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Nelson Daily Miner Oct 19, 1900

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 Daily Edition No. 859
Nelson,   British Columbia, Friday Evening,  October 19,  1900.
Eleventh Year
The English Capitalist and Promoter Arrested and Confined in a.
Cell in the Proving] .Tail,-A Matter of Wages Due
Prnuln.. .... O
Men Work
Library ��3100
MJU        _v wi_i.i I
Mr. Ernest Mansfield, capitalist and
promoter, and a very good friend of
the Kootenays, is confined in a coll in
the Provincial jail of Nelson.
He was arrested Wednesday and on
Wednesday night slept upon a prison
couch. When daylight came Thanksgiving morning he gazed, for the first
time in his life, through prison bars
and wondered what kind of Thanksgiving dinners were usually given to
enforced guests of Her Majesty.
All day yesterday and this morning
lie gazed Into the outer world, und, as
lie says himself, sympathised with
those who were compelled to walk
about in the ruin and mud. lie felt
for them as he sat in his cell, dry,
warm and fairly comfortable, and
puffed away at liis pipe tilled with
the choicest tobacco.
In a prison cell I sit,'- wns his
greeting to a Miner reporter who called upon him this morning, lle wus
cheerful and evidently happy. He
wns enjoying himself, he said. He
would not care to spend months, or
even weeks, in a cell, but as he would
he out in a day or two,before the novelty of his new- surroundings would
Wear off, he could afford to look upon it lightly and be cheerful.
Mr. Mansfield's arrest wns caused
by the men who have been employed
upon the Mansfield group near Kaslo.
The group is owned by a Frenchniun
and the men were behind In their
wages due. They went to Mr. Mansfield, and, upon his advice, proceeded
to take action looking to his (Mansfield's) arrest. In this way, Mr.
Mansfield evidently figured be would
hurry up his French associate and secure all of the money necessary to pay
the men in full. It would mean a day
or two in jail for him, but he was
Willing to undergo this if the end he
sought could be obtained.
Rurly Wednesday afternoon Mr.
Mansfield took a stroll down past the
jail. Whilo he wus gazing upon the
stone structure, a Miner man happened along.
"This is the jail hero, isn't it'.'" in-
quired Mr. Mansfield.
"That's the place where they put
the bad ones," replied the reporter.
"Looks comfortable enough," said
Mr. Mansfield, as he walked along,
and the reporter wondered why Mansfield should show so much interest in
the matter.
"Ry tbe way," remarked the latter,
as the reporter was about to take -in
leave, "come up to my olliee about li
o'clock and I'll have a good story for
The reporter did as he was asked,
but Sheriff Tuck had been there before him and Mansfield had been taken
away, so that the story was not obtained until this morning. Mr. Mansfield was asked us to the cause of his
"Well you sec it is like this," suid
Mr. Mansfield, "1 was just making a
deal for thu purchase of some more
real estate iu Nelson, when a gentleman culled to see me on pressing business. 1 told the vendor of the property in question thut I would see him
Inter, und thon 1 Attended to tho newcomer. The puiport of this visit wus
that I was asked to sample a new
"Rill of Fare" in another boarding
bouse. Having ft strong lcuning for
anything new und out of the ordinary,
I at once decided to try tho new diggings"
"But what made it all come about'.1"
wns the natural query.
"Well it wus simply a question of
wages due to workmen, and I consider
that the workmen acted perfectly
right in taking the steps they did. In
fact, I advised them to Uo it, When 1
mot them at Kaslo last Saturday."
"But you are not the owner of the
properties are you?" was asked,
"No, but I am agent for the owner,
so it Is all the sumo, but ns tho owner
is a Frenchman and in France ut the
present moment, he could not bo culled upon to  occupy the position, so i
acted as proxy,and elected to do bo fori themselves,    but   the    parties   who
him.   I like to be obliging you know. "
"Yes, but it is hardly fair on you,"
wus interposed.
"There's lots of things that arc not
fair," returned Mr. Mansfield, "but
sometimes it pays to take strong
measures to achieve tangible results;
and 1 am glad to sny that by my accepting the present position 1 have
been the means of bearing good fruit,
for 1 am glad to tell you that all tbe
workmen will be paid before another
34 hours elapse. Had I stayed out, tho
delay would have only continued, and
hato delays of any kind, und more especially when it involves workmen's
"Well how do you like the new bill
of fare you spoke of?" asked the reporter.
"A-l. When I got located in my new
diggings, numerous friends came to
see me, and urged me not to remain,
but I wus firm und decided otherwise.
1 considered thut punishment wns due,
and us tbe party deserving it was not
here, I, in the interest of my workmen, resolved to take the medicine."
"But you were on the point of leaving for England weren't you'.'" asked
the reporter.
"I was and am," wus the immediate response. "And although 1 lose
the Majestic, sailing next Wednesday,
I shall certainly catch the Oceanic
sailing the 31st inst. it's a better boat
you know, aud I like comfort when I
"What about the real estate deal
you spoke about'.1"
"Oh, its only a few lots near my
brickyard and menus an outlay of Bl,-
KIO or so. Rut 1 want them, so 1 shall
lix it up during the next few days.
Then again, 1 wus busy getting options, and have Several to take homo,
so the week's delay in my departure
will be rather to my interest after
all. For I never visit London without
forming one or two syndicates or companies. "
"You have been the means, Mr.
Mansfield, of influencing a great i.eal
of capital In the Kootenays. Have
you anything to say iu that connection.?"
"Here you nre," he replied. "In
August 18��8, I came to Kootenay, as
the representative of the Klondyke
Champs d'Or Syndicate, Ltd., with a
modest capital of *2,000. After a
quiet look round tbe various districts
for a good property, decided on taking up tlie Joker and Derby claims,
and cabled my syndicate of the value
of same in my opinion. Immediately
my syndicate decided to act on my
advice,and the little syndicate at once
increased their capital to ��10,000, in
order to provide more money for developing these claims. There were
-.00 founder shares of -1 each, and ��,-
500 ordinary shares of tl each. My
work on the Joker gave very good results, and the demand for these shares
wus enormous. Ordinary shares going up to IM and ��5 each und founders Shares to ��80 each and over. 1
worked tlie claims up to July, 1809,
und then I went to London. 'The result of this trip wus the formation of
tbe Excelsior Uold Mines of Hritish
Columbia, Ltd.. with a capital of
6800,000, ��40,000 of which wus working eupital and S40.000 fully paid up
oidlnary slinres for the vendors who
sold tho claims. I sliould mention
thut in my contract with vendors, it
specified that ��15,000 fully paid
slinres, would be sufllcient to pay the
vendors, and ��15,000 enough for
working cupitul. nnd the total captiul
need not to have been more than t75,-
000. So, you see that 1 nearly trebled
tho terms I made for the vendors, and
for the working cnpltal of the mines,
everybody knows that early this year
bought everyone of the 40,000.
which 1 paid In cash ncurly 8100,000.
t might say others tried to buy a few
thousand of these shares.und although
the opportunity offered to get them at
about two-thirds the figure I paid, the
parties trying it on, could not toe the
murk���which means they could not
get the beans to pay, so I bought the
lot, as I intended to in the first place,
which not only benefitted the vendor*
"In March lust I brought Mr. ,T. .1.
Fleutot out with me, he having been
uppointed in my presence to the position of manager, at a screw of ��1,200
a year. About June last, the Excelsior Company bad a general meeting
to incrense their cupitul. I was at
this meeting and it was decided to increase ��1110,1100, making the total capital ��960,000. On the 89th of September
last there wns another meeting of tbe
Excelsior, and the outcome of this
was that the Excelsior became the
United (lolda of British Columbia,
Ltd., for which Mr. Fleutot still acts,
so you can see, that the little syndicate 1 represented in the first instance
was tho parent of the present United
company which is nil.mi. so I feel,
like the Loudon directors, u little bit
proud of my work.'
"And what nbout the shareholders
in the original syndicate?" queried
the reporter.
"They came out pretty well. For
on June this year, a dividend of 400
per cent, was paid on the ��9,500 ordinary shares, and 5.700 per cent, dividend was paid on tho ��500 founder
shares. These are tall figures, hut
they are facts, so you see it wasn't a
bad start.''
"Hut you have formed several other
companies huve you not'.1"
"Yes a few. For instanco, a little
syndicate of ��5,000 to acquire the 20
claims we own up at my camp, und
this year tbe Mansfield Hold Mines,
Ltd., with a eupital of ��200,000, ��40,-
000 of which is working cupitul to
work several of the claims of our
group. 1 bought, as you know, the
John A. and Treadwell for 821,000
cash, 87,000 cash for the lilack Hawk
and Daisy group, 84,500 cash for the
tlreen Lake Fraction, several small
deals that aggregate about 85,0011 and
tbe bond on the Apex group for 830,-
000, of which $i:i,0l)0 has already been
paid through the Hank of B. C. here,
to tbe vendor, Mr. V. B. lioie, my superintendent. "
"What about the Brick and Marble
business?" asked the reporter.
"That is my own private property,"
returned Mr. Mansfield, "und I shall
make that one of the finest industrial
concerns ill Hritish Columbia, or for
that mutter In tho whole of Canada."
"So you leuve New York on the
lllst'.1" questioned the reporter.
"Yes, 1 guess so, and I dure say I
shall form at least two or three more
syndicates, perhaps more. My chief
object is to demand from tho directors
of the United Cold Fields of B. C,
Ltd., tbe right to empty the Joker
mine, and I reckon I shall empty
their shaft aud see what they've got
down there, for according to Mr.
