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Nelson Daily Miner Apr 25, 1899

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 Daily  Edition No. 299
Nelson, British Columbia. Tuesday, April  25,   1899.
A Street Railway to be Constructed This Year
A Large English Company Applies for a
Franchise   anil the  Council Approves of the Scheme*
English capitalists urn anxious to
supply Nelson Willi 1111 electric railway line mni will commence operations
at once if satisfactory arrangements
can be made with tlm City Council.
At tlio meeting last, evening the following letter from MaciJonakl anil
Johnson was read:
Tlm Mayor and Council of   tlio City of
Nelson :
Sirs���We refer you to the letter of
Mr. 0. ti. Drumnionil dated July 11,
IWik, written on behalf of tlie British
Eleotrio Traction Oompany, Limited,
of London, England, asking tor the
consent of the Council to the construe
tion of an electric street railway in
Nels'ii; and we also refer you to the
replv of the Ciuncil to snob letter
dated July 18. I8118. On the strength
of this reply stating ihe council were
willing that a franchise should ho
granted wben terms could be ngioct!
upou and that no unusual restrictions
would be asked for liy the City, Mr.
Drummond upon his return to England took lhe matter up with the
Hoard of Directors, and during Captain
Duncan's late visit to England, the
scheme was further discussed and a favorable 1 0 isideration given thereto hy
the Boaru of Directors of Ihe Cnnipanv.
It was decided lhat as soon as possible after Captain Duncan's return to
Nelson the Hoard would oable to him
their intentions as to the oonstruotion
of the street railway We are pleased
to he able to slate that the Board lew
uow authorized Captain Duncan and
P. W. Poters to act in their representatives here ami on their behalf to organize a oompany for iho purpose of con-
sliucting a street railway, and operating the same, in Nelsou as soon as a
satisfactory franchise has beon grunted
hy tbe City.
Tho oompany has in view the fact
that with the present population and
the heavy expense to he incurred 111
coiistriiciing a street railway in this
city, there will be a loss in operation
for at. least three years, and it is likely
that even a lunger period may elapse
bofore any dividend can be expected
upou the investment.
It is intended as soon as a franchise
bas been granted by the City ami
the company incorporated, to proceed
at once with the oonstruotion, and
havo ready for traffic and fully equipped during this year at least two miles
of a line of railway. This will mean
a heavy expenditure ot money und
the employment of a large amount
of labor, and conseiiuenlty a great
benefit to the Oity.
The oompany would agroo to conform as nearly as possible on streets
improved and graded from side to side
(as for example, linker slreet) to the
established grade, and on streets not
constructed according to any established grade tbey will lay their truck
temporarily, nnd as soon as such
Streets are graded from side to side
hy the City the company will lay
tbeir track accordingly, at their own
expense, We have also in view, that
there are or may he, certain Streets
which may bo required to bo used by
the company, which are not opened
up or used ut present; nml in respect
to these, we presume the Cily will
meet the oompany half way in clearing and ditching the same, so that lhe
public and the company may obtain
temporary use thereof. And in connection with tbe oonstruotion of the
lines wo oan surely expect that the
company will have the free use of
eurth mid rook 011 tlm streets, which
they may need for ballast or other-
Wise, and which is not immediately
required by tho City for street purposes. It is intended to equip the
road in a lirst class niunnor in every leaped. We need hardly point out to
you the benefit to be derived by the
City and the public generally from a
streot railway in our Gitv. Wn should
congratulate ourselves that in a G'.ty
the size of Nolson, British capital is
willing to embark in a venture of ibis
kind, involving the expenditure of a
very Itirgo amount of money, it shows
that, tbo public outside have the snmu
faith in the future of Nelson thut we
possess ourselves.
Ab an inducement to the company
to warrant Ihe expenditure of such a
large sum of money, tbey ask Unit an
exclusive fianohisti be granted them
for lhe use of the si reels I hey may require for the purpose of their railway
for no! less than thirty-five (IIH) years,
and ulso that their property should be
exempt, from taxation. We expecled 10
bave heen able to write the Council ill
Ibis matter before, but have been delayed in receiving complete authority
In act. Iii (lie meantime the represent
alives of the company have secured an
option for the supply of eleotric energy
required, and as Ibis option expires
in a very few days, wo would urge upon you to aot in ihe matter at the
meeting on Monday evening. And we
might further druw  your  attention to
the fact that every day will he of importance in ordar to carry out the
works outlined fer thn season.
As an evidence that the Company is
acting in good faith iu making this
application, we are quite willing that
conditions should be attached to tbe
franchise; such as lequiring oonstruotion to be commenced within a certain
rime, and a certain number of miles of
the railway be completed within a
fixed period.
We lian 1 yon herewith a copy of the
last,  annual   report   of  the  company,
which will show its financial   position
and ability   to   carry   mil    the   work!
Aid. Hillyer expressed tbo hope lhat
the Council would move quickly in
this matter us the old Council hud favorably received the first offer of the
Company and given it to understand
that arrangements could easily be
made to secure the franchise. Mr.
W. A. Macdouald was given permission to speak and urged hasty action as
the company did not. wish to lose any
moro time in getting to work. The
oompany behind the project, the
British Eleotrio Traotiou Oo., was a
very solid one, composed of some of
the best, financial men in Great Britain
nnd controlled some forty eleotrio
systems in iho Uuiied Kindgoui. A
large amount nt money would be
spenl in Nelson at once which would
be of great benefit to the City. The
building of Ilm line would bn a great
advertisement fm- Nelson.. Mr. Maodonald dealt nt length with"} alii the
phases of tho qnestiou and asked that
the Oouncil pass a resolution favoring
the application. The Mayor staled
thai nn eleotrio street railway would
be a desirable thing for Nelson to have.
A discussion followed and finally the.
following resolution was decided upon :
It was moved bv Aid. Hillyer und
seconded hy Aid. Thomson
That with resnoct to the application
of the British Electric Traction Oompany, Limited, of London, England,
for   a   franchise   for   the construction
of an Electric Street Railway in the
city of Nelson; this Council approves
of a franollDe being granted to the
Company to be organized ill the interests of the British Electric Tnotion
Oompany, through its representatives
Messrs. Dnnoau and Peters, nnd that
suoh franchise be for tbe period of
thirty-Inn (3b) years.
That Ihe Oouncil requires that the
British Eleotrio Traction Company at
once give satisfactory proof of their
ability to carry out the work as outlined in their application.
That the granting of such franchise
ho conditional upon Immediate Bteps
being taken to ensure Ihe inoorpora-
tion of such company in thn Province,
and that the construction of such railway be eoininened within two months
after incorporation of the oompany,
anil he carried nu continuously and
diligently until the completion of at
least two (2)miles of railway,and Ihal
this council agrees tn submit a liy law
to thn people for their assent to the
contract io be entered into between the
City and the suid oompany.
A special meeting of the Couucil
will be held shortly to go into the matter with the representatives of tho
0. P, R- Will Build into the
Lardo Country.
tt is to Offset Tho  Transvaal's   Trsmeu-
diius Preparations    Anglo-French
Nile Convention-
London. April 84.��� In lhe House of
Commons    today   Mr.   John   Dillon,
nationalist   member   of County Mayo,
called attention afresh to ihe large Inorease ill the British forces at ihe Oape
wiihiii a comparatively   brief period,
an increase  which  Mr.   B H'our,  when
tbo| Jmatter    was brought    up    Inst
week, said was in no wise intended
as n menace lo lhe Transvaal.
Mr. Chamberlain, secretary of slate
for the ('clonics,answering Mr. lullnn's
interpellation   explained  Ihal    Ibe   in.
orease was dun to  ilm  fact   thai   the
Transvaal I lovornincnt had been making tremendous  military preparations
on Ihn borders of Cain* Colony,
Mr. Henry liubnnehere, radical
member for Northampton,   reproaohed
the colonial secrelarv with "following
inadequate notion by a dellanl
speech. "
Mr. J. Roderick Hob* rtsou gem ml
manager of the London ami 11. 0,
Goldfields Oompany retnrned mi Saturday from a visit to London. Questioned with regard to tlm sain of the enterprise mine lo his company Mr. Hob-
erlsiin replied :
"Nothing has been signed ami un
money has been paid so lhe deal cannot he said lo he tl,rough. All I can
say is lhat. negotiations are still pand-
His manner did not ,*ivo the impression ihul the deal wus as near completion as has been generally   supposed,
Mr. Robertson also said that mill
ing operators in Londou did ubl look
very fip'ornhly upou British Columbia
as a medium of investment tu fact
the Kl.unlike was more frequently enquired after thru  ibis   Province.   He
ascribed this view of Ihn Province lo
Ihe fact that there is a good deal of
English capital invcslcd in It 0. lhat
so far has prove I iiiii'emiiueialive.
