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Provincial Library g31 oo'
Daily Edition No. 827
Nelson,  British Columbia, Tuesday Evening,  September ii,
Eleventh Year
Graphic Description of Gal
veston's Awful Visitation.
Brick and Stone Buildings
Swept Away by the
Galveston, Tex., Sept. 0.��� Hy despatch hunt to Houston, Sept. 10.���
The terrltlo cyclone that produced
such a distressing disaster iu Galveston and all through Texas was predicted by the I'nited States Weather
Bureau to strike llalveston Friday
night and created much apprehension. The night passed without the
prediction being verified, hut the
conditions were ominous. lly 10
o'clock Saturday morning the wind
wns almost a gale. At noon it had increased iu velocity and was driving
tin* ruin, whipping the pools and
tearing foliage ia a vicious manner.
Residents near the beach were aroused to the danger that threatened their
homes as stupendous waves began to
���end their waters far inland. The
gulf force drove the waves with trrest-
Ihle force high up on the beach and
the gale from the northeast pitched
the waters against and over the
wharves clioking the sewers and
flooding the city from that quarter,
The Streets rapidly liegan to till with
water, communication became dlffl-
eult aud the helpless people were
caught between two powerful elements while the winds howled and
rapidly Increased In velocity. Hail-
road communication was cut oft'
shortly after by the track being
washed out, wire facilities completely
(ailed and at three o'clock Galveston
was isolated from the world. The
winl momentarily increased, the waters rapidly rose and the night drew
on with dreaded apprehension depicted in the faces of everyone. Already
hundreds and thousands were struggling with their families against the
mad waves and fierce wind for places
of refuge. The public school buildings, courthouse, hotels, lu fact any
place that offered apparently a safe
refuge from the element, became
crowded to their utmost. At 0:.'!() p.
���a., just hefore the anamometer blew
away,the wind had reached the flighted velocity of 100 miles an hour.
Sturdy buildings swayed and trembled ami crashed, carrying death and
destruction to hundreds of people.
Windows were driven In or shatttered
''. Hylug slate; telegraph, telephone
and electrlo light poles with their
messes of wires were snapped off like
Pipe stems, and through tho air flew
���muse roofs like strlngless kites before
the hurricane. About 10 p. in. the
wind gradually subsided and by
midnight the storm had passed. The
Mter which had reached a depth of
eight feet on the strand at 10 o'clock
P. m. began to ebb very rapidly and
��y s a. m., the erown of the street
������ free of water. Tonight the city
'��� wild with destitute and homoless.
L'ity Beach In thc southwestern part
��t the city was under ten feet of water
����<i the barracks wore destroyed. The
snldiers had a miraculous escape from
drowning. Many substantial residences in the western and eouthwest-
������ part of the city were destroyed
���"id the dMtb list from these will be
"rKc A heavy mortality list is ex-
Parted among the residents down the
slsnd and adjacent to the const on
����� mainland, Both were deeply flood-
��nd the houses were to a great ex-
���M insecure. The heaviest losers by
WW storm will be the tialveston Wharf
,."'' *��� Southern Pacific Railway Co.,
"��>f.   Colorado  and  Santa  Fee
WR- Co., and the Texas Lone Star
ng Co.
K""��sU,���, Tex, Sept. ll.-The Santa
lln . ttllwny ����� Us first train to
��lwhW_lc this morning.   The condi*
tlons along iis line were tho same thai
prevailed along tho Galveston, Houston and Henderson, In many plaoos
homeless Inhabitants of the section
traversed, were found housed in empty box cars or sitting on the wreck of
their household effects pi led together
in proiiiiseous heaps. Many sufferers
are utterly destitute nnil will have lo
be given free transportation to places
whore they are sure of obtaining
shelter and .sustenance. Every building iu Pea-land was either damaged
or destroyed, but no lives were lost
there. At Alvin great damage was
done to property and nine lives were
lost.    Anglintoii and the surrounding
country   suffered    heavily    fi i     111_-
storm and assistance is much needed.
The 13-year-old son of ,1ns. Rodecher
was killed at Alvin. Two lost their
lives at Alto Lonui. The prairie is
covered with drift, dead cattle, water
craft of all sizes, buggies and wagons. Searching parties have found a
dozen bodies and the work i.s not
half completed. The railroad track
from Hitchcock to Virginia Point has
been entirely washed away.
New York, Sept. 11.���The following
despatch wns received today ut the
general offices of the Postal Telegraph
and Cable Co. in this city from General Snpt. Knglish of that company nt
Houston, Texas: ''Three of our operators jnst arrived at Houston from
Galveston, Chief operator lost his
whole family and is badly bruised.
Reported that our manager and bis
family arc saved. There is not a
pole Standing on the Island. The
telegraph line of the (!ulf and Interstate Railroad conipany completely
washed away for 15 miles, liodics
rotting in the streets. Hauling them
out to sea. Cannot get men to bury
them. The telegraph lines completely wrecked. Newspaper reports not exaggerated"
Houston, Texas, Sept. 11. ���i!. L.
Russ,u passenger conductor on the International .. Ureal Northern Railroad, was among a party of refugees
who reached this city al midnight,
Mr. Kuss said to a reporter: "I will
not attempt to describe the horror of
it all. That is Impossible. When 1
left llalveston men armed with Winchesters were standing over burying
squads and at the point of rifles compelling them to load tlle corpses on
drays to be hauled to barges,on which
they are towed into the gulf by tugs
and tossed into the sea. As I left I
saw a barge freighted with dead on its
journey to tlie gulf. This manner of
burying is imperative as tlie living
must lie protected   now."    Mr.    Iluss'
storv was confirmed.
News of It Made Publio Through the
Canadian   Capital.
Ottawa, Sept. il.���The  Department
of Agriculture today received a report
from the High Commissioner's office,
London, whieli covers tin1 report by
the liritish consul at San Francisco,
dated duly 20th last. The consul reports that Dr. Kiigcn, Secretary of
the liritish Columbia Board of Health
hud visited San Friineisclo, and had
reported to the Consul the existence
of bubonic plague in that city whieli
was being kept quiet by the newspapers, businessmen and even doctors,
Halifax. N. S.. Sept. II.���The Conservatives of the Counties of Lunenburg and Coliliester have Dominated,
respectively, 0. E, Kaulbaoh, M.
P., and S. E, Gourley. as candidates
at the general elections.
Halifax, N. S., Sept. II.-lion. ('.
M. Franchville, M. I'. 1'.. is dead
from cancer of the stomach. Ho was
United States Consul at Gulsberg.
Ottawa, Sept. ll.���The committee
of thc Patriotic Fund are prepared to
receive and deal with applications on
behalf of the Canadian volunteers
who have returned to Canada. 11 is
suggested that olllcers commanding
thc corps in Canada and sevoral
branches of the Soldiers Wives'
League will be good enough to communicate at once with tlie Secretary
of the Patriotic Fund.
, ��� !
Glasgow, Sept. 11.���An Official bulletin issued today shows an additional
case of the bubonic plague has been
reported. There were today 10 eases
and US persons under observation.
Will   Join   Russia  in With
drawing Troops From
United States and Japan are
Expected to Follow
London, Sept. 11. ���France has formally adhered to tho Russian proposal
to withdraw from l'ekin to Tien
Tsiu. A representative of the Associated Press learns on unquestionable
authority that telegraphic Instructions were sent yesterday from Paris
and St. Petersburg to M. Pychon and
M. Deglers, respective}' thc Ministers
of France and Russia at Pekin. directing both Ministers in conjunction
with Generals Percy nnd Liuowich
to take measures to withdraw the legations and military contingents of
both countries to Tien Tsin immediately upon circumstances permitting.
Diplomatic circles iu London are inclined to believe that this step will
lead to similar action on the part of
the United Statics and Japan and
thnt while Germany may bold out till
Field Marshal Count Von Waldersro
arrives in China, she will ultimately
acquiesce leaving (Ireat Britain little choice bul to follow suit.
London, Sept. II.���A despatch ton
uews agency from Nagasaki, Japan,
says it is reported there that the Dowager Knipress of China has been
captured by the Russians at  Johol.
Paris, Sept. 11.��� M. Delcassc,
French Minister of Foreign Affairs,
has in preparation   a yellow book tho
irri'spoiident of the Associated Press
learns from authoritative source,
which reveals certain fuels now known
only at the foreign offices of the Powers. It will be seen that M. Pychon,
French Minister to China,foresaw the
"Hoxers'' movement and the complicity of the Chinese Qovernment at the
outset, lie warned M. Delcassc, who
acting rapidly, took the intiative and
proposed to the Powers with special
interests in China tlie organization of
a naval demonstration in the Gulf of
I'echili, believing that the assembling of a powerful International Beet
would make the Chinese Government
enounce all complicity witli the Hoxers. Unfortunately the Powers doclln-
I M. Deloasse's proposal whieli wus
made about the end of last March.
New York,' Sept. 11.���A remarkable run on thc part of the steamer
Deutsohland and the stolmor Kaiser
Wilhelm der Crosse who left New-
York together, was completed this
morning. The Deutchland came out
several hours a winner besides lowering her own record. She made the
passage in live days, live hour and 38
minutes. The Kaiser Wilhelm der
Grosse made tlic passage in live days,
IT hours and -'() minute.
Washington. I). C, Sept. 11���Thc
officers of thu National Government
have taken steps to render all possible aid and assistance to thc Hood sufferers in Texas. The President sent
telegrams of sympathy to the (Iovernor of the State and the Mayor of llalveston and promised to render all possible relief. The Army lias large number of tents at the quartermaster'8
depot which will undoubtedly be utilized. Two revenue cutters have been
ordered down the coast.
