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Nelson Daily Miner Mar 29, 1900

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 'ay  f
Daily Edition No. ,6S8.
Nelson, British Columbia, Thursday, March 29, 1900.
Tenth Year
Official Account of the Part the Gallant
Canadians Took in the Battle of
Paardeberg Drift.
Night March from Jacobs Daal-Fording
Rivers Shoulder Deep-Coolness on
the Firing Line.
Ottawa, Out., Maroh 28.-Thj following is Lieutenant.-Colonel Otter's
official report to the Minister of Militia, of the battle of Paardeberg Drift
iu whioh the Canadians w to engaged,
and at whioh 11) Oauadians wero killed
and 61 wounded:
"In the field, three miles north oi
Paaideberg Drift, 28rd February,
1900.���Leaving Belmont on the 19th
instant, the battalion joined the 10th
Brigade, (Ool. Smith-Dorieu), Ninth
Division,(Maj.-Uen. Colvillo), ut Uras
Pan tbe same evening. Tho 19th Bri-
gailn left Qras Pan at 5 a. in. ou the
Mih instant. After a very trying
march nf 12 miles we reached Kani
Dam and went into bivouac. The dny
was fearfully hot and water was
scarce, fully 51) men fi II out, the
trausnort was badly animated, heavily
ladi'ii and caused many delays. Moving again at 5 p. m. on the loth in-
��iiint, a inxat m��reh of 12 -I'i'es war.
msdeto Watervai, Drift, Kit River,
bnt here a delay took place in tho
eiossln. of the transport and the; battalion had to find all tbe duties for the
day, largo fatignes to assist tbe cross
ing had to be furnished by it, notably 200 men for the two 4.1 guns in
the crossing of which great credit was
given our men for the work. It was
0 p. m. before the battalion crossed
and the olllaeis and men were dead Hired. The (Joromander-in Chief, Field
Marshall Lord Roberts joined tbe force
hare and complimented the battnlion
on its physique and appoaranoo as
passed him. \ had to leave )4 men at
R��m Dam unfit to march. On the ICth
the battalion marched at 4 a.m., being
the advance guard to the brigade; seven men were left as unfit to maroh at
Weaiove Drill. The Roit was
reached at 8:80 a. ra. aftor a march of
nine miles and the battalion furnished
the outposts for the lllth Brigade
(whole battalion). On the Kith Instant
the days march was begun at 8:110 a.
m. and Jacobsdal was reachod at 10 a.
m. Leaving Janohsdal at 10 a. ra.,
the battalion again funning the advanced gnard, a very tedious night
maroh began, whiub ended nt Klip
Drift at 8 :80 a.m.,on the 17th instant.
A force of tha enemy nnder General
Cronje from Magersfontein was said to
he endeavoring to cross the River
Modder ou bis way to Bloemfoutein.
An action had been fonght with him
yesterday near Klip Drift by tbe V. I.
Division. The battalion left Klip
Drift as rear guards to tho Brigade at
B p. in. and marched all night, reaching Paardeberg Drift at fl a. m. The
oi-lays were frequent and the maroh
'or/ tedious, 21 miles were made during the night. On our arrival it waa
learned that Qonoral Cronje's foroe
was here, and fairly well mrronnled
by onr forces, which apparently numbered some 40,000 meu of all nrms.
Immediately the Ninth Division was
ordered to attack the headqnartorB
laager of the enemy's forco, which occupied a position on the north side of
the river about two mileB from the
Drift. The Third Brigade was detailed for the right attaok, the south side
of the river. The 19th Brigado for tbe
left, north side of river. At 7 :16 cm.
(18th inst. ),the battalion moved to the
Drift and crossod the river which wns
v<>ry rapid.with a nine nilte current,
rt��ep, and. as the men had to wadn
the water was np to thoir armpits.
^ They had to cross in parlies of not
less than four, mid strongly looked
together. After crossing eaoh oompany was hmriod forward to attaok
���he enemy who oaenpiod a bend of the
river bed some t*o miles from the
Drift to the esst. The disposition of
tli�� battalion when complete wan as
follows:   prom   th, r,gl)t iiqm   .,c,.
ftn|l "A"  Companies   ou  the  firing
lino, "D"and "E" Companies as supports, with "Q" and "H" Companies
iu reserve. The Gordon Highlanders
wero on our left with the Shropshires
and the Cornwall's on our right. The
action began at 9:45 a.m. and after an
hour I had to reinforce the firing line
by "D" and "E" Companies. The
enemy were perfectly ooncealed hy the
river banks whioh were full of Dongas
and trees, while our men were in the
open veldt with no proteotion save
what a few ant hills and slight inequalities of tbe gronnd gave them.
The enemy's fire waB very slow, dully
delivered when the least exposure waB
mnde by onr men. On our part tbe lire
discipline waB excellent, tbe men being
cool and oolleoted, but they labored nnder the dillinulty of fighting an invisible enemy. At about 4 p. m., the
Cornwalls nnder Lieut,-Col. Worth
came up to reinforce ns and with instructions to "finish tbe thing." This
eventuated iu a obarge of both battalions mnde about 6:30 p. in., whicli
proved unsuccessful as the fire of tbe
enemy (fully 1,200 strong nnder oover)
waB most deadly aud impossible to advance against. The right continued
however, nntil dark when both sides
withdrew their forces. Our firing line
opened fire at about 000 to 800 yards
from tbo euemy and after the charge
we occupied positions varying from 100
to 500 yards from the point of the en-
nny. I am uot yet able to give you a
more detailed report of the engagement
as we have practically been on the
verge of aotion ever sinoe and moving
from oue position to another, in connection with the subjeotion of the enemy. A fuller report will follow. The
night of the 17th and 18th was devoted
to gathering the dead and wonnded,
of whom I cabled yon a list on tbe
19th nud during the day tbe men rested until 8 p. ra., they were very muoh
done out, tired and hungry. At 5 p.
in, of the 19th the battalion moved np to
within 2,500 ymils of the enemy's
laager on outpost duty and on the 20th
at 7 a. in., was pushed on to within
1,000 yards where we lay all day ex-
posed to a sniping rifle fire from tbe
enemy as well bb an occasional fire
from their "pom-pom" Viokers-Nor-
dunfeldt gun, whioh is most demoralizing to tbu nervous, though not very
effective. Four men in the reserves
were wounded at about 1500 yardB during tbo dny, the report of wbiob was
cabled on the 22nd. I am now forwarding copy of my diary to the 17tb
instant, all I can at present get time
tn have copied and a parade slate. This
vIiows only 7)8 officers and men effective I regiet to say a siok report I
oannot give, it being impossible to locate and report upon them, tbey being
so scattered. (Sgd.) W. D. Otter,
Lieut. Colonel, Commanding R. O.
K. I, 2nd Battalion.
"P. S.-R. C. Battalion !s and has
been on half rations for a week and
it ia impossible to give more than
two meals a day and these most nine
liable. We nre on outpost dnty day
aud uight. (Sgd.) W. D. O."
do with field trausports. Therefore he
oan hardly engage the Boors in force
for two weeks. The reconstruction of
the railway behind him may delay an
invasion of tho Transvaal until May,
meanwhile all the important towns iu
the Free State within Lord Roberts'
eaoh are being garrisoned, Thaba, Ne-
dm, Phillopolia, Fauresmith aud Jug-
arsfontein are thus held. Sir Alfred
Milner is touring in the disturbed
newly acquired territory investigating
comlil iom and arranging the administration. He is understood to be getting material for a report to Mr.
Chamberlain, concerning a plnu ot
oivil government. All the morning
papers print singularly kind editorials
concerning General Joubert. Tney
praised his military skill, uphold his
chivalrous conduct and regret tbat so
strong and moderate a mind should he
absent, from the final settlement of tbe
dispute. Although some of tho younger ooramanders thought the old soldier
wanting in dash and enterprise his
raid into the country sooth of the Tu-
gela River is considered the piece of
Boer leadership during the whole war.
It ie now known that he crossed tbe
Tngela with only 8,000 riflemen and
six guns, but so bold und rapid were
his movements that the British commanders thought 10,000 BoerB were
marohing on Pietermaritzburg. For a
few days, although in the presence of
greatly aurperior forces, he isolated
General Hildyard's force and at the
same time threatened General Barton's
oarap at Mooi River. Then as British
reiuforoemouts pushed up, Joubert re-
orossed the Tugela without losing a
prisoner, a wagon or a gun. General
White's estimate ot him, pronounced
on Tuesday, before be died, as a gen-
tleman and a brave and honorable opponent, strikes the tone of all British
The Foreign Offloe, aocording to the
Daily Chronicle, is arranging with
Portugal for some thousands of British troops to be landed a, Boiro and
sent by tbe Rhodesia Railway from
Massei   Rosso to Uniii.
Famous Boer General Surrenders to the Arch
Leading Advocate of Present
War and Organizer of
Boer Army.
Now at Notley Hospital in Southampton, England.
London,March 28���In Notley Hospital at Southampton, the following
Canadians, who were wounded or siok
while in South Africa, are now quartered, having arrived reoontly from
Cape Town: Private F. E. Weir,
Queen's Own Rifles, Toronto; Pte. H.
S. Bingham, 85th Sinicoe, Barrie;
Pte. M. Burgess, 98rd Cumberland
battalion, Nova Scotia ; Pte. F. Mac-
Donald, Royal Ottawa and Kingston
Company; Pte. F. A. E. Taylor, .03rd
Halifax RifleB; Corporal W. R. Ferguson, '-'-'.nl Cumberland Battnlion.
London, March 29.���(4 a. in.)���General French, who has arrived at Bloem-
foutoin from Thaba Nichn says that
Commandant Olivier has 11,000 men
and is north of Lady Brand. Immense quantities of stores have now
beeu aouinulated at Bloemfontein and
Lord Roberta' infantry is seemingly
about to move. An impression,
which nan be traced to the War Offloe,
is abroad that the advance will begin
ne l Monday. Boer observation parties
are hovering near Bloemfontein but
Lord Roberts has one hundred and
thirty miles to cove- before reaoblnn
the great position which the Boers aro
preparing nt Krooustadt. Moving ten
miles a day ia probably tho best he can
London, Maroh 29.���The correspondent of The Times at Lorenzo Mnrquoz,
telegraphing Monday says:
"Mr Steyn bas issued a ciroular letter dealing with the ptoolamntion of
Lord Roberts and deolaring it to be obvious that the enemy's polioy is, as
it always has been in South Africa to
divide and dominate his opponents
He repudiates thu charge that the
burghers have beon misled by their
leaders and theu siys: 'The enemy
now by fair promisos seeks to divide
ns by offering a reward for disloyalty
and cowardice. Could a grosser insult
be offered than to dissuade us from
asaoreddnty? Let us not be misled
by tbis cunning rose. The man who
would seduce another to disloyalty
cannot himself be faithful. Although
the capital is IB the enemy's hands, he
says the battlo is not lost, on the other
band there ia a great roason for lighting
more fiercely. Tho power of the country IB uot dependent upon nny town.
There is unmistnkcnblo internal evidence that thiB letter is tbe work of
8tate Secretary Rem.
Now that Mr. Fischer is gone, It 1b
apparent that Mr. Stoyn is dominated
by Pretoria. Hundreds of tho younger
Boers, inolnding ollloers, are being arrested for desertion. A large number
of men over (10 years of ngo are being
comiuanderi-d although not legally liable for service, According to trustworthy information from Pretoria,
the total stock nf Mauser ammunition,
5,000,OOO.rounds, waa issned to the free
State burghers. The Boers are now iB-
sning Leo-Matford cartridges,of which
they originally posaessud 4,000,000.
The Orensote ammunition is almost
exhausted. Tho smokloks powder
whioh waa iiiannfnotuied is ptoving
defloicnt in quality and tho experiment of recharging tho Mauser cartridges hss proved a failure owing to
the inability   Oi   ihe   Boers   to   make
1 Pretoria, March 26.���General Joubert
died last night at 11:80 o'clock. He
bad been suffering from Btomaoh complaint. The town is plunged iuto
meuniing for tbe true patriot, gallant
general, upright and honorable gentleman. General Petrious Jacobs Joubert, Commandant General of the
Transvaal forces, better known as
"Slim Piet," was born about 68 years
ago. He waB n desoendent of an old
French Hugenot family which settled
iu South Afrioa. He was torn in
Cape Colony, but waB taken by his parents to the Orange Free State, where
he was taught from early childhood to
shoot straight and hate the British.
Of schcoliug be bad but little, but his
ambition prompted him to rend the
few booka be could obtain, and he succeeded In obtaining a fair knowledge of
history and languagea. Soon after the
acquisition of Natal by the BritiBb he
beoame a burgher of the South African
Republic and a daring fighter. He was
so feared by the natives that tbe knowledge that he was at the head of a punitive expedition usually resulted in
their surrender. He wns eleoted.Pres-
ident of the Transvaal in 1876, defeated Sir George Oolley at Majuba Hill in
1K81 and acted as President of the Republic iu 1883-84 during Kruger's ab-
seuoe in Europe.
