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.1 u>s
Daily Edition No. 840
Nelson,   British Columbia, Wednesday Evening,   September 26,  1900.
Eleventh Year
Enthusiastic Rally of Nelson
Conservative?   Last
The Local Conservatives Give
Cood Advice in Short
An Informal meeting of the   Nelson
LiBeral-l'oiiservntlve   Association    nf
Nelsou  was  held   In   the  committee
rooms, over Neelands Shoe Store, lust
evening. Candidate McNeill was present to become acquaintel  with   the
Conservatives  of    Nelson,   and     the
meeting resulted   in  11 great deal  of
enthusiasm being infused in the local
ranks,   The  President   will    shortly
call n meeting for  the purpose of organising a permanent   campaign committee   All Conservatives will   be invited to attend, and the meeting  will
probably be held in the Opera  House.
Mr. Fred Irvine,   president   of  the
Association,  occupied   the chair,    tn
opening the meeting he  called  upon
Mr. .MaeNeill  to speak.   The  candidate was received with loud  applause
as lie  stepped   to the front,    lle   is a
forcible   ami   pleasant   speaker,     ami
made a very  good Impression   on  his
hearers,   lle explained  that the nomination was   not   sought by him   nor
was It sought hy  Rossland,    lie stood
HOW as the candidate of   the   Liberal-
Conservatives of the greatest constituency   in   Canada,     lie   looked   to   tlie
party to unite In turning out of power
tlir party that now  governed Canada.
Everything depended on organisation,
nml to manage   the   contest   properly
meant n vast amount of work.    At the
lust   Provincial  election   there   wore
senile 13,000 votes   cast in thin constituency, and there were  between 10,000
nml 18,000 names on the list.  .No man
could go all over the constituency ami
become acquainted with the voters, so
it  would   be   a   straight   party   light
and tin* party would have to  work   to
see that the   candidate   was   elected.
The  Province  is   Conservative    ami
Mr. MacNoll was sure it would prove
BO, It was not his light hut the party's
light, it would not not lie a light for
liiiu Inn for the party to which they
wen: all proud to belong, Apathy
��as tl,,. only thing that   could   defeat
lib w.    It would   undoubtedly  he
tlie last light in this constituency as
a whole, as after the census would
cume redistribution and this district
Would have at   least   three   members,
'I lie reports Hie speaker received of the
Work in tin- east were decidedly encouraging, and when he was elected he
"as sine he would he sitting OH the
dovcrnment side of tlie House. When
Mr, MaeNeill concluded lie was accorded three cheers, the lirst gun���so
to speak���to be fired in tlie contest
that will prove one of the most interesting ever hold in tlie constituency,
Aid, Morrison, one of the   delegates
lo the convention   which   nominated
Mr. MaeNeill, said tlie Nelson delegO
''"ii Iniil pledged   the support of Ncl-
8"" h. Mr. MaeNeill and all Conservatives should join in tlie work.
Mayor John Houston,another of the
delegates, said the Nelson party had
gone to the convention instructed to
'ote as a unit and they carried out
'heir instructions, lie could further
state that the six would vote as a unit
'or the choice of the Llbenil-Conserva-
tlvc convention when polling day
came, ami he believed that the six
would be followed by the great majority of the Conservative party In
x,,lsou. they had a candidate all
'""hi support. Any difference existing among  members  of    the  party
Should he dropped now, and all put
their Bhouldera to the wheel and sec
,h"l Mr. MaeNeill was tlie successful
"""''date, lie closed by paying a
warm tribute to the candidate.
Mr. J. 13. Annable also told of Ihe
"'"'k of the delegation, ami was fol-
'""'���'I by Mr. W, A. Macdonahl. who
K'lve four reasons   why the (Jonuerva-
lives would be elected in this contest,
as follows: First, the Conservative
party lias never been defeated in a
straight contest in Canada, tlie I'aeilie Scandal in 1874, and the school
question in 1800, contributing to the
defeat of the Conservatives who have
never lost in a straight party light
like the one now pending; second,
British Columbia Is Conservative ami
owes nothing to the Liberal party
which has clone nothing for il: third,
in the latest redistribution measure
this great constituency was not di-
vided up. as the Liberals appreciated
the fact thai to make three constituencies out of it, would mean three
Conservative members more in the
house; fourth. Ihe Conservatives of
tills constituency had as a candidate
the stamp of man whose presence was
required in the House and he was a
man they all could heartily support.
The more he was seen in the constituency the stronger lie grew.
Alexander Sharp, vice-president of
the Liberal-Conservative Association
of Rossland made a stirring speech,
and was followed by Mr. G, A. Stewart-Potts and Mr. .loliu Elliott. The
latter said he had known the candidate for a long time and knew him to
bean admirable candidate, lie was
making a great sacrifice in consenting
to run and the Conservatives should
reward him by seeing that he headed
the polls on election day. John Toye
also made a few remarks.
Organization was then considered
and it was decided that tne chairman
Should call a meeting of Conservatives
al a time and place to be decided upon inter.
" W'c have only added seven millions
to tlie public debt in four years while
tlie Conservatives added sixteen millions in the previous four." is practically Sir Richard Cartwright's defence of Liberal finance. Hut he says
nothing of tlie fact that during their
four years the Liberals have had
twenty-six million dollars more revenue than the Conservatives had in
the previous four���twenty-six million
dollars more.taxes from the people
uheiewith to pay debt. -Ottawa (Independent) ".Journal."
The Liberals will make a mistake
if they underestimate tho extent of
Hugh John Maodonald'a value to the
Conservative party iu tlie coming campaign. Not alone as the son of Sir
John A. Macdonahl has lie secured a
hold upon the affections of the Can
ailian people. They admire and like
him for what his father was. They
know him for a clean and courageous
politician, and one who in office has
faithfully endeavored to redeem the
pledges lie made before he obtained
olliee. And he is the man who downed Ureenway; he enters the -light with
all the prestige of   recent   triumph.���
Hamilton (Independent) "Herald/'
When Sir Richard  Cartwright   was
finance .Minister he would not protect
our industries and build up a great industrial Canada. lie was, in his
own language, "a lly on the wheel."
Wo brushed him off; what he could
not do was done by Others, and
with such success that the Min
istcrs of today arc tendering to their
predecessors the flattery of Imitation,
Now Sir Richard and his friends are
Stuck again. They cannot take the
next step forward: intcr-liritisli trade
favoring Canada in Ihe Hritish market is too big a thing for them. They
arc Hies on tlie wheel once more.
Ilrnsh them oil'. Ilriish them off.���Toronto Mail and Empire.
lion. Mr. Sifton  realises that he  is
doomed to defeat  iii Brandon,   and is
doing all in his power to square himself.' According to the Brandon "Independence," Mr. Sifton has, through
an agent, made several overtures for
tlie purchases of   Hie   paper,   agreeing
tore-engage  the editor and pay   him
-Ion a month. The offers were refused. The "Independence" has been attacking     the     machine,���Hamilton
Sir Wilfrid Laurier will    emphasize
the great prosperity liis statesmanship has wrought by reminding the
people Unit there is now more fruit
ground than I here used to be
trees.    Toronto Telegram.
m tie
in tin
Chicago, Sept.    20.���.'.    despatch
tins Hecord from the City of Mexico
says: "Mexico's congress last night
declared the result of   the presidential
aleotlon,   General   Porflrlo Diaz was
unanimously elected and will be inaugurated next December, The president, has entirely recovered from ins
recent indisposition.
Ultimate Destination of Kettle
River and Republic
SO     SAYS    MR.    MORRIS
Company Has Secured an Old
Franchise -Work on
the Road.
"Tho ultimate destination of tho
Kettle River & Republic Kail road is
the coast." said W. C. Morris, one of
tho stockholders. This is the company which recently secured a franchise from the Provincial Parliament
for a road from the boundary line to
(irand Forks, and which now has surveyors laying out its lino in Perry
County. Mr. Morris went on to say
tlint his company has taken over an
old franchise granting the right of
way to construct a road from the
Boundary Creek country to Vancouver
in a more direct line than the Canadian Pacific This line, if constructed,
it is said, will open up a remarkably
rich country.
An officer of the company said recently concerning tho line from Republic to Grand Korku:
"The cost estimated for Its construction will be 840,01X1 per mile.
The surveys sliould be completed in 30
days and, should the winter not be
too severe, we expect to work steadily
from that time on. It will probably
take four mouths to construct the
road and begin operations from the
time of acceptance of the final sur
Veys. The company is an independent
one and has no transcontinental alliance whatever.
"We are satisfied that the road will
pay from the start, and while there
may be some prejudice among a few
people towards a railroad connecting
with a Hritish Columbia eity it
sliould not be taken into consideration, as Republic must have an outlet
for their ore products and passenger
traffic in and out by railroad connection ; and this being the quickest and
shortest way to obtain that bcucHt, it
would appear from a broad view of the
situation the most feasible and desirable. Seven-dollar ore can be loaded from tlie ore-bins at the mines on
the cars and Shipped and treated at
any of the smelters on the railroad at
a profit to tho mine-owners.
"We are arranging to get the necessary right of way from the Government and tlie Indians along the route
through the reservation, and from
present indications we see no obstacles In the way. We have gone into
the railroad businesH from a business
Standpoint and nothing else. Our
franchise! and charter are Mot for
Hong Kong, Sept. 20.���Advices from
Canton say that a boat load of natives Christians at Iviini Chu on West
River, was fired upon and that the
women were then taken ashore ami
butchered in cold blood. Native
Christians    are     Hocking    to   Canton
from the surrounding country. Canton Itself is quiet. The native town
is full of bad characters anxious lo_
create trouble but they lack leaders. .
Bugler Alex.   Huston,    Dies   in    New
York City.
