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Nelson Daily Miner Sep 21, 1900

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Daily Edition No. 836
Provincial Library B31 cP*'
Nelson,   British Columbia, Friday Evening,  September 21, 1900.
Eleventh Year
Liberal   and    Conservative
Candidates in Several
Sir Wilfrid Lauricr Speaks to
a Big Gathering in
St. Mans. Ont., Sept. 21.���South
Perth Conservatives have chosen William Pringham, ex-M. P., of Palter-
ton township, to oppose D, K, Erh,
M. P., Liberal, at the general elections.
Kortn Bay, Sept. 31.���Nlpptsslug
LlboralB yesterday nominated Mr. C,
A, McCool, nf Geneva Lake, to oppose
Mr. Lock, M. P., Conservative, at
the nexl general elect Ions,
Toronto, Sept. 31.���Toronto Centre
Liberals are making efforts to Induce
IM. iiuincy, of the Qurney stove Co.,
lo contest thai cotiBtltuenoy In their
luteresl at the general elections. The
constituency has been vacant since
the death of G. II. Bertram, M. P.,
Liberal. Hon. John Ross Robertson,
M. P., Independent-Conservative, for
Toronto Last, has declined the re-
Montreal, Sept. 81,���Among tho re-
turning Canadian Invalids on the Do-
luiiilon liner Canibronan, which sailed
from Liverpool yesterday for Quebec,
i- Private Uutohlngs of the Fifth Reg-
inu-iit C. A., Vlotorla, Ii. c.
Ottawa, Sept. 81.���The Trades Congress yesterday afternoon decided not
I" admit representatives Of Specialist
Montreal, Sept. 31.���lion, sir Wilfrid Laurier opened the Quebec political campaign by a speech In Sohmer
Park this city last evening, A conservative estimate of the number present
Is placed at between ten and llftccn
thousand, The Premier defied the Opposition leaders lo point out one single engagement that the Government
had failed to fullill during Its term ol
ntlice and dwelt at length upon whal
had been done by it as regards the
tariff, the school question, the labor
question and other questions of equal
Importance to the Dominion,    lie felt
Confident    that   the   electorate of    the
Dominion would sustain him at the
P"lls. lion. Mr. Fielding also addressed the meeting and contrasted the
prosperity of the Dominion of the last
four years under Liberal rule with
latia to 1800, with the Conservatives in
power, Speaking of the outlook In
tho Maritime Provinces, Fielding expressed Confidence  that   the   Liberals
would gain a number of scats.
Wiiirton.Ont., Kept.31 ��� Hon. Charles
Tupper, Hon. tl. K. Foster and Hon,
"ugh John Maodonald, attended a
meeting of the North Bruee Conserva-
Hves Association  yesterday noon.
Ottawa, Out.,Sept. 21.���-R. C. Clute.
V- C,   Toronto,    1).    ,1,   Munn,    New
Westminster, B. c and Ralph Smith,
'''��� P. P.. have been appointed a commission to investigate aud report upon Chinese Immigration,
Brampton, Ont., Kept. 81.���llobert
Smith, ex-la". P., for Peel County, Is
���lead, aged mi years.
Ilrockville, Ont., Sept. 21.���At the
Assizes yesterday, for pickpocketing,
four Americans, namely Carter, Dunn.
McMullen and Dudley, were sentenced
to the penitentiary, the tlrst' named
Jor six years, and the three latter tn
four years each.
Montreal, Kept.221.��� The following
nominations occurred yesterday:
Carleton County. N. B., A. it. Car-
'���Hi M.P.P.. (Liberal) Brew County
Que., F. K,  Bngand,   (Conservative)!
East Vork, Out., W.  V.   McLean.   M.
P., (Consorvatlvo) i North Leeds and
Gronvlllo, Ont., 1'. T. Frost, M. P.,
Toronto, Sept. 31, Sir Charles Tupper and party addressed a largely attended meeting in .Massy Hall Wednesday night, The opposition loader's
address was dovotod chiefly to denunciation of lion. Mr. Tartc, for his altitude on the question of Bending Canadian volunteers to South Africa. Kir
Wilfrid Lauricr also came under this
category for not deposing Turin from
tho Cabinet on account of the Minister of Public WorkB' stand on the contingent question and his utterances regarding the feelings of French Canadians regarding the same, while tho
latter was in Paris. Sir Charles again
declared that it was due to the efforts
of the Conservative party that the
conl indents were sent to South Africa.
Wclland. Ont., Sept. 31.--William
German, M, P. P., has accepted the
Liberal nomination to oppose W. Mc-
Larey, M. P., (Conservative) al the
general elections.
Toronto, Sept. 31,���The Globe's Ottawa correspondent says the general
elections will likely take place between now and January,
London, Ont., Kept. 31.���The Specialist labor pary has decided to put a
candidate ill nomination fur the House
of Commons,
Montreal. Kept. 31.���T. G. Slmugh-
nsssy. President of the C. P. R., accompanied by Mr. E. II. Osier, Mr. II.
It. Angus and Mr. .Matthews, directors, left here yesterday on the annual
inspection of the Company's lines
west [neludlng the Pacific Coast.
Montreal, Sept. 31.���J. E. Mullin.
President of the Montreal Cold Storage and Freezing Co., was examined
this morning regarding tho issue of
false warehouse reccpts.which, as previously reported,amount to over 8300,-
000. The president of the company
put the entire responsibility of Ihe
fraud In the transactions on the
shoulders of Manager C. J, Chlshold,
and Secretary Treasurer D. .1. Mc-
Millis. Mullin and other directors of
the company are being examined at
the instance of the Merchants' Hank
of Halifax, an interested creditor.
Ottawa. Kept. 21.��� The Militia Department has been notified that .'iiio of
the First Canadian contingent in
South Africa will return to Canada
within a year of their enlistment.
The remainder of the contingent il is
understood will remntn until the close
of the war. The roturning heroes will
probably reach Quebec about the end
of October,      	
Ottawa, Sept. 31.���A cablegram
from Colonel oiler dnted Pretoria,
Kept. Hi. says that II ollieers, Including himself, and about 11(111 noii-eoin-
missioned ollieers and men. have elected to continue service ill South Africa
and that the remainder will return at
once under Major Pelctier.
Ottawa, Kept. 31.���The Trades and
Labor Congress this morning refused
to endorse the candidature of Ilat-
greavos In Centre Toronto, because he
had not been a member of any labor
union for one year. A resolution was
also passed affirming the principle of
technical education in schools and
condemning the introduction of manual training in public schools.
London. Kept. 31.���The manifesto of
Mr. Joseph Chamberlain,Seotretary of
State for the Colonies, and member of
Parliament for West Birmingham,
was issued to his constituency. He
said: "Our opponents assert that we
deliberately provoked a war for which
we had made no preparation. The
first statement is untrue and the second greatly exaggerated. The war was
forced on us by a sudden invasion
while the negotiations conducted with
the greatest meditation on  our part
was proceeding."
Mr. Chamberlain  then  reviews the
causes of the war briefly and the "immense and successful exertions of the
War Office" at considerable length. In
conclusion lie declares that the return of the Unionists to power would
mean to conserve the fruits of victory
which otherwise would be thrown
away. Mr. Arthur .1. Ilalfour. Brst
Lord of the Treasury and Govern-
melit leader in the House of Commons,
said in tlie course of bis manifesto to
the electors of Last Loath Ian und
ROSShtre, that Ihe Hoers base a hope
that the war in South Africa may be
fruitless lo the victors on the possible  advent   of   the   Home   Rulers  to
Second Attempt at Murder by
the Anthracite Coal
Strikers and Operators Both
claim Slightly Improved
Shamokin, Pa., Kept. 21. -Evan Davis, watchman at Hickory Ridge colliery, was shot early this morning by
an unknown person as he was patrolling through the collieries. The bullet entered bis left side inflicting a
serious if not fatal wound. Davis saw
a man running toward the engine
house and before be fell to the ground
from exhaustion be fired six shots at
tlie fleeing assassin, but none of the
bullets apparently took etl'eet. The
colliery is in an isolated place and
Davis was compelled to crawl a mile
on his hands and knees for aid. The
strike situation is unchanged here.
Everything is quiet and the collieries
still remain closed down. The men
are encouraged by the large number
of Schuylkill County miners going on
strike t his morning.
Hazelton, Pa. Kept. 21.���There were
no developments in the strike situation hereabouts this morning. The
whole Hazelton district was reported
quiet. The strikers reported at headquarters success iu persuading a considerable number of workmen from
going into the mines. Several mine
superintendents reported an increasing number of men at work. Probably the greatest gain made by any
concern was at the O. B. Markle &
Co. mines. They reported many additional men working in their collieries but would not give figures. John
Markle. managing partner of G. 11.
Marlke & Co., said today that his employees were beginning to realize
that they were being hoodwinked and
made tools of by the labor leaders
now here. He added that it was safe
to say that nearly all his men would
return to the mines during the next
few days. As a result of the strike a
large number of people continue to
leave these reigons each day. This is
especially true of the foreign element.
