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Edition No. 652.
Nelson, British Columbia. Thursday, February 15. 1900.
Icntl) Year
Dexterous aud Brilliant Move
of Roberts*
for tbe first Time Sinoe the War Began
the Britishers  are   Inside   the
Enemy's Boundaries.
London, Peb. lu.-The British army
for Ilia lirst time since the war began 1. iimitl'* the Boor frontier. Lord
Boberii vritb at least 40,000 infnntiy,
; ooo ciivslrj and ISO guns has turned
the MaRtrsfoiiti'in line-?, before whioh
ihe British forces bave encamped for
ten weeks, and with half of bis oorps,
he is already operating on Free State
territory. A battle lms not yet been
fought imt large tactical advantages
hare tieon gained. Tho relief of Kim-
tierley is within mensuroable reach
���nd iht* wny to Bloenifonteln is appre-
cmbly easier.
The dispiitchos of Lord Roberts
iketch three days work. Tbe forward
inorennwt began on Sunday when Colonel Hanoy sot out with a brigade ol
Mounted Infantry for Hamuli, on the
Beit, eight miles from Jaoobsdale,
one ol ths Bi.it supply bases. On Monday General French with tho cavalry
dltision seized Ibe crossing of the Roit
Kiver nt Dekeli't Drift, south of
Jacob (dale, and 18 miles east of Honey-
neat Kloof. He skirmished with the
Boers ami olearsd the way for 20,000
Infantry, who fallowed across. On
Tuesday with his three envalry bri-
ndes and the horse artillery General
French roilo io the Modder River, a
distniic.) of .*> miles nnil took three
fords with high proniul beyond tbe
river nnd live Boer camps. He had a
lew casualties in brushes with tho
Boer hone General Prenoh hns now
Bled himself en (ienernl Crmije's
main line ol communication with
Blosmfontein, and 20,000 infantry
wiih li ruiis nre being pus'ied np to
���upport hint there.
Lord Roberts dispntohes wired from
inside the Free Btato and on the Reit
River left him Wednesday morning.
Hi�� sdvanoi, had not beeu opposed bv
the Beers In force. Their pntrolB
melted away ns the British moved for
ward. The Hoer army is likely to be
felt in a day or two nnd a battle is
cunesqiitntly Imminent. As to whnt
force (leni'i nl Uronje hns now at his
disposal, anil to where bo purposes
makiitj. n sinn.l ngninst the invaders,
no one hero connected with tho war
ollice knows anything.
18.��� Oolonol Hnney in command   of   n
brigade Of Mounted   Infantry,   miirch-
ing fiom Orange Kivev to Hamuli, had
a  slight    engagement    February  11,
.Sunday, with  the   Boers   holding  tho
thills and threatening  bis right dank.
1 With   ii   detached   pait  of  his   force,
Oolonel llnnev continued to engage the
enouiy while lie   pn .lnnl   his   linguilge
and innin body tliroagh to Hamuli. The
object of the  luarob   was  uuooessfully
oarriod out.    Four   men   wore  killed,
twenty-two wounded and 1*1 are   missing."
"Monday, Feb. 12,���Tho Cawiliy division under (ienernl French seized
the crossing of the Heit River, at
Keil's Drift on the oast bank of
which tho Sixth and Seventh divisions
are now encamped. Tho casualties
were two troopers killed, and Captain
Mnjendie, of Ride brigade, wounded.
He bus since died. One trooper was
wonndod. Iho general commanding
nt Kensbnrg reports thnt on Monday
Fob. 12, be was attacked in foroe by
the Boeis. Lieutenant Onuingham, of
the Worcester Regiment, was wounded and hns since died. There were no
other disunities."
Advices from GuberoneH, ilaiod Feb-
ruaiy -I,says the artillery duel betwacn
Colonel Hummer's forces nnd flvo hundred Hoers continued nutil today,
when the British dropped two shells
into the Boer fort. The Boer gnns
havo sinoe been silent. Colonel Plam-
mer'n advance haa been checked by
The total British oasnalty returns up
to dale are: Officers killed, 152.
wonndod, !1H(I, miBsing, 112; men
killed, 1,477; wounded, 0,050; missing,
2,781, other fatalities reported, 508.
louilon.Fi'h. 14. ���(11:35 p. m.)��� The
war olllc hits issued the following
memsiit' from Lord Roberts received
"Ml evening, "Deckeil's Drift. Feb.
14i 8-1*1 n. in.���Geueral French left
thll point at ll :80 yesterday morning
with three hrigudee of cavulry, horse
aitillery mul monnted Infantry,including sereml colonial contingents iu order in seize ii crossing of the Modder
ibont 25 mills distant. Ho reports by
-lipatoh dated B :88 p. m. that ho foro-
stl n pamge at Clip Drift and occupied
lu bills north of tbe river, capturing
three  of  the   enemy's   laagers,   with
Iheir tnppltu, while General Gordon,
pfthe lath llussnrs, with his   brigade
���*hn had   imii.Ii,   a   feint  nt   Rondovnl
Drift, foil. I,,Hm wl,Hli |_ai tataed it
and a aeoond drift between thut and
Wlp Drift together with two more
���ai-KiT-. General Fronoh's perform*
���nceii lirillinnt, considering the ex*
0__i.il heal ami n blinding dust storm
which raged during the latter part, of
'he tiny. Owing to tho rapidity of
"is movements, General French met
jnu. tml Hlight opposition nnd his
1-tw.s wore ,lmll| Lientennnt Johnson,
** Ihe Innisliillou Drugnou, is tbe
(jlliy Officer reported seriously injured.
Tl"' Sixth division was
���he north bank of the
""���I Drift nnd is
Hn* cavalry
We und win go  on
four omaere  and (Sit
"���ni Inn
New Yak, Fob. 14.���Cable dispatoh-
os to the papers hero say that London in in a state of uneasiness over the
news from South Afrioa. A cable to
The World says that tbe (jneen, because of tlie serious stnte of the war,
will not go abroad for n holiday, but
will remain near London. The Loudon morning papers say the announcement of the new appointments confirms the supposition that a large foroe
has now been nssomWod nt Modder
News from Mafeking is to the effect
thnt the Boers on the 27th deliberately
shelled the women's* laager, throwing
eight shells from their big gnn. Oon*
siilcruttle shelling nnd "snipping" has
been going on for tlie ln.st fortnight
and the Boers have of Into bnen attacking bard ou the western trenches.
The tire of the big gun has caused
many casualties,' mostly natives.
Shells weie dropped into the town in
a desultory way, more trying, because
unexpected, Uinn a regular bombardment would have been. Of lute the
cuualtien huve been less. Tbo Boers
tried to force Knfllier into tbo town
under n flag of truce on January 17.
Oolonel Bnden-Fowell refused to receive them. The Boers fired heavily on
the flag while retiring. This caused
tremendous indignation and Com-
mandaut Suyinau subsequently sent nn
apology after a protest had been sent.
A protest bus also been made against
the Boers arming natives for offense.
Tho Boer commandant answered thut
the armed nntivea were only used as
cattle Riiards. He ulso said that British forts had been made on Sunday,
and if this wero repeated he would
open fire. Colonel Baden-Powell answered (but the wire lines hud been
relnid, and thnt bo had been vastly interested on .Sunday in observing the
Hoers nt w.irk completing a new
work Oil the western front, There wns
a skirmish between working parlies at
midnight on the 20th and the Boers j
wore repulsed.
Royal Navy Men in South
The Now Dead Correspondent Describes a
Visit to a ' Conning Tower" in the
Vicinity of Ladysmith.
(BY ASSOl I V'l'IOl) 1*1!USS.)
London, Fob. 14.���Even If all eyes
wero not watching beleaguered Ladysmith, the accounts sout from there by
the now dead Stevons would irrcaist-
ably enthral those who follow tho
course of what promises to bo tbe
most cruoinl conflict of tbe century.
The latest statement of the situation
there thnt Stevens managed to send
ont of Ladysmith is dated December
8. Tbe article, which anpenrs in The
Daily Mail, is us follows:
" 'There goes that stinker on the
gnnbill,' said the captain. 'No don't
get up; have some draught beer.' I
did have some draught beer. 'Wait
und see if be fires again. If he dies
we'll go up into the cunning tower and
bave both gnns iu action.' Boom!
The enptaiu pinked up bis stick.
'Come,' be said. We got up out oi the
docking chnirn and went out oast ihe
swinging meat saw, under the big enn-
vas of the wnrd room with its tables
piled witb stuff to read. Trust the
sailor to make himself at home. As
we passed through tbe camp the bluejackets lose to a man antl lined up
trimly on either sid��.
"Up a knee-loosening ladder nf rock
and w_ came out on to the bill top
where tbey first had their ci.inp.
Among tbe orderly trenches, in tbe
sides of thn tents were rough irregular
blotches of holes, the footprints of
shells. 'That gunner,' said the captain, waving bis stick nt Surprise
Hill, 'is a German. Nobody bnt a German would hnve fired on ub ut breakfast, lunch nnd dinner the same Sunday. It got too hot when he pnt one
ten yards from the cook. Anybody
else we could have   spared.    Then   we
Story   of  Engagement   at
Sunnyside Farm.
Ool- Pilcher With Six Hundred Ken Succeed iu Breaking Up a Hot-Bed
of Rebellion.
Inst   night   nt
Riot  nt   Water-
iiioving   to  support
The  Seventh division   is
this   afternoon.
men   had to  he
''iiing in  ibe retnrnlng ox
lo the   railway lino prostrated
l'i' heal Ulld
""'������'.I I-.I.S TO TIN* Mifflin.)
I*"iiil.i���,  pob, 14.���(6:98  p.    m.)-
'"lli'wiiig dispatches havo been re-
"'J'1--'' ��t the war office  from General
���WD-tt-l    -Reit RiTori Tuesday, Feb.
Brussels, Feb, 14.���Le Petit Bleu in
correspondence fioin Pretoria, publishes nn extraordinary account of
2,000 British soldiers wbo, it, is said,
by the writer, arrived   toward the end
of December  lust, during  tlio retreat
from Dundee, ut the Biver Mapuat the
boundary between Swazilnnd and Portugese territory. According to tho narrative they had lost t,heir way and
���wandered for weeks in Znlnlaud, arriving shoeless,   iu rags, nnd dying of i	
hunger.    These    soldiers,    the   corre-  Rlnod to the  binoculars at   the balloon
'and presently we '       ' "*' "
had to go.'
