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Nelson Daily Miner Mar 6, 1900

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Dally Edition No. 668.
How the Canadians Behaved
Under Fire in South
Mafeking Will Be Relieved as
Soon as British Arms
Can Do It.
Montreal, Maroh fi.��� W. Richmond
Smith, wm- correspondent to The Star,
has cabled tonight, telling of t*<e notion ut Paardeberg. After telling of
tho arrival of tlie Canadians at the
scone of battle, on the morning of February 18, after a fatiguing forced
maroh of 88 miles, be goes on: We
cnnie in t.ni<-��i with tho enemy in following order: "A" Co., "B" Co.,
and "l*" Oo., mado up the advance
Bring lino of the Canadian regiment,
"D" Co. and "0" Co. acted ns sup
porta In reinforce lbe tiring line. "_"���
00, iui.I "tl" nnd "H" Co., acted ns
t. staves. The Utter were uot brought
intn notion in.til Sundny nfteruoon.
Tin. I'imn.Huns faced the Boer tire unflinchingly nnd compelled tbe admiration ol tho British ottloerB, Their advances were made in short rushes of
thirty paoss and it was rloue in splendid style under Mnjor Bucbau. Captain Arnold, of Winnipeg, who win
leriooaly injured, and Iiuh since died,
wits gallantly leading his oompany
when lie tell beiore the bullets of the
Boer dim much. The Canadian reg
intent remained under lire all day nnil
as there was little cover the casualties
in dead mil wounded kept moving
steadily upwards,
At f> o'clock the Canadian regiment
was reinforced, Tbo Oornwalls were
moved up lo their support. The order
to oharge lhe enemy was given by the
Oolonel of tho Cornwnlls. This command did not apply to tho Canadians,
lot when our men saw the British
soldiers rush forwatd the example wns
contagions. The Canadians gave n
cheer aud ovoty uinn in the (Inng lint
to tho right joined in the charge. See
ing this, " I'" Company from Quebec,
which was in plaoe with rosorves,
rushed forward nlso upon the Boer
position, tliinhinic thn whole regiment
had orders to this effeot, The oharge
w-ds a magnificent one bnt was met by
murderous lhe from the Boer position.
The lirilisl troops were falliug fust
and ultimately were forced to retire,
nflct they had covered two hundred
yards north of Modder Hiver. Captain U. II. with the Maxim gone, displayed ureal gallantry in getting his
weapons across the river und advancing 10 a position ou the lelt (lank of
tin. Canadian regiment. Every slop he
teak wus In the face of n heavy Boer
lire. Prom the left flunk the Maxim
Buns did splendid work ail day. At
dark firing censed trom tho Boer lines
and il was found that they had retired,leaving om-troops in possession ol
the position for which thoy had fought
nil dav. All our dend wero pinked np
and Um wounded cured for and that
mght we oatnped ou a hind   won   but-
������afield, e foiled  by   the   news  thut
wascneiiljiii.l through onr camp thnt
the Hritish attack upon Cronje hnd
heen a oomp.'eto success, that his position was completely snrrouudttl hv
lintish soldier:! and thBt his capitulation wns only n question of time. 1
oannol emphasize too much thn brnv
My ol the Canadians during the whole
?,,"'",',''"' lhfl outspoken admiration
; ot tho Hiiiish soldiers, in commenting
ou th" miinner in which the Canadian
""tilers fought, was calculated to send
0 thrill of pride through the breast of
every mnn (torn the Dominion. If
expressions of praise over  the
ry of the Canadians was strong
" lound louder echo in the manual in
wind I'otniay Atkins himself nn
Kingly   complimented    his   ovor-
��companion in arms,   on lion
'�����>*. lhe following dny
tested ami the
tho   Canadian
repito   from   ltotilitics
������a*, rnu.ii appreciated,
q��{J?���-*,evening, with   the   reit of
Bade,   most  of  tho Canadians
raovea op the north hunk  of   the river
?o.'"".   r of ko<,-'"s ov-riookiiia the
��ws    laager.    Taking   advuimigo
";;'.mn won iu Sunday's llght,tbo
j-"''-'""is hnd a commanding place
I,,.','; w��ioh to ohserve the Boer oamp.
ll,., r' '' ','���      '' ��" Tuesday   morning,
'"��^""idian regiment moved out on
j     "I"'" veldt,    in   front   or   QlOnje'S
'''���;    ubout _.000 yards distant.    Af-
...,," ,""llr "rent iu this  position, the
in'��it", ,t8ad>ly ndvancf d their out-
le,���   " ,'*'Py   "��"'�� in  touch   with
in n!.       .,r tren,:l*es.   The   Dutch-
ni' delnotfl,       0Iltll0   meu,     0ne
tier,   ���    m?'"W    came   out   of   tho
"It h_..;,;,.,|!*i. wlli'�� ������* '""1 ��iBt-
des '. ���" *'""IH '" th<�� position
Was i,       ,l,n_rrM"-<**r,    The   messenger
He ���   i',''    ,0 ''-"'Bi'dier Major Our-
i, '"V','!""u* ��'"��"��� Ho repeated
"nientH Mnd was tuken hack
' ''" trenches. Hero occurred
nana 'e>Ir",'!,'1"'rv which is i.ot linen a_'a_ , " . r'H e80eM WIIH "rod up-
ovei m',,'. "H ,l!l'y '""��� Hl,f<'*y banded
r Man tO bis companions.
oontlimed in n state of
""HI 2 o'.lock in the after-
:""' the enemy in the laager bo-
, .   'nnging   Bgnf,,   whj]o ,)l() rf(l._
file  w ,.    ',"okl"K  dinner.    Artillery
tranche'  "'Fn  Htnr,-'d    in    tho  Boor
M_llii_ fl,���     piog  0llr  lim's  with  a
** ��n, uh pur regiment left tbe
***>     ' Columbia, Tuesday, March 6,  iqoo.
Tenth Year
supply wagon. On this occasion Prl* garrison could have "Ttfi.- out until
vato Downloy, "F" Co., wus badly April, though rations bnd necessarily
wo- .tried, Parker, "II" Oo , and lloi- been rodnced to the minimum. Tho
but,i,of "0" Co ,\vore slightly wound- men of tbo garrison will require a rost
ed. All the lest of the day onr guns ' and the horses aro mnoh wasted. Tho
pounded thn enemy's lunger, where j correspondents pay ft high tribute to
the Boers were surrounded. Prisoners : the courage And horoism of the women.
wero   coining   into the   British   camp  Never   a   oomplaint   was beard   from
continually during the following week
and those reported the reliel columns,
advancing from Orange Free State,
were being bended oil' liy French. Tbo
Canadians, in common witli tho British soldiers, kept up the attack upon
Cronje's lauger steadily during the
following week, Canadian trenches
being well advanced until the operations of our regiment, us detailed in
my dispatch from Ihis place February
37, and sent by oourlei to Kimberley.
Private Barry, of Montreal, was
wounded in Sunday's lighting, but bis
death did not tnko place until Tuesday, February 2(1.
On February 2ll tbe Canadians were
personally thanked by Huberts for the
gallant work done by thorn in the
operations in winch they have boon engaged.
London, Mnroh fi.���Tho air of mystery which  covms the  movements of
the main British army iu South Africa continues, though the information
which leaks through indicates thut
the campaign is proceeding with
steady progress. There aro now practical ly three British armies in tho
Held, one in the Freo Slate, 0110 in
Oape Oolony, and one in Natal. All
that is known about the first and most
important, is that it is in close touch
with a body ol Boers. Speculation as
to the direct ion and method of General
Koberts' advance into the Free Stute
is quite worthless, so carefully ure
the plans concealed, lu Oapn Oolony
Generals Branbant and Clements command tho two horns of tho army,
while General Gntacrn holds the main
Boer force in check. Generals Gutacre
and Clements Will probably combine
and advance on Bloenifont.iin with
Oeneral Brabant guiding their right
Hank with the mobile Colonists.    This
movement will be subsequent to securing a line of communications along tie
Orange Fine State railroad which, according to the latest dispatch seems al
most accomplished. The third nrmv,
that iu Natal, is comparatively iliac-
live and with tho exception of sorties
a serious movoment oan hardly be expected from it this week. When il
shall be ready to advance its move
ments must be dependant on how much
distance the retreating Boers put between themselves and General Bnller.
As an incident of British main objec
live whioh is at last clearly outlined
as being Pretoria, the relief of Mate-
king bj a force from the south may he
txpeited any day. Colonel Plainer's
Faroe on the ootth seeming incupahle
of accomplishing it.
The only other untoward pbnsu of
the military situation that thu British
critics euu discern is lhe enforced tern
pnrary inactivity of the Natal army,
no instance of which is contained iu
lite dispatch.'s announcing that the
dying oolumn which attempted to intercept the Boor rollout, only succeeded in driving tho enemy fuilbei north.
General White's meu, according to
The Times correspondent ot Lnriy-
smith. will require a fortnight's recuperation.
London. March fi. ��� It is said on good
authority that the Government's proposals will include a wai loan of between     t 00,.am.    und   . I fill, 000, (Kill
extending ovor a period of teu or
twelve yours.
