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Nelson Daily Miner Jan 26, 1899

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Dail> Edition No. 223.
Nelson, British Columbia. Thursday, January 26.   1899.
Ninth Ye-
American Mills Will Close
Without Them.
Miohiean Lumbermen are at Washington
Looking After Their
Washington, Jim. 25.���The rate of
rluty to be charged upon Canadian
lumber coming into the United States
is suid to be the priucipal thing now
remaining to be settled by the Auglo-
American commission. When that has
been disposed of a speedy conclusion
of the labors of the commission may
he expected. A delegation of Michigan lumbermen vouched Washington
today and will go before the American
commissioners tomorrow to urge them
to agree to a compromise ou the rate
of f 1 per thousand. One of them said:
"There are 27 mills on the eastern
shore of Michigan with nn average nn-
nnal capacity of 20,000,000 feet of
lumber. If some arrangement iH not
made by which they can secure logs
from Canada they will hnve to close.
Three fourths of their products ^ccs
through planing mills and box factories nnd those must close, of course,
with the mills. If the present eondi
tious continue nine months there will
be a lumber panic in tho United .States
and prices will go up $4 a thousand.
There aro indications of it now. Buy
ers have been in Way fStij recently
looking for n certain grade and quality
of stuff that bus hitherto heen obtainable in the nsnnl methods uud
ciiulil not find a carload of it in ull
the yards."
Washington, Jan. SB.���When the attention of Lord Rerkobell was called
to an Ottawa dispatch to thn effoet
thut he would sail for England, February it, ho said it was his present intention to leave for England nt tmit
timo, when asked if he thought it
probulilo that the High Joint Oommls-
siou would complete the work before il
at that time, he said he hoped so, Inn
did not make any definite statement.
Sir Wilfrid Laurier had nothing to
say. The statement was made a few
days ago that the commissioners expected to finish their labors in about
two weeks aud an intimation was
mndo that au agreement would he
reached. Upon tho subject of an
agreement, Lord Hi rscholl gave the
answer that, such was his hope.
out perceptihly impeding her progress.
The passengers and cvew weve helnw
deck, and escaped injury from the
wreckage. Swinging clear of tho
bridge, the Niagara broke clear from
the floe and drifted into a patch of
clear water. A hand-gear whb attached to the rudder; the engines, which
proved to be uninjured, resumed their
functions, and the dismembered craft
was slowly worked to a dock ou the
American shore.
Montreal, Jan. 25.���Montreal's
civic affairs have beeu conducted in a
disgraceful maimer.    A   report  which
will shortly be presented to the city
council will show that heads of several
departments took upon themselves to
have thousands of dollars worth of
work done for the city without any
authorization from committees.
Vienna Physicians Hold Life
Stirring Debate in the
ican House.
Department. It is conceded that the
document is cleverly phrased with the
intention to put the United States
Government in the wrong in the estimation of the world and it is suspected from the half concealed arvogance
of the demand to be iufovmed of the
puvpose of the United States Government in sending reinforcements to
the Philippines that this communication may mark the adoption of a new
hue of policy by the insurgents in the
Philippines. The fivst manifestation
nf this, in case it is decided to resort
: to open hostilities, probably will be
the sudden departure of Agoncillo and
| his staff from Washington and from
the limits of the United States.
Madrid, Jan. 25.���Premier Sagasta
announced today that the Government
has decided to evoke the Cortes during the second half of February,
whether or not the United States
Senate ratifies the treaty of peace.
Forty-seven Men Died of Starvation and
Six Soore Others Almost
Canadian Forry   Rout   Has   an Awful
A Buffulo dispatch under date of
Jan. 211 says:
Locked iu a monstrous icefloe, the
Canadian ferry. Niagara, with 1��
poisons on board, was swept helplessly
down the Niagara river Saturday
night, and wrecked on the Intel mi
tional bridge. Tho boat, which plies
between this city and Fort Erie, Ontario, left her dock at the foot of Ferry
stroet, in the early evoiiiiig.on the last
trip of the day, having onboard IB
passengers, six of whom were women.
and two children. Her crew consisted
of four men. The river was full of
flouting Ice, that drifted in from COS
lake hut the linat headed diagonally
across the current, and mude her way
to tho centre of the stream. Here she
hecamo imbedded in a groat field of ice
aud her engines wore powerless to
propel iior. Tho onrrent nt this point
in exceeding swift, and the momentum
of the ice field carried tho forry with
it, lu spite of the furious working of
her engines to contend against it.
The passengers, realizing their situation, were horror-stricken with th''
tour of being carried over the falls, ami
the moro imminent danger of being
dashed against u pier of the International bridge. The calls of tho ferry-
whistle attracted attention from shore,
and fire-tugs wor�� started from the
harbor a mile above, to endeavor to
rescue the helpless craft.
The passengers aud crew of   the Niagara put on life-preservers and   stood
with blanched   faces while   she swept
on with   the current.    River   niiviga- j
Hon being closed the drnws of die   In- ]
ternational bridge are inoperative, and ,
the swing-engines  dead,    It  was   oh- j
vious thut tho upper works of Iho boat i
could not clear the span, but the great
menace was tho piers of solid masonry. |
Tho   current   favored   fhn   boat,   and j
swept her between   thin span a little to
tho enst of   the   centre   of  the   river.
The iron girders   of the  bridge  raked
Iho boat clean to her second deck, currying away   smokustuok, pilot   house, ,
hurricane  deck and life boats,   with-
Madrid, Jan. 25.���The Reforma is
making revelations concerning the
abuses on board the Spanish trans-
Atlantic steamers bringing troops buck
to Spain, which live exciting intense
indignation throughout the kingdom,
Among other occurrences, the paper
tells of an incident on hoard the steamship Ciichemiro, which has just arrived at liarcelona. The troops were
so ill provided with food that most of
the time they were on the verge of
.starvation. Unable to stand the ��itun-
tion any longer the famished men mutinied nnd killed a bullock, the flesh
nf which they ate raw. After they
had finished their meal they quietly
returned to their quarters. The Reforma says that -1? men died of starvu
Hon ou the voyage and 124 others wen
landed at Barcelona in a critical con
ditiou from the same cause.
Dominion   Government   Will   Handle
Mineral Exhibits for Paris in 1000.
Ottawa, Jau. 25.���Tho Government
propose to arrange for representation
in certain classes of exhibits at the
Paris Exposition in 1000 but will depend on local oiganizutious nnd private individuals to supply speoimens
for instance, in mineral, agricultural.
Ilshery or forestry for an exhibit
which will ensure fair representation
uf all sections of tho country. The
Government has decided that it, will
iiiidertake nt public expense, the transportation of all exhibits from porta of
ihe Dominion across the ocean and to
Paris and that unpacking, setting up
and care of cxhilv's and re-packing
mid returning  to ihe shore of the Do-
ni i 1 it ill of such exhibitions us are mil
disposed of at Paris will be so managed at public expense,
London, Jan. 211.���The morning
Leader publishes the following dis
patch from Cairo: "A sensation bus
been caused by the aiiiiiiuiiceiuent of a
judge nf the mixed tribunals that he
cannot postpone cases after February
25. The iiiinuunceiiieiit lends to thn
belief that ICnghiml intends to abolish
the capitiilalii'iis. The capitulations
are the articles by which the sublime
porta liasgriinled in foreigner! residing
in   Turkey   and    the dependencies  Oi
Turkey, of which Egypt is nominally
one, extra territorial rights and muni-
i ti nn. such as trial by consul or uuui'ls
iu Egypt by the mixed tribunals, iu
cases where Turkish subjects are mil
Berlin, Jan. 25.���The correspondent
nf the Associated Press is Informed by
the German Foreigu onion mid the
United   Stales   I'inihassy   that   either
Germany nor the United siuion will
cuter upon    negotiations   regarding
Samoa until reliable detailed reports
are received as it is suspected flint the
picsont reports are incurred in important details.
Berlini Jan. 25.���The publication of
olllcial figures regarding Germany's
exports shows Unit the exports to the
United States lust year, amounted to
I8��i,450,814, as against I&U7,287,088
fin IH07. The decrease was almost
Wholly in sugar. The German spirits manufacturers effected a pool today.
Madrid, Jan. 25��� According to figures published here, WI, 1)110 Spanish
snlillcrs perished, chielly from sick-
liniui.dm inn the lust campaign In Cuba,
Children are Oheaper Than  Animals aud
are Used to Advance
Loudon, Jan 20.���The Vienna correspondent of the Morning Leader
says: "It has bee i discovered that the
physicians iu the free hospitals of Vienna systematically experiment upon
new born children, women who are
enceintes and persons who are dying.
In one case a doctor injected the bac-
oilli of nn infectious disease from a
decomposing corpse into !!5 women and
three new born children. In another
oase a youth who was on tbe high road
to recovery was inoculated and he died
Within 24 hours."
Many dying patients have been tortured by poisonous germs aud many
men have beeu inoculated with contagious diseubes. "One doctor, who received an unlimited number of healthy
children from a fondling hospital, for
experimental purposes, excused him-
sell on tho ground that they were
cheaper than animals."
Mr. Balfour Gives a   Forecast of What
it. is to Be.
LotlAon, Jan. 25.-The Right Hon.
A. J. Balfour, first Lord of the Treasury, Government leader in the House
of Commons, and member for Enst
Lothian and Rossshire iu a letter to a
eontituent forecasts the character of
the coming Iri.di University Bill. The
measure will propose to raise Queen's
College at Belfast to the status of a
teaching university and to crente another university at Dublin. Both will
be on identical lines, except that the
first governing body at Belfast will be
Protestants, while the governor at
Dublin will be Hoiiian Catholics. Both
institutions will bo rigidly subject to
the test nets. All scholarships and
fellowships from the public funds will
bo open to persons of all creeds and
no public endowment will bo given for
chairs of philosophy, theology or modern history. Tho number of cloricul
governors will ho strictly limited.
Mr. Balfour cautious Roman Oatho-
llOfl that unless satisfied with this it
will bo useless fo agitate further.
Johnson of Indiana Scored the President
and Dolliver of Iowa Defended
Au   Exciting   Time   on   the   London
Stock Exchange Yesterday.
London, Jan. 25.���The unpredeceul-
oil boom in South African securities
on the slock exchange hero hud nut
abated today. They wore strong and
caused quite a grout deal of excite
incut. The crush wus stupendous.
Members were lifted off their feet and
clouds of dust tilled the air. The car
rying over rates were very high and
settlement was incomplete. The clearing house had tho in ki ditllculty   in
competing   with   tho   crisis.    The ml
valine continued   on the  street, where
American securities ruse sharply.
Japan, Germany,   United   Status and
Great Britain Musi, be Friendly.