New York, Sept. 20,    Alex.  Huston,
bugler of the 1st section of   the Light
Brigade, which made tho famous
charge upon the Russian guns at tlie
Crimean battle of llalaklava on OotC
her Sfl, 1854, was burled yesterday at
Maspoh, h. 1. Huston was 60 years
old,   He   sounded    the call   for the
charge of the Light Brigade at. Lord
Cardigan's command, sabred the Russian gunner at the foot of the hill
and managed to get. back in safety
with the l��.r. survivors of the gallant
078, lie saw Captain Nolan killed by
ii shell while leading blH command
and heard his wild shriek, since immortalized In England's miltiary history,    Huston's horse fell   dead   near
Nolan's body, on the recall, lie was
wounded In both legs, but soon recov
,.,,.,!. When he came to this country
|���. would, according to the Knglish
law. have forfeited   his   pension,   but
Parliament continued it by a special
More Bloodshed Among the
Striking  Miners in
Goal Companies May Make
Some Concessions to
the Men.
Sofanton, Pa., Sept. M.��� The first
bloodshed which may be laid to the
striking miners in tlie Lackawanna region, is reported this morning from
Sibley, a milling settlement in the
mountains in Old George township
about six miles from Scranton. Three
men were wounded in a row in which
about 80 revolver shots were fired.
The participants were all Italians
and were mostly men who had. before the Btrike began, been working
as non-unionists, but who became
members of the United Mine Workers
two weeks ago. Last light the men
got into a fight on the roadway near
Barberton. Revolvers were drawn by
several and when the bat'le was over
three men were down in tlie road, one
so badly wounded that this morning
there was little hope for his recovery-.
Several arrests have been made.
The strike situation throughout the
Lackawanna Valley remained practically unchanged today, the Lackawanna Company working its four
washerios without molestation. Hut
no coal goes out over the road at
present, being held oil the mine
switches, information this morning
in efl'cct is thai the big companies are
prepared tomorrow to grant concessions provided that at the time tlie
men are actually working and in
their employ. Hut there is an understanding that, come what may,
the compromise must not be effected
through the United Mine Workers.
While many miners are anxious to
settle the strike and return to work,
regardless of the means by which all
amicable settlement is made, there is
quite a strong sentiment to remain
out until the union is recognized, anil
until the organization is satisfied that
work can be resumed advantageously
to the union.
llarrisburg, Pa., Sept.211. ��� Seventy-
five miners went on strike today at
the Lower City Colliery, controlled by
the Philadelphia and Reading Coal
and Iron Co. There are 1,800 men
employed at the Colliery and this is
the first break in their ranks. A
branch of the Mine Workers Union is
being organized at Lower City and
and itrlkB leaders predict that many
of the men will go out tomorrow.
Large Returns   Received   From   Work
on Wreck  Hay Claims.
Victoria, II. C., Sept. -'il. ��� A special
to Tlie Colonist from Vancouver nays
the woman killed by a cyclist running
over her   has   been Identified as   Miss
Shannon of Victoria, who was on a
visit to her sister in Vancouver.
The Conservatives hold a rally meeting for organization purposes this
evening, and the Liberals will nominate candidates tomorrow evening.
There is an unconfirmed rumor to
the effect that Dougnn,   the   operator
responsible for the B,   ft N,   Railway
disaster, has gone   insane.
If the results obtained from the
Wreck Hay placer claims had been
obtained from any   piece of ground iu
the Yukon or northern territory about
fourteen hundred miles from Victoria,
there would have been a great stampede notwithstanding that all the
available ground was taken up. The
clean-Up on the bench at Wreck Hay
has really been phenomenal. A promt*
nent citizen received a letter from one
of the workmen employed by tl in
pany, in which he says: "Victorians
have no idea of the value of this prop-
;v. (Inly yesterday WO took out of a
���foot hole in one day, with only
'Self shovelling, over J300, and had
ly a square Inch of water. You can
irefore imagine what we will do
in the long Hume is completed and
e water turned on. We have so far
th this one inch of water taken out
000 from a   bole   120   feet   long   by
1x0. The claims taken up cover a
'ge tract of beach, in fact the whole
ach and about 6000 acres of benches,
ith all line respect to the Klonidke
gion, there are vvvy few more prom
lug properties iu that   section    than
lis one at Wreck- Hay."
American Ollicer lias Many Compliments For French Militia.
Paris, .Sept. '.Mi.���Major .1. If. Mot-
tuvsa, who represented tho Unite..
States at tlie recent French luanocn���������
ers, is preparing his report to the
War Department, lle said to the Associated Press today; "The manoeuv-
ers proved extremely interesting and
instructive. Krom several points of
view the extensive use of auto-cars
was a most striking innovation and
the result attained has fully justified
the claim for their practical utility
in European warfare. They did excellent work, enabling tin1 generals and
their messengers to cover great distances ill a few hours. Auto-traction
cars, moreover facilitate the task of
the commissary department Immensely, hauling cars heavily laden with
provisions. They have undoubtedly
come to stay. 1 examined this ques-
tiou of military automobiles from the
American standpoint, aud while fully
appreciating the former service they
render to the armies of Europe, where
high ways are well built and the distances comparatively small, 1 do not
believe they would be of sufficient value on the rough American roads and
over enormous tracts of country as in
the United States, to justify tin
heavy expense of their introduction
and maintenancce in the American
army. Our needs differ considerably
from those of the European countries.
The latter must always prepare for possible war on their own soil and their
conditions favor the use of auto-cars,
while the possibilities of hostilities
within tlie United   states are remote
and their value is highly problematical,   Another foatm f the manoeuv-
ers which much impressed me is the
new artillery. The latest French cannon is undoubtedly the most efficient
weapon and involves a new method of
working which is a vast, improvement
on the old style. The French artillery men know their business t  and
their prompt and effective iiianocuver-
Ing,combined with rapid serving of the
guns is sinily admirable.
As to the cavalry, their methods are
quite different from ours. American
cavalry acts chiefly as the eyes and
ears of the main body and as mounted infantry. We consider that (he
days When masses of cavalry were
thrown against infantry an- past.
Hut hereafter cavalry charges arc still
considered feasible. Another great
war will alone decide whetherthe latter Idea is justified. One thing the
cavalry operations brought out was
the clever horsemanship of the French
ollieers. They have been described as
poor riders, but all doubts on that
score   were   thoroughly   dispelled   by
the Hue display they  made ai ml St
Charles, 1 came away with a golden
opinion of the infantry. They are
not merely splendid marchers who
keep in good spirits   under Irving olr-
oumstances, but they an- a.. Indepond
cut soldiers, in supplying their own
wants, as any I have ever met."
A New Enterprise Which Will
Mean Much for This
To Be Constructed at East
End of the Tramway
President shaughnessy and Party
Leave Winnipeg Today.
Winnipeg, Man., Sept. 20 Mr,
Shaughnessy, president of the Canadian Pacific Railway, left for the WCSl
this morning to continue   hi-, trip   of
Inspection, a mpanled by K.   B, Osier, M. 1'.. R. B,   Angus, W. I). Mat
thews, and A.  H. Cl [man, directors,
and Messrs. Uiliam Whvle. I'. A.
Peterson and 0, McL, Brown. Presl
dent Shaughnessy was last nighl en
tertalned al tin- Manitoba Club by Ihe
Hoard of Trade, and other gentlomcn
fully representative of the commercial
interests of   Winnipeg,   There   was a
large company  present,
Confidence in the future of Nelson
Is again manifested by a new company which is being formed, and
which will establish a park for sports
of till kinds. Immediately to the south
and east of the present east end terminus of tlie tramway line. The company is practically formed and work
will begin iu the near future. Tho
plans of the ground and building to
lie erected have been drafted so that
an estimate of the entire cost has
been obtained. It has been estimated
that to carry out the scheme will
cosl 830,000,
The park,which will be a large one,
will be fenced, it will contain a
half-mile oval race track, which
will, it is expected, be equal to any
track in the Kootcnays. Just inside
the rue,, track, will be an asphalt
bloycle track, ami no pains or monev
will be spared to make it an excellent one.     lu   the   center of    the park
will be the recreation grounds, con-
-isting of a baseball, football and lacrosse field,Which is to be levelled and
sodded. If arrangementas can he
made work will start on this part at
At the northwest corner of the
grounds, an hotel is to be erected at a
cosl of 13,500, The plans of the building have already been completed by
Messrs. Kwart and Carrie, architects,
and are of Ihe latest design. Tho
building will be frame and two stories, and will have a frontage of 85
feet, facing the laku. On the ground
lb mi- will be a ladies parlor, 20 feet by
30 feet, while there will be club rooms
of the same size for men. There will
also be a billiard room 18 feet by 85
foot, which will contain two tables.
There w ill be a dining room 35x30 feet
in size, while the barroom will by
14x3(1 feet. The upper story will eon-
tain I I bedrooms, all of which will lie
entered from large halls. Toilet
rooms will be placed on both Moors,  A
largo    veranda    will    surround    the
greater portion of the lower floor
of the building, and a balcony
will project from the front
of the upper Story, It is probable
that the building will Hot lie erected
until spring, but the promoters are
trying to arrange to have it erected
this fall.
Thomas liunean of Ihe Tramway
Company is tin- one who proposed the
si In me and he Is being aided   by   Or.
I Armstrong,    If    R.   Cameron,   Capt,
in an.   W,   A.   Maodonald,   II.   I).
Ashcroft, K. \v. Peters, Blake Wilson,
and Charles Ulllyer,
A mooting was held a few evenings
ago,and those present were quite anxious that th*- scheme be carried on.
