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Nelson Daily Miner Jan 7, 1900

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Daily Edition No. 620.
Nelson,  British Columbia. Sunday,
Generally Believed That Important Engagements are Imminent.
Mafeking Seems to be in Danger-Cabinet Meeting is
Hasiily Cailed in London-Some Fighting
Near Ladysmith'
(Speoial Dispatch to Tlin Miner.)
Ottawa, Jan. li. ���A report lias been
received from Captain P. Weatherhy,
of Ihn Militia Department who is look-
lng after the transport arrangements nt
Halifax, stilting that five enses of typhoid fever have broken out among the
crew of the Montezuma. The oases arc
isolated nnd he recommends a sanitary
inspection. Major General 0 Jones,
who is assisting the embarkation offi
cer at Halifax has received Instructions from tlm depirtiiicut to take all
the precautions th.it are possible.
Dr Borden baa decided to appoint
lour nurses 10 go with tin- contingent
There nre n large number of applications from all over Canada.
llulifux.Jiiii. ti. ���Two days ago. Captain Owen, .if the Canadian transport
Montezuma, sent three men tn Victoria
hospital suffering from what he
thought was cold. Next day He sent
four more of his sailors to the hospital
in his opinion similarly afflicted,   Dr.
Murray   Bays   the   men   linvti   typhoid
fever, but us ibis bis been disputed by
the ship's ollicers if has   been   decided
lo hold a  consultation  by   the whole I
hospital Ftnff,  so that there might beI
no doubts
Toronto, Ont., Jan.-T. li.  Riwlin-
Bon,of tho Toronto nation of "0" battery, was   Indeed  by me of the horses
at Kingston and received  severe Injur-1
ies to his month and jaw.    His   father '���
will take hi 111 home.
London, Jan. fl. ��� Though nothing
definite is permitted to nasi the censor,
Snthi-ionl trims .ires to confirm the   lic-
liel tli,it nn Important move on Tugela
River is Imminent. The oontlnnal
bombardment kept  np ou ihn Bnei en-
iri'in lui'.i nn iimi numerous  reannnnls-
lines nre apparently   connected with n
will defined purposo, There are tome
in, icntii ns 1 iini tin- British plan of
a'li li 1 in-1 mli h nn improvement via
Wei-iieii iioi. Baden-Powell s di foal
in ihe sortie nl M linking raises serious
iloiib's of his ability to bold out much
longer, Today, however, comes a re I
pori thai Colonel l'litnicr reached Mo-
ciiinii from fori   Tnll about  January
I    with tin- Khodesliin relief force     As
Colonel I'liimer had at his disposal
Ohont 8,000 men hu  hIioiiIiI,   Rocnrding]
to this,    bs   able to rinse    the siege Of
Tim   Inoonoluslva   fighting   around,
Oolesbarg was rein-wed lliis   morning,
the British artillery  opening  ti   the
west ward nf thn town.    The dispi.tehce!
Indicate iimt nn nit nek is developing
into 11 general engagement,
Advices  from Belmont my that twoi
coinpiitiies of Canadians, diipatohud to
cover the return of Colonel Plloher'i
coluniii, ncciipieil 11 puss   six miles mil
to prevent, nny iittenipl of the llncis to1
out. Off tin- filled.
A special dlspitob from Capetown
snyH it Is riimored Hint General I'lcinh
bus entered Coleibnrg,
According In 11 special dispatoh from
Capetown, General Metbnan li building n railroad around the Boers' position ni Magerifonteln.
Corporal Lohrano, New Westminster,
and Lanoe-Oorporal   Dickson,   Nelson.
"A" company is divided into four
.sections, numbers one and two contain
the right half men, nnd numbers three
and four the left half. Number one
seel ion is made np as follows:
Sergeant Northoott, Corporal Mc-
Harg, Lance Corporal Harlow, (Winnipeg) VI, Wallace, Gamble, Cornwall,
Dickson, Finch. Smiles,!)'Dell, Beech,
Jones, Todd, Anderson, Wood, Andrews, (stretoher bearer), Lance Corporal Lohmnn, Court. Homers, Stewart
Brooking, Manndrall, (butoher), and
Number two set tion is composed as
follows: Sergeant Soott, Corporal
Moscrop. Corporal Irvino (Winnipeg),
Lance-Corporal Dickson, Battsoo,
(teamster), Whittle; (teamster), Nye,
Wllkte,     Alleu,    Bonner,     Campbell,
I Iviunliiopsl. Mulchings, .lacks,'],
Lenney, Lee (Nelson, Mnviiti man),
Livingstone, Maokiej Moodie (Kaslo),
MoOalmont, Nlebergall, O'Brien, Patterson (Nelson, Maxim man); Hue
(Rossland), Sinclair, Smith, Thonip-
son, Q, Wnllnce, Wilkius (Kaslo),
The health of the li. 0. boys aoqord-
Ing to the writer wns excel lent ('.tiring
the voyage, seasickness was felt by
only a very few. Several if the sold,
icrs were slightly injured, but all were
On deck npaiti by the lime Iliev landed. The casualty list���ns the writer
nuts it ���is as follows: Lance-Corpora]
Lobman. horse bite on linger, also out
on eyebrow, caused by colliding with
tlm railing, during n lurch of tho
steamer; Finch Smiles, Bunbnrni ou
he legs and arms; Campbell, blistered font caused   ny Stepping    nil    steam
pipe; Lance-Corporal Dickson and ('or
lioral Molium, sprained ankles,
Twenty of the B.C. oontiugeul were
put with two Minim gnns command-
ed by Cnpl 'in Bell, formal ly 11 the,
Scots Guards, ami A. I), (' tn General
iiiiiton.   Patterson,   ol Nelson, is nol
lie-   loth'   Trn-vu.il,  In-. Ii..vmg SOrV
id with Clifford's horse and Interacted
ns  dispatoh   rider   to   Mr.    Jan Hum
during   tlm raid      The men were nil
ul'id to leave the   Sardinian, they hav
Ing neen greatly oramped, All wenl
n-hore in khiirki.   excepting V   0. aim
II Companies,won owing to the short'
tine of material, retained their dark
g.ecii iiniforins.
Vici.ori.i, Jan. fi. ���A  letter  roelved
by ymir ciirrespniiilciil  from one of the
British Colombia  rolanteeri, written
from Capetown on November '.III��� (Im
day of the   Sardinian's  arrival���gives
the following list, of   appointments
which were npproviiil of   I'oi Hie II. C.
half company 1  Sergeant Nortbcott, of
Vii-loiln I Hnrgiianl Scott, of Victoria ;
Corporal Mellaril, Hosslaml | Corporal
Moscrop, Vaiiiioiiver; li'inen ('orpntal
��� 'oiliould,    New    WtiHImiimier; Lance-
( \ssocinlcd Press Dispatches, 1
London, .Inn. (I.���The   pausing of "ill-
otln-r week has nnpatcntlv effected   no
.-lump, in tin condition of the war  in
South Aftic.i. It certainly bus nol
heen productive of any serioini developments, in England the Yeomanry nre
n.nnfiiilv contending with tbe difficulties of tlm riding school I'onl is get-
ting dully dearer and I lie funds for the
"Absent Minded Beggars" and others,
are swelling by the t hoiisanils Into pro
portions of niihenrd of iniiiiitlociuv,
while lhe papers devote onsnnl illicit-
tion to lhe tlilllenllics which have 111 is-
en over the sci/iirc of cargot's bound
for Lnren/.n Miiri|iic/��� In the latter re-
spent lhe Ittiudesrath    incident   almnsl
monopolises attention, ihe  leixnre of
American  ilinir  being relegated to 11
very subsidiary positloU nnd not- being
taken ns bnvlug the slightest possibility of producing International friction,
On the whole, tbe British press htiH
taken a oalm view of the Gorman self,-
urn matter and hod refnied lo 1 n led
into replying In kind to the hittt 1
cniiiincntii telogrnphed from Germany.
In this the papers merely voice the
feeling of the Government, for at the
Foreign Office not tho slightest anxiety is full regarding Ihe actions so far
token against the alleged  oontraband.
though that question in the abstract
Clauses no cu1 ol cogitations, but more
regarding the effect the present decisions will have upon the future events
than by the press ofj contemporaneous
difficulties. The British Government
believes it lias a gr,od case ngninst the
Bundesrath. But, hoth in this iu-
etnuce nnd in the case of the American flour, the Government holds thai
absolutely nothing definite can be done
until the minute dctailB are learned
and even then tlie Una points of law
iiiTolved must be settled by the careful
deliberation of experts in the meantime, it is possible the Government
ninv deem it advisable to make declarations regarding contraband, especially food stuffs lnit such a step is
unite problematical.
To quote an American diplomat in
London, after rending the cabled accounts that ihe United States insistence upon her rights might cause trouble said :
"Flow in the world do they think
such a complicated point of law can be
settled so quickly, or 01111*0 any serious
disagreement between powers so
friendly as the United States and England. "
Commenting on the American feel-
ins the Saturday Review says:
"We fear no accurate presentment of
the real feeling of the United States
regarding the war report of this country, but there is no doubt tbe balance
is against 08, Tbe administration or
gans and financial organs tire still
strongly with us but the latter arc beginning to waver because tbo war is
beginning to injnie trade. It nniM not
be forgotten bow completely the administration is in tho hands of the
gnat financiers and trust companies."
London, Jan.O,��� The War Offloe this
evening issued the following from
Bnltel :
"Frere Camp. Jan. (I.���The following telegram was received front General
White, Jan. ii, !) a. m. : 'The enemy
attacked Gaesesar's Camp, at 3:46 a.
in . in considerable force. The enemy was reported r-pulsed bnt the
lighting still continues.'
London, Jan. ti.���The Queen has
presented a hood and comforter, knitted with her own bands to the Royal
Bnoks hospital.
Dr Conan Doyle's offer to go out
with the Langmen Field hospital, has
been   accepted.
London, Jan. II.���Lord Salisbury
came to London from Hatfield House
at noon today, somewhat contrary to
bis custom and repaired vo the Foreign
Offloe where lie spent the greater pint
if the afternoon, Not only Lord Salisbury but the entire department manifested cxtrtmriliiiarv signs of activity
The    Al'oruey -General,     Sir   Richard
We' Bter, was summoned from the court
and    the Solicitor General   Sir It     H.
Kinlav, ��us also in  attendance,   The
Porttlgane Minister Senor de Several,
called at the Foreign Cilice in the afternoon, While no aiinoiincciii -nt was
in ii.    regarding  tbe   subject   of  the
nice me. il    \v:is   understood    Unit   the
si loci 1 ois ussiii Included the luternn
11 <���������iiI   law-   points raised by the stop
page . f Gorman steamers on 1 In ir way
to Delngoa Bay mm the tmpply of arms
to tho lb 11 rs,
1: iliu, Jau 11 ���Tin- correspondent of
the Associated I'ros- had an Interview
today with n high nfflrial who eimi
iini the International questions in-
ii veil in Ihe m Inures of Gemma vessels by British naval > miiiiiaii'icrs nre
complicated und so dimly deflued tlmt
liiliigrcciiiciil bet ween Kliglnnd nud lor
ninny will iicceHssarily be slow. "Al
any    rale," lie   said,  "we   must    first
11 win 1 the sentence  of tbe prise ooorl
bel'oio we object thereto." 't'l.e Associated I'r-'ss ciiirespiiiiilent learns reliably tonight that the German Government will forbid tile export I y the
KruppH of steel shrapnel for  England,
London, .inn. 7.��� General Belief's
telegram to the War Office stating
Goueral While ni Ladysmith, reported
Under dute nf January II, II a. in., thnt
the enemy had attacked Cesser's Camp
nl 9:46   11.    in., mid thai    the   lighting
was still iu progress, conned many lain
culls ut the Wttr offloe iii expectation
of tbe r dpi of additional news.   The1
officials stale  at  midnight,   however,
Hint nothing further would bo Issnsd
during the night      No   news   has been
received from other sources though
tbe days' dispatches indicate thnt inn
ti. nt mil events nl thfl front tin. imminent if mil uclually in progress nt this
London, Jan, 8. ��� There was a Striking scene   today in lhe   court loom   of
tin- headquarters ot tbe Honorable Artillery Company, when the Lord Mayor,
Continued on fourth Page-
of over T-J'i tons and a weekly average
exceeding 5,000 tens. Appended ia 11
detailed   statement (approximately) of |
a .1... ,,........   i-,.�� .,. . ..:.. ,1 .:���..
Eagle, 1,-111): Centre Star, 1,008'i Iron
Mask, 359; Monte Cristo, 185; I. - X.
I... 85.    Total. l,-IT."i.."i tons.
Tin Mayoralty elect ion takes place
on the litii. Mnyoi Gooduve is a candidate lot a second term. Ho is opposed by Hector MncPherson.a member nl
lv'-dand's first City Council. The
contest will be n keen one. Only a few
aid. rn,nnic enndidncs have appeared
so far.
Speculation Rife as lo Where
he Will Sit-
He Cantiot Carry 'on tlie Eusiness of the
Session and Will Probably Call for
a Dissolution.
(Speoial Dispatch to The Miner.)
Virjtotia, B. C., Jan. (i ���The a 1 absorbing question in political ciroh'3 today is what will be the outcome of tbo
motion of want of confidence to be
nuivi (1 on Monday by Mr. Turner.
