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Nelson Daily Miner Nov 7, 1900

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Daily Edition No. 878
Nelson,   British Columbia, Wednesday Evening,   November 7,  1900.
Eleventh   Year
Provincial Libr.ryvg31i
William McKinley Defeats the Apostle of
Free Silver for the Second
Democrats have carried Greater New
York by about 87,500. The entire Republican state ticket lias been elected
anil   the   Republicans   made   gains in
both houses of the State Legislature.
The Republicans (ruined Beveral members of Congress from tills State, but
the official count may be required to
decide in one or more  close   districts.
New Yoik, Nov. 7.���Tlie result of
the polling in the United States yes-
U'l'iluy is that William McKinley is
for the second time elected president
nf the United States and William
Jennings. Bryan, for the second time
goes down to defeat. In the eastern
stales Mr. Bryan polled a much larger
vote than he did four years ago, but
in the west he ran behind. His gains
in tbe oast, however, were not large
enough to give him the electoral vote
of the eastern states and are therefore
of no benefit. As early as 8 o'cljek
last evening the returns were indicative of tlie sure election of McKinley
anil long before midnight the Democrats gave up all hope. There wero
few surprises. Tlie only state which
the Republicans bad really hoped to
carry, anil in which they failed, was
Kentucky, which gives Bryan its full
electoral vote of 13. In 1800 McKinley received 1:1 of these and Bryan
one. In Nebraska it looks very much
as though Mr. Ilryan bad lost bis Senatorial seat. The Legislature there
promises to be Republican nnd in such
event Bryan has been surely relegated to private life. In Pennsylvania
Senator (Quay's candidates for tlie legislature are defeated and tho man
whom even the Republicans, of which
he is onciulinit to lie corrupt will undoubtedly lose bis seat in the Senate
this winter. Tile very interesting
Senatorial light in Montana was won
by Mr. VV. A. Clark and he will go
back to the United States Senate with
no charges of corruption to again unseat him. As in 1800 Mr. Bryan's own
precinct in the eity of Lincoln. Neb.,
the eity itself, the county and the
state,   go    for   Mr.     McKinley.    The
! states of Washington and Minnesota,
although giving McKinley their en-
tiro electoral vote, promise to elect
Democratic governors, but the other
state ollieers will be Republican. New
York City, under tho influence of
Tammany, gives   Mr.  Bryan  a  small
| majority, but the state is   Republican
|by upwards of 125,000.
This morning there is   little   doubt
! that the following states, with the
electoral vote Indicated, have gone for
California, 0; Connecticut, (1; Delaware, :i: Illinois, 34; Indiana, 15:
Kansas. 10; Maine, (i; Massachusetts,
15; Michigan, M; Minnesota.'.); Maryland, s; New Y'ork, BOj,New Hampshire, 4 ; New Jersey, 111; North Dakota, 3; Ohio, 23; Oregon, 4; Pennsylvania, 38 ; Rhode Island, 4 ; Vermont,
4; Washington, 4; West Virginia, 0;
Wisconsin, 13; Wyoming, II; Utah, 3;
Iowa, 18 j Nebraska, 8.    Total, 388.
For Bryan���Alabama, 11 ; Arkansas,
8; Flordla, 4; Georgia, 13; Kentucky.
13; Louisiana, 8; Montana, 3; Mississippi. 0; Missouri, 17 ; North Carolina,
: 11 ; South Carolina, 0;   Soutli Dakota,
��� tl; Tennessee, 12; Texas, 1,1; Virginia,
13; Colorado, 4; Idaho, 3; Nevada, 3.
Total 150,
Washington, D. 0., Nov. 7.���Representative Loudonlager of New Jersey,
I President of tne Republican Congressional committee, at 10 o'clock this
forenoon olaimed the election of 201
Republicans to the next house, a majority of all   of   .11.    Tho   Democratic
Congressional headquarters was practically deserted ut 10:30 o'clock.
Chairman Riehar Ison bad . not put in
an appearance and his lieutenants had
stopped figuring. They conceded,
however, that the next house would
be Republican but declined to estimate the Republican majority.
New Y'ork, Nov. 7.���Tho Journal
sasy: "William McKinley has been
re-elected In a most decisive fashion.
Ills popular majority is much less
than in 1800, but bis electoral majority Is enormous. Through the haze
of this defeat the Democracy can see
tho victory that might have been.
Beyond a doubt Bryan would have
been triumphantly elected but for two
tilings. The first was the intrusion
of the silver issue. Free silver vuh
dead, and so unpopular that even its
corpse was enough to drag liny man
down to defeat.    Tlie second  was  the
poliey of cutting loose entirely from
the Philippines. That was not in accord with the spirit of the American
people. The people have evidently
made up their minds to dispose of free
silver once for all. The effort was
supcrllous, for free silver had ceased
to exist us a possible policy four years
ago, but the voters were determined
not to have the remains lying around
any longer. The Democratic party
lias paid by two defeats for the adoption of an unpopular and discredited
issue. The American public opinion
believes in tbe retention of tliejjl'liilip-
pines. and in the extension to that
country of a truly American form of
The Tribune says: "It is a nation
al victory. This administration is
sustained in its foreign policy, its
policy towards the territory acquired
through the war with Spain, and its
standard, the gold standard."
The Sun says; "No process of reasoning can make of this magnificent
victory anything else than an endorsement and approval of the administration of President McKinley."
Tlie Times concludes a long editorial by saying: "The currency is
safe, tlie national honor is safe. We
in Dow give ourselves with content-
1 minds and assured confidence te
our honorable public aud private concerns. "
Some of the bulletins received by
The Miner this morning were as follows :
Salt Lake, Nov. 7.���Returns are
slow tnjooming and early this morn
ing from tlie best estimate on returns
received McKinley baa carried the
state by not less than 4,500. Wells,
Republican] for Governor, has been
elected. Sutherland, Republican, has
been elected to Congress, and the Legislature will be Republican on joint
Boise, Idaho, Nov. 7.���The Statesman, at 3:30 a. m., says; The 37
precincts already counted give the following figures: McKinley, 31173; Bryan, 31143. The net Republican guiu for
President is 11 per cent. If the percentage should continue McKinley
would carry the state.
Taeoma, Wash., Nov. 7.���Thirty-
nine precincts in Pierce county give
McKinley 3115; Bryan, 1850. For Governor 30 precincts' give Kogers, Democratic, 3315; Frill-, Republican,
211)8. Indications point to a divided
Legislative ticket and mixed result
on the county ticket. The count is
very slow.
Louisville, Ky., Nov. 7.���The Cour-
ler-Journal's figures show that 1053
precincts out of 1884 In the state give
Bryan a pluralty of 13,01)1 and Brene-
ham a pluralty ot 8851). The unreported precincts were about evenly
divided between the Democrats and
Republicans at the last election.
Portland, Ore., Nov. 7.���Orogon hnH
given McKinley the largest plurality
ever given a candidate for olliee in
this state. With more than half the
total vote of the state counted, the result Is as follows: McKinley, 27,1311;
Bryan, 17,073.
Omaha, Neb., Nov. 7.���The result
in Nebraska is close. The Democrats
claim that Bryan eariied the State
by 3,000 to 4,000. Republican Chairman Lindsay claims the State for McKinley by 5,000. Many precincts in
outlying sections have not yet been
heard from.
Indianapolis, Nov. 7.���Latest returns from Indiana indicate that the
Republicans have carried tho State by
fiom 38,00(1 to .13,000. The Republicans probably have elected eleven of
the thirteen Congressmen. The Legislature Is 'bought to be safely Republican.
New York, Nov, 7.���Returns received this morning Indicate that the Republicans   have   carried   New     Y'ork
St. Lonis, Mo., Nov. 7.���While complete returns have not been received
up to II a. m., it appears probable that
Bryan and Dockery, Democratic, have
carried the State by reduced pluralities. No complete figures can be
Denvor, Colo., Nov. 7.���The Fusion
of Democrats, Silver Republicans, and
Populists, made a clean sweep in Colorado. Bryan's majority, according
to the returns received up to 8 a. in.
will be 35,000 or more.
Detroit, Mich., Nov. 7.���The latest
figures this morning give President
McKinley a plurality in Michigan of
H3.017. Col. A. T. Bliss, of Saginaw,
the Republican candidate for Gover
nor, received 110,130 plurality. The
returns show a solid Republican Senate and only 11 Democrats in the
Frankfort, Ky , Nov. 7.���Democratic
leaders hero claim Ilryan has carried
the state by upwards of 11,000 and
that Deckbam is elected Governor by
over 7,000. Tho defeat of Hill,
(Dem.) for appellate judge Is conceded. This gives the Republicans a majority on tho appellate bench, the
highest court in the state.
Dover, Del., Nov. 7.���The Delaware
Legislature is very close as indicated
by the returns up to noon. The Republicans are claiming the legislature
on joint ballot and say they will elect
two United States Senators.
Philadelphia, i'a..Nov. 7.���Pennsylvania's next delegation in tlie House
of Representatives will stand, Rpuhli
cans 20, Democrats, 4, a Republican
gain of six. Among the Democrats
to go to defeat is Congressman William MoAler in the third district of
Chicago, Nov. 7.���Dispatches received by the Associated Press fiom 321 of
the 305 Congressional districts show
that the Republicans have elected 178
the Democrats 140, Fusionists one. the
Bilverltes one, and the  Populists one.
San Juan de Porto Kico, Nov. 7.���
It is estimated that 75,000 Republicans voted at the election yesterday
for a commissioner to congress and
members of the bouse of delegates.
Not more than two hundred Federals
voted. The election was exceediugly
orderly. There are no reports of disturbances. Communication with interior is slow.
Louisville, Ky., Nov. 7 ���Quarrels
over politics and gambling resulted in
five men being shot to death last
night. One man was fatally wounded. The dead: Alfred Stanhope at
Versailles; Henry Osborne of llarlam
County; Grant Baines, colored, of
Middlesborough; Edgar Brown, of
Buckeye, Robert Miinscy. of Burnside.
Fatally wounded, Thomas Eberingtnn
of Versailles.
Helena, Mont., Nov. 7.���Returns
arc incomplete but Democratic Chairman Cooper claims seem to be weil
grounded that Bryan lias carried the
State by 10,000 to 18,000, Republican
Chairman Webster concedes that Bryan has carried the state.
