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Nelson Daily Miner Feb 20, 1900

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pa;iy Edition No. 656.
Nelson,  British Columbia, Tuesday, February jo, i
ih V
i-1 in   *, ear
They Seem to Be Getting In
Their Fine Work
Tiie -"Government Supposed to
Have Most Important
Royal   Canadian   Regiment German  Officer   Writes an
Finds Plenty of It
In Do.
London, Fob. 20.-13:80 a. m.-The
War oiiiiv "I mWnlght nnnounoed
,!,'���, j,  had nothing  turthi'i- for  the
pnblio from ���*!��***1* At'*ica* '" ,1"' ,<',v
Lie-, of tlio House at Commons last
evening, however, it wan rumored tlmt
General Cronje's army was suironnd-
,,il, Unit General Frenoh had not be-
tivi't'ii lhe Boer foioea and Bloemton-
lein and Unit h.' wns only waiting re-
iiiiou-i'inHits to eloso iu oo tho enemy.
No fiinlirmiition ot thin runior ih
iilitniiutl'li'. although tlie goiieia] idea
Is that the government lias received
important iiispnt<*lifHv
London, Feb. 20.���(8*48 a. in. )-A
menilii'i' im 'be cabinet told Mr. II.
Vi. Lucy tonight thnt the war ollli'i*
lnnl received n telegram announcing
iliat General Oronje ��ih hopelessly
inrroonded. Mr. Wyndham was besot
by undone members of tho House hnt
would 1'iily reply tbal Ihe Government
nous wns I'M" nii'ly satlafaolory, The
nli' esplmiatinn n( tho government
withholding Rood news in that confirmation and more details nre awaited. The situation as discloaed hy correspondents over thn Free State bordoi
li taiitiiii/iiiK to the pnblio expects
ilnii. The elementary (now are that
Hit Boew urn trekking eastward to-
wanls Bloeinfonteln with flow moving
bURg-ge trains and ihat thoy aro rnr-
unfil I'V Lord Kitchener with liencrttl
Ki'lly -Kenny s division.
lu'llc.-'.ll '���  .duliald    with    tUf High
land us made a forced inarch in Koo-
doosberg Hand Kurd aud ou Sunttuv
rushed twi'idy milis eastward. General French left Kimberley Saturday
RolnR east along  the Modder  River,
herd Kitchener is tning to outmarch
and to OOtflink the Boors thun check-
ini: tholr retreat if possible, and driving tliein hack into th" hnwls oi Mno-
dnunlil aud Frenoh.
Tin* war office message c.tnmnni-
rated lu Mr. Lucy snouis lo indicate
tlmt lard Kitchener lms either not
ahead ot lhe Hoers or is abont to real-
Ite In- iiiun and that tho war office
wans m announee a deoiaive result.
Meanwhile Oornmandant Delarej with
tlm Hoer- from Ooletburg is banging
on the right Hunk ol the British pursuing column* seeking to delay their
movement, nnd so to assist the wagon
train- tn escape. Students of topography think tlm Boers will hardly risk
a Unlit ontil they get iutn the rough
country mirth nf Bloemfontein.
A Daily Mail correspondent who
WM With the British convoy attacked
I'.v tho Boeti nt B->it Kiver Ford, wires :
"Ultimately tho British abandoned
the convoy, In order to not chtok the
���dvanoe. Thus 200 wagons nnd 000
low Ol stores fall into tho linnils of the
beers, though it is doubtful if they
Will he able lo carry them away."
London, Feb. iu.-___o p. m.���The
War Offloe hai received the following
dl-patob from General Duller: "Chiev-
"'"J -amp, Keb. lD.-Yestorday moved
and found enemy's ftnuk. Tbo
���.ueiins, who bad blvoucked 011 tho
Boithern dope of Olnoglo -Toned the
"ell uml, supported by the second
wlgade under Hildyard, aaaaolted
""1 TOO- tbe southern oud of the
Monte ObristO. The fourth brigade nu
Jhelrttoftb. western slope nnd the
welsh Fnilleen, supported by the
'ixth brigade, assaulted the western
Hunk o| tho enemy'h position while the
M nul brigade onvnlry on the extreme
Hgbl watched the eastern slope of
Monte ChrlltO and drove hack those of
the enemy who attempted to escape
Wm onr artillory fire. Assaulted by
��avy artillery lire on their Iront anil
"i��ik' and attacked on their flank
""' "'���a; the  enemy  mado  but slight
1 and abandoned their  strong
1   l,|oni  and were driven  acrosB  tho
���>_�����.   I   hav��  taken several ramps,
���wagon lima of ammunition, several
w��_om ,,1 . ,���,,.�� und supplies and a
WW prisoners, The weather is in-
""*����� lmt, nnd tho ground traversed
was exceedingly difficult, hut the ou-
l_W*jm<l dash of thu troopa baa been
1 ontlnuwt en t ourtn Page.
Are in the Thick of It With
General Lord Roberts'
HIV VSSOC1 \'l|-,l) 1*111388.1
Montreal, Feb. 111.���The Star's
correspondent with the lirst Canadian
contingent cables: "Moddor River,
Feb is.���The Royal Cnnudlan Regiment is In the midst of tho hard work
involved in the advance of Lord Robert's column. It limv be because of
the evidence given liy onr men during
their stay sit Belmont, hut it seems as
if we get onr share ol nil hard woi k
that is going. We I"1' Oraspan with
the Nineteenth Brigade of tho Seventh
Division on Tuesday Inst and thnt
day marched thirty miles to Wege*
raafl Drill. There wo wero enabled
to render Invaluable services by haul-
iug the uiival twelve-pounders across a
dillieulr drift (in Friday wo marched on lo Jaoobadal, then on to Klip-
[ontein where we arrived ou Saturday
morning after (he drift had been captured.
'As Cnnimnndnnt Cronje's army hud
retired op Modder River on Friday
night the sixth Division, followed by
the Highland Blignde, runrobed ncroxs
the country to Kliprunl Drift where
the Boers er, sed lhe rivf.r. The Nineteenth Brigade with the Canadians
left Klipionttiii lasl night b) forced
march to cntob up to Hie Highland
Brigade and the Sixth Division, which
are trying to intercept the Boer aiuiy.
Alter the Canadians left tho rear
guard, the convoy of wagons of
food was attacked by n large force or
the enemy with Iwo guns. Our
iruspe "v.-*'t all morning until they
were ordered to abandon the wagons
hy Lord Roberts.
���The Canadians had only left lbe
plaoe 11 few bouts when the attack wns
made and so we escaped tho surprise.
Onr men an' standing the fatigue
anil intense licit with great pluck, and
their enthusiasm is most contagions.
Out long marches nre 1 nlivened by
Canadian songs in both French and
English and all are eager for battle in
which thev ean prove their mettle.
Heat and dust aro dreadful but we
are well. "
Interesting Letter from
Formerly  a  Major   in   the
Kaiser's Army���Is Now
With tho Boers.
From an exchange The Miner takes
the following interesting letter Wtiten
by a German officer who was lately a
Major of tho -2nd Infantry of the
Kaiser's Army, aud is uow a Colonel
on tho general staff of the Boors who
nre beleaguering Ladysmith, "As
yon very well know (he says), in
muuy mat'.ers the Knglish nre a practical peoplc.aud in those matters which
concern them privately they exhibit a
shrowCnoss and an energy which is re-
innrkulilo nnd woithy of high praise.
it is tho more remarkable that in
matters "-ith regard to tbe praotico
of war these good qualities desert
them, I have now been for teu W3eks
employed in the operations against
the Knglish generals, Syinous, White
and Buller���and so unsystematic, nre
the proceedings���so unpractical, so
illogical, and in consequence so nnpro-
lific, of these generals, n�� equally ure
those of the Baron Methnen���that I
cannot refrain from regarding them
with senseless wonder. In this extraordinary war ihe enemy's generals
bave behaved iu 11 uiannor which must
seem incredible to those who hnve not
been here to seo for  themselves.
"But let inn leave generalities, nud
come to faots. When tho (.ioverninent
nt Pretoria had sure information from
Dr. Leyds that Lord Salisbury and
Mr. Chamberlain burl mnde their plans
for sending to Natal a reinforcement
of some infantry battalions, Colonel
Kohner, lnte of tho 14th Field Anil
lory, nnd myself went down to the
Knglish colony, nAd reninined there
until a week after tbe issue of the ultimatum by President Kruger. Thus
we were able to bring back a useful
report npon almost every point affecting tbe resources, organization, and
morale of onr future opponents. Al-
though we   lived   nearly three mouths
11 liidysniith, Piotorinnritzhnrg and
Durban, we, strange as it does now
seem, were never recognized or tbe
leiist suspicion raised as to the real nn-
ture oi our business. 1 should like to
hear what some of our good comrades
Bt Kiel, Striishnrg, or other of onr
frontier fortified towns would think of
the chances of a couple of French officers taking dp their residence for some
months in a German military centre
when war was impending with France
ud remaining undiscovered.    Apropos
of Frenoh   "Ulcers,   Major  C , formerly of the French   Foreign   Legion, 1
was sent   upon   a   similar   mission to
Oape Town.    Being   au   Irishman   he
soaped attracting the slightest inconvenient notice. Truly the English ore
the most unsuspicious of peoples muter
the sun.
"Wo are a cosmopolitan band of good
lirothers-in-arms here around Ladysmith. There is lirst iu rank General
Count Georges Yillebois de Moureull,
who was lately colonel commanding
ihe lirst  regiment   of the  far-famed
Foreign Legion of the French African army. This distinguished nllicer
Hiienks our own language very well, as
ulso he does English. He treats US
Germans ��vilh marked courtesy, as,
indeed, does all of his confreres, numbering .11. Some of these aro territorial
ollicers, and I must confess, iu professional iinulilioatiims the*,, iu my opinion, rank far below those of   our   ser-
Major General the Subject of
Discussion in the Dominion House.
Sir Wilfrid Laurier Tells Why
He Left Canada for
the Front.
Montreal, Feh 1<I.-Tonight the Victoria h..okey team of Winnipeg left
Montreal tor tha west and were given
a send oil' by the members of the S A.
A. nnd Shamrock Hockey club. For
thn benefit of those people who nre interested in the Bnanolal returns of lbe
three matches played nt tbo Arena
betwoen the Victorias nnd the Shniii-
rocks the following figuies nre furnished: First nintcb, receipts amounted
to |1,0B1.50; second match, .8,166.80;
third match, $2,1411.15. Uf the lirst
two matches each club raccived one-
sixth of tho gross up to 11,800, nnd
each received a third of the amount
ubove that figure. In tho last match
the Arena took u per tent and each
olub ono fourth. Each club therefore
receives 91,808.67 as its shnro of the
total receipts.