While members of the Government Seville motion will be lost by the vote of
the Speaker, should Prentice be still
absent,ns were the questions of Thursday evening, thn Opposition are circulating stories to the effeot that Prentice will arrive hj then, and instead nf
taking his sent with the Government,
will sit with tliem. This will make
the parties even, and in such case il
would not bo long before the Governor
was obliged to call on some one (who,
it would he haul to say 1 to form 11
ministry. Other reports ore to tbe
effeot that Prentice is 00ming, and so
one in the coniideiice of tbo Government informs me, will take his seal
with them. Some, though, aver be
does not intend to sit. Should this be
true the Government's   position  will
be almost untenable and even with
r'reiiticu they \iould not have a working majority, There are rumors that
Bemlin will shortly ask for a dissolution. Should Prentice take his seal
with the, them Government's majority
would be such ti small one, that they
would find it dillienlt to carry en the
work of the session and the reports
gain wide circulation Hint they will
ntenipt to get the estimates through il
possible, nnd then ask for n dissolution,which according to men versed in
constitutional usages hers, Bemlin
might properly  do  nnder the oiroum-
stances; whereas, if the Government is
defeated in the House be would be
forced to resign and thereforo-would be
unable to go to the country with such
prestige as be and his confreres would
have,  by being still ill iilfioo.
Later ���Mr, Bomlin announcd late
this evening that Prentice would be
here on   Monday   and    vote with   the
Washington, D C, Jnu. ti -At tbe
present time tlm United stabs Government bus no concern In the at
tempt of the Hritish Government to
settle a long standing claim against
the   Government  of  Bnnin  Domingo
In 11 nn\ til di iiiotisn.-tt Ion, What the
future attitude of the United States
limy be-ii pi mis 1 nt in lv upon developments, I nt it tniiv   be stub d II nt Ibeie
is a growing Indisposition hers to shelter Governments from the consequences
of their disregard ol the roles of International obligation, 'lie re Is a pi
ii lily thai the United States n ,iv nltl-
match- become iuvolved through what
is known as lhe Sun Dominican syinli
ente, controlled by New   York capitalists,   which   in   11-1 urn   for defraying
Internet on the public debt ami   otherwise assisting  ihn   Government Until!
ritilly is entitled to collect all  the cm
touts revenues   ol lhe island.
Dan Lyons, of Nelson, called at the
office of McVittie & Hutchinson, on
Tuesday, sa.ys tbe Cranhrnok Herald.
He has nomo remarkably rich ledges
located on Macdonald Creek in the
Winder,oere distirot,nnd is now on bis
way to wintei quarters among his
friends. lie tu.d James Stoddart, a
well known old resident of Windermere, jointly own the Great Hope ou
which an immense galena ledge lias
been discovered, assaying 140 ounces
of silver to the ton. This claim is
only a couple of miles from tho well
known Red Lino property, and promisee to bo equally valuable. Mr. 1 yon
has been over a large portion of Brit
i.-h Columbia prospecting, and consid
ers thn Wimh rme-c distlict superior to
any district yet exploited,
St. Johns Ntlil.. Jan. O.-The Brit ���
isb Government is urging the sum-
moiling of the Newfoundland Legislature, which was not to have been called uniil April, because Prance in- ists
upon the early passage of a measure reestablishing lhe modus Vivendi tor Ihn
French treaty shore. The Colonial
Cabinet therefore is tiyiug to help the
differences and expects tn ment on January is.
Hugh John Macdonald Called on to Form a
Government in Manitoba
Young Lady Robbed and Fatally Injured   Dominion Receipts and  Expenditures for Six  Months.
General Canadian News.
(Special Dispatchos to Tho Miiier.)   lada for the six montl   op to
At a late hour last night The   Miner of December snows ui
received   tbe   following telegram from rovouue   of  13,8?;
its Winnipeg ooriespondent: hire has  also increased to the I
"Premier Greenway and Cabinet  re ������'.'���.���-\. leaving a net gain I
Bigucd   lonight,   and Hugh John Mto for thi hull   year  ol -     Tbe
don i|,l has been cnllei  on  to  form  11 revenue   improvaniei ,
Toronto, iini., Jan. it. ��� A recent decree is-iied by the Pops ami published
in the United States prohibiting mnr-
riagee between Catholics and Protestants during tlm year IDOO.OXCepI by di
rcct dispensation of the Pope, b ia 1 n
published by An In islr p O'Cnunor,
The decree must be held to apply to
the diooese over which he presides,
Winnipeg. Jan. II.���As yet. no
straight party candidates have been
nominated in tbe Winnipeg vucouoy
fur the House of t',,iiini"iis although
il. 11. Martin. "Joe's" brotht r, de-
i-l,iii - Ins intention to run a- an [nde
in ii,ii nt Liberal. A < lovornment nom
itmiiug convent ion will be held on
Wednesday nest
L.i uii naiii-t'oloiiei Steele arrived in
1I1,  ,-ttv ibis n,1,ruing   from   tlm   Last.
��� ustoms,   excise,    1 able    vt  1  -   and
railways    and    mis, ���
Th.-   Postoffice revi w - a
falling off, due I   1 ,-ji r.
ti: ratef one year ng,    , lonrhs
1, ,, one of tbe   P
' t'-d to IS,4l
, no year oRO,
New York. Jan. 0.��� Tbe fatal mistake of a hospital nnrse In oeing ear
lnilic acid lor tincture of delphinium,
for birksiir, wus ihn oanse of the death
ol Henry Smith, :ll years old, .1 musi-
e,'in. in the city hospital l.i-t night.
The man tiled   in   horrible agony.  The
niiiso, .111m Gray, Is nnder arrest
Portland,   M .. Jan, n -Fire   today
iu tin- four Btorey 1 tick building, Con-
oruiiick  Street thi-  oily,  10pled   hy
I' 11. Bailey \ ��� !o., as  n carting	
pusiKiry caused a Ions "I     II|l ���   0
LEFT IN A 1Iii:i;y
Montreal, Jan. I
1 leading Liberal, w ho  Ie   opni sed  to
Carte's influeiioe in tbe Ual
a Btlrring speeoh last ui| tit, telling bis
mi his way   West   io join ihn Second compatriots that  they   ���    ���    olish to
liiittuliti:   of  tlm  Canadian  Mounted boost of loyalty -to France  v.'
Klfieaai   Regius    When   asked as  to were much belter  ofl   onder   English
ivhotspe ial nsos the_8ooond Rottalion  protection,   H?alsoadvi   ited the pay-
will bo  adapted   for. he   replied  thai  ment ny Canada of all expenses of 1    1
then gren�� forte would   lie iu wonting      nlinnents and said bt thought!*
and as riflemen. ,, r would make .1 11   ti        h  did    I
Mr  E. W. Weeks, ol   tbe 0.   P.   R,   propose  it   as   England   would  n   re
hnsreaelved   the sad   news   from   the  than make up the cost to Canada
War Department   of the death  of bis 	
brother who was a member ot the Sec Ottawa, Jan. 11. ��� It 1- stainl Int"
nnd Rifle Brigade onder Oolonel Met- that although tbe Stanley Cup (hi
onlfe at Ladyemitb. 5fbang Week* mel trnstei have not deoided anything nt
mtii his death December 10, while this date they are likely to offer u u-
with a party making a bayonet charge uipeg 1 single date, oither Ft .1
on tlm Boers to capture some of their 101 febrnory !'.'. It Is said 10 lie their
gun- Tin re wire t.-n othets killed in idea that it would not be fail to the
the engagement Shamrocks to  fix  thn - Win-
A publio meeting has 1 n called by  nlpeg in the middle ol  tbe She
Mayor Wilson  on  Monday evening to team's eastern  engagements   be
consider   the  advisability   forming a one matoh may fairly he fixed,
second   regiment ol rolonteers in  the
WHliam MoK mile arrived from To
lout" today.
A gentleman who It olose to the local Government says II i- tlw itlteli
tn n    ol    Mr     (In ' tiw iv   ami his   ool-
leagues to resign 'any next week, The
1111 111I-1 1      b0�� ' nr.  an    u 1 v 1,1 [oil lit.
ami -ic.-line  to make  any   statsmi m-
rin   gem r il   Impti ss|i n    een    to Is
thai  Mr   ' , ,. a\    will  11 -ign ill   1,11
��� in!\ dan, iu pleni)  ol time ti
Lob   1. (nit , .inn  '     ','.    11.   i
tram   has   accepted   tbe  Independi
��� o-ti ior the Leglslatb
11       1 i-t Mlddlest \
\ -., lati ,1 i'i.     1
Montreal,  Jan, is  Be
ot,.in   Day throngl
All publi
il    ��� m
si.   Tbomn*,   n    ,.  Jan   U    The early date, In plenij   oft  t<   allow  a well   known   M
I'l'ci.ch flagship Oerill has gone to Ban    Vlr.Macdonald tt  form his Cabinet an'1   irn I
t ago Domingo,   li Is reported she was have the byt 1      I       rer  In llnieta w   !     ���  Villi  Ma
called there hurriedly by cable.
Hyde rink.  Vt . Jan   11      Mr*   Julia
Marlowe Ti.l.er. better   known .1- Julia
Marlowe, Ihe  at in si, was grant) d  a
divorci   nith   alimony   from In 1 Inn
hand  Rotten  K    l'a' nt,  lln  ;,, t,��� 1 , 1,,1,
Judge  Tallin   today    Mis.   Tatter  is
now claying   nn etigagemotil   iu   Now
Yolk City and Mr Taller Is 111 London
Paris, Jan. 0,���M Guerlu, who no-
(.(.rdiiig to the vordloi rendered by ihe
Beneto sitting ns a High Coorl iu  the
conspiracy   cases, was   seuleucod l" 10j
years' ciitillneinciil  iu 11  fortified   plain
has arrived al Ulairvanx when he will
nndnrgo his sentence. There was no
demonstration anywhere. M, Baffet,
who wns condemned to   It) years' ban-
ishmeiii, ten,urns in Brussels,   M   De
roiilude.who htiH also 1 11 banished Im'
111 years', is nn  bis  wuy  lo Milan,
whence lie goes to Spain      He has   do
elded to  take  up bis resldt nt 0 al Ban
New York.   Jau     ti. ��� Ainvi .1    r-ai
1 tin 11    Glasgow ;   Belgari la,   Ham
lung; La Champagne, Harve,
Liverpool, Jan B, Arrived Cam
panla. New Jfork
(,iiu en-tow 11,    Jan     (l
 t ll>.   I.igi-I.nun  ��� arlv nil'i I 111:111     ' 1-   oliiin:,
1 i, rything   i-  ohoal   rend)  il !���'��� 1 '��� ''-'
.    otne ban irtun
��� 1,    iqnndion of tbs seoond  1 giiadian   : the ; snt
Mouduj al n   1    .    a d<" -   ha
Many   private farewi lis   tc   memberi �� VI '   M 11
will be given tbis nvt nlng     Uinmbi
ii h v. Innti 1 gnunut   ami drl '���    !
,,. ���>, -in, n-inn,.; bt n i) tin  artll 1|!'  -;- "
m.  in Bootlt Afl    ,
I ItO, ' mi . .I.xi i-      Mil    II H himl
I-, rgt .'in young woman, was
found  Iving ill- n  il II   nt at  tie   gain Ol
th.  I ill 11- iht ���      ��� nd late Inst night
Bhe wns fonnd lit    Ml    Toldim-d, who
bail In ' .    ,     M
n  was  taki 11   to  a dtug store
and a 1 h        ���     slli 1
. in iu , 1
low 1
Vmv,,,i       The gni   wai   tt rrlbly Injun d by n
Steamer Uttouln, Bontod I01 Llvt
Rossland, .inn ii.   The ore shipments
from Ho   land   camp   for   the hi"t six
days nf thn new viur ending this BV
ing total I. 178.8 t,ms,  a daily   BVitu
\i'i 11:  1 iiL .-'Kill 1
UtlOa,     N      Y.. Jau    0       \.  an   , | |.
dam '��� ol ;'. ���   I tilth,  tlm (inn, ., ,    \     \
(I,  will nOSl a guaiaiili e o( (    1.0 VVi d-
liesilnv fm   tin- Coilinil Jetfrlel light 111
Mutch    The    (-lull 1    match   raaki r,
Tim  lllll -1.   I- 111 New   Ym I, nil II
for iii" big bout in tin  olty
New Jfork, Jan 8    Phillip w  u	
a young mini who I WO | ears ago    limit
some lime   in   an   Insane  say I nut at
.   in i. IILLIONB
1ork, Jau
���ii,,   Van
1 . ii 01 thi
1 was li ,
nl   ���  -
ol. 1   In a>, nl a , UUt'
,-.od part ol ibis juoi la
, ��� ,      -. 1111
11i1g111.1l    ,
, ��� -.
it  ITo.i
Iht in,':  1     1 ite will
ihe   11. mlssionei
1,low ' 11 thi
lieu\ j liiMrunn ��t    M       1       ml ar
tin ,1 ju-i in iimi to m ���' a   man   run-
ning'.i 11     I'll-- iiigiiw.nman had
11 gold chain and a pi i lining a
.-i   f mon        \' mi.inight Ihe
It on a tinii I-1  the worse nnd at
-, 1 ion;'  .in ii    An  Inqw I
will 1 o held   1 in .I.-, .1., ,1 ,, on s from
Port lit
Montn all   ,i 11
und lhe  I     i"n t ���-    ' 1 inln mi,   Im-   I . ,ii
el 1     Mi   1 nnnt ri and nil thi otht 1
1 urn    1   tin- 111 ��� ,..   have ni
Jacksonville, III . today shot ndkll!  ,'." ' ' '"-'""- '   |N oeed,   , ;        , , ,,������,,, ro
ed his �� if,, nl Imr f,itli. 1     ho u.   In tills
11 v.  Irind to IhOOl  Imr latin 1 and -1.,,|
Imielf, iiiiiiiiing mortal wounds
inn;. 11 1 IRI
,01k.   Jan  1     nt.   ii
1   'i"  pl 1 <"'���* \ ana*, la 1 1 oklyn, wu com-
Ottawa,   .im 8,-fi       .1-111. nt  ni pl '��� Ij goWod   bj   Bre I go!