When questioned as lo lhe effect, if
any,  Ihe   recent   eight hour and other
legislation  of the   presenl    Govern
menl had had upon financial nl roles in
London, Mr. Robertson declined,   at
thlsjunoture, to speak fm* publication,
With Few Exceptions a Calm
View Taken
Superintendent Marpole Loaves for Larilo
Today to Make Arrangements for
Early Oonstruotion.
Some weeks ago Tbe Miner predicted that tho C. P. R, would soon commence oonstruotion of the road from
tbe head of Kooteuay Luke to Arrowhead aud thai work would commence
at this end. This prediction proves
correct as Mr. R. Mnrpol.esuperintend-
out of the Pacific division of tlie 0. P.
R., informed The Miner last evening
that construction will commence as
soon as arrangements can he made
Mr. Marpole arrived in the City last
evening accompanied liy If. J. Gambia
chief engineer of tbe C. P. R. for
the Pacific division. They leavo this
morning by special tug for the head of
the lake and will meet the engineers
that are now al: work in th* Lardo
country. The surveys will be examined and tbo work outlined so tbe
company will know just what it bas
on hand. Mr. Marpole returns to Nelsou tomorrow and contracts will be let
as soon after as the necessary arrangements can hn made.
The decision of tbe C. P. R. to push
on with this work ut ouco wiil give
satisfaction to the people of Nolson for
it will mean a great deal for tho City
this summer, Nelson will naturally
be the outfitting poiut for the, con
sti'iictioii camps uud a great deal of
money will be put in immediate circulation. A large number of men
will be, employed as the company hits
determined to put the work through
as rapidly as possible, tin we can expect to see Nilson soon overrun with
engineering gangs, contractors and a
whole army of laborers who will spend
money here and make things decidedly
State Department Has Promised  to Deal
With Affair According to Gra
vity of Offence-
Berlin. April 24.��� The afternoon
newspapers here contain few comments
upon Oaptaiu Coghlsns remarks
and they generally lake a calm view
of the after dinner speech and consider
the incident closed,particularly in view
of the semi offloial note published announcing the strong disapproval of the
United States Secretary of State with
the Captains conduct, coupled with
the dignified attitude nf the American press wbioh is regarded as being
noteworthy, and as testifying to the
improved German-Amerioan relations.
The Vossische Zeitnng is an exception to this rnlo and pronounces itself
in favor of demanding severe punishment for Captain Coghlun It says:
"Captain Oogblan belongs to the class
of American ollicers who have swelled
heads in consequence ot their easy
victory over Spain. "
The Tage Blatt in an inspired article
recalls.the fact that the incident is a
year old, referring to tho message
wbic : Admiral Dewey is said to have
sent to Admiral Von Diederich and
adds: "If we must admit Admiral
Dewey at first harbored suspicions of
ibe German squadron those suspicions
were subsequently removed and their
lelations hecamo most cordial, Admiral Dewey even decorating his ships
with flags ou the Empress' birthday,
which international etiquette did not
compel him to do. "
The Loknl Anzeiger, iu a somewhat
violent attack on Captain Coghlun
-U'.s: "He comes of Irish-American
lineage, which notoriously produces
tho roughs, both high and lew, of
American classes. The Berlin-Courier
thinks it is "strange the Americans
recommence to seek n quarrel with
Germany instead of lirst conquering
the Filipinos who promise to givo
them enough work for sometime. '*
Somo   ltmiis   Prom tho Rising   Camp
in East Kootonay,
Windermere, April 18.���(Speoial)���
T. H. Taylor, 0. E., P. L. S.,
came in on Tuesday's stage and will re-
survey the Windermere towusite at
E. Small of Cranbrook registered at
the Windermere Hotel on the 18th instant.
11. Kinnin of Kaslo will open a bar-
bar sbop al an early date.
Crowds are coming in ou every
The ice is   now   breaking   on   Lake
Windermere, Bteambonts will bo running from Golden by May 1.
Kimpton Bros'. Hotel at Atholnicrc
Cny is now open lo the public.
At the Delpbine mine, Toby Creek,
Manager Shirk will shortly put on an
extra   force of men.     Regular    shin
ninutS will he made from Ihn 1st of
Ben   A imi   has unooovered  a large
body of copper   ore   1.11   the   Reilll nu
claim* on Windermere mountain.
(In thn Swansea mine, Windermere
niounliiiii,  work was resumed   on   lhe
pith   instant,   Development   was  re
sinned on the   Union group,   Wlndsr-
mere mountain by a   foroe of men un-,
der West uud   WiiHlihiirn   the   owners. |
Thin property   has a well defined lead I
of 12 l'i el of copper ore. A trial
shipment will be made hy first boat In
the Binolter at Golden.
Development work on a large scale
will comincniii at au early date ou Ihe
Black PriuoeJ group, Boulder Oreek,
(1. A. Brown will shortly resume
work on Ihe Hrown group,Toby Creek.
W. (i. Miti-hell-liines, superintendent of thn New Golden and li. 0. Syndicate of Loudon, Kngland, iu expecled
back from England very shortly lo resume work on Ihe Pretty Girl group,
Toby Creek, which is one of tbe shipping propositions of this district.
Heal 1 slate, which has been quiet for
the past few weeks has again brightened up and there were many rumors
ol good deals on ilm street  yesterday,
There is a brisk demand lor residential lols which are Changing hands
rapidly.   The building boom   continues
unabated and altogether   the   outlook
is very favorable.
Mr. Jacob Dover  has  returned   to
Nelson  with his bride and was yestor-
dayjreooiviug the congratulations of his
friends, lie has been absent two
months having 1111 extensive trip upon
which he combined pleasure and business having visited thu   large eastern
markets. His appearance 1110icaleHll1.il
the trip did him good.
Washington, April 24. ��� After the
conference between Secretary Hay,
and the German Ambassador this noon
it was stuted iii an authoritative quartei
that there was no reason to view the
Ooghlan affair in a too serious light,
as presenting and gravi international
complications. Tho meeting today il
was stated has been mutually agreeable, the main feature of stale department conference was in establishing
that Germany expects the United
Slates Government to deal with the
Ooghlan affair, according to the gravity of the offence and the United
States' in turn gives assurances that
every just expectation in this respect
will ho performed.
New York, April 24.���One hundred
and twenty sailors from the United
States cruiser Raleigh clad in (heir naval uniforms were given a banquet in
the Astor gallery of Ihe Wahlorf-Aslor
hotel tonight. Shortly after the banquet had begun, Captain and Mrs
Ooghlan arrived and mingled with ihe
spectators. Captain Coghlun when
asked ubout the furore raised by bis
speech was very reticent. He said :
" 1 have received   no   conimunieatioii
from Washington exoept a routine or*
der whioh has come through iliii Admiral,   John W.   Philips,   I  do not
care to discuss Hie mailer. As you can
well nuderfltand,the more I talk about
it   the more   the mat tin   will   become
involved end there will  be   misstate*
ments and misunderstandings Ynu
can understand my position.
material as jacket. A patch pocket on
each breast six and a half inches wide
by seven anil a half inches deep, with
flap fastened by small fiat horn hutton. A plain body si am on each
side, a moveable belt passing through :
a keeper on each body seam, belt two
inches wide with .ival shaped leather
covered buckle; a patch pockel on
eaoh Bide below tbe holt fl}-* by 1'.,
nohes deep with fitp'the lower puokei
is about 2 inches inside the Hue of the
upper. Between tin* upper und
lower pockets the jacket is gathered
in by a diamond to form the shape of
waist, of jacket.'
Four raised seams about 1(1 inches
long in Ihe back, two on each side
and about one inch apart starting from
about four inches from the bottom of
tbo skirt, extending upwards,to gather
the frock into the hollow of tne luck.
i loose pleat shirting from the. collar
ou each side iu front and 1'^ inohes
inside end of collar extends down the
front to bottom of jacket; the upper
patch pooket borders on the inside of
this pleat, the lower about 2'., nsidi*
of it. A small slit in rear of the
lower left hand pooket for hooks of
sword   belt.    Shoulder  straps   of    the
une material ns the jacket, fastened
with small fiat horn hutton. Badges of
rank in bronze, -five black horn bull
buttons down the front Lining of
frock black alpaca. This pattern serge
rock will in future he worn hy all ollicers of rifle regiments, in place of that
described iu dress regulations for the
Militia, R. St O, l*s!lli.
Aignillette���Of black cord, of similar pattern to that of A. D. 0. to (he
Queen, hut substance of cord the same
as that for personal A. D. 0., to he
worn on Ihe left shoulder with serge
frock, when in full dress.
Belts���Brown leather (Sam Brown)
Pouch Belt���Brown leather with
binocular ease to liiuteh.
Gloves���Brown leather, The tunic,
helmet, or forage cup, will not he
N. C. Officers, Rank and File���Un-
ifirm of non-commissioned officers,
and men of these companies will be
is for Ride regiments generally, except lhat Ihe serge frock will he issued
in place of tunic, and bead dress will
conform to tbat of officers.
Aignillette���Of black cord of the
same pattern as that of Ollicers, hut
differing in quality.
