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Nelson Daily Miner Dec 27, 1900

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}' hi '��� ���
Daily Edition No. 920
Nelson,   British Columbia, Thursday Evening,   December 27,   1900.
Eleventh   Year
������ Provincial _ibr��_y _3l___
Rumors of Boer Conferences and Offers to
Surrender-Boers Keeping British
Quite Busy.
Bloemfontein, Orange River Colony,
Dec. 26.���There are renewed but un
confirmed rumors here that General
Dewet, President Steyn and (leneral
Haanbrooeck have had a conference
and decided to offer to surrender provided the colonial rebels shall not be
punished and the leaders, including
themselves, are not deported.
Burghersdorp, Cape Colony, Dec,
2(5.���"olonel Grenfell continues in
touch with Kruitzinger's command of
700 men who are carrying off the
British prisoners, Kruitzlnger has
abandoned his maxims and carts. An
attempt of thc Oth Lancers to turn
Kruitzinger's flank at I'lalsterheuvel
December 24, resulted in eight casualties among the Lancers, including
Lord Frederick Blackwood, who was
Zeerust, Transvaal, Deo. 27.���The
Boeis captured two wagons contninng
Christmas luxuries destined for the
camp of Lord Methuen.
London, Dec. 2.���Tho following despatch has been received from Lord
Pretoria, Deo. '20.���Knox with Barker, Pilcher and White, is engaged
witli Duwet's  force,   holding   n posi
tion in tbe neighborhood of Louwkop.
Dewet hopes to break through and
go south again. The Boers' eastern
column in Cape Colony Is apparently
headed off by our troops about, Reit-
portsprult. Tho BoeVs' western column Is reported to have gone north
in two portions, one towards Prieska
and the other through Strydenburg.
They are being followed up.
London, Dec. 27.���Tho following
despatch from Oeneral Kitehene. was.
received today from Pretoria under to
day's date: Yesterday two hundred
Boers attacked a small police post
near lloksbnrg. The police gallantly
drove them off before reinforcements
from Johannesburg arrived. The
Boers attacked Utrecht at 2 .o'clock
this morning, and were driven off.
The eastern force of the Boers in
Cape Colony was headed off yesterday
and driven in tbe direction of Ven-
terstudt. Tbe western force is still
being driven north through Striden-
burg. .   .
Cape Town, Dec. 27.���A small party
of Boers attacked Burghersdorp on
Dec. 24. They were repulsed after
heavy fighting. The Boers aro active
and skirmishes In several places have
been reported.
"Pom Pom" One%of   tho   Surprises of
South   African War.
New York, Dec. 27.���During the
Boer war a lot was heard about
"pom-poms." Many military men,
oven, do not know just what a pompom is. Captain /.alinski thus describe, tlie celebrated gun:
"Briefly, tho pom-pom is a one-
pounder automatic gun. It uses metallic catridges similar to those used
in small arms, but of a caliber of 1).
inches,throwing a shell weighing one
pound. The cartridges are pluoed In
a loopod belt und this is attached tu
the gun. By a simple operation one
of the cartridges is inserted in the
barrel and is fired by pulling tho trigger. After this thc force of reooil is
utilized to continue the firing automatically as long as belts ol cartridges are supplied.
"Attempts Were made to get this
gun into the Hritish service, but it
was objected to on thc ground that
the proj.ctile was unnecessarily large
to kill a man aud not large enough to
bo considered a piece of artillery. It
was stated that an entire battery of
these guns could be quickly put out
of action by a single piece of field
artillery, and that there was no place
for them in either service, lind it
been stated previous to the South African war that a British Held battery
of artillery could be put out of aotion
by a single 1-pounder in tbo bands of
half a dozen furmers, the statement
would have been regarded us rldlcu-
lons. There Is no question that a single piece of Hold artillory would stand
a very good chance of putting a
I-pounder Maxim automatic gun out
of action, on a perfectly level field
with no opver. But the Boers did not
tight, in that way. They did not come
out into the open to fight. With a
piece of ordinary field artillory tbe
charge is such that sufficient dust and
gas are blown into the air to make
the gun visibloj even when using
smokeless powder. It is difficult, also, to conoeal a piece of artillory,with
Its horses and other accessories.
Moreover, a piece of artillery recoils
and has to be, brought back into position and re-sighted after each discharge.
"With a pom-pom the recoil Is all
taken up inside of a stationary casing
and but little of it:, force tends to displace thc carriage. Tbe gun does not,
therefore, budge when it is firing.
The gunner takes deliberate aim,
guessing at the range. He fires
about five shots, which can be done
by holding the trigger In the pull position for about one second. As soon
Ks tbe projectiles  explode  he is able
to observe exactly where he is hitting,
and quickly rundjusts his sights.' After a few trials he is able to explode
the projectiles, on the exact spot required, and as the recoil does'not disturb the position of the gun,he can go
on firing as long as ho wishes.
"It is stated that the Boers seldom
fired more than twelve shots at a time
without waiting for the gas to blow
away. If they fired more, their position might be discovered by a oloUd ef
gas und dust, sufficient to make them
visible. It is now admitted that one
of the chief surprises of the South African war was the pom-pom,and British officers very soon found that it
was the most troublesome pieco of artillery with which they hud to contend."
Chinese Sailors Conceive a   Scheme of
Killing tho Whites.
Vancouver, B. C., Dec. 2(1.���It now
appears that an incipient mutiny was
nipped in the bud by the prompt action of Captain Tourney of the Royalist, when that vessel was in mid-
oceun. Thero wore ten white ollieers
inelnding the engineers on the big
iron ship (which is soon to bocome a
United States transport, and baa just
arrived from Japan )und twenty-eight
Chinese. The Chinese talked over thc
scheme of mutinying, killing all thc
whites and running the ship themselves. Their ringleader was Ah
l''ung. The officers snw Ah Fung talking excitedly in Chinese to tbo orew
and saw somo of thorn appnrently consent to a proposition he wus making,
while othurs did not appear to i grec
with Ah Fung's remarks. Suddenly
when a number of thc Chinese had
stood up, as if about to carry out some
contemplated action Ah Fung ran
out on tho forward deck and shouted
to the crew in Chinese pointing to thc
white men now ' collected in a group
trying to find out what waB going on.
At thnt moment a friendly Chinaman
slipped over to the white, men and
told them that Ah Fung had shouted.
"Now lot us kill all the Englishmen
and take possession of tne ship.'' Several Chinamen had moved forward but
before they could go very far they
were covered with revolvers and Ah
Fung was seized and placed in Irons,
being fed on bread aud water for tho
rest of the voyage���28 days���when he
was thrown into juil in Vancouver to
nwait bis trial.
Something About the   Senior Victoria
Hockey Club. ' ���
Winnipeg,   Deo.     27,���The    senior
Victoria hockey team is practising
four evenings in the week. Carruthcrs,
the now cover point, who waB sick, is
again on tbo ice. He was great in
Toronto, but on Winnipeg ice, among
such men as Bain, GingraB, Flett und
Johnstone, is so fur, somewhat at sen,
und uncertuin on his feet. He Is, however, improving, but is fur from condition for effective work. Brown at
goal and Flett nt point are both in
fine condition. Flett's knee, which
bothered him in the mutches last winter, Ib all right again, and he is prepared to play a better game than last
winter. Armytage bus always been
a hnud-pninted stiok-hnndlor, and under him the forwards are playing a
much more.brainy game than last season. Of Bain and Gingras it is unnecessary to speak. They are the
same, only better, and under Armyt-
age's care are working like Trojans.
Charlie Johnstone is like a machine
of steel, and Armytage is teaching
him how to use bis head and stick
beautifully. "Array" himself never
had the physique of Johnstone, but
nature blessed him with brains, and
he knows how to do more with less
effort than uny other man on the ice.
He is also looking in very fair condition physically. Jack Marshall, the
Montrealer, is a beautiful player, but
overtrained, and has given out at the
stomach, ne may still, however,
catch a place on the forward line, especially if Carruthcrs does not pan out
at cover. Campbell has not played
yet, but will probably hold his place
oh the left. The cup contest is awakening more enthusiasm here than ever
The British Columbia Southern Railway to Build the Line.
