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Nelson Daily Miner Apr 22, 1899

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Daily Edition No. 297
Nelson, British Columbia. Saturday, April 22,   1899.
Ninth Year
Eeport Issued Since Their" Return From
The  Capital.
Before Kefusmg or Permitting the Enforcement of the
Eight Hcur Law. the Approval of the Majority of
the Kootenay Members Will be Sought.
Text of the Petitions.
The following statement has been prepared by the
mine operators and business men of this district who
are opposed to the eight hour law:
Nelson, April 14, 1899.
Dear Sir :���
We have been commissioned by a number of those who are
interested, either as owners or managers of mines, to communicate
to you and others the result accomplished, in obtaining from the
Provincial Government a stay of proceedings as regards the enforcement of the recent amendment to the Metalliferous Mines
Inspection Act, which rendered it Illegal for anyone to be employed underground in any metalliferous mine for more than eight
hours in every twenty-four hours ; and to urge upon you the importance of drawing to Ihe attention of the electors of your district
the disastrous results to both labor and capital in the mining districts of British Columbia, were this law to be enforced. It has
been ascertained from members oi the Government that the bill
was not a Government measure, lhat il was not regarded with
favor by the Ministers when introduced, and was passed in the
belief that, as it was introduced by the member for Rossland, it
was a measure desired by the mining districts. Now that it has
been more discussed and the Government has been made aware of
the view taken of the Act by mining and business men generally,
it is desirous that lhe measure should be non-effective unlii next
session, when it can be discuss, d with a better knowledge of the
situation than was possessed by members generally at the recent
session; In order to justify it (or refusing to permit the enforcement of the law now in the Statutes, the Government desires to
have the approval of the majority of the members representing the
different districts of the Kootenays to such a course being pursued, and it is therefore important that these representatives of
the people should not be misled by agitators to believe that the
measure is one which has the approval of their constituents. The
following petition was presented to the Honorable the Minister of
Mines, who is the representative of this constituency, by delegates
from the mine owners of the Nelson district, and was signed by
every company or individual operating or owning mines in this
district, among whieh may be mentioned The Hall Mines Limited,
The London & B, C. Gold Fields, The Ymir Mines Limited, The
Whitewater Mines Limited, The Duncan Mines Limited, The
Athabasca Gold Mine Limited, The Queen Bess Proprietary Co.,
Ltd., The Dominion Mining & Development Co., Ltd., The
Dundee Gold Mining & Milling Co , The Brandon & Golden
Crown, Ltd., The Oro Mining & Milling Co., The Nelson Copper
Fields,' The Exchequer Gold Mining Co., The Pyramid Copper
Syndicate, Ltd., The Beatrice Group, The London Hill Development & Mining Co., The St. Kervene Mining Co., The Klondyke
Mining Co., and The Nelson-Slocan Prospecting Co.:���
"Nelson, April 1,   1899.
" To lhe Honorable
" Minister ol Mines,
" I'ictoria, B.   C.
" Sir :���
" We the undersigned owners, representatives of owners
and managers of mines in the Nelson district desire respectfully
lo urge upon you Ihe great necessity of using the con I roi liny-
power vested in you by the Acl entitled, ' An Act for securing the
safety and good health of workmen engaged in or about the motal-
lilerous mines of the Province oi British Columbia by the appointment ol an Inspector ot Metalliferous Mines.' Section 34. Main
Acl, R.S. V.C., Chap. 134, to render non-effective Section No 1;,
of the said Acl, amended al tin- last meeting of lhe Legislature to
read : ��� No person shall be employed underground in any metalliferous mines for more than eight hours in every twenty-four
hours,' until such time as the opinion of the electors in the mining
districts shall have been ascertained as to whether the enactment
of the said clause is in the interest of the progress and the well-
being of such districts ; and we submit the following reasons iu
support ot the justice and reasonableness of our request ,���
" tst.���It is universally recognized lhat changes in the
legislation afTecting mines should not he made without mature
consideration and for reasons so strong as to lender it probable
that a change, when made, will be permanent, as uncertainty with
regard to the laws affecting those interests have the effect of deterring capitalists from investing money in a country whose mining
laws have been frequently changed.
'��and.���Legislation affecting such large vested Interests
should not have been passed without an opportunity having been
giveu to those interested to express their opinion upon lhe desirability of such legislation.
.1 j,-,/,���That the clause in question was not enacted in
deference to the spontaneous desire of a majority of I hose affei led
hy it, but ai the suggestion of those representing labor unions
at the dictation of lhe management of labor union organizations
in olher places than those districts affected by lhe Acl in question.
" jtli. That It has I een concurred in by members of ihe
union in some of the mining districts in the belief that they would
receive the same wage for eight hours' labor as they have hitherto
received for ten hours.
" We would respect fully submit, with reference to the lirst
objection named, that the amendment lo the law referred lo was
passed so hurriedly, and wilh so little previous notice,   that none
 Imii ���!   Oil   I-uki*   4)
Senator Macdonald Makes Out a Strong
Case at Ottawa.
Ottawa, April 18.��� Senator Maedon-
aid made out a stroug raise iu the upper nouse today for greater consideration to British Columbia in the way of
nuhlic works and representation in the
cabinet. The Senator had collected a
valuable amount of information from
the official statistics of the Trade and
Navigation returns, justifying the
inquiry which he matte as tn whether
the government intends making an
expenditure this year ou necessary
public works commensurate 10 the
needs of the province and to the largo
revenue produced. He also formally
asked whether it is the intention to
give British Oolumbla euoh re present a
tion in the cabinet ns it is justly entitled to from its geographical position
and its expanding commercial importance. The figures he was enabled to
quote show nn enormous recent development and a position in trade and
commerce superior to that of anv olher
province outside of Ontario and Quebec. The tonnage of the Bhipping inwards and outwards in British and
foreign bottoms he showed to be as follows at the four principal seaports:
Victoria   1,1114.072
Vancouver    8!15,f>73
Nauaiino     771,119
Comox        240, b'20
Total 8,713,884
The principal ports of Eastern Canada, according to the official statistics
compiled on the same plan, showed
the following tonnage:
Montreal 2,181.148
Halifax 1,389,478
Quebec 1,068,812
Yarmouth. N. S     H80,187
North Sydney,N. S  iiI4.47(
Sydney, N. S     181,Dill
The most striking feature of Senate!
Maodonald'a statement was his comparison of tlie trade of British Columbia and the resulting contributions tc
the revenue, with that of the two favored Eastern Maritime Provinces,
which get a lion's share of politioal
favors of all sorts. Here are the figures :]
18116. 1898.
Brit'h Columbia. 10,676,661 18,019.711
Nova   Scotia  8,33(1,820 6,949,916
Now Brunswick..  5,400,0-18 4,935,662
Brit'h Columbia. 10,570,551 16,919,717
Nov.-, *-i, (���*-.i, lO.iioi*, ioo 10,:>;:<>,ii:*.-)
New Brunswick. 7,907,1111   11,166,21?
1896 1898.
Customs c 'ity. . $1,300,7:18 $2,213,59:*
Inland rt v tnue . 294.483 428, In.
Po*~toffloe iceeipts     150,882        257.8:.'-.
Fishery revenue.,      20,410        47.so*
Total  $1,794,113   $2,944,871
Another item of revenue taker
through British Columbia to which In
culled attention, was the Chinese tax
whioh in 1898 yielded the large total
ot 181,169. Senator Macdonald mad.
a clear and forcible statement of Unstrung caso   ho   had   to present.
Hon. David Mills, leader of the Gov
eminent in the Senate, iu answorin*.*
stated that he could not say whothc*
British Columbia is to get either cab.
tint representation or a fair recogni
t'on of her claims to expenditure nu
pnblio works. He insinuated that Mr
Maodonald was not sincere because
last year ho voted against the Ynkm
Railway bargain, part of that road In*
ing in British Columbia. Sir Mtickenze
Howell warmly commended Mr Macdonald for pressing the claims of British Columbia and defended tlm von
the Senator had given on the Yukon
bill, which he said will be more thai;
justified in whim Mr. Costu's report on
the project oomes down,���Oor. Vlotoiln
a   well
further Revelations Regarding Tammany Hall-
The Modus Vivendi Stated Now to Br
Quite   Problematical,
Washington,   April   21. ���An   nnex
pectc.l delay has occurred in the negotiations toward   the Alaskan boiuidii'.v
modus vivendi which makes tba f*t
ture of the modus vivendi quite prob
ininaiieal.   Extended    conferences  on
the subject were held today, the result
being far from eneouinging. Tin
principal difficulty arises front deal
ing with Ottawa as well as Londou,
.this  dual  negotiation   causing  grin1
ill-lay and coii'iiliciitioiis. At the out
set tlie,Unitinl Stales proposed a modus
vivendi with a temporary line along
certain peaks. The Hritish Ambassa*
dor forwarded this to London and Ottawa. The Canadian ollicials have
now proposed changes in tlio line and
aftei* considerable delay ihe authorities
in London approved the changes proposed by Canada.
