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 Daily Edition No. 825
The Political Champions Have
Buckled On Tlieir
Prov inc.
ia.'Library g31o��
Nelson,   British Columbia. Saturday Evkning,  September 8,  1900.
Eleventh Year
Sir Charles Tupper Takes
Credit for Canadian
Alulierst,    N.      S..    Sept.    8,      II.    J.
Logan, M, I'., was re-nominated by
the Liberals tor Cumberland County
yesterday. Among the speakers al the
iiuiniiiiiti.nl meeting were ll"".
Messrs. Fielding, Paterson, and
Blair, and D, C, Fraser. Mr. Fielding told tin- story ol the surplus; Mr,
Paterson defended the tlovernment's
tariff policy, claiming thai it was
tariff for revenue only, and Mr. Ulalr
defended hta manngemeni of the Intercolonial Railway.
SI.     ,I,,Im.    ...    B.,    Sepl.    8,     Al    a
meeting of the Conservative Insi
evening, Sir Charles Tupper took tbe
whole creilll for sending tho Canndlnn
contingents to Siuiih Africa. He declared thai if he hail nut tal;en the
matter up, tllc lr<���ips would never
l;>, lieen neiu. lie also condemned
tlic Government's policy regarding
the Intercolonial Railway,
I'. 11. Mouk, M. v., for Jacques
t'artler County, Quebec, Bpoke on behalf nf the Province lie ropreaented,
assuring tin- Conservatives thnt there
Iimi been a hig change in the politioal
feeling there, lion. Mr. Foster was
llio present,   but   had   little   new   to
Toronto, tint.. Sept. 8.���The Liber*
nil, "f KaHl York have chosen N. Vi.
Howell, a rising young barrister of
Toronto, t,, oppose W. 9. McLean, the
lilting nu'inlier, at the general elections.
Fergus, Ont,, Sept. 8.���Centre Wellington Liberals have aguin chosen
Andrew Seinple, M. I'., to Contest
tlmt riding on their behalf at tho next
general elections.
Ottawa, Sept. 8.���Lord   Roberts, In
"uaiva, M-pt. 8.���l.oni Kuiicrts, in
l despatch to Sir Alfred Milner, at
Capetown, regarding the work of tho
Canadian garrison at Pan,thai repulsed the Boers, according to hia de*
ipatch of yesterday, says the attack occurred ai daylight on the morning of
tlic 'ith anil wns inndi* by a force under Commandant Trokhart. The de-
ipateh gives names of wounded and
missing aa follows; Wounded, Major
Saunders, (not Handon), Lluetonants
Moodie and D. P, Johnson. The two
��rst named were formerly members of
tlm Northwest Mounted Police, nnd
the last named from I'inehei' Creek,
The missing are Sergeant Ilnyn, N.
���V, M. p.. Private Shaw, B. C, H. I.,
Sergeant McOulloch, N. W. M.. P.,
Private C. M. Clendenning, Snd Dra-
aiul several of tlie orew have arrived
nt Vancouvor, Capt. Nowoombo made
the statement that Ihe Second mate
wiih in charge when the steamer run
on shoal rooks a 11:30 at night, Capt.
Newciiiniic was asleep at the time of
the accident. After getting the passengers ashore anil looking after
their comfort, he proceeded to Skagway arid chartered a steamer to lake
the passengers thoro, so thai tho aool*
dent dolayed the passengers a very
short time on their journey. The ear-
go is sai,l to bo ii total loss, as ii Is
all under waler and consists chiefly or
provisions and clothing,
Victoria,     11,     ('.,      Sept.     B.-   The
steamship   Walls     Walla    fi i     San
Francisco with a case of smallpox- on
board will bo required to slay at Wil-
liauiHheail for two weeks. A largo
number of passengers are on board.
(Ieorge lllloy ami Major John Nicll-
olls are spoken of as the Liberal candidates at the approaching Federal
All arrangements have heen made
for the Fifth Regiment Band to go on
a concert tour of ..astern Canada and
Vauoouver, Sept. 8,���Yesterday an
old  resilient uf  Vuncouver was found
dead at the Canadian Paoiflo Railway
coal bunkers.   The man, whose nnnie
IS Thulium Slewnit, residing en Davis
Street, had evidently died   from   licnrl
failure.   Some years ago, while work
ing  in   n   mine,   he received   u severe
blow on the bead, and he hnd suffered
v,ith his bead ever since. The Coroner will not hold nu inquest, ns Unman evidently died fi-nm natural
causes, Deceased was 05 years of age,
nnd leaves a wife and several grown
up children.
Paris. Sept. 8,���A banquot of g\-
ganttc proportions will he given in
Paris on September 83nd, when President Loubot will entertain nil the
mayors of Franco to celebrate the exposition, fifteen thousand guests
will sit down at tables in Immense
tents erected ill the gardens at the
Tiilleries. overlooking the Rue de Tl-
voli. The banquet will cost 500,000
I nl lies.
Ottawa.   Sept.   8.���Lambs'   biscuit
manufactory on the corner of Turner
Dalhousie and   Murray Streets, burned to the ground this afternoon  with
a loss of about 810,000, covered by insurance Julian's undertaking establishment alongside was nlso destroyed
with  a loss of about (3,000.
Ottawa, Sept. 8.���The Government
him heen notified by the Colonial Office
"'the passage of a bill by the German Reichstag granting favored-nation treatment to all liritish subjects
"nd products of the Hritish Colonies, excepting Canada ami Barbadoes.
Ths exclusion of Canada is of course
���������tended as a slap for the Canadian
insistence upon the Anglo-Gorman fa*
Wred nation treaty.
Ottawa,   Sept.   8.���A Mllltla order
1Ss'"''l   today   provides   that,   warrant
"" '"' ��'ter four years' service, will
* granted an Increase of pay at the
fate nf twenty-five cents per diem,
"'"' B,tM oighl years another Increase
"twenty-live   cents   per   diem.    The
wiowanoe  for drill Instruction is; in-
��WMed from };u (��� g|��� per milium.
Brantford, out.. Sept. 8.���Word
has heen received here that dipt. C.
M. Nelles, of this city, now in South
Africa, will he sent to Ceylon in
charge of .",,o0o Hoer prisoners iu a
few days.	
Mr. A. !'. Murray, dairy inspector
anil commissioner of the Province of
Manitoba, spent yesterday among the
merchants of Nelson who buy 'Tie pro-
duet ofthe dairies of that Province.
When Mr. Murray was seen hy a Miner representative last evening and
asked a. lo the object of his trip to
this Province, he said : "Por several
years past a portion of the product of
the dairies when shipped to the western
country arrived in a condition that
made it unlit for in.' and I am visiting Britisli Columbia to Iind out iu
just what condition it must lie shipped
bo as to preserve the entire quantity
thai is sent. I have found several
points with which we will have to
contend, ami 1 have obtained valuable
Information which I will use in making  my    report   to   the   I Iovernment.
The report will undoubtedly he published in pamphlet form and sent not
only to the owners of creameries hut
will nlso he placed in the hands of
the ranchers and dairy men who ship
large quantities of that  product,   ami
especially butter to tlie ciiininerciul
centers   of   liritisli     Columbia    every
year."    Mr.    Murray   left for tl nst
by Ihe Crow's Nest l'ass on   the   10:30
hunt last evening.
v|''t��rio,     Bept,     H.-Capt.     New-
WOlbe. nf ,l,v wrecked steamer Cutcli,
There will he an important   rehearsal on Monday evening 'it St.Saviour's
Church school r 1 for thc principals
and chorus of Mikailo.    The   commit-
lee especially   requests all those   who
intend taking part iii the performance
to lie   present.    They   also   ask   those
who have heen taking ihe  rehearsals
ami who do not propose to contlnuo.to
notify   the    honorary   secretary.    Mr.
Melville Parry, ai an eorly date,
Politics  Will  Soon   Be  the
All-Absorbing Question.
A Punitive Policy in China
Would Have Pleased
(11V   ASSIM I ATl'.ll  I'll I'.SS.|
London Sept.. H.���The week was
prolific of discussion, Bul the main
questions of International and national interesl. while they appear to
he profiling by tho general desire for
peace, which remains tlie strongost
factor of international polities, and
appear to be approaching a solution,
have not yol reached the point of lin-
ality which Great Britain so earnestly desired in order that she may attend to her private concerns,
Among the latter, stand out most
prominently the South African question and the general elections. By
the help of the desire i'or peace dominating all nations, Great Britain has
heen enabled to achieve without hindrance the formal annexation of
South Afrielan Republics. Lord Roberts "Proclamation," however, has
not advanced matters much.
In spite of the disconcerting persistence of ihe Burghers, the British Government apparently has determined to
carry out the Hellenic lor an early appeal to ihe country, biverything appears to he shaping for an October
election and the return to Knglniul of
Lord Salisbury during the coming
week will probably speedily be followed hy n definite announcement of the
date of tlie dissolution as well as'Brit,,
ish views on far eastern matters,
Among tlie interest ing features of tlie
election news is the movement on the
purt ofthe Liberal Unionists to return to the Liberal fold and to he
again what Sir Wm. Vernon Hat-court
described himself to he in liis speech
of September I, "Liberal without
any adjectives. "
Mr. Anthony Hope Hawkins, the
novelist, is again a candidate for a
seat in Parliament. Uo has been
adopted as the Liberal champion for
"I never knew so many improvident
Americans in London.'' said I'nited
States Vice Consul Westcote to a representative of the Associated Press.
"At tills time of the year you are sure
to find many who have taxed their
financial resources. But the supplications for relief here outnumber anything ill the history of the Consulate.
Of course there are no means in our
hands to finance stranded travellers,
audi" there   were,    they    would   long
since have been expended, Guests at
the leading hotels say they cannot go
into the streets without boing beselg-
cd for financial aid by Impoverished
New Vork. Sept. s,��� A solution of
the Chinese question which would
have been popular In England would
have heen the adoption by the Anicr-
icn tIovernment of a punitive policy
enforced  by the   employment   of an
army of 35,000 Or 30,000 troops, says
the London correspondent of The Tribune. The British Government would
have followed the lead of the American State Department and would have
largely increased its own military
forces iu China for the purpose of securing the punishment of the guilty
mandarins, the dethronement of the
[impress Dowager and the reorganization of the imperial Government.
since tho state Department has not
taken this course, the Foreign Office
here has adopted it policy of masterly
Inactivity and has, bocn prepared to
acquiesce in nny arrangements which
may he made hy Russia and tlermany.
(ieriiiany has not rejected RusbIu s
scheme outright hut has reduced it i"
M measure for a partial withdrawal of
tlie European, Japanese an'1 Ainerl
cun forces, so tbat Count Von IValdorsee
will have ai least a small International force to command   and  some j
thing to do which will be dignified
and conspicuous, It may be safely assumed that the liritisli Foreign olllee
will assent to any policy which secures a general agrecinciil of the Powers and obviates the necessity for u
partition of China,
Christiana. Sept. 8.���Further details regarding tho Arctic expedition
of the Duko of Ahru_7.i, on hoard the
Stalin Polar, whose safe return was
reported yesterday from TnuiiKoc.Norway, show thnt, the expedition lust
year, through Nightingale Sound nnd
Ihe British Canal,reached as far north
as 8S.'I, lull finding no wintering bar*
lior. il returned to Teplit..Bay, Crown
Prince Rudolphs Lund, where the
Stella Polar wns fro/en iu ubout September 1st. The Duke of Arhruzzi s
lingers were frost-hitteii un a trial
sledge trip nt Christinas und two
joints were amputated, obliging him-
tu remain for several months in his
lent, tin August, iih the Stella Polar
started homeward. She traversed thc
British Canal in a single day and
then drifted about for a fortnight in
a seveie struggle with drift ice before
reaching the open sen.