General Joubert was always in favor
of tbe use ot force instead of diplomacy and President Krnger on several
ocoasious had great diffloulty in repressing his hot-headed friend and colleague, notably in 1879 when Joubert
with Kruger and PretoriuB, was planning the rebellion to overthrow British
rule in the Trausvaal. It waa Joubert
who organized the army of the South
African Republic dividing the country into 17 military departments with
Commandants, field cornets and lion-
tenants. To suoh a point of perfeution
waa the Bystem carried that when the
present war was declared, Jonbert, it
is said, had only to send 17 .dispatches
aud within 48 hours t^e Boer nation
was under urras. It wbb due to General Joubert that the South Afrioan
Republic snoceeded in amassing the
immense stores ot war munition and
provisions whioh bavo stood them in
such good stead during tbe conflict
uow in progress. Although known as
"Slim Piet" he was nearly six feet in
height, aud of stout bnild, bis nick-
inure being given him ou account of
his shrewd military tactios. The wife
of General Joubert, wbo wbb a Mibs
Kraser. has been devoted to him
throughout the campaign, frequently
sharing the dangers in the field.
London, March 28.���In oonneotiou
with tiie annouoemont of tho death of
General Joubert it ia interesting to
uote that Sir George White, the British general who commanded tho gam-
s.ui which defended Ladysmith, in a
speech ut Care Town yesterday oven
ing declared that Joubert was a soldier
and a goutlemnn aud a brave and honorable opponent.
Pretoria, Maroh 28.���The Pretoria
correspondent of Tho Daily Mail telegraphing yesterday aaya: "Geneial
Joubert died of peritonitis. The funeral will tako plaon tomorrow, Thursday. The Government is pleading
with tho widow to bIIow a temporary
interment here with a state fnnernl.
Jonbert always expressed a desire to be
buried in a mausoleum built on his
farm. Ills successor in the chief oom-
inainl will prohably he General Louis
Botha, now   commanding iu   Natal."
is   being    entrenched.    A
Continued on Fourth I'ugo.
London, March 28.���Tho British
High Commissioner, Sir Alfred Mil-
le-r.ai 11 vi-l at l '��� l��� ' ml.'litem last night
and was met hy Lord Robetts and his
staff. According to a dispatch from
the Orange Free State capital,published in tho second edition of The Times,
the High Commissioner's visit is of a
private nature. It is thought this oan
scarcely be any thing but nn nlltcinl
subterfuge.   The question of the paoifi-
oation of the Free Stato aud the treatment of tho insurgeuts doubtless being
diBonssed between Lord Roberta and
Sir Alfred Milner. According to the
same diflpntch, General French previous to returning to Bloemfontein,occupied the flour mills near Batter,which
is considered an important acquisition. General Clement's column entered Fauresmith Tuesday, Mnrch
27, occupying Jagersfontoin ou its wny
there. Magistrates were appointed,the
proclamation was road,bands of uiusio
met the troops and flags were flown.
Among tho spectators at Fauresmith
waa President Steyn'a daughter. Heavy
raiua made General Clement's maroh
hard and cauBed sickness among the
A dispatch from Mazern, Basuto-
land,   dated  Tuesday, March 27, says:
Reports say that the Boers are re-entering Ladybrant and that the British
troopa bave crossed the line of Boer retreat, towards Kronstndt, and that a
fight or surrender near Ladybrant ia
imminent. Mazeru despatches are
not distinguished for their accuracy.
Further advices from Mafeking, dated
March 16, reported that all wiib well
there and that the cordon was not bo
tightly drawn, the Boers allowing the
natives to pass through their lines,
whioh they had previously forbidden.
The native refugees are reported to be
too Btuptd and lazy tj work, or tako
oover from the shells. They gather in
orowds around the soup kitcheus and
have to bo driven away when tbe
wnrning bell rings.
Two Boer prisoners escaped from the
camp at Simonstown, Muroh 26. The
siokness thore, is unabated aud many
of the priaouera are in a seriou^condition. The only word from General
Bnller is a report of the ollicers who
have recovered from wounds and have
returned to duty.
London, March 28.���(7:20 p. m.)���A
ptivate telegram received from Mafeking reports that all was well there
Marob 20.
Pretoria, March 28.���The U. S. Con-
8nl and his secretary have gone to
Krooustadt- to make necessary ar
raugemeut for United States repro
aentatiou iu the Free Stata. A dispatoh
received hero from Boer headquarters
in Natal announces that the destruction continues of tlio coal mines likely
to bo useful to tho British. The Dundee Colliery has been destroyed and
the mine has been rendered useless for
three months. According to a dispatoh from Kroonatadt, Commandant
Olivier baa joined General Groobler
nnd Lemuel, who nre safe. General
Delarey is still sick at Pretoria but he
will proceed to tho fiont Sundny.
Trains are frequently leaving with
burghers for thn fighting line on this
side of Bloemfoutelu. Tbe Standuid
and Diggor's News learn - that Generals Ulivier, Groobler and Lemner
bave arrived at a point sullloieutly far
uorth to relieve ull apprehensions of
tbe possibility of tbeir being cut off.
It is expeoted they will arrive at
Winburg in n few days and effect a
junction with General Dewett, when
the Federal position it Is declined will
forcibly oppoBe Lord HobertB. Reports
received from the various banks of tho
Republics show thnt the cash holdings
amount to ��2,638,057,  ($11,165,285),
I,mi urn. March 88.���A dispatch to
The Daily Mail from Mafeking, dated
Friday, March 16, describes thn hu-
morons side of tbe siege. It appeals
that the Colonials set up bottles inviting tbe I'"'-1.- to shoot ut them. and
then i hailed thu enemy when the shots
went wide. Another triok of the Colonials is persistent concert ma playing
to lure the Boeis, uxoited by ouriimity,
to raise their heuds from the trouobes,
when thoy nre piouiplly sniped.
Cape Town, March 28.���General
White has related several instances of
the ccurnge of the British troops dining tho Ladysmith siege. He said:
"During the attack of Caesar's Camp,
a remote cornei was held bv 16 Miiu-
chesters who fought from three in tho
morning nutil dusk, when the Devon-
shires reinforced them. Fourteen lay
dead, but tho two snrvivers, one of
whom wus Wounded, still held Ihe position. The same day a sergeant with
one of the guns, had a leg nud ono
arm shot Off, He tell across Ibe train
ot the gun and said: "Roll me out
of in" wny and go on woik ing the
Premier's Inaugural Speech
Made a Very Good
Rumor that McQueen of Vancouver Will Have Cabinet Position.
London,   March   88.���Lata   Pretoria
de.|. it. i.e. to The Daily Mail, dated
March 28, say: "An nlllcial dispatch
reports a heavy liombardment of Mafe.
king iu progress on Monday, March
26, which was inciting Willi a spirit-
Id response." Mr. Michael Davilt
had an interview with President Kiu-
ger today.
Viotoria, B.C., March 28.���Mnrtin's
inaugural address last evening was the
oue topic of conversation on the streets
today. It is generally conceded that
he made a very good impression in a
hoatile community. He hua not yet
completed his Cabinet though there are
rumors thnt Alderman McQueen, of
Vaucnuvei, will be givon the vaoaut
portfolio. Robert Beaven, one of the
best known poiticiana of tbe old guard
at the Const.in au interview with The
Colonist, says: "There is a general
distrust throughout Canada of Mnrtin
aud bis methods," Mr. Beaven, who
has just returned from the eastern
Canadian cities says if Mnitin wins at
the eleotiona thero will be a general
withdrawal of eastern Canadian capital from British Columbia. Martiu in
his speech, last night, tried to whip
the Victoria Times in line ia support
of bim but without avail. That paper
sayiug this evening; "Mi. Martiu
wns iu flue form lust evening, he had
u very latge audience to appeal to bnt
it will hardly bu contended tbat ho
aroused the enthusiasm which means
success for his eaudidn'is in tbe ooming oontest, or was it very evident
thut the crowd appreciated the cleverness with which the points arrived at
were eluliuiuted and tbe masterly manner iu which Ins case wns presented to
tbe people, and there wus nothing to
indicate tbnt more than a small minority weie in political sympathy with
the speaker. As we bave said before
we do uot Bee wbaffederal politics
have to do with the issues now before
the electors of British Columbin. Mr.
Martin will receive perfectly fair treatment from us ns tbe lender of the Provincial party, but he bas not been called on by the Liberals of British Columbia to uct as thn b-ader in tbis contest nnd bu cannot expect recognition
of sucb, from tbe great masses of tho
pnrty without gaining bis credentials
iu thu regular way. "
Ottawa, March 28.���This was Private Members' day in the House and
before another Wednesday comes
around it is likely that it will be taken by the Government, leuving only
one day, Monday, whicb will uot be
ocoupiud with Government business.
Thero were 61 questions on the older
pnpei and it took ouu hour and a half
to have them disposed of. Replying
to Robertson (Toronto), Borden aaid
that tbe otlicial document on the 17tb
of February, regarding the officers of
Stratheoua's Horse, did not coutain
the name of Lieut.-Colonel Hughes. To
Clarke (Toronto), Sutherluud said tbat
thu amount of the royalty collected
in the Yukon for the yenr ending June
80, lblill.wus 1688,048, and $202,200 was
collected for six mouths ending 81st
Deceinb.tr last. Replying to Robertson, Fielding said the Government had
urder consideration a system of lifo
insurance annuities now adopted in
Britain. Carletou moved to secure
short speeches in Parliament. He suid
that the practicu of delivering speeches
of great length in the Canadian House
at i '"iiimoii-. has introduced a discursive style nf speaking that is destructive to pertinent debate upon publiu
questions, is a waste of valuable tune,
unreasonably increases tbu length of
the sessious ot Parliament, ia in marked contrast to tbe practice with regard
to debate that travails iu tbe British
House, nnd tends to repel people of
Canada from careful and intelligent
consideration    of 'the   proceedings   of
Parliament   That it is desirable that
rules be adopted limiting, under certain OOndltlODS the length of speeches
and leguiutiug the general conduct of
debate iu that regard. That a spec-
ia! committee should be formed to consider questions nt Parliamentary de-
bato, length of speeches, general conduct of debate and proper methods of
securing greater rromptitude In tbo
dispatch ol business, ao far as may be
consistent with   Parlinmentaiy   rights
and the general Interests of the public,
r.iniu'iie.i nn Fourth I'.'kc
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March 29, 1900.
In Peace and In War.
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See announcement; on another
More than the local contractors are
becoming dissatisfied with the manner
in whioh some of our municipal affairs
are boing managed. lu the absence
of Aid. Irvino tbe Mayor endeavored
to commit the Counoil to a new
wharf, the material for which was to
be purchased in open market aud the
work performed by dny labor. It is
well understood the Mnyor is looking
for a nomination ns candidate for the
Legislature, nnd with all the patronage of the new wharf in his hands bis
petition wonld be considerably
strengthened. He did not care . bow
uiueli the City might lose throngh
adopting his policy, so long as he himself gained. It was not becanse bu
was opposed to tne contiact system in
principle, bnt because ne saw oppoi-
tnnities to help himself as a candidate. He failed to carry the Counoil
with him, nud on Mr. Irvine's return
it was resolved, veiy wisely, tD postpone tbe construction of a new wharf
and for the present to remain content
with  repairing the old  one.
Tbe published reports of the Couuoil
proceedings do not inform ns whether
the repairing, both in material and
work, was to be done by contract or
otherwise, but ut its last meeting it
transpired thnt one tender for lumbor
was received, the call boing made
through a written notice pinned up in
the Post-OfHco. A corporation liko
Nelson has a right to expect something
diil'i-'i-e-l from this baokwoods rontliod
of iidvertising its wnnts. No intimation was given as to the intontion of
the Council in respect to labor. At
the meeting on Monday night tho
lumber tender was thrown out, and
a resolution carried to bny all material
in open market and to employ day labor, thus getting back to the old proposition for which tlio Mayor contended iu the first plnoe.
Tbe Minor has no quarrel with any
Alderman who id opposed to the contract system. If he believes Hint tho
open market and day labor ure bust in
the public intorest, let him support
them. We have no doubt thnt ho Is
wrong in judgment, but as lung as his
opinion is nn honest ono ho is untitled
to hold it. The Miner does object,
however, nnd very strongly, to this
shifting mothod of conducting thu
pnblio bnainess It rucngniaos iib quite
possible that tenders for lubor in this
caso of repairing might be impracticable, bnt a single tender for lumber
on tho strength of an obsnnro ndvnr-
tlseuiunt raises the suspicion thnt oov-
ert influences have been operuting, in
total disregard of the interests of the
corporation. And of tint whole proceeding it may he said that il gives
the impression that the Mayor If dominating the Council. This would not
bo serious if it were not so well
km wn that the Mayor is a tricky,
selfish, scheming individual, without
iornples, nnd ever on tho search for
personal advantage of sonio kind. The
peiipln are fast discovering that thero
ia too much Houston in tho Council,
and Tho Miner can tell the Aldermen,
if they do not already know it, that a
majority of them worn elected for the
express purpose nf Boeing that the
Houston influence should   ho kept in a
coudition ol decent sutipfossion. The
City of Nelson has outgrown the conceptions of snob, mon as the present
Mayor, and the Aldermen aro expected
by their supeiior authority to keep
this fact iu constant evidence, and to
take good care that all coiporatiou
affairs are conducted iu the interests
of the people who elected tbem.