London, Sept. 11.���In Ihe race today
for thc sculling championship of England, nnd 8400 u side. Geo, Towue,
the holder, defented .lames VVray, by
four lengths, time 80:40. The race
���.ilN   over     tin-   championship    irsc
from Putney to Mortlako, about  four
Officers of the Allies Live
as Members of One
If Clash Occurs it Will Be
Due to Action of the
Washington, I). ('.. Sept. in.���The
developments of the day in Hie Chinese situation still point to a speedy
withdrawal of the I'nited States
troops from China, (leneral Chaffee
has added the weight of hi.s opinion
to that already entertained by many
Officials here. It probably is significant that the General's statement on
this point was given publicity by thc
No confirmation is at hand here as
to the report   that   (Ireat   Britain and
Germany have joined in an agreement
to remain together in Pekin regardless of the attitude of the other Powers. Should this be true, the fact
doubtless would hasten the rearward
movement of the American troops for
there is a linn determination to avoid
becoming involved iu any clash bo-
tween the Powers, such as might reasonably he expected to follow the execution of this reported British-German programme. If there have been
further responses to the Russian note
relative to evacuating, tlieir purport
cannot be ascertained. This delay
no longer interferes with *the execution of the American policy.
The part of the problem relative
to the withdrawal that remains unsolved i.s the best means of securing
guarantees for tho attainment of the
few objects set out in Secretary Hay's
note of July 3rd which have not yet
been secured. Possibly guarantees
must be obtained from tlie Iwo sides
of the Chinese government as to the
security of American treaty rights.and
the creation of a claims commission
which shall provide for tlie payment
of indemnity for the losses suffered by
American citizens and for the expenditure on account of tile Pekin relief
expedition. Then it is entirely possible that it may be regarded as necessary if any of the Allies refuse to
leave Pekin and persist in u war of
conquest that the interests of thc United States in tlie matter of trade of
thc "open door" and of nil rights now
guaranteed to the United States iu
China by treaty, be made a matter   of
Bpeclal agreement, between tlie United
States und these warring powers. It
does not follow thut because the I'nited Slates troops are to be withdrawn
this autumn from China that the
I'nited States interests will be left
completely at the mercy of other Powers.
On the contrary such disposition
uill be made of these troops that
they with others if necessary, can be
returned to China in short order. To
this   end   the entire army of   (leneral
Chaffee will be quartered in   some of
the pleasitntcst and most salubrious
portions of the Philippines If they
are wanted again in China they can
he transported inside of a week, thoroughly refreshed and littcd for effective action.
Minister Wu has not been clothed
with power by liis (Iovernment to
effect a settlement of the Chinese
trouble directly with the Washington
authorities. The ollieials are inclined to believe that no such large power
as this will be conferred upon him
though he may, as do the Chinese
Ministers in Kurope play a most important part in the preliminaries to
Ihe Institution of regular negotiations
through commissioners for a final settlement.
Shanghai. Sepl. 111. -The Taku
steamer which has arrived here brings
reports of the latest events in Pekin.
These   advices   arc   to Ihe effect that
the greatest harmony prevails among
tho olllcers of the Allies, who treat
each other with extreme courtesy and
that the soldiers ore living us though
members of, one army. Late arrivals
say that if any clash occurs during
tlie occupation of Pekin it will be
brought on by the diplomats and not
by the soldiers in tlie Beld, The niareh
through the palace was   an   historical
event,   Every army was represented.
The Russians led and the troops of
other nationalities followed in tlie
order previously reported by cable.
Russian bands and the Skihs bag-
pieps played national airs while, thc
troops tiled through the grounds and
buildings. There were many ennielis
attached to the [palace remaining
and they stood by looking as though
tbey were attending a funeral. They
were evidently deeply huiniluted. After the procession, whioh began to
move at S o'clock in the morning and
was an hour aud a half in passing
through the grounds, a party of civilians, including tlie legation ladies nnd
same prominent missionaries, were
admitted, Tea was served to them
and the palace was inspected. The
most remarkable feature of the buildings arc said to be the gildetl exterior
staircases carved from single stone
with dragons, lions and other ornaments. The Knipress' bed is trimmed
with solid gold. After thc inspection,
tlie palace gates were again closed
and no one was permitted to enter
the grounds.
The troops arriving here arc forwarded to Pekin as fast as they land.
The Ministers remain in Pekin. The
city has been entirely looted except
the palace, and auction sales of loot,
in which valuable silks, furs and
bronzes are the principal articles, are
held daily. The chief bidders at
these sales are army officers. Tlle
newspaper correspondents hold a controversy with the officers who at first
proposed that no correspondents
should he admitted to tlle palace
with the procession but the press representatives were finally allowed to
accompany the troops.
The Chinese forts at Tien Tsin,
near Taku, are still undisturbed,
The Hritish made a reconnaissance iu
that vicinity.
The liritish commander says he wil]
remain passive unless he is attacked
When he must light in order to preserve his self respect. The Russians
are expected to attack soon, but they
lack sufficient artillery for the purpose. A Russian scouting party was
blown up by a mine near the fort and
several of its members killed. The
commanders of the Chinese forts at
Chee Foo arc greatly disturbed by reports that the Hermans purpose taking Hie forts and they are threatening
to defend them to the end. The
heavily manned Krupp defending the
settlement will be destroyed if a light
occurs. The United Slates battleship
Oregon arrived al I loo Sung today.
She steamed at good speed throughout
the trip.
(lie Foo.   Sepi.   s.���Via Shanghai,
Sept.  III.- Tlie   Pao   Ting   Fu expcdi
tion leaving'today numbers 1,(1011.
New York, Sept. 11.���Two failures
were announced ou the Cotton Exchange shortly afternoon today. One
wus that of (lay R. Schiller and the
other that of his father L. C. Bill filer,
one of the oldest men in tlic cotton
1 rude in this city. The failure of L.
('. Schiller is supposed to have been
due to bis efforts to help bis son who
has been a very heavy trader for some
time. The failures produced no material effect on the market as Ihe men
hint Comparatively small outstanding
New York, Sept. II.���Mrs. Norman
Selby, wife of Kid McCoy, iu an application for divorce from her husband, con linns by affidavit the statement made recently by Mrs. J. Corbett, that the light between Corbett
and McCoy, which took place at Madison Square Garden, on August Srd,
was a fake, Mrs. McCoy charges her
husband with having sold out his
friends in Ihe light.
Pekin, Aug. 81.���Via Shanghai,
Sept. II.���A lire occurred last night
in a pagoda where the company, of
Hritish and American heliograph
operators were ut worli. When Ihe
smoke of the lire was firs! discovered
efforts wen- mode to extinguish the
flames bnt they proved futilo and the
large wooden structure was totally
destroyed, The origin of the Are Is
unknown, ,
Everything Ready for Reception to  Vice Regal
No Banquet   but a  Public
Reception   In   Its
The programme for the reception of
the vice regal party while in Nelson,
as previously arranged was submitted
to Lord Minto by Captain Troup at
Robson yesterday. Captain Troup
notified the city officials that it would
be   necessary to   change the   proposed
programme somewhat, as Their Excel*
leiicics would not arrive iu Nelson until 8:30 tomorrow   afternoon.
A definite programme has now been
settled upon, Tlle party will he met
at the 0, P. R. station by the representatives of the City. Hoard of Trade,
reception committee, military bund
und guard of honor, consisting of the
members of the R. M. R. The vice
regal party will then he escorted to
the Central School grounds, where
addresses of welcome from the City
Council and Hoard of Trade will he
read, which will lie replied to by Ihu
l.overnor-l.enerul. The school children will he arranged plotureaqU-Iy
before Ihe party, and while waving au
elulxirale display of Mags will sing
several patriolie songs. At the completion of this part of the programme
the Fire Department will give an exhibition display of their work.
Later in the afternoon the party
will be taken for a pleasure trip on
tlie Lake or a visit to the Hall Mines
Smelter and the Kootenay Lake Hospital.
At 0:80 the party will dine at their
ear and no banquet will be given.
At 8:30 a reception will be held by
Their Kxeellcncics at the Phair or
Hume Hotel uud all will be given the
privilege of meeting (he guests of
After thc reception the party will
be escorted to the steamer by thc reception committee, guard of honor, of
the R. M. R., aud Salvation Army
bands, At the wharf a farewell recep-
etion will be tendered. Steamers,
launches, and other boats will be ur*
ranged on the water and beautifully
Illuminated   and    decorated.    Several
large bonfires will be lighted on tho
north side of the lake, A royal salute
will be Bred by the militia, and other manouevers will be executed to
make a lilting close to tlie visit of tho
vice regal party,
ll is   hoped   that   the  citizens will
 perate wiih the committees on ar*
rangements,   in  deooratlng   the elty
uml ill making the occasion one
worthy of Nelson s enterprise.
Further details iu connection with
the carrying out of the above pro-
guiutue were arranged at a meeting of
Ihe committee ou arrangements this
afternoon. It w-as decided to elaborately   decorate   the  Opera House   and
make it suitable   for the reception*
After the reception hour at the Opera
House, a short musical programme
will be rendered. During the evening an address from the local members of the National  Women's Council
will  be presented  to    Lady   Minto.
Light refreshments will be served to
the vice regal pnrty before Ihey leave
on thc boat. This mailer has beet)
left, in charge of the ladies of Nelson.
It was also decided after leaving
the school grounds and before going
for a trip on the steamer iu the afternoon, that the party would be taken
over the tram line.
London. Kept 11.���At the Wonderland Gymnasium, Whlteohapel, Lou-
ton, last night, in a contest for tbe
middle-weight championship of Knglaud, Frank Craig tbe "Harlem Coffee
Cooler," was defeated iu four rounds
hy (leo. Gardiner, of Lowell, Muss, Nelson  Daii.v   Minkh,   Tuesday   Evkwng,   Skpt.mber ii, iooo.
The Nelson Miner
PublUhod  Kvory   Afternoon   BxOOpt Sunday
���hy THR-
Limited liaihutv.
PrcalCont nnd Managing Editor*
Mil    Mir \],IIMH''I.
lis Fleet Btreet, K, ('.
