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Nelson Daily Miner Oct 11, 1900

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 Daily Edition No. 853
r |V,.rl  _3l 00
British Columbia, Ihursday Evening,  October it, 1900.
Eleventh Year
tion In England over the growing influence of the Libera] Imperialists,
the opposition side, says The Tribune's London correspondent relative
to the Hritish elections. A convention
lias been called for the organization
of a nationaly democracy which will
be recruited Iroin the labor and social
.- ��� ��� . -I ���. .. oc icuiuiuni ,10111 me iiimoi ,1110 social-
TWnverv of Uranium in tne ures at the isiu- ����>tions. m* advocates of m��
JJtDw �� v   j movement   denounce   Lord   Kosebery
Tenus Mine is Considered a
Rich Find.
The announcement In The Miner of
yesterday telling of the discovery of
��ta���lUlil In the ores of the Venus
mint. was the sole topic of discussion
Bmong the mining men this morning.
Those who have properties on Morning Mountain are elated at the prospect of the large additional value of
their ore and assays are being made
of samples of ore from all of the properties. It i�� believed that the Athabasca ores are as rloli with uranium
as the ores of the Venus and if this
proves to he true the Athabasca will
he a much more valuable property
that it has formerly been considered to
be, Aside from the discovery of gold
in tho hills about Nelson, the discovery made by the Venus people is undoubtedly the most important in the
history of the camp, it doubles the
value of the Venus property at once
niu] makes Morning Mountain, and all
the properties upon it, worth more to
the City of Nelson than anyone ever
hefure believed.
lining to the important discovery of
the rare metal uranium in the ore of
the Venus mine, it is now estimated
that the property is worth double
what it was formerly thought to be
worth. The value of the output of
the mine up to the preaont time has
been 118 per ton and when arrangements are made so that the uranium
can be saved, the output  per ton will
even   more   bitterly than they do Mr
be increased to 830 or perhaps $10 pi
ton, even if it costs as high as 9'i per
pound to treat the yellow sand to obtain the uranium. It has been found
that there arc 50 pounds of yellow
sand contained in each ton of ore that
has been treated, and the 50 pounds
of yellow oxide contains six pounds of
The directors at Toronto are now
investigating in an effort to ascertain
the best method of treating this oxide. There are two ways of doing it;
to treat it at the property, or concentrate it to a certain extent and then
ship it to reduction works ill the east.
The latter will probably be the method whieh will be adopted. A piece of
ore from the property was examined
at the local olliee this morning and it
was found that it contained large
quantities of the yellow oxide. The
company at the present time has over
18,000 tonB of oro in sight, and with
tho increased value that amount of
ore is worth over 8540,000. This discovery is not only of Importance to
the Venus company, but it is equally
important to the other companies who
own claims on the same mountain. It
is probable that the ore from all the
claims on Morning Mountain will be
treated so as to obtain the uranium,
as it is believed that the yellow oxide
exists in the various veins of the
moil n tain.
Montreal, Oct. 11.���The steamer 0t-
toniant, of the Dominion line, out
bound for Liverpool from this port,
went ashore in the channel of tlie river a short distance from the city this
morn ing. 'The vessel got olV with
some damage to the hold and is returning to port. The Ottoman is a
large freight carrier.
Lunenberg, N.S., Oct. 11. ��� Liberals
yesterday nominated A.K.Macl.ciin to
oppose 0. E. Kaullmck, M. P., Conservative.
should be done in the way of removing it. Other members that spoke
were of the same opinion. 11. 10.
Croasdallc thought that the legislation
during the past two years bad retarded the mining industry of the Province.
Chairman Holt said thut he had
asked President Shaughnessy about
the building of the Lardeau Railroad,
and the President stated that it would
be constructed in tbe near future,
probably meaning next spring.
The question was asked if the K. &
S. road bad been started und it was
found that it had not. It was resolved
to request the Kaslo board to cooperate with the Nelson board in getting the work upon both roads into
the Lardeau started at once.
A vote of thanks was tendered Mr.
W. II. Dowsing for his work in eonneetion with the Nelson mineral exhibit at Spokane.
The matter of having a telephone
line built to Slocan was discussed and
every means will be taken to induce
the telephone, company to proceed
witli the work, as it is thought that
it will be a great benefit to the merchants of Nelson.
R. P. Roblin's Views of the Western Situation.-A Yale-Kootenay -Cariboo
Political Censor.
Dunsmuir'sScotch Miners the
Subject of a Conference
at Victoria.
Sensational Scene at Meeting
of the G. T. R. Shareholders.
Deserters From United States
Volunteers are Shot
to Death.
C. P. R.
Said to be Stealing a March
on the Road Into Republic
Manila, Oet. 10.���Word has been received from San Miguel to the effect
that two men belonging to Lieutenant Altstatter's party wore given
their liberty on parole a few days
aim. They reported that tho lieuten
nut and other prisoners arc now in
the hands of rebels, and well eared
fur. Pagan, the deserter from the
-Ith Infantry, is supposed to have
planned the ambush. Two deserters
from the 80th Infantry, U. S. V., stn-
ttoned on the island of Masabte, were
killed hy a party of soldiers sent to
capture them. As the little party approached the deserters the latter opened nn Ineffective firo which was returned and the two deserters fell
dead, One of them waB named Car-
ran, but the name of his comrade has
Dot heen learned. Two others, who
had been intimidated into joining thi
deserters, made thoir escape and re
turned to camp
The following dispatch appeared in
the Spokane Chronicle  of the nth:
Nelson, Wash., Oct, v.���(Special).���
Two surveying parties of about 10
men each, representing the Canadian
I'aeilie, have stinted surveying from
the International boundary south towards Republic.
it seeuH to have been the direct purpose of President Shaughnessy of Ihe
C. P. li.T when m Grand Porks last
week, to start work on the Republic
road in order to cut oil' the local company organized some time ago, which
was' successful in getting a charter
from the Provincial Government.
Superintendent Troup, when seen
this morning by The Miner, said he
knew nothing whatever of any such
move on the part of the C. P. It. If
the company had commenced a survey
south of the international boundary
line he believed he would have known
of it and he was not therefore, inclined to credit the dispatch from
Nelson, Wash., as truthful. There
might, however, be something hi it.
West  Coast of   Island of   Leyto in A
State of Turmoil.
Manila, Oet. 9.��� The West Coast of
'he Island of Leyte is in a state of
turmoil. . The rebel Ledrones are act-
Ively plundering, tho disturbers following up with like tactics, raiding
and attacking, and then rturning to
the garrisoned towns, while Americans
Inirsuo them on the mountains. Gen
"ml Mojica's ollieers are surrendering
"nil his soldiers attempting to escape
to Snmarlnn, boats are being capture
nnd his organization broken up.
The captured guerillas and La-
drones when questioned stated that on
the liftb instant thirty Americans attacked forty-five rebels and rifled
their stronghold in the Camah'inc
Province, routed them, kiling ten.
' wo Americans were killed and three
wounded. Twenty men of the Second
iniui ry in an engagement on the
lotn instant In Datan Province, had
one man killed and four wounded,
Columbia   to
Suggestion   to   Hritish
Bun Out Chinese.
Vancouver, B. C., Oct. 11
men are suggesting an ingenious
method, borrowed from Knglish home
legislation,of diminishing the cinpk
nient of Chineso and Japanese.
propose that strong pressure
brought to bear upon the
Government and Legislature to cause
the statutory Imposition of a heavy
tax on male domestic servants, most
,. whom are Mongols. The tax has
long preaviled in the United Kingdom, where it is approved as a method of taxing indirectly the well to-do.
Here its object would rather be the
protection of white labor than the
raising of revenue.
(SPECIAL to 'nil': MINOR.)
Victoria, B. C, Oct. 11.���Mr. P.. P.
Bremner, Dominion labor commissioner, and Ralph Smith, M. P. P., secretary of the Miners' Association, had
a conference with iloii. James Duns-
muir in regard to tlie alleged grievance of the 3.1 Scotch miners who refused to go to work at the Union
mine on the ground that the conditions were not such as had been represented to them before their departure
from Scotland. The conference was
a satisfactory one, Mr. Ilunmuir staling that the miners would be paid j-:i
am! that there would be no Chinese
helpers engaged. Hon. James Dnns-
muir denies the statement of the
Scotch miners that $2 a day anil
Chinese helpers wns the condition at
the Union. He says the Scotch miners
were guaranteed (3 a day.
Mr. John llryden has definitely announced that he will not be the Conservative candidate for the Vancouver
Island district at the coming elections
for the Dominion House. Mr. Hrydcn
was unanimously nominated at a convention held in Nanaimo last month,
lie was away at the time and Immediately on his return, stated that be
would not run.
Percy Charleson, nephew of .1. Ii.
Charleson, in charge of ail Canadian
telegraph lines, denies the rumor that
the lines ovcilapped a hundred miles
owing to bail surveying. Mr.Charleson received a letter today from the
Telegraph Creek end, posted at Hazel -
ton, showing that tho two gangs travelling north and south are in comma
mention. Managers Trodden and Ro
Chester, in charge of the respective
ends, are only waiting the command
to join the wires.