It is not stated what the respective
lines are, hut thev are sulllciently
npiiit to make it quite unlikely that
any Immediate agreement can be reached even ot 11 temporary nature as to the
Tammany   Boss Seems to  Have   Mar!e
G-ie.it Pickings--* Iu Danger
of Oontempt
New York, April 21. ���At the Mazet
investigation committee today Mr.
Freedman took the stand, and in the
cause of cross examination Mr. Moss
aRked :
"What salary aro you receiving?"
"A good deal more than you are receiving. " answered Mr. Freedman.
He added that he received $15,000 a
year and that, he worked "very bard
for it.'*
"Do you divide you commissions
with Mr. Oroker?' asked the lawyer.
"1 will uot say that I divide them"
said Mr. Freedman, "I will sav
Mr. Croker receives a proportion."
Mr. Freedman s id he did not give
Mr. Croker anv part of his salary. Mr.
Mazet directed the witness to state
what proportion of eommissiois he
paid to Cro'-er. Mr. Fresdman e-
fused to answer, on the ground that.
"It wns a  personal nature*'   question.
He said the comtnissious pai I to the
Tammany lender did not amount to
150,000 a year but he refused to say il
they amounted to $25,000. Mr. Ma-
Set's order to answer the question hat
no effect.    Mr. .Moss said :
"I ask yon if you ever gave Mr
Croker to understand that the moneys
paid him out of this company are di
"Mr. Croker might sav that he understood that and he really did so un
del-stand it." said Mr. Freedman
It was not stuck dividends .-�� v,*..�� 1
business dividend. That covers Mr
Replying to   another   question,    th
witness said   M". Croker  might   have
believed   that   this was a stock   dividend.
"But did von give   him   to   und 1
stand that it was a stock dividend?"
"No sir."
Mr. Moss wormed out of Mr. Freedman that the profits lie divided wi I.
Mr. Oroker were "mostly from boiiil-
ing. "    Mr. Moss said :
"I ask you how yon can do thn:
honestly considering the other person-
interested in the business."
"Go and inquire of Mi. Piatt," said
Mr. Eei rdman.
Mi*. Moss suspended Mr. Freedman
from examination for the day. Just 11
lie left the chamber, Mr. Ereedmai
sai 1:
"Now gentlemen of the press, here
is a statement of the business of tl *
Flatte eompauy, and of the business ol
our company,a statement of tho entin
Mr. Moss claimed this to be a fla
grant contempt of committee.
"I want to say right hero, "said tie
counsel, "that we propose to look np
on this contempt business in a re; nhu
logical and orderly way, n id when
a sullicinnt number of gentlemen have
hut themselves in contempt of tbis
committee we will tnke care of them in
a bunch. "
"All right" shouted Mr. Freeman,
"We shall be 111 good e mpany."
Mr.  Moss at once called him and ques
tinned him about the statement he was
handing   out    lo   the   reporters,    Mi
[freedman  absolutely declined   to bb>
who prepared Hid statement or to givi
Mr. Moss any nunc Information ex
c.opt that the statement wonld appeal
in all   the morning papers.
MUST       NOT       NCW       HETIUK.
Jimmy Handler Obtains a Verdict After Twelve   Hard Rounds,
New York, April 21.���One of the
hardest and faslesr (islic bailies which
has over been seen in n roped arena
was witnessed tonight by the patrons
of the Broadway Athletic Club.
Jimmy Handler of New York who is
a protege of Bob Eitzsiniiiions, and
Dick O'Brien of Lewiston,Maine, were
matched to fight 25-rounds at 150
pounds The match was made catch
weights. Handler at first iefused to
go on when he saw his adversary turn
the scale at 101 pounds against hiB
14il)o, but he finally decided to enter
the "ring. In the opening rounds
O'Brien went all over his man and
floored him irequently with sharp
rights. Handler, however, recovered
quickly and went after his bulky opponent in lively style. In the eighth
round it looked as if Handler had a
"cinch". He had O'Brien on the ropes
and was lauding right and left.
O' ien recovered quickly and soon
ha      andler on queer stroet.
1" die twelfth O'Brien opened lively
king Handler to the ropes. Hand-
*r landed a double blow on the chest
I theek that staggered O'Brien and
i^peating it. 0"Brien fell on the
ropes. O'Brien was about out whon
the aoug stopped him.
When time was called for tho next
round O'Brien's seconds threw up the
sponge saving that their man had
enough and Handler was declared the
1 i Tli
Another Sealing Vessel Arrives With a
Very Large Calc .
St. Johns, Nfld , April 21.���The Al
Ian Liner Manitoban, Captain Buchanan sa'liug from Liverpool," April t,
for St. Johns, Halifax and Philadelpi-i
was sighted off (Jape Knee three days
ago, apparently in distress, Sha
should have reached here within a fow
hours, bnt, she is still adrift and it is
belio\ed her machinery is disabled
Three steamers are seeking her. The
settling vessel Terra Nova, Jackinttn.
master, arrived tonight wi h probably
the heaviest catch of the   entire   fleet
Only three others are now pursuing,
the hunt, the Liana, Walrus and Nim-
rod, all of which will probably be here
within two or three days.
It   Opportunity   is   Missed,    '-... ,....*. n)
Interests May   Be Sacrificed.
London, April 83.���Tbe Joham enburg
correspondent * ( the Times snys :
"Thel m peri;.: Govern men t's decision
is anxiously awaited in response 10
tin* petition recently forwarded
t.i-'t*h Mr. Coiivnghaiu Greene,
British agent and Charged' Affaires al
Lvetything indicates thut the Trans
vital would yield to pressure on bebalf
of the petitioners, but. if the present
opportunity is missed capitalists will
almost certainly make peace with
the Boer Government at the expenv
possibly of Imperial interests."
Berlin, April 21.���Hen Wilhelm
Liebknecht, the spcialist leader, has
received a letter from Mr. Michael
Davitt, nationalist member of British
Parliament for South Mayo, iu which
tho writer says ho is able to confirm
from his knowledge that the charges
recently brought in the Loudon Troth
against the Loudon Missionary Society by Mr. Lloyd Osborne, stepson of
the late Robert Louis Stevousou, wb0
characterized the social autagonistit-w
to Mataafa,who is a Roman Catholic,
as the whole cause of tho quarrel in
Mr. Davitt describes   Chief  Justice
Chambers as nominally  an American,
but in   reality an Englishman who  is
anxious   to   promote   an Anglo-Amer-
ioan   alliance.    He   expresses    hatred
.1' England   aud   warns the  Genuuus
against making   thu American   nation
answerable for  tho  blameworthy  attitude of ono or two persons.
"All the trouble" says  Mr.   Davitt,
is   duo   to   English  iutrigues.    You
any rely upou the Uuited   States   set-
iliug matters honorably   and   fairly as
scon us they kn**W   the real  origin   of
their riots. "
Loudon, April 22. ���The Vienna correspondent of the Times, dwelling
ou "Tho displeasure and jealousy
which America's Naval and Military
pli-nws, e'.v.v.'.i'd with her rr-*^-"r****'!*:
ment to Great Britain has produced
broughput Austria-Hungry,intensify
ing tho apprehension long hold here
legarding her nstotinding industrial
and commercial   progress" quotes   au
Albany, N. Y., April 31.���Governor
Roosevelt totlay issued a requisition
ou the President lor an application to
the Government of the Dominion ol
Can.1'a [11 deliver to tbe authorities
of this state Israel Goltlstone, who is
tincr arrest at St. John, N. B., for
having assaulted a little girl named
Line Friemmen, 111 Utioa, in .lanu
ury last. Goldstone skipped a bail of
|ti,000 and was arrested in St. John by
the postmark of a letter received from
him by a relative in Utioii.
He May Not  However  lie Allowed to
Sit in the Senate.
Harrisburg, Pa., April 31.*��� Ex-Senator Quay has been acquitted ami Immediately on receipt of tbe ninvs Governor Stone announced Hint lie had ap*
pointed yuuy as Senator to setrve until
next session   of   the   Lwgrdiituro   two
years hence, but ii is unlikely, however, lhat Mr, Quay will In* allowed to
take his seat iu Ihe United Stutes
Semite, that body having invariably
heel against the seating of members
appointed by Governors, when tho
legislature failed to eloot.
