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Nelson Daily Miner Sep 15, 1900

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 1i I
incvai liflrarv ��
Daily Edition No. 831
Nelson,   British Columbia, Saturday Evening.   September 15,  1900.
Eleventh Year
Great Britain Again Looking
Toward   South
Casualties   and   deaths  in
Hospital Aggregate 200
a Week.
issue is ;
culty th
Sept. 15.    When a clear out
rain discernable In the  oon-
ounding the Chinese   difli-
raay bo a re-awakening of
real Interest, but at present China
holds quite a secondary place In the
public mind In England. The Parliamentary campaign is In full swing,
but Lord Salisbury has not   vol taken
tin entry Into Ills  confidents us  to
balloting day, and the consequent uncertainty gives the stump speaking
that is going nii on every side an academic tinge. So Great Britain, looking a 1 0 Interesting topic, has returned to the consideration of tin'
war in south Africa; It Is said that
the newspapers are eagerly scanned
tor Blgns of the real -end of the campaign, as Ureal llrltain in tired of the
carnage. President Kriigor's dramatic
retreat lias led the commentator to
re-announce the close of tho war, but
the long lists of casualties and deaths
in hospitals, aggregating two hundred a week, which continue to till
up the bulletin boards at the War
twice, cause anxiety. The claims
that have hitherto been made that the
British hisses in South Africa have
been small as compared with those of
other campaigns appear to need revision, judging from recent calculations
made by a well known actuary who
finds that of the officers In Smith Af-
rlca, 72.1 per thousand have been killed or have died from wounds, 30.(1
per thousand officers have died from
disease, while of the men 111 per thousand have been hilled or died from
wounds and 31.8 have died from dis
ease. The startling statistics not only
illustrate that officers and men have
Buffered approximately equally from
disease but that the risks of the officers in action have been hugely disproportionate and also that the rate of
mortality in South Africa is much
greater than it was in the Franco-
Uennan war.
Kruger's millions are the subject of
long narratives, or dispraise. The
lowest estimate of his wealth is .��!,-
000,000, invested abroad, while some
calculators  Bgure  his   wealth at ��5,-
000,    The   Transvaal   Government
is supposed to have two or three million pounds in continental bunks.
whieli will be hoarded by the mating
Ig committee, Dr, Leyds says,for a future rising when England is in other
All kinds of rumors arc current regarding the coming of American enterprise to relieve London's congested
traffic, That, the metropolis is far behind every Provincial centre in many
things that go to make up a modern
city is beginning to be realized by
Englshmen, and a demand is arising
for Hew blood, American or otherwise
capable of solving the transit prob-
""BS. One has only to attempt a
journey to the city this week to real-
"'��� the costly delays and vexations to
Which business is subject under present conditions, The main artery,
'rom Trafalgar Square to the bank- is
H" torn up that it takes cabs and buss-
es thirty or forty minutes to cover a
journey of less than two miles. Con-
'"''���"���d wiiii all this congestion Is the
great problem of housing the working
Masses, at which the closest students
(lf London's social problems are
aghast, though they readily perceive
that the only remedy, as In the case
of lessening the congestion of the
���treet, lies in a wide spreading net
work of rapid transit facilities which
under the county   council    rule   must
hereafter be subterranean,
Loss of Life in Galveston Said to Have
Been Over 0,800.
Dallas, Texas. Sept. 18.���The News
staff correspondent wires as follows
from Houston: "Inquiries as to the
loss of life and property continue to
pour in. The list will never lie known.
There have already been handled on
the Galveston Island and along the
bay shores of the mainland opposite
the island about four thousand
corpses. The long stretch of debris
along the beach and tho western portion of the island has not yet been
heard from. The prairies of the mainland over wlhoh the waters rushed
have also their tales to tell. It maybe said after Investigation that a conservative estimate of the loss of life
In Galveston is 0,600, The names of
thousands of victims will never be
known They have simply passed out
of existance as so many Bickering
candles might be extinguished in the
w ind. As to the property loss it is
hard to make an estimate. Colonel
Lowes estimates a loss of Sir,,0(111.0110
to 830,000,000,
Captures a Boer Contingent and Many
Locomotives and Cars.
Occupies  Bombarton. Where  He Met
With Slight Opposition.
London, Sept. 15. ��� Lord Roberts reports to the War Office under date of
Maehadorp, Sept. II., as follows:
��� ��� French occupied Barbarton yester
day with the cavalry which be look
teross the mountains. He met slight
opposition, the enemy being* complete;
y surprised. Twenty-three officers
and .',!! men who were taken prisoners,
were released, and 43 locomotives and
other rolling stock captured. The former will relieve us of great difficulty
as we bad to put up with a few rickety enlgnes.
"Trench reports that he has sufli-
eient supplies for three weeks for
his forces and horses. One hundred
Doers with many Mauser ritlcs, and a
quantity of ammunition were captured. There are large quantities of cattle and sheep ill the country, which is
good news. French intercepted large
convoys, showing that llarbarton is
used as a depot of supplies for the
Doers in the south and southeast. The
bulk of French's force is still 38 miles
behind the cavalry, owing to the
difficulty of getting the wagons over
the pass leading to Barbarton."
Ottawa, Sept. 15.���Friends of Mr.
Taylor MoVeity arc determined to
place him in nomination as the Conservative candidate in opposition to
Win. Hutchison, the Liberal member,
whether the executive of the Conservative Association are favorable or unfavorable to hisjrandiduture.
Toronto, Sept. 15.���The police magistrate of this city on several occasions
when eases of cruelty to rats have
come before him has dismissed the
cases on the ground that "rats were
not animals." The Toronto Humane
Society are now discussing the question whether the police magistrate is
correct in bis finding and will endeavor to get a true definition of a "rat."
Toronto, Sept. 15.���The Insurance
losses by Are in Paris a few days ago,
according to a statement compiled by
the insurance companies here, places
the total at 9130.88. In most cases the
whole insurance held by the companies is a loss.
Windsor, Out., Sept. 15.���If the
Conservatives of North Essex can get
Sol White out. of the way, who at
present is persistent In bis intention
to contest that riding, Hon. J. Patterson, retiring Lieutenant-Governor of
Manitoba, will be tendered the nomination. William McGregor is the
present Liberal member of this riding
and will probably run again.
Only One Topic of Discussion Among Nelson
Liberals Express Themselves
In  Very Strong Language Indeed.
Ottawa, Sept. 15.���"Prince" Advnni
was committed for trial here today.
Never since the people of Nelson began to discuss political matters has
their been a subject so engrossing as
that of the action of John Houston in
attending the Conservative meeting
of Thursday uight. All day yesterday and this morning where two
or three would gather the conversation would invariably turn to the latest Houston tlop. The opinion appears
to be general that it is a (dean "throw
down" of W. A. Qallther, and if Mr.
Houston could hear some of the things
that Liberals arc saying about him he
would be forced to cover his ears with
chopped Ice to keep them from burning to a crisp. Mr. tialliher himself
has not yet been seen by The Miner
and what bis views are still remains
unknown. All other leading Liberals have views, and have expressed
them. The majority expressed ilieiu
in language that would not look well
in print and for that reason The Miner cannot give them to its readers.
Of the Liberals who are pleased at
the tarn affairs have taken, Archie
Johnson is at the head. Archie was
one of those Liberals who insisted upon bringing out a straight party candidate during the last Provincial light
and was at all times opposed to any
effort on the part of the Houston Liberals to endorse that gentleman. He
expressed the opinion that Mr. Houston was only "using" them for bis
own sellisb purposes and that w hell h"^
had no further use for them they
would be dropped. Archie spent yesterday calling up by telephone a number of the Liberals who were strong
Houston men and inviting himself out
at their expense, lie bad a very good
day of it, indeed.
The Houston Liberals, however,
were not as happy as Archie. They
wore long faces and carried all day a
look of surprise upon them. The blow
had been a bard one���bard, not because of any tremendous effect,but. because of its suddenness and the unexpected manner in which it came. Said
one of these Liberals to a Miner man:
"1 can't understand it. Luring the
last, campaign I debated with myself
for several days whether 1 should favor a straight party candidate or support Houston. It was pointed out to
me that by giving Houston the Liberal support we would he in a bettor position to go into the Dominion campaign than we otherwise would he. I
was led to believe that in return for
this support,our candidate for the Dominion House would receive the support of The Tribune and passive, if
not active support from .Mr. Houston
himself. I was informed that Mr.
Houston had agreed to this. At that
time Mr. tialliber was being groomed
for the Liberal nomination, and he
went into the fight with Houston
with the view of earning the support
of Houston and of The Tribune. In
view of this, with other Liberals, I
determined to support Mr. Houston
never supposing for one minute that
he would fail to keep his word with
" If this latest action of bis means
that he has deserted Mr. tialliber he
will never get   another   Liberal   vote
and I will be very much surprised if
lie ever succ Is In securing Conservative support. A man who would do
what John Houston has done should
not be able to poll one per cent.of the
voting strength of any community."
This is an expression of one Liberal,
hut there are hundreds of others who
talk exactly in the same vein. As one
man said :
������Suppose Houston docs support ii.il
Hber will' The   Tribune.    What ( I
can that possibly do us now when
everyone knows that the man who
controls the paper is himself opposed
to the man whom his paper supports'.'"
Another Liberal expressed himself
as follows:
"For my part 1 am glad the party is
rid of Houston and if you Conservatives can find anything in his advent
into your ranks to be pleased about
you are welcome to all of the pleasure
you can derive from It."
There are some Conservatives and
some Liberals who Incline to the belief that Mr. Houston has made his
latest move in the hope of creating
dissension in the Conservative ranks
and thereby aiding Mr. Oalllher.
There is nothing, however, to bear
out this belief. Nothing that Mr.
Houston has done or will do now can
possibly be of service, to Mr. tialliber.
Mr. Houston has gone too far for this.
He has pledged himself to support
Mr. Galllher's opponent. Of course
be may break this plcdg , but a man
who would do that could hardly hope
to have any influence with anyone.
Since the article first appearing
above was written. Mr. Qalllher has
been seen by a Miner man. He arrived in the city from Kaslo at 11
o'clock this morning.
"1 have nothing whatever to say in
regard to Mr. Houston's movements,"
he said. "All I know of his action
of Thursday night is what I have
read in The Miner. "
And further than this Mr. tialliber
refused to go.
The imperial  Development Syndicate
Bonds the Northern Light.
Twenty Thousand Dollars the Amount.
Will Begin Work at Once.