There was a good attendance at the
city hall yesterday evening at the
meeting called foi the purpose of discussing the advisability of holding an
agricultural exhibition in Victoria
next year. Those present were unanimously of the opinion that it wns
desirable that an exhibition sliould be
held, providing the transportation
problem could be satisfactorily adjusted, and a strong committee was appointed to arrange the preliminary
The Colonist publishes ft sensational
stcry tothe effect that it has informa
tion that an effort is being made be
cause of jealou ly among officials to
remove tho detachment of Royal Canadian Infantry stationed here under
Colonel McKay. It seems that Colonel
Grant who commands the Imperial
troops, has asked for the regiment's
removal because he feels the fact, that
the Canadians outwitted the troops
under his command at the recent mobilization maneouvers and captured
Rod Hill.
London, Oct. 11.���There was a sen
sational scene at yesterday's meeting
of the shareholders of the Grand Trunk
Railway of Canada, between Sir
Charles Rivers Wilson, president of
the company, and Sir Henry Tyler,
former president. Sir Charles Wilson,
in addressing the meeting, detailed
the improvements made in the line,
congratulating the shareholders on
the lnorease in revenues, dilated on
the rise in the cost of material and in
the rates of wages, and explained the
resolution of the day which provided
for tlie reorganization of the Chicago
Grand Trunk by the Canadian Company. Aftei outlying the proposition,
Sir Charles said be had received a letter from Sir Henry W. Tyler, ex-
president, expressing disapproval of
tlie reorganisation, and asking that
the letter be read before the meeting.
White with passion, Sir Charles, declared that the vllllany employed just-
ilicd him m    putting the letter in the
s Discuss-
Railway and Mining Matter
ed at Length,
connection   with
fire. The president of the road continued his denunciation of the former
president until the audience rose, crying. 'Put it in the lire," "Burn it,"
There was a scene of great disorder
and then there arose a cry, "Tyler is
here." In a moment the venerable
figure of ex-President Tyler was seen
walking toward the directors'rostrum.
As soon as Sir Charles Rivers Wilson
recovered   his composure, he said:
"Tyler, stand up, you, who have
villlfied us, nnd repeat before us all
the charges you have made."
Cheers mingled with groans greeted
Sir Henry W. Tyler, who maintainil
that the Chicago Grand Trunk was
owned and controlled by the Canadian
Grand Trunk, and that therefore the
directors were making false pretenses
when they represented the reorganization as a transaction between two independent concerns,
Continuing, Sir Henry asserted that
the scheme involved the repudiation
by President Wilson of the Chicago
second mortgage bonds, which he asserted were cut down from 5 lo 4 per
"lie honest," shouted Sir Henry
Tyler.    "Don't repudiate them."
Amid a roar of hisses and jeers the
voice of Sir Henry was drowned but
be continued waving his arms aud
shouting Inaudible charges against
Sir Charles, who stood up and in
equally fierce language absolutely denied Sir Henry's allegations and
abused his administration.
Half the time Sir Henry was on his
feel endeavoring to interrupt and the
extraordinary spectacle was presented
of the president and ex-president of ft
great railway standing before a howl
ing audience, both of them shouting
at once and neither Speaker being audible. It was only when several persons stepped forward with the intention of hustling Sir Henry Tyler out
of   the room thut  he ceased speaking.
The meeting then by a large major-
Ilelville, Ont., Oct. 11.���Premier R.
P. Roblin, of Manitoba, was interviewed here a few days ago and
makes some interesting comments in
regard tothe political situation in the
"What about politics in Manitoba'.'"
asked the newspaper man.
"The political pot was boiling
merrily when I left," said Mr. Roblin. "The Conservative party is prepared for the fight, and are confident
of victory They have ill Hon. John
Macdonahl a leader for the west who
has never suffered a political defeat,
and having, at present, a united party, good lieutenants as well as a good
ctuse, they confidently look for a
continuation of their recent success
"Vou feel peitty suro of getting a
majority for Sir Charles Tupper?"
asked the newspaper man.
"Well," said Mr Roblin, "we certainly will increase tho Conservative
representation from the west. That
is admitted by even our opponents."
"What is Hugh John going to do to
Sifton in Brandon?" asked the scribe.
"Well," said Mr. Roblin, "Mr.
Sifton is a man of very considerable
energy, he has a very perfect organization, he has all the Implements of
war and will make a determined
fight, but Hugh John can oppose to
Sifton his personal popularity, his
consistency in public life, in so far as
his pledges to the public are concerned, and these make him an ideal candidate, so much so that those in a position to know, believe he will win.
Mr. Sifton is personally a gentleman,
yet his record, or rather the record of
his party, does not commend itself to
the people of Manitoba. The Liberals have broken the promises they
made to the people of the west, ami
the latter will show their disapproval
when they east their ballots."
"Will you remain long in Belleville?1 asked the newspaper man.
"Just a day or two," was the reply.
"I shall then visit my father in
Sophiasburg, P. E. I., and then go
west again."
"That is," said the reporter, "provided your presence is not required
sooner. "
"Yes," said Mr. Roblin, with a
smile, "if dissolution takes place in
the meantime my visit might lie cut
short. I may Bay that 1 have not yet
been sworn in as Premier as Hon. Mr.
Maodonald will not resign till the
writs for the Dominion election are
issued. Ho is retaining his position
at the unanimous request of the patty, including myself. As to the formation of the. new cabinet, 1 may say
that everything will be accepted just
as Hon. Mr. Macdonahl leaves It.
There will   be no changes, at present,
at least, except such   as   the   law   requires. "
"How do you like Manitoba'.'" asked the reporter, as he reached for his
"Finest spot in the world except
the Hay of Qlltnte district," said Mr.
Roblin, with a laugh. "Of course you
kno,v there is no place to equal
that," and he went back to a party
of prominent gentlemen who were
waiting for him.
Mr. Houston is due to rear up and
let out another howl. Some one in
the city has had the audacity to send
the following to The Rossland Miner
without first submitting it to tho
Nelson, Oct. 10. ���(Special).���There
is every indication that the Liberals
here will leave no stone unturned to
secure if possible the retirement of
the labor candidate. From an authoritative source it is learned that negotiations are about to be entered into
with a view to Mr. Foley's retirement
in Mr. Galllher'B interest. The Liberals feel that unless Mr. Foley retires their chances are almost hopeless
and the leaders in Nelson are iu communication with those in Rossland
who take the same view. On the other
hand, there is strong opposition
among the labor people to any letir-
ing movement. Mr. Wilks, if lukewarm, is concealing his feelings, and
seems to think that Mr. Foley hat, a
fair Hghti.g chance. It is stated that
Wilks favors the resignation of Smith
Curtis from tbe Provincial Legislature, and bis acceptance of the nomination for Ottawa. In this event
Wilks would contest the vacancy for
Victoria. As Air. Curtis will not consent to this, the Nelson Liberals now
look to him to get Mr. Foley out of the
way. The situation is becoming complicated, and many labor leaders
openly express their disapproval of
the proposed deal, and are indignant
that anything should be done whieh
will be interpreted outside as a retreat on their part. They declare that
having put their hand to the plough,
they will not turn back.
Hereafter all poltieal writers in the
Yale - Kootenay - Cariboo district,
whether Liberal or Conservative, must
first submit the matter prepared for
publication to Censor Houston. The
position is one that has come to Mr.
Houston through self-appointment,
and his friends believe he will till it
acceptably. He can be found at the
electric light dam,if you have some
copy which you desire to pass through
his bauds.
The following are returning ollieers
for British Columbia in the coming
general election:
OR. Vancouver.
M'DONALD, Kamloops.
Expedition to   Pal Ting Fu
Ordered to   Depart
New   York,    Oet.   11.-There
signs of radical resentment and rcac-< one   and    thought   that
Matters   in   connection   ��,.,.   .....   f
' l. and mines occupied much of the
ti���H. at  the  meeting o   tl e Ne        ���;     iz(j ft,   t���. ,.,,������ k
Board  of Trade  last evening.   The J^ & ^ *
two   per   ceii. tax on   he   outp       Of ( ^   ^
,,,ines was  discussed  freely,     u. ���'��� J
mines  woo                          ������ t ���������.,���,,.,���  company.    'Die  meeting also gave Sir
Mnvtin   thought the tax   an lmpropei *    �� ��� e
Aiauim i*  ,.,....  Charles a vote of thanks,
Tien Tsin, Oct. 0.���The following
was publlshd yesterday in the Hritish
Brigade orders:
"Count Von Walderze assumed chief
command of the troops in Chill Province September '-'7, and expressed the
following sentiments: 'It fills my
heart with pride and pleasure to la-
placed at the head of such distinguished troops, who have already given
glorious proof of their valor and
heroism. Well knowing that I am
entrusted with a difficult task. I have,
nevertheless, a firm conviction that I
shall succeed quickly and surely with
the help of these proved troops, in attaining the object placed before me,
now that they are combined under a
single leader.' '
Tien   Tsin,    Oct. Hi. -General   Von
Walderze,    commanding    the  Allied
force, has issued orders for tbe Pel
Ting l'u expedition to depart on the
11th.    The   expedition consists   of   a
mixed force of 5,000 British,Germans,
French and Italians. The force will
leave Tien Tsin and will connect near
Pao Ting Fu with a column of the
same strength from Pekin under command of General Gasclce. Four battalions of French troops, which left
Yang Tsunon October 4, on an independent expedition, have been held to
await the arrival of tbe main force.
Americans, Russians and Japanese arc
not participating in the movement.
