service out of
New Y'ork was badly crippled by the
storm, and telegraph and press despatches moved very slowly.
San Francisco, Nov. 9.���The British
ship Flintshire is reported SOU miles
out and partly dismantled aB the result of several severe storms. She is
making for this port under a jury rig.
The Flintshire sailed from here on
September 38 last, grain laden for
Queenstown and her departure was
made notable by the fact that upon
crossing the bar she suddenly ran
into^a terrific gale and was unable to
land the pilot, Captain Scott, who
was carried down the coast several
hundred miles.
Toronto, Nov. 9.���A motion was
mnde before the Hoard of Control on
Saturday by Aid. Spence, chairman,
recommending the purchase of the
plaut of the Consumers' Gas Co., and
operate the same for the benefit of the
citizens. The value of the plant.and
real estate is estimated   at 83,500,-00.
Hume���II. M. Burritt, Vancouver;
Oeo. W. Stolle, Philadelphia; L. J.
Cross, Vancouver; Charles Parsons,
Vancouver; J. VV. Williams, Rossland; J. W. Leathorn, Winnipeg; J.
Hunter. Rossland; G. 11. Harnhart,
Vmir; Thomas S. Dunbar, Spokane;
���I J. McKay Vancouver.
Phair���John Gunn, Robson; W.Murray, Robson; Louis Cuppagc, Vancouver; John L. Paterson, London; A. T.
Van Ettsinger, Portland ; T. G. Holt,
Vancouver) R. McMlllian. Spokane;
II. T. Johnston, Greenwood, II. Ray
Stovel, Kaslo.
Spokane Mining Stock Exchange
This morning's Spokane quotations
as received from The Miner's special
IM'I I 1*1. TO TIIK  11IM ;H.)
"A Circus Girl" at   the   Opera limine
Monday Night.
Starting Monday. Nov.  \2,   Macoy's
Comedy   Company,  in   the   laughable
farce   comedy     "A   Circus   Girl" will
commence a three night engagement
with change of hill nightly. The opening hill is from, the pen of Sydney
Grundy and Contains all the humor of
that popular author's work. It is In
three acts, ami the ending of the second act Is said tn Ice extremely funny.
Miss ,Mamie   Sultnii,  as   the   "Circus
Girl,'' Is highly spoken "i. Protmnebl
iii the cast in K. A. Graham. Wm, 11.
JX'Iliaiu,   Kubsell   BasbUlt,   Miss   Mul
NA-IH.                                           AHKKI). HID.
Blaoktall 11 io
Huttec. Huston  8 0
Crystal  i% 4%
Deer Trail Cou  2% 2,t(j
Evening Star  01�� 5'
Gold Ledge  2VA 1H
(rolden Harvest      M %
I.X.L  0 0
lion Mask 84 0
Jim Hlaine  8 2y,
Lone Fine Surprise  .jj 8
Mountain Lion 50 0
Morning Glory  7 0
Morrison  2% 2
Nohlo Five  0 0
PiiucoHs Maud  2*4 1%
Palmer Mt. Tun   0 17
Qniln  o
Rambler. Cariboo 21 % 'i'i%
Republic   o o
Reservation  9 5
Hossland Giant  2% 1%
.Sullivan 18 10
Tom Thumb 19 0
Walerlm  8�� 8
Winnipeg 4% 0
Oonieotuw  -Ay. $%
Trade Dollsr 8 2
American Bov 10 6%
Gold Standard 10 7,'<
Hales���Uouiecturc 2800 Bt 8%I Crystal, 1000 nt _!. ; Deer Trail, 0000 at
Mr. J. M. Hitton, representing O.
G. Green, the millionaire manufacturer of August Flower and lioschee's
German Syrup, is in Nelson on a business trip.
A letter has been received in the
city from Edgar G. Beer announcing
that he has arrived safely at Dawson
City and that he will probably remain
there for the winter.
All loyal citizens should attend
Lee's reception at the Opera House
tonight. Every other city in Canada
has done itself proud and Nelson
should not be behind.
Mr. George Peters, who was operated on for appendicitis at the General
Hospital is doing very nicely. Tho
operation was performed by Dr. Arthur, physician to tho Venus mine.
A surprise party took place last
night, at the residence of Mr. J. E.
Annable, Kootenay Street. About 8
o'clock some thirty or forty friends
dropped in, and took possession until
after midnight. A very enjoyable
time was spent by all.
Henry B. Boie, of this city, today
entered action against T. O'Leary, administrator of ,1. n. O'Leary, railroad contractor and against D.