Pretoria, Sept. s.���It is stated that
(ienernl Dewet has joined Thcron in
tlie neighborhood of Johannesburg
and that tlie total Boer force there
numbers 1,500. The enemy is holding
a position ln the high hills soutli of
the town. A considerable force is now
in pursuit. The Boers have llo artil-
New Vork, Sept. s The live story
brick building occup'.ed by the Thomas
C. Clark paper box factory in the
Borough at Bronx, was totally wrecked by lire curly this morning. The
osa is about ,.1000.
No time Mill be lost by the city in
completing arrangements for the reception of Lord and Lady Minto who
will arrive in Nelsou at 10:30 Wednesday morning and will remain here
until 10:80 thut evening. A special
committee on arrangements consisting
of Aldermen Irvine, Arthur, and
.Morrison, was appointed last evening
ut the meeting of the City Council
This afternoon a committee will be
appointed by the Nelson Board of
Trade and the two will co-operate in
arranging a programme, A committee meeting will he held at 8 ;80 this
afternoon to draft a programme for
ihe day's entertainment of Their Kx-
eellencies. The proposed programme
which will undoubtedly he adopted
by the committee this afternoon is
quite appropriate for the occasion. Ou
the arrival of the guests of honor,
they will be met by a delegation of
the City Council and will he escorted,
with the military bond and members
of the Rooky Mountain Rangers ns a
guard of honor, to the centrul school
grounds, where a platform will he
erected. An address of welcome prepared on behalf of the city will he
read hy City Clerk John Strnchaii.nnil
presented to Lord Minto liy Mayor
Houston.    Another addieas on   behalf
of the Board of Trade will be read by
Secretary Swannell and presented by
President Holt. Patriotic songs will
he rendered hy the school children.
I'Toin the school Lord and Lady
Minto will be escorted to the Hotel
Phair, where luncheon will he served.
In the afternoon in company with
one or two of the   city   ollieials   tbey
will he escorted to the General Hospital and Hall Mines smelter. On their
rel urn from this trip to tlle hotel nil
hour will he devoted to n public reception. At H o'clock in the evening
an elaborate banquet will lie given to
Ihe guests of honor. After the linn-
ijiiet. tbey will he given u military escort to the 10:30 boat.
London, Sept. 8.���The British Admiralty announces that 'the members
of the Naval Brigade who participated in the relief of l'ekin have rejoined
their ships.
Berlin, Sept. H.���A despatch r iv-
eil today from Amoy, dated September oth says all the foreign marines
have landed    theioand  that, Kulang
Fu hud withdrawn  that morning.
Lacrosse, Wis., Sepl. 8. ��� Patrolman
I'erly Gates was shot dead by three
thieves last night, as he was attempting to arrest them for holding np a
man on Lacrosse Bowl.
An International Yacht Race
Sailed  Today at
An American Boat Wins the
First Race In Good
Rochester. N. V.. Sepl. s. When
the sunrise gun was fired this morning' from the dock of the Rochester
Yacht cluh. many of the members
were astir preparing for the race for
the International Cup, The Heel of
local and visiting yachts rode upon
the quiet waters of the river nnd
soarcely n breath of wind moved the
penants and ensigns that floated from
mastheads and stays. The morning
mist, disappeared at 8 o'clock ami the
lively scene was flooded with sunshine. The crews of Ihe Minotn and
the Qenessee were up and about and
at S o'clock the work of unfurling
sails nnd preparing finally for ihe race
wus begun.
The nice todny is tlie lirst of a series of races between the Minota. of
Toronto, and the Gehessee, of Rochester, for the Fisher Cup. The course is
a triangular one. three and one-half
miles to u leg. with a total of ten
miles. The yachts will go over the
course twice, making SO miles and
tlie race must finish in five ami one-
half hours.     The   judges   are   Thomas
B. Prltchnrd of Rochester, Prank   M.
Gray, of Toronto, and .1. 9. Monck,
of Hamilton, They also aet ns timekeepers und starters. Wilson II.
Cross, the scrutineer for ihe |[. V. c.
is on hoard the Minota. and Ki-ncst
MaoRae will be scrutineer for ihe  K.
C, V. C,  on the Oenessee.
At 8:80   a.   in. Skippers   Davis   and
Jarvis appeared  on   their   res| tive
boats and at 0:15 the Minota swung
into the centre of the river, her sails
were set and she glided gracefully
up the river n short distance, putting
out ou the lake. The (lenessee followed soon after. At 0 o'clock the
judge's boat went over the race
At 10:80 a. in. the preparatory gnu
was tired from   the end   of   the   West
Pier and at the same moment a blue
ling wus hoisted Indicating* thai the
yachts were to pass the buoys lo the
Bt&rboard side. The second prepara
lory gun wus tired ut 10:50and at this
signal the yachts lined up for the
sturt. The tlrst leg of the triangular
course will lie sailed north liy   north*
cast to the second buoy, then south by
southeast, three-quarters south, to the
third buoy, and then west, one-half
south, to the Starting Liiioy.
Thc start wus made ut ll:lua. m.
as follows: Qenessee, 11:02.30; Minota, lllii.'l. Thc Canadian yacht was
to windward at the start and Jarvis
sailed closer to the course than Davis,
At 11 :40 a. in., on the second leg of
the lirst tack, the Minota was well in
the lead, but tlle Geueaseo being lo
windward was picking^ up.   At   i n
it was difficult to distinguish the po-
sitiolls. because of Ihe distance and
the intervening sailing craft along
the course.
At 18:48p.m. the Qenessee was loading.
At  2:05 p.   iii.   tlie Qenessee  was
leading by half a mile.
The Qenessee crossed the finish line
at 2:52. winning' the lirst race with
the Minota fully a mile and a half
from tlie finish line.
William MeN'ahli: "Lusl week Ihe
Drill had au Item aboul a dog salmon,
shot iu lioai Oreek by Maxy Heck
iiiann. What became of it wns told
in The Nelson Miner of August 30:
'William McNuhb, the C, P. It. en
glneer, caught a salmon trout at
Slocan Lake yesterday lhat weighed
21 1-2 pounds. It was caught wilh a
troll and look a considerable amount
of muscle to land. Mr. McNllbb is a
brother-in-law of Horace iluino ami
the Iish provided for the guests at the
Hume al lunch today and will also
sec them through dinner.' The drinks
are on  Horace. "
Mr. Mansfield Assumes Control of
West Kootenay   Brick Company.
Ernest Mansfield has taken over the
sole management of the West Kootenay ll Ick, Lime and Marble Company, and will begin at once to make
extensive Improvements iu the present
plant. Mr. W. II. Dowsing, who has
heen managing the company, has resigned from that position.
In Improving tne brick   plant, new
inachl y will he put in   making' the
capacity of the plant 35,000 bricks per
day. In connection with ihe Marble
industry, new   marble sawsj and pol
tailing lllle Tilery will lie installed,   ll
is expected thai the expense connected
with the Improvements will he over
(15,000. The new company will he
known na thc Brnest Mansfield Marble, 1'Tek ,v Lime Manufacturing
Mr. Mansfield will open un oflice in
his hloek on Baker Street, Mr. Hall
Cane bas been appointed Becrotary of
,.he new company.
Personnel ot Um Chinese commission
Occupies the Time of the
I'nris, Sept. s   ,\t   Mawlona   Lafittc
yesterday Tod Sloan, on Ihe    Hue   De
llrumi.lit's Barncvcldt, won   the   Prix
De Chamant,   of   1 1   francs,   over   a
curse of ;iliiu meters, Tin' American
Jockey also won the Prix de Manic
moil francs,over a course ,,f -"" meters
on the Due lie Gramont's r'rnlsclcr,
The Blooan Drill of   thc  ,ili Im'  th"
following in regard lo Hie l.ig salmon
trout  recently  brought to Nelson   by
ill 1    issol IAIT.II PRISM.)
Washington. D. c.. Sept. 8.���There
were no substantial developments
over night in the Chinese situation
hut there is reason to believe thai lie
negotiations have now reached another crisis and developments of Importance are expected,the nature of which
it is nol    possible at  present    to   even
The  stale   Department offloials are
giving a good deal of attention lo Ihe
discussion of the personnel of u commission to ndjlist some phases of tlle
Chinese trouble, l.i Hung Chung is
still ul Shanghai, and unollieial advices that reach here Indicate thai he
is in no hurry to leave for   IV!,in
The State Department is in receipt
of u cablegram f om United states
Consul General Qoodnow ut. Shanghai,
dnted Sepember t, reporting the
deaths about July .11 at I'Tinehu ami
Taku, of the following   missionaries:
Hev. ami Mrs. C. Vi. Pierce uml
daughter IToreliee. Itev. and Mrs. K.
II. Atwaler and Iwo children, Kev.
.'ind Mrs. II. II. 1 lapp. I.'ev. I.e. I.
Williams, Rev, T. W. Davis. Miss
Itowen Bird and Viss Mary I.. Part
The    Depart nt    has   notified   Ihe
respective missionary hoards of which
the victims were members and their
relatives as far as |w sihle.
Acting Secretary of state mil authorises tin- announcement, that a t<-i
egruni from Commissioner RocKhlll,
dated Shanghai, Sept. 7. states thai
Ihe missionaries arriving from the
west and north report ijuiet every
where   along   Ihe   routes.    Only   four
northwest provinces Indicate signs ,,f
The   Liberal Candidate Declares For Non-Abusive
The Fight  in This  District
Will Be Very Closely
Mr. W. A.   Galliher, Liberal  nominee for thc Dominion    House   for   the
Yale-Cariboo     Btltuency    reached
Nelson last nlgbl from Revelstoke
where he was iu at ten,la nee upon the
convention which nominated him. lie
spent this morning receiving the congratulations of his many friends in
Nelson nnd assuring them thut he
was out for as many votes al it is pos-
ssihle for him lo get. It is said also
thut he exhibited several limes symptoms of 1 he laic Si r John A. Mncdon-
uhl's failing, in thai he lifted several
small babies from thoir carriages and
impressed upon their brows kisses
such as Sir John used to have behind
him during campaign time, in conversation witli a Miner man. Mr. Galliher said thai as he did nol know
when the general elect iocs would lake
place he   was as yet   uncertain   us  to
Ihe beginning of liis campaign. "As
soon as it  is   definitely   known   when
Ihe elections are to he held.       he said.
��� I will he iu a better position to
speak iii regard to my   movements.    1
huve  aeeepted    tlic    nolo i lllll ion    uud   I
um going into Hie tight determined to
win. I understand my opponent is to
he either ihe Hon, Charles Mackintosh oi- Mayor l, leve.  They are Loth
good   men    and   gentlemen   and with
either of them in tlie light tiie campaign should he a clean one and free
from all personal abuse. So fur us I
am concerned personally I will not.
sloop to personal abuse, it is not necessary und it is pleasant,���!��� for all
when it is avoided,"
The following nre   thc   returns    for
the Athabasca mill run   for August:
Period of run     .'lu day-. II hours
Tons crushed Llo
Bullion recovered 812,536.00
Concentrates    4,875.00
Value of bullion recovered per
ton ore crushed ISO. 13
Value of concentrates recovered
per ton ore crushed   11.83
Total values r, vered per ton of
ore crushed  40.40
The corrected total  rel urns for,luly
are 118,330,
Itremerhuvre. Sepl   -     Three    trans
porta conveying troops to China, sail*
ed  from here Ihis afternoon.