Ihn     lovetoin     und   , -\p..||i|l I lit n of  I  all       .��
Nelson Daily Miner
Publtsned iiaily except Monday.
Nki-himMihuh Printing & Ptmr.iBHiNe Co,
11  J,  BEATON, Editor and Manager.
11 lily per montliby can'er Sf 100
per halt year    5 00
per yo�� r  Ill 00
por year by mail    liOa
per year furoinn  in on
N r.i. ,iin Weekiv MINER.
*��*���' ekly, pc  unit your $ I 25
i.,.r year     3oo
per yenr, foreign    2 50
SubBorlpt'on.3 invariably in udvnnce
S llson Mln ;r Printing & Publishing-Co
NBL80N. a. c.
TlILBPHONB    NO.    I.|.|.
Tho prominent business man who
said, as reported in yesterday's Mi net,
that if Mr. Houston, ' can't do a thing
himself, lie does his best to stop an>-
one else from doing it," knew bis
man pretty well. Mr. Houston is one
of the rule or vnin sort. He is n candidate for the Mayoralty of Nelson,
otherwise men of sense would not waste
time in AisouBsing him. Perhaps
in the whole Province of British Columbia there is not a moro over-rated
person, It is possible to discover only
a partial explanation ot this, li" is
one of ih" old-timers, ami came to tho
front In tho days when vulgar bullying
wax not without ib force. He has
continued hi> bullying, and m a measure has maintained bis prominence.
But why among men of intelligence
there should have been failure to ta e
the true measure of bis abilities and
character must tor the present remain
a mystery.
As a candidate, however, it is Horn s-
sary to discuss him. The kind of mil i
Nelson should elect as its Mayor is a
matter of some consequence, and
whether bis merits rank him second,or
third, or fourth rate, he has to be considered. Mr. Houston's coarsely dictatorial nature quite unfit! him to represent with credit the respectability, the
intelligence, and the, enterprise of a
city like Nelson. A large majority of
ilie Nelson of today have no knowledge
ot or sympathy with the intlncnees on
der which his peculiar character has
been formed, and notwithstanding the
admiration of his personal t'rieuds they
feel unstrained to express the view
that he is not the sort of person they
care to have as their chief Magistrate.
A Mayor is something more than a
mere administrator of the business
affairs ol a municipality, He is expected to represent the moral, the social,
and the cultured Hide of the community as well, anil il Mi. Houston possesses the qualifications to m��et these requirements he has been rather unfortU'
nate in bo successfully conceal ing
Such qualifications as appear on the
surface are calculated to give, the impulsion ilint a worse choice could
scarcely be made. And the character'
1st ii- mentioned by the business man
referred to is one very much to the
point, although In us application it
may have only to do with the purely
business affairs "f the municipality.
Mr. Houston has very extravagant
view-- of the authority of Mayor. That
official, in his estimation, should be a
veritable autocrat, If be were Mayor
be would insist .ai directing the entire
atliiit oI lb.' City, and if bo could not
have hi- own way In would simply obstruct lieu i ii,,i the kind nf Mayor
the people want
pointment of Lord Roberts and Lord
Kitchener as 'a notification tc the
world that the British Emplrs is ready
for all oveiitualities.' Tbe appoint.
ment of Lord Charles Reresford in the
Mediterranean equally implies -that
Imperial policy is watchful over all
Imperial interests.' General Puller,
remarks The Commercial Advertiser, is
not superceded, 'but the whole aimy
goes instead of n part, mid the commanders go with the army.' This pup-
el believes thnt nearly all Cape Colony,
as London telegrams assert, is in revolt. 'Great Britain, instead of n little foreign war, has a groat domestic
rebellion to (leal witli. It is the British Boers to whom the failure of the
campaign thus far is due.' The same
journal treats   the declarations of   the
Continental Press about English decadence with contempt as coming from
people, 'smarting under  Anglo-Saxon
superiority;' and it adds:
" 'Were any misfortune to befall us
exactly the same pleasure would be expressed. Whether we desire if or not,
wo aie in the' same boat with the British. Harm to hor prestige would he
barm to our prestige. Curtailing her
power ourtailB our own���a power
which, we believe, makes for the enlightenment of the world, au.l for the
progress of civilisation.' "
In ISlifi, and again in 1871, when
���Fenians in the United Slates were giving anxiety and trouble to Canada,
that country was still smarting under
what it believed was Great Britain's
unfriendliness during tho Civil War.
If the Fenian invasions of (hose times
were not openly countenanced, thev
Were no *djubt secretly winked at,
There was nn attempt at a 1-Yniati
scare the Other day. The sentiments
quoted above represent the feeling of
the solid people of the nation, ami
as long as they prevail another invasion of Canada is as impossible as a
raid on the moon. Canadian soldins
would not be in request; the trick
would bo done by Americans themselves.
before thn personnel bill was passed
but we liuitlly secured what we
wanted "
London. .Tan.ft. --The scarcity of coal
continues to such an extent that four
Scotch pig iron furnaces havo shut
down. Iron has reached record prices.
It is believed the stringency will bo
somewhat relieved when railroads
become less congested with holiday
1900 1900
Office an 1 P, cket.
Whittaker's Almanac
London, Jan.30,���At a cost of ��420,-
000, Birmingham has bought from a
private corporation the city's supply of
eleotricitv. In 1880 the city sold it,
but now believing that at much advanced figures ii will vii 1.1 a substantial profit, il' has hough! il back.
will   open her   Kindergarten  unit Primary
Sohoo! in the English Church School Hoom oil
2nd .Inn.
'���'or lei-ins particulars apply to
at the residence of Mrs. J. H. Robortson, link
ur Sired. West.
Vancouver ratepayers are asking
why penalty deposits that are forfeited
through breach of contract are always
returned iu that city? Never in its
history, it, is snid, has a contractor
lost his deposit becuuse of failure lo
keep his engagement This is nol
characteristic nf Vaiicouvci alone; it is
the rule in other cities as well. Why
it should be is perhaps owing to an
excess of amiability on the part nf tbe
Councils, which, if not strictly business, is at least mote creditable to
their hearts than nn excess of harshness.
In flagrant cases, however, there should
be an exception to this loose rule, and
a point made to [igurouslv exact the
Brewers of Fine Lager
Beer and Porter.
Drop in  and see us.
Cash Books,
Day Books,
Office Supplies.
The Nelson ElectricTramway Co. Ltd,
Large number Choice Building  Lots adjacent  to  the
ine of their Tramway.     For price and terms of sale apply
iini- ui   incu    l laiuvvay.       i. _i   ui ici. unu  n-i mo   i^i    -...��.-    **r r V
at the office of the Company, Macdonald Block,   Corner  of
Josephine  and Vernon Streets.
T. C. DUNCAN, Secretary
By the only first class undertaker in Kelson,
Mil. A. W. Pl 1111Y.   Aiulr..'��fl
Apple* liaile Block.      linker st. oor. Kootenay
Or at residence, on Silica Btreet,  East
Nelson Gleaning and Dyeing
s. Ii. PIKRkK Prop.
Ladies' unci Gents' Clothing cleans 1
dyed, altered nnd repaired.
Krai- of < liirl.. Motel. M'.l.xON
New and Important
Haldane's "li-'OO Miles Across I'unrda."
Price 11.60.
A full line of
Harris Homemade Tweeds
From Talbot Harris, Scotland
Fancy Fall Goods of
every description. Call
and inspect my stock.
Great Reduction!
1   UD C0Ak, $9.65 Per Ton
Up to the eie of thn session Tho
Vancouver Province im* been disposed
tu view the politionl situation with
philosophic calmness. It dees not pro-
fens to have any opinion of the outcome of the present disturbed conditions, inn does it seem to rare. Perhaps it will d.spla> ureater interest
when ihe Legislature is dissolved,
Young Men, Become Your
Own Assayers-
Tiiri'i' month* will loach yon Aaaayinr: fur
Hold. Silver. Copper. Thin depart meat is in
iliioce of 1-i-ni'. siiier, Honor Graduate of
McQUI 'Jnlvomlti,
Live ami letirii now, ohoaper than vou now
OROV^NBST $6<15  per  Ton
Accept Our Thanks
for what has been the most
successful holiday   trade we
have had since we came to Nel.
son. While each season has
shown a substantial advance
iiver the preceding one, this
year the increase has been beyond all our expectation! having more than doubled that of
last year. From a linam-.ial
point of view tins Is most gratifying to the management; it
shows that the lines on  which
imr business is conducted
meets wiih general approval���
but beyond this is satisfaction
in the feeling, that it is an indication of increiised prcppi'lty
throughout the city and Kootenay district.
Board and Instruction in Assaying, all (or
iiveniy-Mx duller-, per month.
WrllO to tho I'rinoipnl.
New Westminster.
All elii���i". nf learning may lie bad in thin,
he only foil' go nf Its kind in the West,
Tii" New York'correspondent ot The
i..,ii,i,,n Timet colli te.i  "(linn  Amen
can op  i, ,   published after the new.
"I Qenornl Bullei    reverse Was reoelv
��� ���I, which mak. i iv pleasanl reading,
Wo  prlnl    Hi.".   ,i     Furolshed Tbe
'Iini. - In let in , , ti Htrongi r than
ih ��� ..I yesti rcliij I lie New Sort
'i'  i. it.nn, ii i ii.i that American interests   moral     political,   end
mat.rial woiil.l mtTni hy Kiigliiml's
detl it in Smith   Afi ,.,      Knelt   iiali.m
fa i mi infloenoe'lu n,,. world's affairs
which would be lamentably Impaired
hy the nhaseini nl .>��� i It her, Kaon has
work t'i ilo which ni it her -night be
',,rt'.ini nloiu finally
' ��� ".'nuiiiini utot J by im i.et n��
stand by her    We hail tin- great   help
��� fa i moral support    Lei os give tier
tnpathy and good wishes, The
envlnn and wntchfnl knew -he wan
"ii i' it ml i,' t aii iii,, world know
now iinn we are I
i ii" 11 limine di i lares thai ' British
.i   - ���     .iiiu��  British  vindication.'
wit.it Im  new   happened'proves whal
Mi  Oharaberlnin  and  hlo collengoes
' d  tie. BiItlth paramount! f In
Smith Africa was challenged '    It ft k
why 'inn i it mi who uphold th.- lion
roe dut li nr     .' hell   iiraetieallv im an��
th.. imiaiiii,inn, v 11 the United Stales
in ii great pari nf America,  objeot  to
I hi   ��� iili.i,. lie tit ii a   ��� miliar   (lo.triiie
I, England In oath Africa [hi
Bow bavi i' -ii j .email, ally prepnr-
mg io overthrow the British power
aieI I  i , I th"   I nn h from    all   Smith
Mi i. a wiin . an deny tin- right nf
the English tu defend IbeinaeWes and
tlmlr i     ",,,
"The Evening  Post rtgatds tbe op-
Until Great Britain and the United
States are averse tn anything of the
nature of a formal alliance, although
in   Sympathy     Willi   each   ctlier   and
working harmoniously wherever ibey
are Jointly interested It is lo he hoped the Opposition nt Victoria ur�� as
wisely reeorved in their relations with
Mr. Joseph Martin.
We uiisn the   ringing   tones   of
Victoria Qlobe these dayt.
Atlantic S. S. Lines
Krom Portland, Me.
Allan l.lne "l.mirentlin," line, '21
Allan Lino '-Parisian'* .tun. n
li.iiniiiii'ii l.ii I'nmlirininin" Dco.90
Dominion Lino "Vancouver" Ina. 18
Krom New York
White Star Line "Tl'lltonlo         ..lli'i'.'.'T
N.nlli llerin in l.lnyd "Saul. "     |uu.   i
��� in,nl, nn l.ln.i-st I'iiiiI"       Dee. 27
While Mm- Line "Cymric"      Jan. II
Red Sim- Lino "Woatomland" . liee.'.'T
Ciiiiiiril Line "I nihilii" ..Inn.  ti
Anchor Une "AnoholaJ  liec'in
a iimi state Line -'siiitc uf Nobruska'.. .Inn. 211
I'nii.ird Line ' Cinnii.iliiii", line lla
Krom Boston, Maxa
Doilllolon Line  "New   KiikIiii.i1" .   .Jan.  :i
I'mixngusiirnugeil lo ami tram nil Knropciiii
p,iini-;.    Knr i-iiliM, tiekelH nnd i',,l mi ,'Ion
apply to C. P. it, iii-imi agi'iii or ti K. Beasley,
uny Passongsi Agnnt, Nol-in, B.t'
W. I'. !���'. il' H SUNOS.
Ueni-iiii Aamut I1 it. (niieiiH ��lonlpeg
The Best New Year's
for your Boys or  Girls is  a course
of training at the
Business College
Don't wait for the High
School but give them the
high grade of supplementary
education afforded by this
institution. Classes formed Wednesday,   Jan.   3rd.
Victoria Slreel. near Oilv Hall.
NOTICE is hereby given thai a mooting of
the creditors o( Charles 11. Macdonald
will ho held at the offices ef MOBSri   Bowes &
wraggo,solloiton!, Baker strool Nelson.it. 0.
on Monday, Ihe l.ith dny of January, lliiHI.nt the
hour of Hire" o'clock in the afternoon.
