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Nelson Daily Miner Feb 28, 1900

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 1i,,,i\ Edition No. 663.
Nelson, British Columbia, Wednesday, February 28, 1900.
Tenth Ye*
Gallant Charge of the Canadians With Lord
Roberts Clinched the Matter of
Cronje's Surrender.
Boer General and 3,000 Troops Prisoners.
It Cost Canada Nine More Killed
and Thirty Wounded.
Ottuwa, Feb, 27.���The following telegram lms been reoeived by Lord Minto front Lord Roberts: "Paardeberg,
l'Vii. 37.���In a very euooesBful attaok
made by the Royal Canadian Regimen! iniiiii the enemy's trenobes this
moruiug, the following casualties oo-
iiinnil: Killed, Page, Withy, Or-
iniiiiil.Joliiistiiii, Soott, Withers, RiggS,
QiliUU. There were thirty wounded,
The Dames of the wounded are Major
Pelletler, (ilightly), Hugos, Harrison,
Sutherland, Maodonald, Pepiotl,
I'rnnls, Roy, Theiiault, Siebert, Bn-
got, Holland, Croft, Thomas, Living,
MeCoiinell, Brady, Harris, bprague,
Pelkey, (look, Durum, Lovitt, Simpson, Frnnsbriw, Donoghue, Viokers,
Holland, and Wnsilill.
tion at the achievements of our troops,
it is the knowledge that the Canadian
oontingenl played the principal part in
tlie decisive movement wnlob forced
the stubborn Hoer leader to own that
he was beaten,"
The Daily News snys: "Tn the Canadians belongs the honor of Having has
teneil the inevitable. It would be rash,
however, to suppose thnt the Bonis
will silo for peace or thnt all our riilli-
enlties are removed."
London, Feb. 27. -In Lord Roberts* offlolal report ol Cronje's
surrender is the loiiowlntj: ������ At 3 a.m. today a most (lushing
advance wus made by tlie ounaiiian regiment and sonie Engineers,
supported hy the First Gordon Highlanders and Second Shrop-
shires, resulting In our gaining a point seven hundred yards
nearer tho enemy und within eighty yards of Cronje's trenches,
whore our men ontronchod and maintained their position till
morning, it was a gallant deed, worthy oi our Canadian comrades. This apparently clinched matters, lor at daylight a letter
signed by General Cronje, announcing his unconditional surrender,
was brought to our outposts."
The Lieutenant-Governor Makes Short Work
of Mr. Semlin and His Cabinet by
Dismissing Them.
Loinlnii, Feb. 27. ��� {ii'.O'i p. ni.)���The
War lulin'lias received the following
itispateli from Lord Roberta.: "Panr-
ovin-rg. ii o'olook,Tuesday rooming.���
From information furnished daily to
ne by the intelligence Department, it
became apparent that (lencral Cronje's
tune wus becoming more depressed
nml lhe ilisoontent of tho troops nnd
tlie discord among the leaders went
rapidly imr, using. This feeling was
doubtless accentuated. by disappointment caused iinioug the Beer reinforce-
incuts, whioh tried to relieve General
Cronje, and who were defeated by our
troops mi Februay 33. At II a.m. today
:i must dashing advance was marie by
the Canadian Regiment and some engineer, supported by tbe First Gordon Highlanders aud Second Shron*
���hires, resulting in our gaining a point
some seven huLdreri yards nearer the
enemy and within about eighty yards
nf his trenches, where our men en-
tii'iiclii'd themselves and maintained
their positions until the morning, It
was a gallant rieed worthy of our colonial comrades, and which, 1 am glad
to Bay, was attended by comparatively
slight loss.   This apparently  clinch*
eil mutters,for at daylight today, a letter signed by Genernl Cronje.in which
ne Bald tlmt he would surrender unconditionally, wns brought to our out*
posts under it dug of truce. In my
reply I told General Cronje ho must
preseni himself nt my camp and that
bis force must come out of their lunger
nftei laying down theh arms. By 7
u tn. I teoei.ed General Oronje and
dlapatohofl a telegram to you announcing tin- faot, In the hours of convcrsa-
'"," >"' nBked for kind treatment at
" ���' bauds and also that his wife,
-I'"..'in, private secretary, uud Ber*
min- might acciiinpnny him where
"v" lie might bo sent. I reassured
bim ,iinl told him his request would be
""'���'lii'il With. 1 informed him that
:l -''in-fill office, would ho sunt with
,m" I" ' _pe Town to onsure his being
j1"1'"''1 With proper respect on route.
"" will start thia afternoon, under
ObBmo of Major General Prettiman,
Wko will hand him over to the general
''"""'muling at Cupe Town. The pris-
"""'���". who   number RbOUt  three thou-
"Hid, win be formed into a command
'"Ml1'*' our own ollicers. They will ul-
-" be here today, reaohlng tlie Modder
Kiver tomorrow, when thoy will be
n]["'[ to Oape Town in detaohments."
lb.' above dispatch was renn in both
' Honse of  Lords and the   House   ol
^ Hiuiii,,,,- todny.   The reference to the
"���"""ana evoked Immense  and pro*
pBotl cheering,    On all sides the gal-
v ol  ihe  Canadians was much
commented upon.
'"'"I'ln, Fib. 88.-Afteradvising the
!:"l','""m,""i' the  war  preparations
j('" '"'""��� c'l.ieludos as follows: "But
uythlug could  enhance the intense
"" widespread Batlsfaotion of the un-
London, Feb. 27.��� "Mnjuba Avenged," "Cronje Surrenders" "Great
British Victory." These are jxpres-
sions being shouted all over London
today, vet there are few outward signs
of the national joy that Lord Koberts
dispatoh lias really caused. -The capitulation nl General Cronje hail been
looked upon us almost a certainity for
���. a week past, and now that it has come
enthusiasm limis itself diRoounted tiy
anticipation. The magnitude of the
suopeas of "Little Bobs" is almost
overlooked in the satisfaction at tlio
met tbat it synchronised with tlio anniversary of Mnjuba Hill and wiped
out a store of 18 years standing. While
the iiflernooii papers nil eoiiiineiit upon
this happy eoineirient they tlo not forget the bravery of the enemy.
The St. James Gazette says: "The
splendid oourage of the Boers has uot
been able to withstand any lunger the
bombardment which few modern soldiers have supported for so in my days.
j The influence of the surrender, uot
only upon the situation at Ladysmith,
but ou the whole conduct of the war
Will be immense. If the news of the
relief of Ladysmith only reaches Kng
land today, it is quite possible this
limy be the   ease, the   cup of   national
happiness would be  full."
Tho news of Cronje's surrender was
received with undoubted satisfaction
at Windsor. The Queen immediately
, telegraphed her congratulations to Lord
Roberta and the troops. In the Wnr
Ollice lobbies, when a clerk posled the
news of  the surrender, quite a crowd
wns waiting and the tidings were hail-
led with considerable enthusiasm. In
an incredibly short space of time the
news had spread to all parts of London. At the Mansion House the posted
news was rend In the crowds of business men hurrying to their ollices,
aud the cries of "Bravo Roberta" and
"Mnjuba" was heard.
and recoived with a  hush.   For a nio-1
ment n deathlike stillness prevailed iu
the ohainher,   but   when   Sir   'Wilfrid j
went on and read from   the dispatches
that tho Canadians had led tho attack, I
supported     by    Gordon   Highlanders, j
which made Oronje surrender, there
was   an outburst   of   hearty   applause!
from Liberals and  Conservatives aliko
that oue   seldom   sees iu   Parliament.
j The fact Hint a son of a Liberal   mem*
I ber  of  the   House,   D.   Johnston,   of!
. Lambton, was said  to be  among  the
! killed  and    that    Lieutenant-Colonel
Pclletier.son of tlio speaker of the Sen- ;
ate, was   wounded, brought   the   news
close to both brunches of   the Legislature.    That the  Canadians   had   to do
their duty is what  every   one is proud
Of.   The   Premier   read   tbo   iiiossagu
from the Queen sent through   the  Col-1
onial Secretary to Lord Minto.
Lieutenant-Colonel Pinauit, Deputy
Minister of Militia, said the news of
Cronje's unconditional surrender wns
a great satisfaction ami a mentor relief. The relief of Ladysmith which
most follow soon will bring the cam-j
pnign very near to a close. The Boers
at the outset secured a good position,
in trenches, from which thoy could
uot help but put up a good light.
1.1 un lun. Feb. 27.���It is now an*
nounecd that Lord Huberts has notilied
thu War Ofllce that the number of
prisoners approximate four thousand of
which about 1,1.10 ure   citizens  of   the
Orange Free State.    The remainder
i are citizens of  tbe  Trausvnal.
London, Feb. 27,���Twenty-nine
I Transvaal ollicers wero captured and
118 Free Slaters. Tho gnns captured
from the Transvaal forces are: Three
7.1-ooutiinotre Ki-upos, and nine one*
pounders, ami uno Maxim ; from Free
Staters: One 7fi-contimetro Krupp,
one Maxim. Tile ollieers captured he-
sides General Cronje. include Major
Allucebl.the famous German nitillerv-
nuiii; Major Vonderwilz, Iho German
Officer responsible fnr Ihn most splendid engineering works of  the   Hoers,
iiiiiI several oilier prominent Boer com-
manilunts. No news was received from
Buller it' other communders iu Africa
London,   Feb,   27. -The War   Ollice
j has   issued a list of   721   iinn-coinmis
| sinned   ollicers und   men,   wounded In
thu lighting  at   Paardeberg,   Sunday,
Feb.  IS, including   IIII  Cituiulinus  uml
'iV.'i High landers.
London, Fob. _7. ��� A letter bus been
'received from ti man in the first Dragoons, now in South Africn, confirming the report that a supply transport
reached Lady-smith during tbe engagement at Spion Kop. He says the Dragoons were tho escort o( tbo transport
i whioh wns several miles lung, and
adds:   "ihat   is why Buller engaged
the enemy at Spion Kop,    Old   Bnller
knows   what   he is   doing   and all are
| willing to follow him m spite  of his
Uttnwn, Feb. 27.���The feeling of OD*
lliusiasin and general rejoicing over the
surrender of Oronje In this oity today
was imparled Into Parliament, although once again the news of victory
was somewhat saddened by reports
showing that eight Canadians were
killed and Iln wounded in tlm attack on
the Boer trenches. This Information
waa given tu the House hy the Premier
New VorK, Feb. 27.���The Herald
this morning prints the following spoc-
inl oable; "'London, Tuesday, Feb.
37.���A daily Mail special dispatch
says: Modder River. Snnriav. Feb.
ie��� At the battle of Paardeberg, otherwise called Slink Fontein, on Sunday, Fob. 18, the principal featnies
wore the lighting and self snerilioo
of the Highland brigade and tlie impetuous oharge on the Boer trenches by
tlie Corn walls, Canadians nnd Gordons. The troops witii two brigades
of tbe Ninth Division, boie the brunt
���if tho tight and Buffered the lion share
of the losses. The buttle began at
dawn when the mounted infantry,
whioh formed a screen for the advance
of the Ninth Division, on tiie left
bank of Ilie river, came in touch with
the enemy, occupying positions of advantage and engaged them, Geueral
Sniitli-Dorrien crossed the river nt
Paardeberg Drift with part of the
Ninth Brigade, the othei portion continuing the attack on the other bank.