The Imperial Development Syndicate, which is composed entirely of
Nelson capitalists, bonded today for
820,000 the Northern Light group situated on the centre fork of 40-Creek.
Since the company wus formed they
have been on a careful lookout for
properties and the present one has
been under consideration for the past
two weeks, lint not until today were
the papers made out and the deal
The agreement calls for work to begin immediately and owing to this
fact supplies and men will probably
be sent to the property Monday morning. The work will be pushed rapidly all winter. Already over 85,(Hill
worth of development work has been
done, and the property is showing
up in good shape. There is a large
quantity of high grade ore on the
damp and a valuable body in sight.
The ledge is seven feet wide and has
been uncovered for a distance of over
15 feet. The assays of the ore from
the property run from 845 to 811(1 per
ton of gold and copper values. No
mill test has been made up to date.
This is undoubtedly the richest property in that section and the working
of it will bring that section to the
front. The ore is free milling and if
the development work continues to
prove as satisfactory as It has in the
past, a mill will be installed at an
early date.
The property consists of four claims,
the Northern Light. Northern Light
lOxtension. Northern Light Fractional
and Arctic.
The owners of the property are Robert Hiesterer, A. L. MeCulloch, S. S.
Taylor and the Drigbt Prospects Company.
Says it is Ridiculous to Suppose That
Fights Were Hxed.
Queenstown, Sept. 14. ���A representative of the Associated Press, on board
the Canard line steamer Campania,
today banded to .lames .1. Corbett. the
pugilist, a number of despatches relating to the charges made against
him in New York. He read them and
said: "It is ridiculous to say that
my fights with Sharkey and McCoy
were fakes. "    Corbett and Marguerite
Cornell,  the actress,    were   1 ked as
Mr. and Mrs. Martin. Her mother
was with her and Corbett occupied
a separate statei n,
Ottawa, (Int.. Sept. 15.-The total
fiscal returns for the year ending June
30, show an increase of 8s,oiin,(loo in
export! aud imports.
Took His Life  Because He
Was Said to Possess
Evil Spirits.
The Murderer, an Indian, at
New Westminster Awaiting Trial.
Vancouver, Sept. 15.���The laxity of
the Martin Government during its
short-lived existence is shown by the
fact that the Indian prisoner Dus-
cul-ta, who has brought down from
the Stikine head on the steamer Queen
City, was captured in January last,
and since a short time after that date,
when be was brought to Telegraph
(reek, he has remained in the jail
there. The Martin Government were
communicated with soon after he was
brought into Telegraph Greek, but
nothing was beard from them ill the
matter, and Dus-cul-ta, who had confessed to the murder of a boy of the
Stick tribe in the village of Tahlton.
remained coulined there. With the
change of dovernment word was again
sent down regarding the prisoner, and
as a result be has been brought down
to New Westminster for trial.
The crime for which th* Indian is
soon to be tried at New Westminster
illustrates the strength of superstiti-
tion among the Indians of that country drained by the Stikine. The victim was alleged to be guilty of witchcraft and Dus-eul-ta was bis self-appointed executioner, the whole being
in accordance with the tribesmen's
belief of right. A tribesman had died
and he accused the boy of having killed him by witchcraft ; of having sent
into his body an evil spirit, and according to Indian custom the boy
must die, and a relative of the dead
man was to see that he died in order
to pay the penalty for the death of
the supposed victim of the witchcraft.
It wafl all according to the long established Siwash custom.
All this happened three years ago.
Naas Dick, a well known Tahltan Indian in the village of that name at
the Stikine head, had sickened. Like
the other Siwashes of that vicinity
he then believed that "inale-yalthe"
���a small evil spirit���had been sent
into his body by some sorcerer. The
"hamatsu" was called in and all the
cures (?) known to the native medicine man were tried without effect.
In view of the fact that some of
these cures, so-called, are in direct
contradiction to every medical or by-
genie principle, this is not, however,
to be wondered at. Naas Dick grew
worse, and, when at the point of death
said to his relatives that he was being
killed by evil spirits sent into his
body by Acki|iiath, a boy of the tribe.
The Indians usually lay the blame
for supposed witchcraft on a small
boy or girl and then the accused boy
or girl is taken, tied up and tortured
until he or she confesses. Under the
Compulsion of the torture the victim
usually confesses. Ackquath confessed on being taken from a Tahltan nut
and argued with in the manneruf the
Siwash that a confession was necessary. On his confession he wns condemned by the relatives���for Naas
Dick when dying had asked that the
boy be killed. Dus-cal-ta, a cousin of
Naas Dick, was to be the murderer.
He exeotucd the victim and Hed. It
was three years before he was captured.
It was said by settlers In that part
of the country that the  murder of the
boy was   a most eold-blooded  the
victim having been hacked to death
with an axe, but Dus-calln. in a confession made at Telegraph Creek, acknowledging the crime, tells a different story. He says that he took the
boy out to the Tahltan River and culling a bole ill the Ice il was in the
winter-led  the   boy  to the edge and
pushed him in. He will have to stand
bis trial for his self-confessed crime at
the next assizes at New   Westminster.
There was some story a short time
since that another of the MeTavish
family bad been killed on suspicion of
wltChoraft in the north. This family
of half-breeds, liviug on the northern
Llard, have been sadly decimated by
murder on suspicion of witchcraft,
but none have been killed within
the past two years. There was some
talk about six months ago that a boy
of the family was to be killed and,
in fact, a Siwash was chosen to kill
hi mi. but the fear of the law Is getting
too strong among the Indians of that
district to commit further murders,
It is not that they have abandoned the
superstitions of their fathers, but
they fear the law.
The Indians of the Stikine head
have been suffering for Borne time
with a kind of grippe which !b epidemic among them. Hundreds were
sick, but the death list was sma
The Indians, when the last word was
received from there, were recovering
from the epidemic.
Thomas McLeary.  Foreman
of the Hall Mines Smelter.  Missing   Since
Last Tuesday.
Has Thomas McLeary, night fireman of the Hall Mines smelter, met
with foul play or with an accident?
Mr. McLeary mysteriously disappeared on Tuesday morning last and has
not been seen since. Searching parties have been out but not even the
least trace can be found of him. The
morning he was last wen he was in
good spirits, and the idea of suicide
is not entertained. About 0:3(1 last
Tuesday morning he called upou Mr.
C. Johnston who lives near the smelter, and where he was in habit of going quite often. Mrs. Johnston who
Was IvprWod to see him said to him :
���How is it Tom that you are not
McLeary replied: "I cannot Bleep
this morning, but am going down
town, and when I return I will try
and sleep. "
Prom that time he has not been
seen by any of his acquaintances. He
was not known to have any bad habits and was always of a jovial dis-
postion. The day before he left he
was promoted at the smelter to the
position of foreman. Just a day or
two before he disappeared Mr. Johnston's little daughter was with Mc-
Leary, and she asked him what made
him so quiet and he replied: "I
am blithered with heart trouble and I
will SOOD be leaving you."
Some entertain the idea that he may
have been crossing the river to go to
the wine ranch where he sometimes
goes and while crossing met with
an accident and was drowned. No one
can account for his disappearance. As
far as can be learned he was not in
debt anywhere and had had no trouble with anyone.
Toronto. Sept. 15.���A cable was received by Mrs. Hunt yesterday announcing the death of her husband.
Quartermaster Sergeant Hunt, of the
Mounted Infantry, in service in South
Africa. Deoeased was formerly Identified with Stanley Purracks as an Instructor.
Ottawa. Sept. 15. ���Mails from
South Africa received today brought
reports from Lieutenant-Colonel Kv-
ans commanding the second battalion
M. L, Liuuteuant-Colonel   Lessard.
commanding first battalion c M. I.,
and   Lieutenant-Colonel   Otter,    commanding first contingent R. C. It. 1.
Ottawa, Sept. IS.���Hon. Joseph
Chamberlain has cabled to the effect
that all Canadians of the First Contingent who do not wish to serve after
October 15th Would be sent home by
special transport if there   were many,
and if not then by transport to England with invalids.
Much Uncertainty as to the
Choice of Conservative
���Oysters are in season now. aren't
they, Mr.  I Mill".'"
"About now. I think. Miss Flint.
There is some doubt about it. you
know, but there Is never any doubt
Rbout ice cream soda, Will vou indulge in a glass.'''
John Houston Is Chairman of
the  Committee   on
Revelstoke, Sept. 15.���4 p.m.���Large
and enthusiastic convention; one hundred and eight delegates. McNeil, of
Hossland, likely to receive nomination. J. K.  ANNABLE.
Revelstoke, Sept. 15.���At noon today
there wore few among the 108 delegates to the Liberal-Conservative convention who would venture a guess as
to the name of the man who would be
chosen this afternoon or evening as
the candidate of the Liberal-Conservative party in the Yale-Cariboo district. Never was the outcome of a
nominating convention more uncertain. It is useless to mention names
of prospective candidates. Whoever
finally proves to be the nominee may
be chosen in a few minutes, or it may
take hours. >'o one knows aiiylhing-
about it, or if they do they ar��* pleased to keep it to themselves.
Among those present at the convention are Messrs. Semlin, Cotton,
Mara, Green, Price Ellison, Pulton,
Houston, Taylor and Lucas. Tho
morning session was short and only
routine business was transacted. Mr.
Semlin was elected chairman, and Mr.
Morrison, of Kaslo, secretary. A com-
mitee on credentials was appointed as
follows: Houston. Semlin, Price Klli-
son. The committee on resolution**
consists of Mara, Green, Ellison and
Taylor. After the appointment of
these committees the convention adjourned until 3:.'l0.
Robert  Fisher.   Manager   Alexandria
Mine, Victim of a Collision.
He With Four Others Lost Their Lives
This  Morning.
Victoria, It. C. Sept. 15.���Robert
Fisher, manager of the Alexandria
coal mine, and four men. were killed
on the K. A. N. Railway, In a collision
today between two freight trains.
The accident occurred on a trvBtle between South Wellington and Lady-
smith. All of the names are not obtainable now. It is supposed the mishap was the result of a mistake in
train orders.
  ..   a
Ml liritish Commands Seem to He
Very Active.
