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Nelson Daily Miner Dec 24, 1900

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Daily Edition No. 918
Nelson,   British Columbia, Monday Evening,   December 24,    19.0.
Eleventh  Year
Canadians Will Be Asked to
Join Gen. Baden-Powell's
Winston Churchill the) Guest
of the Governor General
at Ottawa.
Ottawa, Dec. 24.���-The Militia Department will shortly cause notices
to be posted up throughout tho country calling for recruits for General
Baden-Powell's TranBvaal constabulary force. Pay for the men will be
Ave shillings per day from date of
landing at Capetown with free transportation from Canada to South
Ottawa, Ont., Dec. 24.���Official announcement is made In London of the
admission of Canadian livestock to
the trustee Investment list.
Ottawa, Dec. 24.���Three hundred
and forty-flve persons have passed the
lower grade civil service examinations during the past month of whom
sixteen are from Vancouver and four
from Victoria. In the higher grade,
of which there are 214, ten are from
Vanoouver and two from Victoria. A
noticeable feature of the lists is the
large number of ladlos at Ottawa who
have nas��ed. In the lower there
were 18, In higher 49 and as optional
���objects 18.
Belleville, Ont., Dec. 24.-lIarry
Corby, M. P., Conservative. West
Hastings, annonces his i .tcntion of
resigning when the House meets owing to ill health.
Halifax, N. 8., Deo. 24.���Tho building occupied by The Ilaily Chronicle
was badly damoged^by flic and a considerable portion of the plant destroyed this morning. The loss is roughly
estimated at between 90,000 and $12,-
000, covered by insurance.
Halifax, N. S., Dec. 24.���The western section of tho First Contingent,
who arrived ou tho Lalio Champlnin
early yoBterdav moming.left for Montreal last night and will go direct
from there by the C. P. R. to their
Halifax, Dec. 24.���Mary Campbell,
aged 50, a domestic, fell on the street
Saturday and burst a blood vessel,
which caused almost instant doaili.
Cbarlottetowu, Dee. 24.���Dr. James
McLeod, one of the most prominent
men of Prince Edward Island, died on
Saturday night after  a long illness.
Ottawa, Deo. 24.���Mr. Winston
Spencer Churchill, M. P., arrived in
the olty from Boston yesterday, and
is staying with Hia Excellency, the
Governor-General. Mr. Churchill in
an interview says the Boers will be
troublesome for a long time yet because many of them are the finest natural fighters extant, aud thoy are
too prejudiced and Ignorant of outside
affairs to see beyond Immediate results, while the quieter ones have
fone back to their farms. Those now
n the field are the most daring and
reckless of the army, and the strictest
measures possible is the enly way to
bring them Into subjection. Mr.
Churchill expressed himself in very
high terms of the work done by the
Recent Storms Play Havoc With Shipping on the Pacific.
Taeoma, Dec. 24.���Details are coming In of shipping disasters on tho
North Pacific coast during tho recent
storms. The American bark Highland Light, was wrecked three days
ago on the shore of Barclay's Sound.
Her crew escaped. The steamer De
Laae was towed into Puget Sound last
night after the terrible experiences
which threatened several tlmoB to
���end her to the bottom. When rescued her furnace flr.s were Hooded.
Part of the steoring gear was gone.
The De Lane sailed Tuesday with a
cargo of lumber for Guiquil. Wednesday a terrific storm was encounter
ed and that evening the seas broke
over her, extinguishing the lights
aad Arcs. Chief Engineer Knox and
his men worked 21) hours in water up
to their knees and waists to keep the
pumps working. The De Lane Bent up
distress signals and waB eventually
rescued by the tugs.
Manila, Dec. 24.���The recently organized autonomy party was launched
today at a meeting attended by virtually all the loyal Filipino leaders in
Manila, The declaration of principles were read and after some discussion adopted by a vote of 123, less
than half a dozen declining to vote.
All signed an endorsement of the
platform,    Including fjenor Paterno,
one of the most influential of the former insurgent leaders whose real attitude toward American authority had
been much questioned. The principal
discussion wns with reference to the
organization of thu Government of
the party. A council of 85 members
was elected, together with an executive committee.
TO   THE  POOR. ��
P. Burns _. (!o, wish Tlio Miner
What Is Interesting the People in the
Land of the Chrysnnthemnm.
Yokohama, Dec. 23.��� The wearisome
and disappointing delays of the Pekin
diplomats aro having a marked effect
upon public opinion in Japan, producing what may be regarded as almost a
revolution of sentiment in favor of
China. The native papers are now
mainly ranged on the side of leniency
in dealing with tho chief instigators.
The missionary question, of course,
occupies a foremost plaee in the discussion. It is now felt us essential
that the western powers take cognizance of the sentiment here that religions invasions of Oriental countries
by powerful western organizations
are tantamount to filibustering expeditions and should not only be discountenanced but stern measures
should be adopted for their suppression.
The business stagnation continues
and is exciting some alarm in foreign
as wbII as in native circles. The harbor of Yokohama is well nigh denuded of shipping and there is a steady,
though as yet small,exodus of foreign
residents. When the Chinese troubles are settled, however, everyone is
looking for a substantial revival of
trade and preparations for them are
being made, In the meantime, indignation against the inexcusable delays
at Pekin is waxing hot.
Nothing yet has been heard from
the training ship T.sulushimn, which
disappeared off the eastern coast
in the recent storm and intenso anxiety is felt for those on board. A war
ship has been despatched   in search.
The enthusiasm among the Japanese
over the proposed 'memorial of the
Perry expedition is increasing and
something handsome will probably be
the result.
It is Expected the Chinese Authorities
Will lie Ready by Then.
Pekin, Dec. 23.���Ll nung Chang,
answering an enquiry from the foreign envoys regarding his health, said
be believed he would be able to attend the meeting tomorrow and in order to adopt with Prince Ching. the
preliminary joint note. Tho note will
be presented by the Spanish Minister
Senor He Cologan. dean of the diplomatic corps, with a few words expressive of a hope of as prompt a reply as possible to a note which has
been carefully prepared with every
desire to continue tho dynasty and
not to be hard toward the nation and
of a further hope that the Chinese
plenipotentiaries will urge upon Emperor Kwang Su tho necessity of im
mediate compliance. An answer is expected about Thursday.
Manila, Dec. 24.���Advices brought
today by steamer from Southern Luzon say thnt a lietuenaut and sixty
men of the UOtli United States cavalry
attacked a large body of insurgents
lust Wednesday near Guinobatan,
Province of Albay. Aftor the battle
forty-five dead insurgents were counted together with many wounded. The
only American casualty wis the
wounding of a sergeant, who was cornered by several rebels nnd struck in
the leg by a bolo. The rebel loss was
the heaviest recorded among recent
Constantinople, Dec. 24.���The expected Imperial irade authorizing
thu signature o' the contract for the
construction of a cruiser for the Ottoman by the Cramp Ship Building Co.,
together with the initial deposit of
��100,000 has not yet been Issued. It
appeart that tho German Embassy has
protested to tho Porte against the
payment to tho Cramps bofore the
amount owing to Herr Krupp for naval guns has been paid.
London, Dec. 24.���Dr. Morrison,
wiring to The Times from Pekln
Saturday says that official Chinese ad-
vicos declare that China will accept
all the conditions of the joint note
"without losing her face."
London, Dec. 24.���A dispatch from
Aberdeen says that five Shetland fishing boats hnve been missing since the
storm thnt raged Inst week, and it is
feared that twcnty-Beven fishermen
have been drowned.
London, Dec. 24.���Lord Wm. Beresford Ib 111 from peritonitis. This
morning his condition is reported as
slightly Improved. The Christmas
festivities at Decpdanc, his seat at
Dorking, have been abandoned.
The meeting ef tbe Ladles Aid of
the Congregational Church, which was
to have been held tomorrow afternoon
has heen postponed until Friday afternoon. The business of the meeting will be to complete arrangements
for the reception that is to be given
on the afternoon of New Year's day
by the members of the Social Club,
;ive away
J   .   eeeil ll'.   _.   \Hl,   WISH   1
) stale that they will g.
-o each destitute family in Nel
son a Turkey for Ohrlstmae din
ner.   The stn.o will be open until 10 o'clook this evening.
��� WV�� l/V-W WW WW WWWW-
WToit'E-tt! I
(The Miner's Christmas Toast.)
'Ere'Btoyou, Gentle Reader���
May your Christmas bu a joy
And bring you great big 'caps of
'Appiness without alloy.
May it carry you conviction,nnd
Tho pleasure thnt attends,
Of knowing you'vo your corner in
The 'carts of all your friends.
We 'opes   your   New   Ycar'll  be   n
glad one
Without a bloomin' care or   strife
And be filled to overflowin' with
The good things of this life.
So 'ere's to you and your fam'ly
From our 'earts we sends a wealth
Of all the Season's Greetings and
Stands up and drinks your 'calth.
Reports   Dealing With   the    Reforms
the United States Has Made.
Washington, Dec. 24.���The War Department has made public a series of
reports made to General MacArthur,
bv the subordinate officers constituting the heads of the various bureaus
ai: 1 departments whieh have administered tho civil affairs of the Philippine islands during the last year.
These i r ��� closely but sufficiently summarized in the report of Lieut. -
Colonel Croudcr. 30th Regiment, secretary to the military governor.
The customs service is discussed at
some length in the report and it is
stated that there does not seem to be
any present necessity for an increase
in the number of ports of entry.
Attention is directed to the marked
increase in the enstoms receipts under
American management.
Washington, D. C , Dec. 24.���Secretary Hay received a cable from Master Conger at Pekin announcing tnat
he has signed the agreement reached
by the foreign Ministers,with a written explanatory statement setting
foith the exact position of his Government. The text of the statement
is not forwarded by Mr. Conger, but
it is understood to be based upon the
laat instructions he received from the
depurtmont which, while disapproving the inclusion in the agreement of
some of the more severe language,
accepted it ns the best arrangement
that could be mnde at that time.