Negro Preacher is Lynched
at Palmetto.
PROJhOT HAS li'tlEN (il Viif-I Ui** I'OB,
THE  YE Alt;
Oorbiu Tells His Reasons for Discontinuing His Bailway Projects for
tlm Time Beiug.
A Description of the   Uniforms to   Be
Worn hy Officers and Men.
The offloial description of the uniform
of the South Koolenay Rilles has been
received iu Nelson, and iH given be
low.   The  detailed description  given
is that of an officer's uniform, hut. that
of the   non-commissioned officers uud
men are practically the same though
Iho quality of lhe material differs
sometimes. Fresh assurances have
been received from Mr. Hewitt Unstuck,
M. P. that tlie   uniforms will he   here
shortly.   The uniform is as follows-.
The dress of officers ot Ihe Independent Ki Hn Companies of British Oolumbla .will hn thut for Rilhw ns hud
down in dress regulations for the Militia. R. ifc <J., 1808 with the following
exceptions :
Head Dress���Full dress, black fell
hai live inches high in crown, rim
three Inches wide, puggaree dark
green wilh red Hue, Han Oil left side,
caught up and fastened by rosette nf
dark red.
Head Dress���Undress, field servn-i*
Brook   Serge,   worn   both for dress
and undress, rifle green, full iu the
chest, square in front, sluno up oollar,
square in from two tncbes high,  witli
two hooks and eves and black silk tab,
Scarlet piping on the collar seam.
Culls pointed six inches to two and a
I half deep, oollar and  cuffs ot the same
It has already been stated in the de-
pinches of Thn Miner that it was improbable lhat the Kettle River Valley
Railway Bill would be passed in the
House this session, and now comes
official information that Mr. Corbin
will not make an application this year
at all. The Spokesman-Review iu its
lust issue prints the following interview with Mr.  Oorbiu :
"This does not. men':," said Mr.
Corbin yesterday, "that I shall not renew that application at some olher
time, possibly next year, but I am deoided not to press Ibe application this
year and have withdrawn it trom con
snieralion. It was to have come up
before the railway oommittee ubout
this time.
"There aro several reasons for my
action. In the first pine * I am greatly
oooupied just now in establishing a
beet sugar factory, at Waverly, in this
country, 1111 enterprise in which I
am investing I860,000. To complete
the plant this year I must give   it   my
individual attention.   This is more to
me than the Kettle Valley road and is
something which  1   cun not   sncrilice.
"Further, Mr. Bodwell, my solicitor, who pressed    the application    last
year ticfore the Dominion Parliament, can not get lo Ottawa eithei in
look after the matter. He is deeply
engaged at Rosslaud at tlm trial of tie*
Iron Mask-Centre .Star case, being nl'
counsel in thut sail, which is one involving vast property Interest! nnd of
great importance. Veil will thus see
that neither   Mr.  Bodwell  nor   myself
could give iho application   for a ohar*
Ier Hie attention required.
'"In   addition    to all    this,    Hewitt
Bostock, om* of iim British Oolumbla
members of Parliament who is friendly
lo mv application has written 1110 advising a withdrawal nf Uu* application,
Under nil tnese oircumstanoes 1 have
thought   best to follow the udvise.
"Had Ihe (dinner been granted when
1 first applied for if last year 1 was in
condition to build al once und intend
Jed to have const met ion work coin
/menceil within a week of the granting
of the charter. It would have been
an easy road to build, following up the
wntergrailes of the r'ver, and would
have been completed ill five'months. By
October   last,   year,    al the latest,  we
would    have 1 11 running trains   into
Greenwood.     Al   that    time of course 1
was more interested lu  building   the
road than 1 am now. for then I had
not sold tlie Spokane Falls & Northern system, 1 do not mean to sav I
am not Interested IU the project now,
for I am,nnd hope to eventually secure
a charter tor the plan is a feasible one,
despite the tiii-t that the Canadian
I'iiciHc i*. uoing in there. "
J, .T Fife and Oapt, llayward have
entered into partnership as manufacturers agents and will oommenoo husi-
lleSS on May I  under tha linn name   of
Kile iV Hayward, They have several
good agendoi ami with Nolson as
headqunrters should do a large husinoHH
in tho Kootenays,
Tlie Only Evidence a Statement Mads bj
a Proved Liar and Cowardly
Palmetto, Ga.. April 34.��� The body
of Elijah Stinkland, negro preacher,
who was implicated in the Oranford
murder by Sam Hose was found swingling to the limb of a persimmon tree
within a mile uud a quarter of this
place early today. Before death was
llio wed to end his sufferings, his oars
weie out off and the small finger of
his left hand was severed at tho second
joint. These trophies wore in Palmetto today. Ou the chost of the negro wns a piece of blood stained paper
attached by an ordinary pin, On
one side of this paper was written:
"New York Journal: Wo must protect, our ladies. "
The other side ot the papejeontaiued
1 warning to the negroes of the neighborhood.    Is road :
"Beware all darkies, yon will ho
treated the siinin way."
Before being lynched Stioklund was
given a chance to confess to the misdeed of which Ihn mob supposed him
to he guilty hut he protested his innocence to tho last. Three times the
nooso was placed around his neck and
the negro was drwnn up off the
ground. Three times he was let down
with a warning that death was in
store should he fail to confess bis complicity in the Oranford muiilor Three
tunes Strickland proclaimed his inuo-
(vnco, until weary of useless torturing
the mob pulled ou the rope und tied
the end nround the slender persimmon
tree.    Not a shot wns fired.
Tile lynching ot Stioklaud ..-m not
accomplished without a desperuto
effort on the part of his employers to
save bis life. The mun who pleaded
for him is Major \V. W. Thomas, an
ex-Senator,and one of tbo most distinguished citizens of Oowet County. He
did all in his power to prevent the
lynobing of ihe negro and did not. discontinue his efforts until bo had hoiin
assured by the lenders of the mob thnt
tbe negro would he taken to jail at
Kairiiiiiii,one mile from the spot where
tbe promise was made. Tilje Stickland
was banged. The negro was a tenant
nu the plantation   of the Major.
When Sam Hose,the murderer of Alfred Oranford und the assailant of   his
wife made his confession immediately
prior to his burning, he implicated
Ijijo Stickland, Hose contending that
in* bud been offered money by Stick-
Inuil to kill Oranford, It. was known
positively, however, thnt Hosn had
made false stealements in his last confession and many of those who aided
in his burning were disposed to disregard his statement in regard to Stick-
Dale Sunday night about ���l**"*') men
went to the plantation of Major
Thomas and took Btiokland from his
little cabin ill the wood leaving his
wife and five children lo wait and
wee)) over, the fate they know wuh in
store for him.
Another mob is hunting the county
for Albert Sowcll, who Iiiih made himself obnoxious by remarks concerning
ihe treatment given the negroes hy
ilm whiles There is not much prospect of his capt urn, however, uh ho
bas had a day's Htart of bin puisuors.
Hut That Did Not Interfere With One
very   Qood Basket.
The weather on Sunday wuh snoh an
to greatly diSOOUTage anglers who had
looked forward to a good day's fishing.
The sun was warm and bright but
the wind blow a gale and mado casting next to impossible. As a result
thOSO who scorn the use of bait had
10 be content with small baskets as a
general rule, but bait fishers did not
fare very badly. A parly went down
to Slocan Junction and the rapid waters near Ward's Crossing. A clurot
bodied fly wns used with fair success a
basket of thirty being secured. They
averaged small however as thr big fellows were inclined to slay below. Tho
wind was very troublesome bnt not as
bad as near Nelson.
The water is still rather low for fishing al the Junction hut it is rising
perceptibly   every day and a couple of
weeks should make it just right,
one of the best baskets reported wan
that secured hy Messrs. Dee and Ar-
mil whose 112 fid, reached 11 total
weight of IB pounds foni ounces. One
trout reaobed   tlm record   weight   for
this season if four pounds six  onnoes,
He was two feet long. He took the liy
away       below       the surfiice.       He
made a Stubborn light sulking for over
an hour in the deep water but was fin-
nlly landed after a hard struggle.
|*'iiiii- other fish from the same basket
weighed four pounds two ounces and
the olher 87 went seven pounds 12
ounces, They woro caught ut Five Mile
Point. .   ^
i p
died today; a refinery would   soon fol-
NBiSOII     DdiH'      ]y[i12-9r jlow: white lead   works,    red lead aud
. litharge   works   would   and   could be
profitably established in  eastern   Can-
I ublished Doily except Monday.
-Nelson Miner Para-rota & 1-l-blishixg Co.
D. J   BEAI'ON*. Editor and Manager.
Sui-scription Rates,
bally perm.nlh by earner $ 100
per half year    5 00
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per ye*\r foreign  10 00
Nbtson Weekiy Miner.
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Notices of Births, I) *aths, and Marriages
inserted for 60 cents each.
ADVERTISING H V rES���Daily, |3 per inch
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11 per cent discount on yearly contracts.