Montreal, Dec. 27 ���Mr. H. Camp
,bell Oswald, secretary of the British
Columbia Southern Railway of British
Columbia, which ia a line of railway
controlled by the Canadian I'aeilie
Itailway, has issued tho following notice to the shareholders of the company: "A special general meeting ot
the shareholders of the Britisli Columbia Southern Railway Company
will be held at the head office of the
company in Montreal, the oflice of the
secretary of the Canadian Pacific
Railway Company, at noon on the
4th day of Febrnary next,for the purpose of considering and deciding on
the means to be adopted for raising
fundB to dofray the cost of acquiring
and completing tho poition of the
compnny's railway between Kootenay
Landing and Nelson and also tbe
Coal Creek branch, tho North Star
brunch, nnd other railways and
branch lines of thc conipni.y, and if
the isBue pf bonds be decided on,
then to lix the respective amounts
thereof, the rnto of interest, and thi
other terniB on which they shall bo
issued; and also to nutbonze the respective mortgages, if any, to be given to secure payment of the same nnd
for other purposes."
Dispatch From Windsor Says Her
Condition is   Not Improved.
Windsor,Eng., Dec. 20.���Queen Victoria's condition shows no improvement. Recently she wiib brought by
Princess Beatrice to the Irish Industries Exhibition. By express order
no one was permitted on the premises
while the Queen wub bel.ig wheeled
round except thu stull-hulders, all
Indies of title.
Hor Mujesty seemed to notice nothing, and when the Duchess of Aber-
corn welcomed her, Princess Beatrice
"Her Majesty says she considers
this exhibition most Interesting."
But It was noted that tbo Queen's
lips did not even move. PrinceHs
Beatrice Is now virtually performing all the social duties of the sovereign. She docides absolutely ull the
Queen's pluns und movements,sees the
ministers,' jij-vlses the court circuln.
und tehdl out thc roynl communds for
visitors to Windsor. These latter
have almost ceaBed except where, for
oflicial reasons, they aro imperative.
Sir James Reid, the Queen's phys-
iclan.denies there is any cause for immediate ii hi nn, and it is considered
quite probable the Queen may linger
on in her present state for a considerable time. Tin. only question is
whether it njgy. after awhile, be necessary to nppolnt a regency.
What lt Means to Change the
Name of a Banking
Merchants Bank of Halifax
Making Arrangements
for Alteration.
Albert Mellbr abd Florence Moore,
both of Pilot Bay, were raarrldd on
Tuesday last by Rev. Robert Frew at
the Manse,
It Is not a very simple thing for a
bank to change its name. The Merchant's Bank of Halifax will discard
the name it has borne since IStiO and
on Tuesday, January 2nd, next, will
open for business under the name of
the Royal Bank of Canada. To the
ordinary layman this seems to be u
simple matter, but to the staff of the
bank it is a gigantic undertaking
which makes end-of-the-monthB, and
half yearly and yearly statements and
balances mere child's play in comparison. A Miner man started out yesterday to see just what it meant to
the Bank of Halifax to become the
Royal Bank of Canada und be learned
some very interesting facts.
To start with a bank won't change
its name unless it has a very good reason aud unlesB it has considerable to
gain by so doing. That's where a
bank differs from lots of young ladies. In this caBe there were two reasons at least. There are other Merchants' Banks, the Merchants') Bank
of Camilla, and the Merchants' Bank
of P. & I., besides the Bank of Hull-
fax. The similarity in the names often led to confusion. Then tbe name
Merchant's Bank,of ll.ilifu.\ wus too
locnl to really indicate the national
character of the institution. A bank
that did business iu the frozen Yukon,
that hung out its sign under the shade
of Cuba's tropical trees, that oompet
ed for business with the big concerns
of New York City, that transacted
business with the miners in the
State of Washington, and tbe fishermen of Newfoundland, that had fourteen branches in Nova Scotia, nine iu
New Brunswick three in Quebec, one
in Ontario and eight in British Columbia, should boast a name with a
more general application than the
Halifax appondugo lent to its old one.
And so it was decided to change it.
The selection of the new title wns u
very happy one, for the Royal Bnuk of
Canada is a nume to conjure with.
But the bunking laws of Canada���
banking laws thnt are surpassed by
those of no other country in the world
���had to be considered. A special act
was prepared and it had to go
through all the stages of tho Dominion
House of Commons and tho Senate and
there permission was given for the
bank to adopt a new title, It being
shown that it bad outgrown its old
one which did very well thirty-one
years ago when the founders got to-
gether.in Halifax and formed the Institution which has now reached dimensions undreamed of then. At the
same time permission wus given to increase the authorized capital to 83,-
000,000, Just here it might bo said
that $2, .00,000 of this is paid up
and the roserve Ib 81,7110,000, which
gives the bank practically 8.1,700,000
cash to trade upon.
However costly and backward securing the legislation was it proved
to be just the beginning of tho work.
Fur the change to go into . effect
with the new century meant untold
labor for the officers and staff of the
bank. Every customer of ever}' one
of thc forty-one branches in the north
Pacilio or the tropical Atlantic and
all the way between, had to have a
new pass book, every account had to
be transferred, an entire new supply
of stationery distributed, nnd a hundred othor things that the layman
doesn't know about and wouldn't
understand if he did. But mure interesting than that branch of it���to
everyone outside of the staff���is the
matter of circulation. The entire
currency of the bank has to be
changed as all bills that go out after
the first of the year must bear the
new name. The Miner man's quest
led to an inspection���merely an Inspection���of the new bills yesterday.
All money is more or less beautilul,
the degree of beauty depending on the
denomination of the bill In question
and how much more of lt we have.
But, if one with as very limited experience In bundling  bills an a news-
pupcr man, can give an opinion, it
must be said that tho Royal Bunk's
new bills are decidedly beautiful and
taBty. The designs on the front and
back und the marginal coloring are
very pretty. Allegorical ligureB und
the Bank's coat of arms help to make
the bills attractive, but of course the
ohief attraction is the fi, 10, no, 100 or
whatever it may be that gives the bit
ot paper value. When the new sign is
hung out with tho dawning of the
2(lth Oentury and the bank opens for
business, these new bills will be the
only ones banded out. As the old ones
come In they will be kept and sent
in to the head office at Halifax or to
the Montreal branch and there confined to the flames. Gathering of tbe old
bills will go on for years and will
never be completed for in a circulation of 81,085,000, which tho bank
now has, quite a percentage is destroyed by fire, Hood and other causes.
The bank will be ahead this amount
but must always protect itself against
the return of these bills for they are
promissory notes and remain a debt
of the bank until paid. Then all the
checks drawn on the Merchant's Bank
of Halifax, and perhaps not presented
for a long time must be paid by the
Royal Bunk.
There is a great labor in preparing
the nearly 82,000,000 of new bills. The
law states that on. signature of Bome-
one authorized by the bank must be
ou each bill. Mr. George Kydd, the
Nelson manager,haB to convert worthless bits of paper into 81.10,000 worth
of five and ten dollar bills by affixing
his signature to them. This has been
his recreation for the past few days
and few millionaires have been making money as fast as he. The circulation is limited to the paid up capital
aud most bunks keep it well up to
the mark, for while the bills are out
the banks have tho use of the money
they represent. A man could present
any amount of the bills at the head
olliee and demand gold for them.
They are only legally redeemable ut
the head oflice but any branch would
give gold for them on demand.
With the changing of the nume the
bank inaugurates a system of pass
books new to the West. It is the
"Customer's Progressive Pass Book."
and so arranged that the balance is
carried out with every deposit or
withdrawal, so that the customer can
always see how he stands, and it acts
as a constant check between the bank
and the customer. The new checks of
the Royal Bank are printed on paper
specially prepared with tho bank's
coat of arms as a water-mark. It is a
safety paper that becomes white when
any erasure ia attempted to alter the
The Royal Bank will commence tho
csntury in a veiv prosperous condition. It's last annual statement was
such as would give confidence to
the depositor and make glad the heart
of a shareholder.
'r.i.' liabilities of tne bank to the
public on the 31st of December, lHliu,
amounted to over 813,000.000; their
loans and discounts to over 810,aOO,-
000, and other accounts in proportion.
The statement for this yeeir will
shortly be made public and a compar
ison will undoubtedly Bbow that thc
wonderful work of progress of this
great institution has cuntinued unabated.
Cold Weather Infuses Curlers With n
Desire to Oo at It.
Thore was a meeting of the executive commlttoo of the Nelson Curling
Club this morning and final arrangements were concluded with the Tramway Company for Ico at the rink during the wlntor. One rink will be
ready in a day or eo if tho weuther
remains cold. The officers of the club
are desirous that all those Intending
to join should secure their membership tickets from Mr. Frank Tamblyn
or Mr. W. W. Beer at once ns tbe
rinks cannot be formed until tbe
membership tickets arc issued. This
season promises to be a very prosperous one for the club and as there will
be two sheets of ice available tho contests aro expected to be much more
interesting than those of last year.
