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Nelson Daily Miner Jan 25, 1899

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Dail) Edition No. 222.
Nelson, British Columbia, Wednesday, January 25,   1899.
Ninth Y
Brief to be Presented to the
Joint Commission-
in Order
Amerioan Newspaper Publishers' Association Takes Up the Forest
xoepf n
��� nia   n
New York, Jnn. 24.���Tho American Newspaper Publishers Association
have prepared a brief looking to the
preservation of the forests whieh will
be presented to the Joint High Oomtnis
sion for the adjustment of questions
between the United States and Cau-
ada and of which the following is an
"We desire to direct tbe attention
of the American members of the Joint
High Commission to the urgency of h
policy whioh shall protect and preserve our forests. The best authority
in the United States ou this subject
says that the denudation of our forests
by pulp mills and saw mills in the four
states of Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont and New York, is progressing
at the rate of 1,700 square miles per
annum. The chief of the bureau of
forestry of tho Department of Agriculture at Washington calulates that forest fires are causing au annual loss
of $20,0X0,000. Iu considering thn
timber problem -spruce wood consfi
tutes a most important factor,
is no available spruce in the
States wost of New York,
.limited amount in West Vn.
pinch ol 50,000 acres iu Miciiignii.
owned by the Niagara Paper Mills nnd
a similar area in Wisconsin.
"It is therefore fair to consider thi
question of preserving the spruce for
ests as applying mainly to New England and New York. In Maine there
are 420 timber townships but all of the
townships accessible to large rivers
are entirely denuded of their valuable
timber. In New Hampshire at the
present rate ot cutting, the state forestry commission has said that the entire forests resourus would be exhausted in 12 years. Others have fixed
eight years. Lumbermen in thnt state
cut everything down to six inches at
the stump so that there is uo reproduction by growth. Vermont has already reached a point where it can
barely supply its home demand. The
state of New York, by constitutional
amendment,has prohibited the cutting
of timber of any kind in a territory
covering 4,000 square miles, setting
aside the Adirondacks Park, which
contains 2,807,700 out of 8,588,801)
acres of available spruce area in the
state. An appropriation of oue and
a half million dollars have beeu made
recently for the acquirement of additional forests. Forestry Associations
havo been organized in the states of
Now York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey,
Colorado, Utah, Ohio, Kentucky,
HinneBOta, Texas, North Dakota. Wisconsin and Bouth Carolina, aud forestry
oommmisslons have heen established
in Maine, Now Hampshire, New
York, Colorado, California nnd Wis
cousin. There are now 80 forest reservations, embraoing au area of 02,000
square miloH and extending over large
portions of HI stales and territories
Three commissions in Now Hamp
shire have reported that the present
methods of lumbering ,if continued
will entail, baleful, scenic, climatic
nnd economical rosults, injuring
health, property and occupation of nil
citizens, impairing tho industrial development of the state and rendering
intermittent the flow of the rivers
which aro most imporant to agricul
ture aud manufacture. The interest
of the public gonorully as distinguished from those of a class lumbermen,
require the conservation of the forest
resources. Iu view of tho serious
apocts of the situation, we aro confident that un enlightened self-interest will impel tho treaty makers in
dealing with Canada to follow that
provident policy which shall keep our
future wants in view and which shall
not put a premium upon the destruction of great national treasures. Ihe
present wasteful method will indict
upon the Dgrioultursl interests of the
country an injury which will ho felt
in every part and which in tho mountainous regions threatens to become
disastrous aud Irremediable,''
Must He Greatly Increased
to Meet Liabilities.
London, Jan. 24..���An official circular has been issued containing the report of the West Indies Commission
from Jamnioa to Colonial Secretary
Chamberlain. It estimates Unit the
defloit rt the end of Murch will be
��172,000. The Commission regards the
situation as extremely critical nnd expresses tho opinion that unless the
revenue is greatly increased nnd Iho expenditures largely reduced, the Ool-
onv will shortly be unable to meet its
liabilities. Their circular adds that
Mr. Chamberlain informed the Commission that negotiations for the conclusion of a reciprocity treaty between
the British West Indies and the United
States were in progress but, that he
would express no opinion as to the
prospeots of their sue, ess.
H *���
Germans Do
the TJ- S. Papers
that important industry as any other
member of the House of Representatives or any body outside of Congress.
The subject is one to which he has
advocated earnest attention and thorough study nnd the lumber schedule of
the existing tariff was largely his
handiwork, Another name whioh has!
been associated with the appointment
I is that of Representative Russell, of
Not Understand, Significant Occurrences Cause 8^fteJ&is ,,ow only   'v
,      , j Means Committee,
AnXietV. qualified for the place and his appoint- I
j nieut. would undoubtedly  be satisfactory to the representatives of all  the
I American interests involved.
of "tin. ways and.The Attorney General Mcy
He  is admirably i TT      _.   . _
Use Bad Language
London, Jan, 25.���Russia, says the
Home correspondent of the Times,
has spontaneously invited the Pope
to send a representative to the forthcoming interiintion il conference on the
limitation of armaments,
Sits From Eight O'clock in the Evening
Until Five 0'olock the Next
Torouto, Jan. 24.���The City Council began a session yesterday afternocn
which lusted until 5 o'clock this
morning. About half past one the
question of awarding a contract fi r
elevators for the new Oity Hull came
up. After some debate the contract
was awarded to Fensotne & Co., for
the electric elevators, but after this
���vas curried by a majority of three
v ites, a new light, came and the aldermen became convinced that there had
been considerable unfairness in the
manner of tendering. The dis'tus ion
was continued until half past four
whni thn Council unanimously revcis'd
its former decision and awarded the
contract to Leach and Turnbull, a firm
with its head office in Hamilton aud
its factory in Toronto. The value of
the contract is about $24,000.
Parsons Produce Co., Will Do Business From Here.
The Parsons Produce Company have
decided to make Nelson tho headquarters for the entire Kootenay Country,
including Rossland, the Boundary and
Fort Steele diftricts, with P.J.Russell,
who has beon manager of the local
house, general manager for the Kootenays. Mr. Russell, who has just returned from a visit to the head office
at Winnipeg brought with him this
"Tbe company will at ono begin the
ereotion of a building on the wat r
front, next to that of P. Hums," sunt
Mr. Russell to a Nelson Daily Miner
reporter. "Ir. will be 50 by 100 feel
and strictly up to dale with good
warehousing facilities and office quarters. The building will cost in the
niigbborbood of $15,000, Tho contract
(or the excavation will probably be let
tomorrow. Nelsou will be made the
h iftflqnarters for the Kootenays because
ihe company realize that iNelson is
nnd always will bo tho commercial
o 'litre of that country. Work on the
new quarters will be rushed as rapidly
as possible. "
The determination of the Parsons
Produce Company to mako Nelson
their headquarters is a compliment to
this city. The Parsons Produce Co. is
ono of the biggest commission lirms
in the west, With brunches at. Dawson
City, Atlin Lake, Vancouver, Victoria, Rossland, Revelstoke, Port
Steele and Cascade Oily, and bead
offices at Winnipeg Of the above
branches Hossland, Revelstoke, Port
Steele und Cascade City will be in
charge of the Nelsou office with Mr.
Russell as manager,
Mr. it. A. Rouers, general manager
of tho oompany at Winnipeg, will visit liiitisb Columbia in a few days.
He will be joined by Mr. Russell at
Fort Steele next Monday and towel her
a trip will be made to iho different
Loudon, Jan. 24.���In the well informed quarters a representative of
the Associated Press was informed today that a peaceful solution of the
Newfoundland question between
Prance and Great Britain is expected
shortly. It menus couipensition to
the French fishermen and the surrender of their rights under the treaty of
Ottawa, Jan. 24. ���At a conference
of the railway und steamboat men for
the Dominion held hern today it was
decided that the same rules ns List sen-
son should be put in force ��his year.
C. J. Smith, of the Canada Atlantic,
presided. Mayor Payment welcomed
the visitors The next oouferouco will
be held iu Hamilton.
DIPLOMATIC    MEETING SOME    GOOD     ADVICE i       keeds fumigation.
Germany is  QuHe   Willing to  Consider
Amendments to the Treaty
of 1889.
New. York, Jan. 24.���A Berlin special to the Herald says : Reports published from American press relativo
to the Sainoan question have been received with amazement. It may be
stated on the highest authority that
the recall of Herr Rafael has not been
demanded by the other two parties
to the condominium for the reason
that, his recall would havo been communicated to them before the troubles
broke out and a successor already appointed. This is according to Dr. Solf
who held the position of judge at Dares
Salaam the principal port of German
East Africa. Germany disproves of
the recent conduct of Herr Rafael,
deeming his action contrary to
the provisions of the Treaty of Berlin
but it cannot recall him as he has already been recalled and the German
Government has not been requested to
disavow him. Germany does not consider there is any need to call a diplomatic meeting to decide so smail a
matter as the differences between three
functionaries. If England and America wish to amend the treaty of 1889,
Germany will gladly agree to a diplomatic conference There has been no
communication on the subject. The
German Government has not the
slightest doubt as to the conclusion of
an amioable arrangement without difficulty.
Mr. Sifton Can't Go to Perth Because
  of Diptherin.
Ottawa,   Jan.    24.���Mr. Siftou   was
They Oable to Their Fellow  Countrymen | to lmT0  Bpoke���   at  Perth   tomorrow
night but nu outbreak of diptherin in
the family of the caretaker of the
City Hall has necessitated an indefinite postponement of the meeting.
Messrs. Sifton nnd Patterson will attend the banquet to be tendered Mr.
Fisher In- the Liberals of Bedford district at Waterloo, Que., 011   Thursday.
at Manila AdviBing Paaoe at
Any Cost
"Joe"    Was
Dog   Well Known All
Over the Country.
A Kootenay pioneer has passed away
iu the person of "Joe" a very well
known dog ��� that had traveled extensively in nil parts of the Kootenay.
"Joe" was born in the mountains and
was a mixture of Spaniel and retriever.
Hon. J. Fred Hume owned him some
years ago and presented him to the
Phair hotel where he had spent the
latter pari of his life except wheu visiting othei towns. "Joe" was an inveterate traveller and was known to
every steamboat and railway man iu
the Kootenay. He would wander
down to the dock here, go aboard one
of the boats and take a trip to Kaslo.
Perhaps be would come home after
that but sometimes he would board the
train and visit Sandon and points on
Slooan Lake He would always turn
up in Nelson sooner or later and after
a short sojourn at home would take
another trip, His last jaunt was to
Sandon where he remained a whole
year and (hen jumped on the train and
came home, walking into the Phair
hotel as if he had been away only an
hour. This wns two years ago and
since then he hud settled down to enjoy a qniet timo before he was to depart for the happy hunting ground
where grouse and partridges Hat on
every limb. He had been very
of late and 011 Monday was
death with ohloroform, He
years of age.