O'Leary, for the distribution of about
87,000 and the sale of the partnership
assets, and for the appointment of a
receiver for the estate.
An admission fee of 25 cents will be
charged at the reception to Private
Lee in the Opera House tonight.
This is done to defray the* costs.
Smokeables and drinkables will be
distributed freo of cost and all the patriotic people are expected to turn out
and make the welcome a right royal
one. A splendid programme has been
In a private wire from Cranbrook to
Provincial Constable Bullock-Webster,
it was stated that the case of Med
hurst, in which he was undergoing
his preliminary hearing on a charge
of conspiracy to defraud the Canadian
Pacific, had been adjourned until
Nov. 15 owing to the prisoner being
confined to the hopital at that place
and is now under medical treatment.
Medhurst was taken sick on Wednesday and was at once ordered to be taken to the hospital by Dr. King of that
place. The prisoner was placed under bonds for $3,500.
The Army and Navy Gazette, of
November 3rd, publishes a colored
plate showing types of the Canadian
army. Representatives of no less
than nine regiments are given in the
picture, including the Royal Canadian
Regiment, North West Mounted Police, Koyal Canadian Dragoons, �� gunner in the picturesque winter kit of
the Royal Canadian Artillery, the 10th
Grenadiers, and others. The coloring
and grouping of tho figures are very
striking, and the plate forms a remarkable reminder of the splendid
troops of the Dominion which rendered such signal service in the fight for
the flag in South Africa.
It is said by the local dealers and
brokers that at the present time there
is more merchandise coming into Nelson than ever before in the history of
the city. Not only is the incoming
trade rapidly increasing but the increase in the outgoing trade Is also
rapidly expanding notwithstanding
tho fact that a certain branch of this
trade is falling off by the opening of
new stores in tho outside towns. At
the present time the trade which is
entirely confined to this eity alone, Is
much better than it was at this timo
last year. The business men conducting grocery, hardware, drygoods and
other branches of trade, state that
they are experiencing an increasing
prosperity. The advance in trade is
largely attributed to the Increase In
mining operations, which of late havo
been quite, marked in tho eastern portion of British Columbia
It has generally been assumed hith-
eito that the hair of the human head
grows about an inch and a third per
month, or la inches a year. But an
investigator who has made minute
measurements at various times of life
finds that his own hair grew only a
little more than half an inch a month
in his twentieth year, and rather leBs
rapidly in his sixtieth. Be mado
some other interesting discoveries. In
contradiction to the common belief,
he says that cutting retards Instead of
promoting the growth of the hair,
an 1 that the normal rate of growth
is not restored until a considerable
Interval has elapsed after cutting.
Shaving is often followed by irregular
growth owing to the fact that tho
hairs are arranged in groups of from
two to four, and a curious law of
growth connects the members of each
group. One hair grows faster than
its fellows for a time, then the leadership falls to a second. When all have
had theiv turnB the first hair again
grows the most rapidly, and then the
rotation is repeated. Nor do the hairs
of a group ever fall out simultaneously. One always goes first, and so
the formation of bald spots is delayed.
We Are Still 1
Talking   1
From Coopersvillc, Mich., comes
word of a wonderful dscovery of a
pleasant tasting liquid that when
used before retiring by any one troubled with a bad cough always ensures
a good night's rest. "It will soon
cure the cough too, "writes Mrs S.
Ilimelburger, "for three generations
of our family have used Dr. King's
New Discovery for Consumption and
never found it's equal for Coughs and
Colds." It's an unrivaled life-saver,
when used for desperate lung diseases. Guaranteed bottles 50 cents
and 81 at the Canada Drug and Book
Co.    Trial bottles free.
Lucky Soldiers.���Lord Rosslyn lias
evidently an eye for detail, in his
article in the Mall describing the
effect of Lord Roberts' advance upon
Pretoria on the prisoners at Watervaal
and other guards, he wrote: "Hollander and Britisber.soldier and Boer,
peasant, prisoner and warder, joined
in a universal scene of congratulation,
in a mutual expression of estceu and
a general glass of Robert Brown's
Four-Crown Scotch Whiskey. Happy
the lot of the prisoners who were able
to soothe their sorrows with so famous a brand as Robert Brown's
Have you ever eaten MAPLE PUDDING? It is a new confection made
especially for J A. Maedonald. Try
it and you will be sure to like it. We
have a fresh lot of Lowney's candies
Just in today. Ontario apples have
arrived too.
Visit Florence Park Hotel at Rob
ert-1 Ranch,'two and a half miles up
the river.  W. M. Roberts, proprietor.
What Is the Matter
With Your Watch?
