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Nelson Daily Miner Oct 20, 1900

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 Daily Edition No. 86- -ty^
Some Very Interesting Mining
Nelson,   British Columbia. Saturday Evening,   October 20,  1900.
Eleventh Year
Mr. Ernest Mansfield will have to
spend Sunday in jail. At II o'clock
this afternoon he had not received the
money he is looking for from his
.ronoli associates and had become reconciled to the fate which prolonged
liis incarceration.
lie was quite cheerful this morning.
He had slept well and had thoroughly
enjoyed tlie breakfast sent from the
Hotel Hume. His barber, too, had
called upon him and his several days
growth of heard had heen removed, lie
was somewhat interested In knowing
what people were saying of him,being
fearful Unit perhaps some might consider him guilty of some enormous
crime. He had several callers (luring
the miirning, several to offer him as
sist.-ince if he needed it, and others to
simply help him pass the time away.
When The Miner reporter called upon Mr. Mansfield this morning the
well known promoter was not hy any
means in a despondent mood, anil
when asked if the money expected bad
been seal, the reporter was told "not
yet." but it would he sine on Monday. Saturday being a bad day for
financial people, as hanks close early.
"It name as a hit of a surprise to
the general pulhie, when they heard
that the United Gold Fields of B. C,
Ltd., was, iu reality none other than
the Excelsior Gold Mines," said the
"There is a lot of surpi ises in store
eoueeining this company, and the way
tin- French board of directors have
manipulated things 1 assure you, but
the English Limited Liability Act is
a very hard matter to get over, and
the company works under this law,
for although the bulk of money is
French, the company is an English
one ami must be governed according
to the laws of the land. It is a fact,
that if any shareholder at any time
can prove that a scheme has been perpetrated, the effect of which injured
the value of his or her interest, reparation can and must he made, evon after a lapse of 'JO years. In fact you
can get over lots of things, but the
English Companies Aet is a hard nut
lu crack."
"There is a difference In the
shines of the company, in there not,
Mr. Mansfield?"
"Yes. there is. When the Excelsior
Company was formed, 640,000 had
to he provided for working capital.
Now the people that put this money
np, insisted on having (I per cent, preference, over the other shares. The
Klondyke Champs d'Or Syndicate,
Ltd., who was really the vendor in
the Excelsior ense, advised the subscribers of the ��40,000 to take ordinary shares, and have no preference
business at all, hut this advice wus
rejected, so tho Klondyke Champs
d'Or gave the Excelsior suhscribers
What they asked for, i. e., II per cent.
preference over ull other shareholders.
Now comes the tug of war, and people
witli business instincts will he able
I" deduct for themselves and see the
game being played by l-'leutot and
the French hoard of directors. It wus
only this your when the owner's
found, according lo their own engineer, (Mr. J.J, l-'leutot) thut. the Joker mine,was, In this gentleman's opinion, a regular bonanza. I might say
that these opinions were expressed lifter actual results had been obtained,
so there was something tangible to
go on. The people that provided the
working capital of 840,000,���the pre-
feienee shareholders���were under the
impression that they got (I per cent.
Hrst, then if any balance wero loft,
tho oril i nary shares would get the II
Per cent. Then If there was still a
balance left, it would he divided pro
rata between the preforence and ordinary shares. That was the Impression, hut they niaile ii mistake. They
asked for tl por cent, and they got It,
and not another bean are they entitled to under their agreement,
"It wus only discovered this year,
und I wiiK ut the meeting, and had a
solicitor to watch affairs on my behalf. It was a legulm- pandemonium I assure you, the , preference
shareholders being furious when they
found  that    they    were  entitled  to
what they asked for, fi per cent, and
no more. Mr. .1. .1. Fleutot had pointed out in a report, that he could make
the company ��40,000 profit in the first
year's working, und it is here where
the trouble commences. Remember
this: The preference shareholders arc
the people that find the money to develop tlie mines, and to their utter
dismay they find, that if Mr. Fleutot
is right in his report, thut of the tl40,-
niio profit he cun make, which is in
round figures S'.'OO.ooo, only 812,000
would he divided amongst the people
thut find the working eupital, and the
large Bum of Slss.OOD, divided amongst
the ordinary shareholders, who don't
find the money, hut who on the other
hand find the mine.
"Yon will see from this that if the
Joker could pay 100 per cent, in dividends, it is of no benelit to the pre
ferenoe shareholders,for they only get
�� per cent, all the time. There has
been one or two bits of jugglery by
the hoard of directors, whieh was
done with the object to even up with
the ordinary shareholders, hut my
London solicitor told me it was all a
screaming farce, and would not hold
water for 10 minutes if taken to court
of law. One of the pieces of jugglery
I allude to, was an extraordinary
meeting called by the preference
shareholders, the notice for same
omitting" to mention for what object
the meeting was called. Consequently
the hulk of ordinary shareholders did
not attend, but I did.ns I tuke a great
interest in the Company's affairs, and
I want evidence for the time that 1
decide to sift the matter out a bit,
which will he shortly. Well, the preference shareholders were all there,
and this ridiculous proposition was
carried���That preference shareholders
shall have one vote for every share
held, and that ordinary shareholders
should huve ono vote for every four
slinres held. It wus curried hut I protested strongly against the resolution.
but it was a packed meeting and one
voice is nothing in a crowd. Hut if I
choose to sell one share to any person,
there is no power on this earth to prevent this shaieholder voting, or having his say on suhjeets concerning the
company's affairs. That is what my
London solicitor assured me. Again,
when the directors had learnt from
their engineer that they bud a good
thing in the Joker, tl e directors of
the Excelsior generously decided to
forego their fees of ��200 a year, and
to take u share of prolits instead of
the usual fees. Another farce thut indicated the way the wind wus blowing. Now understand thut work was
going on in the Joker, the engineer in
chief mnking good reports, nnd the
second engineer sending cables stnt-
ing the vein to bo 1)3 feet wide, etc.,
und which I deciphered myself for the
edification of the London hoard. Hut
Immediately the n per cent, business
was found out, all work was Immediately stopped, ore dumped down the
shaft, thrown in the creek, pumps and
pipe hauled up, and the property Injured In other ways. Why all this?
Because no matter If tho Joker could
pay a thousand per eont., II per cent,
only was due the people finding the
money. These people uskod for what
they got, so huve only themselves to
blame, Had they acted on the advice
of the selling syndicate, they would
have hud equal dividends ns ordinary
shareholders, nut they preferred the
preference shares, und now they don't
liko the position. You will under*
stuud from this bow it is the Joker is
closed down. Hut I am going to open
It up again. Of this I am Certain,
and 1 am inclined to believe that I
can prevent property I am heavily interested in, being wilfully damaged,
and wilful damage has been done to
tho Joker mine, as I shall prove In
the next few months. Even in Mr.
Fleutot's report you will llml his personal ))ii|uu expressed. For he states
that he has ti need the Joker vein for
'.'.nun feet to the south of the Joker
shaft, but it ceases as soon as It gets
to the Tread well claim, a distance
only of 10 feet. A remurkuble vein,
eh'.' Knows Its business to perfection, for  as  soon as  It   touches  the
Treudwell, It Is other people's property, and the vein only belongs to the
Excelsior,or rather I'nited Hold Fields
Company. Marvellous I Hut I have
found this vein, and worked on it, for
a distance, proving its continuity for
over .1,000   feet from the Joker  shaft,
Ernest Mansfield in His Prison Cell Tells TLl^tl^T^^ll
| the present crosscut tunnel 1 am driving, which is aleady 437 feet,but there
is over 500 feet more work to he done,
uml this will soon be   accomplished."
