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Daily Edition No. 696.
Nelson, British Columbia, Saturday, April 7,  1900.
Tenth Year
���onvention at Vancouver Ends Abruptly in
Confusion���Disorder Throughout
the Whole Session.
Eejeoted Delegates Break Into the Hall
Resolution Repudiating Martin
Creates Pandemonium.
nlest sections ot Dublin township, a
section totally devoid of natural
beauty, and it must bave been decided upon in consequence of ber desire
to leave no part of the district unvisit-
od, nnd no olnss of her subjects neglected. Thero wns no mistaking the
snrpriBO caused by the presence of the
venerable lady who had braved the
elements under oonditious that kept
many otheis in doors.
After Adjournment Martinites Endeavoi to
Take Possession and Continue
the Convention.
. sl-l'.l 111, TO THE MINE1I.)
Vancouver, B. 0., April (>.��� The
signs of trouble which wero so ominous at the Liberal convention yester-
dsy materialised today in a small riot
ana the end is not yet
The Credential Committee sat nntil
after midnight, this morning, when
tbe Martinites carried a motion to
rejeot all the proxies for Cassiar. They
met again at eight o'olook this morniug and weeded ont a few more, all
ol whom were known to be opposed to
the Premier. The rejected representatives were somewhat incensed aud
held a little meeting of their own.
At 10 o'olock tho convention opened
and tbe Credential Committee handed
in its report. The chairman had just
asked whit vas to be done with the
report when tbere was a wild yell
without. A door opened, gave way
with a crash, and the Cassiar contingent, headed by Harr> Senkler, of
��� Vancouver, rushed iuto the hall.
A number of tbe people jumped to
. tbir feet to stop the wild rush aud others attempted to make tbem sit down
again. Three or fonr men were knock
ed down and roughly handled but
every one was able to piok himself up
again when a obanoe was given. There
was uo need for an ambulance.
Then tin) ohainnan oalled order, but
there waa no order. Someone called
i'm polioe who in turn oalled for others, bnt when they all arrived on the
scene tbey oonld not determine wbo to
arrest and oontented themselves with
watohing developments for hulf an
huur. The uproar created by tbe in
ttndeis continued. Men nt safe distances from eaoh other shook their fists
threateningly and shouted all kiuds
of names. Finally the Cassiar mon
��� ������'���liulod tbat they had nothing to
gain by their condnot and quietly
A motion was moved to reject tbe
Credential Committee aul their report. Prom then until 13:80 p. ni.,
when recess  for   luuob   was deolared,
the scene waa one of pandemonium.
When tbe oonvention reassembled at
2 :80 p. ra. the save order of thing*
continued bnt tbe chairman managed
to get a vote.
The vote ou tbe admittance of Cassiar
delegates was a tie, l.'iti on eaob aide.
The chairman gave a casting voto in
favor of the delegates. The next ten
minutes were the wildest ever seen.
Cheers, shouts and groans made an
awful noise which oonld be heard. a
mile away. The question abont Un
delegates from Eeqnimslt next cam*
up and was carried bv tbe Anti-Mar-
tiuites by a majority of fonr, At 6:30
p. m. a recess for  dinner followed.
On reassembling at 7:80, S.F.Davis,
Q. 0��� of Vancouver, moved: "That
tbe Liberals, in convention assembled,
hereby refuse to aooept the government of Hon. Joseph Martin as a representative Liboral adminisration,
and hereby declare tbat it is optional
with any Liberal to support or oppose
the said government." Martin object
ed that the motiou was out of ordei
and several of nis followers took up
ibe ory. The chairman ruled that the
motion was in ordei, but the Martinites raised such n row that the motiou
could nut be pnt. Pandemoninm
reignod for an bonr and a half, during
which time it looked as if the chairman would be assnnlte.1. Several ex-
cited Martinites rnsbed to the platform, shouting. "Outrage, disgrace,
etc." At length Frank Higgins, ol
Esqnimalt, moved tbat the oonvention
adjourn sine die. Tbis was rushed
thorough and the chairman deolared it
carriod and left tbe chair. Martinites
attempted to take possession and con.
tinue the convention, bnt their efforts
did not suooeod. By 10 o'olook the
hall was deserted.
It is not known what will be done
tomorrow, but ono thing is oertain,
tho deep laid plans of Vanoonver Martinites to foist tbeir man on tbe Liberals of tbe Provinoe has boen effectually blookod.
Admiralty Oonsider the Use of
Suoh Ornlt.
London, April fl.���A question was
asked in the House of Commons today
as to what steps had been taken hy
Her Majesty's Government with reference to submarine boats and tho submarine boat Holland. The First Lord
of the Admiralty, Mr. George J. Gos-
ohen, replied tbat tbe. Amirnlty hnd
given attention to tbe subject, "but,"
he added, "even if the praotioal difficulties attending tbo nse of submarine
boats oonld be overcome tbey must essentially remain a weapoon for the
defensive. And it was natural tbat
those nations wbo anticipate holding
that position should endeavor to develop submarine boats. The best method
ot meeting tbeir attacks was roseiv-
ing consideration and iu this direction, practionl. suggestion would be
valuable. It seems certain that an opponent to tbis weapon must be locked
for in other directions than iu building submarine boats ourselves, for it
is quite dear that ono submarine bout
cannot tight another."
Lord Roberts Reports Loss of
Five Companies of
Methuen Inflicts Heavy Loss
On  Boers���Mareull
if  tbe
Accept   the   Presidency
People Want Him.
Washington, April B.��� Admiral
George Dewey has confirmed the interview published L in the New York
World to tbe effeot'thnt he will accept
tbe presidency of the United States
shonld the American people desire
bim to fill that offirw. -He refused
make any further statement.
Greatest interest was manifested iu
ohtoial and othor oiroles today in tht
annonnoement by Dewey. His home
was besieged all morning by reporters
anxious to obtain additional information..
To all tbe admiral extended cordial
greeting, but indicated that for the
present at least there was nothing to
add to what bad been published con
oerning his willingness to stand foi
the presidential ollice, shonld the people nominate him.
' Naturally, the chief poiut of inquirj
wan to which great political past]
Dewey would be tbe candidate of, but
to all questions of this character the
replies indicated that no positive determination had been reached. None
of the officials of tha Navy Department cared to express publicly any
opinion as to the admiral's annouirce-
inent, but it is plain to be seen the announcement created profound surprise
in every circle.
the    Famous
Congratulates tbe Prince   on His Nar-
row   Escape.
Naples, April 6.-The Dnke of Orleans, wbo has just arrived here, on
bearing of the attempt to assassinate
lh�� Prince of Wales, sent him the following dispatoh immediately on landing: "I have been informed of the
or.lrage to whicli yon nearly fell a victim. The Duchess and myself, send
Too onr warmest congratulation* on
yonr escape. Your affectionate oousin,
Brussels, April 6.���One of the ao-
"oroplioea of Sipido, the would-be aa-
"asln of the Prince of Wales, he who
sold him tho revolver, Is a shoemaker
named Arthur Meert. Tbe magistrate
who is oondnotlng the' investigation
into the oase, purposes to oxamine
Volkaert who spoke at the Socialist
meeting Tuesday, and in the oonrse of
his remarks alluded
to the  Prinoe of
Brussels, April O.-Tnejpolioe inves-
tigatlon into the outrage upon the
Prinoe of Wales, shows that Jean Baptist Sipido aoted without premeditation. Sipido was nnder the inflnenoe
of companions, who hart nrged him
ngalnst his will to commit the oat-
Dnhlln, April 6.���The Queen diove
ont in an open oarrlage today, accompanied by the Princess Henry of Bat-
teuberg and n lady iu waiting. She
was escorted by four monnted constables and a sergeant and squad of
police, returning at 6:80 p. m.
Crowds of peoplo filled the streets in
fruitless anticipation of seeing the
Qneou pass.
Dublin, April fl.-Tho Queen's route
today was through one  of   the   hum
Confession     in
New York, April 6.���Henry E."i out-
sey, the Newport stenographer, now
under arrest for complicity in the assassination of Gcebel has, it is said,
made a complete confession to tbe
orime, so says a Lonisville dispatch to
tbe Evening Woild. He charges that
tbe fatal shot was fired by Jim Ward,
a noted Olay County feud leador, who
previously bad one murder to bis
YoutBey fnrthor deolores that in the
oousplracy to romove Goebel were
Governor W. S. Taylor, Secretary of
State Caleb Powers, ex-Seeretaiy of
State Charles Fiuky, Cupt. John
Powers, of the Bnrbourville Militia
Co., Sergt. Wartou Golden, of the same
oommand; W. H. Culton, clerk  in the
French's Race to Kimberley.
Boer Women Fight in
London, April 0.���Lord Roberts reports tbat five companies of British
troops have been captured by tbe Boers
near Bethttny.
London, April ��. ���(4:08 p. m.)���The.
following is the text of Lord Roberts'
dispatch to the Win Olli.'o, announcing the capture ��� of five companies of
his troops: "Bloemfontein, Thursday, April fi ���Another unfortunate occurrence has occurred, resulting I fear
in tbe capture of n part of tho infantry oonsisting of three companies of
the Royal Irish FnBi leers and two
companies of the Ninth Regiment of
Monnted Infantry, near Reddersbnrg,
a little eastward of Bethany Railway
station, within a few miles of tbis
"' I plaoe. They, were sunonnded by a
KititiMogw Ton;e 6f the enemy with four
or five guns. Tbe detachment bold ont
from before noou of April 8, until 0 a.
in. April 4 and then apparently surrendered for it ib reported that the firing
ceased nt that time. Immediately after I heard the news, dnring the afternoon of April 8, I ordered Gatacre to
nroceed from Springfontein, his present headquarters, to Roddorburg witb
all possible speed, nud I despatched
the Cameron Highlander's thenae to
Bethany. Ho arrived at Reddersbnrg
ut 10:30 n m. yesterday morning without opposition, but oould get uo nows
if the missing detachment. Tbere can
be no donht the whole party has been
made prisoners."
