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Nelson Daily Miner Oct 13, 1900

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 . j
Daily Edition No. 855
Nelson,   British Columbia, Saturday Evening,  October 13,  1900.
Eleventh Year
Further Confirmation of Discovery Made by
the Twelve Year Old Boy at
Crawford Bay.
Evidence  Is accumulating that The I having ca
Miner's sea serpent is the   real  thing  *
the  cold   waters   of J
ing nature I
in three different parts
the   next time
received a letter to
had   mado a meal ot  a string of   fish
ten miles from Nelson-      f   l1"'   exact
ight several fish,I tied them
and left them In the water.
Hearing a commotion,! looked around
and exists   In     tlie   com   ��_,��   "������ j just in time to   see a large scalv body
tenay Luke.   It is of a peregrin at-1 emerge from the   water, open its jaws
for it has now been located I and seize my fish,disappearing almost
of   the   lake,   immediately   I was pretty well seared
.        and fished no more that day.   1 should
lirst in Crawford   liny, the   next time , jm)gl, t|l;U U|(,   ,.epli]L. was'  ahout lif-
ting the marble quarry opposite  teen feet In length
and  this morning  The  Miner| "C. D. ROBERTSON."
the   effect that it      The second letter reads:
Editor Miner:
Sir, ���When the lirst report ap-
j penred in your paper regarding the
dates on whloh it wns seen in these ,iis(,ovlM.v 0( a Ma _,.peiit in Kootenay
different localities could be ascertain- Lake 1 scoffed at the idea and made
.,1 Its movements mig.it be tiaeed and i up my mind that you manufactured
... if .l.n n.,._ ��,ii I the story to fill up with. I now apol-
ti,,, in. ni made i- e-      t tlie unco wn- i
tin pi.i in .maul Uigize   to   vou   for   harboring   such   a
ticssessaw   the   same   reptile,    ineir  thought as   1   have   seen the creature
descriptions  tally  and   all agree that myself.    My  observations  maybe  of
the mysterious  creature Is from 12 to  great  value   inasmuch   as they   goto
,-, f���,; ,������,.  that it has front  legs or sh��w that ,1,u' V1'1' .  is "ls" P'-rff t'>'
at home on land   and   can move about
with surprising   agility.
"Last evening I dined with a few
friends and the dinner was a most
comfortable affair. It was some time
after midnight when I was on my
way home and I stopped in the middle of the road on Stanley Street to
wait   while   a   procession   nf    houses
Aa .... I passed so   1   could step Into my own.
ni. ,iii  ,.        ���  ,,     ,,    , A,
the   telephone posts begun to
in a pcculiai   manlier   and   I
it, with   the   intention   of
holding  it up.    It   seemed   to  guess
my   intention   and   it   proved to he a
frolicsome post   for   it,   dodged   about
and   made   many   playful   efforts   to
keep   out   of   my   rcaah.    However   1
managed to grab it   as it was dodging
to my right and on   looking up. to see
if it was steady at the top 1 noticed a
reptile thai   looked   exactly   like   the
one  described   in your   paper  gazing
down on me from Ihe cross pieces.   Of
eoiir.se 1 hastily quit   Mie   post and set
oil' for borne but the creature   was re-
nml men so far as Kaslo and   milrknbly lively   for I  had gone but a
few feet when   I noticed   that it   was
is ni'iir its head and Is of   a decidedly unprepossessing appearance.   Thus
is the linnl essential to Nelson's claim
of Doing :i summer resort established.
It   has  tin- scenery, it has the water,
tlie climate, the situation and  everything, hut not until   this   week did i-
linve :i sea serpent of   its own.
advertising   medium a sen serpent has   w0_b_,   ii
always proved a great success, but the made   for
supply has never reached the demand,
nml Nelson's   possession   is  therefore
must valuable.
The  appearance of  the serpent nnd
appointment   of   n new   hoard of
l'u, use commissioners for   ihe dislriet.
are merely coincident   ns to time, bul
have im connection,   However that as-
pect  nf   the   ease   is cleared   up by a
nld   hoy   being   the   lirst
In see it
Nelson being the m-Nt two.
The Miner received two letters regarding the strange creature this
iimiiiiiig. The lirst published certainly strengthens the ease, but the
second dues not add any new
The letters are as follows:
"Editor Miner:
���sir.���Seeing  your   reports
appearance of a strange aniin
in front, of   me .also   going   my direction.     I    was   pretty badly seared but
as it was making no effort to attack
me 1 continued on my way. 1 crossed
from one side of the sidewalk to the
other a great deal just to give the serpent tho idea that 1 was strolling
I along quite unconscious of its pres-
lence. As it nenied my bouse it went
of the through the fence and ns I gazed at
1 or sea the steps there the creature was sit-
Befpeul in different parts of the lake. ting. This was too much for me and
I am encouraged to tell What I have I sat on the sidewalk, closed my eyes
myself seen of the monster. I besltat- | and tried to think. I must have failed' to speak of it at lirst, thinking en asle _ for it was several hours lat-
Hint 1 had surely been under an hal- er when I opened my eyes. I was re-
luoinatlon. 1 was lishing about ten Moved to find the steps clear and the
miles np the west arm of the lake sea serpent gone
from Nelson some   few days ago, and,
ish dead on the battlefield. Early in
the cumpaign Commandant General
Joubert appealed to Mr. Kruger to
stop the Hoers looting,lint he received
no reply. Later on be wired from
Colenso advising the President to sue
for peace. Mr. Kruger replied: 'Have
you lost all faith in Cod.' On another
occasion when the Hoers were suffering severe reverses Mr. Kiuger wired
to all the generals that ten thousand
men wore coming to their assistance
from the Cape. "
St.    Louis,    Mo..   Oct.    18.���W.    V.
Powell, who for seven years has been
grand president of the Order of Rail
way Telegraphers, was expelled from
the organization yesterday by a large
majority of votes of delegates present.
The trial was strictly executive. The
charge against Mr. Powell was conduct unbecoming a member and ofll-
cer of the order. The charges were
originally preferred by Secretary Per-
ham. At the same time counter
charges wore preferred hy Powell
against l'erliam. Tho l'erham investigation is still pending.
London Times Correspondent
Gives Some Inside Chinese History.
���l)B. SPECIAL.
Regular Weekly Letter With a
Lot of Election Aftermath,
London, Oct. 18.���The new House of
Commons is practically elected, and
the Conservatives lire returned to
power with a majority that portends
tlml they will remain In olliee another   six   years.   Justification of  the
South African war, the   only   serious
iisuc in the campaign, has bcun accomplished in less than two weeks
nml the election machinery so suddenly put iii actlion is already relapsing Into  the  quiesenoe of  ordinary
li B.    of   contests   that   mark   this
week's polling two attracted particular attention. That which resulted
In tho defeat of Rt. Hon, Horace Cur-
z"u I'hinkctt, who ran for the south
division of Dublin County in the Conservative Interest, and that in which
"''��� Gavin Iliown Clarke, tho. radical
candidate for Caithness, was beaten,
''he Conservative journals of England
deplore tho opposition within their
own party which resulted in Mr.
Plunkett's downfall, regarding It as a
Bci-louB omen for the future stability
ot Unionists in Ireland, significant of
'<��� M-1-ioiis lack ,,f toleration on their
pari whloh bids fair to perpetuate re-
bad as much if not more to do with it
than the causes which appeared in the
papers. Mr. I'lunkett has long maintained a great personal friendship for
one. of the most charming of Dublin
women. What caused umbrage at
this friendship was the fact that she
was nn anient Catholic and home ruler
and through her iniluenee Mr. Plunkett's Unionist opponents belived he
came under the direct iniluenee of
Catholic priests. So nil Ihe forces of
Protestant ism were put to work, with
the result that a nationalist won   the
seat so long held by Mr. I'lunkett.anil
defeated one or the most Important
officials in Ireland,   Mr. I'lunkett was
a commissioner of the Contested Districts Hoard of Ireland,and a commissioner of ihe Colonization Board of
Scotland anil Ireland,   lie founded and
was chairman of   tin- Itelss oommlttee
and of the Irish Agricutlural organizations society. The same strung feeling manifested against Mr. I'lunkett
exists under the surface against Mr
Gerald Balfour. If be shall be re
appointed Chief Secretary fur Ireland, it will be against the wishes of
some of the richest and most powerful Unionists in Ireland,
London. Oct. 1:1.���The Times publishes today Dr. Morrison's mail accounts of events that led up to the
siege of Pekin. lle says that the
Hoxers only became Important after
the German occupation of Kiao Chow.
The Chinese were ascribing the disastrous drought and famine with other
troubles to the judgment of Heaven
for the usurpation of tlie Empress
Dowager. She seized upon the "Boxer" movement, according to Dr. Morrison, as a means of diverting popular wrath from herself to the foreigners, and appointed Yu llcieu,
founder of the Boxer set, to be Governor of Shan Tung in March, 1809.
Thus, uniler Imperial protection, the
Hoxers preached the doctrine that it
was the foreigners and not the Empress Dowager who had aroused the
wrath of the gods.
"As if in answer to the Hoxers.
came the anti-forlgn outrages." continues the correspondent, "culminating in the destruction of the railway
station at Feng Tai. The long
waited rains came on May 88th, and
were regarded as a sign as the direct sanction of higher powers to the
work of the Hoxers.
"Three days Inter extra foreign
guards for the legations arrived. The
Hoxers became increasingly audacloUB,
and things went from bad to worse
until the legations were ordered to
quit Pekln and Huron Von Kettcler
wiis killed. There is not the shadow
of doubt that his murder was deliberately planned hy the authorities and
executed by an ollicer resplendent in
tho form of   the imperial troops."
Dr. Morrison highly praises the
fearless courage of Dr. Anent, the
American Missionary, who, when Mr.
Conger was obliged to decline the i3-
queBt for an escort for the Tung Chow
missionaries, undertook the journey
alone. It was an net of courage and
devotion, In- says, thai eemed to us
who know the country.a di fd of hero
ism. On the arrival of the Tung Ohou
missionaries at Pekin they held a conference and sent an appeal by cable In
President MoKlnley on .lime 8th over
the head of   Mr, Conger.
"It would be interesting tn know,"
says Dr. Morrison, "whethor this over
reached Washington. "
Polling Day In Yale-Kootenay-
Gariboo May be November 21.
The following telegram was received from Mr. D. .1. McDonald late this
"Kamloops, B. C, Oot. 13,
"Miner, Nelson,  H. C. :
"Seventh November does not necessarily apply. 1). .1. M'Donald. "
The Minor tried last night and today to reach by wire Mr. D. J. Macdonahl, returning ollicer for the Yale
Cariboo district, to learn from him, if
possible, the probable date of tho
election in this riding, but has received word that Mr. Maodonald is
not in Kamloops and cannot be reach-
���d   by telegraph.
There seems to be little doubt, bow-
over, that the electors of the Yale-
Cariboo district will have to wait for
several days after November 7, before
they will cast their ballots. Nominations cannot bo made until October 111,
nomination day, and the ballots cannot be printed, therefore, until after
that date. This will leave but five or
six days to reach tlie furthermost
points in the district. Under ordinary eircu.nstaiioeS a man would take an
oven chance of reaching any place
whore votes will be received in the
district in six days, but a returning
ollicer cannot take chances and must
therefore lix a date which will leave
plenty of time to arrange lor everything. That the date to be fixed will
be within two weeks of November 7.
there is little doubt, as the returning
ollicer is obliged by law to lix the date
ns early as possible after the polling
d_y- throughout the Dominion.