The Spokesman-Review of Friday
says: Ernest ^Mansfield, who has
been operating extensively on tbe
south fork of KiibIo River, close to
tho line which divides the Ainsworth
from the Sloean mining division, left
for London, England, on Thursday.
Some hitch lias arisen in regard to obtaining the money which wns to bo
provided for the opening up of Camp
Mansfield, A big sum of money has
already been spent in that district,
and when Mr. Mansfield got buck
from London a few weeks ugo he announced that he hud been able to
make arrangements whereby about
1250,000 more wns to ho put into further development wok. His principal
backers in London are Rene Liuiili. u
Jewish bunker, and his friends, while
French capitalists like 0, Ileidsieck,
a connection of the champagne firm,
and E. E. Changeux, of Reims, are interested with Mr. Mansfield. It is the
money of the three gentlemen named
which lias principally been spent in
opening up Camp Mansfield. It was
the intention of the trio to visit
Kaslo this year and to make an inspection of the prope ties acquired or
bonded on their behalf, but they were
unable to come out. Further in view
of the Hoer war and the trouble in
China they found some difficulty in
taking money fiom their other investments to place it out in Hritish Columbia. However, before Mr. Mansfield left England he thought lie had
arranged for enough cash to keep him
going ull the winter. Hut something
seems to have turned up to make this
more difficult than at lirst was believed would he the ease. Judging, however, from what correspondents iu
Nelson and Kaslo say, Mr. Mansfield
believes that if he goes to London he
can remedy this.
The Kaslo correspondent of the
Spokesman-Review wired his paper
last Tuesday as follows: The Mansfield syndicate, whieh bus been operating extensively in Camp Mansfield on
the south folk of Kaslo Kiver, closed
down all its workings Inst Saturday.
Mr, Mansfield leaves for England on
Thursday and will be away about two
months. In conversation with your
correspondent he said:
'Yes, I am going to England, and I
inn going to return ngain. I do not
make many statements, but this 1
will suy���before two months from today I will huve a compressor driving
our big lunnel up ut the camp, and in
six m.i.ths I will tap the vein at a
depth of from 400 to 4.10 feot. Then
you will hear of a property that will
pay dividends, not for a year or two
with a small plant, but for many
yenrs, nnd it will be a big concern
throughout. I will toll you hero that
the one feature of the country where
we aro operating is the permanency of
veins. Wo know them to bo continuous from the prospecting work done. "
Mr. Mansfield has been working
proporties adjoining the well-known
Joker and Derby groups, in which he
is also Interested. Twenty claims unowned by him or are under bond to
him in this camp. All of them had
heen energetically developed up to tlie
time of the shutdown,
A Vancouver Story of a Plan
to Smuggle Them Into
U. S.
From an artistic standpoint, the production of "Mikado" in Rossland by
the Nelson Operutlc Society was a
grand success. From a financial standpoint, however, it wus a failure, the
society coining out over one hundred
dollars behind. It rained incessantly
{during tho two days the company wus
there und when It ruins in ltossland
it is liable to drip through the roof of
the Opera House und such u condition
of ull'uirs is not conducive to good
business. Tne members of the company will return home   this   evening
Last evening, after tin- performance,
the Nelsou Indies und gentlemen were
the guests of several Kosslund people
nt u very enjoyable, dance In tbe Opera
11. T. I'eperley, of Vancouver, general agent of the Phoonix Insurance
Company,   of   Loudon, is ill   the city.
He is making a trip of  inspection to
the various offices In the Kootenays.
Seattle, Wash., Oot. 20.���A special
to The Seattle Times from Vancouver
says: A prominent member of the
Provincial House of Hritish Columbia
stated to a Times correspondent this
week, that there was a company organizing iu Vancouver for tho purpose of carrying on the business of
smuggling Chinese und diseased and
destitute Japanese Into Washington,
and that he had been asked to go into
the scheme nnd contribute Sled towards expenses with the promise of
huge prolits.
Taking this ns a clue The Times
correspondent paid a visit to the border land, just south '61 the forty-ninth
parallel, looked over the situation,
and interviewed several L'nited States
officials. These officials disclosed n
shocking stntc of affairs. They claimed that through the nputhy of Canada
in not helping the United States to
crush out this smuggling business it
hud grown to lnrge proportions, and
now organised hands of white Canad
Ian smugglers were becoming rich by
smuggling Chinese.Japanese und dope
ueross the line; currying on their business almost openly, tor the simple
reason, that the great stretch of territory between Chilliwnck mountains
and Sumas could not be adequately
guarded unless by a small army of
officials at a great expense.
These officials stated that it was
known this smuggling was going on
and with the means in their power
they were doing noble work though
ridiculously inadequate. When they
said that there,; were twenty-live
trails, lending from Canada into I'n
ele Sam's territory and that only
some of these trails could be gunrded
at a time, and when it was said that
200 diseased or penniless Japanese and
Chinese were turned hack every month
and the Chinese deported, some idea
of the number of yellow fellows that
did get.tllrough the great stretch of
unguarded territory safely could be
imagined. They deplored the fact
that the standard of Canadian citizenship wus so low that these wretched
Orientals were welcomed  with  open
linns, nnd that the undesirable creatures simply made a pathway through
Canada to the United States.
It was distressing for Americans
who knew of the smuggling to see
great boatloads of pigtails landed at
Vancouver and Victoria, from which
the Oanadlan government collected |50
u bend, for they knew that tho major
ity of   the   yellow   fellows   would   be
eventually smuggled into  the  United
States by Cunndinns though legally
burred from entrance. It was distressing to know that the diseased,
or pauper Japanese, who were turned
from the door of the l'nited States
immigration inspectors' office, would
be taken in hand eventually by professional Canadian smugglers, and iu
spite of I'nclc Sum, dumped by them
into Scuttle und other Sound   cities.
It wus bard they suid thut this
���yellow terror" should pour over
Washington state at a time   Hint   the
country could absorb them, they were
not only undesirable, hut they wero il
surplus Immigration,   a yellow sown
on the top of tlie crowded population,
a scum that Canada manages to scrape
otv into Washington.
They remarked that it was ditllcult
for the I'nited Slntes to keep   up   the
standard  of citizenship,   when    the
Standard of Canadian citizenship was
so low. It was stated thut tho government wus to tuke action very soon, in
making a heroic effort to stamp out
the evil, no matter at what cost. It
wus suid thut opium wns ulso being
smuggled over, hut not In such large
quantities us formerly. Many of the
Chinamen who were smuggled over
brought   four   or     five   pounds   with
them und considerable quantities were
brought iii sloops that sail from Vancouver, Victoria aud Steveston regularly with contraband Chinamen,
The "sloopers, " as they are culled,
do better work thiin those   smuggling
hy land, Chinese prefer to tuke the
water route. Bloopers obarge 128 per
head   for Chinamen  ami  can get so
many customers at these    figures   Hint
they do not bother with the diseased
and penniless Japanese who come
cheaper.    The lund smugglers   charge
SIT. und ISO a head for Chinese and
from $.1 to Sill each for Japanese.
The organized gangs of Canadian
Smugglers have carefully drawn maps
of each of the twenty-live trails to Ununited States from Canada, and are
kept posted as to the ones that are not
being guarded. These maps, worth
III cents each, are sold to "tramp"
Chinese and Japanese-��� those who go
it alone���at 8.1 ouch, with full directions. Japanese unguarded by tin-
white smuggler travel together by
night nnd sleep together hidden away
in the hushes by day. The Chinamen
go iu single tile Mil) yards apart. An
Intelligent leader is chosen aud Inbreaks the twigs en route, to guide
those behind, or mark his way, if be
should turn back. They ulso travel at
night only, sleeping in the hushes by
It is understood that one of lho
plans of the l'nited States authorities
in coping with tlie trouble is to ask
for the friendly aid of Canada, and it
is believed that with Canada's assistance, law and order will triumph,and
tho terrible evil will   be stamped out.