Fighting their way along the right
bank, the Cornwalls and Canadians
came within reach of a Boer Laager.
Charging the trenches together they
captured the first road, but. had to retire. Here Colonel Aldworth fell
with a bullet in his head as ho was
leading bis regiment. Bnt at the close
of day, though tlio British losses wero
severe, success was achieved for tho
Hoers were cleared from all positions
where they could hamper the British
movements, and forced into positions
upon which British guns could he
brought to boar.
nenr 300,000, Lord Roberts has dune
more tban to capture 4,(1011 Boors and
a f*iw guns. Ho is within striking
distance of one of the Boer capitals
and is master of a large district (if the
Free State. Ho has given a shock to
Boer aonfldnnoe and immeasurably ro
stored the spirit nf his own troops.
In capturing Oronje he has laken a
leader whose presence alone was worth
thousands to tlie Boer cause. The bast
opinioii here is that the Trnnsvaulers
are certain lo continue tlie fight with
undiminished valor, hut it is not so
certain about the Free Staters, Lord
Roberts has not allowed the correspondents or descriptive writers with
li im to supplement his plain narrative
as yet and thein are some points in
doubt. It is not dear whether the 4.*
DUO prisoners include those tnken in
small pintles before the capitulation.
Whnt   has beconrt   of   the lest  of   the
Boers    who held  tho Magersfontein
lines und where are the big guns'. The
suinUncss ol Cronje's forces causes
some wonderment. The morning pap
ors without exoeption comment ou the
achievement of the Boer leader and
men in holding off for ten days a force
from six to eight times ns large as
tlieirs. British opinion is far more
generous in victory than iu detent.
Sir Redvers Bullers is having a hard
time in Natal, It is evident now,
after a fortnight's lighting, that he
was misled when he wiled that there
was only n weak rearguard between
him nd I. iilysieitb. Apparently some
of the liardest lighting of tbe war took
place at tho end of last week, as an
armistice wns agreed upon to allow attendance upon wounded and burial of
the dead. Both sides must have lost
heavily. At any moment, however,
news may come of General Bnlltr's
success. Friday will begin the fourth
month of the   siige   of   the   garrison,
winch is seemingly in a position where
it is unable to do nnvthing to help
Finance Minister Fielding  Brings Down
the Estimates in the Dominion
Paris, Feb. 27.���Tbe news of the
surrender of General Cronje mado it
considerable Imptesslon in Paris. Tho
Temps, in an article headed "Honor to
Both Combatants,'' appeals to Great
Britain to end the war saying: "If
England, once unfortunately engaged
in Ibis struggle, could not emerge by
accepting the humiliation of defeat, it
appears tu us that she will do well
and reconquer the sympathies of all
nations, if after having given proof of
her superior strength she knew wnen
In stop herself nud ill 10 doing stop
tho scenes ul' destruction and cariuige
now unfolding themselves in tlie
Orange Free Stale. "
Her  Royal   Highness  Cables   the
London, Teb. 27.- Her Royal
Highness tbe Princess Louise today
sent the following cable to His
j Excellency tbe Governor-General of
> Canada: "I desire to express con-
$ gratulations on Cronje's surrender,
i effected by gallant Canadian  aid,
< and deep sympathy  for Oauadian
< losses,   I am proud to havo lived
�� among tbem-  (Signed)
(SPECIAL iti Tin: mi\ku.i
Victoria, Feb. 27.���The Lieutenant-
Governor has taken advantage uf bis
position and has done what he is cer-
tainely entitled too, nut which few expected thnt he would follow, lie wus
dismissed the Bemlin Administration
nnd there will doubtless be u genernl
election. Tiie outcome was nel looked
for as the information was given out
this morning that the Semlin Administration bad secured tbe co-operation uf
five members uf the Opposition and
upon meeting, the Bouse this afternoon would be utile to continue with
the business of the country. This was
the result of negotiations which were
carried out last night and by which
Barry Helmcken,  Captain Irving,  and
several other members of the Opposition were to join the Government, It
was understood tbat ut tho oonolusion
j of the session Helmcken would enter
the  Cabinet   as Attorney-General and
I that   Turner   would   probably   become
! Finance Minister, Cotton, Semlin and
-MeKcchnie remaining members oi the
Administration. When the House met
this afternoon, however, tho Premier
rose and said thai although lie bad advised tbe Governor that bo was uow
in a position to control tlie Bouse und
carry on the public business ho had
received a note  from   Molnnes dipens-
| tug wiih his services as adviser to the
Crown, and stating that he wouri Beek
other advisers. He submitted a resolution setting forth (hat na it was nnd...
sirable thai legislation should be Interfered with al Ihe present time, and
that the House regrets the notion of
the Lieutenant-Governor in dismissing Ins advisers, Oaptnin Irving created an uproar hy saying that the governor bad been playing hi- own game,
referring to the arrival uf Billy Mo-
[lines from Ottawa, whom hi- fat lulls known to be anxious to have included in the next Cabinet. Martin suid
that liviug should apologize tu the rep
resontativo of tbo Queen but the commodore retorted that   he would   upolo-
! gize tu the Queen but not to Melunes.
Turner asked Semlin if the Governor
bad stated who were his new advisers,
and the Premier shook his head. Turner then added that the Province must
ho in the extraordinary position of being without a Governor. It is said
that Martin and Dunsmuir hud a long
conference with the Governor this
morning, though both refuse to notice
timates on the table. Sir Chntles Tupper did not sen any reason to object to
the motion. Borden wanted the House
to net a chance to denl with his motion defend ug Brookville ami West. Huron cases to the privilege and election
committee, before Thursdays wero taken awny from private members.
Sir Charles Tupper suppotted Hoi-
den's demands. Sir Wilfrid Laurier
said that trillion he marie was a natural oue nt tho present stu_o of proceed-
iugs, anil there was no connection between it and the motion which Borden
hail on iho order paper, especially as
lbe latter could not come up on Thursday. The statements that the Government had not shown any inclination
tu investigate complaints against returning ollicers last session was not
correct. Kvery facility had been given for investigation and the committee was even allowed to sit during the
session of the House, but the proceedings were oarried on with only a few
members. The Opposition did not.
show much interest in the inquiry and
tlio preseni session did not show much
, interest in desiring to go on with tho
inquiry. Nearly a fortnight, elapsed.
| this iinssion before Mr. Borden put
] bis notice ou the order paper. The rule
of the House would have to be ud-
ii .1 to ami the motion would have to
i time up in ibe ns.nl way Buroule,
Casey and Clarke Wallace. McMillan,
Sir Adolpe Caron, McNeill, Britton,
Boggart, Module, Molnerney, Powell
and Bonnet continued ihe debate after
Laurier'8 motion carried.
Ottawa, Onr., Feb. 27���The evening
session of the House of Commons wus
devoted to a discussion of Fielding's
resolutions. Tho debute wus continued by Flint, lloiden, MeClure, Pope,
Croat, Pnupore. Flint, and MeClure
mado particularly good speeches. All
..I the speakers suppo. oil tho resolutions, Kussell, of Halifax, moved the
adjournment of   the debate.
Storkspruit, Monday, Feb. 80.���Boer
reports says that tne British under
General Brabant have occupied James*
town. Cape Colony.
Winnipeg, Feb.27. ��� Edward Nornian
Bushes, who is reported as wounded
iu the iinai engagement with Oornje at
Paardeberg,   joined  the    ntiih  Rifles
horn shortly before enlisting for South
Africa. He is aged 21 years, and is a
native oi Wales. His brother resides
London, Feb. 88.���Mr, Parslow,
the coi respondent of The Daily Chronicle at Mafeking, who bad previously
been reported accidentally shot und
killed on November 2 was, it appears,
tioin the diury of a Morning Post cor
respondent and from a letter received
by The Daily Chronicle, iiiuidercd hy
Lieutenant Mnrchison, of the llrilish
artillery, reputed to hen man of line
personal ability. It appears Mr. Par*
slow nnd Limit. Muichison had dined
together und when they were strolling
across the square, Murohllon was seen
to draw n revolver nnd to kill bis
eoniiiauion. An inquest was held and
finding of wilful murder wns returned,
Lieut. Mnrchison will be tried by
eouit martial.
Hnlifnx, N. S., Feb. 37���The Elder-
Dempster steamer Monteiey arrived
here this morning from Liverpool and
being   found   in   excellent   condition,
wns taken over by the Government and
work of fitting her up for Strath-
conn's Horse was begun at once. The
vessel will make nn admirable transport.
Home, Feb. 27.���The capitulation of
General Oronje has produoed a painful Impression in it	
,in   ISSOCIITHD I'lllOss.i
London, Feb. 88.-(4l80 a. in. )-
From .lohn 0'3roats to Lauds End
there has been cheering today  for the
Chiron, and a universal singing of   the
National Anthem. This with mutnul
congratulations in the Briton's way or
celebrating tlio most cheerful ilnv of
tbn war.    Already he is   taking   slock,
of the situation ami measuring the future. There is no disposition to overestimate tlm success. The Government
entertains no   illusion.    As announceil
iu tho House of Commons 111,000 additional troops will Immediately_go out
und the directive  foroe  will  he kupt
London, Feb. 88.���The Lorenzo Mm
que/, oorresiiontieut of The Times, telegraphing Tuesday, snys: "Many foreigners are leaving the Trnnsvaal and
numerous  Government officials  have
Started     for    Holland.    Mr.     Arielcrt
Bay,United states Consul iu Pretoria,
is earning the respect of both Boers
antl Ilitlantleth and pinving himself
tactful and assjilotis."
Ottawa, Out., Feb. 27.���The estimates tor the fiscal year ending June
:io. nidi, were presented to Parliament
Ihis evening by Finance Minister
Fielding. The amount asked foi on
account of tho consolidated fund is
$42, Hi'i, 118(1 us compared with $41,588,*
899, being tlie   main estimate   for tbo
current yenr or $11:1,2:111,1 -it), including
supplementnru'S. Tbe main estimate
therefore for the coming fiscal year is
1868,160 less than the latter amount.
The principal increases in the different branches of the   service   are $112, -
olio for tho  Northwest   Government,
.-1-1 <-,00(1 for railways ami canals, $4S,-
885 for customs, $88,000 for lighthouse
and const service,t.2'1,Dili for Steamship
j subventions, nnd $50,000 for post
office.    The dccieases lire pulilio works
111,810,018, militia 154,888, miseellune-
uiis 189,188, ocean unil river service
$88,000,   uud Yukon territory $31,870.