New York, Sept. 15.���A dispatch
to The Tribune from London says:
News from the seat of war In South
Africa is indecisive, but it is clear
that Lord Roberts is making a concentrated movement upon Komati-
poort and has left Pretoria in order to
direct it personally. Ian Hamilton
is returning to the railway front at
Lydcnburg. I'ole-Carew is pushing
east towards Nelspruit. French is
inking for liaiberton and Holler baa
divided both his forces and cut off u
portion of them   from   communication
with   tin mmandos   between  Nel-
spruit adn Kofflatlpoort, Lydcnburg
apparently has been abandoned as
soon as it was captured and the Brit*
Ish forces are In hot pursuit of tho
remnant of the lloer army and driving it eastward to the Portuguese
. nr*��j
���H ^HBMBMMUlB^i^BBHia^i^H
Nelson Daily Miner,  Saturday  EvEUine,  September 15, iqog.
The Nelson Miner
PubllBhod Kvorj  Afternoon   Exoopt Sunday
���av Tna���
Limited Liability,
1        .11I and Managing Editor.
Business Manager.
11. ITloet Street, K. C
r       Agency, Ltd., Hpoolal Ak��'iiIh
iiy. per inonl ii, by carrier	
h liiy, prr month, by mail	
Uallj   i ��� 1 mar. by oarrior  .-.
Dally, I-1 year, by mall	
I).iiiy. pi 1 year, foreign, ,.
.     GOo
8 7 m
.  r, (Hi
.    !l (JO
Weekly, per half year	
Weekly, per year	
Weokly, per year, fnrolgn 	
Subscriptions Invariably in advance.
$1 25
-J <K)
:i no
All Checks should hi- mode payable to the
order ol   Nklhon    I'i musuinu   Company,
1 imiii.m.
on.  l.HJilTINt; SYSTEM,
through ill*; entire period of the late
Labor troubles with, on the windc,
such admirable respect for law and
order, there can be found any who
ould be guilty of such cruelties as
were mentioned In the Kaslo dispatch
published in yesterday's Miner, Hut
if the reports are true or near the
truth, the authorities should not rest
until the guilty parties are caught
and punished or safely driven out of
the country. It is not only that the}*
have committed assaults and then taken the law Into their own hands; that
is a common occurrence, however reprehensible it. may be. It is much
more than this, especially in the liKht.
of what has taken place during the
past year. Miners ami ethers are
privileged to associate themselves together In unions, and to impose upon
themselves whatever restrictions or
regulations they may think necessary
or desirable. But on Canadian soil,
where Die law is and must he supreme,
they are not to be permitted to interfere with the perfect liberty of others,
And at any cost of time or trouble
or money, the authorities should see
to it that every attempt or inclination to interfere was rigorously suppressed.
Wholesale  Houses
rpHOKPB & CO. Limited���Comer Vernon
X. and Cedar dtrects, KelBOn���Manufaotur*
urn or tuni wholesale dealers in aerated waters
and fruit ByrUpB, 'Solo lUJOUtS Tur Halcyon Hot
Sprluga Miiiiuiui water,  'ruiuiihonu tie.
_i_i    N. M. Cummins, Lessee���Kvory known
varlel y of *of 1 drinks,   I" *�� Hex tin. Telephone
No. Si, Hoover (Street, Nelson,   bottlers of tho
famous Hi. Leon Hot Spring* Mineral Water.
Sou Line
C1ANK &, MA( DONALD 111. (June, Junius
j A. Miuulonuhti���Architects unit miporln-
tondonta, Broicen Hill Mock, corner Jlukor unit
U'unt SiroclK, ftelsou,
UO.���Manufacturers of tho Royal Seal
1111,1 Kouionny Huliu Cigars. Factory unit
oilier, linker Street, Nelson.
It woiilil bo strange Indeed if citi-
/,-ns were nut becoming Impatient
over the defects of our electric light
system, It is not that there linR
been un accident to the dam. Acci-
ili'nts are liable to occur, and do oc-
cur, here, there, and everywhere, and
at convenient or Inconvenient times.
We regret tho accident as untimely,
but ii is not the source of any of the
dissatisfaction that is so prevalent
throughout the city. It may be the
occasion for a fresh outbreak, luit
that Is all. The trouble goes back of
it a limy way back of it. It began
with the system Itself. That system
was an Ill-conceived, ill-constructed,
and altogether wretched affair from
tho beginning.   The deal by  which it
i\as unloaded on to tl ity.at a price
that was several times its value, was
nothing less than a Swindle. We have
been tinkering with it ever since, and
altl gh   that   was two years ago we
have never been aide tn fret a service
that came within ritle shot nf being
satifactory, Vet citizens who were
deluded into having it installed upon
t icir premises have been taxed tirst-
elass rates, although the light has
never even been second-class, and often there has been no li(_'ht at all. We
voted a large sum of money last year
to make Improvements which we were
assured would put the system into
excellent condition; the money was
e.vponded, but little if any Improvement has been observable. This year
we were ashed for more money, and
with the good nature, the carelessness, the recklessness which will yet
cost tb,- City dearly if not put under
reasonable restraint, we voted it with
a readiness that can only encourage
farther extravagance and continued
indifference   in  civic administration.
The present Aldermen have, or will
have, the proceeds of a second issue
of debentures to expend on electric
lighting. The accident to the dam
through which the town him been
thrown into darkness, has not been an
altogether unmixed evil. It has called a halt, and Invited the citizens to
,oiisi,l,r seriously for the first time,
and as a possible duty to themselves
and their descendants, whether it
would be wise to expend more money
on lie- present system. There is a
Strong feeling in favor of corporation ownership. That we can all
understand and commend, but it is
possible to aiinw that feeling to carry
lis in),, very expensive follies, Mr.
Kirkpairiek takes the sensible view-
when he -ay-: "The city should control tile yst,.in.but should have a proper 1  I,, control.'' That is the point
exactly, .Municipal ownership of such
franchises Is prudent if the franchises
themselves are sound and serviceable.
Man) believe that our present electric I   hi system   is  not sound or ser-
rlcenhli     1    never i-an be    niiide   Ho.
and agree   with   Mr.     Wallace
when I,. Kays that in view of all the
elrclllll  '   ii,-es  it    would    be    wiser    to
deal v. the llonnlngton Palls pencil' Ifi factory arrangement could
be mi. i it hers suggest that the
plant I"' I runsforrcd to the rapids at
kootenii, bridge. That would mean
tho construction of an entirely new
system, which, however, with the unlimited power available, could   easily
be made   mi    elbeient    one.      Hut   that
would entail heavy expense, and the
wise among us look ahead ami take
Into consideration the many expenditures thai face us before we can make
Nelson a complete city. Instead of
looking for eivie enterprises in which
to engage, let us content ourselves
wiili those that will force themselves
upon u-i. We shall have burdens
enough to bear before we lire through,
without taking on those which it is
possible to escape with advantage to
all concerned.
Mr. Houston has found himself in
many Btrange boxes during his
Chequered career on this earth, but
just now he is confronted with one of
the most perplexing difficulties of his
experience. How- he is tu run with
the Liberal hare and hunt with the
Conservative hounds is the problem
that is troubling him. He has committed himself to both, and is vexing
his soul and racking his brain to discover how it can be done. It is only
hare justice to the gentleman to explain that the difficulty is more one of
mental resource than of conscience.
Under one of the Semlin Government's amendments to the Provincial
Elections Act, the Vancouver voters'
list was cancelled on the loth Inst.and
a new one ordered. Should the Dominion elections be brought on within sixty days of that date. Vancouver
city would be disfranchised, as the
Dominion law- expressly defines that
elections shall be held on voters' lists
that were in force on "the sixtieth
day next preceding the day fixed for
the nomination of candidates.'' In
Vancouver there was no voters' list in
existence on that date, and hence
there would be none to use.
('ol. Prior is quite right in saying
that Sir Wilfrid Laiirier is weak and
timid, especially weak ; and if The
Victoria Times does not know that,
it does not know enough of Canadian
politics and Canadian public men to
set itself up as a teacher of others.
Advertisement- Inserted under this head at
the rate of one cent u word tier insurtion. No
advertisement taken forlosrf Limn 26 contH.
FOR     SAIjE.���Mendelssohn      Piano',
Cabinet Hewing   Machine  (Singer).
Apply   Geo.   Uurd,   lioom   l. Turner-
llocckh Ulock.
WANTED���Apprentices to learn dressmaking,    Apply   Martin  O'Reilly iS
I'OK KENT --Furnished looms.   Good
attendance,   tiecond   door   east  of
City Hall.
FIRST  CI,ASS   loom   and   hoard   in
private family, $5.50 and !<!.    Table
board   81.    Carbonate   Street,    second
house cast of Josephine.
FOII    SAM':   CHEAP-   Urge   house
and 111 acres opposite Nelson.    Fowl
house.      Running   water       Apply 0.
Newllng, Baker street.
Books You May Need
Hunt's Systematic Mineralogy., S">
Peters' Modern Copper Smelting r,
Stretch's   Prospecting, Locating
and Valuing   Mines  2
Lang's   Matte   Smelting  !i
Miller's   Qualitative   Analysis.. 1
Kemp's Handbook of   Uocks.... 1
Thautwine's  Engineer's  Handbook   r,
Hawkins' New Catechism for
the steam   Engine    3
Hawkins' Maxims and Instructions for   Holler Hoom    S
Hawkins' New Catcchisin of
Electricity     2
Hawkins' Handbook of Calculations  for Engineers    ','
Machinists' and Engineers'
Pocket Manual     1
Stevenson's Practical Test......     !
Canada's   Metals	
We shall perhaps be safe iii  coming
tO    the conclusion  that    those   Sinidoll
reports ol outrages committed on nonunion iirner- are greatly exaggerated.
It Is Impossible to believe that among
llie miners of the  Slogan,   who  went
immI try h bottle, n dosen, or u bnrrol nf
CALGARY BEER m ii h tho hosl and
Oneapesj on I he murket. AlhO try mir
Xeicrho/io 03- linker st��� Nelson, n, c.
UJ. KVA.NS & CO.-BukLT Street, Nel-
��� son*- Wholesale dealers in liquors, ol��
Kairt, cement, (Ire briek iuul lire ciuy, Water
plpo mid ttijol mils, und general commission
J    A. M'DONALD-Maddon Ulock, Nelson-
���   Krujts, Ice cream, "O. Ii." chocolates,
lu^li olass confectionery.   Ice Cream Parlors.
Wholosalo and retail dealers In grain,
hay. Hour, feed. Mills at Victoria, New VVeHt-
tninstor; Kd in on ton, Alta. Klevatoru on Calgary and Juimonton Hallway, Manufacturers
of the celebrated ii. & K. brand cereals.