Germany and Great Britain
Reach an Important
London,Out. 20.���Germany and England have formed an alliance to maintain the territorial Integrity of China
and to keep,the ports open. The terras
of this important agreement of the
two eonntrieH, which was arrived at
October 10 between Lord Salisbury
and Count Von HatBfeUlt, German Embassador to England,Is ottieiitlly given
as follows:
"The Uerinau CJovernmeut and her
Hritish Majesty's Government, being
desirionB to maintain their interests
in China ami their rights under existing treaties, have agreed to observe
the following principles regarding a
mutual policy in China,
"Firstly���It 18 a matter of joint permanent international interest that tlie
ports on the rivers aud litteral of
China should remain tree ami open to
trade and to every other legitimate
form of economic activity for the peo-
pleof all countries without distinction
and the two governments agree on
their part to uphold the same for all
Chinese territory as far as they cun
exercise influence.
"Secondly���The two governments
will not on their part make use of the
present complications to obtain for
themselves any territorial advantage
in Chinese dominion, and will direct
their policy towards maintaining undiminished the territorial condition of
the Chinese Kmpire.
"Thirdly���In case of another power
making use of the complications in
China in   order   to   obtain under any
form whatever such territorial advantages, the two contracting parties reserve to themselves the right to come
to a preliminary understanding regard
ing the eventual step to be taken for
the protection of their own interests
in China. M
Washington, i>.  c.   Oct.   20. -The
Stnte Department here hns not yet
been advised officially of the terms of
the alliance reported from London to
have been reached by Germany and
England to maintain the territorial
Integrity of China and keep ports
open. Tlie move gives general satisfaction here, as, the government lias
held this view right along, as shown
by the note of July -i, defining the position of the l'nited States. Tin- l'nited States will promptly adhere   to tlie
principles contained in this agreement
and if Russia can be brought to accept
its terms as binding upon berseli
there can be no doubt, according to
thu official view here, that a BUbstan
tial movement will have been achiev
ed toward to a final settlement of Chi
nese trouble.
Georgetown,   Ky.,   Oct,   80.'-"We,
the jury, And  this  defendant guilty
and fix liis punishment at life imprisonment. " This veidiet was returned
by the twelve men who were Beleoted
to try Henry I.. Yout/ey. formerly
Governor  Taylor's  stenographer,   on
the charge of being 8 principal   in the
shooting of Gov. Wm. Ooebel In front
of the executive building at Prank-
fort, January 3nth.
Boards of Trade Will Pledge Candidates
to Vote for a Reasonable One
For Canada.
Mr. 1'. \V. Swa.oell lias received
from the secretary of the Vancouver
Board of Trade, tlie following, which
fully explains Itself:
At a meeting of this board held on
tlif nth inst., the report of a special
committee which was appointed some
time ago on the subject of insolvency
legislation was reeecived containing
the following suggestions:
"That this hoard write the hoard of
trade in one of the leading cities of
each Province asking them to secure
the co-operation of all local board, of
trade in obtaining the promise from
each candidate for the Dominion
House that he will support any equitable bankruptcy bill which may be
introduced during the next session.
"Your committee does not feel that
this is in any sense a political question, but one that every business man
iu the Dominion should insist on being a plank in every candidate's plat
Acting in accordance with this report, I would respectfully ask that you
should bring this matter before your
board with a view of obtaining their
co-operation, and favorable endorsement,and I would further request that
your board should urge the same upon
the  other  boards   of   this   Province.
(Signed)      WILLIAM T. STEIN,
At the same meeting the following
resolution was passed aud the secretary was asked to attach it to each of
the above letters when they were sent
"Resolved, whereas,there is now established in each of tlie principal cities of this Province a board of trade,
which is addition to questions of general coiniueieial importance, has its
own special local interests to consider
ami uphold.
"He it resolved, that the Vancouver
Hoard of Trade is strongly of the opinion that under existing conditions
and in view of new industrial centres
constantly arising thu title 'Hritish
Columbia Board of Trade' still adhered to by the Victoria board is misleading and unfair to the sister
boards, and would again respectfully
submit to that body that tbe time has
arrived when its designation should
bo localized,
"And be it further resolved, that
while forwarding a copy of this resolution to the board of trade in Victoria the secretary be instructed to
send at the same time a copy to each
I board in the Province nsking for its
[consideration and endorsement."
Political and General News
From All Parts of the
Hi umbo, Ont., Oct. 20.���Hon. Mr.
Patterson addressed the Liberals of
North   (irant   and     Wentworth    last
St. John, N. I!., Oct. 20.���Sunbnry
and Queen's County Liberals have
chosen Attorney General A. S. White
to contest the riding in their interests.
Montreal, Oct. 20.���"We will come
back from Nova Scotia with fifteen
and perhaps sixteen out of the twenty
seats in that Province," said Sir
Charles Tupper. who arrived in the
city from the Maritime Provinces yesterday.
Montreal, Oet. 20.���The following
nominations took place yesterday:
Quebec���Stanstead, A. II. Moore, ex-
M. I'., Conservative; Henry -_le,
Liberal; Quebec Centre, Henry Chat-
eauville) Conservative| Crompton, O.
H. Cleveland. Liberal. Ontftrio��� Carle-
ton, .Inhn Krlliir, Liberal; North Wat
erloo, Joseph Seagram, ex-M. I'., Con
servative; West Hruee, .John (leorge.
Conservative, In place of John Gentles,
who declined the nomination tendered
a few days ago.
Toronto, Oct.    2<l.���Thp   features of
the session of the st, Andrews' Brotherhood yesterday were the addresses
by bishop Potter, of New York, on
'The Value of the Bible as an Kndiir-
ing Itevelation to the Life of the Man.
the Church and the Slate." and that
of bishop (Jaylor, of Tennessee, on
"The Pursuit of Business and Political Life to the Deadening of Spiritual  Faculties. "
Kingston, Ont., Oct. 10.���George
Callop, a farmer aged US, living at
Folgcr Station, T;, miles from Kingston, inserted an advertisement In a
matrimonial paper which resulted In
his marriage on Wednesday Io Miss
llattle Harry, of Fairfield County,
I.ynderliant, lint., Oct, 2. ���Hon.
John Chailton has accepted the Liberal noinination for North Norfolk on
condition that he be permitted to assume an Independent support of that
party. In a letter to the electors he
says be docs not want It understood
that he is   pledged   to   slavishly   sup
port any party and as heretofore _���
had reserved to himself the right of
opposing such measures as he had reason to believe would prove detri-
nicnta! to the interests of the Canadian people. He. however, consider,
himself to support the time honored
principles of the Liberal party and
free to aet at all times iu accordance
with those p.incipleb. lle disapproves
of some acts of the past administration.
Windsor, Ont., Oct. 20.���lion. Sir
Wilfrid Lauricr and Lady Laurier
reached here yesterday afternoon and
ivere accorded a warm welcome.
They left for St. Thomas al midnight,
Hrantford, (Int., Oct. 20. ���Hon.
Mr. Fielding addressed a meeting of
Liberals here last evening.
Toronto, Oct. 20.���Major Pellat has
declined the Conservative nomination
for Toronto Centre. Tho nominee
now will likely be W. R. Brock.
Mast Toronto Conservatives are endeavoring to induce A. K. Kemp, President of the Hoard of Trade, to run ill
that constituency.
Berlin, Ont., Oct. 20. ���Liberals of
North Waterloo have agreed to
withdraw their candidate in opposition to Seagram, Conservative,provided the latter party will withdraw opposition to the Liberal candidate for
the local house.