Every day a batch of these people
loaded with baggage leave for their
unlive land or the soft coal regions.
President Mitchell, of the United
Mine Workers,is still among the missing. If he has gone to New York to
confer with the large operators on the
question of a settlement of tho strike
it is not possible to learn here that
such is the ease. All bis lieutenants
deny knowledge of bis whereabouts.
Hritish Columbia Man Will Be Honored the Second Time.
Ottawa, Kept. 21.- There is no opposition to Ralph Smith as president
of the Trades and Labor Congress and
be will likely be re-elected this afternoon. Mr. Mulock will speak at the
banquet tonight.
Rossland, B, C. Kept. 21.���Albert
Westfall, a diamond drill operator
employed ill the War Eagle mine, was
instantly killed at two o'clock yesterday afternoon by being struck by
the skip.
lie was standing on a platform
neat the 860-foot level when the skip
was coining down the shaft. Apparently not noticing its approach he
carelessly stuck his head out to look
down where Foreman Warden was a
few feel below him nnd was hit by the
full force of the skip. His neck was
fractured. Mr. Westfall was a native
or Oregon nnd was about 83 or 33
vcurs of age.    He leaves no family.
Dynamite Used on the Lake
Street House of Evon
Police are Unable to Locate
the Perpetrators of the
An attempt was made at 13:30 last
night to destroy with dynamite the
house of Evon Delour situated on
Lake .Street.
At the time the explosion took
place two persons, Kvou Delour and
Napoletin Delour. were in the bouse.
The explosion lifted the enthe
house in the air, and threw the inmates to the Moor. Mrs. Delour was
stunned and it was several minutes
before she could realize what bad happened. Delour tried to escape from
the bouse with the woman, hut before
reaching an exit she fell to the floor
again, and remained unconscious for
an hour or more.
From the manner in which the front
of the house was torn it appears that
a heavy charge of dynamite was placed under the northeast corner, >vbich
in places was blown to slivers. The
platform in front of the building was
completely blown away, and some
pieces were found 25 or 110 feet from
the building. Not a bit of glass was
left in the front windows. The hifck
windows were also shattered. The
furniture of the house was not damaged in tho least, but tho plustor in
many places was jarred from the
walls. The fixtures about the walls
were also torn loose. The roof above
the corner where the dynamite was
placed was torn away and the house
was slightly moved from its foundation. Three windows of May Milton's
house which stands nearly 1(1 feet to
the east, were completely shattered
and the house immediately to tin-Vest
occupied by Agnes West, had two
windows destroyed.
As soon as the inmates realized what
had happened after the explosion
look place, Chief of Police Jarvts was
telephoned for, and when hi- arrived
nothing but a crowd of Chinamen and
the ruins were to be seen. Ollicer
Kerr was the first on the scene but
was too late discover the perpetrators
of the outrage.
Evon Delour said this morning that
she had no idea who could have done
it, but it was evidently done by some
one who intended to kill her. She
stated that no one had threatened her,
but that several years ago, while she
was residing in Montana an attempt
was made to blow up her house. Judging from the position of the dynamite
the deed was attempted by some one
who was not used to blasting. Had it
been placed further under the house,
the building would undoubtedly have
been blown to atoms. It iH thought
that from six to seven full sticks of
dynamite were used.
The damage will amount to over
S100, The police worked on the matter, all last night, and are at work
today, but no clue   bus been obtained.
Spaniards Kank Their   Own   Ships at
Vancouver. II. C. Kept. 31.��� In an
interview with I.eiitenant It. P. Hob-
son published in a local paper Ilobson
Is quoted as saying that Admiral
Dewey did not sink the Spanish ships
at Manila, but that the Spaniards
opened the valves and scuttled the
ships themselves, lie bases his conclusions upon the fact that he saw the
hulls of the Spanish fleet when the
ships had been taken to Hong Kong
for repairs, und be says those bulls
were uninjured below the water lino.
The pertinent part of the interview
Asked in what condition ho bad
found the hulls of the   Islu   de   Cuba,
tlie tela de Luzon and the rest of the
licet when ho arrived at Hong Kong
lo superintend repairing operations,
the lieutenant said:
'The damage to the hulls was mainly due to the six months' submersion,
The upper works had been badly damaged by^ lire, the woodwork having
been destroyed and the iron plates being badly twisted by the beat."
"What, in your opinion,was the direct cause of the foundering id the
vessels'.'"    be was asked.
"Oh, the Spaniards pulled out the
plugs and opened the valves. They
sank the ships themselves. Our shell
lire did very little damage."
"Then they were not injured below
the water line'.'"
���Very little," replied Ilobson; "we
had practically done them no damage
it all."
Mr. Robert Strang   Fixes  Wages For
0, P. R. Employees.
Winnipeg, Kept. 21.���Mr. Robert
Strang, the deciding arbitrator selected to settle   the   question   of   the
Canadian Paciiie Railway machinists'
wages, in connection with the recent
strike, has given his decision as follows :
The men from Fort William to Lag-
gan to receive an increase in pay of
two cents an hour. The men from
Laggau to Kamloops both points exclusive, aud West Kootenay, to receive
one cent Increase. The men from
Kamloops to Vancouver, to receive
two cents advance.
The rates for young men who have
just completed their apprenticeship in
the company's shops and all new men
engaged, will be on the basis of the
schedule hitherto prevailing, but the
term of probation will hereafter be
six months, instead of n year, for new
men, and one year instead of two,
for young men who have just completed their apprenticeship.
His Presence Attracts Little Attention
From Anyone.
Tong Ku. Kept. Hi.���Via Shanghai,
Kept. 30. ���Li Hung Chang arrived on
Tuesday at Taku anchorage where be
was visited by Hear Admiral llcuicy
and the Russian Hag captain. He
proceeded to Tong Ku today. He was
received with no special honors aud
his presence attracted little attention.
Only the Russian ami the Japanese
ollieers called on him, but later ho
hail a long conference with Vice Admiral Alexiett on board a Russian
warship. Karl Li accompanied by a
RuSBlan guard of seven and bis own
escort, the latter unarmed but wear
'iig the imperial uniform, will proceed by special train lo Tien Tain
where a residence has been prepared
for bis occupation.
Ktonc   Cutters'   Union   Entertains   a
Distinguished Visitor.
Victoria, II. C, Kept. 21. ��� Members of the local branch of the Ktone
Cutters' Association lust evening ten
di-red a banquet to James Mclliigh,
Secretary-Treasurer, of the stone Cutters' Association of North America,
Mr. Mellugh was one of the passengers of the steamer Walla Walla, who
were yslerday released from quarantine at Willianishead. He is editor of
the Stone Cutlers Journal, published
monthly, lie left this morning for
Vancouver, enroute to his home at
Washington.  D. C,
At a meeting of the council of the
British Columbia Hoard of Trade this
morning it was decided to interview
President Shaughnessy of the C. P.
R., upon his apporaehing visit here
with a view of obtaining improved
freight service between this eity and
the mainland.
Galveston Rapidly netting Into Better
Galveston, Texas, Sept. 31.���The
conditions at Galveston continue to
rapidly improve. Lveryollc is so busy
that there is little time to mourn over
losses. The number of patients in
the various hospitals is much smaller
I than would have been expected considering the number of dead, This is
due to the fact that few who were entirely helpless succeeded in escaping
alive. The number of people leaving
tho   eity   Is   decreasing   and   there is
��� no longer any  necessity for the sick
and injured to go elsewhere for medical treatment,   Commander Selfrldge,
light bouse inspector.I'ivc official notice that all buoys   lit  II ntrlinee    of
'Galveston   harbor    arc     in   position.
C.P.R. Boat Meets With an
Accident  at  Midge
Moyle and Tug Procter Sent
to Her Assistance This
At an early hour this morning the
Steamer Nelson, which left the eity
at 10:30 last evening, ran onto tho
rocks near the landing at the mouth
of Midge Creek, which is situated
about half way between Ilalfour and
Kootenay Landing. Considerable
damage was done to the bow, und water poured^ into the hold. The crew
was called to the pumps and kept tho
boat from sinking. A telegraph message for assistance reached Nelson
about 7:1(1 this morning. Tho lug
Procter and steamer Moyie were despatched at once,accompanied by Captain (lore and a wrecking crew. The
tug Ymir which was on tho way to
Kootenay Landing with two barges
went to their assistance. It conveyed
the passengers, baggage, mail and express to Kootenay Landing where
connection was made with the east
bound train. The extent uf the damage done to the Nelson is Dot known
in the eity but it is thought tltnt It
will be slight.
Train and Yard Men of C. P. R. Western Division.