London, Jan. 24.���The Filipino
Junta here today received a cable mes-
jiage from Agouicillo, Aguiualdo's representative at Washington, declaring
that the prospets for a settlement
were improving, through the work
was difficult. The absence of direct
news from Manila and the receipt of
secret intelligence from Washington is
causing the gravest anxiety among the
Filipinos here. The arrests of Filipinos by Major General Otis and the
news that numbers of Filipinos have
fled are regarded as most serious occurences. It is pointed out by the Filipinos that this is exactly what happened in 1896 under General Blanco when
Ihe Filipinos on the following day attacked tho Spaniards and tho revolution broke out. The members of the
Filipino Junta in this city say they
are so anxious to avert war that they
cabled to Manila today urging the
Filipinos: "Not to start hostilities if
there is the remotest possibility of
avoiding trouble."
After Escaping From Storms of Lead he
Was Arrested Prosaically  in a
Boarding House-
Madrid, Jan. 24.���The Minister of
War, General Correa, received a oable
dispatch today from Generai Rios, the
Spanish Commander in the Philippines, announcing that all the sick
and maimed civil and military prisoners were released by the Filipinos today.
put lo
was 12
Thirty Thousand   Filipinos Are Fully
Manila, Jan. 24. ���The Indepeuden-
oia today issued a supplement containing a despatch purporting to come
from Malolos, the seat of the Rebel
Government. It comments upon the
appointment of the Commission and
"The Filipinos naturally suspect this
is a new attempt to humbug. Both
Dewey and Pratt promised us inde-
pendencce if the Filipino Republic
was Btable. The Filipinos are disillusioned, they believe the Commission
is a ruse to gniu time till they have
accumulated formidable forces, wheu
America, abusing her strength, will
begin a war to ratify her sovereignty.''
Report from the interior indicate
that Aguiualdo's authority is now
generally recognized. Every available male is being recruited and depots aro being established at large
towns, The surrounding country is
being lovied on for supplies and the
Filipino troops are living on the fat
of the land, while, the native villagers
nre compelled to subsist on rico. It is
estimated that there are fullv 80,000
Filipinos under arms and it is stated
that there are nearly 50 Maxim guns at
Malios, some if them having beeu recently acquired. The Filipino military authorities are convinced, they
say, that the Americans will be unable to work effectively outside of
Manila in the event of hostilities
hence they feel ooufldenoe in the future. Many of the Filipino officers
complain of discourteous treatment upon the part of  Americans   at   Manila.
\ large number of people assembled
at the Fire Hall last evening, it being
the occcasion of the smoking concert
ol' I he   Nelson Hockey (Hub.
An excellent programme wns
rendered, Aid. Hillyer made 11 cap-
able chiiii'innii. The different numbers were: Piano solo, Mr. Baker;
recitation, Mr. Stutter; song, Mr.
Honey ui au; sparring, Jell's vs. Thompson! song Mr, Baker; trapeze work, President MoKinley is Considering thi
Mr. Downs; recitation. Mr. David- Appointment on the Commission,
son, sparring, Partridge vs. Cham- ,,, ., ,. ., T ���, ������
hers; recitation, Mr. Downs; feats of Washington, I). C, Jau. 24.-'there
Btrength, Mr. Campbell; guitar solo, is reason to believe that the vacancy in
D, Shaw j song, Mr. llnneymaii; gui- the Anglo-American Joint High Com-
tnr solo, Mr. Shaw ; literary selections, mJggion (.llllHe��� hy the tl(.ath of Mr.
I),  Blackwood. ,,.    ,          ...           .     .,.,  ,     T. .
The members of the club wish to Dingley, will soon bo filled. It is un-
thiink the following who contributed derstood the President desires, if
refreshments and cigars: Roisterer & practicable, to lmd a man who is will-
Co, H. J. Evans, W. Gosnel Onlifor ; j .,, hfl ,.,mlinwi to {oli0w the
nia Wine Co., Phair Hotel, B. J. ,.",.. , ' ., .... ,
Mighton, W. Tliurman, P. E. Rmer- line��laid down b? Mr- Dingley aud
son, Turner, lleeton ifc Co., Hudson's the policy and principles so ably and
Bay Co., R. God fry, E. O. Clarke, 'sturdily advocated and defended by
Hume Hotel. him as a member of   the   commission,
1 Among the names   which   have  boon
New York,    Jan. 24 ���After    being
hunted from   house   to  house, fired at
from a dozen  windows aud by   half a
dozen    policemen   a   hunted   burglar
turned at   bay tins   morning and shot
George Everhardt, a plumber, through
the   abdomen.    Everhardt   will  probably die.    Charles   Steelo,   a   Bowery
denizen, is under   arrest   on suspicion
of  being  the   burglar.   Tbe  like of
such a hunt and such a burglar has not
been known iu New   York   since days
of old Chief Byrnes.  The burglar was
first    discovered   at   half   past    four
o'clock this morning by Charles Frank
a real estate dealer who lives on Sixth
street.    The   burglar bad rigged up   a
rope ladder from the  roof of the   next
house and   was   trying   to get into  a
room     formerly     ocupied  by   Josenh
Young reputed to he a rich   man  who
always kept a large supply of cash and
diamonds iu his rooms.    Frank ran to
a nearby police,   station   and soon hail
a   dozen   policemen in   tho   room  of
Frank's house.    Meantime the burglar
had entered   the   other   house   where
Young  lives   and   which is kept by a
Mrs  Goeth.  She heard someone shout-
iug "Let me out,   Let  me out."   He
appnrenty   feared   lie   was    trapped.
Mrs. Goeth yelled   "Police"   and tho
burglar ran   into   her   parlor,   gained
the backyard and   was  climbing   the
fence when the policemen  on tho next
roof saw   him aud blazed away   with
their    revolvers.     Nearby     windows
were thrown up and men and   women
popped away   with   an assortment  of
firearms.    George   Everhardt, who  is
24 years old, saw tno burglar  working
along the   balcony   and   taking   up  a
board belabored the intruder  over  the
head.    "Don't  hit   me"   pleaded the
burglar,   but Everhardt   kept on  and
the   burglar   retaliated   by     shooting
Everhardt in the   abdomen.    Tho burglar then managed to reach the streot.
However  an   hour   later,   tho   police
arrested Steele, a eharaccter they knew
in a Bowery boarding house   and   the
description answers   that given of the
burglar by the score of people who had
Heen him run the gauntlet.
Later. ���Everhardt died at 9 :!i0 p. m,
from the effects of the wound.
No Precedent for Action in the Matter
of the Complaint of Price
Victoria, Jan. 24.���In the Legisln
today the Speaker announced that
could find no precedent for notion m
his part, in the inntter of theooroplnint
of Mr. Price Ellison, against the unseemly language used towards him
within the precincts of the House ' y
Attomey-General Martin. The Hon1-"
being in session at the time he bad nn
jurisdiction. Premier Senilin added
that the rules laid down for the pr-i
tectiou of members applied to protection from the public nnd not from each
other. Col. Baker again urged that 11
committee should be named to deal
with the matter but the subj >c(
dropped without any action.
The bill for the introduction of ;1 1
Torrens System of Land Registration
was rend a second rime after further
An Elopement   and a Lady of Title as
Waitress Mixed up in it.
London, Jau.24.���The ro.'iiance of lie
Earldom of Perth has been re\ ived
by an inquiry for Lady Drummond '11
connection with ceitaiu property by
her second cousin Mrs. Cow dry of Pen-
body Avenue, West London, Lady
Drummond now Mrs. Masters, was a
governess in Viscount Fort's family
whon she eloped with a son of Lord
Drummond who was heir to the Earldom of Perth. They went to Now
York City where young Drummond
was employed at manual labor. A
daughter was born there. When the
father died Lady Drummond was a
waitress in an ice cream Baloon on
Eighth Avenue. The widow married
a Mr. Masters and when last heard
from they intended to go south or to
Sun Diego, Cal., Jan. 24.���A some
what serious state of affairs prevails
011 board of the Philadelphia now in
barbOT here.   Since   the arrival of   the
vessel 80 members of  the crew hnve
deserted, Of these, 18 have been recaptured. The men are iu a veiy bitter frame of mind, They say they
wero denied short leave while at Contra! American and Mexican ports, but
they were promised it. when they
should reach au American port hut
since their arrival here very few have
been permitted to coine ashore.
Buffalo, Jan. 24.��� Detective Weber
of the New York Central Railway shot
and killed a burglar in lhe Central
Yards early this morning and captured his companion. The dead man
was known as Babela and had served
time for burglary. He had shot at the
detective and was about to shoot again
when Weber shut him through tho
head, killing him instantly.
A Party of Mining   Men   Meet
Great Hardship.
Messrs. Ernest Mansfield J. M.
Williams and M. Lambert returned
yesterday from a trip to the Joker
group on the South fork of Kaslo
creek, and ure registered at the Phair.
They left for the camp on Saturday
last and had a most exciting experience before reaching their destination.
There were two men from tho mine
with the party aud they with Mr.
Williams pushed on ahead with a raw
hide of provisions. Messrs. L��m-
bert and Mansfield took their time and
while ou the Kitchener Glacier struck
a very severe blizzard. The wind
blew at a torritlio rate aud the flying
snow was so thick that the trail wns
not only hidden but it was impossible
to see more than an arm's length
alieid. To add to this it was exceedingly cold as one can easily imagine
it would be 10,000 feet above Ben level.
The two gentlemen wandered along
without any knowledge of where
they were. Mr. Mansfield was leading. Suddenly there was a lull ill the
tempest and a few feet in front of
him he noticed blue ice. Investign
lion showed that he had beeu walking
si might towards a crevice in tho ice,
the depth of which must have been
hundreds of feet. A few mere steps
and both gentlemen would have been
dashed to pieces on the ice beneath
The predloament then faced them
of nm knowing which way to turn.
But Providence directed their footsteps und leaving the crevice to the
left Ihey pushed onward in the Ktoriu,
going dangerously (dose to other holes
and crevices and linally crossed the
icefields and reached the Joker camp
safely, it wiib a very trying experience und both gentlemen congratulated themselves on their marvelous escape It. wus Mr. Lambert's firBt experience iu mountain climbing, he
having just come out from Paris,
and ha says be has 110 desire to encounter another blizzard���certainly not
10,000 feet up iu the air.
Madrid, Jan. 24. ���The Ministry
of War has decided to abolish the mil
ltary mnrshulls, to retire hulf of the
unattached generals and greatly reduce the number of officers ou the active list,
Paris, Jan.    94.��� It   is rumored this
most, prominently associated with the
forthcoming appointment is thnt of
Representative Tnwney, of Minns-1
sota, in whose behalf a strong case iH
said to have been made bv the repre- !
sentatives of the American' lumber in- evening that the Government intends
dustry. He is a member of the com- to propose to Grout Britain to submit
mittee on Ways aud Meaus and prob- the Newfoundland dispute to arbitrarily as familiar with faots relating to tiou.
Paris,   Jan.   24.���Tho   Chnmber  of
I Deputies today resumed the  debate ou
I foreign   affairs.    Referring   to   Newfoundland,   the   Minister  of  Foreign
All airs M. Delcnsse, said   the  French
rights there wore   incoutestible,   that
no one questioned them and that there
was uo   reason   to   suppose that  they
would not be   respected.    The   debate
inn. thou closed,
���   ,*��..�����.���.   ���,���.,.���...