London, April ��.���The Wer Office
has received tbe following dispatch
Irom Lord Roberts dated Bloemfontein,
Thursday, April 6.���Methnen telegraphs from Boshof, (in tbe Orange
Kreo State, a little north east of Kimberley) as follows: "Surrounded General Villehois Manreuil and a body of
Boers today, none esoaped. Villebois
and seven Boera were killed, eight
woundod and 50 taken prisoners. Our
losses wer�� killed: Captains Boyle
and Williams, both Yeomanry, and
two men of the Yeomanry. Wonnded
abont seven men. The attaok lasted
fonr hours. The corps behavod .very
well, onr force was composed of Yeomanry, tho Kimberley Mounted Corps,
and theJ?ourth Battery of Artillery. "
General Marenil was tbe chief of
.-i nit' of the Boor army. He was 60
years old, nnd iB said to have boen responsible for many Boer successes.
It is Buid tbnt he eutered the Boer service merely beoause war wan his trade.
He went through a number of oani-
pnigus in tbo Frenoh nrmy. In tbe
death nf General Villebois Marenil tbe
Boers lost their best lnstrnoted soldier
in Continential   methods   of   welfare.
a blado of grass on the neighboring
veldt and all theii horses died of starvation. Tbo stench ahout tbe farmhouse waa something awful. Ou the
fourth day Goueral Dewitt sent a messenger calling on them to surrender
within n few minutes. The situation
wns hopeless. Tho Boers had two Impounders with them, and the squad-
ion was in the luststnge of exhaustion.
Seeing thnt there was ao chance ot re
lief they agreed among themselves to
London, April (I.���Tho Times publishes extracts from tho letters of a
British cavalry officer, who accompanied General French throughout the
march from Modder River to Koodoos
Drift. Tbe writer says: "On the
night before the start, Lord Roborts
told the oavalry that thoy were abont
to have an opportunity to uphold the
cavalry traditions of tho British service. General French's mon were sur-
pised at their task as tbey had expected to be employed on General Cronje's
eommnnicai inns whilo the lest of the
army worked around to Kimberley.
But Lord Robert told them that the
situation at Kimberley had become
desperate, while Lord Kitchener added that they must get through if it
cost half their foroes. With theBc
word singing in their ears they stirted
on tbo most exciting ride of tho war.
It was a raoe for tbo Drift on the Kiet,
which Genernl Frenoh secured by a
clever feint and by hard galloping. He
won by only five minutes. The lasi
day's work, before Kimberley was ie-
lieved, also,put thero to a severe test.
Soon after starting they found that the
positions ou their front, left front and
left rear, were hold by an unknown
foroe of the oneiuy, and that they were
almost surrounded. Rut General
Preuoh'a quick eye discovered a gap on
tbe left, about ono nnd n half miles
away. Through this gap on the left
he launched two Lancer regiments,
who were received with a heavy fire,
und before the dust had oleaied nw��
lie let every thing go iu after them.
It was a piece of daring whieh might
have failed but it succeeded completely aud by its success rnised the
London, April 6.���Tbe   Cape  Town
office of   Auditor   Sweuoy,   and him
self.    A price was placed upon the life \^���5���*���!j?_ **J5��r?,J��
of Goebel and Ihe sum paid   over  was
$1,000 whiob Yontsey says lie   himself
Tbo   first  installment
I'efore  tbe   fatal   shot
paid jost
Southampton,       April (I.���Cecil
Rhodes,   who  sailed from Capo Town
on March Sl, anived hero today.
London, April 7.-The Daily Telegraph bas the following from Iloshof
dated Thursday: "Lord Metbueu's
Mafeking relief force was concentrated
bere today. The Boors are in force n
few miles distant, on the Vaal River.
This towu is practically deserted, all
the men being with the commando,
undor Oommniidaut Duplessis, who
controls in tho district.
graphing Tuesday,gives details, hitherto obscure, ot the surrender of a squadron of Kitchener's Hoiso on February
16. It was the day of tbe relief of
Kimberley. The squadron had been
left to guard a farm on tne Riet River,
while General French advanced to
the besieged town. Tbe Object of
leaving them on tbe river Was to hold
a well, pending the arrival of another
column. Tbe latter, however, uevor
came, and tbe troopers found tbora-
selvcB heseiged for four dnys by a
body nf 400 Boers. There were but 50
nf them, bnt they pierced loopholes in
tho walls of the farm house and mnde
a desperate stand fur threo days.
They fonght gallantly and all the time
without food. But on the fourth day,
they inunngod tu catr.h a goat which
wns quickly devoured.   Tbere was not
New York, April fl.���The World correspondent at Pretoria, Howard Hille-
gus, has sent a long letter, in which
Im giveB an interesting nnd thrilling
story of tho way in which the Boer
women nre helping their busbands,
sons, and brothors in the war. Tbe
World knows no finer examplo of heroism than tbat exhibited by 14 womou
on one ot the five days fighting around
Spion ' Kap. He says: " A strictly
family party of Boers, 14 men aud
tbeir wives, were entrenuhed in one
position nnd held it with ama/.ing
bravory against a small force of British. For a long time the men
fought incessantly and kept their
wives busy reloading thoir rifles.
Finnlly fifty British soldiers with
fixed bayonets charged ou the on-
trenchn.eut. As they onme closer, the
Boor men crept ovor the entthworks
nud, while the women began shooting.
they tried to hammer back tho British
soldiers with the butts of their gonn.
Before their wives' eyes every one of
tbe 14 Boers wero killed, bayonetted
or shot. The 14 women, so quiokly
widowed, never thought of surrendering, but fonght most valiantly and
coolly for half an hour, until the
British surrounded tbem. Scores of
women bave beeu in evory commando's
laager. Only oue has been without
her rifle nnd bandoliers, tbat was Mrs.
Jonbert, wife of tho Comiunnder-Gcn-
eral of tbe Transvaal forces.
Try to imagine n bride and groom
going to war on tbeir honeymoon
When I left Pretoria for the front a
friend introduced me to a young Boer
couple, wbo were going ou the same
tiain and had beeu married but a
week. I tbongbt my friend wns joking when he said they wore going to
fight the British although both the
Boer and his wife bad Mauser rifles
and eaeh wore three bandoliers. Two
"vi r their shoulders and oue aiound
tbe waist. When the train reached tbe
end ol tbe lino, a short distance north
of LadyBmith, Madame Boer alighted
with her husband, assisted in taking
two horses from the Inst car of the
train and rode away toward one of the
laagers in the distance. The pressuoe
of tho women puts spirit into ihe meu
and keeps them from becoming homesick or despondent. Theso warrior women were tbe first to insist that the
Transvaal shonld rssist England, and
now tbey are sharing thu butdeii."
News   From All  Over the
Dominion   Manitoba
Heavy Wind Does Damage at
Oyster Bay   Suicide
at Toronto.
Americans Join Van Home
in  Cuban   Railway
Winnipeg, April (t. ���Thero wore no
exoiting inoidents todny in the Manitoba Legislature. Members Rogers,
C. A. Young, Johnson, nnd others con
tinned the debate on the address. The
session wns continued tbis evening,
when the reply was adopted without
division. Mr. Johnson, member of
the Government, reiterated the statement that it was tbe intention of the
Government tc pass a law and enforce
tbe prohibition of liqnor traffic.
Official Details of tho Battle of Paardeberg.
Ottawa, April fl.���Lient.-Colonel
Otter's report covering tbe battles in
whicb the Canadians were engaged.
and giving a description of tbe wounds
received by the Canadian soldiers,
has reached tbe militia department. It
is being typewritten and will be pub-
lished in the military orders. Tho report gives a list of the killed. There
is very little that has not been covered by lettors from tbe front, yet tbe
document is uevertheleea an interesting one.
London, April fl.���Dnnraven's Sharpshooters started for South Africa today
amid the usual seenes ot enthusiasm.
Lord Dunraveu at tho last momeut do-
oided to aooompany the force and  has
Continued uu I nin lb I'uk".
Ottawa, April (l.���Colonel Otter in
his official ieport ot the battle at
I'mirdeberg, whieh bas just reacbed
here, said that Captain Arnold was
doing most exiellent servioe when
mortally wounded. In concluding his
report he snys: "Many instaucs of
personal bravery were displayed, as
for example, tbe case of Private Kennedy, who led one cf the ammunition
mules light up tu tbe firing line,
whero he was instnntly killed."
The oompany stretcher bearers exhibited great plnck and fivo of them
weie umong the wounded. Three
were wounded in ��� oonveying Captain
Aruold from the firing line. The
stretcher upon whicb ho was carried
being made a speoial object of nl tin
tiou by Boer marksmen. In conclusion
with this incident I might notice tbe
courage displayed by Surgeon Capt.
Kiset, who, when the stretcher upon
which Car-tain Arnold was being
brought to the rear was Btopped and n
shot wounded one of the bearers, weut
forward and attended to Capt. Arnold
and subsequently assisted as a stretcher
beuror iu bringing him to the rear.
Capt. Fiset also attended to many
other wouuded uuder firo during tho
Lieut. -Colonel Bucbun was in cbnrgo
of the tiring line, whiuh be directed
and coutrolled iu the coolest nnd most
effeotive manner, while my Acting-
Adjutant Ogilvie rendered excellent
service in cnirying my orders nbout
tbo field. The following officers and
men distinguished themselves daring
the day : Sergt. Utton, Private Andrews, Privato Dixon, Private Dun-
cafe, Private Page and Private Our-
phy. Tbe oollacling of the dead and
wounded of both our own battalion
and those of tbe C. L. I., was mnde by
parts of Roynl Cunudluus and continued all uight. Tho duty was a most
ou nous one and too much credit can
not be given to those who were engaged in it. By 7 a. m. of the Kith instant all the tlead in the battalion
were buried, bosides many of tho O.
L. I. wonnded sent to tho roar. I
must here plaoe on reeord tbe great
services rendered by the R. C. Chaplain, Rev. Father O'l^eary, who was
preseut in tho Hoi all day and towards
tho end of the firing lino, while during thn uight ho was present in the
search (or tho wounded as well us officiating ut tho burial of tho dead. Sev
eral oftioors acoompanied theso parties
up to miduight, whilo Sergt. Reding,
Sergt. Ranago. Sergt. Middleton and
Privato Wingato wero ont all night in
this dnty. Another iiistanee of plnck
was that of Private Horilbrook.who at
daylight ou the morning of the ltlth
instant,was down in the extreme right
of tho lines ooonpied by the onemy the
pievious day. Ho was unarmed und
came suddenly upon an armed Boer
looking for a stray horso. With great
prosenco of mind, Horilbrook, armed
with a revolver, called on imaginary
assistance, at the same time demanding the man's surrender. Tho Boer at
once snbmitted and, on being brought
in, proved to be one of General
Cronje's adjutants, and a most important oflioer. (Sgd.) W. D. Otter,
Ottawa, April*).���In tbo house todny the debate ou the Budget wns resumed by Mr. Montague, who was followed by Mr. Doholl. Mr. Roohe told
what people in the West tbongbt of
the Ijiboral Government. Ho deolared
that Liberal stock was steadily going
down in the west. He spoke of Liberal
duplicity regarding thu   tariff   reform,
administration of tho Yukon, O. P.