What the Saturday Review Thinks   of
the Anti ���Imperialists,
London, April 21.���Tin* Saturday Re
view commenting upon General    Law
ton's retirement from the Bouta Onr/
district of Lagnna de Hay, says: "Uu-
patriotic politicians iii tin* United
Slates ate. doing their utmost to oreatit
a panic in the hope that the Philip,
pines may be abandoned and the part**
in power discredited. It is nu Ignoblt
game and we sincerely trust it will
be unsuccessful. If the lAmorlcans n -
tire from their selfnppi inted task tin*
great, republic must lake the brand of
'coward' as well us the brand of
'Cain' with which Lowell declared   it
to ho marked,''
Trenton, N. .1., April 21.���The   Na
tiomil   Oyclinir Association   organized
some months   ago to   conduct   bioyole
races lu opposition   to   the League  of
American Wheelmen  was incorporated
hero today under the laws of New Jersey.   The company   is oapttaUzod  at
$20,000. Tint Incorporators are Chas.
P. I'loenicclo, Newark; Nat Sidshury
,11,(1 Kredcriek. House, Jersey Olty I
John I!, tittshley, Washington, u;nl
Ames llatclielili r, New York.
New York, April 21���Copper, firm :
brokers', Si1,,; exchange, t}8%.
Lead, easier; brokers', $4,10; ex-
ehnnge,  (4.30 In $4 :t2'.J.
-i* .     ...,..;,.,.i    Straits,  $--l'i,    to   (35.
I . i- silver.  . I*"*,, ;Mcxicnn dollars, -IT*,.
1, ��� \  nt 31, ��� Oopper, dosing ;
Spt . Futures,   678. IOh.   The
mn, ' w I slow. Sali*s spot, B00
ton.- ; '.,!:,    ,',   1,900 Ions.
New York, April 31. ��� At Washington
���Washington,  3; Huston,  7.
At New York-New York, 1 ; Baltimore,  5.
Ai Louisville���Louisville, 11 ; Oleve
land, 4.
At Cincinnati���Cincinnati, !1; Chi-
oago, 0.
At Philadelphia���Brooklyn, 6; Philadelphia, 1.
Al SI. Louis���St. Louis, 6', Pitts
burg, 5.
At Reading���Reading,   I ;   Montreal,
Loudon, April   31.  -Michael    Hogau
tho Irish pout is dead.
Richmond. Ky., April 21.���The Ken
lucky law under which so many negroes In the lasi 80 years have been
sold on the block   lor   a term of   years
] in piiuiHlin I   for vagrancy, has been
at last declared unconstitutional. The
dooislou wnK made by Judge Scott in
the ease of Hen I'm ton.
London,     April     31.���The      Times
which prints this morning extracts of
the various orltioisms of Major Hutton
nu    lhe   I'oii'lil ton     of    the   Ciiini'liitii
I forces says: "it is tone boped that
tin*   reforms  suggested   will    assume
practical sluim* without delay. I'alri-
lotihiii demands the sactillce entailed."
Hates   His   Country    and
Warns Her Foes
Tbe    Anglo-American     Reapproachment
Appears to Alarm  the  Continental Nations-
from the "Vaterland, "   the
organ,   on   the   Sainoan   em-
nd describes tbe Samoan
  "One of the most important subjects of European state policy
and international diplomacy that can
arise for a long time to come." The
editorial continues in the following
vein: l"��S
"Tho first, shot Admiral Kautz fired
at Samoa was tlm initiation of the policy of aggression against Europe, tlm
commencement ot a struggle for navnl
The Vaterland attributes most of
the difficulties confronting not only tho
German races but all continental powers, to the "Shylock" polio*/ of Great
Britain and to American commercial
complications, It regards the Anglo-
American combination as suporior iu
naval and economic strength to the
double or   the triple ulliauee.
The Troops iu  South   Africa Will Not
Be Reduced.
London, Apiil 31.���In thn House of
Oommons this evening, while the ei--
tiniales were uuder consideration, tl e
the advanced radicals raised the question of thu *neroase of the British
troops at the Cape from 8,000 to U.tiou
in two yours. They suggested that
this was intended to coerce the Trans-
riitd and moved a reduction in the
vote. The Commit ten rejected tha
motion to reduce lhe estimates by a
large majority.
Sir Henry Campbell Biinnorniau,
the opposition leader, said that such a
permanent increase was a grave matter. Arthur J Balfour, First Lord
ot the Treasury and Government Leader in the House, appealed to tbe committee iint'to continue an irritating discussion, lie declared tbat the idea of
coercion "was too extravagant to dwell
upon." and had never entitled tho
mind of any responsible person. The
Increase he suid. was due to the necessity nf protecting coaling stations
autl, in part, "to conceivable possibilities that might ariso."
Irato   Citizens   Tear   up Rails of Unfaithful Railway Co.
Syracuse, N. V., April 31.��� Tho
North , Side Citizen's Association
and a large number of residents of the
North Side tore up -lot) feet of tracks
011 the Butternut street division of the
Syracuse Rapid Tr nsit Railway
('ompaiiy. A car of that division was
stoned and Its windows broken ami
the serviee was abandoned. The cause
of the 11*1 ni liln was the failure ou the
part of the company to keep promises
made to run its ears ovor the entire
length ol its tracks instead of only a
portion, 'lhe work of tearing np tho
trucks was under the supervision of a,
com 01 It toe from the Association ami
was sanctioned by the Mayor of tho
city. The trucks wero taken up and
thrown into a gully. >
iV\Y.  APRIL 22   (So<).
Nelson Dail> Miner*
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pet word ea:h insertion. No reduction on
these rates.   Accounts rendered monthly.
Nelson Mln ;r Printing fit PubllshlngCo
,*,ELSO*N. B. C.
We reproduce elsewhere some Ottawa
correspondence   of tbe Victoria Colonist.    It is a synopsis   of a speech made
in the Senate tbe other day by a British Columbia   representative, Mr. Macdouald, calling attention to tbe rapidly
growing importance  of tbis Province,
to its heavy coutributious to tbe public
revenue, to its claim to representation
in the Cabinet, and to its further  and
indisputable claim   to increased public-
expenditure.    These  are matters   that
have not yet sunk deep enough into the
minds of the people   here,   and  uutil
they do we may be sure the politicians
at Ottawa will continue  to neglect us.
Just   now   Nelsou has   a   delegate  at
the capital, pressing au application for
a grant for buildings in this City that
are necessary for  the proper aud   even
decent accommodation   of Government
busiuess.    We say necessary,   aud   are
sure that no oue familiar with the position   as it is today will   dispute   the
word.    Being   uecessary, they   should
be supplied.    But   there   are   circumstances perhaps under which it is possible a Government   would be justified
in delaying the necessary.    If the pub-
lie busiuess here yielded but little revenue,   tbe   Governmeut  could   hardly
be expected to put itself out in providing expenditure tor accommodating it.
That is so far   from   beiug   the   case,
however,    that   the   revenue    derived
from it   is   very   large relatively   and
very considerable absolutely.    We contribute more than any City of our size
il the East, many   of which   are lur
uished  with   elaborate   public  buildings.    Wo have,therefore, a good right
to recognition, aud should the Government deny us there will be substantial
ground for complaint.
* What is true of Nelsou locally is true
of   the   Province generally.    It   is   by
many degrees   the largest   contributor
to the public revenue, in proportion to
population, in   the   entire  Dominion.
As a matter of fact   it ranks   third   iu
the list of   Provinces.    A   tremendous
trade is doue here.    The shipping tonnage of  Victoria   alone   is   nearly  as
great as that   of   Montreal,  to  accommodate     which     millions   of   public
mon ey have been expended.    The   figures     are,    Victoria,    1,914,072   tons;
Montreal,   3,181,148   tons.    Our entire
tonnage exceeds that of all tbe   Atlantic coast exclusive of   Montreal.    Last
year we imported   and   paid duty  on
goods whose value was several millions
in excess of the  entire importation  of!
all the Maritime Provinces in the East, j
Yet they   have   three  representatives!
in   the   Cabinet,   and bave been liter- ;
ally  revelling in   public   expenditures
for decades.    It is   essential   that  we |
should become   saturated   with   these:
facta us soon ns possible, for Ministers
will uever stir   a baud   to give us justice until   pressed   by our   representatives, aud our representatives will not
Htir themselves until peisuaded that tbe
people have a full  appreciation of  tne I
position of things and   are desperately
in   earnest over it.    As soon   as  they '
realise that we huve strong feelings in
tbe matter, and are   likely   to  vote us ;
���we feel, justice   will   be done us, and
not before.
the legislature was against it. That
eolaration staucta until reversed, aim
is doubtful if it t*ver will be reversed. But even should British Columbia favor it, there is the broader
aud higher consideration of general
public policy,    i Inu bia   bi
no right to insist on a * iiii y I il
would be pi' ind] hi  Dominion
as a w*!-��� le. nor .. i I be Bonndnrv
country insist on a policy that would
be injurious   to tbe Province.
It would never do to bave onr public
affairs administered and matters of
public policy determined aooording to
the interests nr wishes of any pardon-
1 ir locality. If we an* ever m amount
to anything as a nation we must take
a broader view than that. Probably
tiie Boundary country would be very:
glad ot another railway, but those responsible for the good government ol tlie
Dominion have u ... .-or the effeot
oi more than the Bouudary country
before they cau give tbeir consent to it.