Yokohama, .In -Rfiii-Aduiiral
I >��� 11.1 ChurlcH Ri Histoid who has been
Visiting Chinese ports sailed tor the
United Stales today on his way to
England, In an interview previous
to his departure, the Admiral laid
emphasis upon the neeesaity of au understanding between Japan, Germany,
the United states ami Grant Britain
iu order to prevent war iu the far east.
London, Jan. 25. ���A special envoy
from Emperor William has arrived
hare hearing dispatches   to the British
Government relative to the trouble
in Samott, It is reported that a project is ou foot fur a settlement of the
difficulties at Apia.
London, Jun. 25. ���Austin Addison,
tho street railway conductor who was
brutally beaten by n gang u few mouths
ago, has identified Water Richards as
leader of the gang and Richards has
heen committed for trial.
Washington, Jan. 25.���Not since
the stirring days bofore the declaration
of war last spring has the house witnessed such an exhibition of excitement and such scenes of unbounded
enthusiasm as occurred today when
two Republicans, Mr. Johnson of Indiana, and Mr. Dolliver, of Iowa, looked
horus on the question of expansion.
The army bill which was under debate
was swallowed in the broader question
of future national policy. Mr. Johnson secured time from the Democratio
side to attack the position of the Administration. It was not the first time
he has broken away from his party on
public questions. He denounced tho
proposition to annex the Philippines
as subversive of every tradition dear to
tho American heart in the past and
the inauguration of n policy that would
end iu the downfall of the Republic.
He said tho ratification of the treaty
by the Senate would sound the death
kuell of all the efforts of those who
wero trying to prevent the country
from rushing ou to suicide aud de-
! clared if he wore a Sonator he would
rot in his seat before ic should be ratified. Ho denounced the President as
tho slavish follower of pubic opinion,
but he warned him thnt the tide would
recede nnd the voice of the people
would in time rebuke him.
When he had finished, Mr. Dolliver
came to the defence of the Administration. He doscribed how tbe presi lout
had been fairly driven into war by
those who now sought to embarrass
him before peace was dofiuitely obtained aud his eulogy of the president
patiently meeting ull the peiploxing
problems which beset him as the great
ovonts of tho last year moved on,
aroused his side and the galleries to
cheors. Tho highest pitch of excitement was reached when Mr. Johnson
and Mr. Dolliver got to eloso quarters
towards the ond of tho letter's speech.
Mr. Johnson pressed the defender of
the administration to disclose tho President's ultimate purpose regarding the
Philippines, but Mr. Dolliver, for
some time, adroitly evaded a direct
response, At lust ho contented himsolf
with declaring that this was not the
point at issue, that tho first thing was
to end the war by ratifying this
treaty. Tho future of the Philippine!
was a question for the future,
A   Philippine   Commissioner  in the
��.,i ii City en Route lu Manila.
Toronto, Jan. 25���It is rumored that
tho headquarters of the Canada Lite
Company will shortly be removed from
Hamilton to Toronto and that General
Manager Ramsay will bo superceded
by Fred Cox, son of Senator Oox, Mr.
Ramsay lo receive a retiring allow
mice of .���'.l,!l(inn. His salary at present
is   Al i,linn
Prof. Dean, of Worcester, of Ann
Arbor University, Is in the cily today
ou his way to Manila. He is mm of
the United States commission to determine the future of lhe Philippines and
will travel over the 0, P. R. Hue and
steamers to Hung Kong. At North
Bay he will meet. President Hchiiv-
manii, of Cornell University, a fellow
member of tho commission uud they
will travel together.
Major OompliU of the Salvation
Army waited ou Mayor Shaw this
moming and asked his assistance iu
securing abrogation by the London city
council of a by -lirv prohibiting
street preaching. He asks for a letter from Toronto's Mayor staling thnt
street preaching is freely allowed in
Toronto and is not attended by any
ill results.    The mayor will comply.
Philippine  Insurgents Present a Communication to the State Department.
Washington, Jan.  88.��� The   present
ill ion to the States Department yesterday of the communication from Agon-
Paris, Jan. 25.���The Venezuelan
j arbitrators only sat for half an hour.
Sir Richard Webster, Attorney General of Groat Britain, made a brief
speech, and Prof. Martens, the umpire of the Anglo-Venezuelan arbitration commission, and Professor jf International Law ar the University of
St. Petersburg, replied. In so doing
he thanked the French Government
for its hospitality. The meeting of
the commission will take place on
May 25.
U. S.
Money Was Paid Over,  But the Ships
Were Not Delivered as Per
London, Jan. 25.���In the Queen's
Bench division of the High Court of
Justice today the trial began of the
suit of the United States against Pelly
Bros,, ship brokers, for recovery of
66800 paid them on April 21, 1808. on
two 000-ton colliers by Lieutenant
Sims, then acting naval atlacho of the
United States Embassy here Lieutenant Sims testified thnt tho ship
brokers signed ut midnight on April 21
to deliver the oulHeri for .toiJOO. Ho
ndded thnt the contract stipulated that
thoy wore to bo delivered as soon as
possible and said the ship brokers
promised verbally that one of them
was to be ready to sail in 24 hours and
tho other in 48 hours. Tho lieutenant
gave tho brokers a check for ��5,!!0() at
midnight but they failed to deliver
the ships bofore the neutrality proclamation of April 20, aud claimed
they were unable to got the colliors
ready in that timo. Continuing. Lieutenant Sims suid the check beat tho
records m going through the clearing
house, us the brokers scoured tho
money at noon on tho morrow, intimating that they cashed the chock expecting war, und they did not intend
to deliver the bouts. Sims further
testified that the colliers wero to havo
joined tho United States fleet at Key
Wost. Expert ship men testified that
the colliers could have boon ready to
sail in the promised time. The de*
lencc tomorrow will ho thut the brokers wore unnblo to fit out tho ships
before war was doolurod.
A Oonple of Bills Considered  in the
Legislature Yesterday.
Victoria, Jan. 25.���In the Legisla
lure today farther progress was made
in c.ommittece with the bill providing
for the introduction of the Torrens
system.o( land registraton. The provision that registrars must, lie barristers or attorneys, was made to read
barristers OT solicitors, and the same
qualification was proivded for inspectors.
Hon. Mr. Cotton today introduced u
bill   providing   wherever  the Govern.
ment  tins appointed  a member of a
bOOrd of directors of any other board or
public body, the term of olliee of any
person so appointed shall expire ou the
���'101 h day of June next, unless the appointment has been for one year   only.
Loudon, Jan. 25,���Carl Beauc'iiimp
has been appointed governor of New
South Wales in succession to Viscount
Hampden, governor and enmmunder-
lu-ohief of the colony since 1806, I
R.    Sinn ban.     of     Livingstone,
Mont, Will Remember Nelson
Mr. w. R. stroohun, of Livingstone
Mont.., and u son ot Oity Olerk J. K.
Stvaeluiii, uf Nelson, with whom he
has been visiting since Christmas
time, left, for homo yesterday. While
in Nelson Mr. Strnchuii hud a great
deal more than his share of nMii'tioii.
He emtio here to visit his father,
bringing with him his wife and two
children. He bad been here only a few
days whon his wife hecamo ill and the
physicians annouueed the ailment as
appendicitis. An operation followed
and while Mrs. Strnchan is now on
the road to recovery,for several days her
'life was di Spatted of. In the menu-
time tho children took sick nnd
i Mr. Htriiohan's expected pleasant visit
I to his fathers' home was spent nt the
ife and children.     AU
cilio,   Aguinaido's representative,  un
ho styles himself, hus not changed tho i bedside of his w
.. ...      ���   ,,      ,,       . i   i of Ilium wore sufficiently   recovered to
attitude of   the   Department   towards g��   ()f     Mr    >,���,���,,, ������.���   ,,���,������.,������,
him,   and   there   is not the   slightest   f()r   )������������   yflHterduy,    however.    Mr.
probability   thut   he will be  ofllciully   btrnchuti holds   n responsible  railroad
reoognlsoa   by the   President   or  the I position at Livingston*.
Senator Davis Makes an Important Speech
He  IntimateB   That   England   and  the
States May Yet  Porm  an
Washington, Jan. 25.���In executive
session this afternoon, the members of
Senate listened to au extended speech
by Chairman Duvis of the Foreign
Affairs Committee favoring the adoption of the peace treaty. In the course
of his remarks Sentaor Davis referred
to tbe part played hy Great Britain
in blocking continental intervention
during  the Spanish-American   war.
tehould tho treaty not be approved
by the Somite, Mr. Davis said, wm
need expect no favors from Europe iu
regaining a foothold in the Eastern
markets. The Europeau powers wbvu
profoundly jealous of the United
States and the Senator declared lhat it
was a foot that we had not one friend
on tho continent in our recent struggle with Spain or in our efforts to secure peace favorable to this country.
He intimated thut but for Great Brit
ain'n attitude there would have been
intervention by tho continental powers. In this connectiou, he referred
to the newspaper reportB from London
accredit ig him with au expression favorable io an alliance of the United
o^.��.-3 v,.... Ore.it I nil.ii.. und Jiip.-.u.
Ho had never, he said, advocated
such un alliance for tho present, but
ho would not say that the timo might
not come when such an alliance would
lie both wise und necessary for tbe
preservation of our rights aud prestige. 	
A Public Meeting to be Held in Nil-
snn Monday Evening,
Sir Charles Hibbert Tupper will address a Nolson audience next Monday ovoning in the Hume Hotel Hall.
The meeting will ho under the auspices of the Liberal Conservative Association nnd all arrangements havo
been completed.
An endeavor is also being made to
induce Mr. Hewitt Bostock M. P. to
he in Nelson next Monday evening iu
which event a joint meeting will be
held. A telegram was dispatched to
Mr. Bostock last night and a reply is
expected some timo today.
Sir Hibbert will probably arrive in
Nelson Friday night or Saturday and
will he accompanied hy Messrs. Fred
Peters and Frank Phippeu. He has
already consented to address the meeting Monday evening and it. is expecttnl
that a large number of the electors of
Nelson will take advantage of this
opportunity to hear him upon the
:i   ues of tho duy.
It is Unnblo to Meet the Domain!-,
Made Upon it.
