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Nelson Daily Miner Jan 11, 1900

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Daily Edition No. 623.
Nelson,  British Columbia   'I i-iursday,
A\TAI'\    I I ,
Ten tli Ye;
The New Leaders Arrive at the Seat of War
Ready for Business
There is Still Firing About  Ladysmiih.   The Loudon
Times Severely Criticizes the Conduct of the
War-���The Seizure Question-
London, Jan, II.���11 m. 1���During
he interlude of npp-ironl military Inactivity ami offloinl secrecy. Lord Roberts and Loril Kitchener have arrived
nt the scat of war. It is assumed Unit
tbeir clear vision, supported by 85,000
men who are due to arrive in South
Africa within thirty days, will alter
the situation and that the fourth
month of the cainpui.n will witness
the beginning of victories for the Hritish arms. They are not, however, ex-
neoted to produce definite results for
some days hut their mere presence "ill
restore tho confidence of the men si
the front. Lord Roberts funis 120,000
men on the defensive or watching fnr
an opening Lord Methuen's heilth,
according to the Daily Mail, 1ms tun
ken rlown and the Field M rsliall may
relieve linn.   Possibly some others will
bo relieved   of  Important  commands.
There iR certainly plenty of rank 111
evidence in South Africa. In addition
to the Kick' Marshall, tin re B.C two
lull generals, four lientennul genrruls,
and IS or 14 major-generals.
The list of victims nf disease issued
by tho War Office gives ._ ilcith- from
enteric fever ami ilyscutry in Lady
smith in four days, revealing Uf 1.11 1
that the bcselged nre existing amid
iimi sanitary conditions.
The standard summarizes the general situation thus: "The campaign
has lasted three mouths. We have
something like 110,000 troops in Smith
Africa. With this huge army distributed   over the   cuuntry   we   arc still
powerless to relieve thne garrisons
from investment We have still to see
large portions of iiotli Colonies In lhe
bands of.the enemy. We have driven
the Invaders biok at no single point.
We arc actually further from lie hostile frontier than we were on tbe dnj
thnt tlm ultimatum was delivered.
Tho work which Ministers believed
could be effeotually performed with
1)5.000 men Ims not been done."
The authorities hnve urged tbe ci n -
mlltee r.r the Yeomanry hospital fnud
to provide for BS0, Instead ol 160 ids.
and the committee is appealing foi til
least M0.000.
yesterday hv reporting that Onptnift
Lticnrde and further troupers _f the
Life Guards are missing, showing that
his rocounoiteriug party met opposition,
General Qatnere dispatched a str^.n^
force mi Monday, .Inanury 8, to re-
connoiter Stormberg, which the Boers
w"ie reported to have ovnoun'ed. The
British I'miini the Burghers Btrongly
entrenched and returned to Sterkstrom.
An incredible rumor oomos front
Capetown that Ihe Boers hnve withdrawn from Mngersfontein, Probably
this is an embellishment of the native
report that General Oronje, is sending
reinforcements in Colesburg.
Durban, Jan. III.���The British 1111-
thnrities have released tbe ^German
steamer Her.og, seized au Jim.   ii.
London, .Tnn. 10.���Edward Blake,ad-
dressing his constituents at Soutb
Longford in Saturday, depreciated the
Irish-American threats to invade Canada If he thought them serious and
capable ol execution he saitl he would
uo! now he addressing his constituents
II" wonld have to borrow a Lee-Met-
ford title, learn the new rifle practice
and take passage to defend his w fe
and children and graud children from
his brother home rulers.
London, .Ian. 10.���(0:03 p. m. )���
General Lord Roberts, the new commander of tli" British t'ones in South
Africa, and his chief ol' stall, General
Lmd Kitchener, have arrived at Ol.po-
London,   Jan.   IL���The War Offiie
iintinunee that   the list of Brilish   0 is-
unities ut Ladysmith last Batnrday has
not yet beeo received, Tim following
dispaiob, dated st Frere   Cnmp   .In.
Ill, noon, hM been   received friini (ini-
eiai    boiler:    "Transvaal   telegram
gives the enemy s loss at Ladi-mi 1
mi .-atunlay   as   fi.ui    killed   and     1"
wounded, and this after, as it is admitted, they had BUdored a WlthwillS
lira frnin six masked batteries an
beep defeated a* all points, Natives,
however, sseerl thai the Boi t i In
one coniiniiud alone was 160 killed
ami wagon hinds nf wounded, II '
heivlesl   loss   is  mid   to have   bt  n
anion, the l''rce Staters who ��', ie fi.iv
cd by the Tiansvnaleis into lit" tnosl
dangomna places.
London. Jan, IL���The Gibraltar correspondent of the Daily Telegraph
-ays. "Three thousand time-expired
Spnuish soldiers from the Cuban war
have offered Iheir services io Great
Britain in Booth Africa. The Governor here has informed their agent
that h" is nut authorized to enlist for-
elgm rs."
Berlin, Jnn.10.���Great Britain's formal written answer to Germany's for-
ii.il protest has    tut yet 1'it'ii nceived,
hnt another oral declaration by Lord
Salisbury to Ponni Von Hut.feld, German Ambassador in Loudon his been
telegraphed to Berlin, showing that
i Ireal lit Unin admits in r oblignti> n in
pay damages for seizing vessels nut
iiiv n_   , nnlrnhnnd,    it iu   ndmlttid
v tin   I'tuil.ti tlllicc lliili  the ;il-lii- fed
"ii er I iiit-t'hl.unl. flagship of Prince
Ih ui-,' . I' Prussia, may be -eiii to Del-
au- a Bay, togi Iher with tlm gunbnnt
t be examination nl ihe cargo nf the
Bundesintb, the Foreign Office has
been Inlormed, Is Hill tu progress
London, .lan ll ���The C_t| bIo h
correspondent of the Daily Ohrnnl le
telegraphing Monday, says the Boers as-
mi rt that eighty natives looghl on the
siil" of the British at Kiiriinuin. They
nay their object in rapturing tlm ld.ee
was to open the wuv fm  a ciuninaiid Ic
go Hitutii into tlm Pielsks and Ron-
hardt districts where the Boon hope
iii foment   a rebellion.   It is reported
Ihat the liners leaders allow ivcm
BtiiKher to retnrn home one week oil
nf every seven.
Lnndiui, .Inn. Hi. ���There   ia n singii-
hir tlearth uf news this tnorntnu   Iruui
all part* of the theatre of war.   General Ft h rapplemeoti  his advice of
Rensbnrg,  via  Capetown,   Monday
.l.tii. 8,    it   |* rep '' I rl In !������   offioinlly
With    li'l'clem e   It.  III.   til .1-1, |-    In    the
in-t battalion ol tlm Suffolk Regiment,
iii,it i.i. ntennnt Colonel Wnlson marched tlm regiment   el nlumii tu  th"
top of tlm   till    at   midnight      II" as
semblod th" olfleors und was address-
Ing them  Just  at dnybrenk when tlm
enemy   Vollled   at    a   distance   of     80
pai'      The Colonel, his adjutant, ami
tWO    Other   " llcetS    were    killed.     The
Bnffolks, who Iimi scarcely Oted a shot
tltti buck t>> tlm pickets about a thousand yards away some one havlug
sbiinted "Retire," nbonl 160, however,
reranlnod, lost heavily and tin.iily snr
it mil ',. tl I Inr operation since hnve
it t n iiniiu|iii liint,    several   rieonnais-
 t have  been ma''" and show that
ti in iiiv is   |ea!uu-iv guarding  his
eiiiiiiiinnitatiiiiis to tlm north.
a of o
has tlie following dispatoh, dated Jan.
s, from Frere Camp: "With the exception of the usual shelling nf the
Boer positions ny the naval guns, tl,"
British force remains inactive. Eight
Boer camps were seen today by a patrol along lhe Tngeln in a westerly di
rcetiini. All were quiet. Natives, say
that when   the   British   reciinnoilercil   -_      _. ...
near Colenso   on   Saturday,   tbe Boers UNO   More    V-.0ai.Cie_   in   tllC
hurried   from   Springfield,    This supports the belief thul Colenso was weakened to attack Ladysmith."
Tho Capetown correspondent of the
Daily Mail telegraphs Monday saying :
"The liner successes have lieen followed hy a tremendous outburst of enthusiasm and Boer sympathy in I lie
western uart of tho colony. Roports
from Paai'l say the whole district is
made hideous at night hy hands of
young men parading in thn villages,
and singing the Transvaal Yolkslied,
while ibo children are everywhere
practicing the national songs of the
The following are specimens of statements believed by the  western Dutch :
"Buller and Rhodes arc   prisonois
and "tWo thousand  Boers secretly sailed and captured Oapeotwn."
Second Contingent-
They Will Act as Scouts in South Aftica.
Movements of the TroopB Still
London, Jan, 10.���Sir Charles Dilke,
member of Parliament, speaking at
Cindeifoi'il tonight declare! that he
was prepared to ask in the House of
Commons whether the Government
had taken sufficient right steps in the
military situation with due regard to
the facts known at the time.
"The languaxe Lord Salisbury eni-
ployed in Parliament," he continued,
"constituted an unnecessary menace,
tlie vniciug which Mr, Balfour said it
was a Government's lirst duty to nh-
st.iin from���nnd made war prolinhlo.
Mure than this, tlie Government is re
sponsible for the fact that the outset of
the war were without yvtns enough for
one army corps."
sir Charles criticized the Government's refusal of oupn.lo colonial
troops, qualified to ride and shoot and
theii acceptance instend of these ol
in iiiiii Imperial Yeomanry. Of the latter, he said it had been allegl d that
thev were neither good horsemen imr
.mill shots. In his own opinion, the
Yeomanry, he said, probably redo well
enough hut there was a very ureal
doubt as to shooting capabilities of a
large percentage.
Loudon, Jan. 11.-The Calcutta correspondent ol tbe Daily Mail says.
"While the ollicials lament Hint no
alarm is felt concerning Afghanistan,
il is quite true i have goml reason to
believe that the Indian Government
has received disquieting Information
regarding Russian movements in thi'
direction of Persia. Russia is taking
advantage of thu Trnnsvaal trouble to
strengthen her urninnieuln nnd to push
forward her (imposts along the Persian
frontier with a view of ultimate annexation, a design in which Germany
wonld probably acquiesce in consideration of receiving railway concessions,
London, .Ian. IL���The Standard
has received the following, dated,
.lan. s, from its special corn spondent
at Frere Camp! "I hear Unit Presi
dent Kroner sent word to lhe Boer
headipiarters asking why l.iilysinith
had nut been nttaoked nnd Ihat the
leply was "We wonld lose loo many
men."     His  Bitswer   tn  ibis  exouse
was the suggestion that the h't'ie
Si ,hs might he put in front. This
hint wiih taken and lhe attack deliver-
ed.   President Krnger's advice was so
Until lltal tlie Flee Staters lielinMil
i it'ir than the Traii-vaali is linvn
done At all evi nts they managed tu
*i ize a lull. I. ter in th" day the
I'rnnsvanlora rt tired 11 fnre < leuetnl
White's oot.uter attack amid the jeers
nl ii." I'm' Btnters, who actual Iy -uuk
t., th. ir pu-iiii n   until   thev Wl t" I in
, nel. .1  in  lhe illicit' v    AftOI   tlti--  iill'lil"
ii is almost teriaiu that the nllles will
quarrel,   a   heavy   gun   mounted   on
I'mluilw.in Hill has 1     Bring   since
dnybrenk Evidently the siege ol
Ladysmith is still maintained, "
Londi tan. 11,���The Dnrhan oorre>
���pendent nl tin' Standard, telegraphing Tuesday, says thai 1,100 Indian
stretcher benreri  started  fur th" front
the previous night and that tin il departure was regarded in Durban as in-
(|icuiivc nl a n \mi| of the fighting.
(Special Dispatch to The Minor.)
Ottawa, .Ian. in.���All the orices "f
the second contingent have been Ailed,
although it is probable ihat "it" n two
officers on special service may iiocom-
panv the contingent us was done in
connection witli the lirst one. The
places which Lieutenant-Colonel Lea-
Hnrd and Lieiitenant-Cnlnnil Drnry
now occupy in South   Afrinn will have
to he  filled   wlmn   they join tl nn-
niaiid of Mounted Rifles nud brinade
division of artillery, The last office,
that of Roman Catohlic, chaplain,
was filled today. Rev, Father
O'Leary, tin Irish Catholic went with
first contingent and n Kieii h Canadian Catholic prii st v. iii go this time.
Iimi. Mr Tartc. arranged with Aroll'
bishop Brnelmst, in Montreal, to nllow
Rev. Father Sinnette. of this citv. to
join the contingent as chaplain
Priests of tbe Roman Catholic Church
are not permitted to volunteer direct
Dr. Borden appointed Father Siimete.
Tbe Mounted Polloe .-i iadrons nre ex
pcetc.l to stay 24 hours hern and give
the burses rest.
The Miiilstt r of the Interior has is
sued instructions to all Dominion land
agents in Manitoba snd the Northwest
Territories, that any person who holds
a homestead under the Dominion
Land Aot, volunteering nnd being accepted for service in Smith Africa,
either with tlm lirst or Bacond ooiltit)-
gont, shall be allowed to bave the
time during   whioh be is engaged   iu
the campaign   to count as a   reside)	
Upon his Imnieste.id.
Ihe Macdonald Government
at tbe Head of Affairs,
Tbe Oalder Election Frauds ii the Courts.
Railway Accident Near Montreal.
Qe.eral Fast" n News.
(Specinl Dispntohes to The Miner, i
Winnipeg-, Jan. in. ��� The new Muni
toba Cabinet wns s\v irn m this morning, ns follows: llu.li John ManDon-
aid, Premier, and Attomoy-l lent rnl i
J. A. Davidson, Treasurer ��nd Minister of Agriculture; Dr. MnFndden,
Secretary, and Minister of Public
Works; Colin Campbell and J. Johnston, members witbonl portfolio.
Winnipeg, .Ian. 10.���The aqundioua
forming the western battnlion of Can
adian Mounted Rifles under common I
of Colonel Herchiuer will leave Regiun
nu Saturday. Trains will both be
heavy ones, 820 horses ami noli-commissioned ollicers and men I fine; the
iniike up uf ihe contingent.
Manitoba had today tbo first genuine
snow slut in nt lhe season and -1�� i)_: 11-
Ing is expected Boon now, snow Is
badly neededjn the country and tim-
ber districts.
Montreal, Jan. 10.��� Archbishop
Brnobesi this morning announced thai
ho bad appointed at the Dnminion
Government's reqnest.tbe Rev. Pathol
Sii it, as Roman  Catholic  chaplain
with the second cnutingi nt, He t ��� n
native of I tularin, ami worked for a
niinibei of venrs 111 the Northwest, bnt
recently ha- been visiting Fnthci Dun
iteiiv at St. Anthony's Cburi li in this
nnntlngi nt
Jan. in 'lim Mi.iiti.'tl
nt Mounted Rifl a li avi -
(or Halifax tomorrow night, Twelve
officers, Bfi "nil and 80 horsi -. A il"
timhnmnt nl 19 mi n rt crnlti t nl Winnipeg for "li" battery nl Quebec,
i' ii ed through the city tonight
Winnipeg, Man .Inn 10 VR
dispatch says: "Il is-tatt.i here ihni
Commissioner Herchmerof lhe North-
weal Mounted Police will take fifty
fnll blooded Indians with him to the
Trnnsvaal, In si dltlon to the men al.
ready going. II" has nn dnnhl rt
ni/..d how ii-"ful tit"-" men will bo in
Africa for snouting poi 'I ho I"
diati Im   tins ohoson are all young tin 11
an I good riders.
Whitby. Out., Jan. Id.���The j11<I.:- -
today imposed penalties on those found
guilty nf corruption in the Caldt r dec
tit i' ut i ills, Si vi n men were fined
��200 and costs, or one month in jail.
Loke n ���>- lino t .3 0 snd ci -is or six
months nnil Bnker was fiiietl sJfiOO and
costB, nr six months, The si ven were
Ai Btin McGruil, Pntrit k Shenbnn,
James McGrnil, John McGrall, John
Shcarhan, Willlnm Hayes ind Arthur
btupleton, all of whom bad ncccpten
bribes, Tbo other two wire bribers
The charges   agninst Stuwart,   Bruce,
mul Annul llannon, weie dismissed;
Frederick McLean i- dead, and Gcotgc
S. Banbury, another defendant, is in
Dnkoto. The oharges against William
Bear, James Lookwocd, and W. II..
I It in i   stand until Snlnrdny next.
idi ntify Williams   ns the   mi a
i   ti I   tbe   shot.    Tlm   p li""   say
Curtl     .    ii] ��� ���:   fr ni tl e   honse
while Williams wun   knocked   through
window hy a blow from I. r,    Vnr-
ci : nil' r shooting.
I nronto, Jan. 10, -The I':, hyturinu
fm..inn mission office hi re i ceived a
letter today from its missi unry nl
lltttia, Clniei, henring news of the
complete failure of tho crops throughout thnt region, Tho famine t hn tit -
"it.-lhe natives, who are excited and
blame tho missionnries for their misfortunes charging them with pnisni
iug the wells nnd destroying the
"Not foi 30 years,'' wiit.-s the missionary, "ha-- northern Obiini bt en o
disturb) d. Kbits nro il Frerrtn nl oc
ciii'i'i'tit", ami demonstrntionB against
missionaries occur daily. Tlm author
iii"s are uuablo to keep the starving
iniKii itnnts in check and the lattei are
committing all aorta of depredations,
Th" loss of life by f amino will be tremendous before the next crop is harvested."
iii   riPER
Toronto, Jan. 10.���Grief, caused by
the behavior of his sun. . nusi ti tbe
doath of Wl Ilium Bteiiilmnn yesterday
morning. Monday, Stead mini - ri n
George, ivua sentenced to 13 years imprisonment in Kingston Penitentiary
for robin ry and as-aalt. Wi.eji the
sentenee was dfiiven " S'> ;"'' tin
onino fiantio and bad to be led lint,
the court room, Despite Ihe efforts ol
his friends, ho continued lo brood over
hi-' son's fate.
Yesterday moruiiiR lie was at bis
daughter's residence preparing to go to
jail ami hit! farewell to his boy,
While nbonl in start from tho bouse 11
suddenly fell   to the floor nnd expired
Montreal, Jan. in. ���A smallpox epidemic has brokeu out again inthePar-
Mi of St. Germain, Quebec
Winnipeg, Man. .Inn. 10     'v c n.en
tiun (f Winnipeg Lil eruls h id
jimi'iit tl w Itiinnl takiug nny  --'i i	
wauls ibe   ii.niiiii.it i.tti ill ii   iiandiduti
bt the  bye elt cl Ion lor tho '' mon*
. a ilu- 36th. E, D. Martin, [mil nt ml
"ut Liberal, is in the fit Id ng linsl A
\V. Path" Labor, nml with un Ci n
servative running it was decided nol
in npii"s" nor to i inlet-" Marl -n
Ot'nwn, .Inn   10     '-ii order hit
I go pi rnnnnnl Ing Elth in H |j.
Soi retiiry nf the JDt pnrttncut"|' t Public
Works. Roy ,ha- been on l"a\ )��� i
mouths nn a e iiiiii 11 his hca lb.