I The amount fur capital account requir-
I ed  is placed af $8,195,409,    a   deeiease
lot $1,888,888  over tbe amount for th 1
current year, so (hat there is $8,048,-
000 less required between ordinary uud
loaplal   expenditure  than  for tho our*
riitit year, but it is more than likely
that siipplenieuUries   to   bo n��kcil   for
jyet will cover Ibis amount. There is
'au item of $150,000 fur taking of   con
I sus and nu   additional   $.*i(i,ii()ll fin the
runs exhibition, iu Immigration
tbere is an increase of $84,500, making
lu total of $895,000, In militia Items
ohargeable to Income tbere ia an increase of i'ix, ins for pay allowances,
!$:iu,(i(in for salaries,||$76,000 for warlike
an.1 other necessarys, $10,000 for Esquimau defence, and $5,000 loi general
seiviee medals. Fm lhe annual drill of
militia tho estimate is inoreased from
$800,000 to $486,1	
Winnipeg, Feb. 27.��� Captain Gardi-
1101, Major Bliss, Inspector Cartwright
and several Mounted Policemen, passed through tho city today for Ottawa
to join Strathcona'a Horse. They
came diioct from Dawson City.
Peterboru, On*., Feb. 27.���The stores
occupied by   McFarlane,   Wilton  Oo.,
I Ltd., anil Geo. Matthews St Co., wero
completely gutted by tire early this
morning,   The ollices of J. J. Landry,
I K. K. Wootl, Crown Attorney, and F.
Morrow, dentist, wero also destroyed.
The building was owned by Thomas
Toronto,Out., Feb. 27.���J. J. Kiugs-
mill,tin- well known lawyer und a former Judge of Bruoe County, is dead,
The news leached the city by cable
frum (lenun, Italy, and il is supposed
that Mr. ECingimlll died on the voyage
from New York.
Bamlltor., Feb. 27.-W. F. Walker,
barrister, was run down   and instantly
killed hy a O, P. It. train at a crossing here this morning. He was ageri
about IIIty.
Sherlirooko, 0,110., Feb. 27.���Tbo
twenty-first annual high court of Canadian Order of Foiostors began a session here this morning with a large
delegation iu attendance.
Cornwall, Fob. 27.���George Mo-
Cleavo, aged 88, died horo yesterday at.
tbo borne uf   Alexander  Cunningham,
nfter u long illness.
Cnpn Town, Feb. 2(1.���The Canadian
Hoops who arrived on the Allan lino
Steamer Pomeranian, were welcomed
by Major Hiinlmry-Wlliains, military
socretliry to Sir Alfred Miln-r.
London. Feb,   2H.��� The   Daily   Mail
has   the   following   from   Ladysmith,
dated Saturday, Fob. 84,���"Yesterday
the Boot retreat continued. A party of
about seventy enronte for the north
drew rein near Limit Hill.    A battery
Continuod on Fourth I'nice.
Ottawa, Peb, 211.���Tho Wet  Huron
and Brookville election cases were
brought again to th.i attention of the
Honse today, by Borden, illalifax. 1
When    the   Pretniei      moved   to   lake
Thursday (or general business Borden
objected because ii would prevoul  bis
.motion, which   is   now   on the  order
��� paper, being reaohed as soon aa it otherwise would be.   The Premier moved
thai general   business   shall hnve pre
loendenoe on Thursday sand in tioings so
{lie   announced   that   tbe   Minister   uf
(Finance, was prepurod to kuop tho   ei*
Mun'ri'iil. Feb. 27. ��� H. E. Beasley,
reeen iy Superintendent of Kootenay
lines of the O. I'. B,, with headquarters at Nelson, has been appointed
chief clerk to President Shaugbnossy,
succeeding W. W. Ool pit ts,   appointed
I 1 the   tnlf uf   tho   chief   engineer   of
construction   with    headquarters    at
Ottawa, Feb,  87.���Colonel   Alymer,
, Adjutant (Icnerul, who has been ill
lm lome time past, has resumed woik,
uetiiig  in command ol the Militia,
Sir Louis Davies has contributed iffm
io the Canadian Patriotic Fund.
Royalty on "Tim Absent Minded
Beggar," sung ut Sussex, N, 11.,
brought $100.
lNelson Daily Miner
1 - .: .1 - l i. -. i pally oxcopl Monday.
Nelmon Mined Printing __ Puhlibuino Co
0   J    BICATON, Kdltor anil Muniwjor,
Bliuih parade ia iiuin.. made of tin
article that appeared u few day* uno
in The Montreal Heriild, disoussing
mining affairs in this Proiince, with
special rofeienee to the Eight-Hour
law. The Herald may know a n��oil
deal of the history of labor agitations
aud lahur reforms, and it may know
something of minium bnt when it
attempts to apply its knowledge Io
the situation iu British Columbia it
exposes an amazing degree of ignorance. It knows nothing whatever of
the reul fsotl connected with what
may almost be desoribed aa the recent
labor troubles. Those troubles, it is
trim, are not over, but with lhe experience of the slocan as guide mid encouragement there is good reason to
hope that the worst is over and that
peace will soon prevail in all the
Our contemporary professes to anticipate a oampaign for the repeal of the
legislation that wbh the canse of all
tbe ooininotion. The Unions are to be
crushed, and there is to be no longer
au eight-hour day. We cannot conceive why tho Montreal paper should
I hus alarm itself, but there is no mistaking lhe motive in circulating the
story here. It is for the purpose of
keeping the miners in a condition of
excitement. They are to be made to
believe tbat their interests are in jeoo-
ardy, uud that they ean be protected
ouly by the election of certain persons
to tbe Legislature. We are not aware
that any one ln.s designs against tho
Unions. Tho Herald says that min-
era have as much right to organise as
artisans of any other class. No one
will dispute that fact, and because it
is a fact, palpable to the densest intellect, no one is so foolish as to attempt to deprive  ibem of their right.
The Unions will nol be interfered
witb, for the vory good reason that
tbey cannot be. If minerB desire to
unite for auy lawful purpose, it is
their privilege to do so and they aro
not to be denied. They can form new
i'ii:.ai- and maintain those thoy
have, and no one bus any authority
to question their right. Their Unions
will not be crushed, for the reason
that no ono has tho power to orush
them, or>has the leas thonght of making tbe attempt.
If the minors themselves believe that
an eight-hour shift is long enough to
work underground, there is little doubt
the remainder.of the population of
Hritish Columbia will cordially con-
code their righl to judge for themselves. We are not aware that it is iu
contemplation to impose a longer shift
upon them ngaiust their will. What
tha views of the mine owners may be
we do not pretend to know, and .ire not
in a position to -in ; but wo should be
surprised to learn tnat they would insist on a longer day than eight hours
if it were clear that the wish of the
nn mis was against it. It is not so
much a question as to what the standard day shall bo, as it is that it shall
be established iu the light ot day aud
without injustice to any legitimate interest or to auy perron concerned.
Tbo Legislature has established a
hard and fast day, to which we
would expect Ihe miners themselves
to be the first to object. Hut
it is not understood thnt there is objection anywhere to the recognition
ut eight hours as tbo regular shift.
The Montreal papei is much too hazy
In its information of local conditions
to discuss the industrial situation in
this Province with any sort of credit
to itself.
eminent (Iocs not appoint the old (Jon-
servutivii Kettiiiiing Ollicers.
The members nt Victoria are most te-
luotant to go to tbe country. This, to,
gether with the free-and-easy politics
of the country, tire evolving out of the
confusion Unit prevails a coalition of
coalitionists, as tbe le.ist Inconvenient
method of carrying on the Queen's
Government. The Brat uud main thing
Is lo avoid a goneral eleotion; tho
question of principles comes in afterwards. We enn all afford to await toll
details of the new arraugetneut before
pronouncing judgment upon it.
A Winnipeg paper expresses anxiety
to know what bus become of the impotent threat of Sir Charles Tupper's,
to exclude its representative from the
Press gullrey at Ottawa. The question
contains its own answer. Nothing
evet comes of an Impotent threat.
50 Cases
New Drugs
and riedicines
Received this week,
fresh from the manufacturers.
Telephone US.    P.O. Box 836,    Baker Street,
Mall Orders_PromptIr Attended To.
AdvertisementsInsorted under thlah.a_.at
tho ruin of 0110 ccnl a word per insorlion.   No
lulvcrUmmiont taken for loss than 25 cunts.
WANTKD.���Teacher (lady)   for  Pilot
Bay Publio  School.    Applv to  John
Allan, Secretary, Pilot Bhv.'B. C.
WANTEI1.���Competent    general   servant.    Apply to l<\  W.   Peters,   foot
of Carbonate Street.
WANTED.-For    three    people,   two
rooms with hoard in central part  of
town.    Witli bath  preferred.    Address
II, Miner Office.
MUS. A. HALTON bus opened   dressmaking patlors In tbe Madden Block.
She   makes   a     specialty   of  ovening
gowns and tailor made costumes.
WANTED.���Hoys   and   girls lo   strip
tobacco.    Fifty cents   a day, und  as
much more as thev can earn.   Koote-
auy Cigar Oompany.
��� ������������������������..��������������. .4^4 _Mt>>
��� WANTED���ruiiiisheil House: about _
��� four rooms: not too far from Baker f
X and   Water Streets.    House, with I
t bath-room preferred-   Address " B,''  ���
��� Miner Office
Bank of
British Columbia,
Is now prepared to issue
Drafts and Letters of Credit
on Skaguay, U.S., Atlin, B.
C, and Dawson City, Yukon
Canadians nre not surprised that their
countrymen huve compelled ndinirii
tion by tho bravery and dash exhibited
in battle, but it is extremely gratify
ing to know thnt their- conduct has
extracted from tho Field Marshall the
< ordlnl praise ol the uispat<-h publish*
od ibi_ morning. Nol less gratifying is it to listen to tho enthusiastic
and prolonged cheering of the British
House of Commons, It is not intended thut there shall Ih. any suggestion of
sordidness in it, but the Canudiau
contingent is apt to leave a pleasant
He\ or of the Dominion as It returns
from South Africa. And another gieut
stride is made towards Imperial consolidation.
The Manitoba Premier has committed another outrage. A legal gentleman who hnd a sort of standing retainer from the lute (ireenway (.loverniniiiit
to prosecute in oases of  the  Inf.actioii
of tha tliqUU   License   Act    has   hi	
put nside, aud another lawyer friendly
to tho now (loverlinient Iiiih heel] ein-
ployed. Mr. Macalonuld s enemies
must he hnrd pressed to llml (anil wilb
bin,   It would ba strange, md I, at
politic go  iu  Canada,  If legitimate
patronage of thut kind  should col fall |
to ibe dominant puny.   The inporced-1
ed   gentle n was  not   a   member of
iho Civil Herivce,  und  In preferring
another there is not the faintest approach to tlm spoils system, it mould
bo just as reasonable to complain lhal
in tho  by-elections   tho  Luurier Oov-1
Phoues:    Office.   H7:   Home, 152.
Finn-mom House nnil   Hu,,. |,,|,
Mill SI., good  locution il.'iWI
Seven-room Boose, modern  oon
venfences   . . ���_. mn
one lot, Baker Bt. 1, ..on
I I ."ill-font corner en  Uol..on SI 11(10
ITwo lots, Observatory st     .        got)
Call antl See Me.