The Daily Houston snys the editor of
The Miner "is having a hard time
paoking his loads." The lauguage is a
little obscure, but we think we catch
the meaning. It proceeds: "On ono
shoulder he is attempting to carry the
Gas and Coke Company, on the other
he has the Tramway Oompany, and
straddle of his neck is the firm of P.
Bums & Co.'' Tbe form of expressing it may be opon to criticism, but
we havo no fau't to find with tbe truth
it conveys. The Miner is ready now,
and always will be, to support auy and
every legitimate enterprise that is
calculated to benefit the town. Tbe
Gas Company are doing much to build
it up; we have not had a better advertisement than the Tramway Company pre giving ue; the firm of P.
Burns & Co. is one that any country
would be glad to possess. The Miner
has nothing bnt good words and encouragement for all of them, aud if
there is anything it can do to promote
their prosperity it will rojoice at ths
opportunity, persuaded thut in doing
bo it is discharging the dnty that belongs to the highest and truest citizenship. From this The Daily Houston
will have no difficulty in concluding
that, unlike itself, The Miner will
never employ such influence as it may
possess to wreck au enterprise or discredit its promoters because of per
sonal spite  or disappointment.
"As between Alderman Wilson and
Mayor Houston," says tho latter'a taper, "men who know tbem both probably know which ot the two is the
more straightforward and above-
board.'�� They do, old man, they do;
and tbe knowledge is not calculated
to raise Mr. Houston in ins own estimation, should it ever reach his   ears.
"There is a difference between the
specials received by The Tribune and
those received by The Miner," says
Mr. Houston's paper. True, O Kiug;
a very perceptible difference, nB read
ers in Nelson will testify, aud one
that is entirely in favor of The Minor.
Opera House
March 30-31.
By tho Par Tamed
ciias. MuriFORD, Manager.
Organized October 6. 1H71, nt Fisk
University, Nashville, Tenn. Lately
returned iron B must successful lour
of Northern Europe, Nine Public
Concerts In Leipzig, eleven in
Amsterdam! nineteen in Merlin,
twenty-four In Hamburg, fifty in
One more chance to hear the
Sonfjs that have touched the heart
of the world, sung as only the Kisk
Jubilee Singers can sing them.
Seats on sale at usual place.
Popular Prices.
whom you can dopond on ROtUng tho boat
hr,mil- in 1 ir- market nnd any quantity from
10a, up,   PllOM OaoDOt bt) (Ihjuilod,
Frank A. Tamiilyk, M^r.,
IUkuk StRBBTi Nklkon
For the limes
From Cap Town to Lai)7'
Hy (late) G. W, Steevkns
Forty-one Years in Me
Iiy Loan RoBBBTt
Both Sides of the South African
Ten Years of Dim Canada
in Peace and War
ill tie Latest Current
Delivered to an any point on
Kootenay Lake.
I have a complete stock
on hand of
Mill at PILOT BAY.
lards, NELSON nnd LARDO.l
J.   A.   SAYWARD.
Gamble & O'Reilly
2 Lots, C-liniiin House, corner,
onOarlonate st. i-t $2,000
i! Lots, S-Hiiiiin Huns c (Jui'lion-
ate street     2,150
Agents for Hume Addition  nnd a
large number of Addition " a." Loin.
Accident nnd Sickness,   Specinl Health
Policy Issued by
Head   office,   Montreal,      Costs only
.$10 a year.
Gamble & O'Reilly.
Bank of
British  Columbia,
Is now prepared to issue
Drafts and Letters of Credit
en Skaguay, U.S., Atlin, B.
C.'| and Dawson City, Yukon
Brewers ol Pine Lager
Hi'it and Porter.
Drop in nml Bee 11a.
Nolson  Tailoring,  (Meaning ami Dyeing
I i.-I .! I -I 1 ���  lilll'-lii.
Ladies' and Gents' Clothing cleans I
dyed, altered and repaired.
ll*��r I'larkr llol.l. NKUON
City or Nelson Local Board of Health
Notioe is hereby given thnt all persons resident within the City of Nelson who have not been vaccinated
within seven yoars are required within seven days from tlio publication of
this notice to be vaccinated.
Persons lequiring to be vaojinated
free of charge may attend at any time
during the next seven days between
the hours of 8 and 5 o'clock p. m., at
my office on Josephine Street for the
purpose of vaccination. Upon the
eighth day following the day on wbich
any person has been vaooinateel, he
or she shall attend the martical prac-
tioner by whom tho operation wns performed in order that the medical prac-
tioner may ascertain by inspection tho
result of the operation.
Any person failing to comply with
tho requirements of this notice will
be liable to the penalties prescribed by
the Public Health Act.
D. LABAU, M. D.,
Medioal Heulth Officer.
Nelson, B. C, Maroh 20th, WOO.
City of Nelson Local Board of Health
Wholesale Houses.
Notice is hereby given that the publio Is informed that rnle No. 63 of the
regulations of the Provincial Board of
Health, approved hy order of the Lieu-
tenant-Govornor-in-Counnil, is in force
in the City of Nelson, by whioh every
person of an age to make him or her
legally responsible, who has uot been
successfully vaooinated within Beven
yeaia, or who does not hold a certificate of his or her insusceptibility at
the present time to vaccinntion, iH required to procure the vaccination of
himself or herself within seven days
after pulbio notification by the Medical Health Officer directing generul vaccination. D. LABAU, M. D.,
Medical Hoalth Ofiicer.
Nelson, B. C, March 20, 19U0.
Heated by Hot Air
Finest   Dining   Room
in the City.
Temperance Hotel.
The Family Kesort of ihe
Great Reduction!
11 u:"''"'""   $9.65 per Ton
CBOWJ8  NKST  $6i15   per   Ton
Room 1. Turner-Boeck Block.
Real Estate & Mining Agent
Two   lots,   corner,   (l-room     all
conveniences $2,200
Two lots, Krooms, Carbonato St. 2,800
Two lots.corner, 8-rooui8,nll 0011-
veuienoes  2,1)00
Two lots, corner, 8-rooms, stone
foundation, all conveniences... 2,000
Two lots, hest corner ou Stanley.
Three lots, best corner on Ward.
Two lots.choioe corner on Stanley.
Three lots hest corner on   Josephine.
Houses nnd lots in nil parts of tbe
PrineH Right.    Buy Now.
...L. POGUE...
Harness and  Saddlery
TIlO \c:v 1111;; -hi ||.. I.... 1 -,:������
dock. But RMOrtM Hloek
On Imnd. HurncrtH, Col-
bin ot bolt irmkoH.Sftd.
iIIoh HIlllikuiK, HoIIh
Whips lirilrlllOrl, Coiiiuh
Tricon ruiUs (Victory.
'      ('(ill    Unl   i-.'.-.
UOT. Word and J.ukur
Houston Block,    -    Nolson.
Some Choice Lots und Houses for Sale.
Agent Montreal Loan & Investment do,
Fraternity Hall
lor linker .v Uoolrnny Sin.
can lie rented for Concerts, LeOtttres
Dances, Banquets and every kind of entertainment. Good ante-rooms, cloak
rooms, Kitchen nnd dining room furnished.    For terms apply
nit. E. O. ARTHUBl City.
THORPE & CO., Lmn-KO.-Corner Vor
non and Cedar StroctH, Nelson, manufacturers of and wholesale doalurs in aoratod
waters and fruit syrups. Sole aaonUi for Halcyon Springs mineral water.   Tel SO
���a. M. Cummins. Lessee. Kvery known
varlot.y of aoft drinks. P. O. Box 88. Telephone No. 31. Hoover Street Nolson. Bottlers
of the Famous St. Loon Hot Springe Mineral
Jas. A. Macdonald)-Areliilects and Superintendents. Broken Hill Block. Cor. llaker
and Ward Sts., Nelson, & O,
HJ. EVANS Sl OO. Bauer Stroet, Nel
��� son, wholesale dealers in liquors, cigars
cement, tiro brick and flro clay, water pipe and
steel rails and general commission uierchants.
Limitkd.���Front Street, Nelson, wholo-
wile dealers In flour, meals, etc, nnd nny
and grain. Mills at Kdmonton, Vlrtorln and
New Westminster. Elevators on Calgary &
Kdmonton Itailwny.	
ROSS. LEE A TAYLOR-BaKer street,
Nelnon. (George F. Motion's old stand.)
Flour, Feed, Grain, liny and Produce. Car
lota a specialty. Correspondence solicited.
Phone 'iii
A MACDONALD & CO. Corner Ver-
��� non and Josephine streets, wholesale
grocers and jobbers in blankets, glove*", mitts,
Boots, rubbers, mackinawe and miners' sundries.
P  BURNS A CQ-Baker Street,  Nelson.
���   wholosale  dealers in fresh and cured
meats.   Culd storage.
���Baker Street. Nelson.   Wholesale deal
ers in froli and oured moats.
Limitkd���Baker Street, Nelson, whole-
pale dealors in hardware and tnlulrg supplies,
plumbers'and tinsmith's supplies.
nalc paints and oils.
Vernon and Josephine Streots, Ne'aon
wholesale dealers iu liquors cigars and dry
goods. Agentifor Pabst Browing Co. of Mil-
war koo nnd Calgary Brewing Co, of Calgary.
UDSON'S BAY CO.-Wholesalo groceries Andliquors,etc., Baker St., Nelson.
JY GRIFFIN & CO.-Cornor Vernon
��� and Josepnlno Streets. Nolson. wholesale
dealers iu provisions, cured meats, butter and
Agents for Eureka Mineral Wool and
Asbestos Co
Real   Estate.    Fire  Insurance.
Private Funds to Loan.
"The Bodega.," 25-foot lot and buildings on Baker Street.
Mr. Morley'a residence and Sl  norea
ot land across tbe lake.
Five-room houae and two lota
on Victoria   Street.   Partly
fnrniahed $2,100 00
Eight-Room houae,60-foot corner Silica and   Hall  2,500 00
Cottage on Stanley Street, sink
and sewer oonneotiona. Poa-
seBsion April 1 $15 00
5-room Houbc on Corner Hoover St.,
well line lic,l,.fsim.
2 Beautiful Lota on  corner,  close to
Cur Lino almost given away.
Fire, Life Accident and Sickness In-
surauce affected on beat terms.
Money lent ou improved Iteal Estate
Next door lo New Bunk of Montreal,
on Kootenay Btreot,
Nelson, B.C.
Atlantic S. S. Lines
.���     ,,     .,���      ,,, From Portland, Me.
A Ian Line "Nuiiildlan" March 31
Allan Line''Parisian''  AprI17
Dominion Line "Dominion" '.'.'.'.April 13
Dominion Lino "Caii.brom.iu"     April 17
Hoavor Lino "Lake Superior"       April!
Heaver Line "Liiwltanla" April 11
.1,     ,1     ....     ...    .      l'rom Halifax, N. 8.
Allnn I tn.   - , iiniKliiii,"  April 1
All-in Line "Parisian"   ,'Aerll H
Dominion Lino "Dominion" April 11
Heaver Line "Luke Superior"  April S
Hoavur Lino "LiiHllanla" April 12
ii7i 1,   u,     .,     .,��� From New York
wait* Star Line "Oormanlo" April��
White Star Lino "Oceanic"       April 18
Canard Lino "Luoinia"    April 7
Ciiiianl Lliio"Hirnrla"  April 11
liiiorinan Line "HI. Paul" " April t
Hod Htar Lino "FrioHland" AnriH
Anchor Lino '"���''
North German
Allan Slate LI
Pawns arranged to and troin all European
polnta For ratos, tlokots and full Informal Ion
apply to C.P. II, dopot agont-or c K. Boaaloy.
Uty Passongoi Agent. Nelson, B.I'
,    W. P. F. CUMMINGS.
General Agont. C P. R. otllros   Winnipeg
Ino "Friesland" ...AnrlN
0 "Klhlopln" Aprll7
an  Lloyd  "Saalo" April 3
Lino ���Toreim" April IS
Ten aeroa, with   largo houae cloae to
Ni'liuiii.     Fine   aitunfion   for   keeping
Board and Room.
First Class Board and Room;
Todd's old stand, in rear English
Church. Table Board, $4; Board
and Room, $5 and $5.50.
Civil anil Mechanical Knglnoois,
Supplied and Erected.
incorpom-v* lero.
We have all, some time
during our life, read that
sweet little ditty, "The
Brook" and will remember
these lines:
"For men may come and men may uo
But 1 go on forovor." "
This describes the situation
as regards the Hudson's Bay
Co. to a dot.
No matter if Joe Martin
does not succeed in filling his
We can fill all your
If the mines do not shortly
open up
We are opening up
new goods for you
every day.