Montreal. Oct. 20. ��� A Sault Ste,
Marie. Mich., despatch lays all deep
draught vessels are locking through
the Canadian canal then' owing to
disabled machinery in the American
Montreal, Oet. ,' 20. ��� Alexander Mc-
Culhiugh. a member of the large dairy
firm of (roll and McCullough, Insolvent recently.and Donald ,1. McQIHIs,
secretary-treasurer of the Montreal
Cold Storage and Freezing Co., have
been committed for trial before the
Queen's bench on a charge of conspiracy to defraud the Merchants' Bank of
Halifax of I'.'o.ooo by means of fraudulent warehouse receipts and fictitious
bills of exchange.
Halifax. N. S., Oct. 20.���The transport Idaho, with 800 returning Canadians   on   board,    passed, St.    Vincent,
cape Verde Islands, yesterday,   They
will be here in about ten days.
j     Special   Thanksgiving' service   will
I be held tomorrow evening In the Opera
House, liev. Win. Munroe will preach
on "A Grateful    People."    Tho   choir
| will render special anthems nnd Mr.
K.    Thompson   will   sing "The   Chilt
, drcu's Home," Nelson  Daily Miner,   Saturday   Evenimo,   October 20, igoo.
The Nelson Miner
Published Every  Aftornoon   F.xcopl Sunday
��� HY THK���
Mil Fleet Btroet, K. C.
Central  1'ross Agency, Ltd., Special Agents
Dally, pel month, by carrier     15c
Dully, pot month, by mail 'h'
Dally, por year, by carrier �� j JJ|
Dally, por your, by imdl ou
Dally, por year, foreign   " ��-
weekly. i��r half yoar  *1 M
Weekly,por yoar.......    - ;
Weekly, por yoar, fnrolm   - ou
Bubsortptlona InvarlaDly In advance.
All Cheek" should bo mado payable to tho
order  nf   NstSOM    Pi'iiutmiNU    Company,
Addressing itself to Conservative
leaders and organs generally, The
Victoria Times says they "should take
the advice of reasonable newspapers
like The Miner." The Miner hud said
in effect that the electors should "put
aside all other considerations and
make up their minds whether the Government on its record is entitled to
another live years' lease of power."
Wc are glad The Times approves of
this position, and sorry that it does
not aet in accordance with it. It does
not judge the Oovernment on its record, and it flies off to all manner of
other considerations, laying particular-stress on some undent charges of
electoral corruption.
There is but one great issue, and
that is the record of the (lovernment;
all others are subsidiary, or growing
out of it. Wc have had over four years
of Liberal administration; has it
been in accordance with the pledges
made to the country, and on the
strength of which the Liberals were
given a majority at the last election'.'
Has it been in the best interests of
the country? These questions invite
a consideration of the Liberal policy
of tour years ago, and not only that
but a comparison with the policy on
the lines of which the Conservatives
are prepared to govern the countr\.
It is not only what the Liberals have
done during their four years of office,
But what they have omitted to do���
the pledges they made and have kept,
and the pledges they made and have
broken. All these are to be taken as
constituting the record, and together
they are the issue on which honest
and earnest electors, interested in the
welfare of the country, are expected
to pass judgment on election day.
The Conservatives in years past
have no doubt been guilty of many
acts of electoral corruption. So have
the Liberals. Hut the latter have
invariably professed a degree of public purity that had almost elevated
them into a condition of holiness.
Vet in spite of those professions they
have, within the past four years, been
guilty of acts of corruption and political debauchery far more flagrant and
demoralising than any thut has ever
been proved against the Conservatives.
Jiroekville, North Waterloo, West
Huron, and West Elgin are not only
instances of gross corruption; they
were the scenes of practices thut, if
permitted to go unchecked, would sap
the very fouudation of our electoral
system. The Times, therefore, is indiscreet in raising the cry of corruption. The elections referred to will
not unreasonably be taken into the
reckoning; but more than they will
be regarded the long list of broken
pledges and the Government's inability to face questions of really great
importance. Its record is against It.
The country is prosperous, which is
in no manner or sense due to Liberal
administration; yet the Oovernment
will strut and Hwell itsef in the ri
fleeted gory of good times, and ther
its   pretensions must end.
"Bourassa   calls himself   a Liberal
therefore the   Liberal   leaders are re
sponsible for all   his   utterances   and
opinions."    Thus complains The Vic
toriu Times.    It is not a frank way of
putting it.    No party is to be held responsible for every   utterance or opin
Ion   of   every   member   of   it. for   all
parties have   their   knaves   nnd   their
cranks and their fools.    It  is not that
Mr.  Bourassa is either  of   these;   the
complaint is that he is going  through
Quebec with the knowledge and sanction of the leaders, telling the   people
that It was the   "Knglish" who were
responsible for the South African con
tingent; that Sir Wilfrid Laurier was
opposed to sending it, but was overruled.    In   the   Knglish-speak ing    Provinces Sir Wilfrid and the Oovernment
are given   all   the  credit.    It   is  the
same double   part   that was played in
1800 over the   Manitoba   school   question.    Ill Quebec Sir Wilfrid   had   his
runners, who promised that if he was
returned the   Catholics   of   Manitoba
would huve more generous   treatment
than was offered them in the   Kcmcd-
iui iMl, while elsewhere, the -tory
was that Parliament could and would
do nothing. In liis campaigning in
Quebec Mr. Bourassa represents one
side of the Government, and to that
extent is very properly held responsible. He Is creating dissatisfaction
among bis compatriots over the contingent, in order that they may voto
against the "Knglish."
A very proper und also a very serious complaint which tho electors of
this I'rovincu are entitled to make
against the Government at Ottawa is
that we pay heavily into tbe Dominion treasury and get little in return.
Wc are not being treated fairly iu
the matter of revenue which we are
bilged to contribute and of expenditure whloh Is controlled hy the Gov*
ernment. We contribute more per
head of population than any other
Province, and receive less. We are
taxed smartly for the benefit of the
East���to build their railways and enlarge their canals, to dredge their
rivers and furnish them with wharves
and public buildings. And all the
while the Government neglect necessary public works for the development
of this great rich new Province of
Hritish Columbia. A change at Ottawa could not make it worse for us,
and there is a good chance that it
would make it better.
It was as we expected. Replying to
the statement that an effort was made
to tax Mr. II. II. Cook ten thousand
dollars for a Senatorship, Sir Wilfrid
Lauricr says: "1 never asked Mr.
Cook directly or Indireoly for any
money. I never sent him anyone to
take any." The Premier may be very
simple, but no one supposes he is
quite simple enough to do what he is
taking such pains to say he did not
do. If he is, he should put himself
under the direction of Mr. Sifton or
Mr. Tarte. The Premier's denial and
challenge of proof deceive nobody.
The charge remains that an offer was
made to sell a Senatorship for 810,-
ono. and it was made by some person
entitled to speak in behalf of the Government. Merely to reply that Sir
Wilfrid Laurier did not make it is a
little bit of silliness that might have
been spared the party.
The Liberal managers arc fully up
to all the tricks of the business. Mr.
F. J. Deane, the editor of one of their
organs in this Province, has been up-
pointed secretary to that Chinese Commission, and he is now travelling the
country at the public expense on the
ostensible duty of gathering statistics
for its Information. He was in Nelson a short time ago, and for every
minute spent in gathering "Statistics" he devoted fifty-nine to canvassing for Mr. Galllher. This is another
sample of the new Liberalism that
came in with the smooth-tongued
humbug. Sir Wilfrid Laurier.
A Victoria dispatch says that the
Trades and Labor Council of that eity
refuse to endorse Mr. Ralph Smith,
"the Labor candidate for Vancouver
District." It is a surprise to be informed that Mr. Smith is out of favor
with any Labor organisation in this
Province, nnd it is puzzling to see his
name mentioned in connection with
the candidature for Vancouver District. Mr. Smith has been chosen as
the Labor candidate for tbe constituency of Nanaimo.