Who Has Captured   the Patronage  of
New York's Swell Set.
Mrs. La Walden, of Paris, is staying at the Plaza in a suite of rooms
which costs her 835 a day. It is said
she is doing a land-office business
with those of the upper ten who have
come under her magic spell. When
she went to Paris not very many
months ago Bhe stopped at a humble
live-dollar-a-week boarding house, nnd
was known to the boarding house
mistress bb Mrs. Walden of Waco,
Tcx_B. Probably no man or woman
of modern time has crossed the water
dividing America and France to
greater financial adva-tnge than Mrs.
Tales of the wonderful things she
can do for the flick without the aid of
medicine began to come to this side
last summer. Since then scores of
wealthy Americans have returned from
Paris bearing testimony to and much
faith in this strange daughter of the
Lone Star State, ller method of healing may bo described in many ways,
but she prefers to call it divine power.
Some have accuBed her of working
with a concealed battery, but her
friends denounce WiIb as malicious.
Most of her patients aro women, but
bhe has been known to trent men,
provided they were known to possess
sufficient wealth. Her women patients are treated very much as tbe
patients In a massage establishment.
In cases of rheumatism, for example,
La Wclden goes through a weird incantation accompanied by tho gestures generally seen In Mme. Herrmann 'b sleight-of-hand pcrformnnceB,
and then applies her large, strong
hands to the afflicted parts.
Her touch, it is said, will raise a
blister. If the patient is not strong
enough to stand her electric touch La
Welden will call for a silver bowl of
distilled water. This she favors with
her "wonderful" touch and then
bathes the sick one.
The woman will tell very little of
ber past, except that she married unhappily, and in a moment uf distress
10 yeare ago she received the power of
healing the sick. She traveled with-
��� out suocess Id this country until tbe
Paris Exposition opened. She went
there on a chance, put up at a small
hotel, and within a few weeks was
making 8100 a day.
Sho moved to a larger hotel and
practiced with increased success until
the police got after her for practicing
without a license. Then sho refused
to see anyone, not even hor royal patients. She lived quietly in Paris until
about 10 days ago, when she started
for New York. She has a daughter 111
Texas, and It is believed Mr. Walden
lives thero also.���New York Special
Chicago Times-Herald.
A man from Buffalo wont to the
White House during Lincoln's incumbency, and snid, ns he shook the President's hand, "We in Buffalo put our
trust in God nnd Abraham Linoln. "
"Well, ray friend," said the second
In tho patnership, as he passed his
visitor on, "you are more than half
The management of the Hotel
Hume desire The Miner to cx-
tond to Tho Miner newsboys,
The Tribune newsboys and all
messenger boys an invitation to
Christmas Dinner at the Hotel
Hume at 7:8(1 o'clock, Christinas
-. ��� ^^ .. ��� ^A  IA^aAaA   e���i���i���i  UUULA___II
Christmas means Christ's masB.
Don't forget your servants and
Don't try to do shopping while you
are hungry or tired.
Don't buy a gift in the presence of
the person for whom it   is intended.
Don't give a present merely because
you expect one from the recipient.
Don't foiget to remove the price
mark from gifts before you preBent
Don't attempt a shopping expedition
without a carefully compiled list of
articles desired.
The happiest home is where a
baby's stocking is hung up for the
first Christmas.
The Christmas turkey, not the
Christmas conversation, should be
stuffed with chestnuts.
Better a small gjft whero love is
thnn a contly present for the sake of
being in the swim.
Don't forget to use discretion in
selecting gifts. It is the much desired gift that is mostly appreciated.
If money only brought happiness,
thore would be little Christmas cheer
in a majority of hemes.
The custom of giving Christmas
gifts on Christmas dny Is general
among all Christian nations.
ChrlstmaB wreaths may be allowed
to remain until Ash Wednesday provided they do not wither.
It Is the wise mnn who betrays no
surprise when hiB wife jumps and
hides something when he enters the
door these days.
Christmas greens, proper are the
holly, raisletoe, laurel, ivy and pine.
Yew and cypress aro unlucky except
for churches.
Different countries and localities
are rich in Christmns lore, legends,
proverbs, superstitions and beliefs,
many of them as beautiful nnd suggestive ns they are curious and interesting.
Don't buy things because they are
cheap or becauso they especially appeal to your Individual taste. Think
of the occupation nnd inclinations of
the one for whom they are Intended,
and purchase accordingly.
London, Dec. 24.���Dense fogs on the
coast are greatly interfering with
navigation and several wrecks have
occurred. The British steamer BrunB-
wlck grounded in the Hritish channel,
heeled over and sunk, seven of her
crew wero drowned.
A mnslc ioving woman should acquire a husband.
If the master is negligent the servant will not be diligent.
Yawning is healthy,especially when
you have a   sore   throat.
Bo careful how you let rcmaiks fall
they may hurt a friend.
Tho total cranberry orop in the
United States last year wbb 1,110,000
It will soon be the propor thing to
give n calendar with each and every
They call It a dull day In China
uow when less than seven or eight
piincos arc beheaded.
The nights In Greonland arc b!x
months long. but. foitunatcly, there
are no cats In that country.
"He gives twice who gives quickly," says the proverb, but you will
please observe that the rapid paying
teller never gives you twice the value
of a check.
Miss Zimmerman,the American girl,
whose private marriage to the Duke
of Manchester is the theme of society
talk In two continents, chose for her
engagement gift a bull pup Instead of
a ring.
Sixty-eight of the lending business
houses in Detroit have mutually
pledged themselves not to employ any
persona under 21 years of age, who,
I under any clrcnmstancos, Indulge In
cigarette smoking.
The way of the vain is hard. .lay
Gould's daughter married a Frenon
' count. She was stuck on title and he
' on money. In four years the count
blew In over five millions, and now
George Gould has been appointed a
trustee to look after his sister's financial affairs. No guardian has yet been
appointed for tne count,
Mr.  Justice Walkem  Gives
Judgment With Costs
for Plaintiff.
Decision Rendered In Case
Heard Here Last
On Saturday morning at Rossiand,
Mr. Justice Walkem delivered judgment in the case of Manley vs. Collom,
tried at NelBon, in favor of tbe plaintiff with costs, at the same time saying that the defendant, Mr. Collom,
manager of the Arlington, although
appaiently in the invidious position
of a claim jumper, had acted in an
upright and honorable manner aud
in one that was oalculated to serve
the beat interests of his employers. It
seems that these two mining cluin-B,
the Arlington and the Burlington,
which were supposed to be touching
each other and through which was
running a common lead. On an accurate survey of the properties it was
discovered that there was a gap or
fraction between the two, through
which ran the main ledge of the property. One lluller, who was stated by
the judge in his verbal judgment to
be foreman of either the Arlington or
Burlington discovering the matter,located the claims in his own name.
Afterwards Foreman Haller having
some groundless misgivings as to tho
validity of his title determined to
abandon the property. On hiB journey downwards to the recorder's office
for the purpose of executing his design of abandonment he communicates
his plaa to another man Cooper. The
latter suggests that the claim be relocated not by himself but by Halpin,
a miner of the Slocan who bad never
np to that timo seen the property nnd
who apparently has not seen it up to
date. Tho number of Mr. Hulpin's
certificate is obtained from him and
the relinquished claim is relocated in
his name. Next the three proceed to
sell a halt interest in the property to
the plaintiff for the sum of 80,000.
In the meantime Manager Collom,getting news of the matter, came to the
conclusion that the whole matter was
a fraud and that tbe four men including tbe plaintiff, Manley, had joined
together in it. He therefore jumps
the claim and in consequence of this
action the plaintiff brings in suit.
Tne plaintiff, accordiug to the evidence, had taken every pains that lay
within his power to satisfy himself
as to tbe validity of the title of the
vendors. The judge therefore found
that Manley was an innocent purchaser, without any knowledge of tbe
circumstances under which the land
had been acquired. He had examined the lecord at the mining oflice and
saw that the title as far ae the records would give him any informntion,
wns without blemish. The court
therefore held thut undur the circumstances the purchase of Manley of the
half Interest ought to be sustained
as he had paid cash for it and the decision was given in accordance.
��� ���   ��
Tho Ferguson Eagle says: Ere another week has rolled around Chribt-
mas day will have come and gone and
possibly today's edition will be as
far as Arrowhead before the close of
the Nineteenth Century. The Eagle
might dwell at somo length in a proB
pective and retrospective history of
this camp, but we'll leave this us a
winter's job. One thing la certain,
wc are oue year nearer the gra���getting the railway, and it is almost
certain that the first Chriatmas in the
now century will see the iron horse
climbing and descending the hills of
the Lardeau, laden with the precious
mineral taken therefrom. Great as
the changes have been during tho past
year they will In no wise compare
with what ia in store for us during
the next twelve months. Ferguson
will be an incorporated city, with all
modern conveniences, dozens of
mines will be shipping ore, hundreds
of Industries will be cstnblishcd in
the oamp and so many things will be
new tn the comiug era of this district that we will scarcely realize that
the conditions which actually exist
hero today were possible. But enough ;
make up your mind to enjoy yourself
thioughout the festive season. You
may be stony broke, on easy street
or planted, a year hence.
��� ���   ���
Paradise   Mine   In   the    Windermere
Distriot Is   Showing Up Well.
Peterborough, B. C, Dee. 20.���Manager R. R. Bruco of the now famous
Paradise mine, Spring Creek, Windermere district, reports a rleh strike
in a now drift off the main shaft In
the Paradise mine, viz, over six feet
of carbonates. This Is undoubtedly
one of the most Important strikes vet
made In East Kootenay. Ore is now
being rawhldod from the mine to Toby Creek wagon road, thence hy four
b'orso teams to the oro sheds al Peterborough Landing, Columbia Kiver.
Providing the snow holds out ('apt.
Armstrong, who has the eontraot to
land the ore Bt Golden in lho spring,
lays 3,000 tons will   be stored  in  the
ore shods at Peterborough Landing
this winter from the property. The
Paradise im undoubtedly the coming
mine in East Kootenay.