All that is necessary is cold weather
and it seems to have come to   stay.
Says tbe Victoria Colonist: William Burns, public school inBpector for
tbo upper country, urtived frum NelBon last evening and will spend the
holidays with his Victoria friends.
He reports that there were nine applicant- for tbo High School entrance
examination at Rossland last week,
and a dozen others who wrote at Nelson. Mr. Buns is staying at the Dominion Hotel,
Union Depot to Be Used for
the First Time Tuesday Next.
C. P. R. and S. F. & N. Trains
Will Both Be Operated
Next Tuesday morning, tho first
morning of tbe new century, the 0.
P. R. and S. F. St N. trains will pull
out of the new C. P. 15. Union depot,
and from that time forward the new
depot ���.'������ill be the point of arrival and
departure of all trains arriving in and
departing from Nelson. At 8 o'clock
next Tuesday morning the Rossland
train will be dispatched from the new
depot. From that time on the regular
train servioo to all points along the
C. P. R. lines will be continued from
there, .lust when tho first passenger
truins of the Spokane Falls it Northern will arrive or depart has not yet
been definitely settled but Captain
Troup snid this morning that he
thought arrangement would bo made
so thai the regulai S. V. & N. train
could pull out from the station a few
minutes before 7 o'clock Tuesday
morning. If this is not the case, the
regular train arriving from Spokane
on Tuesday evening will not stop at
thc present station in the Fairview
Addition, but will arrive at the Union depot a few minutes after
7:l!i p. m.
The force working upon the new
building has been increased and every
thing is being done to have the building us far advunced us possible by
Tuesday next. Although some work
may remain to be done tbe bvitdlng
will be oouapied, nnd the work completed afterwards. The work that is
yet to be done, is the finishing of the
plastered walla, the laying of the upper portion of tho double floor, the
plaoing of the wainscoting, and tbe
putting on of the oil finish. A temporary steam heating plant has been
installed, and the walla are being
dried rapidly so thut the work can be
carried on quickly. The ground
floor will be completed and all ready
for occupation on Tuesday. As soon
as the upper lloor is ready Captain
Troup and his staff, wKh Captain
Gore and bis staff will occupy their
new offices.
The old station and the present
freight sheds which huve been used
for sovernl years will then be deserted
for tlio new. The present station of
tho Spokane Falls & Northern will
also be done away with, aa all freight
baggage, etc., will be handled and
all trains will be despatched by tne C.
P. R. staff. The track connections
with the yard and the line of tho Spokane Falls i_ Noi them have already
been made, and now everything ib in
readiness for tlie coming of   Tuesday.
Father of tbe Misses Crickmay Dies
at His Home   In Vancouver.
Tho Vancouver News-Advortlser of
Tuesday last says: His many friends
and acquaintances will loam with
great regret of the death of Mr. William Crickmay, which occurred yesterday morning, after an illness of a few
Mr. Crickmay was 00 yenrs of age.
In eurly life he was u purser In the
seivlco of thu Royal Mall Steamship
Company, the vessels running between Southampton nnd the West Indies. He wus also at SebUBtopool during tbe Crimenn War. Afterwards
taking up the profession of Civil Engineer (he was a member of the Institute of Civil Euglncers) he was engaged ^ou u number of works for Government or public bodies. Among the
principul of these were Portland Prison in Dorset, one of the lurgest convict prisons in England; the Fever
Hospital in the Old Kent Road, in
South London, and the Caterhnm
Asylum for the Metropolitan Asylum
Board. He held the position of Resident Engineer at Caterham, Surrey,
until he left England.
Coming to Vancouver In 1888, he
engaged in several enterprises and
took un uctivo '.ntereBt in ar" matters
designed to aid the progress of the
City. In 1880 he built and owned the
imperial    Opera   House   on  Pender
Street (now used as the Drill Shed),
thus providing a place for entertainments and public meetings,which had
been lacking up to that time.
Mr.Crickmny leaves a family of four
sons and six daughters: MessrB. Ernest Crickmay, architect, who is now
in England : Frederick G. and Alfred
E., of the firm of Crickmay Hros..custom's brokers, of this city, and Edgar J., recently in the Hudson's Bay
service, but now of Nelson. Thc
daughters are Miss Crickmay and
Miss F. II. Crickmay of Nelson; Mrs.
W. L. Keene, North Vancouver; Mrs.
A. Sherwood, Nelson (who is now In
England); Mrs. G. Curtis, Nelsou and
Mrs. K. Roberts, of Kossland. All of
the above weie present at the deuth-
bed of their father with the exception
of Mr.Ernest Crickmay nnd Mrs.Sher-
wood, as was also -Irs. Melhuisb, of
Fairview, who is a Bister of the deceased. Mr. Crickmny waa a member
of the Masonic Order, but bud not affiliated with any lodge iu British Columbia. Tbe funeral will take placo
tomorrow from his late residence.
In token of respeot, all members of
the St. George's Club are requested
to attend the funeral of the deceased
on Wednesday. Further pniticulars
will be pobted in tbe Club.
+ jiix-jx i. iiu i nun ixjiiu ..
The members of the Fire Department and some of the boarders at the
Clarke Hotel intend to tender a banquet to Private Percy Switzer of tho
Strathcona Horse, who returns from
South Africa tomorrow or next day
-.Tith W. J. G. Dickson, of the First
Contingent. Mr. Switzer wns a boarder at the Clarke Hotel at the time of
his enlistment aud has been invalided
home. While on scouting duty with
a detachment of his regiment Switzer
was Bhot through thc lungs. He wan
lighting hiB pipe at the time and no
Boers were supposed to be in the im-
mediate neighborhood. He is now almost recovered and does not look for
any porraanent harm from bis serious
Every town in Canada that boasts
a ruturning hero from South Africa
is extending a right royal welcome
with the exception of Nelson. Two are
returning tomorrow or nexi day and
nothing haB been done towards a i.-cn-
erul welcome to them. The Nelson
compuny of Rocky M lain Ranger-
meets tonight in the armory and a
military reception will bo arranged.-
But it seems too bud that the citizen a
do not do something to honor tbe boys
who havo fought the country's battles
so bravely in South Africa, lt will bo
known tonight when Dickson and
Switzer will reach Nelson.
The meeting at thc armory tonight
is a very important one and Lieut.
Beer requests that each member of
the company consider it his duty to
attend. At the same time it Ib desired
that ull the company's rifles still out
be returned to the armory. This
should have beon done long since.
The Nelson company will shortly
complote it.i establishment of officers
by the appointment of a captain and
second ^lieutenant.
Lieut. Beer, who worked so hard
and faithfully in reciuiting for the
contingents that Canada sent to South
Afilca, lias received four applications
from young men doslrous of joining
General Bndcn-Powcll's constnbulary
force. Tho pay Is live shillings per
day nnd the men, besides the usunl
qualifications regnrding marksmanship and horsemanship, must be between the age,of 20 and 3!> years. Tho
force wbb formerly Baden Powoll's
scouts and has been organized on the
same basis ub the Northwest Mounted
Police. They are now doing outpoBt
duty along the line of communication.
Soldiers Have AsBaultcd BrltonB and
Redress is Demanded.
Constantlnope, Wednesday, Dec. 2(1.
���Some Turkish soldiers have grossly
assaulted and maltreated the British
Charge d'Affaires, Mr. Do Hunsen,
and oilier members of the British embassy. Sharp demands for redress,
have been made to the  Porte.
Owing to thero being no meeting
of the City Council lust Monday evening, a special meeting will be held at
4 o'clock this afternoon. General
business will bo transacted, Nelson Dailv Miner, Thursday Evening, December 27, 1900
The Nelson Miner
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Subscriptions Invariably in advanco.
All Cheokn should be mado payable to tho
order of Nklson Publishing Comi-anv,
ers want. They would be disappointed
and disgusted if she should good-
naturedly accept the Davis amendment
and the Foraker amendments to say
nothing of further and worse changes
that may be made before the Senate's
revision of the treaty is sent to the
President. They arc conspiring to
kill the treaty, and the cunal with it.
That is the motive and intent of the
Senatorial representatives of the Panama Canal interest and of tho transcontinental railroad interests. The
minor factor in tho opposition is the
rampant 'Americanism' of a few bombastic ignoramuses,who take the same
view of the canal that Mr. Bryan takes
of tho free coinage of silver���that we
must go about it without the aid r
consent' of any other nation. They
want a canal, but they want it to be
walled by American forts nnd covered
by Amerieun cannon. But it is tho
enemies of the canal that are chiefly
responsible for the mischief wrought
upon the treaty. This, of course, is
well understood in oflicial circles in
England as it is by the general public
here. The matter thus becomes a National and purely domestic scandal,
about which tho English have little
or nothing to say."