"We como to whnt looks like n sandbag redoubt, bnt in the eyes of Hoa-
von, it ia a conning tower I On either
side from behind a sandbag epaulment,
a iv pounder and u Maxim thrust fm th
vigilant eyes. Thu sandbag plating
of tbe conning tower was six feet
thick and sbonlder high; the rivets
were red earth, loose bnt binding; on
the parapets sprouted tufts of grass,
unabashed and rejoicing in the . summer weather. Against tlie parapet
leanod a couple of men witb the clean
cut, clean shaven jaw and chin of tlie
naval officer, nnd half a dozen bearded
bluejuckets. They staled hard out of
sun-puckered eves over the hills of
kopje and vales. Forward we looked
down on the one 4.7, afterward we
looked up to the, other. On bow and
beam and quarter we looked ont to tbe
enemy's ileet.    Deserted    Peps worth
wns on the port bow, the gun hill under Lombard's Kop on the starboard,
but what u hcani, the middle hill
astern of Surprise Hill on the port
quarter. Everything wns cut in iida-
mant. The Helpmaker ridge with lis
little bliiuk untn H-orawJ on this hill
wns crushed (In*, boneath ns.
"A couple of vedettes inning over
tbo pule green plain northward looked
ns if wo could jump into their mauls.
Wo could have tossed a bisouil to Lombard's Kop. Tbo great yellow cm-
plaoenieut of their fourth big piece ou
gun hill stooil up like a Spitohoud fort.
Through tho big telescope thnt swings
on its pivot in tho centre of tbe tower,
you could see tlie Boers were louring
it, dressed in dirty lnnstaid   color.
'��� 'The left hand gun hill fired
first,' said n bluejacket   with his  eyes
spondeut snys, were thought to huve
heen shut op witb Sir George White
nt Ladysmith.
heard tbe weaiy pin
i inns of tho shell nnd saw the little pull'
lot'white  below.    'Ring JP  Mr.
'sey,' said  the   enptain.   Then
I was
aware of a sort of tarpaulin cupboard
nuder the lireustwork of creeping trails
of wire on the ground and nf tt COUpl?
Af sapper's, The corporal tinned down
b��� page of Harmswcrth M..ga/..ne.
hftld it on the parapet, and dived under
iin    ISSlll 1ATI0I1 l-IUOSS.i
London, Feb. 14.���Tho part tuken
by tha Canadian and Australian onn-
logouts is thus docribed by a -corre
spondfiit of The Times:
"Oil the ri.iy before Christmas, Oolonel Pilcher al Belmont, got wind ol
the assemblage of a consldrable Boer
force at a point thirty miles away,
oalled Snnnyside farm, and be determined to try to take it hen,re the en
emy could get wind of bis intention.
To this end he secured every nigger
for some miles around���wbloh proved
his good sense, ns the niggers are nil
lh the pay of the Boers, no matter bow
loyal they may pretend to bo to the
British, a fact which the British
would do well to Inkc heed oi, for it
has cast them pretty dearly already.
On Ohristcas evening he started out,
taking two gni.s of the Royal Navy
artillery, a couple of Maxims, all the
tjneenslnnders and a few hundred Canadians.
"Colonel I'ilcher's force numbered
in all nbnnt (100 men. He marched
swiftly all uight and got to Snnnyside farm In good time Christmas
day. The Beers had not a ghost of
an idea thai our men were nei.r them
and were completely beaten at their
own game, the surprise party being
coaip'-.te. The enemy were found in
a strung position in -ram* rather steep
kopjes nud it wns at once evident
tbat Ihoy wero expecting strong reinforcements from surrounding farms.
Colonel Pilchei nt ouee extended his
iorce so as lo try and sinrouiid the
kopjes. Whilst this wns going on
Lieut. Aide with four (jueensland
troopers was sent to tbe far left of
what was supposed to Imi the Boer position. His orders were tn give notice
of any attempt at retreat on the purt
of the enemy. Ho did his work well.
Getting close into the kojpe he saw a
number of the. enemy .-linking oil aud
nt once challenged them. As he did
so, a dozen Boers darted out of the
kopjes and Aide opened lire on them,
which caused the Boer" to fire a volley
at him. Lieutenant Aide fell from his
horse with two bnllels in bis body.
One went through the Meshy part of
his stomach, entering his body side-
wise. The oilier went into bis thigh.
A trooper nantid Mel,ami w��s shot
thiougb tbe heart and fell dead. Both
the other trunreis were Mounded.
Trooper Rose caught a hoise end hoisted his lieutenant into the saddle and
sent him ont of danger.
"Meantime the R. N. battery, tuk-
ing advantage of the fire.opened ou the
enemy, Their guns put u great fear
into the Boers, und n general bolt set
in. The Boers fired ns they nlrand,
and if oui fellows had been formed np
in the styl:* usual to the British army
in notion we should hnve suffered
heavily, but the Queensland bushineii
hnd dropped behind cover and soon
had ooniflete possession of the kopjes.
Another trooper named Victor Jones
was sl'.ot through Ihe bruin and fourteen olbors were more or less badly
wounded. The Boers then surrender
ed. We took 40 prisoners nnd ti.und 14
dear) Boers on the ground, besides a
dozen won tilled. Tiny were nil Cape
tDutih, no Tunisian'.! is being found in
^ tlio ranks. We secured 40,(100 rounds
of their ammunition, -(III Murtini rifles
nud only one Mauser ride, which wns
in   the   possession   of   the    Hoer com-
"After destroying all we took, we
moved on nud had a look at some
farms nearby, ns from some of the documents found in camp it  was   certnin
I time. Tho diinndians did not lose a
| single man, neither did any nf the
j others except the Qiieeiisluiidors."
The account of lhe same engagement
sent by the correspondent of the Router Tiilcgnoii Company is in part us
"The Qiinriiiluiiili-i- did 111.- ie,.nine.
Work admirably and were able to arrive with glfj miles of tho kopj *s, here
just below a ridge occupied by our
(jneensliinder scouts which bid ns irom
any   possible   ohscitnnt   enemy,   Col,
I'ilehei oiled another  halt and   made
bis plan of battle. He determined to
give Major Derougemot command of
what was practically an Independent
colnmn consisting of his two guns
nnder Lieutenant Atkinson, the
Mounted Infantry in oharge of Lieutenants Ryan and Smith
' Along a valley  and   parallel   with
Snnnyside ran a low rocky ridge about
thirty feet high and distant   from   the
kopjes about 1,800 yards.    Major Iloro-
ngeiuout.oue of Lord Kitchener's Snn-
rian warriors,saw it was tho key of the j
position and witb soldierly Instinct hei
immediately swung nrooitd his eilinim
mnkiug a front of his lefi and brought i
it parallel to the kopje.    The ridge lay
hetween us and tbe enemy,    supposing
bim tn be holding the kopjes nt   abont
"There was no lime for hesitation.
Indeed this wns an occasion when ihe
iron iiiles and regulations which gov-
eru the art of wnr had to be Ignored
and Major Derougemout did not hesitate to ignore them. There was lhe)
possibility before linn of the enemy,
which was nearly all mounted, racing
oui Toronto men to tbe little ridge
and forcing us tn retiie farther up the
ridge. Our little body oi lOn infantry
were coming ns fast as il was fHissihle
lor Infantry, but not fust enough to
make certain of seizing the small
ridge. Without a moment's hestitu-
tion, Major tlerouHemnnt look his
courage in both bauds, and esjorted
by the little handful of minuted infantry trotted rapidly forward with
his two guns nnd orderud "action
front" at a point which coinmsuiied
the laager as well us all appro:: lies to
the ridge from the laager. Tne first
sh?ll fell just in front of the white
tents of the rebel laager, tbe second
bursting in the uiiudle. and immediately we could see the rchels streaming
out iu frantic haste tn the kopjes
above. The rebels having taken up a
position nn the top of the kopjes opened n fairly heavy and accurate lire
with their gnns. The corner was a lit-
tie win in. Perceiving Ibis, Major
Derougement requested me to ride to
the Canndinns who were comiug up
abont fonr bunded yards behind and
order them to double into action. 1
galloped up and delivered tho oidir to
Major Borker. As I shouted out the
words, 'The Major wishes yon, Cap-
tain Barker, In bring up your men at
the doable quick,' theie were signs nf
delight on tho faces nf the Canadians
and vniious exclamations indicating
their satisfaction at tbe ordei 1
heard one of them sny to his comrade,
'At last wc are gang to have our
chance.' As toon as the Canadians
arrive I iu tbe neighborhood of the
guns, Major Derongeniont led I hem
noross the open 10 the little ridge in
front ol the gnns which   were   left   in
charge ot Lieutenant Atkinson who
worked them and worked them re-
mnrknhlv well, during the rest of tho
day. The enemy directed his lire on
tho new arrival-- and the Toronto boys
got their baptism of fire, behaving
throughout as though they bail boon
accustomed to it all Iheir lives. In a
few minutes the ridge was reached.
The two Maxima nndi i Captain Bell,
nl the Scot! Guards, were posted on the
rigid and tiring proceeded merrily for
a lew minutes when onr artillery fire.
sided by that of the Canadians, wns al
together too much for them. Hence
forth for Ihe rest of lbe duy the enemy's lire was completely held, by us
on the Maul, und although thev kept up
u dropping lire until tiny were finally
cleared off, tbey ne'er became danger
Second Contest Goes to tbe
Montro 1 Scoies Three to Winnipeg's Two.
Tho Seocnd of Two Most Remarkable Gaines.
Montreal. Peb. 14.-The Stanley Cap
hockey series, after the two most rs.
markable struggles evei witnessed in
Montreal, is still in doubt, for When
tho InM song sounded tonight, the
Bhainrobxs bnd a majority of one goal
ever the husky bisons   from Wiuutpig.
The Anna wits crowded to its utmost cupa. Ity nud hundreds who could
not secure tickets arn delighted at the
prospects of another game. Tha bi��-
ons hud lots of supporters, but the
Shamrocks oclors were very much In
evi lenee, The weathei mnu did the
proper thing nnd supplied just the kind
of ire requisite for fast hockey. Tho
team and officials were the same as at.
ibe first mntnb, Tho score wus il tr 2
iu fnvor of Mondesi. The final match
tain������- (iliua, , ,i  Kiirtny night.
London, Feb. U.-A. M.��� The only
war news of any kind this morning
was un ctlicial dispatch from I Ienernl
Bnller at   (.hiovoley. announcing a re
Ottawa, Fob. 1-1.���Following are ihn
officers, of Strathconn's Horse from the
Northwest Mounted Police: S, B.
Steele, R. Hnleher, A. K. Snyder, A.