Rev. Dr.George of Montreal,  Preaches
two Strong Sermons.
Tho dedicatory services held at the
new Congregational Church yester-
il,iy, were well attended both morning
and evening. Dr. J. Henry George
of Montreal, who caino to the west
especially for this occasion delivered
two seimons. In tbe evening he took
for his text a portion of tho 10th
verse and 18th chapter of St. Luke,
the words being, "Why Callest Thou
Me Good." The sermon was mainly
to young people. Dr. George is considered one of the best preachers
among tho ministers of his denomination nnd the dlBCOUr-8 was both
eloquent and convincing. Appropriate
music waa rendered by the choir at
both sorviceB. As ttio church has
just been erected, a deht to the
amount of 82,000 still remained to be
paid. At eaeh service a subscription wns nsked for, and during the
day about $1,400 was raised. About
8H00 was raised ut tbe morning ser-
ivee, and the balance in the evening.
For the occasion tho church was
beautifully decorated with sprays of
evergreens and holly. The main feature of the decorations, was the
name of the church. "Emmanuel."
in large white lettors with a buckj
ground of evergreens, being suspended near the dome, above the choir.
In the morning Mrs. W. A.Thurman
sang a solo in a very pleasing manner
and in the evening Mr. John I.o-
ohore's fine tenor voice was heard to
good advantage in a solo. Mr. W. J.
Caidwell was also among those who
Mr. James M. Worth, who was
foreman of the conduction of the
new two-stalled round house which
was ereoted at Eholt, hns just arrived
in the City. He reports that the building was completed on Friday last nnd
is already being used by the railroad
company. Mr. Worth also stated that
it is repotted that, the C. P. R. officials
intend making Kli.elt a freight divisional point, and that early In the
spring a li-stall round house will be
erected, the present one then being
used for n mnchlne shop. When thu
oflicials of the company start to do a
thing they carry it out to the fullest
extent. Eholt is a divisional point
for tho Midway line and the Phoenix
branch, and a large amount of
freight, principally ore, passes
through there. Larger freight offices
will also be established. On Tuesday,
January 1, 1801, a passenger service
from Eholt to Phoenix will be established fur the first time since the
construction of thnt branch. Mr.
Worth also said that the mining Industry of that section waB greatly improved and much ore was being shipped to Grand Folks and Trail, from
the  ninny properties of the Boundary.
Scranton, Pa., Dec. 21.���The strike
of tlie motoruien and conductors of
the Scranton itailway Co., which began yesterday, continues today. Only
two of tlie strikers have deflcrted aud
these were running one of the two
cars which the company was operating on one of the lines inside the city,
otherwise the service was tied up
cleai through from Preston to Forest
City, takiug in all tne towns of the
populous Lackawanna Valley. President Charles M.Clark, of the company,
arrived from Philadelphia last night
nnd wns in conference todny with
Genc-al Manager Stillman.
New Y'ork, Dec. 24. ���The Journal
Of Commerce says: The presence in
this city of James J. Dill, president
of the Oreat Northern Railwa�� and
one of the largest stockholders of the
Northern Pacific, is regurded ns In-
dicntivc of important action of the
directors of the last named road this
week. Persons connected witll the
Northern Pacific management say
thnt arrangements have been practically completed for the retirement of
the 175,000,000 of preferred stock of
that company.
New York, Dec. 24.���A formal request from llollvln tlmt the United
States used its Influence to settle the
boundary trouble between Bolivia
nnd Chill, has been denied, snys the
Washington special to The Tlmos,
The United States declined the request on the ground that It had uo
wish to Interfere between tho South
American States in quarrvlB that concerned only theoselves. If it has
been asked to arbitrate tbe case it
would have been different.
Rome. Dec.24.���The Pope performed
today the ceremony of closing tho
holy'door of St.Peter's Cathedra! with
the gorgeous ceremonies usual to a
ge-eat function of this kind. It was
a inngnlficent spectacle. Thero waa a
great gathering of the princes of the
church who participated In the ceremony which won witnessed by enormous crowds.
It Is stnted that the plant used to
print* the Rossland Record, deceased,
will bo mOVtd to Nelson, aud a new
evening daily called the News, will
be ^established. The Lord pity the
News. ���Cranbrook Herald.
Scarlet Fever Gases In Nelson That are Not Quarantined.
Aldermen are Asked to Inquire Into Existing
The Miner lias been asked a second
time to call the attention of the health
authorities und the Aldermen to the
conditions prevailing in the City in
eonneetion with what has almost
reached an epidemic of scnrletina and
scarlet fever. There la no desire to
frighten anyone, as there is not cause
for fright if the matter Is taken in
hand at onco, but if matters are allowed to continue as they are at tbe
present time it will only be a few
weeks before parents will have ample
cause for anxiety.
The Provincial health act provides
that houses in which scnrletina and
scarlet fever exists shall be quarantined for a period of six weeks. There
are homes in Nelson now in which
there are cases of these diseases which
are not quarantined and so far as the
authorities know the Inmates of these
homes nre mingling with their social
nnd nusincss associates. In every c*��e
the health authorities have been duly
notified but have taken no action.
In the home of the Rev. J. Ii. White
one of Mr. White's sons is lying ill
with scarletina. As soon as the case
was diagonised as such the health
authorities were informed. Notwithstanding this the house has not been
quarantined and hud Mr. White himself not taken the necessary precautions bis other children would have
been allowed to attend school and
mingle with their playmates. There
is another such case on Cedar Street
and others in various portions of the
Ordinary care will prevent scarlet
fever spreading but left alone it rapV
idly becomes epidemic.
Most malignant cases of scarlet fever may be contracted from contagion with Bcirlctinu. the latter being
a mild form of scarlet fever. It is as
necessary, therefore, that scarletina
should be quarantined as it is that
scarlet fever should be quarantined.
Tho Retail Store of   P.  Burns &   Co.,
Presents a   Magnificent Sight.
Ono of the sights that attract the
army of shoppers today Is the display
of dressed meat in the commodious
store of r\ Burns & Co. The wall, are
almost entirely hidden behind rows
of carcasses, dressed with a skill that
speaks volumes for the ubillty of the
00mpany's butchers and decorated iu
a manner that redounds to their artistic tastes. One would Imagine that
meat is not tho best thing in the
world to use for decorations, but such
an idea is quickly dispelled by ft
glimpse of the store. The west window contains a tree,loaded with small
game of all descriptions which evidently whets the uppctito of a large
bear which is embracing the trunk
aa if anxious to rob the branches of
some of the dainty men.-,1s. This evening the east window will be dressed
and Manager Frank Paddock and hia
staff promise something highly artistic in accordance with the general
scheme of decoration. No ono In Nelsou should miss this display, which
certainly cannot be surpassed by any
���if its kind in Canada. The store waa
thronged with visitors today and all
agreed that it bent anything tbey had
ever seen.
Today the company Is distributing
turkeys free to any families where the
exchequer Is so low that they cannot
afford to buy this necessary adjunct
to true Christmns joy. Up to 1 o'clook
this nfternoon the company had Bold
no less than 4,000 pounds of turkey
which would indicate that very few
tables in Nelson will be without it
Chicago, Dec. 24.���To Bhlcld hia
mother from abuse and to save hlm��
self from a beating with a poker, Albert Albertsun, aged 17, yesterday
shot and killed his father at their
home in Wcntworth Avenue. Young
Albortson was arrested.
San Francisco, Dec. 24.���It la announced that Tod Sloan will ride
Vesuvius at Tanforan on Christmas day, under a license granted
him by the San Francisco Jockey
Club. It is possible that he may continue to accept mounts during the
winter meeting.
A friend^ asked us the other day
what wo thought Christ would do if
He was running Tho Herald. We
don't know, but hnve nn Idea he
would go after those who arc back on
their subscriptions. -Cranbrook Ue.t
aid, Daily Miner, Monday Evening, December 24, 1900
___"���; I--
The Nelson Miner
It la the last Christmas of the century. The thought is not without
Its saddening influences, but Thu
Miner nevertheless hopes that to all
its readers It will be a merry one. It
wishes a Merry Christmas to all the
people of Nelson; to the old and to
the young, to the good and to the
bad, and In all sincerity to Its enemies as muoh as to its   friends.
An esteemed correspondent at Oril-
11a, whose letter appears herewith,
thinks that the present interchange of
postage stamps between this country
and the United States Is already sufficient for all practical purposes. It is
fairly liberal, no doubt, and aa far ar
It goes works satisfactorily, but because it does Is the very reason why it
Should be extended If possible. The
reciprocal arrangement with regard
to postcards does not meet tbe condition which we have had in view.
The Minor, for instance, iB frequently
In receipt of letters of inquiry
from the I'nited Strtes, in
which are enclosed stamps for reply.
This Ib no doubt tbe experience of
many others. The stamps, of course,
are useless, and are thrown aside
and wasted. Why not agree to make
them available? It is often necessary
to write to some place in the United
States for Information on some point.
The writer would be glad to enclose
a stamp for reply, but on reflection
knows that it could not be used if he
did. Why should it not be made good?
The reply postcard meets this difficulty to a certain extent, but not entirely, fcr the reason that it is not always desirable to have the contents
exposed. There may be difficulties
which we do not suspect in effecting
an agreement of tikis kind, but we do
not see that the postal revenues of
either country would suffer by It, nor
can we conceljre any other reason
why the convenience should be denied.	
Naturally tbe London presB is exasperated at the conduct of the United
States Senate In reference to the Hay-
Pauncefote treaty. So, for that matter, is the better class of the newspapers of the United States. We think,
however, that The London Times carries its exasperation to an extreme
longth when it says in effect that
President McKinley will be guilty of
discourtesy if he transmits the mutilated treaty to the British Government. We are very Bure no disoourt-
eay will be Intended, and we do not
Bee how any can be Imagined. The
treaty-making power under the constitution of the United States belongs
as much to the Senate as to the President. The latter takes the initiative, but with full knowledge that
whatever he does is subject to tbe revision and alteration of the Senate.