What though our local politicians can not agree on a
platform which will catch all
the stray votes  on both sides
You will agree with us
that our values and
prices are the best in
the Kootenays.
Conpare the'se with others:
Plain, 8-4, 20c per yd
Twill, 8-4, 25c per yd
Plain, 9-4, 25c per yd
Twill, 9-4, 30c per yd
Plain, 8-4, 25c per yd
Twill, 8-4, 30c per yd
Plain, 9-4, 27^c per yd
Twill, 9-4, 32��^C per yd
Twill, 8-4, American,
30c per yd
Twill, 9-4, American,
35c per J"1
Twill, 10-4, American,
40c per yd
Best Pillow Cotton
40-inch, 20c per yd
42-inch, 22c per yd
44-inch, 25c per yd
46-inch, 27c per yd
Nothing special about these;
you can take advantage of
them any day, at
iiiiinuii, wins      nuuHiiiuu     iui       iv'i'if/llj^ 1  rr���"  ����������������   mniiuvii. !
IKiultty.    Hood fowl Iiiiubu.    Apply X, ' A"Il:i,f��!,or I1'" Klmlon Iron Works, Baboonlc mi      v    __   1ft
Bu o&% Post offloe, Nt.isou 'i   ��� ^ftswyffifffiT**0   I Telephone Id. ��� <*'��*��ihwhi ay* hS ��,,�����'���
if ���
BjYS sjsj
from the
Seat oi War
Battles, Seiges,
Artillery Duels,
Desperate Sorties,
Hand-to-hand Conflicts,
The Wrecking of
Armored Trains
and Bridges
with Dynamite
Big Guns, Camp Life,
Boer Laagers,
Corps of
The Red Cross and
Army Hospitals 2
Interesting Throughout from Cover to Cover.  British-Boer War
Pictures.   Views of South Africa.   Splendidly
Described by a Noted Author.
The developments of the war in South Africa, its serious conflicts, the deeds of heroism of its participants, the great massing of Boer Armies and the unprecedented forward
movement of British troops to the Cape, coupled with a universal desire for information
concerning a country cf which very little is known, have intensified public interest in the
subject to an extent hitherto unequalled. With characteristic enteiprise, this paper will
supply the demand for South African Literature that present conditions have created. To
this end we now offer our readers the first number of a magnificent art series to be issued
in weekly parts under the title of "Glimpses of South Africa in Peace and War." Illustrating and describing the current military events of the day and the sights and the
scenes throughout South Africa by aid of camera, pencil and pen, presenting a pictorial
British-Boer War and Countries from the Cape to the Front
tions of...
The Scenery,
The People,
Types of the Natives,
Their Daily Life
Diamond and Gold Mines
The Cities, Parks,
Cemeteries, Monuments
Thoroughfares, Public
Buildings, Churches
Places of Amusement, etc:
Every reader of this paper is entitled to participate in this distribution of "Glimpses
of South Africa" Portfolios. Bring or send 10 cents in silver to cover postage, wrapping,
mailing, distribution, etc., together with an order cut from page 2 of this paper, and you
will receive Portfolio No. I, containing 16 pages of Photographic Reproductions, 914x
121-4 inches in size, of "Glimpses of South Africa in Peace and in War."
Portfolio Number   One Contains:
Frontispiece;  The   Legislative  Assembly  Building,   Fietermaritzburg;   St. Johns   River;
The Entrance to Durban Harbor; Traveling in Natal;   Howick Falls (Artistic group).
The Right Honorable Joseph Chamberlain;   Paul Kruger, President of the South African
The Raadzaal. or Government Building, in Pretoria;  Verecniging, First  Station  in   the
Transvaal  from   Cape  Town;   View  in Burghers' Park  in   Pretoria, the  Transvaal
Capital;   Market Street in South Pretoria.
The Boer Demonstration at the Paardekraal Monument; General Joubert Leaving Paarde-
kraal;  The Rush for the Wagons After the Meeting.
The Fountain, Joubert's Park, Johannesburg.
Fountain and Richkslm;   Royal Hotel, Durban.
Battle of Elandslaagte.
Canadian Troops Assembled at Toronto, Canada, Before Leaving for Service in South
Africa;   Col. W, D, Otter, First in Command;  Col, Buclian, Second in Command,
Armored Train Sortie from Ladysmith,
The tiordon Highlanders,
Picturesque View of Town Hall, Durban;  The Durban Railway Station.
Kruger's Waterfall, near Johannesburg; Telephone Tower at Johannesburg; Basket
Trick, " Over Wego;"   Light House on the Bluff nt Port Natal,
Naval Brigade at the Battle of Ladysmith. ,
Balloons Used in Military Operations in South Africa; Taking Observations from a Military Balloon in South African War,
Zulu Police of Natal;  An Enviable Zulu Physique,
Playing tht Boer Game, ,
ii   <i h*
It Coat. Uii>ill��li Soc-letr Many Millions a Vear.
People who want to keep up 0 big establishment, says the London Mail, have
to pay for permission to do bo. The excise authorities see to that.
Lust year society paid into the national
exchequer by way of taxation and as the
price of style or "establishment licenses''
���10 less than ��740,^03.
Think, first of all, what it costs to keep
"Juuies" In all his dignity. The exchequer values him nt lu shillings a year.
Two hundred and live thousand live hundred and thirty-six licenses for male
servants were issued last year aud
brought in n revenue of ��100,1100.
There nre other ranks for carriages
than the cub rank. There is a 2 guinea
rank, n 1 guinea rank and the democratic
15 shilling rank. Between these three
ranks ale the greatest conceivable differences. If your carriage hns four or more
wheels nnd is fitted to be drawn by two
or more horses or even mules, then you
must pny il la. u year for it.
But if your carriage has four or more
wheels and is only drawn by one horse or
mule you can have the thing for 1 guinea
a year. And If perchance you cannot live
up to the four wheeled style, but are content with a carriage or cart of less than
fonr wheels, then you can get off with a
yearly payment of 15 shillings. This is
the cheapest style the government cnn
tolerate. Hackney carriages come under
this head aud pny 15 shillings.
Altogether those who ride iu carriages
nnd euits pay ��510,800 a year for the
privilege of riding ou wheels Instead of
walking. Hut the hackney carriage and
the two wheeled cart pay three-fifths of
that amount.
What Is a carriage without armorial
bearings? Absolutely styleless. Hut if
you wish armorial bearings painted on
your carriage you must pay ��- lis. for the
permission, as well as something to the
pnintcr for his skill.
tf you wish to use armorial bearings in
any other way���say on your note paper-
then a guinea n year will suffice, More
people use bearings In this wny thnn on
carriages. Last year ��31,000 wns received for permission to put nriiioriul
beniings on carriages and ��48,438 to use
them in other ways.
In this way is made up the ��740,303
which is paid each year for permission
to live in style. Hut it is only when that
is paid that the real expense begins.
A Timely Blow Thnt Snved Him From
Siill illoii.
"1 never saw n diver at work but once
In my life," snid nu experienced bridge
contractor who now resides iu New Or-
leuus, "but the occasion is impressed on
my mind by reason of a highly dramatic
incident. I had a contrnet for a bit of
trestlework at Port Tampa and hired a
well known diver named Tom Wallace to
locate some obstructions in about 30 feet
of water. He brought his own outfit and
helpers aud worked from over the side of
n tlatboat anchored nbove the right spot.
On the second or third dny 1 went out
through mere curiosity to watch him.
The air pumps and pressure cylinders
were on the bottom of the boat, and attached to the side wns n rope ladder on
which he descended. The signal cord and
the heavy rubber tube that supplied him
with air were looked after by a boy, ami
a man attended to the pump. After Wallace had been down for a tew moments
the pump inaii wns called over to the
dock for something or other nnd left the
apparatus In charge of the boy.
"At that time everything wns going all
right, but presently the signal cord gave
three or four tremendous jerks, and 1
sow the end of the rope ladder suddenly
pull taut. The boy Immediately lost his
head, lie jumped for the pump, tried to
open a valve and then began to bawl for
the other helper, while I stood there
speechless, not knowing what had happened or what to do. The next thing I
knew Wallace rose up out of the water,
looking like some horrible marine monitor in his clumsy diving armor, lifted
himself heavily over the side and fell
sprawling on the deck. The boy ran to
him and began to unscrew the nuts that
held on his helmet, but his bands were
trembling so violently that he made slow
progress, and, acting on n sort of inspiration, I snatched up a hntchet and smashed the face glnss. The sharp splinters
cut Wallace severely about the cheeks
and nose, but the blow saved his life.
Wc found out afterward that the valve
at the lower end of tho air tube had become clogged, and in ten seconds more he
would certainly have died of Suffocation.
The first thing he did when he came to
was to lick the helper and discharge the
hoy. Next day he was working as if
nothing had happened."���New Oilcan.
A lliir.l Bet to Win.
In 1805 three Irishmen agreed to undertake a journey nround the earth on foot
for a Jackpot of $150,000. Each one of
the party deposited one-third of Ibis sum
In the Hunk of Dublin, and it wns agreed
that whoever survived tlio trip nnd returned should receive the whole amount.
In case nil died a Dublin hospital was to
become the benetiriury. On Dec. 24,
1805, thev stnrted enst across Europe and
Asia Minor to Egypt, where they took
pnssngc for Australia. Their wanderings through the Inner wastes of Australia proved the hardest trials of the journey, and the severity of this trip resulted
in the death of two of the travelers. The
third. Oaptain Trevelyan, completed the
voyage aud won the money.���New Vork
Origin st the Pnatfil Card.
In 1800, while Professor Emnnuel
Herrmnii of Vienna was seeking a vnst
amount of information by correspondence
for his notable book, "The Guide to the
Study of National Economy," the thought
occurred to him that many advantages
would result from the adoption of a
means of correspondence cheaper than
the sealed letter.
On Jan. 20 he went liefore the Austrlnn
post director Willi his Idea, an open,
stumped card, and his suggestion wns almost Immediately adopted. Within a
month the Austrian postal authorities
printed nnd sold 1,000,000 postal cards
and thus established this indispensable
in.'11101 of communication. ��� Saturday
Evening I'ost.
The wisest words thnt were ever uttered arc not in print owing to the fact that
the people who said them neglected to
first become prominent.���Chicago Kceord.
Ill luck I. In nine cases out of ten the
result of saying pleasure first nml duty
aecond, Instead ot duty first and pleasure
Genernl Joubert, the Uoer lender, Is
68 years old.
Sir Gerard Smith hns resigned the governorship of Western Austruliu.
George Hnrtle, who died recently, wns
keeper of the great seal of thu Uuited
States for over 50 years.
The mayor of Mafeking, South Africa,
is Frank Whlteley, n native of Bradford,
England, who went to Nutul when he
was 10 years old.
An admirer of Admirnl Dewey In At-
liuilu bus presented him with a Valuable
autograph letter wrtttcn by Admirnl Knr-
iiigut iu which occurs the phrase, "That
young Dewey is n very promising chap."
M. Louhet, the president of the French
republic, lias received the Order of the
Chrysanthemum from the emperor of .la-
pan. It is conferred in commemoration
of the recent French treaty of commerce
with Japan.
The Hev. Sum Jones of Georgia is in
exceedingly poor health nnd has been
compelled in consequence to cancel all his
engagements to preach until the first of
.luuunry next. lie is under tho cure of a
physician in Louisville.
Lieutenant Valentine E. Gilson of Huston overtops all other members of the
Massachusetts state militia, being 0 feet
8 Inches in height. He served in the Span--
sh-Americnii war and is conceded to be
a first class murksmnn.
Ex-Senutor Henry G. Dnvis of West
Virginia will present to that state a home
for orphan children. There Is nt present
no such institution in West Virginia, nnd
destitute orphans are boarded nt various
plnces until homos can be found for them
in good families.
Charles Broadwny Rouss' son, Peter
Winchester Uouss, recently selected the
site in the Mount Hebron cemetery ut
Winchester, Vn., for the $50,000 marble
mausoleum which New York's blind millionaire is to build there. It is promised
to be the finest in the south.
Cohanda, who posed as the king of a
Kallir tribe in South Africa at the
World's fair, nud who says lie had then
$32,000 worth of diamonds belonging to
the royal family, is now n house servant
In a hotel nt Louisville. He wns robbed
of bis dinmouds soon after the fair
closed, he says.
Cecil Rhodes has a preference for most
things Dutch���except Boers. Mr. Rhodes
is a mnn of grent culture; he is very fond
of the classics and hns hud typewritten
translations specially made for bim. He
Is very versatile In his hobbies, busy mnn
ns he Is, and his menagerie of wild animals Is n wonderful affair.
Although the second Lord Tennyson,
the governor of South Australia, is not
a poet, he has poetical tnstcs and sympathies. He hns just been entertaining 250
members of the South Australia Rending
union nt the government house, Adelaide,
nnd giving them n lecture on the poetry
of Grny, the nuthor of tbe Immortal
countiy churchyard elegy.
