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Nelson Daily Miner Mar 25, 1899

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 Daily Edition No  273.
Nelson, British Columbia. Saturday, March 25,  1899.
; * j- -������<..
Ninth Year
Oantabs at Last Favorites
For the Boat Race-
Oifoid and Cambridge Universities Di-
vide   Honors in   Athletic
London, March 34.���The odds on
Cambridge are generally admitted to
bo extravagant, and it is probable that
but little money will be in-rested at
the present rate." The time tests however, snem to show that Cambridge
will be an easy winner. The swing
of the light blues, their back aud leg
work and their sliding are superior to
similar work done by the dark blues.
Thsy average two and a half pounds
lighter than the Oxford men, but the
general material seems to be slightly
Curiously enough, though Oxford
is daily losing in public favor the dark
blues ars improving in form, aud
those who are most intimate with
Gold's splendid power aud resources
and the strengthened Oxford crew,
still claim that if Gold, who is the
Oxford stroke, wius the choice of stations he will be able to take the  race.
Loudon, March 24.���The Giand National steeplechase was wou by J. C.
liulli'U'H aged horse Manifesto. This
race is 2500 sovereigns, by subscription of 26 sovereigns each, lfi sovereigns forteit; second reoeives 800 sovereigns, and third 200 sovereigns.
for Ave year olds and upwards; distance about four miles and 85(i   yards.
A trophy valued at 100 sovereigns is
included iu tho value of the race, or
specie, at the winner's option. Major
Orr Ewiug's, Ford of Fyne, aged, was
second -, and Audley Bhftn'i Ellimun.
aged, fiuished third. Nineteen horses
started, x'he betting was live to one
against Manifesto, 40 to one against
Ford of Fyne and 20 to oue against
London, March 24.���There was a
poor attendance nt the University
athletic sports held at Queen's Club
today, owing to the bitter cold weather. The track, however, was good
but rather hard. A strong wind up
the track was much against the rim
uors in distance races. Following
were the results : One hundred yards
dash���Thomas, Oxford, 10>._, seconds ;
half mile run���Graham, Cambridge,
1 minute, 5!) 3-6 seconds; 120 yards,
hurdles���Paget Tomlinson Cambridge,
16 seconds; hammer throwing���Greon-
ifhields, Oxford, 110 feet; long jump���
Wassal, Oxford, 28 feet 8inches; qunr-
ter-mile run���Mollius, Oxford. 51 2-5
seconds; mile run���Hunter, Cambridge, 4 minutes 85 seconds ; putting
the weight���Clark, Cambridge. 84
feet; high jump���Adair. Oxford, 6
feet 8 inohes; three mile run���Workman, Cambridge, 15 minutes, 22 8-5
A  Corpse   Arrives in   Chicago   in   A
Refrigerator    Oar.
Chicago, March 24. ��� The dead body
of a man with his skull beaten in and
tbe body covered with bruises, was
discovered today in a refrigerating car
on a sido track at the stock yards.
The authorities are inclined to the belief that the man was murdered in
some other city and sent to OhloagO in
the car. From appearances lhe man
has been dead for about a week.
He was about 85 years old and was
apparently a miner. The car in whioh
tbe body wns found nrrived in Chicago
yesterday over the Pail Handle route
from Newberry, S. C.
Many Sensational   ...^orts  From   the
Scene of the Lynchings.
Tsxarkana, Ark., March 24.���The
country hero is still very disturbed,
i nd many sensational reports are cur
rent. One stnlcH that the whites are
still out in organized possos hunting
the leaders iu tha negro revolutionary
plot with the avowed intention of
stringing them up whereever found.
Another says the negroes are recovering from thoir panicky teri-or and aie
securing arms and threaten vengeance
on the whitos.
A colored man who arrived hero today from Wilton says that every negro
in tho neighborhood of Rooky Comfort and Richmond hns left liis home
and is afraid to return. A large
number of theui have crossed Red
Kiver and gone into Bowie country
in Texas. Ha says more negroes bave
been killed than have yet been reported.
Kitohie Considers That British   Commeroe is  Satisfactory.
London, Maroh 24.���Iu tho House of
Commons today, Sir Charles Howard
Vincent, OonserratiTe, asked whether
iu veiew of the euormous increase of
exports from the Uuited States, while
the exports of Uuited Kingdom do not
show such vitality, the Government
is prepared to issue a royal commission or appoint a select committee to
inquire into the cause of such a condition.
The President of the Board of Trade,
Mr. 0. T. Ritchie, replied that the
facts and figures set forth were substantially correct. The causes of such
a condition of things he added, were
generally well known, and there was
no necessity for a special inquiry
iuto the matter,especially as there was
no reason to regard the condition of
trade and industry in Great Britain as
other than satisfactory.
A   Plea for the   Preservation   of  the
Plains of Abraham.
Toronto, Ont., March 24.-The following is a telegram cabled dated London, March 24.���The Morning Standard comments editorially today on the
imminent danger of losing the historic Plains of Abraham at Quebec,
which a recent cablegram reports are
to be mapped out iuto building lots
and says: "Surely something can be
done to save from desecration the
graves of the gallant combatants of
Eugland and France, aud preserve the
historic site of Wolfe and great victory
from the speculative builder."
There are Now Thirteen Totally Unrecognizable Bodies in the
New York, Maroh 24.���The offloial
descriptions of the three bodies taken
to the morgue today are as follows :
Body No. 10���Pieces of body and legs,
feet and hands missing, uo clothing
found near body, no possible means of
identifying sex or finding out age.
Body No 11.���An unkowu body,
supposed to be that of a female, head,
arms and legs missing, part of n
corset, part of white cotton underwear,
part of black cotton stockingB, white
silk handkerchief.
Body No 12. ���Portions oC a body.
shoulder bones, ribs and ports of leg
bones, no bead feet or arms, age unknown, onlv small pieces of each part
At 8:25 o'clock workmen discovered
about 10 inches of vertabrae and a
number of other bones iu the same
locality on the 4?th street side of the
ruins where the bones of Body No.
18 were found. The police called tbis
body No.  18.
Later���New York. March 24. ���Four
hodies were recovered from the ruins
of the Windsor Hotel today. The record as if now stands is 28 dead, 40 or
more missing aud a largo collection of
small bones. The injured in
hospitals aud other places are recovering. Anxiety on the part of friends of
persons who have been reported missing has increased to certainty almost
that they perished in the fire. From
the condition of the bodies so far recovered there is but little hope that
they or any of the bodies that may be
found hereafter '���an bo identified.
Body No. 18 was taken to the
Morgue early this evening and placed
in n caso by iteslf. It is simply a
chili-red and blackened trunk with
pints of the arms, legs, and skull attached. The work of removing the
debris is proceeding slowly, so slowly
that residents and merchants in the
district within tlie fire lines extending
a blook in either diiection from tho
scene of the fire are making coin-
plainis. Business is blocked in the
district. President Murphy, of the
health board, today wrote to the contractor, ordering him peremptorily to
basteu the work of removal.
Lafayette Hotel Narrowly Escapes Being Burnt  Down.
Philadelphia, l'a., Maroh 84��� A determined effort to sot fire to tho Lafayette Hotel, in the heart of the city,
with the apparent purpose of causing
a tragedy similar to the Windsor Hotel
lire in Now York City was made early
yesterday mornitsfc, before scarcely
any of the manv gnosis in the hotel
were awakened.
It was ('uo to tho suspicious actions
of an unknown well-dressed stranger
who was seen leaving the hotel shortly
before 7 o'clock that led a boll boy to
go upstairs thinking that, something
might have boon stolen. From parlor
B, on the second floor, he saw smoke
coming and entering found firos had
been lighted in threo different places
aud were then gaining headwny. In
one comer 08 number of hico curtains
were thrown together and wore ou fire.
He quickly summoned assist nice
and the hotel employes succeeded in
extinguishing the flames without, tho
guests knowing of the great danger
that had threatened them.
A French Colony in the An-
tartic Regions-
He Olaims That Gold is Abundant There.
���Has Got Some   Strange EelioB
With   Him.
Tangiers, March 24.���Tho German
cruiser Buzzard arrived hore toduy to
support the German school ships Charlotte and Stoch in enforcing the do-
mands mado by the German Government for the payment of an indemnity
to the Uernian victims of Morronoiiu
outrages, tho Sultan still   delaying   to
1 act up to the agreements nrrived at in
tho matter. If the claims are not
speedily    settled,   complications    are*
J threatened. I
Paris, Maeh 24.���A man who oalls
himself Marquis De Dangley is attracting attention here by a remarkable
story. He says he was wrecked on
the Antarctio continent in the ship
Oregon in 18(18. There was aboard a
Frenoh colony made up of descendents
of refugees who loft Europe at the time
of  the Napoleonic wars.
Later, he snys thty organized themselves into a kingdom named Adelia.
The country which they inhabit in
the Antarctic is fairly temperate.
The Mnrquis savs that while among
them he visited the south pole three
times and describes it as a huge volcano.
Gold, he says is abuudant in tho region. The old man says he recently
made his way to Australia after being
shipwreoked twice. He exhibits many
peculiar relics to support his story.
Maritime records show that the Oregon was wrecked in the Antarctio seas
in the year mentioned.
Ten Articles Fetch   Over   Two  Thousand Pounds.
London, March 24���Great interest
was manifested in the sale at Christie's this afternoon of the jewelry of
tlie late Lady Martin, formerly Miss
Helen Faucit, the actress. Many
persons allied with tho theatrical profession were present. A large diamond aud sapphire brooch brought
��890. Ten other brooches, and rings
brought an aggregate of ��2,111).