Among the wounded soldiers who
arrived at Southiimpt'-n todny fiom
South Africa, wns Private O'Loary,
whose ciiro is remarkable. He was
shot in tbe bead during the] battle 01
Colenso. Tho bullet lodged in hi*
bruin, leaving O'Leary speechless,
sightless, and paralyzed. His life wns
despairod of, bnt Sir William MoCor-
mack, president of the Royal College
of Surgeons, who was acting as vol-
untocr Burgeon with the British army
in South Afrioa, removed a portion'of
the wounded mini's brain, extracted
the I.n 11.'I and O'Leary bus since practically recovered  bis senses.
Ihem in spite of their unexampled privations and their endiirauce and courage were beyond praise. Sad sights
wore often witnessed when tbe sparse
rations were being drawn. Children
would pathetically seek milk for their
sick mothers, The women nnd ehil-
dron wore estimated at live hundred.
Though there was much sickness arising from tbo horse meat diet and tho
absence of farinaoeons food, the epidemic period was passed safely. Dr.
Jatnesion is Buffering from typhoid
fever. General Buller entered the
>towu at noon, accompanied only by
bis stall*. His bronzed appearance was
very Btriking. Ho said be bad uot entered ft bed for three weeks. The
Boots exchanged shots with 'he relieving force, which saw a fow oorpsoB lying in tho road. It is believed the
Boers uro retreating to Gleucoe. The
correspondents eulogize Generals White
and Hunter.
London, Maroh 0. ��� (4 a.m ).���Mnfo-
king ie to bi relieved as soon ns the
British foroo already ou the way to
Kimberley can raise thn seige. This
force is described vaguely us "strong."
The Kimberley Light Horse is undor
tbe control of the Do Beers. Lord Koberts' visit to Kimberley had to do with
nn arrangement with Mr. Cecil Rhodes
about this company. Fresh intelligence
ns to what Lord Koborts ll doing has
ceased again. Silence is taken to
mean that somothing lias bappuned or
is about to happen.
Boer raiders aro uncommonly active
in ibe uorthwestern section of Cape
Col my where they aro stirring np tbo
Da lab, Martial Inw has consequently
heen declared. Mr. Cl.ambeilaio's
request for _,olH) additional Australian inn ���Inn. 0 is understood to be ex
plained by the faot that the War Oflh'o
requires this force for the pursuit of
irrecoiioiliuble Boers,wbo according to
the Intelligence Department, have
boen quietly collecting grent quantities
of ammunition nud stores in the
.11..in.tain fastnesses of thn /.outpans-
borg district,in tho north of tho Trans-
villi],where they are preparing to curry
on guerilla win hue.
Osfontoin,Saturday, March I!.���General French yesterday evening met a
body of Boers trekking northwest and
sent n squadron lust night to. keep in
touch with them This morning the
troops were followed by lot) Boers,
wbo udvanced around a hill, but whj
letrented preciputely when the British shelled theiu. Tho Boers then
opened a heavy lire with Maxims and
also began firing from a kopjo iu the
centre of the position, with a long
range fifteen pounder. The Boer trekking, in consequence of General
French's movoment, was temporarily
London, March (I.���The Standard
has tho following from Ladysmith,
dated Saturday, March II ���"The Boers
conducted their retreut in a most mus-
lerly fashion, without tho loss of a sin
gle wagon or an ox. Only a fow small
CSmps have fallen into onr hands.
Stores nre pouring in today. Tbo progress of relief, however, is slow, as
only (10 cnits a day ouu croBS thu pontoon bridge."
London, Mnreh (I.���The Times pub
lish��8 the following dispatch from
Ladysmith, dated March!!: "Until I
had crossed Iho Tugela, 1 did not realise the natiira of the ground, and the
system of tho Boer rifle entrechments.
How those lliiul positions were- ever
forced by Ifi.OOO meu seems marvellous.
It convinces uie 'bat the British in
fantrv is unequalled and that the relief ci limn accomplished an almost
super) uman task."
Storksroom, Maroh fi.���Genrnl Gat-
acre entered Stormberg unopposed today. The Boers destroyed the railway
approach but tbe station is intact.
London, March (I.���A dispatoh to
Tne Tirdes from Bulnwnyn, dated February 27, says: "Colonel Plniner yesterday occupied the position at Crocodile Pools which the BoerB evacuated
on February 2fi It is not known
whether tbe enemy havo taken anctber
position or been obliged to retreat owing to events in the sooth.
Dordrecht, March fi.���Geueral Brabant has scored n complete victory.
The Boers ure in full retreat with
tbeii guns and wagons and aro being
New York,Mnroh fi.���Those interested in raising inn.is for the maintenance of tbe hospital ship Mniun have
issued a statement iu which it is stated
that the movement tj aid the sick ami
wounded in battle iu South Africa is
essentially nn American one. It is to
the effect thnt the bopsital ship was
presented by nn American; that the
work is corried on by Americans; that
it is nil n free will offering to help the
sick and wounded of both sides brought
in from the field ol battle in South
Adieu. It is also stated that nil contributions will be received at tbo otllce
of J. Pierpont Morgan __ Co.
Cape Tiwu, March 5.���A strong
foroo of British including the Kimberley Light Horse is marching northward from Kimberley. It is expected
that the crossing of the Vanl River
will bo disputed at Fourteen Streams,
where the railway bridgo has been
Durban, March fi. ��� The newspaper
correspondents who havo reached here
from Ladysmlith sny that the enthusiasm of the garrison and Inhabitants
of Iho besieged town wns intense when
tho relieving column entered Men
left the hospital and oven the women
nnd children went forth to greet the
nnw-comeiB. It wns noticeable that
the latter wore even more ricmonstia-
tiyo,cheering the women and children,
whom they wero proud to hnve snvod.
Tbo    correspondents  believe that the duys.
Cape Town, March fi ���Sir Alfred
Milner has Issued the following proclamation: "WhereasJ the ouomy's
forcoB huvo invnded the districts ol
Prieskn, Ki.nhardt, Britishtown nnd
'Barkley West, nnd whereas many Brit
ish subjects have taken up arms, und
whereas it is necessary to repel invn
nion and suppress rebellion, now therefore, mnrtiul Inw is hereby proclaimed iu thoBe districts."
Ottawa, Mnroh fi.���The Government
has decided to fill the vacancies in Ihe
first Oanndiau contingent. Oflleinl announcement will he made without de
lay thnt pnrties who nre to go forwnrd
may be readv for tho transport Monterey, which is to sail with the Strath-
conn contingent March Hi. It is probable Ihat   the   new draft will   include
two or thr .Ilicers, and the men will
as far as possible bo taken Irom the
same districts ns their colleagues wbo
have been killed or disabled. A number of oilers have already been mado to
tbo Department of Militia in uiitielpo
linn nf a move of this kind, and there
will bo no dillloiilty in getting 11 little
company of one bundled or one hundred and twenty-live  together lu  two
Nothing New in the Complex
Political Situation at
The Dominion Will Garrison
Halifax With  1.000
Viotoria, B. 0., March 5.���Tbere is
little new in tho polilioal situation.
Maitin denies any intention of endeavoring to bring about party lines. He
further snys there is no truth in the
persistent rumors tbat Governor Mc-
Iunes insisted upon him filling bis
Cabinet at once. G. H. Cross, editor
of The Nanaimo Reviow, has been appointed private secretary to Martiu,
and bus anived to assume bis duties.
The Times this evening comes out
strongly ngninst the movement (or
puny lines. Tbo general sentiment iu
Victoriu is divided on the question. A
caucus of the Turner party was held
ilu:- morning, but nothing defiuita was
Under the provisions of the old unrepealed statue the members of the
lute House, who are entitled to wiite
Q. C. ufter their name., aud who took
pirt in the affair on Thursday, are iu
rather an awkward predicament Bhould
those provisions be put iuto operation.
Acconliiig to that stntiio uny Queon'B
Counsel who insults, atl'ronts.or brings
into ridicule or contempt, 01 iu uny
way does or helps to do anything to
tbe humiliation 01 discomposure of
Hor Mujesty or any of her gubcrnntor-
ini representatives shall foifeit for life
bis title of Queen's Counsel. Tho
only Qneeus Counsel in tho House at
the iusulting of His Honor on Thursday last were Messis. Pooley and Helmcken. If the old stutuo be set at
work, it is alleged by some that these
gentlemen unij find themselves in a
somewhat unpleasant position.
Ottnwa, Murob fi. ���A report has
reached here thut two men, Moore nud
Lamoutoguo, were killed nud five
dangerously injured Bt Lnko Wahuu-
pitao, about 110 miles north of Sudbury. Tbe unfortunate men weie at
work contracting a cauul for the conveyance of logs.
A militia order issued tonight provided foi the formation of pi ov isi.ru)
battalions of infantry to replace temporarily the First Battalion (Royal
Canadians) at Halifax, N S. The permanent oirps, cavalry aud Field Artillery and active militia of the City
of Halifax are excepted. Tbe uatali
lishiiient is as follows: Two lieutenant -colonels, two majors, one udju-
lai.t. eight captains, eight lieutenants,
two second lieutenants, one quarter
master, total ollicers, 2J; one regi
meutal sergeant major, oue regimontiil
qunrterrauster sergennt, five staff ser-
k.'nuts, eight color seigeauts, !!_ sergeants, total sergennts of reginieut.il
staff aud sergennts, 47; 40 corpotalB.