Hated al Nelson. 11. l'��� (lie 27th  dav nf   lie.
eeinher, ls'.f.t.
lilcleh. 11 .,11,1 Hallldlo nyiloms,
London, .Ian. 0.���Admiral  Melville
writs* to The Globe congratulating it
mi itH efforts to  secure  higher pay (or
the naval engineers, Having:
������Wo have bad the experience In this WATERTUBE BOILERS
OOOntry of tlm lonx of Home of the very I "" * '"", WUeoa. etc
best among the engineers andtherea-l    QAS nod  OIL   ENGINES
son is that private firms nre willing ta flexible metallic tubing 'etc,
pay   io  mneh  i,,Ki,er oompensation. Lppiy to 7 nm nunv>Pa
miicm tlm piHiiage nf tin- personnel bill I d . lj. 1. utlUr lo, M I.M 1
NOTIOR (i' assignment pnrsuanl to tbo"Crodl-
Kirs' Trust Heeds Ad" and Amending
NOTK'K is herehy given thul Oharlon II.
Miicdiiniiiil heretofore trading ns general mer-
ehllllt In Ihecily of Nelsnn, fl, ('. Vnls hy ilecil
ilnled I he 2HI h ilay of lleccinher, 1090, unsigned
all his pcisoaul oatato, arodttaand ofrooU which
limy he seized nail sn���l under excent ion ,u���l nil
Ills real OatatO tOd. M. IliydflU'sof Ihesnld citv
of Nelson, iiccniinliiiit. in I rust   far -|���. licnell't
of his oredtton.
'I'hx snid deed wus exeeuletl by the suid
l-hnrles II Muciliiiinlil and the snid s. M,
llrydncs ou the U II day of llceeliihcr. ISM,
All persons having cliilnis ..s-.,,,, i tho snid
(liiii'lcs 11, iMiiciloiiuMiiro roqiiirod onor hefore
tlie _'(ll Ii ilav of Koh-aiiry. Ulan, to se( il to the
triisien hi 1 particulars of Ibosnnio duly vorh
lied. Ingi'llicr with I lie ecllllles nl nnyi he d
Nol 00 i-hcreh) finlher given that after Unsaid '.'Hthiliii nf I'chrunry. Iinm. the trnitoo will
proceed in ili-lrl'iatc the pniccilsiii' |In.  irn-i
e-inte among tho partlt i* entitled therein, having regard null in the .l,iim- of which he hus
received t,mice nnd thai he   will nut   lie  llulde
fortheproe Is of lhe lin-l cstnicii  nny  part
thereof, sodlnlrl'iulod to any porson nf whoao
clllllll he Im- not l,i,i mil lee at I lie lime of   Hie
Ilnled ul Nelson, It. C, the Ultll dny nf in.,
icuilicr, 1809,
H   M. IIHVIMIKS, Assignee
Our buyers ate pleased to note that
their selections have heen endorsed  hy
the public.   Our stall' of clerks finding
tliny lad the right Ettock, good values
mil fair prices. I'oiuid their work easy
in Belling goods.
Errors and misunderstandings may
occasionally occur, si rive as we may to
avoid them. II' any such have oecnicd
we ask your indulgence and will consider it a favor to have tin- matter
brought before ihe management cither
by Ie cphoiie, loiter or personal call.
We thank you again and wish one
ami all a Happy and  PiosporouB New
We have jusi received
a carload ol choice
0. A- PROSSER,   Manager.
Fraternity Hall
Cor Baker A U(ioii-iia.v sin.
can lie rented  for Concerts,  Leclincs.
DaiK-is, Banquets and every kind ol en
teitaiinni ni. Good ante-rooms, cloak
rooms, Kitchen and dining room furnished.   Kor term* apply
DB, E. a AKTHUK Citv
Builders wilt find it to their advantage to
Iimi��� with Bradley k Co. on Painting,
Spokane Falls  &.
Northern f'lv
Nelson  A  Fori
Sheppard R v
Red^fountain R'v.
The only all rail route without
change of cms between Nelson aid
Uosslainl and Spokane and Hosslmtd
|Lv. 0.15a.m. NELSON. Ar. 5.31 p.m.
| Lv. 1126 a.m. ROSSLAND Ar :i im pro,
| Lv.  8 lo ft.ro. SPOKANE Ar.tl Hi p.m
Truiu that leaves Nelson nt 9:16 a.rr
inakeH close oonneotions nt Spokane tci
all Coast Points.
PasseUKcrs for Kettle Kivnr and Bound-   ,.
ary Creek, eouueot nt Marcus with Stan-   N>'��
I Daily.
H. A. .UCKSON, Q. P. &T.A.
Spokane Wiwh
Auent. Nelson. B. 0
Hudson's Bay Stores
West linker St..   Ni-Ihou.
Telephone IS.
Wholesale Houses.
t HORPt & CO., Utarroo.  UoraerVor
fiiCe'e:-" ,',"���' ,,v',1'"; ���""v'"'' �����'������������. '".""i
ittOtt   . ,,,i ������d iihuhHiie denier- ia nurntcd
,'.',;,""      '"'    -'vl'"l'--   Sole line  In  fur ll���:
uiuaaprlngii aitaaral water.
���^.      \. ,\l i iniim.i.fl,. !.,���,,.,,   Kvi'i-i kmiiiii
v.ir.c j  ���f wfi ainikfl..   I-. ii.' Box ��   Tolo"
I'll....'N.i   M,    lleii'erSlree,    NeN.ui    ll,���'|,:
Wator ''""   '" st"'i"''H Minora!
rx  nor rmkurnnu Kill olroeu, liaison, ninn-
i'iI'.ii "iT ", ", '"J'" ���"""'" "l"1 ' Ivuoii'iiay
iieitu   brand of olgars.
HJ. EVANS &.   .O.    lUkerS.reel. Nel
���  Mm. woo waludtMitir* in llqnon, olaam
|ieuiei,l. tire li lok ,in,| llreei ,j. water plpoand
fltcel raUa ���i���i g, n, ,,��� ,. ,���iu��� niol!oh7tlU
w i.iMiii.i..-|,i,mi stmot, iSuison, wnolo
���alo dealur, in n,,,,, ,,,..,!-. ,-ie.. ���i,d hai
."'(I grpJii.   Mtlla   |   ICdaiontun,  Victoria and
��   ��i-|iiiiii.ic.    Klnniiors on I'ulnin  \
lllllll"ll   It.illlVUV.
GEO-   F    MOTION.     wiiolcilc ll.u.
r.r.iiii .inn i ed.  opoclal quotaUoa.
Kootenay Railway and Nav.
'""ii".1  UJ .ih^iVacnn) Villi..'"
���   A  MACDONALD & CO.
IV*'  ."""   '"  "''.linn'   --Ueu
Schedule ot I line.        I'ncille stiiiiilx.il ITnu
KASl,i> ��: BUICAN UY.
Passenger train for Sandon and warstatlon.
"   Kr-'-
- ������........... .���. .....,,,,,,,,,,,,
IJeavea Kaslo nt 8 a, m��� dully.   HaHaraiiii
Wnlidoa at  1.1(1 li.ni., iiriTvhiu ni  KttlTc
Bank of
I   IIPnuiiKI
British Columbia, !fe
Is now prepared to issue
Drafts and   Letters of Credit
~, , ,   _ "'��� " i-eirj, iiiiinn, iKi, wan s  (,-
on Skaguay, U.S., Athn, B.rBS8'Atofe��H?att
OperiitiiiKim Kootenay Dike and ttticr
sir.  ���iniuriiiitiumil' leaves Kaslo tor Nelson
at ti a. in, dully noepl Siinduj ltetnriili.a
leiivcM Neboii ut 1.80 |,.in., oolllng at ballon"
I lint Bay, AhiMMirth and nil ���� ,���,n,i,. (������,,
t'.eetfl, wiih S r "Alhelu" l��� ���, ,( fn���,, UO���
uith 1-erry. Idnhe, ilwwith S K. .v. N. ,��� ���,���|
I'uiner   Vci
..eiitH. waoliMalu
u." ci- and Jobbora in blankeu, nlovon, mltm,
iirii-fli' '''       '��� """'"oil iw�� and miners' sun
C> BUhNs 4 CO  Halter direct, Nelson,
..     *,    "'.'"'V'"^   ile.uer-i  Hi  fru-ll and OUTOd
nic..ifl..  tlvld��torago.
oo.. i .-it., I Ail-on.    Whoiefliueilci
il-lnfru hiiuileuieil mottU,
�����     ,1'l.MIII-li    o.ikei    BU1MIU NcImiii,     WllOlO
-....    -^    ...      .    ...      ���,,,,,,   ,,,,,.
Alherni   Unto* N,.|r������  r���r   ||���ni���,rV
lorry,  Luoxdayi  nml  Hainrdai
>ii ii ,1,in,ir
nud lllli
in,I mining
our   own    Mtpenenoea   that     pat ten
oiiihiniil with persistent effort will '
i-iwanletl at hn-t.    II   ��OS  n Ihiih time
The parity nt the Drugs sod Medlolnes
iiillnlin  l.-M.I   to  Hie   linllent    i     Hie most
1 nihil eleuient ,,, the sUOOOSSful Ileal
inenl nt dlsOSSO,    I'le-eniilliui-. me run,
Iclltlliwl    hy   IH   frnlli    iili-nliiteli    I'nre
liniK�� iii perfeet ronrtlll and inn nhy
sll lail's "lllll wll I  he nullllleil l.y old
mid in,!,,,', i i drugs,
iinr i.i. its ol reqiusltos tor'
The Toilet.
The Nursery
The Sick Room
A" Illlil'le      If our I'jiIkiii.ikc     .Inileil.
Every Man
likes to dress in Fashionable and
Ni,e Fitting; (Jarmontg it lie jan
.I., kii nt a reasounble i.riee. My
hull anil Wilder S,ini|ili>nare now
ootnplete in Bultlogs, Overconti -,-
nn.I Fancy Vesllngs, Give on i
eall ami 1 will quote you pir. s
lluil will oatnnisll nut.
Lad lag' i ni ;   in   ,,11   its
hri nehi-H, n h|i,. ciall y.
As   Supplied    Hritisli   Admiralty,
i���* ii ��� i .io,i ii
Clements Hilly cr Block
Nurse*'   Directory.        C.   D.   J.   CHRISTIE
l-or Hie oonvenlenos nf Ptjl llolOU nnd
Sill"'-,   WS   hnve e.l,ili||.|������|  ���  Nnr-eV
i"." lory, mill ii tcr ii, have n cum
I'i'.i'.. n -t ..li \ui e la send In ar rail
lllld    lenie   Ihel,    uulIMM 1    ���,|,|,,      ,
Mu\ ..' I l-linnr I |J
inmiumi.   iiim   isrtii     txil LOANS
DIsiK-nsinj? Chemist
Telepneoe lit,    r 0 Boi tn    Bokerltreoi,
Mull Order- PrmopttT tUUnded I,.
I Itoniii  Ilia
I   uinll Hon
. 1.11 1 I,
, llll.lll, II, ,, .
i ROOUl tin.i e ,,i���l Jlou,good locution
White Countered
Gutta Percha.
Will Not Crack or Break.
C, and Dawson Citv   Yukon   uIL^L.bES?' Md ^wrdai-s at  .""'.'in.''.   KELSON HARDWARE  CO
^ , sun uawsuu vuy,   i UKOn  n eeOtag Bleamer "Intornallonal'1 from Kaslo  _   *��"�������'���� auu uUs.
'ls,r,c,:- | ,,Rjl*urn.ng,'leaves Bonnor's Ferry nt k l m
    ' " i-dneKilny-, und Bundays,
- : ;       lllrect eoiineeiinnN i,������t,. ���| nonhefs Kern
.,���,!,.., ,   ,      , ., with lircui Nor.lurn  i:.,n,- ,,   fi���- ml uulm^
XJiitli i. is herehy ulvon Him npplleatloo east and west. v
M,    s.JJL" .'"'""iih'llilhe 1,,'nUlulivc  .\h.,.|��� l.Alllnilll'M AN   l)|V|sl(l\
''>LP* _���_,' "',v "' BrlslshColuml    U     *l��, "liiiern.itl,u,,,i" lenvc' K,,.',��� f,,r 1.-1.
nox sossurn: for nn Act in I���co,|,������,i��� ��� (���,���    und Argenli, nl Ml |..,n, \\ ,,l, ,',| v     ,   T
puny will, power to riMi.liuel.linihl ,,���,���|    .!,-,>���.    ^r. "Alhe, lu'   le.iv,.        , f, ,      ,   | ,
IstrioUof. K.Kiieunv i mill Argent'i ni K tm ,, ���,. Sun-n!).
"--   ��� -n     ������"       l"  .""....,  >    I'll!   1 - ��� ��� ���-w���   _fl~i    ,...,.,..   ...  , .���-��� --,-.  ,,,������., |,,-,.,, 1     ,,,   ,111,        .,,���,   ,,1^,-11 i.i  |,i  1,, 1,, p.,n.  \l ( itnCflltuVh  III il   I el
"-"���"""' ��� ����y f.'wreH,��,������i B^mjiooK NELSON. B 0  Dnnnntl'r Im   rmtiwl m''l'':;;,^^v/���,-V***'{;i-��Uri��Ers'K^'&Srl'. ��R5"aJiTCtX^Kti^^..^"10'"*��� '^**'
Ml onr eininHy.      I    vis),  vol,.     mODllS        "    ��� U i,,-UiJOUi>, '    D    *-�����     \W\\   ] (i| |    V 11       H\\Win     ;'"''    "'';"';';:���   'l'ei;'.''.e o.llih I,,li,nhi;;lst, ���,..,������  ,���    ���",';,', 'nl Hull ,,���.. |��� l������,
-ry  lo bava their pay prop   OrtoFKiu.tfa.os_C ,s,Va���-������v���   DllllllU >  LlliUlU\CU  ^or'o.tt^ '^Tl^^h^
erlv ililiusti-il      1 e.111 sav a��  . rci.lt .,r KXOlSKKtm AND AOKSTft L e���l ���,-e���nie,���c,,:; ���, ,,,,.,,,   ,������| ���i���.,������,  id,.,   fuheii s.;,i, H. ' "l""1" ",,(1 ""
 Si eM,,,;:':;;.,;:; :,;,:: E3r,MATEs. plans, reports   cs.fo.-_/ cn.o  ���^MtetfJb.ig ��tt - ���* >	
"TUItNLR,   UtbTON   ���   UO,   'nn'-'
',     '.ii,"    uiiu J,.-., nun atruuir,   Ne'-iii.
