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Nelson Daily Miner Mar 9, 1900

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 f IJ I-
Daily Edition No. 671.
Nelson, British Columbia, Friday, March 9,  1900.
Tenth Year
Scenes of Unbounded Enthusiasm in London
Her Majesty Loyally Greeted
by Thousands of
March   8.
���:n PRESS.)
-Queen  Viotorlo
and tin' people of the greatest city in
her Empire today celebrated tho victories which they believe hove trims
formed the campaign in South Aftioa
from one of reverse to one of victory.
This in the only explanation of Hip unbounded, the unpnrnlelled enthusiasm
viih which hundreds of thousands
kail their sovereign. In many ways
these demonstrations outdid those of
the Diamond Jubilee although there
were no glittering pageants, no triuin-
jilnil an'hi'H, no procession of princes,
hut only a dozen Life Guards followed
by a lady in the plainest black cob-
time, who had uonie for a few day's
stay at Buckingham Palace an ahe had
done many a time before, yet her hold
npon the hearts of her people was
probnbl) never more strikingly manifested. Unlike that of the Diamond
Jubilee today's popular outburst WAS
almost impromptu. The exaltation in
the strength of a mighty Empire that
pervaded Loudon when the Queen last
drove through the streets in 181)7, gave
place to genuine thankfulness and rejoicing for the victories which had
succeeded the months of gloom.
The denth of feeling which these demonstrations represented could oirfy be
gunged by those who mingled with the
crowd. Mothers in deep mourning for
sous killed on the held of battle, straggled bravely with the most hilarious to
catch a glimpse of the Queen whose
womanly sympathy and thoughtful
ni'ss for the soldiers had touched then
hearts. Often the long, cold vigils
wire rendered futile by tears thai
dimmed the eves mid blurred the vision us tlmHuyal carriage passed. Af
one very old woniau said. "I've set u
her many a time, but she said she was
wary for my boy and I must see her
again afnre I die." Thousands bravid
tile law cast wind nnd stood for hou.s
waiting patiently who have often seen
the Queen and who in ordinary circumstances would scarcely have endured the hardship to watch her pass
Among these wero many personal
friends of the Sovereign, for instance,
the Countess of BrowiiUnv, a gre.n
friend of Victoria, and a favorite at
ccuit, who sat on the cuib, shivering
for boms with the ctowd outside
Buckingham Palace. Iu short it was
not so much a desire to see He monarch as it was an overwhelmii ng need
ol an outlet fcr jubilintlou over the
war and a natural inclination to lot
the Queen *ce and shaie the gladness
of her pcuplu that prompted London
spontaneously today to make memorable celebration of Victoria' s reign.
Ii was quite different from the mad
rejoicings that marked tho relief 01
I .ml; smith.
ing lings,    welcomed   Her Majesty   on
her way to Buckingham Palace.
The   side   streets   wero packed   t*'
twenty,   and   sometimes   a    he   ..'tV
deep.  But it was around the ' , x\^
Rowdyism wis oonsrionously absent
although the crowds reached such pio
portlous that tho number of police
would have been quite inadequate hud
the people hem obstreperous, Mote-
over, Interrainlged with the rejoicings
of patriotism thero was a particularly
keen appreciation of tho Quean's personalities, her womanly qualities,great
age and closcnu-s lo the poorest of her
subjects. This little touch of reverence
for sex, rather than for sovereignty,
rendered the huge crowds perfectly
tractable in the hands of tho good nu-
tared police nnd it was not a hard task
to induce them to surge back and to
make way for tho Koynl carriage
When the Queen of Great Britain and
Ireland and tho Empress of India did
puss, nodding as if to many friends Instead of bowing with royal restraint,
there echoed under tho roar of cheers,
many   heartfelt   expressions   such   as
God bless her,1' "ut,d keep her,"
"My, but she's a bravo womun, " and
scores of the like, it was no wonder
Hint now and again tenrs of joy rolled
down the cheeks of tho aged sovereign.
Tun Queen's entry into -London, the
commencement of her visit to tbo me-
tropohB.was marked by scenes of gteat
enthusiasm, nupuralluled since tho
Jubilee celebrations and cheers that
niaoc tho niuilty streets ring wero almost ii�� much j��� h011(ll. n( t|1B British
victories in Smith Africa as they were
vooiferoua tributes of a loyal people to
a monarch whose womanly sympathy
has been strikingly shown since the
war began. For hours before the
Vjneen started for London, crowds
gathered in the streets which had been
"iinnunccd as her route through the
metropolis and which wero decorated
wHh lings. It was foggv and cold
!'"' no nun seemed to enre. At Pad-
uington, the railway station had Cecil
0 oared of the general public, but out-
"Ids the lines, tbo people waited.
"Inn the train from Windsor anived
"' U:80n tremendous   cheer went up,
self that tho throngs
noon it, was esliinated , ���c,N*',0(IO people were gathered ^v ���no ynoun's
town residence I't . ufler noon the
Duke and D> .,i York  drove   into
tho oourtyal .d received an ovatiou.
Mr. Joseph niiiibcrlain, the Secretary of State for the Colonies, joined
unnoticed the distinguished throng in
the court yard. Later the Dnko nod
Duchess of York appeared on a balcony
iu front of tho Palace, Then from
Constitution Hill came the dull roar of
distant cheers and the nry, "She is
coming" was passed from month to
mouth. A patrol of police went by,
followed by a Hash of steel as tho Life
Guardsmen and outriders tiotled
through the gates; all hats Mow in the
air, a mighty cheei arose and thero
passed a carriage, on the back seat of
which sat a little black figure heavily
veiled and nodding right nnd left.
Suddenly,for the llrst time in the day,
the hud omiio out from behind tho
clouds and shone over the shouting
thousands and piercing tho veil it
showed happy smiles lighting the aged
monarch's (ace. It was a repetition of
the scones of tho .lubilee, nnd there
was   Quuuu's   weather   in   the   truest
A quaint ceremony occurred when
the Queen's carriage stooped at Temple liar,wlieu the Lord Mayor, Mr. A.
N. Newton, solemnly handed Her Majesty tbo Sword of Slate. With a smile
the Queen touched it and returned it
to the Chief Excutivo saying: "Thank
you for all that ray u ity has done."
To this the Mayor replied: "Your
Gracious Majesty's words will forever
he treasured in my heart."
When the Life Guaids trotted on,
the purple and ermine robes and tho
gorgeous uniforms of the City Marshall and Sheriffs and Aldermen with
their gold laced flunkeys and lumber*
ing slate conches, wero left behind
and the Queen drove quickly along tho
Embankment which was black with
cheering people. Accompanying Her
Majesty wore the Princess Chrislain of
Schleuwig-Holstoin nnd Princess
Henry of Battcnborg. The Life Guards
trotted on through tho great streets
of the city which were everywhere
thronged. The cortege passed so
quickly that tho crowds scarcely had
a chance to cheer before tlm constant l>
bowing mnuiircu bad passed out of
sight, liy live, o'clock tho Queen, rj-
ing by way of HolbOTU aud Oxford
Street had returned to Uuekiugham
Palace. The drive had been so hastily
planned that no organized attempts nt
decoration had been cairied out hut
considering the sh irt Spaoe of time it
was astonishing to see tho Dumber of
Hags which appeared along the mute
followed by Her Majesty. Many
American Hags were displayed hy
Americun concerns and hy Americans
on I ho streots.
The scene in the quadrangle of the
palace after the Queen's arrival when
Lords and Commoners joined in singing the National Anthem was unprecedented aud will probably n >ver he
repeated: Viscount Cross and Mr.
Chamberlain acted as spokesmen and
graciously greeted tho Koval visitor
hut it wiis lo Lady Bnller that the
Quean quiokly turned with a grateful
smile. Then, in tliP presence of the
legislators of tho United Kingdom,
drawing the wife of the reliever of
l.adysinith closer to her, she whispered
words of thanks. After scarcely two
hours of rest, Her Majesty made n
tour of the city proper amid the greatest enthusiasm, it is impossible to
estimate    the   extent   of
Roberts  Has  Put  Fourteen Reviews Slrathcona's Horse
Thousand Boers to
Brilliant Work Yesterday by
His  Generals Won
London, March I).���(4 :lfi a.m.)
Boers appear to have made no stand
whatever except that while in retreat
they twice repulsed Gonoral French's
cavalry with rifle file. As no report
has been mane of tho capture of prisoners, the enemy probably got ii'vay
with their entire foice. Genornl
Freuoh is still following them and
keeping between them and Blooiufou-
tein. The evacualiou of the northern
districts of Cape Colony is now netirl}
complete. The British are in possesion of tho railroad crossing. 'Die military critics comment upon the discouraging news from Mafeking. Colonel Baden-Powell seems to he in grave
need of outside help otherwise ho
would not allow the correspondent, to
send out information respecting the
distress of tbo ginrisan. A readjustment of some of tho higher commands
is taking place. General White is to
go to Storm berg to take supremo command of General Gatacro'a division
and tho tenth division, now in pro
gross of formation, which will bo under the immediate commnnd of Gen
oral Hunter, bit George White's chief
of staff.
Her Majesty
came   down   tho  station Ispeotntcli
through which she passed before reluming to Buckingham Palace, but
the numbers were well up in the hundreds of thousands. In response to a
niessago from the Lord Mayor this
evening Sir Arthur Bigg, the Queen's
private secretary, wrote: "Her Majesty is not fatigued and she is much
gratified and touched by the loyal and
enthusiastic reception accorded hir
through out this afternoon's drive."
The evening advanced, the crowds increased, red fire was burned, and tbo
whole concourse took up "God Save
th" Queen. "    Tho  bine   light nnd the
strains of "Bale Brlttania   mudo the
park ring. This was sept up until a
balcony window was opened and one
of tho Royal party, believed to be the
Prince of Wales, appeared. After a
vociferous ouihurst bo disappeared
and then   the  crowd   broke  up and   n
demonstration snob as has not been
seen in Loudon tor many years eiiino
to end.
