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Nelson Daily Miner Jan 9, 1900

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 j *������/*
Daily Edition No. 6:
Nelson, British Columbia, Tuesday, January 9,  1900.
Tenth V
\  5?
can be turned nut until otherwise
Lord Dimravon, in the Times this
rooming, returns tn his arraignment nf
the War Department fur tbo Inferiority nf British artillery. He says : "It
is useless Cor the Government tn com
tend that our artillery is equal to that
of foreign nations since the Hours have
longer range mobile guns.''
Messrs.   Wornhcr   licit   & Co.,    din-
iiiond merchants,
donated   ��60,
000 to the, fund for  lhe   equipment  nf
it is understood that the War   Office
al White Inflicts Very Heavy Loses ^a received some ngn������^'j8 pa8
J unities in the   Saturday  attack  upon
Ladysmith,   lut   not  the  bst   itself.
These hive not vet been   made public.
on t'ie Foers.
The Miner Special Tells ihe Story iu White's Words.
Four Hundred Boers Were Made Prisoners-
A Buller Rumor.
(Special Dispatches to The Miner, I
London. .Inn. 8.-(3:4B   p. m.)���The
War Office has just  published   the foi-
Iowing dispatch ftoni General Boiler,
Frere Camp. Natal, January 8:
Thu following is from General White
dated 8 p. m. yesterday: "An attaok
was oommenoed on my position hut
was chiefly against Caesar's damp and
Wagon Hill. The enemy was in grout
strength and pushed thn attack with
the greatest courage and energy, Borne
of our entrenches on Wagon Hill were
three titnes taken by the enemy nnd
retaken by us. The attack ci.titiniied
until 7:11(1 p. i". One point iu mir position was occupied by tin enemy the
whole day,bnt nt dusk in a verv heavy
rainstorm they were turned out nt this
position at thu point of the bayonet In
a most gallant  manner  by   tbe   Dev
mis,   led   by   Coloii"l   Park.   Oolonel
Ian  Hamilton  oommanded on Wagon
Hill aud rendered valuable services.
The troops bave hud a very trying
time nud have behaved excellently.
They are   elated at   the   servic.i    they
have rendered the (jnnen.   Tbo enetnj
were repulsed livery where   with gtent
lose,   greatly  exceeding  thai   on  my
side which will be reported as soon as
the lists are completed. "
London, Jan. 8.���A story from Frere
Gump confirms thn report contained in
General   Boiler's    dispatoh that   nil
three Of the Bosr assaults were pressed
with the greatest determination,   but
were successful!v repulsed :   that litany
Hners   were    killed and that HO   were
made prisoners,while the garrison snff
to disguise the fact that a large percentage nf the troops are losing heart
fur a campaign composed oi a succession of frontal attacks on nn Invisible
foe, securely intrenched and unreachable. Our men fongbt admirably nut
thoy were asked to perform miracles.
Don't blame them and don't blame
the gallant general who was the tirst
victim nf the terrible disastei which
overcame tbo Highland Rrlgade. They
marched in quarter column to their
doom. General Warn hope's Inst words
were: "For God's sake men, do not
blame me for this," and it will gladden tin- heuits of bis numerous friends.
There was DO accurd between Generals Methnen and Wnnohope in regard
to the lust methods of attaok,   ("enornl
Methoen's plan prevailed  and tbe mis
take cost inn men.
(Associated Press Dispatch.)
Ottawa,   Out..   .Tan,   8���The   War
OfHoo has given its   sanction   to sending a Blaff of lour nurses with the second contingent to Sontb   Afrien    The
Following ladies have accordingly been
chosen for the onrslng stall': Miss
Hui'ite, Montreal; Miss Richardson,
Region; MinB Delsarah Bnreombe, Ottawa ; Miss M.icDotialil, Piotoo,    N. S
London, .Inn. 0���(8:80a. tn.)���General While holds out, or did so sixty
hours ago when the liners, ousted from
their Foothold inside the works, suspended 1 In-11 assault at night fall.
England has taken heart. The situation, however, is still cansing much
anxiety,   The uelcngftered   Force  have
,.,-ed  only   slight   Inssc      Si  tar    as expended a large amount;ol  ���i���.������ni
���       "        . tion winch eaiiiint be replenished  and
known General Hollar a demonstration _,������, lim, ,,���., ., number nf nfflcers
Bgalnut Ot'lensn had little* etTe*-! In I nnd men which in ponnierbnlauced, so
��� pile of hi v, artillery (ire the Rm-rsl tar na the gnii-on is concerned, by the
did not iei.lv and the only   ffe i of the ���������� l����a of the Bt ers
. I l.e elllrt licit cents ul  Ijildystnllh. as
Bhrupnol shell reported wn��.tluii Hciins :���>B, r,hwi ,n n niessi.gn that lnf( a da.
ed !00 Boers und their horses to  stain |nr t��o befre   the flgbt  ami bus  JnM
pe In frnni the eiinip   hi t    een    I'ulii. ���   i  thu . eh, arc b Hilled lulls,    well
and Grower's kloof    T-lesmme   tr,.���,  covered with rifle  pit-  and trennhei
,    _ .   ., ,   (hnvii ubf It He   ml  ntrv iciive in sin
Reusbnrg   say   several officers 1  80 ���j��� m,, ,,, ,|,,. V]ll.j,,, |ins|H jn ,,u.om,8
men of the  Suffolk!   wot   killed and  ,.,i,ti     p n   rat mi- tiro still served,
ah.ut  -'id   captured.   General   French but uo whiskey nr tnbuoco.
announces Unit the Kss.-NKeiMn.eiil has "    ' I' ���"'*'* �� "-;" '��   ".'"    Morning
... ,, , Host p.,nits tun iimi il is nun up In-
been sent to replace the Mtllolks. ,__ l||l|v l(| , ���lli,.v,.|,,V|������ ,lhl.r .��� ).-,,.,,,
  nun a third  nt   Estcnnrt,    As  Oblev-
London,   Jan   B.���(fl:16p. m.i���A 'oleyls  ;?  inlleit  from   Oolenso,   the
riiiniir is euireiit in t 'itv that Iien   second division   would   bave  bud  tn
.    ,, ,,       , i   ,i     m t���   llisroll 19 inih sin get iii Iii iicii' u t nd
era!   Bnller  has oioised   the   rjngeln tho th1r(i rilvlatm, V8 milea     General
River, eaplnied    IS   -runs, and i- now   |;,,i|,.r ���   80,000 men and seientv   guns
London, Jan. 0.���The Berlin correspondent of thn Daily News, in a (lis-
paten dealing somewhat nt length with
the question of the sei-ote of  German
vessels bv British warships, says:
"It cannot! be denied thnt tho idea of
an anti-British coalition is very popular bcre. Hopes are now being placed
on Russia Without being pessimistic
1 must say that the present jinn-lure is
extremely critical. As matters stand
onlv the fact that no power wishes to
take thn initiative prevents such a
coalition from being brought   about."
Berlin, Jan, 8.���The Foreign OTioe
this evening authorized the following
statements:      "Germany    reoogni7.es
tho right of search within certain
specido limits. Among the points
enumerated in the protest filed in Loudon is one contending that England
has exceeded these limits. No answer
has yet, been receivod to this protest "
On being asked whether it was correct thnt joint action on the pint of
the powers in the inntter of seizure
was under way, a high oflicial of
the Foreign Office replied that such
nation might have to be taken if the
seizures did not cense. Ho asserted
that Russia was asking such joint action in regard to the Interruption of
telegraphic oomuiuniontion with Smith
Africa, bnt lie denied formally the report that Germany had sounded Washington about the feasibility of such
joint act ion. The question of the seizures will eonie np ill the Reichstag us
soon ns ('omit Von Bnelow bus expressed a willingness lo answer an interpellation, v iiich the Couscravtives will
plan possibly for the opening tlay of
the session, at any late, before the end
of the week an extended   reply will be
snliolted from  the JPoreign Becretnry,
who will review events From lhe outset until those of most recent occurence, It is also expeoted that he will
divulge the terms of the  secret   treaty
with (ireiit Britain.
marching on tu Lad  s nitb
Now York, .Ian. B.- Referring t" the
South African situation   under Bund iv
rooming's     dale   Ihe     Lnnih.li   eiure
spii'dettl Of the  Tribune says :    "lien
oral Boiler's army was  in readiness to
move upon   Ih"  i nciny's winks \c-ici
day after systematic scooting all along
the   line   11��� .in  Springfield   to  Hong
were tin it fine alums! Inactive I1U   Bhl
nrdiiy and  when   General Whitehall-
ogrnpbud  General Hnllet could  tenlly
mako no move bnt nn Ineffective it -
oust ration
London, Jan, B, -The Times publish
is iIn- following ihiic'i  Jon    ii.   from
Mini,let   Klvel  '     " Nt��� ii I  llulll   Del Ill
Show   tin'   (,'nt iii-l:ii,il   and   Canadian
��� liinl' i is   ha- i    In en | trgutlfl   in
Hie     l      "     .'I'tiith     ��� |.   -
,���, ,., ,��� ,.,, t nil in  all b>,i hi ui     hut   a huge lull nl
wan.,    There were two itronglv fortl .,,���,,,,,; Sll,l���,  uum ,,���. ,,���,.,,,.,. ,,���.
tied I'usil s ill eiicb end ol the (lib n- | ��� ,|,,..,.,.,, ,| |,v i|,,, liners."
live linn, miming sixteen miles on th
Opposite bank with Ihe guns ciininiantl-
ing every fording place.
Loudon, .Ian   '.i.    The   Bot t   agents,
noonrdlng to tin Cnlro correspondent
11 ihe Dally Mail, are evading British
vigilance respecting ihe importation of
ammunition The report siysi "A
ports n seiioni aooirient to tbe   First large   quantity  ol quick  linng nnt
London, Jan. B.��� General Fran
ports n seiioni aooirient to the
Suffolk Regiment,   Fonr nompnuies of munition goes to  iin* Jlbentil from
,   n 11'' i i.    11' ,   i n i- 111 i- nn i   i"i"|iiinii'.i       -
. i    i    i      ii which iiniiit it    l* rnlivi'Vi'i   hv   nhiiWM
the regiment attacked ��� Boer position,  *���� ft ^��  (ir ���������..,���������,j ���, v���..
Lleiili'iiaiit    Colonel    Watson   is   cnia-   ,���]���   bonild   fi r    I'mlngius"   pOlU   m
iiiainl was wiiiitidi'd ami a   retreat   nr-   Knit    Africa     Preach Itenmors touch-
derail.    Seventy  were taken pris is, i Ing at Has   Jlbnelll    before   reaching
,    .. ,    ,���     ... Aden ciuitiive In evade t-ealcll bv llllll-
Inolodlng seven offloeri. "hipping  it   Madagascar lo itenmara
                        apparently nni connootod with Buro-
I.��� .11, lines      III    thll   way thev | I l| ,
London, Jau,   8.���A  private of tbe
Irish Rlflos who fnnght al   Slormhnrg
in a letter home rayn iimi when Gen-
ernl (lutaern saw the position the guide London,    -Im    "      Bnglnnd    is   pie.
,.,,..                  ...   i.      ,...i   ,i���, paring fnMi arinntnonis  ami III irans.
had led the  troops    into   he   (hot   ""' j,,,,,., u ,���,,������������,��� ���,IV ���, Simll.    Af,
guide down wiih his own revolver. rlon during the preseul   month,   Ao-
  cording lo the ptngrsmms IB,000 ndrtl<
.,.���,.,. lional li'itup, and '.'.' glut" will   10011 bfl
London, Jan 8     Lord De   La   Wan, n|1(|ll)     .,-,,,, , j,,v.-riiftn-nt   has   ordered
Iu a uraphiti ilcsci'iptiun of   till   battle. 111 ��� ���   Maxims tn iiiauiif icliitc us   tnany
of Miigerufnnteln, nays:     It Is   useless ' 1.7 im It   and   si* Inch  quick tlrers as
M. L.  Weyl is ill   Nelson on   behalf
of the Parisian Bhsrebolders, in the
('hnpleini Mining Coinpanv. operating
the mine of ihat namo He line just
returned from n visit to tho property
an has eaV.led Paris that the mine is
in splendid condition, M. Weyl returns In l'aris in a day or two when
the transfer will he completed nnd the
bond taken up. 0
The development on  the Chapleau
consists of three tunnels.   No  I  iH in
!in feet. No. B, lOf. feet and No. !l IBB
feet, all driven and on the vein. A
winsze is being sunk from No. 8 Ion-
nil at a distance of 140 feet. This
�� in/.e is now down '-'a feet and will hj
sunk all feel (n.ther tn nssist in the
location of the big cross cut tunnel
which will give n depth of llllll feet below tin- present workings, The ore is
free milling and OOnoentntlng, and the
vent is said tn he six feet wide, averaging i?iiii io ih" ton. a 10-stamp
mill will tie erected In lhe spring, snd
sntiicient  pnwer will he provided to
til ive '.'ii-siiiicps.
EmesI Mansfield leaves today for
Ha-I ', with the object of getting a (lis
i mint on the purchase of lhe Twin
Lakes (in en Lake. Apex and ('resent ci nit- of claims, situated in
(Jump Mitiisli. Itl 'I hese are under bond
lor fBO.OOOi ft,tun having been tilreadv
paid. It satisfactory tnrma oan be arranged, the purchase will be immediately settled He will return tomorrow und settle with lhe vendor of the
Tuny and (llaeier groups of claims in
tlie same district, the vi-mhira of
these���Messrs. llradshaw, I'lutigh tV
Lung, of BloOSn City, having submitted a proposition Which    has    been    lie-
it itieii.   The payment for the purohose
of these will be completed this  week.
Mr.    Mansfield   visits   New   Denver
aui Slooan ('My this week for lbs purpose uf obtaining   options   on two
groups of claims if  he met ds, as   he
no doubt will, wotk will Iii! ruiiiiinuic-
ed tight away and  continued   till   bin
return,   <in then olaims then   is n
large quantity   uf   shipping ore   teiuly
for stuping, iiiiil tin y nre already well
known throoghoul tbe Eoo'enav Uoan
try.   The Immediate cash  outlay en-
vi'tlved ill these deals will iitnoniil tu
(Special Despatch to The Minor.)