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subsequent insertions. Want ads. ono cent
per word ea:h insertion. No reduction on
these rates.   A ccounts rendered monthly.
Nel son M in sr Printing & PublishingCo
An interesting letter on the Btnelting
and refining of lead in Canada appears
in a recent issue ot The Torouto Globe.
There is no date line and no signature
but it is evidently the production of
some persou who bas given the subject much caretul consideration. The
question is one of deep interest to
British Columbia aud as we are all
supposed to be earuestly engaged iii devising some possible solution of it
our niiuiug readers, we are sure, will
gladly excuse its reproduction here. It
is to be understood, however, that lhe
Miner does not necessarily commit
itself to the views expressed. Tbe
letter is as follows :
"Tbe Trail smelter uuder the Canadian Pacific management has invested
close on $200,000 iu improvements in
its cupper plant and in building modern lead smelting works. Tbe product
of this smelter will be lead bulliou,
consisting of about 95 per cent, lead
about 2 per cent, silver aud gold and
the balance copper and impurities.
This product will be refined iu Cauada, hut it would be at a considerably
greater expense than the rates charged
by the U, S. refineries. As soon as it
is possible to successfully smelt, iu
competition with American smelters,
enough lead ore to produce fifty or
more tous per day of bullion, a refinery
will lie built, but to attempt to operate
ono on the present low tonnage would
only aot as a hurdeu on the lead
smelting industry. Consequently for
tbe present, bullion produced iu Canada cau he far more cheaply refined in
the United States iu bond, nud the
resulting lead sold iu_tliH Euglisb market.
'���There is at present a duty of 15 per
ceut. on pig lead from the United
States, and 1.1 per cent., less a differential cf 25 per cent., on pig iron lead
from England. Most of the pig lead
consumed in Canada, therefore, comes
from Eugland, aud a Canadian smelter
is forced to 'sell its luad iu England,
and probably exactly the same lead
is shipped hack into Cauada. This
makes lead-smelting in Canada very
difficult, and no amount of encouragement hy tbe Government iu the form
of bounties can remedy tbis dilficulty.
"It is evident that a Canadian smelter or producer should recoive the Government's support in the matter of
giving Imn the benefit of the Canadian
markot, which is higher than the English market, but uot quite so high
us the United States market. This cau
easily ho done hy simply allowing the
pig lead resulting from the refining in
bond in tbe United States of Canadian
bullion, back iuto Cauada, free of tbe
Canadian duty of lu per cent. It is
true, the Canadian market is small,
thero being hut 8,000 tons of pig load
consumed annually, but the Slocan
miner of lead ores, aud tbo Canadian
smelter, should have tbe beueilt of
their own small Canadian market
riithur than bo forced to ship tin nig
lead to England, hack to Canada,
und Iben pay 15 por oout. duty, loss
2b por cent, preferential, upon bis own
lead, which actually originated in
"The largest use for load is iu connection with the manufacture of dry
white lead, red and oraugo, and litharge. The duties upon the above
range from nothing to" 5 [per cent.,
and they are consequently all imported
ami amount to 8,500 tons per year.
All the above would and could he manufactured in Eastern Canada wore duties made about as follows: Dry white
load, raised from 5 per cent, to 20 per
cent. ; white lead, ground in oil, raised
from 25 per eent. fo '30 per cent. ; red
lead raised from 5 per eent. to 21) par
cont. ; litharge, raised from free to SO
por cent.
"The ahovo duties are fair and con
sisteut assuming the 15 per emit, doty
to remain on pig Lead, as it should.
ezoepting that it should not he
oharged on pig lead coining from Canadian bullion. Hut with the above
charges there would he a demand forld, ���
000 tons of Canadian pig lead per year;
the miner of the Slocan would receive
more for mining their ore, and ore
would ho mined and smelted in Canada, which cau not profitably   ho ban-
ada, and also tbe lead [smelting problem,so called, would be solved without
bounty, export duty, or any of the
foolish laws which have been suggst-
ed. Practically all tho British Columbia lead ores would be smelted and refined in British Columbia, aud the
resulting pig lead would be sold in
eastern Cauada, to he manufactured into lead pipe, white lead, litharge, etc.,
while the surplus would find a good
market in China and Japan.
"There might he such strong objection to raising duties ou white lead,
red lead, litharge, etc., that it would
be useless to attempt to bave any
change ; but, in any event, the Government should place us iu a position
so that we could furnish the 3,000 tons
of pig lead for which there is au actual demand, without shippiug it to
England and then paying duty."
Wheu the Aoraugi left Sydney on
her last voyage out, elections were
iu progress in two or three of the Australian colonies, at which the question of federation was the chief issue.
When this is fiually carried, as it possibly may be during the present session of the Imperial Parliament, tbe
measure should be a perfect one if deliberation in sBch matters is of any
value. Our Australian cousins have
been at it since 181)0. Nine years is
a long time to devote to any one question. Cauada did tbe work iu two,
aud without the aid of a patteru by
which to fashion our cloth. Iu those
days, too, time was not considered as
precious as it is now, wben everything
is done with a rush aud a huiry.
In Australia they are more deliberate,
as we see. The first Federal Convention was held in 1S90. It did little
more than provide for another one the
following year, at which a scheme
was licked into shape. It fell flat,
however. Tbo leaders of the people
were favorable enough, but the people
themselves failed to display any en
thusiasm over it. Tbo next step was
a conlerence of Premiers in 1895, at
which provision was made for an
elective Convention, endorsed by Enabling Bills in the respective legislatures, and in March 1897, the delegates
assembled at Adelaido and framed
another Bill,to which the criticisms of
the Legislatures were invited. Later
in the same year the Convention
reassembled at Sydney to consider the
amendments that had been suggested,
and at au adjourned meeting held at
Melbourne iu March. 1898, the Bill
was finally adopted.
Tbe failure of Now South Wales to
support it by the necessary vote caused
another delay aud further coufereuces.
Tbat colony did not like tbe method
provided for dealing with a deadlock
between the two branches of Parliament and there was no guarantee tbat
it would be given the capital. It has
since beeu satisfied ou both these
points, au absolute majority of the twn
houses voting together to decide a
deadlock; and as there is no statutory
requirement us to the second vote, it
is supposed that the colony will approve tbe scheme hy a good majority.
The other consenting colonies stand
ready to enter, and if there should be
uo further bitch it is expected that a
Federation Act will be passed during
the pre��eut session of the Imperial Parliament.
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It hns been 8Uitl thut the Plains of
Abraham, tlm property of thi Sisters
of tit. Ursula, Quebec, die to bo nut up
into lots anil put upou tho market.
Suoh rumored deieoration has stirred
tho Oanailian people, anil a fow days
ego tho matter was brouohed in tho
Houso. Tho Minister of Militia, Dr.
Borden, sail! tho Government were
"disposed tn consider favorably the
proposal in aoqnire tho property if the
price is reasonable." Tho Government
01111 make tbo price reasonably liy fori--
Ing arbitration ou tho value of it. It
is a vory simple matter to met over
that difficulty. If there is tho least
Intention to dispose of tho property
as reported, the Goverumeut shoulil
take prompt ami effective Btops to expropriate it.
As nn example - of the amenities of
journalism ns understood and practised
in Kootonay, wo reprodooe the following from Tho Bandon Paystreak i
"The Minor editor bnd bettor mind bis
owu business, or return to tbo Bgriool-
tural zones of Manitoba, -where he
spout so many years as a henobman
of Van Home's." it may be of future
use to The l'nyslronk, unit other papers
. similarly disposed lo insolence and
malice, to be informed thut Tho Minor
editor has never eiohanged as much
as 01111 poor word with Sir William
Van Home either by letter, telegram,
or speeob, directly or indireotly, ami
that up to tin* present moment of his
life lie has QBVer oven sot eyes on him.
If ho woro to moot Sir William Van
Uoruo and Aclnm on linker street today
he would not know the one from tbo
other���uuloss it might be by their dress.
All Contractor* llguring on  buildings that
will require
Should consult
J.   W.  MELLOR,
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House Cleaning Time
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Went Baker Strcut NlttSUN NELSON DAILY MINER, TUESDAY, APRIL 25,  1899
that the resolution was no* carried ! cart made its firsi appearance y ester-
legally as Section 84 of the Municipal day and after the wind and dust of Ba-
Act  stated that all  questions  ker street on Sunday was most accept-
A Great Deal of Work Transacted Last Night
The Oity Solicitor Says "As You  Were"
So the Matter Stands as it was
in the Beginning.
The resignation of the poundkeeper.
the forging of another liuk in the tho
bank question chain of irregularities,
the promise of a 85 year franchise to
un eleitrio street railway company,
the consideration of the social problem
and the increasing of Oity Clerk
Strachan's salary were nniouR the interesting questions that came before
the Oity Oouncil last night. It was
a very busy three hour session, a great
deal of work being transacted with
out any unnecessary squabbling. In
faot there was not a division during
the meeting.