The train and yard men of the I'aeilie division of the Canadian Pacific
have bad their wages advanced considerably. The men have la-en asking for an advance for a considerable time past, hut not until a few
days ago was the agreement for tlio
new scale of wages signed by the superintendent of the lines west of Winnipeg. Messrs. Lemon and Irving, of
Nelson,members of the general grievance committee of the Brotherhood of
Trainmen, have just rihurned from
the main line wheie they have been
for the past week, assisting in arranging a scale of wages for men in
train service on the Pacific division. A
conference between the members of
the committee and William Whyte,
manager of the lines west of Port William | R. Marpole, general su|icriutcn-
dent of the Paeitie division, and Superintendent Dusehesnay, was held at
Calgary last week. There a schedule
of wages giving an advance of tho
present scale, was drawn up and signed
by the officials of the road. When
Mr. Irving was seeu by a Miner representative yestei 'ay he said that not
only train men on the Hue but also
those working in the yards were given an advance. He also stated thai
the members of the committee spOtJl
in thu highest terms of the treatment
that they received from Manager
Glasgow,- There was another death
from Bubonic plague and an additional ease of the disease reported
here today.
London.���Further raportsfrom Lord
Roberts say the Hoers who remained
in the field Include a few irreeonelln-
bles but that the majority are fighting
under compulsion. General Delarcy
it is added holds there hundred burghers as prisoners in his laager.
Belra,     Portuguese    Lust   Africa.���
Gulser, the  Germany-American  who
murdered Hritish  Consul   J.    K.    Mi'-
Master in July last has been sentenced to 22 years deportation to the West
Coast of Africa.
Paris.-The French Consul at Cnn-
lon telegraphs under date of Thursday, Kept. 3d. that disorders have broken out at Sun Tai. near Clinton. Several villages have been destroyed and
Others are besieged. The lirst batch
j of troops sent by   the   viceroy  proved
powerless to subline the disorder  ami
the foreign consuls made   a   most   urgent request for the dispatch of linger
i body of   soldiers.    The   chancellor   of
I the French consulate ami the  French
gunboat Avalanche will accompany
the forces.
SJSMB| Nelson  Daily  Miner,   Friday  Evening,  Septemrer 21,  iqoo.
The Nelson Miner
Published Kvory  Aflornoou   Qxoopt Sunday
���nv tiik���
LIMITS!) Li.\nil.lTV.
1'l'Osli'fUL  and   MiW n'in::    Kill I or.
Bualnoss Manager.
ll.'i Fleet Street,  K. I'.
Oentral Press Agency, Ltd., spccUl Agonts
Pally, per month, by carrier    Mo
Dally,por month, by mall     Mo
Dally, por yoar, by oarrler, 8 7 mi
Dully, per yoar, hy mall    ,1 00
Dally, per year, furelgn    II 1)0
Weekly, per half yoar  $1 25
Weekly, per year    2 1)0
Weekly, per year, fnrolRn     3 00
Subscriptions invariably in advanco,
All Checks shnulil he mado payabla to the
onler  of   Nklhon'    PUBLISHING    COMPANY,
We have pleasure in noting that The
News-Advertiser.of Vancouver, thinks
highly of the nomination of Mr. MaeNeill as the Conservative candidate
for Yale-Cariboo. A Government
print in Vancouver said the other day
that Mr. MaeNeill was still a resident
of that city. Circulation was given
to this story in the hope, no doubt,
of exciting dissatisfaction because of
his being a non-resident, lie did reside in that city for a few years, but
in 1898 he removed to Rossland and
has ever since been a resident of that
place, And, as remarked by The
News-Advertiser, he has employed the
years there to such advantage that
be has not only built up one of the
largest practices in Kootenay, but
has established a reputation that has
earned for him the respect and esteem
of all classes of the people.
We cannot do belter than quote
from The News-Advertiser: "While
Mr. MaeNeill has never sought ollice,
he has taken an active interest in both
Federal and Provincial politics. We
do not think that it would be possible
for the Conservatives to select a better
candidate than Mr. MaeNeill, or one
as likely to he successful, lie enjoys
the confidence of all classes in the
community, and it is acknowledged
even by his Liberal opponents that he
will be a very strong candidate. In
accepting the nomination tendered to
him. Mr. MaeNeill .subordinates bis
personal and professional Interests to
those of the public, and in the event
of bis election -of which there is little doubt���will worthily represent the
most Important constituency in Hritish   Columbia   and   a  district on   the
development of which the future progress of the Province greatly depends,
There is scarcely a single point in
the relations between the Province
and the Dominion which does not
particularly touch one or more interests in the yale-Carlboo-Kooteaaydistrict, Questions of transporattlon in
and with thai section ; railways and
navigable rivers; duties on lead ores
and the establishment of a mint, all
have a special local interest for that
vast constituency, In it are found
alike the greatest quartz mines and
the largest hydraulic enterprises; Immense 0O��l fields and vast forest areas,
while its boundaries include the great
cattle ranges of the Province and
some of the choicest of our agricultural areas. To do justice to all these interests, to compel attention to their
reasonable demands at the bands of
the distant Federal authorities, requires that the member for Yale-Cariboo should be a man who is able to
make himself beard and listened to on
the floor of the House, and in Mr.
MaeNeill these qualifications are
found. "
Our contemporary   goes   on   to   say
that the canvass of such an  Immense
constituency is a formidable undertaking, and that his political friends
In every district of it should make his
labor as light as possible by devoting
themselves to his interests. However
satisfactory the personal character
ami however great the abilities of the
candidate, and however sound Unpolitical cause of which he has been
made the special champion, it is
unreasonable to look for success without united and energetic work on the
part of his supporters, We arc glad
to print anything that will make Mr.
MacNcill better known throughout
the Nelson district ami wherever The
Miller circulates, for wc are persuaded be will make a valuable represent
ntive and it is desirable thai liis popularity should he spread abroad as
much as possible.
overlook It, but speaking in a foreign country, in France, and telling
them he is year by year getting more
I'rench than ever and that, if In order
to be a Minister of the Crown he must
cease to be l-'reneh, he would resign
ofice at.once?  What do you think of
a Minister going to Paris and telling
Ihe people that although they live under the Hritish Mag, the Hag they revere is the tri-color���not the t'uion
Jack. Do you think that is a position
that ought to be taken by any loyal
Canadian'.1 and I appeal' to loyal Reformers as I do to loyal Conservatives,
because 1 am well aware of this fact
that Reformers are just as loyal as we
are. I believe the stand taken by-
Mr. Xarte when our contingent was
going to light for the (lug in South
Africa, and the speeches he made during bis recent visit to Paris,have done
more lo make good Conservatives of
good loyal Reformers than anything
else. We only have to let him go on
in the way he is going to prevent one
single Keform member from being
elected in Ontario."���Hugh John Macdonahl at Napanec.
Mr. Tarte says the Government will
carry 59 of tho OS seats in Quebec.
They carried nearly as many in 1800.
How'.1 The Toronto (llobe keeps on
repeating that the Conservatives arc
endeavoring to stir up racial prejudices, and the lesser organs of course
follow suit. There is no truth in the
statement as far as we have been able
to observe, for It is not exciting racial prejudices to remark on the conduct of Mr. Tarte and Sir Wilfrid
Laurier in connection with the South
African contingent. But it is by and
through racial prejudices it is hoped
to carry SS out of OS Quebec seats,
and it was by and through SUoh prejudices so large a proportion of these
were carried in the last election. Mr.
Tarte's strength iu that Province is
owing entirely to his suecoss in fomenting race prejudices among his
people. If it were not for race prejudices the majority would be on the
other side, for Quebec is naturally
Conservative. In 18110 Sir Wilfrid
Laurier and Mr. Tarte used the Manitoba school question to stir up racial
and religious prejudices among the
French-Canadians, and today they are
making adroit use of the strong Imperial feeling that prevndes the English-speaking Provinces. How else
Ihan through these prejudices can
Mr. Tarte hope to carry nearly all
the   French-Canadian   constituencies?
The Canadian-born citizens of Nelson who attended the charming vocal
concert in Fraternity Hall last night
will be excused if tlivy feci pride in
the performers, who are not only all
Canadians but all residents of what,
even in tills country of magnificent
distances, may be called our neighboring city of Winnipeg. Pride that
they are Canadians is the lirst and
dominating sentiment, but in estimating the character of the concert as a
whole we are moved to doubl whether
any other city in the Dominion, large
or small, could send out as admirable a quartette. We say quartette,
for pleasing as the singers were they
were not more so than the acconipan-
iste. Por the delightful entertainment
of grand concert we have taught ourselves to depend on foreigners; on importations from European countries,
from Ureal Britain, or from the United Stutes. We experienced last night
the very great pleasure of discovering
that Canadian artists can give us
equal enjoyment,
Books You May Need
Hunt's Systematic Mineralogy.. gS 00
Peters' Modern Copper Smelting 5 SO
Stretch's   Prospecting, Locating
and Valuing  Mines  2 75
Lang's   Matte   Smelting  8 28
Miller's   Qualitative   Analysis.. 178
Kemp's Handbook of   Hocks  1 78
Thautwine's Engineer's Handbook  5 5o
Hawkins'   New    Catechism    for
the Steam   Engine  2 25
Hawkins1 Maxims ami Instructions for   Boiler Boom  2 25
Hawkins'   New     Catechism    of
Electricity  o 25
Hawkins' Handbook of Calculations   for  Engineers  2 25
Machinists'     and       Engineers'
Pocket Manual  1 25
Stevenson's Practical Test  1 00
Canada's   Metals  85
Soo Line
fiijiperial     L iijiitod
East   and   West
First Class Sleepers on all trains from
Arrowhead and Kootenai Landing
Tourist Oars pass Medicine Hat
daily for SI. Paul; Saturdays lor
Montreal and Boston; Mondays and
Thursdays lor Toronto. Same cars
pans ReVelstoke one day earlier.