"'"''' It ���".     1 luura ulgurs uad drj
11 '      AgU'il  foi Cabs  Uruwiiig Co  ..I ,ui
"""��'    ���" "     ' ,   '   '   ,1 UWIllg I .1   1 IU,ll).
|_jUiJ_ijN'_ BAY O0.-��holnu.lo gio-
1 ���   '  ������ ������"���.' ,i'ii..... liaki r i��� Sc
Absolutely safe in all weather
Minimizes  risk   from  firing fus-;
Everything to recommend it.
Ask your dealer for them.
Manufactured by
William Biimt Sods & ti.
Cambourne, Coi-nwall, England,
(leiicrnl Agent fur Cano hi.
IMntrllillllnK   Agl'lllH,
... :    ', .'..'"       """   "''. t'-iiicini   hi
iald lilsirlots of Kooton iv umi Yalo, with now
���''' tin .' withothor Diius thai inny onorato
In or ouuddo of suoli districts; in supply ultra
trio, stuam, air, w turn hurpowor 10 othor
euriuir.it.on-, inanu'aulorloi or tudliid.iui--
tnsiipply liuhi tpothoreurnorntloni maiiufoo'
lorlps or ludlvldiialsi in aoqulro and in,id wator rights ror tho purpose nl flieiicfiil.lnu nuwer
wlieiher tor Iheir uivii une or lhe but ul oilier
iiiMiorutiiin-, 11 uniiiiieioiiiH, or Individuals
p furnish Mid supply wutor to other eoriiur..
Ions, inaniifaotorles or Individuals la aalii Ills.
Il-lntsi to acquire nnd hold hind, iluilirr rluhu
rights of wajr and otl,or property nnd omunnunls!
fur the pUrpOSUSO   I lie I'nln|i ,ln . wll I, nil  nee!
ossnrj power,-. In thai l..-li��ir-. in i.i-tiitii.. nil n���.
Nelson Kiee 11 e iimiiwny Coninany, l.lmltwh
lone, ro all lit ��el., franohTsos, nrlvl hrTs
"i1,1111".; ssqftlipHossI I andgoplilo Moun
"l",l''l'''.'',,'1,,���!,"11,u">  c I"'">. I.lndtc.l; to
I'c.ciieilul.elllieih.i   was   Of liotllls nr oil,,,,-.
V1'- rroiliniiy ut.-lp.Illy In   .,1,1 liUirlel-nf
Kooleini) or Ynlc; 10 ,,i,i:,n, oxamptloi in
lux'iiiiiii nnd other privileges fron, liny iiiunln
|..��Illy In-aid 1)1.1 rlclsnf ivootei'n, "nnd Y ,'.
mid nil othor usual lossary or Inotdonu
.m ei-niiii pilviiei'iMUHinni bo nocossnri  or
teaiVo^'^X'SfViLr1"1 ni"r
Doc��/a',��� S'"' hl" l" *��  '"
 1'tlclton tor Ih, A^Htimh,
. ��id|ll[
uilniiu'v Swccplnir,
1 louses, Offices ami Stores Cleaned,
All wink iloue by us is guar*
anteed lirst class.
Leave orders at offln Ward SlrouL oppoi II '
ItOUKIIT lliviNn,
Manager, Kasln, I,. 1
Delivered to an any poi t on
Kootenay Lake.
I have .1 complete sto. k
on hand of
Mill nl I'lLOT HAY.
Yartia, NBLSONand L4.RDO
J   Y    _rtll-"f-��l,\4   _   OO-    I'.l'uei'   Vein..1,
" 11      iroi u, Nvlsotit Willi.e-ile
in luiiii.i,. is.ouri d me.1.-, 1,inter mid
" gs
Nfc*���*^!J.,>'c,   *>*W    ANU     PLANING
'-���,,' I IMIII.n    I ul'lllir   t' ..111    mid
ll.ill   BIlMUis,   NulsOll    111,11,11 uciilier,  ot   ill"I
wlutlUM ilen In Ni���|i ,. ,| auorsi nil kinds
nt fin I01.1 work iii���,l���,i.n.der.
���JANSioNt't, ORdO STORt' -''V
w    ni   .i'-e,,iiine una itukor oiuots.   Agti'
on 11 en, ,1   r,,,,,���|e nuj   u    nn,,,    leeljletl"
"   .Uilcliin, 1 ,,,
Provincial Laud Surveyor,
Comot Vlclniiiiuiid Kniileiiiiy KUi.
''���O.Boi   ,1 Teiepiiniic He M
I1"1 <: .OllKBN, 11. a
1 ,S    I,und  :
..,   ('. I'!.. I'KOVlM IM;
, ;" Burvojror,   Hurvoys uf mlnornl
r, ',',"!";:    Agent, for oiiiiiining Crown
gfejll*.    lllllec'l'iMu,.,   llueclil, lilnck     Nel-""���
J.  A.   SAYWARD.   Mrs.   SVIcLaughlin's NELSON DAILY MINER, SUNDAY,  JANUARY 7,  .qoo
Tlie  Nelson Fublio Schools Have   Kent
Well Abreast of tho General Progress in Nelson-
A glance over tlto Nelson lJnblie
School returns for tlm year just passed
shows that thnt establishment has
fnlly kept pace with tlie development
nml progress that has every whore
marked the year Iniiii in Nelson.
There were only Id days of school iu
December and the near approach of tbe
holidays no doubt made the attend
mire full off a little, but anyhow November was the banner month o�� the
year with October a good second, During the month oi January the nvernge
daily attendance \vnn i82.40 with two
363 children on the luniks. In October
tlm  average  daily    attendance    was
_S7.-i! with llaS lianes on the list, in
November 808.13 with 800 names, nnd
in December 388.05 with 850 mimes,
Tims it will be seen that during the
year the number of pnpils was in-
ereasiiri by over one hundred, while the
extremely good average of attendance
was proportionately greater. Tins is ���(
good and gratifying showing, demonstrating us it dues, not only the efficient way in which tho Bohnol is conducted but that the number of homes
in Nelson is on the uiiTeu-e.
Another striking feature of tlm report is the very Small number of cases
in which'it wns necessary to admin s-
ter coriinriil punishment. In such a
large number of children, unruly inns
are always to be found, nud the record
speaks volumes I'm' the tact ami good
management   of   the   teaching     stuff.
There were ios cases during the year
when corporal punishment bad to he
administered, which, put in anotlur
way, means that (lining the 13 months
of Bchonliug about half the children ou
one occasion en. niittnd a sufficiently
serious offense to be thus, punished.
Anyone who has hil'l to deal with
large niimlersuf ihildien in oioivded
s'boi'l rooms will acknowledge that
admirable discipline, must bave heen
'luiiiitnined lo have brought about Buoh
a high ilegn e nf order.
A Large Number of Names Wire Add-
ed     Yesterday.
Pollue Magi-tiale I'leise belli thnnil-
nual Court "f Revision yesterday morn
ing in the City Hall and n considerable
number of nnines were added to the
list. The onli' name that was refused
was that of Robert [nee, and bis ex-
pulsion has -auso'l considerable comment. The reason was thnt Mr. Int-e
bad sold out Ins business, but to tbe
lay mind it sum s strange that since
his trader'e license is slill in force lush.mid   not   1 ntii toil to   vole     The
decision nny he teohnically oorrect,
but it works a hardship on tut old resident like Mr,  luce.     Both   sides   were
represented by counsel, and everything
passed oil' uniieilhv.   Following  is a
IM of the applicants and their  rinnli<
(but ions:
Mrs. MoPee   (east I, Mniy   all hl'hta ,
block -lb: _. T.ll. 8'mpkina (wesil assessed owner lot 111. block 8; T, B.
May, (west) lioetisee ; II. I'. Tunstall
(east) assessed owner lot I, block Nil;
II. R, Cameron (east) licensee: W.
Slartner Smith (west) lb (in-cc ; H. P.
MoLeod (west) licensee; K.  W.    Miitb-
owe (east), assessed owner; John Me-
Latohie (west),    licensee:   Mrs.  Dover
(enat) assessed owner; Edward Cord-
ingtev (west), licensee: Robert tnoe
(east) licensee, (refuserl); Q, \V Taylor (east) nssessed owner: Eli Sut-
clilVe, licensee; .laines (I'lleilley,
change fror.i    Last to West    Wind;   W.
1-1  Mc andlish,   householder,   alreartv
on    list ;    11      W.    Hllll,    lint    assessed ;
Harry Wright (easi i lot 8 blonk h: h
V.. Lemon (cast) heeni se ( MnBt atll &
ro i member ol firm ulnoe lib August,
IHflll still iiiemhet of firm ; T. Lon I'd
(east i |,it i. block 58, Addition A;
Miirdnek McKay (easi) assessed owner
lots I and B, himk 18; .1. A, McDon-
nl i (eisti lot 31, blonk 801 Andrew
IT. iiler tins:); W. II. Gordon (anal i
assessed owner |,,i in, block 98;
Thoniiia N i will (east) licensee (Blown
Sc Co ); Ellsi Brewster, chanae to IT,
Rod way i '���'. Morrison  (west) lioenxee,
on already in east; \V. (.'. l.illie (mist)
licence; T,   II.    Iiillie (east)    licensee;
Iimi.-; _rnal (east) nsseised owner; All
Mieitne.   nhnnge  to   Manuel   Alfred i
���I bo Mel.enil (eat | heensee ; Aii'licw
Day,    (Mrs.)   (west)   assessed   owner:
Caroline M, Lewis (east) asiOfltsed
owner block 53; Win, .1. MaoMltohell;
w. _, MoCnndlish, Jr.
Tim Bnsinons to Come Before the Meeting on Monday livening,
The annual general  n ling   of   the
(mill Kootenay Board of Trade will
ho held iu lhe Board room on Monday!
January 8, nt h p, m, The buslnem
will bet
Reception of Pre'ldent's annual report
Election of offloe bearers.
Ooniideratlt f  report   from  t in-
Omitieil, ccveiing lhe following tecum-
iniiiiiiiiiions: Accepiuiiee of Invitation
"���on, the London,   Bog., Chamber of
("oiii'ii-tcn to send delegates to the
Fourth (Vukic's. of Chamber of Commerce of the Empire���1000. That the
Board consider tho advisability of
endorsing the following resolution
w-hieli the Toronto Board nf Trade 1ms
clodded tn submit to the Fourth Con-
gross of Chambers of Commerce of the
Commercial relations between the
Mother Country and Her Colonies and
Dependencies: Whereas, it is generally recognized that an advantageous
commercial bond is one of (lie strongest
links in National Unity, and that
the maintenance und strengthening of
trade is the keystone of a State's successful development;
Ami Whereas, the existence of an
Empire is largely dependent upon the
materia] prosperity of its people,
Then fore be it resolved, that it in
lhe npluioil of Ibis Congress the bonds
of the British Empire world be materially strengthened, ami the union of
the various parts of her Majesty's Dominion greatly consolidated hy the
adoption of a common ial pol cy I ast d
npnn 'I e principle of mutual benefit,
whereby each component pari of tin
Empire wrnl.l receive a substantia] advantage in trade us the result of its na
tional relationship,
Further resolved, thai, in order to
make tbe foregoing operative the chair
shall appoint, before this Congress dissolves, a ii-presontative and proportionate committee of Home and Colonial
delegates tn devise a scheme of th s
nature, and report to this or a similat
Commercial Congi ess and that n copy
of this resolution be oflic.ially forwarded to tbe Ilome and Colonial Govern
inputs concerned in Ihe proposition.
That the name of tins Board be
ohauged to the Nelson Hoard of Trade,
That tlm incoming Connoil be empowered to revise the By-lnws.
Mr.Stanlej Tytler has returned from
the Const with Ilia bride and is now
receiving   the   congratulations of   Ins
Mr. ,1   .1. McKinnnn   has decided to
withdraw bis cniiiisl.in coat   from   the
ruffle which   was   announced   to   ta e
place on Jnnnnrv K'lh  nt   the   Nelson
Alderman Hillyer. who fur tl c
past two weeks has been laid up with
a, toriiniately, slight attack of bronchitis aini pneumonia, was able to get
(Hit yi slerday.
Special services fur children will ie
held toil,iv at II a. in., in the Presby-
t��� riim fhurob. There will be u New
Year's service nt 7 :80 p.in.it. the Presbyterian Church.
Rev. E. 1). McLaren, uf Vancouver,
will deliver an address on the "Century Fund" ou Friday evening in tie
Presbyterian Church, A special musical programme will be tendered,
During the four weeks ending December 39, 8,183 Ions of ore were
s Ited ut tbe Hall Mines smeller.cult-
taining (approximotely), (10 tons of
copper ami 40,00*0 ouuoes of silver.
