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Nelson Daily Miner Dec 29, 1900

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 Daily Edition  No. 922
Nelson,   British Columbia, Saturday Evening,   December 29,    1900.
Eleventh   Year
Pl'ovin.._. 1
What a Newly Organized Company Says it
Is G-oing to Do Up in the
Slocan Country.
One of the grontest min ing enterprise ever undertaken in liritisli Columbia will soon be carried out in the
Slocan mining district. It is to run u
tunnel from .Silvcrton to Sandon,
wholly for prospecting purposes. Tlie
distance in a straight line between
these two towns is over six miles, and
to carry out this enterprise enormous
sums of monoy will have to be expended. It has been estimated by a prominent mining engineer that tlio outlay
necessary will probably exceed i.r>,-
000,0(10. A company to carry on this
undertaking has already beeu formed
but the names of the' promoters and
the name of tbe company have not yet
beeu made public. It has been stated by those who .ore acquainted wilh
the proposition that tho company bus
any amount of capital and that tho
undertaking will be carried out in
every detail.
According to the last Provincial
Gazette it is proposed to run the tunnel "from a point ou the north side of
Four Mile Creek near where the creek
enters Slocan Lake, and within two
miles of the said town of Sllverton,
to a point at or neai the town of Sandon, and within ono mile thereof,
and for thc purposes of the undertaking to run exploring and branch tunnels from tbe main tunnel; also to
atuk or raise mining, working or air-
shafts along the line or course from
the tunnel or branches; tocxplore for
minerals by the use of drill:., shafts
or excavations; to construct, maintain
and operate by electricity or Otherwise
tramways and roadways for the purpose of currying ores, waste, mine
products aud freight, or as may be
otherwise required; to engage in all
kinds uf mining operations, ami lie
erect and maintain crushing, electrical, hydraulic, sampling, coucentrat-
ing, smeltiug nnd refining works or
other plant, and to deal in the pro
ducts of the same; to supply, sell and
dispose of compressed air, light, power and water, and to erect and place
any pipes, electiic line, cable or electrical apparatus above or below
ground, along,over and across streets.
bridges and lands; the right, subject
to existing water records, to acquire
a.id take from Four Mile Creek so
much of the water as may bo necessary for all or any of tho puprosea of
the Company, and the right to use and
utilize for said purposes all water |
coming from the said tunuel or
branches, and to erect, construct, and
maintain any dam, race-way, 11 nmv
or othor contrivance or plan for diverting and utilizing snid water, and I
to construct and maintain all  works|
necessary to obtain and make water|
power available; to take and hold
shares in any other company; to enter
into any agreements and to make ieiii-
tracts with persons or opmpamei owning any interests in mining lands or
otherwise, nnd to charge teells and receive compensations foi the UBO of the
tunnels or works of the Company, for
druinge oi other benefits derived from
the tunnel   or branches; t" purchase., i
lease, or   otherwise   acquire and hold
patunts, machinery,   lands,   premises,
buildings, and all   real   nml   personal
property; to build, own,and maintain
wharves, docks and   tramways in connection with the undertakings ol  the]
Company, uud to build, equip,   maintain ami operate   telegraph   and telephone lines   in   connection   with   the
said tunnel   and   branches; ami    with
power   to   expropriate   lands for   thei
purposes ol the Company ; and with all j
othor necessary or   Incidental   rights, i
powers and   privileges   as may he lie-- j
cessary, incidental or Oonduoive to the;
attainment   of   the above  obji'cts,   or
any of them."
The country through which the tunnel will run Is,of course,mountainous,
lt will have to pass Under one vall.'y
but even there it will be a considerable distance below the surface. 'I'he
highest hill under which it will pass
is Mount Alamo. Hero the tunuel
will have a depth of from 11,000 to 7,-
000 feet.
At leust 80 mineral claims will be
directly affected by the tunnel.
Among the big properties in this section are the llostri, Idaho, Alamo,
Queen Hess, Ivanhoe, ltiitb and a few
others. These properties have been
undergoing devlopment for thc past
year or two and it is now an established fact that in most of the Slocan
mines espccally those of tbo district
to be traversed by thc tunnel, the deposit always becomes richer as depth
Is attained.
Kor somo months past this scheme
has been talked of but there were not
a groat many people who took any
stock In lt. However, when nn application for a charter is made It looks
as If there wns something In it, and
future developments will bo watch.d
with tho closest interest by tho mining men of the Kootenays. If the
tunnel is driven there is certainly no
saying what effect it will have." It
is a splendid subject tc speculate upon
and speculation will be rife until the
time for certainty has arrived. It is
impossible to over-estimate the value
such a work may prove. It will do a
great deal to show up the Slocan for-
matlon and may open some decidedly
rich properties. And. if it does nothing more,it will provide a sboit route
between Sllverton and Sandon. Just
where the promoters are to reimburse
themselves for the enormous outlay is
not, yet made clear. Most, if uot all,
of the country is staked and consequently nearly all the work will be
done em claims not belonging to theBe
enterprising capitalists. Where they
will even up on the undertaking is
the part that, is not clear, but it is
probable that they will endeavor to
arrange for an interest in all properties that prove lich. But it will be
time enough to speculate when the big
tunnel is commenced,
���   ��   ���
At present the shipment, of ore to
tho Hall .Mines smelter is exceedingly
large. Both the smelter aud the railroad companies are busily engaged in
keeping up to the rush of trallic.
[tegular shipments are being made
from nearly every direction. The Kootenay Ore Company is shipping regularly two cars per day from Kaslo.
The company purchases this ore from
the various properties at different
points along the K. St S. railroad, be
twecn Kaslo aud Sundou. The ore
company has contracted with the 0,V.
R. lor the shipment of 40 cars,aud the
contract is now about completed. It
is expected that another contract for
the shipment of another large quantity of oro will be closed in the near
future. From Woodbury Creek , and
Ainsworth regular shipments are also
being made. The largest quantity of
oro coming from this district is shipped from tlio Highland group. Small
quantities of ore are also coining from
other points on the Lake. At various
points along the Crow's Nest line
considerable ore is being sent it.
Among the best shippers in this district is tho North Star mine. Although ore. is being shipped from a
largo number of properties In that district it is expected that others will De
shipping on a small scale before long.
Very little ore is coming from tlio
Boundary Country but several cars
each week aro being received from
Midway. This is about tho only point
in that district, from which ore is
shipped tei Nelson.
From the Slocan district large
quantities are being shipped. The
ore shipped from the Payne mine
averages about seven cars per week.
While fi'eiiu the Arlington about four
ears are shipped, These arc tho two
principal shippers ia thnt district.
At various limes the smaller companies operating in this district combine
and suiid in to the smelter a large
quantity. From the south two properties are snipping. Yesterday two car-
LoadS were' received from the Vmir
mine. Regular, but small shipments
are also received from properties near
Rev. Mr. Parker Thinks All Manliness
is Dead.
London, Dec. 80, ��� Hov. Mr. Parkei,
pastor ol the City Temple, referred in
thc OOUtse Ol his sermon on Christinas
to bis Wofk of the editorship of The
Sun.     His   remarks   revealed that   he
wns disappointed by the mm -success of
his  antl-gambHng  crusade    in  tbat
paper, lh. said he almost feared it
was Impossible for a daily paper to
live without gambling. Christians
were dead, or It would not be so. The
theoretical Christian laid aside his
liibio and hymn hook to follow the
belting news. A Christian of this
type barred the greatest reformation
the world would ever soe, namely, in
thc region of journalism. Contiuuiug
Mr. Porker said: "The letters I received during my editorship from
nominal Christians disgusted me.
Christians are becoming invalids and
the church is a hospital. Nurses are
wanted.    Manliness is dead."
War Olliee   Begins  Its   Reform of the
A rmy.
London, Dec. 2!/.���The War Olliee
has begun the promised reform of the
army In a somatioiial manner. It has
demanded the resignation of Major-
General sir Henry Colviile, commanding an infantry brigade at Gibraltar
and recently commanding   the   Ninth
division of the South Africa field
force, lieneral Colviile refuses to resign, and is now on his way to England. Tho news is all the move startling as the question of lieneral Col-
villo's responsibility for the Yeomanry disaster at l.imlloy last May
was fully investigated by the authori-
-i.eo when   General   CoivllW   returned
ibr-ie,, -_ .   ifrlca last summer.
, "' ��/ _J_ enquiry lieneral Colviile
was reinstated in his command at Gibraltar in September last. The attitude of tbe War Olliee Indicates that
a new regime in Pall Mall will reverse
the decision of Lord Lnnsdowne aud
Lord Wolseley In regard to some of
the recent commanders in South Africa. General Colviile, like General Me-
thuen, has always been a great social
personage in London, and a prominent
club man. lie has had a most distinguished military career, has been
repeatedly mentioned in dispatches
and is familiarly known ns "Odgers."
He is also known ns an author, and
on the occasion of his marriage created a seusation by going on his honeymoon in a balloon.
l wilcin Our
Mr. J. A. Kirk of Peterborough
Tells of Windermere
A Prospector's Paradise and
a Country Rich in
Mr. J. A. Kirk, of Voter borough, 11.
C., arrived in Nelson today and will
spend a day or two here. Mr. Kirk
Is an enthusiastic East Kootonay man
and sees every prospect of a bright
future for the Windermere district.
Speaking of the country, he said to a
.Miner reporter:
"Thc town of Peterborough is located on the Columbia Kiver in the Windermere mining division of F.ast Kootenay in a position that commands
the trade ol the great mineral belt
in that part of tbe Selkirk Range un
watered by Toby, Horse Thief and
No. 2 creeks,as woll ns of the agricultural and ranching country lying In
the fertile valley of the upper Columbia. Tho dividing lino between the
well known Trout Lake country and
the Windermere division is the summit of the Selkirks from SO to 100 miles
south of the Canadiau Paeilic Railway. Its great altitude and the absence of underbrush make prospecting
Comparatively easy so tbat although
it has been prospected by but few. the
large area described is now known to
be thickly seamed witll metalliferous
veins that In continuity, size and values entitle it to rank second to no other in Southern British Columbia, in
its promise of profitable results from
"Steamer connection from Golden
during summer and a stage line in
winter form the present moans of access with the outside. A wagon road
np Toby Creek was built last summer.