Fob chains continue much in fashion
for men.
Exquisite smelling bottles come In Fn-
vrile glass with silver mountings.
Broken ennmel sticks, with n gem between, mnke a pretty chain for n girl,
especially iu blue euumel uud pearls.
Particularly suitnblo for n watch bracelet Is an automatic or self closing nfl'nir
of English invention, which adapts itself
to nny sized wrist and has uo fastening
to become unclnspcd.
A very light bund of gold is used in
fine rings, set with diamonds, pearls,
emeralds or sapphires, all of which servo
as engagement rings, with quite n feeling existing for the colored stones.
Tho princess gown is giving Increased
voguo to girdles. These come in linked
plaques of gold or silver or in heavy
chains fastening nt the front with one
end hnngiug in a jeweled pendant.���Jewelers' Circular.
Adolpb von Pichler, the Tyrolese port,
celebrated his eightieth birthday recently.
It is not generally known that Rud-
yard Kipling's full uamc is Joseph Hud-
yard Kipling.
Ilnll Cnine is rapidly buying laud in tho
island of Manx, his aspiration being to lie
one of the Inrgest lunded proprietors in
Great Britain.
Italian physlcinns declare tbat thn paralysis ot the tongue and right arm from
which the poet Caduicci suffers is a re-
Bult of overwork.
Theodore Worse, the urtlst, has presented hla latest picture, "The Spirit of
Bohemia," to the Bohemian club of Sun
Francisco, of which he was recently
elected an honorary member.
It seems easy to pny a note before It
is due.
The secret of good looks is often a good
After all, nenrly everything 1b knocked
down to the highest bidder.
The fun iu hitting au enemy is not
worth the pain of the blow the enemy
will give in return.
There is nothing so trying ns a hard
dny'B work once a week. If you work every dny, you get used to It.
Opportunity, which knocks but once nt
every door, ought to get some culling
enrds. It finds so ninny of us out.���Atchison Globe.
A strong solution of hornx applied
twice a day will cure ringworms.
A large tnblespoonful of black currnnt
Jam in n glass of boiling water, drunk
upon retiring, will relieve a cough.
The majority of poultices may be mixed
with boiling wnter nnd allowed to boil for
n few minutes. This will help thein to
retain the heat.
Hnlhe a bruise freely In hot wnter to
which hns been added sweet nil nud n
few drops of turpentine. Hub gently for
20 minutes, and black and blue marks
will he prevented.
New York under the Horton Inw hns
become tho chief prizefighting slntc of
ihe Union, an eminence noi at all to be
desired.���Syracuse Post-Sl a ml aril.
More horror is being expressed nt the
idea of pulling off another big scrap In a
rlvlllsed community,   Ho It goes.   The
icsndellted throw np their bands while
ihe   pugilists   continue   to   just   put   up
'heirs. ��� Philadelphia Times.
Multiplication  of n  Pair  la Driving
Their Owner to Insanity.
Two men met on Lu Salle street.
"Hello!" ejaculated one of them. "Heen
ill, TumV" The other man shook his
"No, not 111; not physically ill, Jack.
It's���it's white mice."
"Great heavens!" gasped his friend.
"Why, I didn't know you ever drank
enough for���for that!"
"It wasn't drink. Jack, It wasn't drink.
It ii t cnine with me. Let nie tell you all."
When they were seated nt opposite sides
of ;t siuull table, the alllicted muu continued:
"Yes, Jack, It's white mice. My boy,
Thomas, Jr.. got it iuto his bend thnt he
ought to huve n pet. He wanted u dog,
but the house is small, and the cook is
nervous, nnd so we told him uo, not a
dog, most anything but a dog, and we
finally compromised nn a pair of white
mice. I brought them home in n nice,
roomy wire cage, and Thomas, Jr., was
delighted. That was two mouths ago."
The speaker paused und sighed feelingly.
"Well, all went finely until about three
weeks afterward, Then one morning the
boy came bursting into my room to inform me thut the 'mices had got some
lovely little mices.' And so they hnd;
five of them. Luckily the cnge was large
enough for the growing family. Hut-
well. In four weeks we bad 47 mice, in
six weeks 100. We gnve up trying to
accommodate tbem nil in one cage, and
so cigar boxes, work baskets, crnckcr
tins and even the bathtub were brought
into requisition.
"Naturally, two or three escaped every
day and lived at large, feasting in the
pantry nt night nnd begging by our chnirs
ut meal time. Tbey took such a liking to
the cook that they got to making her
room a sort of meeting place. The result
could have been foreseen. My wife has
been doing tbe cooking now for several
weeks. I hnve got so thnt I shake my
boots from force of lnrbit before putting
them on. One morning I found two 111
my shaving mug. And we have them
served up to us at table in the crnckcr
jar, the sugur bowl und tbe cheese dish."
"Bnt why didn't you get cuts'/" usked
his friend.
"Cats'/ Great heavens! We've hnd 20
of them. Wo can't keep them about.
Tbey stay three or four days, get so fnt
that they can't walk, aud then crawl dejectedly to the door, accompnnied by n
frisking contingent ot white mice! We've
tried eats, Jack."
"Well, then, rat poison; hnve you tried
thnt V"
"Oh. yes; quite early in the game. The
mice seemed to thrive on that poison. We
tried traps, too. They caught n few, just
n drop in the bucket. And nil the time
they kept right ou increasing. We haven't
taken n census for nearly three weeks
now, but n modernte estimnte would
place the number nt nbout 000. Just
now, when 1 met you, I wns on the wny
to see a mnn who bus ferrets. I shall try
to get n few dozen good, healthy ones. If
they dou't help��� Whnt's that'/" he
"What's what?" asked his friend.
"That'/ Why, just a piece of white paper!"
"Oh, I���I thought��� Well, 1 mtiBt get
on. 1 don't suppose you'd care to buy
that house, would you'/ No'/ Well,
good by."
And the mnn nfllicted with white mice
crept dejectedly nround the corner, looking nervously nt every piece of torn pn-
per thnt fluttered iu the breeze.���Chicago
Inter Ocean.
The Slory of n .1 oven lie's Joke and
the Snle Thereof.
One dny the 11-year-old daughter of n
journeyman humorist sat dowu in cold
blood to build n juke. Her unconscious
humor had brought many shekels into the
house, for she was a bright child, nnd ber
papa was too good a business mnnager to
allow salable jokes to go unsold. This
joke, however, wns prepared by the humorist's daughter witb the idea of putting it on the market, und the humorist,
recognizing in it n commercial vnlue, ticked it off on his typewriter uud sent it to
By great good fortune the joke found
favor in the eyes of the editor, who remitted $2 in payment therefor.
"Frances," said her father, when the
check came, "I have sold your joke.
Here is hulf n dollar for you."
Frances was nanny. She told everybody of ber literary success. She also
told her nutuimn.
"Frances," said mamma, "papa got
more than 50 cents for your joke."
"Did he?" said Frances.
Then she went after papa.
"Papa, bow much did the editor pny
you for my joke?" she asked.
"Two dollars."
"And you gave me 50 cents of it?"
"Yes, but yoi, see I had to do tho work
of typewriting it, ami mailing It, and
paying postage, and sending stamps for
its return lu cuso it was uot available."
"I bcc."
Frances went away. Presently she returned.
"Papa," she snid, "you chnrge n high
Commission for selling jokes, don't you?"
Pnpn mnde no Verbsl reply. He took
$1.50 from his pocket nnd handed it to
She put a dollar carefully In her little
purse uud bunded 50 cents buck to her
"I think flint's about right," she Bald.���
Harper's Bazar.
A country rector was showing a pnrty
of his parishioners over the rectory, when
they canic to a small room full of curios.
Pointing to nn armlet of dull gold, the
clergy ma n remarked:
"That ornament was found In n tomb
in Mexico, Central America, The tomb
wns probably 1,000 years old."
An old fellow standing by fidgeted,
���cralchcd bis head ami then remarked:
"Sense uie, sir. They must 'nve 'nd
yer. America wasn't discovered COO year
ago, let alone 1,000."���Answers.
Tho Bxoeptlsa,
"Women, as a rule." remarked the cynical bachelor, "are given to exaggeration."
"Hut there nre exceptions to nil rules,
you know," snid the spinster.
"True," replied the c. b��� "nnd the exception to this one is when they talk
about their own age."���Chicago News.
li.'.oTo.   n   ll.ll.lt.
"Why does Jim Todgers affect that
funereal style of walking?"
"He can't help It. He's been an usher
nt so lining weddings."���Cleveland Plain
No Drugs
To men suffering from the effects
of youthful indiscretion or Inter
excesses, having Lame, Weak Buck,
Varicocele, Weakness, Nervous Debility, etc., those who are tired of
useless and harmful drugging, who
have been injured snd swindled by
quaoks and liumliiigH with their
triul and free medicine deceptions,
and who would care for an honest,
intelligent opinion, based on thirty
years' experience, I offer my Servians free of charge. I use no drugs.
I givo you a remedy as simple as it
is  effective.      I   employ    Nature's
strengthened,   I give you
Galvanic Electricity
and I give it in the proper niauner.
I admiuister it scientifically. The
only way to reach proper results is
to apply the current in a considerable volume for seven or eight hourH
out  of  the twenty-four.   That iB
what you get when you wear one of
my famous appliances, the Br. Ban-
den Eleotrio Belt, with attachment
for men, now known and used in
oyery part of the world.
Apply it Yourself
You adjust the Belt to your body
t night when retiring, and Uke it
oil next morning.| There Is a pleas-
ant sensation when you hnve lust
enough current, and this may be
obtained by using the little regnla.
tor screw which y������ manipulate
while the belt is on, making current
strong or mild at pleasure. If there
is any weakness in. back, beuelits
nre often felt there from first hour's
use. It takes sixty to ninety days
to return lost strength. Over II Dm
cures during 1808. "v��r u.miu
Free Consultation
Free Book
Drop in at my office nnd consult
nie free of charge, or write for free
book, "Three Classes of Men"
which explains all. fcfcnt iu plain
sealed envelope.
DR. M- SANDEN, 474 Main Street, Winnipeg, Manitoba-
Office Hours, 0 a.m. to fl p.m.
Canadian o
���>ri>AC!,FIG K
The direct route from
to all points
EAST   and   WEST.
l'ii: t ( In:is Sleepers on all trains from
TOURIST CAKS puss Medicine Hat
daily lor St. Paul, Sundays and Wednesdays for Toronto, Fridays for
Montreal and Boston.
Same cars pass Revelstoke one day
To and from Kobson, Rosslnnd.
Ex. Sun. Ex. Sun.
8.(10 Lv.        NELSON Arr.I1.40
18.40 Lv.daily NELSON daily Arr.22.10
Morning train connects for all points
Evening train connects to nnd from
Main Line and points north, and (ex.
Sun.) from all points in BOUNDARY
Daily. Str. Moyie Daily.
21.00 Lv. NELSON        Arr. 17.20
Connects Kootenuy Landing with
Crow's Nest Branch trains both wayB.
Ex. Sun.        Str. Kokanee.     Ex. Sun"-
16.00 Lv. NELSON        Arr. 11.10
Saturday to Aigeuta and return
leaving Kaslo at 20k.
Ex. Sun. Ex. Sun
0.00 Lv. NELSON Ar. 14.40
4 his NELSON to ROSSLAND hrs 4
For rates and full information address near
out local agent, or
0. IC BKASLEY City Possong-or Agenl
H. W. DllKW, Again, Nelson
Trav. Pius. Agonb       A (l. P. Akoi.i,
NelHTn Vancouver
Keep Off the Grass!
A neat fence of Wire Netting
will   prevent   your   neighbors'
dogs  and   chickens  making a
recreation ground of your lawn
or ga.den.
We   have  the  netting   in  the
following widths :
12,  .24,   36,   4S,   60   and   72
Call and get prices. ,
Vancouver Hardware Co., w.
Mara Block, Nelson-
Spokane Falls &
Northern R'v.
Nelson A Fort
Sheppard R'v
Red Mountain R'v.
The only all rail route without
change of eel's between Nelson aid
liossland and Spokane and Rossland
Lv.  0.15 a.m. NELSON, Ar. 6.20 p.m.
Lv. 11.25 a.m. HOSSLAND Ar.8.00 i,m.
Lv.   8.15 a.m. SPOKANE. Ar.0.16 p.m.
Truin that leavei Nelson at 9:15 a.rr
makes close oonneotions at Spokane (01
all Coast Points.
Passengers tor Kettle River and Boundary Creek,oonneot nt Marcus with B tug.
H. A. JACKSON, G. P. & T.A.
Spokane  Wash
Atrent, Nelson, B.C
The Miner is on sale at  the  following news stores at five cents per
Ollhort Stanley Nelson
1 honiHun Stationary Co Nelson
Canada DrtiK &Hook Co.      Nelson
I Imi .���! Hume News Stand Nelson
Hotel Phair Nows Stand Nelson
11. Campbell Ymir
C. F. Nelson Now Denver
J. F. Manny                     ltosuborry
II A. Hriidshaw Slocan City
Slocan News Co. Sandon
Thomson Hros. Vancouver
Uuiiont & Young Kaslo
11. A. KIiik&Co. Greenwood
and  News   Agents   on  boats  and
trains out of Nelson
Finest Assortment of
Biussels, Velvets, Tapestry, Axminster and All-Wool.