Those Liberals who believe the
Laurier Government will bo returned
are more than pleased with the prospect of a later polling day. They say
that with Liberal victory throughout
the Dominion the Yale-Cariboo district would then go strongly Liberal
and Mr. Gallihcr would be elected
with a handsome majority. Some
Conservatives are inclined to agree
with the Liberals in this respect, but
they use the same argument in discussing their prospects. They do not
admit that the Laurier Government
will be returned, but on tho other
hand are confident that the Conservatives will bo victorious. In any event
they are sure of the election 04 Mr.
MaeNeill, but say that with Conservative victory elsewhere Mr. MacNcill
will have a very largo majority, much
larger tball he otherwise would have.
Conservatives are just as pleased,
therefore, with the later polling day,
as are tho Liberals.
2 London, Oct. I.I.���The Pretoria correspondent of The Daily Mail sent the
following interesting despatch!
"From an English telegraphist who
was in control of things for the
Transvaal. I   learn tha.    there   was a
systematlo ��� tampering with all telegrams during the war in order to
misrepresent operations In favor of
dgioiiB and political  strife to tlie del
ri "'"i Ireland's business prosperl- j the Boers.   He  says that Mr. Kruger
ty.    While   the    opposition   to    Mr. | was  constantly  wiring   to  the   oora-
Plunketl was  nominally based on his mandeis Inquiries as to how many of
giving avowed   home   rulers   govern-   the Hritish had   been killed   and that
""��1 positions, a reporter of   the As- | General Criinje. after  the light at Ma-
soolated Press learns that a most bit-1gersfonteln,  wired  Mr. Krugei   that
ler umler current of  personal  feeling he hud  counted  many thousand Brit-
London, Oct. 13.���The lion. F, II.
I,am bum. the successful Unionist candidate in the southwest division of
Uiirliam, who ousted Mr. .1. Kichard
son, Liberals, the sitting member, is
a brother of Capt. Lambton, of the
Hritish cruiser Powerful, the hero of
the relief of Ladysiiiith. Perhaps the
most striking of the Unionist suecess-
os yesterday was in the Walthiiinston
division   of    Essex   where   Mr.   1). J.
Morgan. Conservative, converted n
minority of 800 Into a Conseratlvve
majority of  8.408 ousting Mr. Samuel
\\ is, Liberal, a labor representative
who   worked   in   the   mines    in   his
Ottawa, Oct. 1.1.���Supremo court adjourned yesterday until October 98.
Candidate A. II. MaeNeill and VI.
A. Maodonald, Q.1C. held some good
meetings In   the   Boundary  Country
this week and   both   report encouraging prospects.
"I'll bet you a suit of clothes,"
said Charlie Ink to a fellow newspaper
man yesterday, "that the Lauricr
Government will be returned."
The other scribe   agreed lo take the
bet   if   Ink   would     take   this    one:
���That   W, .1. Bryan will   have a bigger Vote in the   electoral   college this
year than he   had four years ago, Ink
betting that he wouldn't."
The two bets were made and both
principals in the transaction are
figuring on buying no clothes until
next spring at least.
the cussing post for some community.
Mr, Gallihcr is a pleasant gentleman
to meet, and his campaign handshake
has ii tremor of sincerity, while his
Conversation is almost absolutely devoid of polities. That is where he
makes a hit and displays his shrewdness as a politician. Lucky is the
man who knows what to say and what
not to say when he becomes a candidate for olliee. In that position he
has more critics than a minister's
wife, and it behooves him to exercise
caution at all times.
Capetown, Oct. 13.���The South African league yesterdaypassed a resolution in favor of a preferential tariff
on Hritish manufacturers and adopted
a reslutlon adverse to the Dutch language being abandoned which was a
suggestion of Mr. Cecil"!!bodes.
London, Oct. 13,���The Berlin correspondent of The Daily Telegraph
says: "I learn that the condition of
Empress Frederick is precarious. Emperor William has cancelled all his
engagements for the present."
Their Inhumane Treatment of
Chinese Coolies Much
Talked of.
There will be a Liberal rally in the
Galllher committee rooms tonight,ihe
mcotlng to be addressed by Caniidi-
date Gallihcr and other prominent
members of tbe party.   It will be the
first Liberal rally of   the campaign in
The following from the Crnnbrook
Herald will be of interest to Mr. Gul-
lihor's friends in Nelson:
W. A. Gullibor, of Nelson, the Liberal candidate for this district, paid a
visit to Cranbrook this week, and naturally dropped into The Herald olliee
for a chat. Mr, Galllher Is a lawyer,
and, at one time while liivng iu Leth-
bridge, dallied a little witli the editorial quill, lint fortunately for bhn
he recovered from the errors of his
younger days, and devoted his time to
the law. As a result, he enjoys a lino
practice nnd has reached that stage in
the political field that his party has
called upon him to be the standard
bearer in this district. If he had
tin mil his attention exclusively to
newspaper work, he might today be
bustling for u living nudolliciatiiig as
(Correspondence of Associated Press.)
Tung Chow, August 30.���It is 80
miles by river fiom Tien Tsin to this
place, and now, two weeks after the
Allied forces marched there, the signs
of war and devastation are more apparent than they were at first. Ports
have been stationed at intervals of
two miles,andthe troops have completed the work of desolation aud ruin.
Tin- villages that were only partially
burned are now utterly destroyed, as
they were found to be building places
for snipers who attacked single travellers and occasional small parties.
The English and American troops are
supplied with chickens nnd eggs by
the Chinese who sell the former at a
dollar a dozen and eggs for one dollar
a hundred. The Chinese avoid Hessian camps as the Russians are even
now killing them in the most brutal
and cold-blooded manner. Irrespective
of age or sex. There is hardly a man
iu the Chinese releif expedition who
has not a story to tell of Russian barbarism, of which ho has been an eye
witness. Some of the stories are so
excruciatingly revolting that it is
difficult to believe them. At this
place, which is the river port for IV
kin, coolies who bad been towing
Russian boats lay down to rest at the
completion of their trip. They were
seized by four Russian soldiers,
thrown into the water and while
swimming were shot to death. The
Japanese food and treat their coolies
well, but do not pay them. English
and Americans pay their laborers :in
cents a day, Mexican, and furnish rations of rice, vegetables being obtained free along the river banks.
No complaints have been heard of the
German treatment of their coolies, but
the   French  beat theirs unmercifully
and kick them on the slightest provocation. China is today paying dearly
for her sins and her folly. Dugs and
hogs along the river bank are living
oil' human flesh. Bodies are not
buried ami the animals are the BOSV*
New- York, Oct. 13,���Commissioner
.lames E. Trimble, appointed by tin-
Supreme Court of New Jersey al the
requost of the Italian Government to
Investigate the acts of anarchists in
Paterson and other places in the state
where anarchist groups exist, began
an enquiry in West Hoboken yesterday forenoon. At the conclusion of
the Investigation in Paterson, Mr.
Trimble said that nothing had been
learned to show that Ihe plot to kill
King Humbert bad been laid in Pater-
son.   The enquiry in   that city came
to a bead by the refusal of Ihe local
managers of ihe Western Union and
Postal Telegraph Company to produce
messages received, sent by ana.'chlsta
there. A number of witnesses who
reside in West Hoboken hud been
summoned to appear before the commission, BresSl, the slayer nf King
Humbert,     was   a    resident    of    West
Hoboken and his wife siiii lives there
with their children. It is understood
that Mrs. lliessi will be among the
witnesses called upon lo testify.
What an Assayer Says of the Metal Uranium as It is Found in the
Venus Mine.
Since the publication in The Miner
of the find of uranium in the Venus
mine ore,mining- men throughout this
distriot have had a very fruitful topic
of dlBCUS&io . The pessimistic mining
man has been sure that the cost nf
saving the precious metal would
amount to more than its value and
has refused to look at the matter in
the same light as his more optimistic
brother who is inclined to believe tbe
best of everything until shown to be
mistaken, l-'or the benefit of all w-ho
are interested in the find, The Miner
lliis secured from Mr. A. L. Mclvillop,
assayer, a statement in regard to the
metal itself and as it exists in tho Venus ore.    Mr. Mclvillop Bays!
"Uranium belongs to the chromium
group of elements which includes also
molybdenum and tungster. It is a
white metal, resembling iron or
nickle, malleable, nearly as bard ns
steel, and is capable of a high polish.
It has a specific gravity of is.7. It is
not a very ubundant element and not
having superior metallic qualities it
has not found its way into the arts as
.-i competitor to the cheaper metals.
It is not found as a natural metal.
The chief ore has hitherto been pitchblende which consists mostly of an
impure uranic oxide. There arc various methods nf obtaining uranium
from this ore. Uranic oxide yields,
by the action of acids, uranyi suits.
which are highly sensitive to light
and are used for photographic purposes. The most Important compound
of titanium from a practical point of
view, is uranium yellow, a sodium
di-ui-itnatc, whieh is extensively used
in painting ami enamelling glass ami
piirclniu ami  for preparing uranium
glass. The mineral as found ill the
Venus mine appears to be in n transition state, and possibly contains several of the compounds of uranium.
The specific gravity of the oxide vn
lies between five ami eight, anil some
of the uranium compounds are even
"'From several panning tests made on
the oro the greater portion of the so
culled uranium sand remained behind.
It is evident that vannors will concentrate this into a fuirly pure product
as thcte are few base impurities in
tho Venus rock. Cranium salts are
very roatlilv separated from iron compounds and the process is not costly.
The world's production does not
mount high up into the thousands,
Colorado is credited with IT tons of
ore in 'lis, valued at ��."i3u iter ton.
The oxide Uncinates 8'.'._r. and Sinn
per pound, while pure uranium is
worth about tJl'.iu per kg. (about 2l,
In addition to the above fiom Mr.
Mclvillop, The Miner has scoured
from Dr. W. O. Rose something in regard to the discovery of uranium, etc.
Dr. Hose is recognized as an eminent
Canadian chemist, having taken first
place ill chemistry in a class of 119 at
MoGlll College iu ''.ni.    Dr.  Rose says:
"Cranium was discovered by a German chemist, Klapi-oth in 1780. It is
related to the other rare metals, chromium.iiiiilybduifiuti and tungsten. It
is not found in abundance but is
widely distributed ill nature, but usually in too small quantities to make
its working profitable. It occurs in
pitchblende which is an oxide of uranium, also iu uranlte ami euxentte,
H is usually found associated with
copper, bismuth, moltutn ami tantalum. The metal Is prepared by the
action of metallic sodium on uranum
chloride and potassium chloride SB a
DUX, This is heated to a great heat
in a porcelain crucibleeoiilaincdV ilh
in a plumbago crucible. The metal if
so prepared is nearly as hard as steel,
of n bluish white color and is half as
heavy   again   as    lead.       It   dissolves
readily iii weak adds forming salts,
all of which are yellow or brown and
very heavy. The sodium salt known
as uranium yellow is used in painting
on porcelain and for coloring glass.
making it highly fluorescent. Some of
the salts are also used ill preparing
the mantles for Auer lights. The ni
Irate nf uranium is used in medicine
ill the treatment of diabetes."
Ainsworth, the oldest mining camp
in Hritish Columbia.is well represented at the   industrial   exposition, says
iiu- Spokesman-Review,   The  display
shows up properly the characteristics
nf the district.     It   docs   not.   give an
exaggerated Idea of tin- Kootenai
Lake camp, but affords an opportunl
ty of judging just what sort of region
Ainsworth is. The exhibit carried ofT
the SSOOnd prize for silver-lead ores,
coming next lo the Slocan, which if
haul tn beat, It got tile flrsl prize foi
im- ores und lite first for technical display; all of   which is a feather In the
cup of I). F. Strobeck, who has charge
nf the exhibit.