As a result of the construction of
this road I am able to give important
information illustrating tlie valuahle
nature of the mineral deposits of the
district Development of tlio Paradise
mineral claim, owned by Mr. Hammond, of Osier ,v Hammond, Toronto,
and R. Randolph Bruce,; of Peterborough, begun last June. In October
there was sufficient ore in sight to
warrant them letting a contract of
haul 300 tons of ore to the river at
Peterborough,to be taken to the smelter when navigation opens. This eetn-
tract has since heen enlarged to l.OOU
tons. Briefly within eight mouths
from the commencement of development on virgin setil, 1,000 tons of ore
will be on the way to the smelter,
being transported over a first
class wagon road for 13 miles
where four months ago thore was
only a rough mountain trail. 1
am assured by Mr llrnec that the
transportation rule is the same as for
similar .Sloean ore, plus t3.H0. One of
the tunnels of this mine is iu five feet
of olean ore,and one shift mines, sucks
and sows 50 sacks of ore. The smelter returns are BO ounces silver, SO per
cent lead. Total value. 173.HO, There
arc many properties of promise too
numerous to mention in an interview,
"Among the public institution of
Peterborough are a hospital, school,
jail nnd court house The latter being a recent reeog itlon of its growing Importance bj the Provincial (lovernment, while the Church of England, Roman Catholic and l'reshyter-
ian denominations frequently hold
services. The Citizens' Association ol
Pcterborugb proposes changing its
name to Paradise as a name identifying the locality by reason of the prominence attaching to the Paradise
Eev. Peter Wright, of Portage La
Prairie, is expected to a iii vc In Nelson this evening, and Will officiate nt
both morning and evening lervlces nt
the St. Paul Prosbvtcrlnn Oh irch lei
morrow. In the evening Mis^ lleii-
susau will sing,"Oh For the Wings ol
a Dove," by Mendelssohn,
������������ ������������������������<������������������
(Second  Contingent.)
i-u'ind it loud from the   great Pacific,
Where it dashes its snowy foam
On   tin    Coast   of   the   grand   young
Sound the   joyous welcome home.
Sound it loud from the ltocky   Mountains,
From tho homes 'neath eaeh mighty
From the hearts that have ached with
But which now with rupture thrill.
To our heroes, onr Canada's darlings,
Our lads who have honor gained
The (.noon's brave soldier laddies,
Who have brought back the flag unstained.
Give them welcome glad nnd loving.���
Ah, words nre too weak to tell,
How wo   welcome   them   home   from
The boys that we love so well.
Iu Africa's fur-off deserts,
On veldt and by kopje high,
They liuve   fought   side   by   side   so
They   have   seen   their brave  comrades die
But   they   stood   like our own Grand
'Mid storms of shot and shell;
Not daunted, but bound   to   conquer,
For the Queen they loved so well.
They're the   sons of a   Grand   Young
They nre soldiers of Britain's Queen.
They're   our   brothers,   our sons, our
And   they're   covered  with   glory's
Unfurl every Hug and banner
Fling them out to the breeze   today
While we shout a royal welcome,
To the heroes from far away.
-M. I- Hnttrny.
Nelson, Doe. 28th.,' ltioo.
e\n   American Tells   of   His Visit  to
General Cronje and Others.
Boston, Dee. 30.���-A letter has been
received from George Gardiner.of this
city,who Is on his wny to South Africa, descrilnng a visit lo llir rioer prisoners at St. Helena. He says: "We
saw General Cronje nnd over 2,000
Boer prisoners. We had to climb YIH)
steps (OSS feet) to get to where the
prisoners are. They were all singing
church songs, and they still think
they will g_t their independence.
Cronje is a quiet old fellow, and he
would not talk mueb. He seems to be
in bad health. The Boers are all big
fellows, and nine out of ten of them
Wear full beards. They could go home
if they would sign allegiance to England. Hut they are game, and won't
admit Hint thoy are whipped. Cronje
is well treated. Tho Boer prisoners at
St. Helena are Buffering from scurvy,
from lack of vegetables, which are
very scarce there.
A Michigan Man Lives in This Pecul
iar Condition.
Chicago .Dec. 211.��� Proof that a man
may live 'with a bullet in his heart
was a Horded yesterday by the use of
tho X-Ruy upon Chui-les B. Nolson, of
Cadillac, Mich., formerly a Chica-
goau, who wns In 1808 the central
figure in u sensation.] shooting that
Dearly resulted ill his deuth. Under
tho nuorOBOOpQ the ball in Nelson's
heart could be plainly seen rising
uml fulling with euch pulsation of
tbe vital organ. The bullet has boen
there since the night of July 1, 1800.
The mysterious circumstances surrounding the shooting of Nelsou made
It one of the sensational episodes In
the history of Chicago. On the night
of tin: shooting Mr. Nelson was in
company with Miss Margaret Staples,
in Washington Park. A negro did the
shooting, afterward escnping, and the
mystery surrounding the affair was
ncvei   cluiirod.
The Queen's Health Is Too Uncertain
These Days.
New York, Dee. 211.��� The Knglish
people will be delighted if the Prince
of Wales can see his way to accept the
Invitation reported to be extended to
him hy the New York Yacht Club to
be present nt the races for the America's cup, says The Tribune. The
Prince is an enthnsinstio yachtsman,
nnd bus often expressed u desire to see
ono of the yachting races between
England and America, but circumstances ninv arise to prevent him leaving this country next autumn. Tho
|Queen will nol allow hnn to visit Australia for the commonwealth celebrations, and notwithstanding America
is only a week's journey from Loudon
her Majesty, on account of her great
age. considers it inadvisable that ho
Should again cross the Atlantic during
her lifetime.
Lino of Stenmsbips   Between   Canada
and France.
Ottawa, Dec, 2'.). ���It Is expected that
next season there Will be a regular
steamship leWlce between Canada and
France. Lu Compagiiin Frnnco-Can-
lulienne proposes to put on four new
steamships und give a regular bi-
monthly service between Havre nnd
Montreal during tho summer monthl<
and a monthly service to   Halifax and
St. John in the winter.
Some years ago the Dominion Parliament placed on the statute book an
offer of a subsidy of .50,000 a year for
five years to any company which
would give a bi-monthly steamship
service between France and Quebec
and Montreal In the summer and a
monthly service to Halifax and St.
John in the winter. The new service
of La Compagnie Franco-Canndicnno
will enable them to earn this Federal
Mr.Emile Galbcrt,Canadian manager
of the company, today confirmed the
ubove report. "The company," said
Mr. Galibert, "has secured four new
steamships, of from four to five thousand tons register, which it will placo
on the route between France and Canada next season, in addition to the two
steamships the company is now running. Tbe new service is now practically assured, and the company confi
dently expects that the trade between
Fiance and Canada wi.l be more than
sufficient nt tlie end of lire years to
make the new line self-supporting.
Only One Man Definitely in
the Field for Alderman.
Meeting Tonight at Which a
Batch of Them Will Be
The municipal pot is commencing to
bubble a little; perhaps when the holiday season is over it will commence
to boil Out it has by no means begun
to do that yet. There are two mayor ���
alty candidates in the field and both
are in to stay. As yet, however, there
is only one man out for aldermanic
honors, Capt. Patterson, who is seeking election in the East Ward. Who
his opponents or running mates will
be Is not as yet known, It seems to
be a settled thing that none of the
present aldermen for that ward. Dr.
Ball, Blake Wilson, and Chris. Morrison, will seek re-election. They are
not hankering for further honors and
have announced their positive determination to retire at the end of their
term. The only name prominently
mentioned except Capt. Patterson's
is that of J. A.Irving.who ran so well
at the last election, being defeated hy
Aid. Morrison, by one vote. It is
probable that Mr. Irving will beootne
a candidate and there is no doubt but
that he will make a good run. To
The .Miner this morning, he said that
he had not made up his mind in regard to it.
In tbe West Ward Aid. Arthur may
again consent to stand and his reelection is probably assured as he
served the City welt during the present terms. Aid. Irvine has not made
up bis mind what to do. but his
friends are anxious that he sliould run
and the energy lle lias displayed this
year as chairman of the Board of
Works would Hecure him a very large
vote. Aid. McKillop will be in the
Mayoralty Hold. It is probable that
Harold Selous will run. A large mini -
ber of ratepnyers are urging him to
come out and if he consents to do so
Ills election is generally conceded us
it 1. acknowledged ho would muke a
very good alderman.
But the time for speculation is
drawing to an end for It Is probable
that on Monday morning a batch of
candidates will announce themselves
in the field. There will be a meeting
in Frank Fletcher's committee rooms
tonight and it is expected thnt the
ratepayers who attend will scire I their
aldcrinanii cuuilidutcs Capt. Patterson and .1. A. Irving will he two ,,f
the East Ward men. but while the
lenders of the cumpuign huve probably
decided on the rest they have laid
nothing about It.
Tho Mayoralty contest is going
along briskly, both sides doing OOn-
nlderablo work. An soon ns thc holiday season In ovor Aid. McKillop will
publish his address, lt appears ns If
the contest will be one without an issue and will be ir ely a select ion between tho different men.
Over a Ouarter of  a Million in Amcr
lea This Year.
New York, Dee.   IS.���A   special   to
Tho Herald from    Washington says:
Expenditures for school pnrposil
last year amounted to 1280,0.10,008,and
while this wtm a larger sum than
was expended by any Other nation, it
wus only 14,39 per oitpitn. With Muss
nohusettn spending   ..'��� "7 per   capita.
Nevada  si.mt and   California  N.0B,
The smallest per capita expenditure
In any state was in North I nrolinn.
where it amounted to S3 Orate, Although having a larger population,
New Yen-it falls behind Pennsylvania
in  the  number   nf ��� "".|.
Pennsylvania hnvlne 1,183,1.1 again ���
1,170,301 for Now York.
London and Globe Finance Corporation Fails
and Drags in its Wake Twelve
Stock Exchange Firms.
London, Dec. 20. ���The London St
Globe Finance Cmporntion, Limited,
has suspended payment. When brokers yesten ay delivered stock purchased on account of the London and
Globe und asked for payment they received checks which were dishonoied.
This wus followed today by the failure ou the stock exchange of twelve
firms. The London .v. (llobe is heavily
involved In the British Columbia
market and West Australian market
All the shares on the London and
(llobe group toppled, especially Luke
Views and Le Roi No. '.'. Tlie sbarcs
of the later were yesterday quoted at
22. but today thoy aro unsalable nt 4.
Lord Dufferin Is chairman of the
London and lllobo nnd his fellow directors are Mr. Whittacker-Wright,
who is well known in connection with
many com anies; Lieut.-Oeneral, tho
Hon.   Somerset   .1.   Oongh-Cnlthorpe.
who bus been Colonel-in-Chief of the
Fifth Drngoon Guards since 1892, and
Lord Polbam-Cliuton, Master of the
Queen's Household, and a son of the
former Duke of Newcastle. The failure of the concern of which Marquis
of Dufferin nnd Ava, tho former Governor-General of Canada,and the British Ambassador at Paris, is the heart,
adds one more sorrow to the closing
chapter of his life, for he is today pre-
' pnring to   start   for   South A frica   in
company with   Lady Dufferin, in con
sequence of the serious condition of
I bis son, Lord Frederick Blackwood,
the Lieutenant in ���he Ninth Lancers
( who was wounded Monday at Glenfon-
tein. It is scarcely a year since Lord
Dufferin lost his eldest son, the Earl
of Ava who died at Ludysmith. He
is now encompassed by family grief
and bis honored name is drugged in
the financial mire.