To My .
It is now a matter of a few weeks
only���indeed, almost a matter of days,
when the ratepayers will be called upon to elect a new City Council. Do
they propose to allow themselves to
be taken by surprise, and to be called
to the duty in a state of unprepared-
neBS? Is the choice of the next batch
of Aldermen to be left to any cbanoe
nominations that may be made? The
question of the Mayoralty will prob-1
ably not cause a great deal of worry.
Either candidate will make nn excellent head of the Council and chief
municipal administrator; but the usefulness of a Mayor depends largely on
the support he receives, and an unfriendly majority, disposed to thwart
his will, can do more mischief ia an
hour than can be repaired in a month.
For two years the City has been favored with good Council-. The members
of them have not been exempt from
faults, but in intention and for the
most part in performance they have
been true to the interests they were
eleted to serve. If not always wise,
they have at least been honest. That,
after all, is the main thing. Nelson
wants honest men in charge of its
affairs. It may seem an ungracious
thing to aay In this season of good
will and charity to all, but it is a
disturbing fact nevertheless that there
have been evidences of a disposition
to engage in municipal looting, and
strong, honest men are required to
guard against the growth and development of bo noxious a plant.
Up to the present time only one citizen of Nelson haB announoed a desire
to serve the town as one of its Aldermen. We have heard nothing but
good1 of him, and if elected he would
no doubt give satisfaction. Bnt why
seek new men each year? It requires
experience in municipal affairs, as in
others, to attain to the highest degree
of usefulness. Old servants who have
given satisfaction should be prevailed
upon if possible to retain their trusts.
The members of the present Council
have done well; with their experience
they would do better another year,
and it is therefore all the more desirable to hold fast to them. We sug
gest that they be re-elected in a body,
and this without any disparagement
of the new candidate, Mr. Patterson,
who, we are sure, would gladly step
aside in favor of BO simple a method
of choosing our next Council.
Some one has calculated that Rossland and the Slocan will together contribute |7O,S0O under the new mineral
tax, and adds that thc sum ia not a
large oue considering the value of the
mines, lt is a lurge ono, however it
muy be regarded, but especially large
and vexatious when it is considered
how fow the regular producing mines
are. But it is not so much the extent
of the tax as the idea of it that is
the most mischievous in its results. It
is as natural to man to shun taxation
as it is for sparks to liy upward. At
the very time when it is most desirable to encourage the employment of
capital to develop the great mineral
resources of the Province, this tax is
shoved into -the fuces of those who
are expected to supply it. It was short
sighted policy, besides being unjust
in its operation, und tbe Government
responsible for it, whatever they may
think of themselves.are not to be con
gratulated on their achievement.
"The Tribune wishes the editor of
The Miner a Merry ChristmaB," flays
our morning contemporary. The edi
tor of The Miner wishes The Tribune
and all associated with it a happy
and prosperous New Century. At the
same time he will experience the
greatest pleasure in taking a whack
at The Tribune and its editor whenever be thinks they are going   wrong,
This signature is on overy box of the genuine
Laxative Bronio=Qninine Tabieu
the remedy that cares n eoU lo om day
That the better cIbbs of American
newspapers rcNent the action of the
Senate in mutilating the Hay-Pauncefote treaty will be gathered from the
following pungent leader which np-
pearod a few days ago in The New
York Times, ono of tbe broadest, fair
est, and ablest of the entire United
States press:
���'It Is fortunate that nobody on
either side of thc Atlantic is in the
dark as to the motives of thc Senatorial enemies of the Hay-Puuneefots
treaty. If the English believed that
the mangling of the treaty was
prompted by old-fashioned American
hostility for moro than half a century
in the school <books of this Nation,
they might take offence, and they
would be only human if they retaliated by making all sorts of trouble for
us In relation to the eanal. But no
American Is excited and evory Englishman is calm, for it is plain that
the love of that onoc populnr pastime
known as twlBtlng the British lion'b
tail enterB only in the smallest degree
if at all as a factor in the not very
pleasant exhibition which the Senate
la now making of itself betore the
world. The British Oovernment will
continue to he friendly, whatever the
Senate may do with the treaty, for
where no offence is meant none will
be taken.
"Great Britain may, Indeed, bo
foreed to reject the . amended treaty,
but that Is precisely what the amend-
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Orders by mall receive careful and prompt attention
Bank of
British Columbia*
Is now prepared to issue
Drafts and Letters of Credit
on Skaguay, U.S., Atlin, B.
C, and Dawson City, Yukon
Incorporated 1869.
.   .   ��l,MS-��?e.eo 1 ���_���!,    ......   ��i.we,��H.��
in ���.  Director. 1   Thomas K. Kenny,  President;   Thomas Ritchie. Vloe-Pmldwl.
Wiley Smith. K. G. Bauld, Hon. H. H. Fuller, M.L.C.. Hob. David Ma.I_.-_.
���cad Oatce, Halifax t
General Manager, Kdt>on L. Pease, Montreal.
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Oeneral Baaklng BualneM Transacted; Sterling Bills of Exchange Bough'
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Acoounta received on tbe most favorable terms.   Interest allowed on ipecial
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Geo. Kydd, Manager, Nelson, B.O.
-���      ���  1 ������^^^
7-8 Inch diam. 913.60 per 100 feet. Por
immediate delivery in Nelaoa
Notice is hereby given that in virtue of the Act of the
Dominion Parliament, 63 and 64 Victoria, Chapter 103
and Chapter 104, the name of
. 1.1 ....-.������,,    .������________���      1     ������
will   be changed to
"Zhe 1Ro)gal Bank or<tonaba"
from and after
the Second day of January,  1901.
General Manager.
Halifax. 1st November, 1900. Nelson Daily Miner,   Thursday  Evening,   December 27, 1900
The Public Prefer* Hen Behlad tha
Prescription Desk���However, Thera
Are Several Sucoeaaful 'Women
pharmacists In This Country.
"The most practical woman pharmacist
la the country today la an old body in a
down east town who fixes up tho snlves
and seamen's remedies that are peddled
about down on tho wharfs and back
street landings where the fishing smacks
come in," said a man to whose desk
comes worldwide knowledge of druggists'
and apothecaries' Interests. "Thot woman ni'YiT looked Into a book of pharmacy In her life, uses only experience and
eld wives' testimony to compound by, but
her prescriptions are in constant demand
and are considered absolute cures for the
most aggravated fish bites and cuts that
s sea and river craftsman is heir to.
There Isn't any woman medicine mlxci
anywhere that does the amount of business slio does. I'm not joking. Here are
the facts:
"There were five women In my class at
college when I graduated In pharmacy
seventeen years ago.   There have been
I more than that number in every class the
} college has graduated since, and a half
f'dozen other colleges and schools of phur-
I Bincy hare been turning out women pharmacists regularly every year all this time,
; yet you can trace but very f< w of them
In the profession today.   Thi. it a lead-
: llig supply house for chemists' and druggists' materials.   Our books show pretty
1 well all that goes on In the country In
[ this line, and the salesmen who go mil
from here keep track of the small fish
I and little fellows, commercially considered, In the out of the way places and back
J country towns.   At the utmost there are
��� not at this moment a half doien women
[In the legitimate drug business In this
[country. Women do well as doctors, and
[the trained sunt ranks are overcrowded,
[but they fight shy of practical pharmacy
���as a profession. They go into lt enthusiastically,   study   haill   while  at college,
alio medals and class honors for profi-
clriie-y, graduate with great credit and
hen���just do nothing apparently or next
[to nothing with the knowledge gained.
���You can walk all over this town, for In-
[itnnce��� go into nil the main streets and
side  streets  and  suburban  streets���and
yen won't find a single drug store in
irhich 1 woman is serving except In tbe
cut'Hcity of cashier.
"Two listers kept an apothecary ahop
a far east Harlem district In New
fYork for awhile, but thoy quit, either
rent Into something else or got married.
iThere was another shop handed down to
la   woman   pharmacist   at   her   father's
���death, and she ran it for two years with
I fair success.    Now her husband's name
111 over the door.   Ont woman It assist-
lant manager ot the drug department ia
la department store.   She sees the drum-
linei., orders goods, keeps track of stock
land looks after the salesgirls under her,
|but every bit of this could b�� done without taking a degree in pharmacy.    Tht
ncilicin.s and tonic* and the pills and
.lusters,  lotions, creams and ointments
' r-e/i t  she  deals  la  all  come sealed  and
i ready for sale Just as packnges of made
I ap petticoats' Or lemon lounges or spool
[thread would come.    It takes only bull-
I aett knowledge and method to do what
the Is doing..' Another woman pharma-
| cist it cm ploy ed  In  a chemlstt' supply
house to tuperlntond girls who seal and
��� ���topper,  bcrlbboa, pack and tit up the
��� perfumes and dentists' goods and also
(make attractive tbe household remedies,
f p��l_ relievers, Infants' sirups and glassed
tnd canned powders and toilet accessories.    She has no chance at the Impor-
h taut compounding part of the work.