K., and Mackenzie & Mnnn interests,
and tbo Manitoba olection scandals.
Mj. Roche also severely criticized the
Sifton polioy of lilting up the country
with dirty immigrants and supersti-
tious foreigners. Mr. Hey moved adjournment of the debate.
Winnipeg, Mnu., April fl. ��� James
Richardson, a farmer residing nenr
here, was found dend in bod with r
bullet wound in tbe breast. Deutb is
supposed to have been caused by an accident.
Winnipeg, April 0.���Calixte Aime
Diigas, Judgo of the Yukon territory,
has been appointed a commissioner to
investigate and ieport upon certain
charges preferred against Edmund
Camming lenhlsr, gold commissioner
of Ynkon territory.
Winnipeg, April fl.���Thu planing
mills of Messrs. Brown and Rutherford near tbe Louise Bridge, the largest establishment of the kind in the
oity, was totally destroyed fire this
morning. Tho loss is estimated to he
in thu neighborhood of $15,000. The
firm only carried ffi.OOO insurance.
They will iebuild at once.
Victoria, April II.���A heavy southwest blow tbis afternoon destroyed
the wharf at Oyster Bay, owned by
Dunsmuir .v Sous. The damage will
be ten thousand dollars. Some inconvenience will be cnused iu loading
coal vessels. The damage will bo repaired at once.
Toronto, April ii.���Henry King committed suicide in the Western Hospital this morniug by outting his throat
with a razor. He was mulct treatment following tho extracting of a
needle fiom his hip. It in believed his
mind became unbalanced from the administration of chloroform.
Montreal, April fl. ��� Rov. Dr. Aut-
lifl'e bus been appointed acting principal of tho Theolngioal College to succeed Rtv Dr. Shaw, whose resignation
takes effect on May 1.
Montreal, April fl.���It is reported
that Van Home has beeu joined iu his
Cohan Railway scheme by Wm. C.
Whitney, General G. M. Dodge, Kd-
ward J. Berwiud, General Samuel
Thomas, and ex-President Levi P.
Morton, of New York ; Henry M. Whitney, of Boston; P. T. B. Wideuer.
Thos. Dolan nnd R. H. Elkios, of
Philadelphia ; H. Walters, of Baltimore ; James J. Hill, President ot tbo
O. N. R. Co., and   G. O. Hopkins.
Toronto, April li. ��� At the regular
annual meeting of the British Empire
Lengue this evening a resolution was
passed insisting that in tbe settlement iu Honth Africa, after tho war,
the two states fighting Great Britain should be left with uo powers inconsistent with the nbsolnte supremacy and sovereignty of the British
Cleveland, Ohio, April ��.��� Robert
Fitzsimmons wus today matched
to meet Edward Dunkherst of this
city before the Hercules Athletio Club,
of Brooklyn ou April UU.
Detroit. Mich., April (I.���Champion
James  J.   Jeffrins   knocked out   John
Finiiignn, of 1'itsburg,   tonight   lu 15
- '
iNelson Daily Miner
Published Ually exoept Monday. MINSK ['HINTING & PUBLISUlNa Co
I)   I    BEATON, Killlor and Manager.
Telephone   No.  144.
I Nelson Dally Miner
April 7, 1900.
In Peace and In War.
ITT out this coupon aud bring
01 send it with 10 ceuts in silver
to the Portfolio Depattment of
The Nelson Dally Miner nnd get
Part II <>t' "(ilimpses of South
Africa in  Peace ana in War."
See announcement on another
Senator Templeinan'B Victoria Times
bus been inther slow to discover the
intolerable tyranny and danger of the
political situation. Newspapers that
have to wait lor a tip fiom the political leuilers at Ottawa before being
able to detect abuses here can hardly
be reckoned as safe goides. Tbere is
nothing in the present situation that
wns not known a mouth ago. Onr
Lieutenant-Governor for the second
time took the extreme course of dismissing his Cabinet. That is a step
11 prudent, cautiuus man will only take
under the most extraordinary circumstances aud in view of tho plainest necessity. Twice iu oue term" naturally
gives rise to tbe suspioion that the
Lieutenant-Governor, mort than the
Cabinets, is at fanlt. He entrusted
tho task of forming a new Government to n member who bud not a follower in Ihe House, and who had become so unpopular in the country tbat
be bad to be ejeoted from tho late Government to save it from discredit.
This was a gross abuse of his prerogative, of which The Times should have
heen aware at tbo time and without
Mr. Martin did uot go to the I.egis
litu e for his Cabinet material, for
theiu was not u member of the Legislature who would accept office under
hi 111. This fact alone should be sufficient to stump the action of tbo Governor HS :��� II .������ ai ranted aud illllf fciisihl ������
He pioceoded leisurely with bis task.
claiming that he had a free hand and
could taki all the time he desired.
Here was another violation of the rec
ogniscd practice in such cases, and a
Governor who respected his constitutional obligations iu tho premises
would neither havo granted nor tolerated such liberty. Failing the Legislature, a Premier who had a sense ol
the proprieties wonld have sought for
his colleagues among men of well
known reputation aud standing, and
who had some experience in the con
duct of punlic affairs. lustead of do
ing this Mr. Martin set out in search
of obscure men, and seleotea those who
bad never been in publio lifo aud
whose very names even were unknown
to the peopla of the Province. It may
be said this was Mr. Martin's privilege. Si it was his privilege to go to
the penitentiary for his oolloagues,
trusting to the pardoning power to
complete their eligibility. There are
many privileges which it.would be an
outrage on public decency to exercise,
aud Mr. Martin's seleut, n of mateiial
for his labinet was one of the class.
These unknown and untried meu
were taken iii, made Ministers, put in
chaige of their Departments, and entrusted with the full management and
oontrol ol all tho complnx nffaiis of
the Province, with the many and important interests involved in them.
Prom beginning to end it wuh an outrageous abuse of privilege, an insulting deliance of public sentiment.
There wns no local help for it The
people could only look on with amazed
nnd shocked wonder. The only baud
thai could cheok Mr. Martin was the
Governor's, mid through it all the
Governor was a consenting if not innti-
gatiug party. Theie was only one othor
power that could save ns Irom tbe danger nnd humiliation ol Mr. Martiu's
insane pranks, and that was the power
0/ the Executive at Ottawa. It has
taken alarm at the situation here, and
it is said that infloeucos will soon
be set in motion to put an end to the
snandiil. It is only on this intimat'on
Renator Templnmaii's paper is able to
realise the shame and outiage of the
proceedings of tbo past few weeks.
That wnrkingmoii shonld have and
enjoy tho privilege to nnlte for their
own protection aud  advancement   is a
proposition so reasonable that no one
but an unreasonable person would"
think of disputing it. Them is no
harm, but often much good, iu the
proper and legitimate use of Unions;
it is the abuse of them that excites antagonism. Too often they fall under
tbe control of meu who are agitators
in disposition, who nre too lazy to
work, and who become imbued with
those extreme theories of socialism
that lend unbalanced minds into anarchy.
Miners' Unions nere in tho West nre
surrounded with dangers. On the Canadian side ut least they aro composed
ol men who are for thn most part ns
well disposed as any ether class of the
community ; mej who are industrious
and law-abiding, who hu\e respect for
the rights of others, and who desire
nothing more than that their own
should havo equal respect. There is
uo danger of these men doing unlnwfH
things or demanding more than justice if left to themselves. Bnt unfortunately they are nut removed from the
reach of evil influences. The Unions
heie are affiliated with the Western
Federation of Miners, whoso controlling spirit is tho man Boyco, who is
convicted on tho evidence of the Governor of an adjoining State of having
incited the riot whicli a year cr two
ago resulted in tho murder of two persons and the destruction of much valuable property. Ho is a bad man, and
nothing good can come of intimate or
remote connection with him. Wo do
not know any reason why the miners
of British Columbia should not have
their Unions; but if they cnn only
exist at tbe cost of affiliation witb this
foreign Federation, whose record bears
tbe indelible staiu of muider and in-
cendiaiism, it would he far better and
more in harmony with Canadian respect for law aud order to abandon
them. British Columbia in i tiers
shonld Boom to have any soit of connection witb au oi-gaiii/ itnni that is
dominated by a Boyce, or is so depraved in character as to recognise him.
��������������������������� ���������������������������
��� FOR EASTER   f
I   TIES '     X
��� ������������������������������������������������������
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Bis is Not "Tie loDse That kt m:
The Hudson's Bay
For the Times
Onr amiable morning contemporary
oonld vastly improve itself by going to
school again and mastering tlio nidi-
inenta ol common imiibe. If it wero to
do tbif. it wonld leavo tlio Kight-Hour
law alone, for a spell nt least. Mr.
Taylor, at Revelstoke, is taking a sensible conrso. He Ih satisfied with a
standard flight-hour day. It in presumed also that tho miners are. In de.
dining to advocate the repeal of the
law he ia aoting iu nccoiiiance with
his own oonviotiona aud not rnnniug
counter to tho convictions of tbe minors. When ho goes forther, however,
aud (.peaks for a modification of tbe
law that will permit mii.ers to work
longer hours if they wish and it is tbo
desire of those who employ them, he
may part company with some of the
miner*, but he keeps closely iu tonoli
with coramou sense, g Mr. Houston's
paper thinks not. wbioh only goes to
show that Mr. Houston's paper is under influences that aro either sinister
in character or of extremely ignorant
origin. Tho men who can welcome
and hold fast to a law that abridges
their liberty ��s citizens of u free nation aro unworthy tho proud privilege
of being British subjects. Wnrhingmen
in (ireni Britain or in the Australasian Colonies will not Hobmit to bo I ieil
down to au eight-hour day, although
willing enough to have it so provided
that they shall uot work longer unless
at their own discretion. When Mr.
Taylor says he would nsk tho Legislature to put miners on the footing nf
froe oitiaeiis ho is merely proving
laithfnl to his Blitisli instincts, ami
when Mr. Houston's paper linos fault
with him for doing so it merely confirms what is generally suspectod, that
it is of very shallow understanding.