Won't it go? There is no mystery
about it, and if we aro favored
with your repairs we guarantee
to please you. Are you iu need of
a new time piece? If you are we
can give you a bargain In
watches. Come and examine them
Jewelers and opticians.
Cumberland, Md., Nov. 0.���While
excavating for a sewer today a large
section caved In, burying a number
of men under IS feet of slate rock.
Two men, Issue Furinan and Geo. Rice
have been taken out dead.
The most miserable beings In the
world are those suffering from Dya-
pepsla and Liver Complaint. More
than seventy-five per cent, of the people in the Dominion are afflicted
with these two diseases and their
offects; such a Sour Stomach, Sick
Headache, Habitual CostiveneiB, Palpitation of tho Heart, Heart-burn
Wnterbrash, Gnawing Pains at the
Pit of .Stomach, Vollow Skin, Coated
���Tongue and Disagreeable Taste in
the Mouth, Coming up of Food After
Eating. Low Spirits, etc. Go to your
Druggist and get a bottle of August
* lower for 75 cents. Two doses will
relieve you. Try it. For sale bv W
F. Teetzel. '     '
TO <l Hi: A   I'OI-li  IN ONK DAY
'I'd !������ ������ Laxatlvo Hromo Quinine Tablet*.   All
druggists refund ttnf money If It falls to cure.   ,.
.Ac.  K. W, Graven signature is on eaob bo�� U tills and
FOE SALE -A few through bred cock-
erls for Bale;   '
Ladies' New Silk Spot
Collars, the very latest, in all
the new colors. Prices 75c to
B6_tS"Just in new, in
Silk, Black Velvet, and Tinsel, etc.
Linen Handkerchiefs ;
Duchess Point Lace Handkerchiefs; Hemstitched Handkerchiefs.    Price 3 for 25c.
|E We still have left a  few of those  Handsome
S�� Jackets of which we told you last week, and they too
S�� are .tj'oint;' at  Bargain   Prices.    We would
2^ larly draw your  attention   to  a
S�� nicely    finished   Beaver    Cloth
S�� Jacket, stitched  with silk at	
pari ten- 3
Then we have the Finest Kersey  Cloth   Jacket 3
with storm  collar,   stitched
with silk, box back
tversey   Cloth   Jacket
We have many other Handsome Jackets rang- 2
8~ ing in price between these two, and can suit any 3
S~  pocketbook. ���*
I MartinO'Reilly&Co. j
Morrison b Caldwell I
Finest line of
Staple and  Fancy-
Groceries, Provisions,
Canned Goods,
Fruits, Vegetables, etc.
Our Specialties :
Best Creamery Butter and
Fresh   Bogustown  Eggs.       $
������������������������      . 5}
Morrisoi)  <&  CaldWell   |
��<uA kuU *��U c*^* ****'
UKdI I       Brand and
at _vb,/Y_J____V. Navy Cut Tobaccos.
Ascntr for C��n��d�� ��� JAMES TURNER & CO.. Hamilton,
CROW  &   MORRIS,   Sola Aoents, Nolson. B. G.
r Halo;   black and brown leir-
Kerr & Co.
Kootenay Railway and Nav.
Company, Ltd.
Sohodulo ot Time.       PacMo Standard  lime:,
-tl'ectlvo Fobniary 1st, 1000
Passongor train for Sandon and waystationp1
Iff -"-
-ice  at 8 a. in., dally.    ltblurnlng, 1
t LIS p.m., arriving at li��il��- ���
BAMHSXflMT, Nhlsoh,
leaves Sandon
a*. 3.55 p.m.
Operating on Kootenay ) Jiko and Rlvor.
Str. "International" leaven Kuslo for NoIhoii
at 0 a. m. dally c.cupt, Sunday. .tetiirnliiK,
loaves NolHon at 0.10 p.m., calling at Ilalfour.
Pilot Hay. AliiKworth and all way points. Connects with 8. P. Ic N. train to and from Spokane at.Fivo MiIc, Point.
Str-amcr Argonta haH boen laid up for tin* I
Stoanioni call at principal landing! In both  I
directions,nndatotlior points when signalled., I
Ticket* sold ft> all i.ciic.,, In Canada and the 1 [.
United StatoB. )��
To ascertain rates and full Information ad
drew 1
BO-WOT inviNu.
Manager, Kaslo,B, C,
Eight  pages of st
olassifiotl news-
Eight pages of praotioal
al and live stook articles.
Eight pazes of interesting
and raagazino features.
3 sections.
$1.00 PER
Balance ut 1900 free
tion for "


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