Winnipeg, Feb. Hi.���The concluding
games in Ihe Winnipeg curling bonspiel will be played tomorrow. Chambers, of Manitou, lias only lost one
gume of II plaved and is in the -enn-
Qnall of the Walkervilla and the New
Vork Life Ur.iud Challenge events.
McLean.   Ilollau-1    and   Baritone,   ol .
Winipeg, Bower, of Wawaucsa, and ____ta O retired ollicers of the
(!l���.l,��*r of Maui ton. are thn fours left .French active army, there are at pres-
��� ' ,,. (.r���n,l Challenge. The Walker- cut on the pay rolls fourteen. High
vl is between Sank,-, Bos.-ci_.uin. are w-.th old Mr. Jonberr, three with
McKen-ie, I.1..01. onr friend Albr.cht, who ,s keeping
the Baron Meihuen amused, and the
Others are in charge of the nmmuni- I
tion supplies, a dntj which cannot:   be j
Chalmers, Manitou,
Ud Youhill, of  Winnipeg.    Tlie Caledonian is between Copper, Huilner and
Uniibnr, Winnipeg Tnislles ;  Sparling, ,
Pottage la Prairie,Georgeson, Pitblado | entrusts
ami Hartstone, of Winnipeg Granites
Hamilton, Feb. ni.��� Oo. E. Tnok*
ett, proprieto. of Tuokatt & Sous Co.,
manufacturers of tobacco, died early
this morning from pneumonia afier
loss than a week's illness. Mr. Tuck-
ert was boru in Kxeter, Bng., in I888
nnd caino to Canada in 1848. I'*aily
| in life bo entered npon his business
career and at his death was the head
of tbo linn of Geo. K Tuckett & Co.
He was Mayor of limn ill 00 iu !___���
to Boei ollicers, in OOIIBS-
qnenoe of their utter want of method.
"Ibe ammunition supply has been
very well looked after op to lbe pres
cut. and only oil two ccensloiis here at
tins siege hnve W�� been allowed lo run
���borl of shell, nnd in each ol these
cueg it was the Hoers who were to
blame. Von Roseufeldt nud Fried
Mnlloron by the Inst steamer,   The,
former has been sent to join Albrecht,
Bnd the other, who brought here a
Welcome addition to our mess of 10,000
Continued oil fourth l'imo.
isi'l-.i 1 IL TO THH Ml\i:it.i
Ottawa.Feb.il).��� When Geueral Hut-
ton will have an opportunity of reading tniluy's proceedings iii the House
of Oniniuni]8 he will have wished that
be bad been saved from bis friends.
In reply to Colonel Prior, Sir Wilfrid
Luurier said that no order-in-connoil
hnd been passed dismissing Hut ton or
calling npon him to resign bis position
and therefore his excellency was not
askeo to sign any snch order. A com-
rnunicntion was sent to the colonial
authorities lint he was not in position
to disclose its contents to the House.
Colonel Prior put tho fallowing
question, "Hns the attention of the
government been called to the following words used by Major-General Hut-
ton in a speech delivered by him at a
far well dinner tendered to him on the
I4th instance bj the ollicers of the Ottawa brigade, ���[ have used my utmost
endeavors to ctnnto n national militia
army worthy of the responsibilities
which nre peculiarly its own and
which, to ensure success, must lie
placed upon a plane above all possibility of party political intefrerence us
regards its personal and its military
machinery. 1 should, however, feel
more hopeful of the future of Canada
if the government had even shown an
active interest ill our recent efforts for
a higher eilicieucy or indicated their
approval of principles upon which
our oforts are based. 1 would ask
you, However, in all seriousness, not
ti suppose that tbe severance of my
ties with you nre due tn petty niisnn-
dcrstiiiidiiips with the minister of militia npon minor issues of appointments
or disciplinary matters bnt that it is
one n broader, wider and vastly more
important issues.' It is true that the
government has not approved of the
policy of the major general command
ing. as set forth above. Can the Government inform this house what was
tho cause of the disagreement between
them and I he major general''*
Sir Wilfrid Laurier : "Yes. Tbe attention of the government has been
drawn to that portion of Major General Button's speech mentioned in the
question nnd to other portions officially
reprehensible. There have been differences of opinion between the government and General Huttou. The government wns disposed, now that he
has been recalled for service-in South
Africa, to let these differences of opinion pifss without uny comment The
Government had reason lo believe that
ibis was in ttocordanco with General
Button's views nnd therefore when the
subject wns brought up in the House 11
few days ago the Government refrain
cd from muking nny Statement. Tbere
ii now no reason to follow thut course
uny further. General Mutton in bis
speech bus insinuated that his differences with tbe Government nre due
10 a desire on the part of the latter to
exetoiae improper political inllueuce
on the militia ownuization of the
country, I desire on the part of the
government, lo sny Ifnt there is nhso-
lutely 110 foundation for such 11 statement. The onuses of differences bo-
twecn tho government and (ienernl
Button were not over nny broad questions of geiiornl policy. The onuses of
differences were that General Huttou
WAB insubordinate Oild indiscreet nnd
deliberately ignored   tho   authority of
the minister iii the administration of
the department. Tho Government desires to suite that while they will, at
nil times be prepared to give the most
careful consideration to any represent"
nlive which must be mad" by tho officer commanding the militia it must bo
distinctly understood thut uny such
officer, on accepting the position iu
question, becomes from that time un
olllecr in the employment of, und subject in nil respects to  the   government
of Canada, and that he is to be regarded as the advisor hut not as entitled to
control   the    department   of   militia.
The Government are responsible to
Parliament and the  people ot Canada
for the duo administration of each and
every  branch   of   public   service  aud
Has Declared a Quarantine Feelings   of   an   American
Against the City of After Paying a Visit to
All Passengers on Boats are
Examined Before
Kaslo, Feb. III.���This town has declared a quarantine against Nelson.
Since the report reached here of the
presence of smallpox in the city ot
Nelson the people have been suspicious
of every arrival from that city. Everyone stepping from the boat lias been
carefully watched, as ilmugh Iho
germs of the disease might he seen upon his clothing aud has afterwards
been examined, Those people of Kus-
lo who have visited Nelson since the
smallpox patient wns di.-, overed there
are inclined to criticise Ihis action of
the health authorities. They do nut
believe there is the slightest danger of
the disease being carried to this paint.
For the henelit of tlie people of Kaslo
and other points tributary to Nelson
Tho Miner desiies to tell of the situation here, There is one easfl ui small
pox in this city. The sufferer is a man
named Clayton, a waiter on the steamer Moyie. He is now in an isolation
hospital iu this oity,Using eared for by
a nurse aud a doctor. Those who were
with him nn the stenuier .Moyie are
still there and will remain there dnr-
ijg the period of incubation. The
most careful precautions hnve been
taken. There 18 not the slightest danger of the disease spreading in ibis
city, aud there is still less danger of it
being curried from Nelsou to any
Other city. The case in question did
not dunplop in the city of Nelsou.
The Board of Health met lust night
with Mayor Boutson 111 the chair.
The smallpox situation wus discussed
and it was decided thut Mayor Boos-
ton should telegraph to Victoiia for
permission to publish the smallpox
regulations in the daily papers of Nelson. In order to enforce the regulations it is necessary that they be published in tho British Columbia Gazette and also in the Provincial papers.
As they have already been published
in the Gazette it is only necessary to
publish them iu the local papers in order to enforce the regulations in this
city. The Board also appointed a committee, with power to act, to engage
twn medical examiners to inspect the
passengers on all trains and boats coming into the City, with the exception
of th-- Nelsnir an.: Fort Sheppnrd Kail
wny. The pnssseugers on this road nre
���ill inspected ut the Boundary. The
above committee consists of Ilrs. Hall
and Arthur.
Over }1()0 Realized For the Library
The carnival for tne Free Library,at
the Stanley Street Kink, last night,
wus a great success as over |10O was
cleared up for the library fund. About
BOO people wore present and tbere were
many beaut if al costumes iiinong the
skuters. Unfortunately some of those
In costume came too late to enter into
competition for the pirzes. The ice
was in very good condition considering the weather and all those piesent
bad a good time.
Messrs. George Kydd,Melville Parry
and Frank Fletcher acted ns judges
aud awarded the following prizes:
Best Ladies Costume���1st,  Miss   Mary
Wilson, "Lady nt Elisabeth  period."
Snd, Miss Tamblyn. "Cinderella.''
Best (ientleineri's Costume���1st, Sidney Porleons. * Knight ' Pest Comic
Costume���K. Curun, "Weary Willie."
Best Boys' I'ostium*��� 1st, Tommy
Gallon, "West Indian." Best Girls'���
Gretta McDonald, "Rose, " Best Original Costume���Miss lindd, "Poppy";
���Jnd, Albert Benson, "Clown."
Mr. Frank Fletcher   kiiuily   donated
two cxta pi/.es  to  Miss Ivy Johnstone
slid Master Joe Wilson.
Detroit, Mich., Feb. IU���Sharkey
knocked out .lim Jeffries, "t C.iliforniu
in the second inuud.
Tells of the English People
After Soutli African
I ''ml imi'.-'l oa Kourl li 1'iigii.
About eighteen of the men who were
employed nt tbe Hall Mines have sued
the Ball Mines Co., for   wages   due in
January.    Tho claims nre in the bunds
of Messrs. Taylor and llanuiugtoii nnd
] amount to about f.,000.
1 in Vssoi 1 \Ti;n Pit|-;ss.)
Buffalo, Feb. III. ��� President John G.
Milhnrn, of the Pan-American Exposition, aud generally acknowledged as
leader Ol the bur of this city, hns returned after a live week's nbsenoe
abroad. He spent three weeks of this
time in England, having been sum-
moned there by illness of Mrs. Mil-
burn, who is srienriing tho winter near
their two sous at Oxford. In speaking
of the attitude of tbe English people
in the piesent war, Mr. Milhurn says:
"1 do not know tbal 1 ever felt such
respeel for people as was caused by
the way in which the whole matter
was taken hy the piople there, there
being no attempt to btliltlo the reverses in South Africa. All yon could
see nn every side was a oniet. grim determination that the matter should lm
carried through to a successful issue.