Tho crowd ontside Buckingham Palace hud increased shortly before midnight to 800,000 persons, all singing
patriotic songs. Finally tho Princo of
Wales and Duke of York came upon
the balcony uud vociferous cheering
followed. A few minntcs Inter they
disappeared and then the Queen
herself, accompanied by several lndits,
made her appearance. After the National Anthem,u perfect roar of sound,
nnd never to bo forgotten cheers, the
blinds of the palace wore drawn, hut
thousands remained to sing and cheer.
A demonstration, which started early
in the dny.with a processio-i of vonths
inarching through the west end thoroughfares with banners (lying, stopped
outside the political and service olutiH,
the War OOlce nnd Miirlboiough House
cheering nnd singing "Soldiers of the
Queen," and other songs and finally
proceeded to tho palace which was
bathed in a flood of multi-colored
lights and surrounded by thousands of
waving flags, presented  an impressive
Loudon, March ��.���Tho Standard
publishes tho following dispatch from
Poplar Grove, dated March 8.���"The
movements of the mounted moil wore
somewhat too rapid for the supporting
infantry and as a resnlt the Boer position was turned before tho main body
could strike effectively. The Boors feil
back precipitately and extending to the
southeast, thoy checked the advance of
tho British cavalry with a heavy rifl>
fire at 11(10 yards range. Accordingly
General French moved southward anil
outflanked them aguin hut the Boers
repeated their tactics."
Csfontein, March   ?. ���(Wednesday.)
���Lord    Roberts'    movement    today
again thoroughly surprised, outwitted
and out-nianoeuvered the Boers who
lied almost without tiring a shot. The
plan of buttle was as follows: General
Oolvllie's division extended along the
north hank, General Tucker held the
centre reserve and the Guards brigade
had the centre advance. General
Kelly-Kenny's division was ordeied to
make a lingo Hanking movement on
the Boers' left, following General
French who was iuslructed to move
southeast until opposite the Boer Hank
and then to swing around to the rear,
livery movement was admirably exo
Dated aud entirely successful. The
Boers wore surprised ns was evident
from the state of tho deserted camp
Twice the British cavalry were almost
in a position to charge but they admit
the  crowds I ,iia, (|���,y w(<ru foiled by   tho   inunoeu-
Parliament Hill.
Parliament Passes Redistribution Bill After Long
Al.S TO Till
vering of tbo Boers. When last seen
General French was pursuing the enemy vigorously. He was butween them
and Bloemfontein, about 11 miles from
the right wing. General Colvillt-
merely demonstrated against a high
mountain occupied by the Transvaal
troops who arc now fleeing in consequence, to tbo Freo State, south of the
river. It is impossible at present to
give the Boers' numbors but it is estimated that thoy renoh 14,000, all of
whom  aio now in flight.
'I'dlurni aaning on the urm of n fur-
"���""���'> Indian attendant, nnd entered
an open bindau in which also sut Priii-
cess Henry ���f Battenberg and Princess
*'��Jorra,      of    Schleswig-Holsteln,
*na Koval pnrty woru ,)lllok ,lnr,
���"on ml tiio Queen's nook   was a   sable
On the part of the Government in
tho Houso of Commons. Mr. A. J,
Balfonr replying to a question today
said tho rooomninndation for the form-
ntiou for a regiment of Royal Irish
Guards, of which the lirat colonelcy
would be given to Lord Roberts,would
, "" lt��- A continuous round of be submitted to the Queen nnd would
< ncei> from sidownlks and windows in undoubtedly bo favorably consideied.
winch hundreds
wore jammed,    way-
Continued on fourth Pinto.
Mafeking, Feb. 10.���Horse me it now
oompoBes a considerable part of our rations. There is little grumbling. The
first pinch of the siege is over and the
town has Bettled grimly to stick it
out. What nmy be tyj boid-iiiuluiu,
has broken out in tbo women's laager
and dysentery, duo to tho absence of
vegetables, is" rife among tbo garrison.
We are thrown upon our own le
sources. Snob luxuries ns we hud arc
exhausted or have been commandered
for the hosptuls, which are filled to
overflowing. The children's grave
yard, close to the womon's langir,
grows weekly ss the young lives ore
cut short prematurely by shell and
fever. We look with hope deferred for
relief. The cheerfulness which was
characteristic of the early days of the
seige has almost deserted us, the men
preferring to remain at their posts
rather than move about aud work up
an appetite, whioh cannot ho satisfied.
Tho natives ure iu the worst plight.
Those who are unable to obtain woik
are allowed a snail handful of meal
daily. Many wander about tho town
with gaunt and hungry fuceB in search
of work which entitles them to an
extra ration of meat. If they find
work they aic generally too weak lo
perform it. From their ndvanced positions the Boers rake the streets and
the market siinare. It is impossible
to dodge their bullets. We have taken
remarkable precautious, however, aud
the casualties though heavy, are not
what (bey might have been had less
able men been ut (he hoed of affairs,
liven the headquarters' mess fares
scantily. Two bundled mid ninety-
two persons hnve been killed,wounded,
or died of disease. The garrison is so
small (hat it would bo criminal to
"Continual uu Koartli I'-'>:������.
March 8
Horse, who number nbout 800, had a parade this forenoon from their quarters
at Lansdowne Park to Parliament Hill.
There wero many thousands of people
present to receive the men on their arrival on Parliament Hill. Among those
present wore Lord nnd Lady Minto,
Sir Wilfrid Lanrier, Sir Louis Dnvies,
and Messrs. Borden, Fielding, Doboll,
Blair, Patterson, Scott, Sutherland,
Tarte, Mnlook, Sir Charles Topper and
neai ly all tbu Members and Senators
in tho citv. Mrs. Borden presented
Colonel Steelo with four guidons,
which were tho gift of tho Indies of
the civil service. Colonel Steele m-
lurned thanks in a few brief words.
Sir Wilfrid Lnurier said timt ho was
kind of the privilege to address Colonel
Steele, and the officers and men of
Slrathcona's Horse and to sny farewell
to them on their mission to Sonth Africa, foi which Lord Struthcoua in his
munificence had given them an opportunity. Lord Strathcona was one of
those men, who wns au honor to mankind and to his country. By his ou-
ergy, industry and business habits he
had been able to accumulate a large
fortune, which ho held as trustee for
the people and for tho benefit of tho
country more tliuu anything else. The
Premier paid a compliment to Colonel
Steele who hud been personally engaged iu the Hervico of his country and
who hud brought the far west into an
enjoyment of the benefits of civilization uud the advantages of law and order. Ho (Col, Steele) waB now on a
somewhat ditferent mission but one
which he hoped would end in the
same way, and that he would also aid
iu bringing a beaten but noble foe to
the merey of British rule. "From all
my heart," suid the Premier, 'I Wish
you God speed, Be true to your
country and your country will bo true
to your inomory and oi thoeo who have
gone before yon, and above all things
be Canadians. (Cheers). Sir Charles
Topper followed. He agreed with the
sentiments expressed by the Premier
and spoke of Ins addiess in Boston the
other day, when be testified to the
loaylty of the French-Canadians.
He also referred to the great muni-
Qcenoe of Lord Strathcona who was
sending them to the front and conoh'ri-
ed by wishing them Godspeed. Dr.
Uorden presented n pair of glasses,
which were the gift of a nomber of the
members of Parliament, to Colonel
Steelo. The Minister of Militia made
a neat and appiopiiute speech and in
doing so said the friends of Colonel
Steele wore numbered by all who knew
him and his admirers wero tho whole
population of the Dominion. "When
you nso these glasses," said the Minis
ler of Militia, "von will remember
our prnyers and kind wishes of a nation, God speed, success and a sn'e return to yourself aud those men who
acooinpany you."
Colonel Steele said that the kind
wordB which bad been spoken would
no a great encouragement to them all
in their work. Lord Minto, also made
a brief speech referring to the timo be
had served with Colonel Steele iu 1885,
Lord Strathcona's great gift and to the
confidence with which tbo country
looked to the regiment to do its duty.
"I hope," he said in conclusion,
"that you leturn with honor and
Dr. Borden referring to sending off
100 men to recruit the first regiment
���aid that it was not likely the Department would go west of Toronto in selecting so small a number. He said
that if they were not ready in time to
go with the Monterey, they could he
sent Inter hy u boat which was going
to take Canadian hay to Sonth Africa.
Iu the House of Commons today, Mr.
Mnlook moved the third reading of tho
Redistribution Bill. Mr. Speaker
waited to see if any one waa going to
i oak and not seeing anyone attempting to do so called out "carried."
Bennett (Blraooe), rose to sponk amid
cries of "chair." Mr. Speaker said
the bill was earned. Tupper appealed to him to allow Bennott to proceed
and Lnurier said thorn was no intention to shut off tbu discussion. Mr.
Speaker said that with the consent of
the Honse the diecuBSiou might proceed. McNeill moved that clause two,
nf i.id, sen on, two, be amended by adding to section two, "irrespective of
any consideration to tho balauco of
political parties in the several const it
iietioies. So that the olause would
read. "The letters patent, appointing
ibo commissioners shall direot them,
iu making the divisions to consider the
dlstrhntiou of population, referrng to
the latest census of Canada,publio convenience and such divisions us appear
to them best calculated to do substantial justice irruBpeetive of auy consideration ni to tho balance nf political
parties iu the several constituencies. '
l.nmier was surprised that such a
Britisher as McNeill would suggest nn
Imperial statute to over contain even
a reference to either political party
and that evidently McNeill was taking his inspirations from Washington.
if he   wouid  reflect, said
would not press such nu  amendment, i
Tupper did not approve of tho amendment and McNeill withdrew it.