Ainsworth camp has a romantic history, which Mr. Strobeck tells well,
lle said yesterday: "Tbe first mine
discovered in Hritish Columbia was
located at Ainsworth. It was found
in ls:.'T by Hudson Hay Company packers passing up the lake. It was a lead
mine, and for a good many years tho
men ,if the company of adventurers
used the product of the mine for
making bullets for their old rifles.
The Indians also used it for tbe same
purpose. Later a large part of tho
produce was sent to the old country.
There was no Canadian Pacific Kail-
way then, and the ore had to be shipped down to San Francisco by land
and from thence it was sent on a
journey of many thousand miles
around Cape Horn to the old country,
where it was used for making bullets.
"The property was first located as a
mineral claim under the laws of Hritish Columbia in lss:.'. When the Hudson Hay men found it Hritish Columbia was a crown colony and was ruled
through Downing Street. When tho
Blue Hell was recorded the colony had
become a Province and was a part of
tbe Canadian Confederation. The
original owner of the claim was a
man named Sproule. In ISS4 he left
the niino for a few weeks to procure
some supplies. lu his absence the
claim was jumped. When Sproule returned matters became warm between
him and the jumper. Revolvers were
drawn, and Sproule shot and killed
the jumper. The murderer was tried,
found guilty and hanged. The property wns forfeited to the crown. It
was taken up and got into the hands
of Dr. Ilendryx, who worked it largely aud put up the smelter at Pilot Hay
to treat its ores. Ilendryx was one of
the first men to locate in Ainsworth
camp, lie went there is lust. It was
called llol Springs camp then from
the hot springs which exist there.
For some time the claim was worked,
and considerable quantities of ore
were treated at the smelter. Then tho
mine and smelter were shut down and
Dr. Ilendeyx turned his attention to
the Slocan, where he is heavily interested in the Last Chance mine.
"In this exhibit there are 41 properties represented. Ainsworth camp
was the first one In Hritish Columbia
to have a concentrating plant erected,
and that was on the No. 1 mine, some
me from which is on view here. The
plant was put up in 1898. The camp
today has four concentrators out of 10
which are in West Kootenay. The Nu.
1 has the largest amount of development done upon it of any mine In the
camp. Over L'.nili) feet of work has
been   done   upon   it.    It Is owned   by
tho  Britannia  Mining  Company,  of
which the chief owners live in Nova
'The Highland is the next Important property It has 1,80(1 feet of
work done upon il. This Is the prop-
city which   has been sojnueh   spoken
about lately,
Sixteen hundred feet of   work has
1 n   done   on   the   Highlander,    the
property with which Maxwell Stevenson and   his   Philadelphia friends are
OOH ted.    A   long   tunnel    is   being
driven to tap the vein. It is in 1,800
"The Little Phil and the Hlaek Diamond are well-known claims. They
havo 1,800 feet of work done upon
them. The King Solomon Mining
Company has done nearly the same
amount of development upon Its
"The first mine to ship ore froni
Hritish Columbia to a I'nited States
smelter was the Kroa mine, ot Ainsworth, which is owned by A. I).
Wheeler, who is iu charge of the
Whitewater mine, on the bonier of
Slocan aud Ainsworth. That ore was
taken nut and packed down the mountain side to Kootenay Lake bv Si-
washes. There ^it was placed on a
raft built by Ihe Indians and towed
hy row-boat to Bonner's Ferry, from
where it wiis freighted to Kootenai
itatlon, on   the   Northern I'aeilie und
i    i '
Coullnued un Kgurth Page,
H '
Nelson  Dailv  Miner,   Satuhdav  Evening,  October 15- i(5����'
The Nelson Miner
Published Every  Afternoon   Kxoept Sunday
���uv TIIK���
Limited Liability.
Hi Fleet Street, K. C.
Central Press As'enrr, Ltd., Speolal Agents
Dally, per month, by carrier     B5c
Daily, i��-r month, hy mall     50o
Dally, por year, by carrier �� i OU
Dully, per year, by mull    5 on
Daily, per year, foreign    II 00
Weekly, per half year  $1 25
Weekly, per year    2 00
Weekly, per year, foreign    3 00
Subscriptions invariably In advance.
All Chocki should Do made payablo to the
oniur  of   Nki.son    Publishing    Company,
At the Grenwood meeting two
nights ago a Liberal speaker boldly
and in all earnestness claimed that
the prosperous condition of trade during the past two or three years has
been due to the wiBc administration of
the Government at Ottawa. The gentleman who put forward this claim
is. we understand, a lawyer, and
therefore a person of some education.
He is presumed also to be a person of
some general information, although
the enemies of the profession will
maintain that this does not always
follow. If the Greenwood gentleman
was as serious as he professed to be,
and was not engaged in an impudent
and dishonest attempt to impose on
tlie credulity of a few simple eleotors,
if such were present, be presents in
his own person living evidence of the
fact that a lawyer may be as ignorant
as any one else.
No country can enjoy a full measure
of prosperity through means of its
own resources only. Germany Franco,
Great Britain, and the L'nited States
are probably the four greatest examples of self-contained countries that
there are in the world. Hut not one
of them is or can be independent of
the rest of the world. If trade conditions are bad in Germany and France,
Great llritain feels the depression; if
they are bad in Europe generally, the
United States suffera in sympathy.
Until quite recent years Canada, owing to natural causes, has been more
dependent than the average country
on outside prosperity. It is so dependent yet to a very large extent; but
since the National Policy has given
firm root to native industries, and
since a wito statesmanship gave power and vigor to the country by and
through a transcontinental railway,
we can make more of our own resources than was possible formerly. But
wo are less independent of external
Influences than the L'nited States or
the countries of Europe. That is a
condition of, our situation, and cannot be helped. However rich our resources and however enterprising the
people themselves may be, our industry und frugality will go for little un
less the times are good in the countries with which wo do our trading.
Everywhere throughout the world
the conditions have been unusually
favorable during the past few years,
People were inspired with confidence,
and enterprises of all kinds have
flourished In consequence. The prosperity of European countries affected
the United States, and the prosperity
of all of them made its iniluenee felt
in Canada. The Government at Ottawa had as much to do in producing
tlmsc favorable commercial and industrial relations as it had in making the
sun shine or the rain fall, and not
more. Little domestic conditions It
could affect, and no one is disposed to
deny it credit for anything it has
dune in this regard; but as to the
general prosperity which has marked
the period of its administration, there
Would he as much reason in claiming
the credit in Ocrmnny or the United
Stales ns In Canada. If the Greon-
Wood gentleman does not understand
this, wu would recommend him to
put aside his text books for a time and
apply himself to a course of reading
Unit will bring him Into touch with
tho common affairs of every-day life
nnd enable him to realise how enormously great In hulk are the things
be does not know.
There is nothing surprising in making an exception of Yale-Cariboo in
Hi. Issue of the writs. It is a constituency of uiagnficont distances and
of almost inaccessible regions. It was
probably impossible to reach all of
them with ballot boxes, ballots, voters lists, and Instructions between
the date of the writs and the day
niutic'l for general nominations, and
11 became necessary therefore to leave
the matter to the discretion of the
It, ihi nin(-inilcer.       in     taking   this
eourae the Government have merely
recognised a difficulty that Is provld.
e'l for in the Election Act. The poll-
lug In Yule-Cariboo will probably
tuke place a week or two "Iter we all
shall know how the country has gone,
and the only evil that is likely to result in that the constituency may be
influenced to go with the winning
side. Neither of the candidates can
object to this, for both are confident
that their side will curry the day.
As Mr. Foley bus mi side, be cannot
in any event feel much disappointment,       	
An Alberta farmer bus a very good
reason for voting against the Government. "They have saved me twenty
cents a year on my postage stamps."
he says, "but my tobnooo costs me
two dollars a year inure.'' He goes
on to enumerate a number of other
articles of every-day consumption
which have been advanced in price,
but the one article of tobacco will settle the question with ninny an elector,
Some excellent citizens have no use
for the pipe.but, to the masses it is no
longer a luxury but a necessity of
life. The present Government have
put up the price of tobacco by increasing the duties, and the favorite
solace after a days hard toil comes
Inconveniently high.
Books You May Need
The Miner is informed that the Labor candidate is a son of the late
Michael Harrison Foley, Tbe older
race of Eastern Canadian politicians
will remember him as a brilliant and
eloquent Irish-Catholla member of
the Parliament of old Canada, and us
a member of the Hrown-Dorion and
Saudfield Macdonald Governments in
pre-Confederation days. Tbe Miner
cannot vouch for the alleged relationship, but if Mr.Chris. Foley is his son
he comes from very good stock.
Hunt's Systematic Mineralogy..
Peters' Modern Copper Smelting
Stretch's Prospecting, Locating
and Valuing  Mines	
Lang's   Matte   Smelting	
Miller's   Qualitative   Analysis..
Kemp's Handbook of   Hocks....
Thautwine's Engineer's Handbook 	
Hawkins' New Catechism for
the Steam   Engine	
Hawkins' Maxims and Instructions for   Boiler Room	
Hawkins'   New    Catechism   of
Hawkins' Handbook of Calculations   for   Engineers	
Machinists' and Engineers'
Pocket Manual	
Stevenson's Practical Test	
Canada's   Metals	
Canada mm &
The Kamloops Standard undei-
stunds that the Hetiirning-Otticer will
uume the -'1st November as polling
day in Yale-Cariboo. The Heturning-
OfHcer is a Kamloops resident.nnd The
Standard has probably heard aright.
Says The Victoria Times:
"Canadians are popular in Great
Britain in these days of -rampant
Imperialism.' Young George Brown,
son of the foundei of The Toronto
Globe, has beaten Oman Doyle for the
representation of Edinburgh in the
House of Commons, and Gilbert Parker, tbe Canadian literateur. has
achieved that which so many of his
literary brethorn in the Old Land
have failed ill. lie will sit for Grave-
send. And yet the Conservatives tell
us Canada lias no preference in Britain. We can have anything we want
over there for the asking."
There is more in this than the humorist of The Times Intended. We
may not have anything, but there are
few things within reason we cannot
have for the asking. Tbe time was
never more propitious for urging on
tireat Britain the right of the Colonies to preferential  treatment in the
Home markets. Never were tbe importance and value of tlie Colonies so
appreciated, and there should be no
difficulty in persuading the Hritish
people to a reciprocal preferential arrangement as a matter of Imperial
policy. Let Canada take the lead by
pronouncing for it. and the battle is
half won.
New York. Oct. 13.���Among the
passengers who arrived today per
steamer Germanic from Liverpool and
Queenatown were Mr. and Mrs. llun-
can E. Cameron. The couple on their
arrival in this city have completed
their wedding tour around tlie
world. Mrs. Cameron is a daughter
of the late Lawrence Turner, and Mr.
Cameron is a son of Sir Roderick W.
Canned or Fresh
Just now the fall Fruits are especially attractive. Vou can buy here the
best of
Peaches, Apples, Grapes,
for fall canning or for present outing.
Our   lino   of    canned   and    preserved
frnits will  continue to in.   the very
best, so you are free from the necessity of putting up fruits if vou prefer
Fresh  or Canned  Fruits as  You
Want Them.
Peaches, Pears,
Plums, Quinces,
Apples, Bananas,
Sweet Potatoes,
Green Tomatoes.
To have one thing
laughing at the other
displays bad taste.
If you are wearing a
first-class costume in
every respect but the
Shoes, in that way
the Shoes are laughed
It is not necessary
to wear a small size to
have a neat Shoe, a
large size foot properly
fitted looks equally well
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fitting Shoe on a narrow foot. Have a
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foot as we carry widths
from B lo E. Give us
a trial fair.
Gamble & O'Reilly
Haker Street
Real Batata and insurance Agents.