Despite the Chinese assurance to the
contrary, the commanders of the
forces ordered to advance expect resistance.
radon, Oot. 11.���When questioned
regarding the pork corner, Sir
Thomas Lipton said: "Yes, it Is a
fact that I control today practically
all the pork in the I'nited States. I
have no Intention of raising the price
to an exhorbit.'int degree. I am satisfied to make a fair profit out of the
deal and I shall do all possible to
avoid causing seiious trouble to those
who sold short. In fact I let some go
the other day in order to sn��e a few
threatened failures." '/
Nelson  Daily Miner,   Thursday  Evening,  October ii, igoo.
The Nelson Miner
Published Every  Afternoon   Kxoopt Sunday
���HY TIIK���
Ll.MITKI) LlAlllI.lTV.
115 Floot Street, K. 0.
Contral   Frcss Agency, Ltd., Hpuilal Agents
Dally, por inontli, by carrier     S5c
lliiily, per month, tiy mail      50c
Ilally. por yoar, by carrier 8 7 00
Pally, per year, by mall   5 uo
Dally, por yoar, foreign    II 00
Weekly, tier half yoar  81 23
Weekly, pur year    2 (10
Weekly, por year, foreign     3 OO
Subscriptions invariably in nilvuuce.
All Cheeks should no mado payable to tho
order of Nelson PUBLISHING Companv,
The Nelson Hoard of Trade is to
take up the question of the mineral
tax. If every Hoard of Trade In every
mining region of the Province, and,
Indeed, iu the Province itself, were to
do the same and pass judgment on
the expediency of it, a great public
Berviee would be rendered. Wheat is
not moie the great staple on which
the prosperity of Manitoba nnd the
Territories is based than is the mining industry in Hritish Columbia.
Whatever affects that industry affects
���very man, woman and child in it.
The mineral tax docs affect it, and
injuriously. It is not so much tho
amount of the tax, which in mauy
cases is considerable enough, but the
discouragement which the tax is
bound to cause. A mino that is paying a handsome dividend to the owners can stand a little Government robbery, but its ability to do this is no
excuse fo, the robbery itself. The
Robin Good of romance is said to
ha*'e taken from the rich and to have
been good to the poor, but even that
does not excuse his methods. If taxes
are to be levied on the principle that
those who have must be mndu to disgorge, without regard to those other
considerations which are supposed to
ooinmend taxation as an quitable system for the provision of tho public
needs, wo shall have to begin to revise
our views of the question.
We do not know by what argument
the Government convinced themselves
that to double the old tax on the output of our mines would be a just and
timely measure. Hut we do know
that some of our legislators, whos��
minds are Buffering under the misfortune of being unable to take a broad,
intelligent view of any question, express tho belief that the ability to pay
la excuse enough for any tax. The
mines are rich, they say,and tho owners are making big profits, therefore
put tho screws on them. This is a dishonest principle to go upon, and it is
also an impolitic one. There are mines
that are not rich, but whose owners
are struggling to make them so; is it
wise to add to the burdens inseparable from development'.1 The ] oli _ of
the country should rather be to encourage mining in every way possible. If there are obstacles to the industry, they should be removed. It
would be bad policy to make development harder if we were depending on
our own resources; but when wo have
to look abroad for capital it is worse
policy. Capitalists in England will
not be encouraged to invest In a Province that taxes the expenditure necessary to prove that a mine is worth
The Government will bo wise if they
take np this question again. There is
a right and a just and a sensible side
to it, as thero is to all other questions. And it will not do to remain
blind to it merely to please some mem
hers of whom the best that can be
said is lliat they arc ignorant and
prejudiced. A member of the Hoard
mailn the assertion at the meeting last
night that the Government did not
know bow the Act was working. If
the Government do not know, they
ought to know; it is their business
to know. If they shall take the trouble to ascertain and further to consider the whole question on its merits, it
is probable they may decide that an
increased tax on mineral output is not
the wisest policy to adopt at the present time.
the probable result, but the wise
elector who is earnest in his convictions will leave speculation to otheis
and expend his energies in work. It
is by carrying Individual constituencies that a majority can be secured,
and we do not know any other way
by which it can be accomplished. The
Yale-Cariboo elector who believes the
country would be the better of
a change of Government wi 11
best show his faith by doiug all
in his power to elect Mr. MaeNeill.
If all the electors in all the constituencies will do as much for their candidates, the ultimate majority will
take care of itself.
Many of the newspapers are expending their energies in speculating on
the result in a particular constituency
or in the Dominion. This Province
will return so many Liberals and so
many Conservatives; in that Province
the Liberals (or Conservatives, as the
case mny be) will be smashed to
smithereens, and the other Provinces
will do this and do that. A little figuring after this fashion will give a Government or an Opposition victory, according to the political bias of the
very worthy gentleman who happens
to be making   the forecast.    It   is   no
~ Our excellent contemporary, The
Kamloops Inland Sentinel, is good
enough to say that it has no objection
to The Miller's desire to see Sir
Charles Tupper reinstated in olliee.
We were a little fearful of having or
expressing a preference in the matter,
but with this encouragement from
The Sentinel we pluck up courage and
are extremely obliged for our contemporary's forbearance.
Some weeks ago, while the elections
wero being spoken of, Mr. Joseph
Martin was to do wonderful things
for the Liberal party in this Province,
having rehabilitated himself by membership in a Vancouver Liberal Association. Now that the elections are
on, it would require a Pinkerton detective to discover his whereabouts.
Books You May Need
Hunt's Systematic Mineralogy.. $"> 00
Peters' Modern Copper Smelting 5 5(1
Stretch's   Prospecting, Locating
and Valuing  Mines  3 76
Lang's   Matte   Smelting  S 85
Miller's  Qualitative  Analysis.. 17.1
Kemp's Handbook of   Rocks  1 75
Thautwine's Engineer's Handbook   5 5(1
Hawkins'   New    Catechism    for
the Steam   Engine  8 88
Hawkins' Maxims and Instructions for   Boiler Room  8 811
Hawkins'   New    Catechism    of
Electricity  3 35
Hawkins' Handbook of Calculations   for  Engineers  2 25
Machinists'      and       Engineers'
Pocket Manual  1 25
Stevenson's Practical Test  1 ("I
Canada's   Metals  85
An Ontario Judge has decided that
barbed wire fences along the highway
are a nuisance, and that the owners
arc responsible for any damage they
may cause. May the choicest blessings
of Heaven follow that Judge all tho
days of his life, and overtake him
every night.
Whatever else may happen, Mr.
John Houston is bound to have it
known that the political iniluenee of
his paper iB for Bale. Hidders do not
appear to be either numerous or enthusiastic, however.
Cape Town,; Oct. 11.���Mr. Cecil
Rhodes received an ovation Wednesday when he assumed the presidency of
the Congress of the youth African
League. During the oourse of his
address, he attributed the South African war to tho mugwumps, and said
but for them Mr. Kruger would never
have dared to send an ultimatum to
Great Britain, Generally speaking
Mr. Khodes was eoneilitory in his
remarks. He declared that now that
"Krugerism had vanished" Great
Britain would establish a libel al government, which would do everything
possible to unito the interests of
South Africa with those of the Empire." Mr. Rhodes also said there
was no desire "to plaster Rhodesia on
Cape Colony" intimating that it was
"likely to be the other way." Hut he
thought Rhodesia would bo one of the
federated states with great opportunities for expansion in the direction of
the Congo.
Canned or Fresh
Just now the fall fruits are especially attractive, You can buy here the
best of
Peaches, Apples, Grapes,
for fall canning or for present eating.
Our line of canned and preserved
fruits will continue to bo the very
best, so you are free from the necessity of putting up fruits if you prefer
Fresh  or Canned  Fruits as You
Want Them.
Peaches, Pears,
Plums, Quinces,
Apples, Bananas,
Sweet Potatoes,
Green Tomatoes.
Houses and lots for sale in all parts
of the City.
Victoria-Montreal    Eire   Insurance
Ontario Mutual Life Insurance Company.
_r__eBr   ~See ANNABLE
Coal and Wood.
Agents Imperial Oil Oo. Ltd.
Crow's   Nest   Coal,   $6.15
Anthracite,     -    -    $9.65
No order  can be accepted  unless
accompanied by cash.
Office Corner Hall nml Raker Streets.
"Hills of Sale, Act."
His Honor the Lieutenant���Governor, undei the provisions of Section II
of the "Hills of Sale Act as enacted
by Section 2 of the Hills of Sale Aet.
Amendment, Act, 1899," has been
pleased to alter the place for the registration of Bills of Sale "for the remainder of th" County of Kootenay
as   follows, namely:
For that part of the County of
Kootenay b��iug the territory covered
by the North Riding of Bast Kootenay Electoral District:
The olliee   of   the Registrar  o"f   tl
County Court at Golden.
For that part of the Connty of
Kootenay being the territory covered
by the Revelstoke Riding of the West
Kootnny Electoral District:
The olliee of the Registrar of the
County Court at Revelstoke.
Sueh alteration to take effect on
the 1st day of October, 1900.
Provincial Secretary.
Provincial     Secretary's     Olliee,     5th
September,  1900.
Nelson Opera House
October 12th _ 13th-
Kirkpatrlck ft Wilson
flee Can Fit You.
lie lias   one of   the   best   and   largest
Pall and Winter stocks In
the Province,
A Show or Unusual Excellence
doubt Interesting   and useful   to have   /\,   GEE.    Merchant   Tailor
a aufllclently intelligent knowledge of, Opposite Queen's Hotel,
public opinion  to forin tome idea of I Baker Street,
Europoan Acrobatic Marvels
JACK SYMONDS,    Of Symonds-Huohos-Rastus
ED. FOX. no With tim Eccontnc Loos.