Wall Papers
It is not often a British Columbia
citizen enjoys the distinction of influencing au election in i lutario. but such
would appear to be the privilege of
Sir Hibbert Tapper today. It he did
not elect the Liberal member for
Brockville on Thursday, he probably
contributed more to it than anv other
person. Brockville is the borne of Major Walsh, and the vote for Mt* Com-
stock was Brockville's protest against
the charge of drunkenness ami immorality made in the House a few weeks
ago, to the complete amazement of
Major Walsh's thousands of friends al)
over the country. Many of them who
have known him intimately for years
never knew of his being drunk.and believed him ro be a total abstainer. But
a total abstainer or not, lie is neither
a dissipated uor a dissolute character,
and when he was charged with being
both by Sir Hibbert Tupper there was
naturally much resentment among his
friends. At Brockville they are legion, and tbeir resentment took the
form of a ballot marked against the
Conservative candidate. It was less a
Government triumph than a vindication of Major Walsh's private character.
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our Spring Stock of
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all these than has perhaps anything else. See all that are
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Thomson Stationery Co. Ltd, T?"
Groceries, Provisions, Mining Supplies, Mining Drill Steel.
Mail Orders
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General Broker.
for Building Purposes, lieti-
tt t** ciinti rcI ;-:v, i Fire,
I, t' ttDil *vce , * * 1 ��� nrauee.
Real 1 -i. :������ foi   (tie .it* let.
Tlnil Postal Service Agnin.
Messrs. Mackenzie & Mann arc ask-
in;: parliament for authority to bnild
a railway from some point on the
Stti'kiue to Teslin Lako ami thence to
Dawson; also to build from tbe .Stiik-
im* to an ocean port in British Oolnm
bia ami a branch from Fort Selkirk to
Lynu Canal. Some dillicolty seems
to have arisen l.y reason of tlie tuilure
of the applicants to prodnce pn "f of an
advertisement of tbe application in
Dawson. The Colonist happens to
kn *w that the promoters were look-
in;* fur copies of a Dawson paper
containing their advertisement
for they applied to it for the same.
Piobably the omission is another
proof vf the beauties of Mr. Mulock's
postal arrangements.���Viotoria Colonist.
Many Suits ci Clothes.
1 havo made ni-iny suit   of cloth) - ind [want
to make man) more*, and have concluded toro-
due* thi price foi 30 d >>.
Scutch and English Twe< tn from $32 to $25
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Suit*!     ..from $30 to -c'.m
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il.,��� vy Scotch ! ii ee Is.  nice  pattern
foi Business Suits $20
P. O. Box 214.   Vernon strzet, Nelson, B. C.
I wil!  sach La. :  -  thi     :    of ;\iti i2?g i-
uwn eariueita     Van   i' me   Wc ld*n   Fail
I',   nun ���-->-'   mi    Dr<   s l'i    in       ight In n
i-i-w hours so ( an cul  ii- r  uu u
g&i ments.   Ladies' Tailoring a specialty,
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Another shipment of those fine  Side  Combs,
Belts, Sash Clasps and Neck Clasps   has  just
been   received.    You   should  see   them.    All
kinds of Jewelry repaired.
Baker St.
InviiM i'il ltut Snuntl.
It is surely desirable in the general
pnblic interest that onr magisterial authorities should deal sternly���more
atirnly than the decision iu a recent
m table-local police ease indicated���
with the misdeeds of a class of men
wl 0 make, not earn, a most discreditable liviut* at the cost of a very un-
fm tuuate element iu the community.
Recent strengthening of the British
criminal law has rendered such fellows
liable to conviction, involving fairlv
Ion ii terms of imprisonment���as rogues
an I vagabonds and us a result has
ca-sed a large exodus of the toughs
in question from some of the more
po.ailous cities of the Uuited Kiug-
ric 11. ���Vancoo ver New-Advertiser
All Contractors figuring on  buildings that
Will require
Should consult
J.   W.  MELLOR,
Who curries the largest stock of Plate Qlasi
in the Province.
House Cleaning Time
We can assist ynu in the annual
overhauling by Paii tiag, Paper-
Hanging, Kalsotniniug an J interior  Decorating.     Estimates
cLeeifu'.ly givt-u.
Metropolitan   Opera   Co.
Same identical company that made such
a big success before.
Two Nights and Matinee, Commenc=
ing Friday, April 28.
including Sydney Roherer,   Baritone.    Introducing the latest .Novelty "Edison's Dream Realized.
Friday, "Mikado" Saturday, "Bohemian Girl"
Matinee, "Olivette."
Prices, 75 cents and $1.00.    On sale at usual place.
Vienna, April 21.��� The military
pn* era announce tin* invention of a 15-
ns relied quick-firing rifle, carrying 15
oat fridges at a time and Bring 45 per
mi into. The weapon hns been snoot   -fully tested at the imperial ars* mil.
Josephine St. Opp, i larke Hotel
row's Nest Pass
The Hon Ton Restaurant, a well
known and popular place, will be
sold at reasonable terms if taken
soon,    Apply, P. O. Box u;.
Windermere Mine-.   Correspondence ?oUolted
One of the bent paying hotels in Yinii
at ii bari*ait, to a responsible patt.v.
Dining room, kitchen and rooms ail furnished complete. Bar reserved by proprietor.    Address
Ymir. B. O.
Coal Co.
: assari Island nf Sardiuia, April
-,'l -Kiuu Humbert and t; * * n Mar-
1*1 ritn left here this at;, in on fori
Ai nei Bay on the northeast i mat of all ordei
tl * Island, where tiny will visit the
Bi tish evolntionery Bquadron tomor-
n iv which will in* there iu compiler, tit to the presence of their Majt Btn -
iu -Sardinia.
ire You Going
To Atiin or Dawson City
i accompany [f you are call and get posted on
the White Pass & Vukon Route.
The best, safest and cheapest route
    W -t Baker -it*
A Provincial newspaper that supports
the Corbin charter armies that it
Bhoultt be granted because demanded
by that portion of the country more
particularly affeoted than any other,
the Boundary district. There must
be some stronger argument than that
before Parliament, would be justified
iu a oonne directly calculated to divert Canadian trade from Canada. This
is something more than a mere local
affair. More than the Boundary country is concerned. If that region were
the only one interested, there would he
no WOUge for refuting U all tho railway
competition it could possibly secure.
The whole of British Columbia, however, is as mnohjintereited as that particular portion of it, and the interest
extends far beyond the Provincial
boundaries. No out* has any right to
claim that the Province as a whole
is favoraltle to a Corbin charter; the
presumption, in fact, is the other way.
for tho last   and   only   docluratiou   by
1 will state for the benefit of any
one contemplating purchasing* the
Bon Ton Restaurant, that ii is some
of the fixtures and not the business
that should be advertised for sale
by the party 1 have leased said place
! from, as I have no intention whatever of going out of business. On
the contrary I have leased the building from the owners and will furnish it newly throughout as soon  as
| my present lease expires with Miss
M. Duffy, which will be June 1st,
1899. D. E, RIORDAN.
Two Lou*und Hous-c ��i'li ii rooms on SUloa
street between Josephine and ll tl]     ���    ��� .
beautifully    situated.      Price   $3,500.
Terms $1,600 caub,  bal u
be    arranged,
Lot and House Latimer street, near .'<>-��� , bini.
street, Price |1,000.   Terms WOO each,
balance on mortgage.
Lot and Store on Baker street, wood location,
Prli o 98,
Ix)t on Bo*er street, near the corner of Cedar
Also a large list of the beat  Reaidentia   Prop-
ortj in the city.
Agents for Addition "A" and "Humo" Addition.
The British Columbia Permanent Loan and
Savings Company, who give th�� moal  n u
able terms to borrow
bo paid offat any time without Charging an)
Gamble & O'Reilly,
A ye ii ts
II .   Paid  nt* 3J.ooo.oo>.
���     ��� l,800,0��
II. 8. Bowland, Pn -.   I   R.Merritt, Vine Pros
wm. limn-*j.      HiiL-h Kyan,      ltol*t..Ifttl*rtij*
T. mhIh rlim,1 Biajroer,      Klias Koiton.
Head Offloe, Toronto.
I). H. WILKIE, General Manager.
I-'.. HAY, Inspector.
Uraaeke, In ell brlpelpal .Itir.inni unin.
In    (iiiiiii-lu   nml   *tiii*lM*r
'--rum'tic    in     -iitiiihi.iiii.    If art hires!
li rrlliirl* ��� nml ��-1 i. ��� -1 ��� I **l niiil.lii
*"n     I'AMIAIIV.  l'i  INI I. Al.111.11*1. KliMllMlJN
nt Edmonton, N. VV.   T,    Vancouvxr
i -on. I.i-.-. blstoks, H. c.