Tho coraniisioner of Yukon territory
wires (hat Washington's birthday wns
celebrated by an entertainment for the
benefit of the Widows and Orphans'
Fund at Dawson, and was a great success, the proceedings amounting to
about |450,
Bonnet, (Heat Simcoo) and B.ill
Spoke nt   length, after which   Tupper
moved   the   following    amendmenti
That all words after "that" bo struck
out and following substituted : "in the
opinion of Ibis House, it is expedient
to intronucu In place of the present
bill a measure based on the following
provisions: First, that a commission to
consist of the chief justices of the
highest courts of judictature in each of
tho Provinces of Canada shall be appointed for the purposo of fixing tho
boundaries of each constituency entitled to elect a member or members of
the House of Commons in ouch Province of Canada,and of determining the
number of members to be elected for
oaoh constituency in accordance with
the British North America Act; second, that such commission in so doing
shall consider tho distribution of population according to the then latest
census of Canada and the public interest and convenience nnd shall particularly hnve regard to the principle of
representing by population and shall
also regard as fur ns practicable to the
boundaries of counties, municipalities
aud cities ; third, that such commission
shall be appointed as soon as possible
after the completion of the next census
and shall complete their work with
all convenient speed."
Lnurier, iu replying to Tapper's
amendment, said that it was entirely
irrelative to the bill before the House.
Ho would not therefore discuss its
merits although he congratulated the
leader of the Opposition on being now
converted to the value of a Redistribution Bill. The uni 'lirimeut ho provided for redistribution after the next
census, while the bill contemplated
redistribution before tho census so ns
to remedy evils which were enacted by
the bills of 1?83 and 1893. Montague
spoko in favor of the amendment and
was replied to by Patterson. The debate was continued by members on
both sidiw mid the House divided at
midnight on Supper's amendment
wblob was lost by 48 for to HI against,
a majority of 40 for the Government.
Putteo voted with the Government.
It wns n straight parly vote, all Independents voting with the Government.
The bill was then read a third time
and passed.
THE C. P. R.
Important Announcement by
Manager Wliytc Last
Large Buildings Will Be Commenced at Once and Side
Tracks Laid.
Montreal, March 8. ���The G. T. R.
today announced nn increase of ten
cents per day in the wages of section
men on portions of their system in
Canada to be effective April i.
Brockville, Out., March S. ��� John
Murray, for 75 years a resident of
Brockville, died this morning. He
wns Town Councillor for 17 years, a
member of tho Hoard of Health, Board
Governors St. Vincent H(spits] aud
separate school, and treasnier of St.
Francois Xavier Komiin Catholic
Church. Archbishop Gunthier will
officiate at the funeral to lie held Saturday.
Chatham, Out., March 8.���The Odd
Fellows' (80,000 temple was formally
dedicated here today, oerenonies being
performed by Dr. McLurg, of Woodstock, Grand Master of the Order. Tho
proceedings concluded with a banquet.
Toronto, March 8. ���Stn��loy Jackson
was stubbed in tho back this morning
by some unknown youth. While walking along the street with some companions, some boys begun snowballing
him nnd ho rushod among them to
stop them, when one drew n knife and
inflicted the wound.
Toronto, March 8.���Three hundred
students of (ho School of Practical Science and Arts, Toronto University,bad
a fight on the campus this morning in
which blood was freely drawn. Three
score of students were fined for fight
ing and   expulsions may follow.
Winnipeg, March 8. ���A reduction in
C. P. K. passenger rales in Manitoba
to three cents per mile is announced to
lake effect on the loth install'.
Thero are many military men nnd
others offering here for service. The
following officers have already volunteered (or either garrison at Halifax,
or in tho field in South Africa' Capt.
Parry, 00th Battalion ; Cant Merugnn,
reserve, formerly DOtb Battalion ; Capt.
McLaren, late lltlth aud Capt. A. B.
McLean, lute 4'Jnd Battery.
The managers of the Auditoiinni
rink here have decided not to accept
the offer of the M. A. A. A. hockey
team of Montreal to give exhibition
games with the Winnipeg Victorias.
Mr. Whyte, manager of O, P.
lines west nf Port William made
important announcement to The Miner
last night. Yesterday Mi. Whyte, Mr.
Marnoie, general superintendent of
the Pacific division, Mr. Thus. Tait,
manager of lines east of Fort William,
aud other officials went fully into tho
matter of the company's accommodation here uud it was decided to proceed at onr.o with the erection of a depot, freight shed, round honse and
coai pockets nnd the laying of at least
threo miles of sidetracks. This will
make Nelson nn important divisional
oentre in every sense of I he word.
As outlined by Mr. Whyte, tie improvements will he ns follows: A largo
depot and office building will bo erected at the foot of Baker Street, where
that street intersects Slocan Street.
The plans for the depot have not yet
been finally decided upon but I hey are
receiving attention now and no delay
will bo made in determining the nature and size of the building, It will
be nu imposing structure and will he a
great ornament to the City. Captain
Troup and Mr. Gntelius, the latter of
whom will he moved here ut once, and
the train master and dispatchers will
have offices in this building and tho
telegraph, ticket and district freight
agent's offices will be in an uptown
block, probably in the one to be erected by Messrs. Kirkpatriok, Wilson and
Clements. All tho other buildings will
ho north and west of the depot, the
latter being on the south side of the
main line and the other buildings on
tho north. The publio will therefore
cioss no tracks in visiting the depot
or otllceB. The freight shed will he
as large ns the company deems will
be required for years o come nnd will
ho over twice as large us the present
one. It will be located on the high
ground ucross the fiat from the depot
site. The round house will be nearer
the lake and in it will he included u
machine shop, winch will he used for
car repairing until surh time a-j the
traffia demands a building for this
work alone. Coal pockets will bo
erected iu a convenient place for loading engines. The sidetracks will cover
the whole flat aud the work on them
will be a most important thing as it
has been estimated that the grading
alone will involve an expenditure of
120,000. The tracks will be laid above
the level of the flat iu order to avoid
trouble from high water.
As to the question of total expenditure Mr. Whyte said that no estimate
.���noM be made nntil all the plans wire
filially decided upon. The work would
lie pushed, he said, iu order that
everything would he in readiness by
the fall. As work on all the buildings
and side trucks will be proceeded
with at the same time a large number
of men will be employed mid a great
d"iil of money will consequently be put
���u circulation in Nelson this Bummer
as a result of tho O. P. K. 's decision
to lose no more time getting to woik.
With the construction ot the Balfonr extension also under way Nelson
will have a large army of workiiiginen
spending their wages with its merchants. When the buildings and yairis
are completed n large number of men
will hi engaged in and around them
which will mean many more families
to swell Nelson's population. Mr.
Whyto's announcement also settles for
ever the fact that Nelson is to he (ho
most important railway centre���in fact
the only big railway centre in Southern British Columbia.
The house recently occupied by Mr.
H. K. BoiibIbv will he used for the
time being by Captain Troup and]Mr.
(lutelius, who will take up office quarters there at once.
Winnipeg, March 8.���The Tribune
says tonight.: "A great deal of comment has been arouaed by the statement, marie by Premier Mucdonnld at
Necpawa, that should the Hou. Mr.
Davidson be defeated, the Parliament
will be dissolved and a new eleotion
held. Mr. H. W. Hastings, the Con-
seravtive Organizer, was seen in regard to the report and stated that be
understood it to bo a correct statument
of what Mr. Macdonald had said, adding that he considered it n very advisable step to take under tho circumstances. It would give the country another opportunity to assert its confidence iu the existing government.
Winnipeg, Maioh 8.���Rev, J. B. Sil-
cox, of Saorauiento, Oil., will probably accept tt call to Central Congregational Church tins city succeeding
Rev. Mr. Pedley, who goes to Euiman-
uel Congrcgaliounl Church, Moutreul,
Laoriei, he,'""' mouth.
The Noble Five   Slide   Again   Causes
n Fatal Accident.
Sandon, B. CI., March 8.���The snow
slide at the Noble Five mine this
morning killed Fred Sheppard, (married) of Cody, B. C., and Alex. Man-
Farlane(siugle),of West Bay.Cnpe Breton, nnd also injured a man named
Paris, March 8.���The famoos Theatre
Francais has been destroyed hy fire.
Tho Theatre Fraucnifl or Corned ie
Francais, was situated on the Place du
Theatre Francais, near tho Palais
Koyale, and occupied the highest rank
among the theatres of France. It was
built in 1782, but wns much altered iu
later years and contained many magnificent specimens of art in sculpture,
relief Mid painting. The lack of
steam fire engines wns largely responsible fir the rapid spread nf the fire.
The filemon apparently relied on the
ordinary pressure from the wilier
mams and tins wns not sufficient to
curry water to the upper purt of (he
building. A battalion of troops arrived on the scene and assisted in the
salvage of tbu valuable library aud
1 an hives.
*> 4
s ���
iN Olson Daily Miner
I'ubllsiiiHi Hatty oxconl Monday.
11   1    BEATON, Kditorand Mnuagor.
Governor has thrown iii his way. A
man strong enough tu form a Government can complete bias task within the
few days i cssury to, BtSAmble his colleagues; no other is expected to try it.
Tho seasons are not to wait on Mr.
Martin. That is not the custom iu
such oasis, and as it is not he must fill
his Cabinet without whining loi time
or take himself olT.
More than once daring recent days
the RUggestlon has been made that the
Kiioten.iys   should   unite   ill     electing
representatives who would go to Victoria pledged to promote local Interests, wthont regard to conditions elsewhere. The Piovinoe is split up into
factions, it is said ; let iib have a faction, too, with the understanding that
it will devote itself exclusively to the
interests of our own district. Wu hope
there are very few who will take this
low and narrow view of their responsibilities as oiliz.tiis of a great Province.
It would be a much nobler ambition if
wo should endeavor to make it our
mission to break up tho factions tli.it
already exist, and to bring to all a full
realisation of the fact that whatever is
best for the Province as a whole is best
for each of its pints. That would ho a
brand of polities that would do us
somo credit. Every representative u
expected to keep u watchful eye over
the local interests with which bo is
directly entrusted; but no patriotic
uithten oan desire to see the Province
split up into sections, each having itB
faction, aud ull struggling the one
against tho other.
We do not understand that the Conservative convention to he held in
Nelson shortly is called out of sympathy with this unworthy suggestion.
