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Nelson Daily Miner Mar 18, 1900

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Edition No. 679.
Nelson, British Columbia, Sunday, March 18,  1900.
Tenth Year
It is Expected That This Hard
Pressed Town Will Soon
Be Relieved.
Condition of the War Provides
Ample Cause for
London, Mnrcb 18.-(8:-ifia
Amidst tii" festivities of St,
Day London has been listening today
(or weird that Mafeking is relieved. It
is remarkable Hint the revival of this
holiday, wbtob l'"ts 8t- Patrick's htre-
ifteron equality with Primrose day,
bus been Hie oeoasion of tbe first real
itnla day alnee tbe declaration of war.
1'lur,, Is lnucli In tbo situation in
South Afrtcn to justify rejoicing foi
thu rapid naolfloation of tho Free
State leads tlm people of Grent Britain
to believe thev hnvo n statesman as
well ns a strategist in the hero of Boer
war, "Bobs." With railway com-
mnillotlion open iu the Cape and the
mural nf liis army at its highest, Eng-
nndlinow ready to trust tho Cora-
mander-in-Ohiet to completo the ro-
mniiirt.tr i��t his task in his own way,
confident of his success.
The Transvaal officials are said to
have vnoated Tangns nnd Vtyberg but
the rebels are unwilling to enter the
Transvaal,being anxious to trok homeward, I,inly Randolph Churchill, who
Started heme OU the ship Maiuo yesterday, cables to the committee that she
regards it ns a compliment to the
United States that tho Maine wns the
first shi] In have sii.ee Lurtysmilli was
relieved. There were twelvo officers
> and 158 nimcoiuuiissionod officers nud
uii'ii aboard.
Cape Town, March 17.���Tho departure of the transports with lioor priB-
nni'rs for Mt. Helena has been delayed
on account ol the fnct that the Boors
are sick. Tbe authorities nro trying to
oouii'liite the hospital by Wednesday
und transports will probably sail then.
supplies from Cape Town into Bloom-
fonteln, Uommundant Olivier, after
leaving Hurghorsdorp, went to Konx-
vi lie where he ia now reported to be
with only a small (orco. Br. Lnyds,
the diplomatic agent of tbe Transvaal,
hau disappeared from Brussels. According to 11 Globe speoial be is believed to have come to London, but nothing iB known hero  about   his   arrival.
Vnnsyl, Friday Maroh 10.���Tbo railroad has been reopened from Bloom foil -
teiu to Norval's Pont. General Pole-
Carew and .the Grenudiora, have jubi
arrived at Norvnl's Pont.
Hurghorsdorp, Maroh 17.���Commandant Uliviur ovacuutod his position on a
bill iu front of the British during the
night. Sovoral Boors of bis force surrendered. Mr. Dewett, a member of
the Cape Parliament, and his brother,
have beeu arrostod.
London, Maroh 17.���It is persistently reiterated that Mafeking has beeu
relieved, but tho War Office has no
information confirming the rumor.
Ladysniitb, March 1(1. ���Loid Dnn-
donald's cavalry patrols reeonnoitorod
tho Froe State border of Basutoland
to He Beer's Pass whore n slight skirmish ocourred, in whioh two British
were wounded. The BoerB wero also
onoonntered iu slrongth at Vonrenen's
Pass and Tintwas Pass. Kaffirs arriving here report that the Boers are manifesting a very vindictive spirit under
defeat, and that many farms hitherto
rospectedjinve been burued.
The Uormnu nmbulanoes attached to
tbe Boer forces were fouud near Mod-
der Spruit abandoned by the Boers.
The physicians in charge were unable
to drive and were brought into camp
and thu wounded cared for. Transports wore subsequently supplied and
the nmbulanoes were sent to tho Boer
Bethulle, March 1(1.���General Oat-
acre's scouts have occupied Springfon-
tein. The country is clear of the enemy. The main column is following
London, March 17. ���A dispatch to
the Exchange Telegraph Co., from
Oapo Town, dated today, says it baa
been decided to send tho Trnnsvualers
only to St. Helena, the authorities
finding n difficult to prevent couflicts
between Free Staters und Transvaal-
ers. Colonel Bohlet, tho German officer who was oaptuiod in Natal in tho
early part of tbe war, has a speoial
sentry at his door to prevent them from
doinu blm harm. Capt. JohuBon and
Third Oilicor Bolton of the steamer
Mashuna. captured hy the British
oroiser und released, wero drowned, iu
a Rain last night. Four others were
drowned Irom a boat's crew from the
Pretoria, Maroh 15.���Via Lorenzo
Mnrqnez,March Hi.���The United Status
Consul, A. S. Hay, has not received a
reply from tbo United States sinoe he
' asked foi its good ollloes in behnlf of
thu Boers,
Strathcona's Horse Havo Sailod For
tho Scene of Battle.
Halifax N. S., Maroh 17.���The suu
broke out clear and strong this morning and ut 11 o'clock tbe Canadian
transport Monterey sailod. The steam-_
er was decorated with bunting from
stem to stern and presented a beautiful picture. Byograph piotures were
tukon of tho Mouterey as she passed
ddwn the harbor to sea. The men
passed u comfortable night, nuohorod
in the harbor, aud are glad at last
be under way for South Afrioa.
From the Queen to the Ragged
Urchin, All Wore the
Unprecedented Celebration of
Irish Patron Saint's
Gossip of the Week at the
Capital of the British
Ottawa, Mnrch 17.���Four hundred
and ten men havo bo far been enlisted
in the R. 0. R. I., for garrison service, at Halifax.
Lobasti, Hechunalund, Maroh 11.���
The rniirondjs open to this point and
there is wire connections ns far aa Pit-
"ant. The Boers, who wero at Segoaui,
have retired to Ruskouberg. The rebel" ol Mafeking is sxpooted any   day.
bonrton, Maroli 17.���The peaoeful
lonqneet of the Orange Free State pro-
ftressoi so evenly that it iB now believ-
wi there will bo little or no fighting
until Lord Roberts reaches the Vaal
River How soon he intends to start
With this objective., iB not yet hinted
as the paoifiontion of the Free Staters
Menu now to be engaging all bis attention.   Wheu the move shall oome it
Ottawa, Maroh 17.���The name ol
John Valentine Rllis, of St. John oity,
has baen mentioned in oonuection
with the vacant senatorship in New
Brunswick, whioh ooourred through
the doath of Senator Lewis. There is
no doubt that if Ellis will accept the
position he oan have it. Tbere are
very few mon in public life who have
got a cloauer reoord than Mr. Ellis.
Although of n kind and genial disposition ho is of strong conviction and
has got decidod views ou publio issues
The following militia order was issued this afternoon: "Right half of
"A" Company of the provisional battalion to replace temporarily tbe first
battallion Prince of Wales Leincester
Regiment." It is detailed to assist
Imperial troopa in garrisoning of Esquimau nntil further orders.
London, Maroh 17.���Tbe shamrock
promises to vie with the primrose in
tho hearts of the people, judging from
the enthusiasm with whioh, for the
first; time in thu history of the nation,
loyalists all over tbo United Empire
are celebrating and everywhere the
grcou is conspicuous. From Windsor
Castle, where the (jnonn observed tbe
day by wearing a sprig or genuine four
leufed shamrock, to the east end slums
of Loudon, Whore the ragged r.reliin
gloried in his morsel of green weed,
nearly everyone sported something in
the shape of green favor, A word
from Her Majesty has turned the emblem of semi-disloyalty into a budge
of honor and bus made tho shamrock
tho most prized of all plants in the
British IhIoh. The supply of genuine
shamrock was so small that half a dozen leaves sold readily for half a crown.
Tho ancient neremoiiy of "trooping
tho colors" nt Dublin Castle was especially picturesque. Most of the Government officials hoisted the Irish Hag
and tho clubs wero similarly decorated, thoir officials all wearing the
green. At revielle the Irish bands
made a tour of the barracks playing
"Garry Owen." "St. Patrick's Day
in the Morning," and "Tbe Boys of
Wexford." In front of the officers,
mess they played the National Anthem
and cheered the officers.
St. Patrick's Church, London, wiib
densely packed whon Bishop Prindle,
of the Distinguished Service Order,
lute chaplain with the forces iu South
Africa, officiated at poutificial high
nwBS iu the presence of Cardinal
Vnnghan. All the clergy aud the congregation wore tho shamrock and tbe
sceuo, as tbo Cardinal in bis red aud
white robos slowly moved up the
ceutra aisle, blessing the congregation,
was very impressive. Father Aidan
in tho sermon remarked that both
friend and foe wero unstintedly "praising Irish bravery,'hi niBm and generalship, just now so conspicuous in the
buttle field" and tbe "wearing of the
shnrnrock, the emblem of Irish nationality aud Catholicity, had become by
tho graoious aot of our most revered
Sovereign, acknowledgment of the heroism aud valor of the Irish sous in
tbe war.''
Attitude of the United States
Meets   With   Much
1 London,March 17.��� Botween tho line
of tho politely worded editorial comments on President MoKiuley's expression of willingness to aid iu the restoration of peace between Great Britain
and the Boor Republics can bedisoern-
cd many evidences of inward irrita-
tion. which the less responsible public
docs nut hesitatu outwardly to express,
while oven members of the Government
privately display pique that of all the
powers America should have consented to assure what one offiolal designated us tbo "ungracious role ot suggesting sonto form of interference,"
to Which he added the expression,
"Englishmen ennuot help contrasting
tbe porlect correctness of the attitude
of open uiiiriondly France with tho
offer of tbe United Stntes, whioh had
it come from a less disinterested
source, could only have beeu regarded
as an unfriendly act."
There is no doubt that the overtures
of tbo United StateB, even though so
carefully worded, have seusibly irritated Great Britain as a wholo, while
tho nirole especially fiiendly to the
United States express regret at the
opportunity offered to oritios to compare tbo refusal of M. DeloaBse, the
French Minister of Foreigu Affairs,
to gratify Ihe hostile sentiment in
Franco by making proposals to Lord
Salisbury whioh were sure of rejection, with what thoy testily call the
"inteiforence" of Washington, and
which thongh only tentative, and
clothed in words of perfect friendliness
and courtesy, onme at au inopportune
moment, when the supreme Belf-snffi-
oiency of the British Empire was the
predomiunting feeling of the day.
Everywhere one hears expressions of
satisfaction that while the answer to
the proposal wns clothed iu words of
perfect, courtesy, the language of Lord
Salisbury in "brushing aside" President McKiuley's proffer was extremely
definite as to kill all possibility of a
repetition of the offers from any
source, unless those proposing them
are desirous of beiug recognized openly
us antagonistic to this country. Emphasis is laid on the faot that Great
Britian hud declared at the   outset her
will doubtless be accomplished with
tlm seoreoy aud swiftuess whicli have
ffaraoterized all the British advances
sinoe Lord Roberts assumed command.
'�� tbe meantime, tho fate of Mafeking
remains unknown. The revolt of tbe
1 ��Pe I Hitch in the northeast seems to
"��� lta back broken and it is likely
General Kitchener will icon resume I
l"- Mace beside his ohiet. The loll I
thai leu tho British troops in Natal
, lll"l the Vroo Stute roouperate bringB
"st to the Engineers, and trans-
P<'r's- Uirouard, the young Canadian
"""">���, who rules Bupromo ovor the rail
"""'' 1�� now putting his system to a
"'""' w""t test in an endeavor to poor
Winnipeg,Mnroh 17.���Mountain Liberals will banquet ex-Premier Green-
way on March 28 at CryBtal City. St.
Patrick's Day was well observed. The
Irish flag waved over the oity hall
Premier Maodonald received a large
deputation of reeveB and members of
the House from the western portion of
the Province and was asked.to give assistance to the] Northern Paoific for
construction of a trunk lino from Port-
age Ia Prairie west. He promised he
would UBe his influence with the
Northern Puoifio people to build the
road. Iu case of this failing the Government might construct the load on
its own account.