ISTpl^nn    T^lk     TUT^ftY, with the object of obtaining their oo-
ll UJ oUJLl.     JJCill \      iVHUOl   operation   in   getting such exhibit to-
Puxi-he.l lluily except S, tday.
peratiou in getting
gi-lher nnd iuduoing the Government
to give necessary aid." No doubt the
conimittee have acted on their instructions.    No doubt   also   the   action   of
el on MiNi:u Printing     Piui.ihuinoCo.,
D. J   BEATON, Mmi .ging Director and other Boards has been brought to   the
Edlor ln-Chlef
Al.l. COMMUNICATION   lo the Editor must
ho iccninpanled by ths name nnd address
ot the wi'tor, not 11.��.e--u\rily for publioa*
n. but as evidence of good fniili.
Sui-sciiiiTiiiN Rates,
Dally peruionlh by can'or
periuonthhy mill  100
per half yet  byni��n   500
oor year  10 UU
per year foreign   ��� 13 00
Nl'II.MIN Wkkkiy Minkk.
Weekly, pel half year s 123
pervoar    2 00
���      per,ear. foreign   800: haps we ought   not
Bubsorlpdonj uvarlably in advance.
notice of tbe Government  at Victoria.
Ministers   and   members    alike    are
doiinllcss   informed   of the strong desire of the people of   the  Province, as
voiced by their   Boards of Trade, thnt
the  opportunities about to  be   offered
t loo for bringing the great  mineral wealth
of British  Columbia to the attention
of the world   should not be neglected.
The public are curious to know what
the Government propose to do  in  the
matter.    True,    the   Estimates    have
not yet   been   submitted,   and    per-
to expect tho   an-
nonneement of their   policy in   anticipation   of   that  event.    It  would be
convenient, however, to   know us soon
Advert��� g r. ton nuuli Known on application  as possible : for, as has been suggested,
if the Government  decline to do any-
Notices of Hlrths,   Diaths, and Marriages
nserted for 60 cants cich.
IN-Ison Miner Prln'Jig&PublishlngCo
*ELSC .�����. B. C
A curious suggestion is made by
The Victoria Colonist, curious, that
is, because of its source, which is us-
nelly well informed, It is to (he
effect that the operation of the Placer
Mining Act be suspended whenever it
shall appear that ihe United States
has extended to Canadians the same
rights and privileges in regard to
mining iu the States and Territories
as are en.ioyed by tho citizons of that
country. This is something tho Unit
ed States cannot do, however well inclined its Government and Congress
may be. It has a free hand in the
Territories, ani with respect to these
it has already provided that Canadians shall enjoy the same mining privileges aa are accorded its own citizens.
But it has uo power to legislate for the
States. It cannot compel Washington,
for example, to remove any of Ihe restrictions which the Legislature of that
State, in its superior wisdom, imposed
upon Canadians. These are matters
which come within the exclusive jurisdiction of the States, the Federal
authoritv being enjoined by the consti
Whatever the purpose of the Government, tbe members who supported the
Act did so in the belief thnt they were
retaliating against the United States.
That was respectable, at least, for
the United States is a big country,
and to hit back at it showed what a
courageous people we are. Perhaps if
they kuew they were simply retaliating on a puny State like Washington,
their magnanimity might have taken
the place of their courage. That is as it
may be, however. Now that, The
Colouist will see that its suggestion
is not, to the point, perhaps it will
adopt the better one and recommend
that thu Act be disallowed. There is
but slight hope of this, we know." ns
it was one of tbe journals that applauded tbeBill wheu it was introduced.
It thought it saw an increase of trade
for Victoria, and that was resanu
enough. But there is a suspicii n
that the Act, instead of promoting local trade, will diminish what there is
of it; and with this actively at work
in their minds, The Colonist and other
Coast papora may conclude that the
legislation is un-British and ought to
be uu-Cuiiadiau.
thing, it is proposed that Kootenay
itself should take steps to have its
mineral resources and mineral development properly represented at those
places. The feeling in this part of
the Province is that it would be u grent
misfortune to miss the opportunity
for advertising our resources and attracting capital.
New Books.
With Kitchener to Khartoum,  by Stevens, $1.50
Doctor Thorne,
H. Rider Haggard.
Linnet,        -       Grant Allen.
i  ��
Britain's Roll of Glory,
D. H. Parry.
Fights For the Flag,
W. H. Fitchet
Deeds That Won the
Empiie, W. H. Fitchet.
Whittaker's   Almanac   1899.
Although the session of tlie Provincial Legislature is barely a fortnight
old, already there is talk of its closi.
The Attorney-General took occasion a
week ago or more to intinr.te that
business would bo dispatched within
thirty days. That means that the
Government will bo ablo to put
through what legislation they have 10
submit within that time, und that
private members lire expected to keep
march with them in order thut pimo
gul ion may not be delayed, With
the end within mensuruble distance,
it is a pity the House and the country
have not hud confided to thorn the
Government's entire programme, 'lhe
public would like to know, for instance, whether it is intended to
make an appropriation for a mineral
exhibit at the Enrl's Court exhibition
of ibis year and at the great Wt rld's
Exposition al Paris next  year.    There
Our latest Coast exchanges canio in
batches of three. The postal service is
getting more demoralized than ever.
The P. O. Inspector who was recently
through the Boundary country will
Hud many things to inspect if he
searches with reasonable diligence.
Keewatiu is the most modest of
Canadian Territories. Norway House
is its capital, and Lieutenant-Governor Patterson of Manitoba its king.
He sojourns at his sent of Government
only for short periods at long intervals.
Last year it cost the Dominion treasury |3,809.84 for its administration,
If a luxnry.it certainly cannot bo complained that it is an expensive one.
During tho fiscal year ending 30th
June last,customs duties were collected
at the Port of Nelson to the amount,
of $251,084.48, at au expense of $12, -
7sti.il?, or a triflle in execess of five
per cent. The total collections for the
Province were $2,315,899.84, and expenses $78,195.80. In detail. Kaslo
contributed, $14,821.29; Nanaimn,
$111,(140.24; Nelson, $261,084.48; New
Westminster, $177,828.88; Rossland,
$88,944.80; Vanoouver,$609,078.98, and
Victoria, $1,078,811.74. Nelson ranks
third in customs importance, as in all
things else.
Saint'   al   Ua-.li,.
A sample of onr Postmaster-General's excellent postal service iu British
Columbia will be seen from the dates
of sonic of our exchanges which loomed up last evening, Jan. 20: Moyie
City (125 miles distant, on the Crow's
Nest Pass Hy.) Leader, Dec. ill, lsfix;
Cranbrook 150 miles, U. N. P. Ry.)
Herald. .Inn. 10; Pliuce Albert, Su'sk.,
(llllll miles C. P. R.) rimes. Jan. 10;
Toronto papers. Jan. 14. ��� Kaslo Prospector.
WlM'll     V.110,1-    IIUIIlllN.
When Kenneth "ffnringtou" Belairs
recently demanded of theO. P. R. that
it should send tens of thousands of
gallons of water daily, from tbe Columbia at Trail, bv rail to Rossland to
relievo the water famine, the reply
from Mr. Van Home wus cold and unsympathetic It merely read, "Use
snow." But a little thing like thut
does not daunt the original editor of
the Hossland Times--not he.���Cascade
��� 1 Ih Ihr UiikI Modem In I .|,,l,,,,,, ,,<.
ii i�� nn- Hekvlesl Balled Une.
ii im* ii Seek nn11usi itiiniiiicii.
r Crouei NoSanil i>,'-.-,',e,
II Ik  Hie Only  l.lm-   ItuiinliiK   luvuil
I  lllll     l!     �������'-..
ill. Nnli'il I'm* Hie �� mi, irsi of li* l ,iu ploj en
I II Ik 111.' Only l.liii' Serving  Ileal*   on
has been uo suggestion or indication of j     ,, in unrte rim,.
lhe policy   lo   lie   pursued in this  respect. THROUGH   THE
Nut long   ago   the Vancouver  Board
of Trade passed a  resolution,   stroiiglv | (GRANDEST SCENERY
urging the Government  in  make the
necessary appropriation for an exhibit, j IN AMERICA Bl DAYLIGHT.
Other   Boards   of   Trade    throughout
the Province followed its example.
Nelson has been using its influence in
the same direction for some time past.
At, the last meeting of the Board of
Trade tlie following resolution had the
undivided support of its members:
"That it is of the greatest importance to the mineral interests of British Columbia that a mineral exhibit
be sent to the Paris Exposition, and
that in the opinion of this Board il is
necessary that tho Government of the
Province afford financial assistance
ill carrying it out; bo it therefore resolved that a committee composed Of I wom roR UBNT-Furnlshoil or Unfurn-
the President und Messrs Macdonald, I hod, Apply Mis. liny, on Cedar Ptroot, uii-
.... , ., . poslte Thorpe a.
Fletcher, nnd ihe Secretary be author- ;	
Uud to draft suitable letters   to  other     ROOMS TO  LUT-Kurnlshod and unfura-
, t,   .,   .,      ,      �� mi    .      Muni. Also a few viii'iiiicicK for table boarders,
Kootenay nnd B. O.  Hoards  ol 'I rude, i Mr���, (Canny, Onrbonatostroet,
Attractive Tours during Season i f
Navigation on Great Lukes via Duluth in
connection with Mngnlfioent Passeugei
Steamers Northwest and Northland.
Kor maps, tlokets and eotnpleto lnf ot mat-Ion
cult nn ur address Agents, K. ,Sc H. Hy., 0, Hi K
8. Nuv, Ho., N Jt7. H. Ity., ur
ii. A, .luiihov General Agenl
i     Hpiiliunr,  Mil
t,  I.  WHITNEY, H,  I*. .V  T   A..
M l*��lll.   Ml,,,,
music LESSONS, - On piano organ or
guliur. by Mrs. vv. J, Asticy, Robson street
two doors wost of Stanley.   P, O, Box 130.
Office and Pocket
Diaries, 1899.
has taken over the practice of
Dr.   H.   E.   Hall and  is  prepared to do all kinds of Dental
Work  by latest methods. . .
���triiiii'ii lllll Itliirh Baker SI.
NOTIOB in hereby given thnt, I hnve deposit
ed in the omce of the Registrar-General of
titles, Victoria, pliins showing a proposed dock
or wharf anil warehouse and approaches thereto and site lo float a boom over the Wost Ami
of Kootenay Lake in front ot lot lor blockl 62a,
in the city of Nelson, and the location of the
same, together with a description of the proposed rites, and I have tit-posited a duplicate
of each in the office of tho Honourable the
Minister of I'll bile Works, at the city of Ot
tawa, Ontario.
Notice is further given that after the expiration of ono mom h from this date I will apply
tti His Kxcellency the Govenior-Geiieral-in-
Council for approval of such plans and description and of tlie works therein referred lo.
Hated nlNelson the llt.li day of January 189!).
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P. O. Box 214.   Vernon str:et, Nelson, B. C.
Established 1878,
The Brackman b Ker Milling
Company, Ltd.