The el ling" of time on tbe C, P, R.
comes Into oll'oel  todilV,    The morning
train leaves for Robson at R a. to,, in-
sieuil of r: 1 ii a, in . and tlie evening
tiuin nt 0:40 p. in , instead of  ti p. in.
The Miner is informed by Mr. il. K
Cameron that bis   election bet,   which
was mentioned in the last issue of this
paper, was taken by Mr. Houston personally    and   not    by    his supporters
as was staled.
Mr Emeit Mansfield received a cable
yesterday which ,nukes it neoessary for
hint to delay his   visit to   New   Zeal
and,    He leaves next week fur London
and altei a slay    there   will tiiuicid Ie
New Zealand, returning to Nelson in
the summer, after having made n complete circuit of tbe globe.
The Imperial Oil Company, Limited,
tor which O W. West & Co.. of this
city are sole agents, bus sold mul delivered in this district 70 000gallons of
illuminating oil nnd 5,000 gallons uf
lubricating oils, In addiion to minim,
randies und grease, since the amalgamation of the company with the Sinnri-
aid nil Company, March i, 181)0.
The Store ni nn behind the stable ut
the Sherhrnnke Hotel was broken Into
during Christinas w 'ck ami a qnalrtlti
of cigar*, inolncling IS boxi 8 ol the
KiKclioi v i.i ii i ii I. noie taken. D trail-
iiirod yesterdnv that unsuccessful
ifforts vcrc marie  during lhe pnsi few
Oil   s t i dtSpllSO nf the slolell    i il  'Is    III
Chinnti wn. A good desi tiptlon ot
tho thief was obtained from the China-
in in,i his nleiil itv Is   bnlii   . 'I to I"1
l,n, u n I' nl. 11 iiiint-'lv he has It [l
ton n.
Dr Latino Intends taking nn ex t t-i
nh eii i' ion's ,ni\ ice i' tin'- n.a, Ing thi
, hit i, ai connections ne, essary tu run
his x liny apparatus, Tins w til bt
shortly nnmplott'd and will be the mil-
thing of the kind on the main] mil
Tin re Is one ,\ Ruy apparatus In   Vie
torin, but i' i-' no"i f-t i thnt it   is a
cheap all' nr that di PS tt"l give tin d
H..tifl-fm-iKin In miidlonl mutters as iii
everything else. Nelson keeps well
ai,least of the times,
people ill   Nelson,
have   altenilel Ihe
Tbere  arc many
who In other cities
Patenaude   Bros.
For Fin   Clocks
and Watches
We have received a l"i ol
Bon iiiful China Clocks at
leiiiiiikalily low figures,
The are timekeepers and
will make useful presents,
Patenaude Bros
and    Opticians.
Nelson.    -    B. C.
entertainments of Prof. McEwen,
mind render and hypnotist, These
have i:u hesitation in reoommending
the oitivsoiiB of Nelson to patronize the
Opera House this week. Professor Mc-
Ewan gives n wonderful eiitei'taiiinieiil
from a Kcicniific point of view nnd
also n ono of the most amnsing that
anvuiie could wish tu attend.
The Telephone Company is bind nt
work reslringing their wiieH on to the
new poles I il Baker Street and is also
pntting in now top wires. The old
poles will be utilized on Josephine
Street. The Company is: practically
putting in   n   new system anil all   lhe
alterations and additions will not be
completed for a oouple of months
Portions if the now switchboard nre
expected     from      Vancouver      very
The Miner promised a few (lays ago
Iu post war bulletins during the day
but the censor in South Africa mini
hnve heard of it. and decided to fonl the
Nelson peotili! tor be has persistently
refuse I In allow any exoiting news In
oonie through. However The Mlnei's
arrangements are perfect and when
there is news of an exciting nature it
will have it here and bulletined fur
the piihlie almost as soon as they have
it in London
A story was going the rounds yos-iv-
lay which emanated from what
shin,lil '"'lie a reliable the source, to
hn effect that the contract for building the railroad from here to a point
opposite Bnlfour bus been let, and lias
been let for some time, but not to
any local fir,,, of contractors. The ru-
nor seems improbable on the face of it
and The Miner gives it for what il is
The municipal campaign is going
���iieri'il.v on, and Candidate Fletcher's
rooms were more crowded than ever
bet night. The Tribune yesterday
lave what purported to be a list of
loose present tlie night before. Somo-
iiod.v fooled that journal badly. Most
uf tin- people mentioned were not
there at all. while the number present
-as t,carer Hit) than 40. The results ot
the eauvie-s so far show n big majority
for Mr. Flo cher who will be able to
take a rest today with nu easy mind.
The annual report of the Chief of Police shows that there were 2''!l cases
tried in the Police Court last year,
104 convictions being obtained. The
lines or the year amounted to |l,<
384.55, There were 4!) more cases
than tbe \ ear before and *334.45 mote
ivas uetted ill flu3S. This increase is
less than wns expected, considering
the greet increase m Nelson's populn
ion Of the 1114 convictions, 1:17
tere for being drunk and disorderly,
ind most of tbe others were (or minor
offences,such as ontnmnn assault, swear-
im; and like. The only serious rases
.vcrc une uf rubbery anil escaping from
ini-on. lor wbidi the offender not fort
years; one for fraud, three months'
imprisonment i one for house breaking,
nne year, and one   for  attempted rape.
two years. The greatest number of
cases was 86 iii Ootoher, and the heist
eight, in January, Last year bore nut
the experience of forntei years, that
there were fewer cases in winter, and
tho greatest number in the late summer und early antuinn,
Mis. Weir, I.arde; Thomas Anderson, ttossland; W. II. s,. Peord and W.
I'. Acton, Medicine Hat : H. U. Law-
sou, Toronto; H. Lyon, Winuipeg; O.
(i.   Hainan,   Toronto;   Gl    o.   i.'nin.
West bridge.
Commences MONDAY MORNING and continues until 1 liey are all sold.
Come early and pe: the best selection
LSLLIE BROS. = The Shoeists.     If
v rVWl.rW'll^*W��/i V</^I^AA:V^ VV-viW>*.N%rVWWW*VVAA^ 5
t Hell's Baking Powder at 40c. f.
_ i r I60Z. Can mul Bell's Teaf_
r mul C-lfees are Guaranteed or \
K or Money hack. Choice On <:
\ ci i its mill Crocker) . (?
' f
60-62 Brodway,    New York
can lie made through ipeoalatlon with deposit
uf j:in 00Itlui'ty doflara] upward |ur :i per cent.
margin upward] an Btock Bxohapge.
'I'lie urea test furl line-lie ve been linulelliroiiKli
spcciiiiiiiiin- in snicks, \\ lulu or Cotton,
If yoll arc iatei'Cfliteil Id  know   how specula-
tiiiti- ni-c cniiiiiicicil notify nt and wo will land
ma Information ami market letter free of
Usual iiitiiiiiis-iiitis ohargod for cxooutlng
��� ir.lers.
I.iiiiiiiinc"!.   ii it u I - ������>-> i    ami    llullrcnil
boudaquol itloni fni-iiislicil on appllotiUoo for
pill, leisc, sale ur oxi-haago.
To tbe Citizens of Nelson :
In response to numerous reqneats
from business men, property uvviicis
and latepayi rs, 1 offer myself us a candidate for Mayor of the City of Nelson
at the approaching Municipal Elections.
Briefly stated, my plnlform is as foi-
lows :
if elected it will be my earnest endeavor to assist in more fit inly i stab
lishiitg Nelson as lb" wholesale distributing centre of the Kootenay Country
���tbe position fur wiiieli sin- 'has been
sn admirably designed be nature.
in furtherance uf this idea. I will
continue my consist, nt advocacy i C the
construction oi a wharf wbicb will
meet present and feline reqnirei cuts
. f ihe wholesale ami other bnsinesi in-.
tei'sts. l"'i"t-t li.s- Sleepers on ad trains Irorn
I believe that the City   has  reached   REVELSTOtE _ KOOTKNAY LDU.
that stage when pennant nt  Btreet improvements bave   become   an   absolute
��< ss>r'.'  and that the cost   nhoulfl be     TOURIST CARS pass Medicine Hat
met, as far  us  feasible, from   enrrent dully mi-St. Paul, Sundays and  Wed-
���'"'bt  nesdays  fm-   Toronto,    Fridays   fm
Moiiln al ami Boston.
ell & Co
The direct route from
in all points
EAST   and   WEST.
\\ 0 are overstocked in some lines and before stock   taking   we
have decided to reduce souk- lines at prices never before   heard
of in Nelson.    A few of the prices given  below  will  convince
thev are genuine Bargains.
to entrust me with tbe offloe of Mayor,
it will be my aim to carry ont a well
dee Bed system of Btreet improvements,
It will lie my oelicy to oppose tbo
bin rowing of nioiiev unless the same be
used for the increase ur establishment
of Public Works pro luring a revenue
to tlie Taxpayers
I am i iiiiuseii tu any increase iu tin
alary uf Mayor, which would necessarily involve a reduction in salaries
now paid an eHicietn staff of officials,
or an increased bur len to tbe taxpayers.
I am Rtrongly in fuijor uf maintaining the Fire Department in a position
uf thorough effii lenoy and wonld advise the adoption of modern equip
incuts inoluning a Pire Alarm System
and tbe purchase uf a chemical engine
which would ct'eit a rciiucliuii in all
l-'irc insurance.
it will be mv consistent policy i"
safeguard the taxpayers against nny
attempts on the part of corporate bod-
lea, carryim: on business in Nelson, to
enoroaoli upon  the rights of   tho Citi    Kx. Sun.
yens. I lli.lKI   Lv.
Iii inv opinion a sufficient amount
of monev sic at id hn expended upon the
Parks nf the City sn thai they will pro
vide the Citizens with recreation
grounds and opportunities fi r healthful
On all municipal  works mv   policy
will be to employ buna-lidi- residents of
Nelson   ami  to maintain  tbe  publio
stainlnr I rale of  wae.es
I believe that the Public -clioola in
Nelson should be under tlm control of
tbe City nnd thai every   effort   should
(be mail., to establish a High   tjobool in
our midst.
In concluding I wish to say that in
tbe event oi my election I will consider it my duly to shale with the
Council the responsibility of the Civic
administration believing, us 1 do. thnt
the assumption of entire authority by
one individual is subversive of all constitutional Government, whether
Municipal  or otheiwlse,    _ours   re-
cms iass Llevolstoke onedayl'S
u d [rum Hi'beon, I!
Ti.i ii d from ltobeon, K.i. Bland.
Ex. So i. Ex. Sin,.  *_5
7.10 Lv.        NELSON A r in. ni | vS
18.00 I.'..daily NELSON daily An-.21.40KC
Morning train connects f r ell points i !C
levelling train connects to and from l-S
Main Liue and points north, and fex. I ,S
Sun.) from all points in BOUNDARY **
Daily. >lr. M.uie Ihnlv. ��� ^
23.00 Lv.        NELSON        Arr. 16.20 rg
Connects  Kootenay    uinding ��lth ���_��
Crow's Nesl Branch trams both wa\s.     _;
Sir.   Ivkaiicc.       Kx. '^ini
NELSON        Air. 11.01
Saturday   tu   Aigentn   met return,
leioiiit; Kaslo i.t  20k.
Bleached Table Limn, Bpecia.1, (Hi
quality  and   lame si/.,  from
in. wide, 35c, yd.
s; :'i up.
1! cached    Table    Linen,    extra
(,,,,l Heavj flaini,lette .'.. K. m.
quality i:."i\ 00o., |1.00and$1.25
IU",,.  I.*',   18, 1111(1211.'.   Nil.
l'i e Quality 1' re Linen 'fab'.'
Ladies'   Wrappers   at   75c.  11.25,
Napkins, 1 no,   1 i",, | 50, :i'��K
2.00,2.60 and $300 i acb
-lull and 8'S.IH) per do/ n,
A     few    Ladies'     Underskirts
Good Quality and large size Comforter for  l,mi, 1.25,   1 50 :.' on
up tu ST.no apiece.   Every tun-
and  Minuses in   fan \ SI
Mei-.ri ized, regul u- pi Ice i 50
ami s."i nu, will deal  :,i 200
a bargain,
Ail Woo]  While Blankets good
Lndies   Corsets    tioni   50i      '.������
���*���"' on per pair.
Any Ladies' Jacket in the Store
I Ex. Sun.
' 1I.IMI  Lv.
Ex. Sun.   �����
NELSON Ar. 11.20
4 his NELSON to ROSSLAND I is 4'
fining S^cks
liiiiii'.hi iimi Sold.
Tuna and      and others worked
i/i   _      u  ii..   by   the    Western
Mary  Belle (/anadR Gold Min.
in ��� t'n . is luic nl'the safest buys on
the market.    Thorough  inspection
cnt'ili illy iu\ it, J.
iooo Noonday   600 Richc lieu
II ,,��� c
ill ii. i(t,l-
I 1,     in v   Muck,     Sold
,',,.. inn- Hnrd di wn.
hn luce
���    ami    lot   I' I'   sal",
[Mil  i.i   city.     I'l i"e
t'AI.I. UN
. ,000.
lilt  HER,
w.\nn si
Nelson  Harness Shop
^--,        Tho largest  stock
,i      -^u?1    and greatest vatie-
;.,'!,   -;.~ii��  (y of llarncs.s.Snd-
, ,   . _ clles.Colliirs.Bliink.
rts, oil- , kept
the Kootenay,
rail   nlways   ci
I or rales ami full iiifiiriiiiiliini addri���fl ',< U'
���-' local agoat, or
('   I:. BEASLBV  i iiy pBS��ongcr Agent
it. \V. lillBW, Agei.i, Si 1-. n
IV, !'. ANIillllsoV, K. .!.( <>\ ! I-;,
Trav. P11-,,. Agouti       A   ii. 1-   I s1,
Vcl.-e V 1    '   I
M'.i.sns   i.iiin;i: n,,   w  ���;.   ,,i v
,\ ,i- in K. el I' hall,Oddfc low* bluvk
.\-\ ot i   i,,, -1.1   ovonlng a'   Bo
'Ail i Idling kalghu coralall)   Ini Itod
I,   KCOTT O. O.
il, Jov, K,ot It.m.'l 8.