Ovor nnd over again I heard said by
nun tlmt, hnmwing as the experience
was, they believed the results nnarf
li'oiu South Allien, would bo of tho
greatest listing honclit. One reason
named was the drawing together of
tho mother country and the colonies
and the consciousness growing out of
it an imperial unity. There was little
doubt with military authorities thut
is was going to be a fairly easy matter, and lhe feeling that, hud grown
nu wus, thnt it was a great event that
the men from tho British army and
men from Canada, New Zealand ami
Australia wore all comprised iu tbn
same army uml lighting side by side.
"Whut was impressive was tbo utter
absence of any ntlempt to minimize or
explain away what bad happened.
Fiom my observation there is simply
un unlimited supply of men who
have serve! in the volunteers and wbo
are anxious to go, and il-ero is not
the least doubt that if the war takes
-.'.JU.OOO more men, they can be had
and that it will be cat lied through to
a lin ish."
Bill to Enable Him tu Mako Military
Washington, D. C, Feb. ID.���The
secretary of war has sent to tho gcunt.
nnd House military committee* a draft
of a bill Ihat the department claims
greatly strengthens the military system nnd remedies delects devi loped
dnring the Spanish-American wnr.
The bill was introduced ill the House
today bv Chiiirmnn hull. The feature
of the lcgi-lation Baked foi provides
for one third ol the promotions Ui be
made hy selection. Tbis is to enable
the president to reward specially gallant und meritorious services. It recognizes both length and sfecial fitness of
service and its author claims that its
provisions are so guarded tbat only the
most deserving shall receive special
recognition and in no case be tho
creatures of personal or political iuter-
ventiou. Thn hill gives tho president
control of tenure of uftice of heads of
staff departments and he can by nud
witb the advice and consent Ol tb"
Senate, mnke a new head of 11 department at any time when in bis opinion
the appointment would increase thei
allieicncy of the department, the OB-
CM relieved being translerrd to the retired list.
,.i*i:i 1 \i.s in 1111: mim:ii.i
St. John. Feb. IH.���Wm Oirvnu.
for Hn years cashier of the Bank of
New Brunswick, died heie Sunday, KX
years of age He was a native of Scot-
land, coming to Kent  County in 1846.
Ottnwn, Feb. ID. ��� Adopbns Chain-
bcrlain, this morning pleaded guilty
to several charges of forgery and obtaining money under   fillet*   pretence-.
lie was sentenced by Magistrate
O'Keefe to lour years in the King-
iton penitentiary,
Yarmouth, N S., F-b. Ill-Charles
1", Brown, president of the Bank nf
Yarmouth, dropped dead in hi�� ofllce
Saturday afternoon.
iNelson Daily Miner
I'ul'ii .ina imily exoeiH Monday.
NklsonMinkh Printing k l'mii ibiiinq Co.
I)   I.  hkaton, Editor and Manager!
iiiiiy par month by oan lai a   Go"
per half your  8 00
por yecr  7 OO
poryiairby mull  aOO
I      por yi'iir foroi.cn.  * lm
NKLSON W'kkkiy Minkh.
Wcokly, pc r half year �� 1 ffl
p^ryoar    200
per your, foreign    -50
Hubscrlptlom hivui'lahly In iiilviinri'.
n -lion Min >r Printing & PubllahlngCo
inelson. b. c.
Telephone  No.  144,
The .Mine.- will pn)1 $10 reward
I'm- information that will lead 10 the
arrest and conviction oi any person
who stools a copy oi| ihis paper
from tlie premises of oor subscribers.
served in Shi (Held gives nine deaths.
Kor 100,000 iinvaiciiialeil children, the
rail' nl' smallpox mortality actually observed givi s 1, iho deaths,"
If Mr. Charles Hillyer,who is a most
pleasant and good-natured person,
will permit ns to have a word or two
with hini, we shall he glad I" Inform
him that he made a mistake in allowing Mr. Houston to persuade him tu
write that letter lo sir. Houston's paper. In it he says Mr. Houston can
take cam of himself, That may he, hnt
if he thought so he should have left
him to do it. If in our remarks ou
those whji'f tenders Mr. Hillyer discovered any personal cause of complaint, he would have done heller if
he had confined himself to that one
point and made his vindication
through Tbe Miner. It may not seem
entirely natural to one of his comprehension, nnd especially to one of his
long association ; hut we hen to assure
him Ihat newspapers that aie eon-
ducted mi principles of honest and
honorable Joornalism, as The Miner
is, are always prepared to afford whatever redress is proper or necessary for
any injustice they may have committed.
After u careful perusal of Mr. Bill*
yci's letter, however, we fail to discover the semblance or suspicion of au
injustice in his case. Hut in every
sentence -6 detect a desire to shield
Mr. Houston.     It was written for that
purpose. As Mayor, that gentleman
has taken an utterly indefensible attitude in regard to thosa wharf tenders,
and Ihe good-natured Mr. Hillyer,wiih
his sawmill, allows himself tD be used
as a buffer between him and public
opinion. That is the consequence of
bis mistake in being influenced by
Mr. Houston to havo it written, and
in getting some of Mr. Houston's
people to write it. Hereafter, when
be has anything to say to the public
that is worth saying and that tho public may desiro to hear, .e would advise bim to put himself into thu hands
of some disinterested person, who will
reflect his own views and feelings
Tho information concerning Mr.
Hillyer's payroll I'm tho past eight or
nine months is doubtless interesting to
many, but it bus nothing to do with
the Mayor and those wharf tender-.
The town strouuly suspects Ihat if the
Saywaid concern had not heen tho
successful tenderer, there would not
have been a word about the Corporation taking the work in hand; aud
nine citizens out of ten will ag.ee that
Mr. Hillyer's letter deepens the suspicion. There are Borne remarks personal to The Miner, also without the
least bearing on the case, anil carryiug
a suggestion that Mr, Hillyer ought to
know is not true, if he does not. Thu
evident intention of the whole letter is
to convey the intimation that The
Miner is uot to criticise Mr. Houston's
municipal methods. Wo invite Mr.
Hillyer to observe the effect of bis
It was nul without good reason Mr.
Martin fell disappointed over tho de-
hale of thai Cotton affair, Many of
the members went on the us-uinplion
Ihat in his speech introducing the res-
lotion for ii commission of inquiry be
should have proved his entire case.
'I'he resolution ami speech uoounipany-
ing il weie only Iho indictment; the
evidence was to come afterwards. Mr,
Marl in did not profess to do more
than make ont a oase that would justify nu investigation. Against the indictment itself Mr.Oottoc made a good
ilelt nee ; so might any accused person
in lhe absence nf cviilciice. It can be
snid, however,that tho iiuliclme.it was
not ii serious one, and lhe House erred
on the side uf generosity in voting no
bill, Only it would have been more
satisfactory if there had been a hotter
understanding of the reason for its
We quite agree with The Victoria
Cilonist when it says that tha Lieu-
tenant-Governor ought not to grant a
dissoluticn to Mr. Koniliu should ho
DOW request it. The time for that is
pust. Hud hu gono to tho Governor
immediately after the first division
this session, when bis weakness was
demonstrated beyond the possibility of
misunderstanding, aud asked for it as
his right us a Premier who had never
made an appeal to the people,His Honor could scarcely havo refused him.
Hut instead of this hu held ou, and
endeavored to wriggle through the session by twistings and turnings of thu
most, undignified kind, proclaiming by
his own conduct tbut be was afraid
ho did nut possess the confidence of the
country. Hy such halting and unbecoming action, he has forfeited any
claim he may have had to a dissolution.
The Hocrotury of the Provincial
hnai'l of Health has scut out ii paper
iu support of vaccination as a prevent
ne against smallpox, lb* gives statistics as his main argument. Daring the
Bheffleld epidemic the rule of attack
among the vaccinated was 7.S; aiming
the unvaccinatetl. 87.6, In Leicester
the proportions were 2.li ami 8S.8, In
(lloueeiter they were S S and 48.8,    Of
Tm hospital annas, during a London
epidemic, ','., had had Ihe   disease   and
none were infected; 040 had recently
been revacciualed and all escaped ;
the remaining ten had not heen vaccinated and every one of them took
ItnallpOX, In the Montreal epidemic of
188. there weie II.IUI deaths out of a
population of 167,000. Up until thai
time there weie  few  vnoolnations In
Montreal, especially among the French
portion, who wero much the greater
sufferers,   SirGsorge Buobanan  thus
summarised   the   main faOtH regaiiling
the Sheffield epidamioi   "Among  tbe
vacoiniikil   Ilia  attack   rate for   1,000
children wus fi;  among   the   unviicci
Dated it was 101.    The death   rale   fur
lljll   vaccinated   was   0.001 among   the
unvucciniited it. was ii. Therefore,
lor ion.lion vaccinated ohildrsn, the
rate of smallpox mortality actually ob-
Parson Kelly;
By Andrew Lang
Mr, Jack  Hamlin's Media-
Bret Harte
Louis Creswicke
The Bitter Vintage;
I\. Douglas King
An African Treasure;
J. MacLaren Cobban
Prospecting,  Locating and
Valuing Minks;
Engineers' Examinations;
N i-:w Catechism of the Steam
Maximsand Instructions for
the Boiler Room;
The Mineral Industry;
Life of Napoleon III.;
Bv A re bi bald Forbes
We are showing a
First-Class Line of
Which we ai
50 Cases
New Drugs
and riedicines
Received this week,
fresh from the manufacturers.
Tolophono 115.     P, 0. Hnx m,    Baker Street.
Mail Drill r-l'ronujtlv Attended To.
Real Estate,
Fire Insurance,
Life Insurance
Shelf & Heavy Hardwire.
Etc., Etc., Etc.
iiim.m: II,HI',      Mil nil 11 lim .
Windermere Mines.   Corroep - enoe Solicited
A Boarding nml Day School oondnotod by
ilm Bisters of Bt. JosephoC Poaoo. II Issltu-
niuii ni the oornor of Mill nml Josoplilno streets,
inoncofihu bosl residential npruonBOl Nol*
Bon, nml is easily accoBBlblo from nil purls
of I hi'city. ,    .    ,
The course of simiv Inoludos the fundamental nml blghor branones "f n thorough English
filili'iition.     Business    course- BiHilikot'lihig,
Stenography and Typewriting,  Bolenoe oourao
Miisif, Vonil nml liisiriiincntnl; Drawing,
etc.���Plain and All Needlework; Calislhenii s,
For lonns and particular* apply 10 Iho Slsior
.. L. POGUE...