Central Proaa Agonoy, Ltd., Upoolal Agents
Dally, per month, by carrlor	
Dally, per month, by mall	
Daily, per year, by carrier	
Dully, pei- year, by mull	
Duily, per year, torolgo	
Weekly, per imlf yonr	
Weekly, per ycitr	
Wcchiy, per yoar, forolcrn 	
Subscriptions Invariably In odvanoo.
7 00
8 Oil
ll 00
$1 25
a no
11 no
which the sturdier patriotism of Sir
Charles Tupper does not pretend to
understand, and it was because of
them he said Sir Wilfrid Laurier was
too English for him. And if the Liberal papers were honest they would
cither leave the quotation alone, or
pulblsh it with the full context.
All Check* Bhould he mailo payable to tho
order of NKLSON l'l'lll.IsuiNll COMPANY,
"As   for   Sir Wilfrid   Laurier,   you
can   say   that   he   is   too English for
me."    Sometimes this appears" with a
few words of the context;   sometimes
without introduction or   elaboration;
but in one form or another it lias been
or i.s being published   in every Liberal paper from   ocean   to ocean.    It   is
recognised as an alleged excerpt   from
an interview given to a newspaper reporter by Sir Charles   Tupper   shortly
after bis arrival   from   England,   and
is intended to   convey   the impression
that our French-Canadian Premier  is
admittedly more loyal, more imperialistic, than   the   Conservative   leader.
It is considered necessary to have this
Impression    widely    circulated,    for
since the Premier's ready  submission
to Mr.  Tarte   in regard to   that   lirst
contingent   his   absolute   devotion   to
the Imperial connection has lieen subjected   to   more   or   less  suspicion in
more quarters than   one.   It will  be
remembered that  Mr.  Tarte did  not
approve   of   the    contingent.    ''What
have we to do with   the   things of Africa'.''' be demanded to know.   'What
interests  have   wc in the   Transvaal'.'
Why should we   take tbe   money   and
the blood of our people to  spend them
in such fur-away regions?''    Sir Wilfrid's hesitation to consent to the contingent,    and   his   doubts   whether it
would lie lawful to send  troops out of
tbe     country, coming on tbe   top   of
Mr. Tartc's open  opposition, caused a
feeling of deep uneasiness throughout
the country: it   did   more than this���
it caused   many   to   inquire   Whether
Canada after all was a British possession or an appendage of   Mr.    Tartc's
"dear   9ranee."    And   so   it   has become necessary,  in view   especially of
the approaching   elections, to   have it
appear that the Premier's imperialism
is beyond question.
No one lias, or can have, any doubt
of Sir Charles Tupper's loyalty, lie
was an enthusiastic Imperialist in the
days when imperialism was not as
mnch the fashion as It became in the
year of the Queen's jubilee. If a man
so devoted to the Empire can say that
Sir Wilfrid Laurier is too liritish for
him, our Premier's Imperialism must
be boundless indeed. Hut Sir Charles
has not snid this. The quotation is
an Impudent cheat, and most of the
newspapers publishing it know it to
be a cheat. Sir Charles was discussing, not loyalty or Imperialism in the
abstract, but the questions of imperial preferential trade and Imperial
federation. When Sir Wilfrid was
willing to give something for nothing, as he did in tlie tariff preferential, and to merge the Dominion into
an Imperial Legislative union, where
our representation would lie too insignificant lo have tlie least Influence, he
Said the Premier was too English for
him, and patriotic Canadians will applaud him for thc sentiment. Canadians want tlieir own Parliament and
tlieir own Government, They do not
want them swallowed up in a bigger
Parliament and Qovernment at Westminster, even although  il should gain
them  tlic distinction  of having Sir
Wilfrid Laurier made un Imperial
Minister. Nor do they quite understand why Canada should give a tariff
preferential so liberal us to put some
of our own manufactures in peril.
when Ihe Hritish (Iovernment refuses
to consider nny sorl of_ uu equivalent,
These    arc   excesses of   Imperialism
* The decision of the committee appointed to arrange for the entt'i tain-
ment of the vice-rcgul parly to huve
an Illumination on tlie lake as Their
Excellencies leave Nelson tomorrow
night was a wise one. It is hoped
that the owners of boats   will   second
the efforts of tin uimlttee  and have
a display equalling thut of the last
Dominion Day water carnival. The
Lake is Nelson's greatest attraction
and anything calculated to draw the
attention of visitors to it is the right
hind of advertising. Now that the
banquet is out of the way no pains
should be spared to make the illumination a great success. If the residences are also Illuminated when
Their Excellencies depart they will
carry away witli them a picture of
Nelson that they will not soon forget.
It behooves all citizens to join in
making tiie reception a truly loyal
and hearty one.
wvyww,wwwwww^^ Houses
The End of
The Season
Finds   us   with   a   lew   pairs   of    SVJctl's
and Women's Summer Shoes
on hand, and these we have marked down
very low. You may find your size in tlie
lot it" you call early.
The Sboeists
Merchants' Bank of Halifax
rTlHORPK & CO. UniUui.-l.uruin- Vornon
_JL nmi Oedar Btroota, Nolson���Manufftotur-
m\. of mill who.QB-.lo douloraIn aerated wateru
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Springs minuml wator.   ruluiihunu tiO.
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N. 1.1. ('uiiiininrt, I-okkuo��� Kvory known
variety of soft drinks.   i��o Box 88. Telephone
Nn. 'M. Hoovor Wheel, Nnlsun,   Hot t lew of Uio
CdiuouN m. Loon Hot Springs Minora! Wator<
} A. MuodoniUil)���ArcluloeiH uml miporln-
Londonta, Jliokun Hill Ulock, corner liukor uml
Ward St rods, Nolson.
OO.���Muiuifut'lurers of tho Koynl Soul
and Kootonay Hollo cigurH. .Factory uml
ulliee, linker streol, Nolson.
Incorporated 1869*
.     m.toojmhi.o
Books You May Need
Hunt's Systematic Mineralogy.. Sr> mi
Peters' Modern Copper Smelting 6 50
Stretch's  Prospecting, Locating
nnd Valuing   Mini's  :; 7.">
Lang's   Matte   Smelting  2 2b
Miller's   Qualitative   Analysis.. 1 7.1
Kemp's Handbook of  Rocks.... 1 lb
Ihautwlne's  Engineer's  Handbook   5 50
Hawkins'   New   Cateoblsm    for
the Steam   Engine  2 26
Hawkins' Maxims  ami  Instructions for  Boiler Boom  2 25
Hawkins'   New    Catechism    of
Electricity  2 2b
Hawkins' Handbook uf Calculations  for Engineers  2 25
Machinists'    and      Engineers'
Pocket Manual  1 2.1
Stevenson'a Practical Test  1 tin
Canada's  Metals  8;
Capital Paid-up,    ,   .   .    $l,OW,WO,oo | ii.-.i	
it mini ��r iMreeiom ThomasE. Konny, Proatdent;  Thomas Kitchi
Wiley Smith, 11. O. Huuld, Hon. H. H. Fuller, M.L.O., Hon. David MaoKi'on.
iit'iui onico, lluiiraxi
GonornJ Manngor. Kdhon ],, Pcono. Montreal.
Suporintondoi-I of Branohos, und Secretary, W�� B, Torranoo. Halifax,
Inspector, W, v. Brook, Halifax.
Inspector D. M. Btewart, Montreal.
Branches I
\tnii tootla���Halifax Branoh, Antlgonlsh, Brldgewater,Guysboro. Londonderry, liunonburg,
MulLluiid (Hants CaJt Plotou, Port Rawkesbury, Sydney, Bnubonaoadlc, Truro, Weymouth
New iti iiii-.il Jt'i. -Bathurst, Dorchester, Frodorloton, Kingston (Kent 0o.),Monoton, New-
oasUeiBaokvUle, Woodstock, r. K. Island���Charlottocown, oummeralde, ttuebee���Montreal
(City Offloo), Montroal. West Bnd (Cor. Notre Dame und Beigueurs 8treeta)t Wostmounl [Oor,
Qroone Avenue and si. Catharines Btroot. Oulalio���Ottawa. Newfonmlland���Bt. John'a
op na. Weal Indies���Havana. Vnttva Males- New York [H\ ifixohange Plaoe) Republlo, Wash
Atlin, Bennett, Grand Forks, Nanaimo, Nelson, Rossland, Vancouver, Vancouver East End, Victoria.
.'tnindn���Merchants Hank of Canada.   Boston���National Shawmnl Bank.   ChlrnKO���Amorlott
National  Hank-   Hnu  Francisco���First National  Hunk,    l.tiinlnn, F.iik. - Hunk of   Scotland.
Pari*, Franc.'-Credit 1-yonin.in.   Bermuda���Bank of Bermuda,   China uiul Jupiiii- Honu
Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation.
Oeneial Hanking Business Transacted; Sterling Bills of Exchange  Bought
and Sold, Letters of  Credit, Etc., Negotiated.
Accounts received on the most favorable terms.    Interest allowed  on special
deposits and on Having Bank accounts.
Geo. Kydd, Manager, Nelson, B.O.
Jh ^M^nMj^ if 4a. wu4y ******
Pan Points
Tin Pans are not all
alike. There's the differ
ence in the tin, in the
ironing, and in the mating. All the points that
go to make the difference
between good and bad
quality are embodied in
tin pans.
We Have Tin Pans of
Every Kind and Size
made from  extra  heavy
stock, and  warranted lo
wear well.  All our Hard
ware is equally meritorious.
mnl  try _ tiotltr, a rtoaen,  nr a borrol of
OALGARY   BEER  us  ll I"  tho besi uml
< lini|i.-.i    on    lliii    market.     M <>   try   onr
VVINE8,    LIQUORS,    anil     CIGARS.
FRANK   A. TAMBLYN. M.......
Tolopliono IB. Hakor SI,, Nulson, II. C.
Nelson Employment Agency
Kramer.   Carpenter.   Chambermaid,
J. M. LOVE, Agt., Baker St,
J^ooijis ai)d Offices to S^eifi.