The Miner is firmly persuaded thut
this Province will never enjoy stable
uud progressive government until Fod-
erul parly linos are drawn, and our
affairs are conducted undor that deeper
seiiBO of responsibility which belongs
to government by party. There may
he good reason to regret that the Coast
politicians are uniting to maintain
the present hybrid system. It is
thought that there are special circumstances which would render its
continuance for n brief time longer of
advantage to the Piovinco. The situation is not yet sulliciently developed to
enable us to judge of the expediency
of this course, an I having to rest content with present Information we
would be glad to see the Kootenny
Conservatives   force   the hands of   the
politicians elsewhere nnd compel them
to adopt party liu'js. That, we take
it, is the object of the coming convention. It may he (hat before its mooting there will be developments which
will change its purpose. But in any
event The Miner hopes and believes
that in whatever is done the first and
greatest regard will he had for the in-
totests of the Province ns a whole.
Let us leave parish   politics   to parish
The Province newspaper, of Vancouver, that speaks for the Ottawa Liberals, is very emphatic iu its repudiation
of that alleged Liberal uudorsutiou of
Mr. Martin. 11 thus explains the matter: "Saturday evening's meeting
wns simply, to uso a phrase of the
day, 'it put up job,' desigued by members of the executive committee of the
Liberal Association nnd some of their
friends, who were conspicuous members of the Headman's Island ciri/.ens'
committee which met with such signal repulse and repudiation nt the lust
municipal elections It wus a packed
meeting attended almost wholly hy
Mr. Martin's supporters, included
among whom wore u number of complete strangers and boys, who were not
members of the Association, mid who
are not even on tho voters' lists, but
who were permitted to voto for Mr.
Martin nnd who helped to swell the
two-thirds majority of those present
which ho received. If there had been
any desire for fair play or uny wish
On the part of those who wero engineering the gathering to keep faith
wilh the public, these bins would not
have been brought iu to puck the meeting and vote for Mr. Martin."
Nothing in the present political situation has more surprisxl the country
than the remarkable change that hsi
come over the spirit of The Vancouver
World's dreams. While Mr. Martin wus
a mere member of a party opposed to
Tnrnerism,tO use (he favorite phrase, it
unceasingly warned the people that he
ho was a man who wns not to trnsted.
It raked np his old Mimitobn record to
show that ho was treacherous ns a
friend and unprincipled ns an enemy.
It opposed Ins election in Vancouver,
pursued him while a Minister, and
hud not it good word to say of him
during the months he forced himself
into (lie position of an ally of tho Opposition. All this time ho wns a dangerous man ; but now thut he is Premier, with the absolute authority that
goes with the position, The World is
disposed to think kindly and speak favorably of him. It would like to see
this dui gerons man at tho head oi a
Government, with full power to do ns
he  pleases.
It Is an extraordinary change, hut it
is no concern of The Miner's to quarrel with it. Under the political con
ditions that prevail in this Province,
men and newspapers are evidently
privileged to chop about with every
new wind. Wo assume this fiotu the
fact (hut they do chop about. But we
Venture to point out to The World that
the average elector will require some
better pleading than the following in
excuse for Mr. Martin's delay in completing his Cabinet: "Iu tbo trying
position in which the Premier finds
himself hu asks for that measure of
justice and fair piny to which be
claims ho is entitled, and which is
characteristic of British institutions. "
This is the veiiest fudge. In the first
place the position is of his own seeking; it can ho said with troth that he
reached it after much plotting that
would do little credit to any concerned
in it. The circumstances do not permit that justice and fair piny ho invoked in his bebalf, He has undertaken a task, and the only thing to do is
to perform it. II was his duty to consider the difficulties beforehand, and
he should have been prepared to go
through with it ill spite of them. No
consideration of justice or fail play is
involved iu the matter. The World's
plea means that Mr. Martin is to be
given weeks, months if necessary, to
pxploit the opportunity the Lieutenant-
50 Cases
New Drugs
and riedicines
Received this week,
fresh from the manufacturers.
Tolophonc 1 ir>.    P. n. Box 996.    Baker Street.
Mull Orders Promptly Attended 'Co.
The Annual Meeting of the Kootenny
Lake General Hospital Society will be
held in the Court   House  on  Tuesday,
the 18th day of Harob, 1900, at8 p. in.
There will be a meeting of (lie Directors at 2:80 p. 111.
The membership fee is $1(1 per annum and entitles the member to Hospital llciiclits for one year.
o.ny person subscribing fl a month
Will be entitled to the  benefits of  the
Hospital foi'that period,
Subscriptions are solicited ami a full
attendance of members and those desirous of becoming members is requested. A full statement of receipts) and
expenditures  will be submitted,  an
election held for six Directors to  serve
for two years,  ami other Important
business will be transacted.
New Books.
Parson Kici.lv;
By Andrew Lang
Mr. Jack   Hamlin's Media-
Bret II.iite
Louis Crcswicke
The Bitter Vintage;
K. Douglas King
An African Treasure;
J. MacLareji Cobban
Prospecting,  Locating and
Valuing Minks;
Engineers' Examinations;
NewCatEchism of the Steam
Maxims and Instructions for
the Boiler Room;
The Minkual Industry;
Liff of Napoleon III.;
By Archibald Forbes
Real Estate & Mining Agent
Eoom 1. Tumor-Eoeck Block.
First-class business for sale, paying
Kit-TV Pub Cent.
Splendid central house, 0 rooms, all
conveniences;   .Ml fool lot      A snap.
Good building site, on 60foot corner;
raagnlfloeal situation,
Advertisement* Inserted under this hood nt
I he rat- of one cent a wont per Insertion.   No
sdvorUssmsnl laksn for ions than sjosots,
BOARD AND HOO.M.-$tl per   week.
Table board  fi.   Carbonate  .Streot,
third door enst of Josephine,
TO   RENT.���Five   room   house; good
situation, lariju garden.   Apply Box
WANTED.���A kooiI  koucihI servant,
elderly person  preferred,   Apply  to
Mis.   K.  Cording!/,    top of Vernon
WANTED, ��� Thorough,    experienced
servant.    Apply Mrs   P. K.    Wilson,
Victoria Street.
WANTED.��� Furnished House; BUnnt
four rooms; not ton fnr from linker
and Water Streets. House with lintli
100111 preferred, Address "B" Miner
O 111 ce.	
PHONOGRAPH   for   safe  cheap.   J.
,1. Walker, Jeweler,    llakei Stieet.
NUR8E Girl wanted,    nge, about    I.",.
Chinaman kept.     Apply   P. O.  liox,
74, Nelson.
WANTED.-For     three     |icopl��.    tWn
rooms with hoard in central  part   of
lown.    With hath   preferred,    Address
H, Miner Offloe.
WANTED.-Hoys   and girls lo   strip
tobacco.    Fifty cents a day, mid   iih
much morn as they  enn earn.    Kootenny Cigar 'Joinpuny,
Gamble & O'Reilly
for" SALE.
2 Lots,  fi-Uooni   House, corner,
on Curl (unite street $2,()tHI
2 Ixils, S-K00111 House.   Cni'liun-
ate street     2,150
II Lots and House  nn Silica St.
between Stanley aud Ward.
Terms ."     8,000
Agents foe  Hume Addition   and  a
large number of Addition " A" Lots.
Accident mid Sickness.    Special Health
Policy issued by
Head   office,   Montreal.       Costs only
810 II year.
Gamble fc O'Reilly.
H. & M. BIRD
Agents for Eureka Mineral Wool and
Asbestos Co
Real   Estate.    Fire   Insurance.
Private Funds to Loan.
TWO good Building Lots, reaily
cleared, with Shunt,v, on
Holison Hi reel,between Stanley and Kooteutiy I iJOO IK)
Five-Boom House and two well
cultivated Lois, neatly fenced
All  plumbing  except sewer
connection $1100 mi
(iood    Furnished    House and  2 acres
of land, across the river.   For sale
Fivo   Room   House   (furnished)
Victoria  Street east ... $!lu 00
Conservatives nnd  nil favorable to
the Uonseivativo cause arc invited to
register their names upon tho voters'
list Registration oan take place at
any tune,the qualifications heinc lliit-
ish subjects, 21 years of age, six
months' residence in the Province and
one mouth's residence in the Hiding.
The same voters' list is used for both
Dominion and   Provincial elections.
The following will he pleased to
draw applications at their offices for
Intending voters:
R. W. HANN1NOTON,   and
S. M. BRYDGES, Secretary Conservative Association.
Fraternity Hall
l"i linker .1 lumi<  hIn.
can he rented for Concerts, Lectures
Dunoee, Banquets and every kind of en-
t.fi111 inimril. (jood ante-rooms, cloak
rooms, Kitchen nnd dining room furnished.    For ternipply
DR, E. O. ABTHUB1 City.
A good paving Dairy business in
the Town of Fern lei B. O., will sell
out at a bargain. Seven cows, lioise,
llelgb, milk wagon, 31ms, and every-
thing belonging to a lirst class Dairy.
Frame House and stable. Apply Box
lnil. Fprnie. B   0.
BuIManwU] tind 11 to their advantags to
flioirt.' with Bradley St Oe.cn Painting,
Ten acres, with law Imusc close to
Nelson. Fine situation for keeping
isiulliv. Horn I fowl house Apply X,
liox 1131), Post Office, Nelson.
�� WE   HAVE   SOLD   75%   OF   ALL  THE
.^      Used in the Kootenny.
2 ������������
Steel Mining Rails, f:
Blacksmith Coal, i-:
Sewer Pipe, Etc.   ��
Poi)'.: Worry.
Merchant  Tailor,
Josephine Street,
Suits from $25.00 Up.
In the matter of an applioation fur a
duplicate of u certificate ;,f title tn lots
eleven   (11)   and   twelve   (18),   blonk
twenty-seven (a?), city of Nelson,  n
Notice is hereby given thnt It is my
Intention nt the expiration of one
RlOUth Iroin the publication hereof, tu
issue a duplicate of the certificate of
title to the above lands, issued to
fJeorgu A. B. Hall, on the 30th day of
December, 1888, uud numbered IfiSfj K
Land Registry office,   Victoria,  H
0., 19th February, vmi
tii w<
have them.    This week we are placing On Sale many lines of. Desirae
House FURNISHINGS, at prices that will insure a speedy clearance.