"Now, the northwest and middle states
|bon_t of some women druggists," he add-
"Tho star woman dealer In the busi-
ess It located In one ot tbe prominent
Wiiil'llngt ot a big Minnesota town, and,
iron her lettert, the questions she askt
'.0 new goods and methods, I take her
he wide awake and thriving.    Sht It
1 years old, unmarried and all for business, the drummers report.   Another well
Htobllthed woman druggist has a good
Itrnde in a Connecticut town, and there's
leee In Illinois.   A young woman keeps a
[tnall drag shop in her own cottage at a
ii-imcr resort.   Sht shuts up each winter, hut doe* good business In summer,
[especially In teething' drops and mosqul-
> lotion.
"Thousand, of girlt and young women
1 are employed steadily In the wholesale
drug and pattnt medicine houtea all over
��� the cauntry. There art whole factories
I lull of them, some tltnated In country
iMttlemtnta where rent la cheap for the
[plant and Its working people, and some In
lerowded oity quarters, but all of these
I women are at the merely mechanical end
let things, doing the outside adornment
|worli for which their small fingers are
{specially fit. They wo.k at long board
���l>lcs with little flame lights In front of
Bthem, convenient for tht sealing and
���pasting. They have delicate tools to
[work with, and are more or lest dexter-
I out  and   Indispensable.   Borne  of  them
��� Work for fifteen or twenty years at tht
[trade, beginning when mere children in
I thort frocks, but they hart a fixed limit
I tor wages, little chance of advancement,
I ind have no more idea of the character
lead composition of the fluids and solids
I they are sealing and  packing than the
girlt who work In the silk factory next
door or who sew on cloaks or make boa-
I aet frames. i
"People don't take to tht idea of a wo-
I Dan druggist.   There's no accounting for
It. but they don't.   The public at large
likes to have a mah put Op Its prescriptions, and would take exception at hav-
I 'ar to ring up a woman druggist at night
[or go to her for the hundred and one
[things out side ef the business that a drug
[���lore stands sponsor for.   On tht surface
I It looks as If pharmacy were a business
.admirably   suited   to   feminine  strength
and adaptability, just the proportioning
ef water and physics, the right rending of
the Latin symbols and directions and tht
j keeping ef things orderly and shipshape,
���t any housekeeper must de et��cry doy.
| But the public prefers a maa for thit
fui pose, and apparently would rather
*vt women ministers, women real ettate
egentt aid women ttockbrokers than
womtn druggists."���Chicago later Ocean.
Ohaaared Her Name.
Aa exchange dtscribet evolution ������ follow*: A girl named plal* "Mary" at her
birth dropped tht "r" when tht grew up
and rename Mitt May. At tht begin to
���hint la ��� social way ibe changed tht "y"
te "1" and signed her letters Mae. About
tytar age the dropped the "t," and U'l
����� plala "m��."  *_tf�� eTiltttion.    ._,
Is the highest priced Champagne on the English
and French markets.
The Job
of The Miner
S the most Completely Equipped Office of the w
kind in the   interior  of  British Columbia. <S
&  Look over this list and sec if there is anything *F
# you need
__JL9 J��
% Bring Your Job Work to The Miner &
��� Ward Street, Nelson, B.C. *F
Letter Heads
Bill Heads
Memo Heads
Visiting Cards
Wedding Invitations
Dance Invitations
Ball Programmes
Hand Bills
Price Lists
Legal Back-
Customs Papers
Engineers' Reports
Business Cards
Concert Programmes-
Pay Rolls
and anything that, can be
printed anywhere.
In order that the Government may
be in possession of definite information with which to supply those seeking investments in this Provinoe, I
am instructed to invite particulars
from those who have properties for
sale, and who may feel disposed to
forward such particulars to this otlice
for the purpose In question.
In view of the proposed early re-organisation of tho Agent Ucnerul'B
Oflice In London, England, the desirability of having on file a list of
farms and other proportieB for salo,
with full and accurate dotalls, is obvious. Properties subrnitted may in-
oludu farms and farm landB, industrial or commercial concerns, timber
limits, water powers, or othor enterprises affording opportunities for legitimate investment.
It is not proposed to recommend
properties to intending investors, but
to afford the fullest access to the classified lists and all avuilable information connected therewith, aud to place
enquirers in communication with the
The fullest particulars aro desired
not only of the properties themselves,
but of the localities in which they
are situated, and the conditions
affecting them. For this purpose
printed schedules will, upon application, be forwarded to those desirous
of making sales.
Secretary, Bureau  of   Provincial   Information.
Miners, Attention ll
nnd trr a bottlo, a doson, or a barrel ot
OALQARY BEER as It Is tha beat and
clioaiMisl on tno market. Also try onr
WINES,    LIQUORS     and    OIQAR8.
Tele, boat n, Bakor Ht   Nolson, 11,(1,
MARK   g;
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No miss-holes.   No running.
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Large number of Choice Building Lots adjacent to the line of their
Tramway. For price and terms of sale apply at the office of the Company, Maedonald Block  corner of Josephine and Vernon Streets.
A. V. MASON, Secretary.
"ORBIT"  Brand and
London, Eng.
PR.__l_Y_.Il_.-\. Navy Cut Tobaccos.
Agents sot Cansoi, ��� JAMES TURNER & CO., Hamilton. Ont.
CROW  &  MORRIS,  Sola Aoonls, Nelson, B. G.
Kootenay Railway and Nav.
Company, Ltd.
���{ ���     KASLO ft SLOCAN RAILWAY,
points on tlio O. R. nnd N. and Norl horn
Pacific Hallways In Waiehln_fton,
Oregon, and tho Southern
Passenger train for Sandon and way-stations
leaves  Kaslo at 8 a. in., dally.    Returning,
leavos Sandon ab Ltd p.m., arriving at Kaslo
a'. 3.66 p.m.
Operating on Kootenay Lake and 111 ver.
S.S. Kaslo loavos Kaslo dally at 8 a in; loaves
Pilot Dsy dally at 0:16 a m: arrives Kuskonook
dally at 11:15am. Returning, leaves Kuskonook daily at 12:10 p in; leaves I'ileei Hay daily
at 2:30 p m; arrivos Kaslo daily at. 1 p m.
8. fc). International leaves Nelson dally at 7
a m: leaves Pilot Bay dally at 0:16 a m; arrives
Kaslo daily at 10:45 a in. Returning, leaves
Kaslo dally at 1 p in; leaves Pilot Kay dully at
2:30 p in; arrives Nelson daily at 1:30 p in.
B. i, N. and K. V. Rys.
Passongor train loaves Kuskonook for Spokane daily on arrival of stoainor Kaslo, connecting at Bonnor's Ferry with Great Northern
flyer, east bound.
Leaves Spokane for Kuskonook dally at G:_>
a ni, making direct con'cetion nt. l-iiskonook
with steamer Kaslo for Nelson and Kaslo.
Steamers oall at nrlnolpal landing, in both
directions, and at other points when signalled.
Tlokotssold to all point! In Canada and the
United States.
To ascertain rates and fall Information address t
"���.���.WW. Kaslo.B. C.
G. K. TACKAMmv, Local Agont.
You cun send to a friend is your photo.
This month with
a dozen of our
give   you   oue
Of      tllr.,1'       I'm.,
mlnatures of
yourself set in n
gold plate frame
(linn.! io and
Bee us about
Baker Street.
Will pay the highest oash prioe for all
kinds of seoond hand goods. Will bay
or sell anything from an anchor to a
needle. Furniture, stoves, oaiperts.
oooking utensils, bought in household
quantities. Also oast off clotbing.
Oall and see me or write. Address
Silver King Mike, Box 300. H��U
Street. Nelaon. P. O.
Canada Permanent and Western Canada Mortgage
head  office toronto,  ont.
Money to loan on Straight Mortgage.
Apply to O. I-. LENNOX.    Islrr  fct
Real Estate and Insurance
Loans Effected at Reasonable Rates.