The Nationalists Are   Striving to   Defeat Dunraveu.
Dublin, March 24.���The Croin division of the County Limerick is
ablaze with placards denouncing Lord
Dunraven who is standing as Unionist
candidate for the division in the coming county council elections. The
Nationalists are striving hard to defeat
Dunraven, and nt n meeting in the
interest of John Colemnu, the Nationalist candidnte, last week, addresses were made by the two leaders,
Michael Davitt and  William O'Brien.
Ottawa, Ont., Mach 24.���At this
morning's meeting in the debates committee. Mr. George Simpson was appointed unanimously to the vacancy
iu the Hansard staff, vice Dr. Bradley deceased. Walter Boyce, son of
tho late incumbent was appointed editor of the Hansard. Mr. Beausoleil
is the new chairman of the committee.
The matter of selecting a chief among
the Hansard reporters is left to the
members of the staff. Dr. Bradley
was chief.
Syracuse, N. Y., March 24. ���A burglar giving his name as John Walsh
was arrested under peculiar circumstances here this morning. He broke
iuto a houso and after securing his
plunder, consisting of diuiaonds. etc,
he was evidently either intoxicated
or overcome with weariness, for he
luy down on a sofa aud went to
sl!--ep. When the family arose they
discovered him and immediately notified the police.
Chicago, March 24.���Digby Bell,
the actor, filed n petition in bankruptcy today in which he asks to be
relieved of liabilities aggregating $27,-
000. He states that he has no assets.
The filing of the petition is said to
have boon induced by the results of an
unsuccessful season which closed in
Chicago on Suuday night. The
actor's latest play "Joe Hurst, Geutie-
man" was taken otf the boards uud
the company disbanded.
Wetaskiwin, N. W. T., Maroh 24.���
An Assyrian poddler named George
Nofiold, wub brought in yesterday
from 50 miles east of Wetaskiwin iu a
state of collapse with both feet and
lees badly frozen, having been wandering ou tbe prairie for niuo days
without food. Nofiold is in a very
weak state and there is no hopo of
saving his  feet.
Loudon, March 24.���It iB now stated
thut a settlement of the Newfoundland question is probnble, France accepting England's offer of compensation, the amount to be determined by
a third party.
Thousands Came to Watch
the Fight-
Neither Mas Was Knocked Out-A Well
Contested Bout���Sullivan Did
Not Referee*
San Francisco, March 24 ���Elaborate
preparations had been mnde for the
handling of the crowd aud at 6 o'clock
the doors of the gallery section were
thrown open in order to allow those
holding general admission tickets to
get in out of the rain, and avoid the
rush and confusion when the more favored ticket holders should arrive.
Mindful of its experience at the Jeff-
ries-Sharkey fight, when the amphitheatre collapsed injuring many persons, the management used every
means to avert a recurrence of thia
trouble. Seats were built ou a substantial foundation under the direct
supervision of the fire department.
The betting publio was in suspense
regarding the referee until a very late
hour. John L. Sullivan, who had
boon decided ou by both men, proved
too elusive, despite many telegrams
sent to various points in attempts
to locate the ex-champion and bring
bun back to Snn Francisco. Sullivan
wus supposed to be in the southern
part of the state, and hope of bis arrival was not abandoned until late
in tbo afternoon, when the club took
the matter in its own hands, and
sought a person to act as judge of the
contest. Choynski suggested several
io ial fistic experts, all of whom were
unsatisfactory to McCoy, who insisted
upon an eastern man being chosen.
Jim Kennedy of Brooklyn, manager of
Frank Erne, and an associate of W.
A. Brady, in some of the latter's enterprises, was chosen. McCoy was satisfied with Kennedy, nnd Choynski
agreed to the choice rather than cause
any trouble or delay when the hour of
entering the ring should arrive. Beting continued lively this evening at 10
to 6 in McCoy's favor. The seconds
acting for each men were as follows:
McCoy���Homer Selby, Jack Stelzner
and Frank Purcell.
Choynski���Eddie Graney, Tom
Murphy and Charles Tilson.
Choynski weighed in at 167 pounds
and McCoy at 159, the weights at the
ringside were approximately 108 and
160 pounds. Both men appeared to be
in perfect condition, notwithstanding
the fact that they were unable to do
muoh outside work during the past
week owing to the rainy weather. At
8 o'clock the building began fllliug
rapidly and all were seated without
undue confusion. Seating arrangements were as near perfect as could be
imagined. Six thousand seats wert
placed, and besides all these being filled a thousand or more were standing
around the outer edge of the arena
After the preliminaries, which were
very tame, exhibition affairs, there followed a long wait. It developed thnt
the canse of tbe delay was due to McCoy's demand thut the winner's share
of the receipts be deposited in one corner of the ring. This was finally
agreed to, but there was delay iu
counting the money iu a box.
At. !) :52 p. m. Choynski made bis ap-
pearanee, followed into the ring by
his seconds. He was given a hearty
greeting by the big **rowd. He wore
trousers and a red sweater and took
the southeast comer of the ring. At
9:45 p. in. McCoy climbed through
the ropes, shook hands with Choynski
and spoke a few words of greeting.
Ho wore trousers and a blaok sweater
and took the opposite corner. Choynski carried a box of rosin aoross to
MeOov aud sprinkled some on tho floor
for his adversary. MoOoy lias introduced by Billy Jordan, as the coming
champion of the world, which declaration was greoted with wild applause.
Jim Konnedy was then introduced as
the referee. Both fighters were baud
aged about thoir hands. When McCoy stripped he wore short white
trunks, loose like those of a sprinter.
He appeared pretty finely drawn
Choynski stripped to a very short loin
cloth. He showed up well. His massive shoulders quite overshadowod
those of McCoy's.
At. 10 p. m. the refereo called the
mon to tho centre and gave instructions. They agreed to break awuy
Round 1.���After lively sparring in
the middle of the ring, MoOoy led
with Ilia left for the body, but missed.
Choynski wub on the aggressive, but
did not load until McCoy landed a
light left on Mb nock. McCoy swung
left for head aud Joe ducked. Joe
landed lightly on top of McCoy's head.
McCoy jabbed loft to body and followed with swing for head, but Choynski
got under it.
Round 2.���Joe tried a straight left,
but missed, MoOoy swung a left for
the head, but wns blocked. After
more sparring McCoy jabbed Joe in
the wind with his left, Joe missed a
left swing. The men fought very
cnntiously doing little footwork.
Round 3.���McCoy jabbed left on
face aud got away from a return. Joe
blocked a left for   the   head,   but  got
right on body. Joe landed hard on
wind without a return. He blocked
left swing for wind. McCoy lauded
lightly on head. Joe swung left tor
body but wns blocked.
Round 4.���McCoy swung left for
body, missed and clinched, Joe followed him to corner, but the Kid
olinohed. Joe lauded twice on body
and got three left jabs ou face. Joe
missed right for body, but landed on
neck. McCoy rushed Choynski, landing left ou neck and right on body
just at tbe end of the round.
Round 20. ���(Final).���McCoy sent
straight left to the face and avoided
left counter. Joe missed left for the
jaw anrt the men sparred in a lively
manuer. McCoy rushed and Joo sent
in ��tiff left on face. McCoy rushed
and landod left aud right ou jaw.
ChcyiiBki landod loft on head and
clinched. Kid rushed Joe to ropes,
but a clinch followed without an effort
to do damage, the round und fight
ended with the men in the centre of
the ring where thev shook hands.
McCoy got the decision.
Quebec, Que., March 24.���All ur-
rangeniants for completing the Great
Northern Rnilwny hnve been concluded. A coutract for tbe work has
been given to a construction company,
composed of Boston, New York and
Quebec capitalists, incorporated under the name of the Great Nortliern
Construction Company, and all the
necessary capital has been   subscribed.
The Insurgents Will be   Hemmed in by
Foroes   Landed  From   the
Washington, D. C., March 24.���It is
understood here that General Otis bus
so far matured his plans of oampaign
tbat within a week or ten days he
will be able to begin the movement
which is expected to mark the dc-
structio'i of Aguiualdo's army. The
new movement will begin, it is understood, by a combined land and
water attack.
General OtiB has procured li! of the
guii'uutits formerly owned i*y the Spanish Government and these are to play
an important part in the development of the campaign. It is believed tbat
General Otis will place a complete
brigade on board the vessels, steam
rapidly northward, and laud them beyond the insurgents' headquarters at
Malolos. If this movement succeeds
the insurgents army will find itself
completely penned in with no opportunity for retreat.
New York, March 24.-The World
will tomorrow print the following
Mnnila cnble, under dnte of March 24.
���A sweeping victory over Agninnlrlo's
forces has just been won by tbe United
States troops. The total American
loss is estimated Ht about 100 including both killed and wounded. The
Filipino loss is   between   Hot) aud 400.
The Czar Wishes   to   Givo  a Proof of
His Good Will.
London, Msrch 24.���It is semi-olli-
cially nnnouueed that the Anglo-Russian negotiations in regard to ""China
have assumed practical shape and that
an early and satisfactory agreement
may be said to be assured.