Amacdoxald & Co.���Corner Front
��� and I lull Streets��� \V holesale grocers
and jobbers in blankets, gloves, milts, booU,
rubbers, maoklnaWB and miners'sundries.
_i^i Oillce corner Hall and (front Streets,
Nelson���Lumber, celling, llcoring, and every
tiling in wood for building purposes, Get our
prices.  Correspondence solicited.
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Baker Street, Nelson���Wholesale deal
ers in fresh and cured meats.
Street,   Nelson ��� Wholesale   dsalatg   in
hardware,   miners'  supplies   sporting  goodi
MLACHLAN BROS. (Successors to Vancouver Hardware Co, Ltd.) linker Street,
Nelson���Wholesale dealers in hardware and
mining supplies, plumbers'and tinsmiths' supplier
paints, oils and glSBSj mechanics' tool*
Agents for Ontario Powder Works; dynamite
rpURNKR, BKETON fcOo.-Ooraor Vernon
X    and Josephine Streets,  Nelson���Whcle-
saic dealers In liquors, cigars, and dry goods.
Agents for Pabst Brewing Co. of Milwaukee
and Calgary Browing Co of Calgary.
UDSOX'S BAY Co.-Wholesale groceries
and liquors etc.. Baker Street, Nelson.
C1AUFORNIA WINK CO., Limited-Corner
/ front and Hall Streets, Nelson���Wholesale dealers in wines (case and bulk), and
domestic and imported cigars.
J Y, GRIFFIN & CO.- Corner Vernon and
��� Josephine streets, Nelson ��� Wholesale
dealers In provisions, cured meats, butter und
Houses anil lots for wile ill all  parts
of the City.
Victoria-Montreal    Fire   Insurance
Ontario Mutual Ijifr Insurance Com
rote011   ~See ANNABLE
Brewers nf Fine Lager
Beer and Porter,
Nelson, ]i. C.
St. Joseph's
JNexl. term commonoes ,'!nl
September! For particulars apply to the
P. 0. GKEKN        F. S. CLEMENTS
Civil Engineers and Provincial Land
P. 0. Box W5 H��lnon, B. C.
Imperial    Limited
East   and   West
First Class Sleepers on all trains from
Tourist Cars pass Medicine Hat
daily for St. Paul; Saturdays for
Montreal and Huston; Mondays and
Thursdays for Toronto. Same cars
pn.su lievelstoke one day earlier.
7:10 Lv Nelson Ar 10::ti
15:80 Lv Nelson Ar 18:46
Morning train daily for and from
RossUnd, and for Revelstoke, main
Hue and 1'acitic Coast.
Afternoon train daily for and from
Rosslond, and from Revelstoke, main
line and Pacific Const, and daily
(except Sunday) for and from Boundary poiuts.
7:110 Lv )  w .        ( Ar 10:.'10
(KxS.m) [Nelson] (BxSun)
For and from Saudon, Slocun points,
Revelstoke, main Hue and Pacific
Kootenai Lake Kaslo Route.
(Ex Sun) Str Kokanee (Ex Sun)
10:110 Lv Nelson Ar 11:00
Saturday to Argenta and return,
leaving Kaslo at 20:00k.
Kootenay River Route,
Daily Stis Moyie and Nelson Daily
22:30 Lv "Nelson Ar 2:80
Connects at Kootenay Lauding with
Crow's Nest Line trnius.
For rotes, tickets aud full Information apply to Depot or City Agent,
Nelson, B. C, or
Trav, Pass. Axent
A O. P. Agent,
Mrs. Enfield has received a
fine and well selected lot of
English and American
HATS and
Which she offers at the lowest prices ever offered in the
Hats from 90 cents Up.
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Insurance Co., of New York, Quebec
Fire Assurance Co.
Three-story house on Park Street.
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Part cash.
Building lots and residences in all
parts of the city and Ilumi* Addition.
Two Story Mouse, six rooms, furnished complete, on Observatory street
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Seven room house on Carbonate St.
All modern linprovementej St-Ti per
Coal and: Wood.
Agents Imperial Oil Oo. Ltd.
Crow's   Nest   Coal,   $6.15
Anthracite,     -    -    $9.65
No order  can be accepted unless
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Office Corner Hall nnd linker Streets.
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Office :   linker Street, near Fraternitv
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Neelands Shoe Co.
Merchants' Bank of Halifax
Incorporated 1869.
Capital i'iiiii-ii|i.    ,   .    .    wi,i)Hft,070.oo I  Bui, (M,?oo,ooo.o
Boiinl ��r Idrrriiim   Thomae K. Konny,   President!   Tlioiniw Kitehto.  Vloa.PMala.inl
WUoy Smith, II. O. Itauld, lion. II. II. Fuller, M.1..C, Hon. l)��vld MmKoou. ���"wa��u"
11, mi oiii.',. Halifax :
General Mannffor, Kd^on L. Pcaee, Montreal.
Siiperliileniliiiil of liriin,���!���������. and Secretary, W. H. Torrnnco. Halifax
In������!������,'i,,i. \V. K Brock, Hiillfux.
1 in in < 1 <ii 11. M. Stewart, Montreal.
llraiielir.H I
Nova Rrnlla-Halifax liranch, AntlKOnleh, Ilrldifowator, OuyHboro. I^ondondcrry lamonhunr
Maitliiuil (llantM Co.l, I'lctou, Port llawkealinry, .Sydney. Mluibunuciullu. 'IVuro Weymouth
New Brniiawlck���Ilutliurst, DorchWUr, Freilerlcton, KliiKHton (Kent Co.l, Mcnictoii New-
coetlo, Suukvlllo, Woodntxx(k. P. K. Inlanil���t.'liurlottetewn, .SuiiiinorHide. Qiieurr-Monlron]
(City OIHcel, Montreal. Went Knd (Cor. Notro Dume and Solgneure Streote); Weminoiinl iCor
Oreeno Avenue and St. CatliarlnoH Street. Ontario���Ottawa. NenTouiKlliiuil-St John's
ruhii, Went Indies-Havana. Hinted Hlate��-New York (HI JCrohango Place) Itoimblic Wash
Atlin, Bennett, Grand Forks, Nanalmo, Nelson, Rossland, Vancouver, Vancouver East End, Victoria.
Canada-Morchant* Bank of Canada.   Boston.��� National Shavrmut Hank.   �� hlraco-Amorlaa
National Hunk.   Han FrUOlSOO��� Klmt Natlo'iul Hank.   l.������,li,n, KnK.-Hunk of Seolliind
Paris, Franrr-Credlt I.yoniiulH.   Ileriniiilii- Hunk of llerinudu.   China mi,l Janan���Hnno
Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation. *""     lu"��
(ienctnl Banking Buslnesi Transacted; Sterling; Bills of Exchange  Bouirht
and Sold, Letters of  Credit, Etc., Negotiated.
Accounts received on the most favorable terms.   Interest allowed on special
deposits and on Saving Bank accounts,
Geo. Kydd, Manager, Nelson, B.C.
Ffooijis ai)d  Offices to I^eijiL
Apply    to   the
JNfelsoi) Electric TraijiWaiJ Co-
Corner JoBephiije aijil   Vernoi) Streets.
oNCORPOIV-V�� t��70t,
Just unloaded���
Another car of
For family trade.    The best,
purest, and most palatable.
Special Prices to the
Corner linker and Stanley Btreetat
Spokane Falls &
Northern R'v.
Nelson  dc Fort
Sheppard R'v.
Red Mountain R'v.
The only all rail route between
all points east, west and south to
Rossland, Nelson and intermediate
points; connecting1 at Spokane with
Great Northern, Northern Pacific,
and O. R. & N. Co.
Connects at Nelson with steamer
for Kaslo and all Kootenay lake
Connects at  Meyer's   Falls  with
stajje daily for Republic,   and  connects at Bossburg with stage  daily
for Grand Forks and Greenwood.
Lkavk.            Day Train. AbRivk.
io.:i.r) a. m Spokane 7:10 p.m,
12:115 p. 111 lioHsland 5:30 p.m.
9 :��0 a, 111 Nelson 8:00 p.m.
Night Train.
0 AT) p.m Spokane 7:05 a.m:
11:00 p.m Rossland 0:30 a.m.
H. A. JACKSON, G. P. & T.A.
Spokane   Wau/i
Agent. Nelson, B.O
Atlantic S. S. Lines.
.11      .,      r,   , . ��� . From Mont rail
A 1111 Lino Oorinlhlan  SoptK
Allan Lino i\,,-i i.,n  SeulSM
lioininion Line Vancouver Sent IS
Iloiniiiion Lino Iloinlniun SeUtU
Beaver Una Lake. Memntlo Septal
Beaver  Lino l^lko Su|ioilor 8ont2��
,.,, ,,   ...     , . Prom Now York
White Star Lino Qormonlo soutu
white Btar Line Cymric SeDtH
White star Una Maio��t,lo  .Sent H
t.unanl Lino Ktrnrln SeBl 18
Amerloan Lino Now York Bout 19
Kod Star  Lino Kensington Sent l��
Cnnnn L no Horvla  Sofit, 18
(unaiil Llnu Lnnanla 8ouL'J2
Anchor Line Anrhorla Sept IS
A*g>?' Lino Astoria Bout 22
ii1 ,,��� r '.ji,no Kainerin Marie Thoro8ia..Sopt 18
^nU-^. Li"?,Allcr SOP'2?
Allan State Line Lauronlian Sept 21
���        ...     ��� From Boston.
Cnnard Line Sasonla Soot 2S
Dominion Line Now Kn��lai,d  Oct II)
I araages arranged to and from all European
pointH. lor ralos, tloko,e and full Information
l\Wlly,.10 ��' ''��� "��� ���W' ��W>nt or H. L. Brown
iiiy Passenger Agont, Nelson, B. c.
Goncrnl ^ ��ent, C.P.K. OffloOS, Wlnnlpoif
MRS. RKII.LY, who has taken over
the house on Ward Street just
above the Post Office, will (rive board
aud rooms. Several choice rooms still
unoccupied. Terms reasonable
7-8 inch diam. $13.50per 100 feet. For
immediate delivery in Nelson
i, 0. T. OROFTi, ������
P, 0. Box 071), Nelson, &0, i^HHUNI
It ?
