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Nelson Daily Miner Feb 21, 1900

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Daily Edition No. 657.
-  Nelson, British Columbia, Wednksday.j February 21, 1900.
Tenth Y -ar
Ceneral   Hart   Occupies   It Incidents   Connected   With The  Story of   His   Retreat
After but Very Slight
Oeneral Buller  Reports the
Enemy In Full Retreat.
+++���.+.������ M ��������.��������� ��.���������.������
���    Loudon, Feb. 21-4.15 a- m.-The t
t Boers are leaving all the positious X
hold by them on British territory
��� and are concentrating for the de- f
\ ferine of their own. Sir Redvers 1
. Bnller thinks they are about to f
��� raise the siege of Ladysmith. t
1    This is the last news of the day- J
��� J
",40..f. ������������������������������������������������������
London, Fab. 20.���Tho following
dispatoh Iihh been reoeivod nt the wnt
ollice trom General   Buller:
"Blows Farm, Tuesday, Feb. 20.���
4:10 p. 111.��� The Fnsiloer Brigade yes-
t.rday tiKik Hlnngwanu Hill, tbe lipbt
of the enemy's position and commanding I'oleuso, tlm rest nf the force ad-
vanolng toward tbe Tugela. This
ruornluR the enemy bad withdrawn
all the troops north of Hie Tngela and
practically ovaounted Colenso. Today
General Hurt oconpied Colenso after
a very slight reatstanoe by a weak rear
Kinril nnil we hold the line ot the Tn-
fi'la on the soulh side from Colenso to
Unfile Nest, Tbo enemy seoin to bo in
full retreat and apparently are ouly
holding the position they oconpj,
across tha Ctiloiisu-I.adysniith railway
where it is close to tho angle of the
Tngela,with a weak rear guard. Hart's
advance guard is cros. iiig at Colenso.
Oor cavalries yesterday nud today hnve,
I hope, been but few. "
London, Feb. 21.���General Clements
reports tlmt tbe force confronting has
heen greatly diminished, Ten thousand men are estimated to havo gone
from the Colesburg districts alone.
The Hoers are also retraoing their
steps from Zolnlnufl,
Thus they are relaxing their bold on
all sides in order to assemble to oppose
Lord Roberts. He is pressing on
steadily towards Clcemfnntein. This
is shown by his inconsequential telegram from Paardoberg, 30 nr UO miles
away. Doubtless he is miles behind
tbe column that is pursuing tbo Boers
ami the next important news may be
the ccenpation of Bloerafonteiu. If,
���� Oeneral linller avers, thu Boers are
retreating from him, then the news on
every side is favorablo to tho  British.
London, Feb. 21.-A dispatch to Tbe
My Mail from Mafeking dated Friday. Feb. 9, says all bnsinesi here is
being conducted underground. The
resident commissioner has sumptuous
apartments in a subterranean bomb
proof dwellings. Tho polioe bave a
large hall with a piano. The Mafe-
���ong hotel dining room seats JO. All
Ihoso have been ring .nt and are to-
perviims to shell."
Urn-Ion, Feb. 21.-A dispatch to The
Standard from Modder River, dated
Monday, Fob. IS, mid describing the
relief of __i_.__.l_., Bays that tbe
maker of the gnu christened "Long
(��il" nt the De Beers work shop was
"" American named George I.ubram
who was afterwards killed bv a Boer
Well, which fell in ni8 1O0m nt ���,,,
^"���nnd Hotel. The correspondent oon-
turns the report that the escort with
���he British aonvoy at lhe Riet River
was rninfocred and made an uusuocoss-
tol attack on the Boers in tho renr.
��e s��vs that Loid Roberts then order-
��*�� the wagons to be nhondoned.
French's Entry Into
Wild Cheers. Handclasps and
Flags Waving Everywhere.
Modder   Ri\er, Feb.   19.���Although
tho rapid march ol General French's
division wus marked by a number of
conflicts, bis actual entry Into Kimberley was uiioiipos.il. Vi'hou Ilie
Hritish wore still eight miles off the
signal corps interpreted a heliograph
message Irom tbe beleaguered garrison
to Mbdder, saying: "The Boers ore
shelling tlm town." Tin* ndvanolng ool*
ii ui ii replied: "This is General French
coming ta the relief of Kimberley."
Tho garrison was iucro lulous and
thought the message was a Boer ruse
and flashed tbe i.uoi'y I "What regiment are your" The reply satisfied
tho defenders of Kimberley. Tho
anxiously awaited succor was at bund
and ii few hours later General Frenoh,
at the head of tho column, niiule n
triumphant entry into the place. The
people snirounilotl tho troops and intermingled with tlii'in,chin-ring wildly,
grasping tbe soldiers bands, waving
flags, bats and handkerchiefs and ex-
hiliiling in n hundred ways tbo inteu
sity of their joy, The Inhabitants hud
been on shorl rations for some time,
eating burse flesh and living in burroughs under heaps of mine refuse.
The diminishing rations bad been
served out daily at It o'clock in tbe
market square, under tbe shell Uro of
the enemy whose guns opened on the
square whenever the inhabitants as-
so'iibled. Throughout the seige Cecil
Rhodes provided the nativos with
work and food and thus kept Ihem
1'bo miles of convoy bearing provisions for the relief ot tho town, slowly
winding its wny across the plain iu
the direction of Kiinherloy, wns the
gladsome sight which Btonteil tbe eyes
of the beselged, General French's
march was so rapid and the heat so intense that many of his horses died of
exhaustion. At the crossing of the
Modder River lbe Boers bolted,leaving
their tents, guns, oxen, wagons and
largo quantities of ammunition iu the
hands of tho British. Moving northward, tho Hoers again attempted to
stop tho advance but General French
turned their (lank and reached his goal
with the iiisigiiiliccnt loss���seven men
killed, and 115 wounded, during tline
days from Wednesday, Feb. 11 to Friday, Feb. 16.
After a night's rest at Kimberley,
General French's column pursued the
Boers to Urontveld, surrounded the
kopjes on which tbey were posted, anil
shblled them till night full, when the
Boors lied leaving many dead. General
Cronje left a gun, his tents, food and
clothes ut Magersfontein.
Kimberley, Feb. IS.���By Heliograph
to Modder River, Feb. Ill���The country is ull free around Kimberley. The
Boers have evacuated Dronlield, talt-
pnn, Spyfoutein and Seholtziick. Ono
of their 1.-pounders with ammunition
WUS mptmed as was also their lunger
nt Dronlield, whi.'h wns abandoned on
Friday night. Kails are being luid lo
Modder River, nud several lords of
cattle have been ruptured. Cecil
Rhodes Is iu excellent spirits.
London, Feb. 21.-Mr. Spencer Wil-
Kinson reviewing the military niton-
"OB  in tho Morning Post today says:
Abe meaning of the position in Na*
is that tbe Boers havo sent the
' , 0f'he** forces to rosiet Lord Rob-
w�� General Bnller's aim la to join
oir ueorge Wbito and then either push
a !".L">��K'�� Nek or to send bnok two
"'Visions to reinforce Lord Roberts.
"taming two in Natal to complete
__l^^|fthenorthern triangle.
Continued on Fourth Page.
London, Feb. 80.���The wnr ollice announces the following oaanaltles
among the ollicers during tbe relief of
Kimberley: Killed. Lieutenant A, B.
Hesketh, Sixteenth l.unciishii'cs; Lieutenant, the Hon. Wm. Clintock Bun-
bury, Second Dragoons; wonnded,Cap*
lain B. R. 3ordoil und Lieutenant P.
K. llrassey, Ninth Lancers, Captain C.
E. Tnson, Sixteenth Lancers; Lieutenants K. 1. Fordyce, and W. Long, Second Dragoons.
Berlin, Feb. DO.���The lntest news
fiom South Africa is regarded here as
of tho greatest importance. The Berliner Tngeblatt sujs Ihat the war is
doubtless now in the decisive stage,
and this viuw is corroborated by the
utterances of most of the German
newspapers, although the Agrarian or
gans continue ulTccting to believe that
tho Boers bave permitted the British
to penetralo the Freo Stale, only to annihilate tbom later uu.
Before General
Generals   Kelly-Kenny
McDonald Off in
London, Feb.   81,���A  correspondent
of Tho Dally Chronicle, telegraphing
Sunday, time desorlbed General Cronje's retreat with the Boers at Mngers-
fontcin, on learning of General
French's success: "On Thursday ut
midnight, bouded by General Cronje,
livr thousand Hoers with their heavy
gnus and OX wagons evacuated Iho
Magersfout'i'ii lines. At dawn on Friday tbe retreating Hoer army was seen
from the llrilish naval gun station of
Klip Dritt kopje, trekking eastward
across the Hritish front at a distance
of BOO yards. Oi.r guns opened npon
lbum and a force of mounted infantry
crossing tbo river made a dashing
charge in tbo attempt lo out off the
Inad ot the enemy's column. Hut iu
hall' au hour, their whole force hnd
gained shelter under a Hue of kopjes.
Mounwhilo two of our battel ies came
up with the Oxfords, Bull's, West Ridings and Gluncesters. Our infantry
crossed the drift nud for three hours
wero engaged with the enemy while
onr batteries shelled bis position. The
mounted Infantry kept hnrd nt work.
'Unable to withstand our galling
shell lire, the enemy retired, disputing
every inch of tlie way and tookjup a
second position on the kopjes to the
custwarrd. It was a magniliocnt spec-
tnclc to see th" Boer army thus at bay.
i'htir guard, 2,000 strong, fought us
while lbe main body trekked further
east and then brought their guns into
action, while the uar guard retired.
The action continued most of tbe day.