Hritish Columbia should condemn
the present Federal Government if
only because of the wretched mess it
has made of the Yukon trade. Owing
to incompetency or mismanagement,
it has allowed the cities of the l'nited
States coast to get the cream of it.
Perhaps Mr. Sifton did not know ally
better, but in any case be was too intent on his own personal schemes to
attend to the interests of the country.
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fjOT1don,   Wept.   80.���A   bcubou or so
ago the London stage   swarmed   with
muBketeers i" hutches ut three,to such
-n extent that  had   the various  trios
Decn combined they  would have mado
quite a formidable   little   army corps.
o])lg"   actors   and little   actors, and
nutors oooupylng  Intermediate  positions on the ladder  of fame went in
for rnusketeerlng with an  enthusiasm
that was quite amazing, and  kept it
up until the publio  was  overgorgad
with   the   article, and there   came   a
reaction whloh  caused  musketeers to
bo quoted at job lot  prices, and   with
nraotloally no sale even at those rates.
Ami now It bus  come   to   pass that
the actresBes are starting a somewhat
similar  campaign,   with  Nell  Qwyn
substituted tor   l)'Arta(rnan    and   liis
swaggering pals. Marie Tempest, deserting the lyric stage lor the tie being, started the game, quickly followed by Julia Nellson, and now a third
bidy', Amy McNeil, lias fallen into
line, to say nothing of a music hall
damsel or two, who, of course, only
slinw Nell through the medium of a
"sketch " They have caught the fev
er, however.
Marie  Tempest  and  Julia   Nellson
arc very different looking  women  in
sue   build and features, and in stage
manners and methods as  well,   but
both have scored a reasonable measure
of  success   in   the ventures they havo
headed���Miss  Tempest at   the   Prince
of Wales' Theatre,   and Miss   Nellson
at the Haymarket.   Both are supported by admirable   companies   and both
have had  the   advantage of    ample
funds in order to leave   nothing to be
desired in the way of fine clothes and
handsome'scenery, so that  tho rivalry
has been a good thing for both productions from a business   point   of view,
ns   the   play-going   public    is alwayE
pleased to be able to   draw   comparisons, odious or otherwise, and   this is
an unusually good opportunity to  exercise that pleasure.    It is, in short, a
delightful    chance   of   paying     your
money and taking your choice.
Miss Tempest's play is the joint
work of Anthony Hope Hawkins, better known by the first two-thirds of
bis name, and Edward Hose, and it is
called "Kngish Nell," while Miss
Neilson's version of the story was
Written some years ago by Paul Hester, an American, and sightly "retouched" by an Kglisbuinu named
Hartley Manners, in order, so Miss
Neilson's   husband,  Fred Terry, says,
"to make it suitable for a London audience." "Sweet Nell of Did Drury,"
is its title, and the costumes were designed by Ellen Terry's daughter,
about whose business venture iu thut
direction I wrote you about some
time ago. ilcr mother was present on
the opening night and bestowed liberal applause on her sister-in-law's Nell,
her brother's King Charles, and presumably, on her daughter's efforts
in tite costuming line, as well.
Tlie two versions are   widely apart,
both in construction   and in the character  of  the    heroine.    Marie   Tempest's play is   a   series  of   patchwork
scenes   from   the gay court of life  of
the time, with   a   good deal of   witty
dialogue and clever epigram,as might
have   been  expected    from    Anthony
Hope and Mr.  Hose,   and   the   version
at the   Haymarket   is   decided   melodramatic in tone, and has far more of
a connected story to tell.    As for   the
rival Nells,   Miss Tcmepst's is by   all
means the most   in keeping with   tlie
actual character  of  the  original,   ub
she is handed   down   by   history, and
there ia no particular   effort mado   to
gloss over the broad, hold "Bohemian*
Ism" whieh   the lady was   famous for
or Infamous for, just as one chooses to
regard it.    In real life Nell  was   "no
better than she should   be,"   nor   did
Bhe preteud to be a saint,   and   she is
not in the least whitewashed���or   rice
powdered- to any noticeable extent as
depicted at the Prince of Wales' Theatre.    At the Haymarket, on   the  contrary, she is shown   as   a lady with a
Stock of mural scruples quite suflleient
to have made her a   paragon of all the
feminine virtues, had   it   not been for
the   King's    devotion,   which   would
brook no   denial,   und even   her   full
from grace in that direction    is   niiiile
less painful to ultra strict minded patrons of the drama by the fact that the
King   is   portrayed   by   her   husband
in real life.
At the Prince of Wales, by tho
way, thut admirable actor, Frank
Cooper, who Is well known to American playgoers through his association
with Hlr llerny living's tours, is the
King CliurlcB, and to hint falls the
lions' share of the acting honors, good
as is the cast all round, -'red Terry's
impersonation of the frivolous monarch Is far more sedate nnd quite in
keeping with the "perfect ludy" per-
formance ot his wife us  Nell  Qwyn,
He bad his honors shared by n sniull
dog, of Whieh one. of the lady jouniul
lBts said, In tlie course of her article,
descriptive of the frocks shown in the
play. "We fell deeply 111 love with
tho sweet little   King  Charles spaniel
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SB-foot lot, Carbonate street 	
pipe anil
JA.M'liONAI.li   Madden Block, Nolxon- '
.   Krniia, ice cream, "O. 11." ehocolalee.
tntfii class oontoottonery.   Ice Cream Parlor*.
I > \s liuit-Mile and rciail dualern tu K'ain.
ii..>. lluur, fund. Mllli. al Victoria, Now VV'eul-
muater; Kdmonton, Alta. Klovaiors on 0-1-
KurJ anil iMtniunluii Hallway. Munuraelureni
j ol I lie celebrated 11. _ K. brand ceroalb.
A    MAODONALD   & Oo.���Corner   Kron
.   ami   Hall  .Ireels���Wholenalu   Krooero
aim Jobbers III blanket*, glove., inula, boou,
rubbers, tuaoklnawi and miner.' auudrioe.
Olllue curlier Hall and I-nml Slrueu,
AOlSOa-l.ninber, cellini,', Itoortnu. and every
lliuiK In wood (or liulldniK purpoMis. Uel our
prices.   Correspondence nuhcliud.
BURNS & Co.   Haker Street, Nolwn���
Wliulcsalo dealora in treuli and cured
lltealM.    t;old ftloniKu.	
|   TV     Haker Slreel, Nelson-Wholesale deal-
IT T       l��a��er .^u.i, ...._"
em io (ro.li and cured meals.
.-In. : .    Nelson ��� Wlalli'Mllc   deal
We Test the  Eyes and Skillfully Repair
Timepieces. /jl
ulwnys to be disturbed just as it had
settled itself for a eoinfy nap on its
royal master's knee. Onto, when tlie
KiiiK spoke louder and more emphatically than usual, the little creature
sat np and staled in bis face in an attitude most ludrierously suggestive of
anxiety and alarm. It reminded me
of our dear old Tip the tirst time he
ever heard father snoring. The dear
dog was convinced that his master
wus dying some horrid dentil."
Thus we have a variation of tlie theatrical game of trying a new play
"on the dog.".this having been a ease
" Kveryone is as God made T
hint, and oftentimes a (rreal ���
deal worse."���Cervantes.       9
B-Room Cottage	
4-Room Cottage	
3-Room Cottage	
4-Room Cottage	
To   let  on il yearly lease, li-room house, corner of   Cedar
and Victoria;  all plumbing;   gas and eleotrlo light.