Smyrna, Teciiinseli,
Maple Leaf, Kanata, Victor.
LINOLEUM���Neat and Fancy Pattern, in 8-ft. and 12ft. widths.
Baker aDd Ward Streets
Turner Beeton & Co.
Just arrived from Milwaukee
VV   < ��� :-" .. ���.:
ttttUOtt tJAiLV MtNfift, THUkSDAV, MAketi ig, i<jbd
i.N   -- ���
Hhstlft Tuotroturned jeste.d.iy from
Tha Kirn Department had a   piftotico
WJ yesterday ��ftoruoon.
Get a "G1l��P*'
a coupon
'of South Afrioa for
and teu cents. They're at
The'fiRiSr oilloe.
A oeititicate of improvement on the
llniiKiirV ��ll>im un9bet)11 Kmiited to
Williuin IS. Townsend.
a B Olahon, of Rossland, passed
ilirn'imli Nelson last night ou his why
,0 Montreal and Ottawa.
Mr anil Mrs.B. C. Kiblett.nononipnn-
i���l by their two children,havo gone to
Grand  Forks for a week.
Oolnnilms M. Paiknr, of Nelson, hns
been granted a ceitilloate of improve-
meat on the Yukiuia claim.
j sliuttlnwori.il, of;Erie, has transferred to Arthur Clements, of Erie, a
ball iiite-est iii tbe Niuu O oliiiin, on
KoBt Creek, for ��IOO.
'flie meoting of the basihall olob,
whioh wus to hnve heen hold ou Wed.
nesiluy evening.will "* held tonight nt
7:110 o'clock at.the Hume Hotel.
1) M.Clark has transferred to W. S.
Oarpentieci pf I Kossland, an eighth In-
turp-fftn the. Oamlipell glaim on Copper Moun'tuin, (ot a nominal consideration-
A ball interest iu the Monte Carlo
olaini on Wild Horse Creek bus been
transfened from Thomas Moriarty to
Samuel Mnrshall.ol Nelson, for a nominal Bum.
H. M. Billings and Thomas Bennett,
orifiinnl owners of the Yellowstone
raine.iiro iu Nelsou ut tho Phair Hotel.
Mr. Billings has recently returned
Iron California.
Hon. Smith-Curtis, Minister of
Mines, who is iu the Boundary Conn-
t;y,'with Kalph Smith, M. P. P., ia
sipecteil iu Nelsou tbe latter pint of
the'presuut week.
Brooo White returned to Nelson yns-
terday nftor an absenco of several
weeks. Ho brings bad: with bio a
moilstache, nlniost fully grown aud intends to cultivate it.
V': P. Gutelius, resident engineer of
tlisi;. P. B., south of Revelstoke, onme
to Nelson yesterday from Tiail. Mr.
Gntrlins will move liis ofliues to Nel-
Hini iu the very near future.
J. W. Stewart visited his oninps nt
tlir lialfour tixtension yesterday uud
fnujiil the work progressing favorably.
He reports the em ploy muu l of over
I.ihiO meu at the present time.
ChnrlnH Mouroe has released ull
claim nn the Black Horse, Clarence
aud Cold tjuartz claims on nceount of
not.having made any payments ou a
blH of sale, on tbe nliove claims, due
to George Stephenson.
John D. Whittier hns transferred all
his interest in the Zulu Kiug uud Dnl-
lie'Virrleu olmms nn Bear Creek nun
the, Blank Hawke claim on McUarriety
Creel, to William Allen for it nominal
Mrs. Fred Burnett and Mrs. 0. E.
Wilson leave this morning over the
Hppkane Fills and Northern road for u
vl��it to the east. They will go via
Salt Lake City, Deuver and Ohioago
and will be ahsont several months.
The many frieuds of Miss Barry and
Mrs. H. M. Vinceut will be grieved to
hear of tne death of their sister Ethel,
at Loudon, Out., on tbe'JOth instant,
alter a long and painful illness. Deceased waH a bright, promising young
hull iu her 20th year and Del death
will be deeply regrotted by a large
oirolo of frieuds.
A Chinese vegetable man yesterday
Bwure out a warrant agniust a young
man nf the town charging ' him with
assult. The Chinaman says his ns
sailhnt threw a wet spouge at him and
then followed up the attack. Magistrate (Jrease will listeu to tbe storioB
of all concerned tbis morning.
Ont the coupon out of the seoond
page of this paper and bring it with
ten cents to The Minor ollluo nud get
the .first portfollio of "GlimpHes of
Soath Africa"" They are going rapidly
und if you don't get oue Boon tho supply will be exhausted. It is an opportunity you    can't afford to miss.
Mr.Campbell, of the Hall Miuos.dis-
olainis a sentence attributed to him
In the short interview published two
. morning ago. He did not express the
opinion that "the same force will be
retained as at present." He lias no
information on thiB point, and at no
time has been indulging in coujocturCB
respecting it.
A musical exttavngnnzn, "Manila
Bound," has just been placed on the
boards at tho. Ttvoli, San FlSDClSOO.
The Bulletin of that oity, in an advance notice, says: "Miss Frances
Oraham, the phenomenal oontralto,
1ms a congenial role as a leader of society and wife of the retired brewer."
The   Rosslnnd   Minor   of  yestotdny
pays  tbe following comoliment to the
nelson girls:
The Nelson girl kisses with  culture,
The Vancouver girl puffs like a tug,
While  the   dear,   sweet   onaturos  in
Try to dislocate yonr  spine   with   a
H. A. Jansen, C P. R, special agent
for lines west of Fort William, arrived
in Nelson yesterday on the Crow's
Nest boat. Mr. Jansen will make Nelsou his headquarters for the next weok
or two, and ���. will be present at tho
ttial of. Robert Sanderson, wbo is held
on the charge of stealing $10 at the
time of the wreok near Creston last
Tho Dominion Express Co., has
made a material reduction in its rates
to Bonndary uoints. the cut averaging
���10 per oent. The rate to Greenwood,
which has heen KOO in now 18.76,and
���he rate to Grand Forks which was
formerly |!1.50, is now II. 50,
Streii, making rather moister wheeling iliiin is nlwnys ugteenblo, lu fi.tit,
it is a good deal of a uuisnnce; and
although it might seem a pity t<> con-
lino it to the piosaio limits of a ditch,
it is to be (eared that tbe authorities
will Hud it necessary to Bubjeot, it to
that or somo other disciplinary iudig.
Ed. MoGregor, tbo city dog catcher,
iH out with his uet these days and is
waylaying all Btray oiuiiiieB whose masters have tailed to deposit at the City
Hall an amount snilioieut to purchase
u tag. Already 15a dog licenoes have
beeu takeu out, but Mr. MoG'egor believes thero nre many more than this
number of dogs in tbe City and ho is
alter tbem.
A. 1). Smith, superintendent of timber work .on the Ballour extension for
Porter Bros., was in Nelsou yesterday.
Work has just commenced on tbe dock
nt Prouter, tho pile driver being kept
steadily engaged. Tbo now dook will
require one million feet of lumber and
when completed will accommodate
fonr milium! trucks. At the side of
this dook the pasaengor platform will
bo built.
The celebrated Fisk Jubilee Singors
will givo two couoerls at tho Opera
House this week, one Friday and one
Saturday evening. They have just returned fiom a long and Buocessful tour
of northern Europe where they met
with great sucoess iu Berlin, Hamburg
nnd other cities. This company is
one that has had a world wide reputation for many yearH and may be counted on to give au entertaining programme.
P. Burns, of P. Burns & Co., arrived in Nelson last night from Calgary,
nccompanjod by Mr. Edn uad Hay, ot
tho Lindf British Refrigeration Co..
who will begin today tho work of ���installing the maohiunry iu the oold storage plant. Mr. Iliirini says that the
past winter has heen tbe best ever
known in the territories so far ns he
handling of .'utile is concerned. The
absence of frost and snow made the
grazing good and tbe cattle therefore
prospered. Mr. Burns will remain in
Nelson three or four days.
Chief Thomspon of the Fire Department is tepidly putting the fire department heiidqarters upon a metropolitan
basis. New attachments for tho harness���a great improvement over the
old���have been put in place and the
night gong and light alarm will ho
completed in a few days. The men's
moBH room haa been newly furnished
and presents a most cheering nnd homo
like nppenrnnoe. The chief has reason
to be proud of the obajge he has
wrought in the past year.
Oity Engineer MoCulloch yesterday
posted notices asking for tenders for
the construction of a |.ipe Bewor on
Wator Street from Cedar to Willow,
a distance of 1,200 lineal feet. Tenders are also being nHkod for the grading of Ward Street between Viotoria
nnd Silioa. The work on the Ward
nnd Silion Street retaining wall is
nbout tiuishod nnd yesterday n start
was made on the wall on Stnnley
Street from Victoria Street to the '.one
just above Baker.
Chief Jnrvis is determined to pnt a
stop to tho improper treatment of
Chinamen by the boys of Nelson. The
young Canadians of this locnlity appear to consider the Chinamen a mark
fnr whatever missile may he handy
nud in in any eases, older oneB who
should know bettor, encourage thom
hv their evident enjoyment of the
Chinamen's dicomfortnre. Onief Jar-
vis will hereafter arrest every person
found disturbing the pence of n
Several weeks nun the Counoil ordered that all cordwood should be measured by a oivio official, nud a onrtiti-
cato of measurement obtained before
delivery. This wus a just and wise
provision, as thero were few greater
abuses than tbat which prevailed in
connection with the sale of wood. It
iB a provision, however, which lias
not yot been observed, owing to neglect
somewhere. Complaints have been
made, nnd uot a little Inconvenience
has resulted in consequence. Now that
attention has been called to tbe mat-
tec. perhaps steps will be taken to enforce the regulation.
J. R. F. Rowley is having trouble
with the dogs.in his keeping. Tbere
ure two of them,one ot whioh he owns
and one which he is caring for for a
friend. A day or two ago one of these
dogs atttucked Willie Giinii, the son
of Mrs. l sal ie 11,. (l ii 11 n, catching him
by the hand and dragging him down
nnd then severely biting bim on tbe
chest. Mrs. Gunn laid information
and yeBterday morning Mr. Rowley
was before Magistrate Crease charged
with harboring a virions dog. Neitber
Willie nor the mother knew, however,
which dog had caused the troublo and
the case was remanded until today.
Mr. Rowley will endeavor to locate
the erring canine und when be does
he will destroy it.
Last Monday evening Mr. and Mrs.
W. B. Sbaw wero visited by a surprise
party, who oalled npon them to teudur
their best and heartiest wishes for
their Intnre welfare in the new field
to whicli they nre going, to thank them
for the many kindnesBes rooeived at
their hands, nnd to give them a joyous
and hearty goodbye. The visitors
brought with tbem all kinds of good
things to eat,to wbioh full justice was
dono amid muoh pleasant conversation
and good hopes for the future. After
tbe inner man had been fully satisfied
many pleasant games were indulged in
I..,mm leaving, the visitors again ton
poied them their heartiest good wishes
tor future sucoess and happiness in
tbeir new home at Grand Forks where
Mr. Sbaw has aHsuuiod tbe management of  the C. P. R. telegraph office.
���>��vvv**vvv*rV***v*srVvww*Sr>^vvv����v^**��v������*^is^* *
And do it right- Wo can put on half
soles, heels, patches, or sew up rips, as
as good as any man in town, and a great
deal better than some, and charge no
more than they do.
The shoeists
Bring Your Repairing.
^ \*> \*^ n*> \*/ v*/ v*y ^i v��i< \4> V*> \4> \*/��\*/ \*> \*j�� \i/ \*> v*> U> n^ ii*i \#* \*> V*>^
1  FOR
3   The
Now  Town of  Procter,   lerminus  and   Transfer   Point   of  the
Orow's Best Eaikoad.
jj This old established and well known Hold is oiferel for sale;
^J n Bargain.    Hotel contains 15 rooms.    Lawn Tennis Grounds, Sum-
5 inor Houses, Bonis, etc.  Steamboat Landing ou the Grounds; lnclud-
5 ing Furniture,   Bar   Fixtures,   Bedding,   Linen,   Stoves,   Cooking
m Utensils, etc.
-S Two hundred men are working on Construction, Townsite and
��j Wharves at present time.
Plans of Townsito,  Depot,  'Wharves, etc, can be shown to
9 Intending purchasers;  also Photographs of Hotel.
5 Easy terms will be made to responsible party.
���8 For price and full particulars, apply
;5 BAKER  ST.,  NELSON. . >.
Burns, Calgary; J. W.   Stewart, Oity;
J. O. Ralston, Rovelstoke.
other points aro  likewise reduced, the
ohango going into effect yesterday.