Kirkpatrirk 6  Wilson
l'u It RENT
I]-Roomed House and Hath Boom
together with  Kitchen    Range
complete   with   hot   and   cold
water, Observatory St.,   Mag-
nillcent view,   rent   including
water rates  S
fi-ltooineil    House   corner   Cedar
and Carbonate Streets 3:
r,-l!oomeil House Hume Additions
���l-H ned Cottage Core  St -
!i-Roomed House Corner Mill   .V
Hall Sis.,  from Nov.    1st..
1   .Ml
Rents collected.   Loans made.   Agents
Hritish Columbia Permanent Loan  ,v
Savings Company.
Turnnr-BoncKli Block Baknr simnt
London Consolidated (Silver Hill)
Mollie Cibwiu.
List your Blocks with us,
Houses and lots for sale iu all   parts
of the City.
Victoria-Montreal    Fire   Insurance
Ontario Mutual Life Insurance Company.
��_ftS"      See ANNABLE
"Hills of Sale, Act."
His Honor tlie Lieutenant-Governor, undei the provisions of Section '.'
of the "Hills of Sale Act as enacted
by Section :; of the Hills of Sale Act,
Amendment, Act. 18011," has been
pleased to alter the place for the registration of Bills of Sale "for the remainder cf the County of Kootenay,"
ns   follows, namely :
For that part of the County of
Kootenay being the territory covered
by the North Hiding of East Kootenay Electoral District: ~
The otlice of the Registrar of the
County Court ut Golden.
Por that part of tbe County of
Kootenay being tbe territory covered
by the ltevelstoke Killing of the West
Kootnay Electoral District:
The olliee of the Registrar of the
County Court at Revelstoke,
Such alteration to take effect on
the 1st day of October. 1000*.
.1.   D.  PRENTICE,
Provincial Secretary.
Provincial     Secretary's     Office,     nth
September.  1000.
Nelson Opera House
A Show of Unusual Excellence
European Acrobatic Marvels
JACK SYMONDS,    Of Symonds-lluohcs-Rastus
ED. FOX, lie With tho Eccentric Loos.
HANK GOODMAN -     Pleasing Gomedlan
CHAS.   VAN - - Balladlst
J. HARVE BRIGGS - Premier Basso
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The Princes or High Class Musical
Comedy and
Prices; $1.00. 75 und r>o Cents.
Get the Flavor
Cigar and you will understand why it is so popular
It costs the maker much
more than the average
cigar Bold at the price���
cosis more for slock nml
for the making! but not
mi much lor fancy boxing.
Spend    your   money
and smoke  a
OCT. 15, 16 & 17
conic OPERA.
Nelson Operatic Society
Flan of Scats is now   open W
in the Opera House Store.
PRICES : $1.00, 75c and 50c. ��
Merchants' Bank of Halifax
Incorporated 1869.
Capital Paid-up,    .   -    .    Si,!iwi.oto.oo |  Rest, #1,700.000.0
itimni of Director* 1 Thomas K. Kenny. President;  Thomas llitohlo, Vico-rrosldeul.
Wiley Smith, H. G. Buulil, lion. 11. 11. Fuller, M.L.C., Hon. David MooKeoo.
���Ii-nil <lMl,,'. Unllfnx:
General Mannger. Edson L. Pease, Montreal,
Siiperiiiiendc.nl of Branohes, and Bocretnry, W. B, Torrance, Halifax.
Inspector, \V. K. Brook, Halifax.
Inspector II. M. Stewart, Montreal.
Knva Brolla-Hiillla*. Hrnnch, Antlgonlsh, Hridgowiitcr, Guyshoro. I.ondondorry, Lunenburg,
.Muilliiiid (Hur.Ls Co.l. PlotOU, Port lliiwkeslmry, Sydney, Slnilwnacadie, Truro, Weymouth
New Brnnawlelt���Bathurst, Dorchester, Krcdoricion, Kingston iKenl, Co.l, Moneton, Newcastle, Saekville, Woodstock. I*. B, IsliiiHl���t'liaiioltetowii.Suiiiiiierside. _ lobrc���Montreal
ICity Olliee}, Montreal, West End (for. Noire Dame nnd Seigneurs Streets); WeHtmount (Cor.
Greeno Avenue and St, Catharines Street, Ontario���Ottawa, Newfoundland���St. John's
< ii l,a, Won! Indies���Havana. United Mutes���New York 111! Exchange Place) Kopuhlle, Wash
Atlin, Bennett, Grand Forks, Nanaimo, Nelson, Rossland, Vancouver, Vancouver East End, Victoria.
Correspondents I
t'anada��� Merchant* Pank of Cnnada. Boston��� National Shawmut Bunk. Chicago���Amerloa
National Bank. ��i.n frsuclsco���First National Bank. London, Kng.-Bank of Moot land.
Paris, France���Credit I.yonnais. lEcrniudii-Bank of Bermuda, t'bluu and Japuu���llong
Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporal ion.
Qeneial Banking Business Transacted; Sterling Bills of Exchange  Bought
and Sold, Letters of  Credit, Etc., Negotiated.
Accounts received on the moat favorable terras.   Interest allowed on special
deposits nnd on Saving Bank accounts.
Geo. Kydd, Manager, Nelson, B.C.
Hot Blast
To Burn Crow's
Nest and other
Soft Coals. The
Florence Hot
Blast is made
particularly foi
these coals. Satisfaction guaranteed.
M'LACHLAN BROS,       Baker St.
linker HI.
l^ooips ai)d Offices io I^eijh
Apply   to   ihe
Melsoi) Electric TraijiWai) Co.
Corner Josephine aijil Vernon Streets.
I have now ill s'ock a line
ni' all classes of
Special Line of Tweed Suitings at $25.
Successor to Fred J. Squire-
Browern nf Pine T,ani<r
Beer ami Potter,
Nnlsnn, 11. (1.
nml Iry n bolt!.-, n dOKOtl, or a bnrrcl of
OALQARY BEER iw It li Urn i��-��t ""'1
iin'ip.'i on (no niiirki-t. Also iry our
WINES,    LIQUORS,    nnd     CIGARS.
PRANK  A. TAMBLYN. M.��...��.
Telephone 06. Haker Hl��� Nelson, D. C.
St. Joseph's
J\cxi, term ootnmenoes Brd
September, Por particulars, apply to tho
By the week from $5 to $6.
By the day *i.oo.
INCORPOR/^.f) .70,
We Sell the
Highest Values
Lowest Price
Most Satisfactory
Absolutely Pure
In Nelson.
Corner Haker and Stanley StreeU
Spokane Falls &
Northern R'v.
Nelson  & Fort
Red (fountain R'v.
The only all rail route between
all points east, west and smith to
Rossland, Nelson and intermediate
points; connecting at Spokane with
Great Northern, Northern Pacific,
and O. R. & N. Co.
Connects at Nelson with steamer
for Kaslo and all Kootenay lake
Connects at   Meyer's  Falls with
stage daily for Republic,  and connects at Bossburg with stage daily
for Grand Forks and Greenwood.
Lkave. Day Train. AaBTfK.
10.35 n.m Spokane 7:10 �����'".
12:115 p. m Rossland 5:30 p.m.
8:30 11, in Nelson 8 -W p.m.
Niidit Train.
9:_  p.m Spokane 7:05 s ni:
11:00 p.m Rowland �� &> *���*���
11. A. JAOKSON, O. P. & T.A.    .
Spokane Wash
AKont, Nelson. B.O
Atlantic S. S. Lines.
Krom .Moil1"'"'
Allan I.lno Niiniiilliin  |'c 5
Allim I.lno Coilnlliliin       SJ5X
hi.nun inn   I.lno Vancouver v.v 3
I im in    l.iill'   Illllilillioil...... ���.!'.
I'"'    I.lno l.nko Cliiiiiiiiliiln    "i,
Beaver l.ino LakeMognntlo  ���;';_.
Ki-on.Now   oik
WlilUi Star I.lno Mnjoxtlo ''. .1 -hi
Whito Star l.lnc Cvmrlo !,". ;,
White Star l.ino (loomilc "', 3J
Cuninl I.lno l.iioivnln ' ...'^
Canard Line Umbrla   ,'!'i|
Aiiicrti'iin Line Ml. I."in    !J':-(|
Ainnrli-iin I.lno Now York  J_ t ^0
'.Ocl 3;
Anohor Lino  Ancluirln .
Am-lior Line Astoria	
N.O. L. I.lrolvnlsor Wllholmdor Uo����!..OCi*
N. O. C Uno Trior	
Kronch Uno !.�� HreUlolo	
linn li l.lni; l.'Ai|ii'ilaino ���
Allan . .i in- Lu i- i .iliiMuii.Hi
Allan Hlalo I.lno Lami'iillan
Dominion l.ino Now RnKlnnd
Cunard Uno Siixonln	
I'li-wiuo.. arranged to and rjpmall S!2fflro
polllU.   Kor rates, lloko.H and full InfoiiM
apply le ('. I'. It. depot anonl or   I. I�� ��nv
Qonornl A wnl. 6.P.B. limo-CN"!"*!
,i 0ett9
Nov I
'   ,.....O0U��!
Krom Ilontoii;
  Nov i
(.KI i.llll.l  OAST STEUL
78 hush diain. $i:i.50pei-100 M��J_\
Immediate delivery   In I*e1"���
J. 0. T. OROFTS,
P. II. llnx
, Nnl"on__2
Of Writing 1'npor won Mart
lung. Voi?d bolter place nn-
otlior "hurry up- order ��_������,���_
___���__.; Nelson  Daily  Miner,  Saturday   Evening,  October 13 1900
Vornon   l'o-"ts  0ut s"""' Peou'
Uar Facts'.
���.i n���lca of Abruzzi is not satisfied
: ''\.: ; come nearest of oil to
Willi 11B.Y __��� (){ tll0 nortli pole's
not even remain in
,���in,_tlon to recount the details and
_��$�� of hl._Wp. A���   as
the penetration cm
myste y. He will
olvllizatlon to reoi
dlseoverios of no
everything ean be made reaoy ne wm
, ,'; -ii'iiin. This time he is deter-
BUMdto find the polo or death.-Tho
v , doubt im ambitious man will
some day stand exultant on the earth's
north pole Bhoutlng "Eureka,' and
(Oeimg very much superior to the rest
,if mankind,
��� And even though his aoblovement bo
���r nn nraetical value to oommeroe or
_onee ho will be able to claim that
I,,. Iiiih stood upon the strangest point
vd discovered my man -prolvded the
southpolo has not been discovered lirst,
which Ib highly Improable.
II is the slowest place on the face of
the earth, that north pole���always
barring its twin brother the south
pole At any other place one Is whirl-
imr around the axle or axis of the
earth iiiu-e in every twenty-four hours
lit a rati' that varies with his ilis-
Uncr from the equator, lu fact, when
one considers that at the equator.this
rate is about a thousand miles an
hour, uml that the Arctic circle is
readied, one is apt to hold one's
breath when one considers the rate nf
hii ordinary mans' trip through space.
Combine this circular velocity
around the sun. and is it any wonder
that so many ninny are observed to
stagger mi the Streot? At any rate,the
must" Blow-going man is traveling
many hundredsof miles per hour faster than tho man who stands upon the
north pole.
Our discoverer will hud a Hut, on
the north pole prepared for his occupancy, It is not a Hut of the ordinary
variety, but an aotual level, so very
level that it will seem concave. There
will he im Hying olf at a tangent for
the hot-headed man���if one can get
hot-headed there���at the pole, for the
tangent will coincide with the surface of the earth for quite a distance
in that locality.