FRED SCHMIDT . sweotTonor
HANK GOODMAN -     Ploaslno Comedian
CHAS.   VAN nana,,,*,
J. HARVEIIR1C0S . Promlor Basso
Gorton _ Lee
The Princes of High Class Musical
Comedy and
$ ������������������������
OCT. 15, 16 & 17
| conic OPERA.
|f   BY THE
INleisoi) Operatic Society
Plan of Scats is now   open
in the Opera House Store.
PRICES : $1.00, 75c and 50c.
���������������'���   _i<_i'ii��_i'i-fii,ii'ii(ii,i.-.,i?i*ii,ii,ii'ii,ii,iiti,ii*_i��i ��������� -1
For wood or hnrd or soft coal.
The   Inrgeet   line   carried   hy
any firm in Canada.
" Good   Cheer "   Ranges   and
Cook Stoves.    A complete line.
Call and he convinced that the only place to buy
Stoves   and    Ranges   at   the   right   prices   is   the
Merchants' Bank of Halifax
Incorporated 1869.
Capital Pnld-iip.      ���    .     .     $1,085*079.00  I   Hcttl $1,700,000.0
Kutiril of IMrrrfont:   ThOrau K. Kenny,   President;   Thorn oh Kitchlo,  Vico-ProHidenl.
Wiley Smith, II. G. Bauld, Hon. ][. II. Fuller, M.L.C., Hon. David MaoKeeo.
Head Office, Halifax 1
General Manager, BdbOn L. Pease, Montreal.
Buporintendotfl of Branches, and Secretary, \V, It, Torranco, Halifax.
IuHpeelor, W. 1 . Hroek, Halifax.
liiMpector 1). M. Stewart, Montreal.
Nova Srolla-Hulifax Ilraneh, Antigonish, Uridgowater, Guyoboro. Londonderry, Lunenburg.
MalQand (Hants Co,), Piotou, Port Bawkesbnry, Sydney, Shubonooadle, Truro, Weymouth
New HruiiHwIfk���Hathurst, Dorchester, Fredorloton, KingHton (Kent Co.l, Moncton, Newcastle. Saekville, Woodstock. I*. _��� Island��� t'liarloit .town, Muimnendde. (lufbrr���Montreal
(City Olliee). Montreal, West Kud ((.'or. Notre Dame and Seiguours Streets); YVcHlmount (Cor.
Greeno Avenue and St. Catharines Street. Ontario���Ottawa. NevtTouDilland���St. John's
Culm, Weil Indies���Havana, 1 mini States���New York (18 K .change Place) Hopublic, Wash
Atlin, Bennett, Grand Forks, Nanaimo, Nelson, Rossland, Vancouver, Vancouver East End, Victoria.
Correspondents 1
Canada���Merchants Bank of Canada.  B��Kt��ii~Nationni BhawnratBnnk*  Chicago���America
National  Bunk.   8nn  Francisco���First  National  Hank.    London, Kng.-ltunk of  Scotland.
1'jirls, France���Credit Lyonnnin.   llrrmiula-JJiinkof Hermuda.   t'lilnn anil Japan���Hong
Kong and Shanghai Itiiukfug Corporation.
Qeneial Banking: Business Transacted; Sterling Bills of Exchange   Bought
and Sold, Letters of  Credit, Etc., Negotiated.
Accounts received on the most favorable terms.    Interest allowed on special
deposits and on Saving Bank accounts.
Geo. Kydd, Manager, Nelson, B.C.
Hot Blast
To Burn Crow's
Nest and other
Soft Coals. The
Florence Hot
BlaU 13 |a de
particularly for
these coals. Satisfaction guaranteed.
M'LACHLAN BROS,       Baker St.
Prices; $1.00, 75 and 50 Cents,
\\00171s ai)d Offices to Reijt.
Apply   .0   the
Nelsoi) Electric Traiji Wai) Co,
Corner Josephine and  Vernon  Streets.
Room I, Tnrnor-Bueckli Bloolc.
Houses and Building Lots in All Parts
of the Oity.
Flvo, ��lx, Hcvcn nml olghl room homes for
Hide, twenty per cent below oosl
92_. __&J_3_._, d0>��ni or 11 liiirrol of
OALGARY BEER as ll N lho hest uml
cheapest on inn iiinrkiiL. Also Iry our
WINES,    LIQUORS,    mid     CIGARS.
��� Telephone W. __ur ��t., NuUon
St. Joseph's
Next term commences 8rd
September, For particulars apply to the
We Sell the
Highest Values
Lowest Price
Most Satisfactory
Absolutely Pure
In Nelson.
Corner Baker and Stanley Stteeti
Spokane Falls &
Northern R'v.
Nelson  & Fort
Sheppard R'y.
Red Mountain R'v.
The only all rail route between
all points east, west and south to
Rossland, Nelson and intermediate
points; connecting at Spokane with
Great Northern, Northern Pacific,
and O. R. & N. Co.
Connects at Nelson \< ith steamer
for Kaslo and all Kootenay lake
Connects at   Meyer's   Falls with
stage daily for  Republic,   and  connects at Bossburg with stage daily
for Grand Forks and Greenwood.
Lkavr. Day Train. AniuvK.
10,85 a.m Spokane 7:10 p.m.
12:05 p. m Boailand  5:80 p.m.
9:30 a, m NpIbod oMp.m.
Nii;iii Train.
9:45 p.m Spokane 7:06 am:
11:00 p.m Rossland 6:80 a.ui.
H. A. JACKSON. G. P. & T.A.
Spokane  Wa��n
A Kent., Nfllson. B.O
Atlantic S. S. Lines.
Allan Uno Numiillan 	
AIimii i.ii.n ('mmi lii.in	
Dominion   Lino  Vancouver
Dominion Lino Dominion
From Montreal
"" Octfl
      ...Oct A"
' *  Nov 3
Ino Lake Clmmplain SwJj
Beaver  Lino   Luke Moganlli: if ���liS,f
From No�����)����
Whito Star Uno Mnjostlo _i ,,
Whll* Star Line Cymric  ''',' J?
White Star Lino Ocoanlo J*'i,
C'unanl Lino Lucnnln '"'5
Cunard Lino Umbrln JKJS
American Lino Ht. Louis  SfffJl
Amerlou Una Now V'ork 5_.f ao
Anchor Lino  Anchorln	
Anchor Lino AltOf.
Alienor Line anon��� r.~: ���
N.O.L. LlneKalsor Wllhelmder (liw>.f }S
N.O.U Lino Trior "  _S
Kronoh Line Iji llrotaKiio  !?!'.,
French Line L'Ainin'alno  j\,,-ki
Allan Stata Lino Callfornian /*:' Sf
A Han Btnto Line Ijnirentiiin ��� ���,,',���
From Bom*"j
Dominion Lino Now England  No'^
Cunard Line 80X01)1*  ��� _���,'���"���
PUMffM arruOKed to nnd from nil h.im>i''"
points. For rates, tlcko.H and full. In'0"1"!1".1
upiily lo C. P. 11. dop-it. nifont or IL L. Uro����
dty Passoncor Agent. M����U
Oonornl / imn't,. C.P.U. OIHcos. Wlnnll"_
By the week from $5 to $6.
By the day *i.oo.
.b. . J. V. O'JiATOHLUT, Prop.
7-8 inch diam. |18.80per 100 feet. NJJ
immediate delivery In N"1*"
j. C. T. OROFTS,
P. 0. Hon
, Nelson. P n
Of Writing Paper ivon I l����l
long. You'd boltorpliuenn-
othor "hurry up' order ��im
*<mSMm_(5��I Nelson  Daily  Miner,  Thursday   Evening,   October ii 1900
Lord    Charles   Beresford's
Strategy In British Sham
N���w .nrk, Oct. 11.-A dispatch to
the Journal from London says:
l���uil Charles Beresford has amazed
the world by tbo brilliant strategy by
which hi) won the sham battle in the
reoent manouvers of the British Beet
in the Mediterranean. Ills tactics
have heen pronounced the elevorest iu
naval annals. The fleet was divided
Into two parts, Ileresford in command
of one and Admiral Fisher of the
other. Beresford was blockaded in the
port of Mytllene by torpedo bouts and
fishers' licet was hovering about and
lying in wait outside.
' Oeresford's task was to coal his
fleet, get out of the harbor nnd attack
Fisher. It should ho remembered that
Lord Charles has never been an enthusiast, on the subject of torpedo boats.
In fact he has repeatedly described its
efflclenoy as an offensive craft. It is
only a few years ago that, speaking
in the House of Commons on a naval
appropriation hill, he asked the admiralty to furnish an old warship,armed
soil under his directions, of whieh he
would take command with a volunteer
crew raised by himself and defend it
successfully against the attacks of any
number of torpedo boats.
His task at Mytllene was therefore,
precisely l�� Ills liking. By putting
lights on launches so as to resemble
ships in Hit' darkness he decoyed the
torpedo boats away on a false trail
anil, with every light on his own
warship out. he slipped away to sea
without a vessel touched. Having
ilniie this, ho misled Fisher's scouts
hy false signals and caught the hostile
Beet entirely unprepared off the l.em-
Fisher's squadron was steering in
parallel columns and Ileresford maneuvered his ships so skillfully that
the admiral had no opportunity to
change this formation or to do anything but clear decks for Instant allien.