Our i.ifnntry fought Bplendldly, but
the enemy held his ground under the
continued bombardment. Later on tbo
Boer  commander ventured  ou a bold
stroke. Leaving two thousand of bis
men. r.mlcr cover he withdrew tho rest
from bis main posiliou and headed
for Klip Kino] drift, six miles to the
"This movement was soon discovered. Our monnted infantry cnnie hack
across Ilie drift nnd marched along the
south i'i>iik in an endeavor to head off
the enemy. When we leached the
neighborhood of Klip Kraal drift,
night had fallen and half tho Boers
_ere already acroM to tho south side.
Our monnted infantry hiirrassud. their
movements. Meanwhile tin Boer rear
guard, having covered the crossing of
the main body, retired slowly and successfully p.issed tbn drift. Thn rear
guard fought desperately nnd as it fell
back to the rivci, it was iir.ruisacd on
the flunk and renr by Ihe llrilish.
"Having thus passed the motion under cover of darkness the Boers trekked
throughout the  night In the direction
of Bloeniforittiu. General Kelly-
Kenny, wiih the Sixth division, then
passed them at daylight, General
Maodonald With the Highlanders following bim.
"Maodonald reached Klip Kraal
drift bv forced marches Sunday.
General Kelly-Kenny moving from
Klip Kraal drift was endeavoring to
outflank the enemy   and   lo  cut   them
off from Bloemfontelu so as to diive
them back into General Mucdonnld's
bauds, \Sben I left the front (Ienernl
Kelly Kenny hnd lint come up witb
the enemy."
| London, Feb. 20.���2:0(1 p. m.-The
War ollice has issued a dispatch from
Lord Roberts, tbe main importu.ice of
which is tho tact that it is dutid
Paardoberg,   7:00 p,    to.,    Monday.
Paurdeherg is 110 miles east of Jacobsdal.    The dispatch   nnnounco.-, that the
railroad to Kimberley is open and thai
General Mothuen  will  proceed there
with requiiorients forthwith and thai
huge supplies will be forwarded to
the town.
Jameson Raid Matter Up In
Imperial House of
A Liberal Member Moves a
Reopening of the Investigation.
London, Feb. 80.���The
I to leuving Osborne House
on her return tn Windsor,
Fourth battalion  of  the
, militia.    Her Majesty an
a gratified smile  thnt  gc
heen   received  this morn
eout of wnr, aud added, i
i this good news wns from
Queen, prior
this moruing
Inspeoted the
iiouucod with
lod news had
iug from the
t is suid, that
Patriotic   Speeches   in   the
House of Commons
French   Ganadian   Liberals
Declared to Be
London, Feb. SO,���Tbe House of
Commons lodny was crowded every-
where when Mr.David Alfred Thomas,
Liberal member for Mertbyer T. dvil,
rose to niovo tho reopening of the inquiry   Into   tlm   origin   and   rircnui-
stances of tlm Jameson raid.
Mr. Thomas disclaimed any personal
animosity sgniust Mr. Chamberlain,
the Sceinliiiy of Stale for the Colonies,
but, he continued, "the Inconclusive
nature of the lirst inquiry hail created
widespread dlssatisfaotoin,'' whioh
Mr. Thomas asserted bad deepened the
Indignation at the disclosures of tho
continental newspapers, impugning
the impartiality of the committee.
Continuing, be said it was in the interests of the nation and the   character
and reputation of tho House of Jom-
nious nnd Mr. Chamberlain  that there
should be a full and searching inquiry. Mr. Thomas further asserted
that tho previous inquiry was a farce
and that tho fresh facts adduced in the
correspoudenoe published by the independence Beige were strong grounds
for a fi'ish inquiry.
Mr. Samuel Thomas Evans, Liberal
member for tho middle division of
Glamorganshire, seconded tlio motion.
In doing so be argued that there wero
Btrong grounds for suspeotiug thnt the
Colonial office nnd Mr. Chamberlain
bad prior kuowlottgo of the events
leading up to tbe raid. Mr. Evans
said it was a question whether the authors ot tbo raid had soitlcient power
to influence or prevent a majority of
tlio House of Commons of having tho
hope of getting a committee of iu-
quiry appointed.
Here Mr. Chamberlain interjected:
" I do not understand what tho mem
ber moans by the last sentence.''
Mr. Evans replied that be thought
everyone else in the House understood
thnt the suggestion was tbat there
were influences which might he worked to prevent the Government from
asking   for the  reappointment of a
committee. Ministerial cries of "what
Influences?" followed these remarks.
Mr. Chamberlain, niuid profound attention, said there was absolutely nothing in what had happened since 18117
which could possibly be raised ns
ground for a second inquiry. He pro-
reeded to review Ibe whole history of
the coinmilteo und repealed his ptevi
ous declaration, especially referring
to   tha   Hawkesley     telegrams.     Mr
Chamberlain ridiculed the grounds advanced for a new inquiry nnd suid the
"precious collection of documents"
published by lhe Independence Beige
hud been offered for sale tn various
London   papers   which    "would    not
touch them with tongs," and at last
they found "il customer in u friend of
lbe Boers, who contrived to transmit
them to Dr,Leyds who paid or promised to pay ��100 sterling, and they were
then comniniiiciiti'd to the Independence Beige. There wan nothing in these
documents from first t" last," snid the
Colonial Beoretary, "and they afforded
no ground for charges ngninst the Colonial ofllce.'' Ho then snid: "If
this matter had not been complicated
by party mill, with tlu'ir personal animosities, no man in the House would
have paid there wns a shadow of
ground for such an inquiry. The object of these personal attacks is to prevent rae from participating in the
Transvaal settlement."
Mr. Cbanierblain confessed that nt
one time he felt bitterly against snob
insinuations, "wbiob those repeating
did not dare assert thoy believed
should be brought against mo nftot 111
years membership in tho House of
Commons.'' Continuing, In snid be
was not hopeful that anything he or
the House could suy would silence bis
foreign critics, but no one in Great
Britain for whose good opinion be cured, would be   affected   by the charges.
The manner of conducting this business of the comniitleo and the closing
of the inquiry, he declined, were both
carried out. ns suggested by Sir William Vornon   Hurcourt, who certainly
continued on Fourth Page, J
Ottuwa,   Feb.   20.���One   ot tbo features of today'b session of  the House
of Common* was a speech from Hon.
Mr. Tarte on the Fielding resolutions
for 1.2,000,000 contribution to aid 1'iit-
ish arms in Smith Africa. Solicitor
General FltzpntricR also mado a loyal
and patriotic speech tuning Molnor-
uev, (Conservative) of New Brims-
wiok, severely to task for endeavoring
to show that the French Canadian
Liberals in the Province of Quebec
wore disloyal.
Premier Laurier in reply t i a query
nut by Mr. McNeil yesterday, snid
tbat the Government had had com
mnnicntinu with tho colonial olll.ii iu
regard to the Canadian militia taking
the place of ihu Leinsler regiincut at
Halifax for garrison duty, the Loin-
sters being ordered to the   flout.    The
militia bad ben ordered and acknowledgment was sent to the wnr ollico but
no reply had been received from the
latter as yet. Mr. Mulock informed
Major Beattie that he had arranged
that all letters leceived from Soulh
Africa,which were over weight would
only bo charged the amount short and
not double postage ns was the rule laid
down by tbe Postal Union.
The debate on the Fielding resolution was resumed by Lieuleuuiit-Col-
ouel Prior, who went on to talk loyalty for a few minutes and closed by
reading a very flattering opiuion given
by a gentleman at Halifax of the fine
appearance and excellent physique nf
tbe second contingent. Solioltor-Gen-
oral Fitzputrick followed, taking np
remarks of Mr. Mclueruey wbo, be
suid, endeavored to show thut a lurge
section of F*rnncli-Canndians were disloyal. Mr. Mclueruey denied that be
said so. Mr. Bergeron followed Mr.
Tarte testifying to Ibe loyalty of
French Canadians. Mr. Montague
made a patriotic speech and after
a few remarks from Major Beattie,
Dasuiaraisj moved an adjournment of
the debate.
Government Will Meet It on
the Redistribution
Will Attempt to Transact No
Other Business This
Toronto, Feb. _u ���Resolutions endorsing tbo aotiou of the Canadian
Government in sendiug contingents to
South Africa, expressing tbe loyalty of
the city of Toronto and urging the
Government to offer 10,000 more men
if thej ate considered necessary, were
adopted this evening at a patriotic
meeting of the citizens hold in the
pavilion. The meetiug was called by
the mayor, act iug on n resolution passed by the city council, und wns in re-
spous3 to a telegram received from tbe
oity of Viotoria stating that the citizens there were urging the government
to oiler more men and nsking other
cities to co-operate iu pressing the
matter upon tbe attention of the government.
Several speakers agreed that the situation had so mnoh improved, that
further aid did not now appear necessary, but should the situation darken,
the government  would ho  justified in
sending another contingent. Resolution was passed that ilm meeting endorse the proposal of tho city of Vie-
torin, and believed it to he the duty of
the Government to offer to the Imperial authorities additional troops to the
number of 10,000 men if required, and
in snob contingents ns mny lie desired
from time to time. The resolution
was carried by a standing vote.
Viotoria, B. 0.i Feb. 80.���After
many oauouses and probably a pointer
from Lientnant-Governoi Midlines, the
Government has decided not to proceed wiili pnblio business on tbt'ir
frail and uncertain majority. Thoy
will endeavor io pass the redistribution bill ns introduced and then bring
on a gnnoral olectlou or else be defeated by oholco upon Ihis measure. No
other business will be taken op until
this is disposed of. The bill received
its lirsl reading today, after which tho
House immediately adjourned. Mr.
Prentice has given notice of a bill to
repeal tho Eight-Hour law.
The redistribution bill provides tho
following changes:
West Kooteuav is to have six members in place of four, the ridings being
Uevelstoke, Lardean, Slocan, Kmlo,
Nelson nnd Kossland, Boundary dis-
triit is removed from Kootenay for
electoral purposes and attached to Ynle
which will bave four members in place
of three, the ridings being north,west,
south and east respectively. Tbe whole
of Llllnoot will return ono member
instead of one lor east and west as at
present. Cariboo is divided into north
und snnth ridings, each returning one
membir, instead ol the whole district
ceturniog two. Ou tho Island a member is taken from Esquimau, and tho
three constituencies of North nml
South Victoria nnd Cowicbitii are roar-
langcd us only two constituencies,
Saailioh niid Cowiohan respectively.