From Cap Ton to Ufy<
By (late) G. W. Steevbns
Forty-one Tears in India
By Loan Rohebts
Spectators of the South African
drama aie dissatisfied ; tho play drags
too much to suit tbem. Something to
thrill the emotions and move to ex
citement is reqnirod every day. The
snrtendur of Crouje lasted well enough
until tho occupation of Bloemfontein,
but the latter event was so tame that
the effect wore off in tho course of two
or three days, aud then tho audience
became impatient for a march on Protorin. The nctors on the stage know
better, however. A march on Pretoria
ia no holiday jauut, and Lord Robert!
is too old a hand to set out until he
has marie all tho preparations neces-
aary to sucoess, and necessary also to
tho least sacrifice of life. When thesa
are completed to his satisfaction���not
ours���he will move,and not until then.
Meantime wo may disabuse onr minds
of any hope that the Hoers will invest
Bloemfontein; that is nn entertainment that will not lie provided.
Briton aufl Boer
Both Bides of the South African
Ten Years ot Upper Canada
in Peace ul War j
Ul tie Latest enrol
BOOK 00.
J. K Amiable
Real Estate and Insnrance
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Queen's Motel.
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Opera House.
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only   1650, on easy terms.
3 Houses for Rent.
Mr. Cotton's platform and Mr. Martin's platform aie taken i|iute seriously by n DORiber of papers, and they
are devoting a fair share of their spneo
to more or less connected discussion
of them. Theso platforms are all very
well, and so are modern guns; bnt the
experience of ait mil warfare is that it
is the man behind the gun who counts
in the end. It is easy for Mi. Cotton
und Mr. Martin to evolve high-somid-
ng, renndoornered, brightly-polished
platforms, but what nf Mr. Oolton nnd
Mr. Martin themselves? Are the men
behind the?e politic il guns Hit kind of
men to mnke the most nud best of
See Amiable
The Miner will pay cash
for clean rags. Bring them
to the Miner Office.
Nkijotn, H. O.
A  lie.niliiii: and Day School conducted by
thu   Sisters   cf   SI   Joseph or  IVure      It is sUn
ul oil nit lie corner of Mill and JoNcphlne street*,
in one uf the best rosldenllnl portions of Nelson, nnd In easily accessible from all parts
nf I lie city.
The course of study Includes the fundamental mid higher hrnnchos uf a thorough Knuli -li
eilueullon. IttiMlnoM course ��� Ilookkoopliiir.
KinnoKrapliy and Typewrit Ing. Bclonco emu e
-.Music, Vocal and Instrumental; Drawing,
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...   interests of the West Kootenay
Brick & Lime  Co.
Krnest Manslleld seems to hnve tbe
ability to oommand any amount of
oapital. H1b latest deal is tbe first
ijmt lie hns enRineored in connection
with an industrial enterprise in the
Province. Already hs lias mnde him-
sull prominent by inducing a Brent
deal of foreign oapital to invest in
mining properties in the Slocan country. His latest success hns been in
connection with floating tbo West
Kootenay Brick & Lime Company.
Toll was oue of tbe enterprises that
Mr. Manslleld took with bim to London snd thnt he has met with success
in bundling it reflects great credit on
hiH ability to command capital. Ton
thousand dollars iB now in Iho bank
bme ready to be paid to the vendors
at noon ns the details in connection
wilh the deal are arranged. Fifteen
thousand dollars will follow in the
nunr fntaro to make the final payment.
This flotation iB of grent importance
to Nelson as it is Mr. Mansfield's intention to onerato tho oompnuy on a
lam" scnle. Tbe latest machinery to
treat marble will be installed in the
qunrrv opposite Kaslo and tbe capacity
of the oompany to manufacture brick
will bo greatly inorcased. It is also
Mr Manafield's intention to erect n
large blook on Baker Stre��t on the
lots on whioh T. G. Procter's office
uow stuurls. This block will hs one
of tho handsomest in the oily and iu
It will be centered the offices of nil
Mr. Mansfield's companies.
Glimpses of South Africa.
The Miner now hns on sale the
lecond portfolio of "Glimpses of South
Africa. " It anything, it is more elegant than the first number and not oue
book Imiilil be left at tbo begiuning
of next week when Portfolio Mo. ::
will be offered. Tbe Miner will make
a special offer, in that it will give for
JO cents aud one oonpon ont from a
oopy of this paper. Portfolio No. 1 and
2. Tbu oonpon will be found at the
head of the editorial column. Cut it
out ol tbis paper and put it in yonr
pocket so tbnt yon may get the Portfolio when yon pass The Miner   office.
Ths water in the lake rose two and
a half inches in the last 24 hours.
Get a "Glimpse-'of South Afrioa for
a oonpon and ten cents. They're at
Tbe Miner uflioe.
Xh�� tog Augerona, whiob broke her
propeilor a few days ago, has been repaired, aud will start ou her daily run
Work was started yesterday ou the
conjunction of the stwer in Block 20,
whioh was recently ordered by the
���Maynard H. Cowan and W. 0. Foote
reached Nelson last night ovor the
Orow's Nest liue and will leave for
Spokane this morning.
A ball interest in tho Moon Light
claim,ou North Fork of Salmon River,
baa been transferred from J. E. Reed,
of Erie, to R. W. Northey, of Ross-
land, tor  $60.60.
IT. H. Brown, brother of Wnllaco and
Ed. Brown of this oity, arrived in
Nelson yesterday from Brandon, Man.
Mr, Brown will rerauiu iu Nelson
and engage in bnsinesB.
Mrs. M. L. Rattray will condnct n
dans on Snnday afternoon at 4 o'olook
��t the Baptist Church. It will be for
young men alone aud Mrs. Rattray
hopeB tbat many will avail themselves
of the oppDrtunty offered.
It was reported on the street yesterday that in the riot wbiob marked tbe
morning session of tbe Liberal convention in Vancouver, Archie M. .lobn-
��ou bad lent bis drinking arm. The
report was not confirmed, however.
Tbe bridge on the Spokane Falls &
Northern road at Springdnlo which
was rooently destroyed by fire will be
replaced by this morning and today's
traiu Bhould ooine tbrongb on time
without transfer of paBsengeis and
Tlio Angerona will make a trip up
Die Lake on Snnday. She will leave
tbe city wharf at B a. m. aud returning will loave the Outlet Hotel at 4 p.
in. This trip will be made for the
benefit of any persons who desire to
take advantage of tbe good fishing at
ibe Narrowi.
The Indian Famine Fend has been
lucieased by a contribution of $fi from
��. K. Hedley ana 80 oenta bas beon received from tbe chain letier system.
The fund is not growing as rapidly ur
desired and those in oharge of it urge
upon the poblio the worthiness of the
obeot for wbioh it is being raised.
Tomorrow ' morning at the Baptist
Canton tbe Rev. G. .1. 0. White will
preach on "Tbe Ohnroh and its Mis-
���"on." Iu the evening at 7:80 theie
via be a congregational song service
. ��t,the opening. The subject of the
t-ernipn wll be "The All-Seeing Eye."
huuday Hohool aud Bible cine* will be
new at 2:80 p. in.
The funeral of the infaut child of
Mr. and Mrs. E. B. McDermid wns
held yesterday morning, services being
""Id at the reaidenoe by Hev. G. J.
���JOnlUir White. Floral pieces were revived from Mrs. J.Lning Stooks, Mm.
T. J. biros, Mrs. H. Byers and Mrs.
B. Sharp. The remains wero intoirod
��l \ths Nelson Omnetery.
Funeral services over tho remnins of
MlM Johnson, sister of George John-
""���>. enstoms oolleotor, woro held yos-
)"<1��J Bfternoon in tbe English
Lhuroh, Rov. Mr. Akehnist olllcint-
jog The enskot was hidden binoath
the many beantifnl floral tributes from
lornior friends  ot tbe doceased aud  a
Imro number of peoplo were present
ii} the church to nay their last respects
to the dead. Tho pall bearers were
Me: si's. Fred Irvine, F. W. Petera,
R. W. Day, H. J. KvanB, S. P. Shaw
and N. MoLeod. Interment was at the
Nolson Cemetery.
Arobibold Cameron, nnditor at the
Yellowstone mine near Siilmo, bronght
fonr gold brioks into Nelson Thursday
night and yesterday they were on ex-
hibiticn nt the Bouk of Montreal.
They represented about $0,500 in oash,
which, with oonoentrntes amounting
to abont $3,000 Btill to ooirw in, told
the story ot the first month's run at
the Yollowstone mine.
'' What a obanoe I mianed, "unid James
Lawrence to a Miner man yesterday.
"I would have given n hundred dollars to have Been Bill Galliher and
Archie Johnson during that trouble in
the convention hall at Vauoouvor yes-
terday. Bill with bis loug reanh and
Archie with hia voioe must have
mado a doep impression npon the tenderfoot. And to think I might have
been there."
Lieut. George Boer last night received word from the D. O. C. at Viotoria, that ten men wero wnnted from
Nelson for service at EBqnimalt, enlisting for a one vear term. Six men
have already I e;n recruited, five of
them being Privates White, Gordon,
Worley, Virge and Stunt. Lieut.
Heer desires to hoar from any men
who are now on the aotive list of the
Canadinn militia or wbo hold discharges from tbo same. He needs fonr
mon to complete the Nelson contingent for the Esquimnult service.
fl. H. Bowden walked from the Provincial jail to the O. P. R. depot at
fl o'clook luat night with his light
wrist handcuffed to the left wrist of
Ulayhorne, tne mnn rooently oonvioted
of stenling a snin of money in a local
hotel. They wore both ou thoir way
to New Westminster nnd were accompanied by H. Bollock-Webster, Chief
of Proviuoinl Police, and Gaoler Purt-
ridgo. Bowden did not seem at all
dejeotod as be walked to the depot.
Ho was dressed neatly as usnal and
presonred his wonted appearance. On
bis wuy to tho depot he passed several
acquaintances but did not appear to
recognize them. Bowden him been
sentenced to two years iu tbe pnnitent-
iaiy at New Westminster.
Agent Taokabnry, of the Spokane
Falls & Northern, yesterday received
bills showing the various shipments
which were destroyed in the bnmed
train the early part of the week. The
hills show tbat nearly every merchant
in the city was effeoted to a greater or
less degree. Fred Irvine & Oo. loat a
valuable shipment of enstern goods and
Lillie BroB. are mourning tbe loss of
several cases of Indies shoes whiob
thoy were anxiously awaiting. Other
losers not already mentioned were W.