Nelson  Dailv  Miner,  Saturday   Evening,  September 13, 1900
fast Dance On
Last^ Island
,���,,, before has the Gulf of   Mexico
1,,,,,-ibl,. havoc,     bast   Inland
"'"ion-   low   strip of   lan.l lying  a
ew milord : Louisiana,    Before
.,���,.,,,,��� tidal   wav     August 10,
f ���,��� ii trasn rashlonable Bummer re-
Lrt'forNew Orleans, and Indeed for
ttUUie south, holding the same relations to that part of the country that
Newport, bong Branch and Cape
Vuv now hold lo the fines of the
|,..',.', it was n beautiful island in
tHoseilavs. There was a magnificent
],������.|:;,inl there were many cottages,
t|ltt|   vvero   bowers  of   loveliness.    In
��� l'liii;i: A Memory of bast Island.''
uf(Jllulo llearn tells the story of tho
tornado aud tidal wave which blotted
out every living thing on bast Island.
It is esteemed one of the best pieces
of descriptive writing In the 1""
miage.   Portions are herewith rei
, ...,n,i.
in   the   Ian-
' Last Island lay steeped in the enormous light of even Buch magical days.
For weeks no Beck ol cloud bad broken
tho heaven's blue dream of eternity;
winds held their breath; slow wavelets caressed the bland In-own beach
with n sound as of kisses and wbis-
���ers To one who found himself alone.
Vv,,,,,I the limits of the village ami
beyond the hearing of Its voices, the
V0S| si|,.iiee. the vast light, seemed
full of wlordness, Ami these hushes
these transparencies, do not always
Inspire a causeless apprehension! they
.������ ens sometimes���omens of coming tempest. Nature���incomprehensible Sphinx before her mightiest
hursts of rage ever puts forth her di-
vinest witchery, makes more manifest her awful  beauty.
Hut In that forgotten summer the
witchery lasted many long days,���days
born iu'i'iise light, buried in gold. It
was the height of the season. The
long, myrtle-shadowed village was
thronged with its summer population ;
the big hotel could hardly accommodate all its guests. There were diversions for all: hunting and lishing parties, yachting cxcui ions, rides, music,
games, promenades. Carriage wheels
whirled Bickering ai,,ng the beach,
seaming its smoothness noiselessly, as
if inuftli'd. Love wrote its dieains upon the sand.
Almost every evening throughout
the season there had been dancing in
the great hall; there was dancing- that
night also. The population of the
hotel had been augmented by the advent of families from other parts of
the island, who found their summer
cottages insecure places of shelter;
there wen- nearly loo guests assembled. And all those pleasure seekers.
representing the wealth and beauty
ol the Creole parishes, whether inhabitants of the multi-colored and many-
balconied Creole quarter of the quaint
 tropolls, or duellers In the dreamy
paradises of the Teche, mingled joyously, knowing each other, feeling'in
Borae sort akin; whether affiliated by
blood, con unt ura I i/cd by caste, or
simply Inter-associated by traditional
sympathies  of   class    sentiment   aud
daSS interest.
Perhaps In the more than ordinary
merriment of thai evening something
uf nervous exaltation might have been
discerned something like a feverish
resolve to oppose apprehension with
gaiety, to combat uneasiness by diversion, Hut the hours passed In inirth-
fullness; the first general feeling of
depression began to weigh less und
lessnpon the guests; they had found
reason to confide In the solidity of the
massive building; there were no positive terrors, no outspoken fears; and
the new conviction of all had found
expression in tile words of the host
himself, -ii n'y a rlen do inteux a
'aire que de s'arauserl" Of what
avail to lament the prospective devastation of caiic-flelds, to discuss the possible ruin   of   crops-.'    Better   to   seek
Nacc in the choregraphio   liar nies
��i Ha- rhythm of gracious motion and
uf perfect melody, than hearken to
the discords of storms; wiser to admire the grace ,,f Parisian toilets.
tne.euily of trailing robes with its
fairy foam of lace, tho ivorine loveliness ,d glossy shoulders and jewelled
throats, the glimmering of satln-sllp-
nerea feet, than to watch the raging
Mtlie Hood without, or the living of
the wreck.
Su the music and the mirth went
0��; they made joy for themselves.
these elegant guests; they jested and
sippeil rich wines; they pledged, and
'loped, and loved, and promised, with
"ever n though! of the morrow, or the
night of the tenth of August, eighteen hundred ami Hfty-six. Observant
parents were there planning for the
Illtlire bliss of their nearest and dearest! mothers and fathers of handsome
'���'Is.lithe and elogant as young pines,
aM  rD8l, fl,,m tho pi)Ush   of  ���nlver.
"> training| mothers and fathers of
jnnng girls whoBB simplest attitudes
��ero witcheries, young cheeks Hush-
"������young hearts Buttered with a mo-
"""";'''  puissant  than   the excite-
e, ||,   ,10 'lll"w; .'""ngeyes betray
I'   happy   secret   discreeter   lips
"Will have preserved.
-Mghl u,,,e on; still the shining
I,,.'1 ''i'.1!'1'^''! I- the feet of the dan
still ti i J1,0 Pianoforte pealed and
11,,' , "' v".'lm Hallf-r; and the sound of
Sm"'n8.ln8 shrilled through the
'.' -..a gasps of the gale, to the
keu, hi     '""i" Smit1'' il�� "�� strove to
edXntl   r".!"'^ "" the spray-drenoh-
,.,,''. "'}���}"' Star.
If tiTnf ��� '"' '""ttered. "a danee!
tlier-' i"""1 "'''l's found south,
l" ' ""���another dance."
;lll, ,,;'.'! '"'"��� might have passed;
! C ��s Darned oalmly, and the
Whirl �� , '��� '"id the perfumed
wind vooredI0""       Aml  Budtlenly tn8
the'reu'i""'"1"''"1''1''1 I" the midst of
lu-i- ���,..,,     ',V""'��i'l   who had   found
Used in Millions of Homes���40 Years the
standard. A Pure Cream of Tartar Powder,
Superior to every other known. Makes
delicious cake and pastry, light, flaky biscuit,
griddle  cakes ��� palatable  and   wholesome.
Note.���Avoid baking powders made from
alum. They look like pure powders,
and may raise the cakes, but alum
is a poison and no one can eat food
mixed with it without injury to health.
it'l���'e!'''1,!,y.slil'l"'1,s   wet,    What could
"Piva'din   ""   8tre?W��   of water   were
What   c -IU','''ut"f ,,,c   dancers.
,��� II   it   be?     All   the    land
Bhook ","" l'"'""ltl'i"11 the buildings
Bruan     u-i.'. ,l'v''''-Y   '"'ai"   uttered   its
hush of voices. Ami through that
hush there burst upon the ears of all
a fearful and unfamiliar sound as of
a colossal cannonade���rolling- up from
the south with volleying lightnings.
Vastly and swiftly, nearer and nearer
it came, a ponderous and unbroken 1
thunder roll, lerrilie as the long unit- J
torlng of an earthquake,
Then    rose   a   frightful   cry;    the
hoarse,   hideous, indescribable cry   of
hopeless fear I the   despairing   animal'
cry man utters when Isuddenly brought
face to face with Nothingness,   with-1
out preparation, without consolation, I
without possibility of respite.  During
one terrible   instant, against fruitless
heroism,   against   fruitless    generosi- '
ties, raged   all   the   frenzy of selfishness, all the brutalities of panic.  And |
then���then came, thundering through |
the blackness, the giant   swells, boom .
on boom!    One crash; the huge frame'
building rocks like a cradle,   seesaws,
crackles.     What   are  human     shrieks
now'.'    The     tornado    is     shrieking!
Chandeliers splinter; lights   are dashed out; a sweeping cataract hurls   in ;
the   immense   hall   rises,     oscillates,
twirls   as   upon   a   pivot,   crepitates,
crumbles   into    ruins.���Crash   again!
the swirling wreck dissolves Into   the
wallowings of  another  monster billow.
The billowing tide rushed unresisted from the tlulf tearing and swallowing- the land In its course, plowing
out deep-sea channels where sleek
herds bad been grazing but a few
hours before, rending islands in
twain, and ever bearing with it,
through the night enormous vortex of
wreck and vast wan drift of corpses.
Water,   brought   the   lecture    to    an
abrupt end by exclaiming���
���I'll'   it     out.    man!    I'll'    it   oot!
D'ye no' see ye've got a bite'.'"
A   gentleman   form the  south  was
out lishing on a   Highland   loch,    and
whipped   the water   for   some
he   began
There is a story of a herd laddie
who was accosted by an angler of the
fashionable type, dressed In the latest, with new basket and new fishing
rod, etc., to match.
"Well, boy," he said, do many anglers conic this way'.'"
"Ay, whiles ane or twa'.'"
"I suppose they have good baskets','"
"Weel, they hiv braw baskets, but
there's   never lnuekle in them."
tn,,,.    ,,  ��� ��"i\   oeam
There Ulllll""'l'l it lie.
'<Uh.,w:;;u.,lV1r!''''-'apanic. a rush
a,v- "���"M'^-oi'id   tnflnlte darkDM8
1'l,1' �� moment'there was a ghastly
Flail will take with anything "if
they only take it into their heads. " aB
the half-wit said when he was angling
with bent pin, Hoys, however, have
recourse to "guddling" when no other means are available. A clergyman
was angling one day for trout on a
Highland stream, when he came
acorss some boys "guddling" with
their sleeves and trousers rolled up.
"1 say, boyB'."1 exclaimed the minister, "are you not ashamed of yourselves to be catching the poor trout in
that way, guddling- for them with
your hands under the stoprs'.' You
know that is not a fair way of taking
The boys looked up in astonishment, and one of them, bolder than
the others replied���
"O'awa', man, it's you wha sluid
bo ashamed, try in' to cheat them
wi' sham ilecs!"
���   ��   ��
Many ministers are enthusiastic anglers. One who is a keen follower of
Izaak Walton was out walking one
Sunday when he accidentally came upon a boy lishing. Taken by surprise,
the lad was so perplexed and taken
aback that he allowed the line to sink
to the bottom of the Stream, while the
reverend gentleman began lecturing
him on the evils of Sabbath desecration. The minister, however, on seeing the lloat suddenly bob under  the
time without   any success,
to lose patience.
"Confound them!" he exolaimed to
Donald, the boatman, "it is evident
they won't rise today."
Hardly had he uttered the words
when he hooked a tine trout, which
In his excitement, he sent Hying
high overhead, and which thereby regained its liberty.
"llccb," said 'Donald dryly, "that
ane rose a fair heicht ony wye!"