It i- learned that a moven   ut
ti u| ani'iiiL' ���  it ������ ' I  tl '    ' - il     in   set
tiers in lim ��� "-: tu m i   tip  a company
ni al nut thirty for    i n lot In tin <'ait
aili.ui contingt in    Tl o  mt n have had
ttaining iu tbe army ol Austria   When
laid   up iu   qenraul Ine II   wn ��� nol In-
in qui n'l.i ti-- i custom tu form
pani'.s   for   drill   !o   maki  time   pan
more    ngreo ibly    The    liumig I il
untborilles   will deal w Ith Ihi
Bello.ille, Ont., Jnn, 10. -The firs!
met '1 waa rolled at Bolleville's new-
Iron v'. .'.- ibis ai' moon snd the o
,i i ns ci loi rated hy the attendant ti el tie Mayor, City < 'ouncil and
niln r ritlkens tn whom Inncb wns
Bervt tl af the ci tnpaii)'- works.
i uilton, iint to.���Miss Florence
si.inc. actress and Reginald Seadding,
it i    i". were married tonight,
i lot rge I-. I iiek'tt tV Sun. sent two
ton- and a hull "l tobacco to the Canadian coulingeut.
t'.'tl Press Ilispntob. i
t 'tlav.it. Ollt., Jan.   10    -Th"j'it\   a--
ort   1 '       ��� 'now-    n :.l
��� mate viillintion ol *34, ITH.H00, all in-
. i" isi ' i $700,53- over 1800 The i a\ -
nlaiinii ol i tttawa on September 80
wna .' I.uit'.',   au iner. ase  ol 1,010  ovei
Montreal, Uu".. Jon Iu.���au ngt ���
lady nnmed Mrs. Charles Touiuoir nsa
fntalli injured by falling from a iml
lory while visiting bar daugbter'a
house at 17. St. Hub. it Street tins
He Ri Every tl; in:: in
the Hon i
nnieut Was Made Until Fi
Smith ��
Bpi' ial Dispatch to IT e M
Vi       ':''..��� | be
violent .',.. ',; i ver innde in  tlm   British ' oluml ij Pn     , .  t-  deliver
iy by Joe Mm in in a thn e hour
rlefinitii ti i I li;-.  om n nd an
It ui!   lie-   Qoveri     nt     11"   de-
clan l tlm Admini   rai   ti lo have for-
feite i i nl lie confldt nee at l "I alb nged
n n tutu tn tlm   t            .'      tg  eitln
ilmt n geuernl eh                ailed i
nny ot th ��� Ministi                  nnd   na a
public opiu          tl      In-  own
constitueney, off ragi i   that
lint ..in-  could  -;t t     ' ui
public pnlioy be 1 ::   t Iy   attat ked   the
inc   disnl-
lownm o   y Ihe if Pro. in
tho i*  i', t;  waa nl   th   ;  ttom oi the
disnllownnt ���    and i rnmi nt's
met k at ��� ��� ptum t    He u ged ihat,
P. R. dot : ���   pn ent
Provincial Government and that thu
proposed sol titutt t tsh subsidy for
iiuiibi i & \. itern laot\ grant
waa really it gigantic scheme to give
the C. P. I! two and a qnai ter millions of fvn ini inl tnonoj to which it.
was mil legally i nt itlt ti.
On titutinn ni Rnl ih Smith the li meo
adjourned until Friday, Smith explaining that b" wanted Martin to be
pn -. nt when he ��� i plied to bis tnte-
e.'ii'- Martin having intimated that
h" wonld it" in Vanoouvi r ti moi row,
'i be l'n inn r agn wl t i tbe adjournment.
ni \,   it;i:m ii LIBEL,
Ottawa, Jan.  10,    IT" Conrl -
Imp- Im- i it'ii pi nveui il i i   Ider tit"
app. al 11 ih" Ri v.Thomas i it "_h. gon,
at Hamilton, from hi- si a- nustt n el
'even y.ais. Archbishop t."��
Ontario presidt il !'��� i ai |s llnnt then
Mere P, D, I'm ran, t I Hamiltou
and !.'. D. Arue in. I..i ib" i. -p.'ii'i.'iii.
A. Urn"'. "I iiuiiiiiti n It -..ti- di' ni
ed unanimously to exclude thi 11
iii.il. .l.m.  II     Thi   0    r    U
lur tb"   .im k   ondillg   .l.niiiaiy
fib �� . week
Inst yesi II ��.'-   it.' 000,
London,  Jen,   n    The Dsily Mail
London, Jan. ll. ���A  dlspntoh to the
Dolly Telegraph dated  Monday,   Jan.     ,,. ,      ,,,    .,.,   , , ,
'     ,,        _     " I nn ni.'. .Inn. i"     I he I'lnho ��(inn-
8, at inn n.  Itiiiti    li'irn   ("iimp,   says: i
... . ,        ,, ' wa - "i nil ' nrre"pnndi m I Im
" 'trtitg    from     the     I'ner     |>(i_iI���<>n .,,.,, ,,
.,  , ,   ' rumor Hint ti   lliinl   cnultligclll   would
arnnii'l   ���'idv-inilh begntl   eailv    todav. , , ���
V ���   .,    ���   ;i 'giini/ui  wns flying ngnin   today,
It   ul! etiiiliniies hut the eaiinonai iiil'is   ,,     , ,      .,      ,      .
"    i I'.orili n   sssnred     tlm   ulnl o -   t nrrt
il' it titt'l irri'gular. . ,,
  spondonl there Is no Inionl nl pn
.nt tu onllsl an. thi i I  ii.- ol un it   ' iff!
��� ���.I-   all    OVOT   the 11 nun v.  v. Im   li.tv ������
been telegraphing oiTeni nl   etvi
requested to take notice ol   Dr,   Bor-
' den's iutiuuiliiiu. "
London,   .Im.   to. ���Tim   Amoriosn
llnur   seized off D. luj-oii I'.av Im- been
it It i .il.   Ambassador Obonte  had an
t iailliiii.il uu Ionitli  I'tiK".
Montreal,   Jan.   10. - Cwo    t
trains un Ihe < ��� r.uii   11 nt I    R illwaj
, i,Pi,I, fl     | t-l    Wl   '    it    St    li' tn i -it fl
Ing,    'I he ��� -
one ti.nn plungl I Ihn.unli   II "
ih" i in. i Instnntlj   killing
i    . i ��� to obey
tit" i tu
nio. Jnn 10     i In 'i til ��� i ���
Williams, burglar,   charged with   the
nu,i.lt i . I : I III i".
.-n th.   in.til ill'. CI in' ��� i   Ml   In '���
iiuiiiit: an attack ��� n   t
.i    i arils, lit    p.un.' i   ot  Villllsms,
waa .lib-I   bv   the pi .   n  this
ng 111' re  i hit' Men
dllli    Crown hold   thai
i,. a || i ��� t 'i the di nth
a expect
it   a ..I ib.
.1     .Hail   \ ,.'. ii    ami    Nl
who weie in iim store i ��� it i ��� tbe  iihIii
I' pan i:a',.   I I Idl til ".    but    luitl" I
N'"\v Sfork, Jen   10     In thi trial t ���
Roland 11. Molineux, today the dt let so
i  an   iiiipuit.'iiii    point     Emina
Miller,   ot   N iwark,   who  a yt it
sold the sill 11 I' tth    holdi r   that   hu-
figurcd in t romliii ntly In the i use, pt i
latently and repeatedly BWoro   In  an-
��� vver to a  .b sen  qui ��� I loni n Lod in  a
tlnst it dill.-nut   way-     that    Miuiinuv
i ihe man wl n honghl thesilvt I
n. tile I.. Mi i in in ber.   Mi   -   '��� nrm
,|.,... ndmlssli ti
that i It"   n. w-p'i
fur   it t ol    what
ill" oil nr.    Sin
,1 tin   man who bousllt tlm b"l-
el    11    gel
irni      .   : ht build, sendy
mi     Mollneo.
ii. t
ANOTHER km..ill
Ma,i    I, Js ���   i"    The '.'���"
��� <
���    ���
��� i   on I
.Villinm win   Ihe in
. | ti.,. i loldi n I'b ��� '   hi i Mnjt  ly I
i     mi Prin
l.l.l     I III   M   ���   I   I
; mnnagi rs  nnd
i nrlcature  who published
i,.-I i  inn Queen   Vie
.,    ,   today oi   the
'i h "
.,   loci -.I "ii the  ground
... 'i   the
,   ii   did   n.,1   i . ��� bsceno
thaiuitii   which   would Justify   the
l'Ttii. h ("nun Unto the 8 i;��-
iiiu in- -' i ine "i 1 heir Nnmber
���    I ho Miner t
Montn i . Jan.   10.- Numerous English Canadian newspaper today printed
sxtraa : i i ibe extradotdinary  i ditor-
ml In tin ne Ruligiouse  Journal
. nly
Btitish di ft ii - in   South
- for tlm  breaking   n-   of
th.  Brl    li Empire, w bleb   I
', lb feel ".-. nnd re
Iu ilu   sib ' -  of tho
overthn ��   ��� f   Hritish  dominntioii   in
ll li-litimnt   i i   a
The   writt
'  brt slism
winch hn in il Brit
nicy   in  Quebec    and  tbe
i . in nnlv   be
a. in. -. : Liberal,
ism. A' I
l���I   ! :
against rl l I
���The : inak-
��� ���
��� Si mains   I
fi lon
This s
England is
,,   in any
lleve  thp
. I mi- Intel
���' ti i hi   ui igl-
���n--. ii
eel   11 anslat lon,
had   in in.1 i : it   1 n
'i   pi inten < n
i I        was
iii- own i h w . a
��� ..v. re thi ��� '  nl
midnli ''     '"'n
in.. revi '��� ntiv
r tin  British si is,
I.    .   .    |   ,. it. it.-,    tbe   well    known
re   Vrohbishi p
Begin would repudiate  the  article sa
|u bad In    ���'    iiimn  called   to
lib t
' ������-���
Nelson Daily Miner
Published lmily except Monday.
Nelson Weekly Miner
Xklson \li.\_u PRINTING k Pi'iilibhino Co.
11  I.  BEATON, Editor and Mauager,
Su-Sciuptioa' Kates,
I) 11 .  per m.utli b. carrer t 11- i
per half year    5 00
per yerr  10 00
per y.ar by aiall    ti 00
per Tear foreign  1"00
days ago, Die knowledge nf it might
have had a most benefioial iuflueuceon
lhe situation at Victoria, atul might
possibly have been of Rome use lo tie"
Canadian contingent in South Afrios,
While in Nelson we go around in (head
of that aognst individual, few of us
wf are sure ever .suspected he was a
poison of such tremendouseousot]iiencr.
Mr. Houston should have spoken
Nelson Weekly Minkk,
Weekly, pe  naif year I 1 2S
p.r rear    2 00
por year, foreign    2 30
Subscription, invariably in advance
���'-I son Mln :r Printing APubllshlngCo
nelson. b. c.
Telephone   No.  144.
Electors of the West Ward will do a
generous thing if they do not forget
the absent candidate today. Mr. Fit-
land has duties which bave called bint
elsewhere, nml he was obliged to leave
hi 1 candidature to the favor of the people. We hope and believe they will see
that his interests do not suffer by his
Ilea-.. 11- would reoeivu little attention mi the morning of election
day. The voter who has postponed
his decision until this late hour is
not likely to be influenced by argument. Between Mr. Fletcher and Mr
Houston the publio judgment has been
formed, and it only neuls to be recorded. That will be doue through
the instrumentality of tlie ballots, nnd
the principal work now remaining is
to see that they are dnly deposited,
Mr.    Fletcher   should   be   our   next
Mayor.    A   good   deal   is allowed to a
mining camp   in   both   manners   and
conduct; but Nelsou iii something more
tlinn   a   tinning   camp, nnd   it   has a
rigbl to look   for   both   manners   and
conduct  that are   befitting   its character.    As Chief Magistrate of the City,
Mr. Fletcher will be equal to any dutv
and will do credit to any position that
can possibly   be  associated   with  lhe
office.    As   a   man of   character    and
Standing,    the   respectability     of   the
town will lie safe in bis   keeping; as a
man of   ability,   we can entrust  him
with the tusk of seeing   that   its business   affairs are conducted with nietb-
ud and   elliciency.    A mistake will be
made   if  the   electors   do   not   regard
tin as things and govern themselves accordingly���a mistake   wo may run bitterly   before    tho   year   is   out.
Tho Mayor should be supported with n
good business Council. AgainstMr.Madden personally   wo   do   not know thnt
any one has n word to say; but in other Provinoes of   the   Dominion,   with
more knowledge and experience of municipal   affairs    than   we   can   claim
here, his occupation is regarded asu bar
to bis election   ns   a   municipal representative.   In souii! of those Provinces
the law expressly disqualifies the bolder of a tavern   license, for   the   reason
that the two positions   are believed   to
tie Incompatible.    Mr.   Irvine, another
candidate for the   West   Ward,   stands
for   Mr.    Houston   and   Mr.    Houston
alone. The three remaining candidates,
Dr. Arthur, Mr. Ferland, and Mr. McKillop, stund for the people, and
because they do they should be elected. Mr. Morrison iu tbe East has hnd
municipal experience, and in thnt re-
-pi "t possesses an advantage over the
other candidates ; but a safe oboioe will
be made in this Ward if the electors
decide between him, Mr. Byers, Dr.
Hall, and Mr. Wilson. .Six out of these
.even named will make u cnpiitiln and
said Council.
Mr. McKillop and Dr. Arthur will
not complain if the electors of West
Ward place Mr Ferland at the head of
the poll, But they themselves must
be goml secondd, i r a good second and
There should he hesitation about the
West Ward. The Miuer would r.nt
tiarin a hair of the head of either Mr.
Madden m Mr. Irvine, lint it will be
better to have in the Council, Dr. Ai-
tbur. Mi. Ferland aud   Mr. McKillop.
Mr. Ferland may   not
minded   beggai,   but   he
candidate.    See that he ii
er by It.
e an absent
is an absent
not a suffer-
Take your choice of these foul for
tbe East Ward: Byers. Hall, Morrison, and Wilson. You cannot make a
mistake if yon keep within this limit.
Thu purity <>f the Drugs and Modleino^
nd_.__ui_.t_.red to Uio pfttionl In thu uiosl
e-pnentliUelementfn thu Hiiccc-wful rrviu-
tnont of disease. Pru-orfptions hit. com*
pmnaed by us from absolutely Puw
Drugs in perfect condition, ai d Lnopliy
wiciftii'.H *kill will not be imllhird by old
and impotent drags.
Our -itoobsof requisites for '
The Toilet
The Nursery
The Sick Room
Arc complete    Your patronage solicited.
The  Kenutui  Why au  Indian  l'rir.. ���
Xo Louver Ugea Tolincco,
Once upon n time, whether near or reunite does not uiattcr, there lived a great
Indian potentnte, to whom is .1 no the
honor, though be was unaware of it hitu-
Kelf, uf having 1 n an ancestor uf our
famous cricketer. This .rent lord's rule
spread far aud wide, his I lood wns of the
bluest, his caste was of tbe highest. But
be was a man with n weakness, if weakness it can be called. He was an inordinate lover of tobacco���the pipe, so to
speak, wns never out of his mouth.
One day this eastern votary of "My
Lady Nicotine" was out hunting���like his
descendant, he was a great sportsman���
and by Bome chance became separated
from his followers. Alone in the depths
nf a forest and tired with an arduous
chase, he sat down to wait until ho wns
found. A meditative .niukc wns just the
thing to while the lime away. The king
felt the desire strong In him, but alas bis
pipe hearer waa ainmig those front wliuin
he hnd strayed. When nu ordinary man's
longing is balked, it usually becomes
keener nnd inure intense. What, then, if
a great ruler's taste cannot be gratified,
aud that, ton, his pet one? As time went
ou hi- anguish became terrible. Indeed,
it had ..tiiie near an articulate cry of
"My kingdom for a pipe," when the
sound of approaching footsteps caugbt
his ear. He wus ull attention In u moment. A peasant appeared and, recognizing his master, saluted him,
"Hast thou n pipe and tobacco?" demanded the king.
"I have, your highness," replied the
man wouderingly.
"Then give them to mc. I wish to
The peasant gazed for a moment in
wilii astonishment, then, with a low
salaam, replied:
"Your highness must forgive me, but I
"You cannot?   Why not?"
"Your highuess well knows that whatever touches his lips must never have
touched another's."
The king still Insisted, but the man was
quietly and respectfully firm.
"Yum- bighness forgets the greatness of
his euste nud the meanness of mine."
At length the reaction came iu tbe
king's breast. He saw how near he had
heen tu losing the most precious posses-
slon of tlie Hindoo���bis caste���for a mere
temporary gratification of little account.
And su violently did he resent his weakness that he resolved from that moment
never to smoke again. Not only did he
keep his word, but he made an ordinance
prohibiting the use of tohacco in his family forever. To us westerns this seems
nu extreme, even absurd, use of power.
Nevertheless "Itunji" docs not smoke.���
St. Louis Globe-Peniocrat.
1900 iSOOlTheNelsonElectricTramwayCo.Ltd.
Office un I Pi ekel
, Large number Choice Building  Lois  adjacent   to  the
WlllttakerS   AlllianaC | line of their Tramway.     For price and terms of sale   apply
at the office of the Company, Macdonald  Block,   Corner  ol,
Josephine  and Vernon Streets.
T. C. DUNCAN, Secretar\
Cash Books,
Day Books,
Office Supplies.
IA   RIV   1) IN   .ELSON
New and Important
Including Saegram's ., 4
/ ;
year old Rye
in  barrels,    Gooderham  &  Worts'  Rye   in
cases.    Seagram's Star  '83  Rye and White
Wheat Whisky in cases,
in Cases.
Walker's Club Rye
.rtfiTr -<3T0
"8800 Miles Across Ciiiiiila."
Price t-.50.
a. n. ci; \v,
Kool nay A.gl. .Sel.-uu
Nurses'   Directory.
Kor the convert lonco o_ Phyniola-nH hihI
Nniv-H. we bave established ;i Nur-t^'
I-iiei'lnry. anil in on I or to have it complete, roquet., all Nureee io Bend In ur rail
and leavo t licit* Dainne und addrosseH.
Dispensing Chemist
Telephone US.    P.O.Box 8.1.    Baker Street.
Mall Order* Promptly Attended To.
fining $tocks
Bought and Sold.
Tena  and        and others worked
Mary  Belle *?  lhf r���?s��rn
J Canada Gold Min
itio- Co., is one of the safest buys on
the market. Thorough inspection
cordially invited.
1000  Noonday    600 Richelieu
llefeieniliim  Treasury .Stuck,    Hold
nu installments 7,'jn., one thiril down.
"As to tho defent of GoverumcDt
���nut inns tin Thtii'id.i,'' says Ibe Vm
oonver Province, "it I. unite evident
that these came nhoiit through ',1 com-
ititintint) nt Booidnnta aud On]>onition
.harp practice. The pulilio will judge
thai a combinatii n of that kind should
not lie allowed to guido tlm n.aiuige-
ni' tit (if its business Almost UR well
propose that tho Government of the
Province should 1>n decided hv the
flipping nf a coin or the turning nf 11
oatd." Neither the (lipping Ol 11 coin
nor tin- taming nf a card can add anything to Mr Bemlin'. majority of one.
One it is, nml it cannot be lnoreaied
in tin- present Legislature. Doe. this
Via. oiiver paper seriously claim that a
Government with one of a majority is
strong enough tot the e_.oi.nt man*
ngement of public affairs? Or does it
hold Him the lirst duty of a Govern
ment is tn hang on to niiicn, leaving
lHiitiie affairs to take such chances ai*
may at Ise
60-62 Brodway,    New York
run tie ma.lc thrmiL'ti sneciiliilion with deposit
of $80.00 (thlrtg dollii.-t] upward (nr 'I per eenl.
margin upward] on .lock Rxohange.
The (treat e-.t fortunes have been tuadothrougli
specutiitititiH In Stocks, \\ heater Cotton.
if yen iif 11,n Teste.1 to know how ��poo-l-!.| comprehend,
A Soillli Am.ricnn City Willi u I 'iltq*.
I ' tsli nil iini .
If it were aot for the vultures, I do
POt know what Colon would be. There
is no sewerage, ami pools of tilth abound
in every block, Any town in uny zuue
would be equally unhealthy, hut the
great discomfort is the humidity. The
atmosphere is soaked with moisture.
Everything drips. In other countries
during the wet season the raiu fulls regularly nt certain hours of the day.
You cun expect 11 shower at Panama
about _ o'clock every afternoon (luring
the rainy season and govern yourself
accordingly. The rest of the day and
the evening after 0 o'clock are delightful,
nnil io one thinks of carrying an um-
bri'lla, hut at Colon it rains all the time,
(ind, .-iii.tilling to the old proverb, it never rains hut il pours. It is the real thing
by the bucketful. It Boenis as if tho
1 bottom bad dropped out of the sky.
Colon and I'm.tuna are 47 miles apart.
I The rainfall nt Panunia is uhout!'_ Inch-
I es annually, or about 8 feet.   The rain-
I fall at Union is 250 Inches annually, or
about -1  feet, uiitl tlie people get it all
tu five months, an average of four feet a
month   precipitation,   while  in   Arizona
they  only  have a  few  inches.     It  takes
alt the rest of the year for the people to
get dry.    The heal iu the dry season is
! more severe, but not su uncomfortable.
I The thermometer ranges from SO to 00
day mul night.    There is very little dif-
i forence  Iu  tho temperature after dark,
j hut people easily- a'hipl Ihenisetves to the
conditions, nnd there is a certain tasel-
1 nation about the place that is difficult to
Hon-,   and   lot  f r  Fale,
business part of city.   Price
Every requisite for the
Scholar and student.
Thomson Stalionery Co., LtQ.
Great Reduction!