Nelson hits considerable nickiiea* at
the present time but no more than
it might expect any year at this pur
ticiilar soason. The general hospital is
full and there is not even acenmmodn-
Hon for one more patient. This condition of affairs arises huwevev from
the fuel that thn hospital is totally Inadequate lor the demands made upon
il. There is now bofore the Provincial Legislative Assembly a petition
from lln directors of the hospitnl for
a grunt sullleicnt to assure the erection of n new hospital,one which shall
bo able to care for all those seeking nil-
"Our present hospital" said a prominent physician to a Nelson Daily
Miner reporter yesterday "is only nn
excuse. It has hardly more than oue
quarter of the aooommodatlon necessary. We are in hopes thnt the legislators will grant our request for funds
with which to erect �� new building fer
it is sorely needed. It is n mutter
in which all of the people of Nelson
should be interested. Wo nro, of
course, doing the best we can With
what we have, but we aro not doing
by any menus what should bo done if
we hod a building of greater enpi'.e-
Kingston, Jun. 25.���Lieutennnt
Adams, R. E., graduate of the Royal
Military College, has been appointed
manager of tho Nile   Delta   Railway.
Aurora, Jau. 25,���Mis. Margaret
Bkrmer died Sunday iu her hundreth
1 :<
Nelson Daih  Miners
Pu ilished Daily except Surdoy.
forthwith." We do uot kuow whether
nded that a connection he-
itwi.. n this nnd the preceding quota-
; tion is to be understood,    The officials
named have not been Charged with
i personal    boodling,    and  we   do   not
ki. on Miner Printing    Publishing Co.,
D. J.  HK.vn.N, Man-.gins Director and  know why they should be hanged even
AM, COMMUNICATION:  lo the Editor must
bo loconrponted by th.3 i.ainu 'tail address
ot tlie wi iter, not n;(.o-.<urily tor publico-
11, but. us evldeuofl of good raith.
Daily per inonlh by can'or 8 100
per month by mat    100
ocr halt yep   by mill]    5(l"
por year  1000
per year foreign  18 00
Nelson Weekly MOTOR.
 J 125
Weekly, poi half year	
por year	
per year, foreign	
Subscription; a variably in udvance.
Notices of H'.rllis,   Diaths, and Miirrlugcs
nsertcd for all conts each.
Advertising n los Hindi Known on applloatlon
Nelson Minei Prin'iug&PublishingCo
by a mob of Americans. If it is because they were made to behave
themselves while sojourning in Cnn-
adiun territory, the bloodthirsty desire
is more discreditable still.
Tho letter clown with u paragraph
that will deeply uuiii the excellent
member for Alberta, who is also editor of The Edmonton Bulletin He did
much to popularise what is known us
the Edmonton route to the Yukon, referred to iii ibis letter, with unbecoming levity, as the "All Down Hill
~.m\ All-Canadian route. " A pilgrim   who
With Kitchener to Khartoum,  by Stevens, $1.50
Doctor Thome,
H. Ridei Haggard.
Grant Allen.
If the Senate were a check against
hasty or ill advised legislation, The
Toronto Gloho claims that it ought to
havo opposed the Canadian Pacific
monopoly, tho gerrymander, and the
Franchise Bill. These are the three
measures which conclusively prove its
partisanship and which arc to justify
its extinction.
Without the monopoly clause it is
doubtful if a Canadian Pacific railway
would have been begun when it was.
A majority of Parliament at that
timo believed that it was necessary to
a contract, and tho genoral election of
18H2 showed beyond doubt that the
country ulso believed it. It was not
until some years afterwards, when
tho evil of it was demonstrated so a-
cutely by tho experience of Manitoba,
that the country saw the mistake aud
it was promptly abolished. In every
election from 1882 to 1800 the country
endorsed the gerrymander. As well
expect to touch pitch aud not be do
filed as to expect Parliament to he
butter thau the people themselves.
There was nothing iniquitous iu the old
Krauchise Act; in many vespects it wus
better than the present one. Tho worst
that was ever truthfully said of if
was thnt it was cumbrous and expensive. Iiet us hope nothing worse will
ever be said of the one that has supplanted it. Thore was nothing in that
Act which called for the intervention
of-the Seuate, and. that body would
have been guilty of inexcusable contumacy if ir hud opposed it.
The Globe will have to do better
than this if it hopes to make out a case
for the abolition of the Sonato.
left Edmonton May ll. arrived   on   the
Yukon in Alaska, September   KI, travelling every day m the week and every
week   of   the   four mouths and move.
He is   a   Wiunipegger,   by   the  way,
und speaks contemptuously of the route, '
putting it  oo   a lower level oven than  Whittaker's
the"Stikiue   River   folly."   This   is,
surely not an allusion to that brilliant
conception  of   the    Ottawa   Government's, aud which   a perverse   Senate
so suddenly extinguished   last session?
Britain's Roll of Glory,
D. H. Parry.
Fights For the Flag,
W. H. Fitchet
Groceries, Provisions, Mining Sup
plies, Mining Drill Steel.
Vernon str.et, Nelson, B. C
Mail Orders
A Speciality.
Official Directory.
P. O. Box 214.
Deeds That Won the
Empiie, W. H. Fitchet.
Almanac   1899.
The Colonial Goldfields Gazette
iconics manfully to the defence of British Columbia against the reflections of
the special correspondent of The London Economist, who pretended to have
made a close inspection of mining conditions in this Province a short time
ago It laughs at the suggestion that,
although the country may have a
promising future, it will not in practice "benefit tbe English financial or
mining world." The reason given for
this opinion is that mineral properties
nre for the most part in tho hands of
Canadians and Americans. The Gazette snows tho fallacy of this, and
predicts that, because of scarcity of
capital, they "must inevitably pass m
lo tho hands of strong companies."
That is already the experience. There
is no trouble in getting English capital, us soon as development establishes
ihe fact that mines are rich enough
lo work,
The Klondike craze having reduced
itself to something approaching ru
tional dimensions, many Americans
who wont tumbling into that country
ave now making for the Alaska side
of the boundary line. During last
year interest in Alaska mining has re
vived almost to its old pitch. Wo get
a good idea of what is being done in a
letter contributed to the Seattle Post-
Intelligencer, written "near Seventy���
Mile," and dated Nov. 2(i. Creeks and
gulches everywhere are being prospected, with, of course, varying success. Some good strikes have been
made, and among the fortunate ones
mentioned is Dr. Peterson, of Vancouver, who washed out $9,000 in twenty-
five days.
But to Canadian readers tho chief interest of the letter is not in its iniii-
iug intelligence, however complete or
reliable that may be. Wo are too
much aocoustomed to recitals of adventures, hardships, and rich discoveries, to say nothing of the disappointments, to become excited over them.
The writer varies his long narrative
with paragraphs here and there relating to matters of a purely Canadian
character. For example, account im:
in part for the Alaskan renaissance,
he says: "What has contributed
more than any other one thing to the
surprisingly vapid development of the
Amevicnn side this year is the petty
tyranny, the absurd regulations and
the distinctly corrupt practices of
Canadian officialism at Dawson. It is
safe to say that not less thau nine-
tenths of those who ciinie to the
Northwest this year expected to prospect exclusively in Canadian territory.
Pilled with disgust at tho tre tment
accorded them hy the Canadian olli
cials, thev havo swarmed in thousands
below the border and Alaska is getting tho benefit. " All that is supposed
to have been changed by now; but
tho ttatomont is one moro evidence in
support of what has been so frequently
oharged, that boodling. and corruption
were the chief occupations of the Yukon officials,
Something of a different sort is this:
"Next to Dawson,of course,Eagle City
is tho largest and liveliest town on
thiO ukon. It is tilled with enterprising Americans of decided boom
tendencies. Next to selling town lots
and discoursing on the unexampled advantages of their towusite, the inhabitants have one ambition, namely,
to catch a Oanndian police official (notably ex-Gov, Muj. Walsh or Gold Commissioner Fawoett) on ibis aside of
the liue aud make un exumple of  him
aii, , Un- London Economist.
Tho correspondent is equnlly wide of
tho mark when, referring to the Cariboo district, he asserts that "no doubt
there is still plenty of alluvial and
placer gold to be found, but it lends
itself move lo the operation of private
individuals than to those of a limited
company." No one with kowledge
of the opportunities whioh exisl for
daep alluvial mining in Cariboo could
make such an observation as Hint.
Goldfields ave remarkable for their rapid growth, but they cannot settle
down to solid mining hussiness in u
day, and in the process there must
necessarily lie failures as well ns successes. British Columbia, however, is
vapidly getting rid of the disabilities
which marred its progress iii tbe earlier days. Railways are being constructed in every direction, smelting
facilities are being provided, and tho
gold and silver mines are being developed apaoe, ���Colonial Goldfields Gazette.
A Many Hliiini Question:
Before the problem of cheap transportation is rightly solved all sides of
ilio question will have to bo considered, and there are more sides to ir than
are usually thought, Each side is so
important uud so big thai the man
who takes it up is apt to think of
nothing else. The Manitoba farmer is
suvc that nothing is needed fait lower
railway rates from the prairies to Du-
luth or Fori William. He gets at mice
the bennlif of every cent saved thereby,
Others, seeing the block at Fort William in consequence of the inadequate
supply of Canadian vessels, declare
thai nothing will BUffine but the alio
lition of onr coasting laws. Let Americans bottoms take the products of the
Northwest lo Montreal via the lower
Ontario ports, and the market for
Manitoba wheat will no longer he New
York. Mr. Rntbbun finds salvation
in freeing the Welland and St. Lawrence canals from tolls. ��� Toronto
ll   UthOHotl   Moilri'ii In i:t;lil|tnictlt.
ii lathe Uoi.YlcslUnited Line,
ii linn n itocu-Ballast Rosdboil.
it Cronin No Baud *��(������,,. ii-,,
ft Ih  Hi.   Only l,hn*  Hiiiiuhig   l.uxint <   -
filth   ICooin Cars.
li i4 viirt! for tka Courtesy of 1U Eiuployen
It Is lhe Only l.iiif Serving ,111'itlH   on
ii in Carle Plan*
Attractive Tours during Season of
Navigation on Great Lakes via Duluth in
connection with Miigolfloent Passdngci
Steamers Northwest ami Northland,
For inoiis, tlokots ami ootnplote Lnfottnatltn
call on or address Agents K. fc S, Hy., ('. Si IC
8. Nav. Co., N S: F. 8. Ry., or
ii. A. JAOUflON General Ageiil
S,nil,inc. ,   �� ii
r, ���. wiiiT.vFv, a, r. .i t. a.,
61 Paul, Minn
Office and Pocket
Diaries, 1899.
Established 187K,
The Brackman b Ker Milling
Company, Ltd.
Beg to announce that they have opened a Branch House in  Nelson ami
will Carry a Full Line of
Hay, Oats, Mill Feed, Rolled Oats, Graham
Floui, Etc.
TEMPORARY WAREHOUSE:���Turner, Beeton's Warehouse  on C.
T. R. Siding, below Gray's  Planing Mill.
CITY OFFICE:���Room 6,   Aberdeen   Block,   Baker    Street.