Paris. Sept. I. -Active negotiations
are iu progress looking to u compromise arrangement with Runla regarding tho position she has assumed towards pekin. The communications
exchanged   between ths  Powers  now
have heller prolll'se   of  success.
The compromise suggested, it Is us-
scricd here, is the withdrawal  of the
forces of all    the  Powers from    Pekin.
leaving an International guard to
protect the Legations which will be
allowed to remain al the Chinese Cap
I tal pending a peace settlement, The
main body ,,f troops, it is said, a ill
reiire to the neighborhood ot Tien
Tsiu. leaving sufficient   forco   along
tho load to I p i,pen    the   route   and
railroad between Pekin and Tien
Toronto, Sept. s Private Greaves of
the lifih regiment, C. A. British  Col*
Ulllhill.   is a g Ihe   list   of    invalided
Canadians published by the Evening
Telegram here, who will sail from
Liverpool next Thursday  for  (Juebac,
Toronto. Sept. s rhe Toronto ezhl
lotion closed last night. Tlle total receipts show n de, ie:,~e us r,,iu|,a,vd
with  hist   year of *  I,
London, lint.. s,.j,i. s Frederick A.
Otter, n Cigar maker was struck by ll
trollej ear and probably fatally injured at the corner of Dun,his and
Wellington streets last night,
Toronto. Sept, 8���The New West-
minster lacrosse team are playing au
exhibition game with the Tecunuehs
on llanlan's Island this afternoon,
Glasgow. Sept, 8, An ollicial bulletin issued today, says   two additional
bubonic plaglle   cases    have    heell   ail
milted to the hospital   and   that   nine
additional    persons   have    I n placed
under observation,
Tlie commanding ollicer of the Kin,,
Company hai again requested thnt nil
rifles which have hen, loaned to iiiem-
f the    It I lie   Association    will h,;
at one" returned tu the  Armory,
I m__H
Nelson  Daily Miner,   Saturday  Evemino,  September 8, jqoq,
The Nelson Miner
Published  Every Afternoon   Kxocui Bunday
���HV TIIK���
Limitro Liability.
3HC   _______
1'it. U'.t'nL and   M:uiu:iii..   K.lltor.
llusiness MainiKt'i'.
li;, Pleel Street, K. ('.
Central Proas Agonoy, Ltd., Speolal Agont.
pally, per month, by carrlor	
Ilnlly, por moot li. li.v until ��� ..
Ilnlly, por year, hy oarrlor,
I i.tih. per yoar, by mall	
IJaiiy, per year, forolgn	
. . ���% 7 INI
    ;, nn
Weekly, por luilr year	
Weekly, por year	
Weekly, por yoar, foreign 	
Subscriptions Invariably in advanoe.
The announcement that their Excellencies, l.i,nl nmi Lady Minto, will
visit. Nelsun after all, will be receiveil
with pleasure hy the citizens, It now
behooves all liamls to join in tint! give
the vice regal party a right royal welcome, so that Nelson will maintain
its position its l}ueen City of the
Rootonays. Ifn light were placed in
every room in Nelson that has a window facing the l.'iltr. anil if the blinds
were left up. the Illumination would
he beautiful ami would Impress upon
the visitors the extent of the city. An
t'HVet su easily produced should nut
I,,- missed.
?1 _;,
'. tin
:i un
All Cheeks should tie made imyulile In I lie
nnler ui Nklson I'i iii.imiii.no COMPANY,
I'l.OSI'l.lilTY    PENDING,
I'.iiin the different camps in the Slo-
eaii , ns word of   renewed   activity
in mining; in tin' Nelson district
mining is in a more healthy condi-
linti than ever before, and in Kast
Kootenay only the most encouraging
progress is being made, There is a
contented feeling in the air and all
the signs of tbe times point to the
dawning of an era of great prosperity for the Kootenays. This is particularly noticeable in the Slocan.  where
progress means progress fm- Nelson.
Almost every day new and Important
deals are reported and payments on
lion,Is are constantly being m.n'e.
New properties are being actively developed, complete harmony exists between labor anil capital, merchants
are Bending in largnly Increased orders to wholesale houses, ami money
is much freer than it was a few
months ago. Bach of all this is the
continuous proving of properties,
Strikes of rich ore are now becoming
daily ami before many llluuns.  the list
or shipping mines ami dividend payers
will be largely augmented, In ihe
Nelson district wc)bave the Venus as
a sample ot", a property that can he
mail,' a rich producer in a year. A
year hence there will he many more
stamp mills on the hills Burroundlng
.Nelsun.   Ill Camp Man.stielil.llie Sniiiir-
glcr, which a year ago was marked by
one luiie cabin in several feet of snow,
is now reaily to ship hundreds of
tuns of exceedingly rich ore. Energetic ami capable management by tbe
Americans owning the property lias
produced such a   favorable  result.   A
year hence   will   see   scores     of   such
properties ready to ship. The Ainsworth camp, which has lain practically idle for some years, has received
great impetus from the operations of
the l.i;-1: ii syndicate which hits taken
over tho Highland group of claims,
up"ii which a rich Strike has recently
been mode. At the nn,uth of Woodbury Creek American capital has built
a little village of hoarding bouses,
hunk in,uses, stores and other build*
Ings Incidental to mining operations,
These buildings indicate the Imsi-
nes- iii<,, manner in whieh thc syndicate will wiiih lln- properties up the
en. nnd sume of ih,-in will uo doubl
Boon !.'��� added to tho shippers. At
the Mull) (lllmon a tramway is   being
 mm   ..I ami   its  completion   will
comine tli|] nts  iimi   will   soon
place th,ii   property  among   the fore*
must ,,f ;l nntry.    These arc but a
few of tl,. rapidly increasing number
of mines, picked nt random throughout the tlll.ll ,t, ami    shun   that ever)
part uf it , sharing in the general
advancement,   Tbe country   is un ihe
eve of great prosperity ami Nelsun can
look forward to the best winter it bus
eve  enjoyed.
It is a notable fact that    st of the
big mining deals now pending or re*
conty consummated tho-fi that the
Americans  arc   more  active   In   thi*
��� niry ihnn either Canadians ur the
capitalists uf (ireat Britain*, American agents are iu all ihe mining
camps looking for advantageous bargains for their principals ami a large
Amount of American capital will be
used to develop Kootenay properties,
When Bnglish capital begins to come
In as freely, the Kootenays will go
ahead hy leaps and bounds, Every
property that proves rich brings thut
time au much ncurcr.
Interesting    statistical    Information
Contained in a Recent Provincial Return.
A return made by Hon,Mr,Prentice,
Provincial Secretary, shows that  ".'7.-
17': votes were cast at tlle last Provincial election.    Thoy  were  divided   as
Electoral District uf Ballots,
Westlni lister:
Riding of  Delta      7'.".l
Riding of Chllllwack    r,:i4
Riding of  Dcwdney    584
Riding of Richmond     580
New  Westminster City 1,1
Vancouver City 4,348
West  Riding     510
Kast Biding 1,000
North  Riding    088
Kast Riding     213
West Killing     221
West Kootenay :
Revelstoke Riding    899
"Slocan Riding 1,331
"Nelson   Riding 1,1104
"Rossland Riding 3,034
Bast Kootenay:
North Riding    435
South Riding l.ois
Cariboo     489
Cassiar ~ 680
Victoria City 3,003
North Victoria     385
South Victoria     476
Esquimalt    410
Cowichan    841
Alberni     303
Nanaimo City     S7'i
North Nanaimo    506
Smith   Nanaimo     474
Coin'ix     ti4;i
Thus it will he seen that 7,'J71 votes
were cast on Vancouver Island, and
in.(ml on the mainland. As the island
returns 14 members ami the mainland
34 it follows that there is a member
for every 519 voters on the island, and
one for every 829 on the mainland.
At a general meeting of the It. C.
Inland Board of Trade, held in Kamloops on the evening of Friday, August -list, it was unanimously resolved
lhat the Board take the initiative in
calling a Convention, to he held in
Kamloops at in a. in., on Thursday,
September 37th, inst..' for the purpose
of organizing a Provincial Qood Hoatls
Association. Arrangements are being
made for reduced transportation rates.
E. T. Vi. I'earse. Secretary of tin
Inland Board of Trade, has issued notices to this effect and requests the attendance of representatives of all the
Boards of Trade In the Province.
I have just received
one of the largest
consignments of
Ever received in this
city. You'll have to
hurry or they'll all he
The Tobacconist.
The End of
The Season
Finds   us   with  ��.   low   pairs   of    Men's
and Women's Summer Shoes
on hand, and these we have marked down
very low. Yon may find your size in the
lot if you call early.
The Sbooista
i ���>^^vvvvw/^\**/v*^*w**^*V|i*vw*^v^^^v^*^v*vv '���
ri .hoki'K A CO. Limited���Oorwer Vernon
X ana t'edar s.in'1'i". Nelson���Mtimifauiui'-
m'_ ut and win,I,-,iile itrnlri-, in nertitod waters
niul fruit Hyi-upd. Hole itictml. fur Halcyon itot
Spring! mineral wilier.   Tolipliuiio flu,
.IT. N. M. Ciiiaiiiiiitt, LuBSOtt��� Kvery known
viiriotyutHoft(ti-inkN. riMiux. ,. Tulupliniu-
Nu. ill. Iloovur Sired, Solum, iloltlt'i'n ut lln
famuli, bl. Leon Hut Spring. Mlliuritl V\ iilt'i'.
CIA SI.  A  .MAfllllNAl.il  111. I'llliu,   JalllOK
'    A. Miu'iloiniMl    A-i'lini'i'l" mill i.ii|,i'i'in
ii'iiiU'iifi, i.rokoo Hill Hloek, corner linker itml
Ward Siroein, _siil_un.
iWCO R POR/ :W1670.
Just unloaded
f<'.   m.wmii>, i nt, i , of tho r.i'.iii Html
mill  Koutoiuiy   Hullo   ' ii;..,.,.    KucUiry  antl    An.-tt line fir rt(
ollloo, Hiikur fflruul, Nul.un. rWlUUH !
The Triune group, n Liiril.au property on which Ihe Lade BJOlhers of
Silverton hnve a lease, recently Blilp-
eil a cur of ore to the Trail smelter nud
received retnmi of $,.,i��l;i.4ii, being
3_a��l.Ii7 it ton. The lessees expect to
ship ISO tons more this winter. The
cost of Bhlpplng this ore to the smelter towns shows the disadvantage.
uinler which the I.artleiiu claim-hold
ers are laboring. To puck the nn
fnnn the Triune to Thompson Landing cost 825 a ton, antl from that
point a freigbt and smelter rate of $33
was obtained, making a total charge
against the ore. for transportation
alone, of SIT a ton.
Our  SltK'k   of
The New
ALL   STYLES.    ONE   PRICE,  $3.50.
We are Sole Agents.
H. & M. BIRD
Agents (ur Eureka  Mineral Wool and
Asbestos  Co.
Insurance, Go. of North America, Mutual Lifo
Insuranco Co., of New York, Quebec
Fire Assurance Go.
Three-story house on Parle Street,
Dear Bftker Street. To be sold eheap.
Part oash,
Building1 lots and residences in all
parts of  tlie city and Hume Addition
Two Story BoUBe, six rooms, furnished complete, on Observatory *street
dose to the Tram Line. 8:15.00 per
Seven room house on Carbonate St.
All modern improvemente; 8-5 per
Coal and  Wood.
Agenta Imperial Oil Oo. Ltd.
Crow's   Nest   Coal,   $@,J5
Anthracite,     -     -    $9.65
No order can he accepted unlesa
accompanied liy cash.
Office Coruer Hall antl linker Sheet..