FleutOt's report, which I have In my
possession, tilings are pretty rich, for
you know he stated that he had a
thousand tons of ore ready to be got
out, that would give a return of ��12
per ton profit after all expenses wen-
paid, in addition to thousands of tons
Of other ore,thut woud with the ubovc
give a profit of ��40,000.
"If Mr. Fleutot reported so favorably as that, how Is it he shut the
mine down. "? asked the reporter.
"Thereby bangs a tulo, und my one
aim now is to fathom this mystery,
and I shall do it."
"Hut you cannot compel the United
Company to spend their money for
your satisfaction?" queried the reporter.
"Certainly not. But 1 am a pretty
big shareholder In the United Company, and I cm compel them to allow
mo to sec my property, and if they
decline, I shall see what the law of
Canada will do, for tho company work
under the laws of this Province, nnd
as I nm an Englishman and heavily
interested, 1 don't see why a few
Frenchmen should have the right to
rob me of knowledge 1 am entitle- to
-What about the cost for doing ns
you say?"
"I will pay It myself,and as my object Is to prove the property and ascertain its real worth beyond a shadow of a doubt, there can be no good
reason why the directors will refuse
the permission 1 shall demand, and
rest assured if they do, it makes no
difference, for I shall get the permission from the Government of British
Columbia. Besides I have reason to
believe that a deep game is being
played to decrease the value of shares
for tho benefit of some people that are
connected with the company, for iu
the face of Mr. J. J. Fleutot's signed
report, something is 'decidedly cronk'
us they say in the classics."
"Have you any other evidence to go
on, in order to secure the end you desire?"
"Rather, read this and it will pet-
hups open you eyes. You will see that
it is all duly sworn before a J. P, of
Hritish Columbia, so it won't be long
before we reach bed rock in this matter."
Here Mr. Mansfield showed the reporter a document, whieh was signed
by a prominent man here, and which
was sworn as truo before, a certain
Justice of the Peace of Kootenay. Mr.
Mansfield believes he has a very
strong trump curd is his hand to play,
and seems certain of success, and that
the object now desired, the opening
of the Joker mine, to see if Fleutot's
report is correct or not, will surely be
"I will surely succeed," said Mr.
Mansfield, "and the parties interested
will find themselves in a tight corner
in three months from now, for as
true as you live, I shall have control
of the Joker, and working it in the
interest of a large number of shareholders, and I urn prepared to speud
82(1,000 of my own money to sift this
thing clenn to the bottom. When I
say I will do a thing I general accomplish what I say, and 1 tell you right
here, I shull open the Joker mine
inside of four months from this
"The claims you own adjoin the
Joker do they not?" wus asked.
"They do, and thut is the bone of
contention. I, by my pnrchnses and
locations, jammed Mr. Fleutot in the
corner, tho thin end of an inverted V,
and he had to go through our properties all the time which kept tho trail
good for me, and he hardly knew
whether be was on the Coffee or Kaslo
"Some other time I will tell you a
story for publication thut concerns
MXi per cent, and a black bear; it is
humorous, it was a scheme to defraud
me of 511 y�� per cent, of my Interest,
for I was the 33X per cent. man. 1
know for a positive fact that a party
in this country at the present time
presented the scheme to the London
board of directors, wherein a way was
pointed out to defraud me of 33>6 per
cent of profits I was entitled to under
a certain agreement."
"Did this party succeed?"
"Not a bit of it, for he lost tlie
whole cheese. It Is a funny story and
you shall have it before long. Then
there is a story of a certain party taking 40 to ill) bags of ore from a prospector's shaft, and filling tlie shaft up
with rock, etc., to hide the theft ;
then again, of a certain party transgressing with locution posts, etc.; ull
very funny I assure you."
"Hut lire not these criminal
"I believe so."
"Is thut all you have to tell"
"Yes, nothing more at present, hut
something extraordinarily good in the
very near future."
"Do you like tlie new bill of fare?"
asked the reporter.
"Its not bud, for a   chunge   nt   any
rate, but 1 should not care for It very
long. 1 must say, tbe porridge is a
dream of Lovliness, ns -Kutishu' would
sny, and the bread perfection one
would travel miles to get. Rut I havo
caused taking the usual board, for after a dny's fair trial, taking every
meal as provided to the guests of Her
Majesty, 1 must suy, that 1 prefer the
Hotel Hume fare."
With this the reporter took his
leave of Mr. Mansfield, who said us a
putting shot:
"1 will sec you in my office shortly.
You can say to my friends that I am
treated most courteously by the utli-
cials, and usk them to remember the
old adage, that he laughs best who
laughs last, und I shall soon be laughing."
Says He Will Pin   His   Faith   to   the
Name Shamrock.
London, Oct. 18.���Sir Thomas Lip-
ton said today in an interivew:
"My respect and affection for the
New York Yacht Club, which I regard as the premier   yucht club of tl
thing about my challenge, except that
it was not at all oontroversal until
the letter was given out by the club.
Yes, I have every reason to believe
I stand a good chance of winning, for
1 would not challenge unless sure 1
could get a better boat than my last.
The men, too, will be better. 1 know
I have got to get the very best going
in order lo achieve a triumph over tbe
wonderful energy and skill of the
Americans, for which no one hns
greater admiration than I, Realizing
this, I huve been working steudily for
mouths to perfect my arrangements.
- I huve secured a mini who is
universally  admitted to  be the best
skipper on this side���un amateur who
stands easily abend of his fellows. 1
an'l tell his name just yet and, naturally, 1 cannot suy much about the
boat. Hut races tha _ will rival the
actual cup races in keenness of interest will be the trial contests between
the bout, which Wutson is designing
for me, nnd the old Shamrock, with
the alterations Fife is contemplating
for the latter. Roth designers, the
best in England, will be on board
their respective boats und I cun guarantee the one that wins will give you,
ut uny rate, a close race."
Vanwert, Ohio, Oct. Hi.���Miss Alioe
Hammeli died last night of Injuries
caused by vitrol thrown in her face
on September 16,by Mrs. John Vanlio,
wife of a cashier in a local bank.
Mr. Vaulie is now under bond for her
appearance. Jealousy was said to be
the motive for the crime.
One to Be Built on Victoria
Street in the Near
Rossland Press Gives the Highest Praise
to the Opera Mikado There
Last Night,
In addition to a column nnd a half
of praise in its local column. The
Rossland Miner has the following editorial in regard to the production of
"Mikado" in that city last night by
the Nelson Amateur Operatic Society;
The production ot "The Mikado"
lust evening by the Nelson Operatic
Society was, for an amateur company,
beyond praise. Iln-' it been a professional company which produced it, no
fault could havo been found with it.
The greatest credit would have been
due for the acting, tbe Blnglng, the
costuming and tbe staging. There
was every evidence of careful preparation which is requisite in the successful presentation of uny piece,and there
was besides on the part of the individual performers the clearest evidence thut they thoroughly understood nnd appreciated tbe several roles
which they tilled. It is not saying
enough for the entertainment to declare that it was   the   best which has
I ever  visited   Rossland   whether  ama-
: teur or   professional.    It  was   so   far
ahead that no  other  company   which
ever    appeared    here   could   compare
with it.    From   first   to   last the performance had the true  swing  and   go
of comic opera.
The singing was delightful, the. act-
: ing throughout was throughly charm-
i ing nnd the  whole   performance   pos-
j sessed   that   attractiveness   and   that
i pure spirit of jollity which all of 1111-
bert & Sullivan's productions   possess
when properly put on the stage.   The
people of Rossland   cannot afford, for
their own benefit, when   such   a com-
' puny gives   them   the   opportunity to
| witness such a splendid entertainment
I to miss it.    Nelson is to be   congratulated  on   possessing   such   admirable
; talent as is displayed by this  society.
' it is doubtful if any, even   the metropolitan cities of   the   Dominion   could
1 furnish anything by an amateur com-
i pany equal to the   performance of last
I night.
A S3.IHI0 armory', for the Nelson'Rifle
Company is to be erected ut once on
the two vacant lots nearly opposite
the Phall Hotel on Victoria, lleorge
S. Beer, ollicer commanding the company, received word to thiH effect this
morning from Col. Benson, of Victoria. The building will be constructed on the latest plans and will be 120
feet long by 511 feet wide.
Taken Secretly   Aboard Dutch Cruiser
Lorenzo Marquez, Oet. 10.���Mr
Kruger wus taken secretly on bourd
the Dutch cruiBer llelderland ut 5
o'clock this morning. This vessel will
take Mr. Kruger to Holland, The reason given for Mr. Kruger'B embarkation was that he feared the Boors
would attack him. Tbe feeling; of
the refugees against Kruger for fleeing from the country is very strong.
He left tbe governor's house ill u
hired carriage accompanied by Mr.
Haymann, the governor following In a
private carriage. The party drove
through the custom house und embarked from the custom pier instead
of from the passenger jetty. It is reported thut the Qelderland will suil
London, Oct. 111. ���Lord Roberts reports from Pretoria under date of October 18, as follows; "A party of
Hoers got into .Ingersfontein on the
night of October 16th, und u light ensued In the morning. Our loss wns
eleven killed. The Hoers lost their
Commandant and twenty killed. Kelly-Kenny despatched a Column under
Hughes Ballet, which sliould reach
Jagersfontein today.
Toronto, Oct. 10.���Ed. Taverner has
been committed for trial on the
charge of manslaughter of Isslah Winner, the caretaker of the Ontario piggery at Humber.