$9.65 per Ton
$6,15 per Ton
0. A- PR0SSER,   Manager.
Spokane   Falls
Bullderswill ttnd it 10 their advantage to
figure with Bradley k Co. on Painting.
t if ni- nre condm twl notify lis and we will m.imI I
you information nnd market letter free of
onm.iN'.ionM ohftfgod for  exooultng
��.-���.. 1 hum "i tii-iii t),!,! and Itt-llroiHl
��� h .in. t(ntii iti'.n- I'm mi -Inil mi applie.it inn for
purchase, sale or (.xrhatiift!.
Bold ina Uo-vn All tin' Jol��H.
cauvasaer  tov  n   tcligtous  puMica-
1'irfl.t semi*monthly Assembly
Invited Guests only.
First Waltz 8:30 Sharp.
Committee   W. Caldwell) D. W.
Rutherford,F. Lynch, I). McNicholl
Herr Steiner's Orchestra-
I 1 iun entered tbe yard of u residence iu
1 die southern part of the city n few days
j ago.    A i-innl! wagon in thd yard and sev-
; rial war whoops from the rear of the
' bouse mid that tlie place was not desert-
! ed. A pull at tho front doorbell brought
nu response, so be went around to the
. side porch, where tu- found u small hoy
I with his lace smeared with jura making
\ a pyramid with lumps of loaf BUgar.
"Any  one  tit  home?"   asked  tbo  can-
"Nu one else?"
"N p. Papa went to tho stove an left
j me wif mariner. Marmer went up ze
street an left me wif nurse. Nurse's
mint died, an sin- left me wif Be cook.
Cook jus' runncd up /.*��� alley to sec her
fran/, nu !'/.���' got evcryslng to BOO nl'ter,
an lt*s nil right/1
Tbo canvasser f��*It that the sunshine of
Iii*- paper was nol needed In that family,
and  be  went   away.���I isville Courlor*
Insure your life
agent Ontario Mutual
Life Assurance Co.
Insure yoiu house, house furniture
and  pianos   with   J.    lv
agent'Victoria-Montreal and Equity
Fire Insurance companies.
Bank of
British  Columbia,
Is.now prepared to issue
Drafts and Letters of Credit
on Skaguay, U.S., Atlin, B.
C-, and Dawson City, Yukon
>rOTICE is hereby L'iven that Application
t     will he made io tbo LoeitUatlve Assem
hly nf lie* Province uf Hn-i-li Culuintihi, at  it��
.        ��� *     I next Boenlon; for an Aot to Incorporate u com .
\ 1111 * 1 l>jcy j pmiy wiili powor to construct build, pgnlpand
operate tramways in lhe Dlstrloti) of Kootenay
ami Yale, iu the Provir.ee ()' nriii-h (lolvinblH;
to run ant) operate such tramways by elect rir,
steam or oiher power, as may be mod economical or convenient; to erect and operate telo*
graph and telephon.i lines in and between alt
tneeiti-s, town?, viliKes and M*ul<-meutH in
id l-islrlots of Kn*>ten<iy and Yale, with pow-
Netson_ &_ F o rl
^heppard R
Red imountain R'v.
The only all roll route without
change'of ems between Nelson ,1 ii
Rossland and Spokane and Rossland
Lv. 11.15 11.111. NELSON, Ar. 6.20 p.m.
Lv. 1125 a.m. ROSSLAND Ar30U|.__.
Lv,   815 a.m. SPOKANE  Ar.li. l'i I'.m
Traiii tbtit lrtiveH Nelson nl 915 hp
mattes cloHt? cnuueotiutis at Spokane t
till  Const Points.
Piiflseniters (orKettle Riverand Bonn
ury Creek,couiiiiot ut Uarona ntili^tn ���
H. A. JAOKSON, (i. P. .. TA,
Spokane   Wo 1
AKent. NeUon, 11  0
We have just received
a cai load ol 1 lioice
Vege tables
Hudson's Bay Stores
West Baker St., Nelson.
Telephone 13.
Wholesale Houses.
HORPt <x CO., LIMIT-ED. -Corner Ver
I     1.mm  an I��r  Streets,  NelsoDi inanu-
.M'tu er- uf iini whult sale drain*-, in aerated
id frui    -.iiiip'.   -ioleaffoutd for Hal-
���        ii.:   minornl M'ator.
,V .M 1 11 nun .���>. i.r-" t. K . ery knuwn
varie ��� of *ofl drinks, 1', tt. Bux vs. Telephone Nu :i. Kini.orStreel Nelmn Bottler*
��� f the KnmaU- 1.1, Leon iiol Springs Mint-rul
uui u Lk< ��� turn Uuil airvuu, Noldou, man*
i.;.ii , 1.1 ti    ol    ���'.'���...il   >i al " and  '* Kuotenay
1 .t...    b  ��� u . ul i'u.u-.
erto eonneet with Other finus that may operate   {-l '��� uJn; 'l'l>'>'
Kootenay Railway and Nav.
Schedule of Time.       Pacific Standard I'lnie,
KA.SL" *c SI/ifAN  UY.
PaSMDgcr train for Sandon nnil wayatatlon
leaves kaslo at S ft. im. dully. Retumluff,
leavesBandon at Llfi p-mi,, umvieK nt Koaii
nt 8.M p.m.
Opt -rating on Kootun ���*> Lake and Itlver,
str. "Internatiutiar  leaye*> Kn_*lo for Nelnnii
HJ. EVANS _* *0.   Ba-terdtroet, Nel
���   ��oii, .vho d  now In llqnora, olgara
i urooWy, water piiteand
1 oouinii-i_don merahantB,
1 i'i.i:        1      .    vi in.   -NouHrih   wtiole-
-.ii>   di      .1           11 �� .:      lie.,  and   nay
!'i. on ton 1  \ ntoiia ana
Now   .Vi itinitistoi.    i:io\utora on Culyar> ft
A MAODONALD & CO.   Corner  Ver-
���   no 1 i-Mi.ii   si ��� eetM   whole-ale
uroner*   ml j   .    r�� in bUiuets, fflove_(�� milt*,
boo  . ���-. in tfi.iii.in- ami mluen' rou*
iiru >.
Nelson Employment Agencv
Mirls for Housework.    Nttrnc   Girls.
BittjntloDs wnntori by Waitnrs. Walt-
ri'fs.    Cbainbetmalds.    Cooks,    Bak.r.
COItK  llllll,UNO.
J. H. LOVE, Ap't      Baker V
in tho ^utiinliiy fiiiiiuiiH of Tbo To
imitii Globe Unti. 1- a Jnvenll. mi department, thnt i- not without uniiiHi'.
ment nnd Initrnotloo in tlm edition
ol Bntnrday last tlicro wus nlsu �� de
luitttiii nt devoted to fools, wlm, with 11
mi 11111-1,. nharaaterlitio of these In.
terestlog people, applied tlH-msclves
.igoronsly to the dlsoassion of tbo
quistiou wbather the present year
ends tbo nineteenth oentory or begins
(be twentieth
Mr. Houston's paper ims not treated
tin' town with proper reaped or 0011
���(deration, To withhold the startling
Information 1l1.1t Mr. Houston's defeat
wouiti mean tbe defeat of the Bemlin
Government, until the eve ot ths election, when mill's mimis were settled
and promises Riven, Is to trifle with
puiiiin (eeling.   If Mr. Houston bail
AiiterUsoiosnUInserted under thlshoadat
thr rut.' uf (mn rent 11 wonl per In-rrJion.   No;
nilvrrttMi'iiii'iit iiikcti forIdmh itiun SSwnU,
WANTKIl. ��� A boiiHi IihiiihIhiI or   nn
famished, with bath room, Rent
moderate, Apply K (J. Campbell-
WAMTiiiL).���Uottuge of   three  rooms,
or three   rooms  nloss in.   for light
housekeeping,      Permanent    tenant. Anooatry.
Address "Cottage," Miner Offloe, Miss Da Puj tot   1 con tracq my an-
i-fl-.tnr-i Link to Hi., refotmotion.
Do Bmltli   Tliat'i  blng,   I can tract
tiiiiii. back roars mul yenrs boforo tbo.
attempted t" reform.   Chicago News.
A it.'ii.iy Iteokoner.
"My frii'iiii." said tlie traveler to tlie
provincial, "do you kuow this country
"1 reckon su."
"Is it for to iii" ikm town?"
"Rookon ll Is."
"About    tlir.'u   luilcs'.'"
"lleckon so."
"Well, .im I nu tho right road?"
"Reckon you air."
"Xt'll in*..*' Mii.l tlm travoler, "hnve
you any othor business besides reckon*
"I reckon I hnsl" wns the linnl reply.���
Atliiiiiu Constitution.
LOBT   Hiiiitniiiy, �� Dady's pnrse. con
tainlng|110, between Postofllae and I
skating tink,   Rstoro to Minei Office
Reward oft--. j
KUltMSHKD Rooms, prlvnte family, |
with board, wanted by a ^enrlemnn
ami bis wlfa   Apply to A.   B,   0.,
Miner Offloe,
Safety Fuse
Supplied     I.i itish    Admiralty.
In or-outfddeof sucli districts; to htippiy eleo
trio, t-t'imi. air, water or o her power io other
corporal i>n-. manufactories or nidi. Idea.*;
tuRMppl)' llghi to oiliorrorporationi manufuc-
Lorien or individual*.; to ncquiroaud h<-l.) -aiU-
or rlKhU. for the innini-ij ut' generating power,
whetner for their own use or Uio ��� s- of other
i -ni pniatitni-. I* ai nlintni it*-, nr ii.dh idnals
lo nirnlhhand Rnpply water io other corpor _���
tlotiH, manufactoriea or Individual), in Bala ' i>-
tricU; t ��� acquire and Imid land, Unihor rights,
rlghtH of way audother property and ea_toniont-.,
for 1 In1 purpose* of tho Comp iny, uiih all nee-
t'-an nowcrs iii that behalf; to acquire >dl the
ii^-ct*'. t ram li ise, .piivili'urs and bUblnettM of I lie
N*l.-(in Klectriclramway Coinpanv, Limited;
toacqulrenll the iisboU, frftnchlnoa, prlvlllg- h
and bu��4ii08* of tho llosaiund andeophlo Mpn
tain Kloctric Knit way Uomnany, I
roceivo aid, either by way of bonus or othor*
wine, from any municipality in said Districts i.r
(Cootcnay or Vale: to ohtHin exomption ivmu
taxation ami other privileges from an) municipality in-aid DifitrlcUof l\ooteiia.v and  Vale.
and all other usual, nocessary or Incidental
powois and privileges as may lie nooesHary or
lucldetttal oroonductlvoto the attninuient of
1 in- abo\ 0 objects, or any uf them.
bated ot tho City of Nolson this l-t da.  of
December, A. I��.. iw.t.
UACUONALt) Se johmpon*.
s,'//, Hon for the A/fi/t'cnttlt.
except  Buuda.
ip.ni., eallini
Hi   lialfo'
Pilot. Bay, AtiiBworih ami all woj pntnti
r.ects   .viiii St.	
Nelson at  I
wiih St. "AIbe la" lo . d from Hon
tier's Kerry, Idi-l-n, i(mi with 8. K. \* N. to ai <
from tiiokane a   Five Ml o I'- Int.
hir     Alberta" Lieavus N'ttiMii for Bonner's
Furry,  TueMttayi   and     ;tiimi.i>-  al   7 s.m.,
meeting .steamer  "Interuatioiiol" from Kjo*1o
ut l��i ot May
Keturning, leave* Ronner'i Ferry at 8 :_, tn
W'-dicMlaj- and Siniila,.-.
Dlreol wmneotiona made at Ronncr'. Farrj
with Oreoi Sor-Jturn Itailwaj fur ail point.
ear.1 anil Wnsts
i_Aiibo-bt*Ni \n bivieios
Htr. "IniernaUonnl"loaves Ka-lo fur lard
and Argonta al nt.. p./n. Wedn��*lnys ai d in
day*,   Sir. "Alhftii" leavi -   Kaslo fill   l-'i.li
hutted; lo   nnd Armenia ai 8 00 p m,8utidn)S,
Btoamern on 11 at [trim It al landing' I bol I
directions, snd al ot In i i��Hii a u hm
Tickets sold loan \* lido in * aruulo m d n.
United titati .
To ascertain rat ds and full Inftirtnatinn, ad
dress !
Manogi r, K i-l.>, R i
|J  U_J.mNj_.o_ GO   il-ikeraiivot.  Nelson,
?    ��� i��-uors in fro-.li and eureii
me.i.-.    i  .lt| titorogu,
W��    ,    "   *'       "   i'.t   -���>��� i-uii.     V\liuiu.-ulcaeai-
��� i- !���> i"   iii   i. u ed ini -.1,.-.
! WAN'JwuVtK   HARUtrVARt   UO'Y.
���     '" '" '   "    '     "-ei, Nuiaun,    wnulu-
'" '* n r,ruwiu,jauu nunirK (.uppiieH,
piuiauor   .uiu uiiaouii. ��� supiulto.
I^LLwU.*   r-iAKOirVAHE   CO.-Whole
LiL/^oriij AND DRY GuODS.
I U.-v ._..;,   LtcLTUN   A.   oO.   Corner
-��i��i ���'unu.iuuu aireet*,  Neuon
"     >" uquurs ouftLrs ami dry
lor'' iin  lirowiug t o   oi _Uli��
aa heennu. ..._, tlJ ,, , rtl lf. t n   ui , ���lKl,iy,
, jf*AOOow'^ o/^f oO,    >tholuMlle kio-
11   ���  ��� ��� ��� -��� ��� ��� , tfakur ou, Ne.i_.n��
_( Y      �� i -  -'- 6J.   cn-ticr  Vernon
w,�� ��� Nulaou, whotesalo
' '  'i .ne.u>,  ouiior und
White Countered
Ghitta Percha.
Will  Not Crack or Break.
Absolutely safe in :
II weather
i^-,   mm  i ujiii miug^iu^,
Clilmney Sweeping,
1 louses, Offices and Stores Cleaned,
All work done hy us is guaranteed first class.
I.mivo onion at i.iti. i'  w ii-.i rt ro iti, oppoitt
Minimizes   risU   from   lirin^
Everything to recommend it.
Asl< your dealer for them.
Manufactured by
Every Man
lllck'liii'l nml llah;.II.' .yttlomii.
Until ink llllll Wilcox, etc
A,,p"���"��� J. C.T. CROFTS, m,..m,,
bkba_s!?8.^ck NELSON- B. C.
OrtoFBROUSsoN & Crofts,Vancouvei
KNlllNKKIia AND   AlilON'IS.
i.Mi-u..,   : mm.i.   i urnor  hruiil   uuil
'     ���   ���*>' - _ll     hi mil .i.-l ii i .���!��� -   nl"   nml
iiiiii .. .1 _oor_: nil kinilii
Ml     .. iii idu ... ��� ilor.
V/Ar.a , oNL'ii URJG STORE.     Oor,
J        ,'..Hi.   .uiu   ,���,.,' i-   OU, ,'Ik.     AKt.1.
 '  Bfulllu
I'.l'   Al ,
ml   Wi'lluiiil  Aoolyli'iio
A. h. -_,AKr.OW, a.m. i.c.b.
Provincial Laud Surveyor,
< "nni r .'lotorlimnd Kootonoj au.
lJ. O. bux .   . Tolophono No. lij
Bparo iiiiiinii'     the told iiimt ot
time, thi portlonn i.r Ufa moil fruitful
in K'""! or evil, tin' Rtipi through which
ii.iii|iiiiti..iis 1'iit.i.   Mrs, Thrall,
causeil tbIh to Do inn.- kuown   NTMFtl |n__ biidHt- work 11 Hui.olalty,
mi   BARBER, Dentli!  hni  opened
uu Offlu*  with   Ilr.    Uoninu,    Cruwn
A nmii who I. xi - - oever bod tbe toutb-
kill* iIuph nut know tin. real pivusui-
tU.ri li lu aut :������ g It.���Xit'Ulti,
Cambourne, Cornwall, England.
Qonoral Agonl for Cana la.
Iik.'.. in ilti'hM in fashionable i.��� .1
N'ii'i. Killing liiiiiiuiiitH il lie .'an
ilu hh tit ti I'l'iiHiiiiiiblt' (iiici1. My
Fall and Winter Sample, are nofj
complete in Suiting!, Overooativ
mul Ki.tii'v Vnstitig-, Give nit
mill  ami   I   will quote you  pil._l
ll.lll. Will   llHllllliMll   Villi.
Ladiu.'Tailoring in   all   iti
branch.., n api oliilty,
l"0\.V.M I'll..Ml
INHIItlMi:.   mil,   IKT.lTi:
'��� '   UBCK.. I   s, ouUHtNTI
Civil i ..mi Provincial Land
'*��� O. B(    :  ' N���l���,m, B.C,
DlitrlliiittiiK   A,.. ni>.
Stevens SS
Tltii.iii, II,,ii
ll  -Until ltl.ll
�� I'llllil-lii.t	
Koom.s i and ll
-l-iii.nls lllllvei  Block
7-Rooltl IIa ii-..-	
.'lllooiii lluuw und ���! Iota. Kuud ItxiitiiM,
-::. 'ii
. H.VU 1
--%".���.   McLaughlin's NELSON DAILY MINER, THURSDAY,   JANUARY tt,  *qoo
Last Meeting of the Outgoing Aldermen.
Bonna to City Olerk-O. P. E. Arrangement Settled.
The outgoing Council held their last
meeting yesterday afternoon to wind
up the business of the .year. A feature
of thn session wan the leave taking of
tho ."tiring Mayor ami Aldermen,
mutual compliments being paid. Aid-
eriuan Hillyer, as the senior alderman
in the Council, !n u neat speech expressed Lis souse of the courtesy witli
wl/r.h he hud been treated by his colleagues and of the good feeling which
had oievniled. He paid a compliment
to the City officials and spoke cordial lv
to the representatives of The Miner
and The Tribune on thn way iu whioh
his public ae'ir.ns had been dealt with
by the pa-it. The Mn or followed in a
si il retrain, t! au inn 'he Council
hi . Cit. i.Iie... s for th -.ni.iiblti us
si tiuice they had leuderel him. Aid
crman Beer snoke a few well chosen
words on the same lines
Tlie Mayor presided over the meet
ing, anil there were also present Alder
men Fletcher, Hillyer, Khkpati'i.lc,
Beer unit McKillop Mr H. E. Beas-
lcv nnd Mr \V A. Macdonald, Q. C,
also attended the meeting on behalf of
the 0, P.  K.
The City Clerk read a telegram from
the deputy .ommissiniier of Lands anil
Works stating tnnt the (.Joverinitoirl
hail agreeil to deed lhe whole of blunks
-IS nnil 40 to the 0. P. R. This set-
Hud th.' technical diffloolty which
arose at the last meet ing, und a resolution was passed authorising the sign
ing of the agreement between the 0.
P. R, and the City, the gist of which
bus heeu fully si t forth iu former issues of this paper.
The City Clerk was also instructed
to officially notify the UP. R that the
City would accept 40 acres in Lot 80.
Group 1, Kootenay district, which is
one ot Ibe considerations to Ihe above
mentioned agreement. So the arrangements between the City and the O. P.
11.   are now completed.
Alderman Hillyer then introduced a
motion voting City clerk Stracbnn a
bonus of $100 for his services in obtaining from tlie Government the sewer
pipe whioh has i ecu lying at lamer,
Peetou's for sonic years und which
netfd the City some 1700. He laid
stress on the fact that the City Clerk
performed these services during his
brief   holiday,    mid   that   he had suc-
��� cci'i'd where the speaker mid former
Mayor Houston had failed. Alderman
Hecr was opposed lo bonuses,and wisli
ed tli. gift to take the foini of increus
ed sulary. The motion, however, was
unanimously adopted us proposed,
The flnanoe committee's report, iee-
o'limeiuliiig the payment of iicoouiits
amounting to 17.0.51,was adopted.
The public works committee submitted the following report, which
was adopted by the Council :
I. With reference to the application
of K. Kelly your committee recommend that a crossing lie laid down
across Vernon Street from the centre
of block 11(1, to the centre of block 1.
_. They also recommend that a crossing bo laid on Water Street atO'Nell's
gro tery store.
8, With referenco to claim of Mo-
Heath & Co., under their contract for
electric light flutvo jour committee
recommend that IH10 he paid to Mn-
Heath & Co., in full settlement of all
���I Your committee also recommend
payment of Strut-Inn Bros , of |8fi bill-
���ne'e of aoeonnl of Septe t.her II last.
The follow in _ ride" was added: The
committee wish to place on record at
tbe end of their term their appreciation of the work done by hy the Citv
Engineer, Mr. A. L. McOnlloouh, and
the close iittenton he hus paid to the
City's business.