OurFresb Roasted OolTeeBeatof
Quality, an follows :
Jnvannd Antliinn Mnctin. pur pound 9  40
.lii.it uml MootlB llluntl, .'1 pound.  1 (JO
Kino Santo.., i poundH  l oo
.SitiiltiH Hltiml   4 potliitlK  loo
(lur   .-liUf'liillH.nd, 11 pound.  1 00
Our ttlo Rout, 0 pounds  1 00
A TRIAL <>I(_>_'U Mll.ll n__��.
Salkhkooms :
2 doors ea8t of oddfellows
blook. w. baker st.
Kelson,      -      b. c.
is complete. All the
new ideas in Scribblers
atul   Exercise   Books.
9, 0. GREEN        P. 8. CLEMENTS
Civil Engineers and Provincial Land
P. O. Box Ut MulBon, B. 0,
Superfluous Hair
This is one ol the most unsightly, masculine, distressing and humiliating blemishes that any lady
of a sensitive disposition can be afflicted with.
There is but one metho d by vliiih lo lid jcuisf forever of
this obnoxious growth a nd t hfll is I \ Elecliol). i(the Klectric
Needle process). Therefore ladies troubled withthis disfigurement should consult a Specialist, one who does nothing else,
and who is trustworthy. The manager of the Chicago Electro*
lysis Co. is at present in Nelson at the Hume Hotel and is prepared to consult with and treat those affected.
��<uA tt+U *��uf CaJL<s* *r*4 <
amis   f*vf *^W tAtnUxL AwUi
4tifr Lfc
i Steves.
Two can Junt unloaded. We
have u liloe  ������ *"i: :   o.
MINING  H-KIUKK.       NOTAKI.  I'I lllll .
Windermere Mined.   Correap * eno.Hol'.oltxtl
Of Writing Paper won't lawt
long You'd belter p.ueu Another "hurr) up" order with
Vancouvkr Hardware Co.,   Limited
Baker Street,  Nelson.
I^ooips ai)d  Offices to ^ei>t,
Apply   io   ihe
JNlelsoi) Electric TraipWai) Co,
Corner Josephine arjdl   Verrjoij Street*.
HJ. KVANS A 00,-Bakor Streot, Nol-
���   Hon��� W tiultiMulu .inul. i.   In liquor., ul*
Kurn. ceiilunl, llio i'i i' 1   and lire clay,  wulol
pl |,f  nnil   hi ill   I nil,, ulld  |;.u,fi .il coiiiiiiIkuIoii
J    A. M'llONALD-Maddon Block. NoIhoii-
���      I' �� ll 11 '..    lt'O   OI'OUIll,      "tl.   li."   OUOOOlUlOH.
Iniili i'Kih_ ,'iillf. rl uil'i'l) .    loo 1 'li'iun   I'm Inn-.
V\'boloHule and rtitiill douloi. In Kinin.
ii,,). Hour. food.   MUU ��i Victoria, New Wv.t-
luin.li'i'; KdlllODtou, Alto. __Jnviilor_ oil fill
K.U) Ulld Kdlllinilou Kitllu ity. Miiuufiit'l urt'iv
of lho "ili'lu tnt',1 li. A K. brand corealn.
A MACDONALD A _o.-_onior Kronl
��� und Hull iiiivi-i*. Wli,il|.,.,ilii Krocorn
and jobbers tu blunkulH, glovo8, inttu, booU,
iiitiii.'i h, uiuckiiiuwN uud uilnora' Huudrioti.
J_l Otllco oorner Hull nud Kront _ll.utti,
/sul_on���Lumber, ceilliiK. M.mi inc. nnd uvory
lliiUK ln wood for building puriHineit. Uul our
pricuH.   L'orroHpondenco Hollcitod.
PllUllNd A Co.-Bukor Street, Neliou-
���   Wholettule doulern in frtM.li uud cured
inoitu,.   I 'ulil SioruKo.
Ilul','1' Slruet, Xiliuii   wiinii'i .ih' dull
on ln froitti und cured meaU.
Street, NoIhoii ��� VVIiolittule deulnm In
huidwure, uilnuni' HiiuplleH, Hporllng nootlii,
M'LACHLAN BROS. (Succohhoi.   lo Vnn
oouver Hardware Co, Ltd.i linker Streot,
Nelnon���\Vholenule duu!urn ln  hnnlwure nnd
iiimiiiK ,ii|i|iii,-.., pluiuueni' nnd I iiihiuii In,' Hup
_L1 puinlH, oil. und k>khh; ini'tluuiir. [mil,.
AKunlH foi tiiiiMin, Powder Work.; dynamite
rilUKNK'K, BKKTON A Co.-Corner Vernon
X und Joaopliluo Streula, Nelnon���Whcle
Hale dealuni ln liquor*. i'Ik'hi . nnd dry gootlH.
AgonU for F��t��t Browin|f Co. of Milwaukee
and I'nltfary Bruwiug Co of Calgary.
UDSON'S BAY Co. -Wholeaalo Kroeerlo-
and liqiiuin etc., Baker Street, Nelnon.
f . ALIKORNIA WINK CO., IJuiltod-Cornoi
\J t rout and Hall Street*, NoIhoii���Whole-
nale deulern In wiuut* icu .��� and bulk), und
douiontlc und Imported clgant.
JY. GRIFFIN 4 CO.-Corner Vernon und
���   Jnstipl,inn StroeU,  Nelwii ��� WholOHulii
ili'uliTM In in n\ niiiiii,', oured ���t.. butler und
Lumber. _
Delivered to any point
on Kootenay Lake.
I have a complete stock on hand ol
Rough and Dressed
Mouldings. Sash Doors.
Inside Finish.
Ooast Flooring, and
Finished Lumber*
Mill at PILOT BAY. Yards, NELSON
ond LARDO.
For family trade.    The best,
purest, and most palatable.
Special Prices to the
Corner Baker and Stanley Btreel*.
Spokane Falls A
Northern R'v.
Nelson A Fort
8heppard R'v.
Red Mountain R'v.
The only all rail route between
all points east, west and south to
Rossland, Nelson and intermediate
points; connecting at Spokane with
Great Northern, Northern Pacific,
and O. R. & N. Co.
Connects at Nelson v ith steamer
I'or Kaslo and all Kootenay lake
Connects at  Meyer's  Falls  with
stage daily for Republic,   and  connects at Bosshurg with stage  daily
for Grand Forks and Greenwood.
Lkavh. Day Train. Aiuuvi..
I0.:_i a.m Spokane 7:10p.ia,
12 :l_ii p. m Rowtliiud 5:30 p.m.
'J :3U a, in Nfletiu 8:00 p.m.
Night Train.
��:4.r> p.m Spokane 7:05 a m:
11:00 p.m KosBland 0:'30 it.m.
H. A. JAOKSON, Q. P. St T.A.
Spokane Wxib
Airnnt,. NuIhoii, B.O
Brewers of Fine Lager
Beer and Pot ter.
Mftlaon, B. 0.
Will |*y the higheHt oanh prlne for ill
kindr of oeoonrl hand xooda. Will boy
or atoll anything from an anchor to ���
ueedle. Fornitore, atovea, oarperti,
oooking utenaila, bought in bonnehold
qnantltiea. Also oaat off clothing
Oall and aee me or write. Addre*
Sllwr King Mike, Box 200. Hall
.trflflt. Ni'ilwin, B. O.
Atlantic S. S. Lines.
Krom Montrt��l
Allun Lino Corliilhlitn  BcptW
Allun Lino l'nrklnn Sopt ��
Dominion Line Vitnoouvor Bopl 15
Uiimlnloii Lino Ilnmlnioii Ho pi ill
lloitvor l.lno I itltti MoKitnllo Sopl 11
llt'itvor  Lino Iitlto Snporior BcptSII
From Now Vork
Whllo Hlnr Lino llormiinlc Sopl ID
White Sl��r Lino Cyinriti  Sopt U
Whlto laur Lln�� MiiIghUo  Sopt %
i'iiiihuI  Lino Kiiiiiii, Bipt 15
Amork'.un Lino Now York Sopt 11
lloil  Hlsr   Lino  KoiiHlnKtoli Bopl ID
I'nimi.l I.in,, .-iniii   BoptlD
('iiniinl Lino Lniinnln Sopl il
Anohor Lino Anchorla Sopl 15
Ant'hor Lino Anloria SoplW
N, O. U Lino KnlHorln Mnriii 'riioronin.Bopt IK
N. O. L. Lino Aller 8��ptJ7
Allan Stato Llui Laurcnlittil Sopl W
Krom HohIoii
i'iiiiiu-1 l.ini'Siiiiuiiii HoptW
llomhiion Line Now Knuland  Oct 10
PiwiiaKON arraoiftid lo ami from all Kuropoan
pointH.   Kor ratos, tlcko.o aud full Information
��mily to C. ft K. dopot agent or H. L. Brown
ii) I'u hk.'i Agout, Nolnon, H. C.
HHongur _\gont, Nolnon, n. t'.
Oonoral A irnnU C.P.K. Offloo.. Wlnnlprn.
W.    REINHARD,   M. D.
Specialty:   Eye, Ear and Nose.
Office;   Baker Street, near Fraternity
Hull.   Telephone No, ��,
__R8. REILLY, who haa taken over
the houso on Ward Street juit
aliove Ihe Poat Office, will give l��iurd
aud rntiiiiH. Several choice rooms still
unoccupied. TnrmB reasonable
7-8 inch diam. $13.50 per 100 feet. For
immediate delivery in Nebwn
apply. Nelson  Daily  Miner,   Saturday   Evening,   September 8, 1900
lord  ROBERTS,
gome Reasons   Why   Me is the Idol of
the   British Array.
So one questions or doubts "Bobs"
1,,'tl,,. British army. Ills place is unique there and in all the world beside*      I"    M    ""'    "",1(1    ,ll''si''('S    ""
���,an lias the eonfldenee, ail't'etioii and
pride of so many men. It is not merely the private soldier who is wholly
satisfied Blrnply to be led by him.
The feeling is the same
officers, lie lias Infinite
he Is In complete sympathy with overy
or above tho ranks, Re retry s.'ilutt!. he talks to every
holdior, hi' knows them by
ih,   hundreds.    He  is  more
iiiiitint" the
tuft, because
mull lu
1 urns ev
sorl of
niiini' hj
yet eve
kind words and oompll-
iliiui in reproof, just as he Is
���il iu lie most gentle and kindly,
man knows how firm and
lovere he can bo. In those two sentences lie the definition of perfect justice, which ho nearly personifies, He
makes so little show and parade that
there is no plainer man among his
800,000, and yet he is always as neat
us 11 pin; u straight-built, solidly setup, quick, nervous little man, with
bright eycB under a majestie forehead
and above n . masterful chin. His
face is so sail and gentle when it is
in repose that you have to look at it
again and again���and then only to mid
to your wonder that that can lie the
visuge of 11 man who deals death for a
profession, nnd leads to death the
lower of the army he loves. Look at
the same face aagln when he is speaking, giving orders. It is just as kindly, but the melancholy has fled, and
in Its place is the Indefinable tracery
called "command."