H. Jnrvis, D. H. Howard, B*. L. Curt-
Wright,W. Parker, Among the ollicers
of the native militia to accompany the
force is T. K.  Pooley,    ...   ...���   _ _
Cnlumbin   garrison, wb.) it is believed   nptowering     mountains,
will be second in command. The  posi- ��� smooth
tious of  other   ollicers   is   not yet do-  phone ball.
term load,
the     tarpaulin.
a up.nn   uio I r .    .,
of the British boi-ed the telephone hell
tig   m
Ting -a-ling-a-ling'
The  gaunt
the     long,
guns���uud   the   tele*
that tin* whole district was a perfect I ennnussan.-e al Spritiglifld.reselling In
nest of rebellion. Quite a little store : no gain Ol ground on either side, bnt
nf arms nnd nininnnitiou was discover-j censing the wonndtng ol Captain
eil by this menus and the occnpnnls of J Hamilton Russell, Lieutenant Q,
the farms were therefore transported I Churchill niid ten men. In addition
to Belmont. Our fellow carried the' Lientennnt Bilkington and sis men
little children and b.lblei in their! were captured. The dispatch eontin-
aims nil the way and niarrhed into 'nod with detailed account of whnt no-
Belmont singing with the little ones I pears tn have been tin Important oper-
on Iheir shoulders.    Every respect was ] ation.    They only tend to throw   light
shown to tho women, old   and   young,
and to the old   men,    but   tbn    young
"t.'ontlnuxl o" fourth l'"^'-
fellows   wero   closely guarded all   th�� j Buller's every move
on the situation   by   proving that    the
Hoers arn   actively   following   ('eiii'ial
Ottawa, !'��� n. K ��� Iu tbe House to.
day, Hon. i.r. Sllton introduced a bill
10 amend the Dominion lands act. R.
L, Bordeu moved for lelerence of evi
dence tnkeu lust session in tho West
Hnrou and Brockville election cases
and nil papers concerning same to Iho
nririleges and election committers,
Aa the motion required notice it was
luled out of order. Mr. Reirt introduced a bill to regulate freight rate,! on
railways, which was read n first time.
Mr. Dnvin introduced ,�� bill to regulate promotion in Ihe mounted police.
In reply to .Mr. Marcotia, Mf. Fielding
sniii that tHS*_,fi60 was paid on�� in
superannuation last year an against
**:i40,ISO in 1R97--8, or a decrease oi
Tn Colonel Prior, Dr. Borden said
thut six otlieers and St men from the
militiu were located at Dawson and a
noncoinniissioneil offloer and a few
men at Selkirk. Dr. Bordeu, in reply-
to Colonel Prior, said that the superintendent "f the cartridge factory at.
Quebec bnd made a previous report on
the construction of the Lee-EnBeld
vide, which wns forwarded to th* high
coniiuiasioner to be presented to the
War Uffloe complaints having been
made against it.
The militia general order issued tonight snys that General Hutton orders
a regretful and cordial farewell to his
comrades of all   ranks   in   tbe mi It in.
He trusts the standard of efficiency
will be maintained. A gourd or honor
will li" furnished and -alutea will be
fired on the occasion of General Hut-
ton's departure tomorrow.
Major Siiconi, U9rd Halifax, bus
been apjKiintcil embarkation officer nt
Halifax for tbe Milwunkee. Tbe following board has been appointed to
Inspect the accommodation of thn Mil
wniikee: President, Lieut. -Col. Or
ley, First Regiment. O. A. P., members, MajOl Sircom,   embarkation olll-
nr, Captain Bloomfleld Dooglns,  sur
genu Lieut. Col. Tobin, senior medical
[offloer,    Artificers OO arriving nl f.ali-
tax will report to tbe district officer
|Commanding, Thoy will He attached
tn First Battalion Canadian Mounted
Rillcs and will have tl..A until thev
arrive in Sooth Africa, where Iinper
ial pay will prevail
Mr. Fraser MJoyshnro. has given
notice of a motion to enquire into the
construe! ion of the St. Charles branch
Of the Intercolonial by a select committee composed of Messis. M, Mul
leu, Bergeron. Gibson, Tisdale, Mil
lis'k, Prior and Landerkm. Mr. Gibson has given notice of resolntiou to
appoint a committee to enquire into
allegations that free passes have from
time to time Ih'cii given to voters to
enable them to VOle at elections. Thi"
committee Will comprise Me��srs. Kim-
Patrick. Itiis-cll, Cnsey, Sproole nnd
Mae.Neill. Mr. Casey hae given notice of a motion to lix definitely the
date tot calling Parliament in December or January of each year,
Bowman.ilie, Ont., Feb.   ii.--Mrs
Hughes, visiting line, has received ��
letter from her husband, Colonel Sam
Hughes, dated Capetown, .(miliary I..
lu it he intimates that Major (Ienernl
I'uiuliiui'd un Fourth lvi>. NELSON    DAILY   MINER, THURSDAY "FEBRUARY   15, 1900
JNeison Daily Miner
rubllahod ttmly exoopl Monday.
NcLaoNMiNEn Phintino & Puiilibhino Co.
I)  I.  BKATON, Kdltor and Manager.
Dalljr permonllibyoanler	
por half yoar..	
per year	
Pfiryuar by mall.
.��   Of,
,.   3��'
..   700
..   SOI)
por vi-'ii- foreign.    S0O
Nkl&on Weekly Minrb,
Wo.kly, ptr half yoar I lit
por year    5 01)
per yoar, foreign    2 60
11 uli.-rrl ji dim - ill variably ll} ml vaiir,-
thrcragh their UnioriR. Every gootl
oitieen should exert all tho infloeuoe
he oan oouimand to prevail on them
to iihjnro thi'if selfish und^iiiteriiHti'il
lenders tmtl go to work. Aud tbn oltl*
-/.on who, by word or aotlon,enoouM_os
tliem to k igtj tip [he Hirifn is nn enemy
to the I'lTmiiittiiiy. whose departure
trom it would lm subject for general
.Nelson Mln sr Printing A PgbllshlagCo
nelson. b. o.
Thlbpho.nb   No.   144,
The Miner will pay $10 reward
for information that will lead to the
arrest'and conviction of any person
who steals a copy of this paper
from the premises of our subscribers.
A well known gentleman iu Kaslo
has written to .The Vancouver World :
" We aro having a hideous fight between capital and labor. Agitators of
tho^rankest^t^pe, from Montana, have
the ear^i'f the unfortunate laborers.
ThejJJatter l_have been persuaded by
these'men that they can oontpel the
mine owneis of the Slocan to pay fl). "tO
for night hours' work, and are urging
that none but well known men should
be employed. The mine owuoth on
the other hand, and as a compromise,
offered i'S.'ib for eight hours, and claim
tbe right to employ or discharge whom
they pli-iiM-. They can get an alum
dance of men nt the wages offered, and
it has devolved upon lhe Unions to
guard every road into the HIocd.ii to
preveut such men coming in. Upon
three successive Sunday ni_,ht��, just
beside my office here, 1 have had a
riotous scene as g_ugs of men for the
mines arrive on tbe steamboat from
JBonjer's Perry, and were intercepted
by Union men trying by persuasion,
aud partially by force, lo prevent
them taking passage ou the oars, and
giving vent to the foulest language I
ever heard when the strangers did not
yield to their demands. In such an
atmosphere our hopes of giowth and
expansion wither like (lowers in a fnr-
The miners here of the old stock
should put au end to this. They know,
nnd will admit, that $8.2G is a libera)
wage for a day of eight.hours. In no
other part of Canada and in few places
in the world is it as liberal. It is at-
much to th,'ii interest as to that cf
the owners that the mines shODld be
-worked. We all want to see our mineral wealth developed, our oonutry
prosperous, with good times prevailing everywhere in it. This would
bring more capital, whioh wonld mean
more work, and not only tbe miners
would stand to gain, bnt business men
generally. The year that has just
closed wonld bave been a prosperous
oue throughout tbe Kooteiwys if this
labor trouble bnd not nris :n ; it is ull
tbat stamis in tbe way of n prosperous
new year. There would be no trouble
today if it were nut for alien miners
aud I'oii'igu organisations. Canadians,
who are natuially iudnHtrious, peace-
loving, law-abiding, and reasonable,
have put themselves into the hands of
these men and submitted to their malevolent influence. The Butte agitators do not care if British Columbia
mines are never developed ; Canadians
and.Britons generally should ouro a
great deal. They can speedily rid
themselves of tbeso misohief-nulnng
aliens, if thuy but resolve to uccept the
liberal wage offered aud go to work.
By dniug this thuy will display more
real patriotism, and of the practical
type, tliaudf they were to enlist foi
service in tloutli-Africa. They would
be emancipating themselves anil their
1'ruvince from tlx�� evil diolntiou of
foreigner., aud restoring prosperity
to all classes of the |>eople.
The wiilor whom we hnve quoted
goes 011 to any : "Une of the lurgest
representatives of Hritish enpitnl in
the oountry said lo me a few days ago
that his advice, from home uow were
lo tbo effect that the shareholders of
liH company had laxtome rccouoiled to
the     situation.      Their     coniputriols,
whose money was in thu Traorvoil,
were nt tbe mercy of the Boers und
must now await Ihe end of the war.
The Sloriiu was in the hands of the
Miners' Union, and must await the
Issue, of the strike. Like their lirethern
whose, investments wero in Africn,
they would wait for the end of thn
war whenever thut might be.'' Let OS
hope it will he sotin. The dispute between the owneis and the men hits
wrought great mischief already; hut
when it gets known abroad that onr
mines are closing down, there is danger that the hundreds who hnve turned
towards British Onlambiu as a fluid
for Investment will conclude to leave
their enpilnl in the banks aud have
nothing to do with us. The situation altogether is very bud, with a
prospect of its getting worse. We believe the [unit   lies   with   the   minors
Willi the mines closing-all around
us, and with the industrial situation becoming more and more disturbed, the paper controlled by the
Mayor of Nelson cannot rise to a
greater height than is attained in
the following:
"Since Hugh Sutherland's newspaper in Nelson has been unable to
secure the repeal of the Eight Hour-
law, Hugh Sutherland's mine in
Boundary has been closed down us a
protest. Hugh Sutherland might
have clsoed down his paper, and
kept the mine running, but this
would be 110 punishment to the people of Kootenay, so the mines will
close and the paper will continue to
be published, and the whole district
will suffer with Hugh Sutherland.
Although this is indeed a frightful
me.-isura of revenge it is not so far
reaching as one would suppose at
first sight. Hugh Sulhe-land does
not own all the mines in Boundary.
There are others; they will not be
closed down. Then again Hugh
Sutherland may go away for a while.
He might cease lo read his Nelson
paper. Then cease to think that he
put the gold into the mountains of
Kootenay, or that Kootenay is dependent upon him. And, if he has
more gold in his mines than it will
cost to take out, he may come
back, or send some one else, and
take it out."