London, March 24���The Daily Graphic will make tho following announcement tomorrow : "The ^liglo-Rnssiun
uegoiiatious have resulted in a partial
agreement. The question of the Niu
Chwang railway extonsiou loan contract hns been settled ou a permanent
basis completely satisfactory to England, Baron do Stael, Russian ambassador to Great Britain, representing
thnt the Russian concession in ibis
matter is duo to tho anxiety of Eni-
poror Nicholas on the five of the conference for the limitation of iiiiii:i
ments to give Great Britain a tangible proof of his peaceful and amioanle
disposition. The negotiations regarding general questions uro also well advanced and there is every reason to
ohpo that a convention will shortly be
London, March 24.���In the course
of the discnssioH of the Lo/>don Government bill in the House of Com
moils todny Mr. Balfour, First Lord
of the Treasury, explained that by tlio
operation of the measure women would
be qualified to hold seats in tho councils. He was not certain, however,
that they would lie eligible to the
office of Lord Mayor or Aldermen.
London, March 24. ���Sir Arthur Sullivan and Owen Hnll havo accepted u
commission from Augustus Duly to
compose and write a musical comedy
for production in New York in tho
autumn. Adrian Boss will write the
lyrics. It is said that the scone will
bo laid in Egypt.
Boston, Mass., March 24.���Tho
fltesuiHbip service between this perl
uud St. Johns, Nfld., recently inaugurated with the steamer Grand Luke,
has been discontinued.
U S- Government Advertises
For Tenders.
Contractor Must Supply  Relay Stations,
Reindeer, D��gteams| and all
Other   Requisites.
Washington, March 24.���An; all-
American mail route in Alaska "from
Prince William's Sound to Circle
Olty, through thn Copper River region, has been determined on by the
postal authorities and tho Postmaster-
General has issued a circular for proposals for the service.
Postoffice Inspector Waylauds has
been detailed to accompany the War
Department expedition to start from
Seattle April 1, and will establish
post offices at tho various military
stations to be located.
The contracls for tho new service
will be received up to April 24 for letter mail ouly, the compensation to bo
graded according to the weights carried. The service is to connect with
the regular monthly nmili by
steamboat which has been contracted for, bog-nning April 1, and to
be regularly kept up through the year.
The new route will run from Valdez,
through Copper Center, Slahan, Tet-
ling, Seaward and Eagle, a total of 598
Tbe contract provides for oue round
trip a month from October 1 next to
June HO. 1002, with a 80 day's running
time each wuv during the first year,
and 20 days each way thereafter.
Contractors ars requested to provide
sufficient relay stations, reindeer, dog
teams and other equipments.
Consider   rsnlish   ActionB   in   Samoa
Berlin, March 24���The newspapers
hero aggressively discuss the Samoan
question, and a portion of the press
maintains that Germany must adequately protect German interests
there. The semi-olli'-ial Post, referring
lo Germany's proposal to recall all the
tripartite representatives in Samoa,
snys: "This iB tho wisest thing all
round, as then new arrnngements
would be much easier for all concerned, and it does uot involve the humiliation of anybody. " The Berlin An-
zeiger, the Berlin Courier, and the
Cologne Gazette express amazement
that neither America nor Great Britain is willing to show good will toward Germany in the matter. It
seems just possible that the leading
men iu the Uuited States are not
wholly removed from the semi-savage
standpoint, In that case it becomes necessary to use plainer and more vigorous language upon Gcrmauy's part.
The actions of the British Government in the Samoan matter are singularly at variance with recent and often
repeated assurances of friendship.
The removal of the British cousul at
Apia, whose intrigues have occasioned
the whole turmoii, is especially nt-
eessary before neace enn be re-established in Samoa. The correspondent
here of the Associated Press learns
lrom an authoritative source that Germany does uot intend ro remove Herr
Roso, tbo German consul at Apia, unless Great Britain and the United
Stales also remove their consuls.
Some     Tribes    ure     Averse    to
Intrusion of the Whitos.
Winnipeg, Maroh 24.���Rev. Father
llusson of Peace River is a guest at
St. Bonifnoe College. The Reverend
Father has boon in tin far north for a
quarter of a century. Thero are few
whito men m that part of the country
iu comparison with tbe Indians and
halt breeds, but their number was considerably Increased last year by the
Klondike rush. As' a rule the half
breeds and Indians huve log shanties
to live in, and make their living by
trapping and fishing.
The climate of the country is much
the same iib that of this district, but
not quite so severe in winter. Horses
I'eed out all winter, but cattle have to
l*e sheltered. There is abundance of
wood and water, and tho lend is
ndapted to wheat growing. Regarding tlie move to make a trenty with
the Indiuua of the Athabasca and
Pence Kiver districts, the reverend
gentleman thinks tho Commissioners
might meet With difficulty iu treating
with some tribes, us they are rather
adverse to the white man's iutrusions.
Curaceas, Venezuela, Mnroh 24.���The
insurgent forces under General Ramon Guerre, formerly Venezuelan
minister of war and marino, who
last month, started a revolution
against president Ignaoia Audrade, in
the new stato of Guarito, of which he
bail been ""appointed provisional "gov-
enor, have boon severely defented by
the Government troops under General
Autouio Fernandez, near Maoapro. NKLSON DAILY MINER, SATURDAY, MARCH 25,   1899.
Nelson Daily Miner
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lii-iii*.   cliam****.
Tbe London Globe says tbat no man
born of worn m can define tbe boundary between Canada and Alaska as
laid down in the treaty with Russia
seventy odd years ago. It is supposed
tbat this is tbe ruck on which tbe
Joint High Commission came to gr!ef
a short time ago, compelling an adjournment for six months, in order,
as the Canadian Premier explains, to
afford the two Governments au oppor
tunity to tbiuk the matter over with
ull the seriousness it deserves. As the
Question is not unlikely to give much
trouble before it is settled, it will be
interesting to know exactly wherein
the difficulty lies. Article III of Ibe
treaty rends: "Commencing from
the southernmost point of tbe island
called the Prince of Wnles Island,
which point hei in the parallel of 54
deg. 40 miu. North Latitude, und between the 181 deg. aud 13!! deg. of
West Longitude * * * the suid line
shall ascend to the North along the
chanuel called the Portluud Channel,
ai fur as the point of the Continent
where it strikes the oti deg. of North
Latitude; from this last-meiiiioned
point the line of demarcation shall follow the summit of the mountains situated parallel to the Coast, as far as the
point of intersection of the 141 deg.
of West Longitude * * * and finally from the said point of intersection the said meridian lines of the
141 deg. in its prolongation as far as
the Frozen Ocean, shall form the limit
between tho Russian aud British
possessions of the Continent of America to the North West. "
This may hnve been clear to the
Commissioners of those days, with the
maps of Vancouver aud his contemporaries to guide them, although we
may without undue liberty take leave
to doubt it.
In the light of our increased geographical knowledge it is as nearly
meaningless as possible, and it is rendered worse by the article which follows it: "1st. That the Island called
Prince of Wales Islaud ahull belong
wholly to Russia. 2nd. Tbat wherever
the summit of the mountains which
extend in a direction parallel to the
Coast, from the Oti deg. of North Latitude to the point of intersection of
the 141 deg. of West Longitude, shall
prove to be at the distance of more
than ten marine leagues from the
ocean, the limit between the British
possession and the liuo of Coast which
is to belong to Russia, as above mentioned, shall be formed by a line parallel to tbe windings of the Coast, and
which shall never exceed the difference of teu marine leagues therefrom.'
There can be no boundary line as
described here, for the very good ron-
son that the entranoe to Portland
Channel is not to the north, but due
oast. Aud being n part of the continent, or entirely within it, a line following the channel could hardly be
said to strike u point of the continent.
There is a channel or indentation
called Clarence Straits, which, if substituted for Portland Channel, would
permit of a clearly defined bonndury.
The Canadian contention is that this is
the channel intended by the Commissioners, and that the other was named
in mistake or ignorance. If accepted
it would give us an important island,
together with a considerable strip of
Coast. But the Americans do not
concede this, insisting on the impossible boundary "north" along Portland
Of another feature of the question
The Globe says: "Article IV. distinctly states that Prince of Wales Island shall belong to Russia. Now, as
it happens, no lanl intervenes be
tweeu that island uud Portland Channel, so that if the trainers of the
treaty had no other body of water in
their minds, why should tbey stipulate for what would havo been obvi-
ons'-' If, however, they meant Clarence Straits ns the Canadians assert,
such a condition can readily be under-
Stood,    because   the Island   of   Revilln
Gigedo intervenes.    But the exact po
sition of Portland Chanuel is not the
only puiut of difference between the
two natious. From Portland Chanuel 'the line of demarcation shall follow the summit of the mountains situated parallel to the Coast as far ns the
intersection of 141 deg. But where
the summit of the mountain shall
prove to be at the distance of more
thau ten mariue leacues from the
ocean, "the boundary shall be formed
by a line parallel to the windings of
the Coa-t, which shall never exceed
the difference of ten marine leagues
therefrom.' The Americans deny that
there is any well-defined range governing the case, which lauds them in
a secoud absurdity. The lead of Portland Channel, that thoy maintain is
the correct, starting-point of tbe
bouudary line, is far east of the Coast
range of mountains, and in order to
strike their summit the line would
have to cross several intervening
mountains, making a dip at right angles. Mr. Hunter, a Canadian engineer, from observatious taken on the
spot, declares that there is a coast
range such ns that described iu the
treaty, aud so the situation stands
thus: The Canadians maintaiu that
Clarence Strait, uot Portland Channel, was intended by tbe diplomatists
who drew up the treaty. The Americans deny it, but cannot, for the life
of them, draw the line as therein laid
down. Tho Canadians are convinced
that the coast range of mountains is
correctly described in Article IV. The
Americans assert the contrary, and, as
Canada is hemmed iu at Klondike
while the question remains open, the
loss is hers alone. It is the old story
with variations.'