At Dreifonteln he came ont to where
the naval  battery was and sat  down
on a camp-stool  brought  for   him hy
his   Indian  attendant,    lie   spoke   to
the officer in command of the  battery
cheerily, and now nnd then  he   asked
the younger officers n question.    All
the time  he was  smiling itml looking
most pleased,   though,   tor   its  size,
there has not heen a hotter   battle in
the   wnr.    Unllopers niul   staH'-tillieers
came and  went, bringing  news  and
taking iitv.iy orders.    "Tell  Colonel
so-and-so to niovoa little forward and
to  the   loft."   "Sny   that I wlBh so-
iiml-sii would push forward. "    It was
all as quietly and calmly saitl and done.
heir in the heat of   buttle and within
range of the enemy's guns���as calmly
and quietly done as ever n bunk   manager issued orders to his   clerks  on a
S dull afternoon.    Ami,   just  as  suddenly as he fame,  the   Field   .Marshal
sprung up and   walked away with the
Indian and the chair  at  his  heels.���
Julian Ralph,  iu   Harper's   Magazine
for September,
Bakino  (Powder
Is a pure baking powder-
no alum, lime or ammonia.
* No acid but that from grapes
������which is pure, pleasant and
healthful���enters into Dr. Price's
Baking Powder.
Fruit acids are accounted by
hygienists the most important of
the elements of the food of man,
and of these the acid of the grape
is most prominent.
Dr. Price's Cream Baking
Powder is not only the most efficient and perfect of leavening
agents, but owing to its constituents is likewise promotive of health.
_ng notvt
made ol nluni. Lleblg, the cacbraUK.
chemfst, says that nlum disorders the
Stomach and causes acidity and dyspepsia.
Will Meet at Kevelstoke One Week
From Today.
One week from today the Conservatives uf the Vale-Cariboo district will
gather^t Kevelstoke to ehose a candidate to oppose the Liberal nominee
in the ensuing general election. Now
that the latter has been cliost'ii and il
la linnwnthat Mr. W. A. Galliher is
tu be the Liberal standard bearer the
Conservatives.Qre dismissing th prospects of election of any one of the several who have been mentioned as possible nomli s.    H  is likely that  the
Conservatives will seleet a Kossland
man. although tine or two Nelson men
have heen mentioned. The Hosslaud
Wen mentioned most prominently ure
Hon. Charles Mackintosh and Mayor
Qoodeve, lion. T. Mayne Daly has
alsu heen spoken of but he is oonsld.
eretl out of the running. Mr. W. A.
Macdonald, Q, c. of Nelson, and
Mr. .1. A. Mara, ex-M. P., are other
possibilities. The former, however,
will probably not allow his name to
go before the convention for reasons
whieh he has set forth on previous oc-
caBlons of a like nature. The Conservatives are conliilent that whoever
they may ohoose will bo able to de-
jest the Liberal nominee and will go
j"1" l1"'   Campaign   prepared   to   win
uaeli this constituency,
In a letter to The Montreal Star Mr.
Henry .1. Morgan gives some Interest-
"'If faeis regarding Amorloan colonial
representatives In the Hritish House
of Commons. A Canadian, in the per-
"<��>"'the late Right Hoi.. Edward
Ellics, wus eiect(.(| to the Commons as
''���"'l.v as 1818, <m the same occasion
Mother American colonist. John Singleton Copley, afterwards Lord Lynd-
"ust. who upon four separate occa-
��wnB ailed the position of Lord
Chancellor of England, was also returned.   Copijy waa a native 0f llos.
'"��. Massachusetts, while  it was still
" "ntish   settlement, and   Elliee was
^""tWeof   Montreal.    He   married a
ster of Larl  c,vt.y,   and was  among
""���" "ho assisted that  statesman   In
"���""'"If Hie lirst Keform bill.    Judge
"oil-niton and Colonel  Williams, the
,,n""ls defender of  Kars, both sat in
����� British Commons.    Th
"ves of NUVU .Seotiu.
era] other
One Objection to the Use   of Wireless
Telegraphy is Iteing Overcome.
The ditlieulty of sending messages by
wireless telegraphy whieli shall not be
legible by the whole world seems to
have beau solved by a most ingenious
device presented hy M. Tommasi to
Academie des Science at its meeting
of last ween. He uses at tbe sending
station not one but two transmitters.
One of these transmits the real despatch by the usual code, while the
other sends only a series of meaning-
lets tlots anil dashes produced by a
mechanical process. The range of thiB
last transmitter is kept always rather
less than the other, so that at the
receiving station only the code signals will be reeeived. If, however,
au attempt be made to intercept the
signals by means of a receiver interposed between the sending and receiving
stations, both the real message and
the meaningless clicks will appear together, with the result that the message will be utterly intelligible. This
must be almost as irritating to the
would-be " tapper " as Lord Wolseley's
plan of splicing a piece of blind wire
(that is, insulating material with no
metallic core) at intervals between
the posts of an enemy's telegraph, lie
says tbiH is much more effective than
the ordinary plan of cutting the wire
merely, because in that case, when
he recovers the line, the enemy knows
where the break is c . has only to
repair it. Ity his plan the owner of
the line has to test from post to post
to discover and eliminate the obtsrUC-
tion.���I'all Mall Gazette.
ter let him out,
others. "
lest   he   corrupt   the
ey were na-
There were sev-
meinbers   who  might  be
MMoolpnlaH by virtue of residence,
The King of Naples.in the plenitude
of his absolutism paid one day a visit to the Neapolitan prisons in order
to see for himself what sort of men
his Criminals were, and whether they
really deserved the punishments they
wero untlergoing. "What is your
sentence'.'" he said to one. "Fifteen
years, your majesty." "And what
had you done'." "Nothingwhatever."
"Quite innocent?" "Entirely so, your
majesty." "And you?" he asked
another. "Thirty years, sire. Victim of a false accusation." "And
you?" to a third. "In for life, my
king." "And what had you done?"
"Everything you can think of,
king; theft, burglary, highway
bery, manslaughter, murder. (| 1
wonder they did not sentence me to
death." "What Is your name?" asked the king. "My name," replied
the first class criminal, "since I have
been here has been !I12. " After finishing his tour of inspection, the king
said to the (iovernor: "All the prisoners here seem to be perfectly innocent. There is only one bad man
umong them���No.  013,    You had bet-
"Dlplomaoy is the art employed by
the governments In their dealings
with one another, or against one another, to obtain the most for the
least, to secure, over anil above such
conditions as are guaranteed by national law or by treaties or by the
possession of superior power, advantages which may be won by resourcefulness in bargaining anil skill in
finesse reinforced by unscrupulousness
when necessary. This is not the
otlieial definition, I know, but the
sole or even principal object of diplomacy is not, as some maintain, the
defence of the members of a state In
their rights and interests. This tusk
is the routine and drudgery of diplomacy. It is performed mechanically,
as it were, antl without serious hitches, under the tutelar wing tif international law���unless, Indeed, one party
is very inferior to the other in civilization, in which case the restraints of
right and law are conveniently ignored. In its vital and essentia! aspects, what I must be pardoned for
falling its higher Sights, diplomacy
Is still today, as it. has been from the
time of its origin during tlie struggle
of the Italian Republic with the
trans-Alpine powers down to Talleyrand and llismark, the art of deceiving and overreaching. ���"A Diplomat," in the North American Review,
When Ex -Senator .lohn J. Ingalls
died the other day one of the most
picturesque figures ever to be seen
about the American Capital passed
away. To many he was for a long
time the most tpyieal Yankee figure
iu the United States Senate, Thinner
than Sarah Bernhardt In her leanest
duys. he was over six feet in height,
bony, lantern-jawed. Apropos of this
they tell a story : He was once stay
Ing with a jocose doctor in Kansas,
who one morning lured a newsboy to
open a door In his surgery. The inevitable skeleton sprang out, antl the
boy ran away shrieking. At that moment the Senator entered. Wanting
a paper, he run to the window and
called the fleeing youth, who Stopped,
turned Iind gazed at him with a shudder. "Not much, " cried the boy, "I
know you, even if you have got your
clothes on. "
Are prand, but Skin Eruptions rob
life of joy. Bnoklen's Arnica Halve,
curss them; nlso Old Banning and
Fever Sores, Ulcers, Bolls, Felons,
Corns, Wurts, Onts, Bruises, Burus,
Scalds. Chapped Hands, Chilblains,
Best Pile cure on earth. Drives out
Pains end Aches. Only 25 cts. u box.
Cure guaranteed. Sold by Canada
Drug & Book Store.
A Tempting Table piptify  nf
If you havo diiliculty in making :i
pte as fug variety in your bill of fare
from day to day,
Come to Our Grocery
and learn how easily and economically
it can in- done,
llt'i't' are a few thing's thai will help
Breakfast Cereals of all descriptions
Fresh Fruits arriving daily
Choice Butter and Eggs
A fall line of Cured Meats
Also our Teas and Coffee that
cannot be excelled.
The sponge is useful in all departments ul' home, Indispensable for the
bath, de.siruble for kitchen work, useful for scrubbing, and convenient ul-
���" "\__\ii-__
Kirkpatrick & Wilson
Soo Line
Imperial    Liijiited
East   and   West
First ('liif.-. Sleepers on all trnins from
Arrowhead anu Kootenai Landing
Tourist Cars pass Medicine Hut
daily for St. Paul; Saturdays for
Montreal and Boston; Mondays and
Thursdays i'or Toronto. Same cats
puss Kevelstoke one tiny earlier.
7:10 Lv Nelson Ar 10t88
16:80 Lv Nelson Ar 1N.I_
Moming train daily for and from
Rossland, ami for Kevelstoke, main
line nnd I'aeilic Ooast.
Alternoon train duily for and from
RoHsliintl. and from I.evels_o_e, main
line and i'aeilic Coast, and daily
(except Sunday) for and from Boundary points.
7(80 Lv )  M ,        I Ar WitO
(I.xS,.,,) [ Nelson j (ExB,m)
Kor and from Bandon, Slocan points,
Kevelstoke, maiu line and Pacific
Kootenai Lake Kaslo Route.
(EzSun)       Str Kokanee       (Kx Hun)
lOiOO Lv NeUon Ar 11:1X1
.Saturday to Argenla nud return,
leaving Kaslo nt 2(l:00k.
Kootenay River Route.
Dnily    Stis Movie and Nelson     Daily
__::i<l I v "Nelsou Ar 2:_(>
Connects at Kootenay Landing with
Crow's Nest Line trains.
For rules, tickets und full Information apply to Depot or Oity Agent,
Nelson, B. 0��� or
fc-WPttt- ���:���<>���: i>tOi -
m__%��i'.'tfi*>*{_  '���
' "_������.
We have sponges for every purpose.
but our specialty is the tine, soft,
oleanslng Bathing SponAs we sell for
3d cents.    You'll be glad to own  one.
Baker Street. P.O. Box SS0,
If You Smoke
Smoke  the
Royal Seal
Kootenay Belle.
Kiinin 1, Tnrner-Boeekh Blook.
IIiiu'ti'i! aud Building Lots iu All Farts
of the Oity.
WANTED-Good building lots down
town for client.   Also hind adjoining
city for gardening.
PRICES  $1.25 TO $4.00.
Lawrence Hardware 60.
Nelson,   B. C.
West Kootenay Butcher Co,
Fresh   and    Salted   Heats
Fish and Poultry in Season
E.   C.   TRAVES,   Manager.
Baker Street, Nelson.
Orders by mail receive careful and prompt attention
! Is*v*v***W**WWVVVW**WW��rVV^^
1 l>A^AAAAAAAAAAAAA*AAA A A * * * *i*i*i*i V<%%NNSVrrinAr\ArVW\AiVV
By the week from $5 to $6.
By the day Si.00.
Tr_v. I'iwh. Asm Ii
N*U 01
A  U. P. Aitoi.t,
Thorough    English,    Calisthenics,
Mn ������ii-, Kreiieli. nmi German if n-
1111 itt'tl. Full term comiiifiicflH _nl
September,   Por particulars apply tn
Jost'iilihi- St.