Wo have just received
a carload ol dm*-)
POTATOES,      -
Harness and  Sa-M.ery
Tha lendlnK (.hop Uuvo
i-.ut'k. Bob! _nori od a t��ck
on  hand.   Burnett. Col-
i.u's ot tu'si niAkost Bad*
dies, Hlnnkrls. Holts
Whips, BruillOS, Cuitibs
ml008 BAtisfaO-Oiy.
OflU and -eo.
Cor. W'trd   and   taker
Hudson's Bay Stores
Wesl   Hiikfi   St..   N-l.mii
Tub-plume 18.
Now Ready for Inspection.
Small   House $ 8.00
Small Cottage    10.00
Atlantic S. S. Lines
From Portland, Me,
Allan   Lino "<'nlilorni'lii'* Fob. L'i
I nun Halifax   Kelt _.'.*")
Allan Line "MongolInn*1 (Direct) Marcli 7
J-oiiiiiiio-i   1,1 no  "Hominim.".  ........March .'(
From   Halifax ,. March _
Dominion Lino "< 'ambrouian" I Direct) March Ht
From St. John, N. H.
Beaver Uno "Xola"  Fob. 28
From Halifax   Feb. 29
Beaver Lino "Lnko Ontario" March 7
From Halifax    ...March8
Brow Boston
Dominion   Lino   ' ( anada"
( iinaiil Lino "i '��i;nnania"....
Cunard   Lino "1 inhria".
u hiir Star Line "Toutonli"
White Btar Lino "Gormanlo"
Anohor l.ino  "Kthlopla"
Fob. 28
Krom Now York
 Foo. _>!
 March B
 Feb. 28
 March 7
Maroh a
Nottingham Lace Cm-tains at 75c, .1.00, __.!__, .1.50, fl,76.���_.< 0,
and up tn $8,50 per pair,
Swiss Curtains it in $4,50 to $10.00 per pair.
Ili'ii-si'ls Net Curtains nt $6 00, $0.00, $7.00 mul .8.00 per pair.
Chenille < urtu nu at .1 511, $6.00, $5.50 m$12.00 per p.iii
Tapestry Cuitains at $4.00, $5.(10. up lo $0.00.
Sill. Laces at 10c, 121.c 15c, 20o, 26c, up tci*.l.iKJ per yard.
Linen Lakes ill, 5c, He, 10c, 16c, ~Ov, up to 30c.
Valonolei nes Laces at 2c, 8c, 4c, 5c, 7c, 10c, and upwards.
Lawn Embroidery al '.le. Bo, 7r, 8e, 10c, up to BOo pei yard
Mu-lin Kniliiuiil ry nl  10o, I'lfte, Hie, 2 l'i*, ii|   in 51'e pi"    aril.
All-Over Builllii di*l*> a    7-'i-, $1.00, $1.25, ��� I B0, $1.76 ami -2.011
per yard,
r nunc nn ' inliroitle y   i 15,, 75,-,   l.i'  an   u  wai iis.
Swiss >pui Mngilns fr in 16c up In 5lli.
Lawn Muslins al 16c. 80c, 25c, 86c *���*
A  complete  range  ot  Nainsooks,  Linen   Lawns,   Lnosdale
Caiiii'iic- innl Orgundii s.
Martin  O'Reilly & Co.
P. S.���Special attention given to Mail Orders.
Houston Block. Baker Street.
r., * " ..��,....,.,���.,    ....,/v..      uuhvi     iJVI WW lit �����*.
�����>���_-**3fc ���^���-S'^,^'--S'^,--B,_&'-S,_S'-S*-_&,-S,_&'--S ')_'���_& __&__& __5* ^ __&* & _2* -*--*^-'>��--*-****,-*^.*^ *W5j.
fining Stocks
Bought and Sold.
Silver   Star    Mining   Stock   of
Sumpter, Ore.   Call for Prospectus.
5000 Bifj Horn Treasury.  A snap
iooo Noonday    600 Richelieu
Here's a good buy :
Referendum  Treasury Stock,    Sold
on installments 7)2'c, i^o per month.
Heated by Hot Air
Finest   Dining   Room
in the City.
House and  Lot in business portion of town, $3500.
\iiiwa,aii Line *'Now Ynrk"  March 7
llril  -nn   lain- "Krii-laiiil"  Feb.-8]
North (iinn in Lloyd "doale"   alurrliiii
Allan Slate Llnu "State of Nobnuuta' .March I
Pamgefl arrangod to and from all Kuropi-'aii '
points.   For ruti'H, ticki-l- nml full infcrinulion
1111.1].'toe.P. H,i1o|ioIul(iiiI or t!  K. Iluiiiloy,
City PaMongoi Agent, NnNnn. II.I'
a. ma al Aironl, r I*. It. (IfllnnK   lVlnnlr-ri��
H. A. I
Promptly and neatly done.     Special
attention given to children's clothes.
Third iloor lia.k of iitlil Follows' Bnilding,
KiMili-llav  S'tliTt.
WAItll ST.
Brewers of Fine Lager
lleer nnil. I'm Ier.
Drop in nud Bee us.
After Monday next, tbe boon at the
Sknlinir Kink will lm ohanged,    Hern-
niter thn afternoon iwwion will tin
frum 11 to G p, m., antl iii tlm evening
frnin 8 to 10:80 p, 111. The niiiinii'i'-
lncnl think tliese lionrs will snit. tbe
imi in better than tbo nkl schedule.
Fraternity Hall
I'll linker ,1 Kit,ill na, KlN.
can be rented for Concerts, Lectures
Dances, Banquets and every kind of en-
leilaininent.    Qood anlc-roinns, cloak
rooms, Kitchen and dining room furnished.    For ternipply
DR. E. O. AKTIIUH*! City.
Nelson Employment Agencv
Help ol all kiinls fiirnishcil.
J. H. LOVE, Agt      Baker f'
Board and  Room.
First Class Board and Room;
Todd's old stand, in rear English
Church. Table Board, $4; Board
and Room, $5 and $5.50.
Temperance Hotel.
The Family Resort of ihe
The Waverly Hotel
Delivered to an any point on
Kootenay Lake.
I have a complete stock
on hand of
and     ,
3 Good Companies 3
Luudon & Lancashire Life Ass, Co
Ocean Accident & Guarantco Corporation.
Plionix Fire Iusurauco Co-
i Buildup;will llml It to thnlr advantage 10
llmiru wll.h Hnuilev k Oo. 011 I'lilnliii...
when yon oan depend on Retting tho bunt
iimniiMn 11,1 market and nny qimntliy Irom
inc. up,  iViuoHQfinnoi bedlsputed,
'PHOllta 98,
Frank A. Tajiblyn, M/^r.,
Baker Street, Nelson
Mill at PILOT BAY.
Yards, NELSON und LAKDO,**
J.   A.   SAYWARD.
Have you seen lhe new three dollar yearly Accident and Disease policy issued by the Ocean Corporation? Includes $1500 travelling
railway policy and weekly payments for illness caused by .Small
Pox and twelve other common
General Agt. 0pp. Oddfellows' I lock.
Bake- St., Nelson.
Houses for sale and rent.
A Bond paving Dairy Imsino-s in
tin- lownnf Fi-rnic, 1!. o., wj|| .,.11
on   at a..,,,,,!,,    Bevot.  CO^bom,
��<-'Kli. milk wnunn, ���n��� ���   (n>Hrv.
Iiiiik Ih'Iiiiiuiiik ro a lirst c*1ii.h
1* 1 uinn Bourn mui stable
I5ii, Fernie, ll. n,
Nelson Cleaning and Dyeing
s. u. PIKRKK Prop.
Ladies' and Gents' Clothing cle.-uisl
dyed, altered and repaired.
���r��r ��r 1 iiiri..' Ratal. **>:i*"*
Apply   linx
When the Men are All
Goije   to W^ar
Business Women
Will Be Needed
Tho N.lsnn RnHintsa (.nllege is ''
Trimiiiin Bchool fnr vohiik wonir-ii 08
well iin yniuiK mm 't'lm llnd|iiit MvH
ti'in makes biiHinrss ciisj-.   Try it.
There is a Clearing Out Sale in Gents'
oounoll i'f
city ass��
idos to purohasea oortiplete
Making riant ror uso **���
city Streets.
,sor Will Muko a New Assess*
,111,1 ulso a Census ol the
rjny's population.
The City' ">"",n ll,sl "i(!,,t f1i<* ""l
tonoi. upon tho mutter of .the takers
Lm,, .Ity whari extenBiooi Who..
,e tcn,iel_ were first openetl nt thn
nonnbil thoy w_wi referrea to a apeolnl
,���,��������� to report upon  last Thura*
a     |g|U    The eouumttee  duly ra
.,'���ti,,l tn the  laiuuoil but uo dcc'Hioi,
hi.,, ai thin  int-Unil, owiug In
us to whether the work
1   in, done hy oontrant or
or.   Lnal  night no refereuo
11I11 in Ihn leiinors.
ilm cliair ami
P, E, Wii-nii of Ni'li-im, ti-iiii.firrial
igterday to George Klnreno, for 180,
I'hia interest 111 11.i' ilr-nt Kasiern
Ilini  nitiiul'"l 011   W II  llurso   ('nni ,
linur   tlio   Nelson   ,V    lint   Sheppard,
A   B. Maiklj 1 fl N-Iboii   lasl ni hi
I for Vniii'ouver.    Mr.   M    ���lv   has [unl
'disposed of   hie  uiiuiii   f..i' i   AbIin , ti
property   nt vt  tn  1I1    Moll.    1 illn
Tlm  unrohi so   i'i 11      iv a     .' ' HO,
whioh _SS,0< 0 him Ip*ii       I nowii.
"Davi    ti il
Ed 11011,is., is    ' nl    .,    1 a 1
liir_ii   hiiiiw   luill   t'i'll lioni a
'i��v��V'VVAAA*vy>*#v*��vv.^-N^��vvi'yvvf .vvv*a**v .���>*(*-V-vv*
r/V��A VWY1 r**.vvvvwv-^V-*VV'VVVW-*VW*
II is i
mayor of Van-
ii.au i.'oiitiilmliiiK  or be,
1 ��1 tit seventy-live dollars
1 nt.    I u'nsn wire. "
,;:i,uii   was 11 oivid by tlm
wa- rem
n iHmttiiwiiii
(III)- 111
IVlliltl'Vil  wim 111
M���vor Uouatnu was
Al.l Hall, Morrison, McKillop,
\Vii8on were in ntieudaiioe whau
beoounoll was .ailed  10 order.