Write for Quotations in Car Lots.
Victoria,  Vancouver,   New Westminster,
South Edmonton. Iselson.
Governor-General        - Lord Minto
Premier        - - Sir Wilfrid Laurier
Member House of Common*, Dominion Parlia
ment. Wont Kootenay Hewitt Bosteck
Dep Col. Inland Revenue F W 8wannell
Lieut.-Governor - HonT RMclnncK
Prcniioi - Hon Chas Scmlin
Attorney-General       -       Hon Joseph Martin
Minislerof Finance - Hon F O Cotton
Minister Mines and Education   Hon J F Hume
Pres Executive Council      Hon Dr McKeehnic
Member Legislative Assembly tor Nelson 1,1,1-
Inir - Hon .1 t Hume
Mayor      -       -      Hamilton George Neclands
Aldermen���Ohos Hillyer, H B Thom-on, J,
Frank Beer, hrank Fletcher, A. L  McKlllop
.1. A. IvIrkputrick.
City Clerk - ��� J K Strachan
Police Magistrate K A Crease
Chiof of Police . A F McKinnon
Chief of Fire Department    .    W J Thompson
Auditor ��� John Hamilton
Health Officer - - Dr. LaBnu
Cily Engineer - A. L. M'Oulioch
City council meets evory Monday, 7::I0 p.m nt
city hall, cor Victoria und Josephine st,
Dr. K C Arthur. Dr. G A B Hall, Geo John
stone.   Principal���J.   Hosllcy   Soady. R. A.
President J Roderick Robertson.
Secy-Treas. - F W. Swannel
Vice Pies.
Medloal Supt.
John A. Turner
W. A, Jowett.
F. W. Swannell
J A Forin
Dr. G. A B Hall
has taken over the practice of
Dr. H. E. Hall and is prepared to do all kinds of Dental
Work  by latest methods,  .  .
Broken lllll Mock linker St.
NOTICE is hereby given that. 1 have deposited in the office of the Registrar-General of
titles, Vicloria, plans showing a proposed dock
or wharf and warehouse and approaches thereto and site to float a boom over the West Arm
of Kootenay Lake ia front, of lot lor blockl (i'2u.
in the city of Nelson, tn d the location of the
same, together with a description of the proposed siles, and I have deposited a duplicate
of each in the office of tho Honourable the
Minister of Public Works, at the city of Ottawa, Ontario.
Notice is further givon that after tho expiration of one month from this date I will apply
to His Excellency the Governor-Goneral-ln-
Council for approval of such plans and descrip-
lion und of the works thefcin referred to.
Dated atNelson the 11th day of January 1899.
Start the
New Year
As You
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and Advertise in the
Kootenay's   Greatest
Better Than Ever.
Reliable Min-
The News of
the World
Firnl .liuler
Second Jailor
Third Jailor
Senior Guard
Capt, N. KitzsLubb^
Geo. Cartridge
Jos. Libbc
Fred .larvls
John M��'Alni m
For One Week Only,
Stocktaking  Sale.
^ We are offering Wall Paper this weel-   at Special  Low
Rates in  order to clear out.... 	
Remnants Below Cost.
Thomson   Stationery   Co.  LTd,
Nelson, B. C.	
Cox. Wtavfc & BaUer Stg.
Government Inspector of AKonoies VV J Goepel
Hold Commissioner         - John A. Turner
Mining Recorder-Tax Col RFTolmle
Collector of Customs       - Geo. Johnstone
Provincial Assessor John Keen
County Court Judge ���            J A Forlr
Registrar              ��� K T H Slmpkins
Inspector of Schools         ��� William Burnt
lllll    TABLE   FOR   4LOMNU   OF   MAIL*
i Spokane;   Victoria;   ltosslnnd "l
Winnipeg;  Vancouver und    1-9 a.m
V all  Eastern   Points. J
I Nakusp;  Slocan  Lake,    San- ~1
don;   Vancouver,   Winni-    J 8 p.m
V peg, Main Line, O.P.H.      J
Hossland;   Trail, ltobson and
Points on C. & K. It*'.
Kaslo and !.a*n Points.       4 p.m.
Kuskouook   and Creston
Monday and Friday 7:30 a.m
Carload   of the
latest furniture on
just received.
the market
Upholstering   a   Specialty.
Undertaking and Embalming in all   its  branches.
We have our own Hearse.
All Kinds Of Smoke.
T. & B. PLl'U
As we keep our Tobaccos In hotlrour Excise nnd Customs Bonds we ar,
able to carry a huge nnd assorted stork.
Patronize Home
���     AND   SMOKE
Made   cigars.
/*"** ���
Royal Seal
Is  ac
edged to be about   the   Best  Clear   Havana
Cigar  On   the   Western   Market.
Other   Brands  are  so  Well   Known    the)1
Kootenay Cigar Mfg. Co.
Post Office Box 126, Nelson, B. 0-
Our Motto:   "Good Goods for Good Money."
#   BUY IT    #
The Miner is on
sale ut  the
lowing news stores
at five cents
Gilbert Stanley
Thomson Stationery Co      Ncinon
ruiiiniii OniK & Hook Co.    Nelson
Hot*) Hume News Stand     Nelson
li. Campbell
O. F. Nelson
Now Denver
j. F Dolaney
Slocan Nova Co.
Slocan City
J. I. MclntOHh
Slocan Nown Co.
W. Tinker
Thompson b>oh.
Hotel Spokane
M. W. Sinipnon
M. Anderson
Slocan Crosslink
C. VV. Hill
Cascade City
and  News   Agents
trains out of Nelson.
on   boats   and
Use a llrst class line in traveling botwoon
Minneapolis, Si. Paul and Chicago, and
t.b"j  principal towns in Central Wisconsin
Pullman Palace Bleeping and Chair Cars
Service        .....
The Dining Cars are operated In tho Interest uf
lis patrons, the inost elegiuil service over
inaugurated,   Mfcils are served a la Carte.
To obtain llrst class service your ticket should
road via ....
Ilivccl, connections at, Chicago and Milwaukee
Tor all Kastern points.
Por full Informal ion call on your nearest tloko'
agent, or write . , ,
Jah. A. Chick.        or       .Tab. C. Pond,
liencml Agent, Goneral Pass. Agent '
2t(i Stark. Street, Milwaukee.
Portland  Oro.
omen hours.
Delivery, 8 a,m, lo 8 p.m.; Iteglstration, 8.30
a.m. lo 7 p.m.; Money Orders and Savings Hank
II a.m. lo 4 p.m.; Sunday 1 hnurllO to tl a.m).r
J. A. G1LKKR, Postmaster,
Church op Knoi.amj���Matin 11a.m.: Kven
Song. 7.HO p.m. evory Sunday. Holy Commun
ion on 1st und 3rd Sundays in Ihe month aftci
Mai ins; on 2nd and 4th Sundays, at 8 a.m
Sunday School at 2.30 p.m. Kev. H. S. Ake
hurst. Hector.   Cor Ward and Silica streets.
PuicsiivTKiiiAN Church���Services nt 11 a.m.
and 7.:io p.m. Sunday School at 2.30 p.m
Prayer meeting Thursday evoning at 8 p.m.;
Christian Endeavor society meets every Mon-
lay evening ut 8 o'clock. Hev. ll. Krow,
METHODIST CnuRCH-Corner Silica and
Josephine Streets. Servicos at 11 a.m. and 7.30
p. ni. ; Sabbath School, 2.30 p.m.: Prayer mooting on Friday evening at 8 o'clock; Kpworth
League C, K., Tuesday at 8 a.m. Hev. John
ltobson, Pastor.
Catholic Church-Mass at Nelson, llrst
and third Sunday at 8 and 10.00 a.m.; Henodlc-
Iionat7.30 to 8 p.m.   Kev.  Father Ferland
Haitist OHUROH - Ber��toes morning and
evening at 11 a.m. and 7.80 p.m.; Prayer meet
ing iVednesday evening nl 8 p.m. tho 11. Y.
P. U. Monday evening at 8 o'clock. Strangers
cordially welcomed,   ltov. C. VV. Hose, Pastor
Salvation ARMY-Sarvic u every evening
il 8 o'clock In barra.ckson Victoria street.
I'liutinl Edgecombe in charge.
NKLSON LODGK, No. 23. A. F. & A.
M. meets second Wodnesday In each
month.   Visiting brethren invited.
G. L, I.knnox, Secretary.
I. O. O.  F.     Kootonay  Lodge
No. Hi, moets ovory Monday night,
at   Iheii   Hall,   KooUiuny street.
Sojourning Odd Follows oordlally Invited.
K C Arthur, N. G.   John Vanstonu, V. G.
Fred J Squires, Secy.
COURT KOOTENAY, I.O.F., NO. 3138 mooUi
1st and 3rd Wednesday In each month in tho
K of P Hull. F W Swnnoll, C. D. S. O. R.; J H
Green. O.K.; J. l'urklss, Seoy.
NKLSON LODOK, NO. 10 A.O.U.W., meets
every Thursday In the 1,0.0.F. hall. (1 C
Williams, M.W.; W 8 Smith, Kco.-Sec; J. ,1.
Drlscoll. Financier; F. J Squire. Kooeiver, and
P. M. W.
NKLSON L.O.L. No. 1692 moets In tho Mac
Donald block every Thursday evening at 8
" clock. Visiting members cordially Invited.
John Tovo, W. M\; F. J. Hrndloy, It. S.
NKLSON   LODGE  No. 25, K. of   P.
meets in Castle hall, McDonald block
jaevory   Tuesday ovoning at 8 o'clock.
^All visiting knights cordially invited.
K. G. Joy, O. O.
(820) Gko. Kohb K. of R. and S.
NELSON  LODGE,   I. O. G. T.      Meets in
Castle Hall, McDonald Hlock, ovory Monday
evening al 8 o'clock.   Visiting Templare cordially invited, John Telford,
Chief Templar.
J. F. Jucobson   Soe'y
Steamship Lines
  From St. John
Allan Lino -Parisian Feb. 11
Dominion Lino���Vancouver Feb S
From Portland
Allan Llno-Numldlaii Feb. 4
From Now York
White Star   Llno-Majestlo Fell. 8
Ounnrd Llno-Aiiranhi  Feb.   I
American Lino���St, Louis Feb. 8
Anchor Line���Anchorla Feb. 11
Allan Staio Lino-State ot Nebraska... Feb 23
From Huston
Dominion Line-Canada Fob. 15
Pnssagos arranged to and from all European
points. For rates, tickets nnd full Informal ion
anplyloC.P. K,(lepotogeiit or O. K. Bcosley,
City Ticket Agent, Nelson, B, C.