16 drummers and buglers, 117. privates, li.H rank nud tile, 1,004 total
ranks; four ollicers' horses. Tbo qual
ilicutinus for eulistmeut uro that volunteers miiBt be betwoeu the ages of lh
and 40 years, minimum ohnst measurements 114 in.���lies, minimum height live
feet live inches, unmarried. Men nol
enrolled In the nctivo militia bnt who
have previously belonged to it and
bave performed annual training are eligible, provided they first enroll in n
corps of the notive militia and are
otherwise qualified. Ollicers, uoncoiu-
missioned nnd men, while serving in
this battalion, will be considered uuo
returned ns "on command" of theii
respective corps. Ollicers, non-commissioned and men serving in the
corps will be allowed tbe mtes of pny
and allowances provided for the active
militia which they will draw, in the
case of olllcors, from tho date upon
whii.h they report foi duty and iu case
nf non-commissioned ollicers and men
from the tune of enlistment. Companies will ho formed as follows, "A"
right half from military district No.
II, at Victoria; loft half from military district No 10,at Winnipeg; "B,"
military district Na. 1, at London.
��� C" milituiy district No. 2, at Toronto. "D" right half from military
district No. II nud 4, at Kingston ; left
half from tho Ottawa brigade "E"
militarydistrictNo.fi, ut Montreal;
"F" light hall from military district
No. (i, nt St. Johns; left half from
military dislrict No. 7; at Quebec:
"G" three sectious from military district No H, at St. Johns, N. B. | one
section from military district No. 12,
at Charlottotown, P. K. 1. ; "H" military district No. II, at Halifax. Companies will he formed of fonr sections
..I ;in men each. District Ollicers Commanding will apportion the number to
I,., enrolled ill their districts among
lorps entitled to furnish men according to strength ot such corps. Iu
event of nny ol the number apportioned to theii corps fulling to contributs
is quota, the detlcisncy will be made
up Rom corps having men in excess.
Men nre to lie enlisted in oorps to
Which tbey belong (Militia form C III)
fnr a period of three years, and enrolled in tho provisional battalion by the
ollicers commanding tho districts foi
general service for either, not exceeding one yenr (militia form S4 cy).
Medical inspection will be at points of
ionceiitralii.il of  companies   and   per
formed by nieilicitl ollicers belonging to
tho active militia selected by tho District Offloer Commanding. In tho latter
oaso upon completion of enrolling, a
statement of tho number of men examined will be forwarded to the chief
stuff offloer, headquarters, Ottawa, I
oei'litled to by tho District Offloer Coin- '
mantling,for payment of remuneration.
District Officer Commanding will provide the necessary stnionery nutl if
uecessnry proemo additional clerical
assistance. All men will be enrolled
as privates; ollicers cominnnding companies may make temporary appointments of uou-commissioned ollicers
pending tbe approval of the commanding ollicer.
Tho administration of companies
during iormatioii will be us follows:
Tho companies during formntion will
be under the command of the District
Ollicer Ooinniiindiiig, hut the ollicer
commanding may correspond direct
with the offloer couimuiiding tho regiment, respecting all regiment mutters. At stations where units of tbo
permanent force are quartered the companies will bo uttuchud to Biich units
ior discipline, rations uud accommodation. Blankets may bo drawn from
tho store uud also barracks  furuiahed.
At othor stations District. Ollicers
Commanding will aot ou their judgment. Tho meu will either be ncuom-
modnted in thn drill bull or other
buildings uud a contract cutored into
for their rations at a rate uot exceeding 20 cents per meal. Men ourollod
will bo kept at tho enrolling centres
uutil tho oonipuiiy is complete, unless
otherwise   ordered.    District    Ollicers
commanding will Immediately report
to tbo chief staff ollicer, headquarters,
Oltawa, when the companies are complete, if it becomes apparent to thoin
that tbo quota from their districts
will not bo ourollod in time to proceed
to Iho place of concentration by tbo
date decided upon.
An imprest of 1.200 is forwnrded to
District ollicers Commanding, out of
which they will pay ill expenses in-
currod by them under these instructions, tarnishing afterwards receipts
in duplicate. Thoy will have a farther udviinco when needed uud will be
held responsible that due economy is
exeruisea, bat Ihey will carry out the
enrollment accommodation uud rations
without incurring delay by asking for
appioval ot :n lanp.���rn. nta. Oompumes
"B," "0" and "D" will bo concentrated at Ottawa not luter thuu Thursday Iho lfitb inst. nnd "A" Company
by tho 22ud inst. "E" Company will
bo concentrated at Quebec City not
luter than Friday Kith inst "G"
ami "H" nt Halifax b_ Batniduy 17th
inst.    lhe companies   will be   clothed
and equipped in points of concentration. Companies "B" to"l'"' will be
concentrated by orders from heudqoui-
tors ut Halifax, by Thursday the 24
iiiBt. The regimental stuff will be
formed at Ottuwa by Lieutenant-Colonel B. H. Vidul, who will temporarily assume command of the battalion.
Company officers will seo tbut men 10
act ns their seivunts are incliidcn
among those enrolled iu their company.
Montreal, March fi.���The civic finance committee today voted i?i,2ij0 for
the entertainment of Strathoona's
Horse. It is expected tbe regiment
will arrive here about Hi o'olock uexl
Monday morning,   It will parade the
sneols and then be tendered a luncheon in the Windsor Hotel or iu the
trill hnll, leaving for Halifax at six
p. m.
Tho Star's London correspondent
, al.les: London, March fi.���The papers comment on the faot, reported by
the war correspondent of The Times,
that ouo Canadian oompany in the
Paardeberg fight was wholly French
Canadian and uuable to speak Knglish.
The Daily News says: Poi hups the
wide circulation of this interesting
pioce of uews will bring some sense
uud shame to those responsible fir the
disgraceful disturbances in Montreal.
The rioters uro only students but the
mischief that may bo done by students
when they take to quarrelling ou ra-
.ial lines It just cause for public anxiety und indignation. Tho example of
fraternity on tho field should be followed iu ncademios nud governments.
We hopn soon to hear of peace and
brotherly love again between English
and !��� r. n. I. i'nun.Imn students.
St. Catherines, Out., March fi.���The
largo planing mill of Wilson <*_ Oo. was
destroyed by lire yesterday. The loss
is about fliO.OOO. Insured for about
half tbat amount.
Ottawa, March fi.���The amount sob-
sciibod to the Canadian Patriotic
Fund bus reached tlfil.lt'K 11.
Halifax, N. S., March fi.-Rev. N.
B. Dunn, Baptist minister at Deor-
tleltl, Yarmouth County, took   carbolic
acid by mistake yesterday, resulting in
almost in taiii death.
Montreal, March fi���Refeiring in
his sermon yesterday to the incidents
which have occurred in this city over
the relief of Ladysmith, R. W. T.
Grubii*n, of Grace Bnptlst Church,said
the mnn who trampled the British flag
underfoot should have boon shot instantly.
Toronto, March fi.���George H. Bertram. M. P., for OeatU Toronto (Liberal i who took a turn for the worst, on
Saturday, is now in a critical condition,nnd HO hope of his recovery is being entertained.   He hus been  ill for
several mouths.
Montreal, March .'..���Fridays Ladysmith celebration on the part t.f the
l students of McGill and Laval Uuiver
'slties is engaging tbe attention of tbe
I partisan press nf this city and Toron
tn, both of whom are endeavoring to
'throw thn responsibility t.f the disturbances nud the raising of the nice issue
'on the shoulders of their opponents.
Asked to Assume Control of
the Free Library of
Also of the General Hospital,
or Grant Larger Appropriations.
Two delegations visited tho City
Couiuil last night, each witb a similar purpose in view. Judge Forin
was present in tho interest of the General Hospital, accompanied by Socio-
tnry Swuunell, of the Hosnitnl Board.
Judge Forin addressed tbo Council and
gave a history of the work and expenses of tbe hospital for tho yonr.
Among tho facts be oited were that
tbe Board hud spent $fi,000 for improvements this yeur, that the hospital
uow represents an investment of .0,-
(100 with a present debt of $2,fi00.
Judge Forin then said that tho hospital bad now about sixty bods, that ft
number of charity patients had been
treated during the last "ix months and
that that nearly ull of these were sent
hy the Oity. In view of those facts
and the fact tbat tho hospital hus
grown to BUlih proportions tlie Board
usks that the City either assume control of tbe hospital and make it a
mnnloipal affair or else make a grant
of .1,000 towards lite boil.ling fund
and increase the monthly maintenance
fund now given by the City to .Mi.
Secretary Swumiell of the Board,
rend a report of the hospital for the
year and showed tbe Council tlmt the
nionhtly expenses of tho hospital were
ubout ?4fi0 and the receipts wero a
grunt of .500.11 yenr and $40 a month
from tbe Government, and a payment
of fiO cents por diem for all charity patients sent in fiom the City. Tbe Secretary said the yearly earnings for tho
hospital wero about $7,000. Ho also
asked to have the Council appoint one
of the aldermen to act as a member of
the Hospital Board.
After hearing these reports tbo Council appointed a special committee,
consisting of Mayor Houston and
Aid. Morrison and Arthur to consider
tho question of an increased grant or
oity ownership of tbe hospital.
The Free Library Association sent a
delegation consisting of Messrs. E. A.