Hugh R. Cameron
Insurance Agent and Broker.
WANTKI)-A   furnished   house.    Will
offer t'ootl rental.
Straight   Mortgage,  nt H per cen
Wanted - Molly (lih.011 Stock.
Merchants' Bank of Halifax
Incorporated 1869.
Capital Paid-up.     ,    .    .     $l,SH.1.07ti.(Mi  |   it. ,1 ��I,700,OM.e
t.-n""?1 ,Vf f.,lT,,',_r"!,T,l'.0'"H,.,':.',K_nl,)''  l'"'��l'l��iit:  Thomai Rltohle, Vico-Prosldoul.
V\ iley Smith, II. Q. lluuld, lion. II. II. Fuller, M.L.O., Hon. Uaviil MooKoen. "�������������""������
II, inl Olllrr, lln I > in. : ,
Cen,'nd MitnaKcr. Kd-on I,. Peara, Montreal.
8uiHiriiii milium of Branches, und Secretary, w. II. Torranco, Halifax.
Inspeotor, W, .. Brook, Halifax.
lUHpuotor II. M. Stewart, Montreal.
lti'nin in . 1
.,��**, ^����.la-HnII'ax Branch, AntlKonlsli, Bridgwater, Guynboro. Londonderry, Lunenburg.
Mltiiloi.d (Huntrt I O.I, PlotOU, Boil llitwItoHliiiry, .Sydney. Hhuhuinicadie. Truro Weymouth
��__ "."',"V, cl.."' ",lmr",1" DefghMter, Fwdericttra, Klni<��toii (Kont Co.l. Moiicton, New-
caHile.Hiuikvlllo. �� Dodstook. P. K. i.laml -Charlottetown, aummerelde. Qaeber-Montroal
City Offloe), Montreal, Went, hut K or. Nol re Dame and Belgneura Street*) WoHtmount (Cor.
Greene Avenue and st. Catharines Btroot, Ontario-Ottawa. Newlbaadiaad- 81 John's
tuba, wc��i todies���Havana, i mini states���Now York (iti ttxohange Plaoe) Republic Wash
Atlin, Bennett, Grand Forks, Nanaimo, Nelson, Rossland, Vancouver, Vancouver East End, Victoria.
('orrrsiMinilf nls i
I'anaila-Morchants Bank of Canada.   Bastea���National Shawnuil Bank.   <'lilt-aim   A mi'i i,,..
National Bank.   Sua Franrlsro-Klrsl National Bunk,   imu  Bag. -Bank of Scotland.
Paris, Vraare-t.redll Lyoniuiis.   Brnnuila- Bank of Uurmuda.   I'blna and Japan   Hoint
Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation, "
(Icneial Banking Business Transacted; Sterling Bills of Exchange   Bought
and Sold, Letters of  Credit, Etc., Negotiated.
Accounts received on the most favorable terms.   Interest allowed on special
deposits and on Baying Bunk accounts.
Geo. Kydd, Manager, Nelson, B.O.
General Agent for the Qjumt Wkst
WANTED���For Spot Oash   Two cen-
triil    lots   Hiiitiiblo    for    it-iidfiines.
R. P- Rithet & Co-, Ltd.,
Aiienls   lor British  Columbia.
A. B. QKAY, Box .1-1, Ntlson, Koolenay
iiouw'H iind lots for sale In nil parts
i,r the city.
Victoria-Montreal    I'ire   Insurance
Ontario Mutual Life liisurun
TO UIIK A  coin  I.V OM   IMI
Tako Laxative Bromo Quinine Tablets. All
driiKKlxt" refund tho money If It falls l�� <\��ri'-
���IA-   a. W. Drove's signature Is un each box,
.Miidden Block
u.inl Streot
1JUR8UANT io tho "Creditor
Act," uimI Amonding a>-i
TriiHl Drnli.
Till ihu 'I'm*
    ki tu m
nnd  iviTiiiui
Nullce Ik hero)))' kIvuh thai 1, iih lulinlnihlru-
I'm nf   : )ir i-  t. it !��� df   ri.iHii'i" Ki< li.inl  un   in IiIk
lifutimu ot PlecQlawaet, in tho County of
Ivootnnity, Imh I knonur, doOMMHL huvu tllnl in
i h<- Viuh'oiivi.'- 'ii'Ki ii) nf thu Uuproiiiu Court
of   hnii h  CohlinhlH. i. (|.'i-l(ini!ioii   that Ihu
Hlllfl f   . 1 - ���    Ih    in    nfll.  i-'iti     ful   1 It.     p:i) in-'li I   in
full uf 'i .��� ii.'i.i nnd UubllttluH uf thu wild
ThomitH Kn lu.nl 'mi
.\ II  I'd .nn      li;t\ i 11 ]__ . litilli ������ UKilin   I   f hi- <--t ul.;
of tin; Hftid Thoiniiri HlrhitrdHun, who huvu nut
filremly iiK-1 wilh mo full jmrtiViilur* of thu
mn'(inl. \ i fiili .1. I'-.-'Mn i iMilt Ihu pttrtlcn-
Imi-" uf MOtUiUCWs if fitiy, huld hy (hum. nn
required to do no boron thu l>t day of October
Notico Ih horoby furlhur Kivun that after thu
Is) day of October noxt ihu administrator, an
��� ui !����������� will proccud to distribute Ihu proceed*
uf the I nisi r. tute utnoiiK tho partloi rnlill��il
thereto. bnvifiK p.-nni only lo Ihe ��� hum nf
wblcb be then iuts iioLlci), and lhat be will not
l��* liable fur I he proceed* of I be trunt ��� < > ������ ��� . or
any iiarl theruuf, ho dlvtrlbutefl. lo anv i"1'' nn
uf wlio.ii claim bu btul not notice At I bo time uf
tbe dlr.lriti-i1if.il.
Notieu Ik burfd>y y> ��� > n thai a muutiriK of tlie
* nd n in., of  i hr   .ml 'I h .1   itlchardrton will
be hold in tbo I'mni Houho at Korl Hleelu,
ti.C, on Montlny, tbo 2-1 h day of Heptodiber,
A, I). UKK), at tbo hour of one o'clock in tbe
Dated at Kf��rl Hteelo, ll.C, thi* l.'lthdayof
AiikiihI, A.I). i:mi.
Ofllclal   \.In.un  ���/iitor.
Placers   NaVij  Chi
All Tobacconists Keep It.
Wholesale Agents:
Turner Beeton& Ca
Nelson, B. C.
p. burns & CO.
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants
Branch Markets in Rossland, Trail, Nelson, Kaslo
Bandon, Three Forks, New Denver and Slooan City.
Orders by mall to any branch will have careful a��4 srompt attention.
I linvr nun in stock ii lllll!
nl' nil ' ! i- ���'    nf
Canada Pkkmankn. andWks-
TBRN Canada Mortgage
Money to loan on HtriiiiihtJtfortgsRe.
Apply to O,
U LENNOX, Baker 8t���
Special Line of Tweed Suitings at $25.
Successor to Fred J. Squire.
Nei-son   Dailv Minkh,  Satukgav  Evkning,  8bps ember 8   1900
Leaver line
plain, inward
.1.   1
steamer,  Luke chiuii-
lioilud.    passed    Fame
t '.':lii p. 111.. Sept. li.
L. Edwin Dudley. I'nited
Consul, leaves for Lel'liie to-
aeeoiupanicil   hy    Mr.    I'.    VV.
chief engineer of
left last evening
he will send a 1 wo
assay   on   Ih 'c went up-
.Mill   ounces in silver.    There
ir   ten Inches of this ore  to
1 aiiieriiii,
the steamer Moyie,
lor Spokane, where
weeks vacation.
The trial of Adoplh llyinan. on a
charge of Indecent assault will he
held ai Rossland before Judge Forln
on Kriday,  Sepl.   I I.
Mr. W. E. llyiidinan. of Nelson.who
was appointed Assistant Government
Engineer for the Province, left yesterday for Chailottetown.  P.  E. I.
lev. John ll. Hogg, of si. Giles
Church, Winnipeg, will occupy ihe
pulpit of the Presbyterian Church at
ih.  j:30 services   tomorrow evening.
The Liberal-Conservative Association of Nelson will meet nexl Tuesday
evening in the Hoard of Trade rooms.
General business   will   he transacted.
Dominion   line   steamer Vancouver   \\'c
passed Kami' Point at 3:30 p. m. Sept
7.    She   is due   at  Quebec this   afternoon,   and   will    arrive   at    Monti
The Miner and Tribune newsboys
plnyeil a baseball match ut the recreation grounds this morning, whieli resulted in u score of II to In in favor of
of the Tribune hoys.
Nulional Greatness" will he the
Bubjeci of Hev. Wm. Muni'oe's sermon in Ihe Opera House on Sunday
evening. There will he the Usual
good music, vocal and Instrumental.
At Hie sl t of the Gun Cluh yesterday afternoon the gold button wus
again won by Clarence Goepel wilh a
Score of 15. Dr. Hall got the silver
hutlonwiUi 11, and Alex Carrie tin'
bronze hutton wilha total of 13.
There will he a sitting of the
county court of the Kootenays at the
Court House iu Nelson, next Monday.
opening at I" o'clock iu the morning
There is a large list, of eases to lie
tried hefore Judge Korin and a jury.
Ernest Mansfield and Charles Plowman leave today for Camp Mansfield,
VV. E. Boie. the superintendent in
charge of Mr. Mansfield's operations,
arrived in the city this morning and
also leaves for the camp today,
The Brant ford Expositor of recent,
date contained an excellently written
four column article on Nelson from
the pen or Miss B. E, Merrill, of the
Nelson Business College. M'ss Merrill was formerly a member of The
Expositor staff.
A laborer named Hacking was
brought to the Provincial jail from
Movie this morniug by Special Cqn-
stahle Lindsay, being committed on a
charge of bigamy. Hacking came lie-
fore Judge l-'orin for election, and wus
given time to obtain counsel.
Lieutenant-Colonel Benson. I). 0.
i .. has notified the officers of the
Itlfle Company that he will inspect
Hie company and ranges on Friday
nexl. Full attendance at drills is re*
quested of the members and also a
large turnout for the Church parade
Mr. T. (J. Procter was eanvsasing
Hie cily this morning in order to raise
subscriptions to advertise Nelson by
sending a mineral exhibit .o tlie Spokane Fruit Fair, watch is' held in <ie-
tobcr,   lie met with great success and
a  g I amount   was  contributed.    It
is expected Unit the exhibit from Nelson wh'ch will "oe iu c'lUrgc of Mr.
Dowsing will lie much heller than
the one sen,   last  year.
The game of football botwocn Nelson
and Grand Forks, ai ihe recreation
ground this afternoon promises to  be
a  fa-'      The Grand links,   who
arc :, likely looking' lot, will line up
n ��� follows: F. C. Fogg, goal ; II. Mc*
Mail niul T.McIntyre, hacks; (ieorge
Drown, ,1, Sweezey and Clarence Jarvis. In, ' inks; I'. II. Donaldson and
A. II, mill un, right w ing; A. Mc*
IJUcen ccnti ' ; F. li. Lewis and L,
Cranston, li n wing.
The minlny re ds for today are as
follows;    l ransfers    I'i  G, T.  l-'ui-
I'ord and John McLaren lo the Vcllow*
slum Min, i.id., entire Inlorosl in
Mulw.ui/. nl o entire Interest in Wolf,
for a nominal consideration; Otto
Stelltng to VI. -. Doyle, entire inter
esi in Enterprise, for a nominal consideration. Certificates of Work E.
II. Stanley, on Durango W, II. < raw-
ford, on Mon.'idouoek ; Charles Munroe. on Clarence.