Owing to the lecent change In the
time table of the Canadian PaclSe,
there will lie n change in the time
schedule Of the Spokane Falls nnd
Northern, to go Into effect next Sunday. The night train from Spokane
to Rossland will be the only train
that will be affected by the ohange. It
will leuve Spokane at  10:48 p. m, in-
The Albi Attempted Murder
Case   Is   On This
Capt. Kane Promises to Bring
the Sea Serpent to
If Capt Sane, of  the  steamer Mar-
The Supreme Court session wns continued at the Con t House tit 10 lion, succeeds in doing what he is at-
o'clock this morning, lifter being nil- ] tempting those people of Nelson who
joumed since Wednesday evening,yes- huve refused to believe the "sea ser-
tcrdav being a holiday. The entire pent" Btory may be compelled to
morning session wns spent in taking j change their minds. For Captain
the evidence of three witnesses in the j Kane is going to catch the serpent. On
case of Uegina vs. W. Albi and M. R. ! the spot where it was first seen by the
Albo. the defendants being accused of ; tloodereuu hoy there have been placed
attempting to murder Herbert MeAr-1 several large hooks, well baited.
tliui- In the   Columbia   Hotel  at Ross-   These hooks, nre made fast   to a small
land, about the 2nd of May this year.
A large number of spectators filled
the court room. William It. Albi, proprietor of the hotel, where the shooting took place, and Mike R. Albo. are
both natives of Italy.
William Foley,messenger boy of the
hotel, was the first witness called.
He heard one shot and Immediately
run ncross the street und met Constable II. R. Raymer and after standing there about a minute two more
shots were heard. W. Dickie, a miner from Rossland, was next examined
and stated that he was sleeping in a
room near where the shooting took
place In the ball, lie was awakened
Buddenly, aftei which he heard two
shots tired. He ulso stilted thut he
heard  McArthur  Bay:    "What   about
that girl   you  "    lle   then   beard
Albi say; "If you say that again 1
will kill you," then Im heard n struggle. Ollicer Raymer, of Rossland, was
next examined ami was still on the
stand when court adjourned ut 1 :30.
Deputy  Attorney-General  Mad.cun
is prosecuting and the defence Ib cared for by W. A. Mui-donald, Q, ('..
of Nelson and Hon, T. Mayne Daly,
i^. C, of Rossland, assisteil by N. IS,
Nii/.um, of Spokane. The jury In the
cuso consists of K. Ferguson, (foreman), W. Wilson, 0, Arcbibohl, II.
II. Ward, 1). W. Rutherford, J. Allan, C. P. Mcllcrdy. R. Weir, J. II.
Nolan, W E. McCandllsh, J. L. Van-
stone und T. J. Scunlan.
Court adjourned until 9 p. m,
wire cable, which lu tuin Is fastened,
to a tree. The first night the bait was
laid out the serpent put in an appearance. Those who had been watching
had grown tired of their vigil and
hud left. Sometime later they were
awakened by a noise which enmo from
the wuter. Investigation found the
strange visitor lashing the water into
foam und tearing about as though
gone mud. lie kept nt this for a few
moments only nnd then disappeared
beneath the surface of the) water antl
wus gone. It was a very narrow escape for the serpent. He had come to
feed upon his friendly pile of kitchen
refuse and had found a more tempting
meal than he hud looked for. One of
the books found its wny home and the
serpent put out for thu water at a
rapid rate, carrying hooks bait and
ull. It took him about two minutes
to get loose from the hook und during
those two minutes he wns about as
busy a sell M'preut as tivcr sported Jn
any waters.
The books have been fixed again,
and fish have been put on for bait.
Capt. Kane believes that the ser|)ent
will return and Is Huru that he will
have it ou exhibition, dead or alive,
in Nelson within a week or two.
J. A. Wallace, alius   J.    A.    Sheets.
who   was employed   by the   Canadian
Paclflo ut Slocan Junction, was arrested yesterday afternoon, on achurge of
theft from the Dominion Express Co.,
while working for that company on
the Crow's   Neht   Bass, about   a   vear
An EDgli-Jimun With a Record Per*
tonnes a Brave Deed.
Nanaimo, Oct. IM.���W. J. Cotton
Clayton, a young Englishman, and
formerly war correspondent for Tho
Loudon Times iu the Philippines, and
once u member of Sir Robert Hart's
stuff in the Chinese Customs at Row-
loon,who is working in the Extension
mines ns u box shover, was seriously
Injured Saturday morning while attempting   to   prevent a runnway   oouL
world, prevents mc from baying   any-J steud of Di4B   as now scheduled.
ago.     Ho was   brought   to the Rrovln.
rial jail last night by Provincial Con. j truck in the tunnel   from going down
stable Allan   Fori ester.    The prisoner I on two comrades.    Clayton Hung hlni-
wus brought before Magistrate Crease, self In tin- wny ot the advancing car
���tlpendary magistrate, this morning and got badly crushed between tho
nnd his case was remanded until II j end of the cur und one Bldo of the tun-
o'clock Wednesday, October 94,    Wnl-   nel sustaining severe   Injuries   in   hia
spine und ribs, but he stopped the car
luce bus been in   the   Stutcs since the
nffnir happened until uhout two wepki
ugo, when   he   returned and   went   to
work at the C. 1'. II, station here,
nnd saved the lives of IiIb comrades,
lie will go home to England, wheij
1 _-_-__���___���_���__
Nhlson Dah.v Miner,   Fiudav  Evisniro,  October 19, i.oo.
The Nelson Miner
PublUhoil  Kvory  Afi.ornooii   Exoopt Sunday
���BY TUB���
II., Fleet Strom, K. C.
Control Press Agonny, Lid., Bpoolal Agonts
Dally, por month, by currier     05c
Iiiiily. per month, by mail     Mo
Daily, per j car, by currier 9 7 mi
1 Lilly, per your, by mill'    5 00
Datly, tier year, foruiKii    II OU
Weekly, per half your  81 II
Weekly, pur your    2 im
Wouklv, pur year, furolKii    3 Ul)
Subscriptions Invariably In advance.
All Chocks should be mndo payable to tho
order   nf    Nki.son     PUBLISHING    COMPANY,
In our last issue we published an
extract from The Industrial World,
In which reference was made to The
Miner as an ������opponent of labor.11
There wus no desire to misrepresent,
but, our contemporary is none the less
unjust in its estimate of the attitude
taken by this paper. We are not opposed to labor; wo never were, and
we cannot imagine any conditions or
circumstances that could ever make
us be. No man living and no newspaper, in their senses, could be opposed to labor, understanding labor
in this connection to mean the laboring man and his desire to improve his
condition. We huve for a long time
been aware that the position of The
Miner bus been misundertood, and we
have known that in the present tcm-
pei of the Unions, which are violently
prejudiced against us, it would be
useless to attempt to set them right.
They will know better Borne day,
and we can afford to bide our time.
But we can say now that labor, in
every legitimate and reasonable
pursuit, hns no more sincere friend
than The Miner. We huve been opposed to some of tlie methods of the
Unions, nnd shall be again no doubt,
and when we are we shall speak   out.
The Miner was never opposed to an
eight-hour day. If there had been
an open nnd frank agitation for the
concession, we would have supported
it. We did not oppose labor in that
connection, hut wo condemned the
stealthy manner In which the law
was passed and tho unfair manner In
which advantage was taken of it. We
may havo been mistaken, but we
thought our position right at the
time and think it is right yet. The
Miner trusts it will always be oppos
ed to unfair and unjust methods
whether of Labor Unions or of corpor
at Ions, of political parties or of church
socltles, It believes that UnioiiB have
been wrong, and it sees a tendency in
some of them to carry things with
BUch u high hand that some day the
strong arm of Parliament will have u
Intervene. The Miner will not shut
its eyes to this wrong, nor refrain
from condemning it; but this it can
do while retaining in full measure
its sympathy for the labor cause in
all its legitimate aspirations.
These observations are merely intended to correct the mistake made by
The Industrial World, not wilfully,
but perhaps only in its too great carelessness, They aro not Intended to
propitiate the Unions, which are at
liberty to continue their bitter and
unreasonable'prejudice as long as they
like. Tho Miner curries the favor of
no man or set of men. It tries to distinguish between right, and wrong,
and according to its best judgment
will support the rirjht und condemn
the wrong, let the consequences be
what they may. It will leave to others tin- despicable occupation of pun
during to ignorant prejudices for sor
did purpose-.
Mr. Foley complains thut labor is
oppressed by the corporations. 'Thut
is one cf the cries of tlie Bryan party
in Ihe Presidential campaign across
the border. It has been a cry of the
Unions during the past four years,
having adopted it from the Bryan
pushers In the campaign of IH'.lli. Lincoln was quoted In support of it.
These are the words of a letter lie was
suid in havo written in 18641 "As u
result of the war corporations have
been enthroned, and an era of corruption in high places will follow, nnd
the money power of the country will
endeavor to prolong its reign by working upon tlie prejudices of the people
until all wealth is aggregated in a
few hands nnd the Republic will be
destroyed." Mr. I-'olcy claimed in
effect that the evils which Lincoln
���wns thus said to have predicted are
actually     happening.       Biographers
and historians were amazed at the letter, as they had no knowledge of It.
Inquiry elicited the fact that the "letter'' was one which was communicated to a notorious Spiritualist named
Cora Hutch by the spirit of Lincoln,
and wus received just in time to be of
perries in the liryan cu ropuign ion J
years ago. In serene confidence Mr.
Foley continues to rely on this spiritualistic manifestation. Bhostly authority of course is not to be disputed.
Hill Hie free use    made   of   this cry of
corporation oppression shows how
ready many otherwise sonsiblo men
an- to be governed by phrases.
(im morning contemporary distorts
tho men n ing of a remark made
by 'The Economist. Tbe latter
had said that the result,
throughout the Dominion would
give an advantage to the winning
party In the contest In Yale-Cariboo.