Our readers must not suppose
that this is badinage; it is stupidity
merely, of the kind natural to the
source oi it.
Turner Beeton 6 Co. huds'
Just arrived from Milwaukee.
"  *^u#
tllMM lllllll,       AOTAI1Y I'I lllll .
Windermere Minea.   Correap  -
1. 0.
Bank of
British  Columbia,
Is now prepared to issue
Drafts and Letters of Credit
on Skaguay, U.S., Atlin, B.
C, and Dawson City, Yukon
Great Reduction!
$9.65 per.Ton
$6.15 P^ Ton
VYc It  '. e in 1 received
.1  ��� 11   ; I , 'i choice
.   j    ,   .���
IIudiGi/s Bay Store.
w.Ht Baker St.. Nelson.
Telephone 13.
00 .00 .00
<E_. ��**���-����� <E*-
Buller has made three attempts
to reach Ladysmith, and has failed
in all of them. Roberts and Kitchener have been a month on the
ground, and have hot yet struck a
blow. In many "of the larger engagements of the campaign our
forces have suffered a reverse. Tlie
garrisons al Ladysmith and Kimberley are believed to be hard pressed.
Naturally Wf feel disappointed and
impatient. Hut there is no cause
for anxiety.. Uuller has done as
well as any one could do, with such
odds facing him. If Roberts has
not yet struck a blow, it is because
he is perfecting his preparations to
make the blow effective- when he
does strike. That is good general
ship. Whether a day, or a week,
or a month hence, there will be an
advance north, and when it begins
it will not stop until, the end comes.
The last of our reverses ' has probably not been chronicled,, but Boer
rule in the Transvaal will be destroyed forever before we are many
months older. We all have faith;
let us also have patience.
��� :___��^>_T;________;___-__^__g-___;________________ ________ -__-gL'___j-5:__L'__L'_��:___;___;
^fcw "tffle*' *4St^0
_���_ ���*��_���-*."
Women's Cotton Wiappers
Special values at 75c*
Women's Cotton Blouses
Regular   price  $1-25
Special at   -    -   75c
50 Cases
New Drugs
and riedicines
Received this week,
fresh from tlie manufacturers.
-3^*V**g,-^*,m***g,*^**g>*'g*^^ *_S*_S '-_-'_.'-t'o'**?'J.'' -_>'���_>'_& -_���__._-_. ___��___.'-.".'-'
���/-��* 00'00'00700'00\00'00-00. 0O-00- __���" *f- 0T" __.- 00 ��� 00'.0)-- 00 ��� 00 ��� 00 ' 00- r0'00' 00'00 ".
Women's M* rcerizecl Blouses
���   (In Stripes) ,
Regular   pri e
Special vah >
Women's Silk Blouses
Regular   price
Special at   -   -
Martin  O'Reilly  & Co
v.T.- "    ���        -
'    .���   *
*���*��.'*�� ______���______-__? T Wrt
00-0*   ^>0*'00.   J.V
Corporation of the City of Nelson.
Toloflbopo li_-.
Mail On!.
P.O. Box HO.     Bi-k-Tain-ot.
���'(Promptly AUoodod To.
Settled 1 .'in)- r- will be received liy the Mayor
qii'1 ('ity. Council of Ncl-on. up till noon on
Monilny. Fcbnimy itfth. 190U, for -upplylnK ft
rood-i. attitiK i'i'**' l> co.ur>rit.inic a Htonm ro lor,
iniH-lii q drill. 11 ��� .. 1 1 _i_hei . el< vw ar and
���or-tH i<H.
-1" eil.cnt.'uii-' aud  coin-lit ion* of tenderinR
nml com met nm** ho  n nn application at the
i.ni . of 1 In-1 11 >- BOR-MM-i City Hull, Josephine
S'r-cl Nelsou.
BfuiB tender muflt Iw ncrompsnicd hy nn
in itjitui iHinKrli't.k or certltloaU-of deposit,
ti 11_.lt. pnvnb.r Lb tho Corporation of the Clt> of
Nt .in. ��� 111111I to-li per fin i.f fheiimnunt of
tin* lender, U a h* curity for the due fultlllincot
Of tho eoiitnict, which H-IrH tw forfi-lled If tho
]':���:* lie- In.) *'.i" eitt* r into conlrai't whun
crulod upon to do so, or If he fail), lo comph-'c
II*-: i-fori contraelii-l for The chi-clo. of Hid
UU u.cc-.-.fill tcndcriTH will he returned to
tin tn upon the execution of tho donirnot.
Tin; low���_�����*- or unv lender not i.. ��� <��� -uiK
n ccjUcrt.        J. K. S'MtACIIAN. (liv Cleric.
Ni-htoti, Il.C., Kcbruar-r 13th, 1000.
Heated by Hot Air
Finest   Dining   Room
in the City.
I can now supply you
with one of those. . .
���    POLICIE-s
$15.00 per week.     150 oulli s jn
received.    Pries $3,00 and $4.01
Issued here.    Call or phone.
C. D. J. CHRIST f;
3Good Companies3
Temperance Hotel.    ! FOR MACHINIERY
11 & li.ihcisbite Lite Ass. Co.
(undent & (Jnarantee O01 poratioi
1 hcDjix Fire Insutaiice Co
Real Estate,
Fire Insurance,
Life Insurance
The Family Resort of the
iu,i, i��� 11.111.1 iiiiiiiiiii'
Ailvcrti-itiiiptit-- lnsiirtii'1 uii'lcr thi*) huiul ut
ths nt-of one 0-Ht A word por ititiTtlon.  No
lull, r: 1  , u,,-r,l  lllkun fur I��-w limn '_'-, ��-,:j, t
Small  House $8.00
j Small  Cottage    10.00
WANTED.���"for   throe   poopln,   twn
rnnniH with lintrd in n-titrnl   pari  nf
lown.   With bath preferred,   Arl'dresi
11, Mluer Offloe.
FOR BALK.���A good Ihmnlini. Honte,
���Itnared oomei Josephine mul Vi*r-
nnn, etiiittiiiiiiiK 88 roomn with nirui-
turn. Cull 111 j it'iuis. - nr Rddrsu I'nst
Office Box lie.
1    !liillil.r..�� ill fit.I li  li.  i|���,|r MlrnntaBO to
d-iirn Hill, Bndbn * Oo, on PainUng.      ,
BMnook mui VVtloox. tto.
GAS and oi_r"ENGII*.ES,
IAppl"�� J.O.T.CROFTS. m,m���
'"V^.. sKK NELSON. B. C.
LOST. ���A   wtilkiii-   -tick.    Made 11111
of ci'ihir bark. Mlsilna from Royal
Hotel. A -oltabla reward will be
given.    Apply to 1'. I,  Oiler.
KUHMSI1KI1 ROOM,   anil   linnnl   in
private family, .'i per week, Carbonate Stiviit, :inl door tail of   JOR-PblOO.
WANTK1). ��� HnvH   nml   ��irlH to   Htrip
tobaooo.   Fifty oeoti  a day, and hh
mnoh mom ii�� tbey oan wn,   Koote
uny (Jiijur 'Juuipuny,
Nelson Employment Agencv
Nnrin,    Normi Olrl.
Hi'lp of all kindH liirninli��l
COIIK   imiLU.N-O.
J. H. LOVE, Agt      Baker r
Board and  Room.
l-"irsi Class Hoard and Room;
Torld'i iikl slnnd, in rear Bnglllh
Church. Table Hoard, $4; Hoard
���nd I.i'Oiii, $5 and $5.50.
nhiTu J oil run 'doponil
tirnit.u [11   n     1
ine, up,   lv,     -
n k-i'itniK ii.., bed
���nj i|iiiintll>- friui
��� IH.M  Ml,
I-'u\M- .\. Tami I w,
Bakir Strki 1.
Nit Hon
Paper Hanger,
Glazier,   Painter,    Etc
Chimney Sweeping.
Office, W.misi. opp. Opera lions,.
Hnve you soon the new three Jol*
i it- yearly ^ccideiri arid Disease piS*
���i.ey is ued by ilie Qceah Corpoft*
tion? Includes $1500 travelfiltg
railway policy and weekly pS;.
ments for illness caused by SmAlt)
Pox and twelve other aMiiiiioti
General Agt.        0pp. Oddfellows hk)��-
Duko- St., Nelson-
Houses for sale and rent.
Nelson Gleaning and Dyeia.
s. i). fikk'kk Prop.
Lmlies' and (ienis' Clothing cleans I
dvecl. altered and repaired-
s 1.1 -11*1
���.. ... I l,.rl.., Il.ilcl.
Professor   Experience
Is the Head-Master ftl the
Nelsoh    Business   College
I'n.Ier I
, pupils iiequire businet
by actual experience
������������,��� ns Budpei Syst.***
1 knowleage
in   busiw -
There is a Clearing Out Sale in Gents'
Furnishings on at O'REILLY'S. NELSON DAILY MINER, THURSDAY.   FEBRUARY  15,   1900
r,;���-lG_S IN COURT
,.,,,,,,,_ Another Burglar and Cora
, ,,,;, Upon tlie Prevalonoc
of Crime.
���f oppeubeimei ve
winch   wai  continued
oame up again  ,n the
nf Uraclcman  <*
11 ai _ Ker'
trom L'uesrtay.
A8_iz. Cuiirl yesterday.
Hjeeoniilei   olalm
..,..,,,.,!���.. 1 (jpi���.nl.eim��r  was _r��ued
ml Hie ease finished.   JudRuient *����
'���I'lT'a n of Thnriton ve. t_.t.r__11,
,.,,,,,-1   ��t fnur  _'clonk   by
���..il.-.tui, q. V.,    'Ihn Hint
,,   I, is-iim of te    ier cent
1,,  imn   lhe plum:it! from
mi  acaouut of u salo nf
tlie CI
tit. fu
el nl, ��
_. . '      ;
\vi   I
I'liiiini'il   '
Ilm _efeudau .
^I,..,,, oiainl oiade by the plain-
n���,,- account. Kor tbe plaintiff
w.re Ues-r-. Fred Elliott and  Ubarles
Wilton,   l.    0.    For   the   defeudaotn
��,.���. Messrs, A. M.   Johnson   and
A, Mii.iiiiniil'l. y. 0.
j,. A, Thurston, the plaintiff,
fled that la- bad been engaged in dealing iti mining olalml. He bad had some
tinits-otions with tbo defuudanta.
They naked bim to sell for them the
Ohoplenn olaim, but ho objected an
they wanted too mnoh for the olaim.