817 BO
IB (10
15 IK)
18 'KI
 ..   nsw.- ..holesale  denials tn
.ware, miners'    .n-.i- . uponing goods,
-,. _A( lll.AN BROS. ISuooossotl to Van-
.M oouvor UardwaroCo, l.nl.i Haker Slreel,
helson ��� liule^ule dealers lu hardware and
nniiiiiK supplies, iiluuibei-h' and tuiMUiilUu' sup-
HARDWARE!  CO.- Wholesale
_ -     paints, ml- anil RlbM; lueehaiticN*  Urals.
aKents loi Dntarlo Powder Works; dynamit��
| That has nothing to do
I with my story.  I have
a pleasing story to tell
| about   VALUES, with
Don't Forget
THAT Wl!   (AltltY
In Nblson,
       . living lieen a eaaojt
of trying the d.g ou (l ,,ew play, and | ��� practical demonstrations
with success. |S    I	
The third of the   theatrical   Nells���
that of Miss McNeil���lias only appeared   in the suburbs thus fur, but it has
the longest   title  of   the   three,   and
what   is   more, spells Qwyn, with an
extra "n" aud   an "e" tacked   on   to
that, the full name of the play   being
"Nell Owynne, Orange   Girl,   Actress
and Court Favorite."    In   thin version
she become, the favorite   of   the King
limply to save her   real lover, a hand
some young baronet, from   death.    In
the end,   when   the  King Buffer! sueh
a shock ou learning that   some of   his'
most petted   nobles have been plotting
against liiin, that he   has just time to
order them oil' "to the Tower," before
he dies in Nell's   arms, she   promptly
makel up with the baronet again, and
they aic   married, presumably   to live
happily   together   "Over   after .cards,'
as the King had   made Nell very solid
linaneially before   his sudden and unexpected decease.    This la a   wind-up
that will appeal   strongly   to thu suh-
urlniii and Provincial playgoers of the
class for whom the   play   wns prepar-
d.for Mr. (loldberg, Its author.Uuows
exactly   what   he   is   about, and   can
twist history    Into   dramatic, shape to
suit tlie   box   olliee   with   the   best of
And speaking of the box-olliee end
of the game there was an amusing
incident at tho Prince of Wales' during the opening week, when an old
lady appeared after the first aet and
demanded the return of the money she
had paid for two seals for herself and
her daiighttir, on tbe ground that she
thought that "of course 'Knglish Nell'
meant that dear little girl Dickens
wrote about.
Our assortment is the best���more
beautiful and larger than ever.
Fire Insurance Fromptly Placed.
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants
m  __t    ___________________
Branch Markets in Kossland, Trail, Nelson, Kaslo
Sandon, Three Forks, New Denver and Slocan City
1 riMJRNKH, BKRTON & Oo.   Corner Vornon
|  X    tun!   .tu .���,.!,ii,���    HLroolH,   NoIhoii��� Whcle-
,-r:rin ��� (or 1'uhr. BrowingQd.of MUwuukeo
mill i .iIk-tj Browing Uo ut Calgary.
HUDSON'S BAY Co.-W_io)auUfl grooerie*
and liijimi ������ rii'.. llakor mi .ri, Nolran.
C1AL1KUKN1A VV INK CO., l,miii_l- Corner
f   Front and Mall atrooln, NoIhoii���Whola-
nine dealerH in   wiAM  ichmo  and   bulk), ana
limn.-~\ n and imporUMl clgar-H.
JY. GRIFFIN & co.   Corner Vornon and
���   Jo -i'|,lniir   -i n't-!.-,   Nelnon ��� Wholetialo
, cured meau, butler and
itealorn Iu  provision
Canned or Fresh
T. h. brown \
Gamble & O'Reilly
Baker Street
Real Estate and Insurance Agents.
'i-Kiiiiincil Ilnusc ami liutli Iliiinii
together with Kltobsn Ruiea
oomplete with hot and oold
water, Obionrntory si.. Mag-
niiicciit view,  rent lnolndlng
water ratiiH  8
5*Boomed   Houie corner  Cedar
nml Carbonate Btreeta 130.00
."i-ltiiimicil II(iiikc Ilium' Addltlonllfi.00
i-Uoniiicii CottnL'c Gore st 113.60
B-Roomed IIouk Corner Mill  .v
Ball (St!,., from Not.   ih( jiki.imi
Rente oollooted. I.iuiiih made. Agcnti
Urttlah Oolnmhla Permanent I,nun
siivin^s Company.
And always aim to please.
Order* by mall to any branch will have caretul 10* srtiniot attention.
For wood or hard or soft coal.
The largeet  lii��' oarrted  03
uny linn in Canada,
Baker street. Helaon.    P.
Ilnx 338
" (1 1   Cheer11   Ranges and
CiKiii Stoves,   A oomplete line.
 '������   ��i  (.. line
Jiibt now the full fruits are especially attractive.     You   can   buy here the
West of
Peaches, Apple., Grape.,
fur fail oanning or for present eating,
onr  line  nf   canned   and   preserved
fruits will continue to be tho very
liest, so you are free from the neeeH-
sity of putting 11 _   fruits if,you prefer
Call and hi
StovcH   anil
nnvlneeil thai  th
llanges at  the
only   plac
Ight' pric
Eight   pagoB of
clllllliilil'll  lll'WII.
summarized  and
Eight pages of practical agricultural and live stock articles-
Eight imi."..: of interesting fiction
aud magazine features.
Stoves  ami   Banges  ai   me   ..*������-   1	
West Kootenay Butcher Co.
Fresh or
Canned  Fruits
Want Them.
as  Yon
A1,I.   K1NI1H   OK
This .Ign.turo 1. on M- bo�� "<"��r���T
��� 1* 1 __..___._ iiiiiniiui  __bleti
the sweet little   King  Chiirles spuniei    _���,, ilnatue U on even-wi. . ^-.m.
that his Majesty carried   about   with     UlHtlVe B.omO-QulIUne ����������
blm-u tiny, sleepy  creature thut had 1 the rtmtdy that lauree a eoM ��� ������
Coal and Wood.
Agents Imperial Oil Oo. Ltd.
Crow's   Nest  Coal,   $6.15
Anthracite,     -    -    $9.65
I'l'l IVI'I.'I II.
No order  can he accepted  unless
accompanied hy ciihIi.
Oftlce Corner Hall nnd Haker Street*.
TKUtrUONK 811.
Fresh   and   Salted   Heats
3 Sections.      24 Pages.
$1.00 PER YEAR.
Balance ol 1900 free with subscription for 1901-
Fish and Poultry in Season
E.   C.   TRAVES,   Manager.
Baker Street, Nelson.
Peaches, Pears,
Plums, Quinces,
Apples, Bananas,
Sweet Potatoes,
Green Tomatoes.
KlrkpatrkR ft Wilson
Ordcr. by mail receive careful and prompt attention
nml Irr ii holllc. n .lor.cn. or n barrel of
OALQARY BEER asTt 11 tte MM and
cliMM-I on tho ninrket. Mm Iry onr
WINE8,    LIQUORS,    and     OIQAR8.
TclephoDo 18. H��_or St., Nelnon, U, t,
Canada Pkumanknt aniAVes-
tern Canada Mortoaok
Room 1, Turner-Hoeckh Hlock.
Houses and Building Lots in All Farts
of the Oity.
I    Five, lis, Hoern urn! eight room hou.es for
j wlu, twenty fir oeut below owl
IIiiiim'h ami i'ii- fur sale in all parts
.if the City,
Yiriiiria Montreal l-'ire Insurance
Ontario Mutual Life Insurance Tom-
, M.i'1'ii'n Block
I usrJ stroot
-1 ������
Nklson  Dailv  Mineh,  Saturday  Evknino,  October  _o, 1900.
I We are Pushed for Money. I
im M.