Crease, K. K. Hedley, George Kydd
und H. Bird, to ask that the Oity take
ovei the management of the Free Library. Mr. Crease, as spokesman, presented the details of the petition to the
Council and the nutter wus referred
for consideration to a special committee composed of Aid. Hull, Wilson and
After healing these petitions the
Connoil proceeded to loutine business.
Mayor Houston was in tho chair and
Alii. Hull, Arthur, Morrison and McKillop were present.
An application for an approach to
the new ollice of Registrar of Titles,
with tbo necessnry sidewalks, was ro-
feiod to tbo Public Works Committee.
A letter was read from Messrs.
John Cbolditcb & Co., calling attention to tho condition of the bed of
Front Stieot in front of their ware- .
house and asking that something ho
done to make tho road passable for
teams. This petition was seconded
hy one signed by the Nelson Saw &
Planing Mill, J. A. Suy wind &, Co.,
Brukmuu, Ker & Co., P. Burns & Co.,
and many others, asking tbut repairs
be made on tbe street between tho Provincial Jail and the corner of Cedar
���Street as the road at present is almost
Impassable for teams. It was moved
by Aid. Hull and seconded by Aid. Arthur, that the s'ro.pt bo kept passable
for heavy traffic by plucing gravel upon tbe road bed under the direction of
tho City Kngineer, until snch time as
permanent repairs could   be   made.
The City Engineer was niithii.... .1 to
liuve tbe sidewalk in front of J. A.
Oilker's store, on Baker Street, lowered to tbo Btreet level.
Aid. Hall and Arthur were appointed to represent the Council on the
Board of the Charity Organization Society.
It ".-as moved hy Aid. Hall and seconded bj Aid. Aithui thut the Police
Commissioners take steps to have all
houses of ill repute removed from the
Kast Bnd of Bakei Street by June 1.
By-law (14 wus reconsidered and finally adopted by the Connoil nnd now
only needs signing to become a City
The Finanoo Ooniinitteo approved
and returned tho following   pay rolls:
Silica Street improvement, Bremen,
salaries, electrical works,   construction
and maintenance of   sewers,   water
works und miscellaneous. Checks for
tiie same will be issued in tbo usual
The Council adjourned until Monday
noxt at B p. m-
New York, March B.���Tom Sharkey
and Boh Fitzsimmons signed articles
of ngieomcnt today for a 2.*. round bout
before the club offering the largest
purse riming tbn first week of August, the winner to take all the purse.
Marquis (f t^ueensburv rules will govern. Tho men and the chilis are euch
to put op a forfeit of .fi.OOO. Bills
for the tight will be opened nt 8 p. m.
Mnreh 10, by Al Smith at tbo Hotel
Hel.. van in this city.
JNeison Daily Miner
1'-.1.1. a,1 a uatly oxcopl M.....i.,y.
Xhiaa:,'   Mr.-.[   l'lllNTINO k PUULIHHIMO CO
11   1    BEATON. Editor and Mmiimor.
Sir lMil.iii-t Topper in net in I'nivin-
oinl politlos, an.l 10 fnr an wc know
does not presume to interfere with
Provinoial affairs beyond tho limit
whioh every citizen oan claim as a
ritflit. At a meeting of Vancouver
Yonng Conservatives a few niitlits Ago
be advised against party divisions just
now, believing  tho best interests of
the Province woulii lie served if Cotton followers anil Turner followers
shnulil unite to defeat the schemes of
tho Mclnnes-Martin combination. Mr.
Wilson, who is the   elected   lender   of
the Provinoial Conservative party tbat
is to be, wus present ou tho platform,
but could not seo eye to eye with Sir
Hibbett Tnpper, He gave the impression in his speech that lie would stun.'.
by the polioy of the Westminster convention. A local paragraph Is The
Victori. Colonist conveys the Information that Kootenny mine owners who
wore recently on a visit to the Capital
had left for homo, with the determination that, so fur as the Kootenays aie
concerned, they will make the light nu
the Eight-Hour law. Mr. Cotton has
boen advanced to the leadership of the
late Government party, and is understood to be opposed to straight party
linos or *o auy coalition that doos not
recognise him as its head. It iH not
dear where tho late Opposition stand,
only it is understood thut they are
against Mr. Martin and a division on
Federal patty linos. Mr. Marlio is
filling his Cabinet witb Martin Liber-
ale, who, by the way, are not Laurier
Liberals, if their leader has anything
to say op that point; antl although
quite expected to mako any professions
and eombiuations that may bo considered necessary to his succeBB in tbe
iinp?iiding appeal to tho country, he
will use all the arts at bis command
to gain Liberl suppoit.
Mr. Martin is fighting for his own
hand ; Mi. Cotton is fightiug for his
own band; the late Opposition are
lighting for their own hand -, the mine
owners are lighting for their own
hand, and Mr. Wilson is fighting for
the iutioduution of Federal party
lines, with himself as tho ohosen leader of tho Conservatives. What n deplorable division this is I It almost
provokes the exclamation that everybody is for himself and nobody for the
Stato. Tbo Miner is strongly persuaded that Mr. Wilson's polioy is the best
iu the publio interest, and should Mr.
Mnrtin succeed witn bis Cabinot aud
go to the country it believes that no
more favorable oocasion could offer to
the Conservative lender to force tho issue. No self respecting Conservative
i*6uld support u Martin candidate,
and if tbe Liberals of British Co
luml.i.i are prepared to accept this political Waudering Jew as their leader
it is   time we knew it.
he will have found new advisors to
take tho responsibility of his acts,
but they will lm advisors who do uot
possess tlm c.million��� of too House
Wbiob is ut, present ill session, and,
therefore, the Lieutonuiit-Govriior proposes to send them about their busi
miss in   true   Cromwollinu fashion.
"Mr. Semlin had an opportunity,
however, of demonstrating on Tuesday that in Ihi" matter ho possessed
the oonlidonco of the House. He moved u motion of censure on tho Lienten-
ant-Governor for his conduct and the
House adopted   it.     This   places    the
Lieutenant-Governor iu conflict with
the Legislature. Tho Government is
simply n coin ni it tee of the House,
and it is for the House to sny whore its
cnnfl shull   rest.    In this   crisis
tho eutniiiit-tlovernor seeum to be
prepared lo piny tbo trump card of dissolution, a power vested in the Crown
to be oxercised with tho greatest discretion anil the gravest responsibility.   .    .-    .
"There has never boon in the history
of this country a Lieutenant-Governor
publicly censured by a Legislature sitting in due form and clothed with all
its powers, and under tho wholo circumstances we question very much if
Lieutenant-Governor Mclunes's usefulness is not gone, if, indeotl, it ever
existed. "���Winnipeg Free Press.
We trust the members of the Legislature are not snch poor creatures as to
regret the reproof they administered
to the Lieutenant-Governor, as The
Viotoriu Times suggests thoy do or
ought to . Hnd they refrained from
entoring t ��� most iutlignant protost
against th insult implied in the selection of Mr. Joseph Martin as tbe
Premier to succeed lhe dismissed Mr.
Semlin, thoy would deserve all the indignity it would be possiblo to henp
upon thoui. They did right in protost
ing as Ihey did, and if men they will
neither indulge in regrets nor offer
apologies. They can afforti to leave
thut weakness to the overnice newspapers, with thoir airs of suporior
New books.
Parson Kelly;
By Andrew Lang
Mr. Jack   Hamlin's Media-
Bret Harte
Louis Creswicke
The Bitter Vintage;
K. Douglas King
An African Treasure;
J. MacLaren Cobban
Prospecting,  Locating and
Valuing Mines;
Engineers' Examinations;
New Catechism of the Steam
Maxims and Instructions for
the Boiler Room;
The Mineral Industry;
Life of Napoleon III.;
By Archibald Forbes
_s is
-a we have sold 75% of all the
2      Used In the Kootenay.
;j   Steel Mining Rails,
Blacksmith Coal,
% Sewer Pipe, Etc.
poi)'-t Worri).
Merchant  Tailor,
Josephine Street,
Suits from $25.00 Up.
1        H. J. EVANS 8l CO.
S NELSON, b.o. ,___
In the rentier of mi application for n
duplicate of a cortillnato ut title to 1o|h
eleven (11) mirt twelve (111), block
twenty-seven (27), City of Nelson, 1!.
Notice is liereliy givou tliat it in my
intention nt the oxplratinn of one
month Irom thn publication hereof, to
iwmo n duplionto of the certificate of
title to Ihe above lands, iHnuctl to
yeor_.ii A. B. Hull, on tin. 20th dny of
December, 1HII8, aud numbered 161)11 K.
Land RoRintry Ofllce, Victorin, B.
0., 19th February, IHO).
One of Mr. Maitin's first acts an
Promiur wan to dismiss the late Prem-
ior'B private seorotury. He was quite
wnrrnnted in doing so; a private secretary ia u sort of personal property
nnd must go with his chief. There is
no fnult to be found with Mr. Martin
for this act. But let him once gel
lirmly seated iu the saddle, and God
help the Civil Servants of all kinds
and everywhere iu the Province who
do not full down and worship bim.
Mi. Mnrtin is n mnn of strong and
extraordinary characteristics, but the
most remarkable are his egotism and
heartlessnoss. Mr. Greenwny ."knew
him woll when he described hini as n
rami without heart or eonsoieuce.