7:10 Lv Nelson Ar 10:86
16:80 Lv Nelson Ar 16:46
Morning train daily for and from
Kosshiuil, ami for Revelstoke, main
line and Pacific Coast.
Afternoon train daily for aud from
Rossland, and from Revelstoke, main
Hue and I'aeilie Const, and daily
(except Sunday) for nnd from Boundary points.
7:.'!0 Lv |���|        I        Ar 10:80
(Ex Sun) j- Nelson | (Ex Sun)
For and from Sandon, Slocan points,
Revelstoke, main Hue and Pacific
Kootknay Lakh Kasi.o RoUTB.
(Ex Sun)       Str Kokanee       (Ex Sun)
10:00 Lv Nelson Ar 11:00
Saturday to Argenta. aud return,
leaving Kaslo at gOtOOk.
Kootknay River Route,
Daily    Strs Moyie and Nelson    Daily
22:l��) Lv NelBon Ar 2:.'ill
Connects nt Kootenay Lauding with
Crow's Nest Line I ruins.
For rotes, tiokcls ami full Information apply to Depot or City Ageut,
Nelson, B. 0��� or
Trnv. I'll���. Attoiill A   O. P.  Axer.n,
Ttfwlron Vnncfltivpr
Mrs. Enfield has received a
fine and well selected lot of
English and American
HATS and
Which she offers at the lowest prices ever offered in the
Hats from 90 cents Up.
Hall  Block.
H. & M. BIRD
Agents for Eureka rtineral Wool and
Asbestos  Co.
Insurance Go. or North America. Mutual I.lfo
Insurance Co., of Now York, Quebec
Fire Assurance Co.
.10 ft. on Mill   Street ft   500
.10 ft. on   Victoria   .Street,   easy
terms '.    r>oo
25 ft. on   Victoria   Street,   easy
terms      2M>
50 ft. corner on Stanley Street .     050
:.Vi ft. Victoria Street, west      050
HO ft. Vernon Street,   west   1,800
tt-Roomed   House   on   Carbonate
Street $25 00
7-Koomed   House.    Park   Street,
close to linker Street  30 00
7-Koomed House on Mill Street. 25 00
8-lioomed House. Iltiine Addition 20 00
Furnished House on Observatory
Street  35 00
Coal and! Wood.
Agents Imperial Oil Oo. Ltd.
Crow's   Nest  Coal,   $6.15
Anthracite,     -     -    $9.65
No order  can be accepted  unless
accompanied by cash.
Office Corner Hall nnd linker Streets
I  Morrison b Caldwell
5C ������������������������
Jjs"     Finest line of
Staple and  Fancy
^ Groceries, Provisions,
^ Canned Goods,
Fruits, Vegetables, etc.
Our Specialties :
Best Creamery Butter and
Fresh   Bogustown  Eggs.
Morrisoi)  &  Caldwell
Representing the Largest
European and American Manufacturers
Mills, Mines and Smelting Machinery
Apartodo No. 83      -      -      DURANGO, MEXICO.
Portland Cement
Fire Brick. Fire Clay
and Sewer Pipe
U'ed in the Kootenay
Just Received���Carload
Dominion Ale and Porter
(in pints and quarts)
Dominion White  Label Ale
(pints and quarts)
Tills is tlie finest Ale brewed in Camnlab ,
Dominion Bulk  Ale-
Teacher's Scotch   Whisky
I la  15-pnllon  kegs)
Is still tlie best
NELSON, 11. c.
PRICES $1.25 TO $4.00.
Lawrence Hardware 60.
Nelson,   B. C.
"What do you think of a Minister
of tlie Crown, a mail Sworn to conduct
the business of this country in tho
interest of tho people, sworn to maintain Her Majesty and Iter family on
the throne; what do you think of u
man like that, not speaking here
amongst ourselves, for even here al-
t)i(?ugh. we would nut like It,we would
Thorough    Knglish,    Calisthenics,
.Music,   French,   and   (let-man   if   required,    Fall  term   commences 8rd
mid   Iry  a   bottle,   11   dozen,   or  ���   barrel   nf
OALQARY  BEER M It ii tho belt and
���September,   For particulars apply to.HWjjg'i ol; iAii#��B��fkot:...A1,,2..5ffi-fflP
I hereby give notice that at the
next meeting of the License Commissioners for the Nelson district will
apply for a license to sell intoxicating
liquors at the Rossland Hotel, Vernon
Street. Lot Mi, Illoek 00, ill the t'ltv
of Nelson, Ii. 0.
J. V. (I'l.Al'lillLIN.
Civil Engineers and Provincial Land
P. O. Box US
Kelson, B. 0.
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants
ES,    LIQUORS,    and    CIGARS.
FRANK  A. TAMBLYN. M.....��.
Telephone 93, Baker ��t��� Nelson, U, Vi
Branch. Markets in Rossland, Trail, Nelson, Kaslo
Sandon, Three Porks, New Denver and Slocan City.
Order* by mail to any branch will have careful ttM prompt attention.
�� >
��ncor poh#*w ter&
Just unloaded���
Another car of
For family trade.   The best,
purest) and most palatable.
Special Prices to the
Corner Baker and Stanley StreeU
Spokane Falls A
Northern R'v.
Nelson & Fort
Sheppard R'v.
Red Mountain R'v.
The only all rail route between
all points east, west and south to
Rossland, Nelson and intermediate
points; connecting at Spokane with
Great Northern, Northern Pacific,
and O. R. & N. Co.
Connects at Nelson with .steamer
for Kaslo and all Kootenay lake
Connects at  Meyer's  Falls  with
stage daily for Republic,  and  connects at Bossburjj with stage  daily
for Grand Forks and Greenwood.
Lkave. Day Train. Abkivk.
lO.IIT) a.m Spokane 7:10p.m,
12:06 p. m KoBeliiml 5:80 p.m.
!) :30 a, m Nelson 8:00 p.m.
Night Train.
fl:4.r> p.m Spokane 7:05 a.m:
II .im p.m KoMHlaiiil 8:.'K> a.m.
H. A. JACKSON, Q. P. & T.A.
Spokane  Wash
Agent, Nelson. II.(1
Atlantic S. S. Lines.
From Montreal
Allan I.lno Corlnlnlnn  Soot'i!
A llun I.lno I 'ii i i ..i,in Bepl 'HI
lioiiilnfon Uno Vanoouvor Sopt Id
Dominion Lino Dominion ' i pi '"���'
Bearer I.lno Inku MoKantlo Septal
Beaver Lino Lake Suporlor Beottt
Krom Now York
W liltu Stur Lino (imniinlc Sopt II
white Star Lino Cymric  BeptU
White Slar Lino MnloHllc  Sopl -II
Cunanl Lino Ktruria  Sopt M
American Lino Now York Sept 19
licit  Star   I.lno  KonainKton SeptIU
i'mi.mi i.im sarvia soptin
Cunard Line J.mania BeptiB
Anchor Lino Anchorla , Sept 15
Anchor lino   \ ��� Septs'-'
N'. (I. L. Lino Kaiwirin Maria ThoriiMia. Sopt Id
N. <i. L. Lino Allor 8epH7
Allan Slate Line Laurontlau Septl
Cunard Lino Saionia Heptii
In n n in inn Lino Now Knxland  Oct 10
!' ��� .11;. ������. arranKori to nnd from all Kuropcan
liolnlM. For ratoH tlckoiu and full Information
ii|i|ilj' lo V. V. K. dopit a��ent or H. h. Brown
Illy I'n- tiik>t Agent, NulMin. B. C.
Oonoral A Brent. C.I'.K. Offices, W'innlpcB
MBS. KKILLY, who has taken over
the house on Ward Street junt
above the Post OITlce, will Are board
anil rooms. Several choice rooms still
uuoccupied. Terms reasonable      	
7-8 inch diam. Jll3.5l)per 100 feet. Vox
immediate delivery in Nelaoa
J. 0. T. crofts,       ���,      nn
P. O. Box    , Nel��oo, BO. Nelson  Daily  Miner,   Friday   Evening.   September ai,  1900
hlocan is ACTIVE.
will Semi Good Ore Exhibit to Exposition.