Agent! in Gri.u Britain���Lloyd's Hunk. Ltd.,
72 Lombard street London, witn whom inone>
m j* be di poalted tor transfer by letter or c��bk
to any i��.*i-1 '��� '' **
U-tti-t- "I' f-ilit leaned on Ali*>ki\('oniiner-
clalCo. i'.i.*..i'l. it 8t- Micli.i.'i-. Ala-kii. and
Dawson City.
Iinf'- jfkL . liable at all polnta In Can-
��� l. t'nii.ii 8HB�� .  *!'���.
Letter^ot . t .-*i*i. available in any
furt of tin* �� ll
rial in-*- bank It ai met * Doposlta of 81
md upwards reoel *     nd I   ereet .i;i***vt*ii.
Debeclura. -Munii pel mil otln-r debcu-
'int- pun.li.i-.il.
Mun.*>* i n-ilur- i--i* d p\> le at nny Hunk
Hates-Under 110, So; ii * to |.ii. 10c;
t-.ii to $:��, lie: ��.*��) to |*i, Uo.
J.   M-   LAY.   MANAGER.
We, the nailJrsigned. beg to notify
the public tlnit we nro the only persons
tiling business ns Merchant Tailors in
I Nelsou, having all our work clone on
I the premises and paying Western
prices for same. Also that we are prepared to give as good satisfaction as
ran he secured anywhere, and defy
competition even though originating
fiom persons carrying samples only
nud having their work dono in Eastern Canada.
I- iinw prepared to till orders
for   Luncheons,   Dinners   ot*
Evening Parties.
Melton    Mowbray    Pies.     Chicken,
Veal, nnd I'ork Pies.    All orders
promptly   attended   to.
Ward St.,   - Opposite Home Hotel.
We have just opened up a conslp
ment of
California Pickles anil
which we will be glad to   have  yo
Jttixrb pcklcs.      ��lunskhis,
������Thoto Qlhoto, both Stum
anb Sour,
iJcppcv ��mu, |ieb gat
(Hhili ��aur��,
(California ICiipc (fHiocs.
Hudson's Bay Stores,
West Baker St.,  Nelson.
Telephone 18.
Brewers of Fine Imager
Beer and Porter.
Drop  in   and  see   us.
B. f
We have purchased the express
and drayage business of Mr. J. VV.
Cowan and bespeak as large a patronage at the hands of Nelson citizens as was accorded Mr. Cowan.
Leave orders at D. McArthur's or
telephone No. 8^.
Eggs from pure bred
Plymouth Rocks at
$2.00 per Setting.
B. C.
General Teamsters.
umhTc. on cr
(Standard Oil Co.)
Anthracite Coal.
First Class Fir
Cut any lengtl
to order.    One car  of Fres *
Spokane Lime just arrived.
Office Cor. Baker & Hall Sts
Telephone 88.
Nelson Cleaning and Dyeing
S. 1). 1-TEltKE Prop.
Ladies' and Gents' Clothing cleaned
dyed, altered and repaired.
Ki'.-il* i*> �� lull.,   II..I. I
Atlantic S. S. Lines
M-mii Montrml
Allmi l.iiu-  NiimiiUiui April .*���'
Alluii l.im*   I'lUifiirnliin          ']���!',
Doininiuii Line  Dominion,.     . *\V'   it!
Dominion Line���Bootiman ��� *:vv)
Beaver Line���Lnke Huron   "���'>   '
Krom Nu�� Vint-
White 8tu Line���Mejtntlo      M��' \
Onnard Une��� l.ticnniu      ...  .    -"jillJ
Amerioan Line���8(Louli      ... . ���������   ,,"' '
Anchor Uiic-..Ai>i-hiirin    J n> |
Allan State Line���Stale ot NebrtMM    ���"���'".' '
-from Boeion
Dominion Line���New England.... ^'\y ���
Paamgee stienged to and tn n ' Y_'"\i����������
points. For rales, ticket*-mni ' * n��r "���'ti'i11
nuplyioC'.l'. it, depotagi-nl n C. *- ie������J
Oity Ticket Agent, Nel.-*     '. ��,
5451   Genernl AkouUC .'.It    'tllces Wliirii(-��*K NELSON DAILY MINER, SATURDAY, APRIL 22,  1894
One Grocery  Eirra is  Standino; in the
Way   of    a   General   Early
If the signature ot one grodery firm
in tho city cau be seoured far tho
agreement, all the retail establishments will olo 0 nt 7 p. in. on and at
tin May 1. Onl', two nr three firms
havo refused to sign us they hold out
uutil Hyde & TitHwnrth agree to dose
early. This firm hqldfl the key of the
situ'atit 11 and if it refuses to elose at 1
p. m., nil the other  grocery   firms   in
the oity will be compelled   to   re in
open until 9 or in n'tt'ock. However
thn movement bus heo-i so far successful ns to assure the early closing
of all branches of retail business outside of the grocers und May 1 will inaugurate a reform that will he greatly
appreciated by employers anil employes
alike aud will prove no inconvenience to the publio.
A meetiug of retailors was held in
the Board uf Trade room last night.
Mr. T. Morley occupied tho chair and
Mr. Fred Irvine was appn-nteil seoretary. It was noticeable that all those
present were employers who have taken the initiative in the early closing
crusade and aro currying it*successfully
through, iu mai y cities the employees have had to organize to bring
about the same cud. Those present
were: T. Morley. Fred Irvine, ,T. II
Wallace, MartinU'Keilly, H. Byers,
H. M. Vinoent Tlmo. Madson, L.
Hyde, A. Shaw, M. DesBrisay, A. J.
Puidy, T. ,T. Soaulan, John A. Irving, ,1. A. Kirkpatrick, A. Ferland, J.
F, Weir.
The minutes of the previous meeting
were read and approved. After
which the chairman asked for discussion on the advisability of closing at 7
p. m. after May 1. Mr. Hyde, of
Hyde & Titsworth, said that, his (inn
handled fruits extensively and on that
account he did not think it would be
feasible for them to close as the prinoiple business was doue at night.
The grocery firms that, did not sign
the petition were Hyde St Titsworth,
Morso & Royal and Simpson & Donnelly, the last mentioned, however,
have agreed to close if Hyde & Tits-
worth would. The signatures io the
agreement to close were: P. Burns,
(Jo., -West Koot.'uav Butcher Cm., ���').
A. Gilker, G O. Boss, II. N. Hen-
tlricksoii, J. F. Weir, D. McArllmr St
Co.. J. J. Walker, Fred J. Squire, A
Ferland, Nelson Furniture Co, Geo.
F, Motion, J. H. Luring, Pateutuuli
Bros., A. G. riliuw, Then. Madson
Fred Irvine & Co. Martin O'Roillj
& Co., Emory & Walley, Wallace -ft
Miller, H. M. Vinoe.nt, J. A. Irving &
Co., Kirkpatriok & Wilson, M. Dee
Unsay St Co., Morrison & Caldwell,
Lillie Bros., Thomson Stationary Co..
Neelands Shoe Einpoiium, J. B. Wrav,
T. ,1. Scaulan, Htids. n's Buy Co.
As there did not seem to be any ho��.e
of pressing all the grocery firms into
lino tho best methods to foioe them to
close woro discussed. It was pointed
out that it would not be possible for
the City Council to passu bylaw until
lifter the next session of the Legislature when the necessary power could
be obtained. It was the feeling of the
meetiug, however, that it would be
muoh bettor to settle the matter ami-
As nn evidence of the anxiety of the
majority of grocers to close early Mr.
Scaulan stated that if Hyde ���& Tits
worth would elose the other firms
would agree tojdrop fruit and leave all
that trade to Hyde St Titsworth. As
the whole situation turned on the action of this firm it was suggested by
Mr. Stianlan that a committee be appointed to endeavor to come to terms
with Hyde & Titsworth. Mr. Hyde
stilted thnt he was unite willing to
stop selling groceries piomptly at 7
o'clock, hut that he would keep the
frail department open at least until lu
o'cloek. A committee of Messrs. M.
DesBrisay,J. A.Irving and Scaulan was
appointed to wait upon the turns that
have not signed and endeavor to come
to some agreement to close at 7 p. m.,
the committee to report at a meeting
to he held on Tuesday livening uext.
The meeting then adjourned until
The decision of the Nelson Athletic
eluliH to come to New Denver tu cele-
lii'iile May 84 was an exhibition of good
taste that, will stand as a lasting monument tu tbeir exoellent appreciation
of pure jusliei*. New Denver bus never
asked favors of anyone. The best
liiii-sesH were pat up liy tins lown; the
best Inducements   offered;   and  our
committee on arrangements havo htid
Ilm money to back un thoir prnposi-
tions. The net inn uf the Nelson clubs
will have lhe desired ell'oot. Here-
after when one town steps quietly
down il) favor of Another   and helps io
iiuike tho DeigbbnrlQg celebration a
���unoen; the manly element that is
in llio favored town will not again allow themselves tn ho run over liy that
Other element lhat would "hog" it nil
Imi on Ihe contrary will show an appreciation uf the favor and the year i
following will exeliunge the oompli
ment, by giviug wny amicably. ��� Now
Denver  Ledge.
will be "Failure and Success."