As tbe outcome of tbo motion of Mr.
Turner yesterday that McKeobnie is
sitting illegally, being disqualified by
the acceptance of travolliug expenses
though not a salaried minister of tbe
Crown,a writ was issued this morning
at the instance of Alderman Woodwind, of Nanaimo, claiming $38,000
penalties under tbe Constitution Act,
being cbupter 7, revised etntutes of
British  Columbia.
Ottawa, Feb. 20.���The anouncement
is mado thnt Hon. Mr. Sifton will
leuve for England on March 10. The
reason given for this trip is the necessity of securing medical treatment for
his doafness which Is Becoming
much worse. Tbe charge is mado that
Sifton   is   running   nway    to shut   off
the Yukon Investigation,
Toronto, Feb. 20.���Six new cases of
smallpox have developed since the outbreak occurred about ten duys ago,
making n total now ol 1,1, all of whom
me doing well.
Ottawa, Fob. 20. ���A mounted parade of   Sliatheoua's Horse  will  take
Continued ou fourth Pago,
Montreal, Feb. 20. ���,T. Grant, a Mnn
iloba farmer, who voted for Green-
way, renews bis subscription to The
Witness with the following statement
added : "I have been nu ardent snp-
porter of tbe Liberal; party for over
thirty years. I hope to continue so,
as I believe the liberal policy, evea
witn its defects, is preferrablo to Conservative rule, but 1 say candidly that
Laurier has to change his advisors iu
this Province, if ho wishes to carry it
at the coming Dominion elections.
The recent appointments to the Senate
would lead us to believe he doea not
yet grasp the situation. The appointment of defeated politicians to fill vacancies in the Senate is uot in acoord-
anco with the views of tho Liberal
party. The lato ministor of public,
works was not a success in Provincial
politics. Ho was badly defeated at
the late election and should have been
relegated to private life, instead of being promoted to tho Senate.
Ottawa, Fob. 20.���The Go/ernor-
General expects to visit the Northwest
the coming summer. He has expressed a desire to go to tbe Yukon, and ar-
rangouients may he uiuda to take him
tbere. Crowds visited Strathcoua's
Horse yesterday at the exhibition
grounds, where they are comfortably
located and happy. Tbey are ninek
admired here.
Torouto, FVb. 20. ��� Edward Haulan,
tho ex-champion oarsman of the world,
has accepted the defy of Tom Sullivan,
the English soullor, stipulating tbat
u race shall take place in Onuadinn
waters in the month of August of the
present year for a purse of |_,B00, the
distance to be three miles witb torn
and with added provisions that iu case
George Towns, tbe present champion
of England, defouts Jake Gauduer for
the championship of tin* world, that
Hanlan will be given a match witb
him. Should Sullivan defeat Hanlan,
tbe later wonld not, of course, want to
meet Towuh.
Ottawa. Feb. 20.���The Canadian Pa*
triotic Fond to date is .121, OW.
JNeison Daily Miner
I'altli in a Daily nn hi Alonilnj.
Nelson Minch 1'kintino fc PUBLISHING Co.
ii  I.  BBATON, 'editorand Manager.
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per yoar by mall    600
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Nklao.v Wkkkly MlNKR.
Weekly, per half yoar I 1 25
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The Miner will pay S10 reward
for information that will lead to the
arrest and conviction of anv person
who steals a copy of iliis paper
frern the premises of our subscribers.
A grout nniuy mo anxiously uuil
hopefully lii"klii��� to sun Hint tlio splen-
iliil example set hy tlm Slooan iiinmm
will ho followed in nil tho camps of
Southern  British  Columbia,   It will
ho to tlio ndvuiitagu of ovory interest
iu the oountry tn hnvo tho mines work*
inn anil miners everywhere lully employed, a sensible member ol tho
Legislature snid a few ays ago that
unless the ininiiiK troubles soon came
to nn end we should have neither onn-
itnl nni'   lubor.    Vie  want  both.   Tho
Slooan sittii 'nt will steady the situ-
atlon, and if othei onmps will full in
nnd ilu tlm same capital will soon em*
erne from Its oave una the mining industry will be in 11 more flourishing
I'u.iilltiou tlmu ever. No one stands
to gniu more by the revival Hum tlie
miners themselves,
New Books.
Parson KELLY.
By Andrew Lang
Mr. Jack  Hamlin's Media-
Bret Harte
At their meeting on Monday night
the members of the Oity  C'ounoil had
two tenders to consider. They were
put in, uu invitation, us bids for the
sopjly of what is called a road making
plant, something The Miner advised
tho Council to buy enrly Inst summer.
Hut thnt is unly by the way. A committee was appointed to inquire into
the relative aih milages of tbe two
bids, and authority was delegated to
purchase the plant according lo their
best judgment. The Mnyor la 11 member of this committee. At a Council
inert ing held ou the previous Thursday
night the Mayor took the ground that
tenders wero a mistake: that work
oonld be done moio cheuply by day labor, anil material purchased to as good
advantage, if not better, in the open
market. There wns not a majority to
support the Mayor in this position,but
he divided the Chamber evenly on the
question and nothing was decided. If
then worn doubt as to tho wisdom uf
tenders on Thursday, why should
there be this unanimity on Monday!
And wonld the Mayor kindly tiiko
some early occasion to explain the
difference in principle hetween ten
tiers lor u rond-making plant aud 111:1
terial for a wharf'
There is uo diirerence; the principle
ia the same In both cases. If lumber
and hardware ior a wharf can be
bought to as good or butter adriintiige
iu the opeu market, so can a road*
making plunt, or anything else. The
explanation of tbo Mayor's inconsistency is that he discards principle
and has regard only for expediency,
lie wanted tho old Gray sawmill to
get the sale of thu lumber for the
whin 1, and when it was underbid he
lost oouhdenee iu tenders nud declared
lor au open market, with, of couiso,
himself as purchaser. That is The
Miner's interpretation, mid it has not
beeu chullonged. Mr.Hillyer will pardon tho reuiaik, as it implies that be
iB nobody. He is a very excellent and
I'liti-rpi isin;' citizen, indeed, but in
respect to this mutter no one takes his
ptotost seriously. Mr. Houston'9 affection for tho old mill has not weakened.
The Miner does not deny, however,
thut another motive has boon suggested to it. We frankly confess it is not
pleasant to iiuiute motives; but there
is no man 111 Hritish Columbin who
will stand closer and more persistent
watching than Mr. ,lohu Houston, In
his case, to beat about the bush would be
a wholly superfluous tenderness. The
suggestion is that Mr. Houston is playing for a 11.milium.ui as u candidate
at the next Provincial election. We
are free to sny that wo have been very
strongly of the same opiuion for several months past. Mr. Houston did
not turn monk for the mere gloiy ol
the Mayoralty. He is laying plans nml
pulling strings for a nomination, and
should he get it the out ire patronage
offthe wharf would bo a powerful in
ilniiiiir in mvnr of Ilia election. He
would place orders for materia] where
thuy would do thu most good, and
wnat a picnio he would have with day
labor! Such is the suggestion, and
probably a veiy great many will ngree
that there is more iu it than some
heads we might meutiou am able to
contain. Nelsou could hardly undergo
a greater humiliation than to be represented by Mr. John Houston in the
Provincial Legislature. That ia The
Miner's opinion. Others there no
doubt are who hold a contrary opinion, and it is possible thoy ure iu the
majority. Wo need not go into that
just now. Hut however hu might be
rugardod its a ropruseutative.we desire,
iu tbe interest of clean and honest
municipal goveruniuut, to protest
aaginat any man's exploiting the
affairs of this corporation for personal
or political advantage. Tho people of
this city of Nelson are taking great
comfort out of the belief Ihat a good
solid mnjority of tho present Council
can be relied upon with ahsoluto confidence to guard agaiust iiuything like
crookedness; 11 vory grave responsibility rests somewhere to sun thai this
confidence is not abused.
Matters me rapidly reaching tho extremely critical point at Victoria, Seeing thu Inevitable eu.-i, with much
sorrow of heart and grent reluctance ol
spirit, Ministers hnvo mounted astride
11 Rodistibution Hill and are riding for
n full on that question. They think
they can foree it to the frout, mako
it, indeed, overshadow all other issues,
in tlm Impending oampaign.   Hut thuy
aie reckoning without their host if
they Imagine that the people can bo
blinded to the blunders and siupidilies
which have characterised tho legislr-
tive und administrative acts of tl 0
present Government, Their record will
be the iiiii in issue, protest iiiiiI beseech
us they will in respoct to redistribution.        	
The munlolpal census which tho City
Clerk is authorised to take iu conuen-
lion with the assessment   might   well
in' made to include nn enumeration of
the entire population. A school census is, we suppose, a necessity ; a complete census would at least be exceedingly desirable, and tbe additiouul
trouble and labor cannot be so great
as to preolndej all thought of obtaining it,	
Louis Creswicke
The Bitter Vintage;
K. Douglas King
An African Treasure;
J. MacLaren Cobban
Prospecting,  Locating and
Valuing Mines;
Engineers' Examinations;
N ew Catechism of the Steam
Maxims and Instructions fok
THE Boiler Room;
The Mineral Industry;
Life of Napoleon III.;
Bv Archibald Forbes
We are showing a
First-Class Line of
Gookina Stoves <_. Ranges
Which'.we are offering'at
I1_II?0_ST��1I-S   OF
Shelf & Heavy Hardware.
Etc., Etc., Etc.