\V A Coplen, who bus just, returned from tho Hlocan, having made a trip
Hiiuiiii-li tho district In the interests of
ti���. Spokane exposition to secure n
mineral exhibit, is well pleased with
[he result of bis trip and witli conditions in the bi�� silver-leiiil sect inn of
llrilisb Columbia,says the Spokesman-
Kcvlew. Speaking of the results of
110 trip and what he saw, Mr. Cop-
���len yesterday Bald:
..jlv Held of operation was readied
when 1 arrived at Kaslo, and it Included tho camps around Sandon,
New Denvor, Sllverton, Slocan City
and other Intermediate points. I thus
oovored over B(i miles by rail anil
more tbiin 30 us the erow Hies. This
is ono continuous silver-lead belt, with
Its many mountains and ledges of
high grado ore,
��� I mot with hearty co operation in
the matter of an exhibit wherever I
went. There is plenty of ore all
through tho district, and I am confident that the exhibit "ill be an excellent one, , .     ��� ,   ,.   .
������The area of tins Mucan belt is
wonderful. There are ninny Indications of prosperity all through the
camps and Improvements of an im-
liiii'tnnt character are under way that
iflvo additional proof of the oonndence
of operators.
"A number of properties are being
developed in the country around Kas-
lii,especially on the south fork of Kaslo'River, but it Is quite noticeable
that there are still many promising
,,,,,s| is thai deserve further exploitation and which capital has not yet
been plentiful enough to reach.
���At Sandon only the last traces of
the recent fire arc to be seen. Old
BtoVOS, safes, furnaces, boilers and
kitchen utensils arc scattered everywhere, showing the completeness of
tho destruction. Yet Sancton Is there,
new fresh and as cheerful as if nothing had happened, Mr. Harris, one
of the principal townsite owners,with
the co-operation of several others has
re-arranged the streets making a main
thoroughfare HO feel wide down the
centre of the town. All the new
buildings and those under construction are of the best and everyone is
doing bis best to make it a model
mining town.
"There are a number of the mines
around Sandon that prove beyond a
doubt that the ore bodies of the district {.'ii 10 cn.it deptl, and In some
cases thai value- Increase with depth.
Much activin is noticeable, both in
building ami In the development of
tlie mines, New strikes are being reported constantly and there are numbers of excellent prospects In many
parts nf tho district, giving an un-
doubted Held of promise for investors.
"Al New Denver and Sllverton conditions are much the same as at Kaslo
and Sandon. Mining is active and
the same confidence   in a bright   fu-
��� 111- it far awav   csists,    At   Slocan
City there has been a considerable
stir, amounting almost to boom.
Large improvements have been under
way all summer anil a number of
mines are being added to the shipping
"The Two Friends lias a force al
wirk taking out ore and there is 80
tmis at tho wharf and 1(1 tons more on
the dump ready for shipment. The
property, which is under bond to
Thomas Lake of Slocan City, Is look
Ing remarkably well. The Bondholder is being worked by Al Teeter
and others under lease. There is a
large body of high-grade ore In sight
and it is expected that shipments will
be continued during the winter.
"The Arlington and Cbapleau are
each working large forces of men in
the inii.o. ami abo e ground. The Arlington company has boiidel Bevereal
adjoining claims In the direction of
the Enterprise, This maks it a large
group of good properties and gives it
much good prospected ground. The
work in this section is very considerable and it is a busy camp' this fall.
"All these camps are to be repre-
���entcd In the Slooan exhibit at the
exposition this season. The mine
owners of the entire district have
entered into the idea with enthusiasm
'Hid I think we can show some ore
thai will attract no little attention.
There Is some magnificent silver-lead
ere being prepared fin shipment and
it must serve to emphasize the fact
that there in to the north  a  remark-
und   recent
makes    it
ir  mining    Investments.
is tributary to Spokane
remarkable   development
:i   particularly    desirable
"all niirniituro Is on every box or the genuine
Laxative Bromo-Quinine wnets
tan remedy that cures n cold tn ��>"<��� day
Kootenay Railway and Nav.
Company, Ltd.
��� -cheiluio of Tinio.      Pacillc Standard I'lnio.
K.llcctlvo l-'obi-uary 1*1, 1900
i,' ,,H"���Rortrain for Haniltin and way stations
.?u    ,'�� al8 "��� '"������ dlll|y.   Returning,
UUI p'",'    " RL M5 "'"'" ai-rlvbiK at Uo
uporatlng on Kootenay Lake and ltlvur.
ntornatlonal" leaves Kiwlo for Nelson
Dress Your
Dressing Table
from our superb stock of
Toilet Articles. There Is nothing you
want  thai  W0 haven't got,
Toilet Waters.
There arc many pretty
things for irifts among them.
Wholesale Houses
rnuORPK & CO. Limited-Corner Vernon
-i. and Cedar Blroots, Nelson���Manufaotur>
hoi and wliolonalo dealers lo aerated waters
si, "i1 '"'T- Bol�� "K''"ls for Halcyon Hoi
siuiiiKs mineral water.  Tolephunoou
v ��� , , , 'I'1""1".--. Lcssoo-Kvery known
iiuie j ol .-.nil,drinks, hltlloxxs. Telephone
No. 31. Hoovor SU'oot, Nolaoa. Bottlers of the
Unions BL Leon Hoi Springs Mineral Water,
( 1AV'..& MAODONALD III. Cane, James
,v. A- Maodonald)- Arelutoota and Buparln-
leiiilcius, Hroken Hill Ulock, comer Uakcr und
Ward Mt.i-cels, Nulson.
linker Street. Nelson.     P. (). Box 230
Hugh R. Cameron
Insurance Agent and Broker.
WANTED���A  furnished  house,    Will
offer good rental.
Straight   Mortgage,  at 8 per een'
Wanted���Molly Gibson Stock.
General Agent for the Great Wkst
Life Assurance Oo,
WANTED���For Snot Cash- Two eeu-
trnl    lotB   suitable    for    lesiileueet.
Bouses and lota for sale in all  parts
of the City.
Victoria-Montreal    Flro   Insurance
Ontario Mutual Life Insurance Company,
I5TO8UANT to the "Creditors'Trusl Doodfl
Act," nml Ainotiding Act*, nnd tho Trua-
Loos' and Kxuc.u tors' Act, Soottniu X( lo S(i
Notlools horoby Riven thai F.as administrator of tho ostato of Thomas Richardson, in his
llfotlmo of UlociUewaot, In lho County of
Kooirnay. hotel (cooper, docoosod, have filed in
the Vnncoiivor RosrJHtry of the supremo court
of   British Colunitiia, a dcclaralion   that, the
satd estate is insufficient for the payment in
full of tho debts ami liabilities of the said
Thomas BJohordson.
Ail persons having claims against tho estate
of the said Thomas Klelm'dson, who have nol
already tiled with me full particulars of tho
same only veritled, togothor with the particu-
lars of securities, if any, hold by llieni, arc
required to do so boforo tho 1st day of October
Notice Ik hereby further glvon that after the
1st day of October next the administrator, as
trustee, will proceed to distribute the proceeds
of the trust estate anions; the parties entitled
thereto*having regard only to tho claims of
which he then lias notice, and that ho will not
tto liable for the proceeds of the trust estate, or
any pari thereof, so distributed, toanv person
of whot-c claim lie bad not notice at tho time of
the distribution.
Notice is hereby Riven thai a mooting Of the
creditors of thosaiaThomas EUohardson will
be held in tho Conrl Houso at Kort Steele,
B.C., on Monday, tho 21th day of September,
A. 1>. 1W0, at the hour of ono o'clock in tho
Hated at Fort Steelo, U, C, this 13th day of
Augiibl. A.D. ilKXt.
Official Administrator.
Room 1, Tumor-Hoeckh Block.
Houses and Building Lots in All Parts
of the Oity.
WANTED���Good building lots down
town fiir client,  ai. " land adjoining
eity for RardeninK.
By tlie week from $5 to ,$6.
By the clay 81.00.
nl (1
m ',���v"( ll""r oxnopt  Slmibiy.   ltolurnlnir,
I'i ntiff, f? " W0p.HI,, calling ut llulfour,
1   i �� i.tW1!,1''111 all wny pobltK. Con-
ffljsfciys.to-" *a,,d fro"' sp��-
St������, ,<AIf��0-I>UNLAN  DIVISION.
iii" in   '''.'; '"���'"''"'" "���d"' navigation on
llnii'J        1 "���';n�� Rlvori roiumliiK leaves
iSSaSSPElr ?l ITbii-inui landttgi in b.
ffiiMSV1' ?.lhor POtota whon Hlgnall
UnltoSatlUt D0lnteui Canada and
<lroiarC��nftl11 ���lCfl "nd ,u" Information ad
' tho
"��na��or. Kaslo. fi.C.
Nelson Biiloneit Apicy
iJl;:;;1'^'    Cham^nnald.     Wood-
"l   ��.    <<hiU (woman).    Waiter.
��w. Mok1" W^      b*v DUrws' labor"
J- ". LOVE, Agt.t Baker St,
A. R. BARROW, a. m l o.e
Provincial  Land Surveyor.