Cape Colony Invaders Put to
Flight  by British
Nnauwpurt, Dee. 20.���General Del-
isle has severely defeated llertzng's
eomiiudo is miles west of DeAor and
bus driven them towards Priehka. He
captured u lot of wagons aud released
the Cnpe police who were captured at
1'hilipstown. General Grenfoli has
turned bue��� Kritzinger's commando
toward Venterstad, Both sections of
the raiders are in a dcsperiile plight
unel it is probable that they wil never
be able to return to the Orange Hiver
Colony. The invasion will probably
e-nd iii complete  failure.   It  is  held
here that the rapid movement of thc
liritisli forces, which has brought
abont this result, refloats the greatest
ciedit on the army. Recruiting here
for the Prince of Wales light horse is
proceeding nt thc rate of 10 men
dally, llundicdsof troopers aro being
raised here. The Prince recently gave
special permission for thc use of his
name. The regiment promises to be
among the most popular of the new
corps thai are being raised.
(ape Town, Dec. 20.���The Government has issued a despatch stating
thai the two Peeler columns whloh infilled the Cape Colony has not met
witli success. The eastern column bus
not Succeeded in getting further smith
and     General   Gicenfcll    hns   pushed
them buck n considerable dlitanoe in
the direction of Orange Hiver. The
western column bus almost entirely
abandoned the Philipslown district.
About 18 Yeomanry who were eaptur-
ld were disarmed and almost Immediately released, It is believed that this
column Will be divided Into two parti
ami both ure being followed by the
Hritish force which relieved Itritis-
town. No considerable number ot
'���e.leeiiists have joined the invaders.
Tbete is still considerable unrest
along lb.. Heebuaiiul und border be-
twe'i-n Fourteen Streams and Vryburg.
represented by an outsider and there
wore many men in It capable of filling
the seat with great satisfaction to the
Austin, Tex.. Dec. 20.���Gov. Snyies
made application to Gov. Kooseveit.of
New York, n few days ugo for the extradition of John li.  Rockefeller and]
.ether members of the Standard Oil
Company, to answer to the ehnrge ot
violation nf the Texas unti trust law,
pending against them III the district
court of Mel.eiiiiun County.
Gov. Roosevelt, in a letter received
today, declines to grnnt tho application. He says he wuuld bo pleased to
grnnt Ihe application if it were shown
conclusively thnt the alleged fugitive
from justice wns in Texns at the time
nf the alleged commission cf the
Tnrientee.  DeO,   id,���Mr,   Henry    Corby.  M.  P., bus given nut  I   stutement
supplementary to the letter announcing his Intention to resign his sent
When the House meets. Mr.Corby said
thai bis resignation whs not to provide Mr. I'eesiei with n seat, and that
bin ijnlv reason for dropping 'mt wees
'lMicalth.   The riding had never been
Disorderly Elements  of Dawson to Be
Suppressed by Degrees.
Dawson, Dee. 5.���Theordor restraining women employed In theaters of
Dawson has been modified tiy Mnjor
Wood, of the Mounted Police, from
absolute prohibition of their entry to
boxes, to permission to go into boxes
on Invitntion. but not so ns to allow
them to sell or solicit a drink. However they may accept a drink when
not solicited.
It was thought better to modify the
rules because it is now midwinter and
tho consequent difticulty tbe women
would hnve ill getting out of the country. Business men of the town petitioned for the modification.
It is also provided that bank checks
and gold dust shnll not be accepted by
theater managers for drinks, thus preventing a man from spending his bank
account in the houses und obviating
the likelihood of pokes being robbed
of dust in milking change foi those
who are careless.
It ia the announcrd intention to
have all gambling, box rustling and
other vice suppressed by next June,
and at tho sume time force the disorderly elements out of town. This is
the only part of Cnnada, it is said,
where public gambling and tho other
more flagrant vices ure tolerated.
It Is barely possible orders may
come from Ottawa says Mujor Wood,
to have them suppressed summarily
at any time. Otherwise opportunity
will be given for those In the business
to gradually close out. suvo themsevles
financially In some degree, and get
out later when tbo rigor of winter is
American Chemical Society Makes It a
Topic ol Discusion.
Chicago, 1)00.20. The possibility of
arsenical poisoning In beer was the
topic of popular Interest at the opening of the convention uf the American
Chemical Society yesterday. The 5,000
chemists from nil pints of the country
turned from discourses on atoms and
elements and joined in the ar -ument
growing out of the recent wholesale
poisoning Is England,   Dr.   Edward
Gudemau charged the brewers with
wilfully Introducing into beer an arsenical antiseptic to prevent the fer-
mentutioii of the bovornge progressing
too fur, and bis assertion wus the sensation of the session.
Several other chemists spoke on the
question, urging that all beer and
other lb|iiors brewed should be thoroughly analysed to protect the consumers from dangers of poison.
Toronto, Dec. 90.���Military men expect to NS Col. otter nppointed Maior-
Oonoral of the I'liuiidinn militia In the
place of Mnjm-General O'Gradyllaley
who they assert was only engaged for
a year.
Toronto,    li.c.      ..._..Adamson   and
Co,'S dry liiln and picture frnme   factory   wns  damaged   by   fire late   last
night to tho extent of'814,(K)0.
I Nelson Dailv Miner, Saturday Evenino, December 29, 1900
The Nelson Miner
Published Every  Afternoon  Except Sunday
Limitkij Liability.
145 Fleet Street, E. C.
Central  Press Agency, Ltd., Spooial Agents
Daily, per month, by carrier      Mo
Daily, per month, by mail.
Dully, per yoar, by carrier..
Dally, per year, by mall....
Dally, per year, foreign	
Weekly, per half yoar	
Weekly, per year	
Weokly, per year, foreign	
Subeicrlptlous invariably in advance.
.$ 7 (10
. _ (KI
.   I) OO
Jl 2.i
2 00
3 00
All Check" should ho rendo I'aynhle to the
order of Nklso- PUBLISHING Comi-any,
out before the half bad been reached,
[f they returned as they went, there
would bo no complaint i > > mako of the
warmth of their welcome,
Whether it had too much Christmas,
or from some other OUUSO.tho mililajy
spirit lias taken complete possession
of The Vancouver World, It had two
leading articles on the 2llth, and they
were entitled "Quick, March," and
"Eyes Front." Perhaps these were
tho last orders   lie efore   having
for home   in   the       rly hours of   the
morning;, tbe car h
earlier     and     more
to retain the
imiliar   "Hot
This Bifsi1.1turo ia on every boi of tlxe genuine
Laxative Bromo=Quiuine Tablets
tho remedy tht- enres �� co^fl JJrj One day
i "
4 HI
I '"
* .:
Only one mill site, it is said, remains unappropriated at llonnington
Falls, and for that two applications
are now pending, one made by thc
City of Nelson and thc other by the
Electric Power Company already established at the Falls. The application of the Company is a few days older
in date, and is made under the provisions of the Mineral Act; but although filed later, the City's application will be the firBt considered, as |
the Water Clauses Act under which it
is made provides for hearing after
tbiity days' notice. With lawyers
aud judges it may be a fine point to
determine to which to give priority,
whether to the one that is earliest in
date, or to the one that is first in order for consideration. This is a matter on which tbe lay mind is not supposed to be well informed. There
may be a rule OI interpretation of law
applicable in this case,which will dispose of the question before the counsel
on either side has time to say .lack
Kobinson. Or it may offer points on
which it will be possible to hang arguments that arc prolonged for several
days. If the lay mind might be permitted to express an opinion, it would
say that the mere act of tiling an application docs not complete it, and
that it is not completed until the limit fixed by law permits of its being
considered. 'If thnt is sound argument, the application of the City has
the advantage of priority, for it is thc
first to become ripe for hearing.
We think it possible, however, that
the judges and lawyers can settle this
question between them, without the
aid of the newspapers. Our own
concern at the moment is not so much
with the point of law as with the fact
that a private Company, for purposes
of private gain,are endeavoring to obtain a monopoly of a power created by
Nature and which can be utilised for
tho public good. It is much���indeed,
quite the same ss if the Company
were endeavoring to obtain u monopoly of tho air we broatho. The power
at llonnington Falls is pruetically unlimited ; but the sites for power houses
aro not numerous, and all these huve
been appropriated by the Company,
not because they arc required for the
legitimate purposes of the business of
the Company, but to prevent others
from obtaining them and thus being
afforded the opportunity of boconiing
competitors. This is a purpose which
the City of Nelson cannot afford to
tolerate. If the law is not clearly in
our favor it must be strained In that
direction, and if the strain sliould be
too great then wc must appeal   to   the
source of thu law, the Legislature itself, and have tho outrage remedied.
Tho six thousund aud odd people who
constitute the City of   Nelson are   nut
to have their future jeopardised by
the greed for gniii of a private Company whose only consideration is dividends. The citizens of Nelson of today have the public goon to consider,
and under the sense of this duly they
have to take advantage of opportunities that will give us u population of
sixty thousand before the I
grown up men now walk
streets have turned to gray. Such u
future is not to be imperilled by any
more company of speculators. Rather
than thnt,    the Legislature   would   be
justified iu confiscating all their prea
cut rights, privileges, and possosslons,
AOa'enf Pipes, a Box ol .tears, a
(Jan nf Tobacoo, or o Box eel i ��� ,e...-,. gig.
arettesmakosplpndid prese >,n your
' usband, your brother or your friend.
'hen there.' nre cigiir and Cigarette
Cases and hole]. rs;thocel.l ������ li.li.H.
and boewe Pipes. Wo have jusl
oelveda Bhlpmeal of oho e Havana
goods. Thoy make ulco Xoinspi M-nis.
Incidentally wo would sugge I foryour
overy day smokli lursoei brand of
Flora (le Vinejel.
i H
f ��
J i*
To My . . .
I desire to thank you one and all
or the liberal patronage extended to me for Christmas   trade,  and to
wish each of you
A Prosperous and Happy
...NEW YEAR...
Haker St reel,   \
Kossland an
<_>*fr*fr.lfr.'fr*'fr"'tr.*&<��0*ej. .**.S"0"#
Ready fo
We have o neil our
new Confectionery and
Fruit Store oi Baker
Street, in Tra es' old
stand, and res pectfully
solicit the trade of thc
We carry a lull line
of all so      of
Fruits and
at lowest market prices.
Give   Us  a  1    .ii   Order,
Thomson & Acton
Baker Street.
Buy   Only   Union - Made    Shoes,
This stamp used by the JOHN Me
PHER30H OO., Limited, ol Hamilton,
the nnly Union Factory in Canada,
Coal and  Wood.
Agentn Imperial 01' r'. ��� Ltd.
Crow's   Nest   Coa      $6.15
Anthracite,     - $9.65
Mo order can .>.��� nc   ������ A miles.
accompanied b        a,
Offloe Corner  llnll end      .    i   .Streets.
I have still a few Toilet, Manicure and Traveling Sets left,
which I am desirous of cleaning
out. You can have them away
down low.
1 H. F. McLEAN,
Baker St., Nelson.