He would simply defy this power, and
affront it, if he refused to hand on
any determination it came to respecting this or any other treaty. It Is
said that without comment of any
kind he will transmit tho amended
Nicaragua Canal convention, and
Lord Lansdowne will receive it as the
product of the full treaty-making
power of the United States. If not
acceptable to tbo British Government
it will not be ratified, and there the
matter will drop. If friction shall result, it would bo manifestly unfair to
saddle the responsibility on the Preei
dent alone.      	
The Toronto Mall opens a leading
article on the new century nnd Pacific
trade with the following paragraph :
"With the ushering in of the new
ocntury is lifted the curtain on
new and vast theatre of traffic I'he
Pacific ocean comes into an era of
commerce, and instead of being a
sunderer of nations will now be a
medium of close connection. In the
past the mighty resources of thut
ocean for promoting trado relations
and for building up the material
wealth of the countries on Its shores
have been utilised to but un inslgniti
cant degree of their capacity. Com
pared with the tiafflc ou tho North
Atlantic, that on the North Pacific is
negligible. The gieat expanse of
ocean between North America and
China is almost as still a blank as tin
prairies were two generations ago
Yet the Pacific is flanked by contl
nents whose powers of production are
many times thoae of Europe. These
powers aro beginning to exert their in
fiuenoes on the course of affairs In the
Pacific, and before tho new contury
is far advanced they will have mado
that ocean scarcely less busy than the
Atlantic is. " To Canadians the time
has about arrived to turn their eyes
and thoughts westward, and to grasp
the opportunities that are presenting
themselves. It shonld be the duty of
our Western members to press tho
great possibilities of the Pacific trade
on the notice of Parliament. Perhaps Mr. Galliher will take up this
matter as one of bis hobbies. It is In
every respect worthy of his best
effort. He might Inquire.for Instance,
why our trado with nn enlightened
nation like Japan, with forty-five
millio.is of a population, i . so Infinitesimal, while the opportunities for
making it of magnificent dimensions
aro already opon.
All the best business men of Nelsou
are astute enough to appreciate the
value of The Miner us un advertising
medium. It is chiefly valuable because uf the fact that it enters into
more of tbo homes of Nelson than
any other single newspaper published,
and it Is the homes of Nelson that
are tho shoppers of Nelson.
In New York It is proposed to welcome the advent of tho new century
by assembling nn Immense congregation of choirs and choral societies and
singing the Nutiounl Anthem on the
steps of the City Hall on the stroke
of twelve, midnight. This is to be
one, and the most striking, feature of
the celebration. Toronto is agitat
ing for some similar ceremonial in
honor of the great event���tho death of
an old and thu birth of a new cuntury.
Everywhere throughout tho civilised
world It will bo made tho occasion of
some unusual demonstration. Every
hamlet in Canada will celebrate, but
In nearly overy case the nature of the
celebration will be left to chance and
to the last moment. It would be much
better to plan a fow days in advance,
and to agree on somo ceremonial in
which all who desired could partici
AUft'oof PlpOflj u Box of CXff&n, ��
Can of Tobacco, or u Box of Choico Gig-
arctt<!H i.mkcHplfh-l.ri prorieniH foi your
hiiHbaod, your brother or your frfund.
Thon thoro aro Cigar and (..Karotto
1 'it������ ���"��� and holders; thu cclebratc.1 B.B.B.
and Ix>uwo I'ipcH. We have junt re-
calved a -Oilpmunt  of   choice  Havana
foods. They mako nice Xmiui pro-untH.
nddentnlly wo would raggQSt for your
evory day HmokiiiK our special brand of
Flora de Vineda.
llakor  Street.   Nefeon.     BrancbOH   at
I '.11- -in inl and Greonwood.
and try & bottlo, a dozen, or a barrel ot
CALGARY BEER aa it Is the beat and
e-)ee-Hiee-.e on the markot. Also try our
WINES,    LIQUORS     and    CIGARS.
FRANK   A. TAMBLYN. M��������a*.
Telephone 93. Raker St.   Nelaon. B. C.
Turner-Boeckh Block Baker Street
1000 VenuB  \%X<t
500 Salmo Consolidated  10c
1000 London Consolidated  40%c
Windermere Mines.   Correa.ondenoeSollolted
FOR    RENT.��� Cellar.    Apply   Mer
chants' Bunk of Halifax.
MCSIC Lessons on the mandolin. Pu
pits taught to play and read music
in three months. First cIbsb method
used and instrument supplied. References from former pupils. Harry
Aronson, 2m Silica Street., 'Phone
WANTED.���Position   as   Housekeeper
in Bmall family, by a lady of education and   rellncment.    A   good   cook
domestic, musical,    amiable.    M.   _.
Miner Otlice.
THE PERSON   who borrowed a   vol
ume   of   Kipling   from   The   Miner
Oflice is requested to return It.
THE NELSON' Soda Water Company
will be obliged if householders having their empty Vyphona, or patent
screw top bottles, will communicate
with them by telephone or post card
as the syphons anil bottles are requir
ed for the holiday trade.
POR UENT.-IIou.se, furnished or un
furnished.    Apply Itoyal   Hotel.
WANTED.���Position as mine foreman
or will develop properties by con
tract. ' .lust returned from developing
properties in the north. Can assay,
survey and a good accountant. High
class testimonials, Extended experience in B, C. and South America.
Apply P. 0.  liox Tri.MJosslund 11. C.
FOR KKNT���A    warm,   comfortable
house, seven rooms,water and bath
Apply. "D, " Minor Otlice.
WANTED. ���Capable, reliable person
In every connty to represent large
compuny of solid tlnnncial reputation;
81I3U salary per year, payable weekly;
83 por day absolutely sure and all
expenses; straight, bona-tide, definite
salary, no commission; salary paid
each Saturday and expense money advanced each week, Standard House,
Caxton Building, Chicago.
Mrs ... II. Thompson, (late of Doran-
wend's well known establishment,
Toronto), has opened parlors for hair
dressing in Victoria Hlock. Ladies
may make appointments by mail or
otherwise. Room 1, corner Raker
and Josephine Streets.
FIRST-CLASS   Room   and   Hoard, in
private   family,   reasonable   terms.
Apply   on   Silica   Street,   two   doors
west of Ward.
FOR SALE���A new housn, ten rooms,
very convenient.wlth all modern Improvements.   Apply A. E. Clarke, corner of Stanley and Carbonate  Street,
Santa Glaus' Pack
Will Contain
for the little ones
and big ones too
THIS YEAR.    ���**
We have sold him a lot of pretty little shoes in
patent leather and fancy colors, and also big shoes
and slippers, anj still we have plenty left.
If yoij are wondering what to give him for Xmas
just decide or shoes and he will be happy.
____________ ____k_t____
The -hoeista
��� ���     a5i\ ____-*-_.__}     ������
Can't we persuade you to do yourself a favor ?   We
have a little tale to unfold to you of
in all
comprising Toilet Sets for gentlemen and  Ladies,
Shaving Sets, Atomizers, etc.
Everything in our store except proprietary medicines.
For the next 30 days we will give on all
cash  purchases a
(Twenty-five cents on every Dollar.)
Our stock is well assorted and  up-to-date,   containing many articles suitable for
It costs nothing to come and look.    Come early
and secure first choice.
Baker St., Nelson.      P. O. Box 226.
West Kootenay Butcher Co.
Fresh   and   Salted   Heats
Fish and Poultry in Season
_E.  O.   TRAVE3.   Manager.
Baker Street, Nelson.
Orders ty mail receive careful and prompt attention
All plain script engraving on spoons
or other small articles.
Come now and select your Christmas
The work will be
done more satisfactorily than if you
wait until the rush
We can do more in
the line of free en
graving than anyone else in town.
We have only one
price on our goods,
and you can depend
that it is the lowest.
Our new line of gentlemen's watches can
not be surpassed,
either in quality or
Patenaude   Bros.
M_nuf_r.turln_ Jeweler*
and watchmakers,
B. C.
H. & M. BIRD
Agent, lor Eureka niner.l Wool ���__
A.be.to.  Co.
Insurance Co. ol North America, Mutual Life
Insurance CO., of New York, Quebec
Fire Assurance Go.
ii-lueieiei.e.! house on   Mill Street;
new:   all    modern    improvements ; ea_y terms  81000
50-foot cornor  on Latimer       535
.-Roomed house on   Kobson St.,
between Stanley and Kootenay     850
Lots for sale in   Bogustown and all
parts of the City.
New house on Water Street   18 00
7-Roomed house on Robson St.,
between Kootenay and Stanley Streets, all modern conveniences, 3 lots 22 50
5-Roomed cottage on corner of
Ward and Gore Streets  12 00
.-Roomed cottage, corner of
Falls  and   lioover  13 00
li-Roomed house on Mill Street;
new; all conveniences........ 125 00
LU ip ber,.
Delivered to any point
on Kootenay Lake.
I have a complete stock on hand of
Rough and Dressed
Mouldings, Sash Doors.
Inside Finish
Coast Flooring, and
Finished Lumber-
Mill at PILOT BAY. Yards, NELSON
and LAB)'0,
D. J. DEWAE, J. P.
Notary Public,  Oouvoyunoor.
If taken within three days, $425
buys a nice lot between Josephine
and Ward Streets, on the south side
of Silica St. This Is a genuine SNAP.
I will offer until New Year's day a
7-roomed house with all modern conveniences, in good locality for the
sum of 81,000,-8500  cash.
New house near the hospital is offered for 81,550���8550 cash. This hous. Is
very conveniently nituated with good
view of the Luke and iB an excellent
house for the price.
7-Rooro cottage, Mines Uoad, 825
with Water. Also several other from
88 up.
Loans on .improved property, easy
Bank of
British Columbia,
Is now prepared to issue
Drafts and Letters of Credit
on Skaguay, U.S., Atlin, B.