All this is iluc to the Bpherodical
shape nf the earth. As the school
books Bay: "It is somewhat flattened
at tbe poles." For the same reason,
the explorer will he nearer the centre
of the earth than any other man that
ever existed, and likewise farther
away from the equator and the south
Explorers are queer men, and it is
just poBslble that our successful discoverer will wish to build a house at
the pole und live there. It will he a
queer house, for no matter how he
builds it every window in it. will have
a southern outlook. This will he convenient, us in cold climates south
windows are much nerferable to north
The calendar that hangB over his
desk will in itself he a curiosity, for
it will lie devoid of weeks ami
months, and will show but one day
for the entire year���one day and one
This day will he a long legal holiday, too, for it will l.u New Year's
day all the time. But as the original
New Year's day was a Sunday, every
day is Sunday up there also (the only
respect in which the north pule resembles heaven.) As a consequence, he
will never lie able to celebrate his
New Year with   good cheer, for there
will be no Monday or Saturday to substitute for the Sunday il fulls on.
Hut his clock wiil be a slrniievi
affair than his calendar, for no matter whether it   lie  fast or slow il will
always be right, and  no  matter how
con-cut it may be it will always lie
(in every different meridian there is
a different time,and as all the meridians meet at the pole the correct time
will always he any time you may
choose within twenty-four hours.
The meanest servant girl in the
world will not be able lo complain
about the master being late at meal
Hut he will lind it utterly Impossible to get up early in the morning no
matter how ambitious he may be.
Supposing that his house is built exactly over the pole, whatever time il
may be on one side of the house, it
will bo just twelve hours later or earlier un the other side. Nevertheless
he will have to depend on his clock,
as a sun dial in that region will not
As it is with  his time, so it will be
with his longitude,    He  can claim
any longitude he wishes, lie can calmly say to a visitor :
"My longitude is the same as that
of London, and also the same ns Unit
of New York; yet the longitudes of
London and of* New York are not the
suine, and 1 am not a liar."
In fact he will have a great deal of
latitude in his longitude, hut very
little in his latitude. That will he all
his own, till degrees north.
Evory breeie that blows will to him
be a south breeie, and every side of
his house will face south. ' lie can
"tin! for any part on   the   face of   the
earth and  reach   it by traveling due
Por him there will he no north, no
east, no west. These terms will not
m that latitude even fulfill the conditions required by the definitions in
the dictionary.
None of the ordinary Instruments
foi- use in astronomical observation
Will be of liny use to him, for the sun
will not obligingly cross n meridian
'Or him. anil the north star will be
almost directly overhead and oontinu-
nlly Changing its portion. Worse and
. re ���f it, the compass that he holds
in Ids hands as he stands on the pole
will cease to be of any use whatever,
as both ends will point due south.
in  fact, it will   he su everlastingly
hard for him to determine where Ihe
aotual north pole is that no one may
ever know when he is on it after all.'
" by accident on the day of the
BUmmer lOlstloe   he   happens to stand
Why Suffer
Our remedies are al way s at hand
and are pleasant and reliable,
There is no necessity of suffering
from coughs, colds or any other
of the complaints of the season.
Try some of our pure and common-sense remedies and stop that
Used in Millions of Homes���40 Years the
standard. A Pure Cream of Tartar Powder,
Superior to every other known. Makes
delicious cake and pastry, light, flaky biscuit,
griddle   cakes ��� palatable   and   wholesome.
Notb.���Avoid baking powders made from
alum. They look like pure powders,
and may raise the cake:;, hut alum
is a poison and no one can eat food
mixed with it without injury to health.
Baker Street. Nelson.     1'. O. liox 22a.
on the north pole, the Sim will appear
to sweep around the horizon for
twenty-four hours, remaining at the
same height above it.
Then lie will know he is on the
north pole, lie will not only have to
And it hy accident, but he will have
to prove it hy accident.
1 |ii�� algnaturs la on every box of the genuine
Laxative Bromo Quinine Tsincts
th! reutdj that coma n MM ��B ����������* ''"*
When the young women of Brooklyn undertake a reform they do it
with a vengeance,
Reformers the country over will do
well to emulate the vigor of the forty
pretty young members of the newly
formed Antl-Clgarettee League, who
would never, they say, adopt any
measure so passive as the "piayer
chain" that Is destined to run Presl-f
dent McRlnley out of olliee, hut who
are determined to stamp out the evil
they are banded against with their
own determined little feet.
There is no loophole, thanks to the
energy of these young women,through
which the cigarette smoker of Brooklyn Heights may escape. Unless he
wishes to become a hermit, lonesome-
lv absorbing nicotine in his own
garret, scorned and unsought, he may
us well renounce his comfortable little vice now us later and make up his
mind that the young ladies who have
taken the matter in hand know better
what is good for him than he docs
himself. That, at least, is the spirit
of docility that Miss Augusta Mullen
and her associates are striving to inculcate. I
MisH Mullen, whose home is at HOT
Clinton Street, is president of the new
league. She was also its originator,
She is an active young woman, with
the horn reformer's keen eye for detecting abuses, wrongs and evil practices. It was no surprise, therefore,
to her friends, when she suggested not
long ago that the objective point for
their combined energies during the
coining winter ought to he olgarette
������I believe," said Miss llallen firmly, "that if we, girls do not work together the thing oanUOt ho stopped.
And then we shall have the responsibility of these hoys1 health on our
Women   are   the   conscience of   the
nice, anyhow.
Whereupon the energetic young woman proposed a scheme that would
amount, to a social boycott of the
young men who did not do as they
were bid��� which young men usually
do, be it observed.
"Isn't that rattier���daring?" asked
one girl whose scheme of living in
eludes an attentive escort at her el-
how. "Suppose they let un alone und
smoked as much as they liked'."'
"Hut they enn't," promptly responded the* muster mind "There's
nobody else on the Heights. We're
all the girls there lire,   till, yes, we're
Whereupon an  organization meet-
Igwas planned to decide thu ways and
means of the boycott, and the young
women   who   fell that the  social   ami
moral future of Brooklyn n-su-d in their
bands complacently went to spread
the. news abroad.
"All excellent thing." declared all
the fathers and mothers when they
beard 0< it "You girls couldn't be
hettei     employed,       Count    on    our
������Most commendable," echoed \\w
ministers and school teachers, The
conspiracy against the olgarette grow
almoHt hourly.
Meanwhile the young men who
were the victims 'became extremely
alarmed und smoked as  h��'d as they
could, because they didn't know how
soon they might have to stop. Pipes
were to be allowed, they heard, hut a
pipe would never take the place of
cigarettes. What did girls know
about such things, anyway'.' Why a
pipe, now.���a pipe has to be filled'us
well us lighted, don't you know!
Last week the first important meeting was held, the league organized
and the rulesj and plan of action
formulated. And the next day, the
news was all over Brooklyn Heights.
Work began immediately, and although there is a good deal of muttering and protest on the part of the
cigarette smokers,the league members
are confident that their victory is
only a question of time. President
llallen. speaking of the league said:
"Young men do not seem to appreciate the ill effects of cigarettes,
and so we have decided to teach them
to use some other form of tobacco
that is less injurious. A number of
the young men have offered to help
us, and we shall try to show our appreciation of their help to sueh an extent that those who now laugh will
lie only too glad to follow in their
"At present some of our best friends
are never seen without cigarettes in
their Li-.ni lis or stick ing between
their lingers, discolored by nicotine.
Even if there were not a thought of
hygiene in the matter, the practice is
disgusting, and we are going to do
our best to stop it."
Aud the young men? They are
Hlow to discuss the matter, hut theit
manly brows are corrugated with an
unusual stress of though tfulness.
One young man prouiiueut in
Brooklyn society, speaking for the
others, said.: "Well, it only means
that we have got to give up cigarettes or the girls, and it is the cigarette, I guess, that gets the throw-
"We   lire    thinking,   however,     of
starting u league for the suppression
of mixed chocolates and ice-cream
soda. "
And the other young men in Brooklyn   are watching the result.
Tho "Suit Lake" Cure.���Al Odessa
the so called l.imancure is becoming
increasingly   popular.      The    Lillians
are sheets of water originally connected with the sea, hut which, by a process of gradually Bitting up, have been
isolated and converted into salt lakes.
owing to evaporation the waters have
become concent rated and are found to
possess considerable therapeutic value,
There are three of   these I.iniaus near
Odessa,   the  Kujslmitkl, the Chadie-
heiski, and the Liebeiithal. They lie
near the sea surrounded hy sand
dunes. The principal salts they contain are the ohlordes of sodum, potas-
Hiim.anil mugnesiini; calcium sulphate
and magnesium, or sodium Bromide,
Their bottoms arc covered hy a black
slimy substance, of about the consist
ciice of cold cream ; alkaline in reaction and having a strong smell of
sulphuretted hydrogen. This slime is
composed of a sponge of animal and
vegetable matter impregnated with
salt water,and contains iodine, bromine, sulphur. Sulphuretted hydrogen,
ami oleic and valerinanic acids. Patients bathe either In the open lakes
or in baths with the wntcr  at various
temperatures and degress of concentration, They also nave slime baths.
The   diseases    treated     an-     chronic
rheumatic affections, scrofula,  rieii-
cts, Stiffness of the limbs d certain
chronic skin diseases. Considerable
discomfort (depression of spirits, digestive disturbances, palpitations,
etc.,) Is frequently experienced nt tlie
beginning of the cure, hut soon ninsbcH
Delivered to any point
on Kootenay Lake.
I have a complete slock on hand of
Rough and Dressed
Mouldings, Sash Doors.
Inside Finish,
Coast Flooring, and
Finished Lumber-
Mill at PILOT BAY. Ynnls, NELSON
and LARIX).
V. 0. GREEN        F. S. ULEMENTS
Civil Engineers and Provincial Land
P.  O. Pox Ut Kelson. B. ��
+wwwwwvwwww^^^_ww*w>������^^* **>*******.
That live in LILLIE'S Shoes. They live in comfort and style and
are envied by their fellow feet. Dont you want a pair lo
make your feet glad ?
Representing the Largest
European and American Manufacturers
Mills, Mines and Smelting Machinery
Apartodo No. 83
Hugh R. Cameron
Fire and Life
Properties for Bent and Sale on Easy Terms
Oilier over Nelson Wine Store.
���     Pacific
Sou Line
Imperial    LiijiRed
East   and   West
First Class Sleepers oil nil trains frum
Arrowhead and Kootenai Landing
Tourist Oars puss Medicine lint
daily for St. Paul; Saturdays for
Montreal nml Boston; Mondays nml
Thursdays for Toronto. Same cam
pass Revelstoke one tiny earlier.
7:10 Lv Nelson Ar I0::ir>
15:80 Lv Nelson Ar 18:46
Morning train dally for and from
Rossland, and for Revelstoke, main
line nnd I'ncilic Const.
Afternoon train ilnily fur and from
Rossland, nml from Revelstoke, main
Hue aud Pacific Const, anil daily
(except Sunday) for und from Boundary points.
7:80 I.v ) v .   ��� j Ar 19:80
(Ex Sun)       f Nelson j       (ExBun)
For ami from Sandon, Slocan points,
Revelstoke.  main   line   and   Pacific
Kootknay LakkKaki.ii Ro_B,
(KxSiin)      Sir Knknnee      (iu: Sun)
18:00 I.v Nelson Ar 11:00
Saturday to Argenta and return,
li-nviiiK Kaslo at 20:00k.
Kootknay River Route,
Daily    Sirs Movie nml Nelson     Daily
22:80 Lv 'Nelson Ar 2:1(0
Connects nt Kootenny Landing with
Crow's Nesl Line trniiiH.
For roten, tickets nml full iufurmii-
tion apply to Depot or City Ageut,
Nelsnn, li. ('., or
Trav. I'iwh. '-. k����� !