:-$  Terms Cash-
Baker Street 5-:
l llt'KI   K< K > I I.N A V.   I.   II.   '���' .  So,     II3H
Mcotlogn '.'inI .nut   I'll   rhnreday, Frnloraal
hall, .1 A Irving r. It.   W. 11. Bliaw. It, B,
W Mill
In ciiinpliaii'-c   ivnh  the re.piesl of a
large number n(  citl-sena, 1   nn"e con-
seiiied tu I'livr inis.'it   as  a  candidate
lui    alderman    in the  West    Waul      II
elected J shall do my ntningl tn pro-
tent and fiiith.t the Internsiii nf tbe
citv.   Owing to unavoidable  oircnin-
Htaines I shall nut  be in   \. I-. n tlprlUg
the Wl'l-n , llllll cull-i .|ll. Illlv "i I lie llll-
llble tu make a pi raonal cant ss Hop-
lug to receive ynnr auprort I rotnntu,
vui,rs ub dieul n .
A    II. 1(1, AND.
(l. (I.   F.     Kooli n u   hodgi
WStS:   -"-il- l". ineel-every Mull I.,.'
vf ; ,i    M.,'l    tic: i	
ijoiinilng t''I'l I cllmi- eimli ill> n,i Hell,
i; Hhaw, N.ii    John -��� oh >. v. >'.
l-'lcil .1 ,-,|,iin-. 3( i
trW 'fi 9} d> 9) W W -1 !* W *l !* fl\ W ��(f> W 'lx -1* '0 ^ W W t * 9\ W W ^
NKI.SON I..U.I.. Nu. tutu iin-eis in Iho Mm'
Doaulil block ci, i'i 'I I,ui it...i i n nlng al i
ii, loi I,. VUltlng ii,cimI..-i- nordlall) Invlti ,1
JohnTovo.W. M.: V. J. Umdloy, It. S,
Nl-.l. 'UN's   OUKKN    nu.   211
r-ii-. -     nl-'      KMil.ANII.    ineel
\   llr-t   iiiel    ilui'l   W. Ii ,  ,1 I)    ol
c   ft   _ 'I. Il    linn.Ul    "I    1- > il I lllll' >    hull.
S-U-^l1   ci,ut of  Unkor  and  Kootuimi
li;   -.ii-ici...   Vislilun ht-.-iii.-i,,  ,,n,l
'    lull] luvlliil.
,i,.ii v w ATinN, larj
Just arrived from Milu.iiilsi.-i-.
i;i,i:i"r. i;     ul?   tt BUT   WARD
THK i I : i  nl   NEL80N,
. i i   ir.  ,\i IlIK Ko. .'.'. I. ii.   I.   inool
i ,i .,,,,i fnnrili vi, dm   i��)   ol i .,���'
l , i,    \, lung   ne nihei
,1   II    Wl',1.    -e, llllll).
dlull)    Invil
i tit t: i i.i niltv.
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants
I re tpectfnlly ��nllcll pi nr vi It mil
Itillneiio ��� in -uii...it ol my candidature
fur the oHIce ol A Iriei man.
_, c. A.'riun, m. ii.
I'lll': Ll.l.t'TiiKS 01? 'I HE EASI
In n -11,ii.--.- it, iiiiini run-, h qrjl sts I
have cull-.-ni.',I tu offer nivscll lit i an
di,tale for Al.li riiinn tor the I as| Ward | (,'hrl-Thiii KoVleavnr 8(1.        I
in luck
- ii 101 n s   [_NOI l-ll|   l nil.' li    I'iii'I.'-i
W aril  I   -ihe.i   s|.       miiiiIiij.;   lllll     '
iniiiilnii - ii iii : and on thu l-i andSid Biiiidoyn
| In ilm inontli alii i Mntth   . Mn Un   it ll a.ui :
nn,I ,i -, I I .',:'," i  ia ng ,  - b
Mul I,    ,��� it .,. ���. na,    'l inn iluyi  ami - ���
|i,n.:  l|,,h   i ,,, iii,i,,n  I i.    Krldaj-
I ,,,, ,,n.- ,'.:;n |,  in . rollowoil hi  . Iioll   p  u
I loo,   ii  ��, Akoluiml, tiect-ii-.   i-.ci Im. o,
II, ,i  .I,,l,n I   W',ii,Il ii
I'm. in ii an ��� ''in acn      ' ii a.in.   ordcri bv mall in any branch will hnve careful and prompt attention.
and 7.30 iini.    sumiuv Hfhi.nl ni  '.in n in ���' * 	
I'i.ijci- i ling Thuradny i vonlog al 8 e
......., ������������������� ���
Branch Markets in Rousland, Trail, Nelson. Kaslo
Sandon. Three Forks. New Denver and Slocan Civ
tlie   ronhooming   mnnioinnl  eleo-  i"'  ovening a
Hun.   My policy   will be to work  lor  ''"',""'���
Jo ��� pl	
i, p)   Mole
lit i,   II.  !��� icii.
the   Reneriil
Yfins truly,
Illicit     I
uf   the   ponple
Hall Street, NVIsm
.1. M. LUDWIQ.
lllll re
100. Il|>.
ynii t-iiti ili'iieinl on uctiliiic ilia beat
In thi markol and nny quanlllj from
l'1-lec. cnnlllll tie il|s|inlctl,
���i-iiiiw; to,
Prank A, Tamblvn, Met.
Baker Stkbet,
Don I lorgel
in try
St. Leon
Hot Springs
Cmii   ti   i iiiin i-  Billon   "mi
.  Hon ic k ni it ii in. and 1,91
. o. in. ; - di   ���        liool, ll.noti in.; I'ra) ���'
Inn mi Kiel..  -   onlng ..i 8 ". loi i   I pworlh
���' I.CIKHC r, I-.. I ui da) ni ! ,t in.     Id v. John
l:,n, mi. P., inr.
i ��� mc,i |i   I mi:, ii    'I .       ,,,:.,,,-
 I thn.I    In) al - ."���.! .O.OOn in.j It. aedli
lon ,ii r no tu 8 p.m.   '
I'rlt .
i:\i-ii- i   cm i ��� n
llOl     I ill., i   It rl,iii,|
,  ,,      morning and
, i'i hing ,ii it ,t in   ...,i ,  " i ut . l'i il'
I In
i,) ovonlng ni 8 pan,  Ilia n   v
IlIK nt s "' li
oo (hull) ". i	
Ho\ tt. W, ii" '    '
in..-    AllMV    **( I'll''
ni onlng
tint i.
litiiiic-k    tn, V ol '
ci Hi,
\nuts fealiiitii's.
Annul in   i ���   ��� ��� --I  '���' " nh      ���
11   IM  \l-   IUKII.I II.
SOI tilt   II lllll .
Hnie bottlers
NelKiin SiiiIii W'nli'i   I'lieltn v
W'lllllillllicie Mll.c-,.    0 ��� OOndOl '   ���   ������
WINlM'.KMKIlK. II. tt t
One ot tho most imposing of tbe
many handsome blocks erected in Nelson Inst year is tho Madden Block,
which is now rapidly Hearing coraplc
tion. It is of red brick and stands oo
the comer of Baker and W'aid Streets,
the heart of the bosiuess section of
the City. Ill tbe basement an up-to-
date barbel shop  is being fitted np, on
the ground floor are three stores
the floor above has beeu divided
suites of offlceR. The erection of
block has made a wonderful difference
iu the appearance of Baker Street as
it stands where there wag formerly a
muddy creek bed. Mr. Thomas Madden owns the block and superintended
its erection.
Continued from First rage.
sheriffs and aldermen attended n
state, to swear ill the company which
is going to the trout. The ceremony
was witnessed by many distinguished
people. Lord Denbigh, the Lieutenant Colonel commanding the Honorable Artiilery Company, thanked the
Lord Mayor, who made a speech eulogizing the historic services of the Honorable Artillery Company.
��10,000 was shipped
to   South   Africa
(Jttawa,   Out ,   Jan.   II.���Hon, Wil
liam Mfllock has completed the list for
the Cans linn'postal army oorps for
South Africa. They are as follows:
Rowan Johnstone, Winnipeg; J. B.
Bedell,'Perth: W. R   Ecoleston, JHnm
ilton: R. A. Murray,   WoodstocK,
Durban. Jan.II ���The German'stea'>'-
er Herzog, has heen seized by a Briti-di
warship and brought to this port.
A strike has lately been made near
town that will no doubt result iu the
ope ling up of another mino within
less than one mile of Silverton, says
the Silvertonian. This strike has been
marie on the Fieddy claim, which lies
just, below and adjoining the Noonday
mine. Sometime ago tbe owners,
Nixon and Turner, of Nelson, started
a ctoss-cut tunnel a short distance below the wagon bridge on.the';HGnlenn
Farm road, which crosses the property,
with the hi pe of finding the Noonday
ledge which crosses the propeity bnt
could not be found on the surface. The
running of this cross-cut. blind, was
made necessary by the fact that the
surface wash all over this claim is too
deep to allow of any surface indications of the ledge being shown, and
the only thing to do wus to get the
strike of the vein as near ns possible
nnd drive �� tunnel to cut it. The tunnel after being driven nearly 75 feet
encountred what is no doubt the Noonday vein. Tho vein where cut is nvrr
���iix feet wide ami is fiileu with i o
malter carrying n fair grade of con
nentrating ore. Drifting has been
started on the ledge and unless all indications are-ut fault it will uot be
long before we will be able to chronicle the cutting of another rich ore
sbute in this vein. The findiug of
the vein on the Freddy only leaves one
claim, the Adelu, between tho Noonday aud the Lake on which this vein
has not been found, aud whereyei
cut it has been found to contain pay
Berlin. Jan.O.���The excitement occasioned by the seizure of the German
mail steamers by British cruisers in-
orea-es. Kven the opening of the
Prussian diet on the coming Tuesday
ia dwarfed thereby. In S|.ite of the
Btrongest current oi anti-British sentiment, the German Government still
continues its course of loyal neutrality, but anxiously awaits favorable action regarding the seizures, The notion of the Colonial Society in further
Influencing public opinion is oondemn
ed by n large part of the press. The
Frelsinniga Zeitnng says: "The pres
idmit of the Colonial Society is the regent ot Mickleiibuig-Scbwerin. Does
he deem it compatible with his position to use such language towards n
friendly powei ?"
Thn Hamburg correspondent, doubts
Whether this is the right timo for indignation meetings.
Tlm Magdeburg Z"itung says:
"II- who adv.,cuius forcible measures
do, - not know that Germany In snob
a conflict with England, would bo isolated, sinoe France awaits the moment impatiently when a serious qnar
rel between those   two powers will en
Hblc lei 10 aot.'
The Vosslfobe /.nilting says:
"Ail  tho political  parties  in Germany will support the  Government in
vigoi"ii-i.   'toto,ting    our  interests.
Capetown, Jan. ti. ��� A dispatch from
Horschell. Cape Colony, reports thai
Ladygrey, has been deserted by the
Boers, whose families will go to the
Orange Free State, The Boers, accord-
ing to this dispatch are constructing
entrenchments between Ladygrey and
Barkley West.
London, Jan. 7.���It is stated tonight
that the British note in reply to the
lepresentatiious of tho United States
Government ou the subject of the seizure of American goods by Great Britain will be given to Ambassador
Choate, ou Monday next.
The Montreal Herald's special corrr-
spondeut with the first contingent ends
his hist letter ns follows :
Capetown, Wednesday. Nov. 811 ���
8:80 p. in.���"Well done, Canada," ie
heard ou every side. Nearly a score
of troopships welcomed tbe Sardinian
I today with screaming whistles of sa-
I lute
Wbcu thn inilitnry and other authorities oame on   hoard,   the   universally
l expressed opinion was thnt Canada bad
i sent the best lot of men y��t ai rived at
I the Cape.    We    were not kept long in
I the liny, but were soon   in outer basin
docks, where seemingly nil   Capetown
turned ont to visit us.    We sjng "The
Maple Leaf;"   they  replied   by   singing "God Save the Queen'* aud  other
! patriotic songs,and cheering ns lustily
Iu   dock   many    Cnnartiiin    ollicers
| shouted welcomes to old fiensds in nn
iform on the wharf. The men exchanged compliments by throwing  buttons
W. ,1. Guthrie, who has for several
months been employed as second engineer on the K. R. &. K. Cj.'s steamer, Alberta,died at Dr, Hnrtin'a hospital on Tuesday morning, says the Kaslo Kootenain. The deceased bad sailed on Lakes Huron and Superioi with
Engineer MoDougall, now In charge
of construction at Minor Lake, and
the latter, in response to frequent requests, secured for him the situation
be held up to the time of bis death.
Mr.Guthrie was a man of strong phys-
iue and of unexceptionable habits, lint
from the outset he seemed to give up
the battle ngiiinst disease, and every
help and encouragement from doctor,
muse or friends failed to nerve him
for the light with his last foe,typhoid-
pinnmonia. The deceased was a
member of the Canadian Order of Foresters, in which be oirricd a $1,000
insurance policy. He was highly esteemed by all who had made his ac-
qnaintance since his coming to Kaslo.