Ci and Dawson City, Yukon
1 Hudson's Bay Stores
��| For Family and Medicinal pur- 3
g poses nothing   but Absolutely |
. 3
E Pure should be used
Gow Special Rye Whiskey  $i  25
G. & W.   1891   Rye  Whiskey  I 00
Hudson's Bay Special   Rye Whiskey  I  25
Borianne 3 Star Brandy  1 00
Hudson's Bay Brandy  1 35
Hudson's Bay  Special Brandy  1 50
California Port  60
Hudson's Bay Port  1 25
Hudson's  Bay Special   Port  1 50
Dixon's Double Diamond Port  1 75
California Sherry  60
Hudson's Bay Sherry  1 25
Hudson's  Bay Special Sherry  1 50
Hudson's Bay Jamaica Rum  1 25
Geneva Gin  (quarts)  1 25
Geneva  Gin (pints)  75
Stores open till 9 p. m. until
after Xmas.
[ Hudson's Bay Stores
For wood or hard or soft coal.
The   largest   line   carried   fcjr
any firm In Canada,
1' Good  Cheer ''  Range* and
Cook Stoves.   A complete line.
Call and be convinced that the only plaee to buy
Stoves  and   Ranges  at  the  right  prices  Is  ine
Merchants' Bank of Halifax
Incorporated 1869.
Capital Pnld-nrs     .    .    .     ��1,.KS,07��.00 I  Int, 9_,.M.M_.��
���card or Director* i  Thomas K. Konny,  Prosidont;   Thomas Ritchie, Vloe-PrMMtai.
Wiloy Smith.  II. G. Hue. 1,1, Hon. H. II. Fuller, M.L.C., Hon. David M-oKeea.
���end Ollie., Halifax I
Oeneral Manager. K-Uon I.. Pease Montreal.
Superintendent of Hranchea. nnd Secretary, W. B. Torrance, HtM-ML
IluepcctOr, W. F. Urook, Halifax.
lnspoctor D. M. Stowart, Montreal.
Nova Hcotln- Hetlifax Branoh, AntlKonlah, Bridgownter, Quyaboro. Londonderry, Lunenbarjr.
Maltlund (Hunts Co.l, Pictou, Port llawkoabury, Sydney. B-ubanacadle, Trnro, W.y.iouth
New Bmnawlrli���Batlmrst, DorcheHtor, PrederlcUw, Kingston (Kent Co.l, Moucteen, Now-
oaatle.-ftokvlllo, Wiodatook. F. ���:. lalaml���Charlottetown, -urameralde. <|aeb_�����Montreal
(City Offloo), Montreal. West -nd (Cor. Notro Dnroo and Seigneurs Streets); Weatmount tCor.
Greene Avenue and St. CaUiarlnoa Street. Ontario���Ottawa. Nrw_o_i._laa4.-Ht.. ohn'a
��:_!>��, Weat ladlei���Havana. United Mates���New York (16 Kxchango Plaoe) Republlo, WmA
Atlin, Bennett, Grand Forks, Nanaimo, Nelson, Rossland, Vancouver, Vancouver East End, Victoria.
Corrrapond-nte i
Vanada���Merchants Bank of Cnnada.   Beaton���National Shawmut Bank.   Cfcleaaa���A_HT-_>
National Bank.   Han fr.nr.laro���First National Bank.   London. Kng. -Bank of Scotland.
Paris, Prance���Credit Lyounaia.   Bermuda���Bank of Bermuda.   < -la. aad Japaa���Hoa_
Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation.
(lenrial Bunking Business Transacted; Sterling Bills of Exchange  Bought
and Sold, Letters of Credit, Etc., Negotiated.
Accounts received on the most favorable terms.   Interest allowed on special
deposits and on Saving Bank accounts.
Geo. Kydd, Manager, Nelsou, B.O.
7-8 Inoh diam. 313.60 per 100 feet. For
inimt-di-te delivery in Nelsoa
apply. ,
Notice is hereby given that in virtue of the Act of the
Dominion Parliament, 65 and 64 Victoria, Chapter lOJ
and Chapter 104, -the name of
will  be changed to
"ffbe TRosal Bank of (EanatSa"
from and after
the Second day of January,  190U.
General Manager,
Halifax, 1st November, 1900. e^B_B______________H
Nelson Daily Miner,  Monday  Evening;  December 24, 1900
|^��H.|MIM ����������������������������
Nelson, B, C.
Fin de Sieele.
uv Dear Uncle,-I promised to
_..!& vou when wo had been here a
��ar a/d had got an idea of things iu
Serai. To tell you what has happen-
K In that time would take too long,
^t a few words will snttice to tell
J__ what has NOT oc.urred. None of
the _irls have got maried, spite of all
.fforts to the contrary, nor has my
tntutious Theodore located a millionaire making paystreak on any of the
Joraerous prospecting trips he has
t.keu I simply cannot induce him
Jo _ive up tramping among the mountains and when I ask to be allowed
to accompany him even up to the
.ummlt of MorningMountnin, he looks
compassionately at me and says, "Vou
^or little thing, the wind would
flow you away before you got halfway up, ��nd if you did manage to
reach tho top,all you would see would
b_ more hills. " That is what 1 want
���, Beo and when Reglnal and Andy
come here. I will bo sure of all tbe
outing 1 want. My sons are better to
Be than their father is.
There have been many improvements
In this fair City since I came here. It
nouhl take a whole newspaper to toll
jou In brief, less than half, but as I
know you aro Interested, I will just
mention a fow. We have a gas plant;
If vou ever sat trying to read or work
by the ligbt they called "electric,"
you would know how to appreciate
the change. One night when we were
Lo church, without warning the lights
���cnt out. The usual llutter, spasmodic twittering among the young-
iters and little suppressed shrieks
among the ladies took place. A rush
was made tor lamps which could not
lie fouDd just for a little while, etc.
tommy leaned over and whispered
audibly to mo, "Mamma, Someone ',ns
dipped a .ail ��_ water out of the creek
and thnt has stopped the power." I
put rov hand over his mouth but ho
had been heard and his remark caused
quite a titter in our near neighborhood. Gas is an established fact,
however, and sueh troubles arc things
of the past.
Many  beautiful   homes   have   been
built In   every   part of   the City.    A
n��_Dificent  brick   block   adorns   the
corner of baker and Ward Streets.    It
il known   as   "The K.-W.-C."   It is
tjitee stork'H high and has a multiplicity of   windows���all    plate    glass.
Wlien the stores are occupied they will
rank with the finest in  tho   West and
will be a  lasting  monument   to   the
enterprise of the ilrm of Kitrkpatriek,
Wilson St  Clements.    The    structure
ctnt JM.OOO,   and is  approached from
the four  corners,   by     four   43 cent
orOMlnj[fl,    the  most   villinnous   you
���rer law.    I nearly lost my boots the
other day ia orossing  and Tommy did
lnw one of his rubbers in a mud-hole
i_ the centre. I suggestd that he carry
the other back   and  deposit it In   the
ntlfhborhood, but   he   thought   somo
day a one-logged   boy   might  come
���loo; and it would   be hotter to  save
the odd rubber, for   nothing  lost  on
that Crossing   would   ever   be  found
again; cute youth, my Tommy, eh?   I
think if  we   had   "City Mothers" in
Council, instead of   "City   Fathers,"
there would   be   a change   In tho appearance of certain parts of the streets
md an  Injanotion    restraining  the
ihowcring of  the   sidewalks with tobacco juloo, but  as K.    Kipling  says,
"that Is another story."
Dy way of digression, just heie,people In the East think   we   Westerners
ire living   in   the   primeaval   forest,
tome of them should   walk   down 11a-
_r Street and   see   the storeB and the
ioppers.    Every   known   luxury and
iee��_ity, both in  drygoods and other
lies ire  here   in   profusion   and   at
prices, except in tlie case of   a few of
Ihe more perishable products, at   rea-
-nable prices;   no need to   send East
for anything.
As an instance of how   back woodsy
*e ire considered, a, friend   of  mine
received   by   mail   yesterday,   a   one
pound   tin   of     plum-pudding     for
Christmas!   Ye   gods,     and      Cousin
Cl��r_!   Did we   laugh?   Well we did.
"hit Christmas   box���no,    can���cost
shout 84 cents and   there   were   three
five cent  stamps  on   the  wrapper, it
tame over two thousand   miles, nnd a
junjry child   conld eat it all lit once.
"J friend offered   to keep it unopen -
M until the first wedding takes  place
>n our circle,   but   I suggested that it
���� enclosed in a  plush   lined   casket
��nd exhibited in J. J. Walker's   win
WW, when he moves, (on   account  of
ts long, trip,   p00r  liuie   cao),   ������_.
men hand  ,low���   ���8 ftn   heirloom   to
__{"_ (fenerations.    Wo   have   here
w��at few  of  the   great oities in tho
�����ete East can boast   of, a   cold stor-
�����   house,   It; is .not far   from   my
welling  place   and  evory day   I can
���"JNM drays laden with beef, pork,
mu"on, poultry,   butter eggB, otc, in
S! /lunntities   as   would make  our
'"ends far away change   their   minds
-J�� "" hlu'.��_   nothing   but  Bhort
ovT-n8,  .'.'""-iPPHnfeTof   the liquid
��M Ihe .oils in the latticed Btructurc
JJJJ  a,ven    tbe  apparatus   used   In
���I  '  Part   nf   the   manufacturing of
iLi    "t,oraBc. sounds like  n   brook
nuuag down   the  side   of   a hill in
m summer time   and   when   all   the
oldT.'  .      next yard cackle   nnd   the
BiW     I Oro" aml th0   bunJ "f the
-la! ��",.An'.y  contributes   some  of
taH_f.i   i I"" stralns, there is music
""no air indeed.
( "!7 railway station for the C.