New Books, n
Parson Kelly;
Dy Andrew Lang
Mr, Jack  Hamlin's Media-
Bret Harte
Louis Creswicke
The Bitter Vintage;
K. Douglas King-If
Ax African Treasure;
J. MacLaren Cobban
Prospecting,  Locating and
Valuing Minks:
SlViOKn OUR C1 -       _> #
They are made in your miiM, 01 the fin -' ���'������* t,,i-,,-,-,-
Wliere yood Cigars arc    1
The  Royal Seal an-   Kootenay  Lull
Union made.
������ ������������>������
Kootenay Cigar Mfg. Co.
I >4*#**��4,��..��4.��4. ����.��..��.,�����,�����.^���-'���"���'������"���"^.^'���������^"���"���"���"���"^'������'Ht
West Kootenay Butcher Co.
Engineers' Examinations;
New Catechism oi the Steam
Maximsand Instructions for
TiiK Boiler Room;
The Mineral Industry;
Life of Napoleon III.;
By Archibald Forbes
Fresh   and   Salted   Heats
Fish and Poultry in Season
E.   C.   TRAVES.   Manager,
Baker Street, Nelson.
Orders by mail receive careful and prompt attention.
Canada mm &
Hid, licit and llnllidii! System*.
J.abco-'k ami Wilt-ox. etc.
Paper Hanger,
"NCORPOP"   '-���"������"���'37a
We have just received
a carload ot cho��*e
GAS and OIL   ENGINES,     1    .
_=====���__===__���______   flexible metallic tubing, etc Glazier,   Painter,    Etc
E. J. SCOVIL       M,p,! 10 J.C.f. CROFTS, uuu| ���
_.M��tn,.,^1MT���s.P,-_1M.. B^ggM* nelson, B.0.| Chimney Sweeping.
Windermoro Minos.   Uorrasp  - onco Sol'.oitcd
Or to Fbbgusbon & Orofts,Vancouver
ENGINEERS AND AGENTS. I .-.���.       ,,,     , c, ��� ���
ESTIMATES.     PLANS.    REPORTS.!0*11"' Wald St* ��PP* ��Per:* House
Hudson's Bay Stores
West Baker St., Kelson.
Telephone 13.
i��� _�����_��. _��. _��. _S;_S;^;^;2L'Zj.'Zj.'SLSLeZztL,GZj'S^iSJ^0BL.SLfi^ ti;______���______;SZj^:*Z^*��i��Li*Zi**L.^.
A - "^ , ^tm* ^s^_^ TT*    ^i^* ^^m^0" A9^0 9*^*0" 4St^* **���_���_������' 9t^^" ^9^ "^II*"' **4__^* 4E^* ^ft**** ^9^ ^mfc*" 'Of,* 4^___kv 4B^~ *TBiT- 4U_��>~ sfllhi * *^^^ **fl^��--' A^to*~ 4^v   -B*******   efltw- 4Bfe_-- ^im_   4t^> <���>>   ���
.f��^'������������v *'*������������*��� ^ ������***������*���*������-_������*__������������>-*���-^ ^
\lf 9\
\-)/ We are making our store look bright and  attractive with spring-time beauty.    Our   W_)S_1   G00(lS     -|V
\k'i     Department tells its ��"*vn tale.    We take pride in inviting you to come and see the beauty of this stock.
Prints, Ginghams and Piques
New Prints in light nml dark patterns, fast colors, at He, lOe,
l-.'..o,  l.V, 18c.
New Gingbams in fancy stripes and clieoks,  fasl  colors, at
]_,',,u, 15c, is,., aOc, 25c*.
Now Piques in fancy stripes nml ..pots, 16c, 18e, 2<lc, 23e.   .
Ladies' Tailor-Made Costume Department  4}
This seasou Htids us in a pnsi'iiin tn o��E�� STERI-INO VALUES fi\
In all linns of TM! 0 ._I4DP SUITS -ND SKIRTS n sup.rb ^;
st Ira of lutest design-, AT PRICES THAI TALK \ look -f\
through will be convincing. im\
New Toil i-Mh ii- Siii'sm Serges, Homespuns, Ooveri i lot l>s.     '"
Ladles' Oloths, Tweeds and whipcords at _s.no. IK.OO, ;i2..jn
Air.no. .18.00,120.00, .22.50, *_i__.00, I28.0Q, (30 Pfl
N w Tail r-Vnde S' h-'n "n ". vie>, Co   . nr, I   t , ,. s. Sn ,'rls,
Twiails, I'm  i-i .nil    olors    ml ilr-- gni-, nt 14.00,(1.6(1,   500,
ta.00, f7.0*l. 18.00 an    iipwn'-ds
New Duck Skirts   New Linen Crash Skirts.  New White Pique Skirts.   New Spring Coats.  New Spring Capes.
Space will not permit us to quote prices further, but n word to the wise is sufficient
First-class qualities and right prices make our goods invincible.
Martin  O'Reilly & Co.
fflf P* S.���Special attention given to Mail Orders. HOUStOH BlOCk. Baker Street. M
*���*���*��>__ _____ '-^B-^JB-^ ��-4_��-^ __S __&_>_�� _*__.*__�� '__���_* ���& __s�� '^���^;'^*>^^^*^*'^***^**^*^**^**^.*��-��.*��-..*_k,.*_*.w��__?_��
���>__.' 00- 00'0*- 0*-00-0*'00-00- 00-00-00-00^-00^T\Z'&^^1\Z^^T\\\
Bro wen of Pino Lngor
Hi...i uml Porter.
Drop in ami    |H.
Joining stocks
Bought and Sold.
Silver    Star     Mining    Slock   of
Sumpter, Ore.  Call for Prospectus.
5000 Uig Horn Treasury. A snap
1000 Noonday   600 Richelieu
Here's a good buy :
Referendum Treasury Block,    Sold
I on installments i'.^e., y 0 per month,
House and Loi in business por-
. lion of town, $3500.
I-.-.I.I. ON
Heated by Hot Air
Finest   Dining   Room
in the City.
iimiM 1:
\VAItH ,s|-.
Temperance Hotel.
Tho Family Resort of the
Fraternity Hali ; P, J, BRADLEY & CO.
... 1 - 1.. _����� 1  j ��
Delivered to an any point on
Kootenay Lake.
I have a complete stock
on hand of
3 Good Companies 3
London k Lancashire Life Ass, Oo.
Ocean Accident & Guarantee Corporation,
Phoinix fire Insurance Oo.
<nrllii_rr.t ImUM) m,,
oan he rented For Concerts, Lectures I
Daneee, Banquets ud every kind of en*'
tertalnment,   Ooed uto-raoms, cloak I
rooms. Kitchen and dining  ���__ i,,,-.
niHhed.   i*ui. termpply
i'aim 1 i.'.s and
in in)-' \ mix.
DBi B. 0L AK'I'M UM (Iiiv lluililiTM will Ami II  lo llixlr lulviinUuc lo
1 *'"''��� ! Bwurn Willi llraillcv k UO, mi l'alnllu_.
Mill nt PILOT HAY.
lards,  NKLSON and L All DO
J.   A.   SAYWARD.
I Live you seen lhe neir thrve dollar yearly Accident and Disease policy issued by the Ocean Corporation? Includes $1500 travelling
railway policy and weekly payments for illness caused by Small
I'ox and twelve other common
Qeuorul Agt. 0pp. Oddfellows' Block,
Bakor St., Nolson.
Houses for sale and rent.
^Nelson Cleaning and Dyeinp
B. 1). I'IKBRK Prop.
Ladies' and Gents' Clothing cleane 1
dyed, altered and repaired.
"."' Of < la, I...  >|���.. I. MI-IIN
B. C
Prompt!} nnd neallj done.    Special
alti ntion friven to 1 lilld.en's clothes,
1 '""I 'I'""  btjA 1,1   ".1,1   1     0.     iiMii-h,,,-
Kuoleuii) Bl_
Nolson Employment Agencv j        NELSON WINE 00.,
I -.*>.,Ta y.ai   ,a-    ,1. |i,'i,il nil   Retting   III.,   t.r-'.
Twelve ooal mlnere. Wn It rose  Dish. '".""'' '",'���" k''' ,T" ,,""v ')'<"""<>' '"'"���
wn - l..*r i'imii- a,; -.���,,.   it,,.,.,, 1,1.1 1,,, ,i, -ihiu'iI,
1-Hlp'o.flll kinds fiirnKl.,1. ���������������������__,
iiivni,\(T.-( taki^^ .":t.'( diamond I       i-"kank a. Tamblyn, Ugr���
J. H. LOVE,'Aii'?""Baker   ' b*iu,rSt��**t* Ne'-^
A i*(ir,il   |MiviiiK   Dairy   luisiiic��n   In
��� he flown of   I'liin'n, II, a.,    will   Nell
"in. in 11 bargsln.   Seven oows,  botse
-le'Rn. mill' wngon, oans,  mm ���n,rv.
'linn* helonainn ro n first olmm  Dalr.
fnme Honse ami  stable,   Annh   Bm
18., Pernle, B, 0, " *
When the Men are All
Goi)e   io War
Business Women
Will Be Needed
Tlie  Nelnon   Kn��iiiens   OdllegS   ll   M
TramlnR Bohon] for ynnna women os
well hm voiiiik im a.   Tlie  Burlpot 8v��-
lem iiuiki-M liiiHineHH eiiNV     Trv It.
Board and  .loom.
i^ZZ::!A;;::i'There is a Clearing Out Sale in Gents'
Furnishings on at O'REILLY'S.
I   rid
*- Iinili.   Table  Board, f
and Room, $5 and S5.50.
J. V. 0'LALt.llLIN.
_ ,V-�� Patriotism
Dan I"'" ln *
of oronje'
,,,,m  When  tbe News
surrender Arrived
; yesterday.
salutes Wore
ana tbe Fire Depart
me���t Turned out to Assist In
11,0 Demonstration.
v,.,,���i,iv morning abont 0 o'olock
V.        i,-���l u bulletin ml tlm street
*Sgh he  v H"   ���*  *�� ,W"
'*""     i nmlon of n cablegram  Irom
*|M,;';tvl,i.'b_^tbe   news of
i ienernl  Oronje
.I**""*"'  "'!|*���   ���,,,< H.-io.iil   fnslu.irt
ftnll.tiii-    �����  "��"_**.,  .y
"'       I.���  mey were  handed, In
S 1-anS thnl  nil present
."��������..   llml    hiul   been
""'. ,?���v���. since word lirst  cam., of
'���'   ai.Kbl inatra,,.    Ah tlm
lover the Oity  the enthns-
tiiif_1it learn
Cronje oe  _ '���'"t-'1)1
���irSh'wbieb "it was received
.An uii,i heard it mid it was
S_Stotaw����� lebrntionof
?','!  I,.rilKoherlH     Messrs M.-11
i p.irrv  \. '''��� Qamhle nnd Arthnr
g^-rtwwortto haveasalnte
5', .,,,,1 goon lunl a lnrge supply ot
",,,,'    ���  lbe  eiiK'kers.    These   were
X S, a vacant lot near the Qneen's
Kl where a large orowd bad assera*
nteatopsortioipBto in the cielebintiun.