8-.j Bleached Sheeting, plain or twill, special 25c.
44-inch Bleached Circular Pillow Cotton, special 20c.
36-inch Grey Cotton, special 5c yard.
32-inch Flannelette, special 5c yard.
56-inch Table Linen, special 25c yard.
5-8 Linen Table Napkins, special $1.00 dozen.
Linen Towels, 18x32, special 25c pair
Linen Damask Table Covers, special $1.50.
AlUWool Blanketb, 6ox8o, special $3.50.
Comforters, large size, special $1.00.
Lace Curtains, special values 75c, $1.00, $125.
Early buyers will secure best choice.
^iV-^^^��^Si��S*^'<&'. aft '^S' fi ^S**0*' eat ^' aat VaS A" aatVsat' ^ --��S*-4a>'S
Heated by Hot Air
Finest   Dining   Room
in the City.
Temperance Hotel.
The Family Eesort of the
TheWaverly Hotel
House and lot, 3 rooms, summer
kitchen and woodshed      Price $800
House and 2 lots, nice situation,
4 rooms plastered, large kitchen.
PriceIlIOO, on easy terms. Also
;i few
Fine Residences.
Great Reduction!
"���Uil���''""'   $9.65 per Ton
,T $6.15 per Ton
Bank of
British Columbia,
Is now prepared to issue
Drafts and Letters of Credit
on Skaguay, U.S., Atlin, B.
C, and Dawson City, Yukon
Fire, Life and Accident   Insurance,
Money to loan, Real Estate.
Next door lo New Hunk of Montreal,
on Knnlt'iiay Street,
Nelson. 13.0.
Phones:    Office,  H7:   Houbb,  152.
Four-room Hodho awl   three, lots,
Mill St., good lunation  ���l.uOO
Hevou room Hiiuro, moilorn   conveniences  3,700
One lot, Baker St  1,300
IfiO-foot corner on Roblon St....     1100
Two lotH, OliHiirviitory St      050
Call and See Me.
Real Estate,
Fire Insurance,
Life Insurance
Small   House $ 8.00
Small Cottage    10.00
Delivered to an any point on
Kootenay Lake.
I have a complete stock
on hand of
Mill at PILOT BAY.
Yards, NELSON and LAKDO.l
J.   A.   SAYWARD.
Nelson Employment Agencv
Twelve coal miners. Waitress. Dishwasher.
Help of all kinds furnished.
J. H. LOVE, Ag't      Baker V
Brewers of Fine Lager
Beer and Porter.
Drop in and see us.
MINIM.   I K MH.       AOTAHV riltUC.
Wlndormore Hi    Cornwp - onooSolUiltod
Paper Hanger,
Glazier,    Paiiiter,    Etc-
Chimney Sweeping.
Office, Ward St. opp. Opera House
Nelson Cleaning and Dyeing
S. D. PIERRE Prop.
Ladies' and Gents' Clothing cleans I
dyed, altered and repaired.
Rear or ClarkB llolnl. HKIxoN
t'lvll and MoohanloAl BoKiOOOis,
Supiiliotl ami Erootod.
AGKNT8 for tho Itlmlon Iron Work��, Bsbcock
& Wlluox BoljorOo., Crooke'i Wire ltoim
ami ROpOWBfl. Kt��.t Kto.
whoro you can doponil on fretting tho hont
hiiumI,. in ih>, market anil any quantity from
lUo. up,   Pricotj cannot be dlHputod,
tiionk 11:1.
Frank A. Tammlvn, Mgr.,
Baker Strbet, Nelson
"tWp'ip* > NliLSON DAILY MINER, FRIDAY,   MARCH o,  i9od
Hudson's Bay   company s
Thrown opon to the
Mtraotlvo Exhibit of (foods of ah sorts
i Milium" i>y Hundreds ol
mi.. nu.isi.n'H Hay   Company iiiiuik-
'ml  tits boRlnninR  "f  its general
��������iU0��N  i"   Holson   yoslmil.-.y with a
diu id opening ut ita palatial new store
���   tuit.'i  Streot.   For several  weeks
!!'  Mci i mill bis able oorpsoi as-
! tai'iis have been busy preparing the
indliiM tor Hi" formal opening and
voBor.liiy'H display yai a greai t..-
nnta n n��' efforts ihat have neon used
tnnillkfl the interior of the building nn
axnoBltioti nt what tim company a
,���,rnr.i to furnish its ouatomeri in
Niisiin   If the crowds of  interested
.lolltsoi i - who VlBilod the store yester-
I1V (for "o ��""lls w,'r" "" Bl,1,,) t'"" ho
tul'iMi as i> good onion for lutiiro pros-
nuiitv " rashtng business will be the
ontaomenl the atlveni of this new bid-
ner lor NolBon's high olass trade.
Prom the hour anuounosd roi the
0Ii,inm" :i steady stream of people eir
culaied through the various depart-
ninnta :unl praises were lavUhod upon
the artistia   ''isplay   that greeted   the
eye on "11 iMei. , , .   ,.
On entering tlw main floor at the
oorner ntlentlou was first drawn to the
men's furnishing department and shoe
doiiailnieiil. both of wliieh are under
tlm diiietinii of Mr. MeAilain. These
linniirtmeiits me complete iu ovury de-
tnii nnd had au attractive clis(iiay of
mtin's wear. On the opposite side of
the same room is the drygoods aud
ladies' wear department which is ore-
lided ever by Mrs. Dawson, assisted by
Miw Tiunlilyii and Miss Mott. A
countless array of flue stuffs is displayed en the counters and shelves nud
in the centre of thu room are two long
taldis mi which are mi exhibit of ladles' waists mid figured silks. Duck of
till! is another table with a comprehensive n.-Miitiiient of men's hats. The
fiunt windows are attractively decorated With ii display of silks, dress goods,
nnijlina ami ladies' tailor made suits.
The display window is divided from
the main store by red cnttains hunt
on brass rods, Mr. F. N. Smith, tin
manager ef the drygooda department,is
inchntge ol all the departments! located in this mom. The grocery depart
nn in on Hie opposite side of the build'
trig is reached hy two nrohert door
ways. Here can be found tin almost in
exhaustible supply of fnnay nud staph
groceries, Any article known to tie
grocery trade can be procured froe
the shilvis mid counters that are con
weiintly arranged on both sides.
Messrs,George Kelleway aud A.Dlmic
will lake care of liny eustoiiiers win
oome their wny. In the rear of tin
building is the private t.llloe of Mr
Mi'Leori, the local manager, mid tin
acooontnut's office, which is oocnplw
I'.v Mr, l.iiehnic and Miss Kwnrt.
tin tin- neoond lloor.Jto the left of tin
stniia will   he located the dressinnkiiu
depart nt, which will be  in  ohaigi
ef Miss I'attinsoii. In front of this n
the carpet and household goods depart'
incut   | resided    over hy    Mr.    Fisher
This department prosented nn attrac
live anpnatance, The windows wen
hung with line luce etirtnins nud fnr
He ceiling between this anil the crock
cry department wns hung with in ��r
tistio assortment ot rugs, oarpets, mat
ting aud household goods were displayed iu profusion. In this department i
tea table wns set and Miss Mott nnd
Miss Tnniblyn gracefully presided ovci
il and saw that the visitois were sn]i
plied with tea, cakes ami confection
<Mi the same Boot will he the nook
cry department in charge of Messrs
Silks and Gordon. Here can lie fonm
ii con,plot,, nlock nf cliinii ami gins-
ware of every description.    During tin
afternoon Professor tttelner's orobestn
plsyed the latest airs from one of tin
offlcea en the Hrst door.
Q N. Dillman 1mm transferred his Interest in the Viikimn claim to 0, M.
Parker for a nominal consideration.
A mairiage license was issued at the
tecordor'a office yesterday  tn  William
Krnnklio Sage, and Kvssu   Dell   Olnn
Tbehorsei in one of P. Durns &
"e.'s wagons ran nwnv yesterday nf
ternoon on linker Street. The drivel
was thrown out tut osenped injury mid
e horses  were   stopped   before  tbey
had di
a�� any iluiiinge.
Nest )ii iuls, having sold   four CB1 lonils
of goods at Pernio,
Aithur It. Bhetwoocl bus it Leghorn
hen which he believes to be tlm the
most wonderful hen iii British Columbia, Ycsterdav it laid nn egg which
when placed 0(1011 tho sialics was found
to weigh four ounces. The egg was
left nt The Miner ollliio and wns
weighed hy Hie editor and   not   found
wanting,   it will constitute a  part oi
the editor's hreiikfiist this morning.
James Rrouthnn nnd .Tames Slieinin,
the two men who were inspected of
complicity in the theft of some articles
from the I.nke View Hotel, wero arraigned before Magistrate Orunau yesterday. No one appeared to prosecute
the theft charge, but a charge of vagrancy was preferred against t belli by
the police. Iloiithmi got, four mouths
in jail nnd Sherran was presented with
a sentence of  six mouths.