The police commissioner's leport, al
ready published in The Miner, was also
unanimously adopted.
Tho City Clerk then presented lhe
City Engineer's report, which was
published in full yesterday. The Aldermen said they had read it in The
Miner, and so it was decided to adopt
it without reading it again.
The  result of   City   Auditor   Peck's
yearly audit  was then read, and is reproduced in full below:
Flie department $ 4,700 10
Police department  4,C08 73
Legal  expenses  2, l!!l) 23
Miscellaneous  8,'86_ 44
Printing and stationery. . . . 1,1)0. 08
Public Build'gs and grounds 888 .7
Salaries   4,617 66
Sew ir construction  17,__7 til
Sewer maintenance  127 i.i
Electric light construction. . _4,(il4 G<i
Electric light maintenance. , 2,72a IH
Waterworks construction... 85,289 03
Waterworks maintenance... !!,4t)2 lis
Streets  11,8011 11
Sidewalks  6,780 04
Health department  4,240 04
Electric light supplies    184 07
Sinking funds  3,780 00
Interest and exchange  0,5211 58
Fuel and   light  104 00
Weigh scales,   fixtures  110 55
Total 1138,41111 80
Real estate taxes $ 11,
Electric light rates     13,
Water  rates      1),
Licenses      12,
Police court tines.
Sewer  rates. ..  	
\1   SI'   II   III'   us	
.mill tax. 	
Uog  tax    	
Burial permits and   lots..,.
Supplies sold    	
Health department	
Weigh  senles	
Waterworks construction.. .
Debentures sold	
Government grunt	
Deposit of tramway comp'y
Total  $127,911  20
Bnnk aticonnt for   year   ending   Po-
aemher ill, 1899:
Cheques issued   |187.78(i 77
Interest  overdraft         053 OH
1188,48. 85
Overdraft Decern tier 31, 1898        585 05
Deposits in 1899	
Overdraft Dec. 31, 1899.
$180,026 80
.. 188,196 18
...10,829 02
Rank Balance...
Cheques out	
88,455 32
2,374 30
$10,829 02
Debit       Credit
Balance from IS'.iS  $ _ '.Ki'.i 89
Prooo.ds i<aie of '90 deb.. . lO.l'o. OU
Rxuondlturo in 1899      .1,(114 55
Bala) cu al dotal  .IStll 75
.21,(111 85   121.1114 51
��7,000 11 pur cent 3'J year debentures unsold.
.? 3.S93 13
. 35,100 62
Hiiliiiiio from 1898 ....
Proceeds from "litt deb
(expenditure tn 1898 ..
llebit balance	
82,1.0 00
6,533 !��i
838,01- 96   fc'S ii.1'2 96
$$,000 ll per cent 30 year di'beiitill'os unsold.
Balall-O from WIS   ? 1.470 lis
Prooeodn sale'00 drb   lti.tiMi no
Kxpond ture In 1800  17,22, 01
llalaiice at credit       .'H'- 05
S17..V21I IM!   $17,.V!P 66
lliliiiui- from 'OK���
"expenditure i" '!f.t.
Bufancoat orodic. ���
���185 57
���.'SI 5S
.    titi- 15
I   06715 s   as? ta
audit   Alderman
the receipts  ami
Patenaude   Bros.
For Fine Clocks
and Watches
We have received a lot of
Ben itiftil Cliin.i Clocks at
remarkably low BgnreB,
The ore timekeepers and
will make useful presents.
Patenaude Bros
and    Opticians.
Nelson.    -    B. C.
wilt  open ber  Kindergarten ami Primary
S'honl in Un. KiikiihIi Church School Room nn
unci .lim.
For tornix particular! apply io
al I bo ruHldeniiu of Mm. J. 11. ltouu. twin, Dak
armrest, v,_.t,
Referring   to  the
Reer remarket!   that
disbursements  foi   ordinary  expenses
practically balanced, so that there >vuh
no deficit except what arose from extraordinary expend!tore on improvements.
A request from Dr. Stoddart to get
[lower from the West Kootenay Power
& Light Compauy for dental purposes
only wns referred to the incoming
City Cierk Straohan then rose to
thank the Mayor and Aldermen for the
courtesy and consideration with wliieh
they had treated him during their
term of oltlce. He said it was a pleas-
nre to work undor such conditions,and
he evidently meant what he said. He
was sure that the other officials woold
endorse   wliat   he said.
The following resolution wns moved
hy Alderman Boer, sot ended by Alderman Hillyer.   Alderman   Klrkpatriok
alone dissenting : That whereas resolutions were passrd by this Council on
February 0, nml Feornary 10, 1899,
with respect io ettlenteiit of suit of
Ar'linr vs. City, and question having
arisen us to stud settlement and the
���.ffetit of such resolutions; Tlier'Lue,
this Council resolves and deolures
tbst the litigation between E C Arthur ami tlie City of Nelson wns settled
and so Intended by such resolutions,
and that Arthur should not prosecute
any appoal from the judgment stand.
iug against him, and Ihat inch parly
to such litigation was to pay their
own costs and Hint any judgment of
the City of Nelson against B. O. Arthur should he cancelled.
The Council then adjourned, the las'.
meet ing during Iheir lease of ollico being concluded.
Vote for Candidate Fletcher for
Mayor.    Vote early and often.
Mr. IT. R. Alexander, manager of
the Ruth mine near .Satidiui, is paying
u visit to Nelson.
There was not even a solitary diiink
til the City police court yesterday, and
the City jail is untenanted.
Unless the canvass hooks of the rival
candidates lie, at least 40 por cent of
the voters have said the thing which
la not.
Mr. J. O, ISotichor, one of the owners of lhe Hcatriee mine, in the Lai-
do, spent yesterday in tho City on bis
way none to Trail.
The Tribune was itself again yesterday morning and indulged fresh in It-
Old habit of venom spitting nnd milking libellous insinuations.
Assistaut City Clerk Wnssoit vaster-
tiny received a letter slating that bis
youngest brother has joined the second
Canadian contingent for South Africa.
What with politics nnd canvassing
by day. nnd politics and the show at
night, thorn was but little liusineBS
transacted yesterday.
The Bachelors' Club will hold its
first semi-monthly hop'in tde Odd Fellows   Hall   tonight.   Tin   attendance
promises to he large and an enjoyable
time is anticipated.
Mrs. Clarke gave a dance at the
Queen's Ho el yesterday evening which
was largely attended. A very pleas
ant lime wns spent mid dancing was
kept np until au early hour this morning.
The long expected contract for [[the
construction of the road between here
and Balfour has not been let yet. and
the local contractors aro wondering
why the railway authorities are acting
oven moie slowly than usual.
The tools necessary for the ereotioii
of tbe gasometer at tho Nelson (Ins &
Coke        Company's        works and
which hail not arrived owing lo a mistake ot tlm railway company, came to
hand yesterday, Tho work of con-
strnction will begin at onoe.
A mother living in Vnner.uver,
Mrs. Sonierville, is unxnius lo get fid-
in.s of her son, a young man supposed
to be somewhere in the Nelson restrict. Information concerning him
will he .rntefnllv received hv the sec.
rctary of the V. M. C. A , nf Unit city.
Mr. B, S. Jenkins, Winnipeg?, general superintendent of C. P. R. telegraphs from Fort William Met. spent
yesterday in Nelson and left by t nut
last nisht for home. He came in from
Vancouver, and expressed himself as
not nnv too favorably i in pressed witli
the variety of dry rain that prevails on
the Coast.
For the benefit of voters it may 1 e
again stated that the voting place in
the East Ward is not tlie Fire Hall ns
in former years. The old Phair Hotel
sample rooms on Josephine Strrtt next
to F. J Bradley's paint slum hnve
been rented for the pntpose In the
West Ward the office of Hie Exchequer
Gold Milling Company has been
There has been remarkably little
betting on the municipal election,
Fletcher money went begging yesterday and even the offer of tempting
o.tds would not make the Houston iren
wager anything that their candidate
would be elected There were some
bets that Fletcher's majority would
exceed fifty and this was generally
conceded to be a good gamble
A quiet wedding look place at the
residence of Mr. W. A. Martyn on
Wednesday morning at 8:80 when Kev.
Jno. Robson, united lor life Mr.
James C. Tiitrle. of Snlulirin. Idaho,
and Miss Jessie Jnmieson, of this city.
After partaking of a bountiful repust,
provided by Mrs. Mnrtyn, sister of the
bride. Hie happy oonple took the morning train, tn route for their home in
Mr. J. Hill, son of President .1. .1.
Hill, of the Qreat Northern, aud Mr.
K. 0. Forest, superintendent of the
Spokane Falls & Northern made a flying trip thiough Nelson yesterday.
They came in from Rossland over the
C. P. K , got on the street car and
were imnieditielv conveyed to tbe N.
& F. S. depot, where they boarded the
special that was in wailing   for   them.
The   Nelson   Licensed     Wtunllers'
Association met yesterday afternoon in
tlie K. of P. Hall for the election of
officers, The hoard consists of IC. For
guson, President; .1. Mnloite, Vice-
President; R, McLean, Secretary; T.
J. Sims, Treasurer; executive committee, H. E.Smith, F. .Simpson, J. Neel-
tintls, .7. P. Nelson, F. Tainblvn. 1.. ,1.
Curran. The Association decided to
give a banqnel at the end of Hie prcs
eut month. Invitations will be extended to the hotclmen of all Kootenay
The great McKwen performed n
somewhat wonderful hypnotic feat yesterday afternoon. He had as a subject
a man, who, while by nn means a
chronic drinker, was very fond of his
glass ot stated and not infrequent In*
tervnls. The subject was hypnotised,
and Mr. McKwen conveyed the suggestion tn hint that   if   he    look   .iiinlhei
drink lie would become ill. After the
cxperime.it Mr. McEwen accompanied
his subject to lhe bar of the lintel
Hume and ordered a drink f"i him.
Sure enough the subject became quite
sick as soon as he swallowed his favorite drink, Scotch whiskey, and lie
avers that he will never touch another
drop.   That  is   praotlcal   temperance
" ��� "'Jo
anuary uearm
Commences M(J">"DAY MORNING and continues until they are all sold.
Come early and get the best selection.
The Shoeists.
_ flVV'^flVVNAiV'^'vNflV^fl'W VV*^^
To 'he l.'iii/cns of Nelson ;
In    listniusc   to   itii'i I'f.'US    requests   r*3
from   business in    properly   owueis _��
nml i.itepaytrs, 1 oiler myself as a can- ^
didate for Mayor of the City of Nelson   '^J
tit   the  appronohing  Municipal   Elec-  -3*
Ileus. ���**
Briefly statul. my platform is as foi- '*��
lows: v3
If elected it will be my   earliest   oil- ^
deavor to assist  in more firmly   estab- ���-*
lisliing Nelson ns the wholesale distri- r*S
butitig centre of the Kootenay Country _g
���the position for whioh sin-  has   been "9
so admirably designed by nature. r*jjj;
In   forllieran e   of   this idea, f will _j5
continue my consistent advooaoy of the -��j
construction  of  a   whnrf which   "ill ���*
ment present and  fntnre  .equipments ^
of the wholesale and other business in- -*j
terests. '?*}
I believe that the City   has  teached _��
that stago when permanent   street im- , -^
provements have  become   an  absolute ��
uecessitv   ami that Hie cost   should be -^g
met, as fur   as   feasible, from   current ;����
rt venue and   should the Citizens see fit r"��
to entrust mo with the ofilce ot Mayor, ^
it will be   my aim   to carry out a well -^
devised system of street improvements. "^
It will be ray policy  to  oppose  the K^
borrowing of monev unless t.e same be -��j
used for the increase or establishment f*��
of Publio Works produoiug n revenue j ^
to tbe Taxpayers | '^
1 am opposed to any increase in the r_J
salary of Mayor, which would tieccs- ^��
siirilv involve a rednction in salaries -��
now paid an efficient staff of officials, ; ;-*��
or an increased burden  tu the taxpay-; -jg
ers. I ;��J
I iiiii strongly in favor of maintain-. f��
ing the Fire Department in a position ^
of thorough ctlieieticy nud would ad- -^
vise the adoption of modern equip "-jf
ments iuclu'iing n Fire Alarm System ! ^
and the purchase of a chemical engine ��������
whioh would effect a reduction In all ��g
Fire Insurance. \ _g
It will be mv consistent policy in ���#
safeguard tbe    taxpayers against  any j*j
attempts on the part of corporate liorl- .^g
I ios, carrying on business in Nelson,  to   ;�����
[encroach upon  the rigb.s of   the < iii-  .-5
/(lis. '-^8
Iii my opinion a suilicient amount ;^
of monev shonld be expended upon the
'. Parks "f the City so that they will pro
vide   the   citizens    with    recreation
grounds and opportunities for heultuful I
j Uii all municipal works my policy
will be in employ bona-flde residents of
Nelsou and lo maintain the publio
standard rate of wages
I believe that   the Public Schools in
Nelson should he under the  control   of
I the City and that every   effort   should
ihe made to establish a High   School m
! our midst.
In concluding I wish  to say that in
the event of my   election    1   will con
siilcr it my  duly   in   share   with   the
Council the responsibility of the civic
administration believing, us 1 do, thnt
the assumption of entire authority by
one individnal is subversive of all constitutional Government. whether
Municipal  or otherwise,    Yours   re-
**s ii/ \h iif ib iti Ut iif \it Ut Hi Ht \it \it Hi i Ht Ut Ht iif \it Ht \ii \it Hi v./ tg,
We are overstocked in some lines and before stock   taking   we
have decided to reduce sonic linos ;tt prices never before   heard
of in Nelson.    A lew oil lie  prices 1, i\_-n   below  will   convince
tliev are trenuine Bargains.
Bleached Table Linen, .pecHl, 00
in wide, 33c. id.
B'cached Tabic Linen, extra
quality 65c. 00c, $1.00and$1 23
Fit p Quality V re Linen Tab'e
Napkins, 100, 1 23. I 50, 200,
250 aud .8.00 pordoz n.
Good Quality ami large -ize Comforter fie 1.00, 125, 1.50 i 00
up to 87.00 apiece. Every one
a bargain.
All Wool  White Blankets good
and    largo   _ize  If nn
���j il ai.
Good Heavy Flannelette 5
I.',,. 15, 18, an- 20c. yd.
Ladies'  Wrappers al  7."ic.
2.00, 2.60 and 1800 each
'"���   _-
.\ few Ladies' Underskirts
and Blouses In Fancy Striped
Mercerized, regular price 1.50
and to 00, will clear at 2 00 and
1. dies' C. rscis
s.'i 011 per pair.
50c     io   ���
Any Ladies' Jacket in the Store
1    Tiartin
1      &
.J  Term. Cash-
Baker Street $���:
Atlantic S. S, Lines
.11     1 _ I" - M'
Allan Una "1
Dotn 1
a-i 1, ,
"���i till.'   _tur 1. ;
No    ll ...    :.. Ltl
Mitcrl. an Une ' ;
1    ' 1
l.'iin.ir.i Lini
Anchor Lino
All..I,-      .
I'. ,
anplj i". ...
1. ci Ya
u    I'   1 ������   1 ;    .    ,
���   I' R . 11
m -J-tJu
I In ..'i    < route from
I ;    :lils
EAST   and   WEST.
Fin t 1 lass 9   epers 1
REVELSTOI ��� .   Kt 1 i.lii;.
TOURIST!   .RS  | Hal
daily tor St, i  ml,  Sill
nesdai Don foi
Monti, al an IB   I
Sunt ! ��� ne diij
i ���      .1 frum Rnl
I:  . Sun. Sun,
S.00 Lv.        NELSON .rr.ll.4D
18.10 Lv.daily NELSON daily Vn-._2.10
Morning t ruin
11   BOI MiAl. iii' \IIIV.
Evening train connect   Lo
Main Line and 1     norlh, ��� rid   ex,
Sun.) f  all 1 iln Bt 11 \'|i.\ l.'Y
KOOTEN W KI\ i:i; ROI   ti
Daily, Sir. I Di ily,
24.00 Lv.        NELSOI-i        Arr. 17.20
Connects   Kootenay    landing   .itli
Oi ow's Nesl Bt inch trains but h �� -
Ex. Sun.
10.00 Lv,
Sir.  linkanee,      Ex. Sun
NELSON A i-r. 11.0)
J,  A.    Teptiiirter,    Vant nnvi",';   King
Millivan, Kansas Citv {William Murray,
Mrs. John Lusk, Pincher Creek;   Her
bert Irvini:, Hong Kong; W. 11. Dowsing, Spokane; ,1. .1.1'.rson, Port Culling  Muskoka.
Al the l'i l|liesl of il large number   of
electors.  I ba> c eoti-eiiti'il   t.i oiler ttiv-
scif as ii candidate for tbe ofllce nf Aid-
eitnnii for the East Ward nf tlie  <'it...
If elertOd I slinll enileav.ir to iliscliiiign
faithfully the duties of the office,   So-
licitlnR your support I   remain,   yoors
sincerely, W   .1   WILSON,
At the request of a large number of
citizens, I have consented io become a
candidate for Alilcritian fnr lhe East
Ward ul the election to lie held on .lan-
ttary 11.
Sour vote and Influence ou my i"-
half will be appreciated.
Turner Beeton& Co.
i^--. NELSON --^
Saturday   to   Aj.. ata   and return,
, leaving Kaslo nt  _ilk.
Ex. Sun.
0.00 Lv.
Ex. Sun.
Ar. 11.Ill
In ooropliauce with the request ol a
large number nt citizens, 1 ha-e consent.m! io oiler myself as a candidate
tor alderman in the West Ward, If
elected I slniil do mv utmost to protect ami further the Interests of tho
City, Owing to unavoidable oircnin-
siini.es I shall not be tu Nelson darinn
tlie week,mid consequently ��iil be nn-
aliie to make a personal canvas Hop-
ma to reoelve ymir supnort l remain,
vciirs obediently,
Just arrived from Milwaukee!,
DSl l."'.il .... i.i. or
('  t:. IU ,\  ... Itj  Pat ��� agar Agnnl
11.  ��*. UltKW, Afllel.l, N
W.F, -J.D1 H K. J.COYLK,
'ii,iv. Pa A   ii. I'   .'.s'''-'
N.'l-  r Vhiiiimi   I
\! I.-' I.      "I  I'
Hall)    unci
inn: r i."
Mc. Una
hall, .'   \ I
P. BURNS ��& CO.
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants
<-���__��� ���������������������� ^is��i
Branch Matketsin Rossland. Trail. Nolson. Kaslo
I re iiei-iiiiiiv sniicii  �����-in-1.."- 'cid ^infion Thi'c-e Forks, Wow Denver and Slocan City
intlnei.c" In support ol my candidature
for ibe otlice oi Alderman. |,
I.'. ('. A .Tlll'lt   M   I).
t2LgfK' -M..1..I .} in.li!
JiiIih Ti
Orders hv  mnll In any hr.-incli will luive c-ircfu* nnd prompt Sttentton.
[n response to namerons reqnesti 1
have consented to offer mysi li foi ran
didate for Alderman for the i.a-t Ward
ai the forthcoming municipal elec-
lion. My policy will be to work for
the u'lneriii Interest ol the people,
Yoiits truly, O.  MORKI.ON,
ei unlit
At the rei|iiesl of a larire ntiuiber   of
tl lectors of the West Watil.iti which
I reside, I have consented to offer my-
sell as a candiilale for Alderman in He-
West Ward.    If  elected I shall   enilea-
vor lo rtischatge the duties ol tbe offloe
to ihe lust of mv ability   in the f ii rt Ii -
erance   of    the Rem i ill  iiili'ti-l   of tlie
OJt izelis,
Bolloting yin.i' vote nud Influence, I
remain, your reipeetfolly,
I desire to annonnoe thnt I am again
a candidate for  Alderman in the West
Unpini.' l'i a I. mv, :il of ymir   coiili
denae,  I am, vour iihedit nl  -ei win!,
A   I,   MKILI.nl'
.    Invli
*n/ 4/ aiUlfrl/ eft fturifi
In response ta the raqaesl nl   a large DPTCTl-'DPt.        R    Pfl
number nf altlsoni I have offered  mv fllJlO UjUJuh       ��_   I.U.,
self as ii candidate for Alderman In the
East Wind     If returned I (hall  eieli.i Bwwei   ol  Fine Lngot
vor to servo tbe City faithfully In thai Beoi nnd Porter,
oapaelty.    Hoping for your  vote  and ,,,,     ,,, ,,,,,,
assistance, 1 reinatn mun   iibeiltetilly, 	
<��� in. \ . ". ti'ici:       Mil n:i n in u .