After Uity  Olerk SttaoLun   hud read
the minutes, and they bad been passed
opmi by ihe connoil, Mayor
nan* tbofollowiim lei	
{mm .iiiuna !'��� Warden
oonvuri "I' Provincial Rovernmant
Dtuiiiles iruiiBportaiiuu anil saddlery
tor British i uiiiiinii.i Kongh Riders,
[nr ."iniiii Africa, how mauv men, in
���oor uiiiniii, woold your district furnish: ii,
illf illllll-la
fur niuii
lh.   11
Connoil niiti Bleu
A letter wai, nnil by Mayor Houaiou
[iiiiii T. U, llinican, so, l-Htnry ot the
Nelson Blenirio lian.way Uo The
letterTeferrod to the otter which wan
nniiii' tin' I'luim-ii ui the lust maetlng
lir Mr. r W Peters, to trunisli elec*
tiir lignl ami power  to  the  Uity     It
(live li'l.nl" ol ll'uv the .Hitter cnuld he
Buppiiorl Itoiu tne ooiu_.aay's pluiil and
from   tin'   West   Kuoloiniy    Power   it
LlRbi Company's plant in  noeordanoe
wiili tin' ari-iiiiireiiii'iit they hart mnde
uilii ilie West Kiiiiteuay Co. Ti.e
Tramway i'n propoao to put up pet*
nniiii'iit |iilis, DO feet bign on Mill,
Ward, Baker ami Railway BtreeiB,
Diul run 11 primary wire upou these
polrs. On Baker Btreet these poha
would tn' placed opposite the teletinone
pales ami to he ami for tho tramway
spun Hires, thereby not increasing the
present ntinihiT of poles on the street.
Thi* Tnnn.vay Uo. would stand the
Mp��ti.s'* nt the poles. They failed ro
give 11 definite price for the power unci
light, lmt asked thut n committee he
appointed ny theoouneil tooonfar with
then) as tu rates. I'he letier wan re
f.rr rl >o u special committee coninosed
of Aid. Arthur, McKillop and Morn-
A propu-il iiiun H \V. Hnwley tu
fiirm-li in- Oity one hundred Coble
jards ol hroken grnuite at $1.7(1 per
oobllo In-I. was received and filed.
Tlio tenders mr the road malting
plenty hat the I'onnoil asked for wen
then V'lnal uml read. The conninl ut
tbe l,i-; meeting deoided to pnrohase
irompleio rond inakiug plant for the
citi min tin si' teuitere were  the result
Of 11,01  lh, 1S1III1.
the two must Important were:
Wai. n-ii. Euui.ie Co,   15,364.    H.   .1.
terilnv nnd hi ulit
ruins ui mn his > nre
line 'I In   l'a olion 1st
ed tinder."
Mr. .1. M. Williams lefl laai nighl
for Viotoria, whore he will represent
Slocan Oity before tho governmeut in
regard to hullo Ing Borne minis near isio-
can. Upon his return from Victoria
Mr. WilliR is will takes trip easi to
New York.
Qilhnrl n
opera  "l'i
in   try after
,h'e   I !��� i.
* fact that
Iniv   out
need and
hii* stock
the   best
footwear to
-l ��� ���ii.- ) e���rouiii
' e !:,. ! in ihis city,
Le i hy
hriRhi   co
he   pro
ill    tlllOI't
UC ll
Come and in.*-
Wc   will    nol
������ ' you -
oui  slock,
fir   Y ur Repairl-is
���--���'���^^���aa^jvww^aaivwvvw*.^.*!*^^^ ? *-''**W*^W-***f*l'*iM*A/v-*'*AA/'.vv^ ,
Choi ns
is  Wl'l k.
.Messi -.   -
. ol  ine Ki
I o.,
It   I Hi a
111.   Ill   l, ,    ||
��n   'I Kill i
i.   ti
&   ('
i.i nu
,   rei re.-entmi_   H.W.ver,
' .   ,7,800;   without  tua
In sn    i   u     1'- "fit       f
:a       o        Hint-    (inislsi-
anil    ��� i ���     .MuriiMoii
wl"   wore   i'1-trniTed In
111.i M'a   ..
ami r.        |,.   ,. |..
Aiii [
n        i,
Je Is a
i-n  mi    ,     |   i
-> law S'   t):i .,
the in i
at ih
POI lea        ,,.
tbin they wn'
Nn  lllliit ,l,e
W'-Cllit.       ,.,
J ell n j ���|,s nijuii.fi u
Or. Aiii.nr   ii,���v���r|   >n
Masts  n  ,,,.,t���|���
ftm th. |,���.  f  time ., ,i
I"   lot OX lie  -es h
It wil-   I,,,,   ,|    ,��� |
"hd   Mr. Jeffs
the  tin eusim nr   us  to
1 II I'OpI    ,: ] h
llsu ���   , -|  ht   at
li     ���     npOn
if rlii
i,p.,n     i i
11 II 'll,'    1 I '   IV
ihis     iilleruonii
Hi tne will   tiPAt
I i  sunn' n rpus'
Mr, G.   hi. Phi
I'.s     in  St
-,f ��� r ��� finnr, lv
to   I I   ..
1;    ml   I
run ii.i e will ii cur
ii evening, Bornoe
donate lull cigars for
1 n el fim.i.
r, he of
."ei!    Nelson   Sniiiluy nftf    i \\<e   '-
iniiii ii    i     Rosslau   .     lie hr   >  s      e
nh Inn    ���      lninl   in- -s    colon '1    vest
tl u tie   of   the latest pattern   ulneli
>ili   he  on   exhibition  at the  Phnii
Hotel ever, iluv   hetween   the hours iii
It) il. in. nnd 10 p   in
This evening in thn school room of
St. Saviour s Chnroh the nunmil meeting of tbe Nelson Pnblio Library Aeao
nintion will ba held. It is desired
that iis lnrge an attendance as possible
he secured us important reports ure lo
ba presented and offleerl for tho eiisn-
ini* .year are to ho elected.
The resilience of Mr. nml Mrs. ,T. R
I*'. Rowley wns visited  by  burglara a
fow days nao, Among the articles
stolen was n child's hank containing
iihont |20 in snuill eoins. The bank,
broken to tiiems, was found by the
Chinese Ber.ant in the .yard tlm next
ilnv, Inn none of the coins weie iu
Tha Knigl Is of I'.vihins of Nelson
turned ont eighty strong Sunday afternoon and attended services nt St.
Pnnl's PresbytoiInn Chnroh,   Tho un-
iftuinert runic was in command of Captain Mulone, with ijieutennuts Hillyer
innl Prosser   assisting.    The  Salvation
Army band headed the parade to uud
trom the chinch.
Joseph Clinuletoir, the man who wns
brought in a few days ago from near
Itohsrn snspt-eted of Innacv, wns urt-
jarigad insane hy Dootora Hawkey and
Syinonds Inst Saturday, He will he
taken lo the asylum nt Now Westminster today with tho men who will he
taken there *iy Constable Forrester to
serve terms m Ihn penitentiary,
13ofP nnd Rogers, the two men who
it wns alleged, assisted Tun u- ill robin uu i��bbs' shoe store were tried yesterday Rogers wa1* aoqnitted und
Ho-e was sentenced to two years In
���he peoiteiiiiiii'.v liv Mr. Justice Mnrtin. Today Constable Korrester, C. U.
Jnrvis ami Bpeoi.il Constable Porraster
till take Turner, Hue, Sullivan and
llnnnou to Now   Vtestminster to   serve
ih*ir sentinoes.
mere will probnhly hn international
oiuplicntiotis with Itoh before loui>.
lesterda.v. while one of  Nelson's Ital-
,i  lasl euis   wns   walking down   lhe
��� 'i.e. mi ��� e one  engaged  in  clearing
.  a Froni a mof dropped it larutt ahoV-
upoti   tin    head   of   the
���   pcotinj   i ��� ���- ug hi i
on tin pn i -
'., hi
h   ,
ii.  .      ho
ivM   Fn
i 1
I -       -s-
iiiei'i--     end
il' i,   Sill v   } ii
: >ut
irnisii inu      i   it
Saie of G
��"-fr -U'>* <)'  _
R   -?"V.
' i
��������.**.*��**>-������*��'��*���������������*���'��� ,������..������.,������.���.������,��� ������**>��*.-���
other frt sh t-oiisi
Brand of Mooho nud Java Colt* .*, roputod by tho bonl judges of tho above artlnlolo bfa
poflHOwod of tho l-tgl-oat qoalitj auu ftnvor,
As it is suro to please ovou the most fastidious.   For Bale only by tho
Victoria Street, Nelson,
(Opposite the PoStoffice);
The Western Mercantile Co,, Ltd,
Successors to M. DbsBrisay & Co.
In re ort   on in.
ne\      eetlng
��� .1 IH
to   tllfl
lot tbn injuneH hn
-di. k i . .,,,	
]��� in     'ip
i ���. i
111   t     IS   II    C        111
I   tin    council
mini   o  !��� puy   Iti in
o   leimhiirse
'  ve  lonorr-
i ri* rt   Ii iii
a�� ii   omiiiori
Mil I
l'i    r   hi
'   thu
'Oil!!   i
I. t
In ul'*-
I en  n o
u    .1
a   in uo
of   tnll
nt unknown
V. It,
Origin,    rte-tnnert
atatlon at Denver fcuuihiv
ri. I
;i"' Magistrate Crease in the  Po.
nn yesterday there whh only one
'iiuiik mui disorderly, who wns
.a i-e 0 Unl I lon reeover,
uro s al e n| nnoe ir.
���1*1 -lill. ill; i t,f
_til VI . van e 'f
I. n .( or'i in Jc
��� am -i'ii tui' es r>
el sin il W is);
,   I ���        11
WII-*   HH
_!l     lIll.VH,
(innl .
B. li. Halo
nth of
Ol tllH    |1
��i of  the  hunk of   Rrit-
recelved word Saturday
liin father in the   Ulii
Oolllna, thn nRsislutit
1 thu Rossland Kire llepiirtment.
srirt "������'', on his weddinj trip. He
|.,, """a    "re   -tipninR   at   the
in, |1,(
"  ������lllianiH.ot' tin Western Mar*
M Pany, left  lor  Winnipeg
. 'a answer to  a  iu.as__e an-
""-'  "ie   striniis   illneHs   of  his
���'J'ensa  comtnlssionora  of the
���;���'      "'"tnet meet ,hi���   afternoon in
pnii"'���*' "f   the chief of   proviieial
lion. Ji';','"."'"r ""*��� m "'"re appHnu
1,11111 have lieini
Blghlanrt Chief olaim  smiiited
"uiitinu was triinsferred yes.