From tho box office point of view
the meeting was very successful as the
attendance of citizens was larger than
nt any previous meeting this year.
A large number of petitions were presented and there ware people present
to back them up.
The acting Oity Solicitor advised
that the first vote on the bank question
was irregular so that, virtually, the
aooonnt stays where it is, at. the old
rate,so as the matter now stands the
Oity is not receiving any advantage
from the low figures mentioned in 'bo
offers thnt. were called for last mouth.
Aid. Fletcher mentioned thnt the
Bank of Montreal was paying ii -per
cent ou the sinking fund. In it.
offer the Bank of Montreal stated its
willingness tn pav !1 per cent on the
sinking fund. Thero is {cert-mily
something "irregular" in Ibis larest
move. However the end is not yet
ns tho question will be reopened when
Aid. Beer returns to thej Oity and a
hotter rate than tho Oity now receives
Will he secured in spite of the efforts of
some of the aldermen to foroe the Oity
to accept the less favorable of"two
offers. All the aldermen with tho exception of Aid. Beer were present.
The minutes of the last ordinary and
subsequent extraordinary meeting were
rend and unproved.
Three tenders for cement were read,
one from tho Vancouver Cement
Works offering nt $28.C0 per tor, f. o.
b nt Nelsou; from Turner, Boston
* Co., f. o. li. ijti.05 per barrel for a
lot Cf less than 100 barrels and $ti per
barrel for over 100 bnrrels; from H. J.
Evans St Co., $ii per barrel. The offer
of H, ,1. Evans being tho lowest was
Only ono tender for nails was read
and wns filed. The Oity will probably buy its nails on tho instalment
plan hereafter as the price fluctuates
so thar no firm feels like tendering
ahead for a year's supply.
Tho tenders for sewerage construction decided upon at tho last meeting,
from L. Peters & Co., $1,1)118; Edward
Frost, $1,5(10; Campbell & Deacon,
91.186; J.Thompson, 1986; David Morris, $1,889; Breckinridge & Lund,
$1,(175 wore then considered.
Aid. Hillyer did not think it was
wise to go ahead with this work untile the Council was sure where the
money to pay for it was to come from
It was possible that there was still
$2,000 left in the sewerage appropriation, The tenders were left to the
Board of Works with power to accept.
The finance committee recommended
the payment* of various accounts and
the report was adopted.
The Board of Works reported recommending thnt. a six foot sido walk bo
laid nn Josephine streot from Silica to
Mill, and that the Citv use the old materia] for sidewalk on opposite side of
Josephine street and the north side of
Mill stroet between Josephine street
ind Hill stroot; and that tho sidewalk
on Silica street be extended from Heu-
dryx street to Park stroet. The com-
nntteo also recommended tho Council
to urge the Provincial Government to
take the necessarv steps for placing the
wharf ut the foot of Hull street in a
safe und satisfactory condition. The
oommittee further recommended that
the following sum bo raised by tho is-
��uo of debentures:
POT Waterwoiksextension   $80,000
Eleotrio Light works extension.. 15,000
Sewer extension   15,00(1
Publio   buildings     5,000
A largely signed petition asking for
the removal of the houses of ill fame
from tho Kast ond of Baker streot was
Aid. Hillyer slid that' the question
was fa problem the City oould not
tackle just now. A suitable place to
put them would have to be provided
before thoy could be movod.
Aid. Thomson said it was transfer
ring n nuisnuce from one pnrt, of the
"ity to another nnd the question wns
to first decide where thoy wero to go.
Aid. Fletcher did not think that
the City should be unv party to an ar
rangoment with the proprietors of the
houses. He realised that it was n vorv
(lijllcult problem to ileal with.
Scotty" Hopbnrn addressed tho
Council on the matter nnd strongly wl-
yocaled their removal hut hn hurt no
feasible suggestion to make beyond
Proposing that a by law bo put to the
people to givo them an opportunity
to show by their votes whether they
wished to hnve tho houses removed.
After some discussion, during which
ad the aldermen expressed their nnx-
iety to apply some remedy but did
not see what wns to be done, Finally it oommittee consisting of Aid.
���Innnisnn, Kirkpatrick and Hillyer,
*>vas appointed to consider and report upon thn question Acting
Oity Solicitor Wilson wrote in reference to the regularity of tho Council's
lotion in the passage of tho resolution
accepting thn offer of the Merchant's
���Hunk of Hnlifnx for the City's bank
account.   He  gave it ns  his opinion
must be settled by a majority of the,
Council present at the meetiug. As i
two, Aid. Thomson and lhe flavor, i
did not vote the resolution was not:
carried by a majority of thoso present
tho vole standing 8 lo 2.
"There being such an express pro
vision in the statute" wrote Mr,
Wilson, "Parliamentary rules do not
apply and the wording uf the Section
being su plain I can see no reason '.
how such rules can in the least modify
it." He therefore did not go into the*
veto question and stated that tho matter was "left in tho same position as
it now stands on tho ininuto books,
the motion to accept the offer of the
Merchants' Bank of Halifax being
negatived in each case."
Tho letter was filort and ordered to
be placed in tho minute book.
Thu Mayor stared that lln offer of
the Bank ot Montreal was (I per cent
ou overdraft and 5 per cent on sinking
Some citizens of the Hume Addition
wrote asking for permission to tap the
City's water main at the, Eastern
boundary of the City so as to get water for their houses. Tho Counoil
viewed the matter favorably mid left it
to the Board of Works with power
to act.
William Gortou wrote that as he
took abuse worth $100 a month he
wanted to give up his position of
poundkeeper but would take $25 and
swallow the other $75 of abuse. The
Mayor was asked to make some compromise with Mr. Gorton as ho was a
good pon ml keeper.
Fell & Gregory, solicHors for the
Nelson Land and Improvement Co ,
wrote asking the Oity to settle for land
covered by the site of tho reservoir
and fo pay for damage done lu some
lots by file Hume passing over them to
the reservoir.
Alfred Bunker wrote asking for a
sewer extension along the alleyway
of Block 1)4. Referred to Board of
City Engineer MoOollooh reported
on the City's water supply. He said
that the snuply would be totally inadequate next winter and that Cottonwood creek would have to be looked
to for the future supply. Tbe cost of
running a pipe line from the creek
would lie about $25,000. The report
was filed.
Residents on Vernon street, between
Hall and Cedar, wiote asking that a
sever be constructed along that block.
Referred to Board of Works.
A large number of residents petitioned lor an eight foot sidewalk on
Vernon slreet from Stanley street to
Railway street. Referred to Board
oi Works. Another petition for a side
walk ou the north sido of Lake street,
between Cedar and Park. This would
uocessits'.te the grading of a portion
of the street. Referred to City Engineer.
Aid Kirkpatrick was appointed acting city treasurer during the absence
of Aid. Beer from the City.
Aid. Hillyer moved and Aid. MoKillop seconded a resolution increasing lhe salary of the Oity Clerk from
$100 to $120 per month. The motion
was unnuiniously carried. The increase will go into effect on the first of
Mny. The work of the Oity Olerk
bus greatly increased of Into and keeps
him busy all day and nearly all night.
Tenders will lie culled for a supply
of eight and 10 inch sewer pipe to
carry out the present lutentions ot
the Council regarding,, sewer construction.
Mr. E. O Traves asked permission
tn build an addition to Ihe Brokenhill
Blook of corrugated iron and to have n
brick veneer front on Ward street.
This was apparently in aaoordanoe
with the fire limits by law.
Council then adjourned.
able.    More grease   to   its  axles!
Tho   trifling   *
Hamilton Powdi
Bunk of Montn *
settled. It arose
building of the I
crouched a fev
which the Bank
to build. The 1,
puny will reol
arose from the fit
is not. quite plan
ed a little.
g The arrivals in
two days were:
land, Ore. ; N.
H. Murray, Em.
and wife, Bn-.
Minneapolis; J.
Max Carte, Rev.
tou, Ottawa; E
Creek; A, J. Gl
E. J. Matthews
ell, Greenwood .
A. F. Dixon, S
Marpole, Vnnciv,
A. F. Armstead
At the   adjoin*
county   court   t\.
consideration, Gr
Kennedy   vs. C
Tho Miner when
up for hearing   1
iffs were suing
The defense  adi
extent of $01   on*
evidence judgmei
vnr nf Grant for
Kennedy was a\\
Mr.    W.    A.    Mn
peared for the ph.
F. Gnrrt of Cran'
This terminatei.
county court.
(Obsoi viUions b .
.--mite   between    the
Oompany   aud   the
i has been   amicably*
ver the foot that the
1'iuer   company   cn-
inclies   on   Ihe   l~t
Montreal are going
lilton Powder Com-
the   error,   which
that   ils   building
and has also warp-
ii Phair for the past
. R.    Hodges, Port-
wis,    Montreal;   J.
id; E.    M.    Harrop
id;   R.    B,   Dixon,
Kirk,    Kossland ;
.ike ; O. F. Hnrring-
Mitohell, Pinoher
id, Toad Mountain ;
Iv ; Jas. A. MoDou-
I'oupoie.    Nakusp;
il...    Toronto;   R.
i ; H.   J.   Gambia,
s aucouver.