A   O. P. Aiinr.ti,
A. R. BARROW, am. i. ok
Provincial   Land Surveyor.
Corner Viotoriu anil Kootenay Bts.
P, O. Box 669. Telephone No. 9.1
A  two-story dwelling;   7 large rooms;   front ami back
stnirH;  hulls:   closets, bath room; sewer connection;
about four blocks   from post-office  (3.000
8"(.'(i cash, balance monthly.   A Brst-elass buy.
Five-room cottage; sewer connection; 25-foot lot; a block
frum tram line, In Addition A       "mi
l-'.usy terms.
Two good 35-foot bits, near the street ear barns; only....       (100
50-foot corner, Vernon  Street     3,500
35-foot lot, Carbonate Street        350
5-Room Cottage  817 sn
4-Room Cottage    16 on
B-Room Cottage    15 00
4-Room Cottage     13 00
To  let  on a yearly lease, li-roum house, corner of  Cedar
and Victoria;   all plumbing;  gas and electric light.
Fire Insurance Fromptly Placed.
Wholesale  Houses
THOHPK Sc CO. Limitod-(Joruor Vornon
_L   and Cedar dtrooU, Nfllwn-M-fumffcotur.
ci-riuf ami whuU_u.li: dealers. In RonUod waturn
and fruit syrups, Bole agenta f����' Halcyon Hot
Springs mineral water,   icU-phono w.
N, M. Cummins, Leasoe-ttvery known
variety of sott drinks, I'ohoxsU loleuiiono
No. Sl. Hoover Streot, Nelson. lioti.urHuf tho
famous SU Loon Hoi Springs Mineral WaUir.
C1ANE Sc MACDONALD (H* Cane, James
t A. Mucdonuldi- ArrhilurlH und Hiiporin-
Umdents, Hrokc-n Hill Uluok, cornor i.ai.. i and
Ward Streets, no_ on.
CO.���Manufacturers of the Royal Seal
and Kootenay Holii. Clgan, Factory and
oftloe, Hukur streot, Nelson.
UJ. EVAN8 Sc CO.-Baker siroot, Noi-
���  son���Wholesale doaii-rH in liquors, ci-
k.u'o, cement, Bro l��rick and tiro clay, water
pipe and   -<<������ -I   mil-, ami   K>>nural comiuiritdon
men-hunt -.	
J   A. M'DONALD   Madden Block, Nelson-
���   Fruit*,  Ice cream,   " li. 11." ctiocolauw.
niKii cIrhh OOnfeetlODery,   loo Cream 1'arlorn.
WholesalQ and retail dealui�� in grain,
liuy, Hour, food. MUIh at Victoria, Now Went-
iniiiMtT; Kdmonton, Alta. hduvatorH on Cal-
gary and Kdmonton Itnilway. Manufacture���
uf Uiu celebrated li. Ac K. brund coroalri.
A    MACDONALD   Sc  Co.-Cornor   Front
���   und   Hull  Streets���.* boleHuIo   Krocei-M
and jobbers iii blanket*, k'ovoh, miftH,  oooLh,
i n i.i.i i   . muckinuwri und miner*' r>undriOH.
Oltlce  corner   Hull and   Front  SireeU,
-'������ -m ' .i.'n'-i i ��� un.,- UooriiiK, Rn<i uvery-
iliuiK in wuu-i im- building iiurporiOH. Get our
price*.   Correspondence nulicited.
P   BURNS & Co.- Maker Street, Notion���
���    Wholesale dealem in  fruNh aud cured
meat*.    Cold tSioruKO.
liaker Streot, NoIhoii���Wholesale deal-
em in fresh and cured incut*.
M'LACHLAN BRO& (Succe-wom U) Vancouver Hardware Co, Ltd.) linker Street,
Nelson���w holeaale dealers in hardware and
miiuiij, HUppho*, plumber*' aud timmiittiH' *up-
pllCH. _
KKLSON   HAKDWAKK   CO.- Wholesale
paint*, oil* and glass; mechanic*' loot*.
A^i'iit   iin Ontario Powder Work*; dynamite
rpUHNKU, I1KKTON & Co. Corner Vernon
X and Josephine Street*, NoIhoii���Wholesale iii ii.i'i ��� in iiijn'i! . inn -. .nut dry goods.
Agent* for Pant Browing Co, ot Milwaukee
and CsJgary Brewing Co or Culgary.
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants
9__2f��- ������������.���"��������� "^Sv_9
Branch Markets in Kossland, Trail, Nelson, Kaslo
Sandon. Three Porks, New Denver and Slocan City.
Order, by mall to any branch will have careful a��d srompt attention.
West Kootenay Butcher Co.
Fresh   and   Salted   Heats
Fish and Poultry in Season
E.   O.   TRAVES.   Manager.
Baker Street, Nelson.
Orders by mail receive careful and prompt attention
9 ^xM^UtU   *___> ^^ -
Canada Permanent and Western Canada Mortgage
Money to loan on Htrnlglit MnrtRane.
Apply to O, I* LENNOX, Baker  Hi.
Room I, TiirmT Hocokh Block.
Houses and Building Lots in All Parts
of tho Oity.
Klvo, lis. M*v��n and flight room houxou for
-Its, twenty per cent below cont.
_ tttreut. Nnlhoii ��� Wholesale dsalata i��
liuiilw&re, n.iiH'i u|.|rli, -, riporlitiK uooUh,
UDSON'S HAY Co.   Wholesale Kroeeriorf
und U(|iiorri etc., Uakcr btreot, NoIhoii.
J Kront and Hall ..trout . NoIhoii���Whole-
mile dcalui-ri In wine.- ir.i-������ and bulk), and
domc-llc and Imported cigars.
Jt. GRIFFIN & CO.-Corner Vernon and
��� JoHophlnu Street. Nelson ��� Wholesalo
dealora In provlolouri, curori incut-, buttcr and
Ogf. .
Bank of
British Columbia.
Is now prepared to issue
Drafts and Letters of Credit
on Skaguay, U.S., Atlin, B.
C, and Dav/son City, Yukon
Gee Can Fit You.
He linn   OI1C of   tho   befit   ami   lnr^uat
KulI and Winter HtoukH In
the Province.
A. GEE, Merchant Tailor
Opposite Queen's Hotel,
Baker Street
I hereby   (five   notice   that  nt  the
next n ting of the   License Commie.
���loners for thi Nelson district will
uppiv for n lii-.'iiM' to sell intoxleftting
Hi|iiurK at the Roaaland Hotel. Vernon
Street, Lot 18, Block SO, In tlie City
u( Nelson, H. ('.
.1. v. 0'LAUOHLIN,
H. & M. BIRD
Agents lor l:urrka   ."linernl  Wool and
Aftbeitoa   Co.
Insurance r.o. of North America, Mutual  Llfs
Insurance Co.. of Now York, Quebec
Flro Assurance Co.
B'Roomed Houae with Stone ItHKement
nil modern conveniences, two corner
lotK. easy ternih. a bargain
:.' new houses on 'i lots to in' sold Considerably below coat prioe. modern
conveniences easy terms, .   "^
l.ntK i to 0 Block nl'. oheap for quick
:,n funt lot on Mill Street S.'.On.
(Iih)iI building lota In Boguatown uml
Hume Addition,
7-Roomed House on Mill street
close i" Josephine, Modern
conveniences  25 oo
7-Roomed House, Pork street,
close tn Baker street  30 0o
B-Roomed House, Utune Addition :.'u uy
I Nelsqw   Daily  Miner,   Saturday Evening,  October  13,  '9����-
Continuod From First I'iiko.
Shipped to Pueblo. That was In 1888.
The ore netted about 812:> per ton
after all expenses had been paid. Of
course silver and lead were very high
at that time.
"There are 26 properties besides
those inuin'il whieh have more or less
development done upon them, and
they all show good values. We have
samples of the ore from eaeh.
"There is another tiling in eonneetion with the camp whieh is worth
mentioning, and that is that we have
the only Taylor air-system plant yet
iu successful operation. This is being
vised by several of the eompauies. In
the ease of the Highlander, Mr. Stevenson put in a plant of his own.
There were a Hume, a Pelton wheel
and a compressor, but the plant is
lying idle now. It was used for three
months, and then the power from this
Tayor air plant was used. Mr.Stevenson says it is cheaper by one-half.
The plant obtains its power from
Coffee Creek. Those photographs
whieh you see at the back there give
an idea of the Hume and the water
power. The air itself is much drier
than that obtained from an ordinary
compressor. For that reason it is very
desirable. "
��   ���   ���
William Jones, a miner, has just
arrived in Nelson from Erie. He is
greatly pleased with the mining con
ditions about that district and states
that much development work is being
done. He stated that on the Keystone
a shaft had been sunk 35 feet but
work had been stopped on this, and a
tunnel is being run to tap the vein
about 150 foot lower down. The tunnel will he about 300 feet. The lead
is five feet wide, and tho ore is similar to that taken from the Arlington
which adjoins the property. Men are
also engaged in building a wagon
road from that of the Arlington to
this property, a distance of two
miles. The road will be completed in
about two weeks. The assay from
the ore runs from S-4 to 800. This
property was bonded to Mr. Davenport of   Spokane a short   time ago for
��� ���   ���
VV. .T. Ilrown. who is connected
with the Republic Mining Company,
arrived in the city last evening. Mr.
Ilrown and his brother, Thomas
ilrown of Nelson,who is now in South
Africa, are interested in the No. 2.
and Cold Hill claim on 40-Creek,
adjoining the May and Jennie property. Mr. W. J. Ilrown has with him
some samples of ore from the property, whieh are of a high grade. On
the property a shaft has been sunk 3ii
feet and a vein of high grade ore has
been encountered. The vein averages
about five feet in width. Mr. Urown
stated that he was interesting Montreal capitalists in the property.
Mr. Brown says that the town of
Republic is one of the coining towns
of the eastern portion of the State of
Washington. The corporation is
about to install an electric light and
waterworks plant in the near future.
The mining companies of that district
are now wailing on the starting of
the Republic reduction mill and then
the development of the properties will
be carried ou in full force.
��� ���   ���
A sample of high grade ore taken
from the Ida A. claim which is sittiat-
ed'near Erie, was brought to Nelson
yesterday. The ore is free milling and
the gold Hakes can be easily seen.
Much development work has been
done on the property and a car of ore
lias been placed in the bins ready for
shipping. This will be sent to the
smelter in the near future. The main
lead has been discovered to be 111 feet
wide while there is a rich streak contained in it, which is about 14 inches
wide. Four men are engaged at the
property and they will continue work
all winter.
��� ���   ���
The following are the mining records for  today:   Certificates of   Work
��� in Zola to c. A. Sllverstone; Grade
l.'. and Rossland,to Wm.Connoll, I.o-
catlons���Golden Leaf, on Porcupine
Creek,by Neil McLennan; Ladysinith,
on Kokanee Lake, by John Mcliarvcy;
Kind,>i ley, on Kokanee Lake by Don*
aalil I Irani. Transfers���From Robert
J. Elliott to W. J. McKernan. entire
Interest In Cherry claim on Sproule
Creek, for a nominal consideration;
Herbert Mason to Alex Carrie and W.
.1. II. .McKernan, each >j interests in
Etlie L claim for a nominal consideration.
Mrs. W. A. Maedonald has returned
from a protracted visit to Eastern
Miss M. J. Thompson of New Vorlt.
sister of Mr. Ed Thompson of the
Jlume Hotel tonsorial parlors, arrived
in Nelsou last evening.
Frank I). Mooru returned last evening from a trip to his home at Orleans, Ind. He will resume his duties
as purser on the steamer Moyie.