(mada mm &
Thev nre sharper than we ure, over
in Rossland, in the mutter of Belt-advertising. The Mayor of that oity
cabled congratolatlona on tho relief of
Kimberley to Lord Wolseley, and the
Commander in Chief, with that uu-
foiling courtesy of his, oabled a pretty
little rosponso. There is not much to
envy in this, hut it is better occupation than sliysteriug over wharf ten-
We very gladly nivn spaoe to the let-
tor from Mi. Howes, published elsewhere. On the luce of it, there is uo
uppuiiiit ration why a dozen or so
men out ol almost as many score
should have been refused iu the pay-
mout of wages, and it requires a vio-
leut siretch of the Imagination to suppose that they were.
50 Cases
New Drugs
and Tledicines
Received this week,
fresh from the manufacturers.
Telephone 11 j.    p. O. Iiox M.    linker Street.
Mail Ordcr_,Promptly AUrmlnl To.
*itiM.\_ 1.1 rn 11.     niii 1111 11111..
Windermere Mines.   Corroep  - enceSoPclttd
Nelson, h. <'.
I     A Boni'iling nnd  Day School GOUdUCtOd by
tho Staters of St. .lo-jfiiii of Poaoo.   ltlssitu-
1 iiti'd at t-htjcornurof Mill and Josephine Htrocta, I
1 in one of iho best  residential portions of Nel- |
' son.   und ia cusily  accessible  from  all parts j
of the city.
Tho course of study includes the fundamental and higher branches of a thorough English
education. Business course ��� Bookkeeping.
SienoKraphy nml Typewriting!   Bot-SDOOcourse
Music, Vocal and Instrumental; Drawing,
oto,���Plate and Art Needlework; Calisthenics,
For terms and particular**? apply to the Sintor
...L. P08UE...
Harness and  Saddlery
The loading shop. I^arno
took. BohI ssoried Htnnk
on hand, Harness, Ool-
l-.ru ot best iiifikuH.Sad-
dles. Blanket., Boils
whips, Brushes, Combs
Prices satisfactory.
Call and eec.
Cor. Ward and J.ftkrr
We have just received
a carload oi chn;-<_
Hudson's Bay Stores
West Bakm- St.,   Nelson.
Telephone 18.
y.^,^,^,^,^.^,^,y,^,^,^,g:^,g,^.^,g'g^'>g>'g.]g.^'y.g'^,#' 00.0>.00.00 00^
���ww �������� ���*���**��� -tP *5f'**5?: *5^ *5"* ���ff'* ���*���*���* ������S'*'***. ��� *���__, ���<���__ ��� ���*__ ��� **. �����������.��� ***������* ���������_<:����. ���*__.*__.���*�����.�����__**-_, *._T"* *__. * ___"��� ���*__. **S_** *__. **S_^ ���___ ���vc^'
<_/ w
Now Ready for Inspection.
Nottingham Luce Cuilaiiis at75c, ,1.00, .1,25, .1.50, ll.75.f_.00,
anil up to $8,50 per pair,
Swiss Cuilaius firm $4.50 to .1IUK1 per pair,
Brussels Net Curtains nt .5 00, t_,__, 17.00 nml 18.00 per pair.
Chenille Curtain, at ii BO, to 112,00 per pall.
Tapestry Curtains at *4.1K'. $5.00, up to $11.00.
Silk Laces at Me, 12>*Jo, 15e, 20c, 25c, up to $1.IH) per yard.
Linen Laces at 5c, 80, 10c, 15c, 20c, up to 50c
Valenciennes Laces at 2c, He, Ic, 5c, 7c, 10c, anil upwards.
Lawn Embroidery at 8c, Gc, 7c, 8c, 10c, up to 50c per yard.
Muslin Embroidi ry at 10c, 12.se, 15c, 2uc, up to 50c per lard.
All-Over Embroider} at 75c .l.im, $1.25, .1.60, ,1.76, and $2.00
per yard,
Flouncing Embroidery nt 15c, 75c, $1.00 and upwards.
Swiss Spot Muslins from 15c up to 50c
Lawn Muslins al  15c, 20c, 25c, 35c.
A   complete   range   of   Nainsooks,   Linen
Cambrics ami Organdies.
Lawns,   Lonsdale
Martin  O'Reilly  & Co.
P. S.���Special attention given to Mail Orders. HOUStOH BlOCk- Baker Street,
'-���__:'___.* _5*-___.���_��_����� _��.*___ *_�����-it��__S__S__���._-__��___.__&__ft'��___t-*_���* *____*-____'_���_&_____!_________.*���*���*���*���**���'*��� *^ ������**������_���><-..*��_.. *__
0���-0"-00-0*-00-0*-0*-0*-0"-0*-00-00-0*-00-00-00-0*'.rO--^-0*-00-00-00-^-05-'00   _5*.5*^5 ���00-00?00?00'
Real Estate,
Fire Iusurance,
Life Insurance
Small   1 louse $ 8.00
Sinai!  Cottage    10.00
Mining $tocks
Bought and Sold.
Silver    Star    Mining   Stock   of
Sumpter, Ore.  Call for Prospectus,
5000 Big Horn Treasury.  A snap
1000 Noonday    600 Richelieu
Hero's a jjood buy :
Referendum Treasury Stock,    Hold
mi installments 7,'j'c, t^o per month.
Heated by Hot Air
Finest   Dining-   Room
in the City.
House and  Lot in business portion of town, $3500,
WAltl) BT.
Promptly und neatly done.    Special
attention given to children's clothes.
Tliinl iloor Inn k  of  iiiltl   Ki Mow.'   HuIIiIIiik.
KuiiH'iini  Siren.
Fraternity Hall
< >���!��� Ill,I., r A k���,,l. ,,a, HI..
I can he rented for Concerts,   Lectures
' Danoes, Banquets hdiI every hind of entertainment.   Good ante-rooms, cloak
rooms. Kitchen nnd diniux loom furnished.   For termpply
mi. E. O. AKTIIUKl Oity.
Brewers of Pine Lnger
Boor and Porter.
Drop in and see us.
After Monday neat, tbe hours at the
SkntiiiK Rink will Da (-hangeri. Ilure-
nltiT thn afternoon noHHinn will he
from :i tu p, p. ni., iiurl in tlm i.vciiliig
frum H   lo 10:80 p.   111.    The  insnaKn-
uiiiit tliinl. these himrs will suit the
,'iii'lK; better than tbe old schedule,
Temperance Hotel.
The Family Resort of the
TheWaverly Hotel
Delivered to an any point on
Kootenay Lake.
I have a complete stock
on hand of
3 Good Companies 3
Loudon  k Lancashire Life Ass. Co,
Ocean Aocklont k Guarantee Corporation.
Phcwiix Fire Insurance Co-
Nelson Employment Agenov
\V_ltresn.    (Jirl for Hmieeworlc.
Hill Boy.
J. H. LOVE, Ao't      Baker ��"
nn,!���!���,.,,' iimi 11 10 iiiHr advantane to,
flirurr with Hnidlov k Co. un 1'ai-a inn.
whi-ri- rial run  ilipi'iiil nn  _l'1Uiik Iho hunt
nr.ui'l   in i'n ��� miirknl nml any qtnintit)- frolii
Mill ut PILOT BAY.
J.   A.   SAYWARD.
Have you seen the new three dollar yearly Accident and Disease policy issued by the Ocean Corporation y Includes $1500 travelling
railway policy and weekly payments tor illness caused by Small
Pox and twelve other common
Qenoral Agt.        0pp. Oddfellows' blook*
Eake- St., Nelaon.
Houses for sale and rent.
10c. up
lvicci* cni'tioi bo disputed,
WIlIlM, iu.
Board and Room.
First Class Uonrd and Room;
Todd's old stand, in rear English
Church. Table Hoard, $4; Board
and Room, $5 and S5.50.
Frank A. Tamblyn, Mgr.,
Bakkk Strut, Nelson
^A_?ooc1 Pnvinu Dairy business in
the Town of Fernie, B. O., will null
Otlt at �� bargain. Seveu cows, hoise
Rleigh, milk wagon, I'liiiK, nmi every'
thing belonging to a first .Ih.h  Dolrv
hnimn HoiiHi' mul   Htublo.    Annlv   Pnv
188, Fernie, 11. O.
Nelson Cleaning and Dyeing
8. I). PIEKKK Prop.
Ladies' and Gents' Clothing cleans I
dyed, altered and repaired.
M'Hr .if rij.rli,- <l���ff.|, \,t -UN
When the Men are All
Goqe   to War
Business Women
Will Be iveeded
Tho   Nelson   Business   Cullego   is   a
Training School for yonng women us
well 11s yniintr men.    Tbo   Hurlgct ^ys-
tern mnki's business easy.    Try it.
There is a Clearing Out Sale in Gents1
Furnishings on at O'REILLY'S.
The Minor Inadvertently   stated yes
tei'duv morning tlmt the annual
ing of lliii Publio Library ABSOuIation
would lie hold lu-t evening. The ineel-
ling will be bold this evening in St,
I Saviour's Uhurob school, uml it iniiii-
'sired Unit Ihe attendance lm ns largo us
itiK-luouin Dlnos tho OUTlors posstblo.   Officers will  ho eltoted and
et- *
.'���>/vw.*yiV'*>*****'***/s.'*-.>**-v vv-wvn-vvvv-vv v-v*wv'vvv*��V��>v*v*wv*>
Mr. A. I'
oi Nolson ut tho I'hulr
Tam-iyn ml" Rae  Rlnks Guests of
Honor���Prizes from Rossi.nd
on Display.