Rfj   A.   I* aelnw.   nf
Me_i.i_;7Ji_a.J*,_-.-d."J'*   U{'TWV' ,,f
"h T'niul V|
t't.l ,  |
1   Ulh. to   David   U.    Mi
nominal consideration.
tnuii   (j
allies re ovi ri rt, flit,-
li.illiiui rt Ci vereo pei
i "I. 126.02; vuiiie nf
oven *l per mn of ore
total > iliioa reooverad
i' in Ilia.74, This is
om* nf tie host im-h th" mine has made
since it lms heen operated by the present i onipany.
8, II. Bh'elton, of Kossland, transferred mi Kciiruiirv 11, to W. .1. hhel-
ton, of the siniiii oity, ii (iniirter Interest in the Blue Dink clal i  quarter
interest in the OliCC claim und nn
eighth Interest lu the Mineral Hill
olaim ; all for a nominal consideration.
The lllne Dick and Cliff olaims arc
on the north fork of Salmon River nnrt
the Mineral Hill claim is on Uovel
Creek. All are in the Nelson division
ot West Kootenny ilistnct. On the
same day W, .1. Bhelton transferred tbe
above noqntred onu-elgbth interest in
tiie Miner il Hill olttliu lo Olive U.
.limes, of Nelson, for i'iOi).
Mn iil' r I'lieiuiii .ii. of the   Hunk  of
Monti-  ,1    HUH lln.i    miiiic      romh   with
viiin.uH iiieini.i is ..I tin Neisun Curling
llliili.    It    iiiiii e  in out   iu   ii   contest
hetween the link of the Pr. sn i   Mr.
liuchuniin, und tha    of Iho   vire-presi-
jdent.     Ihehnt'i'   won   and   tin   president  is supposed iii Huiii'i the expense
of ii dinner lie has ihoniiht the mutter over ami hns di.'id d to hold the
affair tips ev nim.'. beHlnniiiu at ll
o'clock, in ilu lining rou u nt Ine
Phnir Hotel Ti eie will b�� six iionls
uf twelve i-oun-is i neb n-i tbe un'ieis
will li    pr ii h en   with   sec la   Ita   -
...-   lm     ,,..    T    I i     1'      ,' '      I"
ex en. i__ m-ijox u oni^i., Xiiiuui^li ^n,
|Bae.       ! "
It was learned in Nelson
that Robert Hrceu, member of tho local legislature for tlie Slocan district,
would not be a candidate for re-election in case of the dissolution of the
present (ioveiument, Mr Ureen is tn
make wny for O. Vi. McAnn, the ptes*
ont Mayor of Kaslo. Willnnu Hunter
who was nominated, and ile-
oiineii tho nomination print to the
nomination of Mr. Ureen will probably be the choice of the opposition
party Mr. Hunter was u supporter nf
the Government until the passage of
lhe Eiltllt-Bonr In v. Since then he
has heen a hitter opponent of the Kein-
lin Government.
Sheriff  Tnok  hnd  en  nmnsing  experience yesieniay while attempting to
s-ive n snimnous on a resldeui of  Nelson.    Tin* sheriff had experienced some
o ir   before in ser' i I ���  ���        -
on tin   iiinto [tartj. so \\ u n   ie
ni- lioiisP,   and a   chi I I
ilaj iug :n the    ini. i e   asked   if   '
fal hi r   W IH al Inline      BefllTl   tl"' obi "'
uihl ,in        ���' nil'        ifi    * ill
���   to   lea*.     I
., ,���   tin
,. .,w  -   ' ��� \ii  *' -
'ill ,| .   !* Hllltltll    '   -   Wl'-  Si I
.viisio ueoiih  Mr Kane  - . reatl) pleas
ial    uii ilm settlement "f tbe   minins
'i       ir ������.   in    Ha    Slocan   uonntrv,
hi)!    h ii k rn k
��� C     .     . .        I !        |    I.  f      Oil       ll   ,S   11 I     i
ni- i i is .i.iiin hen inning to 'i*sn e
its wonted iiniieiiiiiire. He reports the
���iirival at Kaslo Suiuiiii night of thirty
or fort) nien from Minnesota who
were put to work ou the Puyne. The
men bad been nng.ine. previous to the
set i>- mm nt by (lenriie Alexander bnl
as Mr Alexander wns not prepared
lor ihem they went to work elsewhere.
yesterday  ""ays thus," murmured
iho wnshett his haiuls ut
tbe doctor ns
7 o'clock Inst
e-enin.', preparatory for bis departure
Todav the people aboard the Movie
will be allowed to stretch themselves a
hit. Tlm steamer is to he fumigated
and while this is ..oiii^; on those aboard
will be driven into a passenger coach
where they will remain until ths
fumes Of the sulphur have been, carried away by the zephers which ply
up and down the Kootenay. The fifty
s;x Provinoial Government wards nre
having ns good n time as roold he ex-
pt'cie'i under the oirnnmatonces. The-,
re eating well, having been snpplied
��� ith an ex optionally Une rtinTtei i
��������� iu������ y    '! ha   Mini i 's   itill   him. iiu
il'l"i   I lit*, r con t,ir * _    III    111 '    In.11, r
readiug   nn I   v. sti rd v   setil    fbi m
��� nnd
lon to i hi    dnily   p i
ur..   On
ir.m ,:.,.' ..', I -
ai    nf hourly oi i urr     e,
,i        mi   f2
. �����������������������������������������*. ���������������������<. .���.������������������������������������������,.���������������������������������
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants
*&s^L*~*y^+*v*r*y*Y^ ������������i.w ���"���*���*_���*.
Branch Markets in Roasland, Trail, Nelson, Kaslo
Sandon. Three Forks, Few Denver and Slocan City.
Orders by mail to any branch will have careful snd prompt attention.
^4jUJ?4J <fo *rfcr MAW
i   ���
, ���
sit  that i i
witn   tho   coin.
ilvei  doll 'IS ill the
it, ui   i e   ivnnld
|i eil    to   ilec.i    p
SUii s Tiiiublyu and Rae and their
v el rioos rinks returned from Boss-
land on Sunday, bringing with then,
the trophies won  during   ihe bonspiel
nf   lasl    week.    Vtslenlay   they    were
r liviug lbe congratulations of  their
friends, and ut intervals dnring the
ilnv were making trips to the vicinity
ofL'Ilie Bros, shoo store, in tho win
ilnw .jl which lhe New York Iji.'e, ninl
the lliulsnn's liny curs and the W'nlk-
orville trophy wero on exhibition.
Ihe former two wire won hy JRae's
link ami the latter by Tamblyn's and
with each trophy are four medals SO
that nil of the Nelson curlers attending the iiiiiiMiiel will he permanently
, isoi nni id. Nelson made the best reo*
onl at this year's Rossland bonspiel
tl,.,,, h is ever   heen   made by a  town j
in the Koo ays.
Pr. l.u linn. Provincial health offloer,
is the busiest man in town. He is
.���ni ���. im.' thin walking down to the 0.
P |{ dirk and spent several hours
with Mr, R W. Peters yesterday in
ne effort lo leciire a private tramoar to
cum him down to his quarantined
Iriinds ahnanl the Moive. He was mi-
Kut'ie-Hinl.   however,   and  returned to
hi- ollice to lest. There he found sev-
,,,-ii i.n.'hers with large families nl
, hll   re '-   hi of ihem down lo he vacci-
��� ,,,.    ii,, tin shed un the nrowd  nnd
|,,f|     ui, n fnr tbn Movie folks.     When
|,��� ,, nn ic    in hi-   olti"<* he was   .main
I      |     hv a   hui;   ��� i- ��� be   ��� t   H n
. , , u    j ii an order   for  a  vuui me
Ipo'int.   "Lord grant it may uot bo nl-
��� ���
r-e ol     urn
i , |li
ila-1    his   'ii rn,-
i    i.
c , i
ilunim tin- eveiii it
not jump   ovor.ii'iirii
There were Severn
liaise    11"        1
drown   if  h    utn ui
William   Hirniaes.   hei ween Ins iau-j
mil' contests, sp. nds nis time wiih  the]
Ball  and   has educated several so that j
they turn up regularly   three times i
rt.iv for meals.
Phair���Thus.    Billiard,     Kossliiml;
licii.T. Kane, Kaslo;.l.C. Keizon, Kaslo: 11. L, Driny  Victoria ; (,eo, Perot*
vali Muni ml;* K. W. Oovlngtnn and
wife,   Slooan   City: ,1.   V.   Whiting, j
Berlin; G. H, Barnhnrt, Ymir; W. A.
Tamer, Ymir; K    A.    Hums,   llrfl
wood;,Mrs,  MeArlhnr,  Miss
. I'okane; M.  II.   MoLeod,
11.    IJ.   Williams,   Granite   mine;
V,'. ri. Browning, Slocan City.
fm^**4-^+tm^i+*^b&*t*^mt4w%m4Q^o4ltm+4^fc*4^fc**^fc_sl^fc^*^*^^fc*t^fcr.��^fc**^^*a^fc*^^fc**^fc**^fc*fc^fc*^^fc**^fc^%^fc**^fc   ri I
They arc made in your midst, oi the finest Havana Tobacco.
Where -,'ood  Cigars arc  sold  they can  be bought.
The   Royal Seal and   Kootenay Belle.
Union  made.
Kootenay Cigar  Mfg. Co.
Home���8, W.
0. B. MoKeown,
Lend. P. MoOall,
Rossland {   Mrs.
Henderson, Vancouver; K. t'.  Mncdnn-
i Ut, MattaWS ; Henry Hoy, Kossland.
Clocks ��"1
liS\ .TheKelson ElectricTrainwayCo.Ltd.
nitiiii*    ( _^_^__^_^^^___
Larire number Choice Building Lois adjacent to the
line of their Tramway. For price anil terms of sale apply
at the office of the Company, Macdonald Block, Corner of
Josephine  and Vernon Streets.
T. C. DUNCAN, Secretary
Olarkaon,  Hamilton;
l-'nrt Steele; 11. Mc-
Trail; D. Kawlins,
Wier,   l.ardo:   1_. O.
iiii'icic'rianii iiaiii.in- erstanu.
Jewelry water TUBE BOILERS
Iliihciu k nml Wile
*'inc Watch,   Clock   and  Jewelry
repairing.    Work   and   goods
guaranteed  posi lively.