In a paragraph in this column yesterday Mr. Goschen was inadvertently
referred to as Chancellor of the Exchequer. Tbe well informed reader
does not require to be told that Sir
Miohael Hioks-Beaeh is Chancellor,
which makes it all the worse for Mr.
Rhodes, and tbat Mr, Gnsohen is
First Lord of the Admiralty,
We are Acknowledged Throughout
Kootenay ���*
As Efficient,
Up-to-Date   Watch    Makers.
St. Paul. March 24. ��� Il is understood that W. F. Lnxton. formerly
of the Winnipeg Free Press, has beeu
offered mid bus accepted the business
management of the daily Globe, one of
tl e leading newspapers of Minnesota
Tbe changes in the Globe staff are
caused by the departure of Mr. Spinney, editor-in-chief, for New York.
Mr. Gilford, for manv years attached
to the Globe, is the new editor-in-
chief, and Mr. Lnxton takes the position of business manager.
Satisfaction Guaranteed
ur monej refunded. . ,
Patenaude Bros.
Caker Street, Nelson.
ifSSS.-iS*-' SSS9SSSS $S��9S9S9SS
Winnipeg, March 24.���Mrs. Mackintosh, of Vancouver, wife of ex-Lieu-
tennnt-Governor Mackintosh, passed
through here yesterday, accompanied
by her daughter. They ure going to
Ottawa, where it is suid Miss Mackintosh will be married to Charles
Needbain, a young lady well known in
Brirish Columbia social circles.
ere is
11 is on the South Side
of Baker Street and is
filled with the very
latest things in Hoots
and  Shoes.
Frank A. Tamblyn
 Haker Street, will have, IhrOUgllOUl
tlie mi muu r, an assortment of tho
Choicest Houbo plant* everrooelvsd
in Nelson. Now shipment! every
8-'\vt ii mini rn house 	
S-liooui lirm-c .-ii t'K-y t*rni*j
K-Ko >ni hou T il -i lots unr.'ir
Vernon umi 1' k kireot. n
flne resideao *	
t (rood lots in Hume Addition
l loi in Hn ne addition���a H ap.
2lots on Lai inter street	
3 loim in Addltlou A	
if tuk-en al nrri\
Lots 11 and 12 corner Ward a* d
Hobson street*	
Several   good   houses  and
J. L. VANSTONE, Mining Broker.
H. II, WILLIAMS, Cutofg Broker.
Real Estate Agents.
Baker St., Nelson, B. C.
Eggs from pure bred
Plymouth Rocks at
$2.qo per Setting.
B. C.
TAILOR. Cleaning
and Repairing. Clothes
made to order. Over
Mills   &   Lou's   fruit
Mi'sic LK88QNB,    On piano   unpin
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L*a*i) dOON WMt ot Stanley.   P. O. Mux 130,
strictly Pure ('renin Tartar Baking Powder
mads In bhe Province    Ash your jirooi r for it.
Kiicoiirtigi: li ('    production,  nil  Other  thing*
bolng oquftl,  STBMLEtl ft  KAKLE,  Kami-
fact ur en, victoria.
R.AKBR      MUSIC UK880NH  Blntfng nnd Piano, by
STRBBT i Mih.  Sydney Oliver, OliNurvutory street, two
. ; dOOn wont of Mianlny.
Orpmiitf   nut-mit     i     iiimnimtMi    ��n !     FOR BALK   PInt*OlAMIQl of llll not*' tOOlfl.
I UU RAILWAl & NAVIGATION ill. i-n-**",..**i*-i*.i.*. Xp^A Bo*nS, n*�����.
Time Card in effect January StA, 1808
[    FUHN1SHKD ROOMS to renl with private
fiunlly.   Apply thin office,
1    a LIMITED imimini ot private funds to loan
on  ninrtunKi* npnn Improved city property.
Apply tb Kllinlt nml l.niinli*. Hiillr.ltoi**-. N'elMjn.
WANTED���siiiiui.iiina�� houMkooper. Apply
III. MilHT iitlll'i*.
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Unlit, piano, vTurk-lMip, umi larva garden, Cor-
ner ol Falli and Hoover itreotx.   Apply K. I1.
Wlinlli*)'. Nrlwin, 11. (J.
North i.
South b'ncl.
Read down Head up
lloat Lvs.Uiii.ni.  Kuslo    8.30 p.m.  Boat Al
"    t.3ti   " Ainswortll 7.In    "
" aoo " pilot Bay ui	
"     " 8 is ������   Balfour   tl.no	
������     Ar 0.4.1 '��� I Mllo l>t. S.in	
" 10..*) -   Nelaon   1.30 ���        ������   i*,
Conneota with N. tt F. B. Railway train for
.Spokane, leaving Five Mils Point al 10:04 n.m.
Steamers leave Kaalo olty wharf at foot of .'ini
streei.   Subject toohangg withoul nnlloe.
WANTED liy thoroughly competent, und
experience*! lady, position oa housekeeper in
laW llrslcliiHs hotel, C. P. R, preferred, References oxohangid. Addreai Miner olliee,
WANTED Man to run planer. Qoodwagoa
fm* Hrab-otaMman. .1 A. Bayward, NbIsodi b.c.
WANTED���At once, skirt and walat makers,
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House Cleaning Time,
As you will no doubt require New Carpets and Curtains when renovating* the house, do not forget we
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Few Pianos are  sweet in   tone,  responsive
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Listen to a Mason & Risch Piano,
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Inspection Invited.    Correspondence Solicited.
Thomson Stationery Co. L't'd. "IT
[MXI Auction   Sale
mi\Wmum        I      Of Household Good,
Tourist Cars pass Revelstoke daily
to St. Paul; Tuesdays and Saturdays
for Toronto I Thursdays for Montreal
and Boston.
We will sell at auction, on the
premises, on Thursday, March 30th,
at 2 o'clock p. m., all the contents
of a well- furnished house. Sale
without reserve; terms cash.
Come to Observatory street, 2nd
house west ol Stanley.
To  Hossland, Trail,  Hobson.
8,10 p.lll.-LeaVM��� NELSON���Arrivos-lO.aup 111
Kiinleiin} Lake���Kaslo Route.
Stu. Kokankk
Exoept Buudoy. Exoept Sund-.iv
1   p.m.���ijoaves���NKLSON���Arrive**���11   n.tt
Koolriiay miw Itoiite.
Mun., Wi��l., Kim. Tuei*. Thuro. Sat.
8 a.m.���Leaves���KELSON ���Arrives���8.60 p n*..
MukiiH oonneotlon nl I'llut Hay with Str. Kc -
kunuu in both dirootlons.
Bteamorson iheir respective routes cal hi
in-ilicipnl Landings in both directions an I
ol her points when signalled.
-iiniii   1 im* mni  Intermediate I'oinis via
Miicim   I. ake, Ilaily.
Ii.:��l a. iii.-Lci-.vo*-NKLSON���Arrives-8 20 p. in.
Asckhtain Rates
und full Information   hy addressing neai-o: t
local agent, ('. K. Beosley, City Ticket Ag't. or
Et, W. IIUKW, Agont, Ncl.-o
Trav. 1'as.s. Agent,      Dwt. Pass. Agoi.l.
Nelson Vancouver
Spokane Falls &
Northern R'y.
I Nelson  &  Fort
Sheppard R'y.
Red Mountain R'y.
The only all rail route without chang
of ootb between Nelson and Soesland and
Snokane and Rossland.
; Leave 9.40 a.m. NELSON Arrive 5.30 p.m
"   11:55 "   EOSSL'D    "     3:10
j    "    8.30 a.m. SPOKANE   "   6.30 p.m
Train  thnt leaves  Nelson at 9:40 a.m
makes clime connections at Spokane foi
' nil Pacific Count Points.
raosminers tor Kettle Hiver and Bound-
; ary Oi ��ek. noon-act at Marons with Stagi*-
O. G. DIXON, G. P. & T.A.
Spokane   Wasli
Atrcnl.Nel.son, B. O.
KOH HAI.K   A 11 rsl-chisssecond hand ludy's
bicycle.   High grade Rambler make.   Is in excellent condition.   Can be adjusted for child-
ROBERT IRVING, Manager  ron.   Apply at thisofflod
Four roomed cottage on Kootenay Lake, opposite Nelson. Enclosed fruit and vegetable garden,
well stocked with large and small
fruit trees of all kinds. Henhouse
etc.    Applv
Baker Street, 1
All Contractors figuring on  buildings that
will require
Should consult
J.   W.  MELLOR,
; Who carries the largest stook o( Plato Glass
In the Province.
Who ha** seen my Cloths nnd *
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Humphreys & Pittock.
Fresh Fruits, Candies,  and all   kinds
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Canadian   and American  Papers always on Sale.
Next* to Nelson Hotel.
Steamship Lines
From St. John
Allan Line���California!! April   2
Dominion Une���Scotsman April   9
From Portland
Allan Llne-Castilian April   8
From Now York
White Star Line���Brltannlo March 211
Cunard  Line��� Utnhi-la  April   1
American Line���Paris March 29
Anchor Line���Anchoria March 25
From Bos! on
Dominion Line-Now England March 'ID
Passages arranged to nnd from all European
points. For rales, tickets and full information
apply toC. P. It, depot agent or C. K. Boasley,
City Tickot Agont, Nolson, B, C,
545)   General Agent. C.P.It. OfBceH Winnipeg.