..���   _ , WILLIAM 8TITT,
844)   General Agent. C.P.R. Ofllocs, Wlunlpeg.
Rossland Carnival Mow in
Full Swing.
affairs tip, but if   not   Rosslaud  must
go drv on its biggest Carnival Day.
Best   Dressed  Gentleman  at
Carnival���Yesterday's   Curling PcoreB
Rossland, Jan. 25. ���(Special)���The
Nelson contingent is ou very gocd
Vrms with itself this evening on ao
count of the success of T. Lillie who
captured the first prize at the carnival
for best gentleman's oosiume. There
were hundreds of people in the masquerade hut none could compare with
the Nelson man.
Nelson onrlers today were only moderately successful. Play in Grand
Challenge commenced this morning
and the first round resulted as follows:
Grant, Nclfou. 19 vs. Brown, Revel
stoke, 4.
Peters, Nelson, 10 vs. Beamish,
Rossland, 12.
Tainblyn, Nelson, (i vs. Smith, Rossland, 11.
Russel, Nelson, fl vs. Cranston, Ross
land, lfi.
Griinmett, Saudou, (i vs. Morkill,
Rossland, \2.
Waugh, Knslo, 2(5 vs Carlyle, Ross
land, (i.
In this, competition, Grant meets
Fraser, of Rossland, tomorrow morning.
In the first drnw for the Walkerville
trophy, Grant was again the only
Nelson wiuuor, he taking Beamish of
Rosslaud into a camp by 24 to 4. The
scores in this contest were:
Cranston, H vs. Peters,   (i.
Waugh, 10, vs. Smith, 9.
Carlyle,   12 vs.   Russell,   !i.
Brown, 10 vs Hood, 11.
Fraser, 12 vs. Tamblyn, ii.
Beivmish, 4 vs.  Grant, 24.
Grant, meets Fraser in the second
draw tomorrow.
The Rossland vs. All Comers match
wns played this afternoon and the All
Coiners won by 88 to (15. In this contest Grant was tho only Nelson man t<i
meet defeaf. The following were the
scores, tho competing rinks mentioned
first being the All Comers:
Grimniett, Ki vs. Beamish, (!.
Hood, 11 vs Cranston, 7.
Russell, 8 vs. McArthur,
Tamblyn, 10 vs. Morkill
Waugh, 14 vs.  Smith, ~.
Peters, 10 vs. Klwood, 8.
Grant, 8 vs Fraser, 12.
Brown, 9 vs. Carlyle, IH.
Tho   visiting   rinks  will now
down for the trophy.
The weather is favoniule and the
carnival is proving to be a lug sue
cess. Groat interest in being manifested in tho hockey tournament und
Nelson is expected to send a strong
team. A largo number of Nelson people ate expected this evening.
The Nelson Hookey club had a splendid practice last eveniiu und if the
men show up as well at Rossland as
thoy did last night they should give n
very good account of themselves. The
Rosslaud team will be composed of
Nnnn or S. Neelauds, goal; W. Duncan, point; Blackwood, cover; Wet
more, T. Duncan, Henderson, Thompson, Furrier, forwnrds,one of them being a spuro man. The team leaves on
the (i :40 train this evening and will
return on Sunday. They play tomorrow eveuiug.
Friday, Rossland's  biggest carnival
day, threatens   to be a   failure, if the
closing of   all tho saloons ou that  day
would make it so.    It will   be remembered that ono of the   gentlemen elected as alderman at the late election failed to   qualify.    ThiB   necessitated another choice   and Tuesday   was set  ns
nomination day aud Friday as election
day,    It was hoped that  thore  would
be no ooutest but  simply   election  by
acclamation.    These   hopes were shattered, however.    There were four nom ���
moos, J. S. Clute, Jr., M. S. Simpson,
William Greer and Eli Lavally. It was
not  until the nominations   were made
that tho   hotel men realized   what  an
election would mean   to  them.    Thoy
had contributed  largely   to the carnival fund and   if au election were held
on Friday all   saloons   would have  to
close. Friday is to be the biggost day of
the carnival; the day upon whioh   tbe
whole of   Kootonay   aud Spokane  are
to be represented   and   tho  day of all
days for the hotel and saloon men. An
effort was at once made   to have all of
tho candidates but oue withdraw, thus
avoiding the necessity   of an election.
All of tho candidates  wero   willing to
do   this   with   tho   exception of  Mr.
Simpson, who   would   only   agree   to
withdraw   if    all   would   withdraw.
This   wouldn't   work   as   the  others
would not   agroo to it.    This   is  how
the  matter    stood   yosterdny.    Sonie-
P. 0. Inspector McLeod Decs Nothing
For the Boundary Country
Notwithstanding the visit of Inspector McLeod   and the promise of better
service in the future, says tho   Boundary Crcik Times,  the people of Boundary Creek are   still   enjoying somo delightfully interesting irregularities  in
connection   with     the   delivery    and
conveyance of Her Majesty's mail,    A
business letter   sent   from   this  ofiice
to Cascade     City   on     December   19,
reached its destination   on January 14
or, as our correspondent aptly puts it,
the letter took 2(i   nays to  make a distance of ilT miles.    Fortunately it wns
adorned with a   throe-cent  stamp.    Tt
would be really   too bad   if   the   new
two-cent stamp   with tho high sounding "Wc hold   a   vaster Empire   than
has been,'' should find a resting  place
nil a letter that was   carried less   than
i ]..j miles per day.    In tlie days of   tin.
more modest Empire and the ordinary
three-cent slump, a faster service   wns
occasionally   provided.    The   Rossland
mail lias   also been very irregular   foj
several   weeks,   but   this   is   perhaps
caused by   tho   difiioulty   in   orossiug
the Columbia Hiver nn account of ice
Altogether   mail   to  aud   from     tin
Boundary Creek country is handled in
a very unsatisfactory manner,   and  ii
should be part of the duties of the   inspector to attend to the matter.   Every
week petitions and complaints are  being sent to the department and no   attention is  being paid   to them.    It  is
of the highest importance that the letter service at least should be regular.
local" ainTFersqnal
John F. Joyce, of Joyce Bros., general merchants of Fernie, was in Nelson yesterday.
G. H. Williams, traveling freight
and passenger agent of the Greal
Northern road, was in Nelson yesterday.
J. W. Cowan, the "lightening express man," has sold out his business
to Gonier, Davis <fc Co., who will continue it.
Miss Lottie Williams was taken to
Mrs. Crawford's yesterday, suffering
from a severe attack of grippe and
A child's mit was picked up on
tho street yesterday and is at The
Miner office where the owner can
have it for the asking.
A congregational meeting will he
held in tho Presbyterian Ohuroh tonight. Refreshments will be served
and everybody is invited to attend.
W. P. Tieruivy of tho Gait Coal Co.,
of Lethbridge, states that .' the
first time since Ihe agency has heen
established they have plenty of coal.
The C. P. R. Express Co. have re-
ci'iitly opened offices along the Crow's
Nest Pass Road, at Blairmore, Alhta, ;
Ciow's Nest, Fisher and Kitchener
An office at Moyelle will bo opened
C. E Mallotte, former produce merchant, left yesterday morning for the
Boundary country to collect some accounts and look over the field with a
view to establishing himself at some
point there.
Tho proprietors of the Crystal Rink
announce that they aro arranging for a
big carnival to be held on the night of
Keb. 1. There is now a good sheet of
ice at the rink and tho patrongage
is heavy.
Mr. Leigh Henry, of the firm of
Henry, Eorde & Co., left yesterday
fur England on mining business. He
will be absent several mouths and if
rumor is corroct this popular bachelor
will not return alone.
Mr. W. O. Ditmars, of Vancouver,
chief accountant for Mr. W. H. Armstrong has gone to Montreal on business connected with their Crow's
Nest contract. Mr. Armstrong will
follow in a few days and both will return in aiiout a month.
The   presence in   tho city yesterday
of Mr. Hugh   Lunisden,    chief of  the
0. P. R.    engineering   staff, gave im
petus   to   the   minora   tlmf wirk will
shortly oommenoe on tb" western extension of the (Jl'OW'S West line from
Kootenay Landing to Nelson. There
are a number of contractors in tho city
now waiting tho commencement of
operations and they are quite confident that they will get to work soon.
Mr. Lunisden left last night on a trip
over the Robson line and it is expected that ho will look into the question
of making some needed improvements
on that part of the C. P. R. system.
He will be in Nelsou towards tne rud
of the week.
Recent business changes in tho
Kootenays are as follows: Ripslein
und Berkinan, hotel keepers of Cranbrook have dissolved partnership, J.
Berkman continuing; U. Oliver, grower of Nelson, has closed out and will
open at Greenwood; Blanchard and
Moore, havo opened a blacksmith shop
at Cascade City; Shaw and Collins
have gone into the stationciy business
at Greenwood i Frank Guse has opened ii clothing store at Columbia, formerly Grand forks; Kane Brothers,
of Craigtowii and Erin, have sold
their Oroigtown business to H. E. Me-
(liinghey; Schumacher and Peterson
have formed a partnership in the saloon business at Kuslo; Klockman and
Peiser, saloon keepers of Rossland
have dissolved partnership, A. Klockman continuing.
seizing or disposing of the goods. An1
injunction was granted restraining the
sheriff from selling until February1
10, and in the meantime should Spencer tut up .*22."i for security, he may
again regain possession from the sheriff.���Victoria Colonist, .'an   22.
It's Not a Question!
Phair���J. M. Powers. Sandon ; 0.
H. Williams. Spokane: Phil McArdlc,
Spokane; F. E. Michaels. Fpikaue;
S. S. Fowler. Nelson; H. H. Welch.
Victoria; J. W. Williams. London.
Hume���James Beveridge, Vancouver; J. MoMartin, Revelstoke ; C. F.
Caldwell, Kaslo: R, McGuire, Mollie
Gibson mine; It. C. Wnlley, John
Thompson. Silver King mine ; Ohas.
Parker, Kos land; Frank B. Gibbs,
Nelson; Mr. and Mrs. H. F. Braggon,
New Denver; Rev. R. MaoDougall,
Revelstoke. B. C.
Queens���Mr. and Mrs. Constance,
Athabasca mine; J. H. Nolan, Wan
eta ; William G. Lillie. Arkansas.
Somepeoplethink that a Hardware
store is a poor place tn look for suitable
Disabuse your mind of that idea. We
have a line of goods amongst which
will he found Iho most useful and appropriate articles lor presentation purposes Their value is not fleeting.
Every day the receiver of one of these
will havo reason to praise your judgment in selecting a lasting gift.