B-.��t Btreet, Nelson,
Spokane Falls Sl
Northern R'v
Nelson Sl Fort
Sheppard R'v
Red Mountain R'v.
The only all rail route between
all points east, west and south to
Rossland, Nelson and intermediat
points; connecting at Spokane with
Great Northern, Northern Pacific,
and O. R. & N. Co.
Connects at Nelson with steamer
for Kaslo and all Kootenay lake
Connects at Meyer's Falls with
stage daily for Republic, and connects at Bossburg with stage daily
for Grand Forks and Greenwood.
Leave            DAY TRAIN Arrive
8 :U0 B.m Spokane 0:40 p.m.
11 :50h,.m Kossland H:10 p.m.
7;U(i a.m Nelson 7:15 p.in.
0:45 p.m Spokai e 7:00 a.m.
11.00 p. in Kossland 7 :00 a.m.
H. A. JAOKSON, G. P. St T.A.
Spokane   Wast.
Agent, Nelson, B.C
Atlantic S. S. Lines.
From Porilntid, Mo,
Allftn Lino Niinilillnn Jan.  8
J-ninlim in    Line   Vlllll <>u mt Ih.O'_K
From t_L John, N. 11.
Bcf.vor I.inu Lake (..H-tniilu.n Dec 111
From Now York
Cunard  Lino Ciimpi.nf.i  Doc 211
Whito 8Ur Lino Oceanic Ihe 96
American / 'no Ht. I   Dec _si
N.I i.L. Uno  K.u��� .-_��� U iD.i'lin dur I I io    .��� .Inn   3
N. O. I_. Allor Doc211
Anchor Lino Anchoiia Deo 22
Fronuh Line Iji Torrnlno  Doc 27
From n.-inn
Cnnartl LlnoUltonla Doc 2U
PamgM arrai>K("f to and from all Kuroponn
point*. Kor n_Uw, tlcko.n and full Information
apply to C. I1. IL dopot tfltnt or II. U Ilrown
city Panangor Agont, Notion, ii. <'.
Ommral * font. C.IUt. OfflOM, Wlnnlprg
Real Estate and Insurance
FOR SAl.l:
$i!>no win  buy .���room bonaa with
all   modern    Improvements |    terms;
9'ino canli.
84M will buy choice   lot near Methodist. Church,
Blfliio   will   buy boUM and   lot miir
Furnished .'(-roomed house.
.'urnlHhed li-roomed liouae.
Knmll 3-rooined houHe, IJN.oo.
Cabin, J5.0O.
Of Wrltlnpr Taper wont last
lung.    Yim'il lee.|l,,r|il���i-,< Km-
othor "hurry up' _ Tier with
Wholesale  Houses
rpHOKPE & CO. Limited���Oorner Vernon
X and Oodur direoU), _\o-Hoij���i.lunufucLur-
t-i'(. of and wholobalu do_uer�� in uerutud waUu'H
and fruit ttyruptf. bole u^cnu lor lltiiuyon liol
Hpriugti niljii-i ,.i water,    leluphonu uu.
V] h,LoUN   bODA    WA'1'h.U    FAO'lOUSf���
____!     S. A_L L'uinminH, Luhnuo���luvury  known
-irioty ui bolt Ui'inkH.   1' u nu.\ iv-..   lelcpiiuiie
No. '61. Iit.iiv it struct, Nelnon.    i in.- of tlie
lamou-i ot. Leon not bprlUgi -Uimjrul ....tor.
C.ANK 6L MACDONALD (II. Cane, Jiuiioh
/ A. MactloualUf--Architects and supeiiu-
Luiidents, lirokeu mil ijiock, corner Uukcr aud
W ard airucus ^el_on.
HJ. KVANs Sl CO.���BftJter btreet, Nol-
���   Hon���VV JiuJc-ialu   :     ,. t-. ia nquore, el*
Kara, cenieiiL, lire brick  una lire ciaj,  water
1'1|ji:    Ullll    IiIitI     lnll'.iH.i:     ,/>e,ilii>   nilliliu    ,hil>
I ��KACK.AlAN-i_.__H iMlLLlNU LO., 1_TU.-
J_> V\ uoict.uJe ana retail uuiiiers in giain,
ha>, Hour, luea. Jiulh ul \ ictoriii, New v\ e��t-
miiiHier; i_.uhionUm, Aita. aiov.aoih uu Lui-
Kary and J_.muoutou luiuwuy. -Uauutaoturui-.
ol the ooiobrateo. li. __, i... bland - i-reals.
A MAODONALD & Co.-Corner Fron
��� aim iiull bCroeU��� V\ Iiulenale KroceW
uiiujohi.fi'.- in blankets, gloves, liutu, boow,
rntiid i ,, iiiackmaws mm miuerti (.unoiies.
i.1     Ollluo   corner   Hull  una   feruul   bireuld��
.m'i -imi i.iiiiitiri, , ,i, ,., . iiouiihK, and overy
tlnug In wood lor buuaiug purposes. Oot our
prices.   Correspondence ��olieitou.
IJ BUBNe) Bl Co.-liuker street, NeltOQ-
_L ��� VV boieNilu deulern in IresJi and curod
meuts.   Quid bUm_K6.
WKti'V    KOOTKNAY    DUTOliEH    00.-
Dalrer btreet, Nelson���VVlioie(ialo deoi-
en in tmaix and cured nicatri.
JIARDWAI-E & MIMMi   Sbl'PEln.ai
btroet,   XnoIhoii - Wliuii-Kulo   djulain  in
iiuidw_ue,  uiiners'  suppiioH,   HpurtiiiK  Kooud.
M'L-kOHLAN BROS.  (Huccohmoi-h  to Vancouver Hardware Co, Ltd., linker street.,
Attlaon���Wholesale  dudern In   haruware und
iiiuiiut. supphoH, plumbers' and tinsmiths' aup-
X^l paintri, oils and Kin Mi mechanic*.' tooin,
AKonUfot Ontario Powder Work*; jyn unite
t IVUUNUK, BKKTON & Co.-Corncr Vornon
A. aud Josephine titreetH, Nolson���Wholesale doalertt In llquorw, cigars, and dry nooda.
Agents for Pabst Hrewing Oo. of Milwaukee
and Calgary Hrewing Co ot Calgary.
UDSON'S BAY Co.-Wholesalo groconoi
and liijuors etc., Haker btroet, Nelson.
-'rout and Hall HtreaU, Mulaon���Whole-
s_le doalers    n  winos  leuso  und   bulk), uud
domestic and lniporLod ciKars.
JY. ORIKFIN & .(..-Corner Vornon _nd
��� Josophino Btroets, Nelnon ��� Wholewilo
dealers In provisions, ouroil nieu-t, liultcr and
" Soo line
Also TOURIST CARS passing  Diln-
more Ju_ction Daily for St. Paul,  Saturdays for Montreal und Boston, Mondays    and    Thursdays    for    Toronto.
Same care  pass   Revelstoke   one  day
for   yonr   enstein   trip is to  see
yimr ticket rends via Canadian I'aeilie.
Trains and Steamers Depart.
Steamer for Kootenay Lacd-
uiK   aud   eastern   points   via
Crow's NeBt Route.
8:00    ) Traiu   for   Rossland,   Grand
Ex Sun ( Forks,G_eenwood,Midway,eto
0:00     ) Train for Slocan City,   Slooan
Ex Sun j points, aud Saudon.
16:00 I Steamer for Kaslo and inter-
Kx Sun (mediate points.
18-40 ) Train fm BonUnd, Nakusp,
IWII- > Revelstoke, iiinin line and
v*"r    ) Pflolflio Const Points.
For Time Tablet, Rates and full information call ou or luldress nearest Local Agent, or,
It. W. Drow, Dopot Aucnt I Nolson, B. C.
II. Ie. Ilruwn. t'lly   \ Kt-i.l.   /
fc. J. COYLE.
A   6, l".  AgObD,
Our Fresh Boasted Coffee Best of
Quality, as follows :
Java and Arnliinn Mocha, per pound $   40
I,, ��n and Mm Ine Hlei .et, _ pounds  1 __
Kleno Hantos, I pounds ] i oo
..uilo-e Ml.'inl.  . pounds ; 1 00
Our   _peoial-lsnd, S pounds    j ou
Our Klo Koast, II pounds , i oo
A THI 11. Illllll'll HOI II 11>:(,.
S M I     11' i' eM.e |
Nelson,      -      b. c
A. R. BARROW, a. m. l ok
Provincial Land Surveyor.
Oornsr Victoria and Kootenay Sts.