Oornar Victoria unci Kootenay Stu.
P. O. Box 65ft. Telephone No. 95
CO,���Manufacturers uf the Royal BeaJ
and Kootouay   itoiiu  CiffUSi   Fftotory and
OttlOO, tiokortilrfiOti Nelson.
HJ. KVAN8 & CO.���Bokor Btreot, Ncl-
��� Hon���Wholesale uoalura in UquorSi ol-
Kurd, comonti ftro brlok and flro clay, water
pipe and t-lovl rails, and K^uural coniiniKsion
J   A. M'DONALD-Moddon Block. Nelson-
���   l''ru|ts, ii-t! cream, "O. B." cliocolates.
hiK'i claHH oonfeotionory*  luo Cream Parlors.
1 > Wholesale mid retail dealers in Krain,
nay, flour, feed. Mills at Victoria, New Wust-
niuuiter; Kdmonton, Attn. Klevutors on Gal-
Hary and Kdmonton Hallway. Manufacturers
uf t Iiu celebrated U. & K. brand cereals.
A MAODONALD & Co.-Corner Kront
��� and Hall Streets-Wholesale grocers
and jobbers in blankets, gloves, milts, boots,
rubbers, mackinavvs and miners' sundriun.
Olllce  corner   Hall and   Kront Streets,
.Nulson���Lumber, cciliiiK, flooring, and ovary
thing in wood for building purposes.   Oct our
prices.   ('orruspondoncu solicited.
11   ItUHNd & Co.-Haker Street, Nelson-
.   ���    Wholenale dealers iu fresh and cured
nieath.   Cold Storage.
Bakor Street, Nelson���Wholesale dealers in fresh and eurud meats.
ij struct. Nelson ��� Wholesale dealais in
hardware, miners' supplies, Hportiug goods,
M'LACHLAN BROa (Successors to Vancouver Hardware Co, Ltd.) Baker Street.
Nelson���Wholesale dealers in hardware and
mining supplies, plumbers' and tinsmiths' supplies.
��\    paints, oils aud ffUtBS; uieehanies' tools.
Agents foi Ontario J'owdur Works; dynamite
rpUUNKR, BKETON & Co.-Corner Vernon
A and Josephine Streets, Nolson���Whcle
calo dealers in liquors, cigars, and dry goods.
Agents for  l'abst Brewing Co. of Milwaukee
aud Calgary Browing Co or Calgary.
UPSON'S BAY Co.���Wholesale groceries
and liquors etc., Baker Street, Nelson.
j Kront and Hall Streets, Nelson���Wholesale dealers in wines (case and bulk), and
domestic and imported cigars.
TY. GRIFFIN & CO.-Corner Vernon and
���  Josephine Streets, Nelson ���Wholesale
dealers in provisions, cured meats, butter and
Commencing Monday
Sept. 17th
Russell ft Drew's
Theatre Co.
Change of Play Each Night
tb.'iua   '   	
The Count of
Monte Christo
Canada Permanent and Western Canada Mortgage
head office to'     . ), ont.
Money to loan on Straight MortRURO.
Apply to U. K LENNOX, Eukor  St.
Will pny the highest cash price for nil
kinds of seoond Band Roods.    Will Imy
or sell anything from an anchor to a
needle. Furniture, stoves, carport*,
oooking utensils, bonglit in bonsehold
qnantities. Also cast off clothing.
Gall and see me or write. Address
Silver King Mike, Box 200. Ha"
Street, Nelson, B. C.
Brewers of Kino Lager
I In-i nml Poller,
Nelson, B. O.
St. Joseph's
Next tenn ootntnenoG* 'hd
September,   Por partlou-
Ian apply to the
A Tempting Table
If yon have difficulty In making a
pleasing variety In your bill of fare
from day to day,
Come to Our Grocery
nnd learn how easily and economically
it can be done,
Hero are a few things that will help
Breakfast Cereals of all descriptions
Fresh Fruits arriving daily
Choice Butter and Eggs
A full line of Cured Meats
Also our Teas and Coffee that
cannot be excelled.
Kirkpatrick 8  Wilson
Delivered to any point
on Kootenay Lake.
I have a complete stock on hand of
Eough and Dressed
Mouldings- Sash Doors.
Inside Finish,
Coast Flooring, and
Finished Lumber-
Mill nl PILOTBAY. Yards. N10I.SON
j. a. Wayward.
If You Smoke
Smoke  tlie
Royal Seal
Kootenay Belle,
R. P- Rithet & Co-, Ltd-
At:, nli   for British  Columbia.
A. B. (WAY. Box >ali Nelson, Kootenay
Bank of
British  Columbia,
Is now prepared to issue
Drafts and Letters of Credit
on Skagfuay, U.S., Atlin, B.
C, and Dawson City, Yukon
The End of
The Season
Finds   us   with  a   few   pairs   of    Men's
and Women's Summer Shoes
on hand, and these we have marked down
very low. Yon may find your size in the
lot if you call early.
The Sliooists
A Wise Investment
A furnace will prove one
of tho best things yon have
overbought. Nol only will
you bo sure of greater coin-
fort, but alno of groi.tor
Will put in a furnacn that
won't cost much, nnd wo can
Insure you full benefit from
it. Much heal from u little
fuol is the greatest accomplishment of the manufacturer.
Now Is tho best time to
havo one put In.
Baker Street, Nelson.
Merchants' Bank of Halifax
Incorporated 1869.
Capital  r.ili.-.u>.     ,    .    .     si.!k:,,<>;<>.<m  |   Rett $1,700,000.0
Hnnni mF lHrt'Htn--.:   Thomas l\. Kenny,   President;   Ttiomns Hitchlo,  Vlcu-ProHidont.
Wiloy Smith, II. 0. it.Miiii, Hon. II. II. Fuller, M.L.O., Hon. Lhtvid MacKeon.
llrml Office, Halifax:
General Manager, EdbOD L Pease, Montreal.
Superintondoni of Hi-unebes. and Secretary, W*. II. Torranco. Halifax.
Inspector, \V. K, Brook, Halifax.
Inspector I). M. titewarl, Montreal.
i.r;iiitln h t
Nova Scolla-Halifax Hranch, Antlgonish, Hridgowatcr, GuvsborO. Ix)ndondcrry, LunenbniS��
Maitland (Haut-s Co.), 1'ietou, Port llawkeshury, Sydney, Khnbenacjulio, Truro, Weymouth
New ItrmiHWlck���Hathurst, Dorchester, Froderlcton. Kingston (Kept Co.l, Moncton, Newcastle, Saekville, Wootlstoek. I". K. Islainl���Charlottetown, Suuunerslde. Quebec��� Montreal
(City Office)* Montreal. West. Knd |('or. Notre Dame and BelgOBUn Streetwl; Wostmount (('or.
(.rceno Avenue and St. Catharines Street. Ontario--Ottawa. NrvtTuumllMHl��� St. John's
tuba, Wesl l��dles���Havana. I mi< d HlalCM���New York (ill ICxohangO 1'laco) Hepublie, Wash
Atlin, Bennett, Grand Forks, Nanaimo, Nelson, Rossland, Vancouver, Vancouver East End, Victoria.
i <irn'-|   >inl< tils ;
Cnnniln���Mnrcbantw Bank of Canada.   Bastov��� National Sbavfnuit Hank.   f'hleago-Amorlea
National  Hank-   Man  FmnclHca���First National  Hank.    1,'nnl  Kng* - Hank of  Scotland.
rarl*, Fpiiiicc- Orodlt Lyonnais,   llcrnnula- Hank of Hermuda,   Miina and Japan���Houg
Kong and Shanghai Hanking Corporation.
Qeneial Baiiklnjc Business Transacted; Sterling Bills of Exchange   Bought
and Sold. Letters of  Credit. Etc., Negotiated.
Accounts received on the moHt favorable terms.    In teres t allowed on Bpecial
df|ni:.;i:��� and on Saving Dank accounts.
Geo. Kydd, Manager, Nelson, B.C.
The Celebrated
Ganong's d. B. Chocolates
Raving been granted tho SOLE AGENCY In Nelson by McHHrs.
Snowier & Maoauleyi Qeneral AgenU fur H,0.
We have juhi received '.'ikih H��h. of tbesc famous pixuls, ami enn
guarantee them-aa the Hurst In all Canada.
Also  just   in   today, a [real] ronsignmi'iit from   Chicago of
K Lowney's Chocolates and Bonbons.
5�� ������������������
i       J. A. MACDONALD
West Kootenay Butcher Co,
Fresh   and   Salted   Heats
Fish and Poultry in Season
E.   C.   TRAVES.   Manager.
Baker Street, Nelson.
Orders by mail receive careful and prompt attention
Players  INfaVi)   Ctit
All Tobacconists Keep It.
Wholesale Agents:
Turner Beeton& Co.
Nelson, B. C. Nelson  Daily  Miner,   Friday  Evening,  September  an,  1900.