Apply   io   ihe
Nelsorj Electric TraijiWai) Co.
Corijer  Josephine  arjcl   Vcrnoi)  Streets.
H. & M. BIRD
Agents for Kurcka nincrol Wool and
Asbestos  Co.
Insurance Co. ol North America. Mutual Life
Insurance Co., ol New York, Quebec
Flro Assurance Go.
Three-story house on Park Btreet,
m'ar Baker Street. To be sold cheap.
Part cash.
Building lots and residences in all
purls of the city and Hume Addition.
Two Story House, six i ins. furnished complete, on Observatory Street
close in tlic Tram Line. 935.00 per
Seven room house on Carbonate St.
All modern iinprovcmcnte j 835 per
Coal and  Wood.
Agents Imperial Oil Co. Ltd.
Crow's   Nest   Coal,   $6.15
Anthracite,     -    -    $9.65
No older can lie accepted unless
accompanied l>y cash.
Olllee Corner  Hall nnd linker Streets.
Kootenay Railway and Nav
Company, Ltd.
Schcdulo of Time.       Pacific Standard Time
Klfcc-lvu February let, IWW
PasHenger (rain for Sandon and way. hilionr-
loavot.   KokIo at 8 a. in., daily.    KoturnliiK,
loavos Sandon al 1.15 p.m,, arriving at KatAo
at 3.55 p.m,
Operating on Kootonay I>ako and Kivor.
Str. "International" Iorvoh Kaslo for Nelnon
at B a. m, daily excopt Sunday. Returning,
leavos Nelson at MO p.m,, calling ui Kalfour,
Pilot Bay. Aim*worth and all way poinU. Con-
i-.i'i'i- with S. Y. A N. train to and from Spokane at Five Mile Point.
Steamer Argent a loaves Kanlo Tuosdayfl and
Fridays at <i a. tn. for tin- hoad of navigation ou
tho upper Duncan Hiver; returning leaver
Hall's Liitniiug Wodnesdayaand Baturaays.
Steamers call at principal landings in both
directionH, and at other pointH whon HignaUed
TickotH Hold lo all potoU in Canada and thc
Unitod SLat-OH.
To ancortain r��tos and full Information ad
drees i
Managor, Kaslo, B.C.
UJ. KVANS & CO.���Baker Street, Nol-
��� son ~\N holosalt: dealers in Honors, ci-
gui't., ooniont. Hie brick and tire clay, water
pipe and -tool rails, aud gonoral eouuniHsion
J    A. iMlMJNALI) -Madden Block. Nolson
���   Fruits, ice cream, "O. B." chocolates,
lugli class oonfOOtlopery*   leo Cream Parlors.
> Wholesale and rot-ail dealors in grain,
hay, (lour, feed. Mill* at Victoria, New U'ost-
minHtcr; Kdmonton, Altii. Kluvators on Calgary and Kdmonton Railway. Manufacturers
of (he celebrated B. & K. brand cereals.
A MACDONALD & Co.-Corner Front
��� and Hull StrcoU���WholeHalo grocers
and jobbers In blanket*, glovon, mitls, boots,
rubbers, maekinaws and Duners' sundricH.
Ollice cornor  Hall antl   Kront Streets,
.\elson���Lumber, OOiltng, lloor ing, and every
thing iu WOOd for building nurpOHCH,   Get our
prices.  Correspondence solicliod.
X>   BURNS & Co.-Baker Street, Nolson
���   Wholesalo dealers in fresh aud cured
month.   Cold Storage.
Bakor Street, Nolson��� Wholesale dealers in fresh and cured meatH.
__ Streot, NoIhoii ��� Wbolrsalo d_alaiH in
hardware, minei's' supplies, sporting goods,
eouver Hard ware Co, Ltd.) Baker Street,
Nelson���WholoKulo dealers in hardware and
mining supplier-'j plumbet-H'and tiuHiniths'sup-
pi I en.
NKLSON   HARDWARE   CO.- Wholesalo
paiulH, ml - und glitss; ineohaDlcH' tools
Agents foi Ontario Powder Works; dynamite
rpURNKK, BEETON & Co.~Cornor Vurnon
X   and Josephine Btreets,  Nolnon���Whclo-
r-alo doalers in Ininms cigarn, and dry goodn.
Agents for Pabst Brewing Co. of Milwaukee
and Calgary Brewing Co of Calgary.
If UDSON'S BAY Co.-Wholesalo groceries
1.   and liquors etc., Baker st root. Nelsou.
) Front and Hall Streets, Nolson���Wholesale dealers in wincH (case and bulk), and
domoetic and imported cigars.
Civil Engineers and Provincial Land
P. 0. Box US Nolnon, B. C.
MININtl mtcihiii,      dOTABl I'Mii.ir.
Wlndoruioro Mlnoe.   Corroiip * o_-09ol'.oltcd
A. R. BARROW, a. m. i. oe
Provincial  Land Surveyor.
Corner Viotorin mnl Kootonay Sta.
P, O. Box 661). Tulophono No. 96
Bank of
British Columbia,
Is now prepared to issue
Drafts and Letters of Credit
on Skaguay, U.S., Atlin, B.
C, and Dawson City, Yukon
Corner Vernon and
Jot-lililno  Street*.  Nelnon ��� Wholesalo
dealern ln urovlalonH, eurod meaU, butter and
Delivered to any point
on Kootenay Lake.
I have B complete stock on hand of
Rough and Dressed
Mouldings, Sash Doors,
Inside Finish,
Coast Flooring, and
Finished Lumber-
Mill at PILOT HAY. Yards, NELSON
and LAKDO.
St. Joseph's
Nt'xt. tnnn commence! .'Inl
September.    Por [lartlcu-
liii-H apply to the
Our Fresh Bouted Ooflee Best of
Quality, ni fnlinwH:
.lava and Anililnii Mitrlia. piT pound I   10
.laraand MOOna Hli-inl. :i poundH  1 00
Fine Hanto . i pounili  1 00
-limn- Mend, b pound*  1 00
Our  _pe_lull<li'iid, i; poundH 100
Our l(lo Itonnl, II pounds  100
A imii on i�� ii mm ii 1111>.
Uai.khuihimh :
Nelson,     -      o. c.
Brewers nf Fine LftRer
Beer and Potter,
For family trade.    Thc best,
pnrest, and most palatable.
Special Prices to the
Oorner Haker and Stanley Street*
Spokane Falls A
Northern R'v.
Nelson  A Fort
Sheppard R'v.
Red Mountain R'v.
The only all rail route between
all points east, west and south to
Rossland, Nelson and intermediate
points; connecting at Spokane with
Great Northern, Northern Pacific,
and O. R. & N. Co.
Connects at Nelson with steamer
for Kaslo and all Kootenay lake
Connects at  Meyer's   Falls  with
stage daily for Republic,   and  connects at Bossburg with stage  daily
for Grand Forks and Greenwood.
Leave. Dny Train. Ahkivk.
10.IW s.m Spokane 7:10 p.m,
12:(K> p. m KoBsliind 5:30 p.m.
9:30 a, in Nelson 8:00 p.m.
NiRht Train.
9:45 p.m Spokane 7 :05 n in:
11:00 p.m Boa-land (I ;H0 a. iu.
H. A. JAOKSON, G. P. St T.A.   _
Spokane  Wast)
Agent, Nelaon, B.O
Nelson, B. 0.
Will pay the highest cash prion fur all
kinds ot second honil Roods. Will huy
or sell anything from an anehor to a
noedle. Fnrnltnre, stoves, oaiperti,
dunking utensils, bought lu household
qnnntitios. Also oast oil clotblnR.
Oall an.l see me or write. Addreaa
Silver King Mike, Box 200. Ha".
Street. Nelson. B. O.
Specialty:   Eye, Ear and Nose.
Oflice:   Hakor Street, near Fraternity
Hall.   Telephone No. II.
Atlantic S. S. Lines.
Prom MontreM
Allan l.lno Corinthian  Huiii .'-
Allun Lino ParWan .....uopi W
Dominion Uno Vancouver. : ��� ,_tojit !���[
llominlon Uno lliiiiilnion Bopt*��
Itenvor Uno l.nko MoKAiitto Hi'i'l :''
Ilcnvor Lino Uiko tinporior Sciit'.o
.From Now Vurk
WliltoStnr Uno (lormnnlo **��'!����� ia
Whltu Stnr Line Cymrlo  Ki'pl -���
Whlto Star Lino Malostlo  -Opl >
Ciiii.n.!  Lino Ktruriu |o|il  ;'
Amorloan Uno Now Vork,... Bflpl '���
Hod   BtU   Uno  KuiiHliiKlnn Sopt I-'
Ounard Lino Borvla , gi'i'1 \",
i 'nnaril Lino l.nninla Sopl -:
Anchor Uno Ancliorla -Sopt w
Anchor Uno Astoria _ cu'';;
N. O. L. Line Kalnorin Mario Thoresini.Sopt ��
N. O. L. Uno Aller Sopl fl
Allan Slato Lluo Laurontlan Sopl-''
From Boston.
Cunard Uno Saxonla Sepl ���'
Dominion Lino Now Kn��land ,. 0*1 '��
1'annaKOf arranged to ami from all Kuropciiii
polnln.   For rnto��, tlcko.H ami fiilljnfrrninliciii
ajpjily to O, 1*. K. _o|nt anont or 11. L. Brown
\gont. Nelson, H. ('.
'PPly   -   	
t'ity 1'assciiKor Agent, Nelwon, II.