Beresford ran his ships in single
file right in between the lines enalilng
liiiu to tight with both broadsides,
while each of Fisher's vessels could
use hut one.
The victory was so complete and
overwhelming that the umpire awarded it on the spot to the dashing hero
of the Alexandria bombardment who
inn the cordon in right under the
1,'iius of the Egyptian fort and battled
it to atoms at eloBe range.
Ileresford'h daring seamanship and
resourceful tricks in these manouvers
arc a startling contrast to the old
methods, and stamp him as the cleverest commander in the Hritish navy.
I'aris, Oct. 11.���The public prosecutor has issued instructions to   the   police to  arrest   summarily any persons
who publicly utter insults against tin
president.   The Government join mils
contend that the measure was needed
as the tone of political discussion has
become disgraceful.
lloise, Idaho, Oet. 11.���The Idaho
soldiers' home was destroyed by fire
lust night, entailing a loss of $40,000.
There were 800 inmates. Thomas
Hays was suffocated in his room.
The old men will be housed in buildings in the town, some being taken to
the state house. The house was erected in isu;i.
awhile ago, one of  them  said, 'Oh,
shoot the baby.' "
, " 'Oh, did he." Baid the father raising ins eyebrows after the manner of
some people expressing surprise or
resentment or some other emotion,
Yes, he did,' repeated the fond
" 'And what did you Bay to that'."
lie inquired with a half smile.
" 'What could 1 Bay?' she asked,
anger showing in her face,
'Really, don't know, my dear,'
hesitated her husband, 'but I thought
possibly you might have said you
didn't have any gun.'
"She couldn't Bay a words she
didn't try to; .she just looked at him
In speechless astonishment and went
outof the room."���Washington Star.
Acclimatisation,��� Dr, Manson, the
malaria expert,believes that acclimatization, iibiiul which so much is beard
in India and tropical countries generally, depends on "experience, education, und an intelligent adaptation
ol habits," rather than on any actual
change In tho physiological condition
of the body. It will be admitted by
every one who has lived any length of
time iu the tropics that recklessness
and carelessness are characteristic of
the new arrival in any hot country,
"lie does not think much of exposing
himself lo the sun, the rain, and the
wind; the old resident is very chary
of going out without his sun hat and
his white umbrella. The new-comer
may look upon these precautions as
signs of effeminacy. They are not so.
Experience has told the old resident
that neglect means an attack of fever.
The new-comer sits up late, eats,
drinks, and smokes ns iu Europe.
The old resident goes to bed betimes
and eats, drinks, and smokes in moderation, "
Why Suffer ?
Our remedies are always at hand
and are pleasant and reliable.
There is no necessity of suffering
from coughs, colds   or   any   other
of the complaints of tho Benson,
Try some of our pure and common-sense remedies nnd stop that
"When a child I burned my foot
frightfully," writes W, II. Fails, of
.lonesville, Va.. "whieh caused horrible leg sores for ,')tl years, but lluck-
lon's Arnica Salve wholly cured after
everything else failed." Infallible for
Rums, Scalds, Cuts Sores, Bruises
and Piles. Sold by the Canada Drug
and Hook Co., :;"i cents.
Sometimes a fortune, but never, if
you have a sallow complexion, a jaundiced look, ninth patches and blotches
on the skin,���all signs of Liver Trouble. Hut Dr. King's New Life I'ills
give Clear Skin. Rosy Cheeks, Hieh
Complexion, Only 2,1 cents at the
Canada Drug and   Book Store.
Advertisement inserted uiuler this head al
the rate of one cent a word per insertion. No
advertisement Uiken for less l han '_'!> cents.
LOST, ���A long, black   oslrieh feather
boa,     Finder please return to Miner
Olliee nnd receive reward.
FOR SALE.   -Florence Park Hotel and
Roberts'   Hunch,   situated  on   lake
shore, 2'j   miles from Nelson.    Apply
II. Ii. Cameron.
LADY, cheerful, active, desires position as housekeeper. Useful companion, nursery governess or mother's
help. Willing' to leave town, (lood
references.  Address "H" Miner Office.
WANTED���Dressmaking   apprentices
wanted.  Salary paid.  Hudson's Hay
WANTED.���Eveiy   woman ill   Nelson
to  visit    Mrs. Enfield's   millinery
pailors, and   see  her  stock  of   hats.
The best in the eity. 	
FOR   RENT.���A   furnished  bedroom
on Baker   Street, West.    Apply Hox
CIO Post Olliee.
LOST. ���Fox terrier bitch, HI months
old, black and tan head, black spot
on tail answering to name of Spark.
If any Information is obtained, ad
dress,' 0. W. Young, Provincial Police
olliee. Nelson.	
Baker Street, Nelson.      P. O. Hox 230
SHORTHAND���A few pupils wanted
to complete class (evening) being
formed bv an experienced teacher.
Pitman's system taught in 20 lessons.
Apply atonoe "Stenographer," Miner
FOR    RENT.��� Cellar.    Apply   Merchants' Bank of Halifax.	
KOR RENT���Furnished rooms.  Good
attendance,    Second   door   east   of
City Hall. _____������
FIRST  CLASS   room   and   board  in
private family. .60 and |6.   Table
Could   Not   Help   Hut  Sympathize in
This  Case.
"Of course," remarked the proud
hither of six children, "there is
nothing in all the world that makes a
man so sincerely bappy as to have
around him u whole houseful of roya-
tering children, every one of them
tickled plumb to death when he comes
home at night, and every one of them
wanting- to climb over him at once
'mil the samo time. Still, it is possible that there may be an embarrass-
meut of riches, aa the French say, of
even this sort, and When a baby is of
'he equalling kind be sometimes
thinks he would almost commit a
crime for the sake of five or six minutes of peace and quiet. A friend of
mine, who lives In a llat.is the father
of a regular, four-time squaller, and
there was an incident at his home the
other evening that baB caused bis
An l" '""k uPon him with suspicion.
Albert is one of the mildest manner-
l|lnien that ever lived. Across the
hull from bin flat live two bachelor
'rieuds of hlH, and you know bachelors iu_ not overly partial to babies
"Ith unrestrained lungs. The other
afternoon his wife came in where be
was rending, or trying to,and she was
OOnMderaMy   wrought  up."
'I've got no use for those two
innnds of y(���lrs across the hall,' she
'Why not, my dear'." he respond*
WW his usual mild manner.
Because, when Willie was crying
board 81.   Carbonate Street,   Becond
bouse east of Josephine.
STENOGRAPHER   ami    Typewriter,
Mansfield      Manufacturing     Co. s
Olliee, north side of linker Street, between Stanley and Kootenay Slreets.
Dictation called for. Legal work a
specialty.  ^^^____
A Newspaper
Has its Faults and
Plenty of Them-
But if more people would
pay attention lo the
truths they read in
them, and act on them
thore would he more
people dealing with
T. H. Brown.
*Jll ��l��roalu-e Ij on every bo* of tbe genuine
laxative Bromo-Quinine T��i>iot��
m '���������> that ewe* a com ta. c*�� <if
Delivered to any point
on Kootenay Lake.
I have a complete stock on liiind of
Rough and Dressed
Mouldings, Sash Doors.
Inside Finish,
Coast Flooring, and
Finished Lumber-
Mill at PILOT HAY. Yards, NKI.SON
and LARDO.
Civil Engineers nnd Provincial Lund
P. O. Knx Ut Unison. B. O
Hugh R. Cameron
Fire and Life
Properties for Bout aud Sale on Easy Terms
Olliee over Nelson Wine Store.
That live in LILLIE'S Shoes. They live in comfort and style and
are envied hy their fellow feet. Dont you want a pair to
make your feet glad ?
Soo Line
Imperial    Liipiled
East   and   West
First Class Sleepers on all trains from
AitwiwiiuAD ami Kootknay Lami'Nh
Tourist Oars pass Medicine Hal
daily for St. Paul; Saturdays for
Montreal and Boston! Mondays and
Thursdays   for   Toronto.     Same   car*
pass Revelstoke one day earlier.
7:10 Lv Nelson Ar 10:38
16:80 Lv Nelson Ar 18:45
Morning train daily f'>'' "ll(1 l"""
Rossland, and  for  Revelstoke,  main
line and I'aeilie ('oust.
Afternoon train daily tor and troni
Rossland, and from Revelstoke, main
lino and I'aeilie Coast, nnd daily
(except Sunday) for and from Boundary points.
7.80 Lv 1 xt i       5        Ar 10!3��
fcxSun)       [N"lsH       (Ex Sun)
Kor and from Sandon, Blooan point*
ltevelstoke, main lino and I'aeilie
Kootknay LAKH Kasi.ii ROUTE.
(Ex Sun)     StrKpkanee     (Ex Sun)
lli:00 Lv Nelson Ar 11:00
Saturday to Anri-ntn ami return.
leaving Kaslo at 20:00k.
Onily    Stis Movie and Nelson    Daily
22:80 Lv Nelson Ar 2:30
"connects at Kooteoay Landing with
Crow's Nest Line IraiiiH.