There was a grand jolllflontion
raon��� ,|10 curlers at tho Phalr Hotel
��� , p|g|,t, Preidlent Buchanan, of the
Nelson OurllUK Club, gave a dinner to
tho vIoe-preBldent's rinks and also ill
honor of the Nelson cnrlors who so BOO*
M8lfoll defended Nelson's colore in
Ho Rossland Bonspiel. Them wero
���l���,ut forty gentlemen present who
w.1. sealed at four long  tnhles   whioh
wio arranged In �� hollow square and
decorated with palms and (lowers. In
tlm oentl'O of tbe room on a large table
,,,,,,. arranged the prizes, grouped
around the New York Life Cup. in a
corner nt the room was an orchestra
wliicli furnished music for tho evening. Spseohes were given by Mayor
Houston, F, w Peter* President
Bnolionan, W. V.. Boors, W. A. Onlli-
|���.i mul olbers. The "Gunner from
Qa|*vny," sung several of his favorite
mn* Mr Hue nnd Mr. .lames Law-
wn.e olsn sang, Mr. W. V. Anderson,
T. P, A. of lhe 0, P. R.i gave 11 read*
Ing from Hie "Tramp Poet of the
Wed," entitled "Like Kelly Can,"
anil 11 quaitetto snug sevoml selections.
During the evening Mr. P. W. Peters
read leversl wai bulletins which were
received with great enthusiasm und
Cheers for the Qaeen
Among those wsent were: T. Lil-
l|t,, w..\ .lalliber, F, J. Bradley, John
li. Devlin, 11- S. Kinghoiu, D. Q.
Porter, W. W. Hoer, E. C,   Arthur, J.
B, Walker, S, P. Shnw, .lohn Kue,
Y. Kl* tc in 1, A. G. Gamble, fa. E,
Uonron, ,r. P, Weir, Hobert Weir, V.
I.. Irviin*. S. Neelands, P. Lament,
W, Kiiliinilsoii. P. E. Wilson, F. A.
Tanil'lvn, N. V, McLeod, Geo. A. B,
Hull. .1. 1'- Thompson, A. T. Walley,
('. 1). .1. Christie, C Archibald, A. A.
Pen ier, A. 11. Dnohanan, John Houston, \v l*.   Anderson, F.   W.   Peters,
C. ,1. Wilson. .1. A. Armstiong, Alex
Curiii', ('. II- Ball, J. H. Fox and R.
P. Hetlley.	
11 rost jester-
in the Police
Magistrate Orease bad
ilnv ii< UO oases came up
Mr. K. Vi. Day, who has been ill f.,r
several weeks, is much better and ib
now niiiii in be around the house.
Mr. and Mrs, H. K Mnodonoll re*
turned to the Oity lust evenlng.atter n
t���o months visit in California.
\V. B. Doyle transferred to Joseph
Stargoon a one-eighth interest iu the
Miniiiti olaim fur n nominal oonsideta*
The  Trenn-'iit   Hotel     barber   shop,
which has beeu closed far two days,
will be opensd in a few days by .1. B.
A halt interest in Ihe Surprise olaim
on West I'oik of Kokuiieo Creek was
transferred to Iliram W. Purdy, trom
Thomas Moran for fJ73.
James Lawrence, ol the Lawrence
Hatdwore Company, left Nelson last
iiikIk for Wiiiuipeg.Toionto and Mont-
Mai, Mr. Lnwreuco will be absent
several weeks.
Charles Lindeman transferred to W.
S. Doyle on Kehruary 111 a one-eighth
intiTt'st in the inineral clnini known ns
the Minnie, aim situated nn Hall
Cii'tk, lur a nominal consideration.
il. .1 [.vans & (io., on Monday, sent
to tin* quarantined people aboard the
Mojie a fii-e of Teacher's Scotch whiskey. With it went au injunction to
�������� ti'gnlurlv as a preventive of
Mr. j. ii. Bowes received a telegram
yesterday Irom Trooper Wrngge, of
Btrathooua's Horse. The telegram
WM ii ut trom Uttawn, and said that
all of the local contingent were well
sii'l happy,
* " iliirtl interest   in   the   claims
!*��������������n ih Ninth star. Morning Star
ami Alberts located on Fern Mountain
��as jMterdaj   transferred from  John
H  S; In n, k ,.,   .iiweiili Sturgeon lor  ii
conrinerution or *fi.
T, .1   Sims   wishes   to  acknowledge
J""  r ipt   of   iiii.k.iBcs  of  clntbing
irom .' K Weir and l.'liitrl.H Burt, nnd
""   innioiis    eoiitribiition   of   |10,
ri'ceivi'ii i��� response to sn appeal from
tlie ,\,,.ini eh. rjtv organization.
The ladies of the Nelson Public Li-
M��rj Association wish to thank all
mose whn doniiied prizes for tbe oarni-
'Sl "ii Monday night and also those
��lin iistii.i.d in any wny toward thn
Wcobm of the ullair. Over tlOO will be
'���-iii_.il f���r the library fund.
will go into elfecl March
many mntters of Imp irlanc'e discussed,
.1. W. Stewart loft yesteiday after*
noon to establish on nips ut Ten Mile
Point and the old saw mill, at which
points work will begin on iho Bai four
extension Friday or Saturday, Subcontractor MoMartiu is preparing to
put iu his camps uud will also be ut
work in a few iIiivh. Mi'Marlin's
cnnips ure at, Five Mile Point and up
the first two miles of the light-of-wny.
The Fire Hall rink and the Hiohard-
h< ni -11 n m n aggregation)! couti'sted yesterday for the 100 HoHtbervy cigurs rlo-
natid by the makers, The latter rink
won, but the members of both eBJoverl
the cigars. At the close of tbo IJ
ends the llie.liiirilson-lluuio rink led
by live points. It wus then suggested
thai anotbor end ho ployed and ill this
end the Ilm laivs li"d Ihn unue Another end gave the llicharilson-Hunie
rink thu game and the ei .ars.
Siii.io thi' Kootenny Cigar Manufacturing Co. undertook to do business on
th.! mail] line of lhe 0. P, It. success
hns attended every effort. '1 he various
brands put into these new markets
have met with Instant favor and if the
now business continues to grow as ll
has grown during Ilu,  past few   weeks
larger quarters In Nelson will  be  ��e*
quired. The tooa] business of Iho company is also Increasing with rapid
sicides. Nelson has pioveu itself to
be a good cigar mauutaoturlng centre.
The following letter, which explains
Itself, was revolved by The Mine) yesterday! "In reference to ihe paragraph
in today's Miner relating io the olaim
for wages ol oertuln  workmen ngninst
lhe Hull Mini's, allow uio to sny ns solicitor fur the company Hint these
claims would hnve beeu paid ou ihe
I.th Instant, when nil the other wanes
were paid, had the amounts claimed
been correct, The basto that these
���ii. ii   showed in issuing   writs simply
delayed payment  iiiiii  involved them
us well BS the Hull Mines in unuecus-
saiy costs.   .1. II. Howes."
Among Bonndary Creek Mining Companies.
Greenwood,   B.   C,  Feb. an.���Tim
Times today says: '"Another important consolidation of two Boundary
beck mining companies is iu process
t consummation. Last night the following brief   telegram was sent to the
presidents ot eaoh ot the mining stock
exchanges In Montreal, Toronto and
Rostlaud, by Dnnnan MoIntoBb, president and general malinger of Ihn Winnipeg Mining >*\- Smelting Co: "Winnipeg mine Closed down today pending
consolidation wiih the Brandon and
Golden Ciown." Hy the snnio gentleman The Times was Informed that
while all the details of the consolidation havo not yet lieon perfected it
might be annoiiiii'iil Hint Montreal and
Toronto capital were behind the now
company. The idea of consolidating
the two mines lias been on the lapis
(or some time. It is proposed to use
tho main staff of the Brandon &
Golden Crown Co , for the output of
lhe two properties, Both mines are
developed by shaft to a depth of 00
feet. Within the past three weeks the
Winnipeg mine has .-hipped nine carloads ol ore to Ihe Trail smelter. The
returns from the earlier shipments
have been inns! satisfactory, A fraction over |80 to thu ton wns the nel
prollts By the consolidation of the
companies both properties ean he
worked on n niiieli more economical
nnd nrolitiible scale."
Phnir���.lohn Haokett, .Sandon ; R- B.
Porter, Grand Forks| T B. Klla, Van*
ounveriL. A. Campbell, Kossland ; H.
T. Kingsbnig, .1. P. Thomas, Sandon;
K. Bowman, Vancouver; James B,
Webb, Grand Forks; Harry Howson,
Hume���W. Kelly, J. B, Brown,
Ainsworth; C F. Caldwell, Kaslo; J.
Twidloy, Toronto; G. A. Mitchell
Kossland; II. W. Lancaster, Windsor;
H. Stevenson,  Ainsworth;   Tbomas.fi.
Hnrnett, Granite; P. Olarkson, Hum-
lion; P.M. Glass, Grnnbyj W. T. Parsons, Trail.
to the fact thai you need and
can   buy   out   of   our  slock
tlie best .-ill-the-yc-ai-round
footwear to be had in ihis city,
at prices that will .suit you ?
Come and inspect our stock.
Wc  will   not  be  undersold.
Bring Your Repairing.
,^AA^A/i|��Vl/i**VVSAA��V*l^****��*>��*^^ .��*W*'A'V��JW'*VN'-Wi/SV_V.VVV.^
I. Hi Mil I \ V. H. ''I.F.HKYrs '
green & clements   There is a Cleaiw Out Sale of Gents'
t-lvll   Engineers   nnd Provincial
Surveyors. |
P.O. Ilox I la
Furnishings on at O'REILLY'S.
Nolson, 11. ('
Atiuilicr frtflli consiKiiiwrni uf unr
! Ross, Lee
r M   i
Brand of Moolin nnd JnvaCo(l>o, roinitod by tbo bosl IikIoth of tho abovo avl Inlo lo
|io--t'.--,i_il of ihn liinin'-i quallij  i itaror.
As It, is suro to iiliiaso oven tlm most fastidious.   For salo only by Uio
The Western Mercantile Co., Ltd
Successors to M. DesBrisay it Co.
. i ayi
Victoria Street, Nelson,
(Opposite the PoslofKce);
Correspondence Solum ed.