P. O. Box 689. Telephone No. 0s
F. O. OREKM        V. 8. CLEMENTS
Civil Bngl-eera and Provincial Land
P. O. Box Ul M.ison, B. a
- ������
Nelson Dailv  Miner,  Thursday  Evicniho,   December ��y, 196*
Mrs. F. J. Atkinson, a sister of Mr.
Fred J. Squire, has arrived in Nelson
from (llencoc, Ont., to make her home
with her brother here.
The sale of articles belonging to
Rev. Robert Frew will he continued
tomorrow at 1:80 p. m., at the Bume
Mr. George D. Curtis has returned
from the Coast, whero he left Mrs.
Curtis, who remained on account of
of   her father,   Mr.   Wm.
jail   on
the  death
Messrs. 11. and M. Bird, real estate
agentB, report thc sale of lots 81, 88,
and 88 in block 47, and lots 4, 5, and
�� in hlock M.of Hogustown to George
G. McLaren, late of liirtle, N. YV. T.
A Bhort session of Chambers was
beld at the Court House this morning before Judge Forin. Three minor
cases were disposed of and two or
three cases were adjourned until next
The interesting feature of the meeting of the Nelson Lodge A. F. & A.
M at the Masonic Hall this evening
will he tho installation of the newly
elected officers for the ensuing year.
Visiting brothers will he made wel-
William Bell, of Grand Forks, and
Sarah Ann McConnell, of Toronto,
were married on Christina* day by
Rev. Robert Frew at the Manse
ter the ceremony Mr. and Mrs.
left for Grand Forks where they will
Fred Dykeman, a laborer, who
locked up at tho Provincial
Tuesday last, came before Magistrate
Ciease, this morning to answer to a
charge of vagrancy. Ho was given
six hours to got out of the reach of
the Provincial police and immediately
started south.
With the return of cold weather the
management of the Nelson Tramway
Company is again preparing ico at
the skating rink. The curling sheets
are also being prepared. It is thought
if the cold snap continues that there
will be good skating on Saturday
At 8 o'clock this evening the Sunday School children of thc St. Paul
Presbyterian Church, will present a
cantata entitled ''Santa Claus'
Dream." The aifair promises to be
exceedingly interesting as it is one of
the first productions of tho kind ever
attempted in Nelson by such a large
number of children. An admission of
85 cents will bo charged, and the proceeds will he used in purchasing a
Sunday School library.
The following mining transactions
were recorded today: Transfers���From
Wm. Harris of Slocan City to J. D.
Reid, one-sixth interest in Climax,
Polar and Polar Star on Nine Mile
Creek tor a nominal consideration;
John A. Netterfield to J. M. Brown
and Hugh Hrown, all of Rossland
and one-twelfth interest In Sunrise,
on 4u-Creek, for a nominal consideration, and one-third interest in Mugwump claim on 4��-Creek for a nominal consideration. Certificates of
Work���To E. A. Hand ou Little Perl.
Locations���White Tail, on Crawford
Hay hv John Campbell; Hemlock and
Spruce Mountain, on liarrett Creek,
by Charles Anderson and Oscar Anderson.
Captain Gifford, who came down
from the Silver King mine yesterday,
said this morning that the last of the
machinery which the company has
purchased to aid in the development
of the property, would be taken tu
the mine today. Since the order for
the improvements was given, about
two months ago,all possible speed hns
been made to get it Into working order. A large force of men is at present engaged ou the installation of tho
plant. Everything is progressing snt-
Isfa-torily and if nothing prevents the
new plant will be in operation in
less than three weeks. The force of
men working in the mino will be increased and the work will be rushed
us fast as possible.
"Jim" Maedonald, tho furniture
man, is out, and Mr. A. Il.lluclianan,
the banker, is in a handsome easy
chair. It happened in this way. The
chair In question was on the sidewalk
In front of D. MeArthur & Co.'s store
ready to be loaded on Archie Cunningham's expreBS rig and delivered to
the purchaser. "Jim" Maodonald
was about to give Archie instructions
as to its delivery when Mr. Buchanan
happened along. "That big chair is
to be taken up to A. II. lluchnnan's
bouse. It's a Christmas present," said
"Jim" to Archie in a voice which
easily reached the cars of Mr.Hnchan-
an, whieh was Intended. lleforc
".Ilm"had time to change the order to
the proper one ho was culled away
and Archie Innocently loaded the
chair on his wagon and drove straight
to the home of   thc   banker  and   left
the chair. When he returned "Jim"
roasted Archie, and MeArthur roasted
"Jim," hut the chair remained at the
Buchanan residence and another one
was unpacked and properly delivered.
Mr. Austin Corbin, the second, of
Spokane, general manager of the Spokane Fulls <fc Northern Telegraph
Company presented every one of his
employeos with a handsome Christmas
presont in the form of a $10 cheek.
The act is highly appreciated by his
men and it also goes to show that the
work of the employees is appreciated
by the management. Mr. Corbin not
only remembered the men of the eys
tern but also gave the same Christmas
present to the men engaged on the
several mining properties in Hritish
Columbia of which he holds a controlling interest. The outlay probably
cost Mr. Corbin about $-',1)00 and
there is no dount thnt lie will receive
good value in return.
As a result of the recent examination of assuyers at Nelson lion. Richard McBride, Minister of Mines, has
issued certificates to tho following assuyers: Under Section 2, sub-section
(1)���Walter Hishop, Vancouver, B.C. ;
Geo. B. Church, Nelson ; Colin Campbell, Nelson; J. B. Farquhar, Vancouver, H. C. ; Francis Hawkins, Nelson; Richard Marsh, Rossland; Walter Segswortb, Nelson, Robert E.
Tally, Trail; Prank Vans-Agnew, Nelson; Roland T. Wales, Trail; J. Cuth-
bert Weloh, Trail; W. A. Williams,
Grand Forks; C. M. Wilson, Sandon.
Under Section 2,sub-section (2).���Sel-
wyn O. Way lock, Fernie; Geo, A.
Clothier, Moyie; Geo. A. Guess,
Greenwood; G. M. Ililliary, Phoenix; Alex. Kaye, Atlin; John McLel-
lan, Rossland ; John McVicar, Ymir;
S. Shannon, Ferguson; Howard West,
New Denver. Under Section 2, subsection Ci)���Henry Harris, Nelson
Alexander McKillop, Nelson.
Spokane Mining stock Exchange
This moiniug' Spokane quotations
as received from Tlie Miner's special
NAME.                                           ASKED. BID.
Blacktail 10^ 9>_
Butte & Boston  1% lj.
Crystal  oX 4%
Deer Trail Con  2% 2%
Evening Star  IX ��X
Gold Ledge   1% 1
I.X.L 21 18).
Iron Mask W 29
Lone Pine Surprise  7 0%
Mountain L<on 23>_ 10
Morning Glory  1% 7._
Morrison  3X 8
Princess Maud  IX 1M
Quilp 24 20
Kambler-Cariboo _6}_ 25X
Republic   '.05 00
Reservation  6 3X
Bosaland Giant  2X 2X
Sullivau 14K 1%
Tom Thumb 14 11).
Waterloo  2% 2X
American Boy  11. �� OX
Conjeoture  4% 4X
Dewey  8X 2X
Miller Creek  3 2._
Bitter Root  6 4X
U. S. Marble 15 10
Hercules  4X 4
Review  5X 4
Sales���Conjecture, 1000 at 4X M.P.
D., 1000 at 4X D.P.M.; Miller Creek,
5000 nt 2X I). P- M.
f. 0 ~ _ __-__-__.-__-g-&-&-g-ei_g-S-g'g-g-^.-g.-__;___��� m m.
We wish to thank the public generally for the most successful Holiday Trade
in our experience in Nelson and to
AdvertlFeme-e- lnserti-1 under this head at
tho rate of ono cont a word per insortlon. No
advertisement taken for loss than 25 oenta.
FOR    RENT.��� Cellar.    Apply   Merchants' Bank of Halifax.
DO YOU need an   experienced   Bookkeeper and stenographer.  Write W.,
Miner Offlce.
Mr. R. E. Jaifery Taken East Suffering From Kidney Trouble.
Vancouver, B. C, Dec. 27.���Mr. R.
E. Jaffrey, who has beon visiting
British Columbia in connection with
the Crow's Nest Coal Co., and who
came to Vancouver to meet his brother who is expected to arrive from the
Orient on the next Empress, left for
Toronto today, uuder the care of Dr.
Boyle. Mr. Jaffrey is a son of Robert Jaffrey, director of the Crow's
Nest Pass Coal Co., and Imperial
Bank. During his stay here kidney
trouhle developed and his condition is
regarded as serious.