There were pfobnbly Ave or six ban*
Jed people gathered mound be lot
;�������� fmofirat bomb was fired. Strings
offlre-owekers were Ruspeuded from
thenlntfoimontho bit and these were
,,.,l���,i off nl intervals with the
lntl���i��� Shortly after tlm oannonarte
wan tlie Are department arrived on
the noeue with a large tl��g flying Iron)
tli. truck. Thuy ooupled on a hose and
shoved their enthnsiasm by throwing
��stream nf water high In tbe nir.
Diuiuc the snbites one of the fu-u
mnosaton the truck and waved tbe
Hag. Nuiiii'miis small boys assisted in
theproceediiiRS and u dug of Mr.
Parry's took nu active interest in the
tiiiiiK ol the bombs. After tbe powder
ulotes Iimi been bred a number of
liquid salntes were fired iiown patriotic throats ��t neiir by dispensaries.
One sued gentleman  Beemed  to bave
the reasons fnr the celebration sadly
coufnsi'd fnr after inviting a orowd of
tbe participants tu refresh themselves
at bis expense, he remarked In au en*
lliosiatlo tone; "It's a d���il good thing
the Qoternment hns been rlefeated,
tli_.ro nre n'.t fiiougb Conservatives
aroinul here nnyhow,
lbe memnge senl to Lord Lanidowne
md, "Acoepi "congratnlatlons of (be
Olttzens of Nelsou, British Columbia,
on eulendid viotory "
Another messuge wns sent to Lord
Uinto la*1 eveung, while sevetnl prominent citizens ivei-e having n quiet onl*
tlinilion ever tbo good news. Tbe
wire ri-a.il: "Nelson eiti/.ens celebrnt-
ini! tmii_lit the victory n| (ienernl
H ii .Is an I uillmtry of O.iiinilinii
tiiiai's w ul i   respectfully   link yon   to
convev llieir    IgratUllltioUB   to   Her
SatiBlnotory Showing Msdo nt tbe Last
General Meeting.
At tin. ln-i general meeting ol lbe
Hunk at Hritish Columbia held in London ths flu nil statement whioh wns
Bnlituttieii io tbe shareholders was
liitnly Bnlilnotory, It showed ��� profit
fur the.-iv in, niii- ending Deoember i,
1899, nl ��40,0110 lis. Od. The 7.iul iiiv
ulriiii nnn.uuting to ��18,000, was ordered paid, The Hunk of Brltiih Columbia is ti e pioi vet of the Province but
now it lias nine uther luniks m opposition to il However, while tlm itivi-
ilinil- iiave been reduoed, tbe chairman
took a bright -lew uf the future and
iv|i,i--,i| Iiii e, uvictinii llnu the bank
would Bbortlj ia imn in it�� former dividend,    Bul Blnoe   ten   per   cent, wns
Mid the condition of affairs In the
I'liivine. has undergone a great obange
ninl only the steady urowtb of British
Columbia will restore tbo former oon*
Jhlon.   Tl hnlminn.SIr Robert Qll*
leeple, ipokc very hopefully of  tbe In*
tine nf the I'roviuce,  nml pointed   out
the interesting faot tlmt in is7_. tbe
total exports from B. C. nmounted to
II.-6'.OiKi while in (he ltiot year end-
m in June tbey amounted to 114,748,*
J���i of which amount 110,401,600 weie
derived liom tlm mines.
btifliliess, bavin.; beeo for a long Hum
oonneoted with the tins works at Sunt-
lord, Out. Mr. Moss will bo lu oharge
of tlu  plant and nppii'.itus.
Tbe   Rowland Minstrels drew n |(I3G
| bouse at Spokane on Mondav night
'and $100 was thrown into tlm fin", ill
response to the "Pay, Pay, Pny."
The Tramway Company will hereafter sell IB tickets for a dollar. Tbn
new power to   permit   the curs to rim
up Stanley Street will bs lust-lied before Urn first Of April.
City Olerk Sttaohan and several other gentlemen sent a oBlilegrnni yester*
dm to i.oul Laus'iuwue ooiigrntiilatiug
ibe Noeivtni-y Of Wnv on the successful
oiiptiiru ot Uenerul Cronje.
The entire Staff ol Tbe Miner nre
invited to a ball at the Ymir Mill on
Thursday evening next, given by the
employees If uot present, tbey will
at least wish I hole who me a jolh
uight of it.
Two hookey  teams, one representing
the Hudson's Hay Stores and the other
representing the wholesalers of thn
city met in deadly oombat Inst night
mill when the muster roll was called
it was found that the Hudson's Hay
won by two  Hoals to three.
The, annual meeting of the Nelson
Liberal-Conservative Association will
be held   at   is   o'clock   tonight  ill tbe
Hoard  of Trade   rooms.    Important
business will be transacted and it is
hoped that all wlm arn favoralbe to
the Conservative cause will attend the
in cot inn.
Mr. .1. M. Williams returned yesterday from Viotoria, and left last, night
for Bngland, where he rocs to London
to confer with the syudioate, whom
be represents. Mr. Williams went to
Victoria   to present   a petition for Ini*
provment "f Beveral voiuis near  slooan
to the Government.
Among Canadians patents recently
granted  nt   Washington, us teported
by Mr. IC. (1. Singers, are three for
which aupliontiouB were made from
British Columbia���for a flagstaff, by
It. u. Clifford, Vancouver; an amalgamator, by O. G. Harrison anil J. A.
i.'itzsiieniiins, Vancouver, nnd a soaff-
ord or portable trestle, by T, Milne,
The Ladies' Aid Society, nf tho
Methodist Chnroh, have completed
their arrangements for the pink tea to
be .liven at the Methodist parsonage
tomorrow evening, An Interesting
programme will be given and the ladies hope their efforts will bo rewarded by a larne attendance. The hours
nre from I to 10 p. m.
A two-thirds interest in tbo Leap
Year Pride olaim was transferred yesterday from George .1. Soblief for n
nominal consideration. Charles .1.
Schlief transferred a two-thirds interest in tbe Leap Year (Jem claim to J.
Y. Brown and George .1. Bohlief for a
nominal 0 I'lsideriition, Both the above
chums are on the West folk of Kover
Some Interesting figures are presented in The Miner this morning in an
advertisement of the Mutual Life Insurance Company, of New Jork,which
company does a great amount of business in British Colombia. The funds
held by Ihi* oomnauy lor ihe payment
of ii�� policies on December li Ihi 1890,
amounts to 1128,471,088, more than the
combined capital stock of the four
greatest banks in tbo world.
At the meeting of the Liberal-Coo-
Bcivative Association this evening delegates will be chosen to attend the
Conservative convention nt Bevelstoke
or since oilier central poiut to chose a
i ninliilate lm- Yale-Knot'.nay ill Opposition to Hewitt Bostook, The intro-
iluciion of party lines in   local politics
will  also  be  considered and  officers
will be elected for the   ensuing   year.
The fortbet pioteotlan of tbe el I ver*
lead industry will be disoussed,
John lloilgeis, who was recently
tiled in the police court, cbargi'd with
cuiuiiiiciiy   in  ibe  robbery ot Ebbs'
-I store ami dismissed by Mr.   Joe*
liee Mnilin with a warning, was arraigned in 'be   police   emiu veslcnlay
on tee oharge of vagrnnay.   In view of
his bad record, lm was given BIX
months ill jail by Mau istrate Crease.
Mm lin (I [nolo, who was recently ordered out of town, was also urraigiied
on the hnim ohnrao and got four
uu nio ��� in jail.
<*-<*VVV.W'*iV*-/'��Vi-*'.^ *.
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Bring Your Repairing. L1LLIE   BROS.
I'. O.fiRBBN
I', t, < I lill VI-,
Civil   Engineers   and Provincial
Land Surveyors.
P, O, Box H5 Nolson, B. C
There is a Clearing Out Sale of Gents'
Furnishings on at O'REILLY'S.
C��X����������X^ j >w__'����'����i<������4,��_Ow������.i'_>..��..e��'��������>���������'*��**>���'�����'>��'��-l����"*��"��������"���"���
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_����������������������������_ r<_��ei_����'��e-s&6e6��*063G<i> i*'-^������������������������������������������*
r    \
Al   THB
Methodist Parsonage
Wednesday, Feb. 28
By   the   Ladies'   Aid  of
Methodist Church.
"ThareUbnt i>m' ��nw_l ohanpii
one sniiill rniinri' I"
save Mini-life nml Ibnl, in llii-.iii|rli nn
npi'iiitiiiti." wiih Un> nwlul [irns|i��*cl set
I |.i.
Willi nn Sbiinniin   ||  nenr HiiisbiiiK
���'J  tfnol    mi  tbn   Oraoker .im-k
[""Inofor ihe  ii. c.   Qo)(j Violin Mm-
1 "'*" . 0l Wbloh Mr.  llmlKi.N. of Nil
jon.ln mnnnnor,   Tbe propetty iH look.
"IS mi to  im  nne of th, Iiomi in Enm
K nny*    H   only   Inek-H ii   |',.,w   tent
MOW tOOtOil OOt   lllll   leil��l',    but   thn
mowing at pronent
T, l' _omp__H ir
is   (,'HOll.
1 "Iih hav ���
on the Noble
Uni-eli C'reok,
Mr   .1    a.
before Mis. I. It, limit of Lime Ridge,
Wis . by her doctor ufter vainly trying
in aura her of a frightful com nf itnm*
nch trouble and yellow Jaundice. He
didn't count on tne marvellom power
nf Eleotrlo Hitters In cure* RtOinOoh nnd
Liver trouble!,  lmt ehe heard of It,
lunl. seven bullies, wns   wlioll)-   ellleil,
avoided eurgeon'e knife, now welghe
m nnd feoli better than ever,   [te
positively KUiil-iuiti'i'il to eille Slnlllnell,
Liver anil Kldnoy ti*ouhl��i and never
disappoints, PrioeBOo, al the Canada
liiiiu & Book Btore.
n tone nf men working
b'ive, nt  the bead ol
W itli unnil hIiiiwIiiks.
Onrrle, poetmaiter nf
1 ner, bus appointed T. P, Uajpp*
1 ;i nuistanl poatmaitK. Mr Cur-
ne, who In ��� gradnateof Mnuill Ool
'"'���", "I   Montreal,   is   nnw mnkiiiK  11
"Me nl mniiy 0f the effect! of alcohol
J" Hie li mini ii system, nml in n short
"me win aite his experience whioh
will im iinnbt be nppreolated by tlm
""'""'.il prolenlon of Nelson ns well
Mtne pnblio in imunrnl.