F. Teetzel & Co., H. Byers, Gosnell's
Brewery, J. J. Walker, J. Y. Griffin
& Co., and F. R. Stewart & Oo. In
addition to the oar load of matches aud
car load of whiskey, which so greatly
helped to feed the fire, there were two
carloads of coal oil'and one car load of
Mary Gooderou and hor husband,
who livo on a float at Thirteen Mile
Point, had a bad day of it yesterday.
Iu the first place Mrs. Gooderon bad
Hnrry Williams np before Magistrate
('reuse on a charge of assault. Sbo had
several witnesses ou tbe stand, bnt
tbey failed to prove the oharge made.
They did sbow, however, tbat Mrs.
Gooderou was guilty of selling liquor
witInmi ii license. The assault was alleged to have been committed last
Tuesday night. Williams and others
wore at tbe home of tbe Gooderons
nnd were drinking. Mrs. Gooderon
ind a hill against Williams for whiskey supplied him and over this a dispute occurred. The bill was for $1B
and Williams claimed it should have
boen for only 16. Then the trouble
begnu. Condemn attacked Williams
and knocked him down and Mrs.
Gooderou got into it, too. She seized a
Ifnn that was hanging ou the wall and
went ut Williams with the bntt end
of it. The only blow ..ruck with this
weapon lauded on Williams' eye and
left it highly decorated. After a further aciimmage Williams was rescued.
Mrs. Gooderon then sworn ont a warrant for Williams' arrest. Magistrate
Crease evidently thonght Williams the
more abused of the two aud he dismissed tbe case, with costs against Mrs.
Gooderon. After this case was disposed of Mrs. Gooderon became tne defendant in a caso charging her with
selling liquor without a license. Sev-
���nil witnesses were oalled, and while
on tbe staud in her own behalf, Mrs.
Gooderon admitted giving away whiskey. Tbe judge thought a clear oase
hnd boen mnde ont fined tbe de
fendant $100 and costs, granting her a
week in wbioh to pny it.
Hume.���H. O. Mannheim, Nelson;
W. H. Dowsing, Procter, B. 0. ; D.
D. MoPbnil, Greenwood; G. W. Law-
son, Toronto; S. Brooke, Victoria; A.
J. Linden, Omaha; R. A. Garrett,
Montreal; W. II. Cowan,W. A. Foote,
Spokane; W. C. Bell, Fred Butten,
Phair��� H. M. Stevenson, A Ins worth;
Alex Smith, Kaslo;!.. A. Onmbpell,
Rossland; P, J. O'Riolly, London; M,
H. Cowau, Spokane; G. H. Bnrnlinit.
Ymir; E. O. Sbandler, Gutnd Fork:*;
H. McD. Spencor, Sun Frauoifco; A.
L.MoHugh, Greenwood; W. S. Oronie,
Montreal;  J.  P.  Geiulins, Trail.
s. SaviourB |1Cnui.ihii| Chuiwii���Cornor
Ward und allien Sis. Sundays: Holy Communion 8 a. in.: und on the 1st nndBrd Sundays
ln tho month nftor Matties; Mnttln- ill 11 n.iii.:
Sunday School 2,;tli p.m ; Evensong 7.30. Dally I
Mattins nt 11.3U a. in. Thursdays and Saint's
Dnysi Holy Communion III a. in. Fridays:
Evousonii 7.30 n. in., followed by choir pnic-
tlce. H. 8. AKohursl, Hector. Fred Irvine,
Geo. Johnstone, Wardens.
Catholic Ciiukcu-rumen- Ward and Mill
streets Maes every Sunday at Hand in.lHla.m
Iiciiiulici inn nt 7.30 p.m.   Mass every week day
at 7.15 a.m.   Hov.   Father Kerland Hector.
Prkbbvtkkian Ciiuhcii���Services at 11 a.m.
and 7.30 p.m. Sunday School at 2.30 p.m.
Prayer mooting Thursday evening at 8 jun.;
Christian Endeavor Society meets every Monday evoniiiH at 8 o'clock. Hov. It. Frew,
Mkthodibt Cinnicii-Corner Silica and
Josephine Streets.   Services at 11 a.m. and 7,80
fi. m.; Sabbath School, 2.30 p.m.l Prayor meet
ngon Friday evening at 8 o'clock:
League O.B., Tuesday at8a.m. Hov. John
Kobson, I'a ;|ne.
Baptist Ciiuncn ��� Servlcos morning and
evoning at 11a.m. and 7.30 p.m.; Prayor meal,
log Thursday ovonlng at 8 Iho B. Y
P.U. Tuesday ovonlng at 8 o'clock. Strangers
cordially welcomed. Huv. 0. J. Coulter White,
Salvation Armv���Servio s overy evening
at 8 o'oloch in barracks on V otori street
Adindant Kdgocoinhn in charge
�������%&.    I.  0. 0.   V,     Kootouay Lodge
SE    Bp No. 10, meets every Monday nigbl.
^^n��^^ at  thoir  Hall, Kootonuy stroet
Sojourning Odd Follows oordlally invited.
John Scoley, N. O.   John A, McKoo. V. O.
I). W". Hutliorford, Sec.
Nelson Kiicnmpnicut No. 7. Meets every 2nd
and till Friday of oach month, in Udd follows'
Hall, coiner Baker and Kootei.ay street*
Nelson. A. H. Clements, 0. P.; D. MoArthui,
R. 8.   Visiting brolhcrs always welcome.
COURT KOOTENAY, I. 0. F., No. 818E'
Meetings 2nd and 4th Thursday, Fraternal
hall, J A Irving C. H.   VV. II. Shaw. It. S,
NKIJJON L.O.L. No. 11192 meets m tho MaoDonald block every Thurwlay evening at 8
o'clook. Visiting members cordially Invited
It. Hoblnson. W. M.: M. Crawford, It. H.
NKLSON" LODGE, No. 'J3, A. F. & A
M. mod? second Wednesday in each
month.   Visiting bruthorn welcome.
NKLSON   LOUGH  No.    85. K.    of P
juouts in K. of 1'. hull, OddMlowH block
tvorv   Tuesday  evening nt  8 o'clock
All visiting knights cordially   invited
L. Scott 0. C.
G, Joy, K. of R. nnd 8.
flrnt nnd third Wednesday of
oach month at Fraternity hall,
corner of Bakor and Kootenay
���truth Visiting brolhcrn cord-
tall} Invited.
John Wathon, Secrotary.
NKLSON AERIE No. 38, F. O. K., meets
every second and fourth Wednesdays'of each
month. VlHtting membors cordially invit-
Charlua Ptohsci, Secretary.
Kootenay Railway and Nav.
Company, Ltd.
.Schedule of Timo.       Pacific Standard 1'inic.
Kfloctivo Fobiunry 1st.  ltKKI
Passonger train for Snudon and way stations
leaves Kaslo at 8 a. in., dally. Returning,
leaves Sandon at 1.15 p.m., arriving nt Kaslo
at :1.50 p.m.
Operating on Kootenay I ,;i l.e and River.
Str. "International" leaves Kaslo for Nolson
at 6 a. in. daily oxcept Sunday. Returning,
leaves Nolson at 4.30 p.m., calling at Halfour,
Pilot Bay, Ainswovth and all way points. Connects with S. F. &. N. tram to and from Spokane at Five Mile Point.
Str. "Alberta" leaves Kaslo for Lanlo anil
Argentn at 8:30 p m Wednesdays
Steamers call at principal landings in both
dirootlons, and at other points whon signalled
Ticket s sold to all polnta in Canada and the
Unitod States.
To ascertain rates and fall information ad-
Manager, Koslo, fl.C.
Spokane Falls A
To be bnuiul hand and foot for years
by the chains ot disease is the worst
form ol slavery. George 0. Williams,
nf MnnoboHter' Mich, tolls how suoh a
slave was made free. Ho rays: "My
wife has been so helpless for five yours
tbat she could not turn over in bed
Blone. Alter using two bottles of
Klentrio Hitters she is wonderfully
imnroved aud able to do her own
work." This supreme remedy for female diseases quickly onres nervousness, sleeplessness, melancholy, headache, baokacbe, fainting and dizzy
spells. This miracle working medicine is a godsend to weak, siokly, run
down people. Every bottle bottle guaranteed. Only 50 cents. Sold by Oan-
ada Drug & Book Store.
Northern R'v.
Nelson  A Fort
Sheppard R'v.
Red Mountain R'v.
Because a Watch has
run for years is no indication that it does not
need cleaning. Many a
watch is ruined by being- let run too long without it. The pil becomes
dry and invariably the
little machine becomes
cut and worn. Wehave
every facility for iep,lac-
ing any part, or making
a watch throughout if
necessary. First-class
work only,
Patenaude Bros
The only all roil route withoul
change of cars between Nelson aid
Bossland and Spokane and Boaaland
Lv   0.15 a.m. NELHON, Ar. 5/20 p.m.
Lv 11.26 a.m. ROdSLAND Ar.8.00 p.m.
Lv,   8.15 a.m. SPOKANE, Ar.O.lo p.m.
Train tbat leaves Nelson at 9:15 n.n
makes olose oonueotions at Spokane foi
all Coast Points.
Passengers for Kettle River and Bound
ary Crook,couueot at Marcus with Stag'
H. A. JACKSON, G. P. & T.A.
Spokane  Wash
Agent. Nnleon, R.O
Twonty-lhroo Mineral Claims, from ono lo
threo nillos from Hiinclon. In the famous
Scion for sale cheap. Will sell for casli or
tend from one to live years. Will lake ore
for pay. Sickness forces inc to oiler the above
Such Weather as This
calls  for   stout;  serviceable   shoes,  that   will   keep
your feet dry and preserve your health.
And You Need Them.
Wear one pair and you will kitow more about them
than we can tell you,
Bring Your Repairing.
Right in your path. No need to miss them.
Saturday comes but once a .week, so bear in mind
the fact that you can always get .Special Values
on that day at
Have you ever tried PiLMnunv's Vitoh t   The ideal wheat
food.   We have it.   2 Hi pork,aire fur 20c.
PllUbury's Fluked Oats, 2 lb package for 15c,
White Slur Health Coffee, 1 lb package, 25c.