J. 11. Ashilown, of Winnipeg, the
prominent hardware merchant, who
has been the guest of Mr. Jaincs Lawrence, will leave for the east this
Sunday morning at Ihe Baptist
Church. Rev, M. White will   speak of
The People's Service," and in the
evening his topic will be "Whose
Sons are Ye?"
Mr. and Mrs. R. G, Mel.cod have
returned from a trip to the Coast.
Mr. Mcl.ood represented the local
lodge of the A. (I. I', nl the meeting
of the Grand Lodge in Vancouver.
Owing to the change of the Canadian Pacific train BervToie tn the winter
schedule tomorrow, no boat will
leave the city wharf at 10:30 this
evening for Kootenay Landing, but
will leave instead at 5 o'clock tomorrow morning.
Tomorrow evening at 7:30 p. in..
Rev. Win. Munroe will preach on
"The Devil's Advice.' During the
sorivce, which will be held in the
Opera House, the choir will render
"In the Cross of ('hirst, I Glory." A
cordial invitation is extended to all.
The steamer Moyie will be laid up
nt the local ship yards next Tuesday
to undergo a genuine overhauling, so
as to be ready for the winter service.
The Nelson will take the passenger
trip to Kootenay Landing miring the
repairing of the Movie.
I). StovenB, the chief engineer of the
C. P. R. steamers, will return to Nelson this evening from Slocan City,and
will start at once to place the engine
and machinery in the new C. P. If.
tug. It is expected that the tug will
be ready for service iu about two
The banquet given by the Nelson
Quoit Club, at the Waverly Hotel last
evening was adecided success. During
the evening many speeches. Hongs and
recitations were rendered by the
members. As the club was never fully
organized, permanent ollieers were
elected last evening. They are : President, J. 11. Wallace; Vice-President.
A. II. Clements; Sec. -Treas, George
Nunn. The executive committee consists of J. Watson. D.H. Hardy, J. F
Weir, Wm. Irving and R. Weir.
Again the electric light dam is giving trouble, The work on the dam
has been completed up to the level of
the. to]) of the former dam. Water was
allowed to till in to that height, but
yesterday it sprung a leak at the bottom and today the water had to be let
out, so as to make repairs. A large
force of men are making all possible
speed so that the lights can again he
turned on with as little delay as possible.
The members of the various congregations of the city have arranged to
hold a union meeting on Thanksgiving morning. Thursday, Oct. is. It
will be held at 11 o'clock, at the
Methodist Church. A special programme of music has been arranged
and Rev. J. C. White of the Baptist
Church, and Rev. William Monroe,
will each deliver an address. During
tbe service a collection will be taken
up which will be contributed to the
Hospital building fund.
The (iorton Minstrel troupe drew a
large audience to the Opera House
last night. The performance was
hardly what had been promised by
the advance notices but there were
some portions of the programme
which were thoroughly enjoyable and
the evening was nol badly spent.
The company is woefully lacking in
vocal abilities. The band, however,
and the soloists therein are of a high
class und their numbers on the programme were loudly applauded. Hank
Goodman ami Jack Symonds were
good in their songs and comedy work
and the Rexford Hros. gave a splendid
acrobatic performance. While some
numbers on the programme arc tiresome, there is much about the show
from which enjoyment can be derived
and the company will probably lie
favored with another large house tonight.
of "The Coontown Inn" which appears in the Nelson Opera House on
the 18th and 10th, an advance notice
says; There are many operas, but to
present one in rag-time with colored
performers has heen left to the man
agement of "The Coontown 400." A
proof of the success may be quoted in
this the third successful season of this
famous colored aggregation. In all,
without exception.of the largest cities
where this attraction has appeared it
has been received with the greatest
enthusiasm, and departed with the
seal of well deserved success. There
are but few better known companies,
and none who arc welcomed more
heartily on their return visits than
this company. Mr. Willis the manager of this attraction, has gathered
around him only the best pei burners.
In every line of specially work the
aim has been quality and originality.
The chorus is featured as the .strongest
on the road. The costuming is magnificent and the music and effects he
latest and most novel. The ladies are
selected with a view to beauty and
quality of voice, and consist of Creoles, quadroons and octdruons, whose
appearance always calls forth wannest ptaise.
Hume. ��� Robert R JHnmmoud.Nome,
Alaska; William llrydson, Toronto;
CM. Itolston, Naniaino; K. J. Deane.
Kamloops; P, Elwcll. lioiinington
Palis; S. Mrown, Ponningtoii FiiIIh;
D.   II.  Ilirks. Larilo,  II. 0.
Phair���Alba Heywood, Gustavo Ul-
rich, Gertrude Monroe, K. Cole, Hey-
wood's Opera Company; J. II. Taylor,
RosBland; II. Redpath, Greenwood;
A.. E. Hand, New Westminster; J, II.
HeiiiHworth. Victoria; IL A. Drummond, Toronto;    P.W.Rolt,  Kossland.
Take Laxative Brorao Quinine T��blot��. All
druu_ihUi refund the money If it fulls to euro'
m.  H. W. Orovo'if signature Is ou each box,
Everything   In   Readiness   Foi
Week's elaborate  Production.
Everything   is now in   readiness for
the   best   production of   comic  opera
ever given in the Interior of Hritish
Columbia and thOSO who are present
at the Opera House on Monday evening will undoubtedly agree that it is
the best. The Nelson Operatic Society
has spared neither time   DOT  expense
making preparations for an elaborate production and those taking part
have worked with an energy that cannot fail to result in a great artistic
sun-ess. The production Iiiib cost the
BOclety nearly a thousand dollars and
this large sum has been spent to provide the citizens of Nelson with an
entertainment that can be had here in
uo other way. No traveling company
could afford to bring fifty people to
Nelson, so if the citizens desire to see
such large productions they must rely on their own people. Only liberal
patronage will make it possible for
the society to present operas on the
scale that has been attempted with
"The Mikado" and if tlie patronage
is sufficiently  encouraging the public
may rest assured that the society will
continue to live up to the reputation
they made by "Pinafore" and will be
more tluin Hustaincd by "The Mikado." The rehearsals havo been surprisingly good and there can bo no
doubt as to the success. Costumes
and scenery are away ahead of anything ever seen here.
The sale of seats has been progressing favorably all week and a large.
number have been booked. However,
there are still many good scats for
both Monday and Tuesday evening remaining unsold.
The final rehearsal is being held
this afternoon, the Gorton minstrels
kindly allowing the amateurs the use
of the stage.
brought 1ST artillery men to reinforce
the Hritish garrisons at Halifax and
Bermuda. The men were under the
command of Major Hill who was on
the staff of Colonel Mahon during the
advance to the relief of Mafeking
Montreal, Oet. Ll.���Henry George
Corthorn of MoGill College Avenue,
this city, took a fatal dose of chloroform yesterday afternoon in order to
produce sleep. An hour afterwards
his wife found him in a dying condition. Despite the efforts of the doctors he died a few minutes later. Deceased hud been suffering from neuralgia the night previous and it is presumed he took an overdose of chloroform to deaden the pain and produce
London. Oct. I..���The fact that Sir
William Venron llaramrt, like Sir
Henry Campbell-Hanncrman, w_B re
elected with a largely diminished majority, is regarded by the Ministerialists as virtually a victory for them.
The only other result announced last
evening was the re-election of Mr. R.
(1. Monroe-Ferguson, Liberal. in
Lcitllburgs, where he defeated E. T.
Salvcson, Liberal-Unionist. The party
gainH aic not changed.
Ex Governor Mcintosh's Big Scheme
to Supply Vancouver.
Vancouver has the notion that with
a generous supply of electric power it
could become a great industrial centre. And it may be that it is right.
Some of its more wide awake men
have for several years had their eyes
on Stave Lake, a considerable body of
water lying easterly a distance of
thirty or forty miles. It has an elevation with falls down the river sufficient to generate 35,ODD or 411,0(1(1
horse power. Some time ago a company was formed for the purpose of
putting the great scheme of harnessing this power into effect, but for one
reason or another nothing came of it.
The people behind lacked the courage
to face it, or tlie amount of capital required was greater than they could
manage. This is the more surprising
because of the fact that local enterprise had the backing of San Francisco and Toronto capitalists. Although
in abeyance for a long time, the
scheme was never quite dead; but it
was dragging, and life in it could not
be much longer sustained. At this
critical period Mr. C. II. Mackintosh
stepped in. obtained control of the
charter, and is already busily engaged
on the preliminary steps necessary to
a successful issue of the scheme. The
general verdict will be that the enterprise has fallen into good hands.
If any man can make it go, Mr.Mackintosh can. His connection with th
Le Roi is the best evidence of that.
lie is a man of large schemes, and
does not know what failure is. Vancouver is to be congratulated on the
happy circumstance that induced him
to take up this one. and there will he
general regret that there are not more
like him in the Province. The citizens of Nelson are in sore need of electric devlopment, for power as well as
lighting. They believe that their city
could be made the greatest industrial
centre in the Province, for there is
]iower all around going to waste.
They would be fortunate if they could
get a Mackintosh to take up a scheme
similar to the Vancouver one.
; St. Paul, Minn., Oct. 13.���Russell
Sage, of New York, among others, is
seeking to recover money on railway
aid bonds issued by the village of
Reeds, Wabash County. The supreme
court of this stato has declared that
the village lost its corporate assistance through changes in the charter
in 1895. Ponds had been issued by
tlie village in order to secure an extension of the Hastings and Dakota
Railway. When the bonds became
due they were not paid because there
WEB no village in existence responsible for the obligations. Finding no
village to sue. the bondholders have
commenced action against the township were   Heed's citizens live.
New York. Oct. 13.���The   challenge
of   Sir   Thomas   Lipton    for   another
series of   races   for   the America cup,
which arrived here today on hoard the
White star liner Germanic, was received by Mr. J- S. V. oddie, secretary of the New York Yacht Club, at 11
o'clock this morning. Mr. Odilc said
the ehallenge would be considered at
a special meeting of the club called
for Tuesday evening, October in. al
'.i o'clock, and that its text would not
lie made public until alter that meeting.	
St. Johns, Nfld., Oct. 13.���The Allan liner Coreon, Capt. Stewart, from
(ilasgow. Sept. SO, and Liverpool. Oct.
2. for St. Johns, Halifax and Philadelphia, which arrived   this  evening.
Little Metis Station, Que., Oct. 13.
��� Hon. Sir Wilfrid Laurier addressing
tlie electors here yesterday afternoon
said he was going to Ontario next
week where lie would meet Sir
Charles Tupper and square things
with him.
Montreal, Oct. 13.���Conservatives
have chosen Aid. Ouimel to oppose
Mayor Prefontaine, of Montreal, in
Maisoneaiive County.
Owen Sound. Out , Oct. 13.���At a
joint meeting of Liberal and Conservative candidates of North Grey yester
day the statement was made by the
Conservatives and substantiated by
telephone message from II. IL Cook,
ex-M. P., that he had been asked to
pay 810,000 for a Liberal  senatorship.
St. Thomas, (Int.. Oct. 13.���Frank
McQi'Ogor committed suicide last
night alter having attempted to take
the life of his sweetheart, Bertha
Hatty, by Bring three shots, one of
which Inflicted a Mesh wound.
London, Out., Ocl. 13.���John Wiseman, a prosperous fanner of West
.Missouri township, while ou his way
home from here on Thursday after
having transacted sonic business, was
thrown out of a wagon by the horses
running away and was instantly
Montreal, Oct. 1.1.��� The following
nominations took place yesterday;
New Brunswick���St. John City, Hon.