Lincoln, Neb., Nov. 7.���Win. .1.
Bryan will not make public until later, any statement as to Hit' result of
the elections, lle desires to have complete returns before announcing any
conclusions, though no doubt, however, Is felt as to the results. Both
Mr. aud Mrs. Bryan wero in a cheerful mood. Mr. Bryan said he had
slept well and felt in excellent health.
Referring to his plans for Immediate future, he expressed a determination to take a good rest.
The latest returns place Nebraska
In the doubtful list and both parties
claim Kentucky. Rogers is running
away ahead of Ills ticket and is undoubtedly clecteJ Governor of Washington.
The   Last   Case   Was   Finished   nt  3
O'clock This Afternoon.
The   fall   session   of   the    Supreme
Court which has been in  session   her*
before.Mi.   Justice   Walkem,  for   the
past three   weeks and n half was clos-
State by about 140,000   and   that   the ' ed at   3  o'clock this  afternoon.    The
last ease ou tho list and tlie ono which
was completed today wns that of Man-
ley vs. Collom, in which the plaintiff
alleges that the defendant had located
the Arlington Fraction No. 1 over his
claim.tho Native Silver. .Although the
case was completed His Lordship reserved his deciBlon. The evidence of
the plaintilV being completed yesterday, that of the defendant was received today. The witnesses were J. F.
Collom W.F. DuBois and W.A.Adams.
Sir Thomas Lipton Lets the Contract
For the New Challenger.
New York, Nov. 7.���Sir Thomas
Lipton is conferring at Glasgow with
George 1,. Wutson, tbe designer of the
new challenger for the America's cup,
says a London dispatch to the Herald.
From authoritative sources it is
learned that Sir Thomas' visit was
for the purpose of signing contracts
for the building of the yacht. These
have been placed with thejllendersons,
Meadowside yard, the builders of the
Thistle, the three Valkyries, the Britannia, the Meteor and the Sybarita.
The date specified in the contracts
for the bantling over of the vessel is
March 30. The framework will he
laid down this week. The greatest
precautions ure being taken to preserve secrecy regarding the design. A
footpath along the banks of the Clyde,
which skirts the Henderson yard is a
already closed. As to the plans for the
sailing of the defender of the cup,
what K. A. Willard, the manager of
the new boat may do in tlie matter of
selecting a skipper, remains to be
seen. "Charley" Barr, the successful sailing master of the Columbia,
will be disengaged at tlie end of the
year. Burr brought the Vigilant buck
from England in Hi and was on that
yacht during her trial races with the
Defender. Mr. Willard is well acquainted with Captain Burr's ability
as a sailing master of cup boats.
There is anothei rumor about skippers. It is that Captain "Bob"
VVringe, the sailing master of Vice
Commodore Belmont's 70-footer Mine-
ola last season, will be the sailing
master of the Columbia while she is
being used as a trial boat for the new
defender. Also that when the time
i'oIIr around to put the Columbia in
commission C. Oliver Iselin will be
found to again be iu charge.
It is now almost a certainty that
the new defender will be plated with
brou/.e, says a Journal dispatch from
Providence. It is known that the
llerreshoffs are purchasing that metal. They have experimented with
various metals for tensile and torsional strength and none has been found
so satisfactory to Captain Nat's mind
us a smooth bronze, wnieli successfully resist corrosion and the maximum of lightness and durability.
Captain Nat spout a large part of
last week in his private shop at home
and it is understood lie has completed
bis model of the defender and reduced
many of his plans to writing. The
work of construction, it is rumored,
will probably be started within a
Lord Roberts Tells of the Death of
a Brave Canadian.
London, Nov. 7. ��� Lord Roberts, In
a despatch, dated Johannesburg, Nov.
c reports to the War otlice as follows:
"Smith-Dorieu states that Major
Saunders and Capt. Chalmers, of the
Canadian Mounted Rifles, behaved
with great gallantry in the action of
November '.'. Saunders rode out under a heavy fire to bring in a boneless non-commissioned  officer.   Baun-
clcrs was wounded and his horse was
killed and t'hulmoi. went to his assistance. Saunders implored him to
leave, but was refused und the gallant
Chalmers was, I grieve to say, killed."
Ottawa. Nov.7.���The Militia Department has agreed to the suggestion of
the Hon. Jos. Chamberlain for the return from Capetown of the same
quantity of gun ammunition as was
tnken out with the Canadian troops.
This Is taken to mean that the second
Canadian contingent will soon return.
St. Catharines, Ont., Nov. 7.��� Chaplin's snw works here were destroyed
by BrO yesterday. Loss 175,0001 insurance,  835,000.
Toronto, Nov. 7.���Squire Wingfleld,
one of the oldest magistrates of York,
is dcud, of heart failure.
People of Canada are Today Choosing a
G-overnment-G-eneral News of
the Dominion.
Montreal. Nov. 7.���Reports from all
over Ontario and <J,uebec up to noon
today indicate a fair vote being polled despite unfavorable weather eondi-
tions,rain having fallen in mosUplaees
all last night and this morning, making country roads heavy. Fine weather is reported in the Maritime Province, where a large vote is being
Montreal, Nov. 7.���The Conservative
estimate of the result of the Dmoinion
election is:
Quebec���Conservative, 23; Liberal, 43.
Ontario���Conservative, 55;   Liberal,
New Brunswick���Conservative, 7;
Liberal, 7.
Nova Scotia���Conservative, 12; Liberal, 8.
Prince Edward Island���Conservative, 3; Liberal, 2.
Manitoba���Conservative, 5; Liberal, 2.
Northwest Territories ��� Conservative, 3; Liberal, 1.
British Columbia���Conservative, 4 ;
Liberal,  2.
Total���Conservative, 112; Liberal,
Victoria, B. ('., Nov. 7.���R. M. S.
Empress of Japan, Capt Pybus,returned to the Royal Roads in distress at
10:30 last night. She had been in collision with the 1,707 ton American
steel bark Abbey Palmer.formerly the
unfortunate Blairmore. whieh capsized aud sank three years ago in San
Francisco harbor. The collision took
place off the entrance to the straits,
and the Empress was Ho Beriously
damaged that Capt. Pybus deemed it
advisable to return and go into dry-
dock. The bark was also badly damaged, but not so seriously that she
could not sail on up to the sound.
The bark, it seems crashed into the
Empress and carried away part of her
bridge, bulwarks and stove-in part of
her iippri works as well ns bending
some of her plates near the water line
ou the port side. The Japan left the
outer wharf on Monday night for tlie
Orient. Temporary repairs will be
made here and she will proceed to
Hong Kong to be docked.
11. M. S. Condor has been commissioned to replaced II. M. S. Pheasant
on this station nnd will leave for Es-
qulmalt on the 28th. She Is a new
steel sloop of war, carrying 120 men.
She is equipped with six four-inch
aud six smaller quick firing guns,
she has a displacement of 080 tons, has
speed of 13', knots and machinery   of
14,500 horse power.
tralla, in speaking of the projected
Pacific cable by Great Britain said;
"We should not hesitate to link our
cables with the United States cables
in tlie Far East, and to me it seems
unwise to do otherwise. The only objection 1 can see is that if the United
States wore at war with another
power, that other power might cut
our cable in Hawaiian waters."
Mr. Bcllairs thought war between
Great Britain and the United States
was simply out of tho question, and
should not be considered as a possible
contingency, lie then urged the construction of tlie Pacific cable as an
absolute necessity as a help to commerce.
Mr. Bcllairs gives sonic interesting
| statistics regarding cables. Tho
length of the submarine cables of the
world is 178,000 knots, and were built
at a cost of ��50,000,000. 'The length
of the Government owned cables Is
30.0111) knots. The longeBt span of
cable in the world is between Cape
Cod, Massachuetts, and Brest, France.
The greatest depth a cable has been
laid is between Bermuda and Turks
Island, a depth of lS.'JOO feet. The
average life of a cable is 35 years, but
cables are still working over thirty
years old. The greatest length a message has been sent in 4,733 knots.
Tbe estimated speed of all British Pacific ables is twelve words of live letters or minute, but ou the Atlantic
a speed of forty-four words a minute
bus been attained. By the duplex
system fifty words a minute eau be
sent. It takes one year to make 18,-
000 knots of cable in the United Kingdom. The average speed of laying
cables is seven knots an hour.
Remainder of the First Canadian
Contingent Have Left Cape Town.
Ottawa. Nov. 7.���A cable was received from Colonel Otter this morning stating thut the remainder of the
First Contingent sailed from Cape
Town for Southampton today. Those
ret limit! are Majors Buchanan and
Fiset, Captains Burstull and Mucllon-
ell. Lieutenants Lawless, Mason,
Swift, Lafferty, Temple and Carpenter and three hundred men. Mujor
Weeks has fever and reinuius behind
for stuff duty,
Two New Zealand Blacks Create a
Roign of Terror.
Vancouver, Nov. 7.���By advices
received per the last Australian boat
the Governors, the fugitive blacks
who murdered a whole family and escaped, have now been rhasi'd over 500
miles of territory for three months,
witll black trackers and dogs, but
without effect. In the meantime the
murderers have been killing and rub
hing all along tlie route, whole
towns llceing for their lives at their
approach. They have left a trail of
blood behind them in every country
settlement. The Australian police say
Hint the ingenious ways they cover
up their track is almost beyond efVl-
once. They arc always sup|iliecl wilh
fresh stolen horses and bine beat
buck on their pursuers over a dozen
times, killing them when they approached ti p near.
0, W. Bcllairs on tlie Immediate Need
of a Pacific Cable.
Vancouver, Nov. 7. Aocordlng to
advices just received, C, VV, Bellalrs,
an authority on cable construction,
who   Is  at  present   in Sydney.   Aus-
Toronto, Nov. 7.���Justice Rose has
dismissed the ease of Graves, of an
English Art Publishing Co., against a
Dumber of Canadian linns for an In-
juction to prevent them from publishing or trading in nneopyrighted reproductions of "What We Have We'll
Hold" the famous patriotic picture,
on the'groiind that the Imperial statute 2il-'.'i'e, Vie., conferB the copyright
only in the United Kingdom, and thu
latter acts do not extend to this country.