Fileum Hirihnn Co..
nnriortorn of
Paints, Oils, Shelf Hardware,
Plumbers' Supplies,
Miners' Supplies
Poes YoUr
Clock KeeP
Good   Tiijie? . .
Then send us a post card
or call and we will do the
Patenaude   Brothers.
Household Furniture
For Sale.
I am leaving the city and
hy Friday next everything
must be disposed of.
Call at my residence next
to Miner Office.
We have purchased the express
and drayage business of Mr. J. W.
Cowan and bespeak as large a patronage at the hands of Nelson citizens as was accorded Mr. Cowan.
Leave orders at D, McArthur's or
telephone No. 85.
Time Card in effect January  8rd,
A motion made hy Mr. Robert Cas-
aidy yesterday on behalf of li. M. Spencer, of Sandon,is of rather an interesting nature, as it binges on the question of tho ownership of the towusite
of Sandon. ,1. M. Harris took up a
mining claim that covers a good portion of the towusite of Sandon. (J.
M. Spencer squatted on this land, and
afterwards agreed to pay Harris rent.
The question subsequently came up
as to the ownership of the hind nnd
tho case was taken into the courts,
The result of this suit   is not decided,
judgment being not yet given.   In the
meantime Harris levied distress
against Spencer, though Mr. Robert
lOmsuly   has applied   to   Mr.   Justice
south li'ml.
Read down
Until, I.vh. Ii.lll) 11.111. Kuslo
1,W     "   AlllHWOl'tll
"   mm
"    816
Ar   (MS
"   10.30
Pilot Hay 6.80
lliilfuiir    li.iiil
SMilu l't. B.10
Nolson    4.HII
North I'   a
Read up
8.110 p.m. Hont Ar
".10    '
Connects with N. tt P. s. Railway train for
Spokane, loafing Five Mile Point at io:Ofl a.m.
Steamers leave Kuslo olty wharf at foot of 3rd
struct.   Subject tocliuii^o williout nottco.
As to how much you paid for
your shoes, as it is what did you
gel for your money ?
Value in Footwear ^ what
is making new customers for us
dav.     Whv   not   become
Aberdeen Block
A Treat...
. On  piano   oricun    or
Astloy, ltobson street
IV.      I>.   "
miliar, by Mrs. VV, J
two doors wost of stanloy.   P. O. Hox 130.
EOOMS FOR RENT���Furnished or Unfurnished Apnlv Mrs. liny, on Cedar stroet, op-
poslto Thorpe's.
Just Arrived from the flaple District.
A Fresh Lot ofs "* **���
Maple Syrup
In Tins and Bottles.
Also a shipment of Pure Rock Candy Syrup
in Bottles. Pices very Reasonable, considering' the quality	
Headquarters for Dried Fruits. Jams and Jellies
M.DesBrisay & Co.
Aberdeen Block, . NELSON, B. _.
West Kootenay Butcher Co.
. . FRESH . .
Oumps supplied on shortest notice and Lowes Prices
Mail Orders receive Careful attention.
Nothing but fresh and wholesome meats and supplies
kept in stock.
Markets at Nelson and Ymir.
Merchants' Bank of Halifax.
Incorporated 1869.
Capital Paid Up, ��1,500,000, Reserve, $1,175,000.
Head Office: Halifax, Nova Scotia.
Antigonish, N S.
Hal Inn- .1, N. h.
Brldgewat-er, N. S.
Charlottetown. P. E. I.
Dorchester, N. B.
Frcdertcton, N. B.
(lujHboro, N. S.
llrnnrt Forks, B. C.
Ilulifiix, N. S.
Kingston, v h.
Londonderry, N. S.
I.unenborg, N. S.
General Banking Business Transacted; Sterling
and Sold, Letters of  Credit, Etc.
Miili land, N. B.
Moncton, N. B.
Montreal, P. Q.
Montreal, Went End
Montreal, Westmount
Nanainio, B. C.
Nelson, B. O.
Newcastle, N. B.
Piclon, X. S.
Port Hawksbiiry, N. S.
Her land, B.C.
Sackvillo, N. B.
Shubenncadio, N. S.
Sumraersido, P. E. I.
Sydney. X. 8.
St. John, Nfld.
Truro, N. S,
Vancouver, B. C.
Vancouver, East Knd
Victoria, B. O.
Weymouth, N. S.
Woodstock, N. B.
Ymir, 1). C.
Bills of Exchange  Bought
, Negotiated.
Accounts received on the in   -t favorable terms.    Interest allowed on special
deposits 'nil on Saving Hank accounts.
Nanaimo, Nelson, Rossland, Vancouver, Vancouver East End,
Victoria, Grand Forks, Tmir.
A Savings Bank dojiariinent ban been established in connection wilh Iho Nelson branch of
Ibis bank. Deposits of one dollar and upwards received, and current rate of interest allowed.
al present 3 per cont. per annum.
Geo. Kydd, Manager, Nelson, B.C.
B Real Estate and Insurance Agent.
5= Two Lots on Mill Street.    $300 Cash.
1 The Birkbeck Investment,  Security
% and Savings Co. %
%z   advance money on Improved Real Estate.     Repayable in 5 and    ^
fc; 8 years by monthly instalments. ^
thing mny he done before Friday to fix 1 Drake   to  restrain   the  aheriff from
HOOMS TO LKT���furnished ai.d unfurii-
foiled. Also a fow viicancloi for lablo boarders,
Mrs, Kwny, Carbonau strait,
Crow's Nest Pass Coal Co.
$6.25 Delivered to any
part of the city.
Charles St.  Barbe,   Agent.
Office with Charles A. Waterman & Co., where
orders will be received.
' gl�������������������������������������>����������������������;
g-   tt-Hoomed Stout House       ���    tzu 00   j^|
y-1 l-Kouined Plastered House - $12 uo  ]3
E: ������������ 3
9^.     (-Roomed  Cottage near  Stanley   ^^t
J^   slreel, $750. ^
fc      6 Roomed Stone Cottatfe *13UU. ^
fc      Large liotiblc House $2000. ^
: on 111 iniimn si., on iiiiintiK :
Brewers of Fine Ui��er
Beer mid Porter.
Drop in   and see   ns.
B. C.
Now finally known as
Fisher Station, C.N.P. R'y.
West Kootena\ Valley, B. C��� on  Hue
of C.N. P. Ry��� and
Nelson & Bedlington Ry., now  under
Information regarding Creston may
lie had of GKO. M'FARLAND, Agent,
Nelson, or from
Creston Townsite Co.,
������������������������ ���������������������������������������������������������������������
! ���
I Short Order Meals j
X At Any Time���Day %
X or Night. t
r A First Class J
��� Dinner Served t
t         From 12 to 2.             t
��� X
t �������������������������������������������������������������������������$
I Y. HOSHI        -        Proprietor. ��
U+++������������������������������������������������������������� ���
Situate in the Ainswokth Mining Division
ok   Wkst   Kootbnay District���Whehi
locatkili���onk  and  a  quarter  milk"
the Kaslo Trail.
TAKE notlee that I, Wilfrid Francln Br.nu-
hum. K. M. O. No. 2136, agent for Charl���
Klnmley MUbourne, F. M. C. No. 1930a, in
tend, Hixty dii) . from the date hereof, to upph
lo Iho Mining Recorder for a Certiflrnte of lln
provementH, for the purpose of obtaining h
Crown Grant of the above claim.
And further take notice that action, under
section 37, miiflt be commenced before he !�����
Ktuinco of Hiich Certificate of Improvemetntn.
Dated this loth day of December. 18118.
Great West   Life
Assurance Co.
Money to Loan on straight
mortgages at 8 per cent, on
improved properties.
H.   R.   Cameron,
Newly Furnished Rooms
At the Carney Block, Baker street.
Bath and electric light. Prices reason-
\        KOOTENAY
Mining Stock Quotations.
ompileil liv H. G. MoCiiiliii'li. inining broU
Nelson. 1). C. P. 0. box III.) |
Namoot Company Value.
Kelson, Slocan and Alnsworth
Amerioan Roy 1 oo
Athiihasca 100
ArliliKlollCon 100
Dundee 100
Dardanelles l oo
Dellle 100
Klsio 100
Kxcticouer 100
Fern G. M. Co     ���-'.'>
Gibson  ISO
Hull .Mines  ��1
Idler loo
London  Hill    25
Nulson-Poonnan    2S
Ku-lo MontoKunia 1 oo
Noble Five loo
Rambler Con  1 On
lteco liw
Slocan Star  ..   SO
Two Friends   80
Wonderful  100
Washington 1 00
Trail Creek
Hulle ion
Caledonia Con   100
Commander l 0')
Deer Park 100
Enterprise  too
Eureka Consolidated ...1 00
Evening .Star 1 00
Georgia 100
Good Hopo 100
Grand Prize  100
Giant 100
HighOrc 100
Iron Mask 100
lion Colt 100
Jumbo 1 00
Lily May S00
Mayflower l oo
Monita 100
JlonteCristo 100
Mugwump 100
Novelty 100
Phoenix 100
Poorman 1 00
Hod Mountain View 100
Kosslnnrt   Homcstako 1 00
Kossland Ited Mountain 100
Silverino 100
Silver Bell 100
St. Klmo 100
Virginia 100
Victory-Triumph  100
War Basle Con   ...ion
West Lo Roi Josle 100
White Bear 100
Alpha Bell 100
Cariboo iCanip McKl 100
Waterloo (Camp McKl 100
Cariboo Hydraulic Con S 00
Channe      25
Golden Cache 100
Occ.M.& M.Co 100
Old Ironsides  100
Smuggler 1 IKI
Tin Horn    25
Van And;i 100
Wlnoneater   25
.Fire Mountain l oo
1 20
1 25
I 50
New   York,   Jan.   35.��� B.ir   silver,
fill',., ; Mexican dollars. 47'ji : silver certificates, ."lllj.j to (i()}a.
*   *   *
Ymir, Jan. 25.���There wns a hig
time yesterday at the Dundee mine
near here, when the tramway and concentrator were started for the first
time. Mr, C. Dundee, the president of
tiic company, oame down from Ross
land aoooinpanied by his charming
wife, to attend the opening, nnd Vice-
president, Mr, W, A. (iulliher of Nel
son, ulso arrived, Mr, O, Parker of
the firm of Parker and Gurdwoorl
who designed the tramway and concentrator was present, as was Mr. J.
L Parker, the genial superintendent
of the i unileo.iind Mrs. Parker. Mrs.
Spencer nf this oity also accompanied
the party, which included several gentlemen from Ymir and the representative of 'the Miller.