New York, N. Y., March 17.���The
green flag of Ireland divided honors
with the national aud stute colors on
all the municipal buildings in New
York today, while many business
buildings and privato houses also flew
the ensign of tho harp. Overhead the
day was all that could be desired foi
tbo celebration, the sun shining bril-
lnntly and its warm rays tempering a
brisk chill breeze. Underfoot, bow-
ever, was a sea of muddy slush,
through whioh the St. Patrick's Day
procossion tramped bravely The line
of march of the parade ended at Sul-
zer's Paik, where all tbe Irish societies
of the city unitod in a picnic.
selves nud their arms aud ammunition
and omergnuoy rations with less fatigue and with as much speed as
though on horseback, A volunteer
trained to tho use of the bicycle,
would have nt hand for instant
use tho means of reaching by a diiuot
road a point of mobilization, possibly
twenty to tifty milua distant. With a
bicycle it would he as though a charger stood ready saddled at thu volunteer's door.
The mouths of tho panic mongers
have boon stopped and by a Fienoh-
man. It is a curious commentary upon a certain side ot British character
whioh had lately been much in wi-
deuce. Several papers of fair standing
have seriously been putting forward
tho probability of war with France
and their sensations have been credited by a small S60tion of tho British
publio, though well informed people
were only nmused. l'rauce, however,
was not the only nation which, it was
assorted, meditated hostilities against
England. Russia, Germany nud Austria, accordingly to the fanoy of manufacturers of panics, had designs to take
advantage of Great Britain's trouble
in South Africa. With the cries for
home defence in the ascendant Great
Britaiu might have duplicated the
scones when tho island awaitod the
prospected invasion of Napoleon. But
M. Doloasse, the Fronoh Foreign Minister, spoke aud tbe talk of Enropeun
hostility and interference vanished.
The hand nf tbe Frenohman calmed
Groat Britain. Without tbe hias of
friendship he disclosed the common
sense with which France and other
Eurpoeun powers were governing their
relations toward Great Britain and
bore home what has frequently been
set forth iu these despatches, that no
power had tho slightest intention of
going to war with Great Britain at
present aud that no powor was anxious
to intervene In behalf of tbe Boers.
The paoiflo aspect which European
matterB assume is fur moro likely to
be disturbed by tronble in tbe Balkans
than the Sonth African war or anything in which Grent Britain is chiefly
nonoerued. This latest troubl* consist*
in the apparent determination of
Prince Ferdinand to declare himself
King of Bulgaria aud renounce Turkey's suzerainty. He would scarcely
contemplate this without the bucking
of Russia whence came Prince Ferdinand's goneruls, guns and this week
his iiatiniial  loan.
As Tbe Spectator points out, for the
Sultan to refuse the request of Prince
Ferdiuand, supported by Russia and
negatived by the triple alliance, would
be verv a serious event indeed aud it
may occur sooner than we who aro
all looking sonth, instead of enst, are
ready to suppose. However, tbere is
no reason to suppose it will not all
blow over, as did the friutiou betweou
Groat Britain and Germany ovor tbe
seizure of tho letter's- ships in South
African waters. To what extent that
friction went waa only known tbis
week when a bluebook, giving   coires-
The Offer of U. S. Mediation
Greatly Pleased the
An Official Predicts Further
Efforts for Peace Will
Be Made.
unwillingness to  oonsent  to any out
side iuterforence and, therefore, as ao-jpondence of the Governments conceru-
cordiug to the well established prinoi
Toronto, March 17.���Toronto was as
Irish ns Bolfast today. Flags were flying ovor all the publio buildings, as
well as over many storcB nnd private
dwellings, while everybody was wearing the green. Mass was said in all
the Catholic churches this morning.
Quobec, Mnrch 17.���For tbo first
time in tbo unnals of Quebec, St. Pal-
riok'B Day wns generally observed.
The day had been proclaimed by the
Mayor as a oivio holiday. Tbe Provincial Parliament adjourned from
last- night to Monday next in honor of
the day. Tbe procession was ono of
the best ever seen bere. M/iny prominent English schools and Frenoh citizens weio in tbe ranks. Flugs were
seen everywhere in tbe city.
Dublin, March 17.--The Lord Mayor's procession today was interrupted
by many scenes ot disorder caused by
those who objeotel to his attitude to-
winds tho Quoon. His carriage was
stoned by various disorderly people
along tho route, windows were smashed and enormous crowds wero much
exoited. Occasionally the police were
powerless to deal with the outbreaks.
Soveral arrests were made. The Mayors of Sligo and Brogmeda, who had
first accepted invitations, refused to
participate in the processiou.
pal of international law, that the right
of intervention is conditional on the
willingness of both parties to the qnnr-
rol to accept the good offices of a mediating power. Such interference was,
in tbis caso, outside the bounds of diplomatic possibilities and gave Lord
Salisbury full jurisdiction for bis
"retort courteous."
Outside the high international politics, Ireland and tbe shamrock largely
monopolize the attention of London.
The internecine strife in the Nationalist ranks, engendered by the Dublin
Corporation's addreBB to the Queen and
the bitterness felt in loyalist circles in
Ireland at the outward exhibitions ot
disrespect to Her Majesty,kept tho officials guessing as to what is likely to
occur at the Irish capital next mouth.
In the meantime St. Patriok's Day is
being observed throughout the United
Kingdom ns never before. The supply
of shamrock is quite insufficient to
nu ei the demands.
Of 12,000,000 which the Government
proposes to spend to develop the
volunteers, $350,000 will be spent at
the rate of $10 per man to encourage
each regiment to form a company of
bicyclistB. Lord Lansdowne, the Secretary of State for War, aud Mr. Goo.
Wyndham, the Parliamentary Secretary for the War Office, both ride the
wheel and they know from persounl
experience what oan be done with the
machine on the flue English roads.
Of course they do not expect tbe Bold-
iers to use the wheel ou tho South African plains or in the Indian bill country, but tbey aver that in assembling
for homo defence and iu concentrating
nt any point on the const, battailous
of  bicyclists   should   transport   them-
ed, was published. The tart demands
of tbo German Ambassador aud Lord
Salisbury's astonished comments on
being thus addressed by n nation,
whom Mr. Chamberlain but a fow
weeks previous had lovingly included
in the so-cnlled new Driebund, came
as a revelation. The correspondence
itself shows no evidence of reconoilia-
tiou butjt is learned this hns been
affected. In comparison with the sur
passing importance atached to what is
taken to be the addition of the Orange Free State to the British dominion events in Great Britain this week
were highly uninteresting. Parliament has not distinguished itself. The
most interesting feature win the debate arising over "stop the war"
meetings und tbo accusation against
the Government of palliating the suppressing of free speech by allowing
such meeting to be broken up. Though
Liberal arguments sounded well
enough thore is scarcely a corporal's
guard in Eugland at present who are
willing to stand up as being against
tbe war enthusiasm that haa flowed
in with the tide of success aud The
Daily Nowh, tbo LiberalJ organ, says:
"England is not in a mood to stand by
aud hear'open ridicule or coveit Biieers
at those who havo died for England."
Kipling, on the other band, has liuon
quite the disanpointment of the week,
bis "Tho Sin of Witchcraft" creating
little interest, and it is severely criticized all annuel for lack of common
The will of Isaac Gordon, tho notorious money lender who died recently,
cannot be found and is being adver-
ised for. It appears this well known
name iu tho English courts, though
Gordon himself   rarely   appeared, wns
<    ml nun.1 Ull  I'iiili I II 1'BtfU.
Paris, March 17.���"The United
States hiiH shown Selfish Europe an example," said a responsible official to
a representative of the Aseoola.ed
Prnss when asked what was tbe feeling of the French Government re President McKinley' 's offer of his good
offices to England. "We felt," continued the official in question,
"thnt our now position with respect
to England, in viow of the present
state of publio feeling thero, wns too
delicate to admit of oui acceeding to
Mr. McKiuley's appeal and as this re-
luctnnee appeared to be shared by
overy other powor, the notion of tbe
American Government in taking the
iniliative came as tin agreeable surprise.    That   it   did not si eed   dees
not dotinct from its merit."
The Associated Press informant added that although there appeared m lie
little'likelihood of intervention in
the immediate future, yet hope! are
still entertained tha* an offer ot good
offices from tbe powers may evenutully
press acceptance. "At auy rate"
said h), "it is not unlikely that it
will be made if foreign interests are
in danger oy tho threatened destruction of the Raud mines.''
This question of the destruction of
the gold mines, ns predicted hy Mr.
White, is regarded ���>����� serious matter
here and as being not merely possible
bnt piobable. The Associated Press
learned that tho Frenoh Government
has received information to the same
effect from nnother source and it considers the descendents of the Dutchmen who Hooded tbeir own country in
order to repol an invasion, quite capable of following this precedent in
the case of foreign owned gold miues.
Tiie French press has taken up the
matter and points out tho enormous
amount of French savings sunk in the
Rand mines. It is state thnt if tho
Boers carry out their threat, it will
take at least three years to reconstruct
tho suiface machinery and other plant
while immense destruction could be
wrought by dyunnute. Franco owns
tbo third of tho shnres in the Tinns-
vnnl mines anil these alarmist preilic-
tious have had their effect on quotations of the stocks of those mines in
wbicb the French holdings urn larger.
Thus since Tuesday, Robinson has
dropped from 310 to 200, Ferroiru from
498 to 4U5 and Goldeuhnis fiom 148 to
140. The touBinn of feeling between
France and England certainly has undergone abatement this week, for
which the conciliatory article of The
London Times is responsible. Those
Nationalist organs whosu Anglophobe-
ism is a part of their studies havo not
abated their attaoks, but Ibe moderate
journals hnve responded to tho advances ot the London press in tho
same suirit. Tho Government bill,
proposing amnesty in all crimiual
prosecutions which have aiiseu out of
the Dreyfus caso,meets with npiHisition
from the Dreyfnssrds, whoso reputations have been besmirched by the
vile ecouaations of adversaries and to
whom amnesty means the deprivation
of means of redress. Droyfus wrote
protesting against the bill which will,
if passed, lull his hopes of rehabita-
Viotoria, B. O., March 17.���The
main building of tbe tannery of T.
B. Summer, near Reck Bay bridge, was
destroyed by lire early this morning,
together with a lurge i|unntitiy of
hides, Including a cut load all ready
for shipment lo Montreal. Tbe less is
estimated at |7,O0Q uud $1,000 in<or-
Montreal, March 17.���Dispatches
from many Canadian cities repott the
most general observance of St. Patrick's Day in the history of the country. In Montreal tho procession was
the largest over seen, and cnnluiind
citizens of mauy nationalities. The
green flag was flown from ninny Mag
poles that never know it before.
iNeison Daily Miner
I'ublUhod 1 'ally oxoepl Miiiuiuy.
0  J.   11K.ati in, Kdltor and Munagor,
Hilly por month by coriler 8    ttl
por halt year	
pur your	
por year by mall	
pur year foreign	
3 50
. 700
. .100
.   800
Ni.i.sun Weekly Miner,
Wockly, prrlialf yoar 8 1 M
poryour, foreign    '-' 50
SubHorlpcloni Invariably in uuvunoo,
Nolson Mill ;r Printing & PublishlngCo
nelson. b. o.
Tblepiione   No.   144.
The Miner will pay $10 reward
for information that will lead to the
arrest and conviction of any person
who steals a copy of this paper
Iron; Ihe premises of our subscribers.
Why does Mr. Houston, through
his paper, keep up an agitation over
the Eight-Hour law? Why Bhould it
tie considered necessary to represent as
a grievance, as a publio wrong, the
fact that the Conservative oonveution
bold hero Inst Friday did not fed/ailed upon to drag that law in by the
ears and force it forward as an issue
Does auy ouo supposo it is because
of Mr. Houston's anxiety for tho publio wulfaio? That would be a poor
guess. It is because he is n ranter, an
agitator, Populist iu nature and sentiment, exceedingly desirous of keeping himself iu tho public eye, and
hopeful of publio honors through in-
llaming class prejudices nnd exciting
class divisions. He is au exaot replica
of Mr. Joseph Martin ou a reduced
scalo, a pocket edition, reckless and
unpiinciplud, who cares nothing for
the public iuterests so long ns his little
personal ambitions and personal hates
ure gratified. As a prominent oitizen
said to Tbo Miner tbo other day, it
would be u good thing for the Provinoe
if Martin and Houston and thoir like
were marched to tbe international
boundury and told to go. It would bo
bolter if they were marched to the
shores of the Pacific, and with their
faces towards China they were kicked
into the sea and told to swim for it.