Mr, Renwiok is bappy in possessing
a living and lively stream, which
moanderB its merry way throngh his
janch on Upper Silioa Streot. Escaping from its honndnrieo, however, it
can find nothing better to do thnn to
wander aimlessly along the roadway
ou Silica  and own Cedar to Victoria
Was the ball   that hit   G. B. Stead-
man, of Newark, Mioh., in  the  Civil
k .War.   It oaused   horrible UlcerB   thnt
natesno ^ uo treatment helped for 20 years. Then
Bucklen's Arnica Salve oored hiir
Cures Cuts, BrnlseB, Burns, Boils,
Felons, Corns, Skin   Eruptions.    Best
{Pile euro on eartb. 25 cents a hox.
Oore   gnuranteed.    Sold    by    Canada
I Drug & Book Co.
The ^flro department made a rocord
for itself last night. It was called
about 9:80 o'clock to a fire iu the old
tool shed at the O. P. R. depot
and when the hose cart arrived the
building was a mnss of flames. No
timo wnB lost in turning thu water on
and iu ten niiiintes tho last suspicion
of flame wns gone. The buildiug was
used for storing tools nnd tbo rear of
it was occupied by two or three section men. It wns here thnt the flro originated in some unknown manner.
The damage to the building was not
extensive and tho loss on the oonteiits
will amount to but little.
Nelson Royal Arch Ohapter was
installed last evouing. The following
are the oflioers for the ensuing year:
Companions Geo. Johnstone, Robt.
Weir, Dr. LaBau; throe first principals; Companions W, F. Teetzel, treasurer, E. W. Matthews, scribe E., Q.
L. Lennox, scribe N., N. T. McLeod,
P. S., E. A. Crease, S. S., Fred Irvino, J. S. In addition to the above
the following were present: G. A.
Mitchell, Past Z.; Ohas. G. Mills,
Past Z.; Hamilton Bycrs, J. K.
Leokey, Scribe E, Rossland; N. F.
Towneend, Rosslnnd ; J. A. J. Moore,
Spokane; W. R. Griffith, Wm. Dun-
oau, Wm. Douche, Jacob Dover, Wm.
Hag less, Geo. MacFarlane, E. Ram-
melmeyer, H. J. Evans, and Geo. A.
Carlson. Tbe olticea wero installed by
Ex-Companion G. A. Mitchell, of
Rossland, Ohapter No. 122;ChaB. E.
MillB, Grand River Chapter No. 70,
Bracebridge; Dr. W. J. tjninlan, Nelson ; R. E. Compiuion, E. E. Chip-
man, was expected to have been here
from Kaslo but owing to the delay of
the boat did not arrive in time.
Mr. F. W. Peters, managing director
of tho Nelson Eleotric Tramway Co.,
expresses himself ns perfectly satisfied
with tho notion of the Council nt lust
Monday's meeting in dooiding to supply P. Hums & Co., witb eleotrio
power from the City plant. "So long
as tho City oan'supply the demand for
eleotrio light and power, we do uot
expect them to take it from us," Bnid
Mr. Peters to a Miner man yeBterday.
"I confess, however, some surprise
thnt the City can supply tho large demand for power for inanufactuiing
purposes in view of tho increased demand for eleotrio light. Tho Tramway
Co., iu order to ensure a sufficient
amount of power to operate its enrs,
bad to undortako to uso a certain
quantity of powor to induce the West
Kootenay Power Co., to oonstrnct its
line in horn. This' quantity of power
is more than II necessary to operate i
its oars, even after onr new motor gen-1
erator plant is installed, und we nre
therefore paying for more powor than j
we   reqnire, nnd   were   nsked   by   the
Oity it we wonld disposo of tbis fori
the purpose of improving tho light and
supplying tho demand for power. This
we ngreod to do, and wo expect whon S CONTRACTS
the demand exceeds tho supply the
City will be willing to take from ns
such powor as thev mny need to meet
tin demand. We snpposo the citizens
of Nelson me as anxious to Bee the
Tramway Company prosper nnd improve its service ns they aro to seo any
othor enterprise succeeds, and for my
pnrt 1 can't see why we should not
have free competition in lighting and
power between electricity and gas.
Let tbe cheapest and best win, and the
couflumers havo thu chioce.'1
Hume.���G. A. Carlson. Kaslo; G.
A. Mitchell, Rossland; W. E. Woelfle,
Berlin; R. S. Gallop, Kaslo; James
G. Gates, W. J. Quinlan, Nelson; G.
J. C. White, G. A. Jensen, Wolfrille,
N. S. ; Robert Bnfiick, Fernie; R. J.
Hannah, Toronto; Charles W. Bnek,
Kokanee Crook; L.G. Henderson, Vancouver; W. H.Langridge.Mtss Rhodes,
Rovelstoke; Henry Logan, Greenwood.
Portfolios of South Afrioan
Views Going Rapidly.
The first portfolio of "Glimpses of
South Africa.'' went like hot ^cakeB
yesterday and only a few more re
main. The Miner was oompelled to
refuse many ten cent pieces beoause
the persons applying for part one did
not bring the necessary ooupon with
them. Tbis will be found at tbe head
of the editorial column. Cut it out of
this paper beforo you lay the paper
aside aud when you paw Tbe Miner
office drop in nnd leave it witb a dime
and got a "Glimpse" of the country
to whioh he eyes of all Britishers are
now turned.
The busiest and mightiest' little
thing that ever was made is Dr.King's
New Life Pills. Every pill is a sugar
mated globule of health, that changes
weakness into strength, liBtlessnuss
into energy, brain-fag into mental
power. They're wonderful in building
np the health. Only 25 cents per box,
Sold by Canada rDug & Book Co.
New   Dry  Goods  Store! I
��������������������������� $
����������������������������� 5
This Silk   Department of ours is already the most talkctl-of i
part ol" our Store.    No wonder.    We make every effort to place j
before you  the choicest of Fashion's fancies,     How fur we have $
succeeded, come and judge lor yourself,    In tlio meantime, these ��
few lines: j
Pongee Silks in plain, all colors, at per yard       50c *
Japanese Silks iu plain, all colors, at per yard     <H)o
Liberty Silks in plain, all colors, at per yard     IKIc
Taniiline Silks in white and cii'iiin, at per yard     IHlc
Fancy Blouse Silks at 40o, BOo, OOo, and up In 83,00 Ilie yard
See the  now  Ribbon  Kll'ects; very exclusive goods; in llloiise
Lengths only	
Duchess Satin at $1 B0
Jw.iHiiim\m.3T\,.JfC /K 3|C ft 3ff.,3K, jfC Jtv ��� flfC jK <n /K *K.fK fK. *K JfC *K SK ?K im,
$12,003 Stock of New Goods Selling at Wholesale Cost. ftx
We have decided to sell   out  our  Dry Goods afc;
and continue exclusively in Clothinjr, Boots, Shoes, jjt'
and Gents' Furnishings, and now offer all our. Dry lit'
'Goods stock at wholesale prices.   This includes all iti
our Spring Goods now in stock and in transit from ^u
the East.    It is the first time  in    the   history of ^
Nelson  that a stock of this size has been offered to it
the public at such a low rate, and all wanting bar- ^
gains  should   not  fail to see  our   prices.    To the *<
ladies of Nelson we would say that this is a good ������
opportunity to get your Spring and Summer Dress ft
Goods at a bargain.    Here is a sample of some of
our prices :
Dress Hoods that wore 4(1c, now selling at 26o.
Dress (loods thai were 66o, now selling at Inc.
Dress Goods that wero 11.00, now selling at (10c.
Dress Goods that were |1.25, now selling at 75c.
Black Lustres, in plain and nguicil, that were BOo, now selling at lidc
Black Lustres, in plain and figured, that were 7ac, now selling at 15c
Colored  Dress Ginghams, regular 20a goods, now selling at  \2iio
Colored  Dress  Ginghams,   regular  16c  goods,   now  selling  lit  Klc
id Dimities, regular 16c goods,
it 10c.
I      A. FERLAND & CO.      %
9j Elliot Block, Baker Street. \L)
Merchants' Bank of Halifax.
Incorporated 1869.
C'apltRl    I'illfl-lip,        ���      ���       ���        mi.1��H.-.,0:O.<H>   I    ��<�����!. sil.TlMI.IMHUIH
Koard ��r iMrcciom:  Thomas SL Kcnncy, President;  Thoioan Itiidiir, Vloa*Pra&ldonl<
Mieliucl Dwyer, Wiley Smith,  H. O. Hnulti, Hon. H. II. Fuller, M.L.C, Hon. Dnvid MacKuen.
l)< nl Oilier, lluliriut
Gencrftl Manager, Bdbon L I'cnsu, Montreal.
Superintentk'iit of Branches, W. li. Torrance, Halifax.
Inspector, W. P\ Brook, Halifax.
Secretary, 1). M. Stewart, Montreal.
Nova BcaUa��� Halifax Br&noh, Antlmnlsh, Bridgewat��r, Guysboro, Londonderry, Liinnnlnirir,
Maltland (Hants Co.), Piotou, Port Rawkesbnry, Sydney. DnubonaoadJo, Truro, Wtymoulh.
N'ew HrutiHwIrk���Hathurnt, Dorchester, Kiedericton, KlnRSton (Kent Co.), Moncton, Now-
caatlo Sackville, Woodstock. P. K. IhIhihI���Charlottelown, Bummorstde. ��|url��rr���Monlreul
(City Office), Montreal. Went Kurt ((-'or. Node Dame nnd BeJtfneUTS Streets)! Wi'mIiiiouiiI. (Cor.
Oreeno Avenue and St. Catharines Street. Ontario-Ottawa. VwfniiiiillaiMl-Sl. JQjilfs.
Culm, Went iiidlcn���Havana, I'nilcd Mates���NOW York (1<> Kxc-haiiKo IMacc) Republic, Wash,
Atlin, Bennett, Grand Forks, Nanaimo, Nelson, Rossland, Vancouver, Vancouver East End, Victoria.
ComKpoiHlnifn I
Itallftiia-'-McrclinnlK Bank of Canatln. KiihIoii���NntlonHl Slmwnmt Hnnk. MiIcro���America
National Bank. San FrwiiclHco���Kirwt. National Bank, l.u.Oi'ii. Kmk. Hank cf Kcollaml.
PiirlH, Friinrr-Credit I.yoiinaiH. Bermuda���Bonk of Henniiila. Milmi nutl Jitpiin llonx
Kong and Shanghai Uanklng Corporation.
Oeneial Banking Business Transacted; Sterling Bills of Exchange  Bought
and Sold, Letters of Credit, Etc., Negotiated.
Accounts received on the moat favorable terms.   Interest allowed on specinl
deposits and on Saving Bank accounts.
Geo. Kydd, Manager, Nelson, B.C.
Because a Watch has
run for years is no indication that it does not
need cleaning. Many a
watch is ruined by being let run too long without it. The oil becomes
dry and invariably the
little machine becomes
cut and worn. We have
every facility for replacing any part, or making
a watch throughout if
necessary. First-class
work only.
Baker Street
No. 185
Tuv Oirit
GERMEA (Oaliforai* White Wheat)
3RAPE NUT8-A Food for Brain and Nerve
And a Dozen Other Oeroals.
Patenaude Bros.
J. H. LOVE, Agl     Baker Sf
Waitress.       Chambermaid.       Shirt
Ironer.     Plain     Ironer.      Girl    for
Apply at
Nelson Employment Agencv
ng    Grocers
Telephone 10
P. O. Box K. and W.
Headquarters  For
Port(ai)d Ceipeijt, Fire pricks
Fire Clay, American Cumberland Coal (Blacksmiths').
Special Qitotiiliims Given for Carload I.ot8.
Fhair.��� K. Laoksy, N. F.TownnnA,
RoHSlanrl; F. P.   UnteliiiH,   Trail,
M. Stevenson, Ainswortli; Miss A
Gallop,   Salfoor;   W.
Gny  H. Rlohsrdsou
M.   Billings,
L.   Mnckunie,
Crnnhrook ;   H.
Thomas   Pennett,    Hal-
Twenty-tlirco Minora! Clftlnm, from ono to
thrco inlloH from Handon, In Iho 'unions
mocan. for miIo clump. Will sell for ciimIi or
bond from ono to llvo yoarn. Will tako ore
] for pay. HiiiknCMH forcen mo to oiler tho abovo
Kioloniiy Ijnko Hospital. Nolson, H. C.
J."Lcu8ilnlo" Uoupo,   Procter; P.
, B. GRAY, T. O. Box I
Nelson, B.C.,
Kootenay A emit
The Nelson ElectricTram way Co. Ltd.
Large number Choice Building Lots adjacent to the
line of their Tramway. For price and terms of sale apply
at the office of the Company, Macdonald Block, Corner of
Josephine  and Vernon Streets.
T. C. DUNCAN Secretary I
Continued from Full 1'iiko.
and report its recommendations to the
Lamlore sugRested tho House mooting earlier in tho day aud adjourning
at (I p. ro. He favored the resolution aa
did also Bell, Prince Kdward Island.