V\   II,   'l      .1..'    .     'J     .      I   III I ,
tV_NDBRM_.BE, u. C.
Kvcn ii ..
.1,, . I lllll.
I   II
Ull i
.voninaal n
It   \
IM    M
,,i   to' ll
Adjiubuitl l ���
Nelson Daily Miner
i '.;.;���... ,1 i ...i.i l;, oxcepl Monday,
Nelson Weekly Miner
NKLSON.MlNKIt l'ltlNNNU k I'-llLiaillNO Ou.
i)  1. BH__TON, Editor and Mauagor,
1) il.  nor m.ut It by can'or $110
por half your    5 00
per yocr  10 00
pcry.arby mail    600
por year foreign  10 00
Weekly, pc  naif year $ 1 25
p.ryear   200
por yoar, foreign    2 50
-ubseiipcioni invariably iu advance
.'.I son Mio :r Printing dtPubllshlngCo
nelson. b. c.
Telephone   No.   144.
Kens,,ns w..ulii t'eceive liitlu attention on the morning of election
dny. The voter who has postponed
his decision until this late hour is
not likely to be influenced by argument. Between Mr. Fletcher and Mr
Houston Hie public judgment has been
formed, and it only minis to be recorded. That will be done through
the Instrumentality of the ballots, and
the priuoipal work now remaining is
to see that they are duly deposited.
Mr. Fletcher Hhould he nui next
Mayor, A good deal is allowed to 11
mining oamp in both manner- and
conduct I but Nelson is something more
than a mining oamp, and it has a
right tn look for both manners and
conduct that are befitting its character. As Chief Magistrate of tlie City,
Mr. Fletcher will be eqnal to any duty
and will do credit to any position that
can possibly he associated with thu
office. As a man of character and
standing, the respectability of tbo
town will be safe in his keeping; as a
lean of ability, we can entrust him
���with the tusk of seeing ihat its business affairs are conducted with method and etlicicncy. A mistake will be
made if the electors do not regard
these things and govern themselves accordingly���a mistake we may rue hit
terly   before   tho   year   is   out.
The Mayor should be supported witli n
good business Council. AgninstMr. Madden personally we do not. know that
any one has a word to say ; but in other PiovinoeB of  the  Dominion,   with
mere knowledge and experience of municipal affairs thou we can claim
here, his occupation is regarded as a bar
to his election as a municipal representative. In some of those Provinces
tho law expressly ilisirualities the holder of a tavern license, tor the reason
that the two positions are believed In
be incompatible. Mr. Irvine, another
candidate for the West Ward, stands
for   Mr.    Houston   and   Mr.    Houston
alone. The three remaining candidates,
Dr. Arthur. Mr. Ferland, and Mr. McKillop, stand for the people, and
because they do tbey should be Bleated. Mr. Morrison in tbe Enst has had
municipal experience, and in that reaped possesses sn advantage over the
other candidates; bnt a safe choice will
bi made 111 this Ward if the electors
decide between him, Mr. Byers, Dr.
Hall, and Mr. Wilson. i-Six out of these
seven named will make a capable and
safe Council.
dtiys ago, the knowledge of it might
have had a most beneficial influence ou
thu situation at Victoria, ami might
possibly have been of some use lo II u
Canadian contingent in South Africa,
While in Nelson we go around in dread
of that august individual, few of us
we are sure ever suspected he wus a
pet son of such tremuudonscousei|neiiei.
Mr. Houston should have spoken
Ele.'tors of the West Ward will do  a
generous thing if they do not forget
the absent candidate today. Mr. Ferland has duties which bave called bint
elsewhere, and he was obliged to leave
hii candidalurs to the favor of the people. We hope and believe they will see
that his interests   do   not Buffer by his
Mr. McKillop and Dr. Arthur will
nut complain if the electors of West
Ward place Mr .Vrl.tiul ut the bead oi
the poll, Hut they themselves must
be good second-.. 1 r a good second anil
There should be hesitation about the
West Wind. The Miner would r.ot
barm a hair of the head of cither Mr.
Madden 01 Mr. Irvine, but. il will be
better to have in the Council, Dr, Ai-
thur. Mi. Ferland and   Mr.  McKillop.
Mr. Ferland may not be an absent
minded beggar, bnt he is an absent
candidate. See that he is not a sufferer by It,
Take your choice of these four for
the East Ward: Byers, Hull. Morrison, and Wilson. You cannot make a
mistake if you keep within this limit.
The purity nf the Drugs nnd Moiltulno^
ftdfuluUtored u> Uio pattoul \& the most
Gmetitla- element In tno HU.oco--u.ful ir.-ui-
tnontof dfoeaso. Pra-orlpUott-i uru com-
p >unueil by 11s from absolutely Pure
Drugs in fterfectcondition, ai d tnopliy
Biolan*a skill will not i��: nullified hy old
ami Impotent drugs,
our stooha of requisites for '
The Toilet
The Nursery
The Sick Room
Are complete    Your patronage solicited,
Nurses'   Directory.
For the oo_.ent.__o of Physicians nnd
Niuv- h, wo have, established a Nur.-e-
plreotory. uml in order to have it complete, request all Nurses to semi in or call
iimi   leave their   Damns  uml   mlilresses.
"As to the defeat or Government
motions 011 Thursd.i," says The Vim
1 nnver Province, "it iB quite evident
that these came about through u combination of accident, and Opposition
sbati' praotioe. The publio will judge
that a coiiiliiuiitii n of that kind should
lint be allowed lo guide the management of its bn.lueM. Almoet as well
ptopoee that tbo Government of the
Province ihonld be decided bv the
dipping of B einii or tho tnrniug of 11
.aid.''   Neither the flipping of a ooln
nni the turning of a card can add anything lo Mr   Bemlin'l majority of one.
une it is, ami it   cannot be Inow-ied
111 the  present   Legislature.    Does this
Vancouver paper s.i iously claim that a
Qo.ernnie.it with one of a majority is
strong enough for tin- efficient management "I public affairs? Or doe) it
hold thai the lirst duty ul a Govern
m. nt is to hang on to office, leaving
pnblio affair, to take__oh chances as
mn'. ai lie
ii. F. M'LEAN
Dispensing Chemist
Telephone 115.     P.O. Box831.     Baker Street.
Mi.il Orders Promptly Attended To.
Tfte ilrnmn Why nu Indian I'm,, ���
No Longer V.-11 Tobacco.
Once upon a lime, whether near or reunite dooa nol matter, there lived a great
Indian potentate, to whom is due the
honor, though bo was unaware of it Liiiu-
Helf, of having been nn ancestor uf our
famous cricketer. This great lord's rule
spread far and wide, his blood was of the
bluest, Iii- caste was nf the highest. But
he was a man with a weakness, if weakness it can be called, lie was an Inordinate lover of tobacco���the pipe, so to
speak, was never out of his mouth.
One day this eastern votary of "My
Lady Nicotine'' was out hunting���like his
descendant, lie wns a great sportsman���
and by some chance became separated
from his followers. Alone in the depths
of a forest and tired with an arduous
chase, he sat down to wait until he wus
found. A meditative smoke wns just tho
tiling to while the time away. The king
felt the desire strung in him, but alas his
pipe bearer was among those front whom
lie had strayed. When an ordinal, man's
longing is balked, it usually becomes
keener and more intense. What, then, if
u great ruler's taste cannot be gratified,
and thul, too, his pet one'.' As time went
on his anguish became terrible. Indeed,
it bad come near an articulate cry of
"My kingdom for a pipe," when the
sound ut" approaching footsteps caught
his ear. Ho was nil attention in a moment. A peasant appeared and, recognizing his master, saluted him.
"l.nst thou a pipe and tobacco'/" demanded the king.
"I have, your highness," replied the
man woudcrlugly.
"Then give them to uio. I wish to
The peasant gazed for a moment in
wild astonishment, then, with a low
salaam, replied:
"Your highness must forgive me, but 1
"You cannot?   Why not?"
"Your highness well knows that whatever loaches his lips must never have
touched another's.1'
The king still insisted, but the ninn was
quietly utul respectfully firm.
"Your highness forgets lhe greatness of
his etiste and the meanness of mine."
At length tlie reaction came iu the
king's breast, lie saw how near he hud
been to losing the most precious possession of tlie Hindoo���his caste���for a mere
temporary gratification of little account.
And so violently did be resent his weakness that he resolved from that moment
never to smoke again. Not only did he
keep liis word, but he made an ordinance
prohibiting the use of tobacco iu his family forever. T > us westerns this seems
an extreme, even absurd, use of power.
Nevertheless "Hnnji" docs not smoke.���
St. Louis Globe-Democrat,
I l'i .-Uil.
60-62 Brodway,    New York
ran be made through ..iicculalion witli deposit
of $30 (HI (tinny dollars] upward [or il per cent.    I'
margin upwardl on .lock Kxebangc,
The greatest fortimes have been niiidcthrouidi
speettlatlons 111 Stocks. Wheat or Cotton,
If you ere Interested to know bow Rncoul
lions are conducted notify us and we will semi I
you   information  nnd market letter  free of i
A South American City With ��� I i.l,,_.
lllstIncl ion.
If it were nut tor tbe vultures, I do
not know what Colon would be. Theru
is nu sewerage, and pools of tilth abound
in every block. Any town in any zone
would lie equally unhealthy, but the
great discomfort is the humidity, The
atmosphere is soaked with moisture.
Everything drips, in other countries
during the wet season the rain falls regularly at certain hours of the day.
You can expect a shower at Panama
about *I o'clock every afternoon during
the rainy season and govern yourself
accordingly. The rest ol the day and
the evening niter 11 o'clock are delightful,
nnd no one thinks of carrying nn umbrella, but at Colon it rains all the time,
and, according to tho old proverb, it never rnins lint il pours. It is tlie real thing
bv the bucket lui. It seems as if the
f lhe sky.
47 miles apart.
Tlie rainfall at Panama is about 02 inches annually, or about S feet. The ruin-
tall at Colon is 250 inches annually, or
about _1 feet, and the people get it all
in live months, an average of four feet a
month precipitation, while in Arizona
they only have a few inches. It lakes
all the rest of the year lor the people lo
j get dry. The heal in lhe dry season is
I more severe, but not so uncomfortable,
j The thermometer ranges from SO to UU
; day und night. There is very little dit-
in the temperature after dark,
1 but people easily adapt themselves to the
conditions, and there is a certain fasci-
ati.ni about the place that is difficult to
Whittaker's Almanac
The Nelson ElectricTramway Co.Ltd.
Cash Books,
Day Books,
Office Supplies.
New and Important
���UStKl Miles Across t'tini'ilu."
Pi-tea ,..50.
fining $tocks
Bought .unl Sold.
Tena and       and others worked
iViarv Belle h-v the Western
/nary  Bene C(m_da Gold Min.
in? Co., is one of the safest buys on
the market. Thorough inspection
cordially invited.
iooo Noonday   600 Richelieu
Hefeienilum Treasury stuck,    Sold
mi installments 7*^o., one third down,
llou-e   anil   lot   f 1  mlc.   close  Ic
business part nf city.   Price $2,000.
Large number Choice Building Lots adjacent to the
line of their Tramway. For price and tonus o( s;ile apply
at the office of the Company, Macdonald Block, Corner ol
Josephine and Vernon Streets,
T. C. DUNCAN, Secreta.}
\   1.1 V   D IN   .ELSON
Including Saegram's _, 4 and 7 year old Rye
in barrels. Gooderham c. Worts' Rye in
cases. Seagram's Star '83 Rye and White
Wheat Whisky in cases.   Walker's Club Rye
in Cases.
Koot ntiY A'<t. NeUon
-    ��� E��_3_
mATr ��� -<s,70
Every requisite tor the
Scholar und student.
Tlioiuson Stationery Co., Ltd.
1 linttiiiii Iiiiii dropped out of
1'1,1..11 nml Panama are ���
1.1,1     '   MI1.IIM        il.l,
lltililliiu Down All Uu* Job..
A  canvasser  for  a  i-cllgtous  puMica-
oh_r_o_ for exaouttng   tion entered the yard 1.1' a residence iu
j the southern pint of the city 11 few days
A small wui,'.,11 in the yard nnil kcv-
i.,ii.-i-iim.' ..I.  Muni Ipiil   and    ItniiriuMl
I ...n.I    .(tint *1 i..|| . Jul uhIh'.I ull   lipplici. llllll   fOI'
purchase, wile or exchange.
In the Siiturilny e-.it.OU_ of The '**"���
tniitii Globe there is n juvenile art department, that i- nut without uninsfl-
ment mul Instruction, In tlie edition
of Saturday last there was rtliosde
pertinent devoted to fools, who, with a
seriousness nharaoterlstla of these In.
teresting   people,   applied   themselves
vigorously I" tic discussion ni tlie
i|iimtiou whether Hi" present year
endi tbe nineteenth century or lupins
tlie twentieth
Mr. Hoii-ton'a paper has not treated
tlie town with im.per reaped or oon
siii,-ration, 'i'" withhold tlm startling
inforuji-tlon that Mr. Honiton'. fl-toal
would mean the  _e._��l <<f the Bemlin
Qorunment, until U v" "f " '''''���
tion, when men's minds went
and pniiiiiici- given,   is  to
pnblio feeling.   ��  Mr Honiton bid
caused this to 1)0 made known   several
First semi'monthly Assembly
Invited Guests only.
First Waltz 8:30 Sharp.
Committee   W. Caldwell, D. W*.
Rutherford,F. Lynch, I). McNicholl
Herr Steiner's Orchestra-
ni.. 1
trill" witli
Aili crfiveinelltK Inserted llntler this lieiul nt
Ihe rut'i of ono cent n wonl per lii-erlinll. No
luhcili-eiiient taken for loss ilian _5oe__i,
WANTED���A house tarnished nr nn-
furnished,   with  bath room,   Kent
moderate,   Apply  H.   (.*.    Campbell-
\vantI'.I). ��� GoTtagi nf   throe rooms,
or three   rooms nloae in,  for ltgbi
housekeeping.       Permanent     tenant.
Address "Pottage," Miner OfBoa,
LOST���BatOTday, 11 Lady's pnr-e. 00t
tainitiK Inn, between Postotflae and
���kiting link.    Iteliirn tn Mmei Office.
Reward of $98,	
KUKNIrtilKI) Rooms, private family,
with hoard, wanted hy a  ^enileiniiit
anil bll   wife.    Apply   to A.   11.   O.,
Miner Offloe.
I einl wnr whoop, from lhe rent' of the
! bouse told that the place wns not desert-
I ed. A pull ut the front doorbell brought
tin response, so he went around to the
( side porch, where he found a siniill hoy
! witli his luce smeared with jam making
: u pyramid witli lumps of loaf sugar.
"Any one at home?" asked tbo euu-
| vnsser.
"No one else'.'"
"Nop. Papa went to the store uu left
I me wif tniirinor. Marnier went up u
I street   un   left   ine   wif   uurso.     Nurse's
i  aunt   died,   Ull   she   left   tlie   wif  Ze   cook.
Ooo. Ju��' i mined up zc alloy to see her
trans, nn I'so got evorysing to see after,
nn it's ull right."
,    'l'i auvassor felt that the sunshine of
| his paper was not Deeded iu thul family,
nml  he went away.���Louisville Courier-
A lieiuly neelconer.
"Mv friend," snid the traveler to tlie
provincial, "do you know this country
"I reckon so."
"Is it fur to iii" neM town!"
"Reckon it Is."
"About   three miles?"
"llcckon so."
"Well, iiiii I on the right ron.1V"
"lie. lion you air."
"Toll inc." snid lhe Irnvoter, "hnva
you uny other business bostdes reckon*
"I r.'.'i, .ii I host" wns the final reply.���
Atlanta I 'on- limtinu.
Great Reduction!
(ANTHRACITE!   3.9.6 J   Per
$6.15 Per
Builders will thul it to their advaetaffo to
ilinire w ith Bradley &; Co. on Painting.
r-un\\".s NKST
Insure your lift-
agent Ontario Mutual
Life A >_ irance Co.
Insure youi house, house furniture
and pianos with J. E. .".unable,
agent'Victoria-Montreal und Equity
Kire Insurance companies.
Bank of
British Columbia,
Is now prepared to issue
Drafts and Letters of Credit
on Skaguay, U.S., Atlin, B.
C-, and Dawson City, Yukon
0. A- PROSSER,   Manager.
Spokane  Fails  &.
Northern !   v
Nelson  &  Fori
Sheppard R
Red_ IW-niyntain R'v.
The only nil rail route without
change'of ems between Nelson ait)
ltuBshiiul ami Spokane an,I Rossland
Lv. 8.15a.m. NELSON, Ar.6._0p.m
Lv. 1186 a.m. ROSSLAND At :iihi ,.ni.
Lv.   Sl.n.ni. SPOKANK  Ar.li l-'i |Mii
Train thnt leaves Nelson nl 0:15 nn
niH.eH clime oonueotions nt Spokane '��� i
all Coiwt PnititH.
Passengers tor Kettle tUverand Bonn
nry Creek,cnuiieot nt Mnri'UH nilliStn ������
11. A. JACKSON, li. P. AT A.
Spokane  Waal
H. K. TACKAl'.ri'.Y,
AKent.Nelson, ll 0
We have jusl received
a carload ol i lioice
CA ���. .. CKE,
Hudson's Bay Stores
West Itiiki'i- St..   Ni'lsou.
Telephone 13.
Wholesale Houses.
, HORPE ._. CO., i.:miii:h.   Corner Ver
*     i.....  .....i L't'dar  .-tiei'ifl.. Nelrtim, iiiium
nutui.r.otiindwliuluaale dealor. in aeratod
ivntui. nnd frui   lyrupn,   Sole aRouls for Hat
'" "ii _pi ���...:    iniii.'i.ii wilt,'i'.
���_       .V .M iiuiniu.its. i..---.t.   K\ery kuuwn
mn.' '   "i    ..ii ... ml.--.   I', u.  Mux ����.   Telo-
|.l ��� N" SI,  Hem or Street  Kolnon   Uottloi.
���f in. I .hi ii- St. Leon ihn  Springs Mm. nil
i\ iiu'i'.
ie r utik, i .in it.,it -iitvuifl,, Ni iiiiii. iiinik-
ufuciui.r  nl     ';..;.,.i deal" mul " Kooiumiy
1.,'lle     l,i.H I  |
HJ. i-VANS ii.   -O.   Ba-erdtroot, Nel
��     in    .... ���       .1 ���.... ������ in ti.|iios, cigars
i.. ii.. i.i  tiro I. i.'k nnd lirool.y, wator pipe and
Bl-ol i'ii ' ���-'.' in .'.' i iniiiM.--i.ih merabaats.
i.imiiki     .    ii   - ...,, .mjiooii, whole-
Nil" il> ... i- m   ll   ii.   ii ..il      eta, nnil   liny
 i Si  I..,ii.i.ui.hi.   \ iituriii mul
Ke��    "I     ..   :. ...       I.i,,,,!,,;..  un I'nli-.iry   &
Mliiontiiii Itiiilivuy,
Nelson Employment Ageucv
Hirls fnr Honsework,   Nnrse  (Iirin.
Bttnntions wnnted hy Waiters, Walt-
rem.   Chambetmaidn,   Cooks,    linker.
CORK liltll.l.IMi.
Baker r
J. H. LOVE. Apt
Bennett's Inpved
Safety Fuse
As   Supplied    liiiti-.li   Admiralty.
Miss lie I'ii; i.i I .nn Inni, my mi-
csstori back t" tbo reformation.
he Si.iitii- 'linn's nothing. I onn traci
inine back years mi.l years bofora thoi
attempted tn reform, -Chicago News.
Bparc min.ii." in.' tlie gold dimt ol
time. tin. imni.mi ..f life moil fruitful
iii K"'"l ur evil. Hi., gups through which
temptations cuter.   Mrs. Thrall.
lilt BARBER, Dentil! Iuik opened
an ofl-tie with Dr. Morriniin. Crnviii
nnd btldge work ii spvotnlty,
A niuii who has never bad the tout.-
sell* duel out know the real plenum,
the.* li iu aot ti-viug It.���Tit-lilts.
White Countered
Grittta Percha.