A. (I. Blair, Liberal; St. John County, Lieut.-Col. Tucker, ex-M. P., Liberal. Quebec���Hochelagii. Dr. S. La-
ohepella, ex M. P., Conservative;
Montmorency, Philas Corriveau, Liberal. Ontario���llalton. S. F. MclCin-
non. Liberal; North Waterloo. ('. Hit
zer, Liberal; Ottawa, Thomas liirkett
and N. Champagne. Conservative;
London, C. S. Ilyman, Liberal; Hamilton, Mayor Tcetzel and A. T. Wood,
6X-M, P.. Liberals; Toronto East,
George Anderson.  Liberal.
nation is in part
CoUIngwood, (int., Oct. 13.���W, W.
Smith, of Port Robinson, in charge of
the scows at the harbor works here,
was struck by a dredge lever yesterday and knocked into the water and
Toronto. Oct. 13.���With a view to
discourage the too great Inclination
of young men towards a legal ram r,
the law society of Ihe eity has '_.
creased the fees from 835 to $41) \ cr
year and will next year make it $.111.
Baby Ellie Beauohamp has been
heard from again says The Spokane
Many Spokane folks will   remember
Jesse   Beauchamp- the   si rang m
who arrived in this olty I wo vearsago
and predicted the birth of a wonderful
prophet in his household. Just before
Christmas the prophet arrived but to
Jesse's surprise she was a baby girl.
Even that did not dl,hearten her
father: and when he lefl Spokane, a
few weeks later, and went to Montana, he was still predicting wonderful
things that would follow the birth i f
the child.
Now she has been heard from agiin
-this time in Butte, Yeste:day's
Standard tells of a pi lamation 'issued hy E. Siinington her guardian���
though what has bocome of her father
ami mother is not stilted. The standard says:
"Elite llcauchamp was horn , n November II. 1808, al Spokane. The
claim was made that when only a
lew days old she talked at tines and
uttered words of wisdom and gave
prophesies.   One prophecy was that in
00 weeks from the date of  her birth
the world would begin to he nfflioted
with terrible plagues, to come successively and seven in number, and
there would be terrors untold on
earth. Ihese 00 weeks expire on October 111. and the terrors arc to begin
then, according to the prophecy.''
Slmlngton's proc
as follows:        !
"Remember the dale���November II.
1898���there wasja child bom in Spokane. Let nic���_ ly to the world that
there will he great' wonders, tribulations and destruction from now on.
All the people will suffer unless they
repent. 1 wilC'tfII you what is soon
to lake place. There will be even last
and final plagues, to start between
the 1 Dth and 17th of October of this
year, These plagues will now start
in mi all thejunrepentant, and will
continue to plagiu for live months.
There will be no rest day or night,
The torment will s^cin worse than
"The little book given by Effle
Beauohamp whenJborn,and which was
inspired by heaven, tells you that iu
Ihe 00 weeks after her birth power
will he manifested in the plagues.
The tin weeks will expire between October 10 and 17. JThe date starts from
the birth of the child. '
plague will cause most
tunes all over the world."
So the next few days wi
champ's and   Siinington'
The   great
1 put Beau-
to the test and w   may decide the entire future of   little Baby llcauchamp.
Diphtheria in the Horse.���A little
girl having fallen ill of diphtheria,
the doctor in seeking the source of infection, found thatJJJthe child's pony
was also ill, witli a purulent and
slightly foetid discbarge from the nostrils. Tho ponyS wus watched, and
later developed enlarged glands under
the tongue, and its breathing became
labored and stertorous. It was killed,
and a bacteriological examination
made of some or its nr.sal mucus by
Dr. Louis Cobhett of the patological
laboratory at. Cambi idgc. He succeeded in isolating a bacillus in every respect identical with tlie ordinary
diphtheria bacillus. It was fatal to
guinea pigs, and���the effects of infecting large doses of cultures made from
it were completely neutralized by
diphtheria anti-toxin. The germ
was undoubtedly a true diphtheria bacillus,"and we may safely conclude,"
says Dr.Cobhett. "that the horse suffers from diphtheria." The discovery
is of considerable scientific interest
in its bearing on the origin of the
anti-toxins. The presence in some
horses, which have not been artificially immunized, of diphtheria antitoxin has hitherto puzzled pathologists.
This is now easily explained by the
previous occurrence in the animal of a
true diphtheria,and the natural formation of the antitoxin in consequence.
An attack was lately made on C. F,
Collier of Cherokee, Iowa, that nearly
proved fatal. It came through his
kidneys. His back got so lame he
could not stoop without great pain,
nor sit in a chair except propped by
cushions. No*reincdy helped him until he tried Electric Hitters whloh
effected such a?W0nderfu1 change that
he writes he feels like a new man
This marvelous medicine cines'baek
ache and kidney troubles, purities the
blood and builds up your health. Only
ail cents at the Canada Drug &-. Booii
Co. 'h Store.
J. A.  Maedonald, at the Palace Con
feel ionery. on Ward   Street,   has   just
received a consignment   of   Inn   boxes
of   Fameuse Wealthy   and   Snow   apples.     For perlect fruit they far excel
any that has been   exhibited this season, being such specimens as are USU
ally only seen among   the   prize win
ners at the fruit fails.
Visit Florence Park Hotel at Roberts' Ranch,"two ami a half miles up
the river.  YV.'M. Roberts, proprietor.
FOR SA LE.���Two gootl business
lots in the town of Phoenix, 50 feet
frontage, original cost 81,000; will
sell for tin "same figure on the following terms: One-third cash, balance in
six and twleve" months. AddresH,
F. B. II..  P. 0. liox His. Nelson, B.C.
Your Eyes Hurt
Do you   know   the   difficulty'.'
It IS^tlme you consulted someone who does know.
Wi M like to find out for you.
We will tell you what your
ey6S need, and lit them for
you so you can enjoy reading
and working for years to come.
It will pay you to come and
see us.
Miiniifiiilimiig Jewelers.
5^3   They arc comfortable and at Ihe same time a protection ajruinsl ^
J^:   the cold that accompany this damp weather.    Wc arc showing 3
Ladies Rain Goats at 6, 8,10. and $16-
:   These come in Blacks, Blues and Tans.    They arc made   with ^
;   a Hubbard Hack, are the very latest idea  and   arc   thoroughly 2
:   up-to-date. ^3
We can supply tho children too for  we   have   a   complete 3
:   line of such sizes in Plain  Blacks  at   4,  5   and   $6.    Just the ~ZZ
;   thing to wear to School. _��
5^   is  our line of ^3
��   They arc made to suit all   lastcs.    The   colors   arc   Tan   and :~2
5^         Dark Blue and are made with a   Full  Straight  Hack. ZS
Some have Velvet Collars and   some   plain   ones.
SX                   We guarantee   their   waterproof   qualities. ^3
S~                           They     are    yours   at    8,    12,    i,|,
SX                                          16.50   and   $20.00. _I
[Martin O'Reilly 1
stamped on every
garment, insures
you genuine
the most perfect, most hcalthiul,
most   delightfully comfortable'
underwear nude,   indorsed
by physicians.
For lUrn, Women hiuT
���_ ��� Chllflr-li.   H-
k,AllllrHtclaHs DnrOoodii
__www Mfprall
for wood or hard or soft coal,
The   largest    line   curried   by
anv liiin in Canada,
" Good   Cheer "   Ranges   nml
Cook Stoves.    A complete line.
Call and lie convinced thut the only   place to buy
Stoves  and   Ranges  at  the   right  prices   is   the
We have the prettiestline of
Souvenir Goods iii Nelson.
The Spoons have a beautiful view of Bonnington Falls
in the bowl and different Coats
ol Arms and Emblems in Enamel on the handles. Price
from 75c. to $2.50.
>-K>*0*0*0*040_"��-0*0*0*<--0�� (
Provinc ial Board of Health
Advertisements Inserted under this head at
tho rati! of one cent a word per insertion.   No
advorLlsement taken for Iohh than ' > conl*.
FOR SALE.���Florence Park Hotel and
Roberts1   Ranch,   situated on  lake
shore, 2}4   miles from Nelson.    Apply
II. It. Cameron.
WANTED���Dressmaking    apprentices
wanted.  Salary paid.   Hudson's Bay
WANTED. ��� Eveiy   woman in   Nelson
to  visit    Mrs. Enfield's    millinery
pailors, and   see  her   stock  of   hats.
The hest in the city.
KOR   RENT.���A   furnished  bedroom
on Baker   Street, West.    Apply liox
i:i() Post Olliee.
SHORTHAND���A few pupils wanted
to complete class (evening) being
formed by an experienced teacher.
Pitman's system taught in SO lessons.
Apply at once "Stenographer," Miner
RENT.��� Cellar.    Apply
chants' Bank of Halifax.
FIRST  CLASS   room   nnd   board  in
private family. $5.50 and ?0.   Tuhle
board  81.    Carbonate  Street,   second
house east of Josephine.
STENOGRAPHER   and    Typewriter,
Manslleld Manufacturing Co. 's
Olliee, north side of linker Street, between Stanley and Kootenay Streets.
Dictation called for. Legal work a
Wlnderuioro Minofi.   Corrosp  * encBHoRcltfld
WritfnKRMERK. A. a
Regulations for  tho   Detection and
Treatment of a Disease Known'dS
Bubonic; Plague.
Approved by order of His Honor tin'
l.iei.tenant - Governor - Ill-Council,
Dated _e Otli Day   of September,
1. All sick Chinese or Japanese must
send or give notice of  their  illness tn
the Health Ollicer or Police ConBtftblo
in the district where   sueh  Chinese or
Japanese reside.
2. Physieliins in  attendance on sick
Chinese or   Japanese shull notify   the
Health oiiicer or Chairman of tho Local Hoard of Health of Municipalities!
or if in an outlying district, the Government Agent must lie notified, Bucll
notification should state the oause of
illness and the condition of the glands
throughout the body of the sICH person and should be delivered to the
Health OfHoor, Chairman of the l.ocnl
Hoard of Health or Government Agent.
as the! case may be, at the curliest
possible opporl unit v.
S. In City Municipalities tho Medical    Health   Office   shall    I tilled
within six hours of the death of any
Chinese or Japanese, by the person mi
whose premises such death occurred.
or by some relation or person having
charge of the person so dying.
I. In Rural Muniepnlities the Med-
icul Health Officer, or Chairman or
Secretary of tbe l.ocnl Board of Health
must bo notified within bIx hours ol
such deaths, and in outlying district*
the Government Agent or Provincial
Constable shall  be   notified   within
twelve hours after   such death,   or   Sl
soon nrter as possible.   Certificates ai
to the cause of death must   be   signed
by the health officer in munloltalltles
and iu outlying districts by the Government Agent, or some person duly
authorised by him.
B. Any person violating any provision of these regulations,shull be liable upon summary conviction before
any two Justices of the Pence, fur
every such offense, to a line not exceeding one  hundred   dollars, witli or
without costs,  or  to  Imprisonment,
with or without hard labor, for a
term not exceeding six months, or to
both line  and  Imprisonment,  in  toe
discretion of the convicting court.
Secretary Provincial Hoard of Health.
Hy Command,
��� Provincial Secretary.
Victoria, v c... September 8th, l!��on.
Will pay the highest cash prino for nil
kinds of second hand goods. Will buy
or sell anything from an nnchoi to a
uoodlo. Furniture, stoves, carports,
cooking utensils, bought in household
qnantitieB. AIbo caBt off clothing.
Call and see me or write. Address
Silver King Mike, Box 800. Hall
Street, Nelson, B, 0,
Coal and  Wood.
Agents Imperial Oil Oo. Ltd.
Crow's   Nest   Coal,   $6.15
Anthracite,     -     -    $9.65
No order can be accepted  unless
accompanied by cash.
Office Corner Hall and Baker Street*-
T__H0NK 311.


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