He had only been received as a member oi the Presbyterian Church here
and the pastor, Rev, A. D. Menzits,
"(inducted the luneral seivice on Tuesday afternoon. The deceased leaveB a
h iriowed mother who resides at the
old home at Griersville, near Meaford,
Nelson Opera House
6   NIGHTS    6
Monday, Jan. 8th
Scottish  Min-l-
and   Hypnotist.
One   Great
Hypnotism by Telephone.
Hypnotic Balloon
Harness aud Saddlery
Tho loading simp. Largs
rtoi'k. liiist * Sfliiirii'ii stock
an lnuiii. Harness. Col
l.-��rs ot tiei-l unities, Saddles. Illiiakels. Hells,
Whips, Itnislius, Combs,
Prices sul isfactory.
(-.ill nml -re.
Cor. Wnril and linker
London, .Inn. a.���An Investigation
made at Osborno, the Isla of WiRht,
where i,i,i. . n Victoria is at present,
shows there is no foundation whatever
for the story in regard to an aliened
private messenger sent by Emperor
William to Her Majesty.
The attitude ol the whole German
press shows thai, but it would be foolish to go hi protest meeting at. this
stage '
Tin- < ..I.; a.- Gazette says :
"It In i. :-n nubia that an English
onus, r dated to seise tbe Bundesrath,
inn German sober opinion disavows
pun lv igltatot; measures, "
A faot interesting to note is that
Chaplin Pry, of the English Chnreh in
Berlin, British Ambassador Mr
biink i' Lasi 'ii.- and a committee,
now .'till fm inbsi notions for tbe sink
and wininib'il in Booth Africa.
Th.- correspondent of the  Associated
Interviewed   llerr    Hnrlh.   the
Inniga leadei.    who   snul i
II,.   Bundesrath incident will cause
the Heel    liill   |,, pass with a rush.    It
will break the Centrist opposition. No
party, nol even the Socialists, would
risk going  before the oonntry now iu
HI, 11  to tho  Heel   bill,  lis it  would
I,.   Rwept away.'
i...ii.ion, ,ian. >, Cardinal V'augbun
bus mi Red tin iIntholio bishop* of
Euglani in koep January 11 as a day
of speolal prayoi foi   tlioac engaged in
the war.
Insian..    i i ��� ivate   benevolence  In
oehait of ii,.   ni,in ,    are beard avi rj
where   In om .i the most fashionable
11, ,i> os in Gn - mi b'.|itarc. occupied
by the Mi    "   K, \ " i. the whole ground
thiol-has i n fitted np as u  hospital.
ii will accommodate Is wounded men,
Tbo i Hike nt Norfolk has arranged to
receive a nnmbi i el invalid" at   Aran
del OastlS and among others, who bave
given up their OOUOttJ tesidetices for
tbe use of the wounded, is
l.ndy l.eider. I'rincesK (Ibrlsllairs elab-
borate hospital train built at a cost   of
Canadian monev, metallic maple
leaves, etc., receiving in return otgar-
ettes, English money, OOtps badges and
a thousand other mementoes dear to
the soldier hear!.
Oolo&e] Otter allowed all hands to
stretch their lco,s on the dock for a few
hours. We expect to be sent to the
front almost Immediately, thnt, i��
within three days. Meanwhile we
will camp at Green Point Common,
shout I mile  from the   town.    IbJogl
will be gone throngb with a rash and
the men tirif Hiin|ily wild   with excite-
ment at the prospect of an early on-
oonnter with the Boon, I hear thai
nil officers am dtsoardlng swords and
narrylng  rifles,  because Boers are In
the habit of lookiiiK up the ollicers
with 1-1.I--I-, and then "potting'1 ihi-m.
The idea of leaving off all distinctive
marks is laudable, oertainly Many of
the officers now eueiimpi'd or garrisoned at the town wen- kui-mm at the
.niters' men this e'ening,    Tbe ciii-
/.ens oi Capetown expected us last r'ri
dny and hud all   Adelaide   Street (the
main street) decorated with arches,
��� nunnr. reviewing stands, etc.. right
up from the docks. Hn (treat was the
expectation that the standi were
crowded (or hours with people on |.'ii
dny, but as we failed to appear for so
long, tlm stands were taken down yes-
i. idity.    The   harbor   presents a   busy
"om,, win, its nnmerooi troopships.
Identified by tbe largo noinben painted on the bows It was while anchored
for a few hours near (lie of these troop
ships that w�� received our first news of
the   state   of   thlngi.     Men   ill   bonis
threw ni papers, and our coarse lo tbe
docks from ihn outer bay wns ohm of
triumphal entry   Man] of the visiting
officers, expressed gHttl admiration for
tin- splendid physlipii- of om men.
Glasgow, Jan. 5.���Arrived, Grecian.
Portland J Concordia, Bt, John; SStute
of Nebraska, New Yotk,
New   York,    Jan,   ."o��� Arrived, Lu-
(���iiiiiii, Liverpool.
tjiieeuHtiiwii, .inn. 5.���Arrived, Campania, New York.
IllHlll'l' vinir life
agent Ontario Mutual
Life Assurance Co.
Inaure youi house, house furniture
uiil  pianos   with   J.    K.    Amiable,
ageni Victoria-Montreal and Equity
Plre Insurance companies.
iii tho matter of lho*'CoiiipafitM Winding Op
Act. 18U8," and In too matter of tho "Noltoi
Poorman Gold Mining Company, LUnUooV1 '��
NoUOQ ih horoby given that at an extraordinary Minora] mooting of the Nelson Poormn
Gold MinfnK Company, Lamttod, htld Norera*
nor 17th, 1W-9, duly convened, a npieml reMilu-
tion requiring the Raid oompanj to be wound
up wan duly parsed; whioh reaolution al n nub
kjobnenl oxtraordinory general mooting o( the
until company, also dub convened, and held on
lkeembcr Mil, I8D0, wai duly eontlnn- d.
Ai Mich l.i : mentioned uu-uLiiiK the nppol- I
nienlMof William Murray Hniaford of the t'itj
of vanoonvor Provinoe of Hrit'nh i oiuini.i..,
im liquidator and Chariot* (!. llunnelt, of thu
Haiiic place ai inspector, for the purposes of th-
Winding <U> wen- continued.
Notice is also given [nunoaiit io "CompunlrK
WiudiiiK >'l> Act. 1HH8" lOOtion IU), that the
creditors of ami othors having chums upon the
said com puny, arc required on or befon*tho 1"' I
day of January, A. I)., 1000, to wmii their imimv
and addresses, lhe parliculais of helrdohiH or
clatm*and the nature of theseooHtiOM, if an>i
held hy (hem to William Murray ItuUfoul.
Merchant*' H>��> k of Halifax, Vanoouvi r, B..
i In- liquidator of thu tmhi company.
Noliciis further Khun that after Mich htft
mentioned date the ������ -at liquidator whi prooecd
lodUtributo iho Bfe*eta of the idld oomp>n)
amouK tho parlies entitled therein, haviinr r<
Kard only lo tho claims of which he shall 1 hr>
In, ve i OUOOj
Dated ut Vnne.mn er. I��. C, 1'ce. tiih, itM.
Maekinnou BUildlDR, UninviUu Mleit. Van
rouver, M. C.
Sollchor for the hiihl l,n|iiiilaio .
Slmreholdors In llm M-ild  c-tupany   are ic
quebted to forthwith forward   their shut i
tltlcutoH to tho Mild llqnldatoi intn-ilenhit ih
distrihution aOOUrlOg thereon may ho speedilj
Ail i. tii- oiii,-nt-. Insortod a n. i or th in iii'ini nt,
llli' nil ' nf line c.'tll il iviiol  por   ill*-!-!-, inn.    No
ililvi-rtl-i'lln-lit t nil on fur li'-,- I lulu i.'.'i i i-i,N.
WAN'i'Kll.���A Iioiikii InrniKlied or   iin-
(arnlshed, with bath room Kent
moderate,    Apply   R,   c    Campbell-
iv a > I i-.i i. ��� iiooniH anil    board nt pri
vale family, in (wort neishburhood,
by lady ami two children ami nnrie,
Address, '������ li B., Postofllce Box BOB,
WANTi:il     Dllloe boy or .junior el -rk.
Reply stating  aae,   oxperinnce,  etc,
In Box No. BOB, Ni'l-on.
UK    BAKBER,  llentist   l,;i     opened
an oiiiee with l)r.   Morrison,   urown
ami htitlge work a specialty.
Nelson Employment Agencv
Cook,     I Itrls for IbniKeworl,
Two Nnrie (liriB.
OONTRAOTJ   'I'AKIA'    I'dii    IiiaMiiMi
CORK liltlbl.lNti.
J. H. LOVE, Agt      Baker V
NOTICE ik hereby given tbst sn application will be made to tin. Legjala-
iini Assembly of the Provlnoe ol Hrii
ixh Colorable al its next sesslon,tnr sn
Aot to Incorporate n Company with
power to oouetrnot, eqnlp,  mslntaln,
mid operate telephone anil lcloyriifili
linos within and thrniiKlioiit tbe 1'iov
line of British <b.limiIiiii. and In   eon
h riiet, eKct.and maintain lonli ami so
iin'iiv poles and otber works and de
v lore aa the Company deem necesenry
for   in.il-in.'-.   OOmplsting,   supporttnit.
nsins, woralrur, operatinfj ami main.
tnlnlnsj tbe system ol nomnnuloattan
bv telephone ami  talegraph,  ami  to
OpM or break up any p.,it    ut parts   ol
ti e said iiiubwayH or itteeta i�� ofter
ss tbe said Company, its sRouts, olll
rers or workmen think propor, end foi
flic purposes of the uiidertaklli�� lo pur
ohase, BCqnlre, or lease, nnd bold nml
sell and ilispoui'of lands, bnllnlnRS   "I
tenements within the liniiis aforesaid.
nnd 10 pnrcliasti or lease, for any   Prui
uf years, any telephone or talearoph
line established, or to be established, iu I��� i itiMii Ootombla, ounnented, 01
to be oonneoted with the line whtoh
thn Company mny oonstmnt, ami to
nmalfltamate with 01 lease iis linn or
liiKH, or any pftTtlon or DOrtlOIIS (lien
of, to nny etimpany possessinn, as proprietor, 111 v line of telephones or tele
graph I'onitniinieiition eonlienliny. oi
In In- coiinei'leil, wilb the said t'oui-
pany's line or lines, and to borrow
money for the purposes of the Com
pnnv, nml tn pledge or morttfaRS sn]
ol the I'oiiiiiniiv's iissiiih for Hint par-
pose, ami to receive bonnsea or prtvll
cues front any pctsoti or body corpor
ale, nnd wiih all nlhei iiritial.niiceaaar,
or Inoldenial right*, powen or ptlelf-
srbi as innv be necessary or Inoirientnl
to the attainment ol tbe sbtrre obji-ci��
or any ot tin in.
Hated Ibis   Uitb   dnv   of   lleecinber
I Will. .I.   It.   BROWN,
Bolloitor for tin! Apploiants,
^�������� ��������)������>����������������������������������������������
HONE �� ����V V};    i
bus taken place the business will bo cuniliteteil under the saine management, and our many customers will be pleased to know Iimi they will
be met and dealt with with tbe siunc coiuli-xy   as has bitbertoprevailed.
The class of iroods which lias been handled bv  nud built up such h
eputatioti for thi-llrtn of M. DE8 BRI-'AT & OO. will continually b,,
kep i,s   ck, and ns our customers will  i ot Ie tiskul to deal with
straiieersllic ret iitiition ol flic old lirin will bo lnaiiilaiiieil through  ill
t online cc the year aright by dealing with the old reliable
Wishing you all a veiy llaupy New Year, you will know us us
The Western Mercantile Co., Ltd.
to M. i"
sA\   i\   I. n.
SMOIvll   ��� UOYAL SE vL"   CKiAl^s
#      " tkKII ST.
MiL��n\ i: <
Merchants' Bank of Halifax.
Incornnrntpd 1X60.
tjiitai     tluu i/t'ti   -   ���
Capital L'aid I p, ��1,500,000,
Head Office:  Halifax, Nova
deserve, S81^5o,ooo.
Qeneial Banking Business    ran.saclcd; Sterling Bills of Exchange   Bought
and Sold, Letters of  Credit, Etc., Negotiated.
Accounts received on the must favorable Ienus.    Interest allowed  on  special
deposits and on Saving Hunk acoouuts.
r\tlln, Bennett, Grand Forks, Nanaimo, Nelson, Rossland, Vancouver, Vancouver East End, Victoria, Ymir.
Geo. Kydd, Manager, Nelson, B.C.
West Kootenay Butcher Co.
Fresh   and   Salted   Meats
Fish and Poultry in Season
Orders by mail receive
C.   TRAVES,   Manager.
Baker Street, Nelson.
areful and prompt a'tention.
Can't do better than by tiill.
&   WILSO^'
about their daily wants
is lhe quality, price am
ntage �� e Inn e over
qunntity  ol  Block.    We  can
with Crockery, GUiaware, etc., at Rock Botto.n prices.
Mlningand mail orders carefully attended to.
comp n1'   .
supply   }'��� i
P. O. Box K nnd W.
Telephone io
Baker Street
We are nhowinc' ;t
First-Class l.im- of
oooKinfl stoves & Rai��
Which we are
offer! ng^at
iMPOBTaRa oir
Shelf & Heavy Hardwire,
Etc., Etc., Etc.


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