3S We are honest in our declaration.   We confess we are hard up,   We have more goods than money.   We must have g|
S�� more money than goods.   We anticipated heavier trade than we have had, and unless we can sell the goods now wc will ||
'jjfe be stuck.   We have come to the conclusion that something must be done, and at once.   We are desperate, and have ||
&dg decided  to recklessly slaughter thousands of dollars'worth  of goods  in  order to unload. ���Prices are shattered rioht W
fg and left���mowed down���annihilated���knifed to the very core���for no stone will be left unturned to make a clean sweep of w
?m the surplus.   The might of such low prices must tell���must make our bargains ring in the ears of the people as never |l
mbefore- II
Im- iq
II Ladies' Tailor=Made Costumes I
_|x In English Homespuns, Beaver Cloth, Kerseys, Broadcloths and serges. yx
&& n
im    See our leader���the skirt alone worth double the money.    Only three of this  line left, but they are going at     $5 00   Im
X.^.    Ladies' Silk Blouses, a large range of them at all prices.    See the line we are selling at  1   50   33fc
_*_[    Black Dress Goods, good all-wool Black Crepon;    regular price $1.00 a yard;  while it lasts, at  35c    '_*&
im ��� $m
.&&.    Table Linens, fine grass bleach Table Damasks, new and handsome designs, rich satin  finish, extra heavy quality, 72 inches wide;   regular price $1.25 a yard;   one price only;  to go at, Afr.
3}m-     iier yard ��� ��� ��� ��� ��� ���      85c 3m
'^X    Silks, Novelty, Fancy Waist and Dress Silks, in fancy stripes and checks, choice colors, at         25c    _ X
���vS�� Better qualities at 50c, 75c. S t .00 and up to $5.00   �������
!_W A 0\      T_t
/\,     White Quilts, fine English satin finish, lull bleached, manufactured in the newest Marseilles patterns, woven in the best raised effects, regular price $2.50, a bargain at     $1.50    '_Tr
*m itf.
JS If you don't believe us, come and be convinced.   If you do believe us, come and convince others. ��
���Mr M
im- im-
__$ M.
������.<*��� im
Case of Albi and Albo Win
Go to the Jury This
" The case of Uegina vs. Allii anil Al.-
b<>, which was opened in the Supreme
Court here yesterday morning, wllil
not be closed until late tonight. The
evidence of both the Crown and defendants, which was exceedingly
long, has all been jriven and late th'.s
afternoon the attorneys were addressing the jury. The principal witness
in 1 he case today was William Albi.
one of the prisoners, and proprietor < if
the Columbia hotel, Kossland, who 'is
said to have shot Herbert McArtbu -.
In the cross examination the fa.;t
Has brought out that Albi was in h is
room on tho nipbt of May 1. and M i-
Arthnr came to bis door and ileniaii' 1-
Bd admittance, when Albi Bred a shot
through the door, Tbe two then bed
a struggle in the hall,Immediately af��
tor which Albi Bred two more shot I,
one talcing effeot In McArthur'a
shoulder, The fact was also brought
out that Albi bad been in anotlmr
shooting affair in which the prlsoniir
killed a man by the name of I.ncey.
l*rlsoner Albo was also on the stand
and  stated   thai   be  was  iu the   bur
i if the hotel when  the shooting
tool) place, and* went to the iceme
only a few moments before   Office ir
Raymer nut, there. There were ablo
two other witnesses, both Italian*,
but iheir evidence did nut reveal anything new.
The oolleotion for tbe General Hos-
pltal fund.taken at tho union Thanksgiving meeting held Thursday lnorn-
Ing amounted to (32.25,
Fire Chief Thompson is on the si oik
list, caused from the severe ducking
lie got during the fire at the Nelson
Saw and Planing mill last Wedneada.v
'The   Apostolic    Church"   will   lie
01   While's   topic   at   ihe   Baptlilt I
Church    tomorrow   morning.    In   the
evening the subject   will be  "God's |
Attitude Towards Sinners. " I
II. L. Brown, city ticket agent of
the Canadian Pacific, is in receipt of
tbe fall and winter sailings of the
various steamship lines.giving Christmas rates to London and Liverpool.
There will be a Liberal rally in the
tialliber committee rooms on Vernon
Street this evening. Candidate Galllher will be present and will deliver
an address. All Liberals of tbe city
arc invited lu be present,
Secretary Kee. of the Foley campaign committee, desires all supporters of Mr. Foley to visit the committee rooms on Haker Street. Tbe rooms
are open day and night and are always well filled with workers.
The Conservative rally iu the Mac-
Nell! committee rooms last night was
well attended and was a most enthusiastic gathering. .Addresses were delivered by lion. '1'. Mayne Daly, of
Kossland. and by Mr. John Elliot, of
Nelson. A Significant fact in connection with the meeting was the large
number of working men present.
Mr. Robert Irving, of Kaslo. general
manager of tbe K. and S. Company, Is
in the city today.     In speaking of tbe
new boat service   which   the company
I are giving, lie   said that    in the   near
J future the company intended running
; a   service    from   Nelson    to   Bonner's
\ Ferry, mid not. only   this,   but   would
j establish   a   service   tu every point on
; the lake.
(In Tuesday evening, Oct. 38, Mr
Alba lleywood, the comedian,support
i-d by bis excellent company, will
make his second appearance before a
Nelson audience. Mr. lleywood will
lie seen in an entirely new act of characters and the balance of tl ompany
���will be heard in new selections, solos,
duets,  trios,  etc.     Among   some of the
characters Mr. lleywood will Impersonate, is bis old man act���The lions
ler. In this lie iluos a number of
James Whlteomb Riley's readings.
lie will also be seen iii an Impersonation of Joslah Allen's wife and
Hilda .lane, a young lady soino 88 or
10 yeirs old, with suggestions from
real life.
was clearly seen by the gentlemen
who drew up the memorial from
Kootenay, which led to the division
of that Diocese. They asserted that
they would discountenance any appeal
for the endowment of the new Diocese
until tho episcopal endowment of New
Westminster is satisfactorily arranged. We ought, therefore, to push on
our work with vigor, as we must not
even appear to stand in the way of
Kootenay. It scarcely needs to be said
that wc should be profoundly thankful if the capitalists who are exploiting the Dpper Country would at once
provide, as I believe they might easily
do, an adeijuate endowment for this
See. They would still more deserve
our gratitude, if they contributed liberally to yet more pressing needs in
Kootenay by the creation of a fund
for the support of poor parishes and
tho oponing of new missions."
The following reference to   the new
diocese of Kootenay was made in the
Bishop's charge at Hi ��� opening of Ihe
New Westminster synod a few days
ago:   "We cannol   teaaonably appeal
to Eastern Canada anil lo England for
the endowment of ihe Kootenay Bishopric, until the endowment has been
raited  for    New   Westminster.    This
Programme of the Cup Events Calls
For That Number.
London, Oct. 20.���Misapprehension
having arisen over the wording of
Sir Thomas Lip ton's challenge, Sir
Thomas asks the Associated Press to
say that the challenge provides for
five completed races, and not three, as
might be inferred from the wording.
It Is understood that the Shaiinock
II will be built by the  Hendersons,
on the Clyde, and that Seymour will
be her skipper,  with   Mr. Jameson   iu
general charge.
Sir Thomas Lip ton will take both
the new and old Shamrock across the
Atlantic. The contracts for building
Watson's new craft are not yet doted,
but it is expected   that   the   work   ou
Shamrock II will start shortly.