Canada mm &
Gamble & O'Reilly
2 Lots, fi-Room  House, corner,
on Carl onate street $2,000
2 Lots, S-Boom House,   Cnrlion-
nte street     2,15(1
II Lots and House  on Silica St.
between Stanley and Ward,
Terms     3,000
Agents for  Hum.' Addition   nnil n
large Dumber of Addition " A" Lots.
Accident nnd Sickness.    Special Health
Policy issued by
Heud   office,   Montreal.       Costs only
$10 a year.
Gamble ft O'Reilly.
lfH< �����__"��� *���_?'���-S^ ***-_r**8^ ^ *5^**5^ ***** �����������_ ��� *���__! ���*��<������*?'��� ���*. ������sf-'-Sr* ***__. --^ **. **_a. ��� ���*_��. ������___"��� *__. *v^
Hi 9
\k't    We have them.    This week we are placing On Sale many lines of DESIRABLE    /i\
���_��� House Furnishings, at prices that will insure a speedy clearance. i��i
"The Parliamentary system of government which has, as a rule, been so
happily worked iu Canada ever since
responsible government was wrested
from the representative ol the Crown
is being Subjected to a severe strain in
British Columbia at   the present time.
"The Semlin Administration, which
had the confidence of the Lieutenant
Governor and the Legislature for a yenr
and a half, was defeated by a majority
of one on a Government Bill. It is
uot necessary for a Govemment to resign on a single isolated defeat in the
Legislature, if it retains tho geneiul
confidence ol the House. Mr. Semlin,
finding it difficult to pass his Redistribution Bill, nud feeling it uecessaiy.
no donbt, to have that measure become law in order that the coustitu
encies might be appealed to imined]
ately afterwards, nttompted to rearrange his Government, bnt was suddenly pulled up by the Lieutenant
Goveruor and dismissed. The intervention of the Crown to prevent a
Prime Minister strengthening his Government and tho dismissal of thnt
Minister while the Legislature is iu
session,are things fortuniitelr unknown
in the history of this country. Mr.
Mcliines seems bound on personul govern, neut, nnd seems to be of that autocrat.,i disposition so pre-eminently
suited to the old Kings, who worked
their will on the Government, which
wns at thnt time both in name and in
fuct the King's Government The
Turner Ministry was dismissed by Mr.
Mclnnes. although a new Legislature
hnd just been elected and hnd the right
to pass upon Mr. Turner's Govenment.
That right was denied. Mr. Mclnnes
then called on a gentleman who was
not even a niomber of the Legislature
to form n Government. He wns incnp
able of doing so, ni.d then Mr. Semlin
undertook the tusk nnd ncnoniplishcd
it. The Legislature, which is now in
session, is the proper body to deter
mine whether the Semlin Administration shell cense to exist or not, but
the design of tho Lientennnt Governo;
is nppnrentlv to deprive the Legislature
of this right by exercising the supreme
prerogative of  dissolution.   Of course
50 Cases
New Drugs
and fledicines
Received this week,
fresh from the manufacturers.
Tolophono 11 j.     P. O. Uot 220.     Baker Stroct.
Mall Orders Promptly Attended To.
H. & M. BIRD
A*...m.., for Eureka Mineral Wool and
Asbestos Co-
Real   Estate.    Fire  Insurance.
Private Funds to Loan.
four Boom House on Robson
Street     f   860 00
Five Roots House, good location ....  1,100 00
Seven Boom lloiiso on Koota-
nny Street a,COO 00
Eight Room House ou Silica
Street   8,000 00
Twelve Room House aud store
good location  4,800 00
Two lots on Robson Street
West           BOO 00
Fifty foot corner, Robson
Stroet east      820 00
Fivo   Room   House   (furnished)
Victoria   Street east $110 00
Nelson Cleaning and Dyeing
8.  1). P1KUKK Prop.
Ladies' and Gents' Clothing clean;
dyed, altered and repaired.
Bear ���r Clark- limn. .KLMIN
Fraternity Hall
* <.r llnkrr .1 Knttlrnn) Ml*.
can be rented for Concerts, LeotnrM
I lan.'.... Banquet* ftod every kind of entertainment, (iood niife-rooiiis, cloak
moms. Kitchen nnd dining room furnished.    For teiinpply
UR. E.G. ARTHUR] Oity.
Mining Stocks
Bought and Sold.
Silver    Star    Mining    Stock   of
Sumpter, Ore.   Call for Prospectus
5000 Big Horn Treasury.  A snap
iooo Noonday    600 Richelieu
Here's a good buy :
Referendum Treasury Stock,    Sold
on installments 7)��o., l)_c per month
House  and   Lot in business portion of town, $3500.
Our Fresh Roasted Coffee Best of
Quality, ns follows :
Java nnd Arabian Mocha, per pound $  tC
Javn and Moel.a Blond, 3 ponnds  1 00
Floe Santos, 1 pounds  1 00
Santos Blend, 5 pounds  1 00
Our   Speeial Blend, 0 pounds  1 00
Our Klo Kour-t, G pounds
A rm il. on ni 11 SOLICITED.
tfELSON,        -        B. C.
A. R- BARROW, a.m.i._.b,
Provincial Land Surveyor,
Corner Victoria and Kootenny Sta.
1*. O. Box 5511. Tolophono No. IIS
F. ��'. l.u 1.1.1 I'. *>. I'LF.ML.NT*.
Civil   Engineers   and Provincial
Land Surveyors.
'. O. Box 115
Nolson. B. C
AdvertlHomouU InHerlod under tills head al
tho rat*, of one cent a word per insertion. No
advertisement tnken for Iohh than 2A cents.
WANTKD. ���A good   general   servant,
elderly peri-on   preferred.    Apply   to
Mis.    E.   Coidingly,     top   of   Vernon
WANTKD. ��� Thorough,     experienced
servant.    Apply Mrs. P. E.    Wilson,
Viotoria Stroet.
WANTED.���Furnished House; ahnnt
four rooms ; not too fnr from Baker
nnd Water Streets. House with hath
room preferred. Address "B" Miner
PHONOGRAPH   for   sale   choap.    J.
.1. Walker, Jeweler,    linker Stieet.
NUKHE Uirl wanted,    nge, ubout   IS,
('hinntniin kept.    Apply   P. O, Hox,
74, Nelson.
WANTKD.��� Teacher (lady)    (or   Pilot
Bay Pnblio   School.    Applv to  John
Allan, Beoretary, Pilot Bay, B. C.
WANTED.���Kor     three     people,    two
rooms wiih hoard in central   part  of
town.    With hath   preferred.    Address
B, Miner Ofllce.
WANTKD.-liovB   and   girls to   strip
tobacco.    Fifty cents   a day, and   as
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��� 9
Heated by Hot Air
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Temperance Hotel.
The Family Resort of the
TfteWaverly Hotel
House and lot, 3 rooms, summer
kitchen and woodshed      Price $800
House and 2 lots, nice situation,
4 rooms plastered, large kitchen.
Price $1100, on easy terms. Also
a few
Fine Residences.
Fire, Life and Accident   Insurance,
Money to loan, Real Estate.
Next door to New Bank of Montreal,
on Kootenay Street,
Nelson. B.O.
Phones:    Offloe,  H7:   House,  152.
Four-room House and   threo lots,
Mill St., Kood looation  .1,000
Seven room House, modern   conveniences  3,700
One lot, Baker St  1,200
I no-foot norner on Robson St,.,,    000
Two lots, Observatory St      600
Gall and See Me.
Great Reduction!
HAKDcoAL   $9 (J5 per Ton
CRO^NKST  $6ilg   per   Ton
Bank of
British Columbia,
Is now prepared to issue
Drafts and Letters of Credit
on Skaguay, U.S., Atlin, B.
C, and Dawson City, Yukon
Real Estate,
Fire Insurance,
Life Insurance
Small   House $ 8.00
Small Cottage    10.00
Nelson Employment Agencv
Twelve coal miners. Waitress. Dishwasher.
Help of all kinds furnished.
J. H. LOVE, Agt      Baker S'
Brewers of Fine Lnger
Beer and Porter.
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B. C.
MIMM. ���:��< kir,      M.lAlll l'i l:lt< .
Windermere Mlnee.  Correap ��� enoo3ollolt_d
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Kootenay Lake.
I have a complete stock
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Mill at PILOT BAY.
Yards, NELSON and LARDO**
Paper Hanger,
Glazier,   Palij_er,   Etc*
Chimney Sweeping.
Office, Ward St. opp. Opera House
The Cottage Hospital, Nelson
A private Hospital, Medioal, Surgical anrt Midwifery cases nursed in the
House. Private room |20 and .15 a
week. Beds in ward .18 n week.
Nnrses sent ont to piivate|l��o_Bes.at"". ��
a week. Apply to The Misses Onck-
may.  .
Civil and Mochnnlcal l-aii-na io   .
Bii]>iiliud and Erected.
A0KNT8 for the Rlwlon Iron Worlj*, Babcook
4 Wlloox BotlorCo..CrollcH' Wire Hope
and Ropeway.., Klo., Ktc.
whore you can depond on Ratting tho bout
nramlHln ll.n m.irk.���! and any quantity twin
10c. up,   Prioos cannot be diaputed.