That Is no doubt iptito true. The
Economist knows something of human
nature, and knows that there are too
many people who run   with tho crowd
merely   1 ailBe It   is the crowd.    Hut
tliis is not saying that these people
are to bo oommonded, and that the
rest of ns arc to sit down quietly and
accept whatever they give US. That
is tho position taken by our morning
contemporary, and it seeks to bolster
it by giving a twist to the very dilT-
eront and entirely truthful remark
made by The Economist, The morning paper thinks in effect that, WO
huve untiling to do but await the re
suit of the other elections and then go
with the majority. "Tho people of
Yale Cariboo," it says, "can best be
served by a member of Parliament who
is in accord with the party in power.11 This Is a highly immoral sentiment, and the citizen who can encourage it is one whom the country cun
well spare.
There is good reason to suspect that
Parliamentary candidates do not believe all they say. Mr. Foley was
probably not as sincere as he usually
is when he expressed the opinion that
the Consevative party wus dead. A
party cannot well die as long as the
principle for which It stands is alive.
Conservatism is a principle, and ns
long as it is there will be Conservatives. If Mr. Foley watched the elections in (Ireat Britain,he probably observed that the Conservative party
there is by no means dead. And if
lie keeps his ear to the ground we
think he will learn by tho night of
the 7th prox, thut it is not dead in
We can congratulate. Mr. Foley on
his Nelson speech. It showed that he
is a man of ideas, and he knows how
to express them. Being a Labor candidate, he naturally spoke from the
standpoint of labor; and if his views
were somewhat narrow, the fact must
be put down to his platform rather
than to liis intelligence. With other
environments Mr. Foley would be enp-
able of rising to the issues which
affect all the people, and not one class
AdverLlKoinonts inserted under this hoad nt
tho rate of ono cunt n word pur Insertion. No
advert it-cm ml lakon for Iohh i linn 25 contti.
LOST. ��� Ladies Seal purse, containing
money and calling cards. Finder
please return to Mrs. S. L. Lester
comer'of Mines Hoad and Stanley St
and receive reward.
WANTED.���To   rent, a   four  or  five
roomed cottage with lire place.    Apply K. It. P., Miner Olliee.
WANTED���Chambermaid,   at  Hotel
Foil RENT.���Comfortable front room
to  let.   (furnished),   with   private
family  on    Stanley    St.    Reasonabl
terms.    Apply   at   Mr.  Scunlan's tiro-
eery Store. Stanley St.
LADY 01 Gentleman can have nicely
furnished room and partial board if
desired. Terms reasonable. Private
family. Five minutes walk from
Opera House. Apply "References,11
Miner Olliee.
FOR RENT.���Two rooms   suitable for
light housekeeping.    Corner of Josephine und (lore Streets.    Mrs. Sloan.
GOOD Building lots for sale, Corner
und one adjoining (.mi.x1.iii) 8325.
Two inside (60x120) 8250. All on Mill
Streel. Apply Straehan Bros. Opposite P. O,
FOB SAI.IO.    Florence I'nrl; Hotel and
Roberts1   Ranch,   Bltuated on  hike
shore, 2J_   miles from Nelson.   Apply
II.  R. Cameron.
WANTED   Dressmaking   apprentices
wanted. Salary paid.  Hudson's Buy
WANTED.��� lively   woman ill   Nelson
to   visit     Mrs.  Fnlield'.s     millinery
parlors, and   see   her   stock   of   hals.
The best   in  the city.
SHORTHAND    A few   pupils   wanted
tn complete   class   (evening)    being
formed   by   an   experienced   teacher.
Hitman's system taught   in :J0 lessons.
Apply at once "Stenographer," Miner
FOR     BENT.��� Cellar.    Apply   Merchants' Hank of Halifax.
FIRST   CLASS   room   and   hoard  iii
private family, 16.60 and JO.   Table
board 84.   Carbonate Street,   second
bouse east of Josephine.
nml Iry n liolllc. n doson, or a linrrol ot
OALGARY BEER M II Is tlui hunt nml
oheapesi on the innrkut. Alho try our
WINES,    LIQUORS,    and     CIGARS.
FRANK   A. TAMBLYN. M..��������..
Tolnnhnnn IB. H��ki,r HI,, Nelson. II. C.
Books You May Need
Hunt's Systematic Mineralogy.. !
Peters' Modern Copper .Smelting
Stretch's   Prospecting, Locuting
and Valuing   Mines	
Lang's  Matte   Smelting	
Miller's Qualitative Analysis..
Kemp's Handbook of  Hocks....
Thuntwine's Engineer's Handbook 	
Hawk ins' New Catechism for
the Steam   Engine	
Hawkins' Maxims and Instructions for   Boiler Room	
Hawkins'   New     Catechism    of
Hawkins' Huiiilbook of Calculations  for Engineers	
Machinists' and Engineers'
Pocket Manual	
Stevenson's Practical Test	
Canada's Metals	
H. & M. BIRD
Agents fur Eureko nineral Wool and
Asbestos Co.
Insurance Go. of North America, Mutual It.ifo
Insurance Co., of New York, Quebec
Flro Assurance Oo.
50 ft. on Mill Street, next to
corner of  Cedar  Street $   500 00
50 ft. corner Stanley and
Robflon, terms      050 00
4-Room cottage, bath and
sewer connections, one lot
Mill Street, west of Ward
St., 9100 cash, balance easy
terms 1..I00 00
5-Room cottage, Ward Street,
two corner iots,   cash   8575,
balance easy   terms   1,000 00
Ci-Hoomed house, corner of Ward
and Ilobson, electric light, hot
und cold wnter,buth aud sewer
connections S-5 00
8-Roomed house, Hume Addition -'II oo
New house on Water Street    18 00
7-Koomed house on ilobson St.,
between Kootenay and Stanley, bath, hot nnd cold water,
electric light, and sower connections 25 00
Gamble & O'Reilly
Baker Street
Real Estate and Insurance Agents.
li-Roomed House and Hath Room
together with Kitchen Range
complete with hot and cold
water, Observatory St., Magnificent view,   rent   including
water rates  826.00
5-Roomed   House   corner   Cedar
and Carbonate Streets 820.00
5-Roomed House Hume AdditionSI5.00
-1-Roomed Cottage Core St 812.50
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Hall Sts., from Nov.   1st 8.10.00
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Savings Company.
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Our  HpeolnlBlend, (I pounds  100
Our Rio Honst, 6 poundH  1 00
Nelson,      .      n. c.
St. Joseph's
.Next term commenoes Brd
September, For particu-
lars apply to the
I hereby give notice that nt the
next meeting of the License Commissioners for the Nelson district will
apply for a license to sell intoxicating
liquors at the Rossland Hotel, Vernon
Street, Lot 10, Hloclt (10, in the City
of Nelson, Ii. C.
Will pay the higheBt cush prioe for all
kinds of seoond hand goods. Will buy
or sell anything from an nnchor to a
needle. Furniture, stoves, oarperts,
cooking utensils, bought in household
quantities. Also oast off clothing.
Call and see me or write. Address
Silver King Mike, Box 200. H��U
Streot;. Nelson.   B. 0.
Provincial  Land Surveyor.
Corner Viotoria and Kootenay Sts.
P. O. Box BSfl. Telephone No. (15
Of VV'riliiiK Taper won't last
long. You'd betterplnco mi-
other "hurry up' ordor with
Civil Engineers and Provincial Land
DIP, O. Box US Kelson, B. a
Is the highest priced Champagne on the English
and French markets.
Soo Line
Also TOURIST CARS passing Dun-
more Junction Daily for St Pan), Saturday's for Monfrenl nml Boston, Mon-
dny's nnd Thursday's for Toronto.
Same curs puss Revelstoke one day
A pointer for ymn- eastern trip is to
see that yout ticket reads via. Canadian
Trains and Steamers Depnrt.
Ex Sun
Ex Sun
Kx Sun
) Steamer for Eootenan Land
I ing   nnd   eastern   pointB   via
) Crow's Nest Route.
(Train  for   Rcsslanc1,  Grand
| Forks, (ii eon wood, M ldway,eto
1 Train tor Blooan City, Slocan
j points, and Siiuilon.
| Steamer for Kaslo nud   iuter-
\ mediate points.
1 Trains for Rossland, Nnkusp,
[���Revelstoke,   Mniu   Lino   und
) Paoifiio Const Points.
For Time Tables, Rates und Full Information call on or address nearest local agent, or,
R. W. Drew, Depot Agent 1,__,, B. c.
II. L. Drown, Cily A���onl.  )
Trav. Pan*. Agouti
A  G. P. Age_t,
Hugh R. Cameron
Fire and Life
Properties for Kent and Sale on Easy Terms
Office over Nelson Wine Store.
Coal and  Wood.
Agents Imperial Oil Oo. Ltd.
Crow's   Nest   Coal,   $6.15
Anthracite,     -    -    $9.65
No order  cun be accepted  unless
accompanied by oash.
Office Corner Hall and linker Streets.
Bank of
British Columbia,
Is now prepared to issue
Drafts and Letters of Credit
on Skaguay, U.S., Atlin, B.
C, and Dawson City, Yukon
Brewi'i-p of Fine Lafrer
Beer and Foiter,
Nelson. 11. 0.
Turncr-Boucnti Ulock Baker Street
London Consolidated (Silver Hill)
Mollic I li Uson.
List yonr .Stocks with us.
By the week from $5 lo $6.
By the day 81.00.
J". V. O'LAUGHLIN, Prop.