���*��__{,_ R"��nbe finial"-'d '"id will
publln ?.PPrt'c,utcrt ��y thc traveling
Goi hat��, T Y WlU be a PMlefl"
'��l8o_i,.e.i   ���nng'"B ?��"analtra-
knlUlL1'!1!1  not.lea8t   in   ��*   P"��lic
a�� War __\vthV8r1.. P1,1,t "r th*
"Hi Mi i��� L he twentieth Century
fottoffloa0   T, ,��" Vlew "'Hlbo.iutiful
d��% lforf'U.Wl l'�� hniled wl'��
���l��rKc,������fi he faelliti��� ���r handling
��N of the t0ria ai"1 Wari1 Stl'^'t��.
������� in tl e ImS* meaKre <l<-'Bcrlption
cr��wd itan,�� 'by,.whero th0 ^pectant
-?  '""" >n   "ne to   receive   their
"���  aignatnre la on oaob box.
letters, there is not room to swing the
proverbial cat, if that animal had tbe
anducity to enter the portals of the
plnce, in the expectation of being
whirled around. The new buildings
which will contain all the Government offices, is in the immediate
neighborhood of tho Miner Oflice.
Just now thu municipal election is
the absorbing topic of the day.
(Theodore says all I do not know
ubout politics would till a small library.) I am tired of elections. First
there was the Provincial, then tbe
Dominion, and now tbe City. We
have two candidates in the arena, of
equal attainments in every respect, it
is said. I do not know either of the
gentlemen, but hope tho best one will
have the honor of being the butt of
every faultfinder for a year to come.
I shall be glad when thc matter is decided for my house has only been the
boarding plaee of Mr. Ilrown for
many moous. I'erliaps I will be allowed the pleasure of cultivating his acquaintance when all public business
has been settled. Next year I shall
insist on him entering the field himself. If ho refuses I will part with
him. With all the compliments of
the   season,   I am   your   affectionate
K. R, St N. CO., LTD.
Christmas and New Years Excur
Iu connection with the Christmas
ami New Years Holidays, the Kootonay Ifivor it Navigation Company,
Ltd,, will put into effect loeal holiday
rates of single fare for the round trip.
Passengers can purchase tickets on
the following dates: December ^'-'nd,
23rd,2-tb and 86th, good to return until .lanuary 3rd. Tickets will also be
on sale December 20 th, ISuth, 31st and
.lanuary 1st, good to return until January 3rd. ROUT. IRVING,
Put Us On
Your List...
We will see that you
are not disappointed
in superioiity of groceries, promptness of
delivery, or reasonableness of price.
From tempting breakfast foods to richest
materials for dainty
desserts, we will fill
your  wants  perfectly.
Kirkpatrick &  Wilson
In order that thu Oovernment may
be in possession of delinite information with which to supply those seeking investments in this Province, I
am Instructed to invite particulars
from those who have properties for
sale, nnd who may feel disposed to
forward such particulars to this olliee
for the purpose in question.
In view of tho proposed early reorganisation of thu Agunt Oeneral's
Olliee in London, England, the desirability of having on iilo a list of
farms aud other properties for salu,
with full nnd accurate details, is obvious. Properties submitted may include farms and farm lands, industrial or commercial concerns, timbor
limits, water powers, or other enterprises affording opportunities for legitimate investment.
It is not proposed to recommend
properties to intending investors, but
to afford the fullest access to the classified lists and all available Information connected therewith, and to place
enquirers in communication with the
The fullest particulars aro desired
not only of the properties themselves,
but of the localities In which they
are situated, and the conditions
affecting them. For this purpose
printed schedules will, upon application, be forwarded to thoso desirous
of making sales.
R, E.  liOeSNELL,
Secretary, Hurcau  of   Provincial   Information.
Canada Permanent and Western Canada Mortgage
head office toronto,  ont.
Money to loan on Straight Mortgage.
Apply to O. U. LENNOX. Eaktr Bt
Real Estate and Insurance
Loans Effected at Reasonable Rates,
Bulrat Street, Nelson.
Miners, Attention!
j��    TRADE
Gutta Percha Water-proof Fuse has been
proved and not found wanting.
No miss-holes.   No running.
co. |
The Carving Season
The days of cranberry sauce
have come���
The turkey, too, Is here.
Xmas formally introduces
the carving season. Our
cutlery is of the best
quality and mest graceful
You will enjoy your
duties as host if properly
equipped. We can do it
at the lowest price.
We have just opened up
a nice line of useful
imported direct from the
old country.
McLachlan Bros.
^ \*/ \d> <i*> V*/ \*> \4/ V</ id/ i^> i*> \^ i*/ S ^/ \^ i*/ \*/ U> il/ i*/ i*> i. / irl> i*> ^/^
1   " LIFE INSURANCE."   *
" Why should  I  insure my life in the w
Great West Life Ass. Co.'y of Win- &
nipeg ? " fe
" Because it is the only Life Company 5
that invests its money in the City of g.
Nelson, on improved property."
Call and see.
Furnished House to Rent.
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants
Branch|Markets in Rossland/Trail, Nelson, Kaslo
Sandon, Three Forks, New Denver and Slocan City.
orders by mail to any branch will have careful _��_ oromot attention.
P.O. Box 626.  Gaole Address: "Groasdelle," Nolson.   Godo-Morelna 4 Neal.
Is prepared to negotiate the sale of developed mines. Has arranged for
dealing In shares on thc London and Montreal Stock Exchanges. Shares
bought and sold in London on margin. Will take charge of the interests of absentee investors.
i =
Have yon tried the new plug
|.   smoking tobacco? It gives a
cool fragrant smoke without
nipping the tongue. Its name is
e ��� ���
| and your dealer sells it.   It is union made )
I in a union fa6tory and eaeh plug carries 1
| the   blue' label.     It  is   really the   best j
S tobacco value you can possibly get.
Large number of Choice Building Lots adjacent to the line of their
Tramway. For price and terms of sale apply at the office of the Company, MacHonald Block  corner of Josephine and Vernon Streets.
A. V. MASON. Secretary.
*n, *v
 ,  &*vthm, vf 4x?id"
China Hall
ematlS���A new Toilet Set made by
"Grindley," which is a guarantee as to quality. The
shapes are dainty, the colors
blue and green.
Helene���One of "Meakin's" latest.
Enamelled patern.gold traced.
One of our best sets.
EniprCSS���A good large Toilet Set in
three colors���pink, green, and
peacock blue.
Toilet Sets from $'-.75 up.
Beautiful   BOHEMIAN   GLASS   in
many patterns. ���
First Door West or C.P.R. Offices,
The time is short, but you can still
have your photos taken aud finished
in time for Xmas. With our modern
lenses and up to-date methods we execute work regardless of weather conditions, and guarantee to take a satisfactory portrait
of you on the
darkest day.
With a dozen
of our best cabinets you get
one of those
miniatures of
yourself or
friend set in a
goldplate twisted wire frame,
for   this   month
This   liueral   offer Is
only.   Don't  fall to
take advantage of it.
Hiikei.. HImtI .
Coal and Wood.
Agenta Imperial Oil Oo. Ltd.
Crow's   Nest  Coal,   $6.15
Anthracite,     -    -    $9.65
No order can bo accepted unlesi
accompanied by cash.
Ofllco Oorner Hall and Baker Streets.
By the week from $5 to $6.
By the day 81.00.
S. V. O'LAUGHTJl!., Prop.
Will pay the highest oash prioe for all
kinds of seoond band goods. Will buy
or sell anything from an anchor to a
needle. Furniture, stoves, oaipert-,
oooking utensils, bought in household
quantities. Also oast off clothing.
Oall and see ma or write. Address
Silver King Mike, Box SOO. Hall
Btreet, Nelson, P. O,
Spokane Falls Sl
Northern R'v.
Nelson  Sl Fort
Sheppard RY
Red Mountain R'v.
The only all rail route between
all points east, west and south to
Rossland, Nelson and intermedial
points; connecting at Spokane with
Great Northern, Northern Pacific,
and O. R. & N. Co.
Connects at Nelson with steamer
for Kaslo and all Kootenay lake
Connects at Meyer's Falls with
stage daily for Republic, and connects at Bossburg with stage daily
for Grand Forks and Greenwood.
Leave           PAY TRAIN Arrive
8-.00 a.m Spokane 6:40 p.m.
11:50 u,m Rossland - :lu p.m.
7:011 a.m Nelson 7:15 p. 111.
0:45 p. ni Spokane 7:00 a 111.
11.00 p. 111 Rossland 7:00 a.m.
H. A. JAOKSON, G. P. _. T.A.
Spokane  Was!
Agent, Nelson, B.O
Atlantic S. S. Lines.
From Portland, Mo.
Allan Line Numidifin Jan. 2
Dominion Line Vancouver Doo29
From SU John, N. H.
Iloavor Lino Lako Champlaln Dec 'ill
From Now York
Cunard Lino Campania  Dec _!!l
White Star Lino Oceanic Deo 2(i
American Lino Ht. Louta Dec 26
N.tf.L, Lino KalKor Wilholm dor Gro.Kt..Jan. ,'f
N. G. L. Allor Doo20
Anchor Line Anchorla Deo 82
French Line La Torraino Dec 27
From BoHton
Cunard Lino Ultonta Doc2U
i '.i -:-iii.e.-. arranged to and from all Kuropoan
poinU. For ratOH, tlcko__i and full information
apply to C. P. li. depot a��ont or H. L. Brown
City PaHHengor Agent, Nelaon. B. C.
W. P. F. CUMMIN08.
General A coot, C.P.B. OfllcoH, Winnipeg
Real Estate and Insurance
SIMO will buy 7-room house with
all modern improvements; terms;
8^00 cash.
8425 will buy choico lot near Methodist Church.
91880 will buy house and lot near
Furnished 3-roomed house.
Furnished li-roomod house.
Small 3-roomed house, 88.00.
Cabin, 8.-00.
Of Writing Paper woa t last
long. You'd better plnce another "hurry up' c_er with
Wholesale Houses
rpHOKPB & CO. Limited-Coruor Vornon
jL uud Cedar StrooUi, NoIhoij���JVluuufaotur>
cr.. of and wbolo-ittlu dealer. In uorutod wulorn
and fruit nyrupu. Solu ageotl fur Halcyon iiot
Spring., iii.ni.rt-i water.   J'eJephuneUO.