'PHONE 9.1.
Frank A. Tahwlvn, Mgr.,
Bakbr Street, Nelson NELSON DAILY MINER, TUESDAY,   MARCH 6,  1900
.,,   r  Wilson Willii.mn.nf Auntriiliu.
,,|-  ,|.   MalliiiHiin   Williams,
n brothel
Ih ni the Pbnir.
\ marriage license was Issued to y
.,,;,_!,..   K. White  and   Mary
Baiith, both of Nelson,
George M. Kerry, the fancy roller
���,.���l���r wiih taken lo the uemval hospital B__a_y, Buffering from pneumonia.
Kali.. McKvav Iraiisfcried a half In-
.nJosl In the Mill" 'l(l" "lniln. n"
Beavet Creek, lo Jemei Hnanex lor
The City pound keeper has been ap-
minted  the collector  -
1 will   cu
of   niail   tuxes
llui't   all such   taxes   now
There wai a Knoll sheet of ion at the
skating rink yesterday and quite a
number of people enjoyed  a pleaaant
\V r Twins, the well known insur-
nnoe in an Of KaBlo, wai i" the Oity
yestetday ant leaven this morning for
tin. Boundary oonutry.
Iho Ontario   Powder    Company's
luan.'h lias taken up its quarters in
the Madden blook with a ground door
ofllce fronting on Ward Street.
The chorus for the opera "Pinafore"
had a successful rehearsal last night
iui.I Herr Stcincr was gratified at tbe
progress they have made iu so short a
The Hudson's Hiy Ooinpany has Is*
.nr.l invitations lor a maud opening
nf their new stores nn Thursday next.
Ten will be solved nud an oruhestrn
will be in attendance.
Hiss UoDermntt, formerly one of the
Won.ler Millinery Stole,  left jesterduy
for Greenwood to take charge   of  the
millinery department of   Williams dry
goods establishment.
The Careless mineral olaim on Grain
Mmititiiin. near Iho north fork of Salmon Bim, wan transferal yesterday
fiinn B. W. Crai�� to Thonias Kane foi
a nominal consideration,
The City Gas Co. lias reoeived two
Urge oases of Welsbaoh hnruers and
llxtmes for Iheir now service. Among
them arc seine hnnrisnnin Itandifag
lumps with   out    glass   shades.
Ihe Sandon Pavntreah snys: Murray
Byers Bpeut the early part of the week
ill Nelson,    Murray   complains nf the
itniiiity nml civ..ets of the disinfectant*
with which Nelson folks Inoculate the
Bfruugei within their gates.
Rev. 0. W. Hose, former pastor ot
ths Baptist Chnroh, left- Nelson Inst
nichi for Yarmouth, N. S., where he
niii spend the summer. He does not
Intend to return to Nolson, eTpept per-
hups t.. pay a visit at Borne futuro
The Bank of Montreal's  new build.
inn is almost completed,as the interior
iH linishcil, with exception of the pan-
I'llinc ami nns anil electric fixtures,
which nre now heing installed. The
Hunk will move into its new quartets
about the lr.th of the   month.
City WelghmastSr Jackson will
have hereafter the position of official
wood measurer au.l will issue recci|ts
lor 11 fee of teu cents, for the amount
measured, These receipts will guarantee thn amount of wood purchased
when accompanying Ihe sale of   huiio
Haker street is to lie further improved hv the bnilding of a hrick fn nt' fo
the Madden House. The balcony will
be removed and the front will he otherwise improved. This will make a
brick front frum the corner and will
present the nppenranee of a verv imposing building.
There was a ouiling mutoh at the
rink last niphfc The following rinks
played: J. Thompson. P. .1. Brao-
ley, T. Houston, B. Archibald, (skip),
sooreia, and Dr. Aimstr, n_, P. E.
Wilson, H. D. Hume, W Kiohardson,
(skip), scoro 11. The two rinks played Off a tie. The ice was the best there
has beeu this season.
A new law book of interest to tbe
pnblio in addition to Iho lawyers, entitled "Tbe Law of Animals," by Mr.
John H. Ingham, of tlm Philadelphia
bur, contains a summary of the English and Canadiau law ou the subject
taken finm an article hy Mr. R. M.
Macdonald, of Nelson, published in
the Canadian Law Times, about six
years ago. The author acknowledges
hiB imlebtnduess to Mr. Macdonald for
his leBearchos ou the aubjeot.
There is a hoodoo somewhere on
Kootenny Lake and it nppoars to be
fiillnwiUR the steamer Movie. Onlv
'wo days after the release of tbe
steamer trom quarantine some trouble
Was experienced in docking some
Bargee. The wind was blowing a gale
antl inlthe effort to laud,the barge was
shoved up against the side of the
Sttamer smashing Borne of the wood
work. The boat was laid up yesterdav
jnflergoing repairs but will probably
he ready for duty today.
Chief Bullock-Webster haB had a letter irom ex-Constable Kelly, who weut
sway with the local contingent for
Htratbcona'S Horse. The letter wns
written from Ottawa and related Mr.
Kelly s expeiionoo ns drill instructor.
il also eaid that he wan acting as
squadron orderly sergoant. It wns
"nt known, wbon the letter was writ*
ten. at whnt time Ihe regiment would
;"' "W1*y as all the horses had not arrived yet. From all aooounts the boys
'mm Nelson were well and happy.
.'ohn Mulbolland and B. J. Royal,
inn two bus drivers who got into a
���w /everal days ago on the City
wnart wore bofoM Magistrate Crease
yesterday. Mr. CreaBe was acting as
> ���������'cndiurv Magistrate for the County
'���iier hearing the testimony   of  Roya
am several witnesses, the Migistrntc
Kiimted a postponement until 10
e nek this morning, at the request rf
"���niliolland who was shv several wit-
"esses upon wll08n testimony he depended.
Hie following aliens wero natural-
sen at thn opening of the County
_Vin.yf$..dB,y   m"""��K by ���*�����*�����:��
Vitlona   Bollettl,   Henry Ro-
. WW*,v*. vVV*Wv*\*V .
Larger Annual Sale Than All Othei   Electric Therapeutic
Appliances in the World.
*TpI 11, above-mentioned little book, called " Three Classes of Men," will be
* mailed free and securely sealed in plain envelope. It tells of my thirty
years' experience as a specialist, and how I found over a quarter of a century
ago that we should look to that great natural force, ELECTRICITY, for
strength where strength was required, and shows why
Medicines Gan Never Cure.
It tells of my wonderful invention, the Dr. Sanden Electric belt, now
known and used the world over. This appliance combines the best elements
of every electrical apparatus known to science, and cures speedily and forever
all results of youthful errors or later indiscretions, Physical Weakness, Nervousness, Lame Back, Varicocele, ete. We give in " Health World," sent
with book, over four hundred testimonials, with names and addresses, new
every month. Don't fail to write for this book today, or, if you live near
enough, drop in and consult me free of charge. My ollice hours are 9 a.m.
to 6 p.m.    Sunday 9 to 12.
DR. M. SANDEN, 474 Main Street, Winnipeg, Manitoba.
Bl._.. YTn","K H*-lU1". William  Genrgs
n,!,    '���'!"���"���   ^ndjinski,   John  Free-
.ie" ill','.,���nr,l,p.urc?.n'.L. r��y _������ ..S>'P-
>   Ih'iinis Shea, Vn'lorions O   Rank
'���   1'rank    I.-1,,,.-,,.,.    ...,.i    a,,.i......
rank    Romano,   Riid   Andrens
Thonias Tait,   manager of c. P. R.
linos enst of Fort William, R. Mar-
pole, superintendent of the Fncillo
division, and William White, tiianiv
ger of lines west of Fort William, will
arrive in Nelson today. They will
make a tour of iiyjpeotioii over the
Columbia & Western road alio* the
Rossland branch, iu which they will
he nccompauied by F. W. Peters, assistant Gonernl Freight Agent.
The mombers of Stratboona's Horse
evidently din not thoroughly enjoy
iheir stay at Ottawa. According to a
Witter received from E. C. Wraggo by
Mr. J. H. Bowes their imaiters there
weie not the most comfortable. Mr.
Wragge says: "We have been very
nnsv from I! o'clock in the morning
until lights out at 8:80, We will
prohably leave ou March 5. We aro
mattered hero at the exhibition
gioniuls in stalls in the catttle Bheds,
four men to a stall. "
Nelson, or at least that part of it
which has been "pipod, " will he light-
od bv gas Weduesdaj or Thursday
night! If not Wednesday it will surely
be Thursday, but tbe gas people are
making an effort to have everything go
on the first mentioned day. The
tank has beeu filled and some of the
mains are now bung tested. At the
offices of the Gas Company several
samples of the latost lamps, gas stoves,
etc, are ou exhibition and many purchases are being mado by those who
will use gas.
Judge Form, sitting in tlie County
Court, disposed of the following cases
yesterday. In Murphy vs. Brandon
there was an action for damages for
oonversiou, but tho action was dismissed with costs for the plaintiff.
Messrs. Maodonald and Johnson appeared for the plaintiff and Messrs.
Galliher and Wilson lor the defendant.