Tli>*y litnl some ngrnroent us to pnoe,
iimi linn n-ti'iil to nell for $!I0,000 on
hiini, or 120,000 for cash. Ths sale
wus illiH'ti'il innl they then said they
vuiiiiil .a:!,niw lmt Mr. Tbntston said
tin >y must Btand by the former prico
as tlm snlo ii nl been made. He said
Mr. Tattt-iM.il 1 had   agreed  to pay him
0 i, n pet .a nt commission. The da
[oDtlnnt knew that hnt refused to pay
nml s.iiii he could collect it by Taw.
Mr. Tntterstill seemed williim io pay
ins slitiHi 01 ui ..mission. They then
offered to pay if Thurston wonld come
clow ii mi tlm onmuiisaton.
Court tltou uiljourned ontil 10:80 a.
in. today,
UnriitK tbe trial all witnesses were
otdcred out of court; Mr. J. M. Williams, om. nf llto witnesses,   retnrned
tn tin nit renin and was requested to
leave by the counsel for the defense.
After iii" adjournment James Tur-
t : 11   ol the men who robbed  Ebb's
1 i' ami who pleaded guilty to
the .hinge ol larceny,was brought into
court foi sentence.
passing sentenoe Mr. Justice
Mnttlu asked tho prisoner if be had
ativtliiuu i.i my before he was sen-
i it snid thnl the two men who
werecl i-geti with oompHnatlon in the
Wl ry ami who are now in the Pro-
Vit il |nil hud no connection with
tin''iini' nml be idone wus gnilfy. He
asked ihe nieroy of the conrt. The
primmer was men sentenced to two
years nnd six months in the penlten-
I" I'l-in . -I'liteu-e Mr. Justice Mar-
Un reaiirlieil-npoii the gruiity of the
offense, mil expressed his surprise at
tin' number of arraignment! before
him f r similar crimes in this district.
anil raid l.e wonld do nil in his power
hi Iiieuk up s ch practices by administering -.'
I-i it-   , i
t.   punish ia tn    lo   all   mil-
win     \ i, I nl     of     such
Off. i.-
N hon Te
Tlir li
ns I oiive Today f.r Rowland.
. y teams, which are to re-
|,, ...
1 ii
.' i
ond uii
tin. present more sail rule for tlm ser-
vio >. Ono of the chief rfURine for the
protest is tho poor qnnlity of liuht thnt
is now l'uriiisln il. 'J he inoreiiHt d rati
bus raised lbe bills   (f   the   conHorhers
from no to no per o int.   One man i> i 6
uses twelve lights lnnl bien paying in
the rate of sixteen dollnts u nion Hi. No
notice was served him nf nny in ores it
In his rate but he wns Bent n hill for
Jill fcr lust mom ll. IScetiliss lo say he
is one of the tfiOkerp,
There will be n spooiul meeting of
the City Council tonight nt H o'olock.
Mr. I\ W. Peters, A. (J. !���'. A. of
thn 11. P. It., retuiuod yesterday from
a visit lo Is I oon n.
T. R. Kile, of Vancouver, genera]
an nt fm R, C , for the MoChny tann-
iifueuning ' ii,, is HI  the l'linir.
Mr, 1*. I . Brndln, of Heli nn,   Mnn
lllllll, ono in iini OW1IH18 111 iho Pilot
Buy BUielter is :.t the Pumr lor n few
Two degrees below :*,ero at midnight.
This   wus   prooeileil   hy   a   very   cold
dny.   From nil  appearances the cold
snap will last some days.
The coniiiiitleo to whom wus referred
tlie tenders for iciitorinl nnd ooiistrne-
tinn on Hie City wharf extension will
report to tho Council tonight.
Mr. W. R, Midlines of the C. P. R .
was in town tignin yesterday on his
return from Slooan und other points,
He left Inst night for Winnipeg.
The Band will be in attendance at
the rink this evening and will furnish
mnsie for tho Rkaters. The management hopes thnt there will he u goodly
number pie-sent.
Mr R. W. Dav. of Silica Street,
who has been ill for some days is now
improving. Mr. Day is suffering from
a ease of pleurisy that foilowod an
attack of bronchitis.
Tho City of Nelson is nilvertisiitc for
tenders fnr supplying a road-making
plant, comprising a steam roller, machine drill, rock crusher, elovator nud
scieeus. The tenders must bo in on or
belore next Mommy.
The entire stock for the dry goods
department uf tlie Hudson's Bay Oo ,
hus arrived and is ut the depot. It
will be moved at ouce Into the company's new store, which is rapidly
getting into shape Due notice of the
opening will be uiven.
Knights of Pythias, Nelson Lodge
No. 25, will hold special chnroh Rer-
vices next Sunday afternoon at 4
o'clock iu the Presbyterian Obnrch.
Members of the order.aud visiting
Knights are requested to meet ut thn
K. P. hall at 'I o'clock to attend the
services in u body.
A meeting under the auspices nf the
Woman's .Viissiouary Society will be
held in the Presbyterian Church tonight tit S o'clock An address will
bo given by Mi-is Dunsniore, upon lhe
subject, "Among the Indians." An
attractive musical programme hns heen
prepared Herr Kleiner will give a
'cello solo "Keverie" by Dnnkler, and
Mrs. Oliver and Others will sing. The
publio are cordially   invited.
Prof. Vinter F. flnnpor. the Blind
Phrenolog.s*, again drew a large crowd
to the Opera House last night. He
continued hu lectures on phrenology
and gave readings of the bends of some
of those iu the audience. This evening tho Professor will gi.e another lecture and will tell of his manner of
uboosfng n wife. As he has secured a
pretty and eliiirniing wife himself the
publio would do well lo ntteud the
Two sons of Bunny Italy had an ar-
uiiment ill the Kootenny Hotel yesterday morning that ended Hither disastrously for both of them. The (lisruss-
ion be.ame so violent that 'voids ceased
to be persuasive and DnminicoNatoeii-
d.n.orert to inipresR his conviction
upon George Knmiiiua with a knife
Romainn escaped bodily Injury hnt
in the melee bis coat wan cut to ribbons. He Rwnrii nut a warrant against
Nam, who was arrested and will he
triid iu lhe Police Court today.
The work of vncciiinlion in the   citv
.of Nelson is  prugresalug  rapldlv. All
..Olson iu the tournament at|0ftbe lOot"rs.are kept I usy   with  the
vaccine points and it is believed thai
before the _()th of the month, the great
minority of the residents of Nelson
will be oarrying about with them
RO-ne very sore arms. Dr. LaHau, city
health officer, believes that with Ihis
general voluiitan- vaccination and the
compulsory   vuccimilion     which   will
tniinw iiniH will be little danger of un
outbreak nf   smallpox in this vicinity.
On the iith instant at the residence
of the bride's parent", Uev. C. W.
Rose muted in tnariingo Mr. Alfred
P. Hfbden, tbi id son of the lute
Frank Hebilen, Esq,, of YoikHhirc,
Eng., and Mrs, Hebtlcn, of Baker
8troot, Nelson, to Miss Henrietta Bm*
ma Baicbulor, daughter of Mr. ami
Mrs W. natnbelor, of Nelson Tin
bride was given away by her fatle
nud attended by her sister Miss .lennie
Katchelor. The union; was BOppnrtod
by Mr. W, C. Hntebilor, brother of
the ITride. After the ceremony a supper wus served.
A farewell social was given last
night to Kcv. C. W Ruse at the Baptist Chnroh The Ladies'Aid Society
of the chnroh presented bin with a
purse of IBS, Addresses were made by
Uev. Mr. HtaokhoDse, of Rom-land, the
Rev. Mr. RolMHin, of the Methodist
Church, nnil Rev. Mr. Flow, of the
Preshytertun Church. A snlo was snug
by   Mr. l'\  M    Chiidlmiirii.    The   Bai
viiiion Army band gave some mnslonl
selections and the Nelson quiirtdtt
sang several songs. There were n
large linnilier of Mr. Hose's friends
present. Mr. Rose leaves NeNnn (bin
week, and Rev. .1. K, Kritser, of Httui-
don, Man., will preach hero (Sunday.
The congregation will try to petsodtli
Mr. Fraser to remain here several
Hume���Miss   Randall, Kaslo; Hugh
B. (liimoui-,     Vancouveri   w.   H.
Kitzer, San Eraneisco; J. F. Oolloni,
Wellflelev,   Muss. ;   P.   T.   Van  Ness,
BpokanejO. w.   Rllev, Six Mile;W.
C. Smith, San Francisco.
* ���****'**>A'>V'��***A**W*i.**VW <S>rWV\���sr0S'VV+**r>r>0\r>r*+ir'*V*V *f
to the fact that you need and
can   buy   out  of   our si *>ck
lhe best till-thc-yc.il-roilnel
footwear to hie had in tli is city,
al  pr ices   that will   suit you ?
Come and inspect our stock.
Wc  will   not  be  uudersolcl.
Bring Your Repairing.
��� .��*>V***>A/**V***AW>.*->^^
il, will leave   today   for   Ross.
tewasa  practice  gume ut  the
It ie last night and some fast
lim-! e\ was developed. If (he men do
���< mud work al Ko aland they should
Hive Hi n- p, ouents a good hustle for
He prizes
'.'ni .ling to ihe form shown by the
l.n, in-.,. j, an, ,,f Nidson tbey should
nave an . stieuiely good chance of winning uut, iu al present they lead the
u* 0 Amateur llneke. League with a
"onl .a |Wi, games won and one lost.
" 'her Mam s io date are asfullows:
Vali.lia  Willi ���_��, l,.st 1.
I;i- I nal won 2, lost 1.
'nil iiu.iml Won 1, lost 1.
���"   ' '. ( Ity w n 1, lost 3.
All the above teams  will play  at
nosilund and the gimies should
rery inter sting.
Nexl year there should be more
��� '���.nn- in the League as there are now
bums in Vernon and Kovelstoke that
""' not members but will duubtlesa
i"'" 'y tiiat tune.
flu  Lndii
ilm w*|||
There is a Clearing Out Sale of Gents1
Furnishings on at O'REILLY'S.
universally   uc-
y patent appli-
Stcvonsou, Alusworth; S.
Hpoktui, ; W. R. Midlines,
D, Peters, Toronto: J. N. Stewoit,
Trail: Panl Johnson, Greenwood ; H.
W Bangster,Windsori L. .Shaw, Ainu-
worth j W. H. Alrtridge and wife,
Trail; Ed, Mnllannin, Jr., Creston;
Eugore Crotean, F. Mlaudeun, Oran-
Grnnd Central���R. Ijookhart, Robson ; John Miller, Athabasca; N. Mc-
Bain, D. Wilson, Greenwood; IS.