Mr. Pringlo, of Ottawa, father of
Ulivu 1'iingle, a barrister of Greenwood, wont oust hist, night in Manager
Tail's private cur. Mr. l'ringle eiiine
to British tloluiiihia about a month
ago lo visit his son at tlreenwooil.
mid while there suffered an attack of
scinticii. He has recovered sullicieiitly
to nllow a trip home. He is accompanied hy Miss Maiinnhaii. a professional nurse, nud Dr. J. E. Spankle,
of Greenwood, who attended Mr
Pringle during his illness at Greenwood. Dr. Spankie will probably go
no further llimi Winnipeg,
There was a meeting of the Liquor
License Commissioners at the Provincial Police offloe yesterday. A license
wns granted to V. W, Pratt for a hotel nt Ores ton, nnd one to Prank Campbell for a hotel nt BirdftI, The application of .1  F. Beliefeni lie for a uBense
for a hotel near Vmir was lcfused. It
wns opposed by Mr. Prnzior for the
Ymir Gnld Mines, Ltd., by the Dlnok
Cock Mining Company and by the
Owners of the Himnnkti Mines.    Joseph
Howsoii had made an application for n
hotel license for the Balfour extension,
the consideration of which was postponed until the next   meeting   of   the
William Gooding, who was employed
is n driver by the Nelson Soda Water
Knrtory was arrested in Northport yes-
lerdny, charged with uttering a forged check. Gooding had been given
i check signed bj Mr. N. M.Cummins,
I's.spo of the factory, which ho bad
���ashed at Brown & Co. 's store on Baiter Street, A short while afterward
lie cnine back with another chcok (oi
(89, purporting to be signed by Mr.
aimtuiiis, and had that cashed. He
then disappeared from town. As soon
IS the forgery wns discovered the po
Ice weie informed oi it. Chief JarvJi
mine to the conclusion   Hint  Gooding
mil gone to Spokane on the morning
rain yesterday. He Knew that Mr.
I. 0. Cummins, the quarantine olticei
it Wnneta, wns on the same train, B(
ie wired him asking if Gooding wus
hi the train. He received mi'nuswei
torn Mr. Cuinniius ut Northport, sny-
ng that Godding was on tlie train
.vhich wus stalled near that town
I'Ue chief then wired to the marshal
t Northport to arrest Gooding, Tint
>ns done nud he i. now in jail a'
Northport, but will be brought to Nel
���op today or tomoirow ns Magistrate
reuse has issued a warraut for him
,ii the   ubnvu chnrge.
Hume - Chillies   G.   Grill,   Ontario
n\vdor Works;  Thomas   15.   Unmet*.
i I mi i to : D.    McLean, Nelson;   ,1.    M
''obey, A. G, McKi-niiv R. H.Sohnlta
oroiito; S. P. MoCoo], Trail; O. Dill
nan,  Milwaukee.
Phhir��� J. K. Bhorman, Portland:
1, D McKeiizie, Kaslo ; Thomas Tint,
,V. .1. Culleii, Montreal; .1.    T. 'Law-
eiice. W. il. Powers, Trail; Geo. S
'mitlic, Montreal; Tbos, Allen, K.
.Vnllnstnn, Victoria ; G.  11.   Williams.
Spokane; W. P. Dickson, Greenwood,
Mr. W. A,   Hines,   of Manchester,
In-, writing of his almost niiraculoni
escape from death snys; "Expoguri
ifter measles induced serious lull),
trouble, which ended  in Consumption
I    had   frequent    hemorrhages aud
���oiigheil night nnd day. All my doctors snid 1 must SOOU die. Then I be-
jun to use Dr. King's New Discovery
lor Colisnpmtion, which completely
lured mo. I would not he without il
>ven if it  cost  f6 n bottle.    Hundreds
���Hive used it on my  recommendation
lud all say it never fails to cure
rtiront, Chest and Lung troubles."
Itegulnr SIM 80 cents nnd |1. Trial
bottles freo ut Canada Drug oi Book
several days ago one oi  the  public
school teachers attempted to chustisc
one i,f iii��� scholars but '���caught n Tur-
,nr hi the nltempt as the boy turned
��� the teacl ind gave him a   black
Vs.  in the scrimmage that followed
the teacher cnine out second best.
1 II Smith, malinger nt the dry
ROodl d-paitincnt of the Hudson's Bay
���tore, has the mutch which lighted the
"1st gnu j���t In NnlHon. He Ib going to
seep it ns a inoiiieuto of the opening
l the Hudson ��� Hay stores and tbo in-
sngoration nf KUs for ilium iimtion
purposei in Nelson.
Edward Mobbs bus made application
" a hotel license on tbo premiaea
snown as the Shehrooke House, near
"sHnnr, and (I. YV. Jordan for n li-
Mnse fcrthe (lr,uid Hotel at 11-Miln
'."int .These applications will be eon-
'""""' ���" " meeting of the Liquor Li-
''���use i otnmlasloners, on March 27.
, Mi*, ink
Clocks ������*
Fine  Watch,   Clock   and   Jewelry
repairing.    Work   niul   goods
guaranteed   positively.
Patenaude Bros
NEL8QN,   B. O.
Wholesale Houses.
THORPE & CO., LtMiTED.-Oornor Vor
noil anil f'eitni- BtrfiOUl, Nelson, nianu-
fuc.i.uroi's of and wholssalo dealors in aerated
watora and fruit- syrups, Hole agonte for Halcyon Springs inhieriil water.   Tel till
���n. m. uumuiuiB, ueBaott, Qvorr known
variety "( aoft .Irinks. P, 0, llnx SS. Tulo-
phooe No. 81, Hoover Streot Nelson. Bottlers
of tho famous  Bt, Leon Hot Springs Mluoriil
���   Hon, wholosaluir
.   Batter Stroot. Nel
Hon, wholesale dealers la liquors, cl|{arH
Cement, lire brlok and tire clay, water pipe nnd
si eel rails and KclienU oollllntssloli uiuroluuits.
i.i.mitkii.-Front Btroot, Nelson. wnolO'
sale ilcalei-H in Hour, nioals, ot.o., and hay
ami grain. Milts at Kdliionlou, Victoria nnd
New Westminster. Klovnlors on Calgary &
Kiluimilnu Itailwiiy. 	
LEE A TAYLOR   linker street.
ie k "'
l"C   NMaon,  rOoorgo K Motion's old siand.i
Flour,  Feci,  (train,  Hay ami PredUOO,   Car
lois n spucialty.    Oorroaponuonoo solicited.
I'hone 'Jll.
AMACDONALD & CO.   Oornor Vor
���   non anil  Josephine  streets,  wholesalo
sroooraand jpbbers In hlanhois, kIovos, mitts,
! i ,  rubhors, uiaeklnaWH nml inluers' sun-
���   wholesale doidi
tnoats.   t'uld slontKO.
Hnkor Street,  Nelson,
ors in fi-osh and enroll
-Haker Street. Nelson.   Whole   '
I in fre-h and cured moats.
lil.Mn'Kli���llakor Street, Nelson, wliole-
enlo dealers In hardware and mining supplies,
plumbers'nnd tinsmith's supplies,
NELSON   HARDWARE   CO.-Wholesale ridnts and oils.
Vernun nml JoHiipliiuo titroolw, Nu'son
wholuHftlo (lutilurH in litiuut'K rigui'H and dry
goods. AgontMfor Pabtt Browing Co, of Mii-
wai'kuu and OolRury Browing Oo. of Oalgarye
HUDSON'S BAY OO.-Wholeaale ��ro-
ti'i'ii". .Mill li��� 111��� *���' -, ������.<-., HukurSt., Nf! -nn.
JY   GRIFFIN  4.  CO-Corner
���   and J
and Josephine Streets. Nelson, wholesale
tealers in provisions, cured meats, butter and
A. R- BARROW, am.i.e.E
Provincial Land Surveyor,
Cornor Victoria and Kootenai SU.
. O. Hox 558. Tclophotiu No. JJ5
Tbo ilircet route from
I mill pointe
EAST   and   WEST.
���Tirst-Olnss Sleepers on till trains Irom
X0URI8T OARS pnss Medicine Hut
ilniiy tor si. 1'inil, Sundays and Wednesdays for Toronto, Fridays for
Montreal and  Boston,
Same  eara jiubh Hevelsloke one day
To timl from Kobson, HohhIimxI.
Mx. Sun. Ex. Sun,
8.00 Lv.       NELSON Arr.11.40
18.11) Lv.daily NHfiHON daily Ajr.22.10
Morning (ruin connects for uli points
Evening train connects to nnd from
Main Line and points north, and (ex.
Sun.) from all points in BOUNDARY
Daily. Sir. Moyio Llnily,
24.00 Lv. NELSON Arr. 17.20
Oonneots  Eootenay   Landing with
Crow's Nest llrancb trains both ways.
Ex. Sun, Sir. Koknnee.     Ex, Sun
1(1.00 Lv. NELSON Arr. 11.00
Saturday to AiRenta and lelurn
leaving Km.in nt 20k,
Ex. Sun. Ex. Sun
9.00 Lv. NELSON Ar. 14.40
4 hra NELSON to ROSSLAND brs 4
For rates and full information addrosH noar
est local ogont, or
C. K. BKASLKY City Passongor Agonl
It W. DREW, Agent, Nolson
Trov. Pobs. Agent        A  G. P. Agot.ll,
Wplwrii Vanocuvrr
r. ��'. ��iiti:i:N
Engineers   and Provincial
Land Surveyors.
O. llox 115 Nolson, B, C
fining Stocks
Bought and Sold.
Silver    Star    Mining   Stock   of
Sumpter, Ore.   Call for Prospectus.
5000 Big Horn Treasury.  A snap
1000 Noonday    600 Richelieu
Here's a good buy :
Referendum Treasury Stock,    Sold
on installments 7J^o., ll^c per month.
House  and   Lot in business portion of town, $3500.
of Detriot,
srrived In Nelson, nnd will Inke
onnrge 11 tbo trimming clepnrtmeni ol
, '"    MoLanghlln's   millinery   stole
i. , V,"k" v'"il"(1   the Enstern whole-
,'" l"""""< helore e inn went, nnd is
nu'iiMiehiv aeqnaiiiied   with the latest
ivl""'"spring millinerv nnd   niillin-
itneV ,W��� "' Mi11wnn. a former   rest-
'' >i"f British Oolnmbis, U in Nelson,
' * V,"" " ''   Bekhiirtlt,  of To-
''"���    Mr. Mill,,,,,,, ismnklug nn in-
,r,', .1   '' '"'r" f"r ''fs "nn  to see what
'      "'   PtOSpsotsfOT  doing   hns'lietw.
t'lKirm good huninesn at the Crow s
The Cottage Hospital, Nelson
A private Hospital, Medical, Sorgi-
cnl nml Midwifery ciiiwh nursed in tho
House. Private room lOT and III n
week. Hods in wind *L! n week.