They aro a curse to tho oouutry. The
labor troubles in tbu Kootenay would
have been settled long ago if Mr. Houston bad uot employed all his arts to
embitter the fooling between miners
and mine owners. Mr. Martin is responsible for much harm to this Province already, but give him two, or
three, or four years of power and he
will make it a country that busiuess
mon   will not care to livo in.
There is no need to keep up an agitation over tho Eight-Hour law. Let
the politicians keep their meddling
noses out of it, and loave the matter
to the miners and mine owners, and
Hoon au understanding will be reached.
We notico with pleasure a moderate,
sensible letter on the Bubjeot addressed to The Rosslund Miner by the Hon.
C. 11. Mackintosh. It is suggested by
tho effort of Mr. Martin aud Mr.
Smith Curtis to magnify that incident
of tne sjiecial constables into a public
outrage, into an invasion of the prerogative of tbe Department of Justice. If
tho owners chose to place guards over
their minos it is none of Mr. Martin's
business, but the opportunity to revive
ill feeling was too good to be lost and
the Attornoy-Geuoral hastens to interfere. Mr. Martin would never be
heard ol if it wero not for agitation of
some sort, and only by nud through
agitation can he keep himself to the
fiout. But it is not by influencing
pa .em-- already heated tbnt this labor
trouble is to be settled. Mr. Mackintosh has a better way. He would loave
it to the calm good souse of tbe parties coiicorned. "The Eight-Hour law
need uot bo repealed," be says, "but
an understanding could be arrived at,
expunging fines and compulsory hours,
and protecting miners who desire to
make contracts from any interference
upon tho part of those who object to
such being ontored into or prosecuted.
At all evcnis.il does seem strange that
the mine owners shonld be kept at
arm's length, or the miners anxious
to work bo forced to remain idle."
Leave tho men alone, and tboy will
soon find a way out of thu difficulty.
We noticed a short time ago tbnt a
Bill lo make a hard and fast eight-
hour mining day in Great Britain wns
defeated in the Imperial Parliament.
From recent exchanges we learn that
its defeat was dc 1 principally to the
opposition of members who represent
labor iuterests iu tho House of Commons. Its most uncompromising op-
donont wns Mr. John Wilson, of Dor-
ham, who had himself beeu a working
miner during thirty years of his life.
They objected that the  Bill, if passed.
would disturb elaborate working ar-
nini;eiiiciils|tliat had been established
betweou omployur nnd employee to
their mutual advantage) that it would
immediately doorcase the rate of wages
at least oue-flfth to those who worked
ten hours a day, and would iucreaso
tho price of the product of the minis,
to tho serious injury of business generally. These objections will apply to
the eight-hour day hero, anil if the
men will do tbeir own thinking tbey
will see this and consent ton inudilicu-
tiou that would leave them free to work
ton hours a day for ten hours' pay if
they so desired. Demagogues aud agitators should not be allowed to prevail
hero, any more than thoy do iu England.
It iB  too   soon   to  speculato   ou tho
termination of the war,   That will
dopeud largely ou the temper of President Kruger, who, notwithstanding
his many and great professions of godliness, is not an angel. We gathei
from what Lord Roberts says that be
expeots to lead his troops into Pretoria
before many weeks. If he wero fighting a oivilised and rational enemy,
that would eud it, for such au enemy
would recognise thnt it was useless to
kick agaiust the pricks aud that it
would be attended with a groat sacrifice of life. But nothing onu be counted upon with certainty when the vindictive Kruger is to be reckoned with.
We are taught nothing by the ready
submission of those Free State burghers. They ure tho more elderly and
peaoeful olasB, no doubt, who uro willing enough to givo up tbo tight when
they see it going ugainat tlnm. There
is a yonuger nnd more desperate clnss,
with tbo taint of tbo savage; after
being driven out of Pretoria, Kruger
may retire with these to some of his
mauy fustuesses, and prolong the war
for mouths yet. We get a glimpse of
these savages now aud again in dispatches that toll of cruel deeds that are
au outrage ou oivilised warfare. With
such an enoniy, it is impossible to calculate according to the rules that govern amoue enlightened and Christian
The Mnyor, who arrogates to himself
all municipal authority, (lid uot think
it worth wbilo to fly a flag at the City
Hall yesterday. Throughout tho British Islands St. Patrick's Day was ob-
sarved with much oereniony and enthusiasm, in honor of tbe brave Irish
soldiers who huvo been lighting in
South Afrioa in defence of the Empire
with a gallantry that has never boon
surpassed ou a field of battle. Tho same
fooling of grateful appreciation has
been given some form of expression in
noaily all the cities of Canada. There
has been no recognition of it iu Nelson. If it had been the anniversary of
the Coeur d'Alenos riots, Mr. Houston,
who is imbued with the Cnuer
d'Aloues spirit, would probably havo
been stirred iuto sufficient sympathy
to make a display in honor of the occasion
Mr. Houston':, paper insists that the
constituencies shall not be deprived of
the right to uomiuate their own candidates. Wo have not board that the
right has ever been regarded us in the
least joopardy, nor, indeed, 1 that any
person has concoived how it could bo
successfully usurped. Will his papei
next inform us when aud how tho constituency of Nelson nominated Mr.
John Houtson, who is muking himself
unhuppy in hiB frantic endeavors to
be recognised as a candidate? And
will it kindly add in what intorest he
proposes to stand I
Even the heavens joiner! yesterday
in honoring St. Patrick's Dny. Those
of our citizens who wero fortunate
enough to observe last night's sunsot
would havo Boeu a rich green cloud
resting on the mountain behind which
the sun bad disappeared. This was
bordeied abovo by a broad stretch of
gold. Tho beautiful sight lasted many
minutes, as if loath to vanish, aud indeed, did not wholly disappear until
lost in the gnthcriug dusk.
Nelson Lie k Gas Co., Lid.
Capital Stock - - $250,000 CO
Divided into 10,000 8bareB of $25
7 Preference Stock ��� $ 75 000 00
Ordinary Stock   -   -   175,003 00
A limited number of preference
and ordinary shares of the Company
are offered to citizens of Nelson at
Subscription books arc now open
at the office of the Company, {Baker
Street, Nelson,
Nelson Coke & Gas Co., Ltd.
Manager aud Secrotary-
Nelson Employment Agencv
Help of all kinds furnished.
l'lll:l      lU.-ll.l.lM..
J. B. LOVE, Ag't      Baker Bf
New Books.
Parson Kelly;
By Andrew Lang
Mr. Jack  Hamlin's Media-
Bret Harte
Louis Creswicke
The Bittee; Vintage;
K. Douglas King
An African Treasure;
J. MacLaren Cobban
Prospecting, Locating and
Valuing Minus;
Engineers' Examinations;
New Catechism of the Steam
Maxims and Instructions FOR
the Boiler Room;
The Mineral Industry;
Life ok Napoleon III.;
By Archibald Forbes
J J. Amiable
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bond from ono lo fire ,,,,,..  win tuko ore
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Branch Markets in Rossland, Trail, Nelson, Kaslo
Sandon, Three Forks, New Denver and Slocan City.
Orders by mall to any branch will have careful and promot attention.
Telephone 13.
=&S  ���'
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Houston Block
Nelson, B. C.
Am Experiment In Trying to Get Into
n llouso Through �� Second Story
Window That Failed nnd W11 Never A|��nlu Attempted.
"Onco in the course of my experience
nml only once," tsaid tho retired burglar,
"1 tried to get into a homu* by a Hying
trapeze. That wan when I wan youuy: in
the business and young in yeurn. There
was a big, comfortable looking house in a
town I had made A few visits to thut
summer that had a window thut sort of
fasciuntcd me. It was always open, the
lower Bttflll thrown up back of the upper,
but ih's window wus In the gable end of
the house, where thore was no veranda
roof to reach it by, where it seemed iu
fact perfectly safe to leave it broad open
ns they did, day und night, because nobody could reach it without a ladder. Hut
1 never looked at thut window without
thinking of what au easy way into the
house it would be if oue was only on the
level With it.
"Standing In tbe Inwn about 20 feet
from the end of this house there was a
big tree, with stout, big branches. One
of these branches that grew out townrd
the house had a curious sort of turn or
elbow in it that grew in such a way thut
it had a nearly horizontal section running
about ten feet from the house and about
ten feet higher up iu the air than the top
of thut window. That ten feet was practically ns good aa ten miles, as far as
keeping people out was concerned, but
one day it struck me thnt & man could
fitting into thnt window from the tree by
a trupeXe mude fast to that straight
Stretch of limb. I'd just been seeing some
circus stunts done on n swinging bar,
nnd I didn't see why I couldn't swing on
one well enough to lund on that window
hfil anyway.
"I climbed the treo one night, with n
piece of twine and a nail for a weight, to
make some little experiments uud see
just how long the trupeze would have to
be to strike the window sill. I tied the
string with the nail weight ou the horizontal limb and sn'iiug it from another
limb back of it, further nwny from the
house, tho limb that I intended to Bwing
from myself when I had the trapeze
ready. I swung it to get a length that
would bring the trapeze just so thut
when I swung forward I could put my
feet nnd legs through the window and
bend 'em down nnd hold on by 'em there
inside nnd slip off the bar ou to the window sill. Then I was going to tie the
trapeze to one of the window blinds to
keep It there while I was exploring the
house, and when I camo back to the window, loaded up, I was going to get on
the trapeze nud cast loose and tswtug
back to the tree and go my way.
"Well, I got the exact length that the
trapeze wanted to be to reach from the
tinder side of that limb to the window
sill, and then I made at home a trapeze
to carry me over. I had rope ends plenty
hmg enough to wind around the limb,
nnd I had the hanging pnrt measured ex-
n< ily so I could make tho trapeze fust
with just the right length below the limb.
When the night cnine thut I was to try
it, 1 shinned up the tree nnd mnde it fust.
I had a twine tied to tho trupeze bar, and
then I climbed the other limb that I was
to swing from and pulled the bar up to
me there and got ou it, gruBped the ropps
in either bund and when I was all ready
swung off.
"It seemed like n tremendous drop going down, but I did not have long to
think. I made just one swish down
through the air uud was going up the
other side before I knew It. But I didn't
forget myself. I'd pructiced this, and I
kept my feet nud legs straight out in
front of me and ready to curve 'em
through the open window when I came
to it, und then drop 'em and clinch 'em
there. Hut somehow I had made a ralfl-
culculntion in trying the ropes or else at
the very Inst instant I went wrong with
my feet, for instead of thrusting my feet
through the open space of the lower window I Jabbed them both plumb through
the double sush above up to my knees.
] let go of the trapeze in the excitement,
Which I don't thluk was surprising, and
the next instant 1 was hanging heud
downward outside, with my bug that I
had my tools iu that I had carried by a
Strop over my shoulder dangling down
below me with the strap around my armpit.
"When I smnshed through those two
windows, I mnde us much noise as you'd
hear in blowing up a crockery factory,
uud I knew of course that it would only
be a mighty short time before thero was
somebody around, nnd I made a greut effort to get free. I knew I would go
smashing down on the ground, but I
wanted to take the chunces on that ruther than be caught, and 1 didn't hesitate
lit nil about trying to pull my legs out
from those windows, though 1 knew I
should fall the minute I got 'em out.
Hut though I'd lost the trapeze In that
one moment's excitement when I struck
the windows I was cool enough now, nnd
I was figuring on how to get tho window
sill, which I couldn't quite touch now,
nud so break my fall bomewhut when I
did get free and, above all things, turn
myself over bo thnt when I did go down
JM strike the ground ou my feet uud uot
on my head.
"1 yanked one leg pnrtly clear and then
the oilier, the glass rattling and the sashes smashing as I nulled on 'em, and 1 set-
tied down until 1 could touch the sill be-
loW wilh my lingers. Then I henrd the
bed in thnt room jouncing under somebody Springing Op out of it���you see, nil
this that it'takes me some time to tell
you about really happened iu next to no
time at all���and I knew if I was going to
go at all I'd got to go then, and I just
yanked nud smnshed both legs clear of
the frames, settling down more as I did
ho until I got hold enough on that window sill to turn myself over as I dropped
and push myself clear of the building.
When the man looked out of the window,
1 was describing a beautiful curve
through the air preparatory to lauding
safely on tny feet.