Druggist. L
P. O. Box 226.
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants
ig ������������������������ -g-Si)
BranchlMarkets in Rossland, Trail, Nelson, Kaslo
Sandon, Three Forks, New Denver and Slocan City.
Orders by matt to any branch will have careful �����_: Dromot attention.
The good things you have indulged in at your Christmas Dinner, you will want something
dainty, something that will tempt
the appetite. We have just what
you want in the line of eatables.
Go no further
6   Co.
We were full of _Dti_uiia_f_ when
we sent our volunteer! off tn litflit iu
Mouth Afrlcn, ami it lias been observed
tbat their wclcnme liiK.'k in something
of the coldest. Hut let us nut be tun
hasty in our   reproaches.    They   weul
In order and together 1 they ootne back
Htr-KKlin(f, In mien nnd twos.     We ,-ire
nut the lend prom   of thetii. bul   it   isl
hurdly to bu  expeoted Unit  the town I
win work itBeit up Into a condition of!
patriotic excitement ore, each man an
he returns.   We would wwiir PUlfelvei
1^'0D��; Atlantic S. S. Lines.
Prow Portland, Mo.
Allun Linn Niniiiiii .n Tun.   1J
IroMiiniuii Line Vancouver... ... Deo 28
I John, N. H.
Beavor Ltno lake Champlain          Doe SO
"��� New Vmit
Canard Lino Campania   Deo 29
White Hliir   l.ineOniiiiie ....     Dec 20
,\n.i n<mm Lino Ht. Louis. .. Deo _ni
N.tJ.L Line Koisor WUhell ���'��� > Urofwe.Jnn.8
N. ft. L Allor .. Deo29
Anohor Llm  Am liorla poo 211
Kreiieh Line I,u 'luriiiine.   . Dec 27
from Do.-<ton
Crnmnl I im llinnia  .... Deo 29
Ptuwotfi    i. nu -,i .i in and i        >n European
polntfl.   Kor raU and  . M In Formation
ft)��i'ly lo ''��� I'. It clopoi ORonl or II. L. ilrown
('Hy PaseonKer AKentt Nelnon,     C,
w, p. f.i-y;y   ings,
0 On oral * rant. O.P.R. U       ���, Winnipeg
Bright and
Pruolical utility, iluraliil-
Hy and the attraotiveurss
of shininsr brightness nre
voty much in evidence in
our .helves of
Wc nre (riviiiK speolal prices
on HcfltiiiK Stoves to clear out
tbe lea In nee of our stock.
Real Estate and In
Louns F.ficc.ted ut  Rcasutublo
1 JJakvr Btroel
West Kootenay Butcher Co.
Fresh   and   Salted   Heats
Fish and Poultry in Season
E.   C.   TRAVE3.   Manager.
Bakbr Street, Nelson
Order, by mail receive careful and prompt attention
\*0~~ -_^
�� Hudson's Bay Stores I
Put Is On
Your List...
Wc will see that you
are not disappointed
in superiority of groceries, promptness of
delivery, or reasonableness of price.
From tempting breakfast foods to richest
materials for dainty
desserts, we will fill
your  wants  perfectly.
Kirkpatrick 6 Wilson
Delivered to any point
on Kootenay Lake.
I have a complete stock on hand of
Rough and Dressed
Mouldings. Sash Doors.
Inside Finish.
Coast Flooring, and
Finished Lumber-
Mill st PILOT BAY. Tarda, NELSON
andLARl t).
has come and gone, with its attendant joys.
|      NEW   YEARS
jH_ is at hand and thc weather favorable for
Any one of the following will
make  a suitable  and   useful
B   Mink Collar, six Tails $12.00
S��   Badger and Grey Lamb   16.00
B   Sable and Electric Seal   20.00
S=   Ladies' Gauntlet Mitts, Grey Lamb     6.00
" " "    Electric Seal    6.00
B " " "    Beaver   11.50
B   Muffs $6.50 to 11.50
Porto Rico Lumber
Co., Limited,
Rough and
Dressed  Lumber,
Shingles, Mouldings.
A.-1 White Pine Lumber Always In
Wo curry ft complotu slock of Coast Flooring1
Cellini;, Innlelo i''mi -le. Turned Work, 8a8h nnd
Doom. Hpcclftl order work will receive prompt
attention'   Mull orders solicited.
Porto Rico Lumber Co.,
Honil Ofllco���Hendr^x and Voinon St.. Nelson.
13. J. DEWAR, J. P.
Notary Public Oonvejanuor.
Cottage, 7-roonis on Mine. Road,
ucnr Stanley St., 11,080 easy terms.
Kurnituie for Ill-rooms for (MM) end
���lio riiiiiii.s enn be rented at 830 per
month, There are three rooms let at
Sill per month eaeh.
House mid two lots, Vernon Street,
8^,.rilll). This property Is paying 940
per month.
Seven-Doom Mouse, (lood location,
8-r> with water.
House    In    Hume     Addition,     six
rooms, 820.
Houses from SS to 8.10 per month.
Loans on Improved property,
straight or inontlily payments.
Bank of
British Columbia,
Is now prepared to issue
Drafts and Letters of Credit
on Skaguay, U.S., Atlin, B.
C., and Dawson City, Yukon
1 Hudson's Bay Stores I
For wood or hard or soft ooal.
The   largest   line  carried  liy
any firm in Canada.
"Good   Cheer"   Ranges  and
Cook StoveB.   A complete line.
Call and he convinced that the only  place to huy
Stoves   and   Ranges  at   the   right   prices   is   the
Merchants' Bank of Halifax
Incorporated 1869.
Capital I'-ltl-up.     .    .    .     1. i,.|!��.ii7ii.ihi  I   Rent, ���I,7M,MM
Hoard at l.lrrrinr�� i   Thomas K Kenny,   Prcsldont;   Thomas Ritchie. Vlca-rrcnidenl���
Wile. Smith   II. U. iieuilel. I Ion. H. [I. Fuller, M.L.O.. Hon. David MaoKeeo.
Britll ������ee, Ilul Hum
Gonora! Manager, Kdt>on I.. Pcaso, Montroal.
8uperi:it��ndoiit of llraiichcK. and tiecretary, W. fi. Torrance, Halifax,
Iiihoeetor, \V. F, Hroek, Halifax.
Inspector D. M. Btewart, Montroal,
Hrnnrliei 1
Norm Sroila- Hiililax Branch, Antli<onliih, HrldKowatcr, Ouysboro. Leondondorry, I.unonbiiry.
Maitland (Hants Co.), Plctoti, Port Hawkesbnnr. Sydney. Shubonacadie. Truro, Werniouin
New ItrmiHw Irk Hul hut i, Dorchi'stcr, Frediirlcton, Kingston (Kent Co.l, Monoton. N��w.'
castle, Snokvillo, W_odnt-ek. r. K. iKluud���Chariot_H0wn, Munutiersido. Onebeff���Montroni
(City OOloo), Montreal, West Knd (Cor. Notro Damn nnd .Seigneurs Streets); Weutmount It or-
Ureone Avenuo aiid Ht. CntharinoH Street. ��lii(iirio���Ottiiwa. Nrwroundlaad-Ht. Joli'1^
< ulm, _r,i ladles���Havana.  I mi, ,1 Hlnlm���New York |l(i K-chonge Place) Itopubllc,n���>"
Atlin, Bennett, Grand Forks, Nanaimo, Nelson, Rossland, Vancouver, Vancouver East End, Victoria.
('orrrNpomlriitH I
Canada���MorohantH Bank of Canada.   Iliminii���National Shawmut Bnnk.   Chleafa-Am'^ra
National Bank.   Un Fraaelseo���First National Hank,   l.i.n.l,,,,, Kng.-Bank if Hwtliuiii;
Pari*. Prance���Credit I.voiinals.   Bermuda��� Hank of Bermuda.   China and Japan-i��ong
Kong and Shanghai Hanklug Corporation.
(leneial Banklnc Business Transacted; Sterling Bills of Exchange Bought
and Sold, Letters of  Credit, lite. Negotiated.
Accounts received on the moat favorable terms.   Interest allowed on up
deposits and on Saving Bnnk accotiuts.
Geo. Kydd, Manager, Nelson, B.C.
I have now in stock, a line
of all classes of
7-8 inoh dinm. 913._0perl00 feet. For
immediate delivery in NeWn
Special Line of Tweed Suitings at $25.
Successor to Fred J. Squire-
F. J. SQUIRE, .MANAGER Nelson  Daily Miner,  Saturday  Evening,   December 29, 1900
nn 1
out for some time   yet;   I   shall   send
you an account of  the   function   next
week.    Affectionately your aunt,
Nelson, lt. 0., Deo. 27, 1000.
My Dear Grace,���It is the "end of
the century," the last year, almost
the last day, of the remarkable Nineteenth Century of the Christian Era.
As I think of some of the great happenings of the dying century, the
words of an old writer seem most appropriate, "Are they not all written
in the chronicles?" Yes, they are,
aud by pens touched with the Divine
Genius of great and good chroniclers.
I cannot, refrain, however, from
reculling a few which havo special
interest for me, at least. What think
you of the sewing machine? Who
shall say what blessings have been invoked upon Klias Howe, who invented the lirst, away back in 1844, a
clumsy, noisy, uncouth looking article, as unlike the modern beauty as a
singed cat is unlike a Bengal Tiger,
but hailed as an emancipator by
many hard-worked women and only
the forerunner of the perfect   article.
The Hist steamboat puffed its way
from New York to. Albany In 1807;
the first one crossed the Atlantic In
1810, the birth year of tjueen Victoria. The first railroad in the United States. 14 miles long���think of it
ye travelers���was the Baltimore oi.
Ohio, built in 1830. The first in England preceded it by five years, .1825,
being its date.
Oas came into use for lighting the
BtreetB of London in 1807, it came to
the "Queen of the Kootenays," to
lighten more than the streets in 1000.
It lightens our hours of labor in
many ways.
Electricity to the front. Born as
telegraph operations, in 181)7, first
line in the United States in 1844. The
cable laid across the Atlantic in 18S7
and perfected in 1868.
The first telephone shouted "Hello," across the -rand River into the
City of Brantford in 1874 and was exhibited in 1870; how did we ever get
along without it'.'
Hut the invention we like the best
perhaps is that of photography; I
think so, when 1 look at the classic
features of Theodore and my stalwart
sons and the sweet faces of the little
ones in the latest style of the art, and
contrast the picture of the formor
with the daguerrotype taken when he
was an Innocent babe some���oh, I
must not say how many years ago.
lie would never forgive me. for if
there is one thing more than another,
that Hatters your uncle it Is to he
considered young. All men have a
weakness that way.
Wars���since the very dawn of the
century no decade has passed without
a war in some part of the world ; let us
hope that the long talked of Twentieth may bring "Peace, good will to
all men," and women too.
To many Humane, Social and Religious societies this era has given
existence, notable among which are
the Y. M. C. A., W. C. T. U., Y. V.