For rules, tickets and full Information ftpplV to Depot or City Ai<out,
Nelson, B. C. or
Representing the Largest
European and American Manufacturers
Mills, Mines and Smelting Machinery
Wholesale  Houses
rpilOHI'K & CO. Llniltod-Coraer Vernon
X and Cedar Stroets, Nelson���Manufaolur*
era of and wholesale dealers In aerated waters
anil fruit eyrupa. sole agents fur Halcyon Hut
ypriliKH mineral water,    telephone IK).
__�� N. .M. Cummin*, Leasee���Every known
variety of soft drinks, I'uuuxiv. Telephone
No. 31. Hoover Street, Nelson, iioitlertiuf the
famous at. Leon Hot Bprlnga Mineral Water.
C1ANK & MACDONALD 111. Cane, JamcH
��� A. Mactlomilill���Architect* and Kiiporin-
tciiilentH, ilroKun Hill Hlock, corner ilukei anil
Ward Streets, Nelson.
CO.���Manufacturers of the Koyal .Seal
and Ivooteiiay Hello l iKars. Factory and
olliee, Haker Street, Nelson.
HJ. EVANS & Co.-Haker Street, Nol-
��� son���Wholesale dealers in liquors, ol-
Kara, cement, lire uriek and lire clay, water
pipo and steel rails, and general commission
J    A. M'tlONALI) -Madden Ulock. Nelson-
���   Krujts, ico cream, "U. B." ohooolatee.
lliR"h chew confeeliorery.   Ice Cream  Parlors.
Apartodo No. 83      -       -       DURANGO, MEXICO.
Trav. Push. AKonb
A, (I. ��'��� AKor.t,
A. R. BARROW,a.m.i.o.k
Provincial  Land  Surveyor.
Corner Viotoria and Kootenay St��.
p. 0. Box W. Telephone No. 95
A   two-story  dwelling.;   7 large rooms;   front anil  back
stairs;   halls:   closets; bath room ; sewer connection ;
about four blocks  from poBt-office  $~.
8700 cash, balance monthly.    A lirst-class liny.
Five-room cottage: sewer connection; 25-foot lot; a block
from tram line, in Addition A	
Easy terms.
Two good 25-foot lots, near the street car barns; only....
50-foot corner, Vernon   Street '     II,
25-foot lot, Carbonate Street	
.'.-Room Cottage	
���I-Room Cottage	
3-Hoom Cottago	
4-Room Cottage	
To   let   on a yearly lease, li-room bouse, corner of   Cedar
and Victoria;   all plumbing;   pas ami electric light.
���AGENT   FOR���
Fire Insurance Fromptly Placed.
7 50
5 on
5 IK)
II 01)
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants
Wboiosule and relutl deivler* in ���nun,
iuiy. Hour, feod. Alilln at Vicloiiu, New Went-
itiiii _ur; Kdmontou, Aim. Kluvaiurn ou (Jul-
gary and Kdmouton lUulwuy. MtuuifticlurerH
of this celebrated 1*. Sc It. brum! cereals.
A MACDONALD & Co.^Corner Front
��� and Hall &treet_���\V bolt-Halo grocerd
and jobborri in blaukuUi, gloveri, niittri, bool*,
rubbern, inackinaWN aud towers' Mundriuu.
_1_|    Olllcu  eorner   Hall and   brunl  Sireet*.
��� ���ii i .'mil.it. cciluiK. ilooiiiiK, and every
Lhing in wood for bullditiK purpOMB. Oet our
pric_n.   Correspondence wolicitcd.
JI>  BURNS Sc Co*���Baker dtreot, Kvhon���
. ���   Wholesale dealers in fresh and cured
ii"-,ii ������     Cold Storage.
linker Street. Nelson- Wholesale deal
ers in fresh and cured meats.
Street,   Nelson ��� Wholesale   d.alais   in
hardware,   miners'   supplies,   sporting  goods,
Vt'LACHLAN BROa (Successors lo Van-
_.*JL oonver Hardware Co, Ltd.) BakerStreetf
Nelson���Wholesale dealers In hardware and
[Dining supplies, plumbers'and tinsmiths'supplies,
T^ KLSON HAUDWAltK CO.-Wholesale
__H paints, oils anil glbss; mechanics' tools.
Agents foi Ontario Powder Works; dynainito
rUHNKIt, HKKTON & Co.   Corner Vernon
and  .In-r|illiii"   Streets,   Nelson���Whclo-
-.ale dealers tn liquors* oigais, and dry goods.
Agents for I'abst Brewing Co. o( Milwaukee
and Calgary Hrewing Co of Calgary.
UDSON'S HAY Co.    Wholesale grocrlen
and liquors etc., Haker Street, Nelsou.
__________ _________L __
_^___^ ������������^
Branch Markets in Rossland, Trail, Nelson, Kaslo
Sandon, Three Forks, New Denver and Slocan City.
Orders by mall to any branch will have careful *"4 srompt attention.
West Kootenay Butcher Co.
Fresh   and   Salted   Heats
Fish and Poultry in Season
E.   C.   TRAVES.   Manager.
Baker Strket, Nelson.
Orders by mail receive careful and prompt attention
Mc -(9��% -JUL, if^/^f.
_2_ ^yw^ aXl
I horeby  give  notice  Unit  nt tlu>
nr.vt meeting of the   License Commls-
siiiiii'rs fur  tin-   Ni'lson   ilistrii't   will
apply for a lii'i-itsi' to aell intoxicating
iii|ii<>i'h nt the Ronland Hotel, Vernon
Street, Lot 10, DloOb on, in   the  City
uf Ni'lison, V. C.
Kront anil Hull BtroeU, NoIhoii���Wlioln-
sale doulorn In wIiioh loase unit bulk), uml
iloniOHtio und ImiiorliKl iin.ii ..
JY. uhikfin _ OO.���Corner Vernon and
��� JoHophtne Btnete, NcImoii ��� \\ imlr ,,!,���
tlealoru lu provialoini, cured meats, butter anil
Bank of
British  Columbia,
Is now prepared to issue
Drafts and Letters of Credit
on Skaguay, U.S., Atlin, B.
C.| and Dawson City, Yukon
Gamble & O'Reilly
Bakor Street
Real Estate and Insurance Agents.
���ii. nn
Canada Permanent anhWestern Canada MoRTOAOH
head ofkiok toronto, ont.
Money to loan on Hlriiinht Mortgage.
Apply to O. U liKNNOX, Haker  St
0-Roomed House and Hath llnom
together with Kitchen Range
ootnpleto with hut and cold
water, Observatory St., Mag*
nlflcent view,   rent  Including
water rates  *
O-Roomed   Bouse  corner   Cedar
and I'llrli'iliilli' SI reels $'.
R.Roomed House Hume Addition!
I-Roomed Cottage Qore st 8
'.i-RiHiineil House Corner .Mill   ,v.
Mull Sis., from Nov.    l��t 130.00
Rents enlleeteil. LuiuiH iiimle. Agents
Hritish Columbia Permanent Loan "������
Savings Company.
"RTa" M- BiRD
Agent* lor I ��i�� k,i  ninrral Wool and
A..beltos   Co.
Insurance Co. of North America, Mutual Llfi
Insurance Co., of New York, Quebec
Fire Assurance Co.
9-Roomed Bouse with stone Bueinsnt
ul) modern conveniences, two corner
lots, easy terms, u ba _aln
2 lll'iv hOUMS on .1 loth to he sold   Cull-
���Iderablv below oost  price,  modern
conveniences easy terms. ;
i.oia i to ii Block ill', ohesp for quioh
.Ml find lot on Mill Street 1000,
IiihmI building lots in Bogustown   nml
lliiine Addition.
T'ROOmed Mouse on   Mill    Slreel
close   to   Josephine,     Modern
conveniences  '.'���"�� 00
7-Roomed  House.   Park   Street,
close to Haker Stieet  30 (HI
tiUwuicd lloui����,llumi' Additluu '.'0 W Nelson  Daily M.nkr,  Thursday Evenzro, October m, ioao.|
I). F. Stroeheck of Ainsworth, II.
0.| is in the city,says the Spokesman-
Review. Few men are as competent
to speak of the Hot Springs crimp on
Kootenay lake, the pioneer mining
camp of Kootenay, "Ainsworth is all
right," lie said yesterday. "The. operations of the English company
which went in there recently have
given an impetus to mining in the
section. The Knglish company is the
llighland-Kooteiiay (B. C.) Mining
Company. The company has continued the wagon road up to its properties, several acres of laud have been
cleared and the erection of buildings
started. One big building was up
when 1 left. A t'i>0-ton concentrator
is now being put in. The big Stevenson tunnel is in about 1,160 feet. It
bus got to go about 200 more feet to
tap the ledge. The Tariff when 1
came away was closed down, but it is
expected to start up again in a few
days. A la.-ge quantity of ore has been
blocked out ready for shipment. A
number of properties are liguring on
starting up shortly. One of these is
the Rand, a Minneapolis company.
The King Solomon's Mining Company, an Ohio concern, has 75 men at
work on Woodbury Creek. It is putting in four power drills. Tne men
work three eight.-hour shifts. The
company is overhauling the mill aud
expects to start it shortly. The King
Solomon company, which has nearly
the same name, is a Spokane corporation, of which Dr. Windgate is manager. It is to start next week on its
property at Loon Lake. The outlook
for Ainsworth District is bright.1
��� ���   ���
The dividend recently declared by
the company controlling the Athabasca property is doing much to strengthen confidence in this mining district.