"The man disappeared from the window and was back again in an instant,
and then there wns a flnsh from a shotgun, hut it didn't do any dnmage. It wus
dark, and by thnt time I wan a little too
for off to be hit by a mas whose aim wan
likely under such circumstances to be
more or less uncertain anyway. But
there hud been danger enough in hanging
head down on the aide of the house from
s second story window and taking the
chance on getting righted up before you
��� ���������!' i( the ground, and I mnde up my
mind that one try with the trapete was
oil I wanted. I was satisfied after that
with cellar windows and that sort of
thing.' ���       ^        %      , _t j
Tif  Listening  to  the   Spectators  He
Knows How It Ia Uoliijf,
"I was out at the race track one day
last winter," suid u merchant of this oity,
"when 1 wus accosted by a uiun who wan
holding the baud of a little boy. It wns
a former friend whom 1 had not seen fcr
some years aud who had become totally
blind. Ilu told me that he recognized
my voice, and while we stood there talking the bell rang from the track, 'They're
going to start!' he exclaimed excitedly.
'Come, let's get iuto the gruud stand as
quick as we can.'
"After wo secured seats I couldn't help
expressing surprise at his eagerness, 'Oh,'
that's nil right,' he replied abstractedly.
'I bet I'll get uearly ns much out of it as
you do,' and, after watching him through
the next race 1 became convinced that he
wns telling the truth. To begin Willi, ho
tired a volley of short, sharp questions ut
tho boy uud in thut way obtained a
good general Idea of the situation* Tluju
he leaned forward like a man about to
spring. I never saw such an attitude of
tierce aud concentrated attention. To sny
thnt he seemed to be listening doesn't begin to express it. He seemed to be literally absorbing everything thut wus going
on around him. His chin was lifted, his
lips were u little apart, n red spot came
and went on his cheeks, and I could see
the big veins in his neck throbbing like
an engine. It wus au uncnuuy Spectacle.
I couldn't get rid of the feeling thnt ho
wns exercising some uuuaturul, superhuman faculty*
"After the race Wftfl run he dropped
back relaxed and sat there listless and
iuert uutil the next tup of the bell. Later,
when we were in the street enr, I tried to
learn something of his experience. He
smiled good nuturedly, but found difficulty in making me understand. '1 get u lot
of plensure out of the races,' he said, 'and
can follow some of them almost ns well
ns if I hnd my sight. I can tell exactly
how it is done. I suppose my brain has
become trained to catch hundreds of little cues ���the shouts of people on Ihe
track, the exclamations of the crowd, the
cheers and laughs aud groaus uud cursOS,
the chance remarks of passers; yes, even
tRe clnttcr oft* feet uud the way folks
breathe���everything means something to
me, and altogether it builds up u picture
In. my mind. I feel It somewhere in the
air, ond I get so excited thnt I forget nil
about being blind. Oh, uo,' he said, 'I
wouldn't miss the races for anything!' *���
New Orleans Times-Democrat.
Interesting Facta About n Moat Popular Instrument*
The lead pencil, the most common of
all writing implements, is somewhat over
200 years old. The term "lead pencil,"
however, Is a misnomer, us, in a mineral-
ogical sense, tbere Is not n particle of
lead in its composition. The lead pencil
originated with the discovery of the
graphite mines in England in 100-1 during the reign of Queen Elizabeth. As
graphite so greatly resembled galena, the
German name for which wns bloighiuz, it
wus given the name of blei, or lead.
In the early duys of lead pencil making
the graphite was sawed into thin sheets
and cut into strips smaller and smaller
until they were of a size to be covered
with light wooden slips and thus serve ns
pencils. The first pencils created much
excitement. The graphite miues of England were considered of inestimable value
and were protected by law. But there
was great waste���-first, in digging, for
many of the pieces were too small for cutting, und again in the manner of cutting
the graphite, which wns so crude thut
hnlf the material was lost.
So a binding substance had to be Invented. Glue, gum, isinglass nnd other
Bubstances were tried, but the graphite
was only rendered hard und brittle aud
of uneven hardness. Its murks wero
faint and Indistinct, und in those duys if
the point broke it wus quite un undertaking to sharpen It aguiu. First, the wood
hnd to be cut away and the graphite
heated ore/ a light to soften it, after
which it was drnwn to a point with the
In 1793 Coute, a Frenchman, cnine on
the Idea of using pulverized graphite and
binding clay. This discovery resulted in
pencils of varying hardness, according to
the amount of binding day added, und
each pencil was of exactly tho suma
hardness throughout its length. Soon
after this discovery improvements followed in mixing, rolling aud shaping the
graphite composition, which was cut Into
lengths, placed in a warm oven to harden
and finally iucascd in wood, us seen today.
Two Cambridge L'lilvernlty Jests.
The fellow commoners were always at
Cambridge called empty bottles, from the
following circumstance that occurred at
Emanuel: Wiuo merchants send their
porters occasionally round tho colleges
to collect tho bottles. One of these men,
during the hour of lecture, knocked Ht tlis
lecturo room door by mistake und called
out "Empty bottles!" Tho tutor, then
out of humor at being attended only by
one fellow commoner when there were 20
in college, cried out: "Call again another
time. I havo now but one." This soon
gathered wlud, and these young gentlemen of the first class went afterward
throughout the university by the name of
empty bottles.
As to professional students (some very
few excepted), they are worse scholars at
leaving college than at their admission.
I heard our tutor once censure a young
man at lecturo who had been nearly three
years at college by saying that he knew
less thnn a freshman who snt next him.
"Well, and what of that?" retorted the
youth. "He is but just come from
Bchooll"���Cornhill Mngazine.
Tho Carp.
People marvel at the mechanism of the
human body, with its 41)2 bones nud 00
arteries, but man is simple In this respect compared with the carp. That remarkable fish moves no fewer than 4,880
bones und muscles every time it breathes.
It has -I.XJO veins, to suy nothing of its
00 muscles,	
"Do you dance on your toes, Miss
"Never, Mr. Clumioy. Other people
do thut for inel"
And he didn't know just what she
meant until he tried to get another dance
with her.���Colorado Springs Gazette.
Look not mournfully iuto the past; it
conies not back again. Wisely improve
the present; it Is thine. Go forth to meet
the shadowy future without fear und
with a manly heart.
Wholesale Houses,
NLI.S0N, B. C.
THORPE 8t CO., Limited.���Corner Vor
nun unit Cedar Streets, Nelson, maim
raoturors of and wholesale dealers In aerated
waters and fruit syrups, Bole ngonts for Halcyon Springs minora] water.   Tel00
���N. M. t'liiutiiiiiH, LesseQi lCvery known
variety of Boft drlnkn. P, O. Hox 88. Telephone NO, HI. Hnovor SLreel. Nolson. HottlorH
of tho Famous St. Loon Hot Springs Mineral
HJ. a VANS ik pQ.-flaRertitroet, Mel
a son. \\ :m. i .!,��� il.-.iuTi in liquors, cigars
Dement, llro brick and Ure clay, water pipe and
Btoel rails and general (-mniniHsiun morchants.
Genius is talent with both eyci open.
Cleveland Leader.
l.i.Mmcn.���Front Street, Nolson, whole-
sold dealers in Hour, meals, etc, and hay
and grain. MiUmit Krimont-on, Victoria and
Now Wu-itminster, Elevators on Calgary &
hVlmonton Railway.	
ROSS. LEE & TAYLOR-Bnaer Btraet
Nolson. (uOOrgQ B. Motion's old stand.)
Kluur, Food, Grain. Hay and Produce Car
lots ti specialty* Oorrespondenoe solicited.
Phono -'i.
A MAODONALD & OO.-Oorner Ver
��� non and Josephine Streets, wholesale
grocers and jobbers In blankets, glovos, milts,
boots, rubbers, mac.kinaws und minors' sundries.
BUKNS & CO   'inker Streot., Nelson.
wholesale dualors in frosli and ouroa
mini Is,   Cold Htomgo.
���Baker Street, Nelson. Wholesalo deal
9TS in fru-b and eured muals.
LiMiTUO���Baker street, Nolson,   wholesalo dealers in hardware and mining supplies,
plumbers'and linsiuith's supplies.
sale i-aints and Oils,
TURNER,   BEETON   &   OO-Corner
I Vernon aud Josephine Streets, No'son
wholesale dealers in liquors cigars and dry
goods. Agents fop Pabst Browing Co, of Mil
waukee and Calgary Brewing Co. of Calgary.
UDSON'S BAY CO.-Wholcsalo groceries and liquors, etc.. Baker St., Nelson,
JY   GRIFFIN  4  CO.-Cornor Vernon
���   nml .losophlno ytrcota. Nelson, wholosalo
dealer, in provisions, cured moats, butter and
The direct route from
to all points
EAST   and   WEST.
first-OInea .Slai-pers on nil trains from
TOURIST OARS pass Medicine Hat
daily lor (St. Paul, Sundays and Wednesdays  for    Toronto,    Fridays   for
Moiilre;0 and Boston.
Same cats pass Revelstoke one day
To aud from Robson, Rossland.
Ex. Sua. Ex. Sun.
S.Otl Lv. NELSON Arr.11.40
18.40 Lv.duily NELSON daily Arr.22.10
M"iiiin.-, train connects for ull points
Evening train connects to and from
Main Line and points uorth, and (ex.
Sun.) from all points in BOUNDARY
Daily. Ktr. Moyie Daily.
NELSON        Arr. 17.20
Kootenay   Landing with
Ul.(K) Lv.
Crow's Nest Brunch trains both ways.
Ex. Smm. Str. Koknnee. Ex. Sun
Ki.00 Lv. NELSON        Arr. 11.00
Saturday  to   Aigenta   and return
leaving Knslo at 20k.
Ex. Sun. Ex. Snn
B.00 Lv. NELSON Ar. 14.40
4hrs NELSON to ROSSLAND his 4
Por rates and full Information address near
cat local agent, or
C. K. Ill AHLHY.   City Passongor Agonl
I:. W. DUEW, Agent, Nolson
Trav. Pass. Agent]        A  O. P. Agent,
Niunn Vanocnier
Spokane Falls ��t
Northern R'v.
NeIson  &  Fort
Sheppard R'v.
Red Mountain R'v.
The only all rail route without
change of  cart  between   Nelson aud
11"   in ii.i and Spokane and Rossland
Lv.  IU5a.m. NELSON. Ar. 5.20 p.m.
Lv. 11.25 ii.ni. ROSSLAND Ar.8.00p.m.
Lv,   8.15 a.in. SPOKANE. Ar.0.16 p.m.
Train that leaves NelBon at 0:15 a.m
makes close connections at Spokane foi
all Coast Points.
Passengers *or Kettle Hirer and Boundary Creek,connect at Marcos with Stage
H. A. JACKSON, G. P. & T.A.
Spokane  Wasb
Agent. Nelson, B.O
Civil nnd Mechanical KnglneorH.
vamiii VI.W   AND   NELSON,   B.  C.
Supplied nnd Kn-ctcd.
AliKNTH fnr the Hlxilon Iron Work., llabcock
4 Wilcox Holler Co., Crooko'H Wire Hopo
und Uuiewuys, Klc, Ktc.
Baker St.
ircct Importation
All 111*' i r;uliliK lliaiiil
Try NAPOLEON Chewing Tobacco.
Gamble &0'Reilly
2 Lots, 6-Rooin 1 louse, corner,
on Carbonate street $2,000
2 Lots, 8-Rooin House   Cuihon-
ate street     2,150
3 Lots and House on Silica St.
between Stanley aud Ward,
Terms     3,000
Agents for Hume Addition and a
large number of Addition " A" Lota.
Accident and Sickness.    Special llenlth
Policy issued by
Head  office,  Montreal.      Costs only
$10 11 year.
Gamble & O'Reilly. .
Atlantic S. S. Lines
From Portland, Me.
Allan Line "Hnemw AyrcanH March 17
Alluii Lino "Nwnildlan'' March '28
Dominion Une "t'an.broman" March 14
Dominion l-iiu- "Vuncouvcr" Mnrch 24
From Halifax, N. H.
Dominion Line "Vancouver" March H5
Heaver Line "Monlrono" March IS
Heaver Lino "Lakciinron" March 22
From St. John, N. B.