The Rov.  0.  W.  Hose will preach.
Mr. Jobu Elliott, returned yesterdav
from a visit to Coast eities.
Observer A. H. Holdich sr tea that
the atmoSpher conditions paint to fair
weather fin- today.
As will iie seen by his ad in another column, Sro.vi us, the tailor, has
ti'*"'1* u -*t* * tautinl ., ductiou in the
nrioes ol his leading suits and his ordors have largely increased on that
Thero will be a Rugby football practice on the Recreation ground this
afternoon in view nf the approach ng
match with Rosslunil. It is lot'iitstel
that all Rugby pin; vs will put iu nn
Tho Rossland Stock Exchange has
been resnsoitated, The original institution, it will be remembered, died
souic time  ago of  inanition   during
the quiet time in Rossland, but it has
now been revived with bettor chances
of existence.
The Crows' Nest Goal Company
have seoured another important customer, and are now shipping coke to
the Northport smelter. This is an
important step as now their coke has
once begun to go across tbe line, indefinite possibilities of exportation open
The dozen Kasloites who came down
In attend thn ball of the Nelson Club
on Thursday night left for home yos-
terday afternoon. Tbey were aooom-
panied to the bout by a large pnrty of
club members, who i* arched down in
n body, headed by Kenneth Beaton,
the piper, who was resplendent in the
The imrty wns given   a   verv hearty
...1   ..1*1* ���.,.!     ���111   ......	
families wonld   be   spared a  oeaseless
scandal and annoyance.    Yours truly.
Nelson, April 21.  1899.
The Press Wants a Reciprocity Treaty
With United States.
Kingston, .lamnica, April 21.���The
dispatches from Washington referring
to the tariff hero discriminating
against Amerioan trade continues to
exercise the public mind and is creating a feeling nf general unrest in commercial and industrial circles. In the
legislature, Mr. Burke, leader uf tho
representatives, voiced this feeling
denouncing discrimination against
Americans, and urging that the
threutend retaliation meant ruin. |
The Jamaican newspapers express
the hope tha the threat of retaliation
from Washington will compel the Secretary of State for tho Colonies, Mr.
Joseph Chamberlain, to permit negotiations for a reciprocity treaty.
forget,   the
J.IIL*   Hill I \    WMB   H I * I  II      11      Vl'IV
send off and will not soon forg
hospitality of the Nelson Clnb
hull was a general subject of conversation yesterday and all agree that it was
tie* greatest social event in tbe history
of the Kootenays. Especial nraiso was
nnoorded Herr Kleiner's orchestra for
tbe   splendid music it provided.
Mr. and Mrs. R. C. Campbell-
Johnston and family returned yesterday afternoon from an extended trip to
the old country. Mr. Campbell-John-
son says he wns detained at St. Paul
for nine days by washouts ou the line.
While thero he was -Joined by Mr.
Roderick Robertson, also ou his way
buck from England. Mr Robertson
tonned off nt Spokane, bnt is expected in Nelson today or tomorrow-.
Tb" following will compose the Nelson team in the hub and hub race nt
New Denver on the 21th of next
month: George W. Steele, captain.
Joseph   Thompson,   Harry     Houston,
Ufrod Jeffs, Gen-go Nueii, John R.
Cuiunhell.   Juntos    J.    Chambers,   0.
\rchibald, W G Lillie. with W.
Pfeiffer and   A.   Perrier.    spare men.
ih" racinp team will cotumencep rue-
tioiug on May 1.
Tomorrow the C. P. R.. will bave
two routes to the main line to offer passengers, who can go via tbo Slocan,
leaving hero nt 6:80 a. m., or vi-t Rob-
son and the Columbia River, leaving
here at (i :-IO p. m. On Monday tho
tei.ular service, via Columbia River.
will'he inaugurated. The steamers
Kootenay and Minto will hnndlo the
onssengers on tho Columbia River
while the water is low. When it
iitises somewhat the tbe Rosslaud will
take tho place of tho Kooteuay.
London, April 21.���-Tbo Field understands that the cutter yacht lirittauia,
recently tho property of Mr. Daniel
Copper,,, of Newmarket, who bought her
from Mr. Ernest. Terah Hooley, the
bankrupt promoter, hns been sold by
him, and will compete for the Kaiser's
cup in the June races.
Berlin, April, 21. ���Sergeant Major
Albreeht of the 189th regiment who
was arrested at Brombery,Prussia, and
was being (taken in chains to Spandau
nine miles from here where the state
prison is situ dud has escaped from
his guards and has not yet been recaptured. He was charged with high
treason in disclosing to Russian agents
I detailed plans of the German fortifications, and piaus for mobilizing the
army of Germany.
Tho Phair���
Carley A. Ellis, Vanouver, James
M. Anderson, tutslo; Mr. and Mrs.
li. 0. Campbell-Johnston and daugh
ier, London, Eng; A. L. McEwen,
Oity; .1. E. Pouporo, Jas. A. MacDon-
nell, Trail.
The Hume���
Chas. YV. Busk, Kokanee Creek: 0.
II. Taylor, Montreal; ' Miss E. M.
Harris. St. Johns, N. B. ; E. C. Dav
ison. Trail; T. E. Van Gilden, Cape
May, N. J. ; Mrs. A. Brenimer, Banff;
W. J, Taaft'e. Vancouver; J. A. To-
noorten, Vancouver; W. Freoding.
To the Editor of Tho Miner:
Sir���Will Jyou kindly insert tho fol-
1 iwing in your valuable paper? Thero
are some 15 tailors working in Nelson, receiving not less than $2.80 per
day, making between $900 nnd $1,011(1
per month paid for wages alone, which
money i.s spout almost entimly among
Nelson business houses of all kinds;
besides the amount spent for rent and
incidentals to running a business
Chore are also travellers coining and
going through Nelson spending their
money at Nelson hotels, while doing
business with local tailors. Now is
it not better to build up our local business honsos than to spend our money
out of town where wo ..over get any
Nelson, April 21, IStiti.
In a recent issue of this paper it was
Itated that the Sandiin Miners' Union
bull wired specifically disivnwing the
���"ti.ii   of   tint   Athtiahsca strikers and
offering to send Union miners, The
Information    oame from   nnimpeaob-
able authority, but unfurliniatcly there
was a misunderstanding in the matter, The Sandous Miners' Union
took no olllehil action,though it is nn-
dentood they disapproved of the strike,
An offer to send Union minors wns,
however, offered to and aooepted by
'ho Athabasca, management, and the
Union miners oame, presumably with
the consent of their Union.
The   subject nf   tho   sermon   at the
Baptist   Church   tomorrow    evening,
Why does not tho City Council step
in and move I hose women'/ It woidd
hurt no one, nol even tbe women themselves, as those who own their lots
would find their holdings incrn.iM'd
in   value when   that pnrt became built
would lind their holdings morer-mec
in value when that part became built
up,   and   wo    who   have  wives  am
ilr 11 ���oi'olnKteitl Itcpoi-t,
(Observations taken by A. H. Holdicn.
Apr 15 Saturday 58.0 3S.0 0.00 27.70
Apr Hi Sunday 52.2 38.0 0.1(1 27.IK)
Apr 17 Monday 52II 31.11 0.02 27.75
Apr 18 Tuesday 52 ?0.0 O.OIS 27.8t)
Apr 10 VVi'ifilay 55.0 32.0 0.01 28.15
Apr 20 Tlnu*sdii> 5*2.5 40.0 O.OO 28 00
Apr 21 Friday 51.0 3ij.O 0.00 27.05
and those about to build
should enquire of us for
estimates on
Roofing b
We make a Specialty of
Hot  Air, Hot Water   and
Steam Heating.
Vancouver Hardware Co., Ltd.
Importers of
���Shelf and Heavy Hardware.
Because a Watch has ran for year
is no indication that it does nut requite cleaning. Many a watch if
ruired by being let run loo lung
Without it, The oil becomes dry
and in variably the little maobineis
cut nml woru. Wu have overy fn-
eilily fur making a wnteli throughout if necessary. First class work
Patenaude Bros.
Wo havo threo good Rosldonou Prop*  $>
pertles for sale uta bargain t
Also  bovoral hoosofl to rent. u
���lOM'.l   TO IMW
\ k
9)       Stock  and  Customs   Broker*.
Html Kshitu and
[�� Insurance AkohIh.
General Broker-
Hotel for sale $6,000, renting for $ioo per month,
Money  to  loan   at  8  per
Fire and Life Assurance.