Will Not Crack or Break,
Absolutely safe in all went her
>,oiii'K i- luT'iiy ttivon iiiiit nppUoatton
S will bt' iiuiilt- hi tho LOffJBlattfs Ak-imi
bly of th*- Proviuonot Brlalsh Columbia, m w*
next nmlon; Uw nn Aol tn incorporate! <�� Com
iiiiii}* wiih powor tooonitract imihi. pqntpand
oporate tmoiwnyi in ilu: hlstrloU of KooConny
mul Yalo, in thu Provii.ou o< ,<viti-h UolvmblH;
In .un tiM. oponvta hucIi irmnwajs by electric,
���icam ��� r oi her power, us nniy be mo��teoonomli
t*ui or convenient; to oraol and opemu tolo*
graph nnd tolophon.< lines In uml boiween nit
I'n-.iii k. lov-ii-. vihKcs ami M'ttl'-incnih In
s.ii.l iM-tiuis nf Kootonfti and Yalo, wiib power io conneol with other Rnua that mny operate
In or-ouUtrle of flttcli dlAtrlcU; to nuppiy oleo-
trio, *-.��i.in, air. wwierofo her power io othor
corporal on**. inonurActorie9   or hi'li.Idnalo;
io*-ti|i|ti. li^bi i horctirporaUoni  tnanufac-
lOrlOri or tlidh Idualt*; to niqillre and bull) *al-
or rlKhtri tor iin- piui-u-L' of Keni-ruiiiiK power,
whotnerfor Uittr own uaeor tho ��� ������������ of other
<oiimiiition--. i' in ulHCtnrlCfi or li.dlvlduiUi
lofurnlF-handtmpply wMcr m other corpora
i mn . niainifai toiu- or Indtviduall in Mihl �� te-
tticUt; t * acquire uuil hohl inn I. Umber liniii-.
i i^hi-N of wn) mul oi her property nndoAMomontfi,
for ibe purpoacn of thoCompiny, with all m < -
omar] oowenlu that bohalf;tu noqulie ull tho
HMHOU.II'HIK lllSO . ;ni\ l!i _.e- ilini bti-llit���- of I he
\. i-on I'.iei nil' 'I ramwn}  Company, l iiniini;
tOnmiUlro ull lhe  iis-el-.. fr.ilielii-e-.   |H'i\-U_l_C- ���>
unl iin-iiii - of the Itomlond mul eophlo Mouu
lain  Kloctric llullwuj  L'outnnny, Llmttod; to
reeehe i.iil, either bj   WOJ   of  bonUM Or ol her-
wImi, from any inunlcln iflti in Bald DlnlrlcU of
Kootennj or Valo; to obtain exompUon from
taxation nud other urh llogcfi frou, nn> muntcb
p.illtv in-.lid l'i-iiiii-t.f Kootonny and Yalo,
nnil nil othor umjal, itocomary or Incidental
ItOWOlM mimI prll llcKIM ii- IllftV he liei*e��-m*\ or
llieidetil tl Or COndU-'tlVO tO I hi    ill hi 1111111-111   uf
the above obJocU, or on) of them.
|)a tot I m He- UU) "f Nolaon tin- l-t  du\   of
Ile.i'inhei. A, U . |flP8
S.*.',....*. forth,- .!//��//, ,i��/..
'itlEl aim PaprMipi
Clilmnty Swceplni*;,
IIoum's, Oflices .mil Stores Cleaned.
All work done by us is ^uar-
anteed fiml class.
1.' i'i:  nril.'r- nt i.111. I-   \V ir.i 8je .1. ODDOllt
ltl.ll lli.e.
Kootenay Railway and Nav.
Schcdnl-' of Time.      l-HioiHo -.tiit-dard I'lme.
KA_.Lt> & 8U��UAN ItV.
ruNst'itu.-r intin for Bftndon Mini woyntatlon
loavuH   Km In at K u. in., dallr,    KeturnlUB,
leavesPandonat l*lftp.tn,, arriving ai Ka_ti<
at Xi& p.ui.
Opt ruling on Kooteniy  Uikennii Itlvur.
sir. "International* loaves Kaalo for Nelmm
nt 6 u io. dally exropl Buuda) Ueturnl<K.
leave*- Nelaon at L3up.ni,, (Milling h' Waltoni
Pllol tiny. Ainr-wiirib mul all woj pnlntfi ton
lieelK Willi St, "Allie ta" io . il frotp Hon
inrV Kerry, Iduhti. 'l-..Uiih S K.\N.ioun
from S, ok a'a- u    Plvo All 0 1'- lilt.
sir Alberta* l_e-H\tM N-��Ikoii for Bonnur'--
Perry, TueMdayo nnd ai ui>im>- nt 7 n.nt.,
ineeting tit earner "Inturuat lobar from Utti-lo
ht   I'i Ot  t'uy
Ketumlng, leave* Ronnor'a Perry nl s __.m.
WndnomlayN and -tondayn.
Dlreol Of-nneotlona made al Uonner'n Krri"-
witb Grool NiM-.h.rn ttallwa]   for a I polni
L-iift and went,
i_auu<m.i:n< _n division
Sir "lim-rnaliiuini" leave- Ka-lo fur lard
nnd Ai'.-'ri't.i ���<< Hl'��p.,n. WednciHlnyH aid i n
.'ai-.    Ml*. "Alhe'tn"   le.tV.-   Knxlo fUl   l.-n'
mn1 Argentn ai 800p.m.Butuia\it,
sieainei- eall ai jinneiiM.I Inndlntf1 Iu Ml
tlireet ion-, and ill Oilier i  tin -  ��� i.lt ���!
Ticket* told to all |n lid-* tn ��� uiiudn :-I th
Untied titati .
To in-ui-rlnin ini ���> nnd  full   Infnrtnatli
droH i
Itliitl UT IHVINh
Manaiti r. Kt-to, h. i
AMAL-UUMALD Ul CO.   Corner  Vtr
���   non mul -���   < ,uitar  birueta,  wholesale
grunt-n -u-i ii.it n,- in t.i uuei-. ^lovt'H, milt*),
ooo -.  . ,"" r. uiacklnawtj uml mineiii' huh-
urn -.
PbiJ.iNi&cO   Bakortitrect, Nelson.
���   wtiuiu-miu  UwuuH  in frunh mul OUTOd
in' . ���,   I    . .
-i   Aii-uo.    \\ hoitj.-uleileal-
_r_*l_l ft*i    ii .. . ; t mod 'Of.tis,
VANOuuVtR   HARavVARfc   OO'Y.
_iii.nl i    I.     LMiktJJ     -  u..l, .Sulnoll,     WlioH.--
������'    '���"' �����'������' -   "in .i* iwar; illi.t   tiniih-K   rtUppilCN,
plUlllOt i     .m.I ,ni- alu.'.-. ^uppllO.-..
lul-UO,,   HAHDirVAKE   CO.- \Vliolo
Lit^uoH^ /AI-.D DRY GOODS.
|   Urt.-tR,     ULL. rO<^     &     OO.     oilier
1      "     ���"    -mrtu^miiu oiruuw*,  Nelsou
���       iii uliuui'd  e'i_,,u--  tiiul dry
<-' "���'       Mhi   i   I"* i���.u--   i.i-.jwiiit; Cu   uf _wn-
"i.u   ,i,ft.i,i ii uwi.-tf uo. uf i ..iKrny-
Ol>o\.,.'_ L��A^y  OO.      'liul.Nlle  K'U-
 ii..  ,. . , linker oi., Nc.i. ii.
>'      /13IUI.S, PrtOPUQE A FRUIT8
  i   l   ,'.   OJ.    '.' irner   Vernon
���    ������ i ��� . , ���   NulaUII, uliu.��'-.��l.'
'���' .' '       , i ,i muai., uuLtur uml
Minimize*   tisl<   from   liritij,' f-is-;
Everything in recommend it.
Ask your ile.-ilet lor llii'in.
Manufactured by
William Bunnell Sons & Co.
Cambourne, Cornwall) England.
Every Man
lil.l.'liiii ..ml Itallldte .-. i,"n-
llillnnek nml WIICOX, .1.'.
M,,">'" J. O.T. CROFTS, m.i.mi,
i'l.ke'l 'Street, '      NX-LoUW'    B.C.
Or to l''i:ttini-siiN _ ritiii'TH.Viiiicinivci
KNtllNIiKltH AND   AUKN't's.
_��_il AND DOORS
Ni    -Oil     . ,W     AND     PLANINU
iilll_l_ci,   ilMill.l.   i uliier   li.jiii    iui.I
...   maun netiner- nl iui.I
 I no,ha; nil kinilH
it Hindi  lor.
VANS I uNL'4> DRJG STORE-     <'"'���
I.      -1     '     .....I   iiiii.-. T   .--I,, el...    AKl".
! i"i i .,    id
_ ���     i in.' i ...
unl  il i-iliind Aoutylonu
A. h- Id,*'-.ROW, A.M.i.cu.
Provincial Laud Surveyor,
Cornor Vlotorla and Koolono] _t��.
I'. O.box {_.. Tolophono No, M
Ut'luTiil AgOUl for I 'iini In.
ill-HiIi'i'ii ,'    A,-, nl-
llke.i ti. ille^i  iii   l'"iisliiniiiilile   nnd
N't.e FHHdr Qarmenta il lie .an
ilu mi nt ii reaaoiinble prio.. My
1'nii nml Winter Sample.ore no*.
"..ini'lele iii Bullion-., tlvermmti','
unit I'l.iiei   Vi'Hlini;-,    Hive  n\i   ��� j
eiill nml I will quote ynu pn. n
tint will B.tmii.ll ynu.
I.ndles'Tallnrinji;  in   nil   its
brnnchea, n "|i. olalty,
Kniiiii . I nnil ll
- li in. nl', IHIlM'i   Block
l-___.ll I'll,ine Ul
iNrtiiiiMi:.  mn. i>r.ii:   ami hum,
7-lliHiiii lliin��e Inini-lii.l...      t38,C0
1 -linill ItOllMW,
7 Itiiiini Hi n-e   ,         IBOOQ
:i iiooin Boat, ana I lot*, nooii looatlon "wo
'. ��   -KEEN I���-. h. .LBNEMT8
���.'nil lingineers nnd Provincial Land
I'. II. Di     II , N'elM.ll, II. C
Mr&.   McLaughlin's NELSON DAILY MINER, THURSDAY,  JANUARY it,  iqoo
���nil.   QUI 10k'_EEP0Rl'PRESENTED
Last Mo-ting of tho Outgoing Aldermen.
Bonus to Uity 01erk-0. P. K. Arrangement Settled.
The outgoing Oounoll held their last
meeting yesterday afternopn to wind
up the buBluess nf tlm year, A feature
nf the session wan tlm leave tukiiif. nf
lliii retiring Maynr and Aldermen,
lmitittil ooniplunnnta being paid, Alderman Hillyer, ��h tho senior alderman
nt (lie Oounoll, !n a mint speech expressed l.ia sense of the courtesy with
wl,-' li hi- had been fronted ny his col-
league*! and of the goml feoliiiK which
iiinl iieviiiled. He liilitl a compliment
to the City ollleials and spoke uni-ilinllv
to the representatives of Tbe Miner
mid The Tribune on thn way iu whioh
hm public tie'ions had Iihpu dealt with
' v the pant. The Ma or follower! in n
ni il r slrtii >. tl au in, 'he Council
ni , (Jit. i.Bc.ii B for th" -"1.nidi! us
si tiiitce they hail rendered him, Aid
eiiiiaii Beer spoke n few well chi'Seii
words on ihe same linen
The Mayor presided over the meet
in., and them were also present Alder
men Fletcher, 11.liver, Kiikpntri. k,
Heel' anil  McKillop     Mr   11.   E, Hens-
lev ami Mr W A. Maodonald, Q. C,
also attemliiil tbe meeting ou behalf of
tlied. P. R.
The City Clerk read a telegram from
the deputy .ommissinner of Lands nml
Works statiiiR that the (iovorninuTrt
had Bgreed to deed the whole of blocks
���Is and III to the C. P. R. This set-
tied tha lechnictil difficult; which
arose at the lust meeting, and a resolution was passed authorizing the sign
Ing oi the agreement hetween the 0.
P. R, and the City, the Kist of which
has been fully set forth iu former is-
sm s nf this paper.
The City Clerk wbb also instructed
to officially notify tho UP. R that tbe
City would nccept 41) Bores in Lot 'lot
Group I, Kootenay district, which is
une nt the considerations to the above
mentioned agreement, rio Ihn arrangements between the City and the 0. P.
H.   nre now completed,
Alderman Hillyer then introduced a
motion voting City,Olerk Sttncbnn a
honus nf .10(1 for his services ia obtain
int.' from the Government the sewer
pipe which has reen lying nt Turner,
Reetou's for sonic years and which
netted the City some .7011. He laid
stress on the fact that tbe City Olerk
performed  these  services during  his
brief holiday, and that lie had suo-
ceeiied .here the speaker and former
Mayor Houston had failed. Alderman
Heer wus opposed to bonuses,and wish
ed Un nift tn lake the fiiiin of inerens
ed salary. Tho motion, however, was
unanimously adopted as proposed.
The finance connnittee's report, loc-
i. iinii'iiiliii. the payment of accounts
amounting to $749.61,was adopted.
The pnhlic works committee submitted the following report, which
was adopted liy the Council:
I. With reference lo tho application
of E. Kelly your committee recommend t ti ti t a .'ii.���init Im laid down
across Vernon Street from the centre
of block (ill, to the centre of block 1.
'���!. They also recommend that a crossing he laid on Water Street atO'Nell's
Uiu lei-y store.
8, With reference to claim of Mc-
Healh _9 Co., under tht-ir contract for
electric liuht flone jour committee
recommend that til 10 he paid to Mo-
lii'nth & Cu., in full settlement of nil
. Your committee also recommend
payment of Stinclnn Bros , of .'In bill-
alien of account of September 11 last.
The follow in.' ride una added : The
committee wish to place on record at
the end of their term their appreciation of the work done by hy the Citv
Engineer, Mr. A. I.. M-'Oollcooh, and
the dose attention be has paid to the
City's business.
Tbe police commissioner's teport, al
ready published in The Miner, wns also
unanimously adopted.
Tho City Olerk then presented tho
Citv   Engineer's    report,    which   wns
published in full yesterday.   The Aid-
'linen said they had read it in Tlie
i liner, and so   it waa decided to adopt
it without reading it again.
The result of   City    Auditor   Peck's
Patenaude   Bros.
For Fine Clocks
and Watches
We have received a lot of
Hen uifiil China Clocks nt,
remarkably low figures,
The mi' timekeepers and
will make useful presents.
Patenaude Bros
Watch makrs,
and   Opticians.
Nelson.    -    B. C.
win   open, her  KindniinricD nnd Primary
jehool iii tin, KiikIIhIi Church Hehmil lliioin on
-I"I .lull,
Per terms partloulan apply to
at iim tMMsnos of Mrs. j. ii. Robertson, link
ei struct. \\ oat,
yearly audit,   wns then read,
and is re-
produced in full below :
Fiic department *       *
4,700 III
Police dep ii'tmeni
4,608 73
Lentil expenses,,.
.,11111 311
!!. IIIIII 11
Panting and stationery,
1,908 OS
Public BQlld'gsnnd grounds
:isr> p?
4,817 till
Sew ir construction  ..
17,887 (il
Sewer maintenance,
1.7 '.il
Electric iiiiii construction,.
34,814 fin
Electric liuht maintenance
8,788 18
Waterworks ooustrnotion
88,889 68
Waterworks maintenance
8,408 88
11,809 II
0,780 01
Health department
4,840 01
Electric lij;lit supplies
Sinking funds,.
8,. 80 on
Interest and esohange
.,___ ns
Fuel and  liuht
KM mi
Weigh scales,   fixtures
110 66
Total                           *i:ik .l'ttt SK
Real estate taxes              , .$
11,881 (11
Eleotrio  Unlit rates.
18,106 84
Water  rntes	
9,846 '.il
18,986 80
Police court tines	
1,888 so
Sower   rates
689 7s
M BO ll  ne us
(i,71-1 S7
mud tax
_,(>|.| OU
. tog tax          	
-no nu
Burial permits and  lots ..
M7 70
Supples sold
211 66
Health department	
1.S47 80
\\ civil  scales
47 50
\\ aterworks construction..
If, 40
Debentures sold,.
84,800 on
Government Riant
786 96
Deposit of tramway oomp'y
8,000 00
Total |187,911 88
Bnnk account for  year  euiliug   Po-
1'cmher 81, IK!)!):
Cheques issued  tl.i7.7Nii 77
interest overdraft., ...        (Ifi'l OS
|1_8,.89 86
Overdraft DecernDer 81, 1898       686 96
1189.086 so
Deposits in 1SIIII   ]_H llltl is
Overdraft Dec, ill, 18'.. 110,889 68
Bank Hulanco
Cheques out
.8,468 88
. --,1174 .10
#10,8-1) 68
Debit      fri'dit
lliilini.'i' from IK-IS  J l! WO S!i
I'l'tli'l'i'ils side nl "'.l!l del)..   . lli.l'.'ill nn
Kxjiondlturo In 1800      -Jl.till 65
Bi_at.ce et debit  6601 76
124,614 U  IM.6U 5">
��7,(kki ii tier oontSOyear debenturea unsold.
t 3,:��io 13
. 86,839 62
llnllllieo trniii ISOS ,...
I'l'iifi'ids frum 'Oil deb
Ksiii'iidiinre In 1S01I ..
Heliil bnl-lico      .., .
ii.', inn no
8,639 !��'���
{38,6-11 IK*   188035 98
-JS.OOO ll per cent 30 yenr debentures unsold.
BaUti-a from 1898   ? 1,479 66
Proceeds sale In deb  ni.tiw oo
Kxpond tare in 1899.. 17,_-_T til
Itidiince in credit      :�����'-' 09
117.38 60  $17..V_166
*   mi" IS
..     :IR_ 67
.     181 68
$ Ub7 lo . Ot.7 II
audit Alderman
the receipts  and
lld.iu.'.' frinn 'US...
Kxlii'lnlilure in ''.f.l
IlllllllH'C HI   il.'.lil
Referring to the
Peer remarked that
disbursements foi ordinary expenses
practically balanced, so that th're .us
no deficit except what arose from ex-
tiaiirdinary expenditure on Improvements.
A request from Dr. Stoddart to act
power from the West Kooteitay   Power
St Light Company for dental purposes
only was referred to the Incoming
City Cierk Strnchan then rose to
thank tlie Mayor and Aldermen for the
courtesy and Consideration with which
they hnd treated him during their
term of ollice. He said it was a pleasure to work under such conrtitions.anii
he evidently meant what be said. He
was soro that the other official! woold
endorse   what   he said.
The folluwiug resolution was moved
hy Alderman Boer, seconded by Alderman Hillyer, Alderman Kirkpatrick
alone dissenting ! That whereas re.o-
lutions were passed by this Council on
February 9, and Fenruary 10, IK!.!',
with respect to ettlemeut of suit of
Ar'liur vh. City, und question having
arisen as to said settlement and the
effeot of such resolutions; Tber.fnre,
this   Council   resolves    and     declares
tb.t the litigation hetween E O.   Ar-
ihnr and tlm City of Nelson WUS settled
und so intended hy such resolutions,
and that Arthur should   not   prosecute
any appeal irom the Judgment standing against him, and that inch party
to such litigation was 10 pay iheir
own costs and that nny judgment of
the City of Nelson against B, U, Arthur should he cancelled.
The Council then adjourned, the las',
meet inn during their leaso of otllce tic-
iti),' concluded.
Vote for Candidate Fletcher for
Mayor.    Vote early and often.
Mr. il. B.   Alexander,   manager of
the Until mine near Sandon, is paying
n visit to  Nelson.
There wns not even a solitary drank
al the City police court yesterday, and
tho City jail is uutonantud.
Unless the canvass hooks nf tlm rival
Candidates lie, at least 40 per cent of
the voters have snid the thing which
la not.
Mr. J. O. Unilobar, one of tho owners of tlm Heatrico mine, in the Lai-
do, spent, yesterday in tho City on his
Way homo to Trail.
Thn Trillium wns itself aaain yesterday morning ami indulged frcdv in Hs
old habit of venom spitting and making libellous Insinuations,
ARsisteut City Clerk Wasson vestcr-
day received a letter stnting that his
vouugest brother bus joined the second
Canadian coutlngeut for South Africa.
What with polities anil canvassing
by day, mul politics nnd the show at
nik'ht. there wns but little Imailiess
transacted yesterday.
The Baohelors' Club will hold its
lirst si'iiiiiiiniithly hop.in tlie Odd Pel-
lows Hall tonight. Tlie attendance
promises to ho large  und nu enjoyable
time is anticipated.
Mrs.    Clarke   gave   a dance   at   the
Queen's Ho el yesterday evening which
wns largely attended. A very picas
ant time was spent and (lancing was
kept np until au early hour this morning.
Tbe long  expected   oontraot for 'the
const incl ton of lhe road hetween here
and Balfour tins not been let yet. and
the local ciiiiiraciiii's nre wondering
why the rallwav authorities arc acting
even more slowly than usual.