Quelph, Ont., Nov. 7.���The body of
Margaret Johnston, bookkeeper In the
Quelph and Ontario Savings Bank,
was found in the river here yesterday. Miss Johnston who was 2.1 yeais
of age ami handsome, left home early
in the morning aud was not seen afterwards.    An Inquest Is to bo held.
Toronto,       Nov.     7.���Negotiations
have been proceeding   for   somo   time
towards  the  amalgamation   of  two
large bicycle corporations which were
incorporated n year ago, tho Canada
( vile and Motor Co., and the National
Cycle and Automobile Co.
Montreal,  Nov.  7.- I'erclvnl W.   St.
George, for the past IS yesia city nur-
voyi.r. has resigned   owing to the persecuting   methods   of his   new   chief,
Alderman Madtinu..
Toronto, Nov. 7. The Presbytery
of Toronto bus sustained the call of
Knox Church here to Rev. A. B,
Winchester, of Vancouver,
_���_���____���___��� Nelson Dailv Minur, Webnesday Evening, November -j,  1900
The Nelson Miner
Published Every Afternoon Except Sunday
��� HY  TIIK-
115 Fleet Street, K. C.
Central  Press Ageney, Ltd., Sue-al Agent*
Dally, por month, by carrier     "pc
Ilaily. per month, by mail    .=<�����
Daily, per year, by carrier ? i J
Daily, per year, by mail    ;> ���
Daily, p-r year, toreig ' lw
Weekly, por half yoar  IJ M
Weekly, per year..-..      - ��
Weekly, per year, (nrelgn ' "��
-iubacriptiotiH Invariably In advance.
All Chocks sbnulil nc made payable to the
order   of    NKLSON     l'l'lll.lslllNO    COMPANY,
wa wonilflr why a l'rovince .0 rieii in
iis opportunities for mining development is so slow in attracting Bntisli
capital. There are thousands of Hritish capitalists interested in mining
who have never heard of our resources, for tho very gooil reason that
the mining journals they read have
nothing to say of us. or the little they
do say conveys nothing to the mind of
the reader. Is there no way to correct this oversight'.1 Or where does
tlio fault lie'.' If a well conducted,
wide-awake (lovernment ageney in
Loudon can do something towards
bringing our mineral wealth under
the notice of the reading Hritish public, it cannot   be established too soon.
The poliey of expansion is not distasteful to thu American people, nor
do they lind anything to excite serious disapproval either in the management of affairs in the Philippines or
the administration In 1'orto Itieo. And
hey are aH much opposed as ever to a
debased currency. For these reasons
they have voted to give Mr, McKinley
a second term us President. If a Democrat who was less of a demogogue
than Mr. liryan had been the candidate against linn, and running on
the liryan platform, the result might
have been different. There was dis-
trust of the Democratic policy, no
doubt, hut there was greater distrust
of Bryan himself. With the air cleared of the foul political vapors that
have been emitting their poison for
several years past, and with such a
candidate as Mr. Cleveland, the Democrats in the election yesterday would
have swept the country. With liryan
they have only succeeded in completely demoralising themselves as a party.
The country, fortunately, has now
bad the last of him. The looker on
who was friendly to tbe Democrats
advised four years ago that they drop
him. Today they realise the terrible
mistake they made in not doing 80,
The United States is too advanced to
tolerate Tammanyisui, and the party
that clings to it and depends on it to
pull it through is much in need of reorganisation.
The Associated Press would lose
nothing if it employed correspondents
iii London who had some knowledge
of Hritish methods of government.
Following the recent elections in the
,'nit.il Kingdom,those correspondents
filed frequent dispatches for consumption in the United States, containing
much information of thu new (lovernment that was about to be formed by
Lord Salisbury. The old Government,
it was understood, was dissolved with
the House, and an entirely new one
would require to be formed, as they
do at Washington after each Presidential election. They did not know
that under the British system a dissolution of the House does not necessarily involve a dissolution of the Cab-
net. That depends on something quite
different. These same correspondents
are now saying that Lord Salisbury
will ask for the resignation of the
.Speaker, in order to make a place for
a late colleague, Sir Matthew White
Ridley, This is another conspicuous
example of their ignorance of the Hritish system. There is no Speaker at
the present time, and therefore a resignation is impossible. The Speaker's
term of otlice expires with the House,
and a new election is necessary witli
each Parliament. The Associated
Press employs American agents in
London, who take it for granted that
they do things at Westminster the
same as they are done at Washington.
Plant your Hyacinth
Bulbs in a glass. They
grow better and look
prettier in a glass than
in common clay pots.
Hyacinth Glasses q
inches high, assorted
25 cents each.
Post-Office Store
The Election Returns
soon De in and the excitement
will be over; then you can investigate the merits of our
Bring in your feet and try on a pair.
The SaoeiBts
One can often hear on the street the
expression that sueh 11 person, or
thing, or circumstance cuts no ice.
We do not require to he told what it
means; we know,, without, Headers
of British mining journals and of othor journals that make a feature of
mining in their columns, must come
to the conclusion that Hritish Columbia cuts very little ice in the Mother
Country as a held for mining speculation. Canada, indeed, from one end
of it to the oilier, is rich in minerals,
They have coal and iron in the East,
in quantities of which no one pretends to seu the end. Western Ontario is ricli iu gold, as operations
now iu progress give practical evidence. We in Hritish Columbia have
got it into our heads that this Province, taking it all in all, is the richest
mining region in tlio world. And tho
Klondike has really earned for itself
a very considerable reputation as a
producer of gold. Yet how little is
said of any of them In tlie mining
journals of Great llritain I
We have before us British Mining
of October 'in, "a weekly newspaper
devoted to mining industry 11 el lin-
unee in all parts of the Empire."
The paper does not belie what is
claimed for It; on its very face it presents the appearance of taking In all
the news it can get of mining everywhere throughout the liritisli -Inspire,
In this latest number are forty columns "f sueh news, all ccf it fresh.
well selected, and interesting. There
Is a four-line paragraph referring to
the Ymir mine; a four-line personal
devoted to Mr. .'ell .1 nel Ihe Athabasca; a brief quotation from The Nelson   Daily Mi ���,    The    Miner's   Vic-
toi ia special nf several weeks ago referring to the Wreck Hay placer
claims. In a two-page review of the
mining market a few   lines   are given
tothe l.e Roi, if all wore colleoted
and bunched together, they would
make less than half a column, The
remaining thirty nine ami a half columns are given up lo Australia, South
Africa, and New Zealand,
Why in this?   it is  no explanation
to say that it is due to deliberate neglect of Canadian mining Interests,
for we do   not Buppose and   refuse   to
believe that any neglect is Intended,
There is a H. C, Mining Review in
London, and thai of course keeps a
special ey 1 this country. The Colonial (iohiiiciiis Oazette is liberal lo
furnishing Canadian milling news.
Hut of the large number "f other publications devoted more en- less exclusively to the mining Industry there is
not one that dies more than give this
country the briefest notice.   And still
A Manchester "business man"
writes to a friend in Toronto that the
tariff poliey of the Laurier Oovernment is satisfactory to the English
people, among whom there is a strong
hope that it will be sustained. This
is regarded as such a valuable recommendation that the chief organ of the
Government party is using it as campaign material. We are not surprised
that the Manchester "business man"
is satisfied with a trade arrangement,
the advantage of whieh is all on his
side, lie is delighted to knoiv that be
can get into tile Canadian market at a
third less customs charge than his rivals of the L'nited States and tier-
many. If the discrimination were a
half instead of a third, he would be
still more pleased. He would not be
a Manchester "business man" if he
were not. lie is on tlie lookout for
trading advantages, and any Canadian
Premier who will increase the dill'er-
ential will have his support.
Isn't It Sweet?
The  delicate, refined   scent
constantly strive to secure iu our
perfumes lias given us a lasting
reputation witli refined people
The true fragrance of thermos-
sums from which the extracts
are made is so plainly distinguishable as to he delightful
to the discriminating buyer.
Baker Street, Nelson.     P. O. Hox 226.
The two constituencies in tlie Dominion concerning which our readers
do nol require to lie reminded to make
inquiry are Brandon and st. .lohn.
The success of Conservatives in both
would mean that the country was well
rid of two politicians of the worst
possible type
Our Fresh Rousted ColTen Best of
Quality, as follows :
Java anil Arabian Moelm, per pound |   40
Java anil Muclia Bland. 11 pounds.  1 1)0
Fine Santo-, 1 pound*    1 00
Santos lllciicl, 6 poumlK  100
Our   ypnemlHhenil, I! poundn  1 (X,
Our Rio llousl, II pounds  100
A 'I Ul tl. IIHII. K M.I II 111 1..
l\lELSON, - B. C.
Turner-Boeckt mock Baker street
���j.ikiii London   Consolidated (Silver
Bill) 34 H
3,500  Exchequer  714
Mm Referendum  7j��j
1,000 Shares Crow's Nest Coal.
1,000 shares Rambler-Cariboo.
:.'.ni)li Shares Noble live.
List vour Stocks witli us.
Will pay the highest cash price for all
kinds of seoond hand goods. Will buy
or soil anything from an anchor to a
needle. Furniture, stoves, carperts,
cooking utensil", bought in househnld
tpiiiutities. Also oast off clothing,
flail and see me or write. Address
Hilvpr King Mike, Box 200. I Ull
Street. Nelson.  P   (1.
Riiul Estate and Insi runoo
Agents.    ,,
Loans Elloctcil at   Reasonable   Rates.
Haker Street,   Nelson,
At Annable's ollico, Madden Hlock.
All delegates who would like to
protect their families by taking mil
one of the popular policies in the
Mutual Lifb of Canada, and all
who cannot sleep soundly for fear
their property will be destroyed by
lire, can have Ihe same covered by
insurance in the ANGLO-AMERICAN
Kire Co.; and any who aro tired
paying rent can purchase a bouse
and lot on easy terms. Vacaot
lots for sale; houses lor rent; Baker
Street business property on my list.
In fact, I have twenty-three different properties to dispose ol during
this Convention.
Olliee hours 9 to 1. and -��� to 5
until after the General Elections,
Credentials signed by the President of any Chartered Hank accepted.