For Ladies
1     sittings   of
cases came up
t vs. O. P. R.~, and
', R. As stated iu
leso cases first came
I week, both plaint-
i*   $240   for   wages.
ted liability to the
After bearing tho
was renderedjin fa-
i)4 and costs, while
tied $150 and costs.
donnld, Q. C., np-
l tiffs, and Mr. W.
**ok for the defense,
bo   sittings   of   the
SUMMER SHOES       foc^oca
and Gents 5triped
Moreens $2.50
rioreens $3.00
Moreens $4.50
Silver Silks
Extra Value
Satanas $5.50.
Martin O'Reilly & Co.
Don't stop tn think of where lo buy your shoes when in need ot a pair, but
come direct to Lillie's Shoe store and we are quite sure
yon will go away satisfied
Aberdeen Block.
Are You a Judge
Of Pishing Tackle?
If so Inspect the
Nelson and we
different  stocks
will   sell   you
Nelson Hardware Co.
leal lii'iioi'i,
'. by A. II. Holdich.
Apr 18 Tuesday
Apr 19 Wed'day
Apr 20 Thur.--d.ii
Apr 21 Friday
Apr 22 Saturday
Apr2;- Bunday
Apr 24 Motif'ay
8N0W     IIAK-
?8 00
and th **se about to build
should enquire of us for
estimates un
Rooiing b
We make    Specialty of
Suits to Suit Everybody
At Prices to Suit Your Pocket.
A large consignment ot lhe newest designs in Ready-to-wear
Clothing just received.    Our  goods are  nil  new and fresh.
No old stojk or shoddy suits at Emory & Walleye.   We have
also just opened a full line of John B. Stetson Hats.
The Hub Furnishing House.
Emory &  Walley
Mr. G. Mnsson, engineer at the Ath-
ahasca miue, has returned from a holiday to the linst.
The lug cooper blast furnace nt the
Hall Mines Smelter has heen blown in
again and everything is very busy over
thero   just now.
Tlie Hamilton Powder company intend erecting a brick block on the
lot on -vest Bakor slreet where their
frame building now   stands.
Mrs. Mcdhie, who wns operated upon for appendicitis on Sunday morn
ing is convalescing as rapidly as oculd
be expeoted, The operation was performed by Dr. Laliau. Drs. Doolittle
and Forin beiug also present.
Mr. W. A. Macdonald lot |the contract yesterday for the handsome residence which he intends erecting at the
corner of Stanley and Carbonate streets.
Win. Park was tho successful tenderer
and will commence work today.
Six applicants wero granted naturalization papers at the connly court yesterday. These wero Hal'lalc Anncone.
J. W.'Oownn. Pedro Ohehro, O. D.
Kennedy, and Charles Eriokson, all of
���Nelson, Mid Charles yinirnstrom, of
In the polloe courl yesterday .7. Pur
ton and Joseph O'llavii were; brought
up on a charge of vagrancy. They
ciime here from Kuskonook on a railway scow. Since their arrest, however, evidence was discovered whioh
appeared Io connect them with another
olTousc. Thev were accordingly remanded till this niorniiiu at HI o'clook,
pending an investigation.
The subscribers of the Free Library
are  becoming   more   numerous  every
onth and a large number of books are
out constantly, The assortment of
books now on the shelves is tin excellent one and the citizens are showing
their appreciation by patronizing the
Horary liberally. The reading rooms
are filled every afternoon and evening.
Mr, J. K. Annalilc hns put through
several real estate U'tils lately among
them being tho property known as tho
Salvation Army l'>arraoks toj Mr. J.
Paing-Stocks for (8,000, and lots No's,
hi and IB in Blook SO, ou Carbonate
street, to Mr. Peter Iiiind, of Breokin-
ridge St l,iind for 1500, and also lot \!:i,
Block 84 on Mill street to Mr. E.
Frost for *2()0.
"Sprinkle, sprinkle, watering cart;
oft we wonder where thou art, as
above our heads so high, Ibe dust of
Baker street (ills the sky" murmured
tl citizen yesterday as Ihn wind swilled down linker street but failed to (ill
the eyes of pedestrians with dust. The
Air,  II
Vancouvc Hard-
Co., Ltd.
Shelf and 1    vy Hardware.
glasses th
they do ni
all, or, p
er   lens.
change g-1
tients free
ten improve so
th the use of
it in a short time
require them ;il
haps need a weak-
In that case we
s.ses for our pilot charge.
But a line of Soap, the largest and   most  decidedly tlie best line of
ever brought into Nelson     Laundries, hotels, restaurants, mining camps
and all interested in the Soap Question, will find it to their
advantage   to use
Lathers freely, lasls longer and contains no injurious chemicals,   making
it perfectly harmless to the most delicate hands and warranted
not to injure the finest fabric, only at
M. DesBrisay & Co.
The Canadian Mutual Loan & Investment Company advance money
on easy terms. Low interest. No
shares required.
Mining- and  Real   Estate   Broker,
Tiinier-Boeekli Block, Nelson.
large   and  fine   stock   of  Sailor
Hals and Children's  Bonnets just arrived at
Mrs. McLaughlin
General Broker-
[otel for sale $6,000,
for $100 per month.
to  loan   at  S
Fire and Life Assurance.
The Brackman & Ker
Milling Co., Ltd.
Wholesale and Retail.   Grain, Hay, Feed, etc.
Write for Quotations On Car Lots Nelson, 6. C.
SSSSsMe*.*. .^SSSS-SS-iS-iS**?
Also bovoral hoti
i\'0 three 9
for hii'o nl i
ul Rostdenoo Prop*
If so read all the "Fishing Tackle" advertisements and then come and buy
your   outfit from
The Lawrence Hardware Co
who carry the most complete slock in Nelson.    All our
goods imported  direct   from   English,   American   and
Canadian Manufacturers.
Lawrence Hardware Co.
Shelf and Heavy Hardware, Nelson, B- C.
stock arid  OUBloms   Brokers.
Ileal Km .ill) and
Insurance Agents,
NOTIOE Is horoby plvon thai tin* Hnl Bit
tint*-; of thoOourtof Revision appointed by tbo
OOunotl of tbe Olty of Nelson for hearing all
oomplatntsog-lnBl tbe u-sessmonl fur tbe our-
rent yn,,\ its made by the as-ossor of the nniil
Cily, will In* lii-lil In  ll*'  Oounell  (��lin 111 tii-r nt
Kelson on Thursday, tho flrsl day of Juno, lsw
at lOo'olook n. in-
.1. ic m kaciian City Olerk.
Nelxnu, 11. I'.. April Hlli, 1800,
The Hon Ton
known and popi
sold at reasonal
soon.    Apply, P
Restaurant, a well
lar  place,   will   he
il ���   terms   if  taken
O. Box 127.
When You Ask
For a.
see that is made
by the
Kootenay   Cigar   M'f'g  Co.
and avoid taking a cheap imitation
which is now on the market.
Spokane Falls &
Northern R'y.
kelson  &  Fori
Sheppard R'y.
Red Mountain R'y.
The ouly all rail route without chang
of curs between Kelson and Rossland and
Spokane and Rossland.
'���eave 9.40 a.m. NELSON Arrive 5*30 p.m
"    11:55 "   ROSSL'D    "      3:10
"    8.30 a.m. SPOKANE   "   6*30 p.m
Train that leuves Nelson at 9:40 a.m
niuki'H eluHe oiinnefilions at Spokane (oi
nil Paoiflo Coast Polnta.
Passengers f<ir Kettle Biter and Bound*.
ury (!rnek, connect nl Marcus with StiigH
('. (i. DIXON, (i, I'. fcT.A.
Spokane Wash
/iK'-nt.Nelson, B. O,
MUSIC LESSONS. On plnno ornun or
Kiiilur, lij* Mr.-*. W. J. Astley, Robson Htreot
two iIuui-k west of Stanley.  P. i). Box 180.
MUSIC LESSON8 siiiKhiK umi l'liino. by
M���. Sydney uiivtir, Observatory Htreot, two
doom went, of rtluiilej.
OFFICES umi Hon'n�� io rent, newly ilocoi
atod and painted,  Apply Thomson stationer
Co., l.lll.
A young lady, competent and faithful will
in* open in an engagement as stenographer und
typewriter In two or three weelu. unexceptionable retorenoee.  Address, stating salary,*
BO, Miner olliee.
Koli SALE  Old newspapers nt js oents per
100.    Jin.1 the  thiiiK  to put under cm-pots
Miner olliee,
WANI'Kli   A koikI
Urn  Upholstering   nml
Apply  Nelnon   I* iirnitur
umi Ku.iti im, atroets.
strong youth
to loan
Corner Hul-t .