Perhaps it was owing to Donald's
"dry" disposition chat the angler
was not more successful. At any rate,
there is another story of an enthusiastic angler, a staunch teetotaller,
who had a good stretch of the Dee to
lish in. lie engaged the services of
an experienced boatman, but night
after night he came back with empty
creel, lie at last departed in disgust.
When he was gone, the boatman
was approached, and asked how it
was that an expert angler as Mr. T.
T. was known to be, had such a run
of bad luck.
"Aweel." said the boatman.'he had
nae whusky. sac I took him whaur
there wis nae fash. "
We   cannot say whether   whiskey is
really essential   to success in angling,
hut in connection with it there is certainly B wealth of humor evoked.
Tain and Sandy, who are enthusiastic Ushers, made great preparations
for a big day's catch at Dunoon last
Bummer, Hiring a punt they pulled
out about a couple of miles oil'shore
till they reached what was reputed to
1 a good spot,"
Here they anchored.
"Oot everything rioht, na, Tarn?"
asked Sandy.
-A's   rioht,    Sandy;   trust   me   for
that," and Tam proo led to dole the
store out   of the hamper,
"Here's the haggis, an' the cuttles,
an the san'wtches, an1 the whiskey
jar, an'���"
"Got the fishing tackle'.'"
"Great Scotf.'" gasped Tam, "I
clean forgot that !"
���   ��   ���
Several   youths   were   angling   one
day with very little sin ss,    In fact,
one enthusiast had not got "a bite."
but he was loth to admit his lack of
success, and; assured his coinpaiiioi s
that thetroul wen- "nibblinggrand."
one of the others,however,approached the. spot where this worthy son of
Job was eagerly watching from behind B bush for a bite.
������Stand buck, man," be said, warding hl�� friend off; "there's a liig ane
nlbblln' at my line the boo, "
������Tuts, man'! I see yer worm lyln'
n the opposite bank. "
-oh- I ken that brawly; but I wis
jlst waitin' till it wad crawl in."
A Tempting Table
If you have difficulty in making a
pleasing variety in your bill of fare
from day to day,
Come to Our Grocery
and learn how easily and economically
it can be done.
Here arc u few things that will help
Breakfast Cereals of all descriptions
Fresh Fruits arriving daily
Choice Butter and Eggs
A full line of Cured Meats
Also our Teas and Coffee that
cannot be excelled.
Kirkpatrlck & Wilson
-Von ate an American?"
"Yes.     How did you  know it.'"
������Vou 'guessed.' '
������Indeed!    And you arc an  hnglish-
���  I am.    How did   you know that'.'"
��� ���Ity the way you 'try and do.' '
This slimntufo l�� on ovory box o( the gonulne
Laxative Bromo-Quinine i*"10"
tho remedy tlmt cures a coM In cm **9
Pan Points
Tin Pans are not all
alike. There's the difference in the tin, in the
ironing, and in the making. All the points that
go to make the difference
between good and bad
quality are embodied in
tin pans.
We Have Tin Pans of
Every Kind and Size
made from  extra  heavy
stock, and warranted to
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We have an assortment of the
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ladies. The natural fragrance of
sweet dowers, bottled and sold for
a right price,
White   Rose.    Lilac.    Heliotrope.
Sweet Clover, carnation,
These perfumes arc sold in bulk
or bottled, and are guaranteed.
Baker Street, Nelson.     P. (). llox SS6.
If You Smoke
Smoke  the
Royal Seal
Kootenay Belle.
3 tu s  fcj     ���'������
Room 1, Turner-Boeokh Block.
Houses and Building Lots in All Farts
of the Oity.
WANTED-Good building lotH down
town for client,.   Also land adjoining
city for gardeninir.
By the week from $5 to $6.
By the day Si.00.
R. P. Rithet & Co-, Ltd.,
Agent*   lor British   Columbia.
A. I). UKAV, Box Sj|, Nelson, Koolensy
Bank of
British Columbia,
Is now prepared to issue
Drafts and Letters of Credit
on Skaguay, U.S., Atlin, B.
C, and Dawson City, Yukon
Thorough English, Calisthenics,
Music, French, and German if required. Kail term commences 8rd
.September,    Km- particulars apply to
Josophlne si.
Hugh R. Cameron
Insurance Agent and Broker.
WANTED���A  furnished  house.   Will
offer good rental.
Straight  Mortgage,  at 8 pep cen'.
Wanted���Molly Gibson Stock.
General Agent for the Giirat West
Life Assurance Oo.
WANTBD-For Spot Cash���Two ee*.
tml   lots BtUtttble   for   kesidenoeii
PURSUANT to Uto"Orodttora*TniHl hv^u
Aci," ittul .\ u:'n.11in-   At'K ami the Trtli>
tons' and KxMutorii1 aol, Soounm K'l to m
Notice; N horaby Rjyon that I. ft> adtntnUtra*
tor of tho entote of Thornm Richardson in nb
llfulime of nieolllewaflt, In tho County of
Kontimny, hotel knanur. diTiniMwi, hum (lied in
tho vftDCOUyor 'toKintry of tpO Hnpromo Court
nf r.u'i Ii Columbia, u di-clfirntion Ihnt thu
Hild nritate in ln-uftleiunt for the payment in
full of the debtK ami llubflltluH uf the wild
Thomas Rlohardion.
All nujNoiiH havina olalnu agalnsl thocHtato
of tho Hnid ThnnuiH Itirhiinlson, who hnvo not
alreadyfllod with mo full parttouJan of thu
surnu duly verified, together with  I lie purlieu
InrH of ROOUrltlos, if any. held by them, are
required to do ho before the 1st day of Ootober
Notice Ik horeby further glVOU that nf lor I he
i - ii.iy of October next tho administrator, an
trtiriloe, wilt proceed to distribute the proceed*
of tho trust estate among the parties ontltled
thereto, having regard only lo I he cluiniK of
which ho thon nun notice, and that ho will not
bo liable for thu proceodrt of the trunt ontnto, or
any part thereof, so distributed) to any person
of whopu claim ho bad not notice at t ho t imo of
the distributions
Notice In horeby [{Ivon that a mooting of the
creditors of thu said Thomas Rlohardson will
!"��� held in tho Court Hoiiko at Kort Stoolu,
B.C., on Monday, tho 24th day of .September,
A. I>. 11)00, at the hour of one o'clock in thu
Dated at Fort Steele, H. On this Kith day of
August, A.D. IIMi.
Official Administrator.
The End of
The Season
Finds   us   with  a  few   pairs   of    Men's
and Women's Summer Shoes
on hand, and these we have marked down
very low. You may find your size in the
lot if you call early.
The SLoeists
W. Ai T.
f Have you tried it? The little
man in the picture is smoking
one, and he is happy. You'll
be just as happy if you try it.
W. A. THURMAN, Tobacconist
PRICES $1.25 TO $4.00.
UwreoGe hWWure 60.
Nelson,   B. C.
West Kootenay Butcher Co,
Fresh   and    Salted   Heats
Fish and Poultry in Season
E.   C.   TRAVES.   Manager.
Bakkr Street, Nelson.
Orders by mail receive careful and prompt attention
C#7nAAS-LLmJ  tuts fl-ltuftuJ ^
/Ufa 'fry fo d^H^yft firfiw ft&4
Canada Permanent and Western Canada Mortgage
head  office toronto,  ont,
Money to loan on Straight Mortgage.
Apply to O. K LENNOX, liuk��r St.,
I hivve mm- in stook a line
of nil classes nf
Special Line of Tweed Suitings at $25.
Successor to Fred J. Squire-
Will pay tho hiKhest cash prioo for ill
kinds ol Heoonri hiinil Roods. Will hny
or ael! iinyiliiMi: from an anchor to a
needle. Furniture, stoves, carports,
oooking ntensils, bought In household
quantities. Also oast off clothing.
Call aud see me or write. Andrei*
Silver King Mike, Box 300. Hall
Stroel, Nelion, B, C,
Nelson Iijloyiit Agency
Waitress. Chambermaid, Wnod-
outtors,   Cooh (woman).   Walter,
Situations wanted by nursea, laborers,   COIlllN.
J. H. LOVE, Agt., Baker St,
~j* ������'������ ��� Nelson  Daily Miner, Saturday Evening, Siu-iember  is, 1900.
The walcli tvhich was loii   by
Campl ' ndvei Used in The
,1  id   by   Patrick   Ulen and
ret ui-iicil In Miss Campbell.
Dudley lllnckw I Is buclt From the
1.n ili'iiu 1 ountry where ho wonl In
, eel  with some mining properties in �� hlch he is intcrestutl.
,lumes Steers of tho tug Proctor
win, narrorwly escaped drowning on
K itenaj Lake on Thursday wob taken In the hospital l.-i-i evening suger-
i.,in tho effects of the accident.
II,   1 - doing well today,
���I he Silvorton football team is communicating  with   the    Nelson   team,
���   hal arrangements In- made for
, no   to   be    played   ai   Sllverton.
nenl team is considering tho mat-
le und will undoubtedly arrange for u
in tho near future.
v tin- Methodisl   Church tomorrow,
II ���.   .1.  II. While will   preach :il both
es, 11 a. in. and 7:30 p.m. Morn-
nb eel. "Questions Aboul    lii-viv-
Ist.    \\ hal is ii Revival?"    Even-
ubject.   ������ Four Chapters   in the
of o Wanderer. Chap. I.. Leaving
\ i hinaman by the uamo of Sum
was charged with thofl a1 the police
eourl this morning. The Information,
ivliieh was laid by David 0. Lewis,
stuted thai Sum was accused of stealing 813 and ,-i ladles watch from Mrs.
Lewis. The case was adjourned until
Tuesday morning.
i .i ,inil Grit" will be the subject
,,ile,. Win. Munroo's sermon tomor-
niu nighl at the Opera House, The
inusic I'M- the evening will be an In-
stiuiiiental voluntary by Miss Wilson
und :m anthem bj the choir. There
will also be n morning service,ami all
u ill l,e made welcome.
The new shay locomotive which 1ms
been purchased by the Canadian Pacific 1,1 lie used iii Iniulin^ ore from the
various mines to the Trail smelter was
put i" work yesterday. It nave the
hesl of satisfaction and drew up tho
llnssland hill a load equal to a liiuil of
three ordinary engines,
Tin- city workmen started yesterday
laying a sewer on tho lane through
block US. Ii wil extend to Hendryx
Street thence to Vernon and alone;
Vernon to Cedar. A car load of pipe
arrived yesterday from Victoria, and
tie-re is enough 'material on   hand   to
e plete the work   that has been laid
out by the   Council   up   to date.