A well established livery Inisinc
known as Reynolds' Livery, consist-
inp of four horses and ' harmless.
two busses,two seis sleighs one spring
wagon, and building,
Lease of ground for three yean and
four months at 110 per month.
Part of purchase money   can be   ;
ranged  with    the    undersigned   on
Hugh R. Cameron
Baker Street.    Nelson, H. 0.
Gee Can Fit You.
Be has   en f   the   I'i'st   and   largest
fall and Winter Blocks in
the Province.
A. GEE, Merchant Tailor
opposite Queen's Hotel,
Hute-vr Street
niMM! IIKOk-H. ItOTABY l"|mil
Wlndarmere Mines.  Con-Mpoiulinot-ollellteci
BreweiT of Pine Ij-xer
Heel aud Poiter,
Holion, B, 0.
For wood or hard or soft. coal.
The   largest   line   carried   by
any firm In Canada.
" Good   Cheer"  Ranges
Cook stoves.   A complete
j       Cook stoves.   A complete lini
Call and be
Stoves   and
at  tin
only place
it   prices
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants
We Sell the
Highest Values
Lowest Price
Most Satisfactory
Absolute ly Pure
In Nelson.
&*^_* ������������ ���������^ '""^-"sS
Branch Markets in Rossland, Trail, Nelson, Kaslo
Sandon, Three Forks, New Denver and Slocan City.
Orders by mall to any branch will have careful _*d oromot attention.
Representing tbe Largest
European and  American  Manufacturers
Mills, Mines and Smelting Machinery
Apartodo No. 83      -       -       DURANGO,  MEXICO.
West Kootenay Butcher Co.
ALL   KIM).   OF
Fresh   and    Salted   Heats
Fish and Poultry in Season
E.   C.   TRAVES.   Manager.
Baker Street, Nelso.\
Orders by mail receive careful and prompt attention
Merchants' Bank of Halifax
Incorporated 1.69.
Capita] 1'iiiti
I'.cicel    111'
Wiley Hmltll,
up,     ,    .    .     01,0-9,010,00 I   Beit, Hl.'iMMHMi.M
lihtTtiire, 1  ThomasK.Kenny,  l'l-sliUmt,   Thomas KiU-hio, Vico-1 .of-doul.
11.1,, llaiilcl, lluu. II. II. roller, M.L.O., Hon. David MaoKoen.
Unci oillir, lliilirnxi
Oenoral Manager, IM-on U Pease, Moniruul.
Blip irlnu ndonj <>r Hmnqlios, nnd Boorotary, W. B. Torrance, Halifax,
li��pcut_r, VV. I'. Ilnnck, Halifax.
Inspoctor I��. M. BtOWart, .Montreal,
Nova Hcniiii -U:iiii:w nrnnohj AniiKoniHh, HriciKownt.cr,ouyHiioro. Londonderry. Lunenburg.
Maltland iiln.i- Co.), I'lotou, Port llawkonbury. Hyclii.y. Bnobonaaadle, Truro, Woymmilh
New Hrtumwlr- iMthurst, Doi-hoster, Bredorlcton. Kiiw-on (Kont Co.l, Moncton, Now-
ra.-llce, S;n-k\ ilh\ Wtod.toC-.   I*. -. ImIiiihI- CliarlutU'towii, .snmitiorHido.   Queln-c���Montreal
(City Ofllco), M il  \\v ( End (Cor. Notre liamo and HolKii��uri4 Streotn); WoHtinount. (Cor.
uroeno Avomio and Ht. Catharine. Btroet, Ontario--Ottawa. Newftiandland--Bt. JoIiii'h
Cuba, Weil Iodic,, -Havana, United Mates���New York (1(1 KrohniiRo JMaco) Hepublle, Wan.
Atlin, Bennett, Grand Forks, Nanaimo, Nelson, Rossland, Vancouver, Vancouver East End, Victoria.
CorrrHiMimlnitH t
('lunulaMorohanl Bank of Canada, Un*..)..���N^itionn.Hhnv/imi.. Honk. 4'iilrjiKo���Amorica
XiLifutml liitiik, Nun PrmielHCO���First National Bank, i.oiMim., Kiik.-Jlnnk of Hcoiliuid.
I'ni't-, Prance Credit Lyonnnls. itrriiiiHin-Hfiuk of Bermuda, i liimi nml Jiipau Homk
Kong iimi Shanghai Banking Corporation^
Uenetal Banking -Justness Transacted; Sterling Bills of Exchange  Bouk__!
anJ Soldt Letters of  Credit, Etc., Negotiated.
Accounts received on the most, favorable terms.    TntweBt allowed on special
uYpoHtLH and on Having Bank accounts,
Geo. Kydd, Manager, Nelson, B.O.
Corner Baker nnd Stanley Htm'd
Put Us On
Your List...
We will sec that you
arc not disappointed
in superioiity of gT0"
ceries, promptness of
delivery, or reasonableness of price.
From tempting breakfast   foods  to richest
materials for dainty
desserts, we ��H1 Wl
your   wants   perfectly.
Kirkpatrlck b Wilson
I^oobjis ai)d  Offices to P{ei>t-
Apply   io
lSfelsoi) Eleciric TraijiWai) Co*
Corner  Josephiije  .lrjd  Vf*ri)Oi|  Streets.
Coal and  Wood.
Agents Imperial Oil Co. Ltd.
Crow'-   Nest   Coal,   $6J5
Anthracite,    -    -   $9.65
No order can be mmpK ""''''"
accompanied by oa��a.
Office Corner Hull nml  Bilker Street*
T|��TK.,mi��w :t:i. ���
WIRE ROPE Nelson  Daily  Miner,  Wednesday   Evening;   November 7, 1900
Ever hear of a tota' "hstainer being
nn lnibitnal drunkard?
No? Well, there are such human
anomalies, just as there are giants
who are. dwarfs, anil midgets who are
crinnts, only this is not a figure of
speeoh, but an actual fact.
1 was coming over from New Vo.-U
the other evening, when a well-dressed, refined-looking man, evidently under the iniluenee of liquor, wus culled
In my attention by a talkative little.
man wno sat by my side.
������lie sure enough drunk, ain't lie'.'"
said my insistent companion,
1 loiiked al the limited lips, lustreless eyes, and tilted sill.- hal. and replied that 1 guessed lie was, sure
���Well, now, 1 live in Newark with
that, fellow. I've known him for tell
years, and 1 urn will lo take my oath
"that he never diinks a drop of any In-
toxlaating liquor,"
1 looked at my companion with a
Broile of good-natured tolerance, and
turned my attention to (he cigar 1
was smoking. Then lie rattled off his
steiiy :
"That man is Government liquor
tester. All the liquors that are imported into this country, or at. least
into the port of .New York, must he
tested by him. in order that tlie Government may not he duped in tlie matter of revenue.
"It. is tlie duty of thu tester to open
one or two uf eaeh lot of hottles. lle
smells the contents and occasionally
touches a drop to his tongue, hut this
ib very seldom. Usually he simply
smells them, lie keeps up liis testing
nil day. smelling hundreds of different kinds of wines, whiskies, brandies anil beers aud hundreds uf bottles
uf eaeh kind.
"lie comes home every night at this
time and always in the condition you
see him in now. Tlie people at liis
place of husinsess see to it that he
doesn't miss the train. The oonduo-
turs ail knuiv him and tisli around iu
his pockets for his ticket, if he can't
lind it. It is part of the brakeman's
duty to wiilie him up and put him off
at Newark, and the cabbies at the
Station are always on the luukuut for
"He carries ii 81 bill in his waistcoat pocket for the man who hauls
him home, and never any mure than
that. For this reason he lias never
been robbed.
"Many and many a time 1 have
gone into Baloons with him and lie invariably takes seltzer or Lemonade, or
something like that, lie never gets
drunk until lato in the day and he
never loses his ability tu distinguish
brands uf wine. "
A remarkable feat in ship building,
such us those directly interested say
has never before heen attempted in
this country, is just now attracting
much attention at the Erie Basin.
The feat in question its the removal of
the entire bottom uf a big ocean
steamship and replacing it with a new
one Without disturbing the engines,
boilers and other machinery weighing
many tuns, 'the work, begun about
six weeks ago, has now reached that
stage where success is assured, That
the tusk was a dillieult one will he
readily appreciated by people having
even a little knowledge of how steamships are constructed.
Last spring the tramp steamer Son-
ga. with a gruss tonnage of mure than
3,000, and owned by a Norway linn
and commanded by Capt, U. Mejlaen-
der, was stranded in Southern waters.
ller backbone was broken, and fur a
time it was supposed that she wuuld
prove a total loss. Wreckers were set
at   work   and  something   like   three
liiuliths later the ship was limited.
Rocks caused great   damage   tu   the
Songa'S butt       'I'll.' ship's value lie
fore stranding was estimated at
000.    'l'u   place   lier   in   good     repair
would enst between 113(1,000 and
(KID and require great skill un the part
uf those who undertook the task. 'Ihe
ship's owners began   looking   around
for some nne tu da the work, and finally contracted wilh II.  .V. li. .McNeil.
proprietors of  tin' Columbia   Engine
Works, whloh plant, is located at William mid linlay streets, Brooklyn.
Tbe Soiiga was patched up and
started for port, where she arrived
about September 1. She was placed in
tho sectional dry doek at Erie Baaln
and work on her wus begun. Two
woeks more and she will be us good
as a new ship.
After   an    inspection hy   expert,   il
was deemed necessary to remove the
bottom from stem to stern. This
meant, of course, the OUttlng away of
uot only the big Hindi plates but all
the supporting material, such us  the
keel. Iluuis unci keelsons. <irdiimilv
in woik of a similar diameter but   of
Thin filftnaturo Ib on every liox nl ibo genuine
Laxative Bromo-Quinine wfo*
t_o remedy that mm n coM tn ��*������' da/
less magnitude and on much smaller
ships everything is removed from the
hull, including, of course, all machinery. The McNeils decided that they
would not go to all that trouble in
this instance, aR they wished to proceed rapidly. Now, to cut awuv the
bottom of any iron vessel is a big undertaking.
Sonic idea of what this meant in
the case of the Soiiga can be imagined
when it is stated that she measures
320 feel on her keel, is 111 feet beam
and .1 feel in depth.