The onse of Jones vs. luce was dismissed with costs as not one nppenred
for the plaintiff. Mr. W. A. Galliher
appeared for the defendait. In re
York against Provost, Gormloy aiifl
Schomberg, tbe plaintiffs claimed |9B
for goods sold and delivered to the defendants as co-owners in the Black
Priuce mineral claim. A judgment
was given against all the defoudants.
Mr. V. Elliott appeared for the plaintiffs and no ono fot the defendants. In
the case of O'Keefo vs. Ross, Buok-
work et al, there was an appeal from
tbe deoision of Ross and Buck, J. P.'s
at Ymir. Mr. S. S. Taylor appeared
for the appellant and Mr. W. A. Gal-
liber for the Justices. The case was
partly heard and udjeurned nntil 2 p.
m., Maroh (1th to allow of tho attendance of witnesses not present yostor-
It is certainly gratifying to the publio to know of one concern in the hind
who are no afraid to he generous to the
needy and suffering. The proprietors
of .Dr. King's New Discovery for Consumption, Con_bs and Colds, have
given nway over ten million trial bottles of this great medicine; nnd have
the satisfaction of knowing it lias absolutely eur-id thonwiidR of hopeless
onses. Asthma, Bronchitis. Hoarseneoi
and all diseases of tho Throat, Chest
and Lungs are surely oured by it.
Call on Canada T)rog & Book Go, and
get a freo bottle trial.    Regular size fill
cents and .1. Every bottle guaranteed,
i or prioe refunded.
Tbe docket for tho present sitting
of the Oonnty Court, His Honor Judge
Forin on the bench, is composed of
the following : Murphy vs. Brandon,
York vs. Provost, Jones vs. Inee, Mas-
loukn vs. Maslnnka, Oarrjt vs. Oliver,
(settled out of court),Sturgeon vs. Haw-
ley, Hannington vs. Day, Morrison
vs. British American Gold Mining Co.
Ltd., Hill vs. Maliee, Christouson vs.
Hall Mines, Keefe vs. Hnckworth,
Church vs. Gcdsal, Judgment summons, Christer vs. Johnson, Osier
and Driscoll, LaPoint vs. St. Diiinis,
Simpson vs. Hamniel and Ker vs.
Clocks ��������*���
Fine  Watch,   Clock   and   Jewelry
repairing,    Work   and   goods
guaranteed  positively.
Patenaude Bros
Conservatives and all favorable to
the Conseivalive cause are invited to
register their names upon the voters'
list Registration nan take placo at
uny time,the qualifications heintr Biit-
ish subjects, 21 years of age, six
months' residence in the Province and
oue month's residence in tho Hiding.
The same voters' list is used for both
Dominion and   Provinoial elections.
The following will be pleased to
draw applications at their ollices for
intending voters:
S. M. BRYDGES, Secretary Conservative Association.
Wholesale Houses.
THORPE ___ CO-, LIMITED.���Cornor Vor
non UK. Cedar BtreotH, Nelson, nianu*
focLurert-i of and wholcsalo dualorg In aornted
waters and fruit, syrups. Sole agents for Halcyon springs mineral water.  Tel (>o
���N. M. Cummins, Lessee, Kvery known
variety of nofL drinke. P. O. Box 88. Telephone No. 31. Hoover Street. Nelson. Bottlers
of the Famous St. Loon Hot Springs Mineral
HJ. EVANS rK_ OO.-BaKor Street, Nol
��� son, wlioiosolo dealers in liquors, cigars
cement, firo brick and Are clay, water pipe and
steel rails and general commis*.ion merchants.
Limited.���Front Stroet, Nelson, wholesale dealers in Hour, inoals, etc., and hay
and grain. Mills at Kdmonton, Victoria and
Now Westminster, Klevators on Calgary &
Kdmonton Railway. i	
��� non and Josephine Slreots. wholesale
grocers and jobbers in blankets, gloves, mitts,
boots, rubbers, mackinaws and miners' sundries,
P  BURNS A- CO-Baker Street, Nelson,
���   wholosalo  dealers in fresh and cured
iin-ii l:-.   Culd storage.
-Baker Street. Nolson.   Wholesale iloul
erw In fro-h and cured moutH.
Limited���Baker street, Nolson,   whole-
sale dealers in hardware and mining supplies,
plumbers'and tinsmith's supplies.
sale paints and oils.
TURNER, BEETON -. CO. burner
I Vernon and Josephine otrooui, No'son
wholesale dealers in liquors cigars an.l dry
Koods. AKents for I'ahsl Brewing Co. of Mll-
wa. kco aud Calgary Browing Co. of Calgary.
HUDSON'S BAY CO.-Wholesale groceries and liquors, e. o., Baker St., Nelson.
JY GRIFFIN * CO.���Cornor Vernon
��� and Josephino Streets. Nelson, wholosalo
doalora in provisions, cured meats, butter and
Nrijion, J), c.
A Boarding and liny School conducted by
tho Sisters of St. Joseph of Poaco. It is situated at tho cornor Of Mill and Josephine street*.
In ono of the bost residential portions of Nelson, anil i�� i ashy accessible from all pints
of lhe city. .    .
The course of sillily includes the fulidnlinat-
Inl and higher branches of a thorough Kngli-h
I'diii'iillon. Business courso��� Bookkeeping
Stenography nnd Typewriting. Sclonco course
���Music, Vo.nl and Instriiiiiental; Drawing,
otc.���I'laln and Art Needlework; Calisthenics
Kor terms nnd particulars apply la the Slste.
Ten aerns, with largo honse clone to
Nelson. Fine situation for kenpinu
poultry. Gooil fowl botie, Apply X,
Box 688, Post Ollice, Nelson.
...L. POGUE...
Harness and Saddlery
The leading shop. Larue
i took. Best nssorted stook
on hand. Harness, Col-
lnrs oi bosl makos.Sad-
dlos, Blankets, Hells
Whips, Brushes, Combs
Prlcos satisfactory.
Call and hoe.
Cor. Ward and Laker
Builders will find it to their advanUKO to
IlKnro with Hnulley & Co. on I ��������� im inn.
Liilie Bros.' Sh oe Store
Our clerks are at your service
and will show you auy Shoes
you   may    wish    to   inspect.
Wc   invite   you   to   visit   us   and   yet   acquainted.
Bring Your Repairing.
���V'��V>*V'V*_V-Vl*��--VVVl*rVV^ ���
\ Ross, Lee St Taylor!
Baker Street, Nelson.
(George P, Motion'n Old Stand.)
[      CAR   LOTS   A   SPECIALTY.      X
r Correspondence Solicited. |
[ Phone 20. t
k4>4.4-��.4444-4"��-*.*4-44-��-4-f4**>��. ���������������*. ������������������������������������������������������������������<>
Groceries,     Croclteru,    Etc.
Dried Fruits
I'l-.-triiKH B____OR ni-KUM-H
Al'lttOOTB Ari'i.KH
]. AHI'llKltKIKH KtliH
Phunkb Hears
Canned Fruits
Ptt.ua ai'uiioih
St H...-V11KI.I.IKH (JllAIIS
Green Fruits
BAKER   STREET,   NO.   185.
,        /
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants
a   ___________    AAAAAAA**    *�����������������   mV
___3**"______F TY~~~TT~ ^______T-*wi
Branch Markets in Rossland, Trail, Nelson, Kaslo
Sandon, Three Forks, New Denver and Slocan City.
Orders by mall to any branch will have careful and prompt attention.
West Kootenay Butcher Co.
Fresh   and   Salted   Heats
Pish and Poultry in Season
E.   C.   TRAVES.   Manager,
Baker Street, Nelson.
Orders by mail receive careful and prompt attention.
The pes. _ha. Money car) puy.     Take Vio Other
Mi.ii.ifurl .ir.-.l by Uio nini'klimn-Kor Milling ('.... Ltd.
Victoria, Vancouvor. WoHtiiiinHlor. Kiliiionlon, I:-.! ...���!. N'olnon.
Head quarters  For
Porfyaijd Ceijieijt, Fire pricks
Fire Clay, American Cumberland Coal (Blacksmiths).
Hpecidl QuntiitiotiH Oivi'H for OwlO-fl" I.otn.
A.B.GRAY,P.O.Box681,   r_t   r_\   DIXLUTT D   fT**fT\
C.w**w^****t��*^*v��^** ****������** ^^��v^^^'^*^f^'���*^'*>
The Manager and Staff of
The   Hudson's   Bay
At Home to Everyone
in their new building, Corner of Baker and Stanley
Streets, Nelson.
2 to 6:30 p. m. THURSDAY, MARCH 8th, 1900
Kirkpatriek,Wilson antl Cloment Close
a Real Estate Deal.
A real estate rleal was oonsninatotl
yesterday which will rosult, before the
year is over, in * maKnifioeut new
business block on Baker Street. It
will be tho fin ist block on tho street,
stores ou the ground lloor and offices
on two floors above. It will be loontetl
on tbo corner of Ward and Baker
IStieets, on the site originally Boleeterl
by tho Buuk of Monreal and tbe additional thirty feot occupied by tht
store of Kirkpatriek and Wilson.