Arrangements are now being made to
obtain a franchise, which will doubtless be had in a day oi so.     When this
is comploted a joint stock company
will I..- formed and the stuck placed on
the market, The first general meeting will be announced shortly nml
all Interested will be requested to attend      All the plans lire al    the   olliee
of tie- Tramway  Company on Vernon
London, Bepl   JO,    Lord II rts reports    that    General    Ian   Hamilton
found at Cr Hie lllvor  near Nector
spruit, thirteen guns. Including   -\
eral lost by the   llrltl ih,   They  were
mostly destroyed,
NEWS   IN   BRIEF.   #
St. Louis. Mo. A special to the
Post-Itespatoh from Kort Worth, Texas, says:   "Oovernor-elect Duke,   re-
I ported to have perished  in the Calves-
| ton Rood,  la said to have   retur I   to
the Indian territory,
Chicago, Nnthan Ucorge.a Connection! man. owning hundred shares
��� .f sto.-ii in the Peoples' ibis Co,, today
further complicated the gas war here
l>3 filing ;i bin   in th,.   l a|ted  states
 'I a king   for  an   Injunction   re
���training tin- People's lias Co, from
selling gas at hi cents per 1,000 feet, Nelson  Daily  Miner,   Wednesday Eveihmo,  September 26, iqoo.
The Nelson Miner
V iblishcil   Kvcry   Afltiniiitm   Except Sunday
���nv TUB-
resident und Managing Editor.
BuslnOBS Milliliter.
II., Fleet  Slris-l. K. 0.
Coiilrnl  Press Agency, Ltd., Hpoolol Agent*
Dally, por month, by carrier     Ofic
Dally,per month,by mall..     OOo
Daily, por yoar, by carrlor 8 7 fin
Daily, por yoar, by mall ��� 00
Dally, por year, foreign   n oo
Weekly, per liiih yoar  81 2.5
Weekly, por yoar   2 00
Wookly, per yen-, foreign    3 00
Subscriptions Invariably in advance,
All Chock.- slmiilil im made payablntotho
ni-rlei-  nf   Nelson    I'i -iii.isiiimi   Company,
eonfidenee iu the resources of the
country and in tlie energy and enterprise of the people of Canada, What
would lie our condition now had
Ihe Liberals succeeded iii carrying their proposals for Commercial Union, unrestricted reciprocity,
and the other liscal nostrums which
they advocated so strongly? Our raw
materials would have been exploited
for the benefit of aliens; our people
would have been hewers of wood and
drawers of water for strangers. Other
lauds than Canada    would   have   been
enriched; foreign cities would have
bad the trade which has built up Montreal   and    Vancouver;   Toronto  and
Winnipeg.   '     And .Nelson.
"liritisli institutions will not suffer
from the enmity of Mr. Tarte," says
The Rossland -Miner. That is quite
true, but it is not tho point. British
institutions iu Canada are iu no danger of suffering from the oninity of
any person or any association of persons. It is not Mr. Tarte's enmity
that has annoyed and disgusted loyal
Canadians, who least of all fear anything from it. lie may be as hostile
as he pleases, and no one will care so
long as the hostility is that of Mr.
Tarte the citizen, But Canadians uh a
rule do not care to have as a member
of their Oovernmenl a man who is
constantly prating of his dear Franco,
who makes official excursions im a
Government steamer Hying- the French
flag, who publicly boasts that if he
cannot be a British Minister without
ceasing to be French he will quit Her
Majesty's service, who goes over to
France and tolls the people there that
French-Canadians are becoming more
French every year, and that their Hag
Is the trl-color, not tlie   Union   .lack.
These things   are   offensive   to   loyal
English-speaking Canadians of proper feeling, and they are moved to resent them. They do not doubt the
loyalty of the   great   body   of    French
Canadians, nor suggest the slightest
suspicion of it ; and even if Mr. Tarte
had influence enough to move any
number of them to disloyal sentiment
or action, would they fear in the least
degree anything lie and they could do.
Wo arc glad to sec that our namesake
at Rossland is no more pleased with
Mr.Tarte's utterances than other Canadians, who do not, however, share
his disposition to pass them over because they do not threaten injury to
the established institutions of the
country. A man holding views he so
Impudently expresses has no business
to act as a sworn adviser of Her Majesty in this Dominion, and tlie colleagues who can tolerate association
with him are little better than himself. If Mr. Tarte would rather be
French than a Canadian Minister let
him cease to lie the latter, and if the
Premier cannot oi will not compel
him to a decent respect for the feelings of loyal Canadians who acknowledge but the one Hag the people of the
Dominion cannot do better than turn
out the whole lot of them.
The Liberals took office at the tale
end of 1873, and went out five years
later. During nearly the whole of
that period the country suffered from
business disprcssion. Much of the
evil of hard times was attributed to
their own want of policy, and many
were the Indlgant protests made
against sticli an imputation by the
leaders nnd newspapers of the party.
They thought it was unjust to accuse
them of a business stagnation that not
only affeoted Canada hut the whole
world. How could they Help the hard
times'.' Some eighteen or twenty yearn
later they come in again, and during
their term of olliee the times are particularly good. All brandies or business arc in a flourishing Condition,
and the country is happy in ifs prosperity. It is observed, however, that
the good times are not conliiird to
Canada,any more than was tlie depression of iHT.i-Ts. They are good everywhere, Iii Great Britain, throughout
Europe, and iu the United States it is
doubtful if the business conditions
were ever so satisfactory. Vet for
the prosperity in Canada the Liberals
today are taking the entire credit.
They repudiated the blame for the
hard times, but claim that they are
instrumental in producing the good.
If their   memories  were   better  they
might be more modest.
The e is loud boasting of a surplus
of eight millions and sonic odd dollars after balancing up Hie accounts
ot the last  liseal    year.     Hut  it is easy
to figure out n surplus. The Government papers take the receipts for the
year. ."-;> 1,nun,nun, and from this sum
deduct Ihe   expenditure on   account of
 isoliilated revenue fund. 843,070,000,
and behold a surplus of 88,024,000.
This surplus is lo be dragged by the
neck through the campaign, to do service for the party in the approaching
elections. No reckoning is made of expenditure on capital account, which
brought up the total to 853,713,810,
Instead of a surpus of eight million
odd. there is actually a dclicit of over
a million anil a half!
Some of the Government organs nrc
limiting savings-bank deposits as evidence of the prosperity the Liberal
party were kind enough to drag in
with them when they took otlice four
years ago. No evidence of that kind
is necessary. The prosperity actually
exists, nnd is substantial enough to
appeal to the sensibilities of all who
take an interest in the industrial and
commercial conditions of the country.
Conservatives as well as Liberals
acknowledge it, and are glad at it
and grateful for it. But so far as it
is due to policies of administration
the credit must go to the Conservatives, for it was they who provided
tlie tarifV that is so succcssfuly fostering our own industries and at present
yielding the handsome revenue which
is furnishing the Liberal Government
with surpluses.
Wc are not sure that The Vancouver
Province Is as Interesting as a comic
paper as it was in its serious character, when it appeared as a general
newspaper, given to sober discussion
of passing events.
Commission and
Manufacturers' Agent.
Have iusl received the first  lot   of
samples of
u. # ���
From the factory of Messrs.   Booth
and Fox, Cork.
Now on View at My Office
over Merchants Bank of
Mrs. Enfield has received a
rme and well selected lot of
English and American
HATS and
Books You May Need
Says The News Advertiser,  Van	
vcr: "So far as regards any part
which the fiscal policy of the country
has had in the prosperity of Canada
during the past   I'cu    years, tin- credit
must be given to the Conservatives,
J"ho corner stone  of tliut   policy  wan
i   offers at the
est  prices
ever offered in the
Hats from
90 cents
Hunt's Systematic Mineralogy.. 85 ��<>
Peters' Modern Copper Smelting 5 fill
Stretch's   Prospecting, Locating
and Valuing   Mines  2 7a
Lang's   Matte   Smelting  2 88
Miller's   Qualitative   Analysis.. 1  7,".
h'oinp's Handbook of   Kochs.... 1 7!i
Thniitwino's Engineer's Handbook   5 SO
Hawkins'   New    Catechism    for
the Steam   Engine  ~' '.'.">
Hawkins' Maxims and Instructions for   Holler Room  - 38
Hawkins'   New     Catechism    of
Electricity  2 36
Hawkins' Handbook of Calculations   for   Engineers  2 :;."i
Machinists'     and       Engineers'
Pocket Manual  I  35
Stevenson's Practical Test  1 00
Canada's  Metals  ��"���
A Careful Reading;.
at band that a thoroughly
equipped druggist should have.
Wc   have plenty of   line, fresh
drugs,  plenty of good help,
and plenty of time to give
your prescription careful reading and careful compounding
so as to insure tlie best results,
Baker Street, Nelson,     p. o. Box 836
on easy terms, Uio property known as
Tbe Florence Park Hotel
or Roberts1 Ranch
148 acres, more or less. A first-olaafl
going business, witli Bfi acres of first-
class land under cultivation, 580 fruit
trees, a large proportion bearing
fruit: moo small fruits���raspberries,
blackberries and currants.
One mile east of the terminus of the
Electric Tramway,
For particulars apply tn
Hugh R. Cameron
Insurance  Agent,
Baker Street.
Houses and lots for sale in all  parts
of the City.
Victoria-Montreal    Fire   Insurance
Ontario Mutual Life Insurance Company.
(JSSfttS*     See ANNABLE
Room I, Tnrner-Boeokb Hlook.
Houses and Building Lots iu All Parts
of tho Oity.
Five, >ix. seven and eight room houses for
sale, twenty per cent below oogj
Nelson Employment Agency
Chambermaid ami Waitress for out
of town.
Situaitons wanted by cooks, laborers and miners.
J. M. I.OVE. Afrt.. Baker St
K 0. GKKKN        F, H. 0ijBMBNT8
Civil Bnglnoers and Provincial Land
P. 0, Box 1/5 Uelsoo, B, C,
A. R. BARROW, a. m i o e
Provincial Land Surveyor.
Corner Victoria nnd Kootonay Stfl.
P. 0. Box B6B. Telephone No. 98
HIRIM! Siltllliist.       KOTAKV PIIBI.1C.