*0 5C
I  Morrison _ Caldwell I
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Staple and Fancy-
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Canned Goods,
Fruits, Vegetables, etc.
Our Specialties:
Best Creamery Butter and
Fresh   Bogustown  Eggs.
Morris��.)   &   CaldWe))
Merchants' Bank of Halifax
Incorporated 1869.
I'nlillnl   rnl.l'iin,      ,     .     .      $l,ilK.'>,o;U.IHI   I   Itr.nl, 01,700,000.0
Honrri of Director*!   Thomas E. Kenny,   President!   Thomon Ititchio. Vioo-Presldeiil.
Wiley Smith, H. G. Bnuld, Hon. II. II. Fullor, M.L.C., Hon. David MaoKecn.
Heart Office, Halifax 1
Goneral Manager. Kilson L. Pease, Muntrnal.
Superintendent of Branohes, and secretary, W. B. Torranco, Halifax.
Inspector, \V. V. Hroek. Halifax.
Inspector 11. M. Stewart, Montreal.
Branch��� t
Rova gcella���Halifax Branch, Anttoonlsh, Bridgewater, Quynboro. I*ondondorry, Lunenburg.
Maitlnnd (Hunts Co.), Pictou, Port llnwkesbitry, Sydney. Smibonncaille, Truro Woymoiitn
,\i-�� iiriiiiHtilrk-ltiitliin-Hi. Dorchester, FredeUcton, Kingston (Kont Co.l, Monoton, New-
i-astiu, Baokvllle, Woodatoolc i". B. Island���CharlottetownTs-mmendde. uurix-r���Montreal
(City Office), Montreal. West Kml (('or. Notre llama nnd Soigneum SIrectsI; Wustmount (Cor.
(li'cane Avenue and St. Catharines Street. Ontario��� Ottawa. NrnTouiiilliiiid���St. John's
Cuba, Went Indies��� Havana, i mini States���New York (Hi Exchange Place) Republic, Wash
Atlin, Bennett, Grand Forks, Nanaimo, Nelson, Rossland, Vancouver, Vanconver East End, Victoria.
Correspondents I
Canada���Merahanta Bnnk of Canada. Boston���National Shawmut. Hank. Chicago��� Amorlon
National Hank. Hnn Francisco���Fii-st National Hank. London, Bag. -Hank of Scotland.
Paris, Prance���Credit Lyonnnls.  Bermuda���Bank of Bermuda.  China nml Japan���Hong
Kong nml Shanghai Hanking Corporation.
(icucial Banking Business Transacted; Sterling Bills of Exchange   Bought
and Sold, Letters of  Credit, Etc., Negotiated.
Accounts received on the most favorable terms.   Interest allowed on special
deposits and on Saving Bank accounts.
Geo. Kydd, Manager, Nelson, B.C.
P.aijers  NaVi)  Oil
All Tobacconists Keep It.
Wholesale Agents:
Turner Beeton& Co.
Nelson, B. C.
T^ooijis ai)d  Offices to HeijL
Apply   to   the
JSlelsoi) Eleciric TraijiWai\ Co*
Corijer Josephine arjii  Verijoiy  Streets,
lNCORPOBA*iiW) yQ7(k
We Sell the
Highest Values
Lowest Price
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Absolutely Pure
In Nelson.
Corner Baker and Stanley StreeU
Spokane Falls A
Northern R'v.
Nelson  & Fort
Sheppard RY
Red Mountain R'v.
The only all rail route between
all points east, west and south to
Rossland, Nelson and intermediate
points; connecting at Spokane with
Great Northern, Northern Pacific,
and O. R. & N. Co.
Connects at Nelson with steamer
for Kaslo and all Kootenay lake
Connects at Meyer's Falls with
stage daily for Republic, and connects at Bossburg with stage daily
for Grand Forks and Greenwood.
Effective  Sunday, October  21st, 1000.
Train No. B8 (Night Train).
Leave Spokane    10:4r' P-m-
Leave Northport     5:-r>�� 8ra-
Arrive Rossland      7:1111 a.m.
Train No. :ii (Night Train).
Leave Rossland    il:M Pm'
Leave Northport    1��!�� ,liu'
Arrive Spokane     7;l15 �����"'���
H. A. JACKSON, Q. P. & T.A.
Spokane Wmi>
Agent, Nelson, B.C
Atlantic S. S. Lines.
From Mont re;1
Allan I.lno Nnmhllnn fi$8
Allnn l.ino Cnrlntlilnn ffiSSo
lioiiiliiion  I.lno Vanoouvor i3_v 8
Dominion Linn Dominion *_. iy
Beaver l.ino i.nko Ohamplain JEfa
Beaver  Lino   LiikoMcKivnllc.. ;;'���vnrk
From Now l or��
Whito Star Lino MojoHlto WBS
While Slur Lino Cymric }ff_
While Star Lino Ocoanlo iff |(|
Cmiaril Lino Liicania _ntS7
Cunnril l.ino Unihrla  ort'.'l
American Lino 8t. Louis  f. , ���{(
Amorican Lino Now York (let "0
Anchor Lino  Anchorla Oct 11"
Anchor Lino Astoria -v,-'-';,  iiri N
N. O. L. LinoKalBor Wllholm (lor Gohmi. ,9_ ffl
N.G.L. Lino Trior KBS
Fronch Line Ln Hretnifiio  Kov i
French Lino L'Aiiualnlno },_20
Allan Slnto Lino California!!  "" 01
Allan Slnto Line LaurcnUan JrVom BomI-H-
Ilomlnlon Lino Now EnKland %[.);
Cunard LlnoSaxonla  ...... ������1.-,i.i::������|,Bn
i>a��HHKe�� arranged to and from olf HJJHg;
point*.   For rat���, llcko.ii and full I!"'or"'0���n
apply to 0. P. 11. depot agent or H. L. Brow
C. PasHongor Agent. N" rom^'lN
Qonoral /IllcKB. QUI���". wlnnlp_
7-8 inch dlam. $13.50 per 100 feet. For
immediate delivery in weuw-
'���0,T,^8._Sk  ,**�������*���
���**>��� ***** Nelson Daily Miner,  Friday  Evening, October 19, 1900
,l,,;K  REVENGE.
Elizabeth M. Gilmer.)
aud be held del-
He was v,'''-yjjf"\orn of boundless
perate viewswi     lnwtperienoe.     Bhe
ij*���;;:;;;;,,;;!,,.. io _<�� m her arst
vimtii. but w
.688 Oi .WhO
oread and
!���,,- lissome
'ith that about her that
pink and white pretti-
J seen as insipid as
butter. in every Bne of
Bgure, In every fold of
.... bla0��� iliimev gown. In the
"��������? with Which she turned to the
��. " , I at her side, there was
11,1' 1 -the woman wholsspphls-
t1"' !_ tl , knows life, and who
tiflated.__ feel with ���wlu ,llvlt,"'-v'
?,' ,-M-iit moment is like some
"'" '",at she le s _pl��- ^teate-
:'rlv with all �� eonnois-
i'ntion of   its flavor
\$/ ni  nn.   UTrn    r_r_l_   TO (P
inn l<
riu-o win
lv, lingo
seur's iippreeiaii"" ���     , ,
sin- had, i" truth, rather shrugged
her Bhoulders when her hostess had
told young Orlgshy to take her into
dinner, bnt-the lady was amusing
her    He wns a  newspaper  reporter,
talked shop, and ��bc liked people
who talked shop. It showed you the
under Bide of things, u,ul ,imv tlu"
wheels go around, .lust now the hov
had been giving her tbe history of the
latest murder sensation. A man, nn
Italian, who kept a llower stall, bud
lji-eii found <liwl with a knife thrust
through his heart, and bis face buried
among bis rosea, There was no evidence of uny struggle. The man bad
no enemies so far us known. Not a
penny of money bud been taken.
There were no enemicB so far as
known. Nut a penny of money bud
been taken. There was absolutely
���,, dew either to tbe murderer, or to
11 motive for the deed.
"Depend on it," said the youth
with all the self confidence of the amateur deteotlve, "a woman did it.
The man wus a handsome fellow, nnd
he liinl just been married. Hack of it
all you will see that there is some
blaok-eved Beatrice, or Tessa he had
made love to, nnd then forgotten,
The old storv, you know���the woman
scorned, it's the kind of a thing a
woman always revenges."
-���(iii. not always, surely," the woman replied with u   flicker of a smile,
"murders are so unpleasant,and "
"Different stratus of society, different methods," the boy interrupted.
"In her set the woman scorned tnkes
her revenge with a knife. Iu ours
she takes It���God knows how."
A servant wns tilling the woman's
jflnSH with wine. She watched it as
the bubbles rose up the crystal stem,
and bended it with jewels and there
was 11 little pause before She spoke.
"Perhaps you are right," Bhe suid,
"each of us avenges our own wrongs,
and slights���our hurt hearts and our
wounded pride���in our own wny. Curiously enough 1 have just been watching n little drama, a comedy or tragedy, us you like, that proves your
point���with a difference.
"Shall I tell you the story? Yes? It
begins back in the dark ages���oh, IB
years ago, and, ns a dramatist would
sny, both scenes occur ut the same
summer resort. The heroine was a���a
���friend of mine, aud at that time she
was a mere slip of a girl. Picture to
yourself n thin, childish figure, with
a mop of red brown hair and great
intense eyes that always Deemed too
big for the wistful face. Think of
her as one utterly ignorant of ull the
world's ways, but with a hungry,pas
Blonate little soul, yearning for love
for music, for beuuty.for a wider bor
izon, for all that goes to make up tho
salt and savor of life,
'It happened that that summer an
old aunt had taken tbe girl with nel-
to Minic springs, and chance threw
her with a man of the world, cultured, brilliant; traveled, so unlike the
nieii she hud ever known in her crude
life lie seemed to her the very god of
her dreams, There wns not a charm
of his polished manners, not a turn of
his quick wit, not an elegance or luxury ut his toilette that did not thrill
her every sense with delight. What
he taw |n her, heaven knows. Perhaps
in sinnc dim way her soul called to
his, and for a time he answered it.
perhaps her very ignorance of life
diverted one who wns world-wise and
weary At uny rate he found * (he
little country girl amusing, and] devoted himself to her.