Sir XbomaS hopes to arrive in the
United States about the middle of
July. In an interview with a representative of the Associated Press he
SBid he wiis delighted that bis challenge bad received such a prompt and
satisfactory    answer.       He      added:
"The only difference mentioned, that
of extending the time of the start
from 11 to 2 o'clock, seems a good
idea, fair to both, and liable to produce less delays and biing better
sport. Crossing the ocean does not
bother me a bit." "Suppose, Sir
Thomas." it was asked, "the old
Shamrock should beat   the new iii the
trials'."' "It is impossible," he replied impressively. "Talking of fair
play," continued Sir Thomas, "none
of us is quite Infallible but I guarantee to say should anything controversial by any chance happen to occur, 1
am certain 1 shall get the benefit of
any doubt existing; such is my belief
in the integrity and sportsmanlike
spirit of the New York Yacht Club.
The continuation of last \ear's accident clause, mentioned by Mr. Oddie,
Is eminently satisfactory. It was my
own suggestion, and I see no reason
for any change. Some people seem
surprised at my challenging with a
cutter, and I have seen it stated that 1
intend taking over a 75-foot schooner.
The idea never entered my head. I
have worked continuously upon the
matter, and you may be sure no data,
however small, will be overlooked
which might tend to make her sue-
Phair.���II. 0. Shaw. Spokane; ,1.
Fred Uttchle, Rossland; It. w. Brock
Ottawa; Robert Irving, Kaslo; il'
Henderson, Rossland; Wm. Mackenzie, Toronto; Hugh Sutherland, Toronto; Mr. and Mrs. Thomas llil-
laird, Kossland; Dewey lleywood,Chicago; A. II. .MaeNeill.' Rossland; Mrs
John Wbcelor, Port Arthur; .1. ]���'
Armstrong.  Fori Steele.
Iliniie.     ||.    A.    Small,    Vancouver;
_________________^^^^  "niiei   ii.   Decks,   Toronto    Robert
���   ��� - - ��� ""   Scott, Spokane;   Charles   Dickson,   .1.
to cum a ��*��_�� in __ bay i ""/rh,;i;',"' "'''''' (1- u- l),,,.v- K'"'s-
Tuko Laxnlivo Bromo Quinine Tablets.   All   ,.': ' '  "���    ''''" Is"n-    Vancouver; E.
ilniKKl.tH rafund lliu uioii-y If il fails lo rare I''"  "Incent,    Calgary; A.    McAllister
He,  B, W.Urovoi siuuttturo Is on each box I Vancouver; J, R, tii'llord, Hall Mme��!
Mr.   C. Gwilllm,   mining  engineer
ami geologist, at present with the
Dominion Geological Survey Department,  iu H letter to The Miner says;
"Concerning the Atlin District I
found things looking well for a continuation of placer gold production.
The ground is now to a large extent,
under lease to various hydraulic companies, none of which have yet
reached a stage where they call much
affect the production of the past season.   Hence, although   the output of
this season may not bo greater than
that of last, year, il is still to a great
extent derived from the individual
placer claims, sonic of which have
done well, both as producers and in
showing up new ground in the form of
bench and old stream gravels. Quartz
mining   is not very   active   since   the
withdrawal of the  Mineral syndicate
from operation. High expense of
operating and sniuo litigation are factors against it. "
"One night my brother's baby was
take with Croup. " writes Mrs. .1. C.
Sider, of Crittenden, Ky.. "it seemed
it would strangle before we could get
a doctor.so wc gave it Dr. King's New
Discovery, which gave quick relief
and permanently cured it. We always
keep it in the house to protect our
children from Croup and Whooping
Cough. It cured me of a chronic
bronchial trouble that no other remedy would relieve." Infallible for
Coughs, Colds, Throat and Lung
troubles, all cents and SI. Trial bottles free at Canada Drug & Hook Co.
Seventy-five yards bleached table
linen, regular 7,f> cents.special 58 cents
per yard at Kerr & Co. 'S.
A box of Lowney's candies is just
the thing to take home aftci the theatre. If you don't prefer Lowney's
we have (ianongs "G, II." chocolates
which are delicious. As for fruit you
can't find any bettei than the display
at J. A. Macdonald's Palace Confectionery.
Ten pieces plain dress goods, worth
1(1 cents, special 25 cents per yard at
Kerr & Co. 's.
Visit Florence Park Hotel at Bob-
crts' Ranch, two and a half miles up
the river.   W. M. Huberts, proprietor.
A line of stripe opera flannels in tbe
now   shades.    See   them   at   Kerr   &
Co. 's.
Tailor Made Suits, six only, special
S7.nn at Kerr .- Co. 's.
Advcrtlwemonts inHOrlod under thiH head at
tho rale of one coat ft word per Insertion. No
advertisement taken for l.-.-s than 25 cunU.
LOST.���On    Wednesday   evening  between Opera House and Hotel Hume
a pearl   brooch.    Finder   will   be   rewarded by returning to   Hotel Hume.
WANTED.���To   rent, a   four  or   live
roomed cottage with fireplace.    Apply E. K. P., Miner Office.
WANTED ���Chambermaid,  at Hotel
FdU HENT.���Comfortable front room
to let, (furnished), with private
family on Stanley St. Reasonable
terms. Apply at Mr. Seanlan's Gro-
cery Store, Stanley St.
LADY oi Gentleman can have nicely
furnished room and partial board if
desired. Terms reasonable. Private
family. Five minutes walk from
Opera House. Apply ".References,"
Miner Office.
FOR KENT.���Two rooms   suitable for
light housekeeping.    Corner of Josephine and Gore Streets.    Mrs. Sloan.
FOR SALE.���Florence Park Hotel and
Roberts'   Ranch,   situated on   lake
shore, :.'.lj   miles from Nelson,    Apply
II. II. Cameron.
WANTED���Dressmaking    apprentices
wanted.  Salary paid.   Hudson's Hay
WANTED.��� -Eveiy   woman in   Nelson
to   visit     Mrs.  Enfield's    millinery
pin lorS, and   see   her   stock  of   hats.
The best in the eity.
'SHORTHAND���A few pupils wanted
to complete class (evening) being
formed By an experienced teacher.
Pitman's system taught in SO lessons.
Apply at once "Stenographer," Miner
Your Eyes Hurt
Do you  know   the  difficulty?
II is'lime you consulted .someone who does know.
Wi 'd like to llml out for you.
We will tell yon what your
eyi s need, and lit thein for
you so you can enjoy rending
and working for years tocomc.
It will pay you to come aud
see us.
Manufacturing Jewelers.
FOR    RENT.��� Cellar.    Apply
chants' Bank of Halifax.
FIRST  CLASS   loom   and   hoard  in
private family, $6,60 anil |(l. Table
board St. Carbonate Street, second
house east of Josephine.
Delivered to any point
on Kootenay Lake.
I have a complete stock on hand of
Rough and Dressed
Mouldings, Sash Doors.
Inside Finish.
Coast Flooring, and
Finished Lumber-
Mill nt PILOT BAY. Yards, NKIflOS
and LAKDO.
Collegiate School
Victoria, B.C.
Notice to Liberals.
A meeting' will be held this
(Saturday) evening in W. A.
Galliher's Committee Rooms
at 8 p. m., to which all supporters of the Liberal candidate are cordially invited.
Campaign Scc'y.
or Writing Paper won't last
__     .X"1"1''utter pUeo another "hurry up' ordur with
The Lord Bishop of Columbia
J. W. Laing, Esq., M. A., Oxon.,
Headmaster. Kev. C. Ensor sharp.
II. A., t'ontab. II. J. 8. Muskett,
Esq., Nt. Peter's College,   Cambridge.
Moderate terms for boarders and day
scholars. Hoys received from eight
.years 0. age   anil   upwards.    Military
drill.   Technical   art  Including mechanical drawing.    Boarders may, by
their parents' wish, attend any   place
of worship to which  they   are  accuu-
Present numbers !i4.
St. Joseph's
Hexl, term commences .Inl
September. For particular, apply to tho


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