Wlndormoro Mines.   Corrosp ��� onooSoHoIted
g The Celebrated g
g   Ganong's G. B. Chocolates
Having heen grunted the SOLK AGENCY In Nelson by Messrs.
Knowler & Macnulcy, General Agents for H.C.
We have just received :.'(l()ll lbs. of these famous goods, anil can
guarantee them as the Quest in all Canada.
Also just  in  today, a fresh consignment from  Chicago of
Lowney's Chocolates and Bonbons.
Wc Have Sold 75 Per Cent of Ail the
Portland Cement
Fire Brick, Fire Clay
and Sewer Pipe
D'eti in tbe Kootenay
Just Keoeived���Oarload
Dominion  Ale and   Porter
(la pints ami quarts)
Dominion White  Label Ale
(pints and quarts)
This is the finest Ale brewed in Caimdit.
Just unloaded���
Another ear of
Dominion  Bulk  Ale
Teacher's  Scotch   Whisky
lln   lS-gal1on   kegs)
Is still the best
NELSON, b. c.
Representing the Largest
European and  American  Manufacturers
Mills, Mines and Smelting Machinery
Apartodo No. 83
********iM**i** * * * *r*r*r*r* * A *'%^%V*V��V��VVWVVVW>AsWWVA/i
Merchants' Bank of Halifax
Incorporated i860.
Capital Paid-up.     ,    .    .     Mi,ns.-,,iijii.iKi |   Kent Ml,700,000.0
Board or no,, in,,:   Thomas K. Kenny,  1'resldcnt;   Thomaa Kitchio   VJna.PiwM.ml
Wiley Smith, H, O. Unuld, Hon. H. H. Fuller, M.L.C., Hon. U��vld MaoKoon. r08lullul-
Head oiii,-,-, 11,lira> :
General Manager, Kdnoo I,. Pease, Montreal.
Hiiuorliilcnduiit,of Ht-anchcH. and Secretary, W. B. Torranco, Halifax
Inspector, \\ . H. Ilrock, Halifax. .����.��..
Inspector 1). M, Stewart, Montreal,
flraiirhm t
?," .,", Hr,",V,n \""A"';x ,,,!rttncl' .AnllitonlKh, HridgowaUir, Giiynboro. Londonderry, Lunonburg.
Mntlland iBanta Co.), PloUiu,   Port HuwkoHliury, Sydney, Hliiibonacadle, Truro, Woyi <   Hi
\i-�� iiriiii-i, i.-i.   lull,... .!.  Dorchester, Frederlofon, Klngnton (Kent fJol Mtam  C
City OIII,-,-). MouimML West. hnd K'or Notre Iiamo and Soigneum streoU); Wominount. ('or
( tenant Avenue and hi. t atluirlnes  Street.   ��niarlo-Otta<va.   Nr��� rou.olliool   St. John1;
I uba, Weill Indira-Havana. I mo,I Hlalm-Now York 111! Wxchango Place) Kepubllc Wash
Atlin, Bennett, Grand Forks, Nanalmo, Nelson, Rossland, Vancouver, Vancouver East End, Victoria.
Camilla-Merchant* Bank of Canada. Bonlan-National Shawmut Bank. Chicago-America
National Bunk. San Iranclm-o-Flrst National Bank. London, Bug.-Bank (if Scotia"���
rarl��, Iriiiire-Crodlt LvoiiiiuIh. nermufla-Uank of Bermuda. China and Japan-Hong
Kong and Shanghai Bunking Cor|ioratlon. �������������   nuiig
aeneial Banking Business Transacted; Sterling Bills of Exchange  Bought
and Sold, letters of Credit, Etc., Negotiated.
Acoounts received on the most favorable terms.   Interest allowed on special
deposits and on Saving Bank accounts.
Geo. Kydd, Manager, Nelson, B.C.
PRICES $1.25 TO $4.00.
Lawrence Mmn 60.
Nelson,  B. C.
For family trade.    The best,
purest, and most palatable,
Special Prices to the
Corner Baker and Stanley Street*
Spokane Falls tfc
Northern R'v.
Nelson  &
Sheppard R'v.
Red Mountain R'v.
The only all rail route between
all points east, west and south to
Rossland, Nelson and intermediate
points; connecting at Spokane with
Great Northern, Northern Pacific,
and O. R. & N. Co.
Connects at Nelson v ith steamer
for Kaslo and all Kootenay lake
Connects at  Meyer's   Falls  with
stag-e daily for Republic,   and  connects at Bossburg with stage daily
for Grand Forks and Greenwood.
Lkavk. Day Train. Akrivk.
10.815 a.m Spokane 7:10 p.m,
12 :U5 p. m Rossland 5:30 p.m.
��:30 a, m Nelson 8:00 p.m.
Night Train.
9:45 p.m Spokane 7:05 a.m:
11:00 p.m Rossland 0#o a.m.
H. A. JACKSON, G. P. & T.A.
Spokane Wash
Agent, Nelson, H.I'
Atlantic S. S. Lines-
Krom Montreal
Allan Lino Tunisian  Oct I-
lloinlnion Uno Cainbro..ian Oot.
Beaver Lino l.iiko Ontario Oot 5
lleavor  Line   LiiHitania Oct 12
From New York
White Star Lino Oceanic Oct:'
White Star Lino Teutonic Oot 10
Onnard Lino Campania Oct IS
Ounard Lino Kti-nria  Oct 13
American Line at. Lonin  Oot 3
American Lino Now York Oct W
Anchor Lino  Kllilopla Oot<>
Anchor Lino City of Home.-. Oct U
N. O. L. LinoKaiaer Wilholm dor Gosso.. .Oct J
N. G. L, Lino Liihn Oot��
French Line 1,0 (Iiikcokiic  Oct I
French Lino LaTouralne Oct. 11
Allan atato Lino California!!  Oct��
From Ronton ���
Oiinnr,! Lino lvornla Oct 13
Dominion Lino Now Ennland  OctW
I'liHHaKcn arranged to and from all European
point*. For ratOH, tlcko.s and full Information
apply lo 0. P. K. depot agent or H. L. Brown
City PiiHHontfor Agont, Nclnon, B. C.
Gonoral / rank C.P.K. Offices, Winnipeg
MRS. RBLLLYj who has taken over
the houso on Ward Street just
above (he Post Ofllce, will jrive liiinra
nnd rooms. .Several choice rooms still
unoccupied.  Terms reasonable
7-8 inoh ilium. $13.50per 100 feet. For
immediate delivery in Nel**
J. 0. T. CROFTS,        ...       _ n
P, 0. Box     , Nelson* B.Q, ���SI'1
Nelson  Daily  Miner,  Wednesday   Evening,   September 26, 1900
Mineral   Exhibit Will   Bo One, ol  the
Attractions of tho Fair.
w, ij. Dowsing saia to Be Putting In
a iot oi Tlmo on Nelson.
jh, exhibits for  the  mineral   tie-
,,���, Bt of tho exposition are   arriv-
"lunil sever ( the exhlb tors are
./the   ground, says   the Spolu'sninn-
���olTOW. Of those, two ut least, W.
A coplenof tho Sloean and W. H.
Dowsing of Nelson, U. >'-- are hard
,t work preparing the designs tor tin
proper display o
Dowsing will occupj
1' their minerals.   Mr
the  northwest
rnor of the tent with an exhibition
s|m,, 13x20 feet. BisdiBplay will be
arranged along the wall In the form
���U Boml-oirole, arched outward at
the top, with a groundwork of black
rollevod by dozens of inoandesoont
UglitB. The minerals "ill be arranged along the wall on the stand at the
Iront, producing a striking and pleas
ing e
Scot.   Mr. Dowsing has samples
from over 70 mines, several or   which
are known on two  I tlnents.     All of
tlie properties represented are tributary to Nelson. The oresnro supported by other minerals and products
manufactured therefrom, such as marble, limestone, building atone and
brick. The Silver King whloh under
reorganization, has resumed development w-ith u large force, contributes
to the collection. The following are
some of the oilier Important mines of
the district that will be represented:
The Athabasca,which is two and one
half mill's from Nelson, its ore is
free milling t""' assays from STfi lo
8714 per ton, It lias over '.'.Too feel of
tunneling and 700-feet of shafts and
raises. There Is a 10-stamp mill and
an air compressor, both driven by
uater power. This mine has just do-
cliircd a dividend of 835,000, being .".
percent, on the capital stock of the
company. Since May I the mine litis
produced S83,000,nnd made n net profit
uf nearly 800,000.
Venus is three miles from Nelson,
The ledge is of gold-hearing quarts,
free milling, of an average width of
about two feet. It assays from Slo to
Sun, The workings constat of three
tunnels'with a total length of 1,400
feet, its net output averages Siotio
per month.
May ami Jonnle is owned by A. 11.
Kelly ami situated on Forty-Nine
Creek, eight miles from Nelson. It is
��gold property and assays average
for six feet si7. The average for 30
feet is s:,. There is over 850 feet of
tunnel and shafting on the property
and TOu feet on the lend. Arrangements are being made for the erection
uf a S0-stamp mill.
The Molly Gibson is situated 10
miles from Nelson. It assays 150
ounces of silver and :;(> per cent. lend.
There are numerous other properties
uf merit represented in tile exhibit,
hut spaee forbids their mention.
Asked as to what disposition would
he made of the exhibit after tlie exposition, Mr, Dowsing said: "1 shall
find suitable quarters in Spokane ami
open a bureau of general Information
un the mines tinil mining  resources of
Hritish Columbia, where I   will keep
"ii tile all papers anil periodicals, lis
well as maps of the Province. This iH
demanded because of the Intimate relation between this city witli the
Kootenays anil other Hritish Columbia divisions, and while 1 will not
eluse my Nelson olliee, my partner, T.
(i. Procter, will assume full charge
there, while I uttend to this end.