W.I'. F.CU.MMI ,    ,
Gonoral A not, C.l'.lt. Oltloos Wlnnlpog
MRS. Rl-II.I-V, who has taken ever
tlm house on Ward Street jn��
above Ihe Post Oflice, will give hoiirj
aud rooms. Several choice moms BU��
UDOCOlipled.  Terms leasonalile	
7-8 inch diam. |1B BO per 100 feet. I'"''
Immediate delivery In Haww
J-��-T-KOF_oxll7l.,Nel��o..,l>.C. Nelson  Daily Miner,  Tuesday   Evening,  September ii,  i
mcw Westminster Man Entertains
���l',,niiilo Beporters,
Tl,,, Toronto Slur says: Arohlo
MiioNniiffhton, who la here with the
NVW Westminster, (It. C.) lac-rosso
. ||;|S  hail   many   tunny expert-
���,,.,��� ihirlnif his oareor as an athlete,
During il��" memorable visit of the
Hrltlsli Columbia lacrosse club to Han
|,'ri,ncls_o during the mld-wlnter
tali' nnd after boating the southern
tennis tit lacroSBO, thoy wore wanted
,��� piny hockey, or, as they call It, lee-
nolo, Thero was 11 big artificial Ice
i.||,i( in San Francisco, and the city
h.���i ., hocltoy team thai had won the
olmmplonship al tho World's Pair  in
I |,|C|  tow   months  before,    None
���l ,|���. iiiiiish Columbia   boys had had
II sitntu on tor Beveral winters, but
thei went al It. The conditions of
,l���. ,,.���,���. were dlflerdnl from what
tlK, cnmidlnns bad boen used to, but
limy nil knew something about the
l���nh check, ii"'1 tbey ii��'<l it. They
bent Snn I .'ancisco at thoir own gamo
] j six Btralghl goals. Thai evening
Sim Francisco talked about a return
match, ���'I"'1 Todd Sloan, tho famous
jockey, wlio was then riding In California, w:is the principal spokesman.
Me hnd n roll of money thai looked as
bbr ns n house, and wns offering nil
kinds of hots oil Snn Francisco for another gamo, This happened In the
Baldwin Hotol bar. Mr, MaoNaugh-
Ion wns in bed upstairs. One of the
liritisli Columbia boys- tbey were nil
nearly broke suddenly recollected
that Archie hnd some money, doing
up, he knocked nl the door and said,
"I'omo down here quick and bring all
the mono) you've got. If you haven't
gol any money, bring your watch���
there's 11 smooth-faced kid making ua
all look cheap." When Archie got
down stairs Sloan was making one
grand bluff. A match was immediately offered, nnd the jockey quit,
Then liritish Columbia offered to piny
live inon against seven, nnd still Sloan
took wnter. The next day the San
Francisco papers were lull of the
nffnlr nnil Sloan was so chagrined that
he It'll I lie town.
Hue May Carry n Pleture of a   Friend
Upon His Flesh Perpetually,
A scientific discovery i.s bound to he
picturesque and interesting, and must
attracl universal attention. A Roumanian chemist named Dinkeresco
discovered 11 means of combining the
substances which arc used in sensitizing paper for photographic purposes
so thai they enn be applied to the hu-
lunu cuticle without injuring it. and
tlie skin thus be made a sensitive
plate for tlic printing of photography,
Dinkersco'a remarkable discovery is a
combination of photography and
the otchlng process, and that to some
cMeiii the Image is "bitten" Into the
At nny inte. the impression is permanent, the image is clear and distinct, mid the skin is not made a negative, but really a sort of sensitized
paper. Thc impression does not weir
away with the ohango of the tissues
nnd tho renewal of the surface of the
skin because the substances or changes which have boon produced by tbe
process of photography are renewed
nccftrding to the modifications produced by the "biting" process, just
ns those uf a tattooed outline arc.
And whatever the mechanical means
employed, the results are remarkable.
"J this means every human beint' becomes a sort of photograph album.
Tho likenesses of bis friends, landscape views associated with liis child-
'' I or with significant events in liis
life, portraits of the great men and
heroes whom he admires and ninny
"llicr things may bo reproduced benujj
tifully  and   permanently   on his sur-
Will some croaker   or cent per cent.
1 ley   lonner   who   thrives    on   the
ready circulating money of a mining
camp, nnd who  is everlastingly cau-
tlonlng people to beware of "wildcat"
���nines, have tbe good grace to define
'lie term.    Let bim   do so   and   every
' dltlon  he  applies will be met  by
Producing a great mine whieh, at one
tllno, possessed tbe alleged attributes,
's a mine a "wildcat" because the
stock in the company owning it is
Selling nt a nominal figure? If so,
then the Granite Mountain was a
"wildcat" for its stock was sold for
lesk than ten cents a share, yet it paid
over 118,000,000 In dividends, and is
still being profitably operated. Iron
Mountain was sold as low as eight
cents and has paid over half a million iu dividends. These mines were
once only prospects with ten-foot
boles, and so was every other great
mine, T|���. fact is a "wild-cat" is
""l.v such when time and development
sll"w if cannot be made a mine; and
yet it may, ns a prospect, havo bad
t-'i'i'tit promise nnd worthy the expend-
"ui'cs made In an effort to make it a
"li"1'- -Western Mining World.
In picking up your gun from lying
flat, standing against anything, from
u companion or a boat,, do not take
hold of the muzzle and draw it, toward
you ; take bold of it by the forestoek
and barrel if you are only using one
hiind; if two in tlic regular way you
grasp It when you (r() to shoot, ln
carrying your gun do not keep thc
muzzle directly behind you (throw the
butt to the right or left, whichever
shoulder you arc carryinef it on, This
will bring the muzzle toward the opposite shoulder, thus rendering it
easy to carry, as It will be resting on
your neck and shoulder [instead of
OH the small part of your shoulder,
and witli the muzzle upward will also
lighten it a little. I think there are
more men shot with their own guns
by taking them from a boat than in
any other wny. When you run your
bout or canoe to the bank your gun is
likely to be In tbe bow, which, I
think, is the best place for it.   Tnke
hold of it by the forestoek nnd step
out. Cut it In a safe place where you
are sure if will not fall down. Then
draw up your boat or do anything else
you have to do. but do not let your
gun stay in the boat until you have
shouldered yonr pack and then catch
bold of tho muzzle, drag it   over   the
gunwale, 1 li the hammers, and have
it explode. It, is likely to blow out
your brains.���Forest and Stream.
A Tempting Table
A great character among the shepherds of Dorset was one "Nat" Scale.
A solitary shepherd upon the downs
of Dorset, through his long life of
fourscore years and ten he was brimful
of native wit. Religious topics were
not to his mind. The curate of Ford-
ington, where tlle old shepherd spent
the last few years of his life, tried on
many occasions to get "-��'at" to talk
on religious subjects, but he always
turned the conversation. At last, one
day the curate got him so far as to
speak to him of Christ, when tbe old
man, turning upon him, said: "Well,
He were the tiood Shepherd, weren't
lie'."' The curate assenting, the old
shepherd added, with strong emphasis: "Well, I tell'ee what 1 believe.
I don't believe as one Shepherd will
ever round   upon another   shepherd."
savoring something of the philosopy
of Omar,  the   tentmaker,   "lie's a
good fellow, and 'twill all be well."
So ended this portion of tlieir conversation, and not another word would
the old shepherd say upon the subject.
���Tbe Cornbill.
Mrs. Enfield has received a
fine and well selected lot of
English and American
HATS and
Which she offers at the lowest prices ever offered in the
Hats from 9Q cents Up.
Hall  Block.
Thursday & Friday.
Sept- 13th & 14th
Now Plays. New Players, New Scenery. Now Specialties, Nothing but
the Dost.
TO CURB A nil.11 i\ ONR DAY
.h ���_..? !''"'. iv,! "n""" Quinine Tablet*.  All
2_. KX"'f.!'0'!""1 l.<i monoy if it fulls to euro.
*'. W, Urovo's Hluiiuliii- li on each bux,
Thursday evening the great Madison
Square Theatre succeas
Friday  eveniug   tho   New   Military
POPULAR  PRICES: 25 & 50 Cents
No extra,    No higher.
Beats now on sale,
If you have dlffloulty in making a
pleasing variety In you'r bill of fare
from day to day,
Come to Our Grocery
and learn how easily and economically
it can be done.
Here are a few things that will help
Breakfast Cereals of all descriptions
Fresh Fruits arriving daily
Choice Butter and Eggs
A full line of Cured Meats
Also our Teas and Coffee that
cannot be excelled.
Kirkpatrlck 8  Wilson
Soo Line
(imperial    Liipited
East   and   West
First Class Sleepers on all trnins from
Arrowhead and Kootbna.- Landing
Tourist Cars pass Medicine Hat
daily for St. Paul: Saturdays for
Montreal nnd Huston; Mondays and
Thursdays for Toronto. Same cars
pass Revelstoke oue day earlier.
7:10 Lv Nelson Ar V);'X>
15:80 Lv Nelson Ar 18(46
Morning train daily for and from
Rossland, and for Revelstoke, main
liue and I'aeilic Coast.
Afternoon train daily for aud from
Rossland, and from Revelatoke, main
line and I'aeilic Const, and daily
(except Suuday) for nnd from Boundary points.
�����'-\        [Nelson!        jfejjj"
(Ex Sun)        j I        \r.x sunl
For and from Sandon, Slocan points,
RevelBtoke, main Hue and 1 .iciflc
Kootknay LaKB-Kaslo ROUTE.
(Ex Sun)      Str Kokanee      (Ex Sun)
1(1:00 Lv Nelson Ar 11:00
Saturday to Argenta and return,
leaving Kaslo at 20:00k.
Kootknay Rivkk ROOTE,
Daily    8tia Moyie and Nelson     Daily
2_:_0 Lv Nelson Ar 2:80
Connects nt Kooteuny Lauding with
Crow's Nest Line trains.
For rotes, tickets and full information apply to Depot or City Agent,
Nelson, 15. O, or
Trav. Pass. Agort)
A 0. P. Agent,
R. P- Rithet & Co-, Ltd-
Agents   lor Brltlih  Columbia.
A. B. OKAY, Boi 5*1. Nelson, Kootenay
Of Writing Paper won I. taut
Ioiik. _ ott (1 bettor place Another "hurry up order with
Houses and lots for sale in all purls
of the City.