The tools necessary for the erection
of the gasometer at the Nelson (ins &
Coke Company's works and
which had not arrived owing to a mistake of tho railway company, came to
hand yesterday. The work of construction will begin at once.
A mother living In Vanocuver,
Mrs. Somerville, is anxious to get till-
in- s of tier son, a vnung niuii supposed
to he somewhere in the Nelson ins-
trior. Information con corn tut htm
will be ut'.'itefullv received hv the sec
rotary of the V.  M. C. A , nf thnt city.
Mr. B, s, Jenkins, Wiunipe., general superintendent of C. P. ft, telegraphs from Fort William west, spent
yesterday in Nelson and left by lout
lust ii iu lit for home. He name in from
Vancouver, nnd expressed himself us
not anv ton favorably impressed with
the variety ol dry rain that prevails: on
Urn Const.
For the benefit of voters it may 1 o
again stated that tlm voting place in
the Bast Ward is not the Fire Hall as
In former years, The old Phair Hotel
sample rooms on Josephine Streit next
to F. ,1 Bradley's paint stum have
heen rented for the purpose lo the
West Ward the office of the Exchequer
Cold Mining Company has been
There has been remarkably little
betting  on   the   mnniolpnl   election.
Fletcher money went begging yesterday and even the offer of tempting
o.Ids would not make the Houston iron
wager anything that their candidate
would be elected Dliere were some
Lots that Fletcher's majority would
exceed fifty and this was generally
conceded to be a good gamble
A quiet wedding look place at the
residence of Mr. W. A. Mariyn on
Wednesday morning at is till) when Rev,
Jno. Hohson, united for life Mr.
James 0. Tattle, of Saluhria. Idaho,
and Miss .lessj,. Jnmleson, of tliis city.
After partaking of a bountliol rennet,
provided hy Mrs. Mnrtyn, sister of the
bride, the happy couple took the morning train, en route for their home in
Mr. J. Hill, son of President .1. .1.
Hill, of the Great Northern, and Mr.
F. 0, Porest, superintendent of the
Spokane Falls & Northern made n Hying trip through Nelson yesterdav.
They came in from Rossland over the
C. P. K . got on the street car uuil
were immediaelv conveyed to Ihe N.
& F. S. depot, where they boarded the
special that was in waiting   lor  llicin.
The Nelson Licensed VT-tuallere'
Association met yesterday afternoon in
the K. of P. Hall for the election of
officers. The board consists of E, For
guson. President j .1. Malum', Vice-
President: K. McLean. Secretary j T.
J. Sims, Treasurer; executive committee, 11. E.Smith, F. Simpson, .1. Neelaiids, ,1, P. Nelson, F. T.iinhlvu. E. ,1.
Outran.   The  Association decided to
give a banqnel at the end of the present month. Invitations will he extended to the hotel men of all Kootenay
The   grent   McKwen     performed   n
somewhat wonderful hypnotic tent yesterday afternoon,   lie hud as a subject
a mail, who, while by no menus n
Obtonlc drinker, was very fond of his
glass nt stilted and not infrequent in-
torvi'ls. The subject was hypnotised,
and Mr. McEwen conveyed the suggestion to him that if be look .uiolhci
drink lie wonld become ill. After the
('xperiine.it Mr. MoJSwen accompanied
his subject lo the bar nf the Hotel
Hiime nud ordered a drink I.i him.
Sure enough the subject became quite
sick ns soon as he swallowed Ins favorite drink, Scotch whiskey, and he
avers that he will never touch another
drop,   That   is   praotioal   temperance'
>W'*-VV\A*V*fl��iflV-V''<r^'��N^ VVV��V-/V><V .-VVVv.vSVV'AflW'v
6ur January Clearing Sale
Commences MONDAY MORNING andcontirmes until they are all sold.
Come early and get the best selection.
LILLIE BROS. = The Shoeists.
a......... \.M\^^ ^ $���, Lines
To ' In. t in/ins (if Nelson :
In   response   to   nun emus   requests :���>
frum   hnsinesB men,   priwrti   owneis '-__.
and latepnyers, I offer myself as a can- ���_-��
did,lie for Mayor of the lily of Nelson ;_.
nt   tho  approaching  Municipal   Elec- ���-*
tlous, ^
Briefly stated, my platform is as foi- ]-oj
lows: i :_3
If elected it will lie my  earnest   in ^j
ileavor to assist   in mure thinly   ' stnii- ���"
lisliing Nelson its the w holcsalu distri- |-��B
inning centre of the Kootenay Coontrv -^g
the uosition for winch she   lias   been ������'
,.':.....,_.   J..1 1  i  -.a
We arc overstocked in sonic lines nml before stock   taking   we
have decided in reduce some linos ut prices never before  heard
ol in Nelson.    A few of the prices given  below will convince
thev are ijenuine Bargains.
so ndmirnbly designed by nature.
In tiii'llici'iin e nt this idea, I will
continue my consistent advocacy of lhe
lcoiisiiuclii.il of a wharf whioh will
meet present nnd future reqnin ineutx
of the wholesale and other business interests.
[ believe that the City has leached
that stage when permanent street improvements have become an absolute
necessity and that tin- cost should he
nn t. as far as feasible, from current
revenue nnd should ibe Citizens nee lit
to entrust mc with the otllce ot Mayor,
it will be my aim to carry nut a well
devised system of street improvements.
It will he my in ltcy to oppose the
borrowing of monev unless t'le same he
used for the increase  or   establishment
(of Publio   Works producing a   revenue I ^|     _
i to the Toxpayt rs
1 tun opposed to any   in.'lease in   the   *g>
IHilary of Mayor, which would neces- -^j
sari Iy involve a reduction in salaries ^
now'paid nn eUicicnt stall i f  ollictnls,   '-^g
I or nn inoreased burdeu  in iho ta_pay- \^A
i''rs' i'."J,
1 am strongly in favor of maintain- ��� :���**
Iing the Fire Department in a position ._jg
of thorough etlieicucy anil would nil- ���*��
vise the   ndoption   of   modern  equip ! ':���������_;
intents including a fire  Alarm System   -j_;
land the purchase of a   chemical engine
I which would effect a reduction   in  all
j Fire Insurance.
It will   he  mv consistent policy   to
'safeguard the taxpayers against any
attempts on the pint of corporate bodies, cany ing on huailiess in Nelson,   to
! encrnai'li iipnn   the righ.s of   thcliti-
! zius.
Iu mv opinion a sufficient amount
nl monev nhonld tie expended upon the
'; Parks "f the City so that they will provide Ih'- Citizens with recreation
grounds mid opportunities for healthful
\ On all municipal works mv policy
will he to employ biiiui-lido residents of
Nelson nnd lo maintain the public
standard rate of wages
I believe that tile Public Schools in
Nelson should lie under the control of
tlie 1'itv and that e-cry effort should
he made to establish a High School in
our midst.
Iii concluding I wish to say that in
the event of my election I will consider it my duly to share with the
Oounoll tlie responsibility of the Civic
administration believing, as 1 do, that
tlie assumption of entire authority by
one individual is subversive of all constitutional Government, whether
Municipal or otherwise. Sours respect fully,
Bleached Table Linen, ppeci-il, ll')
in wide, 35c. yd.
H'eaclied Table Linen, extra
qiwlity _6c. 00c, $1.00nnd $1.25
Plie Qualit) 1' i" Linen Table
Napkins 111", 1 25. I 50, 200,
250 and 83.00 perdoz n,
QoodQuality and Inrgc -i/.'- I'nin-
forter for  1.00, 1 25,  1.50 :' ou
up In 87.00 apiece,    lively ono
a bargain.
All Wool  White Blankets good
.Mi.in l.lno   -. u
Allan I.un' ' t
1. IJ
Dominion i  ;
���im i , *i "��� It
U Idle slur I.i
North Germ in I
Ciuiivril l.ini
.'. i  lior I
,\Ho, -' : ,  ,
5^; : CuiiiiH i oi,
__.I  V
...   I
���_     ������" I Wl   .���
*fe   City Pa
... ��� W,  !
g-. Bnnni I'
ami   largo size from
<i i'i up,
Good Heavy Flannelette ."., 8,  1",    J*-.'.
I_'0. 15, is, and20c. yd.
Ladles'  Wrappers at  75c. $1.25,   )��! t and |800eacb
\ few Ladies' Underskirts
and Blouses In Fancy Striped
Mercerized, regular price I..Ml
und .5 on, will clear at 200 and
1.' dies' I'. I'sels from 50c Iii
-., nu per pair.
AND SOO I. I.n I-,.
'lhe direct route 'icio
11 points
EAST   and   WEST.
First Class Sleepei
REVELSTOKE _ Kl .V 1,1 u..
Anv Ladies' Jacket in the Store
daily lor St. Paul, Bin Wed
n ���-.! i;     .        .oroni i.i
_�����! ��� Montn al and Boston.
S."- i    Same en ���  i: laj
__.'   eaili.'i
I    riartin
1 &
��� 0*
:**__   Term. Cash-
O'Reilly   {
0^ ���
Co. ��
Baker Street ar
Turner BeetoiN& Co.
n^   NELSON _���r>
To unl from K
Ex. Sim. i
8.00 Lv,        NELSON _rr.ll.4U
ls.io l.v.d.iily NELSON daily Vn-.2-_.lU
Momitio tmi
n   lint SDAin  i ' ���' NTRY,
Evoninf? train connects to nnd  fitnn
Main Line ami points ooi i h, i nil ex.
Sim.ifiniii all point ��� in Ilui \'li.\l:Y
KOOTEN \'i   ltl\ : K UOUTE,
Daily, Sir. i Dnily.
_4.00 Lv,        NELSON        Arc, I7.2H
Connects   Kootenaj     ! anding  with
Crow's Nest Henoch trains botb ways.
Ex, Sun. Str.  liukllDee,      Ex, Son
10,00 Lv. Nl'l MiN An. Il.iii
Saturday   lo   Ajgenta   and return,
leaving Kaslo m 20k,
Ex. Sun.
0.00 Lv.
Ex. Sun.
Ar. 11.4(1
4 Ins  NELSON to ROSSLAND bis4
.1. A. Tapoorter, Vancouver; KlttK
Milliviin,Kansas Citv jWilllsru Murray.
Mrs. .loiiii I,tist., Plncber Oreek; Her
���ifrt Irvinu, Hong Kong; W. II. iiow-
sin(,', Spokane; .1. J.Person, Port Cinl-
Ing Mnsjtoka.
At the reqnesl of a large numliei   ol
. h'l'tors, I liioe coti-eiiicd  to offer mv-
sell us a candidate fnr Iba office of Aid-
etmiili for lhe Kast Wind of   the   t'ity.
U doited I shall nudoavor to discharge
lllllllllilly the illltlis of the   oftlOO,     So
Uniting your support I   remain,   yours
sincerely, W   .1   WILBON,
WAR 11,
At the request of a large number of
citizens, I have consented In become a
candidate for Ahlennan (or the East
Ward at the el_0tion to he held on .Ian-
nary 11.
Your vote and influence on   my   1 (������
half will be appreciated,
GEORGE A. 11. HALL, M, 1).
ai the rcpiest of ii larui' number of
the electors of tbe West Ward,in which
1 reside, t have consented iii offer myself as ii candidate for Alderman in the
West Ward.     If   el-Oted I shall   enilea.
vor lo discharge the duties ol tbe offloe
to the In II of mv ability in tin- furtherance of  tbo general Interest  of the
Bollctlng your vote   and iullneme,  1
remain, your respectfully.   	
For rah atioa addresi
not local agent, or
('   I . Bl ', As-ill
ll. W. DREW, ..ne.ni, Nol_ri
i W. V. AXIIKI; tt. J.i'tiVl.t:.
Triiv. Pan, A( A   I!. P. Ago_l
Nt'ly-ll V..U, CUVU
LODCi    Ml il INt'S
Iu compliance with the request of n
large number ot citizens,! ba^e consented tn offer myself ��s a oaudldatt
lor alderman In tbe West Wind. If c
elected 1 shall do my utmost to pro-
leet and further the Interests of the
Uity. Owing to unavoidable olrcnin-
stumer! I shall not be in Nelson during
Just arrived Irom Milwaukee,,
, m:i.si.\  i.ohui   ���-..   ih, ic,   ..i t-
Ul ill)   lavltod
C. C.
Sin ii urn 1 niinu uui  '"��� ">   v*w ��u��i_��n    riT*        �� <��� *T\ tilf Iff I
��^-3_H_rf__a Wholesale and Retail Meal Merchants
yours obediently
KLKCTOKS   III''   WKST   Willi)   OF
-_^.-- 4 ��� - ��� ��� . . ��� ���**_*���< -
Branch Markets in Rossland. Trail. Nolson. Kaslo
I..II.  .1   A  ��� [t. 8,
I    ii    ...    i Ijsl.e
: I
Sojourn.:^' 0
i re p.ciioiiv-niicit  your voies mid yandon Three Forks. New Denver and Slocan City     .so l
ioilooi (���.- in support nl my candidature
for the ollice ill  Alderman. Ordon hv  mill to any hrnncti will Iniv,- c-irefu* nnd prompt attention.
TU THK l-.l.l.iTi.i:- OF THK EAST
In response to numerous renin sis 1
have consented lo offer mysi ll foi can
didate for Aldennau for the Ku��l Ward
nt ihn foribcomlng innnicipal election. My policy Will be to work for
iho gl ncial inter.-1 of tli.. people.
Sours truly, ti. MORRI-ON,
M-l .i,\
,t II Wi
1 desire to announae that I am ngain
a candidnte for Alderman In the West
Hoping im a renewal ol your  oonfl
it. no... t am, vour obedient servant,
A. Li,  M'KILI.Dl'.
'JJilHs/4 rtUrtts $>0'U../O &y?iJ'o
<rrh m'
I bltftfTi
M3U 4/  tL&llfTly Cft GUrifi
'<*-4LftA -
*     *' ik
In responss-to the request of  a large tJPlC'PPD'PO        S    Pfl
number of cltlsena I have offered  my- UDIO lli-ili-l       Qt   I.U.,
self as a r.null.into for Alderman In tbe                                  - -
Kast Ward    If returned I shall enden'             Brewers of Fine Lager
vor to serve the Citv faithfully in Unit                     Boor und  Porter.
capneity.   Hoping.ot your  vote   and i>t.>|. in und see 	
nsslHtanci, l remain yoors obediently.
B, C
lice,   H
nml 7.3t)   : ���
d.ij  ..miiii lt��v. R- I
l , . I ' ii,,
l>  in   ' - .'
hi. on  Kria
i ill
Itnl.-in.  i
I'M ..
.lilt tl
11(111   .'
|*|   ���     '
till' I '     '
.  '..'I,   ' II
iii,   (Villi* "    '
I'I   ll
.,, .1, ,  I]   .'. .
BAI I Ml..'.   AllM-i
,1   ��� ,,, |oi I.   Iii   l.orii.'k-   on  V
WINliKKMEKK, o. 0. AdjudwitKdggeomtwInehi
t|l\;.:. f! t<> KKH.,       IOTAK1 PUBUC.
v\ in 'i 'oioio Miin- .  Corrasp     ���  i NELSON   DAILY   MINER, THURSDAY   JANUARY   n,    1900
are  destined  to he hurled Into ohliv
iuii   wilhin audi a siiori snace of tiine.
Mr. Fletcher's Campaign Was
Most, Successful
Hone Doubt That Mr. Houston Will
Defoi.teil.--A Pew Reasons Why
He is Not Wanted.
Today is pulling day and the municipal contest is nearly ovei. The issue
of the contest no longer rests in doubt
and impartial observers aRrno that the
citizens will again, and more emphatically than last year, express their dis-
approval of the lloostnu form of
municipal Government, Mr. Fletcher
and his supporters liuvo worked hard
and conscientiously nnd the result of
their labors is that Mr. Fletcher's election is now conceded to bo certain.
TT10 campaign has boon conducted
fairly, and nothing was criticized thnt
was not fair matters for publio criticism. The only excoption to this was
yesterday's issue of Tbe Tribune.
That enlightened sheet, which hnd
wisely been keeping practically silent,
felt liouud to say something, It could
Hnd no arguments to adduce, so It proceeded to neensn Mr, Fletcher of intending to vote dead men ami absentees. These accusations were the
laughing stock of tbe town yesterday.
hot their source was considered and
no 0110 got very angty or took tlinin
seriously. There was general astonishment Unit any one should have thought
it worth wbilo to spring such a worn
out, low down electioneering dodge.
What steeius to be weighing greatly
with many electors is the recollection
that when he lost held office Mr. Houston nsed_to neglect his proper duties us
Mayor to go pottering ronnd trying to
do the work of thn City Engineer, tbe
street foreman nnd other official". He
always bad time to make a muddle of
some, one else's department, lint never
_nv to fulfil bis functions as repre
sentntive of tho City of Nelson. Did
any prominent person or Intending investor   come   to   town   there wes  no
ban if the Mayor meeting him.    If
the party iii question mannge.il lo Hnd
the Mayor, bo was usually received
with tho utmost rndoness, and there
were several cases when capital was
thus driven away, not to mention the
bad impression left of a town w 0
wonld elect, such a mnn.
Notwithstanding the counter-attraction at the Opera House, tbe rally nt
Candidate Fletcher's committee rooms
last night was very larRo nnd enthusiastic The opinion of those best quail-
tied to judge of tho result of the campaign could easily be read on theii
Pleasant [aces. They bad been among
the citizens and hnd talked witb them,
nnd found they had not forgotten.
Nelsou wants no mora of the man who
sold the City an ""electric light plant in
which ho was interested worth .7,600
for 186,000 nnd which has cost, first
mil last in the neighborhood of .75,���
nun, who bought tlie lumber for tbe
City from a mil! of which he -was In
possession as mortgagee nt a higher
figure than it could he obtained elsewhere, who left the City accounts in
such a muddle that thoy had to be
audited for a long timo back before- the
Oity'B financial status eonld be ascertained, and who at hits best was no
better than an Indifferent street foreman reoelvina tbe handsome remuneration of t_i 000 a year nnd opportunities.
The gnat majority of the citieziis
have expressed tbeh intention of voting for Mr   Fletcher and B coiitiiiiiunce
of clean, sound munlolpal Govern-
ment. The pulling booths will ba
open from h a, m. to -I p. m. and will
see few but Mr. matcher's supporters
during that time.
One of the stiiogs   Unit Ml.  Houston
persistently   harps   upon is that he   is
tbe workingmau's friend, There is no
person who derives such direct benefit
from the expenditure of money on
public works as does the workingman
yet Mr. Houston opposed the expenditure of a cent of money in the City
last year. Had he had his way the
..(15,0(0 expended in the City would not
have been voled.    He also   opposed the
Introduction of capital Into the City
fm- modem improvements, An instance of Ibis is the Gas r_ Coke
Works, which,    when   completed   will
represent  an expenditure of  ISOO.oOO,
2 As Mr. Houston inns it. it is rather a snap being Mayor. Ho has been
paid (8,500 hy the City for his services
in the Mayor's chair and The Tribune, bis paper, has heen subsidized to
a like amount to say nothing of the
fat cheque he made out of the electric
light plant. The latter wns a kind Of
a double barrelled action ns both the
plnnt and tho City  were sold.
As he is after the money it might be
a good idea for the Oily to pnv Mr.
Houston ii salary if he would withdraw.     II    would   prove   cheaper    for
tho ratepayers in tbo long run
('onlinucil l-'roiii FlMt I'liKc
interview with the Marquis of Snlis-
bury this afternoon and received n verbal  reply to   representations of  tlm
Washington Government, The British note on the subj90t wns sent later
tt thn United States embassy. Tbe
first of it was cabled to Washington,
In brief it said food stuffs are not con
sidcred contraband nf war unless in-
teuded for tbe enemy.
The Foreign Ollice only arrived nt a
decision today and it was not until after Mr  Ohoate'B interlvew  hnd   ended
that a note embodying  tbe provisions
wns drawn up. Several of tho Government's advisers wanted tn make a
regulation regarding canned goods,
but this was decided to be unpracti-
cable. The decision tn make tlnur aud
grain, in transit to the enemy, contraband, is evidently hedged in many
difficulties of execution. But the Foreign Office believes that investigntioii
will generally determine whether the
groin is really meant for consumption
at Lorenzo Marque/, or iu the Transvaal. Mr. (Tioate cabled Lord Salisbury's note tn the State Department at
Washington tonight und Colonel Hay
is expected to reply accepting the
terms. The latter step was not taken
by Mr, Cboate as ho hnd first to receive authority from the State Department tn do so.