Nurses sent ont to private hiinse* ��* *lri
11 week. Apply to The MisBes Crick-
may.  ^^
We HiaVe a FeW
Heating - Stoves
left over.    To get clear of
them we are offering them
���actual   cost ;    and as   Stoves have advanced   in   price
since we bought, anyone requiring Stoves
will   get   them   at
Gei)liii)e  parcjain  I^ates.
Vancouver - Hardware
Co., Ltd.
Mara Block. Baker Street.
Come iii and see our now
lines of Shoes. They're
just what you want for
this weather of all kinds���
won't cost you a cent to
look at 'em. Bring your
friends along, too. We'd
like to get acquainted with
Bring Your Repairing.
1 ^^wvwt^^^w^^^^^WWAWWtWfVvm*
They are made in your midst, of the finest Havana Tobacco.
Where good  Cigars are  sold  they can  be bought.
The  Royal Seal and  Kootenny Belle.
Union   made.
Kootenay Cigar Mfg. Co.
Groceries,     Crockery,    Etc.
Dried Fruits
Green Fruits
Prunu Pkabi
Plush Apjuoon
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants
Branch Markets in Roasland, Trail, Nelson, Kaslo
Sandon, Three Forks, New Denver and Slocan City.
Orders by mall to any branch will have careful and prompt attention.
West Kootenay Butcher Co.
Fresh   and    Salted   Heats
Nil-"'.. It. ('.
A lioiiniiim nml Dai Botaqpl oondoptod to
lh�� BUIafi nf BUJomnhof Posoo II ii��ilu-
ni,.I hi Ihnoornorof Hip and JOMpliInc -1,".'.1';-
Inunoufllio lii'-l ri'slilcnliiil porlliiiiK or .Nil
���on. .nil in uiKiiy aoassnUa non nil �����*�����'-
nf lli.cily.
fnoponr*oof -imly Inolndn thofonoaraon;
l.il and liiKliiTlimnchenof n MioiiiiikIi KnuH-li
wliirntiim. Bunlnoa. ootina HikihIhtiiImk.
Sl,.|ii��in|ih> nml T)|��'��tIII"K. Bolsnoooours.
UuMO, Voos] nml liMlnimiMiUI: Druwlnu.
���to,   I'lnin mill An Niidli'work', (iill.tliciilcn,
Ym tams anil imrl Iculftrp npplr lo U10 HM.or
The Nelson ElectricTram way Co. Ltd.
Large number Choice Building Lots adjacent to the
line of their Tramway. For price and terms of sale apply
at the office of the Company, Macdonald Block, Corner oi
Josephine and Vernon Streets.
T. C. DUNCAN, Secretary
Fish and Poultry in Season
E.   C.   TRAVES.   Manager.
Bakhr Stkket, Nklson.
Orders by mail receive careful and prompt a'tcntion.
The JBe��fc Ui��t Moqey cai�� PUy.    Take J>fo Other
Manufactured liy Ihn Ilrnrkiiinii Kit MilllnK <'"������ W"   , ., ,
Vlctorlu, Vancolivur. WunlinliiKler. K1I111011I011. Ko����lni,il, NulMll.
Headquarters For
Port(ai)d Cei7iei)t9 Fire pricks
Fire Clay, American Cumberland Coal (Blacksmiths').
Bpeolal QuotaUoni < 1 ��� v.-n for Owload loin.
A-1J-,i^r^:-'.!!"x"1' R. P. RITHET & CO.
Kootenay Agent LTD., VICTORIA. mm ���   "��������� ^
...����������� 4m,��imm*m
Hudson's Bay \
Stores        J
lift' Isa-fcH'-"11
��X- sN��
INC0RP.5P'' T'1 WO
Hudson's Bay
We beg to thank you, one and all, who contributed to making our opening yesterday the success it was, and our only regret is that, owing to the crush; we were not able
to have given you the attention we would have wished.
We are now open for business, and shall be glad to see you all again; and always
remember that each one in our employ is at your service, so do not be afraid of giving
trouble in examining goods.
Again thanking you all, and looking forward to further pleasant relations.
We beg to remain,
Yours faithfully,
Continued from First I'bko.
Tho ufii'innon  press comments on (lie
Rome line us thut of tho moinjn^
jiati. t-i in pointing out the grout Big*
nlflesnce of tho Queen's visit to Irn-
1111111 mill her ordor in regard to tho
Boldle's wearing tho Khainrock on Bl.
Pattiok's Day. The following from
The Times and from tbo Radical Liberal Ohroniole may be taken na oxani-
plas of the whole trend of tho London
editorials, Tho Times says: "Tbo
Queen, it is evident, ha* boon deeply
moved by the courage and devotion of
ber Irish troop* and haM been tliiuking
of tbo means liy which she can lit
convey to them and thoir fellow countrymen the gratitude she feolH fur their
services   so   geiiorotiMly   and ho loyally
rendered to hoi  throne.   Wo cannot
doubt the musses of   Irish  people   will
cordially appreciate the spirit by
which the Royal visit will be made.
The tjiieen kooh amongst thorn us I be
representative of no party and no political cause. Kho goes to pay an honor and a compliment to the Irishmen
ot the nation. Thtre are of course ir-
recomiables in Ireland who will be ilo-
llgllted tn mar the success nf the
Queen's visit if they could find a pretest. It must bo tho buHiuesB of those
responsible for the conduct of Her Majesty 's Journey and tho arrangements
during her stay not tn give them a
pretext. If it bo made clear to the people Hint the Ijueeu has come unionist
1 liein only to thank therm for what
their relatives bavo done for hei, thoy
will pay little Imil to tho instigations
"f Hie disloyal ami give ber it ro>ul
Welcome v illi all the t'ollio fervoi of
their hearts."
The Ohroniole ssysi "The motive
which prompted Ibe visit dnubtioBH is
a destte tn see uud bo Been by the
Irishmen   in   their  homes anil coniri
bote dlreotly to the final reconciliation
which bulb nations   equally desire but
winch the nationalists seem to strenuously resist. Another reuwiu, more
political though scarcely Stronger, exists in the wish of Her Majcely   tn   iln
spei mi honor to the part nf her dominions which bus furnished no ninny ,f
her must galluiit and devntod soldiers.
Nothing cniilil bo better inspired anil
more auspicious than this twofold
message to Ireland nf the Queen'H consideration end esteem. "
In   the    House   of   Commons   today
Mr. John Redmond, the Irish Nation*
iii-i leader, declared the Irish people
have received with gratiflculinn tho
nnnonnemenl thai Her MnjeHty has di-
rei-teil that tlm Khumrock be worn by
the Irish regiments on Ht, Patrick s
Day, adding that the Irish people
w, ill'! welcome thiH graceful lecogni-
tlon of the valor nt tho Itiall nice
��: Mi'vi-r exhibited and would treat
with respect the venerable sovereign
iiliniil to visit the Irish shore, well
knowing thai on this occasion no ut-
tempi would bo made to give the visit
am  party   significance   und   that   tho
chivalrous  hospitality  would  not he
taken In iiionii any abatement of their
demands    fnr   nulionul   rights   which
they would continue to press until conceded.    Mr.    Redmond      wuh   loudly
Dublin, March s. ��� Commenting on
the proposed visit of Cjueon Victoria to
Ireland next month, The Daily Independent says : "The Naiimiali-ls will
nave no other dcHin hut that Her Majesty should receive at tho builds of
the Irish tho respectful welcome due
to her exalted station and her high
personal character." Tho Daily Express, after remarking that the visit
is Intended as a most marked nud most
notable expression of Her MaJasty'S in
debtednees to the "Gallant irishmen
who have served her* so nobly in her
hour Jot' anxiety.," curdially assures
the Qneen that she will receive the
heartiest welcome.
Continued From First Page,
make its weakness public, but thero is
never so much us a whisper. If no one
has suggested the possibility of surrender it is because we do not mean lo
got beaten, nnd we are cheerfully en-
dnrlng the hardships of
than to make �� surrender
greo possible tomorrow.
today ruthev
i in   any   de-
London, March 8,���1:17 p in.)���The
following is the text of Lord ltoherts'
despatch: "Poplar Grove, March
ft. ��� Two brigades of cavalry with horse
artillery and Kelly-Kenny's division
marched today ten miles eastward.
Tho Beets were qtiite taken by sur
prise yesterday. They moved oil' so
hurriedly thut they left cooked diu-
neiH behind them. We cultured a
Krupp gnu and soveral tents and wagons. The total casualties wero: Killed,
Lieutenants Kerwick and Prieick;
wounded, Lieutenants DeAiloy, of tie
ISth Lancers, and Desmspigny, of
the Second Life Qasrds, both severely
and Lieutenant Smith of the Shrop-
sbireB who is believed to have been
picked np by a Boer ambulance.    Two
- - ., j   ���   ----iinen were killed, -III   wounded and one
Ibe Cabinet positions. The proposed ; ���m��� iH missing, Gataore reports that
coalition nf Liberals and Conservatives i ],��� intends occupving iiurgersdnrf to-
i is generally considered impracticable. dav. Repairs to the railways towards
I Everybody is in a fog as to tho ulti- both Storm berg and Brinsbnrg are he-
mate outcome. The general concensus ing pushed forward. Clements now
of opinion is that Martin must be | occupies Nerval's Pont on the south
i downed at any cost, but outside of that i bank of the Orange River. The bridge
all agreement ceases.    The   local  Con- |w,ts blown up March ft, and the enemy
servative   Association   n tH tniouior-   ���r0 holding the north hunk of tbo river
1 row night In discuss the situation, but   but it is  not believed    in   uny   great
there is little likelihood Ihat they will   strength.
be able to solve thi   problem.    Lois of i 	
rumors and suiimses mo  published but      r      , ��.,,.,,,
then, is nothing In ;tnem. |. ^tT,,   T'      i'  S ft m-.)_
Another important Order-in-Oonnol), ?2?����Sb!,iJ   Ble��raPh"  ":" ll0 \mH
'   . . ". - ...   cultured a Krupp  gun   and a number
Politicians at  the Coast  uio Still   in
the Dark.