, Mr. John EWrloh,   belter   known us
nooky Mountain .luck," who is imn
ownci of the town of Kltohener, bus
'r"iiii-'.||   yog   n   Kn,���i )wlir   HtnrJ. f���r
""Tl inimiii.    This   Menlbiiniin Iiiih thn
,'1"11"," ' George WnsbiiiKtou-tlm
""""'"i 'imiii i ii ��� He
FlM   Watch,   Clock   and   Jewelry
repairing.   Work  and  goodi
guuranteed positively.
Patenaude Bros
Ladies and gentlemen cordially invited.
Atlantic S. S. Lines
From Portland. Mc.
Allan Uno'-('nlifoniiair EJuS
Krom Halifax  ,-������    .������Jcl',--
..llan 1.I110 ':��on��U_ii*...v.lDI_-0M��M��h7
Honilniiiii   Lin"   "Honilnlon J,?"1*.
.nun   Halifax  ,.-���. ���-.���M"',1','1,
lleavr l.lne "Xolll" |J�� jg
Krimi llallfav -Jf*.K-*-
l.ine -Like Ontario" J "" ':
     ., Mlll'.'li B
Krom Host nn
Froiu Now York
Qntl-rd Line "(���i.'ilimilla*' i]''"",,-'
V. 1,11.- Slur Linn "' 'ellllllile   J',',,--
vvltlta Btnr Lino"aormanlo     Manti I
Anlior Uno  "Kililonlii" Maroli ,\
A   ���rl.,.i' Lino -Se,v  Yoik"      StSohT
U,,l si���i  Uno ���Kii.i-.iml .,."'I,*,,
North II.iiiiui Lloyil "Kiinlu ��� ; , BHSS?
Allan Slate Uno-Slntoiif Nelirnska MMOll I
Pussaiins arraiiKi'il In ami from ah Kurojiean
,h Uiu. Kor raloH. Ilokoi*. nnd full InfcrnmUon
���     tor p. iMiopuiaiiini or Fl. B__de>,
Ounoral AKo'nt.O P. II. Olllo*. Wlnnlrrg
The direct route from
to all noints
EAST   and   WEST.
Fii-st-Glnss Sleeper! on till truiuB from
TOURISTCAKS prsh MedialneHat
Inily lor Si. Paul, Sundays and Wednesdays fur Toronto, Fridays for
Miintienl and DoHton
Saine cars pass llevelstoko one day
From Halifax
Dominion Lino "Canada".
To and from Kobson, Kosslnnd.
Kx. Sun. Ex. Sun.
K.00 Lv.        NELSON Arr. 11.40
18,10 Lv.daily NELSON daily Arr.H2.10
Morning traiu connects for nil points
Evening; train oouneoU to and from
Main Line and points north, nud (ex.
Sun.) from all point! ill BOUNDARY
llaily. Str. Moyie Duily.
1*4.00 Lv.        NELSON        Arr. 17.80
(JonucctH Kouti'iiay   Landing with
Crow's Nust llraneb traiiia both wayB.
Ex. Sun, Str. Kokiiueu, Ex. Sun
10.00 Lv. NELSON Arr. 11.00
Satnrdny to Ai���euta and return
leavinit KhhIo nl, 20k.
Ex. Hun. Ex. Sun.
11.00 Lv. NELSON Ar. 11.40
4brs  NELSON to ROSSLAND  bis 4
Groceries,     Croc._ei**_j,    Etc.
Dried Fruits
nil -.
Pi ,
Hi. ll'KIIKItltlKH
Canned Fruits
dreen FruKs
i'i -ai ii: -
l'i IM-i
Aelin iith
For that house you have erected:
Sideboards, Cheffoniera and Dressing Tables.
Combination Bookcases and Desks and Ladies'
Toilet Tables.
Real Estate,
Fire Insurance,
Kor i aii i und full Information iiiIiIi'ohh nonr
Otfl loe.o.1 nifoiil, or
C. K. I1KAHLKY City PiwiunKor Anonl
It. W. mil.;W, Akoiii, Noluon
l'i liv. 1 'iu... Annul. A   (1. P.   A||Or..,
Nr-lHrn Vnnfiouvir
OoniervB.lvei and nil la.orable to
Life Insurance 'ho Oonieivetlve otraie are Invited to
reglittr tbeir dbdiu opon tlm  voters'
Have jusi unloaded a carload
finished Furniture ever
the finest and Ik-si
in the Kootenays.
er nnil Wuril Streets, Nelson, B. C,
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants
Tl,.. I|,
fl -,.,,,,
Tin. ('.
ul*m "   ,"*1
Montmnl nml f;i ���t
lill  Cl '
Vi  Mr.  Frew   went,   to   ElltO
to attend lbe nml*atineal
if the Kniili'iinj 1'reflb.vti.ry.
iiiiilinn I'lilrintie, Knnil verier-
tlm Dunk of Hrll-
Mr, Wiiii,,,,, Hon
nm ���nperlntendni-ji
WllO Will    IIHHUIllll
of   il,..   new  ��n��
In (be mutter nf mi  Mpplfmllan for i��
iliililieilti.nl' n eeitillenle ..f title to loll
eleven (II) nml twelve ll'.l, blOOM
Iwenly-tieven C-il. City Ol NellOIl,    0.
Notloe 11 hereby given tbal it in my
Intention nt Ihe eiplrntlon of one
month tni'ii tlm pnblicatlon hereof, to
Ime n ilnpliente   nt   tlm eertillente   el
llti�� in the ni'ove biii'i". Imnvd to
aeorge A. B, Hull, on Ihe Mth daj of
December, 1898, nml numbered IB88 K.
B,   v. WOO'ITUN,
Lnmi Regletry OfBce,  Victorin,  1
I louse..
.$ 8.00
.    10.00
A. M.  I. Ci Bi
������"����, Ik wfiii loqqalntad  with the1';., loth February, IBOa
Provincial Land Surveyor,
r,ina,��� Victor
p, o. Ho* sm.
in mui Koetenay hu.
Tolophono No. Uo
lint Ui'KiHtrntinii enn take place Bi
nny time,the i|iiiililb'iilintiH boinu lliit-
i Hi)    KiibjeetH,    21     yeiirn   nf   BgB,   fix
months' reildenoe In tho Provinoe end
mm inoiltb'p ri Hiilenee in   the   Hi,lin;:
The Kinni. voter*1 Hut In oied fnr both
Dominion ami Provinoial eleotdons.
Thn billowing will be iileiiHnil to
iimw applloatioDi ni Iheir offload for
Intending voten i
.1.  II. HOWKS.
B.   M.   BKYl-UKH,   Becrotery Ooii-
: i-l V.illvn   Ai ���a.ellll |. ii.
Branch Markets in Rowland, Trail, Nelson, Kaslo
Sandon, Three Forks, New Denver and Slocan City.
Orders by mall to any branch will tinve carefu! and prompt attention.
Ni-a.^nN. II I .
A IIiiiii'iIIiik iiiiiI Uny Bcbnol court nl b)
lh.. Rlntorn el Bt. Jo nnli ol I'la. ������     Hi     In-
iiinl nt lh nn I nl Mill uml .1.. . plilnu  il .
in one of Ilm  ln-i   ,.   iii. Mli.il   in,Hehi   "I   Si I
ion, nml In eually nocowlblc l,  all pari
..I tlio oity.
Tho i io nr a- of  i urty Inobidw iin inn,in	
ial nml I,lui,, !��� brnnonos ol n Hi. i_i> KnKll��li
...tu. at lull. IIiihIiiih-. .inn-,' ll.nii.ki - |>in���.
sii.iin,:riiiili\ nml T) powril ln_[, Bolom ������ ooni i
,   Mn ir.  Vih'i.I  nml   In hi nlnl;   Iiii
i-i,-.   Plain iimi Art Ne.'iii'-uoik; uatuthonlo ,'
I'or lornm anil imrllculii��� npply to I bo Blutur '
v   ...L. POGUE...
Harneu and Saddionr
Tho li &dlng .hop. Lnrgo
iu. i,. Hi ��� i nm_ortod -tuck
nn limn! Uiirnn-a*., Cm*
Inn i>l w -i  inHk����, Snd*
��� M<-   .       I,l.i-UK       I.i'IIh
Whip .   I.ni- I,.   . I'm   '
1 fl'*,
l'i ��� ���   -i-i i-factory,
���l'alt uii'l lOOt
( nr. Want  and   liuk-or
I | t ! t ��� T - .
Contluuod trom l'ii>i I'ttgo.
of lo-pounilcrs, placed not tar ul)', suddenly opened lire and prnotlanlly annihilated the party,   A Boer ambulance
was later un seen collecting the rlead
nun wounded. The Boers are trying
tu form a bridge or drlfl across Klip
Kiver, south of Uinulwaua, evidently
for the purpose of permitting the passage of wagons and artillery in their
retirement    from   Colenso.    Our   guns
nre preventing this work being onr*
rieil on.''
Loudon, Feb. .',* Mr. William Si.
John Broderiok, Under Seotetary uf
Slate for Forlgn Affairs,when address,
mg the volunteers at Guildford, this
evening, referred to the "gratifying
turn uf the tide in South Africa," and
paid a high tribute to the services of
the colonial forces. He said that lung
mnrohes would still have to be under*
takcu and there might be privations
uml further vicissitudes iu store, but
the country would never ficget the
deeds of her sons, nor tbe great achievements of Lord Koberts.
whnt ii in, am, 1,1 burl  Infantry at po
sitlon. align I in every direction,
witb carefully prepared trenches and
with breastworks defended by practically Invisible riflemen armed with
the mosl dondly rapid tiling weapons,
aided by quick linn/ guns wbloh put
all lint our cannon uf the largest uilii*
hre Into ibe shadi    '
Amsterdam, Fob. 27 ���The evening
papers generally express the opinion
thnt Gen.ral Cronje s capitulation docs
not mean the end of tbe war. The Al-
geniein Hnnilelshlail says: "It is a
long way between Lord Koberts antl
Pretoria." The Nieiiwerterriamsoh
1'uiirant says : "Wo await with confidence the further course uf events. "
Berlin, Feb. 27.���The German news
papers nre disappointed at the surrender of (lencral Cronje. Tbey admit
Ihat Lord Koberts has shown leal military ability anil dash ami that the
liners have lost in Cronje their most
--killful lender.
Vienna,    Feb.    87.���Tbe  Austrian
press regards the capture of Genernl
Cronja as the most Important incident
of the war thus far and the It rs t decisive British success. The Wi in Alge-
ineiue Zeitnng says: "The Boers have
now shown that thev nre not strong
enough to maintain tbe offensive and
the British have struck a blow that
cannot t'nil to have the greatest possible effect upon the future course of the
Home, Fob. 27.���The Tribune says:
"The capitulation is undoubtedly important but it docs not conclude the
war." The Siinfulia says: "Genernl
Oronje attained the object he desired,
namely to enable a great part of General .loubert's army to reach Rlii.-tii.iiii-
rein." Thu Opin'one Liberal, which
writes ironically of the surrender,
says: "The British will do well to
make Bold Koberts the Duke of Paardeberg, and J.nrtl Kilchener, tin-   Karl
ui Petersburg, hut they  will  also do
well to make peace."