II. ('. c.'tiiipheII John-on,    the owner
of Hie Bondholder e roup in the Sloeall
staled a Tew days ago. thai he purposed sloping out a carload of ore
from Dial, property and making a
shipment. It will he the initial elt'orl
uml the developments will he watched wilh interesl. Three years ago a
lil He ore was taken oul on the Ten
Mile side and packed down to tho wagon road, hill il was never shipped.
That   was III   Ihe    I'll if Hie hoom   in
Bondholder shares   on Hi oat.    The
present shipment is to be stuped out
of the showing- on the Graphic,on the
Springer slope. It hns been opened
up for close to ion feet and is a pencil.
\   recent
wards of
is eight
start on.
ThcMlss Clara Mathes Comedy Company w'll play u return engagement
nt the Opera House for two nights
only. Thursday and Friday evenings.
September Li and llth. Since their
last appearance here the company has
lieen very materially strengthened
and enlarged, and have added an
equipment of new scenery and several
new plays. They will present on
Thursday evening, tlle great Madison
Square Theatre success,"Hazel Kirk"
and on Kriday evening' the new military drama, treating of the lioer war.
"South Africa" or tlie "Heroes of
11100." High class, refined specialties
will be introduced between the nets.
and popular prices will prevail viz.,
2.*, and 50 cents. Seats can now be
secured at the usual place without
extra charge.
Al 1
the Hold M
.' Paris Exposition,  St. Charles
received    the   highest   award,
dal.    This   product   has a
if   th
Editor Miner: Sir,���If you nre not
too crowded with suggestions for the
reception of His Excellency, the Gov*
ernor-ileneral. would yon kindly give
space In'your paper to the   following.
The Vice-Regal party will leave the
city wharf by the Movie at I0':30 p,
111. Let the wharf he Illuminated by
lanterns (there are enough on hand
from the Water Carnival) with an Illuminated "Hod Save the Queen"
across the shore end of the wharf.
Lei all owners of power bonis, sail-
lioats. und row hunts, do their hest to
decorate the same, and form a double line to proceed n short distance on
each side of the Moyie when leaving
the wharf, tlie steamer to run slowly
for that purpose. Let there be n band
on one launch, a volley firing detachment of the Rifle Brigade on the other
leading launch, n big bonfire on the
bluff opposite the wharf and also bonfires at the different residences across
the hike with a final dynamite salute
of 21 big shots. These things conld
be easily carried out as several parties have expressed their willingness
to co-operate. Let the city undertake
tlie dynamite salute, nnd ull boating
people show tlieir patriotism and help
out the rest of this sketch of a programme, ami it cannot fail to be a
fitting send-off for Their Excellencies, after the city have given them il
right royal reception. Thc secret of
success will he in getting a good organizer to arrange tbe details. The
fine nights we have been having lately
will surely not desert us nt this time
of the year.   Vorus truly,
Nelson.   B.  ('..  Sept.  H.   111(10.
Concert ut the Opera House Last
Night nn Enjoyable Affair,
'Ihe concert ut the Opera House
lust night for thc benefit of the building fund of the Congregational Church
wns ill every way an artistic success.
The audience, while not large, was
appreciative and greeted each number on tlie programme with warm
applause. The stage was prettily decorated with plants nnd flowers and
presented au attractive appearance.
Miss Bensusan. who is a new comer
in musical circles, charmed her hearers with her graceful rendition of "A
May Morning" nnd a "Woodland
Serenade." Her voice Is a full, rich
soprano and Miss Iteususan uses it
with great expression and effect,
showing the result of careful training. Mrs. Caldwell, who sang, "Bid
Me to Love," shared the honors of
tlic evening witli Miss Bensusan, Her
voice is a sympathetic one and her
songs were sung with a power of feeling and expression. Her work all
through tlle evening deserves special
commendation, her soprano solo in
the mixed quartette being especially
A ladies trio composed of Mesdames
Otis, Ilrown and Caldwell, n rather
unique musical number, was received
with appreciative applause us was
also the singing hy a quartette composed of Messrs. Caldwell, Hardy, Prosser and Thompson. Mr. (iri/./.ele and
Mr. 1). Wambold ably contributed to
the programme, and Miss Wilson,
who officiated as accompanist, also
played a piano solo whieh was applauded as being replete with charm
and expression.
"Papa,*1 said Little  Willie   AsWUt.
"Well, my son?'
"In thi' days of kings and knights
and nobles, did they have to put pnM-
age-Bt&mps on thoir shirts of   iimi!','"
* *   ���
������oh my frlunda/1 exclaimed thu
earnest old man who was talking)
* * think of the future! What will you
bf doing 50 years fnnn now?"
"Waiting foi news fnnn China.11
oonjeetured a iv_*kirs,s young person in
the group.
* *   ���
l,ls she a girl of the period?"
"Oh, no; she never punetuater. with
anything but dashes."
* *   ���
First (^irl���I thought that young
man was going to lie here two weeks.
Second girl���oh, ho'a ooming back.
He's only going to town over Sunday to get a little rest. ��� Harper's ltu-
* *   ���
"Another triumph of the modern
woman of midlde age, "
"What's that?";
"Thousands of foreign men over in
China are eagerly running after a
dowager 1 "���Cleveland Plain Dealer.
: ��� :' i  / ��
* A...1   USIISnafi.   ��t_tt*a *
In   today, and   for your  inspection, another  lot  of   NEW   FELT jfe-
_3��t.    WALKING   HATS.   D��  not   delay.    Come   at   once  and   make  your _u
2     selections.    They will not last long. J
One special line that we are having a big run on, at $1 O.OO. fc
And Millinery Store.
Mem' -li. MoG-'lro, Molly tlilison
.Mine;!'.. K. KnowleB, Ainsworth; W.
E. Boio, Kaslo; \V. .1. Rcddin, II. 1!.
Mackintosh, Rossland; W. II. Mill-
in; 111. Toronto; D. Gavin, Jr., H. liullick, Vancouver; J.M. McGregor, Slocan ; A. L. Davenport, Spokane.
I'lniir ���\V. I'. Iiii'es and wife, Snu-
eoe, (int. ; II. II. Spi er, Vancouver;
.1. A. Russell, Greenwood; J.V. Whit*
tler, Sandon; c,. F. Townshend, Rossland; T. I!. May, Sandon; Rex E.
Bond, Chicago; .1. VV. Welch, C. II.
McDowell. Indianapolis, Intl.; VV,
Petty and wife, G. II. Petty, J. Me*
Cortly,   Uoone, Iowa.
A Government department
who recently returned from
brings this story with him:
A married couple were walking
down one of the main thoroughfares
of a North country town, and the
husband, noting the attention other
women obtained from passers-by, remarked to lils better half:
"Folks nlvver look at thee. I wish
I'd married Borne one better looking."
The woman tarl ly replied :
"It's thy fault. Duata think a
man'll stare al me when you're walk-
lug wi' me'.' Thee step behind, and
ihnli 11 see whother folk don't look at
lie hunt; bad
and for the lei
surprised to .
passed   stare
about    ,'i dozen yard
ngth  of   the st reet was
sit   every man his wife
hard    nt her, and   turn
when sh
' 1 was
round  and   look   after In
had passed.
���Sal. lass!" he exclaimed,
wrang. an' tal.' it back, I'll
say owl about thy face again,
His wily spouse had accomplished
the trick by putting out her tongue at
every man she   met.   St, Louis  Post-
Removes everything in Hij*ht; ho do
drastic mineral pills, but bnth nrn
mighty dangerotiH, Don't dynamite
the delicate machinery nf vonr body
with calomul, oTOtOtl nil or nioei pills
when Dr. King's New Life Pills.'
whieli lire gentle as n summer breeze.
do the wink perfectly, Cures Head-
nchH.C,innHjiutir.il. Only 95o nt Canada
DruK A: Huok Store,
The Qranby Company's smelter
was blown in on the morning of the
-1st ulto., and since then it has been
running without a bitch, using one
furnace of a nominal daily capacity
of 250 tons but actually treating' more
than HOo tons per diem. A second
furnace of like capacity will probably
be started in the course of a few days
and thereafter, with about 4,000 tons
of ltouudary ores being treated
weekly at this smelter alone,and with
returns giving a. fair margin of profit,
it should not take long to amply demonstrate that mining in the ltouudary
is a paying industry.
Pending the receipt of the machinery and plant for the (Ireenwood smel-
ter matters appear to the casual observer to be at a standstill at this establishment, but Huch is certainly not
the case. About the same number of
men are on the payroll as for weeks
past, and these are fully employed in
putting in a dam and laying pipes for
water supply, in erecting the furnace
and in preparing the laboratory for
its important part in connection with
smelting operations. Next month's review will nojloubt include a report of
further substantial progress towards
the final completion and equipment of
these works.
A site near Boundary Falls having
been secured for the Standard l'yritic
Smelting Company's pyritic smelter,
the necessary surveys have been made
and levels taken and a profile of the
ground accompanied by the data requisite for tlle preparation of tlic
plans for buildings, foundations, etc.,
has been sent to the manufacturers of
the smelter furnace and plant at Denver, Colorado. Immediately after receipt of these plans the work of
construction will be pushed on with.
Meanwhile the managing director,
Mr. Andrew Laidlaw, is arranging
all other preliminaries so that there
maybe no unnecessary delay in erecting and equipping this smelter.
The Ivanhoe tramway is almost
The Whitewater exported 184 tons
for last week.
More men have heen put on at the
Emily Edith,
Tbe force at the Last Chance, is to
be increased.
The tram and mill at tlle Noble
Five has shut down.
Sixi.y tons of ore were sent out by
the Slooan Star last week.
An Important discovery of six inches
of steel galena lias been made on the
Last week tlle Payne shipped L'll
tonB of ore, the Until 111, the Trade
Dollar '-'11, and tlle Lust Chance 20.
Repairs to the Last Chance tram,
necessitated by the recent fire, have
been completed and the line is again
in operation.
_k Separate ready-to-wear SKIRTS.    Specially good  in   BLACK.    ^*
^    Prices from $2.50 to $ 1 4.00. J,
*C Our nri.es rock bottom. iF"
KERR   &  CO.
______* _._��"s m**^mmmmmmmimwimcm.m
Advertlsomonts Insortcd under this head ut
tho rule of ono cunt, a word tier In. urtlon. No
advertisement taken (or loss than 25 cents.
TO UKNT.���Six room bouse on Victoria St.i No.   303,  five   doors   from
City Hall.    Apply   F.    J.   Bradley   A
Co., Josephine St.
WAN lid) Apprentice for dressmaking,    Ladies' tailor   system taught.
Peters &  Dynes, Broken  Hill Hloek.
MISS ItUSHFlKLD. Graduate Nurse.
Open for engagements, Telephone 00,
WANT I'll)���A   good   girl    for general
housework.    Apply Rossland  Hotel.
Vernon Street.       	
Foil SALE���Piano, Sewing Machine,
Arm [looker, Hat Stand and Refrigerator.    Apply  Oct),   liuril,   room   1.
Turner-l.occkii Ulock.
WANTED���Apprentices to learn dressmaking,    Apply  .Martin  O'Reilly i&
f��(Kl infants' safety swings at Sl each
at B. C. Novelty Co., opposite 1'. 0.
The lioveruor General, Lord Minto,
has wired The Olliee to be sure antl
have one of tbeir famous lunches prepared on Tuesday without fail.