"When we have a good property
whloh we wish to make returns on
quickly wo look to Spokane and we are
Boldom disappointed, Spokane people
usually know a good thing when they
see it ami are quick to net. Spokane
is looked upon as the best friend und
neighbor of the mining camps of British Columbia and the Intercourse lias
always heen mutually proatable, I
look for even butter opportunity for
investment than in the past, as is evidenced in tiR.; steadily growing demand f,���. jjood property, both from
this country and abroad.
Speaking of the Sloean exhibit, Mr.
Coplen said that his, first estimate on
what the mines of the district would
contribute in the way of exhibits
would be far eAcoeded and that ho
was making preparations for a most
complete display of nil the different
characters of oro of that region, lle-
���"g asked what his   arrangements
would be, ho saia he did not eare to
make It public asyet,��a some changes
might he required owlne; to the larger display promised than be had expected.
The British Columbia exhibit will
M along the north side of the tent,he-
ginning at the west nnd, Nelson coming first at tlie west end, then Ymir,
Atnsworth, Sloean, Boundary, Camp
McKinncy, and other camps not yet
placed. The whole space to lie occupied will exceed Htiti square feot.
The Camp MolClnney exhibit will
consist of :.".! samples from us many
mines, Including the Cariboo, Lemon,
Waterloo, Koiitenoi, Victoria and
While Ainswoi-tb, Rossland and
ymir promise finer exhibits than
havo uver been shown here before, the
representatve not yet being on the
ground, no definite   Information Is at
hand except that VV. L, Orde of Hoss-
liinil, says about 3,000 pounds of ore
are packed, ready for shipment   here.
Wholesale  Houses
rpHOKPH & CO. Limited Conor Vornon
X "ml Cedar (Street*, Nolaou- Manufacturer** of and wholesale deojora in aerated waters
und fruit syrups. Bolo agents for Halcyon llol.
Bpriugd mineral water,  Telephone GU
"VI hX&UN   bODA     WATKK    h'ACTOHY
_LN    N. M, Cummins, Lessee���Bvory known
variety of soft drinks,  ronoxsa. Telephone
No. 31. Hoover titreot, Nelson.   Hoi Hunt of thu
famous SU Loon llol (Springs Mineral Water,
C1ANK & MACDONAXD (H. Oano, James
j A. Maodonald)���Architects nnd BUperuv
tendenie, liruken Hill Hluck, coiner linker and
Ward tStrootfi, INoUon.
CO.���Manufacturers of Hie Hoyal Seal
aud kootenay lie lie UlgarSt Factory and
oltloo, Baker Street, Nelson.
If J. KVANs tc CO.-Bakor struct, Nol-
J. L# son���Wholesale dealers in liquora, ei-
gars, cement. Hie brick and lire clay, water
pipe ami t-teol rutin, uhiI general comiiiiKsion
J    A. M'DONALI)   Madden Ulock. NoIkoii-
���   Knijis, ice cream, "u. B." ohooolatoa.
high class confectionery,   loo Cream Parlors,
WhOlOMBlfl ami retail dealers in grain,
hay, Hour, iced. .Mills at Victoria, Now Westminster; tCdmonton, Alia. JUovutorH on Cal-
gory ami Kdinuntuii Unihvay. Maaiafaoturon
of I lie celebrated li. Ac K.. brand cereals.
A MAODONALD & Co.-Corner Kront
��� ami Hull Stroots���Wholesale grocers
ami jobbers in blanket-s, gloves, niltlri, boot*,
rubbers, mackinaw* and iniiin    .sundries.
Oltlee corner Hall and Kront SlTOOtB,
.\ul-on Lumber, OoUtUg, llooring, ui.tl t very
tiling in wood for buUdJllg purposes. Uci our
prices.   Corrospondenoe solicited.
1>   HURNS & Co.    linker Street,  Nelson-
���    Wholesale dealers in  fresh and cured
moats.  Cold Storage,
�� linker Sircct, Nelson Wholesale dealers in fresh and cured meal*.
J Street. Nelson ��� Wholesale d saint h in
hanlwnre, miners' supplies, sporting goods,
etc, ^___
\/f'LACHLAN BROa (anooossors to Van-
ixi. oouver Hardware Co, I,ui,H*akcr Street,
Nelson���Wholesale  dealers in   hardware and
mining supplies, plumbers' ami tinsmiths' supplier!. '	
paints, oils and glass; mechanics' tools.
Agents t'oi Ontario I'owder Works; dynamite
rpURNKR, BKETON fcl'o.- Comer Vernon
X. and Jo-suphine Streets, Nelson���Wlitlo-
BolO dealers in UqUOTS, eignrs, and dry goods.
Agents for Pabst Hrewing Co. of Milwaukee
and Calgary Hrewing Co of Calgary.
HUDSON'S HAY Co.-WIio1osh1o groceric-i
and lii[Uors etc., linker Strcot, Nelson.
C1AL1KORNIA WINK CO., Limited-Corner
J Front and Hall Streets, Nelson-Wholesale dealers in wines (case and bulk), and
domestic and imported cigars.
TY. GRIFFIN & CO,���Corner Vornon and
���   Josephine  Street*,  Nelson ��� W'holo-mlo
dealers in provisions, cured mestt, butter and
OggH. _^_^__
11 )
Tho Rubens  Veal   l�� tlio BES-*
undershirt everdoviBcd tor imams.   N
BUTTONS,    P'NS,    or     STRINC
required.   So nulling over lho head l
worry small children.   Im iwu la n ��>
mended by tin ft cmincnl phynlcliu
for Its efuclenl pmtcction ol litngi an
abdomen. For sale by all leading Dr.
Goods stores.
Brewers of Fine LuRer
Beer and Poller,
NoIhod. B. 0.
A Tempting Table
-v     #
Thi, >lKn��tur() l| on every box ol the goimine
i-axative Bromo��Quiniae **!*���
����� rtmody th��t cure, a MM h) ������� **w
St. Joseph's
If you have difficulty in making a
pleasing variety in your bill of fare
from day ti) (liiy,
Come to Our Grocery
and learn how easily and economically
it can be done.
Here arc a few things that will help
you :
Breakfast Cereals of all de
Fresh Fruits arriving daily
Choice Butter and Eggs
A full line of Cured Meats
Also our Teas and Coffee that
cannot be excelled.
���������������������^������������������������������������OBMMMWWIIIIII 111 II
The test of Wine, Quality!
On the   English and  French  markets
Pommery commands the highest prices.
The only wine used at the Ascot races
this Tear.
- ���*****rW>*.^W\>VWWV'.^V^VVVVNVVV��\.S.^WVVVA**��***>'; '
KirkpatrlcK & Wilson
Delivered to any point
on Kootenay Lake.
I have a complete stock on hand of
Rough and Dressed
Mouldings, Sash Doors.
Inside Finish,
Coast Flooring, and
Finished Lumber-
Mill nt. PILOT HAY. Yniila, NELSON
and LAKDO.
If You Smoke
Smoke  the
Royal Seal
Kootenay Belle.
ilM 1   : .	
Soo Line
lipperia)    Limited
East   and   West
First Glass Sleepers on all trains from
Arrowhead and Kootknay Landing
Tourist Curs pass Medicine Hal
daily for St. Paul; Saturdays for
Montreal and ISoston; Mondays and
Thursdays for Toronto. Same cars
pass Revelstoke one day earlier.
7:10 Lv Nelson ���   Ar 10s8B
15(80 Lv Nelson Ar 18:45
Morning train daily for aud from
Rossland, aud for Revelstoke, main
line and I'aeilie Coast.
Afternoon train daily for and from
Rossland, aud from Revelstoke, main
Hue aud Pacific Const, and daily
(except Sunday) for and from Boundary points.
7-M Lv I  v, , ������  ( Ar 111:30
(KxSim)        [Nelson]        tffccBwi)
For and from Sandon, Slociui points,
Revelstoke, main line and Pacific
Kootenay Lakk Kahi.o Routs.
(Ex Sun)      Str Kokanee      (Ex Sun)
10:1)0 Lv NelBon Ar 11:00
Saturday to Argenta aud return,
leaving Kaslo at 20:00k.
Kootknay Rivkk Roiitk.
Daily    Sirs Movie and Nelson     Daily
���22-.:i0 Lv 'Nelson Ar 2:'.M
Connects at Kootenay Landing with
Crow's Nest Line trains.
For rates, tiokets and full information apply to Depot or City Ageut,
Nelson, 15. C., or
Next term commences 'M<\
September. Por particulars apply I" Ihe
Of Wrilinn Pniiur tran'tllrt
ImiK. You'd bottorplace mi-
oilier "hurr)' uu' ORMTWltD
R. p. Rithet & Co-, Ltd-,
A|[��nU   tor British  Columbia.
A. B. OKAY. Bo* Uli NtUon, Koolen��y
Bank of
British Columbia,
Is now prepared to issue
Drafts and Letters of Credit
on Skaguay, U.S., Atlin, B.
C, and Dawson City, Yukon
Trav. Pass. AKQnt
A 11. P. Agent,
Children's School Shoes that will stand
all kinds of wear. Strong, reliable
Shoes, that will { rcve a solace to the
father's purse, 'i !-.ese are the kind we
have to show you.
Helps in Housework.
We can do much to
give you pleasure and
satisfaction in your
With our Improved
utensils the work will
be greatly lightened,
while the excellent
quality of tlie articles
insures a long period
of usefulness.
Baker Street,  Nelson.
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants
H. & M. BIRD
Agents lor Eureka nineral Wool and
Asbestoa Co.
Insurance Co. of North America, Mutual Lit.
Insurance Co., ot New York, Quebec
Flro Assuranco Co.