Fresh Ranch Eggs, 3<lt: per dozen.
Fresh Creamery Butter, 35o per pound.
Mushroom Ketchup, pint boltles, 15c.
Morrison fe Caldwell.
Our Millioery Oping'
Will Continue Today and Saturday-
You are cordially invited to attend.
Millinery will include the latest fashions in
French, English, and American headwear.
Fancy Dress Goods, Black and Colored Dross
Silks, Blouse Silks, Kid Gloves and Novelties will be
on Displuy.
Everything showing will be the very newest and
most up-to-date goods ever shown in Nelson.
The Red Front
Telephone 134.
Auction Sale
'f To  be sold, pursuant  to a judgment  of the
if Supreme   Court of  British   Columbia, made in an
'i action, Firman vs. Macclesfield, with the approba-
t tion  of a  Judge of the  Supreme   Court, by   Mr.
if Charles A. Waterman, at   the Auction   Rooms of
ff Charles A. Waterman  &   Company, next door to
r Bank of British  Co'umb'ai   Baker Street,   Nelson,
r British  Columbia, on the
I       11th Day of April, A. D. 1900,
li at 2:30 o'clock  in  the afternoon, in separate par-
> eels, namely, Lot 3 in Block 5, and Lot 10 in Block
> 9,   both  in the City of Nelson,  according  to  the
\ Official Plan.
't Particulars and conditions  of sale may be had
ji of Davis,   Marshall   &   Macncill,   Solicitors,  Van-
i couver,   F.   M.   Chaldecott,   Solicitor,   Vancouver,
i and of Davis, Bowes & Ward, Solicitors, Nelson,
t and of the Auctioneer at Nelson.
Dated this 22d day of March, A. D. 1900..
.^ ^.s?v.^Vi^v/rv ^\ n\ ^V ^r\ ,^\ ^\ ^V \V^ ^\ ^, ^K ^\ ^K ^. 4F\.^n ^K ^\ ,^^r^
$12,003 Stook of New Goods Selling at Wholesale Cost.
Diths Goods thnt wen 40c, now selling ut 26o.
Dress Goods Mint were 06c, now Belling ��t 40o.
Drees (iooils tlmt Were 11.00, now Belling at (H)c.
Ditkh Goods that were 11.26, now Belling at 75c.
Black Lustres, in plain anil tjguret], that were 60c, now gelling at .'10c
Black Luitrep, In plain and figured, that were l��e, now selling at 15c
Colored Dress Guigharns, regular -tic (twain, now selling at 12}4c
Colored   Dress GIpghamB,  regular   l5o goods,   now  selling  nt  Ilk;
Colored Dimities, regular IScgoo^s, offered at Hie.
.     Elliot Block. Baker Street.
^ ,      1.nini nun c, intKv street* yc
or, ^^L-i^^-^U^^r^-^f^r^L-^r*^- & & %��� ^ ^ & m\- ^ & & ^ Or
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants
ii   . lllAi
Branch Markets in Rousland, Trail, Nelson, Easlo
Sandon, Three Forks, New Denver and Slocan City.
Orders by mall to any branch will have careful and promot attention.
District Registrar.
Kootenay I-nkc Hospital.
NoIhoii, II. 0
"ORBIT" Brand and
London, Eng.
PREMIER Navy Cut Tobaccos.
AatNTS ton 0��nad�� i JAMES TURNER A, CO.. Hamilton. Ont.
Large number Choice Building Lots adjacent to the
line of their Tramway. For price and terms of sale apply
at the office of the Company, Macdonald Block, Corner of
Josephine  and Vernon Streets.
T. C. DUNCAN Secretary
Thursday, April 5th;
Friday, April 6th;
Saturday, April 7th;
Josephine Street, near linker.
">�������" ���"���"���"���"���"���"���"��">i'��"��ii��ii<ii#naii<
Merchants' Bank of Halifax.
Incorporated 1869.
Clipllul   I'nlllup.        ,      .       .        ��I.M.s-,.li;O.IKI    I    ftul WI.TIHI.IMKMMI
Un. 1 nl or IHrrrlnrm   Thomiw K. Kiinni'y, PrajdantJ   Tlioman Hitclilr.  Vlco-Prenldcnl
Miclmt'l Dwyur, Wiley Smith,  II. O. Iluiild. Hon. II. II. Killlor, M.I..C. Hon. David MacKoen!
Ilrml Onirr. ll..lll.,i :
Ooncrnl MiuiftKer, BdkOB I.. Penni*. Munlroal.
HuiHirintonildiit of Bnuiobn, W. II. Tormuco, Halifax.
IliHpt'iitor, W. K. Hiiirk. Halifax.
Bocrutary, 1). M. SUiwart, Montreal.
Ill lllll III s I
W��v�� ��rnH��- Halifax llranch, AntluonlHli, 1111.1,��� ��� -a ..i. r. (IiiyslHiro. I.ondondorry, I.iinonliurK,
Mnltlanil (llai.l�� Co.l. I'lclou, Port llawkcklnii), Hyilnoy. Bhubeaaoadle, Tiuru Woynioulli.
I��r�� Brun.wlrh-IlatliiirHt.   Iloirhrxlcr.  Kriilvrliion, KIiikkIoii iKrrl  Co.l. Monclon, Now
%&. ^
Zaska, dyne,     ��aJfi^L
ScJh*4 Artu<���4 4u-i*r -fM r&Lr*
cohIIo,8nckville. Wooilnloi'k.   I". K. I.lmid-t'liarlotti-towii, hiimiiii.n.lilc.   l|u��-l,cr   Monirrul
(City Olllcil. Montnal. Wont Kiul d'or. Noire  llanu- and ���' u-  Slneti); Wutilinoiinl it'or.
Oroono Avi'iiuo and HI. t'alliurini's Hlrcrt. Onlnrln Ottawa. Krwroundland-Ht. JoIui'k.
(ni.,i. WMl iBdlm-llaviina.  I il "lain.   Now York lilt KxrliaiiKo I'laco) Itopubllc, Waah.
Atlin, Bennett, Grand Forks, Nanaimo, Nelson, Rossland, Vancouver, Vancouver East End, Victoria.
Canndn-MiTrliii'ils Pank of Canada. II*.Ion - National Hhawmnl Hunk. I hlcaso Ann-i i,s.
National Hank Haa Ir.iirl.rn Kii-l National Hunk. IiiimIoii, Kng. llank of Hcotland.
Pari., Franrr Crodil I.yonnala. llrrmiHla Hank of Horniuda. China and Japan llotiK
Koiik and Hliannlial UankliiK Coriainilion.
Ueneial Banking Business Transacted; Sterling Bills of Exchange  Bought
and Sold, Letters of  Credit, lite, Negotiated.
Accounts received on the most favorable Utiiih.    Interest allowed  on special
ili'|ni���it s ami on Having Hunk ivccouuts.
Geo. Kydd, Manager, Nelson, B.C.
LINOLEUM   Neat ami l'niicy Pattern, in Hit. and liift. widths,   h
FiDOSt Assort iiu-nt of
BlUSSels, V'elvctH, Tapestry, Axminster anil AllWuciI.
Smyrna, Tecumseh,
.Maple  l.'ii    K.iii.itn,  Violin'.
linker anil Waiil SI reels
^yyyyyyTyyyyyyyyyTyrryyjyyyyyyyyjyyyyyyyyyTyyyyyyyyyn, HftLSON DAILY MINER. SATURDAY, APRIL j, itjoo.
ri I'lSiianian r ii mi
Continued Kroni First Page.
been posted as a supernumerary oaptain of tho battnlion staff. Tho oorps
is formed of men chosen for their
shooting capabilities, lu one company
iilmiii are soven men who have figured
in the final stone of the Queen's Prize
ut tlio Bieeley shooting tournament.
Bloemfontein, April 5.���Small bod-
i,K ut Hours oan be seen in the vicinity of this town and thoy ere still in
tbe neighborhood of the wator works.
Lord Roberts is taking steps to moot
tbe activity of tho Hoers.
Simonstown, Cape Colony, Apnl (I.
���Another batch of 1.800 Hoer prisoners wa.< removed this morning fiom
the transport Cambridge.
Norvillfl Pont, April!!.���A detachment of Hussars, who were proceeding to Bloemfontein are reported to
havo boon detained at lidinbarg, about
IB miles southwest of Heddosburg, in
tho Orange Free State, aud despatched
to tin- nsaistanoe of tbe Irish Fusiliers
captured neai Keodshurg.
London, April (!.��� Tbo Seoretary cf
KUto for the Colonies, Mr. Chamberlain, has reoeived a cable dispatch,
sent thiongh tbe Governor of the Cape
Colonies, Sir Alfred Milner, from the
officers and men of tbe Irish squadron
ol Roberts Horse. It expressed the
loyal devotion of the troops on the evo
of thn Queen's departuie for Ireland,
nnd their own departure far the
front, tlio gratification at her visit
and tbeir ability to light in hor cause.
Her Majesty has replied to the mes-
Bage aa follows: "The Queen thaukB
you for your message whioh has
greatly touched Her Majesty. She is
very glad to be nguin in your land,
where she has received a jaunt loyal
ai'd hrurty welcome. The Queen
hopes that good fortune will follow
you all."
London, April ?.���Not a word re-
gurdiiig tho, nttnek affair at Red
daisbnrg, lias heen allowed to come
through,excepting the dispatch of Lorn
Roberts. It is impossible to form an
opinion us tn what hits happened.
Meanwhile the Hritish public is getting to realize the difficulty to be
overcome before Pretoria ia readied,
nnd is reviving premature ideas with
respect to the time when the war will
bn over. No ono now believes that
it will have ended by the beginning
nf .hue. These last events more particularly ���..osnat. the heavy work involved in holding the railway. This
body of BOme'flve hundred British troops
wilh out guns, whioh disappeared so
completely within 35 miles Df the great
Hritish army, has for its business to
guard a section of nearly ninety miles
ot railway between Bloemfuntein and
London, April 7.���The Bloemfontein
correspondent of the Morning Post telegraphing Thursday, says: "The
Boera are apparently milking an attompt to redeem thoir promise to ro-
take Bloemfontein. A considerable
loroe has moved south. General Tucker's isolation at Karee is more apparent tha'i real, since tha open ground
north ul liloemfoutein offers email op
portuiiily for taction, they may possibly engage him to diatraoi attontion
from operations elsewhere. Remounts
are noxiously awaited.