A large force of men was placed at
work on the steamer under Superintendent Williamson, a most capable
man for tlie work The big ship was
shored up with many wooden uprights, and thousands of bolts which
held the great steel work of thu bottom in place wore removed hy the use
of pneumatic drills As section after
section was removed it became ueccH-
sary to place crib shining under the
big engines and indict, until the bottom was entirely separated from the
-Many wooden uprights or posts supported the great steel sides. About 3,-
ikiu ions, it is estimated, were kept in
position in this manner, while the
workmen built a new bottom in the
ship While thus supported, 17" steel
plates 01 shells, 20 by -II feet, live-
eight lis of an in.ib thick and averaging one ton hi weight each were removed Eighty top tanks,of about tlie
same size and weight, were taken
from tho inside. The eighty Boors, the.
parts to which the plates are bolted;
over 500 inter cost lays, which act as
braces for the same: the keelsons and
Ihe margin plates OU the port Bide
were   removed.
A clelebratcd writer has decided
that, while there is slang that is vulgar, there is also slang which is "of
ancient and honorable origin" The
latter kind is represented by the
words or sentences that formerly referred to some legend of classic Interest, which legend has ere this passed
into oblivion tor all hut. those persons wiio like to be inquiring antiquarians.
An example of this is tlie slang expression, "1 must cut my stick,''
meaning "I must depart." From time
inimeinoial the Irishman, before leaving for some foreign country, has cut
a shillelagh lo hear him company,
while it was tlie custom of the pilgrims to the Holy Land to cut each a
palm stick as proof that they hud BC-
eoinplished their purpose. So We see
that Ihe saying, "lle has cut bis
slick" is not as vulgar as it sounds.
Again, the exclamation, "Oh���cut
it Bhorl I" alludes to the mythological
legend of Atropos, one of the Three
Fates, who cut the thread uf life spun
by her Bister Clotho,
How many of us who USe or lie ar
the familiar expression, "It was Ilobson's choice," are acquainted witli the
real sort uf selection thai Tobias Hoi'
son offered his guests'.' This is the
genuine version of tlie tale: The Bald
Tobias Ilobson was a Cambridge inn
keeper, with forty horses in his sta-
blcs, some better ot course, than others. When a traveler came to request
a mount he was obliged tu tuke the
steed thai siood nearest the clour, although there were so many others advertised as for hire. If the traveler
objected to that mount, all be could
do was tu wait until BOme Other traveler hud come for one, anil so removed this,   and left its next d ��� neigh
hor ncaiv.t the Btable door.
"By hook and by crook" is an allusion in an ancienl manotlal oustom,
which permitted tlie neighboring poor
to take all the wood that thoy could
reach and pull down from the forest
trees,    using    only   their     shepherd's
liven the well-known saying.so simple' tie  understand,   "that is  nuts   to
him." proceeds, so authorities say.
not so much from the pleasure we
may all be supposed to lake iu Ihe.lla
vor of nuts, as the fact, that, the Ihe
mans always partook of them at dessert, and considered theiu tit toys for
A very common phrase is 'pay the
piper."  Only the other day a traveler
l.y train was protesting loudly to his
companion,"! soon got out of it when
I saw that I sliould have lo pay the
piper!" Wus he thinking, I wonder,
of the famous Pled I'iper of llunic-
111., who. ufter freeing the town of
nils unci mice, wus refused payment
hy the citl/.ens'.'
"'IO take her down a peg" is nothing hut u sailor's direction as to the
lowering of the ship's colon,
"Put that into you pipe and smoke
it" is an allusion to the pipes of peace
or war that arc   solemnly   -nicked   by
some American Indian trlbcsi while to
"get the sack" is u fate thut sometimes overtook Inmates of u certain
sultan's harem, who were  pul Into a
Hack and thrown into the BoSphorU-
when he desired lo he rid of them.
(if WrlthiK Paper won't taut
leeiiK. You'd better place in,
other "hurry up' order with
Is the highest priced Champagne on the English
and  French  markets.
Advertisements Inserted under thlfi hoad ai
tho rat*> of ono cent a word por Inaorllou, No
uilverUnonieni taken forle.1 than 2fioont~,
FOR    RENT.'    Clhir.   Apply   Merchants' Hank of Halifax.
SALESMEN wanted to sell our goods
hy sample Io wholesale ami retail
trade. We are' I lie largest and only
manufacturers in our line in the
world. Liberal salary paid. Address,
CAN-TIES Mfg.  t'o.. Savannah. 0a.
LOST.-  Fox   Terrier    puppy,     white
wilh two black e-ars and black   spot
on tail.    Finder will   he   rewarded by
leaving  it at the- Dominion   Express
SlloKTIIANl) and Typewriting   'lone
ai ih,. olliee ,,f li, c.   Kiblet,    Front
Street, '.'nd door west of    Hall   Street.
Tel, im.
FOR SALE.    Florence Park 11..t,1 an.I
Roberts'   Ranch,   situated  ou   lake-
shore, ,.,;;   miles from Nelson.    Apply
11.  II. Cameron.
WANTED.��� Eveiy   woman in   Nelson
to   visit     Mrs.  l_nfleld'H    millinery
pai lors. and   see   her   stock   of   hats.
The best in the city.
SIloK'l'llANU A few pupils wanted
to complete class evening) being
formed by an experienced teacher.
Pitman's system taught in 20 lessons.
Apply at once "Stenographer," Miner
Delivered lo any point
on Kootenay Lake.
I have ;i complete slock on hand ol
Rough and Dressed
Mouldings, Sash Doors.
Inside Finish,
Coast Flooring, and
Finished Lumber-
and LAKI 0,
Si. Loll is
To be had wholesale at Nelson,
R.   P.    RiMiet    &
Co., Ltd-
A. B.   GRAY,  Baker St, Nelson
Kootenay Agent,
Kootenay Railway and Nav.
Company, Ltd.
KASLO .v si.ihan RAILWA.
Scli-diilo "f Time.      Pacific Btondard limn
Kitre.iw February Id, I'.mhi
1'nHHcnuer inhii for Sandon and wayatatloni
loaves   Kaslo at s a, m., dally.    Itutiirnlieit,
lonvon Sandon at 1.15 i ��� arriving at Ka��lo
ic B.M ic111.
Operating on Kootenay Lakeand Rlvor.
sir. "International" leaves Kaalo for Nol*on
nt. ii n. in, dally except Sunday. Rotun log,
loaves NoUon al MO p.m., calling ��i Balfour,
Pilot Hay. Ainsworth and all way point., ( "n
ncrt* with -s- K. S-. N. train io and (roin ripo
lnuio ut Five Mile Point
si.-.oci.r Argonlo Im- boon laid up toi lho
Htoatnoi. call al prim Ipal I millngi In both
ilireeiiuiicand it nthorpolnu when Hlgnallod,
Ticket* Hold to all polntaln Oanada and lho
United States.
Toanccrl-iu rate-and lull ltif..riiiiilion ad-
druriu t
"ecniwer. Kacln.H. ('.
Complete Election Returns
Will   Be   Received   at
the Opera House on
A direct wire will connect
with the stage, and tlie returns as they arrive will be
read and shown on large
screens. Score cards will be
furnished, with blanks for
filling in the returns as they
are received. Smoking will
be allowed, and an admission
of 25 cents will be charged to
cover the expense.
H. & M. BIRD
Agenta fur Eureka flineral Wool ami
Asbestos  Co,
Insurance Go. of North America, Mutual .Llfo
Insurance Go., ut New York. Quebec
Fire Assurance Co.
sl.vt.'i'ii lot.K.11 Itoguatown havobeon
placed   in   our   Uai.ds   for   ImmediaU.
ulc al prices varj Ing from -"- , to
each.    These lota tire all In v I position and ure llrat-elasa building hi tea.
Q Roomed lion e, cornor of W ard
and Hub-ton, all modern con*
veniencoa   82	
- [loomed how >���. Hume Addition 2	
New In use on Water Streel  .       IS 0(1
Cottnge ..n Water Htreel       It	
7 [loomed house on Ilobson St,.
between Kootenay and Stan-
lev, "II conveniences  2H '���"
Atlantic S. S. Lines.
l-ccilc MOI    PI
Boavor Uno  Monlforl     Noi i��|
boavor Line Lake -hninplalii ..... Noi a
Allan l.ini'Timi Ian  N"* n
liiii inn   I.lno I'liiiiliniiiiiii N"i'.'"
Prom Portland, Mo. i
Allan l.lnc Niiini.liiin .....
In,milium   I.iiu-  Vune-eiin i I- S'a M
In,m Halifax
lionilnlun Line Vancouvor
0*0 ���0h��O+O-��O* 0* ���0*0*0*0*0<K)
111,in Ncvc Vori
  Koi 17
        SccC   11
Curar.  Lino I.manic���.
Cunard Mno Umbrla	
Whit, Star Una Germanic
While- Slur l.lne- Mai.-lie- ,..
American Line- Now York  "ovs!
lic-d Star Uno Wostornland No' Jl
N. tl. k Mine Tnivee Not -'
Anchor Uno Anchoria Nm-i
H'ii-i oh Uno Iji Uirralno            Not -'-'
Allnn State Uno State of NobraBkn     Noi i.
Krone Ho Lon
Dominion l.ino Commonwealth  Rov!i
Cunard Mnolvornla   ... ��� -. No' '���
Pniwaifo. urrtuiKi-el loiiml from nil buroi nan
polnU.   For rato��, tloko ��� and full in for ti'":
apply in C, I'. R.depot attonl or il. U Brown
Illy l'n -iiliK'T Aljrlel, Noll.011, II. (!,
Oenaral ' mnt, i.imi. nm,-.--.. VVInnlnrg
Eiglit  pnfxcK ('f summarlled and
iiied iiowb.
Eight ]iagf)_ of practical agricultural and live utock articles.
Eight irntj.s of inturcHting fiction
aud magazine foatu.es.
Wholesale  Houses
^lMHH.l'K & GO, Limited- Uoraer Vornon
X and Cedar atreuu*,-Soh-ou���Muuufaciur
oraof uml wholesalo doatere Lnaorutod watorn
iuhI fruit bj in in-., bolo ugunU for Uuioyou Ho\
apringH mineral water.  TelophonuUU.