(snociAi. to Tin: HIBtnn.)
Viotorin, B.C.,  March ft���There are
UO  new   developments   today   iu   the j
most extraordinary political situation.
Martin   maintains un attitude of cool- j (,������>n���       UJ ��� ,
ness and says ho is in no hurry   to   fill, lueI1 wero killed
of tents and wagons.    The general alsc
enounces  that General  Clements  has
affecting miners, appears in today's
Ga/.etie. Gold Commissioners ere instructed not   to issne   a  cortilicato of .,��� ,-,	
Improvements for any   mineral claims , ooeupiud Norvul Point.
until the books of the mining recorder 	
of the division iu which snob   claim is      London, Maieli 8.���The   full   extent
situated show that the free uinoi has of Lord Roberts' soocess of yesterday
done and recorded work or made pay.' is not yet clear, but the best informed
uieiit of money or both, In the extent uro satisfied that it brings peace per-
nf the amount mentioned iu the Sec- ceptibly nearer. Elsewhere the news
Hon 7, of the Mineral Act, Amend-1 indicates I hut the conditions continue
meat Act, 1890, nnd has duly recorded hopeful from a British point of view,
such work or payment ! the telegrams  from   Mnfeking alone
showing any despondency.
London, March ft. ���A special from
Uoltenos says that the British occupied Bnrgbersdorp unopposed last
tbo immediate future. Iu addition to
tho questions of great delicacy now
pending, we have to look forward to
the Presidential election which is productive of political eccentricities unknown iu less enterprising countries."
The speaker also said he thought the
present moment was not a happy onn
for a chnuge.
Lord Salisbury said Lord Newton
bad done what the French called
"breaking in an open door" for the
measure which ho hud recommended
bud hern taken some days ago. Tho
Premier added: "I entirely agree
with any eulogy passed on Lord Paun-
cofote and 1 have shown this in the
^course taken in extending his tenure of
''office. The only observation which I
have to make is that the Question implies that thifl extension is u reward
for valuable service. I think it is
rather the other wny. It is to Lord
Paunoefote that we hnve to express our
[banks that he has been kind enough
to undertake the work for another
period. We have every cause to express
tn Lord Paunoefote our gratitude thut
at a critical time, and when his remarkable experience and singular aptitude for the peculiar duties of his oflico
rendoi it desirablo that be should continue In it, he has cousented to do
Lord Kimberley, the Liberal leader
in the House of Lords, associated himself with the eulogy passed on Lord
Merchants' Bank of Halifax.
London, March 8.���At the horse sale
today the Prince paid fm Vane. 4,!l()0
guinenB. J. B. Joel hid 84,000 guineas
for Flying Pox, and then left tho bids
to Blanc nnd Gillipin, who represented
William (J. Whitney, of Now York.
The sale was the greatest on record of
its kind. The total III lots were sold
for 70,400 guineas. Gillipin purchased
Alderuey and Mail, for Whitney, the
former for 270 guineas.
CblOBgO, Match ft.��� A special to The
Tribune  from Clinton, tod,, says by
nn explosion nf dust nt the Torrey
mines Inst evening three miners were
probably fatally burned and three
limes that number seriously injured.
There wero 80 mi ,i in the mine ut the
time of   tho   explosion   and    the   cool
beidednesa nf W. !'. Brown,  pit I'obb,
averted greater fatality, Ho cautioned
the men tn keep | their faces olnso to
the ; ii.iinil until assistance eonld reach
them, ami then directed the work of
resoue until the last injured man was
hoisted lo the sol face, a distance of
a I'J feet.
London, March ft.-In the Hnuse of
Lords today Lord Newton advocated
the retention of Lord Paunoefote ns
British Ambassador ut Washington
and asked whether in view of the vnl-
nablo servloei of Lord Paunoefote, the
advisability of prolonging his tenure
of Office would not he considered, lidding : "The tusk of mnlntnnlng our relations <m their present happy footing
is nut likely to prove   less dilllunlt   iu
Paris, March ft.���A bomb was thrown
yesterday through a window of tho
Paris residence of M Alfred Picard,
Commissioner of the Paris Exposition,
but did not explode. A lady who saw
two men light the fuse and who gnve
the alarm, was attacked und soverely
handled by thoin.
Incorporated 1869.
capital Pni.i.tip.    .   .   .    wi.eB-vno.oo |  it, .1 ���l.iee.o
��'���ai-,l ���l   oil-,,-o,r.:   Thomas K. Kemiey, President;   Thomas  Ritchie. Vu-c-l'ri'.i
Michael liwjer, Wiley Brulth, II. U. Itaiiid. Bon, ll. II. Fuller, M.I..C, 11 David Mael
llrnil Olllii, HallftlXI
General Mannger, Kdson I,. Pease, Montreal.
Superintendent of Branohos, W, 11. Torranoo, Halifax.
Inspector, W. F, Brook, Halifax.
Secretary, 11. M. Stewart, Montreal.
Nova Srniin���Halifax llmnch, Aattgoniali, Hr!dgowat��r, Gnysboro. Londonderry, Luni
Mail kind (Hunts Co.), Pictou,   Port llnwkoslmry,  Sydney. Sliuheiiiicmlle, Tnirn,  We) 11U1.
New 111 un-... 1,1. Halliui 1, Dorchester, Fiodorlclon, Kink'ston (Keel Uo.l, Mnnrlna. N'��-
ensile.Snckville, Wooilstock. r. 1:. Islaml���('hiiilottelown, siimmei^iilc. .in, a., MonlroAl
(City Offloe), MonlTeul. West Kml tt'or. Noire Dame and Belgneon stnets); WoBtmoonl iCor,
Qreone Avenue nnd St. t'lilliiirincs Street, luiliirln Ottawa. .NrwI'.iiiii.lluiMl- si. J0I1HB,
culm, West ii.uieK��� Havana. 1 mini Male*���Now York mi idcobango Plaool Republic,nsab,
Atlin, Bennett, Grand Forks, Nanaimo, Nelson, Rossland, Van-
co aver, Vancouver East End, Victoria.
* (III ('-(l, UMil   || I- I
ruinula���Morohantfl Bank of Cunatia, BMtliB���Xntionul Shnwniut Hank. * ::.<-.���:��� ���> AmoriCji
National Hank- Han 11 mi'lsm I'n i National Hunk. LoimIihi, ������:����. - Jiunk of Bcotlonu.
i':iii>, Frit 11 ��t���Credit LyonnaiH. ItiTiiiittla-Bank of DcrinmKa. < lilun and Jannii Hong
Kong and Shanghai IttvnkfiiK Curi>oration.
Qeneial Banking Business Transacted; Sterling Bills of Exchange  Bought
and Sold, Letters of  Credit, Etc., Negotiated.
Accounts received on the most favorable terms,    Interest allowed on speeia
deposits and on Saving Bank accounts.
Geo. Kydd, Manager, Nelson, B.C.
The Miner is on sale at  (he   following news stores at five cents per
Gilbert BtanleT
  Ion LTV .,���
panada Drug bBook Co
BUI i(
,011 urj- Co
Hotel Hume Nowh Hiand
[lOlttl I'hair Nownatand
It. OanipboU
c. F. Nelson
J. K. Delnney
H. A.  Mnutshaw
Hlocan Nowh Co,
ThoniHon Hron.
I-aniont, & Young
11. A. KIiik&Co
is'el ho n
New Denver
Sloean City
Green wood
For that house you have erected:
Sideboards, Cheffoniers and Dressing Tables.
Combination Bookcases and Desks and Ladies'
Toilet Tables.
Have just unloaded a carload of the finest and best
finished Furniture ever received in the Kootenays.
 Baker and Ward Streets. Nelson, B. C.
...L. POGUE...! Atlantic S. S. Lines
Harness and  Saddlery
Tho IcndliiK chop. Ijuko
nock. HchI mwortod stoolt
nn   Imnil.    Ilunii'w, Col-
!���</�� ot host makes, 8ml
SSfl    HI"iikoi��,    belli
��liip-*. HriHliuH, Cotubrt
]   t^oll '^nd 100,
,   '-'or.  Ward   und   J.nkor
; hiroA*-.
and  News   Agents   on  boats  and
trains out of Nelson
j Board and Room.
First Class Hoard and Room;
Todd's old stand, in rear English
Church. Table Hoard, $4; Board
and Room, $5 and $5.50.
From Portland, Me.
Allan Lino "Baonos Avroan'' Miucli II
Allan l.ino "Nnnildlah" Miirtl. --
Dominion Line "OanTbrom��n" Mnn-i, n
I'otniidon I.Ino "Vamronvor" Mureli -I
Kiom irallfux. N S-
I innilnlon I.Ino " Vanoniivor" Man'li -���'
Beaver I.Ino "Monlrtwo" Maroli is
1 Uaavor Lino "LakeHuron" Maroli -'-'
1. From St. John. N. ii-
1 Beaver Lino "Montrose'' Men-h "
Beaver Une "Lako Huron" Mm-' I'   1
Kruln Now Vink
Cnnard Lino "Eirnrta" Mon-h ii
Qunard Lino "t'anipnida" h March HI
Whlto Kl��r Lino "II. uniilo" Maivh Jl
White Star Ltno "Toutonlo Maroli *<
���merlnan Lino "Konxlnuton" Maroli 21
Hod .Star Lino " WoMtornland" Marrh 11
Anohor  Lino "Axturln" March "I
North Gorman  Lloyd "Lahh" Manh"
Allan Htato Lino "Sarin.,I inn  Maroli-"-'
1'aHHAjroH hir,un.��� 'I to and from all Boropean
poinln. For ralox, tlokist* and full Inftrmailnn
avoirU>0. I*. II, dopotogont'or (J K. lloaaloy.
City I'nHNonifei Akohl ivolaon, 11.0,
Qonoral Auont, 0 P. It OOlom WlmilriK


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