Washington, Jan, X���Word lias boon received at the State
Department to the effect that tho Pretoria Government refuses to
recognize Consul Hollis, who went there from Lorenzo Marquoz
to represent the United States Government until the arrival of
Secretary Hay's son; also that tlie Pretoria Government refuses
i to recognize any representative from the United S;atos. This ox-
- trnordinary attitude is causing much uneasiness in tho St.no IV-
\ partment and will undoubtedly cause great excitement through-
> out the United States.
sput exact Iv liko the rest i C tin plait's
Thi ��� is the lust time the battalion
had pitobed oamp aa a battalion and
ariangements necessarily  were  not as
| complete as will be tbo crsc when
experience has si own each man 8 most
'tilting place in marobiug, A -trangi
Sunday it   was,   ns   ollicers m d   men
' picked up hastilv a bieakfasl    iffoe
janri bisi'uits, and hastened throt gb the
neoassary work of organization. The
men hnve*|not teen grurohling and have
j accepted the furl nn. - ul tin day Willi
the best spirit imaginable, only when
i iini) minors snid the Roers wore
ab ut tn \ bM nml war was i-losi
', iis fliiish.did thej i  pini  and di h ���
the   dismay   ��hi n   that   report   went
Ottawa, mil , .inn.   k.���His  Kxcei
leiicy, the (loveiiiiiilJi'iieriil, tiltended
a i lb!net meeting nf Ministers today
for the pnip'.se of discussing   lhe   pm
posed establishment uf u Onnadlin ps*
' iriotlo luud.
Quiet and Uneventful Sitting
of the Legislature-
Story  From Montreal Regarding the Troops-
Mr.   Higgins Moves for the Correspondence on the Eight Hour Law
Martin Roastei-
i Special Diipntohea to The Miner, i
Viororia, B. ('., Jan. s���When the
houre met this afternoon, instead of
the crisis coming to u head there was
a placid serenity of things which become monotonous before the short silting of two hours ended. Martin was
absent, baivng missed yesterday's
steamer nnd Prentice, M. P. P., member from Lillnoet, was present, thus
giving the Government control of the
House. Therefore Mr. Turner wus not
seady to pnreed with   his   motion   ot
waut in' confidence In the Government
this afternoon,
The absence of Maitin, and the presence with the (ioverninent of I'lcntice,
on whom tho Opposition had banked
so much that their ,vhip Mr. llig-
gins went to Vancouver to meet him
and talked to him in the seoreoy of  a
shite room during the whole pussjgc.
cast n diun.ier en the hopes of tho
gentlemen to tho Speaker's left. There
Willi not much business done,for it was
thought that the Opposition would devote the whole lilting to expressing
want of confidence iu the Government.
That falling, the Government giving
all Information asked for and Higgins
not being   ready   with   his   bills,  the
Hou��e rose until tomorrow afternoon
at 4:10
Perhaps the most Important business
of the day was the request of Higgins
for     correspondence     regarding     the
Kiuhtilotir Law, with the objeot o|
getting  the Inhumation with a view
in introducing Legislation that would
recoil.ule Ihn dilTireiices between tbe
miiierH ,iiid mine owners.
Enthusiastic Sim-) off 3ive:i to the Departing Soldiers.���Movement in
Eastern Canada-
(Special Dispatches tu The .Miner. 1
Montreal, Jan. 8 ���La Presse tonight
Fays:   "We   learn   that   the    Federal
Government   on Saturday   decided    to
send a third oontingenl to  Booth   Africa. "
Stratford, Out., Jan. S ���Troopei
David McKibbing Str tford wh
io South Africa w.is today pn sented
with $50 by the Uiij < onni 11 which
will probahly givt the same pum to
Troopei Jones of the Toronto detach
incut w bo also luuls from Stratfot I.
Canada's Trade With  t> ���
Mother Country
'      ��� . Roman, e  o - ond  Oo:
���    ���'   Ai High
way Robl
Winnipeg, M ,u.. Jan. B ���tin Saturday afternoon notions were issued by
Captain Dnohariue, calling foi 12
more volunteers for the Transvaal to
ict us drivers and gunn is for the
body of artillon being scut from Quebec. There were no fewer lhan 40(1
applied foi these positions, at the lime
appointed fot tbe selection, Sunday
morning, Twelve were selected and
left by the rdgnlni express today,
Winnipeg, Man. Jnii 8.��� Winnipeg's
farewell to the Manitoba members of
the second Canadian contingent this
morning oould not bave been exceeded
;i-i enthusiasm. Early ns the hour for
departure was, thousands of rittaens
were out on the streets to give a farewell cheer and, it possible, a hand
shake to their   friends among tbe sold
iierhoys. The crowd at the station
was so great that the departure of train
was delayed half an hour and even
then four wen in charge of olTleei's
baggage, were left behind and had to
be sent on by ii light engine to overtake the train, The special ('(insists of
IB cats, having on board eighty olli-
ceis and men of "1!" squadron under
Major Williams all from Manitoba
points; 80 men and ll'l bores from Re-
ginii under Inspector Moody. The
party contains some excellent specimens of manhood, nnd western  people
feel proud of their representatives.
Victoria. .Inn. H. ��� At a  masi meeting held at Naiiiinuu.ii supposed strong
hold ol  Martin,   bo ��vas ronndly do-
intiiiii-i'ii us n traitor, and the _, _ N,
Railway Wai denounced forgiving lnm
a steiitnet and delaying mails.
Bunto Domingo, Jan, 8.���The Prenoh
warship Oecllle bus arilved lure.    Th
Government has forbiddin a pro
posed public demonstration considered
by the Vreiicb I'miiii! 10 hi Injurious
in  Prance,   The ntontlon  continues
Ottawa, Jan. h, ���The (loicinut Gen-
ncrai attended   in person, a oonnoil of
Ministers this   tiinrning, to discuss his
proposal fui establishing a Canadian
patriotic fond,   The idea is something
"ii tin- line nf the Mansion House
Fund, In the Old Country, with head
ipn.i ters ut   Ottawa.     Il  is nut    likely
the (ioverninent \-ill contribute di-
rontly, public (ends to this object, hot
It will receive the snpport of all the
leading publio men Individually,
Th"    Minister of    Militia   has   1 n
advised to allow the western contingent men nnd horses, a rest over at
Montreal or Ottawa mi their wav tn
; Halifax Tbe suggestion Is likely in
I be accepted. The Impression i�� that a
ball   will bemads  bare to allow  tbe
Governor-Gi ml a  chance iii iii pec
Toronto, Jan. s._K. K. Barker tu-
dtiy received n letter from bis son Cup-
tain Berl Barker who oommsuds "O"
company of tbe Rrsl Canadian contiu
gent. The letter was written ou tin-
train while cu route to De Aar Jim"-
tion, and gives a description of the
journey and tbo arrival at the plaoe of
destination, All lhe members oi
"C" company we.- with Captain liar
ker and in gund health and spirits.
A tremendous wind storm was iu pr"
gress when the I roups reached De Aar,
and Captain Bnrker staled it was impossible to move around without get-
ling niie's eyes (oil of sand. Four lady
mines with tlm contingent had gone
to the base hospital at Qneensberg.
Winnipeg,     Man ,    Jan.    S ���Hi
1 Ji hn Ma Donald, had a  con
ence �� ith Lieutenant-Governor Patti r-
sai  this  morning, (torn   ii
.   until   12:80,   Mr.   MaoDonald
was asked ny lids Honor, to undei
the task ..f forming an adrniuistratii i
aud he accepted,     The  list ol ins ,,
li agnt s will be submitted to  tho I li i
(nun'   on   Wednesday   morning al   II
o'olook, when they will be   sworn  in
There is t-oiisidcrai.lt- ..  culath a .is to
whom the now Cabinet will consist  of
as the limber avail,il lo i- ;.,,: . . the
besl without .ailing meml ers who
bave in seats in ib, Legislature [i is
gt nerally conceded, howevt r.tbai John
A. Davidson is ci rtain I the
chosen  few.    R   P.   i
selected tor ,i portfolio, has ��� xpressed a
dt sin- to remain   in tbe  ranks  bnt ho
will  probably   be   induced I   take  a
Be ii in the Oabim I
J Dr MoFndden will be tbe new
Speaker arid Messrs. Garland, John-
-tun and Campl all are aspirants for
place- in the Cabinet, without emolument.
St. John. N. 1! . Jau H ��� MttUJ flags
Honied today in bond of the St. John
volunteers for tbe iiiotintcd inl'iintri
contingent, who left tonight by train
for Halifax. The men assembled at
Hie Fosileer's clnv> room at r*80 and
marched to Mechanic's Institute.where
Mavor Sears bade larewell to tho told-
ieis en behalf of the citizens,    'I'lu- big
hall was inii to overflowing and enthusiasm knew no bounds. Lady
Tllley on behalf of the Red Oro n Ladies Aid Society, presented each man
with a housewife, and nn behalf nf the
Citizens Mayor Stars presentad enoh
wiih a sovereign.
Montreal, Jan.   8.���A   London  dis-
dutch   slates   Hint    Sir   Charles   Ross,
Bart,of Balmogowan Castle, Rosshire,
Sciillaiisd, has made an offer lo the
Secretary of stale for War to personally equip at Ins own - uponse a ma
chine gnu baltt iy with tout hi ��� - I ���
i each gnu.   f"t   service   In   the Trans
| vniil.   The offer baa I" en  i lived   In
: Hun ii ii with grmit enthusiasm
(8ir Chnilei la well known   In   Nelson,   having   sii|ici Intended   111    con
���trnotton of the Bonoiugton Falls pow-
i r winks, in   which   he   t- lllten  tt
Those who know him   will  i ,��� treat 1)
surprised to beai ol tins burst 11
nr i-it>���    Re   i-  evidently  ut I . grt al
i��� in mi-   iii   tin    maxim  that ��� h
>. |, ��� hi I ��� t begin at ie.mc    i.i i
\S lunlpog,   Man .    ,bui . s.    TI
lull lllg aiili'tillitfiiit'iit   i-    in.nle    in n
giird t i the mnveuii in ut !roo|       Twi
it.   ,, .. .
Toronto,  Jim    B. ���The   Globe
oorresoondeiil   writing from I in
New York, .Inn. 8, -Litest  mail ad
vices from India aver thnt    Ihe   sitnn-
tlnn there grows  dnrker   every    week.
Three million ore working on Govern-
inenl tellef Wul'ks. Tbe snle ol children by starving parents is becoming
i-ninniiiii      Aliaiiduiieil     children     tire
!��� iund  fiTipiciuiv    it   is ii famine uf
wiifet     Cattle   lire   (lying oil by thou
Washington, D, 11, Jan 8    Btnator
I'ingrce  today   In   the Senate offered
a te>.i,im urn  authorising th"  United
Sates to off si mediation between Great
I Britain and Booth   African  Republic
He iiniiiiiinced   that   it wns his ptirpnse
I to iiuike a speech oil the subject.
December f),   says:   "No greater oon
trust to our own land could i<e imagiti
ed      The plain is Maf. seamed with in-
oaslonnl  old  water  course,.,   (wo ot
three feet deep   A bard sun baked rci-
dish brown earth, not nullko Niagara
Peninsula, is th, base ni finely powder
eii dust,which nveilies it. ai Intervals
of a few Ci .-i iini shrubs   a low Inchon
high    Here in   this advanced poi II	
nn.  the Royal  Canadian    Regiment,
I stationed, waiting   the word to go to
the front,     We may go ul am  niniiienl.
Two million ponnds sterling, wortb ol
supplies lie    here.     The light ing at my.
(me hundred  and   twenty-llv lea
iitttth."f   us, is   fell   with a wonderful
procession ol   Irani"     Upon   this   -in
gle track of narrow gunge line, all goes
with cluck work   precision     The regl
maul arrived in   two   trains early this
morning,   The  men fell in  as tin -.
l.-ft the carriage" nnd then man In I nil
some hundred   yards  to the   east, to a
gllMI     I     ���     I II'       III.'!'    im-    ������<     -��� ,
troops "I Mounted IMflloi   left   W Innl
peg today   snd an Ive   al   Hn, i,i\   < n
the Mlth    M'.uiitt d   Pi lice �� 111   pn
ably i< .'. lb gin i i ii ti,.
Torontu Irooi ��� lean  11 ronb al i i
in .   i the   i IIii   and  will i. si ii Hall
i ,v I,, i in ni, i ping "i the llltb    Mt ii
ir, al ami (jut i" c In op    lenvt     n   Iht
i in, and lath   attli Ing  at Hsll(n> the thi
inth    "C" battery ol King lot loavt
at ii a.   in   Thursday  and   n
Halifax   on   lhe   I8ih    "R"
itavi - 1,'uei ���,   nl B a  in  "ii  the   l .1
and arrive al  Halifax at   I p   in   Oil lilt
Winnipeg. Man .Jan. 8. ��� Sir Charles
Tapper reached ibis olty today. Ths
veteran politician did not appear to
have suffered much from the runaway
accident at Ed nton ou Saturday,
K. D. Martin i- Jout with tin addn -
deolai iug bimst H a candidate as nu in-
dependnt supporter of tbe Laurier administration for tbe Winnipeg vacancy
at cttawa.   A Government convention
to nominate a candidate has; i n call.
ed for Wednesday night,
Montn al, Jan. 8. ���Tin- Stat's London cable say-. The Board of Trade
lettnii- for the year show the*,followtng
Inoreasei In British Imports from ( .m-
ada in thousand ponnds sterling.
Sbt ��� | ���''. wheat, flour D6, bam i
built ��� ; B, choose 70, Newfoundland
copper i re ..ii. hewn wood 19, sev n
wood 801, Decreases: Bgga 18, pulp-
10, bones 17, Bsh -'-,, oattle ti''.
wheat 110, peas us. malice 118, 11 a
ii   British
Canada     Ciitlntt    ��� -..  In,, u
Iron   .     railroad   Iron    144,    hot
��� I,, ��� ti  snd i ��� '.:, i platt -     -.tin plates
81, wrought Iron II,   nnwn nghl   Heel
ib avj s| pan I and sit, then
Mi i trt il, ',' ���    J in
:,   || ���      |        |      -.
,.f  the   .: fun '    i uitpin
Usrle .1. .i  H
bank   di posed  be had      I
.-  >A      I |
Id |
represent) In   Ihe   ��inlt,
,        Mi-
,t re oi Hon wttl
i in i;���ni,- 11 i ntnwn 1','iuv -i.ui..i
Ihi Canadian Contingent Pntriotlc
:'iiini    TI rgnnlantlon  ��n     tarti I
Salindav ill ( nut i nnieiii  HouiO with a
ption   of |l, i,
Jau i -1   ,,i ���
h of Mi       t   i    -niii.I putr.led ovt i thi
, ,i ���        Bva It fi ���', who
asleep iititen day-  and  iu
ill   thnt   medical kn
��� awakened.
lli'iie!   i farn ot,while i lai mg a itamp
bl    lam it   Int.
in       ���. as , 11. in .1  audi' ,i Iu n '
Ding  Injuries which result!