There was once a man who bad
Money to Bum and he came West
for lie knew that he would
find many Hot Wans lu that Place to
help him burn ll. He was what they
call a Mark. When he arrived In the
West he told all the Crowd his Krrand
and they Winked their Kyes at Knch
other ami began to talk Loudly about
tbeir Claims. After some Days be
went to tlle Hill and Bought a Mine
for much Money because tlle Pros"
pector said it was a Good Mine. Then
the Hoys smiled Behind tlieir Hands
because the Pilgrim had a Wilde I.
Then the Man began to Mine and
made a Strike and his mine made 1)1 r
ideiids for him. And the Prospector
was the Chump after All. A Fool and
his Money are not Always easily Di-
vocroed,���Silverton inn.
In 1899 the value of Canadian Imports was $1112,7(14; exports, $158,890,-
There are 17,280 miles of railway
lines in Canada, which earned 963,670-
000 at an operating cost of 840,7011,200
last year.
The number of letters handled by
the 9420 Canadian postolllces last year
was 180,875,000, and the number of
newspapers was 114,338,000,
Thin iiifinaturo 1b on every box of tbe gonuint
Laxative Bromo-Qiiinine T.i.iet.
the ranted? tbat caret �� MM In ������*�� <��������
Picture framing a specialty at prices
below zero at the B. C. Novelty Co.,
opposite P. O.
Sprint* ohicken and all tbe delicsci.B
of the eoasou served to yon when yon
visit Florence Park Hntel at Roberts'
Ranch, two and a balf miles up tbe
river.    W. M. Roborts, proprietor.
SOO lbs. best Mocha and Java Coffee,
Try a cup free, made with our 2-miu-
ute Novelty Coffee Pot, Monday and
Tuesday. See our ad. B. C, Novelty
Co., opposite P. 0.
1000 beautiful painting! and pictures.
Bankrupt prices at the 11. C. Novelty
Co., opposite I*. ().
S. SAVioim's IKnumhii] (Jii rum���Cornur
Ward and Siliea UU. SundujH: Holy Com
nn.niim 8 a m.; find on tho list undHrdHundayn
in lho .mmt li aft-or Mat I inn; Muttinr* at 11 ii.ni.;
Sunday School 2.30 p.m : Kvuiisoiik T.iW. Dally:
Mutiin-;ii !'.:('* a. mi. 'I')nii-."ilii\> and HaintV
Dayst Holy Communion IU a. in. Krldayn:
EvonsoiiK7.30 p. m., followed by choir practice. H. S. AkohurHt, Roctor. Fred Irvine,
Goo. Johnston*", Wardens.
Catholic  Chuhcii -Corner Ward and Mill
strouU MaM every Sunday at 8 and 10.00 a.m
Benediction at 7.30 p.m.   Maw-i every week day
at7.15a.ro.   Hov.  Father Korland Iteeior.
Pkkrhvtkhun Chuhcii���Servicer, at 11 a.m.
and 7.30 p.m. Sunday School at 2.30 p.m.
Hrayer mouttnK Thursday evenlnK at 8 p.m.;
Christian Kndeavor Society moeiw ovory Tuesday ovenlng fltl a o'clock. Hev. K. Krew,
Mktiiodiht Chuhcii���Corner Silica and
Josephine Streets.   Sorvicos at 11 a.m. and 7,30
fi. m. ; Sabbath School, 2.30 p.m,; 1'rayermoot-
ngon Friday oveninK at 8 o'clock: Kpworth
LeaguoC, K., Tussday at8a.ni. Hev. John
Hobson. Pastor.
BAPTIST Chuhcii ��� Services morning and
oveniiiKat 11 a.m. and 7.30 p.m.; I'rayor meet.
Ing Thursday ovonlnK at 8 p.m. (be R Y
P.U. Tuesday evenlnK at 8 o'clock. Nt rangers
cordially wofoo^ed. Itov, U. J. Coulter White,
Salvation Abmy���Survlc s overy ovonlnK
at 8 o'cloeh In barracks on V clori street
Adlndant. (CdKe^onibf. In rharvn.
^^^ muu
noolH .pcunil Wi'dncHduy  in ourll
inuiilli.   VIkIIIiik brulhorn WoloODM.
I.  0, O.   Y.     Koolcnny I/oduii
No. Hi, nioolKovury M (:.>��� iiixln
at  their   Mall,   Kootenay .fool
Sojournlnir Odd FuIIowh lially Invited,
John A. UoRM, N.(l.   II. W. Hutliurforil, V.O.
_T0d .1. SiniiiT, Per. Hoc,
NoIhoii Kncalnpinonl No. 7. Meet.*: ovory 2nd
urn! 4lh Friday of oach month, in Odd Follow*'
Hall, comer Hakor and Kootmity .Irool*
NoIhoii. A. H. (.IoiiioiiIh, 0. P.( 11. McArlhu.
II. H.   ViHitinK hrothcr. alwin . wi'li-onio.
NKI-Sli.N   l.lllilil,   N���     ������.,,  k.  ���f|i
inoclHln Ft nf P. hull, OddfolloWH hlook
Slovorv   Tnewluy  ovonlnK al S u'clook
t|All 11 enn; knight* cordially   in, ind
F. J. IlltAIII.KY, C. 0.
J. A. PAQD kttk, K. of It. and a.
NKLSON L. (I. L. No. IW2 mooLi m Km-
tornily Hall ml Ant and third Friday ovoli.ng.
of mod month at h o'clock.   Vi, [: m.   ������.,..
cordially  invllod.   It. Hoblnsun. W.M.;    Will.
Crawford. 11. H.
JIJKKN    NO.   it
KNOLANII,   moil*
tho llrnt   W'triiioHriay  evonioK ��'
onoh  i il.   at   i i.,i,i,my hall.
corner of linker and Knotoiiaj
��� nr- i . vultlng h-ethorn cordially lnvllod.
Jiihn WAT80K, Hocrotnry.
COUItT KOOTKNAY, I. (I. K., No. .Il*'
MootlnKH Illi ThnrHilay ef month, Fraternal
hall, J A IrvliiK 0. It.   P. It. Fleming, It.S,
NEL80N AKHIK No. 73, F. O. lc��� inooU
every Hi'i'imil and fourth Wednr .i���j . of oach
in onth. v i-.it inn inrndi.T- cordially invll
Cliarlo. 1'iwmii, HcoroUry,
FOB'RENT���Furnished roonjB,  Good
attendance.    tJectind   door   east   of
OltT Hall.
FIRST  GLASS   room   and   hoard  in
private family, lfii'50 and III.   Table
board  84.   Carbonate  Street,   second
house east of Josephine.
FOK   SALE  OHKAP��� Law   house
and 1(1 acres opposite Nelson.    Fowl
house.     Kiniiiiii;;  water.     Apply O
NewlinR,  linker Street.
Give the Eyes a Chance
In ail nKiP. in all Innds, tho oyos should be
p< unified lo Rive tl elr owuen. unlmmpered
ir Yor Would Havk Your Kyxs Sehvk
You in tiik Best way
You shuuld Bt-c thai Ihey arc corroctly fitted
with proper k'iw-I'*- Our attention Insures
you satisfactory si^ht. Our lenses fit your
eyes and our frames lit your face.
Patenaude Bros.,   opticians
Thursday & Friday.
Sept* 13th & 14th
New Plays. New Pluyors, Now Scon
ery. New Specialties. Nothing  but
the Best.
riiiii'Hilay evening  tlie  gioal   Mmii'.mi
Bquare Tin itro huocohh
Friday evening   Um   New   Military
POPULAR   PRICKS: _s & no Cents
No extra,    No higher,
Seats now on sale.
Mil Employment Apncy
Cook   (woman).     Olrll   for   housework.    Woodcutters.
j, II, LOVE, Agt., Baker St
The B.C. Novelty
Invite all IriTers of a Good Cup of Otilfeo to call at. their store opposite the Post Offloe Monday and Tuesilsv. lOtli anil llth. when Coffee will be ,-erved fiee, ground and made in two iniuutea with our
Novelty Coffee Pot.
for the next few days will he Picture FraniinR, Oil 1'nintiuga and Infants' Safety Swiugs. As these Hues mii.1 be cleared out in ten flftVl
to make room for our Electric Novelties, we have th elded to sell et
advertising prices.
Klectrio Belts, Electric Lanterns, Electric I_ainps, Electric Medical Batteries. Cobblers Outfit! and Novelty Bcisai.ra, can be successfully used for 18 different purposes.
Kootenay Railway and NaT.
Company, Ltd.
Schodulo of Time.       Pacifio Standard lime.
KirtlClIve   I'i -mill.)'   1.1.    l!����l
Pa_8onK(.r train for Sandon and way st nt Ion.
1,'nvi'H   Kaslo  in. s a. in., dally.    KetumliiK,
loave. Sandon a. t.15 p.m,, arriving at Kaslo
al 3.55 p.m.
(>ii,tuiitiK on Kootenay take and Kivor.
Str. "Intornat lonal" loaves Kaslo for Nolson
al II a. in, dally except Sunday. Returning
IsaTet Nolson al MO p.m.. calling at Unlfour,
PUol Bay, Ain.wo'-th and all way points. Connects with S. Y. A N. train u> and from Spokane at Vive Mile Point.
steamer -ii-gonta leaves Kaslo Tuesdays and
Fridays at ll a. m. for lho head of navigation on
lho Upper De.ncnn hiver; returning leave'.
Hall's Landing Wednesdays and Saturdays.
Steamers call at principal landings iu both
directions, and at other points whon signallod
Tickets sold 10 all points in Canada and tin
United States.
To ascortaln rates and full Information ad
drosu i
"annnii. . Kaslo. A,C
St. Joseph's
Next term commences .'lid
September, Pot particulars apply to tlie
Bank of
British  Columbia,
Is now prepared to issue
Drafts and Letters of Credit
on Skaguay, U.S., Atlin, B.
C.| and Dawson City, Yukon
cheapest    on    the    liuirkiit.    Al_o   Irv   on.
Wlf.ES.    LIQUORS,    and    OIQAR8
FRANK   -t.TAMBLYN. M.......
Telephone tO, Haker at., Nelson, II. 0,
Close connection East and Westbound at Spokane with trains of the
trains of tbe Spokane Falls and Northern Railway.
Direct connection at St. Paul Without change of depot with all trains for
Chicago, Toronto. Montreal, New Yoik
and nil points West and South.
Leavea Spokane daily for East at 10:15 a.m
Leaves Spokane daily lor West at 7:45 p.m
West-bound trains make direct con J
nection for Victoria and Vancouver
Portland, San Francisco, and all points
on the Sound.
During the season of navigation East
bound trains connect at  Diilul h  with
the magnificent steamships North West
anil North-Land of tilt-Northern Stcain-
Hhip Company I.ine, operated in connection with the Great Northern Kail-
It or further information, maps, folders, etc., apply lo any agent of Spokane
Falls A Northern Ky., Kaslo It Slocan
Ky., Kootei ai Kail way & Navigation
Co., or to
(ienl. Pass. & Tkt. Agt.   Oom'cl Agt.
St. Paul, Min      Spokane. Wash
The Miner is on sale at the following news stores at five cents per
A. R. BARROW, a m. I. oe
Provincial  Land Surveyor.
Corner Viotoria and Kootenay Sts.
P, 0. Box M9. Telephone No. 96
Thomson Htntlonerr Co
Canada I>ihk &l!ook Co.
Hotel I!nmi' News Htand
Hotel I 'hair Nows Bland
ll. Campbell
C. K. Nelson
J. -'. lleliuiey
It. A. Hratlrihaw
tlloean Nows Co.
Thomson Bros.
I_imont A YnniiH
II. A. Kiug A Co.
Slooan Cily
and News   Agents  on boats and
trains out of Nelson


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