S. C. E., Salvation Army, Red Cross,
Foreign Missions, etc. ; of great enterprises successfully carried cut such
as explorations, discoveries, etc., 1
need not write; but a word about the
constellations that have Bhone in the
literary firmament I must bo permitted, Brilliantly have they illumed the
age and now they have gone to their
niches in the Halls of Eternity aud
are shining with renewed splendor.
Is it not something to have lived in
the same age with Goethe, Whittier,
Longfellow, Emerson, Thomas Car-
lyle, The Brownings, George Elliot
(called the Shakespeare of the luth
Century) John Buskin, Henry Drummond (of Scotland), Tennyson, Harriet Beeeher Stowe, Victor Hugo,
Charles Dickens, Thackery, and a
thousand others, painters, poets, etc.,
whoBe names will suggest themselves,
but my space is limited and 1 am not
writing a history. That Is boing
done every day by the clever penolls
of the legion of reporters, who gather
the daily grist from all parts of the
world, grind it up aud serve it in attractive shape for us to peruse.
I must draw aBlde the curtain of
home and give you a little peep at
ourselves; we had a delightful Christmas, considering the vast distance bo-
tween us and many whom we love
well, but everybody seemed to vie
with the other to make the time as
pleasant anil home-like as possible
and they succeeded. The generosity
of the leading merchants of this thriving town is unsurpassed by any I ever
knew and if thero were any without
the things necessaiy to make a
"Merry Christmas," I assure you it
was because they did not avail thetn-
selvcB of the generous invitation extended to them to come and get the
good things. You will understand
what I mean when you open the mark-
edcoples of The Miner, I am sendipg
Tommy thought,as other lads of his
age do, that he would like to have
some monoy of his own earning to
spend ns he liked, so, he salllod forth
and secured a place as messongor boy
for the holidays. He was sent with
a very small parcel to a very large
idea (of hlmoelf) young man; not
knowing any better Tom took the
parcel to the L, I. Y. M.'s otlice and
left it on the desk: Bald Y. M. came
Btorming around for his goods and on
being Informed that the parcel had
been left at his otlice, he demanded
that the boy be sent to convey It to
his residence, (it would hnve fitted in
his vest pocket) "I am not a message
boy myself, don't ye know," he remarked. "How did you like that,
son?" I asked Tommy. "Oh, mother
I felt as if I had run against up a
wire fence, doncher know."
Tell it not in Oath, dear Grace,publish it not In thc   streets   of ��� ,
Theodore has promised to take me to
the Masonic Hall, and as I have a
great deal to do In superintending
the getting up of my toilet,I must cut
this letter off short. I think I shall
wear black velvet, point lace and my
diamonds. I wish you were here to
accompany me as Gertie will not come
In Them He Saw an Old Friend Killed
and Saved Him from Pauper's Burial.
(From St.  Louis   Republic.)
Robert Cooper, an old man,who was
killed by a transit car at Twenty-first
Street and Washington Avenue Saturday evening, wns saved from grave in
the Potter's Field through a dream of
an old friend.
Samuel Main of 1,512 Walnut Street,
a poor carpenter, knew Cooper years
ago. They were good friends, even to
the point of sharing each other's
money. When one had fundB the
other was not allowed to be In want.
On Saturday night, Main says, he had
the strangest dream of alibis life. In
his vision he saw an old man run
down by a street car. As the wheels
passed over the body he uttered a cry
of pain. Main recognized the face in
the fleeting glance. It was quite familiar to him, but he was unable to
recall the name. The vision passed
away, he says, but after a while he
was aroused by a knocking at his door.
He opened it, but nobody was there.
A few minutes later the rapping was
repeated but again,when the door was
opened, no one was to be seen.
Main says he went back to bed, and
there came another vision. It was the
same form of an old man stretching
out his hand and asking Main to come
to his funeral. Monday, when he was
reading a Sunday paper, he eame
across the account of Cooper's death
under a street car. Without further
delay he went to the Morgue, where
he found the body of his old-time
Mend. It was the same face he had
Been in the dream. At the Morgue he
told Superintendent Cowie of thc
dream. Main found that Cooper had
no money with whieh to conduct the
funeral, and he set about to save him
from a pauper's grave. After some
work he induced the St. Louis Transit
Company to pay the expenses of burial. The body was conveyed from the
Morgue to the Holy Ghost Cemetery.
An undertaker's wagon sutiieied for
hearse nnd carriage and mourner's
train. Main climbed into the wagon
and rode out to the cemetery to see
that his friend was buried properly
and to say a prayer over the grave as
the earth was shoveled in.
Cooper leaves a widow and son in
almost destitute circumstances in
Springfield, Mo.
��� -WWW'if?-mWWWW'iPWiPiPWilfilifWll. A\-WW^TT��?T&?9~W^T^WWWW^T^VrTfT
Prepare For Its Great Work.
������������4 ������������^������������������������^ ������������������
AT'P A PFof B��yal 0anadiftns |
& 1 lilUJY at Paardcberg- J
T      Tho proaonl. Ih a. time when war pic-
T   turus aro ir xrenhir demand than evor.
The conduct of the Hritish ROldiern on
the hitttletield li;t    won tho plaudits
cf admiring nationH.   Wo have at nn-ut
expense published four large, beautiful
pictures, Mz*. 20��V4, on heavy, fuipertlne
calendered paper,   A picture that will
commend it.-e^f and send a thrill tothe
heart of evory true Cunadlan in tho ono
called Attack of   Royal  Canadians at
Paardebora.   There uro literally hundreds of figures  on this  picture, the
mountains  or  kopjes   stretching   out
Into tho dtstanco are Hwarming with
men, while hero and thero a prostrate
flgure speaks only to well of tho Boor
riflemen.  It was on this battlefield that
the gallant Major Arnold met death un-
ilnclnngly.   Indeed it is only too true
that many of those gallant hearts that
boat so hiK.h whin thc cheerlno thousands  bade  thorn  God speed  a.   thoy
Hailed   from  Canada's shores now lie
Btill  forever  in lonely Kraves on the
other side of the world   ...dor Afrioan
skies,   to every Canadian heart, to
every Ganadlan home, tho deeds of
their bravo soidior boys speak with an
irroristiblo   thrill of   patriotism   and
+   pride.   Gordon   Highlanders   at   the
X   Battle of Belmont, Charging the Boer
X  Guns at Elandslaaata, and the Gharge
X  of General French's Gavalry on the
X   Retreating   Genoral   Gronje's   Army.   ���
X   Those  are  all   stirring  pictures, at d   <
X   cannot fail to commend themstlves to   *
X   any one who win oxpmino ttem.   They   ���*
X   are RED HOT SELLERS I   Agents coin   i
X   money. Big iro-lts. Knnrmoussnccess.   ���+
4.   One agent sold (W in ono day,   Sample   ���
X   and terms 25c; (none free'; four for 8'ic;   4-
X   $1.75 a dozen; 25 for 93.25; 50 for $0.00;   +
i-   loo for 111.00.   Write today for a dozon   +
+   and make money. Homo Novelty M'f'o   +
X   Co.. Hu\ .lis.   (Dept. 381 C) Chicago,111,   4
China Hall
Thanking them for their generous
patronage during the Holiday season, we solicit a continuance of the
same during the coming year.
Our stock is growing c'aily, and
and we can always offer new and
attractive bargains.
Business Education being essential to Busi- ��
ness  Success,   we   are   providing a
course for you that will keep
you in touch  with f
the times.
The Budget System of Bookkeeping fills the f
bill.   Shorthand and Typewriting, most      Jf
approved  systems���Twentieth
Century speed. _
������������*��������� jjfc
Cor. Josephine and Baker Sts., Victoria Block. |j
To Chose Prom
The largest assortment of
Imported Cigars,
Case Pipes and
. Companions
to be found in Nelson.
Over 200 Different Pat-
terns of B B Pipes
Just the thing lor  Xmas   Presents.
Baker St.
First Door West or C.P.R. Offices.
Land, Insurance, and
General Commission
Money Loaned on Reasonable
50-foot lot, frontline on Vernon St...-.���
Houae and lot, Bilker St  1000
7-roomcd house, modern conveniences  115 ��0
5-rooniod house, modern conveniences  W Oil
Silica Street���18-roorued home,
modern conveniences  80 00
Victoria Street���7-roomed house,
modern conveniences  11" 00
Of WritluK Paper won t last
long. You'd botlerpln.ee another "hurry up* o-der with
Spokane Falls Sl
Northern R'v.
Nelson Sl Fort
Sheppard R'v,
Red Mountain R'v.
Miners, Attention!
Gutta Percha Water-proof Fuse has been
a  proved aad not found wanting.
��        No miss-holes.   No running. ��:
��������                             ������������������������ ��
;��                                              AGENTS &
g                           NELSON,   B C. j
The only all rail route hetween
all points east, west and south to
Rossland, Nelson and intermedial
points; connecting at Spokane with
Great Northern, Northern Pacific,
and O. R. & N. Co.
Connects al Nelson vith steamer
for Kaslo and all Kootenay laic*
Connects at Meyer's Falls with
stage daily for Republic, and connects at Bossburg with stage daily
for Grand Forks and Greenwood.
Leave           DAY TRAIN Arrive
8:00 a.m Spokane (1:40 p.m.
11:50 a.m Rosslund 8sl0 p.m.
7:00a.m Nelson 7:15 p.m.
0:45 p.m Spokane 7.00 ft.m.
11.00 p. m Rossland 7 :00 iuii.
H. A. JAOKSON, G. P. St T.A.
Spokane   Wasb
Agent, Nelson, B.O
By the week from $5 to $6.
By the day ��i.oo.
J. V. O'LAUGHUN, Prop.
ESTABLISHED 150 YEARS L_0_ldOn,     E-lg.
"ORBIT     Brand'and
PREMI ER Navy Cut Tobaccos.
Aa.NTS .on Can��p�� i JAMES TURNER & CO.. Hamilton, Ont.
OROW  &   MORRIS,   Sols Aoonts, Nelson, B. G.
P. O. Box 62fi.   Coble Aildross: "Oroasdallo," Nelson.   Code-Morelno _ Neal.
Is prepared to negotiate tlie sale of developed mines. Has arranged for
dealing in shares on the London and Montreal Stock Exchange!. Shares
bought and sold in London on margin. Will take charge of the interests of absentee investors.
Large number of Choice Building Lots adjacent to the line of their
Tramway. For price and terms of sale apply at the oflice of thc Company, Macrfnuald Block  corner of Josephine and Vernon Streets.
A. V. MASON. Secretary.
You can semi to n friend is your photo.
This month witli  ��*S:,_a.i.wi_;55*J'
n dozen of our
heat Cabinets we
give you one
of the.o Ann
miiiiitures of
yourself set in H
gold plate fraim "
dome in am
see us alxnn
Baker Street.
Canada Permanent and Western Canada Mortgage
head office toronto,  ont.
Money to loau on Straight Mortgage.