Ins dt
i ittnwn, Jan       i hi Dominion I li
mi nl si nt a formal aoswai today tn
the British < 'obi ui' i i lovt i inn. nl
nffei ol a ��� ontlngi ul im tho Iran t
at ihe t >pt ns,. ol the Pro*i Ince, stating
that all   availabli     i i all post
lions had been (lilt d on th ��� oontingenl
niui tin i' fore   it   ci.niii nut be ,i,
,,ti    i n    Hordi o   u ;i   ihovi a the di
piii,ii from   Montn al  lonighl  stating
thnt i third rasgoli    lo bo from here, was i I ��� n t in
rnitii cannd i i in Minister nl unknown origin en thi morning
Militia said there n no trnih In it. Klll ���,���.. w,,��� ,������ i,ii.i--��.,, hl���i
Militia  orders   have   lbs   i i||i..utig: .   ,.
"Thirteenth Winnipeg  I It d Battery   narrow    eicapoi  from  death  In tbe
I Im   lititbi i     -er\ If es     ul   Maji'i   I.  J
Dudge sin dispensed wilb. "
l'i.n,d:    ,1.    1 llil .  .1 in Ih,. resit
il' n, -.    i liank Rlrkpatl    s   tn.ir iiiib-s
 uiiovd vu Igutth faaui NELSON  DAILY MINER, TUESDAY, JANUARY 9,  1900.
Nelson Daily Miner
I'ulilisned i.a.ly except Monday.
NelsonMinbb Printing & Publishing Oo.
li   J,   BEATON, Editor and Manager.
Hilly por month by curlier 8 1 OO
per half year    one.
por yeer  10 00
por year by mail    liiXi
por vcat' foreign  1000
NbiiSon Week. _ "Miner,
V. if Uy, |ie  naif year �� 1 -S
ptr year    2 00
por year, foreign    2 50
Subscript ion i invariably in advance
Selson Min :r Printing APubllshlngCo
NELSON, b. c.
Telephone  No.  144.
There is ranch to do In Nelson dining the next two, three, or four years
it she is to be arrayed in a manner befitting her character as Queen City of
the Keen nay-. We are just beginning
to assume metropolitan airs, forced upon ns by the growing importance of
tlie place, and as development increases so will tbe necessity for keening
ourselves abreast of it. Street im -
provementB are required at once; our
sewer system, sanitary arrangements,
waterworks, and other pulbic enterprises -will have to be extended and
enlarged to meet the demands of a rapidly increasing population. Our plans
should ho laid, not for the present
only, but with an eye to the future. It
is of the first importance, that we
elect, aud continue to elect,honest, intelligent, capable Councils. Two days
hence citizens will be called upon to
elect the Council that Is to direct and
control our municipal affairs for the
year on which we have ]uFt entered.
Electors who fully appreciate the in-
portance of the occasion will approach
this duty with a deep sense of their responsibility. The various candidates
are now before'them. Iu the selection
they will make honesty and good common sense the first qualifications, Men
who seek to go into tho Council to
gratify personal ambition or to serve
personal ends are not desirable representatives. The honest man, whose
only motive is the puolic good, may
make mistakes, but in the end he will
prove infinitely more satisfactory than
the self-seeker, however clever he may
be. Next to honesty is capacity.
Keeping these qualifications prominently before them, Nelsou ratipayers
on Thursday next will vote for the
election of tbe following Council:
_ MAYOR-Mr, Fletcher,
West Ward. East Ward.
Arthur A choice of
I'Viiand llyeis
McKillop Hall
A lliiKNKIi BEAST AND A l'ut'KY.
boats. The managers for the Opposition doubtless went to the Dunsmnirs
and engaged a bout to convey Mr. Martin to Nana!mo nnd also ordered a
special train to bring him ou to Victoria. It iR the business of the tuiia-
muirs to take such orders and execute
them, just as much as it is for The
Province newspaper to accept an order for advertising. But here was an
opportunity to trot out the Duiisrnuir
bogey, and Ministerialists all along
tbe Coast are professing tu be aghast
at it.
is easily uccoun'ed for. For a full
month of the year, it sayH, Mr Turner
was still in charge, and of course the
entire delicti was incurred in that
brief time. We do not kuow whom
such a simple story as this is intended
to deceive, but it appears iu all soli-
nuBiiess in a recent issue of Mr. Cotton's paper.
(900.TheNelson ElectricTraiowayCo.Ltd.j HUDSON'S BAV
Office an. Pocket,
A daily journal of the House is issued iu the form of Votes and Proceedings. The repoit of the first day makes
had rending. The serious work of the
session began with n motion by Mr.
Semlin, that the Speech be taken into
consideration 011 tho following Monday. This was negntived. A self respecting Premier, who respected also
the traditions of Hritish Parliamentary
government, would have stopped there
and isked lor an adjournment 111 order
that he might seriously consider his
future course. Rut he went ou. Another motion was made, and that too
was negatived. The Sijeakei ruled ou
a point of urder that was raised, and
on appeal the House refused fo sustain
him. Here were three evidences that
tho control of the House bad passed to
the Opposition. And yet the (3uve.li-
ment hung on. Another supporter
turned up. and in two succeeding divisions the Government worried
through by virtue of the cns'iug vote
of the Speaker. It wns all very bad,
not so much because the Government
do not change sides with the Opposition, but because uf the contemptible
spirit displayed by men who are in the
high places of the Province.
will   open hor   tC-ndorgavteD   mid  Primary
Siiuti.) iu ilif l.ngU-h Church School Room on
2nd Jan,
For torn.- particulars apply to
m the ro_idoi.ee of Mrs. j, R, Robertson, Bak
or Street Went.
By the only first class undertaker in Nelson,
Mil. A. VV. ITI.DY.   AddrooP
Applowhalto Block.     Baker at, cor. Kootenay
Or at residence on SUica street.  Kast
I Joseph!)"..
Nelson Cleaning; and Dyeing
S.  I). HEKKK flop.
La .lies' and Gents' Clothing clean. I
dyed, altered and repaired.
Urn.- ttl   < li.l-i.l- llnlel. Ml.Mll
Whittaker's Almanac
Gash Books,
Day Books,
Office Supplies.
Large number Choice Building Lots adjacent to tlie
line of their Tramway. For price and terms of sil. apply
at the office of the Company, Macdonald Block, Corner oi
Josephine  and Vernon Streets.
T. C. DUNCAN, Secretar}
New and Important
lliililane's "3800 Miles Across Clint-da."
Price*!. 50.
The Sandon Miniiid Review says:
"Talk lo thn morn i nil list ri.nis sec
tion of tho miners nlinnt the situation,
and they will tell yon thnt it is a question of niniiey villi them nnd not out)
of In in is. They want $8.60 a dny, nml
they are not so particular whether they
have to work eifiht or ten hours In pet
it; but, of course, they want all the
advantages the law allows them. No
fair man rati take one word of exception to this; bin on this   ���rontid a fnir
man meitl hold the inw responsible for
a trouble that has knocked the country
out Of several year's growth when pro
Kress would hnve prevailed everywhere
without it. What will eventually he
tbe end of this no niuii can foretell
but ull know that progress is stilled
through the unworthy acts of those
who (nr a time are entrusted with
the nffairs of the  countiy. "
Young Men, Become Your
Own Assayers-
Three monlhs will toi-ch you Assaying for
Uolil, Silver, Copper. This department is in
ohaVtte of I'rof. out... Honor Gr.ulvmta of
McOUl University,
Live mul  learn how, cheaper than \ou now-
Board and [nstruotton in Assaying, all for
twenty-six dollar*-; per month.
Wrile to the 1'rinoipal.
New Westminster.
All .lasses nf learning may lie had in thi-,
hu only Coll. KU of it* kind in the West.
Atlantic S. S. Lines
From l'ortlunil, Me.
A Hun Line "l.nn rent inn" I lee. 87
Allan Lino '-Parisian**  Inn. Q
Dominion Line ''CnmbroouuV*.  lie.
liniiiiiiioii Line "Viuiiuiivit"
The I'ldvitico newspaper contained
ltU.ll a- long as it could, but nl lust it
bus broken nut. We think it deserves
to be congratulated  for  tbe constraint
it so sin ssfnlly put. upon itielf.whlnh
wii-i Indeed admirable. Hut Mr. Joseph
Martin le inure than it can bear.
Wliil.- I,., was of the Government be
wan unexceptionable; now that he bus
gone lv. f tn the Opposition he is a
"horned beast." Mr. Martin is not
one ot the ablest, or best, ,>r most consistent ,i piiiiticjniin; but everything
ne is lo day be was a year ago, and ��
year ego The Provinoe was ready at
any time to swear by him. It must
nut plead that it did Dot kuow hint,for
Unit would bo a confession of mass ip,-
iiiiiiince All Canada boa known him
i,i everal j ears past There has been
nu ii. w development in his obarnoter
sinoe be oauii to Bill lab Colombia,
The Province was quite content to
iti, i Its admiration .m the "horned
t.it     a -   l.,ii. n   In.   hurtled   with    it
nnd Ita friends,and lo turn now is.only
It, , urn ul    Itself ul tin. very sin it im
inn.   tu Mi. Martin,
h , ,iii- Unit im not only behaved
very badly  in voting ".gainst the Gov.
��� unit, nl    tl liter   'I.iv,    but he was
guilty of even n worse crime in accept-
Ing the iircuinin.il,it ui, he did lit iittik
nil; bis journey to the Capital.    Iii this
the     in.nied  heast"  notoally   threw
niinsi-lt mil, tli., ,ii ins of Mi. Duns
niuii, n pet-Oil Whom everybody knows
Lv In- cloven boofl ami forked tail,and
whit goes tiboul seeking whom he may
devour it on the day tin. Legislators
assembled Mi. Martin went over to
Victoria in the usual way it woold
Iihvc been nil right Hut he did not,
A speclnl boal convoyed him to Niinai
rno,atld a special train took him thence
to the Capital The DuiisiniiiiK own
tin- boat, ii woold appear, ami also the
railway; beoaose he used these. Mr.
Mail in stinnls convicted nf having sold
himself tu th, i iiiiiMiiinii'B. it Is oor Ions
how politic nun tin heads of sn iminy
pel nn- who are otherwise qolta lane,
We ii- nine Unit it was   Mr.  Martin's
original intentii.t t tu he present nt
tbe opening "i the Leglslatore, Hut be
was probably informed by win lhal a
vote would Im talc n thn Hist day, and
il was Important hit Should bo there.
There    was (inly "tt'    way tu   gel    him
tbere Tbe Donsmolri are common
carriers,   Thev  nave  a railway and
From the tone of the Ministerial
Piess on the Coast we gather that In
Government circles one of a majority
is considered quite sufficient, if more
cannot be obtained. It is the curse of
British Columbia today thnt she is in
the hands of an ignoinnt and reckless
set of   politicians.    The   whole  name.
as they regard it, is to bang on to
(.nice: the efflotenl   administration  of
public affairs is a mutter of  secondary
importance,   or  of  no Importance at
all.    Premiere elsewhere in the British
Empire do not consider one ii working
majority; and i( red need to It they
promptly resign, and make way for
others who can command support
enough tn enable them to give the nt-
lention necessary to the proper nondncl
of the public business they have in
Mr. Houston's paper   is usually   full
of things that are not so, especially
when they relate to the mine owners,
In Saturday's paper u news dlspitoh
and n lettei misrepresented tbe nego
nations that weie on for B   settlement
of the labor difflonltles at Sandon, for
no   othei apparent   reason than In   put
���he owners in the wrong,   It was said
lhe Union  demanded   the  very   thin,
the reports declare thev asked the own
ers not to   do.    They   asked lhal none
hut Union men be   employed  by  in
ber* of the A-sonlation, a caosethal
roqoires such bolstering ds tins most
be'very weak somewhere,
... Jim. 13
From Now York
White Slur Line "Teutonic
North liei'ni in Lloyd "Sual- " Jnu.
��� nieri.-an Line -'St,. I-mil"    Deo. 21
White Star Line "Cyinrlo" .Inn.  :i
I led Si ii i- l.iin- "We-ienilunil" Deo, 27
Ciiiiiiril Line '���! inhrin"   Inn.  ti
Anchor Lino "Aiieliu In"  Dee. 30
Allan State Line "Slut,- nf Nebraska'... Jan, -.11
Cunard Mae ''Campania" Deo.30
Krotn Host on. Ma���.
Dominion Line "New Kn.hii.it' . Jan. :i
I-hshiikcs arranged to anil from ail Buropean
|,, ,n,i For rnlos, ticket- unit full Infcrniiitton
apply to C. P. Ft, depot agent or U K. it, , sloy,
city Pameng.i Agent, Nolann, lit'
W. I'. I'. I T.U.MINUS.
Doner-) A.ent. C l'. it. utiioos ��Innli-tg
Hlotchert nml Hallldle Byitema,
Huh. nek nml VVIIOOX. etc
A"",)'"J.C.T. CROFTS, m,.mi,
'''t^s^r NELSON. B. G.
Or to I'KiKii ssiin _ CnoFts.Vnncpuver
Great Reduction!
JtmSSfa $9.65 Per Ton
' $6.15 Per Ton
TKI.Kl'HOXK :l:l.
The Best New Year's
for your Boys or Girls is a course
of training' at the
Business College
Don'l wait tor tlie IIiffh
School but give them tlie
high if rail, nl supplementary
education afforded by this
institution. Classes formed Wednesday, Jan.   3rd.
Vlotorla Slreel. iii-iii- Citv Hull.
��tir nrsg
ESTABLISHED 150 YEARS LOt-dOtl,     Ef-g.
ORdI 1       Brand and
r \\ Cl 111_ K. Navy Cut Tobaccos.
Accnis for Canaoi. i JAMES TURNER & CO., Humiiton. Ont.
Including Saegram's 2, 4 and 7 year old Rye
in barrels. Gooderham & Worts' Rye in
eases. Seagram's Star '83 Rye and White
Wheat Whisky in cases. Walker's Club Rye
in Cases.
Kootenay Agt, Nelson
Every Man
likes In ilress in fretliioneble nnd
Nice l-'ittitic; (liitiiicntH if he ,>nii
1I0 mi nt. 11 reiiftiiniililf urioe. My
Kali nml   Winlir Siiinjileii lire now
complete in Bulling., uveroontl ���;
mul l-'nticv Vwlinir*, Give nir r
mill   nml   I   will quote you  pri.JI
iiiiii will utoniifa yon.