_JLl N. M. Cuuimitid, LehHOo���Kvery known
variety of notl drinkH. P o liox Su. Telephone
Nu, ,ii. Hoover uiroot, Nelson, iiuttlora of tho
i.uiiuii, ,-,i. Leon ilut Bpringti Mineral Water.
C.ANJt; Sc MACDONALD (H. Cane, Jamoe
J A. Maedonald.��� Architect* uud ttuporin-
LoudoniH, DroKcu ilill Dluck, curlier Baker and
Ward SireeU, _\e_t>on.
HJ. KVAN'S Sl CO.-Baker Street, Nel-
���     :iili      U linn -in--   ���:,..,.,-    in   Jiijiiuf ,  rl
Kuio, corneal, lire brick and tire cluy, wator
pipe ana otoel nuin, und k<>uciu1 cuiiiiuiiujlon
UKA1N,  HAY A^D Cli_lCl__AL��
1 jKACKMAN-KhU .\U_,UNU CO., j_,T__.-
I J> V\ iluiOHulO una n ..... uuului'n in giuin,
nay, lluur, leea. Aiillr. uL V Jdui'lu, Now VV uttl-
liiiiiHior; iuunuuiun, Aim.   luovaiui'ei un c__l-
���.H..       UlUl     -VUlUUllLUll        I,  el,  J,-.../,    , .W letlllll-'li.
ui Hie eoieurulou h. ft ___. tuund cero_u_i.
cu_uci<;_.i _���_.-,
A    MACDONALD   _c Co���Corner  Fron
���     Uud    iluil    -JU'CUL.S��� VV 11O1UI.U10    Ki>" M'l
ali.i   .IUNIH.1 ,.    Ill    hi.usufi    .  ,   'n i-   .  mil I;,,    tnH.t*i,
ruouui'H, luuekinuwM and uunefs' riununud.
-L>    Odieo  corner  Hull ����tj��SS Su-o^T
.seibon-i.uiubor, eeihi1Kl huuiinK   and ev0V?'
tluug in woua tur buuiuuK puru^e"   tilt S
priow.   Corrospondei.ee ^haSS^       L 0Ur
PBUKNS &. Co.-Bakor Street, Nel.on-
���   VV boJu<*-Ue deulero in i'if.-n uud cured
meuLB.   Quid atoruKo.
Jbtakur Slreel, Nelnon��� Wholoaala doul-
vi s in frodh nnd cured moult..
blrooi, Nelnon ��� Whuivhulo d_ul_u_ in
ii.imIuuii;, iiiiuer.-. HUpphut., Hpuriiug gOOd_lt
M'LACHLAN DUOS. (SuceeHnors to Vancouver Hurdwiu-eCo, i.1 -i.,liukerStreet,
_*ui��on��� VV holt .ir liiiuri . m hurawuro una
iiuuiug MM-}.in ���, piuuibeib' and UiiHmilha' uup*
\T KLSON   HAUDWAUK   CO.-Wholesale
-131    painiM, ni,. uud ^n. ��� ; tiiechabit^' i��o1h.
-VKenU foi uuLariu l-'owder Workt>; _iyu uj-ite
rl-VURNKR, BKETON & Co.-Cornor Vernon
JL and Josephine StroutH, Xcl-im \\ lu.lo-
buie doalei-H in liquors, ciffartt, und dry goodo.
Agonts for r.ih-i- Browing Co. of Milwuuke��
and Calgary Browing Co of Calgary.
UDSON'S BAY Co.-Wholesalo grocorle.
und liquors etc., Baker Street, Nolftou.
J Kront and Hull Streets, Nelson���Whole-
uuie duulors u wines .case and bulk), and
domestic and imported cigars.
JY. GRIFFIN & CO.-Corner Vornon and
��� Josephine Streots, Nelson ��� Wholesale
dealers in provisions, curod moats, butter and
aM Soo Line
Also TOURIST OARS passing  Dan-
more Junction Daily for St. Paul, Saturdays for Montreal and Boston, Mondays    and    Thursdays   for   Toronto.
Same cars  pass  Revelstoke  one  day
for  your   eBBtein  trip is to  see
your ticket reads via Canadian Pacific.
Trains and Steamers Depart.
Steamer for Kootenay Land-
inf.   and  eastern  points   via
Daily    ) Orow'sNestRoute'.
8:00 (Train for Rossland, Grand
Ex Sun I Forks, Greenwood,Midway,eto
0:00 ) Train for Slocan City, Slocan
Ex Sun {points, aud ,Saudon.
10.00 I Steamer for Kaslo aud inter-
Ex Sun j mediate pointa.
18-40 ) Train for Kossland, Nakusp,
n���.," I Revelstoke, main line and
uan'    ) Paeifiic Coast Toints.
For Time Tables, Rates and full information call ou or address uearest Local Agent, or,
It. W. Drow, Dopot Atfcnl 1 Nolnon, B. C.
H. I,. Brown, city Agent. I
_i. J. COYLE,
A  O. P. Agouti.
Our Fresh Roasted Coffee Best of
Quality, as follows :
J uv- anil Arabian Mor.lm. por pound 9  40
Java und Mocha Blend, .'I poundd  1 00
Kino Hun Uxs, 4 jiouihIh  1 00
Santos lilontl, _ pounds  1 00
Our  _poolalBlond, 0 pounds  1 00
Our Rio Boast, Opouuds  100
Salesrooms :
2 doors east of oddfellows
block, w. baker st.
I.ELSON,        -        Q, C.
A. R. BARROW, a. m. l an
Provincial  Land Surveyor.
Corner Viotoria aud Kootenay Sts.
P. O. Box -50. Telephone No. 95
Civil Engineer, and Provincial Land
P, O, Box US     \ Kulsou, h, O, C '0 "��
Nbluon Daily Mimm,   Monday t Evenim,  Decembeh ��4, 190.1
The regular weekly meeting of the
City Council will be" held at 8 o'clock
this evening.
Mr. J. 8. I,awrcnco, train master
of the C. P. K. at Smelter Junction,
Is in tho City today.
Dr. 0. Rose, who is at the Oeneral
HoBpital Buffering from typhoid fevei,
is rapidly recovering.-
Mr. Melville Pairy, general agent
of the Confederation Life, has returned from a trip through the Slocan.
On Thursday night the children of
tbe Preibyterian Sunday School will
give a cantata that promises to be a
very creditable undertaking.
At the Bodega Hall tonight the
Joffries-Sharkey light will be produced by an Improved Edison projecto-
scope. The exhibitions will start ut
7:;iO, 8::i0 and IKe'lO.
If the weather braces up and be-
comos as Christmas weather should
there will be skating in the rlnl: for
the holidays. An attempt a't ice making is being made now.
A very handsome invitation ha>
been received by The Miner to the
Hrst hall of the new coutury, to be
given by the Cranbrook Lodge, I. 0.
O. V. on January Ut.
The tickets for the concert to be
given on New Year's evening at the
Congregational Church in connection
with the reception of the Sociul Club
have been distributed, and are being
rapidly disposed of.
The regular train service on the
Crow's Nest Pass has again been
established as the mudslide which occurred near Kitchener has beer1 removed. The train will be about three
hours late this evening.
Christmas services will be celebrated
at St. Saviour's Church tomorrow.
'There will be Holy Communion at 7
and 8 o'clock tomorrow morning,
and at 11 o'clock a fuL choral service will be conducted.
Edward, the Indian who was
brought to the Provincial jail here,
from Kobson some time ago and
who was again taken back to Ilobson
to be cared for by the Oovernment.
was found dead beside a trull near
Kobson on Saturday.
Mr. Henry Dawes, a pioneer of Nelson, who has a greenhouse on Stanley
Screet, was stricken with a paralytic
stroke this morning. He is being
treated by Dr. Arthur and is reported to be improving. He is at the Oeneral Hospital.
Midnight Mass, commencing at IS
o'clock tonight, to welcome in the
anniversary day of the birth of Christ
will he celebrated at the Church ol
Mary Immaculate. Father Ferland
will officiate und special muBic will
be rendered by the choir.
At the Presbyterian Church last
night Mra.Melville l'arry, who was in
excellent voice, sang charmingly
Adams' "Light of the World." Mr.
George Kydd and Mrs. l'arry sang
as a duet, "Love Divine," from
Stalner'a, "Daughter of Jarius. "
The W^pt^Kootonay Butcher Co.will
move tohsif-t'trom its present quarters on Baker Stveet into the new
���tore in the K.-W."-_. block. and_ will
be opened .for bosiness there on Wednesday morning. .Because of the removal Manager Traves made no effort
at Christmas decorations.
Mrs. Matt Kelly, while .passing
along Baker Btreet this morning
slipped and fell, and although no
bones were broken, she received a
bad shaking up. She had to be carried to the Madden House and medical assistance was at once called. She
waa removed to her borne in a cab.
Ail the newsboys and messenger
boys.of the City are invited to a
Christmas dinner at the Hotel Hume
tomorrow evening at 7:30 o'clock.
Manager II. I). Hutne is giving the
dinner. There will be turkey, candles, nuts, and everything that will
please the Christinas appetite of a
���mail boy.
Mi. W. N. Brayton, of Kaslo, is In
the City today. In speaking of the
general condition of Kaslo he said:
"Kaslo was never more prosperous,
than it is at the present time. The
Chriatiaaa trade is exceedingly large,
and thc general prosperous times
that are being experienced is largely
due to the opening of new properties,
and the vigorous development of the
older Din's. "
J. R. Chlshnltii. a laborer, who was
brought from Rossland on Saturday
by Chief Jarvis on the charge of
stealing several articles of clothing
from Frederick Koss at the Hotel
Hume, came before Magistrate Crease
this morning at the l'olico Court. He
pleaded guilty and wag sentenced to
six months with hard labor, and was
at once taken to the Provincial jail
to serve his time.