I,..ml.ui. Fi i.. ' - Mr Hpouoer Wil-
li-w iiik ilm military sitna-
liuu iii tli" light fit'General Cronje's
capitulation, snys: "On a moderate
estimate me tenth of the Boei army
has liien taken oui of account by tli"
capture ul Genernl Oronje. The battle
a   Pniudeborg is  a miniature  Sedan.
Tm tow  the whole of  Lord Robot-Is
army, say 4fi,0O() men, will be ready
for a fresh ndvanoe, If, indeed, the
start be nut niaile today. The objeotivu
must be tlie next Boer iirniv of importance which is iu Natal, The next
move therefore with a view oi drawing the Boei intnv from Natal,implies
un advanoe on Bloemfontein or some
point "f    tli" railway   between Blucni-
ton lei u  iiiiii   Wynberg, which   would
sever tho connection bet ween the
Hoers iu Natal, and those south of
the Orange Ki.er.
If the Boors make a stand west of
Bloemfontein so mnoh the belter.
With 48,000 men Lord Huberts may
well be able to envelop and to destroy
a respectable force, Tho effeot uf the
Paardeberg victory will probably ho a
movement northward of the Boer
forces south of Orange Kiver. In Natal the effeot will be moral rather than
strategical. Thi effeot of elation on
one side and of depression on lbe other
will be equal for lbe moment to the
addition of a brigade to General Boiler's I'oroes. The Boers iu Natal havo
to face u crisis if thoy send troops to
tlie Free Stale, they will sacrifice the
whole result of the long campaign before Ladysmith. Not to send them
will render probable a second and still
more Important victory by Lord Koberts a few days hence. "
Queenatown, Feb, 87 ���Tin, New
Yorkers on board the White Star liner
Oceanic, Captain Cameron, from
New Yuri:, Feb. 81, were groatly sur
pi i-eii i,i learn nf iin- defeai nf Gonernl
i Ironje wbeu   tin-   sli ir  urrivi d nl
'ib nstown at i :-:iu o'olook ibis  evening,    As the news   reached   tbn   liner
from Hi" i ii"      pa   i   ���        and  crow
joined     in     chei iiii).:.    'I bis     i
| Iceanio's fastest i    t\ Bflgo, i! n
diatanoi from .''.only Hook toDaunt's
Rook, 8,984 knots hein covered in six
days and 88 minutes, previous record
being thus oul down 54 minutes.
There   is  a   Clearing   OUl   Sale  ii) Genta*
FUrijishaijgs oi) ai 0*i{E__________Y'S.
1'ekin, Fell. 87.���The anti-foreign
attitude of lbe government grows nunc
pronounced daily and is regarded as
extremely menacing io foreign enter,
prise. Never m the last forty years,
has the Central government boon so intensely auti-foreign. Several Chinese
have been impeached and Imprisoned
beoauao tbey assisted in obtaining con
cessions tor foreigners.
}Mi�� niMrTl/ duty
San Francisco, Feb. 27. ���Tho steamer Australia arrived from Honolulu today. The Associated Press correspondent nt Honolulu, writing under date ol
February 80, snys: "After 12 dnys
passing without a sign of the plague,
three cases were discovered yesterday
and all ended fatally. "
London. Feb. 2*. ��� It is understood
that the Queen.-- aud the Prince of
Wnles have reoeived a telegram of generous congratulation from Emperor
William on tbe victory of Paardeberg
King Humbert and Queen ^Margarita
also    wiied    congratulations    to  the
London,    Feb.    88.���The   military
critic of The , Times suggests that
I lencral Cronjo probably buried some
of his big guns. With regard to the
large number of prisoners the disposing of whom presents some difficulty,
the writer suggests that tbey he seut
to St. Helena adding: "Geueral
Cronje aeoordiug to a groat precedent.
might be nocommodated with the
large retinue ho desires at Long wood."
Hume���F. O'Neill, ' Trail: .1. I..
Swift, Vancouver: W. II. Olin, Spokane ; H, A. Dunkee, Robson; H. S.
Collins, Spokane; .1. (J. Wilson, Van.
conver; H. Green, Grand Forks; ,C.
C. Downnll, Kaslo: Kev. McG. Gaudier, Kosland: II. W. Sangstar, Windsor, N. S.
Now- that it is universally ac-
knowledged thnt my patent appliances positively euro RUPTURE,
and are GUARANTEED to give
invito the very worst cases���infants,
children and adults���no matter how
bad you may bo afflicted.
1 will pay yonr (arc both ways it
mui can force the Rupture down in
any posiliou with my NEW RETAINER on.
Size and age immaterial.
Sec what our leading Physicians
Phair���0. F. Thompson, Toronto:
ii. M. Stevenson, Ainsworth; Paul
ilesser. Rossland: P. .1. Ewing, Spokane; H. (j. Eirkpatrick, Kossland: .1.
B. Mitchell, Slocan City; W. A.
Quick,   Spokane.
Wholesale Houses.
Loudon, F'eb. US. ��� A special dispatoh
from Colenso dated, Tuesday, Peb, -.'7.
Basy: "The Boers are endeavoring to
outflank US and severe lighting continues. "
Colenso,    Fob.    86.���(Sunday.)���In
the attempt of Inuiskillings, Friday
evening, to rush tlie Boer position nn
Pieter'S Hill, the Hoer lire was bo terrible when the infantry emerged from
tho cover of trees tbut almost every
man in ibe leading half of the company fell wounded.
Arundel, Monday, F'eb. 86.���The
Hoers, under Hritish pressure, havo
evacuated their positions in this
uelghborbood, retiring northward,
In tbo fighting hereabouts I heir loss
in thought to have been considerable,
as 2u grnves wen* found.
Montreal, Feb, 87.���The surrender of
Oronje was r ived with great satisfaction here. The papers no out extras
nml most of the pnblio and ullice buildings hoisted (tags. Tl i" wi re patriotic demonstrations en the Board of
London, F'eb. 87.���At a meeting today of the Hritish American Corporation,the Marquis nf Dufforin, who tire-
sided, referred to the surrender ol (lencral Oronje and said that he could not
refrain frum offering his tribute of admiration for Ilie spirit of loyalty and
devotion which bad induoed that
groat country, Canada, to dispatch
across the Atlantic those noble battalions of gallant soldiers who were risking their lives und shedding their
Wood as some hail already done in the
cause of their Queen and iif defence
of Ihe integrity", of their common Empire.
St. Johns, Nfltl., Feb. 27.���The Colonial Putriotio Fnntl commi'teo forwarded 110,000 today to the London
Imperial Fund ns the first Installment
of Newfoundland'��� subscription. The
news of the onpture of Gonernl Oronje
was reoeived with every demonstration of popular enthusiasm. Newfoundland, lon.; Buffering under tlio
inconvenience of French tishiug rights,
is especially glad that tbe Dutch problem in being solved iu South Africa.
ottuwa,   Feb.   87.���The   following
cnble was reoeived tonight af the Militia Department from Colonel Otter:
"Panrdehorg, Fob. 87.���Wounded nil
lining  well,   save  s,mi,-,    (Johnson,)
iSgd.)   Otter."    This   is Private   U.
Johnson, B8rd liultaliiiu.  Halifax.
London, Feb. vv The Oape Town
..'ins]..,mi..nt ol Tbe Daily Telegraph,
telegraphing Monday, says: "There
is talk of peace in the air. The Eng-
li-b organ oi ibe Afrikander I,uml pro.
poses the formation of a conciliation
committee, ibe objeel being, of
nourse, to save Boer independence.
While Lnnl Roberts was holding Cronje nt Paardeberg, it  is understood that
General    French    was   moving toward
Uloonifniitein. "
CapeJ Town, Peb, 80.���(Monday. )���
Th,. Afrikander Buud Congress has
been postponed.   The explanation giv*
eu is thai owing tu the enforcement of
martial law in several distriots the
members   might possibly bo  unable lo
Toronto, Fob. '.'7. ���News of Cronje's
surrender caused grent enthusiasm in
the ciiy this evening nnd dispatches
from ull over lbe Priiviuce show Iho
feeling equally keen there. The relief
ul Hnriysniitli, rumored the nighi he
fore,Was not nonomplishntl but Cronje's
surrender is the next bust thing. Ill
itinnv smilller tOWUI hells were rang,
decorations put Up and school children
given u holiday, When tha news
oame of the giiiinnt part the Canadians
had borne in ths actual finish uf Oronje, enthusiasm was  keener yol, though
it was chocked by a statement of
losses, Only one Torouli man appear*
ed to be ineludeil m the list of Killed,
namely F. o Page, formerly of the
Governor-Generals  body  guard.   He
was a big fellow, wan refused   premi*.
���mm to join that regimen) on account
of his si/e nml then admitted  btoauee
be was n crack shot. He was an Eng-
llmnban by birth, and was in Ine
Northwest  with  tbe   Grenadiers  In
I sS.'i, h-.it saw no service, lb, served
In the Spanish American   war   in   tint
04th Regiment of the United stntes.
His father and grandfather weie sold
icrs iu the Hritish iirmv
London,    Feb.    ,S ���A     dispatch   to
The Daily Mail from Pioterrunrlts
burg, dated Monday, deiorlbos al oon
ilderable length tbe enormous dlftloul
lii-H nf t loneral Buller's task and uj .
"the nml advance began last Wednesday. Tim stupendous nature of the
task was only understood when being
nu the  spot, one   WM   able   lo  renlisi*
London,Fob, 88.���Al nil tbe theatres
nud music bulls lasl evening the wildest enthusiasm was displayed. Everywhere pati ini ie pictures, -oiifis and allusions were applauded to the echo.
Winn the news arn veil ul the I louse of
Lords, tbere was a very small attend-
ance of Peers, but tbe Prince of Wnles
entered tho Chamber just as Lord
Lunsdowne was reading tbi message
from Lord Roberts, lie Immediately
walked ovi r and sat with i.m.i Salisbury, entering into a loci; converse.
tion with the Premier, Tbe morning
papers are jubilant but they all warn
the nation nguusl over confidence,
Tbe Standard says: "It Lord Koberts
bail biiii allowed to proseoutu tbe
campaign in 1881 how dllferoul his
story would have been Bul the wheel
bus run it- mil clrolo, The errors and
Iii "iimi,-ii- of thi  i lladstoninn  era aro
! at length being relieved,"
The Times   ays :   "The Hniisl �����
will do well  to  avoid   Illusions     The
1 effeot of ' lencral i Ironjo' disaster is
nol '.. calculate     It    mai   noncoi' nhly
[ lead   lllllll   till'     I l.ll'-lll.ll     Had   the   Flee
State tu recognise thnt thoy are over-
tiiiitebcii. imi n defeat nf ibis kind,serious though it is, would  uol bring the
| men ..I our race to their knees, und
the Dutch are almost as    tubborn und
I tenacious.''
THE   E.MI'HKUl- S   l'i,AY.