For Ladies
and Gents
Don't slop to think ot where tu buy your shoes when in need of n pair, but
come direct lo Lillie'H Shoe store and we are quite sure
ynu will go away satialied
Aberdeen Block.
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"Nelson Hardware Co.
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aim just opened a full  line of .Ions-  13. Stetson  Hats.
The Hub Furnishing House.
Emory &   Walley
But a line of Soup, tlio largest and   most   decidedly the best line of
ever brought into Nelson      Laundries, hotels, restaurants, mining camps
and all interested in the Soup Question, will find it to their
advantage  to use
Lathers freely, lasts longer and contains no injurious chemicals,   making
it perfectly harmless to the 1110*1 delicate hands and warranted
not to injure the finest fabric, only at
M. DesBrisay & Co.
The Brackman & Ker
Milling Co., Ltd.
Grain, Hay,  Feed in ton lots at Carload Prices.
Front Street
Martin O'Reilly & Co.
The Canadian Mutual Loan & Investment Company advance money
on easy terms. Low interest. Xo
shares required.
Mining  and   Ileal   Kstate   Broker,
Turner-Boeckh Block, Nelsou.
Trimmed and Uutrimmed Millinery,   MiiljhleuH   Selection ot
Fashion Creations for Spring and
Bummer.   Attractive Prices.
Mrs. McLaughlin
Niagara   Falls Acetylene    Gas    Machines.
Newling b Co.
Baker Street
If so read all the "Fishing Tackle" advertisements and then come and buy
your  Outfit from
The Lawrence Hardware Co
who carry the most complete sto*.k :   N Ison.    All onr
goods imported direct  from  En-    ���'*.   American  and
Canadian Mailllfaclu..���
Lawrence Hardware Co.
Shelf and Heavy Hardware, Nelson, B- C.
���Vest Kootenay Valley, B. O., on line
of O. N. P. Ry., and
Velsoti <v Bedlington Ry., now under
Information regarding Oreston may
11* had of GEO. MTARLAND, AgenL
kelson, or from
Oreston Townsite Co.,
When You Ask
For a^as^^>
see that is made
by the
Kootenay   Cigar   M'f'g:  Co.
and avoid taking a cheap imitation
which is now on the market.
There are some very fine ones in stock that will
be disposed of al cheapcsl prices. We are receiving new shipments of Plants and Cut Flowers
Frank A. Tamblyn
baker Street
Actinic on Instructions ttorn Mr. F. 9. And
rews, who Is ubout leaving thecity, we shall on
ttt2p,m,, soil by Publio Auction, absolutely
without rcsurvc, tlie entire oontonwof till rest
rtenoe, 3rd house from Btanley street on Carbonate rtt... next door to Uayor Koelands1 roni-
dence, consisting of:
LArgo oxtenslon onk dining tabid onk bojk
uaseand desk, magnlfloentoak ��idc tkounl, net
dining room onaln in Wild oak, oak hall nick.
drawing room chair*, sofas and bric-a-brac, 2
tine Bona oak bodroom sets, i extra .fine Wilton nitfH, hall and "tair carpel*, lace curtain*.
kltohonand heating stoves, linoleums hath,
refrigerator. Patent kitchen table and many
other household artlolnitoo numerous to men
1 ion.
All these arlii'len arc '.in excollunt condition,
bolng In iint! lesi than a year. Thi* in an excellent opportunity to kc' good furniture at your
own piToo as Mr. Andrews has put no reserve
on any tiling and tbe quality or the koxIh js
.ilieml of anything we bave ever offered for
K.ilo here.
QOOdS on view afternoon prior tn and on tho
morning nf Bale- Sale at 2 .o'clock sharp.
Terms oash.
MUSIC LK880N8, ��� On piano oruftn or
Kiiitiir, tiy Mr*. \V. J. Anlloy, Ilobnon Htroct
iwo iloom west of SUinley.   P. O. Hox 180,
MI'SU; LBBSON8 sinning and 1'lnno. by
Mrs. Syilnuy Oliver, Olinorvutory Htrool, two
dooi-M wont, of .Stanley.
OFFICES nml ItoOTH to runt, newly iloooi
uiiii ami painted. Apply Thomaon stationer
0o��� l.til.
A yuiuiK lutly, iiotnpiitont and faithful  will
In* open in un * ">*���>** I*' nt*   ' -���'">k'i"'ii'ti! i ..ml
typewriter In two nr iiirmi weeks, unexoep*
iiiiiuitiiu references. AiliiroMB, stating -nt.u >���.a
h O, Minor oflice,
FOR BALE  OldnowipapereatB oenta per
inn. Just Ilm tlilnn tn pat nnil-T mrixta,
.Minor OfnoO,
wan IKD  A good, strong youth to leus
the I'pliiilHim-iiip ami Furniture bunliiu>*i,
Al*i*b Ni-Kun 1* urnlture Co., Corner Hal-i .*
and Kootenai ��treeU.
WANTED*  A boy not younger thau 15 to do
light ��in*k nml learn a trade. Apply Mine'
SITUATION WANTED���By a flmt-olMi,
linlil or I.*..t.mi.mt nook. City or country,
Aitiliumi P, ti. Box .'I.'* NoImuu.
il o
(Continued from I-ai*:*- 1,
of us-were aware of the intention to propose the change, and we
were therefore unable to make known to you, onr representative,
the disastrous effects which we believe will follow the enforcement
of such legislation. That you being* absent from the 1 louse at the
time, and most of the members being unfamiliar with the conditions of mining in this district, tlie Legislative Assembly was influenced bv the opinion of an individual member, whose mine
owning constituents were unaware o( his intention to introduce
such legislation.
" With reference to the third   reason submitted, we have
bv inquiry among the employee-* oi our mines elicited the statement that thev have been satisfie I with the ahead) existing conditions, both as to hours of labor and rate of wage-;, and we are
convinced from our experience that miners in this district have not
suffered in health or well-being   from   laboring ground ten
hours a day.
"jth.���We beg also to point out that the mines in this
district cannot be classed among the dividend pavers, and that any
material increase over the present cost of working would render
our operations so much less like!*.* to be profitable that we have
reluctantly determined that, rather than continue work at increased cost, v\e will discontinue operation*-.
"6th.���That no greater evil can befall us than the beginning of labor troubles, from which we have hitherto been free, and
that the example of New Zealand, as showing the disastrous effects
of strikes in making it impossible to induce capitalists to supply
funds lor the development of a country, is a warning that should
be heeded.
" jth.���That some of us h ive already, by fair trial, proven
that the cost of working per foot, with three shifts of eight hours
each, is considerably greater than with two shifts of ten hours
each, at the same rate of wage per shift, and that, although it
might be possible that during a month of trial that men might
so overexert themselves to prow that this would not be the case,
in a short time the result of our experience would prove to be
correct, and we consider that the situation would only be rendered
more difficult, and no good end accomplished, by another experiment,
" 8th.���Some of us have recently returned frem Europe
having succeeded ourselves, and being aware of the success of
others, in arranging for a large ..mount of capital for the development ot mines in this district du -ing the coming season, and we
feel in a position to state that, i. the provisions of the section oi
the Act to which we object be enforced, very little, if any. of the
promised capital will be obtainable.
" We have commissioned Captain Duncan and J. J. Campbell to present our request to yo 1 and to provide you with such
further information as to our vie .vs upon the subject as you may
������ Yours Obediently."
The following petition, expressing the conviction that the
enforcement of this legislation would most disastrously affect the
business interests of Nelson. \\.*.s also signed by every business
man of this city who had an opportunity to do so. and wns presented bv H. ti. Neelands, Mayor of the City of Nelson : ���
Nelson. April i,  1S91).
���' To the Honorable
" Minister of Mines.
" Victoria, B. C.
" Sir ���-
���' We the undersigned electors respectfully beg to ask you,
as our representative, to do everything in your power to prevent
the disaster which we foresee to us and to the district in which
we are interested through the et forcement of the legislation passed
at the last session of the Legislature, affecting the hours of underground labor in the metalliferous mines.
" From our intercourse with the miners in the neighborhood
of this town, we are convinced lhat they have been satisfied with
the wages they have been earning and with their hours ot labor,
and from our knowledge of the conditions we believe that thev are
better off than the miners of tbe United States, from where many
of them have come in order to better their circumstances ... ..
We have invested our money in this place, and have staked much
on its growth and prosperity fr�� :n the increased working ol present mines and the development of new ones ; and if, as we believe
to be the case, this interference with the free right of cot in ..*. ,*i
employer and employee be persisted in. we anticipate that present
operations will be greatly reduced, and that the opening of new
mines and the development of the country generally will receive a
heavy blow from the frightening away of capital, which is well
known to be very timorous where there is a danger of labor
troubles. Tlie results which we anticipate would be so *.**.- to
us, whose business is dependent upon the prosperity and growth
of the mining industry, and to the district as a whole, that we
cannot too strongly urge upon ��� ou to leave nothing undone. i>r to
take any action however strong it unusual, to prevent any interference with the state of things ivhich has hitherto existed here witli
regard to the relations between  -mployer and employee.