There arc some very fine ones in stock that Will
be disposed of at cheapest prices. Wc are te-
celving new shipments of Plant-* and Cut Flowers
WANTED A hpy not younger than lr> t o do
liKhi work mni learn a inuio.  Apply Mlou-
BITUATION WANTED���Bj a Urm-clu*****
Japanose hotel or restaurant cook. City or
country.  Address P. O, Hox ���.'l'i Nelnon.
WANTED  Small oottago   and lot.  Must
ho uheap for mull.   Apply post otllce box 16.5.
Frank A. Tamblyn
Baker Street
A KINK OPENING���In Inmliio-w for u person
will, moderate oapital.   Proprietor wants to
���ell cut on iieeountof leaving for the old country.   Addruns "A. S.," this oillce.
Future of the Granite and
Royal Canadian.
Sketch   of the   Work   Done  on   These
Two Promising Properties on
Eagle Oreek.
A mining transaction which will be
of the utmost importance to Nelson
���will  he   consummated    on    Monday
next, May 1. On that date the Dtint-in
Mines, Limited, pay the last instalment on the bonds on tho Granite and
Royal Canadian groups on Eagle
Creek. Tbe total amount of tho bond
is *?80,000, J.riO,000 on the Granite am!
$80,000 ou tlie Royal Canadian, the
aniouut of the final payment being
$110,000. There 1b no doubt about the
matter as cable instruct ions have been
received from tbe home office in London to take up the bond, and tho necessary funds are now lodged in tne
Bank. This company, which is u
strong one financially, have been employing from 85 to BO men fo-- the past
year, and have already spent fully
^������JO.000 in the development of the
property. The Granite group belonged to Messrs. J. Johnson and L. P.
Swedberg, anil was bonded by Captain
Duncan in Apiil, lhltS.
The chief work Jou the Granite
Group, which consists of the Granite,
Red Rock. White Swan, White Swan
Fraction. Blue Grouse and Tamarack,
20*3.oa acres in all, consists of a shaft
on the Granite known as the Drummond shaft. This shaft is nu inclined
double compartment shaft, and has
beeu sunk on the veiu to a depth of
200<i feet. Five hundred feet of levels, north and south, have also beeu
driven, thus blocking out | several thousand tons of ore. There is also the Dun
can shaft, which is a single compart
ment, and has been sunk on the Rid
Rock to a depth of til) feet. This shaft
is 1100 feet away from the main workings, aud was sunk in order to prove
the continuity of the Granite vein,
which it most satisfactorily established. The strike of the ledge is 86 degrees west of north mid south. The
average width of the vein is two feet.
The ore which is high grade is a
free milling white quartz carrying
iron aud copper pyrites. Many assays
running over $100 in gold have bi en
obtained, but the ore averages something over $36 in gold caught on the
plates, uot counting the value of tlie
concentrates. This is higher grade
than was originally   anticipated.
The Royal Canadian group is situated one mile aud a quarter due west
ot the Granite, and consists of live
claims, namely, the Royal Canadian, Roy, Colorado, Mocking Bird,
aud Nevada. 118.72 acres in all. The
development work on this group has
been done chiefly ou the Royal Canadian aud cnusists of three tunnels
driveu in ou the vein. The highest,
or No. 1, tunnel, is in 880 feet, No. 2
is in 310 feet aud is connected with Nn
1 by a 00 foot uprai<e, and No 3, is in
220 feet connected with No 2 by a 75
foot upraise. Thej veiu on this property also averages about two feet iu
width,and though the ore is uot quite
so high guide as that of the Grauite,
it is of the same character. All the
above three tunuels are now being
worked. Other work on this group
consists of what is known as tne Colorado tuuule which is in 162 feet.
This tunule is uot now being worked,
but it is iutended to resume operations
shortly. The country rock ou this
group, as ou the Granite is a coaise
horn blende granite ruuniug iuto a
mica syenite. The veins on both properties are considered to be true fissures.
Further development is now beiug
prosecuted on the Granite group by
means of ground sluicing, dams and
ditches being already constructed.      It
is confidently expeoted that when bedrock is reached a ledge parallel to tin*
Granite ledge will be uncovered on the
White Swan olaim. The reason for
this hope is thut a ledge, which trom
its strike should cross the White
Swan, has; been proved some distance
to the south of this group; the
probabilities of this are enhanced by
the fact tbat huge quantities of rich
float have been found on this claim.
Uu tin* Royal Canadian group cross
trenching several hundred feet both
above and below the present workings
is being done with tbe object of proving the continuity of the vein.
The oompany have decided to erect n
UO-stamp mill on their property aud
are now considering estimates and tenders therefore. The mill will b�� connected with tho Granite workings by
an asrial tramway, but the ore from
the Roval Canadian will ut first bs
brought down by wagons,though astir-
face gravity tramway will probably be
eventually laid
A wagou road, iu the construction of
which tlie Government has promised
to materially assist, will he built
from Kootenay Grousing to tbe Royal
Canadian. This road will probably
become the highway to all the properties on tbe creeks below. The C. P.
R. bas also promised to put in a siding at Kootenay Crossing.
The Duncan Mini s Company now
has a future second to none in Kootenay. Nm only do its properties contain rich free "milling ledges nf snllici-
eut. size to be profitably worked, lull
they al��o have abundance of those essential requisites, timber and water,
The only available Steady supply in
tbe neighborhood is Sandy Creek, and
the oompany have tin* first right to UO
miner's iucbes of water from that
creek. They thus avoid the great drawback of the" district namely tin* lack nf
With the practical experience of
Captain Duncan and the business ability of Mr. J. Luiug-Stocks   the   com-
dany should   rapidly   forge ahead   aud
���join the ranks of the dividend   payers.
* *   *
New York, April 24.���Silver certificates. 00:i8 to tiO^., ; Bar silver, 59Jj ;
Mexican dollars, 47.
Government bouds, strong.
Copper,    firm,    brokers'
change, ��1!) to -Slfl'j.
Lead, quiet,     brokers',    $4.10;   exchange, $4.82.
Tin, firm.    Straits,    $2,1   to   $25.2b.
Plates steady.    Spelter, stroug.
Montreal, Que., April 24.���Ou the
stock market, morning board 1500 War
Eagles were quoted at $8.65 ;8600 Payne
it $8.90. Montreal and London were
quoted .it SO cents asked aud 70 cents
Rome, April 24.��� 111 the Senate today Admiral Oanavaro, Minister of
Foreign Affairs, replying tointerpel-
latlonB regarding the Anglo-French
Nile convention ami its effects upon
Tripoli, rue of the Barbery lands in
the North of Africa on the Mediterranean, said that Great Britain and
Franoe had given ample assurances
that they had no designs either for
present or for future execution upon
Tripoli and that the commercial routes
between Tripoli aud the Hinterland
would be kept open.
Mining Stock Quotations.
Compiled by J, L, Vaaston i. Successor to H.
G.   McCulloch,     Mining    Broker,
Nelson. 11. 0., P. O. box 109.
Vatne of Company Value. Price
British Columbia.
Athabasca  -It!
Cariboo (Camp Mclvi  1 OA
Dardanelles  11
Dundee  30
Kxeheuuer  11
Evening Star  12j
Kern G. M. Co  23
Iron Mask  JJ0
lion Colt  17
Monte Oriato  13
Morrison  17
Mammoth  U
Little Cariboo  3J
N'obleFive  31
Pathfinder  U
Rambler Cariboo  32
Reoo  8u
Slocan Star  1 05
Sullivan  17
Shannon Dolphin  2j
Tamarack (Pooled)  18
Virginia  61
Waterloo (Camp McK)  11
Winnipeg  28
Wiarton (Treas). -  21
Wonderful   10$
Ben Hur  IS
Black Tail  lo
Hodie   ti
Butte & Boston  7
Chespa Blue Jay  3i
Dora  34
Golden Harvest  ll
Golden Sunset   2��
i-Jold Ledge  . U
Insurgent   12
Inm Monitor  o
Jim Blaine  42
Lone Pine  38
Morning Glory  18
Mountain Lion  1 10
North San I'oil...     11
Palo Alto ....     3}
Princess Maud  0'.
Quilp ,.  if;
Republic  3 Oi
Rebate    19
Ran Poll  78
Pradc Dollar   13
Tom Thumb   18
Buffalo Hump Dev  Gj
We have a fine assortment of woolens always
on hand. Goods made up at the shortest possible notice. As everything is kept and made
on the premises satisfaction is assured.
H.  il. Vincent,
Merchant Tailor.
We want to tell you about our Spring Styles   this
week of which we have a
Large and Well Assorted Stock
Come aad see our Styles and Prices before
you buy,as our Stock is second to none in
the Kootenay District. You will always
find our lines up-to-date  and   at  popular
 ���       ~ prices.
Special   Dress   Goods   Sale ���   a   ^ii i/cn
To clear a few lines at half the usual
price.    All in I moss Lengths  oi   7
yards each and no two ali'*e.