Berlin, Feb. 81 The premier night
ol Der His. n/unh (tbe Iron Tooth) ui
the Royal Theatre was >i notable event
sociniiy und artistically Emperor
William appeared during tbe second
mi nml s.it almost unobserved und
quite alone In tbe Royal Orchestra bos
si .coned by tbo drat i ry from observation, After lb" ll,- i a- I He ie wns
complete slleuoe, Afti r tho second and
third Hare wai a  rather  rigorous np*
) biii-e. lmt In,in the Oil.|ll. lie where
the iii 11' s unit literal e pi ople sut, nnd
from He    - ."inal an,I    third   galleries,
there onmo a i nlng    toim of bit ti -.
The    i .nn ... i i ollnbnrallon
w lib i iiptuln i...-ii ii ih.' play is well
known,  wa   III ( |n< ,
1   ���
Josty aii, i iiir third .   ng   i�� loo
I'ii1    'i'i    ImXI     ami el "-
whore and having i omo bi fore tho our,
tall   n    , ale ||B a gbost,     'I lien be with
ibe Bmporoi left tic Un afro, which
t-iiiiseii a sensation,
THORPE & CO., I.IMITED.-Corner Ver
nun ami Cedar Streets, -Nelson, manufacturers of and wholesale dealers in aerated
waters and fruit ayrups, Soli* hkoiiIh for Halcyon Springs mineral wntor.  Tal DO
_-.\. M. OUnuuiiis, Lessee, Kvery known
variety of soil ,lrinks. P, O. Box 88. 'I'elu-
phonoNo. 81. 11 cover :si reel. Nelson. Bottlers
of tlio !��� iinious St. Leon Hot Springs Mineral
HJ. EVANS &. OO.-BaKerStreet, Nel
��� son, Wholesale dealers in liquors, cigars
cement, lire brick uinl Arc clay, ivater pipe nm)
stool mils and general oommlsslon merchants.
Limited.���Front Street, Nolaon, whole
-al" doalora ta dour, menla, otc��� and hay
and grain.   Mills nl  Kdmonton,  Viotoria and
Now \v,--in.a,-ier.   mievntoi    on Calgary &
f'-fliiinnitin Railway.
A MACDONALD & CO. Corner Vor-
a iiiiii mul Jusophtno St roots, wholosalo
Kroner* and Jobbers in blankets, glovoa, niiiis,
liools, rubbers, inuekiiiiiw - and miners' sundries.
P BURNS A pO-BnkorStroot, Nelson.
���   wholesale dealers in trash and cured
moats,  rulilsiuriigo.
BakorStreet, Nelson,   U'lmiuMile ileal
or- in fro-li and cured meats,
i.i.Minai-Itukor Btreet, Nolson, wholesale dealers iu hardware uuil niininj,' supplies
plumbers and tinsmith's supplies.
-ale (JUllil- anil oilf,.
\ einoii anil Josephine Streets, Ne'-on
Wholesale ileirieia in liquors cigars ami iln
goods.   Agonts for Pe bat Brewing Co. of Mil.
in kee anil Calgary Brewing Co. of Calgary
HUDSON'S BAY CO.   Wholesale gro
cones ami liquors, eta, Baker St., Nelson
I Y GRIFFIN * CO.-c���i',u.,' Vernon
_'. and Josephine Stroets. Nelson, wholesale
dealers in provisions,cured meal-, holler und
��� HI."-.
NEk^i��iN��_   WOK,   A,ND     PLANING
MILLS,   J-.MM kip   ( nnuT   I-mill    him.
Hall Btroow, Nolson. manufaoturora of and
wholosalo dealer* In rash tvid doors; ail kin.is
��� *r factory work made io order
Great Reduction!
'  II Mill   CII.M.       (_._   _r- ...
(ANTHRACITE)   VDC7.00   lVl    I Of)
COAL vPD.IO   PC     I I'll
Ottawa, December 20th, 1899.
I hnvo much pleasure in testifying
to 3. li. Armstrong's ability in the
nieeluiiiicnl treatment of Hernia or
Rupture, He hus very successfully
treated patients of mine ranging in
aye irom n few months to (iti yenrs of
age, Most of these patients were
ulllicted with very large unmanageable
Hernia, which failed to bn relieved by
.ill the trusses triad. The principle of
this patent npplianoe seems to bo perfect. The support is directed ngninst
the s.'at of the rupture only, aud can
be manipulated to retain accurately.
I unhesitatingly recommend Mr. Armstrong to the consideration of tho profession ami tho public.
10:1 Klgin Street.
John Montgomery,   (3. M. Williamson,
h. R. O. P.    Surgery of    M. D. CM.
Montgomery and Williamson.
Physicians  and   .Surgeons,
Ardocb.N. D., Dec 20th, 1897.
I can unheslitalingly reomnmeiiri ,1.
U Armstrong's patented npplianoe
as one that has given me perfeot satisfaction in tho treatment of Hernia by
-uoh means. I beliove it to bo ns scientific as it is possible for such appliances to be mnde.
Patients of mine, on whom several
styles of trusses have been tried and
failed iu their object, fouud.wbeu fitted with the Armstrong appliance, that
they could do ull kinds of work, lifting
heavy loads, etc., with safety, and
without experiencing any discomfort
nr pain, in adjustment it is Bitnploity
in   Itself.
The profession would do well to investigate its merits before fitting their
patients with any other.
December loth, IS!)!).
I hnvo much pleasure In recommending to the attention of the profession
a Hernia supporter, the invention of
J. D. Armstrong, of this city.
After repented trials of the instrument 1 nm satislied thnt it is the
most elllciont truss iu the Dominion,
As regards modn of application and
results, it stands ultine in this oountry,
embodying the principle of fixed support, not to say pressure in the treatment of hernia, recognizing as it does
that the requisite pressure is afforded
by the wall of tbe abdomen. Yours
truly, O. 13. CHURCH, M. D.
I hnve the privilege of referring you
tn several of the most reliable ladies
cured by my appliances, including the
wife of n prominent minister of tlie
gospel, wife of a prominent lawyer,
wives of two merchants, and others,
including a LAUY 68 YKAKS OLD,
and mother of one of our most prominent merchants. These Indies have
not worn any support from one to font
years, and most of  thorn throe   years.
Testimonials from most respectable residents of Victoria, B. C.
(which (ill too much space), viz:
L. Goodacre, Esq,, Queen's Market, Purveyor to 11. M. Navy.
II. Mansell, Merchant, Government st reel.
R, I loml'ray, lisq,, (.'. E
J. C, Elli-tt, Esq., Sec. Board o
Fire Underwriters.
J. Giscotnbe, Miner, Fori Street.
I will bo al the llumc Hotel
for iuo days during the month of
March;   dates   to   be   announced
Some Interesting Figures
Capital Stock of tlie Four Great Bnuks of the World, December 31,1U(_') ���
BANK OF FMNCB, -   -   -
BANK OF BOSSIA,  - -  -  -
TOTAL,  -  - - -
-  $176,372,855
Or, $125,471,682 more than the combined capita] of
these famous banks.
The new form of policy of The Mutual Life Insurance
Company of New York, Richard A. McCurdy, President,
First  The SECURITY of $301,844,537 of assets,
Extended term insurance in case of lapse.
Automatic paid-up insurance without exchange of policy.
Liberal surrender values-
One month's grace in payment of premiums*
For further information apply to
SHERWOOD GILLESPY, Manager for Mainland,
    VANCOUVER,   B.   C.
Merchants' Bank of Halifax.
Incorporated 1869.
��� niillnl I'aIII 11      WI,OM,OTO.OO I   Kc��l $1,100,000.0.
���'mini of IMrtctom  Thomas E. Konnqy, President;  Thoraiu ltiiclilo. Vloo-Presldcnl
Mlclinul Dwyor, Wiley Smith,  II. (J. Banld, lion. II. II. Fuller, M.L.O., Hon. Iinviil MuKi ��� n.
II1111I illllii', Hnlinix:
General Man&gor. ECdson L. Pease, .Montrt'iil.
Superintendent of Branches, \Y. It. Torraneo, Hulifnv.
Inspector, VV, F. Brook, Halibut.
Soerctary, D. M. Stownrt, .Montreal.
Ill a,1 ill,-. *
Nova Seolin  Hnlifax Branch, Anttaraisli, Brldgewater, Quysboro. Londonderry, Lunonbunt,
Atiiiiian.i (II111.1, (.U.I,   iiiiiii   1',,ri Bawkesbury, Sydney, sliubcnncadlc, Truro, Weymouth,
'-���tor, Kreil.ri.ion. Klnnton iKont O0.1, Jloncto 1. Now
1 ��� I -I      ll- 1 1 > ���.-���..,       I   ���.IIMIUI-II,       !���   ' 1 '. 1   I ���!!       III!    r    I        1     I 1    1,       '. I       I .M    l>
)','������.   ll.ii''k,l''('' jvoodstock.  P.B. l��lnn<l-Charlottcto\vn,Hununer��ido,  Uik-Imm-  Munimil
, '! unioo), Moiitroal, \1 est Knit Kor. Notro Iinnio nnd HeiKiieurs Streetsll WesUnounl It lor,
uroono Avenue and St. Catharines Street.   an,,  Ottawa,   v..il.iun.lliiii,l   -1 John's.
��� ulin, west Indies-Havana, I mini Blntes-New York in; Kxchange Place) Republic, Wash.
Atlin, Bennett, Grand Forks, Nanaimo, Nelson, Rossland, Van*
couver, Vancouver East End, Victoria.
Corre spondeuta .-
Oanniln-Morolmnlf Hunk of Canada,  Boslon-NaUoDnl Shawmut Hunk.  ��'blra_a  AmipiI.'h
National Bank,  hai*; jlseo-Ftait National Hunk.   L loa, Bnf.-Bank of Scotland.
1-.._!;*'.., 1,  1   ;''!l    ''f'"""""-   "i-.>-��itnln   Hnnkof llcriimdn.   < Uinn nud .liipiin   Il.na.-
Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation.
Oeneial Banking Business Transacted; Sterling Bills of Exchange  Bought
and Sold, Lscters of Credit, Etc., Negotiated.
Accounts received on the must favorable terms.   Interest ullowed on speciu
deposits and oil .Saving Hunk accounts.
Geo. Kydd, Manager, Nelson, B.C.
We are showing a
First-Class Line of
GooKifla stoves & Mm
Which��we are ofFering'at
very _.ow;pi.ices.
IlvI3?ORT_J3r.S   OF
1 Call Early.
Shelf & Heavy Hardware,
Etc., Etc., Etc.
VICTORIA VANCOUVER LONDON, Eng T. n ^__W CTL. 4  '  T        n    I . 1
\nts.      l ,,('J>e,son ^lectricTram way Co.Ltd,
Large number Choice Building Lots adjacent  to  the
their 11,1 iiinay.    For price and terms of sale apply
Ju i arrived from Milwaukee.
J' -    ���*���**���*���      |'i   ivv   uuu     ������    tilt     -       ���*__��������        _�������_._,        .IJ'|/I.
at tne othce of the Company, Macdonald Block,  Corner ol
Josephine  and Vernon Streets.
T. C. DUNCAN, Secretary


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