Ladles' lallnriiiK   n>    ;l||    it���
in -i incites, 11 ipeclalty.
Mr. OoltOO'l |i��t    The   News Ail
V'tmel,   is liiil  Iti    tile  lenHl    lliHttll'lil'il
Ly lhe deiieit dt |DBS,000  In the pnbllu
Dcoonnte for the lerl ilrnnl .year    Thai
Tlie inil-lly of lite   DTOIII iiilil Mi-tlliini,.
���"li i-it'i.tl 111 I lie ut,tl,,,1 1   th,. I,,,, ,
OlMlllt'M ellillienl In  I lie l>l|QCO��f_l  I rent
 "I "I  tll-eii-i..    I'li-tlllH huh im. , nn,
1. iiilincil    by    it-   frnni    ttti-iiliitely    |*|l|.
Ill UK" In  nol'lf.'l itlllilll inn, ill .1  Iht' pit)
,   Inil'll -kill  will   nut   I iiliit,1,1  1,,   1,1,1
nml liniittii'iii 1I111K-.
inn    Im _H(ir ret|ii|.||e. fin '
The Toilet,
The Nursery
The Sick Room
Are ooinplele    Vnnr palroiiii.i-  nllelieil.
VJOT1CB U hereby (riven lli.tn tnoetlrir of
_^    the creditor, of Charlea H,  Maodonald
uill tie held ai tlioofnoen 11 Momra Bowea _
wramo. Mllcttoni, Bakoratrool Nolnu, 11. C,
on Monthly, the i uiiiliivof January, lOOO.nl Hie
hour of thro-O'clock in Iho aflernonii.
Ilaletlat Nel-iiii, H.C.. Hi.   'j;th  tlnv of   He
.'. nil., r, in'.-o.
KOTinfli f anlgnmonl pnrauanl in lho"Orodl
lot.    I'l-n-t   Deodj   Ad'     anil _ niliiiK
NOTICE is hereby irlvon Hint Charloi ll.
Mnriltiliiilil hi Ti Ittlttif tl'mlillK na KOIiornl tller-
I'linnl In tho oil; nf Ni-1-.nii. II. C. hilt, by deed
dated tbo aith day of I ombor, |��BH, aaelirnod
nil hi- poraonal oatato, erodtt and otmcu ��lilnb
nuiy boNlMxlnnd wid undor execution nml nil
hi- tt-.ii i-i.ii,, i,,s. \i. iii-vii.es of thoaald olty
nf Ni i-tni. accountant,Inlrual for 'he bonolll
or hi- erodllorn.
Th"   -i|t| ilt-iil   will   ex," nl.il   by   the   suld
Clmrloa   II   n.,, ,i,,  mul  lhe raid s.  M.
ItryilL-es on tho IM h dai nf Uoconiber, 1800,
All p.-i-sotis hniiii. cmliiia .,.-...-  i  lim raid
rinii'les II. Macdonald are roqitlrod on or before
Ihe'-'lilli iltiv of Keli nary. I OX),  to sin il   to Ihe
it-ii-t���-������ fu 1 particular*of 1)10*0  dulv vorl-
Ilui, loffolhor vilth tin- -ei-iii-it't-r. nl nnyi hold
by tllom.
Not'ro la hereby further given Dial nftor ihe
Every requisite for the
Scholar and student.
Tbomso- -tatloiiery Go., Lt_.
C. A- PROSSER,   Manager.
Spokane Falls <__
Northern Ff'v
Nelson  A  Fort
Red Mountain R'v.
The only all rail route without
change ot curs between Nelson a_d
lviirisiatiil iiiiii Spokane and Rossland
Lv. 0.16 a.m. NELSON, Ar. 6.20 p.m.
Lv, 1126 a.in. ROtJSLAND Ar800| in.
Lv.   8 16 11.111 SI'OKANK Ar.tl Hi p.m
Train  Hint lenven  Nelson tit 9:16 11.1
tiiakeH dune oonneotiona nt Bnnk-ne '
nil Cuimt Points,
PassenBere fnr Kettle River and Bonn
I arj- Greek.ooniini-t ot Martins williStm
I! Daily.
snow prepared to issue
1-1     ,, I    ,     '. tn      i- II. A. JACKSON, fi. P. ATA
Drafts and Letters ol Credit I Hl���lkailH Ww(
Iliiil'l. rswill iimi ii 1.0 their advantage 10
ll.tire With lll'atlli'Y _ Ho. on I'ninlillK.
r Sri
N..OR";,r:RATf ".70
We have just received
a carload ol choice
Hudson's Bay Store.
West Bilker St.,  Nelsou.
Telephone 13.
Wholesale Houses.
THORPE & CO., _:_rr__.-Oo
nun  ami  I'vihii-  .11 reels,  Nelso
loriier Vt'l������
,s���ls_n, iniitni
raoturora of and wholesale dealer, in nernieil
waters and (run ayrnps, Sole iiKeuta fnr Hal
oyonaprlngfli minora] water.
N.M.I iiininins,lenee, Kvorj known
varloty ��r snft drinks. P. O. Hux ss. Telephone No 81, Hoover Street Nolaon lloltlei-
01 the laiiiuns mi. Leon lint Bnrtnira .Mineral
W liter.
nor link, r niiii llalL-sirueta, Nelmin. man
llltieliii-er- nf " '(ovnl  ,-s, ni
Hello" brand nf oh/a
ami " Kootenay
Bank of
British Columbia
      .���       niii 11 iiiiii    iiiiii    1 111   1  ���        ""       ���_--���-���-._| ���>!,. .
aald _lth day ofKohruarjr.lDOO, Iho trnatoo will c, ,,   ,-       ,   ,.        .,     ,,   ,,  ,���.,.,-.,..,..'
m-ooeetiiddisiii. it,.- |,i,���, ,!-.,,1 11,,. i,���-i  on _.k;i_rii;i V, IJ. S., Atlii),   B.   O-K. TACKAnURY,
,'-lnl.'an,intuit,'��� imvllrs,,mill,,,I then-!...   Inn ... Al>Hllt   Nelfltiin    H   ('
- C, and Dawson City, Yukon1
HJ. EVANS -1 'iO. -Bauer Street, Nel
��� son. who t-.iieil laierd in ln|iioi��, oikiks
ceinpnt, tire h tek nml lire el ,y, water iiilio anil
uleol rails and g ni oouinuaalon Dieroh-nta.
BRn^fMy,A'!'- * KtH MILLING CO.
I.IMIIIli.    l-r,,ii|   ^,ie,,|,   Aelsoll.   whole
salo deuloi- In   il,,,,.   ,,,..,1-.   mo,, ana  nay
anil Ki'iiin.    Mllla.,1   Lilin, ,   Melnrin anil
Now VVoalinliisioi, hleiniurs on CalH'ii'i _
Kilinnnttiii Hallway,
GEO.   F    MOTION      Who! 11  Iini,
l.r.tln .111,1 , et ,1.    .>|iceinl  1111uUltl.il. oil
lunil 11,1, 10 all Ivtaileini) |���,i, l-.
A MAODONALD _l CO. Horner"Ver-
#-����� llo,t iinil juauubiuu .-i.ooIh. wholesale
uri.iK-i-siuii jtthhe.v. 11, 1,1.,���,els, kIovos, nuns,
imots, nihiiei-.s, maokhitiwa and minora' aim-
-L> BUmNi_CO Hotter street, Nelson,
I. ? "ii.i.'.i. Uviuera in uo-h und ouro-l
llio.iLa.   I'. l(l.-tiiiaan.
WW I1.I.11 aire, 1 .\,l-,,ii. Mhulu-11lede.1l
els 111 lie I, an.ien nil IIIOUU
VAr-9,V,UVt*1   HARDWARE   OO'Y.
W/      1.I.VII1I.I,    lt.tk.1    .-,,,eel,.N,lM,,|,     ivmite
lurdwai-nnd mlniet; nnuniies,
In. 11.aril nni, lull 1,1I111. of which   lie   I
iv 'ilived rolled nml ihai he  will nni   It,, liable
fortno pn Is nf iho Irn-I estate ., any   i���,n
llteruof, nodi Irlhnlon lo unj |ior f wh	
'In i 111 lie haa mil liml mil lee III lhe lime  nf   lhe
I I al Nil   II. I ,   the  -'71 li (lav  nf   He
itinhii,  1809,
H M. BnVDOBS, AniIr	
V"ii' '������ i�� i"i'.--,
i>        Will lie I Ie 111 the l.e.lslalilt
Kootenay Railway and Nav.
-me .anils ami nils.
l-'ii'.ni . 1 mul ii
Clements lllllvci ISInck
Nurses'   Directory.
I "I   '1 111.'tn. net  Of   I'hl-ielal.-   ,tt,I
Nilrs's,   1,,.   have I'"Inlill-.lii.il   11   Niii   ,
I'n 1 v, and In ni.ier m have it ���	
lileie. requoal all Nurse., tn nnd In nr call
nnil   lenvi, tln-li   intiin-s   iiiiii   ,1,1,1,,    ,
Dispensing Chemist
Telephone HA,    imi.ii.u_,.    Baktrltrosi,
Mail Ordera Promptlf AUsndod To,
i'iiv via        I'liini,' 11;
l-iMittMl.   Hill   i;*i in.    1MB LOAM
: lli.nllt lltni-t   I nun ht.,1 .'.ii,
.'    1 1 II    .
��� I ni Hi ���' 1 Jjnw
:i liiiiiiM ll.m-.  I . tola, good Incnll     nvi
|i.(insiii , sldLk BXCHAMQB lll.lni.
00-G2 Brodway,   Now York
1,111 In mailt  IhrOUgll   I il.illen   with doMSlI
nf tin ���-���ttii.ii-. dnllai Inpwnnl lot ;i uor cent.
iniir.iiiiiiiwiiiiii mi .lotk KseliaiiRo,
1 In -" III   ' 1 till    It ,   ��� lie iiieinlcthriiii.h
ipoeiilatlom in   loi 1 . u 1,, , ,,, 1 utton,
,11)"" iti.. '..i in know  1.1 ,w ipooulfi
lluna aro 00111I1 1 uollfjr 11 and wo will semi
I ,,f,.iiiitiii ,.| nunu.t  lelloi   tit., nt
, 1, irgt
1   ileal <..".. a   ihiiiKi'.i fot exooullni
Lnlrriiiiie. I.   Until  Ipnl    anil     ll.lllttn.l
 I  'iitttiii'.t.   1.nut hull on a|t|<lli al Iiiii im
piirchasi,, Mule nr eneliiiii.e,
Bennett's Improved
Safety Fuse
As    Supplied     Hritish
White Countered
G-utta Peroha.
anil N nl.-. in Hit l'i.,1 Ii , ������ ul "nil It I olvtllhla:
in run and opointueueh irnniHai- In oleclrle
slealn t.r itlltt 1 it.tiit 1   ,,   m.,i bo inn I Iiotlll-
1 ni tn oonvonlonl; reel  ami onomio lolo-
Kini'i d talephoiiH lines in and lioiwoon all
11 Ill's linn,.,   vl|.���i, ami seltl n
������'���I I'1st 1 iiis,,r i;,���,ieii,v nml Yalo, with power hn .niii.', I mil, mil,.i' Hues that may opotnto
III nr I,III.1.1,',,!    i��� I,   ,1,   111. t   , I,,     lu.pij    , 1,,
n"'.      it  unit 1 hi 11 her |iowor 111 othor
.   ,      -      ,,       ' enl'lttiltil 1111-     n'a.lniie-     nr   Imlii idiials;
\iliii.i,illV.   in  "|.|.l> Mul Iieri'iii'i.iirnlliina   tiiiiiiiifnc-
lorlpa nr Individual' 1 lo arqulr I Imitl .m
��� 1 rltthla fnr the p,u ,���,.,, ,,| .,.,���.,-aiiMll 1,1,wer
"In iiiei for ih, 1, linn n- - iii.- , .,  ni other
"..l.i.lil."H-.    II III llllii'li.llcs.   nr   Itillihluals
in fiii-niihiiiiil mpptj ivnler lo othor corpora
1  . ". fni 1  11,,l,t 111 mil- In halil Lis
ll'lcl     f.tn,inn. iimi Iini.I l.in.l, Mini,,,,.  Hi-Ills
1, lit "i win mid nthor property nnd uaaomonla
'"' H"   I"' ���    "I lli'-l'ttinitiii). wllh nil  1	
  '    HI. Iinwera In that hiihalfi I ho all tlm
l"l*:il     "UT   1.    n       1 n        1    hi   ���"', '" '  iiulvlleaoanndhualneaaofthe
Will  Wot Crack or Break, ^mnJi^Mniit'^r'.r^i'n^re^inMii'i'i
 I hn-lii.-. ol ihe Hi, -i 1 nmlao'nliln Monti"
i) elvon iimi application
,   in the I.eKlslllllve  As-em   1 (Ipcral Inn
Klj of ih.- I'rorhionof Urlalah Columbia, al IU            KAKl.l) ��� huha.N IIAII.way
ii.'M se-siini; fiii'an Ait in liienriinrale a ('inn  '     INTKHN A'l'H IN A i, N \ V   Xr'I'HAIi  (ll
pan) with poworiot -nn. 1. build,equip I  Bohsdulo of Tliuo,      I'aeitie hi lani' 1,,,',,.
npcllile linlnu.ii. iii ihe |i|.||,|,,|fl,iir K
���I'l'itn.i  iiit.i Juaoi nine  olroeia
w mil
Kin His.
nn, ki
lliii imr
n,  No'son
111   ilealet-  in lii|i|nrs   elKiils   anil   ill)
AKenl.for I',.hs, iii-nwinn Tu. of Mil
'""'' '"'.'."'.i UruwhiKUo   of (..luiiiy.
lliMllo   Km
ol., N'lilanti.
KA.sLti ��� sl.ur.iN HY,
Panongpr train forMi in anil wayainiloni
i-tivoa   knslo al H 11. in,, dully,    Relurnlns,
leave*Minduii at l.l.i p..i,��� anlvinK 1,1 Koalo
ni .( p.in.
INTKHN Al UlN.M, NAV. (it tkaii, CO,
Opei'iilln.im Kniiliii'iy |j,���������ml lliier.