Miss Miller  uml   Company at Prater
nlty Hall Last Night.
A Second Concert to He Given Tonight
at the Same Place.
'I'lio three young Canadian vocalists
who appeared In Fraternity Hall last
evening more than delighted their
audience. Never was there a better
vocal entertainment given In the olty
and it is a matter for congratulation
that their presence    In   the   city   this
evening enables them to give another
concert. It was a Surprise to many
that the west,for the Blngers and their
talented accoinpanlstc, are Winnlpeg-
gers, could turn   out   such  delightful
entertainers as .Miss 13d 1th J. Miller,
Mr. Stanley Adams, Mr, Robert C.
Campbell, vocalists ami Miss .lean
Forsyth, pianist. Of .Miss Miller
much was expected and more than
that was realized, But Mr. Adams
and -Mr. Campbell were genuine surprises and it is hard to chose the one
of the  three  who gave   the  greatest
pleasure.   Tonight's  icerl should he
largely att leil and will   he if those
who are fond of accomplished singing and are looking fur a   rare   treat,
Miss Miller has a contralto voice of
surprising power and beauty of tone.
She is withal a fine artiste and il is
a delight to Listen to her. Her number, the "Brindlsi" from "Luoretta
Borgia" was a revlation and that
beautiful poem of Tennyson's ".Break,
Break, Break" brought out that sympathetic quality of tone which is so
sought after by vocalists. Miss Mil
ler has scored a pronounced hit in
Nelson and doubtless there will be
many more people to hear her tonight
than assembled in the Fraternity
Hall last evening. Too much cannot
be said in praise of .Mr. Campbell, tho
tenor. His singing was a great surprise to all and to think thnt so young
a man should possess a voice of such
power and sing with such refined
taste is truly It marvel. .Mr. Campbell, to use a slang phrase, had the
people where he wanted thein and
there was not one person in the. Large
audience present who was nut more
than satisfied with his splendid work-.
His first number "My Queen" awakened interest at once and his encore
"Her Majesty." was equally well rendered. The "Persian Garden" selection "Ah! Pill the Cup," showed
more than ever the artist and in the
concerted music his voice showed to
great advantage. Mr. Campbell has
a great future before him and should
yet be at the top of the ladder of vocal fame. It might he interesting to
note that Mr. Campbell's talents do
not lie wholly in his singing, he is a
very clever comedian, having played
in opera for the past three or four
Mr. Adams has a deep, full and rich
baritone voice and his numbers showed the result of capable tuition and
faithful study. He sings with an ease
that adds greatly to the effect. His
first Dumber, Marks' "The Arab's
Bride." a spirited song of a martial
type, brought out the broad quality of
his voice, and this combined with an
artistic style and the thorough appreciation of the ideas of the composer.
earned for him a well deserved and
enthuisastie encore. Hut encores were
common.for every number on the programme so pleased the audience that
an enoore was demanded, and in every
instance gracefully given. In the concerted numbers Mr. Adams voice showed up with telling effect.
Two ducts and a trio wore on the
programme and were delightful numbers. The trio '"Queen of the
Night." by Smart, was a lilting close
to a most enjoyable programme. The
three voices blended as one and had it
not been for consideration for the
singers they would have been forced
to repi .t it.
And now fur Ihe a inpanistc, Miss
Forsyth, Her work throughout was
by no means the least pleasing pari of
the progro     she is an artiste of
great ability and Miss Miller was
fortunate in securing her fur the
The coi.eert this evening commences
at H o'clock sharp.
The French   Company   Contlnu
Successful Run,
The "Shndows   of   a (Ireal   City,"
was the play presented   by the French
Company    at    Ihe   opera    House     last
night   and   the    npany   maintained
the reputation it has already earned
by producing nn Interesting rendition
of the well kimwn melodrama, Tho
plot is full of startling situations and
was well taken care of by ii,,. members of the company to whom ihe
character were entrusted. The nil ,.r
the evening was made by Mis. Eva
Elrle French as "Biddy Rowan," the
washerwoman. Mrs. French's character work is at all times excellent
and last night was no excepion for
the touch of Celtic humor and wit
given the impersonation was irresisti-
Ihe. her sallies never failing to arouse
a hearty laugh. It would be difficult
lo imagine a more thorough Impersonation of the warm-hearted, motherly
Irish woman of that class. Miss Mamie lloldcn as Helen Standish bandied the part artistically and showed
a capability of going beyond ingenue
roles. Mr. O'Conner as Tom Cooper
the sailor was good. He made a manly lover and rose to the occasions demanded by a rather difficult part. As
Jim Farran. the Bowery tough. Mr.
I.ce Morris was as good as be has
been in his previous work and little
more need he said. Mr. Morris possesses versatility and originality and
makes his work tell. The balance of
the support was excellent. Tonight
Dumas' "Count of Monte Cristo" will
he presented with Mr. French in the
title   role.
Beaver line steamer Lake Superior
passed Heath Point lit noon yesterday.
Rev. Robert Frew, pastor of St.
Paul's Presbyterian Church, is expected home next week.
The concert by Miss Edith J. Miller
and company in Fratrnity Hall this
evening will commence at eight
o'clock sharp.
Mrs. 13. .1. l.ind, of Ymir, was
brought to the General Hospital yesterday. She underwent an operation
this morning and is doing well today.
At the concert in Fraternity Hall
this evening Miss Miller will sing
the old favorite, "Blue Hells of Scotland,'1 Mr. Adams will sing "Off to
Philadelphia in the Morning" and
will repeat by request the new version of "The Wear in' o' the Green."
Mr. Campbell wil sing "Mary of
Argyle" and "Her Majesty."
Mr. F. K. C. Boer states that the
collecting of the road tax is progressing exceedingly well, and that it is
now over half collected. The collecting of license fees is also being carried on successfully but there are a
few who have not as yet paid. The
limit for the payment has expired,
and those who are still iu arrears are
liable to a fine.
The following arc the mining records for today: Locations���Eldorado,
on Nine-Mile Creek, by F. Earnshaw ;
David Crockett, on Tnmarae Mountain, by F. II. Rotherhom; Rainy
Dayton Wild Horse Creek. Lewis
Levy; Counterfeit, near Yinir, by
George Walker. Certificate of Work���
l.olden Rod, by Arthur Clement; Alamo, to John Philbert; Tiy V, and
King, to N. X. Nottstead.
Aid. Irvine received a communication from Lord and Lady Minto last
evening from Calgary. In the letter
the two expressed themselves as being hlgby pleased with the way in
which they were entertained during
their visit to Nelson. As a token of
their appreciation they also sent tw
large photographs, one of each of
them, to Mrs. and Mr. Irvine. Mr
Irvine said today that he and Mrs.
Irvine appreciated the gift very muel
and especially that of Lady Minto. as
the photo, was the same as she appeared at the Phair Hotel during the
A lighting plant is to be installed in
the town of Cranbrook at once. The
machinery and boilers have been ordered from an eastern company, and
will soon he on the ground. The
boiler will he I2fi horse power and
there will also be a Clio lamp lighting
dynamo. Apart from the machinery
ordered from the east, the other supplies will he furnished by the Kootenay Electrical Supply Company of this
city. Mr. W. P. Dickson of that company has been appointed as engineer
of the work. Fred E. Ewart, son of
Mr. Ewart, the architect, has been at
CranhroOK for the past several days
nnd is engaged in wiring the town.
Alex. A. Carrie and Dr. (I. A. 11.
Ball yesterday visited their mining
property, the Irish claim, situated at
the head of Falls Creek, opposite 111
creek. Mr. Carrie said this morning
the property was showing up well.
Three men are at work and nil feet of
tunneling has already been done.
They arc driving it at the rate nf
three feel per day. A ledge live feet
wide, with well defined walls has
been uncovered and it is expected
that shipping ore will be reached
shortly.     .No assays   of   the   ore   have
local institute was opened yesterday
morning, says the Winnipeg Free
Press. The attendance this season is
expeoted to be large. There are forty
pupils from Manitoba and twelve
from the Northwest Territories. Last
year there were three pupils from
Hritish Columbia and the professor,
while at the Pacific Coast,interviewed
members of the Hritish Columbia Government with a view of coming to an
arrangement on the matter of educating pupils from their Province. The
Manitoba Government maintain the
institution and the Territorial Government support the children from there.
The British Columbia Government
were favorably disposed to do something from their Province.
The Winnipeg Free Press of Inst
Wednesday says: One week from tomorrow the doughty Winnipegs will
proceed on their journey to New Westminster, there to do battle for tilt'
world's lacrosse championship. Previous to a month or so ago, the Royal
City, as the citizens are pleased to
term their burg, was principally
known for the salmon industry. They
have a rhyme which runs something
like this:
Been bred in old Westminster,
Where the salmon bellies grow.