We have purchased the express
and drayage business of Mr. J. W.
Cowan and bespeak as large a patronage at the hands of Nelson citizens as was accorded Mr. Cowan.
Leave ordersliF-D. McArthur's or
telephone No. 8^.
Improved  Property
HoUBO (ini lot 011 Victoria Htreot,  near
Presbyterian church  1800
Houho and Lot on Victoria street  2100
House and Lot on Victoria street   1-8S0
House and Lot on Victoria street  1000
House and two lots on Carbonate Btroot.. 1800
BuhineHR Corner on Vernon street    WOO
Dairy Ranch near city���Oiforn wanted.
House to lot on Stanley street.
Monoy  to Loan���Real  EhI ate   and   Chattel
Wanted���Mining Shares, Nelson, Ymir and
ALEX. STEWART,   miniS��okkb
<>I*IW  I ..r.."-.*.."Un Hlnrb.  ��fl����M.  "*
Carbide -
Niagara   Falls  Acetylene    Gas    Machines.
Newling b Co.
Board of Trade Reaches no
A Delegate From Kaalo Asked to Contribute to the Next Discussion.
A speoial meeting <d the Board of
Trade was held lust night nt 8 o'olook
le nominate a dflleRUte to go to Ottawa
to wens upon the authorities Nelson's
claims for recognition in the way of
publio building* for the Customs, Post
office and Inland Revenue services,
after some tiscussion, Mr. W. A.
(ialliher was unanimously chosen as
The silver-lead question also came
up for discussion and Mr. J. J. Campbell of the Hall Mines Smelter addressed tho Board explaining his solution of the difficulty which in short
amounted to requesting the Dominion
Government to allow the same quantity of refined product to ho entered
into Canada free of duty as is exported
from Canada in the form of bullion,
which is tantamount to the bullion being refined in bond and returned to
Canada free of duty. After some discussion it was resolved that the question be brought up again at a meeting
to be bold by the Board on Tuasday
88 at 8 o'clock and the Secretary was
instructed to communicate with the
Kaslo Board of Trade asking them to
send a delegation down to hold a joint
meeting to discuss the question as it
wns pointed out by several members
tbey were well qualified to give their
views on Ihe lend question having gone
into it fully in the past.
Applioaitous for membership were
received from P. Ohapninu (of A. McDonald & Co) F. Gibbs (Brackman &
Ker) and S. S. Taylor, all of whom
were elected without ballot.
It was proposed that a deputation
should wait on Mr. Kerr (C. P. R.
traffic manager) to request him to
look into the matter of giving Nelson
more advantageous freight rates. The
deputation nominated to meet Mr.
Kerr were as follows : J. BannerniHii,
A. Ferland, P. Chapman. H. B.
Thomson and M. Des Brisay. The
meeting them adjourned until Tuesday night at 8 o'clock.
There was a clean sheet at the City
police court yesterday.
Mr. ,1. R. Barrio yesterday bought
ont the Model Restaurant on Baker
Tho Rev. C. W. Rose is confined to
liis house suffering from a severe attack of lousilitis.
Mr. Phil Hicke.y, manager of the
Minnesota Silver Company of Sandon,
is in town, and will leavo for home
ui the morning.
A special mooting of tho Board of
Trade will he held next Tuesday evening to further disctms the best solution
of tho load question.
The new uniforms of the members
of the Fire Department will he of blue
serge with silver buttons, and will bo
provided by the men themselves.
Michael Kgan has been summoned to
appear before Police Magistrate E. A.
Cieiisn this morning on the charge of
having assaulted Mr. William   Brown.
Next month bids fair to open well
from a musical point of view. The
lirst annual concert of the Nelson Musical Sooiety will ho given iu the Opera
House on the 5th, while the Fire boys
Will give a "Smoker" on the (ith.
The Standard Oil Company has decided to erect a large warehouse in the
Canadian Pacific yard for the storage
of its mcrcliandiso. The oil will be
brought in over the Canadian Pacific
in barrels, instead of iu tanks over the
Nelson St Fort Sheppard as heretofore.
There was a largo attendance at the
link last night, and the smelter band
acquitted themselves very well. They
played the National Anthem for tin
lirst time. They will be iu attend-
mien at the riuk again tonight, when
ilm usual admission fee of 25 cents
will bo charged.
Mr. Joo Thompson has received a
letter from Mr. .1. P. Paxton, Seoretary of tho Rossland Lacrosse Club.
asking if Nelson has organized, and
intimating n willingness to arrange
mulches. It is to he hoped that this
may indnoe Nelson Lacrosse players
to take the matter n*i iu earnest.
Au amusiug incident occurred yes-
terday morning, when R. Hurry's
lorse deliberately backed himself off
tne wharf into the lako with his wagon. Tho animal got to shore unaided
and nothing was hurt except tho hreud
m the wagon, which was of course,
irretrievably mined.
The Grand National Steeplechase
sweepstake was drawn at* the Bodega
hitloon yesterday with the result that
8* MoPhorson drew Manifesto and Kl-
lltnan, tho first and third horses, the
second horse,Ford of Fyno, was drawn
"y 0 Kellaway. It is'understood thut
another sweepstake will bo gotten up
on the Derby.
Adjutant Langtry of the rescue
Home of Spokuuo will give an account
oj her work in the Bantist Church at
1 a. m. tomorrow, the Rov. C. W.
none being absent through sickness.
��[ Hie evening Mr. J. Laing-Stocks
��HI again deliver an address, when
a feature of the service will be tho
""giiig bf Miss Olmstead of Vancou-
un, of "Tho Beautiful Oity of Rost"
h.v W. H. Judo. '
A telegram   was   reoeived in   town
ysterday   aunounoing   the   faot  that
the full court has dismissed the appeal
of the planlitf in [he case of Snencer
vs. Harris from the decision of Mr.
Justice Irving. It will be remembered
that this action was brought to restrain lhe defendant, the owner of the
Sandon towusite, from proceeding as
landlord, and aiso to have tho lease set
aside. The action raised the question
of tbe extent nf Mr. Harris' surface
rights ovor tho laud in question,
the towusite of Sandon being held
as a orown granted mineral claim.
Hume���Wm Brydou, Toronto; A.
E. Ireland. Toronto; H. J. Sullivan,
Toronto; P. McL Forin, Rossland;
E J. Reynolds, Batkville, Out. ; R.
S. J. Galbraith. Fort Steele, B. C. ; J.
L. Parker, Rossland ; Arthur F. Tees,
S Toronto; John Love, Winnipeg;
W. H.   Lang-ridge, Revelstoke.
Phair���C. D. Kennedy, steamer
Rossland; E. Nelson Fell, Athabasca
mine; B, J. Mathews, City; T. E.
Hickey, Sandon ; P. J. Hickny, Sandon ;.WR. Angus, Toronto; J. E.
Jackson, Spokane ; Mux G. McMillan,
Trail; Mrs. Sowell, Rosland; A. R.
Scott, Rossland; T. B. Smith, Robson ; Jas. Deal, Robson.
Ithe com- I
�����������*������������.������������ ���������������������������.�������� ��������t
Winter has evidently been playing a
game of bluff with us. Wo thought
his strength was surely on the wane,
when lo! once again lie shows his
teeth, shaking his white mantle o'er
the land and binding the earth yvith
his iron grip.
It, is on record that certain venturesome spirits have been seen wending
their way to the water trout, bristling
with angling gear, but the "returns"
have uot yet been filled up.
To the sportsman, the only legitimate lure for trout is the fly; but tho
pothunter (his name in Nelson is "legion") is animated with the sole desire of capturing fish, and the brains
of the hardware manufacturer aro
racked in order to devise somo uew
and deadly engine by which the curiosity of the trout may be enticed.
Tho humble worm, that vade-mecum
of tho old country pot hunter, does not
seem to thrive in this country and his
place is filled by tho grasshopper and
large grubs found in   the dead timber.
However in tho early spring, when
ou cold days the fish refuse to rise,
trolling may be excused. This method
of angling has been happily described
by Andrew Lang as "fishing out of
an omnibus," There is roally little
art in it and provided that the angler
cau guage the depth at which the fish
nre lying the element of luck prevails. Last year the first fish authentically recorded as having been taken
with the fly was ou March 17. During
April and May and up to the middle
of June sport in the Lake was good.
Fish could generally be taken with
the fly from opposite the C. P. H.
wharf dowu to Grohman Creek. As
soon as the water rose to its summer
level the fish seemed to disappear
from the lake. With tho falling water
fair sport was had np to the end of
the season in the river-.
In the Lako the migrations of the
trout are mysterious and it is seldom
tbat fish can be found vising in the
same place. Tbe rise aud fall of the
water is doubtless the chief cause of
this In tho river fish are generally
found lying in certain places, according to the height of tho wator. The
���Hiring fishing ou the lake has a charm
of its own. The fish are shy, hard to
find and hard to rise when found. In
the early pnrt of the spring, the shelving ledges and gravelly bottoms are the
best places for a rising fish. Later
on,as the water rises the fish take well
in the deep mid-stream where the currents und eddies seem to bring feed
on the wator together, and here the
fishing is best in the evening. On the
shallows, however, iish rise well at
any timo of tho day.