Mr. IntoriBtloi.nl1 leaves Koalo for Nolaon
it 0 n in dally nxeopl Bundiiy lieinrnitm,
leavoa Nolaon nt I.HUp, oalllnii nl Itelfour
I lint Hiiv. Alitswnilh mill all w ny nnliils   (11,,
nel" with sr.  "Alhe la"  ,,| f,������, 11(���,,
ii.i k l-uriy. liiniti, ,i_������,ii, s If. A N, to and
from Spokane a> hve Mils Point. .    . ,
Mheiin" Ltai.-s  N.tlsia,  fnr   llnniier's1 NEk,PiNo    S?'XW     AND      PLANING
nml  Hsturdaya al  7 a.m    fiTii _!!UL8i   IIMI|i"  I'ornor  Prunt  ami
"    of   llllll
l_IUi)_UN'6 UAY OO.    Who
I   ���    '    ic s .ti.il li.|,l,n.-,eie��� llaliur
J  Y   GRIFFIN   _   CO.   Ciiier   Ve,	
���-Hens. Nolion, whotiiMiile
licit. 1
: (nn
1   I''"ll- s, eiir,,| nie.ilM,   lllll let   iin.l
Kerry, Tuuadnyi
Absolutely safe in nil
���������' ���'    ""I ���_  *" """ <���_ IITII V1*M       I*.
liiniirii; in  nni' ArKnit.ini B.pOp.m.Sundaj
ii Din
I [I
tain I-1, ,in.   Hnlle, ,1  1' 1 1   I
);mi'ai!",.,i;:V,:1',:.:,: ,::r,^',,;:;":;. a.nti .t.Tss"M'nrtlli"mmm* <M '*"or.,,ation.���d.
��� _,ii,   ��� .11-1111}h   nun   .--laliiiilajs   nl,  7 a.tn      fi Tn  ,"',-,-sJ,   i-niiiiu        l-i-util,   anil
liieollng stieaini-r  "liilnriiiiihiiial" frum Knslu   !,'ii,.'""','', N'' ' lunuiaOturer. nf nnd
, lietiiiiiiiiK, leaves Hiniiicr'n |.',,r,.y nl, H ���. in       laetoi. wen Ie to order,
�� ..lt���   tiny, ami Sinnhiys.
[Tool . i.|iiiec|hi,,��� ,na',|e ���| HnnticrB Kern ACFTVl emit r-ao
h Groal Nni'i.iicrn Hallway fur ml points ��--TYLEN_ GAS
H"itAm'.iH.lN�� AN DIVIMON VAttfT0?__,S,'S D^JQ ST��RE* - ����
\ "Int-r Iniial" leaves  K,t.|,, fnr Lanlo (6. CalolUm fid. it dB&?_11..2"��h ,AKH'
AWUllntll K.l.',|,;���, Weilne.ilajs ami  l,l|l�� Aliielil, c , ,   '    *N '"""'*   A'"Jl'''''""
h.        MIT. Allli'ttll limt'ii-      I.  ���..!..     la.-    I I-
Ml ���
Kiisln fur Lurilo
Minimizes   tisi<   from  firini,'  fuee
Everything to recommend It.
AsU your dealer for them.
Manufactured by
William Mi Sens & (to,
Cambourne, Cornwall, England.
Qenoral Agenl for C-inaln,
Iflowpn nml prlvliiiKoa ns may he noooimiir.
Iielilel.ini in��������� I ,,  U, H,e   nlUlllUUOIII   I
Ilieali.iM' tiliiei I., innnv of Ihein.
.l'' Jul llioI in of Nolaon Hill   1-1  ,lm  ,
I hqr, A, H . im;r-.i
.MAI'lllIN ALII ,\  ilOHN.QK,
SfilMtm '���. lit   Ifflhanl
ManiiKiir, Kaslo,  11. 0
w. ST ARM BR SMllil ��� CO.
lllstrlhillln.  AkciiIh,
]iiiiiiii ami nwiiwa
Chimney .swccninK,
Houses, OITlces and Stores Cleaned.
All work done by us is tftiur-
nnteed firsl class.
I t).   la ave  lll.lt r.,,1 Olllee   Ward gtrojt, oppoilt
' I'Oslolll.f.
I inn'1 forgel
tn try
St. Leon
Hot Springs
After the Xmaa festivities,
Bole bottlers
Neioou Hntlii Watei Faotory,
A. R. BARROW, a.m. i.e.ii.
Provincial Land Surveyor,
-oroor Vlotorla and Id na. 8_.
P.O.Bo��_39, Toluplmno No. 11:,
-.i.iiitHA 1 h. , ,,Kni:iTs
civil RtiRincora nml Provlnelol \a	
I'. II. Ilnv li;,
Nlllsnn, II. ('.
Mrs.   McLaughlin's
��� ���_,���,..���_ NELSON DAILY MINER,   TUESDAY,   JANUARY 9,  iqoo
This  Year There aro Only Five  Alder.
manic OamHdatea Running in
Each Ward-
Nomination day pnssod ofT quietly
yesterday without any speoial incident. The various candidates appeared
at different times with their proposers
and seconders, hut at no time did a
crowd tiK.-timihlo. There urn live aspirants for alder-mania honors in each
ward, instead of six as last your, the
feature of tbe contest being that there
is 110 straight ticket ot Aldermen eacb
candidate Standing on his nivit merits. It would he dangerous to attempt
to foreoast the exact result of the ballot but in the West Ward Messrs. Mc-
Killon, Arthur and r'erliind should In
certainties, through the last named
will im handicapped owing to tbs faot
that bis enforced absence prevents liis
making a personal canvas. In the Mast
Ward the problem is moio difficult.
Tbo chances of Mr. J. A. living tire
generally looked upon as slim, but
Messrs. Wilson, Flyers, Morrison nnd
Dr. Hall are four good men between
whom the electors will tlnd it hard to
discriminate. It was rnmored on the
streets yesterday that the property
qualifications uf two of the aldcrinni'ic
candidates will be questioned, but it is
improbable that these stories have
any substantial basis of fact.
Foi lowing   is   the  list of tbe candidates nominated, their   profession and
the unnies   which   appeared   on   their
respective nomination papers:
For Mayor���
H. U. Neelaiids, A. L, McKillop,
Uoornc Ritchie, Thus. Morloy, Rob-
.it Robertson, W, J. Caldwell, W. W.
Beer, W. P, Tlerney, P, bntnont,
JOHN HOUSTON, Printer! Rob.rt
Hurry, W. (i. (iillett, Fred   Irvine, J.
A. Gilker, .7. F. "Dower. W. S. I'enrcy.
For Aldermen in the Kast Ward's a, MILTON  BYKKS, Merchant; H.
G,- Neelaiids, K. Hurry, Charles   Hill-
yer, \V. W.  Heer, N. T. MacLeod, Hnr-
nil Seloos, H. .1. Evans, W.   P.    Tect-
zel, George Kydd. William Hancock.
W. ,1. WILSON,   Merchant;   .1.   A.
liilker, Fred Irvine.
(J.    A.   B.    HALL,    Physician;   W.
Rutherford, .1. 11   Matheson,   M. Mac-
.HRISTOPHER MORRISON, Merchant; II. l>. Neelainls, O.  F. Vieor.
3. A. IRVING, Merchant; J. H. W.
Allan,   J,  A     liilker, W. li.   (iillett,
Adolpiie Lapainte, A. C. Bwart.
Fur Aldermen in the West Ward ���
A. h. M'KII.LOI', Assayer; .Iiitncs
Lawrenoe, R. S. Kin.hnrn.
E, 0. ARTHUR, Physician; H.   (1.
Nenlautls.    A.    It.    Clements,    A.     (i.
ARTHUR   PERLAND,    Merchant;
II. li.  Neelaiids. 1'. Luinont. D, MoAr,
Ihur, T, .1. Scanlan, R. S.  Lennie.
Lawrenoe, E.E.Phair, E, Applewbalte,
E. P. Wlmlley.
THOMAS MADDEN, Hotel keeper;
.1. A. Kirkpatrlnk, T. .1. Soan'nn, Gilbert Stanley, H. ,1. Kvajs. A. It. Slier-
WOOd, W. 1'. Tierney, ,|. |0. Annable,
E I'lTKUsoti, li. S. Hebilen, F. E.
There wi.s a   time   when   Candida'c
Honslon was   not so   pai'iicular   aliinil
publishing pictures of ohnrcbei in his
paper or of repotting ohnrch meetings
as he is now. Kor Instance o't September Snd lust, Mr. Houston snid in
COnrie of an editorial   in lhe Tribune:
"The Intolerant religions element,
whose mouthpiece in the Connoil is
Alderman Beer, are the same in Nelson iis they am everywhere else on
earth. They are unwilling to let their
neighbors live In peace,"
Then tbo next day. September ilrd he
snid:  "Alderman Beer in known tube
politically ambitions, and his success
ill IIiii   hiHt    City election bus set   bees
burning in bit bonnet, Ho hopes tn
gain offloe, either mnoiolpil or Provincial, by playing to the church galleries,    lie knoWl   that a certain nuiii-
tier nt ihe members of nil the church
Olgaill.atlons   can be relied on In support any   man who appears   wilin.l to
further their n irinw-tnindod,    iulolet'
lint ideas."
Hut that was before Mr. Houston
lnii'le up his mind In become a Mayoralty candiilulo. He has Mince published cuts uf all the churches.
A martiagii license was issued yes-
li'lday tn .latncH Cowan nnd   Kli/.alielh
Campbell, who were married by  Rev.
Rulil, Frew.
Angela Perrl, Achilles Joseph Rum-
vine, Lutiis lltirtwig and John I'M-
iniinds yeslordav were Kiuiited naturalization hh British subjects.
Tim l'niicn Commissioners will meet
tins morning m n o'olook, The
principal business before them will be
the oonslderation of chief of Police
.larviflT im ii ii nl report.
A letter has been received   frum Mr.
o o. Dennis, formerly Gold Commis,
sinner here, statin,   that be forms une
nf lhe I'Miiinnton   cnnlrihiitinn   to   the
seeotni Canadian contingent
Many eninplaiiils have been received
of  teamsters  driving   over   tho   side
walk between Front Street nnd the
City wharf The authorities intend to
prosecute the next offender.
As will ha seen in another column
Dr.Arthur successfully deposes of the
silly rumors that, were ourient on the
streets yesterday that he could not
qualify as an Aldermanic candidate.
Mr. Fred Glover, engineer nt the
Ymir mill, not his band caught in the
machinery yesterday with the result
that his thumb was cut olf Ho went
to the Kootenay Lake General Hospital yesterday for treatment.
The City Clerk yesterday lecoived a
telegram from   Deputy  Commissioner
of Lands and Works saying that he
would do his best to expediato the
transfer of binds to tbe City so that
arrangements can be completed with
the U. P.  R.
A telegram has been received from
Mr. Harry Winticld at. Calgary, stating
that he has been accepted by fie military   authorities   and   now   denfiitely
forms part nf tho seoond Oanadit n
contingent. He wus the lust nmn
Pedro Donatii, whose fruit store, ou
Josephine Street, was damaged by
lite the other day, has been very
promptly coni]iensate(l by tho North
American Fire Insurance Company,
Mr. II. R. Cameron, tin local agent,
paid his claim,timoniiiing to 1(141, yesterday.
The mud on tho City wharf is becoming almost Impassable, nnd a
quiet listener was much amused yesterday afternoon to hear various ardent
partisans asseverating that as soon as
their favorite candidate for the mayoralty wns elected, the mud would disappear.
The   generator house of   the   Nelsou
Cms it Coke Works is   practically com
plated, tho roof   being put  on   yesterday,   The erection of the gasometer is
being delaved owing  to the fuct that
the Philadelphia experts, who are putting it up, mislaid some of their tools
en route.
Mr. E. 0. Kiugswiill, a> New Zenl-
iind mining man mid an expert in the
treating of ores by the cyanide process,
is staying at the Hume. He is here
with the object of starting a cyanide
plant should any of the ores of the district prove amenable to that form of
The Miner's bulletin yesterday afternoon, annnounaing the final and blnndy
repulse of the Boer ntta.'ks on Ladysmith, attracted great attention, numbers of people coming up to the ofllce
ill search of the latest intelligence,
Nolsntiites know where to come to get
the news.
(,.H. Hitchcock, who was committed
for trial for forgery in Rossland, wns
tried yesterday before .lodge Forin.
It transpired that be had been forging
and cashing bogus cheques on Rossland
merchants, and was sentenced to six
months' Imprisonment on each of the
two counts in the indictment.
tried in the County
was Anderson vs.
anic's lien case, in
utitT wus suing for
one on the Little Phil
lb.  Judge Forin tnin-
in the afternoon mul
1 wns not there, sn he
nso until this morn-
Maodonald, Q. 0., is
nud Mi. Wbealler for
The only case
Court yesterday
Godsell, a mecb
which the pliii
wages for wcrk d
mine at Ainswor
ed up punctually
one of the connsi
ad jiuirncd the c
ing. Mr. W. A.
for the plaintiff
the defendant
The tlrst match in the B. C. Hockey
League was played ill Rnsslnnd on Sat
(irday night, the Victorias of that
lOWU defeating the Hosslanders by
tilled goals to one. Next Saturday the
two Nelson teams piny away front
home, tlie Nelsons at Rosslund, where
thev play the Vlotorlss, nnd the La
crosflto- Hockey tenm at ("reenwood,
where   their   opponents   will   be   the
Boundary team.
11. A. Stewart, Nelson; T.I W.   Ole-
01 an, (I A. Carlson, nnd wife, Aios-
worth; F. H. Lewis, Hevelstnkn; P.
Misser, Ohio: W. H. McLaren, Vancouver; K. 0, Kingswell. Now Zealand ; T c. Jones, Toronto! L. Hen-
cook, Spokena,i V, Britton, Ymir.
"The (irent McKwen" Pleases a Large
Audience at the   Opera House.
Mr. P. H.    McKwen,   the   hypnotist
nnd mind leader,was greeted by a huge
house when he opened his week's engagement ut the Opera House last
night. He commenced by telling tbe
nitlietiee something about the Infra
enoei he used ami throughout thi evening spoke plciisantli and eiitcrta ninglv
a Inn it hvpnotiim. He secured il latily
guild   "class" from   the audience  and
commenced bis experiments with some
of the simple! tests such us making
tin' feel stick to the Moor In spite of
Ihe slieniions efforts of the suhjccls to
raise them, to slock the hands together
with u like result, etc. Then be playfully slnck needles through the bands
of some of his subjects   hut they seem
ed to enjoy it  immensely  simply  be-
oimsii Mr, McKwen tnld'thcni that it
would mil hurt them. Some liieiiiliers
of   the   class,    who   never     could���or
shouldn't���work op enough  nerve tu
sing in public, entertained the audience to some choice selections, He told
his   subjects that they weie   lhe   spec-
Patenaude   Bros.