,___^(    N. M, CuinmtiiH, Le6i.uo- fa_vury known
variety uf Boftdriiilca.   PU Hox BU.  Xoioiihonu
No. ;n. Jluovur birooLi Nolaon,   bottler. <>i the
famous at, Ijuoii Uot Spring- Mineral Water.
Cianp: ft MACDONALD di. Uano, Jamei
/ A. Maedonald)���Arcbitouts ana ttupenn-
Loudenw, Broken lhli Hiouk, corner linker uml
Ward UtreetUi -.elsoiu
CO.���Manufacturur.1 ol  Llio Koytu tioal
aim   Kootonuy   liello   i tgara,    factory una
olliee, Kukt;r slicuI, Nelson.
HJ. KVa.N'.s ic to. Baker Stret :, \. I
��� .on���\\Uuloaatu dealers in liquors, ci-
gai'b, cement, lire brick and lire clay, walur
plpu and htcul rails, u.hU gouural vommission
IIUACKMAN-KhK .Mll.l.lMi CO., l_TD.
_> Wholesale and rutmi dealers m giidn,
liay, flour, loed. Mills at Viotona, Now West
mill iter; t-dmonton, Alia. Ulovators on * al-
garv and h-Umoiuuu Ltallway. Monufaoturer_
ui' ihu celebrated it. fi: K. iniuid oureals.
A MAODONALD & Co. Cornor Kron
��� and Kali btroeta���Wholosalo gi-ocers
anci jobbers In blankoU., gloves, miltf. bootn,
rubburs, maokinaws and minora' suitdj ies
JJl    ��uiice ooruer Hall and   broni   btruou.,
isuison���Lumber! oelluig, flooring, aud ovory
Lhlug iu wood for building purposes.   Gel our
prlo -.   I orresponduncc sohcitod.
ij>   BUKN-J _c Co.   Bakor btreet, Selson
���   u bolosale dealere lu fresh and cured
iiiuui^..   Cold biorage.
WEST   KOOTKNAY    BI T. \lk l:   CO,
linker bLi*i(i;i, Nelson   w liulesale deal
ors in fre-h aud oured meato.
L AWRKNCK   HA ROW AIM.   I 0     Bakoi
Street,   Nelson      u liolnsalo   tl ialui.   In
bard ware i  mint i-   HUpplius,   .porting   good
M'LACHLAN  BROS. (Succet orn to Van
ooui or Bardwarof '���>. Ltd.i llaki i
Nelson   Wholesale dealers in  hurtlwarc ane
mining supphus, plumbers' and tlnsmi
V ll" ON   UAKDWARK   CO.    Wholcsul.
__.A    p.tini-. oils and glhss; niecbai i
AgenUt foi Ontario Powder Works; dj nauiite
rpUUNKR, BKETON fct'o.   Cornor \'er	
X and Josopblnc btruets, Nelson Whole
_a)e dealere in liquors, clgui . ind drygoods.
Agonts for l''-i>--i BrowlngCo.of Muwuukeo
and Culgarj Brewing Co n: Calgary,
Iii I) on s ha . Go.   Wholi ale groooHo.
I   mul iiu inir�� i���!���'.. Baker Streot, Rolson.
CiALll-'nl.Nl \ w INKCO., Limited I orno
1 poni and Hall Btrot i -. Nel on u hole
Hole dealors n wino_ loose and bulk), and
domestic and Imported cigars.
TY. GRIFFIN _c ��'*t.   Cornoi Vernon and
���   Josephine  Btroel .   .\.'. on     \.
dealore in provisions, cured moaU, butter and
Bank of
British  Columbia,
Is now prepared to issue
|; Drafts and Letters of Credit
on Skaguay, U.S., Atlin, B.
] C.) and Dawson City, Yukon
3 sections.     -4 Pages,
$1,00 PER YEAR.
B-1-.nn ol 1900 freo witli tulmcrip-
tion for 1001.
P. O. QRBR-1        F. S. OIiBMKNTH
Civil liiiKlnccrs nml Provincial  l.diiil
P.  O.  Rn. 1<5 Malwin. B. ��'���
Soo Line
Also TOURIS. CARS pimsing Dun-
me.n- Juui lion Daily lm- St Paul, Sat-
urdaya fi i- Montrenl aud Boston, Mon-
days and Tliursdays for Toronto.
Seine- _ara   jui^-^   Uevelstoke   out)  iluy
C'll lle-r.
fur   vniii'   1,-i^tHiii   IH|i  j.< ti,   s,.|.   ihnt
vein- tn-l.c-t   I,sills  vj,i ficiiiiiliaii r.ic-itir.
Trains and Stoamora Depart
B .Qg   / sic .ii,,,- for Kootenay Land-
I >���.i 1 v-    i "'k'   :"'''  ea8'ern  points   via
) t ic.w    Nesl Route,
8:1 ii i Train for Kossland, (Irand
Ex Snn ) l<"orks,Greenwood,Midway,eto
l):(KI I Train for Slocan Oity, Slooan
l'\ Sun j points, and Sandon.
1(1.-00 I Steamer for Kaslo and iuter-
Kx Run ) mediate poiut..
IS.|U   I Train for  Rosslnnd, Nakusp,
Daiiv     I 1!,'v'ls,l,lil''   lnlliu    lino   and
) 1'iieifiic t'ic;c.-t Points.
For Time Tables, Rates and full in-
l'ethiati,ai call on oraddreBB nearest Lo-
i'al Agent, or,
l:. VV. Drew, Iii-pm Ac.-, ni  i Nc-l.-un, 11. i:.
II. I. Rrown, Uttj Aijenl.   i
������S. f. AMU-.KSii.s, K. J.COYLK,
Truv. l'iiH. ._Kontj A   tl. P.  Ago.D,
Npl.cm VfticrruTBr
Spokane Falls Sl
Northern RY
Nelson  &  Fori
Sheppard RY
Red Rffountain R'v.
The only all rail route between
all points east, West and south to
Rossland, Nelson and intermediate
points; connecting at Spokane with
Great Northern, Northern Pacific,
and O. R. & N. Co.
Connects at Nelson with steamer
for Kuslo and all Kootenay lake
Connects at Meyer's Falls with
stage daily for Republic, and connects at Bossburg with stage daily
for Grand Forks and Greenwood.
Effective   Sunday, October  21st, IW0.
Train No. 33 (Night Train).
Leave Spokane     10:45 p.m.
Leave Northport      5:50 a. m.
Arrive Kossland      7:30 a.m.
Train No. 34 (Night Train),
Leave Rossland    u ;00 p.m.
Leave Korthport    13:45a.m.
Arrive Spokane      7 :05 ft. in.
11. A. JACKSON, 0. P. &T.A.
Spokane   Wash
Arc-id Nelnon. B.C
1 ��� onneciIon   l-'a-t   and West-
hound at S| .Lain- m it hi rains of the
t rain toft he Spokane Palls and Noi I h-
i-in Railway,
Direct  in- ii.m nl Bt,   Paul  with"
cut change ��.t depot with all trains fot
Chicago, Toronto. Montreal, Ni-w Yeerk
mul all point    U i   t .cjnl Bouth
Spokane ilailv for East at!lfl:lS a.m
tisavo ��� Bp i. tne daily lor Wi-nt at 7:45 p.m
W ��� t 1.mi.el ii .ins make direct con*
in i"1 Vlctorls an.i Vancouver
Port land, San Pi mi- i co, and all point*
i.n t hi- Bound.
During the seaaon nf navigation Baal
hound ii.e111 conned at Duluth with
LliemagnlHcpnl steamsliips North-Weal
and Niu t h-l jnul of | In-Nnitin in BteA_.��
ship Company Line, operated in connection with thi-tiic-at Northern IUil-
i'a lm tin i Information, maps, fold-
o., apply I,- any agetil of Spokane
Falls 1 Ne.nl-.-in [{v., Kaslo .V Slocan
Ity , Kontei sl Railway _ Navigation
(Jo., 01 '' i
ii,.nl  poas. _ 'I kt, Agt.   Ootn'i I Agt.
Bt, Paul, Mm      Spokane. vVhhU
and try ii iiceiiie-, a .own, ar s burro! oj
OALQARY BEER ss I] Is the bat -.-.-
clioBiiMt on tho irorkol Al -"try. ''"r
WINES,    LIQUORS,    nnd     OIQAnS.
Tolepliono D3. 'iBkur rtl   Ntlnon. II, 0,
fee c IQI   .HD "I -.cotever.
SILICA    ST.   ce   TWEEN     WARD    AND
JO./  PHIrYfi   -7a.
rmwMi no. ijo.
Provincial Land Surveyor
OomBr Victoria and Konleiiuy BtB
By the week frum $_^ to 16.
Hy the day  81.00.
P. 0. Box M��. Telephone No. 96 J.  V,  O'LAUGHLIN,    Prop Nelson Daily Miner, Wednesday Ev.nihg,  November 7. 1900
j       THE MINES
A Ymir dispatoh says: As anticipated, the September run of the Vmir
mill is a record-breaker. The offloial
details of the run are not yet to hand,
but a oable sent   to   I.ecu.Ion iputes
the output   for the  ith   at   847,000,
or a net profi! of $35,000, This month
was the first month thai the full complement of 80 stamps run uninterruptedly, and may, therefore, be taken as
representing tl"' earning power of
the mill. The mine Is shipping some
of tine rich orude ore, by means of
whloh the profit could easily be raised
to   840,    per   month,   or   sullii-ic-nt
to pay a 50 per cent, dividend on the
whole capital of the company. The
October run of the mill will not be
ijuitc up to September record, as in
the last week of the month the new
cable of the tramway broae and had
to be replaced by the old one.
It is reported that a large sale of
treasury stock of the llroken Hill
Mining and Developmetnt Company
has heen made to a Boston syndicate
and that in consequence the company
has sufficient funds to erect tne mill
which has been so long needed on the
Wilcox mine. In view of the lateness of the season, however, building
operations will be deferred until next
spring. Meanwhile, however, a quantity of the richer ore will he shipped
to the smelter as Boon as rawhlding
becomes pract icable,
The right of way for the Tamnrac
trainwiu has been cleared and operations commenced on the construction
of the owers to carry the cable. The
total length   of   the   tramway will be
0,000 feet .