About 2 p. in. the first ear of oie
wns sent down tho gravity tramway
from the mine to lhe concentrator, n
second following shortly afterwards
with equal success. Tho majority ol
the party then adjourned In the mini
to visit the workings. After the ladies
hud rested from their trip to the
bowels of tho earth, the party mounted
their horses and went down to the
concentrator. Everything was in
readiness, and the start was soon
made. Steam had been got up iu the
engine, ami Mrs, Dundee
set the machinery going.
was asked to
'Here's luck to the Dundee Gold
Wining Oompany," she cried, nnd
opening the valve, tho wheels began ti
turn, the shaft began to revolve, the
crusher begun to crush, and nil the
machinery was set in motion. When
hut a moment before quietude line
reigned, the entire building was filled
with lhe bumming ami buzzing of the
busy machinery, The party then pro
reeded to inspect the machinery,
which consists of a Bl.ike crusher, a
course screen, two Cornish rolls, three
trommels, a hydroinetric sizcr, thro ���
single compartment Harts jigs, two
Wilfley concentrating tables, and n
double decK buddle, The plant is driv
en hy steam with the exception of Hie
concentrating tables which are driven
by water power derived from a three
foot Pelton wheel, which also drives
lhe electric light dynamo.
The concentrator, which is of no-ton
capacity, is heated by two boilers
supplied by the Mac Machine Company oi' Trail, the rest, of the machinery coming from tho E, P. Alice Ontii
pany of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The
mill was constructed hy S. A. Ewilig
ami the tramway hy \V. Jaokl?. W.
MaqMilliau of tlie Mae Machine Coin -
pony of Trail, being head machinist
* *   *
Work   on   the   .loker group   on   the
north fork of Kaslo orook is   progress.
ini.' steadily nnd will continue all winter.   Ernest Mansfield,   tin1  manager,
visited the mine last week and reports
flint ihe shiil'l is down WI (oat uud that
a very line body of ore has been encountered. Assays show from ifliO
tn $80 in gold on thu average but some
assays have gone as high ns $81)0,
There lire B0 tons of ore nn    ihe dump.
In tho   spring ii  complete   plan!   for
t rent ing   Ihe   ores   will  lie put in and
development work will be pushed forward  rapidly.   Mr.   Mansfield ihinks
the mine will    prove   nun of the   most
valuable iu the country. The .Inker
group is owned by u number of Loudon
and Paris capitalists, Mr. White,
chairman of the Board of Directors, is
now visiting the property, bavins
come out from London for the purpose
�� * ���
Sir Hibbert Tuppor, Mr. Fred refers, Mr. B\ H. I'hiniieii and Col. Ray
uro ut  present  visiting  Ihe Dardan
elles miue of whieh they are direotors
They will he in Nelson this week and
��� ill visit the Mollie Gibson mine, in
v.inch tlmv are also largely interested.
While here they will decide upon
lhe   work   to   be done ou   the   Mollie
j Gibson this summer.
s   *   #
Engineer Green of the Oro mine
I arrived in Nelson yesl v.lny and reports
that they have recently struck some
galena bearing free gi Id. He brought
willi him several samples which will
assay i?4imi in gold lie hns not yet
tried for silver or lead.
* *   ��
The blasl furnace at the   I nil Mines
smelter was blown out yesterday and
will be blown in again sumo time next
* *   *
Home months ago the Nelson Board
of Trade passed a resolution in favor
of the immediate construction of a
wagon road up Kokaneo creek, hut up
to date nothing has boon done towards
carrying out the work Mining nun
in town at present speak of the im
portauoe of such a road and express
the hopo that this summer will see
it constructed. It would tap a great
many properties, nearly a hundred iu
ull, and would assure for Nelson the
trade of all these mines. There are the
Proctor group, Joker group, Mollie
Gibson, Achilles group, properties of
the Kokanee Mining and Milling Co.,
of Vancouver, and others. Ono for instance, the Joker, is milking arrangements to get its supplies in via Kaslo
us the property is more easily up-
pn ached from that side. In this way
trade that should belong to Nelsou is
drifting to other towns. Tho Molly
Gibson Company has ia claims near
the mine and the supplies that will lie
necessary to keep them running will lie
considerable. The road would be built
from tho mouth of Kokaneo creek anil
there would bo nothing to make it
hard to construct. The lust four miles
would be pretty steep but the average
of the wholo road, 10 miles, would not
bo over $1000 a mile. "If Nelson had
built wagou roads when it should
have" said a mining man yesterday,
"tlie majority ot the trade going to
towns in the Slocan region would lie
concentrated here. Sandon is now agitating for a road tn tap the Kaslo
creek country and when they build it
from that side Nelson will lose a lot
of business that rightly belongs to it.
A little bit of enterprise and push
would bo a good thing just now."
* *   *
An additional staff of men have been
nut on the Mollie Gibson Ibis week,
f he lower tunnel is now in 800 feet
making a total of over 1200 feel of tunnelling. They are not stuping any ore
but the showings aro very satisfactory.
An importanl announcement in connection with the Molliu Gibson will
probably be rantle this week when some
of ihe directors of the company will be
in Nelson. Manager McGuire of tlie
mine is iu thu city.
* *   #
Mining men ui present in tho city
are taking groat interest in tlie question of u mineral exhibit nt the Earl's
Court exhibition this year und the
Paris Exposition next yeur. They cannot understand, they say, the evident
reluotance of the Government to votp
a sum of money for the purposes as
.hey look upon the two exhibitions as
he best opportunities Briti.ih Oohim.
bin ever had of bringing its riches
prominently before the monied men ol
the obi world. Mr. Bruce While.
ivhen questioned on th�� matter hy n
.diner reporter yesterday, expressed
himself as decidedly in favor of the
ioyornmeitt spending whatever sum
(hat was necessary to hnve the Province adequately represented at the twi
ixibitions, lie did not think the sum
of $50,000 could all bo used for such n
purpose as the different mine owner-
would lie quite willing to give nil tie
samples of ore that would be ueoassarj
ro make the display n representative
me. It is neccessary to have British
Capital here to properly develop the'
country and Mr. White does not thin-.
ild country capitalists will he tempted
to invest here until the opportunities
��� o make money are brought prominently before their attention, There
is no boiler wny of advertising than
by making attractive mineral exhibits.
Mr. Ernest Mansfield, who represents
English und French capilul in British
Columbia, is also of tho opinion: thnt
no opportunity should bo lost; to lay
before Europeans the advantages for
Investment in ibis country. "British
Columbia," be says, "is. not as well
known in London as it should bo.
Both ihe Karl's Court and Paris expositions will he splendid- places for
un exhibition of British Columbia ores
and such exhibitions should bring good
results. Almost any sum of money devoted to such a purpose will he ���well
spent lint 1 do not think it will require
ns much as sonio people estimate "
.Mining men ore a unit in supporting
the stand of the Nelson Board of Ttade
that if the Government docs  not take
notion the Hoards of Trade of the
Kootenays should make un exhibition
on their own behalf.
* *   *
The Black   Cm k mine, near   Ymir.
resumed shipments yesterday with a
ship iient of six tons for tho Northporl
smeller, [r is lhe intention of the
owners of this property to make regular shipments us tbev have plenty of
uro in sight.
* *   ��
M. Lambert of Paris is nt the Phair.
Ho is iu lhe Kootonnys in the interest of French capital and will spend
from six months to it year here making observations aud reporting to his
principals in Paris. It is an enoour-
aging sign to see ihe capitalists of
France turning their attention to  this
OOtintry. Pnnsiun money bus done ii
great deal to develop the Transvaal
country and if it begins lo come this
wny this .Province will be greatly benefited,     M. Lambert thinks tho mines
here should be well representor) nt the
Paris Exposition next year as there
Iho whole world will have on opportunity of seeing evidences of this county's riches.    The Society   of   Mining
Engineers in France is very si rung and
they will see thut the mineral  exhibit
receives proper attention,
iloglcal itri��i��ri,
in" altoni
ttkon by A. II.  Iloli
MK.lt      LOW    SNOW
1ST         KST      FALL
lllll IS
12.0      83.0     0.25
.In:. Id
'1 IiuimIij
Iii,n     BJ.0    n.lS
I'K on
.bin 13
10.0      DJ.O     0.21
.bin 21
43.0      86,0    0,08
.lull  22
I'l.ll       21.0     0.00
.inn  ':i
810     2D0    0,25
Jnn 21
111.5      30.0     U.02
Much to the Dliicomfltare of the Rei<
tuurant Keeper, Who Thonitht Hli
Feature* Belied Ilia Real Charactei
and Acted Accordingly.
It happened In a restaurant not fai
situated from the buBy down town dls
triut. That thero were no arrests was du��
to the fact that tbe policeman on that beat
arrived at the placo about two mlnutei
after the waiters had finished cleaning uj
the debris of broken dishes, bottles and
glasses, and the victim had been taken to
a nearby physician for repairs.
As the stranger entered the restaurant
the trained eye of the waiter sizod him up
as ono of the class of big, coarBe, overhearing fellows met In all public places ot
a big city; one who if allowod his way
would terrorize the peaee loving people
who happened to be near, but who would
succumb nnd confine himself to the space
occupied by hie unwieldly self If given to
understand that size and "tough" manners had no special terrors for a man with
pi ucU enough to backup his rights and
eolf respect. In briuf, he was a good specimen of the "bad" man whose broad shoulders, big hands and ugly face terrorized
women and children wherever he happened to ho.
He save his order In the manner expected Tho waiter received It meekly, carefully arranged the linen, served the meal
and inquired of further wants a8 faithfully and promptly as if serving one of
thu regular patrons, who always concluded
with a remembrance to John in the shape
of tho odd change that, happened when
tho hill was paid. Tho meal did not suit.
The butter was vile, potatoes not sufficiently fried, meat required an ax���In
fact, everything conneoted with the meal
was unsatisfactory to tho "bad" man.
This was just what was expected and accepted by the waiter with the resignation
thut accompanies acceptance of the inevitable.
When he grew abusive, the proprietor,
who had been observing the man since
his entrance, was appealed to. The "bad"
man refused to accept or pay for the meal,
nor would ho listen to reason from the
proprietor. Reasoning wasn't his forte.
Ills arguments wero made with fists, and
ho had made up his mind on the Hiibjoct
under discussion, and nobody oould change
It. He also Intimated a desire to clean
out the restaurant In order that possible
future customers should not be made victims of, as lie had been.
The proprietor all this time was endeavoring to restrain himself, but from
the determined expression on his faoo had
tbe''bud" man been observant he would
have discovered that unless heohanged his
tactics souiothing would happen, aud that
It would happen to him. When In emphasizing an oxpresaed determination not
to be swindled the "bad" man appeared
to forget himself and brought his big list
down on tho table with sufficient force to
jar a dish from the table, causing It to
full to tho floor and break, the proprietor,
known as a man of determination, but
few words, lost his self rostral nt.