A medium sized fly is the host for
spring and the simplest of dressings
will suffice. A flv which bus proved
vory effective is mado with a tail of
scarlet ibis, a body of mixed green and
gold brown wool ribbed with gold tinsel, a dyed olive haoklo and wings
made from the feathers off the breast
of a canvas-back duck. It is hard to
say what insect tho trout tnke this flv
for; probably it resembles one of tho
many kinds of water crickets or beetles. Another good spring fly is dressed with a few sprigs of goldou pheasant tippet for a tail, claret wool body
ribbed with silver and wings from
tho bronze feathers off a mallard's
A warm calm day is essential for
good sport. If your choice of wator
leads yon towards Grohman Creek
laud before you leavo at tho point before the rapid water begins and seo if
tho beautiful yellow lillies are iu
flower. A largo bunch of tliese has
boon known to pacify an angler's better half for a light basket, a late return aud a suspicions taint of whiskey.
When the shadows of evening begin
to close round it is of little uso Ashing
during tno earlier months. Thero is
nothing more delightful on a warm
spring evening than the row back
from Grohman Crook. In the wooded
bank by Squiro's Point the sotting
sun justs permits a glint of light to
rest on the olive buds of tho trees.
Keeping near to the bank opposite
the railway track, yon reach the bare
preoipitous bluffs as tho darkness
begins to fall and tha lights of the
town begin to show forth. Then without succumbing (let us hope) to a
strong temptation to "wet" your fish,
you reach home with the mind refreshed, with the body oagor (o enjoy the
more material refreshment it demand..,
with your whole being permeated with
a spirit of peace and i-hai-ity towards
all men.
Blames American Trusts  For Failuro
of Joint High   Commission.
London, March 134.-The Saturday
Review published this evening, acrimoniously discusses tho future relations
between the United States and Great
Britain in a long article entitled:
"The Rivals," After pointing out
"That nothing material has yet been
the   outcome of   tho passage  wave  of
sentimental hypnotism," it prooeedsto
blame the American-Canadian Commission, saying
"Tliese trusts may be expected to
menace British trade supremacy with
tho same unscrupulous rivalry in the
far east as is now shown in Canada
and ultimately everywhere in thi
world. And, as the trusts control
Americau politics, such immediate advantages as England might gain from
an alliance would be largely overshadowed by the dangers into which the
trusts are likely to force America by
insisting upon an indefinite polioy of
The  article   concludes   by   advising
England   to   pursue   hor   own      way
"Treating   America   with   the   same
courtesy which she extends   to   conti
nontal nations, no less and no  more. "
Negotiations Entered Into to End   the
Political   Crisis.
Kingston, Jamaica, March 24.���After two days of anxiety during which
business has suffered, the people being
engaged in attending indiguation
meetings, it is said that the Government haB realized that its choice lay
between the exercise of force and a
compromise. Therefore negotiations
wero begun yesterday looking to a
modification of the obnoxious tariff
bill, taxing industrial implements and
literature, which the government is
credited with intending to pass through
the council with the help of four
new official members who are said to
have been appointed in order to outvote the representatives. It is said
that the negotiations have been unsuccessful up to the present in securing
an adjournment of the matter until
April 4.
Meterological Report,
(Observations taken by A. H. Holdich.
Mar 24   Friday 4*1.0 27.0 0.01 27.75
Mar 18 Saturday 53.5 27.0 0.00 27.85
Mar 19   Sunday 49.0 34.0 0.00 27.60
Mar 20   Monday 37.5 26.0 0.21 27.40
Mar 21   Tuesday 29.5 21.0 0.00 27.70
Mar 22   Wed'day 25.0 11.0 0.06 27.75
Mar 23 Thursday 42.0 20.0 0.00 ?7 55
unnecessary work, thu old fashioned implements and nld fttshioned methods are good
enough for you.
But if you destre to make matters easier for
yourself and help, eonie in and look over tho
we are showing. Eaoh artielo is the best of
its kind both iu quality and design and our
prices are not high.
Vancouver Hardware Co., Ltd.
importers of
Shelf and Heavy Hardware.
Crow's Nest Pass
Coal Co.
Payment must accompany
all orders.
(1:30 am.���Train lenves O. P. R. station
for main lint and intermediate points via Slocan
Lake route dailv.
8:00 am.���S.S. Moyio leaves for Kootenay L'd'g and way points
Monday, Wednesday and
9:40 a.m.���Train leaves N. & F. S.
station for Kossland, Spokane and way points daily.
10:05 a.m.���S. S. International arrives
from Kiuslo and way points
daily except Sunday.
11:00 a.m.���S. ti. Kokaneo arrives from
Ktutlo and way points daily
except Sunday.
4:OU p.m.���S. S. Kokanee leaves for
Kaslo and way points,
daily, except Sunday.
4:30 p.m.���S. S. International leaves
for Kaslo and way points,
dailv except Sunday.
5:30 p.m.���Train arrives N. & F. S.
station, from Spokane,
Rossland and way points,
6:50 p.m.���S. 8. Moyie arrives from
Kootenay L'd'g and way-
points, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays.
0:40 p.m.���Train leaves C. P. H. sta-
tiiin for Robson, Trail,
Rossland, etc, daily.
8.30 p. in.��� Train arrives C. P. R.
station from main line and
Intermediate points via
Slooan Luke route daily.
10:30 p.m.���Train arrives C. P. R.  station, from Rossland, Trail,
Rohson, etc., daily.
Steam tii|**H  Kaslo,  Angerona,  Red
Star,   Ilerculeb, Surprise and others
ply on Kootenay hike to and from Nelson, hut have no regular times of arrival ad departure.
Transportation Companies aro roquestod to
S'vo notioe to the Minor ot any alterations In
e time of arrival nnd deoartuio from Nelson.
Say John
Come in and see our New Line oe Shoes.
They're just what you want for this weather
of all kinds���Won't cost you a cent to look at
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The Easy Shopping Store.
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I must clear out my present stork to make room
tor New Spring Goods. My Seven and Twenty-
one Jewel Watches will be the first to go at
Bargain prices.
I make a specialty of fine Watch  Repairing.
Jeweler. Baker St.
Wholesale Produce
and Provisions. . .
We hnve been appointed so'e agent*
for Kooteuay for hWIPT & CO..
Soulh Omaha, nml will carry a full
stock of meatri of their manufacture
at Nelson	
Mail orders will he tilled at prices
ruIhiK on day order is received,
Head - Offices - Wlntilpe?
Branches Vascol-vkk, Viotoria
Nblbon, Rossland, Atlin Lakm
Taqisii Lake, Ukkbnwood, B.C..
nnd Dawson Crrr, N. w. T.   .
P.  J.  RUSSELL, manager.
We have more goods displayed in our store on Baker street than most
stores carry at any time, but that is nothing. Our large warehouse on
the water front is filled to its utmost, saying nothing of our basement in
the Aberdeen block, 50x125 feet, and filled to overflowing.
We carry this stock, which you can easily see is the largest in Nelson, because we are in a position to buy in quantities, therefore enabling
us to give the public the benefit, which we do.
Call or write for prices, and remember our goods are guaranteed.
Sole agents for the celebrated "Three Star" Flour, Blue Ribbon
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M. DesBrisay & Co.
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Emory & Walley,
The Hub Furnishing House.
T. Rails T. Rails
8 lb.
12 lb.
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Ore Cars, Powder, Caps and Fuse.
Lawrence Hardware Co.
Shelf and Heavy Hardware, Nelson, B- C.
Fishing Tackle.
We are opening up the largest and most
complete assortment of Rods, Reels,
Lines and Flies in the city.
Nelson Hardware Co.
West Kootenay Butcher Co.
. . FRESH . .
Camps supplied on shortest notice and Lowes Price.*.
Mail Orders receive Careful attention.
Nothing hut fresh and wholesome meats and supplies
kept in stock.
Markets at Nelson and Ymir.
Boarding and Day School.       Present   Numbers 44.     Preparatory  class
under Lady.   Highest references to   Parents, etc.
For Terms apply to Principals, - 1171 Georgia St., Vancouver.
Patronize Home Industry, and Smoke the
Royal Seal
And  other   Union
Made Cigars of the
Kootenay Cigar Mfg. Co.
Brewers of Fine Lager
Beer and Porter.
Drop in   and see   us.
B. C
To Loan^
Great West Life Assurance Company.
At 8 per cent, cu
Improved Property.
Agent, Baker Streea.
General Teamsters.
Agents fir B. C. OU Co.
(Standard Oil Co.)
Anthracite Coal.
First Class Fir
��� Cut any length
to order. One car of Fresr.
Spokane Lime just arrived.
Office Cor. Baker & Hall Sts.
Telephone   83.
Ciipiiul Paid  up ���    ��� in.oou.oot
Host ���    ��� 1,200.000
II. S. Ilowli'i'il. I'rcs.   T. It.Merritt, VicePr-M.
Wm. lliiiii-ay.      HuKhltyan,      Itobt.JaffTay
T. Sutherland Hlaynor,      BllM Kogoru.
Head Offloe, Toronto.
II. It. W ILK IK, General Manager.
E. HAY, Inspector.
ilr -In *i In all iirlnrlpiil iiii*. and town
in   Ontario ami iiu.-im*,*
lEralirlli'**    In      -Hniilloba,     Voi-itui rsl
Trrrllorlrn anil llrlllnli < olumbla.
Man.   Cauiahv, I'mini/i* Ai.iikkt, Kdmonton,
South Kdmonton. N. W.  T.    Vancouver
NBISON. Kkv-ElflTOKB, 11. C.