"It's a platitude, isn't it," went on
the woman   with a   throb of   pity   in
her voice, "to say that the girl fell in
love with him?   What chunee has  the
little helpless, fluttering bird   against
the serpent that ensnares   it?   To the
girl it   was like   the coming   true  of
all that she hud ever hoped or  dreamed,   lie fed her alert brain as well as
her henrt.    lie talked to her of books,
he described for her the strange plaeus
of the earth where he had traveled, he
pictured to her the  great singers  nnd
actors    he bad heard, and she choked
with the tense  emotion  of   that  ino
ment when the   artist holds the house
spell  bound  before    the   tumultuous
applause. Her sympathy   und her understanding were like a   strung  harp
that only needed  his  touch   to   wake
into  music, und   so   be    taught  her
love.    Then, suddenly, one   night  ho
Stopped and kissed her���and it was no
longer  a  child,   but   a   woman, who
looked up into his eyeH.with an awakened soul.
"In a few days be went away. Tbe
summer was endod. Ho bad amused
himself teaching tho little girl how to
love, but be had tired of the game,
and he throw her aside as a child does
a toy it has wearied of and broken.
As for tho girl, she had her bad quarter of an hour in which she learned
lnuny things. She learned to cover
up a breaking heart with a smile,
and to luugh to keep   from   weeping
U/        The GREAT CUT PRICE SALE which Jfl
VJ/ we inaugurated the first of this week is stiU W
"!"    _    ���    _______        __.       t. a ���__��___>    G__i'D_!_!_1    rt��
That live in LI I.LIE'S Shoes. They live in comfort und style and
arc envied by their fellow feet. Dont you want a pair to
make join feet jjlail ?
��� LILLllf BROS. ^
Wholesale  Houses
rpilOKI'K & CO. I.imiled���Corner Vernon
X and Cedar Streets, NulrtOli���Munuf_uuir-
ein of and whuleHale dealers iu .ended wulom
ainl fruit gyrupg, _lu iiltuM* for Halcyon Hot
Springs mineral water.   Telephoned!!.
__ N. M. Cummins, Lessee���Kverj known
variety of soft drinks. 1-oHoxhk. Telephone
No, 31. HooverBtroet, Nelson. Hottlornof tho
fanioiiri til. boon llol Springs Mineral Water.
we maugura_eu. tut; iirsu ui hues w _<_.__. w ����-!*
Vfe being carried on at our BAKER STREET
\ii STORE.   We told you at first that prices
pav would be RUTHLESSLY  CHOPPED, and
we have KEPT OUR WORD.   In fact, we
are almost GIVING AWAY good values.
\%i        The stock must go to make room for the
\&  goods now on the road and at the depot, so
\fy don't miss such an opportunity.
to        TWELVE BEAUTIFUL LAMPS stand (fl
to on our counter.  They are yours at a RIDIC- (fl
to        A bewildering array of STERLING SIL- ���[}
to VER    NOVELTIES    at    HARD     TIMES JJ
to PRICES, m
/ a. Maodonald)���Architects and Hiii-uriu-
landentfli lirukiMi Hill Block, corner iiakui uml
Ward Siruui*, -.olhun.
Representing the Largest
European and American  Manufacturers
Mills, Mines and Smelting Machinery
CO.- Manufacturer, uf tbq Kuyui tteal
und ECooteoay Menu t i^nrM. Factory and
otllco, Bakorotrwt. Nelson.
HJ. i:\ans _ CO.���Baker Btrwt, Nol-
��� ��on���Wholesale iiuui.ru in Liquors, ci-
KU-Tbi oeroont, lire brick and llro clay, water
pipe and fttoel falls, uml general cummit_ion
Apartodo No* 83
J    A. M.kjNAU)   Madden Mock, Nelson���
���   Fruits, ice oreatn, "u. B.   ehocol--u__
intfh olass confectionery.  Ice Cream Parlors.
_JL> Wholesale and retail denier* 111 grain,
luiy, Hour, teed. Mills nt Viototia, New West-
minster; Kdmonton, Alia. KAevaton on Cnl-
Kiiry and hiluiuuton Railway. Manufacturer*
ut the oelebrated ti, Ac BL. brand cereals.
A MACDONALD Sc Oo.���Corner Front
��� and Hull streets���Wholesale grocer_i
and jobbers in blankets, gloves, mitta, bouts,
���ubbiir . maokJLnaws and miners' sundries'
4/ We Test the  Eyes and  Skillfully  Repair ifi
to Timepieces. 2,
���)2^^-000^-00.00-00-00-00'00-00^.-00'-00-00-00-00-^-00   00-00'00" 00>-00'
UIIII   IO   lllllgll    -O   HU    _       l."����       "-_���_���
Hho loavned the Hhamo that Bcoiclies a
woman', soul when Bhe given her love
unsought, nnd when she had learned
her lesson, she knew that all her innocent, girlish trust and faith was
dead, and that, come who might in
life, she would have nothing but the
leeu of her love to give him. She had
offered the brimming cup to another,
ami he had quaffed it, and thrown It
cnroleHBly aside.
"You aro not to think the man wafl
bad," went on tho woman.    "He was
merely    cureless.     Ho   had   amused
himself with the girl and it  was  her
misfortune   that  she  wus  too  young
and too ignorant  to   understand   the
game,  and  so    got   hurt.    But  time
brings sirango   revenges.    While  the
girl wus still young   enough   to profit
by it the old aunt died, und left her a
fortune.    She went   abroad, traveled,
studied, knew   lnuny,   many people in
many lands, and wus no mure tile   little Ignorant country  girl, but a personage.    People  don't   grieve always
over a lost love, you   know,   but   still
underneath    everything  else   in  her
heart wns the smart ol the old wound
���the   shuiiii-   of    her    scorned   love.
Sometimes when she realized that she
was very lonely   in   spite   of   all that
money could give, 01*   when she saw a \
girl looking up   into  her   lover's face
with    adoring  eyes, and  know   thut
that look und that rupture could never
be hers, something savage   stirred   in
the woman's  heart, anil   she   set   her
teeth fiercely, and snid to herself: "If
he ever crosses   my   path again I will
take  my revenge, and���"
They never met again until this
Bummer, and curiously enough it was
ut the same summer resort. Life hud
brought its disappointments to the
man. too. He wus ill. broken in
health and fortune,   lie hud married u
woman, beautiful, selfish, pleasure-
loving, who bitterly resented their
loss of wealth, und who had abandon-
ud him iii liis misfortunes,   The   girl
-she wus a woman now���saw nil this,
and Bhe smiled n little bitterly to
think how fate played into her
hands, The man wns sick, lonely,
heai-thungry. Her revenge would be
bo easy to take. It was all there,
deeper, completer than she could have
"And I bet she jolly well paid him
back," put in the boy, "trust a woman   to  get  even  for  that  kind   of
"No," said the woman a little wistfully, "it came to her that revenge
was n hitter drink, after all. She
found out���it does not mutter how���
that a certain sum of money would
enable him to tide over a crisis In his
ulTairs, and secretly, so he might
never know, she supplied it to him.
Believed of anxiety be grew better at
once, but through the long days of
convalescence the woman lingered
near him, breathing into hiin fresh
hope, and courage, and then���"
"And then'.'" asked the boy curiously.
"And then,"  repeated   the   woman
dully,"   she  went  away.    "She  hail
taken her revenge, und the ninn never
knew that the woman who loved   liiml
had   saved    him  for  the  woman  he
The hostess wns gathering up the
ladies with her eyes, and in a moment
more thoy had passed through the
broad doorway. When they had gone
the boy sut staring at his wineglass,
and then whispered Something to himself.    "Well, 1 am d���dl" lie said.
Those who enjoy hunting
find here a lirst-class quality of Hunting Hoods, not
only Smokeless Loaded
Sheila that are dependable
and reasonable, but a full
line of I'owder, Hhot, Onr-
tridges, Primers, Knives���
in fact all the needfuls for
d ay's shooting.
****���#*** i���� Wf W WOw TffTW 4f
jt      A ..two-story  dwelling i   7 large rooms;   front and  back
t. stairs;   halls;   oloaeta; bath room; sewer connection ;
about four blocks   from post-office  S-
p 87C0 cash, balance monthly.    A first-class buy.
t.      Five-room cottage; Bewer connection; 85-foot lot; a block
from tram line, iu Addition A	
p Kasy terms.
I      Two good 35-foot lots, near tho street car barns; only....
50-foot corner,  Vernon   Street     'I
%      35-foot lot, Carbonate Street	
B-Room Cottage 81
���l-l.oom Cottage    l
8-Room Cottage     l
���1 - Room < Jottago    1
To   lot   on a yearly lease, il-rooin house, corner of   Cedar
and Victoria;   all plumbing;   gas and  electric light.
���AGENT   FOR���
Flro Insurance Fromptly Placed.
Utile.   OCmer   1UU aild   bronl  SiroeW,
i.otBoa���Lumber, oelltDg, tlourtuK, und uvury-
tliiiiK >h wwiii tur buUcung i- . i ���     .   i-ri our
iiriuoK.  Oorrenpondenoe -.uhdtud.