Apply to G. I.. LENNOX. Puktr . I
Turnor-Boeckti Block Baker street
10(H) Venus  18>_fl
BOO Salmo Consolidated  100
limo -eonilon Consolidated  40.,
9000 Fairmont (pooled)  8c
Opera House
Monday, Tuesday and
DEC.   31.   JAN.   1,   2.
Matinee Tuesday Afternoon
In select repertoire of Drama, Comedy
and Musical Comedy,
Includes, the following artists :
MR. N. LEESE. late Duke of York
Theater, London, Eng,
MR. J. HOOPER, late Globe and
Shaftesbury Theater, London,
MISS EDITH L'DEN. late Globe
and Vaudeville Theatres, London, Eng.
If you intend buyinganything
in the
Shoe Line
Wait for Our Red Letter Sale
which we intend starting
at the first of the year.
Our intention is to clear out
all odd lines of Shoes at
prices regardless of cost.
Brewers of Fine Lager
Beer and Porter,
Ne)��n_. B. 0.
Kootenay Railway and Nav.
Company, Ltd.
ShortohI nnd ���,ui. u������ i route to tbo Kant and all
polhtH on tin) O. It, and N. and Northern
I'.f 1 Ui   KuilwuyH in   W_u Mn.;lnn,
Oregon, and tho Southorn
PaHHonaor train for Sandon and waratatloni*
leavoH   Krwlo  at 8 a. m., dully.    Roturnliiu,
loavoKHandon at I.L. p.m��� arrirtng at Kmio
a' 3.55 p.m.
Operating on Kootenay lAkeand Kiver.
S S, K.i   In I. .ivf . Nn- In ihtily nl K ,i m;   kmni
Pilot Idij daily at 9:15 a rn: arrlvon Kuvkonook
if lily nt 11:16am. Kuturnfng. taavw Kindto-
nook dully ui r.':l'M> in; leavuH Pilot Bay daily
at 'i:30 p tn; arri vuh K>ihIo dally at I p ni.
S.S lntorniitlonal Icatch Nolfion dally at 7
n in; lnnvt'H Pilot Hay dally nt U.16 a in; arrlvuH
K;i-.]n dally ut I��:l& a in. Returning, leaven
KaHlo dailv at 1 i> tn; loavrH Pilot It iy dully ut
2:'M p in; arrives Numon dally at 4:��lfIp in.
H. & N. and K. V. Ryu.
PelMfnjfOr train IwtM Kuxkonook for Spo
l mm- daily nn arrival of Hteamor Kaulo, con-
iinrtingat Ilonm-r'rt Furry with Groat Northern
llyor, ot-Ht hounn.
ix'iivi-H Spokane for Kunkonook dully at &___
a in, making dtrcrt connection at KiiHfconook
with xteatner Kanlo for Nclxon and Kaxlo.
StoamorHoall at principal landlnga In both
directions and at other poInU when Hlgnalled.
Ticket Hold (o all pointa In Canada and tlio
United Stato*.
To aaoertaln ratea and full Information ad-
"����a_rar. Kailn.lt. C,
O. K. I'm-i_ mi . uv, Local Agent.
I Wholesale  Houses
npHOfiJttO Sl CO. JLiuiitod���Corner Vuruou
X and Ooctar .-itn.-ti', .mij.mju" .\Uuninu;iui'-
eru uf aud whoio-iulo uuaiuru in uuraUxl waiota
und I ini;. --> _��� u\>.���,. bulu u^'uliU fur iuuuj ou Hot
dpriugb iiuiH.-i.u wuui.    leiepnonuOU.
-i-l N. -M. i umiiini.-., JLufvbuu��� Itvory known
variety of soft drinks, 1'O liox 8& lelepiumo
No. _d. Huovor bu-L'ot, Nuinua. liottlorb ot uo
ieeiinuut. ot. __uun  m.-..,.,;, Pi, JUiuurai W..tur.
ClANii; fie AlAC_JO_> ��a.LU (li. Cant), James
'    -\, AlacuoualUj���Architect* aud uuporin-
uuidtiuu*, l_i-u__eu Hill Ulock, corner liakur aud
U   .Ull    ,-![ J I'.-!       ,     ., ,    ,     ,,|:.
HJ. EVANS _t cu.-ijakcr Struct, Nel-
��� noil��� v\ ih__u_.a.e Uuul.iH in uquoru, ci-
gaio, cemeni, nru nnck una lire ciuy, \M_tur
pipu aud "'. i i i.ui-, und .,���... i,.i cuiuuiiMiuii
\\ huiutiuio ana iuU-ii '.'...-.��� iu giain,
Ni dour, loud. MjjU-I ut Victoria, New vvoat*
minster; iviuuiuuluu, Aitu. iUuvuLuis uu Calgary aud i-.iiinuiiiui, iUiilwuy. Aluuulautui-era
ut the uuiO-iraLud ii. Ac i.. oruud cuiuals.
A MAODONALD _c Co.-Corner Fron
��� aud Hail DLreeta��� Wholesale grocers
aim jobbem iu bluukcU, giu\c��, untU, UooU,
lubbers, mackinawa uuu luiuurti suuuneu.
_i,K (Jin.r coiucr Hull una front bueets,
iNeidon���Lumber, ceiling, llouiing, and everything in wood for bmiuiug purpoe.eb. Wet our
prices.    Curret-pundeneu sulicitod.
P   BURNS Sl Oo.���Baker street, Nelton���
���    VV iiun; -uu; duuleru in  frebii and cured
meats.   Cold Storage.
Baker streut, NuIbou���Wholesale doai-
ors iu fresh and cured meats,
btreet, _Sult.un ��� V\ liult sule djalais in
hutdware, mlnei-s' supplies, npurting Kooda,
M'LACHLAN BROS. (SucccxHort. u> Vanoouvor HardwitreCo, Ltd.,iiakor SUeet,
-VciHon���W lioienalo dculurn in Jiuravvure and
MiiiuiiK supplies, plumbui-s' and iiumuiin, supplier.
-Ll pamlti, oib, and RlSBSj uiocbaiiifH' tools.
AgeuUfoi Outurto Powiier Works; dya UultS
rpURNKR, BKKTON & Co.-Cornor Vornoa
X aud Josephine Streets, Nelson���Whcle-
sale dealere in liquors, cigars, aud dry goods.
Agents for Pabst Browing Co. of Milwaukee
and Calgary Brewing t'u ot Calgary.
UD-ON'S HAY U_.-W���uliM_l_ groo-llo,
aud leejeiiei,   ul0., Bllkur   ~l I. >���; .    .. i. ,.,,.
(^ALIFOKNIA WINK CO., Liuiluxl-Oonier
J .'rout -nd Hall Streulx, Nulnou���Whole-
nuio doalom u wiufei ia->o and bulk), and
UoiutMtlej aud liupurt-d _l_arK.
JY. GIUKFIN o\ C'O-Cornor Vornon and
, JoMojehlne 8lraet-, N.Ihoii ��� Whol^al.
dealora lu provlelouH, oureri moaU, butUir and
"M Soo Line
Also TOURIST CARS punning   Dnn-
nioie JiiLction Daily for St. Paul,  Saturdays for Montreal aud Iioaton, Mondays   and    Tlui.Biliiys   for   Toronto.
S, nu. cars   pass   Revelstoke   ono   day
for  your  eastern   trip is to  see
your ticket rends via Canadian Pacitlc,
Trains und Steamers Dopurt.
j .pg    1 Steamer for Kootenay Land-
Ilaiiv    C'��K   au<i   faa'ern  poiuU   via
'-""ly    ) Crow's Neat Route.
8:00 (Train for Rosslano\ Orand
Ex 8nn (Forks, Greenwood, Midway ,oto
0:00 i Traiu for 81ocan Oity, Slooan
Ex Sun ( point*, and Saudon.
10<X) I Steamer for Kuslo and inter-
Ex Hun [mediate pointa.
18'40 ) "Train for Rossland, Nnkuap,
Dnliv f Revelstoke, mniu line and
um,y    ) i'lifillic Coast Points.
For Time Tallies, Hates and full Information call on oriuidress nearest Do-
i-nl Agent, or,
It. VV. Drew, Ilopo. AkciiI. I Nolson, B. O.
II. I,. Ilrown, Oily Agonl. /
A (i. 1>. Aseae,
We make a. specialty of
Cozy Corners, Foot
Stools, Ottomans, and
Odd Pieces.
Kootenay Street, opp. Hank of Montreal. Leave orders and we will call
for work.
A. R. BARROW, a. m. l o.b
Provincial  Land Surveyor.
Oornar Viotorla and Kootenay BU.
P. O. Box 669. Telephone No. Us
F. O. GREBN        V. 8. OLKMENT8
Civil Engineer* and Provincial Und
P. O. Bos Uf Melton, B, 4 NftLsoK Dailv Miner,  Saturbav Evewir'j.,  December j��, 1903
Henry Daniel, of Rossland, is the
first man to announce himself as a
candidate for the Mayoralty of that
A recent issue of the Seattle Times
contained the following advertisement: Wanted���A genteel lady or
woman.    Call at J. N., The Times.
It'B an even bet that half the people
of Nelson are still eating cold turkey,
and it's an even bet, too, that they
will be doing likewise one week from
Mr. II. D. Hume, manager of the
Hotol Hume, accompanied by Mrs.
Hume, left thiB morning for Revelstoke where they will remain during
the next week.
' Messrs. Thomson and Acton have
opened their new confectionery store
on Haker Street in Treves' old store,
and solicit the patronage of the citi-
zens.of Nelson.
The London Comedy Company will
be the closing attraction of the 19th
Century and the opening one of the
2()th at the Opera House. It will appear on Monday,Tuesday and Wednesday of next week in a line of good
The Winnipeg Tribune of recent
date says: The employees of ,T. Y.
Griffin's pork packing establishment
on Monday broke all previous records
for Western Canada in pig killing.
They slaughtered "no of the animals in
a period of eight hours and fifteen
Fred Adrian, a laborer of Slocan
City, was brought to Nelson yesterday and locked np in the Provincial
jail, where he will serve a sentence of
three months. Adrian drew a razor in
a saloon in Slocan City the other day
and threatened to clean out the
place. He had been drinking. The
police took him in charge and his trip
to Nelson followed.
Tomorrow at Emmanuel Church Rev.
Wm. Munroe will preach in the morning on "Emmanuel, Uod With Us."
In the evening his subject will be
"Twilight and Dawn." During the
evening service the choir will render
the anthem "One Sweetly Solemn
Thought." The male quartette
"When the Weary Seeking Rest," and
Mr. R. Thompson, baritone solo,
"Calvary." A cordial invitation is
extended to all.
The motormen of the Tramway Company are extremely annoyed at the
reckleBs manner in which the children
coasting down Stanley and Josephine
Streets pay no attention to the cars.
Several times there have been narrow
escapes already and some day there
will be an accident if greater care is
not exercised for which the company
will be wholly blameless. The youngsters should take possession of a street
where there are no cars.