8 Pieces Figured Dress Goods nt 40c. regular price Ibe.
1 Pieoes Figured Dress Goods nt 05c. regular prioe ?l.25.
10 Pieces Figured  Dr��mGoodi   SI 1)   in'xe priosl'.J 6
The balance of our Spring Capes and
Jackets at wholesale Cost Price.
A. FE^LAI^p   & CO.
West Kootenay Butcher Co.
. . FRESH . .
(Damps supplied on shortest notice nnd Lowee Prices
Muil Orders receive Careful attention.
Nothing but fresh and wholesome meats and supplies
kept in stock.
.Markets at Nelson ami Ymir.
H. by ers & co.
!4eavy ai)-i Shelf  Hardware,   Paints,   Oils, Etc.
Hose,  Steai-ft Packing  <&  Wire  Rope.
Agents: Giant   Powder  Co.,   Truax
Ore Cars, Canton   Drill  Steel,  Gur-
ney, Tilden Stoves and Ranges.
Furnished House for Sale-isE
Bttuatcd on Lol 13. Block i7, in the City of
Kelson, in alleyway between Baker and Victoria streets,   i'or particulars apply
ROSA ROMONA, Nelson, B. O.
Brewers of Fine Lager
Beer and Porter.
Drop in   and see   us.
B. f
Train! Hun iiii Pacific Standard Time.
Wkst BotJNi
Kast Bound
Leavi - Daily
Arrive Daily
8.11 in. 111.
:*..'."* p.m.
5.M n. in.
^oulh Knrk
8.20 p.m
1.30 a. in.
1.2:, p.m.
9.16 a. in.
\\ nitewat-er
110 1 .in
9.65 ii. in.
Bear Lake
2.00 p.m
10.13 a. in.
1.16 p in
10:25 ii. in.
I'nj nt* 1 ram
1*31 p.m.
10.30 a. in.
Cody Jinn-lion
1.33 p.m.
10.10 a. in.
l.lj p.m.
Arrive liuily
Leave Daily
Loaves Dailv
Arrive Dally
11*00a. in.
11:1" a.in.
ll:l.i  "
11:35   "
Arrive Dally
Daily Leave
Time Card in otTect January  8rd, IM)!-
Real Estate and Insurance Asent. ^
| The Birkbeok Investment,  Security 3
% and Savings Co. 3
fc FOR    SALE���Corner,   50x120   on   Mill   St.; 5   lots   in   *^J
EZ    Block 44; Corner Block of 6 lots on Observatory St.
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants
QsTZ/' ������������������������ ""���'������SNaI
Branch Markets in Rossland, Trail, Nelson, Kaslo,
Sandon, Three Forks, New Denver and Slocan City.
Orders by mall to any branch will have careful and prompt attention.
West Kiiou-na.. Valley, B. t'., on line
nf 0. N. P. RyU and
Nelson & Bedlington Hy., now under
Information ri-Kiirdiii*; Creston in.-iv
be bad of GEO. M'KAKLANI), Agent
Nelson, or from
Creston Townsite Co.,
ORES TON,   H.  0.
South I/tut. m North h'nil
Road down Read up
Boat  I.v.. 8.30a.in. Ku��lo    8.80p.m. BoatAr
i     "      "    t.'.tn   " Ainsworth 7.111    	
;     ' "     SKI    "   Pilot May   IV.V	
!    "      "    8.18   "    Halfour   6.1)0	
'���     Ar   111.".   ���* 5 Mile l't. 8.10	
"   10.80   "    Nolson    4.8U    "        "    I v
Connects with N. 4c F. S. ttallwny train for
Spokane, loavlns Five Milcl'mnt al 10:06 a.m.
Steamers loavu Kaalo city wharf al fool of ttrd
streot*  Sut.ji.ct toohange without notioe.
Atlantic S. S. Lines
Acting OO in-tructions ttorn Mr. K. S.  Ami-
: rows, who i^ aboul leaving lhe olty f wo snail on
at3 p.m., roll by Publio Auotion, absolutely
wit huui reserve) ibe entire contents of bia residence, 3rd housefrom Stanley Street on Oar*
honiiio -M.. next door to Mayor Net-laud**' residence, consisting of:
Largo extension oak dining tablO] oak book-
oaee aud desk, roagnlfloent oak side board, set
dining room chairs In solid uak, oak ball rack,
drawing room chain, BofoB and brlo-a-brao, 9
Ane solid oak bedroom sets, i extra Hue Wilton rugs, nnU and sUdr carpets, lace ourtains,
kitcheuand heating stoves, linoleums, hath,
refrigerator. Patent kitchen table and many
othor household articles too numerous to mention.
Ail those articles are in excellent condition,
being in use le.-- than a year. This i* an excellent opportunity to gttl good furniture at your
own price as Mr Andrews has but no rosorvo
on anything and the quality oi tbo Roxir. lr��
ahead Of anything we have ever ottered for
sale here.
Qoods on view afternoon prior to and on the
morning of sale. Sale at 2 So'o'ook sharp.
Terms rash,
From Montreal
Allan Line���Numldiao April  J)
Allan Line  Callfornlan May ii
Dominion Line���Dominion,. April 20
Dominion Lino���Scotsman ..May 18
Heaver Line��� l^ake Huron     May  3
From New York
Mny   8
Special Sales This Week
in Jardiniers and Pedestals, Onyx
Tables and Cut Glass at
Kirkpatrick & Wilson,
China Hall
Groceries   and  Crockery.
All   Communications  relating to British Columbia business
to be addressed to P. O. Drawer 505, Nelson, B.C.
���%������%������%�������� ���%%^%^*%%^%%%^*'
J. Roderick Robertson,
General Manager
S. S. Fowler, E. M.,
Mining Engineer
Wholesale Merchants.
Liquors and Groceries.
MILLS,   Enderby and Vernon	
A.   B.  GRAY,   ip. o. box 6n nelson, s. c,
Merchants' Bank of Halifax.
Incorporated 1869.
Capital AuthoiizL'd   -   -   -   -   $2,ooo,ooo
Capital Paid V\\, $1,500,000, Reserve, $l,25o,ooo.
Head Office:  Halifax, Nova Scotia.
Comparative Statement, showing  the progress made by this Bank ia the
past ten  years: 1888 1808
Ciipiul Paid  Up  $1,000,000 $1,600,000
Ki-nt     aHl.l'IK) 1,250 000
Deposits  2.802,000 8,175.000
Circulation  IKW.lXK) 1,887,000
Loans  3,835,000 8,554,000
Liabilities to Publio  4.088,000 9.900,000
Total Ass.ts  52801)110 12,737,000
General Banking Business Transacted; Sterling Bills of Exchange   Bouglit
and Sold, Letters of  Credit, Etc., Negotiated.
Accounts received on tbe m    t favorable terms.    Interest allowed on special
deposit)   nd Oil Saving Hank accounts.
Atlin, Grand Forks, Nanaimo, Nelson, Rossland, Vancouver
Vancouver East End, Victoria, Ymir.
A ���'���'nviiiKs Hunk department hai been established in connection with the NoIbop branoh ut
tills bunk. Dcpouils of one ilolUr and upwards received, und current rule of Interest allowed.
at present 3 per cent., per unnuiii.
Geo. Kydd, Manager, Nelson, B.C.
Chinese ai)d Japanese Matting
Japanese I-fUgs
This is the Cheapest and most
effective class of goods for house
Turner Beeton & Co.
While Slar  Lino��� Mitje-tie
Cunard Line   Uuoanta.  ....
American Line���SI Louis...
Anchor Lino���..Anehoria
Allan ritllte Line   Slau* of  Nehra.Kii     .Mav   3
Dominion Line -Now England
From Boeton
  -May   J
Parages arrani-.'il to anil from all K*n*n;>.m
point.-. For rate*, tiokoti and full Infcrtnallon
aupljioi*. l". it, ili*|ioi an* nl or C. K. Bouley
i ii y Tloket Agent, Kelson, H I *
Mil    General Aneut. U . .iu uffloea Winnipeg
Vie, tlie uuili'isinneil, l��*u to notify
the pulilic tbat we are tin* only persons
rlriiui* business as Merchant Tailors in
Nelsou, lmviiiK all onr work done on
the premises and pitying Western
prices for stinie. Also that we are prepared to give as Rood suiisfactinii as
cau be si'iured anywhere, and defy
competition even though originating
fiom persons carrying Bamplea only
aud having their work done in Eastern Canada.
G,  O.  BOSS l-'REU .[. HOUIKE
Koolenay Electric Sinly ai Construct��� Co.
Complete Electric Equipments for Electric Power Transmission and lighting for mines,  towns,   etc.    Electric   Fixtures, Lamps, Bells, Telephones, Annunciators, etc.
Josephine St NELSON, B. C.
$6.75   PER   TON,   DELIVERED-
All orders must be accompanied by cash and should   be   forwarded
either personally or bv mail to the olliee of
General Agent Cor. Kootenay St Baker Sts.


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