\ n a l
(With acknowledgements tn Mr. Rod-
yard Kipling, )
Till re's a lllll" man WS know,
Name n'   Hobs,  "r.:_,
Cumin' mil to work the show ���
Our I*...id ;'-.::.:; -Hn
Sixtv od, 11 'e's a day,
Trifle haloish, trifle grey-
Winch linn't matter anyway,
Do it, Bobs?
When the prospect don't, entice,
It inn up Bobs ;
Von will get the best advice
i Iff n Holis;   '
H yer Awinv's put to rout,
Au' the 'urse Guards feels In doubt,
Send fm   Hobs.
'10 don't gas alinnt. lhe game,
Olll' pal Hobs ;
P.ut   c plays it all the sainc,
K.-M.   Hobs;
Wlllkln' oars nnd' sense an' eyes,
NulYon takes 'im hy surprise ���
Try an' get n bloomill' tise
Outel Hobs!
'R'S the sott to bring you luck,
'General Hobs ^ ,41.". >_
Au'   e'll   wiie yon when 'e's  stuck.
Little Hobs.
When they say 'e  can't fight Doer,
It just sorter makes Mm roar
Till liis little chest is sore���
Don't it,"'.BobsV
I'nclc Kroojar sits at home-
Bee 'im Bobs!
T'hitikin' e's the Pope o' Rome���
1 say, Bobs!
Kroujor's 'andy with Ihe kno-.ks,
An' as artful us a fox :
Who's n-goin' to give 'im socks':
Well-it's Bobs!
We ai" tit for   anylluk
Under   Bobs,
Fight ill's simple meat and drink
When we've Bobs ;
All our Generals mean hi'/.,
All has blood in 'em like fizz,
Rut for general purposes,
Gimme Bobs I
So 'ere'B to Bobs Bahadur-
Good old Robs, Bobs, Robs !
'E's our coniin' Triuiiviinliulnr,
Little Bobs, Robs, Bobs!
Mr. Kipling, I am sure,
Won't he angry, if once more.
We chalk plainly on tbe Hoor,
" Bless yer, Bulis!"
���T. W. H. Crossland, In The Outlook.
Loudon. Jan. 11.���Tho Times, in tin
editorinl, criticizing at great length
the Government's conduct of tbe war.
alludes to the "stupid nud perverse
mistakes," that have been made and
demands that tho "practice of the iron
revelation of facts" bo abandoned. It
insists strongly upon knowing "the
truth, and the whole truth" about the
stiuuti.m nnd finds fault with Mr. Balfour's defence piecemeal.
New York, Jau. I0.-B. B. Odell,
chairman of the Republican state committee, declared positively today that
the lltirton boxing law must be repealed at once. "I will exert my influence
to get Ibis law otV the s.atute
hooks." lie lidded: "It should never
have been passed and   tbe   sooner it is
repealed the tetter."   Inieplyto.be
question, "Have you become convinced
thnt tbo sO'oalled boxing bouts are
brntal?" Mr. Oddell explained. "Brutal, no, they nre fakes; that is why I
think the llurton law should be repealed. The lights are "fixed," before
hand and the spectators nre hum
hugged. Take for instance the light
last night. I went to see the light and
found it was a fake all through. Dixon could have won easily, but tho betting was arranged the other way nnd
Dixon tried bis best to let himself got
nit nt evnry opening. I have never
seen such a farce. There was not a
stage of the gaine at which tho negro
could not lin.c gone in and finished his
mnn 1 was disgusted witli tbe whole
business It -was n fake all through
and when 1 left the club, I was satisfied
that the Horton law should be repealed immeili itelv."
London. Jan. 10,���The Privy Conn-1 ,.
oil will go to Oshorne, Isle of Wight,
where the (.jut-en is now residing, on
Thursday. The mooting of tbo Connoil will be n purely formal (unction lot
the purpose of living the data for 11)0
re-assembling of I'aiTiaiiiont,
Hy Iho only lb-si. olii
Mil. A, IV, PUltllY,
iilcil iLor
Ap\il-��Ti_Uu itliiiU.     linker si. oor, Kootenai
Ilr at  resilience  on Billon   stl'SOt,   Knsl.
Oii-Tfraeb Roasted Coffee of Best
Quality, ns follows:
.lava uml Arabian Mooha, por pound $   H.
Java and Mooha Blond. 8 pounds. lim
Pi" a Santos, i nounda  lim
Sum ns Bland, ft pounds  I ixi
Our Bpoolal Blond, H pounds  tun
Our Hlo Roast, ti pounds  1 nn
A  Ull ll. IIUII.lt MILK 111 II.
Salesrooms .
I*-. ELS ON,       -        ... c.
Nelson Cleaning and Dyeing
8. 1). PIERRE Prop.
Ladies' and Gents' Clothing clean; I
dyed, altered and repaired,
iii-iii- nr t'liiri.a- H..I.-I. -s: I -��c
Fraternity Hall
I'm' Kill, cr .V  K..nl. nil I  sis.
can be rented for Concerts, Lectures.
Dances, Banquets and every kind of en
teiTaiiiiiiciit. Good ante-rooms, cloak
rooms, Kitchen and (lining room furnished.   For ternn apply
Young Men, Become Your
Own Assayers-
Three monthi will Loach ynu Apsaytng for
Gold, silver. Copper. This department m In
obftrtie of Prof, sutor, Honor QraduatQ <>f
MoGU) .Jntvortltj,
Live and loam now, cheaper than \ou now
Hoard und I nni met ion in  _-k__say.Bg, all foi
iwi'iiiy-Hix dollar* per month.
Wrltototho rrinoiual,
New Westmlntiter.
AH damef- of learning may be hod in .his,
tie only l/oll*ueof its kind in Uio West.
lolson Opera House
6   NIGHTS   6
Monday, Jan. 8th
Scottish  Miud-
and   Hypnotist,
J_ist One  Great   Long
I >��0��-����tht��.��������.'��.��������'^,*',_^,'*,,->-'*'S,^',-5,:C'^'-��^��i>��'^i^'1^��0,��(|
i-iiom: h ii"\ mi i
'!    still reiiiiiins i   tbe lninil ol niiiiiy us In wliollicv tbo  year   llllll) or  the '!
year -001 Is the commencement of another century.   Lei them figure $,
Remains In the mind of any person or nci-sons, man, woman or child (|
that we can end have boen selling tlie best goods for the least money,
It lias been figured out ] '
Why look furl l.ei when luatliemnllcs litis -lrovon thai we loud  both in '���
il   quality and i lace,    No cheap good   htiiidu-tl, No. 1 or none. i|
\\ The Western Mercantile Co., Ltd. !|
Successors to M. DusBmsay iV Co. '���
I \    iui.I it ST. ���.II.-.I1-, ii ,���, | |
i >��'_,">">"*-_���.��*��"��"���"��.�������"_�������������. ��*���*-_*��4.<���_!"-_b-<��_***-'��"**hi<n.*.ii>ii^nj
Hypnot-.m "by Telephone.
Hypnotic Balloon
Etc,       .Etc.,       Etc.
Merchants' Bank of Halifax.
Incorporated iK6o.
Capital Aiithtn i/.i'il   -  -  -   -   $2,000,000
Capital Paid Dp, $1,500,000, Reserve, $l,2Bo,ooo.
Head Office: Halifax, Nova Scotia.
Qeneial Banking Business Transacted) Sterling Bills of Exchange  Bought
and Sold, Letters of  Croitlt, Etc., Negotiated.
Account* received on the most favorable terms.   Intorest allowed on special
deposits nnil ou Saving Hank accounts.
Atlin, Bennett, Grand Forks, Nanaimo, Nelson, Rossland, Vancouver, Vancouver East End, Victoria, Ymir.
Geo. Kydd, Manager, Nelson, B.C.
The finanoial statement of tho City
as it appears In another column is n
credit to Nelson  and   (he   Mayor  nnd
Counoil that ruled tho destines of the
City for tlie pest twelve months. It is
in striking contrast to thn bunnlintj
statement   (?)   made by Mr. Houston
when he vacated   olllco a year iibko.
That Mr. Houston realiMI that his
liKht ir hopeless was evident from lhe
tenor of The 'ITibnne of yesterday.
The bitter remarks were such that
ci,tno only from u badly beaten man.
The assertion that tho Fletcher committee had decided to vote nil sorts  of
,icaiiincn__nd absentees oatwed considerable amusement,
The polls open at B o'olook this
inorniiiH nnd close at I o'clock   In  the
It is   rather   a lntdonoholy  thought
that Houston, Oreenway   and   Serolin
London, Jan. II.���The Tines, iu a
special article, dealing with the Hclii-
Roa Bay question, expresses tlie opinion that the endeavor ot the Boers to
over run Natal lends eoulirniulion to
MsortiotiB made before the war by
prominent Boers that they would seize
Durban as a port. The article pin-
cecds to point out that by the tliiiiu���li
rate system, OBpucinlly favorably to
the Transvaal shipments over the Del
iinoa Transvaal Bailway, (Tcin.sn ship
owners have been able to secure traffic
with litllo risk of examination at continental ports or at Delagoa Bay.
The writer ROea on to say: "II Is
not known that in anticipation of future military developments ill the
Transvaal toward the Zonptuthsrg .tin-
trici a considerable amount of stores
and munitions of win have ticn forwarded for sonic time past, ohiefly
from the {continent, it is [understood
that the Union Steamship Company,
besides ceasing! to have Hen I'olt, tbe
Ttans-tuil   CousuM'oncr.l at   Lomiwi
Marques, as  their  .mint,   hns  with
drawn their steamer from tho Delagoa
Hav   route.    The Castle  Company has
done the same and made arrangements
that will prevent any use at DelsgOl
Hay of their vessels for unti-l'ritish
purposes, Measures in the same direction have been taken with regard to
the Empress Landing Company, The
withdrawal of  tbe steamers of two
British innil companies may, however,
increase Oretit   Britain's  difficulties
by throwing the carry ing trade still
.note into the hands of continental
shippers    and   diverting   business   to
America   for    handling by   lorelgn
steamers from American ports."
The article concludes by mum mn
im- the Government to endeavor to so-
core a more ntrict examination.
The Opera BousS was filled npaitt
last, liiylil wInn Mr. McKwen commenced his interesting entertain
ment. It -Imaged a 11 tie at tbe first on
account of a large number of subjects
who could not ot would not submit
themselves to Mr, McKwen's power,
_oitif? on the stuKC But these were
finally weeded out and an excellent
class secured. It wns u most amusing entiitainuii'tit and the audience
was in  roars of laughter most of the
time. Many opinions were expressed
as to tlie genuineness of the ex.-Mi-
nients but as the different ones were
ir.ive.1 tbe number of skeptics diminished. Tonight   the   feiituro   will   be
statu.try, an especially Interesting feu-
tine of hypnosis.
London,    Jan,    m ���The    British
schooner niii nf Devon,Captain Cooper
Irom Bt  Johns,   Nfld., for Gibraltar,
was passed nn January 9,   apparently
dismasted   and   under n jury   ri��,   by
the North Germap Lloyd steamer War-
ra from   New   Yoik   for   Naples  and
Genoa, which arrived al Gibraltar last
Southampton,   .lan.   10,���Arrived���
New York, of Now Ytirli; Kaiser
Willielm dor Grots.. Now York.
Gibraltar, Tan.    HI. ���Arrived���Wer-
enn, New York.
i.inni. n.   Tan.   10.���Arrived���Mono-
mine, New York.
New Yoik. Tan.  10.���Fig iron quiet;
Coppei   dull  broken1  and   etohange
110.80, Lead, steady, brokers', ft. .0;
cvTiaiiiio, 14.70 tn ���_.7.">. Tin, nnsrt-
Ited ; Straits. |.5,B0 at ..Hi.oil;   l'luton,
steady, spelter, dull; domestic, .1. .8
to 14.88,
Deliveretl to an any poi;:t
Kootenay Lake.
I have a complete sto.k
on hand of
...L. POGUE...
Harness and Saddlery
The leading shop Largs
.took. Host ssorled stock
on band. Harness. Col-
l.ifs ot lit'-st makes, Saddles, Blanket-, Hulls,
Wliius, Brushes, Combs,
Prices sallsfuctory.
Hall nnil .f o.
Cor. Ward and llaker
i_   -
Mill at PILOT HAY.
J.   A.   SAYWARD.
In UiomattoT oi tbe "CotDpnnloa Winding l'p
Act. UM.."and In tho ma.tor of th.; "No.sun
foot-man Gold Mining Company, Lttnltedt" in
Notice i- horobj given thai at ftii extrnonlin-
m-y gotioral meeting uf the Nelson Poormn ���
Gold Mining Company, Umltod, held Novem-
���bor 17th, I8u9, -hily oonvoned, n speciiU resolution requiring tho Bald company to ba wound
up wiih duly pn-Kcd; wbioh resolution at a bud
sequentoxtraordinorygenera] mooting of tiio
wUd company, alto duly oonvoned, und held on
Hi oember Bth, 1809, was duly ooaflnned,
Ai Buohlaqi mentioned meeting the appoint1
munis of William Murray Hutsfnrd of the City
of Vancouver Province of Brtt'sh Columbia,
hn lltpit'lrtlor and CharleH C. Bunnell of the
sumo place ns inspector, for the purposon of the
Winding up were continued.
Notice i*. also given (pursuant to "Companies
Winding Up Act.. lWW." section 10), thul tho
creditors of and others having claims upon the
s__ld companyt are required on or before the loih
day of Junuiiry, A. It., IOOO, to send their names
and addressoa, the partloulars ol ihelrdobta or
claims and tho nature of the securities, if any,
held by them to William Murray Botsforal,
Men'hunt>' Bank of Halifax, Vancouver, B. C,
the liiiuidntor of the Haiti company.
Nottoais further given that after Mioh last
montloncddate the said liquidator will prooeed
in distribute the assets of the u<i compuiy
amongthopartlos entitled thereto, havinK re-
gard only to tho claims of whioh he shall then
nave nni ice,
lhitud nt Vnwnn.cr, H. C Dee. Oth, 1899.
MacVinniui Budding, Granville etroct, Vancouver, B. C.
Boltcltor for the said Liquidator,
Slum-hold*, rs in the s\ld Company aro requested to forthwith forward their share ier-
tllloates to the --aid liquidator in order th.it ih-
distribution accuring thereon may he speedily
where ynu can depend on Rolll-in tho im-i
lii'inid^ in tin iimrkct uiu. nny iiuiintitj fron
10c. up,   l'rii'ei ciii.imt bo dlsputod,
-���'���KIM: 11:1.
Prank A. Tamblvn, Mgr.,
Bakbr Stkeht. Nblfon
< i mn n i i i - oi iifii'in i.
,1, llllll   MINI It.M. CLAIM
Sin Ain in 'tin-; (Inn llivi.u Minis
KIN     OS      WttUT
WllKIII',    l.ll,   u.l
K RNAV     l'l-li:|. i.
(in Whits llnoi   .
NUT TITO is hereby nlven that nn nppli-
ciiliim will Im iiinilii to thh Lt>ni��la-
lim AsM'itiliiy of the Provlnoe Ol Hrit
isli Colombia nt its next session,tor tin
A'l iii Incorporate it Uoinpany with
power to ('(iiiflttrnct. equip, mnintnin,
nnil operntfl lelcpliotm mid tclc.riipli
lines within it'll tliroiiKliniit thn Pr_V-
ince of British ('iiliiinl)iu, nml to eon-
s vi,(i elect,nml mnintnin snob nml so
Dinn. pules nml othor works uml rlc-
viecH iis the I'liinpntiy dentil ni'cnvstiry
for niiiflin., <��� i.111111<��� ti111_��� snuportiOR,
inlnR, working,   operoffng and iiisiu-
ininliiU   llic system of   cuni i-iu incut iini
liv telephone uml telegraph, end to
open nr lirciik ii|i nny p.iit or purls ol
ihe siini highways or streets -is often
us the siini tjompnny, its agents, olll-
(ers or workmen think proper, nml for
the pnrposes of the nndertaking to pur
rpAKK niitick. iimt i. o. n. N. wiikio, *"1>*>��8, acquire, or  lease, mid hold and
1    Doting ns audit for John Amlrow Korin, sell uml alspoie of lands, hnilnin.s  or
'.Km,. Miner-; ('ciiiil. ui ' BIJMU, llohr.  It.',  t nenta within the litnils aforesaid,
Krce Minors CorllllcnUi ll.-Si. .."'I .1. A. Mo I  , ��� , ,. ,    , 	
I I'liiiiil.l. FreoMlu i-.' i <-i-.tti.m.��� -_'-.i.i ,n. intond,
I sixty day, front Hie onto horoof, tonpnlr to tlm
MtniiiK lleciii'ilcr fur u eertiiicii.. ni liuprovu
'infills for ilu- put-poM of oblalnlng n i rown
grantcf ilu-abovu cluiin.
And llll'lticr  tnke inillce thul. in I inn. und, r
Hoi linn 117, mual lie cninini'iiicd hofurQ Uio i-m-
| tiner uf -ll.'ll cert Itl.'llte nf llnpr n'l.ls.
I     Hilled lliis Ijlh.luy uf llc.'cuil.cr. Isttl
ii, ii. N. wii.i;ih.
\Va Itoatland.
Berlin,   Jan, in - -The German sod
French   holders    nf    Trans.nal    Hold   foraCertincal'b'uf Improve! i
pot, nf obtaining ��i urown tinmi
BtTUATRIKTllfl. Ni.i.siin Mininii DIVISION in
WIST Kiio'IKNay UlSTHlOT, \\ Hi.in. 1.0
cul.lc UN Noltrll KusK ill' HAI.HON
riiAKKNOTIOKthai IWIIIIaniA llniior.nol
X.    ItiK us iiKcnt fnr lite New Nmlh lull.' Min
in. Company. ITroo Mlnrt'i (JortlflRati   Nu.
B80341 l.itcii'i.   sKtv   .inys  from  tlie   dale
lierenf,  lo  niuily    to  tho   Mlnln.   Rororilor
fur in.- pur
mil tn iHifclinsti or lease, for uny term
of y.'iits, nny telephone or tnleiirapli
line    eatahltshed,   nr   to bo estnlilish-
mi, in liiiiisit Ci.iuiiiiiiii, oonnented, or
in he oonneoted with tlm line whioh
the Company may rotiHtrnnt, nnd to
iiiiiul.niiiiiti'   with   or lease  ltH lino or
lines, or nny portion or portions thereof, to nny company possessing, ns proprietor, nt v linn of telephones or tele-
BMph ciimiiiiitiiciilion rwiiiieolinn, or
lo he entiiiectcil, with tho snid ('ont-
pnoy's line or linen, nnd to borrow
money for tlm pnrposes of thn Coin,
pan., uml to pledge or mortpiiKn nny
nf the I'oiinmny's nssotH for that pnr-
pose, uml io receive bonnses or privileges from any person or body corporate, nml with nil other nsoal,necessary
or incidental rlghti, potsors or ptivii-
(..(���b ns lntiv lin iici'i'Haiiry or incidentiil
to the attainment of ihn above objects.
| I ..1.1 iiiinn,' .. I r.ru i,   uf  III.'   nl.uY
Hhnrcs have   rtsoldsfl   to   OO-npSTRtS W  elulins.
,,. ui,,,,, in,. ,���,������i,���i ,,,,1,1 mlna i.,, of      And furl her luke iintico Uml action,  undor  or uny of llietn.
re-nsting tne report*, gom mine tax or wcUmt ��� n���M ,���. ��������� ,,, ,���,,,���,. ,,���, u     Dated this IBth duv  of December
ill) per cent, on the   output     Thit  dn-   ra_ai��0fsuoli(^rtmoawoniim^ j   tjj   ^hown,
ciaion wua riiacheil today. ;   D��udthUnlnftfarofNovotnbor, 1_JB, I Solicitor for tbo Apploiiuita.
__iu.'  .      "
���JT-tOw  lli.l1'0." j
|r^,J^ sic IsLi
West Kootenav Butcher Co.
A 1.1.   KIND..   OK
Fresh   and    Salted   Heats
Fish and Poultry in Season
E.   c.   TRAVES.   Manager.
Baker Street, Nelson.
Orders by mail receive careful and prompt tt'tentioo.
Can't do betfer than by talking with
about their daily wants. The advantage wo have over our competitors
is the quality, price and quantity o\ slock. We can also supply you
with Crockery, Glassware, etc., at Rock IS. Horn prices.
Mining and mail orders carefully attended to,
P. O. Box K and W. Telephone io. Baker Street
We aro showing a
First-Class Line ol
^ _t.
YDc. il l\
Which we are ofFering^at
Shelf & Heavy Hardware,
Etc., Etc., Etc.


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