Now, the unfortunate salmon is allowed to quietly proceed about his
business, and New Westminster has
sprung into fame, as the name of the
world's lacrosse champions. They hold
that proud title now, but it may be
wrested away from them by the Winnipeg braves, who are leaving their
happy wigwams in search of fresh
laurels, lt'8 to be hoped our boys will
go out and win. as Winnipeg being a
oentral point, it would be very convenient to have the championship rest
Editor Miner:
Sir,���Allow me space to reply to a
statement made by Stanley Adams,
manager of the Edith Miller Concert
Co., in Fraternity Hall last night.
Mr. Adams stated that the manager of
the Nelson Opera House had lied to
them and had given the Opera House
to another company as he supposed
that the Edith Miller Company was
not a paying concern. The facts arc
as follows: The R. E. French Co.,
who are filling a weeks engagements
in the Opera House at present, had
contract signed for that week two
months before the agent of the Edith
Miller Co.came to Nelson and by making false statements, which I can and
will prove,secured a contract from me.
As soon as I learned that the agent of
the Miller Concert Co., bad obtained
his booking by making false statements, I informed Mr. Adams that 1
did not consider myself bound by the
contract, but that I had engaged
Fraternity Hall for him and arranged
with Mr. K. C. Beaton to advertise
and manage the entertainment. 1
also loaned them chairs from the
Opera House and put up their litho-
grnhps and gave them a square deal
and Mr. Adams does not appear to appreciate what I did for him and his
company but in order to get sympathy
from his audience tries to show that
be has been very ill treated by the
manager of the Nelson Opera House.
Nelson, Sept. 21.
Phair���E. W. J. llatt,  Frederloton,
N. H. ; W. II. Brown. London. F.ng. ;
Thomas Billiard. Rossland; Miss
Edith J. Miller, Miss Jean Forsyth.
Portage la Prairie; R. ('.Campbell.
Stanley Adams. W. S. Bums, Winnipeg: Frank Oliver, .1. Kirkup. Rossland ; Leslie Bill, Vancouver: B. N.
White, Spokane; S. II. Wilson. Silver-
Hume F. II, Redmond. Montreal;
II. L. Lilly. Toronto; T. J. Fleutot.
Kasloi Geo. A. Petty and wife. Three
Forks; W. M. Petty and wife, Plat-
mond. Iowa: M. Grady, Sllverton;
Henry Ross, Rossland;!'. F. Smith.
Rossland; G. tl. Butler, Northumberland, England; J. A. Browne. Victoria; Miller Dervant, Spokane; J. C.
Conlln, Victoria.
"When I hear about men who are
cra/.y to wander off to the gold
coast," remarked the professor, "they
always strike me as Nome mads."
P. M. Higgles, Editor Senecn (Ills.)
News, was afflicted for yean witli piles
that no doctor or remedy helped until
lie tried Huckleu's Arnica salve. He
Writes two boxes wholy cured him.
It's the surest pile cure on earth and
the Ii.si salve in the world. Cure
guaranteed. Only 2fi cents, hold by
Canada Drug and Book Company.
How Mining Machinery Can He Placed
in Mexico Through Agents.
Messrs. 1). Campbell Davies and
Company, of Durango, Mexico arc advertising in the Miner for correspondence from manufacturers in this country of the latest Improved mining machinery and all manufacturers of such
machinery would do well to correspond with  the   linn.    They are   now
epresentatives of the largest European and American manufacturers of
mining and smelting machinery and
Supplies, They make a specialty of
export and import trade acting as experts and manufacturers   agents,   and
:ontraotors for the erection of concentrating, stamp,cyanide and pan amalgamation mills. They are also engaged in erecting plants for the matting
of pyretic suplhide ores by the latest.
Improved methods. They have complete system of obtaining advance information, through newspaper correspondence, from every mining coin,
pany of note in Mexico,Central America, wherever mining machinery and
supplies lire needed. They are desirous of securing the agencies of such
manufacturers as desire to place their
products in those countries and solicit
correspondence on the subject.
As extensive mining operations are
now being carried on in Mexico, manufacturers would do well to address
Messrs. Davies A Company at Apar-
toda, No. s, Durango, Mexico.
Would quickly leave you it you used
Dr. King's New Life Pills. Thousands
ol sufferers have proved their matchless
morits for sick nervous headaches.
They make pure blood and strong
nerves and build up your health. Easy
to take. Try them. Only ifi cents.
Money back if not cured Sold by Canada Dnig aud Hook Company,
The Edith Mil
Fraternity Hall,
er   Concert   Co.    in
Second concert to-
The Edith Miller Concert Co. in
Fraternity Hall. Second concert tonight.
Are You Right?
You can be sure of your minutes
if you provide yourself with one
of   our   accurate    and    reliable
Don't run���get a good watch to
run for you.
Manufacturing Jeweler.*.
���ON   THE���
For   terms   nnd    particulars   enquire
Art Music Co., or at ,'SS Silica Street,
Phone 132,
W.    REINHARD,   M. D.
Specialty i   Eye, Ear and Nose.
Office :   Baker Street, near Fraternity
Hall.   Telephone No. 44.
Advcrtlnomonts Innorted under this hrnil nt
thu rata of one cent a wonl per Insertion. No
advertisement taken for low than 25 conU.
F. .1. Bradley & Co, have received
their full slock of wall papers and
wall mouldings.    See them.
The Edith Miller Concert lo.in Fraternity Hall.   Second concert tonight.
been made. but. the ore from the''1
claim adjoining shows S27 in gold
values. While coming back over the
trail Messrs. Carrie and Hall had an
encounter with three bears. They
succeeded in killing two. but the
third escaped. They had to leave the
bears in the woods as they had no
way of bringing thm down.
Principal   MoDermid,   of  the   Deaf
and     Dumb   Institute,     has   returned
from Vancouver   and    Victoria, where
! he went on   a  vacation tour   anil   the
That pretty picture should he fram-
Icd.    Call and see the   mouldings at F.
Bradley & Co.
WANTED���A situation as lady help -
domesticated, good   needle woman���
Address Miss Pearson, cure .1. R. Robertson, Drawer 506.
AI.I. RINDS of House Cleaning, general office work, window cleaning,
etc., done. Enquire at H. T. Smith's
shoe stand at corner of Ward and baker.
c replete,
F.   Stetner,
-Furniture of live-rooms
House to rent. Apply
Victoria   Street,    corner
New Dry Goods
Millinery Store.
In camels' hair effects placed in slock today. Altogether
out of the common. See them and have first selection.
NEW German Mantles, the nobbiest ever shown in
Nelson, and al the lowest prices.
NEW   Silk   Blouses,   in   Black   and   Colors.
Felt Ready-to-Wcar Hats,  the very latest.
Everything   NEW   m  ��111' store,  and  prices the
very lowest.
������������������������������ S
1 Miss Edith J. Miller 1
Canada's Leading Contralto
And   Her   Company.
: ADMISSION       -      -      -
No Reserved Seat Plan.
$1.00 I
Hooips ai)d  Offices \o EfeijL
Apply   lo   the
ISlelsoi) Electric TraijiWai) Co.
Corner Josephine  aqd  Verijoiy Streets.
Comforts for Cool Nights
Are You Warm
WANTED���First class confectionery
wages to capable per-
W. p.. Miner Office.
clerk,   (food
son.   Address
The  Edith   Miller
I Fraternity Hull.   Beet
Concert  Co.
ml concert
Spring? chicken nml nil the delioanins
of the season sorvod to yon   when yon
visit Florence lJnrk lintel at   Roberts'
Ranoh, two aud  a half mil��� up  the
W. M. Roberts, proptietor.
The finest line of picture mouldings
In the Itootenaya can be found at the
store of F.J, Bradley a Co., Josephine Street,
LOST���On    1-ltb    inst.,    Brindle   Hull
terrier  pup,   white     breast,   about
three months old.���Reward for return-1
In^' to P. K. Wilson.
nearly  new.
Until,  liootu    I.
Mendelssohn     Piano,
cheap,    Apply   Geo.
Turner-lloeckh   Ulock,
FOR HKNT--Furnished rooms,   (iood
attendance.    Second   door   east   of
Olty Hall.
FIRST  OI.ASS   room  and   hoard  in
private family, *r>."><l nnd |(t.   Table
board  84.   Oarbonate Street,   second
bouse east of Josephine.
TO . s sis: A COLD s\ OWE mi
Take Laxallvo Hrotno (jillnlne '1'nlilotn, All
<lruiorlri'H refund the money If It full ��� to mro.
ii,'.   K. W. Grove's Hlijiiaturu Is on each box,
The Kdlth   Wilier   Concert    Co.,   in
Fraternity  Hall.   Second concert lo-
Of WritltiK Paper won't last
Imiik. You'd bettor placo Another "hurry up ordor With
Frosty nights call for warm covering, and you should be
Our COMFORTS are full of warmth, and yet not
oppressive in weight.
We have them at all prices, from the Cotton Filled ones at
They arc all large, generous sizes, and the patterns arc
most attractive, in good fast colors. Many of them arc
Sateen covered.
Houston Block.


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