The London Mutual Fire Insurance
Company have decided to open an
oflice in Nelson and J. E. Annable has
been appointed agent. The London
Mutual has been in active operation
for over forty years and does the largest business in Canada of any of the
Canadian eompanies, having paid in
losses. 8-,!iUO,ono, and has 4s,0()() policies in force. As the London Mutual
does not belong to the board this
makes the fourtli company operating
in Nelson at equitable rules.
At the Methodist Church tommor-
row the pastor, J. II. White, will
preach morning and evening upon a
theme appropriate to the last Sunday
in the Century. There will be com-
munion at the close of the morning
service. In the evening the following
music will be rendered: Anthem.
"While Shepherds Watch Their Flocks
by Night"; solo, "Oh, Thou That
Tellest Good Tiding," (Messiah).Mrs.
Thurman; solo,"Hut Who Shall Abide
the Day of His Coming?" (Messiah),
Mr. Fred Smith.
If there is jot considerable more
frost than at present there will be no
skating in the rink for about a week.
Tbe ice makers have done lictte-
work with the little frost so far than
ever before, and curling may be indulged in by New Year's, but much
thicker ice "is required for skating and
only severe weather will allow It to
be made rapidly. Those Intending to
join the curling club should give their
names to Frank Tumhlyn or W. W
Beer at once in order that rliilm
be formed for New Year's when
expected play will continue ull
and evening.
ed. From 2 to 7 o'clock the members
of the club will be at the club rooms
to eutertain all young men who desire
to come. From H to in o'clock a concert will be given and for this a good
programme has been arranged. Among
those who will take part in the programme are Mr. Grlzzelle, Mr. and
Mrs. Murray, Mr. W. J. Caldwell,
Mr. Thompson, Rev. J. II. White,
Rev. liurtt Morgan and the Nelson
Quartette. Dr. Forin, honorary president of the club, will act as chairman. During the evening refreshments will he served. To the concert
an admission fee of 25 cents will be
Matters Pertaining   to the (lame Dis-
cuB.sed Last Night.
A meeting of the Nelson Hockey
Club was held nt the Hotel Hume last
evening to discuss plans for the season's sport. A large number was iu
attendance an 1 several matters were
considered. A committee was appointed to consult with the management of
the rink for the use of the ice und for
a certain percentage of the proceeds
from matches. T'hey will ulso try to
arrange with the Tramway Company
for a rive cent fare for the members.
It was decided that a team would be
sent to Sandon on Wednesday, January 10, at the time of the carnival
there. As no practices have heen held
the members of the team that is to go
have not been chosen. It was also decided that Nelsou would challenge
Rossland, but it was agreed that they
would not play unless goal nets were
used. NetB will be purchased at once
to be used by the Nelson team during
their practice games. The matter of
reorganizing the ladies hockey club
was discussed at some length. At the
conclusion of the discussion a committee consisting of Mr. I). Rutherford and
Mr. A. Perrier was appointed to report on the matter. The first practice
will be held at the earliest date possible as the members are quite anxious
that the hest team in the Kootenays
should be from Nelson.
The management of the rink is
working hard and rapid progress is
being made in getting the ice into
shape. It is not known just when
the rink will be opened, but it is
thought that it will be available during the early part of next week. The
ice of the curling sheets is rapidly
forming and if the co'd weather continues the curlers will be at play Monday evening.
en 11
it is
Steeper St Co. Lose a   Valuable   llorse
as a lie   oh of a Runaway.
The big bay team owned by Steeper
St Co.. ran away late yesterday afternoon and when they reached the sta
blcs one of the horses fell dead. The
teamster Robert Simpson had been to
the Silver King mine with a heavy
load of material, and was returning
with the team alone about li o'clock
yesterday evening. While he was
passing the Btreet car barns on the
Hall Mines road, the horses in some
way became frightened, and soon became unmansgable. As they dashed
down the street one of the horses
stumbled and fell heavly against the
sidewalk. It readily gained its feet
and ugnin clashed away down Hie
street until it reached the stables on
Stanley Street. Here it ran against
tbe side of the door with great force
and was knocked to the lloor. On
gaining its feet it walked Into its own
stall, and only three minutes elnpted
when the animal fell dead. Thc
horses when mated mude u valuable
Young  Men  of  the   Congregational
Church Will Entertain,
The arrangements for the New
Year's reception to be given by the
young men s social club ut Ihe (on.
gragationl   Church   on Tuesday after-
How a Couple of   Strangers   Sized Up
the City's Steam Roller.
There were two genlemen from New
York, interested in mines in the
Boundary Countr", staying at one of
the City hotels over Christmas. After
they had partaken of a good dinner,
at which wine formed no small part
of the fare, they commenced to display the "peace and good will" characteristic of the season, by visiting
several harB and insisting on all bands
having refieshments. This sort of
thing waB all right for "all hands"
but the generous mining men began to
show signs of succumbing to the
effects of their own good cheer. Late
in the evening they visited the Athabasca and there continued to enjoy
themselves. At last they shook hands
all around and arm in arm, made for
the door. Presently some of the erstwhile friends heard them laughing uproariously out on the sidewalk, and
one of them going out, overheard a
very funny conversation. The City's
steam road roller was standing on tbe
street under an electric light and at
this the two men from tbe City of
Automobiles wero staring and laughing with all their might.
"I've seen some queer 'uns, but
that heats 'em," said one.
"I'll bet it belongs to the old fellow with the red whiBkcrs who was
drinking with us inside."
"Well, I've seen some clumsy automobiles,' gasped the other,"but that's
the clumsiest that ever waB," and
again they roared. Aa they finally
locked arms again and started down
the street the eavesdropper heard, "I
guess whoever owns it must use it to
flatten out some of these damned
Astrologers Do Not Agree   in   Predictions, Hut Some Mrst He Right.    J
(From London Mail.)
Assuming it were at all needful to
demonstrate the fallacy of forecasts
based on so-called astrological calculations, it would be amply sufficient to
compare���as the writer has done���the
predictions put forward for the forthcoming year by those almanacs that
make a specialty of this sort of verbal
jugglery. It is but seldom indeed that
they agree.
Old Moore, for instance, states that
in January onr prosperity will increase, while Raphael tells us that
there will be much distress in the
land. Zadklel, nga n referring to the
same months, says specifically that the
public health will not be good, while
at least three publications run on similar lines assert that it will.
Among Raphael's predictions for
February is one to the effect that a
terrible disaster, with appalling loss
of life, will occur at sea. /adkiel has
nothing about this, nor have the oth
er seers. Curiously enough, however,
the four principle prophetic nlmanacH
���Moore's, Raphael's, Orin's, and
Zadkiel's���all prophesy a big theatre
fire in Paris for .March.
_ In April, according to three almanacs, trade will be unusually good, two
give out that it will be bad, two are
silent on the subject, while yet another predicts a heavy fall in the revenue
returns. In March, by another curious coincidence no fewer than three of
the "phophets" tell of   war  in   May.
Raphael's list of predictions for
June includes "'an nppaling accident
in traveling, attendant with heavy
sacrifice of life," an incident foretold
by n.ne among his rivals. On the l'.ith
of the following month���we uro informed by Zadklel���at about c p m.,
the entry of Neptune into the tropical
sign of Cancer takes place. They nil
agree that this is a portentous event,
but differ widely  concerning   results.
For August Orion predicts great
fires in London nnd Paris. Raphael
foretells a "serious war" with "much
dispatching of troops." Moore omits
to mention either war or lire, but on
the contrary prophesies peace.
Hritish trade nnd commerce during
September are to be "unsatisfactory,
according to Orin.���'not. good11 according lo Raphael,while Zadklel predicts
that we shall lind our trade liicrea.-
Similarly, In October, It is not exactly easy lo see lio.w foreign affalri
cun he nt the snme time "unsatisfactory and troublesome" and "satisfactory and placid," while It is even
more difficult to reconcile the diverse
predictions recorded under the Noveni-
lier heading. We are assured, for instance, that  "owing  to an   annular
eclipse of the sun" the month will be,
both politically and socially,the darkest and stormiest of any for ten years
to come.   Zadklel,   however,  sees in
this omen only a little sickness among
royalty, and Orin ignores it.
Finally, while Old Moore predicts
that December will exercise over London a "beneflo" iniluenee, Znrihlol
prophesies for the lust mouth of the
year much sickness and a high rate of
mortality for the metropolis, couples
with an outbreak of crimes of violence
whieh is lo "shoik the community" ;
Orion says it will be scourged by extensive and terrible llres, and another
prophetic publication of lesser note
boldly announces the totul destruction
of London by an earthquake nnd tidal
wave, and the overthrow of   Hritain's
maritime supremacy owing to a European coalition, as well as the death
by a "virulent sweating sickness" of
two-thirds of the inhabitants of the
United  Kingdom.
Phair.���J. A. Kirk, Peterborough;
Miss. Hnghs, Ainsworth; A. E. Rand
and wife. New Westminster; J. Sla-
vin, Spokane; L. S. Burpee, Freder-
Hume.���J. Rushman, Vancouver;
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Robinson, Sandon ; E. Harrop, Three Forks; G. W.
Lawson, Toronto; R. M. Smith, Montreal : Henry Roy, Rossland; F. A.
McGunn, Kaslo.
Manchester,    Being   an Alien, Cannot
Run Motor Vehicle   in New York.
New York, Dee. 21).��� Shortly before
noon yesterday the Duke of Manchester, accompanied by a licensed engineer, pulled up in front of Police
Headquarters in a motor which-. The
Duke and his companion went to the
Uureau of Boiler Inspection,in charge
of Sergeant Mangln. The Duke approached Sergt. Mangin and said:
"I'm Manchester."
"You're what?" asked Mangin in
"Oh, I'm the Duke of Manchester,
and I came to get a license to run a
locomobile. I know all about them
having run', them in the old country
and I'm conversant with steam engines, too. I'm ready for the examination."
The Sergeant told the Duke that he
was sorry, but could not grant the ll
censo, as the law forbid the Issuing of
a license to an alien.
"Too bad," said the Duke, "as I
expected to operate a 'mobile here in
the eity."
The Sergeant said he was sorry,too,
especially as the Duke had married an
American girl, but thc law was inexorable, and the Duke departed sorrowfully.
Rome. Dec. SB.���Major Grower
Hot.ba, brother of Commandant General Louis Botba, has arrived in Rome
on his way to The Hague. He carries
despatches for Mr. Kruger. He said
the war in South Af'icn would last
for years, that Mr. Steyn had planned
the invasion of Cape Colony and that
a icvolt of the Afrikanders waB certain.
Putrefying food in the intestines
produces effects 11 ice those of arsenic,
hue Dr. King's New Life Pills expel the poisons from clogged bowels,
gently, easily but surely, curing Constipation, Biliousness, Sick Headache,
Fevers, nil Liver, Kidney and Bowel
I roubles. Only it cents at Canada
Drug & Hook Co.