Beg to announce that they have opened ;i Branch House  in  Nelson and
will Carry a Full Line of
Hay, Oats, Mill Peed, Rolled Oats, Graham
Floui, Etc.
TEMPORARY WAREHOUSE:���Turner, Beeton's Warehouse  on C.
P. R. Siding, below Gray's Planing Mill.
CITY OFFICE:���Room 6,   Aberdeen   Block,   Baker    Street.
Write for Quotations in Car Lots.
Victoria,  Vancouver,   New Westminster,
South Edmonton. Nelson.
Official Directory.
Governor-Goiieral -        Lord Minto
Premier        - Sir Wilfrid laurier
Moniber Hnnsoof Common*, Dominion Pnrlia
meni, Woat Kootenay Hewitt Boalook
Dop Col. Inland Revenue F iv Swannell
Lieut. Governor -          lion T It Mclnnes
Premie'           - Hon ('has Somlin
Attorney-General -       Hon Joseph Martin
MiiiUlerof Finance -       Hon FO Cotton
.Mini- In Mittcsaild  Kllllcation     Hull .I  FllllIllC
Pres Executive Council      Hon Dr MeKeelinlc
Momhor Legislative Assembly lor NuInoii (tiding - Hon .1 F Hume
Mayor Hamilton Uoorgo NeolantU
Aldermen���Chan Hillyer. H I) Thnm-nn, J.
Frank Beer. |frank Fletoher, A. L McKillop
J. A. Ivirkpatrick,
City Clerk ��� J K Strachan
Police Magistrate K A Crease
Chiofof Police . A  F McKlnnon
Chief of Fire Department    .    W J Thompson
Auditor - John Hamilton
HeallliOmeer - Dr. La BAD
city Engineer ��� A. L. M'oulloch
City council meets every Monday, 7:311 p.;n al
city hall, cor Victoria and Josephine at
Dr. K O Arthur. Dr. GAB Hall. Geo John
stone.   Principal--J,   Hostley   Soady. B. A.
President - J Roderick Robertson.
Socy-Treas. - F W, Swannol
Medical Supt.
John A. Tumor
W. A. Jowett.
F. W. Swannell
J A Forin
Dr. G. A B Hall
For One Week Only,
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We are offering Wall Paper this weel'   at Special  Low
Rates  in  order to clear out....   ....
Remnants Below Cost.
Thomson   Stationery   Co. LTd,
Nelson, B. C.
D.   McARTHUR   &   CO.
Cor. Maro & Barter Sts.
Carload  of the latest furniture on the market
just received.
Upholstering   a   Specialty.
Undertaking and Embalming in all   its  branches.
We have our own Hearse.
All Kinds Of Smoke.
T. & B. PLUG
Aa we keep our Tobaccos in both our Excise and Customs Bonds ��<��� ar.
able to parry a largo and assorted stock.
Ward on
Second Jailor
Third Jailor
Senior Guard
Capt. N. Kitz.stubln
Goo. I'artridffo
Joh. [jinbu
Fred .larvi*
John Mr Mm Ui
Government Inferior of Agencies VV J Qoepel
Gold ComtnisHionor         - John A, Turner
Mining Recorder Tax Col R P Tolrat^
Collector of Customs        - Geo. Johnstone
Provincial Ahkc^koi' John Keen
County Court JudtfO J A Forir
Roni-nrar               - R T H SimpkiiiH
ItiHpootur of Sohoolrt         - William Hani'-
riiu.i: pok ciiOSiNN ��i   nniM
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Miiil   1
for >.
Spokane;  Victoria; Rossland "1
Winnipeg;   Vancouver uiul    V9 a.m
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ilon;   VaiieouvDr,    Winnl-    J8p.ni
poK,  Main  Line, O.l'.lt.       J
..   1
Rossland; Trail, Robson ami \
Points on r. & K. It".         JO p.m
Ivaslo and Lh.ni Points,        4 p.m.
Knskonook  and Croston
Monday and Friday 7l30a.ro
Lobby opened from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m.; General
Delivery. 8 a,in, lo 8 p.m.;   ltirist ration. 8.311
a.m. lo 7 p.m.; Money Orders and Savings Hank
lln.in. lo t p.m.; Sunday 1 hnunlO to 11 a.ml.r
J. A. UILKKlt. I'ostiuastor,
Chubohok England���Matin li a.m.; ICven
Bong. 7.HO p.m. every Sunday. Holy Oommun
ion on 1st and llrd Sundays in the month aflei
Maiins; on *2HU and 1th Sundays, at, 8 a,m
Sunday Scffbo! at. 2.30 p.m. Kev U.S. Ako
hurst. Reotor.   Oor Ward und Silica streets.
Pmbbytrbun Ohuroh���Services at n a.m.
and 7.:it> p.m. Sunday School at 2.30 p.m
Prayer mooting Thursday evoning at 8 p.m.;
ChtlHtlan Kndeavor Society meels every Monday evening at 8 o'clock. Kev. It. Frew,
METHODIST OHUBOH��� Corner Silica and
Josephine Streets. Services at 11 a.m. and 7.30
p. m. ; Sabbath School, 2.30 p.m.: Prayer meeting on Friday evening at 8 o'clock; F.pworth
League (J, K., Tuesday at 8 a.m. ltov. John
Uobson, Pastor.
Qatholio Church -Mass at Nelson, llrst
and third Sunday at Sand 10.00 a.m.; Benediction at 7.30 to 8 p.m. Kev. Father Ferland
Baptist Church - Bervtoes morning and
evening at 11 a.m. and 7.30 p.m.; Prayer timet
ing A'cducsduy ovening al 8 p.m. the It. Y.
P. L. Monday evening at 8 o'clock, st rangers
cordially welcomed.   Kev. C. W. Kose. Pastor
Patronize Home Industry
 AND   SMOKE ���
Union   Made   Cigars.
The Royal Seal
Is acknowledged to be about   the  Best Clear   Havana
Cigar   On   tlie   Western   Market.
Our  Other   Brands  are  so  Well   Known    they   need  no
Salvation Aiimy -Barvlo s every evening
il 8 o'clock in hurra, ckson Victoria stroot.
Wlutant Ivlgeeiimlie in charge.
M. moots socoiid Wednesday In oach
mouth.   Visiting brothron Invited.
0. L. Lbnnox, Secretary.
Kootenay Cigar Mfg. Co.
Post Office Box 126, Nelson, B. C-
Our Motto:   "Gootl Goods for Good Money."
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I. 0. O. F. Kootonay Lodge
No. Ill, meets every Monday night,
at   their   Hall,   Kootenay st'eot.
Sojourning Odd Fellows cordially Invited.
A. II, Clements, V, O.       Fred J Squires, Suc.y
si and .In Wednesday In each month in tho
K of P Hall. F VV Hwnnoll. O. U. S. C. It.; J II
(Ireen.C.lt.: J. I'arkiss. Secy.
NKLSON LOIIOK, NO.  10 A.O.U.W., mnnls
,>v,��ry  Thursday In the 1,0.0.7.   hall.    (1  C
W llianiH, M.W.;   VV S Smith, llcc.Sec.j J. ,1.
M'UVVV       U"!l"r: K' J S(|,lllu Hooolvor. and
NKLSON L.O.L. No. IIM meets In lhe Mao
","",     ,i',"'k, eTory Thursday evening al 8
oeloik.    VIhIIIiilf inniii' -  ������
JOhll Tove
islllng members cordially Invited.
'. W. M.; F.J. Ilrndley, U.S.
NKLSON   LODOK  No. IB, K. of   P.
 "Is In Oastle hall, McDonald block
ry    Tuesday  evening al. 8 o'clock.
yMl visiting knights  cordially Invited.
It. O. Joy. 0, O.
(Mil Oico. Kohh K.of K.andH,
NKLSON  UlIJUK.   I. O, O. T.     Meets In
Castle Hall, McDonald Block, ovory Monday
evening at 8 o'clock.   Visiting Templars cordially Invited, - John Tki.kokd,
Chief Templar.
J. F. Jacobsoii   Hoo'y
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Minneapolis, HI. Piul and Chicago, and
tlm  principal lowns In Centra) Wisconsin
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Is patrons, the most elegant service over
inaugurated. Meals are served a la ('arte.
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read via
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ageui, or write
Jah. A. Ci.ot!K.        or       Jah. C. Ponii,
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m _flf H{fe?i' Milwaukee.
Portland  Oro.
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From HI. John
 Fell. II
 Feb S
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 Feb.   4
From Now York
White Star Llno-Mojestlo Feb. 8
i.iiiinril Line   Anranla  Fell    I
American Line   St. IaiuIh Feb. 8
Anchor Line- Anehorla Feb 11
Allan Hlme Line - Statu of Nebraska.., Feb M
nil      .,       ,.      ,                From lliiHinn
Ilonilnlon  Line-Canada Fob. 1ft
Passage) irrnngcd to and from all ICurnpean
points. For ratus. tickets and full Informal Ion
apply to C. P. It, depot agent or (J. K. lioudey,
City Ticket Agent, Nolson, 11, O.
M5I   Oenoral Agont. C.P.R, Omoea, Wliinlpog.
:^'i_��U^.��>9(��,M. ���*�� |MI
.tonjsmsn'mii "���nfXHMWWffiUifrjfl
Says There is Money iu the East Whioh
May bo Attracted by
Mr. J. B. McArtbur, the Rosslann
mine owner, has some very good ml-
vico for lCouteniiy towns in general.
Ho has just returned to Rosslmul
from a visit to tho East and to a Eoss-
liuul Reoord reporter stntert that "the
amount of surplus capital lying idle in
tho different banks aud financial institutions of the eastern cities wuh really
surprising and in fact almost alarming.
"Loan associations were combining
and in other ways reducing expenses,
it. being practically Impossible to find
an outlet of investment of the grei t
quantities of wealth on hand. The
farmers have all paid off their mort-
gage loans aud there is really no one,
or now business ventures seeking
loans at present.
"With all this capital lying idle nnd
seeking investment, this mining country of British Columbia offers a wonderful Hold for the placing (if largo
sums to a splendid advantage, und
with almost positive woll paying results,
"No efforts should be sparod by tlm
citizens of tho different towns in this
section to got all information possible of the mining camp and country in
general in some shape so that it can
lie disseminated throughout the eastern cities in an intelligent and instructive manner.
"Of course, large sums have already
come into this section from eastern cities of Canada, lint much moro can be
indnoed hero hy tho proper portra yal
of the countiy's resources.'
While oast, Mr. McArthiir was down
in Qnebeo, and there met Mr. Cliarle-
tou aud other members of the Canadian oommitr.ee, or sub-committee ou
reciprocity between the United States
and Canada. From these goutlemeu
ho learned that "when the new reciprocity treaty is jlrawn between the
two countries, there will be* a very
liberal provision for tlie^ admission of
Canadian ores into, the States, and
that the duty ou pig lead will probably be placed at about one cent, while
ores proper will no doubt be admitted
free of duty. This actiou will be a
great boon to the Slocan country, with
its silver lead oics and should set every
mine at work in that section of the
found to be unite nioessiiry oti al least
transcontinental systems. Public opinion is changing in many essivtiiils.