Advortinpincnts iiiHortoil under till* bond nt
tlio r.ila of ono cenl ft u-oril jier insertion. No
advert iseiiioiit taken for loss l-hftii '25 cents.
WANTED.���First   Class barber.
ply Bon Tnn Barber whop.
WANTED.���Position as stenographer.
Hest nf referenoes given,   Apply at
Miner (.Mil��>.        MRS. WAKBMAN,
WANTED.���For   three   people,   two
rooms with board In neutral part of
I own.    With bulb   preferred,    Arid res*
11, Miner Dili.'.'.
WANTED.���Koys   and   girls to  stri:
tobaeco.   Fifty nuts  a day, ami as
mnoh rooie ns tbey  can earn.    Kooto-
iiay Clgnr Sompany.
Dandy Coons
At Home
better than Opera House
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants
���"������*����������������� i*****c_c,**i_-*.
Branoh Markets in Romsland, Trail, Nelson, Kaslo
Sandon, Three Forks, New Denver and Slocan City.
Orders by mall to any branch will have careful and prompt attention.
/4 Ainu**/ $did,' Cfanjirrt- m/
s JiAJTXAAL ____/._*%_.Jt
At the present time would be
one of those Policies which
will secure you $15 per week
if yon are so unfortunate as
to caul,  SMALLPOX
Mansion - House
ftfrW 4HrV4jHLfeA _.
Gfo^i^^4immY4i&le \ -^fcrj l^^i i^fcs t JH-ji Ifcn (&t%' ifc-ii ^fcl I m\ i irffl is^* >4ft����^ft t^^b* a-tit .^^ft.*>^b .fr^Bt**^ft *. ^A*+A9 **ta"��*H  \
A startliiiK   ineirient, nf   which Mr.
John Oliver,    1 I'liilinlelnbia,  wn��  the
-.nil.et  ih narrated bv him ns follows 1
"1 was iii a most   ilreaolnl   rnmiitioii.
Mv Hkni wns aimnst yollnw, eyos rank*
en, t"nu'iie ooated, pain contlunally in
hnek iiiiiI siiles, nn ii|i|it'tite���niailiinlly
growing winker rinv by day. Three
plivHieiaiis lnnl   given   me up     l'Vitu-
nati'iv. 11 Friend advised trying Bleo*
nio Blttets; and to mv gn*ai  joy  and
Hiirinise, Ilie Hist buttle made a rleelil-
ort improvement. I colli limed their use
for three weeks, "lid inn now ll well
mull.    I know thev saved   my life, and
roiibed the iirave  nf another victim.'"
None should fail lo   try   tlinm     Only
.-,( nis guaranteed nt Canada Drag w
Hunk More
Baker St.
PRICES   $3   AND   $4.
Atlantic S. S. Lines One  Night  Only!
Etoni Portland, Me. *-*" "
new  Bonndary  Greek rates nu
tin. t;. p n
���   Wold t��� |l|la eiiv,,ti wn, rt_*��!fivcil at
h V'n "' ""'',pti ,,0^(, yeslerdny.
,,.'��� "is rates are havo not vet been
iniiii.' pnblio, hnt it is
" iii-'at reduction is o
In bo
TOwned sine die."
"iiiiii) tiillt
niirteiHtond that
The  liquor  license   conimissinnnrH,
'   '    '    Arllmr anil   P.   E.   Wils	
1 yesieniiiy B| the Provincial police
there was only one application
-""i-i'lereri, that-   ���f  .1. C. LnriK,
"ion, to move his license to the
,' ;���; Hei.'i it Orenon,   As   Mr.
���""���''"I   net  appear   the application
'Meetcd.    ah there were no   oilier
ens in he ooosldered the Boaul
There iB a prob-
��������� " meat many applications
or th! "U.d.u tni ll0tel 1"nd bM 1'��1*��������.
"t.nsUr. al0Ug the D9W Balfout I
Clocks ���"���"
Fine Watch,   Clock  antl Jewelry
repairing.    Work   and  goods
gimranteed positively!
Patenaude Bros*
Allan lane "(' ilil'oniion".
I'iiiiii llnlifas 	
Allnn l.ini) ".\l.iii!,-.ilinii".- ���
lloiiilnl.in   l'i"''   "Hiniiini.ni
Krom  llniiiax
From Port
 Fob. 8*
 Kih IS
lliirect. .March?
 Mnri'h II
March I
llolliililen Mil" "I'ulnlireinair'll'ili'itl Jlni-i li 10
Ki'iiin at. Jnhn.N. II.
Boavor Lloo "Xola"  Fob. a
Kuan Halifax S,'-";-!
Beaver Line "l-nkc OnUirlu  Jlnri 1,
From Halifax ,.-��� ' ur, h s
l'l'uiji H0.-I1111
lioniiiiion  l.ino  "GsBada"...y -...Feb. 2-(
From New *iork
Cuiiiirtl too "Campania" :?''";���),
Ciiiinvti l.ino -Tuiiii'iu  Morch.i
W Mm Siat I ine "Tmitniili.-'	
White Star Line "Ooiitionlo 	
Anrltir  l.ino  "Kthlopla"	
imorlnan Mnn ''Now York 	
Bed Star Uno "Frtoriann  -	
Ninth Ui'i'iirm l.lnjil "rJaale ... ...
Allan S111L0 l.lno-siutoof Noliru-kn
i'n - aaea Brranged t-o nn'l from all Europoan
oolaU Fnr rates, tlekotsniHl full infr.rmntlon
itjiplyioCP. II, depot ����nni or UK. HonMoy,
u. ofllnes Winnipeg
Mai-rli ;
Murcli :t
Mnroli T
..Feb 28
March 6
March 1
Oninrnl AaeM.C P.
Saturday, 24th.
Everyone Come!
������<*��� ���.������������.
They are made in your midst, oi the liiK'st Havana Tobacco.
Where jjood Cig-ars are sold tbey can be bought.
Tlie   Royal  Seal and   Kootenay  Hclle.
Union  made.
��������� <*������������*.
Kootenay Cigar Mfg. Co.
Bank of
TheNelson Electr ic Tram way Co.Ltd.
Lari_re number Choice Bui I (.lint,** Lots adjacent to the
line of their Tramway. For price and terms of sale apply
at the office of the Company, Macdonald Block, Corner of
Josephine  and Vernon Streets,
T. C. DUNCAN, Secretary
Public Library Meeting British Columbia,
Tlie minimi meeting of tlio snlisrril
ars to tho Nelson Uiirary Association
will im held in the sohoolroom of. St.
Bavlonr's Bnl. copal Ohnroh on Wed.
miilav 918t l'Vlitirnry n S p. ni. fur tfco
norpose of reeelvlnu reports of olll. cms
mul eleotlDR new rllreotors for e_Hiiin_
year \ full ettenflance "f all iutor-
ostedln the Llorary work  Ispartiea*
lnrly ^'fA' L. M'CUl-LOO*..
Is now prepared to issue
Drafts and Letters of Credit
on Skaguay, U.S., Atlin, B.
C, and Dawson City, Yukon
lllulcliert nnil Hulllillu Byili so.
Tabcock attd Wilcox, etc
*'*lu J.0.1. CROFTS, .M...M,,
Or to Fiiiuit'H.soN 4 CuoiTit, Vnncouvi.1'
Paper Hanger,
Glazier,    Paiijior,    E.c
Chimney Sweeping.
Ollice, Ward St. opp. Opera Hous*|
Continued Krom kim Pago.
It is to bo   hoped   thut   l.nnl   Roberts
will overcome General Oronje before
thu Utter is reinforced,  Otberwlso tbe
British eoiiiiniinder niuy   llml   bitniell
facing 1 Boer army equal In strength
to his own us nil tbe Boers appear lo
be hurrying toward Cronje,   The Brit*
ish enmiiiiimli'i's ODghl soon In be libit1
to free both Nntnl and Oape Colony
from lbe enemy. The notions now 111
progress are tbe decisive buttles of lb'
wnr iiiiii effort wnsl be made to rein
fiirei' Lord Roberts."
London, Feb. SO.���Tho Queen through
her Private Beoretary, Sir Arthur
.loliu Blgge, bus senl tin' following
letter to the Ooromnuder*In Chief ol
tbe lorees, Field Marshal Lord Wolseley 1 "Osborne, Feb, 17. My deal
Lord Wolseley. As so large 11 proportion <>f tbe army is now in Snath Af
lieu, the Queen fully realises that ne*
I'l'ssury measures mnsl i"1 adopted for
home deieiice. Her Majesty is advised
thai ii would be possible 10 raise for a
year nn ellleient fOTCG from her old
soldiers who have iilri'iuly served ns
officers, nnneommissioiii d  officers and
privates, and confident In their devotion to Iheir country nud loyally lo her
throne the Qneen appeals to them to
serve her once more in place of those
who for u time, side by side with tbe
peoples of her (.'iiliniiis, ure nobly resisting ihe Invasion nl the South Al'n-
oan possessions, Her Majssty bns signified Imr nleasnre that these battalions shull be designated Ihe Royal Reserve battalions of ilu- army (Bgd, i
Arthur Blgge."
hlli'll lllllll   Fll'r-I   Pago.
Durban, Keb. 10.��� There was oontin<
nous fighting yesterday trom ilm Brit*
Ish posit ions on (lun Hill uml llussur
Hill, the troops advanced irom the
former towards Monte Cbrlsto. There
was a heavy bombardment with three
1.7-inch cm, und Iln* one hundred-
pounder Beige gun, supported by Infantry i;.-1111. t thn Boer position mi 11 lun
gwann Hill which adjoins Monte
Ohrlsto uud is regarded us the key to
Grotbler's Kloof. The firing wns par*
ticularly aotive from Hussar Hill, on
iho strim.. Hoer entrenobments ut the
extreme end of IIlannv.ana Hill. These
entrenohmnnts were strongthenerl with
sand ha���s. The lirint! slill continued
at 0 o'olock yesterday evening, Unr-
mi; tin* dny ibe uiin "Lady Randolph"
oatne on au armored trniu from the
direction of Oolenso. It is reported
that we hnve Ruptured over ion prisoners. The naval nun knocked out the
Long Tom on Blangwana mil al tbe
lirst shot, (or which General Bulls) especially cnitiplimeiiii'ii the gunners.