Mr. I-'. W. Peters returned to Nelson ibis morning from n visit to the
mining district of the north In company With Mr. W. It. Maellines. id
Winntpeg.gencrul freight agent of the
c. p. II, lines west of Lake Superior,
Mr. Mnclnncs will remain in Nelson
until Wednesday and then will visit
other mining  districts  of  the   Prov-
i lie,'.
The following are the mining records for today: Certificates of Work
���To .lames Hampton,   on   Dominion;
to I-:. .1. Miller, on Lost,in. Belle, St.
lliitain : to lloborl lleddle, on (lolden
May. Micky lireen. Tunsfers From
Oscar Johnston to X. Lowering, one-
quarter interest in .May Flower, Jon
Sandy Creek, lor a nominal consideration.    I ations   Keystone, on Morn-
ii ; Mountain, by Geo,  Do Maine.
The Spokane Chronicle says: Dun
Mi l.iooe has been selected as the new
manager of the Spokane Eagle's baseball team, and he e.x| is to bring the
nine players who have the national
bird as their emblem i" the top notch
of proficency of baseball experts. Mr.
McEnroe was the former manager of
the S. A. A. C. baseball team und lias
had a great deal of experience with
In, lobali men. lie is considered the
bcsl man who could be secured to
manage the destinies of tho Eagles,
lie is now looking for games, and as
a starter has issue,; a cuullcngc to the
s. A. A. C. team for m-xt Saturday
and Sunday. The club had promised
its iiu-ii a Vest, however, and stated
thai they could nol play Ihegamo.
Mr. Ii, C. RiblOl returned from Spokane today wh.-re in- has been for the
last ten days on professional business,
iiu being interviewed as to the opinion he would give in regard to the
state of affairs which has confronted
the iity Engineer's department In the
matter of tho electric light service.
Mr. Itiblet Bald thai   he   had nol   yet
had time to make an   examinatl f
the dam.     The   commission    to   report
upon the   feasibility of   utilizing the
.urn or the alternative of construct-
;, ni w dam did   not   reach him in
ii  i,,r him i" examine the property
i  Ii ,i\ ing the city,as he was only
lied of the action of   the council a
hours before hit   departure.    Mr.
Iliblel will   probably moke the exam-
Ion on   Monday   and   the   Council
he able to   :"���!   upon    his   opinion
al the regular mi el ins ""   thai night.
IteenUBe   of tho   appearance   in   (he
m   llpern    Hon r   the   It.   E.
i n i, Co., Manager Anhable is fore-
���    in announce   thai the Edith Miller
1       ert  Co..   w hi'-i iiu"-  to   Nelson
��� Thursday even in)    September 20,
appear in Kratcrnily Mall, which
,    n  will be arranged so 1 hat a large
i  can be .1' eot lated.
i Lb Millci ���: the members of
company are ko well and.favorably
U i.o ���. ii i n \\ ,��� i. in i aiuula. how ever.
thai II n ill in. ke little difference to
the music lovers of this city where
:   i     give their com ert.
Tl oinpnny is now    at    the   i oast
.vie le. with one exception, they drew
as large housei as have been attracted by any concert enmpani appearing
there in recent years. Ml is Miller
herselt has J won the praise of everyone and there is nothing bill good
words for Mr. Stanley Adams. Robert
( ampliill and Mis, Forsytlie.
Colonel llenson, v* ho made the an
line Inspection of the Nelson Kifit
(lompany of t he I.'.   M. I,'..   expressed
himself as wel i pleased   with t h in-
ditioti which the company was in.
The Inspection took place at the skating rink, and t he  pany    was   well
represented there being over thirty
members in attendance, Rifle exer-
e| ,    ami the  M.i \iui   gun   drill    wore
well executed under tl ommand  ,,r
Li nanl    <L    8.     Hecr.      Colonel
n ; . marks    to    the ollieers
and company after the Inspection said
Hint     he     was     well   pleased    with    till'
Been that the coin pany tool; groat pui ns
and much interest in their work.
The filet that there arc ten of the
members in the Transvaal shows this,
lb- thought that the company was ill
great need of a good drill hull und
armory and at. such time as this was
obtained he would try and get two
companies formed in Nelson. Colonel
Leusoii also commended the military
baud which was in attendance at the
inspect ion. lie will do all in his
power to have the members of the
band furnished with uniforms. The
work of the company for the season
is now ended and drill will not be resumed until next spring. When the
season opens there wilt probably be
some changes in the officers. Second
Lieutenant II. W. Day has handed in
his resignation to take effect at once.
Captain     llodglns   will    probably   be
placed on the regimental  stall',    it is
not   known  who    will  he   promoted    to
these positions.
"Quo Vudis" the great religious
play which will be seen at the Nelson
opera House next Monday evening,
is u dramatisation of Slenklewcz's famous romance, a book that bus been
read more widely than tiny other dur-
Ing the past two years. The play appeals strongly in setting forth a gru-
phic picture of debauchery and licentiousness of the period of when the
Roman Empire was at its height under Nero, and brings old vividly the
desperate struggle of the Christians
against the despot and his court. The
scenery is striking anil no Btage .specific ever witnessed equals the graphic
picture of the burning "f Rome. The
martyrdom of the curly Christians is
in Impressive spectacle and the play
is niu- lone; to be remembered by those
who wit ncss il.
\ Ten Thousand Pound Company to
llegln Work at once.
Spokane, Wash.. Sept. 15,���James
Rutherford, for the past nine years a
resident, of Spokane and Rossland. has
just returned from an eight months'
tirp to London, England,    lie leports
ivi,i��r formed a company to operate
the Maggie May group of mines in
rdcuu district, British Columbia,
the company having u capitalization
if ��10,000 or Sail, i ii in.
"Yes. I succeeded ill organizing
the company to lake hold of the Maggie May group." said Mr. Rutherford
today: ' Tnc Maggie May group consists of four claims und a fraction.
namely, Maggie May No. i. Maggie
May No. :;, John L., Jumbo and Marion fraction.
������This propel ty was owned by John
Lynch of Rossland. who sold the
claims to the company for 130,000,
and still retains an interest in the
company. They an- in the L-ardeau
district on Trout Lake, and cover 330
acres. The company organized is composed of a good substantial men who
will take hold of the properties und
develop them at once.    I will manage
the   development    and   will   leave   for
Rossland   in  about   a week   to  Btarl
The claims wen-   never Incorporated
before 1 went to London, und so were
never on tin- stock market. Neither
will they appear on the stock market
now, as there is no stock to limit, it
all being subscribed. The ore is half
free milling and half refractory, with
assays averaging  831 to the ton. and.
Ill icentrates going 1335 ill gold.      I
will start work immediately, and as
soon as we get enough of the ore uncovered to warrant putting a mill  on
the property it will  be done. "
Shanghai, Sept. 14.���Earl Li Hung
Chang has Started north. It is reported that the Germans intend seizing
the grand canal at several points in
order to protect their interests in Shan
Shanghai, Sept. IS.���News of the
contemplated withdrawal of the Allies
from Pekln has ,-aused a great sensation, It is looked upon here us a mistake which is likely In eventuate in
disturbances  In other parts of china
where the people Ul'f eertllill to   tlttri-
butO tl v .olio t i, ,|| to defeat    of   Ihe
European fOrcOB. liven here the Chinese forces as a whole do not belleTG
that the Allies ever leached Pekln,
They think the story a fabrication
eoneerted for the purpose of Imposing
on the officials. Competent observers believe Ihe lesson must be brought
home to China now in order to prevent serious outbreaks   in the future.
.Small Budget   Brought   Down on the
San Pedro.
Seattle. Sept.. 15.���The San Pedro
brought the news from Nome that the
grand jury there bad been drawn and
a session opened. The following gentlemen comprise the body: A. .1.
Cody, foreman;!'. M,,Bennett, soore-
tiu-y; Stewart Carter, William Bun-
ger, R, W. Rowan, T. A. Babeook,
.1. M. Davidson, Walter liuricuu, E.
T, Baldwin, Neil Soronson, James If.
Wheeler, T, T. Barber, D. J. MolCln-
ney, Patrick Kyan. Ii.. T. Siinonton,
A. E. Lippincott, (I. A. Carpenter, ,1.
II. Logan,
The produce market at Nome was
beginning to take on winter prices
when the last vessel left there for Scuttle. Potatoes which a few weeks
ago could be bought at almost any
pi ice were quoted at SI3 n orate; eggs
also climbed upward, and commanded
$17 a case; and they were not pcnliful
at that figure; they retail for 75 cents
a dozen. Ill other lines no charges
of price are reported.
Tho Russian officials and other who
were brought to Nome on the Saiiiou
will be returned to the Siberian coast
by the same vessel that brought them
there. It is probable that the affair
will form the subject of diplomatic
correspondence between the government   of   the   United   States and   the
Russian Imperial government.
While watching a crap game at
Nome in the Cabinet saloon Peter
Allies' hip pocket was picked l-eeenty,
the thief getting away with a poek-
etbook and its contents s/lthout detection.
Contained in the pooketbook, which
wiih an ordinary leather affair, were
a certificate of deposit for Saiit) on the
Everett National Bank of Washington,
and a SlOu United States treasury
note, No. 113. lie had, besides two
8-0 United States notes and two Canadian SMI notes.
Judge Noyes has created two new
mining districts in the northwest
portion of Alaska. The names of the
divisions are the Arctic and the Good
Mr. Charles E. (lay has been appointed United States commissioner
und cx-ollicio recorder for the Arctic
Mr. William S. Thompson wus appointed rniled states commissioner
and recorder for the Good Hope district.
A mining sale has been consummated at Nome which represented the
transfer of the largest amount of
money ever paid in that district for a
claim. Tom T. Lane, of the Wild
(loose Mining Company, made the
last payment of the (150,000 to Tom
Median, J. II. Baker, John Ericksun,
Martin Castillo and G. \V. Long for
Ihe Mattte bench cluiin adjoining No.
'.' Nukkilu gulch. This is the biggest
price ever paid for a bench claim in
the Nome or Klondike mining districts. C. 1). Lane bonded the claim
curly lust July just prior to his departure on the steamer Newsboy for Seattle. The transaction was kept quiet
and the news did not generally leak
out in mining circles The owners did
not know the value of the bench until
tin- latter part of hist June. John
Erickson, one of the owners who remained here lust winter, repeatedly
offered the claim for 811.0, but could
not find any buyer.