Boavcr Lino "Montrow" March II
Beavor Lino "Lake Huron" Mareli 21
From New York
Canard Lino "Klrurla" March 17
Cunard Lino "Campania" h Mnrch 21
Whlto Star Line "Oceania" March 21
White Star Lino "Teutonic" March 28
American Lino ���'KeniinKton" March 21
Bed Star Lino "WoHtornlund" March II
Anchor   Uno  "Aidorln" Mnrch 21
North Gorman  Uoyd "Lnhli"  March!"
Allan Btato Lino "Sarniatlan  March 22
1'aHHagon arrangod to and from all Kuropoan
point*. For rule,, tiokota and full Information
apply to O. P. K, dopotagont lor O K. Boaalor,
Oity I'.i'-iiiiKi'i Agent. NolHon, B.O.
w; P. F. (,'UMMINOS,
Denaral Attent. C P. It. orrinm Winnipeg
Fraternity Hall
Cor Baker A Hoolrnay Hla.
can be rented for Concerts, lectures
Dances, Hamiuets ard overy kind of entertainment. Oood ante-rooms, cloak
rooms. Kitchen nnd dining room furnished.   For termpply
DR, E. O. ARTHUR1 Oity.
Is prepared to do every kind of work that can be
done anywhere.
1 Am Expert Watchmaker
will repair your Watch. Will
repair your Jewelry and will do
it at a price easily within the
reach of everyone.
See our Stock of Watches and Jewelry.
Try us on Engraving and Monogram work and you
will never go elsewhere. Mail orders promptly
attended to.
Baker Street Nelson, B. C.
Headquarters  for  Insurance  of All Kinds or
Loans on Real Estate.
5^    Two Houses to Rent.
1 Lot, Baker Street	
�����;              2 Lots, Corner,  linker Street.
�����; (l-Rooni  House	
5-Room House	
g^; Lots in all parts of city.
SX    Fever and Smallpox Policies.
.$1200 00
. 4000 (X)
. 1700 00
. 1200 00
Call or Phone.   ^3
Turner Beeton& Co.
Just arrived from Milwaukee
Is moving to the Mndden Block, and will there be prepared J
to show to the citizens of Nelson  the largest stock of ���
Confectionery ever received in this city. J
������������������������ Z
soo our  Choice  chocolates  and   candies  of  all   kinds, t
msiM ituoKtrt,
onco Hol'.ol ted
Windermere Mines.   Corresp
NKI.HON, H. 0,
A BonrdlliK nnd liny School conduclcd by
the HlMlorN of Ht. Joseph of I'oaco. Ills situ-
iilcil ul Iho corner of Mil] und JoHonhlno Streets,
In ono of tho boat residential portions of Nelson, nnd Is cnslly nccesslblo from all porta
of Ihe city.
The eonrso of study lncludos tho funilnincn-
Inl and lu-jnr- branchos of a thorotlKh Kiu:ii h
education. Business course��� Bpoltkooplllg,
HtciKH/raphy nnd Typewriting. Sclonco course
-Music, Vocal nnd Instrumental; Drawing,
etc���Plain and Art Ncodlowork; Calisthenics,
Kor tonus nnd Particulars apply U> tho Sister
...L POGUE...
Harness and  Saddlery
Tho loading shop. Larue
f-tock. Best Hssoriod stock
on hand. Harness, Collars ot best makes. Saddles. Blankets, Bells
Whips, Brushes, Combs
PrloBS satisfactory.
Call and eeo.
Cor. Ward and Tiaker
4i*vnjL dyne,     ��oJas<l. 7p/onv6,       tJ^c^oi^uf^U tf~
JCtAmlJ s��iu>m4   4isO-uT -fM i^suf- CiaAs  44M^Ay
A Your Ai-'i
Comorrow Mnrtin O'Belllv
A Co, Bog"" Business in Nelson,
mnmorrow will he tlio>iinivm'Hnry of
, 1 ftrt Martini O'Reilly & Go.
; Iu!n hid i^r their share of the
,, il'.lrv fjooas business of; Nelson,
n , tlie 10th dav of March they bt'gan
��Iness in tbe Bank of British Oolnm.
\ n!.Un��.witl. u Htoak of dry K"ortH.
:oSS;anto.bontfB.OOO To-
,IV ti,ey ooonpy ti hnndsome store on
corner of Baker and Hall  streets,
goods, notions, lad-
over I8O.0C0,
Wiih a slock of dry
1 ready-male garments and other ae
'   ,��� (I,,,  trade amounting
It, wns on the  'JHrd   day
t N(�� ember  they  moved  into
11H their business had
occupied up   to
their new store,
0���tp,rown the cinarters
that time Since then many additions
hava been made to their business, a
loentonebelnga ladies' dressmohinR
Lartment under the capable direottou
",MJg, Bibbald, who came from the
e���9t especially to asHume tho manage-
IeDt of Ibis department. Mr. O'Reilly
l,,s 1,0011 In Nelson now foi ��U yours
a���d has grown to know the require-
,m.utH 0( the local trad* in the way ol
dross goods, andsnoh stuffs, and makes
1 pnrobasM with a view to suitiim
tastes of the customers whose vut-
.��� he has secured hy studied and
attention to thoir wants.
The ladies' wear department is in the
elmiyc of �� competent lady olerk nnd
coatniuB a stock especially selooted
sal to the highest  class of
The men's furnishing department will
lie continued us heretofore and will he
characterized hy an assortment of the
Idlest stylo o( men's woar in uvor deportment The window and interior
decorations ure tho work of Mr. Max
MoSwen whose good taste in the arrangement ifud display of novelties
serves to keep tho store in a condition
that a|i|ieals tJ the eye of contemplative purchasers. The increase cf business dining the past year has been
most eiicoarnninK ���� from present indi-
cnious this month's sales will more
than double those of the corresponding
mouth last year. Mr. O'Keilly wishes
to thank his patrons tor this tribute
to his efforts to supply their wants,
and to show his appreciation has issued an attractive Bouvenir badge
for St. Patrick's Day. Tho badge is
of green libbon nnd contains the names
of the battles participated in by the
Irish ttcops in South Africa. The
badges were   presented   to   nllj callers
In today's Miner Mr. O'Keilly calls
attention to u special anniversary sale
that will begin tomorrow and continue
until the end of the mouth.
Largo Audience Uroets tho Aggregation of Local Tnluut.
The oonoert at the Opera House last
evening, in aid of the building fund of
the Catholic Church and in commemoration of St. Patrick's Day, wns a
grout success. In point of attendance
it was nearly ull   thut could havu been
desired nnd the programme was a most
enjoyable one. The concert opened
with nn overture by Milhvard's Orchestra which was followed by a duet
by Messrs, Caldwell and Prosser.
Mr. George Kydrt tbeu sang "Mavour-
neon" nnd Miss Ouril gave a lecitnlion
entitled "The Mnjum." Mr, nnd
Mrs. Archbold gnve a selection on the
violin and piano that mot with much
applause. Mr. J, W. OiiHitek gave an
address on an appropriate theme thnt
was much appreciated by his hearers,
Miss Carey sang "Rory Darling" nun
Mr. T. J. Scanlan gave a recitation
entitled "Jim's Defence."
"Asthore," a favorite song, wns well
rendered by Mr. Rex Mucdonnld.
Misses Carey and Messrs. Prosser uud
Scanlan Have a comic soleotion called
"0, P. R. A." thnt made a decided
hit with ull present. The programme
wus closed by an operutic selection
by Millwurd's Orchestra.
Mrs. Dill, wife of Assistant City
Engineer Dill, arrived in Nelson lust
night and is at the Hume.
Most of the delegates to the Conservative Convention departed on the
early train yesterday morning.
Mr. George A. Stewart Potts, ol
Greenwood, who came over to attend
the convention will remain in Nelson
until tonioirow.
Mrs. A. Gordon Gamble left last
evening over the Crow's Nest line for
the East; whore she will spend the
summer lnoLths.
It is understood that Mr. H. E.
Croasdaile, of the Hall Mines, has left
for England in conneotiou witli the
company's business.
Rev. Mr. Young, of Ainsworth, will
coudnct the services iu St. Paul's
Presbyterian Church today in the absence of Mr. Frew.
0. E. Frost, an expert wntchmakor
and jeweller, has arrived in Nelson to
take a positiou with the firm of J. J.
Walker, tho Raker Street Jeweller.
Tho wife of Manager Dill, of the
Wallace-Miller Btore at Greenwood,
reached Nelson last uight on the Moyie,
and will go to Greenwood tomorrow.
P. E. Emerson and family huve returned from the Halcyon Hot Springs,
where tho health of Mr. Emerson wus
greatly benefited by a few weeks'
Muxistruto Crease hud ono case in
the Polico Court yesterday, a man
oharged with drunkenness. He was
disohargod with tbe usual due und
The South Kootenay Board of Trade
has made application through the Secretary of State, to change the name of
thu Hoard to tbe Nelson Board of
Reoruits will now be received in
the local militia company to take tbe
places of the men who aie awuy ou active service. Applications can be
made'to tbe sergeants or at the drill
hall on Thursday evenings.
A white butterfly was seen on Baker
Street yesterduy. It was a very venturesome fly to come out so early at
the imminent risk of being iuu over
hy a tram car, but with Bnch weather
it probably thought it was due.
Mrs. R. L. Brown, widow of the late
Chief Engineer Brown, desires to express her thanks to the lodges of which
her husband was a member, and to
the public (or their sympaihy aud condolence in her looent bereavement.
No men in tbe looal militia hnve
been definitely selected for service in
the garrison nt Halifnx. Vor,although
Lieut. Beer bus virtually picked the
men out,he is still waiting for instructions as to what tenns to swear the
men in.
Mr. W. H. Millmnu, of Toronto,
was iu Nelsou yeBterday. He had returned from a tiip to Rosslnnd and the
Boundary Country, and reports business ns being (juite dull in that section. Ho left for the Coast yesterday
The Nolson Minstrels will appear in
the Opera House on Wednesday night
next.    Their programme will be some-
Brankman & Kor Company Now Installed in tho Enlarged Premises.
The Brackinan & Ker Milling Co.,
Ltd., are now occupying their enlarged premises on Front ..Street, tbo new
addition to their warehouse hnviiig
just been completed, which now gives
them a floor spaco of 50 foot by 110 feet,
making the waiehousesoneof the largest ul its kind in the Province. The
fact that after having beeu iu business
iu Nelson for only about oue year, this
concern was forced, owing to increase
iu business, to double thoir wurehouse
capacity, speaks volumes for tho position Nelson occupies as a oeutie of
trade, for the push and enterprise of
this well known finn and for the bii:h
regard in which they are held hy the
people of this district.
Tho stock carried comprises the very
best that can be obtained iu the hay,
grain and feed lino. A fnll line of
Hour and cereals is also stocked, including the well known brand of rolled oats manufactured hy this firm at
their extousive milling plants nt Victoria, New Westminster and Edmonton, Alta. Tbe B. & K. brand is a
household word throughout British
Columbia, and any kooiIh bearing tbis
trade mark, can be depended upon us
being tbe very higheat grade manufacture. The World's Fnir, Chiongo,
gold medal, and tho   same at the Mid-1 what different   from   that given some
Tbo prinoipnls  are well up   In  thoir
parts nut! as Ihe other numbers that
will go to make n]i, tho programme
also promise to be very good, a first
class entertainment is assured,   it will
be given some dn.V next week and the
proceeds will be devoted to the Cnnadian Patriotic Fund.
The water in the lake has risen ton,
iindies in tho lust 'U hours. A great
many boats wore out yesterday and
tho lake looked like midsummer with
snob a number of bouts out. Mr,
SV. J. Astloy is busy gMting u numliot
of boats ready for Ins patrons. He
na�� a new sail bout on the stocks HOW
and hopes to havu hoi on tin' water in
a month, He bus built this bout to
accomodate a number of people who
nuve wanted euoh B boat. He is also
putting u now covered lloat nt tho boat
tiousu. Several parties wore out trolling yesterday nml largo numbers ot
white llsh wore soon around the bont-
uouses und   several Cinnamon   oar.ghl
long strings of them,   if this woathei
continues much longer lly  lishniK will
oogin u^euiuest.