Evidence of this is being shown every
day by the increase in the number of
capitalists who are inquiring after
properties in the Nelson mining district. Owing to this more interest is
being taken in mining,
According to The New Denver
Ledge, George Qurd has bonded the
Kaslo group for a Toronto company.
This group is situated close to Cody
and work will be pushed on it all
winter. II. B, Perks is superintendent. The same company may acquire
a property on the north fork of Carpenter Creek.
��� ���   ���
Today tbe mining records were as
follows.: Certificate of work���To ,1.
L. Kane, on Careless; P. A. Silver-
stone, on Imperial, Imperial Fractional, Centre llutte, to James Watts
on Eagle, EugenerCoteau on (Jenesee;
John Mlilisiin, on Happy Thought,
and Caledonia. Locations���Red Lulu,
near Brie, by W. Keenev and James
Harrison; Ontonogan, on Cottonwood
Creek, by C. Whlttet; Lausea, on
Wild Horse Creek by James I learn ;
Lord Roberts, near Hall Siding, by
E. Peters and John Mclntyre, New
York Central, on Jubilee Mountain by
E. Peters.
The Benefit For the Fire Department
a (treat Success.
The performance of the Alba lleywood Company, which was given at
the Opera House last night under the
auspices of the Fire Department for
the benellt of their benevolent fund,
wns a great success as a snug sum
was added tn the fund, the Opera
House being crowded by an enUiusi-
astlc audience. The performance Itself, while of a novel character, was a
thoroughly enjoyable one, as each
member of the company was an artist.
Mr. Ileywood's impersonal ions made
a decided hit and his versatility was
remarkable.     The    reoltatlons  with
which he begun the programme were
weil received, but the impersonation
of an eldery lady who told her bearers
of her contempt of Ihe "new tangled
church music" was the best of all.
Ab ii piece of character work It was
inimitable.     As   "Dennis   Mudil,  the
Pessimist," and in his Chinese Impersonation he was also clever. Miss Emi-
lie Cole, who bus a charming soprano
voice, sang the "Magic Song" as her
opening number. Her voice is a clear,
BWCet one and made an excellent impression upon her hearers. Later she
sang the " Phillauien Walt/. Song," hy
Vanderpoel, and as  an enure gave the
"Last  Hi si of Bummer," In  which
number she was al her best, rendering
the old biilliul with great feeling and
expression. Miss Cert rude Munroe,
who Is also a newcomer here, played
a "Concerto" by He Berlot, upon the
violin in a manner that showed her
complete knowledge of Hie Instrument
The number was excellently rendered,
Miss Monroe's teobnlque and expression   showing a careful  training.    As
TO dim A COLD i% om   DAI
Take l.nlatlvn llriinio (^nlnlnii Tablets.   All
liniugl-l" refund the money If II fnllH lo euro.
'lie,   K, W. drove's (Wnulure la ou each box.
an onoo.ee she played an old soutborn
air "The Suwanee River," and showed her ability to make a simple tune
as elfective as the   more classical one.
Mr. Gustavo Ulricb is to be highly
praised for his 'cello playing, "The
Spinning Wheel1' by Popper, was a
gem and the "Spanish Dance" was
equally well played. Mr. Ulricb has
an excellent command of the 'cello
and plays with a depth ot feeling.
His work throughout was perfect and
thoroughly charmed an audience of
music lovers.
In view of Inst night's performance
Mr. lleywood has decided to play a
return date here on the 23rd of this
month. Those who were not at the
Opera House last night sliould not
miss this opportunity of seeing one of
the best performances that has been
given here tliis   siason.
British     Columbia     Golfers     Found
Themselves Out of Practice.
Spokane, Wash., Oct. 11.���The Spokane Country Club was the winner in
yesterday's international golf match
with tbe Nelson team. The Provincial players were somewhat out of
practice, but put up a pretty contest
in whieh the Spokane team came out
ahead with 47 up.
For the first time since tho Canadian Pacific has established its lines
throughout the Kootenay, reduced
rates will be declared next week, in
connection with Thanksgiving,
Thursday, Oct. 18. Tickets will be
available October 17 and 18, good returning up to and including Oct. 20.
The rate will be single fare for the
round trip from Nelson to all points
in the Kootenays.
Gorton Minstrels at the Opera House
tomorrow night.    Be sure and go.
A marriage license was issued today to Mr. Ferdinand Frank I.ieb-
scher   and  Margaret Martin.
Chinaman Sam Hing was in the police court this morning on a charge of
not paying his Provincial revenue tax,
Perry Wright laying tbe information.
Sain was fined 84 to be paid by tomorrow.
Mr. A. It. Sherwood will leave this
evening for Cranbrook and Fernie
where he will visit the insurance offices of the company witli which he is
connected. He will return next
Next Monday the first train on the
C. P. B. will run into Midway. This
is according to the winter service,
which will take effect Sunday, Oct.
14. At present the trains are running
only to Greenwood.
In answer to the request of the
Nelson and Rossland lawyers to
Attorney-General Eberts to have the
civil cases to be heard at the assizes
adjourned until after the election
day, it was stated that arrangements
could not be made and that all cases
would have to  be proceded with.
The New Denver Ledge says: In
the Bodega Saloon, Nelson, last Sunday Fred Howard shot Wm. Muller.
The Tribune, in speaking of the
affair, says that it was the first shooting affray to occur in that city. The
news editor must be new as three people have died in Nelson from bullets
hastily administered previous to the
last gun episode.
Architects Cane and Macdonahl were
yesterday authorized to draft plans
for the annex which is to be built to
tho General llospitnl. It is to be a
two-story cottage, the size being 32
feet by 211 feet. On the first lloor will
he placed four rooms, each II feet by
18 feet, while on the upper lloor will
be two rooms, 12 feet by 28 feet. Each
story is to be furnished with toilet
rooms. Tho building will be heated
by hot air.
The following aro the donations
made to the General Hospital during
tho month of September; Flowers,
Mrs, Bruce White, Mrs. Brlgstock,
Mrs, Laing Stocks. Mrs. Dr. Ann-
strong, Mrs. Thomas, Mrs. Hodden,
Tho Baptist Mission Sunday School
Children, Mr. Ritchie, Mr. Dawes, W.
0. Rllly. Mr. Allen, Pilot Bay; maga-
ines, Mrs. Campbell Johnston, Mrs
llniincrman, Mrs. C. Ward, Mrs.
Sutheiland, Mrs. Lninont, Mrs. Follows, Miss Williams, Mrs. Laing
Stocks; trout, Mr. Baker; goose, Mrs.
Ilodder, Kaslo; fruit, Mr. Clark, Mr.
Peterson,one dozen  vases, Mr. Fisher.
The adjourned case in which n. Dewar was charged with committing nn
assault upon Lina Houlc, a French
woman, who resides on Vernon Street
near tbe Rossland Hotel, was brought
before Magistrate Crease at the police
court thin morning. Attorncj R. M.
Macdonnld appeared for Madame
Houlc, and asked that the charge be
amended and mnde common assault,
which met with the approval of Mr.
Crease. Ill disposing of the ease Mr.
Crease said; "I will fine you (Dowar)
8lii and costs as a lesson for your conduct, yet I am compelled to say that
the complainant's  (Lina Honle) nc-
tlonB cannot pass without comment,
anil 1 adviso you to be circumspect in
your manner hereafter.'' Madame
Houlc at onco jumped up and cried :
"Is not my character clear; I do not
know what that word means." She
was told to use a dictionary.
G.C. Hodge, district superintendent
of the Kootenay Lake Telephone Company, was seen by a Miner representative this morning, and was asked concerning the proposition of constructing a line from Nelson to Slocan, as
asked by the Nelson Board of Trade.
Mr. Hodge said it was a matter that
would have to be looked after by the
officials of the company at the head
otllcc ut Vancouver. The proposition
is now under consideration by the
officials but as they have been making
many improvements this year it is
probable that nothing will be done
toward building the line this season.
If tho promoters of the scheme would
guarantee sufficient business, there
would be no hesitation on the part of
the company and the line would undoubtedly be constructed at once. To
build a line over that section would
incur a great expense, and with only
a litte business in view there will he
some difficulty iu getting a line, it
has been suggested to the company to
build a tree line, so ns to keep expenses down. The company will not
do this, us such lines cause endless
Hume���Captain Gilford,Hall Mines;
John Gunn, Stonewell; W. J. Turner,
Ymir mine; F. F. Richschcr. Silver-
ton ; Janios Meilkc, Spokane; Henry
Roy, Rossland; .1. A. Sepoortcn, W.J.
Taaffe, Vancouvoi.
Phair���Mrs. Farsluiid. Arrowhead ;
J. C. Drewary, J. Fred Ritchie, Ross-
lund; W. II. Yawkcy, Detroit; J R.
Greenfield, Vancouver; li. G. Brown,
Toronto, Oct. 11.���The executive of
the Presbyterian Home Mission Committee met here yesterday and passed
the claims of several Presbyteries from
Quebec to Victoria and Yukon aggregating about 840,11(10. Reports from all
the fields showed that successful work
is being done. In Yukon it is expected in the near future that four ordained ministers there will form the
new Presbytery. It was stated at the
meeting that Messrs. Mackenzie and
Mann were presenting free church
sites along the whole line of their
ralway to Prince Albert as a personal
gift. It was decided to send Mr.
Robertson to Great Britain and if
necessary send him to tlie Continent
also, to secure additional laborers for
mission work among the Dukaho-
bours, Galicians and other foreigners
in Mantiobn ami the Northwest.