Paper Hanger,
Glazier,    Palij.cr,    E.c
Patenaude Bros
NEl-ON,  Li. O.
V""l)l" J. O.T. CROFTS, M,M���i
"WSlSSr' nelson. B.C. Chimney Sweeping.
Or to FHHOTJSflOll A* ('uui-l'-i V'anciniV-i
HAOISKKIW AND  AOKNTH. ; nn���-..   Wurd St   oriD   Onera House
i ontlnuod trom Plrat Pago,
very pleasant to sec. They have done
splendidly. Work of the irregular  env-
arly, the Queens, tbo Soots fusiliers,
and thu ritlo brigade was perhaps most
noticeable, while exctllent  practice of
tho artillery and naval guns and the
-teadiness   of the gunners under   very
accurate lira was remarkable, The no
eurntn tiro of onr naval guns from
C'hloveley was    a    great  assistance,
Oui OSSnoltiss arc nni, I think.
many. "
London, Feb.   Id,'���Already Jsngges
lions are being canvassed in tbe press
as lo how best to comme-iioialc here in
the heart uf the Empire lhe splendid
sacrifices of Canada and Australia foi
Iho Umpire. The Hpeotator recently
proposed a worthy monument In Lon
don to the colonists who fell in the
wnr. Another proposal is the erection In front of St. Paul's Cathedral of
four such masts as decorate the front
of St. Marks, Venice. These masts set
in rich emblematic bronze sockets
would represent Canada, Australia,
New Zealand and South Africa, and
upon them the standard ol the various
colonies would be hoisted on all na-
lional occasions. The Spectator makes
this significant comment : "The Colonies are not dependencies, bill pans
of a whole, of which we also nre only
the parts major. But the idea of living Hags of four free nations is cei-
tainly excellent.''
Lorenzo Mari|iie/��� Feb. in. ���A correspondent who was with Ihe Boer
forces in the attack ou Rensburg gives
further particulars regarding the capture of the Wiltshires. Be says:
"Commandant Patter who arrived first
found two companies of the Wiltshires
and begun attacking in tbe open.
Sisin afler. he was joined by a body of
h'l re Staters and together thoy drove
the British hack from the neighboring
kopjes captnriug all but three, li is
Impossible to say exactly bow many of
tbo British were killed and wounded,
but of the two hundred Wiltshires, 148
were captured nud of those 11 were
wounded. The sufferings of the
wounded from beat nnd thirst wns intense. The burghers did their best to
alleviate this aud many of the wounded were curried in blankets to Hens*
burg. At Keitsfnnt'in the British
rear guard began shelling, thus compelling the federals to leave the
WOUnded in order to repulse the Bt*
tao. A federal Krupp gun replied effectively to the British cannonade. The
Boers) nst two killed and four wound
ed. They now occupy nil tbe Rons*
burg positions formerly occupied by
the Biitish, whose rearguard is al
Rietfontein with the federals close
wero killed ut Colesburg, and 80 wag-
ins with forage and provisions were
['iiptured, imi no ammunition,
i 'uiitlnuod l rani Iflrel I'ngo,
cigars, has been made a oolonel o'
Ihe scige train. This is a dangerous
position, as all lhe lire of tbe enemy's
gnat marine guns is concentrated upon mi i heavy ordnance Since lhe
scige comiiit need we hnve lost out of
the foreign mess four ollicers killed in
the big gun batteries, The colonels iu
tho scige batteries are paid 160 Transvaal sovereigns a mouth. 1 am remitting home IHO every month, und as we
axpeol tin- war lo lasl for six months
yet, I may look forward to having
something considerable  awaiting me
at Hanover. We understand lhal the
Krciich general receives ��{8.1 per
"Our friend Albrncbt had the ground
In front of each successive position occupied by the Boer Commander Cronje
accurately measured, and boulders at
the various distances marked by
white-washed figures up on the boulders thut are everywhere scattered abnut
in South Africa. Then through his
Held glasses he was able to determine
with preoisiou the distance thai the
Baron Melhucn's troops were from his
batteries. Mr, Cronje has now with
him quite I a, 000 men and twenty-two
Held and machine guns,"
Continued from Kltst l'n���e
tbey would be derelict to their duty if
they weie io norm 11 any subordinate
"llicial, under any circumstances, to
lake upon himself to disregard tho instructions ho may receive from the
constitutional chief of his depart-
| ment. "
Mr, Richardson iLisgari introduced
a bill, ro land grant of the O. P. 11.
He said that, when Iho charter of the
0, I'. It. Co., passed the Dominion
Parliament in the year IKH1 there was
in it ii clancs. which still exists, exempli ng lhe company's properly fiom
luxation on perpetuity, the company's
property   including (he   rolling   stock,
light of way. eapiial, stations, station grounds, eici. The elans,, also exempt* the land gram from taxation for
90 years  irom   tho date  of granting
thereof by Ihe crown. His bill is to
define the exact period at which Ibe
exemption should oonui from. In reply to Mr. Mclnnes. Sir Hiohnrd Curt-
wrighi suid that the Government did
not think it advisable to introduce a
bill nt the last session to increase Ihe
poll tnx of Chinese.
Chieveley, Monday morning, Fob,
III.���The Boers line of fortress is broken. The British have achieved a decided success in capturing the enemy's
position on Monte Chrislo. The Boers.
however, effectively executed n retreat,removing their gnus and convoy-
wagons. The British hnd comparatively few casualties.
Durbnn, Feb. is.���The bombardment
of the Boor position at Hlawann Bill,
was continued yesterday and fighting
is still proceeding at ti o'clock this
evening. It is said the British hnve
captured hundreds ofjirisoncrs.
' London. Feb. 111.���Bugler Dunn,
the 15-year-old member of the First
Royal Dublin Fosiloers, who was lirsl
to cross the Tugela River, and who
was shot In the right arm while running with tbn soldiers and sounding
the advance, saw the Queen at Osbotne
this morning. Her Majesty presented
him with u handsome silver mounted
bugle suitably inscribed. The Queen
gave the lad a motherly expression,
and expressed her hope he would have
a successful career in lbe army.
Lorenzo Marquez, Feb.   in.���It up
peats from SdvioeS   received   here tbat
the loot oaptored by the burghers yes
terday near Knllyfonleiii included over
11,000 head of cattle and a number of
wagons, eighteen of which were loaded with provisions intended for the relief of Kiinherley. A number Of prisoner! were nlsn lukcn, unr) heavy light
iug Is reported tislay around Kimberley, where Oeneral Cronje is said
to be holding his own.
London, Feb. 10.���An army order
issued tonight invites the lescrvists to
rejoin the colors for a year for home
defence and nlfeis gig bounty to those
who do so.
2 London, Feb. SO, -Thu Chieveley
correspondent of The Daily News, telegraphing yesterday gnvg: " We now
oeoupy all the hills In tbe right of Colenso, ou this side of Ihe Tngela including Qlsngwane, which the Boors
evacuated last night (Sunday). A
successful advance and the recapture
of the railway mny be expected. "
London, Feb. I!).���A dispatoh to The
Daily Mail from Lorcn/o Marquez
dated Monday snys: "According to
advices from Pretoria, the Boers nre
expo-ling a big battle mi tbe Tugela.
They claim that   70 of the  Wiltshires
Marquis of Queonsbnry Wanted ��
Quiet Funeral.
London, Feb. I.���A codicil to the
will of tho Marquis of Queensluiry,
who died on February 1, made tbe
following provisions: "At my death
I wish to he cremated and direct that
my ashes he placed in Iho earth unenclosed-earth lo earth, ashes to ashes���
nnd iu nny spot convenient to that at
which 1 have lived. I particularly request tb'at no Christian mummeries or
tomfooleries he performed at the grave
hnt that I buried as an agnostic If
it should be u comfort to anyone there
aro plenty of friends who would come
to say a few words of common sense.
No monument will bo required nor
any procession as the ashes can ho car-
riid iu a man's bauds. If the place I
mention to m\ son should he inconvenient lor bnriul then any place
would suffice where the stars shall ever
shed their light and the sun shall gild
each rising morn."
Could not express the rapture of Annie E.Springer, of USB Howard Street,
Philadelphia,Pa., when she found that
Dr. King's New Discovery for Con-
sumption hnd completely onn d hei of
a hacking enngh that for many years
had made life a burden All other
remedies nnd doctors could give her no
help, hut she savs of ihis Royal Cure���
"It soon removed the paiu iu lny chest
and I can now sleep soundly, something T can scarcely remember doing
before. I feel like sounding iis praises
���hroiighout the Universe.'' So will
everyone who tries Dr, King's New
Discovery for any trouble of the
Thrnnt, Chant or Lungs. Price R0 cents
and |1, Trial bottles free nt Canada
Drug ,V Book Store
Wholesale Houses,
THORPE & CO., I.imii Ku.-Coriuir Vet
nun and Cedar sMroets, Nelson, inioiu-
.aoluron of and wltoloaolo dealers in aerated
waters and fruit arrupt, Sole agents far Hal
cjon Bprbiga mlnoral water.
- N. AI, Liiiiiiniiii-. Ll'shim . Kvrry known
variety ni nofl .IrmkR. P, (). Box 88. Tolo-
pnoneNo. 31. Hoover Street Nelson. Boltloin
of ihe Patnoui St. l,uon Mm Springs Minora!
HJ. EVANS 6t CO.   Bwer Street Net
���  r-on, wnolOHuedealer* in llquora, cigar*.
cement, lire brick uml lin* clay, waicr pipe nnd
���toe! i mM- ami Kciieiiii commiittion morohtot-k
I.iMiii.it, Front sired, .Neli-on. t-rnolo--
Bale doalora in Hour, rural-. etc., nnd nny
and grain. Mills al Kdmonton. viotoria nnd
New IVei-tmloiler. Rlevalora nn Calgurj ft
Kdmonton ..uilwin.
A MACDONALD & CO.   Oornor Ver-
���    imn   .unl   JtlHOplllne   MreelH.   whole-Mile
grooon and Jobbers in hlnnkota, glovot, milts,
boot-s riilili'i-. macklnawfl nnd miner*-' min-
P BURNS a CO   'laker Street, Nolson.
s   wholeaale oonTors In fresh and oured
meat*.  Cold itorogsj,
Itak.-iMreei. Nel-nn.    Whulon-ilotlcal
I.imiii.i- -Baker strooti NuImou,   wT>ol<*.
-ain doalora in hardware ami mininK rappuos,
-���In m l>cr-'mid tin-mil h'l lOppUW.
lala paints and oil-.