Manager H. 1). Hume, of the   llnnio
Hotel, celebrated the second anniversary of the opening of the Hume yes
lerduy. On tbo 1 ith of March, 1WIIS,
iho hotel wus first opened to the publio aud since then has steadily inoreus
ed in favor uud patronage, About, a
year ago the Hume Hotel Company
vvus Incorporated by J. A. Ktrkput-
irek, 11. D. Hume and J. Fred Hume,
with H, D. Hume us manager, Sinci
then numerous improvements hnvi
been inado mid a billiard and pool
room added. Many looms have been
repainted and new furniture installed.
It is now intended to add twenty
more looms to the fourth Moor. Man
iger Hnino desiies to tbuuk the punlii
for their patronage and assures them
ne will always bo found at tho old
itaud and ready to noconimodulo nil
tvho come.
P. A. Danforth, of   LnGraoge,
suffered intensely for six months with
a frightful .nulling sore on bis leu, hut
writes that Bucklou'a Arnica Snlvi
wholly cured it in ten days. Foi
Ulcers, Wounds, Burns, Boils, Puin oi
Piles it's the best salvo in the world.
Cure guaranteed, Only ^,"i cents.
Sold by Canada Drug & Hook Co.
Hume.���R. Green, Knslo; B. Mc-
Guiio, Molly Gibson mine; E. A. Ba-
kor, Vancouver; John Smyth, Walla
Walla,Wash. ; W.H.S. Poind, Medicine
Hat; 11. G. McCulloch. F. E. Morrison, Nelson ; W. N. Dorwan, Vancouver; Mrs. E. B, Dill, Mount Forest;
E. W. Dill, wife and children, Nelson;
.1. N. Fruniiiu, Victoria; Charles G
Oriffln, Ont��rio Powder Works; T. L
Grahnme, Viotoiia; W. J. Anderson,
Toronto; F. W. Jordan, Nukuap; A,
M. Johnston, Vancouver.
Plmir.���F. Smith, Toronto; J. P.
Gntolins, Trail; L. Marks, Victoria;
Win. Middloton, Kuskanook; R. *.
Green, Knslo; H. Van A. Swil'/.er, Toronto; George B, Maodonald; Bandon;
H. B, Williams, J. K. H. Robertson,
Gtnnite mine; B. Tnonias, Viniconver ;
A. Todd, Toronto; L. Levin, Paris; J.
W. Stewart, Trail.
Was the result of his splendid health.
Indomitable will and tremendous energy are not found where Stomach,
Liver, Kidneys, uud Bowels nre ont of
order. If you wnut these qualities
aud the success tbey bring, nse Dr.
King's New Life fills. They develnpe
every power of brain and body. Only
25 cents at Canada Drna & Book Co.
Because a Watch has
run for years is no indication that it docs not
need cleaning. Many a
watch is ruined by being let run too long w'itli-
OUt it. The oil becomes
dry and invariably the
little machine becomes
cut and worn. Wehave
every facility for replacing ;ll,y P!"'ti ��r rnalong
a watch throughout il
necessary. hirst-class
work only.
Patenaude Bros.
Winter Fair, San Francisco, carried
off iu competition with the world by
tho li. & K. brand attests this faot
very emphatically,
In thoir feed department, their motto is "Nothing is too good for Koote-
"''>>'���" Timothy buy from tho Pnlouse,
oats from the Caundiau North West
(supplied from the firm's line of elevn-
toi's on tho Calgary & Edmonton R.
B), wheat from the Washington
wheal belt, and so in overy .line, tho
aim is to keep only the highest grades
pi winced.
Tho concern is   purely a BiitiRh Oo-  ���	
lombia one, having   their   head  office that Nelson's   citizens   did  not  moie
time ago and ns no pains have been
spared in preparing it u very pleasing
entertainment may be  expected.
Tho Dominion Expross Company's
omployua throughout tbe Dominion
are raising a patriotic fund, to be
called tho Dominion Express Company's Voluntary Patriotio Fund.
Each employe iu the various offices
is uxpeoted to contribute u half of one
day's wages to the fund.
Manager Phair, of tho Phair Hotel,
had a large IriBh flag flying over his
house yesterday. It was tho only flng
of tho kind noticed in town. Considering tho faot that they were flying in
largo numbers in all other pints of tho
British Empire  it  ib  to be regretted
at Victoria, with branches at Vnncoii
'M, Westminster, Rossland, Nelson
'">'! Edmonton, Alta. In addition to
'be local business carried on in the
Kootenay conutry at thoir RoBsland
'""I Nelsor brunches, n very largo car-
'oad trado in done with all Kootenny
and boundary points, shipments being
���nadediredt from the different mills
and elevators or the company. Mr.
''"���� b. Uibbs is the Kootenay uiana-
Wn b ll(3lul()u',rtora at Nelson ; Mr.
8. Bride is the bookkeeper, and
' r Ceo. A. Brown, has charge of
the Ibipplng department.
Six room Cottage opposite Nolson
witli more than un acre of laud.
Young fruit  trees,  st raw berries small
fruits and cultivated land for garden.
Creek running through garden. Excellent spring water lend   into house
Grove at book Apply .1. J CAMPBELL, Mueller office, Telephone 211.
Advertisements buertea under this hood nt
tlio rati of ono cent a word por Insertion.   No
ailvurtlsunionl taken for low than IU cents.
WANTED.���flood Hhirt   Iinnor.'   One
who   is   thoroughly    competent    to
handle while shirts.    Apply nt   Enter-
priso Lnnndrv, Veinon Street, City.
generally participate in   the  oelubrn
tion hy a display of flags.
Frank Tainblyn arrived home last
night from Blyth where he was culled
because of the lllneBB of his mother.
He reaohed Mb parents' home 24 hours
nftor his mothor had expired and left
on his return trip shortly after the
funeral, Mr. Tamblyn reports the
weather in the East ns particularly^dis-
agreonble nnd experienced tho first
pleasant day sinoe his departure on the
trip nt Kootenay Landing yesterday
Rehenisalfl for tbo comedietta and
farce which will bo prominent features
of Mr. Whallny's entertainment to bo
given  shortly   wero   held   yesterday,
A GENERAL seivant wains position,
good     cook,      Address   C.,     Miner
Office. ^	
WANTED. ���Apprentice wanted to
learn dress making.  Martin O'Reilly
& Co.
WANTED- -Music
an experienced
dress, A. B.i Box
SKWINU GIRLS wanted at the   llud
sou's Bay Stores.
pupils (piano) by
lady teacher, Ad-
580, P. D-, Nelson.
Heated by Hot Air
Finest   Dining   Room
in the City.
Temperance Hotel,
The Family Resort of ihe
5-room House on Corner llooyer St.,
well finished, |K(I0.
I Beautiful Lots on corner, close to
Cur Line almost given away.
File, Life Accident and Sickness Insurance affected on best terms.
Money lent on improved Real Estate
Next door to New Bank of Montreal,
on Kootenay Street,
Nelson, B.C.
H. & M. BIRD
Agents for Eureka Mineral Wool and
Asbestos Co.
Real   Estate.    Fire   Insurance.
Private Funds to Loan.
Lot   nnd  Buildings on  Baker Streot
known as "Tho Bodega."
Bight room house, 50-foot cor-
n'or, Silica nud Ball $!J,500 00
bVmr room bouse on Robson..     850 00
Six room boose, two lots,   on
Silica Street   1,750 00
Lot ou   linker   Street,   warehouse   18x110   1,275 00
New house, 10 rooms, nil conveniences   2,000 00
Comer, Mill and Hall.
Several xood Iniililiu,': lots.
Furnished House, Five  Rooms,
Victoria  Street |!I0 00
Boom 1, Turner-Boeck Block.
Real Estate & Mining Agent
ii Hoiiins. all conveniences, comer, 2 lots, $2200
li Kooiiim. nil conveniences, corner, 2 lot*. 2000
s Room-. all i-onvoniuncoH, corner, 2 lots, 3000
7 Rooms, good ooriior  9000
S Hooinn, all convoniunccH, ranted at $30. 21011
s itooniK, nil oonventenooBi rented at $35, 2i!00
2 nouses, 7 rooms each, down lown, rental $02 por month  MX>
Building  Lots   for   Sale.
Splendid corner on Ward, 3 lots,
magnificent view.
Choice building site on Stanley,
2 lots, corner.
2, Lots on Latimer;   a snap.
Don't delay. Good lots are getting scarce.
ltuilrtere will find it lo thoir advantage, to
il.:iini with Hradlev & Co. on I'uintinn.
"nelswTwine 00.,
wlioro you enn dopond on Rolling tho bent
nrnndrtln (lis tnurkut and tiny qimntiiy from
Hfc. up,   1'riccM cannot bo deputed,
tihini: !>;;.
Frank A. Tamblyn, Mgr..
IUkhr Street. Nelson
��� TAILOR  ���
Oloanine and Repairing Neatly Done.
Clothing Made to Order
Corner Ward and Baker,
WANTKD- ��� Hoys   nnd   (.'iris to   strip
tolmcco.    Fifty contfl   n day, and  ns
much more ns thoy  nnn  earn.    Kootenny Olgar 'Joinpiiny.	
KUBNISIIKI'   UOOMS,    with     hath,
llrsi honse above Business College,
on Victoria .Street.    1'iivntc family,
Ten (tores, with larRo lionso close to
Nolson. Fine situation for keopinu;
poultry. Good fowl honse. Apply X,
Hox fl8Si, Post Olllco, Nolson
Boys' and Girls' Week
Wo are making a Special
Drive this week in School
Boots. See our prices.
They will astonish you.
The Shoeists
Bring Your Repairing.
$12,003 Stock of New Goods Offered at Cost.
We have decided to sell  out  our  Dry Goods
and continue exclusively in Clothinfifj Boots, Shoes,
and Gents' Furnishings, and now otter all  our  Dry
Goods stock at wholesale prices.   This includes all
our Spring' Goods now in stock and in transit from
the East.     It  is  the first time   in    the    history  of
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Brussels Carpet, Regular   1.25;   Sale   price
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Lace Curtains, Regular 1.00;   at
Lace Curtains, Regular 1.50;  at     -
Lace Curtains, Regular 2.00;  at
Lace Curtains, Regular 3.00;  at     -
Merchants' Bank of Halifax.
Incorporated 1869.
I'uiillal   Tllld-Up.      .     .     .      *I.!��s.\,o:o.im>   I    KfHt ffll.KHMHHHW
���loiiril ��f Ulrrrlorn:   Thomas K. Kcnnuy, l'riwidcnt;   ThoniRs Kitelilo, VloO-Pratldoill.
Michael Dwyer, Wiley Smith, H. O. Biiuld, lion. H. H. Fuller, M.L.C., Hod. David MacKctin.
Ilenil Ofllcc, llulint��:
General Manager, KM-on U Pearic. Montreal.
Superintendent of Branches. W. B. Torrance, Halifax.
Inspector, \V. F. Brock, Halifax.
Secretary, I). M. Stewart, Montreal.
Nov�� Sent In-Halifax Hranch, AttttgOnish* Bridgewater, Qiiynboro. Londonderry, LunenDWgi
Maitland (Hants Co.), Picton, Port Hawkohbury, Sydney, Bnubenaeadie, Truro, Wejiiicmlli.
New KruiiHWlrli-Bathurst. Dorchester, Frederieton, Kingston iKent Co.l,,M<mclon, Newcastle, Saekville, Woodstock. I*. I . IhIiuuI���Charlottetown, Mimmersidc. <|iit'lirc Montreal
(City Otlicei, Montreal. West End (for. Notre Dame and Seigneurs Streets)] WesUnonni if or.
Greene Avenue und St. Catharines Street Oiilarlo-Ottawa. RewflMlldlamd���8U John's.
Culm, West IndlcH���Havana. Hinted Hlntes���New York (16 Exchange Place) Republic, Wanh.
All in, Bennett, Grand Forks, Nanaimo, Nelson, Rossland, Vancouver, Vancouver East End, Victoria.
4'aiinda���Merchants Bank of Canada. BohIoii���National Shnwmut. Hank. Oilrn{t<> Ann-Hen
National Bank- Hnn I'rmirlsro��� First National Bank. London, Knff�� Hank uf Scotland,
Purls France Credit LyoiinaiH. Bermuda-Bank of Bermuda* China and Japan lion^
Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation.