��� *   ���
.lohn Harris has just left Vmir,
where he went, to look after tho interests of the Silver Crown Consolidated
Mining Company, which he recently
reorganized, purchasing tho Shiloh
and Royal claims. Work on the
claims was commenced in September,
and Mr. Harris says that the result
has heen highly satisfactory. A good
deal of the work has been in surface
prospecting and a all-foot shaft has
been .sunk. Said he: "Values have
uniformly improved with depth, and
erosscutting at the bottom of the
shaft proves the quartz to be at least
1(1 feet wide. The entire ledge is min
eralized. the chief values being ii
silver and lead. The last assays tak
en gave over 88 In gold alone, so that
the directors feel fully satisfied with
the property,
"A working tunnel from the Dundee wagon road has heen commenced,
It will tap the ledge at a depth of l'.iu
feet when it is :.'ou feet In. By drifting on the ledge from there a depth
of between 000 anil Tim feet can be attained. 1.. 1'. Trask, a well known.
practical miner, is in charge of the
work. Substantia] shops, etc.. have
been erected and ore cars and T-rails
are on the ground. The property is
therefore equipped for rapid work
and it is hoped to reach tho ledge
within four months. The- tunnel is in
about 15 feet, and it will be pushed
forward as rapidly as possible with
two shafts.
"The property is so well situated
that there will be no trouble from
now and no boarding-house or bunk
house is required, as the mouth of the
tunnel Is only In minutes' walk from
town. I have recently secured water
rights lor the company that will fur
nish abundant power for all thu machinery that will he used, either power drills, concentrator or stamp mill.
'Assays from the pay slioot of galena
on the surface went from si - to 851
per ton. mostly in silver and load, and
with the gold values coming ill witli
depth we believe we havo satisfactory
evidence of the value of the- property, "
��� ���   ���
Mr. eT. C, I irewry, managing   dlr	
tor of tlie i aliadian I.e.1.1  l-'ii-lds syndi
eate. Limited, leave-, this morning for
Toronto tee attend the lii-,1 annual
meeting uf the si. I:,,;r. ne i oiisolldat
ed, w blob, w ill l.e- he-id on tin- 13th,
Hays the- I;,, -laud M I nor. Mr, Drew
has jnsl nt iirni cl from Mo) ie. and
Informed t he M Inor repi ei ental i\i
that .He- ou: out ..i the St. I..;,., ni
Consolidated foi i he- monl h of i Ictober
was 3,007   tons,   nol only  boating all
provloui   "i     bul   n   o fai exceed
Ing the- output for the monl li of any
silver lead mine in tin- t'cii-iir d'Alones,
This put-- tin- st. Kn| no i onsolidated
in the very front   rank   ..'     Iivci lead
pi eiilllci-i  ..
Last week Mr.  I In ������        ��� . Islte.
tin- Sum et at U hllewater, aud tho
property lis 1 I ��� I tor than   ever.
Tin- on In i>t lias w hlened to three
feet e ���   . galena.    Mr.
Drewivj had   n i       number  of
samples taken nnd a ���   which
gave :')  lid   ounces
up to l,(l(W omi ������ nf liver to tho
ton     Over  two  carloads  of   this  nre
le.-.   nlreiid    I   ei ed and i h im-
pany is only await in:'   mill
to begin shipments to lho   mi  I
Mr.   Un ,.ani.ii   i      Mr,
\V. II. Jcii'ry,   tin- company's mining
engineer, made a second c.nniination
of the True Illuo group of copper
properties near Kaslo, and on T'luirs-
iay last closed a deal for the entire
group, consisting of the True Blue,
Peacock and Copper Queen. Mr.
Drewry goes from Toronto to Mon-
trcal.to meet the directors of the Canadian Gold Fields syndicate, and arrange plans for carrying on active de-
elopment on the True Blue group all
winter. 'These properties were under
bond to the Hall Mines Company for
805,000,they having spent a very large
sum in development work before they
relinquished the bond at the time of
their recent financial difficulties.
During the time the Hall Mines had
the property under bond they shipped
two carloads to their smelter, the returns from which were respectively
In. 1 per cent, and 13,4 per cent.
Mr.Drewery says that tlio True lilue
is one of the best, if not the best, copper properties in British CoUimhia.
Already considerable tonnage has been
blocked out and is in sight in the
mine, but it is the announced intention of the company to carry on systematic development for several
months before shipping any ore.) It is
likely the property, will be equipped
with a tramway in the spring.
The Sudden and Unexpected
Death of an Athabasca
��� vvvvvvv.V'VVVvvvvvvvvvvvva
John IVrrie.for over a year employed at the Athabasca mine, was found
dead in his hunk about 11 o'clock yesterday morning. When Mr. l'errie retired on Monday night he was apparently in his usual health. His roommate coining from the night shift retired to the same bed at I o'clock yesterday morning and did not disturb
Mr. l'errie as he thought deceased was
sleeping soundly. When the call for
the morning shift came Mr. l'errie did
not answer, and that he was dead
was not learned until bis roommate
tried to awaken hi in about II o'clock.
Coroner Arthur was notified at once
and on visiting the mine attributed
the death tu natural causes. The body-
was removed to Nelson last night and
a [lost mortem examination was held
this morning. It snowed that l'errie
died of natural causes.
l'errie was about :itl years of age,
and although of French descent he
was born in England. He leaves no
relatives ill the west, where lie had
been living for the past few years, but
he leaves ono sister iu London. England. Tho funeral will take place
tomorrow afternoon at 3 o'clock and
his remains will be laid to rest in the
Citv cemetery,
The Scotchmen Will Iline as Usual on
the I Ireat Night.
The meeting of the executive committee of the St. Andrew's Society
was well attended last evening at the
olliee of the president, Mr. J. Roderick Robertson, who acted as chairman. The following committees to
carry out all arrangements for the
forthcoming St. Andrew's Day ban-
eiuct were appointed :
Programme, Messrs. J. Roderick
Robertson, Judge Forin. J, IC. Strnch-
nn and S. S. Taylor.
Music, Messrs. George Kydd. James
Lawrence, J. A. Gibson.
Dinner, Messrs. A. L. Mclvillop, N.
T. Mel.cod, Captain Duncan, .1. A.
Picket and printing, J. .1. Mcl'hec,
,1. A. Gibson, N. T. Mcl.eod, Qeorge
Teh-grain. Messrs. A. L. MoKlllop,
Ur. Forin, ,1. A. Gibson and \V. A.
Maedonald, Q. C,
The executive committee    will    meel
again ecu Saturday eevnlng, November
i.   te. receive the committees' repoits
and to complete arrangements.
Where Vou   I an    Hear   All About   it
This Evening.
Returns of the elections should commence tn come in shortly after four
o'clock this afternoon and unless the
contest is Very even it^ should be
known by eight o'clock which party
wins. In the extreme east the polls
dose al .' o'clock, Nelson time. Tho
returns will be received aud posted in
four places in Nelson���at the Opera
House, the Liberal headquarters,
"Tho Office" and  "The   Athabasca."
Have you ever eaten MAPI, 10 I'll).
DINOV Ii is a new confection made
0 pecinlly for J A. Maedonald. Try
it and you will be sure to like It,   VVe
have- a  fresh  lot   of    Lowney's   Candles
jtlsl   ill    today.    Ontario   apples   have
..ii I', .-el t	
Allan line steamer Corinthian arrived at Liverpool at li o'clock yesterday morning.
Mr. Rod Tolmie arrived tn Nelson
last night from Victoria, the first visit here In some months.
Mr. Horace I), ihime, manager of
the Hotel Hume was yesterday afternoon taken to the city hospital sniveling from a moderate attack of typhoid fever.
Rev. William Outram, of London,
Eng., and Lev. Cordon Clements of
Belfast, Ireland, are the guests ot
Rev, Robert Frew. It is expected that
Kev. Mr. Outram will occupy the
Presbyterian pulpit hero next Sunday.
Owing to four freight cars being derailed on the Nelson & Fort Sheppard
line last evening about half a mile
south of Five Mile Point, the passenger train did not. come into the City
last night and left from the Mountain
depot this morning.
Tho tug Marion whieh has been
running between Nelson and Crawford Hay under tho guidance of Captain Kane is to have installed in it a
new engine. The machinery has arrived in Nelson and will he placed
during the early part  of January.
The reception to A. S. Lee. w he
arrives home from South Africa tomorrow afternoon, will be confined,
it seems, to the Rocky Mountain Rangers. However there is still hope that
the citizens will awaken sutlicii-nt en
thusiasm tomorrow to turn out at the
boat and show Lee that all are -lad
to see him back.
The members of the Epworth
League of the Methodist Church held
their monthly social last evening'and
it was a decided success. An unusually large number were present, and
allien joyed thejlntercsting programme
which was rendered. The principal
feature of the evening was the
"Breach of Promise Case" from
"Pickwick Papers." Mr. G. L. Lennox and Mrs. W. A. Thurman rendered
a duet and a solo was sung by Mr. F.
Smith. The success of the oecasi.cn
was largely due to Mrs. It. A. Laird,
convenor of the soc;al committee.
A bad wreck- occurred last week on
tho Crow's Nest road. The extra
freight, west hound, ran into a big
rock slide four miles cast of Crestou.
at a point where the embankment is
100 feet high. When the engine struck
the slide she left the track and plunged down hill taking three car.-, along,
The ears were reduced to matchwood and the engine was badly
wrecked. Engineer Hugh Hroek was
seriously cut about, the head and his
fireman j had a narrow escape. The
Cranbrook emergency train reached
the scene of the wreck quickly and
trains were delayed only a few hours.
Proceedings have been started under
the Railway Aet by Mrs, L. V. Roberts, proprietress of Roberts' Ranch,
against the Canadian I'aeilie for94,000
damages. In her affidavit which has
heen Bled, she asserts that the right-
of-way of the Ilalfour extension passed across the center of her property
and has done a great damage to ii as
a summer resort and park lands. It
is probable that the difficulties will
be settled by arbitration. Messrs.
Taylor and Ilannington are conducting the case for the plaintiff and
Messrs. Macdonahl and Johnson for
Three quiet weddings took place
yesterday afternnoon, tho ceremonies
of eaeh being performed bj Rev. Robert Frew. The first one took place
at the Presbyterian Church when Mr.