B0 ft. on Mill   Street 8  S00
rid ft. on  Victoria  Street,   easy
terms     600
SB ft. on   Victoria   Street,   easy
terms      880
.10 ft. corner on Stanley Street .     660
86 ft. Victoria Street, west      6B0
ISO ft. Vernon Street,   west   1,800
8-Boomed  House   on   Carbonate
street 82B oo Orders by mall to any branch will have careful *0 oromot attention
7-Koomcd   House,   Park   Street,
close in Baker Street  80 00
7-ltoomed House on Mill Street    86 00
8-Roomed House,Hwne Addition 2D on
Furnished House on Observatory
Street  38 IK)
Branch Markets in Rossland, Trail, Nelson, Easlo
Sandon, Three Forks, New Denver and Slocan City.
Coal and* Wood.
Agents Imperial Oil (Jo. Ltd.
Crow's   Nest   Coal,   $6.15
Anthracite,     -     -    $9.65
No oilier  can lie accepted  unlcx.
accompanied by < h .Ii.
Offloe Oorner 11 nil and  Itaker .Streets.
By the week from $5 to $6.
By the day II,00.
nnil  try  a bottle,  a  doxen,  or n  barrel of
CALGARY  BEER  as It ' ���    I"'"1 ""''
onaftpM    on    tno    msrkct.    Also   try   our
WINES,    LIQUORS,    ��nd    OIQARS.
Trlopliono M. Hnknr HI,. Nelson, H. C.
Thorough    BngUsh,    OAlutthenloi,
Muslq, Krencb, and (leiinan if re-
quired. Kail term comtnaUOM ^Inl
September,    Wm particulais apply to
Joouphlno <H.
West Kootenay Butcher Co.
Fresh   and    Salted   Heats
Fish and Poultry in Season
E.   C.   TRAVES.   Manager.
Baker Street, Nelson.
Orders by mail receive careful and prompt attention
Players   INlaVi]   Cut
All Tobacconists Keep It.
Wholesale Agents:
Turner Beeton& Co.
Nelson, B. C.
Will pay the  hiKhHHtcnuh price for all I
kinds ot second hand goods,    Will buy      I hereby   give   notice   thai   at  the
or sell anything from an anobox toia Inexl a ting of the  License Commis-
needle.    Fornilure,   itorei,   oaipertl, Iaioners for the   Nelson   district   will
cooking uteuflila, honght   In Imoseliold  apply for a license to sell intoxicating
nnnntitinB      Also   cast   oil'   clothing,   liquors at the Koasland Hotel, Veri	
Gall  and  aee  me  or write.    Adores  Htreet, Lol  IU, llloeli B6, In   the   1 iiy
Silver   King   Mlkn,    llox   2UU.     Ha��  of Nelson. II. ('.
Street, Nelson, B, C, J J- V, U' LA re II LIN. Nelson   Daily  Miner,  Wednesday  Eveniho,  September  26,  190a
Allan line Btoamor Montforl sailed
fnirn Liverpool al  i p,   in.   yesterday.
Tho Anlinutojfraph and musical entertainment, to secure funds for the
General Hospital will be held this
evening at the Opera House. A large
;lI tendance Is expectod.
Tho Spokane Falls .< Northern will
declare a single faro for tho round
trip from Nelson and Intervening
points tn Kpokano during tho Spokuno
exhibition whieh   is in he   hold   from
( leluher '.'  to   hi,   inel USl VO.
The steamer Nelson whieh was
damaged by running on the rocks
near tho mouth of Midge (reek lasi
Friday, ii Is expectod will bo repaired by Friday, and will resume its regular trips on Saturday,
Tho plans ami sj ilicntions   for the
new C. r. 1;. olliee at Kaslo, which
have been in preparation at the company's engineering olliee here, are
now completed ami work upon the
buildings will commence In tho near
I'd I lire.
���Messrs. Gamble & O'Reilly have
made the following real estate sales,
bit, ii, block 20, Addition "A" tn Mrs.
J, Patterson for 8400; iot 10, blook
I), Hume Addition, to .1. Ringroso for
Slab; lot I, block 10, to Henry llocpp-
ner for 8175.
Paul Johnson nf Greenwood, arrived in Nelson lust evening. He stated
that everything '" connection with
the new smelter was progressing exceedingly well, and the smelter would
be ready for operation before the last
of December,
E. Harrop is to have a dwelling
erected at inice. at I lie curncr of Nelson and Bohnson Avenue. The plans
have in en oorapletod by Ewart and
Carrie, and the I tract was let yesterday. The cottage is tn be frame
and ereoted at a cost of 81,500.
Another Bong service will be conducted at the Opera House by members of the Congregational Church,
next Sunday evening. The one given
hut a few weeks ago was a pronounced success and every thing is being
done to make this one equally successful.
It is not known when the funeral
of James Jordon who died at the hospital yesterday, will take place. It
has been learned that his relatives
live at Grand Valley. (Int., and they
have been wired. Funeral arrangements will be made after hearing from
It is reported that the  Robin   Hood
group on Cottonwood Creek, about
three miles from Nelson, owned by .1.
,1. Driscoll. has been bonded to a Vancouver company. It is also Bald that
the company have men at work already and are now carrying on development.
The man who attempted to break
into William Irvine's house early
yesterday morning is still at large. It
is reported by a citizen, that a nan,
answering very closely to the description of the would-be robber, left Nelson on the afternoon train for Rossland yesterday.
Today tlie mining records are as follows: Locations Elgin,on lirlsbntrn
Mountain, by John .\. liens.ni: Hold
Coin, on Kootenay River by T. <>.
Skatbo. Certificates of Work���To A.
s. Gray, on Queen ami Iron Duke; s
il. Crosson, on Harvey Joy. Transfers
��� From August Johnson of Nelson.
to 0, Skatbo of Nelson, entire interest
iu Branch Mint claim on Hungry
Mnu trail, for a nominal consideration.
The mission whieh is being conducted at the Mary Immaculate
Church is proving a decided sueeess.
Large numbers have been in attendance at each service, The subject nl
Father Drummond's discourse this
evening will be ''Hell j proof of its existence, and the nature of the punisii-
ent Inflicted therein." The mission
for children ended at the   service held
this    morning.    Father     Hit I
has just received from tho oast a consignment of Catholic prayer and hymn
books and al o several copies of the
"Imitation of Christ." These books
can be had by   calling at Father  Fer-
land's    where    Father    Uriilnin ind    is
Mr. Maynard II. Cowan was in Nelson on his way from   th al fields of
the Cowan   Coal   Co., on    the   Crow's
Nest itoud, Mr. Cowan says lho machinery al the mine was started yes
terday and that everything is progressing Well, This week the company
starts shipping coal to tho Melt Coke
(hens, iu Hell. Montana. There are
thirty feet of perfectly clean coal.
There has been a great doomand for
building lots mi the company's town-
site hut up to date none have been
placed mi the market,    The  object of
tin inpany's   enterprise, Mr. Cowan
says, is nut In I m a lowilsito bill lo
taki t coal.
A*licw   social club    i ��� al !    to   he
formed by the young u of the Wav-
erley Hotel. The pro),.' iti.ui was
started yesterday and a meeting will
lie  held  sllol-l l\    to complete  the ,.| .    , t
nation. The rules of the society have
already been drafted and signed by a
large number of the young men,   Mr.
Stevens, manager   of   the   hotel,    has
eiveii a room and furnishes il. Tho
room win he  furnished   in up-to-date
style, and   will  also  he   supplied  with
'.Hue .   inagarlnea,   music,  etc.   The
lilies stale I hal I here is to be no gambling, drinking of liquors, or profane
language.      This    is    the     first   step to
ward tho establishment  of a V. M. C.
A., which has  lone-   heen   needed  in
Ernest Mansfield has opened a mineral bureau al his oliiee on [Inker
Street. Several specimens have already I n    collected   and    tubulated.
A piece of ore Hilton from the Trilby
claim at I'reston, ussays SOI) ounces
silver. .s| cold and Ii! por cent, copper. A sample taken from the X-
llay on Crawford Hay gives returns of
8200 in gold anil silver values. From
lamp Mansfield,  a   piece   of   ore   has
In  (alien from the Joker and assays
three ounces in cold per ton. A sample was also taken from the Smuggler of the same camp and the assay
returns gives a silver value of 250
OUnceB, Two samples have been obtained from the Beatrice claim of ihe
Lardeau,   The ore   is a steel galena,
Ihe one returning 250 ounces of silver and the other Vou ounces.
(inc Highwayman Killed and Another
Word was brought to Nelson last
evening by the passengers of the Spokane Calls & Northern train, of a
shooting affair which occurred yesterday morning at Addy, n town a few
miles south of C'olvillc and which resulted In the killing of one man and
badly wounding another. It appears
that the two men who were highwaymen, had hold up a man at .Marcus
the ilay before and had arrived at
Addy yesterday morning. As soon as
it was known that the  robbers  were
in town, the deputy Sheriff tried to
arrest them. The men put up a Btl'OUg
fight and drew guns, By this time
the residents, with guns and revolvers.came to the assistance of the sheriff. The men lied to the woods and
then to the river, and Bhooting was
kept up in the meantime. The robbers
tried to escape by swimming the Col-
ville Kiver. amid a shower of bullets.
As the men landed on the other side,
a hall from the sheriff's revolver
struck one and be tell dead. The
oilier man was also brought to the
ground, and made no further attempt
to escape, The body of the dead muti
was brought to Colville by the evening
train. Tile robbers are said to be
Spokane men.
Latest Publication Devoting Its Columns to the Mining Industry.