Lorenzo Mnrojaoz, Thursday April
fi. ��� R��i'i i ring to advices from Protoria,
all British subjects havo boon ordered
to quit Pretoria uud .lobuniiesbnrg
immediately, except somo 400, who are
permitted under a law to remain in
tlie Kami. Those who are expelled
number six hundred.
Tho prisoners uud guns taken at San-
nas Host have arrived at Protoria.
London, April 7. ���The Bloemfontein
correspondent of Tho Daily Telegram
telegraphing Thursday, says: "A serious meeting was summouod by Transvaal emminarles for today at Leouw
herg. but nobody utteuded.
Boer patrols from   Brandfort have
i ut tbe telegraph lines betweon here
ami llosliof. The Hritish troopa re-
ported yesterday that a force of IS, ���
000 Boen had been seeu beyond Hush-
mini's Kop The enemy by appeals
and menaces are vainly trying to induce the Hiirghers   to   tako   the   field
London, April (I.���The latest report
of casualties at Hnshmnn'H Kop rends:
Missiii*   8(18, wonnded NH, killed four.
The missing include 1:24 artillerists,
15 Lit i (Ii.arils, 22 mon of ihe 10th
Hussars anil 51 of Robert'H Horsj.
The n h"rs are divided among numerous regiments,
Bloemfontein, Apwril fi.���There has
been a reorganisation of the Mounted
Infantry Corps Of the iinnv under Roberts, the new division thus constituted
being put under tbe command of General Hamilton. One brigade of the
division of Canadians, Australians,
Now Zciiliindera and other colonists
has been placed under the command
of Lieut. -Col. Hutton, Into command,
ing Office! of the militia forces of Oan-
.-i-l.i The second hrigado in mnde up nf
regulur and volunteer  Imperial troops
Health Without prtigs
ELECTRICITY -The fountain of Youth, the perpetual energy which sustains all animal life. It is the source from
which springs the bubbling spirit of joy in young- manhood.
It is ihe vital element which keeps up the nerve force in old
men to a grand old age. When the body is charged with
it the vital powers are strong. Confidence flashes from the
eye and the step is firm. Without it���well how is it with
you? Are you weak, gloomy, wanting physical and brain
force? If so you should begin at once using my famous appliance for weak men���The
Pr.    Sai)dei)
Electric    pelt
now known and used in all parts of the world for these nervous disorders of men which result from youthful errors or latter excesses. You place the Dr. Sanden Electric Belt comfortably around your waist at night when retiring. Use it
this way for two or three months and feel the new vigor and
energy which is.sure to come to you.
The new suspensory attachment for the Dr. Sanden
Electric Belt applies current directly to the weakened parts.
Beware of those concerns and individuals who try to live
upon the reputation we have made. They offer the old style
Dr. Sanden Electric Belt along with their own worthless imitations. TheJIatest model Dr.Sanden Belt can be had only at
my office.
Write to-day for my little descriptive book, sent sealed
free, or drop in and consult me at my office. No charge
for advice either by mail or in private consultion.
DR. M. SANDEN, 474 Main Street, Winnipeg.
Office Hours:    9 to 6.
Wholesale Houses.
THORPE & CO., I.iMirai.-Oornor Vor
nun und Cedar .sirools, Nolson, manufacturer* of and wholesale doalers in nurauxl
waters nnd frail: Byrupe, Sole agents for Hal-
oyon Springs minora) wafer.   Tol lit)      '
���N. M. Ournuilns, Lesson. Ever; known
variety of soft .Irinks. P. I). Box 88. 'l'olo-
pliono No. 81. HoovorStroi'l. Nolson. Bottlers
of the famous Sl.. Leon Hot Spring! Mineral
CANE   &   MACDONALD   (H.   Cnno,
.Ins. A.  Mnciluiiulill   Aivliili'i'ts and su
mid Ward Sis
Broken Hill Blook, lor. Baker
Nelson, B. 0,
will be uuiler the command of Majoi
Uidley. Tbey will aot us mi advance
guard ol scouts, patrolling nnd clearing tbe country iu advance of the
main army.
London, April 7.���It iH aaid tbnt the
Boera who captured tho British at
Ueddersbrg, belonged to Olivier's
commando. If that iB so, he has not
moved north aud hopes aro expressed
that he may still be cut off. It iB asserted that 4,1U0 rebels surrendered
dnriug General Clemeut's march northward. The Boers will do their utmost
to hold Lady Bruudt, it beiug a rioh
ground and a productive district.
The correspondent   of The   Morning 'containing    four
...Ii. POGUE...
Harness and  Saddlery
The loading; shop. Large
.lurk. Best sssiirl nl slm-k
on hand. Harness, Col-
biro ot bost malces.Sad-
dlos, Blankets, Bolls
Whips, Brushos, Comb*
Prices satisfactory.
Call and Geo.
Cor. Ward and Laker
Post at Springfontein, telegraphing
Thnrsday, says: 'I uni glud to bo
able to report that increased precaution
bas beeu taken iu pairolliug the railway, most of tbo prisoners captured are
foreigners. The report that Mr. riteyn
bas been appointed to tbe command or
the Free Staters, aud tho further re
ports that the Free State has arranged
n loan from the Truusvaal for wur pur
poses, are both confirmed. Ten thou
sand remounts from South Amerioa
are due to arrive during tbo coming
week at the Ports of Nuta! und Capo
London, April 7.���Mr. Spencer Wil-
keiisou reviewing' tho military situation in the Morning Post sajs: "In
the Hoer strategy at present they bave
one or mora aims. The idea of cutting off ibe British detachments iH natural nud ohvinuH. So is tho plan of
striking nt the railway south of
llloenifoiituin. The plan of OOlUotiOIl
of a laige force iu Ihe bills Timlin
Niicliu Ih Unit nf il Hank position. Tbe
theory of it iH, that a strong Boer
force bere would threaten the British
eommonicatioiiH, when the British
advance ia resumed, and iinothei' will
engage the force with which Lord
Koberts will havo to attack and clear
these hills, before moving forward. If
be moves east to attack them, the
Boer forces from K.oonstadt would
move mull .-ii-.ii ii -i Ins communications.
Tenders Wanted.
Tendon ��iii be received for tho tmrohuoof
tin) iiiiiiiiitiK" situated on cornor of Wurd and
Bolter Hjtreot* and t��nij��i i������ ��<k at present ch-ou
pled b�� Kirk|uili'i'-k ��t Wil-on.
further tiftriiriilun. tippiy in Kiikpuhlck &
Wilson or A. II. (.'lemonU,
Tendon  to  be  hi by noun, Mninluy, April
Notice of Application for License.
Two cottages on Hendryx
Street   near    Victoria,   each
rooms  and
"J.   C,"
lean-to.      Apply
Miner Office.
Brewers of Fine Lager
Beer nnd Porter.
Drop in and sec us.
Owing to tho depression oansed by
the labor troubles I am prepared to
buy or soil all kinds of second hand
goods furniture, narpeta, stoves, eto.
Cull and see me. Apply to Silver
King Mike. Hall Streot, next door to
Ashcroft'a blacksmith shop.
Orders by mail promptly attended to.
Capitol and V. C.
Cabinet Cigar Store.
Oldest and Best Made in
Now'a the timo to order.
F. Mi-OINN, Agent,
  Merchants' Hunk of Halifax  Nelson.
Delivered to an any point on
Kootenay Lake.
I have a complete stock
on hand of
Mill at PILOT BAY.
lards, NELSON and LARDOJ
J.   A.   SAYWARD.
Great Reduction I
(ANTHHAC1TKI   S&9.00   Per   �� on
$6.15 Per Ton
Six room Cottage opposite Kelson
with mors than an acre of land.
Young fi nil trees, strawberries small
fruits nnd cultivated land for gulden.
Greek running through garden. Excellent spring water li'iitl int�� house
Grove at buck Apply .1. J OAMI'-
BELL, Smelter Ollice, Telephone 21).
I hereby give notice that I intend to
apply to the Hoard of Licensing Coin-
miasioners of the City of Nelson nt its
next sitting [or an hotel license for
the premises situated upon Lot HI
Illock llll (north side nl Vernon Htreot
between Ward and .losepbine) in the
Oity of Nelsou.
Nelson Employment Agencv
Two Girls for Housework.
Laundry Girl.   Buy for Milk Ranch.
.Situations     wanted     hy    Waitress.
Chambermaids.    Nnrae Girl
J. H. LOVE, Ag't     Baker S'
Houston Block,    -    No'son.
Some Choice Lota anil Houses for Sale.
Agent Montreal Loan ,t Investment (!o.
8. 11. I'IKIIIIK
Nelson  Tailoring,  Oleanin
J. T. I'lKKItK
ing,  Cleaning anil Dyeing
Ladies' and Gents' Clothing cleane I
dyed, altered and repaired.
�����ir riarkr llnirl
Fraternity Hall
��'��r llaker A Kooii ������, nu.
can be rented for Concerts, lectures
Dances, Banquet* ami every kind of entertainment. Qood iinte-i-oiiniH, cloak
rooms, Kitchen and dining i���om furnished.    Kor terms apply
 "R. E. O. ARTHUR"! City.
Ten nam, with   large house close to
Nelson.    Uno   situation   for   keeping
poultry.    Good (owl house.    Apply X
Box G88, Poet Ofltce, Nelson
HJ. EVANS & OO. -Hanor direct, Noi
��� son, wIioIomiKi dealers, in liquors, cigars
cement, lire brick uml lire clay, water pipe mill
stool rails and general commission inoreliants.
Limitku.���Front Street, Nelson, wholesalo dealers in (lour, meals, ole, and hay
and Krai". Mills nl. Kdluoiilon, Victoria and
New WostmliiHler. Elevators on Calgary &
Kdmonlpii Itnilway. .	
Bauer street.   Nelson.   (UOOrge   h.   Motion's   old   stand.)   l-'lollr.   Feed,   Urain, Hay
und   Produce,   Cur   lots   a   specialty.     Gor
respondenee solicited.   Phone 211.
A MACDONALD & CO.-Uorner Vor
��� eon and Josephino Slroots. wholosalo
R-rocersand jol.h.'is in t.iaiikii ���. gloves, mitts,
boots, rubbers, ninckinuws und miners' sundries.
P  BURNS A CQ-Hiiker Streot, Nolson
���   wholosalo doiuors in fresh and cured
moats.   Cold storage.