Augustus A. Wedd, of Sllverton, was
united in marriage to Miss JeuBie \|,
Kinnon. of Sumnierslde, l'. E.I, They
were- assisted hy MUs Helen Hunter
and Mr. J. A. McKlnnon, both of sllverton. Th" other two I,i,,k- place at
th,- residence of Mr. Frew.    Mr. John
II. Ellis of Nelson, to Miss Ida Jan,
Craig of Qu'Appollo and Mr, Qeorgi
II. Manharl of Nelson, to .Miss Lillian
l'aul-..a of Spokane, Mr. Manharl it
connected with the Tramway Company,    They will reside |. N'elsun.
very expei ienced or observing business   man can   make a  fair   estimate
of the amount of trade |n his line that
can be worked up in   tin mmunity
in which in- may reside, Every legitimate business is eapahle nl' a certain
measure of development hy newspnper
advertising, and in a vast majority of
cases the- prcetit ,,f th,. iii,|M(.,.,i traffic
will amount to many times ihe cosl of
the advertising, It depends ecu ihe
trader himself what shull i���- ti
tent uf his business within ct
it.'i in
Tuke Laxative Brorao yulnlno Tableto,  All
etniKs'i i ��� refund the money if it falls lo run-.
IM   K, Wi Grove ��� signature in on ouch tux
"lor years all efforts t.. e  Eczema ni th,- palms uf my hands failed "
���'","' Editor II. N, Lester, uf Syracuse Kan., "then I was wholly cuiod
by Hucklen's Ami,-a Halve, " It's the
world's best fur Eruptions, Hon nnd
all ikln diseases, only 35 cents at
the Unudlt Drug A Hook Co.
Says The Ferine Free Press: "The
Laurier Administration has undoubtedly done more foi the cause of laboi
than any party ever in power in Canada heretofore." It. has done more
fc.r Senator Cox and Mr. JalTray,
which probably means the same thing
with The Free Press,
Would quickly leave you if you used
Hr. King's New Life Fills! Thousands of sufferers have proved their
matchless merit for Sick and Nervous
Headaches. They make pure]blood and
build up your health, Only 35 cents.
Money back if not, cured. Sold by
1 anacia Drug ,v Hook Co.
Lucky Soldicis. Lord Rosslyn has
evidently an eye for detail, in his
article in the Mail describing the
effect of I.onl Roberts' advance upon
I'lvturia un the prisoners at Watervaal
and either guards, he wrote! "Hollander and HritisheT.soldier and Hoer,
peasant, prisoner and warder, joined
in a universal scene of congratulation,
in a mutual expression of esteem and
a general glass of Robert Hrown'a
Four-Crown Scutch Whiskey. Happy
the lot of tin- prisoners who were able
to soothe their sorrows with so famous a brand as Robert Brown's
" Four-Crown."
Just received at J. A. McDonald's
a shipment of "Gentleman in Khaki,"
"Lord Roberts," "Buller " "Kitchener," and the "Tartan I'la id" candy
boxes, which when filled with our
choice candies, cannot be equalled as
a gift for the fail on*-.
Visit   Florence   Park Hotel at Roi
erts1 Ranch,^two and a   half miles up
the river.  W. M. Roberts, proprietor.
WeAreStill 1
laekets. I
We still have left  a   few   of  those   Handsome
Jackets of which we told you last week, and they loo
are going at   Bargain   Prices.    We would  particularly draw your   attention   lo   a     /f*
nicely    finished   Beaver    Cloth      yfc "^     C O
��^  Jacket, stitched  with silk at. .
Then we have the Finest Kersey  Cloth  Jacket
with storm   collar,   stitched
with silk, box back
i.crsey   t-iotii   jacket
"BT.TTt, RT.80N TEA. JS T)-LiriT0TTS."
What Is the Matter
With Your  Watch'.'
Won't it go? There is no mystery
about it. and it we are favored
with your repairs we guarantee
lo please you. Are you in need of
a new time piece'.' If you are we
can c..iv,. you a bargain in
watches. Come unci examine them
Jewelers .mil Opticians.
in Dress
Wc have gathered together
for tomorrow some of our
most desirable Dress Fabrics,
and a prices very exceptional.
PLAIDS. These are very
choice, pretty for children's
dresses, waists, etc. Our
price 25 cents per yard.
in all the new mixed shades,
very stylish for ladies' skirts,
they are in great demand.
Scotch Wool 1'i.a ins.
Clans Maedonald, McKin-
losh, Gordon, Cameron, etc.
Rakrh Stiikiit, Nki.son.
Stampi d on every
garment, Insures
you genuine
tlie in.ci perfei 1, in..ct healtln'u
most  delightfully cotnl irtnbli
underwear made    1 ndoraed
ty physicians.
for .lien. We-,,., ., and'
..       " < in 1,1-,.,,.
O;:. Uim   le-tce .    In,
We have many other Handsome Jackets ranging in price between these two, and cm suit any
| MartinO'Reilly&Co. I
We have been instructed by Mrs. Catherine Finnerty
by   public   auction    the   contents   of   seven-room
to sel
Bedroom Sets, Parlor Set, Dining
Room  Furnishings,   Stoves,  Etc.
Wednesday, November 7th
At 2 O'clock P. M.
On the premises, on Carbonate Streel, second house east of
Josephine Street.
Chas. A. Waterman & Co.
NELSON LODGE No. -'.i. A. F. & A
M. unseth seoond Wednesday in eaoh
mouth.   Visiting brethern wolcomo,
Nelson Knoampmonl No. 7.  Moots ovory 2nd
id llli Friday of each inolilli, in Odd Follows
Hall,   coimer   linker nnd   Koolcnnv   Mi-octs.
NoUon.   A. H. ClomenU, C. P.|  P. MoArthur,
H. ..   Visillng brothora always woloonw.
I. O. O. F. Koolonay Ixuluc
No. Hi, moots evory Monday night,
at   tholr  Hall,   Koolonay  street
Hojoiirnlnif Odd Follows cordially Invitod.
John A. Me-Hne, n.u.   ii. \v. Rutherford, v.o.
Prod .1. Simile, Per. Sou.
NKL-ON   I.ODliK   No.    2.1,  K.  ofP
meets ill K. of I', hall. Oddfellow- block
..oven-   Tuesday  ovonlng nl  8 o'olook
iJAll visiting knightx cordially  Invltod
F. J. IIUAlll.KY, O. C.
I. A. PjUJUUTT-, K. of It. and S.
NELSON'S   QUEEN    Nn.   -'II
HiiNH   of    ENGLAND,   mooti
the lind. Wednesday i-vrnlllK eil'
each month nl l-'inleinily hall,
cornier of  linker   and   Kootonn]
., Ill nt roots.   Visiting brothorn oortl-
^===.:#   lull) Invltod,
JniiN Wathdn, -Herniary.
NELSON   ic n.   1..  No.   IflM   moots in   Fraternity Rail on first nnd third Friday ovonlngs
of i cell tiiiinl II ill. X -iVhie k. Vi-.ithlK liic-liiln-r-.
cordially invited. K. Itoliiiison. WTM.I Win.
Crawford, Its.
run.''ii HiitFC'i'iiHY.
s. Baviouus lENQ-lsiil Onunoil Cornm
Vi -nd ami Billon SU, Sundays: lid) I ���""
tn nn ion 8 a. in.: nnd on Ihe id and 3rd SnniliiJ-
in Ihe iniiiilli iifli-r .Midline; Mnltili- at lla.]
Hundaj School S.30 p.mi Kvonsong 7.30, mttt.
Maiiin- .ii D.30 ... iii. Thursdays nnd >ccni -
Hays: Holy Communion in a. m. FicU;
Kvonsong 7,80 n, m��� followed hy ohplr ppw
lic-e-.    II. S.   Ake-lciu-.l.   Heelor.     Fred   In	
Goo. Johnston**, Waruons, . _-���,
caiiiiii.1i   Ciiriicii  Corner'Ward and Min
-ii-e-c-i -. Mass ovory Sunday at Sand lo.00o.ni
Bonorilotion ol -SOn.in.  Maas ovory wook ii��l
nl 7.1.", a.m.   Hov.   Father  Ferlnnd lloctor.
Phkbbytrrian Cituiion Bervloesnl m i nn
and 7.H0 p.m, Sunday School al 8.30 p.m.
Prnyor mooting Thursday nvenlng ot K,|,ll"e
Christian EDndeavor Society inert* every J1"''
day evening 111 S o'clock, itov. K. How,
Pastor. ,,
Mrti s-i-    Cliurton   Corner  Billoo   i0S
JoBophlne Stroot*.  Sorvlcos nt 11 a.m. ono
p. in. ; Babbath 8ohool, 8.80p,m.l Prayer mooting on T -day ovonlng ol 8o'clock: Kpwortn
LoogUO Q, ���., Tll'-elav III iiu.m.       Itov. .1
Whin-, Pastor,   KcHil.nee, ttBopblno
l-enr of chlilc ti ,    i
Baptist Ciioroh - Borvlooa morning on"
ovonlngnl 11 a,m.and7.80 p.m.t Prayer mooi.
Ing Thursday ovonlng at 8 p.m. UKi ����� j.
IM'. Tuosdny ovonlng ol B o'olook. ,,H1,"'>-..
cordially woleo-wcd. Hov. ti. J. Coulter \\ Inn ���
Salvation aumy- Sorvlo �� ovory
ni So'olooh In barraoks cm v oiori
Adiudant Kdgcoomho In charge.
. II.
Boom I, T.-Der-Boeok- Blook.
n i u   -ti-       ,   , . i, -. , every-I'l-ond and   fourth \\ eilnesdays of each
uousea and HuiIiJin;; iiot-N m All Parte     month.  Visiting   member) cordially   invii.-1
of tl)i! OitT. Charles Prosser, Secretary.
HOUSES FOR SALE I   COURT KOOTENAY,  I. 0.  F., No.   3188. '
live.-ix.-even ami olghl  room houses for   Meetings  1th Thursday of month,   Frnlorna
oulo, twenty pot cent below eool. J hall, J A Irving 0 U,   1'. H, Fleming. U.S.
Canada Permanent and Western Canada Mortoaoe
uk a i) office toronto, ont.
Money to Nm oo straight MortgMft
Apply 10 G, U LH��N0_t( Baker Bt.


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