Toronto, Oct. 11.���At a meeting of
the executive of the Canadian Manufacturers' Association here yesterday,
the opinion was expressed that unless
enough space is granted to Canada at
the Glasgow exhibition next year in
order to present a fair showing, no
exhibits of Canadian goods should be
attempted. It was resolved to take
energetic means to have Parliament
pass insolvency legislation at the next
session. ""''*
Montreal, Oet. 11.���Robert MacKay,
chairman of tlie harbor commission,
has consented to oppose Dr. Roddic,
M. 1'., Conservative, in Stantoine division, this city, in the Liberal interests.
Toronto, Oct. 11.���The jury In the
case of I. Warner, who died from injuries receved in a drunken brawl on
September 80, with Ed.Taveriier, rendered a verdict exonerating Tnvorner
from tlie charge of manslaughter, declaring thai the deceased came to his
death through a rough and tumble
light in which Tnvorner and others
took part.
Ottawa, Oct. 10.���Arrangements are
being made in Halifax, Montreal, Ottawa and Toronto to give the Canadian contingent returning home on the
transport Idaho due at Halifax, October 25, an enthusiastic welcome.
Welland, Out., Oet. 11. ���Mrs. Fannie Jones, colored, aged 102 years,
died here yesterday. She and her husband, who died here a few years ago,
being over 100 years old, were slaves
np to the time of the American civil
war, when they made their escape to
Canada and have resided here over
M. P. P., Liberals. Quebec���Two
Mountains, Jos. Oiorouard, Conservative; Megantic, Geo. Turcot, M. P.,
Liberal; Labellc, S. R. Poulin, Conservative; Hour! Bourassa, M. P., is
the Liberal candidate; Bonuventucr,
E. Golly, Conservative; Teimscouta,
Dr. Grand Bois, couseravtive. Ontario-North Hastings, A. W. Carscal-
len, M. P., Conservative; East Northumberland, Rev. R. II. Denlke, retired Methodist minister, Liberal.
Britishers Ambushed by Boers
and Several Killed and
London, Oct. 11.���The following
dispatch has been received from Lord
"Pretoria, Wednesday, Oet. 10.���An
engine with a truck conveying a party of engineers belonging to Pagets'
Rifle Brigade, while proceeding yesterday to Kaapmuiden, was ambushed
by Hoers. Capt. Stewart with forty
men of the rille brigade, went to
their support. The casualties unfortunately, wore heavy. Stewart and
one private were killed. Captain Paget, Lieutenant Stubbs nnd five engineers were wounded, and Lieutenant Steele and ten privates of the
Rifle Biigadc were made prisoners,
"Delisles mounted men and colonials after three days fighting have
driven Dewet north of the Vaal near
Venderskroon. Dewot has beon assuring the Burghers that Europe would
stop tbe war October 10th. The Boers
were thus buoyed with the hope that
something would lUlervene to end the
war in their favor. 1 crust they now
realize how futile were their expeeta
tions "
|   Dress Goods  I
��  French Crepe|Cloth, a great bargain,   at,
�� per yard rjryQ   3
c:  French Wool Creponne, at, per yard,....
�� 900. |150. 200. 250 3
��  French Silk and Wool   Mixed   Creponne,
��  _        at. per yard #,125   3
jr   French bilk Creponne, finest   quality,   at, 3
�� Per. yard 85.50 3
��  Black Satin  Victoria,   smooth   finish,   at,
�� per yard. 75(3  2
��  Black Mosquiveitte,  satin  finish,  at,   per
H yard 75C and $_.()0 1
�� These goods are all bright and new, being  this 3
5�� fall's importations,and this is   the last  opportunity 3
�� you will have to secure them al the above prices.
] Martin O'Reilly J
Visit   Florence   Park Hotel at Roi
erts' Ranch, two and a   half miles up
the river.  W. M. Roberts, proprietor.
FOR SALE.���Two good business
lots in the town of Phoenix, so feet
frontage, original cost 81,000; will
sell for the same figure on tbe following terms: One-third cash, balance in
six and twleve months. Address
F. B.  II., P. O. Box HIS, Nelson, B.C.
FOR   SALE.��� Thoroughbred    white
leghorn  chickens.    Plymouth   Rock
and   other   chickens  for  sale  cheap.
Apply Box 074, P. O.
Your Eyes Hurt
Ho you know the difficulty'
It is time you consulted someone, who does know.
We'd like to And out for you.
We will tell you what your
eyes need, and fit them fur
you so you can enjoy reading
and working for years to come.
It will pay you to come and
see us.
Manufacturing Jewelers.
a    Specialty    of    American
a   well   Assorted   Stock    of
Ottawa, Oct. 11.���Sir Alfred Mil-
ner, cables from Capetown that Private Carter of the Mounted Killos,
formerly of Manitoba,severely wounded, and a prisoner of war since, had
escaped at Wonderfontcin, October 7.
Toronto, Oct. 11.���Nine American
fresco painters at work on the house
of Mrs. Massey, Sherboiirne Street,
this city,were dismissed this morning
at the instance of the alien labor
Montreal, Oct. 11.���The following
Dominations took place yesterday:
Nova Scotia -Halifax, city and County, W. Roche, M. P., and W. II. Wallace, M. P. P., Liberals; Pictou, Hon.
W. S. Fielding  aud  Jim,   McGregor,
to the  up-to-date  people  of
N.   B.���Mail   orders    are
promptly attended to.
1 To Our Customers I
...AND THE...
Public in General.
iii iii iit
E having this day disposed of our Business, to Messrs.
Wm. Hunter & Co., we bespeak for them a continu-
r^ ance of that very liberal share of patronage which has been ex-
S tended us during our business career in Nelson. We can only
^si assure you that those traits which has built up for us and maintain
!g the reputation for Honest and Reliable Dealings, will be con-
g tinued throughout by the new firm. We therefore take great
y pleasure in recommending them to all our old customers, and
g also to as many new ones as may honor them wilh their pat-
jg    ronage.    Thanking you one and all for past favors, we are
j      The Western Mercantile Co., Ltd.
To the Public.
Having this day taken over the Business of The Western
Mercantile Company, Limited of Nelson, we hog to ask for a
continuance of the patronage which you have heretofore extended to them. Our aim will be at all times to supply you
with the best goods at lowest possible prices; being in a position to buy goods in larger quantities than any firm in the
Kootenays, we will therefore give you the benefit of the margin.
The same stuff which has waited on you in the past will
continue to do so, aud they will spare no pains in making the
dealings both pleasant and profitable to you. To those who
have not honored the retiring firm with a share of their patronage, we would ask you to come and have at least a trial order,
when you will be convinced our prices are the lowest, and our
goods are the best.
Wm   Hunter & Co.
Successor to
The Western Mercantile Co., Ltd.
Staple   and   Faijci)   Groceries.
Provincial Board of Health
Ki-.iiuiiii.inns lor the Detection and
Treatment of a Dlscaso Known_as
Bubonic Plague.
Approved by Order of Ills Honor the
Lieutenant - Governor - In-Councll,
Dated the nth Day  of September,
1. All sick Chinese or .Japanese must
siind or (five notice of their illness to
tliu lit-iilth ollicer or  Police Constable
in the district where   such  Chinese or
Japanese reside.
2. Physicians in attendance'on sick
Chinese or Japanese shall notify the
Health Officer or Chairman of the Local Hoard of Health of Municipalities I
or if in an outlying district, the (lovernment Agent must he notified. Such
notification should state the cause of
illness and the condition of the glands
throughout tlie body of the siclt person and should he delivered to the
Health Ollicer. Chairman of the Local
Hoard of Health or Government Agent,
as the' ease   may   be,   at  the earliest
possible opportunity.
3. In City Municipalities the Medical Health Otlice shall he notified
within six hours of the death of any
Chinese or Japanese, hy the person oil
whoso premises such death occurred,
or hy some relation or person having
charge of the person so dying.
4. In Rural Municipalities the Medical Health Ollicer, or Chairman or
Secretary of the Local Hoard of Health
must be notified within six hours of
such deaths, and in outlying districts
the Government Agent   or  Provincial
Constable shall  he   notified   within
twelve hours after such death, or ai
soon after as possible. Certificates us
to the cause of death must he Blgned
by the health officer in mtiuicitalitii's
and In outlying districts by the Government Agent, or souie person duly
authorised hy him.
!i. Any person violating any provision of these regulations,shall lie liable upon summary conviction before
any two Justices of the  Peace, for
every sueh offense, to a line not exceeding one  hundred   dollars, with ur
without costs,  or  to Imprisonment,
with or without hard labor, fur ;l
term not exceeding six months, or   t"
both line  and   Imprisonment,  in the
discretion of the convicting court.
Secretary Pruvlnolal Hoard of Health,
Hy Command,
Provincial Secretary.
Victoria, 11. 0., September 8th, 1800.
Brewers of Fine Lagor
Beer and l'oiter.
Nelson, II. 0.
Wlndormoro Mines.   Corroup - onooSor.oItwt
Will pay the highest oash prion for all
kinds of second hand goods. Will buy
or sell anything from an anchor to ��
needle. Furniture, stoves, onrpertii.
oooking utensils, honght in household
quantities. Also oast off cIothinR-
Call and see me or write. Address
Silver King Mike, Box 800. H*U
Street, Nelson, li. U,
_______M_____m_NNi wm ��� -������


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