Sproule had tho floor Bt (I o'oloek,
when the matter was still being (lis-
onssod and was understood to be opposed
to tbe resolution. The Manitoba Hail-
way Bills were rend a third time after
whioh tho transportation question
waB taken up and lurther discussed.
Lanrier stated tonight tbat there
was nothing in the story tbat Chain-
berlaiu was in communication witb
him in respoot to a South African settlement. MUIh closed the debate in
tbe Senute today on the redistribution
Quebec, March 28.��� The Daily
Chroniolo, of London, England, has
addressed the following questions to
some representative (juebecers OBking
tor their views on tho question of Imperial federation. 1. Do you oonsider
Imperial federation necessary or
merely expedient, and why? 1. In
what way do joo oonsider Imperial
federation may best be maintained?
8. If by representation in Counoil of
the Einpiro kindly say if you think the
adaption of either the Privy Council
or the Imperial Parliament would
suffloe or would you favor the oreatiou
of a new Counoil of the Empire. 4.
Do you think tho granting of direct
representation in such a couuoil would
lead to the Colouies contributing a
proportionate share of cost of the army
and tbe navy of the Empire. 4. How
would you propose to deal with Colonial troops? 5. Do you think the Colonies would be willing to keep small
standing armies or navies, or would
they pay part of tbe cost of the Federal
army or navy? II. Would you piopose
any departure in respect to a commercial tariff for the whole Empire, or
customB union? 7. What do you oonsider wonld be the subjects that a new
federate council should deal with?
How would its decision be enforced
upon reoalcitrunt members of the Empire?
Btlon In Tha Morning Post, fSys ; "Tlio
lioois scorn to be taking advantage ol
tho pause in the British advance to
redistribute their forces and to prepare
for a new campaign. Poor and other
reports speak of a concentration at
Kroonatadt, or some point, on the line
north of Hloenifoutein. Trains nro
taking troops from Pretoria southward.
Judging fiom Natal reports tbe Koeis
forces tbe have been reduced to a rearguard. The effect of Olivior's trek,
which seeiiiH sucoimsful in spite of
the favorable hopes raised by lelegintiis
from Maseru, is to clear the southern
part of tho Free State of organized
Boer forces. The arrival of General
Gatacre'a troops, to be followed in a
few days hy tboso of General Clements, will give Lord Hoberts another
strong division. It may be noted that
duriug March, ,'10,000 fresh troops have
lauded at tbe Cape.''
j}| ..The Curtain Department.. 2J
WANTED���Two or   three   room   furnished house or housekeeping rooms.
Address, b.   L., Miner.
LOST.���Plain gold   bracelet.    Upward
on returning to  R.   M.   Macdonald,
Danville, Que., March 28.���Major
General Thomas Mountain is dead at
the age of 78. He served through the
Iudian Mutiny aud had a son on tbe
Btaff of Genoral George White, the defender of Ladysmith. He retired
from active service many years ago
and settled hero.
Toronto, Marob 28.���It has been definitely announced here that Messrs.
Llyod, proprietors of the Loudon, England, Daily Chronicle and Lloyd's
News, have purchased outright, the
property of the Sturgeon Fulls Paper
Company and valuable concessions
from the Ontario Government in
Northern Ontario.
Pemhrooke, Ont., March 38.���At a
convention of the Oonservatves of
North Benfrow, Hon. Peter White, ex-
Speaker, was nominated for tbe Honso
of Commons.
Winnipeg, Maroh 28.���The Manitoba
Legislature opens tomorrow. An un-
usiiiilh large number of invitations
have been issued. Mr. Hespeler,
member for Hosenfoldt, will be elected
Winnipeg, March 28.���Tho Liberals
of Mountain observed ox-Premier
Greenway'e (i2nd birthday today, by
holding a banquet at Crystal City. It
was very largely attended by the leading Liberals. Contrary to tho usual
practice the speeches wero made in a
large hall before the banquet. An address was presented to Mr. Greeuway
oohgratulating bim upon his past career as a farmer and politician, ex-
Treaeuror Colonel McMillan was among
the speakers.
Winnipog, March 28.���The ollice of
W. Sohultz & Co., implement dealer,
was burned at MoGregor today. Mi.
Bohultz, Sr., while trying to save the
looks was badly burned ubout the arms
aud face.
WANTED-Fnrnished   bouse   to  rent
six to nine rooms,    Must have   modern   improvements.    Apply   to M.  M.
0., Miner office.
WANTED.���Position as stenographer,
Apply at this ollice.
Viotoria, Match 28,-Liberals at the
convention here tonight did nothing
beyond appointing delegates to the
Vancouver convention, instructing
them to abide by tbo decision of the
Continued from First Pago.
laager for women and children in being constructed some miles out of
town. News from responsible parties
confirms tho report that the Boers intend to blow up the works and shafts
of tbe principal mines un the Baud
and on tho Grown Re! together with
the Bobinson and Lauglafte estates.
Minej with huge charges of exceptionally poworful blasting gelatine
having alreiidv heen placed in positiou
with this object."
TO    LET.��� Large,     nicely   foruislied
room     with     conveniences.    Apply
Northeast   comer    Lake   and    Cedar
SEWING GIRLS wanted at the
eon'e Bay Stores.
WANTED.���Boys  aud   girls to  strip
tobacco.    Fifty cents  a day, and  as
much more as thoy  oan earn.    Kootc
nay Cigar 'Jompany.
A meeting of the Liberals of tho
Nelson Biding of West Kootenny Elec
toral District will bo held in the Odd
Fellows' Hnll, Nelson, on Saturday
the 81st instant, at 7 :80 p. ro. Business : Tbe election nf delegates to the
Vancouver Liberal Convention. By
order of the exooutive.
Aotiug Secretary.
F. L. Osier & Co.,
AND ....
Nelhon, B. C.
A Bourdihtf uml Day School conducted by
the Sinter* of St. Joseph of Peace. It, is .situated atthoeornerof Mill and Josephine streets,
in ono of tlio bod residential portions of Nelson, nnd ia easily accessible from all parts
of the city.
The courao of study includes the fnndatnoii
Lai nnd higher bronohes of n thorough ttngllab
cducnLion. Business courso��� Bookkeeping,
Stenography and Typewriting. Science course
���Music, Vocal and Instrumental; Drawing,
eta���Plain and Art Needlework; Calisthenics,
For terras aiH nartieulars apply to the Pinter
Owing to the depression caused by
the labor troubles I am preparer! to
buy or sell all kinds of second band
goods furniture, oarpetB, stoves, etc.
Hall and see me Apply to Silver
King Mike, Hall Streot, next door to
Ashoroft's blacksmith shop.
Orders by mail promptly attended to,
Capitol and V. C,
Cabinet Cigar Store,
A. M, I. C. E.
Provincial Land Surveyor,
Corner Victoria and Kootenny. His.
'. 0. Hox 669. TslophonS Nn. 96
London,   Match    !)!>.���Mr.     Spencer
Wilkinson, reviewing tlio lllllitny mlii
<. ��.hki:\ r. H. CUUUOTS
Civil   Engineers   and Provincial
Land Surveyors.
P, O. Hox 146 Nolnon. II. 0,
Our Fresh Boasted Coffee Best of
Quality, as follows:
.Java and Arabian .Mochn. pur pound $   40
Java and Mocha Hlcnd,.'{ poiiiidn  1 on
Pins SantoM, 4 pounds  100
Santos Blond. 6 poniidH  100
Onr  HporlalHlond, li pounds  1 00
Our Km KOSSti li pounds  100
A mm. on in it mii i< i iii>.
2 doors east of oddfellows
block, w. baker st.
Other lines worth seeing : ;*i
Ladies' Tailor-Made Suits, Ladies' Tailor-Made Skirts,  m
Ladies' Silk Rlnuses. Ladles' Snrltio* fanpe. '.V
of this store "is one to which we have given particular attention. Our buying
was done before the advance in prices took effect, so you can expect some very
special values. We would like to have you inspect our stock while it is
Nottingham Lace Curtains, 50c, 75c, 1 00, 1 50, 1 75, 2 00, 2 50, 2 75,
3 00, 3 50, 4 00, 4 50, 5 00, 0 00, 7 50, 8 50, 10 00.
See our special at 1 25���3 1-2 yards long and 50 inches wide, with the
new lock-stitched edge.
Chenille and Tapestry Curtains, 4 00, 4 50, 5 00, 6 50, 7 50, 10 00.
Our  6 50  Tapestry   Curtain in cardinal, blue, green or terra cotta is an
extra special.
Ladies' Silk Blouses, Ladles' Spring Capes
Meij's   FUrriishinys   Mlist Go.
Our prices will do the trick.    Ask for quotations.
Real Estate and t
��tC��� in
Lot on Baker Street, east 0f h,
Queen's Hotel. ��f the
6-Roomed House
vlth lawn, garden,
good location.
6 Good Building Lots, only o���,
b otk from school house.
4 Lots, with In
Opera House.
8-Room House and Lot, do
oply   1650, on easy terms.
Improvements, near
���lose in,
Martin O'Reilly & Co. 3!
Houston Block, Baker Street. Jjj
^ \*> \*/ fcfc ii*> i^ i*/ \*/ i*/ \d/1*> 1*/ i*/S v*/ \*/ \*> i*/ \*> i*/ \*/ i*/ \*> \</ i*/ \4/ <i^
�� WE   HAVE   SOLD   75%   OF   ALL  THE ��
!C     Used in the Kootenay.
'�� ������������
jf   Steel Mining Rails,
% Blacksmith Coal,
Sewer Pipe, Etc.   ^
West Kootenay Butcher Co.
Fresh   and    Salted   Heats
3 Houses for Rent.
See Annable
Butldors will find it to their advanuw. to
(Inure with Bradley St Co. on Palnttnir.
Fish and Poultry in Season
E.   O.   TRAVES.   Manager,
Baker Street, Nelson.
Orders by mail receive careful and prompt attention.
Auction Sale
To be sold, pursuant to a judgment of the
Supreme Court of British Columbia, made in an
action, Firman vs. Macclesfield, with the approbation of a Judge of the Supreme Court, by Mr.
Charles A. Waterman, at the Auction Rooms of
Charles A. Waterman & Company, next door to
Bank of British Columbia, Baker Street, Nelson,
British Columbia, on. the
11th Day of April, A. D. 1900,
at 2:30 o'clock in the afternoon, in separate parcels, namely, Lot 3 in Block 5, and Lot 10 in Block
9, both in the City of Nelson, according to the
Official Plan.
Particulars and conditions of sale may be had
of Davis, Marshall & Macncill, Solicitors, Vancouver, F. M. Chaldecott, Solicitor, Vancouver,
and of Davis, Bowes & Ward, Solicitors, Nelson,
and of the Auctioneer at Nelson.
Dated this 22d day of March, A. D. 1900.
District Registrar,
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants
pofy't Worn).
Merchant  Tailor,
Josephine Street,
Suits from $25.00 Up.
Six room Oottsge opposite Nrlmm
witli    mure   thnn    nn   ROTS   nf    land.
Youiik fruit trees, strawberries small
fruits nnd cultivated land for garden,
Creak running through garden. I'.x-
oelicnt spring wator lend into house.
Grove st book, Apply .I. ,T CAMPBELL, Smelter Office, Telephone 80.
Paper Hanger,
tier,    Painter,    Etc.
Chimney Sweeping.
Office. Ward St. opp. Opera House
���  TAILOR   ���
Oluaiiintj and Repairing Neatly Done.
ClothlngJVlade to Order
Corner Ward ami Baker,
Mining Stocks
Bought and Sold.
Silver    Star    Mining   Stock   of
Sumpter, Ore.   Call for Prospectus.
5000 Big Horn Treasury.  A snap
1000 Noonday    600 Richelieu
Here's a good buy :
Referendum Treasury Stock,   Sold
on installments '.''._..:.. i '...<��� per month.
House and  Lot in business portion of town, $3500.
14-Room   House,   cheap;   terms
easy;  close in.
���������������mm ga^
WARD ax.
The Cottage Hospital, Nelson
A private Hospital. Medical, Surgical and Obstetrical cases nursed in the
Honse. Private room $20 and $IB n
week. Beds in ward $12 a weok.
Nurses sent out to privnte houses nt $15
n week. Apply to The Misses ririck-
Oldest and Best Made
Now's the time to order.
F. McOINN, Agent,
Merclmnl*' itfink of Halifax, Nelson.
Branch Markets in Rossland, Trail, Nelson, Kaslo
Sandon, Three Porks, New Denver and Slocan City.
Orders by mall to any branch will have careful and prompt attention.
������������������*��� ���
They are made in your midst, of the finest Havana Tobacco.
Where good Cigars are sold they can be bought.
Ilie"  Royal Seal and  Kootenay Belle.
Union  made.
Kootenay Cigar Mfg.
The peat; that Mor,cy cai, pu��.    Take tfo Other
Victoria, Vancouver, rVertmtaator! Kd��'o.X,V,��itos!ila.,,l, Nolaon.
wL +*
*pjs mm��


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