���llaker Street. Nelson.   Wholesale deal
ers in fro^h and cured meats,
Limitku���llaker Street, Nelson, wholosalo dealors ln hard ware and minipg supplies,
plumbers'aud tinsmith's supplies.
.,  HARDWARE  OO.-Whole"
paints aud oils.
Harry Harris' Sale
Observatory and Ward Streots
Under instructions from
Harry Harris, formerly
of the Hall Mines Smelter, who has bsen called
to Colorado, we will
offer for sale on
Saturday. April 7th,
at 2 o'olook sharp,
all household effects in
his residence, Observatory and Ward streets.
Mr, Harris' residence contains
some valuable pieces of fnrni-
1 ,iif, among tliein a camphor
wood inlaid ivory and brass
desk, a beautiful oak sideboard,
and other equally desirable
articles. All must be sold on
fc'u.t uiilay. 3
Heated by Hot Air
Finest  pining   Room
in the City.
Temperance Hotel.
The Family Resort of the
Gamble & O'Reilly
wale pull
TURNER,   BEETON   A   OO.-Corner
I Vernon nnd Jonephino StroelH, Ne'aon
wholesale dealors in liquors cigars and dry
goods. Agont-i for Pabni, Brewing Co. of Milwaukee aud Calxnry Browing Co, of Calgary.
UDSON'S BAY CO.-Wholesalo mo
curlou ana liquors, eu\. ijakortit., Nolson.
JY- GRIFFIN 6\ CO.��� Cornor Vernon
a arm Josephino streets. Nolson. wholosalo
dealors in provisions, cured moats, butter and
Advcrtisemonta insortod undor this head at
tho rat* of onu cont a word per insorlloa. No
advertisement taken for loss than 25 cents.
FOR SALE���At a   bargain,   complete
furniture for five room bouse.  Apply
at Cabinet Cigar Store.
FOR KENT.���Grocery store and dwell
mi: nt corner of Oak and Clintliani
streets. Giocery stock for sale. Owner leaving Nelson. Will sell at a aao
rifice. Apply It. H. Williams, Baker
FOR SALE.���Two heavy   teams,   one
light team.    Apply J. L.   Vanstone,
Baker Stroet.
TO LET.���Pleasant RoomB on Victoria
Street, four   doors   above   the   City
Hall,    (former Business College.
TO   RENT.-Comfortably     furnished
room to n gentleman, privato family
oue block irom   Baker   Street.    Apply
by lotter to Fostolflce   Box 874.
WANTED.���Three   gentlemen can   bo
accomodated   with room   and  board
in private   fnmily $0 per week,   apply
this on"ice.
Box 107.
-Music     pupils.
Nelson, B. 0.
WANTED���Two or   three   room   furnished house or housekeeping rooms.
Address, b.   L., Miner.
SEWING GIRLS wanted at the   Hod
sou's Bay Stores.
Tbe Nelsoa BnstnBss College
Han onUrod upon Uh HRCOND QUARTKR
with enlarged aieotnmodiilion and increaMod
faWlit'i-H for promoting tho interc-tHofHtudcniM.
Kvoning Befelofin'Mondays, WedneHdayH and
Uogister early.
llooin 7, Viotoria Block, Josoplilno Street
Room 1. Turnur-toeok Block.
Real Estate & MiniDg Agent
Two   lots,   oorner,   0-room     all
conveniences $2,300
Two lots, 8 rooms, Cnrbonale St.  2,800
Two loiB.eorner, K-iooms.nll conveniences  3, iioo
Two lots, ooiner, K-rooms, stone
foundation, all conveniencec... 2,1100
Two lots, best corner ou Staulev.
Three Kits, best corner on Ward.
Two lots.ohoioo coruer on Stanley.
Three lots best corner ou   Josephine.
Houses and lots in   ull   parts   of the
Prices Right.    Buy Now.	
whoro you can depend on Rotting tho boot
iiniiiiI . in Iha market and any quantity from
10c. up,   Prices cannot bu disputed,
���riioM tx
Fkank A. Tamiilvn, Mgr.,
R*khr Street, Nelson
H. & M. BIRD
Agents for EureKa Mineral Wool and
Asbestos Co.
Real  Estate.    Fire  Insurance.
Private Funds to Loan.
"Tbe Bodega," 25-foot lot and buildings on Baker Street.
Mr. Morley's residence and 31  nores
of land across the lake.
Two lots and shanty on Robson between Kootenny and
Stauley I  500 00
One lot nnd warehouse 18i!)0
on Baker Street  1,275 00
Hundred foot corner Wind and
Riohnrde      800 00
Fifty foot oorner, Latimer and
Hendryx      525 00
Fifty-foot oorner, improved
and fenced, Stanley nnd Gore    500 00
O. F. Etter's   Residence, cornor
Kootenay and Robson, 7-moms 125 00
pem't Worry.
2 Lots, B-Rooin House,.corner,
on Carl onnte stie I 	
2 Lots, 8-Room House  Oni-lli...
ato streot     ii|5ii
Agents.for Hume Addition Hind u
large number of Addition " A" Luis.
Accident and Sickness.   Special Health
Policy issued by
Head   office,   Montreal,      Costs only
$10 a yenr.
Gamble & O'Reilly.
Merchant Tailor,
Josephine Street,
Suits from S25.00 Up.
Next Door to the Bank of Montreal.
A comfortable five roomed cottaiie
ami gnrdeu for snle at a low prioe on
easy terras, near oar line aud Veruon
Two small bouses nicely furnished,
very cheap for cash.
Some larger residences with modern
conveniences cheaper than you cnn
build them.
Also good building lots in different
parts of the City.
I cnn quote lowost rates of any Hist
cluss life company.
Can insure you against all aocidnnts
and diseases from Ingrippe to lumbago, in the Ocean Accideut & Guarantee Corporation.
It would be safer to insure ynor
house and furniture as thn warm
weather conies.
If you wish for a homo will tell yon
n lot and build a house for you.
Will report on nud investigate Mines
and Mining Propositions. Advise as to
the best suited working nnd oro trent.
inont methods. Will secure cupital and
find a market.
All correspondence strictly conlldeu-
Permanent address:
211 Sixth Streot, Portland. Oregon.
Mining Stocks
Bought and Sold.
Silver    Star    Mining   Stock   of
Sumpter, Ore.   Call for Prospectus.
5000 Big Horn Treasury.  A snap
1000 Noonday    600 Richelieu
Here's a good buy :
Referendum Treasury Stock,    Bold
on installments tj^o,, l'^c per month.
House and  Lot in business portion of town, $3500.
14-Room   House,   cheap;   terms
easy;  close in.
WAItll HT.
Wlndermoro Mines.   Correap - onoaSolicited
rn IRON *J
���r WORKS
Iron nml Kriu�� I'lMllngn of tivrry Dmrrlp
Hon.   Itrpnlni   nail    JabblNg
Our Fresh Roasted Coffee Best of
Quality, ns follows :
Java nnd Arabian Mocha, por pound I  K
Java and Moclia Hlond, 3 pounds  t 01
rino HantOH, 4 pounds  1 0t
.SanIos Hlond, 6 pounds '.'.'.'. I (Ki
Our 8poc.iniItlcnd, (1 pounds  1 r*
Our llio Kiiici, 6.pounds  i 00
A TKi.w, oiniru Kiuunin.
rVELlON,       -       B. C.
Bank of
British Columbia,
Is now prepared to issue
Drafts and Letters of Credit
en Skaguay, U.S., Atlin, B.
C, and Dawson City, Yukon
Sealed Tenders will be reoeivw by
thn undersigned np till April Ifitli for
driving IOOO feet of tunnel with nr
drills nt the Yellowstone mine. Hpec-
illcntions aim particulars can be ob-
nun il at tin- in 1111' near Ssliuo.
Salmo, B. O.
_ . ' ' -
Atlantic S. S. Lines
From Portland. Ml.
Allan Uno "Laurent Ian" An"'
Allan Line "Tiinlnlan" AprN Sl
Dominion Uno "Dominion" .,ir   ?
Dominion Uno "Ciiii.liranun"   , , Au��"u'
From St. Julin. N. B.
Heaver Uno "Yola" ''���    ���    *Pn  J
Heaver Line "Limllania" ;;;.;Af5'$
From lliilifai. Jj*
Allan Luis "Tunisian" Ai" ��
Dominion LtnH -Dominion" Auri   ��� Line "Yol��"  AH   !
iloavor Uno "Lusluinla" ������ *I58J2
From New Vor��
White Star Uno "Oi-eanlc" -    aPh Is
Whilo Star Line "Teulonlo" iSnt
Unnanl Line"Kiriirla" Apn 11
I'liiianl Line "Campania"....      ,:,j i��
American Uno   "New York"., -JP��� 5
lied Star Line  " Wiwtornland" .1    7
Soith Uerman  Lloyd  "Lulin" vKJ
Anchor Lino "Anchorla".......... ������ -AP[ i
Allan State Uno ''Stato of Nebraska ., Ai rn.u
I'aKWigos arranged to and from all 1 WW
IKjinta.   For rates, Uokoui and full l��'c���*li��
apply toC.l'. It, dopotagont or 1) �����
Olfr Pasudngei Agent, NoiBon, 11 .u
K. iloulir.
itr pmwwi ffilffflimaB.
(lennr��l AgenU C H. K. OfBoM WlnnlM*
The Cottage Hospital, Nelson
A private Hospital, Medicnl, Snigi-
cal and Obstelrioal cases nursed in the
House. Private room 110 and f ir> a
week. Beds in ward fig a week.
Nnrses sent ont to privato houses at |15
a week. Apply to The Misses Orlok-
fiillaml lllTlmiilciil l.iiriii. ci...
VANcouvi-P   AND   NELSON,   B.  C.
Snppllisl and Krisited.
AaP*?3S ,or tho MI��lon Iron Workn, BtboOuk
4 WllooiBollcrOo.. ('ooko'x Wire Hope
and Itoiwars, Ktc., Kl��.
��� TAILOR  ���
Oleamne; and Repairing Neatly Don*
Clothing Made to Order
Corner Ward and Baker.
A. R- BARROW, *M "B<
Provincial Land Surveyor,
Cornor Viotoria and Kootenay Bts.
RO.B0X8M.  Telephone-'.M
r.��i.��Eni��~ 9.t.mvuKn
Civil   Engineer*   and Provincial
Und Surveyors.
IMUIo.lU Nelnon. B,D


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