Then It happened. He took hold of the
"had" man and started to drng him out
of his cl'iir and to tbe front door. It did
not last long. Whon the excitemont was
over, tho waiters dragged the quiet but
determined proprietor from beneath the
mass of crockery, glassware, parts of the
table and other remnants accumulated
during the battlo, while the "bad" man
walked slowly down tho street and Into a
place whoro, judging from tho absence of
excitemont, he found the eating nn��re to
his liking.
All of which led to a remark by one
customer who had been an apparently disinterested spectator that ''sometimes
people are as tough as thoy look."���Cincinnati Commercial Tribune.
DeatlileKfl Devotion.
Kind Father���My dear, If you want a
good husband marry Mr. Qoodheart. He
really and truly loves you.
Daughter���Aro you sure of that, pa?
Kind Father���Yes, Indeed. I've been
borrowing money of him for six Kuonths,
and still he keeps coming.���New York
Algernon���Grubber looks as If he bad
met with reverses.
Archibald���He has. It turned his head
whim ho drew that lottery prize. He used
to bo backward. Now ho is too forwtird.
As for his other reverses���well, you noticed his cuffs?
Only One Needed.
"I used to visit tho very bost houses,"
said the prisoner pompously.
"I am aware of it," said tho judge,
"but ono burglary is enough to enable me
to sond you to hard labor."���Pick Me Up.
A Clear Deflnitlon.
Teacher���What Is salt, Thomas? Con
yon toll mo?
Thomas���Ploaso, sir, it's what spoils
the potatoes if you don't put it in to boll
with them.
Up to Date Inference.
General Teamsters.
Agents fir B. C. Oil Co.
(Standard Oil Co.)
Anthricite Coal.
First Class Fir
Cut any lengtl
to order. One car of Fresh
Spokane Lime just arrived.
Office Cor. Baker & Hall Sts
Telephone   88.
Painting and
Fancy Work.
Mrs. F. A. Tamblyn, Vernon st.. is prepared tf
lake pupilB in painting on Sutin, Glass and Can
vuh. Also lesson* given in all branches of latesi
fancy work. Orders executed promptly and
at reasonable price*,
itr.u,   isiAir. ami  litm K.tHi:  m;kyi
 Eepublio Stooku for Sale-	
1,000 Bryan and Sowull 6 ctt
1000 Maxwell 2ci.-
1000   Munroe  3 cl
SHO Standard    5.1
10U0Little Cariboo (Boundary)... 3en
1)000 Toledo  11 cts
lUtC'-iberty 3J oU
imii,���<��� Tiiriiii-ltmrl.il Itluck. Nelson. It. ��
Geo.   Holbrook,
City Scavenger,
All kinds of day and night Scavcngering.
Work promptly done. Chimney Sweeping
Box 232.   Leavo orders at M. DeaBriwayV.
ItiO acres land, some improved, valued at $t"
per acre, only one brtlf hour's ride from
Spokane, on the _. F. ft N. railway, neat the
town of Doer Paik. Also 593 acres of nice fruit
land only 11 miles from Vancouver, H.'Yon tlie
Ni���rth Arm, valued al $_'() per Bore, Will take
part cash and pari Improved Nelson property
\\ it limit ii.eumborance.   Address
M. MAUKKSON. Slocan City.
Capital l'aid  up     ....     JK.000,001
Hunt - ... 1.200.011
II. S. Howland. Preg,   T. It,Merrill, Vice Pre
\\'ln. KllliiHiiy,       Hugh ityilll,       ltoht .1 illrii)
T, Sutherland Siuyner        K.Huh lingers.
Heart Otllce, Tor. nio.
D. R. WILK1B, General Manager.
E. HAY, Inspector.
itruni'lii'M In all iiriurlpal rltlrBan.il town*
In    Ontario   anil   limine
ICrniirlUH    In      MhiiIIuHii.     *nrlliwr*l
Trrrllorli'K anil ItiitUh i nliiiiilila.
Winnipeg, Man. Portage La Prairie, Ma'.
BRANnoN, Man. Calgary, Alia. ijiinckai.
BERT, Sunk. EDMONTON, jAlli.
Vancouver, ii.     O.   South     Edmonton
Nelson. B. C.   Revelstoke, m. 0,
Agent*In Great Britain���Lloyds Hunk, Ltd.
72 Lombard street. London, with whom mo. oj
mny lie ib posited fur transfer by letter or oabl
lu any part of Canada.
Letters of I ri'dii issiird on Alaska Comma
���ini Co. payable at St. Michael's, Alaska, a i
Dawson Olty.
��� Drafts Bold, available at all points in Can
d... Unilt'd Stales und NiiTope.
betters of credit issued, available ill nn\
part ot the world.
davings bank Department Deposits of $i
'inrt upwards received and Interest allowod
Debei lures���Municipal and other deben
lures purchased,
Money Orders issued payable at any Hunk
Rates���Under 810, 8n; |l0 to $20, 10c;
$20 to 830, 12c; SHO to $50, 14c.
J.   Nl-   LAY.   MANAGER.
Tlie Maid���Yos, darling, let us marry
at oiico. We can get ulong, for I will
work bard and bu ever so economical.
Tho Man���Ah, deareat, it makes my
heart swell with happiness to bear you
talk In that noble manner. I thought at
llrst that you might object to taking a
Streets No ObKtncIe.
Yeast���How did you like the streets of
Crimson boa'*���All right. It was lhe
language I oouldn't get over.���"Yonkcrs
Sta tollman.
No Came Kor Trouble.
"Are tlm Indians near your ranch troublesome?"
"Nawl   They hain't  got  nothln   w*
Negligee Shirts.
I have a Big Stock that must be sold.
They are Good and will go  at   Bot
tom Prices.
J. A. GILKER, ��� P. 0. Store
For Next io Days
Line of Tea Sets of Dishes
Containing 40, 44, and 56 Pieces at
20 Per Cent. Discount.
Groceries and Crockery
All   Communications relating to British Columbia business
to be addressed to P. O. Drawer 505, Nelson, B.C.
J. Roderick Robertson,
General  Manager
5. S. Fowler, E. M.,
Mining Engineer
$(i75   PEK   TON,   DELIVER   D
Orders   received  at   Frank    Fletcher's    Office,   Corner  of
Kootenay  and   Baker  Streets.
General Agent
telesale .ind Retail Meal Merchants
Branch Ma; kets in Rossland, Trail, Nelson, Kaslo,
5andon, Three Forks. New Denver and Slocan City.
Titers by miiil to nny brnnch will have careful and prompt attention.
,������������ ������������������������������������������������������������������������������������
{0. D.J.Christie I
Subscribe for The Miner
(5:30 am.���Truin leaves O.P. R. nt,ntioi
for iiinin line and inler-
mediate points via Slocnri
Lake route t'ailv.
8:iii) am.���S.S. Mnyiii leavesfOf Koot
enay L'd'g and way point*
Monday, Wednesday and
9:40 a.m.���Train leaves N. St K. S
station for Rosslaud, Spokane and way points daily.
10:05 a.m.���S. S. International arrives
from Kaslo and way points
dnily except Sunday.
j 11:00 a.m.���S. S. Kokani'O. arrives from
Kaslo and way points dully
except Sunday.
4:0U p.m.���S. S. Kokanee leaves foi
Kaslo and way points,
daily, except Sunday .
4:30 p.m.���9. S. International leaves
for Kaslo and way points.
dailv except. Sunday.
5:30 p.m.���Train arrives N. St F. H.
station, from Spokane,
Rossland and way points,
6:60 p.m. ���S. S. Moyie arrives from
Kootenay L'd'g and way
points, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays.
6:40 p.m.���Train leaves (J, P, R, station for Robson, Trail,
Hossland, etc, daily.
8.30 p. 111.���Train   arrives  0.   P. R.
station from ruuiu line at.d
Intermediate points via
Slocan Luke rone daily.
10:30 p_u���Train arrives (J. P, II. station, from Rossland, Trail,
Robson, etc, daily.
Stenm itugs  Kaslo,  Angerona,  lied
Star,   Ileioules,   Surprise  and  Others
ply on Kootenay lako to and from Nel
turn, luitliave no regular times of arrival and depicture.
TriinKjMirt,nt.loii Companies are requonlixl lo
df.) iiolict] lo tlie Miner of any aller>it.lonp In
itht'itiineof utivhI iiiul ileiiui'luru from Nelson.
f      To Let. for 3 months���5-Room-
X  ed   Cottage with   bath;   nicely
f 2-Lot Oi
X 2-LotCi
X  fiO-Foot Lot, Vernon fit-,   -   130J
I Aberdeen Block,
I       BAKER STREET.       ���
Spokane Falls &
Northern R'y.
Nelson & Fort
Sheppard R'y.
Red Mountain R'y.
furnished. .
B-Room Cottage       -       $15 00 ���
3-Room House       -      -        12 50 X
2-Lot I), rner, two houses -   $1000  T
5011  X
The only all rail route without chang
of cars between Nelson and Boaaland and
ipokune and Rossland.
Leave 9.40 a.m. NELSON Arrive 5.30 p.m
���'   11:55 "   ROSSL'D    "     3:10
"    8.30 a.m. SPOKANE   "    6.30 p-m
liuiii that leaves Nelson at 0:40 a m
i. akes close connections nt Spokane (oi
���i'l I'ncitic Coast Points.
Passengers for Kettle River aud Bom d-
i-y Cieok,connect at Marcus witbKtiige
Spokane   Wash
A��eiit,Nelson, B, 0.
All purlieu arc  oAutlonod against buying
Hueo Mining anil  Milling; ('onil)iiny,   Limited,
Htook Certffloatoa Nob. 248, Silt, '244, 218 and lilt).
In favor of L. to. Hauk; No. ?4" in favor of L.
Peterson, and No. 2is in favor of h. t. Arthur,
.'laid eortifleiilen wore obtained by fraud and
will not be redeemed.
F. T. KELLY, Secretary.
The York County Loan & Savings Co., of Toronto.
Subscribed Capital, $8,000,000! Total Assets
Paid lire. 1MI7, $166,108.99; Net Earnings for W,
|10,W0.8'2. Joseph Phillips, I'res; A. T. llunlc ,
Vioe-ProHj V. Robin, Treasurer; E. Hurl,
0. 'P. BROADHURST, Sups, for
Kootenays, Rosslnnil, B. O.
O.L. MILLS, Ag't for Nelson.
Agnate  will cull and ui plain lhe i/item.
Purchased and payment made as soon
after receipt of ore as
samples can be assayed .
Quotations given
upon the receipt of


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