Walsh. Montreal; M. Donaldson, Dan
MacDonald, John Gituis, Rossland:
(leorge Gnrny, (Jrund h'orks; George
linker, Knslo; Wm. Salter, Trail; Ed
Johnson, Kulrno; Tbonuis I.. Kummer-
ly, F. Vi. Uray, Torouto; S. Laugdon,
Frank Campbell, Silver King.
W.   Meek, ; ^^.^^^^^^^ _.4^ ....��������������� .������������������������*.���-. �������������������� j ���
Winnipeg ,   > Tli
| Ross, Lee St Taylor j
The busiest and lnightost little thing
that over was made is Dr. King'! New
Life Pills. Every pill is u sngiir-oont-
eii globule of health, that changes
weakuoRS into strength, listlessness
into  energy,    brain fag    into   mental
power.   They're wonderful In huHn-
ing up tbo health. Only -a cents per
box Sold by ("unndn Drug & Book
Victoria Street, Nelson,
(Opposite the Postoffioa);
������������������^���������.^������������������+....... ������������������������������������o ,.������������������.������������������������.
Clocks ��"���'
Fine   Watch,   Clock
repairing.    Work
and  Jewelry
tnd   goods
| in ImcsIibI as Good as a lloiia Claim, {���;
The Old Established and Well Known
S   Situate   at   Procters   Landing,   on   Kootenay   Lake.
|   Contains  fifteen   rooms,    furnished   complete.    First
class bar room and bar fixtures. Two acres of grounds.
On water front, and close  to   wharves and proposed
For price and full particulars apply to
Patenaude Bros.?       _ r  oor,^^t_.n        \
NELSON,  B.C. if J#      Q,       PKOCIbK, !
Delivered to an any point on
Kootenay Lake.
1 have a complete stock
on hand of
"-    ��-.
��� ���������__'
Baker Street, Nelson.     I
t*0it#ii#ii#ii*S''#'|#t��#''��#��*#t'*-_.'��#''������ "0ii#
*$JUr .-b+oioA, fin*** 4UiaL>
Mill ut PILOT BAY.
Yard*, NKLSON und LAI.DO,.
J.   A.   SAYWARD.
Hoi-key team  of Nelson
p'i-y it Ronland Heturda)
in tit* up i.b folliiwa:
Miss llnrvoy; iioiut, MIih S.
",i cover, MiflH I .illy wliiti*;
>. Miss MoDuriuoit, Miss L. O.
ii, atisii I''. Hndsoii nnd Miss
No dmilit tliiti will be one
nn��t itito'reBtlag names of the
- Hut Indies uro nil good skaters
i.v ii good fust giiinc,
Light      ('onsiimers
Against Preiant Rates.
An united iinitest will  bo  made  by
""nm ul iho lur��uat t'tinaiiinms of  eleo*
���"���li-btia  tha Uity  agaiait pa)in��
fining Stocks
r.,iii'..ni and Sold.
5000 ii'i\i lloinTr-Msuiy.  A snap
1000 Noonday   600 Richelieu
Here's ;i (,'ood buy :
Referendum Tr-_eury Stook,    Hold
��� nmtulliiii'iits  7i���-.,  i1.'' per mouth.
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants
_^<g- ���-���"���������M-****--*-*}'-*''
Branch Markets in Ro��sland, Trail, Nelson, Kaslo
Sandon, Three Forks, New Denver and Slocan City.
Ordert by mall to any branch will hive careful and prompt attention.
Now that it
knowleclged that
anccs positively cure RUPTURE,
and are GUARANTEED to give
invite the very worst cases���infants,
children and adults���no matter how
had you may be afflicted.
I will pay your fare both ways if
you can force the Rupture down in
any position with my NEW RETAINER on.
Size and age immaterial.
See  what  our leading Physicians
Ottn .n, Dec-i-ber 90th, 18--.
1 hav,- mnoh pleasure in testityitiK
tn .1. I,. ArnistroDg'R ability in the
nn ('burnetii treatment of Hernia or
l-iiDture. Ho ltns very sifceaflfnllv
treated patients of mine vnuging in
age trom 11 ft** months to lit! years of
aiie. Most of these patients were
all. ii'ti'd wilb verv lal'ije iitiinaiut|*eiibli'
Hernia, wbloh failed to be relieved by
ill the irusses triad. The principle of
ibis pu'Hiit appliance seems to be per-
ect, '.the Bliypcrr- is directed against
bes>atof tl 1 iiptnre only, and can
he manipnlateil 10 retain aoonrntely.
I nnbesitatiii_ly recommend Mr. Anii-
stroiiK to th-* lonsiderution of tha pm-
t*Hs-inn ami tlie pnblio.
102 Eluin Street.
.lohn Montgomery,   G. M WillianiRon.
L. R. 0. _".    Surgery of    M. IJ. 0. M.
Montgomery and Williampon.
Physicians and  Snrgeona,
Ardoch.N. D.. Dec. *-0tb, IH07.
I can nnhestltntlngly reoommeuri .1.
L. Armstrong's patented applht,:< ������
as one that bus given me perfect satisfaction in the treatment of Hernia bv
inch means. I believe it to be ns scientific us it is pissible for siirh appliances to be made.
Patients of mine, on whom several
styles of tmeses have been tried and
failed in thoir object, found,when fitted witb lbe Armstrong appliance, thut
they could do all kinds of work.liftiiiK
heavy londs, etc., with safety, and
without experiencing any diaoomfnrt
or pain. In adjustment it is simploity
in Itself.
Tlm profession wonld do well to investigate its merits before fitting their
patients with anv other.
December loth, 18.!).
I hnvo much pleasure in reeouimend-
iug to the attention of the profession
a Hernia supporter, the invention of
J. L. Armstrong, of this nity.
After repeated trials of tho instrument I am satisfied thnt it is tho
most efficient truss iu the Dominion.
As regards mode of application and
results, it stands alone in this oonn.rr,
embodying the principle of fixed support, not to sny piessure in the treatment of hernia, recognizing as it does
that the requisite pressure is afforded
by the wall of the abdomen. Yours
truly, C. B. CHURCH, M. D.
I have (he privilege of referring yon
to several of the most reliable ladies
cured by my appliances, including the
wife of n prominent minister of tbe
gospel, wife of a prominent lawyer,
wives of two merchants, and others,
including a LADY G8 YEARS OLD,
and mother of one of our most proini
nent merchants. These ladies liavn
not worn anv support from one to four
years, and most of   them three   years.
House  and   Lot in
tion of town, $3500.
business por
t-Aid. ON
I '1.1.11     lv
Moot.; T. K,
Bra-Mi      Helena,
Vanoouv.r; H.  M,
h. a. ri.
TheNelson ElectricTram way Co. Ltd.
Large number Choice  Building   Lots  adjacent  to   the
line of their Tramway.    For price and terms of sale  apply
I at the office of the Company, Macdonald Block,
Testimonials from most respectable residents of Victoria, H. C.
(which lill too much space), viz:
L. Goodaere, Epq,, Queen's Market, Purveyor to H. M, Navy.
II. Mansell, Merchant, liovernment street.
R. 1 lomfrny, Esq., C. K
J. C. Klliott, Esq., Sec. Board of
Fire Underwriters,
J, Giscombe, Miner, Fori Street.
I will be at the Hume Hotel
for two days during the month of
March; dates lo he announced
Call Early.
A. M.  I, C. B.
Corner   oll^p   BARROW)
I    Josephine,  and Vernon Streets. .    , , T      t r.
*. T> c# DUNCAN, Secretary   Provincial Land Surveyor,
A good   pavinti,,. Town of I''"""
���nt ai a bargain.   Beven
.i,,iKb, milk wagon, '���'��*���*
tbi ni- belonging foe Mi
Kruinn Utilise and   stubb
Hi, Ferule, M, O,
llllll V
Fraternity Hall    REISTERER & CO.,
Comor Victoria iiiiiI KnoU'iiay Hid.
O. Hum M9, TolcpllOlli' No. ItS
IttlsillCSS    111 <,-.  II11I*. r A  kiwili-nn.T KIh.
11. O.i  win sell can'����� ii'iitiHi lor Concent,  Lectnrei
COWS,   linisc, , DaiK't's, Iliiii(|ncls and every kind uf en-
miii   nvcrv- ' li'iliiiiuni'nt.    C4nod iitite-l-oonis, o'oak
t I'I'ifH   Daily-    I'ikiihh, Kitchen nnd  dining l-uom  I'ui-
Apply  llux   'ilehwl.    Kur tcrmpply
I DR. K. 0. A Kill Ull" Oity,
Brewers of Fine Lager
Hcci' and Porter,
Drop  in  and  sec  un.
B. O.
r, <. ��� iti 1 > r. s. i'ikimi
Civil   Engineer*   and Provincial
Land Surveyors,
p, 0, Box 10 _.��___, 11.0,
Redistribution of Electoral
Mr, Higgins Gives Notice of a Motion of
Waut  of   Oonfi.'ence  Beirarding
Eight Hour Law.
iS|-|_<   l.li.   TO    I 111J   lUlUlla
Viotoria. b. C.. Peb 14.���A most
importaut_announoement made in the
House this afternoon by the Premier
was tbat the (ioverninent intended
bringing down the redistribution bill
ut an oarly dote, This policy was
made known during the discussion of
Mr. Martin's want of confidence motion conoeining the redistribution.
The Premier ulso moved uu amendment in effect tbat circumstances and
administrative demands hitherto prevented action in this matter, but uow,
" Be it resolved, thut this House is of
opinion that the interests of the Province require tbat a fair nnd equitable
measure for redistribution of electoral
districts shall be ordered at an early
date during the present session."
Mr. Higgins gave notice of a motion
which in view of the present crisis is
an important one. He will move a
motion of want of confidence, in that
the Government did violate the prerogatives of the Province is its attempt
to evade the consideration of the
Kiglii-Hour law during this aeaiion,
by withholding u part ot the correspondence In thnt regard asked for by
tho House.
There was to have heen au ovening
session tonight bnt the members of
press gnllery being on strike there
was uot. The sittings of the past fow
days buve been heavy and leporters had
asked the Houso to uol sit tonight. The House decided to sit but
upon reassembling they found an
empty press gallery. The evening
was therefore sfiont iu consideration
of routine affairs.
oona. Thn lirst train will reuoh here
at �� o'olock this morning and the second will leave Calgary tomorrow with
the romuiudti of the force, except so
many us are required to take charge
of horses ns Dr. McKncherii buys them.
-New Vork, Fob. 14.���A story sent to
The Paris Temps from its corespondent at Durban,which tolls of the execution nf an English lighthouse keeptr,
who was n spy in the service of the
Boers, is printed by The Herald todny.