Oenefal Banking Business Transacted; Sterling Bills of Exchange   Bought
and Sold, Letters of  Credit, Etc., Negotiated.
AccountB received on the most favorable terms.    Interest allowed un specta
deposits and ou Saving Bank accounts.
Geo. Kydd, Manager, Nelson, RC.
For that house you have erected:
Sideboards, Cheffoniers and Dressing Tables.
Combination Bookcases and Desks and Ladies'
Toilet Tables.
Have just unloaded a carload of ihe finest and hest
finished Furniture ever received in the Kootenays.
Baker and Ward .Streets. Nelson, B. C.
Headquarters For
Portland Ceijiei)l, Fire pricks
Fire Clay, American Cumberland Coal (Blacksmiths').
Special Quotation! (liven for Carload Ixits.
A. B. GRAY, P. O. Box 621,
Kelson, B.C.,
Kootenay Aeunl
A. R- BARROW, a.m.i.c.b,
Provincial Land Surveyor,
Cornor Victoria nnd Kooloniij St..
1'. O. Box 659. Tolophono No. !*
r. o, <-ni i >
F. s. < I I til M -
Civil   Engineers   and Provincial
Land Surveyors.
P.O, lloxllfi Nolnon, B.C.
The Nelson ElectricTramway Co. Ltd.
Large number Choice Building Lots adjacent to the
line of their Tramway. For price and terms of sale apply
at the office of the Company, Macdonald Block, Corner of
Josephine  and Vernon Streets.
T. C. DUNCAN Secretary
i] NELSON DAlLV MiNfaR, SUNDaV, MARCH i��, Igbb.
An Interesting Letter From The Miner's
Special Correspondent With First
Canadian Contingent.
Camp Life on the March-Foraging Among
Kaffirs---Darghai Pipers Salute the
Canucks-Hodgins' Fort.
(Speoial Correspondence of The Miner.)
Belmont, Feb. It. ���(With the Royal
Canadians)���More tronble is brewing
iu tbe Douglas and Suunyside district. Colouol Rockford Boyd, onr
new commandant, iu plaoe of Colonel
Piloher, formed a column of "A"
Company (British Columbians and
Wiunipeggers), R. 0. II. I., the uia-
ohiue guns uuder Oapt. Boll, of R. 0.
R.I., 100 Victoria Mounted Rifles, ono
section of the Royal Horse Artillery,
one company of Duke of Cornwall's
Light Infantry, one Btctiou of the
Suffolk Mouuted Infantry and two am-
Imlaucos, wagonB from Queensland
Mounted Infantry, also a few of the
Remington Guides, The colnmn left
Belmont on Sunday, Jannary 20, our
ox wagon transport having loft the
previous evening under esoort of the
(,'ornwallti for Cook's Farm. Noedless
to say wo were all overjoyed at the
prospect of a light and glad to get a
change away from our camp hero at
Belmont. We were at Cook's Farm at
dusk, the soeuo of our Blurting point
fi r SunnyBido on January 1st. Monday, January 22, we left Onok's Farm
at li :1I0 a. m. trekked through 10 miles
of heavy sand to Dover's Farm (the j Cape cart aud soils
owner, Faber, being among the 40 cap- Boer tobacco, eto.
tnred rebels at Sunnyside and awaiting tiial for high treason at Gape
Town.) Arrivod at Dover Faun about
midday and expect to bo hero 10 days.
Fuel in vory soarce, nothing but driod
up roots to be had. Water of the
worst quality and none too much of it
iu the dam ctnddering th4t over 400
head of horses, 150 mules and 1,000 head
of sheep aud goatB have to share it as
well as numerouB oattle. After our
midday meal of bully beef, hard taok
nnd a pannikin of tea���all hands get
out on fatigue, "A" Company build-
Inn a strong wall and trench around
the farm house and others at similar
woi k. Tbe surface soil on the karvo
being only a few inohes deep a great
deal of piok work has to be done, onr
scouts being out on patrol, meanwhile.
About 4 p.m. heavy firing about a mile
nut was heard, tbe scouts presently
coming back at. full gallop.one of their
number being badly hit. Our taoticB
were to draw tho enemy on to the
farm, bnt they failed to come up to the
scratch. All lights out at 8:16 p. m.
and we seek  a well earned repoBe.
Janaary 211, "Rouse'' at 8 a. in.
finds us all standing to arma aud remaining so till revielle at o a. m.,
whon all but the cooks and mess orderlies tnrn in for an extra wink or two
till "cook house door" sounds at 6 a.
m. During the night "A" Company
had been roused when out on picket
by tho advanc of a body of men on
foot leading their horses, who oame
within 200 yards of them. Tbo officer
in command of "A" Company, beliov-
ing the advancing party to be one of
our patrols coming in from Modder
River, waited their approach,Jouly ito
find his mistake when tbey suddenly
mounted und at the gallop disappeared
in the thick thorn bush! Tbere was
no sleep for "A'' Company the rest of
that night, but needless to say no
more of tbe enemy came their way
again. Pickets, patrols and fatigues
fill in the day, which has been the hottest with us as yet, tho cool evening
with its all too short twilight ojming
bb a welcome relief to the continual
glare and dust of the average duy.
Wednesday, Jaunuary 24, We rouse
as usual at 11 a. in. and siljutly take
our position, the mules uud horses being taken under covor of tho water
dam. We manage to vary onr grnl)
by the purchase occasionally of a bottle
nf.milk and a loaf of bread nt tho
farm. Cump futigueF in the morning,
dinner and then w:i put up our blankets on auytbiug lininly that will make
a shadu for au afternoon nap, when
suddenly down comes a dreuohing
storm and wo aie i|nickly soaked to
the skin, blankets and all. Our sennts
report u strong lunger of Free Stato
Bonn about 1,00(1 Btrong, 10 miles from
Sunnysiile, tho Boers evidently coining down iu force from Modder River.
At fi p. ru. we receive orders tn be
ready to move at 7 p. m. nt whioh
hour we move off in pitch dnrkiieis
nnd drizzling rain j no speaking and
no smoking, the latter being a great
piivnllon to Tommie   on   the   man h
Crossing out of a lnrge salt pan ono of
the Scotch carts with ammunition capsized breaking the pole and causing
half an hour's delay.
Wo are back at Cook's Farm at 1! a.
m. uud on January 2fi find the Queensland Mounted lufuutry and some of the
Canadians in garrison thete. A
bitterly cold morning bnt notwith-
utaiiding wet blankets, hnvo a good
sleep till H a. m. On the arrival of
supplies at 0 a.m.from Belmont, I am
handed a budget of letters, amongst
them a long, newsy one from Nelson,
whioh is eagerly devoured. Rumors ol
another reverse ��t Ladysmith, and
General Cronje being at large with 11,-
000 meu from Modder River. Am told
by an officer that our expedition was
sont out not to attack the enemy but
to give assurance to tbe farmers to en-
oourago thorn to remain loyal. At
present we aie nt tho "standing by"
and ready to move at any time.
Jannary 16. Owiug to the nnmerons
kopjes surrounding this farm tho
troops are kept busy in finding pickets
and guaids. An entorprising individual arrives iu camp daily now with a
bread, jam and
A loaf of bread
barely sulllcient for one monl costB
a shilling. In the afternoon I and another fellow obtained leave from our
onptain to ride off on the Maxim mules
on a foraging expedition, with strict
orders to show a olean pair of heels if
wo came on to the ouemy.
Our first visit wns to somo Knffii
hots about two miles off. The huts are
circular in shape,the men building tln>
frame work of thin poles for the walls
and a similar framiwnrk with the
poloB coming lo an apex for the roof,
the whole being lnshed together with
rawhide. The women do the rest,mud
and cow duug being well mixed. They
slap it ou tho framework iuside and
out, smearing the floor with tbe same
matorial, the sun baking the whole
as hard as cement. The roof is then
tbatohed with dry grassland it is coni-
plote. The Kaffir hut with its low
door makes ono of the ooolest residences
possible. Tho usual complement of
naked picaniunies all in a state of nudity which does not vary to any great
extent with thnt of their mothers, is
found inside.and amusing little .voting-
sters they are. The lady of one of tho
huts we viflited placed a large bowl of
wild berries for oar disposal, but owing to the late season and diought had
no milk to offer ua My companion
who had nover been inside a hut before, was greatly surprised at the neat-
nets and cleanliness of tho same nnd
vastly nmused at the babies who kopt
crawling in and out of the huts like
rabbits out of a hole. Wo nre buck in
camp at sunset, our outiug being b
pleasant change to the unvarying monotony nf camp life.
January 27, Leave at 11 :!I0 a. m. for
Richmond Farm, nine miles oft' and
10 miloB from Bolmont. We arrived
about II :S0 a. m. and find "G" Company of the Cnundiius iu garrison,
nnd ::iiike ourselves comfortable for
the- rest of tho day. A scout, his horso
in a white lather, comes galloping in
to the colonel having been fired on and
abased by the BoCM who he reports nre
advancing. The "assembly" sounds
nnd all is activity in camp, but Benin
after an hour's waiting the "disperse"
sounds and we reluctantly take off onr
eqaipmont, the enemy failing In come
on, but remain sniping nt our scouts
some two or three miles out.
Sunday, January as. All hands from (i
a. m. to 0 p. m. are busilv employed
building n fort on n kopjo above Ihe
farm houso und the well. The Royal
Enigueer officers, in charge of the fort
building, ato glad to have Hie services
of Lieutenant Hndgins whose engineering abilities In Nelson mil the Royal
Militnry College nre only too well
known. Lieutenant Hodgins' appoint-
moot to the Canadian contingent wns
indeed a wi(e choice of Col. Peters or
who ever wnfl responsible fnr fall selection. Had ull our officers been picked
for their abilities and nut their
oul pull, things would bo very
ent. '
On Wednesday, Jnnnnry 111, "A"
Company received il to account Ol
their pay, the total of which is t'l ISs.
lid. per   monlh.    It wns owing  lo   Ihe
foreslght Ol l'apt. Arnold, of "A"
Ootnpnny thut we went able to obtain
our pay while heing out on patrol.
At Richmond .here ie plenty of lioh
fiesh milk to be hud aud tho mon
eagerly buy it at (Id. por quart.
Thursday, Feb. 1, sees the fort finished nnd n week's supply of provisions
and water placed in tho kopje. We
receive orders to maich at 2:110 p. ni.
"G" Company and tho Monuted
SnlfnlkH to remain in garrison with
the sent ion of tho R. H. A. About
noon the Lancers uud Soouts who had
been bivouacing at Cook's Farm woro
abated In by the Boers who afterwards
contented themsolvoB with running in
Ihe cattle and ho'.sos of the loyals*. At
0:80 we move off to Belniout, "A"
Company it being decided to leave in
garrison with tho rost. Lieutenant
Hodgins and Corp. Dickson were in
Ihe beat of health and spiiits and hoping that thoir Btny there would mean a
light. The Kaslo meu wero well, also
the Rosslnnd men, with the exception
Of line,who lut.1 been sent buck to Belmont stole, the duy pruvious, but who
is uow all right. Cooke from Rosslnnd is well known among the football
men of Nolson nud makes ns good a
soldier ns he doos a football player.
Saturday, February !i. Sadden orders
to movo to tho front. We are full of
excitement uud enthusiasm ut tbe prospect ut lust of participating in a big
battle. Tents struck aud oaiup rubbish burnt up, W8 mnrch out in the
afternoon. Passing Mnplo Leaf camp,
four miles up the line, three mileB further on we are met by tho pipers of
the Gordon Highlanders (tho Darghai
pipers), and for the last two miles to
the stirring skirl of the pipes we
march into Grasspan, amongst our
old friends the kilties, whom we made
such friends with nt Orange River.
Sunday, Feb. 4, Grasspan we fonnd
to bo the neatest aud best watered
camp ou the line of communication,
w-itcr being light ut our door, abundance for man and boast and a large
tank fnr a morning bath. All last week
troops hnve been paBsiug on foot and
by train to tho front and this morning, two batteries of tbe Royal Artil-
leiy nnd Royul Horso Artillery, the
Hauls uud Lancashire Rogimonts and
the Scots Groys passod through on the
inarch. In the latter, being a Scotch
regiment, I met some old chums and
spent a pleasant hour amongst them. It
wus quite a sight to see tho regiments
crowding irouud the wnter troughs
engei to qaench their thirst and moisten their swollen und cracked lips,
in the Gordons I met a school friend.