Post Olliee Inspector VV.  H.  Ddl'ilian
was in Cascade City last week loOKing
into   tho  grievances  ooiineoted  with
the Boundary   district   nmil   service.
j According   to   the   Casoade   Record a
; new route from   Brooklyn in  Cascade
servinK Gladstone and MoRae Landing
I Will shortly be inaugurated
Mr. .1. McLaren, of the Nelson Soda
I Water Co., will leave today lor a trip
|over the Crow's Nest Pass road.
Mr McLaren believes in shipping
"soft stuff" into the Crow's Nest
country by express, thus outting out
eastern concerns who have to ship by
freight and runs the risk of damage by
We are glad to noto, says I lie Koss.
land Rooord, that a much lienor feeling is growing up between Nelson
aud Hossland. That is as it should lie,
and as the. citizens of the two towns
grow   better  acquainted    they    will
, learn to like each other bettor and
learn that onr interests lie together,
uud that both will help themselves by
11.> lpiug each other.
The 0. P. R, is   again   selling tiok-
'els from Robson to   Nakusp,   subject,
. however, to lay overs   if truffle,   north
, iioiind from   Robson and south  bound
from   Nakusp   is   again    interrupted,
j Nohiug lias been heard yet  of  reverting to the former service between Nelson and llie main liU8 but the old time
lal le will probably I o adopted as   soi u
as the danger of further trouble fr<m
frost is over.
i    If anyone bands you an  American
silver dollar of the coinage of 'SI have
it'weighed before the  person giving it
to you is out  of  sight.    There   are   a
I number of   bogus   dollars   going  the
I rounds iu Nelson at   the present   time
! and merchants  and   others bavo  been
| victims.    They  are a good counterfeit
and not easy to detect unless one is on
the watch   for tbe.n.     Therefore keep
your eyes open.
Mr. Rowell Green, mining engineer
of Oro, is in Nelson.
" D. W. Moore, of the Trail smelter,
is a guest at tho Hume.
The hoekeyists will play a practice
match at the Crystal rink this evening.
R. V. Tolmie, Mining Recorder,
leaves today for a visit to Creston an i
other points.
G. W. McDowell, who is building
the sampler at Rosebory, returned to
Nelson from Victoria last night.
Mr. Hugh D. Lnmsden, chief engineer of the Crow's Nest Pass road,
came to Nelson on the Moyie last
H. G. Wilson, of Wilsou BroR..
wholesale grocers of Victoria, arrived
in Nelson yesterday and is a guest at
the Phair.
Mr. ]���'. Niokells, formorly with the
Arm of .1. A. Sayward & Co.. will
leave Nelson in tho near future to engage in farming iu Alberta.
Mr. Q, B, Camming of Turner Beet-
on & Company's storo, was taken to
tho Misses Crikmay's hospital last
night, threatened with pneumonia.
C. W. Riley, of tho Athabasca mine,
who has boou ill with fever at Dr.
Arthur's hospital for the past six
weeks, is out again and rapidly con
Mr. and Mrs. J. P. Russell will bo
among the Nelson people who will
vitsit the carnival at Hossland. Mr.
Russell left last night and Mrs. Russell
will go toduy.
The furnace for (he Nelson Opera
House arrived yesterday. It is the
largest size manufactured by Pease of
Toronto, and bin a boating capacity
of 1(111,0(10 cubic foot.
W. M. .Ionian,   route  agent for the
Dominion    Express Co.,   arrived  ill I
Nelson   last   night.    Mr.    Jordan has |
been   establishing  Offloos    along tbe i
route of tho Crow's Nest Pass road.
Approximately,     the total   area  of I
the railway belt in  British Columbia
is 10,988,788 acres, und the area of Iho
part of the bolt surveyed   by. the  Dominion Government is 884,140  acres |
The curlers left for Rossland last
evening and play today. In addition
to throe rinks already mentioned in
the Minor the following quartette have
entered from bore: George Hodge,
James Lawroiice, W. 1?. Anderson
and P, J. Russell, skip.
Resident! on Victoria street west, of
Ward are still without water, A gang
of men is at, work, however, endeavoring to thaw out tho pipes but. it is necessarily slow work. It will be several
days yet before everyone on the street
will have an unlimited supply of water.
The Nelson clergy arc asking for a
law to prohibit Sunday mining, says
the Sandon Record. Why not tackle
the Sunday gambling in ibeir own oity
first, which is certainly loss useful
than Sunday mining, There was a
time when railway operation on Sunday   was   denounced;   but   now it  is
Phair���Thomas Allioe, Victoria; J.
M. Williams, London; Ernest Mansfield, Loudon: George H. Williams
Spokane; H. G, Wilson, Victoria; A.
L. MoEwetl, Vancouver; R, M. Covington, Slocan City ; Hugh D. fauns
den, Toronto; John Twoliy. St. Paul.
Hume���G. W. McDowell, Nelson;
David W. King. Great Fulls; Roual
Green, Oro; H. Girdwood, Ymir;
Frank J. Davey, Ymir; R. 11. Brice,
Winnipeg; Joseph Howsen midwife,
Kitchener; Charles Parsons, Montreal;
Mrs. Fred Kaiser, Eoit Steele; W. M.
Jordan Winnipeg; E. Tinbayno Toronto; A. J, Diuilop Calgary; D. W.
Moore, Trail; R. Smails Greenwood ;
G. O. Foos.  Brooklyn.
Queens���Donald 0. Simpson, Silver-
ton; D. McLean, Calgary; F. A.
Heap, Ainsworth; John F, Joyce, For-
nie, B. O. : G. B. Matthew, Ymir; C.
J. Campbell, Sirdar; E. G, Ambrose,
Revelstoke is organizing a Sons of
England Benovelent Society.
The W, C. T. II. of Revelstoke has
opened a free   public, reading room.
The late W. G. Neilsou. M. P. P.,
had bis life insured for $dl,Odd,according to the Golden Era.
The Government staff at Revelstoke'
on Saturday last presented J. D. Sib-
bald, retiring Gold Commissioner,
with a handsome silver service.
Four saloons and the eoniique theatre at Knslo have closed since the expiration of the license term, Jan. 15,and
one, the Adams  House baa re-opened,
Excitement over the civic election at
OhilliwaoR on Saturday last, ran so
high that it developed into a riot
towards evening. The riot, act had to
bo road and the mob dispersed. Several arrests have been made.
Tho people of Cody aud many of
Sandon lo the number*of 120 are petitioning  the   Government,   through
Mr. Green, for a grant lo open a trail
from Cody up Cody creek, across the
divide to the source of the south fork
of Kaslo creek.
Four Sandon hotels and one saloon
closed their doors fhis week being unable or unwilling to produce the }250
requited for a renewal for six months.
The Bryan, Atlas and Thistle it is
understood, are closed permanently
The Vancouver and Klondike will
probably renew their licenses.
After a full year of unmitigated iniquity tho Combine has been forced to
close, says the Sandon Payslreak. As
was expected, Iho new council refused
to grant a thrcnlro license for the dive
and iho sbort-frocked fairies have boon
forced lo desist or move lo other purls
in search of pastures new and suckers
Tbe Sandon curling club will send
two rinks to the Rossland Carnival,
as follows: Win. Karr, I). J. Mc-
Liiblaii, Wm. Wilson, Wm. Hood,
skip; A. M. Snnford, Isaac Crawford,
Alex Crawford, M. I.. Grinimcll.
skip. The following hockey players
will represent Sandon at the Carnival l
W. Olitl'o, captain; K. Mood, Waller
Oliffe, 0, Carneyi J. Orawford, 10.
Crawford, F. MoKmnon,
In about three weeks there will be u
meeting of the oredilors of Thomas
Wilson,   of   Trail, for  the   purpose of
j determining the best method of disposing of tlie vast stock.    As nearly as
[call lie eulculiilod, the assets are between S'JH.IIIIIi and   |80,000   while   the
liabilities are but $18,000, Mr. Wilson
[thinks ovory claim will bo  satisfied in
lull. Ho has stockH at Brooklyn,
I Trout   Lake   and   Glenora   mid Tiuil.
Edward Hailloio, of Uossland, is Ihe
I Assignee,
A very peculiar condition of affairs
exists at Knmloops. D. 11. Campbell
! has been elected mayor, but there are
no aldermen to represent wards one
and two. Nobody, apparently, had
SUffloient intorost in the city to bo
nominated   in   those   wards.  Wurd   11
! is represented  by  I).   H,  McLaren,
'while No. 4 has G. Mnnro as alderman. The city will thus be run by
three men. The mailer may bebTOUghl
to the attention of the Provincial
Mr. J Mi Harris, owner of the principal pari of the Sandon fownsite is
having trouble collecting ground rents.
I The   Sandon    Payslreak says;    W.  A.
' Mie'il maid, a Nelson attorney,has been
leinpbycd ov   .1. M, Harris, and spent
1 tin early part of the week in notifying
���those whom Harris   claims   owe  him
ground rent thai (hoy were expected to
pay up or   evacuate.    Immediate  proceedings are threatened against n number who refuse   io   pay  ground   rent,
��� In   the  meantime   the    question   of
title io the towusite is being contested
in four different law suits, on   none of
which judgment   has   been   rendered.
There is minor also of a bill to tie   introduced in the local house at Victoria,
to make the claim of Harris and others
valid   and  to  settle tbe  question  of
title.  The towusite case promises some
interesting developments.
Ice Creepers!
We Have just   received another
consignment    ot"   these   famous
Life and Limb Savers  Call
early.    They won't last long.
fc- _:
��!: FOR   RENT 3
���p- ii Roomed siom- Bouse $Ai iw  ���*
��; 4-Roomod Plastered House - 112 no ^S
gl ������������ 3
Berlin, Jan. 24.���Minister of Interior, Count Pusodnwski Wehner, during the course of the debate on the
home office estimates in the Reichstag,
said Prince Hohenlohe, tho Imperial
Chancellor, was prepared to support
the proposed Antarctic expedition.
He expressed the belief that Germany,
the United Stales and Great Britain
should act eo-iointly in the matter.
GOS\KLL���Horn to the wife of J, H.
Gosueil, Tuesday, Jan. 34, a   son.
SoniepeoplcUiink that a Hardware
store is n poor place to look fin-suitable
Disabuse your mind of that. idea. We
have a line of goods amongst which
will be found the most useful and appropriate articles for presentation purposes. Their value is not Heeling
Every day the receiver of one of these
will have reason to praise your judgment in selecting a lasting gift.
fiEoira Kwe Ci.
importers of
Faints, Oils, Shelf Hardware,
Plumbers' Supplies,
Miners' Supplies
Poes YoUr
Clock Keep
Good  Tiipe? . .
'then send us a post card
or call and we will do the
Pateaaude   Brothers.
Tourist Cars pass Revelstoke dn.il}
to Si. Paul: Mondays for Toronto;
Thursdays for Montreal and Boston,
THllOUUH   TKiKbio   iu   AND   l'HOM   AM
I'AHTH 111' 0ANA0A AND Tilt.
'I'o   Hossland, Trail,   KoIihoii.