For Fin  Clocks
anil Watches
We hnve received a lot of
Ilea ul_.il China Clucks at
remarkably   low   figures,
The   nre timekeepers  and
will make useful presents.
Patenaude Bros
and   Opticians.
Nelson,    -    B.C. -
tutors nt a vory exoiting game of baseball and the way they cariied on sent
the audience into tits of iiiiountiolah'o
laughter, The ticket selling test was
also exceedingly funny.
The whole entertainment was one of
the cleanest, moat instructive and uproariously humorous, ever given in the
Koolennys und it is safe to predict that
Mr. McKwen will hnve the ''standing
room only" sign out before he closes
his engagement here.
Officers Fleeted at, tbe Annunl General
The Ladies Hospital Aid Society
held their first, meeting of the year in
the lecture room ofM the Pie b te inn
Church yesterdiiy afternoon. Mrs. 0.
_, Miller, the president, wns in the
chair, mil Miss Wyckham wns secretary of the meeting. The principal business was lhe election uf fresh officers
to replaae the retiring ones, Mrs. Miller, president; Miss Wyckham, secretary, and Mrs. Dow, treasurer. Mrs.
R. W. Day wns chosen president for
the present, year, Mrs. llird, first vice-
president,; Mrs. Goepel, second vice-
president; Mrs. Hamilton Byers, secretary and Mrs. .1, J. Campbell, treasurer. Mrs. G. F. Beer and Mrs. T. J.
Sims, were chosen buyers for the society. Mrs. Miller has beeu president
of the society for tho past two veers,
and her valuable services in its behalf
were acknowledged by n voto of thanks
proposed by Mrs. J. R. Robertson and
seconded by Mrs. R. W. Day. Mrs.
Miller responded in a few well chosen
words, A vote of thanks to the otbei
retiring officers was moved and seconded by Mrs. W. W. Beer and Mrs.
F. W. Peters.
Nominations for the officers for the
Nntioni.1 Council of Women weie then
made, which will he voted on nt '.he
end of the month. The various kindred societies make these nominations
in advance, and the officers are subsequently chosen by bnllot.
Mrs. ,1. Lning Stocks son.ht the
opiniou of the meeting on the question
of helping in the payment of the ifliiO
ruuge recentlyjbnught by the Kootenay
Lake General Hospital, It transpired,
however, thnt the rnngo bad been already paid for out of the building
fund, and, as the Ladies' Aid Society
bus already undertaken to completely
furnish the new women's ward and
provide nil the linen for the new wing
of the hospital, it was thought that
tho slender funds nt their disposal
would uit bear this additional drain,
The society has a balance in bund of
flSIH. 72, with the expectation of shortly
realizing another |_6 Following is
tlie account of the receipts and disbursements for the past year:
Balance on hand nt commencement
of the year, |1_7.**0; proceeds from
carnival, concerts, church collection
and dues. 1908.80.    Total, $4nl.!IO
Expended on hospital lor furniture,
1106 00; snrgical iustrugmenls, etc.,
181.80; bedding, ootton, linen, etc.,
|119.78 i sundries, printing, etc.,
111.70. Total, I868..8. Leaving a
balance ou hand of, $I!W.72.
Editor Miner:
Sir ���I understand that mv opponents
nre circulating the report that I nni
unable tn quality for /ildcriniin owing
to the judgment nguinst me in connection witli the suit brought in my name
against the by-law for the pnrchnse of
the electric light plant I beg leave to
state that while tlie question was open
to appeal, the present (itv Council offered to drop the judgment on condition
that no apnea! be entered. This proposition is recorded in the nrnciedings
of lim Council nnd wns accepted hi
those bringing the suit.
I shall be in the rnco till tho Inst
luilliit is counted and I trust none of
mv friends will be misled bv this false
report E. 0. ARTHUR.
Nelson, January 8.
At the request of a large number of
electors, I have consiinteil tu offer myself ns u candidate for the office of Aid
iii man for the Kasl Ward of  the   City.
II elected I ��� hail endeavor to discharge
faithfully the duties of the office, Soliciting your support I  remain,  yours
sincerely, W   ,1.  WILSON.
At the request of a large number of
citizens, I hnve consented lo   hecoinc a
candidate for Alderman  for the  Bast
Ward at the election to be held on .Inn-
miry II.
Vuitr vote and influence ou   my   behalf will he appreciated.
At the request of �� large number of
the electors nf the West Ward,in which
I reside, I have consented to offer myself as a candidate for Alderman in the
West Wind. If elected I shllll etitlea.
vor to discharge the duties nf the office
to the best, of my nlulity   in the fnrth-
erunce of  the general Inteiesl of the
Solicting your vote  nnd inlliienen, I
remain, your respectfully,
Fraternity  Hall
(in unit i-r ��� Kilillrllll) HI-,
can be rented  for Concerts,  Lectin es.
Dun.es, Banquets and every kind of en
fertuliiliielil,.    (loud iitite-t'iioniH,   clonk
rooms. Kitchen und dining room furnished,   For terras apply
DR, E. C. ARTHUR  (litv
f *^^^fl^^���w|l/v>^^^^'>^A>^l^fl^^^^^ ,
r January Clearing Sale
Commences MU'NDAY MORNING and continues until they are all sold.
Come early and get the best selection.
LILLIE BROS. = The Shoeists.     If \
. >vs/i��vs>����Vs ^^^^W'^**^���^l'���'-V���^_^>^fl���w>^-^^^''^ \
M A Y OR A LT Y   (X) N T K ST.
To 'he Citizens of Nelson:
In response to numerous requests
from business men, property owneis
ami latepayers, 1 otter myself as a oau*
didate for Mayor of the i_ity of Nelson
nt the approaching Municipal Elections,
Briefly stated, my platform is us follows :
If elected it will be my earnest endeavor to assist in more tirmly establishing Nelson as tlm wholesale rtistri-
Inning oentre of the Kooteuny Country
���the position for Whioh slie lias been
sn admirably Designed by nature.
In furtherance ot this idea, I will
continue my consistent ndvoency t f the
construction of n wharf which will
meet present and future requirements
of lhe wholesale und other busineM interests.
I believe that the City has reached
that stage when permanent Btreet improvements have become an absolute
necessity and that the cost should be
met, us far ns feasible, from current
revenue and should the Citizens see tit
to entrust me with the ofliee of Mayor,
it will be my nini to carry ont a well
devised system of street Improvements.
It will be my policy to oppose the
borrowing of money unless tbe same be
used for the Increase or establishment
of I'tililie Works producing a revenue
to the Taxpayers.
I am opposed to any increase in the
salary ot Mayor, which would necessarily Involve ii reduction ill salaries
now paid an efficient staff of officials,
or an increased burden to the taxpayers.
1 am strongly in favor of maintaining the Kin. Department in a position
of thorough efficiency und would advise the adoption of modern equip
nients including a Fire Alarm System
and the purchase of il chemical engine
which would elYeot a reduction in all
Kire Insurance.
It will be my consistent policy to
safeguard the taxpayers against any
attempts on the putt of corporate bodies, carrying on business in Nelson, to
encroach upon the rights uf the Citizens.
In my opinion o sntiicicnl amount
of money should he expended npon the
Parks of the City so that they will pro
vidu the Citizens with recreation
grounds and opportunities for healthful
On all munlolpal works mv policy
will he to employ bona-fldo residents of
Nelson and to maintain the public
stnndar i rate of wages
I believe that the Public Schools iu
Nelson should be under lhe control of
the City and that e��ery   effort   should
he made to establish a High School In
our midst.
In concluding 1 wish to sny that in
the event of my election I will consider it litv duty to share with the
Council the responsibility of the Civic
administration believing, us I dn, that
the assumption of entire authority by
one individual is subversive of all constitutional Governments whether
Municipal or otherwise, Yours respectfully,
lhe direct route from
to all points
EAST   and   WEST.
^\-l_f \l_f \l#i__f x-l>\l_f \4>\-l> \l>\l>\l>\|i/\*)>\'|> $\|_f i#> \|i>\,ii \#>\A> \A> \|> \.>\#> <^
First-Class Sleepers on all trains from
TOURIST CARS pass Medicine Hat
dally for St. Paul, Sundays and Wednesdays for Toronto, Fridays for
Montreal and  Huston.
Same cats pass Etevelstoke one day
To and from Robson, Rossland.
Fx. Sou. Ex. Sim.
8.00 Lv.        NELSON Arr. 11.40
18.40 Lv.daily NELSON daily Arr.22.10
Morning train connects f- r nil points
Evening brain connects to and from
Main Line and points north, and lex.
Sun.) from all points in UOl'NI'ARY
Daily, Str. Moyie Daily.
2-l.mi Lv. NELSON Arr. 17..I)
Connects Kootenay Landing -_.it.li
Crow's Nest Branch trains both ways.
Kx. Sim. Str.  Koknuee.      Ex. Sun
10.00 Lv. NELSON Air. 11.0)
Sat unlay to Aigeuta nnd return,
leaving Knslo at '211k.
Ex. Sun.
0.00 Lv.
Ex. Sun.
Ar. 11.40
4 his  NELSON to ROSSLAND bis 4
For rati'.-, and fall information address near
Uflil local agent, or
O K. BEASLEY Clly Passenger Auoni
It. W. DIUCW, Agent, Nclrin
i W. K. ANDKH80N, K. J.COY1.K,
'l'rnv. I'asH. Aneiti.       A   H. P. AK--t.
S.l-   ti VnniTiiv  I
Insure your liff
agent Ontario Mutual
Life Assurance Co.
3 We are overstocked in some lines and before stock   taking  we 5T
X have decided to reduce some lines al prices never before heard ^:
"5 of in Nelson.    A few of the prices given  below will  convinci
*_S iliev are genuine Bargains. ��_-'
^ Bleached Table Lim n, Bpeciol, 00
^ in. wide, 35c. yd,
^ Bleached   Table    Linen,    extra
quality eiic. OOo., .1.00and .l.'_."i
jg Fiue Quality  Pare Linen Table
^ Napkin*, 1 00,   1 25, 159, 200,
���? 2.60 and 88.00 per dozen,
^ Hood Quality and large I i/.e I loin-
-�� forterfor LOO, 1.25,  1.50 2.00
*3S up to 87.00 apiece.   Everyone
��� a bargain.
*_5 All Wool White Blankets good
quality   and   large size from __!
I I 23 up. 5*";
Good Heavy flannelette 5, 8, 10, __!
I-',. 15, 18, and'Ju,'. yd, 5T
Ladles' Wrappers al  75c. $1.25, ,_���'
2.00, 2,50 nni |300 each j_T'
A     few     Ladies'     Underskirts
and Hlnu-i's in  Fancy Striped *-*"
Mercerized, regular  price I 50 ��_
anil ���-', on. will i :��� a  ;,i 'J nu ftnd I-
Ladies' i onsets
���<, en pi i pair,
t"  __:
Any Ladies' Jacket in the Store
riartin  O'Reilly
& Co.
if  Terms Cash-
Baker Street ar:
fy\. (f. W W 9\ W flU If. W W 't* 9.. 9\ 9* 1* W 9) 9 * 1 * W 9\ 9* 9} 9\$
Insure your house, house furniture
nnd pianos with J. E. Annable,
agent Victoria-Montreal and Equity
Fire Insurance companies.
Turner Beeton & Co.
/-^ NELSON-^^
In compliance, with the leanest of n
large number of citizens, 1 ha'ceon-j
Minted to offer myself as a candidal..
tor alderman In the West Ward. It
elected 1 _ball do my utmost to protect and further the interests of tho
City. Owing to unavoidable circumstances I hIuiII not lie iii Nelson dorlng
the week,and consequently will he unable to make a personal canvas Hoping to receive votir support    I    i"inaiii,
yniirs obediently,
I re'psotfully solicit    your vole" and
iniiiieiicn in support of my candidature
for the otllcc of Alderman.
_, c. ARTHUR, M   l>.
j     Adiertlseinmitr. inserted amlia- this lanul ul
the nil   nf (inn cunt u word per la-crilun.   No
! iiitvcrtli-t-iiiciit. I it ken fur less lima Bfioanta.
\V \NTI'li.���A house furnished ur unfurnished,   with   bath  room,   Hunt
moderate.    Apply   It.   O.     Campbell-
j Johnston.
i w ,\ .n I hn. ���Humus and   board in private Family, iu  unud neighborhood,
by lady and two children  and  nurse.
Address, G, n   B.,  Postofftoe Boi BOB,
1 I.I 1ST    Saturday, a Lady's pnrne, con-
(mining |I10, between Postoflioe and
skaliitfl! link      Kelurn to Millel Ullifo.
Rewnrd of -jOTi.	
I ri<Mslll;i) Rooms, private family,
with board, wanted liy a  gentleman
and bis    wife.     Apply   tO A.    I!.    O.,
Muni Office,
Just arrived from Milwaukee.
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants
__. �������t��*.- __ *���
Branch Markets in Rossland. Trail. Nolson, Kaslo
Sandon. Three Forks, New Denver and Slocan C
Ordors by mall to any brancli will have careful and prompt attention.
In response to numerous reqnests I
bave consented to oiler myself fm candidate for Alderman for the ICnst Waul
ai tbe forthcoming municipal election, My policy will be to work for
tlm general Interest ol the people.
Yuma truly, 0. MORR1-ON,
I desire to a_n__noa that I am again
a candidate for Alderman in 'be West
Hoping I'm a lenowal ol your  cnntl
denes, lam, your obedient servant,
A     1;      M'Klltl.lll'.
1)U    BARBER,  I'etitifltt   lias   opened
an omen wiib Ur.   Morrison,   crown
and bridge work ii specialty.
Nelson Employment Agencv
< Iii Is for Housework.    Nurse   (lirls.
Situation!- wanted by Waiters.  Waitress,    ('hattibeiniaids.    Cookn.    linker.
mitt; nun,lino.
J. H. LOVE, Ag't      Baker ,
Nelson  Harness Shop
in response to the request of a large
number nt oitl.ens 1 have offered myself as a candidate for Alderman In the
Kast, Ward if returned I shall endeavor to serve the City faithfully in that
capacity, Hoping for your vote nnd
assistance, t remain yours obediently,
The largest stock
and greatest variety oi Harness,Saddles, Collars, Blank-
cts, etc , kepi In
the KonU'tiay. A
call always con-
ll.ill Slt-el, Nelson.
J. M. LUDWIll.
Jits eJU*Jurh/ e�� <Ul -+t&4.
Brewers of Bine Lagei
Boor nml Porter,
Drop in and see ns.