The three parties to tho purchasim
end of tho deal are J. A. Kirkpotrick
A. H. dementi and 0. J. Wilsou
Tbo piioe piid for tho thirty feet frou
was .lu.fiOO. The oilier thirty loe
now occupied by Kirkpatriek & Wilso.
bi-loiiRn to them. Tho building will
bave a frontage of (10 feet and will extend in the roar to the alley, a dis
tont'o of ISO feet It will be bnilt ol
britk ami will be one of the most sub
stantial buildings iu tho City. WorV
ou tbe building is oxpeoted to begii
us soon as Kirpkatrick & Wilson flue
othet qnurters.
the day. They will woar white ornsh
hats, and long checkered ulsters, and
will, duriug the performances, be accompanied by Millwar.ru full orchestra. A feature of the entertainment
will be the lecitation by William J.
Hall,of Kaslo, of "Tho Absent Minded
Beggar." Between tho versos tho Nelson quartet will siug one verse each
from "Home Swoot Home," and other
liuiilar selections. The musio will
oe the vory lateBt, and outirely now.
The Absconding Acoonntant  Has   Nol
Yet Been Located.
Tho whereabouts of H. H. Bowdei
are still uukuowu. There was a rn
mor current tbat he had been locatei
und arrested in Spokane but such wai
uot the ease. He was last seen on I
train on the Spokane Falls Si Norther.
Huiwuv, bnt tbo fact was not kuowi
until it was too late to approhend him
In diet when the conductor was givei
u description of him antl asked if h*
had Men bim be said he had not, but
later on when shown a photograph o
Bowden ho remembered having seei
bun on tbe train and also that be wa
drinking heavily all the way to Spo
kane. What has become of hini oinci
is only a conjecture as ho had thre.
days start of th police. Both the Provincial mid Municipal police are making efforts to secure Bowden and i
special cmistble has hoen sent to Hpo-
k'uie to follow up auy clue that ms;
be reveal.al.
Next Monday afternoon tbo Nelson
Mm M. !������ will leave for a short trii
through the .Slocan Country, and will
give New Denver, Kaslo nnd Sandon
one of Ibe bent minstrel shows those
towns have ever seen. Monday night
tbey will appear In Now Denver, on
Tuesday night in riiindon and on Wednesday night in Kuslo. Regular re-
bearnls have been held for two weeks
past ami everyone is thoroughly ac-
.01.11.itcl with the part he will play.
Tbo end men in tho show aro H. Marshal, II. Orvan, O, Honeyman nnd E.
Mot'inn. O. I'rosser i. tlm tenor, W. J.
Ciild.-ell la.*.. ; and R. H. Thompson
and W. Maitin. baritone. Fred Lynch
acts as interlocutor, ond the euke
Walker! aie Lynch and I'rosser, Mc-
I.inn and Caldwell; White and Nolson,
Hardy and Uervan, led by Master
Lunce (lilchrisl. In eaoh town the
company will parade some time dnring
San Francisco, Cal., March 5.���The
var of the Tougn in Chiuutown was
enewetl today by tho murder of two of
tie most prominent loercbautB in this
ity and tbe wounding of a third
mn, all mombers of tho Sam Yup or-
anizatiou. The victims of today's
��� nt in oak aie Peon Gee, Low Soon and
ueong Chen,mombers of the pork packing firm of Tuck Wo & Co. The two
irst named were killed uud the third
was seriously wounded. The stole of
L'uck Wo bad just been opeuetl for the
lay wheu four highbinders darted out
���f a small alley, open ing up a fusilade.
i'he mnrderers escaped after the shoot-
London, March 5.���Geueral Buller's
evised list of casualties from Febru-
try 1-1 to February '27 gives 911 moil
lilled,   1184 wounded, aud   25 missing.
Atlantic S. S. Lines
From Portland, Me.
titan Lino "BuenC-fl Ay roan'' March 17
Ulan Lino "Nutniclian" M.irch 28
���nn.* sn nn l.ino "('hii.broiii ah" March 11
-otiiltiion liino "Vancouver" March !__
Krom Halifax. N. 8.
'..minion l.ino "Vancouver" ..March 80
leaver Line "Monlroee11 March ifl
leaver Line "Lake Huron" March 22
Krom St. .John, N. H.
Se&VOT Line "Montr-one" March U
leaver Line "Lake Huron" March 21
Krom New York
 Maroh l"
-unanl Lino
'mum! Line
('ampania" h March 21
vVhlto HLnr Lino "O-eauln" Mm,ir.!!
A'hlto Star Une "Teutonic" March 2*.
merlran Lino ''Kensington" March 21
led star Line "Wcr.t-cnii._nti" March u
\nchor   Lino   "Astoria" March M
Lahh" March 80
Sarmatiiin  March 22
PftHHagcH arran��od to and from all European
..ointH. Kor rate-*., tickoU and full Information
inplrtoO.P. It, rlopot agent or C K. Itoiwloy,
City Pn   i-nr.ri Agent, NoIi-ton, 8,(1
Geneial Agent. C P. It. Ofloes   Winning
Vorih Gorman Lloyd
Allan State Lino "San
Board and Room.
First Class Board and Room;
Totld's old stand, in roar English
Church. Table Hoard, $4; Boarti
and Room, $5 and $5.50.
A good paving Dairy business in
the Town of Fernie, B. O., will sell
..nt at a bargain. Hevcii cows, horse,
sleigh, milk wagon, MM,' and everything belonging to n (lrst/chisn Dairy.
Frame House and stable. Apply llox
16_, Fernie, B, O.
Merchants' Bank of Hafifax.!5P����ooo��o<^^
Incorporated 1869.
Capital Paid-up.    .   .   .    tti.ns.i.oio.00 :  i:.-.i du.hw.ooo.m
>-.,ar,i <>r Directors I   Thomas li Kenney, Prtwldont:   Thomas Itilclilo. VlccPrc1.itlt.11l.
Mlclmul Dwyor, Wiley Smith,  II. II. I'liuWI, Hon. II. II. Fuller, M.L.O., lion. David MaoKccn.
II. ail  Olliro, 111! 11 Tax :
General Manager, Kelson I.. Pease. Montreal.
Stipcrititi.li.lent ol Branches, VV'. 11. Torrance, Halifax.
Inspector, W, I''. Brook, Halifax.
Secretary, I). M. Stowart, Montreal.
Kova Sci.llu   Halifa--  llranch, AntlitotiiKli. Briditewatcr, Guystioro. Londonderry, I ..... t.l.an:. ;
Muitliind iHuntH Co.), l'it'tou.   Port llawkcsbury, Sydney. Slinlicniicailic. Truro, We) uioiilli.
fli-w Brnniwleb-Bathurst, Dorchestor, frodorlclon, k illusion iKr.it Uo.l. Monotou, Now-
I'llHllo, Slink villo, WOOdStOOk.     I*, i:. Ulnilil    .  Iiall.,11, llov II, Ml -i-.i.l.-.    <_iirl>rr    .Yli.nl i'.mI
(City Ollice). Montreal. West. Km! (Cor. Notro llamo and SolKntum StreoUl; WcHlmount (Cor. 1
Greene Avenue nnd SI. Catharines btteoU linlarlo-Ollawn. la>��rnuiullaml-SI. John's. I
lulm, Htm Indies���Havana. Hailed Nimrs-Ncw York mi Kxclmiigo Placci ltopublic, Wash.
Atlin, Bennett, Grand Forks, Nanaimo, Nelson, Rossland, Vancouver, Vancouver East End, Victoria.
Ciirn-KiHiiidrnl ��� 1
t'anndn���Merchants Pnnk of Canada.   Boston���National Bhawmut Dank.  Chleaga��� America
National Hunk-   San  Fr.Bclsco���First National  Hank.    London, KllK. - Hank of   -Scotland.
l-nrih, I'r t   rni: l.yonnais.   It.riiiii.lii-Hunk of Ikrmuila.   I'lilun anil Japnn-llong
Kodk and si.aiiKiiai Hanking Corporation.
(icneial Banking Business Transacted; Sterling Bills of Exchange  Bought
and Sold, Letters of Credit, Etc., Negotiated.
Accounts received on the most favorable terms.   Interest allowed on specia
deposits and on Saving Hank accounts.
Geo. Kydd, Manager, Nelson, B.C.
They arc made in your midst, of the finest Havana Tobacco.
Where jfpod  Cigars are sold  they can  be bought.
The  Royal Seal and  Kootonny Belle.
Union  made.
We HaVe a FeW
Heating - Stoves
left over.    To get clear of
them we are offering them
���actual   cost ;    and as   Stoves have advanced   in   price
since we bought, anyone requiring Stoves
will   get   them   at
Gei)_i!i)e  .Bargain   l{a.es.
Vancouver - Hardware
Co., Ltd.
Mara Block, Baker Street.
Kootenay Cigar Mfg. Co.
i **���"���__���*���*_��
For that house you have erected:
Sideboards, Oheffoniers and Dressing Tables.
Combination Bookcases and Desks and Ladies'
Toilet Tables.
Have just unlomlal a carload of the finest and best
finished Furniture ever received in the Kootenays.
Baker and Ward Streets, Nelson, B. C.
AL  -tAUt^U  cLaLaU' 0>V*+4/',
) /n+r%AA^/ Ca amJmMa^^
/o cuA/a4 4s+</ for.
Large number Choice Building Lots adjacent' to the
line of their Tramway. For price and terms of sale apply
at the office of the Company, Macdonald Block, Corner of
Josephine and Vernon Streets.
T. C. DUNCAN, Secretary


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