Agonta in (iiiiii Britain���Lloyd'sBank, Ltd.,
72 Lombard Btreot London, witn whom money
may bo depositpd for transfer by letter or cable
to any part of Canada.
Letter) of < Iredit IshuoiI on Alaska Commercial Co. pnyabic at tit. Michael'.!, Aliuka, and
Dawson City.
Draft* Bold, available at llll point* In Can-
da. United States and Kurnpo.
Cotters of oredit Issued, nvallablo In any
part of the world.
Savings bunk Department���Deposits of $1
and upwards reoeived and inicrost allowed.
Debetturei Municipal and other debentures purohased,
Money Orders issued payable at any Bank
Knles-Uiidcr flO, 8c; fin to (20, 10*;
(20 to {30, ISO! (30 to (50, He.
J.   M.   LAY.   MANAGER.
Geo.    Holbrook,
City Scavenger,
All kinds of day and night Scavongerlng.
Work promptly done. Chimney dwoepfg
Box 282.   Leave orders at M. DesBriakT's. L>
stock maim
The Sale of Mining Shares
Has Been Very Brisk.
Interesting Account by an Expert  of its
Uses,   Advantages and Disadvantages-
The past week has, for Nelson,
been an exceptionally lively one in
stocks. Host of the brokers report
sales considerably above the average
It csems in fact that Ihe people of Nel
son are beginning to awake to the
fact thnt there is good money to he
made by judicious investment in British Columbia mining slocks, aud are
investing their money accordingly.
Wonderful shares, quoted at six
cents, have been in great demand the
past few days, and there is a general
impression abroad that very favorable developments are taking place in
connection with that property. Fairmont (Ymir) stock has also been in
good demand during the week, and
the same applies to Tamarack shares,
though the latter is very hard to get.
Athabasca have been firm nt b'l, and
large blocks of Uticn stocks have also
changed hands. Altogether the outlook for dealers in stocks seems exceptionally bright .iust now.
*   *   #
Hall, K. C, March 24.-A good
strike has been made on the B. C.
claim on Toad Mountain about one
mile from here.
Mr. D. R. Morrison the owner ot
the property has the lodge stripped f*n
25 feet, and a shaft down 10 feet wilh
a snlendid showing of oro from -whioh
he has had un assay of $4 in gold, $."> lid
in silver, and $55.08 in copper. The
shaft is improving with the deptb and
has the promising appearance of a valuable property.
The representative of the coinpanv
which insured the buildings whioh
were recently burned down at the
Dundee mine went up to the property on Thursday, aud us aoen
as his report is iu, and tlie insurance
adjusted, the work of rebuilding will
commence. Tho management of the
mine anticipates uo difficulties in the
matter, and the work will probably he
startod up in about a week's time.
��   *   *
T. R. Deacon, manager Ontario Gold
Concessions, gives Ihe results of his
experience in prospecting with tlie diamond drill in an article in the Rat
Portage Miner.    Ho Buys :
Three*different, kinds of drills nre
mado, one being what is called hydraulic feed, or its thrust being produced by hydraulic pressure; oue
having what is called positive feed, or
beiug forced forward a given distance
in a giveu number of tuniB, which
ratio may be altered to some extont;
and oue having spring feed, nnd which
may be increased or diminished at
will by simply tightening or loosening
the nut that compresses the spring.
For this climate nnd the nature of the
rock to be bored I prefer the lutter.
Now, as to tne method of applying
the drill in prospecting, let us suppose
that we have what often occurs here,
a showing 011 the surface that seems to
some extent promising and yet we are
not sure whether there is any extent
of vein or whether it hold out in
depth. We want to find out at the
least cost of money and in the shortest
possible time. In a district or locality where there Iiub beeu considerable
surface disturbnncu and in a position
to bo to a certain extent positive of the
nature of our deposit. If we sink a
shuft to a depth of 100 feet the total
cost will be very close on fUOOO, and
the time consumed will be at least four
months. If the shaft is made largo
enough nnd properly timbered it will
cost more and take longer. If the
property turns out good then the shaft
is all right, but if not we nro out the
JIIOOO. With the same amount of
money 10 holes might have been bored
with a diamond drill to tbe lame depth
at iuturvuls of say 10 feet apart along
the strike of the vein and the vein
sampled for a length of 100 twit, and
Iho work done in two and a half
mouths. But as holes aie seldom
horud in the plane of the vein, the machine planed on the vein at a distance
of say 1500 feet or so lo one side, and
tho hole bored at such 1111 angle us to
cut the vein at a given depth we have
the additional advantage of cross culling the country for u considerable
ilistancu on each side of the vein, and
encountering and locating any parallel
veins which may exist, or of llndiii*.*
our own vein should any slip nr fault
have occurred iu it. In aclditiou we
have a clean, neat, >onlinuous sample
of ore across our vein from wall to
wnll at the point where it is cut. and
also samples of the wall rock, and from
these can be learned a great deal of
what we may expect to lind when
mining is begun, If the ground is
seamy and tlie rock very schistose
the core will be broken up into small
pieces, anil this would indicate thnt
Ihe ground is leaky nnd we may have
trouble with water in our mine, eon-
Hct|iiently, when buying our first ma
ohinery we will provide sulllcient
boiler capacity and a pump of good
size to handle the water. On the!
other Im 1 nl the corn may come out iu
long, solid pieces and the bole may
hold the water from lite drill all the
way down, and Ibis will Have a dry1
shnft. I found Ibis to bn Ihn rise iu
sinking a (baft to a depth of 150 feel.
HO feet below Ibe level of the lake,
which was only 38Q0 yards distant,
and the shaft was quits dry. Of
course it will bo remembered these are
only indications,
One advantage ur the diamond drill
is that it dons not at] ono hole show
any considerable ana of the cross section of the vein, and this is often
urged against its use, as it is said you
may hit the vein at a particularly
rich spot or at a particularly poor
spot, or you may hit it where the vein
may have suddenly narrowed iu or
widened ont, and thus get a totally
false conception of the value or size
of the vein, and that a few feet either
way would show quite a different
result. This is quite true, but the
way to overcome that is to bora a
number of holes from the same point,
oue below the other, this will test its
width at various depths, and then bore
a series of boles aloug the strike of the
vein, aud in this way a great area of
the vein may be sampled very cheaply
and in a short time, or a few holes
may show from the nature of the vein
matter that the deposit is of no value
nnd money may be saved by not developing it. Iu the oase of prospecting
and locating ore bodies of minerals
which do not occur in veins but iu ir
regular massive deposits such as iron
or nickel the diamond drill is very extensively used ; iu fact, for tlie determination and the extent of these particular kinds of mineral bodies thoy
are almost exclusively used in many
sections in reference to shaft sinking.
I must say in conclusion, that I am
of the opinion that a diamond drill
skillfully and judiciously used is a
splendid scheme for cheaply aud
quickly prospecting property, and that
the disadvantages are largely outweighed by the advantages.
��   *   -it-
New York, March   24.���Bar  silver,
SOfj ;   Mexican  dollars, 41; silver certificates, BO to 60J^.
*   #   *
Total shipped July 1 to December 81,
18flH, 17,994   tons.    January   1st, 1899,
to March 18:
From Sandon���
Payne mine, 2,491 tons; Last
Chance* 1,800; Sapphire, 18; Com,
12; Ajax, 40; Sovereign,20 ; Reco, 160 ;
Ivanhoe' 100; Treasure Vault, !)5;
Trade Dollar 18.
From Three Forks���
Idaho Miues, 040; Queen Bess,   698;
Wild Goose.   15; Monitor, 40.
From Whitewater���
Whitewater,     051;   Jackson,     314;
Bell, 80.
From MoQuigau.���
Antoine,   45:   Rambler,    185;   Dardanelles, 80; Great Westt rn. 48.
From New Denver ���
Bosun, 280; Marion, 20
From Silverton.���
Fidelity, 3; Vancouver. 800; Wakefield, 6801 Emilv Edith. 40; Comstock,
��0.    Total tons.'8,171.
Mining Stock Quotations.
Coin ilo1 by .I. h, Vmistuiu!, Suocos.orlo II.
U.   McCullucli.     "iliniiiK    Broker,
Nelson. B. C. P. O. box 1U9.
Unfile of Company               Value. )\\,\-
Nelnon, Slocan und Ainsworth
Atlmhttscu 100 .ill
Arlington (.'on I m *-���'
liuncliM* 100 **l
Dardanelles I Oil Ik
Sxoheaucr 1 nn IK
Pern Ci. M. Co     2J ii
Hull Minis  ��1 $1.76
N'elson-l'ooriiiiui    ���-'.** 2",
ICaslo Montesuma          1 oti 'is
Noble FlVl* I HI '���
Rambler Con 1 0-1 I!