MIHIS 6 ���BOEIIi      lOTtiai II lllll.
v, ii,,i. ��� ��� i Mines, i" ,i'i.-i.f,i
WINUKI' I .       0.
Reports of the President and
Secretary Read.
The Board Acts ou the Recommendations of
tlie Council   The Retiring President's Report.
direct   railroad   communication   with
the Boundary district.
Tho probability is thnt In the near
future the extension of the Columbia
��� Western road will be carried on
through other districts west until it
rejoins the main line, in which case
Nelson will be nn important point on
the main line of the Canadian Pacific
This railroad is constructing a
bianch lino conuecting Kootenay hake
with Arrow hakes.
Tenders have been called for tho
construction of a piece of road from
Nelson lo Ihe outlet nt Bulfour, and
doubtless the results of these tenders
will soon be made known.
Improvements have   leeu   made  on
the   bianch   of   the C.   P. R. lending
from Nelsjn   to  Robson, and  further
additions  wo  understand  are   being
made to these   alterations,   under  the
direction   nod   advice   of   Mr, II.   K.
Boasley,   nnd   doubtless  soon, if   Mr.
Beasley has his way, the vexatious de-
I ys to freight and passenger   [raffle al
Robson, na well ns the inconveniences,
The proceedings of   the  annual gen- j wiU bo obviated   by   the  construction
oral meeting . f the Board of Trade last Pf n ��i^ntic lailway bru*K'' ',cross t,,e
night were very entbnaiastio andnnnn-  Oolnraiba  River, connecting  East and
ininus, and a  considerable   amount   of | West Knbs��"-
important business was quickly de-! The Great Northern road has
spatchtd. After Mr. Frank Fletcher shown a liberal disposition ill negotiating heen voted to the chair, the first I ing'. we understand, arrangements
business was the election of officers, with tbe Canadian Pnoific for the
Mr. G. V.'Holi was elected Pesident, | joining of the tracks of these two ionds
Mr. II. J. Evans,   Vice-President, and  in Nelson.
Mr. P. W. Bwnunell was re-elected j The important road kuow n as the
Seoretary. All three went in by tie-1 Nelson & Bedlington Railway, con-
clatnation. 1 neoting Ihe   ("real Northern with  the
The election of a new connoil came Kootenay district, has been completed,
next, and a ballot was taken on 20 and we understand will sunn be in
names with the result that the follow-   operation.
ing gentlemen were chosen: A tramway syatom has been   iunug-
Mess,-. J,  K.  K( b.irtsun, T. O. Proc-   ,���.���,,.��� ,,,,,1 poshed   to   completion iu a
ter, K hainont,    P.    Chapman,  P.    J. | manner   to   reflect high credit to those
Russell, Hamilton   livers, 1-'. Fletcher
Tunstall  aud
H. E. Crniisduile, i��� M. hay, J. Lawrence, W. A, Maodonald nnd George
The secretary then read bis annual
Im incial slatemetit which showed thnt
the Board possessed a credit balance of
fit. 69.
Mr, Bwannell next proceeded to read
the annual report of the retiring president   Tin- subslance is as follows:
who are responsible tor its construction and management, and I am sure
the Board wishes its energetic promoters and engineer a successful New
Year. The negotiation! between th"
City and the Tramway Company   were
oondnated with muoh skill on behalf
of the City by Mayor Nee-lands, Alderman Fletoher, and others, aided by the
eneigetic City Solicitor, Mr. Galli-
her. and   we feel   conliileiit   ihi.t   th
To the members of the South Kootenay Tramway Company get ull  they "ouhl
Boatd of Trade,.Nelson, B. C. : j reasonably  expect,   mainly      through
This year bus   been   prnotioally  the | tnp P|lorls of ttieir  solicitors,   Messrs.
Drst in which the new system of
monthly general meetings bns been
adopted. and I think the interest
shown and attendance have demonstrated the advisability of holding
such meetings at these regular and
short intervals,   The t xperience of all
Boards   Of   Trade     has   been   that  the
work (li the Board has been practically
left laig.-iy iu the bands of the Kxe-
oulive and Council for the -current
year.    The   experience   of    tlie   Smith
Kootenay Board of Trade haa been no
oxoeption in ibis case, although there
have been many largely attended nud
onthnaiBstlc meetings during 1899,
An examination of the secretary's
minutes of the past year reveal the
usual resolutions, oommlttees and
conferences, respecting the redaction
of railroad rates, so impnrtnut to the
commercial lutereits of the district, Increased pnital facilities and efforts to
suitably advertise and tiring before the
attention of invest..rs in other portions
of the Empire, and elsewhere, the nil-
dt in'l adv.Ullages of Nelson City
niii' district for iho investment of
fnnds, Delegations ot the Board have
iiut in conference various Ministers ol
the Crown, both   Provincial  and  Do-
miulon. and   have   sought  to   impress
upon these representative! of Her Ma
Jeity the needs  and   requirements  of
ihitst. living in i.tir ronniiuiiity.
Tin  year   past has been  notable  foi
the -till further huge increase   in   the
iaiiiti.nl mileage In Kootenay district
The Crow's Nest Pnsa, which,although
nominally opened with so successful
,i delegation from all the oommerolal
Intnri its ol the district in December,
not i, illy get   down lo   full
, i ration until (be year nndi r rei low,
The amount nl business  w itb whlob
the  Canadian   Pad Be   Railway   have
bad tl '     '     Ita ted the Kin-
��� urn ut  n. v, ��� leumshlp transport
a i   n I.i   IHtll -    in    the way nf   linrge-
ami powerful tug-, and we understand
the management have In contemplation Hn . ,ti im tit n ut a handsome
new steamer to  ply   between   Nelson
ami i.i ott Bay Landing. Iu addition
ii.i,. t.. v.. under land   another powi t
lul in,        ���   i ���      n Iruotd tu deal with
tlie 11.. I. a- r ���  ItafBo
'! im railroad have acquired fr the
1 ltj and Govern nt, land and rights
iblob He     hove expressed their
Intention  Immediately   to  oreot omn
tun  -nit iblo depot   bolldlngK
ainl ti. gl I     had      New     i.lings  lire
to 1 ion 'i. wbloh, H   i" under
ul.  �� ill liirni-li    Nl lion Willi   nvti
tliret ..nil. .ul Hack within it
limits    i utrnotion of  proroh ad
round I    and  repair shop- al Nel-
t,ii iploymenl   i" n  large
iiiiiulit i ol ikllled ami libit- met Ilium
The Inoreuit ol an Intelligent aud
gnergt tie t lot ,,i meohanloa, nnd nth-
era, w hi both direolly and indin cilj
i r great advantage to our dlitrlt t
In aiblil 0 ihe   ainive.    the   Can-
adtan Paolfh   mi > gatla when  onne  ti
gel  started, iiii�� pn ind to completion
itlltt ul   Ihn III.ist   llll.lt s|ing    iiiiiI    tlilll
cull problems iu railroad engineering,
Mnudoiinld & Johnson,
Nelson is to be congratulated also on
the installation of a gas system
throughout the City, and if the promoters of that enterprise are ns energetic in furnishing u good illominanl
as they hnve been in tearing np nud
distributing the streets of Nelson in
order to lay their extensive system of
pipes, the electric light system
Will hnve to look to its laurels to hold
its own.
It is to be hoped that tlie incoming
Mayor and Council will take iu h nd
the erection of a municipal building
which will baa credit to Nelson.and nl
the saute time provide  therein suitable
accomodation  for u combined  Board
ni Trade room, Museum of Minerals
and more ndeqnate   quarters   for   the
Public Free Library, which his been
such a IOCCOM, mainly owing to tbe
energetic action of the Indies of r'elsoil,
so cordially endorsed by thn hading
citizens nf the City and the City Connoil,
In spite "f the progress Indicated
above this yenr. we have unfurl n-
niitely had to contend with n disturbed
condition of attain iu the  main com-
mci'i'ial i nlnstiy of this district. I refer, of course, to lhe mining operational which nre the root and mainspring of all busiuess unueitakings   iu
i< t.tt u.-iv    The transportation   ootn
panics have OOtna here attracted by the
-tile product, practically, of the district, namely the minerals The
whuli'snli-rH and retailer" lin.c follow-
ml in order to supply the mining Industry; Indeed II Is hardly too mm It
in say Hint from the hanking niter
sits down to the news vendor, whose
energy soppllei lis with mil eai linn tiling papers, the Kootenay district
i- dependent nitty ami alone on the
opening up mid program of its mining
Industry    Iti oommerolal eniorpriM Is
th" baokbOne Ol nil out work, nnd at
the meeting tlbtive n-fetled to uf the
A-.ut tilled Boards of Ttiitie, the   drns
He alterations and their ensuing effents
were veiy fully and    fairly (b'till with,
with  tbe remit that   n  strong rrsola,
lion was sunt to the local Government
urging tin ui   tu   afford relief flout the
tinences ensuing npon ontaln  re
eiiit   inaotroenti    In   lome  circles it
appeals iii he tiioughl Hint mining in
tercHts are nut such ns  s'n mid be   denl
with  by Boardi af Trade    it  is well
known that we em Italy dilfer person
ally with these views     Do way   with.
retard or hamper the operation of the
mines   iu   the   Kootenay   district   nnd
Mm hamper,  tetard nml ���arlouslj* lo
jure ever) other bus!nets,   for  ail  in
Kootenay ite _o Intimately   interlaced
iimi Intermingled tint it is Impossible
to tlivt.n I une frum the other
Mr   Hull  then    took  the eluiii    nmnl
applause, and, inal/riif speech, aid
in. hoped He.   merchant! of the town
nimbi this year lulie iiihik tnlciot in
thn bnanl and ntlend lis inreling�� iimi..
regularly, us it wns constituted chiefly
in their Interest!,
A vole Ol thanks |,,  ,\|r   ,|    Roderick
seconded by Mr. Q,   0.
carried unanimously,
A pomraunioation from Mr. J. 0,
Mcheod, inspector of lailway mails,
staling thai there were at present no
funds for n mail clerk service on the
Crow's Nest Road but that, an appropriation then for would be placed OU
the next Dominion estimates, and u
congratulatory telegram from President
T. G. Shanghiii ssv after the occasion
of the exouision through the Boundary
Country were ordered filed.
The si erelary read the report of the
council, already published in Tbe
On the motion of Messrs. Newling
and Bannerman it was decided to accept the invitation of the London
Chamber of Connueice to participate
in the convention of Boards of ..Trade
to he held in London next summer.
The delegates will be chosen lalor   oil.
The President explained that when
the South Kootenay Board of Trade
was first funned it was the only board
in tho oouutry. Sinoe then other
boards hud oome into existence while
tbo old name served to disguise Its
identity, (in the motion oi Messrs,
Bannerman nnd Maodonald, the secretary was instructed to enquire of the
Deputy Minister of Agriculture what
it would cost to change tbe name to
that of the Nelson Board of Trade and
whnt stops it would be necessary to
un the motion of Messrs. Newling
and Chapman the connoil was instructed to revise the bylaws and submit the same to the next general meeting of the hoard.
After the Toronto Board of Trade
resolution, already published in The
Miner, had been endorsed, Messrs. P,
('riddle, W. P. Tlerney and ,1. C. T.
Crofts were elected members without
A vote of thanks to the retiring president, Mr. J. Roderick Robertson was
unanimously passed, nfter which the
President and Vice-President were appointed a committee to interview the
Telenhone Company with n view of
getting ti more satisfactory service.
The President drew attention to the
fact that there was no nnndiiy mail
from here lo Spokane, though there
was from Rossland. At present the
mail was token tn Rossland mi Saturday night by the C.P. 11. and foi warded to Spokane next day. (In the motion of Messrs. Russell and Sims the
secretary was instructed to oonfer with
lhe postal authorities with a view to
making arrangements for a dnily mail
cervine to Spokane,
Those present included Messrs. Prank
Fletoher, F. w. Bwannell, .1. Banner,
man, A. G. ''amide, J.  J.  Campbell,
_. M. Lav, G. V. Holt, J. Hover, F.
Irvine, G. C Tunstall, _. Kydd, P.
Chapman, P. harnout, A. Kelly, T, J.
situs. J. A. Kirkparriok, J. R. How-
ley, 'I' Morley, Onslow Newling. W.
A. Maodonald, Hamilton livers, n. K.
Croasdoile, P. J. Russell, J. V. Weir,
A. H. Bellnmy, H, G, Neelnadg, H. J.
Evans, s s. Fowler, A. It. Dowsins,
G. K 0, Martin, T. G. Procter, V. W.
Peters-, ii. o Bnobanau, Robert Rob-
this morning shorty after reaching
his ofllce. Heart disease is supposed to
be the cunse of death.
Quebec, Jan.8.���Cnntain Turner, son
of Hon. 11. Turner, Member Legislative Council, who gees, with tlm second contingent t" South Afiion, was
married to Miss Gooddav, a former
resident of the city but now of Liverpool. Eng. It was intended that the
marriage should have taken place at
tho bride's home but owing to the call
for a second contingent, Captain Turner put iiersonal matters aside for the
time being, but Miss Gooddoy ooii
seated to come to Iji ob-o, where the
marriage was performed an stated.
Qnebec, Jan 8 ���Felix Oarbray, M.
P. P., for Quebec West, is lying in a
dangerous condition frum a stroke of
apoplexy at his borne lasl evening
Toronto, Ont., Jau, 8.���Rov. Dr.
Carman,   General**; Superintendent   of
the Methodist Chinch, a few days ago
contended that the losses to the Biitish
army in South Africa was God's
chastisement for the sin of ruin traffic,
opium trade, Sanbath deseorntiou, and
social aud political oorruptiou existing
in Great Britain today. These remarks were Btrongly condemned by
Rev. G, R, Turk, of Carleton Street
Methodist Church, formerly of Winnipeg, last night. He contended that
oven if the roiniirks had been true they
were at lo-st most reckless nnd untimely. The congregation cheered the
preacher, only one man in the congregation disapproving of them, the same
by leaving the church with the re-
mark:     This is too British for  me."
Nelson Opera House
t.OMM   S'CIXfi
��l.^��^.fl^<p..(>��._<t����#��l#.i<J>l��Tf��_<��*'>������_'*_ie_l��*'*��l>0,���� �������_�����������������������
-    bus taken place the business v, ill be "conducted under the same management, and our many customers will be pleased to know that   they   will
be met anil dealt With with the same coin li-sy   as has hitherto prevailed,
The class of goods which has been bandied  by  and built  up such n
reputation for the firm of M. DBS BRIsA- A- CO. will continually be
ken  In sn ck, and as our customers  will  not  bo uskul  to denl with
siiaii'-eis the re i iiial ion oi the old linn will be maintained throughout.
i itinnicnee tin- vein aright by dealing with tbe old reliable,
Wishing you all a veiy Hunpy New Year, you will know us ns
lie Western Mercantile Co., Ltd. I
Famous Scottish  Mind-
Rea.lcr and   Hypnotist.