L>  BURNS & Co.���Baker atruut, Nebon���
���   \Vhuienalo dealers In fr-nii aud cured
tin-iii-.    i old MoniKo.	
YV    BaVer Btroet, NcIhou���wi.ua.suio ileal*
en in frcr.li and cured mcuU.
Street, NcIhuii ��� Wholesale dealum in
hardware, miners' supplies, ^portin^ good.,
VI LACHLAN BROS, (SuccoKHon* to Van-
JlYJ-. oouver Hardware Go, Lid.j Baker dtroot,
An uii u im',1 ��� ,dt- dealers In hardware and
mining supplies, plum-iura' aud Llimiuitbn' sup-
paint*, ml- und glass: uiochanioH' toolrf.
-\m ui - toi Ontario Powder Works; dynamite
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants
��r__   *��-M������������-5__
Branch Markets in Rossland, Trai_, Nelson, Kaslo
Sandon. Three Porks, New Denver and Slocan City.
Order, by malk to any branch will have careful a*4 oromot attention.
-Corn_r Vurnon
JL unu JunuiJiiiiiu aumvi Noliwn���Wliclo-
.ii.- dculurs In liqiiorH. cIk_tm, utid dry goolH.
AguntM lur 1 .bwt llrewinK Co. ot Milwaukee
and CalKary HruwInK Co ot Calgary.
UDSONS BAY Co.-Whol_ialo groowtoH
and liiiuorH clc llakur r-ti<���.���!. NvIhoii.
X    and Johiiuliliie Streom,
CI ALIKOKN1A WINK CO., Limited-Cornor
)    Kront and  Hal) Streets, Nelnon���Whole-
��� in- dealerri in  winen  u-.i ���<���  and   bulk), and
doniUHtlc and imported cigarH.
JY. OHIKK1N 4 CO,   Corner Vornon and
���   Josephine Street-,  Nelson ��� Wholeudo
dealcm In provlolonn, cure*) nienU, butter aud
CKg*. __^______________m_m_mmmmm^m^mm
Canned or Fresh
Delivered to any point
on Kootenay Lake.
I have a complete stock on hand of
Rough and Dressed
Mouldings, Sash Doors.
Inside Finish,
Coast Flooring, and
Finished Lumber-
Mill at TI LOT BAY. Yards, NELSON
and LAltDO,
Por wood or hard or soft coal,
The  largest   line  carried   by
uny Hi in in Canada*
"(I I   Cheer"   Bangei  nnd
Cook StOVOS.    A eompk-te linu.
Cnll nnd In- convinced Unit tin- only place to buy
Stoves, nml   Range, at  the  right  prices   l��  the
T-li ilgnaturo li on every box of tbe genuine
Laxative Brouio-Qiiinine w|eta
Uw remedy tUt cure* a MM Hi 9"" aBr
Visit Florence Park Hotel at Bob-
erts'ltanch, two an.la  half nitaMJ
the river, W..M, Rohcrts, proprietor,
J. i. mWAED.
Why Suffer
Our remedies are always at band
and are pleasant and reliable.
There 1b no necessity of Buffering
from oonghBi colds or any other
of tlie complaints Of the HeaHon.
Try some of OUT pure  and   eom-
mon-sense remedies and st<��p  that
West Kootenay Butcher Co.
Fresh   and   Salted   Heats
Baker Street, Nelson.    1', 0. liox tKi
Fish and Poultry in Season
E.   C.   TRAVE9.   Manager.
Bakbk Street, Nelson.
Orders by mail receive careful and prompt attention
"Ti.l_0.GlJ HI)
Room 1, Tnrnor-Boeekh Block.
Hoases a.d Building Lots in All Parts
of the Oity.
I ivr-. m|��,Hovcin nml .������/ii'  mom iiuu ���    for
���..U-, twin ly por ii-iii bolnwr ci>-i-
Just nnw tin- full fruits are i-npeelal-
Iv attractive, Ynu can buy here tlio
best "f  ,
Peaches, Apples, tirapes,
for full i-atiiiiiiu- or for |ii-('srut rating,
uur lino ot canned ami praeorved
fruits will continue to be the very
beet) s��> you are free frum the neoea*
silv of putting up fruits Ifyou prefer
Fresh or Canned  Fruits as You
Want Them.
Peaches, Pears,
Plums, Quinces,
Apples, Bananas,
Sweet Potatoes,
Green Tomatoes.
Klrkpatrlck 8 Wilson
Canada Permankm \ndWes-
tern Canada Mortgage
Money to loan OB Struct Murine.
Apply to U. I, LENNOX ����"��r �������
,;*'���>���   ,.        Tn,wl>
IIoiiM's and lots fur Hale in all parts
of the City.
Victoria Montreal    Fire   Insurance
Ontario Mutual Life Insurance Company.  ,
rr*r.r   see annable
-������������ ; Nelson  Daily  Miner,   Friday  Evening,  October  19, ��oeo.
We are Pushed for  Money.
We are honest in our declaration. We confess we are hard up, We have more goods than money. We must havo
more money than goods. We anticipated heavier trade than we have had, and unless we can sell the goods now we will
be stuck. We have come to the conclusion that something must be done, and at once. We are desperate, and have
decided to recklessly slaughter thousands of dollars'worth of goods in order to unload. Prices are shattered right
and left���mowed down���annihilated���knifed to the very core���for no stone will be left unturned to make a clean sweep of
the surplus. The might of such low prices must tell���must make our bargains ring in the ears of the people as never
Ladies' Tailor=Made Costumes
In English Homespuns, Beaver Cloth, Kerseys, Broadcloths and serges.
See our leader���the skirt alone worth double the money.    Only three of this line left, but they are going at  $5 00
Ladies' Silk Blouses, a large range of them at all prices.    See the line we are selling at  1   50
Black Dress Goods, good all-wool Black Crepon;    regular price $1.00 a yard;   while it lasts, at  35C
Table Linens, fine grass bleach Table Damasks, new and  handsome designs, rich satin  finish, extra heavy quality, 72 inches wide;   regular price $1.25 a yard;   one price only;   to go at,
per yard.
'^f&    Silks, Novelty, Fancy Waist and Dress Silks, in fancy stripes and checks, choice colors, at         25c   tY
vSf^ Better qualities at 50c, 75c, $ f .00 and up to $5.00   $|
.A      White Ouilts, fine English satin finish, full bleached, manufactured in the newest Marseilles patterns, woven in the best raised effects, regular price $2.50, a bargain at	
81.60 f
If you don't believe us, come and be convinced.   If you do believe us, come and convince others.
��� www w v^*wwww VW S ���
I       THE MINES j
l/WVWWWWVI��W��^rWA^ i��
Kaslo. 15. C, Oct. 18.���The lyanhioe
tram at Sandon lias been completed,
It was turned over a few times last
will; as a test. Tho ore bins are
marly finished, In a few days ore
will commence, to coine down from
tlie Minnesota Silver Company's properties, The installation of machinery
at the mill will he finished before the
end of the month, by which time the
company expects to have the eonc.n-
1 rator In operation.
A rich strike has been made on the
Copper Star group on Salisbury Cieok.
Ralph 0. Kenyoii, one of the   owners.
who has been superintending work on
the property, has brought down line
samples of ore from which an assay of
10 in gold and silver was olitaim-il.
This group of live claims is looated
on Salisbury Creek, about II miles
up the lake from Kaslo anil four miles
from the lake shore. The ledge is
BO feel wide and can be traced for
over 3,000 feet. The ore from which
the assays were obtained was practically on tho surface, being only six
r.-et in on the lodge, and at a depth of
about 13 feet.
W. 11. .leiVrys. representative of the
Canadian Gold Fields Syndicate,   1ms
again I a up to  see   the True   Blue
on the mountain above Kaslo. Good-
or ham and Blackstook are Interested
in the syndicate. It is understood
thai a deal will be put thorugh shortly by which the company will take
hold of lliis property.   The True Blue
i - ,i |arg pper   proposition, and   is
located about a mile from the town.
The Hall Mines Company originally
had a bond on it.
Tin- Improvement In the Iteco mine
,-il Siuiiloii 1h nuld to be holding oul
well with further development, The
strike was made In a orosscul from
the upraise which connected the No. 7
r.ilh tho No. 0   tunnel.    'I'h"   cut was
run Into the banging wall tor n feet,
where Hirer   inches nl   clean galena,   Of
the kind shipped from the property
before,  was   encountered.   The   ore
Hint.-   has   been   opened    up in   three
.long the   hanging wall.   The
. was made at u depth of mo feet,
Ives 800 feet of working ground
which has not i ii touched.
,   ���  ��
Several boktfd consignments of ore
specimens for the exposition were rc-
ccivetl at the mineral tent on Monday,
says The Spokesmau-lleview. Among
thcin was some interesting additions
to the collection from t'linip McKinncy
and Rock Creek. II. C. There was ul-
ready a considerable representation
from the camps in the mineral tent,
but they were of last year's specimens. The additional display was one
of the lirst Bilippvd and the delay was
In transmission. The united exhibits
make a complete and important commentary mi the condition of the district and its possibilities. It was one
of the heaviest sulVorers in the recent
depression, and it is yet somewhat under the Influence of t.he withdrawal of
capital from Investment caused by
the South African war. but new work
is being started weekly, and there is
a return of the former activity well
within sight. Among the well known
properties represented ill the new lot
of ores are the fanioim Cariboo, the
Waterloo, Dayton, Sailor. Lemon,Victoria, Siiowdon, Uohi Standard, Eou-
ador and others.