II.IOp.ia.-biMiviiH -NELSON-Arrlviw-HUin in
Kootenai ��� i,i,.   khhIo Routs,
Htu. Kokankk
Dxoopt Sunday. Except Huwl iv
1  ii.m.  Leaves -NELSON���Arrives���11 n.n
Kiuiii'iiiiy liivi'r Home
Mini., W'uil., Prl, Tne. Thufl, Sal.
8 a.m.-Loaves���NELSON���Arrives 0.80 p.m.
Milium oonnootlon nl PUol liny with Sir. Ki
knnuH in linlli ilirni'lliniH.
Btoamaraon thrlr rospootlvo routoft ml m
prTnolpal I.iiihIIukh In both Olrootlohl un t
other point* when ninnuiimi.
liuiii i im- mni Intermediate r<>iiii�� vi��
Hliirnn I'll), Hill,
0.80a. m.-UiavoK-NBL80N-ArrlvoHH80p.m,
Ahokhtain Rates
umi lull information   by addressing nosro I
lOOftl iiK"iit, C, K. Ili'ii-by, City Ticket Ag't, or
It. w. DREW, Annul, Nol��o
Tray, Push. Si-, ni,      Hint. I'ukh. Akoi.I,
NoWni Vancouver
LILLIE BROS. Aberdeen Block |
A Treat...
(���Roomed Cottage near  St&nloy
struct, |7S0.
lilliioineil Btotio Cottage $13Kl.
Large Doable Hoime $2000.
����\ K ISY TKKMS.
Just Arrived from the Haple District,
A Fresh Lot of
Maple Syrup
In Tins and Bottles.
Also a shipment of Pure Rock Candy Syrup
in Bottles. Prices very Reasonable, considering the quality	
Headquarters for Dried Fruits. Jams and Jellies
'��� S^ OFFICII VII TOW I ST.. OS Ituim.l ��5
Brewers ol Fine Lager
Beer und Pnvter.
Drop   in   and  see    uh.
B. C
Now filially known as
M.DesBrisay & Co.     creston,
Aberdeen Block,
West Kootenay Butcher Co.
. . FRESH . .
damps BUpplied on shortest notice and Lowes? Prices
Mail Orders receive Careful attention.
Nothing hut fresh and wholesome meats and supplies
kept in stock.
Markets at Nelson and Ymir.
Fisher Station, C.N.P. R'y.
AVest Kootenai Valley, B. 0., nn   line
oi'C.N. P. Hy., and
Nelson & Bedlington Hy., now   under
Information regarding Creston muv
he had of ti KG. M'FARLANl), Agent,
Nelson, or from
Creston Townsite Go,,
CHKSTON.   11.  C.
Merchants' Bank of Halifax.
Incorporated 1869.
Capital Paid Up, $1,500,000, Reserve, ��1,175,000.
Head Office: Halifax, Nova Scotia.
AntiRoninh, N %
HmhurHl, N. h.
HrulRuwii'er, N. H.
(Mmrlottelown. 1*. K. I.
1 JorchesLcr, N. B.
Kreuericlon, K. B.
(JujHboro, N. S.
Grand Korku, B. 0.
liiilifax, N. S.
Kington, js,. B.
Londonderry, N, 8,
Lunenberg, N. 8.
Mull limd, N. II.
Moncton, X. 11.
Montreal, 1'. ii.
Montreal, Wost Knd
Montreal, Weslmount
Nuiiiiinio, B. ('.
Nelson, 11. ('.
Newcastle, N, it.
ptotou, N. a.
Port Hawkabury, N. 8.
ltD'.liuid. H. ('.
3aokville, N, B.
Shubenaoadie, N.8.
Bummeratde. P. K. I.
Sydney. N. S.
SI. .loliii, Nlld.
Truro, N. s,
Vancouver, 11. ('.
Vancouver, Kosi Knd
Victoria, n. C.
Weymoulli, N. H.
Woodstock, N. Ii.
Vmir, B, C.
(ieneral Banking Business Transacted; Sterling Bills of Exchange   Bought
and Sold, Letters of  Credit, Etc., Negotiated.
Accounts received on the In '-I lavoialile teiins.    Interest allowed  on  sjiecial
deposits >uil on Saving Hank accounts,
Nanaimo, Nelson, Rossland, Vancouver, Vancouver East End,
Victoria, Grand Forks, Ymir.
A Suvintrrf Hunk dopattmonl bos been established In connection with the Kelson branch of
this bunk. Deposits of one dollar end upwards received, and current rate of intercut allowed.
ai present ^ per cent, per annum.
Geo. Kydd, Manager, Nelson, B.C.
������������������+��� ������������������������������-���������������������'������������*
%    OYSTER HOUSE.     I
���������������������������������-f ���������������4 ��������������>+ T
��� *
x Short Order Meals %
��� ���
X At Any Time���Day 1
��� or Night. t
���   ���
X A First Class X
��� Dinner Served I
X          From 12 to 2.              t
��� ���
X Y. HOSH1         -         Proprietor. %
��� t
ok   Wkht   KooTBNAV Dihtbict-Wiik::-;
I.OOATKII1���ONK    AND    A     iji   vhtiii    MII.I  ���
Kiio.M Bear Lake and ha_ a mu.k kku.i
tiik icahi.oTrail.
TAKE notice that I, Wilfrid KrunciH Broiiic
liuiii, K. M. t'. No. 210ft I'lcnit for Obarl^f
KlngBley MUbournOi F. M. u. No. idhoa, m-
luiid, sixty diiyM from tho dato horoof, lo Buplj
lo tho .M inn,r Hetrordor for u Corllllnito of lin
tirovi'inoiilH, for the imrpoHo of oMninmi-.,
Crown (iriuil of tho uliovo clulni.
Ami furihor liiko niilloo lluit. ncllon, under
BOOtlon 87, iniisl be oommoncod boforo ho Ih-
BunDOfl of Hiich Corlitlctituof Itii|irovaiiiotntH.
1 i.ii i-.l tbla Mllll tiny of Documhor. I.v.w.
r Real Estate and Insurance Agent. "2
E Two Lots on Mill Street.   $300 Cash. ^
I The Birkbeck Investment,  Security 1
% and Savings Co. %
E advance money pn Itnproved Raal Eitate.    Repayable In 5 and -^
* K years by monthly Instalment!. a
Crow's Nest Pass Coal Co.
$6.25 Delivered to any
part of the city.
Charles St.  Barbe,   Agent.
Olliee with Charles A. Waterman & Co., where
orders will be received.
Great West   Life
Assurance Co.
Money to Loan on Straight
mortgages at H per cent, on
improved properties.
H.   R.   Cameron,
Newly Furnished Booms
At the Omiicy  Blooki   linker ItrtPt.
Until nnd oleoteto linlit. PiicnH ren��on<
Boso Coghlan contemplate u tour In
Buttina Gerard has joined Sam T.
Jack's forecs.
Nanco O'Nell baa gone to Honolulu
with a company.
.Sar.ili Bernhardt has celebrated her
8rty-fo'irlh birthday.
Hilda Spong is tlio new London beauty
at tho New York Lyceum.
Charles Hoyt Is gutting ready for a production of "A Dog In a Manger."
.Sibyl Juhnstoue, who once created a sensation as Iza In "The Clemenceau Case,"
Is dead.
Georgo H. Broadhurst will produce hli
new play, 'The Last Chapter," In Jan-
nary next.
The Theatre de l'CEuvre, Paris, la
���bout to present a version ot "Moasure
For Measure."
Kdna Wullaoe Hopper will star next
eoason in a nm, it- opera that is now being
written for her.
According to the Atlantlo cablo Lillian
Russell Is getting to bo a heavyweight
damn trice, tipping tho beam at lhO pounds.
Junius K. Hackett is the first male star | \\,"o
Daniel  Frohmau bus managud  since he
brought out E. H. Sothern a dozen years
Miss Region Newman, a young soprano
from San Francisco, has mado a hit aa
Rosina at tbe ritadt theater In Lubeo, Germany.
Mrs. Flske bas arranged for four
months' time In New York next season,
Intending to run "Becky Sharp" mostoi
all of the time.
Blanche Walsh Is to appear In a new
drama with Melbourne McDowell, enacting a part whloh the late Fanny Davenport was to have assumed.
Eleonora Duse Is to play "Hedda Gab-
ler," "Nora" and t'rnga's "An Ideal
Wife" this winter In Purls for the first
time, and will be seen in the other roles
of her repertory.
[mines of       1
\     kootenay \
Mining Stock Quotations.
ompileii by H. li. McC'ullnch, mining brok-
Nelson. 11. 0., V. O. box 1115.1
A local negro thief got away with a fistful of gold pons. He is write In it.���Philadelphia North American.
Creek Indians, besides having sohools
and wearing olothes, kill oue another at
elections to remove any doubt of their being civilized.���Exohange.
Don't scold your boy because be doesn't
know his geography lesson. Suppose he
���bould ask you to bound tbe United
States?���Kansas Oity Journal.
It is none too early for Hawaii to file
applications to have a battleship of the
Uultod States named for this country.���
Honolulu Commercial Advertiser.
The Cubans do not want to give up bullfighting, but if thoy onco learn the beauties of Amorlcan football the other will be
too tame for them.���Scranton Republican.
Tho police of Newark, N. J., havo picked
up a man who talks fluently in an unknown tongue, and they aro unable to understand him. Perhaps the fellow Is talking golf.���Chicago Times-Herald.
"Speaking of the complaints against
the weather bureau," remarked the observer of men and things, "it would
doubtless please more people If the government would hlro men to predict what
next yoar's bicycle model will bo like."���
Detroit Journal.
Zangwlll is anothor candid critic of the
American people, a nation that scums to
insplro a wild dosirn on tho pnrt of every
foreigner to transform himself into a
solemn preacher. It Is lucky for these
sermonlzurs that the American is h must
good humored person.
Viuiiu of Company Value.
Nelson, Slocan and Aiuswori.li
American Hoy 1 Oil
Athabasca 100
Arlington Con I oo
Dundee 100
Dardanelles 100
Dellie ion
������'We 100
'���'xcheauer 100
Fern G.M.CO    25
UlbBOll 1 .id
lull Mines  ��1
Wlor 100
London lllll      25
N'rbon-Ponriiiun    115
K.i-lu Miiiiic/iimii         UK)
\ulilc Five 100
Humbler Con  loo
Slooan Slur    50
Two Friends    30
Wonderful  loo
Washington 100
Trail Creek
llutte 100
Caledonia Oon   100
i 'ominander 1 00
Deer Park 100
Knterprlse 100
Kirckn Consolidated i on
KvcniiiK Star 1 IK)
Georgia 100
Good Hope 100
Grand Prize  100
Giant 100
HiKhOre ������ 100
Iron Mask 100
lion Colt 101)
.liiinho 100
l.ilv May 500
Mayflower 100
Mcuiiii 100
MontoCristo 100
Mugwump ��� 1 "0
Novelty J 00
Phoenix 1 00
Poorman ...100
lied Mountain View 100
llnssland  Homoetako 1 00
Hossland Red Mountain 1 00
SUverine 100
silver Bell 100
St, Wmo 100
Virginia 100
Victory-Triumph  100
War Eagle Oon 100
W. st be Hoi Josio 100
White Bear 100
Alpha Boll 100
Cariboo ICampMoK) ioo
Waterloo iCamp McK) 100
Cariboo Hydraulic Con 5 00
I'liiinno      25
(I .1 leu Cache 100
O'O. M, & M. Co 1 00
lid Ironsides  100
-'miurgior l iKi
Tin Horn..    25
Van Andu 100
Wlnonestor       25
Fire Mountain  ���100
1 20
1 25
3 20
��� 2:
1 50
Stiff hats oover a multitude of soft
The more some people tell you the less
you know.