One   Great
* Slupie
a      iKF.it m
i>ia>i��i'����''-��-Ji- _������(_��"_�����_���
NELSON li C.    | |
*��� ���n#'-S��4iw6"*i*,-,l��l��t-i|(iCfl*i|
(1 i
iRISAV cc Co.
irucei lei
I,  M(   L"   CIGARS
Merchants' Bank of Halifax.
Incorporated iMo.
Capital Authoiized
Capital Paid Up, S1,5(MM��W,
Ottawa, Ont, Jau. 8.���Lewis, the
second son of Hon. A. (i. lilair, died
suddenly at his father's residence
here last niRlit. The young man had
been in poor health but his death was
not looked for.
Toronto. Jan. 8.���A son of Patrol-
Sergeant Wills wns tonight the victim of another hold-up in the east end,
a few hundred yards from where the
young woman was killed on Friday
hight. He is a lad of Iti or 17, and
was seized while walking,oy a ruffian,
who struck him heavily oil ihe cheek.
Wills fell into the arms of nuotbe<-
man. Tho two tlien gagged him t ud
bciin I him with ropes. The lad hail
only a dollar bill in his pocket and
this was taken by the highwayman,
who nlso took his watch from his pick
et hut left it kill", on the side.vnlk.
-   ,S2.ui.i',y"o(j
l.i'srrvi', 81,2fjo.ooo.
Head Office:  Halifax, [Nova acotia.
Ueneial Banking Business transacted; Sterling Bills of Exchange  Bought
and Sold, Letters of  Credit, Etc., Negotiated.
Accounts received on the most favorable terms.   Interest allowed on special
deposits and Oil Saving Hank accounts.
atlin, Bennett, Grand Forks, Nanaimo, Nelson, Rossland, Vancouver, Vancouver East End, Victoria, Ymir.
Hypnotimhy Telephone, j Geo. Kydd, Manager, Nelson, B.C.
Hypnotic Balloon
Continued from Fir-i Page.
flames,which aeoined to completely envelop Ihe liiu.se Instantly. The loss will
reach $8,000, insurance fl)00,
t on
Halifax, N. S . .Ian. B.���Dr McKay.
Hurl physician,  is   having   the   trnns-
porti thoroughly fumigated, The
wntei innks were filled yesterday emptied today, nnd will be refilled after
fnmlgatiun, 'lhe militia department
bus secured quarters at the leading
lintels fur the officers of the secoud
'���online,! nt.
Tin- la t Nni ib West squadron will
nut lie ut Halifax iu lime for sailing
before the 80th,
Ottawa, .Ian. 8, ���Lewis Blair, son
nf the lbni. A i; Blair, Mluistt r of
Kail way* ami Canals, died suddenly
i,i-t night ai is father's residence here,
11, ceail 'I    had    I tl    ill   poor    health,
but death waa nol looked ror lie was
d.iwii stairs at dinner with the family
last evening The family was leaving
fir m. John today, In attend (be \vml<
ding ol Mi il ni seldeii son, Vonng
Riali v.as n pttpuiai   ynnug mon    He
Delivered to an any poi
Kootenay  Lake.
I have a complete stock
on hand of
Mill at l'i LOT BAY.
Yar'ds, NELSON and l.AHl'O
J.   A.   SAYWARD.
, Col-
.lie-.    Blnnkcts,     Bells,
, Whips, lli-n-lit--. Combs,
Priced satisfactory.
Hall nnd -ie.
Cor,  W'-irtl   anil   Hiiki-r
-in-. I-.
Our Fresh Roosted 0ofl.ee. of Beit
Qua'itv. as follows :
Java and Arabian Mocha, por pound
Java and Mocha Dlend. 9 poundh
I i i- Bantofi, i poundi        	
Banton tllond, 6 pounda
  Hneclal Blond, fl pounda.
i    In tlie inn tier nf Iho "Uompnnloa WlndliiR l'|t
I Ael. IMIS, anil In lie liinlli-r nf I lie "N'oIhOII
Poorman Gold Mining Compan-Ci Ltmlluil," la
.s ni iff ih inn 11 _i\, ii iliiii iii nn extraordinary geiternl int-ellna of tho Sclnon Poorinn
(inlfl Mining Company, Limited, lu'l.l Novein-
ln-r 17th. l&U, duly convoned, n sj���.-,:.i regoln
tioa requiring the midcnmi \  io b-i wouinl
up nt   ilui |,.i nod; ul,i"h r -tilniiiiii in ii -nli
sfi|iifni t-\iliiiii-iliniH! gent ml moetlng uf tho
I st, i, t ft an en a i. it I-i i iliil) convoned, anil liold on
It,, .in i���:  .it,, ls:ri, im- ilnlv i-inillriiit il.
A i KUch ti -i it if i, i ituifil in.- ft inn tlie appolt 1
infill-ot William Murray lioinfort of iho Clly
I ni' Viuifiiiii-r I'rtiiinft' nf llrii sti i iiliiiniii.i,
ie liquidator and Charloa 0. Uonnoll m the
-imif place na limpeclor, for the purporaaot the
W inilhiK nit ntn- fuiilli-iiifa.
Nol ti In nl-,i givotl i|inrsiiiial tn "< iiaiiiiutlt s
Winiliiifl! I'|t Act, 18U8" -iili..|i Im, Ilial the
creditor, of und ntlier- having elaimii upon the
-alii company, arorequirod on or bofomtheluili
ilui of January, A. li. IBUO, to rand thejrnamei
uiitl in in tt --I-. the |,iu-i if Him- nf i heir debti or
dnHns nnd the natuio nf thonociirltlosi. if nay,
hold in   thorn in  vi il'.i  Murray Botuford
Mi-it Iimi- tlm k of llnltfex, Vanoouver, II. i..
iiit- liquidator of tho said ooinpnny,
Nniif, Ik further given ttint afior nucli lout
nitnli I tliilf the s ii(l liiiliitl.il nr wit) )nn -fid
liiill   I   llinlf   tin-   :i--t I-   iti   Hn-   - ,i.l   ...lit|.   li)
among ttiopartlOfli entitled thurolo, having n-
kiiiii ttlili In lilt-fliilln-uf ivllifll  lit-  sliull   llit-i,
have ��� ntloo,
Doted ." V int   11  er, It ('   floe, Oth, 1880,
(isliiiltM.; I'l.UNK*. I I.
Mllcl-ililliiii 111; Idlllg, lu.illllllf Slreit,   Vim-
cniiM r, II 11.
Rol , Itor i ,r i!,,   .ii,t Liquidator,
siiiii-clinliifi-- in tin.-,i.i f .nip.,i,,i   are if
tin,-it-,1 in ittiiiu.alt imiiiirii tiii-ii- ihnro iti
I tiilf.it, -1,, lit,' -.1 <l liquidate,  i ilui Hi it  Hi
.1 -ii-iiiaiiia. ,i.-t a: mi: ilii-i-tnii may tie R|iuodll)
�� li.
I im
t .��.
I ii.
t i��.
nni- I'm I:,in i, ti iiiniiiils          i 00
i  llllll   in: in It KOMI III II.
��ii�� tu Brit Ull fiiliiinliia and t he West    r. EL. SO l\),
fin mm. - for tin- lu-t   two   - ''
une Imiiie tu iei-ii| it ne     It was Imp
B.   C.
West Kootenay Butcher Co.
A I.I.   KI \ 11
Fresh   and    Salted
Fish and Poultry in Season
Orders by mail re
E.   C.   TRAVES.   Manager.
Baker Street, Nelson.
:-ivc careful and prorapl a'ten tion.
Can't do better than I
talking m itli
about their i
is the qunlil
with t. rot ke
laily wants, The advantage we na\e over our competitors
i', price and quiniiij ,,i utock, We can also supply you
ry, Gltissware, etc., al Rock Bottom prices,
Mining and mail orders caret. Ij  attended to.
I'll II  ft w
In ai  tn In  (HI,
Miillld   have    p.-Inter'.
| A iati tl   l'i.   -  lit s|iali|ii -  i
Brighton, Out . Jan B Rol i ri
Kitein a. a liiiind Trunk brakcuian
wa Ic till d, tty railing iit'in the tin's
near Intra yenterday
(laelpli,   i int..   .inn     H ���luliii   l-'.
Hirreii at, i   Andrew   Darby, ot Most-
boto, iviit-   insi.iiiiiv   killed  by I aing
siiiici, i.v n i it .nu   'iiiinu  train while
t't'iissiii. tin, .| lob   yt-ti'iiliiv tiiin tiing.
Hriiiiift'i'l. nn,     ii"
:..ngiitit r, foreman   at
.hllillM   (.'.
fining Stocks
Hun.'in ami Sold.
TcilJl and       und others worhed
Mary  Iklle  ',v  "!" rY;T"
J t anaila (mill \'in-
ln(j Co., is one of the safest buys on
the market. Thorough Inspection
cordially invited.
Kind Noonday   600 Richc"
Referendum 'I re
mi liislalliiii'iils ?'.
sury Block,    Hold
1,. une iiiii,1 down,
Iimi e   ami   lot    I  1
llll-iliess pal I ul   ill v.
1 All, ON
tale.     .In   I-
l'11-f  -J.IKKI.
Kngine \v.,i���-   narrowly escaped deatlt   1 A       PRAQQTJ'R
(Kitn sum i.uiit. i.t'i-i'iuiii: on Hatnrda.   II.    l\,    I   II' 'l'i 11 J |\,
1.1 _rlit. I't 1 linn iiiuiuiv upon arriving
at in- lionn Boaahnt r weni to lbs
pantry w heri be innda n lianrty meal
of Hiitne bread and bntter wliloh wore,
it appears, roti red i\iiii inrvnlinl nn
with a m- �� i" in ��� nn 1 it Prompt
nielli, ni niii indent 1   nvi ,1 hln life
Toronto, 1 Int., _sn B    D. Ben lorn In,
\v All 11 BT,
,1. i���i���i
itiiirlut inn
not lie
a Ki'iiin. Iho i" 1
tu,) 'iititiiii finit
H(ibi-ilnuii, tlie it lllriag   |iri-ndi nt, ��nn"' 'lie well knn.Mi    li.u.u.tif   linn   (ill
and today Ne_H�� and   HoMlimd are Iu ' prol)oWd by   Mr.    W.    A.   Uacdobald,   Hauiual Ueujnuiin ��� Co., ilrnjipoil di>n_
when I'i'i - ."
nu,11,1   In ll, ���   11
IDaup,  Prion
TIIOM n;i.
Prank A. Tamblyn, Mgi.,
Nn I K l; Ik Ini-.l y (liven thnt an ;i|i|ili-
laiinii    will I.,��� it inli    tn lite Lficinla-
ir..  A --.-in 1.1 \ ul the I'l'fvnn i' 1,1 litii
i-li (lolliml la Hi  Us Itaxl  fl-i���-ititi.ti.r an
A, 1 iu I poor 1 in.,te a 1 Innipanv with
powi i' i" 11 iistiin 1. equip, innlntaiu,
and operate   lelepbouu  and   lolearaplt
lim - W iilnn in il tin,,n.;lii,ill the I'ntv-
iiit-f ul  I'.i 111 -11 < 'uliiiiiliiii, and tn   roll-
s root, 1 n et.a,nl maintain unrb and sn
many pull - and   nllinr   muiI;-   ami tit
viti   as tlie Company doom  ueoeimnry
li t mil. inn, 1 llllipll tin,;. KD|iportlng,
lUing, WW ItiUfl... 1,1 1 -i-.ilint; and nialll
tn 1 i��iii:- iln 13 '.in ul 1 iiiiii'iiuiii-aiiuii
hv telflpllOIIO   ami    tilt ':ia|il.,    and    to
npt n 11 1 it ,ii np any purl it pai i dI
iho mid highways nr nitreti -.n oftt it
:i il, Kold t'iiin|i.ii.v. 11 ���. ngoiitn, ofll-
1 1 :,i wnrknioii II.Ink propnr, nnd Inr
lhe pnrposoK uf the iinderlnl.il>". tu |nir-
1 lia-e,  l|f.|iiile.  nr     lease,  and   In,l'i and
sell ami ih ]���,-,. ol land*, bnilnlngi 01
toneniautn \\ Ithln the limits, nfon iaid,
nml lo 1 tin lin e or Ipnue, for any t*rm
nl'  y afs, any telephone  .,i   t, [carnpb
lil.e     e l.il,|i-heil.    1 r    In In (stal.|i-l|.
mi, in Hill ish Oolnnibln. nonneoli _, or
1(1 III IH' tl'tl     Witli   lhe    llllll    Vi'liltl,
ihe Company   may   oonntrnnt, and  to
: 1111111::.1111:11 ���     v, Hh    ol  I    lis In r
1 1    ,   portion or perl loni there
of, in am company poi inn, us prn-
iiriftuf. at \ Itim   ol i.lt'i bones ur tele
1 ia|.li ',,Lin,1.,in nl inn fiiiiiii fi n,r , 1
Iu he   1 tiiiini'i.  I.   ��� Hh   the said    ( ,,n|.
piinj - Hue nr lines, ami tu borrow
money ft t  the  pnrpoM 1 nf  tho  1 lorn.
|i ni'.. ami in plodgii nr innrtpngo nu)
..I 1 in- lit 'u 11 iium li foi iini par
pt ,. and to receive bnnnses ur   prtvl).
. ���. 1 > , .. in 111 is.iii nr hody rorpoi
iilf. ami with all "ili'i lit ii.iKittffssarv
ur men' iiiiil 1 lght��, puweri nt pi Ivil
. gen n  iv ni in. ifi.-nini
tn tl '���  nt m n I..,it iti,|teta
nr any of tl em,
Dale lit'!    Ifith  day   of  Dt cntnbor
1.1)0, .1, It, I'lmw n,
Bollaltor for tlm Apploitnti.
I��. 0. Box K ami vv. Telephone 10.
linker Street
Wc arc showing n
I ilsl-Cl.iss l.im   (,I
Stoves & Ranees
Which we are offerinflfal
I M I'UU'I'iilHi ',    ( ,).���
Shelf & Heavy Hardwire,
Etc., Etc., Etc.


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