Iloco I nn I li
-locun St'ir     SO 1 .".
two Friuuiin    80 !*J
Wondorful  hxi I
Trull Crook
Bulte 10(i 1)
OaledoniaOon   l oo **>
t'ominundor 1 00 11J
Deer Park 100 18
Enterprise ioo 2
Kureka Consolidated ioo III
Evening star i oo 15
iood Hope ,;....100 2
itriinil Prize  100 3|
(Hunt 100 3
Iron Musk 100 82
IronColt, 100 12
.lumho 100 4*i
Lllj-Muy 500 20
Mayflower ioo 8
Uonita ioo 12
Monte Cristo 1 00 1CJ
Mugwump 100 5$
Novelty 100 4
Phoenix ioo 81
Poorman  ioo 2
lied Mounluln View 100 2
Kosslund  Homestake 100 6
-I. Klmo 1(10 64
Virginia ioo b'l
Victory-Triumph IOO 9J
War Eagle Con 100 3 HO
Went bo Uo! Josio 1 00 27
White Bear ioo 6J
Alpha Boll 100 J
Cariboo (Camp McKl 100 1 75
Waterloo (Camp MoK) ioo 16
Cariboo Hydraulic Con 5 00 1 10
iJhiuine      25 S
Ooldun Cache 1 OO 12
TI-* Horn    25 10j
Winnipeg ioo 2��
London, March 24.���The House of
Commons this evening passed Ihe second mailing of the London local
government bill* whioh will transform
the metropolitan pawshei and sanitary districts outside the oity of
London proper into looal self-governing
bodies, subject to the reservation of
general authority in tbe limited county
Easter is Almost Here.
Washington, March 21.��� The Score-
tiny of the Treasury has issued uii order for the free admission of binding
twine to the United States from Canada. This is becuuse of the fact thut
the new Canadian tariff puts binding
twine on the free list when imported
into Hint country and the United States
taritf law only imposos a duty on the
twine when imported from countries
which make the article dutiable;
London, March 25.���The Rome cor-
respondent of tbe morning  Post   says
it is believed the Italian budget will
show a surplus instead of tho an-
ti-ipated ileticit   owing   to the tobacco
monopoly yielding an  extra profit  of
(1,(100.000 lire, and to the fact that
other taxes have proved considerably
better than tbe estnuutos.
The ladies of Nelson will all have their new
Spring bonnets and your old suit will look
shabby. Call around and let us make you
look new in a new Spring Suit. A full line of
spring and summer goods just received.
H. a Vincent,
Merchant Tailor.
J   Y.   GRIFFIN   & CO.
Dairy Fed, Mild Cured Meats, "ORIFFIN BRAND" our Specialty.
Choice Creamery and Dairy Butter, Cheese, Eggs
 Write us for Prices	
Nelson Branch.
p. burns & CO.
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants
(a   s~ -'     A A A A A A A A     ���" "--   T-
*S>* JL-,*   TTTTTTTT ^!i.V5
Branch Markets in Rossland, Trail, Nelson, Kaslo,
Sandon, Three Porks, New Denver and Slocan City.
Orders by mall to any branch will have careful and prompt attention.
The Brackman & Ker
Milling Co., Ltd.
Wholesale and Retail.   Grain, Hay, Feed, etc.
Write for Quotations on Car Lot*,        -        Nelson, B- 0.
ftieisoi)   Tenl   and   AWning   Factory
Canvas Goods, Tents, Awning, and
Fancy Striped Curtains for Verandahs and Windows.
Theo. Madson,
!~ Real Estate and Insurance Agent. ^
B The Birkbeck Investment,  Security ^
1 and Savings Co. 3
m^    advance money on Improved Real Estate.    Repayable in 5 and   -35
fc 8 years by monthly instalments. -r^;
All Kinds Of Smoke.
T. & B. PLUG
Aa wi* keep our Tub&ocos in both pur Excise and Customs Bonds we m-p
able to carry a large and assorted stuck.
New Spring hats of All Descriptions  to Suit
All Tastes	
Stitson's, of Philadelphia,   and  Christy's,   of
London, are Our Leaders. .... ....
J. A. GILKER, - P. 0. Store
Kirkpatrick & Wilson,
Groceries  and  Crockery.
We have just received a large assortment of
Direct from  the  Factory.      Prices 25  per
cent,  cheaper than in the past.
Kirkpatrick & Wilson,
China Hall.
All   Communications relating to British Columbia business
to be addressed to P. O. Drawer 505, Nelson, B.C.
J. Roderick Robertson, -,
General Manager
S. S. Fowler, E. M.,
Mining Engineer
$6.75   PER  TON,   DELIVERED-
All orders must be accompanied by cash and should  be   forwarded
either personally or by mail to the office of
General Agent Cor. Kootenay & Baker Sts.
Wholesale Merchants.
Liquors and Groceries.
MILLS,    Enderby and Vernon	
A.   B.  GRAY,   tp. o. box en nelson, b. o.,
  kootenay agent
Merchants' Bank of Halifax.
Incorporated 1869.
Capital Authorized   -   -   -   -  $2,000,000
Capital Paid Up, $1,500,000, Reserve, $l,25o,ooo.
Head Office: Halifax, Nova Scotia.
Comparative Statement,  i-howing   the progress made by this Bank in the
past ten  yeui-H:
Cnpitnl Paid   Up	
Liabilities to  Rubllc	
Total Ass* I-	
16 1,000,000
$ 1,500,000
5 280,000
General Banking Business Transacted; Sterling Bills of Exchange  Bought
and Sold, Letters of  Credit, Etc., Negotiated.
Aeoouuts reoeived on tbe m    t favorable tonus,   Interest allowed on special
deposit)   nd oil Savhij,' Bank accounts.
Atlin, Grand Forks, Nanaimo, Nelson, Rossland, Vanconver
Vancouver East End, Victoria, Ymir.
1'nrniiiiiil lo Hit' < ic-iiiim*. 1,-usi Dei "1 Ails
mid Ami'iiili'il Aela.
Loudon, Maroh 34,���The Vienna oor-
respondent of tha Daily Ohrouloie,oon-
firming tba reporl of the ill health of
tin- Ameer of Mghaniitan says that
Inn condition is letiotM, thnt he hail
declared   his   son Iluliili Knlali   Khan
iiis mooeaioTi  ��u<i willed  him two-
thirds of hiH fortone,
r.iiiin, Maroh 84.���Tbe German tint-
ileiblp t'ldi'iiiim'K, whloh broke ber
anchor and went agronnd near Kiel
yesterday wuh floated ofl today nnd tan-
aged, i
Two Lois and Houso wltli 1*1 rooms on silica
���stroet between Josoplilno and Hall i rout*,
beautifully   ittustedi    Pries  ?:t,.'i00.
Tortus it,*.*) ce-h, balanco to
be  arranged,
tot and Boum Latimer stroot, near Josophlno,
��lruot, Prloe tt.ttiu.   Torms ?*vki ca��h,
balanooon nmi-tt;ii-<f.
Lot and Store on Bukur streot, nowi location,
Prloe 18,000.
Lot on Baker streot, near tho corner of Collar
street, 1800,
Also a largo list of the best  Besldont'a   Property iii thu city.
Agonts for Addition "A" ntnl "II nine'' Addition,
Tho British Co'umbla Permanent l.onn and
Bavtngs Company, who give the most, reuson**!
utile tenon to bomwors, allowing Principal to
In* imlil olful any lltnn without  ClmrKliw any
Gamble & O'Reilly,
I   NOTICE) IB   Iwwby Riven that Bumuol J.
i Miuhton, of Nelson, B. ('., heretofore ostrying
on buBtneM ��n Tobacco Merchant at Nelson, H
('., bus by dead d&tod Iho LObli day of Mareh,
, a.i>.,I8!k ORftlgnod ull bts pornonal oatate.
oroditi*and oflwc��i whioh may be seized umi
sold under execution and ull bis real estate, to
Hugh Ft. Ciuneron. of Nelson, B. 0��� Aictmt, in
trust fopthobonon) of bis creditors, The mid
deed was executed U\ tno said Samuel .1.
Mlghton and by tho said Hugh R, Cameron, on
the 10thday of March, a. i>., I8H0, and alloer.
sons having claims aruinst llui suid Sum mil ,1.
Mlghton aro lequlreutoti or bofore the loth day
of April. A. I), iHiHt, to .-end in the Trustee full
particulars of the same, duly verified, together
with tho particulars of tbo soourlty (if uny)
held by UlO'tl,
Notloo is hereby further given* that of tor tho
���aid loth day of April. A. l>. 1800, the trustee
will proceed to distribute the assets of the
trust usuto unionist those creditors who are
entlUod thereto, nnd whose olattns havo then
been lodged witn bim, having regard only in
tho el lints of wbi< b ho then bus notii-u, nnd
i bat in'win not no responsible aftoil mild date;
for tho assets of the said trust, ostate, or any
pari t hot oof, bo distributed tn any person or
persons, iirm or corporation of whose olatnt ho
bnd uot nOtiOO at the tlmo of distribution.
Notioe 1b hereby given thai a meeting of tho
creditors of the said Samuel J. Mighton will be
hftld at tbo law oilier of Macdonald K .luhiisnn
on linker stuMit, in lhe <'Ity of Ntilt-tun, on Mon*
day the 80th day of Moron, A. D., law, at the
hour of t W0 o'olook in t he afternoon.
Dated at Nelson, H. ('., tbis 1im.1i day of
Mureb, A. 1>.. IHW.
HnlicltorH for the Haiti Trustee.
Geo- K^d, Manager, Nelson, B.C.
CRESTON, B. C. cRow.gVs��uNE
Dealers in all kinds of Lumber.   Can be delivered at any
time in any Quantity.
Q. A. BICELOW, - Manager.
f.fl, ....... I    1 > . . .   1      '
General Broker.
KohI Estate in till Ports of the
Fire, Like, Accident
and Sickness  Assurance.
Aberdeen Blook.     ,
West Kootenaj Valley, B. O., on line
of O. N. P. Ry��� and
Nelson & Bedlington Ry., now under
Information regarding Oreston may
be had of GEO. JVTFARLAND, Agent
Nelson, or from
Creston Townsite Co.,


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