The McKinncy exhibit, is displayed
in the space allotted to the Boundary,
next to the Rossland department, An
interesting ore display from theSimil-
kameen copper district is also placed
in   the Boundary department.
���     ���    *
A syndicate of Spokane mining men
has purohased 800,000 shares of the
830,000 shares of stock- iu the Waterloo
Mining. Milling Company,operating
In Camp McKlnney. The- purchasers
are: .liimes Moiiaglian, formerly president of the Cariboo; M. ft. Cowley,
Edward O'Shoa, VV, n. Estep, A. 0.
Jamloson and J, V. Redely, Sufficient
of the Stock is held by the men to give
them a controlling interest, and they
have taken over the management of
the     mine   nml   will   cumin, -nee   new
work nt  ie, The tonus are not made
The company has not heen active of
late owing to the lack of funds in the
treasury, bul the present deal, which,
by the way, is for   cash, gives enough
money to continue   vrork   tor along
time, ami n Is estimated   to put it on
ii solf-suppoi'   i    haul
Tin-   present    development   on   the
Wain loo im i ���   ,ii  two shafts,  one
up the bill ami .o feet deep, nnd the
Other down the bill and only 181 feel
from tho Idi line of the claim, next
which Is tho i intonoy, This shaft is
about IS feet di up. A illl-foot drift lias
beon run toward the l.ntonoy and a
long drill SOU ��cet  the othlMj' way.  To
ward the cud of this drift a rich
shoot was encountered and it was
stoped on to the surface, yielding a
handsome return. A hoist is installed
in the lower shaft and it is to be taken out and installed in thu stope,
which is timbered, almost ready for
work. This new shaft, which is in
about the center of the claim, will be
sunk to considerably greater depth
and tho ore body   explored   In several
directions and at different levels.
"The Laidlaw smelter at (Ireen-
wood is to start up before the new
year," said Andrew Laidlaw, to a
.Spokane Chronicle reporter.
A. B. C, Davis, tho assayer and
chemist for the smelter, has arrived
from Denver, and the metallurgist
will be a prominent smelter man from
either Salt Lake City or Denver. In
speaking of the smelter, Mr. Laidlaw
said: "The entire machinery for the
smelter will he shipped from Denver
Immediately and it will undoubtedly
be the finest in the northwest. The
plans were drawn up by the Denver
Engineering Company and aro strictly
up to date in every particular. Every
thing is fitted up in a handy manner.
The double track runs through the
building above the bins and the sampling plant is near the rest of the
works. The bins are within 711 feet, of
the fin uaee.
"The plans for the smelter have arrived and the main building will lie
188 by l'.'O feet, while the smelter will
havo a capacity of .'11)11 tons per day.
At the start but one furnace will be
run, with a capacity of 160 tons. The
lime kiln is on the grounds for Mux to
the ore.
"Nearly all the work prior to the
putting in of the machinery is competed, We have had from 46 to 60 men
Working, excavating, clearing the
site, and the large retaining wall
was completed yesterday. The framing will he Started today and 8,000,000
feet of lumber has already boon ordered.
"The townsite has been cleared and
lots are being sold. There is now a
hotel built there which is two and h
half stories, and other buildings an
being put up. "
what's viiiii FACE wm:
Sometimes   a   fortune, but lie
vou have a sallow complexion.
Iii I look, moth patches and 1
.ni tin' skin,   -all signs ol'   Liver
hie.     lint Ur.  King's New   I,if,
give  Clear Skin.    Rosy   Clieoki
Complexion.    Only   SB  cents
Canada Drug uud Hook store,
1 Jo
���. u
.   IS
Mr. Hugh Sutherland, ex M. 1'..
will arrive in Nelson this evening
from the east.
0. I). Blackwood, representing .1.
Bruce Payne, left for the coast last
evening, lie expects to be gone one
A prospector hy the name of Cook
was found in a half starved and nearly prostrate condition in a shed at the
rear of the Hank of .Montreal about
11 o'clock this morning, lie was taken to tlie city jail by Chief Jarvls.
There will he a rally of the Conservatives in ihe MaeNeill committee
rooms in the Houston Block this evening. Candidate MacNcill and Hon.
T. Mayne Daly are expected to speak
and local men will also he heard from.
Mr. William Mackenzie, accompanied by his daughter, Miss Mckenzie,
Miss   Bertha    Mackenzie     and     Miss
Ethel Mackenzie, of Toronto,   are at
the Hotel Iliinie. .Mr. .Mackenzie is
of the   linn   of   Mackenzie   &   Mann,
railroad contractors.
Mr. (I. K.Taekahury, local agent of
the Spokane Falls and Northern, accompanied by Mis. Tackabury, left for
Lincoln. Nebraska, Wednesday evening on  a  month's  vaout ���.     G,   H.
Williams,     of     Kossland.      tr���  ,.||i
freight agent   for   the   company, will
take chinge of   Mr.   Tackainiry's   du
ties during the letter's absence.
During the present, week .1. .I.Walker, the jeweler, has been conducting a
removal sale, it has been advertised
exclusively in Tin- Miner and Mr.
Walker says he has had remarkable
results. -1 liml The Minor the hest
advertising medium lever used, "says
Mr. Walker. --It certainly sells the
Kenneth Cannell,a building contractor, died at the General Hospital of
typhoid level at II  o'clock last night.
The iu al procession will leave  the
late residence al Ihe cottier of linker
and Cedar streets at 1 ::iu tomorrow
afternoon   and   at    3 o'clock   services
will be conducted at ihe Presbyterian
church hy Rev. Robert Frew. Mr.
Cannell was 30 years old. He was born
at Lni'luiow. Bruce County, Ontario,
and came to Hritish Columbia a number of years ago, He leaves a wife
���'mil one child, and otte brother,
all of whom arc iu Nelson.
Maynnrd II. Cowan, of the Cowan
Coal Co., operating at the eastern end
of tho Crow's Nest Pass, passed
through Nelson this morning on his
way to Spokane. Mr. Cowan reports
that his company is now prepared to
ship coal to the outside market and
yesterday loaded the first ear for Nelson which will arrive here in a day
or two for the use of a loeal institution. The shaft in the mine is now
down 860 feet and a splendid quality
of coal is being taken out. The company is also opening up the vein in
another place and in a short time will
largely increase its present output.
"Put it down thai-," said the old
man to the obituary writer, "that
she was 43, an' likely for her age."
"That's down. "
���   "That she wuz   never   known     tor
speak a  cross   word���bein'   decf   and
dumb from childhood."
���All right."
"That she is now at rest on Abraham's bosum���but hold ou. Ain't
that whar Lazarus is'.'"
"1 think so. "
lie paused a moment, ns if in deep
thought.    Then he said :
"No matter' i'ul it down that
she's thar too; fcr ef ever Lazuras
sees her comin' hell vacate an' hunt
another restin' place. 'Sides that, he
been thai- too long, anyhow!"���Atlanta Constitution,
"So you reject me!" the young lawyer said rather bitterly. "I wonder
if it would do any good to appeal the
ease to your father I"
She shook her head.
"There is no appeal from my decision," she replied. '--I am what
you call the court of lust resort.
"Hut I cannot give up the ease in
this way I" he exclaimed.
She dug the sand with the point of
her parasol.
"Mr. Braxton," she said, softly,
"might you not ask for a new trial'.1'
to CIIKI a coi.it i\ iim: i> ii
Tuku Laxative Bromo Qulntno Tablet*.  All
drunnau refund the money if it, fulls u> cure.
2.K>.   K. W.-rove. HiKiiiiMini In on encli box.
Mr. E. K. Purdy, ItradBtreet's loeal
representative, left Nelson this morning on a business trip over the Crow's
Nest Hailway, and return via Calgary
and Revelstoke. He expects to be absent about two weeks, and will visit
all important towns in the Slocan district before  returning.
"When a child I burned my foot
frightfully," wiites W. II. Kails, of
.lonesville, Va.. "which caused horrible leg sores for III! years, but lluck-
len's Arnica Salve wholly cured after
everything else failed." Infallible for
Bums, Scalds. Cuts Sores, Bruises
and Piles. Sold by the Canada Drug
and Hook Co., 86 cents.
A box of Lowney's candies is just
the thing to take home aftei the theatre. If you don't prefer Lowney's
wc have darnings "(I. 11." chocolates
which are delicious. As for fruit you
can't find any bettei than the display
at J. A. Maedonald'��� Palace Confectionery.
Your Eyes Hurt
Do you know the dillicitlly?
It isjjtiinc you consulted someone who does know.
We'd like to llml out for you.
We will tell you what your
eyes need, and lit them for
you so yon can enjoy reading
and working for years to come.
It will pay you to come and
see us.
iMtuml.t. i ur nif Jewtler*.
Two Nights Only
Thursday, October 18th.
"Ragtime Operetta."
20 Colored Artists
The  only   Colored organization
that   is   booked   lor   Nelson   tl"s
Prices 50 antl  75 Cents.
Seats  on sale  Wednesday at 10
A line of stripe opera llannels in the
new   shades.    Sec   them   at   Ken-   it I
Co. 's. j
tice Can Pit You.
lie has   one of   the   host   and   largest
., Fall and  Winter slocks lu
tlie Province.
A. GEE, Merchant Tailor
Opposite Queen's Hotel,
Haker Street
Eight   pngeB  of summarized  and
classified newn.
Eight pnges of practical agricultural aud live stock articles-
Eight pa.es of Interesting fiction
and magazine, features.
3 Socllons.     24 Pages.
$1.00 PER YEAR.
Balanco ol 1900 freo with subscription for 1901.


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