Tho imi runs of a dime museum have
but little faith in signs.
Logic proves ar disproves nil things, but
It doesn't accomplish any of them.
Tho poverty of n girl's father has caused
many a man to remain a bachelor.
When u man makes up bis mind to
marry, ho uses more or less fiction.
About tho hnrdest thing for a colored
man to understand is a negro dialect
'there mny be a tlmo for all things, but
tho wiso man only tackles ono thing nt a
A doctor may e ivu a patient bopo, but
he cbiirgeu for thu time it Hikes him to
give It.
A woinun seldom throws ut anything
until sbi) Is so tuad that she can't suo
It's Unnecessary for a man to bo n brilliant conversationalist In ortlor to hold his
own in solllui|iiy
The king of Portugal while engaged In
conversation bas a habit ul' continually
��� napping bis lingers.
The king of lliirotseliiiid Is n tremendous swell, lie dresses 111 alnng blue
dressing gown trlnilllutl with mil linilil,
trousers and shirt. On bis head he wears
a scarlet hlitbteap.
Queen Victoria lias recently accepted
plans for artlslle leahonses to be erected
on i noil . surrounding Buliuoral and commanding lliiii views. Tin) roofs will be
thatched with   heal her, and  each cottage
will   lain  a sitting room, a dressing
room and a dining room.
Emperor William uses the largest visiting cards of any member of Europe's royal families They ore of heavy can!, (1
Inohes long and 4 Inches Wide, On tho
upper lino is tlie single word "Wllbelm,"
and nn lhe second lino aro thu wiiiiIh,
"Dentsulior Kulsurtind Kuenlgvuu I'ruiia-
A cup of chopped celery stirred Into the
dressing Intended for stuffing a duck Imparts to the flesh a Savor much like that
of a wild one.
In baking cakes or genu, in gem pans, if
there In not enough batter tn llll all tho
little pOUS, put water Into thn empty ones
before Netting in tlie oven tu bake.
Rico contains mure nutriment than any
other fund, besides being the easiest to digest. Most uf us nu in it nil tho claims
made fur It, but refrain from using It on
our tables, unless as the basis for an Insipid pudding.
Homemade i���� cream sometimes turns
out buttery, tn thu dismay and surprise of
the producer. To prevent this condition
It  Is  obligatory thnt tho scalded ami un
beaten oreani should be uut together and
thoroughly chilled huforo the dasher of
|he frnnzor Is turned.
Subscrite for The Miner
New York,
nkevs'.    10;
Lead   firmer;
$ I 22 to   *4.31
<J-J iiO lo |25.
Inn. 24���Oopper strong
exchange,   \5%  to 16.
bvukeis', $4  exobange,
Till. Rtrong.   Straits,
Plates, firm.
Vinir, .Tun. 2!!.��� The past few days
.nut tomorrow form an eventful epoch
in tlie history of thin cuinp, two of
'lie principal mines of the district
commencing operations, which menu
immediate shipping of ore, and, what
is bettor, dividends in the near future
The big 40-stampmill nt the Yniir mini
is practically in running order, open
iiiK up yesterday with 10 stamps, Tl e
other Stamps will bo dropped sonic riiiy
this week, The ciinccntriitor at the
Dundee miue is also completed, and
will be started tomorrow with appropriate ceremonies, Mr and Mrs. J.
Ij. Parker are already iu the town,
and other offloers of the company.
Messrs O. Dundee, \V. A. Galliher, E,
Kennedy and (J. Parker, arc expeotetf
in today.
The oilier mines in the district are
linking well. The Taiiiiiruek is working as is also the Blaok ('nek. Mr.
Darey was obliged last week to Ibrov
up tne shipping bond on the lilue.i
Oook owing to inability to obtain the
llliiiiiciiil backing lie had been led to
expect, and the owners, Messrs. Anilei
tiuil  .Iiilien,   have taken the   properly
nick, and   me   pushing   work   vigoi
ouslv. They hope to recommence ship
ting on Wednesday.
(in the Poroupine Greek the Rio
Grande is tlm scene uf renewed activity, the company having put u force oi
our men to work oil thai property
Work has been discontinued OU tin
itiu Graude since last spriug, bul will
now be aotivolv proseoutori, Mr, lJhii
iVlule is now working the Wil oj,
group near the Black Uook, whieh lay
idle lhe greater nan Of lust year, This
is a free milling proposition, anil Mr
While has ordered a Hislump mill
whieh   will   be   in   Operation  as soon
as the machinery on ii be got upon the
MoSSIS. Fiii'liiui'ii ami M I.v. surveyors of Kaslo, passetl through tlm town
on Friday bound lor tho Yellowstone
mine near Salmo, where they hit now
surveying the tfellowstoiin, Wolf and
Moiwitii/. friieiioii, Hie olnlms which
constitute  ihn    Yelliiv.sinne    group
(loo I aeetniiils nre henril I'l'uni thu Yil-
l twstoiiOi on which ii or IB men are
kept steiuliiv employed,
�� -   # *
Mr.  A.  II.   Kelly, of lhe   Kxi'lioiiuor,
paid a visit ii) tiie property on Holiday, He reports work as progressing
favorably In both shaft ami tunnel,
"'lhe shaft is now down about !IH
foot" stiitl lie lo a Nelson Dally Miner
reporter yesterday, "and is lu pay ore
irom top to bottom,   The pay  screak
reliiilis ils usiiiil width of iiboul a,1 ,j
flint. The men wero breaking down
llio lodge in tho shaft yeslertliiy, and
wiiilc I was there���about two bourn���
look out over a Ion of high grade ore,
and had two Ioiih move of the same
eharai'tei' of ore ronily In take out, all
Of which will average over |70 Iii the
ton. Work in lhe tunnel is being driven at a rate of a fool a (Jay aud wo expect io get iii iii ibe ore einite iii about
80 days   lime.     Wii   will   begin  ship
ping about Mulch   I, "
*   *   *
Col,   B,   W,   Rny, of Port Arthur,
spent a few days in Sandon last week,
ill lhe interest of Iho company that lie
represents. While in the Blooan be
arranged for extensive operation to bo
pushed on the Mollis Gibson nml other
properties he is Interested in, and   in
oiilcnlillly    iiiihIu    nil ellori  In get hold
uf Silver mountain properties, An
etTor Ih (tin : mi do In form a syndicate In i po ate all   Hie   pi'upei'iles nil
this mountain,
The Bltieun   Slur has be '(impelled
to make a temporary luy oil of CUinuu,
half its   force.    The   flume  has  burst I
and tho mill is short of water.
The big chimney at the Trail smelter |
will be finished   in a few days.    It  is
175  feei    nigh.    Six   new   Bruckner
furnaces for roasting   lead ores are being added to this smelter.
Kuinor has it that another deal is
about to be oonsumated on the Mollie
Hughes properties.
(j. H. Dawson has purchased the Fidelity Fraction adjoining the Fidelity. It has the best timber in the vicinity.
Messrs. Hicks and Welsh, of Slocan
City, are developing the Mary Durham, adjoining tho Mollie Hughes
gmup. They report a good showiug
The Wakefield aud Vancouver, the
big shipping miues of Four Mile, to-
gelher shipped five carloads of ore last
week. The late heavy snow has put
the roads in excellent condition tor
ore hauling.
It is rumored in Three Forks that
Major Furlong has sold a four-fifths
interest in the Black Grouse claim ou | f_g order
the North Fork ot Carpenter Creek for
JUO.OOO, retaining a one-fifth interest.
A wagon road is spoken of from
Three Forks up as far as the Dolly
The Sandon Miner's Union is the
first labor union to receive a charter
from the Provincial government. Spec-
ial legislation was required before
the Union could be incorporated.
The Aiitoine has been closed down
entirely an I the gang all laid off.
Tho recent strike made in the Dardanelles continues to improve and the
mine is making some heavy shipments.
Five cars have been shipped this
A deal is ponding for the Sunrise
claim, adjoining the Mascot, on the
Kuth Lodge. The Ruth company is
buying the property from Mike Ker-
lin. The price is stated at $18,000.
P. Stratford and Eric Ferguson havo
been let the contract to push work oo
the Enterprise. The No. 1 tunnel,
now iu 25 feet with ore iu the face,
will be pushed 200 feet further, aud
the main raise between the intermediate and No. 4 tunnels will ho continued to connect these openings. The
work proposed and now under contract, will not be finished until late in
May.    Eight men will he employed.
The Britishers who have been dickering for the Big Enterprise mine, on
Ten Mile, have come to a full stop and
the deal is off. says the Sandon Pay-
streak. The reason for this is not
known hero. So far as the assays and
reports were concerned, everything
was distinctly favorable This is only
one o? several attempts made to secure
this property, but the would-be purchasers always flunk at the critical moment. The owners of the Enterprise
will work the mine themselves, though
with a small force. Operations will
be continued to the No. 1 tunnel and
the raise from No. II, aud these will he
extended under contract. Much had
b 'ou expected of the present negotiations, the aucaoesstul termination of
which would have set the whole creek
.mil vicinity in motion.
General Teamsters.
for B. G, Oil Co.
(Standard Oil Co.)
Anthricite Coal.
First Class Fir
Cut any length
One car  of. Fresh
Spokane Lime just arrived.
Office Cor. Baker _ Hall Sts.
Telephone  38.       Jg ���������
Painting and
Fancy Work.
Mr��. F. A. Tamblyn, Vernon st.. is prepared to
take pupils In painting on Sal in. GlasB and Canvas. Also lessons given in all branches of latest
fancy work. I >rdera executed promptly and
at reasonable price-.
Negligee Shirts.
I have a Big Stock that must be sold.
They are Good and will go at  Bot
tom Prices. ...
J. A. GILKER, - P. 0. Store
For Next io Days
Line of Tea Sets of Dishes
Containing 40, 44, and 56 Pieces at
20 Per Cent. Discount.
���CI.AI.    ESTATE   AMI    INSlltAM'i:   AUENT
 Republic Stooks for Sale-	
1,000 Bryan and Sowall 5 cts
1000 Maxwell... 2 cts
I00O   Munroe  3 cti-
500 Standard  Sit-
1000 Little Cariboo (Boundary) 3 cts
iiOOOTolodo  11 cts
lOUOIUberty 3} ot*
Wince Tururr-Horekli itlmU. N,l��oii. ii. C
Geo.    Holbrook,
City Scavenger,
All kinds of day and night Scavcngerlng
Work promptly dono. Chimney Sweeping
Box 232.   Leave orders at M. DesBrisay's.