" Yours Obediently."
The Government, after giving the petitions  consideration,
decided that it would in the meantime refuse the necessary permission to anyone to prosecute >r an infraction, and ������* .*. Id in icl
the Inspector of Mines to that 1 feet; and promised thai il *.*.. uld
proceed to obtain the views oi the peoplj of the Kootenaj . . ts
upon the subject through their ��� -.embers for guidance as *. ��� future
action, thus rendering the law temporarily inoperative, ..ikI if it
should in the end be decided that it was the wish of tl     1 s in
those districts that the provi-    is  of the amendment should be
enforced, notice would be published for one month in the  /*-.
Columbia Gaultt before any pro ecution would be permit;
From the standpoint oi 1 le ner, there i- 10 1
that, although he may be attr.i  ted hy the idea of ash day,
with the hope that there will  1 -  no  accompanying   reduction of       jt;
w.ige, this move is distincTbriTr nicaHo his  best   interest-.     It is
plain that the greater the dema   .1 for labor, the better it is
man who has labor to sell,   and  if conditions   are brought .  *
which reduce the   present  and   probable  future  amount of
employed, by rendering it unprofitable to operate  mines   or prospects 1 excepting those which '.-,   e such quantities ol   high grade
ore. combined with other facilil   >, as to make it possible to profitably operate them at a large!) increased cost), the working miner
is bound to suffer from the effects o! the   lessened   market for his
labor.    This regulation would, moreover, take away from him h-s
Itbertv of action, and, by refusing to allow him, even when working
as a contractor, paid by the   foot,   to  increase   his  earning--  over
those of less industrious workmen, would make  it more difficult
for him to improve his condition.
The fact that most of the mine owners operating mines in
the Slocan, Nelson and Ymir district-, after due consideration,
agreed that il the eight-hour law was enforced they .*.
their miners lower wages, and. if these were not accepted, would
close down their mines, prove- lhat with an eight-hour day we
wot.Id have smaller earnings by the miners, or a disastrous
tlict between capital and labor.
It has been proven, by a fair t;*-; in the Silver King Mine,
working in the same ground at the Same rate per foot, ilia; the
same meu who earned S4.; ��� pe    da ting  ten   hi
earned $3.60 per day,  working eight hours; whi
the claim that  men will do nearly as much wok in eight ho..
in ten; and it is the  opinion   of physicians   that  men   will suffer
more in health from working eight hou-s continuously, with a
brief interval o'' fifteen minutes in which to eat luncheon, than by
working for live hours, which is reduced in practice to nearer four
hours and a half, going out to dinner, and returning refreshed and
rested to work another shifl *    n 1   in illy live hours.
The effect upon capital has ahead) been felt in this district,
where the purchase of a property for $300,000, upon which it had
been planned to put 75 men to work at once, has been stopped,
pending the settlement of this que*   on.
This is nol a matter in which mine owners and miners are
alone interested. Every man who owns property, or who is earning his living in the country, should realize that a measure which
keeps capital out of the country, which reduces the earning power
ot those in it, which reduces the toial production of the mines, and
which is likely to lead to the closin ��� down oi Jmany of those now
in operation, is one that it is to his interest to oppose; and it can
be easily seen that merchants, whose business depends upon the
operation of the mines, will suffer more quickly and perhaps more
severely from such a state of affairs than tbe mine owners, manv
of whom can afford to allow the money to lie idle until changed
conditions render it profitable to resume operations, and in the
meantime direct their attention to other fields inviting investment.
Trusting that due consideration may lead you to give us the
benefit of your co-operation in preventing the evils dreaded by
having such strong representation- made to your member as will
warrant him in recommending the Government to prevent the
operation of the law till next session,
We are,
Yours faithfully,
fH.  E. Croasdaile,
I S.  S.  Fowler,
T. J. Duncan,
Committee. ��� C.  K.  MlLBOURNE,
Frank Fletcher,
Randolph Bkvce,
.J. J. Campbell, Chairman.
We want to tell you about our Spring Styles   this
week of which we have a
Large and Well Assorted Stock
Come and see our Styles and Prices before
you huy,as our Stock is second to none in
the Kootenay District. You will always
find ou,- lines up-to-date  and   at  popular
We have a line assortment of woolens always
on hand. Goods made up at the shortest possible notice. As everything is kept and made
on the premises satisfaction is assured.
H. H. Vincent
Merchant Tailor.
Special   Dress   Goods   Sale
To clear a few lines at half the usual
price.    All hi    ress Lengths   ot   7
yards each and no two ali'*e.
8 Pkivs Figured Dress G>�� *1.- at 40c. teg *��� r price 76c.
7 Pieoes Figured Dress Go   i- it65o. regnlar price $ 1.26.
10 Pieces Figured  Dress Goodt   *si I)   -,'1 1 ' |-rioe*$l,7 6
The balance of our Spring Capes and
Jackets at wholesale Cost Price.
A.  FEl^LAlSlp   & CO.
Special Sales This Week
in Jardiniers and Pedestals, Onyx
Tables and Cut Glass at
Kirkpatrick & Wilson,
China Hall
Groceries  and  Crockery.
All   Communications  relating to British Columbia business
to be addressed to P. O. Drawer 505, Nelson, B.C.
J. Roderick Robertson.
General Manager
S. S. Fowler, E. M.,
>.Iinin-y Engineer
a P, RITHET & GO,, LTD.,
V!CiGRiA3 B. C.
Wholesale Merchants.
Liquors and Groceries.
MILLSi    knderbv a111-*- Vernon	
A.   B.   GRAY,   ip. o. box en  nelson, b. c,
West Kootenay Butcher Co.
.. FRESH . .
Gumps supplied on shortest notice and Lowe?  Pricea
Mail * h.i**]-> receive ( aiviul attention.
Nothing but fresh and wttolesouie meats and supplies
kept iu stock.
Markets at Nelson and Ytt.it*
Heavy and Shelf   Hardware,   Paints,   Oils, Etc.
Hose,  Steam Packing  ���*  Wire  i{ope.
Agents: Giant   Powder Co..   Truax
Ore Cars. Canton   Drill   Steel,   Gur-
ney, Tilden Stovesand Ranges.
Merchants' Bank of Halifax.
Incorporated 1869.
Capital Authoi ized   -   -   -   -   ��2.ooo,ooo
Capital Paid Up, 81,50(1,000. Kesevve, 81,'25o,ooo.
Head Office:  Halifax, Nova Scotia.
Comparative Statement,  showing   the progress made by this Bank iu tin-
past ten years: 18S8 1898
Cnpitnl Paid  Up  8 1,000,000 $ 1,500,000
Rest     2tKUKX> 1,250,000
Deposits  2.802,000 .   8,175,000
Circulation  -JWI.Ultl 1,887,000
Loans  3,835,000 8,554,000
Liabilities to Public  4.038.000 0900,000
Total Ass-1?  5 280.0JO 12,737,000
General Banking Business Transacted; Sterling Bills of Exchange  Bought
and Sold, Letters of  Credit, Etc., Negotiated.
Accounts received on the in    t favorable terms.    Interest allowed on special
deposit!   nd on Saving Bank accounts.
Atlin, Grand Forks, Nanaimo, Nelson, Rossland, Vancouver
Vancouver East End, Victoria, Ymir.
��� 4 Savin^~ Bank riojiamnent has twen established in connection with the Nelson branch of
this bank. Deposits 01 une dollar and upwards it<-eiveu. and current rate of interest allowed,
at present 3 per cent per annum.
Geo. Kydd, Manager, Nelson, B.C.
Chinese ai)d Japanese Malting
Japanese RUgs
This is the  Cheapest and   most
effective class of goods for house
? --ARrS^i!!!;^00D" ITurnerBeeton&Co.
I The Birkbeck Investment,  Security 1 nelson
and Savings Co.
~3   W. P   DICKSON
5=        FOR   SALE���Corner,   -,0x120 on   Mill  St.: 5  lots  in   3
l,,,,,,,,^::!,,;,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,^^,,^^!  WW Hint Soiy tftaMkh
Complete Electric Equipments for Electric Power Transmission and lighting for mines, towns, etc Electric Fixtures, Lamps, Bells,  Telephones, Annunciators, etc.
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchantsj---i-��  Nm11
-   --������������*������**������-���������-      -
Branch Markets in Rossland. Traii. Nelson. Kaslo.
All orders must be accompanied by cash and should be   forwarded
either personally or by mail to the office of
Sandon. Three Forks. New Denver and Slocan Citv. FRANK   FLETCHER,   P. L. S.,
Orders by mail to any branch will have caruul and pruiupt attention. General Agent (jor, Kootenay & Baker Sts.


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