The most miserable beings In the
world nre those suffering from Dyspepsia and Liver Complaint. More
than seventy-five per cent, of thc people In the Dominion are afflicted
with these two diseases and their
Directs; such a Sour Stomach, Sick
Headache, Habitual t'ostlvcneis, Palpitation of the Heart, Heart-burn,
Waterbrash, Gnawing Pains at the
Pit of Stomach, Yellow Skin, Coated
Tongue and Disagreeable Taste In
the Month, Coming up of Food After
Fating. Low Spirits, etc. Oo to your
Druggist and get a bottle of August
Flower for 7.n cents. Two doses will
relieve you. Try it. For Bale by W.
f. Teetsel.	
ONTARIO Northern   Spies, Greenings
and llaldwln   Apples at McDonald's
in Madden Hlock.
K. R. St N. CO., LTD.
TO run;  A  COI.lt IN O.VF. DAY
Take Laxative Ilroino Quinine Tablotn.   All
HniKKlHtH rotund tho monoy If It fnll- to euro.
gr.gaiiuiu   ��/u_.���...�����.  ��-�����......  .......   arugffuu reriuui tlio monoy Ir It falls lo euro
poon aud evening   have been couiplet-  !Ho.  E. W, drive ��l(_naturo In oa oach box.
ChriBtmas and New Years Excursions.
In connection with the Christmas
and New Years Ilolldiyfl, the Kootenay River A Navigation Company,
Ltd., will put into effect looal holiday
rates of single fare for the round trip.
Passengers can purchase tickets on
the following dates: December 2Snd,
98rd,94th and 2.1th, good to return until January 3rd. Tickets will also be
on sale December Sfltb, 30th. ,'llBt and
January lxt, good to return until Jan-
io per cent, off
and FURS. . . .
during this week.
Kerr & Co.
Cor. Baker and Ward Streets,
Spokane Mining Stock Exchange
This  morning'
as  received from
correspondent: ;
Hliicktuil : \0%
liutte & Hostou  %
Crystal ,    5X
Deer Trail Con  2X
Evening Star  7
Gold Ledge.....  IX
I.X.L 21
Iron Mask 38
Lone Pine Surprise  7. ���_
Mountain Lion 21
Morning Glory  IX
Morrison  3 %
Princess Mend.,..''  1}_
Quilp 25
Rambler-Cariboo 20X,
Republic    / 04
Reservation..."  4^
Rossland Giant'  _������,
Sullivan.: \4X
Tom Thumb 14
Waterloo.'....:  3
American Boy lo
Dewey ....:'..:  3
Conjecture .' ; 4 H
Miller Creek.... 3
Flag Hill  2
Hercules ���  4X
Bitter Root  0
Sales���Blacktail, 21)00 at !i\ ; Moun
tain Lion, 5000 at 2_K; Rossland
Giant, 4000 at _ !..
Spokane quotations
The Miner's special
20 ._
25 H
At What is Termed U. S. Victory Over
St. Petersburg, Dec. 29.���The Novoe
Vrenaya discussing tbe English news
paper Ind'ctment of the United States
Senate for "its unparalleled attempt
to overturn the Clayton-Bulwer
treaty" says:
"The case Is not unusual. Condi
tlons have changed and thu treaty
must change t. ><.. Russia afforded an
example in 1.70in declaring that she
was no longer bound by her promise
not to maintain war vessels in the
Black Sea."
The llourse <lazette says:
"Russia is gratified at America's
diplomatic victory over England.
Western Europe dislikes tho Monroe
doctrine because It desires to grab ter
ritorles everywhere, Rubbis, which
kas sympathized with America slice
ber independence, has nothing againM
the Monroe doctrine, and the old sym
pathies have grown more cordlul In
Cincinnati,   Dec. 21).-K. P. McCas-
Will, chief ot the   Provincial detective
fore, of Quebec, and three' HeutenantB
are here, seeking   T. J. Chisholra.   of
Montreal, who   Is charged with   hav
Ing jumped   a   bond of 810,000  under
which he had heen placed to await ap
pearanoe ou a charge of conspiring to
defraud tbe Merchants' Bank of Halifax of 822,1)00. Chisholm got away be
fore the oRicors arrived.
Ottawa, Dec.29.���The second battal-
lon of the Royal Canadian Regiment
will be disbanded from Dec. .'list.
"I suffered such pain from corns I
could hardly walk," writes II. Robinson, Hillsborough, Ills., "but Buck-
len's Arnica Salvo completely cured
them." Acts like magic on sprains,
bruises, cuts, sores, scalds, burns,
bolls, ulcers. Perfect healer of skin
diseases and piles. Cure guaranteed
by Canada Drug & Book Co.
0* ��� _______ ��� ___L ___;___; &_����� it^ _Sa1_-_& a^SLSL u\_����_ ti- _*_0*. 00. _*
We wish to thank the public generally for the most successful Holiday Trade     (fj
in our experience in Nelson and to *ai
that during the remaining days of 1900 we h<Tve hundreds of Bargains in
almost every line of goods. Our prices ALWA.S REASONABLE
are in many cases
��� ���
We are anxious to still further reduce stocks Carrie d   ii ur TWO  STORES
before removing to
Our New Premises in thc K. W. C. Block  $
Early 1901. j[\
===^^======^=======~===== ifi
Canada dm and book go.
SS__v___ ���___* ^ ________________ ________.^--__^^.^^^^
���_s^ ^5 "35 ^^ ^^ ^^ ^^ ��� 0* W- * ��� 0*- ** ��������� 0" ��� 0~r3 W ^-^''
��vvv***v**��v��***v******v��*^.vv��*v>������*<w**********'* I     MISCELLANEOUS
Leggings and Over-Gaiters
Gaiter ?
for   a   good   warm  Legging and   Over-
We have them in all sizes
For Ladies, Children and Boys.
Don't have cold limbs  when  you  can
buy these tor little money.
Ice Creepers Insure Safe WalkiDg.
The ShoeiiU
i )V^VW��wy^W^^^^^^>r>rWAr^Hr\r\r>A^Ar>r>r>rW����^��
Advertisements Inserted under thin hn_il it
the rate of ono oent a word per itmortlon. No
adverti. cment taken for lua _u&n 24 oenle.
"Why should I
Great West Life
nipeg ? "
insure my life
Ass. Co.'y of
n the
-3* v*/ \*/ \l> \*/ \*> v^/ v</ i*/ \*/ i*> \*> \*> Sii/ ��*> V*> V*/ i*> \*/ \i/ V*i i*/ \</ \*/ \*/ <^
ti i inr    ui/timiiT_^r m        ��
I      H. R. CAflERON.       ��
'<  lurnlsiica House to Bent. ��.
" Because it is the only Life Company
that invests  its money in the City of
Nelson, on improved property."
Call and see.
With a large
stock of
of All Descriptions
and at prices that are within
reach of rich and poor. Send
for  our  new watch  catalogue.
Manufacturing Jeweltn,
Out for Business.
VOli     RENT.��� Cellar.     Apply
-hunts' Bank of Halifax.
LOST.���A (fray fur collaretti-.trimraed
with black.    Finder please return to
Miner Oflice.
.'OB,   SALE.���Small   flat,     furnl��hed
complete   for  housekeecping.   Snap
for man   and   wife.    Address  "Flit"
Miner Oflice.
WANTED.���Furnished room, or boird
and   room, in   private    family,   by
young    gentleman.       Address   "E"
Miner Office.
DO YOU need an   experienced  Hook-
keeper and stenographer. Write \V���
Miner Offlce.
SALESMEN wanted to sell our goods
by sample to wholesale and retail
trade. We are the largest and only
manufacturers In our line in the
world. Liberal salary paid. AddroM,
CAN-DEX Mfg. Co., Savainah. (Is.
MUSIC Lessons on the mandolin, l'u-
I'ils taught to play and read music
in three mouths. First class method
usee' aud Instrument supplied. Ue(-
erenoes from former pupils. Hurry
Aronson, 2.8 Silica Street., Tliono
132.  ^__
THE PERSON   who borrowed a   ��ol-
u_u>   of   Kipling   from   The Miner
Offlce is requested to return It.
THE NELSON Soda Water Company
will be obliged if householders noting their empty syphons, or patent
screw top bottles, will communicate
>vith them by telephone or post curd
is the Ryphons and bottles are required for the holiday trade.
-House, furnished or ua-
Apply Royal   Hotel.
MININeS R--I.-B, IIITim rtiniii
Windermere Mloe*.  Coira_.ond_noe8or.oHod
uiiry ,')rd.
If you don't like Bine Bibbon Tea it'��
beoauBs you've never twted it.
Of Wrltlno Paper won t last
long. You'll batter plvo an-
oUie' "horry uo' r"d��r with
Real Estate and Insurance
81.1110 will buy 7-room house with
nil modern improvement..; terms;
8L'i)() cash.
842S will buy choice lot near Methodist Church.
815.10 will buy Iioubc and lot near
Furnished ;i-roomcil house.
Furnished ll-roomed house.
Hmall 3-roomeU liouse, 88.00.
Cabin, 8,1.00.
Baker Street,
NELSON.   -   -
Dakeii --HURT.
-$ao WiwiVa.   Everyone draws a bottle.
V��l��n-le prize for smiill. outlay,
WANTED.���Position as mine foremnn
or will develop properties by contract. Just returned from developing1
properties in the north. Can aiwuy,
mrvey and a good accountant. Riga
���lass testimonials. Extended experience In B. C. and South America.
e\pply P. 0. Hox 75,^Rossland 11. C.
FOR RENT.���A    warm,    eouifortalilc
house, seven rooms, water and bath.
Apply. "D," Miner Oflice.  .
WANTED. ���Capable, reliable person
in overy county to represent l��r_e
���ompany of solid financial reputation;
088 salary per year, payable vH'-klyj
J per day absolutely sure and �����'
xpenscs; straight, bonn-ilde, dellm'"
���alary, no commission; salary pal'1
���nch Saturday and expense mom'}' �������
.���anceii each week. Standard House,
'axton llulldlng, Chicago.
Mrs E. II. Thompson, (late of Ilornn-
wend's well known establishment,
Toronto), has opened parlors for linl1"
dressing In Victoria Block. LailieB
may make appointments by mall or
otherwise. Room 1, oorner. llakor
and Josephine Streets.
FIRST-CLASS   Room   and   Board, In
private   family,   reasonable   terms.
Apply  on   Silica   Street,   two  doom
west of Ward. . ���
FOR SALE���A new liouse, ten rooms,
very convenient.with all modern Improvements.   Applv A. E. Clarke, corner of Stanley and Carbonate   Street.
Will pay the highest oaah prioe for__IJ
kinds of seoond band goods. Will poj
or sell anything from ��n anchor to ���
needle. Fnrnitnre, ifovef OWperW;
oooking utensils, bongbt 1�� honsehoW
quantities A)jo o����t ott V__\__
Ooll and see me or write. AddrtJJ
.Silver King Mike. Bo_ 800. B*U
Street, Neleon. P. a


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