Victoria-Montreal Fire tnsuranci
Ontario Mutual Life Insurance Com
(jjSW*     Sue ANNABLE
Plenty of
Tlic Bpongo is uhi'-wI in all depart1
tuot-ta of homo. [ndiaponBable forth*.
hath, .IobI ruble for lcitohcn work, useful for scrubbing, ami convenient  ul
We have sponges for evory purpose,
hul our specialty Is tlie fine, soft,
cleansing Bathing Sponge wo sell for
85 cents,     You'll hr tfliul to own   ono.
Baiter Street. I'. 0, Box 2-Y>
If You Smoke
Smoke  the
Royal Seal
Kootenay Belle.
_Ei_. ,i t.i         ! .""
Room 1, Tumor- Boeokb Mock.
Houses and Building Lots in All Parts
of the Oity.
WANTKI)- flood building lots down
town for client.   Also land adjoining
city for gai-uonintr.
By the week from $5 to $6.
By the day 81.00.
Thorough English, Oallsthenloe,
Music, French, and German if required. Fall term commences :i_d
September,   For particulars apply tn
JOSCllllllKI   St.
Hugh R. Cameron
Insurance Agent and Broker.
WANTED���A furnished  house.   Will
oiler good rental.
Straight   Mortgage,   ut   8   por   cen".
Wanted���Molly Gibson Stock.
General A^nt for the Gbbat Woke
LlFfl   ASSURANCH *'n.
WANTED-For Spot Ouh���Two oeo-
t nil    lotH   Hiiitablu    for    teHuU'Ucei.
I X'ltSUANT lo lhe"t
Trust It Ih
Art." .nni Aincmliiitf Act-, and thu Trim-
teos* and Exeat-ton* Act, BooUnni H to wi
Notice Ih hereby jflvcn Hint 1. U fulniinlnlnv
lor of the i   i.nr ni   i ii nni i    liu i,, in!  11 hi*
lift.-lino of illiH-lllowiu-t, In tho County of
Kootonay, hotel kuoiier, deoauodi have tiled hi
tho Vancouver UoKiHlry of Ihu .Supremo Court
of liritish ('u)iiinhlii, it iluiiiMiiim that tho
.''���I OHtnto Ih inMifllclent for Ihe payment in
full of tho 'l.l.i and HabilltlcH of thu wild
Minimi ��� ltlehanlnon.
All POTIODI hii\iie; eluiiii' iik'nin-t I he i-hihi
of thu i i'i 'I I,, nn i Rit-hanlrton, who have not
already Hied wllli me full partieularn of the
-atnoduly vorllled, together with the purlieu-
hirH of KueurltioH, if any, held by them, are
11 ���iuii i -i to do no buforu Ihu lit day of October
N'otico Ih horeby furlhor kIvoii that after thu
Iht day of October noxt thu administrator, an
trustee, will proceed to distribute Ihe proeceds
ef lho trust. oHtute among tho parties entitled
thereto, having regard ouly to thu claims of
whieh ho then nan nol ice, arid that ho will not
ho liablu for tho procueds of t liu I rant estate, or
nny tmrt thoruof. so distributed, to anv person
nl whof-e claim ho had not noliuual tho tlmoof
Ihe distribution.
Notieo is horoby given that a meeting of tbn
crediton. of tho said Tlioinan Kiehardson will
he hold In tho Court Houso at Korl Steele.
H.C., on Monday, tho 2llh day of Hondo m bur,
A. 1>. HKX), at thu hour of ono o'clock iu thu
Hated at Fort Htcelo, !J. C. this i:tthdayof
August. A.I). 1U00.
Official Administrator.
Canada Permanent and Wes-
tbrn Canada Mortgage
head office toronto,  ont.
Money to loan on Straight Mortgage.
Apply toO, I*. LENNOX, Hakor St.,
PRICES $1.25 TO $4.00.
Lawrence Hardware 60;
Nelson,   B. C.
West Kootenay Butcher Co,
Fresh   and    Salted   Heats
Fish and Poultry in Season
E.   C.   TRAVES.   Manager.
Baker Street,  Nelson.
Orders by mail receive careful and prompt attention
I |^wwww_w_ivH��^^WMWwvwvvyww>ywyvw��i <
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants
Branch Markets in Rossland, Trail, Nelson, Kaslo
Sandon, Three Forks, New Denver and Slocan City.
Order, by mall to any branch will have careful a��4 nromot attention.
All The Latest News.
Specials From Victoria
Specials From Ottawa
Specials FromWinnipeg
Specials From Montreal
All The Canadian News
All The Local News . .
-IN   THE-
Publishe. more Telegraph News than all
other West Kootenay l'apers,     ,     ,
65 cents
M'iitf- ,%^V���v*TOi^^^V_^^_
r'u&r ���t<ft>5"'<u$?fyi-> \_fi LOCAL AWD_PERSONAL
An open meeting of the Bpwortli
League of the Methodist Ohuroh will
h.' in .a iii tin- church this evening.
Marriage licences wore Issued today
in John Wilson .'mil Miss Sarah Ann
Cooper, iimi John .Villain Scale mnl
Miss Anno Cartwrlght,
There will be u meeting "f the Nolson lodge, A. 9, and A. M.,
at 7:30 tomorrow evening at the Ma-
h.in���<��� Hull Baker Si reet.
Mr. W. A.  McLean, of   Nulson, has
i n notlBod  of  liis appolntmenl  ns
superintendent of roads ami bridges
for the Nelson Hiding; anil has assumed liis duties.
At ii meeting of local lacrosse enthusiasts Inst night it was decided i"
Invito tin' Westminster team i<> Nelson mi its trip homo. The Invitation
wns telegraphed nmi a reply is expected thin evening.
Mr. McKowcn of Spokane, has boon
appointed hy the Insurance companies
in connection with tl"' Nelson company, tn fix thi1 amount nf damage
done by thr rebent Are. Ih' arrived
in Nelson yesterday mnl is going over
the stock today.
I'. Welch & Co., whu built all uf the
spurs to tin' mines on the Boundary
railway branch, as well as portions
of thi> line Itself, have been awarded a
contract for thc construction of liu
miles of new road in Oregon by the
Oregon Railroad ami Navigation Company.
Arohdeaoon Penreath is in town on
his way to Knslo to attend a meeting
of the Executive Committee of the Diocese of Kootenay. From there he
goes to Fort Steele nntl Cranbrook.
Uev. 0. A. I'l'ocunicr, of Fort Steele,
hns lieen appointed to Revelstoke ill
place of Rev. Dr. Paget, who has become Rector of the Cathedral at Calgary.
Thc Nelson Operatic Society hail a
very successful rehearsal of both principals aud chorus for the "Mikado"
last night. Tho progress being made
is very encouraging. Another full
rehearsal will be held on Thursday
night and on Saturday n rehearsal
will probably be held ill the Opera
House. The committee meets this
The attention of the County Court
today wns occupied liy a suit to enforce mechanic's liens brought by four
workmen agaiust the Beatrice mine
in thc Lardo Country. The cases are
not yet finished. The sitting will
probably last over tomorrow. The
Manderson defrauding case will come
up next. .1. II. Howes and R, M.
Macdonald will appear for the defendant   and   A.   M,   Johnson   for   the
Work was started upon the Kootenay Street sewer yesterday. The sewer is to lie laid from the lane between
Observatory and Rohson streets to the
lane between Rohson and (Jore. and
ou the lane between Rohson and (lore.
extending from Kootenay to ,Tose-
phinu,making a distance of 1,450 feet.
Although the pipes have not, arrived
from Victoria yet, il is thought the
material will hi' on hand when the
trench is finished.
The following^ mining transactions
were recorded today: Certificates of
Work���To .1. .1. Roets. on M. .V M. ;
to llugh Nixon,    and M.  R.    Driscoll.
on   Robin    Hood.     I atoms���Golden
Medal and Rob Roy, on Toad Mountain, by M. R. Driscolli Derby, near
Ymir. hy .1. Northbrldge and C. Robinson; Minnie on Quartz Creek, by
\V. .1. liremner: Little Billie on Wild
Horse Creek, by .I. W, Welsh; Blue
Hird. on Wild Horse Creek, by N. A.
Cummings; Illue (.rouse, on Wild
Horse Creek, by  William   Cummings,
The jury in the ease of Mrs. Wilson vs. the C. 1'. R. yesterday awarded the plaintiff ST.", for damages received while on the dock- at Procter at
the time of the landing of the Moyie.
ll was evident from the testimony
that the injuries received by the woman were slight and that only iu a
small degree were the C. I'. R.
steamer ollieials to blame. The jury
did not Iind. as stated in a morning
paper, that the accident was due to
the negligence of the boat's officers,
The local Northern has issued ollicial circulars governing rates for the
Spokane Industrial Exposition. Tlie
rale will he two cents a mile in each
direction, and tickets will he sold October 1 to 10 inclusive. Tickets from
(late of sale, except tickets sold on or
after October II. which will be limited to October II). Passengers leaving
Spokane the night ticket expires whose
destination is not reached until tlic
following day will have their tickets
honored for continuous passage Spokane lo destination, even though they
are on the train when tickets   expire.
Mr. ithindy of thc Canadian Pacfilc
engineering     department   who   has
been at Sandon for the past few days
has returned to Nelson, in speaking
of the operations at the Ivanhoe property near Sandon. lie said that tin'
work upon the now concentrator was
nearly completed. The required
amount of material for the tramway
from thc mine to the mill, is on the
ground, and the construction is being
Nelson   Dailv   Miner,   Tuesday   Evening,   SBPTtiMBBR   ii,  HQfto.
busily engaged inconstruotlug a Hume
from Sandon Creek. The Mining Com-
ny  contemplates   having  the  spur
line run from the main line of
Canadian I'aeilic to tlle mine in
uear future.
A New Westminster   Man  Tal
crosse to a Miner Man.