One dny while n troop ship was
passing thu high promontory on which
the lighthouse is situated, an otllcor'-
tittentioii was attracted hy singular
heliograph signals Hint wero being
made*on the other side of the light
house. The keeper was watched und
it wits foun.l that by the nse of the ordinary heliograph code he signalled
the new nriivul of troops, each movement In tlie poit and the number of
men, und horses, to un nocomplieo situated on a mountain some distance
away, His Wife and children would
not believe in his guilt and a painful
scene took place when he was transferred on board a mail of war where
he was shot.
Continued from First Pago.
Huttou bas been thrown down by
Iiord Lunsdowne and Chamberlain,
and says: "All his (Hutton's) lot-
ters here against me are ordered to be
destroyed. I will have justice done me
yet. I feel certain Lord Roberts will
do lhe light thing by me. "
Hughes bus not beeu Idle. On the
contrary, he has been very active in
the intelligence and other departments,
and has boon to the front with tbe
Canadian contingent nud gives a graphic account of some skirmishing with
tho Boers, of which be was an eye
Continued From First I'ligi',
"The mountains und the gnns went
nut and there floated in Hint roaring
of Tho Daily Mail instead and the
warm rustling vestibnle of the playhouse on u Deceuibci night. This is
the way we make win now, only loi
the instant, it was hnlf joke aud hall
homosickness. And yet, if they never
hit a man,this thin hand full of sailors
have been the saving of Ladysraitli.
*j ou don't know till yon hnve tried it,
what a worm you feel when the onemv
is plugging shell into you and you
cun't possibly plug back. Even tbongh
they spared their shell, it made all the
world of difference to know that tho
sailors could reach the big gnns if they
ever bcoume unbearable. It makes all
the difference to the Boers, too, I suspect; for as sure us Lady Ann and
Bloody Mary get on to them they shut
up in n round or two. To hnvo tbe
very men nmong you.mukes the difference hetween ruin water and brine.
The other day they sent a 1.-pounder
up to Caesar's Cnmp nmler charge of
a boy who if ho wus not commanding
big men around a big gun in u big
war, might with link be in the Iif tli
" 'There's ii !I4-pounder up there,'
saitl n high offloer, who might hnve
been his grandfather.
" 'All right, sir,' suid the child so.
renely, 'we'll knock bim out.' He
hasn't knocked bitu out yet, but he is
going to next shot, which in a lelge
is tbe next best thing. But the Niiilois
havo not been homo for two years
which ih two less than the usual spell.
This is their holiday. (If course they
enjoy it, they say. almost upoligizing
for saying it. The Royal Navy is tbo
salt of tbo sea, and the sail of the
earth also.''
Winnipeg, Feb. IJ.���The second section of Stratboona's Horse left Calgary
tonight. The tiain arrives in thiB
oity on Friday, slightly earlier than
the first section being due here at 4 tUO
p.m. A stay oi an hour nnd a half
will be made, leaving for the east a fi
o'olock. Lientennnt Strange is in
charge and Major Luurier, who commands the Hritish Columbia eqnndron
of l?.'i men, will nlso be will-, this
party. The men nre from British
Columbia.  Edmonton and Calgary.
The Winnipeg Curling Bonspiel is
in full swing. There are 100 rinks
competing in the New York Life
Grand Challenge and Wakerville
Montreal. Feb. II.��� The Republic
Mining Company's dlraotors met today
and declared a dividend payable
March IS, nnd decided that tbe next
two dividends Bbocld bo declared quarterly in order to give an opportunity
for roads to Improve to enable them tc
ship to the smelter.
Ottawa, Out., Feb. 14 ���Tbn following have boon appointed to ootiiiniw-
sinns in Lord Strathconn's Horse:
North West Mounted Police, B, B.
Steel, K. Belcher, A. E. Snyder, A.
H. Jarvis, I). H. Howuid, F. S. Cart-
wright, Vi. Parker, graduates of Royal
Military College, Kingst  R.C. Laurie, B. M. t'ortnenv, J, E. Leokle, R,
H. J.It. Mag. e ; uilii ers of active inili-
tia,   Major  <��.    W.    Cameron,    Royal
Soois; Captain .1. F. Maodonald,
H7tb Battalion; B. .1. Maokle, both
Battalion: Parry Kail, Manitoba Dragoons; T.E. Pooiey, garrison artillery i
unattached, a. w. Strange, A. E.
Chrystie, A. E. Porker, late oaptain
l-tb Foot; Surgeon 0. B. Keenan, i<
V. II. Montreal.
How long the position of tin. above
will bold In force was not determined,
owing to a request   from   Lord Strath
Hiimiltou, Feb. 14.���Ex-Mayor Oeo.
E. Inokett, of tbe (inn of Tuokett Tobacco Co , bad a stroke of paralysis
yesterday afternoon. Lust night his
condition wus reported serions. Mr.
Inokett is ahotit seventy, nnd one of
Hamilton's most fjromiiient oitlsens.
Ottawa, Feu. 14.��� The first (iovrrn-
ment canons ol the session was held todny, Mr. Jules Seri er, president.
The principle business   done   was  the
appointment of ohlef whip to succeed
Mr. James Sutherland. Mr. Wm.
QlbtfOn was ohosen. Frank T. Frost
was appointed to take the plnce of Mr.
Qibiou a- whip for Ontario. Vi. Calvert, M P., will assist Mr. FroBt.
Whips for the other Provinces are tlie
same as last session.
Halifax, Feb. 14,���The Royal Bank
of Canada (The Merchant's Bank of
ll.ilitax; will   Increase its  capital  bv
|l, ,000,   The directors fo decided nt
a no ei mg today,
Montreal, Fob, 14.���There was a big
loo shov ��� in the riv.-r oppoalto the
citv   Ibis   morning      Five    men   who
wore on the corporation damp on tie
ice were .atiled ont some distance and
rescued witli difficulty.
Montreal, Feb, 14.���Wm. .1.   o'Mui,
ley ov Co .  whole alo   milliners,    bave
assign..ii ou demand of   Ex Alderman
Wns lhe hull ihat  hit  I,      I!     Slend-
iniin of Newark.  Mi.It.   in   the   Civil
War.    It caused   horrible   ulcers   that
uo treatment helped for Jo yours. Then
Buoklen's   Arnica  Salve  cured   him.
Cures   OntS,    Utilises,    limns.    Boils,
Felons, Corns,  Hkln   Eruptions,   Best
Pile elite   Oil   earth        .'���'     ' I tits    a    box.
Cure  guaranteed,     Sold   by   (Innada
Drug & Book ''"
Public Library Meeting
The annual meotiug ol the subsnrib.
ets to the Nelson   Library   Association
will be hei.i in tbo schoolroom of 81
Saviour's Epl��cop.-!I  Ohnroh on   Wed
iiesdin 31 Kl I'elinrury n s p.   in. for the
puipo-e ol receiving reports of officers
and electing new directors for ensuing
year, ,\ full attendance of all Interested in the Library work is pnrtien-
Inrly requested.
May  Bring  Back to  Nelson  Either the
Walkerville or the Tnckett District Trophy-
Kossland, Fob. 14.-Play iu the secoud annual bonspiel of tho Kootenny
curling nssociation was resumed at
the link at H o'clock today and was
continued all day. Rossland is out of
it this year, foi tbe Now York Life
Grand Challenge Cup nnd tbe Walkerville competition, bnt won tbo Mackintosh iu tbe ull-ootners by 11 points.
The Bcoro in detail of the different
events is appended:
First Round���
Siindon���M. L. Grimmett, skip, 18.
Rossland���Ur. Kerr, skip, 10.
Nelson���P, A. Tamblyn. skip, 10.
Rossland���O. C. Ross, skip,   8.
Sandon���W. Wilson, skip, 18. Rossland��� H. H. Smith, skip, 4.
Second Round���
Rosslaiid-D. B. Bogle, skip, 14.
Sandon���M. L. Grimmett, skip, ll.
Sandon���W. Wilson, skip, 11. Sandon���Alen Crawford,  skip, (i.
Kossland���A. B. Cranston, skip, 7.
Nelson, J. Rae, skip, 13.
Rossland���T. M. Beamish,   skip,   8.
Nelson���F. A. Tamblyn, skip, 14.
Third Ronnd���  .
Rossland���D. B.Bogle, skip, 9. Sandon���W. Wilson, skip, 18.
Nelson���J. Kao,skin, 0. Nelson���F.
A. Tamblyn, skip,'14.
Leaving Wilson, of Sandon. and
Tamblyn, of Nelson, to play in tho
flunl tomorrow.
Sandon��� M. L. Grimmett, skip, 0.
Rossland���A. B.   Cranston,   skip,   15.
Leaving Orunston, of Rossland, to
piny Tamblyn, of Nelson, who got a
bye in tbe lirst round.
(All  Comers )
Sandon���M. L. Grimmett, skip, tt.
RoBslnno.���R. D. Morkell. skip, 14.
Nelson���F. A. Tamblyn, skip, 8.
Rosslnud���H. H. Smith, skip, 13.
Hnsslnnd���A. B. Cranston, skip, 5,
Sandon���W. Wilson, skip, 18.
Nelson���.1. Rae, skip, 9, Rossland���
D. B. Bogle, skip, 15.
Snndon���E. E, Hall, skip, 14. Rossland���L. B. DeVeber, skip, 14.
The sore in tbe all-oomers is counted in Hie aggregate. It will thus be
seen that Rossland won the cup Li 11
point?, the respective scores being
Rosslnud vs. All-Comers, 60 to 49.
The Blind
Prof. Vinter F. Cooper
Third  Lecture
Opera House Tonight
The subject will relate entirely to his experiences on
lhe road during the last seven
years. He will relate in what
manner he chose a wife, and
will probably be able to give
the young people of Nelson
some valuable information in
Ihis line.
Public Examinations
Are j_;i\-ii at the close of each
lecture. Very entertaining
mt'sic precedes the lecture
this evening.    No admission.
Atlantic S. S. Lines
from I'urilaiHl. Me.
Allnn   lann ������Cillfoniiiin" ..  ,      Keb, W
ft ibiiifnx . K, i, ij
Allnn I.mo   "Mongolian",       .fhirivl. March T
llnu a,   l.i'in     I    Marrli :l
Iim'ii    Halifax  .    . ,..,      Miir.h 4
I loin in imii I,I ll'l ' I'lllntircilMBir'llliivet, .Maivli 10
From Bt. Joan, n. ii.