Phair.���A. Sprout,   New Denver; C.
VI. Harrington. Slocan; D.   C.   Johnson, Everett, Wash. ; Geo. II. Smythe,
illume.���B. D. Ross, Montreal; W.
B. llalton, Winnipeg; C. D. Hunter,
Sandon; R.  A.MoMordie.Grand Forks.
"It often made my heart ache,"
writes L, C. Overstreet, of Elgin,
Tenn., "to hear my wife cough until
it seemed her weak and sore lungs
would collapse. Good doctors said
she was so far gone with Consumption
that DO medicine or earthly help could
save her, hut a friend recommended
Ur. King's New Discovery and persistent use of this excellent medicine saved her life. " It's absolutely guaran
teed for Coughs. Colds, Bronchitis
Asthma nnd all Throat and Lung dis
Maes. 50 cents and Sl.ull at the Canada Diug & Hook Co. Trial bottles
ONTARIO Northern   Spies, Greenings
and Baldwin   Apples at McDonald's
in Madden lilock.
MUSIC Lessons on the mandolin. Pupils taught to play and read music
in three mouths. First class method
used and instrument supplied. References from former pupils. Harry
Aronson, 2B8 Silica Street., 'Phone
WANTED.���Position aB Housekeeper
in small family, by a lady of education und refinement. A good cook;
domestic, musical, amiable. M. S.,
Miner Oflice.
THE l'EHSON   who borrowed a   volume   of  Kipling   from   The  Miner
Olliee is requested to return lt.
THE NELSON Soda Water Company
will be obliged if householders having their empty syphons, or patent
screw top bottles, will communicate
with them by telephone or post card
as the syphons and bottles are required for the holiday trade.
io per cent, off
and FURS	
during this week.
Kerr & Co.
Cor. Baker and Ward Streets,
China Hall
Thanking'them for their generous
patronage during the Holiday season, we solicit a continuance of the
same during the coming year.
Our stock is growing daily, and
and we can always offer new and
attractive bargains.
FOR RENT.���House, furnished or unfurnished.    Apply Royal   Hotel.
WANTED.���Position as mine foreman
or will develop properties by contract. Just returued from developing
properties in the north. Can assay,
survey and a good accountant. High
class testimonials. Extended experience in B. C. and South America.
Apply P. O. Bos 75,;Rossland B. C.
FOR RENT���A    warm,    comfortable
house, seven rooms, water and bath.
Apply, "D," Miner Office.
WANTED. ���Capable, reliable person
in every county to represent large
company of solid financial reputation ;
803(5 salary per year, payable weekly;
8.1 per day absolutely sure and all
expenses; straight, bona-fide, definite
salary, no commission; salary paid
each Saturday and expense money advanced each week. Standard liouse,
Caxton Building, Chicago.
First Door West of C.P.R. Offices.
Coal and Wood.
Agents Imperial Oil 0o. Ltd.
Crow's   Nest  Coal,   $6.15
Anthracite,     -    -    $9.65
No order can ho accepted nnlesi
accompanied by cash.
Office Corner Hall and Baker Streets.
"You'll Never Miss the Water Till
the Well Huns Dry," runs an old refrain. You'll miss a good thing if
yon don't use "Tho North-Weitem
l.ino" when you go Eust. Four fine
fast traius each way daily between
Minneapolis. St. l'aul and Milwaukee
and Chicago. Also two trains daily to
Omaha and Kansas City. Our trains
have a 1 thc modern conveniences.
All agents have our tickets. II. S.
Collins, Oeneral Agont,Spokane.
__. R. St N. CO., LTD.
Christmas and New Years Excursions.
In connection with the Christinas
and New Years Holidays, the Kootenay River ,_ Navigation Company,
Ltd., will put into ctlect local holiday
rates of single fare for the round trip.
Passengers can purchase tickets on
the following dates: December Und,
Hard,24th and 96th, good to return until January 8rd. Tickets will also he
on nalu December 99th, .'loth, :tlst and
January 1st. good to return until January 3rd. ROUT. IRVING,
Mrs E. II. Thompson,(late ofDoran-
wend's well known establishment,
Toronto), has opened parlors for hair
dressing in Victoria Block. Ladies
may make appointments hy mail or
otherwise. Room 1, corner Baker
and Josephine Streets.
FIRST-CLASS   Room   and   Board, in
private   family,   reasonahlo   terms.
Apply  on   Silica   Street,   two   doors
west of Ward.
FOB SALE���A new house, ten rooms,
very convenient,with all modern improvements.   Applv A. E. Clarke, corner of Stanley ane! Carbonate   Street.
We make a specialty of
Cozy Corners, Foot
Stools, Ottomans, and
Odd Pieces.
Kootenay Street, opp, Bank of Mont-
reil, Leave orders and we will call
for work.
Turner-Bo-ckh Block Baker stroot
1000 Venus  18. _c
Bill) Salmo Consolidated  loc
11)00 London Consolidated _0Je__
A fresh cup of fine tea is a most refreshing
thing during- an afternoon of shopping. It
can be had at any time at The Palm, on
Ward Street. Ladies who are down town
shopping will appreciate this, and also such
a light luncheon as we can serve at the same
In the Confectionery line there is everything
you want.
W.   G.   BROWNE
K.-W.-O.   BLOCK.
Tak�� Laxative Bromo Qulnlno THblota. All
-rii_Kl��l�� refund the monoy If It fail* to cure.
_4ft   K. W, Urove.�� signature In oa owli box.
The most miserable beings In the
world are those suffering from Dyspepsia and Liver Complaint. More
than seventy-five per cent, of the people in the Dominion are afflicted
with these two diseases and their
affects; such a Sour Stomach, Sick
Headache, Habitual Costlveness,   l*al-
pitalimi   nf   the    Heart.   Heart-burn.
Waterbrash,   Gnawing  Pains at the
Pit of Stomach. Yellow Skin, Coated
Tongue and Disagreeable Tasto In
the Mouth, Coming up of food After
Eating. Low Spirits, etc. Go to your
Druggist, and get a bottle of August,
Flower fur 7.'. cents. Two doses will
relieve vmi. Try it. For sale by W.
V. Teet/.eL	
If you don't like Blue Ribbon Tea it'��
boottuao you've sever tasted it,
With a large
stock of
of All Descriptions
' and at  prices  that  are  within
I reach of rich  and poor.    Send
for our  new watch catalogue.
Manufacturing Jnwolm.
that during the remaining days of 1900 we have hundreds of Bargains in
almost every line of goods. Our prices ALWA\S REASONABLE
are in many cases
��� ���
We are anxious to still further reduce stocks carried in
before removing to
Our New Premises in the K. W. C. Block
Early 1901,
Ganada Druo and book go.
!__&_*���___ __s ^ ________________ ___v.-__{:--_s.va.vS��?^^
&^^^^^^~^^^-&" 900W- 00>- 0"' l*- *" - 900-00>-^ ^^.^-.#-1
Our Christmas business was
more than double our expectations, for which we offer our
sincere thanks to all our
Next year we will try and
have a larger selection for you
to choose from, and hope for a
continuance of your favor.
For the present���Thanks !
If Brown Said So It's Right.
178 Baker St. Jeweler. NELSON.
"Why should I insure my life in the
Great West Life Ass. Co.'y of Winnipeg ? "
" Because it is the only Life Company
that invests its money in the City of
Nelson, on improved property."
Call and see.
'���%  Furnished House to Rent.
Leggings and Over-Gaiters
Looking   for   a.   good   warm  Legging1 and   Over-
Gaiter ?    We have them in all sizes
For Ladies, Children and Boys.
Don't have cold limbs  when  you  can
buy these tor little money.
Ice Creepers Insure Safe Walking.
The 81iomnt8
If you intend buyinganything
in the
Shoe Line
Wait for Our Red Letter Sale
which we intend starting
at the first of the year.
Our intention is to clear o*
all odd lines of Shoes at
prices regardless of cost.
Baker Street,
NELSON.   -   -   B.C.
Brewen of Pine L��ger
Beer and Potter,
NeUnn. It. 0.
' NcUnn.
connissioN aoent.
Cod.���Mor.ln. _ Neal.
P. 0. Box 626.   c.iible Address: "Croaidtlla
Is prepared to negotiate the sale of developed mines. Has arranged for
dealing in shares on the London and Montreal Stock Exchanges. Shares
bought and sold in London on margin. Will take charge of the interests of absentee investors.
By the week from $5 to 16.
By the day ��i.oo.
Wlndwmw-Mlo--  U_HW��'"���""


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