���Hritish Mining," a weekly newspaper devoted to the mining industry
and finance in all parts of the Empire ���wherever the flag flies," and
published in London, has been received by The .Miner. Vol. I. No. I. is a
prosperous looking publication and is
filled with valuable mining news from
every where. For itself the paper
"We do not propose to trouble ou.i
readers with ni ire than one word of
an Introductory nature. Jl is too
frequently the practice forth inductors of newspapers to make frantic
bids lor public  favor   and   support by
long strings of promises, the fulfillment of which is a matter of grave
doubt even al the moment the)' are
made. What we prefer to do is to
allow this lirst Dumber of Hritish
Mining to tell its own story, to pro
vide an index lo the character and
scope ,,!' those issues which will succeed il. It is nol suggested that the
Held of Hritish Mining is not in
many respects fairly covered by contemporaries; but what wc would
venture to point out is   that we know
of i titer newspaper   which,    whilst
neglecting no department   of mining
enterprise iu the colonies, makes a
feature of emphasising those interest-
In:1 developments in mining in the
L'nited Kingdom which the past few
years have witnessed in Ireland.
Scotland. and Wales. The results
achieved iu the Principality go to
show that not only has gold been discovered, but that it has been found
under conditions which guarantee payability in exploitation, and quietly
and without ostentation, capitalists
have established in North Wales thu
basis of a flourishing industry."
The Tom Thumb mine at. Republic
is preparing to malic an experimental
Shipment of several tons of ore to the
smelter at Grand Forks, ami the Record at that place is authority for the
statement that If this shipment proves
a success regular daily shipments will
be commenced.   The  Tom  Thumb is
one of   the    best    developed    properties
iii il North End" ami has enormous ore bodies blocked out. The lead
has been proven lunch larger than
any one had ever expected and when
the railway between Republic and
Grand Forks is built, it will be in
shape to make continuous and heavy
.Mailin-i'low (in Friday, September
21, al St. John's Church, Medicine
llai. by the Rev. James \V. Morion.
Walter' Martin ..f Nelson, B, C, to
KMic Clow, of Lynn, Ont.
Mr. Harry Haloy and Miss Vloln
Hubbard. Doth of this city, were
ljuietl}  married  by  Rev,  J.  II.    White
at ihe Mciiodist Parsonage this morning, and immediately left for Spokane.
Mr. and .Mrs. Haley expect to return
iu about a month.
By   Sir   Thomas    Jack-son,    of   Hong
Kong and Shanghai Hank.
We hear all kinds of things about
rebellion here and uprising there
,i I ii int. Iioxers' associations and things
of that kind in China, tint such disturbances have always existed in that
country, and they are but local and
transient, They arc not the result of
a second childhood or anything of
I hat sort.
I think if you will get hold of 350,-
000,000of people and govern theiu with
greater ease than the Chinese tire governed at the   present   time   you   will
perform one of the groatst feats  that
civi li/.al ion has known.
china is a marvellous country, I
need not (ell yon what it. represents ���
almost a quarter of the globe.
Its men are equal to any climate.
They can work as well with the temperature below zero as they can when
it is a hundred in the shade. Surely
a nation of this kind cannot be stamped out in a hurry. My good friend
Lord Charles Beresford, I think, made
a great mislake when he entitled his
book '���The Break-Up of China.'' Considering the many, many centuries
that the Chinese nation has gone on,
I do not think il requires much faith
on our part to expect that it will go
on for a considerable time more.
On the contrary, we are on the eve
of a great development in China. We
only want to have that vast country
intersected with railways, as this
great continent is. W'e want its rivers and waterways opened up. Then it
will show a development that will astonish the nations.
China is a country to whieh railroads are particularly applicable.
A great part of it is very Hat and all
of it is densely populated.
Lately when travelling over the
Canadian I'aeilie I saw that they had
lirst to make the line and trust to it
to create its own traffic, In China the
reverse is the case. They have the
traffic there already waiting for the
China also has magnificent waterways. It is intersected by canals from
one end of the country to the other,
but unfortunately these canals have
been allowed to get into disrepair.
As to roads, there are practically
none at all that are worthy of the
The introduction of railroads into
China will break down the system of
impositions or "squeezes" on the part
of petty mandarins. It is easy to
stop a river boat manned by a dozen
coolies, but il is not so easy to stop a
train. The piracy which is so common on the rivers ��� in the interior
would soon be stopped if steamers
came into use.
The Chinese Government has been
most liberal in granting concessions
for railways and mining rights, but 1
regret to say that the concessionaries
have not been equal to the opportunities that have been offered to them.
They have heen jumping over each
other to get the concessions, hut they
have run behind iu carrying them
All things considered. I really fail
to set bounds to the magnitude of the
China trade. I am equally convinced
that there will he tremendous competition for it. and I will give a reason
of my own which I have never before
seen in print���tlie vast augmentation
of the budgets of the world.
One after another the nations of Europe have double their budgets for the
army, navy and civil service. How
are they to pay for these budgets'.1
us, but Tccnmsclis have   done   best, of
"If seems to me," said a hot-air
shooter this morning, "that in justice
to the good mime of the city as a
spnrlii.g place, it would be well to petition the Toronto l.acl'osso Club lo
change its name. "
Win. Sexton, of this city, has about
the biggest fish story of the season
and he produces witnesses to vouch
for its truth, says the Grand Fork Gazelle, lle was out, lishing one day
this weeli and caught a "big 'un"
without hooking him in any way.
This is the way it happened:
lie was casting with a fly and had
two hooks on his leader. The big lish
jumped for the top hook and missed,
but struck the leader in such a way
that the lower hook caught on the
leader in such a way as to form a
running noose which caught around
the fish's tail and lightened until it
cut Into Its flesh, The big fish made a
gallant fight but the odds were too
.great and it was drawn ashore ex-
jliatistcd. It was 23 inches long and
���Mr. Sexton vows that the hook was
not caught, in the lish in anyway
"Awful    anxiety  was   felt  for  the
widow of ihe brave Generral Borham,
!of  Machias,   Ma.,   when tho    dootors
|said she could not live till   morning,"
l writes Mrs. S.   H.   Lincoln, who  attended  her that   fearful night.     "All
thought she must soon die from  Pneumonia, hut she begged for  Dr.   King's
Now Discovery,   saying  that  it   bad
morn thnn once saved her life, and had
mired    her  of    Consumption.     After
three small   doses  she sl-pt  easily all
night, and  its further use"  completely
cured her."   This marvelous medicine
is guaranteed to cure all Throat, Onest
and Lung Diseases.    Only fillo and  fl.
Trial bottles  free   at Canada  Drug &
Book Store.
See the illuinnation in the B.C. Nov
eity window tonight. They are just
opening a fine line of electric hand
lanterns, electric table lamps, electric medical batteries, electric fans
and dynamos, electric hells, etc. Also
sec our little scissors, the greatest
novelty of the age. can he used for
eighteen different purposes successfully.
!���'. J. Bradley ,t Co. have received
their full stock of wall papers and
wall mouldings.    See them.
Relatives Asking For Information Regarding His Whereabouts.
Mr, C. A. Turcotte, No. 3,Lawrence
Street. Cambridge, Mass., writes to
Mr. A. II. Clements, of Ibis eity,
asking Information in regard to one
Louis Turcotte, at one time an employee of the Nelson House. If any
reader of The Miner knows anything
of the man in question Mr. Clements
would be pleased to have them communicate with him.
Phair ��� W, II. Cowan, Spokane,
Wash; ('. F. Ilannninglon, Fort Steele ;
A. A. Sanilcman. .Montreal; F. C.
Cavanagh. \V. E. McCullough, Spokane; H. J. Anderson, Boise, Idaho;
Charles Dundee. Rossland; Mrs. Betts
and daughters, Maeleod; ti. A. Smith,
W. F. Greene, Evanston, 111.; H.Van-
A. Switzer. Judson G.Wells and wife.
New York City; Haul Johnson and
wife. Greenwood; i1, J. O'Reilly, Sllverton; E. N. Fell ami wife,' Athabasca; J, A. Wright, Montreal.
Hume It. Ilalfour. I.anglin, Thorn-
as Slarbird. I'. Farlihain. Fort Steele ;
Taylor, Brampton, Out. ; T. II.
Boyd, Vancouver; G, II. Ramsay,
Vaneoiivci ; Charles Plowman, Kaslo;
II. Ii. Warren, I,. L, MaMurray, To-
ornto; (1. A. Mitchell, Kosslan'd; J.
Rudolph, Toronto; s. B. Snider, M.
Heslirisay. J. A. Lewthwalto, Vancouver; V. 0, Croissant, 'frail; J A
l.andcn, Montreal; II. W. liednian, To
roiiio; R. Dickenson, Ii. E. Allen,Slo
can city; K. R, McMaster. Vancouver
A. F. Mills. Toronto; Frank I'. Mar
'lids. Kaslo; l'. |{. Fanill, Oakland,
Cal. ; c II. Barnhart, Vmir; II. E.
Swift, Spoknae.
Spring ohickeu and all the delioaoios
of the soason served to yon when yon
visit Florence Park Hotel at Roberts'
Ranch, two and a half miles up the
river.    W. M. Roberts, proprietor.
The finest line of picture mouldings
in the Kooteliuys can he found at the
store of F. ,1. Bradley A Co., Josephine Street.
Thai pretty picture should he framed. Call and see the mouldings at F.
J. Bradley & Co. 's.
Are You Right?
Vou can be sure nf your minutes
ir you provide yourself witli one
of our accurate and reliable
t Imekeepers,
Don't run���get a (food watch to
run for you.
Munufai im ni!; Jewelers.
Says the Toronto Telegram: Toronto's treatment of the .New Westminster lacrosse hoys was in keeping
with ils reputation of being the
meanest and most hypocritical olty in
tlie Dominion.���Vancouver World.'
While we would mil attempt lo defend  the I luet    of, the    Toronto  |,a-
eiosse (lull, in justice to Hie city as a
"hole, we would like to quote Archie
McNaugliton's speech at the banquet
riven by the Tecnmsehs to tlie New
Westminster team i
"I wish to express my appreciation
"f   tlie   splendid   treatment   accorded
to lis by tlie Teeillllseh    I,across,, ('lull.