Groceries and Crockery
The following in a list of oro shipped
nvi r tho K. & S. from Sandon for tho
weak ending January 20: Lust
Ohnnce, 180; Reoo, 20; Bnphire, 18.
T itiil. 148 tous.
Tin' following lira tlm oro shipments
sMi tlm O. P K. for tlm weok midinu
J.m. 20:   Piiyno, 240.    The   ore   sliip-
'Uts f mni Three Forks for tho week
Budiug Jim.    7.   were: Queen  Buss,
Tlie following is a statement of ore
shipped from Whitewater for tho week
I'lidniK .Inn   20: Whitewater, Oil; Jackson, 15. Total, 108 tons.
*   #   #
A Toronto paper observes that
though confidence in Kootenay miues
lias lieen a plant of slow growth in
London, it has proved a liurdy oim.
I'wo bin and promising companies
were flouted there but year,and Kootenay shares hnve been rising in Liin-
on. It is expected that tho year 1891)
will he a bright one in the history of
���-���ihl and silver mining iu Southern
llritish Colombia.
llflcrolouli'iil Hi'iiml.
-tor' nt Inns
hy A. 11. Iloldlch.
��� All:
KB 1'
nil IS
Iiiii HI
���/* IKI
Inn 111
Inn 21
4:1 n
inn 92
J 1.0
0 00
nn "3
���ill II
.Inn 21
I mini llllll on liullli linn,im ,1 Time.
i\ kht Bound
l.i'iiveri linlly
d,01 a. m.
i.:n a. in.
180 i>, in.
.) I., a. in.
n. in.
Ill i'�� a. in.
nr.'.'i ii, in.
in lla. in.
>n liln. in.
Arrive Dully
I., lives Dally
ILIiiia. in.
11:15  "
Arrivo Dal
SIal Ions
Hiinlh Knrk
Hilar l.nkn
M ��� l: 11 i i ��� j i ��� i
l'n) no Tram
i i,'l> J'lni't.loii
Kami Ilin'Nii
Arrive Dally
8.50 p.in
8.80 p.m
1.15 p.m.
8.10 p.m.
'.'.mi p.m.
I i.'i p in.
lljjl p.m.
1,18 p.m,
1,15 p.m.
Bin linn
Arrlvii Dully
ll:in n.m.
UnU "
l.navn Dally
Timi' (laid in elTeof Jiiliniiiy   llrd,   1HIW
160 !UTcn land, some Improved, valued at $16
por AOl-i only ono htilf hour's ride from
Spokane, on the 8. F. & N. rail way, near the
town of Deer Paik. Al^o 69| acres of nico fruit
land only 11 mllen from Vancou\ or, M.C.on the
North Arm, valued at $iioper sore. Will bake
part, cash und pari improved Nelson property
without iiicumbcrance.   Address
M. MAItKKSOX. Slocan City.
Capital l'nld up     ....     18.000,000
Hunt        -        - ... 1,800,000
II. S. Ilowlaml, 1'riw.   T. It, Merrill, Vino Pro*
Wiii.Itam.NiT,      Ilunhltyan,      ltobl .Intl'riij,
T. Bulherland Siayncr       Kllas Hoger*.
Head Offlco, Toronto.
D. R. W1LK1K, General Manager.
E, HAY, Inspector,
Iii iiivlim In all pi I ii< Mini iiii, i iiiiii lowim
In    Ontario   and IHiirinr
'.triini In s     In       Mnnlfiiiiii,     Xurlhwrnl
Trrrllorlm nml tlrlllHb < slmiililu.
WiNNiPKi), Man. PoiiTjioK La Phaihik. Man.
Buandon, Man. Cauiaiiy,   Alia.  Phincb Al.-
HKiiT,      Hank.        Edmonton,      ;aiih.
Vancquvru. H.      C.   BOOTH      Kdmonton.
Nelson, d. t:.  Rbvblstokk, h. c.
Akoiiih in Great llril.nln -Lloyd's Hank. Ltd.,
72 Lombard street. London, with whom money
may ho deposited fur transfer by letlor or cable
to any part of Canada.
Ni:i,sns  BRANCH.
Loiters of Credit issued on AlaskaCominor-
i.inl Co. payable at St, Miehaol's, Alaska, anil
Dawson City.
Drafts Sold, available al all points In Can-
d... United StnloKand Kiirnim.
letters of erodlt Issued, avallahlo In any
part of tbe world.
rinviiiKH hank Department Doposlt* of tl
and upwards reeelvod ami interest allowed.
Dehoi lures���Mnnleipnl and other drben-
liires |.iii-iliii..i-il,
Money Orders issued payable at any Hunk
lli.ii'i. r'nili-r ��lu. ��������: im to S2U, lOe;
*2il to *I0, I2c; $30 to $.MI, lie,
J.   M.   LAY.   MANAGER.
0i80 mn.���Train leaves 0,1'. R. Btntloi
fur iiinin line ai il Intermediate pi'inlH via bloOHtl
Lake mute ''ailv.
K;i)() nm. ���8,8, Moyie lOAVRBfor Knot
rnay 1,'iI'k anil way points
Monday, VVudnenday ami
i):|0 ii.m. Train li'iivi-H N. St K. R.
HtiiLinii I'or UiihmIiiiiiI, Hjio-
kiuie nml wuy polnta iliuly.
10:1)5 a.m.- H. H. Infrrniiliniiiil anivi's
from Kaslo nml way points
ilnily PX0G|i| Hsinilay.
11:1X1 n.iii. B. B, Knluuii'i' aii'ivi's friuii
KiihUi nml wny pnlnlidally
OXOept Hiinilny.
4:00 p.m.���B, B, Kokauee leaves foi
KiihId   nml    way    polutB,
daily, I'xrrpf Hninlny .
���iiiiii p.m.- h. s. International loaves
tot Ratio ami way points,
iliulv OXOOpt Hiiiuiny.
Train arrives N. iv, V. s.
station,     from    Spokanr,
Rossland and wny points,
H. H Moyie arrives from
Kootenay 1<'<1'k and wny
points, riirsilays, Thurs<
ilayn and riutiii'dnys.
0i40p.ni.- Train leaves 0. P. It. stn-
liuii   for   Kiilmiiii,  Trail)
Hossland, i'ii', daily.
5(80 p.m.
0:50 p.m.
Huulli li'ml. North I;   n
llenil down Itoad up
Hunt Lvs. Il.:ill a.m.  KiihId    H.lill p.m.  Iloal Ar
"      "    7.HO   " Alnsworlh 7.Ill	
"     "    Him  " I'llol May (LRU	
"      "    H In   "    lliilfoiir   11.110	
Ii.l'i   " fi Mil.' l'l. 8.1	
10.80   "    NuIhuii    1 iln    "        "   l.v
10l80 p.m.
Train  arrives  ('.   P, If.
Hl.ntioii IViilii Iiii.ill lini' and
iiili'iiiii'iliiili) points via
Slui'i ii Lake route daily.
Train arrives ('. P. it. sin-
lion, from KosnIiiiiiI, Truil,
tlobtOni i'l<:.. dnily.
Steam i.hkh Kaslof Angeronai Hod
Hi nr, Heroules, Burprlse nnd others
ply iiii Kootenay lake to nml Prom s<-\
son, Inn. have no regular times of nr-
Conni'i'.ls with N.&- I''. H. Railway train for ,.|Vnl mill ilopi illire.
Hpukare. leiivlnn KlVfl Mllii Pulnl ill. VIM a.in.
riii'iniiers leiivn Knslo I'lly wharf nl foot of Bra Transportation Companion aro riniuosloil lo
Hlrenl.   Hiihjiiol tOOnlingO wllhoul notloo. ulve notion lo the Minor of any alloratloiiH In
llOllKltTlltVINd  Managor IheUmoof irrlval anddonarturo from Nolson.
Ml   Communications relating- to British Columbia business
to be addressed to P. O. Drawer 505, Nelson, B.C.
J. Roderick Robertson,
General Manager
S. S. Fowler, E. M.,
Mining" Engineer
$6.75  PEH   TON,   DELIV BRkD
Orders   received  at   Frank    Fletcher's    Office,   Corner  of
Kootenay  and   Baker  Streets.
General Agent
P. BURN5 & CO.
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants
Branch Ma1, kets in Rossland, Trail, Nelson, Kaslo,
Sandon, Three Forks, New Denver and Slooan City
Orders by mall to any branch will have careful and prompt attention.
So. D.J,Christie I
fi-Hniiii Cottnxe
8-RontD Umi.,"
���KifK)  ���
ia no ���
2-Lot c mar, twohmirea - *nioi)
2 Lot Oiiruer        ��� ���      500
60-Pi ol Dot, Viriiiin ht-,   -   1
iiiiii ��
800 X
Aberdeen Block, l
ah iiiui.iiiH uvii I'liuiiiiiiDii 1.null 1 buying
Unco Mining mni Miiiini'. Ciiiiipiiny, Liiniii'il.
Hlwik (l��rllllniilc�� Niik, H9, ?i:i. Hi, Bilfl nml Wll,
In fiivni'iif I,. K, lliiiik: Nn. ���'���li In fiivor of I..
I'uliii'Kiin, nml Nn. ais In fiivurnf H. T. Arlliur,
Hulil I'lirlllli'iiIdH Wore nliliilniiil liy fiiiuil nml
will tint lio riiiliiiiiiuiil.
F. T. ICKtiliY, HoiTDliiry.
The York County Loan & Sav-
ings Co., ol Toronto.
Hiiii��iiriiii,ii Capital, ��8,000,000) Total AH��ut,
Paid Deo, mm, 1460,100.091 Not Bamlngn tor 'Hi,
110,980.84, JiiHupli Phllllp��, I'riiHi A.'l'. Iliinio ,
viiM'-ri'iwi v, Robin, Troaiurort ic. Hurt,
fi. K. BROADHURST, Supfc, fop
Knnii'iiiiyK, Rowland, ll. 0.
C.L. MILLS, Ag't for Nelson.
A(|.inl��  will null and oxplaln tha nyitom.
Spokane Falls db
Northern R'y.
Ne'son  & Fort
Sheppard R'y.
Red Mountain R'y.
The only all rail route without ohang
of oara between Nubum and Roasland and
Spokane and Rossland.
Leave 9.40 a.m. NELSON Arrivo 5-30 p.m
"   11:55 "   ROSSL'D    "     3:10
"    8.30 a.m. SPOKANE   "   6.30 p.m
liuiii Unit ImiviiH Mellon at 9:40 11 m
n iikim cIdhu oiiiiiiiiutiiniH at Spukiine (01
nil Pnolfla CwiHt Polnta,
Paaaenaera fur Kettle River and Bound-
my (Hoiik.ooiiiiiol ul Mhiouh withKtHKn
('. CI. DIXON, CI. P. AT A.
Hpiikiiiin   WiihIi
Auint.Ni'lHiui, B, <!.
Purchased and payment made as soon
after receipt of ore as
samples can be assayed .
Quotations given
upon the receipt of


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