Iiiiii, r bin, "Xola  reb.88
Krom llabfiiv     Fob. SO
llesvoi  l.iin' "Lake Ontario", March 7
I nan  ll.ilif��\ MsnliS
From Horttoii
��� .    .       K"b. _s
Krom New Vork
( an,,|,i Lino    I a.lllKiliiii   ....I't'O 111
Out I Inq *'t nil,rla".         Muri-h :t
White Star Uno "Tontonlo"., Keb.Sfl
While Htm l.lne 'Qormnnlo"        ..   MarofiT
Anohnr Lino  "Ethiopia"    Muri-h ,'i
>inert,wi Linn "New  York"         Martin;
It,'I HI ii  Lino "PrlwUnd" .     Kb B
North tbiinin Llnjil "Siiala"        . , March II
Allan State Lino --hiaIo ut Nobraaka'.Harob 1
I'a.-HKi'H iirrmiKOfl to anil from nil Kuroponn
polli's Kur mlus, tlokoUt nnil full liifcrm itlon
iwi'lyMl-.r. II, dupolafcnt or U K. llmd.,,
City i'>   ,-i,_���i AKiint, Nol-nn, 11.r
W. P, K. C__.M__.__.
lli-noral A-finl, 0 Pi H. Offlow   WlnnlrtJ
is   a   Clearing   OUt   Sale   iij  Gei)ls*
n.ishiijgs oi> at O'i-iE
I  Y*_i_i
Wholesale Houses.
THORPE & CO.. Limited.���Corner Ver
nun ui i.i Cedar Htrents, Nelson, iminn*
faoturoi.! of and whotntuvla dealer*. In aorntud
waters and fruti -vm.**.-, Solo agents for Halcyon Springs tQlnoral water.
- N. M. uumtulns, Lessee. Ever? known
variety oi' M-fl. drinks. P. O. J.ox 88. Tolo-
phone No. SI. Hoover Street Nelson. Bottlers
of the Famous Bt. t_eon Hot Springs Mineral
J. EVANS & ^O. -Baueratreefe, N'ol
.-mi, v ii i.i Lttlu dealers In liquors, cigars
lent. Ure i col _*, water pipe and
rail ��� md g< n    i  _ immtalon met* hants.
l.i.Mii'h. ('nn* Street, seisou, whole*
gale dealers In (lour, meals, etc., nnd hay
and grain, Mills al Kdn.onton, Vlotorla and
New Wostminstori Elevators on Calgary &
IvluioiiUin 1' .iiM.y.
A MACDONALD ���___. CO.-Corncr Ver-
��� nou und jusophlno Streets, wholosalo
grooers and jobbers in blankets, gloves, mlttB,
boou, rubbers, maoktnjtws nnd miners' sun-
BURNS <!- CO -Maker Street, Nelson.
���   wholesale dealers in fresh and curod
nieols.   Old-.ton-no.
���Baker SI reel. Nelson.   Wholesale deal
ers in frc-h and oared meats.
Limitbd���Baker Street. Nelson, wliolo-
pale dealers In'hardwaro and mining supplies,
plumbers* and tinsmith's supplies.
lie .taints ami uih,.
Vernon and Josephine Streots, Ne'30n
wholesale dealeis in liquors cigars and dry
goods. .Agent;for l'absi Brewing Co, of Mll-
wui'kee and Calgary Brewing Co. of Calgary.
HUDSON'S BAY CO.-Wholet_alo groceries anuliquors. Oto., Baker St., Nelson.
JY GRIFFIN A. CO.~Corner Vornon
��� and Josepnino Streets, Nelson, wholesale
dealers In provisions, cured meaty, butler and
MILLS, LiM-TED���Corner Front and
Hall Streets, Nelson, manufacturer*, of and
wholesale dealers in sash a> d doors; all kinds
ol factory work made io order.
13th FeUoJFeb. 17th
Agents and Pursers���Rev-
elstoke and South, Fernie
and Wost Sell Tickets Feb.
12th, i;,lh, i-jili, 15th and
16th, limiting going portion
to date of sale, and return
portion good to leave Rossland up to February iSth.
Nelson, B.C., Jan. 29th, 1900.
Por ratoa and full luformnUon addnra near
081. local ai:< nl, nr
u E, Hi.am,iv oitjr Poawngor Aganl
It. W. DRBW, Ai!,ii,i, Nolwn
W. ��. ANliKltaON, K. J.QPYLH,
Tr_v. 1'iun. AkcpI,        A   11. 1*. Agont,
Nel.cn VRnroovtr
Spokane  Fa I Is &
Northern R'v.
Hoininion   Mne   ' <  in.i.U
Nelson  _fc Fort
Sheppsird R'v,
Red W-ntuntj in R'v.
Tin*  ntily    nil    Will    mule   willioiil
ohaDge of envt liotwoen  Notion aid
RoMiand inid Iriokiinii and Boiilnnd
l.v.   U.1,.11.111, M.I.siin. A.r. 6.20p.m.
J.v. ll.-i.ti.m. IfltSSI.NO Ai aooptu.
Lv,   Hl'i.'i.ni. HI'OKA.N'Iv Ar.tl l.'i |..ni.
Triiiii Hint luftVHH Nulwin nt 11:1") n.rr
miiki'H cluHc iMtiiH'cii'iiH nt Bpoiiine lei
nil  Conttt Poiots.
pBRMingorH (or KoMIc UlVITmul llouuil-
nrj Ureok.oonuoot nt Mnroui williKtnu'
II. A. JACKSON, O, P. &-.T.A.
Sjiukune   Wash
Agent, Nelson, It 1 '
Another fresh consignment ot our
Brand of Mocha nnd Jnva ColFi't-, reputed by tbo bout judges of llienliovo nrtlolc to bo
possessed of ibe lii^lii'^! quality and flavor.
As II, is sure to please oven the nio.il fastidious.   For sale only by tho
The Western Mercantile Co,, Ltd
Successor:, to M. DbsBrisaV & Co.
I )ii��ii��it#ii����i��ii>ii>ii��n��iiBi'0*^fr*--��<>C'*^"K"'i"<<'*'<'*<*'>"'Bl''i"*"*
We are showing a
First-Class Line of
Gooklna Stoves & Ranges
Which we are offering^at
Shelf & Heaw Hardware.
0 *
Etc., Etc., Etc.
Merchants' Bank of Halifax.
En-corporate., i860.
Capital Paid-up.     .    .    .     $1,985,070.00 I   Real $1,700,000.00
���"iiaril of HlrrelorR:   Thomoa __&. Kenuoy, Prosldent;   Thomna Ritchie, Vioo-^rosidonl.
Michael Dwyer, Wiley Smith, H. G. Bauld, Hon. H. li. Fuller, M.]..('., Hun. David MaoKeen.
Head Offleci Hallfhxt
General Manager. BdbOD L. P> MOi Montreal.
Buportnteodont of Branohon. W, u. Toitance, Halifax.
lospoctor, W. F. Brook, Halifax.
Secretary, D. M. Stewart, Alontreal.
ItriHi ������'��� ��� ���!
Nova Scotia-Halifax H ran eh, A.nUgonti.h, Bridg vat'r,<iuy-h ��rn. I.ondondorry, T_unenburp,
Mail land (tJanlfl Co.), I'iclou, Purl Hawku bn-y, Sytlney -imbonacadio, Tniro. Weymouth.
New BruBH-wlrk���Bathttr.it, Doreheator, Frodorlclon, KinjrHton iKe t Got, MonotXm, Newcastle, Sackville, Woodstock. V B. IhIihi-I -Chariottelowu. -iummersldo, Qufbec���Montreal
(City Offlcei, Montreal. West End iCor. Notvo Damo an 1 Solgn- ura Sti". etsi; Westmount (Cor.
Greene Avonuo nnd St. Uatharines btreet. Onttil'lo���Ottawa. *>��*.*i _��.i_i._..i._.i ��� st. John*.
Cuba, West Iud lea���Havana. United Rtatea���Now York (10 __xohange Plaoe) Hepublie, Waah.
Atlin, Bennett, Grand Forks, Nanaimo, Nelson, Rossland, Vancouver, Vancouver Eaut Snd, Victoria,
Cor rr apoii dr nfs t
Canada���Merchant fi Wank of Canada.   R.Mit��n - Notion -1 Shnwmul Bank,   ChloOflO��� America
Natinnxl Bank*   tin I'r i-rlnri.-First. National   liO'ik.   Lo till on, Kng. - Bank of  Scotland.
I'nrK, France���Credit Lyonnatt.   nrrmnda���Bank of Utnimda.  Cklua ami .la-ran���Hook
Kong and ShanKhai Hankintc Corporation.
General Banking Business Transacted; Sterling i'i.'fs of Exchange   Bought
and Sold, Letters of  Credit, Etc., Negotiated.
Accounts received on the most favorable terms,   Interest allowed on specia
deposits and -on Saving Bunk accounts.
Geo. Kydd, Manager, Nelson, B.C.
r   '4J'_B.a_f,-_.!_��� Btji *
���������������������������������������������o.-ee. _��;_._ ?_9>-: ���.-__���.-.. __*���_������.������������������_
'jqS-J .otiiAiiq .{q Aauoui i?u|AKS
inoqB ||*_ no^ ||8j 01 pasB.[d oq ||i.-,\ at& pun sn oos pim ui -11103
'SCIOOO 1S3H  aM* .VINO  ��iptiBq  pu_  .(|d__i|.  os \\as  ub^
NOS1IM   V   >IOiU���LVd>.HI>l
Turn   this   around
people   of   Nelson.
sec   what
is  puzzling*   the
West Kootenay Butcher Co.
ALL   KINliS  01
Fresh   and    Salted   Heats
Fish and Poultry in Season
E.   C.    7
0rticrs to "'��il receive careful aoc
RAVES,   Manager,
Baksii Street, Nelson*.
prpmpt attention,
.il.'l t.ltla;.���n���T���fMi|l| ������,I.,.;.llljh". 'V '"
liionoufttto 1,,-t nul ,1 ,���,",":'���
Mi.,. iiniiHiusi, aoc^lbloWHlf'p^ii;
Till'I'lllllW Of Mmlv   InollltllM   ll���, 1,,,   1
Z ,'1""" A^'''*^!^,;^;;;';:
-stni.io""" ,,nd ���*��Hto'"��'mu 10.1,0 S_..r
.. L. POGUE...
(laniCTa and Saddlery
\     Tl" loading ihop, Larso
1111];. Bosl I'SROFlOd -itork
'i , eu Iniiiii. IIhi-iii'mh, COl-
A [arn ot-Ijost tniikcri, Hftil-
g dlcn, liliuikfilii, IJoIIk
N   Whips, UnullOS, Combs
9     I'r-i-iM MtilfOOtOIT.
I  1'-ill nml .00.
I  Cor. Ward   and   Buker
- n '.1.


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