Nowhere   on   our   present   t ���   have
we heen  used So well as iu Toronto hv
the Tecnmsehs.   Montreal did well for
The Miner is on sale at the following news stores at five cents per
Ollhcrl Stanley Nelson
Thomson Stationery Co Nelson
Canada Drug&Hook Co.     Nelson
Hotel Hume News Stand Nelson
Hotel Phair News Stand Nelson
IC Campbell Yndr
0, F. Nelson NowDenvor
J. K. Dolaney Rosoborry
If. A. Ilradrihaw Slocan City
Slocan News Co, Sandon
Thomson llros. Vancouver
Lament & Young Kaslo
H. A. King fc Co. Greenwood
and  News   Agents   on  boats  and
trains out of Nelson
Flannels and Flannel
Are Now Seasonable.
Wc have  them  in   large  quantities.    They
widths, in plain and fancy patterns
27-inch  Flannelette at	
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Extra heavy quality of English Flannelette al
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Our Finest quality at	
come   in all
7^' a yard
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Houston Block.
J^ooips ai)d Offices to J^eijiL
Apply   to   ihe
lSfelsoi) Electric TraijiWai) Co.
Corner Josephine and  Vernon Streets.
Kerr & Co.
New Stock Collars
New Belts
New Ties
New Handkerchiefs
New Furs
New German Mantles
New Hats
Everything NEW in
Kerr & Co.
Tie if DBY GOODS ol
Baker Street, Nelson,
-ON    THE-
For   terms  and   particulars   enquire
Art Music Co., or at :.'S8 Silica .Street.
Instruments Supplied.   Phone 13S.
AdvertisomontA insortod under thiH head at
tho rate of ono cent a word por Insertion. No
advertisement taken for loss than 25 cents.
WANTED.���Situation   hy a Japanese.
First Class Cook.    City or   country.
Address 'I'. v., I'. o. Bos 048.
LOST.���Pair    of    men's   spectacles.
Finder will kindly return to Mr. A.
II. Clements, proprietor of Nelson Hotel.
Close connection East anil Westbound at Spokane with trains of the
trains of the Spokane Falls mid Northern Railway,
Direct connection at St, Pmil without change of depot with all trains for
Chicago, Toronto, Montreal, New York
and all points West and South.
Leaves Spokane daily for East at 10:15 a.m
Leaves Spokane daily tor West at 7:45 p-m
West-bound trains make direct con",
ueetion for Victoria and Vancouver
Portland, San Francisco, anil all points
on the Sound.
During the season of navigation East
hound trains connect at Duluth with
the magnificent steamships North-West
and North-Ijantl nf tin*Northern Steam-
ship Company Line, operated in connection with the Great Northern Bail-
For further information) maps, folders, etc., apply to .any agent of .Spokane
Falls & Northern By., Kaslo & Slocan
By., Kootel ui Railway & Navigation
Co,, or to
Geul. Pass. & Tkt. Agt.   Com'cl Agt.
St. Paul, Min       Spokane. Wash
Kootenay Railway and Nav.
Company, Ltd.
dchedulo nf Time.      Pacific Standard Time.
Ktl'eedvo February 1st, 1!KJU
Posnenger train for .Sandon and way stations
leaves   kaslo at, 8 a. in., dnily.    Returning,
loaves Sandon at 1.15 p.m,, arriving at Kaslo
at 3.ftS p.m.
Operating on Kootenay Lako and River.
Sir. "InLi'rnatlonal" leaves Kaslo for Nelson
at ti a. 111, daily except, Sunday. Returning,
loaves Nelson at, M0p.ni., calling at Ilalfour,
Pilot Bay, Aim-worth and all way points. Connects with S. F. & N. train to nnd from Spokane at Five Mile Point.
FOB     BENT.- Cellar.    Apply   Mer-   k,^���'''^''*0"1? !��ftVB? K"'!s,n Tuewliiysaiiil
chants' Bank of Halifax.
HOUSEKEEPER.���Working;,     wished
re-engagement.     City recommendations.    Address "S, " Miner Olliee.
FOE SALE.���A "Greener" shot  gun,
12 bore,nearly new.  Price Sinn cash,
worth double.    Address,  liox I, .Miner
NELSON l.OIKi K,   No. KI, A, K. & A
M. moots second Wednesday in each
month,   Visit Inn brolhorn welcome.
8. Saviours [English) Ohcbob���Corner
Hard and Silica Sts. Sundays: Holy Communion 8 a m.; ami on the 1st and 3rd Sundays
in the month aflcr Mattlos; Mattins at 11 a.m.;
Sunday School 9,80 p.m ; Evensong 7.80, Daily:
Matllns at 9.80 a. m, Thursdays and Saint's
Dnysi Holy Communion in a. m. Fridays:
Evensong 7.:HI n, m��� followed by choir practice. II. S. Afcohurst, Hector. Kroil Irvine,
Geo. .lohnstonn. Wardens.
Catholic Chtjhch���Cornor'Ward ami Mill
streets Mass every Sunday al. Sand 10.00 a.m
Benediction al, 7.:J0 p.m.   Muss every week day
at7.10a.nl.   Rev.   Father Korlnnd Rector.
I'UKsavTKUiAN Chukoh- Sorvleosat II a.m.
and 7.80 p.m. Sunday School at, 2.,'io p.m.
Prayer meeting Thursday evening at 8 p.m.;
Christian Kndcavor Sociotarmeetsovory Tuesday ovonlnic ���<> a o'clock. Rov. R. Frow,
Mktiioihht CmiHCII-Cornnr Silica and
Josephine Slroots. Services at, 11 a.m. and 7,30
p, m. ; Sabbath School, 2,80p.m.! Prayer moot-
uiK on Friday ovcnlng at 8 o'clock: Epworth
League Q, K., Tuesday at 8 a.m. Rev. John
Rotison, Pastor.
IIai'TIht Csiuitcii ��� Services morning and
evenlngatll sum.and 7*80 p.m.; Prayor moot.
TO �� I III)  A   C4SI.IS  l\  ONI DAI
Take Laxative Bromo Qnlolne Tablets   All
iIrugKjsls refund the money If it falls t0 euro.
-*,   K, Vt.Uroviii, signature It on each box.
log Thursday evening at 8 p.m. the h. y
Edit   KENT.���New    house on   Silica
Street, near   Ilendryx; modern   improvements.    Apply John MoLeod.
WANTED���A situation as lady help���
domesticated, good   needle woman���
Address Miss Pearson, cure .1. B. Robertson, Drawer 505,
ALL KINDS of House   Cleaning, general olliee work,   window   cleaning,
etc., done. Enquire at E,   T. Smith's1   Nelson Encampment No. 7. Meets every in
shoe stand at corner of   Ward and Ha- : u"u1"' ���ciajrof eaoh month, in odd Fellow
Hall,  comer   Baker und   Kootenay   streets,
Nelson.   A. H. Clements, C. p.;  I). McArthur,
ays at Ii a. in. for the head of navigation on
tho (Jppor Duncan Kiver; returnies* leaves
Hall's Landing Wednesdays and Saturdays.
Steamers cali at  principal landings in both
direction*, and it, other points wbon signalled
Tickets sold ID all point* tn Canada and tho
United Stales.
To ascertain rates and full information ad-
drosw i
M��na��nr. M|n,.wR}| I'.
I.  O. (),   V.     Kootenay  I<odK''
No. Ki, moots ovory Monday night,
at   Ihelr  Hall,  Kootenay street
Sojourning Odd Fellows cordially Invited.
John A. MoRao. N.O.   D. VV, Rutherford, V.O.
Fred J. Squlro, For. Sec.
FOB RENT���Furnished rooms. Good
attendance,    riecond   door   cast,   o[
City Hall.	
FIBST Ol.ASS  room  and  board in
private family, $6,50 and $1!.   Table
hoard   84.    Carbonate  Street,   second
house east of Josephine.
It. S.    VisjiiiiK brolhcrs iilwajs welcome.
NELSON  LODUE~No.    25, K. ofl*
nioals In K. of P. hall, Oddfellows block
aovorv   Tuesday  evening at  8 o'clock
'\ll Visiting knights cordially   Invited
F. J. Hiuni.KV, 0. O.
J. A. PAQUKTTB, K.of It. and H.
Canada Permanent and Western Canada Mortgage
head office tobonto,   ont.
Money to loan on Straight. Mortgage
Avply to G. K LENNOX, Baker  St.' I
,    NELSON  L, o. L. No. 11102  meets in Fraternity Hall on I'ikI, nml third Friday ovenlngs
SS   of each month al. 8 oVInc k.    Visiting  nihers
' cordially invited,   K.Jtobinson. W.M.:    WtO.
Crawford, U.S.
COURT KOOTKNAY,  I. O.  F��� No.   8I��"
Meetings   llh Thursday cf month.   Fraternal
hall, J A Irving 0. H.   P. R. Fleming. H.S,
Tuesday evening at, 8 o'clock.'   Strangers
inrdially welcomed. Rev. O. J. Coulter While,
Salvation AiiMY-Servio a overy evening
nt, H o'cloch in barraoks on V otorl street
Adjudanl Kdgrcuiuhe In charge,
Of Writing Paper won't, last,
long. You'd betternlaoo another "hurry up' order with
,��=5=5SJ5>, SONS OF UNOLAND, meets
if y,\   the lirst  Wednesday  evening of
He n RM    MOB  month   nl,  Fialernlty hall.
|3-l��-CJ    corner of  linker   and   Kootenay
C ill   streets.   Visiting brcthern  coni-
%=#   lull} Invited.
John Watson, Secretary.
NKLSON AEHIK No. 28, F. O.  B..,na��K
every second and fourth Wednesdays of eaca
tiie      ,���,,���   month.   Visiting   monitors cordially   luvif
Hie MMCK  Charles Pressor, Secretary,


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