Bjlugwnnn Hill lies between two
bends of tbe Tngela River. The Boers
hnve built a bridge between Hlang-
wana nu<i tbe  northern  bnnk  of  the
Oradriook, Capo Oolooy, Feb, SO.���
Details hnve arrived here wiih respeol
to th_ oharacter of the Hritish convoy
at Roil river. It ntipems that WBgOUS
were laagered near the drift and that
the convoy wns nttneked by 1,800 Hoers
with tour nulls. The shelling continued ull   Illy.    One bundled and   eighty
wagons   were   captured,   containing
provisions nml forage. Half the drivers and leaders were killed or nre missing-
Continued frum Kirsi Page.
Duihuu,   Feb. 19.���Evening.���While
i.t'iieiiii Hullei la continuing bia movement on the extreme riftht and has
mnde every disposition for the defense
of his position to the left nnd soulh of
the Tugeln by maintaining there n
force full for thnt purpose, isolated
parts of the Hoer forces sometime an SS
the river     There is much sniping.
Bulnwny.i,   Keb.    18,���(Monday.)���
Colonel Plummet sent Major Bird with
two hundred colonials to attempt Ihe
oapture of the Hoers |_ pounder on n
kopjii near Crocodile Pool*. Mnj.ir
Hird met with such n terrtllic rille uud
shell lire Hint he   considered the   |n)ni-
tion too strong ami ordered u retire'
ment. Colonel F.W.White wus slightly
wounded, MajOT Stinker wns severely
wounded. Nineteen privates were ulso
wounded nnd Cuptain Siimson French
nnd nine men aie missing.
Betlin, Feb. ...-The Militaire Wor
clienblatt, in Ihe couise of nu article
hy n high Offloer of the general stuff
attempting tO disprove the view thnt
the Hoer successes hnve been due tn
their tactical defensive, says: "On the
contrary, the lecent Hoer success prove
the Ineffloienoy ol their defensive,since
an energetic offensive would in like
ciroumslances bnvu released the Hoer
ejrps, gunrdiug tbe defeated oorpe of
General Buller, Lord Methnen nnd
General While, lor delivering a iiu-h-
ing blow to Ibe British. Without
such a bold Offensive the Hoers will
nover ngnin win a decisive victory or
OOOOmpllsb mole thun u hulf measui, "
Tbe writer then reviews in detail the
engagements In Bonth Allien mid
makes out a strong case foi his contentions.
did not desire to shield nny one in tbe
Colonial ullice.
Mr. Chamberlain explained tbut Mr.
Rhodes was ebarged with two distinct offences, He wns ncoosed first,
of oousplring to bring itbout the raid,
oil   wbiob    he   wns   lim ml guilty   null
condemned in the itrongesl terms by
the committee, The colonial lecretarv
blamed him us severely us anybody,
rhe otboi obnrge wns tlmt he acted
iimn tbe soidid motives with the object in promoting speculation nod raising the values of bis property, This
was     un    iibomiiialbe    charge   which
should not have been mado uml of
which Mr. Rhodes wus absolutely
i.iultiess. Another ground upon whioli
nn inquiry wus naked, wns ou nc-
, cniil ot the "precious collodion of
documents" published by tho Independent   Belga,  offered   lur sale, etc
Mr. Chamberlain farther said tlmt
the honorable members opposite did
nol want an enquiry. -"They want
nu execution," be said. "Let them
do their worst, 1 am perfectly  ready.
I rest iipnu the good sense und gonoros-
ity 't' the House and country. The at.
tack will   recoil upon those who made
it." As to the telegrams exchanged
hetween  Mr. Rhodes  und  his agent,
Mr. Chamberlain  suid   they were sont
confidentially nml ho returned them
saying be ban objeotion to their publl-
anion.   Sinoe June,  lwm, he bad not
���eon tin* telegrams which were produced mul examined by the com mitten,
As  to  the  letters, Mr.  Chamberlain
snid they wero stolen Irom Mr.
Hawksley's desk and Dr. Leyds offered
to pay 6100 (or them. Tbey contained
nothing unknown lo  the  committee.
Sir Willnm Vernon  Htiicourl who wns
uu old member of tbo Parliamentary
rum ni 111 ii- which inquired into the
Jameson raid followed Mr. Chnniher-
Iniu. He suid ou tho very fnco of it
the committee's report did not find
that there hnd been full enquiry,as indeed tbere had not been. The suspicions against the colonial ofllce were
not the work of political adversaries
bnt   lather   of nion who (or their own
ends Btook  at no bing in the way of
tnenda'ity, inrgery and t'liuid. The
authors of these suspicions were the
agents of-Cecil Rhodes. Thoy songhl
to assert the complicity of Ihe colonial
offloe to cover their own guilt. Dr.
.Unison told Sir John Willoughby, n
man of unquestioned honor, thnt thn
government wns behind tbe raid nnd
Dr. Jameson bnd not denied it.'
Mr. Chamberlain���"Yes he hus."
Sir William Vernon Harcourt���"The
insurrection wns promoted by the
foulest frauds. Wns there ever anything so abominable ns tho Rhodes telegram tu Jameson two days before the
nud. putting it into his mouth tu lie
abont the objects of the raid! When
tbe colonial secretary after the raid,
asked for nu inspection of tlie telegrams, llawksley wrote buck Hint this
wns unnecessary ns the colonial secretary    knew   nil.    Therefore   suspicions
were set afloat by the agents of Rhodes
but then there wus no suggestion   thnt
they were covered   by th mplioity
of the colonial otllce. That is whnt I
want t" have shown up. 1 want tho
transactions of these men brought to
light. I'limlcs has deceived everybody, The mid was made by gold
and lies.'
Mi. l-.'vans, proceeding, said that If
the investigations of tho committee
had been more exhaustive it might
have arrived nt n different  conclusion.
The conduct nf Mr.Chamberlain previous to the Inquiry, ucenrding to the
speaker, aroused suspicions of complicity nnd ought to be explained, ns
"light also Mr. Chamberlain's extraordinary declarations, after the Inquiry,
thai Mr, Rhodes' personal honor was
not affeoted, He also sui,1 that u let*
���ei since published -showed that there
was something to withhold
The House rejeeied the motion to reopen the inquiry by n vote nf Jsfl
against 168.
New   Vork,   Keb.    HO.���The  trunk
line agreement   i> being violated,  it
wni Stated today by n Wall Street news
concern, which says: "The Lake
Bhore R, R. has followed the examples cf the Michigan Central In violating the new joint passenger agreement
and representatives of other trunk lines
are   doubtful   regarding the   future
effectiveness of this Ugll'I'lUCHt.
place on Saturday next.   Ovor iio.oou
people wrote tho Experimental Farm
for grain sample) this year, Tho trustees ot thu Stanley Oup have reoeived n
challenge from tho Crescent Ainnteur
Atbletia Association of I lal i lav
Winnipeg, Feb. 20. ��� This is convention week lit Winnipeg nnd tho oily
is crowded with visitors. There are
meetings of the Provincial Dairy,
stork Breeders, and Horticultural So
duties i the Grand Lodge of Odd Fellows, Orange Grand Lodge, Foresters
High Conri, Temperance Convention,
the Manitoba poultry show, nnd the
curling bonspiel. Tbe weather is pei
Hnllfnx, Fob. SO,-Major Williams
hns been appointed second In coinmntid
of llii< Mounled Rifles, in addition to
bis present duties, Colonel   Evans   ns-
suming  command,   Troops leave on
Wednesday morning.
Hrnntfmd, Keb. 80.���Because of bis
pro-Boer sympathies an employee of
tbe Mnssey-lluiris Company, wns compelled to kneel on a British flag nnd
apologize to his fellow employees yes-
London, Keb. 'j. ��� In   tho   House  of
Commons   todny.    replying   to  un en*
��� iu:iv u- to  the reasons fur the resignation of  Major General Huttou, the
cnminuiider   of   Iho Canadian    miltia.
Mr. George Wyndhara.the Parliamentary Beoretary  for  the wur office, snid
Hint General   Huttou   had been   given
Iemployment In Smith Africa for which
be lunl  long been anxious.
Gruiid Forks, II. (J., Keb. _o ��� fourteen carloads Of ore from the H. ('
mine tit   Summit camp   were  shipped
_      to tbe Trail smelter during   the  week
*       ending yeatsrdny.
New York, Keb. 80,���Chaplain F.
M, Wells, nf the First Tennessee In-
Inntry, U. B, V., who lately returned
frum thn Philippines, in in tho oity.
In n talk about the hnd effects of
whiskey on the American soldier in
Manila he sold: " Whiskey bus sunt
more of our soldieis to the grave than
Philippine bullets.
Montieal, Feb. -.0. ���Phileas Desjnrd-
ius uf Ihis city, is father of u baby buy
aged seven months,  which   weighs  Si
pounds,   A four year old brother doee
not   weigh   as   nnicb.     Tho  child   It
strong nml heart},    The dither weighs
150, nnd the mother 180 ponnds.
Midland, Ont., Feb. 80,���Morgan
R, Gladstone, 81 years of age, collector
und assessor of   Soarboro  township
died hero toduy after nn illness brought
on by a full ho sustained a month ago,
Toronto, Feb. JO.��� Following tho nu
OOnnoement of the resignation of lead
iug offioinle, comoH the rumor of a gen
eral shake-up in tbe Toronto Uulver
sity. The name of Dr. Osier, of Haiti
more, has been suggested   ns president
of tin* whole institution.
Brantiord,   Out.,   Feb.   DO.���Forty
live   moulders   of   tho   Massey-Harri
Co., went, on   strike   todny, dunning
Iho concern   bad   violated   a   previous
agreement to employ only Union help.