He was mighty surprised soeing mo
with the Canadians,believing me to be
in BuluwayO, Tho Gordons pitched
our tents and helped us oat of tbeir
firewood. Thu latter has to be packed
livo miles nnd scarce at that. February
."i, the trenches built by Gordonn.here,
show what old hands iu the game can
do. being very well made and.of great
Strength. In tbo evening n grand concert by Canadians, Gordons aud Muus-
ter Fusiloots is a huge success.
Tuesday, 0. Orders for the Gordons to
move at mice, their companies at Modder aud Kuliu, headed by thoir band
marched into camp nt 0 a. in., the
wholo battalion marching out at 10 a.
m. for Mnplo Leaf camp. At. 4. p. m.
the Chesbires lelieve us from Modder
River and once more we marched on
Belmont, passing Maple Leaf oamp,
which now looks like a regular Alder-
shot with two or three thousand in
enmp under oanvas and bb many bivouacking. Two miles further on we
pass two regiments in the dark inarching up and exchange mutual greetings.
Airivo nt Belmont at I) p. m. have tea
and bivoiiao. Just heard we are bri
gadod with Gordons, Staffordshire
and Munstor Fusiliers and will be taken off the line of communication and
put in firing line. All delighted lo
hear it . Hodgins and Diokson out at
Richmond. Troops pouring to the
front. Roberts aud Kitchener passed
yesterday. I am dally asked all man-
nei of questions regarding British Columbia and it future, especially about
tho Kootenays and Nelsou. "Should I
go to Nelson or remain in Africa?"
is often asked. I tell them if they
have a little money to invest or want
to work that British Colombia and tbe
Kootenny iu pnrtioular in tho place
for eilhor u rich or a pool man.
Continued from Flint Pago,
borne by a man of only 115, who is
credited with leaving #>,000,000. On
his body wns found $20,000 and in his
office (Il!,",,000 in cash. This accumulation was due to tbe fnot that the
bunks finally would not hnve anything to do with his accounts. Tbe
eight months whioh Gordon spont in
jnil when starting in on his ursurious
career, ruined his health aud ended his
life. Among bin victims ho numbered
clergymen, widows, orphans nnd all
soits of people nnd nil classes in Eng-
luuil, and he frankly said in court that
neither the tears of widows nor orphans
would hnve the slightest effect on him
in piossing n claim. Though his Intent) generally exceeded the principal
nnd I hough through ngents or direotly
he renders I homeless hundreds of people, he never el urged Interest lo co-re-
liglonlsts, Jews, nnd once he look a
fancy to a six year-old boy to the extent oi Bonding him candy regularly.
Few dead men have received Ihe mor-
ciloss obituaries thnt. appeared on I'ne
death of this millionaire.
Nosiloff, tho well known Siberian,
contributes to the Novoo Vienyn, of
St. Petorsburg, a   letter   of complaint
agamst the iuroaiis American trade is
mnking into Siberia. These things,
he deoluros, are not nrticles of luxury,
but whnt nro most urgently needed by
the locul population. Tho merchants
and trailers speak of petitioning fur a
piohibitlon to be pluced on American
imports but while tho disoussion continues, the Americans will secure the
market and it is also quite possible
that even China, where Russia is constructing n railroad, will fall into the
bauds of Americans hefoie the railroad
iB oompleted and before Russia is in a
position to prolH by the riches of
Ohiua. "Shall we, who, as tho owners of the oast, have undertaken to introduce culture and civilization, now
actually hand over Siberia to foreign
capital and enteiprise and inuko it forever a vassal nud bluck slave of foreign 3rs?"
H. Saviour's [flNQLISBj Church���Corner
Ward und Klltcu Hts. Sundays] Holy Communion 8 u in.: nml on the 1st mid lint Sundays
in Iho month idler Matt.ins; Malt in- nt 11 tun.;
Hundny Hohool 2.S0 p.m ; Evensong T.80. Dully:
Mulihe- ul II.;:ui n. in. Thursdays will Saint's
Days: Holy Coniliiunion 1(1 a. m. Kridays:
KvensonR" 7.30 p. m.. followed hy choir practice  H. 8. Akeiiuisi. Reotor,   Fred Irvine,
Goo. .1 nine.1 line.   U anlrii- I.
Catholic Church -Corner-Ward und Mill
I reels  Mass r\ ri v   Sunday  at 8 lllill 10.110 IV.Ill
BonodicUon at 7.30 P.m. Mass overy week day
al 7.I.-nan.   Hov.   Kathor Korland Heel or.
Pukshvtkhian Church���Sorvicosat. 11 ft.lll.
and 7.30 p.m. Sunday Schoul at 2.31) p.m.
Prayor mooting Thursday evening nt 8 ii.in.;
I 'In s-l inn Kndoavor Society meets ovory Monday evoning at 8 o'clock. Rev. li. Frew,
Mktiiodist CiiuncH���Corner Silica and
Joscphino Streets.   Services at 11 a.ln. and 7,30
fi. m.; Sabbath Sohool, 2.30 p.m.: Prayer meet-
niron Friday ovonhiK at 8 o'clock: Bpworth
ljOaguoC, K., Tuesday at 8 a.m. Hov. John
Iteti un, Pastor.
Haitist Church ��� Services morning and
cvonlngat 11 tt.m.and 7.30 p.m.; Prayer meet
ing tVcanoBduy ovonlng at 8 p-m- Hie H. Y.
P.U. Monday uvoninK at 8 o'clock. Strangers
co dlally welcomed.   Hov. O. W. Hose, I'ustor
Salvation Army���Servic s overy evening
at 8 o'clocli in barracks on V etori street
Adin'liuil KdKOCOiubo in chanro.
 TO   BUY	
Bailey's Wood Bottom Planes,
Stanley's All-Iron Planes,
Stanley's Block Planes,
Stanley's Rabbit Planes,
Stanley's Plumbs and Levels,
Disston's Saws,
Russel-Jennings' Augur Bits,
Universal Spoke Shaves.
Are  something'  you   want  (rood.
We have therefore purchased the
hest goods that money can tmy, and feel satisfied a call will
convince you.
.lust a word about
We cany an elegant line of Inside and Front Door Sels, Hutts,
etc.    All  tho  Newest  Designs, and  at  the  Lowest
Prices.    Diop in and see them and get prices.
Vancouver Hardware Co., ua.
fl|    Mf No. Hi, moel�� overy Monday nighl,
^^^^^ at  thulr  Mull,  Kootenny Rtroot
Sojourning Odd Follow* cordially invited.
John Scolcy, N. G.   John A. MoUaO, V. O.
I). \V. Kutherford. See.
Neiflon Encampment No. 7. Moetn every 2nd
and 4th Friday of oach mouth, in Odd I'ellowH"
Hall, coinor Hnkcr a nd Knotenuy HtrcuK
NoIhoii. A. II. Clements O. P.j I). Me Arthur,
It. B.    ViwitiiiK hroihcrs always welcome}.
COUItT KOOTKNA Y, I. 0.~ F., No. 3138'
Meeting 2nd and 4th Thursday, Fraternal
hall. J A Irving C. H.   W. B. fchaw. U. S,
NKIjSON L.O.I* No. 1W2 meet* in tho Mae
Donald block every Thursday evening at 8
o'clock. Visiting iiifiiilirr.- cordially Invited
R. KoblnHon. W. M.: M. Crawford, It. 8.
NKLSON LODGK, No. 23, A. F. & A
M. moots second Wednesday In oach
month.   Visiting brethom welcome,
80N3 OF F.NOI.AN1), moot*
llrnt and third Wednesday of
each month at Fraternity hall,
corner of Itakor and Kootenay
streoni. Visiting brethern cordially invited.
John Watson, Secretary.
NKIJSON   LODOK  No.    25, K.   of I
nieetK in K. of 1'. hall, Oddfellows block
vurv   Tuesday  ovcnlng at, 8 o'clock
All visiting knights cordially  Invited
I,. Scott O. O.
G, Jov, K.of K.andH.
NKLSON AKHIK No. 22, F. O. E., moot*
every second and four! h Wednesdays, of eacli
month. Visiting members cordially invil
J It Wray, Scoretsry.
Brewers of Fine Lager
Beer and Porter.
Drop in and see us.
Capitol and V. C��
Cabinet Cigar Store.
Kootenay Railway and Nav.
Company, Ltd.
Sohodulo of Timo.       Pacific Standard Timo.
F.trcctivo February 1st, WOO
pRHHonger train for Sandon and way stations
leaven   KaHlo at 8 a. in., daily.    Hoturnlng,
leavoH Sandon at 1.15 p.m., arriving at Kaslo
at 3.55 p.m.
Operating on Kootenay Lake and River,
Str. "International" loavoa KuhIo for Nelnon
at 6 a. ni, daily except Sunday. Returning,
leaves Neirioii at 4.% p.m., calling at Balfour,
Pilot Bay. AinHwoHh and all way points. Connects with S. F. & N. train lo and from Spokane at Five Mile Point.
Str. "Alberta" leavoH Knslo for Lardo and
Argon (a at 8:30 p ni Wednesdays
Steamers call at principal landings in both
dlrectioiir). and at other points when Kignallcd
Tickets sold to all points in Canada and tho
United States.
To ascertain rates and full Information, ad-
Manager. KaHln, fi. C
The Miner is on sale at the following news stores at live cents per
Gilbort Stanley NotHon
ThoniHon Stationery Co Nelson
Canada Drug &liook Co. Nolson
Hotel Humo News Stand Nelson
Hotol Phair Nuwh Stand Nelson
I*. Campbell Ymir
O. F. NoIhoii Now Denver
J. F. Delaney RoHeborry
II. A. Rrodrihnw Slocan City
Slocan News ('o. Sandon
Thomnon Bros. Vancouver
I ..nti'Mii & Young KuhIo
H. a. King &. Co. Groanworid
'.��      Used in the Kootenay.
*   Steel Mining Rails,
Blacksmith Coal,
Sewer Pipe, Etc.
West Kootenay Butcher Co.
Fresh   and   Salted   Heats
Fish and Poultry in Season
E.  C.   TRAVES.   Manager.
Baker Street, Nelson.
Orders by mail receive careful and prompt attention.
Great Reduction!
,$mm�� $9.65 Per Ton
CROW^NKST  $6>15   per   To���
PoijH Worri).
Merchant Tailor,
Josephine Street,
Suits from $25.00 Up.
Mining stocks
Bought and Sold.
Silver    Star    Mining-   Stock   of
Sunipter, Ore.   Call for Prospectus.
5000 Big Horn Treasury. A snap
1000 Noonday    600 Richelieu
Here's a good buy :
Referendum Treasury Stock,    Sold
on installments 1%o., \%o per month.
House and  Lot in business portion of town, $3500.
14-Room   House,   cheap;   terms
easy;  close in.
Bank of
British Columbia,
Is now prepared to issue
Drafts and Letters of Credit
on Skaguay, U.S., Atlin, B.
Cm and Dawson City, Yukon
F. L. Osier & Co.,
AND ....
Houston Block,    -   Nelson.
Some Choice Lots and Houses for Sale.
Agent Montreal Loan & Investment Co.
15. II. I'lKKItK
J. '1'. I'lKKItK
and  News   Agents
trains out of Nelson
on  boats  and
Nelson  Tailoring,  Meaning and Dyeing
Ladies' and Gents' Clothing cleane I
dyed, altered and repaired.
���ear fluke II.If I. NKLHOK
In tho matter of an application for a
duplicate of a certificate uf title to loin
I eleven   (11)   and   twelve   (12),   block
I twenty-seven (27), City of Nelson,   B.
I    Notice is hereby given that it is my
; intention   at the   expiration    of  onr
month trom the  publication hereof, t'i
issue a duplioate   of  the certificate 11'
title   to   the   above   lands,   issued I"
George A. B. Hall, on the 20th  day 1 r
December, 1808, and mimhered 16118 1<
Land Registry Olllce,   Victoria,   I!.
C, lllth February, 1D0).


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