During the fore part of June, Mechlin and partners started n cut at thl
lower end end of the claim and upoi:
the edge of a gravel bar. which from
the surface forms a grassy terrace on
the side of the hill. As they advanc
cd the cut the pay gravel increased
from Hi cents to 8- und 83 to the pan.
Then one morning the Mattic bcncl
claim became famous as Mechlin and
partners hud rocked out us high as
SI.nun with a rocker for one day-
Taku, Wednesday, Sept. 13, The
Boxers, against whom an expedition
of Allies was sent to the westward,
had lefl tin- vicinity of Tu I,in foul-
days previous to the arrival of the
troops. Tin- German and the American legation guards have returned to
the ships.
Work.    He  stated tliut it wuu plainly J Candles,, both fairly strong men
Victoria,   II.  I ..  Sept.   I;,.     The   Lib
oral convention which was t,, have
been held on September lfit.li has been
postponed until September villi. This
is done iii order to gel a decision from
Mr. A. O. Mei'uiulless. who is now in
Haw -on. whether or not he will bo u
candidate for tin- Federal House, It
likely In will consent. The team
would then In-  George   Riley and Mo-
British Columbia's to He Held at Now
Westminster   October 3-5,
New Westminster, II. C, Sept. 15.���
British Columbia's great Provincial
fair will be held at Queen's Park, in
this city, on October V, 3, 4, und .">,
und already promises to eclipse all
previous ones. Over $30,000 lire offered
in prizes, and entries have been declared free and open to the world. All
the manufacturers' space bus been taken by intending exhibitors for over
three months' past. This is the first
year that the New Wctsininster fair
has been placed on the Pacific Coast
circuit, and as a result .several large
stock raisers of Washington, Oregon
and California will make exhibits.
The following is the circuit as arranged this year: California State Fair,
at Sacruincnti,, September 8-16, Peter
,1.   Shields,   Secretary;   Oregon   Slate
Pair, at Salem,  September 17-:;:.',  M.
I). Wisdom, sccrliu-y; Washington
State Fair, at North Vukima, September 34-30, T. Ii. liiiiin. secretruy;
British Columbia Provincial Fair, at
New Westminster, October 8-5, W. II.
K'cary, secretary: Idaho State Fair,
at Boise City, October 8-13, J. S. Ro-
giii-t. secretary. The great fair will
he formally opened to the public
ut 3 p. in. on Tuesday, October 3 by
Sir Henri July de Lotbiniere, Lieutenant-Governor of British Columbia.
The programme of attractions for Ihe
four days will he under the direction
of the citizen's celebration committee
and will include lacrosse mutches between the Winnipeg team, champions
of the Manitoba League, and the New
Westminster team, ohampions of the
world; tug of war tournament, a $300
cash prize; a baseball tournament for
8300 cash prize; balloon usccnsioii and
parachute drop: horse racing, etc. A
grand stock parade will be held on
(Ictobcr 1 and .'i at *' p. in. The best
bands in the Pacilic Northwest wil! be
in attendance during the day time,
anil promenade concerts will be given
in the buildings each evening. A
great dispersion sale of pure-bred
stock will be held at the giounds
Thursday and Friday for the benefit of
the farmers, children's day will be
big feature of the celebration and will
be held on Friday, October 5. A grand
procession of school children from all
over the Province will be a featur
of the day's programme, and special
attractions including the latest novelties for the amusement of children,
will be provided. Special reduced
rates have been arranged for on all
New Dry Goods
A worthy doctor, while enjoying a
holiday in the island of Arran. took
the opppintiiiiity.along with a friend,
to go lishing. During operations the
doctor's sinker cunic off and was lost.
Here was a iliieinna���no sinker, mi
more whitings that day. Hal happy
thought his Husk no sooner said
than don,-.
The bottle will filled with salt wnti
carefully corked, and. sent down on
its mission. After a few minutes'
nlcivul. "1111!" quoth the doctor,
"a bite," and so he pulled at racing
speed a line pair of whitings, one on
caeh  hook.
Ills companion in He- boat exclaimed, "Hu. doctor, twins this time!"
"Yes," replied the doctor, "and
brought upon the bottle too!"
Sonic excellent stories are told at
the expense of the clergy. A popular
sport small one day went a lishing "by
Tweed's silver stream" with a clergyman,       Biles were plentiful,    but   thl
sportsman seemed to get them all.
The reverend gentleman fished patiently, and at lust he hooked a fish.
It made a rush down stream. The
line parted, and the minister's hopes
und a purl of his lishing tackle vanished simultaneously,
lb- said nothing for almost a mm
ule; then turning to his friend, he remarked
������John, if my religious training
hud been neglected, what do you suppose I would have said !"
i��> CI KK   ��   mini is  ow   nil
Tukn Laxative Kruiuii Quinine TllbllU,   All
ilnufKlsts refund the niniuiy If It full* to aura,
Jje.   K, W, Urove's ��l|jii��liim- l�� on each liux.
Mr. W. A. Hines of Manchester, Iu
writing of bis alniOBt miraculous
osnapo from death, says: "Exposure
after measles indncod serious lung
trouble, which ended iu Consumption.
I had frequent hemorrhages and
coughed night and duv. All mv doctors said 1 must soon die. Then I be
gan to use Dr. King's New Diseoverv
for Consumption, which completely
cured me. I would not be without it
even if it cost tfi.OO a bottle. Hundreds huve used It on my reeommeidi
tion and all say it nuver fails to cine
Throat, Chest und I.nng troubles.
Regular size fiOo and SI.00. Trial
bottles free at ( muula Drug and Book
Spring chicken and nil the delioanios
of the season served to yon when you
visit Florence Park Hotel at Roberts
Ranch, two and a half miles up the
river.    W. M. Roberts, proprietor.
LOST���On    llth   inst.,    Bi-indle   Hull
terrier   pup,   white     breast,   about
three months old.���Reward for return
ing to P.  ES.  Wilson.
WANTED.���A   democrat   wagon.    ,1
M. Williams.
Give the Eyes a Chance
In nil .i.'���-. in all lw 'i . iin- CM",   Iioulcl in-
|M'i iihUmI to Kivu tl fir DWnon niiliiiiiiinTi'il
Ik Yor WOULD IIavk Yocit Kyfh Skhvk
You in tiik Bmt Way
TOO hIkmiIiI mit thill they arc coridctly fitted
uilli   proper   ^:J.< ��� ���   .    Our attention   in  mv-
you  ntiefaotory "Wit.  Our lenioi lit your
t-vi-h .mil our frames tit >our fine,
Patenaude Bros.,   opticians
Our Fresh Roasted ('offee Best of
Quality, as follows :
Java and Arabian Mochn. per pound $   10
JaTH und MiHilui HI, ml, ,1 pounds  1 00
Kino bunion, 4 pounds
I i.i
I 00
I 00
1 00
_ , 4}i	
HnnlOH Hli'iid, 6 pounds	
Our  tfncnlalMIund, II pounds	
Our Hlo HoiiHt, fi pounds	
i  iiiiii. on m ii soi ii n | i,.
Hai.khkoomh :
Nelson,      ���      u. c.
A. R. BARROW, a m i. ok
Provincial   Land  Surveyor.
Corner Viotoria nnd Kootenay Sts.
P. O. Box 5n��. Telephone No. BO
nf writing Papar won't last
lung, Vimi'iI botterplaco mm-
other "hurry up Order with
Millinery Store.
Our NEW Jackets and Mantles
are now ready for your inspection. They are direct from Germany, and include the latest
styles and most up-to-date Mantles ever shown in Nelson.
Our Golf Capes are comfortable and stylish. Plain Colors in
Fawn, Blue and Black. Prices
start at      ....      $4.75
Our Ready-to-Wear Felt Hats
include the latest English and
American styles. Will be pleased
to show you everything in the
NEW GOODS. Our prices are
the lowest.    	
Commencing Monday
Sept. 17th
Russell ft Drew's
Theatre Co.
Change of Play Each Night
The Great  Christian Play
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants
Branch Markets in Rossland, Trail, Nelson, Easlo
Sandon, Three Porks, New Denver and Slocan City.
Orders by mall to any branch will have careful a-J nromot attention.
Delivered to any point
on Kootenay Lake.
I have a complete stock on hand u{
Rough and Dressed
Mouldings, Sash Doors,
Inside Finish,
Coast Flooring, and
Finished Lumber-
Mill at PILOT BAY. Ynrda, NELSON
and LARDO.
i��� ^m^SL:^^'"'SL-'SaVi.'*"''���g-'g'g-^���g'1 ��L'*"'^'g'g g *��L^g-g
ft   Capital $250,000, in Ten Cent Shares.   Four Claims, All Crown Granted,   W
Non-Assessable and Non-Personal Liability.
With No Debts or Liabilities.   One Mile West of Rossland.
600,000 Shares in Treasury for Development.
The properties of this company are situated directly west and 600 feet
lower in elevation than the famous Le Roi No. 1 and Le Roi No. 2, that are
now shipping 10,000 tons a week. The Workings consist of a shaft and Two
Tunnels, driven to tap the ore body on three separate and distinct veins. No. 1
Tunnel on this vein is in over 100 feet, and No. 2 Tunnel on this vein has
reached a depth of 112 feet, with three and one-half feet of shipping ore in
sight, and forty feet of the ledge to cross-cut. The ore is identical with the
Le Roi ore, the High-Grade Gold-Copper Ore of the camp. The No. 3 Vein
has been opened in five places for 2,000 feel, which dips to the I. X. L. adjoining, which is now shipping the highest grade ore in British Columbia. Several
buildings are on the ground, with two blacksmith shops and large boarding
house, etc., with water and timber in abundance.
Our assays have averaged from $5.00 to $800 in Gold, Copper and
Silver; and the shipping facilities are the best. The Great Northern Railway
runs three times through the ground, three smelters close at hand, and reduced
charges of $4.50 per ton for shipping and smelting, and we are now, ready to
start shipping ore.
The shares in this Company have been strictly pooled, and we will issue
Pooled Receipts only until the Pool is dissolved. We need money, and will
send you 100 shares for $7.00, 1.000 for $60.00, 5,000 for $275.00, and 10,000
for $500.00.    Address
JAMES LAWLER, Managing Director,
BOX  645,  ROSSLAND,  B. C. $
Or Money can be sent care Bank of Montreal. fl*
References :    Any Bank or Business   Man in Ihe City of Rossland. $L
Hvestlsate-StM tor Prosptctnses, I irelmcrv Bipgrts, Bit. /W


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