There   is  a   Clearing   Out   Sale  it)  Geijfcs'
FUri)ishii)gs oi) al O'REILLY'S.
Addressee High Court Beforu Which
He is on Trial.
Paris, Feb. a.���Thn Senate, sitting
ns u High Court, resumed todny tho
trial of Muriel Hubert, charged with
inciting troopi to maroh upon tbe Ely-
see pniiice nt the time of the funeral of
President Fuuie. Replying to the in-
tenogutoi-y  of tho  president of  tli.i
court, M. Mnrcel Hubert protested thnt
he had already been  judged  und no-
quitted on the Same charges, Ho denied having oousplred against- the
Republic nnd mudn n   grand speech on
tho lofty  motives   of    Nationalists,
vvarnly     defending     the     plebiscite,
which had permitted America to plum
her Hag in Culm nnd   the  Philippines,
nnd hnd given tho Trnnsviinl the
strength   to resist foreign   aggression.
"Willi the plebiscite,"  he   i eluded,
"wo should not linvu bud to suffer the
humiliation oi Fashoda."
Vnlloylield, Quo., Feb. 80.��� Tho
Montreal Cotton Co. closed Its mills
tonight because the employees of the
spool room demanded au increase in
wages. Tbe department waa closed
two weeks ago for a similar onuse but
tho strikers cnpitulntod. Now the
whole plant is shut down until a satisfactory settlement is reach Bd.
Montreal, Fob. _0.���Eva Ronh, the
yonng girl wbo bus been partially unconscious since Christinas Day, has recovered perfect consciousness and the
doctors are of the opinion that she
will recover.
Toronto, Fob. 200.���Sir William
Meredith,chief justice of Ontario, will
succeed Hon. Edwnrd Hlnke, as chancellor of tho Toronto University.
Toronto, Feb. 2.���Isaac Greensides,
a veteran of "60," wbo died a fow
days ngo, received his long expectod
uifdal ou his death bed.
Ottawa,   Feb.   2.���Hon.    I.     Tarte
gives emphatic   denial to his   reported
retirement irom the cabinet.
Woodstock, Feb. 20.-The alleged
counterfeiters wore sent up foi trial by
the police ningistrnto this morning,
und immediately arraigned before
County Judge Finkle. Tbey elected to
be tried before bim. Their trial is
fixed for Mnrcb IS,
Toronto, Feb. 20.-The Mail nnd
Empire this morning hints nt in
reaching obnnges in tbe Toronto University ns ii result of the recent resignations of tho chancellor and vice-
Halifax, Keb. 20.���The financial
statement for the Pim-iure of Nova
ficotin issued today shown a surplus
of over #2-1, lino. Among tho items of
revenue received wns $819,180 from
royalties on mines, the largest nmount
ever reoeived from that source in the
history of the Province.
Uttawa, Feb. 20.���The Supreme
Court opened todny. The proceedings
were devoted to tbe hearing of Maritime Province enses.
Montreal. Feb. 80.���The Hon. James
McShane, better known ui the "Pen.
pie's Jiinmie," hns been appointed
harbor master of this port.
Washington, I). O., Feb. 2.���Discussion of the Philippines question was
resumed for a time in tho Senate todny Mr. Kenny sneaking against tho
retention by the United Stntes of tho
Islands and urging that the Filipinos
be OOOOrded the right to govern themselves. Tho consideration of the Ha-
wn i government bill was resumed.
Some amendments weie ngroed to but
consideration of the measure was not
Loudon, Feb. 30.���A peace meeting
wus held Ibis ovening iindnr
the auspices of tbe Liberal and
Radioal club nt Bethnal Green, London. Tho hull wns decorated with the
Transvaal colors. Thirty pulioameu
were present. There was no interference with the proceedings. Resolutions wero adopted protesting ngninst
the wnr in Soulh Africn ns unjust.
Merchants' Bank of Halifax.
Incorporated 1869.
I>iilil-ii|i.     .    .    .     gIiSBII.OIO.00 I   K IM.Iimmhhuio
il ��r IMn-i* liim i  Tliuniiis B. l'imiii'y. I'l'i'sliliinl.;   Thoirnu JUtoltle.���Vloe*Prei|ilonl
Dwyor, wiiuy Smith, 11.11 Bould, Han, 11.11. Culler, M.L.O., Hon, David MsoKoou!
Ilinil Ollli", Halifax 1
< iiiiiiiii I'niii-uii,
Minimal DWJ
t..at, 1111 HiiiiinMuii .��,","> ><��� ��� '',l,hl '    ...,l1'    *'���    ,. ,,.
SlllH'l'lllli'liilinl nr llrioii'lins. W. II. llHTillnT, llilllriu.
Ilis|iiictiii. \V. K. Ilini'k, Ihillflix.
Soomtary, D, M. Stowsrt, Montroal,
Atlin, Bennett, Grand Forks, Nanaimo, Nelson, Rossland, Vancouver, Vancouver East End, Victoria.
Ciirrrri|MiiMli'iiln l
(���iiiiiiila-Mornliiinls Bank of Canada,   lliislini   Nut tonal Hliuwiiiiit Bank,   Chicago-Amotion
National Hunk-  nan Francisco -First national Hunk.  Mndoa, lag.   Hunk of Hootum]
I'lii'i-, France- Orodlt Lyonnnla,  Uoriuuila  Hunk nt Btirniuda. Cftlaa ami Japae���Honi
knllK mill Hhiillllliiil Ililllkhlg l'lll'|i'il'ill.lon.
Ueneial Banking Business Transacted; Sterling Bills of Exchange  Bought
and Sold, Letters of  Credit, Etc., Negotiated.
Accounts received on the must, favorable terms.    Interest, allowed on spocia
deposits and on Having Hunk accounts.
Geo. Kydd, Manager, Nelson, B.C.
New York, Feb. SO.��� President Ham*
nel Gompers, of the Amerioan Federation of Labor, returned from Hnvnuu
todny nnd will go to Washington on
Friday. He suid: "For live weeks
prior to my arrival 1-1,000 Cuban und
Spiiuish cignr mnkors hnve beoii ou n
strike. I helped to settle tho strike to
tbo satisfaction of all conoerned. I do
uot onru to go into tho rolnlive merits
of this strike. II is too big a i|Uos-
Wholesale Houses.
THORPE & CO., Limitkd.���Cornor Vor
11011 and Cedar Street.**, Nelson, inuiiu-
fuuturcrri of nnd wholesale dealer*. In aerated
water*** nnd fruit syrupH, Sole agents for Halcyon Springs minora] water,
���_*.. I-l, Onininin***, Lessee. Kvery known
variety or BOft drink... P, t). Box 88. Telephone No. 81* Hoover Street Nulwon. Bottler*
df the Famous St. Leon Hot ��� pi mi'. Mineral
HJ. EVANS -& 00.-Ha-.er Street, Nol
��� -uii. wholesale dealers in liquors, cigars
cement, fire brick mid fire clay, water pipe and
steel rails and genernl commission merchant*-..
Limitru.���Front Street, Nolson. wholesale dealers in .lour, meals, etc., and hay
and grain. Mills nt Kdmonton, Victoria and
Now Westminster. Elevators on Calgary &
..(hiiouloii Kuilwiiy.
A MACDONALD & CO.-Corner Vor-
���   nou und Josephine  Streets,  wholesale
grooenandjobben in blankets, gloves, mitts,
boots,  r li boors, maokinaws und miners' sundries.
P  BURNS A CQ-Bakor Street,  Nelson,
���   wholesale dealer-*,  in fresh and cured
meats.   Cold storage.
-Baker Street. Nelson.   Wholesale ileal
em in fro-h and cured menu.
LlMITKD-Uaker Street, Nelson, whole-
.uio dealers in linrdu-iire mill mining supplies
plumbers' and Mimmiltrs supplies,
sale paints uud nils.
Vernon and Josephine Streets, NeV.on
wholesale dealers in llquora cigars and dry
goods, Agents for Pabst Browing Co. of Milwaukee and Calgary Brewing Co, of Calgary.
UDSON'S BAY OO.-Wlioli-milo _ro-
criesaniTliquors i-ic., Haker HI., Nelson.
JY GRIFFIN A O0."('orner Vernon
��� and Josephine blreels. Nelson, wholesale
dealers in provisions, i-ureit moats, butter and
NEt��P.Nc   *.AW    AND     PLANING
MILLS, Limited Corner Front,  anq
Hull streets, nelsou. manufacturers of and
wholesale dealers In snah ai d doors; all kinds
of fni'tory work made to order
Great Reduction!
WRm, $9.65 per Ton
$6.15 Per Ton
Our Fresh Boasted Coffee Best of
Quality, ns follows :
Java and Aruliimi *ilochn. per pound |   u,
���lava and Moehu Hlenil, 3 pounds  1 oo
fine Snntos, I pounds  i no
Sanln   ](,,���,,,I. o pounds .'. 100
Our tipeciiillllenil, li pounds  1 oo
Our Illo Itonst, fi pounds  i (jo
A TRIAL oi! m It sill H 111 I,.
NELSON,        -        O, C.
Groceries,     Crockery,    E_c��
Dried Fruits
lll.lt KltEKIIIKV
Canned Fruits
fireen Fruits
Peaches Pears
Plumb Apriooti
Blackberries   Kkuiiuhhanth
BAKER  STREET,   NO,   185,
West Kootenay Butcher Co.
Fresh   and   5alted   Heats
Fish and Poultry in Season
E.   C.   TRAVES.   Manager.
Baker Street, Nelson.
Orders by mail receive careful and prompt attention.
All The War News . .
Specials From Victoria
Specials From Ottawa
Specials From Winnipeg O
Specials From Montreal
AU The Canadian News
All The Local News . .
���IN   THE���
Publishes more Telegraph News than all
other West Kootenay Papers,    .     .     .
65 Qente
��� V.


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