Mr.   Godfrey   W,   Booth,    of  New
Westminster, who is in Nelson at the
present time, hns heen more than
ordinarily Interested in  the doings of
the Westminster lacrosse team in the
East. Mr. Booth is a member of the
executive committee of the cluh and
was one of those interested in
Bending Ihe team in search of the
glory which awaited it in the Eastern  Provinces.
I am more than pleased with the
result of Iheir trip." said Mr. Booth
to a Miner inan.tliis morning, "They
have done even bettor than we expected. When Ihey were preparing to
leave wc all discussed tlie probable results of t he t ri n. Wo figured that we
might be defeated by the Capitals, the
Shamrocks and the Torontos, but
were sure of the other gameB. We
knew we bad a good team and believed it to be equally as good as any
in the East but we were not so confident as wo know now wc had a right
to be. What pleases ns most is that
our team is purely a home team.
Every player is a New Westminster
man in ovory sense of the word. Some
were born there and all are holding
good positions there. There is not
one on the team who plays lacrosse for
a living, It is an amateur aggregation if ever there was one and every
man knows the game of laeros.se from
A to Z. The people of Westminster
arc proud of the hoys, and I believe,
too. that pride in them is not contin
ed to us alone but can he found every
where in the Province where there an
those who love amateur  sport."
Mr. Booth says that the Wcstmin
ster team will not play al Winnipeg
on its way home but will wait and
meet the Prairie City team when tin
latter visits Westminster during tin
The Japanese Consul    Impressed With
Nelson's Prosperous   Appearances.
Mr.   L. Edwin Dudley consul of   th
United States,   with   headquarters at
Vancouver, Mr.    Setizahuro   ShlmtZU,
His Imperial Japanese Majesty's consul    at     Vancouver,    and    Mr.    T.    C.
Thompson, accountant of  the  Crow's
Nest l'ass Coal Company, and United
States vice-consul at Fernie, arrived
from Fernie this morning and are at
the Phair. The party has been on
a visit to West Kootenay and will remain in Nelson to greet the vice regal
party here tomorrow. This is Mr.
Shiniizu's tlrst visit to the Kootenays
and   be  is  very favorably  impressed
with everything he    lias   seen.     He    is
particularly .struck with Nelson, as
the centre of trade and commerce for
tlic interior, To a M i ner representative be spoke of ihe splendid buildings creeled and being erected in Nol-
son. the street improvements aud other Indications of the stability of tlle
city. "You have u great future before you," he remarked,
Mr, Thompson staled that the coal
company now had 312 coke ovens completed and lln in course of construe
tion. Thc daily output is I.Inn ions
of coal and 380 tons of coke and tl
company always has more orders on
hand than it can Mil.
Mr. lindley leaves tomorrow for
Vancouver. Mr. Sliimizu, leaves for
tho Boundary Country at the sam,
time ami Mr. Thompson will return
to Frenie alter a few days' visit to
West  Kootenay points.
At thc meeting of the (ity Council
last night au Important change was
made in the by-law relating to licenses for street peddlers. In the future the hawkers and peddlers will be
taxed 12B0 for each six months and
transient traders ...mi for each inontli.
On moti f Aid.  Arthur   the   city
electrician was authorized to inspect
all houses having gas pipes and electric light wtrcS, and where then' is
any danger of lire the electric current
is to he cut off until tbe danger is removed.
The Chief of Police was ordered to
enforce the Btreet by-law and notify
all parlies occupying the  city   streets
to vacate,
The lily Council will donate a trophy to thc Rifle Association for the
annual shoot. It is to be a pair of
Meld glasses valued at 80S, ami they
arc to he awarded to the person win
mug them twice out of three consecutive matches.
A number uf citizens asked to have
thc lire bell rung at T. 8 and 19 a. in,,
and fl p.   in.     No action was   taken.
Extensive Improvements Will Ho Made
THIS Full.
Extensive Improvements are about
to be made in Ihe Phair Hold. The
proposition has been talked of for
Sometime but it was reported- this
morning thai Ihe work would be
carried on and completed this full.
The earth under Ihe present ground
lloor of the main building i.s to be excavated to a level wiih Stanley Street,
The ollice, billiard room ami bar.
arc to be moved lo Ihe lower lloor
and the upper rooms are to he changed into suitable parlor, drawing and
reading rooms. The dining room will
nol be moved. In connection with
the office and oilier rooms on I be
ground Mom a sample room will be
constructed. The cost of the Improvements is not known but it will be a
considerable amount.
applvi.m; foi; release
City Ollieials Will Urge Lord Minto
to Remit Sinclair's Sentence.
When tho Governor-General arrives
iu Nelson tomorrow he will be approached by the City ollieials with a
request that he release from the penitentiary at New Westminster, .lames
A. Sinclair who was sentenced on tlic
7th of June, IHtll), to serve two years
for stealing sums of money from the
C. P. R. at Trail. The case is a pitiful one and no efforts will be spared
to effect his release. Mrs. Sinclair is
Living iu Nelson wilh her family of
four children, the oldest of whom is
l.", years of age. aud is iu a dcstiliitc
condition. She takes in a little work
ami the small pittance slie derives
from lhat is added lo by the City, she
having been supported out of the
civic purse for some time, she is
Buffering severely from ill health and
it is feared that unless her mind i.s
put at rest by the release of her husband she may not live to see him
serve the remainder of his term. The
matter was brought up ill the Council
last night and it was decided to lay
the facts before His Excellency, City
Clerk Strachan has it in blind. It
will he remembered that at, the last
session of the House of Commons a
bill was passi'd establishing the tick
ot-of-leavo system in Canada, whereby
sentences can be curtailed and convicts allowed to remain at large during good behavior, ll is in accordance with the provisions   of   this   aet
that   thi
lily's   application    will   be
To   the   wife of Charles Wilson,   ol
Nelson, at Schomberg. Out., a son.
To the wife of William   Paris,   Cut"
bonate Street, a son.
To the wife of Fi.    Murphy.    Kusko
nook, a son.
To m,s. ii. m.   Macdonald,
a daughter.
To III nil  JOHN,
Thin Mljfii.ituro is on every l><>\ of the nenulntt
. Laxative Bromo-Quinine T_i,i.t��
parried   w  rapidy,   Mr.  Hlckey    t u._ remedy tu��t cures �� c.m <>��� uno _��y
A Earewell Address to   the Manitoba
Premier   Last Week.
The following address was   presented at  a farewell   meeting of Liberal-
Conservatives  of Winnipeg, to   Hugh
John Maeliomild ou    the   occasion   of
Ills departure for tho    East last week:
To  the   Honorable   Hugh .lobn Macdonald, Premier of .Manitoba:
Hear Mr Macdonald���The   executive
and members of the Maple Leaf  Conservative club desire   upon   Ihe eve of
your departure for Eastern Canada, to
convey to sir Charles   and   our fellow
Conservatives   in    the   east,    our   unbounded   loyalty   and     i fidonco   in
him as leader of thc great Conservative parly.
We desire you also to convey to Sir
Charles and our follow Conseravtlves
our unbounded confidence in the satisfactory issue of tlie coming elections, which we are i Bdcnl will result iu a decisive victory for thc Conservative par.y at ihe polls,  We   send
greeting! r   fellow   Conservatives
in that our great parly is so honored
in having men such as Sir Charles,
yourself ami others who are well
known throughout the length and
breadth ot Canada an dean, honorable
politicians, whose every UUtl-elcCtlon
promise  and   pledge   is  carried   into
Convey to all our Conservative
friends our hearties, good wislcs. and
assure tbem   they   cai um    in    the
west   from    Algoma   to    the   Pacific
Coast, upon   a   united,   loyal    and en-
thustoBtlc party, whieli will undoubtedly ill Ihe C ing   elections   send    to
Ottawa solid Conservative representation.
Further,   we  congratulate  you and
the Conservative   party of   Canada   on
your acceptance  ot  th,.  nomination
for Brandon electoral division in op-
po.sitoii to the present minister of the
interior, li Is needless to say we are
confident your election is ,r urcd, ami
wc    fully     realize     givai     additional
strength given to th,- Conservative
party UlOUghout the Dominion iu   the
Will only receive the public for ONE HOUR tomorrow afternoon, but
Will be open from 7:;,o a.m. to 7 p. m., and arc prepared
to show the Latest Importations !|��
Nobby Jackets and Go!! Capes
At Very Lowest Prices.
approaching struggle by your active
participation therein, and which will,
we believe, have a direct and hcllc-
tlcial effect on Ihe history of our
country for years to come.
Signed   on   behalf   of the executive
and members of the M. L.i'. cluh.
B, C, [RVIN0, lion.-Sec.
GEO, LEARY, President.
Hume. ��� Mrs. II. .1. Uroody, Sandon'.
W. C, llayward. Crand Forks; II. T.
liobson, Boston; I. II. Freeman. Victoria; J. A. Teporlcn. Vancouver; li.
.1. Daniels, Procter: T. .1. Armstrong,
New York ; (I. Mack, Chicago;!', li.
Hill, Vancouver,
Phair I., lalwin Dudley, Vancouver; T. C. Thompson, Fernie; S.
shiinizu. Vancouver; Hob. QUI, Ottawa; Fume Becher, llossland; Martin
Welch. Spokane; Claude F. Cregun,
Kossland; E. Woolrlch, (Ireenwood;
Ii. P. Patenaude, Helena, Montana;
W. F. Dubois. Slocan City; (>, W.
Dawson. Silverton; T. .1. O'Reilly,
Silverton; (.'. D. Hunter, Sandon;
Mrs. Prlngle and Mrs. Woleott, San
Francisco; (I.  It.  Frederick.   Spokane.
Winnipeg. Sept, 11.���A meeting of
the C. P. II. strike arbitrators was
held yesterday in the ollice of ,1. A.
M. Aikins. and Messrs. O'Connoll and
Alkins for their respective sides presented their ti mil arguments. Each
spoke for an hour, and Iheir arguments were taken down vcrhntliln.
and will be transcribed for .Mr.