TURNER,   BEETON   A   CO.  Oornor
Vernon   nnd Josephine  Street*.   NO'SOn
iKiirs   und  dry
' Mil-
V. hulr-nle    deiillMH   ill   I i'i | Ilui*
gixHii..  Agent-for 1'nii-i Brewing Co, of Ml
waukeo and Calgary Browing Co. or Calgary
UDSON'S BAY OO.rWholpraj? _ro
Uakor St,, Notion,
JY   GRIFFIN   A   CO    rorner   Vernon
.   and-MopI  mm,n. Niilmn. wholaaalQ
ilrnlor-t In provlalona,cnii'ii ment-, bnller anil
MILLS, UMITSD i inner l-ruiil trig
llllll HlruolH, Nelson, inaiiafiii'tlirel-M of nml
wlail.siili- ili-ulia- In -a-,1, nil ilnon,; ull kinds
of factor)' work rnSds lo order
The Posi Hroiiks (hit With Something
Afrer Kipling
Shortly nl'lor Uonstnbls Kelly went
away with ths local contingent of
Stratboona's Horse, and during the
temporary  absenoe  of Chief Bullock-
Webster, a ilit-iplt' of Eiplillg cum-
posed the following lines. The Miner
publishes them for the benetit of the
public, but does not assume any sponsorship us to their literary merit.
There are (about W0 yardsi after Kipling:
"Kelly's out With Tommy Atkins.
"Wiping something olT a slntc"
And the Chief is on vacation���
(Pome say he's met. bis fate);
And the business of this otllce
Is meanwhile standing still���
'Cos there ain't no Chief just uow
To lill the bill.
^o nil you bloated criminals,
Who do Hun;- awful black,
I'lease suspend your operations
Until the Chief conies back.
Advertisement!Inserted under thtehesdst
lhe ruto of one cent a word por insiirlioii.   No
a,I vrrl it-niirnt taken fur loss than '-'a cent..
WANTKD.��� Position aa stenographer.
Best of references  given.    Apply  at
Miner Ofllce.       MRS, WAKEMAN.
WANTKD���Fur    three    people,   two
rooms with board iu central  part  of
town.    With barb preferred,   Address
B, Miner Offloe.
WANTKD.��� Hoys   and   girls lo   strip
tobacco.    Fifty cents   a day, and  as
mnoh more as tbey  can  earn.    Kootenay Cigar Oompany.
At the present time would be
one of those Policies which
will secure you $15 per week
if you are so unfortunate as
to catch SMALLPOX
or fever.
Baker St.
PRICES   $3   AND   $4.
Bank of
British  Columbia,
Is now prepared to issue
Drafts and Letters of Credit
on Skaguay, U.S., Atlin, B.
C.j and Dawson City, Yukon
_* !-=_;
I r^T\l ^^"��� n" ������'������ ���  ' 1 ���
Larger Annual Sale Than All Othei   Electric Therapeutic
Appliances in the World.
T*I-II. above-mentioned little book, called "Three Classes of Men," will he
*���* mailed free and securely sealed in plain envelope. It tells of my thirty
years' experience as a specialist, and how I found over a quarter of a century
ago that we should look to that great natural force, ELECTRICITY, for
strength where strength was required, and shows why
Medicines Gan Never Gure.
11 tells of my wonderful invention, the Dr. Sanden Electric belt, now
known and used the world over. This appliance combines the best elements
of every electrical apparatus known to science, and cures speedily and forever
all results of youthful errors or later indiscretions, Physical Weakness, Nervousness, Lame Back, Varicocele, ete. We give in " Health World," sent
with book, over four hundred testimonials, with names and addresses, new
every month. Don't fail to write for this book today, or, if you live near
enough, drop in and consult me free of charge. My office hours are 9 a.m.
10 9 p.m.    Sunday 9 to 12.
DR. M. SANDEN, 474 Main Street, Winnipeg, Manitoba, j
There   is  a   Clearing    Out   Sale  ii)  Geijts'
FUrijishiijgs oi) at O'REILLY'S.
Canadian o
The iliiTet route from
to nil point s
EAST   and   WEST.
First- CIium Sleeper * on nil trnius Irom
TOUniHT CARS puss Medicine Hat
iliiily lor- St. Paul, Sundays and Wednesdays for Toronto, Fridays for
Montreal and Boston.
Bonis eais pass Kevelsloke nni'day
Public Library Meeting
Tin annual llli'illll��� (if Hie Rolisel'ih-
irs to tlm Nelson l.ilirnrv A**soointion
will bo lield in the MhooltOOin of St.
Knvinur's Kninriipal (llmrcli on Wed-
iii-ilnv -1st l'i'liiiiiiry a B p. ni. for thu
purpose of receivinii report! Ol oltlenrs
innl .lectins new rtireiturs for ncsuinK
year. A full ittenditnoe of uii inter-
ented in tho Library work i--- pnitieu-
larly requested.
MKS.  A.  I.. M'CI.'l.l.tlCH,
A. R- BARROW, ami.....
Provincial Land Surveyor,
Conn Vlotorla ud Kootenai nir,
I'. I), lms -Vill. Tulrpl ��� ,\o. 10
NltLBQN'a   QlUKRN   no.  211
BONfl   oK    KNOLAND,   DlNta
lu-1    iimi     1 lnnl    \\>ilni'H(Iiiy    uf
Mian month nl  Pr*torn|i| hall,
-.troelJ..   VlHitinii brolhoro  oord-
if_.il> in-. 11-1
JoirN Wathon, SocroUry.
To and from itnbson, Kosslntul.
Bs. Sun. Ex. Snu.
8.00 Lv.        NKLSON Arr.ll.4ii
18,40Lv.dally NKLSON daily Arr-.2_.lli
Morning train connect* for nil points
Evening train oonnocta to end fiom
Main Line and points  north, and (ex.
Sun.i from all points in BOUNDARY
Daily. Btr. Moyie Daily
2I.IK*) l.v. NKLSON        All*. 17.20
f'..11 m ��� t h Kootenay   Landing wit li
Crow's Nesl I'.ianeli trains liolh ways.
l;\. Sun. Sir.   ICokniiee.      I'lx. Sun
lii.iH) Lv.        NELSON        Air. ll.lti
Saturday to  Aigenta  and return
leaving ttulo n aik.
Kx. Sun. Kx. Sun.
H.IW Lv. NKLSON Ar. 14.40
4hrs NELSON to ROSSLAND lire 4
lor rulr- itiul full inlurlimtioli iiildrosn nonr
1 <-!  Ia< al IgOllti  Or
U K. I1KAHLKV  Clly Pwnivngsr AKont
it. W. DREW, ak. 1.1. Ni'i-i 11
W. y. AMIKItmiN, K. J, COVI.E,
A|t.*r-t A   (1. 1*.  Aflpttt.
Merchants' Bank of Halifax.
Incorporated 1869.
Capital I'nld-ui ���l.SH.Ut.N I  Rett #i,;��o.ihmi.ini
���*onrii of pirretotmi Thoiuaa K. Konnoy, President:  Thornaa Ritchie. Vloe-PresWoiil.
Michael Dwyor, Wfley Sniilh,  H. G. Ilnuld, lion. II. II. Fuller, M.L.O., lion. David MncKren.
II, a.l Ollice. Illllirnxl
General Manager. KiUon I��� Pease, Montreal.
stiptirinii-iidt'iii of Bmnohes. \\*. 11. Torrance. Halifax.
Inspeilor. W. y. Uroek. Halifax.
scerotary, I). M. Stewart, Montroal.
\ov�� Hrniin_ Huiifnx Hranch, Antiironisli, Brldgewattr, Gufaboro. Londondorry. Lnncnbirrg,
Mali land (ilnnts C'o.l, I'lcton, Purl Hawkiwbur)-, Sydney, sliiib-imcadle, Traro, weynionUi.
I Mew Briiuiiwirk iiiiinni. Dorchester, Proderloton. kiiiKston iKoet Co.l, Moncton. Now-
I i-asllo, Siickville. WoodatOOk. I* R* InIiiikI -(-litirlottetown, siiiiinuii-fiide. Qurliee -Momreul
1 ifitj- Ollici'i. Momroal. West Kail (Cor. Notre Iluino nnd Belgnann Btreeteli West mount ILor.
Greene Avenue and Bt Catharines street.  Ontario���Ottawa.  Ni-wnnMiiiaad���st. Jolm .
culm, Went Indies���Havana. Bailed Mates���Now Vork 110 tfxohange Ptaeo) Republic, husIi,
Atlin, Bennett, Grand Forks, Nanaimo, Nelson, Rossland, Vancouver, Vancouver East End, Victoria.
Illir. -l-llllllrllU :
Canada���Morchanta Hulk of Cnnndn.  iinsinii-Nniionnl Bhawmut Hunk. Chicago���Anurias
Niitionnl Hunk,  sao Fr.niincii--Klrst National Hank,   imni  Eng.-Bank of Bcotlaml.
Paris, Vrnnrr -l.'redil I.joiiuais.   lliriiiiKlo - llnnk ot Ikriuudn.   China nnd .lapaii   H��"-
Kong und Slimiijliiij llnnkfiiir Cnrponitlon.
Oeneial Banking Business Transacted; Sterling Bills of Exchange  Bought
and Sold, Letters of  Credit, Etc., Negotiated.
Accounts received on the most favorable terms.    Interest allowed on specin
deposits and on Saving Dank accounts.
Geo. Kydd, Manager, Nelson, B.C.
��� *it|"!-i SniAnq a\| Atuoui auiA��s   ���
��� inoqa ||n no.< [ioj oj pemajd aq ||jm oa\ pun sn aas pun tu biboo   *
'stiooo isaa *nii a*ino -ipubii pun A*|<.i_..p os n_s mo
NOSH/V.   V   >IOIbl��Vd_Hbl>.
Trnv. Pan
Turn   this   around    and   see   what  is  puzzling   tli--'
people   of   Nelson.
COAL!  COAL! West Kootenay Butcher Co.
Great Reduction!
..Si.'iVi;, $9.65 P^r Ton
(.ROWS K__8T *��fi IC  ,,..,.  T	
OOAL -DO. IO   P* 1    1 Oil
1-.I.KIIIO.SK :i,l.
AU.   KIM13  OF
Fresh   and    Salted   Heats
Fish and Poultry in Season
E.   C.   TRAVES.   Manmuer,
Baker Street, Nelson.
Orders by mail receive careful and prompt attention.


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