At tho Maple Leaf ball to be given
at Fraternity Hall tomorrow evening,
and which promises to be a decided
suocess, a waltzing contest will be
conducted which will make thc occasion of more Interest. A handsome
prize will be given to the lady of
the couple who are successful in win-
sing the contest. The Orand March
will take place shortly after 8:30
o'clock.    Refreshments will bo served.
Mr. Fred Beer, who has been
engaged at the Chapleau mine, for
some time, arrived in the City last
evening, and will spend the holidays
with his friends here. He said that
everything was going well at tho
mine. The new tramway is running
steadily and the working of the mill
is proving most satisfactory. The
management of the mine started a
test tun of 5(1 ears of ore yesterday,
and tho returns are expected in a day
or two. During Mr. Beer's absence
somo sneak thief entered his room in
the Carney block and relieved it of a
considerable quantity of clothes and
other articles. The police havo no
clue ao to the perpetrator of the
Editor Miner:
Sir���It seems to me that we already
have as near an interchange of postage Btamps as is practicable with the
United States. If a reply postcard be
sent from one country to the other the
reply half will bo returned without
additional stamp. If sending to uny
other country in tbo Postal Union,
ailix one cent stamp to each half of
the card; or if enclosed in a letter
with the necessary stamp to make it a
two-cent card, it will be returned
without additional charge.
Another convenience sought hy the
Canadian Vostinaster-Oeueral is an
intercliage of postal orders (called in
Canada postal notes), for remitting
small amounts between Canada and
the Mother Country. Still another,
the delivery of newspapers and periodicals from ono country to subscribers
in the other, on payment of tho domestic rate of the country of origin us
is now done with tho United States.
These reforms are advocated by the
Hritish Empire League In Canada,
our historical societies, the Hon. Wm.
Mulock, M. P., Cunadian l'ostrauster-
General, and Mr. Ilonniker Beaton,
M. 1'., for Canterbury, in the Imperial House of Commons, and were endorsed hy Sir Charles Tupper when
High Commissioner for Canada in
London. But the Imperial Postoffice
Department has so fa.' successfully
blocked the way. Yours faithfully,
G. H. H.
Orillia, Ont., Dec. 17th, Hiuu.
Spokane Mining stock Exchange
This morning'- 'Spokane quotations
as received from Tlie Miner's special
Hume.���W. N. Brayton, Kaslo; F.
Davidson, Toronto; CD. Hunter, Lardeau; J. B. Thompson, Vancouver;
A. McAllister,Vancouver; Henry Roy,
Rossland; W. J.   O'Brien, Revelstoke.
Phair���V. Anderson, Revelstoke; G.
II. Miller, Winnipeg, Stewart Patterson, Granby, Que. ; Q.O. Buchanan,
Kaslo; Jack Goodan,Rossland ; Arthur
O'Leary, Sandon; Mr. and Mrs. Koss
Thompson, Rossland; W. II. Adams,
Kaslo; Mr. and Mrs. Charles JackBon,
Thin ilgnaturt is on every box of the gonulne
Laxative Bromo-Quiioine *��'������*��������
Dm tmrti that cures �� mUH �������*. fr
"There is only one chance to save
your life and that is through an operation," were the startling words
heard by Mrs. I. B, Hunt of Lime
Ridge, Wis., from her doctor after he
had vainly tried to cure her of a
frightful case of Btomaeh trouble and
yellow jaundice. Gall stones had
formed and she constantly grew
worse. Then sho begun to use Electric Bitters which wholly cured her
It's a wonderful Stomach, Liver and
Kidney remedy. Cures Dyspepsia,
Loss of Appetite. Try it. Only 50
cents. Guaranteed. For sale by Canada Drug & Book Co.
The most miserable beings in the
world are those Buffering from Dyspepsia and Liver Complaint. More
than seventy-five per cent, of the people in the Dominion are alllicted
with thcBe two diseases and their
effects; such a Sour Stomach, Sick
Headache, Habitual Costiveness, Palpitation of the Heart, Heart-burn.
Waterbrash, Gnawing Pains at the
Pit of Stomach, Yellow Skin, Coated
Tongue and Disagreeable Taste in
the Mouth, Coming up of Food After
Eating, Low Spirits, etc. Go to your
Druggist and get a bottle of August
Flower for 75 cents. Two doses will
relieve you. Try it. For sale by W.
F. TeetzeL	
If you don't like Blue B-bbonlTea it's
beoause you've never tasted it-
Blaoktail J  0% ���
Butte St Boston  _%
Crystal  uH
Deer Trail Con  8
Evening Star ,., I'._
Golden Harvest 21
Iron Mask ao
Jim Blaine I....7
Mountain Lion,.,..'....,....24
Mornlng Glory  1%
Morrison ; 3X
Princess Maud  1>_
Quilp 25
I ..-l.1ltl.lfl - t '.III ill. eel 25. _
Republic   OH
Reservation  4X
Rossland Giant  2%
Bullivan 14 X
Tom Thumb UX
Waterloo  2%
Conjeoture  oX
American Hoy ��� lOJf
Dewey  3%
Gold  Standard  i>;,
Bitter Root 0
Miller Creek , %
Sales���Blacl. Tail 5000 at I);., 1000 at
OX I Conjecture loOo, 1000, loot), 1000,
1000 at 4�� seller do; lOoO, 11)00, 1000 at
5, 8000 at 5 seller 00; 5000 at 5 seller 30;
4000at4K,1000at4Ji, 5000 at 5 seller
90; Loue Pine 1000 at 7, 1000 at 0% I
Morning Glory 8000 at 1%, 2000 at 7%,
100(1 at 7!., looo at 7H; Rambler-Cariboo looo ut 25,1000 at 25; Sullivan 4500
at 14.
All Provincial offices at the Court
House, the sheriff's, and Provincial
Police office will be closed until next
Thursday morning, as today, tomorrow and Wednesday are Provincial holidays. , Next Tuesday
and Wednesday are also Provincial
holidays, and the offices will also be
cloBcd then. As, no lega.1 work could
be transacted with the Registrar at
the Court House today, nearly every
law office of the City waa closed this
afternoon and will remain so until
next Wednesday.
We   wish   our customers
and friends a  very
Merry Xmas.
Kerr & Co.
Cor. Baker and Ward Streets,
Baker Street,   -
NELSON.   -   -   B.C.
Tomorrow Will be
li Christmas
Today we will sacrifice prices as
is seldom done except in extreme cases. We are not in a
desperate strait, but we want
VOU to come to our store, and
form the habit of coming to .
us when you want Jewelry.
You will be treated justly. Call
this evening.
." ���  ;Ii
If Brown Said So It's Right.
178 Baker St.        Jeweler.        NELSON.
This has been done to accommodate those Shoppers
whose resources compel .them-to .economize in order to
make a small sum go a Great Way. It is a Glorious
Opportunity for those who desire to make a Pretty and
Useful I Resent for a small outlay.
From $f 2.50 to $35.00.
A large stock on which prices have already been
cut, are again ruthlessly sacrificed. The best opportunity offered to shoppers. There are forty of these suits.
From $5.00 to $30.00.
These were cut too, but the knife has been applied
again. They are all thc latest styles and cuts. They
must all go by January 1st.
From 50c to $2.00 a Yard.
About Fifty Dress Lengths of Fancy Colored
Dress Goods, six yards to length. They arc all to go at
half price; none held back. |
14 karat gold, Sterling Silver and
Ixickle Mountings.
SOUVENIR GOODS-Papteries and
Pads with local views, Purses,
Match Boxes, etc.
XMAS CARDS, Calendars, Bibles,
Prayer Books, Standard and Miscellaneous Books.
FANCY GOODS-A large variety
of Fancy Goods at figures from
10 to 40 per cent below regular
Manicures, Shaving Sets, Portfolios, Writing Cases, Purses,
Card Cases, etc.
BRASS G0OPS-I'��mpst Gongs,
Candalabra, Inkstands, etc.
JE     EBONY GOODS���Mirrors, Brushes,
w Military Sets, Manicure Sets.
to Don't miss this opportunity to get Bargain Prices, m
to The reason why is that we wish to reduce our stock ji
to   before remeving to our new store in the K. W. C. Block. W
to (ty
16aii1 Drug and Book 60.1
;jfc__!____ -^^.___...___, -ja jfc _a_> :_a:_a :_2?_?_2 '<-��:-& :_2_2 j|_l _a.Bl.S_: 2?f
���S^-^0?-00l-Z?-00- ^- 00^- 9^^- 090^- 00- 90��- A90- 00- 00- 00- 00- 00^.^.-^'^
[E cannot remain in our temporary quarters in thc Kirkpatrick - Wilson - Clements.
Block after Christmas Day. Consequently we must dispose of thc
Stock we have put in there before
that time. For this reason we have
made Another Cut in Prices, andit
are now carrying on such a
Slaughter Sale as has never before
been known in Nelson.
Wc received and opened yesterday a large lot of Manicure Sets,
Cut Glass, Silverware, Clocks,
Silver Novelties, and all kinds of
desirable presents.
The Prices a re Right. Come,
See and Buy.
J.   J.   WALKER
Open from 7 a. m.  to 10 p. m.    Corner store,
Kirkpatrick-Wilson-Clements Block.
���fc-%* ******^^*g^^*^**^%*^***#
The Prices Quoted Above will be Cut Just in Half.
These are going fast, just like thc saw in the window.
Your chances of securing them are cut
shorter each day.   Come now.
Pipes, Cigars, Cigar Holders,
Cigarette Holders, etc.
Biggest   stock   in   town
select Xmas Gifts from.
THURMAN. Tobacconist.
We make a specialty of
Cozy Corners, Foot
Stools, Ottomans, and
Odd Pieces.
Koo.__.ay Street, opp. Bank of Montreal. Leave ordc.a nnd we will call
for work.
��� Brewers of Fine Lager
Beer and Potter,
Mel .on. B. 0.
\ Confection-
. ery Store
and Lunch]
open  for pat-
Parlor will be
ronage on
Saturday,!December a*
ited il>
The public are fordially invi
call and examine our stock   .\
and prices.
Everybody welcome.


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