Strang'- use. The arbitration is now
closed, and Mr. Strang will give bis
decision sometime before the 15th
inst. Mr. O'Connoll leaves on the
Imperial  Limited tonight lor tbe east.
111(111 JOHN
Montreal.    Sept.
Wil.I, WAIT.
11.���II    is    stat,
here today that Hugh John Maedon
aid will mil resign the 1 .���cinier.ship
of Manitoba until the date of the general elect ions has   been  announced.
A witty judge in Topeka, Kansas,
the other day was delivering an address on law and lawyers, lie Illustrated the law's delays as follows:
"If I were to give you an orange. I
would simply say I give you this orange, hut should the transaction be
entrusted lo a lawyer to put in writing he would adopt this form : I hereby give, grant and convey lo you all
my Interest, right, title ami advantage of and iu said orange, together
with its rind. skin, juice pulp, and
pits, and all right ami advantage
Ihrein. with full 'power lo bile, such
or otherwise eat the same, or give
away wilh or without rind, skill,
juice, pulp and pits, anything hereinbefore or iu any other deed or
deed's instruments of any nature or
kind whatsoever to the contrary in
any wise notwithstanding"
Give the Eyes a Chance GREAT NORTHERN
In nil ages, In all Land*, tho eyes should be
pi rmiiteii to givo ttotr ownew uuhamporcd
li' Vor Woi'i.n II,ni. YOUH Kyi-k y i;it\ k
VOO   in TflB BK8T WAY
You Khmilil K_c llmi thoy aro correctly filled
with proper tflasm's. (hir attention InsuroH
yon satisfactory Bight, Our lunser* lit, your
t-yes und our frames III your faeo.
F^tenaude Bros.,    opticians
Kerr & Co,
Sec them  SS OO
See them at $10 00
S15.00, $20.00
tin   to   dale.
with Hugh
K\'< IIANliKS.
John   leading
West Siftollislll  is doomed.
���   ��   *
sir Charles,    the    patriot
statesman, and Hugh   John,
who keeps his word.
thc man
Hugh .lobn i.s to the front.
������King the knell of boodling,
"King it loud and long. "
Kerr & Co,
Advertisements Inserted uinler thisheodat
the rate of ODQ emit a word por iiiKortion. No
lulvcrtimiiiicnl Ink on for loss than 2ff oents.
_0H   RENT- Three   furnished    rooms,
suitable for light housekeeping, centrally   located.      Address   A.    B,   (.'.,
.Miner Ollice.
I'm:     SALE.���Mendelssohn     Piano,
Cabinet Sewing   Machine (Singer).
Apply   Qeo,    Qurd,   Hoom   1. Turner-
Uoeckh Ulock.
WANTKI). ��� Immediately,        small
I se. cottage or part   house,    aboul
ten minutes walk from Opera House,
slate particulars, "MILLS'' Miner
unfurnished r,
lly, with board,
nnd wife want two
mins in private fain-
or privilege of light
���II" Miner Ollice.
PALACE d]nl.q:a_ji):oeserva_io-
Close connect ion Ka-st anil Westbound at Spokane wilh trains of the
trains of the Spokane Fulls uml Northern Railway.
Direct connection at St. Paul without, change of depot with all trains for
Chicago, Toronto. Montreal, New York
and all points West anil Soutli.
Leaves Spokane daily for East at 10:15 a.m
Leaves Spokaue daily lor Wost at 7:45 p.ui
West-bound trains make direct eon'
neotlon for Victoria and Vancouver
Tort land, San Francisco, uml all points
on the Sound.
During I he season of navigation East
hound trains connect at Dllluth with
thcinagniliccnl steamships North West
and North-Land of theNor thern Steamship Oompany Lino, operated in connection With the tIreat Northern liail-
For further Information, maps, folders, etc., apply In any agent of Spokane
Falls & Northern Ky., Kaslo Sl Slocan
Ity., Kootel ai Railway & Navigation
Oo,, or In
Ucul. Pass. St Tkt. Agt.   Oom'el Agt.
St. Paul, Mill       Spokane. Wash
s. Bavioui.s 1 h;n,ii.i. iiI -iii'ucu���Corner
Want and silica sis. Sundays: Holy Com-
nuniioii 8n. in.; anil on llio Isl and 3rd. undiiys
ill llio month aft or Mill I ins; Mat tin- at 11 n.m.;
Bunday school 2,80 p.ni; Kvensong 7..'tu. Dally:
Matt Ins nt. 11.80 _, m. Thursdays nnil Satnt-
Daysi Holy ('nmniiiiiion III a. in. Fridays:
Bvonsong 7.80 p. nu, followed by oholr prao-
Uoo. H. s. Akeluirst, Rector. Fred Irvine,
(loo. Johnstone, Wardens.
Catholic Church-���Comer Word nmi Mill
streets Mass ovory Bunday ul Kami lii.inin.iii
Bonodtotton at 7.30 p.ni.   Mass overy week day
at7.15a.nj.   Hov.  Father Ferland Roetor.
PiutsBYTicniAN Cnuni u  Services at it n.m.
nnd  7.30   p,_l,     Sunday School nl 2.311 p.111.
Prayor mooting Thursday evonlng nl 8 ii.m.;
Christina Kndeavor "
dny  evening   oil 8
AlKTiioniRT CnunoH���Cornor Silica unit
Josephine StrootS, Services al. 11 a.in. and 7,30
p. in.; Sabbath Sohool, 3,80 p.m.j Prayer meet-
ing on Friday ovonlng nt. 8 o'clock: Kpwnrlh
League 0, Hi., Tuesday at 8 a.m.     Rev. John
liobson, Pastor.
Baptist Church ��� Borvloes morning nmi
evening at 11a.m. and 7.80 p.ni.; Prayer moot.
Thursday evening at 8 p.m. iho n. v
slinu Kndeavor Society moots ovory 'I
" o'clock.    Hov. K. Frew,
P.u. Tuesday ovonlng at 8 o'clock. Strangers
cordially weloomod. Hov. U. J. Collllor While.
Salvation Ai_.iv-Sorvto s ovory ovenlng
nl 8 o'clock In barraaks on V ctori street
Adindnnl, Kdgoeoinbn in ehnriro.
NKLSON- LOIHIK,   No. i'i. A. Y. St A
M. moots second Wednesday In oaeh
month,   Visiting lirolliorn welcome.
I.  O. O.  Y.     Kooloiiny Lodge
^ No. 16, moots ovory Monday night,
nl   thoir   ilnll,   Kootonay  Hlmot
Sojourning Odd Fellows cordially Invltod,
John A. Mcltne. N.ll.   I). W. Rutherford, V.G.
!��� red .1. Squire, Per. See.
Nelson Kiicnlnplnenl No. 7. Moots every hid
and Iih Friday or each month, iu Odd Fellows'
Hull, coiner linker nnil Kootonay street .
Nolson. A. II. Cloinonls ('. P.; II. MoAr_ni.\
t. S.   Vis!ling brothers nhvnys welcome.
NICI.SON   LODOK   No.    lb, K. nil'
nioiils in K, of P. hall, Oddfellows hluek
irv  Tuesday evening nt 8 o'olook
J]A11 visiting knlghls cordially  invited
F. J. Bradley. C. C.
. A. PaqUBTT-, K. of H.nud S.
It   is   certninly   gratifying   to    tho
public to know nf one concern   in   the
hind who are not afraid to ho generous
to the needy ami suffering, Tho proprietors of Dr. King's Now Discovery
for Consumption, Oonghs and  Golds,
have given nwuy over ten million
trial bottles of this great mediolnOj
and hnve the  satisfaction   of knowing
it has absolutely cured thousands of
hopeless cusph.     AnUuim,   Bronohitis,
IIoarso.iesH and all diseases of the
Thront, Chest and Lungs am snroly
cured bv it. Oall on Canada Drug &
Hook Store and get a free trial bottle.
Regular size fine and fl. Kvery bottle
guaranteed, or price refunded.
Spring chicken and all the delioaoias
of the season laryed to yon when you
visit Plorenoe Park Hotel nt Roberts'
Hunch, IWO and a half miles up the
river.    W. M. Roberts, propiietor.
WANTED���General    housework     i
chamber work,   Address "C" Mint
Miss BUSHPIELD, Graduate Nurse. ! #=%
Open for engagements, Telephone 00. [L n if
WANTED-   A   g I   Kirrfm"^nreml|S"0,E'f,
housework. Apply Kossland Hotel, j %===_#
Vernon Slreet.
WANTED���Apprentices to learn dress-    OOURT KOOTKNAY, I, o. F., No. ��!��'
malting,    Apply   Martin  O'Ueillv ,. ' Mooting* 4t,li Tlnirsdnycf^nonth.   Fraternal
NKLSON L. O. h. No. 1S82 meets in I'm-
ternltl' Hall on Brsl nnd third Friday evenings
of each month nl, S o'clock. Visiting uioinliors
oordlolly invited, ic. Robinson, VOL: wm.
Crawford, R. 8.
NhLSON'S   QUKKN    NO.  211
SONS    OK    ENGLAND,    moclj
the itrst Wednesday ovonlng"'
each month nt Kiiilernily nnil,
corner of linker nnd Kootemiy
street*. Visiting hrclhorn cord-
inlli Invitod.
John Watson, Secretary.
City Hall.
���Furnished rooms. Good
Second   door   cast  of
HK.l   CLASS   room   and   hoard  in
private family, ....,.u ami |o,   Table
board 84.   Oarbonate Street,   second
house east of Josephine.
FOR   SALE   (' 111. A P-T_r^n_^-7.
ami 111 acres opposite Nelson.    _'owl
house.    Running water.    Aiuilv 0
NewliiiK. linker Street, '
j hall, J A Irving C. H.   P. It. Fleming. H.S,
NKIJ50N AKH1K No. '._, F. O. K., meet*
evory second and fourlh Wednesday*! of cneli
tn onth. Visiting members cordially Invlt"
Charles Prosser, Seoretary.
Dominion and
Land Surveyor.


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